Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 22, 1857, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 22, 1857 Page 4
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4 NEW YORK* HERALD. pitob ais nonnrwi Ptv cb a, w. to? or vtltom in wi?*o wt. rt? DiiLj hxxTLD i.^?j rr^T" TMl WKKLK 1 HSR A1.Li m~v Smtmrimg. * ?\ ?m>? p~ TV ? >3 )?r ?mw; Ur S*r->}<*>? tiMtm, |4 J"- nm'rl. *? ?* ,?n UrMU BrMm tr Utoumn pari 1 A* Ontimimt, rOL'i~STa fiTToRKXSPOSDSNVS, <rmtainAmtimp*r|M nHnW A"? < ?? <7*"rWr o/(A# wnrld <riU Eu??r<tiJ? t?.<i /tor. fn-OrmfOMMJ" Oo?m*?ro**Bt? Ul rA*TIi'Vl.llU.T Hk(]VISTU) TO DKAL ILL liMTSU un> PiflU' PRJ\TINti Kcfmltd viJi nrolMoa iXmpMH and 4? NC V(1 TICK feta** ?/ aiHmyMiiu commwafealiMM. W? <te | **AV> hH tTsXMEXTS rmnteJ trey W? .??????1,?T-1,i?n -?'?- 80 AMI' SEKK.STS TO MORBOW KTRWMfO. I BOllTiY THK (Til *pdb<1wdt-Tii 1 Dmini ?r kli, ob nra 8imi> rs cf Iwo K awi?Tt kdiau the Tables. RULOB fiilDU. Broadway?Tiobt Ron Fbate? Ficabo Bcdbkt ao Bebtbahd. OBUT THBATKB. Bowory?Toeocbet or Mexico? hilMI IB Inh LiN-Xa-IIAC t/OTBB. IllOrs SI* THIW1*. Brood way, op poaMo Bond it Vau sruitf?an Object or Ibtebbst. WAM.ACK'B THEATRE, Broadway?Leoiorb, be tbk woblp 9 Own. t.?B?A RBBBVHrHBATBB ?34 RroadwBy-TiB WickEN Wife? The Eh es, ob the Statue Bbidb. BJCRBICAK THFATRB "BABibAr* atreei?The Man with Che Rid Beard?Ubkfb Hills or thf Wirt. BARWPM'H AMERICAN MrsKUM. BrOEdwEV-Aflor 1N?- llumwl c.sdke Piffksltikr?Ieiih TrroR. Rvoo HW - Double F. '"ip People CBO. CBBISTT A.VD WOOD'S MiJfSTBBLS, Mi Rrotd bfby?Ethiofiak Pekfokhascbr?The Wbppino. brillv's sfrenapkrs. ms BrOEdWEy-ktbiofla* FEE ford AKC1A?OCEAD flLEOKAFH MF'WAinCR' BAIJj. <71 broadway? Nbcbo MblODIE", ac, ?SAWWT acrobats?et Bktaet'8 muvtkels. ?w Vork, Randajr, Sfarcta '44, 1837. rhe SFWA Our Washington despatches state that the New York appointments will he considered on Monday Judge Parker, of Albany, the democratic candida'e lor Governor at the late election, is mentioned as among the prominent candidates for the Collect ?afcip in the event of the failure of the Scbell and Butterworth cliques. Ex-Cnvernor Bigler, of California, has received the appointment of Minister t<> Chili. A new treaty, in plac? of the Dallas-Clarendon affair, has been per'ected by the Cabinet. It is believed that it will l>e entirely acceptable to England. Dr. Bissell, of Livingston county, is said to info received the appointment of physican at C/uanui line, ID place hi i/r. nam*. LUC preseui luciui* bent. The steamship Bh k Warrior arrived a* thin por tat nigbt from New Orleans and Havina. Shwade the entire tnp. in-ludicg the detention at toe tat named nort, in six days and eleven hours -the quickest time the voyage was ever accomplished in There was no political news at Havana. Sagarhad advanced a quarter to half rial since previous advices. The nesly discovered guano islands ou the south side of Cuba tnrn out upon examination to be of wonder:ul richness. The quality is good, and the quantity inexhaustible. The islands are to l?e immediately opened to the commensal world. Mrs. Cora Hatch, the lady whose lecture on spi ritualism last Sunday we published a report a few days ago, continues to make a great sensation in and oat of spiritualist circlts in this city. She de hvered a lecture before, or rather submitted herself to the questioning and wrangling of a public audience. at the Stnyvesant Institute, on Friday evening. One or two of the members of the committee who framed the questions to which she was to reply were clergymen. She endeavored to reconcile spiritualism with Script ore, and sueoeeded bat pooriy in the effort, resorting to spednl pleadings which might have retiectej credit vpon a lawyer, but hardly looked well in the mouth of an apostle. Toe anaience wan large, anu comprisea innatis ana philosophers of every grade. The proceedings of which we give a report, were extremely interesting. From the Bahamas we have files dated at Nassau. N. P.,on the 2Mb ultimo. The resident merchins had petitioned for an alteration in the present high tariff. The <>overnor sent a message to the I.egiala tare on the 27th ult., in which he alludes to a report Bade by the French Consular Agent to the underwriters on the "Spoil System.'" &s he termed it, of the wreckers. His Fjtcellcncy ?ay?:?Theftovernor Informed Count Peraifny that it sra? poa-ihle thit a Consular Agent might )* engaged in wrecking himself and perhaps participated in the spoil, so graphically described in the statement of the French nderwrilers. A letter trom Key West, dated Much la, says:We have a repxrrt of an Indian engagement near the Big Cyprus swamp, but can give no particulars, as nothing reliable ha* been received. The "eport ssjb our troops raftered considerable low*. Tbe steamship Hermann left this port at noon yesterday tor Southampton and liremen. She car Tied out sixty-three tp??Djea The lenpeid I. also Mtled jreatarday for Antwerp via Southampton. I-oar of tbe mutineers o( tbe ship New York, which was wrecked laat winter, were yesterday convicted at Tienton, N. J., and sentenced to tbe Slate piiaon. The Hank of Xewcas'Je. at Pittsburg, stopped payment yesterday. There were just four dollar- in specie in tbe hank to redeem notes amounting to 91M0.P00. The caahier has absconded, it is said, with ?60.0<X). The City Inspector reparV 45'.' deaths during tbe past week?an increase of three as compared with tbe return of <he week previous. The following figures exhibit the number of deaths during the part two weeks among adults and children, dis tinguiahicg tbe atxes ? Jf-n Women Hoyi OiHl. Total Wsea aasiag March 14 ..71 ; 17t lab Ua Wees sod ac Ms-oh XI. 70 70 1X1 13S ?M> Among the principal auaea of death were the fol W"k n id; W*?k Twitnf Pii'M* *?uiA 14 *?"* 2 M II C??? 11 ?!< (iklaatlte) M Si lit iirma!" B of tba lot fa M 30 RniiM ftrtr 41 II Shim * M ru?M (aiMllli) II 14 Df*|*T <? itt* noad II l? aBBITHrt If 1 ?ra?p 31 * la There werealao death* of bronchiti*. 12 of coo geetioo of the brain, 11 of congestion o the lungs, C of erysipelas. ! of hooping rough, 7 of leatbing, 12 of iatiauiuiitlon of the brain. " premature births, 2f> stillborn, and 10 deotba from riolant onuses. Of the whnia aumlwr 35 were m ma tea of the public institution*. The following la a r.lamiflcation of the disease* and the total nnmlwr of death* in eaob law of dis eaee during the part t,?e week*:? ( Mar H t?. M*-h 31 P ?se, ;otata, he. 7 4 Has tnd lirrM II If t. rai'f organs I P aetata siwoe Tassels 7 l.siga it mi he Ill in (i? age ,,, T I * r. Jkr .rd ...irlt*. ** P i .? *?? ? pr-m*iur? birife* - a, < ... K ?fk? ft ?fg?o? W > ' rtri* ? >* - Ht (Mi-rti f*t?n 87 87 , 1 >.? p?t?r ? I i.#*? o-r?M ... 7 ' T'> 4 4M ?ft? 1 7'? r iirl>tr of comp??'?<l *ltb tke Mfllb ' | I*dibK wrA* in 1^.'?6 nu<1 w*? ? follow*:? < pmi wfitp Ki*r<i )<. INI <M t .? d. ii ?** a?i ? < >?. 4li 1 ikl > ? ? HI. IU ... Btataa, 72of Iralarjd, 24 of Germany, 8 of Eaglead, 8 of Weat In dim, and 1 eagfc of Belgium, Fmaoe, PruMda, Raaaia and Britlnh America. IktootmniikuvHMtm ymurder, wtth aaiae of tool 1,000 a e ,000 DUO, about 8,000 of wMafc were 1m muiu. t%u, market etoaod firm Mr the lattor, aa? at an Mtmm or about ^o. tar paroola la atom, Jhe mO adrtoea b u a deprtaelnc lafluonoo an Um naiM tar Bow, an- i * prtom a* lowor and medium gredea war# aaalor, ?/htm Um blgber quailttm woru without obaagu ot * VMM grade* prtoea wan nominal. 8mU ** ** of primeSouthern white wan mad*at SI fft, and nd do. at 1 M. Oora waa tolerably active. The chief aalee oeaeteied ef Waetern mixed at 10o, Pork was without ehengo ?* ?eat, while ealee at aow meaa were made, both oa the epot and to arrive, at 9M, with the brokerace off la the latter oeoe. Sugan wen qutte steady, with a fhlr amount of tnnaaotlona. Octree wai unchanged, while aalea wan moderate, rrelffbt room 'or Liverpool waa acaroe, and for grain, la bo'k, fljlfd. a Td waa demanded which ohtoked engagements Heavy good* were taken at lTt. M , and flour at la. 01, while cotton ranged from %i. a ft-Wd. The Kewt from Nicaragua?Thr Peculiar Pool 11 on of Thlngn There. Our advices from Nicaragua show that the contending parties there are fast approaching the same state of exhaustion that our belligerent PnmrrutflnrpH in Wall street reached some weeks since. Neither party seems capable of striking a decisive blow, and all are clamoring for reinforcements. Walker is waiting for men and munitions at Rivas; Lockridge is doing the same at Carlos Island ; and Gen. Mora is urging his brother to send him at once six hundred picked men, and not to talk to him about the coffee crop till the harvest of filibusters is gathered. The accounts from Walker's headquarters are so contradictory that it is impossible to form any true estimate of his elements of resistance to the pressure now bearing upon him. On the other hand. Costa Rica seems to be carrying the burthen of the conflict alone. Her allies are uot sending her cither men or money; and Peru, the lich, that was looked to for the sinews of war, refuses to come down with the "ready.'' It is diflicult to say how long this exhausting conflict may last or how it may end. Perhaps all parties may yet combine, as our Wall street Commodores have done, and put forward some new mam Perhaps Spencer may succeed in g tfinr* llin hftnan nf VnnHorKilf na HI on Vl.iri calls it. to help with their influence and the ma'erinls ol war. Perhaps the new move in vValK er's cainp way culminate, and the "gray eyed'' man be toiced by his own men to make way for some more genial commander. Iu this case we bate a shrewd suspicion that the house of Law'' m'ght show its hand, and that it would become our duty as a journalist to chronicle the war o' the Montagues and Capulets of New York. Bu' whatever may be the result of the present contest in Xicaiagua. the final event is evident: this calling by both sides tor aid and comfort from our Wall street filibusters, points unmistakably to the realization of our Indian Empire. Who shall have it, is now the question. We are 'old that a new company is formed here; tuat the bead man would -shrink in dismay tfom any enterprise of questionable morality,'' and that his name "is associated only with enterprises strictly commercial and pacific." This is just the way to found au Indian Empire. When that little bevy of merchants that established the East India Com paiiy first met in Aldennan Godard's back parlor in London, they formed a company on "a purely mercantile bottom,'' and ever after sent powaer ana nail and men to India, merely as a commercial Peculation. The little knot of simulators that lately met in Sim Draper * back parlor hare rt?olvcd to 'he same effect. But who are th(j? The old dodge of respectability and wealth, and all that, won't do. Give the public their camt s. We ask if the list does not include Morgan. Garri'on, Vunderbill. Joe White, Hebw. Tracy, and bo forth* Are not these the lions and the lambs that have lain down together in Sim Draper's hack parlor on "a purely mercautile bottom"? We have a plan of our own for the formation of a new Nicaragua Transit Company as soon as the time is propitious. We shall recommend General Walker to ignore all our Wall street speculators, and torn a domestic company that will put the route in order, work it themselves, and settle and cultivate the land around it to the advantage of the State and the benefit ol the world. We i?ball recotnmeDd Mr. J. N. Scott, whose energy has nearly opened the San Juau river to Walker, as President, and Col. I*ocklidge as actuary of the new company. Tbe find can beat six Mor gans or VanderbilU in energy, and tbe latter ia equal to any number of Joe WbiUior Sim Drapers. The steamboat Commodores will gladly run their ships to the harbors ot any line across the isthmus that is managed by Americana, and Walker can found his new State on a valuable domestic industry. But we waut no more Wall street transit companies to speculate in stocks here and feather their nestwith plunder. The dang' r that tbe Panama line is in from our pending difficulties with New Granada renders another line across the isthmus of immc diate and jtermanent necessity. If the Panama route should be closed by any accident, the revulsion that our commercial interests would ex pcrience from one end of the country to the other would turn evcu our law abiding merchant* into fililrtirtert, and no one can foresee the end. Tn* Dirtsii of Etkkl ano Man. Ccmmru ha*.?The defence of Eckel and lira. Cunningbam. indicted for the murder of Dr. Burdell goe* on *w imminglj in the newspaper*. The counacl for the pri*oner*. without waiting for a regular trial, are playing the game of Injured innocence to admiration, and the *ympattu*cr* with the nutfering individual* in the Tomb* arc weeping like crocodile*. Eckel and Mr*. Cunningham are to be righted at once, and all interested in their prosecution or persecution an to lie puniabed aa !a*t a* j>o**ible. Coroner Conncry, fir*? of all, i* fo be tried for hi* life, or for his office -which suppllc* him bin living?which i* much the same thing. He ha* dan-d, in hi* official rapacity, to surtxet the prieoner* in qucMtion of the crime of murder, and lie mu*t be made an example of. Tbe (trand .luiy will probably next lie haul' <1 up lor al&nder and ?) tarnation ot character, and all other official* and witne**?* concerned in the ! pro-tout ion. including the keeper ot the Tomb*. I Biiefly, the courae of the counsel tor, and the J nea?pajK>r *jtnpathi-< r* intorneted in behalf of Uie ?aid priKinera. i* nnpr<?c< dented In the hietory , ot criminal d< fem <*. We ean only account tor ( |t npoo the theory that under certain contingent- | ; <p on< of thi prisoner* will bee own the legal ] altnar.t to aliont thirty thouaand dollar*, a* the * com of the murderi-d man. and that all the?? gnl agent* end newspaper -ymparhia r* are j I'Uidliit U|">r, i -bar- o( II" mom y. Thirty i hom nd dollar* ' anug ?utn and tIII com- J mu id a ; " mi / of i en "paper and re t '? * ' i ** ! ' tk ?vi * v - j * r 1 r v Hiw YORK MntALD, SI The Republicans It Albany?The Campaign ok i860.?The repabUoMi of oar Legialatare are holding th?4r consultations almost nightly in referenoe to ihe campaign of 1860. Their deliberations are upon the queattoae how to tarn a. W tk. v I J ?v? w wuo UOD? >'UQ > 111 III?J lBDUU tuiu bUC Dred Scott case, and who is the proper man for the Northern candidate. The old routine politicians of the Seward camp are afraid of tampering with the popularity of Fremont among the masses, and they are for the policy of letting it be softened down until he can be conveniently set aside. There are Fremont men, however, in these legislative republican caucuses, who are for Fremont against the field, and upon the plea that though Gen. Jackson was not elected in 1824, he was gloriously triumphant in 1828; and that although Gen. Harrison failed in 1836, when there were two competitors in the field, he swept the country in 1840. This is a knock down argument, and it will require the most adroit management by the Sewardites to turn it aside; but still they adhere to he idea that Fremont served his purpose in rallying together a great party, apd that Seward must be tried in I860. The Fremont men have the Seward managers on the hip, however, upon those lobby corruptions of Matteeon <fc Co.; and upon that issue, unlets the policy of a frank and honest denunciation of these lobby corruptions shall be adopted by the republican party in I860, they are gone, " hook and line, bob and sinker.'' Seward was bad enough before; but when he comes before us as the particular idol of Matteson and his " forty thieves." none but the blackest of the black republicans will swallow him. Let the Fremont men in these Albany caucu?ts call for a show of hands upon this question. The Chinese War.?From China we learn that the prejudice of the natives against foreigners has ripened into an excess ot animal passion which has led to several massacres. We have no doubt that in the course of the next few weeks we ( hull bear ol more. While the lit lasts, the decks ot the ships and the cover of the guns will be the only safe place for white people. From this turn in affairs two contingencies become probable. In the first place the war is not iioine to be such a small war as neoDle suDOOsed a few weeks ngo. If we let the Chinese maasicre our people?as Governor Lin said we did l>eiore 1842, without making the least complaint?we had best evacuate that sea and that country altogether. This we apprehend cannot well be done; and therefore we assume that Eoglish. French and Americans alike will prosecute the war in a vigorous manner, and in concert with each other, until ample satisfaction for the past and security for the future shall have been obtained. Thougp the Chinese of the seaboard may resist for a while with some obstinacy, there is of course no reason to doubt what the result will be; it is aim ply a question of time. In the second place, assuming that wc are embarking in a war of respectable dimensions, it is quite likely that the tea trade will be stopped for a period of years All the tea which we obtain from China comes from districts at a small di?tance inland, and we know that the police of the country is such that It is in the power of the Imperial government to prohibit the export of the tea altogether. Nor is there any ground lor sup poring that the deprivation of the European and American markets would be felt by the Chinese as a suffering of any consequence. It is quite likely therefore that teas may rise to such a price as to exclude them from the ordinary tea table, and comj* 1 society to adopt a substitute. There are many points of view in which these Chinese troubles are to be regretted; but ia the main we think no one can deny that they are op portune. and that the question ought now to >ie settled once and forever. The Health or the Citt.?Do our corpora tion democratic authorities know that the streets of this city, the highways and the byways, alwuys accounted among the filthiest in the world, are now dirtier than ever before? Do they know tbat the Mini.ii- i if> approaching. ami that th<' remit of a but mm upon decaying and putrifying garbage is pestilence! We narrowly escaped the yellow fever la?? waxon. and tbe need* of it muy Ijo nearer to us now than any of us Imagine Martin Van Burtn. when a young aud inquiring politician, made the discovery tbat " vice art' poverty go hand in hand." and in New Yors city at least, it would seem to be equally tni* < that dirt and dcmocra:y go together. When it rains, the mud become* too watery to remove; when it dries, it is too dusty; and thus we alter | nate from wet weather to dry, !>ot<v?*n street" i bnrWd in slush, or in an atmosphere thick witu flying manure. Are our corj?orafion democrat* ' content to revel in the spoils and filth? Shaft i we call another public meeting of our fellow citi , /r rw tor the ntirrwvj- of ili>viain<r i: ,viw? ? >.. < n caii* tor cleaning the city ? ' ? KfWI liom HanU P>. I Tb* Iihu Aecfpni* vf We 3d iw aooonaMe I . ?i mil ol the ! **.. I1M.111 Wei point, wlW J alee t ? we let III ibe ??? to DM very mperteat Tttn we* bo mi' raeauetor to note a wit* ih i eieit eea We train ? under chert* ef le^er Teem* Bi e er, el We letted heir* floret. "11U fe I Tb* rret* err le wore* ooeJIttoa Wee wbi eeer kaiec totewiHuie ill Keaee* Oily Tbe erect* wer ? r0B>i leu iy dulled 01 er with mow. ee tnet it* water ree rer. Termite en ink rbe weeoee bed i* toe tehee ?. ?ri, ere >b* b?<1e end pi*nk* red ee brtdgee for * rrrrr r. to Hinlee male eed pe eee, era, the enow u rreeeBiag Wem liom etaktag'ate tbe water. The ire weelbreeoaye la going tony miter eed (we're de.e Trent Mate Fe to tbe erct*<a? of We Arkeaeea. The whole i time cat wee twrity Ire deye-tbae making (be eche | date inee, aotwttb*ta?rft*g We a paralleled eb?*alee ee p the route Tbw r we* ae inroerameere eiperteaeed out the la diaae eerteg tbe trip Trade he* beta onnaaaily root ,* New Meatno eed Chihuahua We peat year end targe e amber* ot trad ere aw comi?g id, aad laieao mthiag ee ?eriy itart tie' a nommtrten merebenl* bare adrtee* (hat tb* (rale if * Kar>e* City w tb tbe del oa* country will be large* (tea eeer tbe pteieal reran* There bad am n do emreJe at !*aala Fe from We ;.old etiar* etaee tbe laet men tb* beary raewa fn the aoci leir* be* eg ebetrtirtad nrremnn'naiioe Or Ooaneiiy deciiae* tbe < erentonb p ? New Mee t?, urn |rwmuf wj III partlaB IB* TMTl 7bo boaJtb or lh* Territory *11 food, aa<1 the vMlltr OB lb* I' P plfMUl?OB IJ OB* 40) ? BIB OB lb* rattlB. Tbo Ktowa'ar ?? ?*T 'b*y ar* (t> o| batt to Htal'a Kon t* not* p?*c* * lb **it Tb* mmof of IB* mnrdar of lb* *f**i of th* (til* \pa rkm, Podge, 0} thot trib*, M onat.r mod by Mia arrlTai EioriMWbT.?Tbe I.ynn Reporter my that on Tu*o?M r**i, Mr UorooOo* keaoail bb ?**?.* dr'tor i* thot dtp. ?tof*?i wttk tbo ?rt*e *f Heary stitmn, * pet tbi* w?lrlnr?n Keadall l*f? bis *Pe and roan Mr la *i- . * o*l dftllibl* etrcuMataare* Mr* Sktdia*** waa yoaag h u< prrtty ?h* took what atoaey *a? mid nod, *?d both porii** loft for port* B*k*n?a. Tbe lor* hoeraad bit ?ob* to t**k bt* 'air Bad lot bl?a* wife, bad Mr* Koa da'l's 'atber baa akea ber an* ber family to bl? boa*, ir [tBBTt r*. ' Fiop?iik?t rmom Wpi*ti,an?, Xtw Yo?i? ? tbi r? i. inilfrilt' 1*1 ib n* h>i|Mmr *| loo* o' II * h- bi'trd. (roolbf ot.l o? b rrrest n< i?m*bl Tb* oh '.'in bfl portt** Br* brio aiarrtoi. bm *%*d bat mfc b p.n??r oad family bobio* To* wcmu .? t?* *lf* of aa o n * tt)* r*?p<irBr>l? rll r'B of Wh?? l*nd lob* ") >or <"? h*r roaipaa'oa is ll'rot ? man mot'd Wm Story bt re?? a ft t b Pnaday i**t fn? tb* | tad took with them ? lh? t*o yent r**t ch drra of Mr C np*r (iris *al*r t< n 11 i<ar( old Mr* C left loo . attdr. a at boat*, wail* pf i*ry l*ft a *tf* *M futir o* (It* children without m*aa* l> >f*?ipntt H* a <a-*r!*( man itid had onl'l a'*<? H b> lib* fitto Kitdid at M1rti.(an Tb* fa(itiT*a ara earb to lb'ul b )iar? o d?nid enough to kanw better and do o( >*tf?r Ibib tbty bar* in tbtr 'irtoc* ?e do no' leant bat pnrtt 'f Im b*?a *'*?*. b*t w* prearig* Mr Ooooa* .Tirrto ?r r *.*,.* ?* b.. * *,.,**?.* to tr,ob 19 .a ft At I w 14*)*?, a ikddi ? FNDAT, MABCH 22, 18*7. THE LATEST MEWS. BY PRINTING AND MAGNETIC TELEGRAPHS. Nan. Arrival of Uu Afirlca. Baitot Hook, Marah 11?11 M. Tb* Biaamabtp Air to* bow fhlly dee rrom Liverpool baa L?t up to Um praaaat lima bean eigne) led off tfeli point. Weather c'oar. From Vuhtn|tan. 8PBCL4L DBRFATOHm TO TBI BORA I D TBI MW TB1ATT WITH KMOLAND. WAjuLNi.roa, Marob SI, 1MT. lb* treaty aa acrood upon by tbo Gab'net to day dlf(bra materially from tbo potcbwork of Um Banal*. It la now In a a bap* which, It la baltavad, will b* entirety acceptable to Eagand. _ __ TH? NBW TOM COLLkCTOBHHIP?TH1 FI8HT GROWING HOTT1R?ARRIVAL OF GOV. OKARY?HIS RKFIO NATION ACCEPTED?A NEW MINISTER TO CHILI. Warrington, Marob 31,1MT. lb* Now York appointment*, now that thoae la Call fornla are dbpoaad of, are tha prlrclpal tbema of oonvar. Maidi, of course there Is s good desl of fluttering, live members or the New York oily delegation, m fol lows:- Elijah Word, Msciay, Sickles, Cochrane sad Hw tin?oslled os lbs President to day, sad asked the ap. polntnre at of Mr. liatlerworth ss Collector of New York. mis wss Immediately followed ep by Hatch, of Buffo o, and Eraatos Corning, or Albany, oho made the same re quest Thus seven of tbo Now Yoik delegation are for Butte'worth ss against Scbell. IT Bcbell should tali lodge Patkar, of Albany, maj be the Inoky man The admin la tration have rt cetved nothing, and do no place nay reliance In the rumor that onr Minister, Mr Bowlln, and Mr. Morae, had demanded their passports from the New Granadlaa government. Gov Geary arrived here this evening. Official nolle eas rtoelved to day of his rea lgnailon, and It was a: oepted. The appointment of a now Governor was befotne Cabinet to day There are many persona spoken o In connection with this office Sam. Blaok, of Penneylv? nia, will not get the appoti tment. John B gier, of California, waa to day appointed M nu ter to Chill. TUB GXKSlil PB811TCH. TH* AMENDED DALLAS-CLARENDON TRBTTY?GOV. bKARY'S RESIGNaTlON ? INTERVIEW OF THE OF > ICE REKEERS WITH T8R PRESIDENT?OFFJCV MS APPOINTED TO THE STEAM FRIOATB NIAGARA, ETJ. Wabbipgton, Maroh ill, 1S67. The Cabinet to day bad under consideration the Dallas Clarendon treaty, and approved It la >he form ameniei hy the Senate. It will be conveyed to our dmtster at tie Co art of Si. James, by Alexander B tCraas, of Waableg ion, wfco, as special messenger, will 'eave B miod fo Europe, on Wednesday next, and return to ihis uiunlr after vtslllrg London and Paris The res'gnatlon of Governor Geary was not rose vr here until loamy. The Intimation, bo sever, of his .1. termination to resign was sent hitter some days ago, by

telegraph. The Governor arms not nero last night, as weleported. Bis retlgnatton has not y?t been ailed tooi ihoo|hlt will be accepted. No successor has been d.. signaled as yet. Messrs. Sickles, Bonok, and many othtra from N'e fork, had a long Interview with the President this m>rc tag. relative to the appointments In that city and Bs c The door was then tarosn open to mora than throe bau dred persons In smiting, Inciadlng a fresh Maryland dele gallon. A largo anmher ruibod op and hurrlelly putheir papers into the President's possession, while other< anniented themselves with merely shaking his band, tie rrtaiaeai exoneea nunieir, aeying mat be would Helen to Ibem all separately were It la bta power, but tbo Cabiao' would moot la a few ammonia, aad they would, bo eat J, bare be ore tbem one of tbo moot Important aubjecM aver brought to tbo a iteauoool the government; and la thisonntclioa bo aald, " bo bad juat received tbo retigaa itoa ot Got era or Geary, to tabo place on tbo 30tb taat. tad that time la paaaaa. Beaeo," bo remarked, "You pa It d impoeatbte for aaa, gvntiemtn, to attend to yao bow " Tbo following among other offlenra are aaalgoad to tb? at an mar Niagara, and bare bean ordered to report to tbNary Department by tbo lot of Aprl?Copula Hudoon IJeuteoaata North, Todd, Guaet, Wolla, MoCauley, Whltlai aad Kaaaon. Surgeon Palmar, aad Awl at ant Surgeon' Llprab aad Waablagloa. Pureer Eldridga, and Cbia' Eagi nocr Everett. Ooioael Wboalor, wbo baa bald tba aommlaaloa o Kin later to Nicaragua over alaoa tbo caoaatloa or dlpla matte latoroouraa, baa rtoeatly ramgnad It Boa. Jobs A. McCloraaud, of llllaola, baa bean raeow mended by prominent p>ltuolana or tnnt State for lbmlaaloo to Raaala. IEW TOfUK LBOULAfdRR. Iennta< A in AWT, Marcb at. MM Remonatraaoea aad patlUoas in relation to Triant Church maltera aad dincriminating tolla, were p renamed Tbo oommtttoo reported favorably tba btlia to praeou extortion by railroad oompaalaa. aad making tba aala o> frauduleat llckata for paaaagea la pablm oonvayaacee t'flftB J. Blue ware paaaad to lnoorporate Alfred l alveraitv t amend tbo charter ot the Long Island Kali rood Cumpaaj, nod to amend tbo ebartor or the Chatham B tun Tbo bill to alter tbo Commlaatoaera' map of tba city a rnnklva vai Mined AMMOlbljr. ALHa?Y, Mereb St, H6T. J large number of bill* wore reported upoe fororabl/ by eommittoao. Among them were the roliowteg ? To ovrod the Pilot lew* of i RM To eolbomo the ipprihi of the laodc to ho tehee lor the Ontario Ankara aad Now York Retlrood. tor Ike appoiotmeoi of two hundred nnoatre or [>oodo to Mow York. Mr. Job* J. Roiut brought ' e bill to eeibortte lbMayor Ac , of Now York, to borrow MM.OOu lo poo lor nor tot i ilea uit for tbo erocttoe of morkoto The Hoaoe refoood to eoacur to the Meoetr'e tmno 1 met to Ifeo bill rolottre lo booke ood banking eaooct* i n?e. The emredmoai reotrtotod toe am*ant of otroem .x.o to be teeaod oo toe leoo o( m< rgageo A raeolutloa requiring Information from the Btae 'aprrtotoAdeot ea t? the propriety of baring bile printed to paper whi b woo to prevent oceaierfolttog, woe MlOpeld, Tbo Mil author zing tbo ditooletleo of the North ere o< geeatoerg Rabread Coeipoey, and the for mail oa ef ? ew rompaey, woe pooeed. Tbr OaeaJ Board Irene mil tod reeolattooo fbrortog o ro leouoo of aoaoi lole oo ooriaia ortiMoo bo aeaaal report of tbo leotiteuoo * tbo B.iud wet rem roe tbo mil for tbo rooonragemeat end Improve root of tbr feed of boreee woo I boa deootod and warmly aeti.tort o by Meeert. Vloyd Jooot, Preodrrgaei, W iwie, Rnee ant Mb* re Mr I or* ewwke la ennmliMi Mr Ihjkm, is adrooattag the ywni of the Mil, poke eloqeeatlp la faror of IM la^mremaot < f horc > ih rouairy, aad deeigeaied opp>*,tloa toaeihahill i ttlM ftlid BlfllftllAI BOrftlliV. Mr. Vami laeored I he bul oa the ground that the la a' atioe of a reapac'ahla ram cooraa would ha a public oih. aaa lead ta tha ataaoaiiaaaam af d'areputabi* ? I H?W Ywrk (iaaranttne PhyilrUn. Aimer, March hi, 1M7 I It la rnaMrad that lha nose of Dr. Rtaaalt. af Una? Ina aaaaty. weat lata the "eaate laat Wedaeviay aa pay K-ian ta i.maraattaa, la plara of Dr Harria. The rattan Crap. AraraTa, (fa., March SI, ItlT. Tha daeraaaad reeaipta of cattoa at all gjathera porta, a compared with I ha aama period laat eaaaoo, la ao? fO.lOO bait a f.ov. (!??> a nrelfp.atton at lloiirarialr. Ho*??ath. fa , Mama !, t??T tha oor .raiatloa of linr Mearya retignaim i t ra.i?'Td, with tha appntatmaat of a Hjethera pro a'arorp man i bia paw laa iflatoereey hare placed tneir < ?g. with la Ktchanaa atraaaiar attached, at half atai Planing Mill Rnrnrtl. l?i irv ita, March 10, 1MT Meet I Ruaa A lacy'i piaaing III, IB Ihli plane wu tairojad a) lira laat tight. The Ore w nppoteti to aa?? ? rea ina work af aa theoaeltry. I <> tiO.tOO Market* rRiuntiriii arai boabo. fmuPd i e-4, Marc a 31, 1157. * tx.?tirm?r I'aaa*) Ivaola * a, l? R?e-1ia| K*' ad. Z?\, leer laiaad Railroad, 1? . Morr Canal "H I'raotj ivaaia Ra ro?<i, 40 N?? U*i ?*? Marnh JO, 1i?T. J Cot na Briarr Ratae in dap *00 oaira H<>m o' tb? U ??V 41,0(K, fair* l>orip la aame lime 81,500 R? n Opt* at ell ? ibere porta Ira* tbae teat paer, It*.000 u il?a ^rtar 5rm. Fi<ar aired? Poaa baotaai. * rta OM 50 Wbaat quiet, at ft 15. CoffPe j.nai at b a 11)4*1. Malta of tie waet II 500 baga Snct ii ri *i TP.ffO har?. aaa'nat 11 500 latl yrar. Prrifhta ? ir ema to Liverpool ,4 ditto te Havre, It. Senior tt rhaa?ot', faa a?tli?? ft <r airaman p *lpa, a H x pi a to rtav, arc pubrabrd ta toe >efiiar arcar.f aditioai il tbt leaoctaia*: I'r*?? b ri'?aia?v a, Mt?r? 1<i H5T at Pai?a of oo.loa to dav I If" a r? 'aire of tie ?r?* ai (\CO I# *kr r 1 ' ?m y ' >' * ' naiiK of U? Bank of HnrmUe- tkcoadln| of Ik* CMftlw. Pimsroo, Morob SI, 1M7. TW Buk of NowoMtlo, tko credit of wbtcb boo boea UOMfarod foe WM maka. hu fln>)l* atonnad mvmant. 1U nmouat or oolli to the book yesterday to rodoom notao m anting to $100,000 wm jut four dollars. The cashier, Mr. Woggooseller, U la sold, hoi abacoodod wrtb $00,000. Tho dlraotora of tha book oro oil moo of respectability, oad bo to boon moat aodly dapod b> tho ouhlor, who wu o foat liver ood deeply ongogod In Eastern spoon lsttooa. Lorgo soma betonflag to tho book wore recklessly loosed to oorporotlooa, moat of which wtU be loot, omug others $30,000 to tho Grommeroy Bonk, of Indians. Ttoe Mutineers of tbe Strip New York. Tnmrro*, N. J., Moroh $1, 1867. lbs jury to the United Btatea Court eeme In this morn ' log with o verdict or guilty egelnat four of the crew of | be ship New York. John Derlm wu sentenced to three ( yeora Imprlaonmut In tho State prison, nad Rogers, Thompson and Bloke to two yeora each. The State Legislature odjourood line dit at IT o'oloik this morning. , City Intelligence. aii kiuruur unman mw xiwhuehci ? we nave ai ready notice.) the fact that Archbishop Hughes ban removed from the old cpitoopel residence in Mulberry street to a new dwelling bouse on the oorner of Msdison avenue and Thirty sixth street. This building Is a rather oepre.endti g and modest strnctare, three storlee high, end built of brick, with brown stone faoirgs It was purobased lor the Archbishop by the Oatholtosof theoity, and the title la in the hands or the trustees. Only the diet story bo* ever, is occupttd by himself, and hedl video bis time between It and the old dwelling In lfalbcrry street, whtcb is really far superior in point of as ccmtrodailoo and outward appearance to the new build irg We understand that It la the tn ration or the Arch, dnrlng tbo next winter to give a soiree every week, for the purpose of brioglng himself bio plearani sjetai intercourse with bis many <rt?nda By the selection of s p* Miaul or evening 'or tVle puiptsr. he will bo better enabled 10 rce them or ihoeo they mey desire to tntroduoe than he la at prist nt It Ik his Intention to oooupy bis new residence till the cathedral which Is to be erected cn the F.f>h avecue bail bave been completed, wben a palatial mansion will oe bul:t In the .mmedlsto vicinity for himselt and the rlllcletiEr clergy. His objtc. la chanting hie abode was >o tie near the cathedra) while In process of erection. Ovn ok tun Mimuhu Fsrsoas fcanao Ur ?Henry Clay R> yiolds. the editor of the Peterson, if. J . Independent bimccrat, who dtsappeered so mysteriously some, hsa turned up It sppeers that he left home on account ot tome uomeatlo tfitllcuUy, and went to Vlrg nla wl bout notifying bit family On eoolng the acoount ut bis sudden diset peerance in tne newapspers. and the anilely 11 created, be wrote borne to bt? wife, bu I receding >o BbRwer be came bome himself, to allay the al?im bis absence creeled among bin friends CaitAin Ki visas, a Knight of the Legion ?f Honor and eeneral officer In tbe Imperial Army of Prnnoe, who figured in all tbe great battles at Sebaotopol, Is going to (avor our clllsens with a lectnro. A lecture on Ibewar, by ore who waa In tbe service, will be something new. Ii will undoubtedly be very Interesting, particularly to our military men. We uotiMtbat Generals Hall and Band lord e'gnou tbe Invitation for tbe lecture. Nn? Yobk is a Dsn <; or Urn.?Two or three years ago tbe streets of our etty were In snob a wretched oondlUou with filth o' all kinds that tbe people determined to arouse the authorities from their lndltierenoe, called several mars meetings in the Park, and raised snob a row about their ears that tbey were obliged for oaoe to perform their official duties, and expend the money tat street cleanieg which waa generally appropriated to their own ore Ai present New York is in as filtby a condition as it waa then; and In some plaoes?especially la tbe eastern part of tbe city? n is almost impossible to get rrom one side or the street to tbe other, without wading ankle deep in m.d. The nuisance baa at last reached the extreme limit or forbearanoe, and Use people will be ebllgod once more to beve reeouree to tbe last resort. If one mast meeting com not prov# tiucieal, thay aheuld oonttnne to tola mtetlngn until ike city nutboittlM ere awakened to tenae of tfcctr doty. Woo will take the InltleUre tbtn time? Fvmui or a riRinan ?Lewi* C. Bunker, aa aetlra member or Columbian Entlne Company Na. 14 died of conaumptten at bla realdeaea. No. M loloo place, Hobo baa ea the 1Mb tart. Ea na birted yMtarday, aad the mem be re ot "Our Fa lo?e" Aaacctatloo and bte brother Irrmcu hWMdat li1 ruailu 10 the grave The funeral rervuea were conducted bj Her Mr ratten, alter whlcb me r. y waaiaktn to Hem pa toad, Long Uland, to.* In rrem Mr Oci ker bad nearly aerved bla time ant la be department and bin lorn m mucb doplorad. Van Your Hoamai ? Vat it Br out to Maim 10, 1847 ?Btmaiamg on March 11 MO; admitted to March M, 43. llaafcargrd. onred or relieved. 31. died, 4; re mar-leg at daia, 214 Malta, ?7; fcmaiee, 47. at>nuiic kaolin Cuuraav No. 11 ?Tbli engine compear baa been orgaa /.rd recent j aad la now la rnnnlai error The regno they bare la one la the an we one for wrr'y ran bj ergire No. 31, but a law one la botldtag for b?m At prenat tbey oocupy a hoeeo la Ellcnbeta irtet, bat w 11 icoi ian>cte to Chrytt'e atraat, bat?aao .'oral and lieaur atrreta. where they will bare a n only e<tao ap l- - n s.aty ntaw ar? already on tnc roil, aad they win ecoa bare aerooty, all tbey are allow 'do hereby 'aw Toe MMH le a hat el tbetr o? oeri ?joan 8 M Her. foremaa; i.oorge a. Perry, eeetet art 'oeemaa: Soott Bayite ard F R P..e?, eeoretarion; Jameo L. MX'tr and .loha 0 Faner, repreaeaiatlTM. A Ciitrmiit- r?a ma Fixravvrn Waop ? Cla the application of Mr Wm J Ha<ke:i, one o' the School Com m i- *( aeri ot the Ststoentb ward, Geaorai Ward, tne repreaentattve from the Seventeenth Oongreaatoaal dta *itct, baa agreed to confer I be eadetahlp in bin gift on one of the icbo are from etiber tbe Seventeenth or Twenty fourth ?tr?at icbool. in 'he gift la na Important - - -w, (M.. |? IUV V--I 1IBJD m OWJniMI|? U VI o wm u mi tt< a 10 tlltw of iMrrboola. lb* UIOUMMII rue mated <ott.l?fr*M? etc.lement among the ecaoil T? ortbm ward Tbe boy wbo tbiirreceire Iheeppolal a.nti ?tn fourteen yrora old, nnd mc-set* fill 17 pete n i nni rtt'"n'd nil tbe ordinary eloii'e ai rar aa alga era He a.oat alao pcitria ibe nec< e?*ry pnyatoal <jo% I Coaiioa*. eed receive tbe rertlfnate of a doctor atallog I bat ta ia Ot for lie pxttioa Weea entered at tbe Mia tary Academy of Weal 1*0101 ha la entitled Id Mi a aeoatb from tbe government. Aa there will ba a large anmber e' atmtraaia for tae appoint aa eel. and many of tbeae may ne finally deterring and qaabled, the name of the tuaceatfal applicant win hare to be drawn by let. Toe tnya of both the abore named ecbooia are, we aader tiaad. boay preparing for the tiamtaaUoe, which will area take piaoe. Mnwirar-n r<mit. *?A rrntlraao railed at the Pool eft ice oa Mi day to pay the postage aa acme ae we gape re be wlabrd l> land to bla aea. wbe la oa board the lida peacteec a. Paaama, by tbe George l,aw. Taa clerk at tto aawapapar wladaw dematded all oeala for eaeb of the papera, wbiea be deemed pay lag, not baring money enough wtib bis bat oa gotag te toe letter window ba wae told tbe rapern woe id be taken for two eeeta eaeb Vnery? If N ooeta bnt two oeate from New York to Pan* a* new le it taet toor ore** addittoeai ia charged la tl.e Poet inea rrom eae wiadew to tbe otber ' Maw Y(>ai Cnixkn Torrarena* ?Thla ergaalaatloe m progrtralbg aUadily. Tbe eootmaader la obief and itafT bare eekcled Aeadcmy Ball, Broad way, aaar Road etrrei at fbe gaaaral headquarters Tbe roe am are le be eon etai tiy op?e for Uie ironon Ilea af nay bntlaeae appar uisiog to bosd.usiiore, tod all cjtnmnotctlioot ro ertvrd iters. AI derm to WHtoo Mtjor Uooerml of the rim Hi visum hot solteitd lbs Coopor Honso. roricr of Brooilwsy tod W orld street, M lbs boMqMTMrv of IK oflloort of U? First IHtUIos, whor* meotisgs tre bold every Tteedsy ibi for I bo trsissrttoo of boots ees spperUlsisg M lb* DivUlos. Msior Honorsl Crotgbtoa. of lh? tkcmd Itvi res. bos ' of j01 isaonsred bio Msdqaorters, bsl II will prohsMjr bo nji tows, so Ibo Weooad IdvtoUm commas* ill lbs words fm too Kleveotb to ibo TwoMf seooad riss n Ciibios Stbsbi ? Aboot tvo o'alook o? Friday I'lirtoM s dro brobo ool is Ibo rorsiob mot factory of i William Tildoa b Nephew, Nos M to M Cltatoa stress Ibo dro oriflBMOd from sowo oil belli og ooor osd ooioh log too. Ibo Irtsn woro oooo at ibo prowitn osd ot iisgaiobon Ibo Are. no dim go dma 10 I bo slock b y Hrs ssd won r will probably s?son<n I* 36.K0, II Is isid < in ho rmrt rod by losnrsooe Tbo bslldlag Is damaged i boot ?f>00, sod sot iMurod. Fibs is wwt Srrsst.?Relates 0 sod 10 o elocb Friday tight s flrs brobo out is ibo do# story slots, No 391 ' W?st s>rost. ocoofdsd os tbo Irst ssd srooso floors by H Sons, ss s floor sad fsod tiers: ibtrd tisor by Josss * Niisofi. tstlmskrrs; lbs fburtb ssd df?s stores eons pis' ' y Mr Trowbrldgo, crntksry dosisr. tor tbo tlorsff# o rstgbt encbrrj. Mr Toroo <s Insurol oo his slosi roll, HO, la lbs J? (Torses Bsu'sbco Company, lbs biiiidm, iwsnt by Monrgs f> trsyln Tbs coolant* of ids pro , t wos srs pretl) tnsch drstrtysd ssd lbs bolidlsg guile* , Tbo odiniing slots Mo U.3, txnapied by J C (hilor A ? 'os. obip obssdlsrs, oo fltoi floor oppv do>rs by Mr for is* P. osll motor famagea oy osier?list t?ij to bs j wooroa by issvrsoos. fi?? ? b Ptom Wianrw ?Btlwaaa 7 tad II o'cloob fr F ?p a?til?( t Btf oeotrttd tt tha tlora window of ?r* ? rtp'b 'iw j h- rt. Iii si*?b ifMH, Mam twniru, ? Qtbir.?rtib Himii, otaMd bp tb? rb? barttr 0*m fa trUllf j \?m mow tie 1!pp?k Hibsarm iltjor AHrtt k I nut lb ht? JMi bihyo4 it otr nit) from tM l?pp?r , Major Vangka It tba agant tot th* Indian trio*. ? nai nwall ?pot Ibr h*tl volar* ikt M mil. H- * in Pon Plorrn m tft ittb of Jtanarp. ?nd ropon* pro ? >aa i prate ihrnughiat tba ladtaa tarMtonrt Tbi >aie , M libit torp knetp, ead bfrrtl ptrt of hi* jOnrtOf owl ?M tied* on foul The Ondbln wora oonfrnfnilnf ti i ittWtitM nnmbort arnaad rod IVrrt, tad from Kbi'O in the on oi ihe mneaMtar Indeed, Ihep tor V wood la quantity ?np prerlono put, and II ta tho ght oi ill more rc.bc will at oebl down itol paar tbaa tea- " nlira Tho ttetbn* aire til aal oa n?tr ?im?r irnna ii Id kb* keen tfrp onoaaaofnl 'a c !* qa?aoa of iBe n ^nadrnro of ft** Tb* prion a' foioa, ia a'i p'Obi*1 ei - win p., ovar ? riiff", tt t-? pi 'oil' h tib)< * *' I IfotJeea of few PnbH?Uoni BOOKS BBCBIVB9 TO MAKCH. ItllBOie Am It Is. By Fred'a G?rb?r<l. Saryeat'a Arotio Adreature. Souveetre'a Brlttaay Md Ia Veadea. Cookery At It Shoo id Be Oaoaayen'a Saltan ud aia People. Blnia'e VaaooeoeUoe. Sreooe tad the Greeks. By E. About. The Philadelphia Boateeee Directory (or 1867. Lloyd's steamboat and Railroad uuuie. The Yoaag Peoplo'a Illuminated Magaslaa for Apr If. Ao , Ac. Complaints baring boon made to na that book* adverUaed la oar oolnvna do not always got noticed. ?o thtnlr It bat lair to atnto tbat the fault of tbeao omUtioas Itea: more generally with the puhlutera tbemselraa tban wttfc or. Of the booka adrertlaed in our joorna<. bet a a malt proportion ranehoa na, although It muit be the m ention of the publiaber. ar it ir unquestionably hit inter ai. that ibey ibonlil accompany, if they cannot preiode, the adrertlearnest. The forwarding olerke of the publishing, boneea either omit to rend to at, or the booke a e intercepted on Ibelr way. To show hoe badly th'e ay item works for the lntereat ot the ublither, we pabiiab a 1'st of booka adreitlaed itzcs the Mth which have not an yah ooma to band Borton'a Cjolopedla of wit aod Humor. No. 1 For ma by Mrs. Hiwe?Putlon Flowers and Worda for the Honr. Lire and Learn? A guide to all who wtab to apeak correctly. Buckley a' Melodies. Inquire Within: or, Orer 3,700 Facta for the People. It rvAta a em T. n_ n_ a ?. sm a -a ttt as ix is* ny r reaencK licrnAUie inufltrnted by engravingH and maps. Keeae A Lee, Chicago. Fowler A Wells, Broadway. This la a parfeol model of a combined hlstor eel aad topographical work. It pr aenta In a small ipaoo mora a eU digested Information than la usually to he found la compilations of the kind, ro the emigrant, f*r whose nae It asems to hare keen principally Intended, it will he Invaluable?whilst to others desiring a ready work of reference on nil mature ooonected with the past history and present ooedltlon of ihr State of Illinois, It cannot fail to prove equally useful. A con plete eel of publ cations of this obaraotar on ths c ill. rant dtatea and Territories of. the Union wrald command n a?ge olronlntlon net only here bat abroad. We woald suggest to Mr. Gerhard to oontlnne his labors In n 0- id for which his profamlonnl experience to eminently qualifies htm, and la wh oh he would be certain to res p a rich harvest Tub Young People's Magazine. No. 1. Kdited by It Pbipps. Brown, Loomis & Co. We deport fiom onr neoat ru e of sot noticing aerlels, to bra tow a'er wcrds of pasalng oommendatlcn on thin pretty Utt.o periodical. The nrtlolte are well written, end are Just what are sotted to publications of this sort, being neither too elaborate in stylo, sor yot wrtttea do am below the level of ohtldren's comprehension, an error but too common new a-days Writers tor tbe grow ng generation should recollect thai tboy have to cater for a lent age, aad that the pa/ ul?na waich they have to provide for youthful minds must be of a somewhat different character frrno that which was supplied to them la their owa juvenile days. American children are proveroisliy prrcjclout, thaake to tbe over indulgence and folly of tnelr parrots, and the ooadnotora of pabnoatioa* like t .e p otest do well In tarn tbe fact to an account likely to prove pro (liableboth lo their readers and tbemaelvts. The msga s ue is prettily Ulsatrated, ead will no doubt Bad Invar with n large olaae of Juvenile readers. Treatment or Co*sumption. By Dr. Robert Hunter Bhetman .V C<?, Aator House, is Una pnblicattuo Dt Hunter re no we tbe 01J modaa of treating pulmonary tfleoiioce, aad enooeoeieliy nndt- calca blaoaa practice of mbalatloh against the at.a>aa ado oa it by ibo faculty. Tbe immense ea.-eea nhicb baa atiradee Or. Hoaur'a pr? eetionei efforts, attested m h la by a marked dlmttu ioo aader Una bead la tbe mortality etattattca of ear elty, la proof ufflcteatly ooaTiaeiap wo a bo aid tblak ol tbe a perlertty of hla ayetem of tread me at THB I'Hl LSDELPHIA COMPI.ITS BUSINESS DlKBCtobt, for 1857. W. K. Bart let t Jc Co., Pbilaitelpbia. 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