Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 4, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 4, 1857 Page 2
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1_ t'l'WilMiiitktavtwiMi TOT to* Mn k (lOTlktmiMlMIMiiiK* I nrk (MMftoobolM toot*) A. M* at; ?M M ?? utoj to rtWOTww itoMimii >*>*? tot toy aw* tot 4*m?? A Yee, 1 abeto ?ey btob. % .-i bey M. doWu '9 to tol MMf J. t T wit* b??e b#a> iwtlTtk** >M?btN my to d m C% ?t*ife?Mk?ku4totlN/liiM Mat to ehta.) % Ib?t ta ebaat our or Ira taobeef A. Tfeay wart T wT? ?. ym It, I atoaM toll toaa * They vera r?r> de-kf A. Tber vara I tto. f w?f? toy not i-retty beery vhttkere m to MM * Ne etr O Here yea not (bM. doctor, tot to wMtore a todt itom to MJBPtea dowa to toatotttot# A 10*re elated (bet to wbieUft rm tr ? to tot M tie heed oeer dova, but I tare M ae*. tot to Mr <vom-r>-na bt l^mplea rtabt Oooti Jlet|to ) 4 8.. eee e roeu *M? hi ?pee?b? A. atr?CM * M preeeree It wee peroeptla* * lo eeoo of your taierTtoot vMb MM A. Toe, er? be IM (low ipolta MB. / 0 HlT?)ii(KlllUMdlMfeim afttB, (par* mill A s? ltd 1 rem "it bar 4 I>.| ><< 804 IBM thai M Dr. M4MI A. I Joan know it Mag urn*. 4 (la -*08 -uy iHtmii, Uta Bay jam ware examined, Mi j ou not dmotlbe <a tee preeaitm ef a few geav eueea, ltd be em UlB, (pare matt? A. I don't ttoe; mere wee a Kraal deal of aaeraraaMaa; people crowded around B>e 'o IBM wbat I mU. 4 Waa be or waa haaatatbtn, aparemieT A. *0, lb la waa aat wbat yaw might oatl a tic a, a.ra-e mtu 4 tt<B y*? aaaaa aa aay you naye not teeoribei btm Maa/bed)? A. Yea, air, exoet* 10 vou % What Wea the character of ale vokvd A. Well, 1 daa I kaaw Utai I eon vary wall 'ororlbo It; 1 oan'i Mad werga to AeaorM altTe'Wt kinds ul' vmoee, bat tl cer tMlf wee aet aery matltA'.. 4 Saw aeiiroi wan Ute ioipr*aelti> made open your M Ibat be arte a alow ap><koa m?i.V A. Tbai ki a d iD oaM a?*w,uB '? metoantwer, I ok a merely iki? fiti Bib an lnpr?' r'oo waa r^-co'ied 4 Ytub?veaald be didn't wtoi joo u? po'tl'th me BMrrag*. Wbat aid be ray la referrm*'v> *v A. lie Maim ?t?e any n tr n *.tr wnbli.g ne not 10do re 4 How ew ho make ine u<? teeif A II < IHo't eaoi DfBBiiokad la 'he ?evr? f'tea I rop'ted I didn't CblBb baif my nt*'rWt, r?. at.d b wou d have l>oeu aept B a* aeerri vl'btrat that rci-jenl. 4 Weil k w die iotrrek about It?cheerfully?plea easily! V Wi ll, be we? uot a rtry uotarrul luaa at auy at Utor* etcr?le???. Be didn't ?? to to go Into Hue nuiior wBfe DBtfib ! that tar in; t obner v?*i tut (laughter) 4 W?e there uot route man fria leu ol ts irniaca MtBcfcaiP A. J >aw Dutblcg, hot one of j?j gtilitoo am. Hurmgatr? Verer mlod tbat? 00 atw coU'jg lo .:* ba*f* A. I oe > aotbiOK *a the hall. Mr. C lOtnn? ^lo Mr. tlllon ; ? *h. yno was! to get out saw a-' ont Ifeo fciriiag. (LaigMr.) W ?*l*l %? 'O K O' r?' 'IMllfaiDr 171 wriTl yon B.arriel. at !bc Sr?t It < rrn><*' a I. was lie m or. aa at tbe atcota uil tniro; I did it I )?rc*?vti *<y j;3.rmce Q Wbat w?e '.bail A The na? tooe i>f roije, tbe mt ik* I no: of b-xiy, t be rim" ;i.>*c3*.i nf ip-ocn to* ur drfrn of 'eeJ'nf ii.tU'^atod ui no i-OQute/iuano, vktoO ??h b- if yr*r? ltd ror vor?- cnto'f jl. 4) No maal'calatiomi of impil enoe A. N , etr, ao Mug f Ibet kio" % No manlteetaMore of ri.^ao'anoef A. Well, I' vor H ?lowo??* of ipocob reluctance Mr. Titdt d?Soil', 1 don't % Yob ??jr 'in Mr*. Ouinlr?h?tn <111 r.ot )ob> *o the veeaeet !bat no pobitoatfii. mould bemedb? A Y-a.otr, IMMW. Q. Are yon roro of It* A Yes ?tr B Nbnt ill aild abcol bio oiling tor tbe certificate T A. leant fie J on ibe roroa. boi be loft alio iha under, band' g i!i?, V was to oal) tbe noil day nail get tbe oir MAat. <t When *it U.e certificate wrttton out? A leant ay wbclber thai nlgbl or iba nesi morning; tbe c?rU3 mm van centered to btm on tbe S9ih o> October, eooie Mm befbte neon, end in tbe tame room in vbteb the MMrtege in celebrated; no one but aaynelf nod tbe man | Man ted were preeent at tbetbtrd inunlew; be rea l Me certiorate orer; ba looked oior It lon( oaoogb to VMd It JMd be appear to do ae wttb deliberation* A. Yen. Did be make any ooeerraUoa a boo I tbe (pel ling of Me Bane Barded 1 a Ne, air. tBe dn not Mk yon ko aaeke nay correction' A No. i wttneea hem looked at tie name of BurJel! la tbe pngMer, and aaid tbe nanas wan apett "Bar" la Mbd af " Bar," bat thai ba nabeeqoeaUy Mmatcd it. After iba irnrrtage, eaid ba, aad before tbe naariai, ay wtfo aad icif were walking lb roof b Bred Meet en oor return fro? tbe Bowery; 1 rente?bared tbe MMber SI Bund atncet, and an 1 came la the bonae I te jfcrd ap aad raw tba door plate, ana u?l tbe name on B waa tpelt ' Bar;" i lmmidiatafy rawartad to my wile. KMbM hOM I altered Bs" tsto "8a " % That waa the only way ta whiob yon learned that |M had um the mistake- A Yea, etr %. Mr. MarvB. ta tt) onr aaBiiii to making oat a Bar rtBfe orrtlhcate to oortity fa W parti* in trtat cerufl ate are either known to jorw proved bp ta* oath ot MM peraoo to he the parttea they rayreaeat uvawiva 10 hat A. No, air, H mot enatomary with so, nor la It oaotoBMuy with clergy bmb . aaorally. Br re Mr. TUdaa read the following arctic a of the rorta Mi atatotoi flkwivir a aaart ttga snail hero hoeo aoieaa Bad with la thta Bale paraoaavto thta title, the mtaleter or Bogtotrate ay whom the marriage waa solemntadB Mkai farniah or rtqaeat to either party a oertiOoate Bred, opacity tag, tret, the aamra aad plaoea of real haaoe of the pnrure marrW-d and that they were ioowl woaafe Blrletor or BOglatrete, or were aatwfacioriiy poawed hp the oath of a pereoa know a to hi a to ho the paraona daoerlhod ta aaoh oertMcate, aad that bo had aoaartaBod that they wore of aaOJitaat age to contract aartBge; aioeod, Ibe aaae aad place of residence of the aateo las el taw or wiueooea. aad third, the time aad Mhaa of inch nsarrtaga The eartMaade ahail alto state Mk attar do# Inquiry ma*a there appeared an lawfoi BpidiaMi to aoah a marriage, aad It (ball ho atgood by flho pereoa BMhlng It." M waa Mated by the Bormtata thai a oomp'laao# with 1Mb aeottao waa aotoamonal to tbo validity of the mar Mr Marrta, did yea state oa yoer eaaataatica be Bps the Oorener that poo were not able to raoogala* it BardalIT A. Ma, sir, I sow u assonaoed to varkwa pa nan thai I did, hat ft waa a mirtaa* 4 DM yea oat state that yoe ereid not <wea* it wat the aaaa yon married? A I did Ml: 1 oouM not ewear aa Be Oerenor wanted mo ho wnatrd mo to swear ap and dawn, yea or so 4 0d yea oat mate that you eouM not swear to the tdeaBty between It. Bsrdall aad the man y?? roamed 1 A. 1 sold on the Oareau'e leqocet that here were avroag potass at reosmblaao? hetwsjo the dead oply aad the Ml BUTM. <| DM yam imr tbat lh?re wit* at rani patiU ir Ihu Mm* mm pMiu A Wall tba word ttroag" mlf.t bwowbaea eat la; bat I did 1*7 ikn ibar* war* pot a it, M1 B>MKMd K'tnt of kbi n 1 Mid tbat iba ??? a bo mi l|ln| <lea1 in ibe bnnat r# mmIM the man I but? .>.i about n*o mouth, that toara M BOM* alMtlartiy, I thin* I mention** UM bM#bt or wofbi, M1 IB in poautre; I mar h?r* *pob*i of Um Mar of Um beard bb<i hBtr, bat 1 obi not naibmr Ii U mm tbta rr jbable tbat 1 did apt at of tfee mw of iba 10(1 ?*1f, f Us BXBalDBtios fcaforn iba Ooroner, dHJ 70a (UM MM 7ob r*a*falBad tb* bed7 M that of Dr. Birdal' A. MM tn uaaa wcrda, *7 no maaaa Q. DM }*!| tell thaw. 70a battered I bat la be iba body ?r Um man 700 marrtoof A I du aot believe I *1, for May aaba* me bo qu?at?oaa m W*1 to tbal rwiut <t Did ye* ao* daoluaa tn 7*?r Crat tiamMiiUi. to aar yw* 1b**gbt tna: waa tba man 7oa rnanted A I don't remember I rradarad bo poaittra optaloa ai any If Mo aa la ma Maatitr 4 Why dlda't 70B (Ira a poa ttre opfnto*' A flymm I did aot dooM n aatf jaat 0? i to doing an, emmtuM I 00a Id bM bear IB* bii ir?, which la important petal M MMUfVieg aa adltiduai, ad tba poa Moo af Ihr b It wtiaa Miadlaj; M I monad rroaa rtewtag tb boay i*to ton ma* waere iba Ocioaar wa* boldiag bit lt^ujai. *om* one aakad roa Mb* wa? tba bbi 1 married, oat thai ladlrldua; may be (fatal tjratrd to. bat aUrwad ffct i t>M bim tba*a war* atroag potaM *f r*MMbtaare I thtab I and tho word *> Mraag" M I aa barrd iba C*r*brr'a rw?. abd inea paaaod a* to tba wit mm*' cbatr, axd ra**1? My taauoxwy, I aaratlM tela ao tbat if tbat ladtrtdaei I* pmaet ha may aorrobwai* my iMtbroay, 1 war aaoer iba general tmarratM, beware I bad am a tba eerpa*, tiM I bad married lot at uadar iba aun ?f ltardail Mr. U ataa? Bad yea *o*a tba eorpoe bra' A S*; MM Maa waa praacbal tat ma f>?M tba bobimI I aa tared the 0 wallteo. Mr. Ttldt?Who pnacbal that into 70a' A. Ideal brnow, bar wera ao maay |<anoaa, rrarr nil to wbia I IBM ad bod tbat theory ta bu bead bad he'.wrof It Mr. TIMaa?Now. I was* yao la apertfy ao*?* >ma of Ma*o who preached tbat Maa lou. year awf A. i Mat p*myib*t 0 Tea *bi? to abara tba (asm tbenrr tbaa A M*, fir, I bad ao lhaory Mil I eatend iba bafldlag t Waaa yoo go* laaMa tba ba rdiaa aod Beard taa' abini 7 701 abarod b 1 A I lash'bed Uie? impmAaa bad my faith la tbat theory waa mightily ababea whoa t want ap and taw tar dead body * That waa rae of tbe rmeoan why a ar yau taw u* Mad body yes ware ao. aa earHia' A V?*. iir aad I I bed net at tbat Una qeim got U of that lhaory mm ui?n- Ha itMU o' idii ruMtj VOMM-I did Ml Ho* bai rtn I M '*?' I BDOaid mm Iba HI I nirrM tb,? fM ahar I mm lb* mmpn mm4 balar* I mm Vital u4 I did Ml kMw wban ' e%*a I* Mm feat Umti tnM M vara ootam a* rnaa n MM la Mia m tba mac ! marriod l baa iba daat 1017 MM; I dBaaaarrd nc aaeb pwauu ta Mr ffeka lutin <M| la Mm ruiMHn lb* man I marrtad. ^4 DM yo* la yonr ra nimiilM A. 4 4 Myaaaisia II la Ibat aw l ra maiaar t A Na. MB. Ml I ?M ba araa bo* u>? paeaou 4 M fan Mi rnvBhi (anaa* oe pair ra eauaiaa MB MB MM Mr. Kabal did aal laow ar maah "k? tb? MIUMMMM did ta* bo-,t o< nr Mirdar A 1 MM tManmilMai Itka Mai I m*w taai tba aojy up | aMBa raaradtad Mara IM au ; marnrd mac ui* au MNlbMIMd Mil n 4 WaM, ?, MM jraa aaf aaftriac aaara paaa ra tbaa than A I aaa't rawMhar; I > ra aal raad my farmar lartimnar al all Vt g Waa Iba* a IMnMlMHf /<mt awa mm Moa of , mtad ?i iba Man A Na, Mr; 1 kaaw Mat Mr. dotal aaa aal iba mas Iba t oaul I >ai Ida Taaaba aOar ra, tap g W by dltft'l yoa acta a?* A F ?M; t MM Ida r<*M aar Mr l>b?l war aal iba man I warrmd I kaaa I am 4 Or Furdali. I waa ee #va ti<l?et of K ae I am sow g Happrva. na tar ay Br fokoi yon lotnd ba looted mora I a* .b* iraa 7 wu aani'l ibin iba 4?4 Byfy. atd woaM lav* baaa 7oar ifliiM tber A My aal" 11a, I**babi7, waald bar* barn thai ba waa tb? man I mar Mad il'Vfiwar morr fotata o' r*aainl,laaai la aim Man la Uardnl a bo i*. probably ' would bara fliod oa ddb g If bn warr raramnlod tb? ?a?? A. I wool! mail finbamy bava b*?i t j?>n nin\ and bollaved ibal ba waa Ibt > marrtad ardar Iba nam# of Bardall, aid pfxa.d bar a to ma back 10 iba aid ifc^. NB i ? IMhel warn ?> *> rilW feawfVpw PI wi ?wkM, and my aa >f Ilea* IV fcrrt wtordBa man VM Vvagiheaod i bava ?mil aU ik?giwonda acou wbtob my former opi ? w*? band, iM dbewtaa ail law , tMik apoo ohtoto 1 ?* > WWIHNIMM; l bav* M a aovarai paraoa* ho b*?? Br BrMi vail and >o?n their doaorfp tea* t him I mmMi ka ?m ibe man. they daaortbrd Br BardaN torn ka aeted, ho* ba la bed, how ha aaeatad, asd after tk*k d*rorlptH?a m) rept- ba* nol'onnly been. * Yea bav* deenrtbed ibe maa I merrhd;" nti' par raaa ka** ikua dvaertbed bin to ne won* nam * I Uoo'l ka**; tber* to a vary rerprotahlo lady living lo duond ar Third aveace, wrtore name, tf I mould give Ik, would onrj gel In tbe paper* anc bring mo Into imoble; aba c.e lemadibe nan 1 married preo'aely tkal da*>jnpl o., ?U?rgUt?D*d ny opinion am prevtouriy takaa; I a*? ran Mr*. Got Bingham to tb* tomb*; ?ba aa?l tor me there; wo tailed about Or dot dell, abonl 11a marriage ahoat bto paoolarli lei, ttn \ aba ated i aa waa a nan wbo bad Bla oodltlor, bia peon oa?tba> be ir>w then all tod oosld pal up with them but tba eorld coo Id not- tbla vtatt wa* a'tout a wear ago; I wta wttb bar aa<l t>ar daognwr in aal) about an brur: ?be raid aotblag about my brtag a wttnaaa any wb'ta tfcat I remember; ?br ?ecmod lo bare ni ob)oot le ca 1 cr mo there ntber tbau to oonverro with mo; ana '%<n irai toe iiaa (/reiworiy aeatgneu toai ur nuoigrat; hr.|,| trarry ber: a bo nett to eee mm at oh Den on loo S7iti of Or.lober and return-fl 'He i? no exeoiog; that O & migrant bad exobengr.i wtib me, and ooiaequoetly ?ta* not at bomf: ibat Vlr* Saolgrait gave ") * my at 4'ft*; < W ttben rfce 'tain bank the gay. llal add rear U Dr. 8-iiitll, and at Ur Bu-deil kept every thing, they K'tU BO* fait 11 itmorK Lie oaprrt the did uo! iU< tbat (h< vadi any < ITo?l Ij Qnd Dr. Snodrra^i be ??* to ltd rU> p>nha Iy aid aot know irher- ho ?r**; Die iod* Ilkrlv know wham to Bod him, the w?lI op fB Monday plght ; d?. Snoigrtaa rr.ifb' have returned home 00 Monday nig"* V * Orz ctsybam tpokr about tbo dwtlroo.ion ol nar prpeny bv too Coroner; the did not any enticing ebon. h< r tgrrtei. at to leave Hie bona" I ih'ok *bo w.<1 any ittrd )v Pautll >.d alwaya be<?: ?;>o ?aid notbicg about hi* k-v log her, or 01' their hying ua .u? ao 1 w.lo To t qoftlion ri'Otr Mr '^llntuu. the wtii>*e? ?a,d ? There ?aa no >civmblaDce * a?iov. r m voice, took* artt'iii*. tUe, or anything elte, bet ?ueit Mr. Kukr-1 una the mat I ttarrled to Mr* Ocenn-rhnm The ?*te wan then ad 1 no.- ri'tt to Thnrtday. at lb A M Mr CiilGn ?tt very anx oat that the ttaeabojH go rn aa toon ag*n a? poarbie but th?re ro or man> . cut* * >*Vre forr<VB..e leaving a nreceu 000, ib*? D* oop'd ? ot art It down k?r an ?-a'lhr date. I t*n ibsb hi AdmH'tlieuir tgttn applh d for kHteri ?' ooii'c'ion opon the elate Trie quean'9 about {-aollng h,xr ? "I he I'm' d -d h? the 'ur-ogaie '.hit .noruUig. I'KltMIVAIi, i irno^'o h?s.?s?on or vn. .p.on;f kvhi \ -? i arij . 1m i l inw *t it VM# l? Ml' ' ?r o' r'UnerhioB to bW .<lvant?gi) liy -mlviiuc ' I '11 , T i'i V - ?, e-q , )ii ? Ci^r ^t bigj ; au> iiif.'Ui tior r?i eetl' ? tint be'.lianl'r. Ij rec iu aLIXARDK* RIKTIXIROKK-A 11 -I r*rf, /\ i , cullnf Ufvcn !li? K'Hs ia <>>n? . it b- a something lo biA adrari'nge. \ITTC;AV w . >.s- m* ? m*rnn ' wr* the adi'rrvg of koine oru. ?bo.?ttlrer ba- r * ' fa/blur boring arteriiui eela. Auritce Artssvo. Ilereld olln.-i YAWl'S LONNX' r.V. WHO FORMIKIV I.IVKP WITH ') Jit 'J rxwbrkJfe, At Prince's r*aj. n.. ri i?tsl ?v il pVare ea!'. on ? rii S hewn F?i . v>7 rtta*?<ea . <w feme-1 ithby lee at love my ? Bo e!, thlf day, Msrtb *, un netlt me y <>n receipt of tbn' nollee U'A3iTy.D-ril? COOK, HAR'Uker Witl.sNI), TO TT lo i ali at 9 o'e'.Nik tire tiurmof at >o ><9 ?a?t 170k ?'? TILeTLEirrVHK VEAMn. AIILITARV LKCTTRX?AT THR bfOoKI.VV a"H* i?j ?n on T '?1?? < * -a i.-< March .1 ?iil. \\ K '.I 4! will deliver a lecture <*. 'lie mdiUrv Ill'c aud *?rrtoaa *i Ore. Burt- ImkM hi -be atmrMkl a-mt daring. ? Ibe H.'volnu.a*'* ??r, n r the bce'it of lite Mfnibea Mjrt.. 4 u cut Flint!, under ihe direction of the Ktriilieii ruei-d I4ib regiment. Ilckebr. Z'lCcnts; can be bad of . iifier ?f He run I n>rtn e nr in ibc evening at ti<> door. I^iorc n> c unmenc. at ' 8 o'clock. A SCIlKt'PRK j I if Fl liWKmiKK, 0' mui e?, i A. K. It R * BC Nl.lOH, S * MB1KOPM.1TAN MEHKlnl. mt>LK.;? ?THK FIKDI annual onniar of lo inren of tide tnrattntkm will rem merre ibis iWedatAcay) morning, at 10 o'clock, at 68 fcan. I ? roadway. t i j a TIB UUTAHy. t CITY OBRKAOIFUH -THK Wf.MKRRS OP THH COM- i ana are requested to aae-i at the Armory. Mereri | Ho'.iae ikm evening. at ?>K o'elbnk. Hk tnUgne uniform. with y ivereoata. lor rextmeLUl drill. My order, i. ROKF.RT IRWIN, Capltin. > Jawu Mtura, Orderly Fergeant. STATK IJESN AHIFRfl ?THE UKMBKK8 OK Tn? 1 ooeapanv a e - ! to be puurtual In attemlacee at t tbe a-mory ibi- ?vraing. at 7 o'ekek In bill fatigue for regf t ii entaldrul. teaO BRODIK. Captain. \ TRIBUK. or RRBI'FCT.?hraikic artkrb, nrw 1 Fork. Marr bC left;.?At a regnlar meeting of tMe Coepe 01 Rrgineera Twelfib Begimenl R. I. B. M . Lieutenant J. A. btairln b<* cbatr, thr lullawtnjr prrambto ud raocvlutooaa ?< if BMMBMaj at inted ? j 11 hitting pleaard an aU wtaa Prortdeare to r?noi| from i thr >ae?. of hla naefulntas our trtmd and aaawtato, AJrmr> A. MM Art rated, That la the death ol our Late brother Mdlrrtkt n.rtnhrra rt lhit nop* have loot a ihrrl?hed aad valued ftiri.'l the aoarfui and aflicleni mtabtr. R tar.'rod 1W n token of our reapret lor hie memory a mf In oar uinoten be domed to toe reeard of hia d?m?f fleeri"' lhe? the u?iiel ha.t?r 01 mounitn* be worn by ?arh moo. " r of tb? oortw tor thirty <laya i ltr?o I fed Tbiit wr traitor to bla afflicted widow aad family | our hrartfrll atrnpaiby in tbrlr bereaveman' and worn rrmloJe i"-? upon tlutr irreparable lo*o aad tbai tboy be far aitbrd with a rutp? rf theoe proroodltuta AftulTrd That ibo above reeob ttona bo pabhahed la tho t Raw lnr? Berad. W y mrt i? Hiikt, j J. A HTARR, Chairman J Hilton FrtiiT, .Committor. WlUlia n. At ART, N t THJK MRhnXN ' AyaO" lATioN o? BXkMPT ytRKo*i?.-TRr Mica brta will pton.a ntrr: i tmir nl lirjome an I Nr. lower rttr'a. .bl? day fWedneadey | at 1 1* M , 10 a<tehd tlwiuoo , m. ct t ar ilie brother tb* ubar, K C Tit )1 <J. W ffHfcftteCR. R.P. TIIR MtUHKKH OKTfli"FIRK ItlCPABTN*NT WMU li f to pnnnui* a ta ti?e rroo -Uou of Howa; I Kim- ltn(tne (om any No 114 on tueir return frwm tVunhmttoit. wdl 4 plraae h?i t detotra is to the hoove oI Ks| "f C*?|iU? No ' 14. i n Ibur- lay erwntns, Mb invun t. ai -o * lo.-b. n utokn all t>?Ctl?yry'a JOHN II ROOttKIBK. Wil.l.leV LaltPRS4, C.vmir fee , IpHRt Pl'RNN v of Till Mas U VULA N I Arrjiv u ta iRoito f. w. iwtnar. yp----? < Hill WARP -AT A I.AKUK A*U * NTIiUdT 4-TIC I mai'laf of ibo V mcrraiw Ker.uV.lrin People a Weed ( atun :ia? of !.e KiiiuWB'li wa'd. be.d on the *1 in" at th?; CM I land ia?i?ra, lom-r tf H: end ard bll.-nbe-h a-T'Wto. :>e Mlimltc iomIiiIMm nan adopied ua?u aouaiy and orriwrod i puntl* a# ? i Revolved. lb?i ? friended bo'tiroo and ham.oii* af the ill mocta'ic purttr ? tee*, i.u,* r.l to the daabwratv* -epiibll ran r oriroa 11'b? ? ar? in bo 1 n rr.aun r>'iM |V? drV - at- r 'o t .in in?ny It a. ar il a Waul ? ibuiiJoh ai hurt t Itf i''?a?nu la dtfr-ied b) vi?a ef Tonnvn an-to iRo alau ti^l.onu'abU'aicr'fnMne ' vtb le p? t n ir.l t a? tehtd. ftid tbr'aby ilio prtrnpiaa u Die do mwit a | ?rt) v p?tii ,eu a end ?hia ? *.' 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AIJIDY ARP OYBTLKYAN PRPIKF, TO REVT ONI or two ooral'orfable room* formatted or onluTtihsd, lo a IsnM tit ii*tod U> the rout raj par' of the oliy. and with a p-lrate 'airly Wtenw lady p?eforred for jueh room* * Hi-era) coir per sat ion will be paid. Address M A. P , Hroad way Port rtlire. Agkntkfl family, oohststino OF TflBKH trrowr. persona do*lre to rrpt the upper |*rt of a bouee g th e er ?li room*, on lb' we?t nldeof tho city. not ne'rw ileraion or above 1 blrteejith i'.wL Kent a^oat tj 0 it tlt>0 AddreM M. H. J..Herald olfx-e. AGIXTLFJUAK AND WITE BB81RR TO Rl.ST A part ol ( honre rowialnlnir f.inr or *t? room* ?i a re* tenable ren not heliw Prince a treat; atalt' llm .owm additr* F . Herald oitlre. [ 't/T'KT RY PLACK.?W ANTKD, BY A (IKNTLKHAR ' ' nd hi* wbe. w Itbont < MHrrn, a neat eotlABe to a beahhr 'Tuuon. wt'.b frrm lh<ve to *u a< re* ot land, within an boar'* wte of the ell j Kent not 'o ereeed per annam. Ad reea wtlb tiea rtpuon and full partleulara. box3 ,114 Pest 'Hire L^ABD WAHTXP-TTIK ADYF-RTIRISR WAWfS TO r pnrr hnae a 'vu located on Htmten liUn.1. oonretHant o Port Richmond landlrg Cot aialin* of from thirty to forty rrm comfortable batMtPa* A? PHoe oniMrt he moderate tri<lr* mm B. H .IONIA. Up Chryatie Mrtet, New T?rk, Mating .cat ton price, A a. ITOV K WA NT1D-A TWO STOBY OR KM Al.T. TW K WE 11 ctorr brlrk hou?r In the upper pert of ibe eltr, bet ?cn tret ar.l T?iily third (-ecu. ewa'hkde prefcred, with modern Btprorrmenle; rent not t* exceed SMM. AdrirexH Austin. hex ,;1?l Poet office. Bonn WANTBD?NBAS BROADWAY. HKrWKRM Walker at d Fnarih atresia, tease for three or Ore years, rot from 910010 $1,008 a three atory and ba?eteru hmxaa. wo rtortaa with all the modern Impniwiiaen and well itult The owner of anch a bouv will hear af a desirable raaot by addreaaiay J. B. B.. box 1*7 Herald affioe. 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desaiated wdi be ib<owo ob*o ao (hla madta The maeie will be aader (bb eirtettam or tto LOuwiiRtao, ?ad (be eeVkratod Onrae* Band ml <**? a wkadta ad bolre n actual rooroeani darteg tbi even ?g. t*u>elsg w(U oaniDCTioe preeieet n.l (.'otooA. rUDuS Ii5i ICRS Boog'.te Tbjlor, u K Sirrtoon. CWlit J- Kally. A#ab' 1 8 Bcrrlab TriHitTP TWO (m)ILABB. dhnrlXng a gentleman and laiHea, o? abtalaed al MBIT* bed I')(h1w'rtV* mtieto * arm, *v the beetleiia?(are o (be -'oi toeirar Uoueo. hod oi -iny of Ike OMmMO of Arrai ,' u PFRNCBK W. OOHL, Freak**.! Jens K. WBirm, Paerelaiy The ?hova Cmmrmll'M -J Arrrtngemenia a?? reaikMUd to meet Lbte e> e*i> .g %i (be Berre* Hoi tee YUVrt* MJUt'H &AT1U l?iUJ Uiva VNAO'JI WATIO* BaLL, M?reh 4, 1W57 ORDEH ?f DANCING. 1 OrvdMwib TnA'*giir*ttAa 2. .' wCrtL'e CbiM oftb? RbcIemh*. A P<iI?a Aoao'U. I flj.1; f. Om<?rll? T??v?virf. rt I^ooifD'ute I' *r*i#ala, 7. FchotiNcb. H TurNOvU-rBC Al-?'n IK?J worth. 9 Qu?<t:l>!a.. TlioHimAfc. to pnllu tide'1. 11 ProB-M ?de.. 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(TltAND BALL-ON WHU!fTS8T>AT 1TBNIWO, MARCH T 4. St mm.' '"proline V?,'ieii dan etna aadknt SI Ho / UlA Ht'.+U The ball will (IIWIH S o>eiook tadtluM at. U (x kiiH W ce&U. Claasea net t every day at S 'eloak t. U. Gh?ni? inacocration bali,-notour ro hack hid -lflvrs of rack* hi 'easing their wsnapany at tle? it.M'.:t;ura>t<iP hill to be held thla (Wertsssaw) evening at the i t v a/neibhty Koonu art herein ir .tilled to alt down with ilr r horees' bi-nda fvirg down Brovl ?*y and take up.'a ret?e outer. By order, KLT I?K VOB, Back Inapac'or. b>HAl?U IN'aOOO KATlON BALL?THE MKiRKttI oi'tbe Tonoft Men'a Bemocr&lic Union Olnb are uottftxi bat tl.etr pi ear we will be required in the b*u ro un (Out a? irallt Kooinai thia evntnk. at 11 o'clock. to reoeien Ike ei.iem'M banner whch will be piewnled lo them by Iboiani h ta eta .Meaaher. Keq , on bebal'of a number of lad tea atd * trite men of thla city HPKNCRK W. CON K, Frothier*. J. W. b. Wmix*. Secretary. IN COMPLIANCE WITH TUB Wlbli KXPKKHMKD BT I many la/flea and aentiemen who were present at the Inn ball at the New Tork Academy of Mnaie. for the benotti* UiC Opera fund, a aeeuud wki will ba given tor tha Bang N )?yt en Tnear ay, 14th of April next, wh*b ft la intended Ma inn>aea In br.ihanov and OeceraUve Mt'eet the lent, parftaalar ai wLii h will bAoabilabtd at aa early day. >?? Trtaa. Kab. 26.1867. MMCBLLAinBOTH. Oil PERCENT 8AVKD IN YOU* BREAD HILLB OU The mrchanteal hat air oven eaves three tonrtha of he l.bor and aipenaa of the aid prooeae, aal ha a rapacity at M 0 barrels per day, at aa erpeeae ai an It forty eeate ner bar rel ihna enabling as to aire lonvee twenty per seat heavier 1 bte oven betog eleard during thr prweesa ef baking, the atev b. He vaaeae Poet la the aaeeeeaa dealt even) are laabwabed m'o tha Mend aad a gala of tan per eeat la thus efl-oled Our tt atrfbntora will call on I am 11 lea who wiah to try ft with Hm c w. Ordere add reared pew York Brand Co., NewpTo-k Atrade. Ml Broadway, will be promptly filled. Wanted. Uree a) ring raita wi ll drivers, ltom t ba 9 each day, two agv.u aad a boy. DUni11? A CRPW), A KOIIITBCTR AND lU'PFBIWlead* ata. larxiaoaiae g?rd<*in re, survey >ra, Ae . rooms 41 and 411, No. lift Broadway, Mew York, and Herbert HulMtog*. bain atrert, Orange, N J. The above purpose laktng tha aathe management in ^eelgntng boixea, aupertnieadiDi; that' omavuctrm and surveying and laving out gronrvfa Aa.. ef four u > avata. rtDaa ami rstalea being euro fiat by an dolawt ft will pr< vaat lb? neoaaatty of emplovlnc an many dlOereiu part tee, nad Ihua van- onoatd* rable hotible aad aitrenae Ample relarencea given to geei-emm for whom we hare doiM business. A vaeanor tor a yauog gentlemen aa poptl. G0IJ1 AND 811.Wit LKAK BOLD IN tjUANTIVIBa to tuft dea'ore or cooeumera. J. H ADDON, 4i Liepe nard meet. New Tork GAB FOB TBS COUNTBT. One apparataa after the patent of the Maryland fortakle Oaa Coeapaav. C B. WOODWOBTH A CO. A re new o*artng for eala A meat aanplef^theag. Ample Ar^Bdeleai gaa aekloe, Adap'ad fn all reaper's in ike vuiw> frfvMe dwaOtapa, paklie and arlvate arhoala. Chan-tee eollagea, faetoriea. fwundartes. bo tela, watertag pWea, Ae . Aa, At well aa to*aa aad Tillage* Dotal le will ba farabbed By appiv'ag tr. peraon er by letter To ike albee of tha aawtpaay. Wkera a maantria . aa ha aeen Is OjHiJUM. Aad Jnet iptlv Jpampklau obuiaed tj/B WHOIlWOBYH A CO., Eo 14 Wail tlroei, Raw f ark. f RNTLMIEN HA VINO W1M. N1HDTHK IMPEO vi D \y poitdroiioof ike ?ub?Tibare ooe COt'bTRT PEAT:' ANH or the hum I'ervUlzere, at well ae the < beepeet mlnutm ? for man OART AlkN ore where there la eifle-ult) ?e procuring eulOvieoi for garden and farm eurpryea Its rbif reeommerwtatlona arc that a to near -nO'lrnrtva. rnela'ita U" ercd* of ward*, le verv eulrk and i owerlu' ta .te opart' too upon vegetation. tad at the earn t*a i> ilin ha-roles* Hint .t ran ba pn' In direct mala ' w'tt the er rd or plant witho ji Injury, wbtrb u totallf unltkr other fr*tt:i/ers II Will brlt* rariv c-ruiia ol oma. heana, pomm-v awet f.>rn do and Inr Awn- ned graee p au rtl? \tnnr*i ?d. Ibe e-ratl ousnil > a?rd era the ate of AppUealiou rvndera u verv anooetaleni 1 he price f ir oae harrn i< fn. three ht' re e tt. end It 80 per barrel fur any quantiij over eti harela. delivered tree to ike mfy A paoiphiM will he foremened by stall or furntv'ied rrailten appiteatiwi Addrrea ike !.0d. Manufaeturfrg 1 orn tty. CO ' oit.aaili atreti, N. T. rung kNMirtAIto.-THE NBW TORE HIOBf ft AU 1 Maaniarr'itmt l uaipany are row ready m tterute o-yjrrv ' # Iroa fx dncade .ta Hnn-keenrre aboet per. kae.iw w,i lad It ba th*'r alvantage io ca I; country 'dealere atopp tr bmieee aad paklie fn- iitm?y? ,iheeal!y daalt with Odfee Ms 171 Centra ttrret. sear Howard wreec KER'.mM Oil A hanarBaf' bi'eh'iag 441, krn?' it ulmntnattng atl, a traaeae htnanrle oil, Karaaae railway graaea^ ^ ADBTBNf, A'^gL&rwt^mL V,BUWn EnmTMATir BKHMMATKMI.?BOB rbenateawe rJii bialn* inrnnagn. aid tpvadan EMmi Oorw hrcaea. *n. Ac fbr naM at Ike aawe had ?IT I Mi a aeani rj Dt 't'o? streav. Now fork, and by Mm. Eagwa Ereio?t _ ____________ Mann.t oobdaor-aij. ?t/*? ?Ai?or*crr?i,i fej the If >? fa-aa. 1 '? !?? OimpH' <)r??r? for Hli aiioarlir arkirVi of aor<ato orr.iapMp flilai l?f .!> art 14. J. airier * ' u-, ** mn'h ? loaf. Snow iur4 -borrnak a frbacu ? mow < amk with miih. Boa M (.lattuuM alrart Mi'] / ho vary. A ? wwA uamwK of obvw eaaaa kai i* oo OaaA lm a'.ow iim tafeoo to aachanfo TM*i pmHrt(y rrw coat or rviunmiBa a hocee J. M*; be aatarfAllr rrdarod By feu;.Of lor oath bt tor ?ot B*T BO. i. ] ? iotft Mr o MnoU laa'-.y, ?1ih kliotian taW tea n;. io?Hr? iflroai a aal ka<b?? rob',a mrolar* *f o'AriT bIm>i lor ... rut bo 11. U .arf or at ' air* eompl?U. feat kltchrn u4 MUM tofetaa. ?'rji 1?#< mr * ? i andfrnaardml ttfeoboo vlaaalK k'lahao antitry, firi'boo. tWm.V.. oonaakiof fll I4S fetwos m bet bo. rii I* oKU larftr oj-d mart roaiplttA. tnibraalaj ? 0?1 of fin# too krayo faory '" ' 'R CRilBrj, alitor pis'ml roMor, ditto oorara roairlaf iork ?nd antk dtato* lAfek roroltirt and korkm oma: aot?>i ?f of MOpfocoa. for BlaO fell'aaJ ao? lb* tmala ai.d ? ? A or. ?mh ItaU. A( dolirotrd in i] t < *r a a* Mrjatlr. olrrirub bh. rrtth. fe'.?a of th* Ooldrn Too Koftlo, Bo. mi Broadway. otar Aprtof airaoi. To ramta*".?ifct rfli dbtftb mai>? bt Ml tlStrj^lrri It !h- tod mAinr* in ib? **r1J -f>r tfsru h?'m? #t A p%Tiphi*t W I; Hr *-ti it' or n M to i ? >n", in Qio MIDI MAM FA^l'KiSd CCllPAhV. No * Oortlnndi on**' N>? York Tilf. 1'MK FAHiirr mniA ribbfr rafjjty rwin l?w>;> r?!i br chtA'BOd of HAWMfTTRnT, ifOTT A OO , to o ?.o?nf?c(nr?m,'iY F'Vin otrrot. otd *1 *? 1 n? only rrriolnlt m'b tluld !?w.p now In uno. TOOf RAf HK WHO - TF ADAM.. HAW A NrtW A1*I> o-o r??fA; lor torlkdo. b? wh rh the potlont to ro lorfd In >ny Inw -n'*! ten nnd without oitro p?|n In vt' r'*?n Tot lh? prtonMo'ioii rl odn)t?' or itl.drrn a '# > fro< of cht'ir Tpnlh rvUnpi?J hrthn fhltllnn pt if prptnrrol, Mi> R? U".M bimb?ni Mrrnt, Nan tot*. V*** V >oj>#rtnr no*"*!* of All ktndo, Uuw drops, Io?ap??a Jit -iho nonif, it. I-orfn ..rtmni jtt< F?'r? rtillnhl* I >r HmrRIMt and otbntw who w?it | tor ftrtw !< Utol Will ktnn In < j c'tmolo Lnwr-r mvM rr.-n tor Mh kf YAWART A Ml iMHa. No. ?'u f?opl ova* N T. Whctmio t'onfrcilpptyf, r t * lfc/W? *" * em>3?T .-tvkbk W A fO'AJ. 6M IMBWob . M* ' ?rU |?I a *)>-] of IW ?vl VmA. lit ? ?M?i?dW* i f i n Bui a<Man*.iry. Apply b the Itlm 33< PfJAANaj. _ _ tAll null to ua Liirr in v axioon suns, to rt'"-""" "'? ?ppM?u<B ou tKinl kb<l m-rtf?!* i?it (Ink ?? ! *?*?!? pjfohi?a. r?i a*nn ooogLt, tttl ?nd cielMMiad. frTO?rt? mnhmI. 4? , A?. M. HAte?'0?^?'*i.U J8 WV1 alrwL j MJhH tXCHAKOU FIR* AND INLAND HATMA \j Hod ku?u/a:>3e t>spu?. 9*m iart Fob 2U IH.7I .? * rrt.lcrxl? ho airfler* of thW *J03>a?o' S?o0 ih>? day if<i T, ' ? .-?;i.. iun jkj 3!' Klej l >f loj sor ??nt pay ?t> ?t on tfc.i ?? of Mara! W. II. WIX^OH, S^rAtirj. POMMCRCIAI. PAP** WANTED-WOrKI, DBAfTH. 1 i ji* hill* it auWiina twrnnnl ?* 4-\* r A.'?? .*> I n i n nAiL Jot o..?h oasmru' spp'j from 11 tu 2 reioei, to flf. E. U vLi., oom a, 334 oroadnajr. Dividend ?KKW IOBK COS ?ou DATED KT*.IE Ciuyar) ?''ha Prakrit tail Dlrrckua of iVj eon oaa? have d< ela/ed a neon annual d'*kle <* of lira per cent ptwtpe to the mockbo'dera en toil after ttiiiwiar 14 ?r.-j a In Irt5 ? tba Pnvtflc <t*t?k J>?ot?'w.? eon er of D-mil "'. < et IMiruftr hooka will be closed i'r im tun trk to -he l>"h of Sarah tr-Minlsc. j. OaMPNblna, Trau ,'trer. J*F?rVBtCN ISRUBABCR COMPANY. SO >1 tYtM, rtiC't -Thta ion pa a j bay* itin d'iv ierlareJ ? dividend ot three doll/t'i per abara, ps?J*Me -jr Maith2 U-07 Gtl'3 f vaMt.B Ace-eV.ry. MlfcblhBVPl MISSOURI RalL.ROs.1) COMPttfY ?The ?Jlr?rKira h'??? lb a day declared a tlrnln ju ot t l4>por ??il oa tha o?;.'?a) aiora of the 1>at >1B ami <if lb Mtsakedpj) aid Missouri Raflr.ntl Company payaole o.j C> lldbdat af Natch neit The tranter h oka -rtll o? . if, tram the lat to the Wtb North pronlaia, ho'h d wu tt< ' . -t?u a o. 'ireaanrcr. rHE UNPKKHIQa -UP a?B PhKPaRO TO Pa.Y Till i-oopona daa lat Marabou bonds leaned :>? 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