Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 23, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 23, 1857 Page 2
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Jl__ m*fV > VaU ?? >?? Hclort iht N"i? - (W ?m*?i 't. 0>f n.?Urr of Trtalty Church ? It. ?c. .U1 I blight ealid kt aw r?? <J WlBi bmm kt<t you ot w i .4 inulf Cbarrk * I *< ? l ei 3 in. <1 lha miuwta?" at TV. ally Ctarr *.ir lb?' 1**1 toa ut h >i,.i lor uittfJT two ?tt't lift i-M* '** i 1 as lb? ?*-l*u.u u. ?.* er aMiaar"! *> Otiik ?j>a la c Mb re wi*. .?i uliartf o:'b-r?'<j<V?' ?cl tvu- ictd -h haluhut.h, 1 b??<-10 1f? Tor* all BIT Mr, alia :h? aioepti'.K a. ?h:'iil 'Jtrna fearo * >* 1 >r ? ??ly .nrji, ?W? jtart ha. ? > * Ubj CBBOUtir , I mj m Df?-j U th? y < I Matt ?<> ? U u iu *c in .hr icport 01'ib? teast oobi. ttot. a para at .mb. Ibat tt *"|>aart m ih? .ieuer i?l Tr.a.,,. Oh? c ha* arTtrU.:<u - mv ft*tal>H>br<i or any uiWu'jb Hi i I (OlftoMk eve.l nir ? r u i .. , mi a 1 kaww s/.frMTKl In-ixniona oi eharK <?r nmavo If nee wk**) kavr el'he been ratabtehed or endowed toe Tn?n, O) orjh f? *r poor lei. 'Ike Ckirl J a. hou) eeupnal.T I nrd <1 N. v. \wk to flinty Chur.h, Hi- fc -nd-ed ?ud 1*1) nrMinnim en.1 BNfhW derived iuaupnortmain |y rigir 4) oner the fieyolrttnn. from THm.y hnreti, and Ik unnb-r of noor children have oncti not ah rfi'MHl Mil i-lolh* d i""' partially i poorie1 lb?vf Ifft .?e Pr, rtUr) ot Ibe rl..?ril ul I riirP<? of Itxln wheal now litvri ar ihe New York PrH'5'ent Kiilerim! Pnrltr for ebont laraaty year* U-t . nav It* pmyen ?M i*l<irr?lo?iuriilh>ii arm. b. in large purl. f- >m r-aon bmi fruity fhii-<-b % portion of t' ? e .loauienl ar-we Iron a a Wi of wom dual* Till (talement dne* i.?! include a ? lanM-d eyUHe wMeh he* not ye' beaten available tm the forpoaeo ?f 'h-' aohtail Kor 'he Uh- twenty . rare *k re have been eon-t.ur y tl poor hoy? ou lb.' lonnduMoo who beve received ? superior ednc-dinn f rat iikloualy, been praiidep with the peers *ry- iKKifca and ha\e received |mr ikera te' - year, ant part 11item kofl per year ttbere be tea two te purtteenuo lov.ari'r thr r an \ inpoort: .fi Ik. upp. iD'.oirn'of rotudur* pre r, ?uer I* giver, to toe elill *> < o- *marC clergymen and of widow*; on. of the lent awptwrtmcnta mad. wee ihio o'the ami! a rgy wan, remlv dreiiaaeu in ti e neighborhood o* He * York, who if II a IP and iwnraJ children In di .endenl ctrcu'maiera 1 intn a this ea an t'luatrsiwn of .bo rle in wliieb .he elutrtly rinsteiktaUjed ai'oi'"bitiautn'uni neUkhliahed and en.towed r Yr tatty I'kurrh la ii,F Pocir'.y for the Pruteteion oJ ito hp ion and Learning m Hie So?> of New York, ol which 1 hMpp.n <o f leu ? u i an ? mr o huh per hi yrara, oe a am* ar-.iig troai its ha* br.en a > pe.nde .1 in larar mr More in In the Fupoort of indigent voitip >?>. prcp-ring lor the nar-e<i nuuWtrv, >1 *'n? eonUtbi, *? annual t u? the *upf<>*t of the Honrt free Oo! kygf. #wm? hninr in the. e?e unite o y nu to fun ?>t >7 >K?L 1 rue jrd thin *oei>ly M ocr of the nu-. in. ortait charitable mrtiinfictiii we bare lb the <*: ,r Iu ilebor' V ree Ctliepe He edn ation l? grotndonae tire)... no-l o:>*n tc at) elmie* ot ei Irene without refervn-e u> ml(r*ru? ?w uinn Vbb-Vt Ihr In*I two team never* ituicmi. ' h*vt been nab. by oi Ti .oitv Cbirch. bavin* *.?eci?Jrrie. eaco to Ihr ?oo< uaon nod patml warfare o' tlie ixnr. about the mt? l.eember, lhb.'. n p?nnh ?!bon: wn* o.-rtted la i *>ner Man with bt fan)'* ehnpel, in onieh lifty poor rhl drer. h.v wn'nitit bnto rer. vrd and taught. In e uneci >d "if. Trh he t'.h'rch. of wft'^h I hoe the mi re -operAi ou+fti, n nun her of arranger -mo lor the benefit of lb. poor m ? uo.ii rotorrd i?U. o .thju d.e ?wn> pertoi. by> church, 1 meauibeuld pnrieh cliurcn in brovlwoy. A ou-)e*jtue bus been *a*irnod me o bid in parmhlnl dutv with enpec.ul refe ansae le bfnmrr work umn; Hie poor in ?he to. er part of bee r ty be oh r ulion F'.rtet; In addition to n huh two in. tie. b r> nie < ayr??'d uin' the poor, thro ?ll wl. m ,rwtriini"i, tolly oinl if o Urf ?*1 i .unshirr Him loy geUoil ho* been reeled ind ?. ?:*Jnr.l t. 'h.?t, composed trclu ofvely o: poor chi'dron: out of two hundred and meaty ' here neat be live v b r nrrnot poor chidien there ban also been eatab todie.. at Captle Garden, w ht.-h is wilhm try dl ? .{% an ao'sney Ion; < epechtl reference to the poor memN m of the Lburrh ?f . s*tond oi.d irennd oh., ore Ian lt d at UuU depot; 1 d'cued It my dufy a* tl > nSHW'biit mints er more eepecaUy hi eharge ci trinity I 'bureb. on nom bn the Oontmsnunrm of liiawrotaon otta nrd ponsenni in of f'arileOnr.'er. on o reetv-n nlr uf rmiyrbiil*. to innke opi .iention ir theui for p-Tm!v d. bo rudt?orl rntifTWE's an above dwn rtbrd, en their Urvllnc wtb a vieH t> tb.'w beti'fii. re^miroicn wan rrhnte.i by it u Onw !*? one-i and on my apj. i vttaon, ibio:if(b rb rector, to bhe vet'jy of Triully lihurrh for the mean* o' suppwl'ng Lh.? ?a??r?. the aer**ao.-v a.iiOiJlt was at oner voted . a> na.? the rm2)<v of lkc ajmoy; the sunt appro >r1i>d Ji f.m' w*i w?? $ /*> I hn e aaV'd fur $&iHJ for the rttn-rni year and wtuJiirk far morn if nrcffstrj: in r?^* d to my own p no n6it aiiiri iu Tr in'ty p.iriih, <lnnuR the whti.e term of my orwiee-ion with It, i' If,w. threo fanrt!i* therno! hive b<ei be poor d :oti|( 'he hit chorenUoail yetr there went we?r\y one niu.dreu bop' im? of ehdlrea in Trinity fhurcu knell of whom nr. more 1 think, iLtn thr- e were cbii !r?n < adherent rli*??that tr to ray . id were ihUdre.i oi the peer eicfy*. Uree. a detailed report ef tk> ervtcea vid wuo-.-in! %nrk of Trlutty Churah w?* made by me to Ihr lee'or it hepteinb'-r la< it nil reqaosl, and by h!a. Mnutmriiot to the veitry a'-i-p with the report* of " he MMletut mtpudvrs. >nd may be fori i, the apr-ali. ic the report of Jit recuir, which h..e keen t-nr.te ! far d-trlbulion. in connection witli fit I*?ui'?, ?t- Jchn'r n I h rtihT rhapei, there t-e ?ito parochial irnn; -me-it*. b .tinyr fcteretn to the poor, wt.h the drtiiln of whl.h I a a. not however nofteWut!y ne . lei In *j?iU. tkey be up in the barf* ci niker net In* am tntninverioi the parian: bt i norye r pel, keefemi- Hr- et lie been runtbtaea by Tnpt'y Cimrcb rer rrreml lean put t? i iipen ehnreh. the rendeat nopt unen n toe neigt bo-J be- if etoiueirelv oi Uie ixi-r. r cine tbe ram* rfBu < nut ipp y P? the rtmdenl jiniiinv i stoun ??Hji tn tie lower par of Ue c-ty (J Whit rmh?ro miiunirt* irr th- r in Trinity Mmli I lew nre ley et? paired ir.d whll arc the cl-arao'.er an ?niv.I?r ei tbe cr -rrena* o which attend the --nT-iral efcwrebea in ih* par.-J. A Ih- re ue line . lert rn?n m Trlklty parwl, the rector u>d eight **r.ctaru tr.uiUx, two ad ike (untiii'minuter* ire engagi-l la parochia- duly i, omaeeao i wivh ea ..of the rh-trche*. the re xii in. t<? tin pewerilrrerMyiutl Uie mrli and du'ienin el' arte thereof >ne centre atmi it trinity I'b-.i/tb a U < on piw I ii K-h*: Pkri of r'anf-ni. a ad awn: re nine mi. lom.K men. clerk*. |r . and the p-w tiphii none ? ' * bora i? ir-y lev. in the form of pew ret>. or Uiere i*e ni l fo' the r.ippor of the m iutirttilai o I t umli. ? the character and n ttuber of tin ojhiued-v .i II tie li-ree i hipele?fit. P?'i! ?, bL Join '* ui frlint; irn-e. -1 -inrot n t-ik wt'b *' Oiuch etrUtntjr: ax ew *r? g?-j?--r it ht V* nl'n i; peie? Km-i tj pr rer* itu-iiir t i..t ?f irti i in'', ex.ue. aii' y >eoo. itag u.trt .o: tn St. .1 oh:.* i u?n?i m in augenient km keen iiitk, 1 I -die- e by v hit-b ? e- tun tn of t fn>. MttinR* hi>* bee . pro*, .oil with spi ? ?l re;e." nee uithe poor, i>id ii Trm ty Clupel 'hert irefrorii eie huiMirrd in-, f-fty ?o two hundred tree (t'l.tifm hi the b?w pw?*fk.e ik-iroli' ?hn-h ire inne- ity veil filled, at ih - - ? - V-? . ... I nimle fTV?w i? '. mil-' ! rtdit l .? momba la 0"' >e-kr, an: oa :U1 otH'r < -em? n? a ? '? ar,; ai'intor-v wruc* 'Hi ? ?ti' ,i ?W d?ia all the ??!< Iti Trtnl.' '"hanc. are tr t U S C'Rft wd Trinity < bur h ?:r ftp" l? * ft.- mo* titer an t a'leyaoin wr'toe -11.-0*11! >nt 1h? y< ar !' (a r- ".pu t 11) < a-? from l.Jwi to I b 0 tr*. ar -utr * live p.-* -.Ii <j H*'? V-omnfcn ion- lor charitable and rel'eien p-ipe?r is all the. <b v n town "iinr. ^r'K*' ol T nil". i. *.r- ' ?en tec oae'.ri ol laleyeaia. R'.U .f to, how4o <uu tf- IV A M h. rrr-n a t? Uw they h vr .borea-fl; Tytmtr rfc >r-h oir oollec'looa * )i Ur r t.on of tb* mnxll-er one t' t Tor* f wrw?iM a? > \ ! ? ?injr in in IM thn' lb. rre?;"b'il* 01 Up- yporaMppera ?-? :h-r lrgagr-r op perairr In r?rr moderate <irr?BiM?<4 Ike VfukhJP' (Martina of i'? firmer Ou4f"(*tio b xirBI'Pj io tre 'iftper hr -itr. wta-ct-.reli r- miipma ion *r- lie * <1wn rwrt, ?>? M the Parb, beatdei Ihoae ai'urded I * tV h h ? of Tr yi?y_p?rth A 1 Ini* of bir tiro o b?? p!a-?a cr * > Vi?V Drier < taraR, In Tt."?am airaol. ar4 'b? h ?!!? ?i ? ? fabnotraet. In oonre .netce o| lh? em > Biol Ifea o!h?* ?-1P-i.. ? ier, ? a* 1 r wty p? wb ? i >i|or :? B.t? ?ifp to the pe*y la of ? -e-*' PntaMtaa'. do uianMltiTii RM(tb' < Biidl l.t'a ? or( ! *J lore-ci?m. Bon bo T-tatty O nrrh iaat rprtnf. Url? : -? -rtion *f t-r???n? ebei lid rot origin*! y b? on; '-ilb K| eopat rt.-ir. ' a eai for mx rem) arr tr? fri m any .nr.. r ia etar d? I ae?. ey U.' 'errv ? Tiin 'r partab *a 1 noa-inl |o?f|c t-Rla Bat re*-ii mol a: TpIbIIt bb t Bt 1'a ? elare ie* To t o?oilr?ee 1,1 (roetB lo Ae elertj lorbdulicn fir riAm! *, Inrny niaroh .a eper. tb-oagb of the rat. e day *n <-arb i.y of ibe ??ak aa. tkenep ? fci-r a a'.e Inure In Ike re* *? r*? at au?~. honra la aaai.e.- ?ry ea'la for 'heir aa-etar* I to." aray be made, to Cr w?\ the a> k t i jlnr and a" >lr a aa'oayabt vlmi* b- a elerryman all j a?kartpe-Bwl b far ika area r pa*", o. tl.r * ?rt tboa p r.ormef U ai^rnc ( are ibate are anj rthar ar.%t>i-eni?ula In re .ar,. to tb por.p in br.alty par kali. In addition to tVi-r \oi meaboi*- . oe?eidaj A I Ihknh Cba one of nn*? a yr? Bb-*aj liMbi dOd all the arrang-mema In g nerai trr.r ; ymt 0? arrairamentr at P' fant'a, M inho'r at Trtaity I am not C< f iu-t 'jr la*':, r,aa?oU o? t an eell, 0# foaad In tee re <nt r?bor: ' l *' tor io Ui- V?.(*i a. Trinity < I jrth, ? oof arOknp ibUr -A and to w >.h I rer.ordev re?errid, 1 wllll.e-e ad.:, ai 1 e ?e oral ; ar? arranafBiea'a baring refarer., e v> tbr |<?>r m 1 rlnl'y ;,v ? wMafiT tai r (laamtben, and wliteb ware o i ab?u twv year a Bide i regard anu a comjn- oiyr. in, -j'.mpd Kw Oea'.nalrg ?.f a ?> aet of pixoi'l a ar aogani. tit' a - a T<l -trot any pre?ey.i daua? It year ?rl i l ie ila- oef ,a? p-ea?iaa ea w.j par", ?ro ,ivle.| to w air knoyr'.rdge of tb y ew? at u e Re--or and i e Tf? ry, v at T ? w i*i- to or ?lm re a oara-btai o?tn?? ar at Tt in J Cbur* b In l'<e urduwary a ? -Ota M al UiBt tona. Out t a I ?' e ?/? in orldnair aid e?rr > f ca ird rar.'irw plai '<a b*?a.<?*r} tbaroi or, ha irgiaf -ere. : r .? ar i , j?e. .^i . .. ? r tn a l*xvi, I ^?oe OCIRQ ip- ? tki" pre?Tiinr'?o, gni 1. tar .-fldiyed lie. i, bir Itarla BoJ Vm: j c n?t-? ea-jira^ejnent un! ripi*a d I hn*e or iloaU jbt at en wrut teal aof mpoari ?.,< iibae ?ke -Itead-) la ?e. W, ? refema a ? ?*r p,?a* ri I j pp mo', for n.? iee.1 at-i tptrt uni . an* i f w.r fe> lalhaala tn tha Wra er par o toy i W Ik# rot- r| *. (p. I '.jk it? ;o fr'? ri ir f'k. '????. , f?*r fron. ?'* ri |-vr U Tr tatty <"bu -k. Ike ah '.ear* ?f "*ha ?at. ) ? ?T Oa IM? t'.S t ~l A Tti# rlatrra n' J>? iep-ir: n r?t? n tml.t una fc nt I, do- r. A?8V?J ic n ? lu.Crt An aret*r*(r r?, r? : lAnOB Ot tb? . to#, m frti*e?pmre of bo buf ?inr * ike are Tr tarty Ooapel. _ ik* a;i?o*rr rnl? m*J> l.i lt? Vm. i v af. inrfatl tot tk# W *** k. 1>a: 'tap#!. Titritly > ureh ar d kt P* fhApe ka ear- tn |rm' ? rl aaa? l U?*ir lormor cfcar?'i#r. r- 0 f-t?- p???4 rhiif hna. u ar* for1 ?1. 1-? e ber ? *lr?a' ?r?# fktrk", en .hot ? tt.oofh Tr*'- Ck ib* Mt i ?(h, erht .-all . t?i> fr.*. *be hae. > I > ?ak Itr foieyota* romark at ca b. j-a. I Can to l 'r.ha Ckii ?i Tke ratty ? e i r . md *n H 1 ?'? i Tr.oi-p Cfcaoel. In wbv-t. I koto ret. -rd. vor* Ibme IV rP>i?l I' '? : II-I) rnd.111 i ?* ? f.Uxr <** bak >k-?' d"*B Intra rt"irobe? a fc' :nybt fa. d?*?lr te n alatny a pa a * ria 7 ? k. p?'. U> ?re u* h tn a fJ> 'f a* "Jin ? to- raai a' Bi- pom ''>m tan na wnl - tliu I h* a? ap>?* tbr paw filrlalfff Vtgr# rtVi k? an a M > fa itf pee tinea tews. IkepeWB ehr-li ikMO ? ! ara."t.KT ofth' Tff-iN* Pf. iiUrueu ope.i ?i li?" nt f?mr? ?#? ?rh ?n cka* e. Aetb< n nVi? a>. > 'hw- ?a*m> fi'ia laira kt I Kara heier* or*.. 1 r nlty ai.U l? Ta? aim a fiaaani ir a a?rr ??-,? ra. free riirrfna, ao at. Jrka aiwnrt'. t an; ard tfc-aa nhiirafcan ar af a ha aaarar 'ar. arafflm IrraJfr and r*k--r a a# aa t-i 'aaarn ? ?f >aiidar>ar af ib? |-?w w> a m rii tr< hUj a. eat Ida ba a fenarii K .i?a' > i> h am? r #4iVrt ! fia? 1 natty ?? fj 'k ?le??mea er pfojad m'o ? ? -? a W'f wUxat aoarJa! duir?? 'at* n'tea ike ap.r utj wrnnw wke paur a?! dtwu'ate a -map ika ' it bat at, ? ,/ the ' ? * kra f?.rk In ? -> .in, of lie I ru anar f kpe ?pa <k?li *. Wkrn aUtfii ?a rear* apa lk? > naip/ ta ? tattl li antli'-W of tftMhi i,jm<ef- tfifat ft- added alma ap? .a: II araa a paik a ier tka eptr ia ania of bar |?<r aa<t deaf . .i# one of kr e haa k*ei aaaiaae^ Uj U ? taatar ! >! Mwouat; t*oty of ?kl? r.oa new o? ol'fi -k of the three tiotrii too a #kit?' ht?. a id Ia- # Se?i for, th'Jr o ped'btieta from tkai DM, lidkioi k# ikfure ' tka >aaea ik >e n' tk- ' Jitrtaot muiee-? ttiai have keea at* aa*r. to IM raid rhtir e< lave urn railed np?n f. r a tap*, th?re of tkta ?-rt f dn 1. > mr noni caaa fa,;> kr*. aerPir <A m t parnal le. anrk koo m? at.twij. ne p<e> aad Hoi*. O. *kai do yen moar by iratonafj dn r A t fi ?at Ike kerkf" *Me tr *?vir*? aim y'be r> " i f ? ' aro aat nH'ner. , foun l rtl amr im .! * aa . w..a *O?0 la kr |? mar t eaa- ao iyfr aft* f >a tt>e epor n? U > enm.'T..tH?, papT ii,H I aa. I ' ( Jt> adk ir fif_-db*?JJ*h_ * (f- T a! r _ , / _* , . . I1*** *" **** V? |? ?W Mfn.r Mnrhi m*. v?.ul# *<* ? ? > ? KIM #:?> Wtkh nlm ( n , " ' *** **"i to *? r. lh.arik.oi *? J a ? f.tir " * .* to ' *> '' * ' 'ii n l*i: 'nn'T: i f"h*rr>* T IM TMrr < * 7' 'k# ? v#m*? iwmtlfc* v? .: I. M? b k? wrm**rr' ?' immmn- h a? two i tfc. e. i#,? > , . #f THafty p?n?ti mm r.nw mat at* ootaroaM o Iran*. n fcra?.attft* PKT--OM. Ik# Ik# m*.-' ?" IB fKffM?? W* tfc# CkT l?i? MjM.gW ^ rm*1 -km: K??r n* th*rr M '* U *> of T-'? C ,x., / lr o?WBa ? PKtm * Indfrkdnil WatM wth Mi ##?' 4*,# ?* ? NiRfHtun*' W* lu? > ??a a #\ k. g, ?> h?k# Jim? Ik %r <hrwt\ i?w <-ia*r?c?l>? ' ? <?* ??*., (# *?. i f "taMorklfii ;.#r*oo# nf IIHIIIM M t'* If*. r r Um tfe. I 'i ? no .... nr. 'mr ?* ?!* #- ? * ? #<? h, alterai ?'h.?~ .,/ i|>> . mVi>"<fVm nf th* ta?'ijl?or?a. TVl i/ *#?. h 'J ? *n ti of the n'aj-B of !h# Onrj. rw Jn bf ? nil f I* ht | lal.fT W Kklif k# aid If. Uh 'kafi t t>* Vratrjr?It uinr raa- wl'k b# etarff ai 4 Ik. "''fta. _ '? of* ?*a # *** ' -Wi f any *%' moi rr* ;*k?a from t ?. ?< ?' m <* l? parp.?# of ? frtum afco hitf l??i o4>t#n U f #?n? lU'.-i ? Trinity ; orah, ??-i * bat tlii : * <? ? -t litriliit V.-. \ .r% IV ivrikinlfitr * m i"?'l W 'I para'IT* >. I hv booK ><i il'j uirt ?; tl# w/n O a rr r-i t? him o *11 ft. S ?o?k> p"*Oni wko 0k?? W ? J I*- at*.|p ?r,-nr 'maail* ' '< ? par'-ah. tr HM'1 ?' r ?-?. ,if | o - m ( . Ii# it*- r .*>rporvo#? t >? * ' ' '*'.?ii. #r hi i 1 k#?r Mkct kf *np ln<1lvi4-? . wk # * U "?? >i ip* r #>.' of ? oor,wTt*||?r '?mi? h< ?*> kut i ,# r| (rp w *>#*ii mvi# *i U>* a. *.r# n il ? ft* ,f. . n, m h. a>, ci v. Tor-.lti * k?-*? *? * .'#? !? J ?rt*k Ilk* ton n *ap#rtalatnk m o?f Ik. r*v *?>ii m 'tm. i # # 1!Vt 'k# um# o tL'ir r* * ' '** 'if* >li *? in r?r*rl io p**? l* ?l*v"? " > '" I* Itm,**?*. *rv< MNMtt l>** *a*:i l*t? '*-# IM' h> vl? Ic vh? rortir u* u*> of In* # -** ' '' * ? Ik* *^on of Ift * t ?*ikn 'kt#? iU . 5 lilt ttfft fc wn IK Jo ?'.< r?ct In An TwrVy ?)?ev >3 nf inottj p?r?fc. tbM k '?? < -"it <* ik? !?? ! ?? y?v? *1 mitirfti ?1 htrtir. IM b ko <lt UN oor , e*- . J k< kPifc tk? aUle of 11 Jf? pA-alkr -> V"rity pa. k^ a a live l-airwt n, ?hi be m'-to. I ijwbsei In .-? tart! li every pariah In lbs eity of New l ire; 1 .e rtcwr lor u. arly t a yv.i. * of a iaiie parish In it?e c a'. b . El?; wbkb nmiii tJi I e?y from IIM to Iff) corpora' r ,. * ne?er new at .? j rwcuut. baying presided all. o. *> . if ? tj \e?l. v mcr,, mnrt lb m four ar five ?{.! - tir ,on on < i a?'o:i a a | . io"! of jn rnu nent in Iheth.-cL, oh", tbtre * .1'e ul.onvUiriy j- ereot; I do not e undo- Hr u t tiei i!o.?ee ol lae < erf.o? i:?nlh<'i?#u:?flo') aij t i m:.c whnieverel a aam in'.areat lo p. tsh m\0'r?c*i? a ?Ul of'iorpc*." but raiber * invL ol their -t tun .a t<oa ?its Die admani ra on of ibe nar'.nb; in 0.j.v?e?nf j all -i.t'.iip t hi.r L, the par Ah ?ra? other) and L gl.'j it? P roue. V- li l? itatnd.ln ike report o ihli eenamhu e, (p. jo) .Hat the rite l o: due ?yr ?n. (U??l ia, the ayauaa by wau-H irinliy ? bn><'h baa contributed to other par tab**, v bully m Ji- way of pecuniar; m aula, made either hi nueeldc aunrvt or ta annum ;?p| ropriaUonx. LoirolDatrd al -he plea? u In try.) as aj peare iron, the evidence. hua bono u> ui nr<- liwe el ot promo trig Uie induavoii'-nor ?. tin' parlshf. ibo* ?iin?. a be aiH.<"iiKiit i?m?[ that iiu* making pecomarv r ?iiia In either of each toriua. or awe ..fed by luortga.'en. b?s had fluat nliect Maw a Lao what .-fleet, ft any. tm ud iu ibir.- .omul bad upon inieprbde.uce o. aopaeh and ;reedem ol nuuon on the pari ol parkhes anJ . .ergynieo ibaa a dto when lbry meet in Uto dl.useaan rnvnU'iti and ei nr. h aaaoruolona, aud whore (here are div Afiitiee ot aa lo matter* < f nturaiv arid doclrmeaI a 1 do nut ihaab tuv ibe abl brnlowed In aey of ta forma mea'ioiied baa the nllgbioat i'nect o|m)U I hi tndeptndense of anee>biuid iremtnm ol ac'.loa of tbe clergy or lauy of the pariine* aide! I have had rcu'e opportunity of uotw nr llio oourte But-sued by cltray ant laity in our dM*'e*?u (voveaium l.aeljg b?en lor twenty yeitre Aaeiatant i--cr* arv ano Serretarv ot the aauie, duriag the greater part of w liich Unto liter prevailed i tieu oltipin'on. in leobtnr over Ibe . of parianr whiwe ebuictuw have iwm ii uioiU wged id trLuty v'hurch, i nad eight, tlie ckrgy ami Uv derepah'a of whu li lor a aerie-, ol veare, oil all leading i|t.<?iionu (poke and voted dli'-i enilr (rein the rector and lay deW galea ?| l ritiify. Two o 'liione, ar?t oorlpagvd lie $?i,utai, two lor gi&l.olrii coo Mr f-> trri, t!.e other llirce Kir an. A.or ruina Co alao in regard 11 the ehnrnlioa wlucb hava receive.1 ?ranin of .?nd ana mviney, annua' ii 1 bud nearly Unrty which have taken the traaie lndcpi ndenf cocrye In cor.ven Ion. wilhou regard lo the eo r?e ol Trinity Mv opiul n1 oi' tiio clenrey ani laity o the d.a.cere ol Nee York la oncb that I do not think It would he pri. lirtbie he an., cjrpotaikni u> buv lljelr op In lorn, or Ibeir i.'ea. Ol tb'i ehoiTbea la r t reteried to, alt r'ccivi il git a of money anil lard, ami twelve received Ritlr ot rnon y aior e. two ceceivea glf.e rr iand and i atMipend, ihrro rtcr ed ^u'laof iai.d a'oue, ?tx reo? tied '' .r ?Ur.-,i1 atMi. tiuntif.' ,.l It.rt -r.'evnf the i*v amrfMt a ai (1 el? rgy ol the revera! parishes is derived tront tbr t?ci thai lor a orlu Ot rear* it became. my rtutv at every '?in?tw* ii lo all li e ?\es ir.d noes on very many iriesuoun V. In app'teaiiona for ?kt has Trinity Church, In youopinion, lavorid ihnee whoee party view a *err suuila* to h r own or h?Hiiw rot .Mil ?W1 on the anm wl (round that the now* oi the applicants were o coincident * in her own v A I no no' lieliers that the juration of cl.' r. Ji poltl'oa has over . entered into the distribution of the r <oi the ve?trv of rrinlly I Church; 1 nrver havo heard ri upplloatM a for aid whi -h ' war refused upon the rrnuud thai i< - parties tasking it dtffr| o-i in ihootcyleal or ? * .esiasu, -il opinions fiona the rector and , yi si/y of i r itnj Church. j Q. What proportion of tire whols r,timber of Cpi-n'opal chutolu i in thi' ' It) of New Y'orf have received aid. in *>nii J ft in fin ni 1 riniiy nimrl. A. It., re are about fifty Kpisco pal rhr--he? In New York cliv. and I think all ol theru, creep! ) two, bare received aid iVom Trinity fVirch; of those two, one, tb? t bi.rri. of ibe Urvly tlommumon, waa built hi >oe poraoi , ] ar?l the ruber, the Church ot I tie !nj?raat.or. w aa built by Li# i w caltly roBfrega'ioa of Or ireCbur' h <f!tv the Ocinmitti e ? WLat apptoprutloni hare been made , I "'rliiity thnich during tbe lest three tears previous to j April, tsift, to Institution* of charity, beoerolenc . or lea-niog n fhe civ of New York' A I do n t remember ot aiv madr 1 w tit,in tbat epectfii- period There that 1 have already named, 1 were made richer b*f>te or alter ihapTiad mentioned. t,1 *lul n "a?'v bat e y< a of know inj; w!,at mol'.i es gimern Tilnuy Cbtireb in b'lf grants to tr her chitrcfe- a I have ' t irncKvineotrd with Tnnl'vt hnreh as one o: the ministers ior j ocsrly ten years, and have been ir. the habit ot fre.inret ?m I verse wlib the rector and several of th? t ewirvm -n In j rryard to their benefaction. If- Have the ceigy, other than the reco-, any voire or rote ] tn moknip pifty or grants A the ami'tru!. n tinders are not ' mrmbers of the veitry. and therefore are nrw en 'tted to rote npon rneh'|ite?doiw. ' Whatever tnti iter re they mvy hi* e lo s"eh f ranti, arisen *?<nn 'beir oibrla! relations to the vestry. t,'. w ben you apeak of aU to rhnrohea l'? yo'. 'nrl i le those wh'rh gave mortgagee lor whet Ur; receded a. I do, be t e?'i?e It ia perfectly well ur.derst/?od that wne mortgages are I are not to pay inter#ard are nev er to be collected utiles. ' under eery ertrai rdinary e!r? umsbs' -ea. Q llo von or do you not knvi* tliat h hen ?u.-b mor'^afjee are rrnewed. the a<-ctunulated lntere#' l? aitled to the prux ;t pall A. I h re no know iel;;e on thia nai tic alar point, hut j have w?er beanl or known that the payment or any interest i boon exacted; Ibarra te%er heard of an loolanoe wltara ' the .'loc iinulo'ed in'rrest ha* Peer added Pi the pr'.n-.jal | < ion rpiik'" >>i new .j-raii>ej.i, g ? haying bee", m* [e ; v uhlatha past two years can you I ' tbu more dr; nite!> a. 1 was a.-*cned t i uiy piervnt onei ior. early tn Jurn. 18'b I " Are tber" not In Trtnr.y Cburcb and all h<ir i,iapel aomu pattLcpews A 'there a e . 11 ft tbr re nut, rir. aracut wan', of .-hurehea In certain Data } ; rf the oi:y o# Ne*- k orb .s 1 here n end >ub'< d,y a want Of 1 I church a tonur?datlina In 'a? etiy of Yea York. ia Ibete a single Cp jyoopal canrnh In the Fourth, Sixth, rib oi fourteenth wards, iu tbacitj of New fork A 1 i ei -ot am wer ha' ipicsttoa wllhotit a map of th^dtv. 1 Yti! yen tell na, sit when the , patent TfiKy Church 1 | who tunic A. It was c.mnecrMed in l-vp.. it fi I"i' i, akvr P *.ai a. ! di, nn rriiienibe" the I I Out 0 V lies waa TrlnlD chape! I ,. t A It w m ooi.ti-eralod U it? W1 a". <'i.l >iA. J '-T -<0. according m tht rennet of ' :h Vernr. Ii * nun y*i? wjl Tre tv O" -x:'i * id Trinity r'.applaaat A 'trinity Chech *C! trnt m at pramt ar : rut; ed, ilwtd 1 3"0 Tnitfty rheiu* about I oOH ptmoai: I Ian- li eu'-AMI porauaa n TriCi:* <Tmrr)i am ap-r *: oc;? i"L* In your C"tni.w. ' * the h.tanopa' eh .rcb kept pape i w !'>. the mr*vnae of pon' p 'on At :he "y It ha* not. I | Do yam oonahler ihat Ik* cluck I 'f i nno'tllorj in the j ' * ) have kept |,ara vi nh the t?er? a an oi Fplampii larji l? .. .e | i city: A I vim k it h?? knit n.ore tfiaam.-ch an Hip in "eaeo I 01 nopaiietton oi'tbe .v New York lutMu very laro'y | I 'totn foreign ca.unUiea, uom N<-w hi. ;'and ard nthr* pttta i h# I n ?4 v. i*r the mo am ot the Kpit ' rliuwra have -aft tarn nuhieton*. a i ii Do \o? ihtuk chun k Ktunmolu>t ? 01 a 1 it-uoauna ' t h-..e .w imei piaap.irtlouauly vitih the Utcrea-e of t-orn a .a.u a ldi>tii j? ak ii at h hna fully. K haa meaau . rr ly i'?i you too* or. klailar St Me ' r'nl' waa Ii r iii' er< oftped lor *?ie * I h* e hoard an. ii 1A ia/ion rburrh, tear the Five ho.una avid to the Ro J manlkle ' A Vea, air, I *ra*. the ivjUfTtHia on he .ng re j , n oved up Imi ano hu.,1 rioother ehurch ii Miiui.i. chitreh it Anthiny atrett. c 'oaad ard ? .Id A. It *a- adder Uu liteclrCuu atanr?. 1 H?| the thrta i.ia' ntuaeai burokea Fpiwj; el ct .rrhaa .? tbrj ??re D In tie ra??* li^t mei.ttrmed where tie ch ir he? *ere aoio * e: e eliii: rb> a re<|ttir'' lor the ptupoae of mmoiuda tn f h pn piaJetna a I think tot n. Do inn kao* v a. n?r M. italtlita a I "hurt I. mr.iWi tp r'aaii. n to It tally f* auf A. I do .now i at ahe i d? ep p raien.. at il mat ?he ru-eari ad eiJ trie'. the ttirnjr ad diea>ed 'wo p'tter*el liwioka, oi. bei.eJ ot the \eatry of Hi ki'i'ta i, lor aiwk aid : I to* oo( waa tin->*|nro <a1d ?t nl *m taa! A.I toe : know. V bo yv. know iBei Trirlty Oi .trb r? ;?ed her alt A.I ba a bi air i to I i) Can >om *.!? ihe a*urber "I Eptnro; alter, a la D .j ?f * ar Ton a > * Do yon krow the nton! rr of Kj iaaopaliana that p* ore frtatiT and t er ehanel a Frwa turi U U?o ear l, ta nd nr a-i-n * on . n aa t r. Udn a V what pri ;^>rtioii a 'bat of be wb*v> aim' rr o* Rptaoo padaaa in'he r iy, ?a rev ae ? ni ran -idr- A I e<n to; an- I iwer ih!?-.nta'?n. inr ? i ' ?. ?iund? n: dvnt; 1 w .11 < amine the vBl jert vi * fr at anawer I eatim i'r the number of Rh .unpaiutnr In the city nt hea York .a Iron tony to 11/ ihotteatnl U l on d TitnUy fhtir-h ik.W tent Inr iew? In Ihe I"war | do blown In.-kea A. Mie rr .id not e.oej.t in a l?? in I atai.oM >! Dwl ioi t al fa' n?* or'!; em. nel Trinity 'a uieke i t. ..aerhnr fcr? r?e i ho, lor ene rw I ! mn have it ia? a i re " t.bareh, at. ? omcr fh 'i*b. < rr t b.irrh, '/.ion fhnickdid a > new up pnrn I but pnierr i * to keep her cvturc-'-ea d - n t a. In tlie I l.vupeil eot.d.te n ot ihi-iarwi'r pV. ? the -y, I; anal nut 1 he>? ban par oat |e to ha a ren ed lirr i>e* a Do ) . kn* w whe'/.* r I ( rtt r !m v at a k?d to the ; 'Hp*1 " lr" : a-r ?a r- H" ->- ...? ... tin-moanta lo b tenor A. 1 pnfjur ho. U--r do. i un e-?cd OS On* ot th* el ft ; p-*ai ?.* i.? nahe -li* -tlie-a >t < an v ti ale orM ft krf ?rp *1-make . Iff re una tfi Pi 'if <arc> >? 'h%( < r all wfNltno--- h<! letipvi th a ' made A. 1 hato m -.v '-i I- t'he/ are- lit U ?r aakel p. y Ka?r?e-. ?t-r "i them,* lo tho r?port o." ] lilnhifl- r l to'br I ,r? A lA. A. I rami* ft ? tiher i i air or not 1 M <>n tot lank at ' I'P t't hiott wt >?- 1 rlfc yUb'tfch A. #nr forek>*?d any ? ' ?? r?rii?<'-? tits tve jrt.n ? m-A t.jr her A. I jo net I <I. What die * ?t Trl.iH n ,*rhtn' .iftf-* the ' r<> la* f'liit. >. n-"k> t.. \. Th'tr t t**et-'. tttp'nd fc- tihj end ti Of lam dnra !h? ttafy of Trtnltr Oi ifh rai-t A 1 he re- :or. ? ? r bO'eho at --ra am! t? xtm'Tjam <f W t at r c0 -era I ar 1 r Ml) ln.reh N atdea Ji.- mn 1-r-a ! iU# reai/f ard H- r *r?jin?i A A -my r -lair an . t *rh *1 th* re , bv t a in art met. Art o: the ri -tiry. i a . o it or, nr,.! one . .e-k ji l>.? ofrf-e. it, In ton th.tit T? r* f < hnren >.sa -l-m* tnomot I-. mete the far4 a' ef t) oper'j n* tha' mrrarr .ton a' a ahitt r the leaadirt a irrwt u QPPB Othtaof rotgMn* ? rat-1 mta I- -t .< ?Mar p r oa?a A. ** too n- ""H ot tent year* 'd?i>rtaUot. fnnnr h? A* t-.u ' nhPdi I have | h"a!r? ?nt y to oxter e ? O IV rerVwai! aererai of toe eeaior narmbeiao' -* a. -a-m In fKreoe* to the ar -t l>? ant ti or th- r fwi ! ;p roMftrc* t'a-1 tMr and odoev. ooal I*a. I aoeatr tla J l.ell* ht n mj-r h?-a.?ar? a le trate thai* PM'' rvy a a aradke in I e??? ' te toe three free yi"-|n*a# ?o?. thai ?ltn th- ? ?>* dtrJkn- ! apt-, a M Mr bni-Ar am. or rr -alite , ] Trm ettrrtii* L n nr [tMMithtr an/ entornrtae hro tht I -Mr* thean either hj me-nh- ra ?f ?- ir Mt bo.'/ or h? ' Jtera tt ha* not ! r- frrtn anr mil t? terer In trkrtn** eed t hwet 'Tirtetan i- ne>oj*?f*. nr wti ary nen of m rtaeint thelr own .-ata:*. hut a-talr .'root i-tti j d-1 tlel rona d*. aiioti- tea > It r uwtnr ?-f tueir hra> j drht. I * htch third eotrff tn>n> ihr r t r*niuarj rraate. I ?!o hrtkpre ibh> ary r-U-rr bode of h.t, Itcno ?<j rn ietti j 1 < InrUr a< i>r- it* *?< rn?ier, and ev-o*r in the earner*;? ha w. hy a prpnUr r^e>?l<ii?nr/ - * -( hner dr-o1 irrfeihm hey ve? rr f Tnaitjr l.h'.reh, a* rnneitn ?u. .nr I th- At' -inar'ar of n reoinrr ?v Wt.i \o? i.Mnr Ih :trr IY!*oopa! rhtimMft In Ot* rltr of ht e lor* A. At. At-a**. ' iphan/, Holt t'.onMrl-* t/nr be hnir Hn'r OoBm, tloij >-anr*H?tA 1* f li"?or*n a. 'loir Mar-tre. f-.. fAfnelt'ia, ht !ohn lie Kun(? j H. l a PI. Maty a aid ' hd< <lw<ero-thn forea-dt-r hit* eho'rh ' i dp **o proper h?aid*? Ui<o herr an tar t<dai? ta* fft* '' ori'rater - araotpptnp to hal.?-th* Mo*> ah and C ao a; l-tr ede'V** tli* lot tow ag xa ?.' preaapt -n?i *ti- d I he pot 4, tti pn-atuy. ?h* rlt treh halt >r emWrofUnf baraotH-.h Ma-Bi ?*?-r n ht. Umar a: ihr'oraa-r free 'hi nh t-f M Mt ha* h*"i o-*rp*d n ih* tho"-h e .* I . - ho fc? t T?me.i*i Bj t?e <c i tni ie* (a map pr*h*n-*di? t Arrtbei- an t.? ar mat '> irthoa ota ftm/th, W h. 1 h r nit. and I - unn a k ?arca oi d?* tltj af Be* Veraf - A TI *i r a.- - tMir *. C In -haliof ihtar a-do*:A 7l*acli "h Btnaled A tr th* f! th J t . Ai or rh wt?? that mat, do j"i rtl^aar fl'ib-h ?p nnf,i< 'J. -f A . pi rj % -jwwm II - ? * . . in ilia uuaa KPT, ahr"r, r V. waa rw W hv K' laropa j, k- , J h<p;iti4 In* I ' I ' 4.' ' T ar.J t IhinC r.. t t hart horr. natn h bar It wan no*. r?p?.r.b.. Jwt thrra :? Id )r nM.F.-n efc-ircfcfr t? :hv rvrd 'V r iVr w ?Ha, r if'! i ig ill-- M IhaUpnpa |?|F 4.? I VP a hi I H<pi ? ,<( dvoin *)<>i % rlaar 'lair pj.iri . h nr't*. and . aJwnnf I * n n I' *r I ilium I ai on 4 ha.-a tuawarod ih*t I ?ii: think r. ?l? I ? .ahla ') a >?tpp?if n imV-nf p-wpa* -WAa f: i f: en . v-ihi.if ' .ilai (ri m4f* A iti* *f? faUi ? * h | II) i nun a ?ar Tr'rl'r CVtirb ? I i Tbnnvh h-t* ara ro K rip*; ct>.,rf>A? ir V wanta . ? l ?n - - I ; .i*i i nroJ f? / /! n i'.a i?m " ln? A In ihr ri. nltt ill* Pmftfi ??r?! vhira ?rr wo JJAtaebai ba?, a Ikr rtrlapf a Iho W ih " h rr : :n (ha rtntaHy of th- Th,r A.-nt; -t?r* mr? t* o DtkI la lha r.etnfly of i On roufnawh u rra pro %*. I ill i* n I V?|||*|, | 4 aWTHM ? ' Ar. *?r.i?i pp. JA ip-i, >?f THeBf Vic*,?d ' "? ^1'** *" ** Jmi **" " ' * I*'1 iri'if 1 ' A* v"***/i aa?a i.a? r. ainr? i-u-?h"Uif # ? W v^?inr *1 ' !* U i m |<i? or to ?:l] a h-aar,. I on ani rri*i',r-iabort la > I Tra-h. ?. I'ww larf h?p )P*a ,??? a nawihor ? Tt4aH? 'V p*h r 1 ' I ? aa a a pi v.* ami parhr ii*p ap a.?rl> aa 14', bat k-iva ??t bawn roaPnan >tv Mnnn than inMi I 'i. D ? rihara i. ,pkrp rV trraaa knia in'o a' < ? ' Vaalrj , 'urtloiia r>l tfli ( ? fc irch pr>. r , |M |' A. I Dunk W tr,T ha rr-a* r ?hlab 1 ?iV aai*. at thn fratai-ar.m ai which t 1 ?wnf a i l<4 wan id lill. Ihnra < i a ar a?rl pm.a?l i 'i? of pariah n?at wt, tha o"rta?t ?w*wi ?n tan ?ia'i??n IIp Hwhfwt an<l Mr woa ?l - , I-I'l lit* <w p i-ar V on, ( ha rW-r* ro p~1 -r c for a ap i ?Jfr? attd ptrj tfc. rr haap lao Jjkra ir ?'? r I,a EW YORK HERALD, M01 wtk*. I L?irtr <?n a far ? ??? ? wvl ?4kJ ' I uae at the lie.?' I MWt'iJ? ht-ii#?(> u? r > v-jmu ? w 1 ban .b -e ul pewhokuara <if (Mii-Hiuaio*:?tac! rtr yO or1 h nil tt: ;>v<' wu/e racoivi-u nil thai two or taroo o'Jie-k in. I), who '.i?)?: o. 0ummi*Uic43 d u ?-.tier V'ii.-f i.^t?, ware lead.-rr d aril r?-luted, Iba pa. rcea; n or dc to n til uy owta !t*? been ituti i J au.l eojti'tn* 4 ?_> a* t> < - e nit *.e.i c?u j<!i*i fti id i oi ibo luipe.un. ul u ~fij ut UyMli) U.|CUL1?-1> ilalUif fa L (J. Hjs aaj mtt tv?r been bre igbto. |rr joae Jlw: la?. 3>i .0 ?nib!.i3 3>r rifli; ui'i am ruber ui aqi e.ber cb ir-th to v te eirtjobtoi Tilivty Church. A 1 h.?- uef ' -irtid t f u.iy mch luil or pro. eding noil i dink Uierv. ><ui > bari. tej m.'e, b r anae trom my ai tr Connection with 0*" 1 ibi.' L, tit - teilrjnian an.! an u muoaal n?,?-.-Vir v. annua' ?1 ( lkilh. 1 la.i k i diiui )m brunt ot ?ut)i out', or r"-****' :ig ..'kuy ati?a Lad lakeD place. ? fiii- tin tn> uib r o. any other church no a pew b iMor or i-crt.iojii.cwLi lb trinity ? h rich, voted at the vootry ''? ' 'iceoo/lrfntti ( knrch vlnct! tsl tr A I believe never, ulie.* uorue niJAte, i Lue heard of a rote t>.-Li| ottered an:: ' rtjtotedoii that giduttu, 1 ki.ow w ate papeie ul' the I day. g fas be orl of IM4 hoed ?o.|i;>aa?rd m bv oiher chut he* ' in the ritv of b? w Virf A. I ib rt an. pram ally, an it an ; vol) bar M-ned th? t a vote aaa er?r tendered oil any iromw | but that oi n?- i f onipor.auir tt Irinlty. or a ooocmnnleant or ( t,ew holder 1 recoili .'t b it one uia'anc-?there may have b?< n * eroond?altoa lcf :.?r eotne abaetce front tlie ci.y and J ucnr.tryI), iiave you ever teea i member of the elandlng ooiwn :ee A. i tv'T. I. fi.,\e jou r ee occert to tl.e hooka, pai-re ard a-eonn'o i of tin A. Perfectly ao; wheneve* 1 ueiirml a book or pap. r 1 vn abou n ana I ireau-atiy had and use 1 oppor i i?p,i es't exait.Iti<nK Important 'wota without tahto,; 'he oil'. t ?ra trotttihe pnbllciiy which the mlnu.ea and ouu pnpei? ??? bept in the .At-or. i <J. Vhiif ndticod yon In v.king and examlna'tonvf A. ronieiiniea ymeta! onritatty ait-i avltk a know and bo <[tia!ineit to If' upon tlir n eulnna ahiub c<tmo be.ore ua. f barn t In-.iea alio etartiined rr.oio tai'lcniaity, nnl evita aal tt.. iikMo mH'le for thi' uet of too Vea'ry. on my ronolnUon, forth ,.u?to?e<il huow b g the ti no fnutneUil *?'.' of the cor pora'tor, of vthk-li .< many ta^uennUoi ? were enter!lined. i; Vt tie j<"i ehai?mauof tbr Trinity t'hape. Huilding t'-oai mi ta- A. I m ehn.m un of a eommllee oi n-rn'm Into the ....v. r <u location oat ofoon*trn< Uin .and agani, tlMi-mn i.i Built lug < lUihutieu, one of width was lor tb<* plan mor resembling Uih ore ad<u>i?-.i k wm a plan, the ocxta'a-d r v?* 01' wh?eh vai about f.-OvuO. This dul not utejude the p. toe of lard kid I do not recollect whether it "nc n !nd lieevgim. I be set m l ri'flof Un? -hapel la more than Jrtkt unD, tnchuaveof land. 1 am notiw pruolte .?s I should be because there are rertalii ripe toon of a recent building o; gallery, wh.oh I have u at to knu esnro' uow g.wi <>. \A list w?? ihe of the of the ooet of dm' chapel above the eettmstaa A. 1h?- chapel was not hulK hy robuac.. eaeept tor paruvulur objecta, a a. h as lb- delivery ol ?.onc, bni was bull*. unoer -he tl.r>- tlon of ac archite<?' liv day's work Cue rat'w fivmli.g? a "onsk'ervb'e portlin of r.jtnt cvpft?e, waadc'ay In Iron; weather and eon delivery oi naierial, Ac., dm log which time here waa a great ami rapid iImi <n labor aid material. Arothor and alao large Increase uroee nom rsnae* tarn ,utr o nil u h> have had uipenent-e in oot ttructleg public or private buildings, by which peraonhavtugthe barge ct butlolngs hare attempted to enlarge and vary their p'nns Having had come pera na! eoertertte on public worn as a r<n mutee mat), fKm the Oaoitol at Wash tngiuo down, a? well aa ? private works. I ml It to be very contriioi.. A iJbird cause la an error In e-ulmatn in tw o or three eipensive iten a, the cult tforeign atone ftr tae Unlng of inclapel, ehlcb much ove-eded or.r eel.mate 1 waa very much v, ,td a! th- r< nut, and regretted the ein M. Si W hat l ave you to say w lth regard to 'he appropriation made h, >i. Luke's (.hutch. A. tt Luke's Church was eon stdtrvd, by mjaelf and other member* of the Vestry, tn n doub t* r '.ut'on First us It stood to ua, in the relate).t of a grtm land holder, to pro\ ide for our own tenants, and improve onr < a i, property. eitu,ng*' wh'eh St. Luke's atoou. Meooret ly, aa a considerable ard po >r enngregaLon. I kne* the < humour ol lb'? pnnore"aiioti ohiet j from an Intimate friend, * h<> has often spoke of .ey aa t.e only, or almost the only peison rf nteana who conhl. er did do anythtag for the t>eeuslary support of the i bureb We slat looked to keeping the cungregnuon together, with the Ttew ol' u-aosierrtng It in some term or other, to the locaunu on UuJaon street burial ground lyre ved tor that p trpoae. I have, on Ibose grounds, voted roetrfuliy, aid expressed my appruha'ioa of all ne h temporary allowaneea as were thought neoevsaj-y to keep up ihe Church Tie jweriae amount recommended I have I,tut ncthip: to do with, leav ing It to line jt dgroeui ol the | eoniniltiee. i) W hat rlo you ?a> u to the alleged control ol 'ha Standing Con.miue< A. t>n * me aubjecte, it. ia uo'eitaaniy great -?s to the valuation 01' property. and the term* ou which property should be aold-they bi-uig familiar. from long an.) dally o\ with the value 01 cu? property in detail; on other point*. Hie nan alow anaea or git. a to churchea. the t'eetrv innlMr win mdsn ent and frequently refer matter* to them for ireor. i<li ratit>n-aorofurae* and In uiiporlaii matter*. rejec mt tnetr report. and making, or rePnia? giant*. in uppon.iion M the'.- ifcouimenda'.ioti; a case in rolnt ha* ' a: been retorted to u* lor elimination?H la that c the church known aa hi I oho the Mapttat a donUlou to which the Mi.Ddii.i; I on m!u< e.?ao reported airuinfl. and a hi !? alter (iLi?iu?.ueiati<.o and oebate, was yranied, nearly to lb." aim r.l anted. ?V. Mate whether In yo.r .udguient, the fund* of Trinity CbntcU b.tie i eui udletotialy applied. A. 1 be'tcie they hate Sc. n always applied ? ,.b an honey. Intention, w.ji grind reaper t lor me men.oner of our proc eceeanrv, In office. I !hu.k now. and hare be tore i erf often eipreaaod the opinion .rat the aril pole y at i rtaliy t.huroi, a as errrmeoua In nut* mi? large endow mem* for c.'inrohca whirl. bar. imt. with wca.b) ai.d thai..onai -le propin and did u l urot ide 'or the want* of b? body of in- hpiaoopailan* of die city 01 Sew Vrk; I thlrili the rreeent |*> icy, tbunded on eipero ooe la Pirwu-r, by the pre* nt poucy I moan a.u to poorer congrr ; nln.mi tn how I ork and Isewl.ei . in ti e term of * iln nda or r oney grant?, and taperuaiiy to prm .i,g n the rellg oua ar il o 'brg education Ct die poor .rt < .r n? u church**, 1 will alao add the accommodation of n.any oth< i?, who annul i.ter ally be < h'>d po?r. young cln ka. lor iiwiai. e uhe c <uld tad I rot hie ibt run In with hired pew a. i.i. I* It irne lliai Ine _rant? of Trinity Ukurrh have been . * i up l i nltan BiHT ? i?nrdn igfc' Aaaefc or * low' church t lew a a 1 iiave msr,r uUmal any oil i i in e of p, *..<i l,??e nc\ et led i' rayaelf ui ai.y coto, I can aay i *r c i.i What haieynu tn any on >he aul^ec'<>t free chunhra A. ! hate takm girai in'e:e*t tn b arn; w.?* am i-nr tl.e fcp.n lerw <.m .e City ? ut> on. . donor and occaaiimaUy a auhonor ot do ' o?l|, ca 1 bate bern \io* frreeideiit of the City Miaauta, and iliatandl now an . lhaebcen 'it?a 'P>ini?! ..I he rwaulu I 01 in.. >111 ' el ? new wbicli 1 P ar can nantlv get along 1 hou aii i m uwmini, 1 Uitok t' be*l an large-. ?i??p>h , ol a pnf ,cal, wttliout a MRiim. 1; en ct urch ia the pariah chur> ofTtin. tn ihla tneiv art a limited min.hrr or p?wt.o.ceia mlteo with u ni cb larg> r Imdy, lormmg a large sir ale n. who need tree e ooinn.' Al. na. it i? pri c. oaUj a ck..n!. > am w, onan sit >i h ? inur i ,ni iu?ii. iiw.i a, tic Crulxi m>p?s: in o. e Use ui i em that t'.e .ic'iia! roe- m4? trip ilrt<?tni Itmiy : I >r the re;.r en l:ll? IP .Hiv, !S6t., ? st Hi 1'r ' "tie *11111 i <1- m?M pfs>, far the ?. n f |>< iled. 1 nil! add iLv my per**!*! kn?n led*e la of In.i'j. nbi-re 1 a'trr.ii niih .oui nleiaiile r. iiuiaritr n out !.:i Ctrjtc: , thr opr: Huii of H4. Pb'i 't mm-mSiM ilia; of ii m ' l J. \lhat bite >i'U to **y MIS 'V. ?lu. >' property of Til rim CLuirh res tie ii mi- r,t Ti.itialn>n in i'* reixitt A. f n?. no 1 kbo L m*ilr * out the report n ad* to t3e He Ate o, hr f*)u? : ')> it property, but I think .hat uo other mode ?f ?iin a on tk a tl si of tl-p awem arm ?.v.rae?rikl haw been riIp kinl agierd upon tl. * ?r * ?. Li mT .1 uUmeut :rotn J? ti .nteteat b?trf a rtierrkmary proper^, latin* In at f'tM'.iiui. with iiujarai e y a an.all Inooate. at u> i.e mnat ? a'li.blr nail ?a robin property in ih* Avar pan of I.. .1 T a I - H?? ; > > I e: ? Ik . IP rrakiLC nl tl. rrpurt. thr h'dh prWa ct-y tor i-omtuetcial purposes my oat ?ip>rieuci' and oViu.u..i onnv.rcr me that it ti in.por-ibia tocaicu.ate, w h any rea-une'il* srottnl of retina ?. a* to tta rrtPM-onary >ai w tor *U. lfb> and ter. /ear*, and ten*- l fo r da rh- ad I apeak boQt ram iJia ri at? and eapertt nee oa '.h - iOble , I bar l>een a urn -er of mnr.-al inaiituUcnv v.k-rh Li ) on mnt-.gA/e, In the rfy of Raw t rrk. ucii > M Ml aadliu-t ipjimany 1 bv r obaeri . W rerai tliMii.: ito? * and tali of ralar .a parie of the r * ni. h aa ftat! atfi i t Hanover ? tar*. 1 hare exanitned i iiit boada ar.t ii rcar>>? id tits r.-a.-a< rrwl.alu n-.r.n* *r. iIh> tal'ie ft | rur*rtt I ha e nitwit ra-> the nia\ia,p.-.?M aid no.ltvl Bl?|-fll) u. hlei-i itree Tine a..'ij* tf whkh In Ik : naa at tifu.. value bit no* Ui. en oiii hall or uaarh one hull - a > *1 .e alibu .imp. em hi to i(k traieitli-n n. fUtn hrtilua o eomn.nrnta! ouanea. fteni I at toea.n,' tobr< mi >>ay, and tHp create adj n'tig it; 1 ' Olilil not, iherolorr. niyt I, an lh>> aain? ? . onenee nay take l-iai e, eat mat* a hifch i?> e at-ttm-y aim 'ano-fl Wn I Itaia mm Item re piveeat rt ->. t . ? *ieaae, rnrmtsc i a .are* ponbs ol U.e pivui rty cu t.xi e re.i. [?l In/ In In ten i yrata la a mere reveraloeary pteperl/, prvrlncirif, at raaent. , oiiiT li>" per knaini. ? r..p>, * be* lift 1 n.ugi . an our.t* ai a Line i,,.t probablr. rmi mainl the btdn or . ?: - oi any bu: cap- a.sia ''p? t nj; t > i ir>'ha<" at a km 1 rati aed except >:t>?ier very ta '^ je ctrv .ineancpa, would I Imriiljr l-rtnc Ite ri >?i aioeart . nine ra> . ateil on iheomeaae I | value, and i>erhapa aot ao inn h I lerni in* .1. . wltti | he' iu taowLege thai wh> r. .. pr? . eseui mM I m'.hairara. ttti.i?t> ki Ii r inntr uan i.? uei.>d ia w: lie the Br r?a>M I ihti k the araeanm -ai >r the onir one tha itr Ik urb obuld jiioperiy gt.e, or .fee if-.ry ta a pr .nab.y I ai>e< ! ti? n. V. ft ilt yutt rUte wka apprnpriAUoLk h>ve hi n madi b> j lilitiy fh.ii h ... (h r* iv v< - Ctsc that have been al-eady tainnl A. 1 may pownblyr nt know a I ha Ha<r Hem aemrit put I un>trraumd at .r.r 1'a ha* ' He?n made ol the ara m ' ?t aiioa a. ,ne <") nrrb of thr I eaf aid iHitnh Mute* * A h orsmate n. Uie wh -.r asm-.a n nl of IIm - ban h < >. . .? a y <. d I b . o.' Oh or | wr. I Ar. rrn- j f .o. amdlier Sipecd f aehari'r i bana rbmcb dona: on. to i nia.wer, the R?i Mr toe jr i . 11 an . eatonarr a Wur!'* I-land at 4 in the mr s-oi r 'eieto rttttrer ; T taluk ttie alien ,v? w bent

I ppear ' n-ay * : !. a# ib? rr h j e c aH'icon 14 It M a ptr< noa . oe- ion, ih t hr ir a 'Ion ih p. and I ar- e I baiekiHinno iay nk?"Vr He'r; ovte UI the mo'don I | n akr . iery >ear in* be aopr^ria m a Snulir amnal do t,,i t ? In -. I n'.cn ar f. c - . mr i. ?n ii.- irledr. , e ?n irant r-1 mMnrr. la taat of Rev jfy gaaH*. era er atii rlai'lain lor ihe 1' tarao'ioe Ii rpttni, rl'eu ' * the >i o. a H. ? r'.k-.-r, i. r> - ? I 1 itToarrrs vifininf ifc ?nj r'.'eai h> l.ubc a Ilea p'.ai r? -1* ?s anln'ai.t?..y from Tmi i Ob Hr he fren 1? i ?k a buttt. Pew o ,r- i ?|i. ** 'b taxi I let ntfl.ln a yrar or tw ? na? n tcta way Trt-t ffbufili lv' Kit ? ttln a| i'Hi'r . P ih? i a^ r*an rf t'.e e r a pert or wi'taie tl pre? I to be a> ed M a n.a>Vr j?. an that r .ndtlioa, a ho tt I? arr rreet; a hi?ital at.d chi rrh hr Prt sh rtr.n ?t>> .it? 1 thr <*h jetand li nettal w eattt ?.?or*r -ar varty . br.l hrrt. i ter t<d and tn pan nrriel mii* pwm| la i ir f . en' -rdr hrrr y i tfi asd ie? n n, e l a ?>crr nt gWWnd, ?ra< H- 0 and ?? o?,o?i? a* > pb (ir a V??pl ia! i * >?? tl-'T ?Pl l.?t in trlnrty lor ? ?r?Mt tor Una pona lr?o?j bod n?> lu to a . taoia no tt tad il WM > 'ionbMd I abo'Jw f itop bad pro ml an ? f nnbla l*"y t? baT a'm'l ; i)r>t?r iloi> bo'-n*rr, >tn niartnt ? tbn loo', of llttaoa airr*i harirr I tr ft .-an m V inadi/?n wan pmawniAl ?. Vr *?r bad nnt tV rtgl. in ?n>r ?nd ' .?li? m ppn ! inrtj 01 Ibr loot r.f ftoaan a*mal IV r?/f worn ad - * I 1 thai 'hap nonV n?< an, and I * prmon *m tp, b*rt to I 1 hmrdo al Ibn If*' '* hat lb' rt' 'ha tha in plan I ?i n?i nl a ni.' .>? 0V. iho I-nal* coi Mbol i and a cm*I rr<<i ? 'tontd tp oof" a Vm. Ii ih? f.rpnra 1 Unr a d nia i a.r. MtoStoli ? nw t> lhal bn?l i"*?. bl; b up to 9k rWTh amnpn. i^* rrrtrp rn'o^an* io 'V rjtj | roip-/ao??n bnlr i-rh a m )? 1) alto urkrt *>?. whvto V o*r auilrrr"* w?in raair i? >* an l "dt i o a tarr'anronai tn thr arnbani'V tbo man frn*i?'? rWuo m - onko. | ?i. >. nr. <* ?Mt p'.-p-oa, Iw;trvb: ?r> a in,-**4' f* I ta il* worth pnfbmv* ?IIII\ Ib? M?ll h'-K-Tt <d -I. a. ' Urn MarTr.iafi rgitir* n>a riMri M. Ionic a a a- a-ibob i ad . ' tn na i ana aad Ito- "mar. ?aa a omrr**". b>dt l?nko? bcopiial Tiin .j Onirr h lonoa i mtah Jam. I o/r ?dnr iha* ibn i>mi>nfi7 ?a* vrrtor- onta -d hj * t?uca a hml'tia! b> arMi of a trim lr.wn Trim y f.'mrl; th. flUo nan ol -alio'd Iron .ha ro?p, aa o Tina Y'lrk I1 rtoJ < ? l?iT*i?'i. ibrrro Voir lb* I>n rninaand bT trtnttv Gbrrrh. and ?n.d for a lar , a , in", a#. n%.lmad. Unr i T*n a#oapt ui ka tranalar <o ?. L ita a in | io? *riUt"l a few trarar*'t | v I tola wbaihar iham taaap ordnr r,i u?? vcai-p pmh.bit I la a ffw- *oro-? ?> .ba b?*..M >m t><>oa'nr* A. "Iham to no ni'iar to tha' art. 'to apnea* ..p. or* b??a nnmrrof toad m r.ij kroalrdtr an* <* I r.n?i,| an; w .*i to r'nrka mar horn dtr ui< bo " in p. .rran|??n ; Oar o: l?aa-.. and ilkr I an .? lao M 'V pn-? bnii'of , rp .rjinra ,? In iba utor ar. on ?br< pf% rakio ?rn r I'ar-n* ,41^ Tr ) lonya rjrrnln nd b; *1/ r-ar I IklOk ?ki 1 aa b. c iii' ?| f i ia T rjli noo Iiajmog ia dot nforwuo ia ml c * r%: ra n tan In a i oik r if a . r aa ot'< n urt k, I in n w * the at en. laU m M II nfiaif ij i.n a nr. >no*? rf anj to n1 I'm o,4 toiiornpal ehjrcfi I obartnralr thin mt?|n, pra. lod hi (k atnn b-*i ? aa th >1 nf Tnnl'i i b'.rah A. I aa abl rmv !'nf cb-rrii pnoparf Il-afnri ll.nri'ralii'^ib w* 'tn rarv.r, onniana ani hikthi aria \4 ho Ulan OT - if ia ?b. h h wao. In ammii loboi "f dta i burnS oi I to land. aoTiralf l.n?n ?or? a) rr*<l b oonl-wto I to Ihi' now liar n' to aooaJ rr l' a r?> ".i omd. rvtal\in? uioir ran rma nffnod OindliM na ID lllr -bt-ra' <? KogtolbJ I , I >V o-b wan. bT a no O' ' ?- AlhMrt Wan no ?h? Struck w' ii ?v-h i h?on >enc i rignertert, in rtaMII, Hi . Vw ?miy. lw+t- ? hnml 1 ???) Mnlrtmrn nniere U?l<- lh u>? >om* (wi; i' m r<K f p*W)4wil tin 'if <ii?der t fintl net, peorM In l?fc. n<*4 nr??|w rn(? ' i.r In. "ili* f ? n ?r4 inhnbf*n<? if 'mh fci'I, in orotn-mWn ?' ?)> rr^<#?v?n< f **-?-o*l ehnmii," there *m tmneiier Wr1'"?i>?l e|i ir-hm ?i\rt h?*n born f? tnhiwhe; for mom Hmwi 'Won'.j re im, in 'he wmf 'nwiwhtr. 'mi i|? t hnei (fiiTiMM MMr ibn r 'ipnr) or ihn rUlh' u> >'40 Hi 'bo If the V'? In A f nlr'i h -<tul mom r<icn or .Tnnvlemd bl the rh'.mb tie t? pro >e-tv to flm, b? ? .->r?fNoj mMM In t).?ir moor- ni l1? ? I. 41 V 1 pre* rm lor the m*j*>n? *reM> h V I isw t??e mere not Hrr?r.' ^-eB, hot n'xf.Jit'iUy ?>. Onl .Vr,tfjee rOonirtM | on? -TjjWnnthTi, nn<l leom'nf r Iti p nr>| n>'*te ! h'toTy Ir. no oeec-ini or nhnfmrt fJDAT, MAX.OK 23, 1857. Q. D i no* ? <>< v rarpana-w P*?< ?r> rlgm ii?tk? 9u%im owr a i la u k>mw thW tlw? > tr l?'rud ; IIU "t, w o le**l. %CTIMS1 iiu t .t rigst of -ei>u j wm jv/i-et; *od *i?e m w -?pr? ~*ted the ecu j?r v Up., wro willing 10 miik- tra t-ronfuaMni 1 hove m nUaMd, ud to *ve*t?e our form J re ? %<? O. bid tlie r'ti rorpor?i>?? d Dirt'' y.rn- rltfht It Ihf Into I ? "It m .y have li?m d-s'r I by ci in al or n'limn, > it Ihry were snffleien'ly ast'sied of < ur right In give t valo it) i property *>" C>e re earn ot tror r-gV. ma we rs carded i l j sou ?ver look at the, lock r ' . r rp l-ators yepllplhe aiierrff-o? * Vs.* I hitvii looked ot It Is c <W U) see if ,er?ocs we?e not to hi ijjtered so e.??ponk1?*? who ve.ioraPicd thr ugli th'lr inn ec. lu eoci or tadl'tcrcnce, tail 1 be'tevr there w?r? jesr.y rn'h. (i l id yon ever to. k ot the cash l>ook <> book of o-l Una! m tries A. I have tu t. never lut,.ng h 111 ore ion to ilo no, ird never h.xv nig audited any ace vault eioepi those of ibe bnpel hilhiltG Did ton, as ? member of the Teetrj. know and approve :t the lorin or the lease of pews in Ttlnlty ? supe], ot lu op*n Of r A. liti'l ft' W 01 it, end di>t not approve of It beetuie ! considered it a measure ol over prudence, oalcu'ated to u x'H iw to in rerresenw'.on and perhaps to five oln uoe; he mot v* 01 those however, who cMrrlel It pxrough. waa ha'of p erautl inijv prudence t; the la'rnaloa of a odv of pew holders who had no ryraia hi'-e wr-h us or any iilier (hurch, it wis recupniindad b? a e.murlttoe and ao,roved by a majort'y of the icsry, It wan repe.J *1 before It onld have any practical et'"ct. V 1 o you know of any hurrfcesset ol' from Trinity Church Idli A. Alone have been. Q Do you lud any dlthcuHy In gctl'uir at the va'se o: your iroperty when vo i?tl er lease a. We are happily In a allu t'lon not to he obliged to sell or h a?e nnUl we get oterw. and : uthen a anlijee: ol negotiation with otr otlioers ot- commit ee.s ot wldrh i am not one ?,' 1* tin-re any dilhculty In setting at the fair value of your iroperty, when It is in a rjritlbon to ae|?, or to lease A. Vhcn the learr has e>ptred, there Is r.ot, (J. Do you know of any appropriations by Trinity Church or other than 1'harnahi". reltglo is, or edn.Mtlooai pnrpoees a. In the management of so large a property the. e n?..y he nany miscellaneous purposes wh 'h l csnnot meution tn de ail; for innaicc, patriot') pwpoMk ?r wtn-h I memiso lhr?' nitar.oea, Involving notni1 f- praw, not discreditable to the "Tnirc.h. tnTrtntty churchyard wereinle-redtheremstusofthe V'Callunt rapt. l.awrence, whose nr-snort H perpetuated by sis '??t wnvds. ' dou't give up 'he ship;'" a monument has heen erected to his memory, at public expense, ballv both, bopfh wml meant aru for loriy years it had iallen into de -ay; It was rebuilt at the expense of the ehureh, tn salable xrd permanent stylo, retslntng Its former inscription; a ston 'sr Instance w itbln my memory was the restoring an I ropalr ipg of die monument covering the ramaina of AJcxander HiimilUn; a third instance u> me > > i>in?-i,- now erecting on he remslrs of revolutionary soldiers burled la the western part 01 Trinity chun.hvn.-d; the monument of Gen. Montrri.K?v In front of H Paul's and in the eh-treh hu been repnlred nnd improved; 1 presume that ihe e.-eetlng oi' a moan mem. rrnltiable aa a work o! art, to the late Hlobop I lob art. -an hardly be ouusldered aa nomine within the term eharttable or religion*: ib?r> are oiber* In the management of ihe real utile, which ,iny other large landholder would pty. Fy the Course) for Trinity Church Q. I o von know ol any Improper appropriation of the Fnpdf of the Church: A. I know of none for improper pur posea. y. Have any < hurches ollered to betetofTfiom Trinity lince IbUA. Nona. The Committee, by revnieat, put the following question:? t). Ho you know, or bare yon been informed, whether Tri alty Church lira recently hH.l any per-on employed aa conow-.l >r otherwise belonging or attached to the judicial, executive >r lenm'ailve department of tbe State department A. I do not mow of any. and I add thai i'.om my poaitlon on oommltteea >f a legal and executive character other than the financial and minding committee, I intuit have known If any inch person tad been employed now or for some years paat; and I thereore ray, that the church haa employed no peraon now in ihe u Ilea) executive or legislative department T waa recently i*kcd,whether al eruin perron coming within that description nad been retained and I at once answered "ITo.'' Vxeept thusvft r ow appear before you profewlnuany on this evamln-i en, there in no perron employed in ttua matter except Mr. He '.erg, who openly appeara aa our agent Another Art Union. TO THB EDITOR OF THZ HKKA1.P. We are frequently Inquired ef reaped lag a aamtno'.b chime enttUed "Tne Cosmopoltan Art Union," which raa recently brought to a clone by e grand distributi n if prlxi lomcwhero away In the Went. Now, at tbe .vowe-l object of this enter price wee to encourage tbe Mee Arte" by disposing of the works of American ar lata, It beccuee a lair subject of inquiry whether eey afividoal (pecniat'una have been connected with l.^aai I not, lb what Manner tbe large Hind reaM/.ed from tb ale of tbe tickets, amounting to about SiOC.OOO, hat men disponed or. The public were Informed by circulars. banlbtlis, Ac.. bat by forwarding to tbe managers the snm el three do; ars, e "cerilticete or membership ' would be eentta ecb cese, eatftlleg tbe bolder ton "obaaee" in tbe die nbaltoa of palnUog and statuary, aad to nay magazine i bleb might be selected from a fa rats bed list, for one esr liver tblrty thousand tickets were dtepaeed or >o artous imrta of tbe L a on, and report seye bet tbo prices were drawn for some six reeks or two months since. Whs were tbe lucky oee* i act generally known; aad aa ao report of their wwardshlp baa been furnlehid the pnblte at large by bene benevolent and Sis in teres let friends of I be 'One rta " wbo bare bad tbe handling of (be $100,000, then I brgiaDtog to be a good deal or anxiety aad curtootty > ?.? subject Resides, there appears to bar# been gre icg'lgctoe !a ferwarc log tbe msgi/.tnes at prernmn i rhtcb baa led to many loud complaints among tbosa wbo. d least up to within a short Urns of ibts present writing. >ad rece.ved nothing In relura for their prompt remit encc of ibrre dollars. The public baro a right to know all about this b .i'uMi. ??'i i* at inn In Ihn mmf mihHft muBAr Raw mnnii m ibe 81CC,C00, nor* or leat, *u paid to ibe arttata tor ihcir pictures end atBliimf Bow roach for ihe ai(t Ua< i, and bow much for salaries and other eipenaa* Bad perbopo tt would be well to expiate *bf the public were glrea to aniiertlano that the bead<|Utrtare of the ,eu eyrrt were la New York, while tho ei of oiLoere ? be aaroc Ibpoo icmewborc ot tbe Wett; and wr. terebuhera (o much dllHae'ly Ir finding the part* who are r^liy awtierzed to giro inforrrt jon reapeo.!>| it-agreed reeult of tbe "CotaopoliWn An (Jai?n" lot IHt I'tleii a fall end ample exhibit ie mtde of tbe dtepo t.liofi of the large faad thee collected, wa shall coat, lor I ronnag wubia the aptrtal pronacr ef the lltt^.u e ire gnniJan ot tbe rtgfau of to# pebilc, to ce'i frrtbar ttUbitea to ibit metier wllWYh. Weekly Hriwrt of Deatht, a tbe city tad eoaaty of New Tort, froaa the lltb day ei March to tba 3lil day of Hu"eh, 1987. Men, 78; women, 10; bojrn. 111; girle, 118?Total, 410 idaite, 140; children, 810; ma lee, 361; females 2fo, oc tared persons, 11. Abtoeae of the lirer 1 ferer, war let 8 Abeceee, lumbar. 1 ferer, typhoid i Album'cana a ad Bright* ferer, typhus 4 disrate of kidaeye. . .. 4 frnotere of tbe okolL.... 1 ABglaa 1 Heart, dieeaee el 4 Apoplexy 3 looptog conga Ultima I atlammailon of Madder 1 fticedltg from wemb? 3 laUamma'iea of bewala.. 0 iroar.b'iie 8 laOaiaawitoh of brain... 13 naraed or tealded 1 laAaatmaOoa of kaeejetat 1 chare? 1 7auemmeiloa of ttrer.... 1 roarer of the stomach .. 3 laflammaltoa of latge....Se Oeeueity 1 Inflammation ef retae,.,, 1 L'aeutitr i>r rails 1 laflammatioa of womb... 1 OatuatUee by ra iroad..., 3 loaaalty *1 Cholera afaatam ) latamperaooe 3 ' oar uae'on ot the braia . 1 Lees rtaarta. 1 Doaie-tioa ct the bwweia. 1 Matter rant Ion et heart ... 1 >ngc-t aa of brain .... 13 Mn'fjraenUon ef tasge... Doogaet'do of loags 11 Maraemae, adult < Domedn.pwon 81 Maraemaa. Infantile 3? Doe ? air i ai, adult 3 Meaaiae t Donrelalone, lataallle., ..38 Old age 2renp 18 ratey 4 Debi tty, adait 1 Pnrtnrttien d'.Boai, ) Debility, a mat ) ? 8 Poteoa, l?y laedaaam.... 1 Miriam u-emana d Pre auto re birth. 8 LKhMbwa - I'-beoinatiam 3 Dropey 8 Hectare et lateetaee ... t Jro|wr In tbe head 3? SoAfnle 3 Drowned 1 ' mallpox 10 l7?eatary 3 Pdfteaag of the brain ... 1 Dyapcpaia 1 1 ifwnug of the stomaib 1 Galarfomeat of heart ... 8 Sp.aa. J,tease ef 1 f-ulargemeal of llrir..,. 1 Stillborn f niptioa. parpara 1 i*ls>etarc of aesophag ? . ) Crywprlaa 8 Peloids, by landaauai ... 1 ferer. 1 Teething 7 I a?ff, B.llgat I l srniion i>i too ranio I rMr e I Inktoan (Ml aitt?d)... 1 larar, paerpnrai 4 YarMaM rarar, rMBittMt a ? ? fatal 4t? Th? ni<ral>?r H *talka. eaapamd win oorraavoadt*| f-rtinf IM ud 1*441, tad o4 iaat waafe, waaaatoUoaa:? f?l and a | kv(h 34.1444 *M ' " at. IMS Ml ? < Marr.k 14, 1447 a. 441 *l, MR. ?? Horaaaa tk't waaft. BMArrm^Ttoa?aoauaaa txamo 3o*aa, jotata, he 4 AUibora ud pmiatia** fcain and i?araaa *? Mriha ?4 iaoatailT* onraaa 4 ramaafe.fcawalaaad attar tiaari an 1 al<md TaaaoLt 9 Jpil'M orgaaa 44 luip thmat he 1SS I'aaartatn aaal tad i?at [Mi|? 4 ral frrara 3i VP, J4r. , tad arapttaa l a know* I i fcaora. TT urinary nrfaaa. * I Total 44 v> >411 ?t*Mk 14 ?ara front atataai aaaaaa. ASH. naar 1 faar 140 44 to 44 yaara . IT i ?a t yaara 44 *4 a> aa yaara 14 t n * jraara 73 40 to 44 yaat 14 4 10 yart 44 Or v? TO yarn 14 ?ia14yart 14 74 to 44 yaara P (ttolflytara in *4 to 94 yaara 4 90 to 44 f tar* 14 M to 14? r t 14 to to 74an 34 ? Total 44" atinim Or'itk \atfT ea 1 rroa?? 1 ,i >4 mat 1 Kn?tt I Uftand., I (TBNad nai?a a?t Tlaaoa 1 Waal lad me. a r*km4.'.!! ft toU 44? rcw* inarm* .???. kiiuanrnna, H alatent * rnat / fliar-tin'., P t'tlai aUaarn H-myital 7 Han tal. t lot Vara. Hoop 3 JlyBoapWal J *. \ .aocal'a Heapital... a Oty Meant.. 1 saaaiipo' ltot|> B kVaiai. t Ootored Orpbaa Any turn 1 Warl'aWd kat'4'tHaov 1 mane Atyhjir, Hik t HI 1 lift 1 ft IS ......*..49 I ft ftft ..II a ? 11 ... II ! S? (*M'.a4?a?r i? >f .. ? a.TTT; u w ;.H f .m si w ?? it M li(it?hMr"Tii|?r)M u 5? ? :.u i temtmm u* w ? nnm4 ?ift >,*? m Mima ? wlittv/1, a?r ?mi? nr apWi MnuM. ?? rw? W, mi, I utTEiBFyaCTr1 FT^IY MI. ? i nil ?|\ iot-i to l?t-5 r*vwnna cm m*ngtm add tlxe I re#box ra Inmnkji greet lonutre f Wi:,l JAM SdlfiJ A Sc.* eur-er e/ tdaagvi ead iJU >loa vtieele. 51 r -three single gin't-emen w wt * neat 3*1')? ly 'nru rtfii ro. in, or parlor, wad skeeimg ro-vn, in w It'll cJim bouse. iicvf Hire' bar meet and i.ear 3r >* I v?v, ithgsi breakfW and d'nuerv'tween *tx ..ait aeveuo'eii*.* r f>ft per work, k^rnti'i eicbiuireL Addre-;ss, unul Tuesday evening, C. Colby, Broadway rnt oil re. ??J_ AMUY ETSEltT, 1NXAR BROAOWbT.-T > LET. 1/T second tic ir, handrom ly f irniahed, ami basr.mnut; iko. a furelahel bedroom tor single gentlemen. na* bath, Ac., Ac. 11 tlt\ PER ANNUM.-TO LET. IN BROOKLYN, E. "I D..U? amali genteelfamily, live rlr^so'. rooms, slats ooora. gaa chandeliers water in tie kitchen. on the a?w loo>; every moilein improvement; stages pari the dour, ?t' tit?d near chinches, school:) and markets. In- aire at 453 .4rund street, Wtlllsiuacurg. m BROADWAY*?TO LET, FURNISHED OK OK furnished. twe front rooms on sAoond lloor, salable >?MT milliners, m*otu&inakrrs . deutleta, taduis to. Apply to bOYT k CO., Heal Estate anil Loan oILoo, aa above 5711(1 -TO RKNT, A GOOD BOUSE IN ST JOHN'S V I vU. park, 14rooms, in evcelfcut condition ga? baiis, te. Immediate possession. The furniture mo.v within six monthly aad fixtures tor sal* or exchange for Vedani lauda. Address for one week Letter Box, Broadway Poet otlLie. fcl nnn ?house to tjrr ain? furniture for jll.UUU. sale? Excellent loealhm, two b.ock* irotn droudway. on the weat aide, near Houston street The inly utying housekeeping, will dispose of the lease sad furnIare at a bargain. Apply at 3X> Broadway. room is J.MO. HUNT A OO. k COAL YARD OR LOT TO LET.-lNvlt IRE UN THE t\ premises, TO.Bleccker str eet. A private five 8TALL brick BUILT STABLE TO let, with an excellent carriage house for faor vehicles, in ludlog lifty feet of covered archway,$Rd large yard. Inoutre of the owner, OhO. P POX on tho pmioses. 47 Amity street, corner of Wooster street A house to let-No. 163 WRST PORTT third O. street, between Seventh and Rlghth avenue*. A sea', fonr story frame bouse, replete with every eonret?*nre Hot ssd cold water, baths. Ac , range tn kitchen. out houses and a sloe garden. Rent $4t>0 per year. a loo, for sale ehetp the furniture, tapestry, Brussels e u-p-ta. ruga window Laoglnss. luce curtains, As. All nearly new and of good vmh'y. Fur particulars apply on the premises, or to Mr. PaUL BURdock, at Mr Pontons', Jr.. 30 Roads street A LADY WOULD LET a ROOM AND BEDROOM, plainly furnished, for housekeeping, at It oer vet, where tbere are no boarders. Apply at 217 West Twenty fourth street, near Eighth avenne Re'erence given. A good IIOl'se TO I KT?WEST OF BROADWAY, beiow Bleacher street. Yenrlv rent $5541 In til. about ten te twelve rooms. Apply to B. W. RICHARD*, 3$7 Broadway. Avery good house to let-in 4 <.ood neighborhood. west o< Broadway, ifurnished,) below Ninth street. A portion ol the rent taken In board. Apply \n B W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadaay. A MEETING OF THE WORKING MEN EMPLOYED by the Commissioner of Streets and L imp* during the past eight months, and who have not yet r*?e: ved their pay, will b? held tn the Park this eveDiOg, (Monday) Wa-di 23, a' ibe hear of 4 o'clock, tn take ruch proceedings ae may seem best to those interested for a speedy settlement of their just ".latins. Signed, MAMt SUFFERER*. A FURNISHED F1RNT CLAPS HOUHE TO LET-IN West Twenty second street, delightfully -itnated between Seventh and Eighth avenues: yearly rent $1,290. Possession erst of May. Apply to B. W. RICHARDS, 3U7 Brosd. *t). A VI' '\J* * vuA^vri I \JM\ A ?V? AIVI' nvi uw^n.? 1 W /V loaac. for J term of < rare, wltk Immediate p^WKiarn If I dealrrd a large htiuae, containing tweat, one rouma, in the \ icinltv of Broadw*), below Grand atreei. B W. RICHARDS, 3C; Broadway. A SUPERIOR THTIYK STORY AND BASKKKVT brown a* one boure to let. No. ri Br-orman place. Tk ;btrd atrret. di llghti'iiUt (Boated, oppo-.te tie p>trv of the Blind Arylum. elkfeen mom. in perfect <>rde: wttli all ti?e modern improvcmenlt; yearly renf t1 000; m.17 be en from 10 till 1 o'clock. Apply to B W. RICHARD.*, 9>; Jlroadwa J "D ROADWAY STORM AND A LARGE DHIRABLR I) to let?The property SOI aud 003 l'.rovl tear Prince street, now occupied by E. Y. Hnaghwrnt. will b? no altered a* to glyc one or two large eterea. aleo haeemen'. measuring 1S7 fret deep and X) fret wide, with large entraoee from Prince alrwet, m.ta'og It deairable for a Orel cm refectory. 1->ouaiblt rarliee mi*J l?ain term*. Ac . I applying toll WOOD, 444 Broadway. BrT.KHRAD, PI KB AND WHARF LOTS.-TO LKARR| tor a term of jrw*. the bulkhead fWwn PcrUe/i to r?,rtp birditrae'. North r>re?, and the adietatwg apland; aleo, Ike rter at Forty IMrJ Wr-et OH a RI.BH ID. APPLRbY , Metropolitan Fire laawrnncr Oomymy. Broadway, eomar ef Pine atreei. i kWKi.LiKG part or house ?? grand str? , > U lo lei. on rraaonarle terms; weuld be a <tea.rab)e >o-> tiea for a dentin aa the apartotunla bate been o uonyi !?> hat buatnrae ftr the last ten jear %. Apply at 44 GcnreflLur street. Can be eeen lretwevn Id and 1 and after 3 P. Rj Farm to lrahi: at tar rock away, wing Ialand, from loo to 1TJU acr a nl land. IronJg on the >< Jin ocean; taitfc i'iam,M?a <v ur. \n oa oo:.e.:wa on in* *here f*r mar. urn. Appry to P. R. B. ROitro.V, co the pri-mlee* or a: 15 Howery. FVRRTSllRn HOUT TO LKT Tld TWKT.^TH bTRKCa. between Kl/ih and Ruth a?en .???1 are.- afirw* ?nd hnnymen'. with the modi m Iroproi imeni A J Irema r.. \ :. n?" HOTKT, TO un - m TIT TOMOK OK YON^HH from the l*t of May, '.NflT, known M X* Rtvadway Huaae InudBa ?if BBI.PKN llOVr. Yniike.-m. I ARUK hTORK \ND BTTTI.PIKO TO LFT -W<2. 11. ij Oathim aUrwel ab're Pear1 ?:re?\ In j"ire oo the eratuieea. or *f J^kllOORK. 151 Rae Yh nearnh t ror AR11L0RP ARI> TEWAVM RRO IdTRR. M TIU.tRY I J atroet, lirnoktyn?wbafe >>y a new and or>iinai pia-i. aoaira ewe obtain infortva'iftu. with fall pnrUaainr#, of all deair.ble hwuaee, aparimi i.u, Ac, to lot lit Brooklyn and vicinity. wH. kAXXINti, Agent. Lota to i,kas*.-ti"? lot* or oRorno. oorrk rThutooath axnntw and t'Mweyaert root with b>? k hoad in trait Apply to 1NO WX, kO o 'roadway, cor nor o boayrr atreet, urto L. TA Y1<TR, 02 Taaih avenue. PABT OF A UBKT1CRI, liOU-R IR FWII nWRTh I airfM't near Irnng piaoe a iV all the raoVm . niirnf n.enl*, to M la' to a email . Mpe iaS.-a faint.r without, Ml ir?n. Apply at Kn. TO Kaa hine>.nt1 free' PART OF A ?IOr*R To I.ET.-A rAVILY Ol TP REV ataRic geiulotter., ov.og a plaaneat hoaaa, la thn x eiolty ol Broadway aod 1 our lb a'j-ee'., far loAc.nga < i'.y, a' a rent of Bl.OOll would let a part o the r ho .<*. eona* tur of a i r I root beaemem and ki n ?wo fron' ro me on ha ae rood atory wvh aloaeU. pantrtea he., to a eery ama 1. rote' and rrrporlahlo finally, who would M V.l!ll( ll ??ap U>r rt*<m* or tho Mffrlnv la order. and bo allowed 'tier*for In put ubjbiobI of the root Mono direct theao with iho mu?t ro?|i-r!obl? rrtwonnau of?4 apgy. Ad.lroe* hoi I U1H Todt Add, ?1th nnnid nxJ rofdrrtii oo *HOT TO IJIANH-TH* Kt'OTP A.TP THUD FtA?<lll* O of premier* 2ft Third dron'.o. dultobie tor loann(aeturteg ptirpooea. Apply on thr jrewitaoo OTOHK TO T.HT-NO. U> HK*I>* NTHFffT, ONC POOR u wont or MroaJway, i<i*<rJier wtUi beadmeol. >0" 2d, odq aonnter rnlior. witfc erorr e >o?on.?no.-. Vn* ?i? of ikd ? ?< de?lrat>lr lotatidna oiAor fur o wfcutcaa.r ? .00 Birr rbaat, truok niairilactiirrr or a re* lunnl To a *<11101110 poraon n looao would ho lUna fbr n to mi of fro r*. At p ? to rimRlf AN A BHNNBIT. ?7 ?ro* :?*y. oo-i.?r of fUad. trcdC ________ f O LI'-THI TWO *Tf?HT AND ATTIC BUCK 1 ho noon. *.>1 Waakinror M?t AO iVorr air rota, haiiw <0 not. Thry OTd tn ttrwt r?M ardor. aad Id I tod IdaanU would ho :??* 1 km . Apply ot )C Wai?r ureal rLKT-THlCTWO TTIKHT Hrtmp* Ho. :t* arp V>< Mtrh* eloaot. Ndwooo l rrHdnw' aa* Ca/ uii ?^ooto, hnuth Brooklyn. abort a 'jnarvr rto mlia fret a h? Hamilton I krtr< fla'*b<-d to <ho ho*( ouoir; rout rdoraU# t > o f ?d I tdnaai. IP'Hitr* on tHo -mm tar a. I ri.rr-THF nkcond rL^oR or not'nr rq Fart tilt Mr*', ho'frndd D-rta'i.n end Oai a, e jnataLnr - | thrro rnomi. with rontti-aaad f "jt ha* -o?r , |u aa<- . or to Uk hein?e. Cga ho n?rin any nolo after ? otiacB. hr ferriwer moulted. Apply A SO l*d Rr<*dw*y. TO I.NT?A COCNTHT OF. 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I.JW-TW* IJrrB* P?RT or ROrfJ* *0 1 -KnfnpKin *?f?-t Prw??tow ?n f?? w h** [*V1 ** of Rft.r Too?'f? m lir Oiilfcar p?r? <-nl?r? T? I.FT.?1IHK TWO HI-ORT ANii ACTIO RBTHR kwi<**r>fr i>'to?t*d?i tk?aors?raf W?w ?n<1 HaH Moot*. ^ II hm Wl ?U h.# Am a m o. h-fKt III r nfcrfnrir r nniMM, with lUliln aitjutmig If d?k.reu. Kent lew. Ap ly to JOHN L CHaAE, It; linncnoud streel rlKT-THB If AUDSOIIIt NSW HOUtR N0.S13 fifth tffniK containing mil the mod-'tn ti ?.t. onl In perfect order par. or ?'I of the furdttrire wh'of ta now, for nolo, rent tl,4C0. Impure on Uu: p eoi -tea rpO L&T-TBB *W0 NBW FIVE MTO-IY Bt'IT JUNGS I i"lf> I 60; in dtiit' Btroet nwtr Rroearrnr, whale, or In t arte; alio, uiorv (111 \ 4t>) in h^iihe corner ur Broadway nod Liapenard nrert pplj to P. JrlCRIB, 127 (rrewae (tret's before 9 A. If., hint ulier 6 P. M. r> ijtt?those hkvkn new aND brick ntoreB ou franklin f'ltiare nod tbe dowry ftle-sUin. Appi/ to C. C. A K. J. OK?kT, eoni.Beilore U law, 7#Broad way. rpo urr-THK following jh?irab:j5 houses. 1 nil iirxt rln*r hnvini; nil the modern Imprroomeat*:?No Ashland plnoe, $1 tut), No. 14 Hammond street. $.1wr No. (17 (old No) Greenwich nvenue, BMW. ap/.ly to BL18H a ai.OOMEK, air Broadway. rlkt?one of the best ritl'\tsd pritatk residences lurnlolird, on the noun mde ot Stolen Inland, within n bione'b throw of the ocean, nod two nillee from Von derbilt'B landing. There in exe>)i?nt shnble n -wmmodniion, green house, ttower and regftafo e gnrdera, toe bonne wen tilled, Ac. ln.jnlre ?i 61 rsnlh street, New I"ft To li:r- on a rm years' LE?s*s-?torie :\r Broadway, eorni r of i eonnrd nutlet. erfanea on tto.h alreets; dlineDuroca 26rl66 fuel, conn' wi * :s > lorn Jti'.ia level wiJi Leonard street. Apply to aU'X. LA WKKNGA, on the prendre.i TO LKT.-THK HOI HK NO 110 BL**CK*R STREET built rn nil iht I at. and the tear of So ill eon'ahunr ..tiout liiij reorua. calculated fi r a bo; ir 1 irge bovdinu houte. A Duly between lO and lllo'eloub, to ft. H. HOTUtV INQS, 36 John atie'L TC I.IT-TWO CNTTAOK HOrSPH. 817V ATRT) IN TUB village ol Newtown, L. 1., within I* ? la.'nutea' walk of railroad and stage depot; rburchan aehoola ai.d.aUir-'e ta ihe village, lniulre oiMrs. BiMOMNON, Newtown, h> 1. r LET-IN WILMAEftBl'RO, NO. IhtiMOVrH BIOHTH street. a re* tluoe atorj and haaemeat brown atonn houac. Ken: Sfrm Apply to L. C RlstluP, en the premiaes. r LIT?AT FCRniTAM A NEW TWO BYORY DWEL ting, a tew minute*' walk from the depot, with fruit gar den, Ac.. location eunatiii and pleasant. A. p'jUiK L. All BURTON,!!! Ornad atreet, ftom 12 to t o' loek. or to A. B Tappan, 61 C'h unborn * treat or to J oh a tiaoin well, Fordham' r LET?FRONT AND BACK PARLOR. ON FIRST itoor, and Interment, In Rodln-d ?ire?, near Baniton, at a reaaonable rent I or further Nliiatrr '.mi Tire of T. MlLDK.RliKKOKR. 76 Carmine etreew r> LKT-BY C C. P1NCKNKY, 16 XA94kV STREET.Htori 91t Broadway. n<-ar Twentieth air- i. foo dwelling on FlAy -third a'reet between Beoond and Toud a 'enure Kent low to n good teranL TO LKT-AN ELEGANTLY Fl'BN'SUETf HOUSE TO A wealthy private family, for ore or two veure; plonaantty ettuated below Fif'ect Lit street a few duoni ? eat of Fifth eve noe; rent $210 per mouth. Poaiwwe.ou in Anr.h Add ret- B. P. S , llerald off oe. r LET?TBI HT ORE 8ECONI1 FLOOR, BAB EWE NT and oellarof house It.; Naaaan t i-< 100 bv 26 feet, framing on Naiwau street and Theatre alley Alne, rooms auitable for at tWr, Ac , on the third and tV.-ll: (toon M J. vFILBOOLY. TO LET?AT NO ? SECOND AVBWDB. TBR LOWER pv' of ahooee, ocnelettng of Ore or an rooms, with the haaement, with gas and bath, pleasantly lor ate d. rLKT-A FIRST CLANS 11 ROWS' STONE FRONT bouae, lumtahed In a very eligible part of the city, an reaeonable terme For fnrther rarUe Inquire at 34 West Forty-Ural atreet, or of R. H. SHANNON. Oh Reaver atreet. r LET?THE FIRST AND BEOOND FLOOR OF A genteel bouse and .neighborhood, ?Jh range, gae and bath, to a email, respectable fatul'r: rent $160: reiereo* e re quired and given: house no 71 Thly j ftrnt atieet, betweenFourth and Letriigioa avenuee. rlJCT?FA.BT Of A HOC*R. WITH Auf. TUB modern improvements in a desirable (oration, bo a email family, Impure at 1*6 Kaat Nineteenth er^e TO LJtT-TO A FMAI.L FAMILY, T11IRT? Ft,OOR.OON. sistlna ol two rooma, with tropl*.**. g*a and two bolmoine and large wardrobe, in a private i ooee; rrot fU par monih; leas room f t lew rernt Apply at 1*4 Find areono, a lew door* above Tenth etrtet Ti lbt-a larck nousK situ tr*n about nv* hour end a ha'fe ride lroa the cite, urllli or waU-nit the a.rden, whi< h eoiratna ahoni fonracree. r>i? rent wtil b? taken In board b* 'he ownp-'a faan'ly. adore--* C? bat l.Obt New York Fostoilice. r> I.IT-IN GRAND K1RFBT. WIIXIAM'HI'HO, AN rlegem ttoie comfortable Owe.: eg a ac'ted; super d "how raaee, counter*. ebandeHera. aaa. Ar ; moaM do well tut a dry goods. nr* retail's tailor, or Urge grwenr. Rent ftr pernnnum iD'tnire at No 4?J Grand rlrcet wdliaaaabarg r> LRT-A VERT DERIRABLE RKAtPRNCTB, Wtfl! coach bouse and torn acrea ot la-id. rrrj hap.i*?m> ly m proved, a: lligblu idgi viUo.Wea*e),.al?r eo r>.po"i'.e?Mr<>nnii a dam, fronting on the Harlem river; h? -lng a very eeteniu*w new ol the Mirrmradllig eoantry. Bi.Miiig* rw?rty new and In good order : w ill be let low to a r.i'-d ten-ta*. Apply t) 1>. A A. KIN<HSLaN1> a bfTTOB, .V. Broad etr .ot. ri.kt-tuf ri.tioant rt.1v hhown stobe mr dlom hooker, with all he itvoern nntimii uis, Baa. If ? ard 109\ ran be hnd 'mmerlO'ely; alan. h- i*e aj.d aiore Bo. 230 Oanal aUtet: rert aTC'i; alw. bo'tae, atr*e and bakary Bo. M" Rower*. Inquire ol A. n. I.KVY, am.-n*. a'law, bo. I* Wall street r I FT- TO A t-MWX, ORJfTEFX rakfXY, TlfK lower pan of liooew No ll'? '-e-wi .tawr I'lra . venue. Ir <|Uiraor the premlv!*, or at .' IK .v. t'.", .No i.oton ppio.', t igbth a'.rtai. To mt-st-vkr i i cmrwra. v r*<:? !?* rir* vi eti.lty o( the Wl Jl irbolaa H'.uei with oa VbouanI lo? ran'a A 1?? * aptap-Jit oif? i ?? Yinkan A.xu on?e? Id BiockWii. Apply to ?'. < . ThOVI'fVN.tL Vu?t i ItHl TO I.FT ON I K \ ! N'iTO V AVO ift, BKTWK f* Tot .) t all li an J Forty ninth *lr ? %, a nnjorublo bin atonr brfak bm?r rer.taln* ;waO ? m?ua anrl bact kitchen, will be rrnia-1 tu a rood tenant at JJ?t para, .1 tin Apply I* Or JOBRHON, loiiuaa< atraat fl>OLRT-III\ HOr -OB" I* KAfiT BROOKLYN, Bl'll.T X 'n 'ha Ocllj c ai\ a with (M, mar We man la w, dotal' wni I ?r?, rani lrr-i., $ _'.> in ?_>?. Myrvla areo .e ear* paaa within 100 fra: .irv lira m umen. Apply to l>. r. O'BRIKN, PkiU n an air* aU n*nr Myrtle amiin rpo utt-tiib crrn r\ bt or a hoimk inn* X ooud a\ n,ia be ween Fifth en I M.?th >>?aA, wtth ;*?, ballia *od a'J tha mninrn lawi^aui Ran MOO. FNr farther parttruleri *i i ly at III Met ?r?'?n. fro LJtT-IB how BTRKBT. BROOK I TX. NBA* KRJCT I arnue, eparunrnie la a ffest"?! i?o .w, e-vaunna* of (ynoi and bark parkirt. <<a the 'rat ' tor. with ' doe doora ant marble marram. with Vrdmonaa aan immkh , all ha. parf -a order. In.|?:r* on thaprentaaa ri.KT ri'VAF-ron $im i rr anno*. a labor room no the Ihlra doer of K? 111 IVarran atraat (),?<d light, and would aiawar well lor any tU'h- manufaotnrtnf hualneaa. Ittaal' Riled up for a taller, W"h row lag maehiiM*. Fotaeaelno lb la week. rpO LKT CHKAF-TH1 JT ILOIXO m R'RT TWBWTT X Rllh afreet, wt'.h r Ma intra ci'tab/e for any mttt lar iirtnf pirpuaa Irq'J'O at the ran lab factory, earner ar Klrnt arrane and TV-rtydrw ilrtat TO LKT OR LRAMK-THK WVOLK OR FART OF TUB nouan US -rraod r'-roeC for one or bit* year*. IN lea met ol Bruadwwj . a taatraOle lecA?oa ror I i>to aa App v an the premiere rLKT OR LKARK-A ITNRIR ABI.K ? OOWrRT RRNI denao, aultahla fHr a auiaawr aoard a? be iee >o a plea ait and healthy loratm, with atabloo Ac For parttr i are, apply at J)> Markn ouea?. New Tnrk. rpq_LBT-A HtNOfOMKIT FVHNTRHr.P floral IB A wim r'"iMrrnin <m l to ft ftrvw pr?*i? :aftilv. v n* wBJ hoar.1 two la-tt-a tot I'ftrl pur mm- f rout No othrr v*rd*r? In br lAi. u Ad l'Wi tm l,M PwtftSf*. R?W mow nrkanirwl rLKT. AT I-O* RJtNTR. IN 'ROOK LTN. Niorra Mid nr.trlmntW, Apply at ?'-t A.Uo:>, rrwrft'.lnrlM Mr<w From 7 a. * ?o 9 P. V . ?f?t,; tor jft? bona**; ttrof.l HRI i'K. J* . low ftUwot, Now Took. To I.KAAN-TWTCNTT Amin n? n ? xr-M \?r. Bpn.n tnf lot? p?utn ? rv Rot*<tr. Lmi( laiaart, o . rlo I ratnt ?ito?. h?n? ? riftW of lit# b?v. k- A 4, o oaa, Ac.. i?rt ' hour* rtdrtrrm' >.-w Fork. Apply " MVL R. B l<OR ; TON, on ll>? prom torn, or of lfi B? *?rj. rl.KtSF, HROAllfAY W ARr'RO NKAR Whltorrrrt, w* wd' Ibrrr ,-riaarknbir Baa mnfM mm I l.rat bonr; o??y ?a, aid* aiVr*. aa'a>)r tor faa'T bnd . area. Ar A|oly to T. M. ;.tanof?-l?a. ? Nr.w tw o y. rrewintv ro tar. a twit mbob bam mnt npp-ft tr M 'aba part A'on. no ala*aar ftir ?i?hr<1 rx*1. for ft Uni^ :?-n*n ?orvr iron 2Mb Aprt. Addrraa M. John'a Port, boa lit; flrrald nflxr, for two daya rl.KT IN BROOKf.TV-THONF. Tr W WBW TRRRE atory brt . htri?ro. wltR ?-ia er! *.:-* ?n l tr->mwU mar blr n-ontrla vh! ?;* on Rrrrw atraat, Rrnt MAO aor >n not. App'r an thr pr?iIam nr to R ? ACoNRRR. No. Rr-'idwat. mmr of Pknr utrrrv b Me hi? bunt r? LIT OB I.KARB FOB PTM TKAJM-THB fOVRTR eery of No. ?t <v?koM wrr?. vol) Ht bind. ud naiaa latod for Mvr taimt ?rinrtnf p-tlf*w* Ik-iOlr* at JARRi tc-vxpR A RON* V BMAMMR rlJCT OR rt?R RAUS-TR BROOKI.Y T, A COTTAOBrontaJtlnp r-tjht roorr>? Toytrt- a ~t ?atrm. brtworti Cultim art AUO?itW> arr-inr? K-n R/%1 Prv ? II W Alan Ifco bwu?* ST. ocmtdal og of rirrra rwiw .Root ?f TO HINT OK IJCAKK TO A < OOP TKNAjrT-A. Ihroo aim i br(?A hnuftf on Klfh'h ftfftft o M?nn ftrtr a Biilh And Kort> MIM, utlftbi' bft'ioft. if rouia b?- aBftfM Into otnrft. A tat a ?t '.Wo to ihftroftr. Oft irrod m Fori olfVli otrftftL *r?''T V? I?. PHIUI.l rft .1 OO.. 17< Wfttrf -. oftt mo BINT?AT UNO MSfl, 6* r-ATB*0*T' TW?\ I ftftw *1.4 i>l' f hoi brl t niftttom i w* ?ltt ntfto y*-w ?# IfttA. lftlo'j tho fo?|i wroo M RnfMl, t?M. <Ota?l Tbft bi'itfto U bull' la V mod mm If *yto t? ?r?o *" ftiAmn ft loft 1^ ftn4 oiroyu ffto hftftwriry modoru lmr ""Offtoar irrorlonta the H tita n n <r fnr mftnr rriJoft b?o o lftffft imtIom htiuoo And fttft'-loo. I I.YIUM arwotahWif tafti hj Tko imnilt irr ftdnmo 1 irltt ? a?io??'il ftoi lf>iK "oo? ftod ikrubborr. Tblo I- ISo <M?Br?bW ? iW I* cf<\"od torotit Arplf t? BtTT* 1?. 1.1 BroftdWftf TO BCTCHBIK ANP POK* rAOK'Bo.-A TTVK TK tout l-ybot'iio to Id, l> r".i4 oonof, fT '"Hp. ?orv mg. 'Ofloftt. wnhpn,0l bnta, Ac. Applo "ft ??? iWftftft, Nft IAI Wed Twomy ?ntb -trow, ooftr ft'gMh ftionuo. TA' ORKBHOI's TO " B^K^v.K KT1IBBT. Vt fftOCj Irtort". w4Wt WAb oolite*. 4M -ros I o?y 4wn|)in? rr mAKCIAU "" 1BTINO K.vTTNOB TBRTTfl.* I'TO'I- BO. * WAR BIB. I aftftf '*'*? ''r?? *?"r io a M . w f r *. Iidivrr * M<llte?ftrift??. In oroot !?<> pof f-ry oft >nin? frnn $' In BSOO. WUftRT. rONCK MN, froftMoftl. ilfi?vn V L. Ih * -OF. P+T+**rf