Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 27, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 27, 1857 Page 1
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TH VHOLB NO. 7485. IMPORTANT FRVM MEXICO. TIIE NEW MEXICAN TREAT i. NOVEL PROCEEDINGS IN DIPLOMACY. GREAT COMMERCIAL CONCESSIONS. An Alliance Sworn to on the Almighty Dollar, to., Ac., t:!. Our Ntiltan Gotrespondesice muxiuo Feb, S, 1857. TO THE EDITOR OF THE HKIULD. I informed jon In iny last that a mm Important treity bail teen at lav effected bet eeen Memos and tha United -Slates, and out of which, I ihlok. etenia will aMae which will free'i j redound to the adyaaUge of all thoae baring Interests here. Tha United titatei haa long deal red to oater Into oloier commercial relations with Mexico but tho Mexicans could.not be brought to reaaoaaoie terms upon the aub jeot? not but that they desired to be liberal and progreaalrc?bat they could not aaa tblrga aa we do. Now we have aa opportunity, as a ooaaideratton for tha aooommadatlon or the proposed loan, to carry these aaeaaurea through, end there are attached to this treat' ? 1. An arrangement for reciprocity on the frontier?like the Canadian. S. Twenty per cent reduction In faror of our productions, manufactured or other, coming In our own vessels. 8. Foetal Convention, so loag dea red. 4. An appropriation of S3 000 000 of he mono > to the payment of claims against Mexico, for whlob purpose n commission Is to be appointed. 6. As a ra'vo to English Influence here, the English oenter Hoc ?: debt la to be paid from tbe money. All theee are pelnU of Immense | al > to tbe United States, and the gets tbem fer doing merely wbat a bo ought to do nay way?assist her poor sufferleg neighbor. Or oonrae there will be opposition to this treaty at Washington, but If It Is ratliied, It will be or the greatest advantage to the future of both oountrlee. It the United Slates will only tarnish this money, It will give sufficient strength and boldness to the present government to at once suppress tbe latrlgusa or the Church, and kill forever that pregnant souroe ot oommo tion and disorder; nor oan any peace be expected here until that la done. For the last year this government has Just barely been able to keep Itself ative. One after the other, pronuamemento*, cau>ed by the olorgy, have sprung np all over the oountry, occupying the attention and exhausting the resources or lbs government. Itlt only had the strength given to It irom abroad to crash for over this baaefal In fiuet oe,- It would then have time to go en with and ooneumate thoce great plans of reform which havs been held out as Ibe basil of tbe late revolution, an 1 which she people here so much longed for. Bnt I do not see how they ran do It unless some amlstanca Is given to them?not ef men, bnt of money. If this treaty falls I see only a very dark prospect beft re Kestoo. It Is the last restrt?the forlorn hope. 10 Tax EDITOR or THE HEKSLD. Mexico, Feb. 4, 18?T. Within the past few dare mailers of a xood daal at -Unportauce bar* traasplrad bar*, and I km oollacled ?he Mlva'Sf *eforawit >a aa the an >Jec tilt apptl i thai It# Comoaforl (oremmsat, who bar# ?o far aartalaed tberoeelrce well la thMr ooarae of re toraaaed pog r#?? aiairat lb# power aid io'Jernoeof lb# cburrh, bar# bow arrlrid allbe critical Mate la tbilr atrieooo They are vtiboat fooirto euitala theaaealre* aay longer, and lb# cburib, eerto* It# adraataga, poebei tbraa closely, la their extrewUy tboy bar# applied to tb# Units.l Siatta, through the Mia I iter bore, for a loan of tirt(#a n ID lent, aal were told that tboy woald probably (<t it, prorlded Teboaatep#: abooid be the aeonrlty. TbU, bowerrr, Mexico rolneaa to do, aad will ratber ataad the Kit of the nrxt Ihrxc or foar months aloae aad a eeided, tbaa aoit(i|? a foot of territory. Tboy bar# lace Made another proposition to the Uailed Stat##, wblob la ee follows That Mt.x'co aball rrcslve a loan of flftaea mlllliaa or of dollar#. Thrre million# of wblob are to be rwarred for tit art) cmcnt ol American olalaai agataat Meitoo, aad al#o a certa'a amount for tb# tettt#a*rat of eome Brt tlab* for unpaid later est. Ia #oaald#ratloa of wblob, M< x co offera a Itea oa bar rrraaa# of M par eeal, I bolter#; a treaty of reciprocity, ataallar to that wi'co (i in oawtn tuigiuime uiwi ohhi, 10 epply, bowerer, oely to Uto Mixlau froottor, n poaui treaty, ii< a redaction of 30 per coat on her tariff la fewer of America* gnoda brought ta Amertoaa re Mile. That the I' tilled State* will agree to tbla proposal la no* about the only hop* which Mr xtoo ha*. Unaided tad wUhri\foDda, the preeant (ore an weal, wblahUdaatrone of hnaglag about the many re for mi eo mueh needed raaaot eland egt!net the ororwhelmtag power and lafla eeoaof tret-butch, which la tad elweye haa bee* an rOhotual barrier ta the progreae of Mexloo. The Coaa rarer! gartremrat la nndoubtodly Ut* beat that Mexloo haa nad for tainy yaara, tad leaervaa caooaraga weal Their lowa are liberal, and tbalr object* reform ant pro groat. Taey are weak, however, at ell tlmea, and per (toiler! 7 eoat precrnt The advantage* whloh they ofl?r to the Called Stelae ta fltaal*erel:ea or tee lone are, parneps aot ao (real ae might be exported, bnl amoeg tbfta are eoaeethlage wbioh A nrrlcaa rWzaos bare loag bee* deelroue that 1' Uefftoo rboulJ great For leetaace. the reelproollr aed redootlon *r datlM From the ewbarreeeed p-wiuoe of M xtco et prr-oeut, we ota, by rend ring her aid, eeeere toenroelrrr three oommtrc'al arretgom^nie,? eir *, no ler other alreneeeieaoea, she boa repraiecly rotate I an, and whteb I tblek we could only g*t by a pecuniary tad lanoo Tlio adriBtegri of tbeec arrsag meat* urtaid meet'eoiiy be rery grtat. Oar eemmeroe would he maeh lecroeied therrby, eaJ at Itaet a large portion ot the forty million* wMih Mcx'ci rex da aannal y to R g'eel, would to 10 UeUii.eJ Hi*ice. The pteiai treaty le aim * deeire*!* p?7?l (fee debt wHh Internal la few year* afeaaM ibe l oued motet ngree to thla propetel, (he ilberal goriinarot woald be no itreattheaed, H on r by the iwcnaiary aid, bat by tba moral < ffei on ibn peo pie, ahkb tixb eaooarag aaw at frea tine lilted Htetea weald bare. Ua'. (bay weald proaably u>>te a boll at rode at Ite cfearofe property, and pitaaead for ?rer to thai coantaat eon roe of tronole aad dtfllaUr la Mill no. The d?or the roa<l ? elrar aad eotbttg remVot to Croat ber (roat rteiag to aa boeorabte petition <)? other load, nbould the Uatted at a too refute ber pro poaal, aotb eg eaa tare b?r. the It dooard to dcatror toe. Tbo a?w noetlUalloe bee beea drawn op and agreed to It will bs pubctbed in a tow da/a For Ibe oraaat, ao far aa I can lea>a. It la liberal, aed tba old dim 10 ty of rellgho f;?t b?ra wall got oror. by oaj ing aotblog w hater cr en the eabjeot, tboo I ear tag it lo tali#doel cbolce. Tba cleetloa uader It Ukbo plaoo nest May, n?d tt alU go laio t-woo la Bepteaaer; oatil taea tba attraordlaar? power* of tbo proooat gorotnanat oooUata. y Ua iaat ahaaer wa bare tba aowa troa Home tbat O men ton aad alt I ba?e wba look part la aeaa aefetera agniant tba t'.mrob lately bare bren eseoaaentoetet. Prraanal Intelligence. Rdwerd Ererett baa aeoapled aa larlta'.ioe to doltrer (be eddrtao bntore tba aotootaMoo of tba Alaaal of Her...e .1 it. i.i..bIoI rn'ebratloi. Which taken piaoa oa tia day airur"OtumNnrtt, nrat Jalp. Httaior Rnantr mtM Waahiagtoa aa Wodaaaday, (hrlrg tomrwhat woortod bp bti joaraap, bat o;W qatta oamrtiMa. Madoata Ida PMffar arrival at tba Capo o' 9>id Hipi oa tba Mth Nnrawbor, wbora aha vm wall raaatval bp tha BrU'ah gararaar. Hba daa'rvad am bark lag far II ?attaa oa tba Hih, aa a froaoh goaaraaiaat ataaaaar, la wbldh a Trae [paraage had b*aa taadarad bar. From Maarlllaa tba wiu prwaad to Madagatoar. II la atalod Ibal a b rot bar of F.knl, Uta rapa ad aaardorar or Dr Birdtfl. rtaldtag at Mm at Plaaaaat, Hna.rrdoa orantp, Mrw Jarary, baa baaa ao anratad la atad bp lha lata ftadtag al tba <>riad Jorp, tha II will probaofp ba aocatsatj to raaaore him to tba loaatlo aaplam. PUPARTTRKA. For l.l*r*po>l In lb? at'rmrhlp Jtunrpa. 'r m? Boatm- VUa h ' nd?li Mf-ir M F U^ndnll an I WH? T l"m?i tlhrib nrnr Mra P Wlum, Mr It Cam gaily a6T Mia flimtnooi, of Rattoa; ra*?? F Proa'tn. p! Cambjidfr A F Sh nan. of Rot bury, lobn Pntrhor. Winirm Dwloa. M B 'J, M*?rrr A W Adaww, nriy>wcM. A Pobeaon .lr of B?wport It I: Mm R..bnaon, ol Brookh n; Monard N Oo'nntn, ! Mo", Robott Mar ray. H V Pnrklna, Ooorgr Ralrr. A l< Bluanathil, J R Tod hunter and O Faooloa. of Wow Yo-h; M >aon Morrla. ol It Imija John H"i< k of Touti. Mr Dona ae l aa-rant. and Ma Brl'lih arwr; Mr Tllnaion and wlfn, of Canvti; vllor JoMra f!ri?pnr aadann. of Torontj; fork Johnnon, fat Patkla. and 11 n Martin, ol Mnntroal, .1 Ollmrnr and wlf? of Jnobna; Moratio .loll, of Urfao arn, C W-S*. For llalifatX'.'*." ' * Frairan, Paiklnn, Hmford, II t'ronnkill, A W Wlmoli rk, r R Ray an ! li Rrrnarornh, < r It raioi A .1 NpniiVf iV? !?2rrTtYfi. ' R F (Hnadoro of ra'om; Wn\ Wnttra. of llartfrrO; J A Afmoaton. .! Nnnr.woa, .lobn Rodford ant Mi a w Vofbt Moon # Tb a t.hrlatlan, or at .lob.i, Mrwara W ^ Rivk and wlfn, Win F?#W. J'? flardnrr, taranl Wkarlot. Ilora'ln ilarti Alrian yr_w.?/J'"' bod Jamnn WiatA'b of luiiV, William Birr Wl j*am OampbtU. of Janata J?. fatal, At. n!f. ?""* J* *f"ailpptp Sl?_Mmr? |iW Iftono 1 Ilr. ro Jun.rr T ItwW. ftd Mr'TltArr. R.wTor* Mt , E NE ADDITIONAL FROM CUBA. State of ttao teagnr Cimj)? i|k Uevenae or Cm ba?Credit Mobil ter?threat Ir.<liu(dU wipouiion, The Diatio de la Marina of the 20th lsstsnt bee the following reatarks In relet ton to the present eager crop ? All the reports worthy of c.ealt whiob oom* from the country, end which wo hive utnu oa*otui peine toolltct, egree tbet tbo hopes o? not-lve* e> ibo neginotng ot the lesion will not, uafortrnatol?, eoree'lzad ?o fer ei lcgerds tho amount of the jl?ld. Nut oaiy csve tha terrible frosts caned en undoubted cam <g?, but anterior alternation of cxrenlvo r?tn? end groat drougoti hat not csuied iter p'< tudloo In the principal pt> uoisg dn tilcte. Col sequent y, without venturing ea opiotoa ei to the amount tf tf e crop, ws oan statu tuat It wtu u t abcw that increase which we some time siqco believed c ursrIves amber'/ d to hope tor T > lay. e< ma ty sent Hdges (to, tbet wo shell hardly reach too prom it of the preceding eceson, would perbepa ht aaylog too uiuct, fur Ihet dtr-ooce u you e t'ouimd oiruhtnsteaoee which It tl Imptraible to for.e?e with oerialn ty. If the weather itaould favor the gitr.dUg tt Is very possible the*, sl? by the goer prices sow ruling oar planiors will mtk< nn iffurt to batten the oatUrg of too eta*, tt stead of leaving, as they did last yc-er. groat q ia< tily standing Is lb* Hi-Ida. ?vtn Id thla case which le too mml (a vorab'e tbo most we can hooe for la to reaoh the same print In the opposite event the deflott will ho otrUia, end perhaps large. The Alttorada, ot VlUa Glare, oomptslei eUtl of thn *e vagea ot the oold. The sweet- po-e o orop has b ul most entirely lost. What few plant aim ?erb left by the (September gale, havo been ont oO bj the frost, aad the tobaoco plants of that region have suffered grt auy from crccght. Vrgeublce had become very eoaroe and dear in tbo market. Ttie Oactta, of Havana pabllahea e return of the net levenue of the island for the pait thrie years. the totals of wh'ch are aa follows:? 1864 1846. 1864. Customs rev... $8,464,460 01 9,5st4 0?S 60 9,019 771 60 Internal taxea.. 3.9f4 896 60 $.l?d,(47 It 8.P40 6i3 81 Y'.o'd Of lotUry.. (Ml.616 76 1,098,638 81 1,898 839 18 Total $13,3(0 674 04 18 447,884 44 14,880,114 60 A nice leg hid been hold it (ha house of Dm G?brl#i Lopec Martinez In relation to tie catabliahment or a Cro dtt Mobl.'ler. It waa lbs tccond meeting to dtaooaa tha project, ml a draft of by-lava and rniea in adrpted Tba capital waa fixed at twelro mUloaa of dollara, to bo loaned la foor emissions, tha Brit of which wia to be four millions Tha' amount waa anb crlbod by the par cons presto t, excepting $160,000, whloh waa taft tor oat tldars The Divio rays that waa Immediately taken up tha next morning, and before Light Urge operatlooa were made In aalea oi atock aubaorlbed 'n an editorial article, tha name paper apeak a of tha abundant signs of prosperity that nre evinced by the preaeat state of the country aa compared with what It waa n few years Unco, during Urn times of political ex cttemcnt, and attributes tba fact that every body la now aaaklag money to the Oil at care or the government, and that the whole Island la no* on the btgh and stra'gbt mad to fortune. A commercial elreular baa been received from Chine dated at Amoy, 6lh of November, wbloh states that lbs Chinese In that vicinity bad takea to making 9panteb I old ounoen with tba atamp of "Fernando Fit, 1800," and wereaclllog Ibem at $10 6C each tor the Manila mar ket. Aa the ounce pa*, an la Caba for $1T, It thinks some ol them may reach these shores. The Kojal Economical Soo'ety of Havana baa an noenoed that It will bold It* third graat pubtto exposition of Caban prod acta la November next. Tne prime wl I be ftatrlbnted on the 19tb of Novembtr, the Queen's blrtboay. The ttrdmetor, of St Jago de Cuba, hu the following paragraph:? la a Utile tbatcbed hot on a tma'l coffee estate in the anon drieit.d pari a a of Caraiiio, D>na <iao?vtsve Charpenliar do Lcgoodro dlod, oa the 31 of January, at ta* advanced age or 100 year'. Sjo belonged to one of tha brat French families of t?t. Drmtneo balora Da deatru i'Iio aid bad two brothers in tae Creatltuoat Ataemhty of France la 1780, both of whom perished aaald the hor.ora of the greet French revolution OUR H % VAN A COHREHPONDFNl E. Havana, Fob 10, 1S?7. PtiiT to tkt More CattU?dm-rnane in the P?tif Petition of tkr Gmi?Tto Slant Trait?Am'Xer War ViK't to Mtxico? ThratrUal*? Ifttct from Tiiniiai, Fob* ytare bare aow elapoed alaoa I Orel Ian Jed la tbi? city, yet It la aaly wlibta a brief period thai 1 bare vkt.ed iba Mora Oaelie. Indeed It baa only baea or late tbel tbe aatborltlea bera bare poraalUed al-aogere (as cept la at aae few rare laataaeea) to etelt their ohlef loril ileatlcna However, anderaiaadUg tbat a dtflereot realleg recently proraTel aad baring made tbe acq latnt aaee or a genlliman from Boetoa, wbo bad eblalaed an tntrodnetery note to the 8. nor CeaaMaeaateor the More, I aroompa^d bU party, ooaetatlng of ear oral ladlea aa1 gentlemen, oa their rlelt to the above named aoaewbat celebrated Caelle. We were poilely reoalrcd by tbe oftcer ot Iba guard, wbo cent aoor peral with ui to thoe be way to the quartern or itao Sonar Oommaadante. Ar rtved there a lady received o?, who graoefaliy requested (in to bo teoioU In bor apartment, nnd the latrol?clory note wm conveyed to the (J immnodenlo, who, it np peered, win lonewhnt Indie poind. In n fen mioutee, however, n tell, aged officer cemo to the apartment In which we wore I anted withe polite aeeaeage from the CoBBiadeeto, regretting hie til heeltb pre rente 1 hie pcreooelly accompanying aa eroond the Oeetle, hat he had dlrcotad thetee ofhoer ebon Id do no. i'reaently e jeoeg aahe<t?re entered the ro-ra a nting ha hod bean directed to net u onr lalda, end wa oomwaaoe 1 e pretty thorough einmtaatlon of the CetUa. I rat, we were taken to the outer beatloa, and I oouid cot avoid obmvtsg that from It enly thrve guae oojld l>a erorgttta txer npen any hoetila Meet that might eti< apt to loroe en reirenco Into the harbor. rhesoa wo were oondocted through e covored any to tho oeatera th e oTtte ore Je. In tho covered way there were vaat 11 inhere of canaoe, with their onrrlagea piled ep one en ire top f>4 the other. I ram the (ulen all* of the Oae.te ib?re la n mignlltent aee view, liter havlog heeled ocr eyra with It. we were cm loci td to er other bnailoa, wh<ro there ' were on He graoad eotae oenaou of largo oalibre. made if trocre There wore, too, pi lea of ebot, rore'ed over with morier eod whlMwiebed, with the view. I eoppoee, of pretcettrg tbtm frcm the weather Tbere were nleoee the gronad eowe vrry lorg iroa nuinon. weloh. how erer, from the amallacea of their mra woold one vrry * be I wd|b!ng more then pouada After we had b?<a nbown the in'lre fortlSed portico i of U>e Cm lie we were conducted m e the eignal effl< e nnd the light henna. The nignnl cilice la nader the obvrfe of a lieutenant of the envy; It nnntaine n meteiflwnt teteecope. (laud o? atrt, o.i Tbr lekrcope, which la of Kagileb oiuhctera, moven on a pivot, and by Ite aid veeaew ana he teae n very long d ninnoentam Wo aoceadM Into the inner a ol Ue llglt hnaan, nnd tba olockeork ih?t caawa the lew re to revolve wee put la mourn, eo aeiolet na eee the rrgumrlty of He action Wt were not, ho wore-, ahown tho on Irrgrocad dongtoea or the Ceeile. la ? .n ?- ? nnllilml mUMAPfl ItbVI OrtlH l!m? I* Mat*, btta ooaflMd, tad of whim report areata la mk hank latgaega Htriag b??a been u>a Cattle thormgbig abnee groaarf, retarnicg ear aebaowtadgaiaata tor (ha poinaaen Ihtl I ad btca ?iraded towards at, we look oar I tart, loo t I sard to rtalt the Ctbaaat (a aeigbberlag tortreaa) (hat cay. I toetd afterwards (ho twpr<wioa oa the talada ot Kt graiunwn ot oar partr ta bo (bat a'lbougta the More Oaetia la donbtlaaa a fortress ot great reagth. gat It la old fsabioaed, and aa oar of lha groUoiaea oh tarred, amid ant ha enabled to wHhataad tlx boara ot aask a b mba daieat aa rabaalapol alt b'too J foe aa many aeeka I bars baard I! a la ted that On. Rjotf poaraaaia piaea tad draw'ngi ct botb tba Interior and exterior of tbo Mora and Chbaaaa lortraawa, drawa II waa tall bJ a Hpen'th officer. Tba eiare trada Ibrlrao neat e'geroaaig. Tbara bare beta tbrce or tear eargoeoof Bixtl aegroat landal la (hit lilaad reeeefg. Tba Spaa lab frigate retire Ml tbie barber oa tba aaoralag of tba 1Mb laat, wtib realed ordora. Htr ddrtiaatioa le beileeed ta ba a port la Mexico. (>a the 14th laat I be Psraetaa sblp Oora arrlred fro* Am eg, Hwatao aad Hi ntieoa. wtib TO Atlttci (2ilreeat. 1 leara that tbo embarked eoo la Oilae, bat tba'. ? nlad oa Iba patoaga af dreeeterg. The second ma'.a. bra'aaan aad a Obiaoaa dbetor are alao naderstced ti rtaro a no 01 in? nni aw? Samoei MaLeaa, who for foot torn fwn boo booa thi tatted Mhi Ownl it Triatdad In this loload, ratirnot to tho t oiud (tatao ta tbo tthawba rootarrtay, with th ? Ttow or tfadorlafr hla raoigaaUoa. bom eit.ioaa of thi t*altod sutoa raeeatty oa a natt to Trlatdod, roootr d aaoh groat ottoauoa ud hoopttaltiy at tho haado of Ifco anthoritieo tbora. that Moaoro. L'pp'aooU. of rhliadHphia, ?rabb. of Mow Joroey, aad Wetanra. of Now York, fait benal to ooako ooaoo rotura, wh eh they did by imag a pud ball at tbo hotel whora tboy ooi tor'Bed Tho ball wan atloadod by tho aathortrao of Trtaldad aad all tbo tWr of that dlatrtat. Tbo oaooad ol tho taaokad hallo at tbo lateadiaola, la old of tho Baao>reao?a lteaotollaaola, rame off oa tho 17,h lartaat. Tho Ohptala Ooaaral aad tbo Margaaaa woro ""lb^Raaoto will obortly appear la ih?o city. Oeiti obolk, with Bigaortna rati', a flu'at name I Htpadiro, aad the Urotbera Yaodergtitb, who perform oa too rio Meade, and Vldte. gave a eoaenrt latt areata* at tbo Inr^n thsolte, oail are to rlTO another on the M?h laat TV T!aa MariUfd oy.ra tto?r" <t?rc nearly all 1?H W YC MORNING IDITION-FKIC THE DEATH OP DM. KAfK* OUR IU7ANa CORRESPONDENCE. r?b. SO, IM7. iiimm-1 to the Ifttnorf of Dr Kmnt? Mettxng of Am*U*o Cttftsai?Utter from the Cat tain Ornerel?Meesfirfiwe of Ccndoltnct?Proctnion to ttu DUamtr?Aodremti on Board. Dr. K?m bad been considered dally In pro ring nnttl little mcie Ibao n wetk pro?torn to km decent*, aid bnd boon in ibo bnblt of Ukli g a fnily airing In a carriage. Mood*j net* Uit wu n oooler day tknn Mad, nerertbn lent the di reated iodo out as he bnd prevlout 1/ done, whet he eacgbt frteh cold which term touted In hti dentil A meeting cr tbe citizens or the Unltod States now In thl? cay wntbcld nt the Ualted Bale* Con so Into nt two o'clock on the i'lh Inst, for tho purpose of *g reel nt upon soaie public demonstrotloa of reepsot to the m?miry of tbe Intrepid Arctic nnrlfntor. There wore t>e;w<en tw i ncd 'tree hundred citizens of tbe United Suttee pre rent?nun of respeota'Jllity from almost erery Stele lu the Union At nbout two o'oloek Gen l'tVlorson catlod tbe rrrtilig to order ncd morel thnt Col. Blythe, United Stated C?neul, ihould -e tho ohnir. The molten wen onrrlcd by scoUma'lou. Mr. TilUny, of Mnrylnnd, o>nrente! to no; as secretary. Tbe chairman briefly explained the object he had In celling them together, m citizens of the United States, to Ap honor to the memory of a distinguished fellow citizen, Tr. E K Esse, who had died la this olty, and to sympt tH/e with bie t .Tlioted lolativen upon the molnnoholy osoa s!on; but astbry were la n it range oountry It bnd boon re qnitlle lor him 10 obtain permission for the meeting to bo b< Id befrro ho called tbrm tegithcr. In reply tohltappU chIIi o for that purpose be bnd reoelred n oommun'ottlon from the GapUIn-General of the Island, which with thslr permirslm ho no aid here rend to them. Ibie propoet tlon bel'g ss?( tied to, Mr. fhomns Snrnge, the Bsoretary to tbo Coneuln'o, read the ado, of wbloh tbe f ?Jawing Is n lismlnlicD, from the Cnptnln-Geuerni: ? orricc or the caitun cenbsal i^mrreniwicnsit or the>n fgt'RETAitr'A omen, ei.e. or dor., > Havana P*b If. WS7 f 11.avi1 i eoiv. d lh? commTintcAllon that yon hcve eldtrsied to tor, ut do- tbla date, roll -itlng peruuta on ttia' the *mert :an titl/.ens residing la tti ? cttv may meet at your reitdence, fir tin! purpose of making a publl demonMratioa oa the decca*? of your .feliow cltlrer, Dr. K K Kane. I have the gretten' aetata ctioo In weeding toih?*i?bes eiprennel by you. en I beg of ;om to m?ke known to me tfte remit of tlis mrnUng in dlcHttcl. mat I may in tto atih yon laths maalfi ?t*tmn tint tbsll l.e ed upon to the memory of tool distinguished mas ol science. Qod preserve you many years. .Tutli OK lil CONCHA. The CouMrr.ctAL Acuvr ia charge ol the Oontulott of lb* tilted States. Tne loaning or thl? note wa? received with erlleat token* of p eosure, ti er which a oovntttoo of II -a tit, open mo In, nominated to dratl resolution* eiiresi've of lb.- (edicts ci tht meeting, rbe tallowing natnel gentlrmen were hob mat d at the committee Urn Pa'.tee eon, Gov. Bushman. Mr. rhompton of New York, Mr. Bst'o ati l Col. Kobertios Toe ciro b'ttev, wlttt tbo secretary, then retired, wore absent about ten miautet, and r< turning, presented by tt? oha'.rman, Gjb fatterMM, the | twMi aud rejol?U<nsof which the loll ) teg li a oopy, and whloh were put serwt'im from theohilr, and carried ikm coo Bt fore tea ting the reiolotlona Geo. Holt moon nddreaaal few appropriate obtarvatlonw to tbo meeting (hay bad met. be tail, to dy honor to the memory ol a una wboie fame rxvcndol throughout the cietlUtd *orl), ?nd but uiat the present wu ? no Utuy far word*," ba bould be Induced, perhapa to oddrem taam atei<uo rg'h la It was be would nnntent himself with re* ling the rmolationa be belt In bt* band and wbtcb he bnpel weald coincide with the feeling* of lbs meeting. Gen. Patterson then mad at follows Tb* Ut? Toelor Kace liavlnt by a dlapenUton of Dirtoo Providence lermliat.d la thl* . ny, oo the hbh Ins ill hU bruf but eventful career, we, ct'i/.eoa of the Unite 1 Stat-a, re s'.ler.t aid transient. In tlie Havana desiring to nrpnstt on' (rati fat aeoreof hla services to kia cauotry and maaktal. d> icH'lyo? lit. 1 ha' In thi death i f Doa' ie KaawaiOi eoaa'ry ha* to*'. a valuable ocd world r Mowiami tauaop. Wat haa alwinl heansali: seterce haa been deprived of ao aWOsws adv. sua ever riadj by sell abnrgat'oa. to advani-oBprtstoeeati, and hn mar It) a devotee who yielded lit* H*e la otied voce to b" c<. it. tram's fd. T'.nt whilst we deplore hi* lirnoe a>wbhc calamity, wa 'ei i er our licarttrlt con'ioleaca to Ins bereaved papenta. |m the* and ibstresnd relative* * ."<1. 1 ltot wltb thn letter ol the C??'Vn Gt-asrul In re'a'icnTn tin* mrein-g tbeac >e*olutloia lie nivjr D>lil.e Uimugb th" crres of ihr (tuttedRule* and a enpy ol the tame be seat ti the taw.'y ot ihr dt< rased. It woe attar ward a retolred fat a eommiltee of Ire bs appointed to nnlie with the family of the decerned ia per lurmlig the melanonoly doty atlnodaat upm the em barkalUn ol lit* remans. The g ntlemrn wbo composed the previous committee were appointed to fnlM tbts sal tire-. The master* of regrets la port were requested to hvtgt their colore st half mad on that day. m mwi D m inai* im in mam ui perroni pro 'Bt thou'd tl o be pa blithe d with tbe foregoing retoia tirna Tb e motion >11 very p'operly objeo'ed to, ?a ! o (in.ntui tbet It won't ?e oooapytog tot treat a epaoe Is tbe oolamae of any ?e we paper Tbo mi Ira being pat Ire* tb* ebair, ?u negnltred, aid tbe meeting then Mt loaned. A letter baa tlnce been recitred by tbe Dulled R la tea Coaaul from the Captain General, to tb* effect that a< be bad underrtood It in loteadcd to atad too remaloa Of ?r Kane to bia naUn country for Internum, and at ibare wee ant nay tailed Stat e reoeal of war la tbia oort, be hefted to leader tie aee of the rorernmeat boat lor tbe per pot e of ooarrj lag the body or the deceaaed to tb s rreeel deat ned to ooavoy It to tbo felted Rtaiee, aad h wlrbed io be made acquainted with tea par.ed wbea Iba embarkation would tako plac ao thai s >me of tbo mtmbera o( tbe aeieaUfle corporation* of tbla otty might be attendant tb< re< a Tbe Uovero v ol tbli ally a'eo yeeterday (tfftb sent aa aid lo the I!cited nutei Omeul, requeeung t? bo made acquainted wlib tbe hour wbea the emlarkauoo, do , be., would take place. Tbeaogrntefel couMeatae bare warmed all our bearti to ear da tbe Uaptaln id-reral. A meeting of Ue Committee ot Arrnofomsn a vat held yeaterday loreooca at tee United R aloe Craanlnte Tk t I folkiw'ag eottr. , Inuoi by Hi direetloaa, will aufllcleody cap'aln wbal wee taen molted npoa:? rtnniL ma nnrmrr naitr.. Air. i.c?n i tt'/ena, refwe.u ? a l/nn?i-ii are n-rr ; re prctfuily invited to attend a-. half put 7 o'cloca to m<>rr*n inr t ring ( f 'he itaum r i'ahawoa t>? then In pnrtt. Bad II Bot two bjoranJitr In r arrltal. at Mr* Aim;'* lletal for tae pur Knf areominajiag'h# rrmalaeof l?r K K Kan* eo tlx adr Arvuaa and ihMi*e to the plar# caharcU m. ('ooimandera of Ainrrtran T<M**la aod al?o thowi nf n-her nation* are i??r ?rtf>tl.r la' Med aad d< aired to be at the pla-e of embn>ballon fa the Miiel'e d* Oabellana at Itl bo ir appelated. wl h III# r boai* to lor n a marine ia:>r to th* BO mnmeni barge ib it will earrr the ieia < n* to ib? aidtianhlp ffchanha D? ordrrof lh? Hom-ait'ee of Arrangein-ni*. THOMAM Pat *(??, hesre'ary. B itava Feb. It, IK7. At the flt/a d* Arm** in body mil b? m?t b; tb* aatbtrit ca. member* of learn-d bod IAi . A' , na I a rranj proceaaion will be l irmal to lb* place of embtrha tlc^ It la paia'al to flad ibat oa aaob aa cocta'oa titer* ibonid a*, a tlailo si ton lag rata* a* to tb* pro retdteg* tha'bar* Ilk a plane. ye! aom# pvr*vaa, feel 'agibcy bare not been piaoed i? a elHoteaU) prominent MMM| HM MHi a paper to bo p awarded a; Ca barga'a, wrian I bar* or en at Iba palaa to copy. It r?am a* Ir ?ow?:? to iiik abi.mi'*.'* ??.? cartAtaa at mr root or amet i At Ike Inhale. hnmw.ltl llf *ito**<,niBl lo the pubL'r deaiottl al a at the American i "Mnia e a riialmou* 1 ?PVr> i aron of re.|ii. ; ard inrl'ia* fi?? *e% eap ala< #* | cinalrelr to na m la warmly evrcaaing thair t-anla" giief far the (* o I?r. K K bene r>milled la the prweent dall I for a mi *' irg, to be h> d ntthe cft'c? of Metwa. Obwoaga A I , Ho, on Fridar. at I o'e uek r 51 , * Aahl'"* navigator* wuh the dUti>i?nl?bed dend. aenaltlTe , H aide to II e ,oya and mt*fortnn#* wh'eh alTee*ed hi* heart, hmirg with htm <b* ' mltki'lng ruotloa* wblcb aettatnt tba aitr.r'a breaet when leflicUai on h a b'me and family, aad | feeling iBe proud dlatiar Hon in th- r*u?- of ar'eaaa aad bit iraaltv ? h eh a brother attained, thera la a pleaaaet ob'tga tirm lo n id're the ma*o w*ted tomb with the boaoat teara of | a arlgtra " M If I J( ik KHnpo oa rgo. ^ Tbrct gb tb* poH'ewetc o D D Howard, K?g., of New Vorr. I baro bua raranbtd with th* fbllealeg proceed- 1 I- g? of lie <ommitie* of arraagaaMaia yesterday, which I i?anertba>? h.vata, ?? > 10. 1w. Iheoowmrte* coaalttlrg of the I >i low tug named g**il*. bi b. lo wit, IfoTrranr (Inikmia of M?m*-huwtw ; l> D. Ho waul, >*'i, ct ' eraaoni, Henry tllf*.ir, h?i . of Wary lend ? W a tn* y. F*o o t Loninaraj ? Halile. T.-a , of i Alabama, rapt a.t .toy, of the brig Rnthm of New fork; <)*iit. loha ller.rr, cl the m-ichan'. aereb e. Col. Rhea ff?l? ait'ol. w. II Rrherta-n. both ot Harare, namcl by A. K. hi jibe P*.| , chairman of the meet eg thai took pta ? ea th# i;tb bat. *t ike ccdciu'* of th# United C'.ite* for ma purpoee of making apabll* >U moaitrei on of re inert to ike memory of the >a*e lV r K. Kane, kavtap mat at the tSoaanlat* oa th'a data, at IP o ntoek ther appWated the nnderalgn'd aeurotary of the commit w, aad ih#a aaanliaonaly adopltd the Ibllowiag immmj* . M-?t 1 hi' A merle *W rlllreaa, reeldeol and traaa'ea' ill th.a cftv be ie*p<r?fn'ly'BTl ed to attend a' ha!1" p**t 7 o cl?ct to morrow mar' Inr, If th# iteam#r r*h?wba be n*a ia p irt. If net, two Four* *fter her ariiral, at Mr* aim; i Hotel, talk* pitrpore of ?r ?omp*Bjln|f the reoiala* of l?r K K Kane I p- h*?aid hotel tr. the>la/a da Arm**, ami ther* me*? b# ? !, r nr., ') ?, ' f 'Illinn< ?ia ntnta-an-r(; rramuir ktM<m ?in4,m thv tt?ey ??t betbo-e ucihW to tr-romi aay the '??? o the pU'-e of PMbaraa ti->t>, ta the Mne'Je <)? Cabalierta. Feaxmd. Ihat ihe mram??il?n of Amprtraa ahipa, and alan tho*e ar other nation*, be ren-aciOtUf desire,' 11 be at ike ptaee of embarkation at the bo ir apnetn'ed wt'b ther baati. to (*m a mature r?rprt to th? govern men' barge that w HI rrtrnj the renaia* to 'he ateamahip Cahaerba 1h!id. That the t>n?i'e ao-i a?fct?oto of o'her mtlono in 'feia < (?? to a'to rreper.Uuil} inrtted to attend .t the sant byel at the fnttr named for the purpose of ap-o.npanyln t the re main* to the Pla/a tie Arm-a. and thence to the pla ? <>.' em ha. batten t hi k rrhen Wade, fan , TJeaL Tartar, nf ,> i a <e<i c atf a .rati, end San >n W'l an * ITrn., t e hereby eppnm'Ofl va *l,a a and aaaia'en*-OoL Wedeae Varabai aad i.'eti fur n< r and Mr. W'tltama aa a*?t*t?n'a FlPh 11 at the remalna of thr^de eaaed aba'.) go it the head tip 11" eraioti, wt'h 'bt* eon,n"tee at pall b -?-?rt. th"i Co'ttel b|)the, I S Ont *ut to IMtow. who will r*r*'ro hit I" 'et pt, , e t't olain tlrn-'al, or hla renre* -tit w. tl f' t : , p hi bat art ta <?> e-itnr of he >!* ,n ' ' i , i '< iv'ria pit b'?d at'h" P'% . b. a 1 ,. o '.I i ea-l >'.? ' , '* of ft '< .i t . Ililh 1h imiimasal ?? -otfiea'ad tec ,ref > b" Hi'.nl 't ft tt?('i|l? tin t t' <?*r? li .nk < ? .1' - . ......a..'' ' h(P'< n ' | ?rpj .i.'t; > ; irra i t be i | iRK T >AY, FEBKUAHY 27, 133 fx >y im mm* m in mi m mi ?? 0 >1PTWM 1 <H?- .? ? (*>?. h. Ik* u.. I * ia?f tt .t nmMi fcr raUrrl ? *?.jra rn it, anVn Mikkrf ik? uraa^ip ' ?I*?H rt' t!.r ?, J 14 krr ,u ,. ?4ai ? t>> iWatt rarr? #>> 'te IMI nf il.n ??. !?*, a>-? tfca rtft at iW>? |T ? -?4 MKJ11 *au,4 4 J u> ta* wa iilir ui lk?i **. tfervutfk 1 IK |p rtDftiifi klgCk 1Ui wir ikuli fc# Mrfntll* ?'?pla!r A'n H ikil'rl'i iimiciu piwa?'.?r M a Cm la IwiikIh MUict aaaa. rMi'rt tfW a tl.-rrraa-j la a c i iiim tut ifra I?a ?? amauua elf/ <t>? II] I?f|? BJMbor of lt< Nk|iM ef aiaeal ?tary lur.ipwi e?4M>a. fHBkM la rrwwt of Mrs. Alay'a Hotel, aooa ?rv r ma 'eluck tmi a*.' ,>ut eerea, Dr. Kim i rtmaiat w?r? brought an of the mw ib a ctflla. wkloa waomaieppiJ |> itt' Mn ?al atrtpee " The Committee of Art eagmaaie *a?l a? ell ear aide m* l to a oofllo, wb oh vii b ear na tie h>ai1e<a of watt# bearer? ibaa followed a n? band, wklek p I Ha r mod ok inn aaaiia; ibm oata* Iba Unit I Ha aaUtaaal awl fobowiag him. niuttaa m< ha Uatted dU'aa ill auhjittt of other Mr let ' ibe atnaber of all or ngai b ia1r?d mcgi a uoai 1 nbietvco taa U. iuib Oaaeai, aad la lata n-tntir wo walked two aad two to tha Tiaaa da Araaaa i bt re wa wor mot by no'oeal to itiaeerr'e, lb* Movara ? r or iba city, w > bit eta* aad a'd to oaap of the (lap !ii Oi coral, and tbt m aibara o' vartoaa laanaa badlta, alao another military baa?l, wfcMb OMBMaaard pieytag a ucad mt.rch, and ibe praoaaaloa brtag Joiaad ay taa ebore

nam> d i> nooegee, wa walkad da ra In ibe mm order a? torero ?o tbe gorertmoot leanlag plea*. wh-ra taare waa iba Cipteln Oasarai'e barge, drapad wttb beta, rraoy to receive tba body, it bowleg baaa pleoel la tba beige tko Grrernor of iba city aad tit aaaaab?raaC MM committee. wttb iba Oararaor'a ataff, Miewed Tbrra ware laa other gororamoai baaU la ti'wad aooo wtoicb lollo red the earge bea?tag the tiekegniebad dtad, aa did also the bo?ta of aiaiaat every am -to riMol In tba harbor. I a'aa aeuoel two koala kaartag the viol >n lack la tba !1ae, aad oaa beariai ika Urate ta (lag. A r re tiler a'gbi, though aairaaa aa Wat tht aaaa awn, Ibaa >ha fleet of boeta foil wag the (tmatai barge moving line j ay tita be . ivfu barher, m is at be riaclly Intasioal K?e'y amoeiant re?a? , aad ladaad atarly all tboaaol ertry other oeaatrr, btd tkatr a tiara bolrtcd bail aital high. WbM Iba body intal ikt quarter deck or tba Oebewba it waa p.etrd I radar lacI la Iretl af the er.wlhooee, tb >?a who I >.10*04 it <>n board Heading arouad hi a arwu-atrela, wM Coltwel Ronataila >?ci ftlrg ler knag naabia la exaeaaa Mat at It in Keg bib p oaowwar In r>r*ewb aa naqtMt ad drtaa oa tba dwtirg> i?l> d rL iw of tka aaataaad which wat l.i let id In wlta marked I'HttM rat Lbitsd 814in Oomm, i ?k>o*i It/the, raphe* l? ee?i?i? terma le Fu/hah. eipreeaaef tee ?e*p mm e' ebttfe the tel. hp ever? utt'iaa of Ue I'aiied %el?a ler tba Lifb4nrmr a?d aptrpe'ip the hel beee t? hp tee ei tbiriuee ftr wbtnb la ike ue? ef bit ?!? ? euiaeea, lie rammed Lie en 1 their baerU/M ihaebt The Ihiloetee ere 'b*0"mmtieae appealed tp tk? dije ml pubiln Uaut <ti?ee end litre/* mcitee toeeeeemr ibe rente:ii of Ur lUae ee Board ef lee etrntoeii.i Oe be what? Ji* M/ I., , **,..* of P~u? |?.? ? m. Nttn I?r IHa Ml co'ba llui e itr mid !' ? itv km* Caaaa* / Hi <1 l?r Hum Anient Inert raae Dealer lb en of Pr. I-oa reieaa << ./ 'ee del Ve * Or lew te gel J. 0>?i/v, Or i> a '< ? 'eiete Wbee. Pr. Bee dee number l?r iKn.iwt Ignei-ki Mnru<' '' -Deb leaeei Imm* Ii^niarde, 1km Kn(ti?io le *mu> My Iht P1 rjMirat-1 * o, / ? W. Dm I'rlare II ? rnlrr, l>lm tor h.i/th' K.yil " o'rfof I* ymrrm' ' Dea Freanrra Cam pea end 1'on .'in veid< - Fni'L My th< H* /trior II or I /#/< >''* It* Pie Joe* Haeuei 1 e lrio, tecirljrj IbairwT Myth? Jlffk/'i ' . ' ./ I Hi li'/Hbrof the Dor I*, Pon farnando lleeLtrreb* < in'af of tb'-aameit the island. Tom corn mil tee war prevl d bp u* B .pel r D*e Joe? Igntclo de K.-btrerrle, Cini eel 111 ?*> ?ijr*ree> of Havana, ?*bo. on tfe i remise b?ie* de.i?e?ied epee ibo addressed i. tee committee of erratge Bents end H e pereeee p e eel te* foimwiag d'*' >?' ? Or?n wrs - -Kaligtiire*! .u*e il<?t frW ibera ?(l*ee bourd to render 4 tutor.- <m >4 >* adamUcn to tht>e pml.trcd beluga wbo. in (be rb ?al n of tbrlr Idree. ere teedj lo H"llH? ih'-taaelvat ! > 1- -m p lib &o object of lu<?4> at ui all b-miet'ii> Pr k 4>, p* toe/o uncoid.dlv ai ?r ill know t.< th e ? ? ' tab bi Mia Pi# ?rdF ni kcl/ii'iiii /f?l ! '? fervent Ot-Ueetara f ? ih e??; tailonofbicccu^r eu<l bU tore far mnaklod. Iei4>?l r4 I e u live- ti/ii on* in lie f/O'in i-e/toet ? brrr nr-.-iuh ive't*. pvnle lirinie ee prlret'one. end *fI*U ? ee.l deiin< e? ?? l>ler} be d ivne enreljle. mi'hik/ demr. t bi.n I entbee* cotu|>llihmn I of hie nhinri k.r ?nvh t.eoite?*t b ? bml'b n? e tkcrtt'Oo lltcuif to law U11J lorlbe rrrfrk e.i' hi. h ?.ib ei.d nlivn the Lope lir*? to l>o eie 1 vl .od of oa-npliaW^ 11, tbe ?nn event bee nnrnratul ark b inr nS N ?l n Mu* pUv.Ail llir 11 bebuoiili of Cuba e jell htv ahi'/l te ILe e* iof?e thin, ir bit life bed oeen eterfl.hnt Piorideo a. 11 e e h u t deelgn/, ordalnrd llim br:e be Bbou I brreibe bin U-t enl<> .'aj nil d< plr e n low k> nop (liar .-?': <?/, in Iw i-em-r t ?|>'i..i (lei.e *ui. iti inin? I've e hi'lwin. baa nei rd 'o?W?-i n Wol' 15 and noli-noi le 1 nan/dtoi m*. ol 144 K)mpaiLrtir latere in?i uo lam - table rve >'. be- an ab -an 1. and f die abate aM< b Ida / te llepe>. loietVi ena I'm ti4i line oip. rai oi not the lalandaiil tee nkvle. niair/t -tor 11 the jbfI jrrAf *f the ftloi flli ri cf Ur Kin?. win *i I eeer Le ho, 1 nd l-t Ike memory of line iltn-'r'-oK taaa */ b* net It ii'.ni arid ma n'l (vimiiv ne?< rail ?#># ue l?i"'t irxrlebt to hia ncrmcr). I<> pie-'Ht. a id eubtaioe 11 ee It meri'e. Mr. Pi una Ueitei1 detae Cteae* et Uaeeee, reapiedcd te iLa alcve la tie 'oPoeiet t-rtua ? Pro?I rr/iet isnrh that ee hat e eat a common laaeaae* te ?bl?b n '1 rLalf ot m? rouutj i men, I niteh' nufwitaiiw our tin p /nilituda lor iliia"ibe 'oate/ ac< of an freataal reaaiciia klofeeta aboen In the meaiotp of f ilerreaad fedow citi/an I etontt forbear. ki*e*o-. to I val'ni)ir f < f tlir oc<-a<liui to dee ere t, ihe ttn -rn .a h'|? airrnibled Ibkt lite hietlleuejr ihe I'ajtam <11 ta. bull kll in' ai/.tKirn ri DHVVOiirM-rt'" Tltif n*;-' WI if in M d much dlctalmd by I'OntvaJtar to'h* hurm ?f his to-a *c mil dmp'o>e, a d mho In bl? Mi - Iniciilmi- I Imid I rijtlce that It baa r ten to l< r two r?uj a II t? a /<? Ult it e to t l-t. w bo liKb'iiilf wvfi kit t niil't twl m Ami. mil Ik atlnmttm of a apt II of ?m".y i? tlic part of 'boa- ?h > bav< in gi-umrpttaly ojopu-a'mJ *i h at I. ou- ?%4 do m? lb< n i d an.'nit e< of Ida * lie'ie- aoriilyor u>o >a If 'I let dad do n uch to mollify ihe Ime'lnga and r a*1'- nor lid ai.,pt oh?ti anattaay ia iftil t>.. nbM MlaMi* huiniitiliy inch artlana aim Hi i n?n t a c i* d . . aon MM Willi gra il BlaaMN I ?ar to you lay c . . b'n (hat for all thr-m b'mguillra ?a aro 'in to* ?r?a' o t lit I on to tbmae la authorllt hare Again. air. lo ImhaT of th loop m I rmprernnt I mmm 10 J on and the .> ha-0A1-art of . your fovmrrmrut Who h?*a at ifnomt . i?l;, par i a'm-l ttPli ua in Ib'-ac ta1 rttra, our alummm iltai ka iaa ait id ha-a 01 tbu Ooot s Uoo of A-rta{ in-3'r. at balf | aat antra P. 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What b'gbnr bonora cot11 pan Hbiy htva bona cflrrndf IMTEWESTINU MF.KTIXO OF THF. GEOGIUI'HICAI. H3CIKTY. iiOQryitT irLooira om the Attcric yxrr.otnn ? kpiibbo or It*. BAW??, DR. FXtKl'H, ITO. Ibe uiuoi moatbiy n?*i g| of Ik* tiaigrapMOtl S>s<?ty ?m bold lost orratag id tba ebapil of tbc i'alcvaU/, itf m It waa oadoittoo! thai Ibodofli ood rlr.ti'a of l?o lo'o Or. Rbba K Kooo. tor da logulahed Arc leaapio i/r, would bo ibo tbcaoapan whi'h anmbrr of air oof rloqarot orator* would daacait a llghty I atuoattal ltd lalolllgeot auditory ftllod tio room cio altar algbt o clock Ibo Ptotldoat, Or. Haofet, toi*b< r with Dr Fraaela, R?r. Dr. Tboiapooa, Boo. ;harloa Klac. Baary ttrtaaeU, Kr<t , aad otboro at cod Ita cbapoL Altar tbo Secretary road tbo ru.autoo of Ibo pravlaaa aeotlag, tbo rrootdaat rot* aad aobartted ibo fbtlowlog if aaarht. daring tbo <'?U?ry or witch bo aa taatad groat amctloa ? ti*ai<anN at ma Rocibiv?it become* my aad doty, ao yoor prraidtog (Door, 1o br.og to your nnio* tbo r*. moral by dtatt of oa*of oar moat d.iUugaHhod aiot< alaa. "ur friaad, Dr K. no. I* ao mora. 1 taaw blm tatloatoly, aad tba atroag boad of our parte a al trleaothlp, wbllo bo llrod, prompt* at* to oaliclt yoor lodaJgrae* III do port fiom lb* formality of a atora e? elal aroc noraaaot oa rcaaaloa ad reader my brvtf aad lumolo tribal# to too wot tb *( a maa wbom I graatly lorrd In my *b ' torralloa ol laati aalar* II aao ao'doot iaU*a to my M <* moat a tal'ow batag per too* rd of mor* otrlktog oaorl- , loan**, or la wbom tiara wm o oorriiaotlaa mar* rar* , of aormtBgl} opposite .aabOaa. la hi at, hewoeer, tboy were au banaaaioaoty bioalod, aad It wm pro ti**iy tblo IMI wbkeb aula blm to ma ao obroct of drop aad eetioaau tourool. To a | Una wlad, laaairtag aad eoaiytlrat, ba addtd grog! IrdooUy, aa<) what ba framed of otod v at en, b* I rtodlad ifeoroagbly. Tbaraagaol b'?aua iaaoata. tio waa rariod, aad bo bad raamod iar?o'y orer too wM* tpraad faid of phytic*I or too**. but r*r*a aadaoevota at acoaa bta aftaiamoata, there wm a bMabfal ataplMiy aad I awdoaty aa h loaded with I baa. that a* oa* or or could trapcet btm of fcaHag Ma taper orty ta lootalag oyer | iboat wltb wbom ho atfbglod Ha bad aot atadl t far strata!*** dtoplay, bat tar aiofanaata at bio at* boa Tbo atroag trait la hta character waa bia ladamitah* oaergy. I* bl* tmoil aad Treble from* tboro woo oo* btaai ao 'rca will, a glaat powar of rraotnto purpose. Impnttoa, a/drat ao b? wm by aatnro, oa# might bara aipaaltt act bt* woaM bo jaat the dtapua'tioa to I nap prematurely to p. actuate** bale r#r? alignt ao^at'oUaoa ooea pro miMiicimMnaM""'"' ?-*-> mi to Mteb of lapuMTO wormtb aioodod with tbo Mb?rh<ot of poUool, Ubortouo f, ?od ?ouod prhotloot dfwieot, Jbtobii* Thta. for ..mooo, tbo ?tr<*tooo; t ctloo hi bod of tbo ope? t'olor ooo, whlob bo IIrod 'o?i to ji:?n to dtoooror, t,oo tonodod oo oo haoty or ho;fy toco* to oo*?or?t.toot wbiob ho h?lt wl.h mo co tbo ptobobUiUoo of W. ratoMMO, whoo oor dtoooiaioi tmo'd cMlrtly oa ecnatdorotieoa, I fouod tbot he hod rroonoid oo. >? eoort lowoo hp o oholo of tola?o'?(?t u ? , tctt/ tfrft motat?oU?l 1?o??'?tr? IER A 7. ' II a lade:*, pail or bie proceea wae met he met leal Ik tore ? aaiied be told'me be wee euro there araeofKH water areead tfee pole, end that tr he tired to return hi ha pad te be able M Ml me he bad aeon It Ha ao more eeweedrd oa orVoiore merelf than did Columbia li ate wearvn of tbe exteaoaoe el oar bealeptiere. Bit I VII* Mm intellectual traita, ud wim great personal la Irvp'dltr, ha Inu a p-ai toners of heart w toauor u a wo ana'a. Thar* ens an evertfjwUg kindliness la hi* aoul bob stirred ap hia beeeroleaoe to Its lowest depths hen ha aaeoaaiarad hvmsn mlterr, whether of bodp or Bind H? spared not Oae, aor toll, >or mooey to ra here II. I nap not .-folate ido s*c-ed oeaUilause of private htoedsbip aadov any o.Teumstancae, and laail or aU whoa iha grave ban for a It are anadaiad lha ties which Man* tawM esrlhl/ frlouds toy ether, but wrre It law ful I* eprak all I know on thia point, both aa hla alsoooer nod adviser, I eonid tooro pour generoaa aentiMIKlaa area te Itn, by alorlae of aa para. .ttslntereitut, liberal, aair aaertteMg fforia for otheia, aa nop It naa boon nop lot to atat with la the reomsof bnaan beneroiea)* A?#' vp ooiialryteea, what la hia early gram but a nobie laetlBonla! to bt.u.aa!t) Be la dead bimaotf, he eeere be woeld irelrh otbera from death Another re at* ran Me trelt in bis e"a>aciar won the powar bo bed of ouauemltag ami eseictolry an Irreelitlbla In I MOM or r ma. T<>w, air ( dr tl G. inneii ) can bear wtmees with mo te ib*? Yon bare teen hia wboa, with gentle ranee, wbrn lore and resolution ware both uarae tebeh.p present. end both merrolloaaip oleodel, tw hero >eee Mb ecco ieter the uoequtrooil purpose of taaae#*dtoatlna and rabeHion to the pe'aoa of the ea Nfrf, r?ek ?ee sod or*poRNA seaman who reftHOj obe Si#tee, and who paweased a phyaieal power that could bare allied hia with a Mow. You barn soon that light, frail rmae, that, ales t now sleeps In death, approoob wtih b qwieb. Or a alee, nod with no weapons bat atieb aa aatnre iirae bah it Oars hla keen aye 01 the eHeader eon lbs clear sound of hla rot* rtogs upon tba rers a te tewe of pvetoa or aoger. Re but talk#, and tbarr la otae rroage aafls la hla manoar and bla wotua ? .r l e b.ylu to roil down the rapped. aanburot oneobt of t-a hardy penman: be baa banana a?t tia bp eenm ay atari tie power, mile bp of tarn and reason oWaed. ??b-|i|.3 diet, tod la ltd place la beta a reverence and aileet oD ae Ce>p,ao Ceveted. that m the and of our ?le?d Irion da 'lie mo ) levee b a beti r than tb tarqutahad rebil. The** era oeae of bis qaaiv a ea e nti CH what bs bae dm.' u the nana of tcitoc*, and of our ehosjo do partaaet le perjen'or. there la hut iltur n ? I that I ebeaid iprak le e aaor. ra per el hst thirty flvo rare be Oaa toll eyas the na-e In wni it na tired bla imveee ea lafeMbrp vtaawal met aetaaoe numiors b>ra wNb otr strut tsi wl I set let bli aamorp die H s be tetd, lee. ea beawMftsUp aad a >teat>; too ro.-p if but B t t*B rlaf pttpi '.atoir a her eaeea, bed Ihntol heasra i. l.?, toot h'l raaeahrsaas w H bn kawt prose lu tre torn if wur fa' 'on as w< i? sa ta oar awn ftr t?e kuclis i i**?ii*fp ? err ro? mom pr*i?- rij, aad lhal btc.t |? r><wiT?4iiitt4k'M?iiu' ibiii' ii|w limdlmk, <0 Oaa*tfe<4 U I'BA r|l|*M Mil *1'* .<1.1 Mo* an *?r |Hfeo H* I kt'iaM Um la i?mu Raglan I oni'l HI r?|.l h'tn li crrulNt hoarl Ml hi* II feaah UM t?*?l U b.ofli.h KM, o*4iaai\yv<l ?if tl? !<w ior* 1*1 p*i h of A* A *!it ; I. <l ?h*l ha fee rtMfepifebrfe IB nl*to? .orti 4 to fed. Ih* ***< i tui irt bo* H fetbfe*felo4gOM*.l feto: ad i fr > ? I ifflo*J'fe tooii.Ar mm H- r?cx??t ih t* ifea m*4U o? otral* bar taoiAoHSfe. Ik* l?)tl (toocfepbtoij ImaIi. bar hlgfe I <f1k?lfe lo M>fM Ml (?*jr*i>feln?l litoorerp 4(4 a* I r M'Mit'l th" HI I- U|W that w? a bail i rfeMkkB ka aaa a?b?? ap*c.a*oa>f atao, **4 he oat cur c .a.1 .pate Iau<ri 1IrM gr? >o'.i| Irl b? e w kit nrtk ki !? ('. <* aimI to ka. tnviror*: Ifefeaaa Mtmm ??r iffer kit ? *.. total a<4 la I lb* OatlJ #h# ?r.|M mar ? M fetr maal (ll#4 i>aa,Ml ib'a ' ?i. r#fei . ba* iber* a a **?r* looaaiag trib-ite to b aafeMi I aaa mImi af W'*? Anbail u?.'rtl> ehtibb ka at* h. At 4 to'-.n ?? 4*fptf a* lilt!, k(H t |o*i laMr*. af it. aa* pt otto. hot I*'b ?r ?a.l bratti ahrta I art itaikna*!, r. A u*kit|, lag, pro/voaO tba Dittoing'a Mot ? IbtlMti) bttlafe braa I fan. J o< U>> 4a?tl> af Utah* I rat I aaa ai l 4r altt* .t 4 ? a'lkt t * iba aiantor, of ottr 4?aoao*4 a^ttafan aa4 ... tfea mmtrn \ iba' Ma 4ar.t>| m tba i anta nf ( taa " ant b,* . Ataaria ti a la a^taa' t >* >UI4 ba btir tttx. a.ioir?t a. tbatt i.?. a ba a M<a4 lb-' w He .Irak t4 Itr K*>r >bft tka-oe'r oat t a .1* la** af a a? u ! *' 'W. .a* * ? liJ.i U .? t* b '.?ra Ihr *>?-.?* ?r>4 Ur.t>t*b Ota a *.ltrt4 orlA aa I wkai lama a anulO lata b< i < ? il *# a* a-.Im lug at II I* 1*mi tr.l o( at *l>r*> f*t.t? rat.aSIa *rr rtnarf a*tl <ba bt l<f Wr..t oca na l*?4 abab ?? boa lorth KM.a 14. t b*l v*b Ir *r I oat a .bt* la <ta .ia'ln-. I ?. a aa |.ht?l*>oa* ?a*ur. la. ? i*4 eaanrt* I >n la <b* lW"b I bat MO Ma aaa ?a'.j pr >..?* I .. ? tan p b ' 1 1B" up tb? fenaau r at I .a r?n..aa *#4 *h "t hi* * i pt-vbbu raa 4r?* 11? rt?a < a# aa a ebuqot a' I* in. a- 4 'ha m < ! ?? ' If* ?? ? t ktw nf. 1 brt iV?t*a-<! ba taj'.a **4 to a .attt.r* MI... lat 'b. ?*! t if *1 tbur il'irtftf,' a aitKaldr ant Kf W|>< br III* *t rkai*< lr? > I't baa. b. >*?. .4, that a ! ? I' tv .a- . a ? tba it* bill It' 1'iwf br br tiii ' * a?l II f 'tf. ba t-*i ?p i''a<t n ilr j (I ib> att* -at, aal ib**.*,, it* I uh > ba 1. * lit? Oaiktia K.mi f.a l'tr.' ri (MioWt Da la*a ai.inl lb* a4<y i .a o. 'bo r?ta.< n.-aa to a to* b i?f **4 t b parol ifootl t hrv.ii'i'O I to bw*Vl |inlo aaa rtawliM ibai ? iktto of iba y Un<a*N aiaoa r la ba ini tai.< i *rb iba .4 taafr .to j?r - J but mr. a .4 Ife life 0 roOLO. a b. a M.? y otowlo fer |.roo- tor* ? boo* oa111 ?. ** k (.1*0 ira Mil labor of ca ? It * I fa i<c l*> Ho a f b< at *4 *n. tcbafei, t 4 tl ?aa aaa I 'tquiula la giro toc.Hif it. I*? Uaa? la afet rfllf not bit I Uif (Oi/| Or fht'tia a*a icot lb'd ?-r a?4 *|toao aa ?ol o * liai'fel.l II Of lb* of'f IO I to ?t ?*aoo It I aaa loatag* H fOiaa. oi tiaoi ax! arifb 'ii raw I rilboa I .j rtt f'.i r it * ia lb. >.* la o nl all ro4 bp IliO call i* t b 1 fetaiO"* u l'ia I. .t? rtt to. #. t II" I *i o. ta 'a.if to all 14*1 baa a a a.'.I ii mm ?. atlall** tN tvr Mara a t? rei rit ttafeoa * * il'ia tat i la. I- a lair, piai-p bb ?. * iinri *o?ra* a.a an a* datip; ?tl e mi ? i' t I tioplvta ia-a wa-loOip 4*ti? I tal it act la b* tar- aa? botMlfat ri.ap* I aa Ifcoa blil too aba', bo I.* 4 ia a taarat. Ie>ui'ii bta 1st Iior; a I lot tat* I* uaaawtttiy, lo ..laaro, lo II aaof) . Mp | tf.ibal la ttrato ?a al'b Ii. Kutbtu* i it > d Ba ait fe faay t* < li* Hgaatr ?> umii 1(4 rat for |bta?M*l?t-r a?t Itt'f tl (tiara bob* I b. I CipaiiMio lor I .rj|*, at.a paAiaf a*P ra?, Iba n*.|>* t l 4 .rat. t *a>t4 *? litrOo t i)t lore aal |.iia? a. a?.t bp bo >af*r* tal' lb b a iilttary labtTa I biro btA'-i,'r>ia i.n* to it**, *Oi lb* traiattl a) it.paibp. H lb* tac.f a U at* afet tal ra <4 bta aacl.Uitt 4 ****** b, a. I ?tl '..|Oili *.l an I Itu aaoo aaaia at Ibo torlaio bit. I of Mr l)-iaaall, or In t or n.U*t i (? IV.fileaeo bo* ureoroi u bor lau llo t* a? irota, It I bla maa a ao4>i*d. f?-a.or artielaioti abb Ito .*|oa fe 4 tl.ll*. U* loia *4 I ho mvii tea t.r .hp Am ka mil.* ailfe Ih it Irt tmr ?ml ktolmi; a ilk Ik* probata ?f oiSi.iaM >tn C?* 'j . a lilt ib* aea :ti of fir iuaa frsaa'a ??-* Ma Ml>io lady; irti irs mu* ?f aetoa a, p?i ?'? i .?/ -ad iruii Ik* r' *? 1 > *kl k It K?in ArcOn ciiwM'tira !.? mm if S'r^oo u>? is ?n |i?f tag est or my U.u*i<:ga v| in u>s i.latirasod 1'jr Its mord as tu alarn'uaa. Ti t r*a*r i, i Jm ii fSiiotiniiS i.1 'imiasi Hi d* ? i* jXkdli aa usiap-. 4 t.,, tkrss Uaa i*'(ms sad is i d?.?o o s i a * s?tr rs n.arkaMs letars* la r*?. a?l k Iks * ?< ifit sMi </< ska ? ir taa n.a aad m ? rahia tsojp'a of Ik* lr > wf h *' a..?d orar ha i H aar ra'sa ra'a'al vaa 'ara and a n. h rsMirl i??*r acaatty aal a?ffaa.irr ir?*M|> t*ms nsry of Mar fa*lila as I t ?<?y #r a ' ? . * . > * tra af irr*1< ra rl:af'jT?'j ; It sih 'taainiii l?a** ff atrai roartgr a I aaal>'#l ra** a no ol . r. *a f? ?s and ckraak. aa aa napua'1* cd ' ?> * ? t>' Be*?f I-al aa?ar prta* aad all tkiadaiif 'a low wta.i ? a* I a s*%*.t *a in ix i a trioe a aa al.k Ik* f>U al a ara-ll sn*a.<d plot aar iaia Ik# 'rigid sad data r- i ?i*i it* hs ik Tala, with ila aaluai and <1 lata* ?t> a. rs aiota i iha Aaglo Haaoa r?oa. a t*a a?w aaatk ???: . rrtaros ard phi aaikmpy that r<gat"s?a air ?aa aaa a raitoaa la oar daf krrh a*o a faw of ika aa si p* ?a thu giro pa>mar'ct sad path sl-n lakooaa 'ai relnai<a I irr' a-rirad Ibai l'i ?. . is will Ml ka wasllr.; la t*ata? af laa |* psr a ptatrc la C a nahil wart's <rf rv k taa Kit Hr. Toom* i<o rartawrd tha parti aadaipar'saaak of I?r. liaa* ta Ik# trrn - r r " i ? s rarr 'of al fir<4ml u-r. Ila (Of Tr-iwp aa) wa* twa? ? ? w IT Kasa for a |>aralra aod so *a ' tawp o Of ti'ia'iad trua waakor i Tkc rorsr al faoi>?iaaa *aM as raroiraoa was Usa d'niiy.t.Ms* s-sarariar - a ?' * K?ik Hi# kflaoipal rfcp*f ia *?i*? iaf tao loai its was if p aaibia, U rroorrr im io*i fraaa ia a- d a a asao. orlftkrywara aol ilruaf to k? af fcaad ibrr na>>si that thay mtgkl rrat w so I aorad graro Mr wriaai rsilswsd ia ika aaaao dm aa lbs pro*. <oi aprahara tor a fro woaarrta, wkaa ??a rtor-s,pal ika rrioimtcaa, whfk w?ra fa r?ad aa*a;w*n*iy Tba rar< Hag tkaa, aa wot* a. adjoara**. TBK Rid A1X4 *>K DR. K4NI. Maw Ootaaaa, t a% id, IkkT Dr. laM't ri wa'aa wrra racartal ta Ika aiaawar tm IsaiarUla ky Ika wilftaiy, ) so Maaiaa. Cm salt. aMf aathrriUr?, aad aa tAasiaa aaraoaraa af aNwsM Taa On.lar, ak rv'?f kkd pa ana kaild kg ags wart dip plays i af kkf waai, akd wtaaia gaaa wars -ad Draw ' i a a/ ai caill ika rwkarkM*aa af ika kady Ciaoaaaai *ak ?. Ik I. A gtnar aJ wcatiag af Ika clUaaws was ka;d l? aig > a Ika Marckaala' ktakaagk. wfcra a aawldaa ?aa a# petal ad ia aa spsrala wNk ika rawaMMaa af ua Wf Coaaail, 'a lakiag waaa**aa far Ika paywaad af laapaal j ta Ika raaaalaa af Or Kaaa. tgyripaw raaakwtaaa 1 waia adrptod Or kasa a rraawaa yosasd ikraagk Oaira 1 ikta saralac ikatk- ?a. raa. M. IMT Tba ftaak* padiad raaals^oaa af raapaii Ik ika aaawy ?J ika la la Or Um tkM af'araaoa faiuafiL V?k tk. Ik. Tfc# Cltf Cc-iaft kiit >.? a- 4 of ruptfci w Dv ium. im UT? arr>???* * )* ' i? cut ' im?|flt? <?* kit fiit'tl ft ln?*f fttf tkat I 11,4 H] klt.l ba laid ? lUtt U la<?t uf n Bau MMy Ckanfe. TO IBS IMTOA or r?r Mmtt*, Ik U't raom ri'i MtUoa t' fwr papaf, Mt ' M ki* it rt'tl'tf It iht ewiu ')( / t ?apart " >?? n ItitHj < bart-b j?a ttw.buta eattata w?M ?>?* M * ?a?btr ot tkt Tf ttr j of N 4 rkarak M Iitniitac oMMlUtt, ? hick tot abaaid baaa rW itl Rat. IT. Ttjlnr, oi (Iratsl cbarck. At IM* rapt* inlet at 'ftiitiooT Croat mm o( itr k >t1, jat Ml. " k iDkUtr of latitat bath ta Or. Tt| mw aal mf^r ftkftbt Prtftr CMMOIKT, kkd tftllfP. ytjk r^aaajgtl. N?w fOPK, W'dieMa/ Feb. *, LD. PttlOE TWO CENTS. , The Late Myvterlowe IhooUng Caw la BU? aabeth Street* INVK LIGATION BEFORE JUSTICE Wil.dH?EXAMINATION 0K eiTMHUII?MO CLUE TO TUI M THI Alt f ?IHE CONDITIO* OF Til WOODED WOMAN. Mo clu b M M yel boon obtaload to tfeo perpetrator of Ut? cowardly . ?rago oowmlttod apoa I o poroon of Mm. Kmnu OiNM,, uu7. ? eaeigneiioa BOU"' 48 Elizabeth itm *> 0B Tneedny night, the tnrttoelnnn ?t which mere fully p flaked ? Hnn*u>. m* natter bat been end, vgotaf M tnreetlgnUon by Ike peHoe, bet enough e nu of wttneeean here been peeduocd, trill AO Cee, hi "?,w * offer*1 ? f k entity 07 wtieraebouta i f ,h< f^iWre naaamln. Juettee We lab bee token theeme ta ' h"4 Md *? "W* ? day yeaterdaybn hoerlwc tea, 'beoey. Coroner Perry rlavtnil the p fbe Hoeplttl, amS there learned Iron lip. Koytt, "? physician ta alien* ence, that there waa ne rlalble obeata ta the womae, either for better er for woreo. K wUl be aotae day a yad ere It < ?? be Mtsrttlatd wbataer . w?min owl * " rer from the eBccm oT the tojary 01 '004 Ta? Ooreae* hlmaeif la of opinion that r&e cannot orrtre, and area new be tbtaka ike ta boginntag to atnk nDder th? effeola of the ronnd rewired at the hu. 4104 boT nam*, aat. Ike fallowing la a rayait of the teatlm on7 ** **> a llclta d yeetex ay, before Juatlce Walak Johacca Welch, being doly awora, aaya - *' %m ping at No 71 Dirtaion urnl, 1 waa flopping i * room Ne. II for one week; I went there leal Monday ? T??k la tan forenoon; ike woman In the hospital, who U ? eilel Mre. Lilly, occupied Ike room; one anla kor hu, *rM burled on Ibo k'rlday prenewa to my going thei *< 1 Qra* went le tbo home In anil onndlee, and that le ik * w,f 1 btcame acquainted; ake aaknd ma to atny wttk he * ** oa>a; ake wu to Uaro mowed out y eater day; oo I mtlag night laet ake wtat la tke theatre; aba went to the t. **a4re with a man who haa boon to rliit her at tba bono 1 aw bim In the bouie on tba afternoon of Monday; I n ,T*r aaw Mm before; a man named Thornu ? came tb w*Mr Piatt waa there boforo him and whsn Tbomai ? ~~ went oui Mr. Pratt wan there; Thome* ?? waa a da * 1 .okiliv man: he had a Duiaituha nn hla trnnm a W do net r< mm uibor any o.her balr belsg on hU face * Uny weio nil three U'kiDg together; aaa oalied Mb Tbcmaa. J*e. C. fieritut, boiai duly sworn, says? I lire at M Chatham itrrit; ou ItoLUay lest I met Mr*. Lilly In the Paik, rboceite up and apuke te me, end said *ne had brtn Itokleg f< r mo lor three or lour weeks, aba saM l et ate bed met with an isu eat; tbat Lilly had died} the Ibid me trat rbe bid just been married to bias: aha aid enc I rid at No 71 liivtrion strict; I wtat op boaae with b< r, wboa ebe U vttod no to ttve with her; I told hat as re in b ? tbat 1 would; I hail lea there; we went to UM Chatham Uteatts; ou Ta?*day she and 1 went to look tor a rotm, wben at tea corner of rorayth wad Lttteioo atroeta, the said, "No'.too that man whe is lotkirg at na;" Be stood on U>e corners I do not know ibat I looked at blm, yawitrdar w randy whkkored man met ma la DtrUtom atitet, ale Maiktt atroet sad sake t ma it I was tie maat no was at the boaittal, 1 said yce; be told me that he stood at Ihegate as I came oat; be said he would like to brer boa the womaa wae, and aeeoi no If heoieidgel la; b* arkid rce wben the vMiUo* day* warn. be said M baa gi?*a iht girl a two do.lar bill and a out doiiai bUlj be told me be wae employed somewhere la death itraa^ ead gave me 11? aamber on n pteoe of paper; tbare wee a man at the hospital gate wbrn I earns out; be said Ma same an Ml; be laid be was a married man; I cease* eey tbat be I to hair ew hie face olber than whlakere; he *aa naa about SO years of age; a be thinks he la the maa who luclbd (be murder. Mrpb?a Hernials, brief duly a worn, says?I lira at M Ceitir eu stmt, I am ecgagel la buelAesa at No kS Oalbtnae atreei; 1 know a womaa who onied herself Mrs. I.'i-y. I b-rc arewn heraoaiitme, etweehutaeptembaag b(r Iwabshd war to work for o?; I bare brow tn her ho ore with waek eel a g >t work while bo was le wwrk for ta, I wae th re laat a waek ago yeater lay. bw? iwrre l sod B eV.ioct la the af ereoeo; It was at No 71 Dlriebw s ri ei, there was ao owe thiro bat Mrs.; akial aaaiiheaitj aaa ta a rocatcg etalr; aft r It'iw wile au < id lady who had heea at tppieg therm rams ta atd alter that a gentleman; tare. I My talredeath li ra aa Mr. I' ear, from Urn Olty Bail; thta wae ia a Tuesday atleraoea; (here wwa a man whw a-tit up stair* tbuie; be eaeae In sad look a II pa 'r?nt ttu iran'"I (true, and ibea went on I , I wnw ti rre it# nil ?'a> a >9ct ibo same ilmo; I saw do onw thai#??-*(/*. lb': Id lady Mrr. Ully war nol la ; I aaw w wea* nana there about a work be'ore Lilly died ; ManLK)tr<l an led wpra w.e as-tag its* ber boa land WWW ey ?f, a. d aeWt-1 ree to ?n up ; wben I got there, toeaw waeafowag u>*u ntiing wliu tlm . ka remaned uiarw w lew control* sol th-a w ot out ; 1 think (be said tw b'm ( am irioh ubiUHo tw y n. Tb-mes," be wae a aiert sad rather stout omit to an ; I do eot IMoh be iad eny MbhMi Lis dial rot was Kagtlah , 1 taaaet aar low be was dre-eod ; he said he bed beta l/ar. i II og id tue <Vjii and la Caeada; cwi.wg Lilly'a fit-ha-M I base a letted Ha. and aeWated mwi aa?l tew tbo.-e a number oi oibira wlie went there ."of tiel rti iawe. Pillt S Va'ktaa, of No 40 flowery, bclwg Inly l*w% sets?I *iai-?d il-e btea* No 4g Kl/abetb at -wet ew *t tedn) itaetag laai, Wi i .01 Jarrla atkrd ate to late w all ui cut there, I art el e/nucd ie lb" comer of Bt*brth ?rd <H? a' nets; tlaie I aaw a comber of |ine ma, teitlig a ie tie merdrr; amoeg lie nucioer was a are anuc-i I'atilce cowly; be led use about the w n ae h ngrbot; Uai be kerw where the net sad pistol wire; | told htaa he owght to gtrw itia le ae iSier, ha isu, '(Jama up, ead I wM e'ow yea wltrre l?ay ate," I weet ap with htaa . the becre le Ki /. bstn rtrr-r, where they exblMUd thw eras erd pfa<; tbt eo?t was a bla h Navy one, the plwtol a as its ' Cel. * lira banlii rerolrera, Jams loot mw tin lit man a bo had ?fc?t U e womau bad meat owed my same trtnra th-re anhrree H Piatt brink del* swore. aere? litre* <V? K?d botacoa Ftflr a-gl-lh it4 forty mottortniH; lkM?i womaa utio?l lira LI ly; I bara taowa bar tMot f*vr wroba, I flit', bb(I bet ml U>? Hall of fteoorta, train nit| abort 10 o'.nkrb: aba oaraa t<> ma *n a la i mi Ml rad a dollar'a ?oniaoata, rich oori bid iha? b?r Iniajtud Thomai UUf, laid tlrli of dl? of if?a and on-ill aoi bo nnmf aba waatr-l i? taow antra aba eorld Bad a ?a*r?r to | ti btr 'O'inial la lb* care, I told ki r I* |i In Mr Kti o? at laa, aad waat Ibara ob btr.rbo aratd a.o to out* aat to* J?rr baabaiid; I ?* that analog, and fmiod aim mora dead taaa alitor I did ao* too lot a??ia ailtl a'lsr bar baibanVa death; I did 01 ?** b?r at ?<i too eta af.rr. whoa ahaoadlad ad lb* bail la- aaia bar bat'jahd wai dead ateotHM to rime at d too b r. aad I did an I writ ibara aal aaar I it fat ?*.a tad the traatrg ahr; I waa Iharo ad a ?.'il?*- ba* fbr t?a aat *<> * auppa* a, mbk ami a-da i ao, I gar* bar a dollar, on of oympotfef, aba IbdB it at Joaaata m ftr ooaatMag far too I waa tbtra tiro ahorwar- - I IBlafe It ?M !0 Iba an far* cf 'tot ertl ft wai baiooaa a? t|ti ar-t dart I raw a una Ibara prw KiMitolo* law an waa tioal bale I taiat aa bad b?a?y heard a<d ohwkoa, aad a meortaeba taw mm am* iborw w h I I war tb#*w ba wao Ibnro itbiM Ik )MI ' <?M T" 'l"l WM Ik ItikM UNI. MB f??mi?i ?M <t!trr* 4 pMM'pa'ty M Jsfciaaa, III vm imlln kfcr-t | r*i>? Im4 to in 011 enuatry, I 4fe iM raid I a ib |K? y?uac r ? Ba uwatiiiiii la** ma, w i?bb4 taaki ktoiBW ) I*IK rtkrj * i?sa at w? la * bI?>?i1bb htm*, ?m?I?'i llkk?>f(f an It aiBji aaliad Tbaaaaa llaa Kaf?r? I ibii i??" iw? fetal it Mr I fa at ih* fetoIBl ? If llllM < BB8 BBIItBB SB llNI fel BB? ninny ib HihiiiI apaa fear H? r fttiKi ? <*? rl?BBrf it* ?f?3kj?*j>% farifea top. Mb at#* ' la a<attaan a ? 'i'? %ay otna* aUaaiaaa pra m iManiia Haaasi li upk Ki aaar, af m I Ba'Blllfe llNfr .# Bit Bt l:ttf?'f 'lllpt to Bfe bbiw ?( la bbt a vat uia a| atary uat iarr??Ma im aaui <?s It ?a ife# aftaiaa af tha yafea ui oiferra wa" taiaitf* tin iM *?Buat| ??l' i?w? id lUt 'B, d? tiaa aai toa toa'ra tafcr*au-a vfctcfe w?i mi ta feia ut?t ller italkB ki a M> tu Imi la ? bnyM tlr?tta ' ary a<raily t*at ata tioaa ta?r? ??->? . tfea b altar ifeaa *fea tu I vlafe la har.t ?aJa raKTfea bu t' 'bm -II fefel mlfebbuy > aj II mbbbt aa to tha fiaaa aa It la tala Ifea Ifeaula'a Ida, *t l?an aaafe to tfea ratiti a/BtBB bbbti th? ataBtii al UrP.Uaa ?BBll?BBt f ferta ara '.tiara a ifea raar <?a a Ifea pailna vfetafe aii *> it ilka iibi ttm m ifea aa'pa-ratari af tfeaaambii Ifcaaa fewarm area ti>?a4 iaaa|tU itiato at tfea aiwiil aaaaa. wt if^v ta Kara feaaa adtraaaad ta fear tr tfea raryt ^kava af ui imaara afeaa 4 prara to fea aaaraat, maa r/aat* r?aatattaaa wy fea aiftat. TH*at')r?l >n4 *lu*lt "J. fean M rtekt. Mr Mi Mm. tab*. Br ?* Mr* A B i*4 ojtm r***** run *? !?* ? **M?i Ik* tmmrij *(--?f**4 im rw^t " Tk* * T***g # ?? '' t?n*?b. B m" t*Mtu -BllfiW i Ir**?4? * "?MB" w N HMNMi MM* * *(, ik? W*J<*? *k*r*c<*f? M b* wkMi kf ta ONbk|kMMiliMr?^**a< Mti Ik* ii?n>* Ivrir m tk* ?* !** taf . ar?*M-? - Ikk MB*. bWbbkM?11 l*irir ? kt*k * *** *r\*M* p ??H< * ** II krJBlkMJta? ? Hita* ?*!?* *r* ta -tk* ?*? tai -y*" w m Im'i ? *- m '-Bi-ta. wkta w?* m ? !? >< lb* MH*| * tk* i***l tu i-Tk*aiwita^r mm KMta jy.T JrzL^ZIL CM rat*** tk* T?B *lfb* UIMi I? t*? fc?**** '* ** ** *. CM* **-? ??? ?f tk* **Mtn Mtata * Ita W_ ^ k^n' ?if' I*# MM CL^i'i *, .Mr, tata: u*|> BH Qrta ?B,'? ^TM .,<*h *? * 1 im ^- Tk* MMMT *U *M Bkr klMB vS T^SE? ? tsjmS T** tV*? ." "ill ?* *? -T** **r? *?(**ki* HUM wiu k* Mt.*l Ik* WIMM*. lb tk*j*?? ItallM IM )f.M MOM Ik* -Cklkl * tk* BM|I" B^e w.ub* tan*. tfcUWP* UMI ? UMltal ? tt? ? * t. ?< # <Mk<? IU.