Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 19, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 19, 1857 Page 1
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I TH 1 WHOLE NO. 7477. * INTERESTING FRftH HKXICO. The Ban Lula itrbeli Blocluided?Evacuation of latter California?The Blew Lean from the United State*? Rapid Improvement of tile Gadsden Territory?Indian Outrages In Btthora. We have advtoes from Mexico deled et Mextoo city on 39th of January, end el Vers Orus on 3d of February. There were do Amerloee vceeele la port at Vara Oruz. The Mexican Congrats declared Itself In pertneien wielen on tbe 28Ik alt., till the final vote on Ilia tew ooaatltullon ahoeld be had. Gee. Par rod 1, according to tbe KUmttdardr, wsi block* nritag the Ids orients who nad tied to the mountains rrotn 'dan Lois de 1'oiosl. Their larieet division had taken re (fttgt oaths Magdalene Mountain*, tiro lea|u*t from Cede veyta. The government troops were In pomemlon of all thi pause, In order to ont offal! supplies from the Insurgents Mrjl*. no* of tne leaders of the in inrreolloe had, how ever, sfleotou Us etcepo with hi* bend. 0*1 oo and Oihon had shot tkemseivM op in Tal.maa. Ulseseaston was Mrs then t vcr thinning the ranks o! their adherents, and many ha/ turrendered tbeuiielvis to Qen. Psrrodt The Governor of Tabasco, Joto Justo Alvsrc a, has msaaorlallzed the federal government to allow ,oe (roe lmfortatlna si pioviniona at that port for a limited period. Be states that tbe looutti and Inundation oemblned have lMnnldUlv vnillAii (Via haw. ^ that famina ?a/l starvation are staring the Inhabitants In Iht free. Oen. rhomei Moreno, the new Governor of Tamaulipea, had let out for Tampioo, aooompaniod by bis ae .groiary. Blanearte had arrived from Lower Oattrorata at T?to, with 440 men. and deolaroi in favor of the return Of mU ,4naa But the Mexican Extraordinary save:? The ?tew?Uon of Lower Oalltornta by Gen. Blanearte and forces baa given riae to report* of aejrton* character. It waa aaid he had pronounced at Tepio for Riligloa j Tueroa and for Santa Anna This la undoubtedly without foundation. We learn from good authority that Gen. Slnnearto deaerted Lower California lor tne reason that *to wan onabie to auataln bimtelf if longer without supplies. A gtnllemao, who aaya be has a letter from him tubman ta that Blanoatte la fully impreaaad with the ttdca that Lcwer California will aoon rail under the ban of name Amartean expedition. Bo aaya, already the Hex! can population are anxtooa tor auoh an advent Moat or 40e luge landed proprietors are now In Upper California <?d?vortrg to aell their lands to Amertoans. There are varloua reports In town of more recent engagements than are noticed In oar news of to day between the government troopeand ih? proaunoiadoe. Aa yet ?thing definite has been received from the direction of Baa Lula A rumor is aow current on the streets that a loan ts tbelng hdflMalad with the United states. Although the butl? isle ? yet ?shrouded la diplomatics mystery, wo bare ae doubt when once developed it will appear that Vvxtoo will he placed Independent of her pree?t depressed flnaprtal condition. Thore la need of It, and for her sake we staeerely hope that something may be speedily done. The party which left Mexirc city on Tuesday morning, January IS, for Popocatepetl, composed of Bar? Mutter. Wr. Feara, Penors Itnrblda and Scstatlno, Or. Crawford had otheri, hpre oonelnded their expedition, bat not With the anticipated success. On arriving on the mountain ae? the a?w limit the partv very generally felt the diet re? natural to such en elevation lhe weather be uama extremely sold and a few wisely gave over further efforts. Bar? Mailer, v* Feara. honor SchlaOno ?d Dr. Crawford commence0 be ascent, but In a very abort lima the baron common' J: spitting blood, and manifested other eymptome or a d waging nature. Be waa foroed to return, and ? he very Hi, Mr F?rn turned to accompany btm I tuj wivford waa soon loft alone to make tbe ascent, andvate ti a single guide accomplished wmm hk. '? A oorrtspoadeat from ".laebla announces that genor Mlraaron had lefi the city and passed Ozoraba. dtagolied m a prleet, going to p ace blmaelf at the bead of a body of raaoU*ateta The eadden appsaraaoe of thla officer gave great temblanoe to tha truth of thla oewe. Tie Muneatt txircurdinary of Jan 37 oooUtna the leilowtag auamary of aewe the band that tree headed by tbe prieeta. Amezqnita id FVeaiee. have been hilly poraued by Um troupe of jTioajTalo. and ten ol the rebate hare beea taken. The Eetaaad their told tore bare pillaged the Mlaeral da a Anna Darlcg tbe j oar 18(6 the mint of Oaanejaato etraok off a total ol $1,790,300 Be nor Soreia, charge of Speaiah Affaire, left Meffioi for Tata Crux oa the 23d ult The polloe of Pueblo bare laid their haode anew upon leoor Joei Gambiao Thla oUlcer wee oomprteed la the MpMalaUOB of Haro, and baa beta oom promised three SUnee In the State troublre. rheGeda-ien territory was rapidly lapro .lag la malarial health The ladlao outrage! at Ronora are confirmed. Letter from General Gadmfen. [from the Columbia CaioUalaa J "Wa lately pobiiahad a note of the root that oar friend, Seaeral Gadsden lata Mmitter to Mssleo. had mit wtlh th? Mi Of his becgige from Mexican bandit*, an4 alio had Mi Msa 111 ana crop destroyed by Dm. In a prlrat* HMr Dram him hi allodea 10 hi* lone*, aid aa bta Mail ma matter* are of public Interest, we trail be wtll par doe the axiraot we maks lrom hi* rary tntm-etting latter ? Puruoo, Jan. W, 1WT My Da a i Ocmtok The laat three moatbi hare prona aa diaaatrons to my affair* aa to the no*t sxpeied trar1**r o* the bijh Mai. If I have eioaped the storm* or*rwhitaai*g commerce and navigation, another element ha* not proven l?ac disastrous to m t. In the ooaa*?rat)oa of my rtoe mil'* and of full one-third Of ? aenioWQat dlmlihed crop B>ih of these can be re paired by the cimlng icaeon woicb in tbtirvereand ooadnoed winter which ha* com* upon na to premature |y. would seem to promlic an early iprtng and ripenteg barren. But I do not feel quit* ao patient or resigned to a wont recent visitation, in tho nntlr* loaao' the baggag* and h<> h<> i col* of lb* Memoan l.egetlon, on fitair ret am to tblo country, by a raloa of Algerlnt day* and brigands, who beve long ilnce oaat th*m**lr*a be yoad the pete of civilized native* Beoau*e my lone* (tot minuted by tb* mere moated con or tome Si 600) me Irreparable, aad not to a groat oxteat to he retrtered Or riclaimed our friend Mr* ??, Is Itknwtte n suffer or, nad *raiaina b*meif under the outrage with aa Uttla oampeaars at myialf. The peoknye* wotob I hare lest ooeutned many bonne ho d m? Urn wh oh long associate* had eadeared to me ^Mexican work*, aniline aad modern. r*bo?, collec I gioo* of th* prod net tori* of tb* earth agrloalta'al. botiaisal a* well aa mineral; pa attng* and print*, with pabiie aad P'lreto document* memo-ioOa ho , he., *11 *hed dtig Rght on tho roaonroe* ml early and rerohitionary Mttary cl iridera India the unrareiliag the aroana aad mytia li at whlok I had ictendet at eae of the gratifying orcepauen* of my retire meat, an a tribute of nr mission to the country which bad raposed confldesee in m* Mat tbrae record*?toe amlduoui collections ef three oeert-bave ell brea men Seed by the rade hand of onthern vandalism. Among the piloting! war* oerernl oopla* of iba Virgin of i>oadaloupo, and on* of Romodio*, wt toe I had hoped, in that country of bigoted an entitles, would bar* rendered sirred what of army m?y bar* been concealed nnder the fold* if IMr re-re red garm*nt*, bnt It seems nothing hi* proved referential to these plunderers, who, llbo the bleodtoood* of old. hero agata bee* lme*n*d rom Ihetr ohms* by thM last reroiotlm for th* *cpui*wn of he pi me* of brigands, and for th* rmtomMoe of order ad good (innmiti In the dirracwd oamp of poor doomed MM Yoa know t' it this list *tr icglo and*r Alrnrri, to lodoem hie oouniry, commanded my nympathy. and It* bogmntngn my ooaddoaoa. For a loag while I mMMM It ooisnmmited, If not again fbrfWled by tho (Soda end jualouitee of coat e?'ng cblaftaina, more am hNlom of following in the wake of Baste Ann man of ax pel Hog hie etoainetlna* fd? the redespMon aad re gm>niton Of Mr eouirf. Bat Iki laDrmiUaa or ilro ro? born com aoorpatioo oa woo hoi neither tho obiMty or proatige of hie Hereon Htgbnoae nod prod* MM to preaorro or dor ood MUatota| o oar moo . gordroMMO*, oow bb ooibfttoa to Hortoo By O oonoi at weoboeooee ui prnoooionr, If not i%*ob Or la*. delaying *nr Interfering with tho obligation* of tho CoortltaoBt Aewsblp, broacht togothor for tho organize aou of o gortirawaat of low?tho rreotdeat IS*bat<latc of o central powor. looroolp oof rem* ot Uto oapliei, oao I horn oelp from lb* oaoibor of hi* paid bap eoitn, 10 oot felt bopood tlore t* rooroolp o doparl Moot ur territory bepuod tb* soot of tbo contra' noarpod Mi oburod pteragniireo, thai r*op*cti H ho?ood what ! oonoldorrd l<* odrootag*. or regard al oat of tholr intoro*to floor* M*noo w io a oto'o of a* muoh dlaorguitohtloa oo at air priiod or u*r rrro'aioaarp hiftorp. Th* dopamb- nto baog i)g*th*r bp a mora inroad, ood Man d*otti no to bo oogr rgatoo into nopa'ato tndopoadeoOloo Ilk* Central A merit * or r*rt mbtaod, or braogbt book to a uolt aider mb? itrong contra I aiarpatlno and toot prooasip aodoraotl bp K.aro??a* r* rdonlaatlao, Mfa'not which M >arn? prouotnd. and oar pollop wa< napp'tf'i io n* (Kiodrotod, until tho premier at Waohiogtoo, lb b!( Ocotral America* diplomacy, l?a(hed It to MOro l*?r*Olinl li'ti'lllgrnrr. Nr. W, 0 Corhfo, ag?ot Cor dr. NiMo (allot for Knmp* prater tap hp the Africa. 11* latende to rlnit the print pat Continental elite*, nod brlrg oat tome novoltl w fbr tho lamtnor erneo, ot tho Harden. Mr ARTTRIN. fw tJ- crrrr!, h Itf UMwklp Afr.' i-Cta?l!^, .'* ? R?>.r?ll f t'-iK.fS Mr and Mr?J imson"*. BY: Brand Br* C Mr it it-... rhliilrfn **4 . 'a*1. hi. .< Md Mr* H Nt Vr *t.(1 Br* dm# Bonn IHinin-?r M-*R **, If Y M?'Fi - ii Mr *n<1 Mr* 'am*'* t K> mi- lay, BY Mr MM Ml* .I M l? yn *i 4 two i ll' if ?> i- M **r* F T. I>r '<?*> n*. .'<.hn vio*. *t . w .1 <1 d I|?- knn'h. !o I I'Kt- urn do; MrKIm, JUI'imr.r* II A <>*rra" p \ llv I' , IHMn'ttrn .-fir** t?r Hiii f yr ji ,. (*! * \ s-nl Kmrm, Olllrlfit - I Kl . ' ?r ?ri*?ri *r."r!l n NY <1 K i<w *ir In ir ' ?? U i** t*r i' ii nnrr" H rl . Kr; I n* tit* N ? i In* I'"NrrfinM^'hi i -1 . II I* I'd r?v*r, NY tjttl,.. ?,|. r-YI,.? In It n l) <?t >H Btid.. . , i', r,.|%. AH n C V * iik W BY; ? ?, .1,1 , i ,>? t? w h i V ? 1 ' i J'*/*? i r? > .? || I r.r lOM'i*. A II < n. i N N ' m * Tl" * '-r; .1 I* I'm rliri II.mill ?,(!*; 'V ' * ' ' I*" in K rr?l>?*, Kr. * i |n|.?-i|, In*' it wlr f .'If 141 ,o Frr , <1. t<,n, In the *t?**.#h<r .Tmm* A itrr?! B *1 fci '.di, .In. M irrr * A'.V.i, Hi. B-Bnr'iol 1# Mr Bor-M P fflK-r,. | R I ?']irr, Mr (f^fl ?1 ' IT *' ' ' l I n I "rtB .i. 1 \ .I,.r|t? n I, - Wilt I tic ,, | p ,.<! !l , ' * ' ">? M I- r, t, I; ( ,* , -r |> N - *<> , f? r* I-ft ' it Jik> A MA.t.h 'i1! 7 In the E NE II Interesting from Northern Mexico. OUB MOhTKBKT OOKKKHPONDBMCB. Moxrmunr, Mexfoo, Ju 14, 1MT Sxecvtion <f OrUiutla?Tke HmoluixonuU near Carro Gordo ?A tfno D%rtciar%?Offer to General Vidaum?Smallpox Maoagn. 1 mentioned the rumors that Parrodl had died aad Blaaoo had been exeooted along with Orthnela, the Pnebia ohleftaln. The exsontion of the latter by PuebUts ia rally confirmed, bat the report aa to the two former waa premature. Notwithstanding OeolkM' defeat, the revolutionists can muater fully three thouaand Ore hundred men, who ooeupy very advantageous positions out of the olty. Their fbroea are so stationed that In oaae of being partially defeated they sen retreat Into the mountain faatneeeea of Oerro Gordo. In these mountains a email number of resolute men can contend agalnat powerful odda. The extremely bad weather we have had, aad the great scarcity of horses In this section of the oountry, have ntoeaaarlly retarded General Tldaurrl's movements. Nearly all the forces, ho never, have already ooooeatiated at BaltUlo, and many are now on the read to San Luis. The entire force will oonalat of fully tvo thou sand men, armed with rifles and pistols. The General, in person, will leave here by the 10th or SOth of this \ month. The revu ullonnry parties In the oountry oonttnue terming their agents or deputations to Vldaurrl la order I to pertuide him not to mkt common cause with the government. They pre. of eourte, very lavish la their promisee, but Vldaurrl nas uniformly declined to entertain any of their propositions. The most remarhebie agent or oommltdoner rSSStved here lately Is one from a Central Directory?Dtrectorto Central? to the olty of lies loo, under the leadership of General Ampudta aad Age liar, one of Santa Anna's ex Ministers of State. They propose saving the oountry by prccialmtng the org an to bat is, which term of government provides tor e strong military despotism. Vldaurrl wculd not even condescend to give a written answer, bnt verbally informed the comaslssioaor that he Jeoilaed entertaining the propouttlone from the patriotic Central Directory The smallpox Is ragteg In the towns of Lampezoa, Can dels, aad other plaosa in thla State. Moutbbst, Mexico, Jan. 24, 186T. Jbndi Voted to Otntrml Viiaurri?Prepaiatiom for kit March?iXmft\ctv*Q ItUeredi at Work. All the fundi reeetved it the Mar Ouotom Boom hire bean pat by the gosirument nt Qaniri! Vldaurri's ill poenl, and nra Intaidad to sever, in part, the hear? ax pensee In moving with hta man Into the Interior. Tba general government baa granted to a company the privilege of oontrnetiag a railway from Mler, on the Rio Gmnde, to tbla etty, and the local anthortttee here will 00onurage and prctect the nadertaklac. The information from the Interior la of the moat oontradlctory nature, and the paopie of dan Lull, on the departure of Osollos, Cairo and Othon, the military leaden and revolutionary Governor, again deelared their adherence to the general government. Othon, notwithstanding the proximity of the newly ap pole ted commanding gene ,al, idvanoel on the plaoo and toon military pomiilon of It. The newly appointed commanding general of Ban Lull now ealli on General Vldaurrl to land three hundred riflemen and aome artillery to hli amtatanee, al though Parrodl Is sold to be In hia neighborhood with seme 6,000 men. The real tritb aoemi to be that I'arrodl Is afraid to approach hli adversary as he fears that on coming m contact with him hli force* will make common ceuee with the enemy Wt:h our neighbor! In Tamaultpu anarohy and the at moat disorder are the order of the day. and Go not fort tow appeals to Ueaeral V tenant for tits latter to Intercede with the Tamp'10 chaps for them to abandon their revo lutlonary attitude, when the government will entertain their charges again*t Germ. The Preeldeot and all the OlCercnl revolutionary parti so appeal to Vldaurrl. General Vldaurrl starts this afternoon, aooampaaled by bit escort and staff; and aa res pee la matters in the lute r or. It 'a all "ohno* come again. ' All parties evidently look to their Intrigues Tor success, aa the only use mey | malm of their arms II to plunder toe Inhabitants U thli most bewildered country. Tlir Manhattan Usa Company. INVESTIGATION?IMPORTANT 8TATKMKNTH OF TH i PAIBIPMHT?TBT "ADPITIONAL PRKSRTRK" QURSno*. Tke Special Committee of the Boerd of Couacilmen, ep pointed to Investigate the 00m plaints against the Man bat Ian Gai Company, held another meeting, In the chamber or the Boerd, yeeicrday afternoon. In response to Ure Inquiry of the committee propounded at the last meeting, Mr. Wtllard, counsel for the On Com peny, replied that the company ta In the habit ef ohirg teg far the use or the get meter ordinarily used In dwell inff hnttBAi ikn nt or SO OA I La Mr moniD hr'ntr Mhiut twelve per cent U> ereat on the tciaa. octet of Ibe meter end service pi pre. Mr William Roles oouiee! for the eotaplelnaats, er lied thai the chtr er of the oompaay gives them ao right to charge tor the ute of meter or serrtne pi pee, any more *an II dNB tor the ere of the main plpee In the street* Krom ibe reetele for service plpee and meters the com ,.sny derives a revenue ot gAS.OCO per anaam, all ot wbicb, he contended, was Illegally collected, to support cftMt new. be cited tbe following lew. oader wrlah the ohartercf tbe cympai y wae obtained ? held company *1011 sunplv to every inbaoitanl ot the ely t f New York who ehall return It. and who sha'i pay fbr the runic mo b u ilamahlc gas made hj Uicm ? < he or she may re i'iil'e. provided raid ga? I* re<|auc<l where the mania of plpee 11 raid company nre now or may br her after laid, at a price not r weeding three dol'n-s per ihi.iixKnil cubic leei. fcir ihe period of one year after the adoption of Iho abo?e rem.I ition llo. reaaiog tM eapitali, and afier rhe evpirn loo of lh?' period, at a once not exceeding two dollars aod fllty cent* per thou iim feet. Alter tome rurtber conversation between oonneel. Mr. Char lei Koome. l'reetdeol of the Meobauan (lae <Jom paay. wis egeln ptarei; upon Ibe itaao, end lee tided ibet tbe i roportioui of coal used by tbe company la I860 for tne manufacture, as stated la tbe report :or that year, were two thirds naoael ooal sod oat laird Newcastle about the time of tbe bre? k iag not ot tbe Rossi ta war, three proportions were reversed la ooasr fueac-i Ot lbs deficiency la lh? supply of foreign ooal Finmlned by Mr WU'ard? la tbe third quarter of 1IS6 We made 83,674,i 00 cob, j feet of gat. La the third qoer ter of ldM wa made ido,S44,(K>t) eobio teet of gas Tbe lantteta was S2.' 71 0<v ruble feet, rncel to en laerehMof rr p?r cent. vhM< during the <aat quarter or 1**6 tb# qnaatlty nannlaoiured an 10l.C7t.Oi , enblo feet, aad the fact quarter uf 11(6 wM 100 900. (KO, btlog ac >a?rea?e of 38,820.000 oul??c fnat equal to an lucrr*tp it 24 per eeai The oreIeor/ preeaure under w jich the (u bat bee a burat atone the Orel of Oc'ouer lest?except la I Dior aqnsre, whera the <t rrretrr than aay other point?wllj are age , at I 0 10 of an loih Mace the last meeting of ihla committee I Pare hat the creature tebea at eight dIOeraat potntt, embracing the highest aad low eat groaad, varying the pressure at the w >rke during the axpertmrot from f t* to a Inches The fellow log are the reaalta which I believe will aot only at iblt time, bat will give for teveral aioatha past a correct kbcw ledge of the real facta of the eat* .? rr???r?? on th? .vrnrrr a tips. are 10. IWT 7 P M 7 W f M. 4 P ,tf 9 P ? lee*r?. tnrhrn. UrAn / -*??. At the Oa? Work*.... 2 0-10 3 2 *-10 2 0-10 At cor Broadway and 14th at. 1 0-10 2 1-10 I 9-to I 'M0* Broadway aad Broome 7-10 7-10 t-'O 7-ln Bowery aadji mm .. 5-10 H-|* 7-10 f-'o* Spring aed Heat MO 9-lrt 1*-I0 0-l')t Spring and rbonpooa.. 8-10 4-10 8-10 4-10 brorrne aad Pitt f-10 0-10 8-10 4-10 (J ran it aad Heart ?-lo 9-10 9-10 9-'<W (.read end heat........ 4-10 6?10 7-10 Mo) * .14); fret above the work* t 19,'? tret aborr ihe works ! *ame leirl aa work* ? 2R feet above ihe work* j 2 ferl lirhw the works. lowering the prreaure from J toi?, la. at lie wcrhalM not afreet ihe gauge aleor of Mu.wwi, end H roomers : Fpring aad We*' ntreet* . I four Spring aed Thompson *t* ( polrtf. I(ranu and tan*. street* ./ The gangs fell bnt one tenth ol an leeh at ihe corner jf Bowery and Rrna tm'ate 1 two Bromr ard Pit' street* t points indatthrlhe sometime It rnee one tenth at the oofn-n.f Grand and Kaef street < I point At ralon aquaie-lieing on high gmuo. and midem- he iwcrn the twn works?Ihe gauge showed an a Mraunri of two irn'ha oniv between land 2l, Inrbee. lint wae not alferled by a change between 2 Ml) and I J, in< he*. biccpl a' Union square 'he prreeurr at nopotm exceeded nine tent ha of an Inch, and la aomr ptnrea wae aa low aa Ave teutba. The largnat number ol oomi laiatg come from onr wealthy ecauimera, though many oema from the poor who art rnore earefui I believe that if all were car of a I ihe compeuy would ant have bo many complaints to an awer. 1 wonld also .ute that the statement whlnh has hflB rriftB In Wf'tBlf tit (hit Manan that I arwtnaa^ I hn ntth lir ?t "b. ing ?rc*t cramb'rr*,' It nntruo A i ann'actnrtr of r** wetcre waa ?orn nil lad'fled (bat an torrceer of prtMiire by lb? ga? Ctrapanny would theoretically tend to rrgtetcr more gae than wet cnnromeri hot be thought that Ihla waa prac'rally the ca?r only to a ttry slight nkil tie rtpiaiooa the operation of th? ga* meter and dating that the greatrd ammnt which might be npjoatly rfglitered again*! i either the eompany or the eonenmer would be two and a half rent. The company would be more likely to be iBjtred h> anr Injury to ibe mrter. Tnc only way In wl leh it la poaathte for the company to nbeat thn renntimer wot.Id be to tip the metre to th? left, at an angle of about tofty flee or (lie degree rhef are too* waye in wM?b the eon turner may wtib nt d ?ooeery choel the if mpaey Ht did not know of any better method of nvrtnrlrg gaa thru He the meter* manufactured by him Icy the Unahatien (.?? fV n<pan?. In refy to a qneatlon from tbe Chairman a? to whether any Intoreet ( raid on depo?lta r* aeenrtty for tbe jaymut of bill*. Mr Wlllard dated that aoeen por cent Interr?t <t paid on mob drpot te. Tbe Committee thee adjourned From the report of th? arconntaot appointed to eiam Ine tbe book* of the City of Ixtndoe I nton It appear t j that tbe detatratlone of Pan! tbe nvrtant o'erk, apt tbe preeent time, nraogut to tl7 IM I W Y 0 ORNING EDITION?TIIURS The Bond Street Tragedy?The Cue In the Grand Jury Room. EXAMINATION OF WITNESSES?BNODORA88 HAS NOT BBEN EXAMINED?A SCENIC?CORONER CONNER* flUKD FOB rALoK lMrKIaONMKNT. The Grand Jury are bually engaged in la ventilating the Bond street tragedy, and the examination of w Unworn oontlnum to oocupy their whole attention. Ten w ttneeeen were examined on Tmaaday. Among the number waa Farrell, and JoA j. BurobeU, the Doetor'e bey. Y eater day tome twelve witaeieee were examined. The Rev. Mr Marvtae, Rev. Dr. Oox, Captain DUka, of the Fifteenth ward pallor, B. 0. Thayer, John H. Thompeoa, Profeaaor Doremua, Dr. Wllaon, Alvah Blaladell and otheie, were among theae who were examined under oath by the Grand Inquest yeaterday. aaoDoaem not a vircm Bnodgraaa haa not been examined, aa waa laoorreotly atHcrled by one of the morning papers, nor ti U at all probable that he will be. TBU lUBXlitiB a FAXCU. A youog lady waa brought before the Grand Jury who aya that Mra. Cunningham aakad her to be a wltaeaa to a marriage between her and Eckel. She doea hot remember the exact date of the occurrence, but ahe aaya It waa aomewhere about the time the reputed marriage between Dr. Burdell and Mra. Cunningham took place. It will take two more daya to dispose of the oaae. The Grand Jury will probably be able to report ou Friday afternoon or Saturday morale j. la iNTunxsnNa aonai. The daughters of Mra. Cunningham, Auguata aid Belen, were brought before the Grand Jnry yeaterday, but were not c xamtned They will probably be examined to day. Theae young lad lee won plaoed la n room along v lib a female ulteear. who beoame eo frightened at the time proximity with the daughters of one whoee name tai become nctortooa IX connection with the murder of Dr Burdoll, that ebe begged to bo tahen out of the apartment and plaoed at a dlelanoe from the yonng ladle* In question " Why," said she, on being removed from the room. " I would not bore boon In the iidm room with then not for a million ot dollar*. Good gracious?only think of U!" On betrg eaked whet roaaon aho had la Irar the preseaoe ot tha Mlanaa Cunningham aha said. 1 Oh. they atared mo almoot ont of oountenaaoe and frightened ma halt to death." The young lady In quee lon It tha one who said abe wan willing to testify that lira Cunningham naked her to bo a wttnoaa to a marriage oeramony between her and Eckol. TBI CORONEB 8CTSD FOB FAL8E IMPBIdONMENT. Mra. Elisabeth Jane Seymour, the olalrroyant, haa Iratltuted a ault againt Coroner Oonnory ror false lmprl aonment, and claims damages to tho amout t or $10,000. The usual papers bars been served upon the defendant. aid FOB FABBBLL, THE WIT If EBB. The following auma bars boon received for Mra. Farrell In responao to tha notloe In Monday's Hjbald ? Collected at 81 Bond street..., $6 38 Dr. c a ao Cash from vailous parties 14 00 R sad lady, T. 3., and G. W. Van 8 , $1 sash 4 00 A. L. J., H. J. L., J. L. I. and G G. W , $2 aaoh 8 00 J . L 3 00 From Brooklyn 30 00 Total. 168 88 Mr Farrall being alloartd to go free will be able to do tome wcrk. His eptaal oomplatat, however, prevents bis doing much at hie trade?sboemaklng. The money will be retained by Owpt Dlika and paid to Mrs. Farrell as needed for the rapport ot her family. 8KODOKA8B AND BIB KMFLOYBft. to thk anrroa or ths hbuis. Seeing many taise atatamentn la relation to Georg V Snodgraae, I will simply say that be has bean fa my em ployment alnoe the lit of January, and babes fulfilled bla duties to my entire satisfaction, and waa In my store at the time tha dagger was aald to havo bee purchased, which can be proved, wbeaoallel for, by )oungmen In my employment. 1 hope that this will lileaea the many alaadois against him and his family. DAVIB MrMUKRAT, it Brush warehouse. 261 Pearl street. New York. Nsw Yobs, Feb. 18, 1867. The Estate of Dr. Burdell. who i? to have lwitkbfl of a i'm inirtk atiow itpon it?? linn. riTNMtuiiam rekdb in rkr pic TITION lOR imi> IbTBATlON?THK HKIHB OP JOHN BCKDELL MH. THEIR OBJECTIONS-Ttld CITATION OF MRS. CChNINOH AM, ETC. Tt? question aa to the rig bta of the dnierent parti# t claiming Irt cia of adalnlntralion upon the 01UU of the nte Dr Harvey Burdet!, which wan adjourned on Baluruay I ant. wan again brought up before tbe Sarr >g*to at llo'o akt M. yeaitrday. The nevarai part.en Internied were rrpttrenUd by their counsel. Br CUrioo prcarnled tbe foUowleg petitlrn from lira. Cut c.ngt am lor letters or administration upon tbe an a'e of oecetaed to ibe Surrogate Mr;. Cunningham cla'aia toe right to aim ulatcr upon tbe estate of Harvey durdell oft'u tbr eround ttiwl tbe Is hit lawful widow:? f>i 'v > nlftr of tkr apphrtaffo* for Irtfrrn of or no lit . !,I ff'Oi'.v hmtfrll. tlrrr-urtl.?To AleTtuider W Brad told r- , rurrngsti of ibr county i.t New York 1 he pet i ilnr. of r r tt it Augusta Hurdell, of the cltj mid couutv ol New \< rb rttpeellnli) shows that she i? the widow ol llarTey fturdell, !'ite of the cuy of New t ork. decerned 1 h*'. the vatj ba> e? but''ell ih'parted this life at the city of Nev Turk, oti or shout tta* Mi'h daf ol Jitniisry Isa* oast lhai tbe sal ) da teased dl?d a vloenl death at the hsud of some person or per roiis unknown to tour petitioner, aid died Intestate. s< rotif petitioner verily be lave*. That your petitioner Is Informed at d b? t?ves that diligent sesit h and lu'iutry ha? been made for a will of tb'a sa d den seed and that none list been found, and no ififeiDtatlon obtained of tbe of aov will mule *-v blm. That jour petitioner has, to the heat of ber ability, estiU sted ard aeeerlslbed tbe value of the personal properly of vt bit b the raid dec* ae*i died potaesssd, ai d that tbe aune do. s t.oi rtfed In tslue the sum of about giu t>iu that yotr pe'ltloner ? informed atol ha teves thai the aaid tbtesiate left him aurvlTtag. William Hurdell, residing In Vrsrkltn eonnty. ta the Male of Ohio dames Hurdell. re* eld.i s now ?r lately residing. is the Mate of Indiana, and hew is Rut dell, residing in the city <4 .New Tork that tbe abtve oainetl per*'na are the only stirvl' lag b'othera of the deceased, of fn'l I lord and that they ar> all of full age That enr* Margaret Horded, F.mms lxtnlea Murdell, aod John t harles P. Hurdell are the oely surviving rhildreo of John Cntrelf, late of the rltv of p.-w York dec.ssed who was a'eo a hto' cf tbe said Harvey Bttrdell. rf full blo^d. and that all the esld ehlldren of John Btirdell are minors That Marv ps'ber Megee Clsriada MrKee. Jame? McKeeand M-Kr e are n inors children of h.stlier Mi Kee. deceased who ase the wile of el'en MeKee. and rls'.er of the hs'.f blood of sstdTla-vey Murdell d.reaeed and that the said minor chtl lien reside as y? nr petitioner Is li formed and be'tevea, with ibe father. Allen NcKro. In the State of Ohio Tha' Alice Hot In, wife of (jenrse f?. Bur In Is also a slater of the half biocd. and reside tsob her hnvbsnd In the rclt* ol New York. Ibat Vary Ann Pi*Id. wile of Phillip Field, ta also a staler of aid Harvey Hutdeli. deceased of the half bin id. and resides with her husband In l?odge county. In tbr State ot Wts(ODain Ibat I.estar l.arnor. who rnaides at Roekeu'a harbor. In the Plain of New Tork. Is aleo a brother eft he half b rodofxald deceased, sod that, to the heat of jourpetitcier's It formation and belief, theal>ove mentioned are all ibe nr it of kin of said deceased who are now living. that the i s ..1 ate state 'eft him smelting no descendant, father nr mother, as your petit loner Is informed and bellerea Your i etihener further show a that ibe was married lo tbe eatd deress* 4 to the city of New York on the 2->ih dsy of October liet past and wan ids wlfr at lie time cf such de?'h, Tour pet! tinner loithar shows that the laid in'eaiale at or immediately preslcua tn hie desth wtvs an tnbabitant of tic county af New Inrk, that your petitioner la cf full age and thai ahe la In 'ormcd aid tehevea that the Furroe* e of the count of New iit'ioo no the ((Kyi*. < harebi and r edl'a of Ihe Mid Internal* Tour priiiior.rr therefore prays that unci laUero mar b? ( Bird tolior. in purtuaraa of ihe atatute to audi and provided And your retioner will over pray, *0. Pairs thl* 17th day of February 1807. >WVA A. BCRDKLL. ' ' don't i r m yon will bo nblo to go on with tfo rnro now. bnt yon bnd batter any when yon will bo p rynrrd lo go on wttb tbe KOfiury proof Mr. Clinton?If fiber of tbo other oonnoel pnt In n tra' frio that will ratoo na Mm. and your Honor will tako irat'wony open that boon. Furrrgate?Woll, you bad boltrr Ox a tinro tor going on with the caar, Mr Olintrn?I Jen'l know what tlaa will anowor, an 1 don't know how thing* may ottad. Mr. Kdwardo- It mold h? expedient to mention ootno t n>? tba* would bo aproeable to yonr Honor that la, oomo time wben yon corld attend to It Mr CHntr n?I am willing to flx tbo t mo at a obort dio aire ahead Hnfoiiato. to Meooro Mward* and rntornoa? Tom moot rnt in a trtTCtae agaloat thin petition of Mro. Cunningham Mr hdwarda? I propose to g|? ohioottono to that poll 11m, Wb'cb will ra re ?n Unit I will fl'e tbeac objOO Mora leovnd of a trove ae. unloao yonr nnnor bao a parnee *r term in wbirb ycu w an the matter to bo brought ap. h orrr gate?No it ma;ter? not, ao long ao tbo loouo la *Oti 1* hronibt np Mr J i vatdr?I will roirt the lonut that this party ap nij'or nr Intert c! odtii n otraiion lo not, and never bao trrt r arr'ed. Vlr 1,1(1, , ?r III el?Never rr a rle.l Ln divcaeed. 700 i at >|i I :?er1i?7?oll, ! ttitnk that her marrlne at all ll a (urai'T. at" a eerj" ttflnna rM, too Mr C i '0- ?Tun hart nni better ratee tbv. nana la Ibia . II e t?> rrofata thin anomtnood thai bo would adjourn tfo ?a?? til' >b* Id oi Mtrco. at U o'clock A. M . ro fi"?et?d the rmrin for tfce blood ralat'rea of ileoeaaadto tile a t-Merre at or prior to that Mr f ffwarrta tbrn fttert tbe fetiawlaa objrptlo"t oo beball ot tbe rHMren of Joba Buntoll to too of latter* of artmlatalratlon to Mr* Cinrln*h*m 1 tlenr'hri, it. Biilrii/ f fir n/ Burif-'','f -wef?Ob jOr|ir>ti? of Anna Mvr*r?t Itnriloll, kwrr* f<onl?a Itnrdel aril (t'irlor T. HnrCell. threeothu o?'t of aln (X the do I..I. ">o nirl'oaonn of laaa I'nauiaah.ia . ? !f I rrtr,* Annate ItuffiN ? ' r> ? b'or tbai 'he nIH applicant *a not mar 'i i re i ' mo't ft .rra^aritetl now doer wad, ?? la itd in the aald apptWWV ead tbaraftirv ahe traj t r ft f j jh. < o KK ? >DAY, FEBRUARY 10, 18J not hh widow at lie tnn? of his death tu Is alio (herein fals 1 j alleged. Srnmd Obj<*M'?..?yoc that the said applicant has a husband

now living ANNA KAKtJARKT HURUKLL, BUM A LOU 18 A KURDKLL, _ CBARLES K BUM OKI J. Bj their specitl guardian appointed by the Court. CIIARLRB Bl?WARDS. The foil owing caveat accompanied the above:? In thr K.attrr "fth'"tatr of Harrry HurMI, dn-nwl.?City ?- v i wit, ??.?Liunn r/iwtrui, uptw 1*1 jiiit' dian to uefead, am) twit frit ml ot Ann* Margaret Burdell, hmiii* LouisaBurdell sod Charles K. (railed when a child .John) Bur ell lnftnis. being ftworn maketh oath and aalth 1 bat the said Anra Margaret. Rmma Louisa and Charles K are. a* thia deponent baa been in'ormed, and belierea. three fine neit ot kin of the above deceaaed Harvey Hurdell: and Uila deveoent verily beltevea that there are juat and sub. tantial overborn to the granting of letters of admlniatra tton to the gtfcds, chattel* and credits of the said Harvey Murdell. deceased to > mine Augusta Cunningham, calling herself KmaDa Augusta Burdell CHABLKS lft?WARI?S. Sworn at the Oh; of New York thia eighteenth day of February, 1837, before me, Wiixiam Rirnr, Ooamlaaloner of Deed*. William Bnrdell haying applied to the Surrogate for lot ten St ndmt titration upon the eotate of his brother Harvey, the caae ?aa ?ot for a bearing on the 34th or thia month The Surrogate haa Iganrd the following citation to Mrs Cunalsgbam ? Tfir-PwnU uf a,r siqi, nf tirir Yorl ?By the Grace of Clod, Frao and iudepeut -1V> Brume a Cunningham claiming to be the widow of Harvey nurdell. late of the ctty ot Near York, deceaaed. eet.d greeting: You are hereby riled and required. personally to be and appear before our Surrogate of 'lie county of New York, at bin utile* in the dtv of New York no the 24th day of Kebru try mat, at 11 o'clock In the forenoon ot ibat day, then and the'e to khow ea'ue why letters of administration on the extate of (aid located should nut ba grauted to William liurdell, a brother of the deceaaed In testimony whereof, we have caused the aeal of oflloeof raid rurragate to be hereuuto alllied. WltneiH, . Kan , Surrogate of our said county at the city of New York, the 16th day of February ia the year ot our Lord one thousand eight hundred ard htu seven. A. W, BRADFORD. Surrogate. The officer whoamed this olUtioe makee (he folio wing affidavit Ci'y dud Covtify nf fine fhrlr, it ?Thomas CI. Van Cott, of said city being duly sworn says Ikal be made personal Hervlreof the fbrcitr.lng origins' citation on Rmma A t'unnlnirbsm. o'.e mlng to be the widow of Harvey Burdell, on the lfilh day nf Februai). 1N57. by delivering a copy to her in person, and at the same time showing her the written original THOMaB o. van cott Sworn before me this I'th day of February, 1H67- G. Van Cott, Chid Ciei a of the Surrogate. will of bksnakd bosoh. Charles t Sfutlimayd made application jester day for qualiUcitlru as ezeoutor in the will of Bernard Bwoh, who wm burned In his own house on tbo lOih Inst. Mr Bosch named hla wife, who died with htm, ozeoutrlx, and Francis P. C bonis as the second eieoutor In his will. There Is nothing peculiar about tbo will; nil thn property Is bequeathed to the n?nr rrlatl so of the deceased. thk parish will casb. This anae was before the dui regale pearly nil day yen terday. If the Surrogate would permit It, his entire lime probably for several months to ocme would be occupied by this oaeo City Intelligence. A K(INAWAY MARRIAGE Id HIGH LIKE?THE BRIDE WORTH $250,000. A marriage took place in Gmoe church on Monday last. that baa excited ao little Intereat ta fashionable elrolea and owed qntte a flhttering among oertala wealthy faaii.loe It aeeaa tfea bride la aa helreee, tad worth in her own right 9110,000. She waa tbe Inmate of one oar meet ex dustv* female eemlnariea, and la but fourteen join and efgbt months old. Bar wealth and tbe high poeltloa of her family were of oourae known to her aeeootetee, and her acquaintance waa oonaeqoently coarted. Among ihsfrstfcmen ehe wai Introduced to was 8? K , a well known AoMta of Firth arenue aaloona, but who had reached the mature age of thirty-one yearn Tbe acqaalntaaoe ripened Into Intimacy, and eventually the parti ea became engaged to be married; but aa tbe parents might tn 'erpoae an objection, it wai arraaged that It abould lake place unknown to them or any of the young lad,'. frtenda It waa agreed that the happy event iboukl come oil laet Saturday, (HI. Valeatlne'a dar.) and the church wan opened, the minister ready, and a few pictatora bad also aaaembied to wttneae tbe mar rlago ceremony which waa alnonnoed lor 11 A. M lint noon came and went, and no bride made her appearance, and tbe cburch wan cloaed. It aeami that tbe principal of tbe seminary In which tbe young lady wan a pupil got wind that aouetblng unueual waa on the tapir. | and nbe looked the would be bride In her room, and so preventer*, the fninimeet ef her engagement. Bat " love laugba nt loeknnltbe," and by some meaee Mr. K ? war xo Ified of the aiiuatlon of affaire, end arranged mat ten to such a manner that the young lady eeoapel rrom eurvetUanoe, and tbe coople were duly marrlod In one o our me t fashionable up town cburchee on the 16tb inat Tbe bride and bridegroom Immediately started for Wash ington, and Intend to spend the honeymoon on a Southern 'our fbla pleasant liuie affair has created quite an ex eltement amrug the young I ad tee in npper tendon, and la tr them far mora Interesting than the Bond street Ira gedy Cwnmo* Of ran Hi ksow fbvxn?How Boon rr wit tr Navioskie ?From accounts wa have received, I tec ma probable that If the preaeit mild weather con oontfnnea the Hudson ilver may be navigable In from eight to ten days. The Ice Is thawing rapidly, and tb wotlcn creeks that pcur into tbe body of ihe river are mi crwuui du iumaiu| ?ur ior wimo tar idkiuiv > m : I* Id many plane* pen II Is dangerous to nroia the river si ?r y point bow between r. Is and Albany. Tfcr ctnnccl was [.rr'eotly clear no to the Slgbisnds yes ierday, and the boa's with freght to Plermont git tbrcugb readily The ferry boeta ere running at Albany, and It la a qoeattoa whether a good atoat boat ootid not r> t through from thin 017 to Albany by neit Monday Tim reanmp Ion of navigation on the Hndao* In Me annth of February baa ooonrred but nine Uaies atncj I be wlitrr of t7Hi-'90 Tbe laat tnatacce was on tb 1 1Mb of February. IBM I net year Me Sndaon did not open until tbe 10th of April A frnTi 1 Fin. 0*1 we Pa art la now Id thta city, and will atari to day for Florida, to fnllli the obi tot of their oggai! tall on Tbey number twenty peraoan, mostly atn denlt and are under lb* oba'ge of I'roiosaorChadhoiira*, ol Williams' College. They 0.1 mo from the l,yo?nm ot N'alrral Ills'ory. of that institution, and It I* their purpoau U> thoroughly Investigate lb* llora and rauna of tbat In (leulnsula: and tbe result of their tabor* will be loogid for with Breeding inters si by the geoogst the oatnrsll t and the botanist It la wit known tbat then are numeraii* genera of planus, animals and abellt P- on; ar to tbo aontberp onset of tba Halted dial** that tar* not a* yet been properly class tel. bile tbe geology ol tbe shore la as yet imperfectly un derstoad. Prof. Chadbaurae was concerned in the ez rs.tnr. 'ti Newfoundland, preparatory to l*ying -Iowa be anbabarlne wire*, and tbe irientiBr. acumen ho thnrn t unlayed glees ua aseuranc* that much goo 1 will reaull (if tn tbe labrre of th* party under his charge h enry t<ctton ef our country *b<>uld be explored In n alaliar mnnnrr WAMitri Tnji> riaiuPAT.?The Pbelety of the Frtende cfOtwtland Keltgtona Liberty will rclsbrate tbe birthday of 'ha Father of hi* Co .niry, at the Astor Ilouae, oa Monday next the 13d laat The banquet and ihe *t?eoh?e wlilba of tirat elans ordsr Mr ,'sa T ftre'ty will p-**lde. tie rator Doug Is* has accepted an inriiatlnn, aad will rea [end 10 the petnalpal toast Mayor Van* of rhllsdei phia, will alao he preaeat. Mayor Wood will speak to the irant af tbe olty nd New York. Heweral other dtetiaguleb ed orator* will be prreact Mr. Connolly, Ihe Cooaly Clerk, la traaaurer, aad wa uademtand that the meet#, tbanab at tbe reaad nam or un dollarn, are acarly all din poaed af. Taa PnjrAhAnows at tax a<spaat or Meatc ?The da oaraUoae aad nddaiowa tn the Academy of Moate, la wtaw af (hit fweatag'g r* ualoa of tb* wealth, beaaty aad fhabloa of ear c'ty, were teeted laat atgbt with th* bap pleat raaaMa. Tbe awaagaaseate bare beaa <ls*ign?d tat] ? ) WW IM PWfV"va VI cianvr auefii, ma taipMB li brllllaacv Bid ladle all tbat hi hitherto bean attempted a Ub ooaatry. Tb* back pa* or ibe *Wgt U fl tod vp la i My) m 10vol aa it la magalSceat. and will trovo ataaoat aa gvtal an attroatloo aa tba aodaottoaa of Ttrptlebora or Ota i lrtailoaa of Iba ball room Tba do voioao oi plraairo *?ui mark Iba day with a wbtio aiooe a**ivb?aabv or *aa Taiutt no r,n??v ? Tneaday. tbo rib laai, waa tba aaalvaroary of Ibe Treaty or Ghoat aad tbo event wan daly celebrated by tba Eighth Ward Hrary Clay Olob. who gave aa annual ball la aommamo ratina of tba actlea port taken by tba Graot Kentarky ttatrtir nn lo the coottrnctlrn of tbat Ireoty. TLia E'gtnn Ward Hab a oaa cl the many Clay cluba tbat Waa mart rd daring iba candidature df tbe cent comprotnleor for ihe Prea<dmey end It now aboot tnn only oaa that a* blbitr any viuilty. Tbe ball tbta yrar waa flvea at tba Apollo Ronnie aad waa largely attended It ?m carton to note it a old Clay wblft who waro preaaat, now bo icrgtag in aboateqoaf anmoers U tba damocratlo, ro pabllcon atd American partleo. I.e? MtTarrotrTAi* Her or fna Paaooi*.?Tba laet of tbeao delightful reun'.one eama off laot evening If potatble, tbe ball room ?ee ??ed foiier than on former oooaHour ; perbapr tbe IMlee were la a it<-onter meter Among tbe male gneete Setidee tbe Wi/m of ancb en lertainmtnta we noticed Ihe Unletn General I a Veg? | w itb tevcral of bla ornntryirten, aeveral dlttinguiaaad member* of the leglalatnro ead Common Council and ope or two notabtlitlea of tbe bar. Toe entertainment patted rfl delightfully every body waa alike ploaaed wttb ifce daaco and tbe capital topper In* G???tT*b<:bt Con pah y I'abapb ?A meeting of Ibe ' committee appointed to m?kn arracgomenta for tbe great parade of tba target comi na waa held recently, when 1 "plain Rrory Wlltoa. n ibe Harrington Guard, *? cb atn ermirandar la cblaf. Colour la have bteo rnoana ? ? w?rn ot toe nij, m <1 iarr, v^riucr wi?w ? m ? ?!>?. are now actively at work In perfecting the arranfranrate for the piradr, rbieh takea place on the an M?"?ir of the battle ol Lexlaytnn?April 30, Aa there are bnt few t.aofe ta the city, It la pr-?po*?d that ?ach ?atd ahall bare car band each, of t ftccn pknea. MttiT/aT?SavKTin RtoiraaT Narioirai (it-Ann.?Tbe Irflwlai (foor left com pan;-*) or thin foment (trill at the Araenat rocmr, ccreer nf Whitened Outre at rote, tVa rreelay. Tbe natMrnled narad* on tbe 331 will not ale place, on aocmint at tbe drradfal condition or u.e rtreeta. fnrm Daowaar ?Tbe body of an aoknowa man waa reeterday mornlrt foond |fioatlBf (In tbe rlW, off tbe Battery. Tbe Oerrnc? wm not 3cd. I E It A 57. Ttac Fog?Trattl on the Moiinil?Tlw Kerry Boat*, dir. New York oily end harbor were enveloped in e dense tog yeeterday morning, end lorry traveller* were pat to o??rj |uw>re hiwo?ii??ioo livery 10TTJ DOllse WM thronged with people amicus to get across, bat the boats run oily it Intervals end In the oloireoi meuiaro to avoid accidents, end consequently only the strongest nnd rougheot men edged their amy on board, while the poor working gtrla end timid people atood no ohanoe eg ell. The Peck Blip boeta to WUUnmabnrg did not ran aatll noon, to the giievoaa tnoonvenicace of thoae whooe bual neae Imperatively demenda their preaenoe down town eerly in the day. Bet the oompaay were untitled, in tew of the peril of the peaaege both to the boeta end the peeaengere. There waa quite e scene at the Catherine atreet ferry, la oonaoquenoe of a portion of the bridge sinking on ao oount of the maaa of people aaaembled upon It -feme few got wet, but no harm waa done except to tho bridge. The Rooeevelt atreet ferry did not run till the atternoon. In fact, these boeta take every conceivable opportunity to auapond their tripe Thr re wee thr widest kind ot excitement at the Grand atreet Terry on the New Yo'k aide, on Tuerday evening. They wore the only boeta runnlog to Wlllfgmaburg?tho fog waa very thick and I He boeta run ao alow that only n moiety of the multitude oould be eocommodnted All kinds of vehiolea blooked np the atreet, and tbe erowd seemed like a mob bent oe some mlaohlef The auffsrlnge of the poor feme lee were letolerahte. The Hoboken end Hlaten Island boeta were running at long Intervals, and did no damage beyond npseilng aimall boat occasionally. The aleemer Bay Btate, of the Fail River line, arrived here yeeterday ah'moon at half peat three o clock. Sh? left Pall River on Monday, nnd Is tbe first boat from polate east of New Haven ainoe the resumption of aavlgnUOB. Tbe fug waa ao dense daring the peseego, that from Newport to the heed ot the hound nothing was seaa but water and ice. The Ilay State returns t> Fall River at IS o'clock to day. eo that ehe may pass through the tee into tbe Sound before nigh trail. Thr Hlaten Island ferry boat Ounchbaok, duringj'he fog Kiterday alternoon, whilst grouping ber way down to ten Island, oame in collision with Fort Columbus. Connsnns's Vnlmaasl *mA hhll h AW Itit* HAVA 111 vhlnh AAllAAri her to make considerable water: but by the use of bar team pumps, she sucoeded in reaching Quarantine slip, States Island. last sight Utere was but Uttlo fog. and It Is to be hoped that we will eoon have a dry east wind to drive It all '| away. , The Bvrgsn Riot*. CONCLUSION OF THE INVKSTIQ4TION?A NUMItIK Of THE rKIBONKKM HF.I.D TO ANHWFR FOR ARHON, RIOT, ETC ? LKTTKAS FUOM TWO CATHOLIC CLERGYMEN?THE MAYOR OF HUDSON CITY AND Till CONFESSION A LThe Investigation into the late Irish riots at Bergen was oonolnded yesterday before Mayor Van Riper, assisted by District Attorney Littell. A crowd of Irish of both sexes surrounded the Court House during the day, but order was not disturbed; It was announced, however, that the population of the shanties had declared their In ten tlon ol re commencing their row as soon as the military were removed. The authorities are prepared for any rreab outbreak. The Jersey Continentals were on dnty during the day, under the oomnaand of l.ieut. Sanderson. The evidence taken sgalnst the various arrested parties having been examined by the Mar or. he determined to hold the followlnt for trialFalser Poole, Jerry Delay, Thomas Murphy, David Golemtn aad James Donnelly for arson and riot. The evldenoe la very strong against David Coleman as being the stabber of Kelly, and should the wounded man succumb, his aggressor wtU have to answer to the charge of homicide. Kelly remains In a very critical condition. tbomas Karrrll. Patrick Coleman, John Corbett and Dennis Farley are each heia to ball in the eum of *300 to answer to the charge or riot. Patrick Deaetly, Jamee Harnett, Thomas MoCaity, Tlmrtby Caugblln, Tnomas Cnstello, Micbtrl Doian, James McDarmou Jobu Moraa, \ nc?nl McKenta, Thomas McMahoa, Philip Kit martin atn Patrick Collins are held In t'iOC ball Tor riot. On Monday last the Rev. JamesCoyle wee examined by the District Attorney In reference to n roafeasion whtcn Keliy wae snppneed to have made ?o htm Mr Coyle ateted that no prlent waa permitted to divulge the secrete of the oonlaeetoaal. whereupon the'Majoritnemed desirous to proceed agmne'-him for hte refusal to teettry Yesterday morning Bav a VenutA confessed Vinooat MoKennaln the Hodaon county Jail, at MoKenna eras considered to ba near the point of deotb, owing to internal Iriuriet received In a tight on Huoday dr. Venh-a wai taken beore ihe Mayor and District Attorney, and was there do mandtil to reveal tto con venation with the wounded man, wbtch be very properly refuted to do Tho two reverend gentlemen hare lor warded to ua tho following communication, which wc consider due to them to pubIsh. TO THI EDITOR OF THE II I'll A 1,1). During the investigation In wnlr.n the authorities ere taaaaad Ui dlanovnr the eulltv Dartiee In the lata not I be utidcrs'gaed clergymen have boon coll tijod lo reveal Mil tbe ho?l?d(? tnppoKMl to have boon obtained by bem at tbe ooafueelonai. as they had responded to tko call, U tbatr oapaitty aa priests of Uto Oathollo olurch, o ?<l o>ininter bar rttoa to two aiok men wouodod la tho rtol. Whilst entertaining, ta they do the strongest on v tell on of tba obligation, bafire ?;od aad maa, of their duty lo tfie HUM, aad moat wili.og aa Utoy are at all k i mra to dtacbarye the tame aa falthrally at ibey oaa, tber do rot and cannot beilero It to bo any part of their civil nuty to reveal tba aaorat of tbe ooafeaamsal What tcntlbe pereoo would to a clergy maa mil, Iretead of c insolation, would only exotta fee I log* or mietruat acd horror, and whoaa mmtatry would ba roBvor'ed into the (uaetioa of a epy, or eocret police, uader ito bypooriiloal garb of ffcndauip aai re I'tlrcf Wliat authority la oompetsnt. especially la tble .tad of treed ,m, to ertct laws compel'lag aclergrotao to vlo'nte one of the meat sacred taatituUms of his reilgt-a, and thereby obliging ta'.an, ta oa'.rareatloa or tba natural law, tu etaqralifyf blmaeil forever irom the execi tae of hie priesthood, aad to auhjrct Mataalf to drgrada ilon' Whilst, at the aame time, bit oootOlaaon was ooavictiog him, by the act of compliance, of agriaroua ata, Hrrh a reveialioa la forbidden by the acta of aa ocume nieal council of the chureb Neither during the lift, nor alter ihe death of ibn penitent nan tbe oou'eaaor, alractly or Irdirectly. In any case or for any purpoaa whatsoever, even were It lo save bla own Ufa, r'olate tbe secret of tbe roBfe.aloael. What would be Ihe rleult were It otherwise T Tbe aa rrtmcatof p. nance, ard together with It the Cathode t bur b (tor II ia a vital aad essential part tne-eoi) wou'd 'a I to ruin This la irapoaatble. I.agal geatlemen re aware of tbe i rater of tbe conrta of law In tbe Old World regarding 'Be freadnm'and rights of rshgloa <a bla reepect, aa well aa of tbe daotaioai of several oourta 'a crown oourtry oa tbis p? int, wb'ch bare luetided ciero men uude* "ircumrtanrea siei'lar io those ta which ibe und? rtlgue.i have just bten piar. 1 t'ot fldn t ibat they a.e ibtelded by tbe eenntltuilon la 'rredotn of ecnacleroe and the p-acefn' exarctta af thalr rellyiea tie aad?r*igaed tiuat therefore thai tbair conui. i id d.clltlrg lo acawer questions rega'dlna the ac traroenui a.crel, will no? be viewad aa eablb'ting aay d'f r. rpecl to tbe lawa aad civil authority JAt CHYLE, Jaoear Citt, Feb 18, 18IT A YENUfA. Allrgul ltrartallty at New. apk nt i i. Mom mi-t.oritr> to roima haiuirh? Juetko Ciar? y, of tbe Vast era district of Brookl) n, was yetisrcay called upoa to tabs tba lepoiltt ia of a aalior named Thomas Campbell reaidiag at N<t IM dscoad street, who la now ly tag eenoaaly 111 from o/uel aid la bumaa Ireatmect oa board tba Liverpool packet ablp r l.a Auttla, CaiH QerrtOk, 38 d8f outward patiagv, la tiitpprr Ivi It la rapteaeaUd that Campbell la a thorough seaman ahcuf lorfy yeara of age. quite lateiligent aad or rrsprcta b e appearaare he waa ate of the aumeer oa board o' tbe 1br?e Belie, aai aaetatad la rttoalag the solelera from the wreck of theIM fMMk for which ba rwedred a medal from the mrnberttof Naw York Hawhiara tnrr he I m be?i c< tvpahfd to pova tta medal It ordaf M prntide tbe atoMtarfc * of I fa for bl? famry Tba follxwiij t| b'a depwHlos b?fora J iwaa I'jwf ? I fhtpped on board tf.r packet ahtp filar. A i?Ua cn Ui 1Mb of ftnvemt or leal ami ? an 11 ad fn Liverpool tbe name da) . tbaaaaoar imralrg out at revm betla all r.anda turned out to breakt am I aid arI heat the belie or the order to turn oat; the ofbrer m de.-b came down anil ruilrd ma not roughly, atid nrdried me to ti e aft- r ratio i wenttMci the r?*ila wgen the rap'aki aihed nhat waatba matter of me, I told htm I did not thut ( dtrt rot hfar the waithcAUad, h a?.d he did rot h r 'let a me at d thai 1" I r< nitnencrd If lip io t.rd 'iiia wav, the nth" extfora wo' t, r 1 lhat he would rnke an taotple of ma be then knot had me down ami at the aame time the t.iat n a'e threw a ?hew I of er rajr hwed plared hut handaover m? nitititb to iirtoeo'm* otucriea he ng hr .r l hjr the a*'l..ri, and hr Mir* Joan wi h hl? knee* on m y ho* 1 and awek.fhe captain a'Hie rame time be.t me ail o??r the bidr with a heavy wire rrpe ami eet the dope on to me, the doga bit m-< V?rf heel If on the !aga (f.'ampbell here eihtMled bla I ere w hlrh ten quite a number of uotliid* no them not ?rt healed i after he hetahed beating me ha totd me hi go am! ahow the eallnra what he lied dona Ten or twelve day* af'wwaria I wae up on the rail nulling In ina top gallant aalla and on nmp't ? down at :<*eBt?'ly atrnrk m one of the tvaiewaina fert, me I net.?a(ti knocked me down and thtm entered a remi lalat to th* captain that t bad struck htm I wae ar tin eared into tbe rabln. .nd the retain, aa atated hv the hoa'ewalO, b?al me with the wire ri pe at tl e aame unto aeulntr nn the dope aa before ifte that I WMin Sad1) li jored that I ecu d not go ak'tl. hutrniifi tand at the wbre et I irerpmil I left'be ai'ip and retnreeI i " i i i r , i ipin rri ith'k * na irr ?m*fr [mn ? ?!? r?].t i ?n<i < il oer? J nrrlrrd h >n\" nn d'h 01 ?ehroa rv ?i <1 <! ? n' !>'hn rrn? drlti lona, ah rh k<M eotuliied at interval* erer alter. UnitirM win be taken for tbe arrrit of the rnj^aii flr?t tnale an i boatawa! tt la b"t | mi tie t?the?e ofBr? r? that tbelf atalemeat sh< aid be beard before an opt a ten li formed ' neard to in a a leged III treatment. \l llllnntkltiirB Clip Fxtaneixt R? i pint ?The 1lln?fy at>re of lire flu m?ai. No. 147 ttraad afreet, w?* entce-i Jo"ae f iiif tlfht by me* ua of fan* kejr and robbed of ?dw* HHn*. rrlteta and realty rihnera rained at ertr 91,too Tt?<? tbiivra arlcrttd none but the mat r, wt'y fron Verierday mon lrg about 1 ovi-eh raptaiu (Jnrichard ?u i mB ce?n D. Ja<!"bi and Rterrett d'a-ovrred a boy sko'kiat beti ti l a ahoti?r b^x. near it re, and i?n o i o e ?e i errtrd In ft The boj? rav I tbat iboe had h.r i tie ' theatre and arre Inrted ont from borne The/ were taken to Ue elation, and yoaterdar morn:i>i were i dlwharyrd bctort tt waa known thai a bargary tad bieo 1 commit ed. < I Ti J?J -t J i PRICE TWO CENG'S Trmprrance Meeting at the Tabernacle. A t erf large and reepe stable audience tilled Ike Takeraaoie laat night in rtnpMne to a oaU lor a meeting of three "oppoeed to a retnre to tko llceaae eyitem, and tm I?ror or a prohibitory law." A large proportion of Me aedlenoe wan oompoeed of led lea. i > Judge Carion preeided, and after the wetting had been opened with prayer, wad* a brief ediiew, eellWg forth the a eeeeettr for the meeting. Ho atated that IIWM propeeed to reoomntend to the Legialatore some ooorae with reference to the sale or Uloxtoatlhg liquors. IkM era three bills now before the Lefts Into re, one of whMh advocates s retern to the lloense system, end two ef which contain the principle or prohibition. He oniteMdaM that the lloense system bed had a trial of two hnndrwd years, and bad been preyed Incompetent to taeet MM evil. He thought that the last prohibitory law was osastitut.onal, and declared that from his owe experieeoe ho knew that that law had been effective ta Its operations la the oouatry counties. He denied that there was say truth In the assertion that a prohibitory law ooold net 00 oaforoed la New York cttj. Mr. Mxkmh next read a series of resolutions wtnoh were euheequt-aUy adopted as the sense of the meeting They set forth thai the nullification of the prohibitory law by tbo Court of Appeals oonrlnees the people of the city and Htate of the necessity for some Immediate legislative aotioo; that no return to the license system will be or aay avail In luppreealug tbe evils or Intemperance, that the prohibition of the tretllit ta Intoxicating liquors Is Imperiously demanded for tbo suppression or I stem per aaeat pauperism sad crime; and that aay e vast on or postponement of the sot from other issues will he justly viewed as an unwarranted and tmpolitlo saoriloe to those Issues of the public food. Rev. Tbkodoss L. Coyijes aeeeaded the resolutions ta an eloquent and energetic speech He ergaed strenuously tor prohlbltloa, oontendlag that Its elTeotahad been aluiary la Matae, and that since the substitution of the Itceaod system Iniemperanee bed greatly tnorraeed. He read from tho Qua lorn House etatisttos to show that Is the Bret tlx months or IBM) bul twaoiv tbreo dIdos of ilunar bad be?n entered for Portland, Me , while tn 186.' then were 1,C40 pi pee entered lor that olty Be thought that It the ladire could only be aeat to Albany we would km have a oooclae and . tractive law. Captain Mary Pattern, who had with berote courage navigated a veaeal for fl'ty daye, while nurttag a atck huaband, and HnaOr brought tafeiy Into the harbor of Han Praneiaoo a valuable vessel and cargo, bad aet a good eaample or energy, which be hoped would be emulated by legislator*. Alter a brief but (pley address by Rev. Or. Pat ton, a llbetal colicotlon waa taken up to defray the expeoeea ef the meeting. Kev. J. L. Ccti.u then offered rraolutlona advocating the establishment of Javeotie temporanoe aoeletlee, aai welcoming to Amerina, Peter Sinclair. K?q , ol Kd in burg, now on a temperance mission to thla oonntry. Mr Sisk i.aib addreaaed the audtenee at noma length, detailing the progreaa or the temperanco oauao In Edbeburg He enforced the Idea that greet good might be aoeowpllabed by teaching U?e ehlldren drat, and thee uaing them aa acceaaortea la propagating tba great truth. The objeet or hla mission to this country waa to aaoertate. If poealhle, whether aay feature* of orgeat/.ttion or operation of the temperanco movement caulrt be, with goed result*, adopted in Portland. Boon alter the eloatng el he addrcsa the meeting adjourned. Iloaitl of Kit met ton. The Board of Ec'aoatton mat at 6 P. ?., yesterday, President Andrew H. (ireen lu the chair. An applloaikh waa received from the echool otllcsri or the FouMaaetM ward, to 'have oerlaln alterations and reparn made on wnrd ecboola Noe. at and 32, which would coet aboeb 814,(00. The communication waa referred to the Hoeamlttcc on Repairs and Supplies. Inn report praaanted to the Board last year, relative to non attendance el school n statement waa mado that the expsnjos far etgbd boy a at the Houaa of Refuge for two year* was 81,(64. Mr. Ollvar 8. Strong, President or the House of Refuge, presented a oommnntcatlou to tba Board Last night, atatfcg mat the coot was only 8998. Wn. Himutia moved mat a committee be appotnled to take charge ol the priaUng department of the board, and ?et It done by contract woeu poailble. Ha aa.d that there waa considerable suit lound abeit the coat of prtatlag. and to thta way it could be doae at the lowest poartbie coat. The resolution wa.i adopted by e vote of 9b egalaat 8 A lengthy atntnment was marie toy tha Clerk of tba Board of the amount of money paid for priming daring the year llld Tnta etatemout was made in eompltanan with a resolution adopted by the Board at their laet meeting. The following li si abetrsat of the stale meat ? Wa. C. Bryant h Co , printing Journal 8M8 8b " " Documents 800 8T " " Annual Report 818 84 " ' Normal Schoal Report 140 44 IsltJ ruFr "? M t. 0. Jeaklae, ' f ree Acad Report, 88 869 IV u .. .. .. >m 300 m " Omiai MmoI Report 23T 7T " OaUlogee Tree Aud'f 103 04 " Maaual, ISM 809 00 Geo Hay ward, rnr ait pa ISO C8 Br yaot t Go , printing Directory, '58 318 00 " ' blank* lor tbo I'oerd. 138 38 J. ? Trow, printing bloaba 388 M fraud* A I-outrol, ao blaok obecta 10 14 Jofer K. Grant, ' 87 00 Ti'O miiottiar to lha amount paid oa aadlt of tbe Rao outiTr ( oamlttao on too Fraa Academy K O. JrftkUia, prming oiatclnailon paper 9IS1 M .1 N atmbreda, do tarda 393 M * Bryant A Co , do programme. As 143 00 Mtaltal World 38 00 itaker A Puyrkiurk . Hi M aboooi paid on audit of Eiecutira Oobbiuoo oa Km olBg J> boolr ? .loha V. Trow, prletlag tbow bUla, Ac gill TV Bryant A Co . do balkl 0 M .? W Oliver and oth?-t, do 31 00 .-arony tG), lithograph cartl&calao 413 IT Total 84 511 4ft The Sir Aerial Con.n.iUee, rotative la U,e tiling up aaO (eriUhlrg tbe a?w *rhr> i, to Cfaryatie mraot, roroBiBirnf Itg tbat tbo Teoth waul 84 h'io. oCWI read vrrtlra for ornpoiala, Inaamocb aa no person, eioopl tbo paieoWO oftbe furniture aprctOed by the arcblHot, oa?m put it to tba bntlrilrg A aubetituta to a resolution of tba Committee to thla 04<<ct, appropilat eg Ibu (nm o' 87531 06 for GUlag up aad fnrnltbiag raid arhool building, wai adopted Tba rt port ol tbo Finance Committee reoomuiiodmg tba appropriation of tmt 71. to pay tna till for rapalra ta Ward Hrfcool No 3t 3rcome atrect waa adopted Tba report of tba Auditing Gobi > ltoe. rr-comatnodmi tba appropnat oa of 8663 28, lor tba paymoal of acadtr blila waa adopted. Alter tor ir?r??<-iion o' earn* owe- uxmpinaa; dm ata*. ihe Board a." oornad (wonrtt' OlOi Tbr Cer> arra hare ben bc*tl> ?og?f->1 of law Th* number of tuddra aid r'oleot death* far the 'eat wm k ar to bu .Dcrrai. d at a faarfal rat*. Walt* a ,?r?e no nab? of death* hp tma<' pot a* I ottar wlrulaat i teaaaa, wbar* b* victim* bar# aot had the betafltoi madleal ait? ore ,(oma* aader the aattea at th* CorMtn daily Yrrterday there vara Ua ratea raforul at lb* oSoa, a aiga prop?too at whioh war* loath* 'mm e'otaat iMBM Fatai Ritnt 0' in aatnr Oaroat- Country bald as mqarat at lha Naw Yorh lloaj uti upon ia? oady of a w* at? named has* M-Do?id, who dlfd Irva th* etTaota or tc J or lea racatrad at th* ha .da at two ?(rati, stD.ixl Doorga W?ainptoa Halt era aa1 J .ha Oardl orr Jchaaoa. ta lha lift fatant. Th* dacaaaad it a?ptaiad, wa* lha proprlatraaa of a aaaU graaary Aloe* at N*. a? Worth -treat, aod ? ta* at?M (a qaeaUow iba aaprte* armmtacad batMr t| tbaat?a do? wtlfe br'ekbata. Oa bar ope a lag lha da? far thd par pea* of rte *p what th* matt? w?, ?a of lha fellow* threw briek at her. tad *tr<kl?f h? 'a U>? ha? prod?ad ?ah a mere wound that ah* died ioat lha affaet at lha Maw on ra< lay. Th* lory la the oa? r?dared a r?diet id "Dta'b ireai lajtrtea at tbr hasda at th* p?era.** 'altera aad Jobn*oo w? a Ibta ttaaiaad, aad aftervarda l?Uy ccBBHUd (o await lb# actloa of tke firwad dory, BOW II ftMloa ft# dK#ft?ed M 19 ytart y l(? MM vu ft miiti of Iro'and Brnwoo Cur*:n ? An laqoaat vm aloe bed by l ownr Conary opoa Ibi body o' maa a ft raid Freak stoyder, who ra k'lled oo Taeaday alirrnooa by'ftlllaf In m Use aocoBi* itory c. lha bob boUdtac co#no# of (headway urn l ean waft l ard . i "AeciJaaia. daaftb." feeaaaad ?ai M j ear* of age, an I wv# a ut:?# of Uar nany, Aa Cvvanw* H>* Forvn r?aoavr? ? Oo* aa# Hifia bold aa taqoeit at the ftot of Wbhakall (treat ayon lha body of aa uakoowa laaa, about 1.1 yaara of afo, who ?n found (frowned tear tbo Ha-ya ofl oo Tha deoeaaeii wao dreiaed la a bloc* frock ooat. bfack paaia, blaa* p?aM alia ml, oooMo orwaaied white aairt, w:iii taa laiuafto ' E D." marked w*h a terdlaoa the nybt aide, waifta : aanel oaernbtrt aao drawer# the daraaoad woa about ? feet 8 leeboe high, bad red liaie, oo wbiekaao. and an r*taar ?t m In biild. Tba bu-.y nad a?ar la taw water abwit ibrto woeka. Vcrdwt, Iwalk from aa kacwn ranee." n?*,n >aow F "fwro* un J?r?Biootirt ?Cofoaea H'.llo aho beld an lat,'>**i ? " '*'X Worlk ?(i\w? uton the hi ? of a womar earn^l bary ?. who died from ibuc r?aaoe and ei. oaora to the w??tiiar rbe di I-. aa-d an a a wbaftdt lnl?d IV i-ew Jeraey. Wdiot, "fleaio frem tpemrea* aftf?p? *"r?. lUyvaeod w*a 10 ftort C ?ft. end ?m> native ni I meed. >>t?' >?' h?*r ?*be Obrcaar wao nrtifled to hnid aa tr.oi.eet at fh? v*w Vork*Huapdai yceter'ay afV meow urea Ike F'dy 1 ' ?an ndMBoJ fraBk 't.url, wio 01*4 fr ao bidrffecia of lejnrtee b*c?:*ed at f w?mf|*wi m j.. e? he eg -anr'n i a rwtHwer !*a< b'ftO- tba leoaaaat wao , . w?,eiwnreq* ir?ieij He iu * ure* r?il4'i|( In III* ?y. . Kir?n ht CoraaV Gtmhla w%* sr *4 I 1 r i'l II ?' No UO twhnf Unl M?K >;<? kt ! r,'jr rf n.*n named Wu %nr; McU :'?a, #ho >h . , .1 ?. o< cat?bi is tha m?oh!?*rjr of McCormao I m i i factory, aii.iatxl la Forty ir?t atraai, beta-en iciit f'.Bbfi Tm <w*i4ei * ??'* >< a betrV p*rt of t??r> Wfh'oerr wh' (ir tlrop?4, ?'i?t falltBf upon tlM By whe? ? ! te l.nor iW H'Cb fiiMiea aft. to r? i? *U4. ,o?U? Ue WM tint fl ft?.l 01 i|;