Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 24, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 24, 1857 Page 1
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TH WHOLE NO. T510 ADIERT1SEMEHTS RENEWED EYERY DRY. Tliii" FlHEMKir. Vj i 11 or uuwiitii souirsK uvaru i iu warning ton. A CiHD. At a m.-eUrg of the mcnikri of Howard Kngtue Company, So M, held on Wednesday e.eoing JMh inat on motion, It waa unanimously resolved that a committee "of six be appointed to draft reaoluUot>a expreaalve of the feelings of the eon.pauy relative to their late excursion to the cities of Phlia deipbta. Baltimore and Washington, whereupon, the follow Inn gentlemen were appoln'ed such committee ? .harle' Mil ler, dahu Mack. Louis J. Barker. Samuel A. rtuydsm, Ohsres Alnertaoo. and Jonaa L t oe. who subsequently reported the following reanlNtlons, which were unanimously adopted ? Keaoivi'd. That conspicuous among the many ecollection that crowd upon us, calming our reapect and gratitude, is our reception by Per. everaDce Hose Co. lo. S. and Hook at d ladder Co. No. 1, ol Philadelphia and their geuerous a id never failing hospitality during our stay with them will ueve be torgoueu by the members of our company. Besoived. That to Major Peter Fritz, the President of Per everaure Hose Company our - armest thanks are due for the courtesy ext?Ldea to us by btm during our star In Phils delphia. and bis untiring anri successful etlorts 'o render tn ?omfonat le while In that city, will never be eU'aced from our leu-ory Ketclvrd, That the substantial dinner given us by Mr Joseph NelU, of the city of Philadelphia, on our wav home, merits our slocere thanks, and his unremitting exertions u> male our visit to that city one of real pleasure, will ever be bed bv us in grateful r?memnrance Reeolv d. That our grate:in acknowledgments are hereby tendered o his Honor the Mayor of Philadelphia, for the boa pliable we.come extends to us while In that ott<. Bmolvrd, That William D Thorp, Esu , of Perseverance Brse CVmnany, No. 5 Is especially entitled to our kln.1 regards ler bU attention to us. bo'h on our trip to Wxsbiagtin ud return therefrom; that we admire him as a lireman no less thaii we esteem him ss a eenn-man. and should he make ltccnvenieLtto visit our eltt. w will endeavor to reetprdcaUt the man; c.' so bum t'fully extended towards us by him. . Beao'ved That our espec'a msoks are due to the delegation freer, tr.e various comp t i-s n'the city of Halt more, who tnei mid gave out oorni any so n?wl) a welcome at llavra de Once. Reedvtd, That the New M?ikei Itr(fine 'ompany, of Haiti mors, are juatl.v entitled to jt.r oostderaiiou at this time, for the be?uttlul reception given . h nj ihem aud the Fire Depart tnent of the Monumental ' i y m. our arrival there and alao for the u any acta of klndrt*> H?d regard bestowed upon u* during our atav In their c t> Resolved, Inat Peter alley Keg . of Die Friendship Knclue Company and Messrs Vogt rvvlics and ' "rawford or the tint Baltinn re Boae Company, a so the Preen!eat of the Newmtr ket Brg'ne Company and Hoos and Ladder Company No 1, areentnled to grateful mention for tbrlr kind attention to ne while in Ualtimore, and we gladly seize this occasion to return oar hrar'fe t acknowledgments to the above named gentlemen for the name trusting at some f uture time to hare au opportunity ct reciprocating their mauv kind attentions. ReiolytC that the thanks of this comoanv be tendered to John ft Cental Rai. of New fork for the splendid entertain ment g-veu to By him at 'he ullmore Huuee in the clt? of Baltimore. and for the nutn-roui conrteslee extended to us while on our way to Weshlnuton city. Reaolved. That Mr, J Hrown, the gentlemanly proprietor Of the arcade Bouse, Phllade'phla, deserves grate'ul mention for his unwearied and suecessfel etforts to mate us comfortable while tojouming at his house Rero'ved That our wermeet thanks are hereby tendered to John T. K allock, Bag , Piesident of Northern Liberties smRlne Company Bo. 6, tor the n-tmerons acta of kindness and atenuon paid ua while In Washington city and alro to his oumosnr our heartfelt acknowl'dgine'ts are also justly due for their rumeroua hesDlta 1'ies while sojourn In e am ng them. Revo-red 1 hat to tar members of western Hose Company Of Waasirgton City, we hereby tender our compliments for the stttaotu ' paid tie while It melr beautiful city, an* for the plea anre we eojoyed at their bell they will please ac:ept our ktxd regards Re?o'ved The! Mr Thomas Tibbale rf the city of Kvltlmore, Baa WO" tor nimaeu our whki iod ma ro*?ra, lui uin uu (nert'ua compliment* extended u>ui by hlui, whila on a rlait to that beautiful oily. Steered That Mr O. W. t of the United Stale* Mint, U eapet ielli entitled to our wannest thank* for hi* polite loritahon to vlmt that establish nt and tor the pie a* are alldrdod tie while there. Beanfced. That Shelton'* band of this cl??. who aneow panlrd n* on our excursion. by :h- gentlemanly deoortmeot nnujifert-d b? them on all rooaalons, as well a* by their pruDip'ne** and untlr!uy effbr'* to pleaae, did much >0 reader our <np rioe of unalloyed pleasure?they will piea*e aooepf Our be^r' rlt thaoka Brao'vd tbat our acknowledgment* are Jnatly due aad are herebv terdrred to the following c .mpanlet of thla city, fortbe splendid reception pm,a n* on our rHarn home on the ere Tp of the nr..;- Rng'ue Homoa-ilee No* 44. 3d 31! 8 11 acd 48. Una* empaiile* Hot id. 17. 8 U. and Hr.o* ai,d Ladder Compan No. 12 Be?:d?d. That Inasmor a* It la Impossible to raautlon Mogly ah our kind fr>ead<. or eve* to recall the name* of man whoae ktndceas wli' pr vn he effaced from our memory, th?relj?e we will conclude by ad ting that we take l'ois tr >* ral way i f returning our -.lrc < aooheartfelt th ink* to every perao" who contributed In th < degree toward* rendering our rirurilou one ol e m-ee pleasure to all Re - '?ed Thai theae prone-ilnca be published In the Nsw Turk IIxiaui and Saturday T.i.adbk OTIaKol. 1 ilbkhB. Fr-renan, JOHN Mailt, aralatant go-em an, LO0I-< 1. MHKtK. secretary. eAMCfl- A aUVIiatf. Treaaurer, I'H ti'i IC.*> ALBBKTSON. .losrr i i? OuK, Ki?7oii March 30. Id57. Committee. ~~ CTUC L.KCXI1KJK IKASOK. BABM or WaLBR.-A kb?k uictubi will B d*ti*rred before the St. LavI4'i Be icrolent Boriety, kl the W?-I.h Church lo Kle rnih atreet A few door* mat of Third a-enur thi* Tuesday, <hc 24th In*1 . kl TJt F. M.. b* WlllIaM W roSDICK r.?t| Hubjeet. The Barde eWalea '' TV* public ore ie*p*clful]y I or! led to attend At tbk c rm- eollention will he taken np an aeroont of U?w>rn Monument fnnd. Mr tplhmit* ha? kind > rolun teerrd h eervice* lor the occraion, and will perform aeceral fkTi'rllc piecrof mokle 011 ibe harp, with rockl acompan m< nik tp42i Will?mit*!* h or bivikkk hwlahtof the LecVwi of Honor, and otllcnr la th? Impe rlk) arm of I'ranna?a principal participant la the aauful nary e' mrn.nU of the Alma, Inkermaaa. Halaklart TcHeroayA and the atorrnm* of hehaatk|?ol?by tarnation of promlnet < rllixeaa will dellfor one lecture on Ihoae terrible CO' !llct? to hia war uniform Uluatrated by rrand an 1 erpen aire pain nn? at Hoee Tiaocl. la Broadway, an Taeeday Wremin* March 24, at '1% o'o'cok. Card* of adanMloo to rr?? To t>? had at the principal bookaWrea and hotel* In Rmad Wat N?w toea March U, ltW7 We hear H? iota In the tarUatlon rtrea by pr enlneet ettirent to t av aln l>e Rlrter*. aud tarlie ov military frl-nd* to Tall th< ni.mlrra of the opportmulty to bear him Wiu.ia? H ?ix tt-lfadler i J metal Third Brigade TVS Muiita. era**. W Ktrninwn MT'MCAL IS DATUIKU. A hPI.KMDIO A4HORTMKNT OF FlAMOfl -JtJDHOM A J\. M. hoe K ha?* remnred to723 Broadway, oppoaitethe Maw Irrt Hotel, whare can be found the aaat aaaortment of bUdo* *od melodeon* In the city, for aale or lo let. N. B.? woia?e for plaooa and furniture AOCjRDBOKB -THK KOLIAW TBIMOU)* acnordeoD, with Jacob a newly In rented mMallle r**d?, ?r* *i'the race Film A3 SO to %M Banjo* that can't be Beat and drum* thai can. Aoeordaooa tnned and repaired. A lOIRO LADY FXPEnlEROED T* TRi^HIHO. J\ e'.na t>g ?rj the ptaoofnrle would be wllll?g to at^rd it* pupils privately si uh.Ir wddmcr* ad,treat Tonus Lad). Ileie'd tEiaa. A EASE BARUAIN A VKRT Kl.FI t NT StTI'itRIOE toned ?. ??b octave plane made by one of the ben mi ke aln Bee York, will be told tor oae half I'* ??lue or w 1 beieai'-d ?* to a ??rj ctreTuI fkinllf. Appiv Id UAO L. Cikhon. ?< <i Broadway. CHPRt H OROA* FOR ALE-*ARUF ATI/RAD BT Jar,; oa a very aupertor inalrument fw a hurcb of mo derate nlr For paniculate addrras W. A B , boi 2k) Poa! cdloe, bew Tort EXTRAORDTH ART BAEOATW?A BRAITTIFITI toved * met new, n> ewcmd ptaonto-te warrunved ta every rej ect elil he diapered of at a great earrtftre an old piano tatm 'a eiclange For particulate rail on a, Weber U6 We?t ttioadway. Fie k*M cheap.-* fi a rofortk of *v or U'?a rr< eutlv received trom one of the heat tnaaitaotur era of btirnpe Janet be eold for want or room, apply ai f Toiler a. II DeUaoer wteec GriT'R KTROIEO ART) PleEO-MWK HOlXTEl not Unura to aire leewna. letter* ant inonlriaa answered by Eire V every Wednesday and Katurdav after It r'r'XKk ml her it" r rweata 121 Pnlltcao street Omtar ta bM n an leaantia tor accimpnay tng ike voice w.miiiw ruiw ptawna n? tnpra'nl tovi iwv; H"l?h at a btrrtin fnrcaa'h. warranted In erarj rrwpect al> ' a food tecoad rlat?o cheap. at No 17* *00*01 trewt. aeoiwd floor, batwaaa 11 oh*too and Bleaclar alrwala iar<* and ncLonaomi -tor horacr itatrba ainilarn Improrad ptano* And malodwona are to be fooad Mlj at W. itmadway. Flaww. and mnlodaona to raid an<l St allowed on purobaaa for aaJa on month It pay m ante on J hand pi anna fmm $N In SUO mMndanoa MO to SIM ana <aaad and repaired Itae flnraoa W autre plan.a ara known aa amnaj the ran baat ?r ara onebled IO apaak of lhaaa liwtmmenta with rood denre f,.,m werannal know lad** of their eioolant toaa and RtT-*hla .piaihf. Raw York Rraoflallat Wt rar. apaak of their marl la from paraonal tonw ed?w aa Belof .4 'ha -ray bawl qnalltr Ohrurttaii I atollUtaaoar PIANOS WaRTRD-TWO NRW OR UOOO RRCORT hand Ur?t rlaaa raaawaod aavan oata?ee for which a flra City m.i''ra?a and mm. ay ml' ha pal 1 at a fair or lea RIGOR A MwCTHWirK, |M Neaaeu at rant Pianos for alu-tor fh. raviro ar~ |.<w?i Society. char tor ad I AM. ta now In anamaafnl !f"? tton an* ha? for Ita object Iha promotion of mnatr thrnnih 'hi moa'bly diatrlhntion of 7 ortare roaawmvl riaona *?mb?r Alp m thla rnetrlf may ba obtained by an beer I bin* for ona m anaira of aiock. par raina of aha ma *tii parabia i. nth i li.e'tlaianta of Si Nl. To tnanra iho mamh-raa flra tae> pit-n a con tract haa baea entered Into with M -aara 1-rtL. Mawir k Mra.1h.irr. alv will fnmlaB plaroa rallied a JE?i F >r furhor Inf.irmaij.m plnano nail at tho nfllao, whan am aUlo'loo and by 'own obtalno*! and a mo-tnl plan, may bo *"n II OOLlMlirTR, ooorolary and (>on?ra Atont for tho Hwilaty, nfllna ?t H H. Rodwortha ri.mto ?tnr? M Broadway. PIANOFORTE fit* FALR-REAH.Y NEW RON* wool caao l>\ no.aro, and a porfoet, jhaantl'iil Inatrn Mil; o.ot fffi, Will br anld for a* <ltr owner la ah >u't loaya town A aowfnd marhtno amtild ba takon aa part pay Artdryo f-tanoforta, boi 119 Hprald otllcd. PlANt FOR HAIR 97(1 I,WW TIMR ?OHT HV OH dor of tba aaatfroo. 6H nr'arn, rnorw.wd oaao amnnnt ?ad b? nmr?M->raa antMrljr inatrnwont bill a <hm ?? I ?*a. t rlroH7S ran bo aooti from I tn 5 p II , at JH9 Hrnad way, rorm 19 M WRAY, Anrtlonaor Two b?,w th ootatr, ?oni?n corner, bhti 1I?M Ur.o planoa, mado by a flrat naaa oity makf will i) old at a motIPoo to o'nao a oo?o?ra, tho o?nio? a* i'ho ea?l Thny ato In porfan prdor and llrarl from tho fa. ..ry Arc' Imaiodlatol) atlMTwolflb atrwot. hot worn Flfh and Mil MM important roR groan nni.nRRs an Bumtilaetnrara of hananntflnUia. and nlhnr ti Mf'imrnui a? tavralton amvirtaa a gr*ai ?at ,aj| <if l*t>n ard ?par?> lo til# trumifaHnr* of Lh- ihnr* tnn'ri " nt* t? cflrrfd ftwaai* a? ? rraannafcl* prW Tr* parti"<i1ai Jjjljr m i.a Rt. t. OVNltlKR. 14 Rnrth MIlUaNi *MWt, h, E NE TUB tLANDBSTlNH manKlAUK IASB. Or??t Kxcltcment In Court?The Holla Crowded with the Friends or John Dean, the KxpwtUil Bitdegroom ot MLr. Boker'e Daughter?Her luilty Veil fled and Her Restraint Removed?She may Live with Her Father or Fly to the Arau of Her Husband, BUPREMK COURT?SPECIAL TERMBefore Hoa Judge Da Ties. March 38.?in the Matter of the Application of John Deem Jrr the Melioration of Hit W\ft ?the Court was d< ?tly orowdcd yesterday afternoon, as It was expected bat hiss Boker, er Mrs. Dean, as she is o aimed to bs, would be piesent to abide the decision ot the Judge on the qnritlon pending between that young lady's father ana her alleged husband. Tht audience was composed of that olass to whloh the Lothario belongs, and at certain pasiages of the prooeelings which were farorable to him and bis eialms on the fair heiress, applause was attempted, but Immediately suppressed by the offloers of ite Court. Judge Dailes said ?9inoe the application was made to mi on the 19th ol Marco instant, lor the writ of naoeaa t.o'pts for the dellrery ot this lady to the gentiemui claiming her as her busbaad, In | nrsuance of powers ... r. I. .rud ntwtta ma nv (ha alatviiA I ItsnnH an ArriftP ft three physicians ot this city, "ho are deomea of oompe teat eminence, capacity and flineaa, for (be pnrpoae of determining the sonncnoaa or unsoundness of mind of the reraon who Is aald to be Illegally detained. Tbeae gentle i?< n have discharged ibeir uuaes In a mam er whtob eu ti'lea tbem to my thenks for tbe care, IMollty an 1 attan ti"D which tbey bare given to tbe Investigation of tbe uejcot- Tbey have communicated ? me tbe reankt ot tueir examtnaiton and deliberations It la In tbeae WO.-de;? physician's kkpokt. To Hoi*. Henry It. Daviea, JusTicr or ma Supreme Court? In pursuance of an order from your HouO' dated Near Turk. March 19 1857, the undersigned practicing phyaC-ians in the city and ceuniy of New York, hare viatted Mary Anne boker. otherwise called Mary Anne !>een at the house ISO Wilt Teen ) -second street with tbe view of ascertaining whether tlie sail Alary Anne boker, otherwise called Mary audi' Iiean. Is of unsotud mind Alter caret ul and iou tbepartof one of the commission) repeate<l cnukioaitoua. we are ot the unanimous opinion thai no ert deuce has been furnished to show thai any intellectual faculty Is impaired, or that any menial unaounesew exists in the case of'he said Mary Acne boker otherwise called Mary Anne l ean JOHN T. AlbTOALPK. M D. BKNJ*. O ?1>KN. M. D. M. U. ft AS NICY M. D. New York. March 23 1807. judge Da vies?I aelecied gentlemen without any mo noif of either of tbe parties In tbe oeae?those thai I ti ought were the most comn stent to directly Inform tbe conscience and jndgment of this Court as to the proper < ii*M\mt?iA?t In ha? mirfA Af th'i mitUii nnnn thn ftn.a u tftey boold 11 nd Mem. I em now prepared to hear up Ugftltll Dl OfOOaDHel * . Spencer rote end laid?May U pleaae yon r Honor, et tbe time tbla matter ni adjourn el tor the parpoee of thet examination made, tt wee done irttfe tbe undemanding and agreement tbet Met report, en ttorer It might be, abonid form e portion of tbe paper* up?n wbio? any proceeding whtcn abonid b?-eattar be taken, ebon id be baud, I obtained, ea poor Honor ta ewarj, ibet tbie d? 'enuanl ebould an oar ueuee troy tb? lnjuao t oc granted by poor Honor la an action bp foba G B eer, ae g cardial of tble young lady, ta blob he c'atmed to appear and ane (Or a olroroe upon toe groaad of ber meanliy and obtain an lojnnctlon reatralnlag m from ta erfe*lag with ber, I obtained u order from poor Honor ibet the other aide abow oecie wny that lajuaatlsn enoold be act aal'e; I aet fottn aa allegation that th ? 11 utg lady waa perfaotiy tan- , aa well aa other feota: I now move upon tee afbiarli wntob I originally plao"d br' rr yonr Honor, ana noon the report of tne pfa ale aia which ponr Honor baa jaat real, tn.i tbe Icjnroilon n.ado bp yonr Honor In tbta caae nt the time, and that the afli evu made and planed before yonr Honor bp tbe ocmp.auaut be aet aildo, so it, at tsla Oat } m?y t o longer bt reetralned from interfering wnn bta wife That U the drat motion that I make 4od then maamuob a> u.-ae intog? term to mU-gls witn oath be. I eo'ild eak it at tbe gv-u.lemen make a tetana to he writ of baheaa cor put la toll cu>?, ?a to the fail Letter ibia yourj ady la retrained of tier pareoaai ' ro that it t > Brat a,.it .i. Rujcoedt the me; he ?l lib.rty to (o ?b< revar .be pieaaea. Jufye Panee? < be tnoet proper way it to make a re turn or the er.-tt pi babeat cor put Orat Mr Edvardt?I ant preoarei. ti , in.- Uoaor pleaee, to 0 ek* that retcrr and a'ao to ma.t ail ttte matter* wa:ob ui ?ert emati la aax 001 to piaoe oeture ina coort Mr Edwerde thee ri?i MR. BuKFB'B Rf TURN TO THX R BIT. I I be nu.1 John U Roger h< re<>; appearing o the ea <1 ?tv. d.niea that the party (tef -rrea to in auch writ and la tae vntiuee wbrrrcn It ta f..nnde-i ta or hae l.eee lmprmoned hy tutu at Be lSi Wea: Twenty eecood atreet Raw tor* or eleewh>re a He denlee front ali he kaoara. baa bwu informed and be 1 erea taat ibe prraon .-aline b.maeli John Deaa the peU Motor herelt I waa dale married by the Her. Dr lla.'.e'd a mix lot. of the ' ri at tertao church. to tarn <lepoD*at'a dau*b ler ca .ed a aticb ta itlotiMary aoa doker. but ihiaeppra-rr arera (rent alt be k a- ?a baa been infortned and peberea and a* be etrec'a (ally to be atla to pr^re that or ret y and by fraud ootne 'orm ot mar? Jtfo ceremooy ?ai had la the prerewre of the aald Ret Dr. Hatha J bnareen the party ao railed aary ana Roker aad a prraoti of he name of John I ehern that a fraud waa precVeer on tbe aalit Rer. Dr Hat d> Id and he waa derr'red by or thr.>u|(b the laatrumefi ta'lt; of Ue aald petitioner '.be V.lef that tbla ep prefer ? aald dangver waa a aerran' rlrl tbeo at asrTt?e. wbr-eaa abo baa a'w* a reatled with her fa liier tb'-s ?ppw?rer, aad who a a reaidettl rltlr-n and raoirliat,t of thiarttr. and ha* ale aye bail aiffioleit meana ta kr? p bee ftotn the nreeaatty of ancb that ahe haa ne rer performed atteh wrtire but hae had tfce beat claim o' elu cation wttb all pmper areaimoliahmeata fur a gentle wt man, and tbe aoraatare of aawoiatlT with the moat reapeetahle n tirette aad no ore knew bcUor an: ahe waa not it aerrav ftrl than tba aald neliUoner. fr?m the fart that be btmawlf bat been a terraa'ta lata appearer a family betar di?;har?cl 'bee (k.ur on tbe nineteenth day of February ia?t. oo acoouul of pa he? In* been dla. nrered the he had aerrati}, and be'O'e Ihc tent ot atuth alleged marriage ceremony. gained ao i npenper 11.11 net re oyer the mind of the aald da-chirr that whal<-?cr ma-rtage aeremony did take place was had without the ap prov al or kr.ow.edge ot thi* appearvr or of ant of b'a family, a'ao that I' the any marriage rriemont d'd take place ft wm bad ?hm ibe aald dei ghter wai oof raeti'all/ and bodily a tr. at<*P or rapah'e of trta action. and tka said .foha O Holer farther states tbal from all be k now <. baa bean informed and relieves he droiea tha> hid crnrael requested an interview with the aad petitioner thr that ibe Interview wea had br and throngs the atigyestinn of ibe peUUnner a connrel taking bun to the office ot thu aprearer a advocate Alao, I bat wbaterar le'erviews were if eieartrr bad or a'lowed were bad with a rlew to temporize ? baling reference to he elate ot health 01 mad aad body of the aa>d daughter, and ao'hat no Hidden an oa however ul tto a'elr neeeca'rr ahonld be bad la any manner to < anar a ahoek IO anv n? of h.a family 1 he ?ald app-acer ivmea that be erdr oOered or anthortao>l any one to ofler mo*?ev to the rrtftlnaerfo go awar. nor from ail be kaowa. or baa been informed dnea bo beffere hla ouun 0*1 Id an at ary time That bia MM daughter baa aleaya re ided with btm. and haa never expressed a deaird to go from htm. 1 hat I . retard to the alleged cerem. o , of marriage be f'*?g?fe'red to. Uile appears- bo aaeert?ln-?1 ha' f occurred i> bout a month ago be *eeu I eel re and or a o clock l? the day time, the aa d daughter ben g a?er tly go' ottt of tat while her mnher a attention waa not on bar throngt the machinations of a ear rant girl idnee discharged aide.) by a man. t amed James W l.vnch 'a atraoger to rbla ao i rearer) *rd a woman railing beraelt Mary Beagnev a tar 1 a at/anger o blm i 1h?j hla Said dau?a'cr *a> abeen abO'it an boar, an I If any mar-fagr oe-emon] bar been had betwewo hia aatd da"gtver and anv .nan the pantos I are never lived together, nor ba? an] alleged marriage ever h*en cone- rrmated ahI the sab Johb <? Moker furtier ataiea that be and hla eei i da-igbci l ere of the 1'roteata-t faith, while the petitioner admit 'hat h< la of be Catholic rnJgton. and lhai tine appearer la adv|.e< If at b' tbe < aCotio rcgulatlona. a member of that oh .-rh li , fn-hidden lo ma-ry IB Pen aid tim that where a Catholic li married or rather the marriage "-ere-nopy la performed b] or hetore a I'retratant clergyman aac tn>re haa been no roe ! ai.vmati >n by ivthahilalloD. thai tl la not considered a mar riaae I t the ( a'bollc rhnrob Th? aa' .Irbn tf linker dc-ilei thai on the n:ght of Tuesday 'he lHh natant hia aal 1 laugh ter wa? forcible lr be removed fi -m the >?lal? of New fork I that whatever h<-I*'em.ed to do had rvfe-race mainly to th< health ataie ot rv mil aad welfare of hia said daughter in< r ebe w*? ' ton been accompanied aniely br her ornimttir He dmlM n I ebdnrttnn He ndm ti that < nptain HrlCee of the "-U'eenth ward Pd llee lntrrfbt-rd H l< ID the petition atft-rd Bnd he the flic* 1? pi termer wm without warren- or authority ftni wlo.iy Illegal *i d the ?mf ?m a ar-we outrage r.n the ithtj o> ? rbtrrtt A'ro he dmn? ft* to 'n the MM iwHtW tftt >6 thfti the bontw wherein he to reetdlng wne. dart a) the altlil referred to fti d itlU to guarded br i . |M?ee of po'reniert tod he Mr* thfti too h? been don* through the Inatrupenialltr of the Mid Oeptain i McKee without-he winh o-approra! ef tbia eppoarer e? wel orl iotil any neeeeeltr therefor, and tbe cuni?evi?ni-e of ft) , tbl? h?e been."that every notion ftnd motion of er?ry one hie tftliv ? In gob g to end frnM the honor or of frtendu calling have been ftnd eftII *r? wMrhe.1 laoeaMntlr bt the poltee wed h'e hftft been ftnd to dnwe tttrtrh lit eitrtit to tn tot i > r?reed tbe ho'i?e to bb ?n object poio'ed ftt aod obwervedb; t iinterioc rirrngere while a- owe t me < w?? i*a it weret be l??r<t by rttde men lhat be only mile Inhabitant ttoereli la 'bto eppearer. now upward* of alitr two ream of age. em he Inne that the tint* keeping a poltee abon' and the p?-*lrru l?r watching of the Mid bonne la a.'ao grnae outrage on tb rlghte of oil ?rn , efttl ihut appraree while admitting that In aome revert hie eatd daughter ma? be aaoe atiM he tn*tet? that In reteHni . to the Hmra embrarntg the matier of tbe alleged marriag.t ab . wa? not In her right m nd I Fe drolea fri m all the rlrrucr ataree# aforeealt" and fror ell b' krowa *nd baa been latormed. that bla aatd daughter I . the "awful wile of tbe aald vet"l ner. , Alro Ibla appealer, the raid John <1 Boker ad ntta th? , b|a mid daughter to now with him aud ?i ! with hm a" the time the arneied writ of htbeaa eornne ?t 'eatud hut he aat| thai the not* enatndr be baa ban of het baa been from ber baaing aiwaja Uaetl with and neeo ettj ported and tunterted by blm tut In ordtnara oaaea bet tree parent end child, and all tbe authorltr he *-ea ured baa Itae thai f a father, and that if any ?e" of Ma toward* beroan h ' nrir rtird It-o an m-prtaomrert and hae on! been tbrwngh Ma eifertion and poatttoa of father, and in it Trthff w <? Al?? beto-mUtet the ctn nmetenr* ne to the neme of Ui men wto ton* 4 ' > rneh ?tl *?' m*rrl?|je, M hrl nwrmm I rem* nnty dl-emly nnder hn obwrr?it?n within tbe U?t te I de-e JOHN O ROKKR n Ruhr** bed end (worn W> by lb* raid John (I. Hotter ml it |. rlty of Hew York, lb* twenty third dey of Merrh It*; R fr.rr m? Jon* R. * *.< Com'r of Reed*. Mr ftp* boot mid ihnt tnnnmneb en upon the feoe of It ptperr them *i? oontredwnine en to fnot between h '* leeri*<1 friend end blmneil, end Ineemuob en be nttl ere ' red tbet op to tbe time thet thte writ of hebeoe onrpt J we# ndnwed tbte youti? led* ?u rent mined of her lib* ly, nod ireentncfi m he re pad Med moot 'ally enery pr teooe of fried (tiled in thet retare. he nboeld r*.( I) for tbe pnrpoee of eetehliehlnf bin ell*|eU?M, Oepte n MeKeeoe, who wen ooeflned with rheomettee^I'rov r (let fletd, who** pr?e?Bce con id be obtefeed et et mom cot. Mr* Robe B?d tbe fontl' men himeeir, he* el . ter, Mrt ftpnBky, end eboee ell, le enoh e pteo* e> I Honor might eppMnt, en e mete wiueu, tbe led? here* W YC MORNING EDITION?TU Is order that she might go opon the eUad end mf wW thor ?be wm rwtrelaed el her liberty Judge Dareplied that IT HIM Holier or Mre. uea# h diarhargwd ahe might go whore ahe pleated, Ml the Coon would aoe that the order wm executed Mr Ppencer Intimated that If hla Honor wool! fix any hror ai which the young lady nay be informed by the Court that abe le at dbcrty te go where abr chooiea, he uarurrd hm Hunor that be (Ike apeaker) Bad no donOt aa to w t ire abe would go (iMd applauae 'oHowed tbla obrervatien of oouniel, wbioh waatnatanily aopprtaeed by the cfllot'ia of Ihe court ) Mr. Edwarria aald that the comae! euggeeted that there were other matters in the retira whioh were extra recoa. He anawered every paragraph tn lie regular order. Jurge Device remarked that If the r?ota atated la the reti re were admitted by a demurrer, the Court hel no hirg to do but to hear the euggeeUoaa of oonneot, and paaa upon the writ. If the matter* obtained In the return ray It la nepataary to take proof and examine wit neater. of courre thai formula mu?t be gone through; nut ? be understood the main faot upon whtoh the habeaa coipua waa issued ta dented, aoa all aathortty or oontiol to reetralo tbla lady waa repudiated. It eaemed to him that It only reated with the Court to permit ner to go where abe pie Med. The order of the Court, therefore, win be that tbe writ *f babeaa oorpoa be discharged, and 'hie lady be aet at liberty, with leave to go whore and wtcn ehe pltaaea; and Mr. Mertbof, the offloer of the i onrt will toe mat th a order la exesn'ed H< ra tbe audience attempted to maulfeat their approbailcn at the order cf the Judge, out auoh improper ma Dt'iniailoue of feeling wn-e immediate!- euDpreMed. jncge I'sve 8? ue omy mnirr ui>i II now more wo -anit ii tne dismissal or the Inlutntion. Mr Kdwards Uu n proo? eded 10 read the subjoined affl dsylt ol the Kov Mr. HalSold.? AFFIDAVIT OF KEV. MIC HATFHLD, City and County of N> ir IVrl", ?? : 1, I.dwtn F. hatfi.ld. ot ><1 103 Went Thirty-fourth street. New York, minuter of the gospel, being sworn to moke ' eth ar d say . That on Tuesday fie twenty fourth day of Feb rnary last a mar cilllug lilm?elf John Dean, a stranger to mi, came to my honae and mated he wished to be married on thl Irl'owitg'Haiu-day between ten and twelve o'clock in he forenoon and wanted to b?ow of me whether I would he then at home, to which I replied In the alii rm an re. The aid I>e?n cam * about ten o'clock on Saturday morning and Htated that he wait under the neoeealty ot pi stpnmng 'be mar tiageuatU the fo'.low'ng Tmaday between ten and twelve o'elrck. I'hen made the usual euo utiles of blm an to the taturs, nativity and retidence of the par ie-, all of which he appears to hava given correctly eioept the aye and number or the heuie of the female, which he said he could not re member in did not know. On Tueaday I remained at home 'rem half paat 'en till one o'c ock. but they time not In the afternoon hi I was Informed by one of my family, a man called and Wa'ed that the young woman was living in a geutl' man'aXsiblly and that owing to the nerua on Monday Mbe rou'd not get her work done ol Tueaday in time, and that they would come on Wrdnesday morning My informant saw the same man 'he next day In company with raid person, calling himself Dean the same who stood up with him. Fle gave me bis name as lames W. l.ynch Kioui the representations thus made 1 was led to believe 'hat tbe female was a* service, a German ^servant glri and tsd not the thought of anything else. ?o much so that mv wife said, ?* tbey are only servants and the walking is had. they bad le.t'er be married la the front basement-the dining room 'ihry earn* on Wednesday about half oast twelve o'clock. On go'irg down froti my study le marry them. 1 found the aid penoo calling himrelf Join Dean ana a young woman reprerented to be Miss Boker. sitting on the sot* with iwo oersons who gave me their names as James W Lynch and Mar* beagney. My wife, eldest daughter and lltUe aon were tr the room; I asked Miss Hoker where she ws* horn and wlere she lived The answer was glveu as 1 think through 'he seid Dean Har'ng made all the needful Inuuirtsf, and oehevtrg the case to be piwtc.eUy clear, I was about to per IT?1 IDC CHrriunny. ?uru lor miu itru < Tin? u? uic iuu ?-rv ?d if they cotud be alone a? the young woman w?? rather ahy, or words to that ett"c< My family than, aa a matter of eoune, left the mom. ard h?y were married In the uauM form She we* attired In what teemed to me the ordinary drcwa of aaer vant gUl. and I paid but little attention to her feature* and appearance tare to aee that eh* neemed to he in noor health I ale and apparently agitated. I went np to my at-dr. wrote th-? usual certidcata tod t fought It down When I went into 'he room I observed 'ha' tli? young woman's hand waa held hy l.ean He paid n e a fee ana they left The imprnaeion left on mv mind wai ha: the gii| waa a little deficient?not aa lntelli tent aa the orny man hlmarlf I knew r Mhlny at all of the religion of the partlea, and had o conve-Twi'ou with Dean aNui1 lit* having sought to be mar t ird by a Catholic pritat or declining to go to ore. Rimf* r. HA.TFIIOJ? hvorn at ihe clt; of Hew Vork. thla "Id day ot Marrd *lH57, otforr me. John H aOon?mi?eiooer of Deeds. Mr. Cbarlea Rewards, cot nasi for Mr Boknr, lk>* pre aeded, to licgtby argument, to mainUtn that Mlaa < a. r waa mrra ly Iraaoo at tbe time the marriage waa 'OituKmatrd: that aa Dean wuut ander the atenmrd vane of 'Deaiin" the marriage wai invalid, and toU aa ht re waa so cohabitation tba marriage waa not lapailj denied A grstjeanaa In court said Uettbo I?lab spelling of Ibc word Dean waa Draban, and II tbe clergyman mad* I R't?tab e iha de'ei dant waa aot to be biemou. Mr Hpeaoer ollowrd briefly In btbalf of bin olleat, af Irir'rg tbat tba marriage between Mr Dean aad nlei Hokrr waa per roily legal and tbat tba lucky John coal: tod would aapport ber wltb bta owa right arm. DICIHION OP JUDGE BAVlBf. Judge Da viae reedered tbe fellowtag deoUioa, whlob li a orlwrtet report ? Tbe only gneetloo remalelng te that la refhreaoe le tba dltclctloe or oontlanaace of tbe tajnacUoa, which hat aere fl ed by Mr Baker, te avoid thla marriage ea two ground!First, tbe marriage waa ooatraotad by tbe de fondant with bis child, (be oelag of uneouon mlad at tbt iime tbe marriage waa ooatraotad; aaooadly, upon tba yrorrd uat tba marriage waa oontraotad by (ores seed pen bar. or by fraud practised upon bar, either of whlob grounds, It mads oat and aatabltab*d by tba law of tbia -ea e, would avoid the marriage contract, it aot having !h? n c'l aummated bv cohabitation, and It would have ei s aa though It uad Bet takra pi toe All tbe Oeon feaa to do to to determine whether, frrom tbe feats before tbe 'Njort, cither ot in tec ground*, which are the oaly onae wbirk rbould author lee tbt* plain till to ooaie Into thla oirt and obtain a standing bare, are made ntit to tbe aa ir'act'.on of tbe Oonrt la ralcreaoe to tbe metier of tbe nthaea corpus, that bai bore disposed of, end the lady e a liberty, tf ahe ho bona restrained of ber it?erty 1 eel U . re to hf f?r '? in tltla out to oar, ud dna to itr public to nt, to whom 1 km rrepoan'Ole '01 tbe m ft n Air n o' my dnty, Wat by bi *r ir|i?i'ni kpr ooment or tkU do'oailant, uic by tfc* reaneel ft r Mr Bofe?r tod defendant! oonn ft. I bad nevera) lo erefnwe with thle lady myeelf, (m It *m mr doty, occupying the poellioo I d*,) to eoe i it ?hr m rettMinod of ber liberty I fool it doe to Mr failure to Mr that ibe hu uniformly rut led to bM tbot be ttirr bM b<en ret trained. And 1 olea reel It tumim wMc|KBkft0H7 tbot tb tknt O'leoooti'iD Itebei 0lM t?i? tbot it In Kbrrt'f* wne ooe or b?r own fr*e oho?e id free *111; tbot ire defendant bia eeod ao aiae b ct an honorable oyer weald not here need under ?r trriiB euneea. I feel .t alio doe to tbti lad' toeey.taat n the < orao or my tile I bare art vttb tew ladtei of ao iveb liMllgrace. ao maoh dnioacy of feeling aad pro rt< ly of itrnw, wtto eo itror g and deep a Mae* of tm danea whcb ab? owed to her parent* and the duiiea Mrb ete need to brr own tree cboien bur bead?it la 1 Haeetfl?t between tb?e? dotiee wbleb bee gieen bor be pet aaiiety, aad agitation wbtjfc bM bran el meed [ ti. Ii bM barn na effort ca her part, no far M I hare f B ih ( to dteeorer, to rrcoartie to* affection. tan lore, ?rd rbe gtly w jtch **>e fell the owed to bor pareota to 1 <ra' ot er end tbat h'gber dnty wbiob atie doee ewe and wbl< b ebe feele ibeowaa totbe nan whom ibe hai eboeea I ii ber parta< r ior it n It wee for ibe parpoer of informing o j i? If >a to who diipeeHlin eboold be my do'y to mate i >f lerlf ebe rentralbwd or ber liberty, Ibet three ii terrlrwn bare been hai. It wii for ibe purpwe, alao, ' of mure'' by ay own perron a i obeerretioa. ; ?e u tbe onerec crea of the aileynti ,o of ber ooeooodnaee I ol mind end whether 'bin marriage bad been ooairaoied o; naera of aay force uaed upon ber or anr fraq<i prac <<) open ber, and not to raiy, aa I ought an to in a I retro to irnrb moment ae thli, njrm tbe Impeeeatoaa J tcteb? 14 be m,de opue my own wind, I called to ' ?y id. with Ibe oo?arnt of conceal of both part tee 'Pre* o. tbe meet eminent phyaleteoa of tbtn niiy. I :crt it my dnty to ray, lurther that eo Car m aayth'ag er fahea under my own obearraiioa, ereryttiug baa o?, t c rdorted by conrtel wltb tbe hlgbert d#(-M o( : px ii mI oel reepeoiablitiy I any I called lo my aid I ibier or tile moot dletlntniabrd phyiictaoe. wbim I eup PC-id moat rompe ent by perMnal obeerration, ay per eo. a oonreraatlon aad by frequent laterrlewe. to ratlnfy > tbrmiflrre open both tbeee pototi Tbe report or thai | own,mine na bM beea read, aad It le not aeeeoeary for me | totrd aryibleg la reforenoe to tbe character of the i e'tillemea. trey are we:, known to tho oommuatty I tb ir opteion moat carry intlre weight with It and ? en,ward the otaaoat ooaSdeaoe of erery man *bo in'r reeat with tbe landing profeeatoaa' experience I >n lory etwai ratfoa m caoae of Ibte peculiar obarector, \ ae tie gentwaea who barn larorad me with their ad r ?toe it e law er tbe lead rarcgeteee marriage eolely an elmrly aa a elrli contraat Boib or three oo .tracing car?t?a tbe detei daat aad Mim Sober, are of legal age p 4"t'ig here to yim'nlaier tbe law I bare nothing to d? 1 wttb ibo ellytM oi eaner party la thin matter taey art , ml) tr< na ebl? to tbetr i,mir, aad not to aay tuaai 1 trinnrai 1 em rot here to nrttir'r.e tbe rttna'i or obear rarma c any particular oborcb. It ta enough tor me v ire* ,t at tbme peM'e* were of legal age, capable of en

er'ng Into erd nak ng Ibe Mrtl cm tract of matrimony If cecb were of enund m od; If to force or fraud ?a' n practired upon either, It le n legal aad ralid maMtge ii bout refe'enoe W the cor die on la nootety, or tn< i mitb or ibe dlnadrnntagee of either of tbe partloe It " Or eye of 'he la* all etaad on an entire cjueil'y. and all >re ra able of mat leg noalfeete It ihere U no legal onna a or in tbe way Tbte Court anting now la thu niattei a _ ri a? ml la ika mla<1n? and r.linIM DM L'MUDf n WW wra ? n i ..... m e'tl?r rf ibrae pertlaa Tblt Coarl he* e< ' own to irlcrt a bnebend ror the nae 01 " * w : ? for the otbrr ?thtl It a matter depeadlng on*r*t| ? ei?a tbelr owa taelaf, tbelr own vollttoa aid tbelr owi j ' 01 ten'. aa<' wblob no hnm?n beleg, la my Jargmeal, 10 bet a Mgl i to interfere wlio They hart dntioa wblol urj i?r ui aoclety, they bare reapooeibtiitiee wtatel " th?r been at an wad and which the} owe ?o tbetr Creator ? tad tr tr. and (bay aloaa, are raapoaatbla for the nbrlm bay bata mtda and for tba manner ta which thay abet i? oierbetgt their dntlaa Aa I reworked baiore. the oal] a tro'-ad a loMtdldlea npra which Ibla Court eonld ee attait ih a cant and ratala Ibla InJnaeVoe woald he. Irat it oat I ha party, tba daughter of Ibla plaintiff, wle art* It r? ti rnration of Una Court. of found wind at tba tinv r of ike n aireetlrg of Uiit marriage' Now. tba ettdawe a open Ibla enajeet to aty mind edmtta rf ao reoaonabl r- o<wM at all I bat# kaowa frow my own lat?rr:aw a- with bar, ) hawabarwa from tha oonerreetlore "that a, harr ba< with Bar, I bare kaowa from tha letIImoar ? In ibr im pent phye'clane wbcee editor 1 haea reo?l? tr rd, r?d trtwlth*.ending the Impraaalnna which war iy on jea tha matter net Aral agitated bafor a- ? ? >t, I thli k the Mead* of thta lad ill * r t?lea h# aailt Had, althnngh the ma U, It i a match *4 ceneoaaai wllb tbilr teetae a >RK I ESDAY, MARCH 24 1857. tfeatr Tlewe, yet in um Ttew and eye of the lew the w i? of aoand alio, oerooie of mektDf (tile oonireo*, end It ? ft OOBlrftflt vhlnh ii bfnftlnv unnn h?r 1ft Ihli HULo. Thll la the on)} question before me In refereaoe to the otlier, m to tbe right to maintain thia Injunction under tbe thirty-fifth notion of the Kovtaed Hiatntea, upon the ground ibet tola marriage wu procured by force or by fraud O! course it is tery mauifeat rom the oonatrnotlon of the statute that It must be by force need by the party *bo oat procured the marriage, or U there la a fraud, tt nun be a rraud whicn he practlaed upon tbe party who he Inveigled into the m trrlage. It moat ee force applied to bcrand a fraud praetlard upon ner, beeauae tbo con'ract a raid to be avoided upon one or other of tbeee grounds. Having diapoaed or tho Urat ground, that the parly vraa of legal age and of sound mind, and oapable of entering into and making a oootraot, tbo oily qaaa don now remains, la whether toe party who aeaha to ustuniiab that contract baa btmealf boon guilty of any force or fraud In the eye Of too law Now aa to tbe matter of fores, there la no allegation or pretrnce that loroe waa uiod. and It H an ill ot?n< to disjoin of that point by merely laying that there no allegation that any fores waa ueed by thta deton lant o in uce thie lady to eater la >o thai contract Aa to too ivcetion 01 Ciaad, H aeetaa to me tt etandi on very alight nnudatloo, too uuen so foe me to sot here to annul a contiaet upon thla ground, especially taken In connection with the sfiidant of Mr Hatfield, which says that tbe oarty csmr to btm representing himself m Jobu Dean. Buteveu if tb'ie w.a a fraod praotloed upon dr. Hstleid, that would not be euHlctent; tt munt be a fraud pranlloei u[on the party herself, who by reason or that fraud was mductd to enter Into that coot/act. Now, there la no>tbu 'lightest particle of evidence that Miaa Hcaer or Mrs l)> so, waa ever Induced by any fraud on hta part to enter opor ibis marriage?there la not an allegation tnat aba m Inunoed to do ae by fraud?therefore, whata rer Mr 'Mend d lght have (aid t< the olcrgy man, la not at all relereni rr Material to the point unlets It be prayed that a (reed ?ec practiced upon her. And at I remarked before there It do pretext that there haa been any fraud prart tod cpoo her or any force oeed again** her will. In tsy judgment the whole nation of the pialntttr fall* to the Xiotina, ar.d aa order of dissolution ol the tojuootton on ?t bu entered Before that la domi I wlab that ao mo n fifeeiico would be made la referenoe to defraying the ?xrtn*ee Incident upon the hearing of tale suit. Mr Npriicer natdtr be would ?ul a hill to hla Office be would givo a check fur the amount A* aooa u the Judge had rendered hie declelon. the court room presented a econe of indlaurthable oonfuton general ru?b wax made to the counsel table, at whlen Mr Dean was tea led during the prooeedmge. and the ?) ra ot the eager multitude were latently fixed up in the principal actor In Ibti eventful drama lie, In oooux: i ou witn hie oouneel and a tee tnonde left the court, followrd by a< leant two thousand peraoaa who kept a iltt v in Uie rear proceeding itrough Coambern street Into Hit aowny It was understood that Mr D an would vtsli be temporary residence of Mr lhix->r, No 1U& West fwent) rrci nd street, at 7 o'clock, for the purpoae of o'arulrg hit lawful wife. Our ropartcr proceeded to end nt? way to the hnote of Mr anker after the d< c! ton wax rrnd'red. and found on hla arrival a poiae of pnl'cemrn ketpU g guard. About one hut dred person*, ot>" a. d fetrae, the lat er greatl) predominating, were ottering round the oirner of t?e st'cel and wero busby engager In t licnielnf the merl.e of the modern Olande weir.iitte ard hi* itelnriui Pauline. It la noeileli io aar the tbvcriad btId nitons opiiuooi. Tbe m ire ariaton at o ponlra n the molly tmnp affirmed that Dean at- only an lrtab ooactnaan, and bannf pan a lengthy till t<> tb? blarney aiont previoua to bla drps'turx ft)m be Kmntald lair, bad ss?o< drd In jrlanlef tbe effeoUona or tht tcateent ai d omflaing Muleta Peiroarllt taa laaenion wai^>tc?;>i)y vaponded to by a representative < iho rare u> wbitib tb? fortunate p'ehtaa claim paler idly. ah> Bi)||?ai?>d "ifcat oae matt fu a it only ai *ood aa another, bat a fate dale neither." Our r<a porter waa In'ormed by a gentleman who Uvea coLttinoet to Mr Boker's realdeaca that Mlas Baker. or bra. Dean, waa aeeu to leave tbe bouse lu ? crrlaye on Sunday a! cmojd, ant! be believed abe bad not returned. Mr. I>een had not arrived at IX to olaiia <bn jewel or bla aoul, not no doubt ne etli siocoei In ob 'a'nipy an Interview witb ner and bear off bi j pries before maay hours bt?e elap?*d R..vai IntelUgeaec, Tbe OtUec States sloop of war Paua<>alb, wbloh sal'ad firm New York for the Bran's on lha 23th of Janoary laat, waa spoken when thirty Ave days oat, exactly on be line, loofltu 1* 84 Ths offliera ui ore t ??.ro ai II no atrknraa barla; ooco red on board atoee Waving sow York Too fe,lowing u Hai of Bar lOlotra, woian e r??-e re-' by U?? t??<o ehioti apOBe bar ? Y Fair tad Ouo-raaerler, Q?o W Kodgera W W Po Inrk, M R. Katkiiu W M KJrbnegla and IS bkrrrott, Ijenteaaau; Geo. Hro?n, Huur: C W Aobxi, Port jr. I.J Abemoiby. Surgeon; II Page. aa?ix\?ox Sor , froa; Jobs G Walker F M K*a>?ay, M C i.mtmbel 1 .t J W L Bradford, raited Mldthlprreo K B Ball Roatiwati: Jcba W Nor lb. dalimaker, F xJuaiilnghain. uiiBae>: Jet a W MIbik.i, CMrpeoter; Tb >? H Lee, Capl >alba Clerk; W. R. Moore, Pnratr iCerfc A|>polr.fniei.ta by Ike Piraldent. 1 Wataon roemaa, lo be Utiteu Sim ea Maraaai ror lb ? diair'ct of lfaaracboeette, reappo'a'ed. Otanea Ian Wood burr to be Utttod Sit tee Alteram* to - Ike olttrlct ft Mmieerfaca. tu, la plaoe of B. F. BalUlt, el < ?e con.ntUB.oB t ma i xptred i Jobn Bigler, cf California, to be Knroy Kitranrdicary and M'n*tter Pietip?ie?t'ary to tbe Kapublio of Oklie, la ib* place of HotM A Herkwemtber John C. Bl tankard. Ke?iatar of tf a Land Oflloe at Ioale, tftcbigat, in Ike p ace of Alex. F Bell, wboae commnlon "? expired Winiam A. Oaratbara,Re(1tiar of lha Lead Oflloe at Seik U?irn. -r. ihn .iuwi ?r iJm U 4wr?t, naiOTttl CrilWIUIA iPIVMiTHWr* B. t Waafclagtoa, Collector at *eu 1 rucjr), r>oa Ua <bem. r>aorb "Plfned, Naeal Ottloer, Tina n?meron William B. I'micron, Bareeyor o( tba Port, else V?rhire Andrew Looter, Collector at taa Jnaqelm, etoe Ssofleld. Jote (oearrugrae, Collector at Baa Pieg i, tioo Weifter ?>y Jtnry City Urm. Arrant wrrn a K*/o? ?A man named Petrlsk Coooreu entered tba d willing of R Comal, In Wayae treat, oa doaday, asd demanded money of Km Cornel Hke celled bar botfcaad who ejected tba Intruder, whereupon Cfreer as area a taaer with wtlob be rtruoh at him Cor utrtB ?u amatol and wea trough! before Recorder Bef lord yaatarday, who committed bla to Jell for trial Aoni>mrr ?A maa aimed Thornee McKaarea leaped rrcm one of tba paaaaagtr traias of tba New Tart aad Rue railroad at Boiling Springe, oa Sunday nlgbt. aad ?ea badly tajared Bo waa tab on to tbo Now York Hoe yhaL Kua Greir.?At a ragnlar mealing of Ikli yoaay Arorlcaa, enrje, bald at tbatr armor), tbo toUowtag yooag geatlawiea ware elected okioere tar the eoeutag tear? Hwwl D Bla captain; Jiha B M.'tatnbaoa, nrm Uruwoant, Pater J. Vaa Wiakla. Second Uootooeni; F. itaA par* j, Kaatge ; kylreetor Noirtrt, Orderly flatretai;Joba G Wiliieme, (teooed Arrgeeal; l-oata IUaoaa, rk*rd Sergeant; Wealay Meoker toorta Sergeant Taeo ?e DtrmoaU, Bearatary. Copula Jamnal 0 Elda, Traa or Buprtmr Court?1t irrnlt. Utro ill a. Jodga MtloMII. wit roa roMHiMioi* or ipnw nrrnta. MAnn 38?fig m fd fba Judge i hrrgod the jary la lb la caaa. rrpottad la yaatarday'a U?i>in Oa Ua rtiura at tba Joey tha toramaa ttatad that ibay vara oaabia to aaavar noma or Ibe qarattaaa ,?rt to wtrai bnt tbcy bad loond a ganaral rardlet tor | p'a'oi n 'or If 1 a par oaal oa tha vbolc amount raoalr a a*f S$X p?r oaal oa tba annual of tha aaw ml# of oetnpotattnh la rtlaitoa to oaaka. fcn Tha Court ordtrod a rprrla rrrdrt to ha aaiarad Tar $12,MO, aebjaal to tba opiB'oa of tba ft oaral tar v. I It) part or Court. Rrtera Baa Jad^a tloaooa W tilt mm g Hammm a. IV TVut/~t gf Ik* ioototrr'i | Church ?f ik* Mrthadiit gocit'g In Fin! MrM, Ifttt Tiirb ? Tbta art Ion vaa broafbt by tba plnintm ta raoorar $10 for aarrtoaa raadatod bp km darlag tba montba of Jam ary, Fabraary, Barcb aad April. 1?M. at atatoa of tba Itartoar'a church Tba plalotlIT vaa oaa of tba Board of fruatraa at tba lima of tha raaMtoa of aaob aarrioaa aad at tba lima of bta appmatmaat at ? ??..b Mraara C W. Baadrom ar<t ft i. H.iiinga, oa tba part of tha datoaaa, oaataadai <tma *? plaintiff aadartook to perform tba duttaa of aoxtaa vitnoat oompraaatlon. aad iba ortdaaea abo vat a poo tbo triai that tha for mar tax hb, Br W I|| JifT? wmm twr aum ? ? ? ?I S or ktH j?*r*. and ar-tad aa am* (rataltooaly, ud ! r*o?l*ad nmbitf Tor that porlod, had thai tlM plaintiff uo drrlrob lb" oftloo npoo tba nM larnii, whuo **l ur.di rttood by U>o Board of Truatooa. Mr ?ra adama aad Taylor na tae pan of lh? plaintiff, at'atad that, aa at Itaa tlma or lb# p'aia'tff a appo oimaat u aaitoa nmhitjf wan aald aa to what onmpaaaauoo bo * ban Id rrcrtoo, that ib? plaint ff wa? anvltlrd to a yard et for a bat hia nwMlwaa *?.? rraaorablr worth Tim oaaa waa aabnlltad to tbr m?y onoa- tha rharga Of tb? JadfO, bo taadorod a oordlot for tba dalondaaU. Prrwonal Intrlllgrnrr Wa Iran front tba Koo**ilin papart that Oolotal W. *M#d tba d latto paiabao r<-r"*aatattTO la Ooacrett from that diatrtrl, la proolrata ?, aortoaa lllooaa, at Uroawarlila, rannaaaaa It la roportod from WaabiD|loa tbat tha aa PrOtldawt la aboat to apaal Month la m Mdelpblo, for tba baoaflt of maaloal a<l*io? for Bra Piaroa, wboM haaitb ? maob Mfhtrad. Tba ProMdnat baa officially raoofnlaad P.Mll apangaaborg aa 0?aaai of rmoaio at Hllwaaklo. Moot IttroaraPT p?oii Utah.?We hare no ilonri tba' ibara la nmlvta . I.irmai'oa la tblo otty that I Ytk* ud felt ffW baro baraad IbO I alia* f .*lau? ITctlTU, ooort r*0"rd?, *o , la l'*ab TWTWf; tbftt m*y baT<Mtit>and*d h? *ppimt*(?o? oC om of \w a ?cb*- iil*a o' federal offVwrt, bo?h iM*d*d by Britaaia Yoci a lor Horeraor, into th* ?ro?ol o( III pur pea* <w r dmiiif iif Mb?t ont of tba T*rrtk>ry by tore* it inu. y Tb* iriti it, ib* Mnrnooo wi already praetlaelty la a * { aiata ?t n bblltoa ? WmMW* Sttr, Mmxh 11. IER A l>onir?ili I>1 HI* ulty Among (lie Wealthy. Kl'i'HKMK COlTeT?8F14IAL TKKU. Before H'-n Judge Kuutevult huit Mm thk cuatooi or a child Mabob 38.?fo tkr Matter of the Ajyltcatv* of Sarah N Paulding ft Philiji H Paulding for the CWixJy of thnr Infant OhiUh?Ur Futlertou, at the o pea lag of the Oou't tbla morning, oallal up the babeaa oorpua in tbla oaae. Ud dealt ad It proceed with tb? I-v eat! gallon The Ooort, la oooMqueoct of a cauao pending, (Moor* | n Llrlngatoo ) wii unable U> Una It op Mr. Noyee, on behalf M Iho petitioner, aaked that It bo . adjourned to Tburaday nexa. The Judge then Mkod If tbare war aajr oeeenaMy for hairy la dlipoalng of the oaee. Mr. rullerton replied that there waa?that the cuatody i or the eblld bad baon taken from the father wlthoat aa I laveeOgtUon, and the lt? WM altrayate a hurry to to juatice The Jndge? She doceaotaurae thoebld, I auppoae? Mr Fnilerton aald If hla Honor aaked the quealioo oerl oualy ha would gl re him a aertoua ao< war. The Judgo inquired am long wontd the oaae lakof l Mr VullertoD replied a great while The Judgo?That'a lrdelnlto Mr. Kullertna?At leaal I ?o woekn. Mr. Neyea did not think, in ell due dolereooo to Mr. FnllortoE, tt would take nivr* then a day. Mr. Fuilerton?The learned oouute little dream* of what be ba* to rreel in ibla cue a groat wrong nw been pe rpetrated on nip clfttt nn<ler Ibe torma of (' law, and It wdl take a long time to enamlne ad tbo wiiuaaetia which we have to prove tbo ceptnlty of tbe father and the tmepeeuy of the mother to take charge of toe acid. Tble ebild bee been forslbly Ukea fr>m tse eattody oI iu father without an lnveetlgatton, and I am oppoiod to any urnceeuerjr delay. Mr. Noys aald tbo cblld bad be n reatored to the mother, fiov wboae poeaenion It bad boeu forolbly takon by ibe lather. Mr Ifnllertna?Tbe law gave the father ibe right to tbo pcaerxeion, an? be heuld have rete.ned U onui toe mat ter ?ai dlspoetd r> ot Ite morlte. -he Judge remarked that tbo law In thai roapoot le very neeeuicd. Mr Kullertoa?I feel tto forae of that observation. If tt bad notbeea my client woe-J hare bad poa era too of bl* oblid The Judge?The law ie becoming more and more antettiod every day. Mr. ytiiiericn?1 admit It, und we have made great pro great in uaaettling it very reaently. Tbe Judge?Weil, women'! right* bavo boon program tng very rapidly ot late, and II ta pr >p?r tnat U ataonid be known Mr Furor ton had iio objection to the Supreme Oiurt hoi or converted into women' rights c invention In order to olipoee of win ceno. Ibn metier wan ultimately laid over until nest Monday, at )S o'clock, the Court otreotinR en order to bo made to oon.isue the preie it term (or to at porpoae rite Meldrr of Cornell tut Cannon. 1MJUIBY INTO THK BAMTY OP JOHN W. LAYMAN, THE ALl KUkll M'RIIKHKH. Kinen ootrirrv copbt or orae tiuiiii Before Judge Strong, J uiticca Vmtnona and Pchoonmaker. March 23 ?The priaocer atanda Indicted for the morder af Cot neLna Cannon, a gardener or farm servant in the em pky of Mr. Mathewaon, of the loan of New tlLeebt near Brcokljn. The prlauoer. It will he reooH**ct*d, waa invited lutoawagon by (.'annuo while passing the Dutch okureb Is Oo*anu3 ou the 28th December 1st: an 1 oo the toad abot b rri Iti the brad with a pistol, and threw the body Into'he load, he then drove oil to nnboken where bi< was arreaud ant brought back huiee that time the uriamer baa, aa aliened, evinced ajmptuna "t insanut , and this trtai ! for the purpose ot lU'tuiriug lido the preeent elate of bin mi oil. whether he Is lti a tit ccadutie- to be tiled for hl? life or not. 1 be Mot-n t Attorney apt eared tor the people and Neasra Wm < it litre I Am W oAdprr Ml WO *bI'ltfe !i. UudaO'i appeared fir the defaidallt. 'I ha lollow .if jut) w? ft aworn out of * panel ot twenty Mvtn called:? \ Abraham Vai.derveir, 7. Ale??n.| tr lTn4-*< ai.l, ?. Daniel r, Lerri-dpe, IJ H'roug V. .Voo.-e, ,H. J arcana H. Voo'luaa. 9 P?l r Da ?( )vot V. 4 A drain Iterfe-, 10. Kraoua A o Ibarlra f ?>k 11. Kalpb naue, h Fraocta rwri' 12. Jolia DnJany. 'lie rr'aon r (at 1 y hla counsel, bis i ira.i'a an' sl-era nil ir He app?ere* I" a substantial mil of ciouiev w?v e|ra- abaved hair ctn ano pro-anted qnl< a re ipeetable a > pesrance he aeemeo io liamn tt enily lj ail thvpi > ?1 ic*?. leaning L? brad -ion h'a 'tj{h' Dind m.d to r.? mi _.i m11lit-v at i niun ni? l" >b nt nit p ap<-*rh U> trnij irv A TV Padgrr iau. opened ih- raae and arpu'-d itovt th? |nim>(r?u irrewtouiMble . x hia ?c:? in fon?M'i-n> ?"l la aa: ny w hirh would be abo* n by the oriaeue* to he adildi ad. m .1 be was. therefore iinbl to i> T'ed l"c hla lile ll? re'er r?: to a nuintwr of ipm in soppo" of h i ?tewa. and ?ave a brl'fhiaVrv of drta*. aat a .tfe K??u born l" near tork o? the Ift.b of Decent rr, 1-06 and was lb vrefore lb la >>?er 21 vaar*clage 1 la parenia were p?no!? In Mimble clcum iia: era ard n.embe I tT- MethodM tlio-eh Curing bit youth be wai marred In his deportfneAt ar.d u-rrer bad but tan i lunate friends lie eaa very at'idiom at thirteen H?ra ot age a ben about tearing arpao! be re*.! ' JIMVtl'ion L rol WhiUield, /.luimermvn oa soli, id*- *<. i other anlr a hu b ha parous) over h i workb* neb end took to hit heCalde until tr? ralbnr vit c mprlle.1 io >it> th? lexke t? a< front hlai for ftar ot iteming h.t brain Later lr il'e he rtad Jack nhepherd inn ot.rer par 11 idem work! at sneer tira uI age ha nr..r ial r. e ,i i i II' ivl . lb loitnu K eli?iai - ut of wood tat.nir apart net put hi r i. pe her watch-- ae -itch tu h.?* a till'h . t il nit' of liil Wbauhe obtaicd m at . iev? emu epui ual't ui la rev inn "Potior*'a Unnrae nl Tra? ' h carte scrota a patwai? -i tt? a ot the -.nt-nrf 1 larm .n pe tvnKord referral in h m. an I allowed u t> ha fa the' r ot .eqnentlt ha Ifnaftnetl he mu ? aiay la i'ib h ruse a? bere?a< a i u spiral y arnnn( lb anlr tl to kill bun lie r.ri, ? wt out of the b. ore but m re in eleven moniiik and iht n dej[t. ?e. ?o aa not io b? mown br Ih- vplrlt* whom be 'n>?kire ei-re al.ei t m lie loal hit art Aral lot e o rwa-1 n|f llwl . lr '.aiher fourd it Peee-rary to vateri orar him ooa eiact.y r< aa Io prevent him Torn apoiuni ha work 'hi i trade and tha t.l bla laiber hemf ha: of a ah ? maker) 1 be wa.1 ot bin bedroom In Obarltoa air e| Pew fork. A aa ail btl'ered b) h?iiirn<-m and lapongn ? btch b* lhr--oa*. Ui* * )HH He imagined h:ui?* ' to b? Urn. lVrnu a wh'. e bo nu'-b |>-r*>n *a? kmor m eitnf ihi >vo df iru tbat S:>o?i :aratl> rrri- I.o' mede tk* riruir* o: h ? mjuu e C.uni ma. I>?;aarl ono'lrnrd nnUl lb* hour of adjournment. 1I>* ? .M'JIfli'nt ttal It ahoii d cmine th* Inquiry U? Ihi prerat. -*nu* of the priaout-r a mlml. aud admit * .? b v , i*n. onle ? bore upon 'hia pulp' The Oourt thr* adjourned until tbia (Tiiradayi avenlagat Ira o'clock HannttiiS Court, wo mo* or the MRKouATf ACYnoiu/.iMi rn? PUBLIC AI'MIMBTPATOR TO BELL DR. Bl'KDKLf.'d rt'KMTI KE AT MO. 31 BOND STREET. Before A. W Bradford Meant 33 ?In fAr ilcul'T rfikt KuaU of Hj'vry HurdtU daoroied.?Tba following leoleitm a boat llta Ml* of lb* foroitnre of Dr. Bardcli wan mad a tbta maraiog ? Tba I'abilo Adalalatroor la akoH i bar go tba ptraanal property of to# d?eraa*d hu bee* place I peon let m utt on tba grooad *1 leltara af adulalttratloo, baa *ppit*d to Ibta Oonrt for parulaalon to Mil tba fnrattar* of tba la'rataia ramblbiag at bla lata reetdeooe, No SI Brad treat Tbta boUoo la raaiatod by tba ocnaael of the party eairoiag aa tba laiaatata'a old '* on tba ground tut. by at/U# of a 'raa* branny lata tba mo day of Marib, MM. aba ia aoutiad ii tb* aae o' a pnrtiab of taa fnrattara naftl tba Brat day of Mb' bait Tbia paper bat baaa aa t Bitted to ay Impaction, and I And that an attempt baa baaa Bade to ooltwaia ? vrn and a ball liara of the oci-ernl Itcoei bm appear at what tlmeer by what pernor tbil waa doae A portloa of tba maltar Bay *UM ba letlpmred, bst 1/ bi> raad'ay be norrrc.l, Itcara not aaocMMi tba Idea thai any part of tb? fura lore waa ta Ibe lermt neaeayM by Ibe >e?ae I'aroia proof waa Offered In Mo* tbo ortgl al center it if tbr laetrnBeat, and the wltora* peedutrd far tMa f arpoae teattliad tbaf It drmlaau "tao whole ton# etcepi'tg Ibe arnond ttor- and I'eiadad the pn . I lega of ntiag all id* ura'tar* le tba ha< k oar'nr ' Oa cronb rum t?i"r t"???rf, eha mated that aba did not r?ro 'eet I fat leeee ' aatd anything abo i'. parlor* oe Inrv'-urn Ibetelb." brt tba Bad oeard nooeerealion ba i?ni ibe leaeor and Iratra to the etliri thai tea "latter bnn d bare lb* ot* of tba furniture," or "bad to* uaa of ta* parlora " It It obrtouo, fbeo, that tbe aeldeaoa fbiia to oapplf the oonteeta of Ibe obliterated 'nit ram oat fbo wltaoao ibiLKn tbat Ute paper produced oat formerly n Ibe pot emioa of iba ir*?e?. and ita hietory from tbat time baa uot here Iran* I Cedar auth c rowotlaac a the ooliartor ho If r<f?niH 'ha rtiau- rt tlaU ib:a adrorna oia an * tboiah I B'lfbi ba jai.iBrd In rofattaf to dlruct a*1* wh< a ft o.? ar adrarta til'o ! oatabllabad, ya' If iftar" ha rraaoaabl * oftft** tor f.ftnbt tb< pro par ruiraa la la l?t tha qart'inn ha iratod by cooru btr'ot Jorw'IcWa of iba aobjwt 0 .tur Mich aa my tfarialna npoe oiotlaa aotnawBil aaft a pout ia iha matur cf u? probata or tha anil of Ilaary Pariah Tha Pah le Adniintatralor la ranpoatlblft for tbta property aad hr haa mad ? p*raoa piaci in oharf .-fit 'or aararftl wrrka I tblak II la my daty to ardar tin ml# for tha prcarrration and tha hneaV of tha aatalft. Thara la aa otfcar diapoaitloa an.bonaad by tha tarma of tha ttftli-H rr(alfttla| tha pnwara ar ooll-ovrrr aad tbara hi an |nr?t rraann fhr rnaarrft<ato( tha offloar tnth an aaoaaal .tlipoaltloa of iha affreta ay mating. or for rata'n'm iha proparty la ila p'oaant tonality, at oomidatahlr aapaaaa aad vithoat any piiatbia adraataffft * tha a'Vfad inter' at la It* fmpirary oaa natr Iha la' f May a? wall oaadad Uia olMmaai ha? aa adaqaaM rnoirdy la 'ba ooarta of law aad ordar moat tharafo a ba aatarrd |raaila( tha apMWiaM >n run rvutia will. Ora. Aanferd, cnaaael for tha blood ra'atlraa of Hoary Termor, laformad tba Hnrroiata thla aarataf that aftor a ra'otnl anamination lalo tho marl* of tha caaa ha did ant titan iha will of tha droaaiod nonld ba aai aaMo, aad thai ba eoaaaqoaatly wtihdr->w Iha cootaelftdoa of It oa ho hall of tba blood ralatlrta of daoraaad KirgiCoaniy kaprrmr Canit-lprrlal Tama. Bofora J ndfo Blrdaora. | Cn?por Prion itgatnM Dnnirl L. N.triArwp ?PialnftfT In thla oaao >u appolalad foreman of rapatra and aupplMa by Mr. Graham, iha CnaiaiUilonar of Ropalra and Rapplloa. Ha alan hnlda 'h* nflaa o' aaoraanr of iha flormth ?H. Tba do1 f. who * Auditor <?f Iha rltr of Brooklyn, ra'naao In pay lum.ftn t.irnmaa, on tha around Dai h? marot parhwnt Iha lint 1*0 af both *ti<-no pmparly. Tha wlary of onoh ndl-a I* r?? a y?ftr A mum art waft had. aad iha dajlaloa d th* t'onrt wan maarrod Rraoklya City Trwr Tin Ran?oad Qctwnoi na ran Ooxani Onnmr ?Tha Railroad ftommttiea nbmlttad a roport laat oraniaf la ffcTOT at ran Blag tha railroad oara ?a Paaday Iwrloa a?*adr<i I bat U>? eara raa eaary ball hw aft ' HH a'elMfc f. M., aad Aldarwaa naw ?oaa? th* tha ta>j#rt lay rrar Mil Mnaday tTBaiaf nan for dlaem , atoa, vitafe an aa/rtad. LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. I City InlciliKtntf, Mrimi l*r> cmw or in* Bui hv f ? ? K II , \hi? C'aki ?tfomu ll(hl ha* be:n thrown on lb i rar*t?ry 0r the endden disappearance In J a. i nary !a?t ?r Mr Jam< Waddell, ?on of dr Waddell, cherr.m oi 3ri>* lyn Ik n pirtlraUt of which wrr* pu jl>o?d In an Ha iuih al i? l,mrt It will be remembered mat be rooag nU WM n, "??ad from kin falhsr'tt 'arm near l.irk film la Ptka oonnt '< I'oeneylrenla, under .in*, iwiumi * hvrb led to the arrrm c( ? 'a1" rfir tbo 'e?m nam d Mo'Jurk, who baa alaoe b< i* looerreraletl in Miltord jali I,Ml week die prUonrr o.,?-r?<1 t(? C1*-1 aomu l-f >rnotll 1J whlob would clear up tbe tn/ ??*. *ad Mr Wcioeli See . waa at once aent for to Hroor'iya. <)n tT'lrlni at Milford taa prisoner Informed olta U. *>' unhappy eon had be** bat by a ptrioii uatued Edward yuiek. who b?d boaw pitvloutl} dlioharic'd try youu^ Wadded, atl an ko iwa to have threatened vtogcanoe, aa.*hig tea* htet'ota would come ?ome day to pay h'.oi off or arorii to tbit rffeok Moreover that a'l wearch fcr the body afoa'd prore undone., aa the doetl bad h?o?. com allied whl.e /b" 'ad :ar nn'oep In bee, and that iuo bodj, k>?etb?r wit tho ebaots bad bten burnt d aim n.e reti lue Ibrowu In fo h? ortlfli uortnf orrek go rk waa e'rreUd aud cxam'aa 1 boF ir<> ma glitra e, t>u? thai tunc lor&ry?oo% < 'ii Mentnrk'e etah bjcbI aellli leatly c tar or pert, a pa brlwwit'f tnat toe cenorr ?a? h.niM ii tu? *ul> / parly?dlnnh.irirod g<rok ' aad remanded the prlaout r ko Jail. Mr vFaddo I pro 1 cccded to the )c ality trt-re k*te arbna <tJ out peor boy wit auppcited to be, and found several oLarrr < hoaet, huttona and fra(ni< uta of bell bur rod cloUnay on a projecting ledge ol rxu, at ih"gh tt??y had been .brown Iro n thr baj < a <ove. IVt oru^ni the mnurnroi re.i.-< 10 en o.'i m n-p./u ut Heturclay night for nhcmlcnl aotlye'e fuu? eu. ,g the mining led lerm fcwully nr'-auD'**! (.> toe .to'el* of the murder aa we'l at the i<!ni.-;ty of .a? giti; pe-lf ha?e yet to be rtnerloixtd It la n<edl-wi 10 ?i > ir.u the anguleb of the ailiiolo. lather, under throe atiuvna eUncea. la tneeatu oleae Tna Taxsaxxy Seciiixt ?It appear* by en elvertlm esent that a me? Uok wbtoh had beer, ceded ? a j early day haa been postponed to the 9ih of Ayti owing in ibe nbtence of the merobere at tth? ?il MM the meeting la Washington, an 1 tbu-kill two btrda wMh one atone? Maine u tr ConootATtos LeHonau who Waht raw Pay ?In aaawar to an adraitiaemont which appeared la tin i> of Monday, Inciting the worktagmen rm ployed by the Ccmaiaalcner of titreeta anil du/mg the part tight moa ha, and wbo hare not yr| received their pay. to meet at the tut- Ball iaat evening. ao mt thirty lieriota aatembled the-e Their appen aece, at far ma olothea were oeaoernrd, cogbl to ha*? been eutl*nleel I* torture any corporation company or Indtvtdul to pay bitnall tbelr )eatdu<e Tbn were Hmrmtaa ?? el toil, ant) It la ao outrage that while officiate Or! tnetr pooh eta with nnearned gold, there poor laoorera loonld ha cheated out of tbelr bard earned meant, anc ln<t to attffartng and want Tae ramVy bad no nrgantint'.oa. ami atlrmpied no apeecbea ou*. convcree-' with one aaothav lor vnr time abonl tbeir wrong*, and the ban measi af obtn'.Mrg the nroecy due them Yoey mix-d op Mate grtrvaieee a Utile with pollltna. The Idea w?a eeggealad or appotnurg a commi'.ttu from aacb ward to oak aaaw the nj or, bnt thry n tired without taking any praoliatf aettoh Fiaa at PMPijrroe, 8 I ?InctamAatm it Worn?laa hut sn> Aeril-t ?On Mnnday alflil^abuni 11 n'oiook, m the cltu-ne of Hup'.eton, 8 I , were about miring io real, they were atarttrd by load crlea of "Ire, from be i treat Many rnabed from lb*tr d veiling hooeo* and fonnd Kg atable occupied by one Matthew Carroll, en t owned by Mrs. Charlotte Kgbert. In Nemee Tbere wee a brtm wind at Iba time and the Damon eooo nomaealoattd lb the honee of Mr. Wt l'?m i Deoyte, oooupw t ai a bML (Matonlc Hell) This b>ni.i ag wae aoon deitr >>ea. btm aoi tuitll the adjoining on*, d'ng. owo?d ey Frenc t Jeeaa, K to, and eoonu'ed by WMtam d-.errar, a hnwur, Mr. DcPoplanqne, a hair dreee'-r, an I Mr. Unrtetan Ke-haa, M a dwelling waa destroyed (ini luk n*?i.?a ps? < ii vaa b' rot on I taut Saturday n ght mtf oee block from ha prraoal plana) 'ha Ira llim c- Dimuclcatot u, the fo optioirl'le Wd, alio owned by Mr Junes and oetooled >y dr. I'-ewei at (ortuaetety the but'ding eat not deeiroyot c tutgh tae inside la ompietel > ruiacd a id ta lorn t?*i aad rbtk i rotriarably mined. Tee ctUaaoa of d .plow bat jtis got bis 1r? duvn vhiu an a arin -.?? taat another lire bad brohm on> oa IDs eljuia og nimt, aa tha prtTtiaca owned and oenupied by Mr J ai Hart Ilia b< oaa w w looa laral wlii the earth bni n i mm Ml edjolaleg oon, owned en* oneoptod b> Mr liuyb foot, aa < a ee id flrmee The tinmen horu mooe-; ie > to h a* leg off 'be Br* teibtti* all around -a- oeigneornoaa hustled mil of tbetr hours fea-lul thai if lb?y did Ml hey would be> borae ! not Kngiai 0 np?iy Nj. t, af ! actor i utile, Engine 0 in piny Nil jf NoeHrWama, and tha engine av.ait a ta the Vuit H apt al grenade (fl'wrlf No 1 of Nee Yrrfc.) wire noon i>r aiM into rr<|uisltloa. and dune goad earrlor Charier a Defoieit I q Jenifer or the Peeea, wu terl/oa the ground' I appears ih? re?M oar a' caaof the ithabnanle had b#?a rorred aad rohoad af plain, oonil.t'uy of ron:- forty p*eci*, aa iN at abeal fSCO, while itr family Mere at obarcb Be arraab d % yoaag folio* oa eoepldtuu ot ben ooooerned la tha mh hery aad alao of being the tn-rodiary the Ira bat remaned to oar rtportar that ha oooiKlared l*a aoaag me a entirety Innocent, ai be bad store the arreal, ak aierd rffto'rnt facta to provs It. attdaaa wa ttage tog > rrcrnimaodaUnnt from aeaerai leadtar Ornta n baa Yore, arm for by lbs priawer, It make tha matter mora ootviaoDg Tba oaa by thti !) ? ta about ilt.OM, bat oe' reporter wee onable to laara what cavpaap It e itiferira vers taaorrd la. from the rant thai they a>a east lend all oyer the tslaad D? I Ha -rta, a( It# Mrrine Boapltai, aad the Sapurloteaieat, Mr ON mora, u-adired every amiataooe ta the r paver, aad an deeming of great prater At Ore o'oitak oa **?tiy motalng, ike alarm of Ore was agaia eoaade<< aad IM time It vaa toned that tha larce lamhar retaM lab meat at Mr Ma-Oeet, at New Rrtght a, was la ttaana Mr Narriaat'a mm ta eboal *7 ooc o job vhiab there n uatarilood to baas insurance of tt>0 ta tba Rtaten latea* Mutual Insomnia Company Mr Martlaat a'ao lamm torn riry ralnabla borons Toe Ore la tbla naae, ta la toe tret oar, Is aUrlbnted to tba vorh of aa leoeadiery Rummae it N?w Bam aeon ? * daring robbery vaa perpetrate* oa 8nnda7 arret Dg, batvaan 1 aad boolMfe, at the fcooaa of Mrs RnaUger, at Nev Bdjhtoa Tha thuf or Ikleraa aatarad, by a tide daw, tba ball, la vMMh la a otoaat vtlb dr?w?rr nontrti si lb# aiirar aad otbaa arte1* a'labia aarviaa aad tbouab Um door of tba pa# i?r, ta vbioa vera tba famtlp, opooa oa laa bail. aaa 1Mb ito?o ajar tba e?to#t afftr#a?>d ?aa dalib ra alp or mat aad lb* draw#r oor.ialrtaf lt>? ni##r m Uk<a out mi arrtod off ambod aiarmtaf ibatamataa mil tt>? i?fXa door waa board to etna# Pan alt vao m a*dUi*ir >!% bat oa aoooaat of tb? itarkoraa of tbo a ?bi irH-.oat aaaegoa No traca of Um eolprit baa jat baa* diao.rorad. a roward la onorrd la aaotbor col a at*. N?aaow ?Mr Whlia, lb# aaflaaor ji Um Bar let ataaaiar styiraa Sbora, fat bta ha id caaf at ta MM macbtaarp oa Iba Brat (rip dava paatarlap reorataM, aad bp a doraroot mn*?ia*ai aaeafMd attb lb* loaa at tba middle or aad iba 'laai aorapad 'rom too of Mm otbara liaaiaartoa or rro Frr-ita n# Waba "toaooi No ?T ? Tba Brat baboo aiaoilaailoa of Uia acbolara ot tba MtbMI dapartmaal of Ward .dabaoi No 47, la rvalita atraat commenced paalardap Tba laatttn'toa 'a ko?wn par Mao larlp aa Ibc Prtralo Claaafctl Scbcot aad w? appaaa danaca lia uUa from tba aat teat manp of tba btfbae rm.'ie# arr -mbraood ta tba rooraa of laatrioiioa laagbt ta tb# prartfOkl drpartataat Tbr aaamiaatioa pnatordav rablb'.tad eoaetooiabia proBataaop la (ran mar aM p#<|rapbp, aad lhara vera tan or tbraa aanaiirat mm (oabioaa bp tba pot ila road Tb?ra vara an ma admirabM prrimaaa of draartat, aad lb# writ tap aa a ?a'Mr at tbtap, waa to parlor to tbat dmpiaped ta moat of oa# rei>?n:a tl'rpMhar, Watd School No 47 la w ttbp M tbc poallicb ft nociptaa; aad la potol of arrinaniuam ?ad iba faatlHlca wbiM II atfbrae Ita poptia. la lafa'ta# M aora e|b?r la tba r ip Tb# axam*aat:ao vaa ooa JaaMd "p Mr R "dla, oa# of Iba aralataat taaaaaiora Tr? Iarm ar Walb# ?h r raa laotara oa Iba a bora abject trill ba dallvartd tba areata# bp W W. FeadMk, Kan , ta lb# Wolaa ebama. ratraar of rai?d ana aad Klaraatb atrarl Mr bp Tbnmaa mil! aiao perform aa Ma burp. Ta# ??r rdraa wtil be later tartar A N?? Wat to Ad' t?n.? ?Tb# fbHaalag aatwa appeared am oaf iba bdrcrtiactaaala la yootardap't Ba oa ii' ? A Fr*? 1 ?l Parr Af n rana W tattit'i*na ? A aea. ? jrdh r r# ot ? i irrrrrt ' r'b>-c'T *; t# y?n#d tbla aar a> Id ObVtrk. at rn. m No fitp It % All p'rtmi lAMr?Mwt or* re<i"?eled tab# T'T###tI *1 IM DM ipn QM imrni maim ??*inq? purw bdb ?Wr ?PV<wtMi u Ibo p?*M dntv?*kUV 10 lw wbo hod boos durtdod ipN by um I'imMmi m an ifco tfflctb Bf CftlfcdOT, PoitmbbtbT, hi Aft*' ItfOtlef Mbptntoably *t am* MKhn for linn Km*, on? mo !? <? W Mk omoT Um ni#rb? of Um JtobM of Oo?dc<I??o w%? UWipa lbo baapof-b Oi raOBlMb wuMtrib foil, ud b? l?ft lb# r?v"b mtt Md<l?oly Tb# boil ? bo It i?tto4 4)4 lb? ooibo. obd ?b? room wm moo ?pty. ib* my fry *? bi MM foot lhot lb* olork bad NHd *01* ih.i Ibo dMpUOB ? In bo bpoao4 tl b nortbib porMr mam* k?pi by otio <rf 1Mb OouiiiMBb. Ml (U ! foot ?m odTBrbalbf ?od?o Mvoafcb by Ibo UMy fottwr * V? v.. ... n. ... HI M*.i? ?TbO llObmano rtoo aata, ?ht?b rnvM fra? Norfolk. V. oa Paaday a?bt. hroa?hl Iha pw Noauwa mall troai balaw thai patat ar A Aaa at rhUadalph*. Nbltt*?ra Md Wathlnpaa IMl a k*4f?T? m tba Arx Una tboaa 81 W? h?r? rm*rad tbta malt rla Now lork 'I wm la ba ? rary i iwd OMiaMfMiikNim rrn ? Vu*at ortMT ?*hartly altar I o'otaafc yattar day artarnoaa a Ira ar.a Aiaoorarod oa iha third Hoar af bniMiaf NO 49 vaaana lUW, ta tba om<* a' I. . Aiara*. Aaaixr a Hwoa Tk* Aft ??a oittaratahad wHh a ? rata af vitar bafort an j daatp ta doaa la tba aloat Tba Art arMoatly onjinatad la a baakat af papar aadar tba daak, and wa< jn?t ettaadiaj ta a anndaa parHlf baa dbwurid and aitiafaiahod. fatAi H?tnr*(T *i< inn ?A mat aaaaaA Ja?aa Ra. pa Attd at tba Naw Vart Boaptal Tin lay aftaraaea. rrotp tba <ff?aii af lajnrtaa raaattal by *bil<a( da at ma tatabway of tba rtora Na I North Wtina* H~at a# laqucal will ba bald apaa tba bad/ daeaaaal ta lay.