Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 8, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 8, 1857 Page 1
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V TH WHOLE NO. 7494 t WILL &A1844 i;l. t HLifE ttriTET fheOniu uid Convr-Hoa Bill of llw P?f l?v?rf Harder VcuofUov. C??-erj ?A Piecluua ?au|iie of U?gH? t<egtw Urlon, Ac., Ac. On LKOOMPrOM COMKBSPOM'KHUt:. Lm <?PTua, fete. 31. 186T. lbs eu : om<1 BUI, with the veto measege of Uov Henry, Hill loOUieatly explain t>ae la Itm matter or gr. at pibilo tntorett I leave yon to , momUm too telll and veu. ?< d u.nke you - own omoaenta Tbe teti. woe of courre i e-*ea by IM l..|iala'.ura, and Utbepei aoktM to men Ktiiti t elivc 8ta i. Got. Hi?ri'? watu however, koo.ske tlite wind out of th i blli. Jtc1 entirely destroy* it* I. flienoe with ?ftt po>ple A NATIONAL DKdOJRAT. [Not*.?The bill la que*tlon um beta petaed o?er the Bow nor * hied, aud la, thereiore, one of ibc so called |in of Kengae.] TS&BITOBY Of BAH8A8. la art to provide tor toe tht'.g of aceaaua aad *l?*il*a |br *elet*eato convention. Introduced by Mr. . Orderei |0 bo printed, laa. 29, 1867 Be it enacted bjr the Governor aud the LeglaiaUve Aaaetably if the territory of Karaaa Bee. 1 I'bat for the puruoee of mating an enumeration of thu inhi. iilaata ei.tit.ei to vote urner the prortaiom of tola act an ?'pp<>rtionn>?nt and a>< elect oo o? members at a eon veotioi it thail be the duty if be sherda of toe several eountiea ta Kanaaa Terrtto'j atdiney are hereby required kttwiec the first day of ttnob aud ibe Ilrat day of aertl 1857. to mtka ea enumerate ru a 1 the free tn tie inhabitants, ettUeaaof the United State* o?er t??at* one leer* ?f age, and all Other white perann# annially reaul ug within to*lr re apectve counties. and for thla uu t ote aha1! hare power to apooi.t ore or more depnt e* to arairt la auoh dutle-, aot to exrcd one In each muni.,uai tow j*hlp each of whom before atrrtDK upoa hie ofliee nhau *ae ai>d aubicnbe an oath or adinnti i. n u> aapport the cnre-i'vlno ot the tlnttel btatea, and tatlil tlly aad Impartial!* discharge too dattea laooaed oa him by lliit ret according to the baat of hlaahi 1 end judgment; ernti h outli rr afllrmatlon sha.l r? vlmu.Uttered to theia vj veraliy. end be daty re tided by a judge or clerk o' the JNatrtui tlourt of the Unll-d 'it or June or cleric of the Prubat" t . uilfrx the neretal oouu'le? or by e jttatloe of the Kace tad 111 4 ud texro?o i. mo office of the oeoretary of i Tan-lory. Pex 2 iu cim of any vafsDry 11 the office of Sheriff. the duties Mo ouch ahcul by hs act, stmil devolve upon an-I be p?IU by the judge of j robvte court ot toe o iiinty ta wtuehfHnBaiicy m* eii-t !? ( mty appoint deputies not ta i^Hlbiie la eac mould -el towusnin. and la Cave the office ot-both Mi-" id aud probate judcema iy (-in 1 ?uau he or become rawl -o? .iov.ruor thau appoint game c nupatent resldeut of tuna couutr to perform suck July a V> shtl; lave the s*m? risk'. t-> appoint deputies lata the in me oath and perform ail the require m> uts i f this act aa applied to eh-iritis her. ? It shall be the dutj ot the herlff, probate judge, ar per>cu a^ pointed by the ovemor aa bereut provided, la Bscb oo oil or eleetioa district on or before the tenth day of Apii not to iHa in the irtfije of the probate judge far sunk our1 r.r e'ectscn d'l'rijt atoll a- d complete lis- of all tba qu title! r.der* resident In kts a?ld oouoty or election din tr'ct o- 'be irat day of a. nl el?a<eea hundred aad tidy Br--o I , t eh* l fib bp. In a talr and legii'e baa-l tba ante >? o- mi auch legal voter a. brc < it nail be and U hereby made the duty of each probate ..'.iff upon such-etn being made, w.tkont deiay. In cautc 'o be poet-rt at three of me moat pubde places tu r#ch r leedlqo precinct In h a c uu it or electl in district sue Copy of a-ich Hat of quaiines voter* to the end that every lehi.ii-'. -t u-K> nSrOrt Ua s-ms and apoli to sai l probate hi. c-". ii y en or hn u??y tlud therein. In the manner Bi re.u-.iwr p:ov -led he'-. ( oa'd probate judge *tel re n*lu lu sei ion each day, uina. n evcerttd frtin the time of ecaivlu^ stt.l nruraa. until the lira day tf hi ay eeit ?' a-iub places a* sbsli be ui. at Oclv -r-.c t tr. the inhabitant- of <be county or election district, asd pn.rece to ibe lnroeatk-a ot retuns, and bear, car root. ar.ii uoallt determine a.--o?ii * io Ui- fails without unaeoeiuo.. y itm>, a.i qucvUrus concerning the ouilsnioa* af Bay p?uiiu Lrom rsdd return- or ib improper i ise-uoa --f any Bvoie -c seid ndiirns. and a > other uueatlo t aliecuag the t> tegri > <>. il.le.ev of n d retvr. t and for this ourpote shall have i -r 0. aomm iitr o*.n? and eiarame witness*!, and ooaipn i> -rautmhaoee in inb auiuor as avid judg* shall Mere. n?eeavary. Sr- 6 i as soon < * the sue lt*ta of legal voters shall thus have beeu rev rdsi.d jrrc t d 1 thai ce the duty of the geverai rircbaie judges u. ease out lu 1 and fair oop-s beret, and *11110111 delay furnish to tae Oovemftr of tba Terr! wry one copy and to the lacins: of >ha Ten. ory oaa copy; and I', ahail be Ac d< I) r.f ibe Qover 1,or to cv -e copies thereof distlnCi.ishir.g J:r returnsfn-m escl vol, ar elee-lon distrust, to Be pit .??' awl d.stlMi ?^ Mvallj among tbo luhabttanm of the Te-rltcrv, tnd v shall be deposit* With the eve k of each court of r. "TUN(I preenie judits within the (jmr 1 *aj' Termer?, ant .? > *? t> delivered to each judge af n-juaK-Mu. aad a.-east .hrae?b^mahaii be peat id up at BUI'S y ?r voting sec. 7 it .saali Hs the duty of be Governor and .-leerstary Of she ? rimer sa roou as ibe een as ?ha 1 be completed aad rt't K u.i Jc fpp-oeend tr m?.? * appo-tiuumvut af the Bsrmber* i,.r s nsiveau00 s-eor.g <he uifferen' o<nni>i and aiertt 11 dkirx*s in aaid Irciun, in the fiul.iw nc msaier; Tbe wbidr number uf insa- vat f shall Ni divlaad by Bttr. *nd th p o 'nc' of inch aivia or r*jee liu ao? ireclma at a *nl' i* i be th* ratio or rme of opt'- u bmecl of n*mWi amuxf ti * fit. iviiint . or r . ! . /t end if a r Oo't- j f r ertion dittr"* *h*ll ?tt ha?? a number of l?gol eo ?"'uni arertair ea *<|n?i lotbarauo it aboil o? attar oed to mm* county op '.ecrl n--d Ihulaaio rrprr Cu'ktirp- Oi.vrtot th) number ot ? .!< Pi.urt ts *aeb county or ci- tit -ktii tbrn bo di* iipt by ihe r?Uo ?vl lbs Eiodn'i -bal. be th* number of repre-eniotlyea ooooruooed i MOb wanty cr dtmrM ir- ret -1101 th Ite In the number Of ir to *" ? rinsed b? the fr-e I * romotbi -g ta tb* ??roral oo?au*-,uj if* ?uTiaiof< ot *bo >? * trior iho ro fiall bo com ?i*-u*d by a**tan ug toku m-oy ?oii'i'Jt* or dutrtrtt a hero Hie Inryrot fi?rutn? u cut| o. >1 m mb- tur tu fraetiea a* Mb) >x i i nriorr to m?k* the obol* cumber of raproaeata In- p\4) . bee H An rl*etior ahalt he held fp>r membeen of lunno Mot ' - rm a ruraUttitiot. 'or tbo >iU* ol kiuu aooord dm M tb >i rwtMMMht to he tand* ae oloroaad ibo Uurd M <o Mb* in Jat i hit, to b? be d ot u.o vor ?"? cum preoiaot* 0?'*K"dh?t hi tb*Terr.tory It bro tr'brce with the prorUtooa af Ur uo Iobt iul jor': and "db elro'ioo no brraoa at all ho porw *4 to Trie un!e<? h ? bum aht.l appear upon -Act cor rrr'<? t|ft ro- W "bo board of roui.ty r tmraiM oner* aha'l appotal Up pj m &. *dUa| for tbot ipptxtipp *onnti*? or elecioa dl*ui>l< Ihrj tball kppoi.l tbroo tunable pereota to bo Judrrt i' * oruor, a Oti h piano o' *0*11111 thny >naU canto btw li r Ol tbo placet of hold' g o ik tima In ihoir repneUre count-*" nr dtdtilna to ho pSht'-hod tad dtairtbutad la brory airrt on I otrct or P'e~iwt ten dara.hornro tbo day of rl" lira 11 an- ntdpoot olotrton *o aoooirird. tball fall or rofiito to p*.'fpoa tbo Juliet < f h* tad o?r* tbr legal romr-a totoa bled at plOL* ano no'lie da apo-itniod lo-aacl eieotloa. aba b ?tp? tbo p*?? tb Sit r ueh ??c*ary by nlreuoa amoag ei fhtatr *aa trr lb The Jodpoa of *i?etf*n *hol' each before eate-tng r. lb? ''eotitnia of hit dntloa ?>ak# *fh or aflUuialxin thai br tai t uc.tifuiy and 11. poria. j uim ha>a* tho dutieiof J it tea IfUiiPo tioa trroidlnt o i ?r a hi' oath thall bo adaiatt bp pel ii? oflierr autborl?o<i to tdt I tint or oathd Th* elot-k o' ebMrt'ua thai' ue ?n oletpxl by tbo Ju 'fed. and ahull 1*1 p- tn? hlcr oath or afllrarat'pm to no admislatbrpwl be oao of tfc* itulyrter by any of Iho odloora aforoaold Ihipll -oto ro lara* ?p rytlon *11011 bo ??|o aad upylitnd by the Jtklfta ltd a r.rlr* "tie of obidh ahall b* aepodltod with too boara of aoprty 'omuMMlonora for *b- mvioi- or dlnrlnt la wbi <h tt* Olartan. - toed aad the o> ?r*<iail ho tranamuu d a tli* !#* roti y "? -? Tenltort and the noo baring tho lufhoat analor nf TPUea a hi con- ty or a'ocioa dlklrtn' aholl bo iho rep fete i oiUa for inch oouoty or m?uirt and Is ? eta of a ua or a r **| i *t 'a wblrh It a'not o MPalaeUdd r dxwml-ed Who otedn y olocied, Uipi nrniectkx when aet*ahl*ri at ail prd. - p*w aim km aa horela tromdrd Be- IJ K.rrei bona ltd* mbaM'tn* of tho Terr 'ore of Kta baa on *e tl'IrtTWoeday of ItiPie tea ihmaann night hundred hnd ' t" inh, being b aKIjen <-t th- I'aiad *t'.?iea orer lb* age ot i op ate on* yarn ad who aboil bar* rtalked three aoo f p neat before aatd bleed i I Hi* eoooiy in wtitah be offoi* pi v<4o. and nootho. ptraoa whterer tball bn atHlod to ?> *l thi elentino. ad a* oerxon uualiuwd a a rotor B'ty l.o a do'eralt to aakl entire niton tad aO Olhero. Iter it hit pptr ni hoe-by m tmetad to taho tb? eeoaa or to a-?> 111 Udnrr thereof ata'l Mr* po--rtoai unomeroa'ha, aad rntuM p< ioo*p on ail- la all a-o? wtero'i mar bo a ore**ai ? 'o 'he inll ad faMrfoi porferacaane f>; their dulia Wid-r i "al * p; i* If up ytrmc by meafiax*, Ihrptia or foreo. p* by On * o'ber 'lataarr I meant ebo" dteret'r or Imtlreeur aitaoapt In tnlnrMioe Uf <i?anft.d IWT b> glrma Xta rain or drtnr Us from ?o noil* nr fwin-b or kiadrr k>oi la tb# (ran lum * ol In* i_'ki i r aulraa* *? <m d ' din th? po.aea aa Oflr rl'1. ' ikail br adjndged au'l'r of raUd-airaiior and ana tab*' V|, foe oo' loaalfcan flw hundred dollar* nr k/ impr orin?-.. a a ta Ikon -hre* omn'he nor oaor r LOaa m or kf tolk Par 11. That a vr-r o?mn ool being a quail Vd ralar ae r^Brdui d lla pr ir'ahma r* ihu ar< wko akaii rote al aar nlno -a a ilea ?*?<! forrlory knnaiog tkot hr if ne? nlHkd I* T.-1. . ?- I nrrrj pamen *hn at tlrr a a ran nlnctloe ah all ?oUI a irr 'baa anon. ?a?ikrr al ika aaaaa or a Uflhrnnl p'ara akail br a ' I of a m anroaaaaor and ha ptiaiakad kr a turn' * >i? Uia? an hii-drrd dollar* nnr airmd'ag Ian or by unarMonnaani aol nan ikaa ibrae ta>ilfed, nar gTcrrrt'i (Mi f b?** far Id day pdreen wbaunarar wfce mar b? okargnd with W>l* lrt ikarlrrtiaa k*rali a*iiVia?tatf ako ahall wiifall? and kaoermglr nntiaill ana fraud nr >rr*ralarti/ wkairrar wMb 0>a IU> al to hinder or fru-r I or dHkal a fair rtoiri*ia of tbn pat uUt rata in bo >orl fiian akail ha guilty of a ale 4a??. on- and park-bad >? faa na* laaatkan lire boa-1 red 4o.l-'? nar mora 'ken are themaivd onlla a. a-d imp nana ?e> I aa* leeaftka? all nnh? aa> mot# than ' arte* moeika, r bom km Ik lLn dr'n-aiea thoa rV-aiad ahar. aaaamkla la anaTvnUr.' at Uir bap lal id a. >d T?r-Parr a? ha nra? K rikr of kfL" !!>'r arit. and ?kall pro - ?1 *n 'e?ni a aonMMalaa aad ? 4?i? rrrraiai ak k ma'! ba r*nabUran la lU form, for adm ? < * tmniha I i.rm no .-i ?ju. far onf arilh Ihn orlgi uaiIn all raav?-I* ?haie?*r. b* Ihn namr of Ika fetate m ban aa. br<- 17 rtfkl rnnren'frn iwwnMel ahall rlwt a Eeald nioBrr aad all cika- nfn -?r* aa-nraar-f lor Ik* traa I rt'M t.i 'hrlr bn*.L#a* ad ih. rn?m*?? and n/Ti-ara of Id nr-rraMoa afiall he m"l ?d *o moire ika *amn cnmpra aik ar -h* mroih?r? aad - fbr m of the 1-rftalaUm Aa?*ia ?Tp n' X mead f arr lof-r W> ba pnH nal of anjr IM ?flo Ika bcr rt nmatbrr?<*> aaprnortaird ir Allahrrt. ard .d*?r nS-rrra. far the duehtrfr of A* di ' rrgalr. d nf <b?m ht tbta ar* abaU b* aatnlad 'a m m . -?? Aa.lii. tt f-?* *M(b dnr Ikew are n< oa<t*a#llr Ota wri |W? 19 DoalaMn ?r%>1 rt??*ot? tka ?lrw. at*?i.>a <Hslr1nt; Hnt?n tad t?airi>>? i>? 1 at?ki?ni ibft ThIH I .*??? Mil ||? 9(n'H'. ,lrP r??n * fifth. (*lbt?n IVI *1*1k; jtarfttatTUM fla? th Kil* K?*i#Mh Johum n*a Ntatk. JtotttaatkoTrt'h 'b?"a?" RiiO<?p'?"n *n4 (> < <h? ?nii, Ltktaa tit- I Mb. F.ankta Uu> iblraaoth; Wrllar. Ilrark't *1- p' *> " ?r* *artt?> i M\f ranrVcaub; tllllm mat 0<r t u* ri"*< i?*- UBithaMtieanih. * lamea *> Fa?r?<#aM), H. -he*. kd'har Dnrn md aitra i*,< <??bIraa'b **-?v^?K?r, Vk .! ?-? l?lr>> I '.I a" kntra ?l?r?i at tfca rWltoa WrJa procMkt atia'1 br idm trf *?f ? ..rut of ?iW ea'iat?i?Mo? aha'1 b? are atimg ki U>* fmn.Mi g tabular ft?roi ft* . v"> * "f 8*mt> FWni j i. I l' T,*nl Z- ' *11**" I ?|F?W?. TW - ' -'jH' _ I l VETO MRS3AQK. #m ?Mr r? tn C?pj?tu or Rorn* i?*air,ar ? >i ? 1. Pi r >u?1 Irrat: o rf ?Hr bill raUkkri AO "> r p- -irtcma <l* taking rf a m I plaiM-o hr tft ta? ? i ( nrtau n " ( era naaatrain <1 to i Uu-? too Mr fhr my arr"?*al l ituri oraf alitor o j onraa, I .irm o to ivl ? ir ?? r*.V M ,n ? ?? ?w "MM la Mva hit.. I rat, r o ikr *<n tkat itva L??u?mtnra naa Mia) m wako at? i "*r >!??< ro <*Ha oa. ottaa fratr, , -> lha r"1**,m ** ru!Bw,c?" *r *+ E NE ' 0 * \ ' 3 t ' * \ \ The poatloa Itata ooftTf otto? oan do no wrong, ?M ongnt to bo InTcotod ?Hh aovoralgn power, end thai iia ofti>ntm>MU ftftrft bo right to j?4go of lia aoto, la ?alrn ordinary and nntoaablo Tbe bUtorr of HtoU conaUtattofta, wVb aoarooir an ta oepnon. will emfaloH ft uniforas and ana rod eaii <-oao? to lb<- atuuifti7 rule of popular rftUfloftllon. i b? prnoilo* of ld?) federal and State govern aaeata, la thr aJoultoo of their r moodier ooaatMnll mm. eaWbUla* the wtaoom of the put, will fu/ntah as with safenMI reliable role of action. The raderat ooostttaUon ?U flrrt proposal bjr oenvaa tlou of delegates from twelve 8 tales, assembled In Phlla celphta This constitution derived no aatborit* front the BrM convention. It tu submitted to the various StnMn, tally ci?ou??i d in ell Ita teatercs, nod concurred la hp the pe pie of the Slates la oonvrniloaa aassmblod ; ana that occurrence armed It with power aad Inmtet it will dtp otty Article seven of the constitution makes the retiflm to*, or nine States, three foarihe of the aamber repre e? m rt in the con-.entloa, eeeentlel to Ita adopttoa. in the ad op ion, not only of the federal constitution, be o't eariy all the State ooMtltatloae, the popalar rattftea uen waa made essential, and all emend men la to tboae o mot of the States are required te pass two Legislatures, am) then be submitted to the people for their approval. In Kentucky, especially, all amend meets to the oimaM tb i. m??t para two Legislatures, and tor two yenra he submitted to the vote of the people, upon the qaeahea of eot-vi-m on or no con Ten two, on toe specific amewdamwta proponed. Tieatiea made by ambassadors are aot binding antll duly rati Bed by their respective governments, whose ee ute they are. L< tubers ol the Lrg'stalure o> of aonrentions are but tbu agents of Use people, who have an Inherent right to judge of the acta of their ag- nts aad to coodemi or ap it to them as in their dellheiato judgment Uiry may d?m proper. The lundamental law of a commonwealth, so tune paraby co nocted with the happiness and prosperity of the>, cannot be too woU dlioussed and cannot paaa th rush many orrean of popular scrutiny. What i elevates to conv ntiong may do, or what omit, cannot be known anil! tn?y on re sssemviou ana developed tb*Ir notion. If tbe whole power bo reeled in thorn wiUost rccoame over to the people, there is no gatrantee the) tie popular wlshoe will be fairly end (ally expressed. Although the people may here re tod (or ? convention to (cm n State oenitllntloh, yet they hare by to Jan rale o." conetraotton voted away the aeunl and anlrereal right c rauaoation. Special m (tractlone cover In/ (very point nrtetng in the m motion of n coocllta ion, cannot be given in the tlee turns preliminary to a convention, and It in therefore pre por that the notion ot the convention, neoesianly cover itig new ground ehouid be eubmiUed to the people for Uitir consideration Tie practical right of the people te ordain and eetab it: government* I* tound in the expressive aid besntUai preamble to the federal oonitliutlou, "We, the people, &c., do ordsln and cotnM eh toie cumtication " I<et tbe constitution I Kansas be raUded and eeteft linked by tee soieiun vote of tbe people, eurroundod by euch nofeg nrJn a* wl.l las i'e a talr and anbtaeed en preecon of the ictoal Una yide citizens, nsd It will ren ntn mvioUblj tixod la tbe affeeitebi of 'pe people. In nis report opou the room i'e bill, its dlsuecalehod euthor that ligtssliy eoume'et-s the va-ioce steps in tbe formation or n ccnsti.otion:? ne preliminary meet lege, the oolhBg ot the convention, tn? appointment of dei'/a <t. the sssorabiy ot ti e oo irr'U the <ormn too of the coveiliott>e, the vol lug on l'J raitttooilon, the eiectioa of rffle?rn n^ce* It " i toe itone report )* author nut J>nt1r remarks ? v. b. revrr a c nsit'ution ebail be (o.-m vl Ir an;' Ttrrt fry, pr. psrntory to its a mission Into the Union ns n -'?iie jortije, the genius of our Institutions, the whole t orv ef our republican eysUm Imp. rntlve'y demand f a' the to oe of tte people eb?li o fairly espr-eeed, and their will emh died in that fuudsmon'ai law, without fraud, or vtctence or at mt< atlr.e, or try otter im prop ,r or tl' ia"ful ItttU COO an'' subject to an other reetno'tors tbao th'se trrpoeed hy the Ct astltuboa of the Lotted Ststee " '< be voice of the people fairly expresaod. and Its ?tn*nt in the fix>daiu>atal It vs. anuuld be the earnest iw ire of evt ry ohizto oi a republic. Rat hew can the voice of the people be fairly exprereed, one tbi ir wtii be "mb idled in the organ'a taw, an irtr thai law, whrn ma?e be submitted to thorn to determine wi ether it le their will which the couventtoa bw proclaimed Tbe nadlng idea and I 'BdamMlal principle ef o ir or gaiiieert, ae expressed in the tew itself, wes to leave the octroi twras/dr inbabLants of the territory "perfectly ikc to f rm and njuiot- ihotr d matUc IcatlmUons in their own wny." The act eaalsre bins set aniimlted power rp u tOaneopie, MM the unly rsetr.euos impaeea npin iu >.?eic%e is the o<-Mtuut<am e? the Unhwd dsn. * The great nrtnetpie, them, epe* whim on* free Inett inions rret, Www un^eaim* had aWsbi?te sceeroUmtL c U o pu ?pW; nod cmstit ting, ee that rrtaeipi? dees.Fj wst positive nan essnetlal festnre la thegree* eherie.Tjr ocr libs rites, ee le U better esma ed teen oaf ethe *' ? < *? ra.t'a to onr b<v a om atgattp t* oar mum. -*> t-ot u lh? people te*, that the power lo attor to 'ob. or change toe characwr of >U gor*roa>ea> ?>" ? Ui Ukb oo loag ?til ih-y bo laiprttiau wit a toar dm ' trcnrllr tad of iluaity wblob anui orer apriag f f tlx on*' jomim thai utof mil w.tb a th ir otra Ktirtao (<>r rrr ; pouikal eetl, o ocrreotlra (or atary (VT.roBtaloi ili' ituj uanrpanao, "it!/ prlor'r i ojua* t i oat/la ana stunt*'aed at all hawou* aan * *r? r? ??ortnc* malMaiaud 1a *M Um piw ?r UN ItfeMi <o * U>? breadib aid dooto of li? otmoo capac y and ?' > (tliao; r.vtn, the' It bo acknowVtig'd a* a B>?re abet-ant] o, o' theory, or dee uio?>, bot a? a rraeitoai, at jaiMtial, Prlng realty rllal to orrr' oo-t " Tt?? |jca 01 anrropdertnf ?ba *oreret*?ty of too Trni| ttrwo?Ut?! p op*>tp of >ka i? of too torn ral HUtea- Iriu ifc# tan.;* of toe fbw who ft/at cboBoo to va. oar loic toes, la, to w.e, a poftlnal ooreltr It't jut I thai tba Tarrltortaa abaold aia'Oiaa tbo righto <1 - erreign Pioim oatt.' their crttMuoa and rn?ber* be c m anon aa ta aaiiiie tboa to he a'atlued lato tbaUaJea oo aa egnbfty wh? tba irigioa' itaMaf Ui aptaktog o* toe proper eoiatructloa of too organ t* ae . na iil?Mn?ci?bet at bor rru'ta "Tb* act r*ooj f ?* ibo right of tba laapfa thereof wbi a a frrrltotp, to lots aad regulate their own d waaatlr tnaUtoaani la ihttr owo wa- it>b)M* only to too rontbtcuoa of tba t'rtud flair* a> <1 to ha rec te?d into to* lit ten an rtn at tb*) about; maw th? <nutattenumber of trhabtlaalb. cp aa iqcal 'rot'tj with tao onfhai Stawa la ail rea porta a i" n ih?* M*T>?rt botora almond to Ibo author tayi " Tba petal upon ablrh yor coaaniHoa bar* aaterlaioad tha ir si rlcu? tad rrm*a dovb? ta rttaH to tha nropri# ij ch ai oorray the p-npj#'! "b, raiatoa to lb* fast, Ibal U> 'op abetaca of ur eoaaaa of laa IntaMiaou tb>ru it rtaaca to apptrerad tbti lb* TorrHwjr don do I cei Mb tofflew at pnpfiai'op ta OMMlo Ibaai to dotaaad ad a xwn raiior aa irrto -lib rrtaea, It va tab* the ratto of rpprrooptatioa for moo.(tor of Uoc|r*ai as th? nb " lr * mrdanot wtta Uw fori rotop r?wi, ( roatarttad, la a > fl HB?i?r to ;f* r body, that " las darabd'ty aed iDip* raiiva auhorito of a "tata oonn-tutor, abwrlba Itterotta ot tao prop" r?q?'ra a Mala taroraatont aad a d .-eit I* { TMa U .oceatary to ft ' it rtoeuso tad eft? ?? aii ba the prefer ovmIot, otoa tor ail. to sal ta it $ ar* poittirt qvrttb d? ablob uaaartia a wall rata later, crtuttahii ' ?a<t ta aanUtor port'oa cf tha - tpm antt'ia 1 ta"i "Justied ta toe c^ttrr aid the <tt " lr? of aoaao po ley rrqi.lre that ta* Leftr*a'.tra ot '.U r.rtfUa itaeif opurh nb;.?a at v preaur o'h? "trit al rptlre rqntliiy tad abaa a toflla tit pepnlattoa It km, tad tbsy thecal to adopt a HUI? imrtato, tilt >i>ty to a. I na p?rftct'f fioa, wthoit lot or aibtraira to 'or? all imi> fnt mi .astli'ittvna lr ttonr i wa way. and ?o die av taat tor an at gnrorantaal wphh in tbsir a-liberate ;a<tfOM-ut aif ba ^rip-m praprr " Th? rappeaefctea, "requitlta a an tier <K inhato'iiv," FiSirraat popa'attoo." tad odtoro Otaltoiiar Itopcrt raa bora ue other aitaalbf 'h?a ibti yteeti ib*ai hp o r load It j italrttree and by 'ba oatoatoa |adpoa>enl of tha J-wiry, to wit -Tte -aua of rspraaeaia ;*a lor a taaa bor of Copfrraa " oo pre a, I ratio btr a Meet bar of Oonfaaa ?MIN 'nhabttaala Wb?? tbaa, t Ibo prion it p-tpatt ot o< K tr.rt i. or ?hv all itbatrU> n ai M?-rb n t ' at alter thai time bo peraoa arr! tap ta It* rerrlarp ota rotr lop a member of taa cat ant >a aadar lb? proTtalopa of lb* toll. A' 'ba mi Ocfoba* a?ctk>e Uto ota rot* polled foe dov |*ie ta<i apraaa vat o r tonaraod two hundroo and petty al* (4 176), vbto> it'' ratw la faror of a cobpm tiea to fliti a (Uir ooct ' n?toa ?u but Iva tto yard n DUDOriil ?*r, (OTt'lJ It M ft We I |M?I IftUU) mrtfT ptrM ftlftUCOftrtr eat wttb lb* t >rtnti(tftar?4 e.iend ng the lent etaouea, tbftt tho deration of ft tftftt* go-fcbin ?' oftlarod bai HUM tern U (MTUt, <> it* emeu onto poi #4 tar 001 *?ia ti n la e'gMloftiitly laatoaUre <X Wie r?, iimr VbdUI?'M<r oa ?b? *ub>e No oft* wlii otftlw thftt a,*7# la ft aMjortty ft' tli* Tfttara of una Torrttory, i boat a 'a a ?a. ?tt? ftf um?? rottag, ana n ? onaivded that tbaft* a * voting wo MoM by tfe? be* of iMm wbo aid Ibf bill iibOftr poftatd*'atloB asanas ta be drawn Ira n U? bl I k?owr a* lb TommM bill, bat la aewsrfti rw?periIt d tt'rt imfB tbftt b H Bad In ibm? ptrtifrari u do#i B< t tar ebb rqnfti yaa**Bt. as tor fairates tnt loiimrtMlliy lbs 'ormrt err*.rMi tba appointment c4 n?a Hn partial On wr elo* rr? to una asi e*rr?wt the woe?. ia make a p.rper ?ppcrti??fc?a? amor a la* a*rr??*i oo-iaUaft. sad ! ? ra.l> 10 *ap?rlfti*bd all tba proilin' 'lartea to aa It ao ci i? a 'air rMitloo, wbtl- h? Hi a p*aw at bdl si tb?M Ira per ant eaUta irutbt'o By Prowl* Jedgfte and dtirriTi. ebetrd b> a?<i mp?| oo to ft party M dippf* ia otbar important parttom*"* Tba bill o' Mr Tooftibt onnferreo >ataahift right* aad pri? l?t*a nana ttir Tii'vcrj. and pn vl<W mesas >a p*r taa 'tpuisat ol <ba cwaftBtlnn while thl* bill doaa nr bar It ?ft ftra dit|*w*d '? a tall oareettrne ol tfta audit at & tba past, wn wiu re'k>a W"* Mfare wo I Brow 1 nor territorial <wo"tttai- undar pi asaat elm' niltiK't, by ib* atpilei) of a Mam g- verretaat Tb? Mete a) Mtrtlg?a r..uar<t a fetr'tory for On jaart -tfrrr ?fce i>aa tb< r*wilslie pope1 an m. wd ar tntr O'ber ?alf *. 4 wbaa Ut f war* adn tV .l tMy wan rtrot eaoti?b if ftU iba a* tvvt or mdberiftl wealth t' to n't rvpp r* rg And ft> ao< ibi 7 kamltai at IM i*o> ol ir? l"oi? 1. with tba' cuniy eonf Ice** whtob (poke a )?fti*t ftt> aril r>' ear a iftli'uTB* waaa-'MP d a amor pac altar ail att-arr diaari f.icr anarrr. Her rtob rttlaaa at ta< o-'clone metal* at ire ted a Ui? it tug papiiiat 0* to Mr abaeaa, sad M t? ated |'fa. oa tn.m bapan Bt 1 ?w ne aai wHb M 1 para tweet aral I ft' aaoe *i ?r? i?w tba e>periraea 11 #.n 'iHBiot, ftt latVh tin lefbiia oawaMt-iftai waa ibi'dtd by tborrtftdt tba iwoate tM aapadftiK-a a (kiitflb < a lit ad b-? o two repraaantaiti 111 bl Oaa ?' - - Irwi?? by im araaftgoof Uadooftrwor at Mum I do lb*; 'ia pi pt<la'lea of iMt IbrWtwg fwilftaty aft rn>d 100. rw. im tat eb'e property eeooeli le bokree Ulrt; aad 'b.rty-llTO Mb to? of doBftio Mad Mi rtow 1 taoftd af.M ftitd jf tM leryo hurw?i at tfrtdftMrl pn WTO ....... ? - . SUNDAY MORNING I (I'.ntK flith #?? (h? hw -#a a ((tllMPO I fi( m ? TVrrtt#-^ Iv t Kinfiaiiti Totnie ?dhi *'j?(f*te tb*. a oonvinMor i? c-*l<ed to fori n ilMltit or, tbu ?t ,c b> peeved f ir th# inking of a otmi la April or it tor r>.c* other prrMn?i?r7 ?u?r? m a?# aecanary; end Uiv If toe cooatttutlnu bo "ratllied kf Um ytoplu" at the hcm O toner oUoUon It ohofl be priMU rd to Cnrgresa to December fcl wing Three .acta ftirnirh oo a'diilreet o'^nireot wltf tbe cruet.utirn etould on eohmtrrt to the pi opto, Mike mejorl >, prrf< rrii| e rerritorioi go r> rooi'ot, end thiak log e 8 etc government promalurr, itny deitro to aeei i iLtmielvr* of (bet opportunity to rote ?; net tap Slate coneiltottoe wbnv- vrr Bnraeoed wtlb hravy liabilities, wt hoot UUea to oar lends, oor pooiio bnlldlega uaflUihed, ourj*U? erd ooort tooeri not erected. without money even to pap the ox peneee of o ronyrolPn. one juit? merging from tbodleaetrono efleote of e moat bitter ottril feud, (t imu m*Im for a few tboaennd peopW, scarcely aulUot-ett to motto 0 geod county, to dlmord the promoting and FootoHaf oope oi o government readp to oeelit u with bar treaoww ood to protoot ue wuh her armies J NO W GKIRT. Governor of Kansas Tarrttorp. leawrm, K. T., Pab. Id, 186T. Oor Lawrroe* OorrtajK>?dc?ce. Lawiuuku, Kaaeae lenlvory, P?i>. IS, 1UT, JV Lai* Attack en Gmyrr,or Qenry't Ljjb?intent* Pop* lar jufiiernrr-.r?a onion ny cut iwnci or ine n-jiu,? f"??ol< of the Srecutive Aula. Tbe bnt attempt to amaa?lnale Governor Genry. i>d (hoi (loot oy Uie ptMa of Ibr Torr lory and revive tbe retgn at terrorism, baa Intensely axotlad tb? Indignation of the oiUsena of Euim, mi i baa produced a perfect tniow of lbo people In a determined rxpraa'too of opiotoa lo stand bp tbe Governor, oven at Ilia aaorlQoa of tbolr livea aad property Meetlaga have boon hold wherever tbeoewa baa penetrated, addrrures oompt'nroatorp to tin administration adopted, aad Intense indignation enI rested against too would bo aaaaaatna At Lecomptoo? tbo tbeairo or tbo ptot aad the eoena of tbe rem*piracy ? 1 was gratified to aea eneb an honeat en P'w*m>c of indtgaatlon bp a majority of tbo ettlaeaa aad a'l the settlers in tbe vicinity, that ttn gnlitp bad to cower before tbo atoraa. The ettisooa of I.eromptua and vicinity have signed an address to the Governor, exrruietog th?lr " unqualified apptbailon of a'l bis oJ.eloi acta aad pledging tbcir |:va aad property to rnasaio hia model aetata atra m> " 1 ordereutd ibat a yu ullc csteitnf will bo betd <>n Saturday, to give public and decided expression lit Met m ailments At Big gprmga, ail mi-es from Leoertploo, a largo m-etl/g waa In-raeo laity eallei anu the axon. aeaidad a doc tab en, aad a addraaa adccicJ and forwa deU lo cue Governor, by a special con mlttoe Jfeeiugt wtU be called at every town in tbe 'e-rltory, acJ such aa cxrreeeioa of popular lDdlgnatkc given aa *111 maUtoli " ibo voveretgaiy of the people " 1'j* otuok upco th3 Ki-cuilve lor an official am which bla cotiaoionoe and the pta. a c; tbe territory bid dim pectoris, It lb* very pro Miie.o of tbe LfgUiklure, la rig buy regarded by tba pan Tie aer.i aa an araaolt upoe theuvelvcs, and tbsy will mow o< D.anlre* worthy of aeif government. tso popc-vw tnclgna>ton isbutltit-ieglumatereraltorthe bet (icon! efleoU of Governor Geary '? policy k-rora a elate M ear, caparailc.ed lo bvierbOa*and street/, UiGoreroor motgbi pi sc., bupptneta and oivperuv Wnoa be arrived rrottoi tbo eiiUera, utterly dcapa'rlaguf pro -rcii.m, btd rcto.v d to abandon tbolr ?.l?'ma and to mi riflcc- the ri an'ita of tbolr bard eamid toll. Diweas sue ? ?"/, crime an 4 C-ert/ bvvuglvt n p aou in peace, c?t j.itera and proat* <up. Property had appreciated -tiibiitsel; in vt uu. and gorera* giadneaa prevailed At -ucb a line, a prracn aumuiaUv by nuhoiy ambi.loa, itr.rcri.leU tbe Mo 01 * man whoso jaji wad impartial too inia-raticn baa been prodotl ve of a'.l lotre bi esloga. it la ibtr?:c;e 'atural ll at Ibr poji'ixr In should i.r great, and it 1* rlgbt that all tba aotuai U/na f.<ie a at l?r?, Wi.botn dlclinott'-n of party, should sternly ax rtea tbetr cocJaair.aiios ot this outrage. taaitrmpt ariu br m?oe to r?move Governor 6?ary ' -avt no doubt tba' tto Governor would *> deeply gratav to be removed rr m a post ot aucfi tronbk and> , but pw-pln might aa we't sum |>i ?o d?aa up tbe ? t, u . ; ? .11 u .o bcvi ?i i.act_iau. 10 assa ci ?cl A r? i or. the > ite Pntlin*'?A CcMm of C?nln?nol the Ti*rk< W 3 r*> '.eed 'Mot met toe jalwdij, that the Oteel&natt rxpi*M trtvs oa the V.rlt ratlremJ rive la this oiiy on Frt /'?? aioroiDf last, wee throws off it. tteok. en the wnet V Hrl-rioa of the rond, erd that r??.f btt htV f rbe Airgraph on this railroad Is in tts heed* o< the .cm ' t any, end they, of ooerse, keep whet they oleara ot It t h<ms?itm. oe applying et the oflaa yraterdsy, tor for her information rupee tiny the end-tout, onr reporlr wee informed thel e casualty bed eee tmd. hat they i fl.c 'Seew edhiey shoal IL Nooe o* the etapicy** e v e company bed heard thel enj'oitf hut t*ker> plane rre dt rotor* or the ~-ru p*ey eel?i a sK*tlt>g et the < * Nlcl e>ee Betel on Krvuy u.gbt. Had It aa}U<lng to d> with thui eectdeet' AM fot thr Hterrlry family. Jente Gonnon Betrsrr, Kt-g Due tie ?A writer in >car paper o this mtreiuf iiree the dietnaalag lluewoo of e wowea on the ooroer cf Waetisgtoe ned > *U?*?t op itelr*, wboee wants be drefhes as aery (rest, end teys be bee giro* ha etc end r<tideere a* e |t>'Ulxc I bet wbat i e ??>? G trie Her lodging, be ggWh, U >** Steera's rrwory store en tbe corner of Wa*bia?ioa end Usual trtrie Wilt you eeed the encioeod (Kite daiors < ucitwed ? Id H?e>;o) to the poee woman. KKeOKC New Tier. Mereb JMT. ?* tBx PTAKema rtuu r, <>thrs op wsahikoTON try CtfeL htuwts, Til* unoac. wee gi??n v ?? ,h) when t wsn In etmi *xr MroumeUnoae, byte ferl'bg (imager, rone two yeera . o As i hare i ot oror toe lilfflau.ty. i eooil you the itostcl wbts joa here got oror the dliliot'ly do " i e:o? eee VN e Iut?r at*o k mired two doilaxt front another Nrerdleot tndWUlral, doing liminet? in Well street. City Iittrillyrtire. Prut Aeoiase Mfnisniors lHn*<-rt*neem ?The nasi h*r of pereoee wh are mlao'ag t? Hex m'tf tlar-n'afr la.'r* It Is almost ttcrsdlhld that ersry woo b. 'or some tie.* poet, a mat hoe id ead"ta'y dieeepoar Note ont of th's popeMes etty esd rotwnvtetidiag tha t (Tort* el the fNH. IM lop* of rillM lid Ud Ur r i<>o? axertuiad o< Irfcede. to la eorar hoar". u m i* A mm o' data? ; hum tu raooatly ansa \e cu ?'i? Uii 4>owr<o n?iai tctaUec. TU* cur rifn'td to It that of Vr. 'nirltaR Kirf. wbt. al it v ma of t'o ;iia?,iru<M itl oi It ir? rapacity <K NllnprV ^ aor* f?l ?'.?* i'iaU. bid raarl wm It wtiHr Ktaji'ala I riot, Wbrc CO loft IbC nrortll ( F'a'V CO Uio tB'<rsiaf N'T- IS. In r.jit h's rriativn and lilaada ta Waver 1 -i *?d riar* to the loi-rv'aj We-ooacay. but bo r-r?r arf.Tod, to/ b tujr on* 'o but wbcraaaoulaor t'f i'recfiea efctauard Uto a oat dl 1 a??ii florti b?TO brca laelltito I R- KJag wore a goVl > ?'ofc *ci p .babfy lad ?.#ty or flatly dollara with L.u* oa 'Or c >*pib? r Itia dlraowa'ance. Bo boo lock 1 it I ? irmb bti roo? a Mac* olk-iotb out oootaia rg t ftw a?"r'i?? el t'd'r ctoO),.-* At bo acrer reaahad ' p * IB'" ae b.a a'-coni' err a)I aju^r, >t la raarod thai r t%* r?ae robh'd aad aiorrtrraC?alt) otijb bit ran 111a-ny tttb city I ff ?a? ouch aa In r?ad*r!t )?pro . 'able it tl ha crall kayo l>oea daeoree la to aay -i| or tbr way p'a-o 'or iha' pepeoo. Mr. R'af aoiao 1 ay at?-aa-a ayt ya* <")<">' atiy t r ?tr d wlih ibo tialnratl Oo-?i/? aid amo rooaetl* w th the Albany a i Bo yea of yioad rUJ :??;!/ate babtta, r?i pri^a*?r* r.a t| ^aa/azoo Blasvat eoa.a?-to'iot* frantrra a ere b,ark e> ? of r^otta'ty eparkl'hf I metre, 1 i rtTy i yrbrow* and a'ta Krvf nooa Ba fill on 1 *bt hrc ws ard fa acre haary ah.tloii aad oiaaiachllr vaa abani lai aty yiara of He I.or? ra I*ta- aa ? Tbo aMp ctamoci Ri?aecll. with a ta'tablo caryo of too?, tllka aad apt nee. aat od frow Chtaa too Now Tork mbo lino alec 3y atrooo of Ntttr abo bad a loaf paaaafo of aboat IBOdeye, waiob of aaarao aalilSod tba aala ol bar cargo, tbo tine icod la iff torrea of tbo oa'o the I ho orrlyai of ,h? goodo bartag < f MiTf't >ftor bor dofortare float Chlaa. aad brlbroaho . iuhad New Tork ae war broke oot. by wblab aaoaaa ?r? earro ra antral woo wor'k oottn rt MO,CM * n>ora to bar owl or* than n would baro boaa It obo bad n vie bar trip la tb? or Una-y ban la oU>o- word-, bet ha aiads a ae'rk T-'yafT, tba wwald baro canoed a lift I" boa rarfri of OdC,MO Too loot plant o? dotreitpn *a a ?co loo at Norfolk, whoa bar Mtuauee ,'or a irAo r ia tery erttiev ?ia tx Fuae.'iir < ri' 'it -iMtl ha," far I a"?bt 'stock aat a'jht a tiro w?c dtarwrorad la tbo brlrk ra 1 b.a N* at. t rabftb ifract TtO tarw waa paompty

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MM # Priaalpal ar Iba aabeal aa Maadalfa Tatoe*, aba ? *# foei ym*t? Mr aMrgrt area*? ?a iba '?-" # > i?agaaa aa iba #?c aa a peefebMert t baaa aaataid ir ?> v'v-m. .. TwtMfcWtrl 7*? IM tf raaMtaboa waa bra ? tiai RK 13 I, MARCH 8, 1857. RHor mu Ik* iMaffntallM. ABSIYAL IM TBI i ITV OS TUB OOMPAB1B ? ?? TUBMUO PBO 1 * AHHINSTV*? HlXhJtOTB TIRVMSB'S DBMOKVi A*10N TV VWUOOMM HUMS HO ITARB KHUIHB <10 TO- 34?TBS Ai.It?Y HtfaSHHSKM CORPS AM* T it ODABbBSTOWB CITY OOARS YMtardkf it? t mpaolas that lan ud puMd tbroogfi Utia oily on ih?U* way to tba inaugural oa or Mr. Baofenatn ic.aroa Ait rary v?<i pleaiad wtlli ttatr uoor Ma TBS ALSAHT BURaSSSBS OOBPb. 1Mb oompaoi amend la Itaia oliy at S A. M faalorday baring oonia Ibroatfa from PkUa latp&U tn lh? owl train wfctoh loft thai oHf M one o'clock on Hatvrdsy morning Tkay **pr*wty dooltned to b? rooetrod 07 an/ of w dty military comparto*. Although a number of tkom preffufd U>?\r aurrtora a? an nooori lo Iho can. On b?li| halld at tha fool O* Onrlludl atraat tha Onrm mtrohc 1 M ite Mlir Hnn Hd ?TMklwM Udlt II It A. M lt*| took lb* o*ri ?l uhauibxra atreet for nr nn Tbo Owrpn *v't*k it the warm**! toraaof the ktodneeo tbry rtotl" * to 1'nila lelpbia, Beliltu-jro aa>l VfMlnnirton In tbe letter all/ they were red by tko KoUdmI Guard, otto entertained them daring tbe la Biiytirailr*. coreBruBkR la Baltimore the T.lgnt (?n?r1 *!? ?B*te Chiteoelph'.a Oeo OaOwaMtder't Urtgnde did tlten nttttar honor The Philadelphia GrB)i*lwM ibeOo've to cuarte bdc. (ire them I alule lb pvitrg A- 'romene* prvjuyraoh of the oemposy onto <0*. u lu Iroot of the City Holt. Itodworth'B -wWOBd b?Bd ?<e?i|r fi*. | .1 the Kt Al'tVlV TIT* CH4>UI?TOWN CITT ?0*tUV Tbta ecmpaay am^od Ion iivna.uj ay tba Q? <id?u Bid Anboji rente. ho. to tfco dlrcredt', of wir otty roiltta ry foeo?t ?* ? Pored th to. TtK" pa? no at the Tom AM? H !oi Anhoo.h thMr trornmoeis wore wstl boo*<. co oettce l>?? bei a taken of th'.? fine eoniDtay, < r ?a<y oeurl? tie* p?r tared r.rt jriL,i?tr.b41rn tbe 'art itit tley |rrpt>?? to remain to fhli city until Worday efte'Doa, when tttny tike the HoutiJ aiTOt lor Norwlrn TV* mo-nine they will a'lrnJ d'ylee eerrtoe at l)r. Cbapm'e ebur-.n. Tee Ubarleatowa ( i*rd ?p*?lr It gtwatuy ternn ol the b'ndrefti they re roirrd on ?S?4> levtr e.y to ?be My'tal Oa tho morotof of the 4th of Harm they upon Preetdeo; Pleroe, who welcomed then. ?vmij. IV. Kow England root i'.tr>aol WB*bMtyt?o aJeo prcatntrd tbe Guard with a \ I'naKiH flAlft IHd^kl Tilt* lirfit #>f iklnh aid a IktAitilliAn I'keneea of bNa titaton, ud tbo rertrra bure '.he iieoi-tp IM>> ^ rn.ui.Tij. *" ? \ TBK ? HAPU3-U^N (bah*.) CUY I.OAKO, ? J ar tub y ? NT W ESOl.AN!) BENIHKNTS Or W/f?HlVGtON !> < ^ rfs. ' *(or Bc'i Fsft?7 Pt?rr'n>ado,U>o pr??eota<oa eieaoh, ? h oat' flMryiy reatxiad'l 10 bj Cai'ta'D Petroe on i ?lf of Ibc Gear* In Ba.ilnr.s.?a the Oi.y Gray., Oap '?i Waro>>r ixr'vt.1 tbom mi was thrtr oaoort to the *r? . aod la Ptibwl< Ichla toe WaeU' /tvt. dluet, LI*ut j rai l Wort .\iftim-d ?*, was their ?ote*t* jeni They were at ova al' U>r itoni of lb* Oil] of HrotbTty Lore ?n<l were art*tod moat boapltabiy. Ia New York a'ana )< */ let* be*D lo^c'y H (a Iota biped tbat aomo on* military ft tee da will lake tb*m ta ban ! to day and mrr'ow. wii.ocmz want to nowaait woine no. 34. Ibo mow bora of ttu< f Ira Department madu a mafnlll <rt dew ytsatratkm lart ntrbt, to wotooma bona* Howard rik'ne Oeaapaay No at, wbtah had been on a eiwt to V arbtntton, to wttceta the InaafnmU'W of Mr. Bnohanan. i bo train in wblob I bey were ana on do ad to nrrlr# waa < n* at Jersey OHf at o>t o'clock P. M bnt ia cos ' qutrr* of (be lamiM 'oad H did not ar. r'?e until an boor after tine. A number of tha r-r t( (tar w?pant?* bad aeeemblrd at tb*lr raepeotlre irtKi creek ar to tbat una with ibalr apparwtui, and 'ocownaated b> oar <!a narobnJ down to tha foot if f ori ia>dt rwret. Tba arena bore wac an nnlwatad ona. i-err a thouaand tlrtindn were -? tha groan* ia tbelr caqte cratunae, and a? many mora In oill tin' drera It a r ?iay of tba train area aub nii:ad to goo autsoredly. and tha aalooaa la 'e (.aigtborLcort dw n tbriatsx bnatneps la te bilm. At Irr^ih tba boat carta in wiuruo Howard lit co Uxrpat} on board and ihay warnreoairedby tttir taliow WUb yebaweat ebtara. Alter tba eircm* a p>oroa.on was to-wad, which march ad up Ontleodl a?tart to ft oad ?ay. np Broad era* to Pnttoa in %, down ?e ibo Ha?t?io cfttoe where tba p-oowalra (tin veat in Um "Hiowng ordar, aaini uf onr offloe Wlb i crura fbunt. ra aa -*n>paay *o. aa, with apparel*. . ? Downed fia|faa Cnwrasy No >1, with apparatns Hand KanfcaUar frame Cent pes < No n with a operants Hoar C?mpai y No . wltn patriate Bmc Compaa) No 10, w.ia carriage tad. Oceana ? ?>? Oanpaar do. 11. will) apparatus P. irv Hoae Oob)?o? No iS, with curiae* B?a<* Bee* Joke foglnc Cnwfoco So It. w'tf apparatae. PnuctwL fc.ig.?e CenpaB* So ti, with apparatus. Bin frltadoHp liA.h.' O tuptn No 12, Wilt apruwtuc Dorb ui) Laddtr C^apiif No 13. wKh upparataa. Clintcc IUm t* n>pa.No 'T. ?iU> enrage A>m at roc haT t: c Drra>?? wire the utual uoirom Of '-rfe rap red . h'.'taud 1 iiu-. u>u wbiw itaa otbara era ofeh ?i<! riclo T ? tit* o> mt<rt ci/dtnrrd rp 1- iul*a* to aoar 'Jitilli ti?l, wt<n a eollw'o* * u ?#nr 4 cp it lb* b<rto. a>Vr which tn.j ? ?*> to ru>d to tbntr bead oaric't la Or!e?o\tirr otrrc, c* e/o 31 Koglno bouae la HUM tkltlWMIiR iwUfUMIfM a * pie ad id ??. ar-4 crrdHai It ai ta i? tr<? f .w ofr aod tbetr eater >*ii>*e* Aliort.; b t'< a aa a *' at* . 'flit wbca tea pro r. mob waa rr.crot i*e w H-ca*w%f. the ttraeta ware I I a: WttB net to' get a gitmpr* of the v :?i?or? Hawvd iVa'ra Oe?f>enj Taa Naw Va beta rm< ta 10? ?term*,or tbc O'dneoo tbry opeoi. ?.<?d do U? tbc daP. eve core <w>-clOl? >a i b "lOeipt a, ?brir lory aire n, 'tl iwed with ataoa nra* Ti" r*rrp' bnire, * awwrer, w??ai?we?-pr1?e. i d ba af ro a#r>?abi? for beta* ut?"i!*e?led TBK HO* API. PORK CO HP APT It PMIL ADBLPntA. lb* Philadelphia rtuU 'w of the 7tn 'not rrvctbefol .?wirr; aooocnt of the re* jiueo K tor New /orb Ore com c.y ia ladapandcorc Bali. A jaot 11 % e'etnoa ib a aom ej. M?e?e Van* auoon I lb* Haaard Pro U r?par- ot Nit Vora on It* pan of tlx nanltopa! aelAOo'.'M i ' Palled Ip-et* The great* ?<re tat??dM?d tahta Maeerbf ) r Paw* Pria; I* ?ftw worda, Mr jar Vtui ibaa rump- ah!) wen.' mad tfce D .ma. aai alar e-.*g?lir< that a .7 hma doubtiiaa 1 i?o Ihr Ptra Japarutwai ai t'oi'a't'ti.w U?c gtieaia of < vn?* of wbnai <h?9 t en bran, fan oi iba kjieoour old to* rtectda or ,|i?. ta tlindor to their tint ta Rack 8*100 ta wOsoaa the Uaet'.-hllon Bit ri"aer or 1I1 ra lb* of idler at 'bat rpeotbeth at ladleatloa of he ft rcn m> t ta? \laor? of eve onaat'; aa I a? * icatl art) of the iiar.iw fact un ta oar <v<iiolrf the prjid .iltioottHR me) be ittalrr 1 a, aa* citireo, rrgau'ioaa X rerb btrh a* ata'tra Fr rcweried the" thM'rtait 10 ? Nai at ladet* reaa* wan "wiooatfr aprwpnote, af i r w.teoo-efag thnaa ? nrtoa ro taaognral ? - auaiet aa Iran .M* ?mj raJi kp*-C tb-' )* ac'M?o *1 rt !ta at tbc fi ai.eaflra .">f itr area or* the 'b!1 fudwr of which 'ley ban f? 1 e> u e 1.a-t raiioa ^f . ?ra?c Uuobaoaa Ait?r a lew anrdi na Uto Auirr'ra^ pnda wbiab cbnald af iwotc ovr baa ta aa c Uriaa. a>. the prisclpaa which rtl'hd firorj DW MUlW, .01 Y\1l: ri.M of (4*11 Ilpfit ?Jf p?!? x??~ i to' .!* >? T?rtM loraraa- of 16* uoiuf. JO I 4 i bi i tvi* ?,* * (-*?'' ' Nil*1 Mam B* aald tat o W. jdtaiaf 4o liaofrf^ueu, Mio ootooaat ( N?w ' * ( in r?e bo had <fe* k< o?r mi rapr*a?"nt Ml a 4-xiblo ii? li?a Ui tot,* U.M ihr r ?i t*>i wbo ?> ! | Ik* b'jtx onto tc Ji? |'tl Mm or anf rrr piojVr *n a alt ton if tha K?yrt"?r P?*<? Ha . a M f'?alK?* o* Iki Ma)r j '* rai'k *f r-rat ?ar" I4.aat?*f)r aa*iu*u 'to. tl-ai an um t? nr. "?# la Aanrlaa, ut tt? o*rc or* 'ja'. (total * B afar ct. r>i taiifore'a, ha' bocn ? Saw Turk j?? cottar aai r? i mat of <ba BowarC fir* Ooo-pai; *hr vtotlrro woro aoriHapaawo k. * of iba I * ***-aaer Boa* aa aa * ? ?-! *H? a'vnrwar* t *htk~1 -arv oa pabl e laaMatina* nnprtal* Mi* fight a?arlli?to-i. 1 From U>? bv.a oa Htrail Maroti 7 J Nam tto wti|?M d. i?mmi aUaedaat ipoa thd pr?t>?'.narit? at a prtaa flpht la ih* rtcta'W of flpni Poad, MM'ftU. thodtortptoaof Ptouaaaia lOttoM/baro-Maaiaod ?rai>qrll, kariip thai aaoth*r attamrN at a praad p"to ?*'j>iap of Ik* Saba tcfrucr ai'r*? h? a>kr??i*i wHh mmm rr.p -than bofo! ih* 'tor?*a a> lb* ataai? art" oa Ut* . t) .od oteorakn Hot lata lag oovrapo. tta oris taU an*o cf aaottar nap talk lor tl'O attoo l.?to**n la* 1 aciairo. ?*ro ar ii n#?d la thta nt; ?*tr * ?*,?., no**. Uir a?M)? haldoro, n pro^ai. 010 . d- i*'p>lrr4 \tl?o* aad ih? dap a*0d u r ' dlnpiaf dad ap-*?*h,r in pr. rat* 'aakr-nUaaa," It md*k iaa? *a? flird cpra for lb* fW'01# of tho ax*? , i Hon intiiiri <it r.<r <o* u d?n to >ah? tfe* oaro tor ? apot l?r*K?d ah tot two1'.* ail o* '*> Beotw. vu *?trn Ik* "???< m tta *roro fioadaotod hi ?a folot a itpto m>' rr? * >kar id* pr .ioa <f thM rny or ta* rtiiapor* aiortivon I oar hr haul* fnmi. ooro aworo. tb# ? 'Ik XI KrB'oa od aolihrap . taKvo rMoMod toiao I i ?tvi??f','<. 1t ??r *?ai for roportcrMr la diarf hod aa bhrtap haoo ty *?xr, rim aad aoflraird, hotb mod prorkap |*ot >0 ioo ?*?', oad N ?aa oot ootll if IT iroftop roaad* had Ki'iM, coropyioi two hoar* aad ttratoly olna n aorro, that tta friraf* of " * of tho , tofifrf tin rbUtad ?o vlttdrov hi a* r. a. u>-fit ir*t bto lifo a?'*ht ?ot > prriiird hla . f IB?ir aaarfi II II t? ??,a no was wink > ' ! " kto sctoi niNMS? Iwtf ?eai*afy rtu r: ifta *t1?r AUUfMt SMlMltca ofiba 'synaaa " Tk* iiiih ? ? Mt f?m aft baltor, Mi > ? baiaf W ? ?, ??m iNNNkiiki ?? ?! pr*t? to la ian TMin, || t? 4*aarltori aa It* M Wl "?tifawai ?' to t?? Iatorttoad maa, Mi tkt Wrrara ?f to* toaaly art wfto t'wsrt#* aa nitoiM. IMsraa Mara* T. tMT MHN far#, r I toil r. r*Va, Maaua Hart aa* ry flaai(aaa vara ar*?na1 m lay ?? Wvj lvfltoaiai to * rr<*a fffto *>< * took wiaraia ?a? r.'wif fa T> !??? *i < < ?' -4 ?i? afi*- v ?r ? , ? >' ' I. Rrn4t*pvtfto ?Ui. aaavtoMk* torn*. [ERA TW Gtand Kit* PmMUIIwi. TOtrx# ? * ton* u rmooaaaion?tiiritaa rno? rtao botk with oibu rtow lm l** im>;f>nsr jutbniiji MAIM autivu in t?ho? HQUtKB? tin 1B90HAMD iirw ranikntD to rm oorx. IkMWU U unusual uo' tmo I la?t vr??'< amm* thai porlloaof oar>uvealle >opuatx<j wa>oh to what boom oaa haa raoatloaaly o?i!*d tha ?t^ro?ri -r Tha bay* of Now Tork wera loformod iurou|b the a.rer tlatBf coiiibii of tha <Jallj papt.-a voat uevg* Or.rlaif ul Wood's maatrota woo Id, on Sainrdar tt*sih 7, at one o'olocK praeent to tha oleaa fiwe< *nl well ite.iared yowtfca of Ikk city 'tea thousand heautWji kiwi of Pie latent end most approved fhahiou^t Union arj-iae near the Washington MouoTseit " TbMnno-Joneruejil ?u .-0 salved with per Toot raptures, nod the noit ardent 1 uh if Imagined I hot the golden day or which r.bey had r?n,j 00 ?b in hury taiea were at la?l reai.t U?tut', .hv wooderlui llaae had c -011 when the streets ware l? b paved wtth penny loaves Instead of those ahominab.e sou bleetwiea or granite bl eta, and that the housea w <uM >e ally bethatobed with paaoakaa. The meal saugulns yealh la the matt hopeful enomeota certainly a-ver drearaod d( what actually t< ok plane yaetordsj In Ucha aijiwi-o and it ta doubttai whatier hie nociception over not parsed mob a oomerUwl okrpiny of hlKa (Vm tnou'juid, and all of item to be dlatrlhntod for ni'Htt vti<eng he boya and a gra> d pmcituioh got up ovolutt rt;.y firtlisn, nad bueCeu by aidit teed of ri u_.c, and asvoral la'gd jinn'.bus*a, eaeh drawn by all. eight and twelve horaee d > ci.raUx) wtth planter?ard alt this eepMiieJIy and eaoiu ktvely for thenil Why, tnere was hardly a Do/ In th-i procrtfcivn that d d cm feel an happy and aa prorw, and perhaps cowti'ietabiy mom so thau did t o U~>ut Pa ylairate a tbla groat cmutry ou tb. ua> of ma loan prratlou. The grand presentation ua> war, at rmy be mppoaed, looked forward to *4b do ordinary fcci:i,ga of )'!j?c?a an I when the happy morn'oy ?rri??<i lteai.utiic.arif did not rite roiwr i aa ihr a.iue rf Nr r York, ncr did bo, la all hi* travels. *eo otcrrier tiaop ar, Dt'gbleror eitooer ItorUia abulia. Tho programme anncnnerid that tne p'ocminon would form preoiaoly a*, ten o'ourk, on the c.-rtHT of Thirty fourth timet aau Niir 1 , ?ni' w.t'o / puurtcaiit? that t o winoulliarbay OSS tarr hot a ti aaa, atiey Aorueli M I'll g'Ound at tLe required llu e, ai .1 o>auy lock b. Ioro. ''he day waa re la?c/al)ie tlal Mr Moritn. himaoli must bavu tocu?ht aii b? lulluorre to bear ol old Ailofus, aod t'nar wra trd oioiyb to ei?/vU<tbr wooloteu ihoaitid kite* 0 no elit udc that want'. b? anytMOf bet ratify ,\rs to ihe (tterim 0oo< tt. if any akiplintl >0 ah bad doubts 1. to ibe tiu t of the a*.o<. oueai?ol, lioy wore Ui*. e'.j-f ov wfcat fc* saw ou bar arrival at tuo ape Inted tonne. 'btru were t?u jbimOUi en pr.nted *fuh h'i. a 3he.u>n'? ful tar !, ibo hers'* with twr 1 cdcinp pluut* uaO tb gteti mon of thu d?/? "'toy ffu c u^d O.o ye C .ru',?* Ui'-.v ust<e& wilt be rrmtte.tiered a* l i g a* kite lly-ug rball lorra ec.o j{ j.r |. rrnii amtretrrhiU It:* pronri.tir.t ??t BCl lone le i fU'i p nod aa* nt*e> {' I fo the .,1 <vder ? a ftlgatnle olksbur, rtt*? u by tw. lVi. IiO'.aa, dm... rated *iUi )ui piur p and c'jtwiiitrt; uhout ?wa- ty (! ?)'(<1 pP"?l' uad t?? th?'PSt??t Wttoa It ??t bt ,i? ??J tit ? ?ii< INTO, (CbVO d rni'Atiprf-fctc'O: Dot the In (ii.MU cciaiiaiod j( boyc. vai, Una aj,e fro . ot,jht ? Uft? <? jt'k) *, ud it w li b? arailfytii* f> .ao ihe\ ho>* ?;utr how to wild b?outi) C>? <'4fit:ty Ou (no ?|.o? tbV r? MbtJ* t*?r O'i imntHii* W? Uu f?et bv *?tt: ?Dd l??ge enougb lo h?*o o?M<v. >.iromnibus, in tie.' gu? ?ir, plkit's aui' till 11 thorn nal -nly lt#'n wad ?B0i:yb On r.? btoi 'root * * lUe fotowlii* nsrrtp us. vtiijy for lb it. foe. tb?l li a .1 Ha* in4W; ua? irlni.? U> br onwrtmr pugfu, lust !lo :|m 'uiilwj.J 1 ti led fro two "tncicti>"t. 1* lasMoibtfii ' T I 4 TP* "HOIIS.Nf, K TM I. ww.ld In* louam#) I? to do juttlee lo Ibis rlf i.Vcanr da < 0 to IkHftxge. 44.i w* 4buU U.?rMw?.? Q nutat nr?0 ' 4 with Uie Or..f UU. Mptmilrr eieurv pro 1 inert by B |rtuv4fti' 4' n>!r?ir wbi'ti 'I rt'el nia< CU 00 -( ' bed p'"Q, U&4 wbea bo escik'.aaod Ooi $,' ytl ?t it ? Ir Itoll" tU' IHil II Itb piWoillOll WM U Hilt llolrtv J4.Utl.UI vinb kiWa, Ml bin-!* from tno mok hi ?i?. i.u 0 u? d w'b '.u? ?ii o?r<o* Uunorpn >n 10 lory* bhama I* rt? I J nOM CHPB-ITV AM) thuoivp MINb'KKl.*. I lead way boi>obtfi| ibis ntnirtbna wm 4 'ary* lent tr.g?l <n t rid hfro drrw, hy 'our M*M Oa ttar ?' 10 if 'j et t *4? tfio otto?tr.. 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