Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 28, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 28, 1857 Page 3
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A flV EM t IN * >\ \ 81? ? u tl i H.I1 t a ?wa. i I.AliG a MODRkN .iim.t ort *uk to lit. with r\ meaorcof grou d flr^trav l. ?c li 1? pleea*"ty situated In & (nod nrlglili rhoo i lu * ohuiIih -<?r onu ity, wi'hm ball a rulle of Morrlaanta "e m P w-aeaioi- h r?a '?t of April, or wooer If destred for |i?"lc ii*r' truulre of T. W. OTHOWG. 1)8 Naaaau ?trr. t. N T AUODHK TO LBT-ANO TH? FCRMITURII FOR Palo it being nearly now ai d "f ite Brat quality, any one wishing to buy lb* furuiiure iai hare InamedUte pesaei alou by applying at Ma 177 Oretue aL-eet, two door* below Bleecker street. AHOTKL TO I.1CTMeit :o the railroad depot oort or of Forty third *treet andBlxth avenue, with u-e >f at1 the fillirg bedding Be., now doing a good ate ad) trade having a liquor end eating bar and iwent* bed rorma Ooi-d security required for th rent , , Apply to 8. WARD, in the hotel, from 6 to 10 o'clock In the evening. At yonkkrb. hkv?k\l uood class ihoush to let Kent from tM) ti A WW Al-o ho .?e* and lott for ' Mle, building Iota with !uai> of money to improre. Houses, I end farm* to exchange for tb?r property. Apply to OKO WAI.TKB ACX).. irondway room 28. a oooii CHANOK.?TO Let ik CANAL stbekt, JX wttt of and near Bro-dway the aeeoad floor entire upper pari of tbe bnlldlog *lx oe>n? adapted for business mllilnir, dressmaker taBor or pbteician B W. AtCHaAfU, 807 Broadway. AK1VK STORY FTB8T liliADh HOCSK, CONTAINING SO room a. to lessr to a term of -e*rt. rery prominently situated, a rhort dutujoe 'rmn pr->?ijwa? eexupled as restaurant, bosrd'Bg and loJgi g boise. Furniture and tlx tures lor sale. Term* ra y Appli <0 B W. KK'HABUri, 307 Broadway. Auction stork to let, wi*h ano sub oe'lar. of boniw Kl ba*?vi-i?e?t 1119 f*ot by ii S inches Also ofllrea eu .oed, tbp d f ur'Laad Bftb lloor*. Apply to.k f Kit bib, bootmaker bii beaten street. BROaI>WatY 8TOHK> AN41 a uaSC.K OKH1RABLR basement to let ?1 he property Wl and Mill Bnstdway. near Prince street, now oc< bt r. V. Bough wont, will be ao altered as to give ona or two large stores ?Jao basement measuring L97 feet deep and ftt eel wl.te. ?itb large entrance from Prince street, making u desirable for s first cisss reieo tory. Responsible parliec may lAaro terms Ac., by applying to H. YtOOD, 444 Broadway. Broadway lofts and bjoms to lit-tii# three upper tioorsot Dim store 614 liehlnji, near the fr. Niche hum Proaooti and Mfltropnitlan Hotel*. suitable for a iub or drill room*, tor anv lulu bn-lnesa daguerreotype or picture galleries, or fo. elllnea or room*; sky light, An., alz* 2ft by 100, ?111 be let or leased low Apply 10 8. W. SMITtl, 634 Broadway. BROOKLYN LANDLORD AND TENANTS' RKUHtar. where, by a new a <1 original plan, teuanta oun in pest cornet liata of all the desirable bouaci apartment* Ac., to let In Itrooklvn anil vicinity, dally rented and corrected by eiperlerced canvassers. WM m an NINO, Agent, 10 Tlllary street, Brooklyn. BROOKLYN.-IIOUSE IO LET AND FURNITURE for ne'e. Tba neat three alo y hrtck louae 121 Auam* street, corner of Bigb, ft minutes walk front the Fulton ferry, furniture In perfect order, ,ud all! be aoid cheap. Apply oa the premier*, or to D R. OutTLu, let r niton street N. T , or to FOSH.R A LOPKR, No. 6 -taods -tr?et, Brooklyn. _ Country residence to let?from urst of May nest, a Gne suburban co tags house, modern built, roomy, and very pleasantly ell used on Kergsn Iliu, one and thrte uuarter mUra from Jerve? City fe*ry, on the Bergen Point plank road with garden plot or about tiro and c ne half aorta, together with barn ca'rUge hour*, Ac ; la a very desirable p ace for a summer residence uo 1 will be rented very low. Mages leave Jersey CI y every half hour. For further particulars uujulre of BENNETT A lli/NrlNGTON, No. 4 Front street. Dry goods mercrants-a good opportunity! To let, In Grand street, Wlllt.vnetm'-g, an elegant Aft feet atore, glass cases, chandeliers; room.* t'or a family residence attached. Kent $300 per annum. Apply at 432 Grand street, Williamsburg. TUQHTn AYKNUR STORE to LRT-90 fret LONG, ?i pine gla?e windows. best block on the aveuun, well suit ed for a lerge boot and shoo store clothtrg, torn or en) other respectable business Apply at 341 Eighth avenue Fubnisnkd house to lkt.-a very pleasant ly situated brown stone fron' houae. with modern lm proveiten's, will be let lo a resp msth pa-ty for the summer or whole j ear. Apply at the drug store corner of the Bowery and Fourth street. Furnished house to let in beookltn-a three story brick house and furniture, at 40 Orange street, corner of Willow on Brooklyn Heights being s short distance from Fulton and Wall street ferries, the bouse and fu-ntture are in good order, wl'h gar U every room and hot air furnace. Apply of l 8. laWRKNO* A CO., 104 llaasau street. New York "l IRMSIIKD noUfiK to lease to a small Pitl _T vste fsoiliy?house furniture, which was new last fall, and neighbor heed first olsss. Rent meoerala to a careful tenant with good security or will se 1 the furniture at a discount. Apply at 427 Pacific near Nevlcs street. Brooklyn. Handsome small three story and hish basement brick bouse to let, with garden to front, tin Is bed la good stjle. for genteel prtrate real tcnce. Inquire ou the premises. 334 West Twenty sixth street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues, or at 174 Heeler strueL House to lkt.-first ouss bouse no. 249 Orteue street. In perfect order, sarr and gas to ton. 16 rooms besides the kitchen, .mmediste possession if required. Apply at No 2G1 Qreene street. HOUhK TO LET?a NSAT TWO HTORY baskm1nt and under cellars brick home, containing eight rooms, Sis, large jard aad grape viutj. at J6e Bean street, Hroottyn ent $276 Inquire of B. AUKRBaCH, No. 6 Trrua Row Buildings, near City Hall, N T., from 10 to 1, or 114 Eases street. M. Y . from 4 to 6. "Anas sn IS* A Wl.-rw TUirr OT/HV StHUSST I jut nr. IV lip I ? I* mvn > umiii xiupi J 1 aid under cellar brie* h)UM. coniatnirg twe've room*, good pantile*. gin, range. Ac., 87 Fowera etreet, Brooklyn. Kent 13* Iaquue of b. aUKRBA'H, no 6 Tryon row IIuiUIji g' near City Hall, from 10 tj 1, or at 114 Kaeei atre-t, >. T. (Tom 4 to 8 o'clock. HOUHK TO LRT-A OONTKNIINT SMALL THRRIC alary brink ho tun In a gen'cel neighborhood. withiu a frw mtautca walk of lb* ft Nicbolaa and Metropolitan hotel*, and near Broadway. The boon* m replete w.ih every convenience for a largo or ntnall family; gaa, bath, water rloerta, Wrihtolm, Ac . Ae. Bant very moderate to a good tanoat. M do need apply oirapl dMpoaad to porehtna the furniture, witch la nee-It raw, and would ba aold at a fair valuation. Thin In an eicellent chaoer for a now marrtad coup la to c mimrara hounrkaaplng. Addiaaa box 4,717 font office. N. Y. IB BROADWAY?A LBASB OF about TEN YBARB of a bulldtng about 9 feat fronl by 1>0 feet daap, between Krank'Ut and Canal etrreta, with two (koala, at a raaaounbla rent, to let or for sal*. Far perUculara inquire ot B. H LCI)LOW. 14 frtnca auaeL Labor hall aim lodge boom to lsaw.-the hall to Hleeekar Building, aomerof Bleecker and Mir too ntrewa, wtli neat from nix to eight hundred pereont, and furnlabed la the beat manner, will be leaned reaaonabfa for church Litrpones or for any raapaetable ore; alao the lodge room with neparata nairanr*. Inquire of t. CUTHHERr, 3(8 Blare kar etrrot orC.QWYER W Ha mm pad street. MABOMC.-THE LODGE ROOM ON THK COBNRR of Broadway and Bleecker atreet will be ranted fur the aaaulng year na reaeonable terms. Apply to o W si kin BKKb'NKK. W7 Broadway, or JOHN WCTATON, Waah bgtoa street. to i'**-in h0v8k no. 4 cttt nall \J p'arc, large and small suitable tor lawyers. Inquire el FBAliCtfl O'BORKR, 41 Faik atraat. T>ART Of A HOCIR TO lnt?in WRIT THIRTY X flrat lUeet, between Klgbth aad Ninth areo it, with all the modern improvement* necood fory, eianlitlng of four rooms and one room on the third story will be let to a tmall family of aot more thaa lour peraons Apply at 343 Vghtb aveaoe. Oao ha neen Tu relay a aad Fr days, between 11 and 8 o'clock. Part or a Horn to let-onr half or tub X hand noma (bar atorv brick houte 6* llnary atreet, Brooklyn, within (Ira minutna walk #f Fulton (brry, taoii?> ip P?Pll r.mllw I PI. Hire of K. (EOIIl'd 25 Fulton I eixeet. Mrw tA ~ -DOOM AND rOWM-ROOM AMD POWRR TO I.KTJV Well lighted room* and etcedy poerr at So M? Ureea wick street, Marble aad a toe* Carving Compear. Also, goruad floor a. aad offices, (j OTMADT POWBE-1M THE DEPOT BCLLDIN J COR O 04 itlo sad Praaklii. stream oss square from Hroad waj. Cmtoa water, gee. water rieaeta. and every oouvenl eocs. IsqUre ot f. REM RETT. os the premiere. STRADT P0W1R. LIOI1T ROOM* AMD CHFAP rents In ths new buildings Sot). J7 and .19 Oreene slrerL Apply to A O. W. BRADY, on the preen Isss STB AM POW1R.-T0 MT. WITH OR WITHOPT steasi pewtr, three rooms MaTA, lighted on three sides, with doors R feet wide Also, eevvrei sot tiler rooms Too session bnmedlately Apply to P. M wILflOM, 1 IT Prince street, two bteehs went of Pteadway STORE AJTO OWBLLIMO NO 7 OARMHTB HTREMT TO 1st. 1 he Spues Is three storlse wiih am.- rooms, a few doers north oCWIeecher street, sew enenpled as ao lutein, genes 0?c* Meet 1730 per annum. Apply IS TIIO.KaN yiSimi, 71 Matdee tans, up stairs. STORE TO tKT. MO. M WARE EM STREET St IT A ble fttr snv kind of busmen. Alan suite of rooms for ofires, tsqntre to the ItMng Hating* tnsutu'too, from 10 to Ro ctoek. STORE TO LET-MO. UP FIRST ATCNPE WEAR Tenth street, slock sod fiitui-ee for sals; sleek consisting faery goods. STORE TO LET OR I.E A*K ?THE FOrB HTOET house and store. M HUth avenue, to let or ieeee Apply as per hill. C3TORR IM TARE PLACE TO MARE.?THE CMDBR0 Signed will erect a flmt laee store so t pi feet on the College gretinds. the coming seaeon. Parties wishes to lease 1 he same sen have sueh anprcvemeata as they may require by epplyteg to R. HAMFOKP. Archil*.:, Mo. I Bee km mi ? QTfr Part mi, St. jofllf'fl park-to ij? <* leabe, the tjto four itary and baroaoat hww. Una. 171 aa.l 17# H?d on atrrw, within (It* doer* of to Inhn fori; contain toJothar about thirty ronwta. with Proton watar on top atory, nib. poo. Ac , oory a-iUohto for a (trot eiaa* board na bono*, harlot boon ao oornplod tor too laat fonr roantbr nna taaanl. Cas ha ma no it upon appUaatton to JAMES r AIiTE.fifca tot, Hndano atraat St Am* iilard-to lit, Ftntmsnn. a n? llpbtf'illy Mtnatod fealty raonaton. It rmma, Jamb wait or, hot and cold waMr hatha, rinaato, At, Ac., lawn*. wont landa hltrhan aad Ho war pardon, with abnattHto of rhotea (full, roach hanaa and atai>la, a Hhui tOC jarda of 1M0 ferry, for furthar partlculart apply to J7T (trims A OO.. Ko. ?T JC if bans' pAca. CtrFMIOR RrITS OF OFFICER TO I ET-IR TITE NEW marbla front balldJap W and :? William Mraat, naar Ftac, The oflcaa ara 1 atolt, wirtrd by Mdtoa itoora. \pply to fOSFORD A CO. on tba prtmlaaa. or to At. WUnfrri IH. 17" Wtlllato atraaL To let.-th1 old established rakbrt WO Ml Aprtup atraat. Apply aa tha pramlaaa. TO LBT-BTOIIB S04 BIOAPWAT, TWO SHOW WT* dowa and 9l) faat daop. ?r half that lapth If prafarrad, ad with nr wtihont haoamani aad andar caliar: alto, baao toianta 006 and 908, oomar of Hourtoa tttaoL I pplr oa tba irW OTBUiAirtf* akJLMterl ?Lfc. rr'oMrr^acM w*v KirKHroav A*I> X iia?i'tfn-t.i l>ru W b'l'Wr^ ^ Iw hf H" *'? r"ir o k kiwi 45 < wI.trc ft.Cl io e'l'Uthle fo' jrlulera or marttila nrara MallluhtaX wi>h vaults in thr beeemwot ami ciu-i w ?/ from the street. Appt> lkt>. 8. hIKPK.JflO Kwrn atroC rLIT-1111 BlOBB. HaOt BOO*. FBONT ANO back baaraaart. at eo >M UulHttkMt, near Cabal street 1 be store ia complete wl'b ah ?irln?? and cmiutoau etoeUeal busteeaa aland f * mtUt era or Ihu-> goods. apply to aBSAUaK KabToK MKaatTw uliulh itw, between bioidway and Fonr h am no r LXT-A FIRST OLARS THRKK 8T0RY BROWN atoue, abutted Id Brook lyn The Inn* ia lu par irrt order, aid baa erery Bodurn oonveuten<e with drn'n 11 om kilrben Into the newer Neighborhood 'ineieepilioable atX cotranient to aU the ferrlaa. bent J700 Adireaa, this work. Y . box I.W8 Poet offloe. H>0 I.KT-A FCI.L H1ZK THRFR HTORT AND BAlKT 1 mailt brtrk borne, In amity at roe*. between Oourt and Olluloa, Hroofelyn; la la a euliab>e location; rent 1650. Poi eoanlon can be taken after the drat ofaprU Apply at the etore. It FUUatreet, Itaar York. r) LK1 ?TWO PINK UUflT LO'TS, THIRD AND fourth flnore of ?he alore 111 Pu"on street, ooriarof Dutch street, suitable fur any business requiring * good light In quite of HT1LW1U..L ft MuM l'hO^, on lite premiere TO LXT-A RARE CHANCE-A STORE AMD PART of a house, In the First ward suitable for a grocery, or sooldbe a good place for a wholesale liquor ilore Apply at 13 (state street. CflAtl MoOAr. TO LET -TDK ENGLISH BA8RMKNT BOUSE. WO. 43 W?t Nineteeum street This houa? la nea^r now, built In the beat manner, with gas, water, furnace, anl every modem convenience for terms Ac, apply to JUHT O. I.OBL ft BKO , IHI Water street. ff.O LET-TBE THREE BTORY A'?D HIOH RASKMHNT i brier hotiae 90 el/sl street; contains alt the modern lm provemeaU, gaa range Oroton water, Ac.; will reA the whole or p?rt io one or two b-nanta Apply to UKOKHK U WaLKKK. lb? (teutrf street, corner of (tester aireet. during the day, or at 117 UhrysUe aireet In the evening. TO LRT-1I1R l.OWKR PART OF TDK THRKR 8TORT and baaemenl brick house 107 Forsyth street, near Hrooine street; contains all the modern impmv menu. gas, Omtoo water, range. Ac.; Io be seen from 10 to I o'clock. Apply to tikOROKH. WaI.KKR. 1K2 Centre street, during the day, or at 117 Cbry stie street In the evening. rLET?A COlTAOIt NO. 76 WEST FIFTEENTH street, between Sixth and Sevcutli avenues, with gae anl ( roteo. A Iso. a verv desirable furnished house to let. thirty* live miles tr?m the city, jo'ntng the salt water; oammuuloa t <m three times a dav by rat.road and steamboat. Inquire of DaYID ROGERS, 133 CUnton plaoe, or on the premlses._ TO LET?TBE PROPERTY 231,i THIRD AVENUE, 1 near Twenty find street. consisting of baaameot. two dory (DOW occupied M a clotliiug nod seger store/ and dwel iii-gs abore thu store* Also two three story brink houses on Forty-Ofth etieet, near Third avenue, 3VS. Also the store end rooms above on Third avenue. first house above Fiftya?coud ffoet. K B. KINSHIMEK, 319 Fourth avenae. TO LkT-THK THREE STORY BKIOK HOUSE NO. I Filth street, near the Bowery, in good order, rue, Uruwo water, Ac , would bn leased to a gsod uioant. Apply to JOHN LLOYD A BON, 15 Nassau strew, Oonamonweaitb Building TO LKT?FOUR LOFTS AT 1J5 AVENUE D. THESE lefts a-(< EHkOO feet well light-d and will be let separate t j or together to a kox! tenant. would fnruisb steam power. AbN AK MIl.i S. TtO LET-FROM TIIB FIRST OF MAT, PAST OF ! house T, Oliver street, between Madison and Uhsthvm luare. Apply to F KSuLT. o< rn-r of Madison gtroet aad i tw ltowtry, from 2 to 4 o'clock P. M, rl.XT?A THRKR HTOBY DWELLING HOUSE, NO. ill King street, with modern Improvemenla. Also tha first and second fioors of house 35 Knit st rest, and other apartin sale. Inqaiieof A. RAYMOND, 51 Chatham street. rpo LF.T-THB HOUSE NO V WENT TWENTY NINTH 1 street, with saM fixtures and all the modern improvements. Inquire of JOHN J. NaIHaNA, No hi Beat Twenty ninth oreet. Bem&50 Possession given immediately. 'PO LET?THE THERE STORY AND BASEMENT URICK J housetri? Fourth street, be'ween avenues 0 and D; has Croton watrr, bath and gas; rent BO.O. r LET?AN ELEGANT LARGE DOUBLE STORK ON Bro&dwaj.near Prince street, deep and welt l'gb>d Fixtures lor sale and 'mmadlate p's*ensmn given. Addtasaa .?ota to D., box 125 Broadway Poet offloe TO LET-A TUB EE 8TORY BRICK HOUSE, WITH all the modem improvemeuta No. I'd Amoa'Mtrest. near leecker Can be seen from 2 v> 4 P. M Inquire of T. Is BUXTON, Irving Ratings Institution, 96 W.irreu street, t om 10 to 2 o'clock. rLET.?THE TnBfcE STORY AMD ATTIS FINISHED home No 71 KavtFi leanth street The house Is built iu the best mtnner. wHh gas. water, range, furnace. Ao. For teems apply to JOHN 0. LORD A BUG , 181 Water street. fpO I AT?THE THKSE STORY HOUSE. ALL BUT THE L buen.eni No Hi Dunne street; als r, three lofts In house No. 38 ar d 4ft Reads street; h's >, thee offi-ee in build I rig No. '.< 0 Brcsdway. Apply between 10 and 12 o'clock to 8. B HUTCH INOS. No 36 John street. TV I ET?A BROWN STONE FOUR FIORT MODERN house, f rone or more veers, in Fonrtcrmh stre t, near Heeord avenue. Iloure XtxfiOfeet tteut SI 000 oar annum. Possession given 'stofspril. Inquire of I r M. STEfflEVSON, 167 East Fourier nth street TO LET?AN OFFICE IN THE BUILDING NO 4 MAI i en lai r. mPahle for an tmpor'er of wstcbrs or a rnanuUctiwrog jeweller. Apply on the pretnl-en to YOUNG, SMITH ACQ. TO I.ET-A STORE SUITABLE FOR A STORK OR A brokerage aid hanktn,; business, No. 207 Hmadvav, ?? Jt coo'to the Chemical Bank Inquire of U W ITER BURY No 205 Broadway, next door. TO LKT -T'IE BOUSE NO. 39 GRRR NWICH AVENUE Can be n en between 10 A. M and 3 P M. Inquire os the pri tu.sss. or of JOHN MONKYPEN N Jr . 450 ( anal st. TPOLtT-FBOM TH* FIRST fr F MAf.COTrAOB HOl'SB X 61 Wot Ihtrty Oth atree1; contain* all the modern I t proteniaala, and an extra ks la garden; la nonTahlant t t'aaci and rv* to all )>a>ta of lha arty, (tan ba rente! a* le?ted at $l.erv par annum Inant'e of J aM1H H. MILLKft. M Liberty ?trrat. office of Miliar A DetlL?, and at 417 Hnisoa treat. rl.KT-iN OFFU'K ?.V THB FIRST FLOOR glllT abla for ?n Importer of waicbaa or a HMMutng je ai ir App'y al the Weste'i Ho a!, C-rtlard' street r^HLXT-AR HLKOANTLT FIRlAflkD AMD SPA'TIOCB eoragr In the hll7aba haa atria, on lha Ufblti * ?, aaar McComb dam and the Bar lam rtrar. There treat ' cbrd to the r"-trier* eoarh house. atablra. frrrn bouaa a,lei with 11 <e r lioaerm, ire bouee 'tllani flower rartma. and on the gror.ada erarj rarlely of eraamantal aad bear to ( Malt t oe*. The cottage is very eligibly situated, and la a Trr? de Tliab'a tarldarre. uniting proximity to IheePy with all tlia ad striate* of rnral Uia rrrmlaae may be aeea from S to S e'rlouh P. M , daily. For portion an call on RATHARIBL JABTIB. ,'R . 13 Ctty Hall. Oammoa Plena. Clerks offioe _ atO LIT?A RB AT POTTAOB WITH BBfWKKR ORB ard two arret of land adjoin Inn the Tillage of Wett Farms, with a baauttfal tlaw ef the Bronx Falls. The fund t ire. whtob la eerr handensae, can ta purchased ReathkO. Apply at M Latghl treat, or on the premises Want Farma. TIJ LIT?A IIOr.tRJRIACTTFCLLT PITUATKTV IR the centra of the t i Jage of FalrmonnL oomeref ?To>t. iff aTfttne ard Prospect atresia, with store and large gtr 0 , tmly one benr'a ride from the otty. on the Harlem |F*IIr en, ara bat Ave intnniat walk from Fremont depot place healths rer I low cicelieot chanra It make money wttn a small capital, particularly for a grocery. In.|tnre of W ilm. I.FR. 17 Cedar Street. THO LIT-AT 110 HM1X NTBKBT, A C./MMOnrorTH brick boner containlog 14 nice loP.e rooms. col Itr ar <1 eettlt; will be let totrether or separate to two or three small rrntael families. Irvrilre of K. AURBWIH. No. S Iryon Kow Ilttlldlisira. near City Hall, from 10 to 1, or at 114 Awei street, from 4 to 8 rM| IJCT-IN niK dPTENTH WARD. TUP! THREE ton sad basement ho'iM No 80 CTl'tilon street, oppj a. ? R-ftare iitaca ran of the most pleasant torsiX n* In lbs waul, It tee all the modern lapmrrmente | t Crtwon an I fctk. Apply to O. S. WaTKIXR, Ko 7 Catherine tree1. TW LPT TN BBOOKT.YK. TBI HtLU OF HOUSE 114 {fifth street consist ng of idi apartments will be rented low to a respectable family wlthcnt children Apply at 2J7 Pearl street, Brroalyn, or 49 Warren M , If T. rpo L*T?BY C. C. PINUENBT, 1< NASSAU STREET, 1 Dwelling ?i7 Hottatoa ?tract? $<TJ Dwelling .Wl (Irecowlch street VX) Dwelling 98 Peat Nltteeuth street 9? ere aid dwelling 11SH Third erenow. 4."l T? LPT -APARTMENTS IN THE SPLENDID HOU4R I0S I'rinklin street, near Weet Broadest . tYofon water ra ersty floor roeeeeaion let Mar<-h, good city refer 'nee re'Hilred Apply at 10 State street, or oc 'ha p "mure. TBO LET-PROM TUB 1ST OP MAT. THE HRCOVI) sad third stories of the new building No. M North Wll Ham attest, running through to 2X1 William elrcet. with tteun power. Apply to HILLIlr A BROTHER 92 and -t Beck ncan alraet. ,T!0 LPT?TBI LOWPB PART OP THR nAII DROME 1 brown atone bouse 7b Wrat Thirty (Iret ttreat rt.uideltas of tliree perlora with rhaadellere on flret door, fr tat ani middle basements. aleo roome oa third doer. Hone- has a 1 ike modem'mproTi mmia Apply oa the promisee, from 10 to t. or to a. J. PllTK. 1*0 flprlag itreet. TM I.IT-JOBN PTRBBT-THB FlBUT FLOOR AMD oonara ol tboatnr* No 0 John *!? : alao >bo <ipo?r sort 01 NO. ? -'oki* ?ire?t, norntr of Oo.d avota Apply lot b. n HBKWKI.IB. 170 wi HUB foot Th > i.*T-nornM for. si no and its wr>T broad I way. boom No 27 Vandrwatnr otrorl, banaa No. 43 Row nupprr porl of boaoo No. 10 franklin ati-ow amall ahrrr atrort. Apply M 1U Wool Brood way Dob 11H A. M. la UH '' ? rHl LHT-A LA DIM' BOARDINU HOCNV, RRLOW raaal atwol, wrot of Broadway- Addraaa A HP, Ho raM ofl po, rallss wboro an Id?ojt\ow oan bo bad. rM? LBT?BROADWAT PBOFKRTT.-TBIt LABOR find rl.-ve* dwoli'tip hooao w-ih two atorr roar butldiay. No. 734 Proadway. opposite Now Torb Hotnf Tbo room* aro larro aad olrrar t. wru aolmd for llwldo.- Bnmhaattailnr'a raUtiHaharai PoaoraaionjrUnn i*t of Mar. or aoonor if ro outrnd. Apply ?o JOHN WOLfK or 0*0 D 8. 0ILLK4 rlK. 36 Wat rap airoei. r^HLFT-TO A RINdLR OKNTLFMAN, IB A PM ALL prival* family, on Loilntfton atrina a room, wtth or without partial hoard. Uanenpitoaahlo rofomnoo fir on and malTOd A.ldrr?a, with roal nam*, R L. Brrald oflioo. mo itt-rot a mikfT i.ivnrt nrari.k or 1 00*1 J Mil. PC n road way betwaen ?'t?roteoaih ?nJ BUrht ruth atrcrta A o? txorr bttfldlng, 24 fact front: X) foot rear, 8A Oat darp. with gmnad and at) Ironed mi Rlrhtaen'h avraat Apply at Xll Tblitl arentta. J. M. PKWBI*. rro lit?labor lotty loitx ir the iriw X building, oonar of Dnane and Blm Mtaau. baantlfully lighted, ronatMiag of elaran windows to aaeh door, also, tha hwaant aieellaat light. Inqnlra.of 0 McKKKR A, 32 Canra straal. T? LIT?A TUMI XTOIT BROWN STORK IWOt.Wa baaamant honed, In Pauth Hmobijn. ronrenlantto tha rara, baring a loaaa ot two yaara rrom 1st of May natt. Tha fnrntinm jaaw. nod of tha rary ba?t daaariaUon?, la for saia, and anal be told with tha honaa. Thoaa not dlaaoaad to our chaaa tha fumltora oaad not apply. Addreea p.heapbeu, 7# Libatty atratt. Raw Tot a. TO LET?A MODRl, BROI.TIH RASKMRRT HOCflR, with tha prlrata Malra la tha rlaht plana, with all tha modnm tmpmvemfala. and In a rary dealrahla netchborbond. IJ7 I.e?lngtnn arenna batwaan Twantt ninth and Thlrtleh trrata Bent H.tijo. Apply to R. B I.t.OVB. 1.1# Islington arenna. MT -PART OF A I MALI. HOt/KE IK WgST THIB taanih atraet, naar RUth aranna, oonatetmg of twi room* Si aacnod floor, one on tha third, front baaauaanl. vanlta under r aide walk, with prlrilaro In tha bath mom. ?oa and rmtno watar Ihronghotit. Apply 'O ** M (III.kit. apntheoary l? With arettuP, conjfp of TWrtraath itrpft, " YORK. KKKsU, SAT J ?- TKJASW itnouratt j ?^ l'l.iltt OmNTKICL FaMI'.T. TUB DP TO 1 FT?19 * 'f ? rtlv (urniiiitt - htrt lb* u?*w>n p<t p? it of t ?xk s'? ">? ?><1 h'ra?? If at ft roaaonabli I occur*?1 rau'd l> *rd ?. "*o fttvc goad cftrlt* need ft* prior Nerc untthow ?r?a v * o'clock ply ?Ji lib lllxiljn plAOf. fr^rn a ? ??????????? 'IL"!!1! -s mftioir?Tim irr rpo LBT. WITH IMMRMaIK F*. ?r roadeaylroa 1 per pftrt 01 U>'?? 8* Wftlkc, *tr-ftt, ^ "roadway. I? thl Pot further p.irtir ulari Inquire ftlsf* ?"~TT?i rLET IN SOUTH HROOKL.TN-THB LOWliS . ' <X Of the hoftfte 16* Court wreet, near BaWlo. eeaejftjlw bacen enl two room* on Uin flrni fl >or, ??d l?? t>Wy^ roo ti* g** la ihe t?a e; *l?o pftrt of ft hon?e, Ift HOW form. contain!** ail the mottau iiDorovemeati; gaa. haa? ae. AP pip ft*_P. M Bt'TLKH'H, M White (freer mo LET OHSAP-A NRaTLT PURNISHBD BEDROOM, 1 la a private botue, trith privilege ia the parlor If required. Apply at 817 Uieeoe fttreet, ooruer Aatlty. rLKT CHEAP?LOFTS AND BaSKMKMT AT ?) Oremeloh Kreet Apply to ADAM* A O#. I'O LXT FCBNISFIBD?THE UPPER PAST OP THE hotiw<l WMUiUtwt. The house baa.beea neatly fltte 1 uu with tew lureltare, Ac. Would he le> cheat* to * ji?l tmant Ieqplreof JOHN H BUal.BT, 360 Hainan atreol TO I.KT OR FOB tALE-A 1WO 8TORT AND ATTIC br ok house. KT ?v mUs street to very nlaaaaai neighborhood, with Ail the mcdertt Improvements 1 ht lot is ts br 109 feet, sod a eery floe yard Usui $710 apply ?s A&M tH Alf K AhTtiK, 84 Fast Twentleh street between Broadway aaJ Fourth aeeuue. rLKT OR I.EABH-A HOUUK NEAR BLEEOKKR street, In a good Utah!ion The furniture mostly oon elating of ehntoe articles tor el* eptng apartments for ssW. An eioel'ect charoe lor a person wishing to keep house, td-lrnss bot 66 Broadway Poet odlor. TO LKB OR LEA'F-THK BAKFBT ST CARHTHO street, with the whole or part of the house. Apply to (L. D BUl I.UK. at (he American Muaenu. rLKT OB LKAf-K-TtiBKK NKAT TWO HTORT ABO a'-tic btlek bouses ul*-461 Wash ogton street; rent $600 M) W si's street, rent t>u' 0. 61 WsUa streets, rent $409. Apple at 97 Waltr street r> l.KT OB LEA HE?RUrLDINOS ON WlflT THIRTfnuvih ?l cel. bt tares hlereuth and Twrik* rooties, suit cble fur butchers, mailers, skinners. orwoouo dressers ar.d o bore Ht cheap rents Arplv at 192 Broadway, from II te 11 o'clock, of PET Aft A. n. JACKHON. r) I.KT OE I.KAMK-HOCRF NO. 768 RRO ADW1I.NOW occupied as a a'ore Water and gas. Apply at Ns. 261 Orcein street ]H) I.K'f OK LRASK-A PI1WT CLAS-i BK'ltFN STONE I house, m oulh Hrrothn. within three minutss walk of I' unitnrd for aal'e If required Ppesesat-m gtveo imraodlaloly rr flrtt of May. Apply to J U OoriS 4KH tKtt, 12 Centre etreet, N. Y., or Mrs PHRRM AW, o? ths premises, oorasr ui licks Mi Aml'.y ill eels, Brooklyn. rLF.I OK LEASE, *0. 142 WEST THIRTY SIXTH street, A four fitory Knglloh banement house, Willi All the modern Improvements and In eicelent order. u three ro?m< deep ad<1 double basement Kent low to a good tenant. Aaplf to <T blEROK AGO.. 240 Washington street . j rLEAfE?A HANDSOME NEW HOUSE. WITH ALL the modern lninrovenients, tn fifth avenue ahore Thlryliilrd street 1 be furniture, wbloh Is new. for sale low. Pos ep?fckm at any time. Rent $1 400. Addraat O. U. I) , Bread A Ay Powt oflloe TO LI) ABE FOR A TERM OF YEARS, A TWO STOEY house, and aboot sUty Acres oi good land, pleasantly altn a-'ed at Bergen Point. N. J., fronting Newark bay Also for Kilr, a naw two storr hnuae and lot, frou log the water, and iear the steamboat facnlng For particulars aoply Us J Ad I'MR OAKBK-'TON, No 6 Ooramerclal Bulldinga. Jersey (' tty. everv Saturday, between the hours of 10 A. ML and 4 V fa. rRENT TO A SMALL FAMILY.?TIIS SECOND tioor of bouse No. li''<,Wsat Kleveulli street, oonsietlog of fire rooms, with bath cloaot. gas Ac . together with back hewmiut. Owners occupy the name, 'wo in nutabsr; adults. Apply between the hou>r of 2 and 6 P. M. "11F.A STORE TO LF.T.-NO. Hit GRRENWIOH 8TRETCT 1 bus been pat In ib? best condition, and will be lot f^r tne tin trade or any business req Hiring a g >os store at a maderule rent. New front if rei/ulred. 1. quire oti^e premises. TO BAKERS.?TO LET, A SMALL FTOHR. IN THE new bulldtiut corner of Broadway and Forttirstst-eet, a lib a large and well lighted basement an I a vault for ao 07?tt under the walk The ntlghvornood 1< growing, aal a iiotdbeadard cake baker is needed. For term apply in thr a'ore, neit above or at No 4 Maldoa Una rO BE IET OK SOLD?THE FaMIuY DWELLING bouse,647 Houston .treat ALEX M. HltKIG, Ntf. 1 Hanover street, SOTBSr of Wa'.L V'ALUABLK PROPERTY 10 BE ASK?81" IT ABLE Fv>S grocery or other bu' lness, wllh paying tenements at a harKSintoa respooMble party. A furn.ture More to let 15 ysrs established, with a large run of business; sold at a bargulp. 1 be ouerr is about retl'ing. Also, a bouse to lot aril : urnlture for aa'e. Apply at 4(J West Broadway, PUK MALES. e>*jn e -fob hale? a flour ani? r.-EP stork iflO | i), the lewe lirctures and horse and wagon of o-?nf the beet stands la ths city, lbs ownsr gulug the cause of selling o t inquire at HIT Uu l?.o street. hsntl -TWO rUSIRABLK LOTS to fxchanok VUt " , (or a good horse and rorkawav wagon. A good trade wlU he given, and any ditleretie- paid tn money. HIGUd A SO JTI1 WICK, Hi Nassau Street. J;t Aft ?FOR RALE?V WELL KNOWN AND OLO ipi)U'', established sngar store, altuated In oris of the greatest thoroughfares In Iheclt/. The at ir k tease and fir lures will be sold at n bargain. Apply at 335 Broadway, mm 18. djOAA -A FIRST CLASS ItROWN KToNK HOC4F, rfOUUs on Firat plaee. South Brooklyn, to rent tn s stud agreeable family, wbo would board n gentleman lady and two children. rarMes wishing to make such an arrangement will please addre?e First Place. Now York Post office. Cnex e? ptlenab ? references given and required <M ttn/l FOR A HOTEL, NEAR a MaILROAD W>J ,OUU depot doing a full bnslnesr, well and fully furnished, fnvorabfs leans and altered an exceedingly liberal terms BIGGS A HOC 1IIWICK, *4 Nassau street. All AAA FOR ONE OF THE RE T FITTED CP f ^.I'vU and most profl'able restaurants on n buMucsj thoroughfare, doing a full buslnoae and most favorable lease. A bargain Is ollered. DIG (19 A SOT7TWWICK, 31 Naaiau street. &Q Kan -TOR SALE. DECIDEDLY THM HBKT |l^.ul/U. grocery In Ninth arcane, eetab.lahed artd ooousted bv the present owner eleven years and doing n bisi vena o( coo per moe'h Horves, wasoos Ae , rjmpleta. Apply to WL EKLKR A OO., 334 Broad cay. office Id. J.Q CAA -FOR A GRI4T MILL WITH TWO RUN of stonr. never falling water pvwer. mnr.lng rear new and In good working "fder, srlth d rel'lug h ruse, Csrdrn, Ac , thirty seven mi'es on Long Island, near utavtat lauding. E. A. BCNCE. 212 Broadway, room No. A 4??J rnn wnj. buy Tni laeokst bowling sa TAf.fJUU looa In tbe cttv of Brooklyn, ceoslnuu of right alleys lease, bar. and aiturwc -mplete, the only res-en ior sailing la other buslneeA For particulara. call on the nrrmtsee. 7UC Fulton street, corner u< Pmrspple, befwo 11 A. M. 1 erne easy. an nik(\ -FOR KALE A NEAT THRNE STORY FtJ.UUU. frame house and lot, with double plana c m tklnlng nine rooms In goad crdr; No. 2U2 West -?htrtv elith s'les.i, price W.ikJO. laqulrc of ADAM8 A Ll'NDV, 67 Dry stieet. hQ Rim -FOR HALE, THE RIGHT AND TITLE OT POiUU". a relebrateil prtoaraUon wllh an excelldbt proepecL Responsible uartles who poaeses lim above moans may learn funbrr by addressing F. 0., Herald oi!i :e, stating wbsre as Interview can be had. A 1 3 AAA ?L'NENtTMIIgRED. VALUABLE! FARM lO'UUU. at Jamai a. L. I . 11 miles from the cltv on me plank rosd, 37 acres, good house, barna and nnthulldinn, land la fttUJe as a garden, and >3 WW worth of prvdurs can bs old iron ii nimr. ri? w ficuai* w u?? ?? " tba r|ty .[Alwlltrotfrtn'Mtl Mamtroaerk. by tho da.wt. U. FftU H IJO Wall atroet, up alaire^ A KFW GOTHIC rOTTAGK, AT W*W R<>~!lIKM*ft. O. tor n?, with flra aarea hlgh.y euUralad mod, hou?a Im marblr rum'el*, txUh. w?ler c!oi*< fnmtit, Ac: tlMO?ctb?w iDdata' laa II will ba eichaa?ad, fraa of 'for "? ft. MPftftAT. 44 Wall Alien STORB TOR HA I B 11* BROOKLYN. NF.AT . ly lil'ad np ef mated In h 'aadirn taoranghlhra and la a ttilokly povolaied neighborhood; II h?? be*n w?Ti?Vsl *e> en trait raara Ibe propnatoi 1a aboi'. to ratlre frooi bn tiara, lodulraof WILLTaM HTIIAIWHaLR, on tba prsmlaea, onrnar of Main and lork atraaia Brooklyn. A FARM FOB BAI.B?OP BIGBTT FTTR AORRA. OR wlllbadlridad, la wall loc*<?d wli* two food orehA-di I* J)a a.I*a Kaet of TarriWrwn. aad 2 m laa ?m of R?nM?n, on Harlem Baliraad. laqnlra on the prwrnlarr of lb* lata Stephen ' anptxll, doeeaaad, or at l'? Waal lj>rtrJo -rh llrrtt, Raw Tork. GRO. W CAMPnKLU AAPLBNDID VARIBTT. FABCY GOODS Al*n TRTMmina atom tor Mia, InaaplendM laeation la make rnonry; tint a up tap an-eeiy and liquor Mara, oa a cornar alao a Broadway rr.l.urut. ^f^TtT.Uy^ A CO. ABBAHTIFOL COt'BTBT RBAT FOR BALB WITHIN half aa hoar*' rtde frnaa ?AU oily, Mlaalad on tba baaka or the PiaMAe rtrar, ahont two tollaa narth of Hallanila. aad Ihioa mild* ?oulk Iron lha BolJtna "prlna ataHon B. R. ft., con Mating of alpbt aerao npon WMatM a nlaa houae. large barn li f niiiw'ni naa V *?* 'r o arat |M-. raa? aArntiBifvlAlinff AD?!* (A OP A'iilrtflfl Tiwltw BrMUKV 'Mr*. rM FARM rOR ralr-coltrairira forttfivk iK Klrm, located on* Mil* u l * balf want of Oroanport, kug I*l**d. with ? good bona*. barn ud outho m Tb* bona# i* twoamrlo* ?nd ? half bl*h. with olgbt MM abora tha baoatnaat otory, ha* a good wall of water Th-ralaow th* prcmiM* thro# arrow and a half of wtatar (rain a onabor of frnlt troaa, and t#a aaroo of wood laod; la dtnalad wiihia l.i?n foot o< 0.a railroad, bounded by the country road, and In Tlow *f I oh tbo i'aaoalr bar In froot and Lou UWid Monad at tbabagfc. rrtro *VW1 fnqntro ad U HOOKS. flraanpa-t, or JOHTI CORNRLLT. onthapramlao*. Penan roar, Fab. M, Lift'. oowarcm hamal froprrtt for aia- 69 lota, ail 1/1 ng tag other. between Mmlth atraal aad be eaaal and oa Fifth. Butfe aad Bareath atraata and baTtna a iront on tb* naaal of no faat Tba property n wall adapted ft* manafhetuitnf pnrpnaaa aad ft* lumbar, lath. Uma. brick or aoal Tarda aad wfl ba aaM ta paraata la a<HL and aotna fart iuaa (Iraa Apply la W?. B. HI(TUOUI, U WaaMn atrart. > T. Bm ROORLTR HOD8RB FOR KAUI OR TO l.RT?TIR. nine brut elaae hnuaoa on tb* north ado ,,r t *%i ?ia am ano, hotwean Harmoad and Racy mr'lUM Tbar will rontnla rue and plaatblng atiltaMa for th* oaw waiar work*. including path* and wax* etoeeta, tba front# ara Fblladalphia brick pack honaa a h> foot daop etolaalr* of a brtrk attentoon of ft hot, oaoh tot a 94 f(*V orelnalro of I ft frot oonrt rard. Tb* lor alio* k th* moat bo-1 thy, popular aad oonronloat In IbrooB lyh. bring but Bra minute* walk from tha OHy Hall aad b<it oa* bark from Fniton and Flatbimh aran'to*. Tbn boner, will bo la all rooprra Drat rlaaa inbautntuily bnUt and won fin tab od. Apply to WT 1.1,1 AM B WlOHOLH. U Raeoatirtraat Www York, or botwarn II aa II A. M., on tbo proaaiooa. Sftoovi.tYH0rsn?>0R s alb, OB lihkbaLtirih B ?F?'ir Orto boutoto o? ** ? . *1*1? nldo brtwoon riMbtioh ??<t Fulton ?Tonn?w. honwi JW4) foot' with enurtJ arA. Bulh I* tho boot m?no?r w1B> All m<* l7rn la^nraM; noorly rompltood. I or Minn mo?? do?1 rob'Bof ?i>t In Brm klfn COBTBBtooit to tho < *?, And only ntanWB wolk from tho CttyRoll ^ h%d Imirodtotoly Imiutroof 0 I BDbCJoH?. li 14 rtM toOOyE- * pillCAOO FROM*" FOR WALK rfORTT TWO _CR x ' ?t*Mt Artel of Aotblo lAn.l, Jn?t otitolne of Bo r*piuij *rr-Tri Jlrot < blrotn for ?<Oo At 0 low t*<ire A ton eljMy MTMhf 1 n/tonn Oood pmpnrtj to 'h'? ?*it> wotild betrvAoo IfTrwJr lT,,.,tr. Of Ik * BODRNRABBB. Ro.W ftttlolf. 'ft'!**,. t'KKf'ti <i&Y 28. Lb M iniiJk Bct< nut"* rti^p rnMiu via rrrritb vf, ?nd ome o< *t I?.<i looatt ->? In th? c<*F. Rm' Ia 5 r?tn/'ba rn f? I ir?f *li|i t ?ma'l o<t>nal itulrilllPI Jlio*<W*r f<<n or a lUirtf litl miltiVMne, C^Tisi. p/?f? lo<*8.?a anaUTirvL-ri.irr f?r (itvut>4 on U ? F i<Lk ?vrr un. having ? o<< .unirdi .? "f, , I wall ?na>?d io> . ob<i<< or prlvOn r<- << U I now Oltn f?< I?.f Mle nppl-- to '.I'JMKB K"U(U? I'XO . Mr?ni i?*-r Hm4Mw%r r C *?* *Al.K-TWt> LOfS ,H

* *f HH/-attU avaat Jts feat *e?tof HUi fc ?ll '"'' nop o tfcr p at*. a pi It 11 I a ?*1 M.d tlUaui.iM | (lOUlK JARM ?OR Ha 1,1?TVTWA i f7 or Mhs. r*m *" o?/ *7 reitreed. Ova minute-' walk IVxmd rep.L tw'"* tiatoa daily; GrM ol*<a boose and >u? birtJdirga 41 rafO ?' lent", pfeoty of frail. ah vie tree* do., al?j foe'Ion rear OarlcMi Jaquire of tlia T*V4)h Ail Oaal Mr rat, c-w HuiV^an. CiOPrrmr BRAI-g.,a BAIA THK KKHIOMNU* or ' ike Ma Mm karal M ItewA*?' White retina *?? Bfaeetrr ooac.l/ counting of k ??atN?i. atorf dr-ellieg fcoiee aodanoaarraiar, ?d<ai iipp c?n-la*? ^pt. t>?? thai n oJ boiiaa. gardra . %< ail iu good reuelr. epplg b- *i,:ic.? HtiK+OW exec- tor, Volte Plena. orJI?\?lf-r M MKJ. K. (U Mhtdrp lhae CyofTau* HiiOrr rufc HAUC-KO iMcCUytTfirfcirK / Hou'h Mr tokl, a <v>cal?tlnp i>f frtdlt ?? * ; ant< '?.'am } :'a Croat-idC r*nr >,?. o ? irnai * ? heat r<K?o?v wl'li '?? d rerfut up at*i?? eil Itgblrrt with pea Irntur" ft M? fen ry atotr Mu Mailt: timet- ?rur ol beltic breot (^OAL-OOAl. t.lho run 8ALK. M)W D^ING A J good boftaawi > b'I Ir-oetnd : ear he lith avrnu. utti JefTPfroo Market: flitmrf'o pood Ma fur ji?yr:l<eii> pif oa the prtRjiee* bo 9 U.-trlop>Hw .frrd (lAUTALTftTS DbPtRlKfl a C MI Af'O IROH P <0) tarty djwu ?Mrh'o get up e egitim-ta b''.eat w irlIft oompen) of great nmniiaa letelr tnadu *r.aa??ibio to ? nolo I aid (aim fir marl at:, ate re<(>e?t'd to e'd/eea n. d. U, Uf.? 4 'Are rauoo naoaK ?<?k ialk-aa* old net a Holding I" rami doing a luntaere of fr-nn fen* te 9600 p? mo 'li plan: beelfixUirfe, onl iwarpd re?.rtiM;r fir cart- Api'V to M t:. MtlliOOK, H| ViMm Im<? 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UTc? of h *'llv cuj U tVt land. u my't b _:l : ,T1 apple orchai ei>l a v?rl *; '.I fruit eit'uu u la We .".o'l.-riw o?ui?ty, 2K ml'-ee bur hw? \'<*a neir ja >oad. e ieip landing, At Apply at ou ? to F \l, LI IN No. B CLrlet wtoer itre-- It T. l'aum for ..air oa rxna anoi. for new tori: a irL'rook'iu clt? piopertj.?A beautiful country routi!et<v piutr entir caic ulal-rd lor a grutinoian about u? retire O 'tu 1be ewes of hua' lh? locd'eu u ao't<lrplu ao1., fir In-wltb, |or?l aVtopfe 1 ring unknown. It la situated ahitii nigh! u I'M Iron A a?'.ia?too Oily, )>. C., IrontiOat lit a R 1 road. ?.'.<! la en etoW.t r.t nelgliborhonl ^lie Itou'o 'a newly built nti-i runt about 14 Ha mud bee all tin* nt"dern Improve iii'Utt uJ wiil be ttol.i with ebhrr two 31 f oir od r ut (it I aim) of wo<t ugdim rharaeU-r ittaehod For fur'Sei- oar tlrulare a, ply by letter o- |i?*?oualiy to Mr. OH AS Bit .-WN, 2ii Bioadway, K S. F*o* rait -a rora story hoc.** ani> lot. brown atone t.- ort Eng. b buaa.n.-vit Silo Seo^r.d, h-tweeo Ntnrtev ith and T> entirCy alro-.t*. with alt theyndt-rn ttniirrrrm.nt* tenure no the imrhii of 8. *1 ftAOUh. ttu-mi D*?]; prim. RVr*R) trob .i?i *.--*1-111 roiia HTorfF BRJOE RfHJxrt 17 baadintp' two ?1 A'ret "thirtynt?r< tP* tpt yrnaai. mu'i kliOi r-tx ut Will h" n,A omttiaatr awl at a low jrtoe Apply U.T. OCT lie 11(1 Pear. (PresC r rR8?LK-*WO THBFB 8TORY ATTM, BlflXKKRT .ut rounter col wr housoa with hi*it toopt, to I'tlrly third .i lata per. Kjfh'h and Moth aTrnn'h ".vlth all iti-xlim '.nrotcmpBht. houapa JU*W fe?t. Ir<j liri 1u tb> prtn't- A 'roll. 11. SMITH l!<b "IbJrtiedt htivpt. jtOR SAI.B?THK HI'.lll I1TOOF KRW ^'IBRTa.T fl *L C br>?* t. atotio hoimA. north auto of riortj Urpt atrr-t ber. pen Madlpwi and KohtUi avpnoep thrw atirlep and base uiert, w.ib al mndnrn ini'iovaoaoota. ItKiulm at 11 VTali mi ort, i - mi lu jb OR BAI.E?IN BROOKLYN fUK FNOIJBH IIASR17 mint hottpe and lot. No ..'/t Sackrlt alroet naar (lourt, tboroughla puintnd thnnAbort. to p?r''-ot or-ler, . il l). luifth" of <) H FlaLl*. id lh? .aUvu'.iO llanh, or ni U W tipple A boo. 18s Oo'.nt atreet ^OK BALE?A NhW btlHOONUR TACIfr, MDITaRI.K C for a pilot boat, of ahr-ut 71 tuna oirpi't.tar'a rnpaau w u eat. Dot umrd boj ron<plr.ielT li Utnl, ?h? U 67 feet keel. IS for' beam, f> fnr.t 10 inebaa hi id. built ip.u antr.mnr by da; a work, of ael'Ct ma'erial* ard with rapec al regatd t> at.-noA'di; fran na of ehuknut and abtie oak. all cut wTh tn?- gmn, plank rd tu.d oeiit-d with two luck wkt'e oak; eoppei fkplrnnd u?low tltera'p* itae baU-holted a id ai|iiaie faa'onad ihrotitli'Mit, pmal' iwt.tip board, and about twanty iaiiira al km and atto** r. utaidr bafajd of lead caat tn tlipalu>e. and draw a four feat aii Ir.rbra aiip la on thr I'aaaalc rtvpr, tuitnedtptelr above the Faraa bi tdce, or. Che New ' nrk and Erie Kal'.nvtd, elnvoa r.i'.va fr.m Jerary City. For lurthar parti itara a|>ply to P.KNJ *MIN B AT' aioti. raotetc. N.iw .lerany; or to ClIARlK.wATCKIUtl tk) Warrrn a'reet, h Y. iftOR BALE?A H ASnSOMKLY RITU ATETl BROWN V a' one front hotiaa in Twenty lourth at reel, norui at le. brtween Fifth and nlilh avenue*, bouae 21 >66 ln?. VSte, baa p ery modi u oonvenlpttop, and r.Plghbork'.O'l TuiPicap'ionab!e. Frlcp$16,U0C Apply al 7H Flue a'reet, aeroud Itj-ir, or at 15 Weal Twrnty fonrth ilri at. T7?OR SAUC?THK I'RMT IOOATEP AND ONE OF THE F heal bnplnera ttauda In Waabinitnn market, partieularly tor bu'ier bualopaa Aba atar.d baa .1 eared a protlt of .YJO tn S3 dw> per year and will crutUiue Ui do ao If carefully at terdld '<? Apply ?oor adareee .lemeaT tViyhran, Olty Hay Sea lea. junction of t niton and Flntbuth aventtea, Brookl/u. J TOR HAI.K-A DRSIBABI.R NEW nOL'SK ANO ONK acre 'jl land, at North Or ?n#e, N i. 1 he hou to c > .1 ! y* teorivna, wilh.ntarble marit.-'a, bath ronn. range, fur -ace and r?|Ulaite ontbullolnga. an.I waa built by day'a wira aud in the moat tboruugh manner. Ter?ra, tl.ikW caab, re numarr. uu un m t b*kp Mvfi ? ? ? ..... f ittor of Journal, Orange, or to JT R. CJlLMOKK A I'O , 71 fconth klitel I NOR 841.F.?TWO fTRRT OI.ABS TIIRKE HTORT AND . baarmrnt brown honxi. one on Twenty em euih ureet and me on T urenty elchtk aireet, 100 feet weal of M?'-4 vacua Applj on the premier*. [NOR BAI.R?THE BKaUTUOL RIW RKOWlf TIONE ITOLI ki.r'ndi bear mrnt hoaae 46 Weal Thin, elilh a*:? V M?m Fifth ana Suth avfr una. Said bourn la lour a'onee h f h 61 Ceet de?paad c totalna all Uia modern Improviwnacta t>an be am at my tuna For ptrtieulara apply 4a tba rimer at IS# W eat kte'eoC. ttrM rtOR SAIR-THB H.B* AND LOT, NO JCTWKl.Frn r aireet betweeo Uia ftltb aad *'rvenih aeenuna; a p ? ? ,.. , la-aiioa term* r??. Apply to THUS. MONAIIaN, ld> I ran: a mat [NOR NAlJt-IM A iTtRTRAL SITUATION IN 6B'>?D F war, a deruerrmivpe ail cry. Kant mod.irate Ad dreaa w W , ? Wotl KlevrnUi aireet. [NOR 8ALK-AN OLD F8TAHI.HHED MOTF.I, AN J r r< atanrwot. lately llltrd up with una furniture mi l ilr t a lii prime erdar, In ona or the heel loeaiioaa la the ' Ity, will. ft? yearn leere, and dalnit a rood hualnuaa Kmw 'or telling. the pioprtrior baa other boalneaa. Addrrw It W ' ei 171 Herald c ?ce. [NUR 8* I.K- A COTTAH* norSK, AND LOT, SITU P a'.ad cm Fart/ thkd atrreL "Ml of Broadway Frtee (3 260 Inquire of C. A D. TKKICL.VND 76 Weal Forte .b ati rat FH)R HAI R A VtRT ClIPttF U>T ANI> TURKIC OTORf brink teniae. a* ilk aallar aad kite bra. Orotoo water aid a.l tba modern iBiororeraanta, rant ff?<' par aon un. Ten w raay. I on aire of kROLKBERT LOT f, 75 aad 77 Hawaii trrel. N. 1. la nttea. or In ibe aaae hr.ian. Nj 3U0 Stub Ueat. betwaan avenuea H and U. KOR RALR-VICRT CI1RAF, AT TONKRKA, A 00 IN try aeat af tea am. wltb a aloa co*t*ga bouaa. b?ro, >n:? variety of trait Ac ; land high, w ell watered, emnmara! tag anew of the Hudaon river and only half a mil* irojn the railroad depot, wtll be divlde<l If daatrad. Farther part mi arabv applying to A. HBHoKANT, 14 Wall atreet. FiO* 8AI.R? A OOAL TARD WTTH FIXTURES, C .N latlrg of aarte barn era, arreana aad tea., a Ac , will ba o d low. Apply to J. II. Aw K. CORf. ftI Bowery h'OK HALE?TWO TIRY RUFK AI'>B tl a'tlCtllis c[ nraiing lablea ore ml dltappearlag table: made af k yh y pot-be t wood, very rnameotal. will be ar>!d rb ap. inquire at SdM Llapeaard atreet L'OR flALK?THF RI'HOONFR A W UUCP*, 14.1 fONI r bunbeo. drawa 714 feet water in gcol ?-d?r and wad fcuad. caw be aeen at iha foot of Iteiaseev arra" F R Foe Snroculara laaaira of M T Kl NTfiN. J70 Bontb tr-at fro a to f a clock r It. L/TlR RAL.1L-A DKelRAHLK THAR* kTORf AN it r I Hfvtl brick house and I at No Itt.'ba-lm et-ssi (War rm placet. near Greenwich a Tan ue. tL&. *?! <> ree , fcnae 3 :a Ta?t. three n?nt deep oa Serb rtenr with rear fair* to accord story; M and no d water sad see on oorh door. b whtnf Ittb, .howar bath watdr nonets .ah r?'H w i | ih. t 1 ha house u woU arranfsd tor osa lerya or two small Una o lea. ntwly pais lad thn.uihont n cotrp sto < *- aad or easy MM to MM ut rn r ranrowdn. To e>etd iinssosaaarr trouble to lbs oocspaota the pretnlaaa esa b? obJt on dpslleaUoa te ORO W DCTnR. No J and 6 Je"arson War ?rt, or at the KitA arsons mark** ! between Th r.y U b nod Tblrtr nath streets, hatora 11> clerk, whrrs pilee sod tormt of aala wtUbo nada kaowa l^or r alb? a rnurr cam worm. with all thk r medem taaprorementa No 299 ?sneal tarsus, near Rtayreaant square Bonne JftiM, fo'ir a'cryae l baoetn-m. Caa be saaa by a?ptyta> at 212 Third m esne Croat ? to II a M aad from 1 to 4 P. 11. Price fin tit# J MINI*. Fh cr rai.b?THK TWO THRRR 8TORT BROWN -TON* trout houses Nos Ids aad 174 West Twenty third street between fersnth aod htcbih arasnes Ales the teaaaoo' property Wo 11 Oornella airsst. rente for shoot 91 A?i. Ala t 'be teoenant property Wo. WMWroella street, rsuts for atnnt 1.090. A In the bonae aad ka No 13 Corolla street Alto the tee moat property No. 1*3 Nsrmr -treat with 'be lease of tbo let jbr ateran years from Hay asit. rente for SI Ru Is 'intra of F. A J. % HRAI.TH, No 10 Chambsra rest front has snoot On S to 3 o'clock. ________________ fo* RALB?RBII.VIN'I IN ooot1 order. RPITA r bio In a large stars; will bs sold low. In intra at No. 7 Park place. Ml RALH-A ORHTHET, RRSirtRvrR, ? WR^T jT Waahtngtoa plane. 'ot JdiW, rumi thrjurh to Fourth atm*; una I etahle oa rear tw# aloft baeniunut %n l *iuc. water toee'e. bath and |u Lsiweat price RN 0"O. M.t.OO nan ramala en mortgage. Ta be earn Tnaadaya. Tburadata and Nat or daye, from 10 to J o'clock, or any time, by railing at 10 Day WraaL CHAR. FARKRR. Ipom RALR-TBR NTOCII ARB FIXTIRFH OF A A whalaaala (tab and protleloe Hoce, of aarnral j eare tag. a good InoaUnn, oa tha weet aide of iba lowa. fttock light. Any party wt?blr.gto engage in a rood and prottable boat neaa may addreaa rronaiona. boi l.tO Herald oBli-e. FO RNM, g - jTrVKYiVf^TRABLK: FARM Of"*# AORBH. adjo'nmg the liaa of tha tillage of Caoandagqa. Oat trio f iinty, R. J., and abm t naa mile from tha Court llama. The Improramaata eonalet n( dwellingh..'tea. carriage hoaae, barn, agd o'bar onth'ilMlnga. a tnoerfcr orchard of loo traaa, *c? 1 ha Haw Torh ( antral and the Canandagua and Rlmlra railroe da paaa through tha premiere Full earth-alar* and t tom wU) be (Iran on application to J. BCLL, tt Plae (treat 1 rn RALE A MNR FARH WITH OOOI> IMPROrR manta and borne market, rat the Hudaan and Dataware and, in a beau'lful rallay, about 76 mt'.aa from Hew \ wk. > t'V parttauiar* ao ?ar at room Ho. T, Ho. Mg R road way. 0. M. Qlitvil, . 57. *4 0M (IMUh. I h " a '/"hmTT r>ni? avo alwbql j F r?Uf 10 rtvo? into li'imaaad of ftoal fW to Wlfjpdf 1 dr ? *< ' ' t> "> d r?p I r r'?a iinjiilro of r*TdIJIL 1 k tun ?r i>l K>ra. ?rnu> twl Nlo'tM?tii alMl o,i ink R(ti?tiini or rtm nun oatmsa. 1 k> C"? hy Uk i.?ri of format HUI, on*t lit rilUfti m Mai'b*' >i *I*It- li t pl?rr U t>t>*uffo'l? ?iiu?twfoii the Bud not1 tlfnr an* Hwl ?jr ard tviag ti?twt?a I3jt a ?i ISJIk lirHt I'l whlfi f it i oil #|i|w i I d?. it o O *101 14 M'? nf l?i if if Vjtfc M tiriiiMi. and mnnMnaa ??*rr t? Itf y of Mil ><! 11*1/1 ti rOrt *U(< -mro Uwu I'hn gardna u oratrlir Into cot a*/f n i?o ?ftv choice f una of erert kiod a d of Uis MwMH Tin In"- i m I. *i'1 i. in noiivii h?? If.too *tltr 'luutnt ?a>J trttr muloro Imnrovi-mimla it* th* pn.iv. I. n?<ii< o<4ou< Horn ?r,<l taoto, iui lo-lio'iie which noitk'i H ovnr liiu ? of k-n a h.,at ? .<1 hatblag h omo, Oklatter a awfo mlng n'h ml lr. ? ifro a of ra*j??Uc pin .<# 0<<vbKi<it>nK i<? rirrr, a ai.tnainr bom-i eomuianila * ?i-w of the ll-id* r Am-t*l ty ur. Ho di pot af ib* ruroadlaoa th* pumo ?ltlilu4?m mlnine* o?'V of lha dour. Ill ?ll ahncuitd Horn ?io?. aril ?iado t o ml faa.klnor thirti tint rtrwt *y iho ci/?, Kr? further tertlcuiai-a Ininiro ot the anv.?<-rtl.,> o* the p<e* tar*, (J W LaW <|Ca 04, fortal llld, M<otl* 4 r-oaa. til) 9T%lara?>eat EX'll Dipj C A ??-<f THI A? V Full Hill . frtKitr, I browi. fc jou frunW..( o>. Iho (rci'DtfN r.f <L- li*?Utbtioo for the oiiri.l. tidfahod * > "1 n o in o-dor ?ti . > Ui J. I iM<, ??! OvtA'e itifUwy 0(11 no ((4 a'*tih ahl l.l IVoil a?reei JiHUi nlf - j )>!) HDInt. OH 1. * * < *r' 1K r plaoo !> ti aire * -I. < . f<ul and <lo ^ loum. \p(>l| IC J t WilllnM.-l i?al . 1<U? nMk*<-/ <U. 8, Hi Kiali'Ju ?i?ua am' Hi )< <<l. h i .<t h'ORhai I. ii*f iiMoaiHTftir, ?rira trn?K?aor FBlharrlr ?fc- - w?li|l: i U tb-t* . Iiutav h gli ?i<K uti" mi'ii' mill i<ilU 'ho ?o *. < -i. i? )i?'> fi <?. nvr inner h'i;li ?ith kl< 1 I in?? tloiiu or .fino ar-rf.iii.-f. ft. eli I i oott|?!t?ru a.-a aiU o iu?n< n?> nn? on roorian^o fi poly to 0 I i a s<? Vt Sr'fM on the jirn B.i-.e* M? b fud-Mrort a"f<*v i tu J a Vt f. a or ?Tli.lifA.M bV.lfh., No. 19 il ? ell.- aunm OU>R WI.K a i :* fit 8 ??',?*".? A ro\] 4TORT I" hi! V ho f in P< t-*th afreet, ;.e? I- . !?'* *> u i lo'iir WJ.K. * 1.,.1/iMi r?ri 11)11' lr? III till. s. 44? tttgnih ! ?vrr u? r I.fl 13 Will atr el j J.IOH beLii - fUJ- Milk BilHi? llROM.f HtONK r liuute. Id.ll 1 11. .HI ff'nt Tortr liral itn-el. OF*" ilmvl ? ?*. vita friij ri> v.i.i-i ovCoi.titbt ih<< poooMt o?n?i fir ' hio on iufi u wit-d pufiiv it tit-li o'jKodtirorB ml'- I tanoadadalott F Iti ?ii .> (id.uoa. VtOMOoalaanf'<?r appi> l j '* i" f i>'- ?il Af 6!\ 1> ?o*f fOO'iJ raittl/ litfa illt -I. Ift R!> lit iii II Aini 44 IFttkuihd ?u?.l TI06. BAIK I1-- TJIFy.K h10?TT ANO BVSFtlltNT P anj 'OviM ft' !M, H3 <t?i !.Old ?r??, 19 o r? ?f pom u o.-wio, nooronoi -.) J. ;-i .< i fv< thruunh' tit ?nUr, riuigo ic "i: ru!? vi-r y f its?. App./ u> K I.I(4 KS, 09 Koso alwdtl Fob irrn t >rk. good viu, linear*. wagon tt-i m ex. 1 flit r?? Mood noil railst*rtntVroa*.ii?* gtvrn (or anils# /. pply at thea'orn, Ho. 2 hevpti . nreoue. FOB PAL*?A TUB?K bvokt EBIOK BUDDING, j.iat tli'sb d aUuated ou In* south tide o( Trot street, biHwr. n Pro ih uti-m ? ' ureenwva ova ne, the U'ji now buUdinu east of Fonrtli aire* t. The house la Ml feet d tnohM by 4* irat, b'llit In th bert u Itli all'.he inu'ern ira pio?eioe?>i?. The I ?i'e 10 foot H lnchae bj 80 feet iin I io (hree aturv br'rlt kh'[ ? with w jr. it u ?rth ?ld(; ?( ' iko r'reet b?t*i?r I" - I 'i?et and (i-erowtch urnui, a'lltabe for o carpei lei ir cikli(! maker * rhip Inquire of l?. ONflvRfiONK smti)n?r=t earner of Eon-taen'.h *'r?et Ttnlb or IF. il-n'< - 111 th? evening Tj^OR BA1R-THF fHRER aronv JlRf-K AN 1 B44R- ! 4" roer'b ine >o nj Kad Bl? scutH a'lant, opposite At. 1 Oeorjre'a chu'cb ( ujreaHol a,|iiara wirli all the modern in tirovemrrtr Oiobr, ?mrr gnu ino.wn, greenhouse, Ae ; pi to- $nl (All Ini|> Irr of : RUy aH 1/l/iiiN, HIS Braatvif, j below Fourteenth sireet EtOBSAT F-AT ( RKKH^OHrt SRVEVTRRSTH WaRD, | P llrvofclrni a g> r.'< ul tbrfa *'?ry ajd l,ar?inmit frame | bouie 'Ci.TO Om through irt aid all the mtderti I morn re j ir.inla, with two b'e ha:, tiUKnely ltdd out. t* *? ! yl nn, and i rbfrry tries hi d gri?p n tr abu -dance Bibie'ed about fjur bloek* from'be T rj *b s rer' a-d T ?e tr third street fernei Teimimasy. In?|u!ieof I'KN.I rMiN It I)aW,I. at 'lie Foal i ofl'ceai fj-e.- t) lot cr of JulIN U. 'JROAP, *it 61;. Fourth | ?ie?t. New Turk FH>R FA! If- HIF FIP.FT t'LARd LTl^rOR bTORRt'OR Bf;r ?f Ttn'b areune ?. d Twenty alitli a'reet no * doing a good business he'MWn-y reavna f>r ?? 1 ng witl be i jvrai by epplviigtn RIiMIaRD DaI.TON, Fitat avooueaol . BevenifecWi it net IjTOK RAL*-8TO< K AM> FIXfTIRKH OF AN OLD I eital lubi'd oyster and drinking MtboB. la the Wit bual- i rare part of Canal stmt will be audi low for rath; mfMNf awi ng w dl be made know n by applying at Sdj Oantl aneet, ' (old ho. Ub>. IjtOR S t I.F.?TO el STOCK. FIXTURES AND RUolNriSS of an o ater ra abl abment aittiaied ia a ilflalrablo lociItoa. hi 'Mj ."-p, Ir.g street, one door froia Huds<>u. Owner dceand, 5"0R BA1.E-TUK VAI.U t SUE PROi'E'tfl SITCArRD V on <'a a! aj il N t'berry aueep,. bri .g the throe lot* ho?. 1>S. 94 and ?6 MulNrry street em h it foot f< i by Ilk) fe.etfi lorbea on t'anjtl at/1 at Tbe ataive ta oilemi i i n p trcel. Ttruiitaa.. Apply to AL iX McOLUKK, 1J4 Ueu.^ atreet. litOB SALE-TWO LOTS ON TlURTXiCIU S.'RKiBT, If I,far Filth ayenuo, ITkd ny lift fee a uth ante, else two lota aon b aide Thirty third alre*t between Hevunlh and Kigblb avenues. 2V1. by 76 'eel. party wall; c ellar aand , lerrriH enay. ln<i<nre ot Mr. V aUKf 11 n K 1,'rO Weet Thirty third at , pew hundtng. TlllR HAI K ? A FOUR HTO*T RROWN ShlNF FRONT I houae. plai.i>ad lor ami ba?log ?v<rj -?n?etii>v??ie far two lam tiler Willi all tta Tni.drrn imi.rivemer.ta. ami in a gxxt ti? Ixtalxrhrxxl, live . hnnlrllai * and llftxrn bracket* wll b? a ml wltf. .ha liuuae price (121*0, .1 noi aold liclora th ll/at it April ha'f wtil be let to a ametl tamily, furiileiiwl it reti'iire.t. P or |*miiou)hi x ' on the premier*. Uf.t hirftiloeoKi -traet, near kM oml MHI r?R f ALE-AT MARTS COIlNKH*. WKS.TOHMi'** count), N. V, live acrra of land. fiont'iA 'he raTrnul wltb buildlnc*. ihat out e.?r $.M?o I'rirr ?,vii ft<)i?)ui bond uiort|age. If. i: HULKLKt \1 Wall noi1, Ua"on.?'it InvirA.ire'juAUd**. FOR Nal.K?TH K BIOCK KIZTUItia to ,OE A Ok AIR, (Veir and feed I'm*, the proprlriera wiahin* i<j ret re from builnnr* Applj at No 2a 1 rrunt at aet. DnjALi rmw oon tn lot. ho m nn F PIAarc'h itriot, two doora froni I nlm ?| >\rn The I Louie lx nioda/ . lbr?e room* dm p i."> b, to foot inJ it o all partlrulara a flrat rlaaa dwelling Apply on iho prrineri before 10 or altrr 4 o'clock. FOR HA1.R -TDK STOCK AND PTXTt*nrap fh M I boot and ahoe ttfre .'<? Poire rf. avl a a- the lane of I ibe atore and dwelling. Tbta * greet opp lrlu-iltr fjr a prrrin | wlrblrg to engage to be abare buaice'a Apply at :?;j 1 kcwary. For rai.k -this piiopkrtt forvuhit opocpikd aa a b?>it tac'ory. on 1 waif h *?/ p. it'i t!.a yiraer of avenueC IH) fee' I S deep, bride f*o or/ 40 by 'JO fret, with brick rtorrhauaa an I <>n 'fcr rear There l? a fine alram rugipe tn'h bit.r.-a ...i thj pi roiiaea. rr?dr f.r ork. Ib'a prop, ity oOrrt ra*e Inducement a fur any one alablng to roinmrncr a m .i.'h*-tirtn* klabdll aa the . rr tnlaea arr a.'?|'i?.l I .. 'h>raa? rn'H mtAlnealion or faun.Ire, vnd are reauy ior inrr#d?t? cetipauey Apply t) HK.fitT CO! HOOT, >s. a Cltlt ?trr*t T.MJR SAI/R-THRKK 1AJTS ART) TWO HOUSHk, SOOTH 1' sid* of Kiirhtjr tilth tl , Yorkstl.r. 'IS f-a, * ist or Thlr 1 sts., sbo threw l*U in l err smt I c-.U'en on Right/ rth sites*. In SPS' one nl srvo\ 'loni, oun ?rnIn niu p'.-o, tarn lot* srd f*nMs bousr; t n? h nusw snd lot ti I'll, tbrrn Ictssrd pottage u resr. KM); lrrow i>nt, Apnls to .1N'J. OsKKY. 19 M lUlstu itrte' or to Col II A AT, Yorktlllo, fi\OK PsIK Ttl* hTOOR. riXTUHIW ARI> HOOD " will i f lb? oM rs'AblUhed IssiW sad finding #t,?ro. 3f Wrst llr?.sd * sr. utt1 ths oomsr of Hums strast. or tha I'duiN st'l (?l wtU wlUioal stonk. tni|<ilrs si V '-Vssi kioadws), firm 8 a. V to 12 noon. yOK HALE Tll? THREE AfORV ARH ATTIC HOtJdB r Mo 9 Abtmd-.ti square. H'h sonu'i; b?s sil the roo Jim laiprosaasuta; sn<l w 11 ba'sn'd oo see on juxtsung terms liiqnl/O at W ' rry -'rest up itsirs. I/O! RALK-1N ST A VIKW FI.ACB. HOB >H'M.-T1F0 r of 'hoss f r'i oIsm it ?? r.oi y baoamnnt nod ut. tar r l?r hrtura, talih ??wo Hons front. sttantrd la Holiiii s*. M. bo twrrn Fifth ?Lil Hi I'h slrret* with slabls on the rrsr TtO sl'osa houses h*?e boon built In tin. most su.i.ton 1st, eonx i ,ii.l si>d brst tcsonar sad hsre all tha uijil'in I jiprore tr.rsts. an -b ss t t sod sold wsu r tin'ha. g s At Tta<rr si ns tti n < m ?n ps?Mil for s hrsltbT <'00' < alawt iUi I rospoctsblr rr-idetc* t-rlnf on./ sts blockt From the threr fsrrls*. I *1 fort n st'lln'si p?'k biting* d'llgbl'al < Mw ot Uio bsr sn<l* bsborol haw York. Rsi rows. dr. 1 bo sbotrr h vises msf t>a t* tight on rrnsownhlo tenr.< . n >r Hafor* ho HPS Inst . b? spr!)lDg to Wm Rhts, 191 Wfhtrgton re*' Hob'kro ne nPstld recti. k'i~tn.nsrr 75 Mon'gonn'rr nfrr.,1 J or**/ Cu/. i <. tnld st t'Timbi sV kefuro tha Urn last that wrlihro bo sold at P'tb !s tn tlaa. p *(' ?*:/ on tfnadst. Msr*h. Id. Is hao' st 1 o rlrok F. M . st llbltsr s Hot si. n .rner of FlfUi sod W.ishirgvn s'trota, Hot'ikm. b? DsvWI fkiyt. s ictomaor Ms/ be *coo si so/ tits* I'o'ors in* sn'a. Also to 1*1. s irrt rrst n. its* a b<1 * too la Vlnth srenna, betw<sn Twsnty A(th snd Twoat/ stitb s*rr r*s Row York. Haal ItrS. together wt'b sola* c**1hoa.,s ores sr.d spos'bnrnss tn fl'' ok*n. Apply to IV M Wl'ir*. 191 Wuh rgu.s atiao', Hot,-km. FOR HAI.F? A r?owR TO** CTSTOV TATf/w*w htisinns wins. ? srs *b.i?bad Wl ItSSnM - I h S i tka rnsioni sod ?' iraa, tho s-nrokaopo- mot tug la bis < *0 bot'O* np oss. K*rt for tha wts.'e h its* o,iit tut. ?h?r? 'b* o'ba,- spsr'tT?ntt hrHif la o\?r bs.f App!/ a M>.RHY lit I'M t**. MM f*nri slraat. nrsr frntra. L'ftR RAt.R- THE 1*0 ATt RY A.VU tm? I lAMt' r brti?? 152 Vsi dsrbilt strnor, Rrtakl/It sreoa l buns* ; fiont M/r'laatrsna, totXStluo LntssJbstil dfalu* raoot *i I iris co, b'srk atarMs msntas. sl'dinp dctrt ?u Oittiraa, V. I I fro ' "J oppiy on irr p itijhb emir a a li-tiik rrock, f i xtl'rk.1 anp mask of r a pen'ieBiet'a fnrr. ?h It t-oud* ?0>r? faort aland, aotal', r?i<lcbMp Ia<inir*on tho prtn-rp, JJti$ Hr.ndwa/. fOl a ALU? IN HROOK ITR, HOI MR ANP LOT Mo. ;j JT Hilary ?Uwl eorU,? at twalra Lot J'uM 6. tfi mlantoa walk > r? ir three Pknlee Fart ran remain on Wortae*" I? n d <>r er nr..I if ,->ot m i b? Mart h 10 Wl'l ' e anM on that oar a'the Rereha'ita Ktrhango Apply to J ARK* COLA, it Sttmn itrckt or t>pp"?ite the Cuy Ifall, drrwklya Fit ralr-a nkat tiirkk rforv and iiasr meat kiyk Moaa looaa, wrh a I th* modern improve mania lr Fortj-tMra reel. nee- ?n,-n h aveane invitro al ROIK A R*IU.> ?!?' ?orka, ornor ol Tlilr'v f'o<if..i atrvct aed B'oaJway. l'o* bali.-a lot vol* rrrr t? trckomt or r nrper Merrle'ana on the Partem Ra. roil tra-k ft>' aa'a for raah Apply at * t'aei Proadwer For rale-mo acrfr of woop arphr\*r i irp la the fcea thleai pari of the Notth well a i ted to rra/lar. Tttaa oaa dollar an acre. <-a?b. Tllio warranted For p?J-Ucularaapply a>74 Faat Broadway fj'OR HAl.t OR FART TKRMS-THK THRKK ETORT r aidal'tcbOck honee aid two klory brick atabla. wl h tba lot IM Faat Hroadway corner of JdMraoa atrret, orpoalt < araJ. Or." ef the mc?t .laairabla loratlona to th" RnPaat i a ard Hruae bar tke Improvement* Alan the 'wo a?arr aa I pitlr hrlok bona" and laaaa of lot Ml Moaroa atre< l- Al*> Aa frame aad brick bnllrlua and eaae of lot, l?9 l.awia vr?et. Varr low. Apptr to Pr STEI'HFN WOOD, 1*1 Fa* FOR RAiriWJKMM CITT-TUR timr* RTORT cr? pirn kwldtaf, Ye .1 w%jn? *H|tUt?r with v ft ft. ru >ir*ai nftftrlT r?w <m ibr '.rbtft'ftftH >, r T W * ? 1M V - OR. 5o. 4 *?ntf iroerr J?-Of rt?r FOR SUK VT * BAR0UN-T1IR MaRTIO FROST brVk rkriiti Hunft. ? \ktt If; Omu* .him ? ( IT, ntftr 'A? Rtw Y r* ?rd tr o ud Sftw Itrm fln 'r i< I d?r'-? I'O * ? .'"0 ' 11 (n't, iff" ftUir * ftnlt"" mn.t. wlih r.iVtnl'ifrovinrli ki I ho for h? r . t?. ??<J '< >? * b *rTlYR fir whlrh orftVii-lit ' mrftt ftciftirftbty ftlft 'r 1 ? >! ?>y ..UMi Mill Weftt'on Kr>,fnrhrr pmHevl'-m *r 'ly m br prrrai??? if OR RA1.R l.i AM -1 T F? I'R ToT ' ,r~B7? P Irr.' >,?rt d ouP t< t, ror?? poWiT ft'pv i r-.p.nft p i,'In .i rptka'Jn 1ft I ? f'"lf k?o. !!* ..I fthkl If 111; tip "lr 'I workft, I Pi dfrri-w ?' " " thr r??t 3 rut. * ? t.t-i F>? K*IM on tuikii iititu-rtrn a< S< t op v iirt o? ih? h ? n s in. I" l> lom.'l Ui ?u > _ 7*. <1 " " ? ? ill,.. t.,(. trr or ??* ? ?KU"1 B **'"* >'<Wu.'.>4''r?l P rrrf",!>N WMI?',K'HZ1!,-:2 *,r-' "*ir ^ >? "P VJV ?* }, o. no, KL, vV'JOTtSJ* r- ? l?m ?? ? imi.41Bf,. gmfiiiciijr m, ??%." orn*' rimatmm. P .Ol ?b;? fr* ? pr^?U if ltt . w"" foily^iilb ?irt*t V lil h? priM hrf ht v?u? F'Oh BaLR AT f<)K' WAKUINOrOk Tn<I ucrlrtllod Iocmioo between KT<1 ?o<J IV b ""fi, hn ng about ATM lee' n the Httdrea river and ru'V''* 10 Ki?#? brleRi-n>n1 rrytmiiiif 40 tore* or PHI Into. <ntv' oiirri?r.-n? lot t-?t ? 1 utrin i'U iri?i nn.t lum* on. grtK'nba+l**. m. I. c Ar In armplrte o"l?r maple rh'uunery ui UtolBa^ took? jri.memce vllm Him ol lb* mo t i?wt loca'toi, to ?1? o>- >Wk V'< pe??y 1 k" own#' will (nil at H I'kJr prior u fet ?t> ~ra to wake Invratm at? W??t for full p trtlculAra espl/ too*. I'lHhCK. I? W-JIIADB rtrre* aer. door t> tk? Oara R11 ils 141 Mai. If. T/ p , >i k ov pr?or# nil L?A bp ".Trnriii, t<*? I ?\c*y ml h??etorot ?: <?* TixJk Prei to' r.o?IJ? fix*. kiiiikUit coporlto lui- in v. * r. 1?ylor'< abiirrh oinmia1?K KI' k'OI'WTl TMIW ll'J <!? / Ilkll BO hour'il W?,k I KifO h-:*rw 1 .U firri a II e n' Mapo. ,ia-? every It/torn minutea. I'rto# > App.y ?i 1 AO r nil Hi * >' why Fm;r kai.k iik kx? 11 anoi? -TiiKKK clam Urn iUm> hrVk bain-. vrnh hruni ktmA l>r.t.wunr.t tm0 torp siiH mown .4 trilaminar to *11 t'm wWntovs from *M leiir, riiutltnj In km lilm iff en ?"t to the fernes rontata I n kll if* leotiera loiprnr 1 inruU '.Wi ! be eol-1 im aoraunao(olUg l.niui or eii lii'?? ! (o iIotohiIc I'o.nj 1 o.'k tkrai to r?r a ninra. App.v to F J II AMi.'K 1, 1 *q l&i Pevr* aire*!, New I oi k fjroi pau or mi ai*m ro? impmto no I p?io , -,-i'i 11'01. 101 4 oriv Mbb ?r. l Ko'iy ?l?ifc eirtmU. re?r 1 bull *v? tun etreett grnilei ml ill r^.i.'y tor liBrnefl I" Impro.'ni' i ? PI) in J. W iI.VKKklrt 11 Rla>> .Imk f' OBi 111 A M to 2 I* Ai ?v.r kaLK ob kx'tjanob ii 11 ? fakft or bitb JC proper'y-400 tbrret rfil.o pita iMk of .tlie He* A.idk Hrlrk ''ompAUf l'w\> rermnji croot. No.-vli river la foB oi H uUpn About tw? |o.Miun? nt brioiik '>0 h ukd for tol* ' quire of K f. (.tkkAk I Ofki Hrortoa-r JiHiH IA1.R OR To l<Br ?A TTIPRR KTDR f IIOITHK " ril fuiWure both i.f*. wltb kli tbe iniklaru Imprani met to Hi Z.1A Dri'i Hveit. frouklyo Ai'plv tbova. ot to HAMIIKL T. JONkh, No 4>i v? vw N V For pai.k ok 10 i.rt?th> nrnioi wem, bun.r brc1- hoii'ii Ami lot "V"l Nlrlh ?' ?'t, n?tr Tnoiukiaa qPAir. ihr?e tor'm ttml b'tenent umlrrr" liu ho I ln-ew nliio w lb ilonMe i-tnlr* Hj* y*?, wurm il l < 014 WHtor tail lit broom; PonvtBlenl for n? or'brro <ent?el ftinillmi lit* |i n iwi'nt) IKres "tnt. 1uiim>' ?zs * f*> f'"* I"' 9rt fi ?c, km till- n.ork let ma i.*kj ; priee modorHto Inquira oa tin pra. miter IMM lib! Ol !0 LR-TBI BVOLUS BAMMNV ' bourn, brown umo front II Mutb it eel, co.itoinlrf hB tbn inoilkm InipriTnoieo'* with cinnervKtor? ?U?olied, ra cir.Uy (Hlrltrl mi' pi<{>cieil Ihrungli iut. plei- ml muM pincfA, rtm'rrt Ar . r?o bu bml, If reiiure.! I'o'viiHrrm wUl be glictn Itomrilb IrJy. Apply to C. 11 LiLICNrHAL 215 Wtt?nliiAton ?tr<et BHIR KAI.B TO I,FT < R RXATIANOK TRK TH * ? eiory luleV bou'C In WArron treel. 1'rw.klrn, tlm foartfc h'.iiku Imm hfil'11 ilrr I 'o n?? et ? '< enlsr 11 U> .B?e. AJ pi) toMl<l.\lN ii?kD,44 Beet man alrett. riliR kA!R Orf TO LB If K?A FIll-T CLA8R IH'.B r at.?p iliree nory be ament mil cellar b?uae, tW Wa? llilitl find sirt t-l, bus all dm u odnru I in,in,? mm,u. will pat It In p<rlett order .1 W. otiiiKN. t<o It It a in street FIOK BALK Oil RKNT-THK L4.TK X&SlDMIfOB OT R AK.rlfM iIt. :ul <1 at in N J. eoinprtatag MB ace of land, wl h a luica d.mhln ho'ia?, aim-' honee, kin W out Iml JIdp* K? terinn aJt>ly to .1 Ai.U.U ?11 1, 1^1 Week aUret, N. V re at Ma-'iaon, N J, IjllRST CLAsT HOIIAf LOT ANi? SI A :U.?-HOBTH e?a rorui r of Leilnr.ton art*nil* ami lli.,tyurat atre-A, for ra'e or <o 'm premlaea are a nir atora jro -?u and iuiim front botiae, aboul fill feet deep VI)feet wtde lot JHiAft .lt waVe tree, oed kflil Wl lie'Wink pait.ti il b iri i u< all m slsrw Mali Mtamll Alto, Vtar iator) brick Stable on roar 3I?M. rorf.u hnrrra tmrihrw <Moh>t aii'i ruo.n bay Ii.ll, ao riarary biim, Ac , A. Prriiilaea in inrbito order, wall eel rii'aUil for a ptitmotan or ge din-nan keeping hit < -u-laga Ternia very ?a?v. ApP'f t? X>. McM AllOR, 271 iiroadwef. retina 11 aiil IS. (TBOA KBT FOR HALF?POIN'I A U'?OD BVslllJW Jf ar.d in a good l-rcctl >o,'or c?h ln.('iiaof f Kit HK. No IM hlghili aventiu, co ner of Tb'rty fotrtb sirs'* Raw York. CI B0<'f RV FOR BALK -BTOOK AND fl.TrHKKl l?' X a a root r y aim * and More to let, or tin jiro|iofty woaW bo aoM In 'en on lllniral trrma II dealrod Imjuira at lit aviane D, corner ef Mghili airtet nOL.SK A R II LOT rtm RALK ON B I RTY-T HI B? Nreal rear Madiauti aaeaiie It la an roglla'i bavemeo*, brow n alni a to the liral at.ry ibo ttiroo lAber A'oriaa ol I'biia de'i bin brUk. Imi.'t alMnit ihren ? ear* aio:o Id Lie boat rnaaB?r, Willi all tie modern Improve it'll'* and lain erreHont cider, tine baif or more of ilia pnrobsa- motor iua> r^inata on mortgage. App'y to 1? K V A V, , '.t i aire t, N. T. LOTH FOP. RALFJ lit M affH ATTaN-.'ILLB-A PLO* of about 17 lota on 12Mb atieel. ii"*r fer.Ji a raw a*. Price tog< > her 17 0U0 or reparato tl.'Af ?*i;b App'ataU. B. H'll Pbf FKL1W. 170 WHIUm a'reet. XrORTBW?T*R* II.LIROIr.-FoR MALI OR RIil (bang* lor city prcpr rly or go *1 *l> rka a lieBJlifal laawa of about Od aniaa ru-h roll ?l li navi-my anre.a of wo.*A. frewtIny lot a Tu la on a Ui ? i n nr. Iwn Ri'lti Ir n * p .pnio . rty Ibioogb wbloli two railrnitda fioiri I'lilr - a i t> Ui Wii&k al ipi Alan, aii-wn plot of Imrlern v.r s, ?loh a water f.-uw of about CA.0 leeu Apply to )' LOT", 71N*?wiit, root* I ONK OF OROW.H A IUKK*H'I MtCWIN.I to it'll i KIM lor rale?Will l>a mil IV Irai Ikt i ro ' itaedbut ilirae me t A ldrnts 0. V., Union iqiura, Poet oiline, until aaid. | / aMaII A < ITT-T11K CAPITAL Of Ni I P.ASK A Tim I 1 y .?l....n? , U III .all Ti, ,, r -II?| I,,.. . .> , I li.A I abovrelt}, mid m willing W 'AJ pur <?n ud(.in" M j Iwflve iiiO'iht. H. O. MR RUt, tSffiLain'rwl. PATENT tXOHTt ?'>?t ttl.1. >0?t WRiTNRN lard* to tn Ii?iik? ! T KtwxK <'< lip flat af*nli ?ba I tntdart'abd ihr I'tulifm .??'ii"t tna?IIa i la'h'>**? | try. HflOt.'l III UN A KHA-KR, Now York wl !<< ? IU tod t>r\, I'raiikllu cmai.l IIOUSR ROB saLN-IV RIRVf i IIf-TSTRX^r, . l~ two ati?->* an a h??! m.'i i, w> h rani. baib rab.ra, <|| aod rolil watnr, iniodr/ l>ih?, If, l'tica a!'1 tt. it-tma if fnil ptircbaarr illnhv FKaNALTN, 71 w'? 1brvr ti'.li ?i. f". nrar Mroadaay Twbntt thocranu iiikuor l\nd in htzhm Virginia fur aale.or ?lU oicaaas* fn. rrpror-d hiaok ijo or now Totk pMparty. Apply to DaNI 1l f. j 4*nakl>, 25 Court alir.i. JfrooAiyn. rTlNFMITBS -FOB NAUC. IflR hrn *, rirTTTRRR. Ac of our of tkn o drat aal iblitlir I Hu ? i toaati'Artortu In ihla rlty To ba had at m barfaii.. for particular# apply to CHAP. f. WILLIAM* \l a fAa;. rl'O RARNRHR. QAB I'4Jf RR.4 i)R TaNNEBA-A 1 rmail farm for raia t n iba anntA alii# of l ory I tiaad anw lain try fflrrn A*'ft-a of ainellaoi land, ana a ?t?>l two aary botua. kib bau. IVN barb M.ii aarrlMr l.o tit. wMh a wall <M ?f>n wa'rr n?ar thadoo' A'an a atrrato of aprli* wataa tbal'radatn tha Long la.aat1 >rai?r ?>oi t>. 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