Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 15, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 15, 1857 Page 1
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TH ===== WHOLE NO. 7473. THE BOND SIREET TRAGEDY* zuroifAKT TzuwrKoarr. 'Scene between Captain Ryndera and bnodgraas. laprtiiilic Appeal of (he Captain to Induce Snodgran to Tell all he lnf?? ; SNODGRASS AGAIN ON THE STAND. Twe Witnesses Testify that he Purchased a Dagger* Another Exciting Se ne it the Reeognftion. HIS BE-ABRE8T BT THE CMONEft. . The Mysterious "John" don't Kmew Anything of U.e Murder. CLOSE OF THE INVESTIGATION. CORONER CONNERY'S CHARGE. Tht Jury Retired to Deliberate upon their Verdict. THE TEBDICT OF THE JOEY. Mrs. CuBniigham and Eckel held to Answer the Charge er MURDER. . SN0DGEAS8 HELD AS ACCESSORY TO THE CRIME. . Augusta and Helen Cunningham Detained as Witnesses. Ac.. Ac., Ac. The iB taeat wee returned at twelre o'otook yeeterday. There nee e large number of pereooc In attendanoe. m It wen reported that the Coroner had eome Important wllneseee to examine, and among ibeae was young Snodgraae. The uanal crowd of curio un .peotator* eeeembled in front of the henee, end the door etepe were throngeJ by appllranU tor admiailon. Before the opening of the oourt Judge Capron In tor met the reportere that he wa^ of a letter which gere what be ooaalderad e wary oleer explanation of the dtf lereooe between the else * the cute In the clothea of Or. Burdeli Ml the wonnda on different parte ot hie body. Thla difference wh lUuetrate l by the folding o'. e pteee of paper la triangular torn aad the outttag of It through the folds, which would produoe a cut considerably larger than the wouad. The lllMlratioa te a very reasonable ewe, aad U rendered probable from the tact that the hreaet of the ehlrt la foil o( plait* aad teida. The following H the letter ? New Yntt. Feb. 12,1M7. Jrix.n C*i-kos? fir ? I no* iohirmatloo Irom a drawing givea In Frank I<ealie'e thai i?r. Birde.l a shirt ab<>w* aaraal cula of this remarkable augular form aad juat now I read in the Hc*au> thai you eiemixa: t?r Wiehmt therefore saapeer that the woanda inflii-ied upon the body of Or. It. oeild not here beet) mala by the -ame laeirumrut. Thle might lead, perbapa, thr tnqudtteaal parties Into a Intltleae way. and a? I am dee'rvus u? prevent them from going on la It. I beg leave to eall your attention l > the enclosed drawing, wb'ch ahowe evidently that the rnte la ha shirt likely have been male hv the same Instrument aad thai anrpriaing angular form of several af them ee ihl hare heea eansed by a ptait only of the shirt. Yours respectfully, a. r. tifllitr. Among tbo oudleaco wot Ooptaie Ryadera, wbe had, It appeata, a little reaoeutre up stain la the third etery of the heuee with young Shodgroae. The Captain, lee palled by that curteetty natural te elaMet every oae, weat up talre, aad white lochia# about the rooma, expressed the optalea that Snodgrew knew a great deal more ie reialloa ? !?? iku Be aisksil la lalL aad that he ought to onu (nrtrd ud tell ell tie did know. Some oae laformed the mptaha that the ladtrtdoal la <iue*ti>o wee prmmt. but laetead of loeertaf hla toae ta the iaaet, or exMbttteg air dmlre to maaial hla optetoea, the eaptata with hla tiaaal blaataaat veat right up to teodgram ud addteaoed ;hlm naiwhat aa foliowa?"See here, rooag ata, I Oaa't habere bat that you knew more aboat thta on air than yea pratead mgo; ud aow, the boat tUlag that yev oaa go ta ta oat with the whole atory at oaoa, tor a meat oowe oat aooaer or later." Ta thta Paodgrem made ao reply; bat at the nolioitatiee of aamoerhle Meade left the raaai at oaee, aol, we *>?ltera, weal den otalre aad miagied with the aoi ilaaoo It waa about twelve o'clock aow, aad the Coroaer opoaed baa aoart aad eddraoaad the iary m fclleara.? I woe of Bpdaloa, whoa wo laat adJeoraed, that wo bad aoothor Haeoaaa to eiamtoo, bat treat talormaMoa which I receive-) yoeterday, I eooetder It right aad latt that I aboeM act upor that tafOrmatloa, aed wo will, therefore, toamlot oao oe too or throo waa ton more 1 woe aeiiod opes yootorday rory freqooally, by to or ou foatitoeoo, who etetod that thoy ooaM giro a rory oteeiiral ohtroator of ferretl I boro booo oailod upoa by oao goatloano. oad I might ao won giro hla aame, ?which la Kiy?who ooyo ha oaa produm two poraaat who hoard a aaaa my ao aad to?that be waa a drunkard. aad ao tort* I woe Id my, giaUemoa of the jury, rowing what beloaga ta the aoort erer which I proaide, that Uttt t? not a court of defleem. that the time aed op ! portatty wiu tebetqaeoily boallbrdod to oil thorn pertorn w lob log to tew ebern-Jer altar oar larmtagattea The jary two oothiog to do hot to tad out who *p the perpetrator of the marder. Wo aniatatoly tubmlt tbe dectaee the fury trail arrive at to the urud Jary ud tbe tetrtct Attoraey, tor Ih a mere acttoa of the law. Thta ateoaaoomml wo* received with eipremloat of approval by the aadleaoo. The Ceroaer oailod, aa the irat wltame, " George Vail Saodgrae," aed teat yoaag (ralkmto made hie appoaranoe with the greeted non halaaoe. took hla aaet la the wttaeaa ohair. aed propered te eaawer the qamtleaaatcoMRAaa AGAIN ON TBK NTANP. " Yeu have hem ewera httora. Mr. itoedgram'' aald the roroaer, " aad yea are attll nader the eame ohllga Tho viiun nod dad mat Oorwor?!*M fw otof. roraatly, or al aa? um, |o aot la compaay witb Mr* Caaalagbaa la bay a dirk, daoar or award oaaa ? A. Na, air. y Did yau raaratly, al aay na?a boy t d*c(*r ar dtra ycoToalf A. No, air. Coroner?Tbot it all I baro to aah, air i The aiinaaa rail rod, aod olaad tba audtaarc la lb* root parlor. MP*. MAWOdRBT ALTIBBT I BBtIF1W THAT RNOPRKAi9 torch air a damir. Tba aaal vltaaaa o*uato#4 waa Mr* Margaret AirUot, wba, ba*lax baaa aarara, laaMBad aa Holloa* ? y. Whara do yao lira* A. la MO broad way y About two waaka ago did a youag aaaa. a boa you baaa alar# rcaag al*ad aa aaadgnaa, sail at yaar atora la braadway ta parabaaa a daggart a. i aaw that yoaag maw about twa or tbraa daya botor* tba Doatar waa killad. aad nald his a dirk kair# wllb a roar aaraarad biada. y. TMo vm tba Wadaoaday or Tburtday baforo tba ardor, aad It waa two or tbraa daya bofore thatt A. Tor, air q. Md ba aot try oaa al tbaa, aad objaet ta It baoaaa# it waa oat atraag owoagb ' A. Tw, dtr q Did ha aot aroataally oaloat aa aid oaa. lor whlob ba paid o*fht dollar* r A. la paid atgbl dollar* for oao ; 7?. ?V Q. Ydu war* ban balorn ta Idoaliry Mr* ( ( item *?? ftobnd M yamM ?M haafbt ?word nana la yoar mat A. i m bora tba day batbra yaatar lay Q What ?mR yon trianttdad Saodgraaa u tba paraan wbo bought tba la yaar alara A A yontiamnn *?M ta bring ma at out ra. u4 aa omear aaM to ma, < wba aaat yon op," u4 I aald, "nobodylbaa ba aaal ma dawn and l watt la tba bant nan, and ba aald. "tbat * aa* tba ptaa* tar wbtMBot," aad tbaa I want to tba front nan. wbara I aw a young lantlanaa atttlac na thotaaa I laid tba polieanaa tbat T waatad ta gal my diaaar. aad tbat If b? bad aal boat la aacb a harry E NE witli ma I eould bkra taken it la flra mini to*: I the yonng men who m sitting on tho Ioto ipoke to ! eery roughly, sad Mid that ha bad ao dinner, and I might as wall he without miaa as himself; I told the oflloer that I saw that young man who was atttlng on the store In my store; an odoor then came In and said to Saodgraso, that If he had eaosgh money be could get his dinner; the young man toe It some money out of b? pocket and asked the otlcer If that wu enough, and when the oflloer told him It was net, he showed a lot of bills, and the oflloer Mid that would do, and took him out to get his dinner. Q. Were you brought here In order to recognise him? A. Tea, sir. Q DM you recognise him as the person who boeghttlie knife from yon? A. Tee, elr; I new btm buy the knife; I recognfied him m the person who bought the knife. [Here the Coroner banded n foor edged dirk Senile with a wooden handle to wltneee, and asked bar to look at It, which she, did very closely. The handle wee so loosely titled to it that It oould be pulled oil with the greetMt em; it bad set then the appearance or being the original hanale; the blade was about an Inoh In width, bout six Inches long, and wu or the strongest kind. J Coroner to the Witness?Does that beer a similarity to the knife he bought from you? A. You, elr?that Is tha tame blade, hut the handle Is not fin la bed. q. la It tha same alse? A. Yea, air, Are Inches long. The blade was bare exhibited to the aedlenoe end oreated the greatest excitement. Will wam UanMIW iha mawAB whA hANaht that vuivuci ?- t? iti ;uu uguui/ iu? |ici?vh ?mw wvm?iii from joc?ooa yon recognize blm among that crowd? i painting to the crowd of persons who stood la the (root parlor, and of whom there were from forty to flfty). The witness walked ortr to the barrier whiob operate* the front and back parlors, and taking from one of the polioemen a walking etlok which he bad In h band, she stretched across the barrier and laid It upon the shoulder or 8nodgraas. This recognition did not seem to aOVct him la the least, but la a somewhat braggadoois manner, be said to Oaptaln Dllks, " Well, I don't see why she shouldn't rsoognlzo me, after seeing me op stairs." The witness returned to her seat, prepared to enswer any farther questions The Coroner, Immediately alter the i (cognition srsnodgraas, had him arrested. "1 will give yon," said he to the ofllcsr, the necessary legal pa per to take Mr. Snodgraes Into custody." Theoommitmeat wss mode ont nsd placed In the hands of the offloer, who forthwith arrested Snodgrasi and took him to the Fifteenth ward sullen house. While paeelag through the hall ho called to a young man about bta own age to join him. ' Ccme along, Dlok," sail ho. And Dlok aecordlagly went with him. The excitement which followed the reeognltloa orSnoi grass was so great that no business could be transacted for isrsral minutes. At length Mr. Chproa said that when the noise should subside he bad some further questions to pat to the witness. Coroner?If qnlet to not restored I shall order the room to bs cleared of all but reporters. IXAMINATIOK OF MABQAR1T ALTIBET KBSCKKD. Continued by Mr Capron ? y. I wtob yon to state to us and the Jury whether there wss nsy controversy between yourself and Soodgraas at the time he was la the shop, which led you to notice him particularly?any thing about the bills or moneyt A. I don't understand eery good English : do you menu that I laised with the yonsg man about the aaoaey. y. Was tbtre any dlfflcsliy between you about the money at the time he bought the knife? A. Wo looked et the bills ; 1 do not know the bills myself, and 1 looked to see If they wore good ; he said, rough eaoogb, " Do 70* thiak I woeli giro 70a bad money?" We laid we bad to look at b lie Tor we had bad oeee passed on ne eometlmea. When wo had ex mined them be laid ' Well, are 70a satiated bow? Are tbe7 good?" We laid 70a. He went oat, aad I aald to the other girl "That la a rough young au I euopoee ho wae oarer out of the bonee or bia father before ? Q, What atroot did be go to out of your atore A He paxeed up Hroadway. y I)ld be croaa the atroetf A. No, air. y. le 7?ur a tare betew or abera Bead aWaal r A. II m la f be MetropolKaa Betel; it la aear the eager at ere. Q. Waa bla laoe at that time aar dNbroat from what Itwaa here? A 1 doa 1 think U waa, wbea ha aaoM If 1 bo at ore he bad a light moataehe. y Ilea that oeee eh/nged A. To-da7 he baa aoae. y la the other girl that saw him bars' A No, sir. 1 y Would abokaewblm? A. No. Ilhiak aot .abe dooa set I look at people aa aaaeh aa I do; I aotica people whoa thay I apeak tough. y What la the aamo efthe other poreoa le the atore? A lire, kmtk, the ceeeot oome up uatll I go bank. Wbea the wltarea had rottro<l, ooareruattoe waa agata returned, aad booaaao so toad aad ex01 led that the Coro aer threatened for tbe oaa haadrodtb liaae to clear the room. THI WHZKBABOUT8 OP WANS SBTTLlb. Oeroaer?Oentk men of the lory, I aeal oO four telegrapbe yesterday. I bare rooetred aaewere to two of them, lagatrtag at le the wberoaboate ef Cadwallalor Frost. I (ball read them ? Part epeuruu. Pel*. 111847. K. D. rmiMr 106 Henry elreet He te Mft la Mcyiunruettig prison, unie-e aa elite. J. WII.Ktl. Deputy. rniLAntimu, Feb. LI, ItoT. V D. No. IMBenrv ?u?i ? t'*4?ella>l?r ftxane vm die barged Mey 22, li&i WheresImiuw unknewa. lUvr beard that he wet In Virginia JOHN C. HAf.(.OWAT. NnheenneBll* ike Coroeer received end reed the fal lowtag doopateh ? MAKTI t.ri) riMIT?*TUBr,I BiLrmonl. B?-bru*ry It, 1H&7 > Ku. D Conaiar. 1(* Hear* atreel?Wa ham John P. N?tId , tllia c*dwailad<>r l??n, In <??tody. and ezport to hold bin for throe and a half year* ret. He mya be known Dr. Btirdall. and olelmato bare enwhtded bin onre KAR/IM A HARRIOT, Olerk ta tbc Warden. Cercaar?Thai, goutlemea. eettiee tthe qaaatloa of Nr. Freaa. JOIN (Tht COOK'S rHIND) IS fOONP AND TRSTII 1KB. Jafeh eilaartia, a atroag bodied lahoriag naa, wboaa laagaage wee much batter ibaa what hie appearance would ladlcate. ?! aaora aad azan aad br Mr. Caproa. Q. Warn you acqaalatau la tkia family wbea they oc copied bare* A. Ya*; aat with all tbe family, air; I waa with Mra Cuaalagiem. the two daaghtera aad two aaaa ! did not mow Ike otba- daoghlar q I'id ion aerra bar in tba oapaalty af aorraal* A. I bare doaa aoaae arraada aad maaaagaa far bar q. Did yon Una w.tb bat A. No. q. When were yoe bare laat, la rafareaoe la tba iaur dar of tbe Doctor A. httber oa tbe header or Taaadey niybt prericoa to tba murder I am not aara which day. q. w ere you here tbe day tbe murder waa dleonrered A. No. air. I came bare oa Fuaday morning, to aat eome elenn abtrta, aad I fouad a crowd aito t tba door I got my waabtag done tare, by flat nan tbe cock aba waa aa old mead of mtae, aad aba got that prirllaga. q lid yen know Dr. Buraall A. Tea, air ka got an, lately, that be kaew ma ta apeak to mo. q. Did yon area ear bim la the at root T A. I mat blm one atgbt la Broadway, la freel af the new theatre. I thought I kaew kirn, aad 1 aakrd Hannah ,i that waa aot him Ta tbe thaw Q Wbec was tl at A That waa the Brat atgbt tba aewthratre waa opeaed (f aura K aoaae). <) Dd jcu ever ta b with Mra ' uaatatgham ' A. Taa, Itr, 1 did Q Watt a moouct?J.d yaa tear talk with Mra Cuaalogbam aaoat tba I oner A No, air; I do aot think i e*er dtd. I did sot eoaTara# with her abort the Doctor g Did tea ?rr?r it* Mr* Cuaalngbam u< the ttootnr ittMktr t A. 1 ?M. rr. g w??a* A. Tbr Aral I'M I ihiab, ?u dowa a the bwaMt o. The teat ihb* a tbo m< at aportaat. giro aa that? A The last IIM o4 al ia perhaps ibree or four weeks ago Q Where was that' A Dp stair*. air. q. la lb* I xanr'e r*ea' A. No. dr. la Mra Cnaaiag baa'* raaau. I ihiak. tt was. g la the third atarpt A Yr*. air, I wee dorr* auira aad aba aaat i#*j laaito ban* *p **?* , arid**. g. Waa tba Iwotor aiding bar' A. Vaa, dr. I will tall yea bow I thlak tba ye*af ladiat war* la Ike roaaa aid lha yoang lady who Id lb# bablt *f to* lag bar*, aad 1 (blah tba* weal oat: I think I reotod a mbie witb a pita of booki oa It, aad broaght a aaaaii labia fro in oaa ef tea attle rooaw, <>a wblefe I ttood: Mrs L undertook to > the gee MghL aad maeorarad tbat oaa at the itgbta waa (topped op, aad Veld tba liaetar; ba aatd it waa novpad up oonaaten tily to aara gas. aad aald it waa taaa i.y Mra Jaaaa to aara thai ibaahgba. b# added tba raaaark that eltbaugh aba area aa etmgpaba bad aat atxik to abaw Ibr It: wbao be oawa la aad eat tbay oaa tar aad I did aa* take murk aatioa. tbat la Ilia MM Its* 1 aaw btai aad bar ta?atbor tbat la perhaps fear waaba age. q Old yea arar bear lha tare daagbtara ear asythiag aboat tba deetar * A Na, air. g. Ha*a yea arar taaa tbata ta aaatpaay ? A. Na, air, (leapt fOtaf throogb lb* baoaa: I did aat g* through ta* appar part of tba baas* aiaeb. It Mr*. Cnaaiagtaa wasted a* to g* anywhere aba aaat Baaaab tor a*. Mr. Oaproa? I as *aita nMabad freat tba arealaetian ni tbta 1MB tbat yea aright oontiane II all day t* ao par C. If yaa (to Uoreasr) tktaa tbar* la aaythiag be r* jam nan pioraad Caraaar? Were yon out of the etty dare tb? mardar A. Yob, air, I was; 1 wast to see a waa at Parmtagdaie. aad I tried to got bark tbat day, bat caald not: that araa lad waab Q. Hare yea baea at Nawarb' A Not lately not ainor tba morder 1 waa at Morrtatowa. aad tried to got barb the aatae day. bat eaold not. q Wore yoa erer in the habtt of peddling A. No, air. q Had yea year arm ta a sitae wttbta tba last 'ort eight A. Na, dr. aaror to at knowledge at may time g Pld Mr Rabat or aay worn Her of Mre C*?ei*?ba-n* really or Mr naadgrtaa. giro yon a iraak to tab* to aay W TO SUNDAY MORNING, placf A No, air, 1 Bayer look a trank out of thla hooae ta my Ute, nor u; other package exeept my oira ahlrtn. y Did j oa get any olothae from Hannah to get waehed that had apota or blood oaf A. No, air; I aerer had nay' thing not oi thla houae bat my own ablrta. Q Did yon aee Hannah, the oaoh, atnoa the Border! A Ns, e'.r. Q. Did 7?u try to keep out ot the way since the order/ A. No, sir; I slept to the room until they took my clothes from there; friend Bold to me, If they wanted toe they would Bead tor nae, and oat to be tor out of the way. 1 While the witaeea wee signing hie depoettloa, he eoM that when down autre eome young man took Itksnoss or bia, probably lor some enterprising weekly paper.] TESTIWhNT OF MBB. SMITH?MORI ABOUT T*B DtS j OKIl. Mrs Agues wot called and examined by dodge Caproe ? Q. Where Is yonr pi are of business? A. No. t90 Broad I way. Q. In whose ea ploy meet are your A. Mr. Atolaet'e. Q. In the same eeUbilehment In whloh the yoang lady examined here Is raptoyedr A. Yes, nlr, the eime. Q. Bore you been to the station hoiae to see a mat there wtu In a short time? A. Yea, sir. Q Mi Bnodgraai? A Yes, sir; 1 understand It was the eanie prra.w (J. Have yos seen, at any other place and time, the same young man anywhere else? A. I remember hie feoe, but am not positive to aay where l hare aeon him; I bave aeen the gentleman before, but cannot aay positively that I saw him in the store. Q Do fon remember a young man oomtng Into the tors to boy a dagger? A. Not to remember particularly tbe young man; wo have sold, during the last three weekB.npwardi of two doses, I suppose. Q. But you do not remember this young nana particularly? A No, elr; I remrmber the olroumstanoo of e young man speaking roughly to the other lady. Q Yon know that e young man name In and had that conversation? A. I do not know whloh had the cenver alios; I looked at the money, and ha said "Do yon sup pose I would give you bid moneyI said, "You must excuse me, sir, lor we have to look at money, as bad bill* are sometimes passed;" he said, "I suppose so, but I know tee bUla I gave you," and he shook his hand as If Impatient; I do not know the young man. Q Did you maks nny remark* about him* A. Madam Alviset used the French word that he was "6?anc bee." (Laughter ) W< supposed utm to wish to be thought oider than he was Q Bad he a moustache on his upper Up? A. Be hade light moustache, bo was boyish looking; It was his re w uk uwi vauiou nir ?i hviwo uiui, wwiiw & uu uw gtueraliy remark pertona Q What md you say in relation to the appearanoc of thu young man that you have aeon this morning, la oompariaon with the one with whom yon bad the oonveraailon, aa to the similarity of their figure? A. I ahouid nay ther looked alike, bnt I wonM not be willing to awear they were; I lorget very eaaily, and would be doubtful; I would be afraid to awear to him. A Stranger?1 beg to auggt st that the lady la nearatgbted. Witness?My eight is poor, but It la not In oonaequenoe of thla; I aee thoae near me plain enough to dlatlngmah them, but I do not look at poople generally; I did not sell him the dagger, bnt merely came In to lookattheamonoy. Q. Who was the sale made by f A. Mrs Atvtsst; she made the sale to him. and whan he gave the money she called me to look nt it. Q. You beard the conversation, without partlcu'arly noticing the gentlemanf A. No, atr; I wa engaged la looking nt the money; only when he said. " Do yon think I would give you bad money t" I said, "You must exouae ua, sir; It ii neoeasary tor na to look at it;" aoma'ganue men do get displeased, and soma do not. Q What description of dagger waa sold on that soon aim? A. It was a plated handle; It was what wa call a four pointed dagger. It was mare Hat than n diamond fashioned one. Q. Raised in the oentre, and flat a Utile? A. Yaa, air. Q. About how long! A. I should say about Ave laobea. y. Do you remember the prloev A The price wa sold those daggers at waa 98. It was 98 that evealag. y Po yon reooitect what direction he took when he left the more? A. Madame Alvtaet weal to the door and said ha went above no. Q. Are the tales entered in tha oaah book? A. Yes, air; I enter them on the slate and Mr Alvtset pots them la his books; 1 do not know how he enters them. q. Do yon specify the article? A No, air; 1 merely ata<e the price on the elate Q. Do yon remember whoa this look plaoo? A I suppose about tha 39th or Withe: January; I know it waa the week previous to this murder, about Wednesday; we have aoid so many that thoy commenced carrying on with ma nt the store, and saying that perhaps I aoid the dagger that killed the Docter. Q About what time in the evening was It? A. Between 4 and 0 e'cioci ; It waa towards dark. y. Yon keep a large assortment? A. We have three diflereat hinds: et thla dagger I apeak, wa had enly two Mrs. Alvtaet remarked to bar hunk an if thai she sole tha dagger aha had so long on hand. It waa clumsy In tha handle and gemiaansa did net Ilka It y Did he aatlgn any particular reason for selecting the dagger which he purchased? A. 1 waa net there at the commencement when she received the money, she called me out; I was In the back room, sawing. y. Yob have seen the dagger wa hart had here? A. Yaa, air, It la aa near ilka the oaa bought aa cm bo. Ihe Ooroeer, addressing the reporters, said ?(lenUe men, tha jury, la expectation of something of Impor tanoe I rose tbo two witnesses who am expected, are desirous of taking a recess for na hoar, la order to get some refreshment, tor, an thoy any, probably after tha hiilfflM Af thfli fVkrnnwr lh?v mtv h? rldhtmlneaH far MtntA t'me up etaire. A Juror?Tbe led7 1 MIm Banford ) la bare. Judge Caproa?1 thiak we bed belter take her test! mcaj Coreaar? I would rather conclude uracil. Miaa Ban ford not boring aaaa Haodfraee. and baring to fo to the elation bonee Tor that parpoee, the mry took a reeeae till thraa o'clock, the Uoroaer remaining to take bar teatimcny aa la ideaUQcaUoa when aba returned. MI.*? BAWTOID 1KI1S NOT UaOGNIZK 8N0DGRAS8. Mte a laaballa Ban lord, who baa beea before examined, waa re called, lor the purpoae of eating whether the could Idaatlty Mr Rnodgraaa aa tha gentleman who ac conpanied a lady to purobaae a aword cant la the eatablahment wbere iba attaade. i.j Have you ?eea Mr. Snodgreei at tba autloa hooae A- Yea, air. g What la your judgment u to bl? identity? A. 1 do not tblak bo la the gtmiemaa who came to ouratare at alii be waa much older looking. Q What do yea *ay of the color of bla hair* A. ( do dot remember Ibe color of hia hair at all. AFTERNOON RKMION. Tba Jury ra-aaaairbled at three o'oloo' . MR?. BVRDBLL'ft TWTIMONY. Mre. Adeitae Loataa Harden called and aworn The lady waa dreaaed la deep mourning, and bora orrowfu! napaet of oeuataaaace Judge Ceprao?Mm. Harden, are yon a relative ol Pr. iturdall, deoeaeed A I am tbe wile of bla brother. Q. When did you are tbe Doctor tnalr A. I (bleb It waa oa Wedieaday erasing before hit death, a? far aa I can recollect g. Yon bare no rooolloct'oa of eeelag htm later tbaa that day A No etr 1 think tt waa Wednesday g. Bart yon any knowledge or meat* of kaowlng where be waa alter Ire o'clock oa Friday bit death? A. No. eir. not aay g. Da you knew whether year hnebaad baa any knowledge4 A. Ha bar not g Wbc o?er ta Brooklyn wa* be la the bablt af golag tOTia.t. or aay ac',aa.ataaoe anybody there wnoae houae ha need to rreqoemi* A. I don't kaow of aay oar etrept ? Mre Wiliiama a oeueta af Bla g. Where her place* A. I oauam my g. Ton do aet Waew barf A. Yea, air, I am wall noeeitated with her. bat I bare aet beea ta bar baaao g. DoyeuBaowtae atreat la wbtna aba liree* A. I do not renoiiert It: eke baa oftea lartted aa to r1mt bar. but I have sever bee* ever Q. We ere desirous of arrousrrg ror tbe whereabouts of the Per lor fro* 6 o'clock until he ratsrasd lb* Bight, and we ere yet sonble to stake the I reel dts oovery we hoped tbet yen Bi ght be able M help >H spon lb* fSbjaaO A. Ra did sot rotne op to our hour* or ttt* e?*n ag he said be wanted to ret re early?bo weald bare bean u| on Irlday even sg, only be oald be wasted to retire early, m be wae coming up on y* order evening * go oat wttn oe. y. Wban wne <bt? A It* aeon Friday be aald tbli to a lady?te tsotber person VI rw you tranw wba tbal iady vn' t. Yea ttt, MM Babbard bit 1 th:a> 1 did not see mm efvrr Madaaaday. The coroner? Dtd yea boar tba< aarbodr *? Siw oa the evening of tba atnfer A Not after nve a'eioos. J edge Capron?bra Bnrdatl. da yen kaow scything ol tba retatlane nwieg betwwea nr. Bur toll and Mrs Otn alagbnw A. I aevnr encpa?s<t there was soytb'ig t) ' vena whether their relatione were friendly or tinfr'endty np to the time #f btn death* A. I had beard thai tney wore not very frredly y. I to yen bnew Mrs Caaa<sgtism A. I did some i?e age |o* eee her I wae ant acosaiate* with her y. Did yon ma verse with her ebosl the Doctor' A Nn. y Did yon ever kocw anvtbing o( the natnrr of the dituruNieo exiftteg between the Doctor and Mrs. Coa r' there* v I hone beard tt gpofteo of y Wall, if It w were beareey It It not a muter of any waaent I a* tryWtf te yet at what yen Know A. Fnt the 'aet year poet I did not Mar hi to apoab ot her at *1. W'tnaae tigned deposit!oa Goronore-la there any other entdanoe new to be offer* ! to the Onroeer eed the mry. > proetnl* tbte stood. Krery body bee?re that 1 have bene anhaitoet to ?n<t ooi every teferwatiee that 1 could possibly arrive at and bevtsg got all that I oooid, ) aeb if there he eaj other (>? ?. l? IB* crowd, who knows nnytbtei res owe nag Dr. P' rdeil. or hie fbalty retsttone here Wltl the Cunaiegbame* 1 not with the or neent of tbe tnry, will rowmanoe te addre* them Now. affieer, I requen thrte will he perfert nianee in the room No applause ai dtrapprohattoe, or say expression of tb* oMranter, ehai be made oar of here W a bene to perfor m a oolama doty and 1 hope ibr good wild of tbe aedldnoo preoeat wll show thrtn tl oare tbf rrepriot* of edoptlag tho rncrw which I now *rgg*et A* I reed eaoh page (1 am tpesk ing to the press) I will tab# It rff and harni It to yon (tbi reporters), If you HVa. owe rti?fu?tloa araae aa to wMther the press shoxl* have tho Coroaor rbsrgato ibo Jury, * ho read it shoe hy shr*, or stiosld wait till bo got through. Tbe fnro eer deeded te take th^ tatter ertree, iRK Ti FEBRUARY 15, 185T. THE CORONER'S CHARGE TO THB JURY. The (onoin* thee said?I deemed II mciaaery, for reer of mlsrepr seenlation, to oomalt my Ideal and thoughts to paper. Be thee eommenoed to addreee the jery, and spoke m follows ? Gbtumu or rae Jiav?i here to eoofretalateyen that ocr labor* in thla important oaee ere approaohlag a eloee, end I cannot refrain from expressing my thanks to yon colleotiveiy and to cash juror Individually, for the patient attention whioh yon hare bestowed upon the oaee as It progressed. Thla duty wbtch the law hae oast upon as. has been and Is to Inquire how and by what means Dr. Harrey Burdell?upon rtew of whose body the present inquest ta held?came to bin death. 1 think I may amort, without fear of contrad lot loo, that there has neror been an Inquest in thla oily which has attracted so mnch ot public attention aa tbo present. The pubtio mind some fourteen days ego was startled on learning from the channels through which the parsing erenta or the day an made keowa, that e res poo table cltlsen, n gentleman of wealth and a good station In society?had been foully and bintally murdored?I tulght aay butchered?and In bin own house; and that at that time there was no clue to discover the perpetrator* of the foal deed. The me meat our proceedings commenced the eyes of the public were rlvetted upon us, and the ertdenoe of each day, aa we progressed, was looked for ana rend with Intense nwdbty, In order to learn If there was nay probability that the guilty party or parties oouid be tflaoovered end brought to the bar to answer for the crime. Not oely did this general anxiety exist to I tarn how the la qulry progressed end what disclosures ware aliened, bat that great engine io? good or evil, the public press, thought It lilting and proper to oommsnoe from day to day and carry on a severs criticism on the presiding officer ef this inquiry, tending to lead the pabUc mind to the conclusion thst the Inquest would prove ebor tlve owing to bis incompetency to oenduot the investigation, charging the Coroner with adopting bnt one theory of the case, and following np that theory, to the exclusion or all otbers. It most be apparent I* everybody that eltber one or otber of iheee theories is correct? The murder was oommittrd wt'U the privtty of some lamate or tnmatee of alio bouse or Urn murdered

man, or by some person who entered the bouse, unknown to those Inmates, com n I tied the murder, and then left the bouse. Gentlemen, 1 am free to admit that I thought It right to piooeed aa if the Orst Uworv WMlke true one There appeared to me, at a very ear y period of enr leoors, to be evtdoaoe pointing in that dirtotion?none in the contrary direction. But I deny moat emphatically that 1 followed out that theory to the exclusion ot the other, if any evidence oouid have been obtained to ostein it. I had parties engaged, eight end day, searching for rvtdence where aid with whom Dr. Burdell was during the whole of the Friday evening of the mnrder, and also to ascertain if any person was seen to enter the bouse during any period of tnat evening, who might have Deed concealed therein wnen ine uoctor entered, or wno ( utcred ?i er htm. The Inquiries on this bead were fruit Ktt; and In the absmce of any evidence suppoittog any contrary theory, I did tblah it right to follow out tha theory with which 1 first became Impreeaed, and was da determined to pursue H until U was estab llsbed by evidence, or ahowa to be arroaeous. 1 do net regret the course which I hare pursued; sod as thla oaee la to be go reread by your yard lot, I leave my ooadnel to tba verdict ol an enlightened public, who, 1 rtntnre to think, will come to the oonclutlon tbel the cause of public Justice list not suffered under my ad ro Id titration of It. It Is always unpleasant for a party to peek of himself; but he la a times compelled to do to In elf r indication, as hie aUoncc might be oo"?trucd into an acquiescence In the justice of the charges brought (patnet him For this reaaoc alone nare I sectored to apeak of myself, and trust that the jury whom 1 hare the honor to address will think the remark! which I hare made as to my own conduct hare not been uncalled tor. Dismissing this preliminary personal matter, I will proceod to oall your attention to the case itself: It Is one almost unparalleled in the annali of crime. Theoonntry looks to you to reader a true rer diet according to the crldcnoc. but lot not the magnitude or the crime?let not'your abhorrence or It as you dastro to see the justice ot the oountry rtndlcated, lead you to imp ate guilt to any one upm whom tha ertdenoe does not fix guilt, so, cm the other hand, sympathy to1 ward any oae upon whom guilt Is Used, ny evideuc" sat wiaclory to your minds, should not be allowed to intlu t nee your fee Hags You will btar In mind that your verdict does not dactde the guilt or lunooenco or any party. Your finding may Inured subject panto* to b 1 deprived of their liberty tor a time, and oblige I ham t snewer before a lory, who w.U then decide the 1 Important quae ties ot gnilty or not gnilty. A?U, ir refer*, s* year rerdtel may havaJhe afloat which I here mnatieaed. yew will teaeoere I bat it la based oa 1 evidence which earrfea coerlcttow to your mmds; that public Juattou requires the saertnoe of personal liberty until the party accused by your rerdlot has bad tae op portuntty of rebutting or explaining? whlsh cannot be done in Ihw court?the facta wMoh appear to be estab Ihbcd bc'ure us tientlemea, we ?re reliered ta this ease Irons the ntoraelty of nil Inquiry Into what the law terms tha rxrptu drht i That Dr. Surdell was mnrderi-d there can be no doabt; that the lnrtrument, whaterer It was, which penetrate" hie heart, and alao dinded the Jugular refn and the external and internal carotid arte rlee. cacaed bis death, thorn can be no question or doubtthat the mjurlee refer red to were laflioted by acme other person or persons and not by himself. The evi dencw on this point is so plain and decisive tha, I need sot refer to It I think, gentlemen, you will have no difficulty without my referring to the leatlmowy on the point. In coming to the conclusion that tha murder was commuted be 1 tweca the bourn of ten and elevuc F. M. of Friday, the doth ot January?probab'y near the boar o' eleven. I am aaxlewa to dispose o( whatever la plain aid tndtspu table la the ease, before oaisag your attention to what is us certain. That the house is the bouse of Dr. BordeH W clear That he occupied and need or hia own purpoeea portion or tor doom la a Wo ciMr, uit IM ho wh murder od to tutt portion of the homo la equally indisputable. Tho ooxt point which we hove, bejrdM oU qoaetion, U thnt on the n'g tl ol the HOtb of lemiarFjUc inmalot or (he home were we. < sen I of hew, wf daughter*. A ignite end Helen, her two ooee, raged 9 end 7,) Mr. Hnodgraei, .lube J. Kekel, Bonreta ( oaJaA, the oMk, end Daniel lilmon Tblo letter neme we my exclude, ee be did not rater the linear until ufter idalght. Where tt ta clearly titobllebed that the crime of reorder bee beta perpetrated, end there ia no direct ivldceee ot wbrf'a the Borderer, we are driven to rraort to eireumetanttel or presumptive proof to eooertela who ie the guilty went In the prtieal onee. In the ehienee ol d rert proof we look ronod end laquire? Pint? Wee there my pereen who peeeeeeed toe meem end oppertaatty of perpetrating the oflenae' Ptroed?Wae there eay person p eeeeilng raeb meem, who had a motive (or tea perpetration* 1 birr?Do we Bid eay peteoea oateg precaution! to avoid ineptetoa ead laqoiryf Thnt Eckel, hnodgrnae ead Mre Cunningham peeaaeeed tbr mtaai ead opporihatty of perpetrating the crime almiu of ao doubt Whether tbey. or aay two or one of them did perpetrate It, la another iueetion. Hat the aecoed potat ?Had the orooemiug'euih an op pcrton ty any motive tor tb' eioody deed ?den aeda jour aenooe atientioa. It appear* tbat e* the Mtb of October laat Mre. Cues log bam ead Dr BerOeii. or >oee one pereonating I>r Burdeii, vera married by the Rev Mr Marnua Of tbe ram I a marriage bevlag been eoiemo red, and tba Mre. (ocnttgbam wae married to eomdona, there sea be do [ doabt. But wae tie per>.oe I* whom she wee merriet Dr. B rdeli, or eom* one eiee? The teetimeny <* Mvae Augoete i Caaate|bnm. dye* believe it, proves thai Dr Burden wee the pereen mnrrwu to bar mother Hal yeo will wok end ee wlether her teetimoey ie to be retted on. wbee it ep rear* Ie my miad w be contradicted by ell the attendant ' irrumetaneea Dr. i irdell aevnr wneowicdgeo hie merrtace wan Mra ( aantagbam. but. oe the onetrary, ptkn of bar in terra* wbicb would lend to the inference tbet *r marnnpe h?tweee blm if Mre (ueDingbein bed i ever taken pigte and tee coedaet of Mra CanningUm I who it append*bed every motive tor man eg her marriage keowe. ?rae**e?nuot wttb tbat ' i v Burden Do yea beI lev* tbet it a marriage wt a It Burden bed lekee blare be wnaid eve eilnwvd b e ntfe ie have t a.eep ng eonm I mem in room edte.ebg ic ead eg wttb the i bedroom of kcke, ?thai be would apeew or I 'f * a tenant and mere oceupeni of bie bouee. whom he wee crerm ned to get rid on the let e| m h ?that he weald nniioraMjr take hi* Ie evi of xh? borne, end roertact ktmtelf etter the 2t1b el < mtehar exert y a* ke had doee before tbat dawt dmathm part or >be caee I beg your pnrticeiar ttenuee ?b the evidiroe of Mr clatucld and Mr. fheyer foe their teettwr.ey teede tethow that WheoM a month nf1?r the *nppoaed warrtaf* l?*M ur. nuraeii [ ttd Mr*. C?oi'm|t*n, wo Bad it* latter m?a nj dm or raprtwtawa whwhwolrf aot b? oonriuat t* ir?ii, tad wo*id ant bare b'*n oard by b<w tad ?b* bee.ntre tb* wtf* *f I* at the daw ladicavad by iat warr if* r*nil*a?? Tk? qa*?\Kn wbdthar Or Burdail ?? or waa aat tnarri*d to Mr*. Cant n?bam baa a mo*i tapntaat baamaf on tb* owe, taaauae if 700 ?h? i roirr U the ernolwa ibat tb<> mamaf* of Mr Con 0 *?waa wHfe Frbal. tactt tor tbat pnrpoa* tb? s?n?* of aad p#r?*a*t 1* |jr Bnr4*ll, a rery atronr m 1 :tr? j abirwa, rnia a Mr -he- aad Mr* O nnetnaro fbr poMing r?. Mardai) oat of tb* way At Uta aids* el Vr. Hard*!), We woald oa bw deraa**' baoatna rwitlad to <waatdoraMIOfrr>prrty and aba (baa bad a pednaaer'in ' t**aaa la MaWae.a. aad if tb* warr,a*e waa with I nbal, I paraaaaWWf rib B r iwii, it abow* btm to bar* baaa a Cy la tWtraod, n#ra*aartiy io?biet forward to tba >*? to 'Walt to aim ibarafrom la a pornaiary point Of rWW.M lib dt fa<to huhaad of Mrt. t?ii.t|bam 1 bvpyoaiac tb? fraad ta bar* bara perpetrated it it d,m I t ? lacnaeairt a wbat way tb* partiraooald braaBt by 1 it. rrtwyt by I >r, Bordoll a daath la n nanatatent wUh pro| baM'tty tbat thbpartiew caaeaetrd tb* fraud-if. lb far , 1 it waa co?<-oetr4?w'tbo ,t aay olfrrlor object of haaatH I f'pm It?wttkoot, at tbettm* it waa r*aoirad oa. haria| I n their irlada tome d*dait* piaa ot aatioo to reap tba r frnita of it1 ]?fc eqwtrary 10 all oar nepBriewr* of bnaiaa I aatara that a wfcn will eowrr't a fraud without a m-nte#, . aad. pobt raaty, that if br bad mm* tied toeh rrand he I bad a wiotlTB de*Bf It no. atptit, tf twa oamaa |oi? I * rowiBiiWBi- a ftard lb# aatora' infernal* it tbat e**h ef 'h*? waa a party lb aarrytat am that roodnnmattem, I aad. \y*ratoTb.\f yon aha* d ?>r et the opinion tbat tba trarrate ofMra. Cnaaiafbnai wad 4? f%r>r, with Rebel, I *rd %ri with Pr Mardrll, aad if the *r-il*B?* aattafai ? J't th*t Babel waa a party wboaa ban la wera 'tahraey a tfcdblhwt of Ma rVittaa. I don I ar? bow yon car, oom* I to aay tWbee mol tt?a tbaa that Mrt Q??n'.#|H*w mn [ERA nvre DMiwa wu party pr77 to * ? counselling, aid. lag ud abetting Kckel to the committal of (ha murder. Tbeao, however, are questions entirely (Or your oosmI darati?a; and 700 will draw your awa ooaotuitoao from (ho facta appear tog la svtdsaoe. If, goatlemu, eon aboald cone to the conclusion that tho marriage of lira Cunningham waa not with Dr. Bordell, aad aioo woa aot with Bokei, hut with some other person, then, although the presumption of |?ilt from moll to* of latereet would remain as to Mrs. Cunningham, as to Eckel it woald he entirely removed. Too evidence as reepeota Mr daodgrass Is weaker than that against Eokel and Mfra Oaaniagbass as to him, although it is apparent that he possessed the means ami opportunity of perpetrating tho oruns there Is no proof or any motive similar to those which giro w? Igbt to tho ooso as agalaaj Eokel end Mm Cunningham (Mill, howsrer, f must call jronr attention to tho or) den00 as It aiieoto Baodgraso. He appears la hare.bssa oa terms of intimacy with Mrs. Cunningham and hadaughters. He was in tht house on tho night of the murder. You will say whether the murder ooald hero been or wes eoDiuilttrd by one peraon'sloar. (f you ere satis Oed that more than one person wu engaged in ths actual commission ct the murder, aad exclude Mm. Cunning ham's daughters and sons and the female servant from ail participation in the aot, then you will consider whether you can safely onrno to tho conclusion that tlaodgrui wu n party aiding Eckel tn tho bloody tragedy. 1 must tell yon that a party Is not to be ImpltostM ud soot to trial w1 icro the out Is one or oosptoioa only. to jostif> a verdict against uy one you must be salts tied by evidence that the cue is one of more than suspicion? that it bu nails tied your minds that uy party Implicated by your verdict, committed or was aiding ana abetting la the crime. Oonaldeiiog the great attention whloh yon liare paid thts case, ud that very little of evideaoe that has been adduced has appeared wtth irroataeoaracy in ths Kublto papers, 1 shall not go over ths evidence la detail, at will plaoe in your buds, vrheo you retire, a oopt of the papers oontaintng the evidence at length. Possibly, gentlemen. I shall be blamed for tekiag thu coatee, bo cause I saw It predicted In one of the papers or Thursday tut that I should probably consume u entire day? (The Coroner, while the reporters were copyla,; his manuscript, stated that be had a particular reason lor Italtclxlng these words. The readlsg w?? then proceeded with. |?in my summing up of the esse, and as that prediction will not be verified, I shall await with calm resignation, the falsltioa uion oi mo preuiuoon roicxrtu ij i uu ?n eurum from the task of going over Uie evidence m detail from any daetre to nre myself the trouble, bat consider that tbe whole of the testimony Is In print, and can be ra ferred to by yon on your retirement Considering your attention to the oaae, as It has progrested. considering that this U not the tribunal before which the guilt or Innocence or any party Is absolutely II ted, that too evi denre is on one side, and that there Is not a conHiot of testimony to be sifted and weighed by the presiding .ludge for the guidance of the jury as upon a trial of an Indictment, f think the ends of justioe will be best promoted by the adoption of the course wbloh upon due deliberation I have decided to take, namely, to give you the general eflact of the evidence and tbe conclusions lobe drawn from It,leaving U to jou to refer to It m dotal if you should deem II necessary to do so. There Is, howsver, tbe evldonos of one witneea ot such vsst Importsnoe that' feel 1 ought to make a row observations on It I mean tbe testimony of the witness Farrell, which was taken on tbe 10th last, itantieme*, It Is, as you are aware, tbe peculiar province or the jnry to decide on tbe degree or weight they should give to each and every witness Utsy should have hrfore them. Th< y have the advantage of Iboie omslde the court, of aeelng the manner and demeanor of the witness tealifylug; and before any weight can be attached to tbe evidence of the witness, the jnry most be satisfied that he is the witness of truth, end oomes forward fo speak of facts of whioh ha is oognlsnnt, and not lo relate n tale the product of bis own invention. The Impression made on my mind at tbe Urns waa, and still re malm, that the witness whose same I have mentioned was the witness of the trutn; that be come before as and testified to Tacts and occurrence* within bis own knowledge; and If tbe same Impression was made oa yonr minds, then the aext question (hat yon will ask yourselves Is this ?Could the witness bsvs been mistaken??bad he the moans and opportunity ol seeing tbat the person who came down In hie ahtrt sleeves a few mlnutee after the person (whom we have reason to presume waa Dr. Burden 1 entered thn house, was FckeLV If you btlleve tbat the witness In question was the wltaeaa of tbe truth, and was not mistaken In his Indentlfioatlsn of Kckel, ws have these facts established That within two minutes after Dr. Burdell entered the boose a cry waa heard within it as oT a person being Injured; tbat such cry waa auOlciently loud to be beard outside the house , tbat la another minute or ao all la atieooe; and F.ckal then np peats at the front door, and there oa tbe aide pott of tbat door stamps with his loft hand, wst with lbs blood ol his victim, full proof of his guilt For what purpose te cams lo the front door we oaunot pos lively say, but It may be interred?and I think the IhlerfDC# la a natural one?finding that bis victim was despatched, and bavtsg a murderer's tears that tba crlts may bavs beea heard bi mime person outside, he ventured to lbs door to satisfy himself thai they bad net beta beard, thereby furnishing the Strongest possible eirrumstanilml evidence against himself thai be was the murderer, or cne of the asurdervrs, If more than one was engaged la this horrid tragedy. Thus, gentlemen, by what man terms accident, but which rnav be more fltlv i6i used fit jUM ud wtee inierpotliion of that Being who guid<e and gorerna all, and from whom no 6?cr6U are bidden, wu lb? wltaeet Fern I! on the aery tpot at thf naeded moment, and waa th?r?s mi le by tba mar CNtr hlmteif a wttaean of bla guilt Too ovideooe of Ferrell oleara op another dlfhouMy which waa prmooted at an early period of our laqutry You w 11 re toil eel tbat it waa proved tbat there waa blood oa tba atatr caae aad i | tinge of the first floor, abowtag that tbe murderer oame f uoarn atatr*; aad tbeae appearaccea of blood aufgeet tbe theory tbat tba murderer lert tbe borne, acd if ee, that ao inmate of tbe boute area laplloated The appearaone of Kckel at tbe front door at once remoaee tbe difficulty, aad (umithee corrobailre proof of tbe truth or tbe bypotbrela tbat tbe murder wae not tbe work of aay one concealed in the bouae, or wbo entered after Or Bar dell. Gentlemen, yon sill recollect tbe coune I took to teat lbs wlteeaa'a accuracy, for of aG aaractiy 1 bad no doubt. I Dad Fckel leal lor and plaood promiocoutly amoaget about thirty other peraoaa. aad without taa witneea knowing that Eckel wae In tba room, 1 deatred him to look around and ee* If he could point out the man who ram* to tba door when he wae on the etepa, and from tba thirty peraoaa be picked out Eckel at tbe man, and ha waa not aware that the peraon be bad aalccied waa Kckal until mforme<] by me oa bl* return to ibli room. If you can place full reliance on tbe teetlmony of Farrell. and are natfslied tbat be baa born uader no mutate la bla Ideatl Ucatioa of Eckel, Iben Ibe preemption* of bla gnlH for your roaaldtratlon are tbree told, aa titled in a former pert of my addrtee lat Had be tba meant aad opportunity of perpetrating the crime! 'id. Had be a motive to commit It? 3d. Did be uaa meant and ptoeuttoai to avoid euaptclen or Inquiry? I you nnewcr tbeae .ueetion* n tbe aiiireutlve, then, gentlemen. tbe onto, aa tga'nat Kckel, la oae of pertloue, rruahtag weight The evidence o' Farrell bae alao a nearer oa tbe raae aa agalaat the other lematea of tba bonae. for if the eric* tpoken of by f arrell were ducb at to be neard by him oatride the bouee. ran yon conceive It to be within the range of probability teat the tvroa i tag eounda did net reach Ue ear* of tbeae ta the roome immediately above Gentlemen, I with you to a n derate* t tbo l?w at appll cable to tbta hrarrh of tbe ceee If fnodg-aet, Mr* toen cftae aad bar daoehtere heard the cnee of tbe mur <;ertd Rte. and bad raaaoo to know that a murdor had torn rnnm iwi), or waa la ib? oaorr# of pcrpairatioa. may wou'd be anawrrab'e aa ac-eaaorttr barorc th? fart, aao tbtreiore. aa rack, avertable u> jcatirc equally w vb the tarty thoa baad wieldad tba fatal MMMM of daatrcelioa, uni teat bey ware bafare e^>fBtan| uai tba tr ue wm about to ba <v aimittwi, or bad. aa taa la* t<-rm? 11, cacmallM, aiaed or abatttd tba party or partiaa etually ermmuuar tba murder Tbay may ladaod t>t ra'lad upon to taawar before amtbrr trtsoaai at a> r-ao nat attar tba f?? t? that la to aay aa partiaa tvbo, kao* I a i crdar to cava baao cou.m.ttad, barkarad, tarratad, or afforded pmtarttoo to tba vnrderer. bat aa I aaderataa ! tba law la ba, oar Ibqatry t? m ten to tba tiadtag * bow aad by wbat wiaaat Or Hirrey Ruroal' awia to bw death : aad if b a aaatb waa oot a eataraj oaa. brt waa nocaatoaad by eioleaoe. wbat party or partita cownuittad tba crime, tad wb? wore acoaa ?on? ba'ora tba fart to tta rommaatoc " Witb ttotw at p anattra of wbat I concent to ba tie law applicable to paltittpaia aad aoreaaor'ea. row w'li ba root caotyb to rraaioar whether yoa cue aafaiy ooma to tba etM'natoa it at aiy or toa part aa ' bar a i atari board tha aoaadaot datrrat apokaa of by >ar?e ta ' at tba tiwia tbay board tb?v, tbay, or aay oae or atora ol tbev know that tba murder waa belay parpatratad, aad aad praaio-iaiy ktewa that tba murker woald ba committed, aad bad oy prar'ooa arraaftaal rtmaiaad asiaaraat M wbat m'|bt r*ir abiia toa murder w*a la oouree of parpatratioa. !f you abo'i'd ha of lb? opto on tnaa you will ay yoor rardirt tec i for trial all tiioaa whom ton oaltart thaaT.Jaa a baa flied hayoad raaaonabladoabttbaeriwia o'eceewortet lefora tba fact Tba klaamoc arraflfamtata for that u y M of Mra CuectyMm aad bar daa|b tar? tbr tea I'rty tba *errai t ?o bad at aa aarlior nour tbar nasal, ara worthy of your e< sa dtret oa Were tba leer ay m?dr by raaaon of a i?araay to he edrftatar oa U a fol'ow'aj; day. aa atle?ed. or ror atotner porpoaa' The avail of bnra'Bf, a* of woollaa or laatbar. ap< kao of by oarer*! wttaeoeea. will aot baaa re-mped yo r i Ml cwopia tbia wt|b tba fart that aa ' ara or other oiolblof be uoytay ta aay amata of tba ho to baa baaw d< oorared ttaiaad wtlb aaaoaa arartartal ! t>:ood. tar istrrrsrs ta tnai tar n inwr promotion tnor DM rain nb ?rt ti? scramrltabad. to dottrov thx? far ash boaaro, spun ' and t>?om?arrd. and nail probaoitt. 17 tatnraw > an haptitod at by tmrncrotoo 10 tbo Mood af { bta T'rtia Monties# 0*. bsfbro oatog ay praaant ra ] mirki. I rtll rr ake a foa obaerrst'ona npra tfer aotarn * 4 qoolity of tbo aeidoooo botoro 00 Fr'ianm It tftbar t d mot tod pottt. vt. or prasi wptioo tod < . r cqaaanttai. lx it i dtraet aad puttttro astro tbo rory ft Ml a dtrpnxt %r? roaar.oiciMd by tiooa a bo bar* bad, aawaJ kaaalodga al tbta by maosi of tbotr into V,rixr, so noo taa tbt aordor mamlttod What sot d'^oet, ?tb rrrooarxtot asd eirtinrttasxia! that a, abort a fbot U a?t diroetly asd poaltiroly ktovi. >t a protoaod or m 'arred from 00# or mora other faea which am tanas Whom d'mct arid tact of tbo fact to dttpnto a wanting tbr tiore t Jury ras too of ?bo tirrnnsd'Og fads asd etr catsttaseot tbo mnyr oorroox thttr tndgmaot to tlkaly t< ho. It t poos'hto tbst fjao oirooattorr?a stay bo mix rrpmtrstod, o* acted a'tb a otoa to doeolrt. bat th abole ooaleix of Ores mtt as ret rassxt bo fabriratod Honor a ao? (aproned and continent body of olrttum atasttal sotdoano 'a oftoxt ttronger tban artx 1 dtroot rrldoo.00 of a tbrt?tbai t, tbt do I | g?ce of iitiftrrta'Tity which trttxa from t dotb at to tbr eredibilty cf direct atxma way ct-ee' I ' pat wblph artara npon tbt fest^ri whether ? p'npjr "t LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. leraem laa bean made from faou wt?\ aeeertatM# Wk?r* irnnl lodepoadeat lac la, aa la thw ow, oovmpen to tho mubb eoaolwneo, M4 are awppertad by mnnaanrr ?J witiMM, ?be weight of the erldeaoe u laoreaaed, art*toe from the improbability that three tmepenlea. wttaeaaeo abooM be eitatabee or perjured. an I that all uwdnmanuom ioodit wn npjnaw wwitirj w wt uul and ordlnar y oourne or human allalm. (Untleenrn, these ore af? Ike observat'oun which I th'ak II mcmmtt to mafcr oa Use low or fMta of Mils Mot umportoot oom. That o fbui, brutal murder hoo been com outtod to oleor. The evidence oppeoro to toe to exclude the hypotbeeu that It wm committed by ear oae wh > waa not an inmate of the hauae of the murdered moo There la oo en dance from wh ice we coo Infer that It woo oomndtied tor the purpose of enabling the murderer to possess hinuelf immediately t and oa the epot of any properly wblchDr Burdstl had about hM person or la his apartment Although there la eome erldenoe o tuarrela and dtapotee, It appear* to me that you wiu be or opinion that thoy <t? not eetabllah a caae autftolently etrong to enable yon in conolade that revenge for any reason or supposed Injury actuated the murderer. Thle, however. la matter lor Soar oeualderation and deolalon. Allow me to amy, that you hare collected, or think you have collected, from the observation* which I have made en the caae, what In my Individual opinion of the cane, cr the force of the evfdence effecting any individual whoaename I have mentioned, I beg you will not he In the allghieot degree Influenced by what you may conjecture on that head. My opinion ought not to weigh n feather m tbeeoaleeof nutlet, now tu your handa. The verdict la to be youre, and not mine, nor influenced by me My dnty baa been to point yonr attention to the (acta and turronudtnc clraumatanoea of thla exolUng, and I might nay, on parade led caae, and to onggaot polnta Mr yonr oonntderatlon. You will, therefore, reeelve what I have aald in thla light If. upon a careful review or all thelaola and olroumatancee Ut evidence betoro yon, you oome to the oonoluaion that although a murder ban been committed, there la not e. idenoe to put any of Ute la maten of the houae oo their trial aa peretratora of or aaoeaaortra belbre the (hct to the ftral murder whioh ban been oommltied. your vordtot should be *' that Ute deceased waa mnrdared by eome person or persona to yon unknown." Although the blool of the murderj l man cries to Henven tor veogennoe againat the murderer, yen will take care that the arrows of retributive justice are not directed againat any one who has not oommlttod or participated la the morder. The maxim of the law la, that It Is better that ten guilty pereone should escape rather than one Innocent person should suffer. On the other hand, if the parties whose natuee have been brought before you on thu Inquiry have their rights, it la ray duty tn tell you that public justice has her demands on yon, which rcaulro to be satiated If thev are made nlala bv reliable testimony. It weie better that the bonds or society should bo altogether dissolved, end men reform to hie original Mate of barbarism aid enrage liberty, the arengrr of bl* own wrong*, and at onoe the judge and executioner ot tho men who has depnred him of one of his own kindred?better, I toy, should this state 01 things exist than that members of a clrlllxed community, alter the surrender of a portion of their natnral liberty in expeotallon of receiving protection (a their persons and property, find that what they had trusted to aa a bene tit and protection was a mockery, a delusion aad a snare, ariaing from juries at whose hands |uittoe is demanded (ailing (from whatever cause Is immaterial) fearlessly and faithfully to discharge their duty. If juries tail In the discharge of their duties, aad crimen of the deepest die can be committed with Impunity, the necaesary coo sequence is that bad men will speculate on Impunity thus pressnted tottetr view, and crlmrs. even those of tho greatest atrcclty, like the one we are Inquiring Into, will multiply to a fearful extent. I would further ssk you <o bo gmlded by the svlf eaoe, sad tha evidence alone. I Horagard altogether the comments which bays been made outside thin room Bach bays been published, aad you may barn rred them aad here are parties who hare thought fit in insert, comment on sod draw oonolustons from the artdance given hers. Let not yoor judgments bo swayed by the opinions of others The verdict la to bo yotrs, and you are not oallm on to reoord or oadorse tho ops Ions and conclusions of any one pandering to tho nsorHld appetite of the public. Above all, gentlemen, doa't lot yonr verdict be intlueaced by any fear ol comment oa It Irom without. It may aad will be criticised, commsntad oa, and perhaps denounced, in tbe quarter to wbloh I have referred, but, geuilemeo, be sble to retireftsn your labors with an approving onactence. That will sustain you under say attack to which you may b? subject The attacks on myself personally, past aad to coma, have, as to the former, railed la their objects They have not annoyed or irritated mt, aa they were intended, to?they have been but as dew drop* on tha lion's mans, dissipated by a ais le abate, aad their existence scarcely tell, and all other attacks on aaa wtU fall equally harmless. Doa't understand me. gentlemen, as asserting that I am regardless of tbe opinions of othar* or that I am Indiflercnt to popularity?aa ona would believe me if I wero to makoMucb an assertion, oat the popula.lty which I oovot and prIre Is not that popularity whlob is run sftsr and coveted butlbal wbloh follows tbe faithful aad boaest disobari of daty. Having, I l ope, not inappropriately cautioned you an to tbe Inuoeooe wbish eqgnt nolle be breeght le beer upon yo<> when you consider yonr verdict, I will bring my observations to s close If yen are satlsned D at Dr. Burden came to bis death by John J. Ickel, lou will return a verdict to that ctlcct ir you think thai 1(re, Cunningham was pi ?at. aiding him, or be/ore tbe deed was done knew thai It was lo he dene, and assented to lis commission, oouasslllag aad abutting Eckel, you will uad ynar verdtat aoenrd tagly. If, la like manner, you think thst Hnodgrass actually aided le the murder, or was accessory to it la tbe same way as Mrs. Cunningham, you will Oad a verdict against blm. If you think that Augusta Cunningham aad KlItB wort* or Alinaf of ihmtn em m rityn ami thmt IK as narder to be committed, Md before the Border oooeael'ed. aided or betted Kckel, 70a will lad four rrrdiet ?cilut them aleo. Let your rerdict be baaed est and ittatained by tbe ertdecce, not on bare oeeptston? let It be loch a rerdict that when, In the preaped of being called oa to reader roar account to Ute treat Omnipotent, your coneetenoee may not accuse yon ruber of baring thrown the mantle of protection ottr any oac of whoea guilt yon were eatlafled, or of bar tag been tbe anjoat eocanera af aay human being I hare to apologlae to you far the riry hasty manner la which those directions to yom hare necrseaniy been pot together. Ualy one day baa beea a(lawrd to me to read orer the maaa of eridenoe. a labor of thirteen daya. I should hare pretend a second day to loot oror and digeat what 1 bare written, but far reason* that moat bo apparent to all ! prafsr bringing this protracted Inquiry to aeineo thin day Oaatlemaa, It remains oa 17 for me to than t you Tor the rory | atlent attention which >ou here giren to those reaiarks, which I bare reduced to writing to guard against mltreprwea tattoo E> cept lo record your rerdict, my duty Is diecharged. I l?are yon to the discharge of yoers, feeling satisfied 1 hat you will reader e trne rerdict eocordtag to tbe erkleece Be just, fear sot. Bel?re you retire, gent.emeu of the jory, tl might b? well to state that my remarks wer>- written, eonaldertag that iht erldeaee was elcned The additional eridenoe or ibis day as affecting Sooty ram la eo f>esh la your reoal tor uon t'iat I nred not lurthtr refer to It You will be hind enough to weigh u wall whta you oonaect it with thw other ertdanos alieoiiag Xaodgraea, to whieh I bare directed your attention. The ramming up took forty Are miautea la deUrery. At the coaoiaeion 01 the charge the Crrooer said entismeo?Iran aay that I caaeet retire from thu portica without offering my slacere thank* to Jndge Us pre*, and ether Judgee ol tbe city of New York, ta aiding me In tbe ardnous diaobarge of tbe duly that nan plart d upon me, to rerret out the perpetrator* of the bor nbte deed which we here been oreetirating, 1 thank them nincnrely It shown oe one fnetnre, and that la, thank Qcd that w? are surrounded by food meo la bleb petition. wbo will cotno to tho rate no braexr it ta aoceoaery la order in ear a tbe people fron the mldaifot uaua a. i noat alao rctora my atboere ihaaba to Captain IWkt, of ibo Fifteenth wara atatioa, tar aia energy tbraugboui be wbota proceeding! la thta caaa. eiag aiwaya ancieao am "Oly ta further tbe obieet I bad la my m at, oai la further tbe great ntaraata oftbooonmonty. oy bia rare aait nitration. aad evary eiarUoa npca bia part wbicb be baa g.vea to tbe aaaa. die? to oft,oar Uavta, who baa jeea bare daring all tba period af the inqaeet a faithful, boaaat, upright n amber of tbe coaeUbnlary Havtag doaa my duty gratleaiea, I leave tbe root wltb tba jary I will ray here tbat I have a book wltb tba leavea turned down of tba ?w upon each catee. and at aay time durlag yoar inveougollce you may item tbe aaa euooe of tba Oara nor aeoeeeary, I (ball ba glad to onamoaioate wltb yoa. It war a quarter to flea o clock wbea tba jury waat out aad dsrlbg their abraaae nootlderable ?* tembot prevailed a tba roan wbere tba laquaat waa bald, upon wbat would ba tbe rendition al tba iary lafomatioB waa bare giTee to tba Ceroaer uiai tba witaeee waa praaeat wbo aow Farroll etaadlag oa tba stoop of tie boaae j Coreeer?I wiab ta aaaoua.e to you, geatiemea?part* cuiariy or tbe praaa tbat tba gaatienaa baa arrived bora wbo mil notify to tba jury tbat ba aaw tba witaae ' rarrel<" Mb og aa tbe atop oa tba night of tba aaardar Capua iifikt?Ha nana m "D C. Walter, 91 Horatio '' Tba alter waa eeadocted ap ttalra to tba jary, aad wore aad run aad by then bat bo reporter! warn ad mtlMd. J edge Oaproe rune tine afterward* oaata to tba report era' table and iti ? 'Tbe w taeao aeya tbat be mm tbv nti ait oa tea door ttoop, do'og oonaib'a with bio bo# ib bit band, aad ba thought M angular Be did not ay wblcb dirot-Uoa ba waa enalag ta ba aaw tba daer opon aad tba nab at tba dwr to Bit aairt alooroo * k..i iuun ?r m a abart ?M?. t?M4ir?l>l* MlMty mMlfttW hp_ Uiom la tbe n?m. la ib?r mrnfmwsm ot *"1 be tba raauit of Ike deHherai-oa of t*i mrr Tbe Cereaer IM btadly flree tola maa? enpjad'.re e W >*ol?ry_. * voe reporter* ~*?4 .ro^-d tba *r** leM* wbara tba tionaet eed&aea bo.rf, end tbay war ? Ployed la eopy iac or. from d><* attoe lb* na?* *MeU fftl road by reportar THK U^Gf.Ri'.. Aft#r too >ery ?4 r*Mr'od. t*' t Wood***! ?u i?ora by th? coroaar ? > mtwat their rnnm to taebfy ta th* i or or* IBM M bad ' jran bu ted tb? 1%taer prau?jM la ooart .lurieg the l? Tt Md wbteb w*a Bt*Mt?r la aU ra?rert? tolbeoee P jreheaat by Saortf?a*e tb?t It wee tsded tebiia or the porpoae of aarerialalai whether *t rou d produce r onnde tiaiilar to thoaa oa the haity of the Hereaeod that 'or thte piirpnee be bed tntd Itoaetrel f>a??**d ?a Wf?Mi *?a