Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 13, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 13, 1857 Page 1
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TH I WHOLE NO. 7471. THE BOND STREET TRAGEDY. THIRTENTH DAY OF THE CORONERS INQUEST. THE MEDICAL TESTIMONY. 1 Interesting microscopical and Chemical Anak lysis of the Blood on the Walls, Doors, Carpets and Clothes* T _ , the close of the evidence. ^vans Still in the Virginia Penitentiary. y | Is Farrell's Testimony Reliable ? Ac.. Ac Act LThe Inquest In the cate of the Bond street r.urder was ntinned yesterday morning at li o'oloos. The excitement la front of the dwelling does no\ seem to decrease any, although the crowd In attendance is not by any means so largs as it has been lor days past R MKUICAL TK3TIMONV. The first witness placed u ion the s and was Dr. William ? Knight Previous to his examination the Coroner stated n that the jury had his tesltmoiy In tne commencement of 1 the case It had appeared in the statement mads by Dr. Woodward and others, but If ths jury thought proper 8 they could ask Dr. Knlsht his opinion as to the wounds, P &c. Oj JudgeCapron?Did you bear Dr Woodward's testlmo*s ay as It was given yesterday. If you nave beard It can 3| you corroborate the whole or any part or tt ? I Witness?I have heard the testimony of Dr. Woodward, fa' -find 1 believe I can corroborate tt In the main points. PI 1 Judge Capron?Well, we will swear you, D ctor. rj Dr. Knight was then sworn and examiner as follows:? m Q. Were yon present at tbe examination 01 Dr. Wood n ward? A. 1 waa. ?j Q. Did yon hear and understand his evidence? A. -I did. Q Do yon agree with bis statement in whole or with any part of U? A, I agree with him In nearly all he said. < Q Is there any portion of It that you dlsseni from hint In? A. Tne only part or the evidence wnere I do not agree with him la that portion of It whire he gives an opinion as to the wound la tbo neek being given from behind, and I cannot state my opinion on that point Q You decline giving your opinion then on that point? | a. I do. Q Do you agree with him respecting ths character of the wounds ? A. 1 do. Q. II may be Important to luqnlre of yon whether It wonld make any dKTerfnoe In the cane reepooling tb> man f ner la which ihe murder was committed based upon tbe i difference of opinion or the uncertain'y of the qaeetlon upon which y<u differ wttb him as to bow long ha wonld i live after receiving this wouid? a Io my opinion be I would live ah out lea second* after he reeetved this wound I In the neck. I Q You don t seem to understand up question. Would "I !t make any difference in the length of time he would } live whether be wee struck from bohtod or before? A. H It would not make any difference at all, la m? Ju Igesent. i| Jadge Cxpron?Well, 1 do rot deem proper to waste any || more time oa this point II A Jnrcr?Did you examine the convent I of the etomaib, and U so can you tell us bow loeg previous to death had I the deoeaeed been rating his dinner? a. Wa 411 examine fl the contents of the atomscn, and I snonld think from Its I appearance that deceased bal bean eating ah ml an boor f or an hour and a half, or prcbably two hours previous to death 1q. What was tie charscler of the rood ftund In tba stomach? A A small portion of meat, some pteo a of pi Okies polAloN, Q. Can you tell to half an hour the time he dlaed:' A. ) I cannoi do so to s oertaiaty. I Dr. Stephen A. Mxln (rocsllol) wu the box; witness I examined. He teatlded se loUawe ? I Mr. Uapron?We wl h a lime explanation froaa yon In ) reft rente to the blood tounn on the front door by the Cltotman What Pine did you come luto mis bonce on vt Saturday moreing? A About hair pas', eight or a j iroartsr before nine o'olock. Q. When did >iu dUco\-r the blood on tttf front door'' fc iv ?n af cr I ha 1 gout for a polioemaa, and h*d tamed back expecting tbo arrival of tbeOoiouer, we loosed I for traces of biood wherever we comd Out tbem; we found spots of blood upon tbe ball weii, and followed <hem to tbe front djor, where we atso OsaA a epjt of ikKXl. 0 Yon entered the boras before lb* poUoeman? A. I AM. g |bn| pollocman hare pot tbe b'oxi on the ddor hlma II P A No, be could oot ; I ?n .here before the pollc* mu ead to be could not bere put N tttere ncolder taly or otherwise I ralgbt m won any bere Ihet tbe policeman bad not beeo up etolre to tbe bod/ when ve tftecorered tbe b.ood on tbe front door y You ere tore be bad no*, teen tbe bod/ prerleos te Hading the apot of olood f A I an . area If be bad It ureuM not make ant difference wbaterer. for whet I at* be bod/ and turned It orer oa toe tier tbe blood on the -olotbicf of the deoeeted wee to d,j u>tt U did not a lain my ban fa la tbe leeat Q. Bow b eb waa tbe epA of blood on the front doAP front tbe km* f A About ten Inchee from the npper Dock. (U How btany feet abore the tlo^r1 A From four feel M fear PreI alx Inebea y Hare / on examined tbe door alnoe that time T A. Yea. Q Do you know whether thai apot of blood lion It bow* A. It waa taken off laet Sunday by ooo of tbe medloal gentlemee In at ten dan te a-re, tbo epoia of blood on too ball wail remala ae I found them Mr. On proa?That la all I will ihaok /on not to leara tbe room, aa aotnethlng wore might be waated of /on. Je-ige Cap ree?Gen tie area of vb* Jur , the Oorooer Jeeirae me lo ray to yon that be haa a?ai for tor book which wad bere Ue other day?tbo oleigymea'a re/later of marrlagea who married Bra Cetelegoam end aoae body 1 anil read tbe entry made la thie noon of the marriage Under tbe date ef mtrriigee are tba 11 (area "1814, Ojtober SB," and the character ' $10,' aadar tba title of aamea ff partlea la 1 Harrry Burden, CmmaAagaa ta Cnrniagbam " under tbe title "coad'tlia " agaloat Mr. Iturdell'i name la '*8," meaclog 1 auppoea. a etngle man, wbo bad eerer baea married Ogp wile te Mra lunulas bom's eeme to *'W" ; ueder tbe title "enUflty" It "New York," egnlnet Mr Burdell, an I "New Y irk City ' le agetrat Mra Coaelngbam ; oncer tbe tliie ' age," agaMet the Itocor'a name la "41" in flxur a, agaleet the laty'a, "16" , IB tr the title "reel let -e." agamai the Dictor'a name a bleak, agaioet the lady' nam# "No SI Boad adreat under tba ?HM "oolor" ta "W" agaiae. both ; under tbe title " where married," agalaat tba laly'a name la 781 Oreenwlcb etreet?ibet le, tbe e'argymao'a bouae ; then nader tba whole, written apparently la pen ell or rery pate Ink, are the#* worde, written on a Haa: "Margaret. wHaeee, Augoetn Caailogha<a, No II Bred street daughter ol the bride " Tbe remaieder la la ear/ black Ink. and that Haa la ta pale lek or It le pmotl A Jeror? It la paaoll Tba roitowlag ta a foe imfo of tba entry?thoaa wordi Italloi/ed being written In pencil ? | iaaa m.i.., a |w lrt1 ? t 1 |(m a i w n.? v?t my ? ii a?*4|u I l?ua aim 1 I I l!.ulH?M II II atr~< II ""I Wi>. < > C?"? ' ?*" 31 " ?<r<W, D)qM" nf th' Hr< (/* ' I " (tcrrnnt of Pr MvTlnc) , | The wrltlag of tb entry an<l the remainder la lb boob la that of ibe Roe. Dr. MarTine. ] FTintM K or PR. ROBERT OGDEH PORERtTR. Pr. Robert ogdea Poremue calle 1, t worn tad exemtae by Judge Caproa, aa Ibtiowa ? y I ?IU aek yon one or two queotloao, Doctor, be "Or I yea read yoar report, (the Pxotnr hartog a roll of pope ji bta tend ) Are yoa a pbyeleiaa and eorgeoa, prec.b tag la tblo elty f A. I aa a pbj atoiaa by degree, bat ab obi let by protect'oj y Bare yoa beea making n chemical aaalyala la rob Uoa to lean# of tba eleil lag, or tbo ntolao that are roan npon clothing belonging to tbo Poctor f A. I heft mad a chemical nod mlcrcecopwa! emmination of tboae art alee ta compeer erlta Pr. Ooaloy, Pr. Cailda aad Pi Vaa Baraa. y. Bare yoa, vltb tboaogeatlcraea. prepared a rep* at tba ratafia o< that eaamlnauna A We litre, air. y. Bare yoa (bat report with you, otr f A. I bar "q. 1 wUI thank yon to read II to tM Jury, V ft plMM. The vttneee then read Uie f>llowte? report ? taa icnaceenoai. crniru Aifaueta or th* *lood oi? ti _ _ wilui, ( ?Ki ?r* cuiiav. ?Kwe, toe undermined, appotn' -d by tie wroner and Jni to riamlor rhemiealiy and rotoaeonploally ctop ariteli found In toe boner fan SI B<d>d airret In refnamtre to th' Connexion with toe death ot Hr Haavef Horded. tIi *ali r-ermMln* blood npnn a email daptfrr, on tund'T art I tin wrerine apparel, a a herd. towel, in Mting ol'elo V do it aao atalr roda walta. At . an, renpertfiil r rrp >-t toe f.iliewir rrujjle ke da#*rr waa flrat eiamlaed and the bla-le fon a " JJ'.f near toe hilt, but Hie ar iolle lle'iif of U anar?v ilio-ieb In oamurt with the upofa ?bierd m appea f*f' Mood; leHber toe emootli nrfhew of the Irnry nand f>rf.'.* ?r*.a? between 'be trimming o the aantr ethlhll arre i.| blood nor probably oomd a >? hare been ?etn>t -Z..*1?'** '* "? P* rite fee of duet fnnnd at the bo.tnm ea^d ereeaai appeared of l,.n? nandln* Jt'"Jta 'bough utrtal in nmmint ware carefully r?mnr irom the biade ard ?<ih|e?trd lorliemtral antlvrle The;- fir rii?m nS'JC5!^!U,",i -hararterle.U of Irn ., hut dJd nnt a ? ' *?* far blood. That were alen 4 w,,hth' mlrrne opn Ifo blool d|*oacot I ^dinarrbwa* parUelaa p-r^ovd on rn-npaHann ar fedlnary term mt thr ran.-.angular nnilln" a email kn P&nrt wtkti M t Van M Wdtti fctc.ftiM I __ | E NE alto tbe spots on the nu'NIng, in lbe<!o--et w hpri the alt i?d mentioned etaleed clothes were No"!, iMpouleJ to ths chemical l< els for hiood Irods.r 'ho tnloroaoopc ths ?arr e objects lit wnl alien 0 blood discs a?.d iiurVaiod <plitollsl a-a'ea in abundance. (he "taint on lha Outside door knob of ilie iiuoocuplrd room on the a?me lloor, anil ou (he stair rods f. n>u the flights leading fiom (ho se ootid at ry to (be attic; yielded > mi lur results. M'eaba simulating b nod on a blue il k dr at found In the aitw were discovered by chemical analysis to con.atn sugar. but i o blood could be delected ; the ml 'n?c? >e also biama ou a small book round In the parlor (furnished by a juror) did not Auta-er to tbe themiesl or Diciosccplcal teste for h.ood. (be e'ame ou a newspaper lllKKAin, of (r'atiirdny. .lamikry 31. IHt" I foied ar mod books in Eckel's seerelsry, nlthcugb proved bv ch-inical *nt,y?s to t>c b'ood, under the mirr. ro.oi e show ed alieie' bio sl diars. (littering from tnoae upon 'he other articles exsmlued in pre Bitting a lees ave age diameter. 1 he mains upou the butcher's kuile brought from Htautou atrtel, txl.lbiud almilar ?pp< arar.css to that uoou t?<e news paper All I bat eould be oioruted by the c ommiasliu of the gai merits ol h nhtl and tbe Cunningham ladles, mchi 1lug boots and shoes, were carefully scrutinized but no Mont mains were foui d Ibe table cutis ry am examined, but no eel ' * tliui.o of elulna null Izi Kn dAtsWSl .tl hundrv ha'l burned scraps of puner. ? d a em*11 piece of coai te clrth, 1/otii the urate of the unoccupied room were iu apecttd with care, but no spots ol blood were discove-el The slftii g? ot tlie aahee from the eel ar, comprising parte of pamphlets iet'era MUof paper, fragments?f carpet rim , wi re examined, but fumtsbcl nothing requiring further investigation. priawere fut ml on the outride of the door of the room where the liod\ ol be dcreaaed waadisrove-ed?-O'enearthe kit'b and ar.otleron the atrip between the pan-la; niton dense streak on the outride of the casing "f laid do >r, on the left hard going out, comm-nelog nearly two feet above th tloor. a'ao epola on the find and ?ecoud p trials of tlie paint* d wall; on descending the abort flight ot stairs another ap >tou the aecond panel from the window below the platform ; a'ao a amear on the itme ard on the thlid panel About four feet above the steps Again, a ataln on the inside edge ot the tnuer hail door; snotbrron the outer margin of the front door and a corres ponding spot upon the moulding opposite to the edge of the door another apot on the wall near the brae of the fart "style" behind the back parlo- door: a large apot. on the oil cloth about two tret lroni the end ot the nan later* of the hate ment atairs on the Ialt aide, descending raid stairs. about < wo teet above tiie tilth step from the last, a atreak. ar though wiped upwards; arid, 'estly, a atreak two tocher long on the frame of the dorr of said suira, rear the hiogea. about tnree feet trom the hot om. There were each airmtned cheoricaiiy, and foutd to be blood ataina. Bach were alao rcpealed'y In aperted with the microscope and discovered to contain blood direr without epithelial rca'ei coNCLuaioxa. From thechemical analyses an t from the microscopical e* animations, w e Infer that die s.aim on toe dagger were of iron rust. The blood vtrins on the lo vel, nightgown market khirt, blue and white dress, sheet also on the matting of tlie attic clofet. whtre theae atticlea were found, on the door knob of the unoccupied room lo the attic and on the rbdr ro ts leading from the seoond story to the attic, all contain the nucleated m 'it: e;in! ft-all many of them In abundance, iroin whtoh we Infer that all tlie above specimens wore menstrua! blood. 1 he marks on the blue silk drear and on the am i'I hook train the parlor Were not blood The blood stains upou th news paper found around the hooka in Kctel'a secretary and on the butcher knife from btrnton street by rcpee'e t ro-npari Sons with those on t Be clothing of dec-used render it probe bie that they were not atainr of his blood. The ataina ou the door m the room where the deceased was found, on the walls leading down s'airs on the front doors, alao on the wall near 'he back parlor door, on the oilcloth at the head o' the basement stairs and on the door at the foot of the same, were probably pnre blood The oomintaiiou oh tained. with the conrtirn-n-e o the ' 'oroner, the va'unlde aarittance of l'rofesaor Furdyce Barker. M I)., in making the distinction between m?-D-u-uai nuia nno purr. 01001.10 ? they with to eirpren Ihi'ir indeblednea* Arrura'e copies ot tbe mimecopleal appearance* ofth* different objects ecamn ed w ere drawn by Mr. A. Herghaus, artist, and by members of tbe commission. Tbe undersigned deaire to acknowledge their oMigVlont lo Mr. Adam Zenker, lor bis assistance In the chemical analysis, and to Mr. (harles Phelps, student o: medicine tor nia obligingly rendered sen ices R OGDRN PORKMI'S. M. P., Professor of Chemislry In the N T MedieO College. JOHN W. 6. OOULRY. M P.. Lecturer on Microsooplo Anatomy. T. CHILPKS, M P.. Profetaor of Anatomy in the N T. Medical College. WM H. VAN KURKN. M P, Professor of Anatomy University of New York. After the report bed been read the wltnees ret trod. DR. JAMES R. WOOD Was then railed, mad a (firmed, la aaawer to questions, as follows:? Judge Capron?Where do yon reside? A No. 1 Irring plaje. Q. Are you a physician and surgson both? A. Yes, 1 am. g DM yon maks an examination of the body, either alone or tn connect Ion with others, or Doctor Bnrdell* A I did, Mr; tn connection with others. 0 Where wna this examination msda? A In the room above Q. Where the death occurred? A. No; the death on purred la the ba;k room; the examination was mads Is the front. Q Did you see tbe body beiore It had beea moved from tbe place where it was flrat fonn 1 * A. 1 did not an U1 tome two or three davn after the death Judge Capron?1 will not go with yoa over the purttou lars and tbe number of rooms, and so on Toey are proved by one wttaese, and I will conQne my examlaa ten of you to >b< se particular pointa which are eissotiai to the purpose of the trmh In this esse, as far as we can arrive at It How many of those wcunds, la your Jndgment, were fa'al wounds A How do with me to nn demand yourqneatlon, that It wool I prove fatal ? Q Haw many would have produced death Instantly ? A Tbe wound on tbe left side of the neck, severing the ex ernal caro Id artery completely, and partially dlvi ling the Internal carotid and tbe great j ignlar vela, would probably have ceased death within from two to three mlnnus after tie rec- ptloe of the wound g If that bad been be only wound, yon meat? A If that bad been tbe nn.y wound; but tbere were two wonndn In tbe heart, one extending Into the cavity, or one of the cavities, of the heart?namely, the right van trlrle; the other be>ow this, and on tbe left, part ally penetrating Lb* tubelance or tnc heart. rne nrtr 01 loom* wound* would probably have cauted death alnoet I* ataatly, from thla foot. The foot or the perloarJium (a' though I bare aeon no laitlmony publ.ahed toenoe whether the perlcardlim waa ateiaed with blood or not,) bat the probability M that tt we* and the me ihani eal operation o( the action of the heart wet in aianianeout. that thla preaaed npon it. and tta fuactirna ;caa*d 1 have at^oataqof that |l|d at.1 M?m'ap^ them minutely, had Ibt* la the bletory of tb.i'. c??e, aa far aa I underatood It Of# Of thoee wound* would prove fatal. The other did not alidad Into the cavity of tho heart. Thru there were other wound* which would have proved ratal eooner or latar Tuer* were wonnda extruding through the atnmnnh to the walla of tb* abdomen. I law the itomeoh aft?rwarda with three wound* la It, but It would require tlms before dratb would oecur. Then thar* waa a wound which eatended into the oavity of the heart, and aa I learned from iha gaaUemrn whe made the poet mortem examination, that wound extaadrd Into tho long? tie ona I mean over the ahuuldar, wh eh aooiri*ng to my theory, wae the drat wonnd given. The onrtl laga ol tb* flrat rib waa divide 1 aad eaten''o I Into the cavity of the tborai , It waa aot neoea?an!y a fatal wound, It woald depend npon the anbaaq lent lafltm mailon which woold ooon- art. r he ractivad the wooed, the* there wer* other wonnda whleh would aot aaoeaaa rtly prove atal Q Too b*\ * already aaawarod oa* qnaiilom which I deem eaaeatlal In tbiacane to the elue'detion of tho truth, and that la in refareroe to tb* wound ot tho ehojiderf A Prnetratlng wonnd of the cheat y From the arm h*r*' (Pointing ) A Taa y What la your jndgmeat In rater en oe to the order In whleh the wonnda were racwved by the den-areo -lie crder of time?wbuh waa lha flrat la voar)jd|mtu;' A. I carefully axamlaed tbe portion ol the furniture in I bat room; 1 aire lrnc< 1 the blood carafaitf aad arter examining tba wonnda I offered ihli theory to tb* m<di oal geatlemea who have been concerned la tbt* mailt Ion thara waa a ohair anting In froitof the Putor'e wrl'lrg daak, aad tbe laaf of thai deak wa? dowa. ea It tb?ra waa a vary ooaellerabl* quantity of blood, tb* chair UtU eat in front *111 waa aiao atalaed very on idarably with blood, altar examining tb* weuada ? I b?ve tta ted before. I d?alr*d gentle men to h* Mated la I tb* chair, aad with Um dagger which be* h?en thorn and r*f*rr*d I*, and referred to by th* chemical aad mloraaenptoal oommtaatcn, it wan placed directly ortr the wound la the right ah rnlder. *o that if lb* ae*train bed thla dagger la bin right hand, It* woold bav* plaagnd .... , .i.kt Mob thai It Ull (UinnrsuBf?iw ? wound ran obliquely donwtrdi, lid Inrvwdl ill la | ward* lito the cheat, to that It ? ' mod# from ibm, ad the wound la diameter ml IruiTern to tk? atw o( ib* body. That woaad, m 1 bar* Mid before, waa ?oi j noMOMrtly fa ai. bat It woald, at eouie, bare p-odaaod p a rrry (ooatdernblo ohoafc to nay aoan rece*riag it Tbaii tboro war* other wounda about tb* bank Hp theory la, (bat at tbia ilm* the doctor mad* reaiauan*. and w* traced the blood from that chair to tba door la tbo eppo alto coraor There lo blood foaod oa tbo papor waled 4 wm oa tbo o*atr* table After errtnn* at tbo door, li la oldaot tbat a go*l deal of otortlon wai ado npoa tb* part of tba Pxor, bwtm 0 npoa tiaialnlog hia boot* tbo blood la ail aroaan th.<m bo at ait bare boea orar tboro la tbo taaale wlfti too par ti?a fb? a rratldorabio time, aad Uio flit blow, tbo raw ?- tal blow, wm mala brfare that, aad tbo la*t waa tbat r? a otlred at tbo aoglo of tbo loft ja<*. ha', m I aaro (all bolor*. la trident M baa nirtndy boon woll atatot by nj partner, Dr Woodward, aa .ha flit tbat woaM II " i- tbo man yon flat It to boa plaet la tnat corner (pjlat'ni id to th? coraor of tba room at tbo door), bocaaao of.* . wo CiMtctoi oat tbo carol 11 artery wa plaood It at lb Ida of tbo noeb, aad if tha T>> tor etood In tbla wa, i- (limatratirg), aad rco*>7 I bo aounj, bo baa turaad f- and tho blooo would apiri >at ta a eorai circular carro c tbla klad from tbo haart, w'.at t vtfc plaoo aftor tbat < ft ccurro wo canro* lay, hnt n y ladneet I* that tbo baai wound followod tba oao at tbr angle of tbo law?tbat . that haort wad mocbaalcalia dopMyad of Ita function, would act bare thrown tbo nlood from tbo c?rot,d ai tory which woo orldoatly tbo oaoo, npoa tho door aa tbo wall; tboro woro two wooada, bat tho ooooad oao I tbr Ooart waa act aamaaartly ratal: bat tba other woaad it wort random wound", plan god witboul ob)ont only to kl the IBM). r q. Oaa qnoatloa mora npoa tbla point before yoo loan Ton rpnbo of "ooaoldorabl# tlaao"?I woold thaok you I ,,, bo kind enough to define tbo timo tbat yoo think wool of bo noeuplod before tbo Doctor waa proatrnto* A I tbla Uio (motor until ho rrcMTtd Uia wauad la lb# naroti < artery. wa- proity abla to Ink* onro ol hmaoif and pr 1,1 bob I* lb* abdominal wonnd, bnt from Uo appanranoo '* thia?a I ahooht think thorn hod bono o pm* *?? of a U i; alo It mipht Mt? ooenp od throo mmoloo which la , \ loop tlmo oadar aach olroumtunoot I y 1 hot I* what 1 wootod to know It waa a rolatli of torn that you naod' A Yoa, throo mmotoo would ha lonj lima. I think olthor of ua w^ald think ao II wa wo f, planed In thoao clronmatanona a! g. Ya?; 1 ahouM think ?o. loo It la naootnary la tl m oridonoo to I on M'W of tho t.ino, ami In ro'oronoo iid the loatimony la tho onne. wh oh wa with to olundath I h far na fno'a will ah >w A Tho o*rtlla?n of the ourih ri ir" orpoa'tn fo " " nd which penotrai' d r1fht Into lb ? c-oil 'W o' tho heart. th? Tontrlda ir?t olao iraaidi'l. thl on Hi two m* fUrWdtu W V 0 morning edition-fuii I <J From itte appearance ol wound* and from your tnecry la th? order *ud tn-?n. r in wnien mey were received, what would be your a'lnclualona as |o the amount or blood tbat would bo outwm '"/ apparent? What would be Ctacbarged outwardly? ft'ould it He print pally ouiwaru? A. Tbo wouod U? the, oarltf ef tb < thorax would probably not bare abown muoh blood ex lernally, but the principal portion ofth* buvt oatne from the (lb tld acd the j (filar; there might bard been some fiuni the o bet wouuds. Q. W auld the flow cf blood /rotn the wound In the neck there bave been entirely or principally checked at soon an , or boar would It bo In reference to the tab* in the t.eirt which cauacd death? A. There would be very little blood pr ibably after the heart ceased to beat, and It did eo probably very coon; I would like, for my own raitilactton and tbat of othore, to aik the gentle mao wbo made tbo examination?I)r Wright?whether the pericardium wm filled with blood or not? Dottier Knight?Yet, sir. Tbo Cot or t r?Doctor, In your opinion, had Dr. Bur dell auflirlent time before death to balloo or ory, or be besrd in some thape or form f A. Yet, air, I think be bad. JuCge eapror?What evldencea did you dirooverabont the throat or neck of hla having boeu airangled, or of a ligature bavli'g been put there? A I tblnk It wai the mci nd or tblrd day after the Doctor's death thai I then saw hi in. and then In connection with oihor gentlemen nhote ramea were attached to tbo paper ihat Dr Wo x! uard presented yesterday, we examined (he throat oare telly Upr.n a slight examination you would not have s?en any marks of violence, but carefully placing the neck ao that tbc light would at lne upon u, wo discovered a al'gbt discoloration, a upon the right aide of the n<ck mord particularly. WsU, from Utr congested poelt on of the features and tba protruded tonguj; from the swolltn condition of the feature#, it waa thought by some that he bad been atrangled for a Vine, but It was my opinion, at least I concurred with the gentlemen who were ef that opinion, that the rawks, not along period after death, the <uxmo;u or the dlsoploratlon, dla appeared; 1 urdertdood mat early, soon after he was ound, there were evident marks of violence about hla broat, It was alight, that whloh I aaw, very; but 'here were marks there which would Indues me to think thut there bad been vloleno committed about tnc throat. Q Wbitdo you aay in rcforenoe to ths amount of the vloltnce on the throat lu reference to the strangulaUan? I am etdtavoring to get at the point whether there was mouth to prevent him from maxlng any outcry or st'efile, or make a noise or not. A. I thMk that If the *>Ia!x nnn hart hann rtf hut ohrwt rt ii rati in thcM arniiM be but very Utile trace ol that violence; I could take a man by tbe throat and without a (real deal of exertion I'M v. ir bin trom orymg;-eo oan any man, and *he mark* 01 but little violence would remain; now, the probability U that tbta violence, ir It waa applied to the throat, oon ill er<t bnt a very abort time; I think there waa vlolonv) Q. Krom the evidence, what do yon aay It was oauved by* A Ah! 1 cannot tell yon that; It might have been by tto bend, la thla way [putting bla hand on the throat] Q (bat la wbat 1 wanted to get jour judgment upon A. ,f I r< member tbe teattmony of Dr. Francia and ottarre, they ewore positively to ma-ks of vtolence upon the throat; they saw the Doctor j-^al alter he waa discovered Q Cm you aniwer thla question, Doctor, whether that atrarguiailon waa applied to the throat liafore he re cHved the ataba. titling In bia chair, or alter? A It la utterly Impossible for me to nnawer that queeiton, It might have been before or alter; my theory waa that tn< first Intimation be had waa the wound over the right shoulder Q Tour anawer would tndioate that yon conld not tell when ibet wear A At what period? Q It that atraogu.a lou had occurred at the chair, could he have got to the door? A. 1 think ao. Q It the strangulation waa at tbe chatr, whether from the appearance of tbe vtolenoe or eilent of it. he ould have got to the do or.' A. Oh, I think ao. Theetrengnla tlon continued. They might Have bad him by the throat and oloatd with each other la thla way (illustrating), who ever the aseanin was, for a oonsi terable length or time w UCU I VUDIIIHIIUIl lOIflU U1 UW, 1 IU UU1 rpeakicg ol seconds and minutes here Ih?e p. lota it would be Impossible lor aay surgeou to auawer Intnllt gently. Each mm would bare bit ow n opinion upon that matter, and laymen are aa'capablo of Judging u? iroteeaiomu men, except Ute violence, which we would Latt been better able to reoognUe In relerenoe to 1U character y That le the reaion why I aeked you npon that point, because you taw the tiled, and are ectentlUoallr ac quamied with tho woundt. Doctor, did U ocoar to you, or could you lorn, an opinion Irom the olrcumttaLcee attending that taut action Uto charac ter rl tb?ao woundn, and taking Into aooonnt the faot that ho had been more or less strangled. that one per eon could I ave done it all. or could not bare done Itf what m your i pinion upon that aubjeel A My optoim it, that one person could have Inflicted the woundn 1 aew upon the body of tbe Doctor, y Ooe couldf A Yea, air. y 1 will ark you, did 'you aee the linen which wa* taken Irom hie bodyr A I did. y Hid you esamine tho kaperturoe in ID A I did. y wbet In yonr view upc.o the question wbitner one tLMMimcnt or two Inatrurneota were uicd ai tbe ansae*I nation. Irom the shape of Ibe appertures in tbe 1 nen' A Yes, air; In ice Horn tbe cuts were not of the earne length or tlx** y Wrretbeyol the name abaprf A No, not ol tbe rue tbepe or eixe; ermo wonndi were almpie leotnei wr ondt, etialibt wound* In tbelr character there were oibere eome what angular, but tbe woniida ol tbe body ware all rl tbe rame character I would remark here, lial (lire rlnarl lahvlo AV 11 wltta anlaaal llannaa when wounded, Jpreeent rtry difl reel appoamncV now, tba woeode la Uie clothe* or Ike Doctor UiUiy of li.*m wero mut b ama.ler tban the wound* in tbn bid) oorreapnodiag to tbe opening or lb* re I in the clothing. to Uat It la d.ffloult (or a aurgeon to anav* r po artlTe.t tb? juration which you bora "iopoun J-d, bat I tblBb tbtt tb? tamo was could bar? inllic.od ail tte whunda that In* there Tb? (oldie* or tbo olotb, the aturaiioa of the hicod afterward*, tod tb* alrugga would bare to dtapiaced tbo oio ta'ai that tb* woua la would appear Irrotular. Now, tbo wiauda In tba ninth? (1 may eaii tbem all wind*?) tbay war* aomewaa'. trl *r gi.iar, and looke-i aa If on* tide of tbo woapoa or larfuBft* cg>;|oyo(t by the atiaa"n w?i r .iod? aoast tbingr llxt a a word cane I would sol be willing to > that that ?ta tbo rata, beoauao I bar* r en atd heard a groat deal o( medical toaUmooy, and a ( eat mtny apoaultUona by torgeooa aa to iheao wound* tn* mora gentleman to oi them tba mo a rueful thoy will b* tu glelng tea tluoty benuiA, a* I tell y? i, there are no wojuda npm tbat maii'a body whlcb would correapoad wltb ttt* Irian luarrhapid wuund* In tbo garment I hat la nil loan ay g. Doctor, la tbora tn medical jurtaprudenoe a dltilne Hon In tb? cue of pertona aaaaaaiaaiol hslwoen "tlnk tng" and "falling" wben they arc brougnt down' A. Well, a man ma; aink from eibauitloa after laa?al!log wtlb another, after great moicular exertion ha mail airk dowa and die. another would be atriokea down at oare g. Won, the point I had In mr mind wat tbla la tbara ttai diireraaca tn tbe wound* watch the upright human body may reoetrr?arc there woanda iM etleet of which will cauaa the body to, aa It ware, falat and a^k without laiiugr a y<a. g And otbara tba tffeot o( which will ba to hara It fh.'l like a log? A Yea, a r. g Now. will yon have the ktndnaaa to explain to th? jury tba dlfereaoa hctwaan tboaa two denoriptloni of wrucdt' A la the flrat place, air, It daptala upon the rtgioa ol tba bo"y and tba orraca contaiaed In tta' re glon wh.eb are woundad, and it alaa depend* eery m jch upca tbe auaoeptibiUy of tba peraon la u*e1, and 1 wlU lllodtraic what I moan by tbla la any lag tbat the onouutoa or ahock to tbo tyatcm wit no groat, that one man woulaullat cure, another i?rbaje wonid real*! It, who ha?. la eooa moo language, more aarva than tba othoe. Tnnn, agaia, tk? ?iA-?nn.. tba fornw of tha blow, would llnr t mm to iba ground at oooe, beta* noi prrpared for li, a.thcugB a man ah? wr uld b? crurageoue la h* muaeular atrength rould rttlM N bo bad boon propard do ita'. three pilau houtd br taken lalo coailderatloa In aaawartag th? qaoi Uora if the forties. Taea. * ? n a maa will rooeire a nervous (book, aad bla coura.e and bli strength ?1U prevent bla felling, and bo will rental II natll ha ahall fatal I prrbapa from iba taintjr racelved from ibo ooaiuaatoa rt oa I tod from Iba blowa, or Irom Iba pala. I. depeada rary muc.b upon Ua eunoepvl DUIly ol tta norvoua aytlctn and upon tbr courage el a man. I g. la rr I armor lo lb la duunclloa. what would ba Iba I r fleet of a and ion blow penetrating Iba baarl? A He i would 1 a>l, probably. g. Instead of auk tag' A Vaa, fall al oaca g What wonld bo iba aflanl ol Iba blow, la re'erenoe to thai dltlinHoi, upon ibo nook, aa taa I) JO tor wu rut? i A Ba would aol ntcoaaertly fall i g Ho wi '-id ralbar elan Vo? ?o#ie mulil '?H II i oaro at the alighiret 'njury. it drpcnda upoa Iba oourage I and determination of Ita poraon ; g It dap. ada than upoa all tboao ooaaldaraiioni com btrcdf A. Yea, air g (motor, ta ibrro any point whfob yoor Jadgoarat oggceu to yon wblch II would aa ueeful lor ibia jury to I hero in thia maltrr. If ao yon will atala II vjluotarlly' r A.I waa about to remark Ibal I tblak that Iba full rapor r ol Ibo pool mortem examination ahonld appear npai I record; the m-rotigaticn which I mala an ma time ago a r to the quantity of blood In Iba hrart. the quantity In tb a thorai, the cbarar.tar ol tie wounds la '>,<> ?'.>mon an ' r ro aa, wa wara af coaraa aot abla to lav at rat-, u thoae i,A?n famnttii and the . > h them if thwf ara ronpMMl ?1unm who w. y tost t?*t1 i? mnny. atd to mIii that report a* u auoul: i*j, it ought i to b? plow it in oormeouon w th that It g The other question t wan gotag ft atk yoa wta. It whethrr from the ch tranter or dioee wound*, yon could r ddermlBO wilt mithlog like probabia certainty wheih w d (bev wore Inflicted by a right bud or loft buded per*on A.I cannot annwer that qtirellon I* g. : meon ("run your theory, and th# maimer n wbHh 11 he oot nt the lahle* A. Acoording to ?ny theory be nted it* right hud, If the wound trot mule u 1 hore tugg**ted, I. the right bond would be need .? Q Whet hi your opinion on that queetlon. In refereroo 1 to the wound u tbo neck? A- I tbiak It waa none by the k right hand. d g la what poelUon la relation to the Doctor' door, H your optntow on that iue*tk>w haeod? Did he Bland' A of 11 o recti ay a parly prmont to eland op j My opiaion It thte, here le the door ; pointing lo tbo door of the room a the a???**in raced the Doctor Ib tble way had him by tM troabi with the left bend and the wound wae InMioied ihui re with ibe rig'1 ind :i>i?tratlng|, and the Donor thr a tun ed to tin t. in ibU wa*. ac I *tbe blo-M flieiaj ro th'i a from lie carotid artery which you art on the wall! and door#. h# g fen ynu let?rmleo Willi anv probable degree cf <?f te uiaiy, wt th?r the wound in the nork waa per, nratet a? by a man taller or bel tw the atature of the Do iter9 A fc, Bo. air If g Not frei Ma pennon or from yo'r bel'ef of hit pe in "ton '?A vo ?ir %a ordinary t ad nan (.tail Mr* < fUcfdVbc a our 'a,

i Xt K )AY, FEBKUAiry 13, 185 Q Where In rou r My me at 6,1 Da ,??4 7h?? be received the wcund in th rohd a 'iff*,' fJ the door, air ; the leet aiuwer .?i I gave >. 0,1 that, became yon eoe the blood la at the doe, ad ,n ,M hell. Q You did eot exactly approeae My eoeetMe \ ' endeavoring to arrive at your jud*nnent upeasbt I'"*' Uoe of w bother be had hold of the knob of the 4e '* little bent, or whether he stood thore treot. Yaw la " he stood erect ho would face the door, and the area**, oonld not be belore hlin ; or the quostton la, whether he etood erect before he got thus far to the door f A. TWm was hl? relation to the door . bta faoo was turned a little to the I'ght ?>l the door ; the assassin was between hiM and the door ; thero muat have been spnoo sufScler.t between the Dootor and the door to hare allowed of the nse of the armfor the use ol the weapon to be Inflicted on thn i?lt iMa an that thn IVw tnr flcr receiving (he wound, turned In this way, end thus the blood which Is now upon the door. Witness then signed his deposition. TESTIMONY OF DR. WH. H. VAN BIXKKN. This witness, having been sworn, was examined by Mr. CaprtK as follow* ? Q 1 will mk you, Doctor, what is your profession and calling? A. 1 am u and surgeon Q. Have you heard the evidence given by the last wit neat, Dr Wood, upon tuts Inquest.' A. Yes, sir; I have beard tbe greater rorilou or It. Q What is your view of his theory respecting the death of Dr Burden ar.d or tbe oharacier of the wounds which be received, and o( their efleot? A I think It Is tioeedingly rational, and as tar ae my judgment goes II Is correot Mr tlapron?That I believe Is all, Doctor: you were railed here for another purpose, but It a* well to throw all the light we can upon this case TESTIMONY OF !>R. T. CUILDS. Q What Is your proteisioc? A. Physician and sir geoo. Q Did yon biar the testimony given by Dr Wood a short time ago? A Yes. Q. How do<a your op'n'.on agree or disagree w'th the Doctor's upon tbe subjects of which hs spoke' A I made myself but a cursory t xamlnatlon of tho body, but I am prepared fully to accept Dr Wood's theory as a most ri arocab'u ono Mr. Caprou?That Is all, I believe. TESTIMONY OK I)K. paVII) PHL. Q. I will ask the wtlnesi bis pro' salotof A Physician. Q. And surgeon' a. No, sir, that Is not my apedallty Q. Are yon acquainted with surgery" A. To some oxUnt. Q Did you hear the toalimony ot Dr. Woodward yesUrdsy'r A. I did. Q HI* theory, snd the msnnor In which Dr Burdel! came by his death, and the edecl of the wounds he revived? A Yes. air. 1 did. g The nme tbat ?u tpokcn or to day by Dr Wood A. Yr? ?:r Q What III your opinioo ia relation to that theory, and m to the description"of tboae wotiods, and tbotr rulatlre effect upon the Doctor' ll'e- A Well, I fully ugroed wuh Or Wood la ali the principal parttrmlar*; I think he hie given a very admirable deecrlptton of the wooodi, and 1 certainly acre* with him in tho main pariiociare The Coroner?I trould requeat the medical gentlemen I Me hereto accompany Ore Ooreaxi*. Van Buren, Knight and othen op ataira, to t xaslne the content* of a truot teat I have lent after to Jame* streat A box hae been found, tbe content* of which I dealre the facnlty to ex amine. Yon will oblige me, Or Garriih. If yon anil no txmpany tboae gentlemen up etalra It may amount to nothing, but it U a well to bare everything. The medical gentlemen then retired Tbe Jury baring rxpreened a daalre to aae tbe oontentj of ibe clothe*, thoy were oonduoved up ataira Oa their return It wna a la teed that the box contained eome female apparel, covered with menatrnal b ood TE?mioirr 0/ dr. j. p. oarrish. Tble wltneaa wee called and txtalaad by Mr. Capron: Q You bave beard Or. Wood*' teit'mouy* A. Yea. Q. Old you hearbla thyory from bclig ap ita're and looting nt tbt mattera or tba murder T A. I did not hear I tm (xpreea bin opinion. Q Have you anything to ray In regard to the miliar* up nairaf A. I (an nay that 1 bare extmlcud thoee wr?tdn,aada)ao tbe dagger tn the poaaeaalon ofthe g*.n tlcman. and 1 conaTder that an Inatrnmonl o that kind would make tlmllar woundg to thoee wblcnT raw In lb* body. (tbe wltneie bni reference here to the dirk found In tho ponteeilonof Mr* Cunnlngaam) and that, toalliterd ha. the perron who gave tbuae woonde auil fcave been ttondleg to the right of the tadlrtdoa! murdered g Tbat I* you agree wl'h 0'. Wood ? A I ex*mined ib* bory ou tbe Tuerday rueceedlug tho murder, and 1 rensd Ore wounl la the left brcaat;ono of thoee wound* < (titrated J?jh? bolnw tbe nerr), end that had peneirated Ibe ventricle of lb* heart ; then I fi und tbe other wound* a little pottrrh.r. en ib*< one waa dlrsctir under the exile, and I ronplder tbat ail tboee wound* uait bare beer glv? n by n p< r?cn who ftood to the right of m 'trivia jal murdered . 1 will elto *tnte tbat toe daggewhich I examlacd here would Infliot tlml'ar wound* t? MM which I aaw, t < a. they were meeturtd by mr roll | (xan toed the exfmal wound through tho in l? ? i i <ent, ?r 1 It orrrteponded win tho width or th* it lioeut ? .be day ger ; I coretder tbat Ibe polot of no wi cmtnt i' 'ghi enter tn* h**rt, and yet the wonnd be l*r^< r tbar tbe point or the Instrument tl at la owing to ibe meteu ?r crnlracllon of Ibe biart. Tbtnlhla laii rnai woi no te p telaely of tbe tame a ze in meaanremeui a* the dagger y reduced TEbTlMObY OF DR. FORD vcr barrr*. TtU witeeta having been tworr, reaponitd to tbe foi owing Interrogator!'! ? g What : your ptofer-?loo A I'hyecian g Hnae too doctorw made boj nle e examination ef the parmeate that were takes from the dead bod/ of Dr Rurdrlil A I have been ecgaged ta do tig to with the other (cnt:em> n who n ade the report, g. la tbe per'or aitnoe of that dutt A. Yea. nlr. g And the reinita of that exam.oatioa are contained In the report- A Yea the/ are contained In tbe report. g Will yon explain to the jury the moaaa and proooaby which jru arrived at those reaulu Giro It in your own language and wb) A. la a ran# of nuapected murder, when thrre are blwid ntalne fbuad la tbe Mvuae where tbe murder la committed, and where there are alao cloibee etalned with blood It la Important to avertain whether all of Iheae atalna are produeed by biood | frrm wouaded vtlna and artertea; the ezaaalnattoa wa^ made with reference to determine that point and In the report which ha- b> en read and nlgoed by the gentle m?n It won anoerttlned very clearly that tbe a aim found cn certain articled of drnan, oiothet, Ac aad oertain other i talna foun- upon tbe mattlsy were not from the wounds ot tbe deoraerd. that fact la aaeertatned by cheat cai aaalyala aad by naioroaoopic examination g lo referanoe to the aaieroecopie examination bow la that performed-how doee tbat aid la arriving at two eeolt of tba cbpawal paaiyata A ity aaloroac-pic ex air. nation it oaa W determined wbetber a ataia .1 pure blood or whether the blood to Irom another source. g Tbet ta the universal run. A Yea. lee n ee of t..a (lobuiea may be of some iminrtaaoe. If toe'e ta euf tic er.t abundance of the glob ilea of the blood of tie da ceend, aad a comparlaou may be made to determine a briber otter alalia are similar g Can tbat be aacertataed or oei 11 sot Doctor, rn?r bio-d wbrn it baa baaa dry upao tbe clotblag or elotb A It can g What Is tba appearance la aucb a case, of the natnr al blood 'rom blood arith other aubttaonei In It? n fe 1 etgn tubniaaoo It may bo ca iodr A Inert are serine 1 . ararterlattc appearnaree of pera Mood, aad It la well known la aclaaoa what those appearaacaa are. aid ear tbiap diOente from ihla would be el or no reeom sed ee act beic aging to the bleed?aa for laataaca?the floret of "line er l r?n All ike rkirarb Hallo anMarudW C' (*ir? blood arc known Bio id nam* arc alwaya a??p! ciom u?d*r imI ctroamsianoa*. and therefor* It bee mat eery Important t * lull n|u mil tbo** wbicti oo?? from crtbrr *ourr?* m<I tboae vblob 01*7 mm* rrim enrlniy of nhert?'bet in? ibcr# which cud* from wounde. and wbtah nay bar* boaa left la cwnecuoa with the murder, and tbo** wbloh nay ootne from other oouroae. y Front natural eouroee, If you pl**a* *o to eali lb??' A From natural eourooa. 7*0. air. g could you de'ermior that diatlDC loa be tbo micro coptc rxamlaaton* el on*. vita out tbo all of cbamttr) A. Vr?. wo could. ItaonM requ'rr ehrmmiry to dolcr mine wbotbor II waa blood In 11k II ret piaee but the dlattactiaa between blood from ret** an 1 trior's* and <t?' from other natural aourora mnal bo dotorin ne-1 ty lb* mloroecope g. Ton tlrit determine whither It la b'ood by r.hom' aaaiyata. and then by the application o' th* mtcm eorpir Iratrumaat yon will determ a* tbo pounaao' tkat biotd* A Vaa. g Onald yen or not eattla tint queatioa by ehegnlctl anaiyafe nloaana dadnitaly nad atorriaiaiy at b thr uae of tba ntharf A Nat a* definitely ? aoi at poettieriy 1 nd* d II nay ba Impoaa bla to do It nnder oartaia cou dfttPM g War* any portion' af tbo blood th?t 70a appl'<d that taat to fa a liquid a tale or were Ihet dr A Tb*y wara all drr, atrapt tome wbiait wa taod aa ooraoaratlro taata, a blob ara rafarrad ta In tl 0 report g Yaa, I obaarrad tfeat Woo do you **7 ol tbo uea <f Uiat leroeeopto mat la Dqu b aod a* compare! wttb 1 bal ip a dry atataf A It woui 1 b* aqaally applicable, nd equally eatlly mad*. g (tn you make tbla eiawlntimn with the mloro sore of btood upon any color, whether wblie or wtililth' A. Yea; blood faaad aa tb* wailt, Dx?r or mttiing, ae wall aa linnd apon rlnthlng y Kuppoatrp tb* oolor of tbo elothlnt wa* black ? blackatik A That woalI niaka no dlffr -?nn* tb# ail* tare of any faratga nnbotano* would readily ba da or rnned. y I frtgot whether In your report yon atate yon found e d fT*r?ee# by thin anamination in tbo blood you atn -a -.k. r A tb. aeullimtn ?hn mad* lot I Tlin B inn nw, r m. report to olotoo I y I bod rorrottMl thot lo thoro tor o? ?r ouh -ct 01 qn??Uoo which mil Uiro? ony h?ht on Utii mourr , which tM not horn in(|Ni*1 by ay o**raio?'.Mn k. I know of no?o, tir ? rn t I TfeoOnronor?'Vitlrmrr [I rcroit '? h*r ' OTOtvltrd the rhfo onoUir?<1 In the Irnnk o' l ' OUlrt [ not 1' orproro that thry ?r? n- rrp^rlonro Ihry h? lent * differ*oi nourcM nli'Oiy from what w? worn l-y>l lot tor, (l?u|hW) I TIIE AWiK KNMSNT. The Ooron r?.(^ntiornon, nnvo oniuteed to you thi thero ore rou* or (Ire letl?re to oorao la from wtuetio which Uio Coroner nod Jory nro firoo to nnderrUnd oi of r.oaio im^or'htao Iioy tuny crt probohy cost hoi i e n a T, I until to morrow, and thai In the aftero'ioa. and Imu 1 kwp the loquret op.< t until tho am,a! ol bun lo rr? COBMOueutljr, ae they eu|*oet t? mu U woild l*j oeitir i to adjourn thia mtai .>g till to in rrow mo.-vna at 11 o'clock (To be jury.) Is U at >ou-optuWu ft niwm n '? that w hat you wlah w to eay, go it.eiu -n Btveral Jin ore?Yet, certainly The Corou or?Thia i'lToeigatioo therefore ?tand? atjourntd until Saturday morning uealat 11 o'oiock. DR. BURDELL NOf MURDERED BY KV11B. Richmond, Va , Ke . 11, 1967. Tbswa U man named George A. Krone In the pctk hennery here, who wm committed for pasting c>unkrfe'i mvter. IS JOHN FARRELL'8 TkSTIMONY IlBLIABfiE? One or your reporters nailed joetorday mors log on Mr. William Koeri arrbi.eot, cr W Henond avenue, ond the ! following ooovernallor ensued In refareuco to tha testi mony of John Karrell Rxivktsk?Mr. Koea, hove yon aaan Vnrrail's evident* in the papers yet? Mr R? Yas, lsaw it yesterday. Kspoetbr? Weil, what do yoc think ef h f Mr R ?It's not true. Brt ornu?You are certain be was net sitting on the stoop as yon passed? Mr R ?I em certain he was not, Rii'oniu?On which tldeol (he way were you at the ttme? Mr. R ? On the same siJe as the Doctor's boose. Ra 'oaTsa ? 1 suppose you are aware that there ts a discrepancy between yonr tosttnony and that of two or three others, lu reaped to which way tbn Die lor waa ge log; You slate mat be w. s walli ng from Ilroadwayin the direction ol the Bowery, doors swear he waa going from ihe Bowery towards Broadway. Mr. V ?I deoikred tn my er.deace, and 1 will swear to It that I saw l>r Bui-dell In front of me going towards the Bowery, and when 1 first caugh: sight of him bo was Hkiokikh? flow did you know tt ?H Doator Burdell? Mr. K ? Ob. I knew the DoO-or wbcu I eaw him. t don't nunc to iiwr poetilrely it was ho I mw In front nf no, but y i t I am almost sore It wis KititiMick?Whm lo began aroendiug the atopa, how tur were youtrom hlro* Mr R ? I wa* abi ut seventy Ore feet Kiri nT?k? Atd wh n bo got loalde the doyrf Mr K ?About twenty five liari.aiKK? That'i marly two honsae' * Mr K ?No Ha only one I beard hln door Woy make a noire In Ibr lock. R?ii>kt*h?Welt, lt? very strange; and you are euro Fsrrel wain 't there on tre atepet Mr K ?Not a bit o' It Rmiihts*?Where were you what, you heard the cry? Mr. It ?Near by the houtc I turned Liank and looked round, but could ece nobody in the direction of Broadway. Tben I turned again and found tno lamp port oloae by me?that la, about three or four feet, ao that I must have beon a bouae anil a naif from the Ddcior'a Rii'oaTXK ?And jou aro aure that the bouae you saw tbe man with the staw! go Into, war the Dootor'a f Ma. K.? (ib, yea. of cou-ae I am. Why, I re been going into Bom) atreet lor yeara past when tiara net B. Kugglea lived there and otoera too ; beildea tbe Doctor's biuat locka older at Eight time than tboae alongside It, aa the) bate been ncrmly palntod , and tho door plate tr d <! ront from o bora In tbe atreet; then Farrel aatd too he taw tbe number on the door, and there wasn't light rnoLgb for blm 10 ace It. RsruKTSK ?No, be didn't lor ho had to go back to make aure of it. Ma K.?Yes, but he said be saw a 3 and a 1 ; now ti ere wasn't light enough from tbe lamps for blm to nee that Rmubiir ?Wait a moment; there's a lamp paat ea acilv opposite?the other Hide of tbe street' Ma. R ? \ ua, 1 know ; bat tbe number 31 Is flst ago* cat It e uoor. not liclmcd towards toe stops . ao that tbe gas but g about on a level witb the figures, the light la thrown forward, nit downward Rimrr**.? Weil, jocr theory 1* a pretty one, and I won't arg'.e with /ou on it: yon aoem potted. Mr R ?I'll tell yon what my optaion ra; he was mar dated In the bail before b? had time to get up ata>ra hti-onviB?Others would nay that's an ImpoM'btllty. Mr i; ?Trtn hero wore two people murdered, that's all f RaiokTsa?Wha. do ycu say to Farrel'.'e recogaittM of tvkvi 1 I was u> tbe rocm at tbe time, and know there was not any trako tx llvve shout that Mr K ? Ob, he's teen some portrait Of blm Hn ones? That would not account for ticket's hearing cr.rg tbe InteiT i w, but I tuppoie I've got all toe Islumatian 1 can from you, and I thank yon. Good mornlrg (fCzlt Rr|>orter ) TO THB ITITOH OF THK IfKfttLD. Nrw Yon a. r>-\ I'l. 1 KIT Ibrrugh vour raluah> .lontntl of flu* date. 1 pe'**n < lt? the ti-HtiuiOry g \m ly M- .'ohtf FarreU rotif rn'ng'lw Hood iiertaurcrr that the'aootier has received a note meeting lit* ahrntlcr tn rale Kat??r in raid < *? . and mplyiofiu au'heMi I'* to tbe ine'er nuvx-d I wl*l tiint tor frtenda and thf nub'k slrtiNI knew Uiat f a o neawa's o( anything ron n< rted *l*h aaM r, te and thercfere pro'e?t agalnr nuna lt? author Hi glungthli i kfiicii} you wl.' much oblige aa old >* it of fie UauiLu .1 iMf h OKI LI. I. W M'rluk at TI1E ESTATE OF DtRVEY BURPELL, I>fr CIaMD. 7 IIK CONTFFT FOR LETTER4 OF ATOHNIBTRATION? THf I'l'HlK AliRIMtTKATOR?MRH. ri-MMNUIAH, WILLIAM BVRDSI.L, AM> THE IBIM OF Jou> BCRtFLL, ALL APPLT FOR LITTERS OF Al>IUKI? 1 A 1 lOf1 t' KBrx.AlW-'e Oil RT Be.'nre A W. ltd ford. Tr?t?rT?* forte not IN> llw'ted eptee In IboHurrogtte'i crtmped title wm crowded to eirtM. The eppllntllim o' tbe Public Admltitlrttor ror letter* of k1mlg,..<lrwtlna cpun the rmtie of Htrvey Burde'l ?n (el down for eleven o'clock before that boor II til dlDlmlt lo ft! toCM loin the court rnnwi *hn?ilp otter nitre*. the ditr regale lit< of kdjourotd one UH, announced Ihtl he wtt ret'! j lo hrtr the Hordedctoe Mr Clinton (wbo. w'ib Mr. Tttajrer, appeared far Mro 't>nlrg>,atn) ?Criminal proceeding* befog one pending before tbe Coroner tad Jury 1 propose tu lay thia ce*<o<*r for a few day*, i nil aler tbe end ut la ret I ftlioa I wl ! title ib't I do jot knoar ?htl con-o to porter bow I wick lo wall nnttl the en 1 of the Cot aer't laeetttft' >? ) htve jott underatooi ftnt the Public. AtfmlniMratr.r tfett be will btre no otjeetioe to tbia. Public tdoiialitrator ? 1 wti willing to tfre< to Ule acj'.uri meal only i.nder certain coDdlilooa. Mr Ciltlon?Mlfbl I tak whom the other turtle* here r?t>ree< nl? Wr Palt*re?? ? i rapreoent William Bordrll, who, Ibe lieer. '.i tl.r nlor brother of the Hirdell family now llrlijr tieept .famea. who It ta Ilia Moult W ijlaoi baa r> i'' bin to look after the tel. reel of hi* daccaaed b-rUi'f Id ctoocetliMi a th Mr B illio, of Ufa city, not baa applied for lattora of admtntaUailon. We ara o,rpoeed lo lha appl ra<!on of the Public < <iraln'oirUor far latter* of co.ircUoa or admtirairatloe. aad alao lo lb at ?f the ai UgeJ widow of tbo dir. arcd II Clinton?Thta : only nn application oo lha part of the public admit. traior for lotwra o: collection and aai aura per.dlag ibo cvmrororty between lha partira aak of in r letiete of a-.min.atrn 10a Now I naa oaa a a ok jortloa u pontpon ng the whole oalll aflar Iba Coroner'a IrrfoUgniion a r'?ea?t Mr B .1 THden?: appear If yonr Honor pleaoe, for ihr cMIIW Of .'oln Rurrtall U oecomco my t'lty loop I naa any application wheh a party rallfcf h?-?aif lha Mown' II r He. ray Bo'aaii aba I maka I aball a'ao nppoaa ?b" application of ifca public administrator Tar lot tiro r.f coilccuou an 1 ii apraari ? ma b? will hare rory line Harding berr when it at ktowa that U?er? ara par* prayani w>n h?\ ? a Mra npbt to W'tmro of admiaia Urn fb< y tborrfnto outi Ibc public atmlntat/a'or'a calm I would cat your attention to tbo aut .taa upoa tfci.yubjret 1 hot ahow that ha hoe no right bora At to ibo adiournmt oi I can bara no ob)eolh.o to It, if tbo coi d i to a oi a bro.b. r ? ueatl demnaaa N and li doat aot ailrot Iba rif hla of my ritanu ( wing to Ibo peculiar moaner of -I a drath of tno dectaeed there la arldaotty micb of hi pre party, prf-ioal and real, lo >me anient ia an aipr c rondtttci, and that otbar paruaa may not be an impmp-r t&we ahonid banoma meat la -d lo aara it Tbal the pnhnc almm loator ai'puld bara chary* of 't I ? ara perron all;, aaobjejtlon, tint a b* ai |? am bar* a a pariy claiming II an a r*ght, I nir t eppe a bia apr' cation duppoalny theea abould b aorairntti y we ball m?a i wltirair aad atr >r>gly op i??r lb< ai plh Mloti m?' a by M' I unulngham who i a v tobaiba wiuow of ibe dacra ad It appea-k to ma ?bara o .phi io ba a proper otlioo' oppotatad at ?aoe In 'ink afar Iba t-Ula Who Ibal par oo t.ari In be de tided by tour Honor I boold prater Ibal I be a perron wbn baa no uiter< t la lb watlor 1 aki- II that l< Ir Ilka aueb pr wredlcgtto Cbanoe-y whore i la ran it aro'crd, (ranting Intiera of admiAia*r%voa > ? a part) lour* d ,u tbe nun Mr. Chr t? 1 " uid liko to anggrat thai no Immod au mae# r.n bo c on to the eatatc or 1 i Birloil H i pe i total i roper it mtelaia cbltCy of ilocko In tbo Art' ji la k, u< i gl tw. ban ? tne prreonal property at 81 ' B< ad atrti i, but tr ai bc-io la la ibe poooaaaion of tb< police, ao uotfclag ran ve abstracted from lb I doa't too ba ainre tla ar y damage r-,n r eull Irom the poatpoao D ('III ui .1 - umw>' > 'I ? lew ' /? euei I, u vm low *, I'k a rnneniliit 1 between the oounecl to Met ?i r?pt>ot , ee ?n?'ti( ct)ffet??? epoa dome pftMy wbi will (We P b oi *M A* there la no perttco'ft I <h et'op -trtnto' the oaee, 1 will doggee tr.?* it be ? l)..urred 11 ne*l Toopday. Wedne?d?y o ) U.urd?, 11 ibonid think th*< the proceed I Ipga before >pe C i >im r'? jiir> would be closed r Hr I i? ..H th >rp It hit ob'-wttoe ? ii.rh >t .rr ii.ot, and I pbonld not feel diepoaed V ir*ke ft" o It. but If the alleged nln'met i U> h< the ' ?p ot tblv rteeeeerd perron, jiuU r't'ea ft' Irn tlft.MrallOR 0 por hi eetlte thep thee* m nt nx-reran' be a litigation In that ra?e prrhape. we will deepen tbe i |ht? ot the ?? ' reln?i??p of Pr Rirdel' ?e adaied i IraMoo i'( < n l.'t edeftte ttrd d'?t?e t'*t rotp" pf"[i?f ft" ! I Bt y r*ci h , <ul or Hi*t?e 11 t?kr of the ei| tp the mrit|t Tt WtiT thftt pfop el i|or. ? ITIt1 i hrttirr 1 o r bop if, | will t tfttr ti y p|--we ae to the peren who rbtll be appointed We do net think It Id % eeit cent' in | Wte I by law for the Irterveatioa d ii i ' , adrutntatrator We''oft i wftft ta ftt?te ?ne o>i n?<oe I b'm personally or ?p hie prr??Bt aro'wattoB, hot we e?| p* t ee tbl? In B'<t rone oontrBotftted In It* two be rt tut t'fd by I'lht tr v-t To-r b opf hdd ?h? r'|b| |o ?| LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. > I pom! eay one. and therefore blu. u en indtrllael, tat ' he U not entitled to It beoeuae be holde the otn.: i o< ft it'In e^m In let rat or. Ttui any be cut where the darro' ebon Id eppolot t collector or teaporery elation -e f~ *>nt the public edmttletretor bee bo more right to poiMiucot taeu eay other pert on J I. werda?If the publlo edmlelitretor only epp'la n the property end #(Ieot? of Harrey Bur-tali, u me I bet the requeil ehonld be fretted. Tbe fTrnittire w a. wn Alan iib/1?*a?. * ,u"k waa m iug ai ultui dma have WD tr.n.1^ loro. It ) the dmy k ,h? P^'le administrator to l?* Iter theae UHi^a Obey ,ll,,u'4 b? * ? o' rtaponaibie pet ton . , ... . Mr Tilo.n-I don't tVU Ul? *'*' r#r ?/? Clinton li objection*!, hub there are rent* fallta* dae to doaMtd upon tha drat ot l!l m.mth, In Utla Otp. la law .Jerrty, tnd Id wariotrr pa "A BAA; M I Iklbk the d? lay should be ar ?r*rrt,? p Mr Clinton?lb* eelwi watil net ha lo.^*. grse upon tn earner meet tig II ft It drain ^ Public Admlnlrtrntor?I behave that It It t rnl? ?f court rtiat letter* ?( admlD "at ration cannot b.' lo tny yvawtlea wh?u tbern la a controversy goiL'fo? twttn kiti about Ibo citato Mr I'ieton?it U lev.rable that a rsHabla and | vopw person should be nppomted collector and thereK** I think there will he ?o ob)e<roii to an adjournal. At. [ during wfeh time we' will ?r.d ' tvor U? agree upon tit V ' person among ourteh tr The a tjoonnmnt will be ha.' for a ahort I 've Surrogate- ?fsr wboae ban da a-o the papers of Dr. IJDrdell. Clinton? I ttAir the) a:T In the ltatr<lT of Mie Coroner I dauJt know bnw muob lotger 00 will rvqitf* laetn as rr rtenoe Th< - will probably he safrtberu a* long an the police bare charge of tb9 bonie Surrogate?Tha* la ib? cava* of beafatton In Mil* ease. Mr. Clinton?Wc*, If tbo patloe are mawrtd and III* papers endangered, we will meat at an <*r ler date. Hur-egate? 1 tbmj tbere 1a tame mucwtptiti a* A the nature ol thla apptloation This appli.taboa (or eaetlector ;sr the enisle neve' takea plane unleaa thereto* llt'yaltoa pending. It In In realtt) Hke tne npplijattn* A* lb* appointment or rcaalrer in CLwinery, and I an ontg justified ft making It There tberiiaa delay to fraattag the letter 1 cl administrstlou. Ho Jar there Is no content before mo Clinton?Though we all agree tbera will be one In Um Hur regale?Thorn is no contest low, tbero la merely am application by a brother of Ueceaaeo or letters of aMah niatratlon Tbrrc can be no contest until Mrs. Canalngbam lilea her application aa widow lor letters of a 'mtntnttation. The law as regards the pusite administrator A aa to, Iowa:? In (??? of a cn:i'n?t relative to the proof of a w ill, or rob*, live to si aiitlni, ti tlrr* t?Htminn'ar>' or of adrhtumiratio'i wWh the wtiT annti* I. or ol udmlnhtratlon In dte ol intiwiacy. ar when l>y reason ol ab-erce from thu slat, or any eve-uttor named in ill m| l '' t lor an. ores cm .< a delay Is nroeaa* ii.) produced in pranUng inch IM'.i-k tin- Murrogste la eutbert/i'il lo grant Ihe annic ul mm in hi? dlscrotln.i laau* apeclul lel(cra<.f adalahtrwtlon authorl/tag inn ; reeerveaon am# Collection of tbo goods ol the deceased <>r be m km be appoint id meroly an a keeper of the property ot the dccarod under tbe statolee>? Whrr.etpr'he e Mial! be sny widow or next ol kin ef aeg Intricate, milled to 11 dtstrlhu'l-e share to bin estate resldlwgin the city ol New Yorl, at the time of bis death, the puHMe sdn.inlh'ralor upon i reiving notice of such tm t shall wee bsve sny authority In Interfere with the citectii ef the .leceaaed until be shall haw obtained an order tbe surrogate ef (be city and count) ol New k nrk to mkr idiarg* of It huch nrdt r may lie granted by the M srr arte ii|ina Use ap plication of ihe pulille administrator, and upon due pried being made to him by affidavit, that the edlson of toe deoeaaed ate In darrei ol w sate or oaiiietdemm.l o- that for an* ndaer reason II w ould be for the Iwnrtlt ni the es'ate U> bare die same or an) part thereof seized and secured 1'ubl'c Admiuratmtor?Tola (ban ling the Surrogate the fopowlng paper) is the order tbe publto adminutratov fll?e:? art* Tour sTTHnootrr's rorar. dlooo of llnnry ilnr*lr1l. if'- irr'l ?*io the Surrogate of the ot'imty ol New turk?1 he petition of t bae'es a May pubhe administrator ol the c.iy nt Mr* tort reepectlully *h"?wv\ tipr n Irloimalion ax.d belief a* follow* ? 1 hst said dnra ed died a vh lent death or. the "V*h day ad January Us' hi the dtv of Now tnrk being at the brae a re suit i t and Inhabbsnt i f the city and county of he* Y wk Hat tie d- 'eared left personal oroperty In the Ml?i* cf New Y< Ik lo an amount not fully known but e--i.mated al an amount under twenty thousand debars "lha decesi. d left m itd kin rending In th* ewtnty <J Mew York aid e sew here, cocslatina Ot brothers nei hswt and nieces, w hose pa"icu ar uumes aid residences have not omre to petitioner a stowledg" and thai aela'ui is alan mad' by iw on Vrha'f of ?ia. Vmm* Augusta t unningbati, or llureeM. as wUos- ol the di ceased. That ihe dfi ased hug left *m< ng n'her pec 'erty a 'I'.anUqy ol household famltnre dentist's in* rumen's, bonda oo'ea, gc.wht'h it would be lor the be'eflt of the estate to hare seirrd snu *< cured 1 hat a oontest ruts ar sec. or Is alxrfit arlsicg lothwooust oo 'he application tor admlnistratlre p"*er, and mi pew tioist r ha* csti-cl ni fee to be given to the paries named M the arreted allidavit ot petttioaer s Intentl ui toapplv for ae order to a. e< re Ihe "it" aril erln ,ta of Hi. drcraar-d. aa i far letiers nf rollec'lot. prndiog the roulrevrrsr as will nsrri 'nliy api.esi by ih* annexed notice ard p'tlt mm srsri ttei siirk order u s> be granted an t thai such let"?rs tr# forth Wttb rpraed to the petitioner. I.IUK..M A. MAY. Kr.n Voiik Feb 13 I-?7. A H. Tat pen proctor for Public Administrator bworn before t M Newell I oinnua-loerr of Heedg. Hurrogati ? foe propriety of granting bis pwtltlnw de prude upeu Ihe necees ly of as'ng pursrweloo of tag pre perty. When be la ea prr*ep*lor of tbe rrUle no dor the order, aa mepiti aid In lb* raw aoovo, he lose not become collector or administrator, or udBilMitratcr of IM* esiau : h< mnely ?<- roa it and lias toecut'ody ol It, Ml It raa II over Immediately to tb* adm nistratos as eooe ae he is appointed S .w I don't aee ao> hs-m la his bate* appointed coatodra* to the property until there la aw mm ndn rtrstor It aeouros the legal p war a* on ol It, a*d ea ao^a aa a | grant is app'luiod to take oharg< of It he lures It over We do not know when tbe Coroaer'e la qugat will raac and wbea l> doet the poilea will prshe bly bar* If e charge of the ho"*e an property there. Mr t'lietoe-Wr might fben ?i 'ort to. Saturday, aw the inquest will art be through before that il<ae A me lartht r d'scue?"<a took piece upje tbe pe'.nla af lav to fryer' |o me nppi'rim-iit ->i toe i uo.ic auuw trainr aatte ti mpcrnry ouatodtan of the earn#. ?4 u|4B tbr ai'j rriirfdi Thay finally coactote.1 to a^ iu?n till Saturday, m M o'rl w? A M . and alao to i?t in* ewe rent ill! tbao The follow'nf i*t 'on aw prenente ! to Ui di.'pogato on babalt o* th. ah'ldroa of John to run Srainv.ATa up run i'.ip*tt or Nrr Tntia.I 'h* Moti- >- t,f rt F.-'itt' ?/ Wif .'i/ tin Ml, n*''**> *! Ttm pennon of ami * MnrPMef' Hu'rtelt Krai1) i-o.iinn lli.ntoil and I Itarlrt I n ho wa> when r il.l oalifxl .fnhni HordeII la furve that ail )?>ur petitlonera aye over fe.irteen teai ot a*e llial the druraerd ?a* their i<ni ! tli*y bell ? the rhlltren of h m brother .'oho llm le|i t'lanee Dial ?a Ihev he i ve the* are la'-r'ea'ed In ?he e?tai? and properly of the aahl llarrey II I'dell tereael, aa of Wa or lillei ?lie thai therefore and Ir.aam ich aa i>r .coedluea are about la be|iuied la lb ? I ourt la m\ i?r* lonrb'ng fh# raute of tbo I Barvry hur e i ibev a - a.1 ic i thai II ay nr?. d hae? a nnardtan lo lake rare if Ifcetf Inlerea ? In the prefntara. Your petlcnpfra thrrel > # , ray Utai Mr Char e# Ndward* of New tork r>>tir.??,ini a' !? ? may ho aueb gjardian IV taac rata ol ike r ealti in er'tn AN** MaROARKT RURnRLL. kMTtA I.IM.M* HrRPRI.U CM'#. K. let Rl'RI.'. Tbla loatrumenf waaaarora 10 brlkre < barlaa Q "mlto Co?m Lea idt of I irede br all Iho partlea whaas naman are atlanbrd to ft Mr Fd varda alao cod ana lad In am an guardian to tb- tn in tba nboee natter The Snrrrpate baa not j el acted gap tbla padtlaa Tbo belra ' f Jrbr Ibir lnil ran not at aajr ra < bar# tbn adailalatruioa cf H*'? y'? natale nntll they haro guardian appointed and th. n only thraugo b m, JtiMlllnanl frani aka ( laMapaaka. Th# alee tot hp CeJedor .a amend hern yaoterdar naaraf on Hanptoh Read a The fblloofag la an rxlPMd fro* bar lop ?Left Maw York Friday, tba ~Oth alt, at 10 P M for Hanpioa Hunda to aaetal too pteanar nod moat tad rtoor reaor a in dtofrtan On Roa'ayaftao noon, lit mat, applied bark BanUtoa of Satoa^ tbH lyitg In l.yanftaaon bay. with two bbta boaf. four Mi | brred ota bbl pork and ooe oaak of aatai Naraaafter rooa a poke ibtp Nabab iron Cat loo a ad brig lb aba old and barb Barltnftaa, of Rath, aa aniatMboo raadr of #ioopt by brig WabaftoM, whleb, owing to toogram the-kn?ao or lb# too, r.oaid not bo glroa tba* aigbi RR enrol nuonordod la gatllag into Hanplaa Roadn aatl day. wan informed by Captain of abtp Nabob toat bo bad ponoed too hng Mary KnM?. of Now Horoa. dftoaontod aod r? .ntriog anaintonre Tba Sanoh paaaod her fwr aapo proatoua, when aba reineatod bin to toad a aiaatanr In bin a an latino* if pnaatbto Went to am thai algh* ? arnreb ol tbla brig, bu. roiaraed nnnnaneaaraJ Ol Yoadey morbmg apnke a ?nin<r Jamaa idgnr, ad both prnry edod oa to. 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