Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 9, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 9, 1857 Page 2
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a mm P II, ?*. h?. at, im. tahbai?iotikIW toeedber\yalatl?to it ?m ri i tkM ?m tLtal j tiM to ItotoBi/ tor ?gitotog to to* I 4mm I ay daty t? fry?d i* Mk at torn tototo, tow to} yr?t ?? * u tor yablt* wfcteh arc ?tarty ?trae, ud ?r? KM w to toe *to ?Hftait reto?*? ? toe wrHer ? tota tatter, the State of Nerto to' toe, ut i^e take:* Seatoera peepte. It tan* to? Aalb?y rru detaiaed te toe tove o toi't'bb etoba**, ee* 4Mb? r?are to Nee Terk ? to to' erfteelly yreptied, ?it bey?4 tote atatemeat to* ebeta etery ret?Ire to hi* ta?alalat te Uareitaa, tow-ire oe toe ttee?or, hie defeat)? her* ud hie ?to**<?I t a) aad a*?Ttatt?, la eo garbled and per ? ? to roar? at- that ta to au bor aad oamiu? b?er ? deeigaedly ataareyrea?ted the matter, either ?gtr* ?t te ?ate pereoaal mattgatty er for po?teef ?to? Alter let nag to* Borpital, te vhieh he mu eon aed ealy lor a abort perlo 1, be a? eely hdted to make ? ?*ort to proeare * peerage to e fr? Stole la tome ?e ? to* reeeeta wh'oh ply regalarty b?v?a Ply month aad lie ports *f the North, but hired htaeelf oo? to a tohetaeaa lor eerrral weeks, took a wife. ??? ' ? dakre M return borne, and became a roeWeai 4e /acto ol Nik Carolina. The cMiama of rtyuoutb 10 f?- from oiUhf ttng that fcarab and merelleai ?jrtr* arc n tied to AO ?1010 Southern poop.o permitted hint to roaido among Aim In dtf<ot oppoalticn to tbo atataio on tbo eub|m>, old to Ibo uadniurhod poaeoeaioo oI bit lit?, iMU, la n drunken frolic, bo became Involved A 0 tfbl of ibo aeoet d?opernio character, nod was ar MM for disorderly oonduct Tbon, bo wtc atmp'y bewad aver tor bit appeirux it Ibo mi! ooun to inter to ? charge of arnau.t and ba-tcrj, nod a duatbaaaer?aae of tbooo abominable aievoboHorj? became Mk teourily aad kept bis oos of priaon The night tuoooodbg tbo oty on wbicb tbia boad *m g'ven, bo was road, not on tbo evamcr Cbla'mtn, bat on tbeSto?, tab no mna between tb?t plaoo and Una, with no put or ftcepaprra en Ma peraon; aid when qceatiuooo by th as plain ol lb*. b?at, dic'areu that bo war on on way to aae nf our lower counties wbwao ba bad been ctnol jyeu ao a ktboier la the barveai tcM "n? laplaut, as area tla dwto, bad fcim iionad and delivered bi<n Into tno bauds ad a cificer, wita the n qacsi tbal be would naro mm wofoilj a'.kndat to. Ai taia point be war reoog alee i by o genik'tnaa wba had teen preoeot at intotal la Plymouth, aad aa it rraa evident that be ?m akkaipi'uy to e?'ai^. la violation of hii ootid, aad for he pn'noee of . *nd og the togal investigation to which bit miscon ioct bad aunpvted idm. it iudeemed weyw to pat tun In jaJ -n.ii rurtbor atepa oojld be token to tba matter The timed Jury of the oounty met la a tow daya, and having bw?o ac juaiatod wttb all the ftou af Ibe caae. Orougbi a bill or Inuteimont agauwt Mat for bavmg violated .tat atoiuie which forbida tbo migration al a too# aaan of eoior to tbo S?t? uf N wth Camiiua. n ?m m?'i a xrrrno*r, oeiore our oonnty oo jrt, and enrtcud by the ;cry; sot the magieiratee trero induced in Ml Hide the vrrttct, noi iHoeuee be ?h gal! J cm of fee oir roe charged ageleet btm. but for the r< aioo tbet fee :>? piovidea that the offender abaii be tried <n tne eeeaty to whlrh be bae migrated H wee then ordered feet, M bte eoior was prima fm-it crldeuee or ble r>?1ag e eltrr be abnuid be remap ,d to jail ootl'tbe ojclrery neald b* eeiebllahrd, and the amoont of hie debt to tao went} l:qnldatei. Mot ere. Bcno< U ead Seward wtro feed eri v b to aed after tbe tepee of peroral weeke. tbe 1'or m*e ledtrtonal oane on to thle pboe, and carried tho boy tent, mncb to tbe satlr aottoa of erery one In Kdeoion be aeon ae tie impriaoanral wne made knoen, be vat netted by tee ere l pcraona of petition In tbie town; a hrjrr prnonrrd far bin, vbs agreed to nndernte hie eeee wtebent ofcargf; hie frxDda ta Port Jcrrla Brere written to, aid erery etteot 01 paid to bw p- rnooal com fc*t that otreumtUeoea vonld prima Oe bte trial Ibeau B. Leary. E-q, oae of oar meet able lawyere, r JhiLueito to aiilu Ur Beagbton, wbe tree ami en reytd In hi* or loose; a gtu .lemtn of rua pool ability ead Beteco appeared in Oonrt aa bis friend and adtiter- ac rt ? cat epoeel ?-ae n ao l>? oehult, and at flair a tral glean him aa If be bad been tbe m wt dtaUugotebot nan in Kmt OeroHce dfttr bla eoaviotloa, earernl per me rchurteertd to beootnc hit eoocrn'ot far tbe oueu of a saw trial Arraignments were male to porobaae ban ead give blm bla Ireedom If be were eoW; and flaalb. abetVr bearn % wai riM to t laeyerr by tbe negtetretee Colonel Paine cams la and do homo Elm, oad :be rrrilot or m J?y woa r> o?md. Kcr did tt.? ympotblo* at Mr pei 6 stop M lMo jv.u i. Tbe Clerk or the Ooouiy rt, ot tbo rrquoot o' me Own, wrote to Dp fVcaot*., Mororitg bin ot tt? foeto aI u?e cm* oad o?wtig bto '.n M pwitxp, oootbcr t<bltrBMA writo to a law>er ra Port Jot vb, o.l. rug to b?coa>e rroponoibie for a*half oT lb? Jotl loco it Mo Nonbarn fitoode woo Id oootrlbova tbe rc aloitrr; and a&oiiy. Audiry: toot on rrotr would oocim pMob ooibUM, I wruie xuob o lettor to Mr. bo wd u toooabt would tl oidc btm into U',i of ?um*ti ty. Wlea Mr Beeiott airtrod m 1Mb |iom ht woo treated ,, wbb great j?>l)>eoflto; oil ob*faclea to an way word lame dto'.oly ronoTOd, oicry facility g'.roo bin for the aoc m CbBta: til tw p* rpooA, on a vbe .ie.'vored u,. to i at ansa. Vww, air, let aa review for o few wemoGta thocmddct ot Ifecoe yt-ilonUkror^ fr ond* of Mo rbej wore oppiioj tola Jo?}-, Itv-b t*rt<9.-au* tor worded for Uw Aoguol o?* M of oarnoort or. a np to tbo 9CUiof Ifooouber ib< j bod otr-r wrUM?attoototr>.*piaot rro.woitog the pwrr foil >w. waO?Br>J to oiiioi bm la aoj mvno*r,lul, oc the other Mo4, tbey kft bin* a pri nor. without money or frtoado, to too So*do *rtfie "borbortooo V tbo aorta," t> oalft for mmmmtn : i? wti oui nu uw rrsampi ^ti ?oc prjyoMttr: to rxac ooe ba'f of bM awing bie wortf)--. f. i a jo vii imm wHb li'ont contempt' Mr mrtt wm ?rH!ea to oa tho 11 lb of NonuiMr, acd did mi reovb >l?-thor until iv 7t? of January. tbuv p-? la| >| the pnod of adama' owimbooi acveta! v??ti dtt-lof .lit moil ioo>riba&? jmod of iio year uc o^toaUog ceocaotty for feat "loog Wjk* royace ' tot vkiet be (Mr. B ) ovIdetiWy ?xpecta to be oaaoe id rbe tterrraer of toe ?uie of New Tort, with oh th# wean* nd itrcnoo or that great oommwweakt a* bM a xrmaod, ?IUl o paeUtve law to awia.ii bio cd irin i to bftaJI el Uw igbu cf uko "bumble ciU.-.jn." ami wtui bUtbo boosted c a art 7 end ri.ttaglbr.>ry of N jetton tosoUc'< t. to pr.aptbim to a praoliaai UmolrouoG o< ' tooao toraicol virtuta. woo informed cf the In t I toMdC.t^' o* 'bio ooas ti il bo bad beee koM nw 10 boeitkwe i?c<rtvero; beAevrl 1 bM m be I martyr to the o\U prc'vltooo an I wjnit ccarMvato of aootbem torn, atd atl'.l reaaalaal oo euiei'.y oboorb?Hi ji bio rofonoa tbo d'no* prto too of Ike "bgber taw" ai U ho wore rotlre'y uok t*>i lb ibe imolt, ood bto pooflo hod art or ahn<*M 1 - oduen Now, air, lot me ooa 70a aad 70tr reader* <? boiweoa Onto whore active oyupoUiy ootwailf ' the oaorutlia 0 o reotonc by wblch o freo ' bore bona dep.'vol ef bio hoerty. an J U*w 'aatbrcp its woo reagned htm to bw rote 00 ' wa taunted lato makei ac effwt ia be > law* wfcleh North Carolina m t othe*T tLtak frprr to oafee fir tfcoir tfl umBoc of U?tr profcrtj- tbooo ai>> bat litiM to ?r In the nrtt u aaa Mr Oroeicy loo* r?ry t* BO ! * WtLdt WO Jill bo tly too iuOItMobI HiVi ftoro bb 'too, for im rojr. una ' r.OBOO^OOOt'T U.IO IMMI tor BOB w'th mbtr.b kin \r.1 to too ootobiI j>tow, <* wo of too loo '*? *roe oofrtoo. to to *o to^oooro i ma ?00 ?t0orah*0?il 4 10 paw toooo "yotKiO. Bod a (?) to carry t to n?MT * to Bil-r ' 'tot too'. wt too T* tO ' r v ** I #al 1 UtM I .1O0MU0M, I . ?r *>irtoe ra, lV? rH'v ' ? v '?wry 91 pm*i ?r tb mtn a *> taM MVy? Tbe fTB? to 1 bam <l? twoa laatfr Um <r-?t bar* >**> ?V? w W ??? ? ?? r all nf ?b? i won 11 v| ? JM at u mJi b? wnb ** ? ] aaaM %a hi Maw* al (My hn, MMpi rr? mmwowh* to Mijr'ud, aad um Mrr mivmmh wko a?w talk m load!* tkod h* u< joattoa. aoafee k* Ird aad Krewl to oMnMi hto prt yreaa. ud loodeat ta ibatr arpoaia Vo Uto pre judtoaa aae mm*""1 ?* Norihora people Am? yet, after My. B^dwsH 1MM vtftMd ?iIISIm too IMMI beta iMdwt an* feiadaeM ud torihiy fey our oH>a-*a; after ? ? ry faculty feu Men eeroral to Ha for tbs aa eaaahtbawat of ha ?a*toa; nar ho baaabteioed Mm i-oj libara'toa aad MurrWxl hi* ia wfily to ha few*, altb hot little a-u? and cotoparaUrely (nail aapeaw? htt friend U " ih editor ul U>? ftieuae, aoi oimo of the hb? fcttney, have the prceojapiion to oatl t? barbarton*," to rryyert tow* for ear better Kvcerameti, to teed a? loot won on oblnaond human! y, aad to appeal to CootcrtM ac<iaat tte Inwinenii'M and Iniquity of thn Soot era people Now. Hr, I raa only aay .bat, V the pub oo at lad ef the North ha? beoa on banded by preju dtoe. aad to lot a* oatott with tae Into one ia moral aad po 1 tical pbl oaopby nihility tangbt by ito poltt.nana, m to preclude tbe poeaibtify of obtatntng a rtfrnteow J'idgmaul in s? pla n a mauer m Una, tt m Mm*. Indeed, mat Um bcada watch unite ua aboold bo revered, and I for one will rejcioe at IMr dtarapttan. TOere la nn? r*aactt for r*gr*tt'Bf that tba aboflticn'ita have ror aueoeedrd to tbctr pohttoal aapirattona, tor man Horace Grtfley might have boon aeot m aiofcter to hta car I log Chuiaaa, and tbe can try rrhoved from ao to t<titrable a aaiaaaoa. Vary reapeotfully, yoar oto tent arrvnnt, FIUO L RUB<RTH Irm fraoi South Aawrlra. Tb? ateaatablp A too arrived ?i gootbaa^*, I'togiand. ouittb ult, with ihe Braaiitaa and River Piaaio mala. Hbe bad en freight Irani Btx.noa Ayrea, value ?t,8A?, PerBirabwoa ?471; otbar porta, ?31); total, ?4.63#; dta toonda Jet 487; pretloaa tr.eeee, X'-ilA, and a oargJ o?? prialng ?M terrene of eoenineel The delra are HnenM Avm t If(Ml'.cvkIgo. A: Rio do Janeiro, 14; Babte, 18. ano t\ rDa&buoc, 21H of Jnurf Ttw o m Mtta poll icat nova tram Buaoo* Ajrm. Jh? ?oUdrr<? were Id full eoMvrty, and tire onlv otroumatsnoar etionJaiod fr limit tbo extent of their <pe?atkm were U>-> Mmlrtiboi number of cattle aol the ettorimaat price* ien?an<?e4. Ibe sales of eoff*o at Rio amounted to 180.000 bay* lbe stock *M at preeeni 80.000 to 100,000 begv, most or which wtre af an Infer tor quality Reeeptt were mtdo rale The weather bed then rainy sad un?o-tled, aed there were olflerrnt opinion at to the ertcc: ot the ocw crop; at all eveuta, It appeared that a largo balauM of the prtieul yield m?II remained In thu lrierior Pnce* of sigare had tdnn *ed again. 1 80<j oatee, 7M) packapta Oempna tNd at quotations: <?> aaaea. 1,90 < bags end barrels fro? the north, at 4 *00 rsta isi 5 2' 3 reit rr white, and 3,2C0 rels to 3,4'0 ;ctet r brow. With the exception ol 12S cases, 209 aarrole for *xnori, ail the rematr dor wm for homo coaaumouoa Su>?k-1,100 enaea, 160 barrel* Oampaf, and did c**vt, 8,<k)9 bap* and Car re la Pernanm No hides it itoelt. Sold, 800 mined and Inferior do seripUont. at 330 ira. H?ch*i pea r tin at nod rery Arm. P.vei Plate b Ha ha: beeu passed at 28d The iota! amihdii negotiant! apja ixirr^n lor thta packet waa utlmatec at ?490,0uA To i ?ai k had reduced Its rate of discount to 9 per ooni* In ii eights little doing. V Bull'on?Movenlgur. 9,000 reis; Valr'n dojblioae, vw too rale; Spanish ditto. 29,600 rots; Patriot aolitrt, 1 too rote Wo ratine* the following from the Bahia P-ei (tor*.' or the ' 7,h o' January*u|ni?In the begin nog ' f the neek superior qualities sustained their former prlota f ' 4,200 rcl? cer arroha for white* and S.MOfor hrowrt, but Utterly there waa lose doslio to pu-cbaic, ana several tlata, particularly of the tetter deaorip to o, were rejected at the shore o lolaUen* Sugars itand In 81* 6a to 8S?. 4d. ma 28s 3d tc 3.# Id. per ewt, tree on board, without freight. OotJee.? Wv ra*t had no arrivals from iho south, sod auppho* from iho Interior have llkewte' oomo in but rery spar tegiy. prioea r? mam unaltered. 4,260 to 4,8.0 lull for un *scbtd eroonda. at which (Exchange 28'J.) It ?taud? lit I'JT ltd. io 48*. 4d. per cwt free on hoard, freight ei eluded llidaa are arch Inquired aider, and stocka are etnaurud; last aalea were at 320 rtte per Ih Ur dry aat ed ana 3b0 for dry. Freights?a vessel of 264 toe* reglater has been chartered for Londcn at a lump auoi of about Jvt60. Ktcbaage baa been effrcted at 98.1 for bll s at tlxiy days' sight, and at 28>,d. to 2? *d. for ninety days Yellow fever prevailed to an alarming extent at Rio Jo and I'eraambnco. The flrat case made Hi appear au e on board the Avon on the 14th of January. Attempt to Horecnehlp ati Killtor by the bj.eeker of Uie Itiw Bruitiwltk House of Ami rnbiy i Corrupt .on sad vtoienoe are o'vn now a-day* exhibit* f tr connection wth our I/igteteilvo Assent nice, au l ll ap , p ars that the te fret I an baa tpread to the British Provlaou of New Brunswick Parties are extremely close in the < LogiS'SUvo Assembly of that ooioey, and a vote of wac. of eonli Jccce in the governmeot was oniy defeated week 1 before teat by the earUag vote of the Speaker, who took MrnaWiH ?n aiiinnrpinf i hd? iviiiit fA i.Aidnrrtit rMikinil bit gnvrrr uitcia m ?di nod ctouietet to lotl i lb* country to dceuoc na The etltor of ibe St Joan i Lea*rt. to romcrf tiling t'ooe thle rrmerlr ee>d? If tb< re le a .park of lore of reif noTrrrment In tins rmintrj, i)u? doling ale u>?ti 10 ? boon !o for onne hv> Ultra h- i err. 'ii of ihe fa r of Ur enteri no-nt, will In* taught th?; l.? prunplea be ha* en.unaied tod m"n whtrh o? ffwnxl' hi* te-*Hior o? t diigranw to iae 'acd one iba ||? If it b i to thla <)? "' Im arugot ieit- 10 oil lil rr.y out we on e h" nam t< nmoe <* the ?;o\eriiKienl, tre hrwrdiT ictn Mr iinrato: In hj. nitft.u.. i rwieot, ana toy, "the ihe people l>4 hp h'jr d ij .kd tetter." t'P Dm army if ibe'iMb ol February the edttw of tbe /.;(i<f't tit tVtibg In bts offloe, wbeo tbo lion Klob erd -'impede S.irekir ot Ute New Brinewick Hoaee of . Ai?%?a-,.j'1 tctered, end tmqatnet it be ?H tbo writer o , an e?\Uc)e copied abort RectleUg en efnrtnaiiro as iwu* be proouord e riding whip from ble pocket, end I UMOtMd I bo l be wee ebool to hortoahlp too otfHof ; one rJ'ght blow wee rw etvrd, wboa e etrinflo took pieoe, Mrtfefi tbe rdbor'e obtaining potaeaaloa of the whip, whUr ite c.erc of tbo erteb.i'haMOt pto?ed tbo honorable Speaker by the t hi oat agairai the well. Wltboet further TWcnce, Mr S.motdi, woo derrad tbe editor to oev aVJor oiir.ertf whipped, ru allowed M 'ear* tbe nfhoa bat wee mleaed by tbe editor, wbipla baad. TaoHoeak ?r, wb?t at ibodcor, made an attempt to rrnorar hta ably aed aterere . trngjle erecod daring wbtcb tbe editor ro rclrcfl Bcrcral biowe from tbe (let of tbe Speaker uyoe I tbe bead, but tbe Speaker failed la bla attempt to regaio ' poerretloD of ibo wbtp wbob waa p ared ji Uue taaoa of 1 a roivw officer Tbe editor tart ? I IT. rn.? 1> ~ roni ii.kti H I a Jiff . \? ?.->?.! r? anr Urerty at all H waa our duty In thaw the pab 1e Mai the tow ? .hi- land wl'.J l >t allow a nan who *nak'. p ..bU' ran .aria a .-"teal nfnofii. M?n'urr .? pir ttc wea tohecren it .e*u i ao w'.ui a h.irrewhlp wi.*la )inmn ; pcaiua* hta itrraijoi. Ttdt.tlif, hi n we ailaiaod a aarnut Ijt iho .i>?rehea?1en of Mr. Hln-carta On lie kAU. i. February, I ho :!o? Ppeekor waa brorgbt bc'.'te lb? I'oltoe toi.rl a*. Pi J tin. oo the charge of a* Mf't Bg ite ed wr. Tb? asagiitreae deilrerod the ka* ao foilrwa ? Mad the errauK oernrred tn ih~ at root ha aWiuM haw ihotifhl lea# of it?.t a aa what ant anirued yc.ujt man we iVI in? but to "W t b'js on* to hit nwr eflrr ? a* ao ao-rarai? -). a h?' th?i mi' re fcco it: r: << f: : i tntlu . i i.??S a. ml .1 a wbipatMB 10 the by Mr. Bc.Engham % HI"..-''' Mr - a I ??? of the Chapter* to ?he Karly lllrti >> r Ota Italian ? mi. |i?i. j . gm to nut ti'irvM or Tiig Panama stab. GaiVao*, Nicaragua, Oct 3.1101. | '' m? Ai >00 bare bat a c-wrluitcn of Pan luaa del i Mori", or Greytowa, ao railed by Mr. Bell. (I woodor bo did a at nana It N'orVrBVi-wa, or VorKtwarllo.) u well aa Bfttl anoaat of ttr rotfe. via Ibe rirer Bad lata Vieartgoi to Pao Joan del f?or, froon yoar fr'rnd g. 3 8 J hart thought you m.meroui cad err. ai woil M yourwfr, ni'gbi bo Pttaaed to hear lomatMny of the riae a*J pro grcee of iV.e en*|>ary aty led Ut- ' Niearng- a ftilp tea# Comptny." I will therefore, giro them and roe oootr faou which ! bare tatter t from rtoo carina Thnoeaa. of tb? city, wbo l? well aad favorably fcaooa here aad eloe wbrre In Fobrrary, 111?, Drc'or Brown applied to lht? for hlmoelf and o.hore, o' How 1 ora, for the right of way bet worn the two oriaao, wheh waa graetal n- tony year* eaid grnnt ao I bare boea Wi, wat aoi r* eat red ta New Torh oatlt oaly twoety days wao loft of the ti?e allowed for (be tlgriBg of K. aad lia rotcra to Ibo goyrn neat It wax oaly through report It traa kajwa etna at that Ubm. The graat waa regular'/ aaaii od tor the teg lab oteavar. but error reach*; Ma d-wuaa t>oa Whether the rmKbreicd Mr Otetdold. or ooma outer '"piotaetia agioi baring a ruaidatoo of,ha coateoia. kept It bark, or made way with n Ui drpaaern kaoweui Of IMIItpiKtH, H?I nr, H liawiiriim.MHiv bird fr f mnaiha afWr Ui grant ?m made la lb* meant ib< acnbtr "empacy ? ? itarmd tor tbe mm* ;vr rM, orrowtBg of UrMMcder? VanderbUt. at the I. *1. L WbMe, wail bm in lodiaaa w % prMietaa, toon ? lawyer to New Tort. tbe prime mot or in tbo affair, did all tie aiking. No man to mora capable of Mil* g a goul itery than k nife f, 1 aboild Ifciak. - be had Ma'* mad* a run hare. Ila wea aattatcd by bw brother Dn?4. wb waa aent bora lo Mate iba berge'n Tbrae Wall Mrtet -ttorrr. (wko of courao 'apeefed lo tell a at mm Um / the r;* en let lor. fairly aiw it.) a floor rac-ot.ant, of U of Hreel. and a gentleman of thto r.lty. rank In.' ware ibr ooct-ar tng pe'toore lo oosar 'i g iliia proepefli of I be Qrtt grant ' to Ila aon raorlyt la itaM. or n? baid not by Una aeriood p> aanoaB for t??lya y bargain wltb Mr L *' 1 Ua rlgtt to av JT , iwtag Ibrin |r ^''^- r* uoabti, h,rfKb yoti abiai' Dorr tbe b*n?(U of, and then yoa jorr o?r coar.toaioaa Yoa n a! anew th?. lore V , la tba only rooted Ban la Iba onipnay, boo g a rieb Baa, be baowa a tb-rg or two. asi ' crowd man May aaake a n trtaka. -tad I tbuU ire le one tbia lime. tboagb I doabt not b? will imaolffroM toea la lb* bueaoee bcmc way > ? < .< rrig'aai bold re of rbere* bora ao'd not ti? pari, tag tf< a., I oiyeot. * good pro?t blab oao, or U?ore nt U.?> racial itrt baa been pal'l to by lb* atona M -err fia >>' !,, ?' ibo preaeM time lh?T bare wary mile to o/fojii their atoob reori|da. Kweoio ar> If 1 ray. thai tbo tapen : uare of tf la cjiuiany baa beeaanawv Itiag l<ho tboar if tbo railroad iwmpaay, wnteh apmt tbiaaeac* of dot to a to boating, op Umber < awml nod rraiiry other nrimtea to ?torg?.oa, Mr trot v. ar Mat wara v atvoMyaed oa tbo brtbmoa mat to try Mr .'tpartaaoat ol ho* Oi"rb H aoeid onrt If they bejto oa. It war noon dtaorrrr?l If at tboy wore "paying loo Morb fbr Win litoUr ' and tbry bad began not ai Mx wrong cod. bat o? tfr wrong plane Pbo Moamgna (tonal Ompany bare the wrrok of Meateoanrr (fraa, Mat in the bat at W'Mft ! awoMd tbe H?er. Tbe boat mat lit 040?tbai war a part of the wktotlr?the Dtree?or, ?t? on tba lur, I tbe l?r Henry ifelwr ant fin M Cray loo aiw ruu.n; Itfdwran Ma'Bana rapklr and tbe bay. Tbotr ratae It aboat all Hi Matar bare to abo? for tbair tllt fito tofrthir *nt> aufcnr Iron ho.i bind*** ?< %o Juwt *'\ fcvrto n? l??m ?( tk* ttktolaato to, km it ?w*n ipnt 1 tiih ii?. 'a T*tV>'j? Irtjto, *1 *?bij ?? , T??<io?, ud to H to ")* V? k? ?i p-n? 4 ton tot ?wtf u**<M tor hto on Mkt*t, hn p?n V n??k wltl, fry likriy, ?w> id pn'd m bo'o-n all i? w?*- tor Ht? i?oi?l NM io>tor b*> btok $*** to ! pm- ,rf U)? TifiMm * *>* ftonr; ?mm? $%y Ui* opto k|?lllM rw O'.m Vi'tm Itoj to thi 1'ir.lV m $3,00* - ?>?# my $*,MO Mr Whtw kto tout? ban boa to hto in k iktif* ? th? imI f??1 wktok to' wnmvwIM hj kitof kv Jkki tof lto? fi$bi ma. nto noiiMi ^omii VM to kdtowi >? Ttona nrn boHMHUtoi to tkto onnktry k? ttoMB IWC pktttktol pnritok, ox ?m HoMIm to* <?ty it IML ?h<J> to tton MfttoO. ad tlx aMtor thto my. Onoi *k.Ito?i atoii kU too im? itod iniyxtoto V?1 i* NEW YOBK JIEBALD, tag to tb? rrpablir -Orooft.1* botbtoa tit ft row old Oft# I aou#. Each city baa tto owo LagWolore or Ona?rodo. bo* of ob ?b otfttM to bo Uko gowraaoooi. Mr Wbtf oftlo oo the govrnuMOt??SnmOft tar ft obaogo la the compaay *a r'aal. its., a dtrttM ol u? Ibaamt Oomooay irooi tbe 0?? ftl, with alt ibo lb*" aad artrttagoa of <to lata r to tbo former tb OpaWtao tyaooftaa gOwrnmaad ot Araaada to tbo odroatagogf tbta oboaga, bo gave two orafta or I10,C(0 nob, oar ofwhtoh to Oow aaarty do#; tbr otoar baft taJta tbaa a TOftr toagar to rati Ibeoa drsfta ar? part ol tbo J?u? boaaa tot twelve year*, briar oa a^raaco payment or tbal gtMod boN; oh?n, mak <o( tb*. fovrrnroat maay wordy yrotaboa aemo doabt Ucr fiii'JIa.-ji?lor ant 'o cac?n ior?.- .a ol ?; cu ? rgiflHKUI lur IBS uiTBin <h ULwrtU IOMI. > ivy, ?h. lOTrilHPI Di It IiMv pnWU I|l1l It Wl l 0)111(9 iu . b> or*iral grsnt *04 doelnree the arts if (he * .itwcvmvh Grstsda noli end void The rover inert at Leon .? r .y on vtiy frundiy terms with Mr. W tiio or with ifc-> i,xra Cemjei. J. coB*?q?rBtly, If ibnt wliu atouVi ma.n-*io ptner ?noit8l the revolutionary pa?iy. ufwhiofc 1 hurt bo doubt, ?b? art* o the Granada ?h( win rove do utility to Mr While tad the company. An the -xwpir complain of (be acti d of tbo Graoa.a gavernmaat, i-.m lor very ?ood rnt'eaa. The Trenail Company huvo e rt*bi, under their > iant, to eljrbt sections of laod, enob eiybl alias m-are, on the bp oka or the rtvor; t? oeasidt ration of wtatoh tbey are expected to expand gome million of dollara for U e bene01 of the country, them e'vta. and the world. Cl<t \rw fotl OCce Alto. TO THK DITOH OP THH BlXtLD. it Hwm* ihrt tbe Hrtea ( bnrch project aa a ?M for a new Peel l floe, ie a'- n erd. act] nDotli?r locality must nemnrDy e obta.ned, or ihr idea of a tew building lor that ouroooo be kbaidoned 1 be (JbL.y whlrh line aire ids attended this :n drei.eo^bie n unsure, ia. to nay the reset derfda to be " *r> t e.i: and one of tbe ennseoueaoes la ibat the itorernmen'. vpiHt i .w ha ? to pay aeariy twieeaa r.neh fer a suitable site as t winvd at ?te rm e H * ae Vst decided to purebaae one. 0m i e? ibtt we bave a new PwWnaeter Genera* and a new admlnietraiWiB v> e hnj.e ihe real interests if Dew York and ike eeu?ir> at larve-tnr ever* anctfam ia interested Id prone r ' ret ofiire mceo modal* na hero-will ?o longer bo aegWsfeil in this pa-Mru'ar. We watt a I'-tiler not for ten or Iwontr, but trw fity jrsr* to rsiue, 31 d this lender* it of vital tijtpnnaaee that thp r.ybt lo* ai <>i> at d a tut ?ble edifice should bo taearcd I A petition ;o tbe A ifrmrn anocara b> the Htu viai in favor rf be lower red ff the Pori opposite the Astor House. Now 'ble ? ?*?fir the poorest locality for tbe pabii- oonvsnlenrr tbot iviuid bi uaini u on or In the rWnHv of Pr'>*i wny. Tie* Hreet a' thai (vent ?n al-eaty too nr.uch oramp- j ?Bd riowdod wt bout n-dln* to the dillieulty by concentre' in* there tbc 'mmonte tiirot'd of pednsWtane who neeoenartiy Tixh ire P< at t iCoe, U> sav r ntblnx of the nnrperons rnhioiee er. wared ir w.nraporlipir the mails and ooover.'nr mail nv. tor from i*o j-mi tin? etOoes to the Post Ofline. Persona visit laybrPcKt l tliee would bave to orosa either Rroedway or bail row wbt e tlie ' notae and con fusion"' of the omnibuses drarr ard . u/riaites woold render itivnmt isBpoaai-te to bea^ api lieaiioiia or auawer> at the "psaeyal de Irery'' or bones. I he neiiUSt, BOH" rr nLral and aonetrta de sit e, la unquas ueranri mi i m , oriawis, mr-,pr ot ioe rsr* on nmuo ?n^ Chanibe ' str-el While at'be seuth end a tui? hulu) i*? ??n'll ih'.-t ou' th? flew ot the Fak fiotn every point o: vu * ?enth?iitd and give tbat part of the street a Jv? and Iroweng aepevrance at the upper end I: would .nie fo>' ve?? with the view, bo on a dee in'lie-enr of ihe City Itall xrd lap on to the Park ve.rv little If auy forVp-r i.ian tbo prx#?Bt building occupied b? th? ci-tr'-* oatbeoy e<?tteor <v rr??jv riding corner In 'art. until within a short tune. the old' ity elm-house evc-oarhed at much, nearly, as ?n Id the p?oe.iie<l bni dine. Ihe best and moot pernianen' light vtild l i re be a.'crdeu on ad si'ii-g, and be rnakivg'he nrelu irirsbcee for the building on Broadway aud (hiambe-a nrrei ib? chief cifllcuity of ether locations would be obvl act Th'-r weulo be no time lost Pi clearing cvav old rubbish, and :hr hn'Ming could be coir m-ooe<l forthwith. an if the e't) wn.ik) g'te the iscd >o the genertil government, the fuuns already ar reoprtated for tax puicbaae of a ?ii? oould be an pi.' ' a building, trusting to tic '.cress to agprovo and ratify ibe ?pp Ileal ion. 11 ou-rriiy a-'tioritlea would render New York and th eonntTT a taxing rev toe, they wilt bring afctnt this p'an through the prnjwr legal -souree I vent-tee to nay that it our ett .ene e-.trld vote d-recllj on th s question of leesltv, nine truth- would favor the uer' corner ef the Pari aa en i-rily dicepotln alliespeota. OONVf-NIRdCE. TO TBE EDITOR OP THB HERALD. Allow me toei'.l the aurntarm ol the nubile, through the (olau ir of Toi r journal, to a few facte wni -h seem to have e.-<ape>I the aw-DUoo of the public generally, it being not only wij ny ct ibi-eorw;deratton of laa payers, and o hereinlereatei! in tl o welfare of our city at the present day but of the at in eat ?d"ant*gi-to-uerceding generations. To prove. onneluslyely llii* wt-iiiy be: rl-te to l><-derivrd Irotn the plans sntcu ue our pi e to advance. -*e wt.l have rrooutwe aimpiv to torts Wtth refrretire to a atihahle ahe lor a city Poet utll'-e an will oon eor H 1 lb* Ml iHlleuenrable re.quiihea are : ? first, a nonet wMi V, hvation: second'}-, one beat filiated to the wants of per population -t targe thirdly, a moe: prominent attnattm ai d a buildmg adequate In w^e for the trsnsaetiou of extensive postal arr.ingemeotK all Abese re-inkltea we at due rrontept toy) ui a Vs-aliiy une-iuvled tor unr onepoaes? an Adaptation m every way auhed lo tbo v. ant* of our people, and a building already ocnatrnctid, of yr.-at durability, eajiaeu t aad lopvenwnca. It Is acarsaly serceaary for na to say that a e allude .n the ureae- t Citv Hall llie mails oy the Harlem tea us on .he iwt, the Hudson river trams on Ibe we-1 d-we by the s'eauishlpe at Jersey llty and by the ste- ir.rhlp- at f'aenl -.r et ronld all (tie conveyed :o ?i)d'/auvi-rrel from lliepre;.'ut Ctt_, Hall u.ore convenient ly aid al'h lei-a than lu acd lioui any othw- point on bur lalehd I hi* bu'id t; 1? I'd feet lop ar by 1ft,'eet wide M?l~iTam?o aieaof rib*.* *,nare feet, lhe uropeiiy itiely bel tl (Vilnnibta fsi/ieaerooiprUea an area of 33,7Sw a.|a ve feet, andwnetoidfor*'"t!ngt Mtlagtil07peraquwetat the ma Niinol ly tb<?Cltv Hall, at this aris hm, would ppi nuorShW,KM trtia ectl.ool U e v.use ol .ue building. Ibe ritv l'all and r-et'ed '-eeupifd bv f. oould be dw.-o-ed of ' > Ihsgritral gov, rin nt and with the croneedi. a id igniGoeot f rtv Itall could le ei?e'ed on the mow au'tatble, anJ we ratty and even a' the prre?nt time, fee moat elv'ble site on Man batten Island, viz bt-dlaeu iqmarn To prove eoue'unlrMlv lh-- tulyantares der.valJe fn m ?ncb a ??.,n we n's-douiv ri iei 'o the 11-uae-? L oh our elty baa aireaily au i In ettil rapid') ti di rg .itg. hot, in locn'-lonr bettor a-tmud for I,ts?1 nc-? ptdut^'v eatiMl} In ibe ulu out un,-rwreden'od Inereas'n Toar t-ernlatan; aid the ahvolnte nooenal'v .ailrtrg ft?t:i wart of aSPemaa'slaUnw) for the removal ot u Mill-, rat.-rw i depote. Kte sieaatboat laodfnrt. Ho . A- , : U nr i.on ol ibe ivjr belter atia^.ad to the torn ebtonce f u?. * P >b i?'. free to busli .*? purr-wwa. we 'eeg but rlsrto 'be i.n, gi s rf Vestlon whii-s ot-r jer'bL.^ tayr ftwu".. in ern bel t IS then to nake. i<wu P'arl rreet to Brvwl auwet at I tb. owc? ror tone cf l"roadwijr aud awata ibnwt these lc a.ltiee o tlbery, Dey, T?wj, Ber'lay, Part place, and fcir up li?>^)v oy. , ,, . M rb 'i yard to inorssae bf ?oh .laUn a few a'aUeUes wL"l fiot uioet ntisrah'y the ab xlute newwal'.y lor a sehv-u n if gvonad *r. the upper part of tvr city lor fn. entile purpiwes. aid the a surdity ot l.raUi g f. ta what may now to riatly aivh-tt .<> '> it* /au It n an ir lrr-'<--d iae'that no en r lo the wmll nun.tut.i so aieat avar e) of foreigners amoutr Ba ropu a-s n a* Krw Tork. lnciud:..< among tbrn: a.^Cve an.1 ?6:?irrWlnr a en rf all Chrtal uanafPM; and wl Ji an im-Bcesr -i jtf i aa dailv i'oaliLp tc our sbotca, xr aj * ?ot auiirl ra'f for >N !*nore r . fn tic pot-u)a'l<m of (he elty of New Tork was a*. ST dt^TT. tbef.'llovtlrcll Ity.ftara vlr..s? MJ,* laereaawl lo lisip- ., a' d to a a.mUar j." J dote" if> 1'jv It numbered IT)gto. With *u-k lodlaputab'e data, what Inornate may he sjj>?-led for the oaf thirty v? ar? N- leaa than .t M1M In habliaats Where. <: ea. wll'?w the nwidemiasol a:s tmmeme mrotira" of pewp'al I'a'.aestl* nahly even .at above ttita ivuat eo.i heclv po'nL wh eb ?" auw ad. taa'.a aa the gthle Ws vucu lor a pew City IIall. " ' I AnmTisEWvrs inriww biek^ or? TUB P1HKMKX. fOK ARblhTANT KTOIh'hJtR, r OBAlUB NRABT, ? u Ki rnremtan of Ras a# O"- "a. ft l'KHlMIT Afi. \rmMO BAB AN ?ON or~MK ONOSaN'y rf 1/ui toa hut now af BdlbournN T. ^ wfli kgv of armietlilDa to his advaataare by applying ".f * T^HlFkR, Ke-i , l?l HUMter street lamilou. Any bamre* mm riepweUTu him will be Umakfmly vecer,r?4. If KAwn. basp, roiuiLi iwwniTif thr haaklrf *m <*vrwr Ward A Klnf. will at H -s./n I Co * 7T1 Hioadway. he w'U learn ?o?' H"' hi. <lr?i.U(rr. . AMAKHA HFRKIKO WIM. flNI> a trr tor In i!>a I'rnon i^m I'uOloiSeM. it' >rtfp to AnorT artM\i.KniFAirr Ar?tT It ?'<Loat 'All on M"i a, I-'- tnal. , a* lb* partner **. town ?f?T, Hvwi Ije of S a.4 3o?o? ' Brwd*i; ____ c-r *u: hi r*;i> ?o t: * > . ?* ?:mm V'1 ' " ' ' tr?lw?f N t f f *,**.' _ H'taIA or < ' . r*r*r Wi'.lM Ik' ad ' i,TJ, ud * . ? r rVnj a h lr- i? a nnm drape, T*Va'2"' rrrh o! lr?'*4 <1 I? ' ed <o h ari h<n ike r'rHJ A Ho a lJHrial owa-1 eT'red for In formal TV?* '"'T. O fleltr <r T'a.* m Ira'and tw tn i . Ik lea B?T" l.ant of I'n'leilelpl-iA. a'*"*1" i,T?74 or t.ea er'.l- a prri *- *11 v HAIF, tUfoMrj Ofl>rO. ,CT llroa/way, A F W ? 'I Hl.u ATH?\?*a I>OC A 8. HOOKA BOOK . ' 0 , I? .?, I ?? -*1 >r J, , , T. -iTV - 1 ,) ii #rT?? imi "2*" F " <* OA** he A ?t Ha trarfid taaidr rf Ik' ^ p' A KT UAmraAT^l^nMn"t KDIflO* " WATF*!^T"BOT?TA la ha rr ar.T In H"'A. ? WAVkat.r. / lJCvuLh. tn )> roinplH# In it ? ' imra da".i WaM l)!ttalnti?d witb orcr MV rngrartai*. I?N? luivr f?nm drawing* by tfe. wl ?at*b?al itMi This rdfcjna wm'ataa All ?b* lAtMH if-tra wxl n,rT*-.*oa at Uvr wntbar. ?t v f V 'I ? b>ra!'i?b.r addl'tan V. nrary llbiar* t .Viti Kil/riml at the t'tblilihrr* will lx>r> ,'an\o'. mm&ui J. B 1 U riwodTT A ?X>. Prbrjdtrri A?vl K .?a<db*r BbAlHl Iplaa jrFnTWTor r. \btm, A dramaU' <wry?- '1.H, by /at ma litMR w?? . IM"1 ot W?rr1 | It Vi a bat no* onj mr ft* * ? , bat r?a a11. nan Tt r Wtib * ntiH Hridmn that ba?r b aaayb ?d Ml Ma of tko wnr (I In Qio i r? a-at Mliav 11 ? tratipaice and fall At ctan ?>r ad t < aaO Mitt( taa-n. ot (Mf~ ttir ccwlfl- iOa. ?<a?tia, fl-r r-?at 'iraata whtrh la *brb.? mmotrn m Mr A?Haa , ?' hi rntntal In aa >i?"-ia*laf aad ba n nrln * aar ?>? , :0V1 tM?v 9 i ?rr?Ont? Pilar at m, toiaai .?,*m to 4? wada A. ?*??*V ftl Aw lib Fnwtway. In taah niUTtCAla Ik'lJTPAl. M'tTICir - ?WB I'HBO TUUBI OT JfTlfl j J btvywinA aad bin'7 bata? bam dbaat?*al>T aad r haw fait t trnatad ? * ft 'at main bata?at i lamin | ha* at M Pall, la nrrtaMala. ?a daaardaf rraatar. | ?ar>* ? tm. aiv ** aarwum f* lb* Atawlan awt m a It am larttra Wt aad Alam >? pablr aAmn BwbMl' t. aia- dna aad a? Inna btaUrr .iarm?ra? Mailt ma t au? fwrl law** ?? ? * ?*"* aad >?ar; awi-ootd. M A1X1IKK ilCVTlJlT, AO. aSSSSSKS? fe^av|^5^5rS J i rv5T VWiknrn .1M ffllkN ?r rxa* Mm* y??- ' IP" ftfCf.AMft. Ctm rwBMfAMmti ?*t nwi?? ?>w?iv> r? MmM, *1?1 ?t>? an* H'rBM NfM a# ataaal ? ? ?? S7~ ?'-*-1?.nsszmz:^rxntn??,rmwimw. j** Tir. Mwee2^Bt?V?M^Il,w ONDAY, MARCH 9, I8flT, TIRlirpr RKGlflTBH. 6U?0\ PU?C>. K8fltk?f. Nxi.,i ?B3A.? we? u; tal?tlx hojt? aoC'doa about (Vvnoky uve ?taa rltiovj". wKk >v.i ibo it xj ru m|)ro>4tj*iii4 It kt a?w i tin* paiu'lti >M luiptoeed, ant wtil t?tt MnklA (bra <( r.teel t> mj ..Ira hJH 1he ti'Bt !I(UT aaiid dSrw.Uid M>? anil} for 160 litilcr+aK <>' rotUlmsro n OA tree* tr l*> pt*u<> i ri* warernrw> P'j?hi-b?h?ii laezaMtaielj. wppi? <m liw pro ?t.U?? ?>r at *y Prise j ?w? et. ___ 81 H a VKMDK STO*K AND BAHEMIvNT TO LHT-TO gather or arprra'e. No 2UI. b?i?ero Twml'fU and 1 war t> ft. at atraeta. ta <>im> ot U>o boat bustnem tv?Uuua on

l.r a?? nue. r b ra ho (eat deep "ult trout, two large * tnOnwe ??y ilftht in the rear. ore up ted a. athtaa. (tbuw, an 1 earihou ware ?tore. n tillable (or too aauio or dr? goodu. rJotklav, ?tp?-t autre or out reipoetabie * ii aeae. ioqulre on Ike vr> miaon of A. DKVL1N ill luOIS TO 1uCT?? nOMTlHO ON A A NO IN I v ttreat and A boating on Ttwnpklnftafreet. ZaaMro at all! 1.1*11 nUITU a (bli - " lkn-h? Auk,*. uresis. feniMl -TO LET. TBI DK^IKAHLB HOl'SB MO. 334 viMUF. Tnulli ntroel ihrw xUnlan and liMraent moder". ini?roT#nixi t?, neeotw (leer ol JO*. aaxtdoar. M asnallre rpectalde lanni) ; store au?l dwelJog M) Uivssou auwet, mat three first dim boater tn mxjood avenus; ?<en la v *??Bth street; oi? tu Kent Bpvunteealfc street near Humid avnsite. alio, a threeJtory lirewa Ntnne froat m thl-i, suds arret. Ajipl) ta JutiUrn HdiClkK, M? NsmiiIi street, coracr of First areaae, ftroot 6 to 10 A M and 6 ta 7 if. M. A KINK COUNTRY RESIDENCE TO LET ON tub JtDocBiisgdale read, sear Wow kswa, lUHth street Rmi' 1360 per year. Lease jjleen If d> sired, For further ..arNen IOTH Of ply to Or W. B MttFF.aT, rouui No 9. 335 Broadway A private family having more room tntx they ree ntre are on firms to let 'tier seen >rl ll.xir ts ? bisD smerman fsailly Tbe house is p'eaeantly s'taatei, and very ronrralert to the femes ami ears Beer of ret* tenses repaired. Apply at 32 bcheiinsrbern street. Brook. !y? .'rebj 3 all 3 P Sf. An TOR TWRfE RfORY HOUSE, WITH ten ROOM I, 'Ole , nose ktghih arena*; yearly rent 3:176. with roe rhaiKtetlem hotbs ?an?i. water olenete. siftj cellar. An. h"o : nHore, e?try thing; pnoe 46" Pox-sailm Immediately. B W. Rl< flaKIM, 3ft7 FroaJ.v?y. A LARGE BOrS-E TO LKT?TON f aININO THIRTY tines, with the )ea?e. furrnrro and fixtures for sale?*; enrled se a dining Hitjron. resthnrsnt board nut and lod^lu^ henna, ioeated below Mrnons street Tr-ras easy. II W MI'HaKDH, 307 Kroadway. Aoror BOUSE, CCNTAINING 6!X*KEN ROOMS to let desirably nttnatod 'or ? boarding boose, no^li'i nheod i:r?reerUonal, In the imnoed'ate vicinity of 't. John's nark: fi.rtlture from $41-0 to $ff" for sole PomosSon .otoiv dtotsty. B W. Kli'R.KDH, Ml Broalway. A fiOOD BOUSE 10 let, WITH TEN ROOM* NO. w a b rat h ho street, nssr will be out In go > order ?"i ii pw-wubJoo < d the tin* of April ?e*t r<'?iui to a Rood tenant Apply to B. W HICuARDn, 1)07 Bruada | BlOADWdf? 8TOHK8 AMD A LARG1C DHSZ&ABLh tpemmt to le t ?The property Ml and Ml Bnuadwst sear Prtnee street, now eocapltxl by K. V. Hoa^d a oat, all! a. to altered as to giro one or two large stores: also busmn tneagnrtag 157 feet dees end 60 eet wMe, with larss entrant trrnn Prince street, making It desirable tor a tint rfUas ret? tory. Responsible parties may learn terms, is., by apply b.. to U WOOD, U4 Broadway. BARRRY TO I.jct?tun OT.D E^TABLIKHKD 8TAMI 267 Soring street. Apply cu th<" premises. Bwikhbap. ptkb and wnirr lot*.-to licr: fsr s term of jean, the bait bead from Fortieth to Fork 'h'rdstreet. North river, and U>e adjoining upland; also, Uv plor at Forty thlrtl wt. ? < CHaBLBBID aPPLEBY Metropolitan Fire Insnrano- fompsay. Bioadway. oorusr of l ine a.eel. CUINTO* HALL, ASTOK PLAOB.?8TORC.4 AMI O; 1 Dees to lei; aVo. rooms for r'ube Inquire o< KDMUNb COFFIN, 50 Broad street, or at tbe Merrvui < j. hre-v (lOl'ltTRY PTOBK TO LEASE, WITH DWELLING AND J 4 acres of laud, la Easttheslur, lo miles from the t'itv Hal!; If Is a good Iweatioa for a general country sure. In quire of a. 11 DI NriCOMB*,*e.<:r. or of B. PAi LOW, No 6 GoJd street, N. Y. DWELLING HOUBK TO LKT-NO. 17 SI XTHVA VKNCK Will be let troni 1st oI Alav and pat in complete ord r- * lease glveu If desired. Also stable lo let rear if 121 Fli K avenue. Apply to Dr. W. B MOFFAT, rceni Vo V 3t Bioadway. RABM AT NEW ROCHKLLK TO LBT-P088B*H0V given first ot April next; aboot thirty two sere" of land alts i,jc!<e fronting so Wei mac's venue, ><-w itochelie no a oerupied by John K?ea. Toe promisee ad|i<D tl.u nun err ot Mr. Petsr Burger. Inquire of GEO. BOWk( *N 26 Wltfivn street. N. Y. Fit* vacant i.otp to lkt or lkasm-tognthfi. or stngly, for two er hrce year* in Booth street btween Clinton and Jefferson street*, together with I A) feet o bn Ahead d!*eoi!y In front or rtsld Wits. Inqa'ro of JaOOH V OAJiLKV, No. 21 Nor'ols sue- t, or No 4 ilall of Records. r-gfiTtaF im virmvt vis _ a nruin rrsirr rig nt rr taia the ibm- rtory bouse vi Konrtli p un opon rea? .. snle irrrii-, with iiun?d>eie jujhwikii The slt'iaum la ??, dnirnl f Apply on the prsnuat-s, or addrom ttent. KtooL.. Fip'tar o4'-e. MAJtrFACTOkV BCILDIRO TO I-Kr. 125 r on FiMh ai rnne coranr of Ft1y 'armUi K 6 Kk bntldlo? fan* stories hlfk, an! strong.y bn'tl laiolrt of Mr King, In roar bnlkttn " or O. J. Forrest. 116 Pearl rt. OFF ICRS TO IKT.?LA WTFRR AND OTHSRR IN waul of good oQ.ce at prices arytng fro; . $A>l to S*"V m?y Lad .be t.ure at 167 Broadway, near Oi ri'i.ndt Apply at room Mo. I'., to P. N. tlRl?l?A Tlilf PART OF A OBKTK1I, HOLftB IK KIOHTEF.NtF. strut, near Ir.dsRplaeo *111. all lh? modern Iriiprotc a rate, to be lrl te a at'.all reaper.! tote leuiliy wMku-it en I dim. la<tairr at t>2 Ka?: Riacteeath street. SHOPB to i.irr.-I* A BRICI lUIUHFa. TWO M>FTr 21 by Mi Ire entrances tire botalway good llabt al aronrd. mutable tar a inanufi* lory. Mr . -aiab ? opposite. lag aire oo ibe premises, 360 Be i treat STFADT FOWER-fll TUB PRrOTf vIUHBO OO* of Rlrn a'bd r.-mktlD Mrreta, on* eqtaare Ibooi Bmar ray. OoUa a aler ,-**. water nieaWa MM rrary (Mere. -see, la<iaire of 1. fakMMm r. on ibf ptemise* niKVlR BOT-RK TO IXF-TUIsf PATTXH HOUt b I , altu.ited on the B bmon<> plank road funr mt? bron t landing BenntliVkl ooran ri'wa. tnl*> eewry t nr air and nea bethiaj. Aaplr at Pauen'a time, corner of Greenwich AD I wlirn r'recta. H. 5. ct. JCBN'R PARK.-TO l.JCT /OB I.KAbF. TUB T* t) O fenr mr>ry end >?-rn ra' kiiie". boa 173 no 1 179 Hu la. >i treat, w'kki ivrden of Ft. .1. "*n'a park, rut'aln lopeU- about htnr rrwm*. ernbt'ro.rr enter no top abry. rata n Ar , very auttnb'e tor o < ln?e boat.ltag bo-jn . harirtt brra aoeeenp.rd Mr the U* ?onr yarn br one trna-iL Pov f*dca eaa be bad < n the tat of April U dnatrrd. Oaa be aa n onlT uroa application to JABb> PklCF. orttoe AA) llud*.*. rrr.t. . TO I.FT?No 270 bFiWKRY, A KO' R FTORV RKAP. bu'Mtrr iirlb. at t rreei t omitted a* a VoweDar ehoii. and well: ttrd tor any iKtbt t anafbrtirmir bnaeaa. In-jmu. lnihe>o bratof f t- ?" ' ->* t '.neeot Mr.n*. MT--J.1 ?<>>**> AnWtf* HItrWHEN 1UO-I | (tn'4 Uil N'.uiLCmtl etrerta, > if Mo>k above Htu', m t vM ?<i are two W |f *0'ir atar* Koiuiee. wKh all Ih.> mode" Ittr.tO'mrDM Can be MM from 'li*4 '< Mrk P. K Id kutre oT RACH?A(H * PRA8L0W, Ut Cedar Mr or ? ?>?tra. _______________________ TO I.NT * FOI R ATORV RROTTN NTONX FRONT ftrflbk baeerefdt fiwi'lHeg bnuaa. wt.h all lb" moderat*, mi rm'Ji ?ld?- U Forty nlatb ?'*? aeooKd houae ?* ' Of Ijvr PI Oh on aamo biook wtth Holau.' la Renl?dOU. A. ply N> WM. U. Kl'RRLIN<i, It Km an tfrerl XT- TIIE RTORK 115 VAMMI' HTBKKT; WO FEE * l> p wMh tMcatci?asd caUar Aboi Uio nonood iw-ir IT a tcmrr ??nltawe lor .'pbt max iifaftiirtnf- D"rpo?a oa 11 ? iv. rd aid to-.Mb la-pall* ? M. J. ull.HOOLT, 71 Ne? M'i Mroet r) l.RT-AT tr, POWTRF HTRI'ET, HRi-OKI.VN. HON rfniral to F-.rtoa arrr oo ear*. a alee ?>ir*e rto-f >M?a I r aad anrtereel'ar hrtek honor, etmt*lai-ir 11 r-??w mi* em* ton ran,?' Ac . will be let oheap xi a loaanl * %> will tarn renareal lh? aanv lon-dro o* R A1 EENa'TH, No ' Trron Brra near (wyltad. New Tart frtaa lAlo 1 o cbwk rLKT-TlMt PACTOPN AND RI.r<?AJfT RTV*. rtr.ry ?m~ a ttore lo.iee Kb I art Tweoir flr?'. t. v. Oramerey r% k tlfw o'aa*. il?rer rvcc.a deep all up a. mortem In pioiemnot# private key la park, Ao. Av >7 a T. ?. VofeliRE* ?r, ftroadaay. rl.RT-FIVRRAI. <OT?k(IW IN OfrOR PRONE IN Mrntr HTerfta -.ear Dtrirtor avonrie. arte, tl.r <o m rt WidAi >r. a '.a-.Lip Arul Ramati Mr#a H Mnriilfu knn: Irs m f a'.'m fAiuM MiBawary. ~ r) ut-ujioit wikjckook. an mo aim at, < ? Iweaa Ft 111 chot? and b.ArdK'lua RmtDINM^* *? ; an r??t Ma?> Hii ?fci? tor <w< farv-?. fuma^j* Ae ami u) hwth'tl n/mwa |imm maniaaaa' ihtgti n fi?i? ia ayrfl. Kw<7 ? J OH? rn IT rlrt.-i orm ajo w nr mvr. ?*r Riotnr MrW-L A^v'j to M?. F W. M lwvr?imi. r> i rr rim ron ptort Mi'* iowi in * ?*r Ihrrxj imh i'j-fma, rvrar u'torw *?**toa. to*, naf mw cwki or4*r. a too tfc? ArM ?v*j totoma uri tow* ?? ' t awr part *aanf?4 >?? ? *? ml toanir; to an ar*>< vKli toproinnw. AfT'f ton! 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Fa AO Hfnaomy, to* ton toa IMUnraaanM *p*i to DFtontAa Uraw ?*aat latoaa A ? ar altar C Vpo in t rtrw mtobrr r* trr mw trmi ab I flMii a-r up) ?>? la"' <mm? ar rami) n?wm ma ?? i?*iriar<i. >? vrnfM* aH?>??A 1V? r-at* XT ?? Vm? t? i*j I rp*r ? W>?pi ? N> iN HraaA m,j HaU ? U luTOnia* ria> inrAit or a nwrwn. wotto to a pamt J It nTAwat <*Mma riinn nrtna ana bakaA kutaa mm Prrnm Vrt AyylT 1 If TOif a?n>t. r! *T A TO TOORV 111)1 Kit.F BWPK lt*rWI ? MiaMTOaa Jl. 1., aaaaialuj TO aaw^ man kath. ar*? Van* alMM Wa>? ta a ??> Oafta aanaTOA In % haaaa A TO aa In* fcaan ami IMA raaaMMa aari tavar |a?Ami A. >*?| Ml Mr lana Mm kn I TO Baa Far* rm ilfa rpo T.wr mr?* wrt ,t? www t?mr nwnnap 1 nrMt. at M Hf; ah? TO ami M*?a Tawtr H??t H Ar?t. rant <1.IflA an<1 TOW iwa aaa a* all Aral ataaa kwnarat A lar ataraa Wxian ami nintaal Awnra aa* a* Jt^iara In 4?nlraktr kxartnaa Arp'r in w. 8. JIOOMa. Tinman * jmrt, Wn? Tnrnlj Oral TOTO 9 TKWAWW IWGI8TEK. r?-"j- p t^T, /f?w nor*** ii* ronTTiwoowD siree*. ">et? *1 F'abth and Blr'b rvtroeea. ixwth rtde. wttb a': i*1? mtdrTtt Kent low to a good niu>' afren bpX?<iiflp'j Inquire a* Mr ni&~ft '.Ml Wen. Forty nerond ulreel, M4r n (sink _____ r1*T-*Tn? LOWFR F.tNT OFTI'B HANWQMll brewn mon" bonne 7* Veat U>irt./ firs' -eree' fonfittol 11 ibrif! < n.-n>rn. ' lib rtandcll" * or f.-a' "<>er Iron, nod om !.? c?,? ? * "ft &W?> room* on tb'.'d fire Hoonr haa ell the uode-r '.TprnTenrole apu!v on tbe premier*, from 10 to 4. ft.- to 1. J K?t?TE *70 RoMng stre-1 O'O LET-A* m.BOASTI y PIKI- HEP BLllttaafiTlHlN j 1 coi'Ajje ni. the fttghlb-tteme near 'let ,>m3 a dam U?r r* rtrrr There are eoa. h bon?e. iitiih a* 'ee boti*e tilled) gr?m bou-ft wit" choice tnnrni and on the s-oands ve wttr g*rdt>.rp ttr.d everr r.irletj ftf ornan en'id aod be vlng frrtttrita Wttb the prejuaeti mat be hired ahom lb aves ol I blgb!y euJilvuU" lend barn# and farm collage. ? be proenvt? r.rr rl.'flb'y fttnved being a deetrnble re?ldenoft uniting arritalty to the "My wttb all the attract. ge? of re-al life May bn ' Mil Nut "ite So'rioek dally. For particular* call on JIATtt'L JARFIH Jr., 13 CHj Han. rLFT- HOU&E3 NO. 5 ASHLAND FLAOR, NO. U Eammot <1 street, and Vo U Greenwich avenoe fold No *7); all first e'eaa bona**, renalnina al modvn improve menu. Inquire of RLibH A B*.*K)MRH No 3'8 Broadway. rlM-A VEBY FINK eriT Or KOOMR, UNFOR nbttird. In a private hoo'c and gen t el ueigh.'whrxl Apply at 119 Weet Twenty atoo >i street, bewooa sum aa<l teventh avenue*. 'TO LET?THR RECORD FLOOR OF BUILDING BOOTH 1 weal renter of aad Frankfort atreeta, feats), ten .arga * laeoai; we I calculated for a t ha n-atc oiotbiig ca t? Ttahiutbt. Inquire of THOM 14 P. WILStjN, 3X1 WUltacait irr-sui ' po LET?IN BROOKLYN, RKVT HTd, A THREE STORY I and bairmcnt house; thirteen mom. din'ries, , . eked )<?rU)'> whim-'imn rooms, SUloed ?liti doom, It mantes gas 4c ;t?ren'T inl.inte ' tvslk irotn A'aii street erf). Apply to P kOKACil AN. h& street. rO LHT-A FINS THRKB &TORY ATTIC UOCSB eighteen rooms with all ike modern improvm.irnts id a M#d location f..r reit'nn ftun;*hed ra.??<, or irilt bo lot for AM* busmen* pnrpuse. ApiNv at 40 While stteeu r> LIT?THE EIRHT 'XASS THREE STORY BROWN eumn b(iu>'. Mo 1IK> West Wsrrca alrive Clinton street, b-asskn the is in perfect o'drr, sad contains er?ry icorkrn oonvcsien. e. with drain from kitchen Into atirtet >f er. j n ni.??reui| trable hoint for a piicate, uo?* leavenlei t 'othe forTies IVesesaion m'?n liefore the Tat of llay, tfdealrr.d. Lowest rent$TU0. Apply on the preuiivM .. |H) LET?A FIRST CUBS HOrSE IN LEXINGTON I uTeiiue. Willi all ihe modern Improvements. the owner reh i ink ihe prWHege of boarding with the aatiiy. Address <i 12ft Hi rsld office. * IN) IJtT?A FIRST CLASS HOTTRE, NO. 17.1 EAST ET? tormb street, nearly opposite stnytenant Car* with all 'he mot era tmpro?eo>entii. The rnn< taken oat ta noted alt" a purine family onlv bowerer. l'ohseee.enluinedla'ele. 0*11 , s< ibe i'i 11c ? ore ! 1 *t a* . corn-x of I'hir'eenih from 210 4 P. K. and in the evening. rl.RT?BROADWAY WARKROOV* NEAR WHITE I street. west aloe line rooms on 8i?t 1 xw * tranee all's Malr1 euleb'e for fancy foods btwlnres, tailors Ac Apply to T U. CU aMIIRKS, pianofortes, Toft Broadway. To LET?TO POAKD1NO HOl'BK KKRl'ERS, A LaRIK ( 1 and well flplrhed bona# on Aliu'ie street, Brooklrn wuhir lalf a minute's wa'k of Wsil street ferrv, mitiablo Ev ihere?io dot ot merchants, elerks aid ethers doing buouesh h. >?w Ye k It will be eikiwto a food tenant ?pp!y lr?a> M 10 3 o'r'oik, to ANSON BLAKK, 'r., 8n Merchant* lMK|b r LET?ON KTATt.V ISLAND. A TWO STORT brtek tin I Id Ins at Biapleton. 3n?so feet Are nrni'.ce frtm the ferry; AMrd with stesni pump" an 1 holler ard all other tenls for ootiur j orn dying. for * htch II ba? been nrcd. on the pr?n ires fs an abun-len' supply of mnxt. escabept water. , nSatU f.m .. I <..... ...I-.-- .... H... .. -V cntrr* a large quanb.y oi water. Apply to U elDDaLL, btnpleton. N I. 1\0 IKT-llOrm NO. l.M WHW TWENTY FIFTH street, between eeee"tb and Klghth aver nee. whh modern mprnrem n's Furniture now. anc! Will be sold, It desired. Apply on ibe premises. no LIT?A RIAT TBBBK HTOR* QOU8B, 4ft WIST I Twenty sixth street. near Broadway. having tne modern Improvements. )oa gong tenant it wfi be'enaed for a term of 7?arm Oan b? aeeo only from A. II bit 2 P. M. O LET?> KOM TBI FIRST OF WAT NAXT, THF ' I raw and oonvcnlrnt three mtorv bouse s\> lis g.i. { btryv fourth aueet between Ihlrd and Lenngton av?i una | B id low to a good 'enact Inquire next doer, Be. UC Kami T 'ity fourth atrect. Ty LET-HO 9 SECOND HTRKhT, TO A SMALL American fkmlly the upper part of a two eto'y and mux briek house eonaiwtng of a from mud bark par or. two froo; be tronir t tn tltw attic, wltli prul'epe la tun cellar. To be seen bo dm n 10 and 4 Inquire on the premise*. rl LRT-EIOM 1ST OF MtV, A WPWBIi OCTB. | IM> Went Twenty fourth afreet, be. ween siith ao.i ?er*on I artnuea, with all tne modern Impeov. men's ; re t too. par annum App'y to M. WILHJH, e rour of (ori'andsir art and Broadway. under the Hilary Building ' r LIT?TO A SMALL VAMILV. THE SAOCND KliOyR 1 of No 17 Butler street, troeklyp. for particulars lbq rJre on the premises. r LIT?THE UfPRR I'ART OK HOCSE tJ, BOWERY, in a emad Kenteol family; none <,hera need apolj inquire In the more ro LET-TO A SMALL PRIVATE FaMILY, FROM THE let of May in tbo three story biuwiuent brick ouw. Mo lit Pr<.? p?-'t.reo*. llrooaten, mo |>ui?.r? t?o tadro ira* on be ecni.d floor with Uie front and oelur, a aepa ate ,;** metre, gas hit urea, rent Sl70. TO I AT A lUMlftilir. CoTTaflE HURROrNDK.H witA ahaca trees. am a ,ard. i. (four lots , earner ot I3lat itreet and Fifth < lor.iu?.- dt li. Liti'il. and eonver.l id i I are ill e -- A tew in m w*l tenant appiy h. JOB* 1 * ? union a,.tare, from & to , j M. |mpr ,. I fpO ?,?f?TBR I rr?R PART OF H0C8E BO OAWr* I >.*e > 01 ti? street wttii l it? moiro rjUYMdenom. u? | rwall : roper tab <- *nrUl>, eh'lrtrru t an bo Mxu 1 boa I < ft o clock A id. rtOMT-TO A ilk. I'KiTAbl.K KtMXLY. WIT HOOT rl .idrer, th?t i root J floor Ku i iroist b-p-rnxnt ot a Or-: r kiM ! <>nir la t itntsa street oppnahe n V - it plaoe AppO at: (? JeJmon alrret. r) I'M ?A I1RST I uAOk rilRMSMRO BOIMK, 1 IRV . llorj sod brnrrart.l on Twen v - ood ?ror. near Keuri. areette. Bent Al.fno 1 havo a?w> it great maay c> amw, : r. Brhedtnd vinurnlahed. b n. qor.qyiw, ?>: Broodway. TO 1.F.T r.TUHT BHOPPIir;! ROO?H. WITH -TKAPY power two KarV-nittbs' hes.nhs, wirksd hv blower. as* oi la'!..w, drlllo. tooji At . oc i caw-tan,r i?on? ties a. Cro*oa wan-.- o? the rrro k>?. Apply at :U? Wont Twentyfo-rtk (Ufit aoar hloeea'h avwnue. TO I JET- TO A SMALL KAMTLT THKOKOOND'LOOR .eorslitU g r< throe rwtnri a 'aaemes'. aad tol'ar la a bciiMi lit I Iret atieeA between Firm arcane and arooar A. Apply at He. U remnd utrwtrLKT-THK HWH.UNO PART OK T1I? BROWN tct>e Iron- hotter No (Mi "nth avrn-tr au'table tor a boerdlrg hoase Apply W> *TKW altT A SMITH, 11' and 1?:: Writ Th.m third street, or 01 W M. U. KAlNOIt, llr adom-an i lluty t.fth stropk TO I.KT--A KTRRT CLARB BROWB RfttNR Wll'hK end t'i'rv'tnpr fur aaiu. ao? fill-d with lurid Peylin, Ix-ari'irr lb# oor'iraat l* sber-l iraring tho rttj on arronat o? poor health A good oppnrtoi Hr for any nao to rsiaslisli a raa booming h-./m?e. ?* Utr Wiae l? fornU'"- to |hr heat sty e. Addrem- U. Moore, VetoO a, are Root oO.w louse at# . with rqal aamr rlFT-THT. TWO ITORT AND ATTIC BRICK honaea, 1.-I Washington and -d W f*aatre?U bek w c% ital. Tbrvarala fr?t r?'e erds- and I# .'ted if:una no-.. b? i?a#r?l low. Arp'y at <T Water ?t-?wr VP rirr-TO A BMALI. FAWM.r CWTI." dren lh? ttppee part of honor If.] -tworu u-and and B:w?tr mrw'o *?i fO rMAftOOTC I/OOORfl-TWR 01 Broadway, la to !*t ** Montr it ngbv 1 Bp tilrr o^|F. V. BROWN, rpo rT. 1 XT ARRIVE* <rv . I SaratTri b? ??kr - <?*,. r' d ?o an w?hine*. -. * J* v. rLUT FROM vjRin ^ . \?xr ?im LOWRR part of Ilia thrrw aturr > ft'1 Euk ? rw?t will b?rf-t to? v* <-r 'w" K -k;. wna. 1 i Mi l>?lo* . prrw Ionian f.?: mtrrrtw^ wW ba mjulrnd. t^jli to J. H. OK.t FISW, Hit. A TrtoRow b'lUJmt. Inwu I 'o 2 P. M mar iff thurr ptobt rrh rrn.ii JL k>f Fa lift Kan* tw?m mto WXI. tridl Uriw Irn piMM iwl rhlwunrn. raWaMw for nbrnaki-kJ wort* m o'brr MafbrlTn 1-if pmyww Apply al Urn iwnMh tmmVwrj, Ftral >wm. Mrotof rai'T-lw WW' I rpo Lrr, rrsnrfinnp ok vffteriiwrd two j 4 fnwl rn?M m rnnooil * nor o/ bo ana ?T7 Hraad way. nott- i abiw law Aowto-n.-VaMMWa. WHw?. wt'Eanro or 'Inamomkr ? For parttoalara applt aw tka prawdato. raooi L rpo I FT OR LEAH* IFF HTaCIOUH bahmhrrt or 1 ton aww mwftI* bnfldtra naraar af Fmadway aad Apr-no arrow! Far taiwa apply to He JoOa. A Oo , aw ton pnwitow. aw a XH Fit L. M.T. 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KNOWN Ah lb. run* .,i r I, t.i -u ka W?ur e're.t, Brooklyn, t?a t^-ert licl r.n-l 11 on Ovda. I* tow alorlea h??I? with bittn^H and l-l'd'rs'ln rate tw??tnr1e? h'.ih 'or hollar ,.n.' >**? a*' --n-'io ah-ehto* efclinaiy of auhable b?1|lM and turn ru -et-1'In onlfr*; am*, three lata eteema In yard IK. fletorj -ran built by day'* work la the moat ruratan't*! n trr-'y t> P. PBINillJC, real ealate Mi'Dt. No l A'liut'e ???????, Lrnohiyn. Agenciut waalad lor coUteHon ot renin cr aaia o: nmp?ny. TO VTK9T- PrrB tcro. RiTTTATBfr TN WAHinNO if niua?', l"'?"an Tmtrj aad Peabraear . <>eeW. Thlt ..fTr r?i~ a rood oppuriurn.y for arrant nr provW, in dealer*, ami v to J. II. ' Kir No, h Tryoa row boUdlnaa, from iictr. m. WIO TEASE? A* EXTENSIVE BniLPIRO OR WILLIAM 1 nrjr Pranki'prt omTAl '>? : three <ou lately oo rupled aa a bote!.satiable r,i?iinf<.. .irligpurpeeei; rant ?cry mineral'-. Aui>;y to J. WALTRB 6i0 Hrvadway. TO LEASE--PROPERTY ON ERAWK*ORT STREET. The building ?ik! ptvtmwri Ne. 27 F?aakI'nrt street, W feet in wldlfc by nhou. '0 era deep; may be learnt fer a term of twenty oae"year- with renew a. Apply to ISAaO DATlOR, 7t>7 Breadwyr. TO LK KRE??> W.KAL TBRKMBNT HOUSES, UPOR A lorg leaee 'O Air rrroonnnle per?on who Till adi-anen the rwi.rr $1,JV.' Adiroae Tenement Rrotr.etor, Herald fiyrjtor-T?vi TOUBK ctO^T virisrkd ATTIR I M^B.Vn T.'Vh*. I'Tlei th rc-at alio, the tlagMaa ban* meni l?Jke ?" <1 Wi*t Mr?t?e. tb and the three mary brick fc'mre Bo. 79 Irvine plaee. * bene Inn r? are bnilt |u tk<- beet noeon-i' ha-. e til "be mndwry ?noyen?eiiprJi. ?3d are 1.1 perfect order. For Urm epety to JOHN V. LOR1) A MB# , lfl W .tor ?lrp?.t. ITIUK li ANOSOwti; (OTTaGS lOtPB WO. 21 HORATIO t H.-r?t. wi-h gas. firolon water, Ac Apply at 793 Rroad ?av. room* '."i and 3a, 11 :rd ?V>ry herwotr.i 10 aad 12, or 3 anr 4. f VV.CtAf, WOTICEH, abbucrtugo a haPamatom and irfiii ooa ii errtretor will be -rklbited on To adar, lOt-h Inet, comineneltx .-t 9 a W.t at th- Morum ?r< ?oo' of Ninth itreet, river A large quanitt., o.' jiM o'?. from a new mute )r. I-nr.h Carolina, will bo op-riN upon. The public arb tuyjicd to a'lecd IEHPEV PTTV WATER WO&K?.?BOTTHMTO WATKRrr r. ?feaVd r^irontJe will hi wwtvi-J a the vfflee of Ike Water f.mriri?.Horier? .-or-wr of ; en itixl Re-ow c'reila ?V-a? v ^fv. netn Monday be b-h I'? of Mveb uert, at 12 o'oie-b, 'or the . tgl t >o aipo'y ah >.?iog ? "rrr-atb water fcr ere year from the Ire* d-y of j ?y murt with the privilege of rir ewtng It for two yrara longer. 1 be eoraanlaaioni t a reaerve the right nf rnoplrtag all a mania Ear tlee prororl-r will make t'.etr Mdi hi two f trma rt/.:? lit A pnre rer hundred fallnr.a fo- all tba water taken, return* and payment *nr the tap" t* be nede wterth'r at the otBaeet the A ?'er ContiMierion'en. bd a bred price aer vear, ta p<lnal nreathlr parmertr Pe-aana ofWrln? wilt ntate wheIhrr tley are willing to pumhase ibe beat and ftxta-eebe'enplrg to the eommiwrtor ers and at what p-loe or allow fir tba nae ef 'be name Tbe nonwrtiaKna a I?-erre the right of rrjert'ng any or all i ropoael*. ?ji thai tnrevta of the ettr mmr rene'ra Rarlher nart)enu>?? may be learned en apphoattan at 1he afl'ee ae abnra fi H RARhKV Swot and Bag. water werbn PR TV ATK INQDIRIRx ?C N OK it TUB DIRKftTION BF Mr II. Uod-lar, late C>1?' OlDoor of tke PubUe after, Row etreel, London, every deaerinthm f laoo-Unt and doll Okie Inquiry Diado. and in* moat oontidealta) toforiaelion afford of to ajrertr on the mi:t<n?Dt of "?nropa it "if inner Na, 8 I L Pad's cad VlHaa Cum'iaiiowi lidnaon Agfa! In New Vork, Kly lie Toe, otlioe of Ute ukief of Pellea, Oily Ball. T17AhhFIKLD?Ah ADJOUHRKI) BKKTTNO OF THB *? tenners of Hub* aameiauon No. 3 will be he'd at 163 bowcy, on Aeflne-dav a-earni* Barak 11, at 7^ o'eWk. it la bnixwi that ail the oirnbora will bo praaeat, aa tbe^htielr era ?fleets all thora ? ho bare paid np, ?ait '1m Trtrr have ait. v be ia? ooib ctor? win or >here. COMhEt.IUh a CO<iPFR, Purekaatnx Troatea. FINAXCIAIk. ~ |1 C iln/l INflHARIL.SL.K680 EkCB, IS WANTED ipltM/WU aa a sort inn cap t?l in aoonpaay orraaiz rd under the mand'aeiurUo ia? ol this Stat* It la baaevad thai 1( 0 u- ann per cut i>? > annnm i t sot an njureaaooable oatiaiaie of ibe clvldrad* Ihtt can he earned All peraooa. par tlcu ar.y boner / ? i?r?. hufldera and etoanroeni of Crotoa water are iti?lv d to atamioe a - ar l.tle (aeeured by patent; wbo-k can oi I alia; one to eon,mead rta.Jf to their favorable oansMerauin. J b. VaMimH our. 17 Wllllaia aireet. <8/111 Hilll ~ GOOD DIVIDEND PAYING HTO'KR VI " "*ar. for *o'e or e\rh?ua? for good real relate or uerebaudwe or ibe" w'M l e Ineeetnt le a rood paying bnait.cs*. auply at No b Gfa-y'a nullaUf Ii59 I'roedway. Dl\IIIKND ?MKW TGHK OONROUIDATICD STAGS fto pau/ ? ibe Prm'rri ai d Hfrrclota af tkia aompany have ctcacl aeiai autiial dividend olliveper eent, payable to tlie reiehbo'rirrv on and after Monday. Barak 16, 1/87 at tha P?olf>e flank tna'wi corner af ak'eaC Tke uaneftr liooka will be eluaed t orn ike 10th to tke ldtk of March Inclusive. J. "aMPttKlA.. Iraaenrer. * JKP"?RW)N INfll BAaCS OOMPANT, MO 80 WALL eV-< rl -1 hie rospany hare u ia iU-y dnclartd a diyidaam oi tkrie dolla-t otr share. pajartle jn des>and I Ma. tk 2 1417. IK') * aWrBe-'lemtary. ONPICK OI TBS aMKMHJvM **l) A NO OONPANT, New Tork March 8 lhh7 ? Peuee m beraby given le tka abrenbara to tke a . ak ? UMa (?. any that 'be aeaaad la ataliiitkt on tkrl/ ekarea la berabr required to bn paid at iba ofiire et this iwevai). 30 Vmh alrwt wKhte thirty daya fmoa H-ta da'e .at- "ding to their sn-aerleBoa. R> order of tba t*? J*~".'roa?eaa. aba puraukat to Hut' rnaeienou 3d a. '4. BBNdO.y 1'rwadeuL ' JrAWrntorr, Traamrar I \rrics ok tbs wins phot a min<ng pomp any, mo. a ' in Oteonwlrb e'/e-t ? New ?o?k Mareh !.?S7. Ne'e Urssi uai nretlnc of hehuwsboidera nf the Mtnaeaita II r i : foinpaor, e111 he bell to., ntllrn on <At<Jaeadar, i' lii.iilay of Maeeli, Iraani, at 'I a'eWwk A. ? . whea <ha aabnAl Keycrtif the "oard of I'ira-twra will be anbaU'tad. vndr ."tern aoeu-d Ior the ran m rear Hr order af tke liiiteMit hadl. J W. baRRr. 'Mre(?n TIIU MIIJTAHV. At a mkftino or iiir ii<'?rmn* ottard. incur al iheir m ?. ->mda?. Hvib< IM?, the fol!o? Ji.'< le and in?'oUDui ?? unaalmoutly adopt*o Wherr >a H lea p ea rd Almtahir ffcwl tn hi* ?Im pren fence to r?B.nt f'vm r u rt>< ?ir well batovod aanpuka erd necoeuie I rat' to i? *t UriuU, a txMrial happier k"d ? . tlereh re he It herelerd 11i?? ir rr.-.'i n n.n.'Hw ?m)i A? tff kW fk n: 1 Jt aa t frtei,de of rajd n. re !,? hero hue >wn aa.lad mwni iin'iT.rri dt W>' t.e?ln >?r nnn-ed hfnrae f a kind and a'tetiot ?te ana and hret'ier but v? 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