Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 8, 1857, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 8, 1857 Page 6
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4 KEW YORK HERALD. nmi in rMmmi ma h. ?. oMm of rutok am xamap Brs. Jgf D-<II ? HKKjLD S tmu ff *f*> " JSf WW*. Tfc. * F.ELK r UEKaLD ? fey ' >. W ?* ??u. ?W. ~ ?..?, <*. W ^ ww?, O '/ Cr. M / nMM, ?r H? ?* I"*" fvivxTA JtVSbnK.ispoMyE.vcK, ?? ?<?? < **|W M> Win 1*1 from M? fimW W * "*rid-ij u-d, lkM>? r?'W V- aa-orn rouio nw?ww?w ui KtMitvukiT ANnnwK"**1 4*?fie?r OH Not D* , . _ . *0 NO T7CE NWm W romm'tmcai^. H*? Jo ""jTOiT PRPNTlHQ tmimUti tfrik itrmtmm htopnett ?>nf **3ftrr? WMM?.V rs rawW <fa?y. TiImm" 1X11 Ho. 66 AMVBKMBjrrS THW IVEMINO. B9A0WA Y THBATBK, Broadway?Li Br or Idroaa? A B*la-*d sou 4a Our ma 00WBUT IT BATHE. Bowery ? K tHun. Tar. S?0?T? Jnrmo filcm-Orrav fahmob WBBT0 ' 'X NBW THEATRE, Broadway, oppcetMMnL ?wat truss?his uw liw WlkUCK'P THEaTRB, Broadway-Cajeuaa-Ott for MOar. UVIi It BUTE'S rnBATBB. --u B.eedwaj-RaohaiI. ? Atari*-Sua brows ro Ooaiicnu tfniCAif THEvTRB, Chambers street-1am 8cai.t BawTxaa? Joan or Amu. MUCalTT OF MU810, Fourteenth *t Italian Otbealu Fwui m KaoiasxTO. It&ini'o AMEBICA* MC8RVK. Broad war-After ?urn a K. jIa.vb roa am Oum'k. treolaa *?rrn Oau.t. 00 fHBJSTT AND WOOIJ'8 WW8TBBI.P, 444 Broad v*t- Etmofias Fmnroaaaaciw?Bew Yeas Calls. WfWK'.rt'S SERBN4DKRS, 086 Broadway? Kruioriii stavohmamcsm?ocean r some hath. CHtVHS' p xi.i., 472 Broadway? Nremo Below* 0m.. m* BkTAST'S BiaMHRLT. TlPlRil AC'jF.. Broadway?Oiawc Kntertainmknt wi ii m aa jacitic *r u wdk* Vint, bt tub (ihieiNu t>ij> t?bi aomim tkocpb. lew Toik, laadkj, Nareh H, 1857. The Stwi. Ike steamship Cahawba arrived yesterday, from Bavana 2d inst. There i* do political news of IntemL Sugar was inactive, and one authority notes a slight decline in prices. He government bad keen petitioned to temporarily suspend the duti.* m imported corn, in order that the poorer classes may be somewhat relieved from the consequences of Km failure sf the crop. The tob&oco crop had al-o flailed in portions of the island, and prices wore rising rapid'y. The Belgian steamship 1-eopotd 1., from Antwerp January 31, and Southampton 14th ult , arrives! ut Una port yesterday forenoon. She brings ninety live passengers. The mail steamship Fulton left this port yenter day at noon for Souths moton and llavre. Sis aarried out sixty-two passengers, among them Senator Sumner, who was accompanied to the steamers wharf by a numb >: of his pereono 1 and political friends. Lord Napier, the new British Minister, was yeslerday waited upon by a deputation from tbe Chamber I if Commerce. An account of the interview, and tbe apeaches deliveted on the occasion, together with m description of the lordship's personal appearand, ay he found in another column. Lord Napier dc to leave for Washington on rnesday next | Mr. C. F. Wetioore has commenced an action, at Me nil oi nr. AiDen Diaiaoeu. ac-aiu-'. i .n ai? V?k Daily Timer, for an alleged libel in endeavor tog to implicate him (Blaisd' .1) in the murder ot Da. BurdeH. The suit inclnd* * toe name of Origin Yaaderhergh, the writer of the article, with Wesley, Ka.'ir.ond and Jone<. Damage* are laid aUm mm of 12,"> ,000. The jury who tried Daniel Gallagher, in the Conn af Beewons on Friday, for an alleged rape on Mary Ann Conol'y, of Harlem, retired to deliberate upon their verdict at 5A o'clock, but had not agreed at 5 yesterday afternoon. A long conversation ensued between the Rec order and the jury, and in answer to a question, he replied that a rerdict of asaault id battery would not imply that the girl voluntary consented to the commission of the deod. ventually the foreman said that it was impossible tor the jerv to agree, when the Recorder discharged tbem. Ten were for conviction and tan for a Moult Md battery. A special committee, appointed by the Board ?f Aldermen upon a petition of laaac Townseu 1 and sixteen other merchants, met in the City Hall at 3 P.M. yesterday. The petitioners desire to have the new Post office located at the lower end of My Hall square, in the angle formed by Broadway Dael* i?ii i'rv*. romniltvrt sat t r . hourakeepiu* up a random conversation about thi di bruit v orda an 1 otuer extrsn oils matter*, ore* I tonally remarking it would be proper to come t Uir satyect before them. It was the first meeting of Uii* committee, jet * >me one bed u report already I drawn op * the raault of then deliberation*, which aeport and resolution* on being read appeared to be in Savor of authorizing the Mayor to open a corre* pundence with the general government about th< locality mentioned by the petitioneia. Another ^ >nx ry cunremation ensued without coming to ay decision. Th* City Inspector rwporU 44'1 deaths during the poet week?an increase of one ts conpved with the return of the week previous. There has been a a/k'd tailing oO in the number of deaths from dhruri of the bra n and neirea end^ oorreapond leg increase of fatal raaes of affe. tion- of >be lung* tkeuat Ac. Toe scarlet fever at<11 prevails, and 1* Bgktly on the inrreaae. The following flgo-e* eat dot the namber of death* duriug the past two week* amour adult* and ehildien distinguishing the aeie? M". tr,.a<t n >? dieia rvc ? ? s- 1*.- t-v A MM m La !ii 1 La ill ?Mk Md'^iurafer. : u: m i?i Aa?r ,b* praopai c*nte? ef de??h were the Hhmire ? r*4 ? Wtt'< m*t f Ohm iM. M. KarH 7 Owe >!!?? M 71 pmlMi (niuuf) ...41 ? PfeMMH (f tbt Imp fl rt MWIN frrr ?1 44 kmM ?i w Mwpep w the b?*4 . . 14 ? - ?nil s it (D-vrp 14 'it There were al?> i death* u^|X>piMjr. j of broo ihMu. 7 or coage? f a ' "f eryMpela*. I I of arrofola t> of ikSun?D <* the bowel* yreaatnre birth*. '-"1 Ulli?onn|'*i It de* :h< frow ewleit "ftueee. O^be tou ntm er M were ia wtea of the publk^MMtoou. The foUowirg^^^^^^^uUen of Mie Jl?ww ad the lotol iweh Kio ? Owiet darlag JtarcA Ph * ?! M Met u4 I mm, Mreot. w? na>l>?r of ponding we*ln 1 Wmfc m4\mt Him 14, ?m mmKMl ", HMm^iim :. ^T Tb* nativity toblc A* ''n1t* Htoftm. *17 of lr*lio4. M ?Hlntfiwd m>4 4 t*eli of fccotUnd ^ ^5^1 lk.Mil MM jMrtlf r?MM4 ?* ? 0? Mm, wimmt fcmn-V afcaag? tf mmnm to fte* toHMlMNlli ?fMrt Ml pal*** * m*' M M,ial??iHMNir ? tovm rtom *"*' to" fctoln M* Mum* |rti? WW* mMr Tbmo ?m ?? OM mM knif nM to 94*. tor imw tot Park wm In tott tonpMlalMI Nl tS4 tor nt wa, u4 t IN tor tod 4Mo. ttogara war* rtllmtoaaintomfrtto Mm wti et??4l:r wtlfe > I'M t Kto it M& ft I1K?. VMPNft to Unyi) win lnw, ftftd grata wm mn?< to Mk aad top it *%& ft II, Mm b?U ?t to, m4 tarn wHb toid at ibt Tb? DfrWw of Mm Bfty i?c Co art In tti? Dud tortt ItoM, and Ma Trtmadmn Out* Tbe lftt? decision, or, rather, < he series ot'decisions of the Supreme Court ot' the United States. in the Dred Bcott ca"e. ie of more vital importance in reference to the settlcment of the slavery question than any or all tbe other acts and proceedings upon this subject ? legislative and judicial. State or federal?aine? the organization of tbe general government. This supreme and tin&l tribunal in tbe interpretation of the constitution and tbe laws, ha? decreed that aegrocs, or men of the African race, whether bond or free, arc not citiaens of the United States by the federal oonatltoMon; that the ordinance of 1787 was superseded by the constitution; that the Missouri compromise of 1820 was an unconstitutional act; that slaveholders have the right to carry their slaves into >? Territories; that the legal condition of a slave in a slave Stat* \b not aflected by hie temporary sojourn in a free State; and that Cougrc*s has no power ov er the question of slavery m a Territory, and cannot delegafe any power , over the subject to the Territorial Legislatures. The importance and comprehensive bearings of these decisions cannot be over-estimated they cover all the disturbing party and sectional issues upon the slavery controversy, and strike at the root of the mii-chief in every case. First, the supreme judical tribunal of the Union decides that, according to the constitution, negroes art not citizens, whether free men or slav? a In other words, ours is the white man's constitution, and the negro, as a citizen, is abso; lately ignored. The consequence is. that all the existing constitutions and laws of the free States elevating negroes to the rights and privileges of citizenship are null and void; for, in this an tboratively d( elated meaning of the constitution, to be a citizen of a State is to be a citizen of the United States, inasmuch as the constitution expressly ordains (Art 4 see. 2), that "thecitizens of each State shall be entitled to all the privileges and immunities of citizens in the several states." This decision, therefore, s' ttles the old difiiculty between Massac hasetts and South Carolina concerning the free colored citizen cnoke anu seamen or toe tormer, treated outy us uan! gerous free negroes npon entering the r-orts of tl?e latt*r .S'ste. The decision is against Vtassn chusette und btf free colored ci(iznn3, and in favor of Souili Carolina. The decisions concerning the federal or dinunce of 17e7 ard the Missouri comproraU* of 1H20 establish the lull validity of tH Kanfas-Neoraska bill. as the true constitutional policy in regard to slavery in the Territories. The decision concerning slaves in traantu through a free State, or the tcmponry sojourn of a .Southern slave in a free State, settles the Ix-mmou case, and all cases like that of Mr. Wheeler of North Carolina, whose slaves, at Philadelphia, were so unceremoniously spirited away ; and in all such cases the supreme decree is decisive ot the slaveholder's constitutional tights to his slave property. But the most' important of these supreme decisions, in u political party view, is the judgment that Congress ba? no power, and can delegate no power over the question of slavery in the Territories. This decision at a single blow shivers the tuiti-slt^cry platform of the late great Northern republican party into atoms. The policy of legislating slavery out of Kansas and the other Territories of the Union by Cot press will no longer avail them. Congress has no power in the premises. That i< settled. What was in doubt is la doubt no lcrg<r. The supreme law is expounded by the supreme authority, and disobedience is rebellion, tr< aton and revolution. The republican party henceforth^ must choose between submission and 'evolution- lojaUy or trra*on to the government The pall aid Mttcrneae of die New York Tnlmw arc betrayed In its mad a^evtion that these vital and final decisions of our Supreme Judges are "entithd to cut *o much moral weight as would be the .. Ma'.Awtlw ,?r Iksvaa jaAMwa?M?l.d (.. JIHI^Uiri'k wjl II IllPjVI *Ji bUVVC tVU^M.'^lllUU III any Washington barroom." But this madam t>r oui S< watd organs will avail nothiug. The onl/ al tentative to tbe anti slavery factions or tb< North, lioin the Garrison to the Seward and oiig'tisl Van Buren taction*, is loyalty or trea00 submission or n ls'lll >:>. l.'t (oi'-tior.alily this bombshell from Ui->u prrw?: Court, toother v ?j the inaugural and tin t'ablm.t of the r<e? administration, will at ouc< i? f jK-ti the s!av? ry * itntion in all its length aid Hrendtb: but hcnc*' *i slavery in the Territories s an !*?ue which Dr be decided by the laws of climate produc's, -ace* and tbe na*ural law* of oar population a d emigration; for Coofri' henceforth c: have nothing to do with tb* sub ject. Meantime, the new administration. relieved of hr precedents of tbe Missouri compromise, tb< Wiltoot proviso. and all other unconstitutional laws goi* proceedings of the government during th. ln?t 'ortv ) < are on tbe slavery question, has it? etuis* plVmly and authoritatively marked out. la ibis rt*i*-ct Mr Buchanan is particular ly fortunate, and h> e Jmioistration will we dare sar. be sinsruiarlv satisfactory nod eoccessful. for tbc people are met loyal to tbe e??n*tjtuii<>n and the 1??* DlRTY ^TRMCT*- How THK PtOHJt'l M'INKT in Thrown Aw it.- Every on* know* bow dirty tht street* are and bare been for the lant aix month*. Ooce or twice during thi* period a few load* of dirt hare taw carried away: but the \a?t balk of flltli. fllunh mod, garbage and dirt ba? been allowed in the etreeU day after day. poiaooing people until the atrnowpbere evaporated it away. Vet. In epitr of all tbi* neglect and want of gor.Tumemt. Comptroller Flagg. who la considered by a certain coterie of office aeeker* a* the very embodiment ?f economy and good DTcrrmint. ha* given flue authority to Mr. Kb for >132,000 for cleaning the atreeta dating ^ period above mentioned. True, fie tnooey ^ta not been pud. tb* ffJTiag refitted to an atrocioue and vile atf\ ff the Owaptroller to throw away the peo emnoey: but for hi* re?Matancf. Mr. Ebliag nou'td actually barf pockHed (132.000 for the vandalou* neglect of doty which bM <l*Uagui*h ed him during the [wM riz monUnt Thue it it that the people'! money goon, tad that our taxee aw Hi a million per annum The Comptroller who it no frightfully economical in matter* of fifty dollar* and matter* concerning official! of the oppoait? party to hkaaeif, la doubt I em a friend of Mr. Ebliag: hence the attempt to mulct the city in one hundred and thirty two thoufwnd dollar*. la it any wonder that we get dcpcr tod deeper into aipen** and debt? NEW TORE HERALD, St We have received froai a correspondent at Leeanptea, a copy of the act lately parsed by the Legislative of Senear, providing for a oao >w ef the Territory, and for a convention to form * State coarctation; alao, a copy of the menage 01 uovenor weary, giving DM reasons tor refusing hie signature to the said bill. The otyect of the act, which waa subsequently parsed unanimously over the Governor's veto, will be discovered at a glance. It is, by a desperate pro-slavery coup fiiat, to make Kansas a slave State. Hence, in the business of the proposed People's Convention, the approaching spring emigrations into the Territory are to be eat off; and in various other respects the convention, tor the purposes of a pro-slavery oonsti'ion, will be as nicely pushed as the late MissouriKansas Legislature itself. Another reaent act, providing the death penalty for disobedience to the code known as the bogus laws of Kansas, is, perhaps, intended to intimidate the rebellions free State squatters into submission to the " manifest destiny" of niggers provided for them by the aforoaid census bill. Tbete are higb-nanded transactions?so daringly despotic, unjust and oppressive that they oan baidly fail to attract the early attention of Mr. Buchanan and bis Cabinet But in the meantime we perceive that oar abolition and nigger worshippers' journals of the North are getting up another hne and cry concerning the imme cent peril of the establishment of slavery in Kansas, through the unscrupulous proslavery expedients of this Missouri elected Legislature, and it is against this senseless partisan hue and cry that wc would direct the dispassionate attention of our readers. Slavery in Kansas! It cannot be established. Under all the privileges ot the existing Territorial organic law. and with all the pothouse and despotic appliances of a bogus Territorial Legislature. bogus officers of the law, and the late bogus administration at Washington, there are I* rlmpe rot over two omnibus loads of negro tlavts local* d with their masters in the Territory. The great mess of the torui rid* settlers of Kansas are tree State settlers; the great majority of the bona fid* land hokkis are free St to men, and tor the best of reason." among ull men of basinet Make Kansas a free State, uud her choice lan<K mill teats, town Ac., wrll be worth from five to ten times over the price they would fetcn if Kansas were simply annexed to Missouri; an * all the men of property, substance and enterprise concerned in the destiny of Kansas kao* it. Accordingly, we have n? fears that tbe*< desperate expedient* of a pro slavery Legislature will result in makiDg Kansas a slave State. But grant that this proposed convention will Is elected u> arranged, will meet, wit! adopt a State constitution establishing the institution of -livery in the State: and grunting, for the rake of the argument, that the turning democratic Congres* will accept this State const1 tutioo, and that Mr Boehanan will sign the bill, and admit Kan*** under it a* a clave State, bow long will it con- i tinue co?-three year*, or two, or one! On<e i a State, their work will be dene, and the Ifiwoti nana will retire. Then it will appear that Kau cmc in a clave State withom slaveholders or slave-:' and un amendment of the State constitution In i reference to slavery will be one of the tirctaresults of a Volute popular sovereignty. Tbe idea that under a pro-slavery State go vpmment niiricers can to made to nav in Kan at* in absurd. They have reused to pay in Missouri. Slavery is there steadily reckling before the advancing waves of westward European and Anglo American emigration. Roomroom -for tbeir swelling tboaKanda. ia still ibe cry?room! room ! move on! Ak far northwest a* Minnesota, we country, comparatively, ia tilled up; Netirarka ia Aling up, and tbe bfavy tide Ik pressing down with irresistible force, uot culy upon Kanra*. but upon Mimcuri, Kentucky, Virgil.ia, Maryland and Delaware. All the** State*, porhnps a thin the neitflf'een, perhaps witbin the nevt ten ye?u>, will lie free State* It mu>t be ko. Wc cannot repeal tbe laws of nature and of climate- we csnuot reverse tbe lawK of population. an<i this heavy western current of tbe white race* luust have room. As it flilH up the few remaining wiw-te places of the northwest, It will orerfow the border State* of the South. Thus, while all the souoiry Ik agitated coo ccruing slavery in Kansas, hlavery is actually dying out In Missouri and other border slave la i\i?. laruK !fi l)i frt'f* XLaL. A ItMnm Wgbcr iu price. < ni jraUon frcmi tb* North will |bc diverted more ar.d more to the cheaper land' of the t?order slave State*, until the natural boun dariee of Africau slavery are reduced to the cot ton, rioe ai d sugar regions of th* - sunny .South." where the beat and the andi-na. which are deatk to ihe Euiopean. are life and health to the Afri cau. Kama.* a alave State ! While the fauaMca are bowling, let u* watch the solution of th*> prob hu?. Thk New Citt Dn.i.1.? On Moo Jay last, th* committee having In charge the Mils for the alteration of the government of this city, reported them to the Legislature. There are. a* we id< ntiooed. four of them altogether, tering the charter ->o a* to strip the M ay^PP ? much of biw po?cr. and erecting the Comptroller into a aort of rival Mayor: another appointing Connniwdone-iA to build the new City Hall: a third appointing Commissioners to lay oat the Central Park: and a fourlh erecting the cities ol New York and Brooklyn, and Richmond and Weetcheftter counties into a sort ol police die triet*. goverrxd by nine f'omralwdcewvw seven IF WTMJni mrr iu >?* wj m? itu mm, the two other* being the Mayor* oi New York and Biookljc. Th'? flefarloM po'itleal *chem<' i* rrsn mor* clunvy than wa* expected. It U proponed in the teeth of the opinion of the Attorney General, who ha.* declared that the cwtitutioo reqiiree the appointment of municipal oflkvr* la oitle* to lie made by the people only; it U eontinaed in deflate of common *enw for it would aggrw a?(e far iieyood rxperleor* the dreadful erils of Hp j*r<wcot olty gOTwnrowit. by atlll further div/Mpg authority and ditalnidnng reaponidMlity; a, d It u made public in dedaaoe of decency ao glaringly do?*^h<' danism of the acbemora ahine tlsrongb fetaoir IdHh. What they waot^^obUcal inflame. 1%i* they will obtain if tbcweflrc altered ta obtain control of the ?on*y^Pfc he expended on the City Hall and Central Park, and of the fifteen hundred police appointment* in New York, Brooklyn, Htateo l*laad and Wnafchenter roan tie* The *upplotnentary lull amending the charter?is thrown la partly an a nop to the people of thi* city, who are clamoroua far reform in aome riiape. and partly In order, by exalting the Comptroller, to drangthen the haikb of the party la thip city, pn4 to weaken thorn of the rjtDAY, MARCH 8, 186T. M?jw. B?t tke iapotut Mb an tkne wkiob refer to the Okj Hall and Park, which wfll place a patrcoage of from twenty tc thirty millkaa rf dollars In the handaaf the Albany nominees; and that which entrusts to the nae parties the ap pointmeat of *11 the police in New York, Brookh n, and the most populous adjacent eoootiea. It the party led by Thariow Weed can carry theee points, they count to rale New York for ten yean to some. Ihey may do 00 for anything we know. We can only my that when a similar scheme with regard to the police vu tried in England?monarchical England ! with all the privileges of aristocracy established and acknowledged?the sturdy municipalities rebelled and rose in arras, and the government was obliged to abandon it. It has succeeded, and tlonriAes in France, Germany and other despotic countries, and is in fact the most convenient arm of despotism; bat, in AngloSaxon countries, it has never yet been pomible to indnce men to surrender their privileges as freemen so far as to tolerate its establishment. To lose the control (and control implies employment and removal) of the police is to lose tb beet of all guarantees against oppression: it remains to be seen whether New York will set the example of this voluntary self-abasement. A Batch ok Libel Srrre.-?The personalities of the psess of late have resulted in quite a large number of libel suits, some of which, if they ever go to trial, will give us developements of the most amusing character. Our amiable cotempn rarieB of fhe Tribune are doing the moot extenah . basinet* in this way. Greeley has two hui's against Western journals?one of which charge j him with taking Mariposa stock an a bribe for supporting Fremont, and the other with acaepti?g a bribe of one thousand dollars for aiding iu the passage ot the Des Moines Navigation bill. Greeley is also sued by Mr. Counsellor Bustoed. who has been charged in the Tribune with "garret ing" a certain paper in Court Then we hg"? an intense excitement in the theatrical world ia relation to the libel suit brought by Seymour, a theatrical critic, against Burton, a manage*; sa<<l Burton charging the aforesaid Seymonr with w nality and incompetency. The fashionable worlo is promised a bonne bouche by tbe corpalcut sexto of Grace cbnrcb. the celebrated Brown, without whose aid no person in society can be christen i. married, buried, or give a party. Ou? of tbe Sunday papers charges Bro>< > with making a good thing out of young m >o who desire to get invitations to fashionable ?? ? ties, which statement Brown says he will u. e

the Sunday paper prove to be true in open ooti -l or abide tbeconsetjutnces. We do not know . >v much Greeley expects to get from the Wet r?? editors, or whether Brown thinks that he e:vi make his foray against the Sunday pap<r puy Knt Qi eniAiiP anna Piii*f/rn cimrvlu tiu.i t/uv il^ j invui uvo ltui irvii i-uitjjr'jr i /t j v aim wo presume thtf7all parties will led relic xl i their minds afUr Laving t>een thoroughly or or bauh-d by the lawyers. The pablic, hoc/ever, will be the only gainers in fact, anil w 11 on doubtedly obtain tome rich reading for the dog days. Tiir IhroJttTKD Rkwoval of Couonkr Co\ \Fitr.-t It will be remembered that on tSn.clo^?^ , of the Burdell inquest Mr. Clinton, Cuil^B niDghaiu's counsel, preferred charge* ^ 1 Coroner Conqery. and transmitted them to th Governor. soliciting that ho be removed from the office he holds. Coroner Coanery followe: tin charges to Albany to make bis defence; and we are given to understand that, on hearing wist be bad to say. Governor King inclined to the betuf that the charges against him were frivolous. and apparently got up by the counsel of the parties accused of murder in order to divert public action from the great qw-ftlan of their guilt or in nocenec by introducing a uewcollateral fc*u<iiah> the pablic mind. Still, as the charges wen formally mode, and as the party accused wa? rather an vione for a full and complete acquittal. Governor King though" it beat to direct taat the matter should be made the subject of a legal and public inquiry. The paper?* were therefore trans mitted to the District Attorney at this city, by whom proceedings will >oortly be taken to tTy before one of the Judges, in the usual and legal form, whether Coroner Counery was or was noi guilty of illegal acts In the Inquest he held on the body of Harvey Durdell. Thus, in a few days, this all absorbing Burdell case will again com" before the public in a new shape. It is to bo heptd that the public will not be diverted from the main question of the discovery of the foul murderer of Burdell by any side questions of trivial importance. 1 hi Or?*A?-Thauh*?Oi I Bt ;.i.? From prarasl *1 thai I bart lb* open ap to the Bni of Mar. Dd (MDipi KDfor Mr. dlrakiMOh'* BBCoad leMM bo bora hl.hty tnceaaa'al, bat w# bear lhal ba baa am rnrirnni' for a roeoart K>ar attbaaalaf the pr* mi acaaov. wbicb will tarmlLat# acxt weak Tba ta aoi-BMBMal of Madabia da Wl.barat'B car It apoaaraota la "Tba Davgtlar of iba Ragtmial" la aaarmaood lor to mono a algbt, aad which aba ir.U ropaat far bar boot >1 OB Wad Bra 4af, Immadiaiaty altar iba < toraue# af iba mraboaob aaa aoo *1 tba Aeadamy tba Maralaak troop* will appaar at Mbla'a Harden, sod giro a aaaaoo af twatra algbta which will prababty ba aoBtlaaad tf tt w faaad loorattra for tba bazt aaaaoo at iba Aeadamy wa baor that Mr ( Mtaaa will rtatl Forapa aad brtag aat a aoaabor at Brr Stn.1.1, b? . lb*it la aaaaa tola m balff nr oaf if. All tba Aradrmy arttata win abag at Tbalborg* graad coreart at Nibta'a oa Traaday. tl will ba tba graatatt array al talawt arar aaaa baaa at aaa taacarv Ola Bt 11 gar* bta brat oaaeart aftar a laag abaiaai rrowi tba any. at Dadwerth'a ftaoaaa. aa Friday algbt Ra wia warmly rteabrad by aa aodWnaa which ailad tha smcaa ta erary part. Ota Ball baa Iwt aoo* of thai wagtc torch which mad* him Uto Una of aiaalral olroV* wbaa ba brat rtatud aa, aad tbla naaeirt prayaa I bat bit h.?id aa tba pablie la aa atraag aa arar Ta*> am:< ta Baooaira ?Mr Thai bar g gar* bta aiatta eoacart at tba troafeiya Atbaa am laat rraalag Tba room wa* mar* daaoaiy crawdad thaa oa aay ad tba pro r'oua' pcaaioot, ao daaarradly pop-alar bar* tba graat ptaatat'a parfnimaaoaa borom* la tata *nartar. Tbara la ao otbar artUI wa baHara, wh* aaaid bar* draw* ta gather, ta *?ah a bnaf apaaa of Maw. la nraoktya, *t? aweb mdmcM aa Mr Tbalbtrg baa alraady bad. tba raealpta brtag wanrroadaetad la tht oomaart Uaa Had tba ball Waa twta* aa larg* wa bar* aadaabt Ibaitba atiraottaa af bta aaaa* waaid bar* liiad tt la erary part Mr fbaibarg rt? Mwlatr) 'art araalag by MiiIiom D'Aagrt, Btr* k* eh amd party; aad Plgaar Tbarlm aMed by a powar I in orMaatra Tba eaaeart emu 1 rfl brtlUaaify, almaat warr rwaa aavf aaanra*. m rwapw w n? " niii (BUM Uff auaared tatNa haadrad dollara. W? uW Maad that I'-dara Mr Thattartt dapir-ra tar i&a Waal ka writi ftra ow mm eaewft at Bmafcitfi. aa %*? an raaua ft tartar* "tkM Malar ' ba Rrtawl, wlUi taa a* af taa jrcbaatra ad ttiraa ?' iba Aoattaay of Muatr. Affray MT?aw Two I>RAr ard Pcm Per rax-On* Km a ?<? Maadaw *** ?? <?at <bar? aarar ran at Mm Oaafawt PratO Aartana ? .-Mala, aa affair wall aafcalaiad la awakaa tta aarr?w a?d rrmpatar <* artcy 'ar(ta? baart Aaaarr* !?< ? laa a? lb* pti<*ia of IAa taaMtatfaa raaaJlad la tta rtaalb * ?m. A* far m wa aaa tram, tta Mala arara aa r<rtM?a>~1*a two p-jpiia. Kraft tram Alawtaaa*. aad Hartal fraaa IteiMpV aJVr >'? ?( aaa**tear natil taa Km aa tta ifaiU araat with U>? nihrr aaplla '.n tta laa labia, al afci w aittiitiiRf oa I -| ir?* aawmd batwaaft l??a (?aa ar ifeaaa ?B?r?aii Va MRata-aaM la mo attar, * ua teagttact af a?aa. ball." " bad," aad attaa ia?r brab an thr tibia for tMeiedy, la arAieb all araaaaaab>ad al atfAi taa bad tsssi ^;.7sra:'a,Eai;i5; - awaia." ttttttf tt aam -ftidri, m, O?**?,m n, ' 9 1 n fi li a 1 jb d 1" jl & n b. by punting and magnetic teugmpw. m Mm iuimt at vw-ni "wilt runt tor 0ff1cn"?bow tbi nw tors hot*. cuqub itaff?id nioi onmn btkulation?ow. riirob eon* iam, arc. Wamdrotor, Marah 7,1M7. Mr. jmluiR ?iM hh OrMmI together at aa early haw tka morning, aa* thay had quite a promoted aaaatoa. Thay will Mat arary day, oomiaeantag aa Monday neat, aattl all tha organt hvalaaaa balora than la dMpoaad oL tilla'olaok thaaaw Heoretartei reoeived ttMtr yaitlUMaa, and eaaiMaaem tha dattaa in thatr rerpecttre departaonta. Tha aid Baoralarlaa lntrodoeed thatr ehiafa aad oieiu, aad mada all proper axphtaaUona aaoMaary. Thara ura at leaet tfty applloaota now hare for arary fflea la the gtft a. tha Praaldaat A largo Hat or perewa whoa* eoBBlaataaa expire daring tha praaaat month hae haea taat lrcm tha Attorney General' offloa to tha Preaide at. Tha Maw York Hotel eottru, aotwtthataadlag all their ojatere aad ohampegne, will fall la their polltioai objeota oathrely. Tha Van Borea family, old aad young, hare aa Inftoeaee with Mr. Baehaaaa. Tha Prealdrat la determtaad to earry oat per/ai out ntf<u, tha principle of rotation la offloa. Krary prtnotpal offloaholdar now In effioe, both foreign and domes ho, moat go oat. This la settled. In filling ap tho vacancies none of tboee maa heretofore mind ip with parly squabbles will he selected. None bat bow, freeh candidates will bo takon. I anderatend that la New York all those connected with the lib by clique will have no ohaooa wbatsver. 1 leant that the opinion of the late Attorney Genera ? Bob. Caleb Ooshisg?* the title to the Brlok Charob property, proposed for a Foot Office, Is very learned and eery conclusive against Ma legality and authenticity. Be read the oplaloa of Okas. O'Oonor, but Mr. Coablag did not attaob much if nay Importance to that ezpresiloa. It waa Insufficient to satisfy the Attorney General; In raet, the present owners?Wesley & Co?bare no roll title to the old uhnroh. The story seat by telegraph from this city, stating that Mr. Baehanaa had requested Mr. 0. O'Canor to take a place in his Cabinet, oame from the same clique I bat ctrcalated the rumors a few weeks ago, posUrsly assorting tho appointment of R. p. Wa'ko; aa Secretary of State. Mr. Bnohanan never thought of O'Conor, and neror heard ef It till be saw It In the papers. The New York Hotel clique, with tbe'r open bouse, their wines and segara, try to bambng the whole world. 1 suspect the President has louod them out. Secretary Dcubln detailed two of the largest United States steamships to assist Is the du'y of completing the ooesn telegrapblo oommnatoa.lou. If* rmtdest Pierce signified to s deputation of Tenno rears, yesterday his te'.entlou to make a Southern tour. Optnlwwa of Use Supreme Court Judges In Use Drwl Meet! Case. VVusiiisoToa, Maroh 7, M67. Judge Mcl ean de'lrcred h'c views in the Drod Sott esse to day, argntng that slavery Is limited to the range of the State where It la oetab label by municipal law. ir llABsrdM df^m iliTM err tft ? AiloMt) MriAAR Ini'iPinai to a Territory they two tho power u prohibit taem Grom brooming aotUera therein. Thopoaerto acquire Tern tory cerrtee tho power to gov jrn II. "ae muter does not cartj w db tlm .o too Territory the lew o( tho State frrtn which he remov e, bencc tbe tfleeourl ooapromtao wet. crDetf utkmaJ, and the prreumptuu i? In larorof freodum Dred Boott end Lie fen.117 wori free under the d eel* von* for the laet twenty-tight year* Judge Ourtla Jtsaeaud from the opinion of tb? mtjorHy of tbeOoart a* delivered by Ubler Jortloe Taney, and gara hie rtaioa* far the dlteettl. Hd maintained that n?tire born oolored paracaa can bo clt z?m or StatM and of the United Statoe; that Dred flooU aid hi* family were free whoa they returned to MIimwI; that tbo power of CoEgrtM to irate all naadfU ruler and regulations re pooling tho Tirrttory wm nti. it the majority of the Court eipreoood, Uatltod to territory belonging United Satee at tho Ume q( th > adoption of tho cou^HJ Hftu baa booa applle^lo d re aobooqaeal aoqu'if. * ^^Kf land; that Coagrvea baa power to exclude a layer? K the Terrttorlce, haying eelabUthed eight Ta-rltoriai gyyernmenta without, and raeogmatd alavary la oil, vcm tho dmyo of Wanblngton to Joht Qulaey Adam* 'Tbo opinion* occupied dye boor* in delivery. Judgeo Wayne, drier, Campbell and Daniel had pape" exprtorlag their vtawa on certain polata o( opinion Of tbo C>urt, but dlJ not read t bom. Adjoaracd till the lime fixed by law. IKW TOUK l.hUltlMTlRK. Aaaenably. Auuat, llarob 7, 1*67 tlr, low, from tba Judiciary Omaalttaa, reported oa the ittata Judiciary 'Jennnite and tea cauaa af tbo fail ure of tba couria of tba Third aad Eighth dlatrtota. Tbe roeigualtoo of the Judge of the Eighth dtatrtct had roa dared tba aoatlaaatoa of tba laree'ljat'eu there at ed aas The committee tod reaeoa to belie ra from aaauraaooe line them, that h would be aeoeaaary to carry tbo VMttgittoa furiber then tbe Third district, yet deemod It proper to mere that tbe legala'urc should orooeed on ib? >tth 01 Marea, at iwrlreo clock a* aeoa. to coatlder lb# rrporl uadar article 6, taction 11 ol tba at d that cop.ra^^^feg^^^a rMolnilJt bo tar tod dait|0 fill* ap )> Htabattar Uartrally I wwa than Attempt Auburn Slau Prtaoti Xftati Antra*, Marob 7, 1M7. ^ T wo auenpta wart aada yaatardny, by coarteU to kUI the acrat of tba Htale prtton Oat aaaaail wat mad* witb a knife aad tba otbar wHb a kaaatr. ty tba prompt latartrraaoa of tba ktapart to lajiry waa dona to Mt I ayaat Faart ai further difficulty art entertain*! 1 etaly aaraa oaarlwa batoafUj to tba aant taop wkert tba j difficulty oceurred ara aaw eoaftaad la tbatr aaUa. Dual Brtwrrn Kdl tor* at Mobil* Maw oatbliw, Marea 7, 1M7 A dial took place at Mobila la day balwaaa Mr NUaa, adttor of tht Omsw aad Mr Mraakeartdca, ad Jar of tha Gout ?n. At Ua saeaoa are toa oraasaanaga wee bot to both thigh*. Mr. Nlioa >u 1*1 hart Mr Bract aarldga to the mm* |uUrnu who mw um mm fanghl with Mr lasawwarth, >f (taw Tart, at Magar* Falto. A Charrh B?mH at (Irtrlatid. Curtun, Marah f, IM;. Tha MM Praabytamn chart* to Una mi waa dsMrayad hj *rr ?t -avTS Tra .rf"" .*aoet NJvM. sad ?? lateral MO, 000 to oaatpsaww bar a. la taw Varb, 03 MO la tha Lorlllard sad M.OtO la tha Oara ttahaaga, to I.'raraaol sat I sadoa, $3,000 la aaoh city la PSUadaiphta, $2,000 la tha Irvtog. 03,.'.00 la tha Marabaato. sad 00,(00 la tha Mm, sad tha bslaaoa to Waslara ootaoaalaa A Drranlllng Trraiarrr. St. Loci*. March f, lit? Adetph Nat?I, toassarar of tha Matasl (toatiga Uatllu ttoa, baa shaeoadad with s peruoa of tha rasda of tha bsah. Tha aataaal to aa yet ?rl#>wi bat n la aat oaa aide red la be huge. IMnnrr to Met Iran Kara! (MBrrn. At'Tiaosa. Marah T, 10tT, Tba ehtoesa af Mobile fhra a dtatar to tha odt** at I be Metiaaa war tteaarr Oaarrara as WMe?edey last Markets. mil. t Dhi.rHia a Tool SOAIU) PsnAi>atr-iru, tUroh f. VM7 Ptaahs lawar. Itoahayieaaia fa, M. Rae/flof tUiirc.^ M7k, iasg Ittoad Railroad. 13H harct Oaaat 10H Paaaay taais Railroad, t?s 1. J (tottaM/. 11a iKdtoasfoiu Jomn*l aaaattoa* tba death to that stop. m tha $10 alt, or Tw.o? Maoa'-oaa, aa odd tragra gad sheet 110 yoaro. Be to wwail la ha tha oaa whs anggaatad tha ttai aad tha toadtaM toatara* of u?? ohar soar la Mrs metre a aarel Tnaia Tmb'i OaMa " Th't ngpaaMWw to baitd oa tha ntaetdM* ol aaaaa aad char Mtar and < fee toot, aari tha /awnwt, that Haary Ward Beaahar. durtag hit rwtdwm hare, waa a aaaataat vtoi tor of ' i M'a Toaa'k, wait ataaaiaw d wM*. hie hstory. tM *t*ror* *4mtrrt of kit ?mm W# ton to* tMi i kot Mr* Mow* fe?r*oll nBfto?i ??to to *w Um *m moo. "MTni'iCiMi." too. m um mm* of m? kfOO* HMM *11 kM *OQOM*?MPM, U4 WW tonllios pkrw* krt* )ot| boffer* Mr*. Slow* iwomHoHm* 11 At oil ***wlo, ?? koow (hot It m Mr* mil* wuk *11 Um irkM* of Mr* (Mow* w4 kar wikii to ikia 0JV7, tkot ' a* I'mIo Taw' ww Mm n?(*jrxu, w *t toort lb* ini I?oitoo. of Ik* few* of Mm Oofeto I'm* CrtWAitr Frt/owuin, 0. 8. N.*? Motor mpr tfe Ik* owtIoo, ?t*S Ml MotTtk oik, to fcAonrwnwi, D* , Iftrlag Iferg* Otreto of rOMMrw **4 frliolo w M**ra ha. (kirnutOB ov Qmomsia.?Boo. CWIm 3. Me Do. km few vrtNoo I* tM* 1 Mini *f MM Homo Jmmml o?i Bmmfm, la wMMk k* lulkn Ifco wo *f kto oow* I* miiHMw WSM tM* ?T?I Mr MoiorkW *f >***?? . ! ?( tMa lUvaik. amjvai or m cab* we.?tub bcbabiuuiv- U(M #r FBftikHT auk kaosanoe. The Catted Hteiao Mail Gbbeobe, J. D Bul'.iB, commander. from Haw Or van* via Uavaaa, arrtwd tor day morning. Ska Ml Havana aa the areata* ot M Vstl aadm' oano tared at rang galea on bar passage borne. Utora la nothing aaw etlrrtag at Havana. The an gar talcs have beea heavy at Irm prioan. nbk la market #6,000 boxen The shtpmeaia have bean b<ff from all the northern parts of the lalaad. Exchange has declined: London, 6 to 6)^ promt am; H# York and Beaton clUta, to discount. Freights to Europe have Improved; to the Vailed Stat atUl good, but not rapid. The bgilah man of war Enrylaua arrived ua itwlg all wan on board. By the Gabawba we have reoeived oar Uea of Bwtl papers to Um 1st but In oonseqveaee of the failure of tbs earn crop the Jut do rumen to bed presented an urgent memorial to t ?overs men I, asking that the duties on Imparted com a* be suspended temporarily tu order to preveat suitor^ among ibo lower nbwsao for <'?ut of food. The man rial hod been favorably ro *T the lntondeol a Ibo Captain General, but nv w- i'.on bad yet ooon tab .H H Tbe Prentt announces that i treat but famine w? preparing to viaii the CnMeu Slates ml Europe uarly the oowlng spring end summer Tbe snme paper states, Id lta review of <be taarlf that sugar ru Imi mi)to and a alight decline a peg bad occurred Money waa very abundant-, tt e ratea of discount rus? fro* IK to 6 per cent per anna w. eooordlug to umei rames. It raya that the r>sou!atlve fvHag W ate* eontinaed aa strong aa ever, the subscribed shares IM Credit Mcbiiier having been frteiy taken at 36 ponl premium The tobaooo crop has been a failure. The Price Outt says ?The aoeoun's from the fveUa Abujo and ''ana continue discouraging for the oomtng crop, ana it la ^ rally feared that quantity and quality oomb ned a be the wore t gathered alsee 18tfl. A few a mail pew of new tobacco from 6ntnna are already In tow*. A tr Tork agent at that plaoe w buying standing wpos 80 oent dearer than the prices dealers sell at here. Prt of aegars continue high, and dally rtalng. In a vi abort time a number of ameii faotortea will be obltf to atop altogether for want of tobaccn, and in oonK^ari brands or ataading and repoutlon will raise taeir manda. Hairagitt'ii Comrt, Before a w Bradlord. THE BP*TELL ESTATE?PUBLIC ADMTH18TRA tor FLIES TO SELL THE HOUSE, FREMISM ASD FOB TP RE AT 31 1??D STREET. Mabcb 7.?Tbe Publie Administrator, the omental the blood relative! of Harvey Burdell, deeeaaed, and1' Clinton, were In court to day, to take care of and re sent their respective tntereetn in regard to the follof application cf the Public Administrator toraetnor* ^ aril the hocae, prem'aca and effects of Or. Itorde'l, A 81 Bond street. Prnuo ADMjjrmnuvoB'a Now Voaa. March 6, lta7. t MUaU qf Hartxy JlmrdtU. <Let*t<d ?Von will pmaadh notice that on Ut 7U> day of March, 1867, at 10 ?| A. M.. 1 shall apply to the Surrogate of tbo cuagl New York, at bin t ffloa. In tbe Hall of Beoords, city of New York, for aa order aethorljlng the tml ale ssie of ibegoo.ia, cha t*U and efleots or the Jeo4 on the premlBft No 81 Bond street, New York. OHARLKH A. Mt\ Public Administrator, and t festal Bdmtnteira'.or Harvey Burdell, d'oeased. The Public Admlaiatrator represented that <be ebt of the bouse, premises, fnrntiure. ho., at 31 Bond stf subjee'rd him to a great deal of car*, trouble and a expense: Hat It wool* be b< tier (or the mute and neirr or orr^*%*a rw^j wef *ri<i. ?c . ?o tub a el tor tor ItUiOd re entree of deneeaed were fc fi?<* thla eppU-atton f<-r the iai? or IV Barbel!'* priMi-ed fl? rt? ?t 31 Bond etriet. Mr Oilnton oppoend ?h? m:?;?o of the Fobltc \4m tretcr. upon tbr ifrornd the Mir Crnblnghem i? vot. bp brr wrtuen i?r? em- -it ?l'b deaenned, ?i u?? of the fcBltcre m end t e rem oft btoae No. II Brnd atrert, till 10 lie" of .. I pen the production of the agreement II <m i iukI fx linen in the centre ot tbe iocotnmi km' ?? * id end eroretd out bp eide itoee of ink drawn writing, -o it could not br ' 1 for bow Kng ee tbe prfBiltri i-ed been * U ?d, nor '?<te<.d t bed been rented or blrrd .tr Mrt Gnna>ng. Mr. Clinton oleimed Utet there wee eoc / egrernt'Bt e?d tbet ee Oor< eer Ooenerp bed ?h?e>net lion of ell of Dr BurdoL'* report, he wee be eft prod ace it on ibet er. The dnrr< xete eg'ted to edj-nrn the caeevftw. fcdey next, for toe parpoea oi gi% lug Mr ftflMb TOercb for wd obtain th*t egrenjirei. tbet IT uo i|'vHi'ki oet J bo 'o ?d |WWPW? ntngbem poeieeiisc of the noma premier* ena form et II Bond drtei aume e/riae^jaiet might *o owe tbet would jvrxlt Mr*. Uamil' *h ,m toners ibeeltndt 'hem till the lit of Uer, ee the *0'p mucu itelrrt nr hem for e borne for brr oblfcrea. Dm mct<oftl come up before the- 9urrt>petr agetn on Wednaedep.. Tbe Perteb WU1 oeac to bp ?rerp dep before the Vde. from 10 A M to 6 P M lico?p Tncng. Net*! Ileon, Oberka Nleboie uo Henry Whttlekrr baeow letetp ?xamiuod, but no new dtrrlopeaeenU t ire ! plred. Udlirtdrd Lcttera. ruriMi bt w. b. dice, op phil en kb) n t Ltel el lettere edrerUeed in Ute N'nw Pee. tin, RUnnl? Peeruirt ft rnmnlni le Lko Mm Vnrri eiloo naetUad lor:? i mi ADiLrwii hoc<m. Starling K Aharao RoroaU, Briton & Rw-v . a. t tain N Wright * Oo Obtlda A Pataraoa cxanv 4rn Uochrao * Rooted Cbil ' & B'oihan . nolo, Imi A *'!Unn imam *?, i t A. T. Loao A Co Know k Raha Utualc Miliar k Wood iramor k Rtba> Btajan'a Prrria k Oo. koaao* aoi -? R. C Redmond A Oo. Cbana Brotbora A Yooag A Co Oonaaraa, BorOUr A O W.J Yonrg l-wwa, SArom. Bmoa K W.J. YooarACo Kturt dga A Pnrkar. lutTtaoaa aoi&ar Pioroe, ilowo A v? J 6 AR M (kapve. Hoflord, AM A Co Raynoida A Smith. Rwaouor, ftaoato AO*. K. W. Rraact ASoat. thojild Wm. Maaraa A Co bo T. W Brnan A Saod? . Thoatpaoa A Co 1JH of icttor* adrnrUaad ta tbo Phtla-laipvt rig Ltk^tr Monday, rob n, rnma'ntng la taa fa *<tog Pool oRlrO;? aiw took bocom aorroa normm Rraaott A Kompar. Baldwin A Moio 6. M. Chapman A Go Bo;d A Co Coop, r.Phff A Co. aboull Uollnadar, TV at A Co. bo Konp. t iaobar A Oo RAinvoaa norma. Cox A Wrigbt Rrlaa. Haanoa A Oo a? Drako A Carter?2 ao O'Brtoo, Boatoa i, Han doek Roaaa A Oo li. W Howard AO. I Hoiktr. No no A Oo abonM Woodward, Said otn AI bo Naola. HoOaor A Oo -tanaMon not m. ' Hboldao Btakowaa A Oa , J. W KUta A Oa ?? ahoatd ba Sbotdao, BloAo maa A Co Tnppan. MeXUlop A Co Jfiem tba Philadelphia Pablte l.adgar. Marsh i j ?i? tub* aim mumvn miw AaHrMiAHnnanr, H' Farm, OD*hrw? k 0 loadod ftr iUtrau A ft. L Ite * Oo. HaailB|*r W T. ?HM A Oa , abi Btba Brlf?a * ?? bo W . D Wotara * 0* Caraaa A Oo A. U. ff*M k Sat Hmm Baal k Oo awwir am Jeaaa A Tlbbrtu Jami Porta A 0a. Dr. Badaae A Oo J. laylrr A 0a I.. D. A F. Wbiia MiiTBtaa att"<a* L.S.AR Wbito l#r, Bard A H-o;t??r Mooara Wl'lao Mob BaaJd A 0a ffliarw mm ' Zmy lor A Oardaor Cooyar A Harold, aboaid bM^oyor A Urafy. Iiat o? waura adrorbarflb lb* ftafbaaoro Boa, Fob! raaatataf la ibo Boitwafl roai iffloa:? w?iw aoraa muiatrnu. Bowava, B?? raaa A Cabblat, Mama, Jaaoa A Oo abeatd ba Brrwyra, ao? 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