Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 11, 1857, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 11, 1857 Page 7
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nmtmwmti imro mm bit. ?AUM AT APOWQW. a mnman ncnoA-wa. B. JOIW, Auwnasam Weet Miirtf be*' r, at Wfc o'alMOt 1 H., t?? boring ? ? dbn: awe n* braab and twe Dun *>?< nue tog* man*w, (Wii |Mrn and b-11* ore >iaa3beueta and four i??, W aaitial. belle ji.d (baits, two talbas, wfeb be Ma, ahafta ? fbtu, at ate abaft b*h? and puljtea hC* BY B1BMO*. Attorney tor MortgageeA WIIOH BOrlCK-B. U HUXAB WILL srUL ON A tlvMlM, bob. is, at 10* o'elook, at 301 eighth awiae. a large a d vaioabie rVock o! troekerv obhaa, glta? ware and aJaitd ?. are Kal* penult#- The brads aud boiril keepers wvl I Mod tble gale well worthy attending. a ronton ?oiiaB.-r. babh. ADCrloN""ir**?: A tlbeootfirtslan hmudbubl tarn*' , u??dJl,U? Sa.a .tM. ^ Waal ?nflllMeBth SlfC** tflf ?Uf? M public as.'tea. for each, this day. febr wry II, at 10^ etatack, tLe entire eouienu of said hooeo, '-omMd| in part at N(kr.j rose wood seven ucieve pianoforte*, nehly infold with peeri, two superior rosewood parlor auho, covered la aalta, aad I we elegant rosewood sua*. u> silk p'txth, served aaawaod ecntre and sofa 'ahi , Mrg s pier uxl oval Preach plat* minor*. heavy lace window curtrfoa uri cornice*, rase' wood vearetai y boofcf??e. baed with ??aa wood, elegant mae W*d eiegtre*. withpKte rlaaa doom and *>ank ve.icet aod Ermeeta ear sola. elegit ohiaa vanes or am a croaks, Penan aad bpaaa Hgwrtm, nmiry oil painting* embracing rartoti aaluoata >aM d whmb ooat hi.000 painted at <Slb together with a targe and ektotw a variety of during room furnftare. Ml stem ton tab V*. of 1>- and Id feet; ehloa Ma sad dinner acta Irary aad pearl cutlery silverware, eaaatattaff of taaaad dtaaer aarviee, eae'ere. naive*. syor.a farki, eahe biefcewt heavy ar vital rot g ten wore, Aa aIho, al> the bedroom for a it are, which la o tb? mra ooetly rieeyrlption; rtahty aarved roaawoad aad mahogany badsteads, hnreaaa aod wastelands M mateh, magnlbont I'reneb -a *a lotiet seta. Id vara hair salbtvec holster* u>d pilous; t: traelDan bad spreads, bed roam sarpeta m rrers ciocks Hair carpets oMcWtha, rose waad hall stands. bcetr-ut furniture. Ac. 4o , the whole ef whtah was mostly made to order, aod la of the best deaartp tab Ma pest, naement on any uooeaat Oatakwuaa aa the enitag af sale. AtlOTJOJ* II071CC.-B. B. KK.AHKL1M, AUCFIOMHBE by K It. n ifKLJN A >().?rale of afaoad hand a?1 aew furniture this morning (Wsdassto?) at aakwreeaa Sd Baoaau vtreet, at Mlk o'eieck a targe asaartaseulif tot aiaa* tmu m made cabinet furniture, era staling of solid served auaewoad, mahogany, oak and nlaek walaalparlor saMa nf the ItWit sty les. seoreury and llbrsry bnwkcasrs, sofaa, Itets-a talcs, taaoves, arm, rocking aad aide chairs, Aa., all of whtah a hi ha sold w shout reserve ABCTKJ'J HO'IOe-M. DOU?BTT, ADOTlONBKR.-A iisew ?'?le of eeoteel furniture, Urti ft;, red. II, M j|? o'clock. at IX West I wenty ebcblb Arert. vui? Rose ?w and , a Dog any par or nine broeotel aid lace curtain* NNVad ?<: Ire table- velvet, ? Woo and 3 plv oarpeta; Bn(lttb ollsbxba, mirror*, painting* easily gna chandeber* aeeewa d 7 eeUva pianoforte. mare by tarowi. o Unad 4 Oo ; etegere. bookcase*, wardrobe* Preaob aaa eosrnge bedatoada, mahogany and oak ?i'en?ion dicing and tcatanlea baraa balr mitttesie* feather bed* burners and ptUowa, waanataada, tntlei set*. mahogany c?alr* sefua aad rook era, <Dne*e vaaaa aaaible oruameat lesogen to.; with a large aaaortaaonl of be arm eel tad kllcbsn furoltmre, china, crockery aal glass war* eailerx 4a Wo* thy tba attention at baasaeepvrs and ?bw? a BOTtON HOTICE ? T. C. HODOHTON. ACCnORBER. wU? bald b?a ftfsl regular weekly tale mr (he season of aaaaebaid furniture, sc , tomorrow (Thursday). at Id.H a'alaek, at 113 Ifaoaaa bavtag on hand aver ftfty tb ra aawt dollars vath of lurnllure, eo wbicb liberal cash advaaara bavo hear made from which be will make a catalogue aad sell ev?r? thurcday. and the public may roat seemed ovary artiste will be peremptorily bom. ABCTION N0T1CK-J BOS ART, AUPTIOWICKR-?BY MotjaB r.? Thia day, at Hi# o'eroek at 17 Boafeman street mortgage aalo hoteJ furniture eoaaloUag of the bedf earn furniture of over 3D room* superior balr malt eaass, eottaga bedstead* warbataad* bedding, oarpeta, looking glasses. also barroom furaitnre, all the gaa fixture* ebon do Dora bar counter* labia* e hairs mirrors, also klteban aod dtnlag roam furnllnre. largo aopper boiler, do kcule. do. tew runs, kitchen rang* snarble top sir am Ubte aad beateta, cbatra, dtnnut hshtaa, stove and pips crockery, Ootoo fig* awabig aad peat* tlgt>* rtlciotb, aiso the rear building, ma* raaaaryed immediately after the sale. WA TBUMPBOW, Aworaoy for Mortgagee. ArdlOM BOTIC3B?J. BOOaRT, AUCTIOXRRR-BY JL H. BOOARf 1Tomorrow, at ?Oli ooloci, at tbt sue tmn i irnu, corner of Frankfort and WU.lain street* atort age sale, eoaristlng of a general amo.-unnnt of stipener BMscbo d furniture, rosewood lea tables, mahogany chair* barraua e'tneies. Rrtneels oarpeta, Ae., a'JO <7 u-iuor oaaba aad a variety of other good* A BCTION HOTTCX -THOMAS BELL. AUCT11KEKR .M. By HKiL A BlifUt.?'T bis day at 10)^ o'clook, 'n onrealag roam* 13 fi ortb WUilam it-eet. will be sold a valuable amort men! et dry good* clothing and fancy article* hosiery, mil bnrry, hardware, jewelry, watches 4e. Also. 13 splendid senary bird* all singing. Also. #6 boies superior H punish Miwi, lk? r**l thing. a 1*0, Japan good*. AVOTlOk FOTICF..-P. c. FBKNCTI, AronniTKER.Large sale of rosewood ud mahogany boo*et>o.d furnt IM piano onr. Preach fiat* pier mirror 1. velvet carpels, tlcuiit id1 painting* - P 0. PHKIfCU. aueuboeer, will Mil *?lh*r*i*y, Feb. II. by catalog**, at 10 oelooh, Ik* aatkre Materia el ibe residence 121 Wert Eighth street, ooue attng nt ree cast!) eurt* cnv- red in ra'to urocele], solid r we wood wrlra sad rid* tan lei roMwnod etege.-e*, d*. corner, with pints gl*M doom and hack*; splendid roeewnod pianoforte. NMVNd getbie bedstead* bureau* and araahautnd*, marble tape; hair matUMves leather b?de. hoists n and ptllnwa taperirj and ingrain carpets. oolaa. chairs, sofa bade, cane eeal aba Ira large pier fiance* to ovan do. amal.; * ver ware, dinner it * tea Mia, with a large quantity of furniture loo nu crrma to mt itan. AVOTKIKRALKOP KURKPTVEK-BT PKRD A 0?LJE ? \ tin Wednesday, at let* o eiork, a: ftU Fuhcn nsreec, Bveekly* comprising suite of parlor and chamber f.irnbnre. uhl. burvaa* mahogany and ether chair* bf.,*>ada. wash I Mad* marble top cent # and *?fe table*, hit allot*, per aj>l | val glaaaei. ea'i ?* rot King and Toltmre chum, r. rx km, j a samps, eblna and glaai warn, silver plated ware, kftehen I far altar r be Also, (he complete bit urea of a steam table. A?*I?NK>H BALK OP LK1TTT TOP WAOOR AMI) ! Jk henaeboid furniture.?A. K. CBltlTnLAK. a fuou-cr, I IJ fcwfjj, will Mil on rkoeada), 121b luat.. at MIV* o clerk, a large new and elegant shifting top pleasure wagon, ana par- , Id chair*, mabegaey and rosewood Mia, mahogany and wah i bat beeataao* ore solid rosewood suit bt push, wardrobe, bookcase wa-haiand, and bedding, .oohlar glaece* oil I entatteg*. engravings, Ac., removed for eoeroMeooe ot aale' A WIGNF.BH' AALE OF A LA ROB A*D EXTBMdrVR ! Jk a act of Una foW diamond. emareld cad pearl yoweiry, i Bad paid Mil ?IJmt vtubM ?A. U CRUrAL.aM, auction nerr Da 23 liowery, will red rm Monday 14th loal , at I0>% 1 a er k caeauuoc In part o< 4/Oden*. of ohatelaliw. centre, I * >1 act fi b ehalua iliamnod. c.b>< ra.d and pearl ruUaiar.B'a ' pfeiA Indlre broochta. evrioga, ri p*. aluAe and njoere bot aai. ui the moat recbe-ehe oly>; bea*y chaned gold and an bracelet*. moaaie, blood. eonirlUn and fn.i atone. ladire brrerhee rea'e; ladle*' and pentie-nm'e pt'ia. 16 dozen deahle do., alogle Ve-hat*. ra?d of Tartona atylaa and pauarna, geaUatBep'a aeal ring* meaalc and oaaiao ?l?a<-? nmvmaand abort* fur pile -MfJf scVh huotm*. duplet and patent Invent V. J Tobiaa, Roekall and otber coVn-a'e 1 '?u?rt, la top * trd oocn rtm; gold *D?eCr*r tel. >ra k*p: . *, ki-ara, go., topi .her with a large Kit ol ehtua -ud Lobe u'.en ware, aaBtpttelrg S* acta el poll odped mil ehle una. all (Wea ? ? and (Vrwe-ad yaaea, pearl dap oar > J e? <-?ee? eilrer 1 plated lea ret, 6 ptecaa Tb a aaie ? well orthy tha adanwoa af the trade. It being lha Urreet aa'e ni the aaaerm. Catakrm ready >' rming of aale. By order of U>e ?r-.?TM?w BT ANTHONY J. KR A OO -HURBOXBR atiaei property, at the Merchanta' Krrhaaga, Wall Mttt on TbnrMay, Feb. 12 al 12 o'eloek, to clow- an aetata, m two ?Ut\ and attir brlolr henae It* Bleacher atreal, bohean Hrrwdwar and IA? B<r?rry, alii rant for about ffjuo Hp toann. B2.tfl0 can remain For mapa dr., and for paaMB tan to a** tha pewmleae, apply to tha aacvoaaar, Ma 7 aaad Breeil B1 IIKNJIY H. I.EBl?? A OO.-OM WRDafT'tDAT, Ft braary 11, at lot* oVk> 1. at lha otore No .He- Broadway, ooraer aI water ilmt tha entire etuah of Me I'aiiad Ntatea FataiI Marble'/Ompany. to ' oee (he onaeern weirr of eery variety of mantel*, notamne, yedeet?M, pL.tawa toh'e owe ta hairtatlaa at iMti. Bmaeiel Ltabon. KrvpUan and attar ehoiee atylea of sarhia. all of whkh will be poNOaaly M without rneerre to ebwe the eoor-rn. At l2o clock. to Moat of one atore. No 2S Noeoan avert, aeatgnea ? eala n( a hay ware I jren old Idhanda high. be',ie?#d to be aound and kind in all hameea. la iW borae- u?u?' gat abou* fonr Binuira. n et laet ?rrtnI CMO Aleo. a drat rale top aagon. hath b> Ford, onat BS6 In perfo-t order Alan, art ejrer onp'id aiiigK- haroeaa. nearly sew. banket, whip, aad other arwa'ea Aieo, a hay Too Thumb oolt, yaero old. about 12 *"??a. KI.V ii.j ta all karnaw ran tr.< to three mUtote*. warranted annad ta all horarm. rwimATioK fAL* "or MAL MTAiv-rPBUO \J mum H horabT it'ra. tw by nrw? of ut? authority pM > fhrto br if e lav* at ih? toato aad tbo oratnaaaaa "t a tantwoa Ouanetl. lk? (VwnmiaWo tiara of U>? tonblng Fund a? till (if Nan Tort wtM oaU an pnbIM anrUon. mtdnr tbo dlaeialna of Ike Owiptmllrr. F. H t.adtow, trniuw. em VodnoodiT the Vfh day a' Fabtary. !*?;. at noon, at tba arahant*' aiohaaga, la U>a etly of Mat Tart. Uta toil., wing aaal aabb. rta ? 1st Tba trf nory btirb MMki ta?a>? arrntM aa an CI hauoo. and Uta lot Bo. at < tbrraut atraot tha portion tot ta? ara tvird bv tbo aogtoa toraar w ualtr toaoa Ull Way 1, 1MB a* tha oonwoJ rooi of 1101. and lh? pronator trifl ba aotd aabjori to toa traao ranoodad to book af apocial loaada, pa go M A to tba OomyiraOnr't ntone. N Two tow at too waot Ma of tha Bawary, aa aataodad. ton aaa Jawoa alr?at and Ml'ah atrtaL M Mi tow wab tha htUkMtiiw *Maa. an tba taaiWy atoa of fbatbtni airort and tba waawrto aMo of Fonriatraa*. aaw toaai aa Boa. 111. IIB. 116 IV US, IS I1'totoa an-oaand baa ?7. tot and tot Foard atraaC M Tbror Into. now known aa Baa. 4M. IM ana 4M Pmrl at at i.. wUl ba onto arparMatr aohjoot to l bo at.ifeim of tba toaoa af tba auna. rcanrdad to too aw of Wty mta. paaa V* to toa rawptraltor'anflian oad *Ndi aril mp*r? on too firat day at Ha;. MM. tba rnrrbaaar dawld toa tow will ba oodun.! W poaott o $ns 100 i>ar act um at too rontaaaonad by tba lawn nfior tbo On* <?ay r< Var ita?t and will ha oo>i<tliwd la rta.o the amritacta af too laaao 111 tagwd to too pa/aoaiw toild'npo oi tbo oinltatoon <4 toa taaaa ?th Iba tot on dm ?T*?dl orwrwr of wVntW and Paul Wr." to rear know* M Bo 100 Pttrl town tnd Bo tot Bon itroat a'lbjrrt U> r wttoraw of tbo lonao of tor bum. iw naodod to toaraoaf rtly tou. paao TO in tbo narapwoti wa ^oa, and wbtoh alii rap too no too ftrto day of Mar Man, tba >ai i bar a i of tbla to* wall bo ontNiod to rotofr* tha rant m aarrod to Ho toaoa of Ml M too par aonar- nftdr tho (rat day af Ma* aaiv and wdl bo rmutrad to onw tor o-ndKlmie of too laooa la regard m toa paymaoW far btitidtaci at too axgtaattca rf tba Uaaa to Tbo hoaao and tot on north atdo (< PtftA tarotd. own wanitog on too: wot of too itoanwl twino bB VI foot front and *?ar and St ton 1 tnrbtn down an both artoa. to?i? IA toot by M toot .1 tnoboa. Tto f bo hottao and tot narto it do af Tito latWb drwot, row MBtof sn toot woat ar anmtt lb tot H toot front and ranr by MS fott a Inrboo drop an bato oldink with Qwor alary hrlrk tijMtog ?? Uta front ottoo tot, M tow otto and to foot drop Htoft b'rttt tor ao angina baaat; toa roar af tha lot la aaaa at ' by and aooaptrd aa a foundry MK fnur lato on mill aUt c rift a- wiajw! aWota. ran. atenotea W *aet weal 04 Uritnjrte* HIWK V>l> Thirty Ml k*<. tia(n? (ha WNMharly half of the Mneteha I *we?n Bereritr fo-rrth and BrraeM ftfit alreela. < Hm t\M Mad Penrih ??wn?? I Nth TklrUr al? kea. twAat the amnhm Ip wry MlliMMM Ivwn ? I(Mm h ant Mftar *aata. ant TVrd ant Fourth JNTTiNlri IM ni I Mil *M? Ml ItTtt ?IH(?<w I TMri an! F.iorth '*"'? _. _ ^ _ 19V A plaae ?* rear P"?W|? HaM bnM by ofcrrr atreet. Oak meant ay* h+ryrJV ""*<; "ow I uatd aa pan o' Che yard M Fennh Mm rollaa dim ima Full Mtimart a ?' raiitae teeda ?(nbi *tvML Tnh or Aal? -Ten ner e?A af ** iqaar ant lMaiM.>aMaar afM<rfWparM.te>agUMtM.lallaatory | Mm ?Hj t-eeenn*. mi (ha la* al ate ? P*e aan taa lha nttayaf Marnart. wfcaa Be dnaMwtllhe reagyfartaB T?r?; rtir -TOtm-l'r or Che prtrrhaen money faaiauft-era far eAntj may retaadii an maid ?M montar _ai Be o( (Ma autahaai r. lar (hre Tear* from tha tal lay of Map lit, a(> Mlereat at the rata or all per earnl per aaaunv papefrM aaial -an HSkoerapMr mapa of (he |iia>a>M map ho had at tho fltaaplretWaoMo* ho. 0 Mall of ** *a after 6a laFUBWABno WBOTV Mayer. A f.Mm r. (hawberteln. TMOMAB Mr^FlfVOjl, Ch Ftp Onai Board AM T. JONRB, Jr.. Oh. Fhi Ooei Board Ooinminen. OommlaaWmera rf the Mnkio* Fuel. Fn? a era ftariarwaer (lorriptrollrr'a ?4Tee, Jaanary B, BB7. CMI.RBBT B. BATAO*. ArCTTomtKIL - RROri.AR T ante by oalotneno for aaeh. an Tbnredar Fob IZ at las rdalnra A M . tr? yonla. fapry pmU. rlotha. nlulhiPC. boaJety, aarpeM earpet bam >*wetrr, Ar PIBBlaU, B A'iLFT A BAV A OK, 01 Oadar Ann. J in BAvma at Avcvmm, naMtaa ft??a^l, MuloKaay MteiwMa u!^ Mfe ba?0?3 MM* Mti|iw MH, deek eJoek. la , stejant aMnft dinner and tea mm idver war* rvarr rettery out x>*ee war* n toor caeee and MM. UteMta war* wooden tad tea ware Ac. In the narkin are rejal Mpesiry velvet ovpete two mM mm w<wd suite M daeeetk oerwe pier sod oval fkaeee. tee oil eaMtinsa. eaaatnl sleeky and dee^r n luua etrvsd row wont etageree, tnlN aad aHtu table* Impart)*] tiPnK (M ehmde Beis easy ut reeepitao eheirs <* wil rMltiod ptseofo-ie, KIM "! )? and miMle *>j0 a ens h Fitche* rw'wnil booh eve ewgs. t la*e wiidow certains, ho . ho The chunbers ?re furnlebed with eorvrd 'cm wood an I aoebogkny bureau*, bedsteads mm) waehstsnds. ?ne h*lr mattresses nod bed<B>k? ol */l blade, mebegeer ?of*e, ehalr* bouknasea, he alto nether making op a hoe aeeorimeat; ail or whiob la to be "#M peremptorily without rase've. rale e mreoMi promptly hi lb* parlora at \0\ OHfck <tilele?"?w are ore rw ?dy. and eaa be had at ib* bouse, ur at tbe ohl. c ef the auoUooeer, No. 46 bread* ay. Eh. LVDhOWt ACCnoNElB - axBrnrronn nalb ol valeeOle property on Broadway, (leurtla&dl alley, Uanel. Walker, Oeatre, bond, Axabj aod (treat lane* streets, ef ibe heaver and Jay walee ?k h LIIDLOw A ixk. wlu aril at uowUoa eo iboratey. Keb-wary a*. WM. at twe're o'aloek at Ibe Werehante* toshansa. -he JoBwwtog raluab'o properly ef ibe Haayer and Jay aatatee - Kane Mean bread way reor Ins Ibrnegb to Onrtlaodt a ley, 36 by W bo, aeyeo baa on Qarm Mreet between bimlaaytm Oootre otrOet; otoe lo a eo Walker street between Breed way and Weetre street, two lota on astro street, bet were while add Walker street#, two Iota on Amity street, hoes* and U* He. *) Buod street a Iso ene tot on 6 rent Jenaa street, roar ef oboes ?s? (birds of tbe purchase money asm remain oa moruiage at the epUeti ef the pwolwer tar Are year*. Metis ami full partes bire at 'he efCte of Ike awetlo'veer He. 14 Fine street. f-ypWAXD STWKNCK. A C "THIN itlKB-ANCIENT AND Pj modem oil pahiflnrm. Mr. U rt?tlKNt>K wbl soil at portion Ibis ?ay. Utb Inst. at their splos room No. 39 Naseae street at 1) A JK , a coUeettea ef eaeteot and modern at' petobDce, b? smskto aod tinghth areata > mews them Is a superb laiidaaaee by Juais; as tbe pleea by Nmayer ; a superb pa*-ie>)e en asovasa b* bemmsanl together with many beaotifal bgnre and Howe' pleees l>y well ipori artiote. The above eto r.o> eo exbioMloa, aod wftl be sAd wtlhoarf reoerea gibes adcmod eaAJt tuis nohilNj. w? F ?v"eJoek. by VONIfi MOBRKLX, aaoUoooer. at TO haste a steel, to oU Muntfoga, (gilt frames) ptoaetng sob jeeht. second bead dtafeg tab lea bedsteads. weaasUods, label. (Ml 91*0, oval g 'srscahair nattrfti. asfae. chafes, raseweoii f reach bookcase uo uemlut, wardrobe, rosewood at* I me began? ettrr table marble tops, rase wend <i<J? tables, mar kle ties; ?rao rata Brussels carpeting, waidrtM, siPiaxMo dmtrg table, leongo, A* HARDWARE ABCTIOB Nonrni-jpo ?** ABT*K?r Win see, on TbvreVy, ?ek- It at M o>ebok. at I1C Pearl (treat, 4*0 aaekagea ulwi or hardware awl out lery. Also, the eallr* oitcosrio ataoh af a tatter. Also, for arraeat ef vauerwritera. 100 do sen ball braces, IJtOO dauoa skimmers, damage* en the voyage TOBW BOTH, A UCTiOWEBB ?JOH1 BfTTD WILL tl (?b tbta dat at lOM o'clock. at the it-re ltd Bering street, the furniture of a family breaking ny hoesekeeumg, consist log of tbe usual variety. kale posvove. terms aasb, to emi em feeds. ? LARGE ABD PKEEMPTORT RALE OP U1QOORM, groeerier tegars. Ae ?A. M. OKhTaLaA tsAmeer, S3 Bowery will set ea Friday. IRtb laat, at KHu e clock, a forge stock ol the above. aooatvOng af fit) 000 segara, af varloue brards, S3 rasas and barrel* Oard. BeigueUe and artel bear dies Meaoagaaela wktsbey, Holland gm ml aloobol 10 eases efelgblh and eaartar boas* raretnea 19 basbets champagne, 1* eases olfve oil, 13V dozen ale and porter Abo. quarter. half end whole Nmes gunpowder and oalong trae English maatard la bottles. I tartan msoearoci, duo Ian. German ttusen soap !?., together with brandy, port wtnr and Jamaica rum, In eases and demQnhne Snle positive, ram ar shine. THE BERTHA RLE DWELL I w? HODRK* ANB LBTB Woe. 36T Tenth sir vet and 37C Btalh sweet, between First avenue and rrrnae A. near Tompktne square, will be sold at amtton on Tbnrsday, ISlhtnat. at MoVki#* at (he Brrebaate' bichange?offering tndoeemeam Her eapltvltste or genteel private reside sees For maps and particular* apply la A* TBORT J. BLKBCKKB, No. 7 Bread street. rribOMAS eitoh. arrfrrfriwbjoi -stork wo h 1 Bprnca rireet?Mengsge sale of drugs ehemxmid, dye staffs, store fixtures. Ae. On WpJuiwttsy, February 11, 1067. at 11 A at the corner of Bread way and Twenty seoond street, tbe content* ef a first class drag store, together with the lis teres, Ac., Ac THOS. TIBTCH. APfmONEKR STORK wo 111 8PRIK7K street.?Sheriff's sale of faney Iran furniture light wa gone trimmtnga^blackmratlb's tools work benches, Ac . ' an e ednesdoy, February 11, at 10 A. M , at Wa 96 Itaan* street, coDRlsUng of fancy iron furettcre, chairs, settees, tables, bat. umbrella, tire land blower standi, light wagons, trim mtags, blacksmith'*,table, w?rk beDCbes, Ae.. Ae J A8. C. WlLLdT, Pheritl. rnHOfi TTFTCH, APfTTIClflKB?PTORKNO. 16HPRU0K 1 street,?Morigug sale of h usebo'd t'irnK'ir?, Ae.. ? Thureday Feb 12. IMI. at IIIA. M.. a. No iC Troon Strom, eccstsuig of chsurs. tables bureaus mirrors, iifaa. tote a le'e*. tapestrv and Ingram earpefo, oil cAUb, hat rack. lamp*, kit. ken tuenilla, Ac, Ac. TH C HOPOn-TON ACCTlOHKR-KXrCVfllYXIIAUC . of new and second baud faruture, carpets, pianofortes, French plate mirrors nil paining*, Ac.?To-morrow, Thurn day. at 1 >, o'clock, at the salesrooms 113 Naweu street, T. r H. will ssll an abevo, by eaiakxna, a largo nndaplonikd an aortmrat of rosewood, mahogany. watnol and oak Oar lor. duuog room, library nod chamber rurottiire of every description, cocas tuif lb part of supo'lnr nwewood panor suits. in Frrnrb bramtnl. pi nab and other fashionable eovrrtnga. rt? gerra Ub'ary and secretary bookcases, murtitc top ccotrr, aide and Kfa lablaa, Turkieb eaay balm and lounges, in rtrb figured reps, pier and mantel glumes, oil paintings, chamber fuinilnre. of every variety of ntvle and iintnh, dtolngrnran far no are. In oak, walnut and mahogany, tofaa tele ? letea, arm and roetiug rb&jr*. wardro->ea. mnttreai.w bedding Al Alan, a variety of s-cond band furniture, enroots, vtovee, rrockrry. glaaa and ktteben ware, Ac At 11 odor k a superior tonsd aeven wuv# maewood pianoforte In perfect oHer, baVng been used but a abort Ume. Uatalogueo on the morn I mg oi sale. W^m ILLIAM T. ROTD, APfTlONKlR-RY GROROB PfI CBt'IJl?1 bio morning February 11, at ltiv Cdork, at the salesroom. tb Naaaao street, caw and second band fur nHure, be . eornprialng rosewood suits of fnrm'ure in broratel and haircloth, rosewood and mahogany bedsteads, la Use at ever/ variety, mahogany chairs and aofao In haircloth. oak and black walnut bookrasea eonchet, couch beds hair mat treeaee. straw palitases fbatber pillows and boiaers, terra not ta rasea, card recetvem. silver plated and china ware. An ; atari. ] aaparlor lone 7 oetava pianoforte, with carved legs, aU palnimga. Ac . Ac. TlTLLIAll WTTTRBB. ArtmOlFBBB, W7U, BBLL Oil If Wedneedav. at Idly odork. at 1>C old < anal > -cat. a large and general a-romnent of genteel p*-tor chamber ana kitchen . 'o. . e et a family breaking np bo ??ekseptei: two rarlar sails, ewifre fcstuea. ova' mirrors, mabngaa.y book rasa, Bruaneie mm) tog-atn repots. Ml eVtth*. marble h>p 4 rearing bureau" at 4 ? arlietatMU. tei'et aeta. mahmranv uxl walnut bedwend*. hair aid oher nturawa. bed* md bed Aug wa?d?.>bre. .italngrooat and kitchen utensils. 'Ulna, glara and pieau ?li. \JLTU. WTTTVRd. AUCTION***. WTLL HILL THIR TT day, at *M (a a. Mr rut, 1 sowing meektae. b rand wai. 3 walk* of brand} 1 rark of para spirit*. 1 at whiakay, I of Jamalra rum 2 bote* oraonp. W Vnsa of mart-anonl. All of the above good* will be anid positively, to pay aiit-aarea (>a*h ad ranter on all kinds ol properly. Alan, g md* Ml from the dagtMvroaa aala In Rnatdvay. TRAVKLLKHH' UUIDB. A NTOHIA, RATTJftWOOn, HARM? LANDING AJO? A New Took-?The steamboat LOCK WOOD, Capt W. J. Ban <lin, will eetnme.Dc- her regnlar trine no Mooday Feb. A leaving Artorla at 9 A. , Aral tm> and Peek attp, New Turk, at i 30 1' M, Mat trip, until furlker nettaa. tttdoon Birn railmoad-pmom pbmdart a XI 1WT. the trakw will leave tkamMra street nak* aa torlcwa, Kipreee trains, C a. V. and 99 P. U ; maO, 11 U A M., emigrant, 3 49 P. II. For Fougkfeaepata, A'230 r. X and 4 45 P. M. Par Wag Ring. 4 Y M. Vor Paak> all). 6 30 P. N 1 he Peughkeepste. Ring Rtag aad PeahaMIl trmlre atdp at 'he way atafln?. Passenger* vakea at Cham term. Oanai. Chrtatcphe r and Thirty firet sweats Tvaha Rtr Raw York leava Troy at 93n and 1039 A. M. and ? 4lTE, and lad Albany at 0 and M) 49 a. M, and P 19 P. M. A_F. RMlflt, Rapt VTBWTOXK AKD UAM1XM Rtn.ROAD AT niaeel or rum Comment1.'ng Monday. January 13. IM7 twodaflv trata* to Albany, Runday axaapted. Para M Ml tram Raw tort to Albany. Leave New York ea follows, from station earner of Vbua aedOeafra airaeta 9 10 A. M -Mai: train rrnalag Mrectly (krwugh vkhmi ahaage of ears and wmaretieg at Chatham Fonr Uarnani Hit (ha WpAtBTT anitvA irv PuiAi AM feanii AiomA mmd tollrm 4 r M.?hpmm mnataa dkrartiy Uironto wWmel efcww ara^aad nuwui| wlto Gralral vain at lir.t, to to wmi?i?e. ut?r* lumr M5 A. M.-1UU train to Row York tow* I r * Riprn**. wnkwot Itmmg* mtWmm. Ttehau to to toltoml u4 ban*** atonkto at tto offc-* of to V??im kallmnA atony. ar at VMtt and Ctnto a. Ud Tw?oit ttiOk immi and rmirtk * nam*. fHtw York. WK. CiHTMU, M\ Nrw Tom. Jan. W. HWT. Nnnc*.-niw iomk and haju.xm aaujmaaTV Hew Tflrk and liartnm Railroad wUl ram aa aatra mit?m tr?lt> to toarr nrw York, on vrait# and UaoVr duo no W*rtn**day Fab II, at 4 o'rtofc p. M Ikr 4arr on ihta Ira la B,ai U* mal train. 91 ?B, a? h.y<**4w* tr otto WM. ,T CAMrBKLL maiatoitot fnacttYi W5T. Awwiokwy. Au, rmone ahpoc kpbti.? a n amf db o?w? to rrtrm wntMtarfnl litrifi to to world. Kaa Jaai ar rtrnd fmao fcnytoad. aad will rtova to tooky a toon tarn All AtoMirnl tfnnkto to* aaato oawroa at ywar pant, aitot aad ftnor* tto mark ad rot to jw to eopnwJr ?a*l yon will to atotoaltod to aoknawt*i*|?? wto to mm to to Rn ropa. that dm a to wavdarof to arorM. d?rn, <d Wtod Twnty aaraalk to aal. totwaaa tiik aad *rrtm > altoat An AamotAKiw rvac *** not woud-aco Hito to itoirad tn tap Mftoa ttoa ato amiiaaa tor to trtoa o?ia? Aatoatotoa an nil mtoa toon* m anflton tortoktolTtoliadtoAiltoai^. tolto. Wpa>?* towyalU an aaafMantofca N A-Madam* lUTPTUIt la aoWit Ana, toTtoaw m wtoh tobapto* to to tawary V jwm want to tutor a ton no* tall and ato tow nWttoWy #f?n1 tod* tor ir to toiTpafam to to Pa Nad ton* wton nan ato* blto n>in> ?mm ibmi in mmm rmwm. mama^mm iro mm?ra mail imm imm mna mmim Ahthouxit. aiiah tjiannnw t.rjrr can hm i i?i Nil Aim* krr*, nAiim#- and absmt Mmto. Iw mOa all ma numta of ?V and enoaiJu ao law mHiwi at IS vjwrr MreaLfliat door (mi* rmi lmmm ?wwi4, |n*w m? m aim# Rfca amm?i Mi "?T "Mi' latsa- rtarca utrt / iaiu> vatmaii rsbwtn-m nrrmsur tbawmto \ J War ftliwda and puimn, and Hpt) nj thai aIW B ftMMlk w4 In mm cttr and rVlMMi Ma. arfcr. hATi amaoltad bar nlta ims a ailfcdbMlia, aha Ma aomMabI UM ta lha ?iwiiw?<riAiilni, tan* ad knr All Mi and >?"> at sr?w6sKrwwrsBa*ttKsfippM faaob and C fnju*t<*tam*.-m nvthmtk. 5<v ltd ?tii/*u \j m*iK an? daon ?aa if Mi radar*. tba bqh n? in fnl MB* *m MnNi dfcjra>)MM < AmnHha *8 4mes55=;jartL"-nsaksrstsa s ??> ?? ? rilatmnrtajrik-?mi ?atw its or *wn ?trwrr. V MV Tort rift, MM mttf auMiaWbl Madi- al An t bn?m?.. lAtrroynal In kmrrhm. Au itatama 8ter? on ?i and o-irM. B mrafila. * nurrlna adrMa firm raaaarua* Murtnaaa. a* ami fttenda in. BaflaianM-rT nMa??Mi |?%n ar an far. i"l Mt W ' nT hmwsp" and FnnrQl An rantKi'iaa U Mil ran. pi marl and fin ar# arama. Itaaalaa amilafaa. lenmaye. laaaaRa. buMuaaapara ?Ra, Mahnana. abaani ritaddn i>n?M1; M ar Milan. Ma Jama M*yar anrrafaaa la ftatfwta, rr*aiahAM Gorman and plraa waiiamIma tar bar ark Now ni Tncn oiAwrt,-MAo<*a ci.irrdw tn ik# eaW [Miaaa In ika TulMd B?? rko ran ffra Inoir nam rwe^X Idweita WSdeoee M OrtWdeirt* W YORK HBBUIiP, WBD> A ?abi ohaucb-a a ilka t BAAO ain?a roa (ft too ?* be mad*.?Aa old eoubAabnrf dry mod* * ire la Irt. Conner*, ibclvtat aod km dilorea to najo. Apoly al *> ?ra?d Ureal. WBtoaatbmig. i HLK 01ORB AMD A ? SEMBAT YO LKT-A89 ft Hfchlb vreaott: tUre 9 by M feet, 14 to* <*?' ?*?, In lar>* ibewwmiowa, a to*r ak*light la lie rear, baoenaraL to by r# fret hi bled lino* and raw had by *kyi!(bi. Ioqnbe of J. b. BA.NKWA. 44 liedmo MrenL A lulR'ttf lfOVHB, OONTAIIUNO TW* WIT-ORB J\ reoaih, well ultyiol tor a hnaao, w< let, wl'h > mediate pcnaeeataa. ?*nt of Broadway, below Bleeakor too*I. lb* earpeta, otfclotb*. Ar.., may be oarohased If rfnrred. B. W. KIOHaAdh, SW Bieedwwy. BROAHWAY rffORM ard A LABOR DWUAaBLI ( mum' to let.?The preppito 001 end fld3 Brundw?> near filMtiUMi. ww eeonptod fy K V. Bo?|kwoqL will be en altered aa u> |t*-e awe or two large aroeee; alee bweeaaewt meanurtwy It! Met dees aad 60 ferl wte, with large entrnnoe trow Prtner etrret, atahtag It deabable Hrw a (Ire! etna* raftmtor? fcteoanmble partite easy town uma> Ac., by apptytog to H. WOOL. 444 U.ondway AflOOB TBRRK iff OK Y ABO B ASRMRR* HOUR* TO let or te Irene, *n Bsevum (treat, near Oean, Hroohhra. Kent $Vrt Tarlot tnrrture fnr aaJe. whiab Miaow, prtoe iMO. App y mi Mr. BilDMS, on the proaleee. -pkoairvay storr. with umi to lmt-a D haadaewte large doable etwre, near Prtoee etreet, at a mo derate rent. TUturce meat be beeght. but are aot eipeatlvn. H repeat I Me oartiee only need address U H., bar 134 Breed way PoateAiee. CLOTUIIKI STORK TOIIT-B7 TOWTOW flrKBHT IT ie one erf the brat stand* tar the whole rale and ratal bodnera. Pour year* leare; rewt atoderare IjlAOfORY TO LOT?lit BROOKLYN, ON THH OOR " ner ol Jay rod Plymouth atreeta A brtek Wy feet aqeare. two high etartea, and eellar. A we Mtrwa hw-ee power atraRrStagtbo te now oa ihe premier* iixl will be mJW to the tenant Apply tw THOMAS LTNtfK, 111 TUhtry aiwt Brooklyn. fWUmiAHRO 11O08B TO LKT -IHMKDIATB POIfHW dtoB v*d be had at the brat alar* large, bawtaoae aad well furaiahed hoaae IdU IwflWlh etscev near (kftb avenue. Apply in H. V MRRKITT, 17 Broadway, or to nrk tfeajn m, 47 Bercnth oetwoa. (TVJlRlhttBp HOUKK 10 BR LIST?A HAPOBOWBLT r famiebed three rtory attle aad baeeaarnt bonne. in a fmhtarable locality, will be let to a gerftMnaa and wife <rf the ktghe.l rraprmeblhty. without eblMren arxi pontile aad bward rela'aed for the g- eeaot aeonuauta 0 adult* * in part pap oval at rei t. Bo tuber hoarder* to be takea. Adreaa with aaoae and rcforono*, L A. T , tier aid pace. HOPPPS TO LHaBR, POR PALR OR EXOH AR'lib? No 80 Prinklto ulrtet Oret Sen/, aad baeemenl, iia <07 Ptnrtb drool ibree etiry large hiute a he. a ooaatry Meal feur mtlre out on Long Island hitfnlre #f R. HOilUE, 24 ltiit Eighteenth etreet. HOP8R TO LRT-POfMESMOR OIVRR IMMEDIATE iy. a nice aad large two alary and attic bouse, Ha SI0 lltoiteu ttrr.i, career at Oretuto The hoeee eaa be bail frt m oar <o throe yeara. Redaction to the rent toad* Jram new MU May. Tob?i room to let?prom rinur or may i n? ? U*? Im Ihwoa nua tawetha* wkh Ihe Warn row ooewpled as a tvba'i "hop, earner of Krosme street and Bowery eppeaMe the Bowery Bask; will be tot on adv an tag come terma to aa approved tenant, t lie fnraHure la the lunar roeia will be aeM or rented Inquire at M Boweri, et WM. BlMFbOM. 0FF1CE8 TO LET.?HANDSOME OFFICES ON BBOfND and third floor*, confuting of two to fenr rooeee eaeh, ta Noa 9 and 9 Tryon How ballsing*- near the >'Uy BaiL >' a CKKBaCU, Bo 9 Tryen how Hmnflaaa, from 10 to 12 o'cioek. Steady power in the depot building ooiiber of Kim and Franklin atreets, one iqua-e from Broadway, ('rtuen - ater (aa, water cJoen* and erery eonrenlanoe. In quire uf T. BBNNETf, en the premises. Heated by steam plpea. SKOAE (TORE TO LET?STOCK AND FIE TURKS lor sale, laqairs at til Kip lab aeenoe. rlKV-TWO NEAT TWO NTOBT HOP BBS, WITH gardens attached, to 143d street, nee* Kigwh avrane Will be iet on reeeonable terms to good tenants Inquire ef P F. BieaOBrTT. AM) Broadway oomer e? Howard street. fth) LFT-THE LARGB BTOKE AND CELLAR MO. 423 X Hiioaun street, or it to corner of Leruy street. Possession immediately. Rent low. laqntoe el J. W. LMWI&, on the premiers. r> LET-FROM 1BT ok MAY. TWO ORMTKWL houses Noa 111 and 109 Weal Twenty knrth rirret, between hu lb and berenih avenues, with all die modern im prcveni'mi Apply lo M. WIuMJN. enrner of Cortiaodt street end Broadway, under the GUeeyHalidtng TO LET-FOR A LARGE MANUFACTORY, TUB TOUR 1 s'ory brick building. ib feet imnt on tfntb avenue ear ner oi Inly seventh str?et; is strongly built, aod well lighted. Apply toJ. W. KINd, ta ibe building oe Party tevenlhstreet. In lb* rear, or to G.J. POIUtKRT, ltd Pearl street j To LF.T-I. 0. of o. r LODGB KtK?M, in UNIOB Building. mo rooms tor other wr twa and tor p ibtie meetings. Inquire In lb rd story tidice of Mil Bowery. rpo let-store 9k4 broadway?two bdow ww 1 (lows and V0 loet deep, er ba)f that depth If preferred, with ?r without bwrBmt and wlw. A Wo basement* M kO'l VPS earner Houston street Apply on premises. Tl LKT.-NKW P1RHT CLASH Ma RIII.E STORK. PAtni.i iron rultuif shutters, tntrd tp for rruul dry goods. ? curt or ilaatlr at.d Clinton striate, Brookletx. Apply la ISA SMITH, 19 Day street, or cm the presalses. TO LET-HODFK 123 WAVKRLKY Pl.A?*K, BBrWPIEI Pilth and Sixth aeenues cootejnuia o-.Ten sl*??k m rooms. with parlor* has all the modem unprov.-mania. laautre on lhe premiers, between 12 and 3 o cloak. r) LET-PART OP A DOPSK, TO A "MAI.I, OENTI Ku tamlly. consisting of parlnra. extension. Uhraiy, bath and bedrooms on second floor, dining room. kitchen ami pan tries in basement; two bedrooms In alliO, sub e.dlar. An. Location in the rletnity ol Ft Mark's olaes and Plrsl avenue.. Addroae Owner, M. D , bo? 196 Harald sdlce. rLRT-THB STORK AND DWELLING PART OP bouse 1CI ai trior A. a arm: thoroughfare at. an rare! irni lora ion for any kind of bnalooaa. Apply on tha premiers, or to D. O'OtJBuR 12?'. 1'lrnt avcoua. rLET?HOl'SK NO. *1 PRINCE STRUCT. APPi. f to A. DOVULaH, ? Maiden lane. I rLKT??3 AND to CENTRE STREET WKBT SIDE, naar Pearl, kola and buiidta* 60 IM fowt ai.i a) da... four stnrtae and basement, building strong. would anawer lor 1 a haaty business ar bar and 12 billiard Mbloa. twrmrnt, aa a brewery. Apply lo A. BAMSPORD, ItS Pinion street r I h*?1fMEDIATE POMKSSTON-THE PI RAT AND arra?d atones. wtth heeensrnL, al bouse 113 Kaat Thlr Iklrd etreel; bar range. bath, dumb waiter, hot and aotd waer. ' a?. two four atory bonaea in Thirty third atraet, wkh all Uta modem improvements, treat May L Apply al 114 Baal Thirty ward, street r LET.?THE TP EE* STORT ATTIC HOt'KE, NO * Wen Twalfh street. having barn palntad throughout, being three rooms deep to third alary, .oitalalnc ml mora, glare rhandoliert and mantel lights; W> a ri sponsible tsnant a leaee will be glvsn. Apply at 67 Raaf Klnateenth atraet, at A M or h P M. LET, ABI? rUWIHNDn CAR BE HAD I llilEUI- . n'rly the nororr of (Jrwnwki lid (IvkaHrMM. A rood itand lor dry rood* or drj grvemrj, will ho let low to a J ?nod imioL i|iyi> lol. C. lUAAlvr, nul Mr laCtvin ' ? ??. f TO LXT.-1MBF.P1ATB POMIBRBIOK UIMIH. TO A * mall fanny, U?a upprr part of houm Bo. Kl Walkrr ' (ltd. urw frraiviy Hani ABU Ioruirr at W Broadaay, 1 I U.' ? IU ?w. . rl.kt-TO A (WALL OBMTKKI FAMILY. TVR lahrd appartnionU MBMMMB ?1 a 'root parlor, Hro ' bodroom* tad a wardfobr. In rarp??lahir kmra. JUtfar*woa I ,-tr?a and rrqulmd. Apply 10 JuHK U. BITLRR, Ha TSB J Alphlb armon. ! rLKT.-THW LA R IF FOUR KTORT KTORK BIBB ty tori drop. UT Murray a rrto, for oar or ( ?* r?K.a J Iran tUldd Map. lnqalra of 11. HOflMCK, Mo M Dry 1 Wan. . IX) 1-ir-THF BODFRK THRBR PTOBT AMD ATTIC J I bourn Ma MO Wararky plaarlln aoaapkto nrdar ll.MD ; ! do. do Mo. 1? Hannoal atom. KM . do do R<v II LaiaM 1 rtrrrl pMO. Alan, a tor* on ftuih araaur, aaar Irdaraoo . Mark*. Apply to L BCTDaM. Ma. MA Watar.T plaoa. J T?0 UET-THX THUI BTORT AMD ATT If HO IT A*. WO. \ 1 f* Vaitak tract , tin* ib? *n*r aari honaa Bo. 5 I'alrar . Hy plana ; ako tha hoooa Na 110 Maaafeor Mraat hmap C fiat float and 10U fori A nop, famlny aa L. containing about fifty room* woD raloulatod for a bMal or boardJn to una. Apply tatwaon 10 awl If oetonR. t? M. B. urTCaMdd. tin M .Infra ?trm * rpO LKT-TM1/TW* BOOB** HV1LT FOVB f?rOBT J 1 ho oar Ro IN Rot MFMartM atraot. Tho cwaar damn 2 'tnuiag bourn klip lag. wU Wl tow Mi mm fi< " I aa, Ac. afi a Mall prim ?.? <m tain My b .ulrad. tfrr balaera My roan m bowd pad mnrv I gaga. Tit bourn tolhmt fepMWdM oa IMo towar boor f OooiaIm wator md gaa thrvugMMLwator a?a?M.dumb wai ar. rprabMg toba. Maadry, St. AfBfy *a iMa ymii.?i. rLW-n tub romr or tobitbbb. wmwk ul : J tar county a brantiful nnatory rtaUM Tha boarn la ? 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Van Hordes t King'* and nrnnalDg'a < Opt ra oonnDfBnra at H PrMki-Beoiflt ef M. HTBAKOROD, and peafttrely Mat right of the near on BABNUM'R .iMKRR7*N MOSKTTW-W9D.N WD.IT WTB- ? alng at 7 o'clock, fhK foiikt UNU Of Tint ruKtCsT. Ike Pnaturlrtte tlonvoniUout of the greet Ar.ihian artleua. La ?BRPk?T nil 1'ltr Kh and I.KMik MR PIV K MilItilJNIM. Altei noon, at a, PUk'NuLiBU Of III It POKlCMr aenfA ditnoeo and Poalortatk kinvo'uUt.uH. The Unog pb tolom, Om living lerpettiA the har"1 famll?, 4? . may 'jo aeeo. AM- j otBalon TSCHDia. oh.Wreo under 10, II)* rmiln BUCRLKY R PKollCNABMhH. NLW IIALLa ,'AS baoamway, opvoaM Ike M?tni|i<intan Hotel , TraxuaT. w kimcsiiAT and rnuttaD/tr. Peh 10 II and IK Tke I1MV e.aaful ope nit tr arid ' If k K.T aril BUT ake'.'A cnUtiod < UOkltk IU UK. KaNK, On. ArralM* in tub uutid Hivmim. I Prooedtog wKa b RKUHu MIRRThKdBfY. fhtnimearw at TW o'ebmt Ttokeie U wma arobeewa flflaa &b ot' On Pi Ida nentov Peb 11. bea? fit ef Ml * <! 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Mra F. R. Rira*. Mr*. H A.Ootf. Mr*, r. Kuhn. Mm L. Rtdhardnrd, Mr* O W (>?t-r, Mra. A Id Mar*>lar. Mr*. R. Ray. ( Mm M. L i uMm. Mr*. M L. Lliln* Mm. *. f. htm* * kit.W R Punrait, *io? Mm. M. Tartar, I Mra. IiaThobrlat.d, Mr* a. B Mom. Ifm. T. TImBmb. Mr* O O. Howlaad.torn. 1. W MUlar. Mra. Voadar Itarto, Jr. Mra C. A M aum. Mra. *. 11 Waiia. i Mra. H. Ilaa laraon. I W. H. Applntoa, R V. Fn' A R. Matt. ' R. R anrrrana M IT. Or'nnal, f. k ktrbaN. r L A*plnwall, J.W. Onmrd. W. D r. oa _ I) bawran J. Otomi. J. Y. Partcr, laa Hwrtrr. <?. O. How land, A P?ry. * I: B'atwh. B P Ban<\ (Van M C Parry, I B W. Braiaart R 11 rod .bar J P Paattoaan. tlao. Bowdota. .Ir . 0. Hart. Wald*n Pa'l, .!?*. hrtfghun pvriao J. RoMrv*. Mm d A. hiMry. win H. HofTir.M, J T An?|b? Mm CottlBf. L. A. Hnl?i*M. *'. T. At?** I H. A. Con, W |rto| 1% T i *.B C*fJ, W?l .i?Srmr. J 1 Omhi, w. B Jowb. L. Hn.<r Jv h O. W VMM*, La Jornm U B MKW, r 4 Dnk rffUnJi#!*, AfUwHi n, W. Pnrm, A. I**M, r.* fllilWilM. ?j V MkBMr, C. 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Ase* Eree* Taanaeiuda witb iti '?i '? "ii -->1 ml ?i(i -II K? IKIT. Oaptata Oko'lra Mr. L. Ma'ayaI, K?h 13 l!a " I ' < It ot Mra. Rapa. Faiaraay, Feb. 14?' rutn "t^at of tho ml Mm M M iMOII. / tBO chhiwtt * tf a*.- ; tMHlwi ii, M nw UnwdeMwL Bran Want (JkrMty UboM. oriK i i n ? ' ? iiiki. KW) ?> ? i?- ? ? . *f. ftowJo4h?n ?Fh IM t*? >!>" p * ?r1U?M Oipi uaafj tar tbM wtablbbawot, by i-y' -? ?' -vO-vei* ??q , ealMM Pi a. 4i>.ii i iiME; Qi.HK If. n')Rfl VnCaK |||>K8. _ loehna Hooreop (H?.Ortbr lleketa 23 oenta. T? .'n iir mm it7M*"4btk. MKOHAFION' F iJ r,% rti'l-OfiT. mvariuiT m wi- i i n m? um *ea.* .HIi- I* M iIm oiiatmi, wall kira?-" ? OB Ik I i-- Ki'- <r*ltL8, icritnlnil tn 1W2 I o?w vI. ' 11 ? I ^wdkiwvk ef J W. kiiknk ? k >4. i'fKROK. bnaa rancrrUL daartw ibe < mry of lha waaflbar. 'OM b?en ntghlry Iklied to n.R > > farurtloi on tbrV i?d?. llwj k^ipiar rviri m >Ut><r ? ? "t tn a ohaiaa Mid beanlitol pruiiiBmii Doaraapea albfc, u ??? r.e-> at 7k o'qtoak. 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Reerrred eeato tt UBlA BrookLTV poLrik( H>><- ivBrmrrf, Lltli |?um lUfti ..or Lour. rnriKOllinill.) Mr. CaRL I'KOX li?- ,-j lw. < ' 'a aouoeixv' Uwi the FI KM Foil i,H .1 jnHoOIK.BR Of iLIh aeiieon Hill Ub< j. 4A r . Iatumi. > -via,- ?' ? 14, 18671 !>a Ahrrbaatre ? irbu > <t fia.i .* p t-pxtaln* OAotcrl of IliO M* tun I*.ilh? a .an Mociarr. Namea of a/ha a pro.rtAJ- ?< <1 i'*nle?ilare horeafW. larVal* wop bo bod Hi F Hr? <a'k ZIS KnKno pUmii, maK Kotf'i bnotalerr, lU a ..ijo ?4 Oooeart lb ooinaacaee a: K o o prk. PKHlIAM'fl HKVRV M? . MI ROB -KBH9RR. BATf* A Od? would b< r?Kj g nu ire In the t aSIWi ft*A ItMOr arraorrmeal wlib Ml. "Ark u > in admit to ibo - yk-.-t? ? Lb A F< VI u MOr Mlrrpr PI.' g It Urkata '.ton pro anld Pi fl rprh, therefore lepr-v?BiJ lapoerd nana by t?>nib lera, we would hereby a - oil wtahlnf to 1 wtoBM Kerrpoi a tivbrto of pdm'i m ret ea MUr Mirror, to ffpl ibea earl Mr d by Ratae A die Da ABitorrfl or- f ir at b p a/it?haji mpuur The oiopi popular ?.* w tare arRfwi-aa la md ih# raaprl of oerauB- a r> 'asajad rptoaaato k law open at the viaj!<* a AM Rnelway. RORTOB FRR 7, MH -tka ITER TO urr-o?VAW Arbanx nov lor a abo" ? ?no a eimtoa Oa <w aAar '<bma?y It. U67 F?> b<w? early In FAJKSAJIRB A IRaRD, ee Ibe premier* Tb- a :o r**4 ardor. A RV1IOLD. THR RRaR. .<!< -Of, OR TUB MAT fV !V (Dili alnrr. - 1 h<? won - <i 1 11 itiao Wnr '?? ?iln od at No C7 Mrce!?ay v the Kroadwwj Theatre, wi? 10 A. 14 lob F II A *a a IJrwoto. [)KRBAJTfl rtRTRN *11 a., .OR L Ope* r- try yp. a y 7 to o'eloek, A4UM A htaoao toora -JH Hrw4*al Adaktaalua ? oxaw "Ubxta hart pnea PKATKIQAL ?OTI(*K-la'.HIirT KAXUMaL m??lr?. 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