Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 27, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 27, 1857 Page 3
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1DVERTISK1ENTS RENEWED EVERT DAT UUAiUilHiU AND UlDUINU, I AKn A ABIWtfDOlt (tQljAKK ?X)B?KB Or BaffK I atreet - Booea* <o lot. wi Ji >-oanl. oouretuanl tor Uunllioe 4 Blugle gentlemen? Reference* required. >(T OBKKNK 8TRKWT. HBTWKIN CANAI A1W itj Or and ?A get.'lenian ami ti n wire or a (ear etogla genmen e?u bo acocmtni dated with bandroraely fut uUaed mi, tt1th lull or partial board, gaa, hot and cold bath*! good ble Reference* etcnauged. 8CLIBTOM PLA<?B ?A SHIT OF PABI,ORB. WITH bedehambera. or a*ooivd lloor lu lull. Private table If aired Reference eicha.-ged. 5WK8T TWRNTT tniRD HTRKFT?A SBLBCT PAtnily and two or three Riugie gentlemen can be aocxn odated wlib eulie o* alogle oovi, wiih ooard, la thwetible brown ttone building wh oh U delightfully located be ceu Bi oadway or a stitb ?v nue. _____ 5MAODOUQAL B -RKlST Til HUE DOOR' ABOVH Houston?A small \l H*r? family let a to* * ^ relabel rooms wish or without m*als id the rooau Those W abiag a comfortable 1mp? will please eail Oaa, bath; looa* u desirable. ? "F" EAST BROADWaT ? Bt>A*DIWO.?ONE JA?al t) parlor, with pastries attached oral'/ furnished i ouU ilr.or. aultub'e for a gentleman Mid wife; gas and oaths the bouse. Also, acoou.modations for a few single gentlein. 28IXTn AVENTTR.?A FEW VO0N(J MEM CAM OR tain good plain board; al?? to let. * large roo m plain ralahed. with closet and cooking stove, rout for the room ) per month. 9 STRING STREET, FOUR J/OOBS *ROW BROaD w?y ?To let, several h'u isoaielr furn'shed rooms, to glegentlemen, with or wiihou; brv.ahfast, the location la or oil the Unt class botelo. *J ST. MARK'S PLACE, KIOHTH RTREEr.?A 0 French family w(?h to let with hoard to a gendman ' d wife, a handsomely ftirnl bed front parlor and bedroom, the second floor. House lirst clam dinner at 6 o'clook. I WEST TWMNTT-THIRD STREET.?TWO FtTBMISHed parlors, with kttcben also, bedroom on third floor if julrsd; all the modern improvements In the house. fk/> EAST TWEMTYFlAST RTREEr OPPOSITE | I/O Grnmrrcy park?looms wl:h board. A sooon t ry front room and be/room binds tu* 1 y furnished, wl h th attached; ?lw> one or tssrwai for single gentlemen e house contains all the modem improvements. 3ft CANAL STREET.?NE AT PUBLISHED ROOM', DO with or without bosrd for ge tleman an'' wife or gle gent'emen In a email family. Me "number U S'V cation very cjavenlcmt, west side of Broadway. Mo moving May. ?1 MINTH BThEBT, THIRD POOR RAST OP ? 1 Broadway.- Furnished rooms in snits or separately, let to gentlemen, with or without breakfast 71 DUeNR EMttB', OPPOSI1K TBI PARK.-J 1 A Mce'j furniatw^Hsms to let with alt the modern 1m>rfmenis. to gentk uiJr without board, from Si 25 to 96 per ek 71 EAST HkVKN fRlCMTH STREET. NEAR STCT ,1 X vi sort square.?-> line large eitension room on Urst >r and hall bedroom to let wrh board, to a gentleman and , 'e or i lrgle ghntlemen. Home onutalns modern Improve1 " ">?J EAST THIBTRRN *8 STREET?AN 1MOLI3H JO famllj can accommodate two or three gentlemen frith umdsomely furntsbed parlor, ti.-s*. floo. front gas piano in. mvu two or lorn uceuMii uourojma, wun or wiurout trd. House firtt claas, baths, Ac 99 AND ?M BKOAOWAl -BANRSOMHL.T KITS?j?i Dished loom* to let. bjr the night, week month or tr with nil Urn modern imnrtvo meets to single gecUen. without beard. Alio a eult 01 room* for a club 9Q BROADWAY, OORMCR OP wtvgRu?Y PI. ACS. uO -Mrs KKMBlI hat twoau'te of rotms to let, eult e for IhmlUea, with or without hoard, on reasonable terms; > eeraral young mew can And here good rooma, with full or tin! board. II INDCCZMBNT TO BRKAK CP HOUSBKKEPfNO. A lady p<rftctli competent In erery respect would like rraog* with one or nitre i>artlr? to t*k> a hoiiM in a deal 1b Iroltty. to be aept and occupied on the ttur?pe?n plan. A of rooma one general 000* private tablet Ac , whereby the ronrerleneee of hnuaetc-eping without the ttouble 1M be derived, and much earing envied. Hefe ease* of highest character eiohanged. Aildrets V , Herald oilioe. FUR>ISH*D BOOM TO LRT-TO A KHISLK OIKtlemaa. with partial board onl-r. In a private family, we the Spanish laogutge I* ?po?ea References etching Apply at 134 Kigbth street, drat of Broadway, PhV RKSPI'OTARIR URN CAN BC AP.X)HMOdated with board at 4Htl Sixth arenue. between Twenty, h and Thirtieth streets LADT AND OBRTLRM AN CAN RR ACCOM MO date-l w .ih e pleaaai.t >oom, and board for the lady, at 11 row strut. near lileerker. BOCM AND BBDROOM Pl.alNLT FlIRNISHiD, to lei for honrekeepieg. at ner weak, in a small funJy re are no other board era Apply at >17 West >llh ?U, been tth and '.Ah area SPIT OP APABTMKNm, OONHISTINO OP THC | whole second door, or a part of it. In a ''.oe house contain log la May. Apply at 743 Broadway. lAHn.-WAMTKD. B> A OBNTLIW AN AND Wlflt, a large and handsomely forulahed front roam and bedi. adjtlr<i>A on taa second or third floor with all the err unprorrtneata. Lo-atlou between Tenth and Thirtytth ttree ? atd Fourth aod rttitbereoaee. Will be per. mm. If milted Prlraie family preferred Beet of releea glee a and required. Addrets F. A. W? box 4.6'dJ I'oet ,* AID-IN A FRIVaT* FAMU-T. (NON* OTHER* need anewcr ) la Brook 1 a, thro tgh 'hi an turner for a lemaa and bla wife, l- canon mint be rnol. wl'h (aa In houee. Tern.a must he m.N'era'e Hlgb??l referencee n aao required ad re*? elating full particular*, J. H. 8., i,SI4 New Verk Poet offl-tt. I?- Rf> ?* C.RWTLhMAN AND WIPE OR TWO !* Hit- {pul'i-nieo can bo a tnmodeled with large fron i or. the ttcond Hot a> fliO per week Apply at 454 Rudinert, corner of Morion iiRO.-IWO LABOR ROOIH AND TWO AM ALL ore* are row racaa' at the pleasantly situated hauaa *> yficenth street, Reference re I'tlred. Ilouae baa all ih era linpioremanta lABDIN UNION ayfARft-A PARLOR AND BEDi room on the seams floor to let. with board la a drat rlaaa / ae hattae alao a room for a gentleman Refersaeat re ao. Appiy ai so L BIOS aquwra. orwinr wo. 110 IB B BOOKLTIT. ?A OEPCTT.1H4* A WD L ADT su ba arrommadaird wlU a largo furalakad i*? paa . r? Ac . and two alncU gaaUamoa wttMa bar mtautaa of Wall or Soulk famra. Apply at 0* Hlcta dnH ARD WANTED-A ORBTTKMAN 18 ".iKSIROUit t( pfocnrltip board for a lady, Id itia tamtlr of a a Idow wouid ncit ba oyer particular about ro -m aod wll par a at price lor board; pay in adraoca No oOiar boaraor (bo la tha liouaa. Rafarr twi ei'-hanjed Addraaa L. Foat nlBao. ARD WANTKD?IN A PRITATB FAWTIT (NONK i haro r?ed aimwrr) by a ladr a ilk bar too aa<l danxhUn-arooDia nntnrnlanad. on tho yamnl floor al b all taodam Imoroyrmeau, loraUon w ??m Fourth aod #t?ath atraau aid batwaaa Third aod dlith aranuoa. Ka, jor? eichangcd. Addrraa J. L. A , bot 1 3U6 Pooiodeo. AID WAimCD-DOWR TOWN. BT A OKNTl.** AN and two ladiea. Rrfrraocea ejohangad AddraM B. T. ' HaaM cfllea. ARD WANTID-BT A OBN1LRMAN AND LADY, wlih board fur ibr la-lr only, a aratlr furolahad parlor bedroooa. wbh a widow lady pr?fa:rad; IochIIoo batwewi abar aoil^lpeaa'b a?rrata and not wrai of Frroatli a*aTom. a nol to ri-rrd Hi"- awk inrl.idlog gaa. Ad a ttaad. Ilarald oflka. Rrfa'rncaa ri -haoifed. ABD WANTKD- FOB A HOV U TRARR OF AUIt, la a aiMril family, or wbara tbora are a-a bnt taw boarded whrra ba ran atu?y aoma of tba aomforta of a bone. ftaU W. UHaraJk ottca iHRKTYOUVO ; Indian. fclBW1, * .unily, wbara ibam ara but a fair p pa*i'u#rt Lonatxxi D * below fnorth M' above Tlilrtl# reea ar r coal of Mtith arontia Plea?a addraaa A. J. ? . U?a> pool offloe, auun* lerroa, Aa , which miiat b? oaodeJABD WAKTRD IK HOKORBN?THRU OK FOUR rmrncra want, for the Ir Bay, partial board. la an rwoit or Preoeh prtrata family. la Bitot or Praafclln tar Addrrtw autlaa !?oai?ao ao4 lartM. boi HI Pom niUca. I?nn WAKTKP. IK BOlOhJK?IT A SIKOl.K ?-?t im.i, a fiirniahad room. with pdrllhl board and dm oa Purdaro, la a p'eaaaai foanllr ar boafdlnd biw}k aMrrn nukilnf location, tarma and fall parttcaian. i. ai ftM roal ofllra. K. T. ARPIKO -A PTAKO FOR FALB. T1RT LOW, mi am nor, a yoniut lady, wonld board uaUl tha Oral of Hay ?rt i>")?naat, aha aitaoda aab.?l and woaM not ba iraabla > a rnrpeetable prtvaio family prrfarrcd Oood raflaraacaa n aad rvqalrod. Ploano taqntro at 41 Johnaoa at root, >ly, a?y tlaia Ihla woofc. AKPIKO -TWO PARLORR AKT> VfW FITRKISKKD room In aorord utorr la at wnb board: alao. a Hagla t. m a a no tool thrno atory boaaa. U Tirol fib atraot aaita ar Iwa (eaUaaaea aad thair wiraa, or Ira atagla fentlolARPTKO -onr or two ftkolk okktlkhik 111 be aroemmodotod with wall fa/alahed raomi and board atJ2 ^OTonih^arrn"#, betwaan^ Twenty aorwid iko lioeretery few mlcoteo. ' ROOM* COMMUNICATING. ON th.,<t rtw At "il Woat 1 wonty oatonnd airoet Tbo kouao ?t rlv< and art oral l*n ootobMabod. Aim, from ?th i. two front ro m?. mefbr-Dre required. .ttihttH-ONTt 0* TWO MNOLR0RNT1.1CVKW ar nh'aie A ( U?sl iar?e ronwtB, wUh partial board, irlralobntioo; refbraaca rnqeWM- *l??'y at 18 Clintoa t, Brooklyn. __________________ OtikWII -AN MOMn FAWILtOOOyTIirO A fret a'am hnnoo, mnrmilcnt to tbo ferrttto, am* Aooommoa low boarders. Planer at an oV"?k. dpp'y *1 1* f jfVKNTkVT TO THK Ff.RRII-l A NRATT.Y FHR,hr.| krlnam, frr a atpr'a (?fU man 85 per montti. or partial board, on mntorate terma At Z'< tl'tlAOA Avenna, ,??r from Myrtle, Brooklm kNloII*" *0OM8 TO LKT ORVTI.RMKN RR ? ,;riiiR r'aoan"! forir in Aonnrontftit aa.l central l >e% itll fliM e?ary AT*<?nimAdattot by applying At 419 Rnxtmq I near Ilroadwat. _____ Rl?I?ll*n ROoMfl- WTTW PARTIAL BOA1P. TM ,,ni?|t tan UV. to In u? tw>or tinm young gantlamen, at If AntUr afreet. njitcnro room to urr-wrrn ftrbfi.acr, |,? H par wo<-k, U? n oalr In a prirate f unity a t a- 4 fnr?l?b?d it rennired l.^-aiinn two blnrkl wnot t"AT Apply At I dtlrwn. air<-*t, noar Hprmg pvifliivo atartmhrtr to i.rr room* in ? , oaaant at lie room., nil well furnished. App.y roniih atrrai. V*l, LODGING*" IRNTlRVeW CAN OBTAIN . r At tkntlnho II .iol. corner of Prank ,?d ? tlbam "IroaU al M oar a par niaht A few i oat at T i roAio per eight No olbnr elargae e?oe?t at Option. b'm:: v RooMk tun r ttiTi tt, board want 0,1 br II.ra" or T -,r t'ontlwnrn r,oa,o at.if, a-I i t. t K , At Uiv tit g una, ?OTA?J pt NpnAt? And m iirttii. . N DOAKMWO ARD lAWftlllO. HO BO KPN ? K??>RS. WITH FULL OS PARTIAL boa<il, can be Imd on Ai>|>'4catlrm at IS Huiaya terrace, HobrOaa. IHVIbO IIOUHA, 609 BBUADVAI?BAT (MO BKKW eb?o?ad to tb? Kurnnea* plan la orepared to aceacumooate both transient aiitf permanent board era Rooma Iron tto $16 by the week; #0 cento to $2 by the day; meal* a? ordered LYMAN Flag. LA PIXBRl HOURS, #79 AND 681 BROADWAYApartn it-ota, fji'tiUhod wlta or arMhout board. Mt renceo required. PrIrate (mtnuj^ejlo family a'reet. PLEASANT FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET, Wit II board suitable for married or single gent'emeu. at No. 6 Bond tret near Broadway. Rooms andboahd.?a private family,(ano no rfalldrrn ) would Ilk* to lei a large front room, or?r the parlor* with bath gaa, Ac connec'ed with same, to one or two gentlemen no vrrv reaaona le term*, either with or with out partial beard OuuM a>M rent a a mailer r torn to one gentleman. 1 bl* la a rare obauoe, aa the room* are nicely far nbhei, and will be disposed o to highly respectable paHles low. Call at 113 West Twenty second afreet, near Beneath avenue Two QENTLYM&N OkN FIND A l4rgb| PLE A.hant ro<*n. ar.d board in a delightful location, within four mtDuUs walk of Fulton or Wall afreet ferries by applying at Mo S7 nicks sireet Brooklyn. TWO GENTLEMEN WISH TO OBTAIN A boom, with partial beard, In a private ftunliy. Address R H., Poat tdlloe. WANTED?$100, BT A LADY, WHO WOULD LIT A auit ot rooms and ftirulth partial board and give seen rity for the same l/ocatlon in a central part of the cttv near Broadway It a private family. Address Mrs. Pbeleo, Broalwsy Poat office. OJTANTKD?BOARD, FOR A LADY AND LITTLE " boy. (bur revs old. Terms out to ere end t'Al per month If salted will be pannaoent. Kefarenoe required. Addrtaa 1. A P . Herald office. fTTANTRD ?TWO OKNTLFMKN WISH TO PBOOURR *' a furnished room, with g sand Orolon; do board. Situalien between rprtng and Ten rt-ent, near B oadwar, est side preferred. Address fbr th ree days J. De'amater, boi 606 Post oflice. References eiclmng d. GnANIED-BT TWO GENTLEMEN, PLRASANT AND ft wel furnished rooms with partis' board. >)oaveeletees of a modern house esteotial. ioo*tl?n In city not abors Twenty tbtrd sireet, private family prefer-ed. Addresi. with price Mid particulars, Weidon Herald oflloe rjTANTF.D?AN ONFURMSHHD K K)M AND BEDO mom, or one good sized room, in aume respectable family, fur two respectable young men who can give the beet if reference. Address stating location and rent, which mutt be moderate, E. B. 0 , Herald office WAN'ED?A BMALL FURNISHED ROOM, IN A strictly private family, by a neat young man. Terms not to exceed f"5 a year Nt nation to be below Fourteenth reel HewYori, or in Brooklyn. Hoarding house keeper* need not epp'.y. Address Honesty, Herald office, for two day a WANTED-BY TWO youwq OENTLRMSB, one Oft I* o room*, withbosrd in a private family. Lnc Hon r ear Broadway balow Twenty flfth street A da real gtrlag full particulars box 674 Post oil lee BISCKHiAintUllB. Qnn >BL8. HKKR1MDS, I COO 80XIU rxtra OUU smoked, 260 bbls cod lab, scale fish and haddock, il'O bbls w hitnfl-h For sale In lots to soil by aLl.aW * ROfrK 128 Washington street BH 1.8 W. PKKRSL, HO. 1, 2 ABO S; 210 BBLS. tJt'O sea eflsh ard haddock. For sale In lots to suit by ALLAN A BubK, 228 Washington street. &9nn nnn worth of china, olasb oas VAi''V/.t M1U axtur*r, clocks, broasas plated ware and i uii-ry, at oca'. Buyers of tbe shore goods will not, mist lhel?, meet with ?n oppor.unity like the present In 'be oert ten years. Remember. Uis while Is to be closed out wlthta the comu g nlneti <*sya. W. J. F Oall.YAOO, White marble stores, OBI and 63S Broadway. \TTENT10N, COUNTRY DK iI.ERi.-?HABB'S FIRST piemltim rt.-elsiir show cards and window tickets. Beat, quick and cheap. 483 Broadway, over Wallack's tie* Ire. ? CCII RNTB WHICH DAILY OCCUR FROM THE EXf\ plosion rf fluid lamp* a e en'lrely prevented by ujing the India rubber lamps Sold br the nssnu'scturera HawX UUHbT, MoTT A Oo , 60 Fultoa at, and at 463 Broadway. Brushkbtoub e. bopprl will rkmoyr fro* S3) to 329 Pearl street, Harpe-'a Building, about the 1st of May Buperior paint ard eiher brushes at the lowest fas tory prises Machine braahes made to order. i WINESE POTATO SBRD-PACKRD IK TIB BOXKt \J anddelleeied tj expires for A3 par doren. $.0 per Us'; Chinees sugar cat e seed in packages, by mall. SI 23; Japan pees In $1 packages Kb W IN HANKY Flu?hlng 1.1. 0* BUhO'H FKRTlkUKRS ? OR HURO'd NO I AM mralsted seperphnepste of lime, De dorr's Bo. 1 manl pulatcd MM The subscriber la now prepared to sunplT the above acknowledged and ooly reliable maauraa TodUnao mala and directions for use will be forwarded no application to tbe bubecrlber JAMES P. HAMMILL. 110 Pearl street. H. T. EMULLAB. K SIXTH A VWltUK, WlIX OFFICE THE eprlbg rtvle of gentlemen'* hau >> tnrday, Jb'h lost Ulty doren cf faahmnaole hau> "n credit of ti month* 193 Pearl dreet near Maiden lane, up elaln 01OLK PENS, MANUFACTURED BT QE0R9C F. T Haw he#, No M Naiaau etreat, Pew Yo-k ?fi F. H beg* leave te call the utteuUon of tae trad* and the pu >llr to to hla tuperlor gold jiona and holder* htvtng had a praAMai cipmieocn for ten yaara, with superior facilities for ma nufacturirg, be la enabled to offer eena unrivalled for their Oeeoeaa of teitnre, araoothneaa of pMnt and beauty of ehapo. Prr.a stamped with hia name are guaranteed to teat M on rat. aid with oidloarj uaage. are earraated for one year All alree from Ho. I to 7. put up la the usual variety of c?ee eon lastly on hand ard manufactured to order at the eheaneat ratee I atuaged pona. of all aire*, repaired In a eupe-tor manner for 87 cent*. By encoatng the above amount In Boat office elan pa wl'h the pen, thoae r. aiding out of the city wtl recHve prompt attontlon. The pa'ronvae of the trade and the public 1* reepertfuliy aollcited U. F. HAWIUH. Iimia RUBBER OLOVBR A WD MITT* BLEACH TTIt hand*, and raodor them eoft and amooth ear* oh toped hand*, eall rheum. Ac , alee, vary eae'ul la homework, ae they eaa be worn where other g levee would be a polled For anient ah rubber atorea. and at Wo. 86 John eUaet. up atetra JrOCVKN'8 IMODOROUB PREPARATION IN8TANTLT I e aaaa ktd gloves without the aitghteat email. Eab wHh a piece of ftaanel, and the atalna forthwith disappear. One bottie win clean ttfty patra Price M nam*. WWeeAle and retail at 302 Broadway. KEJIOEENB OUM. Kerosene lubricating nU, Kerosene IIInminaiing eR, Karoaene btnaarle nil. r"**" """Kt, . AU8TBXS, Agents. U> Beaver (treat. MRS. ELLIOTT'S RHEUMATIC EMBROCATION.?FOB rbenmaUam, ohtlblelna liunnego, old apralaa dtaloeeUntta. brulaea. Ac.. Ae , fl?r aale at the new* aaA pervodlnal depot iui Dlvtatoa street. New Terk, and by Bra. Uayea, Brook1? a 14ARB FUN CBIHEHB BKI.N rOVYDES.-THIti FAR 1VJ famed and Invaluable toilet powdar rtanda preeminent for maturing nod beautifying Iba oomplrtton. rendering the akin deUeairle while aaoolh ana aoft Ha vara of apiinona laltatlnna. 1 be genuine to had at retail of all revpaetabla druggists; wholesale of tba sola proprietor, H. M. UOdtlH, S6 Unkind I ma. Mamma maktma mamma Tn thinners and builder*. The raraalailar of tba Work ni tba b'attsd xta'ea Taiaat Mar l>la Ocaipai f bow be M.ld in a frw day* to wiad v tba boMcraa No hfct Broadway. Naw York. VTOW'fl TOF* 1IME-W1IITB OINNKB Htm. 1*1 il p ort a IIS. whita lea aaia. 44 olrrra BlW; cut goblet*, thadoran, II CO. out champagne Ibe d iz*n. II 10; rat wine, tba doren. *R rantr, silver plated dinner forks tba doraa, |l, silver p atrd labia apoott, tba domo, 11 SB; aad all alaa la prvportlon N. B.?Oon t Blaieke tba plaoa W J. F. DULY A CO , IS1 aad653 Broadway. SBOW OaRM ? HflPFM AN A FEBRCH'R RHOW PAR* warrmotna. Noa 44 Chatham alraat aad S7 Bowarr. A geeeral aaaortmant of abnw eaves hep} ro aa*aa It a aad. Old abow casaa takaa la etebaage Ordara promptly IN eatad. Wmk kdoiro caedb-a* anrortmbnt or rtbb dall e slagaatly engraved waddli ( tarda. aa vat en en. 4a . ran ba kad on applies dee. or aaat by p-wl to aar pan * tba eouatovTaVBEDBLL, 3CR Braadway, aoraar of Daaae Timet. EatabHabad I84R. . Wains* rat wb abb dbcrbrbattbb?no weafar wbaa moat every athar man ohawa a piper ar two of tobacco dally begeldng aa Inant'nble daalra for a aoma tbBgaUli mmeereMag-strong frlnk Thaeelebrtfad phreeo lealMb Fowlcra A Walls la ihair " Ltjb Illnatratad. ' remark, " TobacoA lends to aloobaL" Dr Jduy. of Kemps, tba mast eminent writer OB tba brain before n rlaaa of students lately stated, " I hare bad a targe aiperlasee In dteaaaa sf tba brain, aad would caution yon tn the tue tf lobacvt she a Inc. I wonld eavl?e )aa also la dlaahaaa ?oar patients' ralodacf tba idea that I . la hcrnlam?it la a moat noztooa habu. aad I SB ronvtor, 1 that It lea,la froj fnoctloaal lo orgaaie dba. aa haarlcawra proalratltg lo <k? body *od ra lad and uora eractfylag to all Ibe jmaatllar of maa eaplrlt aadnatura, wa bare jti in ba rwerlaaaaof It " TV>?a who era Maaaralr da liaim of waanleg thaiaaalrae (Wan Uil* dabaaiag habit, abou 4 try IKQM.'fl lokal; It la itaad ia tba ani? wav bat poaaaaaaa tba powar la a abort Uaao of bringing tka aratan la tbat coadltlf a ? baa aatthar Iba oaa aor ba otbar la raqalrad. aa aa tnra Intrndad. Tubal la rrtaSttd at aagar aad drag gloria. Wbolaaala ("aly) 411 Irtadaaj. MIUJIMT, dbC. 1 Q KT -WOTftl.TlKS IT string BOWWRTS-mm* lOU I . Barrta baa rtealrad bar drat Importation af Praaeb tincnata par AMa; Haaa H. bar lag mad* arraagnmant with tba loading boutaa la Parle, while tbara laat tall, la ra oalra Oaab aoraltiaa bt ararr ilaaarar. mm*, ft. h arris k SOW, st1 Broadway. A da no -ro wnoLnsAi.* bttbrs op srmtwa _ a l.?. and wall anlwtad Work la now ^rodm'too'lowi-i oaab prteaaTat "W Bt??(">!*? , Broc4?*t M. B.-Fattarm boanato altoayi <* k?d. UADill LAYOOCK. 77 CABALBTRITFT?BABKtlfO IW for all kloda of ombroldorr aad braHlnp and ombmldory dnao a' tfca ahortoat notion aad aal raaaonabio tar ma Flat toff to all Ita raHrtlra alin-hta* and nnl tlnff drmn by maohlna. Baaqtia aad walat pauama out la At taa farm area ratal?. VpULIBBBT.-BBIt. RALLIIffW. C OLD CABAL i"l atrrot la now roady toabow to NouUiorn and Woatara ornbaat* aprtoff aad auaamor pattarn bonneta Iba lalaat Pa* nauan mod at fpo WTTOT.VAt.B Bl'TKBd OF RTCIT FLOWFRA-THB 1 baft Mat rarla can protln-a a: ?l Rroad war. fH? J A MBA TUOKRB proprietor. i "XMS3aBSmSBSSr " *" Bilmarim -t*-ot*7f.ixrbt taw.RB FOR imta? ?Imep far raab and ranat bo remorod thla wook; one h %d I Pfcalan * ooti blnatlna eneli> n?. Tho? oat ha trlod by oalilaff I on Mr .IRNIIIM, at tho Metropolta neloon. M9 Broad way, oppoalte Bond atrrat. DRCRFR'B BRCTTARTOAL COURTBATTOR (TTTBBIOMR, varrantod atirart-w to all ""bora In alattettr and eorrootnroa brtoa loanr jot onttroly aafa. Btlla-d tah aa of all Imp. atato or merbl# tor? trlmmlnpa t>f nparr doaertpUon at the obi ortraa. Itonttfar rj 90 A an at root ma p L It* KRR (lata ilrlfflth A Poekor.) Sn *rp, at "tub M?wrractort, u? fclto* _ a'rrot baa on hand a laieo aaoor'mpnt of klli'A'd tab!*e, marbto and waodon bodl, m ih 'bo now aty> o'cnrhlon now Crofotrr j to any oibft ut uaa. AIpo twv actoni bat.* tab op baulu okaau lew TORX HFRAJJD, FBI rew BAI.B. ^ICII roa A ORoIOK-12 BUIUMNI LOTS. 26 Br J>ItJw 100 feet. mart i?e*u IfuMv Inea'rd, ae?r Trwnout depot on# hour'* rh'e from CHf HalC Title perfeoL Addre** Lol, boi 196 lieiald office. _____ ff<L(7 H -FOB BALK-A FLOOR AKD FRKD STORK. <PO I *J, the I dam- fixture* and bora* aad <r**oo of one or the beat *U?da In tfia cltr The oior'i going Sou Jill the oauae {/rtUiog o.t inquire at 6<7 Budaoa atreoi. flu Hi? -two desirable lots to exchange TiUU, for a good hone and rocAawav *tgOD A goo<l trade will be given, and ur dlflerenee ptid in money. BIG08 A SOUTHWI0K.B4 Naaeauatreei. S/l Af) -A UQCOB SALOON DOWN TOWN TOR JitUU. Bale, wl'h stock end ft xt urea complete, e rem bargain Addreac Liquor, Herald oflioa, naming place of Interview. SI llAfl -I>OI FOTJNDBT FOB SALS. WITH 5pl ivuUi room end fixture# amide lae* tar fnrtf heoda eod mettlog five toes lnqattro of NTBPHEN a. DaflS, Thirty third atreet end Eleventh avenue. New Tart SI Unit TUB A BOIEL, NBeB A BWLBOAO Dl.OUU depot, doing e full euvlnent, well end foltrfar tubed, favorable leave and offered on exceedingly liberal twice BIOUB A StlPIH ff lUK. 84 Maaean atroeC SO fil If) ? TOB Sale, dkoidrdlt tbb bust grocery In Ninth avenue, eatAbltahad and occupied ht the oreeent owner eleven yeara end doing e boat etna oi If.OOO p?r month Horvea wagons Ao.exnplote. Apply to Wt-fMClJtR A UO., 334 Broad vay, ufiloe 14 SO Mil -TOR A ORI-iT pU WITH TWO RUN <lPZi,ul"l, of -lone, never falling water purer, running gear new end In good wcktng order with d veiling h turn, gtrdm, Ac , thirty given mi * on Long Irlacd. near it nan I'mi landing E a. Bl'fK'lt, 212 Broadway, room Ne 3. SO r,||ft WILL but the largest bowling a a. iPiJ.Gl/U loon In the cltv of Brooalyn, convlaling of eight alieya, Iraee bar and fixtures complete; the only reason for celling tn other hucineca Tor perlioulare, oall on the i promisee 206 Fulton atrtel, corner ol Pineapple, befwo 11 A. ; II. Terma eaay. JQ |il|/t ?FOR SALE A NEAT THHHK BTORT PO.'fUlr. Dam- house ?nd lot with double plaxza eve taln'ng nine ro una. Id good orCr; No. 202 West -htrtr virth hor-t price M,009 Inquire of aD AMo A Ll'NDV, 6l Om S'Q i inn -SALE of LB ABE AND FUBNITURE OF ?JrO."UU. a fir*t rate boarding house In Wave-ley place, newly furnished ta?t May Posxe.sion given immedlalelf. - h?rge on account of the aea'h of the-landlady, Inquire of TYLER A BROWN, 1M Broadway, N?/T ftni I ~A OOOti PRTRICT RIGHT, OR ANT IN SPU.UUU. tereat In one wanted In exchange for elhw I uerw ral oroo rtv Address with tul description. 8 W. W . box It' Herald ouice. (lllll ~roB "AIiE, OB RXOH4NGR?A OOOO ?!>'>.UV\7. gen'rel hotiaa with two lots, ou the corner of ItrKibtcl Mare? auenue- to dtooklym on the lias of two i ai roads. Apply to C. O. THOMPSON. 85 Nassau street. 4>r; cno-roR rale, a new brown or ?ne btgh ktoop house, on Fortv aeveath street, bewet-r Hxib and deveuti a?enu-a. 18:9x40, wit > all the mo detn lmprovemi-ata third house from eeveotn avenue; one of a row of tsenly houeea. At A if can rem to on h Hid and mortgage apply at 47B Klgnth avenue or to a. 6PENJ8. 13 Wall rtreat &7 flltH -FOR RALE OB EXCHANGE, A FINK J) I il/UU. hotel do'ng a full Dullness. w.jland tully turnlvhed, large bl ilant room, farorable lease and nflbred on liberal terms CANNON A UKKRY 8j Nataau atreat Jbl n linn ?FOB 8aLE. OB EXCHANGE ros A ?JPJ U.UUtl. Arat class bouse In this city or Hr-onkl n mveoleit Is the ferres. tint class seven per renV bsnds, well secured by mortgage, apply to CANNON A it itaKY, 80 Nasaan greet tio nnn -CNENCDMBERED, FARM ylytWUl". at Jamaica, L 1 It miles Irom the city ,<n the plank road, 37 acres, good houae. barns and outbuildings sad la feitUe as a garden and S3 Utn worth of pr xluce can be sold from it ?n a year For sa e or exchange tor a deeding In the city .(Also a farm of 32 ec es at Mamaroueck, by the depot. C HtWH 12U Wall street, up sUtlrs 0 HORSE KNOINR AND BOILER, WITH SHAFTING, pnllejs. Ac., for sale cheap. Ajtply to JOHN KKYd, ttR and 103 Suffolk street. ABB AD I IF DL OOIINIRYF E lT FOR 8 ALK-BITG 41 ED 00 the weal (bank of Jarnjra ! kn. about*atx miles from Ithaca Tomnkwa ooucty New York commanding an andre riew of tbe lake, fifty two acres of the heat land, an a la a eery bea'tby location. all kinds of fruit trees on the place, size at dwelling 46 front by 60 decii, two atory and attic with oe tar two large bay windows overlooks g (the lsK9, about fifteen rooms. Decides pantries; tbe walla in all the rooms are beeutl lolly finished in fresco style of pateUng; earrings house 42 by 30 la -e be ahtd Ac.; lbs l.oJhbngB are all new; three eagoi , farm rig ntexstis aod past of tha furniture so d with the place. Price 87 000. half its oost Inquire of fBcM \N JON An. eornertu forty sasood street and Teeth arenas, tn the factory, from 9 to 11 A. M . and from 3 ts 6 P. E. - NEW OOTHIO OOTTAOK. AT NEW BOJHELLE. t\ for aae, with fise acres blgh.y cultivated land, hou?a has marble mentals, grat. *. bath w.terc'oaet furnara Ac; also oosrAotttr and sla lea It will be exchanged. Ires of mortgage, for city property. JollN B. HURRAY. 44 Wall street. a HOTEL FOR BALE OR EXCHANGE A- FOB A Fsal Now doing a good business Price of lease, fillls g and bedding, without the stock of wines and itoucra $2 ISO. and with the stock, f&.uSO Apply in Uie hotel lo B. WARD, Forty third street and fliilii avenue ACHEAP FARM ?80 ACRES, WELL LOPATEO. 23 mtlea from New York per railroad nob soil, good build lags flue orchards, good wo?xi and water. P/loe S3 G10 A bargain. BElBDEaD A BOG ERA. 16 Nassau street. a BROWN hTONR HOURE ON THIRTY FIR IT u Pirr?*i, riKD ??r?nur, ivr ujc mw. iuw ?u uc hident improwameali; or would b? exchanged far a small houM or ruul Ml Also the modern bouse No HS Weal i went, aaisolh street. HaML RjDY. No 2 Hanorerstreet. "a HOPf-K AHD ABOUT 01TB THIBD AO** OF t. iNO A for sain, at ToUaoTllle. Htalea Island- Tha house u new and ib food order, tba location hi*h and n <ar tha laadlnr. PUblng and bathing facilities itiisurpaared. Comma ate all an daily by ateamrr. BAKU kOD\, No. I Haooror street Brooklyn OOWANUf OaNAL pbopbrtt ros aala?GO Iota, all lying together, between ami lb street and .he canal and on PifUi Bath and beventh streets. and hawing a ob the eaaal of Mi feel The property a waO adapted tor manufacturing purposes and far 1 unbar, lath. Una. bitch or oaal tarda, and will ha aotd In pareala to suit, and some fartliUeagiven. Apply to WM B NICHOUt, 1C W?no street. m T. Brook lib hocbbb fob balb ob to lbt-ttz . alaa firat alaaa honaaa on the north rtde of Lafayette awn aae. betweae Rawmond and Navy atresia. 1 her wrUl contain gaa aad pluwhmg aultsKe for the aaw water works, including hatha ard wra ar etoaeH, the (fronts are Philadelphia brick each boaaa la 40 feat deep, rieluaiwe ef a brtch sitanmon of 8 tort, aeeh lot is 06 ft et eisluttwe ot 18 feet court yard Tha lm-a'ioa la the n>oet bowl thy pap alar and oonwimjeot In Brooklyb being bat Ire minutes walk frown tha Otty Hail aad bat cms Mori from Pulton and y laihoah a?eauea Tha honaaa will be la all respects first claaa, aubatanltalit built aad wall dotal ad. Apply to WtLt.laM It NIOHOL*. U) Nassau street. Raw York, or betwern 8 an 10 A. M., on the premises. Brooklyn hoc ska for balb on libkbaltkrhr. - Pour d/et ciaaa homes oa Lafayette awenne soMh ridr between Klatbuah aid Pnl'on ayennes. biueee 20x40 fee', wuh soar' yard Hntlt la the b?et manner, with all mo d?rn Improwrmen'Si pearly c?uipieted. Ux-ation moat deal. isblenf arw In Brooklyn Co van lent to the cart aod only fitd> mlBiitBB' ?Blk from iJic (.It. HbII Po?m4*lnn rniv h* n?d imaedlaiely. Inquire of D H Dl'NOOMd. No. 14 Plae atrtr! A. t. BAK1RY FOR BAMC-UTJATED ON OK* OK THR tr?l buUrem alrret* in lb* rlly and dolUR a gritl tragic, tbia la a Aral rata ehanr* fcr a man with a am all etplta'. I ??* of tbr biilMiat for four yaar* at a moderate raat. Ap ply at 6AS Br-adwa' fourth floor. I tOCRTKY AKAT.?FOR HaI-B, THK RfCSIl.RlfOR 0# * ' lha lata Mr* Barak H Brouha, at Whlla Paiin* Waw rl rnualy. oonaiatiaR of a aaal two atorr dwelling bona* ard oonaarralary ad^a'alny earr-taga hnoaa barn i had, wood bouae, tardea. A*, all In Rood rapair. Apply In Rt.lHU* ROhTON aiocalar, Whit* or J AM Ad M. MIUJIR, Si Maidra lana. C1FNTI AT. PARK LOTN POM BAl.F -TWO I.OT8 OR J aoath a da of Fifty-ninth a raat SSS faat wan' of Fifth oppoaliu tha aauaoe*'o tba p ark. Apply to J aM <CB H ui.ko <AOhi M No S Broad atraat. or K. c.T n aRuka Wo. ?a Broadway. /"tOCHTRT BRAT FOR B ALR?A TERY BKACnFTti, {j olao. f?rt? ^ naarthflte almr# rarj healthy Ibara la upon lha plat* a tarf* hutiaa liabtrd wl*b Rat, aad mntalDiag orer twenty room*, Yaroa and other oat honor*, with RWd wall, rlitaraa bi?n,w; won d be daatrable for a aemioarr ar for a large family, thar* la atlarhad four aeraa or fla* land, and mora If wan lad Tha or rar bataa about to laara fur Ruropa will anil upon good triOA or fitting* for np lowa olfy proparty Addraaa TBQM AS A Whftw, UaralfoRa*. COCNTRY BRAT AND FARM FOR B *!, ?TWRNfYora ml la* from tha cHy by railroad, flra mlaataa walk from dapot, Uiirtaaa ualaa dally, flrrt olaaa bonne and oal hntldlag* <1 area of laad. plenty of trait, ah ad a traaa. Ae.. a Ira fnnr lot* aaar Harlrm. Inqav* of Mra TATl.0*. WS (;aaal atraat, Bear SalHraa. ClOrRTRY ATOR1 ARD STOCK POR IAIR-DWRL J Una marked, with *a* aar* o laad or laaa hay aad eoal rralaa, f till aad oat balk la rs. a aar railroad aad laodiag, is tnlla# iroea Naw York; a anpartor atand. and will ba ao'd renewable II applied for aaaa. For tufbrmaUoa apply at 218 Front ntraai. CI.OTB1NO ATOCR FOR BALR -AN RNTfRl RTOCK af ready mad* dwhtag aad fnralahlnR rood* Ala*, atara fcituref and goad will at btiaiaeaa. In-,au* afP. F. RANDOLPH. 30 U M Park plaaa. COTTAOR HOUR* FOB RALB-BO. 1MRKITH BfRBTT Honth Rrvnkly c<aMU| of front u< beck baeomaidn. trawt and back ?ui?n front and bank room* with in bad room ap itaLr*. all llfhtad with raa taanlra atlkefhoay tor* 3M Knith ttreet. oomar of Banm afreet. / dOAK?OOAT. TABD FOB BALK. BOW DUBO A V ' food bndHH, wall I oca tad. near the club arcane and Jefferron Market; litnraa ta food trdar. For partiaalafa apply oa iba praa^leea, Bo 9 Chrtatopharjti lot SBUO BTORK FOB BALR.?AB OT.D RRTABLtftWRR aiand dotnf a bnaiaaaa of from BMW to BMi pee mo ith, p paal flitarae, will beaobl raaoanably fnrcarh Apply to I. BaTIHX K. 81 Ba den la? r\irO 8T0RB FOR BALI.-THR B'OOK ARP FtX JL/ twfWa In pood order, a food opportunity for a peraon of mall meat in enraee (a hnalaeao. Or a partner wottm be acce?terl Apply at Si# ureeawlrh at, corner of Forth Moore, FACTORY FOB II ALB OB TO LRT-80 BT W FRBT, butR of brick metnllte roof, with never falHnf water power and Frenah Tnrh'ne Iron wheel, alt a at ad In < franco eentty. owe hour and a halffrea thle city, and a few rarde fr tn rall'oed depot. Apply to Dr. 1'RICR MOOR-X 151 Cbanabere rtrret. FAR* FOB SALS-A FAB* OOBTAIRTBO A BOOT I 0 acre a of anprtlnr lend for far leninf pnrnaeee. on which there la one acre of arparuita. there ft a t ted hotae ai d barn npon the premtaea. ana ta near a Undlaf where akrnpa ma In and from Raw Tork, located wtn'h of Jamaica, abont thirteen mllce iron ftreoklya. Apply to Mr. BALI. Jta f niton afreet, Brooklyn. F/t* FOB BALR AT I,BAR TITAB ITB TAl.ri-OO* la ? tf a# acree of k f M t cnltlraicd land rood hrtlldlnpa, appte orrhar.,' *?il 5 rarwtf of frolt aitoaied In Weateheeter county FJ ml lea ftfM Raw York, near railroad, aloop land inf. Ac Apply at once td B, ?. LTOB. * . 8 t'hriatopker tract B T, ___________ F.-tAtl* FOR BALE AT A BAROAnf.-mB) ACBR4 AT r II vlnp, Barry pftinty. *1. hlran. Wtl anrea tader the h'th eatfuteoi etiltie?u?-n; Baa orchardo. eploadid larfe baud tpfa ?e>y beat of timber heavy, aerer-faitm* water power w?H wa ered. Ircathn healthy and plcaaant . $"2 per acrw tt can he dlTlded Into two or three fbrma . a company ?t mea ran make a fortune with ihle properly. Tee-n* eeey. Ye t may rely on tbie belur the heat chance to get n farm erer pfffrrt. APPl/?T/,TAi?DWBILI, R<h f? f Atou FfHV | DAY, FKBKUARV 27. iBfi iAUtt iVfcK 'OR bALK ?lUk. bUBiOBl (KB O't'KBt KOB r M'e f.,r?u tliuMdnu the < loi.nwit tut rtrer. In (he If nn of hurt Wludeo* uodu line mtt*e tr -<n the e tt of Inrtford fo ir f'ouj ?t? vjllt^e of W?rahnu*e Paint nbanl lee from Btnndbrook nnd no the main reed (?in lleHloxl te I he (era, roiuUu of about oue Imudred aorn* uiupi) divided Into mowing plough pa?tiirtng nnd wool; !> > *(.-rr~ oi waim la u ncow I mi J or a aupertor qua'ty, yrry ?ult?ble for KrK?e th* raial -ig of India? naro idI tobai00 and I* In ft (toot* Hate of culUvalior; ike land la all la one piece, with tfceeiteutlftD -if thirteea a<T i which la Una than a quarter ef a mile d>?taM -Jus hooae and U laorovod aa a p'afr re On the premise* U a 'arge *ud einaodwni houae. bull id modern atv e with a well *f aoft wat?r wtthta 6 few fret of the back door, two la ft baina h large loSanco an*?, rarrWe hooae, care bona a. do lie altuadno la uncommonly p'eaaant and la healthy and commanding; (lie fain oae of the beat In the elate and A la rarely the oaaa (hat oae oonid he arleeted which effete greater lnduo?meoU lo the purch-aer. WII.U an W7 TUDOtk I Fcr further partiouiara Inquire of KOBBRT BCKuL, 182 Statesir*ed Hartford Own Bier Winneoa, Feb. 24. 1887. Fruit Farm fok HiII oiik or thk most thrifty and beautiful aopte nruharda In the o-rantry; over 1 2(t treaa choice variolic* 6 to 12 vraia old; tmiai hundred pritrh treta uuodlund and a raw" pit In the centre In all 65 aoree, r ear fbaUei e J , Nr* on lea Red Bath, In Uie

pkM ef the 'rrtile ma-l rcy <y in Mouowu'b county The la onltit la famed for hewthfalaeea and eaneolally f* eatlie freedom froo. frvar ?rd ague Liberal terras of tale and payment It innat re 'old ir at all before toe 15th ef March. Prlc $**10 O'r do ?| orou ofapolea ought to pay It Aanly toJviUH BUOklIN Hi?)?ti? n. J r. too Wedneedaywto MaMOUdbPblMO, It K oftrt atctet. New lork. (Jo by Bayport boat, coonr-cting with i'halani at age, at 2>, t M , root of Murray alreet or by Bed bank boat. rv>k BaUC-A HaNUMUMA BoUBft. IT4 TWBhTUrB r atrect oearHeoood avenue Inquire off A. KKNIfMOY. ISO Kaat Tbltty ifih ?tieet, near Third aveuuft Part of (be money can remain at air pe> oeot FOB BaIK-A FOUR HTuBT BOUAR AND LOT. btiwn H'ona fro it ku.gtl?h baaommt 906 8eoo"d areoue, between N'petee thand twentieth street* wilA all the modem Unproyemerta It quire no the prwmiane m 8 8PHAUUM Term* eaay; prteetw IMP giT&m na iuuji (J1V&I o>iu> nrn.inp r 4? WfftThirty am. Wreck betwcyn FUJI C2 6???i iMtoM. MIL he sold pneliirely end at a low vrler Apply u>T HI ? \ IP 12i J?oar ; ?iml ___ tfDOR SALR-Sl.OOF W*8T BUBO ABOUT FOUR TEARS r old, eliti -rfour Ions register light draft, fast sailer end lu nrat reteordrr Apply to JurlkPH H10HH, Roslin, 11x15 le'eot) or to J T. K uOTH 4 CO.. ooroer of Delaiicg aud Bold streets. hea fork OIOK StU-lffO THREE STORf ATTIC, BARRMKNT P and counter rrltHr bouses with high stoops in fairly third afreet M?r?n Hjirt and klnlk avenues. with all modern Improvement*, brute* hixW fret Inquire on the premises, or of P B. b.Vf't'U 186 Wtal TbMlovh atreet. For balr-toii biuh utoop. mkw rubbtantial brawp atone house#, north aide Of Thirty drat ?treat. between MM Won and Fourth avenues three atortea tad banc irvert. with ell modern improvement# Inquire et tl Well street, room 10 uOR BALE?IK BROOKLYN. THE RMILISII BASEr meet honee and lot No 32) Racket! street near Court; house tl orocgbl* painted throughout end to perfect order; lot i9xloo Ipqioreoro - Find.It, at the Atlantic Bank, or at It Whipple A Bon, 168 Court atreet (jTGIt fceJuF?A NhW BCBOONKR VaCB f, HCITaBLE P for a p'iot boat of snout 74 U?ta otrpunter's meaaure Dent not named nos completely Q lahed; she u> 87 fe-t keel, 18 feet beam. 8 teet 10 inches hibd built ias'. atimmer br dar'a work, of art ct materials a> d with especial record t) st oogth, fiatoee of cbrooutaed white o?k all cut with the grain plaok rd and celled with two itioh *hlie oak, copper fastened below the era et line; bnti bolted and tquare rss'e.nol throughout email oenPr board, and ab >ut twtni, leches of keel and shoe, ou'hide bnl'ast of lead cast tn thcahoe, and draws four feet sir It ctiea she Is en the i'assalc river, lmmndlatelg above the ram-ale bridge on the New t ork and Brie Railroad, eleven miles from Jersey f ur. For'urtber particulars apply to KbNJAlAlN B. aTCrIO'J Paisalc New Jersey; or to OUABlIs a tCRiao, <Jt> Warren aueet, N T. L'OB RALE?A HANDSOMXI.T SITUATED BROWN r stone front housa in Twenty teurth atreet north eiie. between Fifth and slith arsons*; bouse 2l?66 lot U818 baa everv modern ooD?bitienre. and neighborhood unexceptionable. PnreBlf.OUP Apply et 7# Flat siredl. secondtloor, or at i6 West T went) fourth street FlOh HAl.K?fit A 4RST loOalKI) AND ONE OF TIIE best htislneM stands lu * a-blnglne market, particularly tor butter buslueaa Ibis stand has tieaifd a prod' of tl .MX) hi 63 U-U per year and will continue to do so if carefully at tended to apply to or addre?a -lames T Co-ihran, City Hay rcsles junction of I ulton end Ftaibush avenuea Brooklyn, Fob RsI.e-a desirable nkw holme *nd one acre ot land si north Or*nge, N. J T he bou<e co'italos ten two wdh.maitde mantels, bsth room, ranM, furnace sad requisite outbuildings and was built by da's a o-k a.d in the most thorough manner. terms 41,1101 cash; re msirider liood st_d morgagt Apply to K li A KIM lift editor ef JournAl, Orange, or to J. B. OIiddOKK A 00.. "4 South tlreet. DOR BAI.F-TWO FIRST OURS THRCE UTCRT AND P bewmeol brown stone houses, one on Twenty seventh street sod one on 1 sent> elgbih street, IUU feet west ot rtixtfe avenue Apply on the premises fTlOR 8alr-cottaof. HOCSJC NO DP AN rtkfrt. r Brooklyn, taoetoryatid ertenelon ?ilh hnee meat ami cellar. la* marble mantel, dumb waller and gee tarotighoa' : lot 26 l>y UK), In yertect order and la a good neighborhood, /pp y on eremlara lermaeaey rTVOR SALR-THR BKAtTTlFUL NEW SROVTE 9T0WP r rroot Knalleb baaemeoi hotter IB Weet fhlrtjelxth alr*et bet wear Fifth and Hlxth arp no*. Bald bonne la loin n'orW high 62 (Bet drop, and ronlalna all the modern Improvement Can be Been at anj Ume For pantralan apply to the owner at LM Want kuereotb street fitOR lAU-nil n B?R AND LOT. NO X TWELFTH r etreet, between the With and seventh arennee; a pleaunt loraiioe Terma cany. Apply to THOtl. MON all AN. 163 Proot reel bio* saUI-iii a crntral rtttation in broad r war a daguerreotype gal ery. Rent moderate. Ad draea W . W . X Went hlerentli atreet rR BALK?AN OLD WTABLI'MD FtOTKI. AND reBtauraot la'ely QUed up with new furniture and tit li.ree In prtme rrder In one of the beat loeattnnt in the city, with tire year* leaee, and data* a food bualneta Reaaon foreelilof. the proprietor baa other bnalnrea. Addreee R W , box >>9 Herald< fflee. For balb?a oottaor hourk, and lot, bitdated oo Forty thl?d atreet. west of Broadway. Price ark). Inquire of C. a D TRKILAND. 76 Weet PorReih aureL _ For (atj-a marblk house on lbxinoton areaue rextte Dr Dull}** pareonafo; a perfect Uule palace Alto, the three etory not tare Me i94 weet Thirty fourth etreet * teo, full lot three etory bo nee aal car nag a 172 Weet Fortieth etreet All ranrt be eotd. R. OlRBFng, 171 Weet Fortieth etreet. P>R BALE?or RRRORN HETOH1?, A fMT DR alralrle twe eery and beeewteal frame honee 21 by X feet; let M by KM fret. T.Ne botiae. nearly new, te la eteelleal order, ead de IgbtfuUy eltuated, commaadlnf an eneaBve preegeet Btefee pane every lAeen mluatae leJeeaet ORp ferry. Prtoe fv&io Appl> to L. O. Bit ATE A -co., 29 Am etreet, room BO. 4, H. T. FOB balr-A btoar rtobr. apply AT NO. ISA Centre etreet. N. 11.?A Retrfoondlaii'l dog tor aale. For bali-a vprt ciii*p lot anbthrkm btort brick house. with mllar and kitchen, Croton water and all the molars improremeDta; rent per annum. Terms rut Inquire of kMUI.KHRHT l.-rTf, 7B sad 77 Ittitu street M I., In off ce. or la the same htttan, Mo Sud 8 ilb street, between avenues B and C. l^OR CHIAP. AT TOMKPJIB, A OOUMr tie seat of tea area with a alee co'tago bouse turn, iarc variety Of trail Ac ; land high, well wa'erel, cuimn' isr aeiew of the Hudson tleer aee only half a cslle from the raUioad depot, will be dielded If de< rod. further panic i iarsby applying to A HIRtlKANT, IB Wall street. Fo* bai.r-a coal yard, with rixnrRm. row slating of caita harness, screens and scales. Ac , will ha sold low e pply to J II" fsf K. COKf Ml Bowery. FtOR BALK-TWO TART BOPKRTOB V?1ICIAB* oprrailng U tire one a so a disappearinp table mole of h'ghly polished wood, very crnamautal. will be add choap. Inquire at MJ| Liepanard street. For rali-tiiic rchoomfr a w lkbdr. ibjtovi | burihcn, draws 7H feat water, In good e-der and well found, caa be seen at foef jf IHlaecey etre?t R R For narileiils- ^,qoirl or ff. T. RrMTON, S70 Bonth street from J to J o'clock r. . .MMClv AMI i * IjAOR BALK-A DRRIRABLB THRF.R 8T0RT AMI) r baseaient brick bouse and lot. Mo. 14 Charles stcasi JTer rsw placet, aea? Greenwich arenas. 'LoK 20j1oj fsR;?>a*e AiiBS feet, three nsnna deep on each floor with rear a hire Id ee<ord atory. hot sad co'd water sal gen on aaoh Boor bethlag tab. shower bath water noeete wash room with tubs. Ac The honor la wall arranged lor one large or two small fasalliee la newly palotrd thronjhnnt in complete order, sad of ussy am sea to wages sod city railroads. To avoid nnaoi ess err trouble to the occupants lbs premleos can be seen, only oa appllooUbn to ORO W. DaVoR, Mo S and ft Jefferson Mar hot, V at lbs Rtith aranuo nsarksi | botwaoa Th rty ll 'ih sod Thirty eiWb streets before I o clock, whore price and terms of sale will be made known. C10R BALB-A FIRST CAM BOCRR. WITH ALL THK r modem Improvemonle Mo. 299 goeoal arenas, near Riuyreeant aqnnre. Houao 38(54, fb<ir sfory and beoemsnt. Can be seen nr applying at 213 Third arenas, from 9 to It A. M end from lie 4 PM. PrtoofleadO J. M PRMMI8. rB dALB-THB TWO THBBB BTORT RROWM. TOMB fTont houses Ros IfW and 174 Waal Twenty third afraet. between Seventh sad Btabth areanee Alee the tenement property Mo IS Cornells atrom, ream foe abont 91 300 Alwi lbs Moment property Mo M Cornelia otreot. rente for about $1 OTP Alan the bouan and lot Ma. U Ooraola awoet. Al.o the te> emont property Ma. I?S Marror ?treot with 'be lease of the lot for ok ran yeare from May sett, rents for 9I.9BI) Inquire off* I J.I HKAI.TH, Mo W Cbsmbara sToof front beaeasent. from ill to J a dock. Fob balb?rhrlviho, ?h good obdkr. buitahie for a large store, will be sold tow. Inqalro at Mo. 7 Pork placo. r>ft NAt.K?A OKNTmtl, RWtinBNCB, M WW-T Waabtngtoa place. '<* tbtSO, rwae though to Fourth a'reti; an* I titbit <>n mar, two tootr bytiatat m><1 aula w?i?r MoMl bath Mil pa low not prion |ti 000, *A uiu o*n remain so mortgage ro b* T'ltedayn Thnradnri on I Natir day a, from 10 to t o'clock, or any Om. by rail lag a< 10 Per turn. ( nam rtmlit, ifiob mij-tik ntock awt) fttttbbh of a P w hoi gain flnh and prorlaton Worn, ofneT?rel J earn attndrrg, a good |ng?Uon,on the wnat tide ofllia towt. Block Igbl. Any party wl Mr* to engage In good and profltabto bid ma* n??T tddrten I'roaln oat, boa IJQ Herald Met Fob al*-a cochtbt b*?idbf?b awi> raww. retrprielng thirty trrea Tto property will be told ebeap. or will nrel'tagt It for city property. For foribor it formation Inquire of A. B. l.aMB, Howart flu ol F?OB BAMt-THB FOfB HTORT MOWN UTOWF 1 honar. ar il lot, SI ?to Forty brat atrntt, net- Broad way. with errtT cotrenlence (built br iht prterai owner for bit owt utei, logrtbei wit* parlor earpeta, ehandellera. mlrrort tod oilc'oib. r-|r? for ikn wbjlo II4 ??, tin Ok) .tmer* gnge Apply to W. F Tt/RWfRH Mttto avenue and TwoAly e'vlt ttirti, er MB1.FTB H ABP, 44 Btehman ntrert. KOB MLB?TIT N NTOCK A Ft) FTTTINM OF A C )B ner gror ery tod 1'i'ior ttorn well atretic 1 la a l;r?t rate neighborhood la Hnv'klya '"heap for rath A rood " banre for go go rtpritlng mat Inquire at 131 Court eireet. Brook If? . FftoB BAM?BAlIt f ft\ NOB?HI.FO A N TLY LOOATKD I por'er bo'iee, anlooa. and grocery ent?'< labinent, on a real thoroughfare dnwa itwa. rieartog BV. weekly Fr1e* |2f0 A'no a ap'Mtdtd twwtery and fancy good* aiore, to At lai ttc ntrrnt, Rrooklya, I3I.NO. Apply at fl.f Chambera a rett, rem No I. t ob pa'B?THN TliBRf NTOBT rrtl'K hocnb. r No A Flrat at met, ntwly painted and pnoered wltb gee plprn tbronghout Alno a Fttnenth o? ahlp II Nyeraon, or e 111 rfphtnge ahlr for A l>nu?e and lot, l ?r pafUuulari, Ul lulrc tf PwndF, Ifo. 81 irti itrnt, 0 ?W* ?> tigfc ' l^OK 8ALR-TMK THftkK HI).I AND BaHKMRNT r luiuae A.'(1 atMiB f>' lot. Bl Kiul Kroiwlaay; ?9 >e*raof (irraenl Uaj>?. one renewal 2. yeari Uaa ihj-umru ill. wate^ mug*. Ac. Ttrtua very e*a>. Apply U> h. l.lftKS, by KW frttl, [jMJB ?AI.R?L'l'haP, a rnD -ToRE, GOOD vrii.U A harm- waftm* farm?? tut urea Oeod and mUhliK lorj re**. o? (>v)b lor atuing. Appi> at theature, No. 2 , bevenlh a.t* ua rl FAL? -A fBBUI BT ,R? HKICK BCILDIVQ, ju*t 1U situated so the <outh aide of Trov alrnet, fctilWKfi >iMi llnr??iaiJ ort?n?l-ta ava' uo. tha Ural new building east pt t ourth timet. The boute Is V Iwl n lacuna b> 4* 'HO, bid.I lj the licit ma..i cr. with all iha modern im D>0VP(u?(iU. The litla 2(j feet ft Inch* h) alao taro (bree *t?y brtek rhopa wi lt o l.'ara on ma north aide of Jane nreel between fourth etreet and Greenwich avenue, attlteble for a c?rp?*nter or caMtn* mtker'a rhop laqulre of L. OMi&HbChK anmhweat ooruer of fourtaanih street and Troth areoue, cr Oil Bank, (tree! Ic the rveniuf Ltf n BAi K?A tPC.HN.Il> PAHK IP OK A Vi IK V count). north of Ooaheo with r an home dwellings root out bi.rdlnar. line oraliarde fl?h pond atone quarry Ac. Full particu araatrooai No. T, Std broad tray 0. 11. OLIVAR fjH'B Siljr A Whl.L Bl/T T HOUPR AND FULL LOT, " H Keat Eleventh street, between Third and Fourth am nop*, li el id uk urulture If deal rod. Aiao. a tew aevi-a octavo piano* (or aato below ot?t Inquire km ahuve , loll OUIH HO KPT. I T.IOK hA) K-1DK IHKKn rifOKV HltlflK AN , B VHK ' r men- Imuao NO 80 heat bn eerith e'reet, oppotlu* it. Ueerxe'e cburoa btuj vo?a. l#qu*r?, U l'h all the In proven.ent? Oo'?ii water a?e lu nar* areenhouae, Ac , prior f 10 WV Ingiiire of TBOIHaN Dlfu AN, 818 Broadway, ' below fotirttenih e'reet |.T?B HA, It?THAT FIRST CLAid BROWN FTttNK r from hou e oil bligrvcaart aqua re known at No I Ltr ir Raton place Vhehourei* 21 (Ad fee'- and built and IIolahed id ike meet m'-vl*. tie' ana elegant ma ner Part of the furid. ure will be an d v lih <h- bouae ai d the greater part of the . Imcheer mone, mav remain on bond and mortgage. If de plrrd apply Ob the p emtaee r Nim? m'lrnd d bul'Jtrg lull, whet am rapt ly improving In vhlur AddreM W L , Herald ofllee tor throe dava -Af UKKkftl'uHl (8AVKNTKKSTH VTaBI), C Prrokluw h g?o'enl Uirrc aurr aid t)?a*ineol f una bourn 37x30 Um thrcnyli ml, and 4 1 tbe modern Imnmre trertt, w ith two l( :? MB .'eoo'-oij laid out. nMk plim, and cherry to o. and gr?p * It. ?bui dance. Situated gMfjt fljiir block a from the Tenth timet a d T ealy third iUM forrlei ^?,,nleS?, Inquire of! I & at the toil tf'ff itf r<e'lP ^ JUdN R B80AD, If? 6IH rourth xT.-SS, Nbw yr.rk FtOR HAI.K ?1 MR FtBhT CCAflfi LKjITOR hTORE COR ncr of colli ard Twwnty cixth n'ronl now doing a Rood bunlnc. buU.lactn-v rruw.n* fir telling wtil tin I given by apply lop lo hu lloilli,TON, Flrel avenue an'l hcvfintoi th hired IjjH>E 8ALK-|2(40 ^*!,Y RF-QFrHKD-THK FOIT* X p'ory hl?h tvftiwiieru hoime 101 K*ti Sliteenih ?tr*?t. i:i.i?n>vcm*rit PMcc low. balance on in ?rt ego yhaMV lere, r.??loth*, Ac., Included Apply du lav tar week Mi the premier*. r)R PaLK OR PTATRN,ISI. - NO-TIlK ESTATE OF B. P Bedrll dect-a?ed roo pat. ug Iblrt' acres of nvne'lent laid, wrII nab red atUi neror failing atieama a rarlotv of valntt.le f nil treea An gn d Inrgc d welting bowse and darn, ou' hoaaea, Ar., u'cmin-i ? nil adapted for marketing pur Cent, or denlr?h:e fur ? gent!-rain', r mdrncn, hP.natedTn the ?-n M Itot'b On d, at K|ir ngvlUe f.ur mile, from Port Ki?hnumd laming. For partpiifarr Inquire of FOKBK-I A BONO, S9 Keaatt ttroei, fourth floor .Sun rtuild tg For pair at a hakoain -a fink fousntort kigtbb b moaneat ra drrr houae JW ttmt Thirty aacond atreet houte r.etrly m. .on In tine o dor 20 b? 42 lo' KM; ae.mtreo ro- mM?o kitchen two yaulti. An., heaullfiil ilrwt class neighbor I ood TH M.kISON, FiHiR PAIR CR? aP?TTtaKr 1,1'iH r BCTTOIRs ONR oceatthu.p, ali-o one bulsber'i cait; ail In good order. Oar t>? area a! 19 liam'lton ayrnue. Houli Hrooklym. near the ferry. li'OR PAl.R CBEaP?A PLKaRANT OOUffTRT Rdl r dor eg. | acea oflar.d. a Mad t?o *f>-y bouse. with ntig. rever riwnn. and large hall plenty of out building* and fruit in goodoider: 23 ml et by rahrotd or aleamvitt llo (few .'er*e? ; alt* to an'I low, in clote an estate an ninnllnni farm uf-ei ar-ri wl'b abimdanca n'fruit and good rtwelling. 17 mllrtfroni tfcl* city by care. /t-pp'T "> J' HKPil \V AbiVRlf, K Oedar alrtrt. FOR HAI.R CHK.P?A HOOPR tTirn ONK OR TWO lo'a of g nucd. p carartlr rUiiatpil in O nnnpnlni, limok lyo tb'ce mit.uiit uaik Oom Im.tli nlrnnt ferry Inrmteuy. A i'pl) to W M K Mil,1.1 < i If, 4'ftl Iinlknl eel Now rork. CXlR SaI.K OK KaHY TKRMB -Tint PKKMISK8 OOBr 2 er of fifty Ihird rtrcet and Hr*. nvonun 7- feet on Flrat avenue by M fret cn Fifty third atreht Inquire of H. FOX, ol thepremkr. F30R BALR OR BXCH A WOE HOUSE lfO 172 WEtT Thirty tut) Wrrrt bctwonn gnv?nth and bfgh'h avenuea, keirg in a fWt nla-a loraMmi, It It thmn .tortna lugb, baaeiuaiit and updnr rel'ar wlib' all the mndnra laiiriiremeii'. and tnal tubbed Inrm. of aa> anolit l>? ?<? "" t ?*hT a* lull- moony ir mqu'rrd, or would nmhangn for aflntraa lot. Ibqiilrn of P A V It Kfl A CO., 414 ifmumf etrnet, one door What of Broadway FOB hAir. OK FXTHAWMB FOR CITT PROPR^CTa farm of eighty four ?(- * ol good arable land. fou-teen ert* of which are eoryed with a tine growth of timber ft haa good builmntx open it eituaiedal Ynrktoaii W<-atrhea ter county Few York On!? f I V?? required to ee paM down. Iramrrot N. WII.i.IaM -1 V\ \ KSaN r. Jr , &fi William at. Fob sal* ob fxchanqk-a ountrt rrri fence ?ltua>ed at Fnrdhnm emulating of a (lie large too* houac new, ?"> feet ?i|uare, with mn'bl. In everr -oo n and lir.lehed In the heat manner, with about thirty eit tola of Remind grcd trraat houee oerna. .kr ; three mlaiitea walk o?u railway depot. Addre** hoi .1,1 fid Poat < III For salb. or fxhuvi* for a noon farm or Weaterii land*?a nnnlerif d-airaitr teruted )>t< in Hrook'yn. RAMI, FOOT No. 2 Maaorrr alreet. Fox SALE or kx( HaNOK -TURK* ffhrt CLASS three alory hrlrk hour*'. with bro <rn at >oa b?i"nent and atoop and brown at >ne trimming* to all the wlndo ea front and rear, titualed In Brooklyn convenient to the femen coritala log *IMfce n cdern Improvement* Win be old on a".nnmi) hating trirna or c? chitted for domeetv rood* or a f*-m to cioaa a r*ioern. Apply to F J. Barcka Ka-|. 1A1 I'aar atrnat. Maw lork For bair or to lrt?thr four htort brown* atone front honaa M Kaat Ihtrtr eighth etrwet between Lei log ton and Fourth atenuea. containing nli tba modern la proveuieota Apply lo 1 A I. BO -8 W Pearl atreei. Phlt BAI.X OB TO LET-MBAR TUB PRPOT, AT r lackaboe JO aer. a ol laud, well feurad and walerad. with good bulldinga and pletitv ot all kinda of frnit Terraa May. Inquire of CMAKLIU IH'ShNHHRRY . Tuckaooe. FOX BAI.X TO LBT CR BXOHANOK-THF TQKER atory brick honae In Warren atrret Brooklyn tba fouih k'.uaa from Nevlna atrnri. In a row at aerrntetn aouae* An ply a MBLV1M B aRP, 41 Reek in an atre.l, Pr rai.b or krnt-tiir t.atr brsipkncb of R Alhrlehl, dreraard at M?diann N J comprtiirg an arre of land, #hh a Urge double houaa, atoaw honae, barn and nnl building* For term* apply to J. ALOK1HHT, 121 WaH nlieet. N. T. rr at Hadlann. N J, Frmbisnin house fob salb km beokltk-a three alory brtrk, botlt by data work, la tka heat manner recently painted throughout. rieaaant and central b* v tP?. Coitatn* ga* range. Ao , la wed aad wnol?t-ly fur plabed Frlre $t VI $4 ueo ean retnaio. A great bargala. I Or wii! be imld without the furniture. Further partlenlara by arplvtng at .'tit Hold rtreet near Fnltnn a'enue. Brooklyn; er add ret* note to box 2212 Brooklyn Pant a4Dne | HOCFBT FOB BALX-DOINtl A HOOD BCdlMKSI T ?rd In a good location, for raah Inquire of f km IA a, No 4S0 klghth nvenue eo.-ner of Ihlrly fourth ?treet Mew I Tork t HOTFL AND I.BASK FOB BALR- IN THIS ( ITT. 1 oontAlrtng I U room*, la n dealrable ktmdlp. f nmlahee throughout. and doing n good bua area Th<-* la A'la h d M ' tka bo'el one of Up boat bara and re*tanriwi a In Ida rlir ale 'al.ll#lm?nl la i otupleta, an-1 ?Ul h? let with the furnl'are for a term of i ea-? Addrear Halem tjera'l niliee f r an* f ?nk, and ?fler that to Fhiladelohta f??t nfflrr No t^eeu Deed appii, and ?1 EtAt oaali will ho lO'inlrod to P'irt ba?* th? stcok now oa hood. e t acndry FOR pai.b.-a laundry poinu a > XJ btiWaeat of |/?> per month, ant capable if lar-en?lnp to ?" lUOO p#r mtwith. for AA'e 111 MRU W. HINOd.tON. No. <H front 1'A.tOi ot Morrbaato Bit liaapa, Wall alreet ^ V^U- pr.CSF ftit NALfc?N FTFTf ffRHT ?fa*<T fl kj two wor ft and oaaeiae?i. with pood r*rd, bath range, lot aod ?*>M wator. laundry tuba. he. I'rfce (mr. Term* to ttilt pnrckaarr IIIMlI 71 weot thirty * Ifth ptreet, ooar Rroidway _________ ___ rfftl KAROO ANT riXTCRKN, DRAWRRN. RHlt.TRi 1 Ar of a dray ttoee far rale A pool opportnaltt top* " dmrplat who wanto to aot up h f?ote.; alnra Apply flat " oanit-plaro at rho drup wore oomtw of Third areaua aad a Xlphteotth at root f Twfnty thounand itmnop lanr in wrntbrn * Virginia for aalo, or will airhaope tor Improved Hrooh It a or New York property. Apply to DaNIU. p. HA a NARD, * Toart atraet. Brooklyn '' fTK) BRCO?TRtB ANI> A POTIIR^A BIRR. - A FIRM ** 1 rlaaa drup etora fpr aalo located In ona af the man thm 2 taf 'owtia to the Waboah eal'ey atoah fkeah and wall to * rotted. Tetina eat* Addreaa John Wrmood VraaerlA# S Indiana, ar A. O RVhardaoa MO Hraadway. *. T. rtAILORN ? FOR RAT.R CHEAF-TIIR *TOr?R A!*? e flttnrea of an old ootaMUhod tat lor I or bnalaaaa. with ? bono# and to lot To o maa wlih a awall roplta'. thla IP tt a rhanre aetdntn oflerod. tjood aeoorHy rwi't red Aoplfh rt ,-M Mphlh area a a between Thirty Oral awl Thirty aoroad eu ,) fTO TAII,ORN-A OOOR rilANtJR Rlll t CAfH C1M ? 1 Wwnar. for Bale, >h? ana niiama 01 a* i*o-a mm- r lor ( mtahliahiaeat. | Apply f" days at No. JUt Third " ttwina rTimwiTHB -FOR 8A1.R THE RTOt'I, Ft VTCRRT, Re.. o< m>? of tbr o.daal Aa?*bliab?*l tin can aeannraeiorle* la'klaefty To he ha?t a' a ><arf*'n For particular* apply In''HAP. V WILLI AMR. MllnaalfaaA THREK OOTTAOKR FOR SAI.R AT IRTIINITOR. OR I! thaHadaaa rlrar.witA ahaiil J1* ecraa of lead, aoaah J hnura. Ar . ?o ??< h. Tha hnnama am mural r bear, ara bol t r In <ha brat nanaer. and are aootplata la all raapanu harm* 1 na marble mantel#. plpee for fa*. hot and cold ae'ar badm, . Ar. Ihaaronao* ara be uUfnll) laid out, aad ara planted , a lib erarijTrer.a and a great ratlaty of o har tr*> Tha ?Uaa 7 Una la ananrpaaaari Tar beauty and noorenien'n, harltf cmmardKk?l? or the ilyrr, h ghlaada paba* lea. Ac . <ad hiltia only ebon' llaa irdn'itee rlda fmai h' alalia* and l>? la 1?4 Votra fV.Ttn'ha city. PikteHJ mo each, a poriiooof whl.* tl rpiy insiAin im hnad ??J 'nnrt?*f# If daoiroi T>? pUr.i ot tk?V.' ?< and ironndi ia?y 6 < trm by ra'tlag tn THRO NrN A VP*. 112 Br >odw iy. r? TOUT IiRAIRHR Attn OTH?l?R.-T?'* MAI.I A f wholfaaJo ?r.y rr'all pork ?t*n<1 in ono of Ibe boot ma torn tn'korMr Tn b? *>!< rb??n m t? bo of Out ?. work Apply to I ? AOW A TAMI H tkl> ho ,?f I'luaMr " Hrot ; \*t?oiirTA I,Attn ro? mam-i wo Amrt tw *at , UN??0011 ? ' irnMn balann-. wnolwl a<ti'4 ' ira* n fno-1 r p?ir, Maambnaia ??ro> al n>t?* a work *o ft f . '?<? ano Ha tmoro. A irtr* y? W H Smart. Hto i??? or ft , ' Tl> . b'?. ? Y?><(nut u>Tf-TH*<R tr;i,i?Ti?o I ). :?, ol''iVf<t t'O th? 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Chat?On the more?Down ?Uh Kugeela?Preach renhUon and oirc.revolution Lenten Put of Kaetaloo. The Blograplier'a Biography, with portrait of JHUt mmwell Chip* from our Library a chanee medley of Pact.SeallaNhft aitd Aiicedota. ?Iliator ofalut'e poem Plagiaries!.' IMMlay?Itavui llume'a .ahla talk?A good naturod una flMPk aitea U. love?Dr. Parr and Htr Jamee Mackinloak OtBhl nan ea of women l.Uarary. - hevtewa - Haw hooka?Literary turnip. Don.ratio InUlllgrrre. -Oongreaa?the Ioraallgallag OkamltDe, tftaahingtou (JoaMp. Htaie Legislature; Mr FaaboW^h Monifloent Drnalion a New Volcano In Vlrttola to eliin M ? ? Angiand-Ooenlng of Parliament; M ot going to law. In ti.e hn-l.-aiaeticai Con la; A Pretty Hard Oaam Royal Patrm ag? ol tre hmna Kraotw-lbe KtncuUaaef Verge., iloa bo Receiver the Newi, l'he Kxm-nuoo. the Maan*ror trtea to buy in Heranger. a (juneu taken to the ToRea Mauon; the Prei-cn Ambvawdo at Teiieraa; the rMftitag Oourt Heller, tke <A the Hour! Hall, the Mew Kaaktomabin Dane*, Madame Wal wakl a Hall Death of Prl-iceaa tievtn the Uoiintaa re Morn?, an ei Depute turned M ah a Correlation In p.ance Kitting Pa*Uon prrtt" trong, BQh Prtnclp.e amorg French oarana liambliug In Partr. M, aim andte Dumae the lounger how the Paper* are Watched, %a CM ollne ijoifUn, what t'anrobert thiuka of Hoopa. tiern any- he \oui.g hn.peror of - uat'ia Hruiallty or the awatrtan Cfllneie, ? ba< rbouin i.e 'he Color of Ball-H tllrta' Pakeleiel Daly- I'learaut towhuon <4 Napier, elate of the Maacullterr, the t-earoe at home, Mr. illoron'r llolornd faaar; Mr Crnwford'a Worka India - Mar.tag* of I wo III aha* Wldowa, a (irard 1 iger Hunt N caragua?Walker'a Prea necia: Hi? tonotlion. uia forces and ewuliu, arrival at Ooionel 1 Hum. Bold b' rn Ratioes.?IMnatratlon*?City Hall at Melhaame, Qo'ig to Iht I itgu K'j ' r'M (i" d Kle'da on afauat Mcuuotr. Melbourne, H rgrravea. the lk>>d lrtaeorerer. Heeo* near Mi lSnu ne; Herman V alley Inrelgu ho lie mi - be ,?rrek and the kumiinCatoat He < h(-1eh a Mohammedan FaoaUoUm ZctrrtA, iheafWT of Uie rvaiiP' l'oal Faitb^ ?D0-h<ir friaoner in Madrid, Ike ii?r.r??<flli.T"5aTr?tj? I be anger of the Uhiireh kaiM fflralon to the luika; Wei h Oalr'tnaik* MetfiodUtt, HfiWe LMte<rlty open 10 1 iaa'i>tora. bird a ere View of t'yperf Crea' Rrlti't., too t'orgr ga'lcnai Union of anginal nan Watea. Heath ol the her. ,lobn Rlcol*y*>o, MUaiouary nt JortnuaUm. ? hole* at d Querte* ?a New language In I rogreaa, an wecoble btiiiioiigi 'be FrtC* of a alfe; th* Cb*npe*t ^ _ ever Pubhehad; Itulicp Be aelry nt Newpor.. 'Xn>Ma?o? ai djdrj, eflririda. ot hatrlo. n d ih^lI'opulaT^' f.fHutinti la'.Ui) hnu'r-- ^ ljr j?Bu*ou, f iclrM tiide* of a iMrg No'ta i c dhu 'tin and he nuo<-* ? I h? New FeoaUlon 9n alifdii.g "gonl *rcbicologlo*l 'Uooverf on the Bank* of the liauuho. Prtn'anf Pl< wera, Plant* Ac ; (Irani luix-eew mcnta in Vr? hitvigu'i n, wotdrrfol It 'rue, Ka'luroaf bcrcti er'e linn I'rova-a. kledaia to Amelia navigator* Htogular bio*er of berth Agricultural 'tenia? seedlnr Time for the Hontbern Oar* din "nioklDK [lam*. The t'biilter ar Ka th Almond*. laaaa* toea end riiimnhee for do* a m of Potato Ho'.. Bow to tire manure Cultivation of Tobacco Planting of i atret% Ac . Pie M> on* About Olovre 1h? ta n' Crinoline?A Sad fa'* ol Wcnti'ri Wrong*. Men and I blpvr m I o- doo (Kroni nor own correapondewL } ?-Blj! Ron, Pttaretai boguea. A fthabhy Nonieman, Iwaa Thumb and hie t i<*im* the i red eciet Hv Wilkin Co'ltna Rcp<-tntod from I Mr km* ' limiaelioM Word* " Chapter Uie *Ath?rtatna at Uidoii. Three aire and Other* lae. I leer clal *> d l nun nr al Wfklj Market fummarv. t-oinloeliue* iHitaira-lona?Cool RerjoeaiTwo Inataaoea to Wticb tiei.lbineii ere no Pr-jtentlnn. !' iron* IttlLg hi the elt>e? ot hew Tnrk or Brooklyn wtahlog ller | i i'? Weekly" ?ui'i>li*tl at thotr houoe* wi I plaaea to arid their name* and reeulence totheolUeeof pub iitan. There'Mere elm dallrer the paper will collect pay for ton ' Publialied by RaKPKA A HHlirUMiU, Kremlin eguere. N. f. NEARLY KPeliY-ISO.Onn t'OHKH WluL OK IM'UI* ofihelnat coition olo d'e <uieriean 'luide ani h*W road 1.Irutter* U the United eta < ? al? e lb* loreuiioa ot toe Iim-ooi live 'e the preaent time uovtalamg tlie life of ulierw hvaoa Inventor of tbr Iron bo ee cor ret engravtog o th* Sre loonn o It* ever bold Amount of the laving of tli* Irnt ni iPfiAil hiuk In flue 11 ik t*d SiRtPH liftl 1 *r<?m ?iivn IA Ihla oouiiti) j K'*< iRproveir.ania In lb ton bjrM neMk of the length an" aa'oe . fal'tbe rilirouda novr la tbta ma try A c tup ?-i? 11*1 of tbe e'atlooa I >*rn? ot'la* ant Oa taLOfa, alan the population of each plane amor tha dilfe wot railroad ouUa w ih? t in ed K'at"* and 'an?Ui with a*a artaiiKrd tin e ta'de* ao co r? l a id >lmple ibal a cb id earn reat ll> iimlar tatid Ibam. It em( aunt'a ?all? arknowlodgwA fact lh?t a 1 rabroad $itiila book# no# l*?urd in America mm o oouip'leated iba* *rtone pceon I" a hundred ran ui4?ttand them oppuidir ear railroad time 'ab'e arUibeadmpurrretan fori ran of the rrealoenl ?f lb* eotnpau* Na-mea of all enrdnciora on raob railroad no d and nail hot*.a **4 rrlmkmwi liiioia " 'Ml .al>?t irnrr I"* V-d out VO ?# lra\ t-ller rwcardlrea of fear or favor, ad*me of the n meab Ipipi rtenre to Uie aalnty a. <1 coo fort ol railroad paaa umra. A fn 1 aerouni of ml dinar terrible railroad dlaaalera tbnA have recurred In llila country ?lnee the Invention of the laea mo'lvn w<ib a liat of die aided and ?otin<ed, rau-ee o'ralroad aerldrn'a and a ho are rreii.malhle Monthly report* the acini,p tale* In new York of the boode of tbe different tal'road ormpanlr* Id lhe trilled Htaiea. MapeofUieOUv and Mlaatielppl river*. with their towna. cities population, M rharnela onriectly marked mot the n Son parte*; li.Oua ptavinpa n> J. 1af"'ird lo/d autnor ol "i lof "'a boat liirretory and Dlaaalera on the Wee'-am #a *ta," ever 1,'HH i?;0 roplea ol wbirh hare b. en aold tbo paat (fleam nontha I.laid* * merman ind* an I Kailroad liunna will be iMued m n'blv, and an'd at the low prio* of I **mlpflveornt*?one half oil io the 'rude; ?am de r-iplaa It ranks; lent lo any rart of ibe Unl'e l rdetee on reee pt o- meanp. Add real publieiirra .1 1 LLOY D A Oil., fiat oibee bniiMa^ t'lnctnna'i Ohio or Philadelphia. Pr in. KPADY TO MOBBOW. al'Pl KlOh'd HAILWaT flUTDB, roit Tint wniTii or mien. On' vol I mo T.i'i p*>ea Pr ee *6 renin. Hew rraitinc matter To ever* nom *ar com* t* or rea nihcu etaiine 1. ftlo)|raphy of Henj fl . el robe .h'ef anf loaar BalMmerm ana Ohio Mailrral. (VI h portrait I 2. Anecdotes of 1 ravel br K rer and Ball. A Baliwa>a and ttelr Prtwreaa 4. Boo loner W arhirfftoo, (Idu.traird ) ft. A Map of tha wew r.r (la. d ntatea 8. A Map of ibe octhern por I not the fTolied Ittakea. 7- a Bap oi the Nnrthert portieoof the I'm lei males M Inn i of liivrmog aoti'ea U Indai of una ?i. * laal Pfln -inat la Iba ? - tatrw In nro nfr'nn Will "all war a 10. A LM <>' Hotrlata the L'alU.I a'we and Caned 0 11. A Meretlewr of taw United Hla'r*. arranged under A* wpara'w map* nt a a. waya 13. slaty Map* of Uiw I'rinrtpaJ Railway*. IS. Nee 1 tmr lehl.-a. co-rented to dae l? A Oxto r-ilt her *te- of hromli.enl Uouaaa IS A I l*t nf >fw Publktalicna Kittart of a ' t'w to -.he -atwday Ktwi l?g Oa^tta. l.wtaal *111.10 'be p*M ait u.cutka t.n-iee a or plaaauro h?a mntdl nf Into ouw hall of Ibo una of Ihn U iitoa aa.l e*rr atfical bourand retire of rai raa<1. an.I I liavw arrrr arrtrwd at a 4e nttan aunnira lata, o- oat a nnnneoti.n thank* to way paa>a> ore P?ni.n 1 *pp.?b>n'? Muile.y l?iiMw-a < >r ran lag 'Dd pttbll.hnd mo "lily ehlch la a rnndel f<). a-xirar '. M n*| b*. railed no tro.i lnt|.l ritlr A ilndy of it* wootr.-ta baa irgnllrd many mil** of 'hel' 'o 'lmi?n*a*. wh le tb>. It f ram* lou It Imnana r? fin da il.w ?r? atrat r edit upon the p ubltabar*. I.lfc' raf lertua lo loal?r? D. AKI'i.KIOW * t'O . Pnhllahwra. Mf> aod M* Br jadway. rmi^Mnnti^ure tu rRTaaT*i? cosrubn -ami.cral l.'nratnr*, fli?..ry o'n.a?mSoa'? with lllu'tretod* hnJ* a- i?H*'r a Fama eN?r|ga>or. hl4?r dlwai tiid Mftar erob or w**i..g ?pol.*ilca. *k*o bra 4 -'.utbaaa tola. Nature ow a Bridge or taking To I Kara* Hail*; a Daw Bra berry M?p to tkn M i.I. , n. wfarto-a A Caution to I'ail'oralaa ln.ic.tnt* Oree'cr la Vwrmoo . ai pi lew I ret of ha ttamB mien hyrlrm" loth* l-eacr ?g nf Heeding. Thw ^'Hr; l'e#ry; a VnletltM; amIU Ivmu ai F?ree. Itetna. r?r*i.aalj Inhumation. MUxllaay ?o I aerator*?Caten tMBae Pwpar 'tn*oi; %'otee aad Quartan* bo Ailrtnturw w|.h : liirwr-rrowe* Uludrntvf, 'm o'-mmd n kbtp Hnody r*. wt*h wi <yrn?tn*. Aw Only 4 fiila Tor ale crriy where I'liMnhed at Ao 3W Headway rilR IIUliHT f?F FahfllON. ?MTgRT TOritl M?* wh? would bermn.e ?m f?H In dr**a, manowre tbe Vhtat, j>d all 'b* aroomplnhniW't* rf >hw p?rfwr. geallecnao. ?h .aid d "i ilk *"i?khp-"a V <ik?.tiTm i? d "at"i7iK""fb "rii*. .ITWKfl A.M? Pif? I' t I'dflMMlto all, p<? pah). I l.liuV * JACKeCN. PoMM'nL II" lluu'i tiref, W. T. ' HL-r. el>0 Cr.TTK.r* > lUKru A MROIHIRS. H7 10 SM Potr! otroot. t'lhf kilo iuorf 1 publub thia Jar. ??ct i 4A?. nUKrrrm! ViMM ?>n Cnrrai.M a ierita of rtaaigoe prcparad Mr aeenUoa la tha UaJiad ftatoa ? Caltrrt Ta n An-miaeC late Loaaug 4 Vain ) Hewburg oa Iho Hatooa IUuaVraar4 j mi ngrartaga kvo mnalio i1ht? 00* tonal? llluatratrd work baa i-oao praparod with tha DOaUaa of gtnpg a bear'? tirmr'ii-.l raapiaaa to the tear triraaJng |>apu>ar deairr lor linproeamaal In Amariran raral rrbl'eriura and It deal? a oh'he wbolr aubjart to a almptob oatrrrbeeaiTe jla. Iran from all profraaano*! tar ha almao* it la rery l iMj llluatraled It afTnrda a atarelionaa af praHl al nigretUni a to ail a ho ara tnlareakgt In U>a building* ouai/y honaea la a mar lea and aa tha architect oral daafgaa r ah rt| It ta rumanard bare beaa tar the m-t nart preJaraA t dai II for ar'oal rirrni n th ? wort baa the all tap iriaat Iran'age of being tba ratal! of boaa Ma a<par*aaoa. bwh aa a part of riapey era and a-ehtiect It alao aonlaloa a maok eadad rbapt-r in wb-rb tha rpa-tal faa araa of loteraat toad -car la httlMlngemiaVy bouaaa ara to.iraod oa and drawa IB wail, and a eolith > amount of information on taaac potato Uina introduced ta a aoa> roar J. Intalllg ib a iaa-ia> r 1o ari'td aap onnfualnn of Idoaa la etam?tlag I'm bark. tba artona bluatratraaa ara to arranged tbat tha wbata mopa at a. h daaign may ba i-r-rnprabaoda.1 at a f'anoa aad tba ?tg lira tbat ara appended to tha da.lgaa bar- afwded nrpor latitat far t>rating la aa arttattc maonar many Intdrmiagaavaertra that harp hitherto ooar oly a tra.-trd the attenttaa iay f mere a To a graat o urn bar of peraooa ihla roll me will biro aa aditka al aieraet aa It rontalaa aa??ral leaion* that vara pra bird whilo the author war la uartaerahip with tba >*? a J. mm.. >ivu ... i am rami taato 1a U?? I'nltad Htaioa SVJUT * 2^",,1*r, *?? J"?I piMlahodf? ?*r*? . rnk II ?n< a Kit naaor lenk. * 1 or WisaifiiTO!) ? H later r of iho M a&s w rwss ltssr&lSS Wjor Oo.'imbiaa Brtgala. la tha war of uu ^Aoo. mm|fl< . '1 ?"TT ? (1 r ?T t r |a ,,f * - j H,,il,l O. Mtwu?,'I*ir/-ItS,,!Lh? P'aao and Nphortaal 5555?L Zl Aftlc ? on larorM fnioniitftiWfaMl ?7RjL2&rt"!i "?*?? *55* ofa^fcE.^13 J" h?*,w '"k'ra* Araiioair. aod l?.M,r 4 oflte.sji* Arlthawic aad tbm Bi tia.7, n i!hJ* J2**" . ?*i?m 7?oanU ario i4 r?4!i "*ttoo ?* w rZ** 'r W. A. K ?t?l aS * ' ** *" ? ! Ifmo. WHO, ? ?. loU.o li. lV ' * rirW'"? R later y mf a Qolat Ml*. * I ?, J B 'twj ,f?"lla TSronia UAi.a. By al"trotter la Ktimpo I Two K. II,,,.. n? TrnfoH .* -f K-,rp d.-a I ?ra If T-nda r Bj'iaO't will ( ri'lnt Kap ?r. .tor. >'o. t?? n>w? r "o ? tr ?> Cb ircti 2 If mo . m iatia. HanaT IT. Tho OMorr of Hanr? rr k in* of Branm and Urarro Rr ,i0hn S. if AM ott f?um?m ? Il'trtraoona ad llli.mtnntH Tttla p**a. liftnd, ai'iatii, ?<> mate, a ialia. Inltrp M *. Pro r wt < h#-? *rf ?nJ HMdrhnrf l^ilrg* * i * !? ?'> I'.'tWMttOM "TO.. bii?hp ti nil un rr* i?v. !~FRioR~virrri? v* corps or un first 0*0 4. oTriil I. lk? CnitH IMI I*OT 1?. Wl, WtO M t? < PonrtapntH War.1 II"'*!. romar of i>ra-*l ?ivi RHa*. >? ill antrl*, till* Pr1?aj) 4?pinm* r*b. r ?t 7 o'tlort ? rr ' - ?;.T ! ,." I BT np'i'r H RATMOMD, OoMOi!><>< M rWTTt. AiQ"'*nt pnR irniimRsor ttirww t. wr*t <m \rpr a*r I '<p? Mto attend tk* laaaunff al tka Utell In K m Pr<Uf r?- !r>?. at *>4 o>lo *. n naka a'rnnca i*nta for ik? fanaral of a lata mrmb?r * II Moor* Br ? tvm'>WAi