Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 21, 1857, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 21, 1857 Page 5
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Tilt tew 1 Oik Willi)) rlCtOjll, , TU? BOND. STLKBT TKjOtPY?TtH BiCKUEtl IUOM? WlfWH K.HUI Htlflurn, I. ILU'IIKKI*, NI0AKV*U4, i Mitnn attbkiot, iiiaico, ouua, wu?r inpiks, KTi C<l*(iKKB;-iONAli 4?U LtAJlBLaTIVE NHU 4 vKMbixaa,, etc. \nQ Li tlBMJ.B 17)') Be iiihligtta una octusk IkW atl?)a|. '< eooteLU embrace ibe'tding pioaeudmpa of ibc Ooroiier'a IntetilgeioQ of Jio ButdeU Xar' *?-r, logetfei.r witi i);e Verdict of the Jury; full particulara of Mm9 Hiula at Bergen, Iiopoiluit In'.-iUigrnce fro? Nic iregua, JScih-o, C'ibe, *inrv>r*i California, Wett Indies, it.. Editorial* Oh vr.iioui tole/iv.iug itojectt; t'ougrettlotii and '4egU lative fiUKedlng*; (..inn. Newt dry fell*graph; fiaanalal, dtac.m*r-'!?i, Keiiy; .til-, X*. leal. "oliu:*! and Maritime ' lateiligeuco; iogcuvr wi'_f a rurlety of .oral and ?aut>>Ua ' WOM lu iiib. Biugic cop if a, Id wrappers, reelij tor nauuif, MO be bad a Ok counter. Prion s.speooe. Juiim' I'uial Hair Oil H<?t?ratl*?, '4m. Jonfn' old Ita-'aa roup. lor eruptions, bad olio, kc., 2*. La ^ Ann ft liquid alabfttLr for ladies, da Depot. t02 Bowery. k Letry & Lio.'i Vivv (JnartMly Paltorn for CDlltmtu's frit n bak U tbL day Imuod, together wllb a g* invoice of I'urlt hxiot lato Myles, In dudlug the cele bjavn UitnrriOgr noil lift (a nt w walerproji artlcW) in va rtPO< and for u'miuiir counters only. LlCvhi k Ou, ii-a<JTia oi f*.htOL? 'orgeats' ha'a, .Nos. J lands Valor . LMimo. fsilofypia-LrttriN r'atrnt Granted Janwe-v 20, 1SS7.?A large onllecdon ol' thu new and beautiful *t> . ."portraiture is now on exLiouioo at J. ilurney'a well incw obetoeraplilc p%:*. e oi art, No .'1-19 tL-oadwav, New Hurt, i ''e public are rrapec.fully invited to call and judge Mr Itevi, Ives of if ? superiority of tbuse plot ore* over other aiyli u. and ulUioOMh executed o? the camera, :li ?y combine iha.tiutlifii'DCMol be lioeel pbotogr ?pb with tbe beauty and Brk-h of tho, moct dclv.ste nnr.Ut.trc on Ivory. To quote the expression if one of our c-tlobraie l uLulatate painters. The isrenecopic effect ia wcs.dr.ttul; our oocupatiou is g-jae, tbuuc pictures sorpas. lo everr r.ipeot oar l,i-? endtiavorH.'1 J. liuisey hOids biJuaoli Lu roaJiacua to exeej'.c said oio' for ibe public on and alter ibe nah Inst Uullery oqen front m a. M. till b f. M S- Ot'KnLY, PlK'iograjhlo m ust. No. U9 Mrcadway corner of Leonard strict N. Y. with any oiber establishment. Mtllnlyprt ?Tlitat Btuntlfiu Portraits are tak> d bv J. H. Lull. tbe luveuior and oatentee, only at tbe ral cr> i f IMUil h I;. DKrti ,'KH, 6oo Broadway, opposite Metropolitan Hi tel. MuiImii Hlvt r Institute at ('laverock, S. V. ? fnto opera Api 1117. B.rurd and tuition >' 12 a ye ur. 'I U. 'i.vHPWm, PrtnjlpaL *t w York Young Hen's Christian Aesacta. Men Moodily kccil g, KeU. 23. Erny bv W A'will, Knq S. 0 Ml&'lHli.L, dec. Sec. Oothlntt at AVhoM'salo.?We beg to Inform tx. -.V .-w <-"J AXTx.ala m lUuli ra in ftli.lMn# th?u' Aiir vtOfk of spil'g ?nd eunimer wear in now oouibieie and on mile. Id addttkn to a Itrger mock '.baa usual cf four well known styles of fine and fsabkmable clothiog, we hive this seaeoo got up a large ijojnity ol r*??*J 1 11is ur.d low price! golds. equal In taste am stvle to ihc tlnest, which w e are prepared to offer at the kewetd ngore Id the tride. I). DKVLIN ft CO., I 2&6, 2i'J nrd 250 Broadwray corner Wwrren itrait. Rtetlvcd or Rritn'i tililrt atinl t ariilnhlng mere No I Aster House new hi;leu ol lie*, cravats, ac., per tsM i kuu.rr. NeMlng Machines.?I. 31. Singer & Co.'a Qssetlc, a oeautifnl picoilsl paper, contains foil and reliable Uiformsitoe about sewing machines and answers all qoestioua that > an be asked on Hie subject. All who read thLs payer will '.earn bow to [lurcbane a sealrg m&chtoe with w bi'b fti (WJ a year. clear proliican be made and wlil be protected fioui bemg krriaed upon by uny of the btimbng machines nr.w be lore the public. I. M. Singer ft Oo.'a Gazette will ?e sent rruue to all who apply by letter or otherwise. I. M. k1N<j?H ft CO., 1123 broad nay, Hew York. John Wo.xl'a Nriv Gyumsdaui low Ojwn? at Ho. 6 HaaTweiity eighih street, near Flflft avenue. ? Wwudlamt Cti siin1'?A Pomade Ibr Beaur tttj i f tbe hair, llgbly pei fumed superior to any Frengft artlc.te imported. ai d for bail Urn price Fir dressing ladW bair It ha. ao eq?al, giving It a bright gloasy appears ice. It ea.iics gert'en en's hati to en I in tbe nssit natural manner. II letnoves dsnotntf. al?.M? giving the bair the apnearaaae cf b< lug fresh tnampoouc l Pi ice only bfty oeuta. None srtuuini unless signed 1'tTH IDUk. ft CO., proprietors of the * Bala ef a Thousand Flower*." For sale by all druggists. Country Dinggisi. m* Invited to Kxamine Pur rock of drupgiat'n articles. HCXlS K. HHAhO ft CO.. 3ft Haasa i street. Batrheloi'i Hair 0|r,.^Wlgs and Toapees tae best la tba world, made, sold and applied at No. Bt bead* ay. flicrif rs' r nnnn u?*i^ ? A ..a? ?? .? ? art! (Wo'eViLS ?IW le I" terre.,1 up whh rich avice dad, at TAILOR'S haloon, 306 B:o?iuw*y, < ointr of Hranktin street. Villi** Hair U)r, 4*. a box; (Hack or brawn. e. 1] Inimitable suiting of ba r and whiskers. Orlitadoro'i ilalr Dye, Wig* and Toupee* re ei a superior crdar. Wfclwtlc and retail, and the dye pitvatriy applied. at No. 0 Aa'.or Huuae HallniM** Nrw Hair Ojrc -Warinutnd to ' *clor'h'ntoal pa'.urC tirosn. %s wed a* blazk, wilho r Wan Ins the sl'n Positive proot given is 3>r minuter. at t.'S aud 114 bit tdwi.j. Hnptnn Cured by Rarih At Co.'* Radical Iwt na *1 Ho. l)g MaWWn lane. Hew Terk. tiuuiaud't Original Italian Hoop Cure* all abb, debifultlea; poudce subtile hairtirouge, Oriental easm, Illy while, bair dje and.restorauve at f?e old establish Mat. 6"' Ht'le; street, Broadway: Mm Hayes, Brooklyn OaDenoer, Philadelphia; Bate*, IS* Washing ton street, Boston, Sc. Hollow*}' Plllt?Whrrrrer Civilization bae penetrated. these puia are in demand. The stomach, the anas and the Inuwl.ue*, are the organs nu; assailable by in all climates, sort unoa these ib'< rsmeJlal action of U i m< datlne is rapid, thorough Invariable. Campbell** Drug tutd Chrmlrsl Ntore. wuthmvst comer of Msktli avenue and Twenty dgbtli sireet V'.re medicines. 1m UilKloVg Sarsspartlls arc Combined a bt.c 'nrstive and dlsinlacUnl It atrenfthnns the stotna-h, erenl.,lt? the secretions, en J refines and M*iekans the singe ?b ai d afec.edbted. In diaeases of the lungs a-roi iu, rtii hy aud nil eruptions, lis curative efleet astonishes the x?t argu.'le. Kfii.p's norm pastilles are at oi.ce agree* b>. ta bl>m and hi' ustlMe. hold by D T. l.t.Mufl Cti., wholesale dr iss.s'e. tip Wat?r street. New York, and by aJl dt itclata f..-sa*nrllia ll, and pastilles 14c. per buttle >INANCIal. A NO COMMEKCIAJL., tl in r i in n n n i runjtj, rob. 10?e p. m. Th.rri ?Mivry etock market this morning, to prett) general improvement la price* ?u realized. Tbe great Movement to ray wm In Now York Central Pall; oei M ?t a' tbe '.ruiuantlene ta to at ntoci ware on Mm. bojerV an l seders' cp'ioa. Tbe bear* hare latey become very fro* sellers, having avails! Ibenaeelvee, an otbtcdly, <-t lbs newittly oa the part (I a peso latere fbr a rtae, or putttn| up prinee ta thla market to prercat a lailaro el aeg liattoho golag oa ta Loadoa. la Cleveland aad Vo'cdo tod Hir.b'ran Boot hern taere wee aa native movement at a attgbt adraaoe. At tbe Bret board Mlacta Central bcode 1 to pro red ?4 per mat. La Croeae aad Milwaukle, \, CMcago aoJ Rook Ulead, S; New York Central Ratirood, 1; Mtotalgaa BoeUora, % , lilino'e Con Ual KauroeU, Si Ctevalaad and Talado, s'. Iba In la eioa la New York Central la wholly of a speculative character A le* da/a elaoe tbe sleek was betry at IS a IIS" r?r ocnt. At tbe aowwtd board prieer on rre at la tbe morning were aneUlaed. bat there was a rery limited am runt ot bnetsci Terra are an bn/ere of atecka at proeeat prwea for any o-ber purpose than to euleie tbe market ad lor delft cry oa mautlag short contracts. We bare la tfee Immediate prospective a vary atrlagaat massy market Tbe aeat bank rota me will shew a epaoie react re eonetderabiy under ton mtlltoaa of deilaro, aad a ooetmcllon in dterounte Tbe enb Treaaery baa aeenmututed during tbe prraent week larfeiy. aad tbe baaks era loet eorctderabiy by fbralga aad do mettle ablpmtnie. Tbe MRrogulo amount in lbs ban da of the Aaali taat Treaenrrr of tbie port at the olaaa or bsstaeos la day em cloee npor Buaen millkma of do!tare. The i mpertatiea of dry good* Ute warn, baa been oomparaVrely limited; hot .he eggrrgata or all marabaadlaa wlii, wo should Judge by tbe aaeounl paid aa dutMa, be qeite largo There era about a deweo eteemehipa oearly ana at ihle port, eel etch wUI bring a valuable earga. Tbe email tmporlaitoca the weak aaa be etlrlboted to tbe abeeaoo of Kurt do ea tieat term ever daa. U Urea or four ebould coma In at on. V, Iba Oamaad for money to pay do Met nroald be ?nlte eet're II meet b? borne m mind that om of Ukone 4*j* Mme fvods nut be paid tor, end Iben will eoue the pi neb Tim Arrutaat Tree ww ref"* to day as rntlawa ? Total rooelpta - $100,009 70 Total pa; aien 79,490 ?. Tttal boiaooe 14,000,POT M Tlio wnrrnnU entered * ?bn Treaanry Dapartaneat. Waek'aftoo, on ih? lotb i Mt-i wo'o ee follow* ? Tor the redemption ol ito. $ Oil 000 09 Tor Ihe Treneurj Dapartm 00 490 00 Tor the Interior Depaita>ea 4 0,099 on Tor Contemn ; ; >7,in# 9i IMr warrant* received end t **rod 29,180 00 On account ol the Nary - >,007 It Tron? mlecellnaoene eourcM... 1,077 99 Tbe annexed la a aiatemeat af moon* aoeonat or Uie Michigan doutbera Railroad Co ?T*?r fro? Jnn. 1 to Dae. si, mis ? Tarn'ngi of road > W M6.019 si Mrntaga of boat* .... 111,680 02 Mrrtng* uf aiaiia ... 43.241 90 T**! 4.",V 4,948 M My aara or owntlng'rl^'!^7'a2l,f0? 97 Mreaaaa and toaeea on boate,. 217,700 84 ?0 000 00 late re at and general axpeaee WHUII.,,,, q?o ?ii? d.i ?*irtendn P?ld daring ilia year (10 par oral) ?... m.000 00 1614,417 07 Uenleg a narylaa at 9199 411 i| ?Oet a# whieb 990,400 bora baaa appttad ta tba purohaaa #0 neodn oe neoenat of iba atabtng rand. JffF The .-ecolpia of the Toledo, W?K*?b Ud Woattrn Railroad frr iinoary wo'eea follone.? PawnKera 919,000 Freight 3d, 64 J 68 Malla and oxpreeaea.. 4,416 00 Total 940,031 43 Tbe recelpta lor the ttrtt week in rebinarj <roro ? Paiaengere, 9I,T?0 41. freight, 91,818 41; nulla end o?preaaee, 91.031 16-total, 910,OCI 01. Tb? two moat aabaiantui railroad alocka no* tnlhta market art the Galena and Chioago, and Mm Ohtoago and Rock Inland 1 be groan earnings of eaoh of Ibeao oompa* ntea in aaoh of the paat three montha, Una year and laat, nave mob h i Giiui imd Chicago Railroad. 1864-60. 1444-67. I860 67. November.... 8637,838 4417,187 Decrease 414,036 December .... 160,846 114,848 Decrease 80,086 January 100,701 80,000 Doorcase 18,706 Totals 4488,888 4418,410 Deorease 470,440 Ohiuauo aid Roch Ihlaid Railroad. 1846-40. 1860-47. 1860-67. November... .4180,880 4164.837 Inoreaso 464 543 December .... 0t,843 118.780 laoreasi 36,457 January 74,031 100,148 Increase 60.017 Totale 4300,8:2 4373,764 ktercaae 478,414 Tta? gross earalsgs off the Rook IilaaO Railroad ware ! the i Ml three nioDths within a ho at 446,003 as large as those cl the 0'alone In thesaae time, whUs leet year, to the corresponding porlod, the Rock I (lend reoelpie were 4188, 000 less than tboee oI the Galena roal la the three months this j ear the Ruck Island receipts hare Increased 973.000, while those of tbeGalene road bare decreased about 970,000. It would appear from this Utat theae roace were ohaogsg places So the extent of their pro duoilveaess, or revenue on capital. In Deoensber, 1858, and January, 1867, for the flrrt time la the hlatory or the road, the Reck Island receipts exceeded those ol the Utleta In itio same months. The transfer bock of the LaUroese and MHwaukte Railre ad Company *11!, on luutday, 84th Inat, bo removed from U o Broadway Bank to the cttoe of sold company, at No. 8 Wall street 3alJ master books will be ei'Med at 2 P. M. on gaturcay the list Inst, until the morning or the 24th Inst., fu orot r to ct> cl this arrangement W. T. Booker, Ksq , President of Ibo Continental Bins, has been appointed ty said oompioy registrar (or coautersignlng their oertitlcetej of Block. The returns of the backs ot New Orleans lor tha wock end eg iho 7th last, ooiparod with those for the week previous, oxhlbit tho iciiiwlug vnrletlaaa In the nggregalts:? Increase Id circulation (51.165 InflU? In av.-ount due distant ???. n 15.S30 Decrease in short loans 421,653 ft/A.aa.a in essaaiA JUA l^VI VMS o III r *wi?(uaw Decrease in Jepoait* 7 ^ L,'ie>6 Decrease la c . ihango 81,884 The New OrleABi Dtiu ray a The weekly statement of Itao backs shows (hi Bitk uf Lonltiara to bo over baira million of dollar* >ai of ion lav; the Canal Bank out also about 853,000; tho Oitlxaus' Back cut?bu. this bank hea oonsldcrablo spo'te on the way; the others have none. fbo nou'.bera bs-ik lin aboni four tlmea abovo tbo reqotreinecti of the law, and tbc Bank of New Orleans make*a good report, being over 8130,0(0 la lice. We learn from vbe Rock Klver Democrat or tbe 10th thai the clt'zcna of Rockford have subscribed 8300,000 to wards building Ibe Kenosha and Rockford Railroad. Tney are determined to lnoreaso tbla sum atiil mire. Tbe earning* o' the rilta'.rnrg, l-'orl Wayne and Cb cago Railroad Oompany, for tbe month of January, were ai follow*, v z :? Freight 8(4,518 74 Paaeenger* 43. (Od M Kipresa 4,134 39 Rail 3,494 0) Total 8116.454 90 Total earning* for rase month n 1853 79.618 78 Inertaae (46>? per cent) 36,941 18 The l.oadon Banker*' Ctroular of January 31, ooalama the following remark* In relat on to tbe recent reptrt of the New Tork Central Railroad Cdtnptuy. It la not oe ceneary to refer bore to the point* of tbo article, for we treet all portico interested la thta roal ai s-ookboidort will oarefall* road It for tbe pnrpoae or loaroing waal European r_ :4taUel8 lb uk of aar bogus and dostoroI rail road rtlurna ? A Biwcnw or An moan RsnwaT Balsici Snura We are awaie that lu telerriog to any deltn luen-.ios ocnmltted by our irace Atlantic oouslae In Uoanelai mat tera we are treading upon lender ground, for after the recent event* which bare trans?.red In our law ant police c-mrta, we cannot boast of oar eztreuo mcaHly In blgb quarters Nevorthcleaa, abase her as wo may, boaesty must assert her dig at y, and roguery an I duplicity must be eapoeed and supjssiod tn i. tan silled oonicmustion Wo tare bad cor Badilora, our Oamorona, our Kjb-oai and Rcdpatha: France baa ber O relet* and Oarpcntlor*. and America baa her bcbuylere and Buntlngiaas; so met fcv of the powerful and wealthy Slatee of U>o world boait of being free Iron no mo a alu of dtab.vieuy to lbs oomnierc al and financial part of thalr community We publish In another part of our Imprceatoa ttl balance rheu of ibo Saw York Oenlral Rallroa-l Ur.ipnay 10 liept. 80, UbO Wo do to to warn thoeo whi are luclioed to loTrot their money la tbeaa securities. not so place too much oontidnuoe in an array or flgurne which make up a very flattering aum total, uat which m4y rereriheici* be very deduetve. Tu oapiial stick and debt of thla company amount to forty one million dolrare, oe ?9,0(0,000 sit; Hug Bat 'n looking on the otkjr aide of the account, there It an item oi td.tk9.U0 put d iwn aa aaar ta oTtbe company. There would bo no necessity for oa liny attention to Uu* Iterti bat for the eitranrdt nary aincunt. and for (be atlll ori.-o eiiraord'.nary title glren to it in three acoounta. Bore it Is ? Future Income?! ropor'toi. of debt, eentUra'ea. Ac , chare* able to die income id die lumpeuij fiooi Sept. Jo. 1V4, to May, 1-K3 n- 42? 178. We muat cooteM that this la a plan af railway floauca of which vr have bitberto been uancqus-oied, ani it sr cms more akin to John Sadlier's plnu of tasking up a tanking balance sheet than any esantple thai has ciiut before us T.i?t It . a plan which will reader ratWray f soon,legly lautle ihiro cannot v< and coe that vowI I be tatramaiy ooaveslsnt In inma of cur Hoglifh railway oompanlew If It could bo asallied But we or not toluk that even the warlike fcaet m rcubtlew ur King Hudson ever dreruno 1 o' set lug the haiasoe of an annual statement by nuuc'paUug tea ' lulsr* Irooue" for tbe modestly assumed period of twantv uvea yuan la advance' We wilt, therefore, give to our "go abtad ' ralalivtt the fall oenciit of lbs ula oovcry, and call It American cooking made easy, " with tbe hope test tne art wi'.i not eetend itself beyond A arc rose toil, and that sons nl ear metropolitan r?u**y board* will ineiease tbrir I >rUtco<a ng dividend* by antrcpatlng tbtlr income* for Ute neit quarts? of a esnlnrr. The trtertlcn of <he abort item If clearly at latroJuc ilea of $9,639,170 In tbe shape of insii "heath.-cm paty do aot poaeea*, end if tte principle b? allewad la i o Usee i an he no reason w'jy aay at i -.lenoy cannot be *t ppited by a mc.e aiuan'on of a certain namber of j car* o' SbiM-.tpatrd tanome at any future Urns If tbe etockbotdera of m r oompaay wish 10 secure purchaaeis la tbe Erg-tab o.usry market, or la aay other market n? Ike wrwio, U<y bad b< Uer no', deceive tbeate rea by tiichs sucli as have been practised In iheae aoooiala in it* meantime we oauilon oar own ooueurymsn to leek wet) into tho sffsir* or tfceee oompsDi.s before veetwri i to baveeaytbieg la do with them Tbe esneacd statement athlblta the value of for-^ i dry goods entered at this port for onaumpUoa, ft * ware to tse, aad alas the wtthdrawala from warehoaer tu tig toe week ending aad loclad'.ag Thnrodny, Feb. IP, I9t; ? Movimssts in Fose-.n Dht (loons, O ruumj-itm ItVVira alt. tFarsA * v t. UiBiif ef wee' kfili 000 *90.000 MAS si cotlon 141,167 116,873 <n,tm ? (Ilk 389,056 71,818 33,81.1 Max 180,876 30.801 04,471 Beseilaneoua 103,431 14,809 4,078 Total# $1,940,438 8313,88) $161,848 Value put on Ike market during tho week, tbta fear $2, $$3,810 bo do. do. laol year 1,003,440 Increnra in iho week tfeui year $841.170 Tbtre baa been Incraaaad activity In tbt dry (ooda trade fee pretrial week A largor number of merahantn ba%0 appeared, and bnatnenn baa aannmod lecreaned animation Tbe open lay of Ibe Sound to aarlgatlan bao led ta lmmoooo reoeipta of domaotle $ooda from KaMara maautaotnrere, ah lob bavo landed to oomplete aaoort mania Now good* of daatrable atylee hare mat witb ready ante. A largo qaaallty of foreign gooda barn boon token from waroboaoo, and bavo bean treaty dtapoaed of to lobbare, botb bore and In other el Man. Tbe pro vtoaa aaptov anient end buoyancy not load la botb domretoe out ton goode and la etaple foreign artir.laa, in olndlag rranrm attki, be., bavo beoo maiataiaod Toe export trade ta cotton plow good* waa light, Ceoda wore going forward more freely to Baltimore and ta other dowtbarxi porta for dlotribatloa, end Ibe apnea trod# tbe praeaat wao* baa exhibited encouraging viewa for tbe fa tare Htork Buhangr. ramav, Fib. 30,1MT. $1000 NY 4'o 1841 .. 10414 900 aha Krle RL..el0 87V 800 NY Can NK O'a 49 60 da oSO 87 \ 1C00 Had R RR 8m 0 64 100 do MO 8813 ICOOO 111 Oen R B aOO 9$ $00 do ., b?0 68 w 10(0 do 98 $00 do of 87 la 1000 111 f Bda.Wt p 94 100 do .... ,r00 .1 V MOO LErteAWadmB 43 100 do tlO 57* 604 CtevbPiUCBda. 41 889 do $7 67 k 8 a8o Bk com Sealp 108 90 do #38 67k 100 Pbanli Bonk.... 108 6} do .... 880 68 40 i'ana Oral Oo.... 0314 844 Our A ntUP.R o 88 : V40 Cnmb Cool Co 08O 17 ft 800 4o .... 840 84k 74 MOW A Blm RR . $9 IDO Hut Rlv RR bOC 87 ', 10 do a40 49 700 Rending RR ...4 $0 1(0 do.... MO 74 600 in aS 79?< 100 InOraaok bdli RR 7114 100 do .... bao etk 100Cble b R la RR 09^ 100 da. ?3 7?v 4 do...... .. 99H 800 do b30 60 408 Clav.Colv Jl8/<b3 101 200 do...,. e30 79*4 28 4o ....... 10184 900 do ...,080 80 70G0I ACfcle RR .. H4* ICO do 78k 3(0 NT Con RR. opg 9?X 140 do briO 60* KO do.... opt 89 , 100 BKtb Cm IlK bl 84 (0 to ....#80 64% 40 4e b? 91 k j$$ 19 9*$ **H W MO $4# % 'W YOKE BKRALD, SATT 18ih? NYCRR 0,g 60 f OO VII So * NURR 0 76 '< 100 do.,,. On* <0 utO do t>J 7&>a ! 100 do blil Ot) t do 76* 0 do (30 b9 X 603 do sdO 7?* 160 do (10 ?0 260 do .... OoO 10* KO do..p&or3 00 7<0 do ... .060 76* 60 (10 (80 00 aoo do C 71* 60 do. 90 iio do 0 0 70* 60 do ?u? OCX 6 III Oet> HR 13Y* 160 do (10 6 1,0 160 do (60 90* lOo do 1*1* 117 do ... dm 9)* 100 do 660 131. 0 do 00* 80 Oiov & Tol KR..0 73* 600 do (10 00* 660 do c 73* ICO dc HlO 9P* 100 do 610 71* 700 do (80 (0 100 do 030 71* 70 do ?M 60J4 ICO do 613 *8* 1/i<I - A -511/ JVV ool>M< .oou vv'4 zuv no ? ? 860 Krle RK i3 67 V 100 ,l0 bM U* OEVUb-0 BOABD. $1000 Virginia #' ... 46 snabaCroMftllllK 72 48 abs ManbatlanBk 133 100 Heading RK. 79* K Pein OualCj.... 93V 100 do ... atO 70V 800 NY Oen Fit. .op* 00V 300 CHav ft Pitta KB.. 63* 100 do <>pg DOS 100 Erie KR 67 V 10 do bao 80S >00 00 OO0 68 V 60 do MO 01 300 do aiO 67 * 1(0 do blO SOV 00 Mltw ft HUB KK.. 01 do 90 30 Mien Oen RH ... 9'V 8C Panama RK 03 60 MicnH.tft 4l*H koO 76* fOOOlov ft Tol KR... 73V 36 do 76'., 100 do b30 74V 100 76 V 10 Chic ft Rk la HR. 09 V 60 70* FA1LUKBH, SUSPENSIONS, AS6jaNMlSN7,3?'BTd. f From me independent, Feb 10.) Tie tallowing ia our weeeiy report of %lni'ei ata'gu meets, &e. B McUooldrl(. ft (Jo , Cherry Oild Ue . aerigned. A. A Andrewa ft Co, Boaioo, Mass,. autpaaJcd. K P Moore ft Co., Boston, Mats., luapenoed J. K. Cbalker, New Haven, Cone., auipendel; isyaba will pay in fall. Barton Bxotbera ft Oo., New York oliy, tuipeoded; liabilities about 616,000. Iaaao Haddock, New York city, aaapendel; lakUltloa about 68(0.CIO, Alpbene F. Hmitb New York city?sold iut by tbo Bbrf Ifl' Moore ft Atkins, New York cMy-. auapendsd. Shurley ft Brother, Buffalo, N. Y? amigiiel. H. F. Bce'te, Rociw r, N. Y . asslgood. Wella ft Howea, 6. ..ertvUle, N Y , atsigoed to Hsnry Oburchill; liabilities about 613,000; aiaeie nomlotily 626 0C0. H H. Gage, Fayettevlllo, N Y , impended; lUbllltlM about S38.0C0; nominal aieeta 639 000. I' W Putnam, Glen, N. Y , asalgac 1 to V. A. I'a'otm. Ulatikhauttr ft Bros., O ego, N Y auipeuded. tfarrea Hkeeli, Hoatl. N Y . fallow. Oliver Fornaid, I,ulklo, N Y., stpendrd. O A. Cililer, Grovelaod, N. Y tiled; liab'.Mlei about *i,vOO. J. A. Allen, B-lstol Centre, N. V., assigned. Ragles. Kelly A Co , Newark, N. J , faued. J C Qroebomm Newark, N. J , suspended. A. D. T ttwortb & (to , Phlaluadd, N. J , anspended. Jsoob L Stntlon, MulHoos Bill, N. J , railed and as signed. John 8. Smith, Philadelphia, Pens, failed. Agnew A Co , Philadelphia Peon , suspended. W. M Matthews A On , Pnllndotphla, Pecn , railed. Btnry Bball^r, Richmond, Ve., sutpen lad. Banuer A tooLean. Graham, N. C , suapaadeu. Edward Ub< irrtl, Charles.on. 8. U , failed. Cohen A Ctonn, Cnarieaton, 8. 0., aitaohed and store Okeid. John K Nicholson, Cheater, C. H , 8. C , failed and sold out by the Sheriff. James J.. Jr.huson, Gillha. Geo., felled and aiatgoed. Kdward 0 Pollard, Moinlo, a'a , asslgaed to T. I. McCoy. Billon A Biggs, Tallahassee, Fla , assigned Ttompion A Van Daleen. Laxtngton, Ky., assigned. Samuel L. Kenvon, Henderson, Ky , failed. C I Weber A Co., Newport, Ky., impended. John B. Jones, New York, Tenn., failed and assigned. J<eepb L. Kigcs, New Proridenoe, Teen , assigned. B. J. Cux A Co., /aneaville, OjIo, aaatgned. Potts A Oox, ZiueeriUe, Ohio, impended 0. Kreps, Toledo, Ohio, assigned. W. 11. Baldwin, Newark, Ohio, snapended some tine aire W. B. Barley A Son, Andorer, Ohio, snapended and aeelgned. KnbertijM. C. Wateon, flarrtsburg, lnd , Jailed Jamrs O. Forrest, Detroit, Mich aaatgned. Sholtz A S -brooder, Grand Kaplds, Mioh , aaalgned. John D. Btacdlsh, Romeo, Mich, aaalgned to A. B. Ayits; labilities <10,000; assets about the aama. CITY COMMERCIAL REPORT. Kkiiut, Feb. 2t?fl P. M. Abuih?The aaioi embraced about 200 bbia. et pots and pearls at T^^o. Bbk i.stci m ? Piour?mere was a rather better demand from the Keeiward, with a good general loqairy from the city irate, oapeeieliy for the better date of braids; iho sales embrace 1 about 6,000 a 8,000 bull at about the loUowtng quotaUoua ? Uomaon to good <1 Ma ft U joumoa to good Michigan g at a 40 Extra Rial* Ma 76 Bon-won to good Ohio 31 a 6 46 Iili a Ohio <Ma 7 00 Sandbar* Mixed to geoo brands 7 00 a 7 M " fiao/ and extra T Ma 8 00 Oaaatiaa auperflae and extra 8 40 a T 06 Canadian brands were steady, with molerate sale*. Southern llonr wax In ratber better demand, with sales of about 1.200 bbls at pricos will n the rang* of the abuva oMtatlons. Rye tljur Mi 0MB meal were na changed. Wheat?Bolder* cnuui'ind Bra for prime to shelve .> - while aalei were II" M A lot of some 730 bLSitir ,-juiLern red waa sold at $1 8C. (torn was Arm. with tales of 12 0SO buxbeta of Westera mixed, dtlivtred. at 7?e, wllb some 7 000 a 8,000 do ro potted aoid, from store at Tl>,o. Ilye waa qniet, at PCc. a He. Sn ail aalea were reported a*, tie at <he railroad; at fOc Oats were again rather Ormer, with a fair amount ot aalea Barley wai flrm>y hi id at $1 26 a $1 32. Cm i aa ?The ptthlie aale ?f H o coffee held to lay drew a > o . rompanr, and the bidding was The tale wat a good one, and eMab.shed an a' ran!j ?' ',e. a ?.?0 on the w ex a tracimuoni. Oftbe d.oaobigs advtiuied aooul 1,7'6 were aold, lb* remain lor b*mr w;.b<lrt.wc. Ibe pr e* ranged (rwin 9U?- * ll'*e , tbe inter fl<nrc for i iu II lot ]rrlme wbite. 900 bag* nemo avenged 11 ,'?c , 100 lo oonroo, a*. '{?. a 9 \i , ud SCO do wbite to tt 11 j. Hob* I ><vu wore ales auid to tbe trade at 10 ,3 a 10\c , and SCO < o Jamaica at Ite CciTwa ?Tte newt <, a farther advaaee la Now Or leiaa Imparted grvau r i rmnaaa to ibo market here, an > tne raka enitrrarel about 2 6' i >et*a, cioe'rp at a? *1 vnnoe of t,o W e new quote on Idling uploads at 18 '.c. aaii mi.Ja.iti* Vow orlcaaaat 13T,t t < t.tu l .kf a* ?Too caako were told at 99)(c. iKkKibTH ? agrn.rntn to Kngltftn porta wore light Tc Livarpnoi, l.too bbla tlour were *agag*d at la. 9d ; 800 boxti bacon at SCa , ar t too kaga lard at SO* ; cottoa was a 7 8*1 a 8 ltd ; no grata ' OKkftneola or raon eat were report*'. 71 tkrOM beef wore engaged at 3a. vi. To London au i tnargow to engagement* of latporlauo* were reported to dar>e, tqutro bale* of coitus ware at ,',c , and io>ind at Ji<i ; aioea were at 9s a lor , aid rwe at *i0 To Ct Morula rate* were *uadp at 36i. To A utrtlia tli i y ranged frsm 'ill. 0d a dOi, aabed bp tret it s advanced In leasing Gtamr Ci ria ?210 ba ee were aoll at U'^e. liar, lor -.blpmiat, waa telling a. ic'.c a SI, aad for clip ?** 1 I'd H.i r e telling. la naali lota, ft* i*tlp for e tp brew log, at 7i a l(c lor luiero aad weatara. M?r * *?* ? Haiti or 60 bbia New urlaaaa war* male at 71 * >d ICO do oa private larei J -a .eroaae ?Seia* n( loo bbla. ap'rita tarprnlioe w Aade at SI 76. aai COO bbla oom won roa'.a at SI 7S, I r >10 lb* , delivered. l ? Llnarod waa tirad) a'. SSr a 173., at wblob 7,0(0 CtC pa.lot>a American wcra esld. Crule ap<rm we* i>.' > autre and Urm. Malta at New Bedford oaprwed Uo bo1* , at SI 88 per gaium. Crude wbale wa? dull : ?t Ms iArd oil wee ilrm at SI 06 a SI 10 Pk-,vjmom? Pnrk? fhi market waa (Win Ml hiftatr. I > ll sales of about a<iO hbt* . Inolud'SR are ddi at S9l CO a 921 71, bed old do. at 921 a 121 10; prsi. ?M ill 17 01 k 917 71. Serf ?u atealp. with mm o' 2M) kbik . tarlod'Df country prim* Ml) MatiO >?, aod m*?* do l>9 0 Ilk 919. Prim# Wcetera ??? w?a aoM kt 922 00 k 924 Of. Baooa waa steady el 10%'a. k 11 *r. Cat miitk work Br en aad ha yaat Aboai 00 000 ib<iry raltod kbokidaft ware (old at Site., to errire, with aalr* at I0\c tor hamt Iba markai tor lard *M ?i r-ud. with aabaaoed vltwo on tho pen of hollar* lar?pe*!r*. t? arrive, war* spot?a Mat hifhar ra'aa. K0 bb a. and tlorrao war* eo d oa the spot at 14 a 14),c , ohlt .!jr at 14'?o. a M>,o. 9ntUr aud oboe** wrra SMbaSfdd Kira ?Tbor* wao ooroa laqu'rp tor at port, Mil talei or ?f>0 Heroes wore reported at :,\e a 4 *< Prmw ?109 oaf* pimento wore *o.d a?l(\'t, aod 9 COO bafa pepper el line the Market eioood tiraa, with m apward taaoeacp la priera. Bihar* ?Too market waa steady, with moderate aalao > i oet uo boxe* brown I Uvea* eold at 9*0 , aad 20 do at lt',0., w*th email let* m Caba maaoovado at peeler da; i rates, aad 900 bbda melado at prlrata term a loKtioo ?The dame ad la steady ud prtoes ocaUoae te he wed aaalalaed. The aaiea lecledrd 72hbds Keatookp aad Mayarllle. *4 lie. a 90c : 497 hhda Harua 39o a I to- 00 hhda Vara, p. t . I ho barn. Cabs, 37e 130 raeaa toed leaf, IV a 32c , ICS eaeaa ftortda, 90c a SOj W**'jtn?u<a ?The market ooatlaoea Orm. with fair aalra both feera ud al New Bedford, at roll price*. WiwurT ? Oak a of 100 hbls. Oil* aad pr*M wore made at 90s. Wool.?The market la aetlre bat aalea are not bear/, as II la dkfllralt te (H the news of bajer aid astler rernaMdled. The supply batac MgM bolder* bare advanced prior*, aad smsalbeiarer*, la csaeeqseass of the low ratea of wosiesa, are aaable Is pap demanded flfare* maap bar* left the mark at wltbeat pnratmslaf. prefer 6a*a of tha wark aMbraoa 60,990 Iba to litri Boo Jffct, at 61 MO 6f6o ; 10,099196. anpar fallal. 61 406 . 6 41c , aad 16.009 196. aitr*. 61 44e. 6 46c . oath 100,009 1*6. California waa diapoaad ol or prlratt tariua. 6?Im of ftr?l Etlalr. Thaaalaa mad* hy ? not ton fharariay eoaaialed ofproductiro 6*4 laaaahoid property, acattarad la rartaua porta of the otty to uioll lota, aad at prtoaa laiioaaood by tta MNVto Boom aod Iota 10 aad 71 Kobla* >a a traal. aaob 8. *07?loffUirr 190,009 Booxa aad M 91 Robinton atrnt, V1*I9 7,760 Da 860 Ninth arenoe, P(4I ?,;<00 1 tot 06 rtftf alitb at., near Serxnth 6V., 36(100. 600 3 do. MMrtta, aaob 36(100 6n00 earh 1,300 leaao of baaaa aad lot 848 Waabtaftaa at., 91t60. 10,000 I?t 346 Chorrr atraat, 21(167 1 In .M Lot 948 do tilt# / I0,40Q Boaaa aad lat 13 n. Mark a place, amnio 11.979 DO. 162 Maodoocal atraat, 36( 80 7,009 Laaaa at property oor. Duaaa aad Uroaawleb ?U 8,100 Da. oor North Maera aad Uraaatrich at 17,ooo Hamaa aad lat Mo. 61 Boat* atraat, lot 38 8(80 4 aad 69.8 613,009 I aaaibald aiarbla froat atoro *ad lot No. 36 Vaeey at root, 86(106 31.000 1 M6 aarth aldo 64th at, 306 W traat of Otbar.. 600 Lat ad b>ta ta 609 > eohly Baaaa aad latOONaada rtraat, 34*100.,; 6,769 CMturo* oora* if tmi ?4 Altai* Uroof, Miff. IMVt JRRAT. KRHKUARY 21. II family 'AJIRKRrwo. Tr??b bttf ffcc** tut . r o r*r ntioo ovtr l??t work's | pries nor will tlitre be muoi'O'union for*wcei or two, nil tiio laUrond* running lo tbe weitward *re clrnr aed ut> batrncu .1. Cirned plecee ?re * trMe ebeaptr i. an v'.fcl uq'j In ar.Ure dornand, Poult"- ib feti'rg dearer and, from * variety of ciuiee tfce den. and I* r.r.t (.Wire; altn mere aro some flaoly fel | teocd tor*M" iu market, and gourmands My tbo ilota Is delloiiue at iLia .imo ot tee year. Wild fowl aro getting so*j-r.o lo v but ttey bare been, but are still cliotp, and In eorao rerun ie mure (rouomioal ea'log tban m.MU. Van it, Inn if i.'U.iij ff.'iio Vi to 14 cms jwr lb.? obaapar than *b) fre?b nr.i ul r.en u? hail. Wih ', oa aoiuunt a' kDa I'oya, wntjtt koap tto tlseisg eatack* tr ?<a, bill trueo iboy r.ksar ae?r we will h?ve a cru ap lino niirket and i?rg, a*le? itiere re a ?rc?t irany roipIU and lro?l lltb to, *Hoti coa aand ready ra'ea aril an iioedoroJ g *o I eating Baiter U cbraptr by Iaoo-uu i?jr Is , but efge ware Ptvrr m> de?r ?p ibey aro iti * year 1'nree ware ?u Hog lor aatilltlof yeete'day. mi ton - oalilogt dux 0-i had look out for ibe gerpc s o' l,nti. Fotaioer a< li ?i #t frr pi t>bi. Celery >? .vtrott'ui au<l obrap, end llco becU a-e to mirbel. cpplnt eilil afa very arer, bm o rnjet sod ir untie bevo mat ?lets imrkel la atrvbdarce. ard norer w >ro en *[>if H?*o now. The follow lag are ih? retail riiicss. tew. rni Id. A A Serf ati-ek 13 n )ft fluutbin H ? HkVln a.caK . It. a 17 I'aJmou trout 1H el*orurbnnr* Aleak ? In Front fi?' - ? 8 Ruinp I'd m 13 Ondflah H ? Boeiiloy piece* 12 u ]? F milore 8 ? ? Chuck ro-At 10 all I'eroh - *1? Corned piece* a )p Ivota 8 >11 I'TTOP. al iddnck 6 ? H Hind 'martem 8 e 9 . derail ? ? 18 Forr.'iimrlrrs a 7 I imtlla ? a 16 vi./i. hi mix rifh. Find i|ii*rtei* 14 1* Ovuteri per 100...79 *$171 Forequbrtei* 10 * ? Cutm* oer 100 (0 *$100 Vee' cut'el* 18 a 20 aoft ahall, D.100-- a i7K iokk. fli .ft c'miii* per 100.30 a ? 1 rrsb pork 12 e a ? lA.bmeia, per lb... 6 ? ? Brlli rt pork ? a 12 Crab*. peJ dot.. .26 a ? Hill A 13 til BL'TTKt fiiQA, JLC. Rbo'iiderp 10 nil flutter8i>* 14 a? Orsitiite co.iiny ...38 a low'* 10 a? Western 24 a ? lacm.ijincnrii. Pall 18 a ? Omit try eiunngt a. 14 a? Cbeoe 16 a 13 Roioma educate* 25 a? Uttr.e lor... .!2H a ? bed tug new 14 a? Hem y? l.ard,'a** 13 a? per Ik a 15 rODLTBT. !n crm.i ? a 25 Chicken* terlb..? a IS viu;KT?ai.r.j Fown per pKir ? a 1 2n boiAtoea.per hbl...? a f J hi) Turkey*, perlb. ? a 15 Ih<. tiairp'k..lfl a 18 Oi e?? ? a 12 CarroUt, per bu?h..? *76 tin ska, p? r pr. ? a) 75 Ontona white, p.c,t.? A ft DUCK? u?. ?'ai*nlpB, hurt. .? al 00 lt'ark. rer pair.? a *7 t'reaerr'dUimatoe*.

can bk p [ ? a 2 Ml per 'mart IS a ? hioaiibill, 1 pr.? a (.2 low turnip* h'f ph.13 a ? Rrdl.tvd p. pr.? A 1 2ft Cabbi.ce p. hd 12 a 16 Widgeon, p p .? a f2 r4ew beeia. per bu.? a ill Ou?II. per dor ? a2 til TadIo celery, p.b'h. li ah) Venial,fdi> pH, )2 a I I 'plnacb, kail p'k.. 18 a ? Palihlpe* p pr ? a 87'? I.eeliB. p bunel). ..12 a llare.pp ? a 02i? tlai iic, ? a 1 Oil Ratitg^^te..,. 50 a ? run it. Uriifli^p ? a <iZ)? App'.ea, p bbl ft 00a 8 Ml Wllup. p ? a 1 75 Apple*, nr h'f pk.i'J a 18 Beara meaL p lb ? a 37.'? Cr*nkcrr e?. ur... 18 a ? Wild Turkey.p.9 1'8 ?4 111 Oranges, per doz...? al 'I luVKinISL^jp RENEWED EVERY DAY. For all tint toim and lltlp, kc Mill Pafre. ~?iwElLA>KOm TU* DEATH SHADOW, illcstrsiiyb or tiiis \iu lb iko vn e. tub rir.sstMK AMI llESt'SIU WHICH COM*riTUTE I.I I'B 1M THE MKTiinl'OMS (ram! 'ihere w,.a aery. proirac-e I. terrible dying n??v upon the sullen blast which j*e jt from tl trie dark nil |jtn some river; a voice a stifled* agoni/vd v, im'ug'.ed filu'.l. w Ph the wild unesithly of *Jre wind. Cffk ' ?I 'ir ful sound?tbr echo if a blow ciea mi' through ton an I llle; and tmrufdisisiy ihere .pen rh rn tloetr.g by op 11 the' gust ol'wiud the tirst 1 'ajorae.'ul an 1 ddspalrftg groan f-oi.i the breastot IWUMNB Kor m that dark, end solemn nail myslerloui hour of inld night, while all around na'tue repmed in a ? tao of s renit. ?Ld peace, ihere was done a deed lor which in crime llier. , an be found lo larsllel, and id heaven no forgiroaes*. a deed which cres silie snr.rrd sea! ofbeeo'siu i lac-id oi ihe soul in infancy, and graves thereon ihe bttOk an I mark which brands It lor perdi'lou I his was on tne night ot Ihe twenty c;' Me.teniber eighteen hundred and Itty, a n'gkl p-ctuar1 Upted t > ihe commit Ion 01 desperate .nine I'd.- Uio sky Was bar* ar pitch and the shrieking af the w lud won Id hate drowned llie loudest cries lor succor. But that slng'e i rash w as fo'loweu by no crier f ir.ha u?j pleadings foi mercy. 1 here was a'hsa-y t"all ? a smn'oerci gro*a~ atd at a pbatpharic e!i.*nei.tin 'he atutusphoie glue cd, loi a solitary iurtard. a >ay or rather a ghoa. ot rlgle, upen the sci nr. It inadn visible the t .im if a uuu i uynr over s recumbent body, p otoo I n'ii< from the el* tnr nts see I'ro'n observe .no, t>y it s i?r?e r.m vuto I ?t hi' gnmseiiis sndsbar as It might be, of Lot labia its d oi which, had beca kti 1 gbt, sp'-sdif* of humco gorwiu id have bandiscern! >1e. Crash' th iron descended ngiln glvlrg out a hor ible metallic echo, ss It ci usbed th ' ip! the and brain vu I si tioguiahen aver) pu s* 01 ' Ci salt cr?sb ' wt it lolly in wasle so u neb s i fcur li vp >e the p -i snimate l oiy thai cow lay moit mU" s s bis : e.t.a on'i cli.d a fragment of csrth a broken Imsre, Ircii. n h..h the t W'u' or' an last, jo had uars si for ever a For live udjiiU.- la'1 v .r> s: oi over h r vi :;lai, in sts' ieaprr slIeLce; at tb" i d I .at fur.; he t at c arlnced that l.l? ? really deported. He then i|id le 1 .1 c Lj It, aoJ nilmof ievpt-'v plr?"i up a sprue, with wl tch lie proc. eded lo cu'. up tlie soi lbs groin,! was stubborn atu) i ?ve|l/ and asoltfi. us Uie Instrument Willi wh'.h be ?n leuorl K clashed on a atone or harder UnpacWd ir'.li, a treuio - parsed ever --is f.anio slid be patiseu InUraed long, us though dresulcg lot the slightest sound should betray air wl rmMM Keen iron li too, lie Mopped in Ids woi k to w ipe ti.e cold raolsi'ire lira i dewed hit isen, imd le'l o. dr, ,.s o> ra a ou I ic h . d a** h on which he wi rl?o ?n>l s rui. r.l two hours i at .'t.-.d-ISu lo g. nr. Iters ily d.-eall i hours- anO )tl he work w as ro* oirnlete aurx it i dsi sr.rts? at1;.; apes' eh e' K??y,.icd rca<ed the iii.;li? rhca>'e<l ?W c <>",lur>? if h ? k h t? >r . V Mars sn tie cm like tsu an tigiag 9J< s to note eu.1 h Hoc his deed A' I nervals s .o'ner a"d soother star look<d on thio if li the il wi k vai o! t! iIa reastbd "i* nci t. '?.? often in h.s ri iiiluog ta-k. ai.J tr> gtf upwa'il wg coma lunr iind d.a.d ..poll lie s it hrh'tit -alrg rkv; and aj lb* i?o< [ iti.renin ?f the rl. i-K Km rboaetl nicli upon (hi br.'vl d'.m rdpea of II e ; ? ..1 cloud* ?i h balolt uing hoar' inr" pnrchtd anil t ;.. *11.4 llp? lb* biu4??r t.'ded wiih '? mi bled fort e Ani.tlerho.r petard, au I at iiptlr ike a try man nrolo iroai hia talc r. lltltc.Ut h' badatiid'' u?'y let i' h'? e>e from nubile a here the bed* la; kin * tv 'h . lit* P" ? *M l? liu.It* atooo lii.f .Mtle, nn : e. 10 t-.uni>h.t) '? re, >' ti..j ... din-el kit ap-.n trc'<?' 'lc lb' .ikitonn 'en-er i ? Inn 1 bio made. I ho t.l?n ? t- >. i' '. < ' ! ? I I e'irfc: notae of II* work. bar p-iV.I1, te?.! ihy '111, n 1 u. --tl . f rai-iml, ?til k'.? nr. a t *.?o ?b .!, ai? blj't ?-:? ciid, * lila labo. ing lie ft bet'rk>? ecd rlr pg n t en ii?r.:a nt If H bit l mit- toilet u< kbwdrl 1 r con'rePtd, ill ,g the damp (nek* ?tral|k' Ifhlab'OW Abd at 111 at rr.oui'i. 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Knee bntoi d lie ?.d ib? m'uo ao1 taagli i eod, and enioothed and preaaerl gi my neefin* Joan At length hia iitknit funi't ?4 - Uir ?>1 ?*a 'ten with ibe ta-itd?lhace waa ncietea . o Ung inmn "r a tingle bitloa. ibf r.f a earth aa?rare :? rem . H and ?.;?tkfreil and it traa iiule earlfbl'ht' ' b : h ora. ?il'ra >( Iba .rarlt l irmgi dy tr.tia! bao'Tert'-J II" r ** I n? ibe ir >a taeUbaaerioi dt-a b anal he ap -le. a- tl ?ri mulir Jt Untf. he reachrd a high e.o'. ?i kite wltfh i iatd do i > iipm. 'ho liter, and h'i'led ?!, n V e ib-ob-r lab, Ihb ilt ep and u.iitM blri'tm u It ?. !1 tdifnn ihearla'b la a not** tlarUed him tor an. turnl; be oa'brd Imrbfl and ihea, raaaeured, lutnrd in e*. < - hi* a e n aa i-e ret be1 ibat tpoi 1.ent aL'i ahleh In i rum ?a? b.trled he hi el ant lawuird rarafnlly hia an. t, a* la- o. r ;< Ui.i ?. II 'b< noiriue tu forgotten arhlrb e.tuld le id lo lb-* ?*?t e mp.e.e ror.ieaimenl of bit deed. Wi le he war lltu* e ig ?g?d. be and i.bly ab/red aahrill terrlo," er,. and h a t-y<?. tuar* mp ? Idly ftom th?ir aoeae't were hit-1 np >n a lo piece of a broken wall?the .barrel rem i:a o a ji dritre l h i' ? eliiobauod tmmediaielr i?*hir.d Ibe *ra ?e I he Irr-twof that moaenl bum hare lorn lewntejl kavr wr np fr.m 'ba' II waa kM own ilukdiw. titl iig ?likiil u on the wal. wbteli hud lilghnleed Mm. Mr wnllteJ a' ? < wealth* perri traium from hi* btow, bum-ued Ma t>?t ttmr'.j * IJM hi* hr*a#'. ard rod* aw a I , Aid a* M wa < Ml I thlBT blaodww 110# ope*..,l M h* r>iht ed hi* hiu> la i.rtll ar.J ['.*#.> a*. v *er|.er, itlhun b lor warmth H? etcud leare behind lb* c <rae o* h a ei tun ha could ban mb thr arene It tn hi* r?M. but Mid be boa hatmh Ibe recollection' -eowhl he thit* lows brhlP'i Mil mem >ry iM that d?*ir mt Hi Rem now upon the ioot*t*n? of tb<* g'ililf <>o-* lb* nnmelea* Mmer-whlth*rar-?-t rr he mir go, the <noe dweller Ooie*raocc. poraue* blm In lb* I gnt and I, are of day, amid btuenraa or pieaenre forge'fu'jie<a <>! the pa?t mar tor a mwment Meaa h rr, hut at n ghiAill. ahmrtrtwir* irlnda tan through lb* trara: when the wi?rd I gbt, cr taher lit i hinnm,,If re* to the crevice# and aog na a nuaird and atartllrg appearance, whan the Ion- tree*. gum and indefinite, n *a*nb:a epectra* gibbering la trlgh'f.ii m -rrl ti.rnl?whro atrarvg* neiarn *eh? thro ugh m* ?ue. ta, and he wind, forelct Ita ? ay tl rough window Bid cbtmaer, i>*i|>>* eaeb chamber with nb*arihlr l>unda and eolcea, when there la alienee "prm U>* oily and ih* ?ea aad 'be huah and inlet ot lotllude leave hi* eeul u> nndialurbed poaaeanlon of the pa*', iben then muat ema the to* claap af tear .pon hta beart and lb* chill of a terrible deaaatr a: real the current of hki b.nod, aa. la ihla a*,my of dread, be mm ay* IHItiMMr: Iea for albeit that la hot the dull outline of hlmeelf which lima rlreda bla auei.lioa and avrke* a fearful a|nti, Ihcre la ret aufheaert t eeeaaManca In It to a form which M* aar.d roj bed nl eile'r-nca to make H the f<* *to"te of b?ll Ihelnde lie* n*e* of lhal ahad- w ia la daelf a torture, for to the dia toiled Imagination ol tb* ennaetenon > trlclai It aeatneth like a eel'-d phantom tie dull *<??! ia orciip'e-1 with the rigid, ahoallj f? autre* aad alar tig ejc*. and be aee* ibla ai'a re. fn a darkneaa wtibln a darkneaa. Rut who wan Una cool and aeli poweaa* ! homicide, who rhoee that acene aad boor for the cotrmiaaton of hi* crlm#' And who wa* the tit tim now rleevibf I'aJmljf b*r>eath the tar git d and ol that da*o>nte aulmrh' B> what moltie wartbe alnyrr actuated -what end. or eada d.d be bopa b) that aanguiearv mean* In aemauut*h? ?' e the ewittnmitto* of thia atarlj'ng and original .-onmce aee the ne?t number of the hi'It l?AT k'tll RIICi*. ])AR|t ROOT*. PUR ARAtiO.-CORK BOMCl. ItOCHf.K anlea aad dt ea* boota. I rem e*l*bf?la,| maker*. Porr Mrllea, and nlhera, by Rl "tfNR I'PKRIh A AON. boot ntaker*. fit Ranaau alreel, third Mff above M?> len lane. Wrirkrm *wn MorirrAcmtA PoicRn TO OMW In all waeks. hy my engnent, whkb will pnlataln m Im lure Ihe tkln. f| a bmtle. aerl to anr part of lh? eiatry R. a. ORAM AM. Mkll* Broadway, Aeiber, ** Bm# third lire* Philadelphia. *57. miKEUAIVBOyS. CAUTION TO MKRCH vNTB A'l dtocoventa and luventieflvof approred ?a'u?. M ,T? aerva lv?8 ui baaiih, or i timed) 8 or dlaeaae, give rt** u ?* tuimteiy to pernlrtomi oonnlertottu ai d lmtta'.ion*- Ibo m yd p? paiar tii*? artkle tho more a4?riy iunai??-, Ita ored Ha external appearance are " inUhI by unao! upulouy *'* ?ver. *ho, deauiufa of the abuity > produce anything luefu ' ?i B+lvru, have jtMt ?nt1U'1ei?t c itinng u> uiHke ? \oHai o it ?l fie diat'ovenra ol othera. It ha* beoi aald tha' lypocrli? It .vi* bonifMie whlrh vio*1 pajtM u> \ (r.uo " ^nd ?t un^iit with toil il ti uih b?f r? untried that the comr* lalta of va'Uftble n,ni|,lwi tar ihu trltuo* paid by polaou Mooge/a lo \ ra ti -a! a'te ?ca. Vht'O tbr pure tnedtcmal i*?Mraiiye n ?w *> wl<inll knxarn hb WoLKK'H >chlrd:%m ><ch'>app.t wan tatro'u ed to tb?* *orld under the tiudor*t*mt nt of four thousand loading metibiri of lh? n i<< >11 nx.t-.UM - - ?? well hwhic ii ?*?uld vholi ;>e he penalty a'-tacbe J lu h'I new and wttfr-jul praptr he th??*et midracnrid to invent It with the atro fto-M hie aifwgivr.l Mahiat counterfeit*m, and to reu K r a'l Li'nu|M *o p r*t* p diiiitiuit tfnd dmgeroca. It was triouiliu.d ?o duiliog'.uab-d eheuilft* lor auaysirt and pum u. red hy'bem the pur*ait ftpbit eycr uiaunfflt-'or+'t I .< purity and propertA* hiving been thna afreitatned, h?mp ?i ot the article a ere forwarded t? leo thousand physic'.i> u ? milall the leading p-*r ittio/.^ra in ti e (jutted fej purpotea ol ?ipertioeo? a circular, io<|neating * *r al ?d ?b?- on and i r?* ?ort ol (be rwull, accompanied enca Hpiouncu. Four tb jiHH.n l o; lite mott eiulne*". it>et,<,..l inoti in the I into a pro aptly re rpCLJid 'J heir opinions of lb-* article a ere i i mtuum*!' fi vtWrtble Him h a pi pain'too they said h k1 io ig been w ?ot ii'ff lyht* pr ole^iod, aa lo r?)Upce (mi lbeui.v?P on th ?idu.ary l:<|iio m of oimnieic-. all? f *hich * ? mi. 0; adubt rhUd . nil thereforeunlit t'o* medicinal purpjact Tb m tuliar ?i(.e?lcnoe and abaogttiol the n'''if jip. per *hnh formed me ol tb* principal lojiredien's c f the sctnapptf. to crti r ^j.h the un?*)ktyad ch%'actrrtf '.hc.Hl -ob i ve il. In Hie e?tlmafit*n ut iua faculty n mtrlnvl opart irity ot cr \er> other tilituiive athu -ant, a* a dlu cw o toolo tu t rettf i.t ivc 1 ben pr? lrt ?< ory cicdcn'-ali from prnfi ?> tonal tneii of hluli-H auti published In a o?. !ei>ed term 1 m cloet d tvph each Ironic ol III* B<iii?ppa, at one oi thegiiaTiu t? ? h 4>t Hi ceiiiiliM LCfea Other pr an lu a again i hand weie alio adVptrd a patOLt wha obt?i' ed u?r the rthle. the label * a- copyrighted, a f?e Imlle ot the propri'Or i auto graph rur.atnrc wig a'*' Ik ?l to c<? h label and wcf. h'n r<ati>o M.d ?lai o" the pi ep*? aUno r tttniMaaad on he b t tic a aid tic . ork* wm n t cd a lib hU private i aa'. No ^ uelc bad ??i been nolo in lot <vm ? ifV m?fer tb** at.e. of fchn* pn color to lt? i ir (Incti 'ii of W-"e'4 a^bitd in Hrcii ?nin arlu*t- p >b n IH61 am> ?be tahel wm dfpoaltc J, d* h'B tiadc tmirb, ih il a L'nl!? d talen ltiatr;et ' n irt f ?r *.bo so ih mb dlftrlctotbvwTo k dnrio* that ea . It npgbtbe mom b? pciH >|iudiitr.i a ?t h he u lirg cbtiactei ?.1 the pirat-s a b?# ot% y upon the rtpnli'm i of honor aide mt-ichuKiu i>y v-nip g et?-i i.n?.( ?.;.h u ( cr Uielr Piiino that the prote-t?'i. 1 ?-o c.s. i"?il y tbroao aro iii the ivhi.aipM wruld hk\ ' p'C:? tbe pp ??'* ic' n w i li e of count* rJtiL'. 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Iha preparty on W. at will ha aoM u * o"' 'n *a Iba 24Ui lhat . tB>' mriaerlhar hwvlnir m.t'le m .vrg m i. a to Utile ad<I Invent hieaepHal in Kiviiai.a THK llll.llNEsS H ill be conducted by hie bn.'ba a. THBODONe II V ATT, In niniifrtMD with ntiit-ra. unite !.h?' nama of HYATT. OOKBKUi A I. F? other ear lea iu New York are anihurtrrd to man ifaclure theae M?hi?. The yrltmatba," and ?tb?r Inferior Imitation* are n vla!?flrtn of my uatenta a?l Ilia sulfa which have been enniuenied Kaivat Inlrluaera will be proeeculed with eiieray ^ TEAMiKIJd UTATT. HAVK YOU IlKAKl) in* f very body la ulnj,' ilia1 wonderful medicine a Mima' Li?fi iu Tor vB, Everybody la betr 4 cured of consumption by Anur K.? i.iyuio TodoB. fiery rmlnri,t physician warmly rbcororcemly a MUlltr UltfffD lOplMB. I c rolola, It le ado- lUed, (bila a remedy hJ a i> ' 0 lu A HI e- ' 1>HH'ID lOL'I.VB. Tl ehepplmt I'fcrtalu rlieuma'ieiii ra-ul' Imro oNHKh*' I KJIflll IobiNt. J'.t lay, heart <1 liver romplaiet* m a cured by a-ori - L114UIU IODINB. And they eel) for ot.e dollar a botUe ? Mir 1. ' ' ii(( ID IODl vn, By ANPKRH .1 Ft>,HPf K No 11 Been- I avenue and ftd Broadway; f!. II h m? Broadway, New Y rfc Mr# Hayes, Brooklyn, me u;;f iva rrojf Uf.oD, V u IOI -r. BUR10W, CHARLE4 X. 1 wa'ent auu " ftronfth. A 1'ocn. ny l. Ui lit on, >"?vrr before published: furciahi d ua by Wiliuvm R. Barton, hi , of hiiitoe a Then're.. ' "I be Obi OlJ n.pic," a '< m'niecar.c*. ilj Uburlt'MiA. Walcul, r ? !_. i.l' AallacT'* I'eiiny '?be*tveg by W HroiiKh And sn original anl p overfull. written ronnvuoeof cby ,be. entitled, 1 l e I'cdh bhmbjw Arc a pod km of (lie atti actions of the cert number of '.he t I Mi vY COURIER. Poitiaitrd Co omr UYnnery Theories nt Lr. Burdnll'a :t order. 1 be rta'h ftadow. 1 et'era from rorrcp >nden'? bUNOA7 COURIER. W.udditgtou'* birthday 1 b? I ' a b Hbadow. Poor r Iraki nth SChliAY COURIER. All noita Y ti 1>( 1. b f f adaw. Cpv'ieed to olvili/.Ation ruriMi njurv.ra. Bt nnetl tu a btl< room. Tie FekiL h Wow. Mayor'* Merman. SUNDAY COCR'.F.R. Mud, inhwry and murder 11 < l'?n'h Fhndjiv. Fuel anm.'* Cabinet SUNDAY COURIERMr*. .Yednu. I'or'railtd the l.'-nroner. Matilda llrroo In a new eh'traofer. The IValh t-hhdew. lut tyilrn PU.NDAY COUMFR. Mim-ruble ut.aer*. be Dtntb Flsdow. Portrait of Price, three cent* per cepy. Fi r '?lc rterjwbi ic " Flint oomo Brut rervrd " /, pi nt* will do well to l? ?v?. th.-lr erili m III sr*-. n, rn '<* r.toid ihe ennoyunre o. r.aatoned by tne preannl u-.p va'.eled 1ttkb lor the ? OHH IKS. J AM ICS U BMITO t ro. 15 hprtt e Mr-net jMarfkd. Bi ,r? Da Hrvraa ? no 'burattaj, Feb 10, br theRiv. tnr. Forbid, Ubokob W. Hctx, Jr., ?f Buiilmira, V) Carina M., daughter it ifco late Jo a Do Kuytur, of lb oiy. Y tin? Kirch ? Ot V > n lerday creoirir, l ib. IB, by ilitltt? Ji >r| ti Uurii t, Mr. Y*t?* to Miaa 1>tl'UK*A FllkUI, all id it tout M/mt'i riu*?t <ih?? ? Do Ihorfdiy, F-ib. 10, at the Cfcui di of S- I-(#pr'e X trlrr, by the Kor H< n y !>cnu>qiut, John I. M> k*? ?. I* to KtR?it_?, daugbl-r of P. Hut: >i a, 1>'| . o. It la iltr. Cci trait? fl-1, <m - ?e WeJnwday, Feb IB, by Ibei lit v I) bunhaio < iat e Himiy Cot Miaat to Mim Kail, dtrgi u v id 'ton. ij ? bin, he-i , ill of ibi* clly. |if iiio'O p*Mie orpy I <u (a? Win ii* ? On <N>"1110(1 lay, Feb IB, by iBe Key. J Z ' iuti.1*, Mr J t i< IV: in to ML* J*na R. Humn, ad o' i* >a rttj. Hi \t? iltm - In nronVju. on tlmralay. Feb. 10, by the K. 7. K V. L lajl r, L D. Mr M F Hear to Mice Maty H . diuyMnr t>. Tikci*? Hani, Kiq. C-x i?a? I Bi*oil ? lu It w.k'jo, ou W'dacaiay. Feb. B, bi tto IV ? Dr. lord .'auu I'm ?* *>? i: mraa of Mid t t i Ki ?r Jure], <o Ck-ituaraa Klin, fai jbtrr ol lb* Ikle Jotib IT 11 le, it Ni w Yoil; DM. T norm r -O: Wcdmaaay, Feb IB, Piuma Tuoarttoa, aueid d'try 1l.iir.pkon, Ifed 4t>rare. ire ilia .via am i-lenm of toe family are reapectfollj 'nvud to atleno Ibr fiaera), fiom fcrr late reatdeooe, No. Sin Will lai u'y (i?mb itrett, on Monday moralag, a) t'.ri o'rloiic. tlx . i :? --On "nurrdov morale?, Feb. l?, iter a it'll but jalcfil iilneai, Jteir<i Hii'mncu, aged M j ?ia 1 In i.ralrs will be tairn In Waunaagcr'a Fail*, ; i? v i i >tr, ? ?' R otin. tro rm.uda or tne reiiii ;. I ?y. I't I . Ire No 64, b n<l 1 M., ud the | ii m.i try o.'L'itl bit in* ice u attend tbs f sacral, ft c rci It la o TfBlderti', No 14 iJiotawlt-b r.raet. Tbe tiiTitcl It.i fruit rat? off Mil A. W will Do de.'iverad il l i? ?'t 011 I suit - Oi Met rtfday, Fib 11, Ami, infant deugta'. id J in ml ii.ut I. ill', eyed so borri. ud oa In i-Cir, V b if. after a rrry abort end painful Ulcus. Mr# AV i il , ?)!? vt lubn I'flill, iftd 91 fan. Tee rr atltn i od ft leads o( the family era rrapaelfnitjr 'tt-.ied to a'co l Ifcelr luccrai, fr-rn ihe restdeose ol lbs t :>bi:&4 aad la'.lir, No C01 Foertb rtrnct, to mono* kfirrni e Mikc'i t.ok. Their remains will ba lakes lo f e Li t a i ' it tic j tor MtrmueL mivim -M Vifi miIit, Ftfc is. of paralysis, Mrs. Am* Hina#*, atCi w 'if NtobolSJ B HteyeBJ, agod 69 yot'i, IrmbeatiU 1 bdaye Tbe releiireB and frUa<<s af U? family, sea the New York arddandy Hxk ritcte, are rorpeotcelly iat*ted to Ui ed tbe Inctial, ht? eftirco-ir, el two o'otack. In in U i oifti.oro o! bf r *ou o lew. Hear/ W. CXUaa, No ? <iUe(?ro?, I '.rcciu atrctt, Brookiya, wtUtoot fartL.r latltelion. ?In Jtraey City, i n Thi riiiey, Feb. 16, (Jaoana TV Atnitotna Amur aged 3k years, 1 month end It days. 'be rtlalhca and friends o( tae taaiUr, aad amcrtoaa Caapltr, are respecvul'.y lattlsd t? attend tbs funeral, t&u- siu moor, at two o'olotk, f cm tbe rasideasa of bis br itirr, No. Vil Scsiss itrent. Jersey Fly. Ha*max ? Suddenly, cs I rldej morning, February to, Chasm* liitM*. agon 76 > vers in I l inoath. Inc Trunin aad <ci< al'iianota ol M>e fanilr, aad of his rem. < bailee, Tb tna# aad Joan Human, the evogrege ti. n of Uie Holy Martyr's obun.b, tbe members of Worth J.ocge, No 610, V end A M, also tbe memrert and t.i mi i^bcrs of Cilatoo t- iiae Company, No II, are tn riied to attend tbo funeral, without farther latitat low, Ir m ba lata residence 82 Columbia street, to asorrow alieno a, at 1tcl.?tk. Tbe riu tins will ba latarrad to tte Cemtlery of Un lyrrgretaa M< *a<'S ? l?n VVtJnceday ereelaf, Feb. 16,1s Williamsburg, of, Mr? Kurtni'M daughter of the late thtriea IJak' sod wile of David M. Monro*, aged oO years and 0 day* ibe fascial wtn lake pises on Pun lay afteraooa, at two o u'ork, rrtn ik? Attoirey atreet V p. oborab. The ft M I.(it of the taatly are *aocUot?t*fy larlfed H*Um4, witcu. fgrttrr not 00 ' nirnc 1 ate'be p r* la beart, for tbey *b*ll aeatfed.'' Ma??umi ?On Iharafay, i to la. Aim kanta, daagbtor of Wl'lun H. tvcd L<iUo?a Maaalag, *f?d * fN/iud 11 ir.caiL*. Toe fe *'l?es as 1 f.i'odi of the '*011:7, tad lb* axon bet* of Marlra Hut* and Ladder Company, So. 13, are ttquttbd 10 at et>i .fce lateral, to a?orrew a/iaraooa, at twoo'cwk. trim 'J9B)i Killb*'re?t. Iltrr.i>?nt i,-t j r Jar. 'a* >0. at tbe raaldeaoa of be father Jaai- flat oawui r. la tbe itib rear of hie *fe. It* tan 17 *rd iritu-i* are retpaa r*Uy la rited teat Ittd b ? fat oral, from be lale reiilraoe, 006 htghUi avetul, to morrow nrtiT.'Bc at Hgbl 0 olxb. kiUr?iH-on Ki Jaj tromi-f, 7#h ao alter b l ager laa H't.'t, Ireaaiu *,?1 78 roar* iut ft ?tide t If.. 1. -n' 7 are to .p-cJullr oriw-l to at lead the loatral. it- u. *A Mawaoatt itrret, to arrow allot roon at taut o' -art w. h'-ut f jrilifr >aritatlee I < w-o? ?(to 9n<lar, tab to, Wiuiaa H, l.*t?- a, editor cl 'be nraytiat arid . t jear*. f>t* te atn ea at J Itl ad? aad theeaci the family are rctrrclfollr tnritul to aitttd htaluweral, ireia be late rt* .trod. Iff Blrnk*.- itreot, to sorrow al eraeoa, at two o'clock, without la' bt r in*', afou HI* rowtelae wtlt b itkeo o UictnwoM U -ttr* lor lateraeat Moaaiwa? On*/, >\b 19,1* tbeliat year or Marge V)*fB?T T , 10a ot J meed **d Oatbertae Morft*oi aad r a...iter of Caul. Tnowl Tilyan lb* relative* atd fnecdi r.ra tavtied a atuod bta fa** rel, trrm tbe rtairtnce of bit- graadfatbrr, N*. 94 tteada *tie?t. Rioehl}b, th?? ritmw 1, *t twoo'ctetic. I Mono*-no f Prb 10 R-m*L B , tafbat daughter 11 Ja* P *<- d Maria Ftfrgtaoa. Tbe frlrrd aad rtetlrea of the faal'y art respectfully lar'tcd loaitetd Uia lararal 1.0m the reatdeaa* 01 Mr tarenit. ooreirrl ti tcw'eb and Ur*eae aveeoea, Brookj a to utcrrow ?f rriKoe at two a'oloak. l aai roan ~i*a Ttiuruay i.tofB'eg, f.b 19. of wmuapiica, Bit tiaar Ita* oat-, Lt 'be bo b year if bie age. a aatire of let d*. I-op land. im imuvi 11 ixc tan mv mg nin nri 91 neacoca I edge, No 40, I <i 11 (> t , M't ibc Bjotbladara' ^xte ty, art reeptft lolly tav'lrd mtkod Ola foaeral. 10 morrow aftsraroa, ?; two o cloot, irom bti let*, J? Nortb Flrat ?kH lirooklya, K 0 L ad? papcri r1**'* oopy. M<Mum ?(>0 ' rl ley. f eb SO, ta Ida ink year al bar Mr. Kilii Ana, dargbior d Thomae aad Ann McMeJiee. Haa waa n.ucu laved, aai la mncb regretted by tbar, itatara aad brother, aid all who knew bar. Bar fsaa<al Will laha pleoa thw etkeraaoa, al twaeelxb, frcm &AO0M itreet. Rrxkiya. la the uemoaery of tba H .ly Oraea, F.atHuifc Her relative- aad 'Dsada ara ra aocdfally lavtted to at rad brr aortal. Mother, yw aao'l raep (br ma; lather, auppreea yaar tlgO? I or I arpr la year Itttla oaa w in Jeaot >a Ibe aky. M?i?a - Cm Tt oreday, f.b. If, af rarely eta af um Moea MM J ,a?i Wiuaunva Mams, dsagbtar of Mr. Job a Marbt, of Uimburg, ueraaay, in iba SM yaar al ^'Tbfniae'a' arrvira mil aa bald al Iba raaklaaoa of bar biatber a law, Mr. C. F. reach, M Jarolaiaaa atraoh, Brook yn. to morrow a-lrmooa, M tbraa o okeab Tba friead* ot iba taamtly ar ladly raaaaalad to attawd, wilb rut luilber Inriiat < ?, PaBbWofi' ?Of Friday, Feb. JO, I/trau Haaavuv only oMid at Oelvia W aad A Malta Bbarwosd, agad it moatbs aid T day* tba relatives and rrleadi al Um IbaMlr ara lavttad to attend tba ibnatal, traoi tba reatdeaoe of bar paronte l?? ?< roadie tree! Brooklyn, B D . to ui arrow aAaraaoa, ah Tea*?la rattarron. Peinem aanaty. N T , Mamday, Fab 19, Mr Tahi aarba J Tata, agvd ?1 yaan.