Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 27, 1857, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 27, 1857 Page 7
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WttTMKitfn IflttWP It 811 PAT. HALED AT AUCTION. A NTDONT J. HLKKOKKK, aDCFIONME, WILL A fcoO. on Tueeday, March 3, at 12 o'clock, In the Merchanla' Exchange the honae and lot 143 nasi Broadway, between PUe ?nd Kutgera street*. Lot 23 leet front and rear, mad 75 feet deep. 53 000 to remain. Title lndiepu<at>le Alo the two atory tvrmu t an** attic brick front bouse and lot Mo. OB WlileU atraat near Delancey; lot 16 feet 8 loch-a by IMBMttndttaT AtaUa on the rear, with the privilege of wrrM|w Pherin street to roar or lot 92 000 to remain lev tMlTein Title good. Alfred braoo. auctioneer -a BBAOa a 00. will sell at auc'lon. on Friday, February 37. at 10). A. M. at tbt-lr salesroom :t't Oortlandt at'eet 75 cases men's, , won.?n'? and children's shoes bouta gaiters, .to. To he at Id < n account of wbom !l may concern. N. B.?The above gooes are well adapted for the ifeulhera market. Auction not ice-j booari. auotiombbr-by 8. BOO *RT?l bin day. 27tb, at 10H o'el ?*, I6* Duane street near (ireenwicb street, the genteel household fuenl tare ef a four Mtory house rosewood pianoforte, Ac., consisting in part of carved mabo'suy parlor suit In green velvet fdnab, elegant rose wood octave pianoforte, mirrors, inanei ornaments rlrhlv carved solid black walnut bedsteads, mahogany solas cbairs blaok walnut dressier bureaus la-re quantity of bslr ana see grot* mattresses walnut bedsteads, wa-bstands tot et sets mabogauy rockers easy chairs, card, eeaire and sofa tables, Brussels, three p y and Ingrain carpets snglitb o'lciotb. msbogany secreary bookcase, kitchen rnmlture crockery and glaa? war*. eoohlug utensils, he Catalog us on the mnrniig of sale Deposits re<|ulred from all nuvebaeers. N. B ?T he above furnHure is neariy new and Id good order ? a UCTION NOUCE.?WILLIaM T BOYD, AUCTIONJ* eer.?By lie rge Niebo-s.?Th's day, Februa-y 27, at fiFi o'clock, at the salesroom 66 human street, new and reread baud fir utiure ooui prising suits of parlor fur- Ituro. In hiocatel and haircloth rosewood marble too centre, tide and fanc? tables; rosewood and mahogany marble too. drew lag ?no plain bureaus, rosewood and mahogany marble top wsshsiands oak bookcases, blauk walnut and oak oroer a'anda, mahogany Srenrh bedsteads, hair ma'tresses, straw pal lasses lea her pillows aud bolsters, lounges, lounge beds, mahogany ' tolas and cbairs in hair co:b. oil paintings; 8, P. goods, cbtna and parian ware Ac. Auction notice-j. boo art, auohonbeb.-3Y B. BOOahT.?This day. at 10 o'clisk. In front of the auction rooms corner of Frankfort and William streets, mortgage isle of one black horse, wagon and harms*. Lull 18 II \ ULTfcK, Attorney for Mortgagee. AUOTIWN BOTIOB-J BOO art, auctioneer.?by 8 BOO a K r ? Saturday, at 10}? o'clock, at the auction rooms corner of Frankfort and William streets, constable's sale of houuhold and barioom limit u-e. TbOMan OOrtHINO, Constable. Also h lot of new wagon spokes lot of liquors In casks, Ao. IHaaC JONES. Constable. Auction notice.-tuos. bbll, auctioneer?by IIKLl> A Bl'piH ?'Ibis day, at 10}? o'clock In the salei rooms is i?onn milium nr*-i, a vaituipie swok 01 dry goods fancy articles. perfumerv snaps, clothing. waushM. tlnr jewelry, cutlery plated ware, tea sets casters, marble mantel plects, canary birds. <te. ArCHOM NOIICR.-EUOKNN B. ER AN RUN, AUG Uoreer - By a B KHaNKLIN A CO?To morrow (Palutdajj morning at half past 10 o'clock, at the salesroom, S5 Natsou eit'eei extensive ta'e of rosewood oak. mahogany and wab.ut parlor library chamber and diDlog room turn! ture. in au <s ai d ilng'e lots; also sofas chairs eesy chairs, etegeres Oookca'ea bedsteads, bureaus mirrors oil palntkigs hair ma'tieases, chine, visas and sllve- uluted ware, e'ocks. lency goods Ac . tie whole to be sold without re serve ?o pay advan*s No postponement on account of the weather N. B.?Uoode carefully picked on the premises for shipment r 1 . II I . i i, ?a Auction bale or ofntenl household uuaniture rosewood pianoforte carpets, Ae M. AOUQHtY, auctioneer will sell this day. February *7 at 10,'?o'clock, the entire furniture In house No 126 West Twenty eighth etrset. In use about one year, consisting In part of one rose wood pai-'n- salt In French brocade; one mahogany do., in velvet plu>b; rosewood pier, centre card, and fancy tables; elesant velvet Hrusss s and ingrain carpe s, on 16 rooms and s abs, reyen ociave r srwood pitnofor*e. stool. Ac ; yaluabie oil paintings, statuary, china and other vases, mantel oma ments Ac.. French and cottage bedsteads, palietses. hair n sureties feudist beds, bedding, Ae ; mirrors, exteusion tar ble. mahogany tea and dicing Ho. rotewood and mahogany hcehcases two very fine portable wardrobes, With laoe and brocaiel cnriains; shades hall, and kitchen oilcloths, china, crockery and glass ware; hat stand, mahogany sofa" chairs, and rocicrs; an sa and other bur cans, wsahstand* toilet set*, *c., Ae The wboleto be peremptorily sold, without re gsrd to price, end worthy she at'en'lon of dealers and house keeper e Depot its reqnlred A FSlONKK r SaI.E OK WaTCHKS AND JEWELRY.? Xk * M. OBIcTaLaR. auctioneer, 23 Bowery, will sell, ?p Mr nfav. March 2 et Hi.1,' o'clock, the slock of a watch maker at d jeweller consisting ot finerco'd plus rings, earrings, dieinrrd pins snd ifngt aud earring* goid and silver pane11 esses, guard, fob and vest chains,seals tleeve buttons studs, lob are vi st ke> s and books; go'd and silver patent levers, lepues detecned levels ana Verge watches; together with a large lot of fancy articles, consisting of e line lot of hair brushes cutlery, charm*, gilt an" ornamented clocks, and varieu* other article* in tbe lln?; a'?o, glat* cases, oounter, lren isfe, Ac Ac By order of the assignees. Catalogue! ready on morn log of sale TJY HENRY II. LBBP8 A CO?ON SATURDAY, FBB J) il?. K in), O'clock atiae ?*le?roorn-i, Nimi i'Met. leasehold fm allure?removed for conv-nteore of aale ?too wUag of rlrgsrt parlor mlt? covered to rich aiUc brocatelle and banrWith, roeewood and maHnganv narre'Ar? bookcases; "elvet, li> na-ela aid Ingram ea-peti. hall and atalr do.; oil leths window ihvlea and curtains gaa chandeliers and brackets; malogaoy and bla-k walnut bureau*. bedsteads waabaUrVa, tables anil chaira, iron bedsteads hat stands, level racks ball chain, hair and straw ma'traaaaa, laa tier tx dr..bowlers and pillows. A>ao an aaaor meat of eroikerr, phtss aid kttehrn warn Aleo 12 carved statuary marble mantels Alro. 2& busk it* ', e. BY B1MT H LKKDf * 90.?i>W SATURDAY. FKB. 7h. at 101, o'clock at store 23 Nassau alreel. executor's laV of ih< entire medical 'ibrarv of the laic Dr McMrven, as o g wbih a 111 be tuuad aavaral very rare ra'ea wotfea bo<h oa medicine and surgerr. alao, a case of very valuable surgical la trumer.ta all comoleie and In drat rate order Hale without raaerve to doia the estate. By HENRY H LKKDH a CO -ON hatcrday, ff. S. 28. at 12 o'clock, at store 11 Nassau auect. ao elegant reatwcod billiard Able male >* J blgoneeau, with all the apourtentness om-let*, penes ly new. and similar lo one fcrnnrly exhibited at ibe I'rys ?l Palace a Will be removed ard pni up la M v part of the cl-y free of expense, end warranted lor one tear it ?. nouon. ACfTro.Nk.ifR ?laR'ik and rict I/, rinplory sale of rleh liouacbold fu tdnr? and arahelnakmcDia at auction, this day, (Friday), Mb. 27, at 1(1 A. M ai '.'4b W rat Twenty tht-d atreel, weslol tghth avaaue D H lit,I (ill will aril, aa above, all tha elegant and costly goad* contained in the house embracing a large and varied atcrtn ent ot ihc choicest goods, both ol K lm^eao and American manofartare all In eirellent order and to he Bold wltboit raeer ve or ptatponemenL la the bnaetnent la the veua) kitcbra furnlt re ami utensil , together wt'h e great va- 1 rtety of tab e vaie, as splendid china diulog and tea acta, , rich rut r a* an are rtlver lew aeta and aai?ere. spoons aed i >ka Irray cuter*. ?c . Actgao uiahngany sola bed. eak eiien-me tib a. sideboard, oak suit In repn. Ac . Iron ssfe, re Mlaeraur Ac. In the par ?es are two eo Id roaewood autia In satin damaak coTertags; royal tapastrs velvet c?-peu pier and oval g an en r< seword etogeres at d ouner stands, eeotre and -ice table# elects and mantel decors'io- a. Ore oil palut lags b'Ocaiel and lace wledi.w curtain*, bronze gaa rhenda bets, fine toned seven octave rnarwond piano, a superb In etremsnb mar wood bookcases. Ac In the chamSera %'e BVinacla er?l It-grain earpelA mahngsuv and roaewoad bed trade end humans, Ac . line curltd hair raaUrvsaes and pit lews, sad bidding 'oartber with sofas chairs, rorkera. An Male t ealtlva, and catalogues on the morning of aale, at the house IjifWARn jyHRHC*. imioiiNB-iT ?. A r N. All ?? H*H< H -inn n*y, ?,ill >i>ut .I .un .nn, _ tbrlr aalet ro'.tim No. XI Na?aau atrr#t, a ha? borae, 15', handa blab. warranted perfectlf kind, ootid and gentiM In nil h?neaa, ?nl n floe, atjli?h drtr er; alao n far Morgan and Meamm t rr raare IS|{ banda high C yrnra old warranted kind, aom.d a> d penile In all bameaa. and of great rodumoee. baa trctte I a tulle t>. IM In Nnremher laat. alao a light shifting tap wager, made *o order br one of tbo beat alt? makara and a aat of rlag'e bameaa altj make aire aareral new top and read wagnaa br tbr beat rtly and other makara. alao aevaral twabawaya; no a ennp rock aw aj, alao, a doctor'a g<g, nearlr new. FIRgT CX AW HOttJ. T.OT AND ATARLK FOR air - * J. ltl.Kkt KKK A CH) will aatl at iba Mar ahaa'a' Kxban|a, on the TTtb of February , at It e'eloek at aeon the llrat cm bona- and (table No. 116 letilrgtoo avrrue vcnbeaatr rner of Thirty Brat atrrau Tba .ot la it br At S: heuae la *> br fttt f.?nr < tor .or: lira' act biown atone (Tort ha a mtdera ImprmemenU In nil and wood work are beaut follr Ireeoned ant palt ted and grained la blaeb aalr.ot, Ibe brnae and atable warn built br the noaar Inr hta own uae. baa aesnmmodaiton for fo ir horaea two narrUgra roorr fo- rracbman. hay U-fl naim and grain b'na. and r\ ?rt 'rr t r> t< n?nt Tbe?<- premlaea are well oate lated tiw a genie-ran keeping a carnage ore p*>|? -tan. Teraaa eaay Re r p? r? tnp'ory, aa the owner Kea bought la the erten My. and di.ra not wtrh M>-act Poareaelwi gtren let of Mar, uallJ a bleb tune rent m ill be allowed from uae of completion. (n If.BKRT g. RAVAflN. AU.TlOW HAH -R AOI.RT A I An V AUK, will aell. br order o( rreelrer. en Pride/. Feb S, at II A. M . the toek good will aad tliowea of a ttwy baa let and u,j (tare at SOS Canal (tract. coram ot Aen whrk. PF.NET R. HKBTR, JE . AFCTMNKKE -NT HBRTW A MORS oa FrMky. February Z7lh. aUOVj o>u*-? a. at the aa'ea rtraii l?n. ft>, r lue el, ret, large a-d ralutb'e ?ierk af choice g-oerrlee. teaa eotlaea Ae . In par at raneea ; eowprletng In pari **> half and quarter cbeaw bop-a green and hlark teaa ; UK aad tr boy? do.. M bnga Hie oofIre a'ro a laige *ot of braadtea and wmaa la aaeea and rata , rlarrl la raeee . family aoap. caw-1 era bine atamh. Ktinea, ralela*. beana. alao 4 irT Iba heat Pbl ada phla wbita 4, 1 raatch ale In eaeke. ? i>aake*e champagne, \e , Ac. tarmr. eaab. T1KNRT B REEVE. .TR . ACt-TIONKRE -BT HCETri J 1 A Mods large tale of braadtea and etaret. la honJ, oa Friday. February Kth. al II n'eionk A. M . at lb- ealae mem* | No f,?, Plae alreet. pee aiaplat drawn la b?ed bp the anrtioy e. r, r, nut nail'g KW i ?wi elarel aaani to.1 ; 14 tinarUr riili pale hfcndr male, pod'lre. In par adraaoea. t-m y and ramnlea at aale MIONTOAOR FAt.E OF TUN OoNTKNtR 0? A TKI | eirr#-WtoU t? T HOTO, a<i-llnaoer. br llEtlE IK h I H01>, on Ktltirday. Feb l.?, at tl o'clock. al I'M aronna O, r??r lum'htlr'fl Ibc *toc* u? mo mrr ?'t? l*? of a |? f ral *a ?uta rt t of g r en and klark lean. wbite and brn?i> Mfkn. green and hurt *4 riflw ehoo->la??. coco*, Hcckee* gwr'a, pm-? . ?ra rntanr one l*-ge noffaa ra'P, pU'lom. rule* co-uter acaiea (IhloA llfniea. alao lilure* r amir * b;cl, l? fl^'ed lip with eipenae. Ac Iff ardrr of iFRlfTt BROfHtKR, AM-arnlea for Mattgagee T> C. F*KN' H At rrTIOMRkR.-M )RT3AOE HAL* OR X , e'eganl fiirrdtnr# at the prli a?* raaidoce# Na in Meat Stgbth ?lieel all lb# furniture contained In aaid bona* eon* *1ln> In fan of ? e aplen ltd pianoforte, mae.oad par'or Bub*. cotcr-d in leal F encb aaUa brocatel. and rU-hlf ean*d; oil ralntlrga aolld tnaawood oentre ode and ptec lablaa *isb m%'b'* laid. rirMf n rod aide and corner depart* alih minor dr.wa and b?oka. ate Rant hconae and ormolu e'.rek. Italian and Frenrb china raaoa, French plat nr..I , rg| minora mahogant aofaa * fa bed* aod IIIm lu-da. tu aii Ion chair a aid large and rnnall rock era carted mabi fariT and roeennod bureau* waahetruid* and labia* rtoh'j cairtd Frar.eb ar d Fttiabelbtan heca-nada chiua Mid a?ta, hair and aarti g n.alin <ea ler.Ui -r he la NJ*nr* and plliowa. bed ling, lln,.?a'a aid earpatt. bedrmm mlrr-ra, r.lorla tab'ea. oilcloth* pa# cliai drier* And (Irinrcn, bracket*, Ao A]mi, a large and clog. id aa oftnetit of dl ilng room furniture rit,?,mutable#, ai vcr ware rb<n? aad glaaa ware, pearl entlrrj. Ac Ibe whole to be eold e-llhoiil pwrrn. f ale nrattire, rn'n cr ablre, lb * dar, Feb 2T. at I0X o'c'ocfc pitebnlj. Hy oner of W GAllfS. oiifrifi a gAi* or Lior oBs, (?*oo*m*8 Aim " CRimVALaR. auetlone-c, 2S Itowerr. i.l acll ?hi? day, February 77. at H?H o'' bvob, about 8 nog Ion angara. green and b'uek teat, (nan, gneet oil, aardtnea, lenten agrup, cnrdin'g rnacmroul logdW with a large lot cf It.|nor* conMntng ef bracdr, gin, whtaker and alcnbol Hi rarkuiaalrrd ccka tort lea and cane*, one pipe of gin .V HOI) argara bariuom flmrea couaiera table*, ehalr*. decanter*. t .?'"iea, range* nf'rlnA, clr* ka. bed# aad buddlof. iSftliita']?! rm* T H?? *ag?n. barn can, Ac. payBdritcea nf*"*n ***" "mora, aegara. Ac . In ^ FECIAL AOfTTIQW BAL? OF IkTFoRTKO AWI> TOli. Trnia *' ? *' Waaeau atrect itinnJrT V .V At ? * * rZfffutr P?kller* and ?>n*nni*r? ir'U if lmpi>r?r.,/?. CWK4li'",a* 'r* V'r 1 ALH A'9 AWHOHt SPECIAL AD If ION SALE Or IMPORTED AND DOBiKlo jewelry ?1 hie day, at 12 o'clock, at 79 Jfa**aa street, by I V -1H MOHRKLX., auctioneer MO articles adapted for gentle** en 'a and ladles' orni meats, (large variety), lor ordinary rreia, balls, Ae , setjn cameo .ctrbnocle,mosaic, jet; Ae : armlet*,linger rings lockets, studs sleere buttons chains of a'l dtseriuUoDs, brooches eardrops, shawl plus. As ; Mirer ware fur table use, bracelets, head ornaments, Ac. Call and examine Guaranteed as sold. SOUP IPDIOO, BRANDY - AOOTION.-THlS DAY, it UK o'clock at 57 Dcy street, corner Greenwich, JO boxes ao-p 10 boxes Indigo, 5 onartere brandy, 1 Bordeaux wine Also, plsted warn, general hardware, sxws, area, knives WBixLlWalON A. OASTgg, Auctioneer THi MAS VKITCH, AUCriONRKR ?STt/RK NO. Id hpmco s'rer.t. Mortgage s.le of lbs stock and fixtures of a ilrst cists restaurant on ?i bursday, March 6, at 10 o'clock a M at 303 Broadway, con er ot Dunne street, in the basement eouslsliig of a large ipianttty of liquors, wines, oordlals, itare tng'avings oil palmiest sec inter* goblets, turn-tiers, chairs, n>a> b e t p tab es ot)clo>h bar counters, oyster box, being the stock and fixtures ot a first c' tsa restaurs it JoHN K. Pelt Ri NO TON, Attorney tor mortgagee. THOS VB1TCH, AUOTIONKER?STORK 16 8PRCCB street.?tbcriil's rale of boots, stationery, fancy g'tods, As.-Tb.s day, Friday Feb 27 IH67. at OA. M . at !* >. 270 klgbtb art rue cor stating of voUimes of theological, miscellai eous and school books pets pencils, writing and wraopmg paper, fancy goods -of every description paper weights, -to. JOflN WILfiUN, Deputy Sheriff. THOB VEITCH. AUCTIONEER?STORK N<* 16 9PR0CK street Constable's sale of horses, ooal carts, harness, p'nifo'm scales iron safe, desks, Ac.. on Saturday. Feb. 26, 1H67, at 16,t, o'clock at No. 96 Kast Twenty fourth street, canristtrgof two horses two sets harness, three coal earts. Iron s>l'e Ac And n the i awe day at 12 11 in forty sixth street, tear n'eventh avenue, nonaisilng ot platform scale one sled, six coal screens, two desks, Ac Also a large <inani ty or coal. H. BIsIlOP, Ooustable. 'Tto Tailors or dry goods man-wh abhott, auctioneer, will sell, this day at 11 o clock a'211 Bowery, two la-g--dry goods sgMiaii one catling table, black walnut <op, arb drawer with a large assortment of new and seoond fuiu.t ie to pay advances. vrr 8. MKLI.OR, A0'1TIONKER-8Y W 8 MKLLOR A ' V OO - I his dav (Frldayl. at 10*,' o'clock at 13 and IS Park row, op pot He the aster douse, * rench plate pier glass es, rote wood and mahogany planolort.-s, nmewoxl ? d mahogany for- ltnre. Ac., being the entire stock or cwbluet rurailore, oil paintings, table linens, com terpanes silver plated ware, Ac on hand and to be sold po ttlvsiy without reserve to pay advances, viz : ten tolid rosewood parlor suits, covered In rich brccatel plush snd hslr cloth In snlte to match; twelve cottage enamelled cnanib r suits, richly deoorated rcsewood, uabrgsny. walnut and oak chamber "i nltnre. In great va-tety:wa>drobee b< oh cases etngeres, kldcb <arda csutie stauds. solid oak dining room fu mt ire extension dl lng tables, chkirt and 10' beda oove-ed in green rcoa and fancy d? lair e; care teat co'tagn chairs, lounges sola be'ste ids. pure ba>r nistires es,?asy Turkish and pi tin rockers, parlcr chairs In great variety with a large assortment of plain fcroitnre, KOOnd hand carp?ts oxklrg glasses, Ac ; al-n 100 oil paint ii gs tn nsb gill frames, So French snls i>i >r and mantel mlr rors, French china vases, 'ea ware, mot'onups cutgU*sw re Wri. Il>. ?H? atf.-nlO... nt I h. ,-..4., .?,! n|VXM I -it t . 1......... ,.. suef on morning of sale. Good* on bo packed tor shipping on the prcmls- a A'so the line rosewood and Ihiee -mahogany pianofortes, by the beet makers la the city, and ftitly warranted. WILLIAMSBURG AUCTION NOTICB-LOUIS LON.O, auctioneer, 230 Grand street, will sell oa the 2*tb taet, at 11 o'eicck a M , a two story and hasemeal frame budding and lot 25*100 feet, situated on the earner of North eighth and Fifth str< els. The sale will take place on the premises. For particulars of title, Ac , Inquire at the auctioneer's store or on the day of sale WM WITTERS, AUCTION EE*. WILL BELL ON FRIday at HI,11 o'clock, at 53 B'eeeker street all the genteel household furniture of a family breaking no housekeeyirg, consisting of pa'lor aul'a. pier and other glasses, paintings tapestry and other carpeta, hall ollclc'h, mahogany and ether hob-teads hair mattresses, bed' and oeddlng. dre-wing bureaus and waehstands, dining room and kitchen rurnitare; a'so pas chandeliers ard fixtures. Hale peremptory, lor cash, by order ol'mo lgagte. T\l M WITTERS, AUCTIONEER, WILL BELL ON yy Saturday, at 10), o'clock at 500 Broome street, the fur ntture Ac. of a lager bier saloon and boarding house, sefas. chairs tables carpets, oilcloth, looking glasses, beds and bedding, kitchen furnl'nre, Ac WM. WITT EBB, AnCTIONFKR. WILL BELL ON Saturday at 10,"; o'clock at 187 o'd Canal street by vir toe of several chsttel mortgages, e large quantity of genteel househo d furpl tire Ac , corslsting of parlor chamber, dining mem and kitchen furniture. Ac Cash advances on mer ensadbe Out door sales at'ended to personally. WM. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER. WILL SELL ON Saturday, at 10)? o'clock at 187 old Canal street, one msbogsny bookcaec and secretary, one lets a tete sofa, six parlor rhalra. one essy chair, sne dressing bureau one Bruesels and i ne It g sin carpet, one marble top oentrv table, one eooktrg stove, let of dishes cane chairs, bedding, corking stove, Ac 1 be above goods will be s>td b order of a receiver Monday, in Ninth avenue, a general assortment of hmiehold furniture. William ibvino a co. will sell, on hatubday. Ktbruarv 28, at 1014 acock. a' the salesroom No. 8 Pine street a spleod'd aworunent of fu'n'ture, made by Honsot, i mimed from the upper pan of th? city for conveuience of sale, on account cf thb parties leaving for Europe coasts' Irg, In part of Pmneh nreammted plate pier and man>el I glasses; splendid rosewood aid uialtogauy parlor furniture, richly carved msewood suits In crimson, blue and gold is 1 \ brocade; rosewood marble top p er, card and centre tallies; P i g eh Mruiaels ar d tapestry carpets; rosewoo<l and mahofisnv centre tables, eieseres. laJlea' sewing stair.., ell paintt gs, by the old masters Ac Ac, Bedroom furniture?Mabosanv and walnut marble top bureaus waabstandt commodes and corner stands: mahog-ny Voltaire rojkers. la halrc'oth, engravings; seka- hair snd wool mattresses feather beds bols'era and pllluws; Ingrain and three ply rerrcie. rugs mirror* Ac Ac. Lining rioio?Rlark walnti' 0(1 mahogany extenxlon table* 21 extra le*?e?, bookca*e?, Ac.; Englbb olleioih* limiting. Ac.. Ac aI o two anperb luwwrod plaooftrtce axanufac.urtd b; Otlbe.t A Oo. FPlAJIClAli. BULL* HEAD RANK?FRM 20. 1867 -DITIDRND. TH1 Prrelurnt and D'reriora of thU bank, hare declared a kali & early dividend of four per cent, payable <>u and after Monday te 2d of March, proximo. C. 8. V aNDKKHOOF. Oaahlar. THE UNDERNIGNED AR^PREPARED TO TAT THX coupon do* lat March on bond* Uened by the ooiXDtjref Rac-mmeuu.) under an act of the Ftate of Culltornla, cn'-iPed " an art to author Ire the county of Hayramento to fund the out urdina wi rrante drawn aaaloet the Court Honae and Jat fntd cf Hacnunento county.'' Hay bond* No. 1 loltil tnahi altc, for $214376 W WILLIAM HOOK A CO., 60 Wall afreet VVARTin?RAILROAD STOCK, LAND WARRANT*, ft or flrat elaee mortgages oo city property, la exchange for N Ucor kin arbooi land a A dracttptlon from the government. etAilrg >|oaltly, Ac , of the land cube seen addrem box 2 W4 fool odlce LOAM orFICIEH. *1 ?CALL AT THR OLDMJT aND MONT R EL I ABU loan r.flee la thle elty If yoa want froeey on f'uacad1 watches, and erary klad of pereonalp: p?rtj. Pawn ttabm bought. Ram am bar. MACDUFF Aft RRAXI, m Broadway, ooraer of taertfr? SAND UPWARDS ADVANCED OR DIAMOVDR watrbea. and jewelry, of all kinds; alao, cm cloth Mike oa.koriee, wagon* Ac . Ac . or bought and sold ftar mah by T. B. MILLER rommlaalon brokar, 600 Broadway, roam No. \ -CASH IN ANT AMOUNT TO LOAN ON ALL S*l. kind* of properly Pawnbroker*' ticket* for xratrmea jewelry, diamond*. silk good*, Ooll a revolver* Ac., bought at lha highest t**h price. LATCH P.R A 00 , 81 Naaaau street, room 7. V| IU toll iv fo.w-aviMUB v? 4>I Plain on da, wralahaa jnwalrp, all km Prp rood* pxtaoa, ktrdnn Mnn. An. Gi?4i of ararr drMfiptloo bought tar oMk. J. H. lAUlNOU, U Naaaaa Ob oat, room If*. L ^1 - frrinumin loan ornc*. no. sot broad AobTY I !?'!? ODd ?antliWB?n doalrtoc loan* nn all n? kind* of pontona' proiortp eon bo anoom modal PIdMuBPN o>l oo maaanabln trrm and trnaUH wfk SI A TOIl 18. atrial rnatdmaa, bp epll<nr at Ihia otto* .i8.WKt.RT, Pawn tkkata bought at tin hlghaat ratna. MO A AS. A M. LKB. PIANO*, if J. MACDUfP, afml.SOT Broadway. mnnn to '>oan on dt amondr, watohba .uUU jaw a try, r-ra drj gntd*. and all klnda at p*r?or.Al prop arty. or b"-iyht fnr r aah Bnata-aa eonikiar.da At 36 John air rat, eoracr of Naaaau. aeeood Uoor. mm Hi S S. F. NORBl'BT. fcyn nnn TO LOAN ON PBODrCflVK RKAL U dO".' W lain la Una our. In timo front I '??? tn ttiM rarh. AppiptoR flABruau Bo 6 Oaakmaa atroot. *7^ linn TO LOAN-OB PRODOOriTR RN AT. yit/.UUU ra'alr 'n lilarlty.ln an-A rrora pifcij to fit ,)00 on tallrnad b >t d oka "rehan<,iaa. aUaa, rrlrrta. .. wrlty, dlamonda walrita, A? i* approrad araurlUra for kcrl partnda, la ?i -na frnwi |A to P2.1 (PA). J. 11. NAKItlRtlRR, 85 Paaaati atreet, rooat No. I. A 77 BROAPWAT.?BNAL NABATB AND IX)AN OP 111 ftro Ltbaral a.) ran. ao mala oa diamond a waist m jrwwlrp. Ae. Boat aata&a bought and aold with dowpalr* Jowafry for aala. fiOTT A CO.. raom Na. L r? IX)AN ON BONP ANP MORTQAOR-THK FOLIX)WIre anma, oo food Imprtrrrd cltr pronnrtr *4 000. t?mn, iono, 912oro tl?,MQ *>(??. mm its nto, psx too, mo mo. town, turn, ?>?i. loo,ooo fl2mo P44 000. ?4Am0. Ptf.OtO. P90 000 WA.WaTKiWM No. S Ctiawibnra trraA. row Nn T.orar Boat Rlrar Barlagi Park l>fl?a bnnrA Mlto II o'nlaw. OAHB. tinn nnn iataba, Doumtf and o*iv >3 C,\'\t .UIMJ aapara of rarVma qiMBltaa at 2U p^r rant brViw mark, t rataa. t'aah adrannaa madron aavara of aap It or la anj qnantl.y. ( O. t'HKRKN, IT Broadway. T BDIARDP FBOAB OTTAN, 4S3 BROADWAT.-TH1 I J rinri iHnra U thla Mrtahllahmant bar to Inform tbr pnhltr i It At tli* 1*0prolog taken ple*e thla day ?Kh a new and well eelerled frrk of wtnea llronr* ana regar*. kit g*neln* tmoor lAilrai*. and that, la addlhon. a restaurant liaa be?ei attached * I.lab w'll he U nnd * orthy tlx" patrmin^x of lb* pebllo. IiROAL KUTK RII. CJTATR Of UK* TOkK.-flTUVKOOtrlT. CTTY ARB |i County of Now York.? Howard (I.mid. elemttf. agatnet Ja*rph H. Vandereoort uwl Mary I Could, iMkmbuitlMm monk tor relief?To Jnaeph B. Yauderroort and Mary B. OouM:?You are hereby autr monad and required to anawat Hi* oemplelnt In Ihla ar-mn, > f whtfh a ropy < herewith tarred npt n ton and to a*rr? a ropy of your aaowrr to the aatd ana pi. Jill, or the env art I bora, M their ofltr*. Bo. tf! Broadway, (n fti* rliy of New York, within twenty data after the aerrlee hereof, eacleirea f* the day af eoo.k aerrlee. and If yon fkll to ana* *r the aa<d complaint wlth'a the Uma a flu aeatd. m? plato I tiff In thle anion will apply lo Ibe Onu-t lor the relief demand 1 ed In the rnmpialnt. Ikinra Hau A Ye una a runt .. ruintitre Attnraey, Wl Broadway, Hew York. Now Ynaa, Pre. 5 IMfl. | To the d. 'endant. Wart X (lortJt. Tho eomnlalnl In the ahore entitled art lea waa Med H Ute ofrre of the Clerk of the etiy and rooaty ef Hew York, M (be 24th day of December, 1AM Rat'WH, HALL A YAHPKEPOBU Fl'ra Attorney!. rffO A LI' WHO* IT MAY OOHHH** -VAKR NOTTCH i that pnranant to a de?r*a of tlie Oook onunty Oonrt of Com Dion I'leaa. In Mid tor the nonaty of Oook. and Wale of fill note, oa the ehaneery eMe thereof, made (a a oertala oaaae wVrela Partd Otoeoe I* complement, and Id ward BdrVlg* aad el bar* are defrndMrta Alperenue baring elaira* vremet Henry Ring, Mm aril of toe city of New Ynrtt. and now da I roaeea. ermiroided or la aay manter by aald Benry Nine, la rnrred rpon or ptdop to thefrh day trf January. A P. Id*, are required to prraeet and eeteMleh their aakl elafrna and prora np the eame h-fk.w ate, 1, 0. f. Freer, Manter tat Chancery, la aad tor aald annntv of Oeoh, at my ofltoe, la the etty of Chtrapo, In aald coeaty, oa er before the Whdar i*Aprtl. A p l*er. I<. c. FAINK FRRnL J y?L?i u VUft;;rj. Vwk NVVJfc WW TOKK mULS, FK mil Bww, div. Bona fidi sale.-a bark (thanor for bbatt Ufa! ready made food*, for luflea and ohlldr?u at BaU *rl0?L-.8*W * etocfc. Pill at ft99 Broadway. DtZgill*0 wwlV. Heavy ahlrtlna linens, Damask tab.e c let ha. Napkins. Doylies, Henry ds si as Irs Diapers, Re., Is almost entirely disposed ef, yet UKKAT BARGAINS n ,,n k*1"1 ,or those who will call tar them, at the ?u, wmen positively own una in. OflAai.ES (i. HOOK, 703 Broadway. India caMkl's hair shawls. okoroe a. 11karn, 421 Broadway, Has now open a very superior assortment of Real India carne's h lir Long ah tw la, Square nhawls, Scarfs and mantleA Ladies' hoops.?TBI public arb cautioned against worthless and miserable Imitations tn rwlwi thanes of ike or gtu&l and trus patent guUa percba oar1*, first made and introduced by d e. Call at my store aad examine the genuine and yon will be satisfied of It* merlta BAMUEL tl. HI <HOP, eoie manufacture'and patentee for the United states, 181 Broadway. Mourn i no silks.?mournino silks,?a bflkndid aelecllon, fie , 6e , 7t. and 3a per yard. W. JACKBON'd now mourning atore. Ml Broadway, between Spring and Prince atreets. STEEL RPR1NG SKIRTS.?DOUGLAS A 1 HER WOOD'S tiuertor alee) aprtng skirls with adjustable bnatle, the beat article of ktxd the ever produced, ean ne (bund tn au the flrat olaea retail dry goods and fancy stores tn thia otty and through odt the country. Patent applied for, and nana ganntaM no leaa stamped with their trade mark gFRlNG MANTILLAS. We are now ready to exhibit the Iargsst and moat attractive aaaortment of now at> lea Mantllim, Basques, and Shawls, To be found In the city. Beet terme- prices low. R S MILLS M CO., N"? 80 and 82 Chamber* si, uo stairs. SPRING poplin' for mourning-500 ROBES black and whl'e Irlth poplins. $12 per robe. W JACK SON'S new mourning atore, 551 Broadway betweeo Spring and Prince atreeta. To tbr wholesale trade. SPRING goods AT genie's BA7,4 AR. 5*3 Broalway. The iprtng at. lee of ladlee* and children's bonnets have been received at the Bazaar and are n >w ready fur the In ipectlou ef Southern and Western buyer*. AL-O Spring sty lee In children'* clothing, ladlea' robes de obam bra, Ac , Ac , suitable for the Southern trade. uknin's Bazaar. St Nicholas notch THE LAfiT OPPORTUNITY. Ihe entire stock of goods must be dispajed of THIS DaY. The sale eloatng on PRlDaV kvrmng. As a aoerttnen of the latest reduetloa, fink CHINTZ CHAllik ROBES, Three ttnunoes Are marked down at THREE DOLLARS AND FIFTY cents,1 Richly worth ten DOLLARS. Remember this, and. wi'bon' delay, attend tho great sale of dry goods, At charles o. hook's, 703 Broadway. ('AHPBlIWO AM) UPHOLgTEltY. A prize carpet ? The only carpel that attained a medal (rim American lnstltuta, exhibited by HIRAM ANDERSON, who Is now epening la bis extensive sale's rooms. 99 Bowery, surerb medanion velvet*, royal Wiltons, tapestry and Brussels lor the spring usae. .-| cm <1 stoos 01 ou cioins, rugs, sc.. MTBOtOGT. All kuropn abtoini kd-madamk di ooiri the most woDderfut clairvoyant la tbe world, bu just or, rived from Rrglaod, and will remain In the city a abort timet All dlaeaei s cured Ir curable. The exact course o< your peat present and future Ille marked out to you ao correctly tha yi u vi' be compelled lo acknowledge, with thousands In Europe. that she Is the wonder of the world Ofllae, 81 Wert Twenty seventh street, between Buoh and Seventh avenues. Astrology-db wilbon. 173 delanory street. gives the moat scientllkraid reliable information to be found on ail concerns of life past, present and future Terns-Ladles, 60 cents; gentlemen, $1. Birth required. Aw A81ROT/OOT8T THAT RKATR Tn* WORLD-AND 15 m IS Otlerel to any person who can surpass her In giving correct statementh on all events through lite partieu ex'' fReni#,^fc" 1**. n o humbug, nrr does she wish to impose on the unwary. It you want to make a fo tune call and eee this naturally gifted la<ly. Hhe Is tbe only penou In the Lulled States who can give lucky numbers. Call and satis'y yourselves Residence 186 orehard rtrcet, between Boustjn and BUntoa. Al.onk, whs'ry, from paris, oivm true iolormatiou on all events ot life and answers quedlon on buslne a. marriage abseti'. friends, ae.. by magnetism, spiritual!-m si d the science of ancient astrology, at No. 36) Bi oome sti eet. Card-madamk pruwctkk returns tiiankb to bet ft-.ends and pan ens. and begs lo say that, alter the thousands, both in this city and PliU'deipbia who have cna suited her v? 1th entire rati* faction she ferls confident that in the 'inerttots of uatro'ogy, love and taw matters, and hooka or oracles, ss relied ou constantly bv Nnpo con she has no e<innl Che will tell the name nf the future husband. 378 Bowery, bttween fourth and fifth streets Clairvoyance -mnb. bayes, 176 grand struct, N Y.. tlie moat successful medical and business cUir v ysnt we have la America Mrs llAT Krt' roima are dally Clown#a wun uh mom isituicu inura mu n?rpru inuciii-a of ibis country. Wr? Hsves Is dsnv curing Imperfect sight, deafness stammering. tubercular diseases of the t^-n?t and )uLgs djrptpsU. besit ditnt i liver oomplatnla, nervous diseases, paialtsi*. rheumatism scrofula cancers Sa'tafsc Uon guaranteed or no pay. N B ? Rlrctriclty administered by Professor Hajra. MADAMR MORROW-TO* IRVKNTH DACOHTi R baa a natural gin to tell past, present and future events nf life, even Die vary thoughts, and cause tpsedy marriages a bo will all enyov the greatest happiness and good luck through Ufa. and will show the Uksneaa of I be intended h-e bend ap't absent friends, to tbe great astonishment of all who vvttber. No charge it not aatisiied. Gentlemen not admitted; "fi Broome treet between Canaoo and Oolumbla ?iH'flWMT. Drbtibtrt.-db. r o. durkin. oanal RTRRRT near Vartrk, eld No. VK (new, 413) Intltee attention In bis lone and suneemful eiyerienee. Dalle operatlnoa wtthtas new and harmless benumbing agent, pre# anting all palm fitsss moderate. DR. K. WIIAtON. MARtfFAOTrRKR OF TIIR AI.I.KN patent continuous gum, and all oilier styles of artificial teeth T llocd street; benumbing apparatus for aitrarttng without pain, patented. A pamphlet c rntamlng foil In forma tleo sent free to any address on receipt of en# stamp. PtB?ON? WISHING A BKACTTFTT. AND TSKFUL 8tT of troth will save SO per eeat by eetlleg no f>r. NsPO IJtON PKKTKRRR Ibntisl. Ibeyars Inserted from one to a full set will, or without attracting the roita Teeth aitrac ed without pain. Tom bathe cured. 416 Broadway. RCCnJW ASjl ^PRISTS. DR. 3. W PoWRlsL, OOOUHT AND AI'Rlfrr, Attends to diseases of the eye and ear. from ? A. M nutt; 4 P. M. dally, at floj Broad wav. and fw? 7 I'D 8 A. M., at 1M Wast tuurtesntk streak ArUAclnl ayes lnnarted without Iks Ogkieatpla. ~ PORTMO. s t.ttttr nr rrsrisw (iRtvnnr?r.u pit* J\ breed, ran br teen by applying at 229 K?^t Nlnet- i.tb it>td mu Meet tTnoc L'o* PAI.R-A RPI.CRDin WaTCH doo of Til* r n?*l UOC<<IBIH<W1 tUo. In<|iitr? 01.36 Jchn atreet, up ataira ~>ocplcAU ?1 fWUk FOMFRITBD AR3 MO OflABOl UMIJ*** Cl.uUU nrfil ?Or HI' NTf!R enrea when the treat merit of other phvetelane and oil ntbar ramedfe. fall. HI<rC drop la T??r only reliance lOr o thorough cure la rmrtxim dim rurl Mo. .1 Be virion aired I be only place Bow an wad know* for the eery many eitrancdtaery euroa * baa pet fir ui ed without diet or hindrance f'orn huelneaa. wbaa oM other rwtnwl.p* (Wily diire the dtaaaae la the blond 91 only Thij aerun ? the patient from eeeoodert attack. and I* the only remedy on north hat dnae H. Try oil otham and aoa. Beware of o hMdbtU aUPBC Dr. Hunter boa ranorad It la o rBoto fma dwwa'tioo A 31 TOD PCFFF.RTNO F*0* CMRTAIW DtHKARKdl /V Oopooh br (TPRTIItp. Sh Howard etreet t wo dovra ea?l of Rrnodway. Moot private eatabllahmant la the etty. Mc fee iinl' na enred. Dr. lakmomt-r fari* amivi<omi>or mrptoai Adrlaar and Marriage Onlde fcth adtWon -dfl pawaa IPP llhwArot'ona, cloth, Ml, It alma the adrwrtfeed roaaadtea OB J ebnwr the anpertordty of the anthnr'a Farto and laadw treatrnet.t of aeinal dtaeaaaa. ot A3 Mrrmw atrrot. nppaaHe Rl R Phobia ft am 10 A M We rarommend Or Lai laaul to Q< offitctrJ. -Oonrter daa r<d rota. Day Hedfc, itoata haft a* km Dr. oootrr. 14 dcamr wrf.kt, mat rtt oor anlted pnratetp on dteeeaaa tv> rieUmi ./ tataBlanad wmAdonno oaa noil oa htm with (he aamialy of bedna radktolly cured. Cborpee moderate. R. R.? Ma fee ttl hwir<4. Br. watrow haa for a i-omo *rrirr or tram nnaif-- bla atteatlaw tneertoia dlaaaaaa, la wbdrh he iwaaioil nnf idhM thkn (#Rnt? t^oniARil ?j vMWmiI An In. ataace ?f IWIure lb* rtanedfaa are naJAL whbnnt InterruptVon to hmHoeao <w rfcaMe of dint Or fftm la to mut ant ettandaoeo frutn. 7 la the moanta# al atabt. at Ma rape drrte #o We'kor tfreat, a frtr Imn itw of BroMwaa, TWt Manillaa rmuuv aap>arb?? WM ViltiN, n . Fnrmarlp Wnnaaa to thaXwfc Hoaptiat Dr nrroRnw rra(7ttt*.-o n. hammord. m. ?. 61# Broadway, aoptl of Dra. 'Oraoahaa and Mott of (hi dip. and Rlcnrd. ot Park, wbo la the Hrat Hrtap anrieonfe dlioeeea. to., M the actual petrm. ConauHaUnna ialtaclfa and French. Office Uonra from I to 1, and frxa 6 la S la fli em. log rvn, waro's c*ro?n7hatr* frtkkd, ih rne XJ an phi? nitre of rrtnrdlee end but re^ntroa to he known to moet with ontriwie' ?PP'oSa"on and to atamp Dr. Ward eatbeirreeleet bonefmnr OTtheder TV>anr?>rotnodp. NitWnd rtaa metre a perfect eare Jam what ttmao waal who hero eoatro.ded dloeaae Onroa at oaca TW tin forltiwata'a Kiiond alone rnraa ao that It error rnmraa oredlra'ra the i1ia?aa? wKhntit laartnc ha potaoaona clrne la I ho blond to r, itWNote the erwtem Ad wbi hero boon Haf artr? weeka aad aanatba. bp rafltar aa lb. Fart may be -or tela of a otvta. It pott are aodor another doctor and jp-Unf na 1 boflor, mnwlofDr Ward ard he wl'I cure rmt. Unfbrtonmo'o Hleatl. ptVaBl. Fo'delDr WARlb* oNoetehWabodeffine, [old Ma ) 10 'oral Or rot. Hirer loom laat at Winadaap; affloa aurnfraw 6 A. M. UMIf I. DR. RlirH'AOFFtrF.MS nfWTBTOR RTRBRT MKAl Wooator ? At borne tflj I, aad after # o'cleeb. Dr. ooamrrr, 1# miarb rtrrrt, rat br corBetted arlratetp on dlaoaaao The rtrdlaaa of qweehp Beall on Mm with the oartalottof balna hoaorehlr healed Dr. O.'a diploaut (how the Raw Tort Uaimdtp M bfr . C*W, ID AT, KMHU4RT 27, I8i iHurmre. )mtw YORK AND 14 YN* TOOL OWfTlD IT ATM It mall eteimahle tar Liverpool The Culled SUte* nU vteunihiu ATLANTIC, Owl O hMrtdge will 4epw1 *nU we Or lied Rtm>e niille IhrKorope poeltlvelr oo fletorday March 14 it U o'clock M from her berth u the toot of Canal ftrert The rieamere at thte Hoe he?e Improved "iter Op lit bulkhead* Par freight or pieeige hiring eneo billed ee M?flldiMM AW IIWII^. ?J ?? ?? * IK '-OULIHH M Vallscrpel Paeaepgers are nqumd to b? on board at II A. X. All letters moot pia through the Poek cufloe Mr Oth?n Will bo retained

Notion.?1Tho mto of rreignt (Ton uverpoal la reduced to %t ?or ion, BMiaretorat, anUi further notion. VTKW YORK AND I'.IVMRPOOL UNITED STAPES iv Mail Straiuxhlp ilompany, 5d Wall skreot ? Now York. F?b 18 1867 ?The annual elnetkon 'or director! of this oompany will bo held at the ofllce ol Ihto company, No bS Vail a'reet, on Thursday Kb of Mai oh PaHa ooen at 12 X . and remain until IIP M. W. U YuULE, Secretary. JfOR LIVERPOOL-BAILS PBBRUaRT 27, THE r packet ship 81R liOHKitT I'BnL, pier 20 East river; the blp PaTkuIH lir.NttY, for 1/indon sails to day. Karo rend cabin $11) steerage $18 and found Paastgas cm bo snored I'rnji any port of Ireland or Borland at the lowool rales In thia office. Apply to 1 HUM AS 0. ROJUE, 81 booth afreet. sj'OR LIVERPOOL-nBKADNOUOHY LIVE-T1IB r eelebraedcipn?r?Vp ORBaDNOU'JHT. Captain Samonla having niure her 'aa> passage to I) dtyi 10 bom, beatIn* he Dulled Hietes maU steamer will psmUvoIy sill on Saturday, March 7. Sreend cabin, $h); s'eertge, ill Ap ply on boa'd. pier No. 6 North river or to Drill A REST A J ON AH, N i. 40 Mouth street and No. 86 Old alto. OTKAM TO LIVERPOOL, S30 -TDK SPLENDID IRON O screw steamship CITY OP WaHiINuTOI Oapt Wylte, will sail ss above, on Thursday, Wlh March. Fares In cabin, SUO $88, and>8,1 according to stateroom. A limited number of moorage pai-senvera ?lTi he taken at $3U. Apply to HABRL A OOKT18, 177 Broadway. SPECIAL notice to AUSTRALIA SHIPPERS.- nbv York vs. Mane. The new clipper ship KlITY 8IMPbon built by Abraham C. Hell of ih's cltf.wlth ati the mo dern Improvements for model and strength, Is the o>ty a I ship now loading for eustralta; for prouf of which ubipoere sre refrrted lo the marine rejona Tho K S. wbl sail frurn New Yo?h and arrlv'al the port of Melbourne lu advance of any other ship now tn the berth 1'or freight or p tsaage apply lo r. w. Cameron, No o Bowling orceu FOR SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVMB-THB UNITED Stales mail s'earner PULTON, J. A. WoUon, commander, will leave for Havre, teuchlng at Southampton tn land the mails and pi.sseDcen on Saturday March 7, at 12 i/ohMO from pier No. 27 North river foot of Beach street rutw nr rA33AM?.? w-bto... im. w cabin.... v .r?? This rblp bu five water tight codfoa-turent* erx-Toaing the en glues so that la tha event of a collision or stranding. tne wales uculd not r> aeh them, and ihr pumps being free to wort, tha asfety of 'he rcwwl and passengers would b* secured. Bag gage not wanted miring the ?-lyage should be sent on board the oay beture balling marked ' below," Pg. freight or paa sage apply to MOkTIMKR LIVINOOTON. Agent. M Broadway. A. B.?The ateamer Arago wtlJ auooeed the Fulton and aa( pril 4. SThAM HK'I VfKKN NKW VORK a.ND tlb \ri?iUV?.KDlNBDRil, i .'.00 tors, Wil!ir.m Camming, commander. NKW YARK, 2,180 tuna. Bobeii Cra>g. commander; vlLsH GOW, 1 562 um?, John Duncan, oommardnr The'Jlaegow and Bcw York 8teamship Company Intend sailing th.-ae new and powerful steamers from Mow York to (J'aigow direct, aa follow ? Bdlnbuig. Raturday, March U, at 11 oeVvek, noon. Saw York lalurday April 11, at IS o'clock, noon, laagow, Saturday. April U at 12 o'clock. noon. n atK.s or riMiiia First class, $73, third class. found with eooked provisions AO. An experienced surgeon attached to each steamer Km freight or pa-coign apply 10 JOHN Men Y MOM. 17 ffroadwdp. Bew York city bills or gold only received for passage NOTICE TO PAt-HiNoRRa AND IMPORTER* Importers arc bueoy respec fully informed that the acre-v ateamer K a NCTABUO aai'lna lrom i.lverpool tn llth af February, will be deapa'ched direct to New York Instead of Philadelphia, and that ibis i-omptav'i ateamera va 111 la fu lure aall evttt alternate Wednesday from Liverpool lo New York direct with Additional aaUliga to rhiladn'jthi t to meet the requirements of the trade, signing bllla of lading to Philadelphia by each departure. The Liverpool and Philadelphia Steamship Company's Clrde built Iran screw bleamshlps, CITY OF BALTIMORE $3117 tons ...Capt R LeReh. CITY OF WAhHINilTON... 2i?itona ...Capt W. Vfyrtc. CITY OF MANCnKdThR . 2. ID4.! tons.... Cap1 P. C Petrte. KANGAROO I K* tons ....'apt Jellray. Ihe undersoted or other varjela are Intended to aill at follows from t iv f.r rootKangaroo for New York, W edn?adny. llth Feb., 1837City of Washington, " " 26tb " City of H.ltimore, " " llth Mar-h. " Kangaroo, " " 23th " " And each alieruate Wednesday ritOH sari;ICS Kangaroo from Naw York Ihursdey, fith March, 1M7. City of Washington. " ' " 19 h " " And each alternate Thursday. batba or i-as-r rsasAOR From Philadelphia and Naw York. MO, $63, $83. From Liverpool. 31 gotoeaa 17 guineas, aoc It guineas, ae cording to the accommodation In tha state re all hating the same pr.vUrgea In lb*saloon, Inc udtng steward's fees TRisn class i-assasaBRs. A limited number of third claes passengers will be taken, and found lu aa much provisions aa required From Pldladrlph'a aial New York $80 ; ........ , ? parties A'd ara'tlt all*us ni Srlngtog ont their friends at correspond!-?g rates. These l team ships are c.instructed wuh Improved wa'er tight ci mpk.rtn.enta, and each vessel carries an eiperleuved surge-n. llrafta on 1 Iterpeol ?1 upwards All gyota sent lu ihe agei.U will be forwarded wHh aoonoaay and do ipatch Per freight or passage apply <o JOI1NO. D?L? Agent. No. 17 Walnut, Ph'ladelphla, And No. Ill Bro.i Iway New York Win mm InhaN, Agent. No# 1 and U Tower Buiillngt, Llvarpcol. ' AC8TRAI.IA PIONKKR LINE, ESTABLISHED 1831 1 arrvicg the Cnlled Males mall. 1 be unequalled New YYrk bui 1 clipper ablp KITTY mINPHON. 710 tooaregister, 0. W. Brown, master, la now at her berth pier 0 vast river, receiving cargo, and w 111 have immvdlmte despatch Aa tha larger portion of her cargo is H'rr.idt enf aged shipper- can rrdy nj-on bar sailing I etore ?r,v rlup now op trr eiooiirn* k.n. win ue mi lowed Id Marrh by the noble A 1 clipper ahlo kAMBI.hR, I 'JOG U?? reeitler, Lothrup, mauler. f. Bowling (IrNo. I Bight bin* for Ml* and cwhtdTiikM made on eonaigatncnia. OoDi'gnrm Id A uatralla, Meaara Wilt id eon. Brio A Oo. ON1.T I.INR WITH BURR CONNRCTWN.-TRANMrt MB inllee horter than any o<hrr roata, and do expoour* to rl??rna?lg?tn>n.?Untied htaiea M?U Une. Fifty pounda of barrage free, 10 eotta per ,?onnil on eieeaa Foot bourr from or. an to ooaaa, by Panama railroad Through in California via Panama ratlroa.1. Ihe United Htaiea Mall F'ean.ihip Company wIM deepntch lor Aap'owa'l. oa I 1 boraday. Marab 5 at 2 or look P M. pterlaely, from pier foot of bt arron atr-et, Monk rlrer. the well known and teat teamatnp ILUNOId, Captain charlea R. Bogga. II H. If. Faaaergrra aid malla will be forwarded by Panama rail m?d and corner I at Panama with the Pacific Hail tHrvaahlp Company a mmgulbcent rUtoahlp JOHN L BftrUKlfR. R. 11 Pear eon oommaailer, which will be In readtoeaa and leaTe Immediately for Ban Prar cjaoo. The pnbitc are In formed that the Paeloe Mall Steamahip Company alwara hare one or mar* eitra ateamera lying at Panama ready fn- ?a, to aeofal aaa poaalb'e do'oatkm of paeaosgera or mai<a For paaaapr apply to I W RAYMOND, at Iha only office of the oom rin lea, ho 177 Weil treat, corner af Warren atreet Maw orb. Regular Poled fttatea mall atoamar day a, tub and Xtlth of en-n month. AVNTRAI.IA?FIRRT SHIP AMD ONIrY RLIPPRR OM the broth?'Tlie beantlful A I c.Ippe, nljlp flEIKi A(.'N T I.FT. will be fMpalehed *t aa aarly day lor Melbourne The abota Teaael la anoarnr b> aoy now up for AnVralln Hhfp pe-a and | aa*engera era ra<|ueatrd to examine her bef ire an ragtag reewbrre. For freight or pa? ago, at low rnea. apply onboard at pier in hast rt-er, or <o O.fOl'hVE, ARK Ki, J A Ml MOT, lfe Pearl atreet, or MaIlXRE, LORD A yl'K B KaVJR MUM timet. TTMITKD FTATF.B M All. BTK tM <Hir M Ml KOR H A I una and Mew Orlrana ?Oo Friday. Marrh (I, a' 2 P. M , fr?m pier foot of Warren atreet North titer, the fawt and la Turtle ateumahfp PIIILAlHCLPItlA, Oapt A. I). Oray, will Mil aa alio*a Taerage-eaa be aernred at the office ef the Una Freight to New Orleaao, .10 ctnla per coble foot, rorelroi Ma'thS Fk%MfB will be auppltrd with b'aak bllla of la bug of lb. form >igred b* the line, on apt lieatum a' their offiee. Mo other forme eigned, nod an Mil of ladlag will he algaed a'ter the hour of tailing. For freight er paeaage apply at the office. Mo. 177 We?l r . ? rt er of tVarrcc, M ti ItOCF.RT^ agent. ITOR IIW ORI.RAMH AMD 11A V AM A.?NTR A YBtRJY Ml.ACK WaRRlOR, J. W. And 4 nnrmaadnr. wit or mmence r. relying freight oo Friday d?e t th loat . and aol M.rvday Maerh hi. at ten o'clock A. M.. from p er 17 MarO rtrer No bUle of lading algned after teunaer alia. LIVINOBTt^H, CRtycTl BAON A CO.. U Part pUMA FOR HAVANA AMD MOBTI.R.?THR UNITED STATRF | mail (teamahlp QrtKRRCfTT, i*. w. 0 IIIRMI, < iKmimniiw, Wli: lna*e for U?r alrftrn n >rta no Ralardap. Marrb 7, fr?w? kfr plrt* ? Monk rtrer, for* of aprlng olrret, a? U n'oWwR * frrlaht for Mow Or lee M takra and forwardrd from lleh'l* (tan or non.mttaw-nn rnn pae>'? hi l? of lading ran Sa promrwl >1 I ho ofllm at lk? agent* Ho oHiera alanod _ Package* re*rt?ad a> the odlre onlfl 18H a'oloek, ud Mil of lading olgnod up ? the kpir <>f tailing. ** Rl*t' 'rfSTSffntr,. POH RATAHNAH APP PIPRIPA -PRITKP ATATM r wall Itea ?The MIWW AL* HAN A, Captain Ueorge R (i brnrk. will la*v<- oa RatrmlaT. *<th Fohmwr. from pier No 4 Nntlh rlvpr ?t I o'e'nrk P M. Rllla of lading ?lgned en toerd. For frelgkt nr paaaa^e appl* to R L MITU'IIIaIa. 13 Rrnadaar. Ihrmtgb tickete from Row York to J arke <nrilla. 8*1 to rflatka. t? Rio% era for KlaMde man*") a> Rovea aoli ?l h tbo intawa from Hew York oa Tne*dar? e?I Re HNH* CV>R CH ARI.RRTOH, P r TBI RrrtlTOI RIDI f whool WPimablp. RTATR Of QKuROIA, <apt J.J. Oarrtn. wUi nil fnrra rhtUd- pbia for rbarleo<oa, on TaStr <Ut, PNb. 9 nt lOorWb A. M. tAMn pt?v? with fry inportcr Hate ronm arnnnmodnBoM RR1 *ttareg? fr Tim Mat* el ilrorgt* win nail again a* abore, Rnnudaj Mareb IA The ICoral nee Mat. Ml'a for Haraaaalt. a'ardar Maroti 71%. A. hi ROM. in , Agent Philadelphia 81 If. wWren. For horrot.k ard cnttbd Rtator mall ataamahtp J AMRRT'iWN, Oapt rarrlM. will loara for ibr ahora plaooa oa Halordar. tbo *tb loot . at 3 o oiarh P. H.. from ptor 13 North rlrar. Rba will afire at Rrr nlk on Rnndar af??rn,pm. aad at Rtchnvmd ?m Render oral no T~ ?aeongwrt for Ota aonth will pro'tad wttbortl da let St ihr treat tr.all Una I* fbiar mIpp Ancika ta-anruah. Ac Trarellar* will Ind AOs the rheapeat nleaeaiTW and B4M< rapcdHte?i* rrnte. riMfi and far* laelndtaf a'PM men to Rortolli (to reterabarg or ttrbmead. $10, atearaga half pr Ire. Applj tal.rm.All A Pl.g AgAETRHBroadway. WATCHM, JBWKLKT, Ac. Dt a mo wpp rn trami is nwpnorruu.r in. termed that wp Pre mnttnnplly manofteetnrtag, and bare as hand** large a took of diamond jewelry, of the lauw atylee. A larre I of diamond* on baad Railing done Mr tfcp trade, Dtammda banght tor epafc L RMAJHf A 00. ?U Broome dree*. iirow rm.RBRATun oaltfobiiia nrmowrm. B rpoal in brilliancy and appearance in the real Thl* la only place where the grantee original artepl# raa bp fmiad la 'he foiled Hate*, all mhere being baep tmiUtioee. of wblnh * era nlloe the pnMlc to beware. Rlpga pica, atndp bnPana. craaere. braceMn. nerklanw, Ac., all n.onn'ed In I* caret goM. a boleaale dealer* mpplted Diamond* nnaet, all atetaa. tor aate ta man ufeoiii rare oafcr. _ . oTrriAnii^iwii"or f c. romrambr 1 A (?., Haraaa.?We torward freight and parrel* tor all parte of On ha. no Monday nut. Id Mark per Totted btatpp mall ateamer RI.APR WARRIOR frelgkl, w;ib aialemapl of rnnlent* and rain#, aban'd he aeni In on Saturday, la i urns, rjjw k w't a??'?.? 57. [ AMtgJBJMW. WALLACE'S 7 UK A rut. Kkidat FM. 27. MIfcS MATILDA UMBO* OAMILLB. Tn morrow-MKDKA. Moi <lar-GAMILLK r,.n?r?t? at( rpltveaoD uacb oc;a>k>n Seat, to be had L'jre <U>* to MWH T ABBA KKBMK'H HKW TBBATBB. ?j 121 Bhoadwai ana* Houkiom hnm. MM. Lanm Keen. . .. Ho e l.naeee and CuANoa or Tina?Door, open at ft*. the peri'nrmac will HMK/t 1 nUlVUKM. ON FHIPAT KHMNO. FM 27, 1617, dramatic poom. lr tbree acta, entitled r?Unr ANII m* utiKHiric. Heeta eecnred three data In advance. Tbla drama having been mUapprebcnded bv one or <w* eritioo H la reapentfullv dated Iba1 (bit tranelailoti hu not been made by arretdfotdraiuatM an Inferred tint by the ce)? bratec Kuni|ieao arbolar and llngtilrt Jonathan Birch, wboae trai alalion ha been recog'1/.ed by f red'rick William f PriuMa ai the bee' rund.tton o' the original at Que he a f aUKI eveu Kiveu In r glien to tb* pti life. '1 ble p ay baa been taken boil ly hum iblit tranala'lon, pubblind bv Hlact h ermalrorg mnd^n, and F a Hrorkhatia teipzle, wHhont *>) a n-ration, other than la naMMMarr to i li ft II witbbi the hoiinca of as evening a |> rt'onuauee To firodtne the poem an a rt ten by Un .be wou d r?|inre at lean tree Llybu In performance oy relcien ? to U>e edition mei tinned it will b < een that there baa been no deviation ftcm ibe orUlnal. except aa a rove peelMed the fall of earKnerlte In be poe n u much mora autden baa In the play; and Indeed the iceniioua taken generally to the drama cvmteru be origins' a .i-nm (hi-the, rather 'litn the traii-larl >o Oreat ca'e liaa bee a taken to produce the play with atr let lldc'iiy to the ainh r follnelrig in tee arctn lecture, cnatnmea and g ouplogi, the ceiebratnlobef d'o'uvrra of Rtt.nch w bode volt d the be?t w?'?of b li'a to illuelr do t) In ft' at ? ora; and n ihoi.ld be ?dded ala?, that every mye of tbe muile In 'be pie ?' la troni Spnhr. tAwiDurlc aeec'ed aod airungrd by.... V- Thome* Baker few sceoerv, by Mcsara Hawthorn and ln?y few rrnperllea and appointment*. bv Mr. W. Dnvnrna b ew machinery by M- martend Km- latanie hew wa<drube. by .. Mr Hnlloca and > ai tetania Under the Immediate aunervlaion of MI?S I.AIKA Rr H.VM Dirt KIHI.HON OF CIIAUaCTKUa Fmtat, an aged arholar Mr. C. Wbeatldgh MephltdophlieH Mr <lao Jordan Magner a undent Met d lo Fan-1 Mr. Ntoddart Valet tine, a roldier, brother to M tranerllc Mr. IJngtivn Br under aao'.dler, friend to Vs-eutlmi Mr. Altefoe Ftoccb C ) Mr Bar as Plrb<| < btudenla. > Mr. Be arm Fr'lz ( > Mr Hareonrt Altioayrr ajoltv landlord Mr VfnDotiall Varanerite a roung p* enact girl Mlra l.ntira >(eenn Martha, ber confidant .. Mra I rat an B^wa;::::::i0ora')~,'on't',l''?u^le \::]ml'u?E5 W Itch, a cr-ature of MeyblrUiphllea Mra A'I wood Spirit* of (land < horrm of lleoirne Peasantry, S*o fonts, ll To contpuda With the amualng rarce of FIRST HliJIII \ CADXMY OF MUHli! -JTALIAW OPKRA. 11 r hihay, r>> /', (Third nu?>?c mil m night.) Feccnd appearance <hUi teaaon of Madame ( OK . 1>K WILHURST, when will be performed Keillor* favorite opera, LA SONNAMdULA. Madsme Corade Wllhoist a< Aahia Rlvli o Big I lherlnl | Count Rndolpho .Big Morel'I I lrec'or and Conductor Maurice Ftrasoseh Parquet Dreas Circle First Tier $1 He cured heats Mc. eiUal amphitheatre IB cent* Family Olrc'e Ml cents I Private "nes from $rt to ? Th< box offce* for securing aeata w II be open dally from 9 A. M or til 4 P. M., at the Aoademv of Mualc; Hreuslng'*, 701 Broadway ;Ilall A Bon's 219 bm*4 way and Van Morden A King's, 46 wall s'reet <)pe'? , ..romene** at K. On Tuesday. March :t benefit uf Big. ftBEIllNI, when will be performed tlj ThOYaTOttK. BMTJ'SRI'M?FRIDAY (F?H. 27) EVEN .TDK CHILD OF T K llROlMENT, with trie or , k, lane a. Ac. Madeline, ttlie M*ataver. cer ge. e, Mr. Bildpraan. Oama>d. Mr Hadaway. A con . the Pomes Tortcuie*. ?nd MAJOR JuNEf COI IT 1" Afternoon at 3. THE IRISH TUTOR, a danco the Poses Torte uses, and MY NRIU'IROR'B WIFE, the living nba, torn living ser?entv happy family Ac. may be seen. Admiaelon 26 rents, children nnder ten. 12Si ceMs.Q BUCKLEY'S BERRNADRRR, NEW IIALL, 6*6 BROAD way. opposite the Metropolitan Hotel Fkidai KrreiNO has 27, lltsrrir or Messrs F. d PAtlf* and JOBW o'aNSOU. on which occasion will be performed BOMQit TO I'M. KANE: On. Arrajsn in inn atone Regiohe. Preceding which NKORO MIN8TRKI.KY. Commences at lit o'clock Tickets, 26 centa; o-cheetra neat*, 50 cen's. On Monday evening, March 2, by reoueet, the opera cf BOHNAMBl'LA _ _____ TBI ORIGINAL "CBRD-TT'B MINflTRELR," The oldest ratal,Hshed band In the world J.W.BaVKOKAK II PlBUCK Proprietors, will pet form in Mew Hrunewlek, Monday and Tuesday, Feb. xi and 24; Palerenn Wednesday and Thursday, 26th and 26th, Brooklyn Allien;, urn Saturday IHth, and opea at Concert Ball, Philadelphia Monday, March 2. J. T. DONNELLY, Agent. BROOKLYN ATHRM.FrM -TBALBRRO'I CONCERTS Fkicav. Fas. 27. The Management have tha honor is anniunee that (by per ml 'Ion it Maui Ice blrakimeh Ks<i .) arrangeinenla hare been made with rsauui and Madame FaTfl bTRaROn H who will appear, on this occasion only, In coujunetion W.'A Mr. TilaLlthKO Madame D'aKUhl, Madame JOUANJidKN, Mr. MURK*. Oonductor Fig, Abtlla Fl'st joint aptwamnce sf Madame D'ANORI and Mile 1RRKSA FARODI. Il>e duett of "Hemlrsmla ' By Mile TERES A FARODI and Madame D'ARGRI. First tiuie In emerlea of Mr. Tbalberg a OR AND DUE IT ON "THK HDUrBNOIS,'' By Mr. 1UALHKRO and Mr BUHKK. Mr. TBALbk.RO will ptsy fantaaiaa?"The Prayor ef Mnecs " "ll.iras, Sweet Nome." serenade "Don Pasquale," ' Lucrssta Borgia," and ' The Huguenot" duett with Mr Hl'KKB Mile. TRMKRA PaKCDI and Madame D'ANORI will sing the duett * tHorno d'Orrone," from Bemirauna. Msfanr D'AMORI will alngarlaa? 'Tafle." and "Rloel Wail/ " Mile PaRODI and Madame PaTTI PTKAKO*< M will alng the duett from "hurms " Mile TKARta PARODI will sine the rendu from "L'Btolle du Mord. " Madame PaTiI ?TRAKOHCH will albg "Within a Mile sf Kdluboro Ties " Ms dame JOll aNWKN Will slrg "Grace," from Meyerbeer'a Robert le Dlable. Mr. JOSEPH HCHER will play's elegy aid the duett "The H nguenots.'' the Mil or SBATS f oasr.vcaa WedneaJav Feb 26 at Hene's bookstore, dandSird'e muste store and Van Borden A king a Oa Wrdamdar and Thnr<4aj wl'l ho aotd >ba VI V) nwwwj foataonly Onr'rtdar tba VI and remaining VI SO Mala, and In tb? arming ai the door Cocrat t oommaacna at It. rAI.BKBtl'* OORlUBTS IK WM.I.lAMRBtBQ. Ot>?on ?flari-aiiar. Ffg a. I'Koti RaMMI . rant i. 1 Romania?"flnUlantn* Vail" Mad Tohaiinrrr 2 Faoiaada?"? a Hrmnambula Hi Tha'Oar* S. Arta? RalTo" Mad IFAagri A ' Tba Tmnmln" Mr Jaa Burba A Aria?' Barber of F?? Ilia ' Mad. P'angrl (. Kauiaala - "Maaaatallo'' Mr. Tbalharg I'AMT II. 7. DtiaR?"f emlranila'' Mradamaa D'Angrl and Jabaaoaaa K. pome, karat Roma' Mr. Tbalbarc V. "Oram," Iram Robrrt Ir Riabla Mad. ./ohanaaan In. "i a Melanroila" Mr. Burba 11. Srndo? "Ornarrntola Mad D'Angrl 12. PaDlarla-- ' kJlmr d'Antora'' Mr Tbalbrg rrndortor W( Aballa. Oat cart room erraa at 3; door a onxm at 7' Tteketaalth aaat* la ta bad at Rr-otar * mualratora 11 RovJi Ran nib atr*at All ara a an?? d daring the gap may ba bad oa ibr araolrg at lb* in r THAI.Bum; R MATIHICR*?TRTBP RKBIER Vorntr Mai (a S?Tari'iiaV. Vnn'ii i obacrtt lion tkkrtr lo be bad at Thaihrrg'a m ka. oflicaa IKK hCIIKMR FOR THIRD oRKIRH CVit r?'n o* pianoiartr aalrrttua* mUralj different from iboae at tba tint aad arernd rartra arilKMR OP TRE PIRRT MaTIKKIC. Moamt. Maarw J I. The Ragiian< la. 2 Tba Hamaiole S Aba Boaaaa li larmiaaton for luiwb 4. Ihr Miarrrra rTraramra) na the Alexandra Organ A tjnnr'eti Puittaat 0 Hnaaa. dweat Hwna 7. 'Jod aara tba Qmmb. RCTIFMR OP TUR RROOKP MATTMBB. TiiraaiuT, Marrn 3 1 Poana da IIago S trmiao. V Orndoaa Rntnaaaaa ana part 'an. lotrr-nlmlon for Unrh. 4 Flnala?'Tla Pnrltnnl ' on the Alexandre o-gaa. A Ata Mark and Sarenad# by Scbubarb A Tba l<aa( K r 01 Bum. a-ar. 7 ffemlmmla THAI.BEBQ H COMCBBTB. ?MIBIrO'A RAPOOR. Trrarar, Maacti V Tba Managamrnt bar* iba honor to announce Ibal fty r?f nawaaf MarrtaaHirak'.*. h. Ran i arraoramaot* hare k m made wHfc Mil* TRRRRA PAROPI and Madam* P4TTI RTRAKOhTH. who Kill tCNv, on tbl* oeraelnn only. la reninactien with Mr. tHAI.BRita. Mod am* D'aRUMI. Mataai JOB* NNRKN. Mr. BURRS. Conductor Abelhl rna utl or Hits nrmniN on, Mai eh & L^HAUBA REINS'* TIIRATRR.?NXTR A A DVRRTINS teat ?lha M>nt|mml would reaperi/nlly aanouaee to the poblV the b#n*M at thl* emabltahmant. on Natarday, r*b. 2b cf i ha NHIRT PFWRRA TRIOR, nn a bleb caaaatnn will ha pneeated lor lb* ill* time, the nerraatal drama. ia iliree act. fAl'T aUD MAIIlOl STIR, tope t her ellh other eaierlaiameana. Tbia appeal made to tba fenammir >4 lb* New Terh pahlle by ap braaioloat and aerial an argaalaaitaa aa the Shirt Aewera Talon lb* bncebrlaJ a?ha?aaea *f wbljh ara betna raatiBoallr taH In oar m.dnt, wlJ II la Imped ba raapomdad to ta the nana! aplrlt of liberality which an eminently eharao art/ea >ba people to whoa h la made. T ATBA KRNNB'N NRW TfTSATRR. 1j bxtra Mi met. BRNBTTT Of THR PIIIRf IRWRRS' TNIOV. Rati *o?r, Fas. ? The lady Mara*era bar* Uia plaaaare to aanoaars that Mien I.anra Rear* baa la the kladaat manoar placed lha eaura reaotirara of her ?; laodl.1 <wub bbaeat at ihetr dtapoahl on the a hare neeaaten Tim new ami an or tarfol play of T Al'NT t!in MARftCRRITR. with Rpol.r'a muWa, raat ta the full atrrmalh at her pewerftil company: io*?thar with, foe the flret Baa. a aaw naNewal drama aafltie<l -ow 7<> Hhi two* now ?rn B"0r> H?TOR^(Jr?ri^ni*RIHTT"H VIIRTRBL*. HMnrtey Fob. J* 1*7. 0?niRMMf. TBI BetaMint am nuiy. LADT RltmJiy, At lh? Aid Mon-ur cminnc i'iip loomi. THAtJtlBO 8 OOKCHBTR-FH* HIACTTTUIj II. urmpli know* M tk* Almihi (krfMi Molndaiaa. wtlth Mr 1b*lh?r| 9rW latrnd*?*d In Ha Mnrwrt*. Mid whi?h wo?? m natTitmlM idiiitrid In hti Ultimo**. m mionfietnr.d by AJuindn. pw? * Ma. a M ud Mr *ml? br rillH FORD A TO , MI Rnmdwmy pAHMMn of Thai brrfi ?nrtB. ERM rOMOIWTt -TO* WATROR. (VAILIY RARtnrd in8 wittor RinMi *?> li'k frveA* tmmt to fntw* T will bo plinod to moot ftm at I JoWei, Mirth"** termor M OmmJ *nt Mid *? Rmdrif |>MI, lowed 8o?. PF.RRAMB TICK IT! CAIf II OBTAIRIP OF Ml ehooporfhon wywhoro ol?", wnnwntwi ?'?"> . I 9, ? toniV, it! gr<mi?v. rvo* f | 7 Q?OAJ1Wa* TH*y?Tliit ~ Ja m. Uiw'?: ? A- niAa? *IM* Muta*. i TBe one wd cvui) I) < i n***|J Til,., *LOCTOH This r??. 27 ^orr. mn n ri.M IUK AO f ABMK.'I anhKIKI.3 Ma 1. - k K AS FIB ? nn, "AjtBT. Tho 'woe of TRb VM *< Wil.ow ? lb*- |irt|/?o me sustain*4 bi .be tail 'slen / the ssmMso* con pStiT. To narrow nlgh'?Tie HinafU - Mr H. PtiACIDlbad hie last aire .ranee Mr BJ AKF a- T'fK I.AeT MAW. Its MtOrMb if PI,a?'H h a? IMS. OMOMtOl. Mr H l l-aCinh. la the tare- of I NK F1 .at MI'IIIT 1 hr hfir?|rniibt rrg-n* <<> ajianmoetha <athao-t<t la>i '# poalii 'uol Mr FObRIdr. Ima u mm sUl f??i ( Ul reapntaranre. A rrm * dramatic ar.t aerate anoetaile, o wb rhaaba' novel and wot d>rful cmbrmaacrs will be lalro uo?d, s ta aettve prr,a**lti a. BBOUUBaM'S BOW MR V rHBAtlUi ? IS !.?? ? Mr *)k Acilrg an I Italia Manager Mr. J. Ml H'rare On-h* traChalta Mi rente T)r?as Otvele tat Boa? Mttnlt! Ft and '?allsrv 12V, onnta D om op? at Ml *Mb at 7Ja n'rVutk FHIDAT Eramiru Faa. 27, i8ff, 01BELI.0 M>!U# and DaKOM TBb Mt/iajbW FaRMblB. BCRTON'8 NEW T"R.UR HHOADWAT. Kridav ? An Inimrna.- overflow, II .adrwde ?able to f at a 'n tsavin last night then.fore ibe aanui pteeea wll M r(' (talrd to night Ibe greet eonrdT of fOM^RT A ?OW. In which Mrasra f <i ton and Mrniignam will saatala their Off* glial ?harar.'?ra Captain Cottle, Mr. Burma. Ja*h "una- y and J? Begg??k* Mr. Rrrngham. lb ttiby. Mr. C Wlrhrr Fnaar. .Upper. Ml? PeBj ?*??a**, she eit.amrlj hnrlevnoe of tllk Nfc? ft MIL1.R. Camilla, Mr. Burton. U<? %.ihc ?r Brougham. A/maed. bin r^i1' M?rahail To morrow?The eomrdti ?f Tlta. Kil'B PHAHT MM American tuwatrk. onamrbrb mm, |UT| Hurioa'a) Man ages K I. 'arraporl aad H Wa'k'aM Drm rlrele and orchestra ae?u Ml parquet 29 mat tpper circle 12 eer'a; arate in prita'* hom SI. KHIDAT Kvichiao, Faa 71. Brtffl"*. I,.i<lua Jualaa Brutus. Mr. E L. Dnvsepert I.AlMill AAD ?M)? FaT. nhmil si Kafoa __ Mr. H. WaIAMb TUB CORONER'S INQCCHT. Ooroter M>. BriWM Ci KO. CHR1RTT A WOO'8 I MlN8TRK??, (ft Broad wag, batoa Uraat ?si Henry V0.1l Baatae? MaeaMWf Oeo Christy Mega ?WW BiX FATOBITB PfROaN TBIB WIU. oraa at ih t imiil. NROBO MIlOCrRBbBT. CcneJndtnj with tbla avenue ? Iharadap-BRW VOHK FUdar-MAAyl KBADie B'LU Ratuiday?Flrat time '.his tomnm tllK IflSUUiatOW MONlRf " Tirkote 28 coata; to oon uienoe at 7X e'elecb. Midi A Hit'B' IIAM.. 472 IHUOWAT. iMTI (trend street open ev-ry rig hi. muMMk| MewJay, Feb. 23, la#7 BRYgurn m^ruL*. competed of thirteen talcmcd ?rfo mr-m, in * ilrldr ifJMf Miny* dances, br.rlee<|uea conueajttle#. (a trader IM ttW< linn of the celebrate* eoinedihoe J"rj B^yut Baa Brraat aL?l Ne I Hrjact. Adinlastnn 2ft saota to ooataaeaee a? Tie o'clock, _______ WHITE! OPKBA HOt.'wF. 4# HOWKkf -TOE ABOTM establishment, having fttu re-built and MAGtrtritl-Tl.t Mr nOOOHATIO throng boat, wid re 01 en to morrow NAT I) Hl> .V ?KB 28. with the original and we'l known WI1H? taKKN aIlKRN, escalating of twelve talented v rtorme a, tn aodluen te ?Uife the Manager haa elTectrd an I'ligagamaal with the tacerlM vocal tat, If lie LoriiB nac, b?r Ural appearance In tbla .-'ty in two years, tegeihae wUM t?. rlaw the ccmie vro> I a , a. W Hmlih, ibe uerlaaMed tairh< rltiial, tb" Infant Mlsl"r In ber daneea. At Dearsopym at ti^k, coinmebre at 7 W Admission ?I'srunatla, II esav; bairn, ti cauls. reserve! rests 2ftceuta R. B.?A grand sacred cor cert on Sunday March I. ___________ THE VIW VORK .kkhican MC-IIC AieociAnoir? bEt.ONO I.H ?'? "NCeMr of iku rca>00 will be at l'?two- in'a a) on (06 Broadway, M Pniiiav kva t>e Fan -7 at 8 o'clock. The following artlatr wll appear ? Mra. E. O Roatwlok, MIm ti M Hbeppard, Mr llcnry C limit,, Mr Wm fawn, Mr. ('aodldn Haiti Mr Giebel. and Mr. J. n. Jobiton. Mr <7i?a A. UulhaeUd, lege ber with a vocal uumrtet and full rbo ua. Tjpkete. al 9B ten*a. may be had or charftaberg A Luis, "89 Hroadway; alro of Ua"'. A Hon, OH Broad ear , Fran run mdbm-m. in unnr. on doer from Rroedway, will ?o?n 00 NaturdaT, Pefc Mk w:th ? of. raencing at J in the site-noon 41 d el 7), o clock. DrPNRl.rOHP OMLK T, *?7 BROATIW'T. 1 he beat collection nf pa nUmre on Ibis tVatlaect. OPhlt DAT AMI HVWRINO. klngle adnilaaloB 2ftcenta, reason Uckels V) caaia. (70MMF.RCTAI, HALT., JBilbBT CtTT. J TUK ORIGIN L, f'llMHI Y> MIRBTRCJL fine ninht only Friday eveolig, Feb P 16?*. ARRHOl.n. TDK HKaHDkD H11V OK THE MAM IM miniature. *!! remain 00 eihlhlikm a,i this weak al Ma. 327 Broadway. upprvl'r ihe HronOwnv 'hratre. from IB A. M. 14 1' M , aid evenings he win lie exhibited at the FoM'a Harden, Bowery. Admi 'a ce 12', oruia. Til Kb Pi a N AKt-OCl ATIO.N, IMIHfKD 1MB ?MR Ama'MS rchnol elaares enlarged racaa-fee frr (eeladlea and acsernl gen.lrmea Apely al H.e eoetama war* bona a. 18 Prince air et Friday evcalag, at 7H o'clock. Babliraal lo morrew evening Fvrfe tnaare Wednesday nail. Mr. ard mrb H.irFFaaefw a mew w>cai bvrleauoe, al wnrrr * opbra hochm, 4H Bewary. oe Moadaj March X Sceoery new. maebkaery, stage meets, kwal bite. OPRNH OR BATI'KIa V - PR ?Rk LIM MVNWM. Iff Uraad street - The only eembtiebmeal la IAa MaMsd I Utea a here iba Model ank>s are eikiloted. PtrtraVIm twice vver* day. ermmeaclag at 3 In the aflemaen sad at "X o ak ck la the evening. ______ L"?R?R fOHt'KRTR. RTKHT K' OH'i WAMHIWafgn r liouao, oorih'Mi roroer of nanal nbtm mm worn mmrnm ?aj I) lac*- 1^* '"l-owU ( ta oat aoppar nlaailfi nfl H ryijTi* m Watan? Hill Jamba, tikaa ruMand WaMb kbIOi AS rofrrahmeai# of vha bw imKH, Mi Mdm tor a?*a>l-?loo. H. JuBBBON. Froattotar. lata ilHafcna oil Til It MintX MIL! MIRBOR at ih? CBINVHS al^KlllLV ROOHP, M'J Broadway Owli it lo ib? oil) naappowad dnaira u> in tfca IM LallV Or PaRiiaa'* flirr Karimam, aha haa bean |?rriadad lo appaar at th? mb't iXn. ?' W* abort painting oa TrWlar, Rot at day, and Htndai Itaalaaa Feb 71 * aad Karrb 2. Otf! tlnbeU 91, admitting i?a- pnanoa. For aata at Mf and 393 Broadtady. A ( AtP.-A >OIRBE Wil l. BR OIVBR 01* ETRRT 1 hndajr ard Pa nrdot turning, at Prao 9nl| Mall t<*? Huadwty Itarpl a U - >rm?r ? at P o tweb Ad rMnaloa JK mala, io adm'i a gra-ipman and lad aa Tba Paatflr r? t*'n aa t la anaek*,! to (bp ball rorm. wfeara parUot wM be an ummodatei la tba baot btylR T)UT| FLAT*.* KTAVD4BD AJfD nX aor drama, aad all aihorraMfctad rlata bwtalaby 9L FRBRm 111 Niaaaa Nratl Row Torb prIM lffc aai paoh 'aa Rw 91 bo<iad rplu??a 91 A P'ay IWMM 'aaSaX**** 'ota aaal br mail, TOtR* MOB Ham.kt oi?l? wamkd rtv bali.ct <>ttui w tr??< I hr'ith ?ltfc Beompanp olao. l?" I md 1*4 Mjhfe Aanrar* Onrd aalarlaa and * ?!? ?. rag-m- n?, wall aaoamy. wlllhagltan To aa j ouo atfarfao-ad la paaliiaitBtd anl .lairing tbaj mn appip at .to. 114 Latrraa atraat. Htw? a Ki ud 12 o'rlBffc. rpniATRIOAt >OTl< B. JfORTn HATWWAL Til | 1 alra, CkMf* Ullnnta. CapatMB <if *atB|l UH MMBAfbr BbOTB MUkUahirx-at will opaa oo ItaU M akl tm nirmff wiwrn lwdi-a aad ?M)?nm ai aafcawW<*dhM hmi wlabtr.g lo raaaga will pa*w addnaa bb bBiiB. fta all fry rmc BALL MUM. /" rami RALtr-or RaTI ROaT rtrr;io. m ?. V I at M .la Carolina Varlao daaaUig aoariomp. II 1la*a?4 all Bp*. lha ball will mirn o? a a'rlnel and clooa at II TttBafa .HI' -nla. Maaara maat arary dap bi } O'duofc f w. |R I OUTMARCH Wlttl TUB WfRH IT I rr any ladles aad atillaman who wars praaant atlAs lata ball al lbs Raw Tort Aradawii of Muai for U? banaMdt I ha Opara fm.d. a aronod -na will ba gHaa bar lbs aaa ahjart ao 1 uaadat, I4ih of April asrt. whirh H la itiagat A?A anrj aaa fn bcllUm-p and 4a. nana* an-at the fbw, radhflim of whir b will bo pobllahag at BB aar'y gap. *bw tobb. r?b. *, 1AR7. ' THivri.1 VMW ajt'inw. HTDROR RITRR RAILBOAH Ob aad attar BainrBap. ftbrmrj 14, Ml BB?1 tm+m Br .Or a, two 4 Blip atpraaw Irataa for Uudaan, cbbAbbMbb. wtlAoot rbargr of -are dlrert for Baal Athaap add Tiw.alR tratna of taa Rndaaa aad H-aioa RaBraadT wlB 1 A-? bora iumi atadoa aa followa ? ?. a ? a -I..- w Www A IWn ah BOB W U I it I.-..-*: r'7?pU at ni? aiU./mo?o P. R. Tbi e.iprte* mix M .110 r win ma awly M PmUm*. Ma. far the armmiMidattM of local mm, aad ifalfer l eaalrtanl irala will be diema-.taned. T"ne rnad bfitwn Row tort aaA RadeM Am Mm rfa paired. ?<l leaew la toad maatr.goriar^ a^ar?m? N f.w yoek^ prr 17, i?r.?river op*r * ai,ba< ?!? ** Trwe.?the mrataar ritK TO RKtl>DT m leate i iar 16 R. rtA titer fa. i of Liberty arwv Mir <rrltf>> etetlaf. at I o'e'oek, P. M. rietetat reMlted rtrj Aar. 8?adayi areepted. NEW IIIWT RAit.ROAn-iRArarRATTOR A# Want laftna ?h March IV -Rnra traiaa wlfa naROM 'i.'keta beiwaia law Irrhaad rvitdelpfaa, far* 04 LeaeH | Raw Tiwh at 7 A M. on the M and M ?* ?*. " 'ma In a lira train* frrtii Pfellade'phla W to RMarday fae 7? a March. XTRW TORE ARTT HARLEM Etll^nAD.-PAH'f IN Albany 01 -Tba nani r'n? <m ?bla -cad far AlbaaR ill Irate far norner of While aad Ot .Ire fareeta aa faBeWi >Etert irorntni at 8 10 e'elookldWT a. waotre at t tiWik, fare tkrcafh to AtMar will M two dejara. fa tewfaWK - Mond" 'Sh ^AirrmJU - , Raw Traa, Peh 14.1W. >~ffW'iriTTy'n rrjk ?t:i.*otn-opetial r*v I u< i -on ta a1' r 1 ? , '"s " waiaa td I aea iti.crt otrr the Rrw Tiwa avt Erie Re. read. Inttlar 'M nrtaaaet depot, foot of Doana wren, daily OMAayawrwp. lid. b>UpR?:? IMA I Pnikirl rtprrea. 15 #. M Rail trwa If * Rrwhort ami Rockland mnty Or o-ere. It i< r R. niakt rtprraa. Harrier. Heched brei.rb Mantl. Rn ad rare* fa farw. Ticket ..(llrra-Ai lepo' far* of Pvrme etrtat, ,7?, |?i uwt J4R R: tdwar , ant at depot .Tetter ritT. * ^ P < V ?u V, fcrra- E - ter .- ?. tw pfrrr .rr r lc67.