Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 27, 1857, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 27, 1857 Page 6
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6 mmuurri isnfvo ivnt my. rctTiux* w a * iic i*-w a i . 4 V0CWO L4DT WIXRIIS A WTUATIOW TO WAIT A a* a lady or aj ( Aild ? diii* aoald be willing to remain raArUd) at bir ?r<ir>l <irtri\Fi nirlkrr Adlraa K T., 40 Mawor y aoa, souk Sti mreat, Wtlkamabar*. 4 MHrBlTTABIJt WBaTUIBL W ANTS A HITVATION A to am to Oali/orxLA to food of c'a.ldraa. and wnnld make awiaeM goorrmMi immTuI Ad'reaa or caU at Wo. t?? Broad war. naa Wa. 2 between It and 1 o'clock. A WIDOW LAD*. HlTIUfl QKWTEKL FCKWinTRB aufflrjaat to ftuviah a hoiiee otmplete. If required la aaitaeato let the iamt to a ptrenn dcairoui ol engaging bar aarvtoaa aa b*uMM(tr adarew C.J., Ckaikaa square real rare AKMMOTABLZ FBOIWCTaVT WOMAN WANTS A aBeaUon to go w Oaldom a with a tam'ly Will pay part ad peonage and * rvr then wh.le going, and aatta y (asm Bt oald k or addressing aas Smart, No. Si Lnqueer au, Aobbman laty. wkll acquainted wmi thb Br glob lanp' age wishes to obtain a situation aa led;'* IHW?, or is a - wt-ctao.c :? m y 10 un >neuueecni In fee honee and u-oa*i*l Id eewir.g Be.4 cur rtferno: cu be given iUmiU f F , Beral J office A SITUATION WaNTED-BT A YOUNG WOMAN, AS DMM ai,d pa? js rook In a bearding house or hotel. UnaaoopUonable reference* aIno a chambermaid Good cltjr reference Inquire at 77 Worth at, Aral floor up otalra 4 TOUNO LADY WISHES A SITUATION AS NUR'K A n firrrt rar or lad l a companion ehe tearnes French. Oermaa Kugluh erohroidery Ac ; u capable of aaeiatlng la haaaffil i ptrvg ta wiiHe* 10 g? a iboit dtotaooe la the eouatrr; S hMMto wanted mare thaa salary References glean If reSaired. Addrraa Mum e. R M. box 24 Herald office A SITUATION WaNTED?BT A YOUNO GIRL, AS aaree and aearratreaa Good reference glean. Apply al 44T ttbel . between Lat and 3d area Can be aeen until en?d*C A LADY WHO IS AJN ACCOMPLISHED TEACHER OP draw** ana parting in bulb water colore and oil, da- I ana angageaiieal* In ochoole or with prlrate Clxaaea Addrsaa a. 176., Berald office 4 REftPKC rABLE WOMAN WISBK9 A SITUATION AS A- aarteaad eeemetreaa in a ?ea rotable family. she per Ml anderatanda the care of children from their birth Max raftretooe Oali at Ne. 141 Keade atreet tip floor E YWTNG LADT WISHES TO OBTAIN DRKH9M AEINO A. la a faw more private faaailiea by the day or week. Baaquea and dramaa Pleaae call at No. 140 lot are. Baft ranneatf reqaked. 4 SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO WOMAN, AS A COOfc. whe thorough:y ur.demand* bar bualneea in all jjwuffin Good otty refeienrea Addreaa A. C , box 188 4 EBSrEOfaRLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES ABIT A aaffian In a private family aa chambermaid and wmltraae. Oka give good diy referaace for aavea yeare If inquired. Pleaae end at Be tmii a, froit room, an second floor, for iwe da>a Am ation w n i k n?r y a young woman, as aaMiu la a hoarding honor or a prtoate family; aha haa Meed la 'he aeaunry aa a waiter girl in a hotel, or would do general hamiirnrk Pleaae oall at 14 Wlllett at, In the rear, ffir twedayn A situation Wanted?by a Protestant girl, Odo timer al houmaor* for a email family Good ctty reference Iaquire at the eorarr of Xth at. and 7th av , over the hgaar aba-o 4 BTTWASIBN WANTED?BT A TOUNG GERMAN A. wonoaa a* chambermaid. Good city reference Inquire nliS Leonard oL aeeend floor. A?TU ATION W ANTED-BT A RESPECT ABL 4 WOman, aa ft vat rata cook for a hotel or aalooa; underatande nH htnda of aaokiag Uood otty refhronce. Inquire at 60 tferrng at bar two daya, U net engaged. A SITUATION W,NTKD-BT A RESPECT A Bl E gel. an chambermaid, or to do general houaework In a MJJhnilf Cay raiereoce given. Pleaae call at M Weot a flmtriuii ?ht a rnniin vnii a h a u A obnaebermald; bu do objeotioo to >uji in the waihlnf MllnlM tr to do i lets wwtDf flood city references. Inquire tin Kut 11that . between lat and M avenue*. AriBST Itn OOOK WHO UND1RSTANDS HTR bustnss* tn all ita n.fferent branchea and who Is a flrat rata baker wacta a attoa ton, to objection to assist In (be vmh ? a d Irs* ii>#. ke?t nt r'.iy referen e Can be sec j tor t we days at 396 hast lthh top floor, back room. A SI ft) a HON WaHTBD? BTA TOUNO WOMAIt, AS Chambermaid or soama'ress. rood city reference* In p dire at ,?3 I t at, sear M avenue firs', floor Iron roam. A SITUATION WASTRO-BP A TOUHO WOMAN. AS book, washer awl irouer and to do general housework, paod <*'? references laqul c at 29 froj at. a RBttPRCTaML.K Tt>UNO OISL WANTS A MTUA A t?sa an chambermaid aid aeamaurat; baa a Rood know af driatmaalDR eati coma ?nl i ecotnmeoded from her present slam In i'l avenue winch she Inlands to leave on Ute lat af March. Addr-as r U , aadiaoa square Post office, wbttowuavvr -- ? - ' AinUAlfON WANTin-BT A TOUHO WOMAN, as a tost rale cook and would aaaiv, with the waahW Ml trrmi. g ( nderuian s her business thorough y and food lifts 11 mis klvea ?tr - 4?> ?th at, between 1st and fid avaaacs t an bs ? ia 1 r two da>a A RMTKCThSLK OIML WaNTn A SITUATION AS XL c bant Mermaid u< lo aaalet la the waihimr Ii capable ?l Ukii| ifili Ian drawer filter ? Bote eldreaaed A u. MafOBB Mint r tvtl: m?et with prompt h'lenton OMb?kt|lil' r< ?d*d Iwher laet pitoe If lltRIX^ MtKBlkD WOMAJI, HATING I!f I amity cel? . e $ ewm pereoaa would Ilk# to fair* liMlwirti ?hera bat ?w?ieee aa hn'i*ek*eper to one ur two wemUraaie wea a pay the ail the y are Ama-tcana Ihe Coat of ?dl> r*f?rao#?w ean t>o tor reaper lAhtlly and ha Addraaa Mr*. C a D , Br oat way reet cflloe, tor oo? AarniAIK'H W a NT K 0? 1 T A RK?PCnt aBLR, ThIwimi Urmia g>r uodrrrtaDda Imclng, waling oa mat* aa/ ofc. nabc work rhoid like to ha la ha rid ait/ of |d hr Oaa ho at en fur two d are, at id-'3d si. In the rear. AH AMEBIC Jl ?idl .N WOO IS OOIEQ OUT AT aaaoihl) noralng wand Uke to make a home la rom? mU rahgloaa tmmUy b] worklaghr her board at tier leUnra Mate, aaa firepans rVaraaaa Cat. :ur two da 71 at 136 H W MNb ah. faa ?h bwr. 4 obambeamaid and w>rrn wnEirioRouaaXL ' uadw.laade Oar bnaloere. aad doaa lot oejre tit hi tto acnairr mar otxa'a a pood a titaU m by aapiytnf at ij* Baal l'* at, oo . armrd?y morning between 9 aad 10. 4 Bk#PV.?Ta Rl.S Tor-?U VoMaK WTi-IlKd A dlTU A aM?a a# good piala eoua unbar aad l/oaer. ran air# pood ' fOffiarn. inquire at ?43 l/?ani at tap floor ARhbrpr-ABLh ICChO 01; L WIeHK- A SITUS 'tee la do ab?mher*ork aad tafca car# of cV dren la a i arn'i' afihalr famtlt or wouid do the general home aid of a Mnatl fatuity Ca>? emir wall recwmmeided from bar laot place I At be *ra for two day i at 13 Water it., BmnAj> a niw Pulton er-y AtnilATTOIf WtMMi-AS Oil AM8K BM UB AND Ana wtahrr aad irecrr byayoii'C woman who U liilif nam uncut to All ibe lwi*a ritnail -a Ileal city rafarrnca gf *hr. Han .r - ?. at M ? ? ' i'dli t ABUrMTtBhl UIA1, WlrHBfl A SITUATION Iff A o*napri?aie fa?i? lo do grrertl housework; wonid a a ibaf delanre la the eo"?uy. Uood city rrfer*-nrr riMO cell ft* 131 W-ei 3iet et . betw. en 7th end Mb erasure A III'? AM BK-PkCl e'JLf ?roMkN Wt?HR3 AMITAHon rl-e iiMtenMnrdi sll ?lr1-ot roa<kl: e mitli hum bb* >tli?t ibe b-w of r<t? r *'.' ?*? can be prodieri rirtee cell at or eodreee M llouau.o et.. (or two try* a EktPpnrARk.* w'i?o* WvM\.v. wird a mrm A wltbre > ei'.ueimi m wet norer bb-i.w lew b'-r eee be'.y Cee be erre et #1 .tprlMA el 'r*n ?to 5. JlCK'KHt 1110/tT.OK WeffllCO-BT A* EXPR f rv red ruok . joorreianre her in I Me breechm tied cl'. :el?reof?. la<|i.!re et 7o Weet .'Mb et eeenad deer from 6'b n floor -?iifATToil w .s?sn AT A BB'PBCTASLB V/ frotee'eol meu. wbe Ihb-cucMy underetebde ber bueteeee Boaster-re leewltlte ih> rreehlo en 1'roulvj (>?C n ) rtfweoce rfrre Ceo be *eeti et 173 Wee' 2A1 ?L fl AmB Fill Be.?A lf?CNO LeDT ATIttl WORK %T end e?ed te tiUog ge-le'r br weehiD* rea mete rery eiwrweu or. eeeemeoir : e delnr the itmr 'bmnrbMi, # *> ( e- f etiog end blading by apply tag vo J. S. MrCerdy. Bwwiw|. STTWATl W/k?TtD-AS COOK AT A BTdPAT* bit yeueg "oifMr tteu with beet M referterra > be towrer er erd ebdry t >e he eree far lem dare et e. At lliew b w beeee objerUue to the roae'ry tM'itre for wjiirt QlTOelltrbA WnHIBA-AT A BorBeR bFUObl'Off ? ' ter A?p mfAwr ee *e~i ewb end the (<?|bler te ante Ami K ppei'rebi epedej et ?a>to eg required rood efty re fbwwi webAfMM tnbwrneiri. ere Pretoetvjle rebAfe it W Metd. aereer ef Mieeeker. Weree eat eo m.cb e dbgeet ee e |M Weee T|OT?IkVAA-? rnOtTKjy WARTBD I* HKW IJ Tar*. by A pwwe fr.* nftMalab* wbt bee for many 1Mb pyhimMf tl?- beet eetet.. Mho ante nel?reianlir g 1 Iier1'III 'leefi I I'l I"| 1 II ' I I Caa fa-aUA Merer*wy MAMWewleW AdAram A.. SAW Henry w , Brook qiWA TOOBB dWDte I.eDIM WHO HATI WORKBP 4 w W|? wtekMnri'i la Parte eed Oondoe wteh te Wdoto ?rwwHti( aad wr it eryi elm any fa try wwk; Im'A twe? Ae eadr to*# toaak feabAneblr meaner. Beery eelffewtoe win br (fee. Ve we mad arete Wteaee fw?bin atorel eee?I leer, near Breed way AfO. FBBBCB. PEBto.ll a ABBd.-A tADT, WHO tT* 1 III well ?ktocell blade Mediae drawee lathe bew aaear eod eer?e?t xyaa. wti m eat by the day or take W*rb bam* OaiatbllMu r " ...... BAA <*??4 at. b??? Bawwa ' "" WAirreei-A biiua-mob. bt a nnrit^TBLic wOo? mr. M baua*Ar-aar, or to -raTal ?rtth "a l*4f, ttaNwrfirMw B<-?t clly rWarei*a. Iniuiraat l? mrAjrrm-A BITI/atio* BT A RKAP it TARI K " >> ? *rnf? u ? < iro?; * taiUMMMwriia ' m.irf bw n?y r?r?r*a ?. T? gob* J WB? at-, la tAa baanaal JU Atrrru WmiATToW*, BT TWO BtaPB TTABt.R TT fftoi H( aa MM or U? <o Rnjaawork. tb? *b?r u purl ?fWI< Waal ?r ?t*7 "'"Wi- r'Mi Ap.ily at *.? 65ei >1 bill ! Bf ??1 Ailaatlmt. Rrfirtiyo ?Br A>TBO -A BltHATIOW At KT??R OR PflABHRR TT or Ml? plaia aawla#. hy rxafcwtao' rrl M n?*t fi|H a??'?r?l? ARp'y bl IS Mlaetu II, nme Bl.r< l?r Ar?< Baar, >,a<-k r?nm TB'AWT?-a blTVATiOB, BT A TOCRO LAOT. TO TT A??p <aiMara a, aa r?k? a ao-aa. iady a ?aM or co-apari w At Inaa M A J., MaralA o**> BA ??TU, bt A RKtPK ?*Bt.K WOMtT, A RJTC A , T? ii<h u wai' iftM mi# nador i*nAt ?*tMafaa,1 (Mine , If I Araa * it wi i,, it ,>-? ,? it* mi ?n c.n ??i frmiii?? a >.*?*?? far our ia; r.uf *m iMa.Btv ?IA a?t?u< w A "' I ? o t?>t Tor<rrj OTRI. a { T ' n? , ? in < a 4 ir\*.tr ? ik i- rMThf riani'l attA mi a > t? >, , ,,f i*!.,*,,,* ra? mo ?l\?n aa t? rt paiiliii I *? a t **?'.Ilk v ><?t*atti Wh IV Bb a ??" n? tga \\ **" ' ' f*f'T Tdl \(1 (, IRf, A T * ' > a ?* at !>!',M 4< f?n#r? t <' f n'y i?farrflf "-am ? ' *? , itw at . lull J I H nTATVOKH WAHTBHV.FBItAI,K?, ^ AN KD?A MTCAtlON. BY A hMaRt Y0UH3 w mas, to do general houacwork, la a tint rata waaher "id rant r Can be aeen at 218 7th avenue. where ahe haa |eeii empiojed lor a loog time WANTKO-BY A RK^1**"TAHKK WOW AW. A BABY to wet nurne, at her own reataenoe it* 40*h at., near Sd atmtie Tlb beat of reference given and required. Can fur two daja. WANTED?BY A YODNQ LADY, A SITUATION AS chambermaid or aaalataat to'a kitchen Can come well rocaimeoded. Inquire at 836Sd avenue, near 26that. Ylf ANT1TD?A STTT7aTTOH AR IIOITaitirMPIR RT A yy young wloow, would like to have entire diarae Cu Jre the brat of ilty reference. Address Mrs. T. U. M , Herald efBce. WANTED?A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE young girl, an chambermaid or to ? he oare of children. Call at 26l, Atlantic at, Brooklvn ,eoon tloor front room. WANT1D-BY A TOCNG WOMAN, A SITUATION TO do general housework In a email prt 'ate fami'y. Has good city references. Inquire at 242 Weet 26th St., corner 9tli avenue, for two dayaWANTkD?BT A NKSPKO. ABLE OIRL. A SITUATION In a private 'amlly. as cook washer and ironrr. Oood leferenee given. Please nail at 212 Madison at , rear building, third floor WAMTEr-A SITUATION, BT A RHHPKCTABLE young girl, to do general housework In a small private family is a good washer and lroner; or to do chamber work and take oare of children, or as walt-r ma private boarding bouse. Can be ?ell recommended fr-m lier last employer Call at 2b State at., third floor, troat room. Can be aeen for two day a. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, as chambermaid and waiter. In a small prl yate family Best of slty refere-ee from her last placs. Pleaae call at 111 West 26th at. for two days WANTED-A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE girl as cnok. is a first rate washer a'd lroner Tte best of city reference given anil a good recommend from her last place. Please call tor two days at 1.169 Broadway, between 'J9th sod Sdtk ?t*. WANTED?A SITUATION. RT A RESPECTABLE i tuing woman, aa nook and to asaiat tn the washing and irooicg. Is an evcel'ent baVer. The best of refeeace from her last place l'a'! at 244 9th at., botween 1st and 2d avenues, tor two days. WET KURbE.-W ANTED, A HITUATION AS WET mirte, by a young woman, with a f esh breast of milk. Apply at M Worth ?t. Commissioner* of Emigration WET NURSE ?W aNTRD. BT A K88PKCT ABLN MAR rtrd woman a baby to wet nu<se at her own residence, or would live ont in a rerpeciable family. Call at No. 0 Moore at. or No. * Water st. WANTED-A MTUATION Ad COOK AND TO WASH and iron, or to d the house work of a small pn , ate fMkw anmnalHIt nri. with rood cit reference Oaif alTl6 Wcit 17th" at , between 6tb and 7th uvea and Bu do abjections to go ft (hart distance In the country. WANTS A RITU 'TIGN. -APROrKsrANT GIRL. WITH uneiceplinnabie ref?r?ooe deatres a situation aa rltain bet ma id and wai'er in a reap*ctabie family apply at one o'clock P. M at 19 Maiden lane, third ?U>*y, back otitce. Wanied-by a bk "rotable am<rioan girl a aitoailon to io cbaaberwo k and plain lowing or chana barwetk and aaalat in the waahiug and irmltg. Call foe two daya at 76 heater at WaMBP-BY A RVePKCTaBI.R YOUNG WOMAN. A situation aa flrat rate eook wa>h-r and trnner; under land a baking and making paatrr neat olty reierenoe* given trom her laal employer, where ahr llreu for two yoara Pleaae call at her present place. 161 Hast 12th at, between let and 2d aventira. WANT1D?BY A YOUNG AMERICAN GIRI., A SITU A lion la a private (anilly, aa plain oook, wevhrr and lroner. City reference given. Pleaae call at 121 3i)th at., near :<d events. IVANTBTi?A 811 CATION BT A TOENG WOMAN TV lo do chamber work; la a good ahlrt maker and cm broidrrer, no objection to clilld'cn. Call at tint Ka?t 29th at. IV ANTED?BT A Hh.SPE0TAB.-E YOCNti GIRL, A VV aittiatfon aa aeams roaa. in ? reapectabie private famtlr; ehe car cut and tit boy ' and Can do all kind* of tan.<ly lew tug. The be?t of cl'y rrf?renc) can be <lven Pleaarsall at her pretest emp loyer's. 30 East 1Mb at, fbr two day a. IV amei>-a hi.I'sTion RT a respectable VT young woman aa rtambermald and l*undre?ai the beet of refcierce can be given. Call at 141 "th at., between lat and 'd are , frr two da*a 4V AMM>- A blTl vTItiN, >T A RESPECTABLE PRO VV tea'ant you* g woman a? chaxbermaId and ti aaslat In fine waablng and ironing or ehambermn'd and waiter; -~na who t nderatande her buelueaa perfeetlr; beat of city referen eevalven ( a- hea<enf>rtwo daya at All 7th avenue, be ween 23d and 24'h sta . third floor bach room. WAN1KT-BY A AK-PKCr.AB'.k OIRL, A SITUAtloa * e* ok. la a drat rate waeber and lroner. Beat of ree< mmendaiioea can be giver from her last pla^e. Can be ??n from 10 U> G o'clock af 91 Fulton av., between Bridge and rentetin.. Brcokljn. w* t ion aa cook la a food, respectable TarnlTy. VlSaead drcaa V it B? rait office ANTAI??A BITCATIO*. BT A RK-1PKCTABLH young woman aa laondreaa fche underatnuda her buetnea* Ana msalina ard fluting. Can give the beat of rele rence Pltaae call at ltd 7th avenue, between Alb and 21st atrcetr. WaNTFD?A HTTCATION, BT A RF.SPK7TABL1 glr aa cha r barmaid and te take eare of chll Iron Can be aeea lor two dnja at 342 6tb ar., between lAth and l'.th ate. llaa clly referetee. li ANTYD-A SITUATION AH OOOK IN A H*ALL M prvkte faaUy. no objection to aaaial In wathlag and iron tig; good city reterence. Inquire at 92>4 Atlantic at, in be tboe store THI THAPK8. AN AMBBOTTPKR aBD FHCT'MSRAPIIBR IS OPBN to an eDgegemeai. eaa proiuce picture# In any style, awl o >7 pee loci odea, will accept aorta! em_> oyment to prepare spec ?ners of large aire If, desired. Address .awl o type, uraad et. C B Ball office. BrRnisnsaR WANTBD-TWCNTT BURNISHER? wan ed Immediately Oelr thoee accustomed to work open ellver plated ware aa*d appl, BBaT, KAAAATOQ ACQ.. 91 W 111am i'. El.BUTRo Pi.aIKB WaHTKD-THOROI OHLY AO a nted with piatlag ea iroa and steel and wbo can foreign 'be beet tiwUmaetale a* to capacHy. Induv-ry, aad trust* iw'hlnrm tu >ueb a permanent place and fatr earn MW-nat'na w li be g'vee, oooe ofVra nerd app e. UROVKA A BAA KB, Sewteg Machine Co , 496 Broadway. L'ARMER AMI A ITCH AS" O AADRNKB-WANTKB r by a young married Scovehniao without family, a situs ilea aa above, unlrretaoda bor-ea. ca'Ua. Ae Address Wis. Thompson. rare of J M Tkorbura A Co , IS Jottn it . N T GAADENFR-WaNTS A SI1CATION. AN KXPBrlei.crd . a ncr and horticulinrtet He M a single man si d hsa 'he beet traiinor tela for enbnety integrity and tndna try lived t? u jeare with hie late employer. 1'icMe add ram W D , Uei aid office. rt ARDV NKR WANTBT?-A H1NOLR MAN WHO THO V roughly i.nd-rstanifa 1 la buelnrea mav baar of a perm v nent ei ua'loe by add'esshig W (ierdner. Herald office, ae fetetcM atd cam* of Last employer requl^ac. TOOAK FiTTRRB TIN ABDdHRET IRON WORKCRA ? A orn-f etent won man in the share branches. wis lea a >'uj tloo constant emp-orti.ett lastly or count-v, reference glren if rtqnl-ad Addrsia for three dais, Use EloraldoMce. rPAPKR BUI.RR9-WaNTRO. A GOOD RCt.l'R Of .to" ana wt oieaale work, apply at lbJ Bissau si TO JOB PRlNTRRff.- A FIRiT CI, ABB JOB rilWTKR. wbo?a<> rItc ?nrxl mcrcf-# a< lo bin tiarartor udoi pariti h.q ? hn ? nun b- willing lo go to a In?n in Ike mr b rrt pw> I ol anartchuTOttc may brnr of ? prrtaanoat ffiuuina ?>d nogra. It addrfa tag W. p. Burlaw. North Altai turn. Wr aNTKO? g r*W finODTin/IIH. ALNO. A LOT p1v* rnrnd In oprrnung on tha now tig nwhin>. to go a onr rl rb* traluje.t pineot la ibn po-jU> Api lflt Iblit ?'?i Btorr'a go ? rtn Row botweoa tho bourn of 4S >i<f., In ili? afioinoon. il.'AMtP-TWO Ut.V r HAVPKD Nt.KD'JEirKN. KIN M who und?r?tiiid hair bnoinatn In (mro m tbo oflkco of b> Tin wont ikop. fi> rntoot P. I. a? ANTF.D--1 WO riRi^T CLAW JOURRKTKRR t t tai.nrn, lo go Cnhiwbu*. Qrorgia. work and ttai pricon Appl) to .'amen A. Cintk, No. 2 Clinton HnB, ait<o pwro. W' ANT F.I>? FIFTT WIRK TEAMR If AKKRA, FORTY ?<r-d n.t'lpirgp nod thirty mantilla tnnknrr (toad tun and rfanu? rmpinynioni glTnn Apply lo Riot Wcmplr, 1AT Aonmnnt brook I) n (17 ANTt D ?A riRNT R a rl WORKMAN Iff THK r Joei and wntcb r#pan lag r<u< now Any parnon wtah lag a Winn Ion la ibo above bnWnona way cal' at Cwrk'i holol, 2t Jay ntrort. tbW da> front t 'o 11 or lock A. M. VT ANTRD-A OnRDKNIK WITH A WIFK AND NO tt child,ro to toko rare of a brnrne and Togotablo gar <oa Tbo wtro lotabo rbnrga of a dairy of ln?r nowa aoA Ac a part of ibo wacbivc for a family. Apply at Uramcrcy Park Honrr, room 1#? ] WTM.IJOCNC1 OTWCMT f.TXMRiiNntr NSBTANTR?OOORR, i.ArffORRsgim J anrnoc. eUmtrrnalH ard wal'omnro ? cat ad ihic day, for fieri en' flHiatdirc rind? In gca'iomox'l famiffco at MAN Mill, p .. in Ti.U~ u ?i. pa,)?-a raa *? fiaf a anpa-ior aalaattu# of aiparlaoeak aarrarta < f 4 flaraat uiIm irfawiw pmm? dlract frMB r?BW *M9k>J?r? C ood amntaimi. of trimr duchirrion. ron U fit) ar>4 renatrv aaa ba o*iaiaa4 bt MoRblH JfifJVIltr A <'<> ' MS Hro*d?*? aati-aara is Fraaalln HAL \ an wa'tara. raackn as labnrara, Ac., at UUa or tba olr offioa. 1A Oraaa?kb itrrat /-?ARn*ii*A?, r?t?n sriTisrs, ooArrtifKir, la y bnrara. t>')? Ac . saa ba ObtaiarA at iba ampin-man <"? ?7 ( >4?r a'reat ?aar Amadaaj Alan, fama a aarraaU foi fTft j biaiif h at bnharnnrk in nit? or omiotrj. ' Am. BclilLl.ljr, Afffat. \i tta oiMtn t?kw im.*am rk i* iwrorwtiri J'I >hira < ?t>n* I'tuatkn* thai aba baa a larga auirb*r on har.<i a)a ? a vanta f ranch ftraaa ea.orad wakrataaa rr?ka e rouk ar<l traab, kratratant awaea at>4 lor gaarra wcra U rAt TtrnaAaaT. II' aVFaiT ..'AAl.tftilj*. I H'KIK R nrRRH 1 ?? la' I T1 ?r ' rt'i f .at? a "raa, 2 fv.ndi?cu>'? ? rWB? for ah jj t,g at,<1 ttckat rllraa f raafarataao. A 'iramaa. I ' r%St (I 1 4 W*';U?r? . Kiklaa ^aaa O .. ?* 1 n ,B. f?.r, 1U f txTjt fur irUn s'nd Moras. Ap* FM '?xKl? 11. TWTi Itrnsdira. mi niui.MKK. At * HtnTino 'if Tnr FETEifD? or aYtricoca* son i !?.?< hlrf ftntfn?wr of 'hr firs Deptrtarnt. Irdst fait ka AWeoihl* lcv.m?, na ortmhtff frhmsr >F? tolloHi-r nurnM r. - , WBrr ,, tio-rt?d .? A Fiusrrp < tr. ?li. 'it i?n I. * i .,t; > tptln-n 'nir irc> H T M-I.? ?h Hi - nVit* , r (> , irnwf <>' I)f? 1'ltR SB'*?h? tr-'inmnie! to Mr -J ,*is Utrrr * ?>'!' ' i Mb Fr*l|i I' i* r It , ? i tii!-?/.j CHrefMir. ?aKV 11 flKlUPN, Cbtlrasa. Fmt Jrii.lT PrctMsry MIM RN<JT?Hf ~*l TlfK MrVf I,FR J Of I I I'oBirl *??.r-t??i n srkn mt?nd ruin. 11 the rv r.ion'o I III t'o. AO thr 1?t l.f ?!m h lire r? , .? 1 t,i >? i<1 the til r?ni!rf mrotlrp Fr'**! PTenll'lf ?7th hi*'. M 7X rloek satl* ealto Mil then be d'ktrttntod Mr order of PB&RLBft Mild.**. t'bslraiia. Lous t FecreMrr- i TCW TOKC HKKALIT. FRI ABFSPICT .-BCR MabRIKD HAN fi?? ft 8ITVAtinc aa porter la aelare, orlodrlre fthorae andeart; he a ell arqnai. tod with ohlvplft*. and wouM make hlmeelf gtatvili the Nwt ot cilr reference glraa. tiMf* t W. M? IJeraldcdlc* A HI CATION WANTNB-9T A TOCNO MAW. AS ooncbnutn. farmer and gardener; o?n take toe three brerche* Qo?<1 nt> and country referenced; underetantla miking. Inquire el 46 Broadway. A tocno MftM. an aMBBICaW, aok It, WldflKd to obtain a attuaU?n wltft an apothecary to learn the bu?trior* or at y M*hi altuation. epeafta and write* the Preach Jtugnajie fluently, and U willing te make hlmeelf ?earr*lly UfCIUl Ml>l>i:<ur imnwn i">* upi xmom/m to WlUlam J. Omnium, Wo. 61 rrt pAtort corner Oold street A MAN AND WIPE WANT SITUATIONS TOGETHER ah ? alter erd cook In a private Skuatly or res,reelatde boardii k house they fully underWaud theLr business; no ob jrctlon 11 the country, boat otty >tftwatu >;all or address visiter, 4b Wert Ltih it, bet wee i Mi aod 0th in., roim No. 8. rear bull dire A SITUATION WANTED?A8 COACHMAN, BT AN BiiRtiahmaa. who pfrtectly uodervfead* kl* bualoeaa aa cvachman or groncn (an alvn the beat of eHy recommend* tlons. Can be rceu at Mr. Walker's; aadiMar, 798 Broadway, una door axjve 8th it. SITUATION WANTED ?BT A ^MABT ACTIVE KAN, of atoaily bablta to a wholesale or retail w> >t and ahoe store. Good reference given, if ^eqnlred. Addreaa Q. Q , 13 Piilaaore place, Williamsburg. L I. TO PROPERTY OWBBR8 -THE ADVERTISER, HAT Ire had several yearaekpe>looce to tbe letting, recetvtnr, rrpairli.R and gerrrnl rrarasemf nt of tens t houses. and buildings with ofllc?a to let. wiahe? to devote a portion ofhla time In Ve above rapacity Any party desirous of such aoar rsngement will hod it to tbetr lotoreal to oouaaaontcate with the undersigned. Beat ot city roforenoo gt rou. Addreaa A., bo v 672 Peat office. TRAVELLER TO CANADA.?THE ABVKRTI8CR 18 desirous ot making an engagement with, aotwe marcaatlln or nt aaaUeturlug houae aa traveller in the above district of country , la peraoi. Ally known to moat of the merchants and c?t Hell a considerable amount of good* : hardware or fancy goods preferred. Addreaa Canada, Herald office. T1H OR?A YOUNG GENTLEMAN WANTd A 8IT0 Ation In a private lamilv to Instruct one or tomboys outer twelve year* of age No objection to go Bouta. Addreaa t B , Herald ofliee, for one week. WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE YOU WO MAN, A situation as porter In a lea store having lived In that caper!'j the last few months; could assist at the counter and would b.ake himself generally useful Respectable reference a <cn Can bo te n anv Ume at 21 Greenwich avenue, oorirrof Atoms*.; or any con>u.ui isation addressed to W. P. will be Immediately attended to. w irnn. (an kngiiabman ) in a wlin'osa'e store. or nnyother place nt buaiDe'l where h? could make t. cue If ua-CuL write* a quirk band. For reforei.ce apply to Wm Kemble, 9 Wen street ?A? ANTED?BY A RF.9PEOTABLB PROTESTANT MAN, 11 a rItuaunt) aa pot ter, or lo take ohargaof a small farm; aw:llirgto n.akr buntelf Rascal)* urefol Can write arell tad piurure rtfeienee Please nddroan B. O. la, Onion iqtiuc Poet office fortwodnya tt'ANTFD-BT A RRdPaNRIRI.K TODNO MAN, A m >1 lulioo as ale uuer'e clerk or aa'.eaman in some larga ee'cb'iahrr.eni, liae baa eipertence In ootb capacities: under. ?tai r'a bnoktceomg tborougbl> ; wo-.Id not objrc to going touih. "est city refertmcea Addneaa for week J. C. R., parcel flcrnld office. OP ANT BD?BY A YOUNG MAN. A SITUATION TV a here a tko'ouglj knowledge of tha uae of file and lathe would be neccrinrv; has been accustomed to line lUht wo'k tvRt? h caae waking and its hranobta Included Permanent fltn.ition deeUrd. Uo*d reference No objection to lea re the <itj. address A. B. C., Lerald t Mce. tkT ANTED?A HTCATlON AS ASSISTANT BOOK ? r I neper, rr as ma?istai.t la a country store Address a. It., BNUHflM for one veet fl- ANT BP?WORKING MAN. HAVING! $150 TO LOAN ?? Lis employer on beat security end receive high wage* to work instable drive carriage do.; also superior lumber vsrd to It tat dig ir.g rcul ftv, 5 year a lease. Apply at I 3 t han bers sU ret room No. A UMNTEP-BT A MaNOF STEADY HABITS. A SITU atlnn as porter, or lo any capacity here beeontd make bdraoir mu fti!, la not afraid of work. Address J. D., box 111 t teali: ollice llKliP W AAThU?AlALitS. a FARMER WANTED-TO TAKE CHARGE OF A Jl farm abotit s'lty miles from this cur ; a Scoiohman pre lerred. Apply lo W. B. Scott, AO. II Wall at NUMtKR OF GENTLEMEN AND LADIES WANTA td for a light groteel business. ia. log from $12 to f20 i tr week. $A required tor learning Apply at 293 Broad*ar, o- m 31. to Waiaaa A Co. A LAD WANTC.D-TO WORK IN A RAKEHOUiE. one wbe baa some knowledge of 'he business preferrel Apply to John Ttj lor A Co., 365 Broadway, between 9 and 10 in the morning. Agents wantrd-to bell a patent in the iwvifes* 7}? r ew York atd New Bates depot. Franklin street A CLERK W ANTED?IN A FIRST CL AES RESTAUrant. one who can loan $UJ0 on good aocurlty will get n ? ary of $N0and board M.B.?a kneeleoge of the bualr. ra not absolutely necessary. Apply to VFHkd.LHB A CO., 3M Bioadway. room 14. A FEW PERSONS WANTED-TO LEARN A NEW light In doer business soluble for ladles or gentlemen. Cna bo done In your room. Oily $5 required for tools. In str urUno, Ac. Call at 412 Broadway, room No. 5, tip stairs Bui vtinriu?AUTitH, muiiariima; um whu ilraa with hi* parrot*. Moat hare beat of rerommt-adatlooa. Addreaa, with reference*. toi 2.J0U Poet ofllce. CHANCB TO MAKB MONBY.?AOKNTB WANTKO oat or the ettf of Mew fork, for a very lucrative biul oar* Thia boainrea may be don* la large and email town* with aucoeaa, b? aay active aad laieUlgvnl man Tor parti:a lara addrea* C. Millar 2M Ftrat arraua. /"t ABPBT HALENM AN ?A. JOCRNB * , JR , A CO WANT a l.rat elaaa carpet aaleamaa, ooa thueoughly acquala ed w th the wholesale baatarm. Apply by latter, with full rafe rtlFO C7.KBK WANTID?OF OOOD OilABACTER, LJ aad baring a parfect know led fa af iha b< atoen, will re c- .ve a good aa art aad parmaaaat aktiaaa. Apply to C.mpbelT. ooroar or 3th avenue aad >Hh at. FARMBB Wa NTBD-H tTlNGI A WIM WITHOUT | ablJdree, ateieaiiard to la* eairy and chicken#. a poo a rmall raaatry aaat <m Maten Ial?ad. good rarwamaoda'teaa n aired. Inquire at ofllce No. 19, third leor, 17 VUIam at OA.M . TSTF.RMAN -WABTBO, A M AN TO OPEW OTHER ' ' Id a reataur>Dt fir must perfectly nodaratiad hu boa a loan tie aldl>9 Hrradway, baaemmt. Rf.TAlL CRT GOODS BAI.BhM All WANTED?A FI'LT to Journey A Burnham, 141 atlaatla at, BraoAlys. SALlhMtN WANTBD-TO 00 TO LAPATETTB I* dtaaa, la a dry good# hnuae. aoa wall acquainted with the borU-eea. Apply personally at 91 Liberty at, at 9 A. M. or r A LCI ION I ERR ?WAKTBD, A BIN ILK MAM, AC comomed to aeilbng fancy g-oda foot but thoee wba car bring ur eicaptionable refers eea need apply. To euob a rreeon a jood aaiary will be glrea. Addreaa Auctioaeer, 11 era. d office. rO RfPOkTEBN ?WANTED IMMEDIATELY TWO flrai rale abort hand writer* te r?pen In the Canadian ifouta of am whly during the ay preaching aaarton ad dreaa IJ M., u>? Xk) foal omia ItO I?RT GOODS CLBRKP -WANTED TWO OB THEIR 1 eiprrtet eed aaleetaea ta tbadreee aro^a depa imanl. anpl> fa Uir mtrnlag, between 9 ar.d 11 o i k> 'k. JoNaei A Cu., Nc. W.9 Eighth area ta. Travelling and local aoin r wanted-in a 1 ptru of the L'alted eiatee good lo fncm 11? ? are l h<?e wbo bare re aarara a d ao fiTeada nr.,I no apply u . leaa Iha* raa leare collateral recant* of frra IN) >>,pit a p pli or addreaa Broadway (iatd Pea Maun'acturtn (Cotupaar .ti Brnadway. rcom a. rATBLI.'RS WdNTBD?ONE TO WORK THE Wr=T era aad boathrra btatee of the Trioo aid 'brother fur f rw t ork and tiar.ada brafaraaer will be rlrea to H.oee at rtiafoord to the hardware trade. After*** W. II M., Ilaaaid flica. WANTED?A GENTLEMAN I7ATINQ AN EtTKV-I* 1 aad mfl roUdl rqaner'ioa aisoegM the rroteataat ram leualty 'o a t aa agent for a wark now ta aonrae of nahtica 'lea. Apply to Hauler A Co., No. (t Neaaati Great. rfARTBP-A TOURO *?? fll.1 Argr*I>TTP? *T ? nk tba ratal! grocer j and toa trad# oar Who ran exit* ?? : rrwmmrLdrd lo^nirt ai dawerj coraar al llaaa on ft. _________ _ awntD-if a fibbt clam boon, fiakoforti FT and niiule (dorr la una of ibr m?at plr* dH In Or f tola. A >of r | mi o* good ?M ear. fni'y dntcpottit wi Kka chary* of tbr J larofa If and mnde department, fad othff wtad III hlwralf grnrrally aaofal Hf n i? li? > UofMfl al tfef pteso, M> ?a to raablr blm to rbnw lb# tnab-n maat : ad r?atair poaoiff plMMtff M' nrrt at d ahorr al) ha prim rd ta inroiab iba ban toad?w Kir aa to la farm af ebarartiw te. hour a"d appll but tkota who *0 i tallr rmrtr aa la Writ M<imi*a FRfA. AdlTam MH tba BKh taat Boauallar, V Ma7mi i;bOAU, Hlmmo. a A oa. OJ ?WTBB?A TOURO KCOTrHMa R, TO WORK OR A " fkran < no wllliac to work for Mr ?ipn with a rwatortablr bow mar ap?l/ to Maart* > " ?. 31 Ua 13ta a', (law Bawl; arr*rad prrtr. rad. WiMID-A MaR THOROt'OHl.T AC^CAIFTBP ?nh tor manufartare of aarn March Addraaa 1 aa A rnthrr Port Fliaabalh,t nmbrr'aad roauly. R. .1. WAOTRD?A ROOKKRKP1B FOB A ROfF.L. All dra H. L , Harald niw Warihi?if a u? orrn i. a rot aboi t u yrani ol agr. hi Inr with hit parrnla whi rta wrlta W. II and baa anod raecmmendatloea Addrria W rn' war Timid (fl rr Waftbp two ob TT1BFR to 'ro urn TO no ? light outdoor b'iaiaaai. paraarmog mm rta m?ka fr m I 'hrar to Br# do'lara par day. Apply to J W n- man. Ill Rack man at., op ftalra. from K If If A. M a?d ? to ? P M ii'aftfo-A (iOOp PRCO ( ijibk, TOF * y ' p TT towpaiaia Bona bat tboar fad/ r.imprtrn'. arrd aa. ply Addrrat f>. b.. Bnald aBkr. ?'ABT*I? A TOURO BAB 18 OR 2B T ? ARB OF AQR, FT to art ai porter laafnratar* addtaa fialli| reter rncra and rotary ia?|tntad; Fura, Harald ofllra 11/ AMKD-A FW ART lBDr*TBTOrB AFD TRTtLT.f. FT arm lad of li to a ? *?? ?J _ _ ?. ? ?"" Kwnnvl "*B'J OHD ?0 Ui(k? Mman'l pnnnrallj tiaafnl nhnnt a aw* mi'l br *?i: rccmnmaridtxl Apply In thr aa.->ratag at ta r??rl ?l 1VABTM-A HOT. AflOt'T It YFA?P O? AOE TO Tl learn *i*n painting Apply at Aibiirtna , lr.3 Bro* WBJ. j WAHTin-Tfn r?RT ooors * *-> f ' ?T bw. ftf armtir* l ***?on? n**d apply at l? IhnmnaA Co a 14. Fpilrf at ,rorai- tit Wonatar ^ U'APIMI A *>?tABT TOT'lM MA*. W&OIM*B"?n kl (I < l*t?A? (if bllllia'tpad I''ta too<ta, in *?*M |n reP'ng, j i.ralt g. ? d h m*'. e I tma If prramlly aactul. ap P'.y for ' a i. (l.ia t Oaj iv 'f.A iiraatalch ?i j : PX' R*7FK'?D TOt/PO ?*K, OO* ?* pnteitto p.|i r trt<*rtail |roria'rn ' J *a ' f,y?h -?I . -A-ratv, , i Mi' P<>n " To -I. a f,a' :.r? anA r IT 'ortnbl* a t' nti' 1 fi jrll N ftv.? A -f?a ?i*'-g rr'prftvf Ac , Urvcrr. t.A a Ua> BtraM ottica. bWMf li>A- *. , ft/LY. rKBRTTkRY 27. 18JT Adaibtmaid. COOK, awd warrn girl ark equiro* mimi-d lately la k *entlemar.'i fondly; all must bo uglily ho rwelaad 'ha duti? the) udder take a?i y ( m otolo'chklt, at hiuranlelreet, whore employ era

cab beaeen. Cook wantkb-to oo a short dfstanob in the country; rauat be a food plain eook, wiaber anil ironrr k jd roue w?h reeomi ended. much a one will and a good auuatlon by oalsn^at 13T henry el, between ib and 13 o'dcck to lay C1hamrrrmaid am) 8 amstrkbs waiftso.?a / ooa>i>ethit and well recommended pereou can find eea cggggg ;? CHAMBERMAID WANTS I>?WITH GOOD MOM mendatloi a, at 41 West lTth at American or English pi starred. OH AM BARMAID WANTED?ORB COMPETENT TO nt*i Id taking charge- of children, in a a mall family. Apply ?t ?> Walter 1 . wBuhwim irom hit plaoe Girl waNthd-onm aoouhtomrdto labeluuw need lea To a good hand liberal wages will be (irea apply at 32 Dry at. up ataira, at to o'clooE Friday morning IN A PPIVAll FAMILY?A GOOD PLAIN OOAK ANl> I to sexist in the waatatag and' iron so* tfee must be a good wisher. and con e well reooameodsd from her laat pine* Call at 142 6th avenue to day, between 9% and loH o'clock Milliners wanted.-good milliners, and one who andereta"ds trimming and eaa make herself useful in (he (how room, at 646 higha avenue. Milliners?wanted, two bxpbriended mil liners; alio, a competent trimmer for laflea' and children's bonnets. Apply at 370 Broadway. MILLINKR-A FIRST CLASS MILLINER WANTED. Apply to T. D. t rano, HtJ Chambers at, trom 9 ta 12A. M. MILLINERS WANTED?AT MRS. MATERS. No 313>i ( rar.dtt None but the busted hands need apply, to Hch the heet if wages wi 1 be given. MAM IIJ,A MAKERS WANTED. OOOD HANDS a ill (hid steady employment at the beat wagea Apo'y uumeclately toUeorge Brodie. 61 Canal and 63 Llspenari st tf AN! ILL A MAMRRS WANTED-TO THOSE WHO lVI well riLdersiai.d their buaiuaae parmaneat employment - ill be given by Arnold, t.onriaile A Oo. corner of .ana' and Mercer sts. Apply on the liilh stcry. Entrance by the Host ai-d street doer. SALESWOMAN WANTED-A CAPABLE. EX PERIO eneed saleswoman la war tad la a aaulsaa'e mtUiaery * iretouse. a llbeial salary will be given. Address box 2,936 Post oflloe. TWO GIRLS WANTED -AT S?f WEST 43D ST.. ONE TO do general housework and cooking aid the other tor the chamber* erk. rlOl NO OR MIDDLE AGED LaDlKs, WHD WOOLD Ike to mend the summer in the country, oo noeteot to i-sea three giila. >ged 9 Hand 16 years. where wages would no< be ao much an object as a home, oan address s. W Tan Held. HUuvettvUle, Auckland county, N. I., or box iPi Hera'd cdice JU ANTED?A WOMAN TO DO OENRRAL BOUSE Tv work; must b? a good cook, waahe and ironer. aid come well raoow mended WO be required to go I a to the country Appl- at Gramescy Park House, room 176, be tareen (he hoars of ? A. M and 1 P. M. JjJ ANTED?A PROTIWTANT W MAK. as NORSK au ffurstress Good referenoes required. Ca.ll at 64 Hate at , Brtekl) n. or 2b nroadwaj N. k. il, ANTED.?A SCOTCH FARMER AND BIS WIPE * v wbo aic thoroughly acquainted with their bi.alaoes ?Mh a tualtou liter hare Uie beat testimonials aa re garde character and capability, app ?, by note or otherwise, 'o hat id Moniaoo, Whyte's thoe alore, No. 15 3d sr. \1/aN'KD-A COOK, WHO UNDERSTANDS HER V? buelr.eHK lerfectly and a HI aaalet lathe washing aad rocicft and who can g've the terr beet of reference: none >thMI need apply. Apply at SO Wee' Hhh at. for two daya Jk/aNTID? AN AMERICAN, a? BDHH ENGLISH OB "* German woman, aa wet nurse to lake charge of an la 'snt ibrt e month* old hone but inch aa ca urnlaa good ?ti? Mttlrf?etcr) re"eromen''atlout fjre impel* nny and charac er need app'y. Alto a competent c<.ok la name family a|> ply a' 2d hart bon at, Brooklyn. |i' ANTED?r.t 47 MalDEN l4NE, EIGHT OK TEN *? girls who urdervt?n4 making plain and fancy paper wses, working w ith prate or glue. Hernia need not apply aa learreta. BlL ad Ji>h AS. Ai IMIII?A F1W GOOD PARASOL 6KWKK4 TO these w bo tho oughlv understand the business pe-rna uent employment at tn< lr own bouaer wilt be glren Aidreas, with ' eferecce, but 3 387 Port office. tT7AN1KD?A GOOD COOK. THaT UNDERSTANDS V? making puddings and biscuit. lirat rate w?sh r aid rtwitr. one wll'ing to mak-t herra.f generally n?efui and H t? b en in a large family. Good city reference required. Apply at 24 Reel lath at . beta eta 10 and 12 a. *. ?!' A MED? A GIRL AS CHAMBERMAID AND I, KlfS n Orraa One who can bilrg good city relereoce, can ap ply at 133 West 14th at tv J.T cooking waahlcg and ironing o' a am<M fatally, apply at 49 % aacam at, one door west of Tartck at. A7 ANTED-A PROTESTANT GIRL OB WOMAN. TO do general bousew irk; must be a gcod washer, irooe mlp'alu rook, and must bare lived at least on* tear with i er lait employ tr. Apply at 171 West 13th at . bet we a z and ap M. WANTED-TWO GOOD PROTESTANT GIRLS; ONB to do general housework; the other to do the work for a lady wan la boarding dleten preferred. Good reference re quirt A. apply at 152 Aflame at., Brooklyn. rr-ANTBD-TWO GOOD SERVANTS IN A PRIVATE ?? family;one to oook, bake bread, wash aad Inn; the outer lode ohaaaberwork aad take (tare of rhillrea. must hare good city raferoocea Call from 12 to 4 at 19 Ladiow place, oorter of lioueton aad Macooegal Ma. (17 ANTED IMMEDIATBLT?THRBB OR POCR FIRST WW ra>0 mllhaere, u> go to Bridgeport, Conneeticut None but he very beet ere wrated, aad to each the bigheet prise will be paid Apply to Mri a Cooper. 3S2 Bowery. 11' ANTED?A PROTESTANT GIRL. AS NURSE AND II enamatreae One thoroughly uaderetaadlog her boat nan may apply, before 12 o'clock to day, at 51 We?t 36'b at. (ETantrd-a competent cook and thorough WW washer aad trooer la a prtrate family, aad willing to go in the country for the summer. Bone otaer need apply at aRMadtaoa street. fi|7 ANTED?A TOCNO WOMAN AS NCRSK FOR A M child see year old. must we tidy and capable In i vory respect. a Protestant preferred. Apply at 1 IS Wee J9ih ?!., between mead 11 A. ?. 117 AMTKtl?A Lllll IV UUI IRHTKUUriUN Oil T1IS ?? pianoforte to ft Mill* ftrl. twelra yaara ?U1 for wh eh boaid won 4 ho eootodered equivalent. Addreaa oualttiu, MiaJ>to? n. Mew Jemy 117 an TAD?A cook, who THOROUOLT undk* TT atenda her buatneea and la willing to aaatat ia wneninf and Ironing apply at Ut haat .lilt at. betwren 9 and 11 4. M . thllday, ih Inet. WAMTKP-TWO OIRLI TO WAIT OK TA RLE} A1 ISO Water at Mono bat there eiperlroced la reitau raata aeed apply. ia.'amiki -a mtewardkm rom a frf.nch nr. am i er alao a elrrk 1< r a Heamer, two girl* to travel tj a clei k hit a n t of lire, too purler* furato.-e* it a en l?r atenn-ara. tou.-rbaar ermalda iwo mm u rtrnr en r?i> wagoba, ar.a four lahcare la a Ciatlllery. Apply to 111 Lh ? A CO., I ?. < t aat ? road way. 11 AHtD-A OIRL TO OOOK, WAIH AMP IROK 'V Ac to- a email family; Omaaa prof erred aad oi<im nare tood reterrace or they oetd oot aep'y at Mo. a; r.aat .Mh at. (i1ak1kd-a oirl. to IXi housework hint V* n uat be a rood cook e\r-llrnt waaber and iro irr and ladtrttand bating; retereree reauliwd from her 'aet emptor ere Call at A7 now aumtwr. to old, 12th at, Met vcea Mb and j th are II AKTkD-A *ri'l AMD MCAMSTRMfl. A TOCKO f v Pro'/ -tail', wnmac with pood refe>earra. m*y Sad a aitaatioa by api 7) lop at 126 ML av . from 9 to II A M Ito ahtkd-im am OLD RmtaBLI?HKA> ?OaRDl 40 " achool i *o liule gl'la to ho trough up ae taachen; ilap will ha carefully taalrueted la dagiJah, P eaoh aad ma etc auh plain and fancy work, the ptrrota to pay a am*:I ealary the lira! year, alao two yonag ladiae to aatah the.r -dor.tie* Apply perwmal y to Mra. smith Mt West Uth at, corner 9th av. ? IT HCHMt-WAJfTED. AM AOTITR CHRRRPtTL vv food temparvd aad perfeetlv healthy ~nmae whme hah? I* not Htore (has eti weak, a d Mae* need apply with out good reeraemewdauo a a* to character aad dieeoal'lea. aa there a 111 be etrrely taqntred Into Apply at Ih* dray atore of Kwaa Mclntlra. comer o> 11 road w .y aad 16th aL Wanhd-a wjrmar oiri,, UMiwricn to do tftraa Baktaf lid plain Mwlnf la o priml* ramify if i d rtfb>rt.cra nquirrd ?l?o a(rlio do akoktnr woahinf ai d lirnlag Apply W JJ Wrat 1Mb at. APTrn-a UMf<? MK to no ok*. *? rral Sauaawork. Oaad rafarpora r qtilrad fan at 154 WAMT1U-A Roof R?T NT WuKiV, Tu D) TVK tata*ml baapovork af aamall MaUly mm make baraatf (y?t rally a?Ofoi. Apply at It lompkina flora Pa nib 6root If WARVKP-A TOt'ri oikl TO TaCR r?IR Of I cbt'dren u4 n.aka haw if (morally naafii Apply thla day at AM fari*a at, batarm lib and 5<b at*.. Brooklyn 11/ amrd?TBH oat. ton A ami f ami t" iy, a Brat ola?# ro-k, wkfaa V or |'o par mooUi. aim aa rtprrlor rod aorao ar ' aramdtfeaa and a chambermaid and waNor apply, with recommaodattor.l. at Ho. It) THIary at, Brooklyn. WARTRD-A OOOD ft.AIR TOOK, f RRRf.'ll OR T.H(lab If'iat bring rood eity ref?**nren Apply o< No. 41 Woot JMbBt WARTin-AR AMPTW'aR AA RR(il.t*!1 III HI, nhrut M M Mlad a baby and maka b'rta'f ntefnl, to anrb a at ? a (nod hocap la olfrrrd. waiaaRl far m>alb. \pply at IBS frtnra at ti;art?i>-a cook. < hamrtrwain. rtr?r. a*am "" auaaa PRRy tUl MR bioadradp lb w f t?t tamlll. abopay tbr bait oi wa|ra g app'l ?* * 7 lltb at , between mwroEl. _ _ EBAVBM.KD <'RailBBS BRIfB OP PTTBNITPRB. IN I 11 on on. ord it > lea. Whole**1* a< <1 > -tail, > prteea from $2.1 ?nd ipvtrdi, WaBB&R *AHh r,7 <? !.?I !? ?? (Old No. A* . I'ror d'Xtia fnotor Hrf?k4?ra>. Now TorB. ] _ I Pubi'tlnd Ht'TllaT* by rbdttbao yrarly ? u 00 II* prlee In r? at, motor,I t oaeerta parlor or * ?in* rimm Into lainrlaM reeplnp n( nHmrnl. AnM *bnln MU* >l 4 f>mit, * * h? lrot? ?. ?? t ? n look ? ,l IV, I ltr>n otroot rtrr* lilja ( |jf lldOL 1 1 BNtTT NR iJ Clrcu'an attpfllad <i t?a nrpliraMon bf pool, n h PaTON, 34 ilrnrn ilrW nathimuhial. A OENTI r.N?N, ? TF?!A? OP A OR. PP'ARTNO , ~ tb*Rr* ?l 1 rn r . *1 d ?..??>,?! ,!< '! ?? to 1 -r? tv ? naii aaraofaj art i%4?. ot *in<l dUn anion I rt'h a ?lr n'o >r anaioar HO in rln'orr, ?-i?t wl ' tr?-v a I mn'intcA u-a ^oofldotttialj AAJrrw PUio. Uarai4 oil 1 r. CPfAmTBgHMHTP Btm'C?#. t>0#uv-A OKNTLaW** HAVING r&'W AM or NT, JijuU, wttb good reference can join (tie e treHUrr. who I will ta?ce. the Haw tun, to purcbear c Mgtt'l respectable I thrnUrg btufDMe, the torretmeut t?ot feciiy ee f" An;1 ? ' lately orreellzlbg terse emomt of mcxcy tmtue tleiely Ap ply to WHRa-Ljill A OO. AM Broe'twey. room li t^nil ~4 PARTNER ll? A ?'?RY LITiPOUU. entire liW'.Mi prtrfia ClOMt# S*4M,abd ?U Mfk. Keeenn fbr aeMir.g; hu engaged u> et> Wrae Cell, or j1?*" ?. lumber yerd, corner of Twecty Dk etreet end 6Uth avenue. -PeBTWBBAlVimirfUhPHOM MANCBSA" * end jobbing buiintm would likeWo S*U hie Interest. St 0U0 per enou aeniey be caade ea mU bpdfw??r?; terme eeey pro lie Urge Apply to ?. l)AVld A Oe . 3? DfOMwk), room lis. ?i nnn70 yw a?i? * pirwei wa?ti?-*t* fl.UUU a welfvnUsblished grown ae* lea More <Mm * food trade or a clerk who will lead this amount ea po-AW < curity and salaly BIQOB A SOUTH WICK HI N.aaaisafc. l Hon ~.k rwT*>? OF ACTIVE BUiiNHHta ?T L .UUU. habPs-wanted, to take oharaa of the out door business erd travel ft* a well established hot-amc-aT modtchie depot; one having a bene and acquainted" tvitbthw bast new preferred Address botailc, Herald office. for ooe week, tiring name and roetdence *1 flHll ?*?**"? IMMEDIATELY A. PBttSOr PlfUUll. to jolt mom purchasing an old e?*nMlshed bnriaere on RroaP war where there can be a fb 'tune realized; the party will be doubly ?teared for th? investment. Call en Mr. a Hi Kit at the Charter. thti Broadway 4*-* nnn T0 4?"? &MI> p*r k? wa*tmd-in ! JO.UuU the lumber manule?taring busincvj uader 1 muabmore than ordinary- favorable circuit* antes, awl a ' chance will be given aeleom ottered with an ll-cited ae 1 amount BKIU8 A SOOTH WICK 84 Haoaau stree* \ 4Q nnn *o $4 <co, A*D A PARTNER wancbo, ; qiOil/Uu t > engage In an already established' carh beat neaa. Addiees Bualrcee, lfAralil oOloc ! eo nnn ?'wamtmd. a person to join in a ma ' CO.l/WU. nofac<uri> r business already established It ; la rearly delusive, and may be madr to realize trom lti too to 1 W 100 per annnm aa will be clearly shown Inquire of Mr I BkOOKB, Cinton Houae, earner of Broadway and fcUghth 1 *a ill in to $6 ooo.?a-partner wanted in an 1 pTri"!"' old KDd well established manufacturing busi' neaa already do-ng business, with office in thta city ? here the seeds are fold al good profit; for caah Apply immediate y, ; IrC O. 1HOMP -oS, ltd Naaaau street ' 4^ nnn TO 10.000?A PARTNER WANTED. IN 1 tjHJ.T'UU the moat lucrative business end in-one of the . bet-l locations in tre city tbe bu-dneas well established, ' eaajr and pleasant, rrquVirg attendance from 9' A If tot {P.M. Capital required from I6,u00 to $111.0 0 Address A. ' H L , Herald office, stating time and place for Inter; tew. A PARTNER WANT HP?WITH ABOUT KMT, TO join the advertiser la an old established business real , Izlsg double lie amouot per aaatum; do >.ebttto ssu-ne ad \ die?a P M . box US- None teed apply without- real name , and adross > a FORTUNE AND NO MI8TAKR, AND WHO ?H.L ; A have It ? One wto la well qualified to keeD a Brat claaa > bouae of < ntertalnnient In one of ths fast growing cities ot the West, can see the map and landscape of the lecatloa at tbe Brolthaonlaa House, corner Broad* a- and Houston sue t, by Inquiring of Mr C . room 99 from 9 to 111 A al Tbe p r son wanting mus' be a gentleman with his wife who om con maud not lees than at* cr etgh> thousand dollars Refer ence will be exchangttL ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS WILL PUR H ABE AN equal partneish'p in a vplendld newbalno< and appa rstn* eboui poirg i-euth, from which a for-turn mat be real teed in one season. Apply to WflBBLKK A CO.. 334 Broad way. room No 14. r OPERATORS AND QATTER F1TTSR8 ? 4 LADY bating one of Binge''* * < n* machine*. would like to mrct with *ome yourg lady who per eofy laoderataada using 'hem, to join her ft* partner, i oe who can nouvl gal'er MM oral)/ atna l'ght work inffirlont to eaaoljy oota may ad ret* peat paid, with reference, Mr*. B.T., Chatham aquae Poet oflict, for two daja. rMlM'VACTVRh.RS ? H OOn.?A QBHTI.KMAV OF large hurmras eiperleoee and ?rt?n?lve acquaintance with aholeea'e m reheat* aad buaiaer* men In thu city, wculd take an inie^ r*t and Invert S&uCO to aliMNjtj inare portable manufacturing business. where the risk wou'd be .mull aid the protna large, undivided t>e ao ml attrn'ton glean to >be buali ea*. Add ret a H . boa 1.049 Poet office, atailng oa t< re of the bualoeaa, Ac Reference* I'irat claaa. The copartnership hfretoforb Rxr?nNn t.nder the name of CllLNGRH * BtiWKd, alate and metal 'oofera, la Ihla d?y dlaaolved hy mutna1. content The butloeaa o? tbe late linn will be aettled hy John Howe*. Da ed eb. KS Iff? .lobn Howea will continne the alate and met*' roving at L\M Hadaon street. JuKN 'lCuKOdl. JOHN BORIC REWARDS. AlO REWARD.?LONT. OR THE RTENINO OF THE IIU 19th instant, art opera glass. mounted la mother at pearl. Any peraon who may hare found the aeme will receire tbe above reward by brlnglrg It te the oAee ol Mora A Navarro, 177 Peart a treat, AT (\ REWARD ?LOST, OR TTT1SDAT PER, ? AH *>.LU Lroa gray hoiae. with harneaa on Any person ra itliub! me wliir w * riutpatrva to ne weal intr.y third street will receive lb# above reward with tha thaaka of the oa ner. AOO RRW A B D. ?LOST, OR MONDAY RTKNIW? U laai. near iba comer of Mroad way and 1r *>m? street a email black aad tan terrier doc, with loaf taU. earn clipped, and aoewertng to the name or Linn Ha had on a patent leather collar when Irat lie It vary thy ot etranger* any peraon leaving the dog al the ofllne or the Merchants' Hnt-1, la cortla> dt atreet, will receive the above reward aad ao uueatloua aakrd. AQ A REWARD-IF inE PERSON WHO TOOK Till Vw " (old *m*ch and chain on Tuesday morning from the ([rntleman In the neighborhood of Kaat dn ad way will return t to \a See Hon try, be will receive tbe aiiove reward, or if pawned, the ticket will be paid for and ao question# an ad. T. MRCAN TON. AOC REWARD WILL BE PAID FOR THE KCCOTC Pawtt ry of tha body of Mr Richard Roaa. who wan drown ed en tbe evening o* Feb. 23 trom alar AI aaet river, la a young aaa about 24 years of age. about ft teet 10 inches I* height heavy black whlakara and black hair: waa dreaaad la Oars clothes wPh silver watch and gold chain The above reward will be paid for bis body by John Pattereoa. Re AS rm nip fc?|| RRWARO-I OAT. FM. n. BETWatN KLM Cwv ?od Pearl street* a Bill bag coelaiaiag $U0 Wha roetev f.nde'h ibe ?n.? nod will bring it to C ImU. IS Krwt *1 I receira the store reward. ^liHI hFward will rk paid for thk rr ?1UU (?t?n of A to d m%gtc Wftlch made br M J. Tobtao, Re S7.FM bbjwo, lAMe A Co , FT Fulton street, are autbeelred to pe tbr Above reward LOW ARP romo. BR A< ELKT LCMT -I.ObT III THK TI 7IWTT OF BOW try endCanal ?trret on Wedaoeday. a rjoli bracelet vtlh entAli (Old Inrb tt AtlArlied Tbo finerr wlU roofer a faror Aid bo AottAbij r?warded by rcturming n to the owner. No. (3 Pthe ttrtrt. OACTTOR.-RW RRWARD.-THR PUBUO ARR FOR ther r ah Monad against porch swing tba folio win* OooMrm lino bond* of tlia llllimM I'notraJ Kstlrfcad of tba denomination of $600 each ? Nee 4S? 724 7? I 14N, I.NO. INH. 6 M. $.6M. 6 87# ?.S?. 8,476 t Ml, 9.m 11.731 I I.F4L rba aai? were, atolen from our effloe rttr pub lie ere aloo nenUoeotl iff purchasing any bonds ot the shore dbaomiaailoo, tbr auAbhero of which mar bare bera alt/wad. The shore reward arm ho pstd fnr the arrest and ooArtntlow of any party aflertag the tame far eala The J odd Uoaead sad Rper m Oil Cea* pan/. ALAX All Oil KKTO-hT " id ill W. K. T. Wiuiawaop. Heoritarr LVilSD-lN BROtikl.l.N, UN TIIE tSV IN iT A N T. A r gotdwekh The owner ran bar* It b'proriog property. (tejM g mpet ma Rc. Cell At ho A Abiegdoo p.?r s New FOCND-OB OR ABOUT TUB 13TB I?hT , A SQCtBg eurkrl rak ucher 40 fret Iw.g sod 16 laehee at reatre, il not callrJ fureoon wl l be sod to pay etpraeee. Apply to tint Mlbt sr. Tt ar>l * laiacd ferry. CiMjCRlk?ORR CtbF OF OOOIIR. MaRKKit, "M J r Onrrer. Natchez Mies carr of Kenaetl A lilt. " Apply te A. l?Kt HkR. ptar No. 1 North river. I ; I LOST-IF THR PfcRhOK WHO TOOt it MlRfAltB A IMUhiiiiiiim! !roa> t P i *? - t Fifth ar ? rrrnrr of Ihtrty f<r.rt% alr*?* oa 1 iwadty ntobt trill rwtirn IbaaamatoHa 51 Wfl i tract; aaeoad #lr#*l lb** will ra ealra 110. and no 'i aaatlona aakad lha ctai la a alarm <i> blnr haarrr Raffrao larf* aire. Tlawl wilb Mac* farmer * aa ' in. tad alik aiaare Halo* and bouad wtto black eloib 1 <*T-A HOT* PAW rZ8*i?*T B. IB:. POA la atnatf da}a fir ?f 5. draw* la the nrdar of H 8. >t lab 1 b? pay mart of the not* hartna b?*a atoroel lb* dad 1 ar wCl b* rrwardad by leering it at Ho U ?l?lt>? oa etre*k. , LOOT-BANK RFK OH BBAMBH 4 B4HK, OH THF. fttalaa m thr tsOi Pabtna * gwlnc froei Trip atr#*i ncbih aTtBuc B-ntulwey la rerea*y Iral ttraet The (ledrr ' win | !?aw rata thr cam* al Ibr baak. or IWl Hudaon ac rat I or at mr k-.iue Mot cat) lliatauarl. be'wrra Hinih aid Toath < araanra, aad obiifa ma JOHN WILLI A id Loft-o\ tub ktahiho of fib u. at thr m? aorlc l>an, brid at tbr apa a feoooaa a lad/'a oemm> I b'raItptn. lb* Aadnr will b* rrwardad by rehire Tig lb* < tear t* 13 8taia alrrtt or 13 Hiaih Hr- tt Baa Tart. I T CBT-ON TBI'BBDaT, FBB * IH 001*0 FBOV i J i With arrnuc thronfh Cbrtaiopbar aad r?r*?* atreeto to " Merrker airrrt a rarkaga mnialolnr all aocbat haadkar I flklt la. ralorad bordrra a wbl r n.utile wait! aad a klirrr 1 'tumble with lb* aaaia npuwi oa it Iba ?ad*r will eoaftr a real fa*or aad nedtt ?* thaoka af Iba lam bp ra'ura'rg i bam to >13 ieerkar ataaai . LOItT?A H Al B RIHO, WITH 1HITIAL* AM IT II A 1 nun I) rrUe R la miirb ralowd bp thr owaar, wb > will a aliably reward Iba todrr IT ba wiUI*aran al II Broadway a ream ?a a 3 ???? p LObT IV BROADWAT BBTWKRH KIOHTkRHTH wrart ar d be l*>lary or rll la a Fourth arranr aiara a 1 atitrrbdrfmrMVhrukl. mkrtrd "M B (? rb* flndwr will K# ' Itowrany rewarded bf learteg II al Iba hDm of in - Cla-rod.* ?1 II >1*1 anracr of Potiylb arena* a-d R gntoaath tircn fli at I OBI ?FtB. 3d, IH GOIHt* FR.tH 130 RINTTI MTBRRT ? i ie?M Oreantlrh a?ra?t. lhmn|k flrmtawirh araana la .? ?? abrrn a ladj'a .tiawl pin aerpenf fnrm.a*t wdh tornuM*. a A aadatto reward WIM br g raa by Irarton it at "21 Ureeawlob 1 ? reft, bitwca Jen* and Horatio Mr**!* ^ ODAIa '** r * BA, Kn r** TOM.-TH* or Tt* OOU, In ?oi<t In T.coj nrro1. h?1?n<-n Woohlnfrtm or.I j IfMI wTl' t-r iVltrrrMl In liO>l# IkfM'lM 01. <1 "thrro ot Ift SO A i>rr loo for firntnpr or>d ?rnt? "Iff r-orronlrd (be h??t pool ? n iBurknt *pp'7 ?' the uH.nrM tbr cRinr 47 ? < linag* on [>lo?? A lllerol ' ? 11104 U iloolrro ?r.| rtr'moi. mm F H rMtKlNA Trropnrpr FU-tforrt Cool Oompoof. *, ! /{ rss tot po* nil s* r nttonoscnAiD rU rwi 0'h rod Crutch nhlto Ooh pool, f< >' - r* r". JJ I . ? or fnrnorr. An# to Or tlmp J poo wont ?on?P ?"? np r.o. cbrop 2,((0 tbii wpmntrl. M H Itowri.t. M Wont WM0'r>*"rn plnro. ^ r10Alr?RfcbT OS ('RtrT'OW, ARP OP THIS ? **"? *?' [J frlilop ' rrnrd ?n?t ? ? * "" "V; W *rH P?rif.|jrntf I 7S ,r ,O0. <rHI? tl? ?'T*, At >??i.itS? ' if P?r 'on. V*ri? -enmt-f K'n* vr< hr JT2LI. . ,1- . - '; ' ? ' :'*nf ?U*K -#%r RfTuHwttT iff Pa MatmtOatolalltw!, atar Ataaa*rMt \i xtinit ruxrw. ?] NrWSPAPERK. ? * CAfiTii m mrar or tiu nr * " _ RFW fOllKK* /\ ... _ .. Wit fcf itni-d *?'? mornlnf. ^ I OITCC Ko Sf-pnirr ?TfM, ??,' AwS tor ?*li Jf lb? a wmea ?M??r*U/, ,* he \ I IPIKIUUI ainivaiB. AMKBTINO OF 1 HE 6TOOKHOLOKR8 OF THB Chinese KlIiNrd. Cot cert and Cub Hon n AjocIhUm. , will t>? held Uils (K>ie?j i evening. at their oont, WJ sod 641 BroaOHS) all who are int-reslnd art tuvlU-U tj be urenaat, M lu?incas of Importance wlli be tran^scied tit order 08 AH K MILKS eoc'f. Bradford goal and iron com PA NT.?tub an- ! nusl e ectlon of trustees or dire tors iu this om <**g far the or so log jear will be held at the office ot the omttajr 64 William street, room No 6, on Monday, March 2, between 11 M aid 2 P. M. H. M BaBUoUR, Secretary MOUM VKHNON M API) Fact L'RING COdPaNr, organized Decemb-r. 1866 ?The T.u t*? will meeid Kerne's Fourteenth Ward Hotel corner of Grind and elusbeth strrets, on faiurda; eseulng. Kth lnst,at7>i o'clock, tor the moroose of receiving subscriptions to the capital stock et mm i~ my any. i Norm to owitii of wumn Af?toan?n w? Chatral Park -The awn or* of property iMOMilr Oentrei Perk ere hrtbi notified that mM aamuaiaiaila mo |? peM et thwaOoeanUl Ptbruery *. 1SBT. tociuatre, vkhTpar cent tntereet from Mb of Peuuarc. MB6. 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