Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 7, 1857, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 7, 1857 Page 7
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' gmmmitm mums ?mi IAI VAUtA A'l 4HimUN. 4 LBBRT H. MIOOLAY, AUnTIOWBBR ?COIL STOCK Jx at eoeocAi?for eooouot of whom It mey ooao-tra A.L. IlJtRT H SHOl.iK will sell neurit n. el his rogulir seailwerkiy uk) of stocks sod bonds, oo Moods;. IU>?ti 9U>, st I J>? clock. sttbo Mernbeote' fcttcbtoge, M OtMt shores of the Me* Vtrk. PeDnsylvsula sod Lsckswsoe Cos) lonpiD* : were* $70 (boh 1 bis ooinosoy Is?bettered by the Huueof P'nusyl sols 1 heir isnda t<16& aerea In s>lJ aieaituetei Is Luserne oonuly Fs betas in the -eolre of toe no?ed Lejkswene ooel eld 1 bey sre about s W)uere mile In osteal, sod ruld way between the great coal oeotres of Osrboodsle. doreotou and Jesssp there lends sre essy of aeoeas; besides the Delaware sod 1J udeoe I'si si Oonipanv hsllroads already running Biroush the pnrpr rty, the Lacks wanssod IsmeaboroRailroad Oreo-Lily chartered end to eouuect with the Krle Heltrosd end me Bb ghsmtoo sod byrecuse Hellroed) will pees over this props* ty. so thst ooel esa be tsken direct from the mines to toe hiirrlor of hew *ork SUV. Tkey are also In r*WT ouuum-Jfeotby plank road) with nil I be valley towns from !!<? bnrre to Oarbondele and (Tom Mew Hurt <iintact but eight Mnrp. The Laekawana river, ruontrg bad a mile through he property, ailorda aa abundant water piwer for all Moid* and mao ufaetunug purooaea. and a aawmlU ia aires dy In iuli operation on the land* of the oonpany. The piopertv af the De'aware and Uudioa Canal > otnuauy Imme dlalely adjoins. That company not long aiaoe obtained permission to Investigate that portion ot the property ooudanou* te their own; and they dstcoveird a ten foot vein but St fed flam the anrfuce to the bottom of the vein The lane* are fertile and a ooneiderable portion In an arable omditton, and being tltnaied near the centre of the great Lacks wane coal Meld, every part la richly underlaid with hick and denae veins ef the potest <|uall y of anthracite eoal, as per report of t*ro tfesnr Moberta who gives a papulation of 21,2IH,UU0 tone tin dtr a(h the land, a part ot whieh la above water level Wood abounds In this prowertv. the principal species be tug ben k?k and beech with n few pine. The town sf Archbald with a mining papulation of over 1 SOO, la already partly located on this land and a great por'lon la now saleable for town Iota The capital stock is tSui.iKKl, divided Into uliaree of SA> etch, tally paid ny. and the atoekholdera are not personally liable for the debts or the corporation The terms of sale are cash. For farther particular* apply to ALHKaT H. NIC3LAY, etoek t (oncer ua outer, no. ? oroau nreei ~A NTHONY J. BLKKCKBR A OO. WILL SILL AT AUCJL (kin on Monday, K4ich 9, at o'clock, at the Merchants' Kxebange. the house and lot No 114 Forvyth street, between Uraonr anil Detaneey streets. kite or lot 26 by ICO feet, based U by 44 three stories, brick occupied by the owner, ae'd In first rate order, with every Improvement, suitable for a comfortable dwelAng ami la the bret locality In the Tenth ward. Fee mane and farther pellicular* apply to theaao oncers No 7 Broad street. A J. BLRECKRR. AUCTIONNRR.-AUCTION BALK of house and lot No 367 Hlvlng'on street. ? Messrs. A J. BI.KKOKRa A CO will sell at (he Merchants' Exchange at 12 o'clock, oo Tuesday March 17. If not disposed of at private sole, the above valuable property, on the southwest oo> atr of Hlvlngton and Columbia streets, iiouse is a two story attic hrtcx bu'ldlrg, with gaa. Croton, bet air, Ac , throughout, 2(1 bv fth- a very desirable residence for a private family; lot 2h by 1(0 One half can remt In for live year*. Maps, Ac , at the ofllce, No. 7 Broad street. AO. TU1TLK AUCTIONEER. . Household Furniture Hales?The subscriber le pre pared le devote his exclusive aUentoa to sales ot furniture at private dwellings this reason, ae well as to stacks of cabinet maker- er others Aa be doee cot keep an auction sa'esroom. parties desiring his services can depend upon having tbelr Interest promptly ad fxtthfully executed at moderate charges Liberal advances made when required. A. C. TUTTI.R Auctupeer, Ofllce 94 Broadway. AUCTION N0T10R. ? HOUSEHOLD FURNITURR, housekeep ng gooes, plated ware, Ac.? HaMUKL 04 CK)l> A CO.. surUoneers will sell at 81 Nassau street. Uila day tkaiurday,) at l()>; o clock A. M , an assortment of metal beurehold furn ture consisting in part of throe parlor lube sag and enamelled ehamber sulta, sofas, bedsteads, nas Stresses, feather beds, bureaus waslistands. book oases, hairs ritension and centre tablet, wardrobes, oil paintings, mirrors, so. UN, a large ijnaitlty of house furnishing goods, of almost everv de-crtpnon; sliver plated ware, Ae., Ac. Hale wiiboat reserve. and for each only. ARCTIUM NOTIl'B?AHfllOKKKS' 8ALR.? RUGRRK B. KRARKI.l.N Auctioneer.?By H H fRaRKLIR A ?K) , onle ef furniture, fanry good*. Ac., this (Belur d?>) morning. at 10>t o'cleek, at salesroom. Rt ftaarau street, hy order e' John R Narks ar d Flenrv t'oneklin, wilt be eold Ike stork of a cabinetmaker, removed tor convenience of Bale ooml-tlrg rf a genera] aaeortment of en torn made fur Mure, suitable for dining rooms parlors chambers. Ac Also li pa> advances, gilt frame French plate mirrors oil Ctnilnga china. glass silver plated ware Ac. Also lit) k?-is tor Perhaas a (lift Rnterprlse. The while poottlvely to he sold wl'bont rorerve. ADOTIOR ROTIC1.?BPRIRO FURKITURK BALBS.Ihe undersign* ri respectfully oilers his servloee as ate hearer to thr ee contemplating removing or declining house teeplrg UiK spring ihkhK cud ai*> oe aioren iiHVfiim w?fwd te be ioM Immediately. JOHN FIkHBLATT. aur Uriior Peleerontn* 1U2 and lm Maiden lane, near Pearl at Auction NOTIC*-AKBIONKK'* SAL* OF FIIOC gold jewelry and gold and allver watchea and fanev MjK-a M "Rlb'l aI.aK, anct.oneer. 25 Bowery will tell n Monday, ',th Inst , at 10', o'clock a large aaeortmnnt of Rid and open fare and burning patent iceer*. by Hargrnaraa. oper Tobtaa, Beetle* Taylor, and otber celebrated Mbni opea bee and h until g gold and allver leptoea and d.aehed leyrra, I a/ye lot of imported gold jewelry, oonalatlng Mi peit ef lad let' and gentlemen a plna and hrooche* ear rlnga and plna alngly at d In aew large W* of aleeve button* eteda. |MA < ma. altdna, braoelete. real jet bracelet# pinaid necklace err amenta, line gold guard, fob an i real ebatne do. chatelaine*, gold and alivrr pencil raaea. gold and rllrer charm* fancy gneda, romprtalng portfoltna. aatchela. nrtenlea Bohemian gtaaa and china raaea. hronr.* and gtll mantel ernau en<a, aegar and watch atanda. Imported porlerneeaaiea p<ch> t knTre* and hair braabea. two rery tine French clock . to ; together with e rery fine lot of jewellera' and ekaln maian' too'a, eon ah ting to part of rol era poliah and draw banda. fbrge. amall loo la Ac. Alan two jewellera' 'ear MM one Iron aafe. aod a number of other arttclca In the nae. Catalogue* reedy on mwring of eaJe A CO! IOW NOTIC* ?TIIOS. REM., AlCTIOWM*, BT oEI.L A HU?H thte day at IRK o'clock, to oar aale. rooms. 12 Worth Wlillam sli-eat, painting., tookta# glasses. Ac. Bpe-lsl sale, without reesrve. of S7 beaaMfiil 0)1 paintings la rteh frame* - landscapes figure*. ke ; SO mahogany and flit frame ooatng glaaaea, also a I* of food furniture oilcloth, A*.; two trunk* of dry good* 7 splendid watches. lot of clothing: al*o to cloao salsa. a lot of double and single harneee, ? dnohW gnnr. ranary birds, kr a BCTIOW WBTI(JB.?BCOWWB B. FRANK I.IW k OO , A Aoetk t o- re, M Waaaan wrest, aoflclt calra of furniture I (hair i tore, or at the real.lnoor* of part lea doe ttalaf hooat* k retina to which their boat attention wtU be given, lattafa * tary rafarrnaaa furnished when required. ACOIIOW WOTIt'K?J. BorjABT. AUOTinBKKR-BT R. BtHI ART ?Monday. Mareh 9. at l<t? o'clock. at the auction -or ma corner of Frankfort and Wllllvin atreet*. 8hortfl'a aale largo let of finished and nnltnlahad karttand*, ateo a general aaannmrnl of boaaebol t fumltfw. Ac., Ac. A?mow RAIW-BT ORDER OFTH* ARRTGWMR.? 1 he satire Mock of the lata Orm of HTTCHt'OOR A IX). at Wo lid Rraadaay. oa Tuesday, iho 17th day of March, taw. at lOo'elork A. M , consisting of Buckets.-Fercaarton lock, Flint lock, raited Mates. Rifles. ?Tmoomtm lock, I'oltod etatea Hint lock, Ha'f stock. Warner's rerolvlng, I harp's. hmroth bore sad plain. Carbines ?Fercnaaloo lock, wHh bayonet, "erago'a. Pawling Ouna .? Ing'e and double barrel, Ho) ' elngle barrel, V rrrnmto* and Hint lock FlaMta -II'bur R?T0'TlDf, wfck Maynard prim?r.. Hngle and doable ba'rel, Pc rkel.|rartoua qoartUea *tt a general a.anrtaneat ofaaorda. raUaaaa dirk a. belta, earWklge boaaa, flaaka. ammunition aad military equipment. Aba ali krepreof mtm. ion -a ukntlbman, with u TKARB IIP* r>f ? la tbe aaetkm kaatnaaa aad boldlmg a aoiamtaatnn a an Id Ilka to engage wttk eaane party w hum kla aar alma nr would bkr io engage la the bualnaaa aa partner wkb a p.rena baring Irom tz MB to lb 000 Addraaa H.J. W . Ilnald affur. Reference (Iran aad required. RJT JOkll'H HR'IRMAN, ACPTIOlfR** -TIIIR KTRM D b| Hitniday M?rcb T. a' ball pa?t A o alonk P M . at tke r? tra< ralearoema. anrnar of WUWugkby and I'aarl etrwrta, Braekltn a geaeral uartmrtl of tnlee-lleneona ant railIkmbwka ao-l engrartng a Catalogo-a at lb' aaloerowma. ATIOH HAL* OP ABOTOBRR'I ITO'-K OV waul -? tewelry diaiaoada and ellrer ware, thla day, at t*tt o'rioek. at Sit Brjndway.i emumencing at lot No XJ anthr eaialogna ? BHOTT BROTBRRS. Attorney, for Aaaigaeaa. M i.ET At rrioirppR 7t WILMAM ntrert, . win fire hla neranaal attenttno to aalaa of real aetata, atrala Ar . alaa to houaebold fnr nlturn. at the raaldenoaa or fbn.I lea. and to ftirnitn-e panting., work* of ait ank-iea of eerta Ar at bla apatona ea'eemom. 72 William rtreet. H. It ?Hale* rnaked aatne day. Faml'lM ramoilnf la May are regoeeed lomaae aarly application B^^^MDWARD PCItraCK. AITTI0HMR.-1T lif 1. be bench ?Ibla day at one o'rVwk. at tk'lr taleeroom VI Jiaaaaii .treel a bar bora.. 1M< baada high a line atyltah. feet ?| tree warranted yerferUy kbit annnd ant gentle In a?rry reapert nlao. two eqan-a hot Rop wag?.. a'en one equate bof road do . and a oov-pe rorkeeray. In good nrdar. IjWlRRfl.OPtBB BALM?THIf DAT. M4R1* 7. AT 12 JT O'rlrek M . at .WW Pnlt -n atreat Brooklyn, of laro dnatra bla dwelling bowaea and lota on Dean and Part V areata, okCat ion feat weal at Hoyi greet Hrooklya. Bee legal ad ear / MDRPRT 5 SAVAUM. ArtWfORMMM PRRRVP 1.1 tart aale ><t the enU-e .toak ot a taahljoahlw Broadway (g nllaman'a ftirnlabit g aatal.ltahinewt HaGI.KT AltATAlli will a.II wHhmt raaatre on Ike praotlaea 131* Broadway, aa Ra'ardat, 7th toat , rooitnenrlng at IfA, a M ; Ike alonk ran ad.te in part rhl.u rolar. at.k and merino drawer* and under .ktrta. Morka carat.. neck Uee . gtnrea. As. h???r y, eu agenda. mntrellaa eanaa pntnha, amah a. perfumery, allk and 'loaen pocket kandkerebieta. In aknrt ereryitdag par talatng to a (bet rlaaa gmia furniahmg "taahtWimenl The atrek baa keen aeleeted with greet eare and la new aad freak, and wll be eotd In Iota to mil. Tlila trill be a rare op porta a i Mr ally and roew'ry gem In replealah ibelr wardrobe*. Ct 0 HOBTOH. ADrT101***R. WHit, X?LT. THIR T, day aMhe ealraronwi 76 r?eentae .treat a' 2 oVkttfc. frm'tnta m ...... . ... _ _ .... rcnnlara ard abr'WInf, At ? n'otork btlaoc* of it/*-* of jewAiry nad c ocka. platnl wnra. at f o to Mitk hnh. rWIIIAATT. AffTTOW AWl> COWWHAtON MKR rhanl 10J And 104 Maltan Una. kew To k ?Oa?fl ad nread ra real f?t?t? paeaoaal pmp-Tty, jewatry. Ac Oa> dcor ?aIra pentosan? aitanded tn. JMOHIAMY. ArrnnsKW. wtu. sm.c. Tim -la? at lf?t, n'?lo.-k at IT ' fia'-liant a-viara. a ar*a a* nwlirant of AAroad liaad farslliirA *'ao o?rp?u. leather bode. m.rrnr? Ac.. Alan, from marrfaetrrom of furniture a tar?? eemrtntent For r?art|rtikar* a?e lie Nun. Mnotronrr. ArcTiownrR-wnx skix om mow Aat Mare* #, at hi1 . o elorfc A. M., all the e??teel bn'i?ekr,l(f f iiroitnrn In the Imir At or* raddenor IIB Meat f wan tf 'l*hih .trort rvvaleting In pat I of one af<**At moorrovt ' " staonlbrw, mad* ha Bennett A Bettor. two lOArttntd parVw mile to hrnoatel and plnah. roeewnod ranlra. oar! aid ro ??i? d *. rratarr hrarkoaae. ralnaMr nairm/a. _ /frtjAfi hmoAlat and :*r? curtail*, a?ajp?fe mirror doora ?rd nark. three pit a?d Prneaalr carpet a no a'l Ike bnnaa. oil r?_ * *r, Otaoihrr r?rnntr- Mthoemt Tronrh and oot "** redatead. p>ir* hair n.attf m>oa. war lie asda intled ?WAI_aadatkor mfciiaa. ffrm her hrda and beddinr blaaketa, 2 !. ?"*?* M"1 "tkor btireatM l>1nirt rorm furniture--..Vu'.V0!!: 12 *n< "ther lab lea rlilna rrorhrry end rUaaware J. .11 ? tnantoi or*aeoBte alao. re* rhaadatiara. 4? ?I*? TSa whole to t>A paraaaptrwtlf add aad Ue trade"* * worthy thi attention o, boati*eep wa JS(I!ldrn "nT1r* -AW"tOW**a C1WTI l ia aT? c.t^IL i,'..2rn?'1 *** WB*?r n- "lehalaa Hum tnj, ?,, ,1. J:. ll..nmr* J* ? ? '? *> m v u !?! AA APOTA tka halAli-ta or Ut. alert of 7T*27., .^IuI w"' raniatnto* from jtVVAn * *? * rtmnmanotaa a lot Mo. 91 on tka aaSnona AltHOTT |??TBRRK. AMnrmora lor Ajr^v.? 1 > " *"* | SALB AT AtJCTIOW?BY K. H LUDW)W. MARCH 9, | at 10 o'clock at 13) (Mt Twenty eighth meet, near third avenue the following machineryman engine aid bollrr tweo'y barte power, iteem nine b-tttug nh dung and i pu'leya. alee one p nn'nc mn btne eereral moulding > ehlree. ctrenlnr law, benHiei circular croaa cut ?*?? on a upright eaw, together with eeveralon-nenter'a benrhee enrte, bameti, Ac The ehore ?III be pueil'vely euld, without r?aerve. Hy order of the irtiaieea TO HOUOBTON, eDOTIOVKKR -I SHAl.l, HRL.L. ON . the 18th and 19th Inat all the turnltnre contained In the la Pierre Hnuae, 079 i road way; nlao. the lanae of nlno yearn. By order el the aaetgnre THON VBITOP. AUCTION KKR, RTORR ? HPROOB iUeet? < battel mortgage- WIMatn J. Btiah to John J O eott. receiver Ac - dy rtrttie of the nb re ent iled in Ktrage ( will expose lor sale on saturdav the 7>h of Mamh, IH67 M IS o'o'cck noon 0/ that dav, at Mm fool at Sprl g street Worth rive the steamboat or propeller Albany, bar tackle, hollers, machinery tornume apparel, kc.; atld mortgage waag'ven to secqye the payment of asvrral promissory notes In the ag eregate amoui t ?f it>iM< and la recorded In tba ronton House, Knll River Maeearbnrctt* November 16. 1AM, at 9 o okrek a m, In boot No 2 page* 74 and 75 and tn Custom hnuir. New York. January 6 1967, book Mo. J of mortgages; pages 690, 691 and 692. New York Mareb 2, IH67 11. CKUHB1K aPerney for Mortgagee Tfc04. VR1TCH. aVOTIORKKR STORK 16 SPRCCB street ?Peremptory sale of 1 Orographic preaaea atones, <ke., on Saturday Ma-rh 7. 'H67, at 10 a M , at 16 Hpruoe trret to- sitting of three lithographic preaaea, Hthograpblo portraits of eminent persona, Henry Clay. (Mm. H. Seward, Paul J alien, Sc.. An Titos. VKITCH ACCT1UNK9R, RTOnK 16 HPBOCB street ? Sberttt' a sale of e^achea Ight top wagons, trotters, su'kevs, siigle and doable barneoa An?On Monday, March 9, 1867, at 10 A 11 , at 442 Broadway, sonatst:ng of coaches barouches light top wagooa trotters and sulkeya, of every description, ae a of single and double harness, a large assortment o, whips hsltera hlanke'a Ac. Also oflioe furniture, noneli ting or desks, tables, chairs. Iron safe. As ; and tmmi dlately alter, at 49 Oreene street, the onntr n'a of the inanofaolors. . onmm'ng of finished and unfinished bodies, ruiinirg gears, runs rhafu poles, trimmings work benehen, i'lack smith too's and also one horse that ean trot b?s mile In, Ida o? three minutes. JOB. OOttNlCI.L Deputy bherifi. CTT M WTT7KRS, AUCTIONRBR, WILL SKI,I. OM TT Saturday at II o'clock, at 464 itaoal street, near Million street, ore 7 eetave rosewood piano a very superior In"rument, by virtue of a ebattel mortgage. OKOHOK A. ML'JR, Attorney for mortgagee. 4*7*. WITTKR8, AUuTIONKK R WILL HKI.L ON f v Saturday, at 10,Si o'clock, at 197 Oanal street, the entire ' ariot chamber, dining room and kitchen furniture Ac , of a taml y breaking up housekeeping; about V) hair matfeeaea, luat quality, together with everything useful and necessary for louse keeping. O/ll. WITThRB. ACOTIONKRR, WILL *BLL OR ff Saturday at l0}4 o'clock. at 454 'Tantl s'rert the entire household furniture Ae , of a family breaking up botssa seeping com-te'lng ot sofas, pier glaaaea, rocking essv sad spring sea*, cnairs. tapestry and ether c-arrete, kotketoe, c.ntre and side tables mantel ornaments, clock, hall otlc'o-hs, oahisajiv walnut and other bedsteath hair anlO<)ier mat t-esse*. feather beds and bee ding, aheeia, MKtte marble oil cresting and plain bureaus, waahsUnds, toilet see a arte quanta* of second hand ollc'olha and oarpela. iron hod leada; alao a large quantity of dining room and kitchen furniture. 01T P. MKI.I.OR AUCTIOHKKR ? B> W B MKI.LOR ' r . A CO?Monday March 9 at 10 "w o'clock, at salesrooms IS and 1} Paik row. peremptory Kale of the entire minute urrd stock of a Broadway maker removed to onr aaleHr-iom lor convenience of sale, and consist* of the richest collec'Joo tiered Una spring; consisting In part of t?n NlM NMOiaj narlor suite covered In plnsn broratel and Bog lab ha r oloth. itveial rlebly decorated enamellel chamber anlta plain and with niaible tope; richly carved roeewnod etegerea. corner tarda, bookcase*. roaeaood centre tablet, wardrobes plain ard earved; rote wood and mahoganr bedateada ro>ewood salts covered In plitfb for chamber*, fancy ard gotbic tablet, bookeaee* and aecrelarlea sideboards. tete a teiea and plain -rlae faorv covered lounges and lounge bed*, several snpe 'lor made eitension dining table*, 12 and 14 leei Ijng Pwether with a large variety of medium el ss furniture with which be sa'e will commence. Catalogue leaned early on morning Of tale. 1 be stock 1* new arranged for eiblbltlon. and Ik wortliv the attention of we*tern and southern merchants, and nartlea about re fnrnlablcg t.r?t elam hon*eH. 11/ H. MKLJ.OB. AUCTIONKKR -BY W. H. MKLLOR WW ,t CO ? Monday March 9, at U"j o clock, at salesrooms <3 and 15 Park row. assignee's Hale of eleven bc v and secoid bat d roeewood and mahogany pianofortes, several stool* and overt 280 jards superior tapealry ca'oete, and a large varl >Hv of second band furniture; 15 marble top s-t'ioon tabiee, <ane seat chalra glass jars, Ac The pianuforus *' f . Iv warranted and arc In excellent order Alao, SO French oitte nirrors, ffl suntrlor oil paintings, bvOnates. 20 French c'ocks, ?nd an entire new Invoice of rich Kren h cblna vases tea da Ac 1 be whole for absolute tale, and worthy the titanic n of tbc trade. WII I.I? M T. BOYD. AUOTIOWKKR-BY OBOROK NICHOLS. ox Monday. March 9, at lot* o'ekrtk. at In 112 Bedford street baa<1 some household furniture noon prlalng In part mahogany centre and aide tab>e* marble 'op*, mahogany bedsteads, mahogany marole top dreealng ml plain bureaus and wasbstands. hrmre and msihlee'ocks, hair sprli g and straw mattresses Brussels and ingrain car nets, rugs, blsck walnut extension tabic mahogany tete aleles arm ebalrs do, parlor do . china vases china lea act. tiassware. also klt-ben utensils, w!' . which the sale will own mcnee. Terms rash. In city funds. WWW W IWWDV Xrf< lor? -BOVELTIRS IN RPRIRO BONNETS -WHS. lO?J| . Harris haa received her H re' lmporuu'oa of ! priii* bonnet* par aula? Mme H havtrr mala arr-tniramenu with the leading houses In I'ari* while thrre ast fell, to receive fiesh bow Ue* byevery *t?*<ncr Mmr. R. HARRIS A DON. ?7l Rroalway. ARTIFICIAL FLOWERR, FRENCH ARB AMERICAN Id endless variety, at very low prices. by DA VIP --TRANS, 180 Bowery, op ataira, one door below Hp ring at. A CARD -TO WHOI.BHALE BUYERS OF MILLINBBT. A larjr* end elegant mt aurtmrat or spring millinery la bow ready and offered by the eaae or tingle* bonaot, at the oweet possible risk pr1***. at W. MMMOIIt M4 Rroelwav. It B- f'auern bonne >.waya otUtaod Two apprcatteea wanted to the millinery as above. r ONERS FOR RETAIL HPKIBO TRADK?supremely beautiful, at Pavilion do Ple-a, 361 Broalwav. JaMKH TUCKER, Proprietor. MHJ.INKRT. Horn hem and Weetara merchant* are naiiletUarly arvlV lied to rail and eiamtne onr new spring style of bonaeta, i now ready ta every variety, at the lowest cash prices CARTER'S ParisaiHOnerr, MB Bread way. W SURER BROS 64 and 66 JOHN STREET, BBO leave to Ir form the trade that they have now In store a I larse arid well selected stock of Ribbons, Rha Blonde 'area, French flow ere, f iraw i nods, llalr and straw laoea. Blondes, Tlssoes. Ac.. in avaav vaaiarr. Vtlllaery poods la general of their own direct Importation-, and ate constantly reeetviag additions to their stock by every steaasrr ban Europe. jllBCAL AMP PAJICBfQ. Avonwoara'fl dakcipm acadkhirm, SOU Bnadwi;. Now fork, 137 MoBlagno plaea, Brooklyn. Now lark iIhim awrt tm WndMadoya ud Mbi o'oorra on Tnmdnya ltd Frtdnyo Practicing wmtijy rootua lor ttdtao ud giuUaiBl W! Monday nMlni la Brooklyn ltd friry ftaturdby draalng to ?rm York, Foranor pupUa eao oubaorlbo ttr tha laiatna ahlTO ALADT FCFIL OF THK MOBT CKLKBRATKP YOCAI tad toftrna.mtala?rfonBr-a that h?r? rhrttod thr Untfi' FU'ra, nod p< >dt|l great Mural abUIUea for InMrnetlng r tbera. will afro Imam In hull** In Engtlah and Italian aing ing aad the plaanfnrto at bar reatdmoe lit Waal Thirty *1 an *Um. between gereatk aad Rtgbth arennaa Tnrma anonrd ingto Imea. Filrala aotraea glroo oare a month. ABIArTITTTT. ROREWOOD PARTED PIANO FOR ala ai a groat taerttlae ? Hao lam naad onty two rr -be and lo folly warranted Oaii bo tron al ihe raatdmne ?r Tir Third armor aoor Nineteenth ttroo* M tint he n-tld tor raah Immediate!?, on arormat of mlafortiinr n< the owner. D A NCI NO AC A DRV T. ?M RROg DWAY.?MR F?R4 I'RIO wUI alto a grand ardren ororr 'a'nrdar Tloke'? bOorntn. Frorybody la ?t? leaanaa taught by hWn and hie roMant wlU bo rood daarara. krarr ooo ran loam tho Oopwan milling and radowa ?a~ in all looonoa BBTO Braid* rtnolr ArnoN harf for raiji-finr Inaa. h? knojtfng in a lady abont to rlotl Rumpe why hao t o fnrthor ooo for ft. Prtoo, RIM btoloding rtrlnga tod ><n> ptereaof ninrV Apply tp Moaora J. F. BROWNE A CO.. harp maker*. /Hi Bcnndway. JAOOBH' NEWI.T INVENTED TRIYOLO AOnORDR on. anpertar'to tortblng o??r balnro oArred for aal*. Jaeoba anprrh and aneaoalied honion Awl??i tnnrd and repaired. Alrorioltao (Intro hanjna and o'her Lnoirutnrnto ra pair* A Aranrdron InrtmrWir prrno M f?nu Original Ii. .1 A' ORB, Hrl Chatham atreet. I EJH OTTO NTU.ER. TRAPHER OF PT 4 NO AND ; n rtnglrg TO! Hrnadwav. ranlmnro In giro lr<vm> rtlhir at b'? ronoanral tbr raoMmre od hl? pnpila For further I paiitrrgaro plrarr apply at b'a reafcle-tea. j Y*R JT'lJtr niAuPKROb LA TWf^OOWPr *1 lh<* onnalry, baa mat barn pnMiabed and la tor aata by ' c BRF.rwtltU. 701 Broadway ?I/N(W AND mtl/OUFaJMA .-ORRAT RaRt.ntR(Vaiac Is altaratWw to t>a madrtn tbe piano rooma at Broadway, tfea larfr atnrk ot piar raan 1 atalodmaa all W aatd t nnap ifcla wrek. at Wrwer pnrra >a*a a?or before afar d la thta ahy. Ptaaaa and melodeooa to matj nokaoi warteR* tmac PIAROFORTR TO* Hr*K - A oonn rfpowr Ht*i tahopanr pianoforte to let at 94 par month for not l*a? ban all manUia Apply at 92 Raat Twaaty alith atreet T>IARO?ORTK PLATIRO AMD THR TIIRORf Ot I mna'r tan* hi on a ayatani ralcntatad la enaira rao' i proprraa by afentleatan Proas Inndoo. author of aerrras PTnlar ooaspoolbona Refer area Mr Thwnaa Maker, tnualrai da or lor at I aura Kma'i Ibaalra Addrraa (Vrapoaer. V I rttepioo areatte. PRtTAlF l.tRAORR IR DAWCtRfl ? A TRACHKR WHO baa Ihr I rat and fifkea' as?U?oil lo taairurt la alt farh lonahlr dauroa wtahea ?o (trr leaerma 1n pflra'r famlllm and boarding arhooia at 91 a l^aaon for aduHa, and VI resta for yhlidrea Mb?n mora, rheanar Adddreaa llvs" Maatrr. Herald otflee rlAItO FOB RALR-VRBT I.OW I ft roirbBQCRirrr of lb# owner klriag np bnuarkeeptnc or It will ba r au->l to wane reapoaathia paily. I'laaaa owl! a> 42 .lohnaou atioet, Brooklyn Tr* ruunin AL t, JAOORA At THK OU) Hr A vs Null. X 2 <ltaiham ntraat h? U linf ?<--no**** lin'lna ba?>? an'' ?'l blola of m<iak-al laalrofaaela ffhna?? tbaa onar aholaaalo and rrtali A' o >Haon? $1 12 o AO THF. MCFICAI. PfBLlO H KRRKnV TWrORMFD thil tlio Kurakt ("Tub Pniba rnntt>ona>l b? H?f>tl?n Pant mo. bailor boon ?I tbiioinatlratiT r*-?lT<v1 ?> lb* kvm ,rf tbortnb can bo ha?t at FlRtTI PORIt ,? f!U W, v? r.*; Bfoadaaf Two nrrfin tobfo affn Bt actt*t"L piaboj, ib# balanea of a mannfhnnrar'n *toek, ftr ?ai? a> lenn than ?hotf??Ja prtoaa Onn of tha?n pinnnn l? ntncantip rarvfH, a ra?f rb?aoo to anrrhnaa AepIV *t m Oraat <oa*? oraat botwnan bo*#r? and Broadway. I MHPlTlT?? AI*D I PHOI.WTTCRT. , v ph/j ( abpbt am .A Tba oat? oarpat thai obialnnd a modal fr m amartca* lunUlnWt f o.Mbltnrl b? HIRaB AUnRRROB. whom arm apaamf In l>M n**rttnl?a Mia'* rjona W Brrwnry, ?nt orb moAallloa *?l?ota rnval Wlltoaa, lai oorv and Unman In *nr tba aprtnf undo fptaidM n'oab of oil alolba. ru??, An.. JEW TORE HERALD, SA Wt awn*, M _ -bovthbw. vwtiu ajtd crrr wnrlOu | . an are Invited la Imp eat oar large nad assortment of all tin-la of aoraeU. wkieh wa will eeM at tea WTJ IO?M mnnnfacnirerslpnoee. Til OH. H. envNOR Importer and Manu aotarar. It Third avenue. naar Tantb street B. B ? Third aranaa am paaa tea dbor ALL OCR IMBROIDHRT HTO0K WILL BB OFTBRBB tX daring thla month at a great rednoOea, to aeate room Jar large Im portal Inns wbloh we Intend Iter our aaw alava, 7#8 Br adwnj. The; moat be diepoaed of prevtoaa to removal ilUilR A UKaNT. 371 Braatwa?. AKyl'OM LOCUM, -KQ0A8 PROKLII LBOBB r?7f. JtHIH A HBaBN Baa haaa a yey^hto new location, A B10H AMD raHHIONABLB STOCK Rika. Real ineoa, tenbroMarlae, Orrna (tinea, Baregea, Oiaandtoa, Jaconets, BrUhaato, OWtaoaa, Site robes. OrenaiHae lebaa. Barege rubea, Organdie rohaa la toot, a general variety of iuub WAjnn, Which be will be p leaped to ahow hta nMnm 77# BHOaDWAT, March i issr Above HlalhaW*BANKRUPT STOCK OK eiLKH. Helling off 20 plecea blue black atlk tehl atyle), 91 6. worth 91 60 30 pleraa plaid and stripe atlk, 6a. 10 " rich atlk 6a. 6d. and 8a. The dale of the above goods will oloae an the lat of AprH, when the balance will be pat to auc.toa. OLIVIR MOWBRAY, 209 Qraad etraet. corner of Forpyth. BOVS FA8HI01fS? String, 1807, ^OBRIN'S BAZAAR, St Nicholas Hotel. Iiri.roa'a Haw Htvum for drcaa antta the p'-oaaeaade and aehool wear, of every variety aa rcgarda afze, qoaltty and color, are now ready. Urdera lor all ain't* Of bova' elothl< g executed promptly and the ai Uclaa. carefully packed, aeat to any part of tae Union or Canada. OKNIV'N RaZAAM, 613 Broadway. EMBROIBBR1B8 At a graat red notion. Pre? tomato removal To 700 Broadway, above Foorth etraet. MILLAR A URAMT, 371 Broad way. TNARI.Y HPRTNIJ MANTTLkAH. Hi At retail. Will be opened this d?y. Black velvet mantillas. Black moire mantillas. Black altk man'lllaa. HoorDlrH mantillas, Oiey silk manures, Trey and (howii ?lotb la In a*. Be. Of all the newest and moat beautiful Parisian designs. Jsst received. OKO. BCLP1N, 3(1 Broadway EMBBOIDBK1K8-BFBNINO DAT.-IMMKN8K 8ALB of French emb-olderbs Beta at >' 36. SI 6A and $1 76 QBNIN'S BAZAAR 613 Broadway, St Nicholas Hotel Ei.koant dksionh or entirely nrw bprtno fashions for ladter' mantillas sleeves. wrapper*. An . It eluding children's patterns In great variety; the new Rhza mora, naratoga, Kugenla and Camilla bas ines cut to At the form with uuuiual elegance. DhMcRKsfd Rtnporittm, 376 Broadway. FDIBBY A COM PAJTY, . laroannn v-tit-oaa. IS rint naca, Ara dosing their lame atoek or Imported gooda, the lalcet London and Parti air lea wholkbalk and rat ail, At very low nrtcea, UNFORK REMOVAL. HASHIONH IN MANTILLAS r FOR SrRtxo, 1867. AT ORMIN'S BAZAAR. Tba n?w itylea In mantillaa cloaks, mantlea, Ac . just In traduced at the Bs/var. embrace tba latest Paris modes, toye her with many eegant novelties designed by the modistes utlacbed to this department. OE.MN'S BaZv B, St. Nicholas Hotel GkNTI.RMKN'S rCRNISlIINO OOOIM.?BPRIN 1 styles just received from Parts and London, at tlenin'e ha/aa*, comprising cravats, scarfs stocks Pes, drosilng robet, shirts collars, hosierv, glove* handkerchiefs, and every tumor article of the wardrobe necessary for the comole'a outfit of a gentleman. OKNIN'it BaZAAR, BC Nicholas Hotel, 613 Hrosdway. fXBIA CAMBL'R HAIR BHiWIA. 1 OBOROI A. HKARN. 416 Broadway. (Im hw open a vry aupertar asaortmantar RnI India oainel'a hair Loot ah* wis, Square thaw la, fctrfi and mantle* JUST MANUFA<TUBF.n. Now ready for mU?, A rich lot W children* laoo aapa pocket handkerchief*, nwffeuia, ooUar* and sets, at neatly half Ike naual prise* at CAB1 KB 8 laoo manufactory, H3 Br isdwny QFBMNO DAT AT OININ'H BAZAAR, 613 BBOAD 1 he ladles are respectfully forlled to Inspect our (took of karri and rmbrckdorii'i Mleetoil with the greatest car# from the best markets and at eitremely moderate prices. o knits bazaar. ski Broadway, HL Nicholas Hotel. 0FKNIHO DAT?NOTKLTIB8 IN LAOBS BMBROT dories. and colored sets UKNIN'S BA2AAB. SIS Broadway. ft. Nicholas Hotel. rllK OBBAT PA LB RRMOTKD From 7to to.1S7 Hroakea*. corner of Leonar 1 street. rILKB, SB AWLS, OLOVB8, BOBIBBT. The balance of the stnek or oharlbs o hook, wbo has Anally relinquished the retail business, Is now being rloas/4 /Mil rTTIULT BM3AKDI.BM OF <0*T. by O. B WILLI 4MB, 347 Broadway. F a> rocnrun* Monday. March 9. rHK LAST OPFOBTUNITY. IHRGBBaT SALIC BBMOTED Prom 703 to 347 Hroadway. lbeatorkot CBaBLBSG HOOK. Who Km totally reh?.|oi?hod the retail bualneaa. In now being cloned out By O. B. WILLIAM*. I . 'y rerardlr*ol ?wt ftoCKBKKBPlNO GOODS, DRRmH (iOOM. ULOTW AMD UOHIKBY. SILKS AND SIJAWIB. halo rrri mmfnem. Moid ay. Maroh 9. Removal of tbb great sai.k, Late at 70S Broadway, To 347 Broadway. Horner of Leoaard alraat 1 be balance of the atoek of C'HARIES a BOOK. Yi'Un baa tiaallr retired fm biwinraa, I* row being rloeed oat entirely regndieee of eoal BErT MaKKM OKHBKaTlNGB AND SBIETINJS, DAMASK TARLR LINEN, NAPKINN AND DOYLTM4, IlorSBKRFP1NU OOODR OF ALL KINDS. All at fro* <0 la 10 per root fro* on* nf imo irtaUoa <1. B. Wir.LIaMt, 347 Broadway. Bale com* earn Monday. Mareb b. RtMOVAL OF TBK ORKAT SAL* lata at "<Q H'aadway, now at 347 Broadway. corner of I/xnaard ttreat 1DB BALANCM OF TBB NTOCK OF CBARLBS G. BOOK, wko bar finally retired front the retail btulneea. la now being rbreed ml ittkhlt n*<. or roer. ORRATKR BAOAIN4 THAN RVeB. IN BLACK aNDOOLONCD SIcKS. I>RLaINER.|BARK<lBS AMD LAWNS, II at aa enonaoua reductl n O. B. WILLIAM*. 147 Broadway. S A LB COMMKNt KB MONDAT. M A RCH*. .JTKTL SPRING SKINTS - DOUOI, AS A RHRRWOOD'l O anperlnr eleal string aklr* wbk admaiahio bnetle, the Sew vlele of the kind ever ptoduead ran hp fowad la ad the Aral -tarn retail dry gnada and far.ry atnree In thla atty and Ihraagh tot Ike ooimWy Fate* applied ftw, and aotta genuine aa 'e* etaoiped wnh thaur trade mark. rRlNO MANTILLAS. < am mx rmtj t? fwHJbll Um lirfU u4 aM o*rwrtlT? ??Mut at HI ?;Ww of ?V"ii| KbbUIJoo. ooquoo, mnfcinn to bo found Is tko ettf. Bo* ionno-prVx ?ww. I I MTU/ B HO. Mm Mmod ? iTxebere ?L. a MM cn.M*n off, mn.URO off.?thi ftwnmi ?ro *k b> of <17 fordo, fciMUrg of oiiki. iUI> nnd yrooo.ll? rib"*, pills, ftforrd ond Mn Wtpod boon# m1- ?, <? ?*. nrf?ndl?r Bi>d orfimdir roboo lorx ombrokdoriro. hnMM-y, ? full onoonaoni of whllo fonii, bi>4 in?a M? tor funllj uoo will h# oPwod from Bad ofior Hob l.y nrrt M (rawly radnrad prior*. to elcoo tko boMaoa. ton from Ml A. M toft P M. A. JAKOBI A (XV, 7?7 BtoOwit Mm etoord oa Friday ond Bnlurdny o mBrt down ?lo '< gPRIRO FA/llIOJfS OtoTi.taan's im Bor?' n.?r?, okbiimVba/aab. UlrMM HfXAi. Oiain'l loading oprtbf otylr of droo? hMO fbr (intlrnioo " frib'V with BB Bonommt of oofl halo for rootlr mm and boro, iroyolliof rapo, boyl' oopi, do , bit b.x ready bo Bborp gnm iu?tiLuaAT 111 uinn hm in ? enr. QWO. BULK*. w iniiii. Km now to (Mr* aa MuwlT itoi'miaKi a aaaartamL hoto toiaofindnnl htooan MnrtiMiri, ^lOUr ifcHll K >1 " OrmB? A*D ?T?II JOIIIM, frtm tia k>wMt prtood to to* tena* anally Bondo. Mi mv1 nolnrod tfth mmKIIm. AmuiuIIt 1n?o manilUna fmn<-b Ua# aiawtUlaa, braldamd M!k ?nMM?. K(M tor* and nm manUliaa. Vmnlnt manttS*' Hawaiian taliaaa, ?a . *a. fka aMaattoa irfthawadatoln itod r.W t?w iM mi dbarat CT/OTWIWO, AC. " atrnnn TO nmurr tw o?<x)ifT? ?i Kim m trn WO.UvU bif I art* or aman Into hmigto avt and out, or I' dfKlixl, wHk prima?* In rndaam Uhara' P*V ,n t J nwmij. Addreaa or eaTl em ' AVION MoROWITT /TV, raarlatroat. soar Chatham IAorw a*t> run.nmiwa n/>nn*'> v.,r j ahaato raa ha (tipBlind wtth too ahora pan *, m?1* >if "i? hrat maintain wfrtmnnahtp and airta not aqnallad by A' * In 'ha ratlfl Ptoina awd ant un or tf* hao* rjam M *ra la. Alt l).mw? toaatAar by manMnary or MSaawlaa to a a?fi brr alt? " 'nr a " rmthara or Walan mark** Wvtln??la ' 'Mull fiVm aim'liad by P CIIAH'IdR" . B'ii?-rooh, No tf! Broadway aaarly nwtotatoawa ? ?. .TURDAY, MARCH 7. 1831 View YOHR >*F> LlVK-t?uOI, PNTTBD 8TATBS ^ > 11 iiaamitblpa lor Llvertnait -The United thalee m*H leamrtio anl - UH Dept. in Low bar w?l depart with the I a it<1 -late* mailn fur fturop* ponlttvely on Hdurdar Marcb '4 at 12 o'elneh M from bar berth toot of Oaaal atraal be (teamen of thla Ha- have Improved water light bu'kfteada

for freight or Damage, having aneqnelled acoommnde'dene for etegaoee audenmiart, apply to> K OOLt.INS Sri Wall itree*. Pi Hanger* are re<joeetet la be on board at 11 A. If AU Mien mitet para tarough the Poet afBce; any otbera will ta retn Dad Notice.?The rate of freight from Liverpool te redooed te ?4 per ion. aieaenrement, uutll farther netiee. riK BRITISH NORTH AMRICAN ROTAL HAIL eteamahloa FHilM ??W TonK tj un?ro?i. uoi (limn Mood rabiD pannage ra rana 0OIIT0N ro uvBwroou hict eahta paaaage... DM eeoae eabtn panair ft) 1 ha ahlpe from Ho. ton Mil kl Haiti ai KK*Ia Oapt Judklaa, OANaDA, Oapt Lang. BaHIA Cnpl J. Hum, AMICKIOA, dept. WWui, P Q Ixitt, NIAOABA, Oapt. Byrte IKh'A t'apL Shannon BUROPA. Oapt J. 1-eUoh, Three veasela carry a clear white light M uteri heed, groom in ?;?/board bow, red ? pert hew tale Lou ' n Ktrk. Wedneedap, Mareh A . ktirara, Wtekmae. Henlon. Wadawdar. Maroh U. ">rkla ludktna. N. York, Wednesday, Mar eh 18. America, Lang. Boston, Wednesday, March JL Bertha not secured until paid for. a d experteDoed aurgetm on board. The owner* ot tame ahlpe will not be aeeo an table tor geld, liver, bullion specie. jewelry precious atooea or meiala, nleaa blL>a of lading art aigned therefor aad the value thereof herein eipreaaed Per freight or passage aunty to K. HUNARD No. 4 Bowling Oreea. a OVAL MAIL HTKAMHBIP PKRSIA.?OONBIONRB* are informed iha' 'he Henta will oimmeooe discharging on Monday morning, 9th Inst. AJl goods fur which permits .ire rot received will be aoni lo the Bonded Warehouse, Jerey City, and be anb)ect to storage. K. CCNaRD No. I Bowling green. NOTlGB -TAPH.'lOrrH LINK OP LIVBBPOOL PAOK eta -Partet 7th M?roh.?The celebrated clipper ahlp " MKRaI I) imjj. Oapt Oorolah'will positively atil aa above. 11 or pawage In eablo, oeoond cabin and steerage roply en heard, pier 37 Kaat river, or lo TaPifOOTT ft CO.. M flooah ntrenk OiBAM TO LIVKHHOOL. 830.-THB BPLKffHID 1 OM ^ VMM 1 UP IT/IOIlin<fHJX1 \*mw "TJIO, DImHuUmx on Saturday. 7th March- Parse tn cabin, tiki W and AMI amntdlng to stateroom. t limited number of ?Mrue psssenrera *Ul be taken at 930. Apply to 8Aal. A OOKTIB 177 Broadway. tfGR LIVERPOOL.-THR CVLRBRtTKD GLIPPKE r *htp ItRKAl NOUfJliT nlrr No ti North River, navlog ii sde her Ia?t pasaigr tn 13 dat * 10 hours beating the United 'alee mall itfanfn *01 positively a all on Tuiwl*?, Mare'* The niagmfinrnt c'lpper *htp TyPIHHIN, pier No 8 North 'iver will succeed and sail on Thursday 12th liuit Tarn, abtn 975. around i-alilo 9H1, steerage, 918. Applv on board, or (o CKMaRBM' A JONKH, 40 Htulh street and 3i Ola j|P; JlHlR I.I V KRPOO1,?HA TLH WON OAT. MARCH 9. TF1R " black Ha'l l.ttie packet ship NRPTUNB. Captain Pea body. rare for seoond cabin, 920; steerage, 918, Including noted provisions. t or p-taaage apply to JACOB WILSOlT 08 tenth met. JtPRCIAL NOTICE TO AUSTRALIA 8HIPPKES.-NBW ; York ra. Haiae. Ibe new cltpiier ship KITTY HPMP ON, built ny Abraham Bell af this otty, with all the rnolern Improvements lor modal and strength, Is the only a I ship now loading for A out rails; for proof of which shippers re referred to llir marine reports. The K 8. will sail from Pew Twk and arrive at the port of Melbourne In advance of any other ship now on the berth for freight or passage apoty to K. ff CaMKEON, Wo. ? Bowling Ore en jVOR SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVER.?TUB UNITED 7 State* mall steamer FULTON. J. A. Wottun. eommander. rill leave for Havre, touohtng at Boathmnptpa to land the nails and passengers. on Natnrdav March 7. at 13 o'clock Nm pier No 37 North river, foot of Beaoh street. rates or r mesas:? a cabin. 9130. 3d cabin 97k nle ship has live water tight compartments enclosing be ee 'toe* so that la 'ha event of a ooltMnn or stranding. IM wales sold not reach them, and Iks pumps being free to wait, the vsfety of lie vessel and paeaangeri would be seeored. Bag .age not wanted daring the voyage shonM be sent am board Se day before sailing marked "below." Par freight or pea ?ge apply to WORTIMKR LIVINOHTON, Agent. S3 Broadway. N. B ?The steamer Arago will snenesd the Pulton, and sal! prt' A J*TRAM BETWEEN NEW YORK AND OLaMtOW.O KDINRDEO, 2 SOU tons, William Camming, eommander. <kW YCBK, 2,150 tons, Robert Oralg. oommacder, ULsB i()W. 1 '162 ton*. John Cancan eomnumder The Olassnw tlx! Haw York RteAmiihlp Oimptnr Intend nadlnp three new and powerful ataaioera from Hew Tnrk to (llaepow direct, a* foUnwe:? Kdlnbnr* Rainrdny, Jfaroh 14, at IS o'clock, aeon. New York rntnrdny Acrfl U, at 12 O'clock. noon. Olnegow. Katurdav April 15. at ISo'cloek. norm. Kiiti <>p raitatca. Hint eiaee 278. third elaaa, found wttb aoofead prorkdond 5.10 An ei|>erleneod aurpeoo attaohed to moh steamer, Pet fretphtor palmare apply to JOHN MobYMON. 17 Broadway New York ett? bUla or pold only rcoeWed for paeaapo For hayrr dirkot?pranco-amrrioan oom pany- Ike screw cadi/., tone burthen, inland, command'r. will (leave for the above port on Wed "radar, March 18. at 12 o'clock prerlaely I'rtce of pa-wee 1 Are' cabin aft, $IQU: trat cabin forward. t-V. for freight 0 onaaaae a?ply to the amenta, KM. A ED. POIRIRR A <X> , | Broad afreet. aTOTinK ro FAP8RNGRR8 AND IKPORTRRfl. 11 lmportere are hereby reeneeifnily Informed that the aorew steemer K a NO a MOO anions from Urerpool on Utb i-fPebrnary. will be deepa'ehod direct to New York inataad of Philadelphia, and that thla "ompaar'a team era will la fi 1 are mil every alternate Wednesday Ikam Idvarpool to New York direct with additional sailings to Philadelphia to meet the requirements ef the trade, signing bills 01 ladfap to Philadelphia by each depart ore. The Liverpool mad PhlladelpblaHtcamahlp Company's Clyde built Iron arrow ateamehlpa. 'Till OP HaLtIMORK 1.187 tone... .OapL R l-rtteh ;1TT or Wa*BINOTO*... 2 380 tons .. .Oh*. W. Write. CITY OP VANCBE8TKB ...Xln9 tons. ...Dept. P. O Pewie KANGAROO I.P74 lone... ,'tapL Jeffrey. The nndernrted or other kernels are tnteoded to call ae lellowm mo* tnmrwiL Kangaroo lor New York, Wedneeday. 11th Peb., 1887 Hty of Waabtnpton. " 25th " " titty of Baltimore. " llth Marsh. Kangaroo, " 2Mb And each alternate Wednradap. ruon aaaaiCA Kangaroo from New York Thursday. 19th March. 1807, ONp of Waehlnptoa. frh " " And sach alternate Thursday sirsa or rtam rtntst Prom PhHadelnhla aad New York, M), MA, MA mrdtrg to the araowunodaitoa Id tba rale mom* *11 harlag the am pr.vilegas la lhaaa'oon, tneiadtog atoward'e faao mar rut* raMaausan. A UmllAd anas bar af third elaa* paawugen will b? tahaa. and toand to a* mnek provMona *a required from PkUadrlnkto aad Haw lorfc M> rm i.lreironl 4<( Certtttaatea af pa**< no will b? laanrd bar* to partlae who are drairona of bringing oat lh#tr trleada. at #m ito|i?a*tiag palo# Thoao etoamakipa are enngUrarted with iinprtrred water ttghl o'mpwlnniu. and each tmm! rarrtaa an aapertanwd argerm. Draft# on Llrerpoai from ?1 apward* Ail goode ml to tho aponto will ba forward**! with eaonoay aad da ml* Par fretebt or paaaaga apply <o JllHNQ Dal-. Agent, No. 17 Walnut etreet, Philadelphia, And No. 13 Broadway, "few York. Wim-iab brut, Agent, Noa 1 and 13 Towar Building* Liverpool. APNTR ALIA PIONNNR LINN, KNTABLIHHND 1M. Carry tog the UoHrd Htaioa mad. Tba uneooMled Haw Took huiit clipper Alp KITTY oINPHOR. 7>0 ton* rogtoler, O. W. Brown, raaairr la nam at bar berth, pier 9 Laat rirar laaolitog teiga, aad will hare tmntodtolr deapatrh Aa tba larger porltoa of her largo to already engaged ahlpper* ran rely uimn bar nafhar more aay ahir now op for a eJ ho time The B. B. will ba tor lowed to Mar<J> by toe noble A 1 r Upper ahto BAfeBLBB, 1 'AMI too# rectotar, Lotlimp, Barter. For freight or paaoaae apply to RW OaMRNON, No < Bowling Iroaa. Mfbt Mlta for aala and oa*badraooa* mad* ooormairniaenta, Ooaaigneea to Australia. Meoara. WUalnaoo. Mroa A On cjoor HAVANA AND DRW ORLlANB -TUN dnitrd r Mate* mall atoamahlp (7AHAWBA, ttopt .11) Holloeb will nimnnef repairing freight on Tueaday. March 10 and all for the abate porta oa Inurwlav, March 12. at .1 o'alor k P M . from her I ter font of Rohlnana etreet, North rirar No bllla rd lading aigard after the Iramnr sail* I.IVINOniiib, OKu nKUON A CO , 12 Park ptae* tj*OB Havana and MOBILR Till I nitid stat* ' a*H Waaamhlp qr a krr (7ttt, M. W. bhiifbldt, CViramandar, Win le?ye for tba abaro port* no Baturday Mrrnb 7, nrot oar pirn M bortb rtrar, loot af bprtog awn at tfe'olnat FraUbt W Now Orlatii Mm Mid forwardnd from Mntillo ivar of araninhMkma ?W paoy*o btiiaof ladtnf naa bo proeamd at tbn oCm of thn afoul* Mo 04h?r* Mfnod firtif roaatrnd at tto off or anttl 10H ' took, Md bflk ifl?< ? mfnod op lotto hwir of oalilBf. For frntoht or pinin oppt y to POOT. iklTH * 00 . Afro* m Booth otroat. EV1R SAVANNAH AMD FLORIDA.-CMITRD NTATlt r volt Han.?Thn noomor ACurNTA. Captain U N wondhiill, will Iooto on Batnrday. 7th Mat-rii. from rtor Mo. 4 North rlror. at I Betook P U Mil la of ladtnf monad no board. Far jfolghtor paawrr apply to B h MITOIULU U InOfOOf. Thrwufb tlrkotn rpom Mow Ynrk to*farhe tortOn. W; to PllaUa B3B fnamora Btr Florida mmnori at Nanaoohwth tto Otoaaon tHm Mow Fork on Tnnadaya aad Bo tarda i a. |DOE SAVANNAH-THI MTPRRIOR PfDKWfTICR F ntonmnblp KRTNTONR MTaTR. Oopt B. Hard* oarry m* tto tJo trd Malm mall, will call from Phi adrlphia tor ?arannah oa Saturday March 7, a? lOoolorh A H OaMn par?ayr with rotw ooporVir mat* room a. crnnrwtdaBonn kit; mrorwo, Tho Horotoao Mat* will nail afaln ao attorn oa Saturday. Marrh 21. fho hTaTR OF (?J*>NKIA oalla Cor 'WAtmi onBaiurdar Marob 14. A. IfRBON. Jr., tfmt, At Aorta Wharrr* PMladolnaia. r)R NORFOLK AMD RIOIirONn -THB UNTTRit Biatr. mal'oMamahlp JAMhST'lWN Oaot Farrlah wl'l loam for tto attorn plaean oo Saturday. Ttt tnwnrt al 4 ootook F. M . from ptar IS Mortt rlrar. sbn wltl arrlvn at Norfolk on Sunday afternoon aad at Btrhmoo I oa Mirtdar rrvmtnr Paeenetoro for the Mmitt Wll prxwtod wlihont d? lar bffihn mat mall lloo to 'dtarmmon. An?u*ta, darannali. A. Trarallnro orl'I And thio ttr rbraowit, rmaaanma' and moat ntpadtUonn rott Pnnft and fam Inetitdlnr *U?o room In Norfolk. B*. Poloratinrf or Rtobmnnd BIO: ntrrrarr half prteo. Apply <o LC'DI.AM A PI.KA" ANTS, ii rtmalw^y* DUAL. /VOAK-PRTCRN RRDrfTRD ?PR4CH OR.*11 A MP t Morn. Lnhlfh fnrtiim aid whim *nh furnvn, opt and ration coal, for naln to ronrtimnra or .tn-lnro at a rodn-tlon ftotn wln'nr prima, a'oo Llrnrtmrl. Prr?ina orrrl rod Knr t?h rannnl ooal. Ht II. f A R JONRt. No. 140 Wavorler flMr. /i?ai. ft:?-! >nT'ww nri. rrlii*<Triii~nmr * rod MM wblio mS roil ?*..v ? %nd agg wol* r'ooii (d l( Il7l|rr lOB >mtr #1 $< TJ ffwn mr T*'l, mrnmr r>( mfntk air-' and fnnih btwi', wrl?bi wnrrvotorl or forfeit ml, lOH? M?<'0O A*Ml /io*i.-r?ir* mvntrcii)-HArH orphaho i.r M*b Bi"4 ?hl'? *?ti Rob'irtfttll, of tho flr?t aid (-.r<(n'? rr?r?r?(i ? ? rodurod prlrr. Al?o fir ????, I,!<-<?< pool rtrrl r?T> rl I kfif'iah mid AmoHctn ' And <'<iia*<*r'?n<1 Mlbr 1 >w??t o art* rat ? ntWRT RRRV*. nnraar of Oai?i iwl Ofiira *tt rata. ??d rofBor of .lin? *nd W?H a>r*f <m Mm*. i/vrtrano wnj, crow rhortpt or ?wr??? #?? oonta or fa oq>itr*l??t tn * !? > ?oo | ?nT p?"nm trw ptatnro of tkalr p?at ??d pr>?III Bf?; u??i? pr *?. I<? u ?n Wvra ?tr?ira xmrwn Niwrnttr. alao a aaaroi b? h ?k 'hf ran ornro tmmiwfla'olT tba lorn of >h?-<t>r ?l<o r?. ? OHrraa wNk ratnrn poaMffa, HIV L'birtnr*, N>? T?rk Prat ofllo*. r. JLMFNRItnim. I WALLACh'M 1BBATRK H?MM of MTHR MATTT.DA HBROW 1 h'? i* entng, ?*aj ihe'lh, the pertormanCM wUl Ml?l 7K with ihe coined eiia of liit,'. HI* i K "(ROUND, had In *hl>h Mr Walnut and Mr* lloev will make their rtrit appea-aroe for hIx weeka To be followed by m kdk a *<?? ? Mlw Matilda Heron J?*oe Mr rothern I fYeuaa Mr* Allen O'pbeu*.,. ...Mr Phillip* | t'rr*n -....Mr Lee To ecnolmle with the capital comedietta entitled WArTIR<? FOR KlIMDH, In which Mr Oeorg? Holland and other pi pnlar favorite* vrtU appear Lath a kkanb'h nkw thratrb. ku HaiADWAT. *c*w Uodhtom Main Mlaa Lhnrh Keeno Ho a leasee and Dlrectreaa Door* ojen at ti>< Overture at 7 V HKKaT KI'IICKM-i or two nkw Pl.AYH. Raturpay Kvkvinij. Mahcii 1, ih6j, F Al'i-T AND MAHOURKITM Pan**, an aged arbolar Mr. 0 Wheatleigh MephMophUea Mr. Geo Jordan Wagner, a atodent Mend to faint Mr. Rtoddart ale* tine, a soldier. brother to Marguerite Mr. Ltngham Marguerite a toung peaaant girt Mtaa lAura Keens lo conclude wrh LOV* IN 711. RupporUd by Me**ra. H'oddart, Hurnrtt, I,Ingham, T. B Jrhr nti-n. Rtnggn'd Benron. Hayeii, Mime* Alleyne, Howell and Mlra Kate Rrlgnolda. AO AD KMT Of MURiO-ITALIAN OPKBA. (Seventh Fnbecrlptlon Might.) Farewell engagement of Madame O.OHA DK WILHORBT before her departure for Europe Th- public are respectfully Informed lhat Donizetti's favorite cpara, LA FIOLIA PEL RROIMKNTO, (Child of the Regiment) will be performed for the ftral time on M' npav Rybnino, March 9. Madame flora d? Wi'henit?a1 Maria hlgnort Tlberlni, Morelll, Arnoldl and Barllll In rte principal roles. Director and Conductor Maurloe Ftrakosoh Parquet Drea* (Itrele, Flrat Tier W Secured Peat* 00c. eiLal Amphitheatre IB eenln Pamflv fltre'e 00 centa I Private Foxes. ..from to ? The boi otPcen for securing aeata WU be open dally, from A. M until a P. M.. at the Academy of Mnalc; Rrenaing'a. 701 Broadway, Hall A Ron's 2'? Broadway, and Van Borden A King's 4B Wall street Opera commence* at ft. On WednenHav? Henetlt of Mad (lOKA I)R WII.1IORST on a hlc.h i ci'Mloii La FIOLIA PKL RKOIMERTO will he performed lor the lam time. BUCKLKY'H 8KRKNADKRH, NEW HALL, Mt6 BHOADw?v, opposite the Metropolitan lintel HatnrHav evening, March 7, *art ulght of the grand baeletque on the opera of fONNAMBULA. Preceding ahlcb? NEGRO MINVTRELHY Concert e mmerrei at 1% o'clock Ticks'* it rente; orcbeatra reals Ml c-nte On Monday evening, March 9, a grand new niece, eutlt'ed THE OCEAN TELEGRAPH. rriHK ORIGINAL (111 Rl?-TV'S MINHTBMLII.?THE OLD I eat eetahlwhrd Band In the world .1 W RAYNOR and K B. PIkKOK, proprietors. perform at Concert Hall, Philadelphia, March i and open In Ptt'sburg March'.i. J. T. DONNELLY, Agent. BIOOYLYN ATIIENd-:UM?THIS SATURDAY EVEN tag PutHiKAMMK I 1 Overture, "/.ampa," by Hero:d Orchestra i Ilnet Trovntove Mad. Htrakoach an>l nig Tlbertni 3 Beeihoven'a concert la I minor, with Orrhovtra, Hr Thalberg 4 "Haul, Haul," Pen Giovanni Mai. D'togr'i ft. Alia, Taucredi" Mile. I'arodl 6. "The I .art Koae ef Summer" Mr. Tbalberg 7. Overture, "Child of the Regiment." Ordierlra H. "1 he star Spangled Banner".. .M'lc. Parodl and Mad. Htrakoach '.l. "The Mlaerere." Airiandrn organ Mr. Thalberg HI. "Bplrto Genttl," Lat-avorlta Sig Ttherlnl II The heccl WalU Mad. D'Angrl 12 Tarantella Mr Thai serf t rind actor a Maurice Htrakoach axd big Ahebla Tlckela and aeata to he had at lnt>'< bookstore. Haiilird's movie aiore, Van Nordrn d King's, and at the door. Doom open at 7 V To commence at 8 THAl.BERGH LAST CONCERTS. Prior to his definite departure for the Wert. AT MIILW H OAHtlHN, TCK.MIA V, MAHI'll 10, ORATORIO ANI) CONCERT. CAMP The public are reepectfnllv Informed that Mr. Thalbcrg will leave for the Wert In a few day* Ever (luce the arrival of Mr Thalherg in thii country no ef fort hva been rparvd to render hie concerts a* attraet vc aa perr<ble 1 lie unprecedented pair image beatowed npoti up wardr of forty concerts and matinecr vumulsl* the maniga ment to allll greater eierOooa. and be takes much pleasure In iktiiMHn li f ihit Mu TllAl.llfRfi'R Two I.ART OONCBKTR In New Vnrk will he ttrranped In Ibe tame manner aa the con i?ri? rplrtinela uanallr flveu >n Europe dnrinn Lain. Kor thle pin pore arranpemerte h?t?e been made wl'h the MCW YttRK II aRMOMC HOCIRTT, Ann thk AicrtxTK or tiik Acidht or Mcaic, I'ui'rr Ike clieclion of Maurice Rtrakoeeb, Who, In connection with all of Mr lhalberx'e artlaU, will perform. on Truanty, Hum 10, OftniMI H oratorio THK "HTaBAT mater." The aolpe will he ennp by M lie PAHODI Mad U'ANHRl. Mad, ,IOH ANWSKN, M*.'. HTHaKOIH Mp TlltKKINI, Mr MORRILL I Wua by ibe hew York Harmonic Society. Orcbet tra ef I be Aeadainr ot Mnaic after the eratorln fraud concert by MR. TIlaLBERO And all the aniata On ikia occaalon the price of admleeion to all parte of ike Harden baa txeu filed al OMR DOLLAR Sean rernred without eiira eharre. Ibe aale of aeata onnemeneea on Monday. Marih 9. rALBIRO'fl I,APT MATTNRE8. The pnl lie are respectfully Informed that Mr. Thalberf, prior lo h a departure tor the Went will fire THkKK PIROLR HUBAORIPTIOR MATI.VKKH, ibe llret of which will take place on TnrMantv, March 12. I'rleeof a puharrtptlon ticket % ft 00 Adm'aekm limited to four hundred 1 be aale of Urketa ooeaaaeneaa on Tumday, March 10. OLE BOLL'S SEOORD ORARD TOTAL AND TWATBr* MBMTAL OOMCKBT. AT DOD WORTH'S BOOMS, Trranar Kieripi;. Maacn 10. 1H97. kaatated hr the followine eminent talent? MInH THTORIA OIU.RK. Soprano. Hit) OIANNONI. Tenor. BIO. OAAPARONI. Haeaa. MR. O W MOBOA1Y. Orraalai. MR II. C. TIMM. Oonduenr. Ttckel# One Dollar. floor a open at 7. Concert commence* at A Tljketa aad reeerred aeaia may he aeeured In adranoe at the mu*ir etorn of Win Rail A eon 219 Rrnadwa*. C Hreualnf. 701 Broad, way; tcharfeaberp A l.uia. 769 Broadway. N. H ?Ro nrtra rbartn for > coerced neaU WALLACE'S THEATRE M1PB M a TILDA IlKROfr eepectfiilly annoiineae to bar frtenda aad ibe pukllr thai bap brnttil will lake place en PiTvanar Wpit, March 7, IW, upon which oc aekifi wtO be repeated, for Ike eierenth tlnae, the trapIc play ef mtniA. with other antartatnatenUi In whtoh Mrs Hoay, Mr. Waleo' and Mr. I???trr will appear Brate can bs aetmrfd taadraace. (lfALLACK't THKATRK. *f The present Famrtlay March 7 flKNRrrr or mi-w matILda hrror, npea which o?caaS<>a will he performed the grsat Irafffc- play cf MaliRa. f rerkuu to which the f?rnr1te enmedlet'a of DRUCATR QKOCRD. OR I'ARIB IR 17*V la which Mrs. UOEY and Mr. WALCOT will appear Tba whole to conclude with the farertle saw pleca of waitijio rom rmoR. <*han|e of thne muaroi-w this ereulaf - Ihoora opao at 7; performance begicnajt at 7H o'elork MARAORRB III OTTIBR CIT1RB I>R<IROtT9 Of ft.AT lap lh? Kraat drama of KARMR1. THK 900ITT; Oa 7mb Kaaaia o? tnr Jim-st*. framaitred by Joha Bmiutham and J. B Howe eaa oh'a'n copies el mid piara, at a low mm by applylaf ( J. S. BOWI, aiaea ma agar. Bowtrj itaatra R. T. PF ICR AMR OIFT ORRTLRMAR will be latrodsred at th? crhiinjee af TBI hRTRR MILS MIRROR, Oa flatardar afvaraooa aad Errata*. At 189 Broad was. "racAil. Dm. larmortr r a rib ard3M>rdor nmoAi Adriaar and Mwrlaia flaHe -iRh adttton. ?4B0 pafaa m> njaatrafoae cloth. 91. It r"aa Urn adrerWaad mmerlUa tad ahnaa the sepal te^tf of the anlm rarle ead Loadrw realatantof earnal dlaaaaaa et HI Mecoec eUwst, opwoaMe IB Mleholaa. fbem W A. M. We reeemaeaad irr. lawmen t to tin ahumed ?Ooarler dae Mat Uale Oar Beet Blasts haliaaa bn. Dm miromivm rmacrtm ?o n hamvoiw, n. n, It MmndwaT. rnpll of Dm Oaraonhan md Moti of thto *y, and Vlenrd. vfPirk who M thr flnt ilnp? anrrw*. fur IWmn.H.of tfcooottiol qtqom. (^miIWIim niwfik vad frtoek. OlnkiiintatU I. o*4 kwllol talk' woaiaR. rvm. ooormm. u oca mm armmrr hat n oom I / anNad pn?Wr am dill a?0i TV rtMmJ ./ iMiliwd onMnonr ?M Mil oo Ik wMh tfco nrrtnton y nf Ntni r?Wh niradL n>ii|a ail i in I. l.-MNDInrti. Dm (Titiw fTmoK trnorn mriw mmnrnmty to aom* dtaaaM* A apaadr oaro to lowoM. or on far ohartod. Ho SB Howard aiiw, tiro doaro aaal of Broadway. ftm. octmbt. mo s tatmn Armmri, mat mm not I ' anltrd pnranoa'ly or br lot tor oo all antnal aad fdfouto IT Qufcnby'a ladiro aoMhl; pUla anot by mall oo r< ertpl of our dollar Dm. Hcmntmn mmn omor bah br had at tit* oM cffloe, Ho. S Dl' WOno alma*. and now two w alaa. all Abnra ara maltr.tona aoaatorfrlta of tkla Uir mat rainahlo dia martin tnrdirnl wtoaoa K hadao thr nalp iMm no north hai will rralll ouro and rant nut m thr human arnf'n lAo -oak and pidooaoua ilraa of thr ran or Ml diaoaM. $1 par rial Dm mALriifiorriom. ms n?>"dTom mrmtirr. mm a* Wmntar -At branr UU I, ao<< afla- I VrPvk. I ) oonttoad tat# aTta-iUca L. .mnato frwv tm wVk-h ha im trratod not torn ?hao??oi.i/ ?Mt wtttaont an ta. iUmw of fallnra f'jo tern .lm ate aLM. without tit IN I up. 'Jon to baalnma at ohatfe nf it# t?r Wtlm to to Srv uNwit Ilti vta-u* torn. T to ?bn ttw-'r af uiMtt at j*?1n, at hi* rmi toorn M Walkaf MM, v-or# wrat f.f Hrml?tt. Tbta mnaoiifna rartowara to WM W'TtotN. *. D., rano?et. *">rfam to 0m Im* Hoaptel. nR W? KO * t'Rf ORTITR \Tt'4r t? TM?? W? p'oa o'tra Of Tanarr*] ntrdtotora wit bat roniiirm ti ht I tanoa o to m#?t with anlrnrm' *r>r'" ><'ton, aa4 ><. raotr t?r. I ard tbr |'i?t??< taannfgr'or M th? da* |>r Ward k*r# h? > (ton a r#? ird of W Iff) to mt rkiftri ta whi. ?f or ? oro p?r dtmo# atoat or, rail oarr Rrttrafi' 1t#?aM? with dnaaUf I triform rrlrrtf* ram taafrti i-ilH#avu'a# aob/ran ftp hut i winh-#?''iI rpratt r mil Ma prrtort knnwtodr* of am-p ?*< nf tkr itlfraar br mh?r a toriatra or rtiraa In nor dar TV?a who doaM ha will ram ttt?m w'boot rhar?r K?m?nhn all 'f who harr hran hrrarin* for wrataa and mmthi thai bp I ra'Vrt on l?r W ? Kit inn ma* tit a too hnnrta tool ' 'bat | m?-ha?d to btimalf Mala." Tura H (Wtor ? faoai tatrm-i. tartar' 'torn ?a?? of ttrradwap Da. ooaRvrr, w dta*? trrafwr, vat n con- i anted artraJaJp oa dtraaaaa tW Ttotdtato Of qnonfci mo rail oa tafcn wHA ?to arnAtnrrnf MuMwtoh trra ?d 'a* Or. itfteta tana tte Waw Tata Uat*r*?it? to b1* > Mim I I r 4?i fueniRira'im. BUOADWA* intAtnK K L MambMl Uwo W K BlakA Mtaaa M a. a??r. Patumiuit fcvrMarch 7 1*<7 will br acted. far i?e m-nond t'tw, PhakRparp'e vrtdady <>f ROMB > A VII .11 MKT. Id which Mad Por>l?i and Mir Luna Wanion Davn n n wi.) apprar far thn accord tlror Ron pa Mai P<ml*l i IiiIIpI Mrn. L. W. f *canp-rt lha fareacf TrHMimi THIS TA-'I.KH. The Ult pcrf irniueri of Mr PORKKiT will ba ?nea Man day, Wcneaday Itanrada ard rrlday of ori? wa*h. A grand draaaallr and aoanir m waunbi. In whirl) >? ' r>< ?ai and wonderful pnrformnnrex will ba lnur4i>c?4, l? fi ct>?? frrpanwon. Curtain rta'* *1 7H o'clock. BROrnHAM'ft BOWKRY THEATRE Hole Imim Mr- John Broogh . Actlrg and Pta*r Manager Mr I H lie Orrheatra rhatra, M) eeina. Pree* Olrelt an' Bote* Bmi 1 Pit and Halle-y I2t* cent*, boon op n at 6X, te oott aarnno al 7>, o'clock. Hjthkiht KvrvivU. MaRCH f. 1W. BIX PKHRKKH (>r OnlMK. K A KM > ITHK ?OOCT. MATTKO r*'/X)nK THK. gRHIAMP'B ROW. BlBTOR d hkW TbKAlRie. HROADWAY. Hat unlay? 1 CM MKY ? N l> HON- ImI time with IM pre ? Dl *r> a' caat Mr Krnngham aa .lack Hnnrby ar.d loo Ragatnr.k. Mr Hart n in hi* pari of Captain fhittte Mr. Ki?her > omhav Mr*. Plunkail a* Edith Ml** Polly M*i*haH a* rn?an Nlt per Mr* linfbc?a*Mr* Mr Mrlcbcll a* Tool*. KltDlfhtnf TDK NRW CaMIU.K. Camilla, with a co!' Mr Hnrirm. Author, Mr Hroafham. Armand. Mix* Polly Mart ball On Monday-?The new btatiiclca1 play nf WAT TYLKB, with new recocty Jr Mr .1 W Wallvk will make hi* fln appearance hare In the prtc tpal character. American tubathk, cntamhkkr dtrebt. <lat* llurton'i) Manager* R.I, Davenport and H. WMfetlM l>re*?circle and orchaetrii anal* DO rente, parquet 11 M*lj; upper clrale II nana, Htale'.i, prna'rhniea (I Battudav kimifn * men 7 IHA7. BBNKK1T Or MIIH. *. I,. I) AVION PORT. joan or ?rc. Joan of Arc Mr* E. I, Davenport Dancing by'nr and annte Henrarde. I'RI aOl.lNR. Mr. Doobiddy Mr H. Watklnt TIIIC HONKYMOOH. Duke A ran/a Mr R. U Davenp- rl BARNUMH AMKRIC AN MI'HKI M-UNBOUNDED ucrei a of the new and original heantlfql and touching domenttc drama, not vet In piln andjua' produced from the manuaerlpt ol the antbor aeut on from Inndon Maine lay, March 7, afternoon at N and In the evening, at 7I{ O'clock, RUTH OA Kl.KV -Paul Oakley, Mr 0. W Clarke: PandyUon Mr. Hailaway: Rn'ii Onkley. MIm M clever The living pbarlom. living aerpente haupv family An . may be Been. Admieeton 21 eenta; chlkrt n under 10, I*)* cente. c<lm onaiBTV A WIMID'H fjT "" ~ i(fNBT*ELE, 444 Broadway, b< low (Iran i lUwl Hour/ Wood Rnstawa Manages Geo. Christy Huge Mana??r OPEN ETEItr EVENIEa. AWOTHBR OA I. A WTCKK. NKGRO M1NHTRKIAT. iVno/odtng with Paturdav?THE Ol.n CLOCK Principal oharartara In each pleoe by Ion. Ohrtat) Ticket* 2fl cents. To rommt noe at 1% o'clock MECHANICS' HALL, 472 BKOAUWAT. ABOVE Grand street o?i?n eveey night. BRYaKT'H kllN-TRULR, enmpoeed of thirteen Ulented performer*. In a vartetv of DOT wapi dance*, busleeunri comtralltle* Ac . under th* dtreo tlon of tbe o*lebrat?d ooruedtiin* Jerry Bryant, Dan Hryapt and Boll Bryant Adn b>*(. n '3> oenta. To commence at 7H o'oloek. FBKK COBChRl* WAMHINOTON HOUSE, NOKTH enet corner I'anal ml *m Broadway, the only frea canrtrt ra'oou In New York The Manager lakes great plea ma lo liiform Ice 'rlend* and >he public thai ha ha* Ittea ap the above bonne In a Mvle nl iiB*or***?tng beauty aa a eon cert ru m 1 he well known talent ha* been en gaged and will appear nightly Tien Walarm the great Irlah and eninle alegar, HlUt Jacob , tlie original Mr* Jahnaoo and old Huh llray, Una* ear.lord Kred. Murphy, Frank bpeed, Kred Hrevee the gicet loumantal singers. Walter tmllh niiiaioal director K JOHNSON, Proprietor. THRFK or Till MONT BKACTIVUL PIECES ON TH? stage to n gbt at Hurt in*. KIT! PRR8RNTA TION AT UNION 8yUARE, (Near the Washington M -nornem,) Pa KiTi'Mur Niu Maih m 7, at I ort.ocB, (If good am1 her ) ORO CHRISTY aNl> Wl.CO'H MTN-TRKL8 will present lo tbe rle*n f*cc<| land well behaved/ boy a of Utla rlly, Tr.a TiinreAnn hEAi.'Tiroi. Kitt* of the lataat and moat apptortd laahion Til K PROt'KWON beaded by tbe mnotc ea> drawu by ekgbt beautiful horaad, ennta'nlng hhelbui'* bra* hand, will form at 10 o c? l c rrcr I hlrty f m-ih street and Ninth avenue, aid proceed down r avenue to Twenty third trrrl ibiough Twrn'y th'rl aueet lo Hroadway, down Bnmdwsy lo luwar end of Park and Chatham street, up Ob at ham dm) lo Hewery ap BoWWI to Fourth avenne, and tbenee to Union rqtian, the place of dlstrlbuiwn Several *Ugea. (drawn by twelve, e'gbt and all borse* ) leaded with kite* will b* rn ihe ground and *o ai ranged a* to allow the I oy* to pa** between in double Ale, receiving their kites* from atage window*. nova from tbe various pub lc rch > >!* are tnvtted lo join la preeesatoa N. B- All hoya are particular!'re'|tie<ted to behave with propriety ud at tbe time of dielrthiiUnn to form two dee*, pass between tbe atages placed for tbe purpeete and reeelve ihetr kltoa If tbe weather should prove un-irwplUous. I be proeenMon and distribution will lake plane on the flrnt latr day. The proorsaton will move pr. ei*ely at II) o clock. TBE HUTCB1NMIN FAMILT WILL GIVE TIIKIR farewell inert tor lie ? **?fi at the Hr > td way Taber nacle this evening it being tbe Uet inn lhay win aver tine o ihnt o <1 favorite room lh?\ will entertain their friende with rarol lh" lrft>e?t plee?e Ylrk<t? A re la received wiU, M) real*, can be aeeured due in a the day at ihe hall. Jr. jnni??oif. comic vocalist. nitus to ij?, form hia friende and Uu> onbllr that hw II"at b'-icM and U?l appeerai re in New York, prior lo hie departure for Ca I for i. la. will lake nitre at Anademv Hal. OK* Hroadway, on Ibtirrday evening March 12. on which orvaWon ba will Bar* tba honrr of appearing to eeveral new and oe|g nal cmr or D|x?liiau aid. with the kind "O operation of eevern' dla Uvgulahed artlata be will bo able to preeent a profmniM ol "darling merit and anc'inallod veennUMty- Adniiaamo J5 cea'e; reeerved awala. AO rente Laos a krbhi's tiikatrk.?ladies or the ballet and children wanted irnmedla'ely. Apply at iht tag# door at U e'e ock OLD FOLK* COW RET -OLD TTtfEK OLD O RIMER and OW Hundrwda.-The Hxadteg "para Ohorne Claag will give a aoaeen of anrteni and fa ad miwto. In Ear. Ilenry Ward Berber " ehurc*. Brooklyn, am Natnrday ran lag, llarcli 7. 1 be riaea number" about afty, wnh aa ore hewtra of tbtrteen pteraa Tba draaaea aid thnee artaallr worn from oaa to two hundred year* ago tba eight of wateb la worth mora thaa the piloe of adaataatoa. TV-hate M tenia. Tor pdj> at the door. Frkr ooecert room an* centre mtbrbt, rbw York ?WILLIAM HaBTIMUh. teoprlatnr ?A aho ee reieetnn of ennga. glaea dorla and rejtleUoaa ara given at ihia favored eatafillabmeai every Monday and eaiurday -ren lata 1 knee wirbiag In tenure aala moat corn a early. Chair la tea al B a'a'nck preelaalv CBVBM MILR MIBBOR O Bad tba oirr OBBT EM AM At AYS Hroadway. Rbturdaj and eveolag. ntTf-Hooaci: FRKR CArRCKaTA ABB thb mob? popular Bod peiwet Id tbe rtty. Ilia ronine bar tag baaa enlarged and re deeared. wi I ha wra oo hotnrdayeveilag, i at iba o d Fountain < bca Hm*e 171 new Caaai atraeb J aa. bnia in tba chair at B o'clock every Wad pea day and hatarday eveaiag. PER HAM R OIFT TICEKTB For rale at Ut Broadway. FIRHAM-E OIFT TICKET* For ?'# at 133 Broadway. NOTICE.-BHa KHMER DRAMATIC AfNOd aTIOM.Tba member* and booorarf member* of tbe abova aoeociaUrn are rrqnetted in aiteod a apeetai ataouag Ihla (datnrdav) evaalng. at Bo. ISi ''anal otreet. Mil r ijhi'b oalume warercme al En cbek precme'y A. M. RtfCJTLL, Preeldrmt. *1 tickfth adbtt FOCB pbrhobii to *RB thb SI PFVtN MILK mirbck A-d tka (J I ft obktlbMAN, cm Haturday altamnoa aad wroatag. At 9M Hroadway To omrr* and hick ?how proprietor*-* flit cl?-? -lollnM, danaanaa and fmuUr rem lor wtah ?a m?t? nr'l'tn'iiu lalthar aaparalaly or iogath?r) to traral. Addraaa W. J. 0 . boi 101 HarmkI MIn W At,lack '* TBRaTRR.?TRR OaBTM.F. FOLK A. play ad if rj olfhi bl tk? orrkretr*. oompaaal And drdlaa'ad u> Mlaa llnrrm by <i?n Oan.ktn. la sow piMlafcal, pitr* 30 cabin, at GORDON R, TT Hrnadwny, anl all maafo (torca. PRKH AM I GIFT TTCRRTR Far Ml* At M? Br jadwAy. PBBHAMft GIFT TTCBBTR For (am At 5* Rroafwa: | PI.ATB FLAT*. FLATB.-TUB NTAWBABI) ARB Bl. nor drama, and an otkar ptihilahnd plara for aala by K, FKBMCH.ITt Maaaan aMaat Raw Turk. P?V-o I2M aan I aark tan for $1. koi;nd rttlnmx II A n?w play pnbkaa- d nary waak. OoapMa data (Ml by mall. rraa, shau rwf qMMM. TKA V BUJIBB BPTOB. Htttwob bitbb bam.boai) -fbo? fbb. a, ubt. tka trstra will mara ?"hamhara dual mattoa aa fWMWA;kipraaa train, n HP A m And 1 m f b., mail 11. id A. b tmlfraats f *4 p b . fhr ponlitiisda t0> a.m. sad i) b. aadbmp. b fhr *ln? *n* 4 f m . tm paavakltl. MM f M tha PonibkaapafA. sin* tin* aad faakafefll traaaa mas At Lha way (tailor. f'aaaaaaara lakaw at okaabarv, oaaal ckrlatopkar aad thfrtr 6m atraata tnma fkr raw tor* laara troj at i 44 aad 10 14 a. b . ssd 4 ?> b . aad f A Ibany At t.,4 aad 10 <K a. ? p. b ^ ^ NrW TOBK AJ?D H ABLBB RAILROAD.?PARR TO a.t>anr M TW ptaatayar tratMa na BAa mad far ARaay alii laara Ik. nraw cd Whtta aad fladn Mwa aa AUaaa trorjr morning HI lOo'etoek, *??ry flwoouw ? 4 ? ofcw*. r?r? Ibronffc To Afeaay will M two Mhn To rrmmfr* m MondAT Wtorwooo, Iflth tool w. j oampkbu* **?p-rioiowi?ot. ww Tom, Foo. U. IM. VKW TO** 41*n K*m *An.?OAl>-?r*<MAL ?o tto* - On ofW Tnondor. 34?A bM?. AH tr*"** "JU i<Ma dlcort n*?r iko *rw Tor* ?? lolMoA. Jo**** ** dopot. fool of ri'uuw ?rML Mr. "T * 0 m fellow* ? Odl X Pnrktrk #?rnm. ?J? M M**wbnriMU?<1 RnrklM ?w?* 4ipr*00. ^'"r?\\rXZ* M Will *0 Ml?? IB felt. n*. 1MM Ml * ix m* cwoiri p*k*w or mkn ro* ?al? , A *o<i for nook, m r* **f Rrti.f*, ? rub* *-* taflUHb ? mony* car* *nd fl*% MtrrmlMtar. ? <?*?to ror *?' ilo. po*ofr*pli? " W> ??nl* t>* 'k* wW" ? Cro**l?rt.-4 I.ITT** 0? TT Al.t ?W OMTHOCMHI O Piiro hrrod. o?n b? *?rn by Applying V 2? *0*1 Ftrrefurt bolrw P lit! *v*r<io OF*Mr,nT * 4*T 4?* ?0* ?A' F-T IIAV* HI* O rolr* fttnoo* t>?ontifnl rhb-k?n?'h v hir? '*k?n Iko Irol i-r?TT>'mo* *1 >h? *rw lo?t m! How Twk < ' f* -* IAMFH AMU K**r*?wo? OmMory. KliMHrb. **w t*?ji*Trr-To rmcBwi \ T" 'Hor?iT ?*? o rrr '*b*??'b nod ?.-<ti~*<1. o'*r-r *A > * ?* por*'. nlor* * M ki IrO 0*j Tow