Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 9, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 9, 1857 Page 1
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r TH WHOLE NO. 7495. 4XTAHLIIX WASHXXOTOX. Hr FlvaC Reception of the New FreelrfcntI from ibe WMklii'D I'uloo, March 7 ) Tb epec.ou apartment. or ine e*eoa;iT# m.u.ioa wore Hiiea imi ovjnin# wiui * uhuim oriiru ui iw>? ?? ? Ikmti, who w?r? lnotrldaelly presented by MsriueJ Boorei to President Buotaano. end oordUlly received. Mian Leu* ( Mice of the f *eident, wno wl'i dupense Itl hospitalities or tbs ear- uuru mansion) also received the sain voesof the tbrrg ana too?e preeenl ol too fentlcau-o ?bo oompote th- nee Cabinet wero werm'y oesgrutouud by tbelr lumerois trtend*. Prominent aecog toe dietingouoe.i uineern ?m ex President fierce, who wee nn lee* a<? nej ct of respectful ntientlwu that eh>g bit i few d*ye imw, be wet "si borne'" la tbe brii.woi slaor s W a <>ev s iietlncalsbed writer, In ocotraetlog oar system of f iirn.neet eltb that of th Powere of tbe Uid world, d?nlt apoa tbe stmpilolty o these nrcetve receptunr, < contoured with tbe cere moeieletx tbe mod pott) iw-*>nn oourte. thegeuoy equips* ?? end bedimed rerve*iu, tbe splendidly ant derma? eeidiery, tbe pr'sonnd coetnmee end forms uuosMecemrBts by )lvrr?!-> odlcls's?so novel to s trans ntleeMc. eptO'Stor?all ore eecltug bars Tet no oour In obrU eaaom oen present *utta a variety of obsreoter of ibtrdeot. or of ooeteme hi ?s8 seen In tbe "ceo reess" iset eeramf, formbis e biiasen psnomms whleb nolimo-rcea sdequslel) redoot m tbe varied Ude 0' humeni y clroled prar.ifuilv ntonsd, end quietly dla peried eh?n tbe bend stroee i p tbe well known signal. Tbe Pay of General BotL Tbe question of pey sod nil enoes to Ueot Oen. Pcott en bv ouetelf eelilea do lag tbe closing hours of tbe file semlous of Cougms r?e arrearages due the rets ran, it ts understood, will amount 10 about $13 400, sad his annuel pay sod em lumen s trill berseAsr bs $16,000. ? H'mAvrjton InttUlyenctr Tbe Ored Sestt rase, ' van iteciatON of thb srrmmx cockt of tax UniT* U 8 1 &IHi Chief Justine Taney, tn delivering the opinion of the Omit, mid that thin ease, after argument at the leet terra woe ?r rt (l to be re argued at tbe preeent term, oirlag 00 Oifloreeee of opinion eslaimg among members or the Court, and in order to giro tne subject more mature do Mb mall on There ware two leading questions: flrst, bod the ClroattCourt of tbe Catted ?Uu* f >r the itetrtot or Missouri iurthdtellau tn the cassr and U It nad jarlsdlotion, woe iu dodntcn erruoeone or not? Tbe de'en< est denied, by plan In abatement, the juris diction or the Circuit Court or the United Slates on, the groaajl mat the plaintiff ' la a 1 eg?o of African doaoeut, hie aaeeators were ot pure African blood, a ad were brought into tbla country aud sold as elaret;" and therefore the visuitU "le not a ci.iztn of the Siate of Hie emit " To tble plea the plaintiff demurred, end the - Court sustained the demurrer. Thoreupua the defend nut pleaded over, and jasiiOrd tbe trespass on the ground that the plaintiff and bis amny wsre hie negro elaren-, and a sset-:m<-at of facta agreed to by both parties, was reed it reidoaoa. The tfei*' Justice herlrr sts'od tbe rente In the esse, proceeded (an e tone ot roice si-uoat mead ble) to tar. in Nbatencs, (Cat the quct lon first to bo deotdod wan, whether toe plaintiff w?t caiuwl to sue In e Co art or the United Mates This ass a u? roller question, and for the Brat time broug <t btlore tea Court uhdor saoh olr but It had b<-en br curat btra, and u was the duty of -h? Ooort to mat a*d 10 decide It. Tb? question wee eloip'r tnie?ean megrn, *noee enoesiort were lmpored eud told as stares. becomes member of the pill tljel c ramun'ty forme* end nought into exietonoo by the constitution of the C?u? d 3 era*, and, ns suae, be sosne ee'.Ued to nil tbe ri?hu su 1 ImmuaiUee ot e eittzan erne ot which rtghta la eulut 'a the oourts of the Unit an Wits, n cases therein spediWdf In Jtseussug tms qsession we must not ootftwnu tae rights of n all,ten which e 9 tte may confer witale Its awn >1 sella, w'.tn the rights a a c'.t zen within tnu tanteof tha United Stales. Mo one can be h dtlnen a'the Uuitnd nnieaa under the SwltM.e ot the coMiitu 1 m, but It does not follow 1 a men being n eirare uf one Hum. mss< bs re nueu en such h' orerr d ste to tne Us too Be may SO' tgnu Slate and >01 reoognixsd ee euoh In ^ netherMerlons Ho the sd.ptlon of tbe caaetttetlou erery these might nonfer tre niaracter of a oltlzeu, and aadnw a man with nil tha ruht pertaining to it This wen swtset In the bsaoSarw s of a Male, and gars htm an r?h?. bat one Mi RmMs uar hn?n tha nnvnrnl Siatea nur-nedercu thin pnsrtr hy tha adoption of ?h? jsaetlis Hen ft?n mate may onafcr tea rU'uJr ?pon rnw^sr on any other nana or eoeervloae of pntnama whn to ell tateuM and pnryasta be a cttuaa Of tha hHt,^B not a cftireu la the erase naad m tha eeasHtnUoa the Uettad dta?ea He woala net thereby besom# efflrea ef tbe United lUa'-i, and loerefttre could no sac hi an; court la the I-lt d Htntcs. nor oouid b rnjoy lh> Immunities v e ci'lssa le the other Slate 1 His rights weald ha ooainee et/io ly to his own State Tha eoaeituiion glvae imgress tbe power to oetnb.te - a un'fb'w rate of nalura zsUon," consequently. n SUta, hy oatorallzlag *a I'wa. oouid oenfer apre him tha rights sad tmmuatti't of a>l the Ste'oe under th gen'rat go-cumcnt It Is ra>y clear, thareforo that no Hate can, hy azy act intr< dues e new member lalo the pwtftsl as ton e?ai? I by tae ooaotltutiaa. Tb quertlea iheo artnes, whether the prortatooe of the con stttoHea of the Ualtod mates la rolntloo to personal rtgnw, to a bran a citlsea ot a site in oaUUod, amUrauid sgriH or tha tfrtcna race, at .bat time la tbe oouatry, or afterwards imported, or made free from ear Stale and whether It is tn the power or any State to mace each a 000 0 oil ran of Uto Si via. and aadow him wUh fall etMsroehip (a any ether aieta without their asmsiat' Doom tho oonotMatma or too i ohm hum mi upou aim, ui ttotb? htm with mil too righto or m cicr-n' rh? Court toiot iho nDrwntirr emamol M aatnloio*! ; u4 If mat. tm ptatuk.ll oouli mat b m clUoao of Miaoomri with to tho wrootng of tfao oomoti'uuom, nor o ottiiao of ui IHM Mtotm. u4, oanooaatutly. mot ooUUod to too to lto Oowto I to Mm I hoi (Tory par toe, mod arory o'Ml mod do oorfpii'ui of M'"", > too iw rf tho o-'optloo or iho roootiiotloo rofordod m oil / to* oT tho ooTorni Htmtoo, boooao ofrono of tola now poUliool body, and oooo othtr II ru foraod fur <hom mod tholr pootorlty, mod for nobody otoo ; mod oU tho rig nto mod Imaoattiao worm lotomdod to (Bbrmoo only ouoo of thorn oiaaoaittot, or Ihooo wb? hiritoo torabtro oecordlog to tho plnefploo t oa whtro 'bo aonaMtottom m odoptod/ It wma m salon ' of hh oi? who won am mora of toe poltttooi sows miMr wbeot powor, for eoruto opomQad rarpoooo, oo torndo<l o*w too wtoto territorial o' Iho uaNod .ftotoo. mod poo* amah oUtoon right* onoldo hto Sato wbtob mo dto Ml brfbro poaoto, amd ptoeod mil rf^to of porooM mod pt'f'M oo mo otommy h bmiaw orooooory, tborrform, to dotoraion trh^ wort OMlrina of tho oororml Homo whooftho oooaa^ on woo odoptod lo ardor to do Ihto wo mom mir to tho Otooioo ohm Iho? ooaomtod horn ?>ool Britain. ' rru-i n. . naultto. mod took thar ploeo noon* too funny of wNlooh. my who worm rooftooil oo at roo> of Iho too too il?etor*d Ihtor t*4ipoo<l?o<t? of Brooi Britain, and aatwidi a n by tbro* of oral Aootoor moo of porooM, who bai boon toopoctod oo timroo, or ibMnruti hot naMil 'el or lo'?n<lM t < ?? mil I 111 (B IM BBMOkW BBmwH- ?t IKOlOrOllOO or(K?p>Www It li duhoon ?1 mil dor to rooiui the M l of pohte fafcioa wpetmee It at oafortoaoto nlaoo with tbooirtuaed aad ranch toaod portion of im world, M Abo Uoao of tha ftoofaroiton of Ioeopoodoooo Ml tho adoption of thocooethuUoo. hot binary ohowe they haro for mw Bii coal wry two rofardod to bona ^ oo later! w ordor. 0?d moBl OMOdno* for tho white rece, either acoMlf or pcitueeiiv. rod hod oo rfhte which white ok<a orro hoood to rre,wc?; ood tho ?iw? noo Might b* rodocod n to eery, bought hod oold, rod treat ed mm ord'aary ortn o of ia?*r head toe. ThM opoiion, ot that Uno, ?m litil end anireraal wtth tho v poruoa of tho wbNo rnoe. ft woo regarded oo oa acton lu maio. which bo ooo nongut of dicpottaf. ood ovary om boMtaolly actod opoa it, wttMil doahtlaf for o no not t tho oor*?ota?oo of la* aplalna had la ao comoo woo tan optica noto liod ood enormity aond opoa thoo la racload, tho *ob?eetr of watoh (ororanaat not only oawod taoai oa tho ooool m Afrtoe. hot took ihon n ordinary moreaoa-'lao to whom they oooid nako a profit oa thorn. Tan apbiton tho* aalor mod woo aairor ally Inpreoaed oa tho Orlor'tta th? otdo of tho AUootic, wordtofty, *' |iaoo of tho Afrvia raoo rwi rogariod by tbon oo property, mi bold ood booght oad oald oo roah la orot y oaa at tho >hi v #n Ooloatoa watoh -tailed bt tbo Damorauoa of thdopeadoaoo. aad aflnrward fornod t?0 ouoottlu'tco tbo do-ttrtn* of rrhlrh wo bare optku ora* atrfktogir oafareoa ay th? Dwto ottoo of i ode pood > aaao it bf tan thoo 1 Whoa to tho oooroe of boatoa oroato <t bemnaa no ternary tor oao pooplo t? dloootre MaJSr? ?< to ?ii aaaowa '*>? p??wi of Mo earth Mo eeierta n< eqaal *itr? m wtoiea tba lawi ( tar* M ' Miart'i Hod natl i* tfeam Mwit raf|??ot te the MlHwi ?f maiklad revjalrea that lhay eboaib anoiar* tkt ,,,,,, ?hirb IdmI tbem *0 >.< ecptratloa;" Mil Uiaa ,r>nfr ti " Wa bow ihrw ?i>? to o* aeif ?T'1nat?? >? ?JI mra are areata* rqaal. that 'bay ara nlownd, by (Mr Urraier with etrleie abbAabMle r'fhta. thalbn?oa< (MM art lira, Itbertj tbr pereait erf haofoaat that aa m? tbaaa rlab'a |t,k?nn?'i ?t taetitame ta?u am, eartrtaf Ibair ] "' poaere tba eoaaeat of tb> lorarwad " be Tba ?oH. b. *ee 0?lbd woaH aaam i Mhrtaa Ua wbok. ha ma" rami*, aw if oaad la a afaa'ta laairraan' at thu <iay waold oa ao aodeietaod. Bay i la taoBlear far dapa.a that the flared Arncabfboa war at tntao"ari to ha taaladed. *wr ta that oaaa, tba naua mlab< e uri a bo famort tba t*niara?iob 01 'oaopaa.ium won't h* Maaraotlf Haw M?o petaolplw" whWtb fhry MiwtH Tb*T who iraia*d th? Daolaratlon of la dapradrac* war* mm of loo much h#aor, aduaollao aad tM?l'Ut?a?v< 10 aay who* >b-y did aot txvlora ; aad thay !? ? taat a no part of ih? rtnn. ad world wara U>? no Crata. bycoinaoia rota at, a-iinltiad w> the rlahu n> ib*8 Thay *poh? aaa aotad aeoordjag to ih* prac MB daatrlnaa, aad noagaa W lb* day. Thai naMrtnaaia raa* waa anrwwwd to bairpwalo rroaa tha wniww aad ama noaar tftoagM ar apokaa of oinopl aa property That* nptatoar aadarwoat na ohanga wfeaa Iba rana dn Baa waa ad aad ad TV proaahlo aa*a forth fhr what Mrpoaa. aaa lor whnaa V??M, H waa forawl II waa brwad ha ibw propla?aiiob aa had haaa nwnnhart of tha original Mairo- o->d I ha yraal ob)dhl waa to "aoonro tha Mrwaft or libmty lo ooront<r?a aad oor paalarity " Tl praka *a gaaaral t*rma af ?il*?na aad o-apla of IV Oai Bad Ptaiaa whaa pmaidtag Ihr tfcapawar> matad, without dadateg what daaar'pUoa at pr-aooa aho Id ha laohMwl. V Br Who ahoatd ha toyardad aa oiUaaaa. jut Iwa eianao* of 1Mb ooaatltntfao point to tha aoyw ran aa aopwraM aad at raga^dad aa aHiaraa, <hr waora ta<- ooMBiauan waa war pi ad flaa ?Ui?* raaarraa taa right u> iwpnrt aiaraa bmbi ito. aad u >a aaaaad tha mum puiga Miawnm. in IVT ~m ri jLi om to another, to preeerre the righto of the mooter, ui to doUrer up el*to i enmping to their renpeoUro terriio dee. By the flret elaoee the il#b? to porohew end hold tbie property to directly u no tinned end authorised hy the peroooe who Iromed the oonetllnien, tor twenty ytnra; and the hintee pledged thenMeiren to ay hold the right of the muter u long u the government then formed ehould endure And u>le ebowe coeoluoltely thet Another deecripllen of perc ne were embmoed in the other prortotonn of the coMtttetioa. Tfaeu two otentee wore not Intendod to oonfer upon them or their posterity the bluelnge or liberty ?o enrofally oo iter red upon tbo whltoe. None of thu oIa?b ever emigrated to tbo United Btntre voluntarily. Tboy were nil nrtloim H mere ana due. The nam her emnaotpeted wu lew u compere i with tboee who were beid In (Urory, end cot enfllsioatljr numeroua to ittriot publlo attention M a separate olui and were rrgardod u a part ol I be aUre population ratber lb an trte. It cannot be sappoaed that the State* conferred cltlceeablp upon tbem; lor all Utoee Slate* at that time aa tabiiabed police regulation* for the aecnrity ef them ulee* and tamtUee, aa well aa of property. laaome minor oacea there were different mode* or trial, and It could not bo auppooed thai thoae Mm tee would bare formed or conaented to a government wbtob abollahel tola rlgt-t, and took from them tbe a*fegu*rda eeaontUl to tbeir own protection They hare not tbe right to bear ?rma and appear at pn olio meeting* to diaoaaa pontic* queaitona, or urge meaeurr* of reform which ahey mtgh dtem aueiaable. They cannot rote at elecuona, nor aerre aa jarora, nor appear aa wltooaaea where wbtiaa are ochoerned. Tboee rl|bu are eaourad In a rery State to a bile men. It la lmpoaalble to beltere that too mea or alarebolditig Statoe who took ao large a lhare In tbe for motion or too conatltutlon. could be ao regardleaa of them elrta and ibe taiely of tboae who true led and couQCtd In tbem. I reiy law of natorailaetton confine* rttlrenahlp to white peraona Tba U a marked separation from tho biacae Under the confederation ever/ Stale bad a r'ghi to decide lor itaell, and tbe term -Tree Inhabitant," too geneialt'y ol form, oerialnly excluded tbe African race La?s weie tiamed ftar the fatter rspoolaily. Uadtr tbe ooneitti tion, the word 'tdtirea" la eubaiitnled lor ' free mhabiun>' Af er furtoor elaboration on this pcltt. the Cbier Juance aatd. from tbe beit eon adoration we bave come to toe conclusion that the Afrloau race who came to in la country, whataor free or aiare, were not to ten ltd to be included In tbe conciliation for the ea joynr.ent of any perecnal rlgnu or oeooila; and the two prjyfaiona which point 10 tbem treat them aa property. too muc ii tnt) amy o; tae government to proto. mom easu.oh liet.ce, the Uonrt la of opinion. from the Uoti aimed In tbe plan In abatement, tbat Ored Uoott Is not a cltmo of Missouri, and la not toorelore. entitled to ?ae In tfca United 3Uiea courta Tbe following I acta appear on the record - tn the year iftd, tte p almllT wee a n'gro aieve belonging to Or Emtteoo who war a aurgeon in the army w tbe United 3U'ea In tbat year (181>4) aald Dr Kmeraoa took (be plaintiff from tbe 8tai? of Mltaonri to (bo military post at Hoek Iiland in tbe Plate of llitn-1?. and bold bim tbere at a nave until tbe montb o( April, lSUs. At tbe time ma. meutioned, aald Dr Umeraon removed tbe plauttii fiom aa>d military poet at Rock .aland to the military poet a> Ftrt Shelling iltuated on toe weal bank of the niaaltaippl nver, In the territory known an Upoer Louat toe, arqu'ri d oy tbe United Riatiea Dow France, and ltuaud nor'b of tbe latitude of 80 dig SO mta nortb, and cortb of tbe State of Miaaouri. .said Dr Emeraon teid itu plaintiff m ela very at Fuit Suelilng until tbe year ttas In Ihe ) ear 18115. Harriet, wbo it named in Uie eecocd eonnt of the pialntUTa drruimUoo > ear 'he alare of Major 1? later ro, *to be onatd to the armv ot the United Kta'ea In that year, i fcalu M ajor 1 allalerrti took aald Har'int to aald r'orl Soeldnc. a military met aitnatrd an be'eoibef.ire atai-d and kepi her there a. a alare until tbe >ear InSti, and Ui?a old and drUrertd her aa a alare at For. Sordine unto aald Dr Rmarrou. hrretnbefore named, aad aaid Dr Emeraoa held raid Harriet in alarnrj at Fort Haedicg unJl tbe year In the year I -.Vi, the plaintiff and said Harriet, at raid Fori Hneiilng with the ootoeot or halo Dr. Emeraon. who thro Claimed tu be their maaier and owner, Int. i married sad took each c 'hre for bual.aod and wlte. Ultra aad Uxrle, aamal in he third oo in. of thep?;n?lffa declaiatoo are the tmiil that marraae Kli/a U about fourteen yeara old, aad ?a bom on la ard of 'be ateambord Glpan.-, aorlh of (he north line of die Male ot Mueoun. aad upon the Miaaiiatppf r*r?r: U/Jit la about aeven yean- o>d. and wai born in the stain of M'aa.iui at tbe ml;liar' poet railed .letlaraoo Rarrao'm In *he year lK'V aald Lr. Emeraon moved (he ph&n'lff and aald Hart let, and their aa-d daughter Kllra, Irooa aaid fort Srelliig to the State ef Miaao.m, where they hate ever rr?K"eo. Before (he eommereetnen' of tkla ault aald Dr caaraon old at <1 conveyed tee plauitld e?ui ,/ut'S. an.*' ami Urito. ta the delei.daut aa a area, and the deteudart claimed to held each ' f them aa alare* A* the time* mentioned hi the pla'nUfl a d.*-ini alien, th<> doIrndant. claiming ta be oarer a* aloroxaid laid Ui? handa ui?n aald piaintitt, Harriet Klira aad Ll'ti- aod impcteoaed iheui, dot tig tn thie reaped however oe toore lean what he r., 11 w An if ik?i .>i riaht In at aaah Uaw. the ObtrT JorUaa pncMdtd to ?imIm ttta lUnmt, ^jvfcbl IM thta part of lk* "wuowf* HV Vm ha (8 jolt) nad all hU family lraaj|r (#r.t aad rt-rot d.y If art v*r* thay fraa by nawa of tbt.r femoral to Nook laiand. Illinois? 1 ha act of Cot fr>m ob whioU ine piatattil ratiai ooa tataa lb* c-'aaaa, that tlarery aid taroinntery aarri'ada cicapl for crime, abaii oe forever problbli d la thai part o< Um territory acquired by Iraaiy from l.ououna aid nol inr-orted wtUUn lb* Itmlli or the rtlai* or uulsiaaa The difficulty which meet* oa at lbs threshold m whether Coc(r*?a ta aolho> I zed to pat a aacb a law uad*.-ina powrra (rafttod to It hy the constitution' The plaintiff dwell* rnncb oa tbe eiauaa blififlea* jogrsro piwar ' to aaaHa all needful rule* aad nyalations rj**eat'i( tbe ten'tory or oteei p.; party of Iha L'altad itutaa " Bat Utl* p trial no haa ao brarlrg oa iba praaaat ooalro array Tbe power thara (Iran la ooa load U Iha torrttory wblcb men tetany ad to Um I'alvad Bute*. ul aaa bar a do lafloenoa on tarritory wb.ob waa noqairad (ram fnretyn forernmenta Too Jua to* than rat*read I* the owMtina of load by Virginia and othar rttntao. aaytac iba only obect waa to pat aa end la axlahag con wore rate*, and ta raabta Oecrras to dtapoaa or tba aada for tea ormmoa beatut Undoubtedly Iha pawar or cvarrigaty and eminent da mala waa oadad .q tha a ol Tbi* waa propar to aanfea 11 riaawlla, Hi era waa than bo goraramenl la wlitian with enumerated powers Wont waa oa tail Um ttlalaa ware thirteen independent colonies which aaterad into confedamboa 0< uiboiiilmi, Ib which b11 bad liBma ooanarn. tl waa Utia noogreaa whlot aoooptod the o teuton fro* Vlr I let* Tb?y oaJ no right to de eo aador tbe article* of rOBUBB: BtlOb. bat U>? J hu B rtgOt BB tBdapBBOBBt power* to accept tbe land for the oommoo boned!. aid II ta tiuli; clear, boring do npertur to ooatroi them. tbe/ lud a rtgbl b> aierua* aaaoiate domtaioa. tubieei oaly to tbo rrauv iooa whlco Viriiaia impited. Tba ordt cum of HIT adopted, by wbtob tbo Territory booId bo gor^^L tad among other prortatooa wm oar that al^^^^^brolunui7 aorrluJi r boa Id bo pro bibfod Tbs ibtag< when tbe ooutitu loa ttl r? - m i^^oeoed by Virginia beloaged to in? latee aa common property Tbo ptre tbo coaled. ratios a ad nr rrr-^^^^^^^^^^Bpoenr for t ho^maai too of a labgoMb^Al llm't. *pen OTtOOO re tbo MS gorommast every obi act wb'ob tbo It waa aewaaary IBet tbo laado ihoil' *c iTm^ay the war doat aad that | owe* 'ebeoM ba |treo W protac*. ?h> r't.reat who might emigrate, wuh tbo r righto of proporty^mmo. Unary atorro. (<o w?U tt abtpo of war), en^a . on mow property of tbe tbateo iitatlag ta (beir 'aOF pesdoel charemer. aad tbey bad a right in lake Utlr property to A# Territory, wbboot tba antboitr Of tbo rMatoo '* Tbo okied waa ta piano tbeae Ihtng* nador tbo goardiaaabtp nf a arw government. wbleb glvtn Ooa (-raa tba powrr "? male all aoedfai ro ai aad rego. alien* reppeo* i| the territory or other property of tbo failed "alai " It apptlod raly to pro party bold lb eonmob at tbo itma. aad not with rr'eronre t aay property whtsa tbo airerlgaty migkt enb??4oeat y acquire tl appltod to tbo torfljry this la n aixx o aad baowo aa tba territory of the tailed Malre ?'ten -a tbo mtad of the trainer* of I the ronFHn'ton H r?d* to tbo *alo or r a tot eg of m<moy Thia ) dlSiftfroa tbc po**r to star Ma Tvrrltor'.M. t?rth tha t?fi "to mu?4U Mti'ni ralaa bad roguiahoaa raapacu** ih? Writer*." ar* aoupia* tb* ?wdi ' aid ntb*r proport* o< Ik* I all** 4Umn." An ik? cor-iBdtat wort* ' ? 1* tat* enhstraotioa trr* i*tiki* " >t>i *mnipf to r,i? int o* *n*U V i* oaa rrw * in prfodtno ?nt i *im f U* Catted Amok or ol *1*7 porllo*l*r mat* ' H to cbrimt* lb*t Ih* Oafrma, ua**? tk* now ?*r*ra mfat. r?f*r i<xl th? ab*r* oi**** a* a*n*aa*'7 to f*rrj '.at* *fl**i tb* prlsclpM* and prortotooa *f th* "c tin?? ot 1H7. wf-ob th*7 r?f*cd*<i a* aa *ct o' tb< Swite* la tb* fiofttto* *>' Mr j?i iu?l pawar a tb* t<*?*. tad tb?aa r*pr?a*niMhr?* or u>? *a*ao ,-kaua aad?r tb* it* |A*?raa*at. did ant tbtal prnp*r in l "part froto aar *a <*aUal prtarlpi*. aid did tot attempt to aa?o aarti^ac trial w*a roao Aa to ter.nor* at?**** without th* limit* *f tb* t'aii** Natoa It ?*iai-t wrrttnry uat'.l*l latoth* 1'alria No dowt t* gtT?a la tb? nnoatltniw* to arqniro to rrtior * to h? bf '* aad |pr?rac* la that ohar?oi?r . tad. mraaqoantiy. Ik*r* wn*ot h* tea i d la tb* crmrtltatioa aap aolaiiioo of po*' wbtrb 'o> rtoa ma* Uw*il* t*poi*? ! * i? r* it b*<* .ii*a a 1 at' tar pow*r i* ac qnlr* t*rrtt nr* naV' ti to to a *oa<ttmai k^i % tut* oa *a*q**l ?ortta* ?tt> h* ntbw 7 rati oa a* dtao'ftim ?rd it h-oaaa^^^^^Kof ib* t<-*traat*ot tr> admiatoter tho towa of Hi*t*a for Ih* pro Ik" km of p> r* nal ri^teant^^^^Hteendn tfinu tr u rrttr*" '* a qotrod ia fo? a*** 1*1 ih* pxtnlr p' b* lotted but a i*o?ieo At th* I tro ihat territory w^^^Hal from f *aooo h eoalouu." an p> paMUn* |? aa a *>?ta U1 I IDorrc ia t>??M aonaaaary pn<m roe of tt call! -titod ea4 inhabited by namB tnlj oapnb'' af aaif imrimia ?ad tor maivton tafetbo t'rfm Bat, aa w? bete re nail, ft wne a*q utrad by the torieral rorarimoirt aa the repioaeatob-eo lit tra?t* at ttw - opto tf tba Called toatoa aa4 art bo bdd tor tbe.r a. ?moa and aqtoi beaaiit, for II war tba arpiiiaMtoa of he people of tba Catted . to' aotlac tbraogb lh*? aft ato and reran, meet baM it tor toe ?o? moo boar fl< i?n| tt abaald hmaiaa ar? e!ai*4 aa a ataai b?r af tho Pan a Patlt U at Uma arrtrad ti aw oadoabi roll7 a* ?t?rl Ibal aatoa ?arrrr,aaoa? ba oetobittoen to rloto th? ntebttaate la taatr pareeee aad property |(.? ? 'r intra carpae with <t taa pe?-er to pre letra tba toria af gorwoa^at a< earertry roeto aa tba dia?r"10* M Onnfrraa II |r ibrtr <1ity to ee'ebbto tba baM m ? '"a Called to?^?a, aad tna? meet tepeed aa tba n< mbar rf Ito t>hab1t??to. aad taa ebaraotar *ad ettaatiar oftbr rrltory Moat (arrraaMat ta tba o-na pari daw " or tba eoadttiaa of tba torPtary at too Haw, la ba nnattaa* t netfl It abaU hear toe a toata Bto tbrra W ??mr ba a mare dbwrettooary poena trrar p>raoaa aad property Tbaaa era plmoty deflate by tba Oaaab *.*? Tba OoatoNattoa prvrHm that "Hmfnm tbau I W TO MORNING EDITION-MO make no law respecting an Mtsblitnaeal o( railgtM. w I p<cuit>tung UMt lies turouc toereoi; or ??ra|uiw? f e*dtm of ap??ok, or ol the proa*; or tbe rtgot of tan people peaceably w> assemble, aai to petition I be fwvem*> ett for a reurtas of grlevanoes," ho. Tour tha righto of prcperty aie oof tod wHh the personal rtgbte, and uu* txtoLdo to tbo Territories as well aa to.tho auies. Cmgreat omdoi authorise tha torritortM to do what It o?acm do Itself; It oannot confer on tha territories power to violate I tie provisions or the ouaetUnUou. It raMt,however, that there la auppoeed to baadiffer f toe bcawe. n slavea and other property. The p sop la. In tbe tormatioD 01 the eonaUtu ion, delegated to the geneeral government certain enumerated power* ana tor bade the exeiowe ol others. It haa do power* ovar person* and property or olllrrna except tboao enumerated 10 the oooMitution It the eonatUuUon reeognlaan tho right of tLstior and elave, aod rnxkaa no dlffaraaaa between staves and other property, no tribunal noting nC'e ft c *u horlty of the United Slates can draw aaoh a demotion and deny the prorielons aod guarantlas uocred agalnrt the enoroaehment of the goveraamnt. aa we have already raid the right of property la a slave i* exprisaly oocleuou in the con dilution, and gaaranUe t to ever} Slate. Tola U la language loo plain to bo misunderstood , and ro word* can be fbaad In the conahtalloa rivng Unt greee g<eater power over alavea than orer an j otter dracrlia'.oc or property. H la, ibrrelrre, the op nlon of tbts Coart that tho sol or Congress which protub to ohlx^aa from holding pro perty of tela character nor h of certain lino la not warran ed by tho oons'ttotlon, an! la therefore void; and aemier Drcd fcott nor any one of hia family were made lire by their reeidmce In Illinois The pUlnhfT tu not a or Missouri but was an 11 a slave, and therefore bsd do rig tit toaue .o a Qourt o' the lotted Sates. The Court, having tbua examined tbe case aa It atandi ucd?r tbe constitution, proceeded to other points saying, nr Sooti was a a.ava when be was brought back to Mlehoun rioir linnoia, be wa* under the law of the former and ret ol the latter It baa boon settled by the highest tiibuLals thai an IndU-ldaal doe* not acquire hi* froelom nedcr audi rtrcumsianoue. Aa it *pp**n to the Uoart mat the plal.1 if U not a ciUren or Missouri, nar a ottlzsa of tbe Untire state* who could ana la the United States '.curia, this Court oan give no judgment, sad hence the buit nmat be arrmisaoa tor want ol jurisdiction. As. ociatr Justice Nelaon etatod tbe grounds on whloh be had arrived at the oonclnaloo that the argament of the Ucnrt lxs.ow meat be affirmed Havln{ a tat id tha vcare, aubttanltally as abovo, be proceeded to tntou I UU ? 1U3I .M IUO 4WVUVI WM, WUWHW NIV rVUVTM itl lbs plaintiff, with bti master, to Illinois, with s view to % icmporsry resit moo, sod after his relii'n to U'snort, dm sot-ii a rveldeose is a tree State as worked uiuxaiupaitun. He malD'alood that It did not. flush <ju?etlooa be'erged to the States to Isolde lor thsmseivo# As to * bather Missouri will reoogni/.e or give rfleet to the taas of Illinois as the subject of slavery, Is lor Kkeocn herself to detsrmiae, nor is there any runsbtUionsl power rightfully to control her. Ksery His e or eaitos poiseeoes exotastve sovereignty and jurisdiction utlbo ber own terri< -ry, ard her tews effnot end bind al property wtUitr lu r Hal a. Ho State or natloa tan s fleet or biuo pwrttx.* ot properly outside of bar tori,lory Tbe question Is fully established that It batooga 10 the rove feign (hate of lliaaouri to deter miae the quaeH> a of eiarery within her own jurisdiction. sabjaoi only to euob limitations as msy be roan i In the oonstltuUoa. Ibis te the result ot the Isdepecf est end sovereign obs reoter of the S.ete It Is equally epphctbls to the other ?i?e belonging to toe C rniedorscy limust beednlilid that Cehgreae possesses no power to or-ate or abolish slavery la a hi sir, and If Congress possesses power under the constitution to abolish sisrory la the Territories, It must oeoesearity possess the power to establish It. This be dented. and then prooee od to show ibst tbs qsestloe tavolvod to too case now before the oouri, was oae da poncing solely oa the law of HiMoari, oonolodlag with lbs remark that the judgment ot lbs Court bclo* should b? sfl.rnst d Associate Justlaa Catron alas stated the history of the cue, so: it'll that It th? Court baa no power to -Isolde the m slid urlhsr then to iltistss It. It bed as riahl to CUCba* I* Eterila. but be bold that tb* Court bta j? ntdtotlon 10 haUde the mertu ol the om?. whtoc be pre ca*i<ed to axaotlaa It wm now too lite te q teeiioa (be power (<> gorera (be TerrUurict m .oclpieat usee, ud fli item fbr edmtM'.oa Tbe Mtljr que. tloe ?u, bee tar the power oi ooagreas U United ea to tee Nortbeeet ter iter) \ trgla e bed the right to ahoUah elarery there. end did no. by an agreement. in \l9t, wttb tbe oi. or atebe '.jut ibia did not prrteat ee? >tetee being at a, tied wuh1 or wtibout ??ev<.-y. de raaquabtly Nenb l erfiiee ei.i u-o* taa*dr4 tbjtr teede far the eeweeoe bereflt end C?v?r??? bed to sore power to legiaiee ravrry owt oi I&orr erst oat t?ea H bed to iegtetete eleyery In the territory tte-ib ottbe ??bio. There wee do po eer to >gleiae on hlarery tn tuber eeee The iob?bl<<taW e'ood protected MMr ee I her dtd before tbo . eneteae were mede Is I', >eteteue e atery wee not oat) Uetul, bat wee seat vejtebte bi ?be date of tb? Ireatr tae la-v bebtteate werejA free te eajoi- their i>r.?o?ety, tmedoa endetibe/t/, <a^^kire to to protootod therein until the) erne teto tke^K ee e fltete. Tbe Miaaoarl tine o: .e 30 wee to eo^^gfr?,?too Onr-we oeneot de la dirrotiy wet It wiHe? pe?foria dtreoUy. If e Southern nee aeann go to " eon* , - ,w wttb bit eleree it fol owe tent ? Northern irmr or mcciieeio reneot bring woe him hm IfBpieneflie of toll, if Doe greet roald protobit eny if-ten* of Uthfui r>p?rt- tbrcaghoot Lenlntee ?i.*o i? wm erqulrod ee it oouid eiciado eli <lrec-lpa?a* oi property Tb? right, to leguiete tn the Territories i'ej?ei?ie <u Mto CDirefti o' coetion Hi i??"uloe wee th?t tbe tbi-d article of iiy treety by which Lemeteee wen eraotrrw eleade proreebrd by tbe cooeti.utioa. ead raonot be r peelrd by Ooomwm. end thet tbe ect of IMO, I newt ee lite Mtteenrt Ooapmai'.je, rloiavw tbe 'aiding f.etnrte of tbe oawcllottew, .-to which the Cnlon de i-ceoe, end which ?*oarea tout cUix*aa com moo rtghu He tber*?o?r held Ib et tbe hot *e rold end concurred [ ? Hh fcle brother jus gee thht tbe p>laiaU9 lind soon 11 dere. wi ?a oar wbea Utla eou met brought Oar Washington CwwrTeptidraw. WutaimnV. Merea 4. IMT. | Cto ?a Oi Miobi in ? rwMe|M P?b< of rpe-IV if r lu-Ahtt fbr tit Pott IVwiittofe. tic tic Tha aaaooacourot tbal Ocuat Gorowafet ta it rcoeira Ui? apvo*tita??at ot Vaaalator to tba Popc.>tiatni of Hut* NifkuMil co HtUa otavtraaUoo Mi ucttooaaat among 1 diptomatrft circle* DurUf felt aoiocra la tVacMn|V?n { Oouat Garowfel m%<;? t tmteif partloaJarly obi mIoh to il>? roprwenUtirto ol taoearobtoal troruroaMii gape iraily lo the fr?*tfai ropreaoolMloa o! tbo Soon ad Kiqptra fey felt eaictlc act ra and tba atuji/Jt* rtdloalo wIUj rti n* bo trtatcd ait Utrtr protection* It Mr dart%oa feuar raitlraa cod inapplal. under lb* >?ab ot Mr. % rtrtrWi < rotate tallica, what will bo do wbco bo dade bio v^lt* to Iho Dapcr innat 0' Mate aador lo# itu-Te Uaaoe at lb? Ratalca Brer* Nothieg Out tbo dUmitaol of lb* n itrrvtary ot Ifeau tatll p?ob tall* I r hint Bit tbatatUn t of dlard afoot ion already auntfetrt a I tbo ibriatanail appotaMraet al tbu Kuaalaa aofetcinaa to a port ot to aiuoh latpciuroe n not omfned <o JWomatto inra American* ot all oootra cad tftnomiaatiiaa ar* WM al U*? of laabta ? "1 foroigoor ' briaf pin- ad 'as poo U'-n wh'rh naturally moaai <r?? uk mab* 11 tb? lopatttary of i-try hum k?? la obbocUocj wtifi our for- ign poiirp Mr (.cruatki la nudoobud p a hi# on %oro?pnit>n pocaaa ?uJ a Dan lia|?Hnl Pa a nottortr, a >1 tploadul ? i aa4 a Horot o-* rarrannaaiiat, but a<a paO- ai afflal I'M aa a wr.wr or Uw 7r%/mrw, aal aa a a?a > lb -rnnphlp . ?ul*wd wii* aii Urn aaaanaaMa nvi *b afe ara palla ovhiuaJ abaranmrtMlr* of iba pmcpa. Miliar of IbU oaprr arVtaraplba anat, otoaadtaclp aan-rtaaa*. H.? i ooadrr^Maa a ma- >f UUcrouoa ara ant aiad to ta.pirr rtxIBrenv whlia bia oharaeior aa aa aitaa ahoaU pr<r?t aa laJ^wab'# "ar to aacb aa appatatmoai. Moaara T**Mlro * HWhnad aa4 Uruad bolo-| to a ?rp d-flarrai oat ?| nop th? Ibrar baUp Aiaartcta olli <<a Id aur )iu* " I an- -iiatingmabad a '*a for it> ir darotPa ta Iba rvuatrp of iwdr adopltna two ar il a laro -orvpM-d. at diUnrroi ponoda, paata ar groat cncor ana iroM ta-.n U.i radar* poraraoaaai aad all ar- rt Maskable lor rraal vrrtalil" r of tal-ot, aad m at >? ?!*? ooaiiibaiora ?a in* pa-I - v :u?rataraaf Ibr oaaa l/p. Ti tail aaoh fotatgarri, iharo?or?, although t*i oaa born la 1 oau aad another ka Irataad, la otrapip

a MdrrMJi Mr lamairo, tha aro< r oflWtai traaaiaww of lb-- fieparuarai of 9uta, ' afro -ailp apokta of aa Ik* muot illKnai-i ofbrrrr ifeal aa?r ar p*ad ihat pool tlaro iba olhro *aa arralad. During IN man? p?ara of b<a ik- nMbrar ba aaror oaa mar <o betray a aaarat ar to O'rappatil iba inrartMaL how-war taW<oai map bar# baa? iba tuki lapooad apoa hla Tboroaghlp J witb I ha ?odera laac aagaa of Mar opr. aad a t?Tta wtllor of buiiah. bia imaaiaUoaa had ail Iba toroa aid Iba lafanr* of Rag-tab nnwuaalMa?. willo Ibtf ro w-iaoa nth woadorfai Idotnp iba rarp M?ar a* iba orlrl ini Mr. Ttoiotr-'a withdrawal fro* thodopartM> at waa a pwl ioaa u> Iba |?r?nh?H, aad aapthtag bat trofia i - to Mr Maicr Nor ? It Una thai Mr. TaaMra waa cKaaaari on tar oownuaiatof iba kroneh mafitr oa Ti ur eorroapood. - I uad-* data of Iba Id loot. laNatataa. t( a rral oaaaao ot Mr. T alatro raalgaatwa. aad aot <Ua oilaaai, aaap ba fouad la thai attar and moo dagmdiag t a-rrrvtop in fbn r* goremmaata which baa chasao t. h* n ri >r. ? pvucj < mr mmrcy I ooatn ?4dMr tbrro qm ha loaot am iwd dm nthor m-ek u IUIK4 of pwHhanlBMf an,1 in* ?%m M ?m traalftftal b* poor riofoo'a Hwuir of molt 'hr-mibo n ihla traaa *.mmi* Har<> wo bar* a * ronnb II tot. tor. (.anna at atl Ua f>r crruliar reerair-cMlaa, lantinp to a* labia a aoafldaallal f.fltnor ? Um Aa trwan (orrromaat for th? t<|<rfaa parpoao, aa it ? ??, of amiwp b?a naUoaaMr a?a rlinfjtaa hi* rbtaf u< haaaoaa to* ladtfaaot itafaaai ir la'ttor# a at, mrrltrt haattarmrat tba tVrrtlw; a fHata, |tod ?a*7 atmi. ??taa n aid taaaa a big ptaob a < ?& aaa tana Uia raauyator ifcat it waa a ?ir? naagbty tivb f?r aa Anm na ia praaoma to ram aar tMiift litartt to felt am a moat bt a inratga ainlatnr Tito Hint at ranfTtaa nil Tut PAMbD bPTII nOT-gf, < oaflaaa* fraaa iba I r> * port of Mara* a, j Mi A bUt f tr taar?Wa? of Wary Horknr. >?#. A bill rrAaong tba doit ta m wprta, taflbi ?har rorpoaro ?l? A bill not an aptrr prtMtnwa for tba narrant aad r< nitagaat ripaa.iw of tba ladtaa Dapar'iaeat, aa<t far frif i-tag knatp mpniaoaaa ?ttb tanaaa Udlaa trlbaa Ibr tba )oar todlrg J m bO. IMt. tit. A Mil Maktea *pp" pitatkw Mr lb* rapport at Ma an ? Mr lha . aar ana tag Jaaa M. WM, M. A Mil to lappfjr dabrtraMka la tba appnprlatfai for tba aar.toa at tba flanl ??w awtiag iba mi af Jaaa, 1M1 int. A blfl M oonSrn cm ada arlrtaa of last IbareM Natl ng A b>'l to r 'ahi?ab nort tb p?atr\.?4a la Iba ' ttt' l I.n* aH 'bo T" infra tbr oof. W I V au>n tpv >p *woaa 'n m lagtaMava, ?KK I NDAT, MARCH 9, 1857. evronttve end pedta* eipoMM af ftvOPUUMt, lie* itj.j j f?f Juntj 80 1888. 8*4 a bill for theroMof oTKbIO* t. Orre, or Pr*lrt5<ta Ob lea, WletooMik. Court O'ela ? It. A bill for Me relief of Tben?? M. Newell Oourt Cie'.oae-18. A bill lor the relief el Howl heblo. ' " " < A bUI for lb a it** oi Laeoe Sweio. " " *4 A bill lor me relief of Hatha* ti. UM>y, Court t'la.uiti?id! A bill for the relief of Co"Her H Mlijf, feKUT KUieottood l.ooretia A. Ilrolte, a&caunaimr '< Charles Urooie Court ?14. A bUI lor the relief* Tboaea Bbedua ad Jeremiah ADaUll A47. a MU fur the relief of Brevet Oeptaln J1 rederlcn Steele. Dellrd States army. 08t. A bill lueieMUf ito peoetoe or UuW Deanr. 8"1 A bill for ibe relief ot Dolly Kmproa 4.2 A bill lor the rillef of Will am BardoJ, Samuel Medory aed Wm p Martin, admlahUretore of Um estate o( KOgar Qale deeeaard. 114. A bill |W lb? relief of Larraoe Ktrby. bit. A bill Ibr the relief of Joitti Drool. MM- A bib to leoreeao the pay or the cadet* ol the folMil 1... (68 A bill ror tbe reu?f of Jiwepfc M Kenan'y. 680 A bill fir the relief of Benjamin W. ttmHiaoe (67 A bill fur the relief of the ?u reiving cbl.drea of Se'ah Von IV it, widow of J mo Vw I "OIL RevouiUoaary MUier 536 A bill for the relief of Oharlee Perhh 741. A bill tor ire relief of riot end d.nabled main oil boatmen 668. 4 blU maklg/ ept>ropri?fior? ror the aerel earv.oe ror the year > idlo* Jicte 30, 1848 634. A bill tuewl.,1 appropriating* for fortflloatnaa end otMr work* of duenna, ud for repairs of bwrmciu utl quarter* for ibe )im i>odit>* iifth June. MM TIC. A hill for the relief of Joeroh Belle/ exl Invalid eoWtrr* of the weror 181%. 411 \ bill for tbe rehofof ibe eurrl nof obi'dree of Job< i_.ul.ert, o Rovolulicnerr eoMler 8*1. A blli for the relief of Bawey *a?h. 660 A bill for the relief oi Jcwrpb irUh, WaL Btorfte end Partbobeoew Qe>dwtn f r.C. A bill 'or tbe rwhaf of the hatre of W.lllera Beeb/. 648. A blil 'or the relief of Hkaorauh Kioe, of Jaokeoa rouot/. Vir|iaie (81. A but for tbe relief of the children of Jama* Pbeipo, a Revolutionary aofdter, 484 A bill lor the miaf of Oeorge Owned r. (88 A bill tar tbe relief of the inhabitant* or tbo pa rleb of AaceariM. 4tate of Loo.n*aa 866 A bill tor the relief of Bartoe Jewell, of K?a lucky (66 A bill to ooaArr pii-.*?i Waterman la hla title to oertaln lu'e th Uilwauki v. to main. 4(4 A bbi lor the rr hif c i; irk and Rioherd II Beta. 486 A bhi for the re.itt I V :<ert H dujreaa 676 A bill for the rehef oi <.. rye Bead ?78 A oill (or the rexri of Richard J Murray, a actd< r ii the Heaaioole w*' of 1B1<! 664. A bill provlftog for an moreaaa of peaatea la uaao Pi il'ipa 4*7 A bill ror (be relief of Henry Stewart. 616 A Mil for the relief if Will un I. Oliver BH. A tUI greeting a penatin to i'raukha W. Armeir<r< (?? A bill for tbo roilef of Daniel War war we A bill for tha ro'lrf of I.oor.vd Ully. 674 A Mil for the relief of Clatborn Vanghr. 840 A Mil tbr tha relief Samptno Hay*, a oofcLar ia tha Mi eloan war 684. 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Mt Aa %ot for the rtxef of Jefforeoa fTiJaee, adnlala cater, with Uw will ain??ie?l of J?ba V. Wra . dnoaaaotf OUT Aa act Mr the re Iff 01 Oap.ala Alexander Meat ?-mery M aaMatant q tarternaeler la Ibe I a:?ed ittalea ?'?y mi A* art for the re. ?* of Joreph orata* 00" 4a art le d.ride lae tMau ? M aaojr lato two dkM dtetftrta ** Aa art Mr Ute relief ef Jaare P joha?"%a " * as tot nr tbo rottrr or Martto > <o*ic? | AiMtlrrlt* rol'rf of WUUaa W B?<l<-a. idmlo * Kbawtxor M4?? '* *? act tar Im nlM of Itian Centra " ,_?*l lor tbo rottof of Oatbonao V. ft rockcaao, ,nlS.2'7^f Wld * ,h* '*** ' ?' rbtltt char>?r .-?*1 ALt^'IUMWI of as art appro rod 4 foot 11. *** ,*wa ;ab aot for two roftof of Ada? J Iwwtrt "oaooli. ax* citor o< Haa*! all Ht ?? ? %??f of oortata artua. aoti t i and euitl t*, ** * FT[ iO?d laa'l, OobjrotWtfartoaUa, wtblo **" orratoa of Ibr", at a Km raw ihao t*o troo * ' - 000 artro a?0?" 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Mai* of Virylala," apyrorri Jo!r 3T, !?*< M A manfouoa altowlag Oeeeaa<i* fl-tri J Salt If la, of Ika lartfd Mat** aary, l^?a>. i? 0. *mrckarM, M < ' r M^rr ton aa<t U>* P?Uj nWiari *r rmw of taa ittawr titli, to lewpt aartato Mm nf i*a*?M|l wnat fro at to* praia?l of ?r*?i Rrtuin it inhU'm r*tada| l>> thn ?a?ii|??aaau>a of Mm ebaptotaa oi Osfmee OCTM auKW-rrrowa riMtn aorn M-itrmw M Jolat maolilloa Mr ton m.taf of W * t naar, r?-'.aiHrif Wail ZaaoarUto 11. Jtoal maota'loa to* to* praam'alma of wndaM to Dontar Kaaa. hto ofltoam lal mm M Jntot rnaol iltna mtoor ^aj IK* UnamlarT <* tto Tiaaaary to a*)oal aad oaaoal onrtain ooatrada t train* raoii m waantxorni* po**it?ni>i>rM.? Or OTH*R Oprrmpaadmo* Of to* Roa'oa Pott J Wa*hi!?i?t<mi. Ntrr.l i, 111' .a-mr r/ A* /Nlla ritkJ f>*y-?* t*oT| ton bill* pa Ml i tomagh al too laat (tag* >' to* ?citM n, alMoai wliwl ahjaauoa *m -m? maiiaf aprm pir itloaa tor lortifloaimaa ill oton* varka af datanoa. 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Itetrar Mil 11.Iltel aa mi l|ifia of ITUNte oaapiaMo* of tea mw tewteaa at tea )itej?tel I r ?d ftetea A ?arr, aal ralww tea oar of tte aaaata* arwrrrftotir.fO pf r o> ' 01 T'>? ?tao*a '>0I wtattte inn ??? ' I'O r, $' ?*#. >f fltfr ?v urn 'it ftftt'li 1*4 I) III [,-tete CERA (OofToapoadea-M or the Cnm*L?<r?* A.!-trr,ner | WMHIVT<*?, Mticb t?, wor I)M .StikM, o i TjaM*/ algal, a large oaaebor of awtuilmfM( lo ibe Bum mUceUaoeoaa a p propria! oa bill, (No 014, 'or r-naie ?i?ii opeaaaa of u>e fr/ernautd ) or whtufa I umi the mora i?pertaol aaoo wtmnb worn coac erred la ? For aa adatliUoaal ippraker Ueoerai ferFIartda, AUbana, Mtfeauatppl. Loumana and Teaaa... ?l,Mu riprgia or ooeatrxMaf Owmm Room at Klla wonb. Ha..., I,f>o0 I-jrrcera or. new Oualnwi Banaa at Beitaat, We. 6,000 Dv OuMon Hmh M reinrtbvrg V*... > ,u00 DO. fcerine HosptsJ at Peauoah, Kjr.. . 6.000 OowfiMaMbO (M euiwriiitrndcnlaanil k.?per? of He mvI?| -tailota on U>o ooeet or Loaf Island i>? New Jersey ,! ? Ooiitinguoewe of IK* anvi i* Meltons 16,000 Kepeirc of tbe lYeaUteptJ Houao, &e.'. 7,0#} fUfttrsitbhig do, do 20,0# i 8iel?l?e set r.oerereeliwy do do 29,00 Oocstrucurg tbe vvyftaington Aqueduot 1,000,00 Oorstrv-.liog (he work of lbs new demo of (he OepUI . 000,000 KiilargUa building for Custom IIobm, PoattXBoe, An"el HwOeJo.. 121,000 E? nr? <nq HiiMIbk 'or Custom Hooae, Peat Offloe, *0 at Cbtoago 200,000 eouaULCt'ef buiWlog for CuMm House, Post (/Dob, Int., it Cairo #0,00 1 Coiistttxlieg wsfhot as el (he quarantine ate Con oo the Mtaaliaipfu.... 60,000 Constructing Custom Ho ,ie, Poet Offloe, tc . el Dubuque 20,000 <VI'r?-?'i>g rg'tcnltnrel Matt'tlra, in -or, Ac , Ac. 80.C0C t on '0ulo( coostrafcUon ofCosiam House, Post Offloe. Ac.. at IedlenepoiU 87 000 Do. Oo. do. et Rati-ad 10,000 Do do. da el Windsor 40.000 Da da. do et dclieet 3.400 Do do- aa et IHkh lf> ooo Do. do. do. et O/deoebarf., #u,f>40 A etueU r'eee raweoe caller et Key Want 6,600 OrmpMiBg end tiaksHPg tbe buiid'ng bought trtnAbe benk of Pcrmyiveale tor e Poit (rtuJS et PhiUvdelphin . 100,300 Tr ?oinie tbe Preefdeet to cs'ry on* (be lew* for Uxreatgrtaalcp o< U?e elere trnda #,000 For temporary eepttot uxl per tanuery for Weak ( ewe iwniWT uv,uvu for ?oitoa of I'-oaldontial portrait* for tbo BiocoUto If on* too. by Root;, ot?l,C00 eaota. 8.C0# Butidlag eCoaicn HUmao, Court House, At-.., at KaMfb 60,000 do do. ot Columbia. 3 0.. 6&00Q 3oilt?ioj Court Htroo Ao . ot Madlaoa, Wo .... M,<t 0 do do. oi Memputa, Taaa. 60,000 do do ot Toliobooooo..,. 60 000 Con pwtioc of Court Hoot* ot Key Wert 80,000 GoL 'nuiof lb* eyttem of protecting bureao If* frost ahtpwreolr, M asabbabod oa ih? eoaai of MaaaacbuMits, to be aipeuded by the it rion Humane docilely U.300 A bnl'of tor tbe oroommodattoa of tbo Ofr en t ood Htewist Court* a'. 3o*too, Mam...., 100,100 'ih. am aeetioo i fire id fall m of specialist*, roe i to V** York >? *od > It 'urthcr eaasted, That the President or the Coiled ?t?fea be tod ti noreby an toon red to eoaetrnct tbe ?team revenue cottar provided for by tho act of Ceo proca approved February 8, 1867, oottMed an est, As , Au by ooutraoi or otherwise, to enj Manor wblob 'a bo ludgmeat nay erem boot for tbo public tntereaw Ski A merle an Vtar in Oltlfua. OH'. WUAMPOt CObRbflPOKDKbCK C. a. ar-tri Pkii.ats Sao J/risto, i W utriu Dm. 6, t*60 ( f'lpturr %f :V Darner fori? MmiMtr eccoumt nf :V Opm. I ?rov-TV 01 mete Mr- on 'Me B"ipe and ftrrs'l Ams ~t-%n tn?t on TV-* ybrt*? Bradcrdmmt and Burning ?/ >ke I vt One?Heme rfer <u Fi^ki ?Of-cert ml If-n at ?hn rwrr? TV WaiJl ml (Mr Armamonr It appaara tbat' am fated to pertkUpite la ali toe 0|b^ It f tbo Uaitod Stales gr-oromeot naa to do Wo havj had a a ce little akirm'.th with tt? Cb.oaao I wtlt now jlvo fM aU the paiHratara. 1ha braii had coumiaiaad huaLUtlao mum or thro* m?<iUM Him. aad hald U* C.\j o QaaUa a a >uw oi Ma??. Tbo Uorara*' it O*ttoa roaaaaiad *>. a mar ?h to withdraw and i/iat O'- wonM make rwvtt..ou :?r all propartp <l*oU overt trorv Iho alccU if Ibu w*r fc? I mq'.bf W> Ibfr, aa ha .aiaan-1 to dght tha aogllah to the death Iht* ihip, ike I'otUmohtb and .ho l.eraat oampritiag iho who* Am*ru*a ''iaad o*. war* Ijtag at Whe?*oa. twatv* m. an Mow Oauton. On the 16th iovambar C?M lootfc, ol tha aloop PrrUw^ih at1 a.up too to go ap to ion ton la hlf gig, hp a ahaaoal that laada paat foir Chi rtaa Torta Aa toot, bowaver, ?a ha oa na wlthlii i-aach or their gnei thap r remeeoed lirtog at him, aod com railed him to retora to bit ahip agata. Ha tnaa <tn?ee rtmteip acquaint*d Uomaodora Armatmag of U>? fact. l/n .saw Biw uli| m wa tutu tw m wum* irum tto (tea J acta to ta rbarg* of IteMtenaat WtM'aaitoa, *u hiel ipu v*t-o ituxM to toiad ; Hio forte opeooi u o on bar obI -iroot tar wltn ceaooa am* w dob tilled ob? of lb* trow r-uni.) , tad lh? y bad lo ratam to toe ?0'p luiBHwl.tiw i?rfp%.-*l.->ei ??ro oow ntdololpfcd ttiiote-Voa fo* in- dotir of an* no- aiva ond ta* 'omit (feiti*. to tbo . tf At 0 ? i'ta .!ao:oto drtwt too atonj water lo (*> up tor ft/'.bnr, lb* aiuot of oar oroar woro traodaod '..aao'evrtd to tb tlopa Ponamoatb tad Lo. vti.t, tod at< ii-boat (CarWM to iow traa op witma aoffr cf tito 'orta. to that by tb? * o'oiuct ta tb<> tftoo tnoa 10* "nt?a?oMb op?oo<l a oaJtirf flrw of abtil tad bot epos tb* ic war fort Tt>? lot tat f>( acroaad going tp, or d ?u of no b? rrtea oai ' tbo ao*t day lb* boat rdK.i-ttwti mtilttid nrkl Un a?n if of tb* M?b, wtea ib? >rui r ta g.?*a to Un1 tod atona tho Brrt At oooe to nor ?ta taaaoo tbo floaty ooacattod H %e<f we trch pctweattea fort; c tbo mnrw??f of tbo ilat It waa do oil ad to ta?o tbv m coir. I 'ort tb ' boat* wer* dilad wiib aim, tod t a li* <wvor ol the thip'i uouorV't poiiod la for obor*. tbi wi. ilo abuct tw-i tf >arda ? tbo baaoh a twnn'y fbtf p(Mil |M IrM Ikt MPt tu .ok 'ba -tea Jaactato t Mb. kUitay ooo u hi laotaatir mil woutdiag .broa iivbtrr; two >s?dr-oiii/ *X ?r bat iba uhor it rate r? n rirteg te luna to t**t? ioa4td <bo aoau tba bltoaa bdvto to rrU'Wt ft >au um fort, bat oar mat ut:.?d oa imm wtii a fury !aoi-?or. ubi* *ol otaddaaal tt tb* ''*>4 of ibtir obipn ti*t, (to* oo i|B*riara la tb* afla> aooa tao tbl'd vt? waa UtAaa fa* ta > la Mitan bff th.? 'Hi ilib AlUnk ba I Hob 1 ta* frrt rt.aotrat*d 1U? oroadadaa if lb* ablpa mt *< Tiln'.y 'roigV tu b??c j!>')? It, and *'?o oorar tba () > '? ooilo si'nj to* (tormiap p**lr Tb*** war* at ! ** > W f t:rn?if to *01 **?ut It wJ it ?** eniMl i'i?> tateadad to ?#k# tail tod dtwprr*u tun tHUI r tr . it? r*ri) ot *o<x.t i>? pulled braroiy tat* to? ?ar* ?ao?" taowora af jrac-; (To a tba (art. wbiofa t? ri<n't y %r Uiogn o< r? a?t *?il ataiad, ana Tuailml H *01 Lt V'tbout lb* <* if ? (.0(10 mo The Mtnj vtrraHu ?? ?*n a* wo iondod, a* tt?y ?b?w noun*r?* toi>4 tbo erar j-e ?f ,'tnr of aatior* Capiata Boti T I* WIV W U too t (i*? Or llllod wrmti W'U hi* oat t?i .1, fiaftbmf 1Mb and raaaiaf hla a wor l Ui?? -.igh T/m U* . arrooip *?<apod botnf m iod hiiaaa Y, a* ?jr l "all charge ' u blm ?>t* a pika. b*t ba a n-tk it aa da ?no h * aw rd aad rua a,a tarookh !>ro job * * rap lbitra*taw. Tbara ara Uaptt-aa b?.. Frota and .tsitb of tba brae abipa alitiag doaa an a Kg bp a "fa. **n?a af tba erawa ara r artta* ioim Tt? 'f l?n>irt?g a rhiocaa aa tba ?< air, wi<h po<atne? tsar bar* fbragad aovowbara Oaa a' vif ma* tab-a a rniotoo br >ba log- 'Bar*. Uaptaia, wjl pan bava a ptaw ' "Tbai will, aad tbaa . pan wo a* f a at vary baapr " So too 'Janata taaaa bold of a t?* mtx> pu'la tor hi* abara. TTtU w arotbar part at lb* I a/ treat tba rlaaa d'r.k, oHpaat aalfmn, ativar plat* ? ??i t It- pace of M fla* tabia Captala Bell J aa hod aotli ( but Viaci af at.*aw aad a Maokat ihab ^ BtiLi to a **r* btat to Da oa. * pot after ntgtit. tbo walw of the 'jrt* dor* vib Ira aad ma woaadad wer* tbo ttneat graalt^^^H to 13 i**t uuak. J araa oa* gaa 34 1 t" tbo . at our \a w ? im Ma. f< kfl'i ftroahrr?A MUl?lucRi^^| TO TBI IMTOII 01 TBI BIRAI.D. A atotaanaot baa btolp raaa tb? rovada of tha pa^H la wM ?tbal a braUor of oba J Rokal, raaidoat plaaa. baa boaa aartooaty aflnotad la aiind bp tvi^^H adtag af tba t**abd Jnrr ^ Naif, U la daa la tbo brotbor rafbrrad la. aa a wortbl p?rtah?,nar, aad a gaatlaaaa arary wfeara bigfelp aatoaaM bl, w lit | axtaaalrrtp tea**, that tbla graaa a M*M b* forvfatbd Tbo aamoraaa frlaala M Hantaol 0. 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