Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 28, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 28, 1857 Page 1
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TH WHOLE NO. T486. INTERESTING FROM CENTRAL AMERICA, Arrival of the Colombo*?Affair* in Nicaragua? The Fat* of Walker'* Despatoh Boat?Chria. Lilly'* Schooner Captured by the Allie*? Affair* at Grey Town?Operation* of the Allies on the Lake?New Enoroaehment* of the Engliah?Extension ** of the Mosquito Territory ?Grant* of Land South of the San Joan, to., Ao.. *0. w* h?i repaired by the way of Paiaaaa later ad vices from n'1owi(m, Tie dale* from Guatemala are to the tttfc nit, Baa Salvador to the lit inat and uoata Kloa to Uio Mh loot. There la no later news from Nloaragua, hut Rome additional Information of Internal. OUR PANAMA CORRESPONDENCE. Paaaii*, Fob. 10, 186T. Nothing Later from, the South Hem from Bogota ?the Panama QueUion?Tiade with the South?Ntiot from Central America Uj loot alter, forwarded by eteamahlp Tonne? oa, gave jrou all the South American and Auatrallan news, elx oo whloh wo have had no farther intelligence from the Botnh coaat. The next steamer In duo oa the Slat, hut a It will arrive Juat In time to be too late for the Illlnola, another fortnight muat elapee before It can be forwarded to you. It Is to be hoped that tbe eatabliahment of the United States mall line between Panama and Valparaiso will noon remedy thta very great cause or oomplalnt. I tear, that ae a remunerating aptoulatlon, the line will not pay fbr some time to come, th ingb mere la no doubt It will eventually prove a source of proat to the Unitholders. Our local news is very scanty, but suoh It la I ahall give It to yon before touching upon our Central Amerl oan affairs, of whloh the arrival of tbe Columbus furnished us with a fair amount of interesting information. In the otty everything is verj quiet, and we are anxiously ex pro ting from Bogota eome particulars of Mr. Commissioner Morse's negotiations wih the govern meal relative to the nrieeoth or April matsacre, hoping that eomething will be apteully and definitely io it led about the matter. Rumore prevat that athe election of our present Governor, Cairo, will be set aalde on aooount of tu Illegality, and that a sew election will take place It this be so, all kinds of political animosities and bad feeling will be awakened agaia, and no oae oaa tell bow or where the nutter will and. Oalvo baa oertalnly got on vorv well stnoe he haa been la office; that Is, he haa done nothing tor which he can be either pralaed or blamed and It woald be a pity M ezelte toe people by a convened election again. As regards the tonnage tax, we still oontinue to resist Ita St; meat, but the British pay u without murmuring?that , without any remonstrance n the part of their Consul, at least aa far aa we can bear of? wbe evidently appears to think the Imposition q u>e right and proper. The French Consul consented 10 rare it paid on one or his country's r ease la on tke Uo ernor'i string him Us word nf honor that he would use very mean*, even as far as toroe, to make the Americans pay; bu? aa he has not dons so, It la thought that the French iooaai will not be oaugbt tn auoh a trap again. Although Panama appears rary dull, there Is, I am -assured by the mrrehanti, a s etdny toe resting satinets being done The railroad now ad >rda soon facilities for procuring goods from Europwaui me United dtatea, and _ also of exporting articles the. were formerly almost valueless, that Panama prnmis?a to beoomo a market of oootldtrable importance to Centra and doom Amnrlot; ad the new line of American steeme.-t to Valparaiso, mad the Panama Company'! linn to Central Amertoa, already npen, will aOcrd oonsaw>.r> on me noait U>cr saved ftcllltint for reaching ua At Pan teas .Star and Meruit has a long article tn Monday's 'tene on the eeiablltnmeat of as annual (air, or maraet, on toe Ismmus, something Similar to tho old fair of Poruirwilo, and the Idea Is wcrMJOJ of nfipm OOBIU1OIAUod< The railroad is now la eso Hem order, the old brldgei are almost all snpersedod by solid strootu'ee on atoao ubnlmenis and the Iron wura for mq large vladuot errors tbt Cbagree la almost reedy to out up; it one be dona withcut Interfering wild too irefflt Although tbt natives grumble vary muoe at tbe ra<irotd oimpmy. a> the oause of baring pul a stop to tnrir prun.i, uiers 11 wore money spent m mtbly by the oompauy op lbs (slh mag ?hat> was ever in oirouia'i n before; the large sam T& ^SO.iCr * month Is oonsteotly pail by the nojioan < "tr wWfs wh?n we ad I In tbl?, st least 924,009 spent by tbs itenmsbtu "d?"*"'**. "i $'6,009 by the yenssis of war, It makes see.7 ?? nil spent J bard ensb In tbs oonatry. lh_ ,... Tbs steamer Oolumbot arrived ber? -Tn thep tight of lbs tth sba dropped screw, i <wben about 70 miles from Panama aud la oonsfq-.^*104 bad to ooms to anchor aad s:o<f op a boat lor assistance The Panama Mill Steamship Oomoeay'a steamer Panama was Immediately das patched to W?? her op, which abe satisfactorily accomplished *We bare newt from Uetteaalt to j an. at; San Salra lor, Feb. 1, and Punts Arena*. Coaia K.' :a, February 6. Tbs news from Wn ksr and of hia movent-mis Is not so Ints as that rsostrsd by the O. tsaba and rewarded to 11' yon by ibe Tcnncmofi From Oontsmaln tbs political sews I* unlm^artaoi; (be oouairy was quiet the ooouh.ea' orop Is sa d .tot to be mere than half an avsrage one The (reatent pori'on of this article of eommeroe dot-its way to Us English market. Tbs codas crop Is saM to to be getd. As yet tb)e article la not produced in antD -iest quantity for si portaUon, bnt large plastations bare lately besn mads, and as the noli and ollmate are peculiarly adapted to raising Ue trea. there la no doubt li will soon boaoaa an important article of sipo't. rne voloano of Fu*fo wee sai l to be burning y#ry entirely, end n rumir was 7a elroalallea that the old orater of Agua bad again broken out It will be remembered that It was an trap tlon from this rolonno that destroyed Us oily of Uiste mala la lbs last oentnry. From Us But* of baa Salvador we learn Uat aU was lolrt iDltrOlll/. AD MMDpi on mi uiauv / u >. Ident PSMM M> (<H op M opposition to President Ctapo, tint a fusion of pertlee hu *lnoe tatea plee*. an l peao* ti tor a IIm restored. Tha war a|aiaal Walker la aol popular?that la, tbe people beartty anab t laa oat or Nicaragua. bat tbay do not earo either to flght or par for tbat objuol. Tba gorarnmant, It la aald, baa oontldern. Ola difficulty la ralatag tba nroe*?arj troop*, whereas, II oirtl war waa to brrak ont tbara woald ba ao lack of Sibling km Tbaaatabilabmaot of tba Oaatral A marltaa steamship llaa la ilkaty to giro a groat lmpetna to ballasts. NEWSPAPER ACCOUNTS. Aa eitra of tba OMa Kloa BoUUm Vficiol at tba M Inat . gtrsa tba fbUoartag aawa ? At 11 A M. yesterday tba aaaU fron* tba amy orrlrad, barlag baas oarrtad to Baraptgnl bp Dos Fraaolaoo OaMarraa, Walker betrg an x too* at tba delay of tba ataaa?ws -wnaed a Baa laoaob to ba traaiported from tba ataawar terra Narad a, at 8ta Joan dai far, to Virgts Way. Ba bad ao other ravel. On tbe 1Mb of January tbii Laoacb arrirad at tba fort .tea Oarloa, wltb atgbt Bllbaatara, who oarrtad pool lira order* to tba ataamar Virgia, to ratara to Ylrgla Bty witboat delay. Tbe laoaab aad arew fall tato tba bead* of oar troops. According to tbrlr statement* Waikar was atroagly forttfltd la Kiraa, aad bia 800 aioa, laclndlag tba wall, woaaded aad aiok, wara atatiooed la that otty. Baa Jaaa dal Bar, Virgia Bay aad ?*n Osorgo. Taa lllbaatar ablaf waa rary laapaUsal aad moob alarmed, one of tba ?*e?a of which waa that la sight of Baa Jaaa dal 8sr, two In h< I'wnrlu aad Chilian men of war, which oowe to 001 tribute |> oar defeoee Md IMr e ttermlaetioe They wore probably the veeoeia of the kilted Central American n<iadroa. Ok the 1MB alt, General Jam J. Mora iafi 8ne Oarla <witb the eteaanera Baa rarloa ead Virgia, Md i?0 riflnbtd for Granada, The aeit momlof ha lopped at Voprfalpa, (Ometrpe,) to orfaaizn the otlaeaa of Ona tape, p> oca re wood Md proviatoM, Md lea re some arma The Rev. Rafael Breaee addraaeed ha people, aad Ahe General tarlted them to eontleae their labora la foil aeearltjr. aad to aalte Md eoairlbate to the triamph e or name General Mora roaahed urnani a at 7 P. M. on the lTth fed Waa Tinted hp Mraerai Paraaado Chnmorre, aad at bom of iame da? General Ceoaa aad Br1|adlor Zavala aaaie from Maaaapa Md dined with hi at He wan alao vtalted hp General Martian All of them united la preen ' f him to tako the oommand la chief of the Central enter loan fhroee Thle be deoiined, bat proponed a plan if ope rati on i which waa cnlhuetaattcallp approved aad would he Immed' .'.elp earned oat On the llth heretarned wHfa bin riflemen and nteamera to fort Ban Car toe wm ' apaatchrd on the HHh for Granite m ..aad 6 COO eartridfoa, which would GrMada on the aint. Geoe?ale Canan, Xttrocb and atrela, were to unite at ea the 'itel, with up wtroi of 2.000 rnt>B J*1* weald ocjnpp hen Gorfe la a bodp, he 1 wo nieemera wool 1 alio-rai <iy mm - t la. I'ng at .,B O'der to (Mntraci Walker anl aapport the iMd operatioae. -1**," J* b"wc"''I Ihe proclamation 0' rrerldeni Mora off-rlaa them fllltrnetere a pardon Md froe .Si dlatrlhntad am rap teeTurerl an7 TZ* ,tbf '''" 'rt'on of the * ' terGirer. and elermlne nien their ?o<*v~di,g m tra 7t!i Z ***? 10 declelre at all hararde ntbuetaaai had iftlt epruag up among thaalllea, E NE 1 from the triumph of Conta Rloa on the Sun Juan, ant the ncoeea of our urma wua oelebratod with rreut re( unm*. " M being," a?><l 8?a Belloao, " the oil/ Mini of bringing to a eucoeeeful oonoluilon the atrnggio wblob Central America makee with the flllboatera for bar independence and liberty." On the 34th, Major Blanco waa at Trlnldai point, (on the Baa Jvan river below Heraplqal,) with provtalona which be had Juat received from dan Joan del Norte, and 400 men. In good order. Everything augura a near and happy termination to thla national war. The Coata Rica Album of 39th nit. haa the following:? In onr laat number we oalled the attention of the foreign merobanta to the preaelng neoeaatliei of the Slate, and we have heard that they have re* ponded to the oall bat antll the facta are before ua we ahall defer all oomment; but It mil be well to remind he merchant who la luxariatlng at hla rate of the trying bardablpi to wbloh hia fellow men are being aubjeoted for hla aeourlty. The Boletxn Oficiai statee that the etglneer of >he company to build a railroad from Han J one to the faciflo waa engaged In aurvoytng the ronte through the valley of Santa Anna, la order to aaorrtaln which lino waa the bant. THE TRAN8IT TROUBLES?THE NATION AND QEN. WALXEB?AN KNOLI8H RNTKBPKISK. [Oorreapondenoe of toe Aapinwab Courier.] Gaarrowa, Feb 1,1857. Tbere are four dlatlnot partlea in operation hero?the American Tranait Company, with their oombinatloni, the Vanderbilt party, with all tta ram doatlona; a powerful and well maiuged EagUah lntcett and the native fee tlona, wbooe poaltlon la only detlaaDla when the moit prominent foreign Internet la known to be vulnerable The oontinnal oonfllot of all the elementa oomortaed in the partlea above named renaer any jud?meutof nnvementa, tendenclea or oppertonlttea from time to time wholly at fault, exoept the party Daialng Jadgment la an no nai eyewllnena or participant in the tranaantlona or olronmatancea of which he treata. The Invcrate feeling ol en mlty tothe old Transit Company suit affeoti (he sentiment or the people here, and la necessarily Instilled into all who coma amoi( than, ao far as feasible, and much or the same bitter folding fw to hare btea transferred to the present coniJBf. General Wa'ker'a reaouroea have been bo limited at t.mea as to oompel him to sacrifice the tatareat and pro ierty of hla beat frtaods In the luterloi in some Instances, and In other oaiea be haa raals what appearrr to be eirat errors of policy In the leetrnotion or property These two caoaes bare deprived him of muoh aaalslanoe which high hopes of hla rnls would bare a eon red to him front almost all the foreign and muoh of the entire popu I it ion o' tho State He has warmer friends am in gat the natives and the long resident population ( who have not rnly sorely eollered, but where they hare anything left ure willing again to suffer), end ha baa rower bitter enemies than we had eupp>sed possible There are n few of hla offljeri too who are known and favorably a; preotau d by all classes, but the majority of his army bare been neoeassrlly of saoh material as oonld not wield aught but n disadvantageous Inhncnoe even under tba most favorable oleoomitenoes The general optnihn here now la that be la ridding hlmsslf of the most objectionable of these as fast as poaslele Hs hss given up the oommaad of the army mostly to Qsn. Henalagsen. That the moo now encamps I at Fort indemon will give n good aooonat of themselves serm? to be the general Impression, on account of moot of them rjmaialng here (when they had opportunity and indnoementa to leave) In spite of the apparent rooting of the enemy In tba Immediate neighborhood, nod the reported embarrusted position of tho mala army at ao great distance They are under very good oommaad, though any advanoe upon Iholr present post must Involve them In the allied forces are dlapoaed to talcs advantage of most eioellent position, great euperlorlty of numbera, aid muoh better sapply ot ammonium than they have ever had before. A day or two slnoe we paid a visit to Pnntn Arenas, the site of the oompaaya works We were esurteonaly re otlved by Measrs. Soovt and Hutchinson, bat very maoh surprised at the appearaaoe of the Point " The changei, conflicts and embarrassment* that bave been so dlsaetrons to the interests of those oonoernsd la the Maw York transactions with reference to the Nicaragua Transit, seem to bnv n v<om jlished a work or evea greater desoiaUoa here There were storenousaa containing large quantities of provisions, sheds and a bop over wbtcb latter lived Mr Scott and bta family, sad there were eome dona men at wort upon another river beat, bnt everything appeared at "o Ida and eads," and the doubt of the fumre teemed baogtng over every body. How the want* of the ocean steamere and tbelr passengers, while de'nlned there are provided for, seemed a mystery to us We could imagine (after en joymeat of tho kindly hoapt'aity ol I)r Cody, Messrs White and Martin, Col Kisiney and otue s) bow the pas aengors when landed atGreylosn cau ruinate to no ?.. fortable, although there are bnt tvo pnblto lodging boasea or hote s, and those have eaob but sic or eight sleeping rooms; but we were Informed that the pssaen ?ers seldom go ashore on the town aide, aed are trans erred, when the river la open, as soon as possible to the river boats. a snort uuimoe uoarcr iuc ujuu?u ui ion rirrr, un mo northern! aide of tbe anrbor, we found Mr. Bell, of Blew lleide, well known to moot of onr reflet ne no oil ran deal or tbe Moeqalto Cjent, n msbogtny denier end n beery laodhoid r. Be informed us tbnl be wm Iberi Tor Use purpose of superintending egtag of Ctrlb Iodine: nt a job of wcodouiUag. la ruin-moot of n ooetrnct with Ibe e'enmnbip otmpany From ear understanding of Mr. B "e grant, jo m pared with thtt of iaepberd nod Hnley, we were led to tbe oonvtction ihnt toe Jealrel Amci 'ten treaty, bow noder crotldertUon U much more rammble to lfcC former tbnn tbe letter Hit (rent In cludra n tract r>ai t*?Dty mtlee In length oonilwtw, end tunning book froci I-S Mint to tbe old Spanish line, tome ? ml lee. [1 rom tbe Pnnnmn Herald, Feb 10 ] TbePntemn Kn Irond Oompnny'n mn I ntremtbip Cv lumbal, J M Dow, rom mauler, arrived at bar anchor ego in tbln btrbor nt 1 A M on tbe loth loeunt, bring tbg twenty -ne cabin end eli oeoc imneengnre beelden twelve deeertrre from Walker's nrmy, end n Inrge rrelgbt, emoog which ere 1,004 bngn ooifat , 060 oerooae Indigo end 1,400 bidet. 51er Britannic Mejenty'a l enn nloop o'.wnr Kit w?i tore rej off Snu Jose do Oust-male on ibo SUb all , nad tbe Br'Uth eblp Admtrnl OrenQeld wne nleo there, nbist to tell for tbnnghne. Tbe UoluuL'Ui brlnge no rellnb e newt fiom Wnlker'e enmp Inter tbnn tbnl received by itrem?r Or itbn. A report, however, wne In otrouinlion at Pants Arenne tbnt Wnlker bed seized th* eteemer diurrn Nevada, which le inoorrccl, nn she hnd sni'ed far den Francisco from Hen .lenn del dor. It wntnlna reported thnt Welksr bnd been attacked, and bnd burned down tne wauls of R vei, wblcb mael nlso ne Inoorreot, U the let est nsws rooslr ed from tbnt plnoe nt PusU Arsons wne to the 61 of Febrnnry, tbn dny tbe Ortsnbe eellrd fi>m dsn J a en Me preen me tbln report hen originated tn tbe feot of W??* er'e baring polled down sernrnl ol tbe street* of thtt o'ty. nod whwb hne been exaggerated into deetroyiag tbe f bolt piicf. We lenn from Cnptnln Dow thnt n voseel of thn nllled Central American squadron, under x>m nand ol Adm'ral North, bnd onptared n nobootnr belonging to Ctrtt Lilly, whim rngnged In conveying nupp.ien to Wnlknr. Tbe rcboonor bnd been liken into I * Into#, wbers Lilly nnd bis partner, Votes, were kept prteocere of wnr. Ml y won li Irons on board tbe venenl of tbe niilee, nnd wne to be sect to tbe oity of Uentemeln for trtni. Tbe Snlvndorina brig of wnr Oantrn' A merle to itrnok on n shorn art r miles west of I,? L'slon, nnd enrrted nwny ber raddsr, wbimt tbe Holsmeus won In tbnt port At tbe noltcttettco oi Admlml Norte nnd tbe nnUorttien ol tbe piece, Cnptnln How proceeded to ber relief, nnd coo veyed tbe ofltoers nnd men t > Le Union Tbe reeeel wne bound (rom RenWjo to Puntn Arenns, bat belsg anagbt In n beery gnle endeavored to make Le ( aloe Tbe newn generally Oram the C nlrtl Ameriosn repsb I on le vnlmportnnl. Tbe Oueleme'n government bee mode n contract with n Mr. Wool ridge to ran o monthly lino of nailing vetaola between Ren Jo*e nad tbe port of Teh leaiepee for tbe am of $3,000 7 ear, lb* contract to Mat for tw i /Mr* with tbe power ol renewal. The dnuoor la 341 mil ?e uid tba pnoa of paamga ?o?ar ta Dial at $3$ Tm ra huaatepae route will ba opaa (tbey tblak <a Gaatemtle) la a rrry abort lima Tfea lime fur eroarnf la thirty alt bonrr, and tbe faro $U A aaw map of Oaalral Amarloa onataialag over four thouiaad corraetloaa and a-lduiioa la Bail ay a map baa baaa lataly oompleted aad wl.^on ly ba pabllabad From Baa felvador va aara that tba Oaatral A m?rtoan Rlramablp Mae li llhaty to aid ranch la davatoptag tba raaonreaa oi tbaooualry, aad la balled with mtiiiaoiioa by the pacple of tbe country flic o >notry ta now quiet, there baa beaa a foatoa of poltuoal parue i, aad vara It ot for tba Walker qneatloa the proepreta of tbe onntry would ba rery aattafaetory. Tbara ta aot muob aatha alaam 'alt by tbe people la tbe Ni.ia??f oa qnaa I in A rear prevail* that wbea Walk** It go rte nfl ttaraal dla eaaioaa bet wean tba Blataa win tend to prevent a reeto ratloa of tranquility Tbe ertra or tba *?Mto OA.-tal, or Ooeto Rtea, of F.b t, atataa that the petal of rrtaidal. oa Baa Jaaa river wee occupied by 400 Ooela Rtoaa* aali armed aad proviatoa ad. Rumora ware correal ibet IM fl Ibaetera with a amall m? aw am mar mnrl 1ft amall KawIw wraaw ah mi la malra mto attach OB fi laded. <>a tbe 901b, Uio roport of raonoat wan beard at for* ptqao, proceodlnp from tome pine- down mo r tit II woo onppoerd 10 bo tbe ottaob mode op Doe Fraoeleeo dlvaredo OBd Copt. ftpoaoor on lh? Slthutter romp Tbo ronl between fteraplqoe oad Trinidad *> open and la tbo baado of U?? Doom Kioeni, who nae1 it lo I ran* port onrpilea and military otmro. Tbo latooi ao oounw atom mat oa tbo tarn, at a t. M . ib? omoke of a trainer, aaoeadlnp tbo river from Ma j mo *ai tesa at Trtaldad. A fow abota ware flroo 'aad lit* atoamor ro lirod. Foron warn brtnp pot rrady to pn down Me river la aoarob of bar From tbaao acooaato ara oan oao ao tblnp lo load to tbo Inforeeee that tbo Cnota Rlnaae bad deatroyed any of tbo ataamam, ao ro ported by war of at Joan ial Nor la la tbo aetioa of tbo I7tb aad 3? b of January, tbe Coata Ktoaa kaa waa 00 blilad aad worn dad I<rcal Intolllpfrnor Oorat OF Ot-Aiaa, Fan 80, I it7 -Judy Blankford doll rorod hit oplalon la tbo oaae of Rioert Harrlaoa ro Tba I ailed Ittalaa. Jmlpe 9narbn-ph doll rorod bn dtaaentiap opinion in tbo oaam oaaa Chief .TatUoo Gllnbrlat do IIrorod tbo npinioo of tbo Oonat la tbo Miowiif oaaan on tbe (beta; fnromblo hint ordorod t > bo reported, via Ttmporaaoe Oblldroaa, Barah Wood, Ana B Johnton, Almlm ReotfT, Narnh loomt, ftnrab Rot ?n, Mary Aoa ilarpor, Rlitnbolb Kiop, Mory Grant, Behossa I' Nov mo, Hannah Morale*, Pb<> bo Pol v, KHaabeili Morgan, Naaoy Hill, Tolly Booth, .Ian# Mariln, Ann* Hill. Mary Pieree, i.ydia Ciaiip ra Tbe mite i ?>>te* Mr. Whb o oneind?d Mo arprmmt In ihr note o' ,1 Kirnun Tho I'o'tod ftoioa, Mr M.l'npfoon rrpti-j ia brNalf or tbi> porart piiat M' B16S cloned and Ue etpe a?i ta'-a- 'iM W K IfORNIMJ EDIThPN?SATU Additional fromj Heiho I from Ibe Mobile Hoc nier. fob. 91. 1 , Tb? ^aitoon war ahlp Guerrero, wbtob bfl K71 uruz oo Um lv'^ loot, arrived at thla port on rhureda^ * *" lag. Ry this arri?*l wo have newa fron tboab,' Moitoo to lbo lOtb. and Vera Orua to the 18th loaa. Tbo Guerrero waa placed at tbe dlapoaa of Got (fcrfc Batter Bold, aa tbe Oommionlower appointed bp tbo Mewloan governaaeat and tbo Amortoan Legation, and brought bun to this otty on hla way to Weshlagtoa. Bo la o bearer of Important treaty nogottatlona bet ire aa oar MlalaUr, Mr. Foreyth, and tbo Moxtoaa government Dr. Crawford tbe bearer or deopaiobro from tfr. Foraytb to oar government and Dm Gregorii Baraadnraod, tbo bearer ol tbe dnpltoaie treaty attpalatl ma, ware pea aongera on board tbe Guerrero. Tbo doctor la forma aa that when tbey Jeft tbe oltyjot Mexieo they were fbrnlabod with an eaoort of aa odoar and tea noldlere ror every alz or eight leigaea of travel. Should tbe treaty be aoeeptable to onr government, tbe Guerrero will an dergo repalre at this port; If not, abe will return lama dlately to Mealoo For other particulars we rofer to our Vera Cruz oorreapondent. Vane Cut'* Mexico, Fob 18, 186T. By tbe Meiioae war ateamer Guerre'o, whloh leavea tbla port to-morrow for Mobile, I have an opportunity ot aeodlag you a few llnea Tbe Guerrer?baa beea oiaoed specially at tbe dlapoaa) of Oarloa ButtorBeld, Kiq , ol Mexloo, wbe baa beea appointed conjointly by the Hex! oan government an t tbe Amrrioau lrgallon at Mvxtoe. to bear to and lay before the government of tbe United Ststea Important treaty negotlationa now ponding between tbo two governments. Tbo tpeolai provlalona of thia treaty bavo not yet been made known, bat wo have boon apprised from private aourcee of enough to convince ue that u entered into by oar government U will glvo Amerloan commerce a oo n Banding tnflneeoe In Mexloo, a thing It by no means no w enjoja rue greatest credit la dae to oar worthy an t talented tllnlater, Mr. Forayth, who, during bta short reeidenco neer that gorernmont, haa keen able to effeot so mack, end we truat that Ute government or the United dittos will meet the overtures or Msxioo in e beoomlog iplrlt. Mexloo needs onr sympathy, end, 1 we would do eught to counteract the influssoe which the natloaao' Europe ere detly seeking to gain In thin oonntry, It behooves ua to not promptly. Ool Carlos Bntterfleid, to whom the treaty in ell Its details has been entrusted, la en American oltlsen real dent some years in Mexico He la well knowa to our citizens. and cnjoyi tho uoboundel oonddenoe or the Meiloah government, and no better ovldenoe could hare been given or tho entire reliance placed by that government upon bla zeal and dltorction, than his present mission. Tho Guerrero brings also Don Qregerto Barandurand, eoond decretory or the Mexican Legation at Washington, Captlo Demmino, and Dr. S Wylle Crawford; United rHatea army, bearar or despatches Dr 'Iraword, daring hie abort atay in Mexico, has greatly (llitlngntshed him soir by some dating asoonls of the voloano or Pop>oaie petl and the Istachibuatl, and tho reporta or his opers tions have been regarded with peo altar Interest He Is the only man who ever descended in a IitsonibuaU. The Doctor carries with hun specimens of luphar rrom the volcano# to aooompany and Illustrate his report. From tee Interior the news is atoel enoonraglag The revolutionary party hava met with a most deel tod revena at 8sn Lul , and Arso lot has been takes Is spite or the exertions or the ohuroh party. Their Inflnenoe as well as cumbers Is dally lessening The coantry Is be coming more settled, and every hlng betcxans that a brighter day ror Mexloo is aporoaobing. Greet proper* lions are making In Mexloo ror Me oomtng carnival. The Elizabeth street Sheeting Cane, The Inveetigatloa in the above eaae progresses slowly. But little light has haen thrown upon the mutter, nnd from present sppeeranoee there Is not mnoh prospect or the mystery ever being unravelled. Mrs. Green still lies tn n precsrlons Mate, hnt there Is no Immediate danger to he apprehended. She may exist ror a weak 7*. but the chances art decidedly against berrtoovary. Captain Klsaner, of the Fourteenth ward police, who baa been aollvely engaged in aeststtng .'tutioe Welsh In the prosecution or the caoe, bos his offloers busily at work, with th* hope ot obtaining some olue to the assail ant oT the unfortunate woman The young man, 'Thomas," so often referred to la cor section with this case, appeared at the Lower PoUee Oourt yesterday and made to ' following aSiiavtl In rata. Don to hlaaoqualBtoaoesbtp with Mrs Greaa, sites Lilly:? Ttomas Buff or No. 313 Cherry ajreei. belag duly sworn, deponed nnd says thai be la slightly acquainted with Emma Lilly, now lying dssg roualy 111 la too New York Hospital from a pistil wound. I have known her over a year by sisbt; 1 knew bor husband, at aae oall e him. Thomas Lilly, and was on spanking loch* with him aboui thraa seeaha ?go I Qretspeks to bar; I msi her Ip the Bowery, In the day time; we had a short at vervatloa, and she told me ol her domertlo ir noles; she wanted money and I lent her sun*; I never knew her to be anything but a virtuous woman, and I never had sexual cooncclion with her ; I have met her several timet since In tbe street In tne dty Hew; 1 sevrr met her at atgSt I on the day oi the night Hat she was abot I met h?r at the corner of MarXot and D vision etree a; It was about throe o'oiook la tbe arteonoon, and aha was nom a panted 5; & giri; ! spike M MfjUt MiMlM as i: I would some to dor b use, 71 INvision s'.reet, In th* eveelng, and lend h*r motey to pay her r^nt, sr she go to ber bouee as I but promts**. tbrrr ?m bo til feel og be ween 01,1 loid b*r I thought 1 would o>me. boi I ntd Dot. deponeat further aaya thai ab ut 8o'otoak on tt? night lb* aatd Mra Lilly wan abot, I weeoowing up tbe Bowery, aesr Oaoai a reet I n?ara the, e wirun bad i>eta abot at a bouae la Elisabeth street, aid t * #t there with others to ate; thai Joel as I enteret i mo or tb oe d.?d wore bringing b*r oat of la* (root room, at to is ai I got by the door, before I bad aa oppirinKy ber, ?b? oaugbt me by tbe baar and oxo a; a ed, "Ibomae. I tare beao abot.'' aad bagged ihi men to let me go to tbe Boepltal witb ber; ebe wee p.aoad la a carnage, but aa tbere was aot room enough did not go Depoatat further aaya?To day 1 netted tbe floepltal la rbarge of ofllc re Clark and Mctlaaae asd eam Mrs Lilly, abeaeked me H I bad hired or brieed any body to kill tu>r, ee ehe enrmteed aa much I replied thai I did not, abe further eald tbat tbe thought I btred Borne <>ue to do It, but (be would not (wear to It I nerer wee in tbo houe# in Klleabetb etirat before, but I hare bono Ireinently the, ay; I don't know anyone baring III railing ttwarde Mrs. Lilly norrr pn mixed to meet b*r at iliat none*. I nerer promleed io board ber or take cere of ber 1 waa at ber borne In Dtrntoa eire<t on Saturday laet, aad agala no Sunday, In tbe day time, a Mr P/att aad Johanna Welch were there on Saturday, aad Mr* Ully; I aaw Mra I ,lly asd Mra Wrlrb again os suoda there, io tbe day time, ws bare aerer bad any angry c inrereatioa, but we bare alwaja bcea rrtead.y wbaa we eeet; I always took her to be a aloe woman Coroners' Ofllc*. Tar lata hi^onno lua? m ma Bowaar? Exawteanor or me F meoera ? Cimcer Parry procraded to tba Tombs yesterday aad eiamlaed tba Norwegtaa, Pster Araeeoa, wbo rands charged with baring abot tba boy. George MUM, M the lager bier ealooa No U?o M?wery, oa \\ tcneader areolae last. Tbe etamlasUon reed* aa fol k>Wt:? 1'etar Aroe?( o >#ln? duly eximiotd before the uti ler * |>M. according to tow, on the uiritd charge, and being Infotn eJ Ibal ho aaa al liberty to ana ear or not, all or any quntna pat to him ntatoa ae foil tee, ti* ? gmntlou What le your name' tuner Peter Amnion Q How old are yen" A Thirty-alia year*. Q Where earn you bornf A. Norway Q Where do yon Ilenf A No 300 Biwery. Q. What le yoer occupation A. Carpeator. q Hare yon anything to nay, and If eo what, relative to the eLarga her* preferred agate at yon* A. All that I did waa la eel! defeeoe, ui der rear of m? life. PCTKR ARtKdDN. Taken before nie, tfeia tTth day of rehraary, HAT, P. W. lani t. Coroner Kn.tan nv a Pali?A riAetthnore Rraiectm ?Oorontr Mine held an laqueet yaeterday al No. 131 Otlaton plaee, near With a re no#, upon the hod* of a ehlld lee yearn old, named I on tea Mriiaea, who died from the aileota of a fall received by being precipitated over the etalroane of the above boat a, fro* Ike neeoad to the it?et Moor. It eppeaied froai Inqatrlen made by the 0 >r?nerthat wlth'n toe peat two yearn no leae Utaa flee poreoee had fallen over the binaletert or tbla bonne, aad that noma of them wata eerloetiy Injured. The railing or tee etalroane, ii waa nbewn, wan only about so laohea la height, and oonea queaiiyiwaa a daegn ooa trap for children aad all oareiaea teraona who had oocnaton to aatrr Uta eonna * jary in thin caet rendered a vardlot of ' Death by fraolara of the ahull, aeotdawtolly received by fbitlag dawn the etalr way of hoaa# No in UHaton place " Jadgr Cnl vrr'n Notaryto t? aniTom op rue aoixnva, Pob 11,1*17 Will yon pieane do me the janttoe to correct the arteneoon etaicmeat ef your Albaay eorrotpoadanl In yoer paper of thia motalagt He eayn my ealary la now $3,000; ihat "H le proponed la the bill at Albany to ralte H to $4,000. which la a larger amomat tana nay ether ludietai cnicer reeeirre la the State ? He la mutaken la both reeponto. Hi ealary la not $(,000. hat $3 100; aad If la creaaed to $4,000, It won Id ho twonty per oont lean la >.? ik, m. ImiIm ai tin Vort the Reeirdar or mirani iiwa ? ? ??i - ? the .lodge# of the Paperlor Ctart. They rooelre gt.OOO Ik lery. and ?o one of them M reontred |o bok M mur lorni the Brooblya City .(adje He reqntred to bold otorao tritl terra* per yeer, ml they i?h?i? tbroo ul a bail to four vnki each Tbo Miry It oily ukM to bt lo rrraoed, m IIm Ptipremo Court Judgoe art hetag lanreaoeil by tb? Leglaiatare R D. CUIAKR. Ktval lnlrlll||rnrr, n>o rallod Htatee ram frigate Morriaao, Otpl 0. J. ivadorgraot, a at at Barbadooa on the 3d tnaiant, from Cbdta. The aloop of war RUratoga Cow mooter Tlitoa arrived at ft Thoataa oa the Sbth of Jaauary, from Norfoia, ail rraialaod there Itb taotaat. City Intelligence. Viroa Wood oa a Vrnir to Ma. Rrmuaea ? Mtror W'Od ion tbli olty yaatorda y moral or for Waehtnglra, it la reported a pea larlMHoa of Mr ffanbataa blmto'f Tbo ?h loot of tba vtait to tbo Proaldool elaei ia of eonrte a ae rret, bat It la reported that too diotrlbati-m of tbo apoila ia tb'a nty baa eoaMthtrg to do with It Ma will ant wait for the Inangurattne. bet will retarn to the nty n'tt M?a day to the'a'et'm dldermtn Claory, Preatdoat 0* the Dvard M A'.?lerm?o. wllloi&otala aa Mayar, IRK I RDAY, FEBRUARY 38, 1 ARRIVAL OF THE ILLINOIS. Two Weeks Later News from CaUfcrnUi, Oregoi and Washington rerritorioa, and iroaoia. SEVENTY-SEVEN BOXES OF TREASURE ARRIVED, Tbe .Unpaid Interest on the State Debt. BIRTHSr MARRIAGES AND DEATHS. MARKETS, 4a, 4a, 4o. Tt? United autee nail steamship IUieoU 0. B. Bigga commanding, left Asptna'all, Feb. 19, MOP M., nd arrived at Quarantine M b.H o'oloek last evening, Bhe brine* 0>e California mall* ov' Feb. 6, 293 paaaeogere and 77 boxes (value unkn>wi) of treasure on freight. The atcauahip Bonr ra left 3.? Francisco, Feb. 0, M I P. It., with 380 paaaengrre and Mbout 91,709,000 In treaanre on rretght, and arrlvel at Panama, at 3 o'olook A. M , oa the 19th, Feb. 9, M I P. M , spoke tbe steam.hip John L. Stephens, from Panama for Ban Franelaoo, all well. Fob. 18, at 1 A. M , passed the steamship- Golden Gate, for Ban Frender,9, with passengers, ho., for the

Illinois, Feb. 0, from New York. We ere Indebted to Purser Mltsbell, of tbe Illloote, end tbe PnclUj Express Company, for flies of papers. The following la a lis'. 01 the treasure brought bp the Illinois ? Uriel. Boms. DrexelhCo II A. Jacobs A Co 1 Weils, Fargo & Co 11 Won ikligmao A Co.... 1 Order 8 H. bribing 1 K. Kelly A Co 8 Morgan, Uaita sray A Oo. 1 Duncan, Bborman A Co.. 4 Henara A do 1 Wm Hoge&Oo it K A Stern A Co 1 O Morgan A Oo 3 Wm. T. Coleman A Co.. 1 Metropolitan Bank 8 Hons, falconer & Oo ... 1 nowtana a Aspinwsu.. -j American Ki ttsax,... 1 Jsroee Patrick 3 Bank of A ma'lea 1 I, Von Hod nan & Co... % Fee man & Co 1 J B Weir 1 G H Wines & Co 1 P l'.obst&Co 1 Ncwbjuae, Hpstz & Co.. 1 Wm Heller & Co 1 Keod & Wade 1 Scholle ii Broa 1 K Meader fc 0. Alarm . X H<nnnr|?r ft BrM 1 ? J Strauan. UroAO... 1 To'at 17 The gouoral newa by this arrival la unimportant. We take (be following from tbe Alt* of the Mb Inst:? Messrs. Brnmrasgtm & Co., of thin city, redeemed 0.915 80 or tbe Yuba oountj boa da, on tbe lOtb Inst., at 00 0-10 cente. Hon. M 8 Latham forwarded bla reatgeatlon or the of floe of Collector of thla Port by tbe steamer or tbe 20th ult He baa recommended tbo appointment of Hon. Frank TUford aa bla aeooeeeor. A largo boulder of gold bearing quits, estimated to weigh | 000 ponnda, wu found lately at Pilot Hill, near Oontreviile, El Dorado county, by Mr John Brighton A pkos or tbe rock, weighing TO pounda, yielded |i,700. Toe earthquake oa tbe 6th ult. was ssrerely felt all over tbe lower country, and particularly at Fort trjon. Immense chasms, ten feel wld-, and extending in length torty miles, bad opeeed at various parte or tbe oeuibern oount*y, and large streams wero suddenly tound to exist nt places whore no sire?ms bad beau observed before. Grrel MM or rock en l carta wee noticed sv Fort Tejou to be heaved blgn In tic Mr Com lolly peskB. Two mtn named Joba Febley and Jobn Well, wore executed at Weaverville. on the 1Mb ult. Fehley for the murder of Dennis Murray, en the 7ta of April, 1850: snd Weia for tbe murder of fnomas Collins on tne 13th of Uto same mouth. Tbe severe snow storn have retarded tbe tabirs of tto minors in tbe northern mines, la other puritans ol ifcc Stale tbe mlars are ylelulug glorlouaiy. The K' Djrn do Qulob, ew Boraitaa, ylrldod 8I,0?0 wltbla tbe pant fortnight?oae pleoa of quartz y loidad 9' 900. Tha Mano riggings average 910 per day to the baud The mines et Itdtan Caleb are yielding wall. A new quartz mill Is being I'Ui.t a'. Bear C-eefc. Tbjenow In Aav.-lean Valley In M feet deep la some The rolled Slates District Court entered e d scree el f format ol on appeal la thr care or the claim ol Msrtaao Caudlupe Vallc)o to tbe ''Yulupa" grant. rbe United St Oca District Court, oa aypoal, ordered a rccree of oooflrmation to be entered in tie use or tbe claim of Stephen flmltn to Ute plaon called ' B'uliher Kincho," which bad been rejected ky tbe Lund Commie loners. A pet lion Is now In ctrcnlallou asking tbe Loglelatnre l<> rcpral tbt present rev* nae taw, and aublect inly snob bnaireas pursuits to taxation as require tbo inUrven tlon ol 8'ate or lotal offleern to protect them A large number of emigrants crossed tbe Colorado rtrer, at I'M turns, e? nute or Ibe Uadulen purchase. Tbt duoovriera o' the new ooppnr mlof, twanty miles sbove Fort Tuma. oa tbo tilla arc vary saagulre of sucrose, late researches having resulted le tbe disoovesy of e vein of greet rx<?et end < xcoediag rtebnese Reports frem the Aril ma Mialnf Company are or tbe rniut flittering kind Teeir via of ore taereasee In ex at sac ilcbness ei it It farther opeeed I A ptriy oi hur men, low womrn ion btv ctmina, who left Lot argalea lor donor*, on the loth of D*c?m i>er, wider oommand of Dr. Hasana, wore allaoied Of tbe Apache Indiana, ooor Crutes. all tbo woods ill fcor or tbooudren were billed. The ooaatltutknalily of Ibe act of I860 consolidating H e ol'y and count; of dan Praaoiwoo say a tba darraromto l nk?i was recemlw brought before tbo 8npri m? Oouil. and arg.u-d, on ilia relation of the attorney Gener 11 gainst lli I. a captain or police of Han Krnjoieco Too ceo waa argued on beball of tbo relator, by Gregory Yal?, and on the part of tfie r< spoudeat by J II Orockrtt The rare Is not only one of vital Imiortaice to tba rlty and county of Han Pianc aco li.roirlng, a? it m?y, pet lisp* tbe rt's'.erce of the present govarnm nt, but a'so deeply an?e<lng other port'ors of tbo H.ate. la *bt< h a ?omoit ration of our city and oooaty gorarniiisnla |i oonlt in plated. NaMarrr of Sheriff llarton, of las Angfelea, and Tlsree of ills Parly. A OAKO OF HI ITT MbXICAN BANDITS AT LAKtIR ? Mt-HDRM AND ROBBBHIAH BT TIIIC OA NO. By ibe steamer Hea ittr 1, wbkb arrtrod at Sao f?an risen on the 80tb nil from Ibe southern coast, we ha ra startllr g aawa of oontlaued daring nod murderooa out rsgra la tbe lower oouniry, oonmUtad by an organ i*d band of Maalena robbers, supposed to somber ab-nl rtxty persons Tee lea Aagalsa Star and lbs Nan Diago hare both publiahed "axtrae," giving tbo pant culara of tbo amies res of Sheriff aartoo. of Loo Angeles, together with ttareo of bto party, m other bjrriblo oat rogta, perpetrated by tbe banulta, when? benl-y^ter* Mom latterly to bare been at .4aa Joan oapiotraav, wa war between Im Angtloa and flan Diego. Thr .far H) ? Ob sanday. IStb Jan nary, a yoitf man at wed <;?ruet llartlr, oao of tbroo brotheru. teamoteru, of tbiootty, loft town with a load of rooOo lor a doalor In .tan funa Wbtle them, bo woo adriood not to drlro ?u. bio team (four flee American boroeo) a* It woold be taken Imn bim end blaoolt probably killed ao lbo roobaro wore la Ibat Maity Profiting by tbo afrioe. be wrote a letter to bb brother, and aent It by a Menoan boy. HI* brother, Alfred Hardy, oailrd apou J R Martoo, Reg., bherlfl of loo AngMee oonaty, aa l (are the information Tbo Sheriff prepared to atari, to>d tbo eirnometannro to Meeero. * H Utile aai Ctai K Bat or, noniteblea of ihie rownablp, wbo rolnoteerod to aooompanr b m aloe to Mr. Prank H Alnander and Mr. Uiai P Pa y. wbo ot oooe offered the r oerelooo met leg la oil o party of Itdbm. d men, with b rreachman (nnarmrd) aa g ide Thin party laft town on Tharofay night Meanwhile ibe robbrra warn not Idle. Oo niurece? morel eg they nl tarked the bona# of Migoel Kraaaki, o Polo, robbed tbo tore, taking oat aewrytbtag It contained, ceotroylog what ibey did act oarry oil. Taa owner fled, and thao eared t la Ufa. At bight tbey earn* hook, aod robbed tbo tore 01 Hoary Char lee; eiteofeed the boaee and robbed iheatore of Obarlee flngard, wboai tbey brutally killed in bio own room, bad Ihea ordered hie aeototeot lo eerro np enppor far thorn ea tbo eouotor, where lbiy letlborately ale It, tbo dead bo iy lying before them nit the time. Aftrrwirdn atteekod and robbed tbo (tore of Ma no) Herein, wbo ako fled and oared bin BM. Oratrwetlre Ptir la Ran Prnerlere. A flro occurred oo the lot laot, about 13 o'otook, la the drag atoro of Dr. Laaaxweorl, on tbo oortb etdo of Math ington (treat, Are or tlx door* wool of Kearaoy etroot. Tbo boUdtago ta that rtclatty being old end nil frame, and particularly an I bore win a nanntlty of nombuetlbie meterial la tbo drag etaro, tbo fleiaee opmo I wltb greet rapidity Tbo build lag ta whtob tbo drag etere woo ottaatod woo ooew burned to the ground. tbo a en adjoining bntlding oo tbo wont, occnpted by the P ore oakery woe elan hnrned down, and ooaaMoreble donate wee dose to tbo arcag (ram* bom ?f Mr Ftrtmr. Two taowan o* U?o Mat (X tbo dm* autre wb*r* th? flr* originated, w*r* 'an homed down tWjr war* oor.upled ny two fruit atorea and a d*pot Tor canary blrda tn th* I*war nnriee and upataiw by Or 7?c bar tab. ohlropodttt lb* Alto (final* !nl*lll|f*?* cmo*, and neroral room* aa a raotdeno* oy a Mr. Mark* and family Tbe flr* on ?ba anat wna at*pp?d at Uia Iaulataaa negnr atoraof Maaara Wioholn A Rotbbar, la tM Ball* Unto* bonding . Tb* total lo**?* natatnad wara nboat 10.000, and lh?r* wan no tnaaraao*. Bona* of tb* booren wore two abort**, aad cnw*ld*r*bl* amoonta bar* been at ponded tn 'm prorrmenl* aad ftttlrg up Tb* l"*? of lb* bud t'ufa wa? alXWt *0 000; tb* ba.anoa wan tb* KM* of tb* oocapabtl. Mr utaatnl k>? about on.coo. Th* tnpald Rtatf Debt Interest. Tb* following It tb* import b( tb* California Per.*t* Committor, I* r*l*tton to i*? m??y d*P- *'! J with Tal mar, <*** * Co , fbr tbo.pnyownt of tbe duly l*t*r?*t on our stat* bond* ? _ _ Mr Oofftotb, Irom tb* Oomm'ttro rn Publio Enpeadltn rot, to whom bar* ba*n referred 11? comtnuulotton rrontrrd from tb* stat* Treat tier, with rfgorj t) tbefutt <n*ttetfd **%in*t Palmer, Cook A Co , m?d* a rei>o?t .poo ibo ?un|*ot. Tb* oommltte* retr*t that mor* I ?lme bad not btfb allewtd tb*m to ??*' rtport. a* IERA 857. Ib? at Inne inraUed largo turn *>< money. at wall Uw or edit ot the mate and eheraote.' Vf?"? P?o eA .??#>"* ? wraeg had beva conmlllod, lb"* ol Male biABfhl lato oooUapl, and a ierlo? of tnaooUl i evil* had iro*^ ? ?" U>e Iraaeaotion, deeply au lag 1 tho www* of .^0 people or California. u appears Uui op ike Ttfi ?r April, 1866, Hear? Bttee, Stale TreMurer, <?fod to the beaklai bouts o(4 Palmer, Oooc A Co, or San Fraaots00, tho MB or $88,680; $90,000 being to pay tho la tare at doe In July upon the 'ronda, and $2,880 to meet the otiargeo and cubango. Ont.vlltta ?r April. 1858, J 0. Palmer. O W Cook, U. W. wf ight, Edeard J once 0. w Band, J fH. Dole, K. A. Sin ton, ??d U. A. Cobb, exeou tod bead to tho Slate Treoanrer, policing themselves to pay that offloer $88,860 If Palmer, Cook Ai Uo. tailed to pay the July lntoreit. The bond fu.'tner atlpulated that thmflrm abould tuJly complete the Uru^l oonflJed In them la four moatha from the lat o( July, wh Vst? would mtke a final settlement compulsory on or before $b? Xat of November, I860. On or before the 15tb day tu*u.?, late uigetee roaohed the State that bar bonds <were dtihoeorad la Naw York, la thla emerganoy tba Jandeurer remittsd a earn sufficient to pay tba July inureet through tho hoaklag house ol Wells, Fargo A Co. Of this am $18,000 waa In tbe form of a droit upon Palmer. Cook It Co 'e agents In New York, which- drali waa duly honored upon presentation. After tbirdefaloetion Iwae made known, tba Troaanrer den* kited another bond, which war given by Palmer, Cook ii Oc , M. 0. Read, Peter Fotgar and W II Pa'mer at enreCbt, for Ibe anm or $18,088 The tret of Norember arrived, but It did not appear from any lofui'qaaUon tne oommit1 tee oould obtain, that the rreeeorer made any eilort tc aellaat tbe penalty of the boad. or took hay eteps toward aomaaeodng aa aotlea agatnat the luiadhlag peruse. Tbe eemmltteo wan Informer that la tbe enrty part of Oeoam her the Governor urged the Tre?ew.*hr to brtag enlt egafoet thorn, whleb not being attended n? by the Treat urev, the Governar, oa the tilth of DeeemlbOf, procured tbe hot la from the freaiurer, placed them hi the bands nf mBitrannm meast ktuf mm I nrtmaaoaan/l nuu<ith?ni In Ihd Uinirlnt Court of Ut coonty,of Sacramealo TnenctUn wm oemmeueod oa Ibo ad day c< Jtnuar/ wtohom tbo knowledge of the Treasurer, aa Tar as aouldr be ascertained Ly the attorney a in the ca??, eroept that .after tba complaints ware written out be wm called opoo it t rerl'y the I acta eel forth. On the 3d of Jawnary, tn re ply to a oomuunlsaUou from the Oorerawr, Uu Treaaorer a fated that actlona bad been ooomwv noed againei Palmer, Cook ft Co , and that It wm beloff p eaaouted with due promptness. foe oommltteo hod ?ezamined Uto rcoordi or tba IMatrlot Oonrt, and I'jumfAhel tbe avmmrmi bad not yot b on onswei'eO, %al though ail tba parties eaoopt two (Wright aa 1 Folger) were wltblu ten bours eall of ^acratueuto rta ' oovmineo bad, bnworer, aeoeriained ikwt serwtcwhad been faceup ert l>y all but two of ho del.nilaiitu wew in too State Under atntulo tbey baro lorty day aba anew?r, wb'.obwtil oiptre a Sou tbo 30tU of Foiroory. i Tbi.a It would bu aeen Utat a gn at period of tfuto uauah elapse before tbe suit ooniu bp tie ally at 1 tie J tba committee ouuia not too strongly condemn tbe ao (too ol the Troeauitr In refraining from proaeoating tko OetaalUr.g peril-u ltwaaadut) he owed to Limseir, to the Hia'e, and to tba credit of tba people. Tbo com mlttee bad oo aatbortt) earn pt to report ihe faote latbeoaee. tbey had none eo, leering thu Senate in lie wiadom to lake tuoh couraa aa It mtgbt tea 01 lo adopt. John C. Frrment and the Minora of Morlpoea. From iba Maripoi* Oatrfe wo learn tnat n mooting ol Iba leitlara up j? tb j Frainoul o'al n waa hod on tba Stttb nit., at Vlnlrg'e Assembly Hall, lor tba pnrpoae of aaaart log tb> Ir right, tl la and internal to Ibo mining and other property now la Ihelr peeeeutua. at tan ted oa Bad hi tbo land defined by John C Fremont, and called by blot Ion Mar Ipoets, nl?o, fir tbe purpoee of taktog btaps to iceute a ooaoorl of notion on tbe port of the minora nod etlleia IIring oo aaid in d, to bold and pom jm tbelr pro porty etlnoMd on iba add claim Oa motion of Uept A Powell. B. It Harrla, Bsq , waa called to the chair, and Wm. L. White, Kai}., waa ap pointed Secretary. Captain A Towell made a brief and pertinent espleoo lion ol the object of Ibe moei'rg, and iMg before II a a a one est of Ibe aggreaalona tnai Fromoct and nia o-.a Irbrraiea and agenui wrra making upon tba rights and preps'ty of tbe settlers ; an 1 warned them agalnai tbe denge re that IMvaiened tbe iT II any longer tbey en pta<ly Ititenad to ib? fair prinil'cs, always broken or asieircd, whlcb tas berwltdore UU- d tbem to inaction, while tbelr great enemy waa orsr buty In (awtcalng around th< ro tba tolla ?rr m wbinb ersry day woull make ti more 6 fllrult to cyrlcatn tiiemselT?a aa a potent cbarm to rows* Urea from tteir unmanly lethargy, bo read to tbrm ibo following notice ? FTaTtor CtiiroiiMA, Con sir rr ktAmroea.?To tl?e Meroed Mining ( otnpany and thru- sgrnta at Muiiut Ophir, in tan ceuniy and -dale aioreaaid ? llgM- - I hereby dem nil poaguealon of Ibe Mount OpUIr Hrdurilna Works Including all 'hr oimhioery, h'llldtnga tni out -houses, now >n jour pence-sum. in the county of Mariposa and alt e ol California, In tbn r mix ol, and ax the agent of Jt-h# C PrriTinol. tald property being all Included wlUita ibe breads*'! ibe Marlfi ear gran' and uuw In hla Ingtl po?ne? ate* Tn am tbaiwnss aadored and required to deliver all of raid pmprity now In your |>o??err|oO I" Ill-Idle Hugga a? the legal ?ger I and attorney In fact ol John C. I'reo.on' by me a? blr (Yremni.l ) agent for Ibe Maripora grant And inn are berrby orilered and rr<| Hired tn leave all of ga'd prenlaea In hla (Bngg'gi'I'lii l and praceabln poaaeealon. and IS 4esM front all arts t.f irearxae upon and unlawful ure of aald properly. Voum. Ac , J K I'LAVtOJt, Agent of John <i. Fremont, of New fork. Unit Vaiist, iim-ember 31. IstSi from ibe rtstlunout adopted on Iba occasion wee*tract tbo Int o wing ? Itraotvrd. that by law, and by every rule of right nod jna Hoe, there waa 10 auUio iiy tn Ineale aaid grain upon the u.lntral nf thia . nud within tha rtr.ra .Nevada mom lain*, and that lha aatna *h mid and ought to bo an i.o I. <1 K.solxd, Th?l Ibo rtghta and rlajtm of tho aottlnra and in no'a air prior and paramount to thnao ol John <1. Frr moot ItrMtivad, That in iho ?*?.' of John I' Framonl, hit ion lot erao a, ( r an' 01 <i .11 a or any or ruhnr ol ai.'npt ing to inlrrlera ?Ith. moh .t or rje -t an. number, or aren onu iturrr, ?. u.rr, or raridrtit upon ??j.1 land, wadnhareby mo mill; plrdga n<ir**.'vr* to make i-omniao ruuae agtlnat I mi. or Ihrm for the plundering <>t una la that ol all. an I a blow at aar la an aim at each ami all iain>r* and aetlrra upon raid l art Kraoirrd. Tba' a pennaner pr'nrlpal committee roaalating of miner* and reU!?rs. ha apo dtiltd by thta meet n? who rhall ai'potnt a auh committee of ilka numbar tor aarb mining art l? nirut In aald location for thr purpura of neganirtog the pr ple aud te more eibctnahy npp .re lha ecgraarirn. rap* no a alma ol aaid Fremont, Ink oonfedr ralra and rub irdl net a*. K.a.lred Thai Wl4<l hnel.y phdge ourerlot 10 raapoud promptly to any rail, and 10 all ocdera ol tha prlnrlpal om mlttra and to riiriaui an 1 ba lallhl'il ami true to each .pher, UhdCr any and all clrcutnulaurar. littflia, llaiiltgri and Urallu. B1KIUH. In Ian Fram iico, Jan. 22, the wife of Fol. II. IJtbtona'ctii, of a ma In p?n I ranch ro, Jan. 31. iba lady ol Mr II. My era, of a on In ban Franrleoo. Jan 27 tba nlfe of Mr. <lao P. Wat era, of a arm. i n Paroi d rtrret Fan f'rarrlaro, Fab. 2, tha wife of J. Mo ra<e Kant. ha<| , t.orooer, ni anon MAHHIA IIM. In f-an Franetem J?n 17, at tha rra dene* of tha bride, by M H Whiting Jogtirc. Mr Parnital u. Whiting to Mr*. Eiiia brlh Calm'- Parry I* Shut* .iiui. 10, by Judge Hlneklay, Mr. Mgm>tnd i.raio er to Ml** i rtttin* Winter to Sonora, .l*n. II *t <hr Catholic church. b? Rev Father Slaiirry. Mr Kdward Mi-Fbll'ipt to Ml** Mary ll*ll?m*a, both o? Jamratcwn. In San Vr-andrco, tan 22. by Bar B. Rrlarlir. M ilM r?*l darrc of I bo bride * parett* Mr. 11 (rain W Wadaonrth, of Maryarlllo, to Mb* Mala A llolbru<k, of b'an Praoclnrn. In H*n b" rar ci?r o. I*n i* by tba R*- rather Hamngloa, Mr Jnarpb Hraily to la* Marpar*t Rlordan. all of that city. In Prlaitima, Jan |A, by t w. khaituck, b>| . Mr. Jimi J Mnnilry, of ^uu hno*. to M m ambrosia Kgara of Pbta Ivan. In San branctaro J?n 21 at 'bo Walton Hou*a Mr. (tan. I Turrar. formcrli *f t.rrgoa, to Ml** Alan M PloinVar of San FiM^iiiM. In ban braix-taro. .fan 22. br th* R?t father Haliaghar, Mr Jn*bua R. Hqmar*. of Hanlela, to Ml** Hrtd^ot Mc'Huasm, of San Francisco On tba 24th of January at tb* foina Hotel Han Pranrtaro, by D H. Ilanraban J**tlr?of tho Pnaaa. Kptphano llabro* taa. cf s'nn Juan its Raptiat* M'tnterey. to Carman Oar, la, of the MMatoa l olnraa San Fr*ncl??*> In b*t-i am'D'n. Jan ft, by Rar O. H. Phillip*. Mr. < liar Is* I Rap* city, to Ml** Marram star, of Hacra irrnto. In Rarramsnto Jan. 211. at lb* I nttnd State* Hotel, by Hon. Hugh II. Mortar, rhlaf J or t"e *f the Mupcem.'Court, .lainM II Hardy to Ml** Funics A. It tin a t of tba city iB ihoamrhn. Jan. hi, at 'hr rcaliene* of t'apt .1, t. H*r tlj by Hoe David H. tarry, J nation of lb-' Rni.rame Court, Moya thothlay, of Ran S'ranebno. to Mlra Martha Hardy, of earrametito. In Sacramento Jan. 21, by Rsr. Mr. Ph lllpa. Mr R Bnrbo. J tolas of Uis 1 htrto* nth Jn<1.rial Olatriet Court of California, to M ?* Martha Cola, lain ef Trtimacahtirg R T. At the I n!ou llofal. la Santa t'lara Jan I.V by Rsr A. Bat lay. Mr Wm Sage of Han Mat so ooouty, to Mia* Barah Ann Sieitb of Santa Clara county At th a btoi?* of tba brots fathsr naar lb* f'alararaa by JmticaWm Simpson. Mr K. short to MM Sarah Ann Magtrr. both of San Joaqnlti cuntr. In San Pranelsro. .Ian 17, by Bar. R Briarlr. John U Willi* n* Ml Ml** Anna H Urrtmleaf b'l of San Prnncirco I* Rnntun. Jan. 3L by the Rr* Jams* ? ?*?*, Mr. Carroll Owan tn Mtr* Sail* Stub At Wrbb Ranch. Jan. 20. by ter R. B Walawoitb, Mr. Ilaorio Vt Peacock to Mta* Cara L Flint At tba M'miod I oloraa. Jan 24, Rptfaoo Vomsio to Maria O. On-cta In ?h*at* Jan 2ft. by R?r. M Kfllogg. Mr Rahuia Bald win of Mh'Mn to M ? Aan W. Connor, or barmlnglon. Ma. At Taia* Rprtn** Jan. 1, brP. Tnl'le, laq., Mr. W. la Bradley to Ml** Ca'hartua R Dougherty, all ol Shtnt* county In naa Frant Irco. Tunaary ?, by Ray Or Scott, Mr. Thoa. I. Horn. In Mlao Orririule Franklin, all nl Uili rtty At ihe LoM Htnne, Red Bin" Jnn d, by R W. flood rick. * <1 . Mr .lameeM Id* to Urn. Ijdln A Holly. In Pan frnncbcn, Jan. 2*. by 'TO Re*. y. Monehnke, Mr. II.< nir M Hlalr to Mien Mathilda ftrhroednr Hy ftie Hm?. Jnn. W Mr Henry r'ehroeder In MIm Sorbin P?lrr?. Cn ihe 21?i Jan at the Ferry Hotnl, Hon PHro't Rnr. by Her K MrCullwh. Mr. D M. Pn*in In Mlm F*nn* Oooke, foih of Pen Fedm a In >-ar> Frnn< i-m, Jan k>. br A!ni ft'oitr 'w'm VinaHon t Mr tx>ala Hrnnnar to M a* Anon ta HI l*T, *11 of ftwttntwM. I* f??n Frnnrleeo, Ian 27. ?' ir tin' of Dr. fl. T. P|>rn?l, by Rer Mr. Rrlerly, Mr. J> bill. W'lltnma to Mtaa Airl ft. Hreentenl. In Martpoea, Jon. 2ft, by Rey. J. C. ft trmini Mr. R. A Mourn In M'?i Mirr H I'minii In fin Prorcireo Jan 3, by Ji??ph \V Fin'ey, Mo, , .Tim lice of tie fence John Mjer to Ma-|fnrat Kobfnona, of that en* In ft?n Frnnelti o, Jin SI, by Re* Pr fteoll, Mr. JohnC. Creniony to mi?? ft'ln A. Hunt, both of ibm eity. In bin F1 nnetaeo fteh.l, b* Re* Mr. Rion, Mr. Renlnnln Mi tin to Mi?n I'eellii Runnberi of Rot* York In -it. ftrntri'eo .Inn. Jl, by R?t. V. Mooihnke, Mr. Fied'rlek Knunher lo M'?a t.onlre M Wefener. In "no F'arriren Feb I, by tlte name Mr. Anfonte Iffil r?? heir, if Mar,?*>'le. to Mm lot e l a irln In ban FrarrWt Feb. t, by lb-' name Mr. Fraeit Umy W Mien FiMdetike Bebn. PF ATR ?." in ften I -? Jnr ' ? of em < Mr. M t ie ill" e, n nnilie of Ft ft ?nl. ?** ! Ik tnnm It'>w>?M, '? ? IB. 1 r?i t\ F'i(Molt, Mrmyrlyof Bci- | loo. MfttB, ftfB4 M )Mr?. % LD. PRICB TWO CENTS I At Xrlsey'e K1 Dorado eeintr, Ju 11, or bron-hltl*. Mirub J Smith, ilku^b'rr Of Mr. and X Wiraha. K-jiib ff f KimIhUJc ill. I Jia. 12, OA board the brf lllenooe, at Ifrndoriiui. J .hn W. | 1'ierce, mamer. aa?d '&> ajuIjI month*. ? native of itueka port. Maine At (he United Slates Hotel. TViwolerH'e, on fhs ni|ht of the 4ih luat . ot t?ah lid ever, lieorae W. Fellovra see.I Zt ??ara. J In Han Fraorisco, on Stockton street, Ilth in* , of Fnnaiua fever, O W lloaford aonof Oavui Hosfotd, B?)., af Albaor. W. T., aged 16 years. la Pin FnuiPtim, Jaa. 25, Cap? Beuben lUrney. ?' Baatucket Mans , sited 63 >eats. I a HaerameoUi, .Ian 21, I.li7le A. Berkwllb, ouly da-LfhMr of Mary aid Jolia Beckwlth. aged 17 months In Haoramroto, Jan II, Vrur P 1'rescutt. ol Boston. agad 44. In Sarrninantn, Jau. JO, Mrs Musan Kinley, aged Irt yeara. Of disease of the brain, formerly of Mississippi. In Sacramento Jan. 24, Maggie F., youngest daughter#C Jaa F. t liotnpron age.I 2 ?-ai a On board the vU-amslup Tennessee <f rholara. (n the IMf Of I eceiuber last . Mr Alvi rd t'hat * of V-w Bedford, f am_ aged about 27 yeai a, and for many years a resident of Hsua r rat rlaoo. In lied Blnil, Jan. 16 Charles I . son of T. aul FopbanaA Robs. 11 aged ? years. 1 month nod 16 duya In Maiysvllle. Jau 21 MaroHne. file at A. J. Luc ia, Mr* IS* yeaia, formerly ef Baltimore Mil <>f ronsmnptlon, Jnn 26. at Freer* a ranch, fan Jaaaaia county, Beter Kitleysnle a 8cot( hmuu by birth age* 46 J ear* At I pper Fherlm k's, on Friday, Jan 2.3. Fa'ilck tiibbnaa, twin son. I Mr I'atrlck (itbbona, ??ed 16 moutlia. At the residence ef lirorge C. Ilavnns. of t-haw's Flat, Jaa. 29 of dirt Me ol the tiings < harlesl < ran.tail. sgcU 26 years. Mr <) sour originally from l.a I'm te. Indiana In Fan Frarclsro on Jan 2 of dysentery, Mn. F.. 'itmaaat, a native of New fork, iiged 2.S years In San Kraneigco, Jau. 2, of dysen *?y, Ml?a Annette Realler, a native of Frnm e, aged 114 years I in San Francisco. Jan 2, of pasaiysbi, Hanue1 Abraham, a | native of Ft uss.a, aged 16 years. MarktU. flax Fnairnwo Feb 3--P M Pk.ixrn tit Mm. ?Pales of It 506.luarteer sarks domestic ku kits at 91 78 a H, ertra at* W a 9'' self r sing at |9 99. Lvott jnl.btnr sale ofKai tern corn meal at 96 60 p-r ?*?!. l?,a par lb. (or fresh ground, 9c for btrnkwheat meal, and >>raai aPS40 per ton tin am ,?Sa'ea of 1 400 bagi wheat In lota at >2 60 a ft 0946 1,0'ti bags barley sold In tbur lota at 92 28 a 92 35 aeaM at fr fo r lb ; I ObO bags oats at 92 46 a 92 78 seesl at >i a 4c a 2ISI mentals Mexican white cru 4 Id on private tei mi M da. fo at 2\c per Ih Fixator* ?bin all sales at 92 ll.*a ?19-' M I'HOViato.sH.- M tlrkuia rhrtc* hotter sold ?' ",.V . <11*, n-w mi ;;oe ; SO do. <*<>., and SO canoe Oregon dim Iiu miv private tetun Mitotan:*.- ?CO ban- Ca'tforula white beans eo'1 w iu 40,(Jl<J Iba Salavtan sweated etigv o> private terms Si) l?T bhla. New ftr'e.ina do all'J'.r ; An OOu Iba Hauila ri<-e ? d M caica HalHr.iore oyeiera annl r n private terms :w> do /.ma te. do. at $7 7S, a ( aa> a table salt and 13 raaea frr.1t brand Mbarro aiao private (.'i.Mtiaa ? ISObolra State a Island a-l tmaii'lnoa aubt jo palvale term a louuoan?16 Vbls. low proof wh,aL.<*y aold oa teni?j aad slated Wier ? 25 hadteia Piper's heitf.tlek eliarnpar i *al IM oa sea ordinal y bordtaiu claret eetd oa private forum, TV cueea rrab apple rider at ogrnt a r?;e?, Fsncv Moors ? Pale nf velvet rtbh?wiH fl i??0 in jl.-e, a* It per cool advarce oa coal and charge-,. Ntwi frr.r.a the Madaden Pnrrlnur TCil ARIZONA MIPVH. Report* from .tbe aftxt na Mining ilurapany ia;( ton //eraId, are o' Uio nwwt IIalter! ( khtd. Tbelr vrto ?f ore tucreaaea In rxleat and rlobnea* at It Is fnrthar opened Present appearances lolly Jna/.ty ui In aaytog Mat tbl* company will be amply remunerated for Uwkr energy and anierprlae la ibna early doveloptng torn at tbe mineral r? sources of that oouatry. ANOTWR MP P. FUCK, Oa Hobday mommy, aaya the Herald, a Meitoan k|r ike name Of Nlobolaa Conl/cea, wot tounl dead withto ity yard* of ibo Oonrt Uoura, with bit bead hot Ifegy mull.'ated. An Imjieatwaa held on tto oti t. and abrfoi lowing rardlel rendered - One,eased re mo to bin deato by being beaten and out by laat- anient m tbe taadbP ol tome perevn or p-raous orknown EMIGRATION TO TJI* NEW ITRC J.? UK From tapt. Cailrtl, eaya tbe Herald, wuo bee jurt arrived from ilia Colorado river, we learn Mat a vary large emigration baa croaaid Ibe river at Kort '.'lima tor tba t,attach purchase Tbe emigration, wblub aam me a o< d err oral months elm *, baa been a'.aadlty oa Ukw inerrate. and at prrai nl moru peraooe a o erualog tor Dial section tbau at any formirtlme Muli baa oaem rant both for and agv'.eit tho agricultural, graving ami mtneial reaourcaa nl tbat rauatry. Thes? diauoaeHmw r.onbtlcra bare duno much in Incrva-log knjraMa Capi Cetlilt aWna'atn Mat tl a diroovarera of tee wave topper b'd' taanly mile* above Fort Yoma on '.ha iMia, ara ve?y eanyu n? of aucceao, late re*eerch-A htvtoa reauhed in Me discovery of a vein of grant client am caratd ng nebnote Tbe Ai(a f.Vnt/irt.m puhilshee lb* ralljwtnf list at on igranle wbo left Man o ine at?anaar Mem Ibrd. on tho klat of January, for the Me led- n purchase ? H A Crtbb, dan Joiq ile 8 Uunkoe, Tualuaae K N Vt-i.od, < nn.ta Coata. Edward Obapieta, to W II Mrltoub, do B. Quarter. to 0.8 lb Do sell, Tuolumne w j Van Dnriae, da. John ! I'a'cy, do P M. Heilsdar, delans. John F Carter, do. Tboa M. tiaupie, to. Hrary I Watts, do R C Mac'rlok, to lienj K Willi'n, co Wm Atovonaoa, do iieoryo E Hoi I. do. Hugh Haaura, to. Wbliam W'lsoa. do. Martin Derler, dan Pahtotboaaa (1-atea, do, M'OrgeT, ilug, t>r Tr.os J Oihy, do. Jt bn I aaaarna, harloa k. Parker, do A Bine. BN Mefcraw, aid. Robert Mutton, . K lay t??r. do Ferdinand Hihm henaaw. obn F'a>nndh>n, do Klward Km'au. Hoc or krvi, do. R W Madlaow, I bar la* A Lrwla, do R O Wi ont, William ABdrrion, do W M Ma'dle, J M MrRml, do. John R CjrlalfN, J.w>'? W Words, do r B Wtldor. Hemurl KiDibkii, do Richer l I'errf, W. N Mlilor, do Onarla* W Tnaer, Yreha. J ?; HtrrUea do RovrHJ Wood, do Willi#m Raaeolyb, do. J W Keaat. wtiiiem 4. Hid, do Frank P.rtloa, Tbomat Craig, do. Mala Tar bar A W Alien, do. Oonrge (iiU T) e Alia eddr?The aboee Hat baa boen faralebod ta a? lor rablitBtWB. It Is rum or od thai tb? "cm|r?atw* bare nlwrtir tltwi la relation t? Sroora, but upon thto po'at we hi re yet ao reliable laroraiaUoa. If lb* aboee aimed "emu mala" really to for the pnrpoeo at din loping the roeooroee of he sea Tarrllory, althoagh wo are 01 i pW h e that the huh re<|alailo amount of laM* * rim aded In California would bo <ialtw >e proittab'e.) ww r.eli Item an ,po'n?< ra deterring of prale# for thoir ewterpiiee. But If ibry go wlib .uio tnt*nt!oi of meklag deaionetraUoB ow doacra, or to pariloipelo. In any maw oer la the laWellae brot a o' that dime, we tb.nk I boy win retard leelead of Laeien the lima wbea II wtU bwof ma a portion of oar torrtiory. Web*a from Washington Territory. We bare datea (rota t'of .*ou?d to the idtb mat Ho a< we of Importance Tbe vvaahlagtoii lagtilataro oowTontd o? lb" Itb, Tho lod aae ara itlll la ? alato of hawlilty. A ?HoM ebonk of an rartbqnaka was fHi at Ptot towa*aarf. oa the KiMb lb-timber I.'eol Col Oaoay, ad the Bib lauairy, commeuding at Fort .dunaooom, wfl irare on a rlrlt 10 tbe Walca aooa. Capt Maieaey, aawl In raak. w.U aemaie |ho onmtraed. A letscboeat ad riytilara from ibo Fort baa ih#w -.U.'ocei at WblddyW ii.ot.o in nroterl in" let abiiiLt* from doar<?laMoaa of Ike lufiang. Tbe lumber trad" at ib? Mooad'lo brlak Nrwi frnm Oregon. 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