Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 20, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 20, 1857 Page 2
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3 Mot. I and* MMDIk*Nm or ? ? ?! JOTty Mf Hiprrrt on wm Ibal tt DfUl OfBotbtng By Mr On? I i>ropo??d 10 ut the name or Uie m:mkr t OTi no> oLSiti k h turrwon, v a, ni? **? who or>B D tiih u>0 TTe *;tri*? *l dm UocIidou ui u?*tr iba qnttltoa, Mu, lubirqu. oily, ib? qamlloa btlbf prewed, guve Ibo B?m>? ("hnirur B M?iu-roa By Mr W*row?IV) yon reoollnot whll particular rail mu i,(uure Umt ??b u> reference to? VMimh-I ?houid tbiok H iu about tbo time of the pamyo of tbr Wirconan bill. I do doi koo ? whetbor Mr. M>ne?< u Dud any t?i?*i In that bill Hi did not uau My particular bill or looatl n Movdat, Jan. 19, 18 i 7. MR. TRIPLE IT, RECALLED. uruii?">' ''." 'I MB ViUllBHI LST CT A ITtLO llVIt TBI L?Vt f f C Trip en having been recalled, IH permitted 10 nti e ibe In losing explanatory ? vale ran I Wim 'I'le eece to the question propound*rt to be br Mr. Orr. We fiber any oonvereat'on I >ot pkeoe between me end iD< oib> r a>< tiibur lo which be came oat ood toiloil fx) or d?etndrd, or required aar pecuniary compensa ttee ?rr v-ting V" 1 desire to My tfaat my answer la more Mr?Kr|>y w.rc.d lb an subsequent reflection hatoonvinoed m- h rpeuid be I meant to confine myaeit, and do ooo Ace mytel', to a denial of any apentlo oontraot with any ore eire I wooh alao atate murespecifically that. 1 bave dear, that 1 nuiiot undertake lo aay when or bow the eorve'ravton between Mr Gtibeil and myaalf up n my booh arose K It pro reblo that when Oe was Orel Intro ou. ed to n>e another matter waa the subject referred to. 11 waa. however a matter over waiob Mr Gilbert had no eaairol, aad In wbioa, ao tar aa I know, nothing waa sub arqtM avly done. By the Cnetrmaa? Do you know that any other mem try* Orngreso expected to snare in thia money for whSch you gone tba order on theo erkf aJTOTBBH M O TO Ha UR.tlPlfflO. MM? n?se? To that 1 can anrwer that I bo re was another m?mb*r of Coogrtsa, who, 1 am satisfied expected to be bea< tinea but he bad ao coutraot wtta ma By 'bo Chair mac?Mate how yon became satisfied of (ha* fact, wfrnesa I waa sattsdrd f*em what be t?ld me himself, the* be expected to receive something from the postage of that Mil. What it waa 1 do not know. I never agreed to yaj bim anything. By toe Ct airman?4la e what waa that omivereaito ' Witness? I oonld not poaaibly state the terms of the weavers ei Mm. By Mr Warner?Slate ? to the best <f your reool Wnaees?1 mutt be satisfied that the committee baa tba auibo uy to sake me gfvs the name of the man Delate I can consi r? to |tve ft By Mr. Hi'obie?We Oral want to know what the con W??l on ?u Wtnesr ? I bad frequent conversations with htm, md fee bu be< u present where conversations occurred he wees Mr. Gilturi and mvielt. Be has spocen torn? hoot ibe muter fr??ly and oorfldeDlleUy, end 1 think has to a me (hat be expected, In the event or tie passage af the oill. to receive oom pent all in lb : ; In what precu e tosguege I con id not undertake to any. By Mr. Rnohie? tre >ou certain tha he wai aware of tha arratyeirunt with Mr Gilbert? Witness? He ?u aware hat there wat an arrange aasol with Mr (i'.lbert, tbougn I do u >i know whether Be kaew the tpioiflc t< mi; j do not think be did know the Mrnu. B> Mi. W?rier? How did that conversation originate? Witnrai?1 could not pnaelbty undertake to answer how the irsi conversation originated; there were many oon venal tons oetween us By Mr. Warner? Conversations In relation to this trans aoflon' tan AtMAMit.uwr' twn tub itoruTT i awd jv hook?or OOl'h.hb ths v c sxrarrsn to bs paid. Witness?Yn, sir in rela'ios tithe hook. By Mr Warner?State what be laid as nearly as yon sa rsoot.cct. and what you said to htm about It. Witness?I cinnot atate any more tban that a 1 the oon vsrsatens let a no douot upon my mind that be expected to be nooir'-niaied (or the labors which be Intended to perform lu ihr case By M>. Warner?Old be state to yon what service he oon to ret der / Whncxs-Lla npeeled to use his Influence In secnrlng Sirs By Mr. Warner?Old he say how many rots* bo could MB troll WMnrss? Really, I est net possibly say. 1 never re srevd it as very probable that my book wonld pass and I atd not charge myself w lb tbeee tacts as I should othaswtoe bare dune. 1 wis actuated more by a desire to pavvei.1 inn other man Iron making the name arrange mania than 1 was ot passing my book. By Mr Warner?Iv.q be say his iniluen;e oonld operate pop u In commitleu or tn the House W.inns? it was to the House Be did not expect to have arj lnduem e in any committee, that I know ot. By Mr Waiter?Slav*, aa near aa > oa can, what he did any to you in tome of these conversaUini about tbeee wasters und what yon said to h.m / Ton of course oon vwsaed fnely ? oe.Vt sbcollkt "m n:vi c?>STtt*tn.?.vv " Witness?U is impossible to recollect such fugitive oon venations, but there was no doubt upon mv mind IBnl the periy expected to have an Interest In lbs mat tar. I Bed it to b<- utterly 'mnoesihle to rocolleat all feaee dnsiis. 1 old suppose that 1 bad ibis whole manor Mi my mind. hot I and mysaii unsMs to reoulieci many tog* itai I did not suppose I had forgotten By Mr Warner?Krom the conversation you bad with him, M was your tmpreaalon that you anl him under "Hoe Snob other perfectly In relation to this matter t W touts?I thought 1 understood what bis mv.lve was. though my expectation and supposition was that me un Barnes ding was between bim and Mr. Gilbert and that rtceitta any compensation, no wmio rocure 11 rrom Mr Clifton By Mr. Wart?f*"ow nuf oonreroatlonodo you think 700 bad ? n bin ' WHifM- II U inpoMlh* for o? K? C'Mf I ffttdUlT golfed, and waa frtqntsllj Inquired Of, ag |o Uk prdi pool of lb* pmm|< of lb# book By Mr. Warner?Ind you buro u uu; m a doaen wvcraalloo* wlta blm f EM??*-1 1 dt/V not, ai connc, mentioning anyMing aboot compenialioo la all of ibcm By Mr. Warner?Wht sought lb too rjoreraatiorvt? you or aoT Witness?Nometmee oat and inmeilmee the oihar. By Mr. Waraor?Otd bs ataio to ym in any n( thane oa<rraalloei tba emeaol bo expected to rvnetrO? Wnnrw ? 1 du loi ibink bo ever Mated la ma Ibt boui bo expected 10 rcoeiTO. By Mr Waratr?Wbat ?td bo toy to yon about kit exyaoOaitoa of being benefbtod by 11? WHaa>a? My improMtoa It, and I giro H otmp'y at an Moroilot. tba Ut Orel roovartat oo that occurred b< tarn* o > cprn ibo aubiaek woo la lbo room, or at leant In tba prrMM c of Mr titlbert. Wbitba* I bal been to d bodartbaun, or whether 1 Ibrn heard that ha wet l- be Mo recipient of a portion of tbo mnaty I otnnot any. but (torn U>e ronrxrtuioo ihai occurred brtooon no I should bar* drown tbo deduction that bo had some tatereil In M. I think probably loat be aokod me who' am runt bal bona agreed on with Mr HUbort, but tbeec are manor* la wbKb I roonot andertak* to be accurate By Mr Warner? Yon ot oourao. to id htm Ibt amount MM bad been agroed ot? Where*?I do not know that I did tell him tbo exaot inrr t. I tbak It vary likoiy that f told blm that ft war opto a certain amount, without lalocmlec bim aoca reieiy about It, booaae* 1 a peered thai if be wan to get aay r?'W>peo?a'ioB. bo wan to gal It from Mr It Iborl an! MM they won d make Ibotr arrangement* togotbe-. 1 Mr Warner? Voo wore going oo ft elato what be M to y< n nfihf amount be expected to rootlre. By Br ore?Dm be export to reoelre anyt itojl fluei- I b??e ?o doubt be did. Bf Mr. Or-W'hy? f.ifjlTIMi BO-** OB mi BO IK BPBrtUkTIOB. mue*i? 'ma tbe ooerernati-m ibbi tone plan* b? > wb ua It tney be pnatlbie rbet b? ton me what be axparu d U> rtoelra I bed bo <io?bt at toe urn* tb?l be dH expert ie> rrrelTe tometblor I tbtak ba e?k?d me what ; ecu : do ib renata quartera I told btm tb?l I aaaid 101 ce bbjib og la tbat way: that ! bed e>n>? Bteaca who would rupport my book, aad wko woro, of aoere> deeimtf t"> kupport my latereut > tVrk tbat he, aa act aa . tb< r bad ousted up lb a aa iiteon tary aera etna to reader, aad wanted to kaoa vaat aa etatan <> I could rxptet from Bf fleudB By Mr Orr?Wi ra 700 talked to bun aa If tt wee ' ted a your utad tbat ke wee to raoHre a oom^?naa'iaa, dH Ma Oram 10 'elk aa If you oaderataod tbe fart* W tarra- I bare raied aa d< tabaly aa I am a*lu <3 BMr what o orreo la theao ooarerreilooe Tberu ?*a 00 heartens* eonut tba meier I tbtnt It araa undorato > I br both parte# tbbt It waa exoeetad be wonld rem Ire Borne oon p?e?a? 00 I do Bo'.tatnk I e*er board Mr. ditben Bay what am .'Ubt he Inter del to g|\ e him I xoppore II to aa davttoeo. ' it mott of these Ire |nent coo?t 'Balione tbare ?ae ao ref. r> oco to as) pecuniary trauiarttoo at ail, but atmcxy tbe thing he'eg oodrratood between ox, tbey BaaM ark ite tf I ba' area nertata parties wee 1 expect kd toerpvort and how m unfe rupport I ooald rely oe evkeMe of there applienoae. 1 do am think trat I keew parvooai y member of Coagrrae ioa< I oorld arproaco mtbai aa) H I Bad dee I red at Irertaiciy abouid boi bare df alrsd to meke any eueb approaonee tn a member By Mr Werner?ftd you bold there o-meireatioo wrh m eethat (it mrmhor of Uoagreae boeidee Mr lillMnl V>tiir-N? itr. By Mr Werner?WUi you rtate tbe aaaie of tbat mem bar arre?e> ??T"*e to rdrrt/'B m kixior na ua-n ?a wr ortBoaakB. Wttreea- That le a question to which I do pot tblak tne aommtttee here a ripot under tbo cl enmataeree, to et art ae aaeaor irom me Ii | bad made e be-rain altb kirn myeeif. of eouree I ami Id bo eompe'led Mi eoewer t Bad ao douM. Irom the ooueeruattoae I bald rriib him. Mkat be expected to root tee oompeueaUon. but I bad ao pmtolaty of it By Mr Ritcbla?Tee aay, la the flret piece you had ao *"H m'i In Ik# (Din# ndImc* that yrra hod so n*rl?i| If Ar# you owuii ihoi he did etprnt to rwoetra torn# "*?* I perfeoiip w#ll ooartaeod tbot h# d d I wot Id dot ml that bo did ooi Ml ib# tool b? ripncied Vo mmti oomm ouiount, B?r ootm 1 ur pooitlroly tbot b# til# comib:lt*o. upon con?nI'.otlon. doclJed that lb# wttaeaa ?oa ffqolrod to odiwot ibo 'loeonoa Ta? tr.t too d#r>?#d to oik?nr. oad woo alio wad to roilra for ^'MfTrHAPE. THE EX. M.C. RECALLED. Hoa iKorfo * (Jbaa# rroa'lbd ? la raapoaa# to tbo qooottoo proi>oaBdod *h#o the wit boob woo loot boforo ib# nowibin##, #1* "lad pon ooum ^mi, or lb oar olber ooMBttf, ol oof aimwif or com aooloo. or#r oieeato ur bood or ibiifouoa to oootoj M nroir Mb## roinobl# oooBlderation to 00# permr or p#r?.no ob onadlttoa Ibat aar railroad hill paa-ed oi pOTdtof ib i Ma OoBfr#Ba. rbwnld poaa be, tbo wttaoea p?'0?lil#d Oi# fnllOWlB# roapOBB# IB wrttlBf ? i tit# IriiIf oaaw#r#d tb# obcro oa#oti*b. aa to tlx Miter ohoot which ib# nnmwlt oo ore aaibortael to la CM. a* to ooy aieraber of Ooafr n?a. 1 r##peotfoilf deo? rifhl m lb- cnrnei'iio# h> Irqntr# twto my pdroU dkbofa woo ntha# paraoaa then b#omo of Ua|f?? *aa a" **' auric* m no* won awn nruw to #?#* *B I tboroc.r# dor Hot to oorwi r tbo ooeatmo oa prepeoad ad bp the onwinittoo, oa | oaa odrtaod by my oOMoaal I bar# tbo rtobl t# do ?'?bo ObairwoB? Do worn kaow of aay oowhlaatMi ' vbtab any wewbar ri Uortroaa baa boaa or la aaw OMMM or or which oo boo oa# kaowtedfo, tbo abranl or wbtrh wao. ar to. tc pmmro tb# pawMo of bay a#a art UdO-h# tb# pi? CotaiobbI 51 WHneon 1 da not kM* af uy. By Br Ritchie? DW you, m lb# agent ot any oompaay, or id any Hber capacity, aver execute any bond or other obligation to oonvay land, or any other valuable oonot deration, to any person or persona, on condition that any railroad bill paaael, or penning In thta Ooagreaa rbouM paaa. which bond or obligation won bald or exe cnted wiihtbe privity or knowledge ot any member or the pretest Congress? Witieao? 1 conelder the question relating to a perianal matter, almliar to the one 1 have already dooltned to ai wer, and 1 decline to anawer It. By Mr. Rl.cble?Did jou aa Ute agent ol any company or In any other capacity, evar execute any bond or other obligation to oonvey land, or any other valuable ooantde ration, to any person or peraona. on condition that any railroad hill paaaed. or pending in tbti Congreoo a hoc d paaa, in which bond or obligation any member of thta Con grew had or tan an Interoot. direct or tndlrcot? WtlDfM? I did DOl By Mr. Hltobie? Did yon, m the agent of u; oonpur or Id any other capacity, ever execute any bood or other obligation to convey land, or any otber veluaolo oooal deration, to any person or pers?n?, on oondltioa that any railroad bill passed, or pending In tbls Oongresi shoald paee, with the knowledge ot any member ol Congress, upon wfctnh the vote ol any member having auoh knowledge wan to depend? Wilnet-B?1 did not By Mr Ritchie?Did yon, aa the agent or any oonpany or In any otbc capacity ever execute any bond or other obligation to oonvey land, or any other valuable eon 'deration, to any perron or perron*, on condition that any railroad bill paeaed. or pending in ihta Concrete abouid paee. and upon which the vo e of any member of (Xngreta was to depend? Witness?I did not. By Mr Warner?Have you ever had any conversation with any member of Oongrets in which he admitted to you Ibat be bad aey present Interest, or any ezpeotaat Interest, In tbe pa-?a?e of any bill which had been or it now pending before Congnrt? TA1HKD A OOOD bSAL WTTH KSMHSKf OF OOar.RaS. Wttnerr? I do not know; I will not ra? that I nave and I will rot say that I have not I nave talked a good deat with some members of Congress, and I will not say that I have rot bad somesuoh conversation, though 1 do not now call it to mind. By Mr Warn* r?What Is the best of your recollection upon that point? WHnees?I cannot now refer to any snob conversation that ] have had, and atlti I will not say that 1 may no', nave bad auch a ocnvereation. By Mr. Warner?Ha vejjou no recollootlon In regard to II one way or the otber * Wltneas-Tbat will d4?wnd a good deal on ctroum ataocee. There area jed many public meaturea which would Interest every ultUca in the Sate, town or city to which it re erred By Mr Warner? flavo yaa ever heard any member of tbr prevent Controls, In any con venation you have bad with him iay to you that be had any pecuniary .oteroat or any other In erett ot a valuable character, embracina isnu or any inner arncie 01 vaiuo, in any raiiroaa or other bill that haa t een puling, or la pending, in the present Coi grcaa ' mxmdby ok w:n?*sf> at katlt. Wltretf?I do not recollect an7 particular time. I will tot eay that I bare hot hid inch convertationa, beoaoae I bare bad a good deal of tali with member*. By tbe Chairman- Can jon recollect no eooh oonyeria tiot? " do not juat at thla time. I hare heard them fay their motnlty would be benetltttd. By Mr. Warner?Win you aay that yon have not had aucn a conversation? 4 Wnneaf?I do no* know that I have not bad. By Mr. Warner? Have you had aucb oc vernations with many member*; and tf eo, bow many? wnneaf?1 cannot tell By Mr Warner- State to the b?ft of your recollection. Witnere?I cannot apectfy acy number; mi memory will not tene me to reoollerl soob caiual conversations mvmorv i.ood lv Sll.aktl fo eaii road Mild By Mr. Warner? Save you bad any conversations with members with reference to the postage of these railroad bill*? Wrnrae?Vt?, air By Mr. Warner-Will yon derlaro It from yoor own knowledge, 'bit j >u do not kaow, from your oonverta Hone with mewt*??, tnat any one member la tntorested to the passage ol any one of these bill if Winc?i?l would not aay that. 1 do not wait to bay anything in reference to that. By Mr. Warns'?the question la not what you want to tay. b?M * ha' you can truly ?ay. Wl.neat?No member ever to d me that be was dtreotly Ictereetid in any ofib-*e bills, that I recollect. mkmosy AT i al'it All a I*. By Mr. Warier?Have you ever beard any member lay that he was to receive or exp'cled to receive, any number ot acres cr melons of land tf certain of these bills paeree.' Wlineaa? No, air, 1 do not rooollect thit 1 have. By Mr Warner?Have >ou beard toy member tay, during the present Crngtets. that be bad any oihar tate rittin bo psisa** of auy bid t ian a genaral interest, aucb aa would ante from tbe Increased value of property in the Stale or telghberhcod where the railroad passed, or to wbion Uo bill referred? Wltrerf? I have not. By Mr Warner?Have you ever heard a member o* Coegreaa tay, during the present (Ingres*, that aey third piraoo bald an obligation by wbicb, tf aay one of taene nil * paaaed. be was 10 be benefitted? Wiii na? No, air. By Mr. Warner- Have yon ever held any auch obligation at tbe It itanoe of a member ot congress'' * itu?a??No, sir. By Mr Warner?Do yon ka >w of aay body who haa'Witness? 1 do not. wiiat IS a iwl.xohai INTTKBlW iv a railroad RIU f By Mr. err?I understand you to aay that tie beaeflt or advantage wbicb member* nsv* admitted to you would inure 10 them from tbe natsage ol certain bills, waa ooly that ifitaraat mltl/th waa mrnm/tn til thai runinnnliv nnt ? ?nvnm'. tMr on, independent of the general interest. Witt c? -] do not ttadentanl what would bet per icral 'D'(r?*L By Mr KJtcbte? An intereet mat woujd accra? to the member himself, Independent Of ft general lateral! Witneen?I do net Know ol nay tucn laetance. There may tie acrb tniUaoea, bat 1 do not know or any, of my OWI im*i. ji' Hi<niai>T o? ?.iT'irriWToi. e.?a, rirwts, r.ri- irraan ?e By Mr. Werner?1>j yon know of an/ member of Coayreer haring ptomlael any outetdrr, editor ot a newtpa per or reporter, that It be would adro rate the paaaage of oeraln bine be thuuid receive a campeeantton f Witaeet?i <te not of my oen knowledge 1 have beard men report*, bnt 1 co not know whether they are trne or BO* Ry Mr. tirr?Bare yon ever heard a member of Ca free* lay that be bad W linear?I do not reoollecl that ! hare. By Mr. Wernrr? Have j ever beea present wben e demand waa made upon any member or member* of ? engrata by a third party, not n member of <' mgreaa. tor < nmpeuratlon for advocating lb* paaatga of any bill or bill* f wnte??? I do not know tbat i have. Ry Mr. Warn r?Hare yon ever beard a member of i ot greet aay that loch a demand bad ?een made npoo him f ma ?m?i< m* hilard * cuat mast noma*. Witeetr ?I bare beard a feat many atortea. Itj Mr. tbr?That It very indt finite W laeaa? I cand t come aay Bearer to IL By Mr Warner Here yoe ever beard a member of loegrrae aay to yim. or to any third party, that ir a cer trla mea?? r* reading before Uongrma paaaed, be eboald be btnefl ted by n ? Wirt.era? i eancbt reoolkct 1 eonld not aay wbetbor I have "f not By Mr Warner?What a the beet of your leooUeettoc about it T at via hbabt or a < aw or inuirnoe. n y kioC By Mr. Warner? Jul ritrad ywr rooollecUm bac?, Ud tee I' j on OttDM ria{ H to mind Wltooif?I car col recollect of any llnx Br Mr Wararr? Bore j on baard It at any time' WiUiti ?I oo not recollect any laatanoe. Mill Utire aar barr b?pn loaaaotaey. By Mr o,r? ! j you kaow or hara yna h?a?d aay amiMr o( Coojrt'i aay that be owaed eureka la aay of Ibe railroad b.i? of the laat aenetoo' Witaoa? I did aot bear o: any euob caaea tba. I re roUeot. Tat m WMOMMM >>n mr-aiaa* aox'C By Mr <>rr?t>o >oti kaow o aay mambar oi ( >agreM wbo owred a lock la aay of tba pr- leetod road- 10 Iowa Wiioiarla or Ml.'bigaa. whom yon bare beard eipre?t tbe opinion before ibe t*tll parted that the Piate would girt the tan I to tbe oonipeay u wbion be waa laterejle-1 Wnceea?No, ?ir By Mr. ftrr?Ton kaow, then, of at member wbo ra oetreo tun k or err IdcaOt o( nock la aay o! tasae raadi dnrtt i tbe ia*t *< miod of Ooagreaa? WHaeai? I oo t nt KMiwr Mrtai.eo < r mi rtrtrr- a?naotr> oa or rna feO.Mo *<;? * By Mr (>rr?Noar la Wtaooana, iawaar Mtcblgaa' Wt'aeM? I do not By Mr Orr? Uo yon bbow aa> tuiag of 900 OCC aoraa of laaii hating beea tet apart by partita tateraaiad ta the Pan tic ra iroad to secure lu pamagef Witaeat? I do aot By Mr Orr? I>o ysa k-ow of aay aunt ar of aeraa aet apart by pan ee tatereaircf Wiit'it?I do aot By Mr Orr- I)t yan kaow aay member of Goer re w wbo ?a* to rrcrlrr aay land* uadar that bill if H i?ere? <i Wttnaaa?So, tlr. By Mr Orr?Or rerliOcetee of atecks'' WltatM?No. tlr. By Mr orr- :>u yon loot any perron wlm ??i to rr celramrh ian I cr orrf .eu of t/wk In Imr I ?r inn hi aeflt of a mem bar of Gotgnat tnrrr?| an not mmtm r fir m? ?.?* nrvt lVrtortirifr ?' i j Bp Mr Orr? lw> )?o know nop iamat>?r jt C ?>*r. ? who n<pot<a.( 1 with tba pai u?r r lotornot to ari:urr any lnter<?? l.r lb- ma. it re in lar nUi lor oona<rwnia? tO? I >r? M- rf? Imp'ommrnt bill of pmrndtng OJBf rnr Yt IteM? I ten* mlMnf ebont tor bill MR BWKENKY. RF/" VLLED. J. It Farnry. oaring bera ra cauea. van (tern trd to iraee the folk>biaf ??, iatm.. ii to bta taatimnay pro Inuatp firm ? At the time. I fnppoaed the anm - worn oorraet to the 'inootlon* M put Now. hoo<\fr. 00 dearie* IM inreoona and mi at e vera road o*tr. rnd on redaction, I 1 to ca It naoenanr to aake aa eip'ana i jo oapoclallp aa tha qnrattoua eeem to mo to bare a rrldar application t tbaa obon tbrp ??re embally put. I atria.- ht t> ?n *a.'o* ??" to fi?t a atiatL rutin or a 1 a IOOW ?nu" TMori.f , Ihera ? a etami ituromn, a amall am- mt of money prodlc* or'nr? nor ? tha inanntUKa of tba H i ien, ( vhvo I dertred to hntr arorebly rapirtad. and ao tinted to too mm bar to whom tba p*p*ra vara re ffrrd for naminatioa Ha aald to ma ittnt ba bad ao t donbt btmarlf itat it vaa a mrrltorloua elalm. boi tbai aome of llta nommltlea anrntltlaad a nob maltora oloanlp, or worda to that rrtrot. a ad uiat ha won id bar# m vatt a farorabir opportunity, or thai, parbapa. It m fbt broom a aeananry to naa a nttla money. ty doiiara or ao, to aaaka aU Mirht. Thlo la all I rem**tar to bare been i anVI batvrra aa ralntlra to tba aab aot; ao money vat paid er demanded, nalaaa that ba eonotrnad lata a da I . By Mr Wart>or? What waa tba aainra of Iba claim' | t IM wllbftf rt feted lo AMfrw mj itenioa ultUt , ETW YORK HERA1D, FBI Mt>M of ty claim or tho um of tbo mbWi amlooo U>e oommltUe oooolroed oncb o rafooal m ooatompt of the Heme. Tho on mm It lee decided lb it Iber ibeuld oo bold aueb retool to bo a ooateaopl of tbo tlouoe. W tiHM? It woo aa Invalid Denote n oaim. Br Mr. Warao??Who waa tie olotmaaiT Witorto?A widow women. Br Mr Were or?State hor namof Wltceoo? Roxane Kimball aa wm<w, or ouaoiciirpf, thi "rim 001 ot" aivwt-r onaua, Br Mr. Waraei^?What waa tbo nemo >f tee ruum bar wtiaeor?William W. Welob, of Ooaa >tllcut. Br Mr. Warner? Ilea lb at olelm boea r 'ported Witroon? It woo reported npoa ito mints, wstbjat oo/ other coDilderaiion, ao 1 uaderotand. Rv Mr Waraar?What vaa vnnr unlv shin M' Welch stated that it might become neoei ?ry t> use it Witneee? 1 really do not know thai I made any rooty or ibal we even alladed to the subject be;wteu oureolviv afterwards. By Mr. Warner?There ?h ne money pal! for report lng the claim, aa far aa yoo know? Wlintis?There baa never been a oeat paid, aa tar aa I know and believe. By Mr Orr?Did yon oomnannloate this oonyeraaUon to the claimant or to any other person? Witness?1 believe I never told it to hot two Indivt dnala; one waa a member of Congress, and tne other a gentleman outalile. Tuesday,.Jan. 20,1866. MR TR1PLETT, RECALLED. F. F. 0. Trtplett waa re called, and made the oliow g explana'ary statementUpon farther refi odm, 1 eorllfot en vernation and facta wbtohput tt beyond * doubt In my mind that the member or whom I spoke xpected to receive a portion of the ooolraot about which have been ipeaking. mb win h xcACf mnjcimi. By Mr. Orr?Wha waa the name M the member? Wltneaa?I>r Welch, rr OonnecUcnt MR CHA.SE, RECALLED. George W. Chase, recalled. HIS MINUET MVIVINO. By Mr. Warner? Have you any knowledge whatever, either from cot versailcn with a member of Oongreae. or members of Congress. or otherwtae, that be or they were directly rr Indirectly personally Interested In the paieage of any bill or resolution heretofore or now pend lng before the present Oongreta/ Witness? Only from report. By Mr. Warner?Have yon heard M la conversation w*tb members? Witneee?I. In pretty bard to tell what I have heard. By Mr. Warner?Can you say on your oath that yoo have no recollection of hearing any such oon versa Hon? W liner s?I have had so mucn conversation that 1 can not now recollect By Mr. Warner?Have you beard any member er mem hers aay that he or they were or expected to be person ally interested in any contract or agreement made fer the purpose of securing the passage of aay bill or reao lotion ibroi ,?b tbe prtspnl Coogrees? Wnnm?1 do not recollect uy conversation of that kind. By Mr. Warner?Have you any reasons tor belterln* that auob ta the fart? ?IIH l'liRIHSD VtiZiam A.1S1TBXM') Witness? 1 uo not know that 1 want to giro my ronton* for it. whether 1 have any or not. I decline ana wertag the notation By Mr. Orr?Yon hare mado do oomplaint to any mem ber of bla not baring carried out any agreement that he had aaado wl b you in reference to the passage of any bll> curing the pr? atnl t'ougreaa r iMrt'imtca or rn? noMxirm. Witrria?1 atcline to answer test question: I do not tblok tbe committer bare tbe right to Inquire Into mat tore relating to my own private oonrtnation. lioae nor niooixar-r ihomb IkO.OOO team By Mr O r?Did you ever tell any of the parties tn te'esttd io the Nor>bern l'actflc flat I road, that you must have the control of lito IjOO tcroa of tand to aeoure the o'ee of oertatn member* to pass that bill ? Witneri?I do not rtcollect that 1 did. By Mr. Warner?Will you aay that you did not? Witness?I cannot any wbrlher I did or did not. By Mr Kitcble?Tnero la no posilbility or your falling to remember n omvtrse Ion lnvolvtog hundreds ot thoutend* cf acroe of land. You either M bavo the ooaver sal Ion or you did set Wit act? I ehail decline to answer If the qoeetlsn It prtrneil I do not recollect ot any gucli oonveriatioa. By Mr. Kltchle?t)r that any number of acrea should b-> p!*e< d at yotir dtapoaal lor that parposef Wiineee?1 do aot aay anything about It I do not knov what t may bavo raid I never made any auoh demand with any aerlons litientlon By Mr. Orr? IHd you ao It la jestf MR. CBa.-E io.M) or jaatLvn. Witaeie? 1 no not know that 1 bavo. 1 bavo ta'ked a good oeal about these matters 1 am very rood ol jesting sometimes By Mr Orr? l^o you know, by convorsal on with mem here or otherwt?e, thai aay member owned stock in any read which ha* rccet ed granta of land under any or. ol the pr^mt t?ngrea* r Witness? I do not recollect. There maybe some of them who have. By Mr. Orr?Are yoo one of the stockholders In one of tbeae roads? Witness? I am rot obliged to answer that question ma iowa run?imi'Koria (ji a-no.ii or run ixjvv.irss By Mr Orr?Have you any knowledge ol the lact whe ther lands donated by the Iowa bill have been given to any one of the companies formed prevlooa to the passage of that hilif Witeess?I do not know what yon have got to do about that b*re i am wtlilag to answer all proper question* By Mr. Or. ?Do you know that (act in reference to any one id those roads Wiisti*?1 dec mo to answer tbe question. By Mr Orr?l>ld you ever Istlmate to a member of Don prera I bit be would derive any peraonal beoeflt from Ifae IHUiige ol any mu rr lo tbo present C ingress? >iou Witness? I do not ktow wbetber I did or Mi. I did f t do it strloui ly, if ot m l By Mr. Of??Ijon do it Id .nwtf not i2?l do net know, lor, m i told you befers, I km ac mew tat |tT?o to Jokt?|. MR. SIMoNTON. RECALLED. Jamtl W son,onion recoiled. whot sanss ii iii'K iran fim ? By Mr Off?Tbe oobIUh bono deter?,net, by uno Blwouii vote, to nrmli you, Tor lb# purpose ol insisting upen os tower to tbe 'oilowieg tiucaitoo, wh'ch you do eased to ortwtrupoo your prevtooaexaiBtaittoa ?" You toetbot certain members bate approached you, 001 boeo dialled to Scow it tbey could not through yoo. pro cute mot ty 'or tbtlr to tea upon certola bills. WUI you atote wbo l bore members wet0 ?'' us urrrae to t?il 11ma rat a or ihc sivntm mairr, WII Bear ? Be'crt titling tbe deters In at ion 10 whlcli 1 late run a Una 1 : - ct. 1 Mn 1 aav Hull ;lo ool bere dispute tbe pis, r or tbe commtitee. sod I hare not heretofore inclined to obtwer thbt queailos upon any rich grouuu? 1 bare oil respect 'or Uto oommutoo and Iks Bin ac. I do not drollus 10 order to jcreeu the mem bers; my docliootioo woa board upon my own onnvto 1 ?oi of duty. H'oce I wos lost before the oooimit'ce, In de'< r'-ate to tbrlr ) dgment ood wnbes I bs re examloid tbe eo?e of Anderson rs. Imto, to woicb tbey referred me. end bere ot otidered eery what I ought to d? to view of t st dertsi s. si well a$ In view of other oenrl 1* rail n>. Tbe reaut or m* diliberation upon toe tub -ci boo been Mi roodrm me la tbe op.niuu that wh?i ever foaliy 1 tray luSer I raaoot osswor the inesiiOD I beg tbe romat'tae to uaderetond Ibot I bsve no other motive whatever la dccUolai but tbo ana rie one that 1 bare stated before that I do aot roo how oao aoawor H without aWhonorable breach o' noau draco Tbe nnaser to tbe qnc I too ran by no poos bun? be suprried to r<l)ect discredit on myaoif. asd I pre tune that my au'rmwt o: tbal motive isoorroborot ed by tbe facts os tbey ajip ir before iM 00 mm it tee J must ratal upc-n d.-cttu ay to aoawer that queaiian HON. R.T. PAINE, M. C. COR NORTH CARO LINa, ON THE STAND. Hon. Robert t l ane ?oro ? By Mr. Oer?Yoo aril) p|e?se state abeber you know o* boy effort to tenure vow- for any b II now peoltagbtfire tbe it >000 b; a pro mtae of 0 rcDStdcra'tou tor sue? rot If yes. by sws was the oiler mate to whoa tbe sum to us pa.d?all tbe data It o' tte oouv? notion! o?r ram sntninrss- O'lutir 'nasn msmsrini m>b 111a * "i ta 1 1 hoi > .trie a sbwairx at c or mv TOiut?tanw ,t?t:ot or as ne\wr atsaiiSK or (SNSM Wi n?ra? In anawer to the latcrrapateeiea propound*! by tbe oomo.itieo, I atate 1 bat 1 t.o sr.e w r fan effort t> pro cure vote foe the pavi,* of a b !i rww pending be! ib? fiooae *7 noi l d( si u it'annua f?r the enpp of ihrbtll -urn t oap.detauoa ? oeid out by the Hon rriofUJ* Mwetdr, * r. wM'otatiTo from the'iot of New York to tii?, e: < Nil- rial, deration named waa 1,M0 The but underOooj ?Mintt|i||rutor corailne ot 'b' public lU'la for the noaeiroction of a rail toad lb the To r'tory ?t M'onetoto The Ml! win then bo lore tbe Committor on Public 1 en is The details of the ceaerraalion ere 10 tb? Hoft ->f my nooi'roina aa follow* Oa Toeeder, the ltd o'Pee loat aurint m# sreetoa of tbe n? M aa fatoo.! t ^a-tbr r*n or Mr Rd > ?rd* ho aak?<l air lo a t b> film pr nt nr o the Hob T. L CM (trnan a boat, tbra eeoeat. aa I I loot't, after ebrlnf rowmoeplaoe ooa j venation Mr Kdwaroa it qr irrd bow I waa dtspoaad to warda tbr taad btlta: tad-rstardinp him to ro'or to h tie mat Icy fraatt rr nonet ?.< for railroad porpWW. 1 re Cd ibat 1 ?u aHotr rrr oppreed to them, that I be re** ui wrong >n pr>r< Iplu ami im uat, ana tf at when ever I bad rotrd oa tto ,? eye of eu<-b blila I bad eotod eyetDettbrm br 'bin raid it at be, em I tbtak be aaid bia nrolbrr owacl n w< re li? -reied m I an da ap there, wh'ch weald be feat enhanoel te ratnt by the p?? ragr if tbe Munmnta blU. It tba railroad ebon d run through tbrm to tbia onmuioainatioa I n ado ao reapoaro; be ibaa aabed II be might to me eemrtbiag la oonfl diare, I replied, yie; aal be satd ha *u anthortaed to lay that f l M/0 emit be ynaraaieed for tbe an, port ol tbe kill. II It woattf be lay inds.emetit I replied la ataatly that flftae a m 'b?na woa'd be ao laduoement for my rrte tad r pmi of my lad'gaauoa. 1 left the neat and went lmm"?'al? ly n the w ot ibe Hoa W H Saeed, of tbe Honae Wnnnn-ntr. Jan. 21,1867. ma >i w iaw rrbtemw. wiear aai to aeewa* m Tba Ommltteetbie morn,ay reported to tbe Hooaa a rraolntltn arnttiay W. Ptmnaton lor a oontempt of tbe Honae IB rebdlay to aaeaer q leauooa pot to hlat. lbrv aiai reported a bill wbish baa ?ino? broom# a law, melilr.g It a mtadrrncaiio'. punmablr wito flaw aid la prlaoamrat. for a wutca* to refuae to ->!>#? the aumaooa of either Hooaa of Uooyreaa, oe to lei! to an?war qaee Hon* propounded. THntsDiT, Jan. 22,1*37. Tbe aeabara of tbe flommttwe wera a I oar ta the Hooaa. attending to tbe iMpoaitine of Mr. J- moaaoc a oaaa. aad af tbo bill report*d *y them reiierday KatPAt, Jan. 23, 1*67. naaiai mean, as at** *t* m tea rataer iwnua, m* *f> nrtioSA' > oara**iTio> Haalal Breed, ewpre?I am aa Aaaiataal K-amlner 'a the Patent (?*? Hy Mr. Orr?Hf yon know of aay mm of money bar la* boas neat r tbo led by tba f cam ner? or Aeetetani K? amiaera la tbe fat eat (Hire, to ae< ore additional oompen aalioa during tbe laat aoaaina of < oat eea f Wftaaaa?I waa called oa attir the bill had paaaed, to ooatribata a nartaia per restate aa oompeaaatioa, to the per are who had beea employed aa *1 lorn ay to rwoeeeewi tbe matter hrfore Conger** No aoaey waa need to my kawwiedye, aa com.eaaat oa it membara for rotiog for th? Mil

[DAT, FEBRUABT 30, IBS M. B. &UKXMB, KT iTHivr?irrir?T or tuk FOLIXM Mod, mows or no uokm rno.N. H & B?beock i wore?I am lupirioteadent of the lolotoa room of the H"oaa of KeorarenUttrea. I have do p> none! knowledge or any member of O Ingram betng u-'.t rr?ie<i In an j of the railroad or oiuer bills, daring the pieienl OoDgrcss I know of no arrangement or uider tuning by wbtoh any member of Ooegi can waa to re r? ?e or <1 <1 reoeire any socb oompennaiton I do not (sow ol ary a*te< mmi of the sort with referenoa to tba trlton of nrinier or spy other officer of the Hon*a. II A Mi LION OtKKN, or M>HW> N. T., AND TIIE NEW VOH> 'UK Hll L Hamilton lireen sworn?1 rtaido In Iba oily of Buffalo if F. 1 bare bad iu charge durum tile pretest O >ngre?irr bill tiiown as ibohaw Yors flro bill 1 biro Kpnttle- go of arv ?, r.nir?nt or un<l> r'landinr, wrltte or ?erba', by wbteh any member of Congress was to re n Ire an> pecuniary rompensation In the eyent of the <?tratr?f lb?i Mil or I hat any min'wr of Onnrr?? > interested in Its passage I bay* beard at saggeaVon or bint that any member at Congress would be willing to accept any such rompensation or ooatlnge t Interest. oriHJonss tstisu to mst hobby to hilt tun nan bill niAiiaH. Witness further tMb tied that two wHMwi Iftm. We-4encrafl and Moore?Bad approachod b m and bad ottered for a pecuniary eons (aeration, to prosure votee for the passage of ibe bill, but taat be bad refused to eater Into any aoeb arrangement, elating that If the bill woull net pare upon Ua merits. be would not undertake to bu) it tbrorgb. osorgb naKKmoron, or washington thinks tub rtmn bil 1THK AND CMOOKKCI-ntD. George Harrlagton iwora-1 reside In Utla city; 1 harr been aa agent for ibe purooee of enperlnteadlng the bill known ae th? New Yorb Fire bill: I bare ao knowledge o i an; m?mbcr of Congress being Inter eeted, nor In then any member Interacted, dlrrotly or tndreotty, at present or prospectively, la the passage of that bill. Satcbday, Jan. 24,1857. TQR RFT. MR 8AMBOM KNOWS NOTMBfl. Rev George W. Samson sworn?I reside In the oily of Washington; 1 am not the correspondent of tbe New York (Baptst) Sxamintr George Wood, of this city, was formerly, and 1 presume la now, Um oor respondeat of thai paper, TUB OORBBSPOkDKNT of Tint nkw YORK KIAMIW1R writrt all ABorr oorurmon but knows nothing ok rr. George Woo? sworn:?By Mr. Orr?Are you the author of tbo Wasblngton letter In tbe New York Aeamwier, over tbe initial* nf K. W " in wnicb mention la made of tb> existence of s tariff of bribes agreed upon by as many athirty members ol' tbe Boose, pledged to each ot or t voe altoge'her, ranting irom $60 to $6,COO, according to tbe msgnlinde of tbe acta and tbe benefits conferred upon tbe applicant*? Wltnesr?I am tbe aotbor or that latter; 1 have n other knowledge of tbo (Acts referred to in it than the> obtained frm a coo venation with n gentlemna whom 1 uk t at tbe bouse of a friend In tbia city; bin name I? General Tench Tilghmao, of Kan tern Shore, Md. Monday, Jan. 26. 1857. THE HON. W.W. VALK,M.C. OP NEW YORK, ON THE STAND. Hon. Wm. W Yak s ?orn ? By Mr. Orr?Do rou knoe of your own knowledge nt any oiler or the part of any member of Oongreos to ao other member, to seoore for him a valuable ooesidera tlon on condition that be would vote for or against any part ular bill now pending, er that hea paseed the preeeo Congress? Witness?I do not. k1bcikd as a kjiuw nothing amd sticks to bis platform By Mr. Orr?Hs.oyou beard el no offer made by ? member to another of a valuable consideration in ax pec tator cr in praenli to vote for a Dill? Witness? No, air. By Mr Orr?Hare ;ou beard any member admit thai be bad made such a propoatuon to any other member? witness? No, sir. By Mr. Orr?Have yon any knowledge of any socfa o'far having been made by any tbtrd person to nay mem ber of Congress? Witness -1 have not By Mr. Orr?No admission from any member that suck an offer had been made to bUn? Wltneig? Note. By Mr. Orr?Po you know o( any member who la poeu eiaiil) lute reeled in any bill now lending or that bar paaeed the present Congrers? Witnert?I co not. By Mr Orr?Ihd ton bear any member any that hwe* interested in the pariagb of any bill? Wltneig? No, air. By Mr. Orr?Bare yon hoard any member nuy that any valuable errtl'leraiion couni be had or would be gircj for hi* rote? HiK W A CIKA.V nUf.AUT OF IT?Tlil' MingE-OTA HUb? jrn?>anwarbf' hnoriikk mru. that i-a.vd. WI'Bot?.No ilr 1 may. pertupe aa wtll tell, wtthou further qii'itii n>ng whai Jadgo Kiwardt ta'd to me for bap* ten d?ya from tbe ccmmrnct merit of the p-earn.I ac< aion ol CorcriM he aakcd me bow 1 felt liwarda the Mia Dfioia I aa<i bl^l I th'tk, aa nearly aa I ran recollect T re plteo that 1 fed betttie to tbe (rlncip'.eof tbe bll A? near >a I tan rtccinct he tbea aata lb at be or bla brother ? I cannot ray which ? oeutd oonglderaole land aea wbere tbe road would pat*, and that It would be e~. ?ne >cg the i tltte of tbrae Itada vary n nch ir that bill oool have a 'avortble voia I replied to bltn that I would otk Into the marlta of tbo bill, but that I about 1 give It no conalrterailon i aorpt upon tta In r'ntlo m<rlta; toat I rf ouio vote lor It or agaiuti It av I thought jaet. tna* * the rche'anee of the conT?raatloa which I held .... Jadge KOwtrda. aa oetr aa I oan rteollrcl I tbtulc he i? the oaiy ((ctleiuin wijo baa raid nee word to me aa " my feeling* with regard to any meaaore beiore Oongrea* Ry Mr. Orr? Oo you know o' any combination amotu any member* tf O eg rear, or between member* and eti< leer*. by wnlrb r orr out rornna have oeea utel to er ewe cr dc'-at the paware of try treat urea not pending or that have pare* d tne prevent Oong eaa? Witnna?No, atr; I know nolhlrg of tbe k'ed. Ordered by t ? committee that a nopy of the teatlraouy of Mr I atne and of Mr Yatk b* made out by tb* dart ad furntabed to Mr Rdward* MR. CHESTER, CORRESPONDENT OK THE PENNSYLVANIA INQUIRER ON THE STAND. loevpu i, Ubeae r, awom [Tblawltneaa after barter been iummonad to appear beiore the committee, went to I'hiladrlpbla, wbere he wea arretied and brengot back by tba Sergeant at Arm nd brought before the aar of the Hon** for oooteaepl De wa* aTterwarda dbebargad and cam* before lb* Com By Mr. K.ieble? Are you tb* anlbor of lb* latter pub libed in the recnay Irani* /w/uirvr, dated Waatungvoo January 0, lk67,*igard '-OonaaettcaU" W'.mera?: am ref ponilMe lor it. ant ran attack on two ??-w voni i-Arma?rich nav e iori.MKvt.4 Taonwib. By Mr. Ktteble?in that letter there la tbta paragraph ? Two of tbe leading New Tnrk journals bare bean making a great liirs o\er a mare neat they prolaas In hara lonml In ike ptew at ('? ngrer* in the abarn of ? rorrupt urganuallon. naip.i.ied ofautulry ni.-rabar* and lobby aganta and. frocaUio raara.tar 01 tbelr arur'ee use would ruppnee that tbav alone lioareMSil all the hnnuai) there la In the country. Iftfiaaatwo I aperr are ilnnerr In ibrlr oruaade, I would viganat to them bat they inght erlnee g'eater eonrU etier by llral calling botne their <>wn repreaemailres hern, than whom there at* no niftier In W *j>bjnitor n ore dneiilr Interealed in the proae cutios of clatnm ii~i euglsrerlftg of lulls through Congrean I write cr.lj ?ha< I know, and 1 krww n.irb siao abont tbe " corrupt organl/nUmi'' alluded to anil may i.nd It rercs?*rc l> mar y *n .s o xnd yen some rerelaiinti* that will astound ha community In connection therewith, there will be anedrr lull* episodes. known only to mreelf and thn par in a ImidiVsled. tlw raonuatn g "t ?hi b will ho aa ratal to lh? irdhtduata eipoeed aa though a k< g of gunpowder had at p'.uded btr??lli th' lr feet. S and torn under when the torch ' ?l | 'lc*. Will yoa plana* to atat* what yea know about Urn nortt pi otynai/aUon amor* moai?i of Congress, either to pa r rr pruent the passage if M n tin present Con giees t Do yon know ef nay organization f Wtta??s?1 do not know of nay corrupt o'gao.zettoa la whlob ninlKti of Congreee s-e concerned ih< iiixi taiu'u c?> i* th* rvmnnaroattMT'a aot> IIM By Mr IlUctlr? Do yon know of any can* In whtcb a TOiuabl* coral loatloa, either In money or In anytb'-.g el?e, ha# h?ri raid or prrmieri to any member of C m frees 'or hi* roto In larnr of or aiateei any mens .re dtirlag the p-rai nt Congress ? WittifM?I did BOt By Mr R'teluc?Do yon ' bow *f * ens* in whloh a m? wber ol Ur present Oongrea* ha* ehher tnpportnd or opprw I any bill before the Hone, from aay mot lies "the? then so-h a* are nhlgatory u,ioti er*ry member of ObBgrts*, ta tb* ft*'ha?ge, of hi* efflctai doty?Wat ta. from air of bar ooafider'atiooa than those of pablte pmrnety t Wltoeat- I do not By Mr. Warner?1? yea know *f any agreement that baa hew made with any ontalder. or held by any third pertoa, by wMe.h mim-era of OitigTran worn to recrlre a preatat or proapeetirn heaeflt far the paaaage of aay bill' MM t Ksrtw wm?i n* war wtrnac snort. W'tarfs?I *# aot; I find that a'ore I bare returned to tbo t :ly tbat I am nadaratood ta aarlog ta that latter, " If these two paper* are itmoere In their ornwtde. I would IIrat to tbam that they mtgbt erlnoo groater eanata leacy. by Brm cainst home their reprroentattoo* ham." to irfar ta reprfaentatirea ib Ooagrena Wa bare to writ* Ihrae Ihlrga vrrmlt calame I intended the repre arntai'rea of thooo pa para, and nut re per ante tire* ta Congress I did ant tatead, la writing this paragraph, to worn anything against member* of l loo green The only idra I bad was of a combination set aide entirely. By Mr. Orr?Tban yon bare mleoenoelred entirely the whole nor son of the anir.lea in lb* Nee York papers The f. barge* contained la then are apart no la rototroa to a oomt. nation whtrn eitaolr to Bamberg of (tongraaa ? a vggr n.aoaaaT tirurn ami ani on Wnatta nia only trouble ti lata thing la lata I apoke la tha (rat part of a a article of a corrupt organization r< of eoadry mombcra aad lobby agratn That I (to sot know anything about, ao far aa tba member* ar? roaoaraad I oo not kaow of a rtngie mrmbnr who engaged ta tiiaoa oormpt combination*, either dlreogy or Indirectly, aad f bare ao raaaoa la bo Horn thoro la oao who la. But ta tba latur part of tha paragraph I aay that "1 know much elno ebont the corrupt oTgnnianlPwi alia d?a to " I hare got the worda "oormpt organi at to" ibu> (natation narkt, and there, again, la where tha dlf Unity occora. by Mr flrr? Voa do not know, the* of yonr owa knowledge. of nay member who haa raoelvtd aay paea nary benefit ftr art rota ha baa gtraa upna aay moo ore brfor* thle Ooegreaa? Wtta?e*?No, air. TmnrtAT. Jan. 27, 1MT. THE H??N. FRANCIS 8, EliWARDS, M. C. OF NhW ON THE STAND. lien Frrrne H Kdwarde baring been duly noil led of the t> atmony wbtrb had bare glean la ralatlag o h wi. aad having bean furnUbo'1 with a oopy of auub taattmoap, aprrarcd before th? nr.minlttee, aad bring duly ewnrn, iwrdr the oliowlag rteUmeat with rtferea<-e to tha toatl n tay ih p'tratmg hint ? Hraao a dt/ttmai\r enema t? 01* ror?i or 11,100 rx a. raird'a tora?at Ann nw naoinan owa LAim* m I aroiA. I nborld, aa preliminary to ay rteteiaent. aay that I dbtolatwi any rtOra ton apoa tba language uaoo by Mr Palaa la reeding tha eonreraation between hi?aeli and tayaolf oa tha oreaetoa refer rod to. I had a oonrariatlon with btm. aad I a It waa oa lha day raferrad la, I waa fitting la my plana, ia m? aaat. writing. jeet be (bra the eommeaeematt of tha aamma of One grata on that day, whoa I uI too*area Mr Palaa ta tne paeaage way a'ar my aaat I naked him to be aaated, elth wh'r.h rrnueri he readily onmpivad After he Wtr e.r*ed intk'd npoa li?d:'Veai t rnrj?*i* fbr a fkw | ?WW, I than Mfeed bla how ha Ml IB regard to tho I 7. pane? ef aittf granta ol publto laada to aM la the eoa u notion ol railroads. Ba replied. thai ha waa apposed to tha policy, and had, la all aaiea but oaa, voted against then. Ba ftortber atatad, that whilst ha waa appoaad to the malloc ol graMa for aoob purposes. ho waa willing that tha friend wf thetneaaareihould bare a lair ohaaoe, and that la several ernes be bad voted for a anapemlon 01 the role# of tbe Bouaa, and for the previous question! and then, on tbe Daal paeaaga of ibe bills, voted agataat then. I iheo ailed t lm bow be felt tn regard to the pro j>oied bill doaaurg landa to Minnesota Territory. He re dHd, that ha eta not know of any such bill I then nauti tbat I undtmood inoh a bill waa In ooutemplatlon, and tbnt. If It came before tbe House, 1 would Ilka hla aid (a n? pareige Ha replied, tbat ibo moat beoonMdo weold be to vote fbr a insoenslon of tbe rulea and the previous qui rton. at he waa oppoied to the policy or orrcriM ru.f.ihe public landa lor aucb purposes. Having an eeper.'*! ? la'ton to Mlrnrio<a Territory, wh'ih I | nan presently mention, and approving the general polioy ef frarta Bade by Ooagress like lb at proposed, aa ay previous voles open lend bills w.HI evidence, I felt e peculiar Interest In the particular ulll referred te, tor res area which I wiahed frankly to a tale to him, and which I fait wouie by hlaa, under such rlrmmstanoire be up pre elated. 1 therefore naked him whether I oould talk to htm ernfldrntiaUyf Be replied that I oould. 1 then tab d to btm U at It might appear aomewhat singular that I f bo old mantteet ao much latereat In any bill, and ! wantrd to expial* boar It waa. I told him that I had voted for all the land btlle upon principle, believing them cornet; but In thla bill for the Territory of Minnesota, I ft It e deeper lotereet bin tn the "there. I itated that I owned landa at La Crmae and near la Croeae, tn connec lion with my brother, which would be materially en hi need In velne If Utla btU passed; thai 1 had trie da ltv li g in that Ttr-liory who relt a deep Interest in tin pa> sage who her wrl ten to me on the subject; that, without thla ? x plan at xm It might seem improper that I should teel ao much anxiety about this bill, but that 1 had no in tenet tn it other thnn the general prlnolple and such aa i baa stated. oKFKkkD so mnirr rarntiAKY iMinmniK ron voraa? mkkxlt arouBfrmi) to urn. i ai.vk that 91,600 might bk OBTA1KKD These were my renaone for Inviting Mr. Patne's oonfl denoe, ae I eaw that an Improper eonatruotlon might he placed upon my ooorae, and 1 thought It due to myself to make tbli explanation. In oounexlon with other almllar bills, It waa rumored, ao ae to be believed by many, that consideration* had been awarded tn one farm or another for favor deemed necessary to secure their passage; hut upoa this subject, whatever might have been my eonvic lions, 1 bed no personal knowledge. 1 neither bed, nor have 1 now, reoeivtd or been promlaed, direotiy or Indt really, any pecuniary or other cor alderation for voting upon any bill; nor had or have I over been approached for any tuch par pole by any member of Congress or any other person; but upon the authority of the rumors referred to, after I had staled to Mr Paine my position ti reaped to Mlnneeotn, and the renaone for mv anxieiy for the pottage of that land bill, 1 siated to him that I supposed if a person was so Inclined he might mike something pecans rUy by going for this bill. An inquiry wee then medo, the sabtunoe of which was ae to what amount- I re plied, I supposed from ton to fifteen hundred dollars Bis reply to this was. If that was the way they wanted to arrai ye ft he would have nothing to do wtth It, end very soon left hla seat. I did not during the oonvorsa Hon with Mr. Paine, cfler, or Intend to be understood as off*>log, any sum of money, etitier Tor myself or for any other person or persons, for his vote tn Avor or any bill whatever. I had no authority from any person oneraons. or fiom anv oornors lon. to make ui inch of ter or promise 1414 not tbeo, nor do I now, know who the Individuals are, or any of ibetn, who ore to bo la teresled in any (root mentioned in enld bill for mid Territory. No person Use ever solicited me to offer or procure my ooeslderetlon dependent aj>on the passage of this or any other btu now he'ore Congress. By Mr. Warner? Hare you ever hoard of any member orOoB|ress say tbat he was Interested, directly or Indl reotly, in the passage of any ct these bills? Witness?I have not, aoooruiag to the best of my re collection. By Mr. Warner?Too have never heerd any member of Congress say tbat there was any ooatrmct or agreement w lib any third person by which ho was to reeetvo any present or prospective benefit t Witness? 1 have not By the Chat)mm?Have yon ever been present when Mr. Obisehad conversation with any other member or member* of Congress In relation to their Interest In any bill toat was pet ding before Congress ? uk-ed tbs coml-uiowta ok TUB iu1 with XX chisi. Witness? No, str; I have meiely teen blm In the lobby of the Boose, shook bands with him sad passed the complimsnts ef the day; I have been hut oooe to bis room daring the whole Congress. and that u as to Inquire about n certain man from New York, whore to Qnd him By the Chairman?How much interest bad yon and yoer brother in kinds through which this Minnesota railroad would pass? tbb bxtwt or ncaniToaT owtir trr MB. idwaeds ash snoTHaa. Wttnesn?That, perhaps, requires a ntUe explanation: ta Minnesota Territory, the turn total of the lauds owaeu by my brother sad myself la forty aerea, tbat la at a point oppoal e La Create; we own in Wisconsin, seven teen miles from that point, on the way to Mliwaunie, some 3 ICO acres, and the Milwankle and La Croaee Kailread travemes these lanns; that railroad ie onnructed to Portage city, and they are not very anxuui to extend It from that pint to I a Cro-ee, nnieaa a oom m intention should be opeard ettti further west: for Urn eaton I felt, pernaps, an Improper Interest In tnls gram '? Minnesota Territory, to open a co m in u election from l.i Crrrie weti, which would rr<ate a neceaaily for com plei ng the MlJwaukle and La Crease road to La Crosse and greatly enhance ibe vaiue of that property; that watbe enly no-real I felt in the matter. By Mr Warner?Yon were never present when a 000 venation took p<aoe between a m?nr>er of Congress ano Mr Cbaae in relation to the Tacit); railroad, ta whtiu he oomp amed of not having complied with a 0001 motv Witness? No. air; I sever knew anythlag about the ailrcad, from beginning to tad. All 1 know Is what I 1 ' ave seen In the papers I have never beard or aoy otract aad do not know anything about it. ] havr beard various rumors through the papers, but have no peraoaal keowledgo whatever on the subjeot Tcb8dat, Jan. 27, 1K>7. WM. C. JOHNSON, OF UTICA.N.T. ON THE BTAND. William C. Johnson, sworn By Mr irrr?Where do *on reside? Witness?My legal residence la 1 lice. New York, lit lime is divided between Washington and tbatotty I | < my winter moalba Be re Bad my namerBoaUM la I'm ? By Mr. Orr?Are yoa lb* pranldent of aa Internal u?. prcvesenl mapuy la Uta weal/ WitaeM?Yea, air. By Mr. Orr?What company la lit TBI naa Moms mamoaiiom abi> iahmoah coMraxr or IOWA. Wllaere?Tit# Daa Mninei Navigation aad Katlroad Company of the State of Inwa By Mr Orr?How long bare yon held tbat office? Wttaeas?Blaoa Ibe 28ih of Angoat, 1I6.V By Mr. Orr? Do yon baow of aay bUi or resolution having bean ialrodaeed or praaanted dor tag tba proaam Coat reaa tor tba bono St of tbat oompaay? ttilpiia Yaor qaaaUoa otakea it dUBeolt to reapoacl to. lor tbia rraaoo There waa a bid .ntro.: ? t witb re far< aea to tba Daa Motaee great, wbicb waa rather for tba baa*til of lb* State of loea. It mt,:bi Inure to th? benefit of ear company to the ead. but taa Immediate beneficiary waa the State of Iowa onr oooie?tioo w tr I. being a lotnrt thing, wbiob mignt or sight not happaa? ooaungaat apon lb* actioa of lb* Lrgsiatara ot ibet State aad ooatiageat swsurnbly upon onrtwa aoitoa la lb* < ooop'eOoa of tba contract* sad* wub that Su e By Mr. Orr?Thar a waa a grant of laad aaaon aoiae year* ago lo tba Terrttrry of Iowa for lb* improvement of tba Daa Mote** near Wllnara?Vaa. air By Mr. Orr? When waa Ibe | ran 10rat sad*, lo wbos. and * bat aw position aw nao* of lit TII OLP IIIAIT or IA?d TO IOWA?aew THI ooarABT am i?ro lun ?< Witaeaa?Tbe 1Mb el ah|ui, mie, ' tblab, la tba data of tbe great. Gongreaa mi le a grant of eartala lands to MM Trrrltory of Iowa. I naiad in tbat Territory, for tba isproreaaal of tba nar.gatioa of tba Daa Mole** near. There waa a long period latarveaed before oar oaaaaclloa wtib it- Oa tb* Mb of Job*. i-n. tba state of Iaira, by It* officer*. entered tat* a eontr*. I with thla eospaay, wbtcb I represent, tor tbe Improvement by in* oompany of lb* naTtgaivoa ef that river, aad ia* parobaa* by the msway *1 tba load* of the grant. Shortly after tbe grant waa mad*. tba feoreu ry of tba Tieaeary, who waa than Secretary ot what la sow the Depaitsaat of tbe la tenar. decided that that great exteadad to tba neurone of the f ea Moiaea nrer. Ii waa niao aa decided by Atloraay Oeaeial Rererdy .Inhnacn at a ubaeqn.Dl period, nad coriirsad by friaident 1.IImore or I'raaMaat Taylor. 1 am not certain wBIMi Trior to that, a aubordlnate officer, ibe Cos mm* toner of tbe i.eaaral lane (StVoa, I think, bad anggeataa ibat lb* gram did not axiawd bay nod fori Das po rn, ana it "" "ff 1 ?' I ' a??if"n wti im 8? rre'ar y of ihe Treasury dentdsd tail N rrteaded to lbs Kinross of I ha rlrsr <? the baa la of that d oration. Iht D?l art meat of tba interior bad spprornd, aa It la called, these lands, paastsg op lbs rleer from Itl mouth. is iho <1 ir art ton of Us sources, 10 s pots! ooaatderably shore >ort Pss Mottx-; sad tbo prsaont administration had also. Is oonttnuaUse of lbs isme Idss. approrsd lands shoes fort lbs Molars It wis Is tbls oondltlia of lbs (rant, lbs Wats aaaoanat it at it attended to lh? sonrfm sf U? rirtr, ibai ibis company. supposing ibai there was no qaee ton sa Vo I bo art entered tain a contrast for tbe par rhaar of tbrso lard* at a dollar aad a quartar an sore. fir tba iff rrgak sum of >1,200,CCA?Ibe aciffs'a amount of lasrs hriay ertlmatrd at 1,040.000 sores?by wblon wa wtrs to esse tbiao improrsmenia la tar rtrer at as ?*t mat'd mi to os of about 13,000,000 fbortly alter ssy aor.aesioa to lbs prastdsacy of tba mmpery la a re iterant inn wiu> tba Gommlmtoaer of tba OaatrsJ lend Oflloa. bs informed ma that ba latondsd to bold that tba (rant din ant rsiaaa bayoad tort Das Honrs Wa ta<l strrady ttpaadsd sararal hnsdrei Mcusand dollars oa tl.ts imiiroramaat: we hal nearly balf lbs worb aader ronlr-ct, aad are progressing with all tba lorra wa cooid en mm and. I at ones InslHuial an appeal frrm bM <l?clsi'?i to taa -"ooratary of uta Interior, tan fioia him to tba t-al lna*. Tba Prsai ant rafarrad it. ibiab, lo Attorney Harars' Cusn'ay Mr. Cashing da a'dad tbat tba (rant r.i'grt ba cfastruod Ij attend to tba ac rta l aa of tba'la-a of loos, bat sot hamnd ibst. tor lbs reason stalad by him in h'? opiaioa, sad rannm>-i?ad ad to tba decretory of tba latertor sot to approm say mora lasds lo tba nlata of lows nsiaao ihat tbata eon id ralrass tba undt In Minuet is ths Territory of Minoeoo a baring btaa eat nflrroat was formerly tba farmery of lows. Be rrenmmesde .1 'nrtber tbst tba parties sp,ny to Oosyrsss to rat tba -'geretsn bsot"? I tbtab Ibst >* lbs rsprsasifls mod by btai?io testis the qaas Boa Wa wrre, of ronrsa thrown lato (rast embsiraamsat lot mar lately, without eonsu'tntioa area with Misoompsay. 1 presented Mia msitar to U.e Congrats of tba I'nltod Waits, rrqiiaslmy o( Ui< m that tba dantttoas #f tba dapar meat ap to Una nma apnn when oa had aosod, asqnlrod rights sat laoarrrd responsibilities. should ba ooaflrmsd Tbst la tba way wa came swore Ooagraas By Mr. Orr?Tba bill than wBtno was urmaatod to Congrats was to rwssime tba estetlog grnaW W'ts?m ?Yes sir, lo ooaftrm taa decision of Mm Bare* tory of tba frrnsury sad of toe prertoas affoara of tba (Si sen meat eadar wbtrh wa had aosad. aad aadar whirr w? ba-* araatrrd ea?t?d 'tab's By Mr. Ore?Aad taa oampawy sat botag sdMa*ly kaon h Omitm, k ni neoooeary thai ikt oooflmi UooahouM be made to the State of loira/ WRmh-Ym, bit. My Mr Orr? And (btl the State had conveyed to yo thle Mendoel land If ahe had the tltte to it/ Witneia?No atr. In t< e ordinary oonrae of the fulfil meat of oor ooat> aot the jute would have to eoarey thee landb to our oeaapaay If we totalled our contract, eh. wee to convey to ua ?,000 eorea or land for every $#0,0? we expended in the improvement. WKM nut Mem* or a?uina Bararr rr n tn eewriT. By Mr Orr?Wm there any agreement or arrange men enured Into by yeu, or by aay other member m yoo company, with any member of Odd gram, or with any otber person, ctreiuy or indireotly. lor the beacdt of an] member ot Dot greet, by which aooh mem be re of Ooo rrraa wen- to receive >ny valuableoonoideratloa lor the# "l-i |n M ?ew? team* hllK KiU 1U vm j IMH iHrvt'pu ?" ? Willi Witness?Tberr was no soeh agreement, aothtng o thai kind, made by ma, nor bare I any InowMfe, a cepl by rumor, thai any anob agreement boa rear bam ada. 1 bare beard rnmora to that eOhct, bat I bare m knowledge of any auob arrangement wbaterer. 8a bti aa I myielf was oonoerned, I bad abandoned all bepaa o aULfbrorable result of any auob application to Congress mRobo I wat Informed by every one that there woe* be no u e In It By Mr. Orr?Did yeo bare an agent bare to repreaen your claim when yon went away? 1 OH. EBWLDY JQflBBOB TUB WA8HIHUT02V A(?1CNT OF TH OOMPAJTT Witness?Yae, air; Reverdy Jobnaon, who t? oar ooan ael, and baa born the counsel of tbe Male of lewa m tbl matter for many years By Mr Orr? Dd yon hare aay agent nnr tbe parpoe of eaglneerlrg yoor matter 'brougb Oongreaa? Witneae?Re?cra> Johnson was our only agent. By Mr. Orr?Wae there aey demand made on yon b; any member or Oongme, or in your company, for bl yoteorserrfeea In paining iuob a bill? Witness?Not to my knowledge By Mr Or'?Neither dtrictly or ladlreotly? Witness?No, *lr, I think not. By Mr. Orr?Was tsere any requisition mads by an; member or members or Cnagresa, or by any otber per son, for tbe benefit or say member or members of Ooe grees for a eaitatn portion of tbe lands la tbe eraal of bl or tbelr voting for the i a-esge of tbe bill ? did hub a action or a Lima oonnrrnow. Witness?I bare no personal knowledge of anything a that bind; I bave bad an Impression?aa nnderatandlngI bare beard a rnmor, and I oaanot any where, of seme thing of tbe sort By Mr. Orr?Bare you bad aayaucb understanding ex cepl upon mere rumor? witness? Not personalty. By Mr. Orr?Is there soy auob Information within you knowledge ? Witness?None within my knowledge; If there I anything oi tbe kind it has been done outside of aaj knowledge or Infortne'loa that I hare. By Mr Orr?Woulo any other parson la your oempan; bare tbe rlgbt to make auob an arrange men t aa that without the aawnt or knowledge of the president of Mm company? Witness?Well, air, wa hare an executive committee but 1 do not think there would be any right upon th pert or any member of the company; indeed, I do ao tblak that even I, aa president of the eompany, on mj own motion, would have tbe right, or that It wtuld la within my sower, to impose any sooh obligation tha would be blading to tae oomoany. By Mr. Orr?I do not speak of any binding obligation to law, for I do i ot suppie# tbat any suob obligation eouli be enforced In lew; hut I mean auob an obligation as yo? would consider as nyiraiiy binding Witness-1 suppose tbat If any member of tbe oompn uy bad made tucu an arraagement, tbe company weuM bare loll ltaeit bound to oa'ry It out. By Mr. Orr- Did you bave notice of any sueh arrangement, aa President, by any member of tbe exaeetlvt oommttt'S, or by anyh dy also? Wttaeii?No. sir; noee whatever. By Mr. Orr?Was there ever any preposition made M you by aay member or memoera of Oongreaa, or bj any other person, (or the benefit of any membee of Ooa grese, to convey any otber property which yeo own Is your own Individual right in consideration of tbelr anp porting this measure ? WliBOti?there wea ao proposition made to me to cob vey to any member of 0 jngaeae, or to aay outer peraoc far Ibe btaeflt of a member of Congress, nay properly connected wttb thi. eonc ra. By Mr Orr?There waenoiuoh proposition? witness?No. sir. By Mr. On?Directly or indirectly ? a ci mors raoPuMTioa nana to tub rnasmwrr or ra mmmt. Witness? I bad. what I suppoaa or ooursa the oom mtttee are advised of. a aunoea proposition made to aw In reference to vols mailt r | but it did sot oootemplate b tu term*, dor bsre I toy knowledge, thai It was m?4? to tnclodf me id bora of Ooegreoe within it; 1 should, (hero foro, ta answer to toe proposition, say no, there waa ik proposition ol tbat kind By Mr. Orr?It was not joar nadsrstaadtag or ball* tbat It was for ibe benefit of say member or miabers ol Oeagrees. rltbcr dlreciiy or indirect y? Witness?The terms wore, wertein outsiders;" "out slders" wss tbe expression. By Mr. Orr?I do sot tbutk tbat la a complete aaswei to that question rseiaan to till araarraiau. Witness?Do yno ?ub ase tossy what I thought abotrl ttf 1 gars tba expression used. There Is naming tbat I > eel re to keep fn m the oommittse; bat at tbe same turn I do not wish to say aaytaiagthat weald bo Improper o? indecorous for me to say. Tbe person to wbom I suppose yon refrr as tbs author of this communication to M sad myself are on suen term*? baetag passed tbroagb bluer cos met against each other?tbat I leaf a great do res of dcltoaey to sp- akiog of tbe matter a ail, lee; any no shoe In charge me with Improper motives la erer ntwerlng jonr questions And on thla particular sab sctlskoule erry mo. b H?e my cuuasel to be present , here. In order that 1 met bare bis sanction to replying t: snytbisg of tbst stnd, lest aay one should ear that I wa too ready to rtsponr 'he gentlomae did not sssm u iegard this matter as anything tavoirtag blmoatf or at aaj tb*ng le proper, and I do aot wish to take Ibe peettloc bet It le inch. 1 should prefer to have my ooaneel present g By Mr. Orr?Ao one member of tbe committee I ebon Id decide tbat it a question be prepoaaded ta a witness which be did not teei at liberty to answer srttboet one suiting counsel, ana if tbe question was a material ewe, tbe qnsetloa migbt be girra him ta wrtttag, and aa opportunity afforded of eoeeultiag oeaeeei. Oat aot that rosBsel be admitted into tbe eommlttie room. (Tbe other members or tbs commutes expressed tbe ssm# opinion ) By Mr. On?1 will ask this qoeetioa, b won see 1 see wbere this matter is oemlag, la ell probability. Her* yen received aay communications rrees say member en mrmbers of Oonrrees. or aay oommustaatioas wruten. as ibey alley a, by the aathority or ? net too of uy aaaabar or weaibara of Oot. great. wlib raterwaoa to UM |?M|i at tbta bllir 1-h.iit Maatnwo ia?otra ii?m or mtiuaM uo n? nmaae. Wltneae?I received etie oomBuolcoUon on ibot nob* Jam, and bat odo Ity Mr Or' - Fr? as a aoombor ofCoo|reao? Witaett? Yea, atr. Br Mr Ore?Bare yon yot that oommoaloaltoa? wtioaaa? Not with By Mr. Orr?Wbera M It? WtiBita? Al my iiuawi n I'Uca, aaaoocat papora tbera. By Mr Orr?Mm aay bacy alaa arar aaaa that mma loot too Wtiaaaa? Yra. atr. By Mr orr- H%t# yoa aay raaaoa to aappoaa that It a loat or deatreyen raa aoui net* or raa a c. Wtteraa? Not at alt. I o*tta?e It la aiUI la aay eaatody. I will atate. that abort)* aftor tba roootpt of that lortor, *hra l*a eitetenoe ba<i InnleertwoUy baaoata faooraity kaowa?It waa in Juiy loat I taiak?I treat lota* party a ho ha-1 written n aad oflbrwd to ratnra It to blai He aid he aid eat care aoythiay a root it, that ba did nak regard the ItIter aa eomalniaf aaythloy that waa laproper lb at ibere waa noihtay ladoooraa la It, aad that b? waa entirely wllliac It aooold reaala with aaa. Ry Mr Orr? thai waa aftsr it bad beoooM pnbtlcT Witorar?Yra. a'r By Mr. Orr- I?ld yoti uke aay actloa npow tba rweelpt of I bat kiier' Mnaraa? Wo. air. I oarer replied to It, either la writlay or rttbaiy Br Mr Or? ? I *d It lead to ao act at all? Witoeaa?Vo. air I neitner rtspllod to It aor aottotd Ik la aay war etoept by rff nay to retara It My Mr Orr?who waa tba member of Ooajrwaa' o a. lurranos raa ri.cint wawi.aa Witaaaa? o. R Mateaua It waa aifaad 0 B M it id tnr ?I I 1 r i| Of ur ?n l not enx?f by Mm By Mr Orr? to you know of an? combination* among toy member* ?l to ooouro toe peerage at aay meaaun I, or to defeat tbo of ottoro io? poodirg, or IbM bane heoo paned during tbo proooot Coogrerof Wtiseer? No ntr By Mr Orr?Do you know of roar own kaowledg# nay Inttatoo where ??> member of CoDgrooi boo recefrod, or bee tho r?> "'?? >" rroetr*. atir oompeoreUoa or pornoonl nitrortngr from ihr pm?*? of nay railroad or otbor btU during the proar at Coegreaaf Wnneeo? No. nr By Mr. Orr?Were yoo born wboa nay of tbo railroad lilllo parrel f Wiinrne?I wot ant born wboa tbo Iowa railroad MR parted. 1 waa to w y duttoa la lowai i -anbo* tay wbetbr I wao boro wboa any at Urn otbor railroad bnia parrrd or no for I par rory ittlo attaatioo lo what yor ire roirg iu On *r??r H la rory rara thai I go Into the Capitol at all. JOHN W. BRYCE, ON THE STAND. John. y> Brjiw rwora. Hy Mr i >ir? I ?o yr u kn?w of aay oombtnallia amoagit toy mi irl or'?* lo p?rr nr prorrnt Ih. pu..|ii i f lot inorrure or a oaonrro by impropor or oorrapt laI e>?ot* nnrirg the prrooel ftoagrnoo f Wiiaint?I an not Hj Mr. <>rr-I" yon knew of oey members of Ooagro* who bane re*?inert t r who^ero to roreire any ooooldera- | mo for nmr( t"> '"* "" prilHr 01 the Hnnbt >< ore <if i'n ? >' '"*> " "?Tfi rr i m to nr.? Wltrrro-I hot* ? penonol knowledge of Ihelr hot ng rereittd, or ibet they ore to reoelte, My ooeetdero l.on ?i Oil By Mr Orr? Too bote hooM do mem hot of Ooorreee toy (Ml Mid to r?mele.. or ihot ho hod rMOlted. onf toivoMo cenoKlr roiton fbr hie rote f Utter to? Nd. ?1r . t bote it Ry Mr Woroer?R hot bhte yon beer I My mem her oj (eryrtee roy to reloiino to the moiler f t% lorn?I met <>r ?rt to thit qnnetinei there ore el eye rrmrnot" n?. ? m gemir kr, ovore, hy p? 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