Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 23, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 23, 1857 Page 1
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TH I ? WHOLE NO. T509. ADDITIONAL FROM NICARAGUA. CnilAe View* of TMngs In Central America? Lclttra not Written tor tire Public Rye* OUK MCABBQUA COKRB3PONDBMCC. Damn Stat* Sloop or Was 9r Makt?, ") Habhob or San Jcab dbl 8e?, V Nicabaoca, March 0, 1817. J WTattrr'i 1MITfiW* Graaado-Rou, with at toglith Mon of War?The OaptaS* ?f Unittd SlcUtt Sloop of War St Mary* in a Ron *ith ?? Partut?Breaking the ffeutrahty Lam?OreaC Mxcitmenl, *? , (*cBan we ere within a short disteaoe of the filibuster oarnp, which we have tinted, bet snooeeded In getting Iota snob a Or that we oanaot stop off sail water without getting Into hot water. We are In port with the Narra ganeett ooal ship, whore shrewd Yankee captain has been ery aaaloos to get away at a minute's warning, with which new he haa contrived to get her whole orew into Irons on board, and his boats on Lake Niearagai, which la some twelve miles off. One of his boats was carried Into Rlvas on a wagon by some of Walker's soldiers, fo' no reaion that l oan sou except that the allied generals wanted ll. we nave aiso in pon waixer sarmoa aonooner Smndt; and we bad till reoenllj ber Britannic Majesty'i propeller Eek, under tne oonimaud of Hlr Robert MoIDlure, who, however, got into euoh a ndUulous eorape 'that be wu glad, after a few day a, to leave. But a word about Sir Robert?t vory olovor genlleman ha bla way, aid one of Arctic celebrity, though some Mhlak that bla northeast paaaage may have been the result of more good look. Well. Sir Robert oaiM Into port, stad after Mine time dlaoovered the aohooner Granada Jylng alongside of him. 1 aay after some time, be. canoe the is to small that such desperate oharaoters aa Walker aad Fajsoox, ber oommander, would at onee have put ber on a oart, and taken her up to Rivaa for safe -keeping, like tbey d d the boat or the Man-again eti There la no judging by appearareee, bowtvsr, for tbii ilttlo craft la m ugly aa ahe la small, aad her quiet, unassuming, gentlemanlike, soft spoken little eaptaln* la J oat the meet belligerent of men. it ?u only a few weece before that, with her two elz pounders aad twenty men, ene JmmL within tight of thievery harbor, suak, Darned end destroyed a Uo?ta Rl? brig or war, with ber four nlaaa ?ad let) men. But the Englishman did not know thta. Perhaps he felt Hied that such a Utile rixty ton orafi honld oaU aeiself a man of war. do Sir Ribort tent his first UcnUnant on board, who aiks Ftysoux'i lieutenant under whst flag be sailed, sajlug be did notreoogntee President Walker's government, aad also telling F ?ysous himself that ho must bnag his oommisatoa on board the Ihk. Fsyaouz'i lieutenant. It Is said, replied to dlr Bo karl'a lleuf neat, in the Orst lsaanoo, that It waa no tbustness of bis, and ho waa ilgbt tn point of fhol, If not in point of courtesy. Being la bis own harbor, with hia Utg eying, and tying under the guoa of an Amertoea man ofwar, b? was more entitled to auk the question than to an tfrar M. Fay sou x himself refused to bring his oommlsalon a board the tsk, whereupon the Ueutaaant went b vck with the decla'etion that Sir Robert would aink Ihe Granada, if ber oaptala did not do ao. Feyaoux. I believe, repbet that ha wooid sink himself la pnbllo estimation If b* triad. Sir Robert then beat to quarter*. Fayaoax, however, was unmoved. Blr Robert's lieutenant next oame on a sard wtih a re newest threat, and attempted to parley with the ore*. Favaoux. wits quiet urbanity, assembled them forward, ul tonrtW the nontenant to address them. Ho (the IwImmi) waraad them that the lit wii gottiag aer hell reed), end would sink the Unudt hi tea muiuiat, hot off; rod to lake the men on thore to the boat alone ide The reply of the crew waa onaaiaaont and mtaiy, dboogb aettber piona nor polite. It waa that they ware ** ready to go to b?11 with Captain Fayaou, and that he ftta Brlt ih He .tenant) mlgbt fo there toe " The ll?adeaant ran of wrath aad monaoa. leturaert to Sir Robert, bat prraet.tiy oaaae baek wtta the modified threat that tba ah wotuo ataa the Granada ti aoe at.ompted to go >qt hat night Fnjeonx ana wared quietly, thai "If hla duty required, he would certainly attempt It." Tbo Brlttah lion eraa new ertdently cooling do#n, and d.d oool down to he aomltaloii that there waa tone mletake; than down a the qukt anbdaed reqaert that Captain Payout wou'd, a a matter of oourteay. brine hi a com ml m too with him had pay a etatt to Captain Met,lure. To Uua too petite Vhyesnx ooeinuted, protetttag agalnat maalag too ojo baaatrau to aay threat or riile? *. The aext day Sir Ri bert, fiat.try .bat pobrto opinion wet decidedly ngeluet htm, gees opto Rlraa, apoioglaeaheadeomaly to Praeideet Walker, aad returai land la bli pataea of the fidtaater latii aad hla camp. We a art indignant u< dUgaaied at hla ooadoat towarda the Granada, ae indeed ware hit own oflloera. Oar oaptala aoiar i dned m the pn ilto eeeti Mat, thalhewoale extend no coartaey to Sir Krberi mad did not erea call on hla, which being tiru ta port, tt waa ettqoette that ba Should do; to that they aeeer met I am afraid tbat oar aasaequ<.-nt bebaetor will giro ibt Wmtabar a rtgbt to retaliate ny rtiaaing to nail oa onoa plain wbaa wa oome into the aama barbor, on aoaouat ef tba way in which wa bay* emoe oat Heroded blm Oar frtr1* he* bona applied to by the captain ot the Namjfanati to reooeer bta boat irom Waiter, and or the agaat of the traodt Oompa .y to raoorar the San Carlo I manner from the Ooata K.nna He atartod far R raa, man hoapimbly entartalar*. ly Walker, aad retuned at mil did, highly pleaaed with the gray eyed man and all wt aw Ba acxi prcoreded to Sao .Jorge, whore the great r General* are beelcglag Walker General Walker had at eaee agreed to giro np the boat of tao Narragaaae t, amd the oaptata of the St Mary'* went down to demand peonage lor It to the lako, aad restitution of Uie Sea Qhrtaa. Tb? grraaer General* who bad been a lltue alarmed at tba report tbat Sir rfobi If j Clare bad broagbl ? plane of tbe north pole to Walker a oamy, aa. wao too* Hi aargeaat of martnea accompanying Gaytaia Dark* for a general ellioer, ooeaaled tba pane age, aad only objeetei to reautuu>a or the Ren tmrloa on the plea that they mnet tend tret to hair raapnouea gorarameaia Tba wtoa waa ao bad, tbatr pautaaeea to fulsome. an 1 too o do re to tiasarory. bat ba retaread oa board aeiiified tbat ba bad dote ail ghat ofronmafaooee required, aud that all waa rtgnt Ho ha aaat at-noa bia Oral lieutenant to Oniab tba balance of the leak, inatruotlng blm to ear aoibing anot tba Ntrra ganartt'i boat, a* that waa * all eat aod dried." We bare sen what a mate McC.ure'e dm lieutenant and Fayaoax'e fim (Untenant made of tt No# let oa ao* hn* he am Itenienaat of the St Marya ao^ nlU id aimieif ;a he tm plane, baring forgotten I beltera, nmry part of gheaegsUaUca etoapt toal a a waa laid not to meddle With be naked whetaer he or uid -bring tba boat peat Baa Jorge to morrow?" -Mo," replied the greaaar eeeemh. "weoaa't allew tbav" "Way," aay* tae nee gaaaat. "that waa all Battled with the aaptaia; he had the aamtaaof Gea. Oaam." "Bat we bare morageaaraia Baaa than Gea Oaaaa (aad tbat U a Bat, I bailera; mere are mora o! thine). be was oomaaaoer la ob af that day, hat wa take turn aad tara about Wo thlek tt ta eome *?-?? w.ud eauoi alma It to co tbroaab tUJ wi ktti reoeired laotruotiooe from our MTiri: goruru BteaWacdare til Oa inquiry the lieateatkt ku4 that tbe Brat part of tbe proem, rli . apply teg to their gororamwia ud getting u aaawer, woala take Heron wtoko. eeppaalng is ere >m nororofot'oa at boat IB tha menawhiio aap whore. wbteh waa vary oailkeip With regard to IB# aoooad part aI the prcceea. Bo oomd nip gaia from tbaoa boat acquainted with tbe e >aairjr We remark that tfear aorar Bad beaa agreed dartag taa iaat thirty aeeea 7 fa re," wbioh m? t? u a oleerlp ladeS Ma manor a baa lb op would be rue lleutaaaal ralura ad rarp mooh dboomfltied to Klraa, where ha ao ortaa aaanialail IB# remark, aa I am informed, that hit oaptaia "ahoald ha aaatral, atiictip aeotrai. a ad or theaa par plexlag oiraomamaoaa"?that the "fray opad maa" taok riMploti, and aai<L "Voa hare made thai obeerration warp oflea, do paa taint wo wan anything bat aauirail |tF* "Hot ihea I will hare atrtot aaatralllp, had now 1 IB tab of It, O tha greater! are aot mode la giro ap the Maa Oarkw, | woo l gfra aptba boat of the Narragaaaett " fcihg aatd BM tap, ha waa aa food aa hta word B tra oriB a praW) eiary to noma ca board with, bar# waa a male aad to iba oaptala a dtp) >m?op Hanng faiiod in ihat ba raaoirad oa notion Hoi troibioo never en me time, aad bora wa were Mil more oaleekp. fhe tap gam Bad btoagbi mattora to thai pae thai Be mget drat lake tha Nar-agaaaatl e boat rrarn Walker bp toroa? ao wary may matter?aad than whip tha graaaara at ha ai to poaa It to tha lake He laarWore roooire* to lla at tbe orew to take fmm oomo other pari of the Ifba abore tea ou>?r mi n im ?? , ,v flu bo* tor* nor (rMtrri would maddo vllb t>? Iralo ali bar Miaa tbaaiaa rf ? Ml hat (Mr Htratagy *u to ahlp bar M ao laa'toi tba fan all b| tablag off tba wagoa body. I oeliava. Partly. I rappnaa, aa diraraioo and partly to look after latin* middy who waa pla>iag truaat with too An >na Vara, tba nautraanl or aariooa waa aaai aabora Oa waalai V rgiu Bay omo of tba craw won id go ao further, bat aaiaaiu I a good maay empty bottlaa took ftrmai yaaaaaaloa or tba plana la tea una of laele Sam. aad itanalaiil la atmad oooapauoa for aoma boara, till a qalatly aubaldad into a atata thai naoaaattatad ait Baa rateoral oa aa oaaart la tba maaawhila tba Itautnnaa of marlaai mealing aa armad graaaar, wbo bappaaad I bo ant oi Wa'tnr'a, disarmed btm of bit award aad ro trolrrr, Uaa want lalo llaa Jorge to loot for lb' mi lay grol hobnobbing aad a*oban|tag apaaobaa witb Hoe /.a ala. wbo (aa tba nontaoaat Jid not aa< arataad a word o fcpaaieb), lafrpreted to tha crowd that tba llaataatol waa aaeffloar who came to aanurathe ailiaa. oa tba part of Oapt. Harta.oftbr UoltedBiatee.nudofUoBeral doots tbat wltoia lb ma mnaiha tb?y would olaar Walbsr aad tb Unbeaten at of Nicaragua Tba llantaaaat teaa yolaatea ad aa<aa drtaa about their barnoadoa. aad gaiiopod off far Kiraa vboro be did ao> Bad tba Biddy, wbo waa oat floating with a parly of tllbuatar raugnn, roluateared ln<br ? Bon about a I be bad teen to Moo Wetter, aad told b aa flhat Zero* had told blat thai If tha fliibudlen dM not alia (i>a Jorge qalekiy tba allloa would hare a miatoeat k~? ihrtnMiri men and two eigbtaoa noaaden WltldBg up by MBlBg tbd KoDOfal "Waal do 7 an IftlBk ?l . rt (k tka pt? oyod mat qalotty rapilad, I Iktak tka* yon aro relating jont aaatrality by ?oilla| ta OM oairp ohal yon 00* (a oaothor'*?a ramdrk that ?wad 10 plana Km aaaiter qnlta ta a a?? llgbl for Haar whn* Ik-' oaptala of tbo ft Maf* *' Ik a V*aliy A* h aoold aaoor da to anad th? A rot akkra again Tha Itoatoaaai or mariaoa ot< gaaa to lank aftor iha middy, bat wbo ?u m loon aTtnf iba Oaatoaart of mtnaaa* II tu oaay to day "anad a Aid T aaarioM to 'otok tham.'* Two tk'rda of thaai tronld aTO deaortod to Ika A'tbratara Plaaty of froaa baof, plantj of oraagaa aad baaaoaa and Voaoa to go an dtr.y aa tkny pioaaad vara attrantioaa aot to ba realm! WHO tka aai:ora It would bare bona worao atlil Tnara fa only th? ergoeot of martnra, toppoeod trnetwortky, Pad bo ablankily did not woo ly jnettfy ta* onnA loaoo fPMl la kim, Mr M tmmea lately got aot aaiy trut E NE and uproartou* la 8aa Joan, bat refuted to roport to Ike wpUta, ad waa anally arretted aad looked up by Walker'* Oaptaln of Holloa, wltb hi* leg* la duraooe. The tost theep, tt la true, bar* turned up, but the poaltlon ol affair* la gloomy Our oaplatn baa nude a do mud wntpn we men beck cioen out of, or enfbroe bjr lighting Guatema a, Coate Rtoa, Salvador, Honduras, tbe Rivaa party la Nioarsgua and Walker himself. who baa bown (hat he oan whip the whole boodle of tbem. I eoefldently expect to morrow?firstly, a formal protaet from tz President (Uvea stalest the seizure of toe Vtrgle b) the Uol.ed States; secondly, a protect from the Trenail Ccpjpany's agent, and possibly from Vanderbllt'a atom, to the effect; thlidljr, a proteat from tte athej against tbe vfot^dn f>( MOtrailty, by alio wt as rat AcUss to take part In ohargea of nC?t?b cavalry; fourthly. a pro teat from Wttkor agalt at the diaarffliSf <* oftiz?ne by lleutenaata of marlnea on the pabUo ptghwa;; fifthly a formal demand lor reetltettea of the 'dfintlosl pwtoi taken by the lleu'enant, and whloh oaa now tot either through another negotiation with the allied gene rala, or by atormlng their entnaonbmenta at Sao Jorgo lathi;-1 do not know what mere format protests, for I do not know what other acta of neutrality we may no have been breaking I am truly sorry for Oapt. Davis. who la a good officer act) a cultivated gentlemanlike man I am sure be never contemplated getting into euoh a eorape wbea he round In the out-throat bandit fliibukler Walker e very quiet, nn?e*eming, oleae aha ran Individual, ?or rounded b> bocks and in'kiag light literature end ethnology, end In the allied generals very ebaeqatou yellow men. llko bend waiters at (Saratoga or Newport, but not aa well got up, and who promised anything and everything quito at filbhy. The worst Is that here, ae everywnere else, It I* taaltr V get tato a scrape than oat of one. At leui. Sir Kobert tried ft hard. ana ooaiont. wnsn ae o?me on M ore and was taxed wnh hi* proceedings, he declared that he ooulds't believe that feci* were eo, and had given to inch order*. When hl? first IVeutenant oatne on ihore he admitted fact*, bnt declared that It waa under orders that he waa acting. Bat then people were so m art that they found oat that Sir Robert and bis flrat lieutenant never came on ahore together, ao he thought the best thing he could do waa to take himself off, and I oelieve that ?e should do wisely la following hU exam pis. I have only time to add, ae I am oloslag this letter, that It is re per led with great consternation In the greaser camp, that Walker has go General Soott at San Juan in the stooka Thla comes of aotiag under Instructions from our Circumlocution Oflloe and putting your trust In sergeant# of marines. Interesting Letters from Rival. Rivau, March 1, UIT. Ttu Battl* at Rivcu and San Jjrgt. Fsidd Wiuaos?Thla be ng aha flrat opportunity that 1 bare had for writing you, I embrace It, for the parpoao of l^mjM you know how matters are here at this time. Youmtve had the ao noon la or the stage of Granada, the taking of the river boats by the Oeeta Rleans, aided by Mr. YandtrbUt, and by thla time, know all about the troopa on the San Jaan river. After all hands arrived et this place and recruited a little, we heard that the enemy ted oome down irom Granada to a piaoe called Ubraja, nine miles from here, and were fortifying It for the pur pcae oi noting wlW we enemy on hoard or we rtrer iliwen. On (be tTenlng of (be 26W of January, the battalion ibat I belong to, flrat Kitten, were ordered to maroh to ibis place aad drive tbem out; well, we arrived wlibln 1(0 yard* of tbe plasa and drove In tbetr ptoquet guard to ibi place, (but In tbe meantime Wey bad mortally omdidOapt Finney of tbe Rang em,) and found tbat Wey bad barricaded it, ao tbat It was impossible to get la without loelag a great number or men. We determined to watt until morning came, ao we fell baok about 600 yards to a building on tbe road, and Were took a po alt on, the enemy in tae meantime Wrew out parties to Uenk us, but we helu then in obeck until daylight, aad ihta foand tbat Wey were on hree eidra of na. We only lied in our party wree companion, under oommand of Usjor JeonaM. We kept o jr rear open en at to make (oodnur letronlln cate o? their ttansiag ua We bold bia p'-e'.tioa until about 11 o'clccx We next m iroiag, ebea we bad to rail baek oa Wo main body, the enemy loiiowtng after ur about mo strong We wore not etrueg enough to nold our giouad, oo we retl back oa tbe real ' f tue other naltalioa, sal the en em 7 daoiag Were W Te more of us Wan ibey ein'cted, retired to the towa Tost afternoon wo attacked We enemy with our waote fcrue, but 1 wan no uae, we nal to fail back again. 7bat b'gbl we return d to Wis place and rem Joed here mntlt the HOW, when we attested *ea Jorge (Wj tnemy la We meantime bar ng left Ohrtje, and he log reiLlorced with about 1,060 men, mailer 1,800altoge Ber. I under Geo flennlngsen We were to atltcx in torsi placet, but Major Leone-d mlatatlog We oruer 10 aileofc, attacked he.'ore he was ready, so Ware ware only are eompanlsa in tae aitaca Hut, my Ujd, what an auaea; oa we weal, toe man laiuag in a I dlrtctloae: w?> cba'ged them and (ell back ohargad Wem again, fell bark again, and stood flgntlag Worn e-a.ant ibat* Amu KnrVlnnilmt fa# (lflfi tlQUr bad A Ob(f M?J Lei Bird Cnpt Wuhinaon, Capt KuiavU, Lieut Cro >u Bad all u.' tbe ollioere ?erc down exot|>. tour at u?. caoa cfl Uie ground it oommajxl of tbr?* oompanlet at twenty one d-.^u We loet In killel and oottnaed abodt ninety Duriri tbe day Ike Infantry and id rtflm tauju the enemy for a ttme, out ware obliged to fall bank. We maroaed bank to Rirai a xtui I o'aiook I be next morning, aad watted there 'or a few dayn t Nt ibe morning of tbe tin Mmffi ?t 3 o'clock, we arame" tae ear my again with tbe three bailallont to gttber, but It waa no ate, tbey drore ue b?ck. oat co? i ll we bad done tome barm We killed lev or thsir oolot'le aad aoout 176 men; we lort about 40 lo killed and wounded Tnat mcrnlag before daylight Ctl O Net' eat imttrg to me about taking eome poOUun wita car corn peey woa* bo wae ntraok by a mioie bail la tbe lb.go, wb'ob broke It, be fell and called oa me to lake b'm out ot tb. Ore I iropped my ewordand carried bim oenmd aonte ceetua buanee and tb?n bad eome ot my men to carry htm off tbe (round to Ine rear lie died two day* after; be wee a bra re tallow. We fell back again oa tb'n place, and retted tor three day a, ami then took along wttn ue all of our cannon, tbrnn tbr<? aix pound gunenad three feowitaera, for mo purp iee of (belling tbe tntmy oat. but It did oo good Tney ban aog eolrtoehmenu all aroend the plaaa, and wbea we would uae the eann..a oo them li?y took to tne an trinccment, ont we knocked over abott'. 170 of tbem by ibeir own aooonnta, aad we did aot toee e man We did not charge tbem, be It woo d bare been fooli beeae and ere c uid be re hmi a great many me a nine* to en we bare been waiting an attack from tbem. but we bare waited ao loeg that I bardiy think tbey intend to come From your friend, JOHN M OKlTflN. Captain eempany B. let ttlOee Tbe letter from Rlrae glrea below la from aa offloar of the N eeregtan army to hie eoe la thin city. Tbe latter, a la* A years of age. bad seat it, with tbe follow, lag note;? Mr Ba>r?rr ?fin?I dead yon an original letter written t>, my fntber, wbo i* fighting under Proetdowi Walknr for .oecaoneof liberty <n fticeragaa It came by ib* fen n.aaee teal Fride). You may. If yea lite, print It In tbn Mnaei i' and seed rue beck tae letter, an I want to keep -? i.i ?.? D,M nt teibar'a I think Too Will flat a grtai Mai or bows la It that foika older loan ma tii like to read Yoar Mead, JOHN B C?? leat.Mii gram, March SI, 1M7. Hivoa, (Ntnaragah.) Marafc 4, 1*6T Johnny, my dear My, yoa atuat not taiak thai beMoae rather haa aot writ tea la yoa taat he TorgMt yea No, he MTer ihtaha of dear at Hber without thuuiag of yoa, aid the la merer eery long. ellher right or day, oat ot am tboug hta, |bat tfaea ail theae (iraaeere, aa oar man rail the*, hare firem at a good deal of lighting aad a rood deal el work, aad thee, aa 1 aot bow a eort of aabeoi meet** or or my men?wily that laatead of little heya 1 bare got growa op mom to menace aad look a nor?It tab on op all my lime; eo that omeaimaa I hare *o renal a ta my bif beote Tor a week together hom? of taeee lay*, however, I will tell you 'me about thia emriema comairy, aad whoa wo hare whipped mil theae people oat yea ihall come dewa, With mother, to om It How yoa will 00)07 hi Here ore lakaa. with taiaada to them, aad inornate toe ao high that their tope are air ay a ta tha oloada There are roleaaoat: aad eoooa oat treee aad orange treee all roond oa ae pleaty aad ae large that I c* a:o show you oaa hnadred la a abort walb, eaih with more bait on thaa yoar whole aehooi eooid eat a a BiMutn Then tberoaioali aortao! frnim thai yon or Iwerar a? before. There W 000. tho apwmr, tae.eo Jjit Ilk frrefc hotter, another Jaat Ilk# a oaatard?/oa ootid ao I tail the diflatoece with yoar eyeo ebat Mort or ta*m trow 00 1 ergo treee, one eome rlfb', eo tho traolc ever) thing. .a fan, tmtu to grow oa a tree bare, tne vat) enp? aad baoioa they moaily ate are the ebell or a on ol |oit,d thai grown apoa a tee* 'nataad of aremd, i?e teo^lr prmrtmliy eai ploiotelao, whkik are liae a ere large haaat.a, aad mete lite a tweet pa ato warn rooked k oaa let to get rery ripe aad dried, they art like a Bg Tbea there are big ilnarM aa lomg aa yoar arm. blct are very good 1 Bit at two wiin my pt.toia, and aac tbrm oooked aad etoalieat lbey ware. Ta* othe day, one of my oampaay going trot to get noma tatna*n<i(, aa e a flae large panther, (potted joet itca anther ( rag He looked at mm aad walked away Taa looliea fellow forget to fire till be waa gone Toey ae?cr trouble anybody Tnee there are heaa I.rei M?ei in nnrrmiaem. Ohd amshawt and nock lion* irn n?oi*y? ; but a* I bar* aarnr b?J ua< to boat I do am kaaw what ttvara la btaMaa Then thar* art biiiaa of moaoowa all grata with aararai baa<lreJ boraaa aart crrra! ibnaaaet o<illa aa oaa piaaation a.l roaaiag win), anl wbma fan oaten with a laaaa or bMa tnpa Wbtnn jou throw Broom Mr Back It would auil pnu a>acuy. U > tarn ma i *<u n??? bum oh h?"< TOU now*, U4 *?? ahH.ll p?k oat aa Mir hnra*i ai pno PIMM ana ?a>?h than ymraail if pan ilka I haaa haaa la tbraaartraftgMaMMa I nana fran Qranada. ondar fiararal HaaniofMD, aad hara t#a m.tra ?* my Ma# Tork friradl voundad aad oaa laid up #1th aiakaaaa, but m to* aW "Fimn?a." aa you uaml Wi naU kin, 1 da bo> iMak thai thnp ma hart bin aayaa# ibap oaa d? it, and I baliaaa h? la aa longh aa a I aall*; bat If hp aap ohaaoa taap ihna d, you idui* Manht that date r #Ui hara aohadp the# bat pa a aad yoa ranit ranollaat mai nr?# 1 am a?ay fh>n b?r aaa baa anba ty bm you a?ar bar. aa<l |oa maat atap #?a bar aa ma )h at you oaa aad #awa oral bar aba* pom bra aaar b?, : " ! TJT.t W TO MORNING EOITION-MO: for you would neror Sod nwl! knot ties" mother u oho to tf you oould choose too wide world oyer; *n<1 when you ore obliged to go iwoy toon tor yoo moot attend to your Hudlee oad behove tike men for her dent *ak i. aire my beet regerdo to your kind Mend Mr. ? ?> * " llev# me, my door boy, your etteotkmote fstkev Htm from St. Domingo. ME-HAOf OP PBbSIDEMT BABZ IN THE SENATE?T*ik NATURALIZATION OP BP AMABDS?GENERAL B iM- ? TaKA KlfUflBD ADMISSION TO MAKriNIQtfB?HB I SB IIIBN (IN 11(1 A HO A KKKNUU Win SSIF AN AMH1STICK KltH TBI BBPEUOK SOULOUQi'K. By the steamer Bluoo do Oaray, at Havana, we art fa receipt of nowa from Bt Domingo to the Id tut. The President road his message In the Senate on the the iwih of Eebruwy; It was remarkable for tna elevation of iho ideas whtoh It oontalnM, and the absence of high flown phrases. He sptshs in It of substantial improvements already realised, or near befog realized; gives an account ot the satlslao'.ory state of International relations, making a special mention o( the generous treaty er oes alon on the pari of Spain, together with an hoaorable al luslon to her representative, Hr 0. Antonio Maria Sego. via, at present at Havana, en route (or dp tin With re gard to the qotatlou of the naturalization of Spaniards wbic'i has oaused so nsnob noise, he Rajs that the InterpeUadcn lately put on the article o' the treaty would ex lend (he basts of the terms of naturalization muoh farther, and that, In the mealtime, new negotiations hat been opened in Madrid on the most favorable conditions keltrrlng to dantana, the message dsnlares that Ola admiasiot to Maralnlqus having been refused oy lie Uj verner of that place, aad he having been broight toaok to it Bartngo at the time when th? grouch V.e? Aduii ral, Coust ii Sueydon, was In that port, this olll :or oau sen ted to bis hews brought on board his ship until the further pleasure ? SM Imperial Mar?t? yra? Known fhts Mep has been taken with tin eonvrM or the Oonsnls of p ranee and Eugland afi fhe Cfc*vg,t d* A flair eg of dpsln The last point of ln,erest treated of m the message by President Bass is an si of two years agreed to by Sooioqne, at the tnstanoe of Begfahd and frano* Srws from Mexico. AFFAIRS AT BAM LU1U?TJ.K BLAMCaUTJf KKVOLUTION ?BXPECTBD ATTACK ON QI7M) AT. AJK4 ?PAO NCNCIA11IKNTO AT IOC ALA?ORNERAL OOVKIINBBMT^prviCAUB 8H0T?TBE CALIFORNIA*! PHiIBUSTKB BXPBMTION. [fiom El Biario ds la Marina, of Havana, March /a'.) This aaornttg the English psoket from Vara Orus ar , rived, when wet reoetved newspapers from that port to the 6th utsteAf, hut they bring no news of any imporuiLoe Tee SUM ral altUAtmn of affairs nnntinuea the MEM m described in oar last correspondence, brought by the steamer Mexico. Temptoo since the arrival of General Moreno, U Iran qui! At Sen Luis, order ni reestablished, Gsnsrnl Morono ha . n i been nominated MMMMMl omet General 1'arrodl was oontloulog tils mnrou towards Gsada'ajsre, which place, noooruiog to leH rsot February 11, eras sllli threatened witn an atlaok from General Blare arte, who, as tt was suppose), was only ailing lor the arrival the rest of the forces ot feinones nod Osoiloe, defeated at the Cerro de I- Magdaiena la order to make Mil promote! a wx/Uo sgainet the government. The letter had already or dtred a>me battallone or the national aall tla, wbloh bad takth the lield. to return to their bomee. tbuir e* deemed unneoeaaary However, aeme fact) ins of loss or more Importance still existed In differeal parts of the country. Ia a letter from Cueraaraoa, date l Febrn try 34 U Is stated ibel one psriy, commanded by l> Juan Vuario. entered Iguaia, an 1, after a snort and neeleas resistance on the part or the popela I?, shut the prefeoi, 0 Raphael Jacques, oemmander and mayor or tho pi a is, the administrator, and three other pcraons, and left tsah lor Tax pan On the other hand, some bands of Indian had committee atrocious crimes In Durango and JaMroo The ttcfrto, ol VoraCrui, pulls bee somi documents from which it oaa be aeea that toe Itthmns of Tebaeotepec is already opened to the transit of carnag e, two of wcinh left 9oohll on the 80 h of January aau amvel at he portor Veatosa, oo tho PasiBc, on the *th Kjbroary On ihelr return voj age the inaaDitante ot Tehuantepea re.xlved the paseeogors with great Vstivtuss Gea>ral GhMardt already recovered frow a wound which bad obitgad blot to go so to Oailfotnia, baa, oa ma rotors, landed at natulan, and nrsught tbe news tsat an eipediMee cf fll! ustere was act tally prepartug ibn'e lor lasiag poarcuion of Ssnort Bit to '.all ooti >e mat* be sdceo another, to tne eft c. ma; Gtuoral Ystcs tad al t ads taken tbe nec seary measures fc ir rlog osjx it e fl.ibuevers both I em So ora aud Lower Jintornia. *bich place le supposed to be likewise threatened by Utm City- Intelligence fas Lin Ci ssnswrias Maaaiaus ?fbe Doaa end Beker * flair si 111 oooxpui pobl e etteeiloa, eapsolallr la tbe aelgh borbood of Onion square aad Fifth aven to. The appT >?a are (rtaUy taovased at the audacity of tbe p.'ehiaa. MM upon lbs MMMM morn ego a* a dlreol lorn eion u,nn the territory eocapled by thi polrle'sa foroes. which, arcordmg to thrlr Ideas, should be rem ired at *l? poet On Ibe otttcr bud, l>eaa ban the tympetby ?( '( oiim 01 on Irllow, wno ilacereiy bip* bo ot) bt uooeeefcl to the great game <ba> la abool to be p ?j th uu Supreme Oourt During tbe.iaal three or roar at rultuOM o< Mr. Bukar. in Went Twenty eeciud ?iv*t, baa oera eloaaly watebed by tbe polios, ao that nay tflnrt to efleet the abduction ot Mra De*e mlgbt bo 111 mediate J delected We understand that 0 tan ?aa al to bore aa interview vtib hka wife yeater lay bat e eta out aeeertn o tba reauit o( tbe Meeting although e oao oaaUy imagine, me ore/toy ad fee itp of tbe baa band aad wife alter ao Itag aod trytag aaeparatloa re <e> tba eaao ooaaao op b.fore Jnattno Ptviet, ta tbe 8u pi. ire Court, when tbe City Boll will be tne obane o( a scat air. tag oocnrrtaoe la luoal domedtc affairs. a I>aoa Rawitaii ton a M.-wntu I'maoon ?a reward of ?b'0 b? been idtred tor aoy information that wilt load t>. ihe ncovery of Capt Jobn K Vedder, ot Chicago III, auo left bit roomi at tbo Metropolitan Hotel ..a tho 4ta .nat . ai d baa not olnoe booo board of Tim abora re ward win ba paid for h;? reoorory If all re, or lor bla ro n aint tl dead, or for any information that way load to tbe tent, left with W H Stephens, Fleet Marshal, Mayor'* of ten. tr with T K Humpbray, Hi Broadway. rncit.a or a Ibbma* it OKOwaiaa ?A Herman, ajed abooi thirty, throw himself from tbe after part of >ha ferry boat Wymndook, on bar paooago to Brooklyn, oa rtunoay morning, abiut bal' pant dm, aad waa drowned H? bod boon lolerlag about taa terry an night Br left aa hoard a dark green ur.<rroat ta wblcb wata mean randota book, m.a tbe nemo of Jaoob Kmdea wr t en oo it U aloe eon lamed tho aamea of isiaoii, Btobe b Co , and others. Tba ooat la at tba lire* ward otature bouoo Hm nn ?o Bis Rain icon I nn >or ?Tbe lt?r Taeo do># Irvmg. reotor of flt. sndrew ebarob, Rich in ml, Melon inland, baa returned to bla rodgtooo dntioa, and ro stimed .bio plaoo ao roetoe ot tho oboreb, after aa abaoaoo ol some weofca Toe ravervad gem lemon retired from ibe puipn eome time ago la cona*<(>ioao? ut o oontroreray b on tpraeg np bcteoea bun iot mo re.try but baa gn gallon, and la arocrdance *tut the detiro of Ibo IM U), ?Hh WBOIB brOad id spot* > t ?kbai ?r a Vstika.* OrrifiB or till ?Uont Wm 3 Oi JT.lhs, ooldior of the war of 1111, vh burlBd it t.'y i>im Bill Oa*Miory yesterday Tfed ViMrma uorpo of I'll, uadar ootnnand of Oot B. Raymond UMnbMM b? lot# rnldrnoe, oorncrof t>riad ud Norfolk it root*, aioMBd with expand* ii<t uniform, but wtinmt old* oroii, ind march** d?fl Brood wo/ to th* Fulta* for y Mil ol lb# ukrui bay* b**a moatgnod to lit tomb withm wo moaUu oo* ?>a*l, iod too r- mala dor of Warn top* Lb it guTirament, oo* ?b*o tb* troatury m ptotf) iwtrg will it taat rrorido o **r aarnad bouo.y to roa o* - tbeir Old day* o 11 HI* com I of tab a. Brooklyn City Itrwi. akkbtt or a 1 ouitiro.? A*m<t\nt Captain Mctlarp, of the 1 btr<l district arrcotod oa Matuiday night a boy about ( ** iopii 'fat* namrt Drnnta Mwe*n?*. who la* refugee In mltf f>f roioia ,?*ion. la Itew Verb. from wbonw Be e. ap<-d abou. t?u *eek? tine*, IJ I. p'tig from rourta I -) eii,d?e oo to ? bono* o,1,oiDing. and from then-e l?> IB* ? 1 hli dagnrrrer.ijiie wm taken a'ihe tune of hi* h?iag aeui " -hat lostiTmk-*. and on h'a e.r?i>e e?? given to i apt. Net tare, b; Me* J. P. rvcot, oftj- t'hiidn n? Aid Moriaty.of t-roklyn. be vaa by tki* mean* captured He na* fir* arrested na a eherge of burgiary, la entering a h?-w in lleary eutet from whirl be * bmi end a gout wairti. Hi waa iBdietoa for grand laroaor. end no bi? being arra gned p wtod gout;. and wae it,Mead of beta* aeni to tad r1oti?r of hrfugr ornt to tbo t'Mlorrn* aid e?eie?> to b? e*red fir, fi,m? theooe be TBde hi* escape a* above Mated. ii* will do (4**0 bark lb* morning Mf it on? about half paef fl?l o clock Sunday morning, a ? arnian r ained Philip trndeo committed nuljfde by mmplnr nil the ferry boat Wyanriank. of tbo Mouth ferry lino. He tad beeti rmmlng the river *r*ry trip during tb* t Ight. earh Un.e paying big fare When tee d> ti Hani wml to the aiera of tbe b vat to pit' In the pin. It war fbuad ihai Mil nana mnalsg, and Itil coat and v?it ? era tour d lying near by Prom paper* In bin p?-hct It OM IroinC that at! name waa PbiUip Kmden. I nauve of tlrraiatn . tli rty one Team of age and bad < nibarfced tor thia country oa tbe l,*t of May. |Ht6. HI* frle,?u re*1e *i ?M t eorard itrer-l Mew tori. Mo eanae waa aweguet I >r the r- n-ui.eelon of lh? dead, bat It lo mppoaed to bare area poverty." Povpp rgowven ?Tbe body of an unknown man waa on tuoday morning fonod f! wUag la tke Bait river He wm taken to ike fc?l 01 Berkott *treel. Brooklyn, and the eorvmer pouted Coart OaleMtarwTWg Day. ?v entnaOor?t?Orault?Part 1.? Noa. 1717,1041,117, NHB, 117. i7ii, iw?, iwi. wn mi, **. i", mo. pa* i>sm low ipoi. ioot. itos. im, uar, 1108 1 84 978, ma. 1><?, mi. ??. ion. 6r>nuu<? Oorot -Spacthi Tam ?Una. IT, 141 UT, 00, 997, U, 07. Ill, 041, 948, tl. 93, 94, 01, 10T, 180, 100, 10, UP, 148, 144, 100, 916, 9M. 9T7 Na etuaao lun ba?e ?<!..?.) to tlii i on if adar <a Toaaday laot L'rrrar *rtrm IMM Uona* ?Una 4% IB in 40, *7. ff? PWIMI Onvar?RiHrnail Jalanitar ? * ?. 1040, I486. 1078. lrif, 1089. 1018, 11(0, 1190, 1141, H4?, 1104. 1118, HOP, 11(0, 1170, 118T, 111(1, 1104, Kill KM UOO. llrO. 1941 lltO, 1987, 1949, 12*4. 138.' 1I7?, 1380 1181. 1944, 1200, 1000, J811, 1014, 1310. 1393. 1810, 1381. 1388. Ti?r Kxoncra prom Viroinii.?The LeirMotf (V. - ? thai aiocf urataariar ti?of, trjm rrn , ? #n( of tho dldfraon brtiuaa. all to* Ita I I I -ub f#w otccpMoai, o>? > lap #ni (Olf! had I w .u? Won. | ?RK B fTDAY, MARCH 23, 1857. HEWS FBOM CUBA. Additional Advlcea by Um Black. Warrior OCR HATAKA OOtUUUrOMPUfCS. , Hataju, March 17,1M7. Prte Trait in tith?Monopoly in Tktatrical Building*? \ Bou> the Ja con was got up?High triad and Diooouraja j tnau to A rt?CvmpetUum Arormd?troJUt of tAs Bataar ,

?Pruidmt Buchanan'i Inaugural?B*n Ouono (Mm- , trail- tapmoatt and troJUt | Wiibin a very short period tho Captain (federal per. , oslvisg the Impropriety ?f permitting the long standing i monopoly In the Ash trade longer to ooatUue, declared himself in favor o( tree trade in Bah, and the bard/ Ask- p oi mm of Ke/ Went and the adjaoent kej keep our mar- j, ket most bountifully supplied with their An?y prey, and g there Is every reanon to hope that the poor religions foiks ol this oily elll bo able dnrlng the oomlng Lent to eat I cod and wholesome fieah Ash each dav at thn fasti. rai, Instead or, u in by goto y ooro, living opon dry uitco Dib. These pooplo will doabUees offer ap (heir deroal prayer* lo Uod, prey lug lor ibo long life and fatore pro#,*rlty of General Ooacba, wboao kind act baa Ibu ena?led\hcm to snjoy aa oyory day tare Uut which before *m neotnarlly oonOted to rare and extraordinary ooaa dona. U Vour reader* are, 1 tuppoeo aware that donor Marty, ai who lobg auptliod too market with (lib, it iho proprietor 0! ol the teatro Taoon, and Max Mai-atzex'* 11 rely bona tell* what geatio iplruing decor Marty exerolaoe oyer the t( 'tnymaruj when in bis power the fa ion theatre * war being trcoted, noany all tbo box * were parena*od " in 1 (co aimpie" by certain respectable Inttabitanu or ibu 01 olty, who eaob paid one thousand dollar* do an for Uielr 11 box. There bung * you are aware, three tiera of boxea, V a goodly amount waa tbu* etnassed, wblob enabled Marty *' to complete toe tbratre There wae a clause altasbod 10 11 i e 't-'lo deed" o( each box, hrweyer, which Usoi*r?j * iLal v ht Diver It* proprietor foil diaptsod to toll It be wa* 8 Dcuno to glrc <be drat ref tail lo donor Marty, wno upon 11 pajlig baik tbo tbouiand dollar* was to become po* Y toned ot the box a* hit individual property. By bo A '< and by crook Senor Marty ba* boo .mo possessed or ail ue boxtt ta Jte Taeon ixoepl flyeueax 1 Utye heard ' 81 It Biatah that to tuany lo'iaoooi In wbtcb Seuor Mtriy desired lo poetess any partteniar box ho anbjeoud It* owner to ration* petty anno, scow to Indeoo birn tqeeil out. The reault of tbit, uco all other mjoopifies, baa bee* that the prieei affixed to me ooxea, partioinlRy during the opera teaaon, are to normouily high tost a man at' moderate Income wat quite uubjio to take bit lamlly to the Opera more than oaoa or twioe during Ike teaaon wbllat ton tore or tbt dirioo art i* so great at re li at the Taeoa iwiortain to be a.led wbenorer good music, wefl sung, I* to bo hoard. But tue propensities ol at nor Marty bare oauted MB to tfMMM uimteif? be appears never to hare thought It poetible that too a ib. r theatre ue erected wnai little mora tban a ' ifar a*o be secured the additional proprietorship of the " V?ua Nuera toeatrt, km to have loll eoutrol ot all tbe ibvlonal public auiotcm ata of tbt* oily. Not only it toe 1 tfe OperaB ouso in tbe Alameda oe Paul*, wnl in wae de c alloyed by lire aom* years ago, to be rebuilt, bat in drlr- *' mg past the Tacon a day or two ago i peroeired aa ex u ixnalre bnltdlng tmaeoiately lo it* rear to the ahorse of T' erect on Upon inquiry 1 ascertained mat M waa a our f boul ud moat> e Ho nereafter a ooaipaay o Italian op?ra aingere will be enibiod to obtain tue ate of n tuoa '* Ire, wiMuil being compelled to |wy me egn-WMi root ai or lift hundred dollar* por nlgn lor toe tire, eceaery w ana ?a?? Mat being a* it goa<raii/ uuderatood, Me amount demanded for tbe ueo oi tbw Ieooa 41 Nearly or quite $3d,tud aae oeaa reaiixtd br tbe sale * of tbe ticket* at the baa*ar. The pobue woaid like to ^ know woo bat bow tbe I aasure yon a bat among*l in/ acquaintance* In Ml* city I Uavo beard 41 out obo aay be bad won a prmr I was wltseti 81 to ratbar an amurtng tor.e at tbe baatar ooe evening 04 about tbe m ud.o ol taat w<ek A young Creole troji I'nerto renin* mui kept up a running Ore ot badinage P at ne ef 'he ycon/ la?lri who arid tne tiikota ao long * '.bat Ue teroDii/ oi ber dianoelO'tn betug dletareed, nbe D< *igii)/ r>queeuu a uaato friend who approached ber to " c ute ibo youcg Creole to pa?- on Upon too (rlead or * tl'o jcuag lao/ approaoblug tne Crt*i?, aad req letting * I) m to ? more on," he replied, "Tee tarely nalatake tee ik p. aott. benor." "Mo, 1 do not, iDivt.Ofl;" wet tbe re * J t infer "Wall, W )M da act, tea pteaatd to SalWw o* * doea atalre, and I will give yoa a leeaoa," **ld the r< U'?ole end down atklri tan t wo weat togetuer I did not J <i now, beeauaa it Ik net prune at h>we to bo pr. Mat at V < / reconuo boiw.en two pir.lea Howeter, I ttnar a H cb-llenfo enn.ea, and that tan partloe met cost morning " wi.o wBdt result 1 bare not Braid ' >'te Inaugural adcrete of toe l'roildont, raoalvei In * jour untv?r?al B?kum>, per lakt at*ara :r, appear* to hero l! given i nitre satisfaction to all Amoilean sluceen. no met 1 in wbai in luetr poil'ioaI o eed, nvlnj or *ij turning o re 8 tub Spaniard* do not deem to quite anderatutd tue ladi * peregrapa or two, wbliat ta# ureoiud who wnom ! bard 11 convene 1 la rnlatloo td it, appear to tblak that mera I* * m* an tj tbemtbaD le eaprearnd P The ''iianikB ba<t fCuiaua. waa beraal to tba water'*. ' edge, la tie harbor during the night of fund*/ Iwat. * ...? Guano Cummiad. n r.a* reported very favoraniy at 11 to the c xia<enco or mat valuabl* maoura apoe tBe Jarai* 4 toile* and other a laocnt aeja. HpeetaJ peraiMioa oa? 1,1 b??n granted to MM 0. T/ng At Gu , ol t-U at/, (uatii '* 'trUer order* are reo*'red fr?ra Spate,) woo made lie * 'act known U tbe government or tnu liiaad, to ailp tie 11 guano for eapoitauuu, tue/ pa/iag H per to a, beaUoe 11 ite caelumar/ tunnage ouee, to tbe Oii'tom House at ihlt u olt/. or at Clen'negoe A* toe guano I* nedrritoa l to be p e.rtb In m >26 log:* per Ion in the North era C'oi.ed 1 11 Statea markoU. if privilege be oonllrmed 0/ to tr Mimra C T/ngbUi,tae/ will rea'.iaa a bandaome for tuna by their enterprise, at any rate, all the/ bare niw 41 to co .? to "make bay whilat tne aun abinea," aad anlp ' ali tbe guano U??y can before time eulitcteat eball bare u riant. a for as adverse aaiwer to com# from dp*ln c< Havana, Maroh IT, 1M7. ? fV Black Warrtrr'i Poiseye?Our I 'mm utth Cakd? ei ,V?aa bierfrirtfe and Cuano?Hrjxwt of (Ite Guano 'Jam U mtiruet? /rtmcnte %n Ptnijvct. Th. atramablp Bleok Warrior hu entered port Ibla u nornlng in 11? romarkable time from Now Urleanx? ? <Hcg to dock-?or 49 boure. Who will My tbek we ere eot " n coailgooeif And again, Uf b in tag la to noito ui In tbe u airj bondx of tore and ml*real?and Intereot l? to wrap ,, tfeo wbutr a tnouaaae lold by toe ion noe fialdaof gnaao . biob we bar# dlewrered npoa ita ^oo .hern lalaod* o! cj Cuba It b?a barn anaij aed and toued of not) eicai ?| teal foatty, axd rteteia for tbr proraxt wtii tar oataam 0I bar tbr moiateea oroftora of Ue baft wai ib bar* been carrying away oar awaau Toe gorerumaat t mmia r, alow, wbila crniinmag tnair InrratUailone bar# reported ,, atorabiy of tne Jardtre and Jerdiaeuen depoaita. whiob p, wtil ewp oy vtaaali f.r a MM yaara rhay hare da , ir Dined wtille waning tna gneeu ? pleaauro, that Iba ? gtano n>a) ba taara away by paying it tbe royal treaaa p r> lire dollar* par tun. and uroer taia temporary ediot , a codiway 11 bring formal, wub a aapiial of naif a m l u una, to carry It mm adeci Tna aabaoriptloa wtli ba im r1 mtdiataiy dilad. Uaaara Cbarian T/ng * Co baa# tna l( itie mi of tbe slaoorerrr, Capt i.reea, in tbeir band*, l( ant ate orgnali ag tbe oompaey for Immediate ecttaw. t l? tvi ffrajfiifs iuiica* MjrriccLrr. i( The a-WowderO, offiotel organ of tbe Mexican go rem > neat, ta Ita ana war ic the d 0 area I an win of tha Diaria ,( dt In if arm a, wberwn tbe latter rxamlnaa tbe preaeat b an nation aad mnteal reUtUaae of -pain and Mexioo, in ^ raoaeencwoe of tbe departure of tbe spaa lib legation ^ nom tne republic, on aoronnt of not obtaining repa atlm ior tna Meaenmatlona oommiitad on mbh dpaniardi la M tar bar o a da wf baa Vioenle, near Um rxaraoa. on the 1Mb m la-otmber laat eedearore to prore ihat tne Maaioan t, gOTrminiot am wonnir ll I^nim wr i> w ug ia ir order to Odu ok, tod to brief before the propertri but ale. ibe author* ud acaomp icee ef thai boiaoue m <, bat thai It la mi to n wosdarad *i imi 10 a went-at when tbe gorerameai *u attacked oa lt eii eicea bp rebellloa, ireaeea aad ail ths coses w, qorteea ef wicked paaeioae li wee enable to ikilafp, ,, h. Jj?t crmudi of It pat a ae proapil/ aa would her* M btra the rwae doriag a more iree jiili ntnte o: affaire ttia lotcrt it.. a?. It rapt coat.aaea to take ail neceooarp ?. ireanu < for deteMiog and cap or ag Ida malefactors, ai d ftrea 10* froooh legation, ?Bi*a ' eotrutted ia tae 0, meantime with the p'oucuoa of ipauiah eaejeeia, lafor e) atioa ef all the lartt whteb com* to ila knowledge cos # reralni ihi crime of Sea Vicente Too ff.fw?.'arM eoda , the artieSr wit* three woida?"tie aodrraiaaa how thla v afor uoate oomb sail a of olronmalaacee waa eakinla *4 b, to iDbaraea tbe alada of the flpenaa popalatioa ' the n P a met la and of tbe talaad jf Cuba aad to aeaba tbam M beitare that epain baa Irjartea to areaga on the del eaa , lorrrameal. rhe latereiU iieoirta ia tee dpaowa eoa ^ reaIlea bad alrea ip oenaed me people to trp t# p?o M roke a ooefltct b. twees tha twa natioae, bp pretending u ibat ihera waa fbr itpaia a >iu*eboo or eattoaet hoatr." ? I stated late p aifhr came tbe horrible relafoa of thoae norrtole aataaelnat'ODa whlib doecnoed the republic at rlsta rfi Mi* apaioei Ule Spaa erda Hji, la eplie ef all those deelgardlp propag^ed calumnies, the Meitoaa go M) rem neat baa deae wbai no otber gireram~nt neoer idler eircenaotaaoee wonid ha-e I >?e To a deoiara RJ t'ca of rnptare of dip oniatic lat*rooeree, :t aaa erred tr that, for lie tart, It lid ao> regard ibe re aUota inter r| rnpnd, aad teat a ipeelai aatbeatador to Spaie In order rt to eelUe la an amicable maauer all peadlag qteeaioae. ,,, The Iftwren of Hereon, ia lie number of Maroh l?, as cl oept ag ?lib pratlflea'loa the generoaa and trlaedlp aeaU Dl meets la whtrb the otfleet orgaa gtrae aUeraana, lt declares that It la sol to the Hpnolab netioa danco can attribute the leant n?rt ut Bar dlagracaa, that e to all mre o! the dH'eienl pollhcnl partlea who Tl | ere read the none tip, one nnd the aanee baa la eerred for the gneeralag of the rale > o*tw?*s Spain and Met too, N elk kinnere frteanehip t- i? mlenee aad the regard* . ? which behome people of ibe aeiae origin, amoagtt whom ? ibe did. renoe of natioaalitp moat act exungtiaa tha eaa | ? Mmtnia aad daatrop the Ilea of rao'ip Hot, the Piarte {, coetiaacs, when thlege hare come to aeea a pitch aa ? that heaeroienca would be eqalraleat to a enmptele ah ? dtoatlow of dlgaitp and r'gM it weald halt rata to pre T lead that Mpaia ahoald forget what ebe ace* to hereelf. aad to her dntp of prssnrr ag bar hoeor aed the tateraa n tloeal met atari Roeerer, * etlil anare tbe trm ooh- ? ?li li e that Um goeereme't of ber M?iertp will ekbaoti all ? I eeonable meaaa for oHairing reparan >a aad a oooeahl ? eat till meat of tba p? tdlcg difllcnlliek r Nkw Pour Opptcpn.?A new IVrt Office haabeee o eateKuaod at l?roieci*.u. Krte a oatp, N Y , tuguttoa o S* ford, Poeirrm or Alan ona *t Seaeoa Hirer, Oapnga r CTWPtJ N. 1 ; ri)<!0 R<wivri roilBPW *nn, Ml 11 r AjJ<* Uairt, ICrto ooanif. NT. I 9 LERA Pulpit vtnni the Bench. UT. D*. Oil Kit VKK ON Till DftOIBtON OK nil StJI'HKMK coon"*B* 1>RKD 8tOTT ctn*. In ft thehloaable v haral> in Union aquare, Dr. Cheerer cierolaea pectoral a#t>'? 0Ter 8 nnmorooiencl faihlooebl* aragvegatkm. for th* v>wt Iew 8?kb,rt*? h* bM reg%lad hi* bearer* with dlaooure* 00 th* r*?"nt d?ot?toD ?' "?? tapreme Court ol the Unite*, aut<* 111 DrU(1 8?,>M MH HI* Mm on laat areolar , ***' bf tnDOOBOBmonl> ? the km topic, and he la art p*' U,rou?,, wl,h ,4? for la baa proniiaed aoother earmoa eu v. "*Be hMd t0f text Sunday freeing. Of oouraa the Mh. no* *" '*r<0 eat trenlng. The prefatory by mm and earlpture rtift **, " taper, all Indicated the tone of mind with whhw terercnd Doctor had considered hla eubieot. Krone w 1 rat hymn we call the two following veraei ?. Da?gbter of Z:on, awake from thy aadneat; Awake, tor thy roe* abed oppreaa tnea no more Bright o'er thy hllla dawn* tne dayatar or g'aloes*. Arm, for the night of thy aorrow 1* o'er * a a a DanghUr ol //on, the power thai hath cared the'. kitoile with the harp nod the timbrel aheli bo Shout, lor thr lee la destroyed thai enelared tbea; The ootn eeaor 11 ranaulihed. and 7. on la tree The singing wan tollowod by selections frinssomoof 5e prophecies or Isaiah, lulmtnallng the divine wrath gainst the children ot Israel tor departing trom the law I Uod, and following aad obey lug unjust laws and' , >us judgments. Tuen lodowcd the prayer, in which It i as confessed that this nation had put ju?ttoo ana tent alar off, and in wblon (tod was mt i:l to untie tin [lurches, mii.laters and people egulust the dr adf-n ilqutty, oruoliy and uar.guo.oumnes* otiiumandou to on eilormed by mo htgbeat tribunal of the country Ue oil now let grid that ibe people came belore Umi with con iston ot laeo tor so dreaetoi a viola'tori, tor sunn a du rtoeful judgment, and prayed tbat the loltpilty utlgut on ajed, ana that ine miDirters and people would exut igiy proclaim In the sigbt o( all the universe (tod's oner, glory, righteous law, justice, truth, morcy, gainst an it.justice, crt.riiy aad outrage Then toliowed the hyine entitled "Toe Judginon. Dene," ot which the followtbg are two or the virsoi:? e The Lori shall cone?a dreadful form, Wuh rainbow wreath and roues >f storm, On oberub wltgi aad wta?a ot srtad, Appointed J edge 01 all aMShtad. sees While sinners in despair shall oall, "Rooks hU* us! mauatatas os us tall," The tain is, ascending from loo tomb, Khali Jijlul slug?"fite Lord Is noma " Then os mo the sermon; but as it eitmdsd over e po od ot nearly two boure, we oan only give so? > spoil on nrtoks ot U We oau hardly esil our selections Orient pearls at raniltm atrung " Perhaps thoy m.gbt e more fttly designated ' Beauties of Oboever " tte icxt was iross the Psalms "Shall the I arose ot ilquity nave fellowship wttu thee, w&lcb frsmath mis tnat by a Uwt" Ihts question, be said, wai direitiy inhered by one of the epoatles, ta uu< worse? - K iow ion that to them who obey, not tne truth, ha* oiey uu Ihteousnese, there Is noihing but indlgustlon nud wrstn, ibuistlcn and anguUb lor tne Lord Jonovsb " there may be Injustice aooo.ding to the letter of the iw. lucre may oe oocllo. between human law and i?tne law. la soon case. we are not left tiboa explicit instructions from Uod: "Whet otto soler stall ooins t" yaa o( your '>retnr?n beteeee blood ia blood, (uc Detwoon rnoe and race,) yon abvi o /?.am ?L?u? vttai iU?y Ueaptaa nut agamat tb? Lord Id I ocotroverelra Uiey shall judge according to my J.dg toi, nau Mey ehail keep my law au? nay aiaiatea la ii my eeaeiabhe* " a gortvomeni of law iiifet bo a government of j?at lav, or men oaaoot, to aah nance ?i bUoo'i law, oo?y it II tn:ro be uortgni xia law, tbo Judges are bound to Bland bet coon lb* tuple and auob ucrighnout law. Tbat it on* oujsri for f.cfi Judges a a ojestiiotod, to adm-nltler equity an > ji inequity, to eumin.etor J*, t oa bato,u legality Jusuod not mert-ly a letter but a pr toiplj .luaitcs cannot ho IDuut aa ardent hstied or taLahood, surer/ and atn ? ?* la tba province of Judgsa to daloaJ equity nod sot ore law?to defend easily even agtlaai Uf a m uarl?biaoen law la a law to daoaao ids wo >'a our isu, ?f toa government? tba publlo ooadiienoa it -.aucyed?every ihlog k uuioiUod?More la nu 1**1 rtl clpia. Uargbuout legiaiauou dogradv and pro stet ibe national coosoieaoe, aou dogra jew rnoa'a re re i loo i.jc law tbo power of iu oannoi be uia.aladial ua as u bearigLloobn one do Kiiuan-1 Burtadeclared in eg and Our leg laiat >rr are doing tneir u'.moal 11 *, at?o 1 e )?wor am nap the loundaduoa of tb<: govern u nt ittu tbey break down by legislation tbe rernroaa > cu b nicb entertain oil lor law Aroaeed hyruu da, ito people bar., a rlgot to lata iiw and Juetijo lnro I.eir own beaut * * ? When bad* -nadr d disobey td, It la ibe duly of iba * ovarii .nun, nut to onieb toe dUooeaiecoe at troaeoe, on to declare ihi twa ibeaetlvee ireaaooaile, and in no obligation whet ?tr <iod Limae I oeai wooed tbe tojuatioo ef eate-uiac ig in qui'/ by law. aad dreamt thai tfj wiui 'd atake toe bole ianu a ueaolauoa, an 11 bo lababttaotn loere if a otas |krHIM|M| M WMMMMIi * * Taey are use progeria waukuad up to auitola suob lav am m iLbrtl urtdKcoe to It wlio ibe promiie of peace * * in Mrd htau of bla bertuoo was ih l . q in, of on>/ a ai-y law wbicb ccunetla uueiiy aidiujott'oe aa i no-audaua >o do ev.l to our feliow uno * " > - bo uaut-r MMH of ? aa.borily altamp. i> ? . n anil caturco ibat wBtcb la wrong, njaii and oon ery to Uod'a will, are etoouimun: rated by :tol, -a * U-e>1 bla au.mriiy. and a'l aou re But eel; mbaaeJ from an oil gallon whatever ia re rtno* to lech wlcteonr-ei, but are fjroidden, under te penally ol Uod'a wralb, to y eld ao> oOe-li-ooi to it 9 far irom Ita belog a principle that Me m irneni It be rn.ra a law, Ural moment it beo>mea rig til and ob Iga iry, alttougb unjuat, tbai principle la mmi so ir?ad, and wouii make hell itenlf a r gh nm mpirc. see Ym are o imutandrd t) defend it- poor and ibe oppraaaed and to rid tc.?m out of the anti of tbe wickeu, you are oommaodod to do go- il to II, and yon are forntdeeo under auy pretnnne wnaiavsr r do well to any. No law oen saanilon any iniiinpo* or bug to otbora tbo moment you lake one atop In bet leaee io a law whloh cammaodt Injisoc, inai itatni you place yma.I in dlraftt delaoue o[ tod, ud nut only act bp a c.aim of bomao law at bigber than itine law, bet ol lajuinoe aa anperlor to yuaUoe * * You may aaorii) w your owa Hoeritna it y ?u sooae Vet you bare no right to aacrifloe anv-uer'a bert.ia. and it ibe go*erau.eui order yon to do that ? mar you to bind ibe ausUm ana tertnre bkm-ftod mere yen to return- and lo do Ma. wblob la you i!oi to uere aad MM ibe ?in m ol aoon lyraany. UoA oea nm pee mil you to -lo aay cm any to at I mo real i-ow ktisg oa. ot tear, of ibe govera-eeei, oa aay ira.ence of au-brrlly or aapodiaeoy baieeer. Notblag cat lut ify aa aot or op rteooo or cruelty, or reader it oougeiory oa yoi, ad Me goeerameot which would eaforoe idjatUrn ougoi i be cyertoraed II lie Ooeetxu.l a luraxh au;ao ty for opp'tMloe, It ongbt to be Horned up, nod !awa at ijuauoe aad inlqoliy ougai to n? burned, aad loeir an lora eiatted wllb ponwhaeot ess nm Impnetlhie nder any preteaoreto do aaylbtng la obelleaio l < ouzo a iw aad tilli preweree your aiiaglaaoe lo lit Alralgity. you toko part wllb hia eaomies. yoo are onraeif bla enemy You eaaaoi eereo <1 >4 Bd mammon s e s ro?- dnm laatratioa laeeitobis Mat Ibe loelml a - idgmen'. la prdmingaioi lack wita moral lurpltada. latUom aad a.lee la erery art wllb imptely agaioat Uod aad man fall or deoett aad realty, toca as tnat pr-iaoeaeed by Me depmiee Court Me alrioaa race, Mai laetorl oeory man la aot uty raleaaed frcin ail oallgattoa of obedience, bat be te immarded to rcjest an 1 trample aador hi* feci iu -h aa m He la oommsndtd to Ptl up ala eotoo agaimi It, t Mat tbe nation tboo laaalmd aball bo rxxrirtot ilc ino miillin Helsg wunsoarw agmtoat each datlaooe n ao, proclaim^!, aa toe ooood of many waiera, itod'a oieace. "Cursed be be who porrerleth Ibe luigaeai tbe atracger " Tkay bare a right, la Me aaemiae of .at aoeireigBtj whi h Uot Oimmuted lato Mair baada, take rown. By eoaat'ieiloaal maans, Meee nsdrpsre id rail lh?m t/i aiwiar.t and onikiah ihrm find ?ia ti?a oat, dlaroooa th*m of authority, ?j i rti ibctn oatr to oaratcg. oonowpt and wrah Aa a toail that mcNoth, mi taom p?M ?mr, aid M an Hlnr'f binh thai i?r?r M? u>?jan " Tim u dti tght to be d< wilo uajuot ludgot. I.'ko lh? Mill bora slid, ban U?*m oot i* th* ?ty ta* lorrnoa Uw Huprama Ooart prociaimi that by lb# oonttt atl >t obola raoo, chargad with b n* ? .; u of * ?? a not bit* tifca oar ahali b? daprtvad of all rtghtt m IBM b?taga, Mid Itfcb M bomn C Battel* 0 M MBorttoa that blank aiaa bar* bo right* portly bM*Bkwi od'ot it piooo* Ui? whofo ed at otiaat* r>i bhtbf dtabolVMn. * U tor proTVtoofte (tod tbo doataloa bu tailoa, lot na on ladtvtdaal alna* i tbo **poi*bl of tho iboo. bat oa that taarod na k. laBiiiy?oo too bovaobold, oa the father otiior aad itttl* children Yt?, bora aro obildroa [Tor bought aod **r*r polo for; and bar* la tbo r?iiiah bontrtaa aaaaraad tbat the purobeae of tb < iraal coafen a right id tba chili ani taai mat gbt ooatlbiioa aal laboraa li ta tbi rlgbt of roprrty o? prfipagatloa aooa thro ipb tb* ran# throayh i Mod*. * It coaalgaa to* raoa to everlartlag redeemable, 1* emetlHhi* ohaUelltm It mak*? tin too a wbetatoae tor baoaa pu?i>o?, a material tor iTrtooaneaa aad mat Tbr wont d ictilnaa to ba Count tbo worat tiara booka aro bora labao bp aal ua*t tan aa oairoraai principle*, having all the Com* of tltoaal taw, and tbo c<?r?Ulutloi itboif la ectaadot orar icbi aa a ablold. Tbo looti lava ara tbia mat* tba i pre we court of latorprrlailoa tor tbo aa'lia I will road to yoa aa adborttaomaat (run a 9* ion ah aowtpapor rroeavy aoat to aao. aad da tod with tbo laat tortatgbt It ooetalao toar or dro aotiooo at crtff'aaaiaa Aaaoag tbon tbo following ?" WYI b i ltd, boloro tbo door of tbo Court Bonne iihio u>o legal boon of aaio, tba Mtoolag fro* moo* of oolor, for thoir taaoa for tbo year Igtt Tboa follow tool to aaaaoo-nao of tb <at It rrnaa Iftbti aoataioa in admitted to ttaod at to ao of tbo load, tbo** anil bo very obortly tb# ad rrtiaoatoata boro ta una etty ot Raw Torb Tb*ro la ? Tiaaitoo ohttoror of N Ro oiaaptrod tk? thing of aogrooa ta tho ftnatb ta tba ataar?r of roar if cairoa tor tbo/aMtrkat A raoa nnrl ho ?t atldo aa he*iag ao rtgbta aa paroata to tbo lo dag, inrad poaaoaatna of thatr offspring, hot ooly ta* gbt af brrrdtag proporty for tbo wbttaa. r tbo Iniquity of utta dact?ioo ha tolrrat>d. (fiaiaiy tba wrath of Rod moot fail apm oa. aal an r iwnlu nrraiwrilr li mi* Htltt'l lara to koop ta at ? fh? byponnay tlw ??< (** ?; (i? eftrtao* UtokrOtuulrmc Afrit***) w?o d(tT*0?tM h'? if Um foMk U oMoiutlon, tic Kc reread I LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. (looter Ml tod oa (to efearcftee. toe mlautera. the tow I yore, tbo merchant# aid too people at large to aofu (ainot the iniquity. Dtwauilon Between Ckrtitlan and Rabtele Jew* HAH TDK MtMltS COM! ??IPtDWriOITT Of TfUl uoerei.8, ktc., wro. Meeere. U. R. ledereraad Epi. M Kpeteli, Chrlettoa Jewe, advertieod to bold a meeting l?at night at No. Centre street, I >r tbo purpooe or h to tag a dleouaatoa erttk their Jowtah bretbrea on Uto sobjeot of Chrts.iaotty. There ware nrom forty to fifty ptroone praeeat at toe appointed boar, about half of whom were ladlei. Mr Epstein opened tbo eerrtoea with prayer. Mr. Ledere then faro a abort addreee a pro too object as J praol | pica or the Christian Jewi 11m olalmod fellowship aid brothei bood with the Bab.ula Jews; tLay were all jev ' bp birth anl ru^'on, and thcro wil bo raatoo w/^ * difference of lahh about J cbaogi tbaiv fraternal TI.e Cbrltilan Jewt boliere thai Chrtat la tba a.''"?1*'1' bo bu coma, scaore-I, aid *u oroet&fwi for liir .,Ul? <" worli, and aaoend. .1 ti (bo right band of trad ,bl< S"*1 he, hia ooml.-.g in ha filiation b?i vo bids lh"' &r wii, some agtta to puwor and great glory to 'nlBt blc MOMd nr.'.ajiim, and all lha prophao o* UiM we/? Ml1 led 67 &la 3r%! aotnuj fly will none In material gtor> ??J tl linlewfr loraaa lew, ar. d butM up laiael, ?n<t e.*t?nd hM power and roy ernnieot throughout ibe wbote wu1'1 ' T?? Kablalo Jnwg btllere there are two Meat'.aba tL' oa? the ?jr 0* j# opli, a bo baa corao la humility, aoo eoffere<f (Or tho alow of Ibe world; the a thin toe son ?' Oh rid, wb?l* yet to cone wltb Biau-iial power acd great gt r) l> gwtber the children ol Israel togelbor, nod r.t!o C* ?f the ua'.lre world. They consider tbai tho .wo mvalour? th"> (*/ : so low and paiuln), tbu ether ao grand aad on01 .nan Oh? cou'd no. be perfcraoed oy tho aanu p<ri?a.: au.i aa all rab a drclar > thai tho time lor lb" drat coming* tfU.0 M'sMuh baa paet br nut bard onwe, while the prof holloa un'oiflifod ncoeailtate a second M tilth Tba Cbrir.tan Jew* roc alder ibai Jure can only boonu lira slab, aa ibe O 0 Testament nowboro alio lea tu aay mora than oaa; that he haa coase; but aa before otenttoao' that be Bust come MM to l'u"li U>n ratu tilled prop .onien and rclyii ovor larael. I'Lc apeakrr declared that he ba[ lieved bo faith if tnc Cnrtaiia. Jews to bo tbu oerraat one and In r,ltd any ono preaent to object to It, ooutrat mi 1 or ark queatioot concur nag it. No poraon writing t (or ? itm?, Mr I.edortr agaia got up sod raid:? Tb( Jewa ecmetmw aay. 11 you (the t.hrisiiac fewa) 01 n believe that Jeaut waa tbu MraaUh. and be happy belli v'ng It, do ao, but lot ua boithvo our own faiib ?V den't wo send miaalooaries aato g lira ttawU'es to ow rrrt tbemf My anawer la, J?sus o( Naaaretb oetumand- . (d ua to go out and preach nit Uosoel to ibe artiote world; therefore, we aa hia aubj M'ti runt to 00 D<u those Rwbantc Jo w? \ are K.banlo lawt, and our or idem coautoa Bcminandmeoia lltileatr r.gor than that otJeaua. I'laUito: Moica, our teaomr. rccotved the oomraaudnraot from tha mooih of God to oouipel alt the wor d to reoetse too ouaamaadmeiiia, at least those wb'ot be ??tu to Noah, sad bu wbo would not obiy those com man .in. '.te ataould ho kiliid 80 >1 ibo Jtwa Uoa'i ury to 00k7art UentUua tboy don't obe> Uulr law But In fact Ibe Je ? ol our day do not b?.loTe that oral comirauucienu were glreo to Moan by God, and to they doa'l try toiultli beat. Hairtag* ?nIm mftm lh?a pm/I hi U.* Biu'iila Aa i 11 w t Iho o)sou<*l< m that might tako place Af Mr a Icdg atleate a pleasantly spoken g. oilom/in roae 'men the toil trace and aaia that It ?aa assumed hot trie M>?< ah bad come, that waa jiut the point nrhicb It waa requited to be proven The matter war a a'tuple t'lovilon o' htetorr, an I he did not cars If arty prophet* had propbvel id IMa Cummg of the MeaaigJi anleaa ttii facto fb'story) proved that the tleaalah had oowe Ti e proof rooted ?nttrotp wtui the speakers, (or the partloa aaorrttag a thlag moot ale ays pro** it The Chairman called ap? any oue ta tho andtooee to aaawar the gett>man. No one ar nag th < flr?t go itto man coniiDaef?"Yon aiaert that it.* Meaaiah ha oammt It'i. a hlrtnrtcal question, aa > 1 obt huge you to "frleaa tht bls'.ortaet p?ooi thai h> ha. <v>a?v Are ywo p- <pored to ay that proof bafo>e tie aud'ra. ?f Ciuianui?No one her a rtgnt to apt-ak mom thvs Barer raiuauri. A fjcont" UarriAMA.r ?al<S?TneO J V olainuut prurao the M-welsh baa com. act tin Nee Testament proves thai that More lab waa Fibki OasTUMAB-Tt. hl?tir-. *1 pre'.r *t a (ant oamat be^drawo from scything exlar'.rg pri ;r to th* fact iveeif; therefotc the Od T-ewmul oaonoi y'ora distort w?p that tLa Meaatah baa oooi'i The proo'of th . tact la-tsl oome rtom someihlLg r.otieeq tut t" or oouleiapoiarp with the fact lt*< If Kor tnetaoue, If I west l'? pront thai Washington or Napotecc llrud.I mu*. do It Trim ourhl *ub*?qw? at to tb< m Mr. kiMtwa? That Chr at Href Is proved by b e btngia pby by loor peri oar id iboN-i* Teeiameat, and the# etlt um lying to It Ir historical proof thai he was Ma M<*eiar> ao<i that a?nt>y o> tbu Jaei then beitoret him to b> such Utpnaiii soil the Ltrit'a H ippar rttaa ibtrocueod by h ot also prore It TUa Sapper waa ta oomm*morale hie death sat ciutateadad 10 be ob?? rveo Hit his eeoood i omin* Walt tuey oca Id aot eem memo.ate toe death oi a man that never ll*ed Tnwr (1 aenMA?~Tbia Lord's he ?p?r la u*eetla*d la avcry .lt?i*u mmtfy en ry rrtday rigoi Yen ere w?U aaaia thai *he l.ord'a tapper Ir uuti ug but lateeieore ilon of the I'aaaovar H> if this argumaai proem mmj tbiig, it prwvne that Carlat out only oowph^d wita IM Jew an la*, but eve* observed tua iaeiab c*reos*ta* on the algbl of Die depa.ture And west p-oo' bars yoo to oboe rob tbe geaalaeueta of thaw ticks (tbe (Joap?la), t at tbay ware wrtuaa by tbe peraaaa wboee aat ita tbey bear, aa I that ihay Dave reaiataad per'eetly ooeiaogot rve* eiuoi' That tbera are aerrral lives, of N.poieoa?amoag them oae bp Sir Welter Scott, but "lis aoihnrily to ooatidere I very crubl ul. Are pon ptap trad to orore to lui i>ow b'Okr ifl goau'aef I ar.all pro re lbs c.?o?rarp Cm poe prove tuat the; wore ertueo It ka? NrMti *nm oimif tbep brtrt I tbell pro.* tboooairerp FVmaaee the bock utila la no proof of li Tao b tea aT M >">* estate. km li la ncoeaaarp to proea ita a* health p aad kiborablp bcfoie 1 Will DoHeee |m owe it Uia ether ImjikmoB? If my brother caanoi p'ara wfea wroi" tfeu Saw Twumtil, ran ba proro aba wrute aeeoral booka lu Ine OI*l toaiamoai, ?to arrota h< oollrcted Uia Paalma auU I'rovnrkrf Bo* we bailee* ibea dlelne , ao wa bkra bo h.-lteve lh- No ? T-ata-ftnl II viae. Hr li rii* it 1 that the Iord'? Mopprr o*'?fi tllrWsd aioni'K , aa before. buUbal It ?M Int olooed of*or| ita ftroutwi b> J*-eoe mod thar ba I f Id ma Iw oatmemnra ton la It ev?r alarm Md ibla faaat p~i?#?! Ma tfeato, aiid rerarqieuMp life aa moon ad lb# fourth af Jr ? do* a lb? !>* * ta ?t:.>n *>r In lapoolooce lib.** Garrr Ufa*?I ?*a pro re lo poe op b later/ UM tba l.orit'b oippep dtd not aitat am>ng Carlatiaaa Mil taa nectar lea after Ike time of Ob rial Mr. Laitmm?Ana tail taa; continued ow braefelfef bread from bonae to b?ua? Piker Itimi iit>-1 c*.j prord bp b tlorp that tba badfe ef acta oarer aitatad III 4!< peara after lanai I aaw prove U>w not oal> from fa*lab wrltara and rebate MM from bit be pa and *fe? high rat eooJadiaatlddl atiiaenttda af peer owa (IBM l'rnt?alMi) rferrrara Tnif gratiamu oa attempting to epr*k again waa topped, aa the obai'tnao aaid, bp ahn raina trftiob ba bad adoplrd aud real. After a tata oiler raglaa remaika, um meet ag adjutrnad note Brit Howoap areata* frraamal Intelligence I .teat K P Gardner, of the Ntoaraf"** krap, aa|aaB af tfea ortgnaJ ' ifty elk" that departed from itaaPramti*oo wttb Walker, la at praarwt it tfela 'Hp Moat rtluraa va Nicaragua, par the Ttnaeaaee oa tfea MM laawtal another grwtlraaaa of V.rglata, aapa a oarraapoadawt at tbn R'.ehmoed Bnau trrr. baa lavtaed Oee Pi'roe to fewooaia a rr**drni of tfea <>id I'oanalna Hi oOrra lor feM reatoereo 3fd> aerea n' Mad. Bear am ftprlaga tluaa ailiaa from tfea border o( tfea raatfe l.aftaa. fera fratm t'a.wa Pprtag There ba oaa bora tfea beaatt of tfeafe rmra. Canny almaapfeora. wall laaoeeeaaterf vita tfea purol dainorroay Tbr noma of th? gamloiana W wHlabrio until tl ta aneaaaMty to b? haown II* wilt tloo (too tit tto onto tha poreboor at 0*7 rnatdaaiia > tb? rttoho of Virgtaia which Uio oi f'roeldool t?lr?i Tbo Iwutwnro SUxit Mrprritr o( tbo toth <a?t. wft* ragrot to Iowa thai our dlatlaguisaod Hoaator, Mr Bay art boa booo fur ooina w#?m qalto lU. He b WfM at tbo Nauooal Hotel, and bacon# affoetod w'U> Ifea " aoblagloo rptdom'fl Wa aro glod to laora, hoaaror. that bo W rapidly rocooorlag ota aaual boaitb tmniA From Hi.rfnOr la tha ataaninhip Koaaoko ?J T Man >n. Htoa I? Ma-oa MraC ttorhnni .1 W i?? Jnlni K Ivimio. tbm It iJAur'aan and tail/. )' I. tttfi h M.?a< Man h 1*1? and ton ehildroi b If Pal ipa, Mr* Kin* .Miroga- P C nhow, it 8 Hoar. IKnvml Wtlota, M Porta J I. Tiring. W tl miliaria and M la tbo atoamr*. fr m In ' ark >ar?h -John (I Jaw*tt H I Haw n?at. .latm li Willlonn. rmdarlcb Warbbarbar. baarar m do f air bra Jarooy City Horn. Jtaaar Cirr Pontic* - A marUng. oompoar I of da.. * a on ctmaaa irtaopaetiTa of party. wna bald at Par* Ha. I. ' <m City, no batniVay arming Uai to maka nominal! >a* for rhartar nOiram ft?r tha alaatioa to ba bold oa tha daooni Taonday la April R<>hart Oitohrtat, lu<< . proalrad and A A. Ilardanbrrih and J It. Wiara.aad vara tba rrrrlar?a Tbo Amr 1 loan ai.d rat,.ihnraii partla* waio fully raprman .-d bat Ihrra wrta ..oly a law dal-?atar fro? tl-a .lannaraur pa>>y praamt and thai wnhuraw from tha ?*/? rniiuo dartag It# prorradli.q* ik? 0 >n?ant:.m yioo-adrd tomto f >r Mayor, and wblla dn'ng do a d-aruwdnn ima nato tba ropman itnMna Of warCa, OObdlaK abmb tbny ad;ournad Km <Kr lb? .dU*o? n aa< Itr.eiraim |.rrar?? than nrrra ial a n?a<?a* by call tng P. It Vrnoa to tha ehnlr and appointing -'arch Orart acrrury Coaunttrrr ??r? apt,,,lu' "?r rach ward to flail : mrotinta on laradaf flrrn u( 10a Utty Cooraouoo to ba boM MlkmAU < ' 'hi?w?a*. to aaae namlat'lo ia Minor tlun'ra pol .JftoJ ? rar 1" ? * H ..I- n C >??+ on Ibnrrdar larti doc ml*! to ho a < u.d date I* W?lr<t on Kn?<ri'h'i?ndir. ? ?< > >* rewired > 'arc* proper li. n of th? "*w of the r n.T-?ttoo on order er#n<n* Mr, D. P (.r??nri >? pr? l?mti? tor Candida* for ina n?Mn?, tkr Ponf? ward r?n?? Iretr'trted to <n-.?p?rt only Ui.m* who ,1 require mr ?ea ' omi-anj to ftirvteh lt#k> to ilir ti'tj ?n<1 p'tratn ootiat'tifre acooidmf to Uio 01 ?*lt. o? the | < omBofi ConttHI rxntt'lnr ot If*I P??p ?th? flret ffrrth r'.rrr ?h?d ranfht thl? eeaana ?<** tahrn ft Cocttntnlpa*. to TrIda* loot. Tot Monat* Caput.?The o ?tor wee lot mm tfca vtorr* Cera! at the npprr Irral, on Trliiaf. M?rl|att?n Will ho ro?> it ?d npne It Ih'a ?f?t 4 pnltoe (trim hv< boon orfnai wd aiot.jt tho lino of 'h < coral, to ?n??f nj and later! ihalu < >' end ad iron. fit tn nmrh U< re hao been rouetdwrarla too* borptolaro. Airmanr op Tin Mi* Ton inn Pnti R man m ?On Pr day ntiht (lee rare of a fretaht tra n worn thr' wn off b? trae* of ike Mow Tor* *nd rie Railroad wear Port lima h. M acMaiiniof ihr mi a by welch ihe pMaatf -r ti? at vara delayed irrarai honrm.