Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 16, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 16, 1857 Page 1
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ITH WHOLE NO. 7474. TERRIBLE RIOT IN NEW JERSEY. ^rious Outbreak of Ibe Laborers at Bergen Tunnel. Var of the Corkonians and Fardowners. TIE FACTIONS DISPERSED BY FIREMEN. Tde Military Ordered Out to Quell the Disturbance. WINY PERSONS WOUNDED AND SEVERAL KILLED. ARREST OF SEVENTY OF THE RIOTERS, I 4o., 4c., 4a A very eenoui riot, originating In that bitter spirit of fiction h&te wbtob hot so tony characterized two powerful mtlose of the trieb leborere who emigrate te this country, occurred on (Saturday afternoon and evening at the works ww carried on by tbe Erie Railroad Company In the neighborhood or Jersey City. It appears that there are about twelve hundred man employed for the purpose of exoavnttng and otherwise preparing for the construction of a tunnel at the "Bergen Cit," about one mile from Jersey Ofty, by whloh the railried company propoee to extend tbalr Una on a new trick Into that town. The laborers, as Is most generally tbe case, are ohlefly Irish, and receive their pay for four weeks at one time?that Is, on the 16th day of each month. A large number of them rekide permanently on the spot, la wooden shantiei Orsoted on the ground belonging to the oompany, and the reaialnder generally hang around tbe scene of their labor aatil lata hours la the evening. Everything went on harmoniously amongst them for eooio momna unri Miuraay i?"i wuiou w?i pay asy, si be regular term (15th) would rail on yeiterday, Sunday. At the appointed hour the oreneera went to work, and having made out the different "tallies" of the "gangs." the men were banded tbetr eaah and appeared oonteat lid satisfied Immediately after, work wafpretty generally suspended, drinking parties were formed, and eomewbat ggperal Intoxication ensned. About half-past two o'clock In the afternoon the citizens residing In the neighborhood were alarmed by lond nolaee and ones proceeding (rem the "out," and on ruabing out they found tfeat overall hundred of the "name*" were engaged In deadly Ogbt with eaoh other; but the residents being trangera, could not then ascertain the cause of the guar tel. An the light waxed warm It vat found that the oombatants ware made up of two Irish "factions," respectively dcaigratct aa "Corkonlans and "Fardowners;" the members of which have borne a deadly animosity towards each olber from the land of their birth to that of their edjpl on. Throe hundred man?made up of both parties?stood by and refused to take part In the learieg about alx hundred of tne thousand employed, to do battle aa above stated. This mass swayed and surged to and fro, and having "a cleaf space and no fhvor," mauy deadly blows were exchanged Iteforo an boor had o lapsed many had iallm on ei her > d?. severely wounded. Bv tnta lime the alarm bad exiendod extonalvtlv over Jereey City end Hobckea, and about lira o'clock In U>? aremig active preparation! warn made by tba author! Uaa aao .ohabu.\ata of both places for tba reatoration of order la (he lormer several Ore ooapaaiea km masterad aad loar military oompanirs wore cot undar arm*. The fl.-e companies of Jersey City rnabad to tie araaa of action, and dashing .n auddaoly amoag?t the combatants, tba lighting faiuoen Had on ail atdea in disorder Although there waa some okirmiitirg among tba detaeaed partita, tba ooadiet tu not renewed with auch severity durinc the evening or eight of Saturday. rba armUtloo waj abaarrad tba mora laltblnlly, owing to tba latt that tba "Sal,coal Guards," tba ' Ulgbwoada," aad a German rtfla compaay from Hobokaa arrived oa tba flald, wlib aomr mirlary companies baloaglog to Jaraay Oity. Tor ' O rionlans" tbao)claimaa tba rtjtory, oa aooonat I Of baelsg a larger Faroe la pos.Uoa than tba "fardownara." l urlog tbla rray (bar woodaa ahtatiaa belonging to Ibe pertlaaaagagad were Oredatd burned, aad tba flare of tba Casta rendered tba eoeae mora axoltlng aad (bnatly At >a early boar oa Sasday moral ig tba military ouinpu oa ??? K) reure ui ma aotoiH uoopi reached torn# a boot Ova o'clock la too foreaooa. Thar had left a food many ol lha laborers eararely hurt, aad aoata or tf.o ring lead era aadar arraal by the alrll authorliiaa ? About hair paaf four o'clock yaaterday?Monday? aftoraoou lha recruited faatioae baaing prepared during Um reiumed lha light, bat It I earned aa If daring lha loll laey bad btoaiae laaa lararlatad toward* each fiber aad vara aboat la direct a portiea at their aorar agetnat the dheaiff. Th e Uay Old, aad Mr. Beaty'a par aoa aad borne vara botb iajarad. TUay aooa, hoverer, oommanood to 0|hl emoagat themeeiaea vith great Impetaoe.ty, aad thav lha Military vara ordered out aad el art bed, npptlad with rooada of hall oartrldgo. lha Hubvtaa ooapaaiea vara oa the grouad agala at a UtUaaiUr laea'aiock, aad between that hour aad atx the eoomda of lha d la charge of auahetry vara dinlaaUy be?. a. ? loog dletaaoe froai Iba bauia (laid, aad vary graai rscuavMVt prevailed oa the Jarooy ahora. aad avai la >ew York, aa II vai eappoeed that oar c ue eaMu-ra had bees oompe lad, ta the exrcai'oa of U air aaty, M dre oa the m tgatded rata Hi ate triah "factloaa" vhj ao frequently disgrace lb ??eiar? ao J diataro oar q del by aurb ro aa, are com puaed, for lha Boat part, nt uoednca.ed labor-ire, ar i are cd*.-*i i'p M a mmbfro nm known to ?ach olbar bjr Iia* ar.J put wrroa. Baoh motion hM a ittlUirtlra a*> pa i tat ten i titer from torn tj>ot to tb? prortqpa or onat; ma which mo* of Uia maabara bar a cm*, or borae oa ancoaat of tta barl.( baaa tha 'tally cam* of bom leadlaf aaeaabar at aaa ban or oihar, la Iralaad tte obj*c? of iba t'aioai ara to rrfoiata maltara pwcta'.a (?C to aa aiciaatraly afrtcaltarai population, aaob aa t&a t*naa of tte taanra or land?tha rai?a of wir'a for day laborrra, aad tor rcola of farm Crirat* ae ooiii ai aad ;?al'y dlipnW-a tiara fraquantly, tir warar Nmb lakra tato aeaonnt, ard r'tbar craahoJ oat or afgravatod, aa tbc caae mlftil 0?. by fljhia of ihi rtral far.tioaa. At all tarh ntnoc.arona wcm lor 01 Hot by law. a> d tbrir inmbbrra toxrely pmahut U fonn I of I icu j ape ?? ?von, inr r bituw j no r-wrio-i oai ?r i vinr oh|*cU < t orcfii only by aw a jiuf looai nvlm Uttoa or per* M*>?] rtoi*i>n*. aad arooe a< r ? r kloeennM and ?" . pw.ncaliy for flfht wr? toon ?'<| ired by ih? m?>a wh > Oompi/*?< them. rftrango m It ir,ty appear, the model row o? of eeorat ecaietiaa, formed tor pony. p < meat or pernoaal objaota. were told doon end ottrndod la Ir?end Immediately after tbobrr .king ap of that oayhty national oambtnaimo knowa to tbo world ?a tao " lltb Voint terra" of 17 It, and tbo "Cork jaiant" aid fardoweere" ara cat ike member of aaao tatioaa formed after Uia plane aad uai'i of the "urengeni'-n" and Ribbon wrw" of tbo mora early perVxl of ttala ceatnrr th? modern ' raottoa" baa notbiDj how.irar to do with re MgWia er pararcutloe for reltgioa'a aato. end la cimpwed xolaalaeiy of Catbollca. a* th? arret mar* of Inth I a bo rora belong to thai c bur oh Tbe lereiathera of thee i men baaing net a tbe aroadoriul [mwer which tbe eecreay obaerrad la ?>e Oraaga toddy boatoarcd on K< nt'iabere, oppeoed It early by other toeetlea of the aarae obaraoter, aad, at ta wall kaown. Tor noa'ly flfly yoara tbe "orange ' or Ibe freea" were Ike ra'lyiog enaa of tbe gr?at nrtgiaal "fi;tm* " In yrara aftar their *?? meima the local fbetloaa alluded lo appeared aid tbe men here Ibngbt eed bled, end been ealled, and gibbeted for tba laat twealy Ore ytara under aac.i ntm?w to "Wieeartla," ' Cararali," 'rvieeaa," , Brw?," "Cwkt of the North," ''Buy* o'the sfooth," "Cirkooiena,"rardowaera," aad othera. fke tn' n known aa "Corkooier.a" oorae ahlofly rrom tbr Proflccc of Marattr, where tbe forme are eneoeire wed w*fee etsomreoaeonf good The Ion fnrdowner" **** bne" appi 'm by them to tbe laborer* lahailt rbo P'0?iteo of Ooaatighl aad akirte of utrtor, who E NE have sought work to Munstor, and during (be saving of the English harvest at prions which the '-Corko tans" thought loo low, aad benoe the/ hare always viewed the ."fardowners" with jealous and contemptuous eyes. When the Marquis of Norman by ruled In Ireland, with the late Mr. Drummond as Chief Secretary, an Impartial eflort was made by the government In order to extinguish "faction,' and It succeeded to sooh an extent that the strongcet now, perhaps, left are these very "Oorkoaians" and "Fardosrners." The great bulk of the members of each have already landed In thlc oountry and found em pic y men t on our ratlrosds, canals snd other great works. Still reoog?litnf,ea )h other, they trequently flgbtafter renewed discussions on home dltllooltles or a question of ourrcnt remuneration fo their work, a proposition for a "strike," or, perhaps, In Ibo matter of the payment of a lum bill, when the old spirit of associated feud Is renewed with temporary violence. Wo append the reports of our different special report era despatched to the scone of the late fight. ACCOUNT BY OUR FIRST REPORTER. Yesterday (.evening news was brought Into our oftloe tbst there had been a great riot among the Irish workmen on tho Krte Railroad, at tbs tunnel In Hudson City, a ehort distance from Jersey City. Wa Immediately dispatched our reporters to theioene of disturbance to learn the facts of tt e oase. Arriving In Jersey City we went Into the hotels to see what could be learued of the riot. The enterprising publicans of our rival city Informed us that ibey bad merely heard that there bad been aotM lighting, or a dlitur banco of so ire bind In Hudson City on Saturday. infer the particular!?the extent ol the riot, the numbor of killed and wonnded, or the poeltlon of affair* during that day?they were entirely and Indifferently Ignorant Determined to enlighten our neighbirn through thin morning's Hasuli> of the eventa that were taking place no near them, we ntarted for Hudnon. A denie fog made It an dark an Erebus, while a few ntraggllng lamps gave enough light to At the darkoeta be neon. For about two miles we travelled through darkness, mud end wot. and arrived at Hudson City, (I irmerly Bergun.) having learned, tn Ihe meantime, that .Joreey can boaet ol roada even woree than the atreets of New York. 1'aaaing In front of a large brick building we beard hor rlhle cries; It wan the volcn of a poor maagted man, who lay moaalug and ahr'.eklng In the county Jail. Kntortng tec Court House, whloh'atandn near the tide of the jail, we found It nrarly tiled with mllltla. Through the kind ness of the officers sad thaolrlc authorities, the follow lug particulars were gathered Satnrday was the pay day of the Erie Railroad Company. The workmen, after getting their money, btgan to drlrk?acme got very merry, and some got quite Intoxicated. Shortly a dispute aroee between two men on soma sl'ght grounds; from quarrelling they sums to blows; other parties joined In on esoh side, till there was soon a large crowd In tho fight. The qnarrel thus began frcm liquor, but soon became a riot between two clans of the Irsbmen, tor each man. as he joined the fight, struck 1l for the meo of bis own clan, or aooordlng to hia prejudices All agreed that the Corkonlans wore onaut Ihe fsouois *n the fight, but all disagreed as to the other action, the Monstrr men ; the Fardowners and the I oncaugtt men were severally mentioned as that faction. The tight was not vary extensive till towards evening, when the factions gathered tn great force and at a eked racb other. All klnea or weapons were used ?knives, dirks cluba, stones, gona and ptsk Is. The most serious wounds were lndictod by knives. .? ? .. >'? ? ymwtj iToteded In during Uie other into tholr houses, wh'.cb wro tut temporary structures on4 in genoraliy luoii .y We comer! thou!'.* The doon of these obantuo were borr.coJed by the ostslloaU wttboot ooit worm y dtlenaed br the wtth>n. The otsalioats finding this monsrr r! proceed ore too slow to nnowur their purpose. oet Ore to the bouses ond four of the lorgoat ones were burned to tne ground, fonr others woro n!so pertloily Jeotroyed by Homos. the tabling befoa oboat I o'clock P. M , bat did no. * u rrry hot or become of much inportooro tlU 7 P. M .'ietwoeo 7 on J 0 P. M. U woe ot the height. About 0 o clock P 11 it oroood for tho night Ae uooh as the fgbl began to as Mod Mayor Too R pe-, of JHudron City, ood HherH Booty, of Hudson county, rslls 1 upon tbo ctt'.zosr, the Oremon ond the mil.lory to go ond quell It. Requests woro despatched to Jersey City ond Boboken for mllllnry fo'oes. The first regiment of Bobokon, oommondod by Colossi Aleiontor Bheolor, left Bobokee st 10 o'clock P. M . osd ornred ot tbo or.eso of Uia riot at 11 P. M. Tbla ragtnienl la coBptaad of the following coapuiaa ?The National Guard undar Captain Van Htoioa, tha High wood Guart^uadar Captain Jamoa T. Hailtld, aad lbs Hadaoa Rldaa nndar Captan Itobnatadl. Tko Firnt Rra'irant of Hobokra waa < cnd> *t?d to Hud aoa Mil; tbare they ?a tad until ibay received dlrocitoaa frrm tba Mayor ot tba city to procoad aad inrrouad tha rlotara. >'ord waa aooa received tbey bad aat Ora to aoma new build Inge Tba regiment proceeded Imme iiataly to atop tba cooiiagraUon and anrronnd tba rtoiere. A ?py miovnad oaa of tba faetlona tbat tba mlutery waa approaching, aad Ibay latmadlaloly aoogbt refaga in tba bocraa. aona of wbirh contained or or a hundred pereont. Tba Military made a daaaaat opoa tba boaaaaaad aaado Burner one arrr u Soma of tba peraoae wara found to Ha mM( hnrrftlT ailH hrniaHv haaUa an.1 am* a a i ??.> woman had bar ohl'd ktilad wblla holding II la bar arm* dm .ng the riot 8tr?ral of Iba man wore at ah had eo aa errrly Mat there aia bo bapaa of i heir reooaery, oaa of tbam died lata .aM n'ght It waa Ueo reported to too mUiUry that a large aomber of the rioter* had laetn paa eeteion of a acbool houaa and wara toe re led la II The Ftrat regiment of Hobokea marched down, turro Buad tad look poeeeriloa of Ibe erhool booae Koor ol ifce mm la It were arreetrd and coaecyed to lb* oonn tyja'l. ftmecf them were fount bid away ap la the garret of Iba lonre. The Flrat regiment oa doty till :tx o'clock en -oaday, and wara then at" re ! from {briber doty aall. o'clock I' M of the ?aru?- day. fba Cooitaeola ( jarda of Jerrey ate were k. pi ae a rr?'rre aniU daylight. It waa reported dumg Saturday n'ghi that a large party bad ukei potreaelon of the abaiia. *o eoma of lb* mattery were detailed lowateb and ar ret them aa tbey oama out. wb'ih waa dcea Aa eoon aa Ifea riot waa qaelltd, I hay began la tearoh Iba baaiae aa I make arrrau pert one who were fooid wonnded er with blood open Ihrm wore loakel ap ia Ibe conaty Jail. Ajim'.B or tb?> boueee l*i:n loaded enna oat p-otoia wore found. Ux?r were neeratrd In Iho bed*. oraolr*. and la 01.t of tbo way pane* two |uu were found aadrr tbo wonm'i blrlo After tbo arrest# wore made Bud iho h f hod -n War-lay ai|b:. ererytl. pgrrtranad quiet till about too o'clock A M on Rat day. when throo or fotir 'r Bmrti who wort peao'Df "> ?ed bio wit# i"? Mr. Rfr-iol o hot'i. kicked tbo dor 0* tbo latter -.a? ' rb 'angtaao fe'liwed and t' tbrr b.a*n lo ligbt The nan tfci aeiaulted cr.ot "Murder,ant tbo eoBftab't win woo near by,ar?rated tl o parti' - A throe o'olrrk oa Pncday afierannn tbo rr/ of "mtirder ' woo o'oo ' oord proceeding oat of Mr Robert C?o? * bi ' ?r in wbu b throe or 'our lemiiiee resided. The po lire roohod a oad found two met* la a desperate llaat, one "f tbrm wat moot brutally oad fearfully mane'ed, 0.1 much ao that be la aet expected to lire. Too/ were both arrested and looked np la jail. Thirty prroona were arreated oa ptonday? ootae for draBkeeoeoa, otbera for disorderly or anaptctoa* Contort. *iid Otbera for barlag the r arke of blood aad woreda epoo thom, Wkleh prorod that they bat been on >m?<I In ?he rim n?l ? ? ' " " ? ? w mmm 1 r. , JNUTHf I man ?u utft at j tba jail with hla face all bmii into a b?i?i jaliy. Tha Irlahmea war* aeettered all near tba place. aa1 wtrrarar they Bat vara ready far a fight. By mrana of a larga police foraa, tha clttaaaa aad allium, graerai ardar war mala tatrrd dirtng the day aad ap UU elaraa o'clock at Light Tt waa act erpactad that thara would be Bach d'etnrbaitnei alter thai daiiag laat a'gbt Bat It la expecttd that wban tha parllaa arretted are brought ap to ha triad to day. tha other Trlahaaa will attempt to rrarcethea, which, of ooerae. will create a greater fight thta baa yet oceerred. All tba nlMtla force which waa oo the grnuad oe Bhtarda} n'.gM ?m there alae 'aai ai?M, eacept the Coatlaerial t t.ard from Jerrey Cty. Thia orcarraare baa, of ecaraa, created tha moat lateaac oxotteaent la tha llttla city of lindane The tnhabttaata wait wtib great aotiety 'ha tart of affh'jt to d?y WTO MORNING EDITION?MON ACCOUNT OF OUlt SECOND REPORTER. vai wi wo ispunan wwm wo uoipaicooa 10 log hwo of conflict remained an hour or to la Jersey City, In order to obtain anch atray InteMlgenoa aa anient hare floated thlUiar from Bergen. Nerar waa tboro a mora benighted locality tor lotting anch laioraaallon than that name Jeraey City. All tbo atorca, reatanraata, Ac., ware clmed; the gaa iaacpa refused any light, and lha idea of coming acroaa a policeman waa neooaaarlly aa Infatuation. Our reporter accocted an Individual entering a private dwelling, and requested Ulm to impart Informs tloo cf the wbereabonta of a police station. The Individual had it not in bla power to reply eaiUfaotoiily, but referred him to a dim light In the distauee which subsequently proved lo bo a baaement groggery. Ifotne t all dc/rn persons were there found dltcassieg the lloDd street murder and the Bergon riots, but any partlculara of tbo latter thoy loemed unable to impart. On Inquiring for the SbertiT be dlioovered that thai oQiotai waa at the aceoe or conlllct, and that anybody who knew anything or the fracas waa out there too. Finally, a young grntleman prcaent kindly tllered to extort btm to a cer.aln captain of n military company who enaoted ' mine beat" at a neighboring liquor establishment. The captain waa to leave for Bergen with his ocmpany at midnight, and In consideration of the services ha might rtndcr Uo ctaio at a future period he wee presumed to be cognizant of what b? ' ready tranipired. Hie intelligence amounted to theaiaerHon that nc body knew anything nt nil, and our reporter then sought Uw police station so the other elde of the tuwn. Nobody know anything there, too, aid he began to understand that any Information must be obtained nt ibe ioeno of the riot, or i ot at all. After trying nt tavern] livery stables to obtain a wagon wltbont ancoeae, be ultimately cHooted bis object, and In tho course of twenty minutes arrived nt Bergen. He lu-iredtately entered the Court Houee, tad on entering the eteircnae tound the principal hell turned Into t guard room, and beld by the High wood (luard, under command of Captain Hatfield The scene waa peculiar; citizen soldiery lying about on benches tad tablet, eating Meruit, cleaning arms, drink lug berr, pitying cards, Ac , as though old campaigners. On Inquiry, be was escorted to Br. 8herL! Beaty, wbo kindly attained blar admittance to tbe jaiJ. wbloh adjoins the Court Home. Tbe warden, Mr. Ley ton, eocompeolel blur through tbe rartoue cells aad Informed him that nearly a hundred rioters were then In duranoe there, of whom 'oety five had been brought la during the day, and tuore were arriving almoat every minute. Bergen .iell it not very eitoasive, and the aooommoda ton 'was rather ceficient. Irlshmaa, whether Cork onlane, Cor Daughter*, or others, were plaoed two and three together In a cell, and there were number* lying la the paaiagee. Nearly all of tbem were frightfully ooatuaed about tbe (ace, aad moat ol them were ao bandaged that their countenances ware not discoverable. Scarcely a dozen oftbtm ware awake, aad the sound of painful enoilng waa peculiarly strange The old prisoners wait .upon thaao new arrivals, tending their wounds aid bandaging their limbs; a bard time they sttmed to hive or 1L There ws^ a disagreeable foHid rmell arising (roiu these dirty rioters, which made tbe atBii sphere well algh insupportable, and the eheriil was seriously thinking of having the entire lot well washed la the bath before tweaty iocr hours passed ov?r. There waa a fresh breik or.l town/ Is 10 P M last night, at tbo tack of the five Corner*, but a posse oTtbe H'gbvcod Uoaru mad* an onset upon the notar* ant cap turcd four of them. Patrols are scour ag the country In all directions, and arrests are hourly made. Mr Uhertil Beaty wilt Investigate the eifair this day. ACCOUNT OP OUR THIRD REPORTER.. About all o clock on Saturday evanlag a riot otni nuoced among the Irlife laborer* engaged on the Berg?n. New Jersey, tunnel, wbieh, el one time, It wee thought would teed to e general rlelng of all their oonntrymen la be vicinity. So great were the alarm aad peals that the military from Hobokea aad Jereey City were called out, and not until thsy arrived at the scene of Mf disturbance as the riot quelled. They however remained on the grcatd until yesterday afternoon, when the* were die ctiiaed. On* regiment, however, was under erase last alghl, In readiness should the difficulty be renewed. There were many reports current yesterday In regard to the Cumber of persons killed, but as far as we roeid ascertain from the Jersey City police, there were but five or e!> wounded, Including a woman aad one man so rertously Injured that be is not evpccted to recover Some thirty of the r. eg teed ere were err tied sad com milled to Bergea Jail, to await aa eaamieeiton. During the mere several abaattea were fired end burned, which brought oat the Jersey City firemen end meny otlleens. The riot wee qeehed about half pest 10 cn Saturday evening. There were from five to sU hundred men engaged la the disturbance at use lima ACCOUNT BY OUR JERSEY CTTY REPORTER. A terrible not occurred on Saturday ailernooa. aad eonllnnad yeaterriay, among lha IrUb laborer* employed nptn the tnurel which la lelng eonatrueted through Bergen Iltll by Iba Long Dock Company, for lha naa of the Now York and Erie Railroad Company. Sararal paraona rngaged in the riot wara aararaiy Injured, and aoma or ib< m may be fatally hart. It t:ok p aaa balwrca Ooneacgbl men aa 1 Mnnator men, brtwcaa wbom Iba wall known "aid grndga" etlata. Tb are bar a b<wn ovrr 1,900 men aagngad upaa Ibla work by iba coetrnctor, Mr. Mallory, of Ntwbnrg and la anoelarate the work ba baa recently added to hta (orca. Many of tba aaw maa happened to ba Muaator n en, or " Corkoataaa," aa ibey are called, wba Joined he Mnrai ar colony, when# abanUcs are molly oa ena " patch." aa II Ia tailed by tbam Tba Coaaavibl men occupied aa adjaecal "patch ' with ikelr atactica, and in arreting their ehant >e the MnieUr en tranagreaeed upon territory claimed la ba la Ike CaanaagM patch.' Haturday happened to be pay day. a.' wl -ry we tl> ladaat. Tbetr ea'tr"?M:?e rea bed a aaillka p? .at aiil tbey r?>mn.eared figtting at abnot " e u'okch on tbnt lay. The here of the comt etanta were Ircreated < nt I at o'gbt aot Irta than foar hundred mm w. rr rrgage 1 m tta Ogbt. ( ne hal' at (be men am ployed npon ibla wrk ara day banoa and tba other half ulfbt baai!a. M waa tba night baa la who were engaged n the riot The ladder! at Ue anatla wara drawn np aa that tboaa eagagrd at work caald not leoee nail I the battle ard daagf r wara orar. Three rtgagad la tba melee wara armed moetly with rtnhe ant a'onea, aad aoma at iba woman took iff tbetr Ucklcya aad putting aton<t lata them i red tbam with ccnelderable effect Peon after dark tur 01 lha ahaatlra of II I I rlMUti maa mm aa# nr "aa OWaaia a# to city rf Iludeeti, la wbkb lb* turret la ottoalod, oont to tj tcr Orrftra lYmloeirt being glare by I ("Mr' Krg'nter Frnteb, lour Bra compan en witb npj?'?!! * rrpa'rrd to the tpot with all poach la epetd 1 Ibor lybiltaOMyatyNa. 1 bar mi brtdrtd vl tfiy n*o rare bar torn ; At'twith Eag'ne Company No. S went tip wl b a croud of two bubdrnd. and Wnehlag'on Enfr# ('onpoor No. 4, end Dtlpaat Hooe Ccmpaay No. 3 with tl'ty eddeiottnl men added to their atrengtb Iba atrrftb of the Bremen waa tbaa about tore to iboao ergngrd ib ?be a (I ray drriaing at tte apot they formed lb line. No. 2 '.n front and, led by aeelafaat Faylaaor Hey beck they ruabe i w;?h Ibetr eppereine. aad yeUtag Coreoly, to tbo ooaaa o dtflofbatie. Tbo riot era, alarmed, took to tbalr beato. The nietri a caught too aiaa juet ta tbo not of netting Bra to enotber abaaty. Tt at waa Iba end cf tba r ot ro fbr ta (Ighttif oa Be tarday aigbt waa concerned. Tbo nbahttaata ot the alty ot Hcdect, beweeer, were IB graat ooaotoraatlon. and Bberlfl tbaty teat la leeeey C|ty aad Hobobaa roe m'lttery aid. 1 bo Jer oey Ota < oatteeatal fl-.erd, Cbpt Beadereoa, ibo Htghweod Geerd, t?pt HetBeid, of Ttabokea; tbo Netieaal Rrard, Ca|-?a>i> Vaa Houter aad tbo Bobakaa R not, Oaptaia Babootod, rapauwd la tba opot l.r.'rr* nMalehl eeit enallawaO a? - ?"I 4 o'atrrt fa Raaday airraiaf. Thay Uiornafb-r ararrbad tha ihaaura cf tha two " p*ub?a" eaaaftd ta tba war. aad art dated all whom tbay Jbnad lb at aboard (l(ea af bavlaf baaa togacr-i la tha 41atorbaarr Oaly aaa maabal aad oaa rawltvg ptaoa wara ftttid. Ibay Ifflk flftraa prtaoaara altogalhar, dartag f alar day M|ll, aad tncbfd tbewi ay ta JaU. Ua Raaday farther t?artb waa aiada. aad addltiaaal arrrata la fha arnbtr at thirty fi?a vara aiada. Tha wbata no bar? fifty?arc loekad ay la Jail. Thai a wad ae as a fhrtb ar fl|ht'e? prat?day ???ta>w i?r'<r?trcubiafi Vara ayfvDaaJaJ Jar*? :'.nda; - ft iRK T f ' DAY, FEBRUARY 1G, 185 TIM Washington Volunteer*, Capt. Npear. of Bergen, ware on duty yoofcrday ntmoM Md I Ml night. and by request of the Bbaria the Jersey Ctty and Hobokea military eompanle* held tbcmaeires la real I new to be celled upon U required. Our Indian Kmplrr. TBI' B8T1 BLUB MBIT OB A t RBI IT UOBU.IBR PHOPOSAD IN MBXICO?BULL I ANT bCUKJlK TO RXOUUATB EVERYTBINO IN THAT KKl'IfBAIU?OKURST TllKlTY IikTWKkAl MkYlun eunma Hiimn osiisiau Af NKX1M0 fcOSURA TO THIS UVION, WTO., 1ITC. [Oorrtaponaenoe of 1a Creole*, of New York ] Wasuugtov, Keb. 5, 1857. Yon will b?ve seen lately tin the baa repeat edly >!>:kro or "Our laC'.ao Empire," and ha* ecdoa rored to prove at length not only that tbero evlste here abun. ant eUmocte to round Is Central America a rait empire bke that in liiginta Iud:e, governed and dovel optd aa that le by a merchant company, but that tbia mi ptre extati In reality. According to the Herald, whether V.'alker and b,a filibusters or the allied Cential A.-ucr ana triumph, that empire la a " died faot,'' and tbo overeignty of thoee countries baa been transferred to New York. Terbapa you may hive laughed at thta. 1 bare laughed alio at 11 to far aa regards the " died 1'act." But alter having laugh .tit I have learn'd with aur pi lee that beblna the t*U of the H*kali> there l?, la truth, a very grave i?e.t, cl wnicu probehty the Huald 1? tgno rtnt, lor otherwise It would have trumpeted it to the four winds This leot of which I sneak la e coioeeal project? a alnpendona one?and whloh way be aald te exeeed greatly In megnilude and otber clrcumatanoea toeproseot which reanltec In ino empire cl the 3rltlsh company In India. Tii powder aa 1 ball prooeas of getting possession of n republic?that la to say, through See and open racid flllbueterhnn?hea been tried In Nicaragua, end baa been round not to pay. It la elow, or pen hive, full ef dinger, and, btaidee, whatever the Bmuiu may aay, has also been lotted te be cuubltul In roeult. See how largo a number of people have gone to that conatry to join the ranks of Walker: bow much motev baa boen spent; bow great rlaka have been run. And with all ibis, although we ere assured that the probabilities, t, Walker's triumph increase all irree, at the same time, that the nrohahtiiti** that mm* i ihese daytt tbe celebrated filibuster and all bl? |mk. Ill be tooiid some morning baogtbg on (be trees around Rvaa, do not decrease. And this, too, when Nicaragua is only a little country, with very few means of deienoe, m or* all tbo littlo republics of Central iraertoa IIow ncucb greater would bare been the diflloulUea and oncertiu.'y If that attempt bad boas made agalnat wore powet lol countries nntted under ono government. Tb't ta evident and Una la no doubt what bad given rlee to tbe monster plan that 1 bare announced to yon b la plan otneiata In nothing Iraa than a ewallowtng up at i ne gulp tbe wfcole Meitoan repw ; lie, i ron tbe Rio Bravo to Bucainr, and from tbe (ieif to tbe Pacific ocean In rraer to carry oat tbla magnificent plan, a oompany baa tten organized, In wblcb aeveral of the great capital tela o: tbla country are collated. Tbe governtnent of Mexico in one of lb* coctracuag part lea. and tin eciuleaoence ta 'n lar>t tbe loundailon ot be preiect. Toe government of the In'ted Btatea ta expeoted to approve and guarantee ibe lulfliment <>r tbe whole. I will only give you tbe aubetanoe, or more properly ?P?akUg, tbe principal pointa of tbe projeot; but you

will ?ee that tbty are eufitetent, and that to approolate lta importance and magnitude, are not needed. Here ihty are ? the company Ix formed for the present with a capita', or ten mlidcne or dollars (which may be Incruaeed to il'ty uiilhoae), of wbicta ore naif ahai: b? subacrlbed at ooce n the l oiled Btatea, and tbe other half to be left open for rue year to be tab*a in Mexloo Bach part ot tbte hai: as ball not be acbeorlbed within tbe year, may then be takm In die United Utatee. Tbe company rball receive peaeenalen or all tbo unprodoctlve and natleoai property of tbe Bute, sad the company ahail gnaraatee an internet of six par cant to eneh cerporatioae or ndivtaaal* as may have bean recognized a owe*re ol eatd property. tbe government of Mexico will expodlte a now law ef mid* re. Ihoec which now belong to iorotgn,coaiDantan or Ldivldusle tbeil be exempt from the new law, but al i there enall bo Includid und. r it, and no foreigner may In mture acquire an internet In any mine wltbout submitting to that law. All tniota included nneer tbe law enall be declared to be tbo propetly of the nation. The compen) M all aaettt lh? worktag of tncee tnat it miy olaee aa productive, and gveronica an tntprast of su per coot cpoa all moiaye irgit uataig inymfiafi in them. tbe ball . i the bet peed net cf me mlnea.Jher dedaSTing the i?itreel. rba:l r > c r to rueb nompeay or peraone an work htm; the otber half enall pertain to tbe nation, and ball (tier into the fundi of tbe company. > or tbe workit or mlnee claaeed aa ron producilve. epeolal arranxe rotate (ball bp Mad* according to ctrcumiUeoaekhe baiee of which nay bo laid down at the oplion of Uio hextcaa government. Ibe company aball take obarge of the oolltotlon of aij be national revenues, eiceptinc only Uie municipal ones, rre organization and tbe rtnotiw, or ibe collecting offloee bail be under ibe eiciuelve direction of tbe company, ear tbe Mexican government abal! enact at oooe the ne< ?a?ary law* relating to tb * branch, an toon an the company ihall Bake known the area of them. In order to nop the contraband trade which destroys tbe beat naltonai reeenuen, and to mpedo tbe oonilnn cor of r< mtlnatlooa tbat rtenlt to tbe great prrjudtoe or tbe greet mam of oeeauaert of fbrelgn goods, toe rom I any btnde luelf to Import into the country all (nob goodn a n by be rrqulred by the trade end to eel' their to rentier* at aa kdvtare of Are per coat upjn tholr ooal and cbargra Tbe company blntettoelf to hare It* ware bt < * alway* well itocied with tbeae good* la nil their variety Tbo com pea y aball not opt n at any place aay < ptabiiabmi nt lor sale of good* by retail. aa I the getsttmcnt ibail react a law prohibiting tbr Importation of ai'cb good* aa the row pea y may biad I let If to Import era Ml la tbe marrer a'oreaSid. Ttegovrrrmcat aball tetabllah a new maritime and frontier term, aa tooa aa It baa arranged with tb - com ptay ibe teimi area which it ebonlit be teeued. lb# company may organltc the resea jo Torr* necto try to Imped* the contraband tade of tbe frontier* an.I roast Tb a force aball b? under the exclualro order* of Tt* ocmpaay hall pay to (ha Mmioaa goraromeBt, or it* a*p*??? of public adm'ntratlon (ha aiauai turn it iMillloaa of dollar*, ta twalr* noal paymaow. one < tha brg'anlov of rack month. Tta oomracy ibtii aatnMitb a baak of c'-rcttlaUoo and Discount, for whioh it (ball bare iba oicloa'.rb prirtlago. I* bill* (ball ba dorlarod bp lav a loga! tan dor ta aU ktada ol baaUaaa Iba e^npao y tball commobca *4 onoo tha oonatraetioa (f tbrta liar* at railrrad two from tha ?i*J to lb* raelflc, a obi ,i * diraouoa*. aad aaothar from a poiat on tha Ncrihara rrootiar, tramaing the ooontry loogitodioaiiy. ibrawthrao Hat* thai! ero*a *woh "(bar at taa City of Mr *ioo. Ia orlar to aoewra tb* didk tir ooaatranioa ?f tbrao riodo, tbo work abali b? bogi n at both *a I* of <b? bar ai tba *ama lino, aad a la* at aararal tntormo onto potata. All U>* nairrtala rtqulrad for tha roMtracUoa aad wirktaf or thaaa road* aad tbatr droaadaadw (ball ba orntttad frao of ocitors* dotlaa aad arary othar daty, ?ad iba govaramaat iball aulat tba con war la ail tbinga bat it at; a**d, la order to obtain a rr'ie aat anahr or laborva to rarry oa tba work* rapidly. lb* cow pan y will alao aadariaka, at opportnoa t anaa nad i* coarrrt witb tbagnTarnntrnt, the oarcanary worka or Intornal rir gadon wbero It nay drrn It oaafcl aad l> aa bl*; and tb* goooranaolttali dcrlara by law tbaa* work* to b? iba caciAiro prlrtlaga of too company Tba rim; on; nay aatar >ato nrrananl with otbar tt wpaak* or nth iadirldra<'* for lb-' rarrt'rg oat of aa7 of "b* lacr* la# ratrrprtaao ovar wbk b It nay bar* iclotlaa r gbt. bat tt tball out dalagata It* piwar* uadar at) ol iboo? act* la which U aiercM* powv datagaiad by ibajortn arii. Tb* naalroa itraiam obail ra Miabltah tbatobaooa ai ' iba ra?i* footing thai tt luraulf *tnod. and tb* sdn nbtralloa of tbla tai. aa wtll n* of all othar* whin* may bntaraaftrr rrratad t* maat tba pobile oaoaaatttaa ad tarer tb* daralnpanaat ot Batman waaltb. aba 1 alao bo la nbargo c f tboconpaay. Tbo gorarnnoat nay nana norr rnlaalmart who (ball tparri** iba wf-raflcaa of tba oon,<aaT; aa l tba con ? / ?? r""*"* mwmr y j xmr mi ' f " jfin irr com piitr ?n< ttirt itilfMit o! Ill kcjwii, r*TMd Hd b) Ik* coamtaatonera Ha SImvm lOTMiniD1, la the ear.* if 'ha nation, tbtll |ijatta*?n in lk? iwiapoay u norm. tntnrart of all P?" raet npea aJI Ik* tint tnrrateo in th* c aatruslioo of IBM oaf >. nB'i n?btr worts tad entarpt ?i of pablio utility, aal Ibl* 'ta par rrot rba'' Pa crltidrd la tba an mil acmust ti lb* etpeets r.t ?<*aitni?trolino r d jrrt# rrtl.f a of taid works an 1 ?o?rrp?'aro. Tba moras? thai! ittahPtP ncreotiaMy a w?*biy I'?a of tlrawca, rt tot ifean 1 fc<"c ir.&? t?rnh"0 nark, hrt??an VaraCrvr. at4 a port ta tbo l allot dlaiaa Tba rf n>par 7 than bar* two prlarlpal oitlm* nar In I Wri'ro. and tbo otfcar la Now York or cdhor oity ol iha I rind Htatrw. Wbao ihit f grerniaat tball bars haaa porfaetad ?od r. mrinrd ta dca form u tball b* appro*'*, aad itarai ftiweat (uaraalaad by tkr gotaraaatil of tba I'atlod .-w"t for whtob parposo it shall n*ri*?old a?r* altraaty wPh Mtlien. Rim yna barn Ik# prctrol. ant ta tta drtalla. bat raty ta rnbttaana. aa 1 staked al tko bagtnnlag. ^astral tbirta aa ill hat* itrrr ym ta raadlag it. bat imlMag will bars amttnd ytAr attaa wo ?o ik raily aa tbo aadartty of Ibooa wbo baao rrarttatd aad rrspoard tbta ptaa, aad tba patlaaoa wttk bub tba goarrvaaint of Mailro baa ttatraad to U. day "00 anold tnppror tbol IYtatdaat Oomoafort, aa hsortag ?orb a proposition wmM bar* foaa tatn a fary. aad at iraat baaa rat t tba pita aad tbo proposer to tba d?L If ba bad aot aowwlttrd aowe at ot ttoHana apoa hint. Sat i cab was aot tba imar - tt eaaoe that ba I law aad ta tt all 1 w tb tba grraiast eqaaaimtty, aad area with ertdoat i ttpoa of ptraawra, aad that hta ealy raply was, tba* I ' to tool ta bo the aid baro tko oiwotuto oaaaraaoa that i bo gooerniaeat of tbo rotted Hta wo world taardtna aad | tcarantao tko egret aM<at, ba woolt raw apoa tbo dloenritaa of k. Tba point tow to to mp*ttain if Iba poraramaat of tbo I'ottrd Ptkfro will giro tbto toanlloo and goeraatne. I tall voa what baa h??a dona la tbla roap*et. Tba authors *f tba arfja**. ha* or a totti It 0 Mr t'oo, waro a .long t'tnr at Wtih'tftnn ta aisoat roaetaat leteroourao wttk persons id b'gh prtinao. aad tt ta not al all praba?l* that tbay woald dart tp propaaa that eaotlon and gaaran aa, wttbimt bartng onwta kind af aaacaiHW that tt wit bo > Mnttird But aotwttbatandtag all thta, an far at regards be pritaat itm*; tbat ta an toog ar Mr rtr'ta'a adialntarst'oo 'atta that wIt not nhttln t' M- Plaroa woo d 'la <t wtlt, Pi t ft* *? ** rapnr- '? ???? ? <a f war. on rth-r r. -V i ! Hj CttkOa tat to i*r br*w*i . !? [ERA 7. I wdMwl to my UuU It estate, u4 wtu bona tnriaotbii I reason tor dtoa? * too rwJiulloi or tk* brlUlaot mrotMi 1 h?* nmM. iMttwr Magnetoat projnt, ead which Am muehC common with tba foregoing, at total la Ma matter a., objiot, baa ntoo to be delayed through tha tenacious <. pontoon of Mr Maray- I aUmi* to the aew treaty la\ <i? mad* la Maatao between iba mutator of the lloauJ Sutra u4 iba government or Comonfbrt, tor tha oaa :i us of Bonor* and tta toasrporatiea la tha Amortoaa Union, Id ooaaMaralkm of aarorat mtikona of dollar*. TMa la a a* cret that per Da pa yon did not Itaow, bat you aaad aat doubi lla truth. The treaty la mad* alio ail tha for main o< aa , far aa regard* Iba sogoUauoaa. toil It baa ?ot to bo approved. and this I re pool, can pot bo obtainod *bi? Mr. Mtivy la Secretary of Stala. Maroy la aiao la ra bwr til humor booauae Mr foray tb baa mad# thia treaty with out having raroivad toatruoUooa Irom biat, and tola nan ? reduced noma altercat >na a "1 anpleesaotntos la the ablnet. But you Icbow what occurred on too nog >tl?, Hon or the Mexican treaty; while Mr. Mtrcy snot to < 0. Gadsden etrutn lua-raetloaa, Gadadoo roootved through ntoer aouroo vt ry different instruction* irom blab peircnsgis, who could uot be Ignore* -aiI these pro IM, ? .u others Ibat aro in ombrro, are - ?ei ved to bo c r.ud out when Mr Buchanan ons*? into be Prealoeocy, wboae admlolatratlon, it la eald, will not be a dllbnatrriny, but an rxpanetre one. I bare not the >. gbUat otibt that the independence and nationality of Mexico are approaching their end, unless aa ortdmt miracle Id Interposed by Divine i'rovllerce to laapade It. How do you with a country shall ba aaved that la not only wanting to ibo energy arcaaaary to defend Itaoll, but wbicb hastens to give Ititolf the death wound? It Is endeavored to keep all tbia to tbe aeoet profound Ccrery hare, and Its publication will cause no tittle alarm to the parties Interested, and perhaps oontrtnute in a groat roeaauro to make lis realisation more dtflloalt. If to ah ebould be the case, wo aba I have dona a aervi re to tba great interest* or humanity?1, to wrtttog, and you to publishing, Ibis letter. THK EDITORIAL COMMENTS OP LA CRONICA (OKOAN OF THE BI'AMSIl OOVbKKMJMr,) OP FEB. It, UPOW THE ABOVE LETTER. Under tbe actual circumstance* tbe preceding letter Will be read with intemt. Although some details and btcn|perbapa might be made use of to advantage, re wanting, till the ant>;*ot i> Id Itaaif eiiflUileatly late retting for n- n acreaaorU* 10 iuo picture oot to Da miaa ?d In tbe American preet, anaie time ago, prroeot of immrcfe proportion# ?m tpotnn of. conoetrel, la tala and tome other cttiea of th? I'n'.led b'tatue. by Hpacnlatora id ?fc?t kind of merchandise called "aspensioa,'' aupp?rud by tbe ?j no pall lea ol a large political party, and tii*i"gariied by the reat ? b1; aa far a? the oppurtualty of its rial>nation la conooaed, but not la tbe point of view of oei1t?a! taato and prom. Several of onr raadera will already have divined lbat we allude to the It real plan of an (- Indian Kmptre,'' to wbtib, on more luan rue ocoaatoo. we bare referred Tbe greater I art of tbe public who hitherto aaw thia nana, It (or a aptdca or cabadetlo myth* ignily rg Ibe reaurrtotion in tbe New World ot the eoeial end political forma or tbe Inner. end Itooiezumaa. with tbeir anthropophagy, and eo forth, ae tbe apparition of a new Orn^bla in the Wnetorn reglona. But great ldcea are much atmpler ai aui be abowa by tbe revlat'on r<f ibe loloalcg imperial prcjict tbe "Company ol tbe Indian hmpire" la neither more nor ? tbau a concaemlal emerprlae, liavbg la view to take pneaeealon or Mexico, he' goveiniaeDt and people, by lubyctlng all and evorythicg ti that prodoatioei region to ibe higher law or the dollar Mln national landa and tauiea. tbo collecting or public rente, itnporia nun end exportation of proouota?the appropriation of all urrailve rnierpr'ree? ail thla, and mnca more, will belong toihe Imperial Com racy, vrboee ciTVoi will be la an x'.cc and New York; and In order tbat nothing may be ? aut.?_ In ibta minute and moat win, oven Ibe malieat cetal a have been Toreeoen and provided for, aa e u lo the roooooaloal part, tee re i tanlmlilog of tbe abo > ab< 1 monopoly or tobacco, and tno cr allnn of a roveni r guard all of wblco ta to l<0. according to ibli auppo r'llcn under tbe ordure ol tbe lm >erial C nioaoy. Tbe latter force la a thing to whlrt no one can have any ol (tcUon The h ogi'rh h'aet lod*a U):n.>aut, in order to rtjnet tBc-cittnaite id Madras, itomnay, and Calcutta, had 10 eeleblitb there vast depots, and wv sjob aware that ! order to pr-ioct thorn age net the laws or tba country, rMch pretended to rub ect lo tgn oommarce >o tie | eyn nit of duties. it waa lcoever? W uave aa >.r aao t'ireo at their dupoeiUon Later, the Rati India <.??? paiy, 'owing tip their eery profl'ahie ta??dh, cast i.C ali '?!< rlor tolls and ocelnnir, ha&girg up <>?i a tree or puat aaJ tVggirg those agoi is ot the lodhgerons aimtala ratu p who oared to reir.- ths'.r eye* to look ti|>oo a.i Ergneb cotitoy of ccmrtbail goods |wtrt be it even on ole th?a tba company eezed on the traCl-. ot rioe, to principal food or ibsto oountriot that or oil, Bsb, and otbtr article* ofttekmd. wblnb uo one was allowed to sell ontxo transport Ire# of duty, except with s pawnor! uf taw oneway: lowly, inn woo not left any l.riag r?~ol, be it kl?K or peasant, in Ooda and all hear H'odos i?e, wo.nb waa not entlrfy attbo disoretioo of the British ln.|orlsl Ocmosur, wbnae armal guard, introduced to aatrb peer tbeir depohi ut] magazines. was onrerted, sa it was easy to tonnea into formidable a-m ee, main lamed In ni thnao eery same megsrloan Tie InjperUl Ameitcan ccmiwry bad jot long to die w are* upon what orgat'zatuo was to be appiiod to tbe asm* ends. That of the British Ki?t ledut Company (ertrttly enllrd tbe project or eeiawllsblug ao idea teal emptrc In tbe American Hindustan, for as eui-h IS xlco waa considered , and loimmxtely tea trrjtct of application wis cried out by forming the aesoclafoa ot ahlch the letter aboee glee* au acooost. and It seems tbat tbe rommrreal speco'si ?re did not woik alrne aod without tbe asilrtan'i.i of the Ante loss ripiomsPT If canam reports eaPlrteeUy acnndited? rtptcialiy In re'ereoce to Mr. Fomyth?are to be relied opra. btltbcr will ibey oo the part ot tba actual President or Imiico, i>r Omonlort nwi with any oppoa.tlon as will he erm above ; all depends oa tbe flat or tba govern mrnl tf tba L'altcd Htmise fbr converting between evao'.ng sad morning, Mexico tmsther with ber .Lfvabitenu, ctilia end mediations' toto a ripper for vampires or ratber tbtoiba legitimate property of a company of Amrrtesn tracers Tba letter af oar well Informed men 1 npe*ke alio of a tnaty re t>? lotted lor tie sale of (too ora to the I ailed (Hate* tcr nt i real o intone or dollar*. Cogcarnlag tbe nrgitlatorn, tt ibi Amartoaa Minister in Maatco aqd Uussoafort lie trraty baa baen ooaeioded with all formalluee and there in only wauling tbe approbation ot tba Nnrh A me neon ynrrrnmf nl. whirh. m It rml, hat no knowlfdfe I ibot act wboa It waa con.mnnlo*t<-.i to it, nor hat II yivrn lartraction* o 0117 bind to tbnt tlMt to lit rapro n niallao In Halloo. Tbo conilld roa lor will art undor flood tbla 1 oalradlotory foot, lM Uto it, df>ub?>aa, for rort of rtedlr or rnlyate of our Invention' bai wo rofer h to for Ibe eolation of the eoifine to tbo explanation of onr Irlend, who I* perfectly familiar with the aeit pir mOu of tbo ella.ra of ibnt federal (overnacnt 11 woe Id be tot'roly aaoionn for u> to deduce ooo?e inrorro front Ibe facto alluded to, nod wblob wo racom toad to tbo aiwntua of Ibt public and to tbo action of a t oat ever haa to teoe tbo ? otter in bio band* Nemo from Hittn*. aprital or nm ntriKi: crrr. Ibe atcemabip Kspiro City. Oeptoln S f t.rlJ.a, loft Now Orltaao at 8 A. M. on tbo btta, and arrived at Havoca at 1 P. M oa tbo RUt, eoalod, tr totforred bar Coll i Irrnta tcai't and pnaaeagera to tbofiranala fjr Ajp crail. a<l loft oa tbo 10th, at 10 48, for ibis port Place Ire vt?f New Or'oaa* tbo Ewrire City hta 00toccUd roca*?bt ?lror?- *ad edrerac |alr? op to loo left ibtny '( botro. but from Cepe fltttarra tt.-ood r ff r ibe wiatl-ar baa ceeo erring Itbr, with emtotb ? ? fa tr ricoatiaetto bar outward experience of ibe aaiun frailly, bating ttrr txpcrieaoed too nu/r cant of 'ho !8iti eat Ittb of January. It la Haled, on tba aotbority of a brotoc r of Dr. Kan a, irat the Doctor a urel't. la laprovrg. Nothlog of ipotiaU motuent la noticed at Haraoa aloco oat edvloto. <>n tbo aftornooo tt tbinday. the 818. bio I reel if or y leaner*1 Onrrh* reviewed oooto 18 000 tr?p? ' adar tbo fort raatllla do I'rtaclpo. wbo alter mtrfv r?f nt ihroogb 1 bo evolatloo* of a mcr't beiUr. An ??? witnaaa n the ' r rtporta ell bp bevlsg "praorfl' pjeeaertUy. w'fb the tacrptioa cl 0 prtvaWl loa?: alio, away ny an awkward nar Olr, and an offlaor't hirao fraigbtenod *>vo iw riw" Tbe n? mah'r' Beck Warrior erm-d from Nee York to It* nth el f V M ?rt left ml id .nii| fir N?* Mr leere Tbe batk (lr??el?e ami br*r C?r?w' up<?i?4 at bat'iir armed from Nr* Yo'k? 01 1%: i ? raiafc- d Tbr f n p ra ?Yy re Irtetair nttMfM ? ? tie netetde ikntMhir ttlh ittin tip t ailed' tfhie onri.ii 1u. o o Thunee;. lith at * If A M , Iti *.T V?nt? TP 11. ptaa >rbam! rt'f v :r* Arjcr'r*. * ?* drr tub eo<li^?ri. .?r t t far va?rrr|*n "mr fft*ei? be ' m{ rt Cl.f b?U?a C jt. J. F n ri"?i lam ti?? <sr ?f t trn ?eo'.io<tr t> a Tt ita, (f lteeetar|,ort, 'row Vw fork Jaa. for ( arleu, (la who lb Ma crew ?? tefcm off .> ? rretol by ?? (? . T Kt'|ht. Car' f-i t.TO'he ITlti Jetjary, ?rd ?i| ('apt Bmwe, tab of b*rk Varta Heryry. o I >ilMrrt, for f'eM?B?a Jar. A mr pri adsinbt*. bro.iyh "i, hie crrw !o liavsaa by b-iy flntvw, of Haw Yore I a*ta| ttjfierrd to Uia o'iu'wh fair of January lb. Ax Amrbicab glut?Two or three weeks ago r?nal o??f r'arr nun ?no Rtflteb tronpa etacowrrt al ?a<'r 'b'lr way arooa* Wolf la an I an i the th la* wy to the tailed X'atet Some o( 'hum ware ally frt/*a oo the way, aad one nai taken ia ?b<i car ad far by ft F aro?? on tartoa aiamt wilbia the jortadictww o( tba ( atto<f Aetee. ua too vPth nn a Bdttat officer. w'.tb a tie of mee. raiae npor the la'aad au<t enrteerored to poraawla i ho drearier to re bark to Kiayrtoa, prntnlalat thai ho rb"tud not bo pan.abod. (fa refused, aad tbr offtrrr determined to take him by io?oo. Mr. Piaoboa, with oor of bio hired men, waa abaont. Aaothor man waa rbopwiof wood at !h? door, aad Mr*. Huctea and two eaaybtaro were In tbe bona* The woara ant the an off alter Mr P tod hta ccmpaaloa. and auoa afterwa>da tb? officer ordered Uto daarrtar to on broarat oak Fere to'diete rrrbad into tbe boiae, but tbr othira were prryrated fy-m rotrrlng by it a oidaol lau|h.or, wbo oathM tbr fifth mar bar * ea * entered. aad he rolled ep-n tea ftonort OBtatde She ?bon rineed tbr dw aad krtrd It, ee<1 lak'ap brr noott <xt before II, d?c)?r*i that It 'to f"ar who were left irei,rv*k tbr ioorrtrr nay, tr?y woM bet f topaeooeer bar dead body. By this tin f Mr riiial><? and bit wtu wore i 00 rotunda/, and Ihr effiier col dnera nailed for lua mo h ontnr on ao-1 run The tb'.et wae noalrr nM thea rtoaa. bowayrr aa tb hra*e a'" tnalBtalnrd brr pool, an 1 It eaa only no a reiowa p-rtntrr batDj y'ran by them to ot>eer?e ib? lawa ''if r| the rt.t' n1 tt ? I'tltO'' F' lira lit fjiMT. trot If.* -j <?i .. ,y 'tn f reVaatt* \?J ia t"ta'r j pi' a *r< 1. b#a. a h??'/ Mrti LD. PKICE TWO CENTS THE BOND STREET TRAGEDY. r The Clote of the Invectig&tion and Verdict of the Jory. I . ; Mr*, Cunningham and Ktkel Held d Answer the Charge of Murder. Snod|!iuM Held an an Acceworjr to the Crime. THE PRISONERS IN THE TOMBS. THE EXCITEMENT THROUGHOUT THE CITY. Scene at the BeraldOflkeTederday Iwvtatf Ac., Ac., Ac. The laat ant or the B-rcd etreet trafody bu been mmeluded, tod the ourlaln baa talleu upon a .?one ot boner unparalleled la the annate ot crime. No tosal event rear cooupled the aUentlee of the public mtnd eo exoluateuW for a period of rourteen day*. aa that or the murder at Dr. Burdell. To in# laat momeat tbe excttemee vaa In. tense, ana op to 11 o-ciocx an Msturday night tiT anxiously awaited the vord.ct or Use jury Tu evidence, as adduced on Matorday, wai highly Important, Inaamuoh as It tended to Implicate Snodgiaes w n accessory to too crime of which Kekel and Mrs. OoaniDgham have long since been suspected, ,while the testimony of the witnees Fnrreu has been sube tan Mated In every pnrtlcnlnr. Tbo Coroner having learned that Pnodgrass had purchased a dagger about a day or aa Mm fore the commission of the murder, had him called opea tho stand, and there questioned him undor oath upon Mag point. The witness denied hsvlag ande sash a purchaser when Mrs. Margaret Alviset, ot No. 690 Broadway, earns forward and testified tnat a young man whom she subsequently Id entitled at dnodgrasa bad bongut a dtrn. at ber store on tbo Wednesday or Thursday before D? Iturdell was murdered. The kuife Hold by Mrs. Alvleei was shout Uve laohos long lo (be blade, and would, as cording lo the statement or Pr. Woodward, bare laA <* ad the wounds found upon the person or the decease This witness's evidsooe wn corroborated by a aalasws man in the store above menu >no<1. who also tdentthwd Hnodgraes as the person who had purohased the ?Ui?. Italia. There appears to have besn some di?iiulty about the bills that Daodgrass odemd la payment for the Imlf?o that the witness's attention was occupied with u?* youth more closely than usual la cases or ordinary trade The accused alteetec extreme coldness at the idaoMSn* tlon, ai d when he was committed to tho Fifteenth ward tstibu bouse ho aruumed an air of groat carelessness nse naconeera. A sister in law or Or. Harden was exmtnod, for the purpoee of ssctinalc'cg whire defeated was on the F*t<iay erenlng pre noes to his return home, hat no etas to bis whereahsnts could be obtained. There being no further ev'dence to odor to tbo jary tor their considers, tlon, the Coroner decide! to r.kiae the osso, sad abont S|g M h? proceeded to-leltrtr hU charge to t&ot body m follows? bnTiiMU or thi ,'?n?I kav* to oourrataiatn yaa Ibat oar labor* la lb la iMponaat caaa aru aoproaubiag a loa*. and 1 oaoaot re'run from oa^n aainf my toaaka ta yoo rolliov.rciy aad ta unai- juror icdlr dually, tor tka patient atitot.' o wa'.cti >oo bare baalowad upon iMtaaa aa It prograa*?d ibo umy adieu toe -aa Ua? oaat opaa oa. baa bacn and U to lequlr* bow aad by wkat oiea-f l)t Uarray Uurnai ?np>u I tew at wbeea Uoj too prieeat io<|uuai la oeni? caata ta tik diatb I tLui* i Oiar umi, witnout Tear of ocatradi. it, o, Ibat Uiare t aa aerar **?a aa iaqaaa? a tan otty abxb b*? ai-raxa d mom, J a,, rauob, o. puMlo attention a* ibL preaeal. In* pi. >i*t ml ad ao.oe fourttaa day* *(0 ?u Uriie-i <w iceruU-ii frma tba e.iaaaate tarnucl wlnca tla pa.wmy errata of ta* day aa* Bad* brown, that a r j*jki. taino tillsaa, a yeti.lJMoa of wraith auu fuud atk'.iou la aocrit/?bad liwu loally aad brulaiiy Biurderni?I u iy ui *a> bulc ierwi?aad be bia owe houai aa* tuat at mat urn ibrre wa? an ornate ItIWIf ihc pttptto a Wltf MM hti 'load Tuu maiaaab our proceedings tit into, newt f a *y?n af the pnolai www rlratird opera u*. aid ib? eikl.u- -ot eaoa day, aa we propressea. wna i.okai I'Teoirrad with iiilaoaa aoxMty, la i. 1 or to Icaia If tb> re *a* any probaollny that ibapwa ty party or partir* cot.>d b* at* ..rt'oi and broopht ta ta* Oar ol criminal mattca to ao*rrwr for tba crime Nab only did lb* yi uuia. MM ?\.it to Item bow tba lauotry ptofratioJ ?nd w. ai IMlnaraa wa-a ei'oiiad, Mb ibat priai rsploe lor |or>l or aril, tba public |NMb ibootri it butj| aad proper to noraioeaoe aad traa* rttiorr ( thia 'm^*, lending * > '< ?d U>* pa Ma wilad to the ootriv on ihet I ? u q laat ?n?u prove abortive (,wiBt to li-e laooMpoteacy U> ceadoot Hie loeeeitgaUoa, tbtrgieg the Uoroner with adoptiag but one theory af Hi* ru. . eu . Ioll)?if.g tptliM iuovi),U tueetalw?too of at: ot#->r? I; n. ?t be apraract 10 everybody Uat e ther one or oit.r cf lhaao Ibeonea of the raee meet be oorrec*?Tjo tauider waa oommlilod by or w1vh Mm privity of not 'amate or ion*lee of tl*a 1 <uae of the Murdered m*r, or by ion* person who anw?t the boner, 01 known to those :r in alee. ooBiitvad Ike Biordrr, tod mm left the route teaolieut >e, t am freo to admit Uat t thought right to piooeod ae if tna Urea ttatotv waa the true on* There appeared to rue, at a eery early period of anr la'ure, aeldaaie pu'nuag >a tbat direction?soue la iba roeirary oiri'-.tioo. Hat I dtay moat n.p. mired/ that 1 followed out it el Ueorr la Iba eiofuekia of it' other, If aoy avtdeaee could have baea obiaiard to metal*. It I bad parties aagagwd, i|bt and day, e- fur ?e dooon wbara aid with whom I>r k> ii'iell waa durtag tba whole of tbe Friday ireolsg o' iba an rear, ar d a ten to aaierteia II any waa ??<a to eater MM boeae during any ,*i!oo of uat ev?w!ag, who ruigbt aaee h* an nitii-?&JMi ih.'?r i? v^it Ihi Im-l r a.ular. i a* aka . bu ml ml tr fcla Tbo lanaittr* un ihit bM< ?rri froJb. i?t?, aid to Iba abtrroc jf may auppoiuof My rout rv throry, I t!i4 tinea It riffei to Ijh?* out it* ibcorp wilt wtnch l Cr? bp troc iiaprueeo, nJ woo toJMiraliM to pj ran* II aaUl 11 woo iBii iihfd Ity ro idea.* cr ?fo?? to bo rrn>?*<o& I do boi rr?ra ibe ooirto which I tin p-maM: bed M thlB <IN IrlPtM gOOeiBOU bp pOtr l?r.IK*. I Irooe Bp anudoct to ton oocdiM et an raUfbtonod , <iMM. bo, I TfniotB tv mirk. will ooBt to it* ooociaeioo took I be it jr of public jutn-t h ia aot taJJoro-j tin lor my uair rtrat f. ? :l It it wapa trpiet But i?r ? rtnp 10 ?;.< t? ?f htm?w.', but t? *to, lift'met r,< in! :,?. io<i>?ota I t K afro. irtiit'itDi <S: b? cr truod into at arqul.viitce to UB Jvrtlca it tbw 0*ar(*? hro.itM Mi.'t bite for lb IB rt ttb, tb ! i ...? 'eatou at <oo, UTt 1 t fcrri! to t;ioBk ef irpaoif. as I Uitat Uoi ikt Jury wbi m I tar* tb? hoa-r to a! Iron win iMak Mm i< mart a ?( bare credo at to at own i..miIim| bo to cot br nafB-'Icl to* I ittuloalcg lu.4 pro Bioory pop. tiiial n at'i r, 1 w'll prorri'd tb mil your amotion u, uw raw lUti*. It ta oca alOKOt uopora!."io? a loo ?. aoii al oof. Tb? oooatrj lii-tkt to poa m itiJ-r* iron tor dot arroroint tt> Ua at: .ctoo, but lot n>i uw iao(aita4o i Mbr erlato? Utaot poor abi i-rrrnr -of !t?or pour iloaaro to tea Iba JirttCB ot Ibo Atmwry iliaiicatM, I wad j (M to titiptilw ytiit to may nee op -a whom tbo ?o'<1omo ( in a lift ft fi.i t to, ca tbs oU?er ban t, n/mo'ij toward may oi e npoo ft lit tt H*k1, Dp aoi.ieto* oot Irlactorp topmir miBda, Miooldaut bo allowed to 'a dartre poor Itdlag. Yoo will b?ar to m.ol ihat poor owrdtct dbto tot dactda tbe guilt or treotMce or My jartp Year finding oiar id'fwi tad. ot vi -i hN '. prior4 rt tbttr | N rtj for a ti?rw, and o'Tpa tnwat to twtwrr 'en another jnrp, wbo will tbao dmrde IM 'airrun ijurttc* r.f or nit roiiip fnd, ifwrrtfr* ynr orrdii i nai ba.atba i?flc?t watob i liov.i m< it'oot<1 rHi w'll lot* rare ten I 1? tittad aa olr>'<*r wtikb '? ?'?* ^itr i-Uia t<? t if M att, u % 1 tv*t'Of riquiri* Die if y n<l04i i't'-oty ?.eW Ill |arlf ft' . .?J i.> jm' r*i tr.t baft n? u.? no |?nt?l*y of ft tnf or riploWrf?wbiafe *oa<* M Com i till court?tb? faria w'-ieu ?ppn?r to t>. ??tool!ahod be err cm ? tntkmob, w? arr rt. cTMl m tarn soao In.B' thr OOfwa.ty or ft'. Ui'julry tftft what the 'aw t?fir.r the >.-<*; t? d. c-? That Df Burdol] ?*? inu-i'oood >b?r? ran ) ? to r.robt It al ihf Inatramout. whalerrr W r.fkh | t-'r*U I hit hoart, and a'ao rhtr''od tbo Jurular rote rod iho aitertai aid tntoraal corn d ftrtftrtoo, canard Ma doom, thor? rati bo no if.oatioo or doubt, netihrr < an Uioro bo U| <, iooHoo or do Ok, IM* 'bo lajtir'n referred to wot* lauiotml br onfsae am peroca or | roona. ard oo? by htntwir Tb? oetdfiww Oft tb a pr.inl lo to p'a 15 ar1 .lerttlre tbao 1 b?rd not fftTor to it. 1 tbiab, ?ooU-tnfta, jnm will bare bo (llfflcolljr w I Lb out my r-t 11big to tl.? Uftt'mory (? tho tot at, la corn'of to Iho nr?ui.?toii that tho mentor woo fftiami'iod botorn i o>i boon of too and otoroo F H. of t rtday, bbo POth of Jamary-proboKr or*r U.o h??f ot oloreo. I am aoiloor tt> dltpooo of wiototror loploloaid m-HopoUtblO to 'bo tftoo, Hrfhro cftl'to* f<w attcotk* W? wbat * tb darfct aod v<wr*aiatr Tbot U.o btiooo wao Iho botmo Of Or Bot 'rU 'o ei-ar. thai b? ooouolod and oaod lOr btft own wrxwift a pottlmi of tho btaoo b alto etoft . ftod tMt bo woo mordorod to that portion of *o how. lo notify lodtopotoblo. TM ooat nmnt wb^t^tt* boeo. brj' td all q moIIoo. lo tb?t oo I bo .tobl oftUtoltOlh of Jaono?/ tho lomahw of tbo boooo wor* *f 1 eaiofbam tbo ifaocblftro, *??..* tad Ho'**, bo. . wo aooo,(acod aod T.J Mr jtoodgraoa. toba j lu-toL Raarab Oooloo. <ho oook, aod Pan lot nimoa Tbta Ifttvr ram# wo aaay aaclndo, m bo dM rot or tor t? a Ihmw? oeUl bflor mW right Wboro It a ska T naoM'ahod that tbo orlim of oio rder bao hooo pmrotratod. and thoro ta no Otfi't #rdo. oo of wbo'a tbo oinrdoror, wo are . . a y?a rt to o"oqaM?taai'?i or p-wmTXho proof t> *a*o wbo a 'f o tullly Mo t. In th > p-e?n?i rae M'WCDOO "I ' rc D?co' ?o look ?jv.r.f an ?.? - Va? tt--? aiv ? r> a oil - ?' ,, , # at'< orf iftd' ** ? ?. iiq tf ii. ?. ^ ? ? fti* i'. >. i ,.?io