Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 11, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 11, 1857 Page 1
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TII WHOLE m 7469, tuc onun PTDcer TDAPrnv i nu duiiu o i ntc i i nnucun Further Particulars of the Horrible Murder of Dr. Burdell# ELEVENTH DAY OF THE CORONERS INQUEST. Fill. REPORT OF TUB PROCEEDINGS. HIGHLY IMPORTANT TESTIMONY# THE MYSTERY CLEARING UP. POSITIVE EVIDENCE AGAINST ECKEL. THE DOCTOR IS SEEN TO ESTER THE HOUSE, J AMD TUB f!rtr nf Murder in Hoard hir Pnnr Witnesses. ECKEL THEN COMES TO THE FRONT DOOR. HE IS POSITIVELY IDENTIFIED MS. CUM6H1I SENT TO THE TOMBS. Another Application to Administer Dr. Bnrdell s Will, Ac., Ac, Ag. The Coroner'* Inquest was resumed yesterday moralng 1 1 Ms little after 11 o'olook, st the prsalaes No. SI Bond I iUreal. Very tew persons were prteent ss speotstors. | The proceeding of the day commenced by the Coroner oelttag to the stand LI AHI NATION OP HK3. HILL IB. Mrs. Mary Jans Miller, who haelng hssn sworn, wis oxamlaed by Judge Cspron as follows:? Q. Mrs Miller, where Is your plsoe of badness? A. 61 XWfWW WTSWrt Q. Were you acquainted with Dr BordeU In his Ufa time? A. Yen, nr. Q. Wan you tell the Jury when yon new bin lent before fits deals a I eaw him on Krtday. Q. On Friday, the day or his death? A. Tee. g. Whero did yon see him? A. In the room ahore this. Q. Ia thU house? A. Yes. Q. for whet purpose did yon oaJ apoa him on that day? A. Nothing particularly. g. Were yon any acquaintance of the Doctor 's? A. Yes. g. IHd you hare any acquaintance also with the lamily of Mrs Cunningham' A. None g. Too raaie especially in refereaoe to eeelag the Doctor? A. That la all. Q Whet ume in the afternoon was It? A. It was vary nearly hair past lour?beta tea four and Ore. g. Did yon have conversation wtih the Doctor at that interview .n reference to where he expected or intended to spend that evening? A. Yet. I naked him if be wei going to be gone long to dinner, aal ha said " yes," he -was not oeuilag back an til bo want to Brooklyn, aad fee alee asked me ait bough be might have know thai ? was use la my power to do so) III ooald loan him a haadrod dollars, that be bad e acta to make ep. Q. Did you call apoa him again after leaving him thit day? A No, atr g. Om ho amotion to yon what time he expeowd to re turn trom Brooklyn? A. He did not. ha aald he eld sot latend returning until late. ?n- aawdktaw IA WAH fa IA Kim MIA. ttoaa with Mr* OnnnlBfhamy A Not at that lima, atr. q Mar at any UbmT a. I euppoeed ha had dlHcu'tlai; ha oftaa oppaerod to hate trouble upon hla mind, a ad 1 thought tha Doctor waa Tory much chaagad Cram what I had noai him to ba. q. Bora joa haaa loog aoqaalalad with tha DoctorA. Ikaow him aboad twahra yea/a. Q. Da yaa kaow wnal ware Ida laaltaga towarda Mre. Coaalag ua- whathar ha fan friaadly to bar, or what bar ha dlaUked bar, aad fait unfriendly to bar' A. I doa't kaow bar particularly; thara waa aama oao that ha had eaaoa tnx bia with. q, Satao ooa la tha family of Bra. Coaalafham' A. I oo?M aot toil, I auppoao It wai aomo oao la tha hoeea Q. Waa tha Doctor a ralatlro 01 j oura la aay wayf A. ||A Hf, g. What other a am bare of the temtly did you eae hare oa row r'etie' A. I doa't kaow taat! arer mw aay of tham; oa mday, whan I waa here, 1 oaly aaw a geatla maa goleg oat M I wea oomlag la; I atkad hi ?e If tha Doctor wea la, aad ha aald that he did aot kaow, that ha luppaoad ba waa. . g What aicad maa waa that. a email or largo alead maa? A. Salter etout, aad rOner tall. q lead# ooatpleiioe- A. No. ?lr; dark aompietlea. Q thin reoe* A. 1 did aot no.ioe that hta face waa -vary thla Q Do yaa mow nrom what the Doctor aald to yoa upon that oooaatoa, epaahtng of moo?y?did yoe aoo, or wee thara aay maaaa by which J oa ooald eteto wbothor ho bad about bta paraoo at aay Umo aay ooaaldarabla asm of bom;' a. i aid 1101 im >07. Q. Ton morelp etatad that fed had a mm 10 raieo, aad wuM to borrow > earn from 70a; did fed Mm lo 70a what fed WMtad 10 do Willi Uifet mooop? A. He did not. Q. Old 700 Md Mp other pdreoa wfelld 70a were prdddM win ibe Doctor' \ I did not Q Mo paroaa called upca 700, nor 70* tooad ad per don wMfe bm' A. Nd. Q. I don't Odd UmU wo cm make nap more of Ikb then Id Mow if fed had M7 DMM7 at tfed Mm about few paroon, aa Ifeal M pdreoa 00aid here fciiitd him tor II. IMd fed feddl pau who fed weagotag ? BrooklTfe Id aaaf A No, air JadgaGfeproa?I Ifelak it M an eeoe mar 7 la go r art bar wllfe thw led7. aa wa canaol audi aaptfelag ddlalla la relaUaa la tfed rnbieot tfed wtmeaa waa hard dtomWaad, Md Judgo Caproa cam arar la Ifea raportar'a tabid lo male aam* onrrooUdad of mldtafeaa that, aa fed aUaaaa, 000erred la lha re part of I fen dltcnaetoa liatfedM hlmaotf Md Mr. Oltaloa, tfed ooaaddl for lefeel aad Mr*. Caaalagfeam "W07 dldat 7on 007," mid fed, "la paw rapart of a; remark* 7 Mar tap, Ifeal I took tfed gronad Ifeal Ifeia ?ea aa taqntrp err r the bod 7 V daoaaacd paraoa, bad ifeal tfeo wbofe worid might ha pradacad aa wttaaaaaa. Na poraaa mm tap," fed oaaUfeaad, "Ifeal fed afeall aal an error ifeal w only tor the Ooroaar to aap. bnoaaao If law were oat on, Mp aarkea wfeaa brought op might dap, dogmatically, 'I will aat aaawar.' Mp Maa warn, Ifea* although batag a aaapaotal part7, IT ha ooald tall ffeata ahowiag ifeal mt ptreea or rotaf to afeaw ifeal tap paraoa had committed Ifea mortar, fed waa bo and pad afeonid fed raqotrod to taofery ta ihdM team." A Reporter?ll waa poor owa ton It, Jadga?poo rrara raportad aa poa (poke. Jedo Caproa (WagktagV?frabaklp It war mp owa toe It Too era Ifea (brae of what I eap. A party map oopoa bora charged *** wtM, add epoa thai groand fed map retoda to aaawar a qoaottoa IfeU uada to rrtmiaeia bimanlf. pal if atfear parttae ward qoeatioaed tfeap bare aa right ta refold aarwartag. aad a kaapaotad partp baa we ngtit either to raTWaa tf fee haa aay facta which be b tuntxwled ft aM'tvery well MllM an to whet rtghla pirMi hare Mora Ooroeere, bat 11 Kaf land It a nHM that a Ooraaar may dmrngerd tba ardor at tha king bimnalf Ma la tfea moot powotral offlenr of tba Kagflto gov en meat, bat wttb aa tba law la not wary wall eetiled Still It la aotUad thai yam oaaaot maka a naaa taeWy Mai not htmeetf. A reporter bora aafead tba Jodge where woe Id bo Had a alatfaat at tba yaw a at tba Ooraaar, ft whioh ha ran Had that It ha dealred to tod eat what tba law baa praamIbed It waaid ba a?Biaeary to road all tba law to tha Stata at Now Tar*. Ha thoa toned to the Ooraaar aad aakod that official who wore tba east wttoman Oaroaar?Wbo are ear Ben wttaaaaaat Then ere foartaaa, bat naaa of tbem bare arrived pat, aad aa I bare already aubpcaaad tbaaa t tore oaat aaw to bare tbaaa .lodge Oaproa?Toe bare aat board (Tom Jadga Brady T?W (brewer?k yet, *. . .. .. Jadga oaproa?Ba may headae la aay aaythiag oa tba grooad that It wea a Jedhtol matter aad ba waa't a yg. rr-gi tbaaa parooaa. aad 1 aay Iba wttboal aap Bump nf to too Jadga aiataiar. batbaaaaao H oeeam to ma that tba Jadga aeaid aat keep yea to aay pomenior piaaa of oaaflaemrat tar tbaaa yartoa. 1 abootd tblak aa. Oordaar?Wall, KI aa?ldir aay ptaea laaoaaro, 1 bare the power to pel tbem wbara they Vtll ba mora eeoare. However, I aappeaa Ibara la aa (bar. Taprnfomr Of wt. w. a. notntra. Dr. Rabarta baring been doty rwora, tentlBed aa toltaw*>? Jadga 'tapraa? Dealer, i naitaraua l yen ware a Mead at lb. Burden? A. Wall, adr, I wan, I eappooo. aofbr at I taaa. 0. I oadarotaad that yoa ware tha flret paraoa who wiled at tha haaaa, aat llrtag In tba heaoe after thn death * *** aaaoouaad b that oaf A. I wm aat the drat eoe bore. I? Main aed hia ya?ag maa were \a tba baeoa E NE Q. Yd probably bin iWM thy IP yoar teettmoay hcretolore, but I have not hoar.1 y; t' A. I would slue that my Wetimony In regard to ihe matter waa taken on the Bret day before tbe Oortmer, and belore any jury waa called 1 bare not been examined before toe jury; my testimony waa merely that 1 knew nothing about toe murder Judge Oapron?If yon hare not been examined before the inrv. It la Important that the iuri should hmr what you novo to toy now upon the subjooL Then waen you oun bora, you toy the two Individuals you have namod wet? In before you? a. Tee, etr; tne young men of Doctor Hnln itood at the doer and had looked It. Q. Which door? A. I mean the door 'of the Doctor's room, where be wai murdered, and he stood there and took obarge ol that door Q. Where waa Dr Malnr A. He waa In the hall when I got there, would yon wleb me to state what ooeurredf Q It you please? A. When I came the young man had looked the door; I supposed that he had commuted suicide that being the word that Mr. Snodgraaa brought to my office. Q He informed you the Dootor committed eiiotde? A. That be supposed so; tie was rery much frightened, and I bad not got out of my oilloe hstore the servant atrl. (J. That was the servant ?tr Hannah? A. Tee, etr. tfur we had looked at thr Doior I came out of the room. Doctor Main told me to go nt> stabs to whrre the lac lea were, as be said thty wore about crazy; I stepped up there sod stayed a short time, and then oams down; s policeman came In, und then we went Into the room, and the policeman said he wished to report the cause of Us death to the oOloe; we oould not see anything of the wounds; It was proposed we aheald ram hun over on his back. Q Before yon turned him over did be lie with the wounded aide up or down ? A, The wounded side ??he lay on hla laoe <J Was the dock wound tinder ? A. The seek wound was under. The wound was la here (toe witness illustrated by ptaetog bis hand upon the lower part of tha Irft side of hla neck) but his neck being bent, yon would not decern It; but when we turned him, it brought the side we undo under. Q. As you turned him over, It brought the aide wonnda upr A We dldn'i examine that?we only las the wounds on his faoe Q Were the wounds en the side of the neck on the sans side of the ptr-on that tha wounds oa she side wore ? A. I uuu 1117 were pituj muou mo uug , en uts leu nog ?no, I should ray on lha rig hi aide. Q Which side of the neck oh Um wound? A. Lst me cow Ider, from the way It wai turned over. Judge Cnpron?Wan the wound on the aim a aide of the nock For ioatance, If the wounds were on the left stile, were the stabs In the body upon the left aide, or wer? the atabe In the body opposite? A. The wouai In the nock was on the right aide. Q. Where were the wounds on the body* A. They went round here. y Upon tha left aider A. Yea; how I recotloet from . the manner In which he must bare ?u a'.rusk, by the rlgfct band here on the right. (HInitrating ) The Coroner? Hla fhoe was from tae door? A. ills face was looking just an if he hal started for the door sod teil right towards it. Q. Was hla (ace looking towards you or rrom yon wbee you went Into the room? A. Towards me; hla Taos waa right down npon the Uoor. y. I want yon to be definite?a moment ago you said you did aot know. A. I stated hla head was 00 (be floor Judge Oapron? Well, we have got aioag ae far, bow, that ia the first that you aaw of him?thai ha was in thai poaitiou; what did you def Mr Clinton?Mr Coroner, I pledged you my word to bare Mr. 8nodsresa here this morning?hla (father pro miaed he should be here?he has been waiting. I undtr stand, lo have hie testimony continued whenever you desire The Coroner?1 did not know he was bare Mr. Clinton?Take your own time about eiamtatag. It makes no dinerenoe to me A Juror?fprodacing n ledger]?Mr. Coroner, here Is an entry wbtob I think may be of some interest to the puhito. It appears to hare been made by the Doctor up tit the 28th ol Ootober, In bit* ledger? 'Two dollars," In regard to some matter paid for Dr. Alci. Fraaer, thai would go to prove that be (the doc .or) was hare upoa the 28th of Ootober, wbtoh is the dey be Is said to bare been married Q Go on Witness?The wound m the neek?the carotid artery la the neck?waa cut on the left aide of hla nereon. and ha la; wuh tti< r:?bi aide of hla (not to tbeptoar, with lata l.?ati partial); tamed, to that the r If tit aide ot the taoe cam* to the side ot the Hoor, that twteted hla oeok In aucb a poattlon that it hid the wound on the left atde, that wm up. and alto the nick. y. Jnd It la; Id a direction pointing towarda fen, or waa the back of the head toward! ;ou T I audorataad H laid with the taoa partial1; npoa the floor, but it gt not direct); tat); upon lha floor r A. It waa turaed pMall;; the aide of hla (ace and noee it waa larnad toward! the door of ihahlttlo cioaet Q- Thea aa ; od enter thla door It la turned Croat ;oo f A. Nl|MMi;> Q That la what I want to (at at. A Near lowarda the cupboard door, with hla foot perlecL; airtight hta handa b; bla aid# : bta left hand waa oiencbed ror; lithe , It done not appear ho atniggled much alter be foil ; ho atae bad on hla boota, and ah a la olothaa g. Hid ;on examine hia pereen bare at thai time? A No, except whoa wo tamed hla orer. g. At that time waa ba entire!; cold, ao aa to ladtoate that he waa lone dead? A. Ho waa aattrolp ooid and till, and had bean daad torn* time to all appearance, g. Wall, aa a ph;aMan. how loot oan >oa aa; ha waa I dead?I do hot know that thara la aa; rata npoa tha tabj eci? A I rom the appearance of tba blood a poo the wall and npoa tha daor It had barn a (teal man; boora g I aak thli with a new to gat at the probable time of bta death' A Knowing bla bablta, about the time ha came la, that be alwe;a calculated to be Id bad aboot ten o'clock, unlace be waa gntag oat to ihe theatre or eome other place, and from all appaeraaoea in tha room at tha time, 1 think It moat have been done ver; eooa altar ba ectared hi, room. It ba had been there long there would hare be*a endaaoea of It; nothing bat hta ihewl and r ubber* w?re thare y Then, I rom tha root of tha eppaaraaee of tha blood, the a tale of the bod;, aad ;oor knowledge * Ida nab u j oa think bo maat bava been mardarad aoan after ha on iprri uio imiv, bo ohwiou BBwnu^ w bv ib|?w habile* 4. Ym. ud, If not. torn* of hto fr -eodx told me that b? ?y to >>e In rar > that Bight, Mlaa Hubbard wore to that la bar erldaaee, that b? Mid bo wa pi>f out, and bo aboald retire early oa Friday at eniog, beeaoea be waa gotag oal with bar oa Haturdaj eraalag. The Corooer?The atata of the blood, aa the Doctor knowo, rartre. aomrllmee a body doeo not become par focUr cold lor eight or tea hour* Doctor, are you aware of thai' A. I auppoea It deptado aomewhal upoo tba maaaerfia wltlob II llei; wBara tba bioad la all takaa trowi tba body, It would cool muoh aoooor. Too Corooer?That la tba aery riaaoa 1 aalrod jou tba queatioa. Ho much Mood baring goaa oat of the body, doa't you think that a body would became oool la a eery ebcrl timer A. Wall, I tbtak It would take loonqboM, area under Dioae ctrcuaialaanaa. Judge Oapree?From the appearance of that room aad tbe thlnga arouad it. do you iblak thai tBere waa a targe amouit oi biood oaoapod from tbe body r waa aot moat of the blcediag lateraal T A I deal think I bat there wua aa macb blood there aa tboao large wouads aught to produce. g. Bo It atruck mo alaoo I bare btaa bare. A. Tba principal blood that did oaaaa I thiok waa from the oara lid artery ; blood came rrom the aooe, which led ua to tbtak that ha died of apoplexy, until wa tamed him orar; whaa wo turned btm orar, the arck, the elie that waa cut, waa twtated la that way, (IllnilrtUag) aad wbee wa laid him arar aa (UlaotratlBg) of oouroa that came dowa under, aad thea I aaid to aaaaa of the goaiitmac ataadtag there, that It looked aa if ko bad baea Moodlag at the aoe, aad had star tad to go to the door, and had (bllaa there la a IU of apoplexy. That waa the report that went to the police office, aooe after Or Fraaam name ta aad be examlaed mora cloaaiy aad tfleoorarad a woaad upea the ohaafc: aad ha looked mora olooely aad dtaooaered the carotid ariory cat thea Im mediately wa euppoood be waa mardaraa, aad we looked about bar aa laetmaaaar. wa did aot know bat that be did It bimeetf. weoould Had aa taatruaaeat thea wa oataa to the roeetuetee at oaoa that ha bad, baea mardarad. although prerloua to that I had dtaoarorod blood apoa the knob of tbe Dootorl effloa dear la the ball, wa ooald aot >m vu t for that exactly, tba mom eat I Pound that he waa mardared I wrat looktag arouad; 1 wuat dowa alaira I dleoorerrd blood apoa the wall ta four or lire place g. la It there aowf A. Tee. It la left there I tbea fou lowed to tke troat eoor aad aw the blood there. lb?a acme body aula that the offiaora la turning blm orar might have doao that I rxamlaod the blood; toe blood la tba had aad at tba froat door waa artrd tba ant aa that la the room : I weal up alaira aad exaaitaed that ; tad II appear*! loMlob* drier there Uiea what I aaw la the haila. It apneared to be dtffe eat if we bad got that bleed a poo oar tlhgere whea we termed bra orer It wotUd have barn eott. bat ihle waa aot eo. y Thta blood oa the doer below, waa It oa the door or ide light* A t looked aa tf come one had takea bold of the knob, termed it lightly, aad put the bloodjr Oagere right around It, lor the blood waa upon the ooleld* o? tea door, and wbaa It ah at to there waa eiood oa the oaatag of the door natMde. y Judge Caproa ?Now ' waat to neb pen whether blood like that aright net bare gat there la that wag bp peraoaa who bad beea iub)eet to deatal operation*, aad wboee teeth Might be bleeding aa Uep went oof A la that near tbep etrp eetdoes bare blood epoa their linger*. y Not ualeaa thep ant tbetr Angara to their Ihre' A. Aad thia blood did not reoeMbie the blood that would 00 me from the teeth Mtied with tail re. N looked diflnrmet. 1 will Mate Uat tbla blood Might bare beea pet oa bp Ibe pattern. y. Tea. um poAoemaa dated that it Mlgbt bare beea doe# bp blra A. If It bed beea dome laatde of the door I aboeid tbtmk It Mlgbt bb bageri wvol.l ooaae netde the ball m bio taptag bold, q. Yea eemld met tell aapthlag about Uat? A. Ne. Q. I wttt gm back te ttte ttM* pea waat lata the reoM. pea three laUMw were there at thai time* A. Tea. y What waa that ?oat art nam* who waa there* A. Dr. Malm, bta ptmag aaa aad Mpadtf q. dm poa ge ap aad aaa um lad lea1 a. i did. y. mrrettp pea itteoerarad that ma wa a Murder, or beforef a. i waat iMMedtatalp beforei goiag teto the room; before I area Ihoaght that be wm deed rroM aa epepteotto flt , i weat into the mora aad looked a> the bedp, aad earn* tat* the ball, aad tbea Dr Mala wtebed raa to go ap to the ladiet, I waat op aad the three ladlre ware there Mr* Caaniag bam, her two daughter* Mr HaedlRhn. aad the itttie I bop* night have beea there, bat I da eel raeatlect ex q Wall, no mailer about that- thep prior to Uat bad beea told ef the death t Oartaialp q Had pen aeea Mr Fobel ttiet moralngf A. Net aaltt be iMnraed q Preetanete poer ooralag 1 ere pen had aot eeea h raf A He q Had pen eeea mm the big at beftr* A ( had tot W YC [ORNING EDITION-WKDt Q Bow late before thai bad yoo u>. n blm* A. W<rl I doo'i know, perbspn H meet Bare tMt Uiroe or fous dm and perhaoe week. ij Vy you we.: aojuaioted with Mr. Eekelf A. I wu cot. I used lo see hun aim eg horo lu Una parlor, sitting In the large chair, wbeo 1 used to paaa la and oatj I never paaaed a word wltn bim lu my >tfe. Q Who made the first remark wo en 70a entered the room where these ladies and lb 1 geuiemen weref A. It is jost each a scene aa I can not describe. <1 Well, you do not know who spoke flretf A. Mr. tteodgraae sat by the cbatr holding Mrs. OUnninffaast, aha was In a great Mate of e soils meet, and the young ladlaa """"l A ?'WW 4UI*% UlVUi, ?uu t SW1U UUI WW momitu, ud I came do mi and found, aa ire thought, Dal be bad died In a At; 1 then Immediately went up to them, ana tola the lailtea that It was not aa bad aa tn*y imagined, tbat he bed probaMy died a natural death, then lira. Cunningham appeared to be a UUle more easy, ebe ealo, "Olo be die a natural death)"' after tbat 1 oam > away, ana I thro found tbat be waa murdered, and t think I then told them that he waa murdered ; wnat pahMid In the room I could net remember, not half mat waa aald or done; In (hot there waa very little eeid, became li wet a very solemn time : I fen ao, at least, to aee a friend of mine out up In tbat manner; and after I went up toe third time, Mrs dunning bam aald there bad been an officer there to aee what she waa going to say or swear to about It, ane aald, " I can not giro my name aa Cunningham?It la Bardell;'* 1 aald, " Bow is ttntf-' ebe aald, "1 waa married to the Doctor;" I laid, " When I" for It astonished me. and I In quired; she aald, ' dome time ago;" I aald. "Hare you a mar i tags ceritUcaief" aha aald aha bad; f naked bor to let me tee It, she aald she bad the marriage oerUHoate that could tell me more than she could toll me in one bour; she banted np the certificate from somewhere, and I read It; tbat wm the Oral I knew, there waaoome little remark about tt; I came down be re. %. Von e*w the wcunde after the body waa uudreaaod f A. 1 waa there when they undreaaod the body, and 1 aaw all the wounoa. Q Did you aeo any teat made Of any Instrument In tboae rooms loading to a discovery ot the instrument with which it waa dooe f A there waa no teat made that day. Q. You did not aaa It f A No, air. Q. Do yon know anything, Doctor of the relatione eliding between Mrs Cunningham and the Doctor, and the Doo-or'a fee Unas towards her, whether friendly or unfriendly r A Wall, this plaotH me In a rather pocullar position In Ibis evidence In this case ; they were both friends of mure, and acquaintances that I have often called In and out to too,; 1 have often cams in and ran into the Doctor's room, aad he need to c ime Into mine In the earns way ; I have aaea them together here often, and have seen them speak to each other pleasantly before me. y 1 did not know hot tbat they might talk to yoa upon the subieot , one or the other ? A. well, at the Ume ol Ibe disturbance about the note be aocuaed her of etealtng, I bad tome conversation with the Doctor at that'time, and at the Ume ibe aotlon for the breach of promise waa biougbt. He told me tt waa brought because lbat he no cueed bor ol etealtng the note. Q. Be staled to you that aba brought the breach of pivnix uu mcanH no wouini acroi aiesnng uu bom A. He aalcL said be " If I bed not done that ehe woo Id not bare diet or bed me?there ?nM not been been that leelirg between oa " Q I oBdei stood yon, to the Orel place, to any, he said that tbe brought that breach o; marriage soil oeoaaee be aoooeed bar ot eteallnc the note?that wai your liret answer. Do you mean to any that)' A. i will toll you toe elect conversation that paoMd between as at thta time alter be bad settled the affair, and taken up his bond, be aatce loto my offloe and said to me, " Tbta thine ts ail set lied, and I hare no doubt I hare done wrong, and tnat she bas done wrong, and she would not hare brongn this action tf I hod not aoooeed her of etealiag ibis note " q Very well, that la wbat you said betore. Did he tell you at that time what par era he bad ei touted to bar la that settlement? A. Hs said te me at the time be showed me tbe bond, " This thing la all settled, but If anybody says anything about It, it la a breneh of oontrnot for the booea;" I did not beltere that story, heaeld, M It la all settled now, and I am going to be her Wend and all her family's through life, and she la going to giro me a paper ftltMllIf M. Q. About what time waa that? A. About the rery day be took up the bond; Mr. ffiaaei knows. Q Where are those papers? A. Mr. kroner waa hie boDdoman. Q He siys It waa tbe vary day on which the bond waa takes up; I did not e tartly understand that; you mean the day tbe bond was glrsn? A. The time betook it up sad settled eeerytbiag. What bond was It? A Be bad to gtre two bonds of S12.M0, bo I to each, for the -lancer null, and the other lor his appearance in court, q. Bla ball bond? A Tea. Q. H waa a botd be gave when the unit waa ssttled? A. Yes. Q. It waa November, waa H net? A. Tea. q Tbta bond moat bave been la October? A. Tbe date of the bend wUl shew that It wee about the time that the Artisans' Hack OBaaad Q. Tbe date of tbe bond will show when It woo glrsn; but It will not stow when It la taken up' A. Well, this tbingfwaaonlr a ?Sw Jays la court before It was taken up. A Juror?1 understand that the bond wae taken np cm umj eta of imoofr a. i hub um u iw urao, nr. Judge Caproe?Yaa, It la ay mtetit i It iraa ao. A. I do Mt know bow loiif thai remtieed there U Ar? you acquainted enough with Kn Cauli|bta to apeak ot bar temper and poaatoo?whtlMr aba la a peaeire, qui. i lady 01 aot much epini, or whether aba la aa Impolatre. impatient woman*. A I aarar bar* aaaa It. Q. But you caa form a judgment? A. 1 should auppoaa be waa a woman rf Ira aba racier, aot eaauy led about by any alight tmpulaa. Q A woman of draaaM' A. Tea, air. Q. And coaregr- A I doc't know about oourage. I newer hare aoea enough ef bar to apeak upon tbat pout. q. Bar reorraJ baartaf waa pretty Inaepaaaaat and decided - A Yea, air. By acquaintance, with bar, Jodgn, baa beea the ansa aa It would be wtib aay lad tea la the rtfy, that of jait calling aad melting tbom aometlmae to go out. and I hare aerer aeaa anything bat what waa of i Be autotett propritiy, ottbar wttb tba Hoe tor or berootf, before ma. q D# yoa know anything. Doctor, of tba ralaUooa be twrao Mr. Kofeel and Dr Burdeii' A. I name aaw tba Doctor rptak to blm. aor bo to tba Doctor. q Did you aeeer bare aay oeerercatloa with Mr Kckel from wbtcb you ooold foraa aa opialoa T A. Na, not a ward?I merely aaw blm alt bare la tba partor : noma umaa 1 eald, " (rood areola!ba appeared to ba vary qulat. q. You wore net, then, acquainted with Mr Kokel very mucb ? A. Vary litUa. q Aad out acquainted with him enough to apeak of hia (irmofm, yeauion, and ?o on I A Not at all . by bl? Hitting la bid ebaJr be ?t>peered to me aiwayt to be rather luck ward, not apt to (peak to a at ranger , ba aarar would apaak t) ma, an Iraa I would acraaoe ami aay a (>ood eraalng" to blm Oral q Did yoa oaa him aay lima after tba mardar of tba I motor la tba prroooe of tba body ? A Yra, ba waa la tba room at oaa time la tba afteraooa. q Did yoa bare aay roarer* el lea with blm tbeaf A I don't recollect; I might bare eald something, but I don't ihlnk t mid mucb Q. Ha waa aader restraint tbra, waa be aot f A. Na. q. Win be tot In ruatedy r A. No q. Bad be not been arreatod - A. Na, aot wbaa I Oral saw blm; I did aot aea anything w him that waa aaytbtag uaoommoa. I watched pretty partiealarly, beraoaa I did aot kaow bat thai tkla thing might hare oc cur red la tba bouaa; 1 watched erurytfef that I tbom ht woald lead to aay tight upon tba aebjam ail day. q Hare yaa bad aay ooaeerenUoa wttb titbar o? tba dangbiera or lie mother *lnoa tba death of the Doctor, r <r?pt what recurred oa tba Aral day there? A Yaa, U>e mom*at they were euapeeted by tba pabhe I bare eat area ibem ataoo; eat ataao Hatarday. q. 1 eok at tbat paper. You bare aaaa that check will Cou oome bare again aad tall oa what yau think of km tag bean at Haralcga upoe the Mtb ot Ooteber* Yaa aid yaa bad a paper, if I recollect, by aa ihopootlea of Itet yon will bo able to attefy aa npaa taal paint' A. Tee q. WIU yaa bare tba kind bom to look at tbat paper aad came bare again? A. Yoa. q Haw laag will II tana yoa to get back? A. Tarbapa aa bear q It weald ba o< mat aarrtco to aa, aad I luppoaa ton are aailoaa to amiat aa all yoa caa? A. I weald Ilka It do ao; I bare aot obtereed, bat I naderataad thai ibe Mtb wai oa Teeeday; wall, when the Daotor want to A>u?* ba alwara left bare the laat of tba weak, ea aa rouat of hit tulM, HMtokt ?roae alter Saaday. g Bat in tblt way ear theory la. that te weal further; weot to Berklmar Oaaaty, where t kaow ha aomal.mea taiii a Bot th I taw hlai there laM November. whloh beppena lo be ? facl; I OOold aay that ha waa aot oal'orm boot it r A. I hare a latter from a (Vlaeo of min<- froaa raretnga.1 wbtnb atataa that ba waa at tba Marrta Hoaaa oa Iba Slat Q Rat wo have eetdeaoe tbat ba nam# from Herkimer t alia to faramca that ha name by tba Northern Ira la to -taratofm. aad ho aaid to whea ha armed Wa hare got proof of tbat, aad wa hara made arraa?aaiaata with tba editor of a paper to bo examlaed to day apoa the aablao of hta comlag away from Herkimer rallo That la a ibo la Utta eaee wblob wo wlab tn plana aa mach bayaw ' doubt m wa poaatbly oao. A. it waa dlaooaat lay B > taid bo waa gotag to tba iatlaaa'a Rook Ha wao ooa of the dtraotora. It oaa aaotly ba aooarlalaod tram tbat whether ba waa la town or aot. Q. Yea, wa wlab opoa tbat potat la aaoartaia aa aaa tba truth aa paoalbla. It la aa plaaaora to tba lory a* aay body elaa to koap aay atupMoa raaUag apoa thaai led lea I, aa aa ladtrldaal ataadlag bare, la aid of Ui Ceroaar. I am aot bar# aa a party at all, hat I daalr* to lad oat tba frith aad It la qeMo impartial aooordlag to my hypotheat* of tula Uaamntlia, (wblob amy aot be tba right oaa) to aaoartaia whether tba Doalar apoa tba Mik ni Itatehn waa la Now Verb or Ml and wa have tokra ooaaldcrabla pats* to throw ail llto Itfbi opoa that aaaathi*. A. I *** th* rwirt that ha waa on* tt th* d tractors of th* Artisans'haah; that hota* diaiiaat dap, thsy k*M to* lalaatas of thalr praaaadtoya spaa tha m eoH. ft la aaay to aaeartoto lro? that mora whathar ha ww thorn ar not. I haas uailss stood tha naorotnf rrom one of tha storks la tha tut, that that was a 41*

aonat dap. y Who saltod ysor attaattoa to that (hot, sad that if tha noetor waa t? town ha wa?M prahahly ho thorsf Tha rwhtar of th* hoak win anally aaUffhtaa aa apoa that potat. . . Th* Ooroasr d tracts* oaqsirtaa to ha atarfo at nana npaa this pntot. a* tt waa on* of so maoh irupnrtadV* Tha Coroaar (to Mr (naloak? Baas yaa aa* tha wh neaa had aay <wa<?r*aaoa tofsthar* Mr. Oiiadoa?l hora rasa th* amatoa, hot sat to-day 'nd(? tkaprsa? (>aa of tha Jsrars rs***oirri sm t* pat * f?w qoosttoos to yoa whtoh bars baaa pat to too ntoar wltasaaaa it la la ralattsa to tha pooltlao *4 th* foraitar* la that room. aa<t th* pnalttaa of tha ttiiaga i*asraHy a tow yoa tonka* at than aftar th* wsrtrr q th* '.vow1' room? k, IN. > it K i IESDAT, FEtmU.VHT 11, Q. 6fr# ob jojr n oo'.i jptioa m l deetnpttwn of Iba room. The tint 1 trill yo* ut; rrmi tbo (M burning"' A. Ilia gao wm burning. Q. Thin wm *boi.i nln> in Uie miming f A It wm pretty Wftl^ townrur it, l ml my; I left my wnlob umi?ivk ri|?i wuoro 1 jiri it aver mpm, i mi not |? u UU ttae next dlttt. Q. How la It with reepeot to tbo frtrtotoiref A. Ihe furniture appeared to lit preti/ ueoh aU M it aa W di 1 when the Doctor waa all re. Q. Well, you take that chair wd pet It m It waa wbea tbe Doctor utedtoeit at the tablef A. That ohelr, etr, bad been moved when I taw it, bat eoembody told me that they louod the char opposite, bat (don't think tbe oh air waa. Q That li of ao importance. It baa been proved that aoppoatng tbe chair waa there f placing tt| that It war turned In this way I turning it away from tbe table). A There were never*! chain etttlng around: one, I think, sat near the deak, one near tbe table, aad one near ble operating table. Q Did yoa go near to tbe table ? A 1 did. q. Did you.flnd any blood there' A My object waa to trace ?te blood there wore trmoee ol blood Crona bis heal along to the ornt'e table, and round near to the gae. U looted aa If It bad dropped and droi>p?d Q From tbe clotbea 1 A I onuid not make np my mind whether !t waa etaba that ho had race. red. or whe ther It waa from tbe bloody cloth rw of the one who did the deed there wero drape of blood which, aa I traced tbem aioog tbe floor, looked aa If they had been dropped by aomebody walking aieag Q. Then yen found blood at tbe piaee where the chair would atana? A. There waa a new*pater, but It would appear that It waa a drop whleb tell, which bad dropped tiOWD Q. Did that oewapaper i.e upon the table t A? On the end ol It, ca tbe Ml bead aMe; U is right whore (ha bloody atieak par nod through tbe carpet A Juror? Would yon allow one of the joreae to go to tbe artfjaea' Bank aad to examine the ml a u tee there? Judge Oeproh?Vee, aad you hare a right to be eworh eee wttacaa altar. Q Well. Doetor. now bare you any theory aa to thu blood at the table' I want to get at thte point 1 will how ytu what I am driving at. I waal to ate whether I bat murder waa committed without making uy uoiee. euek a notee aa ought to have been known to parties op Ma:re, or whether It wee doao under each otroamManoes that no living being oou d boar It, and I want to know whether the appearance of that room and the otraua itaaoee around Indicated that t great atruggle bad taken piece? A. My trial* that that murder waa committed eo that ha never hollooed. q. By eo many eube. A. If the carotid artery bad been cut tbe Orel blow ha never would har? made a nolae q. But yoo cannat imagine that waa cut tint' A. Yea; that wee ? -it tlrat unices ne wae choked, tbare are two points in Ihet, and it ought to bo ascertained whether he eee euMocatea or not. q How can |om acooMnt for the blood upon the door If it was not Urn tint gush of the Mood tram tbo carotid artery' A I think it the drat wounda bad been made In tbe been, I abould suppose that the blood from the carotid artuiy would not have spirted eo muoh if be was choked, the ecu.Me would have oommeaoed out near tbe lable. q. Yea, cae would think eo, and tbta you could not account lor tbe Moour A. I acco-iated lor it in thia way If be wae obokoo, tbe etabe la tbo oody must have oommtneed out there, from the few atreeka of blood, at ha want to war da the door; then aa to tbe large eptrt of blood?well, now tbe key being upon the outolde of the loot, It looked to ma aa if aomebody had rapped at tbe door, be opened It, end ea be opened it that be bad received that blew la tbe aeoc. aad then the etabe In tbe body. You eee he etood a Utile dutanoe from the wall. U> It wm rap Idea thai H wm oat like Ihla, (llluetrat log; wticb would mad It op. Itoalpou think ao' A. He mn( here turned UU neck either around, or elee tke blood mult bavu dew Irom hli room ai no wat dealing I be other blew; then again, Judge, here wai another point I not teed, that after thle bad been done. If U bad bean done la that imp. and be bad not been choked, then Ibis blood I accounted for bp bla walking, and It eraa dropping from bla oiotbea aa be walked along the room; It wea a apaiter from the ban da or tha oiotbea. cK thoae dropa are aa If thap rail aad apattared tha blood waa more thick to card the bodp. and tapered off la thai wap, m ir the man bad walked: then whan poo came la the ball tbta blood bad stopped dropping, beoanaa there waa ooly one mark or blood upon the oaaomant. Q lben pour theory la, that whoever mardered the lector went np directly to bit chair* a. They went to bla cbalr and choked him, or elae atruofc htm. aa ha opened the door; Ibcee two thtega I cannot aaoouat for iberwlee. Q, If they struck bim at tha door bow would pen account lor bia betii | book at the door, a?d being found at tr o d< or when lie waa reuedT A. It ba waa atrnok at the nOi r, ibat Bret blovo (pelleted upon WM doer. (1 Then )ou would Imagine thai if that waa the eaae bai Ibe partl. e? v a Ibey pur'.od bin becli aa he eli, and ibt n wad.aC aronao the table and thegaa. <1 Uaoelag lor asms e^taet Ibr whmh May were eeerabfag? a. Tiny ekl not appmr to me tc have toocbed anrtbtng, or U be waa garreted or tieWed la ear way, then ibeeebtiie oeme the other wap, and la I Ither eaee be ooutd sot have made mncb of e MMu Q Toatlawbatl want to acoount for' A la either o! linae caeca, Judge, be eonla not have made a no tee to be beard y. If be had beea garrotadf A. Aad If the oar Mid artery bad beea et/nok it ret, u would not y Here la aaotbrr point to which I will call pour at'action. Koppcdog be nad been struck, aaoordlag to oae ot poor hypotheses. when etaadtng op and owning to the door that be bad been struck la lhal wap la the neak !UH?could ba have lallea to have lata in the poetuoa in which be waa lonad wiihoat making quite a antes a . man lalnnf ? woold ibuetbelouM' A. I taiok la ihat nii na woe Id have ooaae don mora gradual?, fallen on hit kaeeo, and rccetvadiU-oee woo ode y. Bet to# wound la tbe b?? , bL- Drat recatrtag that rut would proetrale him, would it not.' A Tbara an a Rttat many otroa metai oae la coaaactioa witb Una which ou'd go to obow that It alRtl oocar aod nut ba board Horn w?ro people paaatag in the ball; that a Ituia aolaa la tha nlghl would not attract the atlaallor. it would in a prtvee bouae whera tbaro wera no peraoa* naaatag tn or out by a olgfil key . tbe family wera all above turn; If boy bad bten order Mm tbay woald aot hatp beartag It, hot they ware above; they oould aot. and, aooordlag to the trotimooy, I bey wore 10 tbe rront room bark y la that a trntb, lbat you boar a jar teiow more rradlly tten abort f A. If I boy bad beeo I mmod lately uador l iktak tboy would karo h. ard It Q. Too ibiak oo oonad haoo. dooa II aoi A. It may rlaa; ovrpoee you go up into tao room aborr tbia aod walk about that floor, you will btar It bora vary dla ilnotly, but walk npoo tba floor hart, and Um paraou la iba room abova will aot bara ym. Q 1 cant ot apeak to that it la yoor theory, you may bo rl|bi, lam only oMfetag to reeom-Uo it wli i my vlowa of lie ptalloaopby of tha tranaaettoe A. Tbla la Barmy ?o opirnca, and I bava atu-llcd the oaee at earefmly ae I rouln y lira yoor theory is he did not tall hit (all length otel the 3rel, 1 thin* h* bum hav* doom down grndnaily. bacaoerol ouree l:h would aol hare beta M a an tnatani. 1} Bat ittll N la nry apparent thai ho trunk mite tud opoa hit foot, baoauM them waa a bruino oa the ewe, do jon suppose ha had ao lime to hauoof A. I ooa't thtah ho ootid y Uroul you rrew Ih* appaeraooo of the body, oaf whether ha haMJfcrMi (arroied, or whether n wu done by cord* A well, I did not eoe nay wtrti ahoat tba aeek that lad no to bolta a that than waa a oord put ruaad, there waa eothiac of that biad. *1 though the tongue bad the appearaaaa of hla bwiac choked, the loo(oe protruded. y. Tea, that 1 bar* hoard , eoald he be oo Mined and ?bf ?e<l taaiaatly | ao act to bar* tuae to make a lead note* t< eetder tag the atrcumetaaor* in whloh ha waa op, dr?eatdL |aot eowe nto his houaa probably, oould s par mm eater three, f el to hlai at hte real at the lento* A. Not ir ha had boaa aware of what ifeey wore goto* to do. y If bo had aot ha own, oould they hare done it ao <fl*ctually at mm ao to prrrowt aay ytllr A That I oaaaot aay; II dopaada rati rely am bow ho woo tanoa y Now, oao qaoatioo aaora It mi of your hypotho on la tree, that a pereoo opened the door, ead thai bo t eroded, aad tba 1*0000* ratoatartl/ wraa to the door, ihn itoor woa'd adoeaaarily be opaa vkai ha not-red, id i?? N nap km Mined bin thre bo ooeld hei too wbn the door weald bo opna. Ml II u; particular ram# had aaaaad the tamalaa of the hoaaa aoald baar H, toa'.d they a at.' A. If ha had bailooed y Huppoan ha had an. do you th ak with that doer taadiag opea- If a paraaa .ntcadni to kill bin, aol tha l^rtor had Ian fete mU and caaa to tho door, not appro , huooiai aap deafer, aad that tadlrtdaal hao atabbad htm or aataad hin that ao atruggle ooald hard eoanod, no woaid bare ariaah ord 'uttaaleot ao aa tar then to hoar itf A. 1 thlak tha nootaat tho pnraoa ?aal la may oiaaod tba door innediaie'y y flow eeuid thay oloaa t with iha toy oe tha 'a<lda. ao tba door bring opra' A I don't eeppaee tbay w in d haon it ruck bin aatu thay nuabad tba door?pari ally that 11?aad thaa tbay took h.n oaawaree. and my Moa '? a)aa that ha who did tho do ad waa acquainted with bin, aad kaaw every portion of tha he aa?eenebody wfenaa ka did aot aiprct anything from A .law?Wall, judging or your aypotliaata you thlak that if tha (eat la unt ha waat to tho door aad opened It, that tba party nl|ht barn got la, ?hat tha doer, killed biae, aad ao mim woe Id ha nada tiador tboen etroonataaoae aa that paraaaa ap etaJra eeatd baar It* A. I do that prtaaipla wo will il'uauata by tha?are am need to tha aalaa ot anaihaaao aad earn, aay aotao of that (lad, If It l? aot nauaual, ootid aad attract ua at a gat Jadga Oaproa?Aad aematiaaaa the ahaaaoo of It won Id oraha pwaiaa ear A. ft Mi aot appear from tba no!daaaa that Mr t'Uama wan bnar < to cana into tba boaaa toot H|kl it la IM mm with ?? Mam tMl prop* ntw la 01 all ?m w?m ?Wlt| m?. mmom ! Ml oaad m thai tm or wm W- * *11 km I Ml M m. 4 MWtr; tMro in i few (MM mm lkh? UmiiI thlo n mar 1 would Ml 700 bodorw I Mw in rn ma 7**k aooonat for tbooo oo wrwi MM, IMM M Mow ?M im miW ortory bfcw, aad (ml im?|| to kill mm oon 70a oaooaat tor tko ootoool^rt oo moap blow* ortor ua o?mr woood' a |t poo oo otkor prtar.ipto bhaa tlua IMI It wm doadtp WOJ of IM (wolor'i. wm whom ho had Mm inof om toodto* ft ',howo 0 moHWooo dMpnotlxvo o< im port?, od (root 'miiy opoa im port m >m om wM did k. q. woo'.d bm who woo m moMloao m II w pomtblo (or bonrta Mtoro to bo, tfi<aoh 0 moa oowa in, won ho o<rt for, .imoeotm, woo Id it ont otimoM" bim lo loaro 00 **> *?o bo mold*?would bo 0107 frooo motirm o? nio |lf*b 10'ofllrl Sftora or Wilaoo twm la tm body A. a' 4 ?m Oil ft000 opporoatif MtarO bo foil; II wm <MM0 *'rp itilok, oad hot or a m fall. booouoo oil Ibo ??no<io ' ao?o npr.o tm nadar 0w0 whaaa ba fall: 1 doo't thiol bo 1 woo touched ortor m loll, and Mothor lAio|. Cbo giro ii?i I oiaoroo oodor wntoh iho mao wm pkkwd la iota* tola hard would load btm to mat ooro thai ho md kttiod t kin, oo (bat b< coWM cot toMo ?7 wkM bltorwvJo IE R A 1357. i Q. IJe /oo rwMwim- ?n- timr ;taOM war* i pw?.-J stroke* !a the bK*?s <>r oo ?iwar.'\ a. i bivowi e it ml ml lb * l (van 1 led ttut. to tbo ptayakmtoa i Tbe Coroner?W* shaii tave tbv rrom tbe pbyilolant Judge Ooproo? UKXI, ooo' let mo ak you, loMimioti m w? iwfv wv ;wu v wivuwr |vh vjui (muk, wm| wotllu jou tbink. of this hy peUiemi- 'u the ln( pi mo, that two committed She murder. If U m done by cboktag that the person vrbc ehokw.l ormld on well turve been km par aoa who oonmlited all 5Le real at the Iraaaaotloa?that the ooa who 01 i-.-eU the muc ant held lira vat a Jtroog mac, able to da ll?, aa it ha ra take* something of a strong mail to Jo It) ? itsa the arm that indicted the Mow was a week arm comparatively, <l>wa by aa lmpule?ve person, who Lad nerved b onaeif to do tfcw aot, aad he atruok him in ibis way? fllluatratbtf)?gatlg "pwerVa, a blow In una way- -there are not many a' than?three entered Via heart, aad like tta eta he of aa Impulsive -m peruana perem, aay a woman-' a hat do you hmj of that byoeakoatr hat a atreag indt ideal bald him, aad that thia cat in taa neck wee done after tt war a.iOerUttned that Che ataobiag lu tbo-atda wai not golug to acoonpUan U, cr foarful tout It a Mid not; that that a ink? la t>? neck we? given adion a? was par tlaliy down upon the 'loor aa i ilof?ni/r "f*?ke' A I think tt would tbat the one wbo did It undiritaod the bumaa system woil enough t* know *hore to aim a blow, and a lady wov 14 aot be ?o likely to knowthtA. g Weil, moat any child inowa where the heart la. (i appears that tbeaa HlaUa ware all i t one pirxe, end appear to have beta dooe ta an instant, Hie a perron bavins an instrument, an-l going t this way, jlUaitr<iMsg), and' repenting the blowa spasmodically, ami not having n very strong arm. What woaid you thick of tbo Idea thw a man who would late an Instrument tf that kind, and wbo would intend to aosomprah thj purpose, that ha eould la thin way do the rvhole dea-i with ana blow, but the peraon with a weak arm striking the other way might mass a good many lootatooa,(would not the dopth of the incisions -ndiuate the sireagtb of the arm that indicted them' A. I should think ao g. i should thin., wo loo And wowa 001 we mot inac i waa done by na over nra ? !ke tbla, or an nuder strok ? like Ibis alsoutleet the cepth or the Mow' A V * g Especially where the under stroke ml upon the Ht>*, id ow i nner- A Homo of those blow* were dooe by t atroog man. Here was Ibe ooat. and- want, end two under starts 10 get through before the body wea struok g. That would not be much reetaUncef A. f oould as count for it by no other bypotbesln eeoeyt that It might have been dealt by a <elt band perron who oaaae oat of the otber mom, and wlio threw h'a right arm round hloi in tbla way (lllustrs".ng) and then the blew* would oome ibtre (alluding to the aide). g. It woo .1 bo so In your m ud II it wan a man, but not H tbey w re struct by a woniau an women oa>Al)y do strike Is your hypothesis or that remark made witb reference to oee pcaon doing the whole deed' A. Yea, with lefertnee to one perron doing the whole deed. g Uoul 1 '.in ; hold a man of his aire and atreugth ao aa to have no tlghtlng and no antae, put his tint round and 00 It in that way - A It aeema to me the hypothesis Is making bis uocommonly tnaotive and Inart. I t'llnk upon any hypothesis on which 700 place tt, it waa done ao quickly that the Doctor was not aware oj tt. Q Well thrt may be I will toan? you to bring that paper we spoke of whoa you oome baefc here A.- 1 wouid like to make some ttaP menie in regard to aoms eridrnoe wbtcb waa given here in regard to my calling It might lead to aomr ari. ni ni or have acme Itttie of feci upon my It-iends wbo these olrounatanoea. Q It Iri due to you 10 do that A It is due to tbit, aa my badness will bo attroted by li?my batng aoqoaibti-d win the ladies here In lha bouse sua with the Porior one of the young men who at coded the ioor *s:d tost I was In the habit of oalltng here rtwn uyon Mrs Cunningham, and running .up stairs 1 will slate that I ba-ro o.teo tailed for the ladies and the Doctor, but my going up rtalra waa only to the : motor's room ; I often ran ap to his room, and be, whenever he ostre to my house, always oame up to my room without stopping at the parlor Whenever I nave called lor lha ladies, 1 have aiwiys seen ihem as aoquaiuUnoen. The wlicees signed his deposition. iDmrnpioartON ok Ecnft? Hiuri.r iJironrgNT TEtiTIMOKT?hvidbk' K Or johm KtllglL. This witness waaoaillad and Interrogated by Mr. Caproa an tollows Q Where do yen realde? A. I reside at Ne. V74 MeU street, near Houston Q iMd yo-. know Dr. Burdeti la hta life time* A. ! did not. Q Did y on know tain wtaoa yon mw him/ A. I horn neon binoooo only; I do not know tbU' abooVi rootgaiao bin tf I mw bin qtl'i. Q Wboro did you ?? b ' A Him at tba boon Mr. Caproa (to ik? Coroaor)?in thin wttaoaa tbo ooo ?bo cm ifit m to i d'atnrbnoao botwooa Dr. Bare ell ud a ou nt gambling boaon' The Coreoor? Yoo, Mr. Cbpr< b?It tarn boon ntntod (tint Dr. BirdoU bad dimeoity oa tta? aigkt el tbo nnvdor wtu n0jaujb.or; that tbay not la Ui? Bowery, bod a dv.povt la tho atroet, on tbo corner of tb'a alroet and Br>wory, aad tbo Doeto bed bin to go up In bu room w'.tb tain,and bo wo aid rttlo tbo oiattar. WIIdiob I think tbo f tnUomoa m raatakan about lb at 'or I know of on met occur rooea i aorar mw anything la reiat.oa to It. Mr. Coproo?It to tbo duty of tbo Coroner wboa ho bfin rrporto to brag forward tbo w'taaoaoa aad Lara bom oiatDloed. I. for my own part, an morely aiding itar Coroner to rotting at tbo truth. It baa bora atated tint Dr. Burdoll bad a illaputo with a gambler, aad t ta j'iat aad proper that any poraoaa who may bo aaipoctod hoc Id bo caitod to throw light opoa tbo aattor. I ad tood that yon ohooid tao brought forward aa a wrtooai with a rlow to aatabttab that raat, if it wero trio, u I would oot wUb to bo tba bmma of li ng guilt i poo aay poroon who wai Inaoooat A. I do oot frequent gambling boeooa I bara not btoa la ooa for too yaara tt ta tot my prnottoe Coroner?1 will rrad to 'tbo 'ury tbo follow.?g lotUr wtacb haa boro aoat to ma ? Paiiao??r t, ltM Ptaa J?m? I bar* to day hoard (that a man by tba oama of Mr karroil, employed ta tbo tpprataor'a pubils atoro, under Mr Crabam, baa Mid Utat bo was In Hood atroat at tbo time I)r. Ilurdoll wl?r?d thn door; that b? n? him toUr heard ibe erf of murder, ud wm oo too wpe wbii tome ooo com* to tbo do ir end oa?ad bt? wbel no wiit doing there Thu in*/ not h? oorreci, bat duerreo alien ion lie oMignt M o coom of bio mot raek.ry It koowo, lb*t do we* of roll bo won Id bo kept from bw family. oad taoooroaieaoed bf appearlog mo w.Idooo. oo be io o poor mod i am. f oar*, Tory roeneol lolly, OM. WHO SiKHM FOR -CAT-OK. F.KonlooUoo rooumod ?g. Yoa war* nbp.toed bora in refartaoa to that mot lor* A. I woo Tbo ( oroaar?H the Hooter did conioto bin death by oay lomblin* boaio quarrel It woo proper ttiol It ohooid bo proved boforo tbit jury. Witaaao?' baow nothing obaat It Tbo toroaer?.Were you la Hood at root that n.fhi? A. Yoa. Jadfa Ooproa -Where woro yoof A. I woo oa tbo top of tbio door tbel aigbt. g. At what boor* A. II might here been. half pa*t too o'rlork. or oeaaibinf 'tbo tbat. hot I coaoot oay eioetly g. Toll no rtba whole ttorj' A. I Mortal from ay be mo obrat hair pool alba o'clonb Ibot ntfbl I am troabiod with a diooaoo .a tbo bach, oad I wort at a butioooo that rt ta'roa much aittiag tad ben/lag oror It, and I trouuraUy gtl Bp oad oxorciao myaaU a or lor to got otraigbl It aomo tlmro lakat mo oa boar to otraightoa myoaif, oad omotlmao a loagtr period 1 otartod tbai oigbt obcal ba.'r pott alaa, baring tome wort to do tilrk f mtbhorf In An nail rl m w mat/4 1 molb.wi inmn lift Marten Ureal lo ?? a Maid. yd wool la. ] (la/e l Ihara raw ntliilaa, cam# oat ud ml ip Prinoe atrent to lha Bow?rjr.I waJked 14) lha Bow ary to (toad at root, ud ctno down Ihlo aid a or Uio at mat I cam* down a raw doaro haro, u<l bautg d-ao the atrtng ad my anoa oaar if aat I aat down oa lb a rioo? bara lo .11 It I took my ) too oT. aat oa the thirl ar fowl* atap. ant araa trylaf to . thn atr'ng ta lha proper p?ar? loo airing,? 1 I toad. had loot the tag *1 tha oad of It, and It tor * ma noma Uaaa w do It wbtia I waa a tuog tharo two aa ra rami along from tha Wowory and at the at root one of wt>o?o noma ap tha atoop ud wont mio tha boooa; ~vm other iu guard oa tha tana want lata tha bona*, and waa tharo probnhly halt a mlnala I eaanot mam ry fl? UMtimo, ud I hoard diatlnoUp UM cry a? "aaagdor," ud I aoid to aa jraait, "ihaaa la a aanaa la tha hoar a" y. too woro m tha ?la pal Tan. aa tha laft i,?d alda at tha atop* what he aama ap ] md to myaru^ that# a a wtaa la that hnaaa I ynaaa, tbwy ha to <*aw drink VISUM MOT* ll?S*?? M4 MM ?UB? Out rf MM <\j?T, I kuiri ao (top la tb? hali; 1 kaard tfco rMr '.alloc iMf of 1 lb* mm aha MM M. but 1 ltd Mt boar ?** am IT lb* mm ?! MM* m Um door g. UM yau IH tha MM f* M* A. Ywj. g. About baif-paat tdM o elork' A. Im, mumu that bid NMi; l ?Mrt th* d**r op**, I Mar* i mm afUr th* try * murdor which miM MMMk M m* bk* lb* bred tag or * barrel. It wa* a ifAUg a* If naMbM| rod it bad b#*? lornod OT*r It wo* Ilk* a* if you ware to l*M a rail barrel aad bare it do**; I *at tb*re u?tabM| of it? thtahlac of tba UtO* hM *f r*w 'or a>o*t baV a at* at*, whoa a mm tpw?d lb* door I Mwfead up, aoJ h* Mid to mo, ahal aro yoa <!***( bore " f lookad at biM, ?to? * la a rory rough maanrr aa<) I war afraid of blot, a ad i thought that tho dim who bad ?oat la bad onlorai' mm to put ms off m? rtopu Q. Thtt wad act tb* am Mta who woal M* A No 14. ih< mm wtc omm W Um Aoor ?? ? Ml U4 I A 9 ) PRICE TWO CENTS Imfmi* A Y?\I aaw b? heal, ranne 1 mi part ar hm iafl bna<l. Q. * <] tnl vu not tJa BUI wbo ?nrt law too tiMMi' A I cwaaot iiy ^aaitlrtl/. bat I do aotfetak it vat Q. Art ;m a wo that toa nu had no at upoa Maa r A. I am a o of that, he waa la hla ablrt itaoroa ; ha mm '* what a.?o fo\i dow* ttawra *" I aald, "aathtof " ha note ao roughly Uit I tbcTjUt b? waa aaat to or dor mm i t tba toot, I pinaad op aapoteaa, and .aaneg taat hi niitht kick no, I weM backwarda dovra lit* atapo to fow doore lurther on ut dom tfiora, pot It oa. al wbj! homo Q end f?u w? O?o>jji of Ibat ata to uf whether or not L-? bad a l&f* bear V A He i'A hare a la.*ge kMri Q. fi*m titerra light \j the bai. f a. Ne y. Waa it ?e light oi* of J.xxi wbaa bs oaa? U A* door Oat too Mold *e> Ula bead* A looulleeett bead Q. 0o< Ad Jon le.l wfcettar ha jKad wea 111 m black f a. ( ooo d aot Q. What am be for' A .tt tiling . he ffK Nightly ; that te I rtppoeo be did. I* la epeutng the dear Da put hie land up aga.nat the etll : Da atooeed altglade ftarward ;. tbenid lake bla height t. be 5 feet * .aohaa y. Waa be a etoot naa' a. Yaa. 1 You ft j he oprood the dear and pel bla baal on *a rC> or frame of the d oor A. 7oe h. t le t hand was span the fraate. y; Did ho ceen It clean open ? a. Mo etr, ooly ae far aa to adult bit brad end about tar* out Q IMd he bare b e p\ots on- a. [ did aot eeo hut pauaa y. IKd be btvre a orarat oof A> Inaaaoteap y. .to you a tppoee tint you saw enough of that oaaa that V you eav bim i|un you would bo ahie to denMp bin* a lo the eame poairtoo I mtfbt f w%? about Bee feet from btro? about a naa a height. y. to you k_x>w who It aai who oaUarod too ooaat' A. No. y. how lorf after be eotored waa It that the other aaam oaatr to tba door' A It Ml,.hi here boaa a minute, ? might bore been a nrtaute aad a half It might bare boaa two minutes, but t do not tblok It wee orw that. Q Wore you ainiBg on the a loop lining your shoe aAar tbo man entered the bouse and before tbo a an on me M the door and ordered 70a o.T the stoop' A. I bad aai down bofare the dm enterod y. Tboo the man passed you In oatc-ig A Yen, ha puaeed ma, and came op oa the right hand aide or (be eteop: I aat down on the loft; be ccaned ep there waa another u>an behind bla la tbo street waa two feet. b?t he went on and paeaed the door y. Were they tetother when lb ay ram* to the lair* A. No. q. The dm who ontorod tbo bouee paaead you wuta you wtre sitting on )he etoop' A. Yr >. Q. Wbeu be wont in and shut the door, d>d fan baar aay retreating footsteps tike n person going up atahW A. 1 beard (eotetepe rttreallng from lk> door. <A Oe yoa know whether be woal up da;nf Oadd yen distinguish' A. No. Q. Are yio.qn.le eare that W waa net the tame uaaa who came down to the door* A. I an not 1 alb) eare, air, bat I de not think be wna the aenaa man <A Who tane relatively the larger ta to. b? who oauu to the door, or be who paaeed yoa oa the etoop and entered thr boaee A. The ooo who came to the Joer, I taould think,'wm the larger man of the two (A Describe the eletboe of the man who came to the door' A. Ha bad a ebawl aa. I eotVoed that paiuealaaty. The Coroner- In what dtraatlao was the man who catered the door coining tbrongb Bond street?from the Bewery or Broadway A. I rum the Bowery , that (a, from that <lf fiction. (A You did not r.o the two nun?the oaa rta weal Into the door and tba other who went farther on, <oek nrana ! ee tbry naaae up to the bouse One w?i bet are the eah or?taey were bo* on una * A. iur were aoi momm raoogb to Vomc HMk.oUw, ou >u ikMd o? la# Nkw. ibny wore wpima ij. Tbora j another pon? or boom importance ThM U om thtot ib order to test yotr ortdawco wtb that atf otbor w'teeoaaa that I alii uk yoa How iob? to foo Ulak yo? aat opoo taat (loop '.a aiif A I otayod taeaa I soppoae about Are mtaafa Q Bow teag bad yon probably broa U?or# whoa Mb poraoa w tU (bn obaw! on paeerd ta f A. I bvl bom (Hare ooly two mlnotao b < paoead mo oa Um Hfbt ham! l<to and wool into tb? door I waa aitHag Uiaro ( eappoao a boo 11 wo miaotoa w'lao tbe man oamo la g. And l wo or tbroo mo a too afl?r Ibal a man aiaa to tbe dao< * A Ye*, it waa very-quint. g Bow far o.l from tbli door waa (bo other d oar wtore you wont aad aat dowa at A Below. I wet* tolaw Ihla bouao I wool dowa, I aaooid tblak, abool ll yardau aad aat dowr, pat on iu/ tboo aad woat bo ma g. (>td anybody t>aa? you tvbllo yoa waro (".tod leww alter you wtat from tbia bouaa to lb" a tor ptaaar A. No. I raw an poraoo paaa g IM aay ooa part yoa ao tbia atoop of t'.a Jooaara wbea yo-j aat (bare. A. Owe prrooo paaead g Wh'.cb way d!d (bat maa go A. Ue a sat toward: . mmmv g You Mr Uial ttlWl m *m u J tbe Doctor ej\* t : our I, J Broadway A. Vfl g. And the oihor MJ yon If H Of wuai. In lb* Mm direction' A Yon I no a i <Atmr poraoo go lb* other war whno I ?u the* r, IM him ntw. cum Into turn boom Mao from Mo Mr**Uom m Bowiry. A Juror?Did Uio tun aen appear t >. be in w pjQi with eaoh other* A. No Mr Oaproa?How ~j*mg warn you pa. Mag to lb?Aon door' A. I walked pretty feet g. A aim to' A 1 could no* bar ? Mea a ra.M. : walked down an fan* an I could (HUM g. How loud wan thla'aoteo tbe yea bear* A. tl rhouid judge than nay man eon d board the aeaw wHhla no me diamine, I beard e> aotaa wnaierer .a tbe rtotally, with tbe exception of nae aoc. UUuad m ibecoraerel tbe II .wiry and Bred Ureal, (beard She rotorn of ana tbere. and tbe eom>of the c.y of "Hvder" waa io*> I enough 10 be beari ap at tbooera* ef Ma Moot. Q. How I'/if after tbe aaa w lb tbe ebewl bed ae*e*wd the boeee waa it before yoo board tbia rvMea laMdef A. Probably a minute, or a mta?e tad a half g It w m rery noon Oreo' A. Yea about iwo maelee, or tea. g. V ?ry eeoa* A. Yea; Iba cry tbal I beard wm Rfea M If a mi were being chcded, for I remarked that eepe r*mUj | thought that Um bu mho had r?? ta Ma* ch| *: bold of wbi paraon bad obftaftd h'ta oatdo Q.. M ibo mfta who woat lata Ifto do* oho*. I bo liwt A. I do oo( koow I ooiooo blm abnt Uto loor. 4 Wd 7011 too him 90mo oat ti ftiff A. 1 did aot cm b im ooom o?L q. What la yoor ocoopoUoo* A. Making adioa iftooa at proocati i hftto jo on omptojod ta I ha poftio mora*, y. Too ftro bp ?oo- poUoo Mdf' oftoamakar* A Tarn y. For whom do 700 work' A. For Mr ? uatft, Ml Bprlag atroot Q. Hi w long bftTft 70a tlrftd ' th'ftctt; 1 A. I bftTft rm lldod tft thlac'.tf for unrig roar* q. riftvo 7 on a rmmoUy * A I barb Q. Wbor? ft 70117 piaoft of hualaoftft' A. N?, 14T MM ftUofti. q. I will Mb 7o? Una, oat go* Mil rram hog ootao fm board wboa lb* mfti loaido ihia boiao c*mo to tfto ftfto* ahathar ha had boom or ahaaa on' X I hoard aa aMaa whatever whea tea au tiat te the door, the tyeatef of Uia Joor diew ay atteatioa te bin. g. Toe heard tea other waa who paaaed too ud waat late tee hoeea im who had boota or ohoaa oo walk, la tea haUT A. It a. Q. Bat whoa tea othor nan oaaia te tee door yea hoard ao aoiao of walklai* A. No, I hoard no ate* whateror. g iHd yaa aao bta root? A I dvd aet roe hla foot. g lad ha have aaythiac upoa hit head m tearhapaof a hat or oay A Ho waa harohaadod; ha bad ao) had a* cop oa. The Ooroaar?c*o yoa lay whether tea mm who oytiid the door ta bw ah'rt etearea had a MM head aw otberwiee A No, I dM aot om teetey ot ha head. q. Are yoa aara ha had wbtehara# A. Yea; ha www ol boldbaodod ko hod rmrf book/ hoi/ ko adjM hvra boaa bold bohiati. bat I wold oat Mitoo that Iraaa aar poaiboa. ha hkd wrlf holr. wh,ah Moofe oil, ft Mfki hara boaa rofflod Tka Ohraoar at '?? juatara i?poxaa.l ?a a<w m tka Tootakat to ? op Rakol lor tka parpaaa m daoaa aottaa V W T?? * ? " " f>?ord tka nu a a voa j;? couuu?m4 m isfdi