Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 20, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 20, 1857 Page 2
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2 wmmvmm mlwp mis eat _ pihMWjU. ccwrtwoif w ^yrer-wrm kc>n io tmM <ir?*e? a> 4 the lack. a i .'en 'o ih-44 4tjt r> > :,b79Fu0t cffl .e. ]r TIIR ' !>?>!? Wll > FA<JS*P PP<VN HlUU[>*iT ?o fti.r'dhj atoaom about J c'doel, 4rt>j>B?a a vf* "?'u-rD?tf up Fro. tWkT to Aator ptoo Ih"O?* V'J Si', md uiv 'JrMT a J:\x a.r.ft ? i) ?kd. t?* ???'<! ?t 4u?? vo N. >' Fee*:, ? ? * I**.- of ?jm?<hn?to her ?liut>F? /V> Vf "tl'BliTU/1 ill IV I Unntr* ."berksf Hyie erebnn "biidien of the lv? Jotn k. ?vi? Wbm in* beard nun wey were hear witbjtheir mete. o Mr Rev* Any iu'enntdot eom iriAn* hem wM bo rtefn 1% ? fit* r r*l*'Jv* in *virl-i n Ad4re?fl R ttirtokl *f<; "rn trd Rt*t?a G?ia?l Port Loult Mhu ciireVf Mettet iUiuen, UeUtM <t K, Botum. Bim -.A]*, CiTHlRIHK FTTW A BT WHO ARRIVED HE IE ?| from Ltverpoo' It kUj. lUte, in W>e tblp Webster trill {*Cr w PI rill ?f '.o ter kdvaiiltfe by tddr?-Mi'.fc A , boil i?i B. i I or. olbce MR GKOROB HKk%>. W.Lb A NOTE FOR B1M t. tbe uaual phvce on " Aiurdty. L. 1JIXT or K IK OTTTCg -miiMOH* OF DOLLARS l'v J JN ohutDfil in lb* Hu>k "f KngUiid, Ac . l'nr ?ul of he.trs. Mr tdverNMd for fccct at thia office Privilege of aearch fl 9mm<ty arme leurd panned and engraved; pedigreea Ira oa. HRNEY HkYd, Proprietor, 327 Broad" .ij, New York. VIWl'l ?THE OWNERS OK A BOX MARKED 'TORS Jl r?M 1 Pork*. Honnoti, Teiar. etie of W. Uenit.y .* Ml Gtfcreeion," thtpoed through mletnk* per ileatnar Otl<*r>BO. will call tnd receive the itue. OOLBw ,t THORN. 91 Wett ktreel PA. C. WILL PI.KAJtK WRTTB 1MME0IATRLY TO . John Fowltryt ! i ke. Philadelphia P*., atuior where teller ru be dreeted en Internes* of tbe greet**! Importance AVtHAN. PERSON* WISHING INFORMATION ABOFT MI.NXRacta will do well bj cal'tng on W. P UL'KTIi, m the .trepcltiar. Hotel who ha* b? en a redden', ol tht' Turnuvy Mr three vtr?v. hating m\p> tnd pln.ii of tbe Territory wtM Mm be cut glee gem-ret lnfor nation of the r-ioutry. SPECIAL NOTICE.?T11B GKNTLKMAN WHO K'ce't t-d t letter thro orb rnutake trom ibe Pout oltl'O, a 1 verttted March". tnd tildreued 'o J C. Miu-ih New 1 rrk, o fc Is of grsi*t importance TRIMTV CHURCH. *fTB?-T?VONT TaKKB PferOHH. tJIK SK.VA.TIC COMMtTJ tee in the mailer of the Trip! ? Cbur h ? Rev lite I *n -y c.iiied and saorn, examined by hitir fomotuu. e. ^ Wbeie is \oor reside: e? and whs: la your 0?ee' A. My residence is in Geneva. Ontario county, Western Naw hark and n,y ct! re ,i ihit ot Bidup of the dui-.esa 01 W estern Maw Yrrk. 10 wtieh nllee I waa roust i rated Id l?Si). Q Wfcst part of th? Paste ot New York does your dioc ss eeasprebendl A. 1 he Wes err. , art. Ino'udtng Broome rh" mmmtc. Madison. Octida Ufa and JedarsoD ou unties, wtio all the retinue* we-t <.1 them R Mat TrinityChurra New York, aided any of the church** M your dlooess A. Yet, 1 ieara from the" publications of We rector of Trim; y Ob u-t li tha" she has aidei a'trse . e.? ataoe )kt", tn Western .?e* York, about 77 churches being a before the vrarlsll ard 71 ehurcbet since that year, ewe ware aided twieo; ?f lb<we 71 aided since 1914 a bent 3u hove been sto- e I becairie Jftahov % In what way hat the aul o, Trinity Church been extend ed totho?ecb .rchea A. In alnust every cue, except frl Jky .buret, TUca. as firn t know, by grants of m mey. m wall aunts lor oi n lies an.I par socages, for wh h grant 1 to aeuie ras?-s. 1 rinlty Church has taken u tui.-tgage oa ihr chw-.-h and in other easea she baa do: | d1 Bae Tm'iy Church ever loreciosed any of the roort ?? on churches orevsr rrq tired the ancial Merest on "'et>? m-d u. he A 1 bare never lie rd or known of aay su<-b In Western Jfe?r Yo-k or elsewhere; 1 do no< aaually eon??crave a new cbn ch elide* until the vestry ccru W that Its aebis ?io paid or reasonably provided for; a mort Mage to Trir tv (Lurch, on which ne.thcr pfncixal nor kn tercet aee demanded. 1 t. not consider an obstacle in the cons" -ra Won ef s nen rh >r< h. p0t as adliuent aecu-ity agaiust its ahoy a'tor from fv. bo.y . .hiecta. Q. Has anv church ID i-f?>ir d Srau is which Tr'.ot'v has MM a grant of tuooer wnijout taking a mortgage on ctirrh MHm. MM '"eeii Joe' to ih c ogrega'-ion or dmeeetk A. Vce, ?hui-fc ?n which Trioitr church took no mortgage for a ant * ?? M'1<1 for ii?bt and the congregation <fi? wwraed . a mor-gage to Irinl'r C*oreh would have aaved It, ? at leaat rated the $6<v> lor ta? nee 01' the tbooeo* ej * bore 0 WbemTrtntty Cbu-ch hae Ukir taken mortgage* from Wck>i in your <Ux-t?. tor tnorey* granted to them what baa beet, the rnect of ibia upon tbe It.'-rer and r->ndl.imi o tbe ehor. h<-? Una ante,I A, favorable. i, gj prcventm* bw-h edil.eea f-, ni being alienated twvn il.e holy abtecte lor which th?y wore erected. ^taly rnc.iu rag'rp the udt'wtua; member* to nuiatn 1kg church tba* aeccad to he obierL :t Ht V .-mtm.t MlaJde people te tbe church thua known lo be eectirni to tW bjevt without their being ealltd in to help to par tieueot. il; oaiag an obetacte ae a firtl morigice acunet i irtoewervgagri < f the chinch for de'. l a. i cuino*. eay uia* I hui i -eem any mcrbl. tpiritoat, roe eatv'teal or pecuniary err'.* rmaut from aui L mortgagee in my dloccaa. y. Bat Trtntij church ever to your knowledge o' behaf, eoMglw'o r x*rcar i ny Hflimnre over tbe ctruree or opinion* ether ef the clergy or the parmhee la ronr dioptre* \ No. y BaaTrtntt] church to jtmr knowledge or t>e.leX. ever ewe governed ny pane c mrMt ration* In making her gran.* fc. ?b?rcbee in tour dlrweea A bo. if. Ho "Irmitr church made t> grant! for odnob'uoaat | rpc-ee* la 5 iur dlo 11a v a Yr* a mot: itn nor taut an: lteral ote to rhe valnr of Id t'OU. to lient va c'ullege lu ISM d be great wit* trade ? ben WMTI Oonege waa in a dinar 1 * and rllkml rood: aw. ioca? 051 1 by the hi ate withdraw log eri unpened !y under the two year pro visum of Vie new eeawaHi.uon o: 1M0 10 ronil to appopriUooo her annual grat t < $t: Otki to the 00: rtre leaving oaarly 9t 000 unpaid - ad Mill or paid a debt upou the ro'iete 'rurtewe, who were whfroU meant to par the pro'r'aors. nil Of wh m hu' 'he rremdent eonght oher poea and the ludrat- diiMittia'tid IB Bomber from eigh'y "he h'gh?vt number under i' Mute rrmi. U. tiilrft eeveo v.heli the nma.oe" nf r- v it endo awe to maintain new urof'snire m aa dim aol g o>my, ^d the aeiy eooucianoe of the college ilubtoue, to th rm- endy *rti>Pe Churrh was Mite-1 in endow the <*>:. ;* m ate i whe Ad In lfSI t>7 k fill u! let COO, the in'e.ett at an | eat. 10 be Mid anuria1 > r"'il 'he principal u> pa'd on ,b SW?aat?nnT!t,e Aytor lease ? ." Utm that Uk COlUr-- ut u ^ "'erarj iC^aiuH^o! i Ttt "*_?*? lortrfr to all student* that nva* to it. and that it iak Ike name tobhil f ree 4'n'iefe. be act of the l,*g.nature tnee ah<ch tut the farul'y have been -nmaiaed and the etedenu have Iticmaned from thirty aeven to Kuiie.y i s, a larger comber ti.aa It erer had under the Htt'e grant and B.C0O addiUona. endowment, rlr a proioat-rrehi.i of a feOteahlp ot $0 (Jut. and two scholar-lilpe ot It Of neb aad keriral t irefa uor- ha - been recalled from pr;v? . MTcee. not one ot w he* eork.wmes'.e. I am ran ar?-* wood bare i.eea made otirout :b* grant irooi Trio v dfhu (J Co yea thtok ibat the reetry ofTrltti: > Church baa d toe i? wtnreel to aaalr tb< caplulrf'be propfttj oi thueurp.-ujoi. a- alhi.iefor the tonnn'ogori.ipirorttrpron.ot neiofrtligiot.e I arPabieorrdutaiiur.a: tnatnuiionarrtiurpoee' A A I .1 b>? name the w erdthy church corporation or it d \ Hnal in lite etyefHrw Y org, or aiaeahere. wt o I ihtak dmi lj theee re ?. rem art with the cat ilai of b. pro er r up to loll obtlg> none a. Had. and doe* thr uvmoetwHS ?t; aa be oueathm crrrra the pieeeedtagr of the \ evry before 1 wan Item; ae 1 am not or* ' and aerer have been rsquainteu wfh toe -lact ooeditWin or ??:eraa! arrtngtmea! ot the property of Church, and : berefcrt am bot qualified to git e au op 111 ma no snob a point, I 1 nap OU :J taj, that .f llir pi ea eat Rrq or ant Voatry w 1; J * WwabJutU. r t rff Mty, ucc'are that tier aare^irn? , j are doing, to their utm eMa'he?r reepeftg. ! %-ouK heir np u ! their Matmci' a? tba' of ho- nrab'n, high minded faithful an I e.mee>entlo>ie tren. In p efrtence to my own viewa, whle 1 meat be founded en una uuprriect huowlodae, and lit opp > iduer to th> oplotnra ai d 'iJ.'meuie (reepe ug th ' nee of Trmtty ("bur h piop- 1 cf dieappodate 1 ippllcauti wage- ? eetaril enthuaiaiKf it: eiperlaienuJ ?'h?ire? of good, l'i heed* of chrneh partlea aad local enemies or any ohec In >> vidua la but pracneailg una uua.nUd with the fart* of th' eh?e? bow eier pi my wor'.hj ea?< a? aad tiigliiy eetea.uei 1 mwy reeerd them tf What tn jour ;udgu ?u'. wou'd be the egeat e me repeal of the ??w rl 1414* A. f>lMet-oua to the eherch both in lew York citr and la 'It* oouatrr. rr? a- tea* :o tbe ehorth ID NfW York rlty I He rugen f?rHr, at ??,e a brag *ud bluer Ihuratlon t<etor? u* eaurta. betwern Tt.i ltj ?.*hurih , orpor?:b.o and thr athrr eharehee to 'he tKy 0 ih' cot dtuauntlitr aau inga ' the repeal of the law re mlrag, at once, a re> . al or th? law * CM.or a Biedifientfon if P by anothr' law fche that of 1?14 9. By dir.' big the < burro a ?h etde of Trmtty < httrob eerpo ratleo into par ea tr* and ..fa ual TrlnHy fhor.-h on a'i tlw-ae petals It <ty apltttir r op erery eungrogation in < ?o '1 pa' He*. 4. Bt makii'g the aleeleoa 01 vaatrr lor Yrtr., r 4T irch 1 nr. annua c> ra?Kin of anbolr cx: tomanl c ?IIim .>u and rta * 4 ami tiiiiiriena o 'I* thamrlar F'd'y. PIo?pan'? an t ?mfnt;?> of lha rbtpeb. f Ht '! r^niij u ii?-|<i?a< 'ia*?l? rrbrand none the rlnt r and iiU* in Paw Tirk; > Br *MMr(. a'oorn it*l> ihraa lodfii* -a aw? pari* baa If tha r.-?io? at Trial r Chttrrli ba 'lit actor ft Mem Tort aid ail lia lahab.iaoU, It ba not -artor ome at be ahnr'tna i:ad< r ihe ebaier A. a or ail tb? oiba, rrriort i? M?w Vark maraly k xaali -aula Air no". tba r . n robe, la Mrw ltri Hiatal* ehapr'.c of Trinity Omr-h la an *r ia<>. aiubort/ltc toparala panacea In be at'y. no e-.?Uin>ot.*i Onxnt 1C. tbe rAa-inri of ojyor c inv->ra ttnat to b? aacnbal u or irnpa'JD'e will '.be ehartar d Trlattj. which would ban rronpnne ai t?e '.tha taaaa ef loe any Tb? law a' tl >tanda. alien a* a'.l wrb >.ua?lnr* ; rapaa! it and in my ludgntevt with t rn a prrpmy M >aaaa and la * rl:y aoatAinlnf 2.000 lawre't n?i af ib? h i b>? rn".innrr aab ha?r"'W pan-'raH in m~'i aba iaBarl*aa we <ild war". up at oura It produce >ia onr a m fwnwa nod and to dntr. awa* thousand* nf dillar* from r bat t?able, retntoa* and rduMMrm al lae ituitapa and paeparea. ?o a mow b*nef?] li IpatJo- tba repw.! o lb i law wwvM Ml dlairt/' in tha whole rhn-i h Of thr hive '**]*? dr M *a at-.y I By rat tax >h* <.n-atlon aa to tha rVrht ct d.?;-er? aa? ant of 'hh proeety out 01 <ba ei y, wbirb ,ir l?l by wa bin whwb tba pir.ea' corpora:.on h?. adiaku-d. and baa traitorarilr ared c 2 By aaduij aiino. n*-*aaan l* a Ika OtaMoa of ail tba property am tail 0>a e y ob iirbM: .1 Mt tbr rvftwi" of* all Hid fenblo i Iftad y oil irrhef Iron Utf Pawam of WW fa' nr 4 By ?v.r*>lnr wba l,u br?a a t at atn f ?r?t at alary and fertil.nng brnatolanra to ra .'<?u?. aharUabi aradoOalo'iia1 aittitftwi 'r mntl diau - la. &. Br , taaaauDt tba rhnrrh in lha cilf o. 5ew lark. c>rfr aw' i m0y ka a rrnw natttra frra ?n<t dap orahla an tdr at on.- 1 ??tf at ??? ?<*. rojustro oe.ron*nd from ? -' n.srr. Ht.tkM, nf ond rnh t?htn( ta oagrr sad M pr>i ??> Hrw Tart tad in tb* nntsi trr s?- . and r# t?iear. lotn oharo. OH'or ami rnaaaioao am>:ro??r?r hill Id t i? nr iiiiinii nt thr rVirob for stability, mnaarn and Mif I d tf r> of tor aiettlie tt-na and so rol.oa at man w A3 ? oabrrratrr nl srosd law ?rd morolo i^iwum li kr Opo*-. r -It ihr npfcunti o?pr??aad ia tor awawrr yni! f > f rn jonr rj.iiii n al eharchmsa (at ?ra 1 > | A. Kr islcut.dod ipon my hjmaialgo and nb?r> Msa af huMoo naitrr groarolly. an o ra i*? mi otoWjvartoMid sbarrO wwHar.l.nni **-,?ra!!f H Hata y?a l?*?d nrrr to* urn* of lk> pSrtnn* who loo I ward bnfa-r tbo nawirr tor la tnr rtir ef N?? f--i A. Yot, j 4 Ara ? ( tbr loraior wtm ?? ,'?d aura; U* mKl ll->aroi a aeetry rbwrrkre A ILIK ?'t* -h.ll i-moo-A m '1? | Mmaa1 arall*' <?>' '4 ??y ? iVm i i ? m? -br?? ? bra IOS tool lap tor m.rro.tfr with-ibrr divmnin n k? dark, ami I boratojoalf a h.?h no-a'dia! r?ia-d lor I bin T oawoi aaowar as h> tbslr .10 ' rail- r io cnuairi > hundioo im.MAiiDK. Alaeok vtotk or taiu.*'d-*'ARioraArTro and . hatob wdb dots or wood b -da moafeaav ai roBibtnana ? aiaw also fb?"b aor to ?Sn osoojid hood ob as (too,. Wrwr dsaorytioa ofIrttositofo nr.nnr'nf to Or iradr Aimr book on ?rr.tJARi>F -* th* OAirr or ?U)tAr4ft" fc* HVhMl FhftlAft. Mill* of B ' *r 1? - 'MllMwy Frift??l ?i ' fc? w*. Ir" 9' ?<) ? r' Ml M#? r?a' ?rw 0'< 0VWOB A ont.LMt?rR, mil*-4 ? .- IH>W1 M Arft t*r?I on.i.iAHi* rot* oorb Mrnirn hard Bit. I> iwrri tnr (t? > ?? rrftrjlft'iif mr.flft. w71 I>? ?0* tem. To h# it ft* tiAP'it%0r>rj o 0 nOWJtOR 1 ^H,M>r>fR HI Itt nn? . ||OM. luiZilTi'TahTIn Vrrii >at*wt oom ' >?ft?li? |*?*-ai*4 I at) I A, IB* aft ?M'/if> MfttaufaatnairiMuflit u. all tn4 IWl mftihr " ?"??! ! ! Aft I ? TW 'iftft'??tAft??h'? anpftrtorft* A* m?n?4 <>r<UAM Iptl'tUna* to fcft oftofftrl For **M fry ft' k? >;?? ^n. 1A uhI ? (imfi**? ft?4 ftt lh* ftiftnafhr my ftlt Am An* Ml ftlKt. I'R ALKK. P?u?n'.? Ot? U?T1 A ?D A I'RIim. fk* t w row*!.?., orrunr a wo at but at JF J*"1' - Wift'fti ?f * UM Mr IHMB ? A W. >ir? ?? # * *? ? ?i fc?iftftM; ftftA ? ? A , ?< I* TP** F,< * ? ? fttrftftL Afliftftlftj mm leeertMl w 't-e-M ih? rflMt# rate. nGRKAT JONB8 8T**tT.-?iru T i tlVi" nfl*T? ?!? '? furnlnbe'i wnh bedroom* offfriei. Ve loo, icftlhi r or ieperv*. If gert)?wr. wlhnir Nrood n A IART T1TEFTT THIRD 8TWTET- A HANIWOMTX T I T far-iUhrd r%r*nr and Imtroom f? He * .???d floor on be bad, wttb l?wrd' oho ome ' ? fr-*4 floor Willi floe etoeev. The bi ore It plUuma'Jy lotted, Ftu-li. Ikt l?ilag lot. avrnnet. ii i i ORA*I> P^SHKT A vrw rwm wk?T fir 1 I ?.'2 K.-citdo-tr ?Ttc gtrf'ttr* otri iio ?rer.niiiilve?l wlh?l*7f? toroMtied r^n, cm lb* tint Hot, w.lhbo.rdlf reiiv.itA Term* mo<V: v.e miii'Dsos PTBKirr. rmovTiNO sr. .ion? a park?F orniahod room* to lei with bo-rd, to ?lat'e gentlemen or gentlemen and :s*lr wleto. Boot? with all ran modern Improvement* Alno, a well fnm'.ebd tark parlur l^C CHAMBRBS 8TBKRT-A r*V? PIKA'.B OEV JUii llemeti can bo aeocmmo-iaw6 with v'eaaaal room and board. Reference* ?ivbarged. ho mo m lot o. Ma> 1 TJl ?apt rwKRTi rninii nrnnr.r ? a ram ur I I Li gentlemen or a aroaJ feml'y d?< -tng a onte' rev.-v. homo ta a private hnul;, oaa have V hanla tar ml' of roo aa. well furniabed, en moderate terms, with board or prtv lege < f ktteheu. OOQ MULBERRY 8TREWT.-FI'RNmrBI> 04 UN tLmO furnished rooms to he had, whb t-wrd, tiro a fa * young gentlemen can be ao.nexrooOa.od with hoard and phrtaact mm ?0{\ FEB MONTR.-A YOUNG GENTLEMAN AMP ?5>0\r wife deaL'e a aaatly farniahed room and bedroom adjoining, (peecna floor frost.) with hoard. it e private family where tfcev tea live substantially and o??n'urtnbiv, open roo , derate terms Miut reetde upon the weet aide ef tee <jtv or a Brooklyn, Pulton fbrry. Addrtat ll aner Herald offlee A FINELY 81TVAT3D 8U1T OF ROOMS ON THE ftrn ai.d areond floors to rent, with or without board, at No. 2 Weet Twenty fifth free:, rumor of Broadway, oppowte Madlaon park. Beat of ro.'ereiter rvquired. ARANp.eOMl snr 01' ROOMS OONME ITED. OR tbe aconi floor, with or without a private table; tm, a few strgle ronms. Inquire at No If 1 Tenth street. A FRONT BOOM AND URDR00M ATTiffMED-ON RR cond floor, to iel. i'urnLhed for $4, or uufurmsue 1 for f t par week, to <>ne or two gentlemen. Apply at 1(7 Greene street, bet Vie.i Houston and Blee.ker. ATLAIN RESPECTABLE KLDEBLT MAM CAM HATE partial hoard during the week Mid dinner on Wnuday in a Dnvf -e faintly np town, w here he can have [he comfo-" > t a borne Addrtsa for two oaja M. B., A PLEASANT FRONT ROOM CAN BS OBTAINED, aultable for oi e or two gentlemen, furnished if desired at S4 Ran Thirty Arat street, near Leitngnn avenue; aia >. the use af a front baeement for a pliyaiclan engaged is out door practice Referencea exchanged. APRIVAYK FAMILY, OCCUPYING A NEW FIRST claaa home, con a 'commodate two or three single gentle vrton *II>I -icolian' ronmi un.l nn-li u.1 nr full hdVaril. at ill o'clock Apply at 11!H. Ninth street, six doors west of Hioadasy. Do not move on the lira! of May. 4 okntliman, who h as a handromb..y fcrA nlshed house, would like to meet wilh lady 01' reliue meet. and ictne means, to superintend It, \ tb the.ortiliege of boarders Address Nelson, Metropolitan i'OB'ofliee. Aorxixkhak, wife and child. also a sin (tie gentleman are desirous tf lindlng rooms and board m a prhale family or where there are few boarders; their ob jeet is to tied a comfortable, permanent brine, where more attention is paid to neatness sod ord? r tli?n to show. Term* must be moderate. Address with full particulars, boi 7K? rrpt office. Aj'lain, RKT'f.ctablk frit at* FAMILY HAYS s fi rrihbed bee and sitting room inlet, isi'.h or without board F'saee apply at 126 Rest Twenty-fourth street a OIXTL and wife, OR ONB OR TWO A single gentleman, can be acommodate.d with wstl for. tisbtd rt . me, and good board, at |M foventh avenue, be twten Twenty second and Twenty third streets. Baths, gas, Ac,, In the house Nt*gcs pais the door every few minutesAn American osntlem an and his wifb want Irout room and bedroom, uniii-mshed. with water on the second tlocr, ot higher* up man Fourteenth street, nor below North Moore street, with lramedln'e nc-seeaiot. The best cf refercnoe ; Iven Address James, Herald o'Jice Board - a i hivitk family rrfidino at no. 107 West Miteenth SllId bsvlsg moreronrn than they re-iu'rr, would aeceinmoda'.e a g' r.Ueman and wt/e, orlwe single gen iiciLro, *tiu iruaiu BUU ii\)u^rwiu, i* <mu ?wi. uwun HM |U, bath. At. Kefcrence exebanrrd. Board a prtyat* family brfwiko a 8ii0rt diatancr out of '01*11. '11 lion* Irlaed, having a beautiful rekiilewe. comprising coantrv and cit* eomtort am' elegance would Ukrcne good aired family with i firm fur the aeaa-ra Refererea exrbut ged. Bathing and flahtkg. Addreaa CBn ton, Prion ?'|iiare Pout ogiee. Board jw bbooilyn.-two or trrkk sikolr t'wtleMi er a gco< lemaii and tin w1f? can be aecn ir.<ida>ed wob nartlal board and plettatii room# to a private 'amity The bo i?> m pleawantly attnaud, and baa all the rnodrin unprai e taenia. Ii'? convenient to BamlHnn and booth terrier. Tt a rara ra?? tba c?,r for K11 Hon ferry Adilre-a C. ? . Herald olHoe. J_ UOARD IK BROOKLYK.-A pkiva1 * FAMILY, RK aidirr wtdbln a IV* mjnalca' r.ntvn.-.e of the Foniti ferry, can oiler arcommodattonk af a auperior kind k> one or iwo boarders. Apply at !*.* aa atreet, fuur door* bekjvr Hary. Board tm brooki.yk-to lrt?wttu partial l.oar-I In a pltawaM locality, a large writ fninlebed : j. j> milkb r lor one or tiro grntiemen Aoply at Bo MS Clla'.oo Meat, iielae*n HatafM and Pouib icrrlrs. OOARDflR BROf KI.YN.~OKF OR TH'O VKRT PMTRA J > bin k| ar inrnu for faui'Jlee cr al-tgle utraiOk; h mae hr?t cU -' !r islirn convenient to either Fu.ton o? Well street feint.. I.'rrar at half pawl *u. Apply at -17 Concord artel, a? ooud bu ck frc* I'nltbo BOAHD IK BROOK LYN. TURKIC MINI TIC A WALK lion Wail or Boutli Ibrnaa-One or two gaollatuen can *? r? ii'y or'irn rr*mn ?? * m r^mn' ? in 01 Tina - *?mii, itatcQ i ? ?j oe va'ant m tae i?? ?. -1,1!' " Joraiemon | airfrt Kt lero era . ( heJi.ed. 1 HOARn 111 BROOKI.YN-A GKKTLIMAN AVO BH ulii or moor three u-i.ei ca t>? ciubuv-i* ?.1 ? nh I i>(Ud. li> fc private within a few minme- nla an:* of :h' Kmh wall or 'uliou ferrle*. Apply > Faa rr A Lopee 11 ai.da atfvel. Brook') n. BOARD WANTXI>-BV A 07.VT LRU AN AMD BH lie of <|Ul*t UaMia, ta a -anal. cm ate ly who h?ie a front rooa aail bed nam i! toonj ?...r? . apare or itir. imrpoar, if me aainc aboiild be raai-ectahl) k>'*te4. b ft Wren Voorib and Sevruirettb vrae ?, an 1 Hroa-lway and a'aeond arruue. ll.e gentle-ii*a d.ura down toarn ereev da? btcept s<it>d%)?. I'ltaed a lie-w Inter D ITera! 1 ?Ll't Hi. three dam, ?Kb lea aatr>e and re- lane Refeei.eia will be nreo ^?1 laguired. HAKI> V ANTElr?BT TWO OrjrTI.KBRN. IS SOI TB Br irklym, he'.weeo I'ulon aireei au l .tecmd ular*. aaar ai.atreet A-hlrca* w'th particular*, J. p , boi 2,771". New ra foei 0:1 r. Board WANirniN houokk.v-by a binomi ornllrmaii. a ftmiahad bedroom ?I'h partial )?vtnl aa<1 r undava P;e*-e a -Irraa eating loca'ija, leroa?, A r., A. R , bo . (}.1 Peat nttlce, Mew York. Di'AtH WANTRIl HT* A OMKTMrUA V AVO HM D mfc- rnnit be l oavro . nt to Elgnth aranut-add n t B'.ova 1 ?eritj li/th i rret. Tnirauol lo ?i -ed $1(1. iddrei* for three <.aje. f. II. .1 , Hi-rald oflbe. BOVhB Wt*T*I>-BY A ORXTMCIUX A so HIS wile, partial for rentlamkn, in a pri?ei? f oiitir, ta the riTth waid Iteferenree exchanged. A tdreaa F. B., box lju Hi-ra'o fliee, lor t?'i day*. B^m OARH wMirrn-BT A LADY, is T.IK KEKJH horhnrd ot B. oadw ai. bei-rrer. h ill Canal 'rer'*. tn a oritaie f??n l?. nhere C.iere are no alber bnardere. Ail dffii KM, Broadway Pout oflee. i IV'ARH \YANttr?-BT A OR5TLKMAX Aj?f> HM l> wt'e, per'.ie: only I * the g-ui ?m?n In a unlet and *eni , || ?>,o< - Tweotj'tb atrMt an 1 i < a ? lem* In antnater ant in en ei-d tk> per month A'Mren I , I <u 4 141 Poet oSiac N V. IJOARD WAKTtn-A LAR'iR ROOM. *>R PARLOR II an . adrooni. arA a (aotee) prtra'e Itanir !m i| n a imi** pk aaaatlr i-cab 4. aad <oo*aluloit the modern nuavea more. wanted by a |e- t'-jiaa and ad? p.rUat lioird I >r lie re Mi* in* ?i. Addrrm, with toll pa Uculara ai. ' price h , boa i IV Pen (Are BOARD WAXTEn :K HOBnhicv-A flF"iri.**AX I and wire deal re a room In H u twxa ten-Hew wl*h fall boari i for lb* ,*4y, | arnai f r the ge. teinan A frwneh or Oarnian lan l.y are rried Rei. retiree fli en and required. A.'dr'e? I li t . BriaU eflre. BI'ABP WAllUl rOR MAY-BY A LADY. BO* AVB a ? ?.' ? *' h : we amah r . I. ae< - i i -or fr j l>rrfaieadar mneib, wi<h ta-. In< ?'x>o b-'ween Eighth ard Twea'tetb e-ree'e ap-i M"iad?a- ai d h. , h avenue Add.i** A. U, t'nira a'dare I'OM ufDra ior ooe week. Hf-ABDTXf. -TO OKRTLRMICX WITH THEIR WIYRA oremirle r. afkmrn.-Magie or earinnl ro->r?ian be had at hwtr He'el ea (he i irm r m Mootair ie aod Court eta nllh ne withoat board, on reaeonabie tern-, it >a one of .be moat onoeealeat aa welt ee the plea-eaten* koeet on In 'he eiiy el Bioel ?a. BOARDTXO.?WOl'fcP TAKI 4 l ail.D TO BOARD where h woelil he treated aa their own. Apply at V4 1 htrd a-wpne np alert. BOARDlXa.-A LA RHR AMD PLBABARTLT BTTT Bleu eernnd a tor t irowl rnowi with fay end atnall do., with hoard, i-rubbwd er eafnrniehed. raw t a bad by applyta* at 2 > I ft ill rreet, nenrftty Mali. Brok.ya C10I7WTRY BOARD WAXTRD-FOR W E MOXTIRI, I Wi-hta 21 n lew wf Rear York, on 'ha Hudann Rlrer Kali r-ad near ihe depot, for fbnr or flea oarrooa lea private family, or whaabere ai a eery few boar.lnrv Tarana aot <a .feed f per week uh Addreaa P. P. OoaaUa, lit raid tike hef.-eneea e t;.aB|ed fiontlf HOARD THR CAR**!* HOt^K, INtl I >if?. ?rar Andnboa p*t k, w B< m poparad to mak* Tarr~snrn'a for tkr aaaanr. 'm< ni eirallan*. rtxmta for lamt limip a op a trartUamao oaoiavietcatlon bt atnamboat attl raflmait Uiri a >.r four titnaa par dar. on? hour'! rttta taa mtontra ? alk lioai depot. Apply a: . ? <tr??nir.?k atrea1 / 'Ct.RTI't llOARP wamed -a orkti.b1ia1* with " !iu wife t hi'd awl aaric. w irh?? to ?*?<? o*r-( id the iocup'rr'<w ike aemrBT At a i-an ?enl?nt dw?t?ee from the ri'y. ?Wiebe ran jo attl raturn daily. Adlraaa wttli lull par r u.ara ?* <0 It rant a >4 I -ration, boi .*171 Raw Tork Fort I ________? VM RK1MIKP ROOM*TO t?KT OR MADISON A' KKt'l ? Tan or (nr. r ")!( i-eatitlf illy furrt?h?d. and one of U?* I )"bl i?ai m? in ;he itfimi. a ?iM He lot reaeotMltly. witUoot j btkM 'o mi or 'hree fu Oir.rn Peai < reie ranea reomrnd. I Atl r??? bo' ? ?t?l Port o:' ia. ltv tsrid corrhttro or frort ( I' >nf" i ?rb p*n..r with bedn*?m and '? ? room oatke aanaa i foot; it w tx-hlf tnmltkfd (jib aatm bronata'. pier ylnaren | Ac wouH be let to ? mar and tua wilfc, or gajtloman wt'liunt otofo. aire at ,t<0 Hitdaoa ?tr#et FUTKlMlt t'eoor- Tfi HT -Rift fr AI. ITaROROMI? lyiuratkbnti parlnra wlib n eaping rmma aitaetial Ai*o tor; Orairalilo (?(;* rooma to la ii'? anl jretii.emen We. a alii'of " Wii HiUtwtatr il. Apply at uA.1 Hroatltra at eon. ?t*f. Firitmm?rn ROOM* TO lrt-ir a rrartin t, yrua'e roaideate la War. fn i.ueatk atrnet. r-ar ElyhUi I a* erne aa ewHre an'' fommur,-atina inltahlt lor twoo . tkrae nag'# yaouaman. hreaktar >fdr-drad boiae p awe me. I itarr mrdern iruprai rmeal an-l la bnadaomolr r-irniehoi I tAiO'ifbt ut faakllr mali and Mrlmtj orltMa. an (odgark h**e hnke:tn beta reawrad, nor will ant add-noaa ha made. Ait' dre?e wltk ma! lanaa, J. m. boi l.rAti fnat ofll-a. Itn innuiP aooM? a raivAT* FAvtLT won.n r lot tki'ir fraat and barb aanail alnry raon ? vHb b* b?, >a, ia.. to two alnglr ganllomw, a It boa' boaprl. at a m*?r ma taat, t? aa uk.o Mtrii|>anu Apply at V *" Waakcir. '#a |i|rr fb<tr<k danr war M t-lfkarkaaa. X?W TORS. HRRALP, sp.iROina \xv r.<rDan?i JtSVW 9O0W3, W:~H C& WTTB _*T BC AN r ox. ti'it ard ?'f"B flf?r. ??ry ? 'd ? ;h? yi -lcfly of the pr;t rip?bo'e a !t:ioi' BMlirtla, A?p i ?t yi: Hona'.oa tirteu ?t*r h.-oaiway. HOTEL LOD61lfa4.--SB5m.lim CAW OSfAIN gend furnished rooms tl the Hloae Hotel, t?ri? < <" r. l Ni ..? -i s_-evt?, frr 55 ecu's per Ah* net'. iwt 37;? t? lIj per n'gbt. W j ether charge except at th< lr option. HANDSOMELY run.TiSHED SL*K?1?M BOOMS TO II lei, to single gcttumra, by 'be night, week or mo r.b. rl:l >v,:? -.ud wti ell lbs modern tmprerements. el>o * b .: ib ' iu.m.t e:'rxm? aulttbicfor aelub. App.y at Med ilen t hi' tg), iwj ijk. 6rt Broadway. PERRONS fTISEINQ GOhD FURNISHED ROOMS, v.Nh L-ard, to a modern lull It howae, can lind the name at Li Wi at T * ci tj f.rsi street, oi Sixth avanee. i* _____________ PLKAftAKT ROOMS. ON THE THIRD FLOOR MtTHi o domed, with board by a family, or stogie gen km;i?. map Tate aw'y. at 21 Ninth street. Rooms to lkt.-a private family ooouptinh a howae m Weal Eleventh street, with all the modern improvement* we old let to a uncle gentlemen a handsomely lurnitbed parlor and bedroom fronting oa the eeeond tiav. For particulars addretn J. O.. box 3 2?1. STATKV ISLAND.?A GENTLEMAN AND VPIFR W18.1 beard on Staten Iiland, near one of the lending*, wr'.a norns overlooking the water Adiireaa L. H., Herald otB.n giving location, Ac Fr. vale family preferred TO LET?AN 0NFURNI811ED ROOM AND BEDROOM, mtth pantry, to a gent', without board, on the latoi Fay. Good references required. Inquire at No. 0 AU.'l ktreet- ____________________ rrwo OB THREE RFtPPCTABLB TOUNO WOMEN. 1 destren* of obtaining lodgings, will find suitable aid piest*nt aonramodetlons, with o- wf-hmtt board by applying at the home on k'scson avenue, between Thirty -eighth and Thirty ninth sects. nrunn uv a vrtrwn uiv * moowwitu iishit fhst and tea, in a strictly private family, where the earn 'ort? hi a home can be enjoyed; terms 96. Address Aid.e.. Berald office TI'ANTED-TN A FRENCH OR OKBMAN FAMILY. ? r where there are no other boarders, pleasant ro mat lor a gentleman, with or without partial board. Address O. V, Herald oflice. tV^AN'TlD-lX A PLRASAXT I-OCATION, BY A tt Scotch gentleman, a room, with breakfast la a pWra'e 1 family. hot and co d bath, Brooklyn or Mew York. Kefr rrnees aGMhnfed, AddrvstJ. M., box i;l Herald office. ISM'HCCnOY. ??41 rn -LAW OPPORTUNITY.?ALL PF.RSON8 J*.?* OU. wishing to join Ooldsmi'h'e cheap wetting < las: en must apply this month, ladies at 12 and 4o'clock P. M , Lrtit emei. day and evening. OUYKB B. GOLDSMITH, 362 Broadway. fclfl -BOOKKEEPING, WRITING. ARITHMKTI ? ^1 U?? Mr. DOLHEaB, tij9 Broadway, keeps the largest commercial academy in New York, and <inallflea stndent* for any hliu of bnalnem In a superior practical manner. One pi it ate CIO seat tor booklet vacant. A GENTLEMAN OFFERS LK8RON8 IN FRBW'H, German or music In exchange for board and lodging in a respectable family. Address to Y. Z , care of Messrs. Wets matin A Casaebeer, 38' Broadway. Bookkeeping, writing. AC?b. f. foster, ap thcr of ' Prize Essay on renmansbtp," "Double Kr tilt iiirtuafed." and other popular works, leeches boekkeepint and the other essentials to suoeess In mercantile pnrsults. a 146 Broadway (Appleion'a Building), where gentlemen an qualified to diseharg* 'k (dudes of the eounllng house withac urar y and despatch nor.vnsii booms KJ For practice tn BOOKKEEPING AND MXRt'ANTILR AFFAIRS, (1. C. MARSH, arcoontaol. Aople'en'a Balbltug. 348 Broad nay. 'Yrculart with full particulars on application or remitted ts any address. Marsh's works, new editions, In Spanish ,a> English, fersa'e. YKMBOCTION -YHH SPRING TERM of MRS. al X FORD'S select school fog yonng children will oommenri March 21 Circulars to be tad at 268 bUlh avenue, near Se v*neewth street. Mystic nihi. seminary, for young lvdib fire miles f om Benton.- For catalogue address the arts cipal, Mrs. THOMAS P. SMI III, Beaton. Mass. PROF Vlf'OMTE HKNRY DB IIIBS AN CONTINUKS giving ler<ons In French st No 609 Broadway, oorner of Houston street, or ai the student's residence Intelligent and stitd.ous pupils oi all ages are laugh! to speak the pare Part sian lang nagr tn a." short a lime as can be reaaonacly espesteL SPANISH AND FRINt'fl AT ('HAS. OOUDKBT'S Ibati'.ute.?A courw. of evening leaacna fur 1 >dirt and n'n it-men In the above languages by profraaorti of IbU lnat'toie. will begin od the 2sd mil Apply lu be principal, k. h. HAl'Ru'K, KK. Mark s plaee. fl?^ OfFICBI. d?-| OjliH IS A XT AMOl'NT TO IiOAV OK ALL KTNP p i nt aanab'e iron'-1)' and marekendlae or bought An ranb. Paw ..vrekera' ticket* for watohea, jewelry, diamond' dry gooda, nilrr.rware. Ac , bought at the highest cash wir e LaT('HKK A CO.; 81 Xsaaau a assu, room7* *1 -CALL AT THM OLPBWt AXD MOUT RBU * BLJ i|> L . loan oil ce In tblr c.ty If yon want money on dlamoai: walchea, and r very bind uf parannal property. Fawn Ueket bought. Rett.ember. MAt'lM Yt A RHKAD, 3M Broadway, corner of Walker street A-l A BP nrWABP" APTAMCBP CM DIAMOND" vi watc' ea, and I'welry, of all kind*; alio, on clotk. ae pUaee, hoc see. ? arena, Ac , Ac , or bought and aotd fur tea ?r T. H. NT1JTLR, on m'salon broker, IdO Broadway, mean (?> I ANP rrWARDS TO 1.0AX pi On diamonds, watches, jewe'ry, Ac ; On dry nude, rani, ailka, Ac., Ac TIIONaB R. RfKJHTON A CO . 4U Bjoadway, near Canal a'.reet. 0-1 to >75.(00 10 loa.v-on RKAL ldtatic. Rill. V I r ad a mk boa It metchandlee. ?1U* velvets, jewwb-v, eiarr uiiila.'a. larnliure piano*. Ac , Ac., er bought for cath. 21.Out a* gar*, tiret laUtr. wnntel. I. H. bABRI NO) R, -? Naa-au ?treat, rcom No. 1. Al TO IWOOC TO LOAB, ON WATCH*#, DIAMOND* JJ>1 jewelry srgars, dry rood a and all kinds of pcrenwa property, or bought and v<M for teak. Medea, bonds, i vortga yea. a i> k> Ac , oegotu d. 1-rt N aeaa street, ourner of Ant aero id fcor mown N-va. I and 2\. TUOMPtOf A CO., broken and eowualaeton merthaaSa ?i rst nun *oLOJ-" ?* watch*#. BIAJMJT* SIOl.UW" jewelry. Ac., er S.mght for onah. by JO SB I'll 8. IB A a OR. 11 Chamber* dretl. it i laeient oSew from t till A B.-.-lneea prompt nod aonAdaattaL boats eas t-anaacted nc betordnya. Lanp warrant# located. monkt mtRBTUn on mini ten ant er roinmlaalou, and rol'.e- ">na t ?ade t? Weatein Wbeonasa and M nneaota Apr')' T. P HBRTODY. at t taker. Denny A Co.'? oflu-a, No. t J ? h n j conn, Wall street itmiuai aan raae'iiwn. APODWOBTH'D DABUf H? ACADBIUIB. MM Mroodwa/, Baw Turk. U'7 Hon'a# or ultM, Brook]/*. Jfrw Tor* etarno* moot o* Wndoead / ui Dotard*/* Brooklyn I'iHM ao Turodoro nod fatdo/i. Fr?-Uc1m oaaamlily motna for lodtaa ??<1 ponllaanon mrm Hondo/ araolud to flrnnki/it and aaary Homrday mta| b Row Turk. Formar -.nipila ton aobaorfbo for tka aaMabkn obo-a A.vFl.kJinxnAdfORTMKMTOV FI AKOR.?frfHO* I kriMkK ha?r roionvad lo'fl broad a a/. appoaita ts? Rew l'rrk Ho.rl nl.ara ron ba found lh? ho? aaaortmaiit o. floor* and mtbxlton* in 'ho ' My, for aoJr or to tat. X. B.u?*ga for pla?'? ond litrnimra Af.BBAT CBAIfrlt rot PTARO BCTEBB.-A* r rgir.t *??o ;mr*i of *? on octora no- wni ntoaoforin. Of airnllrot loaa ond fOi<U madab/unaof tha oxtoot mini faeturrrO n? Frx'on ond wurroofd aqtiol to ant to the make! o. to"rrnd lor *ol? it * (root rad'1-tion from their re? roliM. i. uniuodiala oppirouoo i* mode oi .fl'F<ilto* otroc opppfl'* Q-/Hoi' Brokljo. 1iV.LERTJAt. FTAROB. \ 1 be freoicot muotoal Ion nuoo of tbc oca Ploir, 'owt. oad (trnirr rig I. ? for U* man 1 ar??,r? oaf hi of tbiaap **odi'i loeirnment n <ki-t-ao dldorent motaa for ionond ra>ntM in ptoaoa JAB. LrfrTlHU.aiWt llomime. -o.m J. / ? RVAR AN# ll.NrtlSrt UIMOffA IM BOnoO'JI AWO \"T pr vol?]/ -Fr?lnct>30 0f onr Harmon anthnr fro. ilia-am > ntuia, II dralrrd ond ma-mono* on 'bo plaoo, or wt?h ?ir.lln aroorapaoimant. If lb" trip'* a ?k "to nlay drrtu lor | .anr ??.. Ttoim.h} K. Ill'l*, d) I a'.n-. ) atom* PIASBHAKD HKMinBOMA-THB HORaOK WATKR" m. larn Improved piano- ond mal<--1ann? ora to bafoand crolv a' ' broadway P-aoaa ond mniod'ora to ro il on rartalloaul on p'iril?a?r, f >r ao * oi mon hi/ oa/mar-ia Aaron I kand /tone* from lb to f l>i, melodaotia, |?0 lo H . Fiod- a Innad ond repa.rad Tba Krraaa Botar* plan * ora known a-a onr the r?w? br?- We ara anao.a l m ai-rak o| tba>a n< nm,an'? w wa* drn.-a from netkona! krowtadirenf 'hair (>aa||aBi too* an# durable 'I'lOiTt/ -Baa Tork A ran fallal We ran apaok of ')?alr mare* from panana koowladga. aa Wl*( 01 tka varr boat noaltta Oin-tioa lm?U ganoar T>I* HOS FOB Af.l^- THB FH. MCMCAI, BATflfr B * J I <?a Final/, rbaitarad lUb. la now |n an-Mapofnl Horn ond ha? frr l?o oh art tba prowdlnn <*' ? i?i?, ihroj 'i <ha n.oo'blr d:wnhn??o' of ; oraara rnaawoo nana# M-mk> hip m ihlo for laiy n OV ba r btoload br a ,htmihltf for on* ar mora *kora? nf meek oor votna of ibaraa lu 1 o/obla tr Mintk'r b.aiolmdnia af rn To io? .ra ha mnnib-rno aroi ? aa- pioro a ooolrael boa haar an a?l Into arVh Mamra f aih'O. Bawton A bro- b 11/, aki will Inrnwh r.aooa naloadat fiB' F>w fnribarlnf'iinotimi 1 iaa-a apJl of lha ulB?a. a>W ooaoitntlon ond b? Iowa mar ba obtain*] and a mo'n . , mi ba anan. H l*OI/I??MITH. ba r.lor/ aid (. -n-a. Apr-.'for lb# Portal/ udloo 01 H B D"lworU'? i?lr am ? IN ill Oo-JWaJ. VTOll* ' OR PA!*-* v*"r TOBRD OLD \ rlalln ialr tb* i fr rtr </ a ctlrVtn profraacr) >r ?to low to iti limnr-tlal* pmrboaor A >k?n"f for ft | ?r?tm to nutofar-od InHrnov'bl- Apply ?' \.l PuHtmn atr* i. tutor Br? ' mo t.KOAL VOTIdtl. UM ATBOrjfllW TOR A?AT F'HKM R 00C IT, (TTT AIT* rTonoir of Tttrb.-IWaarA A. OnaW. uipji jaarph ?. T??d?r?oon an/ Vorr * (loot/, Arfm/ant* ? PinmanM ft* rollof.?To Jna'pb B. TooJorroiri and Burr K. (bitM ?Too arn Mraby anWonad mi rajulra/ to mruwn Ow romplotnt I* 'bio twuoa. of abk* aapr a hdrrwMii oarroA upon yon ard to aorta ? ropy of four u n r r u Ik* aokd tm pb In or ibo ?tib**rib*r*? at tkotr oflV r Bo. IT Br<ia/Poj, In ?n elty of Jtra tori, oi'hta taooty turn a/Wr th# ?*rTi*a b-atW ooaloatro of >i??y of one* aor-tao: and If *?m fell to mnror tbo aairt on.??ntnMb'o Mm Mm# >b0 flaBttin in Una ontoo will opply W> iM ' ort Pa too rrilot -iaaiaaA M .r tbo con.pbui.i. Itoowp, H*u A fi'Miruo, nointlfo Attorooy tH Braa/aay. Bo* Tot K?a Too*, Dor. ft T?/t#d</oodooV BtaT P flon.P Th' mmobIOMU Mi Ibo boom rnimod antra ?u d>4 t o tb* '4T?0 of tfco fdorft of Ibo ?MT OnA onooty of Boa Tno* no b? ViowR* HAJJ. i VfttftlffOBU frr* MMBBW? ^fo XUTWHOS rr "HAT roBocBi*-TAKIC vc'rrrm 1 tbat rofiwi to * it'oror of Ik* (Y?nb ranntr fun ot Ononmoo V -?0. la bod fcr liar Wbf y of ?T?%. aori ? ?** v tm

MO, tm 'jir 'lion ?ry *>da tnoroof, ma/r !o t '* Uta rata* boroin DarMOtbooo la omnplblnaot. R/aar/ I' lmtpo ooA ?U>OM br* dafruAoa a. All pr oora bavin* elatm* affato* llonm Alar Bwworty *f tbo etiy of Bra Tnri ?<hIho da mipl, eon'ractrj or In ony anann. r; by anid Hmj Kino ia rnrrof. opto op prior to U>? !?>> da? of . flail try, A.ft tdtiA, am ro-(ni'Od to prooam and *otbMl??i fi/lr tbtd cm!om to/ pram np thr nt? bafot* nr, (< f' r Praor, Mwtrr ! > o^uurayy. fa an/ fur ?ot/ laynnly if Coilt. b' wnTW. In lla rfly *f Ct ka*a. In autl mnaty, oo or "NtJA' of Aprtl. A. P. inftj. I. f T A i P. HIM, B?rt*r In Cfconrtry, ( fir,* (>.1101/, I'l. RIDAY, MARCH 20, 1837. IIMJL1T* IP rtrm. jn IfTS M> MR-9 Mfvnw CN I U iuwt ml Iw fi%?M rt TnBtktBi i?r?M at WILIJAM film AHO> earner at Iu(lB and BUaUBtreeta. mBBCAPWAT ?TO L'ST, TORN! SURD OR P? furntaked. two front roomn on M'?od flour, tnllat . lor BiUtneri, ruutnamafcer* dnntlata, latiota. Ac. Apply t > I t>\ T A CO., Root Haute aid l-oaa ofltee. am above. A I.A.ROE LODOR ROOM TO LET-IN COLOMBIAN Hall, .>! tiraad atreaL between Foraytb and CJdrtdae luuslre tn ike ore So. 8R3. A COAL YARD OR LOT TO LET.?INQUIRK ON Tilr prentice. 70 Mlee. fcer itrest. AYOPNO I.ADT WOOLD LRT THE U8R OF A BAJIO f.teri?h*ul flhnv room itnl) work rvtm on ArO i . wmy. lui millinery or any licitt taucy tuuua; rem madam wMid board if required. Aadreca A. X. May mud, Madltuo <i oar* Past ?ttoe A BROWN stone HOUSE TO LET.-lS II AVDHOMi tj inrmehed. and furniture bat UtUe u*ed; wlUbeeo'i) to peraeei alio lake* tbe ho una at a aailafactory deduoUuu and at a bargain. fi*t. ?? a can ba bad early in ApnL Lo canon near Sixth avenue and Twenty ninth street, Addre?* Modern llonae, Times otBoe. An office and lofts to lbt-in building lowest street, corner of LJarrtyi Apply in the store below. AiiOOD THREE sTOBl AND B19EVBNT BOUSE, with modern improvements, to te tae for one or three yearn, very convenient to tbe third and Fourth avenue ear*, beiow beventb street; yearly rent MM. B. W. KIUUARP8, 307 Broad any. Broadway stores and a labor dbsibablr Manual In M -tbe property Ml and Ji. l llroadir.. near Prtnee street, now oeeopied bv E. V. Honghwou'.. ? ill be (o altered hi to give one or two large stares; alao barem-.i mnaanrlr g 1A7 feci deep and U0 feet wide, with large entrant from Prince afreet, muling It deniruble for a ftrst cans ref?- < torr. Responsible rartlea may learn terms, Ac , by applying lo II WOOD, 444 Hired vrn>. BARER Y.-TO I.ET. TUR OLD ESTABLISHED STAN t> No. 287 Spring erect. Apply at 17 Warren place, Chard atreet BULEHRAD. PIRB AND WHARF LOTS. -TO LB ASM, for a term of year*, tbe bulkhead from Fortieth to Portp third atreet. North river, and the adjoining upland; alao, toe ; ler at Forty third atreeL CHaBLRB BD. APPL1BY, Metropolitan Fire Thanranee Company Broadway, comer ad Pine atreet. /10AL AND wood yabd TO LET?ON A BU61NED * J avenue, up town, complete, with fence* tllce, stable* new urates and plank tt- or; alao honeerown for man on the prrmirta. P.ett very low. Apply at No 4 New atreet. (10MM0D10UR OFFICES TO LET?AT NO. 40 BROAD J way; alao ibe entire third Boor, 60 feet deep by "26 feet wide, will lie made Into oBice* it dedred. Apply to ED Y C. CHARLES, 40 Broadway. C10RNKR STORK TO LET?AT TUB NORTWE9T C*?R ) of Broadway and Thirty third street, also four ? />-> rtw'lttg booM adjoining Apply to N. LAWRRNOH. 4} K ??i 1 wer'y-nlnth at., before 9 o'clock, At 4, And la the evening. o* At HI Nassau stieet, third story, bAck room, from 'J'/i to W o'clock. COrRTRY 8RAT.-TO USARE, THR COUNTRY BEAT oi the 1a1? .lames hArriroa, on Bergen Hill, la hulni about a mile And a noarier from the .lersey City ferry, o:>i.btsing the advantages of a city and country residence, wit", every ooavenlenee appertaining to places of this den-rlpt'or. For particulars apply to W. H. HARRISON, 79 and til t'c. landt street. FURNISBBI) HOUSE TO RENT-TO A PRIVATE r.f mUy. The toase is three story and basement, with a 1 tinn odern Improvements, newly painted sod pspe-ed, and v<- < handsomely furnished: Is In a first class situation. Reu. dlj> a month. Address L. B., Herald oflioe. HOC RE TOr/L?.T AND FURNITURE FOR SALEBonse No, 26 Greene street, between Oanal and Grand streets, containing twenty rooms, all well furnished, and s' prepent filled with firm class boarders. To a person wlahhig te keep s boarding house this odsrs great Inducements, as the rent te low ado the turntiare ?ill be seid on faycrah'r terms. The bonse Is la perfect order, and has all the modern improvements H0U8R8 TO LET-ON HOURTON STREET, BEAR Hroeilwsy, $l,?o" on l.aight street, near Canal, SSUP on Fourth avenue, $700. on Weell Twenty tilth street, 9000, on Fortieth street, near Fourth avenue. 9700; on Twenty tiRh si , $676. E. B. KIN8HIMEB. 519 Fourth avenue HOCRE TO LET?THE FIRST CLABRFOCR 8TORI brown sh ne front house No. 113 West Forty-seen d street, having chandeliers and all the modem uanrovemea'v Location < cry desirable Apply to BENEDICT A COIf. ever Bank of Commonwealth. HOI'fiE 7.'t WEST TWINTY-THIRD iTEEKT, TO LETThird bonse west of Rlith avenue, with modern tin provements. gae, bath Crolon water, chaodeliers Ac. To < * seen from 2 to 4 P. M. Rent 91.100. Apply to Sl'OFN F?RRI8 A RON, bootmakers, 62 Nassau street, third do above Maiden lane. LOTR TO LKARK.-TKN I OFP Of -VNCrNP, CORN Q cf Tbitteenth wvsns- and Oaasevoort street, with bu | bead ir f-u-. Apply to JNO COX, NO 8 Broadway. <- | ' urr oi dhtit Mrrri urw b. i uun, u< iBflui a*riii'v 0 Hi FRANKU* tTRKRT, KKAR BROADWAY 0 i> let or Itaic, or will be altered to a store to ault a tea. V> Apple to J. BIbOO 1M hast Twenty third utreei. noar TL 4 art Due. Office to i.rr-AT iw broadway, to an ut porter or a abbes or manufacturer of ttoe jewelry. In noire ei D. T1FFT A OO. Office to ucr-irir vbi.k for a broker banv irg or maurorce comnane, In one of most eligible sttnr vc s in ihe rV.ihUy ot Farfc place and Broadway Addre Alrop A l'e . HeraMMCA fir one wnk. OFFTCFS TO I.rr IN XI KaNMAU STREET, ON P . third, leorth and tifih floor*. suitable lor any t I ue-W rentiirit g *< nd light er Mr lirht mechanloAl purpo* lmn idia'? |.iw won A pi le to El UKNa KRKRbK A la beet luetari, <>.' Nassau ereei, third door ab jve Maiden In * PART OK THE TWO STORT ANI> ATTIC IIOCAE 1 < 1 aureus siren to let, rona.nUbf of the front baecme'.' the n.iire second ooor atd a bedroom tn the a'tir, to a am genleel renahl owed r*leren"i required. Rent 930 | month. Can be teen after I'd M OTORR A\r> BASaMrlNf TO LET?NORTHWEST CDR O her Offcwnth avenue and Twenty-third etree*. erer .' l?^l deep, tiled >.p wph eounter* shelving Ac. To a g .rnant the rem all) be l>w and a ienee given. H. O. 8 tt)NR. 30.1 EtgUlh aeenne rl,n ?THE TWO BTORT ANO ATTTO BRIO hoiieee, SM Washing* or and AO Watte etreele. heUw C? rva . The v are la *??t rete order, and te good tenaiite woui br leaned low. Apply at 07 Water street TO l.ET-A BRICK STABLE, FINTIRM.T NEW; WILL ar< nmmedate Are borsee and tire carriages; also, roe.,,fm a co* hman at Ai.'> Math timet, Inquire of 1B1IRJ.* BRRNHARPT. a? Oratd street. rrn itt_ ran nim nnrelo pneeirTKn WKt. J rfcr u. alert for a boa. hmia*. ai.uaird ifw fr < ?trr*t and sear Broadway. Abonl 40 room* to all, now fn of food toar.lrr* Inquire of H. ti. LANK. 7< Fourth are ana roro?r T?nth a'reel. Tm O 1.KT g corvmr brat. nBi.i<mTrci.l.T 10 rated an the K.aat rlrrr at Hur'gata. al> milaa from the ntr R%|| and atrrwnola at all honra by the Second, Third and Fourth arcane rata 1 ha bonaa la large aad airy, the gioiitdt oonala. of tariff arrta. la lava, garden and orchard, etablr. bath hooae and K&rdarar'a eettage oa the piece. In 'I'..real r KNtrtir. na Ooltl atreet or 36 Colon ?'i tare. rmm f.ET?BBOADWAY WABKB'tOMR. BKAB WHTT? alreat wee" aide. li>? ronwia, oo lid floor with ?itraaca, nlda a alra. anilablr tor Caar t gooda hnalnee* tail. Ac. Apply :n T. B. (HAM It BBS ptaaofbrtce, Broad* TB f> U.T.?THAT BRAl'TIFCL OOCVTBT BEAT Hd"a ml> fh to the dnpri at Rye. Weakrhecter entiely. oa . . aad lately oeraplad by Andre* Clark. Ka>: The boon* < W Cory arol ?tt* '-i ?> . an eiteaa on haartaomaly ar. a ad **ar Ryabrarh. ? ??! oarriaie honaa fati ng Ar. it., lavn and garden roataina " aeree wall atoehed vtfl (hadeaad Itr U>?a taora landcaa ha raatad If deauad. Apolt to F. C Pl'i.KLIU 40 Wall atreei. baaameni of Inm-anr. HuUdln Alan a am all bonaa and anrdrn, hat* a mlia from 'he depot at I'ji rnee TliAt. 7 acrea ol|f n.aadow land adjola r g < to t r raatad. I JIT?TIIR ABOOHD H-OOBOF ROCM t46 W f.-J - I'ranlb afreet, roaa.a lag at ire n?ai w.:b j,i?, < r, and balk. mo LBT-rrBBnarn ob curcumm t tbbt 1 ntra Area atorr aad attic hr.naa an Wrat T?.?' wttli all oiodara Unpraa*men'a Heat ffibn. fareltamft and B B KIBSHIMEB, tl'i FnurUi areen* 1'ft l.PT-UI KKiH rv THIRD rtrbbt. Nl K TrlF I H loowil rrf^Bo road, with a Oaa ?ia? &f the Had roc ri' ' a tecagr aitdwVj with i arr jLga hum* and atefele Man a inn rraty henr, fare an raa'Jl Rant vary rantera'* to a fen tenant. Apply la the f:a< rry rare, A4o Broadway, I.FT-THK DWF.U1.Vfl TAUT OF BOCRK HO I (ki'j Btnadwa<, a?ar Maibaoa ?|tiara, the houar la a? and la gom! ardar. attk Croutn and gaa ' Ttnrra aiian a hi newt* haeemrat alore, r.ornar af Broadway and Twenty nth aural. l er farther aartmnlaia loon Ira at ike I.aad Ar't-t ( Hie- of RAMI M. V. TllOMPfK)I(, *o I.OUO Hr.m<> do t?r ol T* rn'.j a ilk a<rtot. rB> I.F.T-A HARP^OHR POrTAOB. RrRROt NT'" . web ahada traao M?t a |kHM, tfonr lota, mrnor nl |1 ?t i?ra?- *o<: fifth a?an*? locattno dalldhtful cod r maorlent t > raia Wilt b? ranted low to a good tanaot Apply to JOHN it I.AVE At Colon n,tiarr rryi vrour arp pRnru.tira >?t rirtr 1 Mioai, rnroor ft T want.atfc atrrol. nprn-lte ( ha a>i>ia'0. rnn'olairi tifl<en roonaa. rap lata with rrn mtpn ol a* that can ba cuirod. aiw?, the dwallinf pO'to Utltiaui arrntia. furnMbad aa abort;. Apply to p. A CPBbMAR, N'tktn aran'io batwarn TweoMoth not Twenty ttrat * retit, ?r 7r. l.lbartr atraat rl.KT- THE TtAO RTOBl AND ATTIC HRI K HO"*' I 131 Rii.tb aroana rank-to with oil th* m< <l?i-o imp ' i menu Applt <? P A < t'TIIMAR, Ninth aranit*. bat ?. i waa'ietl. and Twenty it n atrcO'a. or T? I Abort (tract rt t.BT-THB 'MALL. OK5TKBL HOCll. 103 ROUT 1 wan'T "tghti (tioat rnntatnlnf four *loap'og rtnm< par tor. n 'p kir and dlntr* r< .m with baaemaat awdkitihon, "r atainlnf all the mod. rn tmi.rorrmoaha w t'b r*? aOan la lb r? Ih nughoti' am: <bto only lot o amoll t 'I hrpm In Rita or dor K'.Jl Can ba *?ao from Ii ui J. F. gTKINHHlMr.R ,3H Fon th arami* TO I.WT PACT Of TTIRRF VTOHT nRTCR HOCM No P! Horatln atraot. fovitroon the pram *a? TO i.rt-thr two rkw ? a?R!okaht.b medic* I hro*r?i/mi honaea Hot lift oad l"."? At Ma. k p)? ? b**a a'l tha mo-tarn Imrrorowianta: 219 Broome atraot If* Bt wery '<*' and hakorT. TV) > anal utraet. a era ami hrrut. an.lWfYoaPy ?traat tit In- a aaanofa'torr. hnooman- and ?tr*a. *tora and hr>n?a Rn. IHA and lfi#S Pi'talon atr'-e* In rj.tire of A. R. LM T, otornay at low, ft*. IK Wall alroot TP l.FT ?rrmAFP~io:? AT tiip. nr. a I I in. I. thr?* ?tory brtrk hour* .'IA A<lAm* ? *? , Br(.?.klyn. A mAr? ji? t>? >-? fr.kln* infer* V M*;L-hbftrfeon' un ??'?> UOtiAblt. vi?!?t??n ?u mlnnir? walk or Tulion >i.d W? I Wr*r: frrrlr*. I?' in-r no Iho pr?mlr?*. Tmo rrruk tart or boi ah* rormn mrm*. * * WAihlnfi"* * "?r*. < "!? ninr nl*r roi?i? l*rkir 22 fey Ik. wltfe HAh fr?tm*4 r*1un# R*tfe p*a, fen or A r*M w*i*r R*nt ??.v> VtkJ fe? ** fn? 2 to f o flock nfely. rr o mct-fart or a HAnnnomi noc-* t? wrr I TwfAtifth fM' 4 *11 tfeo moAor* Iwpr*. r a i i ? *t 12" TVnwproti -trtoi. r|| LFT A riPOT fR. AAA OROf'WBT ATORt, WTTII At* jmr*' I****, I* tfe* fe*?' WtfiAtmn <n lfe#? Turk tor I fee rvxui?? ^tock And HflnrA* kr ?Alr AiMrMi T. infeMr, BwaM *r<M. or L R. N*i?r?*. Hvmk Hww, r*r**r*f Rro*dw>y ?A TwautOi rtr?t. *. T. TO LTT -TBI TWO THART BOrARR. BO V# AMD J HA BMl *trr*t b?l?**n rrr*l4*nt > J Carroll <r**<* l)i Brilk TA. tfe*** A iiAATferr ' ?.!? Own (A* HfMlAn l. r., inkfeM ?? A* b?*? AtfeMf; rtnl 'MM?kh li * yon* Ml*? I. It vtlr* ? *?r *r*Ap*r* ramvi* lUMivnri. rye lot-the "orn story bau?tn ktonr front I hen*e *n, 3Sf> \ge?t Twecty runt alreet. Fir terms apply I* J. WfRWCM'D. j.oa- Broadway. __ TO LET-TO A UN ALL FAMILY, A FABT OF A hcasebiihe Sevrnlh ward, say. two parlors with ten iaom to (be if?r ene room In the aui t and k'tch'ti In t>w> went. Far furiber particulars apply at 171 8erottJ street ear Booth Second, n itllainal/org. TO LRT-A f'OCNTRY BKRIDKNCK ON STATES Island.? A emutge and one acre of ground, with a go mi taraen well siocned with fruit, the bouse contains aeren rwoi resides the kitchen; a stable, woadbonae, to , situated on the uiank read leadiog ut Bussvtlle mu: oti'e from Richmond village sixl'seren from V a rider M It landing, stages run from II r landing to Rtehmond twice a day. Inuuire of T. *. BEN HaM, near the premises. f O LRT.-THK STORK WO. 224 FRONT STREET. IT 1 wilt be put lit erilar or rebuilt to auit a good ten utt- Ap p'y at No. 11 KastTwenty eighth street, before 10 A. M . or 196 Water street rro LRT-THB LARGE BASEMENT STORE OF THE I new m bin building corner of OUn' nnd Wooster Mreele. a ?err desirable business stand; Urge and convenient en Uauee, with two ahow windows on Woonter street. Apply on ibe premlbee. TO LKT-THK SECOND FLOOR. OVRR THE SrORK corner o* Canal and Wooster streets marbie front butld Ing, suitable for any light manufacturing business. lighted by eleven windows; a t)ne showy entrance on Canal afreet. On , frotnn water and ho'.stway on rear entrance. Apply en the premise*. r LOT?THE FIRST FLOOR, WITH BACK BASE menl and two rooms In attic, of a house In tleory street, between Seammel and Grand streets. Oas at d range In the heoue. Bert $360 per annum. Inquire between 10 and 12 e'clock at 260 South street. rIJT~THS I.AROB BRICK BriLDINS NOS 17 and 19 Callerine slip, built excr-saly for a hotel and restaurant. The npper part of the premises eoutafnlug same forty or tllty rooms, would be let separately. If desired, by a good tenant. The llrat floor and ee'lar, suitable for a first class restaargnt would be let as It now is, or altered Into two stores u desired. Apply to T. DONNELLY, No. !?> Liberty street rLRT-THB THB1R STORY HOCSB NO. 1 YARICR place, between Houston and Bleeeker streets. Hssalltbe modern Improvements. Apply to J. B. WsJRLOW, t>Hl Houston street, corner Thompson. TO LOT-IN BROOME STRICT, NO. 441 IT IS 36 BY 60 feet, three stories ard basement now occupied as a paint store, only seventy-tire feet west of Broadway, also second and third stories of 424, being 36 by 8b feet, welt suited tor sates or mannfscturs; else that modern three story and high basement house 172 West Thirty sixth street, near Eighth avenue. Apply to P. AY RES A CO., 444 Broome street. rLOT AND FOSSI88TON IMMEDIATKT.Y?A FCR ntrheil house In the lower part of the etty, tn a geuteel neighborhood. Apply at No. 3 Harrison street, at the office ef It. Jacoi. r LET?THE FIRST CLA88, FOUR STOBrY ENGLISH basement house, 144 West Thirty Dlnth street, between Seventh nnd kighih avenues, contains gas, hot and cold water. bath room. water closets, hot air, ma fixtures. A:. apply to R. XKNN EDY, fcH West Thirty firs1, street, near ButhTaTenue, Rent >7CO. rMT-THRKE IiOKTS, 2? BY 00, WILL LIQHTKIi . Inquire on the premises. T. WILKENS, 15,', Bowery. r|TO LET-TO A ftKKTEEL PRIVATE FaMILT, A J first class dwelling house, 32 Bond street, with all the modern improvements. Bald bouse will be placed In thorough repair, l'art of the rent can be paii) by boarding the laud lord. To be seen fiom 10 to 4 o'clock. TO LIT-FROM 1ST OF HAT, TO A Wf ALL GENTEEL family, front and back room, with folding doors, and hall bedroom, en second story, with front basement. In ho nee 71 Elizabeth street Rent $236. Can be eeen from 10 to 11 A M., 1ml 1 to 4 P. M. For further particulars inquire at 173 Hester street. rpo I,1T?THE UPFKR FART OF HOUSE HO. ?1 1 Fifth street, constating of front aad back room and bed room on the second Boor, and bedroom In the atue Oaa and Crc ton In the bouse. The above will only be let to a nail family, without children. Rent $200. TO LET-FOR A TERM OF YEARS. THE STORE K -i D dwelling 193 West street, nnd Noe. 7 and 9 Caroline, run nina ttwoogh frem street te street, nnd being near the ) >,? RafTroad makes It one of (lie beat looatlons tn the street. For further Information, .inquire of THEODO&K BK.tHON, 30 Booth William street, near Broad. TO LET?A VERY DESIRABLE COUNTRY Residence In the Tillage ot .Rye. Westcbere.r county, Hew York, with about two acres of land, on which it a fee assort meut cf fruit tree*, alto a good barn and carriage hsnae. about uAern minutes vik from .he New York nnd New Ilarea Railroad depot. For particulars Inquire ofH VAN filCLEH, Rye, or W. A. 1'IXLKV IBB Pearl street. New York r> LRT-AT HRW ROOHEf.LE OH DAVENPORT ft Neck, a house art! about tour acres ol lar.d. with stab lea. Ac. The grounds are well laid out, plenty of Iruil and near '{ rwuier. A v ary deals able country residence Applet?'". V" ? n?m aocheue. or wi t>. tuulk * CO., ftt BX bang o place TO LET.-TIIF TWO BTORY ANII XT nc Jshi ? bedding (I'UBted at the corner of West and Bank Mrr * will be let. et her lor a dare ling or a light masefaet'c rf baetneof. nlth italdri adji inli c 11 deal red. Herd low. Bp ply to JOHN L. CHaBE, 117 Hammond etrral rrtcn.KT-THK IIANDSOMR NEW HOUkE NO.S13 FIFTH I amine containing all the mod'-rn tmpru?enn>oU and in perfect order part or a l oi lhe furdllmt. wh'cli w new, lor ale: rem ftl.t'o. Infinite on the pieut *e r LET?ON MVRTLE AVENUE. NEAR DIVISION avenue. BraokHn, fonr cottage hems** In goo! arte-, containing a) out tea rocn.a In ah. PrwaeHrlcn liu: Mv> Alan. othar I nod houara to Brooklyn J n-, tint ot A. M. Fa X NINO. lliitl Bowery. ro I.FT- OFFICES IN Bl ILDINON NO 78 BROAD w ay and No. 7 New street Also to leaar io-a term </ years, two drstrah a t< la ef ground la tho rlty o; Brook h n. i n the ea?ter'y aide ot Ft. Fellv street, between Harrison aluc aad Lafayette avenue. Apply f M. LK'.aFI.A IN B, No , New street. TO IAT-TBK 1*0 NEW FIVR BTOIV Bl"ILDIN l< >10 x bill la Canal atrrrt near Broadway, whole, oris | rftrta; aim, nam <1S \ 4U) io hotter corner of Brot.d wny and blrnenard street Apply to F DICKIE, 1ST 'Ireene aver t, betcre A. U.. and alier ft P. M. TO 1.KT-T1IE OBMCDIOl'R HOURE lib BROOM" street near Broanwaj. Apply to J. FXCaLE No. , $ lleaiei a rtet To let-fart of house tt trot street, rowaiatrng of first floor, front ha-emm and two rnon i Ji id floor, fine .argi yard sharked v aa br seen from 11 A. M. leaf. M. RentftJg TO LFT-THR HALF OF A TWO STORY AND ATT C lie nor, being lh? iron' basemen . er mo floor through aad two room a la attic, good undnrcellar Rest mr le-nte t> ? all family. Apply on the premise*. lfltl Wee*. higher I shut between F.lghth and Ninth aven una CO LET?A SMALL HWOLISH BASEMENT HOl'SR 18d A Kaat Twcnt; thWd afreet, near Beeoud mmoi with r?i hn'he. wur e taenia. Ac. for a sood tenant. who will ink* I1 ? a Imw It w111 be painted end papered ihrougtieat. or I1 will he eold on fhvorable lerme. Apply to A. LI vlNultON, t] John itrret. ?P0 LET-THE COTTAOE HOCSE, 17 nonATIO RTREF I < with pea, ('room water. Ar . alto (oar tenement ho ois a leap lean# Apply at W3 Broadw*y, rooai 38 ami 32, between 10 and 12. or 3 and I. rpO LBT-THOBE BETEN NEW IRON ARD PRICK 1 area on Franklin square and the Bowery eitenator. Ap pir to O. C. A E. J. OKMCT, eontieeiiora at law, 7S Bread ?aj TO I.KT-AT l-OW BENTS, IK BROOILTN, STORES and apartment#. Apply al (til Allaatir atree . former o' Net Ira etreet. Ironi 7 A. H. In p. M Agen' fo- Afty htueerl LET-A NBATI.T rCREISHlCD ROOM. WITH FBI. ' liege ol rerkir and uae of piano. A renafat teacher preferred, aba would g I re In (true ton on ibe p. .no ta pari p?? aient No mo. tag on let of Bay. rieeae call at M S.nh *r. TO LFT?THE LOWER FART OF A NICE HOCAE ANP ne.|h>?!i Itootl. with i-alb and gaa o a email . e?pe~tnt'.e fan .it 71 Thirty etreot between Fourth and te-iia^ion art rue* Benl EM'. Befereace reou-rad, TO LET-A FCRN'rHlED HOC?? NF tR CNIOft an tare a nirdern, to e mplatrotdar. aod won'd be la. to ? cvrful prl.atn faoi lit lor three tearf alRllVUavear a<l dreea Hcoea, Herald ( ?. r LET?THE LOWER FART O' THE HO" e* NO Or' haia etreet, of tea rvtii Wiia gat. ran*e and bail.. dr?irnble plac- tor a pbyeP- aa, rent ft'*> r LET-THE FOll-OWINO IlEsrRAEI.E HOC-IE', a l Iirat rla??. hat Ing nil the modern ..nprofc men ? N<. 5 A ah.nn.i pla-e. f I l.Kr. No. Id llan.met.'l etreet E-tc N r.; loid No i (ireeoeich ntenne, $gw Apply to NLIhHa RLOtlMBR.. 20- llroa.:ear. rt.rr ok* or ihk ri^t siti frttatk ia? daarr*. tnrnU'ifd. lb* aoutb n.dr o. - IaUnd, withm a ainna'a thr iw of ih? win, and two fmoi \ an d- itdi: Thar* la ncliant ?tab)a a-ronmpdatlon, fraan ho'ia* llowrr and rafatak'a aardeaa. Ira l>nn*? wall l.iiad. Ac. In'iulr* a' 6i srath ?ir?M, New Tnrk. rUT-A PI."AKANT ItfMWBR RRrftPF.*~* WITH (aidan, fruM terra Aa . aluiMod l? lha town <>' KalriwM, < naarrix- it, within frr wLiutra' walk ot tbr K*o T a>k and Naw II*' rr Railroad depot, and tbrrr* walk irom tha inoprajat r>aal and Kplooopal rVirhra Ifoaae partly fit' nlabrd. Tanaa atodaralr. Apply in T?AAt* 'FKKIKO. l>to Walrr a era* K T., or la Aafuatua J' nntofa. fcri'bpr.ri, (aaia. rl,l!r-?5 A FIT S YBARR" l.FA*R-?IO?IC .TA Broadway, rtwm r of 1 aonard itrwl, antranc* m boh a r?ru>. dimaaamn* Zial.V> fret, eonar art ? h trnai iB'T.'i. irirl wkh taonard atrrrC Apply la Al.KX 0. La W'hK.Vi ?, na lha prraalar* r? I.KT-TWO FOf n KTOKY R t ACKKKT MOTifd, Rna. I I" an 1 Ml Wnat Tb My aifl. atraat, batman a#, arrdh and r'flilh airnur* naukbn*bond I r>t eiaaa; bar* 1 baih rail*. .narbl# mantr a A'., food radar* an 1 r*r:.a, a : arw and in prif?r'nrdrr; prrwaalnn al uu<n ram I r ' Ad ry to .1 K an lha prtml***, or :o Ka T 1'AurHtRO, a. A Pay atrrr* rno I,KT CHRAF-THK SFd>0>if> FfdTOR AND LOKfA. 1 afT? and 7? Brarh a'.rnrt. Tpa pramtar* *rr | gkt and a.ry. aii'tablo R>r rarpanlarA pabttrra, nr anr ll?h' n r. bat. hi pnrpaira. Fnr particular* n^ntraoatb* pretntae* M W. a. HMtHOOCK. r> LRT -TO A hVAMn RF-PPfCT A B'i'" I tWILT ALU I tba arrrni etw? and kltc.bnn, with rang*. k A ant *oM a atrr. balh, lana try ra* and r??cy rrnrauim'-r n: a flral rut* dwflllr f In a blfh'y -rapr labia n-Ifhh'rboxl, Ko It Want Forty lirat ?lnrt. kat at ra H road way and Olitk aaaaaa Ra.PI 97! TO l.if-A COfKTRY KFAT tT ASTTRIA. U I, | wit". L*a arret o< lan.1 and good .mruadi-nn bo'io* wth I ada and Irolt treat, allotted three tenrika of a alio from I <irj on ! ifi,. mrnuj *r#uniL rHA< B. IfTLliKft A TO. |Qj Broxiw^y. jo? vr-A nor*?, cofrAtvTjro kt** iton*t. oa pAOlr At 'irnlrr hnAido-. r?n *W f.r>i nf I urn it r??rt'i ??M huf. no' or?, 117* A|?lJ o? 'ho prom l*o Ifllf ! n row on-nnoof th tfroot AM M<ih ?' M i? A (| ?*i-i 1 I ? " fir nt'A A A *rrA! AACrtllrA in* wksim;b<h of tiiv pi r rihrr on Ihr Knot fifAT, At tfcr fno' ?f Ftf Mr fnnrlh rtrrrt. ThK ro| i 1 ??.,if>rt??? >hr ? rt?? !" ? ?f ?mnnd PrimMo* on tho r ?r OI.OH'. ihir? Mi?dr?<l f??' n apa.'Ann (a> 4?n (owrnbn<i** rd ?*!# a fn?fn'tAM? .IwAUlpf, nonU'Binc AjT Iho aaaaI Orrerr WAtrr ropTr?lrp'?A, Anrro'indAd k? f! no <mi itaaa And mnr nodi .? 0 AtT?' "?n? tl?? of Ho'lfHA And Ih# AdjAAAAt ?r?A?ry l?ininA?? p< il?- InrAiirm hirn, ?nd rg?r . 1* ??? ?? t r (.J ih. s?- n?-4. rhir.' DO P?n r?H A<-r*'i# mil rondo, Aod oAlr Wttfi n.iAAM? rtdr from f'nlnn A,aAro. nAlt H ihr Artrar ?4o? * Mrh cRr And i?naTT W.UAA Ioa??<I r? I a* A I'Oolr r'*o>' 0? "?"* ' ?or*l.lo *nrw? For PAr , ? . r>. . ... i o to , on tl 0 r r"0 *" '* whirl m ,A??A ?M AO Ait ??: ?. . Applf tr hPl.tW?f P. I WlHPNft To lkt-tuk bahhkr *hop in thk ka8tkbn Hotel, 64 Whitehall ?t. For a man who tindaratauda hia bnalneaa it la n obnnce Unit acUam altera. Id iiure at th? efl.ce. _ rro lrt -? ^abt ^ of^ Ajnovsa^hoostow Uaanl Apply at 626 .'.'roadway, In the Ihee (tore. TO I.ET-A HOUbK ON WASHINGTON ByCABB 286 Konrth street, third door ftom Wooaier street, to let for t< 60; the privilege belx g retained of an office for physician, three houra ever> other day. Inquire of the drofflet. corner ol Fourth aid Woofer streeta, or ef Edward r.Clara, Eti,., 196 Bio.tdes.), or-iter of Day street. House osn be tetn from 10 to 11 oduck, on '1 m-fday and Friday. 1-0 LET. IN SOUTH HROoKLYN-THHLOWBF. PART of houae 162 Court street, near Baltic, having gar and rent low to a good tenant Possession ieunedlatsiy If re quired. Apply to K M. BUTLER, 66 White atroet. N. T. TO LET CHEAP?THE BUILDING BM EAST TWENTYfilth street, with large chimneys, eultahle far any manufacturing purpose. Ioqul-e at the varnlah faetury, corner of I'trat avenue ana Thirty tlrst street TO LIT FOR TEARS.-THE LARGE 3 BTCRT HOUBR tilt White street, rent SI 300 . 20 North Moore street, SUO 3 story house and basements, 69 Pulton street, Brooklyn, near terry. AM 10 stores rooms and saloons. Apply at No. S Beach street. N. T., firm 11 nor TO 1ST OR FOR SaLE -171 RAUT NINETEENTH street, near becond avenue ? A four story English basement bruwn stone - utl brisk Tint house, with gas, bath, range, wash trays, furnace natures, all in perfect crier. Lot 16 feet 8 Inches by half the block. Houae trl leet. Bee*. $780. Priee $7 800. Terms very liberal. Apply to A. 11. BROWN, 71 Wall street, irom 1 to SP. M. rpo LET OR I,RAPE?THE COMMODIOUS FOUR STORY 1 house 37W leet front, fin. 16 Amity street, near Broad way. Apply le Wit. TUCK nil, No. tit Wall street, er 3 ? Itacdengal street TO I.KT OR LEASE-IX WB8T 1 WKJfT Y BROOKD s*rcet, a large full double ibrea story and attic dwelling house, containing all the modern Improvemen t, tour largw bath rooma, hot and cold **iw basins In every bedroom, butler'a pantry, china closets. km flstures, furnaces, Unndrr, ie.; about thirty rooma piazza fifty feet long; conveniently situated to live Hues of stuges ao<l ona of cars, for further particulars apply to J. ? At'KBR, Agent, K?. 4 Vandane street, cr at 226 West Twenty second street. TO LET OR LEA8K?THE WHOLE OB PART OF THE house US Grand street lur one or four years, ISO foot east of Broadway, a desirable location lor business. Apply n the premises. TO LET OR LEASE?A HM ALL PARK. OOMPMSINGI leu acres, situated near Part Richmond, 8 I . with a good bouse, barn, carriage house and other outbuildings, and line orchard of grafted fruit Ac ; also a nic two story house, with wing attached, eiinsted near Factory vtl.'e lauding, with n good garden. Apply to Mr. ABRAHAM HOV8BMAM, Fort RIchmord, 8. I. TO LET OR LKASE-THK TPIREE 87C-RT AKD Uifllment house 140 Bast Broadway, h.>' !ng the modern Improvements. Apply at No & Beaver or ffo. 1 West Thirty fourth street. rpo LET OR LRA8K tHEAP-TO A GOOD TEMAMT, A J. neat three story and baiemcot brick bonse in Brooklyn a short distance from the ferry; prioe $4S0. Apply to J. AQATK, 266 Broadway. N. Y. mO LET OR LEASE FOR FIVE TRARft?THE FOURTH i story af Me. St Beekrnan street, well lighted, sad saloslaied for any matinfaoturlng purnose. Inquire ef JAMH COMBER A BOMB, V Beehman etreet rlJCABE-FOUR HPIiRMOlO WEI.L LIGHTED LOFTS, In biown stone front store No. 289 Greenwich street near cm ner ol Chambers street suitable for any kind of light manufacturing business or jobbing, boats and shoes, he's sad caps, Yankee notions, patent miulcines willow ware, brushes, brooms, mats, Ae , or storage to let temporarily. Apply on the premises. rLEABR AH A MAMUFACTORT-THE THRU four story No* 113, IIS and 117 Bast Twentyeighth street, about lis leet east of Third aveeue, being togs iher 7.1 rest wkle or so ret aerp. to a |wi tenant the tame would be altered for maantsnurtag purpose*, or the whole gionnd, 70 feet by 190. b all* upon to sou die parties. Eor Further partieolara apply to R H. Ol'HLIPP, 119 Naaeaa street. TO RENT?THE REAR BUILDINGS OP NOB, AS AND SO Leonard street for workshoos or any Ugh: manufeetartog purposes. These building wulb* rented on ressssahle terms to a good tenant: aen to rent, front bonding Ve &8 Le% n?rd vtisel house In mseMa order and well adapted far an ale home or saloon. Apply to <1. P. MALCOM, i? Chambers street. WORKSHOPS TO LPT?AT M MRRCKR RTRBNT; tascy store, wl'li high ceding, 442 Broadway; dwelling part of house 14 Crcsby street, also a floor, AO ht 20. with 14 teet celling; h&ndtome ba<ean?nt. 46U Bromdwst ;>ooui front, sg on Broadway, 111) by 12 high catling 0*0. W. MILLER. 44* Broadway. PIN * *ClAl. dfKAtrT^WiWrtDi rRO* T,N TO TWRNrYPRNN. pOUU. nttaala teal and linn company Bonds. Address. M'-np the uar loweit oash pt >ce, no other aaanar ao tlced.'O- A, C., bo? 127 Herald oflloa. (d/)f| TO SKO WANTHD-Olf IMPROVED UNENiCovU numbered real estate worth four timed that amount, three Diiiei from Biooalyn City Hall. Addrese A. B. B., bo* 10V Herald ulbva. AcnnTO *1.000.-A BOtlNXtU M AN It IHUEfl TO INifUUU vest the above amount tn a safe, prodiahle joncern where he could occupy bia .hoe at btokkceper and oorrawpoi.deat or any reaps, la'de oenrpa'lon. /. ?aJa?y of S2B per week would bs eipected Pu a tesiton to atreats or lienor dra era. UnevepilTnabl# reftrsneee re ,owed. Advene A. cue B., Herald, 0.00 IRVING PATINOS IBttTITl TION-NO. W WARREN. 1 near Grreawich etreei Open da'ly ffvwu it) A M . to i ? M.. and 4 to 7 P. M . on Mondays Thursday* ana Saturdaya. Int. rati at iU per eeaL t o all anme from f to WVi. WALTKR W. t'ONOK Lift, I rrmdeoi. Tjmdkkbilt L. Brno.v, tecr?.tary ?g AB1NKKS' RAVINi.8 I5NTITCTI0N. IvL Third avenue corner of Ninth street. Orer, daily fro* 6 A M. to TP. N.. and on Wednesday and Saturday nveaInga Iron, fi to ? o'clock. IstereU allowed o? dep.itKt fremSS i' f '(iv 6 per cent, on a orerfMOit i per neat. Depottta made on or before the drat of Apr.] wtl bear Interest torn that dats. THOMAS B SIILLMAN. President. P. W. XNGH. Vice Prciidrnt. IsaiC T. Smito. Secretary VonCI.-SOOKS OP SUBSCRIPTION EOR TUB ADi> dlUonal of New Tor* and Vlrglaia Tteaaahtp < era pany, niuoon'tsg tc JIM S>W will he opened at the oflloe of the rafw; IB '?< n't a> >. nrwiwij, am in- iw imm . mo ? nr.nla open nalll the Rtki ot April Fnv,kho4d?-a will have * prefarrace In iabacnbft,* f* ?vd nntk nalll lb# Hi of April, aad nny nock aubacnhod for aOar that Urn* wiu ha div?ta4 pro raU T. W. l'l.B ABA TTe. Oratory. Optici or tbb muNtfou mviNs compart. It* lnrk, Marth U. IV,-Dlvfclnod -Tho Hoard Jt Plraetcrt al Ik# Muiti-wom Mtnhm Company Bar# Aaolnred a t\ ideud of fifteen doGan par ibara, b*iaf thirty par mm aa tk* capital atoaA), fro* laa n?t aatniaaa of ika paat year, payable la aqua! tnetalmenta on tba la I or Aptll aad M of Rovtmbtr nan Iba irannar twjba will bo a'.oaad ft* tba wbola dlildaad oo Wrdnttd-y, lh? iftlb (tel.. and roopened on tbnraday, Ika Id of Aort! aril Br order of the Ptrertora. lim I. W Ha IK naaraury, Aad at Ika annual maniac of Iha atockhoMera bald Ma day, tbe lollowlny oAaeta wera nnaalntoaaly ra alidad Mr the anaalar year, rtr Plraetore-John C. Taekar, Wn PaaraalL Jr.. Hoaoa A. Ilappook, William R. T>odia. William Htokok. kiiak O. Roberta aad Okat P Woodruff Prtndtnl?John O. Taakar. Treaaarar Mmm A. Ho*pock HaartUry?taiaaal J. w. Barry Oprin r ait am \ adcomp ami nrw yoac, Marr.b II, 1AST ?'tba aaa'ial r'.aeuoa for thii-traa Dlraa Un a of ika Paaama Railroad Company wlU be haid nttka ofll-a rf tba company, Ad Wall rraat ftnnitaa RalMloc). oa Man lar ha n ti da? of April onn Ika ooila will npna at II It. and rloat at 1 T. M. J oh. P. JOT. Raaratary. TjT ARTRP -PKRrRCT BP A .TIM PlLl.AR QUAR. i , irra m par. f. ?. pchijcfircfk A ATPRIHWKT. eirmatlraac HORMR* AMD I ARMAOBB. AF1RR I.KATHKR Tor WAOOR. WITH POl.R ARB bafta, roai BJJ?: bat boon aat Tlttlr uaad. aad will ba ar.ld lew. Apply W JOhB C HAM, 3tA Brotlway. Ci.vRRlAOF AMD WAOOT FOR ftll.F ?TWR CARJ rtaye la miitab.a lor irot or two no-eat brro l.ttmjnaed and IB the bral crdrr apply to W H. Mil. CP. Kaetaen'h alien, nrar fnilh atemian /dorr* POR A TROTTIMO HORM; \j rta trot la 2 AO to a wicon Apply at lha La-ira Herat Ilrrry atabic. Morenih atroei aoar Third avtanr. Mil) BrU. Proprietor. RPOR HALR-A IIANIWONK LIOKT CITY IIOILT r ruupr (or oor or lao bnrara; baa bars lard ka* rtry lliwtimet I aa be taao a'.thr ttabif li Wrat Thirteenth etreet. TTOR BALR-THR PAHT TRfl^TIIIO HOB IR TRCT7Mr anh Chief, r*a Pot hi m.ta la three mtnntre, he la a rood fam t knrar aad tare atylteh driver, annnd and kin 1 la Mraraaor under ike saddle will aril wacon. harnone. eletfh rwhaa. biankru, Ac , at a > ary na pttra. Una Be aeoa at Paamao A Wildll eatable Ro 22: Worn Twanty Urn n'raaL VOR BAI.B-A DARK BAT MARR POWT BTILT, 14)6 r haodt bleb, aifti yaara aid, aonad and ktad fibkhlaiar a doriar tr ? li*bi eiarra*. llfiHTB M Ml MWTlAT A MOHB" labif. IM FraakHa auaM, bwwraa <%iwab alraot aod Waal ktradway. __________________ CHlR BAI.R-A PAIR or PORT BC1LT HOROKW, R*. f roHcatr mdattra. a Bran madabr Biwwalrr aatal bnrataa. hUnkatt aatt. Ar ; a'tn a two arv#d ?la'*h. rahrt balm. Ac. Thr wbola will ba ar>ld rbaap aa iha ownor la a no it laarlar Iharty. Addi raa Kuropa. H'raid 0(ti<*r. FOR aAl.F?A BAT ItOtSR, u HARD* HP.H APply al 7B Haator wran. Gray HOBfK fo?rai.r-a vrrt fotbhfim. Ror. All kuraa. fuUalttBfn handa kick Bound and klad aad nttta yaafa n d aad tiidad ftr an? (kid of wo. k. ran draw thirty btitwirad and tro? a ai l# aUk iwo man r|n?a <o thraa aittmtaa Tha owaar ka. Hi| ni iaa for Mm wIP taka kalf kta \aiua. prior AIM). Oaabaaaan at Mr i'w\KI?lB"R a.ablB?, .2 aiat Tktrtoaatli atraat tiaar filth aratina. MfROAK HORRRA ?FIFTKfff AC P BRIO ft TOCTO koraaa. loal from Vat mooA; imair ihom ara two pa*r? 0! irat. had haya. 14), haada iiifh. Bad aararal atlm kaa ain^a tnaaaa Apply at W T1 THOVaT iaaa kinkier* ahn,.. d; Ltt.BRaton alt art, Biookita. __ r)M TBI'MR COt,T-l<?R RAI.F., A TOM Tftl'MB r?? alt yrara old. kftrar kanda b'Rh. P*"T war actid Bound and kind, raa Irot a *?Mla ra inraa mh 'iaa. aad baa awuaaa from tka pl<ri|k a motfA aaRwIB r?doo* iraka oea of tka raataat lit tka . MRU?- A*2?iT, ? .L?5f ton an waaon aad karaaaa tall at OMR* .10*. n W?at IkiitaaniB atrrtt, balwaan Fif h and Rli.k aran iaa. ARTRD?A FAIR OF PORT BCII.T tlORARR. ar.nd and kind, la atahanRr for two hondra.1 aaraa of t-'?!,?r^-swayiia.i&rrajr.r Timu>-tw**tt har***r waoora afflip II a maaliaaloal ' o ? -r RpNMfn CAHPrnFI? AMD rP1l?kI,*THNV. SaiRMOR A BART, Bo. W Broadway, ftapt * Park, Ara BOW rooaitia* from Franaa rartiatntf rtrtaa Tar portora, ahambara aad atkar mama la atary varlatt of at?la aad patt<r*. Tbalr atook of wianow ta.raa. Of thalr owa aiaaafkotura. aad Vpkr'alary BO"da, Carlala matarlala. aad . . Frmlturo anarlaop, af 1MB raar a tm porta* Vm la full and anwia a?? rmgrMac a tat pa aaaortataat of iaa* and muafta eortaina, roralaaa aad trlaaaalpn, Mpalkar 'wlik da la iara. btaaaialt and I'nika aad *A tha dinaront atytoa of ororlaga and oartaln ma'rrtalafca i aa. All at !ko loaati frhMooato aad ratall prtraa.