Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 21, 1857, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 21, 1857 Page 6
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1? g ivmrmmm eewewki BTOT HI. im&TIUNI flAVrBU^KHHilBM. A LADY WOPI.D I.I** TO hPKAP A PA*T Of Til* da> inatrurUigctuldreu la Uie hnglirt braaobaa ? a goa ?w ptl M (Mail/. Acklrrsa Uelln l-rurea. llarabl o*kie A N AMKKIOAN WIDOW LADY PKSr*H A SHHAA Umh teoaela. p??r Ota ba aaao at 190 Pal(<a?f? hooHrn- Addreaa a. T. Q AYOL'?U MARKUP ?u?w, with a rsnau hrraetof milk wtehae a child to nun* Inquire at W GiahUoocaat.ooraeror Bewery. Reference* eaehaaged. A TOOK0 LAST OK 1XPKRIKNCJI IN TEACHING .? ? atioftti a ? daily govoraaea, or aa teachw. Reforeacee will be glr a. Addreee or apply at 38 Woat ITth el., Cur fewr da/a. fr?tn -i to ? r. M. A SITUATION WANTRD-RT A PROTEST ANT TOUNO w?n. m wet ttitk Inquire el tth are . be tweee 9th aad 3oth eta., three door* from the ooraer of 30th Arret A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RWPXOTABL.1 WO mam, aa (rod plata eook U a ftrai rate w*ah?r and Iroaer. aeohyectiia <o do general bonaework. Rett otty mrreore. Oa'l at LSI Warn 16th at, weal of 7th nr., urei floor, front room ABRSPXCTABiJC TOEING MARRIED WOMAN WITH aCreeh breaat at auk who ha* teat her oAby Area month* o*4 wwhce a MiaMtnc aa wet auree in a reeseeUltle family, aa ebjeo-iona to the ceoutry. Can be area at 243 1VA *u, near 9th are., room 1th A TOUNO WOMAN WANTS A HirUATION IN APRI rate family. Under auntd* oooktng and bak'ug. and ia aa txecUeat wauhar and tracer. Haa good otty retereaoe. Can be eeeo at ?* Greenwich at., between Hubert aa t Reach. third fl' or. tract room. HOCMTKEKPER ? A SITUATION WANTHI), BT A young American woman from the Kaatero Statea. and who ha* had lone emertrn.** a* *urA_ (Mir referenre intra. Appty for tlireecaya atlMl ii av. otttjatiom vanted?hy a brsi'kntabli tounq O woau, aa cook, and u> iwiu In the waahtng mad iroala-; in k mail private tamtly, la a good baker, and 'indent kadi kar buameaa; good city reference can "be given. Una be aeea for two day al No 26 Baal Wlk Situation ap wet nurse ?a rkprkctable wo tan wltli a treah breta:-*? milk. eii>er.inced a* a we wot. with good referLO?r? da-urea a muation aa ret mire* Uiouirr of Ueorge KS'.ock Jr., bupcrin'.eudant outdoor pout, Rotunda, park. Situatioh wanted.?a younq oirl, of high reapectal'iilty. wonKI be glad to obtaia a altuatton la a genUemon'a family aa leamalreaa or would travel to Europe; baa ao obltrlioD to go i-oatk or Weat; la ful.y competent to out and tit children's diveaes Please call or addreaa L. II.. Sa Broadway, toy Hoar. Raw York, for one week. Washing and ieontno wantid-bt an eno IWi woman. Good reference give* Apply la Maria Mai?. 61 did at .Mad dtk ay* WANTED?BY A RESPECT A RLE 8TATKN Ml. AND womau. a altuatlca aa wet none. Can aire good refer err* J'trace addrcao Mr*. V. Earned, Tompkmnvule. Htaieo La'and. root o&ee. WANTED?A SITUATION, BT A YOUNG WOMAN, a* laundress, or otik, vuh And iron tar A priests fa mUy. Inquire ?t 1/d lnn 164h at., third Boor, froat roeta, x Ti; AMTED-A SITUATION AS HOUSEKEEPER IK THE It family of a widower or e'derly gentlemen. wfchont ohu drtn. by a lady who can give the beat reoommeadntioas. Addram boa 1.127 Fwt )Eoa. TXT" ANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE VT young woman, u eook. the nnderetamda her buaUea* ta all ill braarhea, la an axeeJenl baker of bread and pantry Would eaalat in the waahmg. Scat of city ratereaoe. Call at ib Waat 23th aL. orar the bakery. III ANTED?BY A BBf TEOTABLK PROTESTANT WOIT man, a aituaUon aa good rook and to aaaiat la the wnahIng. no objection to g? ta the country. Good reference* cau be gtrea Can be aocn far two data at W Grand aL WANT YD?A SITUATION. AS WET NURSE. BT A reapcetabie woman whi a freah braaat of milk. Apply at the office of the ^ r of Kmlc rattan Si Worth etroet WANTS D-A 8ITUATIOK, AS CHAMBEEM AID AND aaanmi eaa by a young woman, who perfectly under aland bar bHainrea, and hae the oeat city reference.. Plaaaa eaUar addraaaSS Waat 19th at, for two day*. IUTO AXIOMS MTAhrrKD?MALKS. AYOUWO MAN, WHO HAS BEEN IK THE RETAIL groom and liquor buainea* for the term of three year*, la In waat of a ait nation In a whfilraale grocery or liquor awre Inqu.real No. 8 Jamea o&p. AYOUKO MAN. A PROTESTANT. WANTS A 8ITI AUaa aa eoaotunan. oaderaianas the bosiaeaa perfectly. Afldrea* boa 124 Herald office. AM AMERICAN BOY, OP GOOD FAMILY, AGED 14. tadreu-ouaof Leoraoig the drutr or watchmaking dual neaa In ubilgtng and willing and write* n good band. Good redereoce A4dn-aa a P.. Bcinid offioe DRT GOODS -A SCOTCHMAN, CONVERSANT WITM e?ery separtmrat 3> the trade and fully eemprteat. da air ea an engagement to trarei. or weald accept a responsible position In a Orat ciaaa bona* South or Went. Can and anil war*, and baa A No. i city reference Allium N. R. G . Herald oSice. SHIT HH&K1I1.KRIL-A KB4I M TAill.I lin, UA.V tin | mom* i?owV4|?o( the trade, write* a good han i. u4cu | acoouala, wenu a iuiOja. Would ukt biaeaalf generally uehl. Ciood dry r^irnrt ItmumUa > wom dary OM* AdaruaaC. K , Herald oBoa. mo KorroM-A eRxrusMax or nLzm rtr 1 orgy ood ob11)17 to rooideai of thlo city for the loot fifteen yoaru., w itkeo tba poonioo of crtue ood kmtiel wrttor to aay rrwoartaalo aewapoprr. Kntlro miAobni wtL bo firm oo tocWMUrudnfuRf. Aifrto Wrttor, Herald oiioo ri I.AW1IRA-A TOCXO KAN. AX ADXHTTD ATlimn who to c?pewai to take charge of (handler bun iiooo wwoea o otiuouon, either oo junior partner or clerk in a law tin, Addrrw# W. V. K box 38MB, r Puot eBce. rCHVECll OOM*rrTXK8.-A SOPBANO OP *tTPKrtor attainment*. who boo beoo et'idytng m Italy for tho pan throe jwi will rtoaru m a fow week* and would acmot an rafaqeoieot to a church. Inquire of a. B. Ldacoia, TXS Broadway WAXTBD?A BITVATIOX, Aft BALBHMAX OB KOBB m la a r'mr-ab <-r rot all boot and ahoo Mora, by a fn* ataoo workman, who BMbBa XagUah and Oeroaaa. a i diw Qoorgt Ott. Be Wot 17th at. WAHTTD-A RITUATIOV. BT A YOUNO KAN. It yoaro of aft. In a wbotoaate irrooory fltara. barta* aarred bto Um to too bmtn?w?. and ? only arrtrod front fx land. oaa keep tba booba ao atark la a dry (ooda Morn. Root city rodwenees and aecurttj. Addroas D M tl., hoc IU Horald WAIYKB -WAXTKD. BT A TOCXO KAN OT THR boot moral rharaolor. a aftuattoa aa traitor or lantmaa la a prirwto family. (toad reioreaee firm Call aa or addraaa tor two daye B. Plana gin, Iftt Baal UlhaL. Aral Hoar W*mn-M A HIDOLR aokd max. a kitita "f nan aa bookkeeper or eataemaa for a prod urn. roonaia na or pmviaioti houer. baa a thorough knowledge ofbnaiaoaa. Addraaa X. T. , bat 1*1 lietiild office WABTBD-A RITCATIOB A" POBTBB, BT A TOUHO mm willing to make himself^-eoarally useful; bit bees ereeeWMU ti AelHer gonde make ollaaUonj Ac, For rape hist; aad bnoMt; cm rtw U> km Isat employers Plenaa liilM X H , llerHid OSM. WAJfTKO- BT A M AHBIBD M A*. WITH 0*X CHI1.D. aHuauoa to Maltese e (em aad recetabie garden Oaa here unqeeetlooebM retsreoee u to honesty, eobretj had oaaahldtv. Ptaaaa apply to Mr. BrtdgemM. seed More aorser of Broadway sad IMfe m. ABTKOtW.T. AHTBOLOGT -MA0AHK LB LBBT CAJT BB OOB saMadabeut love, nm i lag i end absent fnsade. aha teUa ad tha oveata of MIA leeh to mttenaa. at 1?V Malhorvy areai. he floor, hark rooM La*Ma As.. gMiilOMaa Wo. Mha eausw Mwff mamas ea. charge a Mrs. ArrmoLooT.-PROPBwioB wilbob, m rboobb street soar Merfulh. a the sa y parsna la this cftr ahla to boll the pact, prraaat sad istore oveata of Ufa To ladiaa. tt reals, seattaaiait. >1 Aatro?os>aa. hooha lor aala. a b ABrmoTxmmT that mat* tub wo*li> ajW oar does aha wtM Is tmpaaa aaAaMvy U ywe vmi m atahaaMut rah andaoa Ma aaiarally (Add lady Sals the awy pjwaa la tha UaHad Matas who aaa p" la*; nets hers njjT aawt^aati*>^ ^reMvaa IwiMM IMOrahar I BTBOLOOT ?MBA PLVBBT PBOB PABO. IB TH* Mast rot ?h rat id lady af tha preaaat aaa la taUMr all a* rata mw sad oenaM. aha nasal oaaaUoaa ah tat ahaaat fiMda lava, aiimaoi. Ac., hy ~*s " at Wk Msums Bg^ AWOSUItt ?THB CBLBBBATBB BIPBT WOBAB aaa ha roaantiad aa all rraals oflMh paM. preaaat aad latere. Pail saoeft aa pivaa Pas W naa tha (IMsy hMaaaarat a blah wilt rutin happMeaa; ohargsaatra. Bo. ?g? CMaaletraat. third flaar. aaar paJUvaa. Aitmisium to aUo-badamb bobbow. tub aeeeaM daashitr of a arveath daagbtor. whs was alas a rrai MMratogML has a aaaaral (Ml is tali all Iba sraata of IMA eras | sM vary Ihneghts aad whether res are Married or Mngte. aad haw Maaj Uaa yen are to be Married aad how aeoe. aad wlH Mow ywo tha Harass* of your rstare huahaad aad ahaaat fr-tiMla. aad wtD sense you la be apaadHy Mar rtsd. aad hava goad leek throat* Ska. 1 have astonished UOoaiM IVW mf nrm ? Hrav*. no our[> mm -rrri Owmbm Ml xlnlM. 76 BrooaM elroal. M |? ? (MmM and flam *rM 0I.AXBTOTdjm.-IIM. dlNOTk HO. 11A IPBW dr*K a M? 4mh wnal at Bmadwey Ik* and i?wk? rui a*iiai add kaaiaaM alak iar?1 la AmM. AH dia eaaa^Alenwrarail tad aatw I,iVi^Tl" at m ' pi.AtB*0TA?C* -BAPAMK DC BOTCH, AT H OAII \J taa tn* hfwnne Hrootnr and 'iraad. metia-iaa to CI atntaaUmw for all <1ia~>eo? Th* aiMfcitd aho'ild *'? ?? Tt.a ta On wm lady who waa noeaallnd afcoui (kali-rbld <l~w?* Dudley hat waa adrrrtland, whoa* pa T'ta ?a? reltaaaf hoai tkalr frvrf and aarWawaa' by 'Mir * aafr raturr u naiad 1a Madaana D'a eumlaa'ion. r. a we wbBlni la knew tk* whole facta are terltad to nail i .-TTi iha rhUJ i pnowni. ai mWr atraat aad knar ail tba i at t.rwlafa Bedem* n data ft tor awalaaiton tor k??ib frt? aratai ifM. wnhoot prwripttaa. Ml neon. for aherel Mecoa. Ae , Hi eaale tor laeeij miaulna. bare. court 'b'B -aarnaaa VI * DAB BAIWm. TUB HTtTHHTom LADT in A ill vmar ta an. bar pramrontw ara no tree. <>?ier Ho I' ?eel martneeik nmn, Bear Mirth eraann Hour* 10 a. H.. '.ddf M. Ladtoa U aaata Oaniimm to oral*. She - < uaea peed/ aMrr1a?e*, akarye trtre. B BWIHAFBRN. a toClMT OBT TBI UIADBR VTV ifiirMHimMiral 7 b ?*aadi wara dfcNMeMad In *??Mm th* WHW TOBR 1? * f ra mat weak, aa they ran oof a? all the aowa agencine. and oon.d an* ka had Te eopply tan demand in arrai kaaoc epirron W ill l?e p e" ?d una wee*. wflAH A 00~ fabHahara, 1A Benkeian ?rew K1""' normtfrr*. 0?Mr. , ?%1<t bV?rarfc- Ji Lhta dMrftllM I ?>?idi-? mknf oliar ?ttr*W*oa. <Ml?4? ?" ***** riM??, r? ?, *<ry of -Btl ,?1 ti* ooTnii*; ? ?. 1 ? init trvia or irr* _ _ frV# fr> r 3MIU. fff ?4?r^yV K HRa* W AUTIP^MAMH. Bot wattsd-4* ofhok bot. 11 to u nut! of a ft ?i>|ly at rcom IS. all; BroaAvt/, ir :m lllot o'clock. /MJSK WAJfTKO TIC A HOTKL?WHO OA* LOA* yj t ? or KUV tw ? '?w vmu. on kM eurtty. Kmmanrut (Mirth (or a autta >1# youa* man. Aiureaa Ja.k??u, Ogice. CANYak8xrs.? WANTKD, BIX TO SOLICIT SU < acripuoaa for a weakly paper None but Ui Me raaerleacrd oeed apply, atdiM Broadway, roeaa 16, It A. X. and ^r.H. COACHMAN ?wantkd. A oolobkd man, AS coachman, and tia wile ? cook. Apply >? 18 tttone t Dado ciuk wanted-one well acquaints ? with the elty retail and preactipttee buautaa. Apply at :0 Hud eon avenue, broaklya. n?UO ci.erk WANTKD?one FCLLT QUALIFIED i J and not afraid or "work may find a good and permanent engagement by apply tag to T. 0. Oodferr, 3d avenue, oeruer of 2l?i at , Brooklyn, en the route of tha Qreen wood care DAY GOODS.?wanted, thrke smart s alkbmkn. Apply tar ilireo at 188 Grand at,. WUliamaburg. to M B. Bug an Farmkb wanted? must undkbstand the bu xioeas thoroughly, and produce evtdeuoe of hia Integrity, aotirtety. tad u? try, experience and ability, apply, in peraou, ou Moo lay, March 23 IW at 281 Pear* alreet. Mew Tort, cr addreaa by leti?r tmmedlalely, directed to A. B , 281 Peari atrret. New York. w antkd-at lr court sr., brookltn. One who ucderttanda waahin? and la a caretul driver, note tot a single temperate man need apply. nuicviv w a ntkb?avi tun can hiiukavii i O good h1 prompt paylcg trade la fancy dry goads busili?? 1 hr r'gbi kind of man will be lioerally rewarded. Ad drens P V . Herald oflire SALESMAN ?WANTED, BY A YOUNG MARRIED tu?u. a situation as aalesman in a Urst class wholesale obl>iug bouse. Uae a 1/irge near lit and abort time trade, too tftvrthebeai of reterenoe*. Address Salesman. Herald tflire. V?ALE8MFN WANTED-APPLY AT JAS. A. HKARN'S O dry go.>da atore, 776 Broadway. SAIJ8MAN WANTRD-OMK WHO 18 WELL Acquainted ? th the dry goons business: a Derma a prefer rod. Apply from 7 A. M. until 4 P Jf . at * Uateerineat WANTED?8KVEHAI. FIRST CLASS SALESMEN; UN exceptionable refereuoe required. Apply after 6 P. Hi, to George A. llearnn, 425 Broadway. WANTED?600 GOOD TUNNEL MINERS AND LABOBIdk men on the Van Meae Gap tunnel aad sertioo* oevea tti l eight of the Warren Railroad, near Oxford luraase Poet mhoe, Warren county, N. J. Wages for good heading naen, 61 116 per day. wages for good bat torn men. St 20 per day. Apply on the work to DtiPuy A Me AUlMer, contractors. WANTED?AN OUT DOOR SALESMAN. A MAN OF energy and industry. Adcreea Dickson, Hat aid otllce. WANTSD-A TOUNQ MAN, NINETEEN OR TWENTT j ears of age, as assistant in a law office. He must be a rood wr.ter. au na?e eome knowledge of Drartire. Cosapenksuoo S4 per week. Address X. Y. b., Foetofliee, New York, in handwriting of applicant. WANTED-A MAN TO TAKE CARE OF A HORSE and wagon and to make himself generally useful, be must be well acquainted with hie business and the city, aad refer <o M* last employer*, or no notice will be taken. Address A. B . box 136 Herald offioe. WANTED?IN A YfHOLKSAI.B PAINT AND OIL bouse, a smart Jnctire j oung man. ee entry elerk, and oo csetiihliy to assist In the sales: must wilts s good hand, and be correct at figures, one who understands Use business will be preierred. Address, with references, Palala, Herald office. fXTANTED?A FARMER AND WIFE, WITHOUT OHTL TT 4i?n. she to alb-nd to ibe dairy, Rood recommcadaiIons rts|i;.reJ. Inquire of 8. T. Jones, li William ?u. office 19, 3d floor. WANTED?A PIANlBT AND VIOLINIST. (LADIES or sreOemen / to perform In s But class concert room 1 '.iosr possessing s sood \ olce for staging preferred. I*n(Ti?ce no objection. App.icantc are requested to state their taieois. Address O. B. b. D . Post offioe, New York. WANTED?TWO DRY OOODS SALESMEN, AT 179 Grand St., Williamsburg. Aisoone German. None hut experienced hands need apply. fXTANTED?A BOY THAT CAN BRAD WRITING. TO TT distribute papers la the city. Apply between lbs hours of 9 sod 11 A. M., at 3S4 Broadway, room 16. WANTED?A BOY IN A BOOK STORK. ENGLISH prelrrred; must be of genteel appearance. Apply is long A Boyle. 33 Ana su WAITER WANTKD, IN A PRIVATE FAMILY?A young maa stout IT or IS years of ace. as aaalmant waiter. Apply, with good stty reference, at 17X 6th arcane, st lt> A. M. or 4 P. M. WANTED?A SMART, INDUSTRIOUS, BORER YOUNG man. to lead bar Persons who understand the buMuees. aod can .furnish unquestionable references, may apply si 3il South street, corner of Uowrerneur slip, between the (.ours oi 10 A. M. end IS M . end at the norlawest earner of heat sad beiaacy streets, between 2 sad 4 P. M. JOHN NKRK. TV*ANTED?A YOUNO MAN, NIMETREN OR TWBMTY TT years of age. as sssistant in s law office. He must be n good ? riter. and hare sesne knowledge of prerUoe. Cbrepeo ratioi> 96 per week. Addreae X. Y. A, Poet offioe. New York, In handwriting ol applicant WANTED?A YOUNG MAN ACQUAINTED WITH REtail china ViMnans Apply at H31 nroad wny. WANTKD?IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, A ROT AS waiter, wanes $* per moaih. Call to day, at 142 Let legtoa are. WANTRD?FIVE DBT GOODS SALESMEN. APPLY et fC Broadway. Q. B. WILLIAM. TX/ANTED IMMEDIATELY?A CARVER, ORE WHO *? II II .. I. SI. I...1.? uul ? > . well recommended. Apply at 107 Outl street, corner of MlaMk NEW PUBLICATION*. AMtW FRUIT AND FLOWER CATAL4MICE FOR 1AN7. with deecrtpuou Ml prvee of all trees and plana needed in the garden, lava. orchard. green bouse vinery or ... raary. ?Mb the laiast novelties. will bo forwsrde.1 on appli canon. Carriage ul all packages paid to Bonn or Now York. B M WaTPON, Okl OoloaJ HaraorMa.rijMoolA.Mnaa. DAPPLFTON a t o , :Oe AND .146 BROADWAY, . Hat* eommsaeed publishing, aad har* leruei Mo. 1 of U" < YtXOFMJIA OF WTT AND HUMOR. Kdlted by Wiujam E. drrrot. ma cslaasitsn Contois*. Otmprismg a unique collarLioc m complete arurles and of written humor and eccenlrtaues from tAe moot tinseat humorists of Amartoa. Kngland. l-elaad and Hoot and llluatrated wuh upvarda of 610 characteristic engrev m(* (rots oftgtnei and aruatir damans. aad each part will bate an engraved portrait or etching (Tom a alral plain The wort a p unlinking in aarnl monthly parts, at I wen If flra cents each, ami will (oral two roitunra of ibe largest rofal octavo a,r?. at i huadrad pagra each, rich and vartod In Iw naturals, and bartag a full Index Tbla a not a book for a dor. II la for all time. a library la ilaelf for 'he lot ere of mirth. Not a line o ' Lai to to the delicate mlrda wtlJ be adaaitted. aad the beat et authors furnishing the contents will eiaeed In number nod value that of nny other wars evsr nflered to the public. Par moot can be made, either la one sum la adraaoe tor the whole work, all Coders, or la three equal divisions or for each num her as deli*.-red by the carrier and the price named Will la rlude the delivery ib town, or the rootage prepaid to any part id the foiled Htataa withla VDOO mtlea. Ia p feces wbera we have no aren'a al'ibemay be funs art aad wa will saed l> one address sii copies for lha pctee of five Bat ail aaberrlptlns. pad la sd enre can be mada only to the wboleaele agent J H Ford. App'eton'a Building New York. Carriers or local xeaa are not nnthort/ea to recetvn paymoet ia advance no our neenont Number two will be waned the first of April, and numbvr U roe the first of Mar aaxt aad eontlnued regu arty '.wise a month till the work la completed 1. B. FORD, wholeaala agent No. 9 Appleton's Building. New York. Jjv XTR AORI'tNABT VOIXMI !s leasee, e .; in- w eti" The title Of Una wonder m bolt la INUCIRB WITHIN Far sayihtag you want to know, Of over 1700 fhrla tor the people. Hath (til price one dollar. ?M pages. "Inquire Willi in ' 1s one of the mnal valuable aad eitmcrdtusry volumaa erer pi aw led to the American public, aad em bodies Be arty four thousand fore, in the moat of which any pereoa blag will bad Instruction aid aadeatartatamaeL ' In qslrs Within ia sold at the krw price of one dollar, and ret It me tains 4Jr pages of ehweiy printed mailer, aad la headeomaly and strouglv bound. Ii a a doctor, s gardener, a v< <nl master, a darxtng TisWsr so artst. s naiumint. s model,cr. s cook, a lawyer a sargenn. s eheaa player, a chemist, a snams' cian. a brawvw. an amonataot an architect, a ' latter writer." a -lloi.e, sad a universal guide to aU kinds of useful aad tanry mnplojmewl amusement aad money making Besides all tain tofcrwrnMnn?and wa have net ram to give aa Idea of a hundredth part of It-tt roavalas so many valuable aad use fnl receipts that aa eenmeraUon of them requires seventy two edumaa of fine type for lha ladei ' Inquire WHbta ' la so coTecilee of aacleat sayings aad rv eetpt* but the whole la fresh aod now, and sailed to the pre nam tones. Aa n book to keep In the family for reference K la unequalled cetrpriatng aa It does all kinds of book* of tafor Su va la a Oagle volume. >i Jehad b' GARRETT DINK A FTTMMBALD, No l- Ann street. Also, for mle by nil hookselers to this place, foptreof theshere beok sent by mail, oe reew-l of Ft. te aay addrres fore of postage. a enable aeenta wanted to ear vans for "Inquire Within." f o i1 roll ortea te the publishers. T IFE IB HROOITIJf. ITB LIOHTS tNDVUDIH. Li Ms vvtuss and Its rieaa. win be ready an Maedsy area t j next. Mnreb B. noBMR. J By tb* author ' th* arw r'*V PoaMoa Ttowara. 1 roi. limn , Slrd ?dKimi, 71 ??nta. * "f<i ttr ih* How, load puhibihtd,1 r*L (Mo.; "I rvita Bj *ra llnwt author of I-oooor* or, Th# World' Dwi." TICK WOK A flKUBK. f.HItohara. HoatoaSOVKTHIftf) HBW. To la'hnra and motor r*. to p'ibil*h*ru and th* Honk rad*. to thr pohUa to (*o?ro) and our yatiag publir to par 1'Tutor Thr flrot nnjab?r of th# TOtifM Pw.ri.E o nxcwiBAntn maoa/.ink or Aaiaaorar ?*n irrrarcTipp I# now rradT. rnototeia* orlfltaol tatoa, akov-Haa aod ill-jtira uota. oaly 12 rmt? par nvmbrr, or 11 m par aaaam. aad a ?Wt ptr-nra of llothor a Lor*, prtatod to of: oo'ora, eipromlr tor Ik* aubocrfhera. n.ra rttwi. 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CAAT OTT a iTHTRO -OKRTTtMKR W'fTTR.jTO rowro** rMhlaf ? "*??r ROmnnH propodr Inlo ru> r?n r?*.; U w MfOinl mnrr !hRr <;?wp?r? from .'AM RM COA( AIT.Osr*rt?ml OrJ*ro thr? <?b p ?l or oUrr 11 1 KW FORK HERALD, SATt HMJP w Ajvree?fkhajjb*. 4?AMFTBCHS wnoowHi i'siviita maoi-INK can Md posd M|i?rwiii by eat Hug at 133 8?oi I <?> see, b?^rf iv or after I o'otocfc. ATOCBO UDV, FROM IT TO 9 YIVU OF AOM. IS w *1,ted u> go lo Oulifarula wall ednc <ud amd o*mu>d itl t uMMt W a store It necessary, at pleasing addr-ws aid ?fl I WIIM dddma B W. 8 , Haratd ate, tor om week aAiU fl pUoo 1 interview. SHOOK WAJTrBD-ONK WHO UMORMTAMDS FUA1N V ' cooking. can baka. and om A* ?and Ironing m pact, fea a aaialt family Inquire at Mia unnley's, 3! tfeei jlth at.. flAb bouse real of tth are., between II and 1 o'alook. CIOOK Wain BP.? A COLORED WOMAN, WHO OAK ) come leoommended as a very superior eook. b >oeai aat ipber. wlM reoelra the highest wages pns, by eppLiag at 65 1 eat '-'1st at. Cihildt nobsk wanted?1to oo in the coonJ try about twahra miles. Apply at 61 Fleet *, aetr Fulton eve.. Brooklyn. GIALH WANTED -fOOB OB PITH GIRLS WANTED, to put up balm of tea thousand flowers. Apply Savorflay moraine.before lflo'eiaek. at 103 Went Broadway. UP stairs. Alae a flood bey wanted. BfTLLINKKfl W ANT BD- ?WANTED, FIFE FIRST Ju class silk and straw m lliuers tan lo New Haven, Ooaa None bat flood bands required. Wages from fl6 to $d per week, and permanent employ menu Address W. F'.i/fieratd k Co.. boa 661 New Haven Pant eCboe, VTVB8B WANTKD-A TOO NO WOK AN FULLY COMAY i?etenl lo take tba antiro charge of a young Infant. Nome eicopliog those baring the bent of cltvrererenre. need app f at No. 6 Islington av.. belweeu LI and 2 o'clock this day. SALESWOMAN WANTKD-WELL ACQUAINTED WITH the eliy trade; beat references required from Lett employ er. Apply on evening*, after C o'clock, at 717 Broadway, ta i be aiore. SHTRT HANDS WANTED?FINK IINIBHKB8, BUTton dole end body maker* wanted Immediately. The highest price* paid for good bands and steady employment. Apply to Jaokaon A Purdy, 4W Broadway, second door below Oread a*. rTAILORRSBKS?ONE AS DRESSMAKER. ONE TO make pacta, atd one to learn each trade, wanted. None but good newer* need apply. Call at No. 15 .lames at , Brooklyn. WANTED?THREE OR FOUR GOOD MILLTNBRR. TO go In the country. To euch as are oompe'eat hands good inducements will be given and all the advantages of a t;oed atiuatioa secured. 1 be location is near Washington cttr and <-th?a peculiar advantages. apply to W. J. Lewi#, 241 Broadway. II/"ANTED?A PROTKRTART NUR8K AND BEAMTV streea, with unexceptionable references, and qualified to take ibe entire charge of an tnftwL Apply at II Broadway, Mew York, front eflioq. np stain, or at kid Henry street, Brooklyn. WANTED?A GOOD COOK, WASHER ANB IKONKR None need apply without good reference as to characier and ability. Apply at 221 West 3fth street fir ANTED?IMMEDIATELY, A PROFE83KD COOK. If who has diy references Air hoaeaty, sobriety and neat neas. Apply at the basement door id Weal ldtb st, for two day*, from 9 to 11 o'clock in the morning. WANTED?A MILLINER WHO UNDERSTANDS HRR 1 flatness thoroughly, and who la willing to assis In aoHtrig?a good situation for a competent person. Apply to A, L Usee, No. 86 Chambers street, care of Baldwin AOo. WANTED?A RESPECTABLE TOD NO WOMAN, AS none. The best of ettr reference required. She most be wllHrg to pass the summer months in the conn try. Apply M nv. it iHVTwn yaw, MPW H. WANTIO-Uf JERSEY OITT, A FIRST RATS GIRL, to 4* geaaral housework, where there la plenty of work and liberal pay. Mint be a foodciok and good washer and tracer Addreae H. P. C., box 70 Post oilioe, or esll at 91 ard t:t Barclay at WANTED IMMEDIATELY?FIRST RATS MANTILLA TT hands None othera need apply, at 40 Mercer at BMSKMAR A CO. Wanted?an experienced cook; one who is thoroughly qualified can apply at Lit) Congress street Brooklyn. WANTED-AN AMERICAN OR GERMAN GIRL, BE tween the age of 19 and Ml, to do the housework of a mall private family; one who would be willing to go a short distance in the country preferred. Apply far two daya at 21K Water at. Brooklyn. WANTED?FOB THE COUNTRY, A COLORED WO tea* as cook, weaker aad Ironer. and to take charge of the milk room Inquire at OT Allen etreet, one door above Broome. WANTED?AT 34 ABINGDON PLACE A FIRST CLASS cook, nooe others need apply. English preferred, or cue that thoroughly uniletetsrda English cooking. WANTED?A NURSE AND SEAMSTBES8; ONE FULLY competent to take care of an Infant. Must be a good sewer, aad understand embrollerr. References required. Apply for two daya at 81 Rate 83d at. WANTED?A PROTECTANT WOMAN, At CHILD'S nurse. Apply at Wo. *4 Montagus place, Brooklyn. HI ANTED-IN A BMAI.L FAMILT. A GIRL TO WASH. Tv Iron, and do plate cooking. A Herman (peaking Car. lied preferred. Wagea K. Apply at iKf Ureenwtch at. err Aim D 1MMKDIATKLY?THRKK GOOD MTLUN BBS tt and improver*. To euch liberal ?agea anil nunalant employment given. Also, two apprentices. Apply at 701 Hraadway. WANTKD-BT A PCIVATC FAMILY, A (1IBL TO cook, rut. iron and do general haoaework. Hunt thoroughly nnderetand her buainaaa Beat of relereneeo required. Apply at 31 O Union place, eighth air ret, from y is] o'eloek. WANTED-IN BROOKLYN, FOR OBNKRAI. HOCK work, a young Angllah. Rroteh or Uermaa girl; one who will dody to pleaee and make haroelf agreeable, will bo paid high wagaa. Addroaa box 3,444 Past odkee. atallng where to be found. Want id-a girl, to attend a bakiry itorb. Oood reference required. Apply at 444 Myrtle avenue. Brooklyn. Wanted-a german protestant oibl, who underWanda RagUab. to da the general houaewnrk of n inkl fhmiiy, muat be a good wmaker and troner and plain oook; nooe other need apply. To auch, a permanent home and good aagea are otlered Apply at 400 Hudaon eUeeC Tl'AliTXD-A NEAT AND INDCRTRipOS OIBL TO TT do general housework te a family of two peraoaw; mas' uodrmtnaa wmating ironing and piain oooklng. To auch a one good wagea wlD he given. Apply at No. 136 drove at., Jermey City. WANTED?FIFTY F1B8T RAT* HHIRT H ANDH. T? work In ibe Mere None bat i home necuMomed to making the beat ouMom work need apply. Coomtant -wtpermeat and good prices paid, at H FearW*. hki Bleacher M. II7ANTBV-A OIRL, TO DO THB OBNKR AL WOBC TT lor a family ol three In Brooklyn, lor pve dollar* a ii.on lb. The housework ta light. A girt who ran new will be iairly paid for it, In addition to her wage* Apply this (rfnnirnayi alteraooa. between fbur aad alt o clock, at a# Liberty at., up Malrs. IATABTCB?A OOOD PROTESTANT COOK, WASIIBR TT end tracer, to go a abort dletanoe ta the country, liberal wagra le a oompetrm girl; mint be well recommended. Apj u) Mr. mtmilj.aji , 81 Cedar airwet, near Broadway. Uf ANTED?A FIBiT BATB UIRL, TO OOOK. WATH. Iron, and make beraalf generally uaefel m a amall private lamlly. apply, with rrtereaoe, al No .213 Raat Broad way, corner ot LttnUm atrerC nrmitn at m nam an ?thl-b>t a aiao* a in VY drrnMnaker, nw wbn can -nt ud ill by miaturt, alao, I tree app rentier to Irani lb- buntoran thk tkaum, /wirnora wasntd.-oni that cndkr V ' nand* inncry f??ior and parly wart la general. A >mprirat par*oo ran ?pp j at It I'aloa square. LHKTTFR MWRAVR* Wtmn-nyi ACCTTNTOMRD la wart oa jrwnj-r and silverware, of pfafwWal ?* artty and rent mimr habits. mar ae-tir* a p>rmaoeat Win u-m, wtib a liberal aalary, by applytaf J a* P. Joaaa. ; Waaaiiii w . R. T. N| ^ OTKM.-tllK HKlVlOd or A rVAIT, AOTIT* and natrrprlaisg carpenter may ba made araUaM* ta b* tnirod'iruno of a new and > try veperlor plane Part Km ntriraW'i oar, raJ between ' aid 5 T. M. el l?< Pearl a. jam smith waxtfd?onr who w a rrwi 0 *ortman on *Or?r and Wermaa alirer. Oall at IT* Wtl .am aL. lAird floor T| HO bTKRKOTTPtRA ?A PRACTICAL WORKMAN. Of I IWf? eian-ieace la every braarb of the art, of rood ba raster aad fully competent la tab* retire -barge of a foundry, 1 a ad?aatar?i? terma. wanted immediately by Job a A. uray. It and Lt Jacob *L, Hew Tor* rtmWMR -A* IXPKR TKNCFD PANCT ARI> PAT I tar* teraar wbo alno perfectly undrmutodi marh nlnu' w orb, wtaken a atualme ta a mnohtae nbnp foundry or ptaau u -tory. AdJrean bo? 161 Herald nftloe. S.nnfbrtory ra er?nem ran be given. rRCRK II AND WAKTFB -TO A WOOD WORKMAN teady employment l ira liquirc of J. L. Blakeoay, Id Park rirw. rMNROI A NT TAILOR* A ND CLOTHIRRA.-A W NX partaarrd filler *wm * aUnattoa Hthrr la a i wapm labia oai miab.iahiaaai or a riiaton aad rjothtn* Mnra Aajr ' ?r"dabln plana tbat ?ua Urn ?nrv?i M a maa ?bo aa h?t. *b4? bla boMara? thorrrif My in aiibnr or both braarbaa a prnrnr* aa larrttrw b? aAi r?inr a no4c to W. *., o? lV> BatM offlra W| ^hahted-A noon COACH paimtkr to fcch a aMady >o? will ba glrra. Ir, uro of W. H. aadrraon. > nokara. tyool *awrtarrcrp;iui.-wairr*d, a oood w?T omxi hand taairr book wool r ?k?r aad raf nuwklao. abt r+rwm ?latitat to tool a 1:1 Had a pnrrbaaar bp atldiaaa lag C. W. C-. HaralS omern. N. T. Um'antxp i olrvan oarpknkr ai*f?lk man. laH'ilrr of Ma< ord. Wllllaraa A Oo , 43 M'irraj at., Una day U'*M)I' A illy' I- ION PkllTlk 1 *' I A ' " wttbcyiradar rmnn work. Apply at ftroae'n "laam printing mab.taharai ma Hwmi at, oppnaHa tbo H?r*ld nta ' ANTRP- A MTl ATION a A in winkkR to privf I a rtatxxiary rutin- lata rood edty rnfPmapa froan Ma lari aplnynra, no* parurnlar aa la lowa or rtomUy. A aa?* dirwtod aP.O Br no. Harald offloa. w U ba aitaoard In r ANTTD?bl X OOOD OA NT wit MA KIR* CALL at i No. giullTaa at Nona bat goap wakmta aood ap v'jCAJIPUINO A NP IPHOI.IITBRT. A a QC1C* SAIJ ' A UiW PRIOR kprinfl a arprtr _ 'rvmttm 'n>i>ortatKjo of ibo aowaa< and nan?t doairablo- alyl# of caoufi it a notm' klndantra Wi 'oa Talrot, -apnatr; and Rfiaarla aarpo?A. XO,000 \arda Irfralna, at HIRAM anpbkhom^. 9? Bawry. vli irittki i ??p?tt\(i k t 1 hyatt ? ia J1 Rnwary. Ratal t?|r#< rtAiwna. tl>r?w ply anil '8?r*t?. In ?r?al rarwly; *0 piw>~?, Ja.fld.lo4a par yd.; ?0 ivoiha A yda. ?M?. _______ ~~ nrnti.(i?Ri( R oVnmn. WAKTun TWO ROOKKvprwRK FOUR OT.RR** iw? madarinra. two > *??** man. l?rt> brakamwi. thiwr porVra Urta fl-?n,??. ( * twt~-ufr,. tour *??"**. ?? rt prww eritara. Iwn nna+m*r. flr< mm Pir aam'ra. and M>r?r Rota and U'raa. Apply to K %(JI H v!f A J i MMS"i irt Smift rPvDAT, ILAEOB 21, L86T. ia i<ots to l?r -? rrowrmru on

11# *u?at ? >? Ira 'mmUox <" f hjj ?*tui *L*rH. Liujitfrr erf "ILI UM hVjIli 4 lUA, MTMr at 4llfUl Ml bUalM trMto. A n 7 BROAD WATT.-TO LKT. FDSWIrfBCD OR n? 111 furntoteU tiro trout rum* on oooond floor oaiUhlo tar milUuera, iiiunotmaAfln. dwltf. MlUwo A*. Appi> to <1*1 A All hul H.1^1 ul IilIlM u ?7lm) -to rbnt. a oood houss in bt joiuth J> | V/U. park. 14 rooms, la exoejleul coodaleu. gas baihs. Ac Immediate poaseasioa. The ram Mure foe* within alt monihai and flxtoies tor aala or exchange for Western lands, address for one weak Letter Bex, Broadway Post office 7fro bboadway-a pink bult op parlors, SUIT I uO able lor a snaall dab or private gentlemen. A LABOB LODGE BOOB TO LET-IN COLUMBIAN O. Hall. 381 Oread street, between Forsyth and Kldridgo laqalw la the store. Bo. Mi. A GOAL TABD OB LOT TO LKT.-INQUIRE ON TUB premises. 7t> Bleecker street A If OPPIOB AMD LOFTS TO LMT-IN BUILDING U? O. Weatstreet, terser ef libertf. Apply in theaiorebalew. Ahoosk to lnt-ne. 163 wbht pobtt thud atreet, between Seventh aad Eighth area wen. a neat foar atory frame But, replete with erary oenreaienoe Hat and cold water, hatha. Ae , range in kitehea. oat hoaaea and a uloe garden. Bent $460 per year. Alao. fur aale cheap the fnrnltnre, tapeatry, Brussels carp eta, ruga, window hangings, lace curtains. A a. All nearly new aad of good quality. Fur particular* apply oa the premises, or to Mr. PAUL BUBilOOK, at Mr Pontons'. Jr.. 30 Beadestreet A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY RB8IDF.N0R TO BBNT, very low. near Newark, New Jersey?Uouae (tea roonui and one acre of ground. Including large garden wall stocked with fruit. WUlrent a few aeree adjoining If required. y OBO. WALTER, Eft) Broadway, office 31. A PUKN1SHKD HOUSE IN JRBSRT CTTT TO LRT.?A A. houae with all the modern Improvements, well fur nit bed, near the terry, lo a email family, who will board the pre rent occupants Location very deal rah la A rare opportunity. Addreaa A j. b.. Herald office, for three daya A THKKX 8TOBT AND BARKMENT HOOSK. WITH Ol modern Improvements, near the ferry. Brooklyn to let Keot$4L0. Alao, the I twer part of a house in Thirty second (treat near f-'eeond avcaae, rent 6160 Both are In good re pair, aixl within half a block of city cara Possession immediately, It desired Apply lo B. BALDWIN,; 119 First street. A BROWN STONB HOUSE TO LKT-I8 HANDSOME O. ly furnished, and furniture but little used, will be aold to the perma who takes the house at a satisfactory deduotion ?nd at a bargain Possession can be aad early tnj April '.i> canon near Sixth avenue and Twenty ninth atreet. Addreaa Modern Houae. Herald office Broadway storm and a labor drbibablx basement to let ?The property 661 and 663 Broadway, new Prince street, now occupied by K. Y. Hovghwoul, will be oo altered at to give one or two large stores; also basement measuring u>, mm aerp ana Ml ten wise. win large eniraooe from Prince wreet, making U desirable for a Bret claas refectory. Keepooatble parties may learn terms, Ac., by applying to II WOgD, 444 Broadway BAKFRY.?TO LET. TUK OLD ESTABLISHED STAND No. 267 Spring street. Apply at 17 Warren place, Ohartei wtreet BATERT OF THE FIRST CLASS TO LET-ALSO, AN lee err am saloon is wanted. Inquire at 444 Myrtle arenas, Brooklyn DESIBABLE APARTMENTS TO LET?TO A SHALL, respectable family; 2d story, consisting of two parlors, oanirles and between the rooms, bedroom ever the hall, one In the third story, a very pleasant back basement and sab cellar; rent Saw. For particulars apply at 84 Fourth street. Dwelling part of house too grand street to let, on reasonable terms; would be a desirable loeatioa for a dentist, as the apartments base been occupied for ibat business fsr the last ten years- Apply at U Oouserneur street. Can be seen between 12 and I and after 6 P. M. Farm to let-in eastchbsteb. wkbtchfstbr county 27 acres. 17 miles from New York: a large house and barn, plenty of fruit of nil kinds.* IK mile from Ins depot at Mount ^ ertion. Inquire of BRKKMaN, No. 67 Bowery. dTtUEEISHBD HOUSE TO BENT?TO A PR IT ATE FAr nuly. Tbe louse Is three story and basement, with al the modern Improvements, newly pointed asd papered, and very bsndsemely furnlahed: Is in n first class MtuaUon. Rsnt (100 a month, i illrsss L. B., Herald odlse. Furnished house to let?to let, for six months from 1st May Dart, an elsgant house of moderate site, with brown stooe front, furnished In unique style, adorn ad with o bjeots of art and situated In Twenty third street, near Fifth arcane and Madison square; one of too most desirable rukwh aw cut, neing open to ine emim. vary airy, end io ike immediate vicinity of one line of oily railroad and three l'tira of stage* to Wall etreet sad South ferries, he. Address Netll. Bras, h Oc.. 13u Pearl street. /1ROOERY RTOBK TO LET?ONE OF TUB OLDEST vT established corner stoics 00 the Ninth avenue. Apply at 'id Ninth street,8lo 9 A. M.. or after fi P. M, or at 1 57 south street, 10 to 4 o'clock. House to*vl*t and furniture fob saleBouse Re, 8 Orseor street, between Canal and Grand streets, containing twenty rooms, all well furnished, and at pre?I filled with first class boarders To a person wishing e keep a hoarding house this offers great Inducements, ae the rent la low and the tursitare a ill be said on favorable 1 ruia The house la la perfect order, tad has all tne modern Improvements. EOUBR, 73 WHET TWENTY THIRD ?TREET, TO LET? Third ho nee west of RUth avenue, wtth modern tmurovemsals. gaa, bath. Croton water, chaadeMers. Ac. To be s-eo from S to 4 F. M. Heat *1.100. Apply to KUGEN* KKRBIn A SON, boot makers, 63 Nassau street, third door shore Kslden lane. T 0TB TO LEAHB -TEN LOTS OF QROUND, CORNK U of Thuteenih avsone and Oaasevoort street, with bulk bead in front Apply to JNO. OOK. NO 8 Bteadwsy.oor asr of Beaver street, or to L. TAYLOR. 63 Tenth avenue. VI O. 80 FRANEMN ITRKKT, NEAR BROADWAY?TH Iv let or I sees, or will be alter* I to a store to auM a tenant, applv to J. BlttOO. 1M Kaat Twenty third street, near Third avenue. PART OF THE TWO 8TORT AND ATTIC IIOURR 140 Laurens street to let, constating of the front basement, ib* rnttre second floor asd a bedroom in the attic, to a email K*nteel fhmlly. Oood reference required. Real ISO per month. Oaa be seen after 13 kL PART or A LARGE BRICK HOUSE TO LET?BIT1 iste on Third avenue, corner of Twenty tint street. Itrooklyn, eon Mating of basement two rooms on sec md floor and two or four mums on third floor Inquire in the drug store on the premiers Third atenne. ooraer of Twenty first street, Brooklyn, on the route 01 Greenwood can. Heal estate registry office, 441 eighth avenue.?Owners of properly requiring a reliable rsnl" ( and ft liming agent, ten be suited by applying to J. F. WILL IAEA, as above, or at No S Nassau street. STORK AND BA8RMKNT TO LBT?NORTHWEST COR aer of FcTr-nli i?nui uf Twaaty third nil). orer 10 eet deep, uued up with oounten theivinf, tc. f-> > food tenant hr real will be lew and a lweee firen. H. O. RTOBB. 3ta Eighth areata. SBC4MD 8TORT CONSISTING Or FRONT AND BACK room*. eilMtaioo aad bedroom*. few ether with (root beee meat, to Irt in Uree etorr heuae, No. 10 Bethune street; fee -hiongbout, rent $200, lea pleaeant location. aad roorroleot by otage or railroad. SHOT TO LBABR-THB BKOOITD AND THIRD FLOOR* of premier* 238 Third avenue JtnTG. eoltahle for aaao* factoring purpoeea. Apply oo the prnmiree. QTABLJt TO LPT-NO. 49 KANT EIOHTEINTH KTRRNT. O between Broadway aad Fourth avenue, 44 feet front, aad would entt a elob of two or more peranae The arable la ttiat rlaM with all ronrealeneee. Apply al 92 Beat Wevealeea'h "treat, of JOHN MOFf AT. rUT-TBI TWO RTOBT AND ATTTO BRICK honeea, 451 Waehlnjron aad HO Watte etreela, below Oa oaL They are la Oral rate erdrr. aad la food laaaale weald be leaaeri haw. Apply al 91 water street. rLBT-TWO LARGE HOI'RES CONNECTED. WB calculated tor a boardier beuae. Wtuated Bear Ten a e reet aad aear Hroadwajr About 4U renma la all, BOW fan of food beardera. laqutea of H. U. LaNK, Id Fowth areaae corner Tenth Wieet. ri LPT.?THE DWELLING PART OP BOCRR NO. I 002 Bfccdwcy. near Nedteoa ejnare, the hooce M new vhI la good ardor, with Creton aad faa futnrae; al an a head a .no heeemeat "tore oorner ef Broadway aad Tweotyumh a ret. For farther particulars Inquire at tha Laad Areaey O ?a af PAHrRl. W. TH'MI'wiN. No. 1,000 Broadway, H ar of Tweaty With MA rLJrr?A FIRNT CLAM GROCBRT DTORR. WTTD Or# year*' Irene. la the beet -oration la New York (or the baaipeee -lock and Aituraa tor ale. Add rem T. 'ealaper. Herald office. or L. R. Nouree. BeaereR H.nnee, corner of Broadway aad Twaat eth tract. N. T. rLNT ?THB TWO THRRE HOI KHL NO, MR AND 900 Htrka "Wlet. betweea I'reWdent aad Carroll (treeta. '-euth BrvxAlya, ahoat a quarter of a mile from the llaailllon terrr. Hale bed la the beat aenaer; real raaooaahle tl e food eaaaA Inquire oa the praahaa. rLBT.-VBRIBABLN BOO MR AND LOPTR IN MARble build In*. KTt H road way. with prtTtlan of entraaee frna M error etreet Apply ca eaeapd fleor to H, COLBDBN. rpo LNT-TnK ENTIRE PLOWS OP 82 WALL9TERHT. 1 Inquire ef 8P1RR A N ARH. 40 Plao ?r-A eermer of William. rpO LNT-S9 OREFI4E RTBEVT, TWO DOORS PROM A Rtfb'h. a Orel rlaaa hoaee, la perfect order liteen ruovim tfr?lnMJ !niu1r? at Jll tlroooa Mrool. rpo LIT-THE HOUR* 17# WERT THt*TT RIHTH 1 I'rwt, with all ho mndrrn Impmromeete ran* |mv A loo, tho bnnao and ulnrf T2 Woowor *trrrt and 171 Opi-ln* Urol, oarb nl'altta for a tailor, Mlwtnrr nonfooUonrr or don tut A loo a cntlacr boiiar aaO U Mo. with ar?r had* ucoa, a* Morrioaaia, atari upon hiob oroond. and wlibta ihroo irlralrr nalk p nm dopot App.? at .176 Oaoal airrot, aoar b?i Broadway 7Th. CROW. T?LOT~THK fROHT RARKMEHT Of THE HOUR* M Whltr Mraot, aoar Kmadway, wtuch boa horn '.nod aa a phT?*otan*a "Oao tor aoar It ihrar roan, foaai aaloa cao ha 1 ad nn llMl if. rLCT-A for* RTORT BR1C* HOUR*. IH HART Thirty bird atrrat ii. ar Lo> m'na aronno: bath, ranc*< rlmot, In food nrdrr a'an iho baaamrat, (lrat and laanb at< ry, othrrparl nernriod by aaontaol family (food nrdor. with tai proTanonio. apply a* 114 Kaot Thirty fan rib alroot r? T.ET-RTORK SH HAIDER I.AHR, REAM If ARRAU trort loqntroof BoBRRT BKhRFK, 76 Raaoa ibvort. How Tort. rLRT-r*OVTH*ff**T?r IfCOTTiM H'?US* 1 Waal Thirty fifth alroot. aonialna all lha mndara M prnroatesta, and aa o*lra lot hi cardoo. la onnrrhwni tnatacoo and ran to all parla nf tho MW- *"aa ba rrol?-d or Iramd tt Rl.oao nor ana nm Ino<dro of JAMIE H HH.I.RKI, Hi U borty itrnot. nMoo of Minor A Darlta. and at ?M fladnoa Mi ool LOT -ALAMOIRTORK IRPROADWAT.BRTWKKR W Rirhnlao and MatmpoUtan Hotoio. on 'bo nnth ?ldr, Ineaiod. nltabiO aa woll tor aahowlOK rnonn. App.y at BOHU BK.BTM'I* A UO . M? Bmadway. r LET THE R*OORT1 FLOOR, WITH I.ARO* ROOM on third door. Of btniao Ro 1&! Woht Miiooatb atrort. to a mo ail raoiUy of not mnrr than tkroo prmooa. m?i? will ho paintod Rao hath mm oaf aod largo yard. Ron* ttto r?a bo aroa bnm 10 A. M U? Z F, M ftX) LET?THE RECORD FLOOR OF HORRE HO. S3 i fer?7ik mtmm, ??ww uitmi mm umm, cmmuii m thri-o f "m?. ?iih oiuitfina Mirt 'm?l hwraral, *? *?'1 n Ur kn th? hxta* i *n Nt won in; limn of>?t- 4 ?Vlno?. R? fi rran n*i'iiin4. AH'lf M rdi R*a< br"*d?ra/. rtir I!f BROOKI.TR-rAlT, !?OirRIATIbU or fivir non UM i.n'mW of W-O fnrt i mm lhr?? *-wj hrV* ho no ?? ?t y> AtrkMi ? 001 Ik* nW*hb.iftn<4 it II 11 ?|.'VmM>1o A" I Ik# p M? w-11 h? low to to?U? ?n?i. owl 1*1/ ?"h.iot cMMrot rttKY rjT-fBK wa mil #ao?r? ?f;a rs#vr U I *i ii. tfjfli Vmahil iir^i jlimA Vjt L?ma utnlv ujT?\ihawtioL" w*eeitw?- " rLKT-TO A DitXL PAKILT. A P4.?* OP A hiMve (a the tWmth wnrd, mr. tec ;jeriern with M sea is iM rear, ?.? ram u? tte aut? end Wiiaboa la bnaalutmL Par farther perticulare epplr *t HI Beound street, tear South liroeod. muianiabntg r> LBT?THR RTOBI WO. 234 PBONT BTRKK7. IT will be pal la artier or rebuilt to eult e read tenant Ap ply at Mo lllCaal Twenty Aiflkifc atraM, before IS A. K.. ar 18a Water atraal rpo LIT-THf LABOR BRICK 3tII.DI.VJ WOS IT A and it Cadiertas alip, built expr^aaiy tor a hotel and realauraoL The upper part of Che urns lac* oontabuugawna forty ar fifty naaa. woula be let aeparaitly. If deatred, by a Kood traaat ttt bU floor and radar. aullabM (or a hrat etnaa res>aurmat, would be let aa It now ia.or altered Into two atoraalf dabbed. Apply u> T. DONA KLL1. We. 86 Liberty mo LET-IB BROOMR STKRET, BO. 444 IT IB S BT SO A feet, three alariae end baaaawnt now oocapied aa a paint store, oof/ seventy-fire feet weat of Broadway; alao seooud and third atnrloa of 424. being SC by 8e feet, well aultrd rar alee or manufacture; aleo that modern three atory aad hi ah berement houee ITT Weat Thirty sixth at met, near Kghlh arenue. Apply to P. aTRRS A OO.. 444 Broome street. r LIT?THREE LOFTS, 28 BT M. WILL LIGHTED Inquire on Iba premiaaa. T. WILXEBS, fet; Bowery. r LIT?TO A O R.VTBRI. PRIVATE PA MILT A drat ctaaa du eiltng bouae. 82 Bond street, with nil the modern Improvements. Bald bonaa will be placed in thorough repair. Part of the rent can be paid by boarding the landlord. Te be aeon bom ID to 4 o'clooc. rpo LIT?THE DPPBR PART OP HOURS WO. 61 1 Pltth street, cenabling of feoni and book ieona and bed room oe the anoood floor, and bedroom In the attio Has and Clroien In the beuee. The above wtli only be let to a email family, without children. lent >240. rpo LET?FOB A TEKM OP TEARS. THE STORE ABO X dwelling 193 Wert street, sad Not. 7 ud 9 Carolina, running dwougb from street ts street. end being aesr the Erie Heilroed make* it one of the best locations In the street. Fur further tnformsUoe ,inquire of THEODORE BBnSON, 39 so nth William street, near Broad. rur-i VERY DESIRABLE OOUNTBT BESI denee In the village at JM Westchester county. New York, with short two acres of land, on which Is a One assort meat of fruit trees, also a good barn sod carriage bouse, about fifteen minutes walk from the Mew York and Mew Haven Railroad depot. For particulars inquire ol d VAN HICLKN, Bye, or W. A. PIXIAY. 1MB Pearl afreet, Mew York. r> LET?AT NEW ROOHELLE ON DAVENPORT'S Neck, a house and about four acres bi land, with stables, Ac. The grounds art well laid out, plenty of fruu and near the water. A very deeireble country residence. Apply to C. KOHTRR, at Maw Bochelle, or WH 8. TOOLS A CO., M Ex hange place. rpo LKT.?1HB TWO HfOBT AND ATTIC BRICK 1 building eitiuUed at the corner of West and Bank streets, will be let. either (or a dwelling or a light manufacturing bualnma, with stables adjoining If desired. Bent low. Apply to JOHN L OHABK, 147 Hammond street rLKT-THE HANDBOKB NSW HOUfrK NO.SIS FIFTH avenue, oootaining all the modern Improvements %ud la perfect ocder; part or all of the furdlture, which la naw, for sale; rant >1.41)0. Inquire on tha piemiaea. r LKT?ON HYRTLB AVBNUB. NEAR DIVISION avenue, Breoklvn, four cottage houses In good order, containing about tan rooms In all. Possession 1st of Bar. Also, cxbar good booses In Brooklyn. Inquire at A. H. FANNING. 869 Bowerr r LET ?OFFICES IN BUILD INOS NO 78 BBOAD way and No. 7 New street Also to lease for a term of jrwi, twe deeirah'e lots ef ground in the city of Brooklyn, on the easterly rtde of At Fehi afreet, between rtarrtaon place and Lathyette avenue. Apply t? h. IiKLaPLAINK, No. 7 Now afreet. r LET?THE TWO NEW FIYB STORY BUILDINGS (IS i 00) la (leaal street, near Broadway, whole, or In parts; also, room (19 i Ml in house corner of Broadway and Liapenard street. Apply to P. DICKIE, IV Greene street, before 9 A. B.. and after 6 P. B. r LET?THE COBBODIOUR HOUSE 4? BBOOBE treat near Broadway. Apply to J. PSCARE, No. 163 Hagter street. r LET?THE HALF OF A TWO 8TORT AND ATT 10 house, being the front basement, second floor through end two rooms In attic, good underoeilar. Rent nse<lerate to a small family. Apply on the premises, 190 West Blgfiieent street, between Eighth and Ninth avenneerLBT-A SHALL ENGLISH BASEMENT HOUSE, 180 East Twenty third street, near Baoond avenue with gas. hatha, water elosets, Ac. For a good tenant, who will tnkn it on a lease. it will be painted sad papered throughout, or It will be sold on Qtvorehle terms. Apply to A. LIVINGSTON, 63 Jobs afreet. rpo LET?THOSE SEVEN NEW IRON AND BRICK X Si are* on Franklin square and the Bowery extension. Apply to O. C. A E. J. OR?KT, counsellors at law, 78 Broadway. lbt-thr i-own* past of th* hoi s* no. \x ohum street, oon staling of tea rooms. with |u, rup ad bath, desuable place lor a physician, rvat 9440. lbt-thr following dr8irabijc houbes, all first claw, having all the modern improvements ? No 5 Aohlaod place. 91.1MB; No. 14 Hammond street. 9M60, No. 87 told No ) Oreeawteh arenas, HUi. Appljr to klihha Hl.OOMKK. an Brosdwoy. rm LKT-ONE OF THR BKHT SITUATED PMYATK residences, furnished, oa the south aide of Stolen Island, within a stone's throw af the ocean, and two mile* fro* Vanderbllt's Isndicg. There t* excellent liable o< -ommndoiloa. green boose, Bower and vegetable gardens, ice hoaee well kiled. Ac. Inquire 01 94 South (treeI. New York. LET-A FLRAIANT BUMMER RHHIDKNUE. WITH goidm. fruit Irene, he , situated le the town of Fslrheld. OMtneotictit, within Use mlnulee1 walk o( the New York and New Haven Railroad depot, and three minutes walk iroui the OaafieBotioaal and hpleoooal chunhia. House partly fur ntsbed. Terms moderate. Apply to IIA All JKNNINO, UO Watrr street, N. Y., or to Anguslas Jennings, Soulhport, Coon. LET-on A FIT* YBARS' I.KASB?RTOEB .147 Hr !)? it, corner of Leonard street, eatrmnce on boJi street*. dimensions 13x186 feet, ooanev ted with a room 18x76. level with Leonard street. Apply to aljcz. c. LA wkkncr, oa the i n rulers r\mm let 0hbap?THF. SECOND FLOOR AND LOFtR of 77 and Beach street. The premises are h*hl and amy, suitable for isrpemtsrm, painters, or aay light mrnknnlesl k'iwncbcK* pArUeulAr* 00 Ukp yrwrlsss, sg W. A. r\mm let-to a ihau^ reapbctabln family. all the second story and kitchen. with ranxe. h* and sold water, bath, laundry, cos and sv try convenience of n Bret I rinse dwelling Ins highly respectable neighborhood, No. 81 Meet Forty Urst street, betweeJ Broadway and dtxth area as KenltgS. i I JIT- A COUNTRY IBAT AT ASTORIA. U L, with five ottos ef land nnd good commodious house, with shade sad trull trees, situated three tour he of a mile from trrry, oa high. MgbUy ground. t.-Hatt. R. millbr A (to. IW Broadway. t rim IJIT-TH* RESIDENCE OF THR aUB?CBIBER ON the East river, at the tool oT Highly fourth street. This properly oomprtsee thirty Ave late of ground. frosting oa the fiver ebon! three hundred foot: s speriotis garden, green house sad "'able s comfortable dwelling, containing all the asaal t.Toton water eoneeolearee, surrounded by One old trees and commanding a maxnlftoent view of Hal lasts end the odjacesl sesnswy Drainage perfect, location high, healthy and retard sooeoalble by the Moeond, Third and Fo-.r-h nvenue rail nods, and only thirty mi sales rtde from I'slon square, unit lur the advantages or beth n4ty and country. Will bo lentrd tut as a private residence upon favorable terwui. Far oar ticnlars sad a wrltiea order to View the prswlssa, without whlcli no per son will bo ad mil tod, apply lo B. B ELAN A P. 61 Wall street. HPO LKT.-THK ROCHE NO 110 RLEECK ER STREET. X bafltcaallthg lot. ud the roar of No. HI mntalntop ebontlify room*. calculated far k hotel or large boarding boa**. Apply between Wuf 12 o'clock. to H. It. HG IVH I NOB. M '?hn *tr*et. rpo LKT-ATFURNIWHVB ROOM. WITH OB WITHOUT 1 partial board, to % Mitgl* trathu*. la a family of lam I TOOM. Apply to O. GORKI N, f mlb?f of the Hraatob language 134 klpbth olr**t, adjoining the MorcaBUl* Library, hetemam* rtdiu|oL rLST-THRSR STORY HOUIB ZW HPBING RTUFkT. near Vtrick. Hm put In *rery roan, hot tad cold bath, ran**, Ac. Hart fUO without i aaemrnt. or RJ30 vtth. Apply to p. <? CLARK. &3T Broadway ' rLET-riRBT (T.AHR UOUKB. JrflO FRITT, 4 HTO rieo. IS rooan*. In fourteenth urml bnwfi KJ*b h tod f 'nth *T?na?i, modem toiproTeniani*. rent 11. SOU ln<|i.lre * b&TS Wrtt Twenty oath mraat, or m Ike r**ntap at iJ Morton rtrrcL ri let-part or iioi'rk ?r rowbrt. consist | Inn of two On* parlor*, front bgarment, bedroom and pan < trie*, rratro wttor, (k* and trend ander cellar, to a (mail family only. Inquire a* that *. Room* may be wan from 13 to 4 P. M. I-O LF.T-FROM |RT OB MAT. TH* UPPK* PART Of bono* -A Third utreet orm Meting of three meu on aeonnd floor, one on the third tad hank bate want wtth range la par ect or tor, pa* to the houee, rant 1290. Reference rati'tired. Apply to H. TOPPING, 37 Flrel arena*. rl.TT-THl THIRD FTORT OP BUTLDING NO. ft Booth Wiliiam ?tre*t; Rood light front and bnek; it i* *nlt able tar otoces or onr light manafaetxrlac b'urtnem. It ha* eta 10 R. Apply on the premiei a, to GEO. DANIRLH. rlJT-TWO OOTTAOK HBURR*. RITTATKD IN TUB village of Newtown. U I , wiihln two mtnutar walk of railroad tad etage depot; < hnrchoa. mhnola andjMore* to the rdlagn. Inquire of Bra. HlMONRON, Newtown, L. I. r LET-TO A SMALL FAMILY. TUB R1COND PLOOB of hra*e No. .W I/erny etreet. ennetaUng of front and hath now. bedroom, attic bedroom and b garment- hot and oold water hath, poo, ehandellera. Ac. Bent $27 A In in Ire on toe premhen rpo LPT?IN KtlLOING T? AND 77 NAARAU RTRCBT. 1 a epnrtoti* room, wtth (kytlpht and eight window*. 30 feet a ."tare rery dcrtrab> lor arttotf, lithographer*. Ac. Bent cheap. Apply to W. HRNDBkRON, 77 Paean utreet. rlJT --TIIRBE PARLOBR ON THE FIBRT FLOOR, two room* on third. ktlchen, wtth prirdepe la laundry. bathroom and irab cellar, ot a modem howae In Went Twenty ninth turret. a#*r Hub arenue, to a email family without children. Apply to J. J. F.MNIB, 34 Namau utreet, corner of ledar. r LPT?TO A f M ALL PAMILT WITHOUT OHIL dren (Rnglloh or Amcrtcnni. port of a honae, rmauiUog of errand ?torv and one or two ?onm* on third; bath goo. An ; raw! taS> or t.TS. Apply ? 19? Wool Twwity arreoth atrarl.. Mo otiirr loilirrr* Lrr-orrtcra aj?j? ntnolk books. ir uroad ray, yrnt rrry low. honor*, worm. narta tt honor* Simmrpta wui aparuni tla la ihr fourth. Fifth and With word* Apply at .':U HpoWlway, rocoi No. ?. rmm Lvr-TRB drain a nut mm story raii mrnl honor* Noo 137 and MS fourth arrmor, Imp worn Twrtily fifth and Twmiy oilh tlrrrtr Honrra In olrr ordrr. ilh wodren Impmreeieete, OooUtin 12 room* Rrtn fro* R B. RINROTMRR, .1I"> fwinh artw ir. UT-tnUt BOOKS ANT* A BASRKSRT NONB hill a rrry am all family nrrd apply Krnl $00. Apply ??31 Harry Hurl W. Y. rBH I.KT-M VfSRT STBItfT fTTHF.R TDK FItST loll a*d half of thr fourth Ml, or *1. ihr four MM; drpth I'll fhrt. Apply on ihr pi whw. rlJTT-A "F*T PtMRABl.R RF.PTn>.!*< R, with roar* )><*?? and f.??r ?rr?? nl land, rrrj hor.dao nn'y imprvnnd, M UlRfcl rld(r?*i:A WMlfhwi'f rontty, npp ?il* M <Um fmtUaR nr tfc? Rarlrra rlrw.MttaR ? rrrj r<rw r4 <Nt iHirrcardlnf (Wintry. P il Jlr.r i early twm aid In wrm' rn<'m wri t?? l* ? ?* to * p*?< ImMai. Appi, V P A A AIIMH.APTi ? ?VTn>I?. i ?C0*J ?tr^t 1 ?<o tjn ra rw-h BHonTira-THiitiOwaB rt 1 cf boot* Ittt Court Mreal iint onlUB, ktiMI ?> rest low u> o *004 cooo4 Ponmmio* iaun??ut*ly U nm??d A?i?i|r>or w j> wa<to<t, M ' mo LBI IK WrLLI i?RBO?a-TH? HldOK 1 tfcrt* Anrj brick d we*1trg b >unr No S> Rooth (Uotb ?t< o nLwcluxmcJtrt Wept eminent* (u future*, *c , kttli g*>B?a, In I bo beat Direr i in tho rlty. only tb-ee alnate* from I bo Peck ?np ferry Hi ol |M|. Apply to JOtfl YOUNO No ?4 Front atmet. New Yof*.orrfo SSsulli N Html, WUiinnuourg. rUT JlT LOW BXNTg. In Brooklm. ft.Hee oni KIU?IO*O Apply ?t?i Atlantic. Uorueroi Norlnietroet. trim7 AH tatP k Ageet for Qb bjoi Prof A BBPCS. 26 Piatt treat. Wow Tort. rt.KT AWD P088BB8I0B IMMEDI aTKI.T?A r oMted htxiee In ltd lower out at the oil* ii m oe^hhorbood. Appl7 at No. I HjutUoc atreet. it Uw 1 mO LKT 0HE4JP?THK BUILBINO Hi KAST TyUB 1 tilth atroet, wttfc large chlmneyn, suitable Car *07 m factoring pu'peae. Inquire at the r&roisb factor/, corm Ftrat arena* and Thirtj - Oral atraat riarr ok pok salk-171 bast kinbtki" atraat, near BeoonJ avenue? a four etor 1 Kurfaaa b meat brown atone and brick front buuaa, with gaa. t range, waah traya, fumaoe Latorea, all la perfect order, lit (art h net)a* by halt the bloek. Houae 5.' teat Knot. Price VI SOU. Term* rerv liberal. Appy lok.8. BIO 71 Wall atraat, froaa 1 to 3 P. M. TO I JET OB LEABX-THK WHOLE OK PAST OP " bona* 116 u rind street for one or (our yaara, lvl raal of Broad way; * desirable location tor Ixaiueaa. A oa tfaa premises. rLKT OB LEASE?A SMALL PABM. OOMPRtf ten acre* situated near Port Richmond, H ( . wi KOod bouse. barn, carriage bousa aid oilier outbuilding*, ttuc orchard of grafted fruit. Ac ; alio a nice twoatorr at with wing attached, rituated near PaotOQvllle lauding, a good garden. Apply to Mr. ABRAHAM UOUSr.W fort Ittctmood, 8. I. rl.KT OB LEASE? TffK T1IP.KK 8TOBY AND HI meat home 140 Aeat fboedour. having the uodurv provemeots. Apply at No 6 Beaver or No. 1 Wax Tk fourth street. rLM OB IK ASK-A THKKK STOBT BAN KB and attic tin use to Canal street. near Variok Hon, good ordar Bent moderate For particulars appl nMITH A BOl D, Boarders' Kiohttngu. Appletou'a Built MS Broadway. rLBT OB 1JCABB?AT SOUTH TONKKBS. THI quarters of a mile east of Kl venule a large house Hiring twelve rooms, and garden, with a great vane tmlL For further particulars, inquire of U. H. TBIPI ou the premises rLBT OB LEASE?TUB LARUE AMD H AND it tire story basement kouae (J91 Hmedway. aear Tw alith street. wtto the modern Improvements Also thedi ng part of house corner of Broadway and Twenty i atreet, beautifully aMuated, and wlia the modern Uapt men la Inn u Ire of 8 w. THOMPSON, ooraer of Broad and Twenty alxth atreet. mo LIT OB LMASB FOB FIVB TE AR8-THE FOUI 1 story of Mo. 24 Be airman street, weii lighted, and oi lated far any maoufaotartrfg purpose. Inquire ad J A. (MMBtm A BOMB, 29 Beetanan street mO LBABB ?BROADWAY WARK ROOMS. W1 A White atreet, weat aide. Three remarkably baa roao Aral Boor; eaay access. wide stairs aullabla for fanay I new, Ac. Apply to T. U. CIUaBBKBH, piano lanes, Broadway. r LBABB AS A MANUFACTORY-TUB THI tour atory hounaa Noa. 113, 116 and 117 Baat Twt eighth atreet, about 116 feet eaat oi Third avenue, being t ther 76 feet wide by 60 ieet deep. To a g jod tenant the would be altered tor manufacturing pur pones, or the w ground, 76 feet by 100, bulh upon to suit the parties, further particulars apply to R II. CUDL1PP, 119 Nn street. r LEASE OB TO LIT?A DESIRABLE PIECE land. 40 feet front, good location for manufacturing | I poena. Terms easy. Possession immediately. Also, a Li I corner basement, suitable for an oyster and eating tel Apply at Bo. (9 Bast Thirteenth street, corner er Po ? venue. rBBMT?IB MAODOUOAL STRUT, NEAR BLF.E er atieaL to a small family, the lower part of a neat atory and atfls house, with two bedrooms la the aula, back basement There la a One large yard attached, and rent ta <800. Apply at 36 King street, to the basement. r BENT?AT 8INO 8IMO, ON (TLABBKONT, 1 now and elegant brick mansion houae with nine ear land, lately the residence of Ruths L. Todd, daoaaied. house la built la the moat eootly style la apuskr.ii and oe i lent, and except gas has every modern improvement o looks the Hudson river for many miles has a large rarr houaa and ataxias The location la proverbially haal Ay. grounds are adorned with ornamental and irult i-rna la citered'to rant, to RUFCI L TOOo'lil IroMli rBCTCHXRA AND PORK FAOHML-A FIKK toot Icehouse to lei, in food order, rery rbeku rery v Miles I. with goad hotel. Ar. Apple on the promisee. No Weet Twenty aiiUi otreet, seer eifhlh arenue. WORKSHOPS TO LIT?AT M MKRCKR RTRI fancy store, with high setting, 44'1 Broadway; dwel pert of bouse 1C Crosby sweet, also a Hour 60 he It. wn feet celling, haodiome benemnnt, 460 Broad wardroom ft og oa Bruadwajr, 1J0 by 32, high polling GRP. W. MILLER. 448 Bread w* HOHSEi Alfl) CAXUUAGBS. CARRIAGE AND WAGON FOR BALK.-TOR C rlase Is suitahle lor one or two homes been ItUletumd In lie best order spply lo W. II. VlLRS, NtaeteeeUi ah near Bcith arrnaaa. CARRIAGES FOR IA1K.?OMR NEW BOCK At oarrlage. for one or two borne*, burl la the very masner; also, one second head top buggy wagon lor l Appiy at a I Centre street. CATTLV-HORRKH AMD 8HKKF IMPORTED Fl KogUHR, by Thomas Reus A Oo The prloea at above stock In England, and the eipease* lo aii neaps* America, raa be Known by applying lo their agent, J. MILlJtR, HI Maldea laae. Raw York. CTOB SALR-A SPLENDID DAPPIJC GRAT MA r I??A hands high, seven years old. 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