Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 20, 1857, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 20, 1857 Page 7
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I .... ... . IBUBTWEMElfW REHEWEB EVERY RAY. SALES AT APrnoii aUUT H. NICOLkV. tl'CTKIMBSS, W1LI tot1. . A mt. Hurt 2ft at IJ o pin:* fc" *b> f??ibfcs'e VfkiMCie, U?* thiv? ttorj tor1 k houra and lev*? >! IM it 2 Kwl Brf adway; turn For IrHinsr pwu.' jIuv up; y , to Ihe M't'wetr, lot Kroad ?Ue-.l to LKKEP BKAfeO. A0C110 kKIC A?ft. Eft a 4"* t CO. A wllJ ?-l! tol to'KU'in, ct frlday tolamb M fci to'W to tot Itoelr "btatrfaoic, ii Ooijtndl ?tr??1, !90 * oa.? ho <. feroottoDH. Ac. Alio. E.'Vr.rtoJ )>< Cl UlitRC *' AT(l abtdrn * jt?K*r?, Ar.. teu<g pto?t ?tt-;k ol a re'*jir.? re-Mtog litolll biHtafMh AC. TTT TLT-, AllOTIOVCEB. _ Tt*r.c.<Hflld -a - Til# mt: ^r h#* lo r""Tr>%#?d an devot-- Mh eiciua're atiefjtiOL U: ehloe ef ."n-niiufe at or.rate dwellings '.hie k(?MC, r?' net milfs ?ki) i ad ta--does no' keep an sncttoa talosr*"-cr pa-'-ee des.rhig ha? v ? i an depend uj.or !> <-.1 g thei* ntertr .s pt<ri#r ft noil f<tMb'u!iy moated &' muderiut obi> gee IcNtral ad1 vast* uwr v? hen reiittired. A C. TCrri,C, ?u".bneer, Offlte. 1)1 H-3.da.tY. AKTOCI or OLOTEl:;3 FOR BfcLR AT AUOrivj*.WD n 'KANKLLN A SONS vrir.beU.On MCida- ?* ? 2X IK?>7 ai io o oki?k a. M . a- 7? Oh-jry atraet, crmtr of 'amtt slip, Ute ?n.ite atock of cloUiing 000 sloed in said afore the owcer -cil.-ir-p from bf bnainess?own lB'.hif it. pvt n* copcrOn* Met ?n<l tnackfrrck CCD's. b'ai-i end brosn i-earer *-rcoe w, llid riotb ovcrcoatr, en-1 tw-eed coda. klsrb doc (did phots fancy eswatmerc pent* id-.u'o wh retln-1 pane, reive'. vests mud, c>db, c?n?' j-ere aol mtsctiles seats; .-i<rih MHO P >Md caps, flannn, sains arc dr ivers. sKotcn tvmM-i sh rm and <1--avers, and cue .ran s.'e. The whole te t>e sold without reserve. Auction notice-William t ?otd. auction. eer -by OM'RGB Nt< HOL6?1This aaj bfarod A) el 1Mb o'ciO.-K, at the oalerrobui. ho. 00 MesrVi street, hjiiwtikeio IjruMere. -omprising elegant suits of piricr furniture, to prorate; aud hereto h. mahogany wardrobes. mahogany ' rot** end ubairs in haircloth; rosewood end mahoreny bio lop centre sire and fancy tables' ro'ewond and m iboesor ' wner nmde. bookrscan rojewotd and man igany mar-da Sop d.-4 anus and plain bureaus fribw-iny *renc 1 wedswjaii. Lab an-' ?tra v mattresses, feather piUuve aud tOi-iVer*. leungrs lounge beds, mshcguiy and black waiD-it h .1 t'snii. bon nede'eads, 1 urk eh ease cba'rs, .er-a coca vase* and sard receivers, china tea ?*'? and vases stiver platei rasters, <?k- -,a#k-tn spoons and fork*. Also a large'jnanitj of aa stent and modern oil paintings, Ac. Auction notice.?euokne b. franklin. afoUon er - By K. P. Ft. A N K LIN t Cf.-Ihi? (Friday) sa. rein#, at 10', o'clock, at SO Oar,el street, opposite New Bat en Hail read depot, sa'e of household furniture enusisUog ?fa general aesw toient; also tbe tlitures and furniture 01' a i-slanrenl and Kel? lag house, eon Ustlng of bedding and bed roem turi.Unre snpeitor rsnge, iteam t.vie. complete set of eookJnat nHDklis and kltcben fiirDl'.iire, marble top salooa fables. chairs mirrors croekery ware. oi!cV)th,carpeta. Ac., Ac Also, the lease of the premises which rent at a large profit. V. B.?This sale Is w or the sctentton of the trade. 1 Auction notice, - household furnirurk, rarpe'e boase fumUbing goods. Ac. This d.iT (Friday), a: -<?Afc o'eioe). HaMCEL ObOO-iD A CO., an ittoneers. will well st their saiesrooma. PI Nawao street, a large and general eobee k r. of liousehuld furniture, carpets, bouse fuimlshing rsodw Ac Also counters, desks, stools, si&re chairs, Ac. ' - -1, 1- 1 M*-b. AUCTION NOTICK-J. BOIAAT. ACiTiojiittSR.-BY B. BOU ART.?Frl*\y. at !')>, o'clock, at too auction moms, corner Frankfort and William streets mortgage sale, toe etlecia o> a dyeing establishment. ono sean bailer, two largo cpper kettles stove* and pipe, water pipe, tables, t hairs tlnco topper baton? lour small copper kettles, countaiiture*, Hois Ac. VILLI AM B JONB3 * M. UOOOT, AtUrtue, for Mortgagee. AVenON NOTICK?J. HOJaRT, ACOFIONCBR ?BV B. BMiART ?> rtduy, 2Wh trst. at lQtg o'clock. at lbs nasnen rooms corner ot FYanktort and William ?'reels, loony aa antes and eipcsses, about I 500 I be. of butter, hi baste ? champagne, 4? bonks absenihe. household furniture. Ac AFfTlON NQTIUK?J. BORA TIT, AUCTIONEER. -BY 8. BOOaKT - Friday March J),at 10'. o'c'ock. at tar acettaa rooms corner ? Praskfo.t and W i Warn streets. ?o? Utlrh rale; large stock of at gar* ol' different >piahUes and brands, tori e showcases, Ac , ,tc. MICUaKI, DOODT, Constable. Auction botick.-m oocqhtt, ai'ctionmr wis sell tola day, at 11 o'clock, at toe auction moans 27 C ntre street, a large rjwantiiy of seoonc kttidparlor ehambir, (timing room w d kitchen furniture. copper slew pans t'ecUtrr t eds an J bedding mirrors, carpels bureaus, mahdgany and , i am chairs, rockers, sofas, tele a tries, cuna. crockery an 1 k arsware. paintings, stove*. wardrobes, saloon tables, wkh marble tcps. feather be is mattresses, Ac ?the property of a t-tolly bresklrp up Sale pos'tlve. Am TON N?TTCK.-iroHNK B. FRANKLIN. AUC ttoneer.?Br K B. FRANKLIN A OO. -fo morrow i-s'ordvy) mcrninp, at 10J< 0'CiO.k at salesroom 86 1 d;eet. "tienshe sals of superior lurnlture. Cjti""""*"' puf air > nan ber and dining room aulls. in row woo I. mahogany, II * nnt- *r ; rbktr* Centre, OUJ >in t..oi nvce t.ocv HMK, wanlrolx-e, aidehoerda, ') -duxada burenne. I I mattr-eeiee, mlrroti, elncks. chin* aod gi**awnr? ' Hr?<n li carpela, Pon furniture: alio. awm.l | und cfire dcaka, aho* cue*. acraral oil pklnUnc*, fan'* rwia ?c ?aie poaldva rain or chine. B. B.?Oouda pa-ked I nr rMpmeat at a reaai'Dable charge. a rcTiow but icc -wm t. boi n, APonovmtR /V Bt CCO MTCIIOUB ?7h m day. at 'O'j o'clock, at the i'lmm M Baeaau atreet a collection of choice roaea and ,laii?* selected *tth great care, without regard to coat, by D. full, ttr.nct. cemaelalna high standard. perpetual bloomera, laarf a.cs?s. dwarf hybrid*, perpetual cttmbtng and run Org roar a, Ae. a VCTION BOIIOK-TBOB. BRa.L, AUimoWTCCB ? fa Bt BKLL A BUSH ? Thin day, at lOfj o'clock, in the mkeiaoira, llNnr'.h William afreet a .rectal aaie, tor aooonnt tl whoaa h may eoacero. an coilte ami valuable clock of rieh I ewekry are fancy gnoda, amounting to appraised value o( f2,N0-ihirty gold ebtiioa rug>, pma, and all other articloc in ike ;n ell ire, aieo rne w-drhrc. a large lot or plain jaw lr la ?T0ry variety. 7Ma aala TtUI bo r.ui.d wnrthyof atI *Lih>D. AilK in Invoice < t double allrer plaind m^vumm mml*. .' "i-. uie aala on Saturday. a rtllOB BorICB.-J. BOOABT ADCrrOBBCR-BTS. A ? BOt altl : macay Mr roh M. at lio'c ooh at Ma ? Pat 6c (treat. Brooklyn. Mcttgagaaalo erbouaohoM rural ??. r;i'*lflr< I f Ibe usual earl My of parlor rhamhjr cad Hi teaea torclturr o: pamtlnga. do , alao one of the moat ealu able prtvate I brcrlcc t*> the country. 1'artiiIfdnr* lo morrow. Bbialoguo will bo ready on Friday morning, at the auoilo rooms. Bo. 1 Ntrlh Wiiltaiu it'art few kerb. JOHN W MIBIRDTKN, Attorney iur llorlB*gr-e. I A VBIIOB HALB--TB14 BAT. MAIOH B-OT VII A. did rtaewood at <1 miboganv lurntfnre an elegaut rote weed plaawforte * lib pearl Inlaid ?sd eover. l&rea e?rae* roaeaood etegen-s. wtib mirror Irootaano back*, three one lata of rohd roernood |*r or turnlmre eorared la Preach broevej tr.d craeo ahk pinch eiatly pier and mantel fircra, alegaal oil ptinliug haadeuna tapaatry and lagratn aarprta.?U T. LhBiHt Anntonerr, will cell ali the valuable to the reeld nan in Mgblh turret, between Flftk are nee ladMcDengal >!(.! we.tnf I tf'h avenue, at 10', o r?)?k. I eonateUag af an onneuaJly Ooc aaror.maot of furniture In line ntcr wf parlor and dining room, carved bedroom tnrnMore, *-* ? ?? ia ted above, of haadanma roan wo id IW?lhtr bedktrada. borf a i? and wa?h*' ind* lo mVcli; pMcn rwf>r<<d Moratory, do bvwu *prtny raottrejara, lorjn MifUr;, rw?w< boohooeo Ml >100. da library, aoB l Nk eitrnowia Ubki, on V*r>. to luMrh, to dlnttui room ddn. m>Im. rnlk >i?di ! ad. hair irntirwat, tofa baUnm ohalra, conchao. oral .ind >Khrr mirror*, trio o trim, ami aim nut a( choir*. 1 iirhlah eooy Ohatr*. roaawid aldo and tattoo, with rtaxiory niortde lopa. *N*ar wars, china i * dtearr ooU, cutlery oommrn (rorkni >. with a Urn* , tomtit? or noefttl and omamaatitl ortlc aa. fjT A. H HIOOL4T, AVOTIORBKB-ASAIOHIBBs V tola of bo air aid lot 30 Powma *treet ikr ?n 1 >n Uroa door* from Allan tie itrect. <m the AU March at 52 H . at HwBrrehaola'Ci'lmngo llouir fmr atory. brisk, KufUli baooiroat rurally leii'tad. M BgddM iimilii. I dhBVRTABLR'it RAI.F -WILLIAM T. BOTD. inTON IJ nor -It OBORtlR BICBOU* -Thla d?v OtM Nu?i Ivor: " II' n r tnrk by trice of an e\r Iiw?n. oae loci ohoat and tool*. ? > F ' I o'.lo r i.-.l y*n< ABRAM MOSB4. OmMOhK 1 'OR^TAIIlB'd fUl.B-A. M CRI-TALAB. Al'fTIOK * / rtr, ..I how r\ ?!ll ?o ! < i Monday, ,'Sd ind , at II rbrk andor oorrral ottn niiar* i'i y harrov nI cornish, .fro. 1. toad 3 qna'.l'lc* Hr i rdrr f I FBIRmiAB. foe* a >. Ib r iioutin. tvenmn 'RFrirs thr I , laotton of hayort to hta ?ar?re oa<o of operant < <i ml'* hoMdhoiB laral'.uro, Utlo 'lay. Friday March At, at It,'* A. M of a'l the rtnh 'araixiro an meat* rr nlainod a ihd brown Ion* rosxlonor 24* We?t Tocti ly'bird atreol, bo'wirn Blybth on J Rln" a.'mi-* ? ,w- 'inalli*. ni l midr by t'tx-k and ???* . , , , ? , tVr* ftn4 to N aoM wltlxi'it u; rt?>r>|. < V-aJo* , - 11* t?4] aid at'ka ko?M? Nala r>.mn?w"? In tkr ?a*I ra at ?*, A. H .prrrlMilf. Tk' bo?-mrnt a-iatalnn at^n i! . tt?nnunlrM-a, "?*? t?.ard ?' '? h?t am rtiar ib ttr.r uwi tmnrt < lima dinner Hvl'na' r ? ? ??rr nlaird w?rr an t l?or? niHny Ac TV- i.-tiw* or* tan Mbwt wltk inpnrtrT aelvrt r?me ? ar.-l rdttwo >olH . <rw>oi and* i i ii h <an.?k'? "in t s-rra, o*Dtra aa<J Wdr !a* ea. e**> and rrrr, lion r,.. a. II r?!i.<lri" bn. .r r?? *lta ? ?. man'-l cloak a. t . . ? 1 a -fa- t? ai"l Ui'1'1*. lar- a : ? ' wale tow cur a*i ritatoaarf roawnod, wtM ina ptaim. mala b< a A rtarto-r, ? ?n|>nrb matron enl ioar??*l io*)4'-%?n ark - lit. In rap? ">r tad n?n' it* A'aaara, > rwawo * kail wand, Tnlrri Walr farprta and plaited mda. aloft v rirt d rnarwrnd mot aaahofanv hmrana waaltattnda and frrtv nrdad'ada parr rm Ird loth- nuftmaiea and Mn? Brurart ml trjrain-arp-' a mal <.. ar? aafaa ehatta and in '?*i Ar Wpribar wi?h a mtiWltldr >( r.'brr arvi' W>a at nar an! a tocrihar no noamiana to mepiian Trmi* r uih In nil mda, and Ikr *ooda nmal br<ol an Vr.dv. tlaratn a.torn will br in a*irndan?r to pa?k nrrnnvra or aknw H< panda nl V K K' I H < D I ;,nrH- RFADk M A Dl Cl.f il* iff V? raabanrr** button* i*d Oltirr fnoda lornirrlf b-looftni (br atom n? In n?m Mail, nil! ha -old at ani-iinn ?jp > i n? aned f>n -hr l'< h da? ol Man . a' lit n r> i a ?. ika a nra No V 4 Uraixl it, r. i u hr r , ? of It f? im i rcfikr AH'I'HM M K IiHRf' 4* llr a Nora fatal* adienrnrd to Monday. Manb 2?d tow I" A M KUH ( I.'PWAHIIN m.JlrK. kl" T10B1RM -BT r. A A I Ji PafllltlK rtp, I da? .air of Tutile Imi> ' in no ?t. will nmn "in a- I . inrk and w n i* n Ir 1'V?I-| prill, ti I rar' n.? art- ?l t?r k nvo lot? ind ! nana. ?ri;ar b ill awiimi fort " In. and* rati . r< - it t? of I* ? l and ii-Hir rhraa Bin, rl or rum . -.i-Tard rhrfl roun'rr* olavtrr i-d? or l O.f? b-at'"a ahlm an I nrnnton ton n i- bot 1 'iwtp'? M'rhria. rarra a SH H10I KAI.K-iiN TlfB 21 AT IA AT AT TJTA RbOU.vnl aarlbai R hho?, Hrt>Aljn a I andaootr Utrr. worj biV 4-P Nnff t? Mr. a ith hr??ll mmmm a??iw? mm.. . -4ar? ImaroirmprtA. InrluMv r?? it'iaoa Aa ?> ii? vianM a,.,: |i,,??m f ?r fo'l 'an I COL* awinnoaar. a?'I* Iiah*A4? * ' .? *oo?t. / o uowiiiw 7 ?Tir.|*-' r wn.lsrt.r.nv uati i I I. nm at II. ?r >t a. Wo. ? *!?'? ??f a?< III" # rpi'inu r * p ?i- a i -v " map . ..r. ar-t wpl . At n, ?.???# <*?'. ? aalo a*?.?n ,i. 4'armlno ?trral man. awrlry. Hw. i.? i rm a no , ai^IiOMkkrr ura r.rrAT . At A pinna. - II WAT H t.fcf.P* A l*>.. Will ?Oll M AT o f I p i.tpmlaPAA' Aaaarl*, nr. Wr I laodar. M?rh i.. K ? #v?'lr. wIMinir r??. tti ill* iMIovIa : vaI. r .Ip priprrtT JHj' i % iiahlr p p: ail aatnl at IS.' ia > o? of Mam K?m-i ? A WpIMrk ..-pp b .at.M *1> .u^ilf. far' m ?'in ??*?. ? vr .piitph aril il-'apipil lm plllni: Im i'p* ll.anv?'i. on* af ti ... i kp m'i ? p anaa In 1K? *|I|??p a two nnrr l?. ii? n a h) IA|i ofi Uip ?..?tpr \ a.dp n< Hnnry atrr.- A 01 .adaha aif?. .?p arul Ian |?t ... h? l> nn II ? M p..Sai.1?a* llnnr. nnr On? U! a i.f 114 na akip of ri?p?fci?f a' p?np, apai Ian .'irat Tiro lo>a. aa ? H* l*1l? ao Fit a/I -vt a Ri pi I, m-O'.a. p Wir < na *1*-" n 1 ' aaj, la ho to a : I ' aa . i | , aa a H*nr\ p iikrts :r Arrr?o*nr? ri ifr/ r-i M?a??i?*rHal >. ultra ?i.ta f.s -?lr Al Ran wall . la. .>> , a 1, P> ra'p t.nka r ** '' a? aarani ,p?i. i .,|n Br .,ina|1|t.^ Pna-aw.' hp n m ,.pp a? 'Ha f'l.i <if Slti# Ural a r?M at ?. in, aax. 4*or. .fk p'PV-a; P* l appralalha a'aml. ICHH AIK riovnas rOHM LIpOTPA hoi ?f aalk A' 'V Piahifc Ivm >p ai.nap of THtrlr nHi 1 p. anr .a?y MaiiHJO af 1'H* a'pIopH <Ha on'lTf .to ,,d?> nrp| of A lomi'r *;fv..,T a.*.a ppailnlaf h. pan r*k?^a |paa. Piaaaa. aanlaaaai Ap . alan iwo -at-ha ppaaaaalv* ??aoo? a'l of a MpH ill pp.ail'palr ha to p Hi'mi ratari# 'ha pap4l>a an- r?hrh>( frua I "? oaa* ?iuea *t ?rpno?. RBftrs, n mii( n-t ? . . - *.?9 A M'^- *i 'J?r, Ndwr-b 2U .aieffth** aQieplcol it T.hetiu.tuv* m?: il?f t r<U ? "? i'.: ?'H1 SO O ?lf>! S pJC'U.1* JCl "V1-??.! trill Dad o.u'hloa y /oi tartnil j.? rl &wtPQA. r':ntof cvUk JC..JA1 ."' 1 .???! iters, i earl e .hit- *. i.- ; xv chine.-* anum1* -ittloi; ruur *trop? aid d - ?*. rotipe ?* ,; nho * ivfe oiautiiy tf the ab'.?? ft 'it n proov er nt DAkr'.orit, elur eo- w?u vi dye b.ue-a.d Ira'Pi.* '?ir *lb? *hop .!?* w la.-#9 WW liailir r *rOy flalala:!: .'ecu; I . er vel< c' liuitdj to a *re*t tar.i ? a!?j liK li ci'i rS? j* toil* ?i H* vtor*, f r"? .tr . *s< il .tVonc.f out; , also a&vnt tbtrtj Ulan (>i?ri ?h<?ll. * iarg-* lot <' la an*. A > , i a!?ubt-.-,u mil. mDmIkii .v "?y tiv.v miKKtr: work I ten-hr*. aU?>e, to , d?*:rlf!'v? v.aii,-ut'* of which cio e? i rl tailed at the 4t>< cl lb" iM'.'t nnr. No N*, Piastre A tog?!l.ft witt (.runilt tc eianiae lie tjcj t-tr. Ho?Ui w ii t>? nr?:*d'.>r?* ti> et'itej on rL*iere to IPs ' .'.and *ein >ooT rf fSi'v irtl atrri', K??t rite-, or> the ro;.mlai* eale a'? and ? ?* o'cVk > i g -odt will be di v?r?a r ee al isbarge oa ,t" ilotk lu So '< Y.v-? Vr.*in? -e?h I cSTreat i"?i*i ) rtiil* *o t" paid the ou .-a IH * <:iiant ?jrtei pt. Sa* irday Jir.ii>"'. k depcit* w'M be required K? ai: p<*i 6u"t /pi ' vely no pOBtUTni-ulfLtCn acr;-! lb( f.,*th'r. Uf >*418'' la-j * libup T etteth r-eet k id ?e*_??iS dye-itj ?-,uu>ki p' .? ) pj Monday. Ma-shlti a: id o oek, ati S incn. jla.eH alter lb? ubov tb>- < u> run >f !?? sole 1.9 E*-? i wealy Urre: *11! b'. *>1.1 she sale of ifck l|ilcti )W WIVi n iirtil ?'ii t en vbmn1 oa Fuseday, !h Hlo ( ' M%f ib.. at I? o -iocs, ac* ww'.iir* laity on'l the eo'ira ?to:k <p i<*T<iecd of. fir wder af THt^sd JdCHTOM, WIMP to moriragee I 4 Mid or LI, Ar?-TJO!?IKB -OH's-TTBL. M -ir-l^aK ?l sate.?J a ME 9 COLT A *OSI *lli eeli ut aoM' on Fricar, Mnocb lu, it ii o'clock ike ?a-ner oi * 'in nod J tncapi'le i>lr-.?u?. drooklyn. ty order of N N. Bt inirtg: gee tbr brwbnpalieya '^nMni. Mit bir Md . ' l'uree, chairs Ac. Ac., wi'b lb*, two years'unciuired ier-.-i 'IVmb ofttu (iri antes situate on the no?thwe?*. toner of ' ' oi and t*.: tojiplr itreeta, Brooklyn. Termscsah MDOi-OIirY. ArCTIOKKKH.-AtlCTION fc'.'.r.' OP nil the fcrut'.ore tu.Utined la the tour ito-v i. i no 129 Twenty ?igcth sireai.-On flsturday. March 21 a*. 10*4 o'clock, co.TBifliii.: of one or two suits of rosewood and no iboganj pas-h v furniture, ri'ewood ae?enoris?e otanifo'te, , ?nire, pie -a: d ctt er tables, ri-h oil paint nt;s; Hrnsaeii tli.-ee p!y aril ,vgn\n -arp to rosewood bookcase, eieg--*? w.trJroies, dress ard pla'u b i eao?, * is b 'dalevis hair m?V tresses feuther beds and befdrng cooks v?s-s with o large ?f?. rtso"Dtcf baaeTn'nt and kitetian ; pc'tu.-e, svce-bole s, rsrge refrigerator copper few pans d:n og eilenrion tables, oi roibs, la: go pier anl ova: reirrurs, wJi a loric assirun.-ct of housekeeping articles. MOBTGAGE sal* OF UyUOE?. OROCEBlRd A \D g?ra ? A. M CHTftTOLsK, out Ameer, 21 bowery, rri.l sell on Monday 2Id ills', a*. 10L o'cloJt, o luy ? aiajrttaeot of the above, from a whole uu 6 eMvbH'hinen'. or silt zu in r art cl a large lo*. of angars, >ejng h?e>:> Sou-bong and Oolcrg teas. In quarter, eighth, half and trb>le cheats; prime Moy. 1 and S brown snap large Jut of oham'cil amps aid CaaiiJe do , 1 mw Ibe Un'els, raisins If.-rnya. starch, earth s, fardlnrs and 14 bags of Brand outs -.l*o four eighth casks of brandy, just takes ctt of bend to v.-oij out'iaion; also, quarter and eiglrb catka of bra-"! sod |u dem. ohna; port wine, giD aid whiskey in d mljoboa: kb hoboi, rum. nlaaker, gin and b aody cherries, Ac.: 2tdt| tin parte j ant deaesde segara, tog-ther with a vsrlo ia k>'- of otne.-a.-Uee? to U e line. M< 'BTilAOK SALE -A. M. CII9TALAI, krOTIOKKfXi, will sell thta nay. at It) o'eio :k, alt th? right, t'tle and in( re which Hantel (.Vinuere had on the 2b'h nay of febr inry, 1M' or any time thereafter, in and to the dining aaioou. tit ?t as Jobnaoa A Conner's dining ssIoon. and la f ; nt street is osls-. ng In part of bar, bar futures, dec>n i?C- t'Issues, beer pump dining tables, chairs, oltolalhs. cvr i' engravings, kit ben nterslls, Ac, X \ By order of ibi- Mortgagee tXHRBT PBNN, AVOTIOIUCFH, WII.t? BKU- THW rt rtij at 1M- routta Ktrai street. corner Ftevettth YVt'diaina f.-ra at IOh A V., y'osk and fivtnpc'j of a (rovr; atve, a-igar -cttise, soap oil, ri-e, Boij-, li -ick wheat. a stutters, >1, < c.sae, balance artier, sagas, Iw kth, two horset, froci ij wagon dirt carl. Ac . Ac ROBERT PS WW 2W a ran 1 street FIHkMl'TORY RAI.K AT AlTCrlOW THI* DAY.--THfc \ aluwble stock of fancy govts est taioed tn the vmonrtnm of 'be la't Ceo W Tut'to. n ,i rtroielwar, is low being o',d at auction to the hjifcetf tiddcr. by oruar ot -he admtoia tra-'or K. A t. M SOHKNCK, Auctioneer*. Ill'lBEL . \Y. WB8TCOTT. AUCTIOWIIKB. Li-I'.OE JV a?le ot rk-lt and fhahWmaSlc fumltiwe r.tya1 v'ce* ca-octk, hioc.ea, a'atuary, e'ej ant rh utdeltcra, roaewojd niano tcrtc, Ac. H W. tVRSrcOTT will te'l to morrow, Saturday, a'. i(i.'a o rich, th-enfre mn/*clt?ceut furniture and elegant decor ivooi of ! onto 1ft; Wett Twenty 'Vrai itract, woal o: Fifth ave luc This furniture 1* ad ot th--beat di sc U 'iJU having be* made to orderued used twe, mitntba?all of which wll'"T-BF rcmpl'iial!) sold wtutoul rejtard'o weather; preaen*MMl<>m oftiea in want 01 urn' c it as urntiure an opiairtnpiM'o will elmfe'1 d of obWinlog it through this Bfilmm * trance at rrcciaelr W? o'ay ^ .. u (vak aitenahn table, aolto bttiioK ro<,m. wi'h elegvtVa^vera, apsona. tirka and silver silver diatnp M^wrUon. risb rn gttl, eu g'aaa, amber aud ruby do . to ma'ch throughem, wtb all kinds o> dining room furniture The InrDHnr- tn T>?' onatatnr On ?1mH4 4euble wk rewwoei fi?.[J1 bice and gold bmende, with slip covern. |cort ?<*>;?ne toll ault rtchl) car\e<!. In ertmson !TS5 f ifgHLl , llfVI! IWf n noil'l UIIB, wi b . and cover iR'ln and MM urtkiaa two BMgaMMRl nutwood etrgrrea with marble top*; Tarkiah and rer*pUen cbair* ta irrCilUen taprnt-v; large French pie* mirror*, oonrolrr ,In hnel work; superb mantel clock, treach a ifa* and lounge*, elegant clbia vaae*. with a large quantity of roady parlor or t amenta oil patnunrx, ckandairr* At. Liorary end chana b?r furniture conrbi of Kbganl curvel. marble top roaawosd huraaua r laewood bedsteads, marble waahsianda. wardrobe*, ron- wood score larv liooarara. library do . Fren"u hair maureaaea, bnda At, ova! mirror*, rich carpets la Ufleen ro'naa. full auli rote wood furniture, la velvet; Voltkire. and arm chair*, with a lari a taring ot elegant mahogany end oak. furniture of every description. <nihra;1rg eve>ytl.lng to be found la e faction* hlv furnished residence. O.ita ogueo wii; be atthe b tuee oa tt.o i.-ornlu* of ? a. Actab deposit will be required of all pur<-baret*. QFRIltO rrRNirCRK HA Lies.- HAMTRL OSGOOD A 0 CO., auctioneer* si Nassau street, will give their p*r ?->na) atttntl tn to na'oa of henacbo'.d fure'ture, el private re | """ (if, ftmlllrr itrii g up housekeeping or removing. 1 hey will aleo ? .-?-i .t.. .< p.-L.,|wVrr naAemea? on '/ar<day? and Krldaye of rech week during the -Team TC. nCDOHTOIf, APCTIOIfieit?TlflH DAT. FR1. day. at MK o'rhoek, et salesroom 113 Nassau ?trrn, a , larrcaad splendid aeaortaient of rotewood. mahogany, nek and walnnt parlor dining room and chamber furniture, pi ; an?lort? a French plate mlrrore, ell oetntng* Ae ; MHttkl of ooe ?even netsve rosewood plaaolhrte, by Havne* Brothers A (o . ota ! ', octave do do., bv llnrdmae tea roaewood 1 parlor *uit* ui brooatel, plnah. aad ether faahkmahi* eovcr i Inge; aniSI m*rwood cectre and ao'a labia#, Willi Itabaa mar Lie tone, richly car> ad roaewood rk-gorea, library and ear re tarv bookcaeea, eacretefre*, mn>* cantor I*, Freohh plate trier ; aro mantel glaaae*. bn< oil ealatlaga. by iloe?r end other* Dining mi.tii i urntture?Rlexanl oak and walnut attieboarda. j eitet atou dining tablet, ! nine room ehalr*. aofsa. lete a telea i k<ur?ra ea?y chairs, roekrra. spring eat parlor chain. Ae. I n...u.r tnmiiiiM knnrrlor carved iosewood, mibogam 1 and waJLnut bedateada. niarblr Ion dreaaln* hirnai uid ?a?h i al ind*. eomaodea wardrotra lmir ruaUreaaoa, be la |t>?Mlaf, *r. A lan a variety of ?e?yud hiol dura'tnee ca~p***a a? v | bedateada. etialra, butaeua, waahatenda lehlea, bed'.?ad? tu .1-oi>i,jh Ar Calaloguaa on the rnornln* of aate. Ktarr I faelllf will be atlorded lo purvhaaera for bcriog and aldpptng T' c hfl'ohton. At'rriONWt. will fr!,t oh (to murrnn) at IP1, oVVtrk all Ine limirea I Ac . in atme 640 Broadway roi ner n* Hleerker aire-t ?<a 1 alatlra uf a Urge quantity of ahel.mj-, aide glaaa < ?va? onm I lata annw raw , large tah'e with draw era for the evkibntou i't Mr|iki .tr 1 be whole hi l* aold without raarree In b. J li .'heat bidder. and to be Immediately reuaovad. iro co!*rroTioNKri?. rangt and lkjior dial 1 era?a. m CRIHT a I. ak. auainieer. will aall thia da*, I lie J h [art., at 10,'j n'rlook, at liii Rintli avuoe. nr.*' Twenty Hial etxeet. the enllro a<ork, flitiirea. lea?- audgoo! w'llai tfce whole.*l? aad retell ooideoilooerr an?i i an lion, the latitat aod Baeat fit'rd uo plaae In tee r.dy. ( i Ipg of a flue iMorUaeut of randiaa ao<t eakre. 'ireeeryna am e* tee, and fancy seode of all dracrtptl-Mig. alao, a large kit of frat.innJB., lloonra. aonalaUag of brand lea , a ne wlnnw. wBia leya, flflei a haakeia hampagnr ami 7 law Ha. ina aegara. aa-l wore 11 urea roiatetnr ef a?.lrndi<l marble to., eonnlar three large ekow ra?ee oral and equare ialrr;.ra. otl pal mm ren I engic ln/?, pauter uiaahle and marMt ten tasi a. on elee k. t o*t tl.Hl. cli tlra. nllckaka. earpe aga. anieea tn ti i luraa aa<l dun-leliera. a'eo, all the Bi'uiea and loo'.arnr tli 1 man.'frr tnrlng ef aaadiea and i-e w atn; :hi? aad all h w. :l worthy Ike at en-leu ol the trade aa every arvk ie m to be MM nMNMU the emiee retfrieg frn* tke buehwaa. Turn. tbttch, aticnonwcb.?ntori do i? I fprune (treat -Bkarll a ah rl range.. a> .t??, Ae . eo Friday, harrh V, 1(61, at tan A M.. a> No t'.inlen H*> tator alare ronrMlfog af hotel r -oyee, ro-vinf an I pari' c .pper Mid l?llnw wire, Ac ; ?:eo iroe ?ve, dr?l?. AC. Ac. JOHV T PTEWARf, Tcputy Whorl T. 'I'HfiJIAS TK1TCH, *rt"tONrKR -*TORK JfO ! I prueo kireet.?t'?e?te!ilo'? ??te ef h?'!w rbrcer kin AC.?1 b d?T (Wrtdej MUih A I, ?t lit A. M . Al the ? r* rnrin No l? homoe erect, rwoaleUef of bn >r. r ice** l?-d bin t, <bociuer?, Ac.. Ac. ^ll Alf IiE V, Oocete>XV N Wtrr**S, AtrCTTONKKR WILL PRIX. OR t'RI tl de? ?t lo'l n lock, M 'I' t, W?et rree the tV ?k nd fh'nree o", a el' 'hlnf etnre. romd'tlrf ef ooaU ^ul>. i? ikdrMi, ?'?r? i- - <*e <x peate* Irr.n. Iti iter 01 dir. CcHlBWtcio call the trerte end other U' M WI11IIR* APCTIOKPRR, WILT, tllli, OR IA ar.i*r,?l| . oc <k at 1 -7 t">nel 'rcct ill Ro I, ii>< nMrc bet'crbo' I fnre H*i 'ell family ?' Inf the be ni i be 'Or.'ente i t ihrcc mo > Imar* Tcrlrr Cutta, tie*4 4' 1 ?elvet end other rerpe'ii, hell oit-'leih* meh<>(*nf awl roic wni ddlnl 's ?r.d centre tabbe, bnohc**ee fov1, piatr nttr rnre, tluc tr.' peiidtmpi he rM nieeter? *l'eer Bad pletef r eere mahejar r end oil er beJ? ee.M. ?prtn? p?lte- - ? btP I m*i;re?-r? f?*i'ner red* end m*r'? ton birem. 1 end w??b ?iande. lottct ?et? c? %* larking eu I otli?r ,? .Mr* d'nlrg room end kllrhcn tiwntier*. cook tee *tce. A' IT'It. WITTKRW. A I'OTfON* <R, WIIX WIU.U ON HA t " tMPdey, et Mi), o'clock *t RM r?nel trret. ' ? order ihc thcrifl. ore b PICT wecne. ?hlfilng .iber kep Itfnoi whip. blanket*. Ac , b/ enter ? the cbortlt eed mofjngoe t N? pee'potcteent r non wiubtw at AroTiow, ; il.UllU lbl* dec. I rtder. Much 3d, , I At lo'k e clerk Al No. ITJ, ttrnedwAT * Tn be cokl for c iah. c ttlient rccrrc. br * lorm^rp % rtteroem , w* n ?? >, jy.wm.RT, AC. 1 ftALtvoRRiA niAhoRBN - orrirri.??ir? 4 n* I ' Riloi.lO. c icier *1 to iAi; ring* ft 10 ? MrrtMe I o fdb. cr ** *, I > 'o fa. Mnd?. i.t'oiiV h-eneiet. ? ?? . bniiAn aeeklacm, Ar The*o diamond* ve c.r.ej Ir. eppev \1 eeoeto'be tee!. Aent bv mitl to iny pert of the irori 1 " J- A H r. .1 Atoige CUT Rpoedwec * Ii?nroamov and qold tmt. ran ard r L ehet.oe. eecreetrd net 10 toenith oc . I1111 color. i| m'?cy rrtnrnci. Prtcce, $S t> (*t. At. ?l art, it. M end * .. Chehic cent hp n.ell to em pert ef (he world I JAR. r. .fAOOWN, ?T Rroedwcp. ic . f \IAMORWi.-THF T*A?R IN RURPFCTTn.l.T I' e If for mcd thet we ere conUnnel'f incnnfbr nrte*. and bei ?n bond e lerfe itnt of dienxmH^Jewelrr. of_tbe Mmcci^rt* A l?r?? Maaorvnaaiai '-r??? K tb?> riulr. PiammWlA botiakl tor ?aah r. C HKMlANV * ?*? . tit Rrnrena Mrvit - (TATrnH AT RKTAIL AT WROLrJMUI TBICr.Atn Vf Fl'.rw ?y1M<>r wa?ah?? Wvir balaa *w??WiA ** I k Wli ?r cthiwlnr hnolmf naaaa ___ J : w utMr ia?ac, IMi leaa )aw?'?, w?rr*n??<l tlO ,a > n - hm.'Jn* i-w flu i a 1 patant larnr. orfa faea *?4 hnntla: foat .. Jilt" n- flaWl ?>a??cl * afl?ar kn.itlaf nanna. _v * ?? Ik fnttd tn?l la<fl*? nakkaa. four hr.taa JfWaNH t T1 Mi Nokrf HMIlfH*. M' ila Aoltd *?W aaahnr k?a*. ka??T r** * 2.? ?n1H aol* p ?' * *?*" f*' - *'5 riui I ?>M " " i *rj kaary .%'+ > ' 4 w iKilaaak iaa'ar* aipoWail Wai'ha? < at to run part tkat' .'Mkl K* ??' ? ^ ila I * f< T .IaOOM", mann'A-tnrtnr ?*?Ilara aa?l ? It poriata o' a uta.h'? an ' taaa'rv. K'T W tI-AT? iir? >vn JITWTT V**V I,nw.-TT* ?c - . ?\ .rrbar Z b uahtaaa t* Wall atraat far ik? laar ntnatai w I taart, Hi an map all itk I I all kliwa of Ana ?T'< l?**''! dtataofd rtnfa ata P "* * * m aWiuia ar_> at i^IJIllfLfCTee^wrn of and jr m o'rr '-banrMT ?'l? a??Aoa waira^ to leeKfOW IT ' I ma ntft r. A /'<? Tf%t!tt a .ulri.VVr M >M Wholaaala pn.1 raft1', Vf II w*" * ( Pna.lw ?. UIW YORK HERALD, F miynm V* *0B* i.W UTERlOOi. PWI1TU)8T|LTW)#JkJl. BtCMMbii*?nr tev*rpooJ ?ft* lluLtad ? ! ? m*C ? imir r...i. . n ? ?<11 4 ?.<)> list 'Jr.ned Ulis aiall* for B.?rope positively ? Hatairday tpi.lil Mllbi Mt II . tmu her berth *tthe torn?f Cotl ' I'll lhr ?Uiiai>n of Ihx Hoc toyolmprorad wtlor U("ii knoaia. fij In-lgbl or fiaut, K?vk>g munneUal.?m? I'Kuu.u lax Vg.iucf u.d ccinforl apply 'o hcmtah j k colllflm. bC Wall atreet I'ttftr-grrt are re<|u?atrd to be oo board at It A. II. AH k'tnim' pitac thr?u(h tb? f f^t ort'ire; a?v cithern win be w.mid w.h - Tly ia*? ci frtVht Irian Liverpool la rwia~t? 4 it ptj urn, ic.o<*g cement, natii fu-tbtr iwtiea. TEtt hsltlth MbBTU aMKBIOA* BOTAL MAIL Hn.1 KU-.tuur hlpr. _ khgm hitw 10u to utbhrcok f! " " I At pa-sape ?U? P??ri raotn 71 raoM boptob to u van pool. n tii'h) i MH ifciTB^a. * M I?ir;fii'F* 'rom Uoatco call at llaitfoi. Tf PA.TA, Cail JntftiLa. CANADA Oapt. Ijmm. AHARTA Oapt. J. Pica*. A MI R|f 4, - "apt tVlekmva. APIA. I apt. B O Lou. Mltw *UA. Cept. Bvrt? Af'AlCA.Cait bhmnoa. Kl KdRA. Cape I LeUeh. These tetaela carry a Hear white lip at at iaa*t head; greaa ca *fsi board bow | red on port bow. NlAOABA, Wlet man, leeva Ronton tVeitoeiday, Marsh It. VKItHlA. .IndtlDa, N. York. Wednesday. March lit AM&BH'A Lau^ " Uoeirm. WadcrteUy, Mamb * A FKIOA, Phacr.oa, " M York. Wednesday, April L BDRORA. l.elieh, " Boston, Wednesday, April ft, AblA. Lou. " M Fork, WedE'radAy, April U. Bi-vtti not w ared mill ptU fur Ac opt." leered o>?fioa on board. 1 no t wnera of'trurrbipa will oo( bo aeootmt*hle *w geld, tioitV'n spec-la, jewelry. precious stones or laelals. qu Irsa bills ef lading are tfgned therefor, am! 'be mine tberfbf thereto djmul t or freight or taatie apply la K. CTKABD. Wa 4 Bowling ilreew. FOR LIVERPOOL-flAILB THIS DAT. CLIPPER SHI" AI ROSA, In m pier W East rleer Ship HQ ICR,'* I London, sal's lfaieh 71 Secnil eabtn $20. i.teerage $1$, and found ruPDpri brought not from ar.yjieTt of Ireland or buglarxl at tbe tosresl taxes. Apply lo THOd. C. RJCUE C? fionth street. __ OIF.AM TO SOUTHAMPTON AMD D AVRE.-THK MAOIJ aUlcen: -team chip V a NBBRtULT, 5 400 tone, will anil: FrnnNKW TOKK tor I From BCU rllaMPtOR erd BOr rbAMITOR a HaVRK. Ha VRK tor MMW york. Tneniay: May ft | Tboroday Ifrse 4 > >ie?day Jane 2) | Tared ey Jaly 21 Thursday Any 1.11 We.lnsdar Sept. Price of passage ? ( to at cabin, according v> Inea'ieu of staieroom, $UiO In $130. s-eood cabin ftftO Specie delivered l? Lri.dor. and Par In For pi usage er freight app'y to D TORRaNOK, agent, No. 0 bowling 'freea, m. T. CTFAM TO LIVERPOOL. $30w-TllR STEAMSHIP O MAN HARM). Oapt. Jatlier, will sail an fhtiradny. March IV Pare lo cabin. $t,ft amlfftft. steerage, $.('), ti rludli ot co knl provisions for rpiW M aboee ste-uncr, or Orel flare Railing packrta apply to SA HRL a COUTH, 117 Mromd *ay. / ' RBAT RRDCCTION IN PARK TO EURO PR. 11 First cabin. 7*0, ?ccood do.. $6ui tn the nrri olaaa Faddfr wheel steamship ARIEL, 2 000 tons, to rail from Nrw Tona rou SoirrniarTO.f and Bases* tin 1 buradat. April 16s Ai.d on Thwrsday, June A PHiarr.fers 'or Havre will be sent on in a Bra* flana strain ?r l OB ie lng with tbe Attn) on ainral at Southampton. Ppeoie drllvered In f.'.ndim Lad Paris Pernor,* desiring to bring out their friends eau obtain eerHS intra of ins o Ibe Arte) la equal tn every respect to any 2.000 ton skip attest. For phsaaee or freight arpW to D. TORRANOK, Agent, Ne 6 Bow btg Oreen, New berk. OTAAM HRTWEEK NEW FORK AND GLAt*?OW.ti EDINBURO, J MMl tons, WUbani rmuntng, ?inmnndi h&vv VfjRk, 2,LOU turn, Robert Craig, commander ULfc' QOW, 1 'J62 Was, Jo'?n Dnncau, comSaeder. Tb*i 'J^Ea and New Vork BtearorMp Oompary Intend sal tiny .. and powerful steamer* from New tor* to " BtMpwa.? Bdtnbnrg. Htnrday. March lf^nVdstk. noun. Nrw VoSu tatordey. Ajjtt^ Bo>ekS. swT Olaagow, Ratarua.v, Af^s Jf ainuAg. ? . . .avd found with rooked prorWam Flmdwa, flfor-Jsurgeon sttaehad to wseb steamer. Em ^5 JOJ*K "< **<>*, 17 Broadway g^?Vork o?tr btohi or gold only reeslisffer passage 1 r ? Efibii&ri?'--"?*?; *8???&2#iu ire-** -^?pTT7?HT ^"arsras trom ?rw to.LC* ^JT. 'A,<fiAUM lo f n.i riMn, mam anlooti' ,0?'"AOnoj? on angaaiv. ]u Brat cabin. $C*i In second cabin Jin ( An experienced aargem la attached tart. on dcbicted In Havre cr l^iuloa No p?i oe'gcteAmrr. Pperie I 4?? jf U'l ng A: I Idler* unit paa? through tltoMed on the ' Vor freight or aar**g>< apply to " ??offhw < O.H. HANI), Agent 11 Hon'h William ilrif. The etramar Wtefilngum will cuoaaed lita Hermann, mm) ail April KS. _________________ None* to ramuoiu and imports**. InipcirMira are berahy reepeeifuily Informed that Utt nere-v ?l?nr.?? K ANQaRdO. anfittig front Ltcnnno. on lltk o' Febrnary, will badaapalehad dtrertto Maw Tort ivlMd of Philadelphia: and thai lhi? compeny't tleameta will la fa lore Mil evert alternate Wedniwdny ftom Llvorpoutto Mew Tort direct. t?hh additional aaiUmxa W Philadelphia to near, the rtsiofameala of the trade, teniae Wile at lafcfM PhMa dalphla bj each departure The Liverpool and Philadelphia Hiram ?hlp Oampaay' Olyd* boil'Iron acrew ttaaaaablpe. GJTT OF BALTIMOHK t *7 but... .Oapt B. IdMk. CIT* OfWASHIMOTOM... *.*?Ou>iu Oapt. W. WtMa. CITY OPJtfANCliE8TRR....9.l(jWlona Oapt. P. O Prtrta. lADOtltdO. . 1.V4PUM... .Oapt. JeUmy. f The aadanaoted or oihar raaaelt are tatoadad lo aafl ar lattowa: raon trvaamoi. Kawramo tar Maw Tork. * ednteday, nth Pah., UR. Cjipof Waahtngicn tort ' Oily at HaHiaao*a, " llth Mnrnk. ~ mm - au ? And earh aHdrnala Wwlneaday. reoa aaaaioa < ? ? ? ?oa Mow Tark, Thursday 1Mb March. 18R. 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Ageat Boa. 1 aadU To war BnUdla* Mvarpeal. A MI'ITHil.lA -TnHCLIPPKII RHIP BHD AAPNTf.Mr. (ha only clipper or Ihot thlp Bow op, Will be deenalcliwl tor Melbvirnc on Wednetdni, March hi Hhe ran * "wnaw data a M'vmwi p ante m on In wood, ll anEa*eo *7 Pmurday, Mai Apply Pn board a' pier H) Kant rlitr.wU tbo odteos 1(4 Pearl ?iroet. or I0? Wall (treat. Ii*0? SOVTRAMPTOJI AND HAVRE-Til* U HIT ED 1 Kiakta sail I'tuBahlp ARAfK), D. Uik. oarmnaadav, will Urr P.r Harra. toarSiBR at louthamptoc to land the mat?? aixi na"i ? htwiu ApriMl, at It o'aloak ha ?> r X Rorlh rt. ar Mot of Beach Kraal ram or r?a?<nt. Pint nahh. ?t*l Roooctd aaMa . Kl Thio ?Wp baa Bra ?Mr URhl eontpart recta eneh.etnR Die OhRtaea. ao that la (a I'tM af rot bom or ?tran.lla? U?e ra tr rnald aot reach ihotrt. and the porapa i.'tna (Pac u> a ark, lh? 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FOR MORPOl.K AND RIOIIHOND.?fHK UNITHO Mataa mat'ateamnhlp JA WE.-. rOWM, Cap'. Punish. will leave tor the above uiaae. ru-a'ur'tyy'Jlat iaat. at 4 rPelook P. M , tma plpr 13 North river, the will a?rtve a! Itorlhlb on hm day afterncon. and at Richmond on Man day morning. Paaypgrra for lb* Koch will proceed without do ay by tbo feat mail'me to Charleston. Augusta, Savannah, Ao. Travellers will t&d thai ibe cheapest, plaoaantekt and moat Piped Mo ua roiiio. Pariafle and fare, Including stateroom la Norfolk, 9b; i eteraborg or Richmond. 910. steerage half prloe. AppSr t* l.VDLMf A Pl.B aSaNTS, 32 Brosdwty. R1YES AMP laMjVOKB. i G*W*RAL AMkRTMRHT OP H*AWDTRR \ Jamaica ram. glut. Keoteh, irlah, NowuaBuMkt Am Door boo wblshey: foot oh a lea. London and Ihitn paler, line bott pd Philadelphia ala and pcrtar, auMabte for fbmUj ma. for aalp at VRDBRtllLL A M ATTBRSOB'B, 4*) Broom# MR oornar of Croeby, nrar Broadway. h i ACT A JKKKTRB, 148 PULTOH BTRRRT, WB01.B JYIsaleand rotaO doalera hi ttnw whips, tsaa aad groaertae tholoeold brandi?*; very snportor old neotar, Hooougah'* and Hoar boo whlakey>s; flnooM port, ihrrry aad My** DdMrk champagne, ouarta aad alula, the ahoieasf"** a( Havana aaamrv. .UI S K ULANE?t H. ^ ARTKUAW WKUdL-rUR SUBBOIBS* of arlawlan wells aad Noting for wate- *** [ 'flD ?f In this hWBiorsa r.Owr Ihlrly years. haa rp'^T barula wal for John Tavkcr A Oo , at thrlr saloon Internal c-ndl Ha tel. Broadway, also well* for our refiners and other* I wlab to o??*n, . pn>>M<> against Bands im ooaed up< n thena t>j alatmlaB M bavo pa tenia Hit :<?! and r tpr-a iwni tr miI -do John IMabrow, ill Walker (treat v *' "te <\>.tiablaa row *7, # Daw nwl SNOCTH tin IJIW'/IU IK WK OXK W* elU DreeaalPv of Uy tejtnme of 8 well liee?.-d inat Gieb a one e<fn be proo/vy.0 < ' V80' Ut'ec'. nprfoa atyle. ?i BUOK^KT ft HTATTp""^8 *"*?'* ?M ?art ?90 rfro^twnNcnv ft Ihe Ume to pr'^' frahWrniiblo hi: or fe? mi?v>i AW A V1 AW A * 8UWHOW AND OLD BOOTdP - Why will Ci!"nu^e " nnnetrj of uuu ('m>\ fo-mtd to nature'a tenf't r to 'KFI'KRS Jfrw! w?\ aod Ihfiyj^'T5^ ^ thai In p rint of dit otiuy nod ihg*n;e "? (Ttrpa.A'.l, ni homn or abroad. 'Wl'KR-i. W7 Broadway. A ***T?-*UBIA? A l? V**OMM AWT) A w/j" 22C??Slrifi: ,wa>Sr?r^t <*>??*?. *? node agJ f!*J* 'lii **?l ?o<t "8 l>ey atretu, Now Vwl fir*- rlArtiuph malt proaptj ?leaded to. 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IPVKXYVODY tlOKS TO PAIL.RY'8, ?3I 4Nf> l.'S j Broad nay, lar china, tf .aim, and t'ti (i.aru The t'lih m m.niroar. nil m I GO IMII UO IRTO P4ILKT ft OO.'t*. fel 17 and na3 Broadway, and bnyawbiM dinopr ?ft of 1M pim, fai fit a sitvor pia* d coalor, m'A ei.t r>ot ** t * M 78, a white eb!na tea art. ol 11 plrooa. for $a 76. and r?ery At?? rl?e tn their line at the hho.p rate rt|KTUW? HAYING WILL. ?INIt IUY IKfAOlII Nio. .. . pnadrrAteufthacubaenbaranw bkatm A*,. ^ ^ b(Mt [#rtUuc,^ M well M ^ * *na Se?;>oal nubCUtne fodnaoa udhmrnwaw B?W\ laaltriMiina mota^ J*' '"'fc?aajtand.??lonH are, thai II ti and powerful ti. Ite apar*."? 8"r.ila nd ? da, ror\ h?u-? Uar U teao harm Iran thai If.^T'en ?"fe6at.on, and at lltp m.n< the aecd or plant without tnjuryvO no. la dirwt ajhMjdd ' --'r S. -ill v. ? - mm 01 pual. 'I? 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UmiroilT, Tr*rTt'AT.!TT -AT fTAOKO I nnw attam ? rria'int n* *?. n?>a hnndr-rf Win . vn-l war o < ai? ?ti hand. and at) an <ia?l r pr.a' v. wMtoM am rharta Firry dnarrtokan of ??b prtniind. bath plata wot aad In tn'ni, mm* 'a (Ha baat naaaaar pmw'aa'.lT and I, mndarpt. arirrp Kn TlAta ?'raai ba-waan William ai daW, >t. V. _ VIWTO*,A MTOHAM HOOT* -AW? AWTWRW ij * raaabarrp. t*w?nn ManfcNaarT b-nb??. 'flf#Har wl twaftj of'ba baa <ar<?lr af Mrawhnrrr *n'? a larpa - eertwani *r ~'inM? par***. (laid and Onwor kaa-d ?.r aata I ?' ? i'.ri (Tfioa A prtc-liuaal W?r?? .?a aad A*??l *:? 1 *><,!* fftat ^ r. iwrwmm, K| 111 V H .Pi rp'i>A?, miMm ar im: VNPItK'KPeRTED AIIF.4TION. benefit or MR w a M'oitk. fcUH* Mummer CD whteh ecr.etkr. the I'oLnwLg to *> at lAlenl have aa'.rl klrdly valnnteerrii their valmvhle aervlee* ahd will .ID! car ? Mow* .'( hamkh and "ON tihKKE'?, fKjt Ike kind per miasm a 'J it. Clhntn. i.#>. ) Mra. UOEV, lit* 'he klhd LianniMlot (>' W Rtaart, Kin ) Mi*? rVNfc. Mia ?TE?FU:WS Mr JOHN "K'flB *M, Mr J W LRsTKR. iBj tins khiit perDib "Inn ol W S'.uart, H?t| ) Mr O. HOLLAND, (By ihe Mind i>r-mlhk!nu Oi W ktuart, Kk'i ) Mr* .VILLA R, Mr U. JORDAN. M- H RUSSMLL, LOl'IB HCBREIBRR M. A. VMCONri, The Juvunlle Bwle.r* AUGUST K aim) M*RlE, CAM. bf.ronan Mr. (i. HRISTOW. H. DoDWORIH ?nd CORNKT ?n<l STRIN ; U < S'D Okheu or Plum*** vos ?verlniy, "Nabnoo Verdi" . I>? Iw orth ? St" nir fttnd Souvenir d' *meilnue. violin, bv a. (JUimo tl'Am re front "fnictramtd ' Hj<* ui..Pevl?orik'a Cornet Band The elrgvnl t omedletla of 1MB MOB NINO CALL. Sir Edward Arrte t. Mr J. W. Lea'*r Mm. ObUllngton ......Urn Hoey UnuulTvlaaM Souvenir <14 Ho l ni, ? llli loll O hear* rcottmpADtrL.cnta, by tle-'r l.outa Bohrleber Paado Deux, by he ;uvanile fAu?u4Ht and Mine. LOT* a.M> MCHDfcK Mickey Mnora r John Brntipha n Nir.atta... .... .Mia* Pyne Aniha. Mr*. Stephen* nen Manuel . .Mr. H Ruaae'i So1# tie Ooocer' tit: Hi not M 4 \ietvolt Flglta L'Amenr. MIao etto, Vcrdt... IW worth n I'arne' Hand Trevatare (J iailri"<t* Do!worth a string U?n<l HekeOcoa from (be *eeood an of Ilk II IRKISlIUrZ, in cwtenie, by kmk JOBANNiSN an.l VON HERK EL. Pqod actor Carl (U.rgnan Tier' PaiWa '.... Dodwortk'i Siring Ban I ' H ISH IN TDK 1? tRK. Mr Sel'rn Pettlbone Mr II. Jordan Mr*. Peltihone Mr* Stephen* >?'?nk E?U>om .Mr. 11. Rua*ell | M.try Mr* MOIer Tiehelk AO eeula Box book now m>en Boor* open at Al<; oammmr* at Van lay aad every evening dur'r,a the week, TUB WONDERFUL RAVTtLR. Til A1.LAOK H THEATER. Tf MiRTii 20, MI6S MaTItDA UKRON in NEW TBAOIO PLAT. _ lrovurb. i lv , . J*? WRi'JlHAt Orun'Ri 0} * ' nift#'d Aiiifn>jiD onvnpofior, Thk Jncidicr - .a hj S*?" ' k* bedJhrt? dey?L?edYence. JTwmorrtw-- I.kONORfc. 1 /CKA K**KI'S NEW THEATRE. - ., . B? Perry. Km LruS? rllh <" exempjed oocceto "ounten ioro?li of realurU in Inhabited by elre*. * i,? delight 'o entree tr?\ altera binYJli? retime i'.4 tor men, thrm nrPh theirmUchleroi.i!li2r w?l mer<->?ne ^rtdboIh, ?tv? nie to t>>? ,,ritiv .i^ oT .^ "^- " 'ifPp.^To JZ ^{nm ?uj dni lr? Ibe .la y | li e i rei?ii, ih.-lr botRW).? ' 8 *>*thtlhoj resume tiutVr Neveo't oi e..^e* Thv vthi hits ol the nesion. w Jf One *r Otortt Jordan '-irBk"lxf?l?; OB. THK BTATi.'K BKIDK, pro<tneed with tew ?renrry. ruetumee, propmiee end me rlnntcal ellecU. t'oert Cottotreeoi Mflln T H fctioet** PiIdco Jockey Hub Mi?o Koto KeurnoMe Hlv? Ibo hi elite 1^'}** Eeene lhe new innri? ermnjied and adapted by Tboa. flekor. ArATFMT op kl'^K.-ITlUAR OPERA, i Twelfth rnilxwrlpllon nt^-lit) HKKKFIT OK MAUIll'JIC 81 BAKOSt'H. lH myhlof Ibeoeeti-m iBH'vaujin ooeettiATio.e or TAir.*t. First appearance el 'no Acb'tonif of Mualc of R TneibRKO. who bee jroeri iulr t ttertd biaaervice# for tbie oc^ulo*. First eiMl orJy nl*hl of^ TURBV. PRIMA IHJHIaH III ONK OPERA Tbe pel> h n e reapeetfully informed that Mo. art i fer featf.l i poie (1? ibiti* ect?'of DOW OIOVANWI wiU bo performed, moat por.Ulealj for the only lime cm FntiiOT Kxtm*'; Maiicii ?, In which 'he whole airec*th Of the nnmpeoy wll appear. F:ret appearance lo Atui rlre of ______ MXi.1 TRRR8A PARODI In ike role of Donne Anne. Plrat i><r>ui> ee o\ MMt. OORA DK WILMfiRST M /erltha 1 Main I?ir*9f Wl'btW inn QniNni.1 r| Morel I Lrtor-llo Hg Amau Do I-rani Baaar<l.> Big Morta.i Ibe t'rn mer.dainra Wg Fartl l Director and Condor'ar Maortae Rtrakoarh Parquet, Jir#ra < 'Irtlft. Flrrt T or tl Frrnred Saa'a .tor aitra I Ami<Vlha?U-a J> raw f aaiily Ci/rkn Ml nnnla i Prl .from gh la $>' Tl.e hoi ofioa* for iwurlDX *a#u wfl! be opaa dally. trom ft a. M until t T. M . at Ibo Academy at Mo-le. Bratielac a. No. 701 Hrnadway: Hail A Ion *, Mo. 23W l?r.>ad way, and van It or <1ao A Klnj'a. Jlo. 45 Wall irtraaf. Opara fntmmaa' h All Ika trom admimlnaa, w?U iba aieepltoo of ibe p.?Ule praaa, will ba ?a?p -adad on Mil* oraalag. BA BNl'M'B Ml'MCM.?LAAT WKKK OP THK NBW damesilc drama, aa it maat br withdrawn la ardar 10 mat a room for araih'-r newjilrre, ju.t rrr rival fro on London and lo t>r rr^iucwd on Moodar, Vareh Jl. Afternoon at 3, two farorfa fhreaa, Ac. * renin* at 75* RPTH OAKLKT, with ail tha a rant, ortctnal caa> alter which a fa-a. Tha li< <ag eerpanta. happy fhmiiy, Aft, may be Man. Adaftra it aenta, children under lea, U>* < -at# Bpcklrv8 hkrsnaorrh, w, rroadwat. A HPLRNDin MILL Fitdar rrri.n jr. Rarch JtL benefit of R. bishop hpi'ki ky Drat hl?bt of iba -:racd'e-'ine on THK old FOLKS' comrkrt. Alao Vill be oeif rmtd the v?ry lur-eeafal | lece be OCRAH TPl.tORAPH. aa which eetaehia Mr. O D Prrdrrlalta will preeeat Kf > I n ofraphlr Illene??e? of llu l.nneftrlAr* to the rirct too unu ar tub rnwiit. Doora rpfti at CH; eoorait rumnmoa at 7.S e'r'atB TVbr'a to rraia. orcheaira mn 5ft rent*. WH1TK R OPKR* HOPFK. 49 1I0W1.TT.-DO1PT FOR atyht, Pnday Marr.b I), the gmat m uunv.Vi hrteRt of J AMhTS caRROI.l, iba giaataat af the aeaaoa. Fifteen petforinera In the ItaM. ACAPKMY 01 MI'MC -RATl'ROAT. MAR "II 21 flJlnK OF THK RFAKOlf. Laat alabt of ilia Opera t.bmpany. JKr. Tu i tokpjfow^ la?' ?ppe?r?nr> in r*aw ivri <> >..< ? .?I. f lr?t ?rd il; aii|<oaraora M ib-- Aradomr ( M ua* or M*Ua>e D' AMUR I and Madame IOHANNRRR. oomcret. ttaman opera and orrman opera at. at * ar.?t Ike IUM oeaOli.r. In wMr.h all I >> FIVE PRIMA IX) V .MAR will ?i patr kilo PAroni. Mad DC WILHORPT. Mad .'Oil A R MIP.N. Mad 81 KAI.OW1I and Mad D'aNORI. Fife' act Hon NORMA. Mooad a. i from THR CHILD OP rilK REOIWRN P. Porood art frnai BotUmvoa'a PIHM.PA !<?>? la coatoaio from oihar Ouaraa OR ? NO CONCERT Ry Mr. fkalborc and Mad D'Aafrt. r TMAI.NRRU H play far. aa ?a ham ' MaaaaMlo. "Noma" aad kia CM?Rit Wi?n fall particular a eo 8 at onlay rb-urwv and lendaetor. Maart? RM akuil Parqnot Piraa ftrata. FtnR TPer ....91 aeored Name.... Mf aatra i Ampbthnalra Earn Raatytmnlo IRi raid | rrtrata Boioa INaiRt. IP Tk# boa iCm tor aarurtn* aid wtl ba np? dally, from t A. M. untfl 4 P M., at Ik* Aaadoar of MnaPr. Rrauafnfa 7trt trrnroM Pa I A "in'a, .*? iiroadwar. ?d Taa Malta a A Km* r. Fa 46 Wall mraot til ?4'C or atari aaatMaoeoa aa I'rtdap aT.ain v to MIOIIT. W. A. 900M1 8RNRFIT. IN Mat* Jnt.uii.OB u>H Unr Ton Hark* to 0|>?nt Mrt Bory, Hint Pyaa. Mm itapban* tB n.madr aad fared. M HI. Jake Krn*ijhaaa. J. W I**l*r, H. .'ordan. Mrhr'I'BT, B Vloniitl, II Ibr jutea!.* iMrn Anguet* and Maria, tour* j?ur oat* Bart/. VT'?t,0 A OARDFK. ti lh*r* opan at <',vio eofr.mane* at 7H* Ttrkf la W faata, prltata baira %i, nrrkcat. a **M? *1. hot bonk uaa open. M< BP?T Brant . iiirn 2S, OB a MI) OPBBTMO MIOHT OK TUB Cnrltallcd ami un?;\i*.lad It A V KM. n.dar ika <t ro'lnn rf Ik* r> anfruad AMTwlVB aad JKBOVII. Aad <ba takatad dnuMa ma?t>anj nf POBTY Kit B ABTTMTA. raaiprtaiat. a lib otbare la 'bit *r*at ranptm lb* tamae of 1 ANTOIMB AMI) faROMK ?* > KL. I Ml.I.E. BOHKRT. MMB. MOM I'LAf-IB MMK M kf./.P.T I1, LIMA WKMDKU I.k OR KXPIMOMA. M MAH/RTTI. TOl'Rtl IIRM1I.CB. TOl'BO AMBRTCA. ran. bbii.i.amt b maoqim. Tall tartknlara In Hvurdat-" anaonarrmenIf MB. JOnAMIKMR AT NIBLO'M TO MMHT. Jfl Mmf Von Bark*! .at ..Miblo'a to a gfr 1 ?un frbralb'r at Kl'.lo a u. aLrt> H. TimobC at MlHla'a t? atgk * <pn*T **A'' BMABMCB BP oil) TIROIMXT TAKE 1 hi* Mt'fai Berkley'* on Friday ntukt Mrm< AL OOMI'V'"TOBM AT KTBI.O'B TO Ml'lilT? . Cart Bareotaoa, O. B. ;Mt, . H. (Megrk ) I A. RRM.t AMIB'B iiBAMTi OOXCBBT BV HJi L I j. *.?ao* .if* atn|r*r* and nrfhn**r? if l'T) jo mi * maa'r an* *lil b# ?i?>*n at Mi* Taborna * m Wrdn**.)** arealng. Mar*b IK. 1 b kat* L aant* la ba bad at tb? ram " atana aad at in# ttaket otlica. WA MOOR* A BFMK.Hr AT NIBI.O A. , Tvhrla no rani* ' Barare year nib aar'y. ' OoBH op ?n at N OBTIt A MaTIOMAL TMBATBB. f?10A?0. IU..Tk* iranacnr la praparft to aim* a? Brat alaaa atai 'I ?*r lb* a*a*aa <?IP " and 1MB batMrlna rat Ika Mb ? Ma _ OIL Addraaa uakmt UtI J. BOBTH, Ti uyitQ'Ji 1 V'lBIO B UAftDSM.?TWTB KBIMAT FTBMIMO * I> Mia H ay. Ml*. Tya aad Mm. Itapbar. appaar **? tilV-PM MM kfftt 9 /) I Arr !-MA,T. r- iMrr. nn , r.n ^ ? A A?r mk? ftMiirfer. Chlwwawm*. : Nl"i^r.rrA,v?SfaM,ww,Tm L2u::,?Lp*rk ioii t 'it, * n*E <1 r*?<M w?n (, rnrl'Ml'' ?t tb'i* ir'i h> *T+r**jg*m ?m ? ?r?t etMi V ? 3 '' V V'?? i?' ????*. n&mTitUk. uiM<. H?r*M > l?. T< rt. 7 ami *is: >Hm BWAV TblAti.. K A. MAriOiAll. .... MaSm a w. a. ai?k* Mivtr A'oitra open ai , . Ter.wreat7 TMF WOMIiKRrt'L AN'J !f aR' MI K! iCPHAMTd, I VlOfOBlA o 1 aLBKKT, In ttf fcratd > *, inir ah c < if >' TH* ' f " "7 St KM, wIV appear iL'a Friday ??. ! Faiiai-oay arenluga, Mar'4 V and ai, iv!;. I Tor brilliant raat of cbr? etenery, t?' den'.* M , Ac , ne-man hlila The i ?i art rT.bracea tha it ra Ida FiKiiitMiar Kan id k'h'cnf tla PrtDtaa Man, In w Men they w I Int'Odin o a I ibrir dFOIntimd, gymna lied, dance a. ir arrkr* poalnrirg in pie'fno einrdl?ed and NiriDD.I'l AgCBMHoP it' CotONBAL ABO 1-CflT Penan aiNotlco To a'Toirinnotkif f?D i'ii f erhoola. Ac., 'barf wl? I en HHAMI A'TKhB J? PBRKORMANOR i n f nttirdnv ['n.13 np?r ii to begin at 3 iKel-clt. The Kl.r I'll ANTH wl'l appear ? dieerUaaawaat, wMM | t ker blearing ahi attractive en rrtaiemenUa B ROUGH AM'H BOW It a Y THEATBB. 'ole Lam* Mr. John Riwan Acting and Bt*?r M vuigar Mr. J. R. ttawd Ore>ie?trn (.balm. Ci o> nta. 1 ttotia I Hro'.o aad Botca, M aaala; Pit a..d Oallei), t1% oenia Itoura 'pen at M< I# eaaa at-ooe at W o'e cob HIN?f it OK THOMaSH MrRiMIY, TrdMargr. F 111 OAT hvr.n,.,l, a<M? at, 1867, v. Wi.f-r SO N OB mxl OANllPH _ RIIMaM K in HIGH LIKE. Bl BTf N ? NEW TilR AT hk Friday- The two great comic pt'cea of tbe kH THK KKKlOt'H PamIlA anil THE TOOIKJW. Mr. N niton in Ma original cli- o.oteri of AmiaM?b Ileal aad l nod e Mm llughea aa I-ady i irwam 7 tod Mra. Toodid. Mm A Flunhell aa WkVi<r Ilolmalne. Mr. C. Rinher aa ORHl*:n Magtilre. Tn?otrow?DOMltbY xBH rdb On Monday? A new comedy, i? pee atta, oalied WALL NdiriT ambsmo*? thkatb*' chambirh street' ?.at* tefejiiwiisst- ? ~''r:7x^' u^s K fS'WT S "SSKttsr " Of,^,. I Hi'Dili b BiiLi*''*'u *'"R"? He. ri PC rJtTBK *6**or Thk'mvuLu? u bS"'? "* hULH ?r TH? W/r"KnJrtC'to" ??- ; Mr. ?. h. p.veop-rt i^B? ciiKinry a wood s "* a ? ? uijihrriui. hoe r. iTr^4 bro^w?j. below ilml mrma o^:::::::::: ?krhr,'d,> ,nd '^^r-thoopor^ irf iLw? SESi" IW.rn open at t>. at 7J4 o'Hook vi kchanjl'b' hall, <4... . <71 Brnadn ay. aborn (Irmrd. urowtlfd hoiiwd, or<'iit hft kuv< vf? n.? he eicnielnr truup ?r the world hjlh.j m mr? ia-w note; ties pnwn a 1. 'jj. ', mw? ClteMePfe 4?ncw, S' krh^ rknl' Adntleeton ORtQIN AL ANL ?/ia v'irjttdey, perform* oenry rift 0an drv 1 " idlnm rkt.ib. r? liu?t' Boil. .... Remember, thta U the 0017 orl/i'tni r ^.0 Virginity. Be not dece.ved hynp-brwie rcprcai ml ?to. BlhUOI* BnCET.RY'd HKREKir Oh pb1pay night !.<?* o n fnr fnn. VMBUJ'h iJABOEN.?TUIR f RID AY BVF.VISG. i.\ Ur. John Brougham, II- j. w. Letter appe vr t'-'n evening OLD FOLK'S CIONCKBT at's OK F1K1A Y night. ttr a. moork's hrnkkit at nibi/o's. ii . Thin Friday evening. I'opraeedtitit-d alt'action. romprtnie* Opem, comedy. bailtt, farce. An., at mvski'k, 127 brand 8trrht. on* r d?or from Kroadwav, tip turn, epnn ernry aftemean a* :t ami rverr ernnlog at 1%. bj Vatfncne Wartou t t/aapc lfadr' Arlatee euro luting of twen*/ te/en yotytg laoina who appear twice every da; U> uielr ptDuIint n?yfe of enter mnnnt I OUN RROIUHAM AT NTRUVB Tim rVKNlKf*. 1)9 rj the eoinieal'ty. written br lnmee.f of i.ovic ml'ROBR, Kir w. a. 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