Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 27, 1857, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 27, 1857 Page 5
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Itfltoe. reputed * U)1 to expedite tho oonatru<Klon of a fe? or nc? d* mnpoeUo toieyra a trom >tni A lsflUc to ' ?" P-ai otwo Hr? ts f>o ? ?:? gri;. /.sets'. b) tbe ^tra'.aaad Hons* of Representatives < f the I o' ?d >? ? o. \me>'Jiin tionir-rss assembled, ilist the 5-<ieto .wier (tuners). under the direction sod ia the hscejios ef tbe P>u?ldeni of inn United d'-stes. n bereiy ithorlzed to ceetinct wubsny peibon or perto)s ssioalntion or Mas sl.u?i? 'or the use by jovtrtmwt of the lute or lines of urv gnrtie l?!egrneb from the i uy ol Washington, io the district <rt Ailainbia to Han Francisco in the 8 a>? of California, for a get ted of teat ears, tndau innualrstee1 compensation n<iteioeedit it UO 000, and to Kraut permission to'lie party or partial sa sootrscinK to use, during tie said term, any occupied pubBo lands on the route of said il, e cr lines which may be'y tar the same, provided that such lot or liana of telegraph ahall be open to the use of all citizens of the United r tales dm log ibe term of Ihs said contract at rate* which shall be established with the tpuroval of the Postmaster Wen era), and which mm* be raiita by him from iiie to time, as Be shall think proper, and provided also that no payment shall be made or the ? e of said telegraph line or lines for nay portion of time when the tame are nor in operation, and thni gov err stent shall be entitled to priority over individuals M the wen ess lesion ol' tie messages Mr. uvvABt thought tt a TiUie ataguler that Southern OCT) HOTS I DOOM UT6 BUMS BO lUMO OppoMMOB JW?<M to tbe Pubnmtoa Tetegrap'i ?i>l, and uv, when a toiagraph Km la proposed oa a Southern route, mm of them open their mouths against It. m Messrs Toombs It oak, UJay, BntJer and Iverson eevs . tally replied with severe Indignation at Um idaa taat they - ware governed by lectkmal conaMerattoas. Mr SruAa* aald tout a rafereuoe to the rocorda of tbia , Oosgresa would show that be had atated no aaora than ; the tiutb. Ha referred to tbe violent opposition of the ; Southern Senators lo the Northern Internal improvement hMla, but wben tboee.ui tno Southern dtatee came forward. Me opposition subsided-and in asme oaaoa ho bad been requested to vote fr billa of tbia oh areolar by .Soothers i Senators, who were reatralned by oonaUiotloaal objeoriaaa from vo'lng for them. The bill waa paaaed, b yyeaa 36. naya 16. Tax TABirr The Senate took op tbe House tariff bill. Mr. Hrmxa of 7a., explained tbs objec. ol tbe bill, and ihowtd tbe pressing n?oei*lti which exlata tor redwing the revenue of tbe country, though be thought tbe day waa sot far distant when a duty ef 01 teen per a at would giye aa muoh money ai would be required Mr the usee of tbe government. He urged the lmportaaeb of eetlng oa the aubjoot this ssatioa. for a postpone naentttll next jcar might Hod II Involved in party pottMen, wben the tftolalon could not ho aaado aa aatiafaotoriM to the whole oountry ea now. Mr. Bbodhxsd of Pe , waa in Ihvor of the Home bill ha a choice of evils. He defended the Iron Interest particularly from sundry aaeaulls Am auaendmrnt to tbe btli proposed by the Oommlttee aa Finance, placing linseed In and taking ?ao off the free Hat, waa agrard lo The next amendment or tbe Commit lea was aa addl Monal sect top, providing that all tbo articles in tcbedales A and B In the act of 1846, thai pay ad valorem dales of thirty per oentcm. and tbat all tbe articles la aohedalee C, D, K, F, G and H, auall pay a duty one fifth lees Utaa the raUa saw latpoacd, with the exceptions otherwise provided for In tbia act. Mr. Wi-sox, of Mats., moved to itrtke out all after the words ' thirty par centum," be*ng o' tbe optnioa that tbe neat reduction of duties proposed, instead of reduoiag the re venue, would raise ??, by a largely lnoreastng Importance. Mr. Wiiaoa'e motion was disagreed to. Mr. Coliamkb. of Vt.. rx creased hla views at rreat ileeg'b, un nid that be coald see no necessity tor mektag such a radical change aa that now proposed, In UJta baity marncr. The pataage of this bill juil at the close of the session. be believer, would operate aa a direct en eonta* em*at to laiportatlop, and aa a oonioqnsace, would Increase ibe revenue. Be gar# a history of, and defend ad the wool Interest. The Senate then took a rcoeas to half past six o'clock. EVENIH9 SESSION. The Berate re-aaiembled. Mr. Prc.H, of Ohio, salt that be thought the bill from the Bonis waa bad eaongb, hat Mr. Han tor's substitute was worse. The whole toheme aboira that the woollen ansa cfaot urera dee Irs proteoiloa or so revlsloa of thetarlfl Ore particular class of Interests are selected to be benefitted at tbe expense and ruin or others, aoc trary to tbe tar IV of 1810 and the soUled professions of Ja kscn Ull tbepree< nt time Ifa Wnson, of Mass , aald tuat Mr. Pogb had indulged In dtanneiailoas, aarcaams and aneera toward men who doaerve no reproacbra In thla or tbe other brnnob et Ooagreas. Tno eon I en manufacturers with not to impair the proepeiHy of the agricultural Interna1, nor do they ark ubju.I advantages. If the House bill pete, It will be of lmmf ns< ludirrct benefit to the manufacturers and tbe oommerce of rbe country Mr. Buwaiid, of N Y. waa In favor of that plan wbloh would kaaiabock tbe boaineia o: theoonntry'eaat present adjusted. Bo wa? against all borlioatal resolution#. The bill of tie Bouie avoid#! all tbe objaottoue wblob he thought enential, and nltnoogb aosae of Ita dotaftaaro ksjac clous, yet ne regarded It aa a oompremise ai fa r I and jurt sad worthy ol the Be sale. Mr. Bieim, of Pa , re|ratio 1 exceedingly that It be name aaoeeiary for Jonsreea at thla lata period to *>e mder question! a. all. It wool I, howevsr, be ocactdad that tt waa tbelr duty to eetenvor, aa tar as passible, to nn i a s.annara or equity miwmd ooonx-unj interests. Its (locse bill ooo Id be essentially im pre red, bat with lew #tl?bt amendment* too Senate bad better take 11 than ru tbe kasard ol none it tali. Wben ibe Iron Intareeta ere on the eve ot en entire triumph end ot being pleoeJ en a so la baste. on dm'or bed bp lorelfa oomoetioe. be wee eot u tiling to dletnrb teem bp nooepung Mr. Hun .1 tnr's suHtltute. Mr. Mruir, of Mleb , eeld tbe eetnel reduction of the revenue under the b 11. ee It ceme from the House, we? eelp ell minions, but the oommlttae thought this too little, end beers proponed emsudmeeta reducing it two mere mllMotg, bringing the revenue down to Bftp mil ttone annually. Mr. Gnus, or del, favored Mr. Hueter'e snbeittnte. If tbe Booee eboold not ooneur In it, n oommlUee of oontares re would probeblr e- J .si ibe snhjsot In suob wep ee to he arete ptahta lo tbe c.nm.ry Mr Novas* tdvceat d the House bin. beoenee If the Iobpecl *si to red ooo %i r revenue. tbst onject ciuld be beet erc? mpiiebei hp the rnlergement of tbe free Uet. Mr Hi NTin, of , dtired d bis inbstnute, end remertrdios Mr regain eepleg it wis in disregard of Ibe p? c ? f the den oorutio imrtp el nod n blow m nsnrtp a<l tie democrat# la Congress who bore been upholding tbe ptncipl* of tbe subs l'.utr for Ibe lent two peer*. Hlu prei o?l ton reduced or fourth the ai'.st ng rutin of Wio>i)o, lor the advantage of c n?omo>o. If aojthlsg wme to be none on this mojsci U moat be doae to night, lbs to mr.rrve lbs appropriation bills most beciasldered Mr. Trw una of (is , sud li e question was e plain one, If not disturbed by the ?q abbl sg and dlspuiee of those srho are resting tbe bounty ol tho government He would g?i the biggest reduction he eonid ooeatstent with tberq'aliiy of outdm?; e<< milter wont parttcu'ar Insstest it n-tght wish; bin drslre being to benefli tbe great mass of bis rotnirj mm Mr Be Tina, ol S C . would be perfectly willing t? bare ee Custom Hovers st at'?b it that object was unattainable. If ws had to tartfl our coiton would rise to tsenlp re tfiits s pound to morrow, it* MtaUon Is oollsotod tbrouih dslostre ssd fruodnlsnt Isgts'stton. The day of tree indeM rspldly approaching. Mr Tit tsr, ol Conn , would er large the Pros lint to a aerltln silent, In oomblnskon with n gennrnl mdoetton nfibe dntds He wss unwilling to go oepond Ibe point wt collecting more than tbe wants of gorr rument require, and dsprioa'ed lurphf* rerenue nn tho greatest evil wLlib conk ratst. The awsndaent o' the Committee an Flnsoes, prop* tag s r? Sort Ion In rsrtaln schedules, was thee adopted, fctrt sat nntt 13 la it t claim of ibe bill relative to tba dntp oa wool no Maaarncierod, " fbr< .ja' woo eubatitoted ror honee'' re'en'Me. Mr it avk labetltate for the Mil prvpeataf a uniform Nti ik a of twenty Ore per cent am oa ike raleo of Um act < f IMS wan adopt") bp a rde of 3d egelaet 34. Mr BeomnAO. al b a view to Um flaai roto betag tair a to aorrew abea Ute eeoeton woo!J bo fall, mate aa lardtcinel Motion to ad loom Mr Ba vaan en d tfatt eoeb aa not wool t etimoiale oaa a'eioae a bicb all doetred to atrotd. Mr Bwjamih (aid ibat toer wbo to tad for tba (a bell tow, voted to defeat nap mo- Ideation tblo year. We prctperle ere tfeat the Smote wUl ha la eaaMoa all POSTSCRIPT. I at pat, Tntn o'Cixm, *. M. The dehe'e aocttaoed, doreg which Mr. Baoonao earaaatly pi Mealed eiaiati the epet'M of midnight lagtelauca en the great In tot mm at the oaeatrp. Tke rote bp which Mr AdeMa' eobotitou wat adapted tree receeaidered, and I boa rejected bp a tie rota. Mr. Hrara nop oflered a la eobet-tale, redealag the rataa of the proaaat Urtff twoMp par ooai Aa aMoadMoal waa adopted plaotag raw wool at trreatp three per oaat, aad teat at twenty oeoM a pooad or Mae, traa r. HcBter e etbeutnu waa thoa adopted bp N agalaM IB. We Homo bill, ibne ameoded, paved, at half poat om a etoeb, A. M. aad the Boaate ad loomed. Hotter efbpimatetlree. Wn*at.ewroa, Boh. M, INT. PMMoait BMKornie Ftrwiwi Mat sweat an P*r1?g Ike preeeodlage at the 11mm Mr. Wrtght, *f Iwiwm, gynukU ike teel of Mr. Harrte, ef Marr teed, for ike perpeee, N k mm, at (peafctag le that geeHtmii tad whlie Iktre kr. fteraee wee at opU>ea that Mr. Wright acted le a meeeo'eg aaaaaar tewerda hi a, la mii (in r-t el ike aha?p pereeeel tMrmnj Mwee Ike* which racntty maarrad la Ike Boaae Mr. flker tea indigaaatiy threw a fcMefei of wafer* ta Mr. Wright'* tee*, whM Ik* tattrr a?d* aa attempt t* itrkt htm. Mr. Bbenaaa tkaa pat kla kaaf tat* hi* tide peak at ta p*U eat, It le tappaaei, a vcapoa, bat aalaal friend* taatd lately teterp*a*d. Hear*. Wattle* af Rtng* aaelaitu Mr. Wright to hi* Mat, aald OMfaetea aad lata*** Mtteaeat. wkMh, hawarar, **ee aakatdad. laMae* of a do*I are narrow! *rraoraiiTiow mil reMO Oa antic* or Mr. C**rr*it, (r*p ) at Ohio, Ike Coa allta* of the Whole *a the Bttte of tt? C*tea wae dl* Merged froa the eeeelderailoa of the flr* general appro ptk*M>* tellla, ta eraer teat ta?y might he pat oa their paaaaga Tk* Bon**, nader the mm re lie* ef the prerlon* a nee iMa, M*t?i u?* rt'wittNxi t, tt>4 At my, It* it* Vrrtifeaiim tad it* Uootn MC! .?i?a*rr ppr4i>rl*VMi iit* tttvis <rr?orr*TiO!? mru Th* H. n*? v.ut on iti *>**! ? ifl? irmimi'i t* UM lad'tn ippropnutrn I Ul, ?*4 Mted tf fir* t* tl m* ?? cvj,* 0 iicld 1* tm*i t*t it* :*dt*a* **r? sum itc at*. m* tad* m ?m a tmr Tt* fr*As?n ??ocno?'i tt*l Ui* fit rial**** *? ?* o??ai ,'i*;*L>.a u um rwjii in *- ni ttrt'l euf, FW mm ? m< (*, m ***** e J From Albany. TiiE BCDfiOH R1VKA RSIt OOAD IN ORDHK?.'iNiL TOLLS. Aibahy. Feb. M, 1887 The Hor ion River Rai/roed wtU be la order through >et by Monday At a meeting of the Osnal Beard te-day, Auditor Benton preeented n report on the enbjool of dleortmlaat rg toll* on the oanal tor the approval of the Beard. The repert wan allotted bp a revelation of Inquiry adopted by the Senate. It mabea oat a oaee strongly In favor of dlsor too loafing tolls, the report was ordered to be printed Tor the future notion of the Beard. NBW TORE LBU1BUITBB. Bmste. Auuni.reb. M, 1M7. Mr. Biunts, Senator tnm tbe Tntrtee&th dmtrtot,ap peered and took hlo loot to-day, for tko tort Umo tklo HMMi Mr. Boookb presented potitloa that tfeo Umo for paying tbo Central Pork assessments bo extended two 70010. Mr. Knur reported favorably on tkobUI roUUroto eommeicial paper it abolishes da} a of graoe on all papor except promissory. Mr. Bbuokh faro notice of a bill for ehaagtng tbo location of tbo Now York Indemnity lnanranoo Company to Albany. Bin." i.-eraomonD. By Mr. ftcHina?To lofaline tbo widening of Battery place By Mr. 0. F. Sarin? Prorldtag for tbo eonaoildatton of Now York and Brooklyn, an ft or tbo name of Now York. Br Mr. Pranczn? 'o amend tbo charter of tbo Now York Jon nile Aoy'im Mr. CcTLnn'H ocnoorront roaolnttoao proposing an amendment ol tbo ooneiltntioa, to at to allow ooTorod peiaoiia to rote, with Mr. Brooka' amendment to allow all clt. enr of any c lor, wbon tbey can road tbo cobs'itotion, to rote, wae debated aa tbo apooial order. Mr Noion mored to ttrlae out Ibe reading clause. Ik bate ensued, in which M ears Brooka, Madden, Onyler and Koxon look part, bat no aoilna was Inkon Mr. C P Fnrru'e bill for tbo ooueHdnlkm of the oitlon Of New York and Brooklyn, and tbo towns of Kings county, tndcr oar municipal gorernment, provides that New Yoik aball appoint eoren oommiationera. Brooklyn thvM Md that AAtiniv lAina r>f Vtmmm am aaah?thn en polntnxnts of the commissioners to be made on or baforo July 1.1847, and ua to ataambla In Na a York an tba second Monday In July, and to oriaataa with name pair ?ra aa other dcllberatlrc badtao. Tb? j ara to prepare a Can ot consideration of tba citl?e and towns name! Ibe act?tba municipal nama of whlob shall ba New Yo. k. Kings c->ni<ty to ba a separata dlotr<ot la wb Ich to aiaka record of all land oonvayansee. ba , as well as lar tba collection of taiaa after tba Oommls lot ere bara matures and adopted, by a rite of two tblrea tba plan of consolidation, tba a una ta to be submitted la a vote of tbe oi ixess, and If a majclty rota 'for consolidation" then thsy ara to apply to tba Legislature for a charter. Tba Ormmlsa loners to receive a com pen ration of tbrae doilsra a day, to ba paid by n tax oa tee property of tbe roapaotlra ottiea and towns rapraaantad, ran ably. Assembly. Auunv. Feb. 86, 18t7. Tba bl la asking appropriations to tbe State charitable Instant ens, which ware in tba rotord Supply bill, ware taken up Mr. If ab?n objected to appropriates 810,000 ta tbe New York IaatltntH n or the Nonary o' Children, ontbegronnd U at 1 lar Itlmate children ara rejeoled Tba rest lotion Instructing the Oommlttee en the E sell vo Franchise to bring ta a bill Tor a Registry law, name np aa tbe special order. Ou motion or ltr. Lxwi?, the resolution was definitely peal pored Tbe bill ia relation to tba fees of public ofttoars waa oidered to a third reading No otbrr businais of general Intei eat waa traniacted. Obstructing a Railroad Crack* Boston Kab 28, 1887 Jchn H. Hardy sad Warren Wllllama, deaertara from be Tatted Stales military service at Governor's Island, bara lee a arrested for placing obstructions on the Wenlam Railroad soar Charlton, by wnlon tba New Y*rk a'gbt express train narrowly escaped being thrown down aa embankment Tbay were examined before a polloe J oat lot in Worcester, and cm anted for trial. Fire at Salem itlaaa Boston, Fab. If, 1867. A Bra ta Bslem to day destroyed toe tannery 9 J. Carl ton, with several batldlago adjoining It. Tba loaa te about 819,0*0. Markets. PDI LAPEL I'M A STOCK BO A HP. Pi :>!.? i-i.1a Feb. 26, 1867. Stocks steady. Pennsylvania k'a, 86X; Reading Rail road, <0V, Leas Islaad Ifcui***a, toys, se**r?* o?.?i, 16X; FeaasytvaaU Railroad. MK Nsw Orleans. Fab 24, 1867. Ooltoa ?Sake to day 6.600 baica Prices staler bat net qaoisbly lower. Middling lOJfo a 13o. Pslea for lbs last tbrte days 18,10 < balea KeceipU fbr tbe asms prrlcd 93.ICO against 26.0(0 for iba aasaa pirtol last year pork 891. lard, ia kaga, 14>,n. Oottoa f eight* to Liverpool Hd., sad to Havre lo. Nsw Oat bans, Feb. 98, 1887. Ootton.? Bales to-day P,000 bales Prices ara flrmar, but quoreUnaa uacbaagad. Reoeipls today 6,800 bales. Red wheat 81 40 Pork firm sad tendlag upwards Oora bas aa advaaclag taadaney sad ta soarea. FrrlgbU very (all Biarllag exchange 7* par cant promlam. Excbaaga oa New ftrk A per otnt discount. Ceaxibston, Fab 26 1167. tbe ration asaikot eras depressed to-day. Btlra ICO bales at a dscUa* of Jtfo a )ga. Bbm' t >ob tsb dauar hivw i'tio* ? Mlea Lanra Khu baa tbe bh of Iff theatre tor tomorrow t analog to the Shirt Severe' I nlon?an aeeoejUton ooupce< d of teeeasltrtaee, tormeri for the pn'poors of stoat protect loa sad profit The eater talo mm oa Sat or day til lac lad a a new play, by a aaUre author, aad the tooeerafnl drama, "Faust and Margarita ' Am the '.ail aoined ploy la drawlag (hit boosts atgbtly, tt ta tafo to iret'et a crowd to morrow. The canto It wofbyof entry maa'e half dollar. Mr TtJiitmu; gare bit nineteenth end Utl oonoo; t for tie preeeat. at N'blo's ealooo laat erenlng, aas-etad by Mai'tmo d'Angrl aad o here. Tbe ooaaert vat qotu eq.alto tho other of the br tllaat atrl't. To ley Mr. Thalbarg bat a maintt at Dodworth'a, aad I bit tremor, at Drook'yn, aaolitod by Parndt, f'otu tod Strakeaeh. Mr. Thalberg will fibortly giro mottieol In dot loo aad Philadelphia. Turns Ornt.?To night Madame de Wilborit mi'tea her eppeeraaee et the Aeademy of Meete in tae " Mom tmbela.'' The char meter la oae to exactly tailed to bar quality of mice mad graoea of porter, that ve here no dookt the vlll act are e brilliant toaetai la N. The re. rotable tmprfaaloe made by thla ehtrmlrg roiellilfnce bar iihut oa tbe lyric atege e-otieora to atreaglhea vlth each aooreedlrg per torn anoe. Wetroat tiaitiepubUa vm ebov ganereai appreciation at the eflXe of en or Hat a ho bee asioeeded In oocqaerlaf the prtj idioea agalaat aalfre talent, nad above heraetf tqoal to e pealilea which caoally reqolree yeara of tralaiar hi the lieItea rcbeele. Aaaoegat the art; rait from Fit ran* by tba Cebawba to Madame fed Ha Aeemaaa Bach, a prima doaat o* whom report I peak a fhrorably. flbe vaa aogaged by Mareuab tor hit trowyrbat lee coo tract area not ag ted eotegwa dt eretee r< yarding tarma. Ve aedcraiaad that tba lady rrqrlrad 11,? 0 a month, bat that Mareta.k vonid ?- aiea tl/lft Vm nrtanna lhftt h? Kmm dura thnncht brttrr of tba matter, For ha teMf rapbed oa far har r?e- \ tarda y. Madame Nana la a boat t??n'r two, of a tab and etrgaa*. figair, feaadacma face aid atpraaura black eg a*. BaoirwiT Tmuraa ? Oarlag tba lmdWpoattlon tl Mr. forrol a mike of r.rrtiag comadlm art ha tag perform^ d at this theatre, ta wbirh Mr. Haary I'tar Ida W play lag a re nod at bta Ibrartta ebaraatan wtth rary Fair anaaaaa. Iaat aght tba Com ad y or Krrore" waa performed, la wbtrh tba brat ban rtar.tde paraoratad tba ttro Dramtoa, with aa other w'aa fair cm*. Tba " Old Board" follow# 1, ta wbtab Mr Haary Mac da aaaatad Harar<aeh, a charaatrr ta which ba created a graal fumrt wbaa h ni orlgtaaily broagbt oat la tba old Part theatre. aid tba op pana It reoet?ed Mat atpbt ab*w? it baa I oat ana# or la eurac dot earn to th? pablta. It a really ma of iba moat artatw prrtoaailora ta tba atafa. although oooarrlag la a mere httoh of a pkre. Mternog oowedim wilt be Mayod all tba waab, aad by aaxt Monday It a nppmtd Mr for raat will aga'a ba la a eo*dltleo to play. City Intelligence. Bcnaoit iivra owe?mitisatton aurmo. Tba abaaaal of tba North rirar waa ataar of laa peek r day bataooa Now Torb aad Aibaay, tba mty potat wbara it waa fream aaroaa at Oairtiataa bartag bam brobca by tba Uda aa Wadaaaday eight At all e'etocV yreterday aftaraooa tba Haadrtak Madam left bar ptar at tba foot or Cortlaadt ofaot ftw Aibaay, aad lbar# t* little doebt bat that aba raaobad her. dmMaatlm mdy lMa moralag flbe aaa Md?a dawa with freight aad had aboot tvraty tee paaemgere m board fhb wUI maka tba tertb mm that tba Hedma bm bam apm to Aibaay dat'.rg tba mmth or robrmry atam tba yaw It It. Laet jmr mm nm ww ww* ^ maw Ma via < April. Am Rp'iri Faoa Oil ?w?-Om of tba Fran oh ratogaaa 1rm? (lajrraa bM )ort pub'.tabad u mc?mI ( bin ib'i frrtnaaa Mbm the coup 4'riM ml ! ?], in imtani darlag traaapoflkt^a aad tbr d'ffnraa* Mir iapi? mvJa by blaaaelf, la eoalnnetloa otib otbara. ta aacapn froa that tarrlbla oaaatry Tba wrttrf In Maibar f. daroada of Uia loan af Aorartac, nod bis or'me appaarn to bara b<aa tr*atta? Iba pm d arm*ri? wiia anateanpl, to- wfttab ba aaa aaateaord to lit ?i >aa?a la Oapaaaa. Ha m rbtraiip tfeterlbaa Iba HWIa ba aad ?b#ra tbara waat tbrorpb. aad ifca aararal aiumpti la ataap*. all ar wbtob la higbly lalaraaiiag Taaalp prmnarra anal y rtoaca oa a ra , teranrd oiaipip ?r etraa, aad bring op la Djiab (iuiaaa Ibarra ia?? ara sam la Kag hah Uslaaa. wbara tba i'Or ara' r raoatraa ibaas klaaiy, aad pap* thrlr pta rata la lb* ' nllrd d-a'aa. Tbs saoaual la (Iran la Frmnb, anb aa Ergllah Irana'aikm a'oa|*lda, aad mil imply m I*? p?i?*lHrr? >a H *aa Hrr?<.iP ?Tba trar.b af tba Hadana air or Hallrsad baa bran folly rapairad. aad ?ha tralaa ?> ? ?i"" ar'-ari'atoa a^b aa aav uato tatta, t? m *naa mmam Mw SEW TORE BUR ALB, FF A<i<fHt>lial f'OM \(rami;ua* KVBB79 On SUE BAfJ JUAN?TU8 BOATS OF T 18 flHIT Uiii FLttT ABOBftSlnO TUB ttlVBlU [Ctrrorpoudtnoe of Ibo Now Orleans r-lcayaua 1 8ah JvtH obi. Koaia, Feb 13, 1867. The sioamthlp Fim, fr< ra Nr* Orleans, arrived ai Sob Jrtn on the 4th lust. As eono a* ebe oam? lo aaebor. tbe little river iteanMr K^rcae otme alongside, took Cel. Trtuj'g etmmaud oa board, and within one h >ur *ii (teeming op tbe river. Cot Titos loaded his e >m mand at Camp Anderson about sis ml re below Beraplqol On tbe 6tb, preparations were made lor an attaok ob Cody's Point. I bin Point is directly opposite Fort Stropiqal, wbkib h occupied by 7C0 Cloela Kioans; Cody's Pilot put oooopiedbr 3t0. On tbe morning of tbe Mb, 8(0 rneo, under command of Col. Titus, proceeded up tbe river to wKbln belt a mlie of tbe enemy, landed and eat their way through the dense aid Impenetrable undergroatb. Ooionel Rcdier acted as gnlde, be being acquainted wttb tbe locumy and nature of tbe ground. After n f* Mgntng marob of four beun through mud, mvtneu, to., halted to root After a half boar's halt, thooommtnd advanced aa fbUowa The advance, NlMan, oomBanded by (Moael Anderson; the rear, of UN aw, by Major HUe< the mala body, of 1M aw, by Ootooei Titan Oatag to the deaao thtckel, W wee dtffloult for the different eonntande to keop in the right dlreotloa; but thrcogb the indo*at>cablo exerMona of Cel. R. the wkole oo massed reached the Plantain Patch aboat the tame time, fhe Ooeta Rtosurs bad evidently board oor approach, as the y were creasing from Oody'ato Uipp't Point aa rapidly aa they could. A tberp skvmisb entoed. which lotted for about half an boar completely rooting the enemy, with cmelderabie loan. Their loos U variously etf mated. My estimate to twenty killed and arty wonneod. Oar loin was bat Myhi?four kiHed and ten wounded Among the killed la let Lieut Rowan, o brave and gallant yonng otllwr. While the foresee on land wore carrjlng oo their opera time, Gen. Wneat, (who y< Innteered bin aervtoes t> com no aid tbe artillery,) with oee six pounder on the little itoanboat Rescue, ran np wiiblo *00 yard* of the rortlOcaltoai, and throw aevoral efleotlve shots In their fbrttfloations. At tbta etage of affairs, the enemy bavtrg bern either kt'lert or taken refuge In tbe wood*, end the firing having entirely ooaaed, Oolooele Kadler and indereon wtU down the tlver trail to eontanenloate with the steamer While hailing CoL Lockrtdge tbey were flred oa by the enemy from an ambnacade. Ool K wae wounded, but moat miraculously made bit eeeape Tbe enemy waa here about one hundred (irony, well enlronohad, and bruah thrown oyer the work ?o aa to completely hide it?they no donbt expecting our loroe to land at thle point, not ex peeling ns to loke the circuitous route we did. Gen Wheat did not Ore on them, ronrmg our men bad the Me my lurroondod, and that K be did he might bill noma of our own men The enemy opened their Ore on the boat, wounding one man, whan abe backed down the river Aa ioob aa Ool Anderson reached the rnt'n body, OapL lU'r'e, with hia company, vaa ordired down to drive the enemy from tbetr position, which bo did In n few momenta, klihng ton; the balnnoe took refbgeta the woods. Cody's Point Inflretln Importanoe ana military post tlon. It Is a high, commanding blnff, dtreotly opposite their main tor-lfloalion. which completely commaoda both the Serapiqol and San Juan rtvrrs. Ovtng to the heavy rains which at tbla aeaaoo fall oo the river, all military movements most neoeisa'lty be. alow. Ool. Lookrtdye was to have his artillery (three goua) In position on the mornlrg of the 12to Intt A general attack wai to bo made on that day, and 1 have no donbt bat that tno Costa Rloaas are completely rou of at tbla point, nnd that by tbla time be la fa possession of GastlUo. At 4 o'clock tbla morning a force of seven armed bouts ftom tbe British fleet was aeon entering and atoendlng tbe dan Jnan river towards the Amor loan camp, for what object Is yet to bo seen, though all sorts of rumors art flying aroond; abnngo came do oa the r var yesterday from the camp, with a msaaago from Lock rid go, request Ing the etrsmer to watt ovar to day, aa he islanded making an attack on the enemy laat n'pht at 12 o'clock, nod wonld this morning nend the nteamer down; wo wait ed anxiously until half put 2 o'clock P. M., when the ships wslgbed anchor and steamed out to set, with about two hnndrcd and fifty caeseniora. amount whom are Ool Sadler and your bumble servant, Coroner'n Inqneets. Tub Latb Taial Puoonno Cab* in thi Bownst ?Oororer Perry held an inquest yesterday 'at lbs Seventeenth wmid atatloa home opoa the body of the boy <-eorge Johnston, who was shot on Wednesday evening by Peter Arneson, proprietor of the lager bier ealotn No. too Bowery, while the deceased and a out pes tan were attempting to force an entrance to the premises ot the so cosed centra*y to bis wishes. The ertdenoe of Jobs J. At detscn, the boy who was along with deceased when he was i hot, went to show that about "l)i o'clock on the evening la question the deceased asked htm to go Into the stlocn kept tf Arneson; that when they got there they tornd Arneson at the door, who said. "Yon ean't oome le," and then locked the door upon them. The deooaanil 1Sttdls s^nk^ke^WoiTCr Anrttt totsr Mi son that be >l*hed to speak wtth htm. lohoston at this time bad bold of the door knob, but did not attempt to lores it open. Witness told btm to oome away, and he bad jnst turned to go away whenhehiard the re pert rftbo pteiol The dteaased was running up the r eps when be received the fatal wound Johnston used no force nor did ee use any threeteolng*leagnafe; I oid noi hear the prisoner say anything more than "yon can't ccme In:" ee>eased and myself were sober; there wee no music or daeetag at tbe Ume ; we bad both twee there before and never had any qoiriel with Art aeon; the door waa shot when the pistol waa Dead. Tbe testimony of other witness?e went to show bow math re were when tee arrest was seeds, ird woo altosstbrr uo n portent. The prisoner declares tbst be was eocsient y put la terror by rowdies breefcteg Idio bta piaoe, ard supposlag tbst his Ills was In dsn gar ?b?n tbe deceesrd and Anderson tried to get edmlUenoe to tbe seicon, be fired the pistol at thorn Toe not, he tales, was dote la n mow cat of exoibmeet, onened by the conduct of these boys, tbe Coroner thee charged lie Jury, who, atar dos deliberation, rendered n verdiot of "1*alb ty SjsilM from s pistol that was ><rad by Peter arteson." Ttc aoouaed was then temporsrliy c# m n ttrd fcr ensm'.aatlow. TO tbi EDITOR >' tbi hrbald. la lotklig over the Rkhaid of yeeierday I observed aa srt'clc besded ' Oauiloa to Kowdleo." wbteb I think should be oeitrsdlotce, sa It baa not tbe least referee ee, so rsr as truth is concerned, le tbe boy whs waa shot la tbe Ikwcry. !o tbe first pleoe It was s boy, aged 16 or IT. litUed of h nan, and one who worked lor hie living, wb'cb 1 believe rowdies do sot sod carried hit earnings tome to bis mcther, wbteb la something a rowdy la not apt to so. Another foot is, he waa a good, ladwetrteua boy, and bad the misfortune to be very poor, wbloh makes e rowdy la some circles. Another fen la, be waa ikal tm the hark hit el nftt In lift tlMBht thft hmll B/tiiw thricfh ted lot'flDf wltbtn so 1Mb or Ibo akin Aa to b!a cbataoter, tbat will ba tested eo tba day or trial, I oppose, ON* WHO KNOWS. Kcrpn Diowim d ? Tba body of an unknown man, a boat C9 jean of was fennd floating la tba walar, at tba foot of Orai d tlreel j< iterdey. Tba daoaaaad woo a aaaa cl reapeeUcle appearance, ard waadreaacd In plain block cltUica. Ooroaar I'ai ry bald aa Inquest open tba body of daoaaaad Coait CalaadaiwThla Day. Brnni Cornr-Circuit- Nor. sat, 111*, 17M, lata, 1*7. 1317, in, '1*79, It, tit, 1X97, 97IH. ???4, 979, 9*, MO. _____ City Politics. TIIB PfVOCHATIC HO PUBLIC AM OINEK 4 L COMMffTSB APD TIB BlCBBMfl OB TBI T A MM AN T SOCI?TY. 7ba Democrat!. K fpnbllsaa General OoaimttUa, Wilson Small, cbabaaaa, Ml la tba raadlag rooaa of tba Tarnaaaay Hot*I laat aranlag, to taka into aooalderattoa Iba lata act ton of ika Tammany society, la dletelTlag tbatr orgaaiiatoa and appclattag saw primary alcctioaa to ba hold for tba par pot a af abtoaiag oommiuaaa far tba proaaal year. Tba ebatrmaa ilattd I bat ba bad rrcalrad no aSctal knowledge of tba actios of Tarn mac 7 Society, bat inarm orb aa N bad baaa publicly aaioaaoad tbroagb tba irtra ba tbongbl Ika miller daaarrad noma aoUaa. Tba fallow tag latolaUoca warn tbaa offered la relaUoa te tba lota action ot tba Becbrma, and after aoaaa debate at re a la. oat aaaotmoaaly adapted:? Bhereea. by the reewti ardlea af le.en eat of tba tbiriaaa Parb?ma >.f a self oerp?t<iaUi a ma rorpntauna. raUad the bratrit ol Tiwiwany" ?r t'nlun blan Order, <ma if nblrb aataa reau.e 10 Waetclealrr cnalr, out of ihe rttr and eo-ioiy at bew Terr, and two af whirl, ???eo. to wH Isaac r. fowler, the rra?enl Pnwwitniee of lb-i rrfty oad Andre Pro treat, me of aw> flrula, are al?o member* of thin Uonarai Ctmmlttea, lb?e sorea ferhewa agalort lh' solemn protest tf It* ether (li tsrbrirs, wltheata oobw af right or power, noaer the bypwritlealplea rf moral rrfOrm, and nader tba falsa aHegmtm that ibnra erra two Oeitaml aommlroro r'nim'nr teir.uwJoa 10 Timmany Ha 1: Bribe purpose of eon tinnli m and plelr g fores and eCeel to the Utibr faruoo whl'b lotted 1 be rennlar clip aowii aitone last fbll. by preaeafar lie leader* to llr Snobs ran aad 10 tba pubttc aa fraai moral t elk a of jir liMUnM, hard aa^i mod wHh haro farwd eflmn irry aa inch tWrhrtno u tiar*Ila? frtr dtrtaeorleJ auporrlaorr eare orrr It* imonvi of Uie rlly ud omtate of flew Tort. ad otot U*tr rilllleol oroanlralMa; *mi horn aloiaa ?r d? r pfWtritJ a'aI*il of l0*al rlgto aa I nilWof Tuuu, Hail, loin/a tkta Urnfiti tmaiiw nj?alaiij dwm J ot|?n'j?4. arrotdtr#tn 'ho n?ac?t of the party. MM tho only nryan or f?|Btii*aUcn hy whWi the forty tiro Utouaosd tooeo rr.toof tiladtyaid ornnfc oon eoook. or apt - aut of Tata n<ear Pall. lhaa, t?r? If (key h??a tha local rlfkt, ?M|. fahly taklrf OdraatadO ' the halnwod mmMw of that hail. ?r.d ft thla >?a, Hit* aa landlord*. In dMraot and dlrldo lit party: 10 tear* ao? ?i paal melnoaloa Ul feelta* aad dtrlain a, to too laji ry tt lha arrai oroeorvaUra edlctaaor of tho party and nt di r 1 hot ?, cHmw pk>a of iW oorrnptlon of paaf primary alerikaa fCk o'fh naooaooirahla haandaana. ar (arid a arw primary Waflom Br tho aJertloo of a bow <tdnaral On anion. lo tako tho ptoco and aoata of thin flap oral Or rrialiire, mndretly k-n pco'ti* U> Diao one tnapactnr Ihoaaa?ina llama t?e aawiinj of annfhor to tho Maraaa (kwiwa, ro ra'lr# rtkair o?n rreatiroi. aad evtatinf oaly la 'kl iataol* at lira rr cn paoer. at.d oaaa iboe pot op Or tho mora parpoto rf naatJnf aa omtlfn aad a preloaded err nor for Jwm toiil te a of aaarpa<l<o aad ptaaumptm^o loiortoranro. thorw?l(ioitod, TV at I ho laid laaae T. Tow lor and Andre Pro ?e?l eadereh of tl#m ajpoar and ihrw^iwiMO hoforotki* nir?r?l Crnn.i i >r < ikitii .! whj wt ratkof tbt*. for thatr jolal ar'inn u afttraatid, ahpaid not hi riprilrd frin Ufa romialttaa, and fca dnafarad no k.i ?.r (Bin rd tnaaata >k?r?J" i?l lk4l?wp; nf Omm raao Inlmoaba forthwithkandrd by 'bo ?arrat*rp to aa. h of tham. hrtolta.', TW we ara not tha dafnndara of tha allacad wirjtkn of the |fr?l tjnm of primarr alartlona that wa araaol npynad la inl.rm. aad ara wIlltaR, at tha propar (Una. to ?dopt ar.p raw plan mora llfcaip to aurora a taa aad honaat aiprrt-km of lha tha aptnlooa and w'rh<a rf tha ilrto<>< ratio rotara of U-.a ward*; but M rrfarm or ma at Or prrprr ttmaa* d from tka proplt, aad ant at h- o> atitlorlrad dta'atton of thaaa aaran ftarhama of a 0 raa rorpr ration, rafnmd hy a thraatraad ajartnmt from Tan mar j kali, aidad hp that etinalnR maahlna, tka bar* (,'aaml t<< mmti'ra Rraolrad. That all Rood damnr'at* la thl* fata and otit of R ara rallad nprn to latiikalhfa aalftah, nnjnatilVtbla HI titnad triT?m?t.t of ll? aavrn tarhtra u antidaiaorratlo and fianRbt wl.h tronk'r aad mbrh'af, aad rrnahattaall/ marlnaa thrm h? attrk rtbnka ibat tka damrrrsoT kara and alaawhara ma alrk of hrarlrp of Ui? imprrllarnl inMrtnratiaa and rafn 1 ntoa of lha f arkrma of Tammany. WtfArtfr ?tf t t,L <~v*. Ftwaa H Moaaaoa, f . . baa tat T. R iMTia, J tIDAT, FEBRUARY 27, 18 rtfrntrAfld, llmitr, 118 lliiMiia Street.? / f . ? j< ii^u'n i's I ir lift' la *h U? oi i l'< i ( I'c ioi 1 11 U a mr.Jet of graee, ele ;.inoe

and lul*. b'raln, No. 'All Hii.advi?y, will Iiitrwlw* fci? ?prir? f??b#>"* i?ir gent'emon ^ h*tn tin catnrdair, F'-b. 24. UK1IM. 2it Bio - w?, opposite lit Paul's otiuiell. Tbf Pint in the Pltld-^stordsy Is tHe day Uted tj KNOX te uilioIu<e bis spring bat*. No. 21'i Biotdaay. Lesty A Co.'a Neva Rnnrirrly Pattern Iter g??uenn d'k ir-ts h*t? in thlo dst luued. together with s largo turcica ot Psiii hs'r of late miles, losludtag lbs oele braird Cavbrieas ao't htt (a sew wutsr proof article) in varleua colors, anil for aale at onr counter* only. LKARV 4 CO , landers af huhlou for geaia' bats, A 4 and S Aalor Bona*. is*via nprm| Hiyic of UMtlcmei'l HoM will be Immi) on Hatonlay February 28. Kaleereom 301 Broadway, eeeoad door from Duane street. Twenty Cent Anbiotjpe mtenieeri, with ease, beautifully eolored. Twenty cent portrait* originally Intredaced by KIMBALL, 347 Broadway. Fine Air the ShlwJann1 Old Itelten Map 7s ; alao Lafoat'e ltipiid alabaster. In. besllhiag made tor the balr; Jonea' old coral hair oil restorative, 2a. Depot 202 Bowery. The Imperial Photograph? Vn Entirely new appllnation or the art la exhibited at BRADY'S gallery. No 339 Broadway Nothing approaching the Imperial Photo g rath lu ever before been produced la this country, and Mr. Brady commends tbcm to the public aa the highest reaull of the art thus lar a'talm d Dr. Kane ?A Snpcrh Photographic Portrait cf Tr. Kane, made just aTer bla retmn from the Aretlc ciplrritmn, la on exbibhlrn at MKADV'd gallery, No ,'iVJ Bioadwaj. The Commanlty are Reqneeted to Compare specimens of Ilia Imperial Photograph, made only at BHaDi gallery, with the ne-er of the ctmera, which 'hTiie public at'.'rtion and patronage. Che Imperial Photograph to Produced at a very moderate coat, ?ro&' improvement! having taken place In (he art wlihln (he past year. Rhodes, of 232 Fnlton Street, corner of Cllr ten, Broollyn, wtll inl red tire bla spring *1 tie of gentle men's dr< ss hats cn Saturday, Fub. 28, 1837- BIIODB8. 23J Fulton s'rett, corner of Clintou, Prootlyn. late of ileniu'a. Keioscne Uaa Light Cempaay't Stock, for tale cheap, by Al.Htilt u. NICOLAY No. 4 Broad atrnet Writing Claaaee.? Oliver ?. Ooldamlth receive* new pupil* dally this week for hi 30 for the course of ten lessens. Bee card. Mr. Goldsmith'a Cheap Claaiee In Petimtnihlp, 10 letaona for f2 30 open on Monday next fleseaa abort Jo n this week Pooka for registering nrunca ef pupl'nnow filling up at 362 t roadway bee card mr_?Bi> tn.-.a u a s_?a..i.i flowers, only at TILMaN'H, 71 Bleecker street, near Broad way, wholesale anil retail Clothing at Wholesale.?We beg to Inform Southern ua Wis term dealers In elothlng thai our stock 61 sprite and summer wear la now complete and on sale. In addition to a 1-rger stock than usual of *otir well known *iyle? of line and fashionable clothing, we hsse thla season got up ? large quantity of medium and low price J goods, equal tn tsete see at <>e to the It nest, which we are pwmared to offer at the lowest figure tn the trude. D. DKVlIN a CO., IBS, 369 and 290 Broadway, corner Warren street. Closing Bale. Housekeepers will please do let the prices at which we arc selling oil the remainder of our stocs, previous to to the nt w stsrr. corner of Broadway and Broome street, on the 16th March. White dining site 142 pieces, 917 CO, fauey tollei tela, 11 pieces. 94 73; face- tea tets 44 planes, SG AO; nut go v lets, per dozen. 91 76; cbampagnee, 91 29, wines, bxo , nod plated wart, rases, Ac , In p oportlon. The prices defy ooiu petition. t. r naunnwoiiT a oo.. 6*11 end 663 Br.iadvay. f pedal Notice ?Goods purchased on Friday and Habuiev cannot be d? llrered befcie the following Monday or Tuesday Smithsonian House, Broadway ?Hotel Aceommodatloos on ths Knropran or American plan at option Bleam beat throughout. 81 un icy KOPMaN. Deflanee Salamander Safes?vrleli Patent powder proof defiance locks and cross bars. Depot 1112 Tesri suett, one door below Maiden lane. ROBERT M PATRICK. Hook Tmtlc Soap, Flslk, As., at the Krgar Divan, 4e3 Broadway, this day. Chtmpagne and Burgundy Wlnrs?I.ainllugexftio. krothingham, for rale by JOIM DUNCiN 4 hONH, 406 Rroadwey. John Wood's Kew flymnadnm Sow Open? at Bo. 6 KaaTweaty eighth street, near Filth areoua To Tea Dealers and Grocer*.?We Invite attention to our stock of Oolong, English breakfast. Young Hy on, si.d oiker teas, which ?i are yet setting at mow . JaMltrt c AWlllY A CO., 136 Front r'jeet. u Woodland Cream-"?A Pomade Ihr Beanttfylrg the hair, highly perfumed superior to any French art! ele imported, and fur half the price. For dreeing ladles' hah II has no equal, glvlug It a bright gtansy appearance. II eauaes gentlemen a hair to curl in the moat natural manner It reuioves dandruff, always giving the hair the appearance sf being fresh ehaaponoed Pries only fll'.y cents Bongenuine unless signed FBTBIDOK A CO., proprietors of the * Balm of * Thousand Flowers." For sals by all druggie's. Country Druggist'- are In mi tod to Examine ?ar stck of drnyglstVartteles BUFl'S K. M HAIIO A PP., 39 Soman street. Ba'rhelor's Hair Dye ?Wigs and Toujpree the beat In ihewerld, nitde, sold and applied at _ I Kraal ?ky. Crtsladoro's Hair Dyo. Wig* and Ton pees, bold their sway undisputed by any. Wholesale and retail, and the dye pmately applied at No. ti Astor House. Hill, Inimitable Cutler of Hair and Whiskers. No. 1 Barclay rtr<?t. flair dy* 4* a box. black or blown. Rupture Cared by Marsh A Co.'n Radical cure truss, at No. 2^ Maid-a Mae, New Tork. nelloway's Plllt.?Abernethy'a Insldlnna nmedy, bine pill pervades the system with a smrtl pet * 6. ?b'lr liOI.I.uw a * armi mrcinnr* ainnpoiuM nniu ?.?i Ijo1 ntr?fU. rffnliln ftcrj lutrrunl luo i on, and Im?fi no (ting b? Wind, Krmp'i Worm PnaUllen?fltnjr dtaraara of chi'drrn'bat pnirlr mrdwal man are minted h; worm and mlfbt ba i>rr vaniad or currd bj iba Uiarlj nap nt than pa? Ullir. BrUioi * rarraparllla ta curie* tha mom c *i?aof t roluln and lur* dla< aara In nil aacUm* of iba c.juo irt Rrlther preparation noeuina m*rrurr Hold br I). T I > MMaN A (v . vihnliulr droffgtrta 66 Water alml Rw 101 k. nnd by nli drnggwU. ftarnaparilla $1, nod parltllM 2V n?t lioltle FINANCIAL A NO COMMEKCIAL OUST HAMKKT. Tnrm?i ?T, Fab. 3d?fl T. II Tba Uadancy of prima wna npwnrd lha morning, and Ibarn wna oanaldarnbla activity In til tba Waling railroad toeka. Tha principal movowral wna la Mr, Now York CtDlral, Rmdlag, aid Cleveland tad Toiedr. At tba flial board Mllwaobla tad MWrinlppl Railroad a'vavoad R par oaat; lllleuta Otnlrt', lid, Wara.atJ tad lolt la, <?. Chicago tad Reek lalaad, v. La Oriaai ta l M.I waa k'.e, 2. Oanirtl Railroad waa pan hanod to noma aatcat aa foreign aeooaat. Mlrbigta Sontbarn waa wvll natataod, tad c la tod proUy Bra at 7d par oom oaah Tba moral rapid daaltao la tba markat prior or Mi rank t and Mlaalailppl Railroad a took It allribatrd pria d pally ta tb# Ibot that moat of I la tbrong; baa la am will ba diverted npoa Iba completion at U>? Kadtaoe aad Wntartowa Railroad. That connexion will ba databad by J ana or Jnly, wbaa tba grand Irink hea batwrm Madlaoa aad Mllwaobla will ba via Watartawa, rrar wbat la knowa a* Iba Walartawa dlrtalon of tba la Cram* aad Mllwamta Railroad By tbla rcato the 011 taice batwaaa Madia an aad Milaaikla will ba tbwtaaod twratp tbma milra. ladapaadaal af tb'a fait, tba grade* aad itf'r Important tblagi am In favor af tba Water Mi trn> Miimakia it ta wa ba! art. tba la toafoc of It* Mllvaakie >*4 M?ippl lUilrovl ooropaap I* nV*l IMr ml (baa JoaaaTUle to Daboqaa, aad Ml* i mnM mm?en? wHn too Mteataatppi rlrar at IM patal. Tba Rralrto da CM? branch of too If.I waabta ?4 WaabMppi raid to Mad?a aaaatdoa vtrp largo ba>toaaa. Thla llaa, from Mad?a to M.iwaukta, ?a aaSoaad aaaara J ihta viator from toa daap aaovi tad aaaap fratbato, aad tola daabtlaaa baa aoaiaMag la da alto to# dartlat la toa mortal prtoa of too avaat. liter toa adyta?aaf of toa board toa tottaviaf tatea of atrafea a-d baada aara a? at aaabaa bp Atbarl Mlaatopi? 1 MO Oartaftoa oRp ?r aaat atoak. fat aidtd OT if 7,0*0 (a? trta, Wabart oa d St LabM M dt 41Jf 0.(00 ftraat Watrrn, (111 ) RR 1? mart K ? da 04* 1,(00 Trarla aad <>q?avia RR lat mart. Bo da. M in 000 Trrra Maata aad Alloa RR *d atari . 00If 10,0(0 Mliaaafeta aad M?Ipp; RR. am. T'l do. 70,>4 1,0* Alloa? Mat?I I?. Strip of 1003 Tllf fiO Haw Tart Mat too. Scrip of mi ? 070 da. ?. 1001 M 000 Orttat Mataal I? Strip of IMd M 11*0 da. da. iddd ?v i?0 da. fa. IMS 97* Lit Sua da. IM0 M 10 Ocmmimilal Mat?I fat Oo, liM M|f TO Aator da INI 10 4M Orlaat da. ISM M M? Oammarttol da. 1M0 SOU *M S? da. MM toff HO da. da. 10M 00 1(0 Ma Lertlard flra t?. Oa 190* a MOtf 00 Cbtfof ?, Si r?1 aad faad da lac RR 04 100 0* do. 44 000 Krrcraao Oaa Ufbl Oa SIM HO Catoa Odd Oa M Al U 100 rwr a nvypon uo t ^ 1764 do. jotatCo 130. aoontraOo too. M flrrwata' Mm Kvpr lU3ata? Co Ma M Fcl'af flra laa Or 14414 140 Ml ndailoa' Rar.klaf Aaarlalloo 141 ?< a 10114 40 l> a*d Oly ftu?k M\ 14 raaait Book 11?K P. Prapor'a racoiar '? weakly la'a at Hooka ud bai?f<> win taka ptaco la mar aw, Friday, at half pan 14 a'eio*. atlfca Marabaaia Kaokaaca. At too uoaad feaaid lha aatkt'. <u l.'Jvt. pooaa T fVT4at to tfeo H4ralf *4*4 ?4it MBtotoat UkaotB 57. fVn'ral closed flrm at 10ft% p<*r oeot. Haloes act (TV 1 rago advacod \ par a. at; W Iwaukleand MiaaWt-'ppv '4 I Mtb'jau CtU-al Kaliroad, ; La Cioso and M!!wa-Jk ? , "Id at 7?x, bdjor DO days A'lor the board Frio >"cC I *? 66.V Tbu rei'gra Ion of Mr MuOaliuoi, the geue a! ! u a interns nt waa aent in to dn*\ an 1 we was acted open by the Board of Dlr?ot->rs. Tb? reto1' ?l ibslr deliberation baa act transpired. Tba Assistant Treasurer re porta today m '"How|:? To'al receipts ?173,l8ft 00 Total payments M.531 46 Total balance 16,416,818 46 Ttac (look operation! of the proprietor! of the Tim*;, in Well street to day, were an foUowi ? Bosjhi 8t0 theree Erie Railroad stock WO 67 X Do. 1M do. do. do HO 67tf no 4(0 do. do. do 67X Do. 100 do. Now York Central Railroad 99 % Do. 000 do. Mlohtgen Boetbern Railroad 70 Bold 000 do. Oleveioed Tele.o Railroad 74)4 Do. 60 do. Oembrrlaad Ooel Coapeoy lis Independent of IhW, the "note/ editor" of the t\m?i treniaeted e pretty large boalneei In "oate" end "cell!" among the car be tone broken. While the proprietor! of the Timet deel In the mbotenoo et the broken' boerd, the "money editor" deslnln the ihedow on the curbMono. Hie betting book ti known to erery broker In tbe street. Hie "pole" end "cell!" ran tow oa Erie end Michigan Southern, en will be neon by the column o' tbe lima. Stock Eicbiuige. Tiii'hmmt, Fib. >0, 1817. $6600 Indiana6'!.... 80 loooahaBoadRB.b&O 81)4 ttCO Virginia 0'e... 91)4 600 do b3 81)4 600 do 03 HO do 81)4 700G Missouri fl'n.rS 84)4 *00 ?'? O 8l\ 1(000 do.... *30 81)4 800 do b?0 81 ? 10000 do.. ..aOO 84600 do 110 81 '0(0 do 84)4 100 do....atWk 81',' 10(00 do 8", 8(0 Galft CM RR.. al6 103 2100 Tallforntal 'a' 76 07 01 do 103 6t00 HodRHRSd m 08)4 10 do 101)4 8000 L8.&W 3d as b'8 44 lo0 do MO 104 (OCO MtnPtlat m b! 86)4 00 Mil h ? ae RR... 87 SI rba National B'k. IC8 '4 36 do 67)4 83 Back 01 Com 106 to Mich C a KK.... 91)4 60 Meot Benkg 4u.. 101 160 do 91)4 SO Coin Ex Beak... 108 100 do s30 9itg 80 Common ? Bask. 98)4 136 Mloh B IkNleRR.o 76*4 46 Pa le Bank . 9V14 860 do o ib'. 16 O l.Vt A t CO 66. 98* 100 do blO 7? 60 Canton Uo 13 100 do b3 70 12 Penn Coal Co.... 14* 4C0 do 70 KioouBbCool Co o it)*; lto jo .... beo 70v 160 New Jer '/Jao Co. 7 600 do bOO 77 6" Pti'imi KH 04 100 do *60 70 200 NY On Klt....?3 OP>4 100 1,1 Cen RK 136* 660 do b30 Sf * 610 do bOO 1MW ISO do 9i% 1(0 do *3 136', no do ia w; 60 do bis 135* SOJ do *80 00 10 do .... ... 170 200 do bfeO 90 * 160 (O bf.O 13d* 10 do.... b3 it * 3(0 do .. b.) 134* ICo do o <W\* 1, 0 Oct & PI .1* RR ?3 53 * 40< Erlo RR b30 5 * 200 do ?3 63* ! 136 do 67* 8(0 do .... bOO 61* 15 do 67* 12W0 CIot A Tol RR.. 74* 10'0 do ....e6m 67 300 do bl 74* 100 do bS 67* 1100 do bOO 76 100 do bflO 67* 100 do. *30 74* 4CO do b60 67* 100 do *10 74* 14,0 . do 660 67 * 260 Ohl A Bk lid RR. 104 * 100 do |3 5' * 76 do 1(4 2(0 do.... 130 67* l?KJ do >00 103* ICO do M?0 67 * 60 do. .. b30 104* 130 CO ?l0 67* *0 lACrnaaeAMIIKK 13* , 1(0 do... . bl& 67* 30 do 74* 60 fUrlem RR prtr. 40 ICO do 63 76 200 Baricn,RK...bO t 16 6J do 76* RtCOXB SOAKS. 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The market vu hear/ and clot id ?t a d col no of 60. per barrol. but n wu Id fit; *' Wily tl the tall. wtlck wa? thkll/ in tbe I3*ir gridrn Tfce valfi fro td up ib jut C,u(0 a 7,COO bila a. about tha follow og quotation*.? Common to food Bute .. f3 16 n $6 36 Oomouoo to good Mloblfan 0 16 a 0 J3 Kalra Bute 6 46 a 4 n ) Common to good Ohio ... 6 16 a 6 41 Extra Ohio 6 60 a 7 (0 Boathern mlaed to good brand* 6 76 a 4 Of, " (6lc/ and ca rs 7 oo n 8 00 Canadian aupuflne and eatra 6 30 a 1 60 Eitrn 14 cloleo 44 I.aal? told for tonal uomcjinptlcn. lit mall pane!*, at 08 60 a ft 64, and extra to cbol:e Genu re at 67 16 a 68 60 Canadian Ujur soltl to tbe ex'oat of a bo at KO a 000 b)ia wl bunt eban/e In prloea, tboajb eioelag dull; e-mmoa and median gr? let of Bictbem branda were bear/ bnt la good demand, w th mKi ef 1,1(0 a 9,0(0 bbia., wltbin tbe rirge of tbe abjre quota tuna. Rje (lour waa la moderate demand and 163 bbia. were rjported at 68 60 a 61 12* C?ro moat ira? qu.?t, altbaale* r?jo led or aeoat 400 bbla , laolading New prrrry, ai n? :n ua nranapwue at at 70. Wattl 00c. ilar#j firm for pilna Ma The at lea 'mVifM a*?07t II CO a 16,0(0 buitc'a, about 6.CC1 MI?aonr'. wfcl :b *t? a prtrate Urira Tbe remainder embraced SbuUcrn coniron togtol whiw, a that at It 70, 91 73 toll ,6: d rthcrn rrd, at |1 IT, aud MUaoort enam to |oii r*d it II M a II17. C.>re? fbe ma'ket favored puribMere, 'be ralea aaubnoed about 10 060 bnahela. lorlodiag W. aterj mied la ?iore, at Too a 7IJ<e., and domhero pelln'al 70c a , c'i eflp afliat, at 73^0 Rye?"a'ea of I,9(C bneUoa p. tite Jerxp wire made at Mr ; Na thera to itrra tod rr'? the iailr<>e<! wia a.(St.. aai 6 ?n <r>- at (fn Ot'a oct'nued ateelp at 49c a bic , w.'b fttlna at (>1 j a lie G i >K ?Tfce m? kit war <ptet b it tlruj Stile c' 201 brf? Km m r? made a. 1(0 a 11 \ I Oct . >? - Ti e lat'f (aio.-ao ii ab n*. 3,1(0 bt'ei * Fiixhti ? Ita'd toe t.m\ f. r<> I.lrcrpni about iC.CC0 lioatc a el corn weo irj?x <1, In hulk, at ( Vd ; abort 4 It 1 a 6,1(0 bbia fl?nr. at la 0d. a It. 91 , with bLOot and lard atabcat 17a Od. a Ifa ; a'jnat 1,607 bale* or rtiton at 6 >2d a S 164 , and (CO bbj. rotlo at 2i a It fd 10 Olarjoir 609 bbla. fl3or mare engaged at p. I. To Melbourne, jtuatralla, the bark Rambler wan :ba tor ed, a' f'4 ICO, an a l,tt6 bb a. (car vera engage) bp tbc Kitty 81 Ppaoa. at 91 (0 per btl Taere were aa ea e?f< tnenti arobaogaa of itrperUnce to aotfee tn ratoa to t/oidoo anil liana Pi - !' rk- " t market opeaad at a further adtaane, but I'.oatd ratter dull. The aalea embrace 1 about 7H bt-la , ineitdlrg new mane, at 921 (0 a 924; at tbe cl6<# It Hood arm at at oat 938 (o, tad old at 9<2 (0, red [r'mr at 916 a 910 i rat rane-' la tba aalaa were IfO bblt dear perk el 996. an t 100 bbla. prima aaeea at 122 Hoof waa I'd, ?i b ra'a* cl about M0 bbla , la eltdlegacw puma, at 9. (a 911 aad aew rreae at 12 a 913. Krpeeaed Wutri wai at 916 (9, aad extra Cbloag > 4a. at fi8 (C; prime m?aa and beef bam were were r.neba?g<d. Becoa waa 6roi, with ra'aa of 900 t(X(a mKdiei at KV?, after b*ld k'fbtr 3ut ttrata. were H*n. wttb aaJee of >00 bbda aad tleroaa. laolodu g aba? dara at (No a Oc , with ?60 ina at O'go . aad bama at 1' , aed aooto a mail to a were report# i at lie. Lard waa <1 viol, wltb aa'M ?4 3C0 a 300bbla., at l?V .with ' me o?a tX reonaua at 141, aod p'.ene qoa'ttp at 14)go Batter aad obeeaa wara to gno-i da mead, wlthoat cbicpc la prlow. Pre abb aero eteadr, with mora ae-tvU/. Tba adea caibremd abtni I too a 1,140 bbda. Cuba maaoorado at *kc. a It \c a KKo . tba la tier Bgaraa for prime goo la. lib a i Bill k?l of I'orto II co, roaaot. *1 ?^c , aad (CO bo?M la boad, for oxport, wtra ecld al ?'4*o . aad I,*00 da 0a? >od? *?f? ?ol4 footarday,* bMd, for nport lo Aalvorp, hi >,? , and A00 do , duij paM, *1 P ,o. ?nxt. ABYEJtTlRFMFJVTS KEffEWED EtJRT DAY. For UtmatlMM iaA Bdy, mc Stitk Pace. tliaCKI.I. A H r* H'M. H^BOI a CO (4 PAT> NT OKOl'RO HAW*. I'l. ARTKAT !*<! trowel* ir , ran he hod. whelreele ?td retail, at 'br P'li.rijHU hu'tui mar**. o> the aaiearoama of the mamifac uirero, 5* a ad SI Ool>l otrert, or at the works, corner ,rf Frt twie. Uteri IT aad co'iunb'a meets. If. T. r iquob dkalrbt ari> orocrrs vo^ice-pm1 J TOTtOfO. one O?or of whleh added to flfVr fhlloae of noti trol eplrhe produce B coed hr*j Of. Holland and Nnfflah fn, Jamaica rwai apple pearh and char f broad/. Woorboa mod Beaonrahrle wbtakey tor aalebp Dr. L. FKOOIfrWAN QCB. 143 He den lane. 1m AROR NO. I NACKRRRL AND OOBNIRTI. j Rum Sue chaeM aod butter Far tele bp CARU BARS IIOIXMf k W A CO, No m OrooBQlob (traet. S KITING MACHTNRA-I. M BTROBR A OVA OA fMta, a baenwrtu ptrtortel baRar. rootataa fall aad re*3bTo tafbrmaUoa shoal arwla* mntAhtoa sad mow afl a i dim thai rah M aakeA ao Ute atyerl All who read IMeaAmr will laan he? to j..ti*haaaa aowlrta ataohice with nrturb (tOW a roar, dear profli roa be made aad wtll be prataWod from ba lor Imp**"' upon br nar of Ike Wmbtva nmiti an aaw ha Ibre the puhlte I. Wlrjer A Ort a <1 tredl# wffl bo Wot r-i. *. pftimivw inc?? rw% rr>*o?<ft *n? wo**k Dowwcoiiwitrtvrmsi, cow1 tUlnllonil w?krHt, Mntmam. Inon it im* n. trwitk tomnmg. rebntl hoi'thb* Lr. JtfOB WffBBRRn mafulitor in teo'rtn 'hiUI of buoyant trmB'h M fill hr ttw mntt itobMWlmt Wtar > ftaf It: iy?t wta. *? Md ill lb* four Mw >r* In Ordrr. PriciBl W two >4. P.pot an Hoaary Tn* b?t r?mcn rajmcpmu) otl, rt c\*%. kwo or |il'(it. lot Mt'? by H I>A RDOKTIL'jR. 141 Irndti;. "\r ANKRK I>O0S T.R CAMR TO TOWR X Frt duff In ukr tha titlbuaa 4o m I'i nbtalBaff It, of oonrao, from MOW, 4tl Rr*?<4??r olrtt meioetle aowfWb, fit* from minorti pM?*v art i-u mi <!ji'?!y fi?il 'o ill li??3ti. Tba mi?u?ik I'lU" art nibl rtrtib o n?i io4 m oo. WniffffitRii itn worffTAtnM form to mow In tff waokn, by my onfi?n?, whirb mill ant wala W ,? i m?. ? mf?K I ? i .f'W, T"K om - r i< f?'?h 1 1>* K ' [<(>'. H-.t c o* -'-'iit )li?U ? o' . y P i Man-: f .Xfit ij4**U:. f i. . t. ??' Of ' V . J t. Hw'eof "out. ku it'., p rt? Pa'l.e of r ,iy I', Haul* ol' 1 ulnt. Bsule ef H on fflni' Ratle of t 1,1/ ?'nlut. Design. d i ?, r?MUJui f it a n k Mt/TTaT iixp r** re n NRiVdr at Bt Pelrg the mo?t inesslticent * *f?rng evfr > >.|t 'g this com, try It being well ? o? h he iireoi a ye\,'g uharnulira to thst beauufn' pup r 1 be paper also contains TItW.A or TBI HBlul l1" Mi.VnCHH AT ALHANY ; Via Htate strict aac< i.itn s ?o the Capitol, sb .win , the highest point attained by 'be fl?vl The ferrv slip. Htoembunt landtag Railroad Parrr?1? o slews. Rescuing families irrm lbs upper stories. The Troy Au.i albany atairaas It appease-' on the night ef the flood. Lois Mimic x sue ) ?< sister c rowing the Mirer. And other illostrsl'ors i f this tiirst disastrous aflatr, Together with pictures rhow t g THE RIOT S I rtKBilKW. MRU. CCNKINOIIAM RM'M * |MO VlrtrTKRs- AT THM TOMB-. Ac Ac he Tic continuation ef the n-iiig isle of THR KTOBT SB R1KK, or. Tint *toi ri win - <i oih<r interesting matter, will be found published Oils n n li'S In Kn.l'inf FRANK I.KH..II. S ILLl'Ml H i ? II NkWHI'APKR. I Rank l.RSLlR'd ii.i.u-i v n nfompaprr. FRANK LK LIR'R ILI.l'r H I hi) Ki-.W' I' VI'RR. PRANK IBHLlsM 11 Lie It . I Si) H KWriPA I'F.R. P It Alt K I.AHL1K 8 ILLC, i lA ill SSWsl' A PKR. PRANK LRBLIK'H 11,1 I i -\*RD NRW-PAI'KR. FRANK I.PPI.IP.'P til l 1 %aT*.D NKWaPtPRH. PRANK I.KULIK H ILl t ' A T R D NLWHI'APtR FRIPK I.MLIK 1 II.i ?IRiTBI) NRWSPAPRR. PRANK 1.R81.IK.8 II ' i ? IvhIICD NK VPAPBR. FRaNK I.KH lK li It. I i It \Tttp NKWi-"APFit. PRANK LRRLTK'S li , i'Rr?/.Tr.n NRIV-P \PKR. This paper has uow rtacbi it re extraordinary clrc 11st ion o IW.OCO 173.00R. 123 000. 173 INK) 113 100 12 t nO 123 000. 123 009. 123 100. 123 <K? 121.000. Only < cents, at all ne s-r de, .us. 123.000. NOTICiC TO t riW AOBNTB Nos. 33 and 64, cental! Inr f" '1 llni j'raUurit of the Vtirdel Tragedy, are now rrprh.tcil Asi. ? ?t Jieiiin?Simon ?On bu ay. K?h. 22, by Rer. Jensen klllolt, st No 122 Past I * < ?ireot. Mr ton irrs P. Jaciabd to Bin CAmonan <- nil of this ct'f. l'srwriT?Unitsos ? Of I <r isy esttHojr, ToN. 23, by the Rev Dr. ."Rilclt and, i- ils-isoa Psiasrir to M1M flUPIl VI'POUK. ail Wl 4UI? VI CuUUMLI.? IUwei.n ? ft. ;r?dty, Feb. SC. By IBe JUv. Dr. Armlia*o, Mr .la--* a Obavdaii to M'm Vtn IXawroa, all ol tbla i Ity tarm?Keen ? Ou M<u 4 b 18, by the flav Toeoderc L. Coyler. Mr Mine > am, of, Canada Weal, to Mra Harm ii Kr**.. uW oity Nlilioirt? Wasimo ? On V. ii-HiUy ev*nt?g, Feb. J6, ai Ca vtry church, bjr bo ?< F L Haaka, Wiiuam A. Nksoii to Mias Armib K '<* .< nu, both of Ibis city. Ilorta?(lout ? Id H nukiy ) ? rhuraday, Feb. lb. by lha Rev. Dr. Bc'hnte Mr vrait llocaa :o h'4ra t! ia>yp, both of tbla city. *?i-u Jalia ?Ou Wcdeeroey i < ok Fab 16, F.tiza, eldert daughter ot tteorge aid t a .cu Jarrta, aged 81 y?n, 11 montla and 11 rfnya. Tte relative* and friend* if tie fently are reapeoifally invited to a'ien<l H>o luce ima afwraoon, at ball pait three o'olork, from the it*'- uwnf her parent*, No. 80 Ftrat ilreet, near Sacou-l a< one Tirnn-.?On Tneutay, Fob it, Amobiw Tacarr, aged 61 yeara, 0 m< ntb? aun iw.. *> * ihe relative* tad free-in ne ramtiy, the or nbera of I'nicn Lodge No. IS a r a *trt the order to general, are Invited to eitetd lb* f> ral, n loclay neat, at 11 o'clock M., from hi* late re* dct c?, No. 204 Weal Uliieenth gtrret, wlttoct I'urtbrr tu . 1'ain.u. Mi ri hy --on Wrdneerav. Fob IG. of water on the brain, Juan J. Mraim, only .on or John J. end Jolla Ann alirpby, nfrd II month* ?n i 4 raja. ihe Inende and re alive* t i>? lamity are rotpeotfuliy laviteo to atttod the tui1"' *) trom the roridoooe ol ate parent*, No. V30 Mulberry r ; e?, tbla tnorolng, at lee o'clock. Waahlrgtrn, D. 0 . paper* pt<-a*a oopy. >Dwaaw.?t)e Wccner'-ar n oining, Feb 16, Joaw L, (Ideal acn of Jaremiar. are ? brrtno Edward*, aged M } rare. The rrtatlvea and trim .a ol tr.o ramtiy, and the member! of the Wittta h H*p??t ohurob, are reepeelInity let lied to at'ei <1 it? 'i.oeral, tbla morelng, at bait faet ire o'clock, ftom n o m*e tag boa** of the flvtreetb tirtet Baptt*! cburch in Hiitewath itroet. near be*takch to R;?cli tor m ermul. Kuieta?t>a loetday. ? >? 14, Amaae P. Kiium, M. H , 11.If of the city ol II . only a, age* 07 yaarn, baru ally of Columbia <x ua?y, h V Kyiaenieand Auburn rao?? idcaee oopy. *ni ?<>n WrCnr-ultiy, F t Joh.a Wait, a aatlve ol Rhgolonk, county Ca low<l, ?*ed 61 yeara H i Nb adt tnd tcqta'n aoo. a a to tboae of the family, are rtaptct'tiliy tnvl'd fi>att<ud toe fnnarai. from hie late r( ml (tut*, No ill) Firri avenue, tbla afternoon. at t a.I p?at ol* c'cioik Hie r> n..un will be taken to l.athnib <? m> ttry lor intern ml Dublto papcii AraiMhia ? On We. Le*uay novo Int. Feb. 2b, after a prtuaMrd ll'tili. Mi* l'**i Jarb, wife of I >r a aba r At* ataecn, m the e*d j ear 11 p,., age. Ihe tiler de of (ho fair I > a. ir Ttled to attend Ibe foee I mi in in Mr mo n incur. nij fa 111 1*01 t treat, U>tcrin ?i?crtc-n. it l?</ a rim (m ffmu.), fcb. 26, Urt. &ui >??ra, Ibe bdcr.-rt cctorl of ib* Into Hjery Oinaekej, la UN llth Jflr r.r brr age INr rfMitfi will fce ik' n tbu aicra'uf ll ba'f peat lire o'clrck, from brr it ? rre.rferior, fnjr ffrr h ?:reet, U'.ncit N mh an T i.tb iximi, o St. Aedrea'a flint, rmtrrtf CI*/ H?M |'Iki ltd Pwi it Ml, vfetrt a Kara of rrqnl'ra tbl bo br?tm r.r tberepoeeaf Lrr r? ol, It ?.??* c'cle. a. Tea lunirmJ tvlrf leave tba ctcrrb it hi o'elo.t. Tm rn- af ibo femi'y am t?Vllrd It aW< ad nt.h' at farther rnttte Cuitt ?Ob W?dae*oay b-b 'it, Ci.nui.'a At* Pra?av, tbe bclorid wUt of j .met Hkony, it tba 36.b year tf t?r ape. its itlflne let fritLdn ol tbr family trt reepaetfuily nriird to iltcrd Ibe r,t?<t nra bar Mb raHacoa. No. tt CatB? u ttritt, t'.it ai> rao. a, it ooo o'olo<-k her re rein ntii ba talar o Colo* tlemetcry for latermeat Cintwau ?Ui ay. lib. SO, J < .? Knit Cut em ton i f Will am to.1 Nary .'ana Utaiwail, e*'-d 4 tad SO C*je re relative a aed lr<> an? of tbo family art retpoetfmly lb? i'l?l to altta<l Ihe Innrril ton atera >oi>, M >,V ) g 0)ck, fit D. tir ratlOrtrerl bu i>areait Nu 101 Wa'kor (treat. miner -on Win Dtnlay eeau'ng, r?b. 26, R. otrr Moktie PtiritT, tin of K"NH an<| Margaret K. .iaiploy, *|td 2 jcart. 0 nioitbi and 16 d ./a. Ibe Itatiai will take olaoa tola afteroom, al fear c'eirch, from No. Ill tart hooternta eiraot. The fneodt cf IT c family aic rtepo -.tla'ty ion ted to altead. M jamtKTi* ?Oo Ibareday b'ab. 21, Bitty B , Itfaal ca ol R.ttba W. aid Haiy A Mauoteetrr Natl to et tba futera' wth k< giroa to-morrow. I a ? Co Wrdnceday, Keb. M, Kirwito Li KB, t(t1 IT j ran ai d 4 mcriba ' Hi* Irkadi aid ir<i?teitueor? art raapactfelly leqooattd toallmd Ibe fcreeal, from kM Me maidooo* No. M Uala alieet, tbla ortaraora, at owe o'cloek Icnreor.?tHildenly. < a Wedseeday evealaa f ob 26. <>? ) I Jua."IO>. M#d IK II ma*tb* ?od M <1^. T? 'rlf? l( of itf f?mi y ara raapaaUVlly lartlad to alUtd Ita funeral, from ilia rtm doaoa of tola ao:kw, No I I ril irrrnr I Mi a/tarnioo, *1 oao o bi oak. PM'adalptia (awn pleawa onpy. |lr??ow ?Oa Tbarrday F?b 88. Aararra c Unmooa, ica tf 8 II. ind Mary A Huaadoa, agod 2 yoara aad 11 vcaiba Tta friaada of iba ramify or* lor Mad to aliaad iba fuaaial tbla mora*i( at tra o'ctooh. froai Ma <7 Parry alraat. Dauat ?la Brnoklya, aa Tbaraday lab. 2d, trniua Daiiar, ipt M yrara. Ita frirada of lb* lawffy ara rrapaetfaily la rltad to aliaad lb* fonarai, In morrow aftorvaoa. at twa a'Mi at, lr> m lb* rottdi ac? of bia aoo, la Kaprlyta alraad, aaaw lli ary airaat. i:#tia* ? Oa Thnraday, fab. 98. Caraaaora Raourr, ta lb* ?4'b yfar of Mr aga. fb* ralatlraa aad fnacda of lb* family ara raayadftly taritod to aUaad iba faaaral, to marrow aflaraaaa, at twa o'clock, from htr lain ratkifoaa. aarnar at Prlaa* ami WU:ruybby atraeta, Brooblra, without fomar larMaM*. I'itm ?la Brtiblya, I. r? oa Wtdarada*, Kab, 9B, af coatnmmtoa, Han Am wtf* of Jaaaa DMlay. agr d 38 yrara, 7 meaiha aad 18 daya. Tfea friaada ol tba family ara riqaaaaad a aUaad Iba ftoaartl, from Iba aaraar at Nartb Haooad aad Srraatb Iran* tbla aAaroooa. at aaaa*atoab. Kxwtara ?Oa Wtdaaaday, Fab. 98, at tba raaMaaaa at Mr Jcba Maradaa, Ola rr meal arawae, Braoblya. ct Mb rurmaHoaof ihamago, Knira Ctmtriia. la'aal daartirr of Aabar c. aad Raaema J. R Edward#, of I bia cRy, (id 1 maalb aad 18 daya Tba trtoada and raialiraa at lb* fbmMy ara rmyacMbOy rnak to Mint im iimni. un mwm. at itm 'Cock, fton Ua abo** iiiliaw, wktrtkl far war rttlkc Mk Itrrm ?la Rrooblya, m Tb n akar, f?b. M, af MarH <> , cctai n Ki.wiK) tafkot aaa of Baft* u< Blab Dky riMkil, H>< 4 BQMbt ud M dam. n? loiortl will uk* ptaM dtfk iAwmm, at two c'ork, fr?? th# r*a<J*??#of kia |ikklaiikii, Mra. Dky, No. 11 Carroll aire rt, Itrokklja. Jcww -Oo TtoraOay marrta*, fkt M. ol Ma motra of ib? io???, Bra. limiumk, wilkof irafc/ bold jobMtok, a IM Mib rear of Mr if<i 1b? trtrate it4 imatiTf* kf IM laaany w? raapaaCkUy tkTtud ! atiaM IM fUtnL Drwa Mr Ma rmiian.kartar of Hitaakthatrakl u4 ta* arcana, Oaaaa a l, ihla ailarMkk, al (kraa o'ktaak. Vnin ?tie WrtirUf, Fob. 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