Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 16, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 16, 1857 Page 1
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1* I TH =' WHOLE NO. 7602. ~ THE MAILS OF THE AMERICA. The Americans lb the China War. SPANISH TROOft TO iMffi VERA CRUZ. I The Anglo-Persian and gonad Does Treaties, too., *o.. *0 Tha malls of the America reached this ottjr from Boston yesterday emrnlng. We publish the following InteUl |HM from our European letter ard alee, tn addition to Ifes sews telegraphed from Halifax. , The London fM'i Perb oorreepondent writes oe Thursday even Lux, 27th nit. Persian affairs will remain la the aaeee state until de* epatehm am re from England; here, peace la believed in generally. I the Leaden ftwui' Parte correspondent wrlteg that the qomtton la whether the t?eaty with Persia, when agreed do la London, will be ratified at Teheran, much depending On the amount of Rui-lrn lnlluenoo at the time. Despatches from China say that the EngUeh expedition Will require large reinforcements, and there wa3 a atroog spirit eT lea'etance amongat all olasaen. Adrtoea from Bombay, of tho 'id in it, atate that Mr. : Murray had arrived at Bui hire The English had eetabtished their haadquartera at Basaorab. the Liverpool Journal of the 28th n*t., eaya ? The Dalian treaty, respecting Central Ameriaa, has not proied aooeptable to Congress. The slave owners die nornred in it tnat slavery was forever prohibited la Nioa regna and the adjoining States, and this induced them at onoe to aaod baoh the treaty, it is. ho sever, believed that when Mr. Baohanan enters tho White Honae, which will now be in a week or two, the objeotlou to the arvnngemente will be over ?me. I e deed, it oannot be otherwine, for tha ASMrtoan government have given foil pow ore 10 Mr. Dallas to negotiate, and U is, therefore, imputable that on the main points there can be a repudiation. fWanrfln smai. vs/mitrs nlisvmitosi nrui th+%* will gftn doubt he agreed to, for ike jmrpote of overcoming the otgec 'vom of Omgrem. The Bgimis ttpuwii the opinion that the 10,000 men Who won about to be neat to Moxtoo will confine iktm Mass to the occupation of Kir a Crux. A nation eppeera In some of the English newepapera, to Oho sffbot that, by advices rrom Manila, a rtoh ooal mint * sxoedoat qaaltty had boon discovered in the province at (Bbsgney, which It wao ex pooled would prove a aoorce Of wealth la connection with tho (team navigation of the , Indian and China Seas. Tho ewnatioc of Greece by tne English and French has eomaaeaoed, ! At a asoetlnf of the Submarine Telegraph Company, hold la Loodon on the 15lb nit., the dividend declared one at the rate of 7 par cott. The revenue, after do dusting working expenses and 10 per oeat for the re OSS'l e foal, shows a balance of ?3,070, whlab will proVide (or this distribution and leave ?308 to be carried to the credK of I be a arrest ball year. The dlrsotsre state hat an arrangement lor a complete amalfamatloa hat aadoty been effested between the British and Magnetic telegraph Oompeslas, by which arrangement all the ooa tnental maastgaa of the Magnetic Company, 1a addition 0? than* nf the British, will pass through tha submartns fables via Miner Cptala or Oatead. Xbn Urcrpool Knees, of 38th olttmo, eaya ? k*te? ntghte sf o4he hewer (Situate at fonthportlof Xalha diet Bawtborae, aaj.. the American Uoneul, was broken into and plaaderedoijewelry and other valuable property toacoaetc.raklr amount theeatrnac wee effected (hrjugh a back portion of the premise a Kin of the caee having been mada to the poLre. detective oill e. ^ayoooe proceeded to a house in wioekdale atreel, where he arretted two brothers, named John and .lessee JdcLotalil on auspioton of betas concerned In the On eearcMns the plue he found asms wvnntigappsrel, and a quantity ot jeweUjr and other thiugs, all of en rh were fu'ly laenor.ed av portion* of the property iron. Mr Hawthorne. A Lsndoa correependent of the Maaeaeeter Guardian daoortoea the eoeae la the Hons# of Lords on Tuesday might the 34th u t? and rays ? A great speech br the Ea?l nf Derby Is oae of tho recof a>Ad >" ' of the London fa.htjn*b e n-esea The nob e Karl le the favorite orator ofarlstrcrauo society, and corocirted carr'.?*< ? graced by the tallesi footm-n, brought down to the Old Palace lard laat nl?bt a sprinkling ot the Mutant*, of (be season to ebarg# of their ani ons lady mother* as well as the fair prereaa politicians who never oaies a great tebate n the boua. of Lot da. The isoerabte looking amaricaa **'- *-* ? n-'U-?s?Aiihw daarondanl nf lib ullir.lm father of the reuublic-oernpted a seat Id the gallery, nod tMUBCt led by Mlaa luiaa. The oocaaton eras brought acme ef the fair dnaky feoee frtm Oude to the hiuee rher oame Joe n in three or foar rerrta?ea attended bjr entire aer mote to their national onetume, and, while the lower por tinea of the r (area were couceali-J by a fen, their blaee flaah lug ?/ea did not refute to exchange glance* wlihthe irmpa taxing Engliahmea whom they enoonrtered en route, A ourtooa oaae of arOllratioa haa oom aeftore air Joha raltaana at the Prtry Coua;ti Offloa, Loaloa A dispute att arWea bet wane the repreeentatirei of her Hajeatf the QaNa, oa the one bat d, and the rapreaeeUtlrea or %ta Royal H'ghama the Prince of Waiee, as Do*e of Cora ami's ah Uta other, la reference to tbe rareaoaa of the mJer aaa flahertaa off the ooesi of Oorawall. Soma leas ef the dUBoelUee which will etiead the aolatloa of tela taotty point may bo formed from the fact, that the doca maata which are to be anbmltied axtaad ao tar haok aa 300 yeara before the birth of Uhriatt The proeeedinge la the tail are of a perfectly frlmdiy ebaraotar, aad nave heea re'errad to Sir Joha Pelteion, la order that aay lilt pttioa la Ohaaoary may be aa rati It haa beaa agreed oa bo b etdaa that bta award ahaII ha final A doapatah from Liverpool of Stlh oJttmo aaya ? A re? y hanfoome (Hirer aanff boi haa bean p rearm Led to Captam llggma. of ihe Hermann by the tU raptaiaa of the now h'-iropean and amen -an Oomoaa/'a reaaahip* who want acroaa to Bremen In tee Hermann a fortnight ataoo, la remcmbracoo," aa the Inscription atatea, " of a happy eraiae ?- ahi-i and a.t m i Mfinn of hia n iflifiaa aa a -liilnr aad a A tWpatoh frere Bertia of SAth ultimo, aara ?A potm ku arlnro on the ideation of the Hound duna that bar carepailad tlw F'cn.poU'ot'ar:#* at <'?|>anha*? In refer u> their aonrta for taMrueO< or It I*. hnwarar, eonrwtead that the treaty will ba perfect 17 arraafed warty tn March. Prtrale letter a Ira* Koawta apeak or greet refbnai began aad promoted by the Kreperor la Ua AdmlaMrattre OaparWaeato. The aaaber ol oOetala dlaaal aad Mr diabaaatr or tnsapicdty la larga, had thaaa ehaagoo II la taparbad. are Uka.y to loach paranai la the hlghaat offloiaJ fuk La YrrlL\ of Porta, haa Ua foUowtog amrtaaa atotoWe la', t befbre war modern none rather rtagalar rnmnra the. bawa >een curiam within th. aat few day* reJetira to project* of alliance attributed to certain of the lireat Powera. Accord, o* to theae reporta, P ranee Km-eta aad Prorate had eoairarted or were about to con tract an alliance the rerut of wMrheo' d be to place the imperial crown of Oarmeay on the bend of the Xtna at Pruneta. Wa *e*n theae rumora *a lb-re wa decreed of no we?ne Bowerar. the Jn?rn?l fe PVu-'/orc qnotaa there, tboayh aJfrcUna not to habere there Pcara are entertained <?a\? that icuraai) of ar~tn* the Xto* of Prur-ta mwh'm at the head of th" Preach (mpertal Uaard aaalaat auatrla. aad ot the bouaeof Raoaborc dlaappearln* beneath the rffnrta of a e talltlon In which Ut* houaee at ftn man I an 1 Hoheernllern. and the hapolroeidea woul.l join hand a c?er the wrack nt the ancient dyaaeti of aualrta to crania a new order or disorder of ikluga. *a<l ahare tha tontl eat arena* them. Tha Kagllafe Board of Trada rataraa tor Ua re oath aad tog Ua 81*1 Jaaoary, 1M7 aad ISM, wara laaaad oa Wad aaday Ua Mth nit Wa aabjata a elate re eat of Uta total f?lM of lb? nxportn of Brtttab ud Irlah produoe ?d maaafwatnraa dnrtnf the moo lb, leoledlaf only the - oBMltd artioleo ?" #br On MtmUk. IBM O.M 9,08# IBM ... . 7.1T8.44T U?t B,4tt,T4l laedndtn* the " uiatamM " artlelaa, the inrqili t?wm lltrd thno /to- ?V HonOk. MM ?9,494.7#! IBM 7,#74,791 1TB7 B.069,109 Tho IMTMM oyer the corrrapoodlng noitk or 1999 t? dtl.BBB.BIB, or eqnal to rally thirteen ptr oral, aad oror the eermepoodiaf month of 1199, ?1,98.1.90#, or eqnal to Ibrty por neat The ohtef f?atii'oa aro a dooroaao la eoShe aad toa, and aa Incrrne* la wlnaa, wheat. Hon aad aptrt?a At regard* to* aad (agar. the (Ignret, bata far a atngle month only, exh'bit oonilderable flontaaUoaa, wttok are traooablo to the change* la the doUoo. A l?*tor from Part* or the 34th utt. tay* ? The Orrpt r^fuiatif la la a Ox. Tb? oommlitee atttlnc 00 thehtu for rraatini too.oootr a year to the luke or Mala yoff end bio poeterlty for eror. aooordlnf to the order o prmofooltnro, nro tn apaMtr. a root that terrible word prt mcge altera. If admitted, the old reroioitno or 1799 giro* way to the old rtpimt, nod the nmilemrnt or proper .y oa the haaio of eqoai dinatoa recolroe a abake The Pari* MmUrvr or tho With Oil. poblleboa the one tnma retnrw or dutlea raoalrad danag the month oT Jaaoary. whlob amonatod to 19,9(11,mr, bet*c an la eroaoe o? 1699, '34f., aa oomparod with the oorrropoad inf period or loot year. It w?e exported that Qooea Victoria would bo ooaflaod dirbi tbo preooot month. Okpuia noiwn dm roportoo U> U?o Kngllafc Br>*r| of XW? do ** **}#* ?f AmorlODB railroad* AfW troal >at of thotr modM of oooolrnotion, mutrmnt, i?* *1 ^j^T'.no n?d ooot. tko Uforonoo to drown that Urn. w4m% of knr?fi?M oapttal Id onoh nwti la nook mora ml* ikon la Iha propoaod Roatfoa Mom. E NE Oar ftadiM Correspondence. Madrid, Feb. 11, 1MT. The Htxioan War QueeMon?Recent Advice* from Mexico? The Elections?IV Split in the Retrograde Party?7he CarUMM Showing the (Jloeen fbot?Mjnunentto Argw.Uee. Calatrmea and Menduabai?Ceremonies? Philanthropic Matqucrada? ScAo of the Older* to Ike tfavy and Army from Caiu?I'ricet of Provutone and Mittry of the People. 1 Mod yeu to d?y tranalaUona or more arttoloo rrom tbe Spenlah praM upon the oabjeot or the war with Mexloo. Home people nay pooh! at the demonatrotloaa, end odd thai II will ail end in am >ke; bat the (hat la, that the government la pnl log ball on the top oT Ui powder, a id It la quite poulble you nap see the far tly at the nme lime that you aee tba anoke. Meantime, it la aald that the Spanith government hoa got tome later advtoee, to the ail act that Alrarti and hla plotoa had not been proceeding ao vcy cepeoiaily agalnat the 3 pooler da In the Tlerrn Calleate, althoogh eome half doaen or ihem have been murdered?that the movement w?a rathar a domonatra .Ion ot toe Indiana ngalaat the whltea, end that white Meiloena had been aUeoked equally with the H pooler da. However deplorable It may be to aee the white race thua gradually toroed to yield before the lacreating power of the Indiana In the oountry eubjugated by Oortes, still this new phase of the question Ukao the edge s little off the resentment of the Spanish government tgslnal that of the 111 starred repnbllo fhe canvass for the election of Deputies to the Cortes convoked for the 1st of May goes on bravely. Everybody quarrels with everybody, nooody has oonQdenoe In anybody, some peopie have an Ides that they will do something, and most people resign them elves to look on and do nothing Jnst at this moment no father or a family, who has any local laflnenoe and Is at all donbtfal In hlieenilmenie upon the gooao, bat any security when be etepi oat ol bin own door to go to hie butlnen In the morning that he will be alio wen to atop into It again in the evening, the probabiUUee are about equal that he will be lodged In jail mat evening, or eant Journeying oat or hie provtnoe until the flections are over. But there hsa ,oeen en Important division oetwsrn the Ikeocration! ab olutlstn as they are called aad the moderadoe of the parliamentary school, of whom Nsrvass is the aokaowedged leader theee thesorattcal absolutists have been bois ering op the power or the present government ?s against the peop>?, and it ?ae apposed were firmly united to maintain it Bnt tne (hot is that the maj >rity of them are nothing more nor lees than the old Uariist party In disguise, or at least they are so mixed up with them that being ail of uie sun aolor it wa nara to distinguish the bison snoop oi Isabel from the blaoa ehoop | of Don Oarioe. The Queen and tbo Csotnet, In fsol, have been getting quito suepiolous lately, toot they who were lettering and f imeuung so assiduously the abs lludst la stincts of I?ebei, were in loot deieg so only aa a preparatory stop to the proclamation of Muateaolia as King to her tend; at any rale, the strtot union whloh has oeen ob nerved between th< oa parties hat been brocen in the p'ogroaa of the electoral o?nvase, li seems thai the theo uratical abeolutla.s, or oitrgy aad Carliet party tn disgniae, had proposed J) tne government that It eooaid support the oandtuaoy ot forty of its memoere for Papa ties In the Cortes, on condition that m all the rest Of the kingdom the ibtoo-auoal absolutists would in their turn vote for the oandldates of tne government. Nervaaz, however, thoognt tnat Mis was outumg it a UtUe to a is., and he mlgul ne getting a>vogetaer too moon part for uts hilling, bo there has oeea a formal raptors bstweoa ibcee fartlms of the retrograde party, aad the presses on both sidta are eb -aiog eeoh ether nattily. faero is no'doubt however thai a god many Carlisu^wlU he returned at Deputies, in spue or the elf trie of the govern mist?e Uusg unheard at before le Urn history of that pevty. Who knows bet we may see tee Count iff Monte nulla yet saluted by the title of Don Oarioe VI. oa the threao of Oeetitot Yesterday was eonseoratod the mieement dedicated to the memory of Argueiies, drat ouampiou of perils oass tary govertiment end ot isi liberty 'of the press and tribune in span, to ihM of Calatrava, hie companion, and the reurmar of ia? peoai tegisisdoa of the coon try, and to that or Menoisabal, ohaaptoa of liberty, wno la the daraee hour of the Carnal war, wasu tne hrarta of the liberate began to fau tuam and their reaoarccs app.ared to be exhausted, eteppdd boldly I or ward, and. anting the neim of Mat* with a Arm nana, dtoreeo ta? sale of the laode of no oh arch, eeleed the sells of the ooavenli 10 fouod uhu and, or eating reouroc* lu every pro moa, vaaqulihed tie armies 01 Dun lie. los and assurel the trlumpU of a constitutional goiernra <ut for aie oodotry?great uainss whose load/a wui y <. t moroaea aa the bale of nlatory maces the snow ledge ot teelr virtues more general The peipie aeeembtod to witness ise oeremuny mere mosuy of the old program da pa lj, bu.a good many demeoram ware auo there, and Uiijuueii and tne gocarels wno touga with him at Vtoeivaro were also preeeat Various go >d apeecnea were made, a good deal of poetry recite 1, tie ohnroh performed her eeremoolee over the three o lb u aad th?y were then laid to rest la the vault prepares to receive them unaeraeeth the moaemeut Philanthropy aaes straags forms in thin country, as It aess in many others Last algbt there was a grand messed bail la the Keyal Opera Mesas for the bent lit of iho poor of tee hospital of Ban Bernard ion Urtal iadi s sold tieheia, and a great many blue oaea, as well aa greet, taougai thst thry could go to the maske<i call mat night. lha onjed being no very prameeor-ny, wno would have been sat ones at the id a of sunn a intng on nay other oooastoa. Pot do you kaee whet a massed call at Madrid, eaaiyeod and brought to itgbt in I's detai l, means la plain English' if yoe eon 11 eta't te.l you, est voa cue imagae it. aad Imagta* bow gratlBed hesbande mast he wees the potiauihrop'o au uesia of their neuar halvts take that direct on fh? oewapapere o> Oalla mi arrivtd, onallra tbe uowa whion Dm beta fivea by the prrm ot Madrid. Oat <<< thaw mji We caa eaaare Hut feet thai the nrerrniml Km already flven out nrtr a to the squadron that la aurhired el Mahoo to aet aall Immediately for uadut a order to unite itaeif here <rlih the eapedltioa planned against aeilm the tnatruatioua are 10 active that the order baa already beeo recelred for the rT?ette lapsel II to auapeod Ua departure fei Mahoe. aad the pUota areaireat j informed 11 a*ait the aquadroo. which may perhapa arrive ihia went II u alas aald that fir the aaeie purpose l> baa he??. edered that the ltoa o< Paula alup f raorueo Lhaarrea filiate brrauf ala and We two acraw ebnnuem aaot a t>n aa and laabvT Craaoiaad be c? read/ without am ir a> at r-nrral It aim assured that the ralh forcemeat which the army of Cuba will receive -drill amouat to how a m) lo H OOP mea. the prvora o' pi. v ax>aa tbrouyhoat theoouatry hare perhapa ta-tease i a littia etaaa I lari role lo jot oa the- aabjote la tae aou dare dwtrlou. especially thoee an spoa tba eraaaare, the wee I of the aaoawarlaa of Ufa la moat merely felt Wbeat la worth $6 par baa >ai, barley *4 s aad ani?alr tot n. in - rood wi ra lart ' r Ibalr ??n*ri to pa lah 'rum noofar, la Madrid the I -at mifi of whrat b*rnI> ream ad it to* butil, boi otnar aniciao had latin la prioa Haa old at St to to oaau tbn pound ? l<rut; . pork flu oanta rrao baaf, 11 (Oil ooata *noordini to J>? qa?Jlty; real, 10 t> 30 ooala; fretb pork, ltd broad, i lb oaf. II oaata; rloa, 0 oaata, aai petatoia ?H ?aa prr paad. 41 taa mm HtMdty wa??a oi aa abta ho. lad naa vara 8? caaka aaa lad hi a air. with act aoooph work la noeapp tbaaa who ara aaak lap aa opponoaity >o (ate arao tata ptttraaa (a dm; prorinoaa I r?r*at the atim of lb* apt la rraa woraa. aad tb< wirtar aad apriac of 1MT will ao 1 aaar dpaalarda to thair |ra?a Iran aboar laOlltty to mala lain ui?a airra out o ibam Tha aan Am< rtran parttaa la Hpaia hara aarar haaa Ma to dip?at taa> tattiamaoi of tha mark Warrior qaaa ttra, la which the Oabta aoihor.iiaa of Paaaaia'a llaa pot < badly ireatad rtr da Caa?a, thaa rtpaawh Mtatatar at Waabtaptoa, ?aa oar of looaa who laoat dla.iapuiabad blmaaU ) bU oppoaMoa ta tha aatiiamaat wbiob wa? oaritad m neb a lanpih thai whae Mr Parry, yonr bar|* bara. to near dad la aOaciiDp It ha thought It la aaaibatt aa htat ta r atga bit port al Waahtagiaa It ar<aiaihay bare aoaaa idea oi raaiag the maltar ora? |ala la taa aao Oortrt. The Apama nawtpapar wblaa la wail thforaaaa Mil la thla ron.rrUoa ? "Mrvaralol *ba Boat laBneataal alaatora of ttmlla bara fdraraod ibrmiatraa ta ra ar Coat*, flab flaeratary of Htaia, hafg'ap bib ta asaari tha rvpraaat UUaa or taat city la tha uartaa, aa ha lhara haa pi opart y aa I haa flpnrrd aa a port aad a wrttar, had ta watch ally all ktada ot ayBpath'aa aad raaailreuaaa oeaaaqaaatly ualta hia. Caata who, although ha la yaug, haa ahUiaad tba b'praat pnat It tha d piomaite aaraar, aad waoaa aa mum of few keeping fe maotf aloof unit bow from actio* pcilttaa rrfoaea to aooopt the rioputM on wblon tha/ of far le felwi II would fea in^oorr nlent lhal ho should par alal In ala da*erm<aauon (a tba present otioamatncooa, ta which oa aooona> of tfeo gears guar tows A tbo prwsnt or Of the p at, aad rofwotally tk?? of tfeo nines Warrior, hta t pedal fxportoMo aad kaowtNfga la tfeoooroorlo which ha boa hot* figuring for oo ia|aUa? aaato hla prrtonoo aatoagot iho dwpoUaa of tfeo oouatry to oo ax ocedlogly aaatraolo " Tbr Brltloh Parliament. TBI AMkfelCANS IN TIB CHINA WAI?WW. COSPKlTS MROLCTION?ACTION Of THI AMIKIOAN OFFICIALS CITED AS AltrnORITT?TBI TIA DCTIRS. la tbo Ileum of Ootninoaa oa Uio Mth aium? Mr Cob doa broafhi forward bta rcoolutton?publWbod la iba Hbeau> of tbo lktn laataai?Aoodomaatory of tbo war la Jhlna Adrrrt u* to tbr oxieat is which the aa .iooa ooaooMnoc. bo tall, had beoa stored npoa this q iaatkm, and tie large amount of a> mpaihf foil with rofferoaoa to tfeo object of bta notion, and promising that bo bad ao rao.ler bat to arrlro at a Just dooiaioa, Mr Botdoa ooa moated with a bial oa-retire of tbo facto ocatoqnont npon tne boarding of tbo Inroha Arrow, oa tbo Stb of October, ap to tbo data of tba last adrioaa, and aakoi uta flnnso to Inquire bow all Ibis deraateUon and warfare began. and who waro tbo totbora Otero oro osoot In which tbo Cbtoooo anna oooeeton to Tlait roaaola nth tba Ingush Dag By lag, and snob aa act dooa not aoooa sartly show any diapoaltloa lolaanlt oar Hag. (Hoar) Bat I bars bod a tUfemoat oa thw anbjaet fron at American Ceotlesnno?the United (hotae Marobal at Wbotnp.w, wbo aa r?cw>riily arrived la tbii oooairy Ho told nae of nawoa la wbiob Kntiwa ahlpa bod booo engaged la smug gllng transection# aad particularly nontioaol oaa mob, wb?h, at my regoost. b? put lato antiaf, and wbleb I will road m as illnstrotloo of what U toiug oa aaar Oaatoa ? In tkremti'r of 1115 there wore c'orn to the EagUah VI re Onon'at'fWtm ten to !lflo?? lorchaa ergagv-1 In n-murt'lnt, eight or ton baring the British colors b itted <1 .ring tba iav. W TC MORNING} EDITION?M< I tad the oarfrara b< \tijt >' ?' *1 nljjbt The Ohlne** mid twelve medium boits, raob containing slvty m?n meia their aopearane" early one morning and enoturnd the whu'n Heel, live or nit of 'hem h??(ug th auAliih coio.-s dying *t lbs litre. the vessels ? ere token to (Teuton. when the oortla* having a l ight to tl> the ivngUth ting claimed uunr a*cU and bad litem restored, the otbern lining retained by fit tihlnnte government. 1 his In by no means an Isolated Instanon of the illegal use ot (be itrUinh lUg as vou ran see bv referring to the tloug Ki ng papers, where you will lind plen y of oases in whlob the (Taineae hare questioned the right of ths authorities at Hong hong to grant the use of the kugllsh llag la such cases (Loud cries of hear bear > Now this gentleman li himself against the Okinawa, and la willing thnt they should goffer any horror* (a laugh); bit he said to toe ? Ton hare chosen the most unlucky ground for quarrel which you oould po'slb.y hare taken and rou hare aol a leg to stand upon (.Loud cries of " hear, hear ") I beard with humiliation what this gout 1 ems a aatd. aa to smuggling vessels being a lowed to use Ibe British dig (ha); ana wn?n l hrar of the Hag being insulted, ( say It la these transactions whlnh dishonor oar flag (Lena orl.s of "hear, bear," from all nldM). this Amort*an gen ilex an made me ashaaed for my country when he aid, We do not allow such doings under our stare and stripes. (Hemr). 1/ what Lerd Clarendon had stated w?s trust why, In the name of eommon tense, hi aol he or Lo d dalmer ion applied to tha g vern meats ot America and of Praroe long * go, layoff We are psnies to the treaiy, and let u* all join In a joint expoatulalion to 1'ekin (llear, bear.) It waa unavatesmabiike not to have redressed those grievances at the proper time. Tbeir debated were puo nabed to tne world, and Lord Lyadhurat's opinion, which was as much valuod In Prance and sm?rlns is s bome, would be reed, end It wcuul oe iooo that our quarrel whs ounaed upue e triple illegally. (Onsen) And did lbey euppoee lor e moment (bet rranes or Am or toe would Uee tbe querrel up on the miserable round of thu dtepute about ihoArroef Hi believed, at ell evenla, that Am rloa wunld not For Franco ae could not speak, knowing nothing about her govern meat. Bui might not thu wer, If it continued, lend to other complications with foreign Powere?mtgbi It no lend, lor exam: to, to oomp ioe<loae with Anerloe, whloh, o< it remtmuoied. wee only helf the dliteaoo from Ubtae that Key lend wee? if they repndleted ihe not? of teelr rienlpoteotlary ee having noted without authority, they would then be free to unite witn Frenoe eed America la a joint representation to ho permitted Internal laieroauree with Chine Mr LaBoucBinn aeld he did not oomplain of thta tub jeot Im|M be?o brought before taa houae, etnoo too question affected the reputation of the Bntlah nation Now, Old It not etrlko the bouse as something very ex inordinary that, notwithstanding all that had been mid. the sympathies of the French and Americas rantdeata bad oe?n throughout with tbe CnglUh autboritleef the American Consul Inuent, had evinced that sympathy to aaab an extant tnat be yotned our troops in their approsob to nnton But he held la bis band the testimony or a per ion atlll higher than the American Uooiul?he meant tae testimony oi tneohlnf anperlntendent of American trade, >a t nt at Merao, and be would cell tae atteailon of tbe nooae to the dooum- at tae more pointedly eo it did not arrive la this ooontry In lime to be presented to Perils mem with the papers previously delivered Nothlaf > onld be more clear, mote outspoken, thea the tang unto of the 1- tier, which *u oe -ed Memo, the ilTlh of Deo an oer, lbA6, ud I root the Americas tegauos. U ?u m foUo wa LacaTioit or me Uitrrr.p Inrca, > Macao, l)ee IT, MM > To THB MERCHANT* AB1> OTMKIt OlTIZBNR er THF UltlTKD htatk.h :?bin hieelleoe/ I'eter Parker, ttommiaatoner of the United rletvs ot stunnce to china, A t referring to the no'-toe of the Irlh uut hereby makes utnrg that the repl/ of the Im petU.1 Ootntri aloner to hie KzceUeory'a de*oetch of the', date vttk received last evening, end ihtt, with the somblanre ot e derive to maintain IrieoHly rWaitona between the two eoua tries the umr d'apo-IUoo 10 evad? obligation mlarwpreeeat i tscta. end erroLeoimly interpret treaty eUpnietloaa. which lor years has ohnrarten?ed the eorr?poadeoce o' imperial twtnrnuelocrr* *1111 obtalna with hi* Kieellency Teh The reeumnunn of trade to any enrol at the port of Lathi*, dm leg the eii-teooe df the leeal eut-terHiet, Is ngt eanhura?ed by the team it the Oofnmuninetlnn now re <.-elved had mesneSMeo ample than those now at commend wttt be required te meet tee eaASrgmiey of the pu cite totereath of the (Jaited Btat-a in at a, and 'he naUafacnorr and proper adjuatmhnt of the rshiw* ef the floe porta la aa aypt^v opef. future. My order. H fft'ls ariI,Lr*Mrt. secretary of the United Miatiw American Legation. Be Imagine! that dorsmaat wag at the more icaper tenoe because it tree leaned nbee laently t> the ditBojl 1KB between Amnrloa aad Co aa baring btaa eel rod It area, Indeed, a document whioo might hare been pat lorth by Sir Jtha Bowrtng taetead of Mr Parker; bat oe bepvd aa tt proceeded trem an A mar lean liateadofa Mri tab Commissi mer, It would be entitled to tome re poot aad attention (finer ) Eren a wording to A man oao auiborlly It waa a video t that thr eom aaedrr p>? aeaeed that riget. inasmuch aa bs did not mink it asset tary to wrtie to Waabiceton for orders when aa effr >n was rffered blm in the CsUese waters Mr k B. 1.1 TTTtnvjenanred the eeloa o'lhs government. Mir J KAaniM, Mir T. Hassan aad otbor ahem oer* apohe ur C Piaar?It waa clear that the nasrobaata la Ohlaa were the prcmntara sad taatlgatoia of these boe'tlitlee Aa ertoaa men: baa la had failed la their trade with to(Jbfceee, and It waa eonraoteat to taem to get up thla quarrel la or oer that they might settle tn-dr pseuaiar; QtjfDtiiaoct (Hair j Lord J(.eh Kummli Mid: I til Mat my aoble frleed, to letter to lEc-Am r>oo? goveramoat to 1140 reepeotiog * '[ Dlrh VMM I, ottb > dpaotab or? w wBl'ib >< eogig > I ib ?bO IrBfO, Ud Ml ted otdbf b IMMUO ( in id ibe AmerDon rotiol it Cuba?I tod Is lb it doaumtai, mrr ntatleg it tome Uagtb tbe geaerol privilege from .eorch aa joyed bjr timJi bona f.dt eotltag uadet im Hi* of b friendly niiloa, my aubie frleai. atianlag n rraaote inning la tlavas, mid that Itw vaasala oonll not txpee* to wade tba right of mnt "by botatteg a plrea i f bnntiag wiih the atari and atripra of the (Jaimt S'Bita (Load cbeera ) rtr, had oxaioaa tike Ibati prevailed aaaangM tie aathoritte i at Uaatoa they rroald ba eaald, ' Voa muat ararob tbia vnaael la order to aaa wbctbrr aho aaa papera;" and they would have found .Dai her registry bad aspired (Hear, boar.) rba dabaie ?ia aejouraed. Oa tba nmfl nlgbt Mr Gnama said that oiBaioioa llona bad bot n d by aim from bla ooaatliiMta. twmtla-Bltg of tbe Inwrrnptloa aipertaaoed by tbe tea pet ding ibedeoatoa 01 the aob me of tbo Chancellor <( tbo Kanbeqner. He Imiulred whether It would be poa Ibio to take toe tea duue* tbe 11 ret thing upon going lata diaoeeelea >e oommi.tee of oa'O end meaner Tbe Oansriixoa of tba fcimaypaa replied that, la potat of order, it waa aot oompeteet to blm to adopt 'bat aoorae Tba drat reealntloa regirdtag tbe loaomn tar bavlag be> a read, lbay ovoid aot olaouM aay otaer aatti Met bad bat a depaaad ad Mr OutPetoaa old tb?t u mlgbt ba ooavoaloat for tba h iu> a la mata that genie ad of bringing forward I Be aw I ma of wbub m Bad gtvea ao?o->. eita refamooo to the rr duct loo of lae loa daty M U 9d la tao pound from tba lib of April mat aa a pratlmlaary moUon, before Mo taife ttaeif. ( Hnt, bear ) THk HlTOeoy'ft BAT COMMTTTKX. tub Hefa >b Bay Committee of ririliam 0*4 Bit ttcond ub? Or Kiy vm email a ?d a? mud tut IBere wee a oonetdnrnBie pirtlta of Me lead capable of eeltlraUoe, b? did not (Mat thai emirmeat could lite puce reptuly end, Indeed, Be AM eat tbtnk that any van would goto par t>0'liar parte of Me eonatry to ettle si leu be wee well paid for it (teegaier); tbe eater ladaMmeat wna tbe for tree*, and or teat there ebon Id Be a wooo poly, for u be trade wee epos, aplrtU weelA be latreusoed, aad uappera weelA oeaae la aed k ll tee animate at all attach, and ell Me Boer ealaelo weald Be deairey ad, be tboogbt It wo a Id be dilbeait to aaafee aa arrange so act ay waiob the far trade Might be retaiaed in Me pveotat heard and the landa oipnhle of otruralma da voted to ooMeMawl, but ewea aa arreagam?l woaid be mo*! tmrtllt la reply to Mr Itell. the witneee eteted that Me oeuie mi at of ib> Indian* ant would be dleadraat^i eu* to Me far trade, aa May woald boat la Ma wlatar aa<l oultirato be tali la Me summer mot lb* la reply to Mr Rnebnek the wllaeae (teed Met t be I ricee at wbtob Me geoda tbe company teat oat to lOeir Vrrrvotiee wore Bold, nmeunted to tTiy per oeet upon Me noet prteee la Loaeoa; bat Mo tariff to Me Indian* wee wodo to drpead apoa tbe loealitea to wtuoa Me gooda were Ultra la npty te Rlr John Paklagtea, Me wit mm rertner eteted Met tbe tadiaaa mlgai * o per oeei am thee Mr oeet prtoe for tbe g-eda May boegat; wbetaar May pa'd a* mi eb aa *40 par oawt aa ooeld aol eey ware Pr ften'a eaaaalaatea had eoaoloded. Me oom mitlee adMeraed uatll Tboradey, MM ait. la the Bone* ef maatii mm oaaamittee met again oa dw Mtb alt Mr Uworga Mm peon waa Me flrot aad only witntn nailed. Mi rkuataitiaa laettng Mruagh Me whole MMag. He til I be beta tbe peat of Oorareor of Mo territory tor <he Hodooe'i Ray Ormpenj for tbe parted of Mtrty twrea jeare There waa a# Bird eeat of government hot there waa a eeat of oeaaoti <TM authority *rtended ever Mi wfote ot tbe ?empeayt 'writer7. tbe nature of Mr eutbnrtiy ef Me eooneil wae merely m adrieern. eed fa rote npow loeb gneatmae ie were brought more then Tneocnoeii eou'd enirovi tbe Oonmor, bat it bad oen* hrte M. lie h ?d tmrelled ibrough tee greater pirt or the ceaatry forming the twriliory 01 ibe oompaty. rita itrp>eeatooa of the napabllltiea of tbe *etl or o'ltrat*, aa regarded Rnpert'a I .nod. were thai 11 wne aol adapted tor ?elt eweet or oultlaatloe He applied lie raiae remark 10 the noun try of tbe Red rlrer ihey were oocMlniiiiy obltaed te Import wheat fmm Oaoadi fie ?.i applied Km aAm. aiaueW In IKa IknH ?M( cd that II Mb* 9 ftf tnkl HM Bjr Mr tiladilotie? He apnte nf Bnparfa l.?nd u lei lag ta regard to bonniarlet m ton dooa la ?hn charter "peeking of tbo whole or Krpert't I and, ho would drew rtiaMtiriwta m to mtma e, tbn north botig ra t h mora rlgoroee than tbo aoath There *?? ao part or tba tor* ritorf beetig a mild no wit i Barley Tory aaMoat ripra rd. ao<i waa eery tmall ?i?ld. Ha "M not thmk im tlrterat bad an taflaeaoe apna climate aran when tba couetry waa derrety pope I?ted Venooiirer'i Itiaad ho ooealdnred mora fbrorably eitneied fbr hettlement tbao the rnanpeny'e territory By Mr eordow?Be eoaatdered that a daanrfptlon glraa of tba reentry > a boob wbtnh ha bad trahliabed waa too farorabla; ba bad orarratad tba cepantltt ea of tba tcnirr. By Mr. Oregaa?1Tba orranfcMi oa wblfib tbay had ta import wheat frrtn Canada warn atnapt'oaaJ. that naoaa alty aroaa 1 mm tba nonatry halng anil rot y doodad and tba crop# dantroyad . hot la ordinary yearn tha r ant'ly of grata arowa ta tha nnmtaay'a tarrltory waa not eafll ctent for tba coreampUna of the natiTce Thorn ware hot arn I'm o< tout aadar miltirelloa la tbo amgbherbood of 'Y * ' ?tt rtrer aattlamaat. I ddarloy?The praaent popalatlib of tba Had l ntory waa a hoot S.OOO Tba aatUaatoat bad fcb . vi at ttabed orar 40 >?art There woo much dlffe I >KKI DNDAY, MARCi^ 16, 1857 ffl? of climate between Mlnnasota end R#* Klr#f attic moot By Mr. Ellloe-At the Red Hirer MtUeaent ?*?p\ y kept two yearn' supply of gnUa on head k^r "

the orope being destroyed by Heode. There wet hv"t dreda end honored* of, miiee of weter noreen the oo.Nll,> when the Hood* cam*. Toe cempaay did eetnbUeb model term at Red River re'tlemeot, end did ell they ooold to promoteecrlcaltnre; teey bed eleo Imported the very bent breed* of oettle to be bed. Be did not thlek the teurtoe?n were rapidly making netUemeati toward* the Red river, *e bad been * la ted by a prevtoo* wltnen*. Br tbe Chairman?the company employed 00 ohlef fhetore, 0 obi?l rater*, surgeon*, 07 cierlu 07 poet me Here, 1.JC0 permanent *orv*nu. In the trading eaneen the oompany gave employment to about 0 000 peraoea altogether, that lneioded laboring Indiana. H* e*>ooia ed the total number or Indian* la Rnpnrl'* I.and to bo 41,840, That calculation waa made tht* last season. The oonntry to th* east or (be Rooky Mountain* contained, ho conatderod, 11,700 Inhabitants, and that to toe west aboat 0,000 The whole amount or Indian population within the torn tory of tbe fludaoa'a Bay Company, tnolwdlng Vacroarer** Inland ha oonaldered to be 189. QOu. He tboogbt tbe population (Indian) generally had deoretied of lata )taii, oainp, to ware among themeelrea and tne mail pox The mode of aimia nterlng juaUoe waa a* nearly a* possible aimiiar to tnat of Kagtaod )a reply to qoea'lou* by dlffnreet raembom, the witor** DfOCe?ded to atate thai tha Indian aoitln ixnnt of thn Red Slrtf wil aoprorod o and enooaraged by the 0<>m par7 In ibe company's territory thore wore nnetoen missionary station* or the Satabliabed Onurcb, twoire cf Roman Catholics, tour ot wejle.nns. and odo of Presbyterians Thero wi* aiso a Roman Catholic mission on ibe Hi Lewrmoe, auoUier at Alt. toy, and another at Kori WlJllam toe conpaoy paid tho Roman Oatbo lio Btabop o( Rap. rt's laud a salary of ?100 a year ibat also fate bta< ?100 a year to aid of eoboolt, hestdea stipends t < chaplains ai different station* With regard to the executive power of the company's territory, It comprised one governor and a coanji! of Ixteea eaiel factors In the Red Riter aettiemeni the rtcor lor was governor ?f the district, be heo exeoutlte power at trait aa jndtolal The real of the territory wan governed by tbe witness blmxelf. The tenare or land u by learn Tor #00 year* Tbe o'lreotorn la I. >n<1o i bad no legislative power aa regarded their territory, bat ibej had tbe luprrtUion of not* If a peraon wished to go out aad nettle la the territory, be oouid get land at te ?n eora payable to the oob pany, and would bare to piy no other charge. Tbe oonapacy'a sorvanta going out troai Mglaad were engaged fur only Ova y. ar* not aix out of eight ot them ieniaa lor twenty or thirty years, aad maay af tb?m brooue setllara aad remain for life Tb? pay of a laborer gnicg ?nl from Kngtehd aeed te be ?17, bat it was now Ml year; from being common In borers many of ibem become boain en and ttshermon; ato gel from ?80 to ?10 n year. Tbe aixteea cblir (he ore were parioern In tbe traao of tea oompany. The lawn under which tTe settlement of tho Red rlrer wan go ernod werepr'nted, (be new lawn were posted upon the > burcb doors they bed no newspaper In tbe eonntry lie bAltevwi tbe nettles would be perfectly saileded with the < listing stair of things In thd aatliemoai but tor agllt to. s. wro bar an rye or tbe trade: tne aaliators o MM 'Km without. Dot from within tbo Mtttamrnt. fha evor ve time between good* bought by the company la I in rouet.c lettrereu id to o pari* of the settlement, wa? * long an neven year*; tho minimum would be between Urea and foor yeai*?that I* be meant tba ported elapt rg betwefn Ibe gord* being *. ot trom Kaglaal and the t on whta the director* to London receive 1 too money ior cob gooce. The gocrrnor and eompary her* la l/inocn appoint the goe?rn.>r of the terntory, and be ' ui ti elr m rvant II (wltne**) though governor for thirty eeetn year* ntkiu the greater part of that Ume In North nmtrioa Daring the period of hi* tenure of office, there had been oniy 10 oaaaa of mnrder in the net t*o eat and tun, aooorntrg to bin knowledge, was a fair rrprrxmtaUon o toe urime vf tbu teiUemeni. the eaertnattor. of Sir Uanrg* SUnoaoe bad awt hnlabed when the knmiltco root at four o'cieoa, and adjourned untii Jlpnioy. Ilhr bpaolih WarwUh BeittM' ftyeealkietf trum Wv< (Mpasa, (n miaiatenai journal, Wnoag the beet Informed.) nt Ket IC, IbtT l The ti;< aiuoo eem by thaer I*. BnrmrjiUe to tie Charge J A'? V' nf fl? Oathoi o tummy ur the repnhilp,nC. moobohutns n vbr} e*Mt rotation of the evsoie who* are oocamd tsott from tbe above mentioned reie lion, whoao contact* are eon Armed by nil the wrrnnpoa ace received from tbat uaboppy oanatry, It eaa be go barvd ihat tho lombia euwe'ee o' wbtob tha Bpai iarda barn bi on rct mi bare been enoompllibad wtihio >?eniy liagura diataaoi from tbe opiini of the republic? >n *l*btuf ih?>u|irrn>e power* tf Um aetlou-tn present* ?*i e rtn eg dntauemr?t of iroope who wnre sU'uoaod la Otrieamca, andar tba oommacd or IJun Benito ba-o?la ibilgany to a b. dy of iroopn oommaadid by Meonrai y.pi.?roar ?o the piaoo where tbe prowiona. Prenidea o< tie r#pub in ?a? at the tine?and, wrat n m re ear: oua thaa al\ by th* iroope of toe Pretldect proprietor. rtc |0?rr?Mrg| of lb* ropobla baa doabli * I sot fitted lb?t 11 couln p'oiocg th* trooe concluded wttb lb* r u.>pn of Greer el Alrir> i fir ooa* I deration to lu apt on pom), >o it* |h<i >1 of leavtrg oar broibora dibm >rui|MM toe barbarity a' lite aeeeaataa trfeo vara a ghiauLf them atib impunity; aad for ibla died. bote Uuvn o* D Dot be detailed lor a mo a eat, It baa ooa racud tbe ? vldral raapeailbiltty wairb tha gerernmaala or all atvlltaro roootrta take a poo IbaraieJ est waaa bey n urge tba aaoraa prioolpl-n on a mob tha law of lanoca la fouoltd and fail to latfll the eiemaatai dullM or atriry euatety bat I* not found in a lavage alata kt qoaalloa tamiore, ia 'raa govern neat lb gorara neat, aad Ores oa Ion I* nation, if aoob a tula la atari lad i > ear nt? i-nt nolo*), wbo baa nuada ao bad a naa a( >ta mancipation aad ladepaadaaoe who m til repays vbe '-cat Cta wt icb its protecting motbnr oouatry at one t ma puulouito it, abo, iT ia train eld tat ooaoada to bar bat lioenaa wntcb aba daeemlnaua i nn'ty maaagad ta Keep bat anaitartd fr?m tba ld?as aad paaa raa wbwb i par rent agitata aao daatroy bar, aad oaatoaad oa bar b<-grant beaebt or mrrai traaqailiuy, tieuipt from po i loai airag|ina aad from anerr.bioai c.ravatsuna By tba >lxife artioie of tbe treat) oelanrated betweaa >p? ia aad srao ta 1Mb. n waa atlpnlated tbat Uw mar rbaus aad oiliieai ef tba dpaaiaa moaaraby aad of tba brrou ra pa bite ehnaid tbe weal ran, or aboald rafllc roeiprooaiiy, ta oorb oouatrWn aad tnalr tarrito i ue, arjiy lag tba moot perfect aa<aril* la Utnr paraoaa -ad property Tbe rtpaaiah aatioa and Ita dlffaraol go vtrnmeula bare folOiiad ao aol? ma an obiign ioa witb tba irtaust raiigtooiaaaa What Monicas aai|soibs? barn tie victim la oar eoaatry of a aiegta injaanox committed itb impunity! Whra, even la tbe tunta thai toe par reaal ireorlty of tba Spialab paopm <taaU waa bat faabiy luariafed. did tba M xlseas aolf->r peraejoton la oar ir rniuiyr wm taction, ?oti party tu triad oat bar*. Ittoic id tba Mr noaoo1" treacbaroooty briaatio.if tba i >iar?taaOB( kailaf TO# gpaburda. far Ma parUOiMt it 11a ineb oi jaal alermaaoa. horo imbii U? oa itm of 'hot rapoana wttb eitmruioorr |oo4 will aid bilb a.otkoi prtxrfa ef lympoihy And ih o |?aarooa bad mil roartifi baa not ha' a purauoa la Spua wttb mora ova fata aad raotuada at aaa t ma t iba at MOtbar It ou a way* braa par a bad. by all olaaaaa of part>? md leaerameeia; aat una of lb* bat bbab igboraal la Ibii l<Hal of ibo prlaanroial oauono of lata-oattoial rlfal; oi oaa of Uoa baa aolborlaad a Mafia ann oa lata oobjrol a(X car of (A?m would baro roaooood aaoaa car i ad aad oiloal baiaro ortaaaa aa barrtbia at iboaa btob bar* baaa par point tod la Maxlco agalati Iba Spa tarda it It pro par aad ooaraotaat to moauoa Iboaa facta, a bleb taatify to tba prodaaoa aao mobility to b? root aad proyar to tba ai bla raaa ? >? oarr*d tba %itb of oar lotMatbara to tba uacnlt Totad roflooi of Amonaa, roomueh aa tbat froai tbu rary | aao realty roaeito ibo oonft itfroDiodo wi'h wbieb ?? ara oor rtopoooad, aad wblob aaorta tba moat aoraro ota eoadtf* paalabmoat Tba aatira m laropa will kaow baw to da joatmaia aar lawfol aamoad, aad aili opprrciata la ila piop> r vale# aad otgatloauaa tba rootroat atuab tba dpaataida maka la tba paaoing m?a iioa. aba, oltboofb O>o? ara mora paoorfai, boro ra pi oaa tba pro paily tba oommaiaa, tbo ladootry aad 10 ttraa of tba Mrttoaao. wbilat tbasa, traakar aad moea iioargba'Md. bar* darad la lift op tao (taodord ofdaa truotwa apaiatt tba Hpoalarda Mara, tbatafata, ot iba r imh wblob nolo to w, of tba rlfbt whktb ftraa oa atrao?tb aad wblob bo bnaorabla id oraMMatlooa partea wt'l daoy aa, our uaa of ooo t ct to mifkod oat by tbt ror. aaoooaaaa U>amaoiroa? or baobaouoi awat of tba mdiiiji aad tbair abatvwa or or, or tbo ImmottbU po.maat ot tbo oaarootlaa aa or or tba liuoaoiroiioa la tba taaUlloo vbo bora braa immaaoa y njorad la tbrtr lota-aota or ? , oat if I, J o*o>ooary ra> ooqnoat. aJtbottfb it taoald bt in ttnbtoi, wbiob la not pro bob*, aa tba Hp to lor do ta euro tbair oblyo onaw, oa la tba (lartou tlmaa of Oh or tot tba flrat Wo da ant aapoM oor laor tbo loiarraattoa of tba UaHad tttafed oa a qooatloa wbtoa coat act oat norm or bata^ * ' ooy way Tbo octroi dtiamabl of tbo ioa?u doma orocy la Icjan ran ta aid Ibroamaa taa mariuma, a > ooomai aid political lalonataaf tba Sral nitiono of tba ona. fborr la a qambm la wbtaa taa aatHtaa aba aa oarlf ok an torn bio a otra|glr at Xoooainpni woo 1 oitta ta nrobo tcaatbar. aad dot ooMUd to aaoi ?>-, nh m>? oi he reltad wita that Of gremlve iM ?rnhiml leiuocraoy miM Vntei Mmm, in* heal o? Kaglead, hnetn# I* I rtaoe, the neupeWVw <x Raaola, eel ? aloft aeptrea to ? |fi? ith< if oe .be eerie lue the boddea of the fanoae time. lettia# looee aa e we m it yoaotbty eee ever im ihtfn a of ibe wbcle earth tee nnmtoxi eoWiere which it uan hardly cnoum e I thin the thicteia of It* loimaeea wtl. Hut thta it ueiy e drtea el tie lllraeteM eed 'ta I'ireiei. exretlaet to be narrated oe board tome tbip oa a n? origin ai*ni The coney of in* Patten mama nee IC |o bayond i'a r aiurai nailta. aod it will ham eeoagb o do to l!\a for lurlf, guardtag agaiatt tfei deoeoipiai t? a ehtata It heart la I t owe an n cite. anil c mcii'at tig to I* brr it* opioaiug and rtmiradiotory mien tu of the pee plrr who form ice aou adera tve I'a oa; that lu'bo eat d'lrroraey ? III have rtoogb to do ta dominating the reahtenota which itaelf releea up, aod wbwa ualortaaeieiy hate rttet aed ib? mieitee to tna territory to peaceful la former litre#, which baa ee. <>ked by Ita dreadfat aioaaart ear teat tadtrbeti a Ret ? teoagb we aot cenat opoe the latareat aad ayn pethy of powarfbi aatioaa at tbetimeof dement tag aod oDiairteg oor entitled* oe although the Uatlet HiaM a aheal.1 pnaaeaa wbet they do aot poai*ea nor oat P<-?aeta- a eumrrona and ditcip.lbed army. althoago ear reeeercea ebouid be tblerler to thoaa of Mexwo, w blob la tbe iroat aahappy na.loe on earth oar daly, oor dlgatty, our twenty aa a I atloa aad a race demand a aolaata re raraiica and we ought aot to daeiM oatli wa have com pletely attained it iTrnrp the Hoiaa faewtl omnia I) Mthogrtpble "beet | The gnTerameat a aot oily determined aa wa hara tatd, ta ehtala rrcm the raeuhlw of Vtnot m oompltte reperat'Ob, but alio Mrlt'n that the whole of Enrope will oadtrattnd the foroa cf the raaaoaa wbloa pat araa lata Ita haada, II la yrohable bad aatural fhal It tbauld oom maatoete with tu rfpraeeatet1*?e abroad eufng ihea f ecqoetnlrd wttn the tuteoedeata of the pttt qoeatioa IERA w biota It kM la bud with Me*loo, too principle* of Jutttoc which aaalat Spain, aod ibo on sen r with whob, la defabooof Um national iau>ro?ja whi ,b arc nutroaiad loll, It propoaaa M make the govt mount of hexioo uwitratand i that lb* moat solemn MmpiomliN are not broitin with Impunity , nor oau humanity b* outraged by net- wo oh more fltUag to mvijo horde* thun to ooaatitutad (t rtrt' menu. PvTtlnn Territory Ceded to Htuilo-Prorrw of the W?r. ^vynna (feh. 13) correspondence ot London t? a. J Tb* .tower Ho una wm few dkya rlcoe Informed that her lle.jw.fy'* forernment was not aware that aar ae<r treaty baa been ooooioded between Kutila and Portia bat U la wati known hare tbat the dlatrtet of dak a baa been ceded by Pereta to bar powerful neighbor, and U la not ta be auppoeed tbat awata an important portion wae relln qui abed without no eqalraieat of eome Mad or other baring been promteed by Bneala. In hie letter of the 18th laat. year Parte oorrrapabdant, on the noaborliy of aooounU, dated January !M, arbtob had been reeebred by the Preach government from the frontlere of aea, an noaceee "the oeaetoa to Raatlw ef tbe territory waloa eateude from the frontier* of farbteb Armenia, be tween Bnyaxld and NakbteoMma." A letter of mine, which appeared is the Time* ao tbe 98tb of Am ary, contains* eome Information ooaoerolog Uawn, or Makoo, whioh u the territory la quewion ; nad 1 repeat It now with anise dotal la loot have einoe come to my knowiedgo Tae dlatri jt of Wanu lire between the Araxee on tbe eset. the Aiaae (t trl iu tary of the Arnica) on the eoath, the trontlor Hue of the lark lab province et Bayastd on tbe wtel, and the boandaiyof Kuaafan Armenia on the north At the mric weatorn extremity of the dlatrlot of Maku U the r itaer Arrarat, and on Ma aoutbern frontier la the town oi Haku, which la atrongly fortified, and nompio.olv com manna the caravan road between Hayas.d and Nacuta ci.ivan pv II two moatba ago yon learned from nar itiat i the Kumlaea wero "remarkably bnay" on Inth aide* ol tbe Cat plan and we now learn that f?rU have been bollt near the meutba of Ibo rlvera attruoa and tij'irg on foe atatemont ol the Monitntr d> la PioUe that fort* have been oonatrnnted on tbe oa*t ooaat of Gaapian, "fur tbe Srotcction of the car* vana ooming from tfnlva " li pro abty correct, for private in'ormaUoo baa reached me OaapUe and Kblva(Teoeran (Feb. 10) Ooireapondeadeor La Nord ) Preparations for war aro being made with the greatest activity. All the resources of tbe country arc laid under oonirloution; the troops are bung oonoeotralef, tne trre guiar mtltua convoked, and, finally, a la 'j en man* bar Dren decided upon. A " holy war " la preaebe<f Tne foreign representall?ea advlaad tbogovernment to abstain from tbla aupeal to fanaticism, but the gorarn sent per awteu In bit Intention, white giving aaauraaeea that pontic order abovid be untroubled, and that tbe Hie and p q ptrty of Obrtetlana ebould be reapeeled AH tbe fnooHon artre, m well aa tbo clergy and tbe rodroiim antenbled n Ue mosque of Ue Saab?more than 80,1100 people covennr tbe court and terraooa. Tb? meeting lasted n?arly tbe wbo>e of tbo day. and ooeoluded with tbo readUg of tbe firman of tbe Shah tn four dittannt parte of th# mocjee, eo that the document might be beard by tbe entire assembly Tbla produotlon, long an l prolix, no c-rdUig to Oriental faabloo, epeaka Oral of tbe ptaoa and friendship which ridge between Persia and the o liter Pt.atra, with tbo enoeptlon, unhappily, of England; thee Uvea an txpmi of the etroamatiaoea which led to thn ropture, ana tbe peoole, lr oonoiaaloc, are noorted to Hgbt anu etoriQoo life and '"triune, if nooeiaary, In tbe deft lc? of ?heir religion and oountry The aeeembly die period tranquilly, but It la feared that some badly die posed persons will prottt by the excitement to create dla lurbetots Tbe firman wtil be read with similar ao enmities In iDn (any principal tiwo*. uaforioaatoiy >r?d?a of disorder are dduud more likely to oooar la ta? rrnetnoea than In Ibe capital Ebb [From the Liter pool Times, Fab It J .to Ktuaiaa Ambassador la I'tris, at wed u the Per al*n Ki.vr.y there. deny, It la aaid, the axtatenoe or tbe treaty aoiwtaa Ktusta an J Persia alleged to hare been If pod at Feboraa ?B the 18th or Jaoaary. L AW, of the 20th, glees a etmflar coot-adtotioo. rtc citateeoe of toe trea yr la nevertheless coo B mod ie otter <|?ar ma, and the Paris borrsapondaet at tae Am* ti)i mat, as aompanaatktt for the territory oeicd by Persia, Kaeaia baa eaaaged to (ire the Hash the aaeut rfed'arri.'* aodfcpcrman#n| garrlaou of 11 ca u ooaaa.1 mien at Herat, la oteelBe'trar rnth Kag'anl ooDttaoad. Ibe orgoUat oea with Feruk Khaa are not terminated Tha Nam, of Brnaaela, pubUhti tha (Mtowlag, u tdar daiae* Pana, M? alt I tare only loat ttmatoatd a taw wnrda to my doapatcn of yesterday reapfOtieg the angle I'-rsian d.Booity At I telegraphed to you, taaf (|?eatloa la aevtlod. You are i?t that one of toe claims adeanoed by Lord 8iratf?rd root ally at Ooaataatiao^le, aid wblsh Fernk Kban thought exorbitant, wai a dw n.ano for tlie d'tmlsiai or tba rnma Mialatar of too if.ab, tbc Sadr' A*?ro, Wtrsa Aga Kban fry'and baa ral'.niuiahad tba demand The Sadr' Azsm ?ill remain In < nir, The serood claim of Kagland, upon which the Londoa Cabinet slroegly tnalated. waa atlli more exorbitant Tba Ing'iab goeiri men; daelred goal, on SB Murrey, tbe Br 1 tun rcpireraUUre at rehersn, retaining hliotflie, be aboald r real re twice 'he rlelts of ta# Persian aato.iri lea before r? turning them Tilt demtad oouid sot oe compiled with by tbe dhah Thta alao bat oaea aet aatda Mr Unrray will be reeeired with all tbe hoooesitaato au rash, bsi the P.rsiai rrsmawt wlU not hare to perform as aet which would hire 10 wared It la the ayat cf tba people and to the bsmiliatloe of whiota It n.rer ,ould bate coaaealtd But Persia baa roaaraUd to renalro Ktgllab Ooaaala In ail tbe towns where there are Ham Ian (. >o?on R. ?e? will be res toted oa the oaaband, aad Baahlre at tha elhar are tba more importaat pel bit whteh I hare ?? ormn enwate io you oa a qasatloa which tba English gor<ramrat was tcry aniloot to brlsg to a aattiemaat 11bit k that 1 awi the ?tst to tend yon Uts arwa. aal taal you will bare 11 eras before Lord Paliworstoa aa Dbuaoee It to the Houae -aa. Finai.ilal and Coiamrnlal. amount ?T ktlla orawn ay U) a K?*i ladla 'tomptoy na tooir raapectira I'ie?<daaoiaa, irom tha 10th to 0>a 21 .b ?? ia aa folio a ? | MPV * HI l ( 4. Mat* of Kack?*f. 2aa'aa..V.V,'.l?i??* II J}*' fX4 Pw 0?' rtipaa. Hon. bay.,.. a 4 2a Id. par ditto <?w 11.1. .V tf.oa a ......dafebla damaad far bolllaa tfcla wru, particularly mi*#', I or tbe Ktat by ueil packat. aid MaiMma doltara bars baao dose at ooe fourth to t rraaigbtba at a p?oay adraaaa It la. feowarar, a?aro?ly likely that Uaaaa aairama prlaaa will ba mala taaaad. aa too laal to leg tape rr?m Aa Kaat raporta ai chaagc in < biee faillag Chore w aot aa muoo ltqi. lry or uooblonoa b?t prleoa ara a till -tooted aijrb Feratga gold la baii.jptaadara, par owboo....?s 1? 0 aUrrr ia bart, ataodard 6 |\ (told te'a, I'ortugai ptaoaa I It 0 a ratlaa. ia $ DaaMooae, patriot lit ? Da. M|aaiah le <j Nap-Mao aa II* 6 10 gtiUdat proaa I U 0 au f. r wa Maitcaa amd Mouib a mart oaa tola. 0 0\ Mpaeiab pillar oetiero 0 a io To day taa ftiaaa opaaad at aa Illy, bat aaatoiaad a da olio* of S per cant, r km lag flat aad rata or aoliora at taa foil*w<ii? rotra ?Ooe tola. moaay, ? ?,, at 4, Ooaotle, ac mil,? S, ??V lb. lauowmg tabia will abaw Ua Oaatoat oaa la Oaa tola alitoa 160 letb I lataat ? I ff) Lsm it Hied Isw'H Uta'd CIm'm Moo. 1?... ??H ??H MH 0?H rooo. IT... MH oxs ?-'H MH Ms WM 18... MS 9'*. MS M MS Ms tbut. It... MH MH ?3\ MS M 94 Frl. to... MH MS MH 9IH M 91 Ml ?... MS ??H MH ?H * M Met U....MS MH MH ?H M M I a*4 M....HJK 94 44 9.>S M 04 Wo<i. no... 0*s Wi 9?H MS M 93*4 Tbnr. M... MH MS MS MS M 94 Irl 11....NH MS MH 93 s M MS fi -t 4? ?( > -'M'O bor# ombtbttaO toorooood flrnoMo with * rtoro OBttTO donood than eoperfMOod Dor ooaw V 9.V M*t. ['r-oa the Load* a Timoo, Fob M ) U u r*t??MC that tbo oblpoMoia or ?p?cta by lb? P* 1 ototal** olo OrlMtol otooMor fo lodio ood Chios oa lo* I 4lb of Sforoh, will b? obool ?710,M", prior'.wl>y OllTor, 0 ( ooooidorobM qnontliy bo ng emgmgmt for .ibesf ha. bonk or onolonh. Xrow tb* l.itorp <ol Jooro*i, fob. M ' mora nwiirion. AO* OrmlM. N0400 'JR44.. ?04.184,*40 OOP'Bl dobl.... ?11,011,100 <itb?r seoamiw 3,4 6,990 1. da com* bol'a 0,0*8,MO 811 ror buiitoo. . oil. Total CM,104,000 Total CM.1M.400 aoNMOu DBTAoraaor. AM. Ml ryop'ra' rop.ioi. (itv'Moooiiuo* clLMO.flt Rco4 011,488 Oifeor oooor?uoo IT.T04 7M robltcirpoil*. 7.461.100 Now* 1.441 lit IKbor doP'Olta.. 9.194 600 (taid aal Hirer Atree doy ocd oota Til 010 1 oUwir billo.... :S?,SM Total ?0t,060.844 Total CM.667.044 Too roliowinf shows tbo onwperetir* ittta of Mr bono arrooota. ootoparlaa the rrtorsa if wo I.oeJon f.'axKK of tbo 17ib oil. wi?b iboo* of too prior woo* ? ooilTe olreolotloo ?10,016 lit Drcrraao 10',240 BollMO (both deportoioato) 14,404 6M Iorr*oor lit 000 Rrot 0,041,300 IJrrrraor 4 3sfl rrro doy and otarr bllio TOO.879 Pnbllc d?p?lta 7,464 1*0 lacrtM* 847,M7 outer (lat-oe.ia 9.344 60" IiwnaM 47?.M? <4<m rtmoidwIlM 11,630,418 Heerwie H.T46 orn.r carttltw 17,764.704 nwt?*M 4*1 0M NoUa antmp'oyad 8.84S.6J* Inertate 14* ?0? Kill Indian Rnhmiuliir T? learaadi rla The I Mm Ara (Tr 14* lacdoa Newt, Feb " J Wa ?adrra(?w<1 tbrre la preheat, an ptmrted bjr tarr i taioaataU uaM. udff tha abort V.U? fcr !Wlnb1a*l?x I LP. PRICE TWO CEVTS, telegraph I* India la ooatlnultoa of MM oyoton of totograpfca dooldad apoa by the fcoglish gorarnaent for toe Mediterranean, and a blob la M larilaaM at Alexandria Tba ptopoeel M to lay a au a bar or wlreo aaroai Kfypt aaf dowa tbo Brd Han to Aden, whence Uur will raa paratoi to lb* aootb ooaat of Arabia aad terminate at Harraoboat to a blob tbo ladiaa telegraph* oxtaod. Oaaaplata pawera bare barn lately obtained iroa tba Ultoaaao aad Kgyptltn governments for tba abore purpote, and tba condition* aajure ooapletely Independent aalloa oa Iba part of tba oaaaoaay of tba girercmeote through whoae territory tba lloa i? to paaa, aad are lo a reap reaper* moat levorabl*. The autuoni art ao oboaaw tbat 490 (lata a at Ira la to b? the graateet dlatutoe be I a eon aay two of UKia, aad tb iy art?i be at pieces where there Is a Hilary leroa, each aa Koaeeer aad dUdeO, or ?a British territory, ao Adea and tba Hurts Moorta Island*, lately oeded to u, or an Ibc torn o-y or the Imaim af Muscat, who la oor close ally, at KaarU Hand Tba bad Mn la Um regular ooaoaaeroial route, la free from aay daater oi Lav rru.ltvn and our loflueooe on U haa been ao leap and aa aompleiety eitat* arcd tnM IrreepeiPvw or tba security alTorde l by the atati-ms themselves aa potable danger el tatarropuia oeu ariae. Oar atoatoara will U> abfe to raoeivu ami son i >astaateneou* news *d Aden and ouas Complete obari and aouodlng*, taten under t'ie ordara of tba Kant India Cam pan -. eaiataii tb? way tram Hue* tv ? wax ww>> * ? J tviai) >go ui^gm; Mlit. bo thai lb* 0B)7 tblo* icb? d'<at> It to luaautao nro the oable ta Kaglano, tan tdtn to ui It In latitudes where tbe wtbdt, are temperate aid atnady teo raootba <l?? 7ear. taking aa a guide me e*t*jtng aoaadlag*. Tbo propeaed Ilea ?e111 aioite mi pillUoal j-aiouitea, aa* tbo coat ol prow (Aloe may be tall m be r.n Ibe commaoioattoa from K virraetire to Aiexa0'1r*a ?* by meaaa of rata? batter tea,-be tan antaaaoaa Poiltirat Mumarnin, Tn Oiaooaacr or Naw Hatiou. ?Tbe demon, aia a* ftmla Ft bold a ad ng la January ia?t for tin parpoae of appointing delegate* lo tbo Territorial c /uvenUou te Doaiaaw a delegate to Ooogros* A pi at'or at of priaalp ea au adojited, of wblob tbe OU owing eubraoe a reoplo of tbe plaolia ? Krioived, That wo reoognlee tbe rtgbt of ad tbe Tar rltortci of tbl* Oolon ae<mg thruuga tbo fairly eapi mil Wiab of tbe actual re*l<ioota of their reeimotire I'errlWartaa, w Leo ever tbe aumtior ol tbelr lanaoMaa-a ) 1*11 lee U, W fora a oona'.llutiDB with or etvboat doioeatio la very and be admitted late (be Uulen up..a terot* of pertaa* agnail iy wtib Uie otte-r State* 01 tblt uuloa. R-aotrrg, That ?e ooadeoua aau di?evi>rove of tbe ?a tlr* policy ol ourO-veruor aa daperiDteaueot of laotaa aJlaira lit reatloo to tb<- Indiana wfctoo aur-ound u*. aa bvd( pouoy ou nian 10 vac an'iaum a?n onrtotcr <w three InoieM, ud plume the llm k < wl horde ot oar Territory el the mercy of ureee theVvtng end marauding MTIgW. Tbe marling m eddreeted by teevtrs. Cbndldo Ottte, Dlr(0 Arohulete, Merrill Aehurei, 0>h J oho B Orayeob, Miguel Bene y Romero, Jeaot Sena J Duo, Judge ferry K Bructaoi. Tbe folio r lag dek galea were appelated e? tbe trrrltoHbl Coo r null on ? Aoteete Tutors, Dr. f K Karaaaugb Neserio Oooablee, I.uta Ortego, H N. tmtth Vtonbte Garcia OudKb Urtm, f K. noOatohnon, Joaut See* y Bboe, 4 H tomy kin*. C P Clerer bad Vijtor Gerole. A retolullon deoouootag Know Notblngtim wet eJOe adopted. Boeer m? It ?Tbe Ntw Hampshire Patrict la )oMe dulafcl orer the result of tee eieouoo. It ear* ? That tbta reeelt Is more d.?a?trcM to t*c democracy then wr expected, wo (reely ed alt It It true we dbt not utielpaie a aemooreti* tiotnry be w? b oped far et Irtat a partial owe?mat era ab uH d'e'dn the ll-id wttb tbe ?bea)j?that adrawb battle would oe tbo rotult ot the oonteet But the eggrcgete rot* la much larger thaa we anticipated. Miamwaa ro S.-inr - *he Rlntmood ourreapondeat ot ihs I'eterefcbrg bafrtu ea/eu Is oerrerUy reported ta EUcbmubd thet Judge I.yaaa la to reoelre from Mr Buchanan the eppofrtm< at of Minister ic HyaU. 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