Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 25, 1857, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 25, 1857 Page 5
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m surer- a n respectful manner f A. The; appeared to b >, rir. at ihr I heard <J Did eke answer them/ A. Bhe did, promptly and freely, (j Were the questions and answers both dexnroua and cItuT A. I think they were. Q. bow kmc waa Mm Main under eiamtnaitonT A. About twewinutea?aay from Ore to ten minutes. <4. Were there any parsons between you and your wife, or between you and the Coroner when be made the expression about the main chance' A. there waa probably from three be feurteen, but the majority were aitUna down. <4. now many Umea did yeu eee the Coroner wink during the exam (nation?more than onoe r a. Tea, atr. O Aa often aa 1 wink nawr (Oounael winka aeveral titnea who both eyea-i a Tea-hut different kinda of wmkA The wink be gave my wife when she gare her name waa a different kind of wink. <4 Was that along wink or nehortwinki A. I can't understand tke queation-whetker he shut hia eye and kept it Q. Wbu ?u there peculiar In the wink. 11 aaythlng? A. Vhe peculiarity ol the wink was like that given by any person is tnstcau something smart or shrewd; it was a cunning, shrewd wink Q. Please to eiplaln what a cunning, shrewd wink Is? A. I mean It to be the closing of the one eye quick, with a contraoMqb of the muscles st the same time Q. Wee the Coroner's lace towards yen when he winked? A. 1 had nearly a front slew. U- Wis this remark about the main chance before or after the eaih was administered? A It was when she gave her name; I don't know whether she was sworn or not; I am not jsearUse whether it waa before or after the oath was admialaV Can you say oertainly that It was at the time he asked her her name? A. 1 cannot; 1 am sot positive. Q W ho took the minutes of the examination of the Coroner at that time.' a. I am not positive; I don't know that he did It htaaself; 1 did not know anythkig about Coroner Connery'e node of winking before that; I did not know Hannah the cook tfll then; 1 have net seen her ninoe the examination; she was an Irish glrL Q. Bow did he express himself when be spoke of her carry tag her tail behind her and not before her?give his expres ahm as near as you can? A. lie was saying To her?praising the esuntry she was born in, Ireland?also the remark that Jadge hdmonds made to him once, that Judge Sdmonds had said to him, if yon wanted truth you could get it from an Irish ssi i snl girl, or words to that effect: he assured her that he was going to take care of her; that she shouldn't be harmed if An would tell all she knew in regard to the murder of Harvey Mardell and the people In the house; he us ad quite a How of his style of language to her; I have stated all that I recollect ef his words. Q. L'td Hannah make anv reply to what he said to her? A. Tee; she kept replying to him so much that he had to tell her to keep still; 1 can t recollect her making any reply when the doctor said she carried ber tall behind her; she appeared to he quite eool and oolh cted nearly all the time; her manner was rather oool and calm, ant) not much, if any, agitated; 1 tbcaght the was agitated somewhat. i,nl you knows witness sworn there by the name of Mary Donaho? a. I don't kDow any of them; I recognise Item by their names; there was a girl they used to call Mary hat I don't know her other name; I do not know that there was S witness sworn by Ihe name of Mary Donaho <j. Whose rook waa this that you speak of?Hannah? A. I sap pose the rook of the houee. <f. I want you to locate and describe the spot in that room where yon stood when the Coroner used the expression about flke main chance and winked his eye? A. I was probably three feet from the folding r oars that lepara'u the baok from the front parlor; 1 was near the door that let into the ball from the back parlor, may be two or three feet fromt'; 1 stood early lu the corner of the room; about four feet l'rom the enter Q. Where did you a tend or ait when the expression referred ts was made to Hannah.- A. I waa near to her, titling partly behind her; Hannah waa near the eouth end ot Die room and 1 eat back of her near the window in the back room, that la the room above tbe parlor 1 don't know what day of' Hannah 's examination it waa that this axpreaaion waa made; the waa ex Mined twice Q Do you know whether Judge Ruaaell ,or Judge Capron, or Recorder i mtlh, or the District Attorney waa present when feat expression waa made to Hannah, about carrying her tall behind nerf A. They were neither one of them present, to my kaswledee; I am uot positive whether the Goroner w aa fating towards him wh n that expression was made; I oould not say Wow near his face waa to hers? from three to six feet I snould think, 1 think Mr Clinton waa not preaent when that expres Mow was used to llannah. Q Could you tell Mr. Clinton If you saw htm- A. I did knew tbe man, I might pick him out. Q. I don't want to know what yon might do?you might isk him ont and you might pat your linger in his eye. fcewgbtor.) Q. Is that the man (pointing to Mr. Clinton)!' A. That waa St tbe man that was pointed out to me as Mr. Clinton. Q. Mate as near as you can how long this Hannah waa an der exam lit stun w ten the Coroner addressed the remark to her about carrying her tall behind her.' A. I cannot tell. Q. Oh. now , you're all in a fog? A. Get me out ofltlfysu mm. Q. Don't be cbrtlnate, now, Dr., or the people will laugh at you If you make a fool of yourself? (Laughter.) A. I am not butlnif Q. Do you swear to tha'? A. I have sworn to all I testified to. Well, we will get you to swear to something more befere we've done with yon! A few more questions were asked, but they were repetiMspi of those aiiesdy given. The testtmoay was reed to the wttnsfs and after be signed It tbe Investigation was adjourned till to morrow morning at eleven o'clock. Atom ex.* Thbxtsjc ? Mr. E. L. Davenport, who Is amaaglag the bouse with characteristic energy, preduaed on Monday an English drama called "The Man with s Rod sard." It las vary effective pteoe, aad tbe prlectpU parts being well played by Mr. Davenport and Mrs. Frost, M had a gratify leg suooess. City Intelligence. Mobs Miraino Man ?William Gowns left bis rssldeaee SB the 18th tsat., alaoe wblob time be baa not been heard of by bis friends or family, and tbay fear that be fens been foully danlt with. Bo bod on whan last aeea, Mask puis and rest, bine pilot olotb talaaa and black It It bat. His friends at No. 100 Naaaao i treat, room Me. A desire Information respecting his whenabenli very much. Thomas Prior also disappeared last Thursday evening, and bis wife and family, at No. 136 Waal Twenty first street, fear very much that some mischief baa bean doss to bias. He la a native of Ireland, and wbea last sees bad on a white bat, light brown frook eat; bio poatalooas were brown or a dim plaid, black silk rest, rod Caanei undershirt, end bas a light pair of whiakers A Motiatn asd Px ratine Mima.?Mrs. Mary Flagg and daughter,'of Racine, Wisconsin, left thetr boms la lbs early part of iba moatb for Ihta city, and have not baaa beard of slaca. U Is inppooed that tbay assy have bean among the number ot vtcueaa killed la Canada by tbe late railroad aocMsat seer Hamlltoe. By referring to oer advertising oolnaua.a full descriptloa of the mles leg persons may ba bad. Western papers are requested to aottce the disappearance of Mra. Flagg aad her deaghter. Any inform attaa regarding their whereabouts win b# ihukfn ly reootred by Mr. KlUa Prloo, of No. M Boor emit street, in Ula oily. bc-tin ibom tun Lrxstic Aerim ?Joha Lawlor, tho Cnttad Mateo soldier, who oonfesned haying murdered yon a | w oaten a> Bad Mary Dun, at Kathdram, Iratud, ud wan confited In the Lnnntio Anylna at Blackmail's lalud, ban, wa nadir*land, mad* hit naoapa from Mm ccsody of tho beeper*, ud in now at largo Theaoaaaid bu recovered from bin apparent Si of lnwtalty, and wan a boat to be tea i book la Great Britain for trial, when be managed to aloda the rtgtlnaoe of the officer* in aharge of tho lunatic any laa ud atlMt bin naoapa. < bursa or tan Pen to Dit.?there will be a total eallpae of lha nan to day, bat It will not bo tlnlblo In thin ally, an the contact taken place after oar sanest. ita path an anally over the TactSc ocean, bnl It will not be tMMe la uy part of the Called atatee, ha ring a loogltnde Ian than 10 dcg. 40 mla. went of Greenwich. At Toroa to, BoflaJo. Washington, Richmond Ul Newborn, N. C , Me firnt one tact will be nimble laaeltatelr before nan Bel, bat We loot routed will net be ntelfle eeet of the Mtnatenlppi. It wtll be men a all tie glory on the weetero Begi of the Continent ud la the PaetSc oceu. There wtu aieo be an ennatar eoNpae of the nna oa the 17th ol September wit, which will be lanefble oo thin C>au ami. There will be no eoilpae of the aooa thin year. Dbmiit DwramanT?The ninth ensue) report or thin dtnpeanary wan prenmted on Monday ceulag, at the bwUdtag of the taetttnUoa, corner of Twenty third ntreet ud Second arenne Thin In one of the Bra eetabliah. aeate la the elty sharged with faralebtag aedloal aid and aed Ids on to the itck poor, aore eepeoialiy wiW rebanece to the Cighteuth ud Tweatr Bret wards It laeetaalnn all who apply, ud fnrnlahee pare roods* matter not merely to thin Mate, bat to ail othero which demand It. 11.044 patient* hare been treated during the put tear. 10 444 of whom were at the d is pease ry. the a em bar y*Mia*t?d dertag Um ium period ?m 2.211, whliat lb* t umbrr of praaoripUon diapanaad waa H ilt Ad Traaaerar'a raoort abowrd IS 2*8 83 raoalpla, iftlut BB.600 of aipaadltorra. TIM Rot. Tboo L. Oeylar aad wiril f. I Matbar Mdi appropriate addraaaaa Tkl M)o?li| muqvi war* elaaud forth* naalag yaar rvwdanrk %. Maibrr, I oh* Campbell. PMl Ooopar, Wm Walker. Aabbal '.ran. Wm y Mott. Jr , Hoary A Harl bvt. Prtar HcMarun, Job* J. W*lk*r. Nathaniel Haydea, Chart** Traey. Adam W. Splat, .laaaph T. Joy. (Ill** Bab. Mb, Jobs H. Karl*. Jallo* A. Caada*. Hairy Yoaaf. Oharlea C. Baraga. Wi Ham Paat, Obarlaa Hon*, dm w. VariM. Lotbar C Clark, Hanry 0 Marquad. Jamaa Lav, J. W. PatHrtoa fm u? Riiai -rant ? AhMt 2% o'eloob yaatarday arairg * ttrt via dlamrarrd la iho drag atoeaaf Id ward Wabbar, No Ik Bayard atroat. H originated la a oioaat, aappoatd from oomboattoa of matebaa Tba damag* will probably amooot to flCO. laaaraa la lb* ClUxaa'a la faaoa oompaay OaiTt Calrndar?Tkl* Day, fcfimi Burar-araalt.?Part 1?Naa. Md, Ml, 990, BMM, 14*. 4dT, ( !, T?, *47, 220, ?*, Ml. *4*, IB, 41B, 1*8, 1#*, M7. Part B-Noa. 10M liar .l.M, 97*. UTS, 1171. 1047, 1110, 1MIH, IMS. 110*, 1807, 1 V?, 111*, UU Brraaaa OoriT- TpaclaJ Tarn -Haa. 361. MT, 341, MB, H, 18, 24. 21, if. 119. IT*. 1M, 111, 330, Ml, 14*, 01. 184, 179, 13*. 18*. 89, 99, 09, 1*1, 13*. 289 Damn Prina Dam Ornnw ?Naa. *3. Tito TO, 27,11. Brrmina (Vrrar?Noa. 10M. 1090, 1379, 1404, 1*07, 1*11, 14M, 1497, 1*27, 1911, 1177, IBM, 1948, 1910. 103*. mot, im? iwh, i?7", twa, im?a, in* mm, mwo, itoo, 1710, 1710, )700, 1730, 17*1, mo 1T?, 1744, 1747. 1704, 1774, 17U, 17M, 1710, 1707, 10M, I860, 100*. 1804 Dr?<h Mill Dlww. Heath?How (Kim* It, friend l? every ah ape. 7on let > many folk* eaeape' Dloaa**- Iiread Mm, I na* *11 moan* I eon To abbreviate the life of man; 1 doe bta foowtei'i from bio birth, 1 III l,o return* to mother earth. 1 nae all mean* 1 uwd of old? I aogea of weather, hot and mid. 1 (five 'bom oold*, I fit* them pain*, 1 rack their hone*. 1 fir* their rein#? 1 potaon th??m Willi nuicid bllo. In pl?ro ot ?Iip dl?p?tli < rhylo Y*? nil hi uneipoa?Botklag r^tii now 'h%t' I>i*p*i?p~ thpy *11 t*ho BR AITORKni'R pill*' rrlorlptl oflloa, M Br*nitr?ih Building. If jrnn want tl*P Flnaat Iprlng fttjrlr of Hat yo to MrRltBCHRITVfl, 118 Iiriw wvl yon will bp JrllllM. The ??nln Hum Hat for th* Hramn hn?, t? u?n*l lion ?n<lnf?pd bt the PMPla, *nd "rlrrnlmiw ' ibf?<npb Jip pity **d ?on*try wHb nnirorwil wprm?l oil |HM. ft. URJtlJt, ?4 Brwulw?r. nppoiltp ft f*ui'?church. V. HftltotypM. Pboto?r*pho o?4 At GCBNXT'S PtKHo*r.'reoly '** Foloce of Art, M ?KQ*ot>, pernor of Loooord tro 4. Jolu Mihop HoUl's Mlory of At FRBDB AlCK'5*T?mi(lo of Art, No. Ht Broadway, Oppootte lletropolltAii Hotel. 90 Cent AmkroCypc LlkenuM*, with Cam, beautttu'.ly colored- Visited dally by hundred* of [ladiss. At K MBALL'b, 347 Breudway. Holiday Labor Prohibited to Poor Heu and lawful io railroad corporations. God and Mammon are two. Brook)) nttes beware HOI.BBS' dollar photograohs and one shilling portraits depict all the works of creation, at 2S9 Broadw ay. Prismatic Turning Company1* Stock for ale cheap by ALBERT H. NICOLA f, Mo. 4 Broad street. Hndaon Hirer Inatltntc at Clareraeh, IV. T. ?Tarro spans April If. Board and tnttlon. W13 a year. C. B. GARDNER, rnaotpaL Green Tax tie Soap and Steaka will be aerved up this day at the Waahington Beataurant Mo. 1 Broadway. W. C. PalKKE. Booth ?St Sedge wick's London Cordial Gin? For sale from bonded warehouses. In puocheons or H cases bom store, by blMPSOM BROS, 1? Beaver street. To the Citizens of the ? astern States. Lcndon Cordial Gin. Medicated t chnappa I-ondon Club House Gin Schiedam Schnapps Caution to the Public After several years experimenting in the manufacture of gin, I fortunately succeeded, in Ibe year 1848. in snaking a discovery In its manufacture by which it was deprived of all acrid and inflammatory properties and rendered perfectly pure. My manufactory Is at Schiedam. Holland. After several months,' reflect'on what title to give to it, 1 tatroducsd It to toe American public urder the title rf "WOI*FS*B fcuitiEPAU aromatic CcwtAFrs." Schiedam Is the name of the place In Holland where be gin is manufactured; "aromatic" derives Its name from the Italian juniper berry with which It is flavored, and the word "schnapps" Is the German for dr.nk?eigne dram?'Wolfe's Pchicdam arotsati; drink No sooner had my schnapps b? en latroducea to the American pnilic. anf re reived with approbation, than the liquor mixers of New York Boston and Philadelphia started in pursuit, with their mixed aid poisonous stull under various namts?Schiedam gin, rchiedsm.schDapps, London Hub House gin, lxmdon curd.a! gin, medicated fchnappf. Ac - and in several Instances my labels have been so perfectlv Imitated with only the addition of a few letters to plesd a technical avoidance of the law, and so carefully piepaied as to impose on careless purcnaaers l understand a large quantity has been purchased by the mer cbsnts df the honiheru , na stern suttee on accsnntof the cheapness ot the article. A merchant who participates indirectly the trend, by testing the spurious articles, is as much an offender as the principal who planned the Imposition I hope every resnectable citizen who values the heal h of the community in which he lives, will aid me in ferreting out and eipoaing the nnacrnpnlotis merchant who, lor the sake of a few cents will put In jeopardy the lives of the comtnuuJ. ty in which he lives Such men should be nailed to the pillory of popular execration UOOLPHO WOLFE. Bole Importer, IB, 20 and 22 Beaver street. X. Y. Grlndle'i Ancient and celebrated Japanese life pills, The great purifiers of the blood. For sale by O. B. KINO, corner of Broadway and John street, and by respectable druggist* throughout the United I tales, t'anadas, Mexico, South America, Ac , at 20 cen t a box, or five boxes for SI Principal depot, M White street, New York. For Good Fitting;, well made Shirts, of all styles ard patterns, retailed at wholesale prices, go to the do clety's lu6 Chatham street. Custom Made Shirts, all Sizes, Wholesale snd.retaal-all warranted?et T. A W A. McLAUUHLl N'fc, 2bD Greenwich street, corner of Murrey. xtra Fine Cheese and Fat Mackerel at EARL, BARTHOLOMEW A CO. 8, 1M Greenwich street. Heath, Wynfcoop & Ca, Proprietors of Lyon's Katharion and manufacturers of perfumery of all kinds, OS Liberty street, M. Y. Halvwlt* Disc sues. Fall, Change of Color, Its embellishment. The whole treated careful.v bv GRaND JEAN, 34 Church street,near Barclay. Cslstadoro's ' Hair Dye, Wlgi and Toupee* have attained the highest perfection, wholesale and retail, and the dye applied privately at No. 0 Aetor House. Hlll'a Hair Dye?Four Shillings a Box, black or brown. Mo. 1 Barclay street. Inimitable cutting of hair and whiskers. Notice of Removal.?Old Dr. Townsesid's Harsapanlla depot removed to 41 Jay street Batrhelor's Hair Dye, Wigs and Toupeee, the beet In the world, made, sold and appliad at 233 Broadway. Kruptlons, Freckles, Ac ?Jones' Old Italian soap, k Bad hair, dan draft' Ac., Jones old eoral hair restorative, 2a Lafont's lijuid alabaster, 2s , for indies' skin. 102 Bowery. Hood's Pateat Truss Applied at No. 4 Ann street h boulder braces, elastic stockings, and instruments f?r all deformities, at Dr. ULOVKR'H No. 4 Ann street. Rupture Cured by Marsh A Co's Radical g ire truss, at Mo. 2>, Maklen lane, Mew Tork. Holloway's Pills?Are You Lwlng Flesh ? Do you .utter from low spirits * Have you a sinking eensaUon at tke pit of the stomach and palpitation of the heart ? Are ton troubled with flatulency - If so. a course of HOLLO WaV? Ptlle. acting upon ike sccrrtloni, will restore you to perfect health. Kemp's Woim Pastilles are the most Delirious, elective and imiaunus of all Termlfuies, are working wonder* among children of all agea. In the removal of worm*. They contain to mineral element. Bristol'* Sarnaparllla, pre pared by a new 1 rocess, acts almultaaeouelj as a disinfectant, altrraUTe and tnrtgorent, curing scrofula aad all eruptions, ar-d r* vitalizing the blood. Bold by D. T. I.aNMa.N SCO., wholesale dr ugglats, #i Water street. New York, and by all dragglata. Barsaparllla $1. and Pastilles 24i per bottle. Dr. Wsdsy Orlndle's Celebrated magic compound. The great remedy for pulmonary consumption, scrotals end dyspepsia. Has tbe greatest sale of any med cine In the world lor pul monary diseases. Principal depot M White street. New York. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. HOHIY MARKET. TrHDar, March 34?0 P. M. The (took market exhibits no sew restore. The dally transactions eootinoe large, hot there Is evidently very little confidence on the pert of holders and buyers of slocks. N. T. Central. Erie, Reading, Michigan Southern, Cleveland and Toledo. Illinois Central, were all quite active, without nay materiel ohaags la prices. A lot of Erie sold to day, seller twslve months, at MX *per oeat. A larger portion than usual of tho dally eaioe of all tbe leadleg railroad stocks is for cash This shows aa aboadaaeo of stock la tho keada of brokers. At the first board to day Erto Railroad advaaosd >4 per oeat; Reading, X; La Crams and MUwaukta, X luiaots Cse tral, IX- Pa same tall on X P*r odat. iUmols Oea trai Rails*ad nghts sell at 13*x por ceot. At tbe seeoad board tho market wee generally lower. Erie declined U nor eot Readies, is: Cleveland eed Toledo, x. There ?u e 11 a)led heeteeee thio after eoee. lutBole Ceetrml Railroad eloeed tra el 13a per ooat, eeeh, which le ea e>irheee el I par oeet ea the loweel pelet loeefeed. The aerkel w la i eery bed w of. There leaotthe Bret ledtceUa of e apecolellyo excitement, end the aaoeal of railroad i lock held lor ea eoUre upward aoToaeol la perleclly oxera helming. Lew prlere, or rather the rednetlee la pr oee, bee brought la eellere, laeieed el buyoro. la time* whoa ooaBdeace la railroad ateeha wae aallatted, a temporary paatc aaong apeealatere weald bring la eiitaldara with on pita I, aad the aarket woaM revive aa dar their purohaaee. li la vary different aew, aad It le act at all larprialag that It la eo. The derelapeaaeaia which dnrlag the peel year or two hare been mode la railroad fleaaeterlag aad manage meat generally are the eaeaoa of Ula dletroat. Our railroad Intoraet moot go through a portly lag prooaae, aad be reeoaetrocted open a batter baa la before it oaa again command toe confidence of the pohne. The I aetata at Treneorer roperta to dap aa (oUotra ? Total roeelpto fiie?,fifil fit Total anTMhta 110,970 83 Total oeAanoo lfi,?3t,06B 43 The war mate on tared at the Treaeery Departaaent, Waahleglea, ea the 3let laat, ware aa ftoUowa ? for the rodeeapUon of atooka fiT.lfil M For tb? Treaenry Dapartamal 14 613 M For the laterter Departneat 7,134 46 For nrttw.. <6,710 o$ War warranto raceirod and entered 74,040 33 War repay wwruu rooatrad aad catered iM 76 Ul aoeoaat of lb? oar? 46,130 M Repayment oa aeeoeat of ih? aary 1,434 60 From nWoodaaeeea aoereae 67143 la reply la aererai mqalrlee II la aoeoa air la aiala thai tha privilege amok ot tha I a Crone aad Milwaakla Kali road Oooipaay dra?? tataraal at Iho rata of loa par en t per annum from Its dam, aa lha amount of Inatalasrata paid la. rnreharere of Ihla ataek hare Iho right or prlrllage of oalltag for La Croaea aad Milwaahle Railroad aloek, after lha entire oom plot oa of thta road, upon the pay ami at that Um* ot aueb inatalmenu at tha ooapaay may require. Tha ralaa of marohaadiaa warehooood la Boataa for the work aadlng March 30, waa aa follow* ? Pry yooda <86,077 Another merthandtee 409.070 $686 047 Wart hoaaad for Oaaada? Pry yoodo 4M.M0 All other aaerobanr.lee 4,184 138,636 Total eafue <1,010,073 The Collector ot thlo pen baa raaelred ae afDotal no.ifl I ctito from ik? *tci*rj of it* Ticmd'j Umi til foods, I KW YORK HERALD, WE] VWM or Moreb?o<Une whlob tbol) bo in U? pobUo bum or bonded unrobe unon on the lot dny ot July oent, whether bow In bond or boodod at uy Ubm prior lo tanl dito, will bo mbjoot oo entry lor ooomnpttoa altar vbol Use a ttao rotea preoorlbed by the tariff theo to go into operation. The ateanaahlp iMa at UUa port firoaa Liverpool, gives u throe daya later nvwe from Europe. Qaotatima tor oeaaola ahow a alight dec Una. Mosey luted at roll rate* The laat returns of the Bank of England ahow decrease la balUoa of ?60,976. a very limited boataeaa la reperted In Amerloea aeoorttiea, without material ohange la prices. The London Dally Ntvo* of the 6th Inai, eaye:? The aettlement In consols haa been oome'eted with ont preaanre, although rma equal to 6>; paroeat per annum here been pail to carryover the aoooania or speculative buy era ?>? me 8th of April. The late apeoa lotion or higher pr'ce* In oonnldertd to be aomewhet reduced. In the dtroount market the demand for money omtinuea aoitvr, at ratea Tally equal to tboee or the bask. At l'aria to-day the three per oent rentes olosed at 70 60 for money, and 71.16 lor the end of March. Tfee decline la the money prioe la rather more than <? per oent, and In the aooouni price eoeroely },' per cent. The mar set newa ta unimportant The oottou market waa quiet, at steady prloee. Breadstuff* were very dull at lower prices, the a applies are reported to bo very large. The advices, on the wnole, by the steamer are or an unfavorable character. Toe export of silver from England to the East continued to Increase, and lllver bad advaaoed In value. Tne steamship Atrtoa brings 6188600 In apecie. probably doubloons for remltlauo) to Ba vaaa. Mot h uxcnkiige. Ifwuv, Marob 31, 18A7. 3U0G V.rj'.nla e ? .. #174 100 aha Raad RR.oeo 79 >4 SSCfcu M'naturi 0'a... MM 300 do b30 79J? 10000 do D0O 8<M 1U0 do ?)80 "9^' 4<t0 Kr RR 0 Bs >11 SO oOO Mi S & N la KR. .0 78* 8000 III O RR Ba ... 101)4 000 do aOO 73 1(100 111 Pr B?, wt pr 93 100 do 130 78 A3 111 Can Rt?bla . 134 310 do bit 78* 3000 T H & Alt 2d m. 60 100 do b60 78\ 10 aba Bk ol N York. 120)4 30 do o 78 40 Merchants' Ba... 110 100 do a30 7IJ4 7 Hanover Bank.. V0'? 40 do T2\ 40 Park Bank 101 300 Harlem RR 54 '4 lib Bk of Comma roc 10a)4 40 Panama HR..bl0 9i , 40 Nlc Traoalt Oo... 6 >4 4C0 do 04 60 Penn Coal Co 90 101 do ado 93)4 400 Com OoaJ Co bSC 10 100 do b?0 94 >4 14 La Cr A Mil HR c 77 100 do *00 93M 88 do 77M 140 do 98M 140 N Y Can KR b60 89* 400 111 Oco HR. ..b00 138)4 230 do 89 20 do 131)4 160 do... . alO 8874 dOC do 1st 170 do O 8874 200 do ?30 131)4 100 do b3 89 240 do a30 132 200 do alO 8874 100 do 132)4 160 do bOO 89 HOC do M0 188 100 Erie RR 016 63)4 100 do 132)4 1000 do 48)4 600 CIct & Pitt URbSO 44J4 60 do ?10 (3)4 600 do.. 0 64)4 300 do (30 68)4 1000 C.eftToIRR 73 900 do b.54 400 do bS3 7JJ4 800 do K),' 300 ao b60 73)4 800 do b60 48)4 100 do bOO 7B>4 100 do b25 68)4 100 do alO 78 100 do alO 43 Si 12(0 do a 60 72V 400 do 0 68)4 100 Obk) & R I RR *33 104 M 1G0 do... ,al2m 10)4 100 do 104 100 do b20 48)4 10 If I * Mica RR... 71X 1400 Rcadrng RR.... 79 10 Ntw Jeraay RR.. 123 BOOM* BOARD. 81000 Call's 7 a, '70.. 0<)4 600 aha III Oa RR.blO 1)3 209C MC RR Ba. b8 IO.74 600 Reading KR.. MO 7914 1000 NY Con RR fl'a. 90 100 do alO 78\ 800 aba Pa CI Oo. bOO 90 800 Cle & Tol RR..3d 78 80 Comb Coal Co.... 19 300 do bOO 73* 60 Ward CSIr Oo.b4 87 800 do 75V 100 NY Can I5R..b60 89)4 100 do a60 U% 860 ?rtc RR 63 0 Mich Con RR..,. 04)4 10U 00 110 01 1W KSSlltKK Ng 78 410 111 Con RB 188 103 Panama RR. .i?0 93* ?60 do 181X 100 do 83 01 100 do 800 1HX CIEY COMMIERCUL KB PORT* Tcmpat, March 2t?3 P. M. Amiies?Salesof 100 hbla pots were made at 7Vc , closing at 7>4<-. Pen-Is were at 7,Jt'c. BKiai^Tcrrs.?Klour?'ibe market was again dull an< .lower to uay. and closed at a decline of ebon*, 18c. a 12l)o Debarrel. The tranaactlona were limited, being confined U about 3, CM) a 4,000 bbla at about the following quotations ? Common to good State 88 SO a 84 ft) Common to good Michigan 8 00 a 3 ft) Extra Stats 3 9J a 8ft) Common to goed Ohio 8 70 a 8 ft) Extra Ohio 6 30 7 CO Southern mixed to food brands 620a 8 ?5 " fancy and extra 6 60 a 7 90 Canadian aaperiine and extra 6 10 a 7 80 a sort of panic prevailed, and some of the quotations could hardly be considered as a fair criterion of the state at the market, which was qoite unsettled. Choice family extras, which uiually sell in small la's, en tld not tie considered materta'l* chtaper 1 be sales oi Canadian were confluad to 180 a 200 bbla.. at about the above quotations Southern tloar wa? also lower, as Indicated by the above prices, with tales of 1.200 and 1 500 bbla Rye flour and meal were unchanged. Wheal was quiet and no sales of moment were repotted, while buyers demanded a oonceeaien of 2a. a 3c per bualinL Yesterday attern.xm a tale of 6,000 bushels prime while Canadian was made at 8170. Corn was lower, and ales were cont'.aed to about 30.000 bushels new Southern yellow end white at 63c Western mixed was quiet and unsettled. Rye was doll, at H6c. a 90c oala were steady, at 47c a 48c for 8oulbern and 32c. a 33c for State and Western. Corrtx it tirm but quiet. Sales of 1,400 bags l*aguayra at 12c. a U'4c , and MS) Bio at ldXc. a lltfc. Blocks o.'iRio 67.990, and el all kinds 92,000 bags CoTTOB.?The oswa by the Africa was considered favorable, and the market was quite fl-m, wltb sales of about 3 0J0 bales tart in uanaliu. The market was at abost the following quotations ? LIVERPOOL CLASSIFICATION. Oris'*n* 4* I'pIaiuU. Floriiln. .Ma! He. Tnuu. Inferior torn com. noin. t reunify 12'u 12'4 12V 12X MHlUUDg 1.1', J4 14', 14'., Middling lair 14', 14.', 14!, IS', Fur 14', note. oati, nam. Cvod lair num. ti .ni. num. oom. Floe com oom oom. nam. lbo following la a statement ol the movement in co ton since ua lit oi Sev tember last aa oompared with the prevl oua thrte yesre ? 1?S4 1856 1858 1847. lecelvfd at porta ... 2,(a.2wio 1,823,000 2,739(100 2 477,000 Kip td 10 O. Britain 781 U.0 935,1x0 1.1X4,000 904 1100 Do. Franc.- 22>000 230 OUO hSO.UtW 299,010 Do. other for. porta 178.000 166,UN) 339 ono 863,080 Total eiporti .1.176 (*? 1,330,000 1.778,1*0 1406.000 Stick an band 616,000 3U.0OC 060.000 620 000 Oi which during the paat week, Included Ic the whore ? Received at porta ... 88 060 03 (Ml 109 000 67,00) Kxp'ld to (>. Brt ais . 76 000 86 000 S6.J00 70.0OJ lo. France .... U.t 00 It 000 6,<N?) 10000 Do ether fur para 11,000 9 000 18,100 lo 000 Total snorts 96.uu) 88 (Nil 78,000 90.000 Fitaihiiis ? Ralea arc rather tim er Put not active. To 1,1 v erpoal. UN' bbls. Iloor at Is. 91; 32,to) L. ista. grain at 6",d a 7 'cd., Including 12,(110 btieh . orn In b?ga, at ,d ; 600 bales of cotton at 6-32o.; m>i tierces lard at 30a , 200 title, beef at 3a. 9d To I-ondon. 300 bbli fbur af la 9d , * OOO bush grain In baga, at 7d ; 700 titr. ee lard at 20a. , 740 bbla. oil rak~ at 17a. 6d. per Urn Ibe amp John Vutncr Adams was chartered for tke river Platte at about $17 fur !amber i>er 11 reel. IIore were in good demand t rem brew era and flret aorta to frlire were acarce ana for brewers' tee aalee were made at 0c a l?e . aa'e* arm balea were made fur shipment at 8J4c , and 3ui do. prune at p t. Dosjtsana?la'eaol 2in) hbds. clayed Cob* at 41,?., an.l 80 Pew Orleana at 76e , and 78 hbda aausrotwda at 40a for old irferter. Navai. ftTrmra.?Fplrlta turpentine la'inanimate. and with I. ample supply ofl'satng, the market ia depreaard. aalea 200 bbla afloat in lola at 46.Se a 47c. caali, and IN) day* aiding in teranl. dosing with a ten.let rj u.ward lower ratea. rocs on . hand fully 7,WO bbla Crude la languid at 33 80 a 83 CIS per IrOlba. Cotrnon roaln under tbe effect of the geoernl dnlneee, baa allghtly declined, ante I 780 bbla alloat at 31 70 a 81 71', per 410 tba. delivered, mostly at Ute Inside rate The me dium and fine grades pre warm and wanted, aalea Six bbla low >o 1 at 33 24 a 83 M per 28ii Iba Tar Is held ablve the views of buyers . sales 1C0 bbla Washington at $1 12',. 1'itcb ia quiet. Due -F.ngllab and American linseed are dnll of sale at sfc. a 87e. Crude whale baa been In aelmated request at tbe Bast ward, sales of 47lObbla being effected there at 12c. for hands cms. Orude sperm la quiet but l.rmly heln, sales 140 bbla st Few Bedford at SI 44 per gallon, Lard <dl ia In good request at 31 10 eash. Red oti Is dull at 68c. ? 70c eash for distilled and saponified. Campheae baa declined to 48e. a 43c. oaeh Fork.?The market was Arm, with sales of 400 a 400 bbla, trcludirg new mess at 8?< 85 a 814 . h'efly at tbe latter figure prune was at 819 10 a 8l" ?. and prime meae at SZt Beef was steady, with aalee of abaci Jx bbla. at 810 78 a311 for eeuntry prime, and at 812 74 a 81S 24. Other descriptions ?i,4 unchanged Bacon and egl meats wers unchanged Lard coetlnurd llim. w-uh aaleesf W) a 1 <U) bbla at 14'?c. a 14Sc. Butler aid el.eeae were upchaogtd. hm ? I ha *a)a? within toe paat few daji h*?* bean pretty latp*. and altlmupb ib? r<*e p a kave (a*n larre, thamarket In* h?|I I'rw1 y eirept for lota andlng. whi-n partia* had to take no ',e. oil, in order to Ml). To day ISO eaaka ? araaold at ? a f>S,e httjaa* are t^e. firmer on khda and Sc ? '?? nn ba*p* Male* <>t mni bbtte . ir>o?U j Out a. at a1a lOe . and ISO batae Havana at aboat lor. WninaiT ?Kale* of 400 a 800 bbla. warn mad* at *t<i. a STn . a kirk wa* an advance. ABVERTUEIERTI RENEWED R?ERY IAT. P?r Mr,M?H?i, li., mOttl MlgtEUAHIKOtl. SAW*.?HOE A OO.'i FATBBT OBOT7BO SAWS, plaatartap trowel*, Ae . ran nn had. wholaaala and retail, at thr principal bard warn atom*, at the aalaaroam* of tha manafhrtnrera. 9 and SI Oald almat. or at tha work*. aornar of Bror ma Ahartfl and Oolumbta a'raata. M. T. ALFXABDSB CrBHMAN, CHKHIBT ARP AFOTHB eary, )on( with Ruahton, Dark A Co.. and John MUhau, Kai,.. Broadway, eorner of Twanly aecwid atrrat dotal t*. (lennain) CT.OTHTRO -CORBER JOHB ABO N APR AC STREET*. -N B. COU.I BR A CO wlah to oal) attention to Ibatr writ aelarted a'ock of aprlng atyles. embracing every variety ot gentlemen'* clothing. raglan*. roete, rant*, vaeta. Ac, all of which arc mad* la the vtry baat manner. and will ba arid at thr vrr/ lowaat prlra for oath Call aad aaa our atork B. ft. COLLI BP A CO.. rornar John aad Raaaau ata. ICRBPII DAIBT BUTTER ABO CHEESE.?SOO PIBKIBH JP prime retailing butter, by tha firkin, SB) boiee bant rl rear, 10 01*1 ponnda ham*, annulder*. baaf, XX) packaree n> w lard, 100 barrel* new pork, 1,1)00 barrel* new mackerel, n rh'rd hrrrlni*. rwdflah, haddock. whltefoh AI.1.A* A KOBE, m Waafclngton afreet. . _ L "* I bRKMCH IMPORTED BOOT*. BHOKf. OAITRRB AND mipprr* from the reiebrated maanfe< tore* of.!, fnpr aa<t krlleeaod oihrr celebrated mahart wnetantly on hand by *lG?Rk FBRRIB A bO*. bontmaherB, M Bateau it.. third bc? at above Maiden lur. DO* r rottAr n rat roach, Ac. eterminator. i oetar *b*dt ng, Ac., eilermlnator | foetar'e, eler'nc powder, for ante, Ac. send rath order* to 'ORTAR, 3*? Broadway, New Tarh Aire, rold by drorrltic ?n?l dealer*everywhere full i>*? Uctilart tent oa receipt of a S .-*nt Poet office ttamp. /TOCRACIVR ORIGINAL ITAI.IAR MEDICATED AOAP \T cure* ptMplee. fTeehlee. Ac.; poodre tubule uproot* hair Iretu low forehead* or any part of the body, warrattcd, at VT Walber ttreet. i rtt ttcre from Bn,r*?<; Cai'ecder, j Philadelphia. Baiaa 129 Wtthiapu* ttiktl, Ut i< o. A v ' DNESDAY, MARCH 25, If 11*11 I AM?OH* C HA RUGS' LONDtoB CORDIAL OH IS SHOWN Bt , ike record* mt theOnstecn House le be the oelj ion** Cordial Gin imported and told to bottles; all oliien ere noxuua mix tor ea made here in Imitation of U It le a deMeloue tonic bevsraas, Mid by Ue peculiar flavor (ao dlflerent from other Bine) to nun niaally tBumiil by all who one It It la adopted with great tneeeaa In eaaae of dyepeseta, gout, rbeumatinm, dropay. gravel, eulle. cholera, raver sad agno. itrtcture diseases *1 Ike artaary or pass, epilepsy .female trrcgntoettlea. Ac Dr. YalenUnadHutt, in a letter to the proprietor aaye ? Charles' London Cordial Out to the purest, beat, and moat rallable extract of jujuLum 1 have eeeu. Cbartot' Ixindon ctvb urn to sold by all druggtoto and grocers In the United MHes, andaoatooare numerous potoona oa'ltd London Cordial Gin-to avoid them buy only CH ABI.EN " Ecjtot any other oflerad to you as you value your health. Price one dollar for unarta, lifty centt for pints. KDMl'HD c. CHaBLBH, Sole Importer, 40 Broadway, New Tark. DB. TAILOR'S PHOaPHORl/.RD BALSAM OP LIVBHwort has cured and ta curing tubercular consumption, broncbitla, Ac., In their moat bopeleaa forma. The luapeotor would not report a<xty or eighty dealha a week from ihta ter rlble dice ere If the alck or their friends would ouly make the lean Inquiry about the action of 'hla etfecilve medicine. a? they would about their 'lightest bualneae atlairs. It la the rreat dlacovery of Protevnorfidbeg. made practical bv Doc lor* Stone, Leed* and Taylor, and abould be In every bouee. For aale by O. J. LEEDS, drug Importer, No. 138 William atreec . (ttor corns, bcniobb and inflamed joints.r Dr. J. LITTLk FIELD 8 shield* and ptoctor are the beat remedy ever oOered tor the relief and cere of those painful aflcct ocs. For aale at his office fluo Hrondway. up stairs, and the nrtrcipal druggurta throughout the city. Prfoa 25 oeal# per box. Let pkdlers, defrauders and hwindlbrxur ware; In genuine nnatmma they oannot have share;

Certificates, premium* and medals are still Awarded alone to my powder aad pills Lion n magnetic powder ami pills, destructive to meecta rate and mice. Ilepot at -124 Broadway. Nervousness, debility, dyspepsia, wear ners, trembling, Ac?That divine remedy. Dr JaCOH WKBbhR'b sanpuitier semis a thrill of strength, vigor ami animation through the warn out system, it Is a Tilessfag lor the sick, tor hab >ual constipe'ton, consttntkraat weak nets, languor, loss of memory, sleep, appetite or strsngth Price $2 50; two for H. Depot 202 Bowery. New spring raolvns. cloth and cashmere frock ooals, pan's and vests; also a general stork ot spring and summer clothing, for men and boys' wear adauteo to Southern and Western or city trade. Great inducements ottered to rash and thort time, hut era N. A. RHAPP, 19 CorUandt street. Notice to news agents In consequence of the largely Increased orders lor PRANK LksLiE'S lLt,L'sf RaTKr NEWSPAPER, No ?9, Containing IP Plcturei of the Canada Railroad maesa 're, It will be impossible to issue It until Tharslay morning. Ottice, 12 and 14 Sprues street. Notice to butchers-in answer to numk rons inquiries we have to lu'urm the butchers of New kirk and Its virnlty that oa the llth Instant, wc commence.! pa} lng CH cents ler ro igh fat which is the present price. i A v KM HUCHAn .? co., 186, 188 and 190 Elizabeth street. QUININE substitute, or nerve tonic-war ranted enre for the fever ann ague, and preventive against miasma; superior to quinine, free from its evils Put rp in h 'ttles alse for pb)s clans' use. Doctors Clone, Cleve lanJ, Beudereon and others, have given their testimony tha' they have effected cures bv It, for Oils and nervonecomplalnts that have resisted ail oilier remediie For sale by G.J LKKLB. drug Importer. Mo 13d William street. REMOVAL-FREEMAN A BENNETT HAVE REMOVED to their new store, on the southwest corner of RroadwA) and Besde street. No. 2K Broadway, directly opposite a. t Stewart ,k Ou. 's, where their ti-leucs and the public are re spectfully invited to e^ll and eiamme their Increased an t valuable stuck of dMOei jewelrv, watchee, silver ware Ac.. Ac ; feeling assured that tliev can compete with ant other establishment in the United States, in regard to tbe qilality and prices of their goods. SEWING MACHINES.?I. af SINGER A OO.'S OJ ZBTTK. a beautiful pictorial paper, contains full and n liable Information about tewing machines, and answers a qnesuons that can be asked on tbe subject. All who rem thin piotr will Hjarn now u> p.ircnaae a sewing macnine wiu which ll.irno a year clear proti: can be made, and will be pre tected from bemg imposed npoo by but of the humbug m? chine* bow before the public. I M. finger A Do.'* Gazetn will be sent grail* to all who a.- ply. by letter or otherwise. I. M. BINGER A CO., 32) Broadway, New York. ST. CATHERINE'S MINERAL WATBR-FOR THk cure of chroalc rhumatiem, dyspepsia, gout anil other chronic and nerrous dlaeasea. It ha* the veriiination to It wonderful power* 4and (eOlcacy, and alto as a cninartu thai will lupimde all ether* of ou most respectable physician* and! oltl/en* all over the 00 on try. >m*i< whom arc General J. WaUoo W ebb, Judge Ulthirlfer, Colon el, Bent/ Hon. Henry Ledyard. For tale by G. J. LERIH. dr ig irn rerter, > 13b William atreet. aole agent lor the Ctdtci: t? a, to whom all ardrr* must be addressed. Ill PROPLiR'-<1RI1)1RON turn* out the most tender and delicately flavored broil*, aid abate* that Urnble nuisance, the fumes of homing fat It must become a universal favorite In all well r*guiatec kitchen* a* soon a* known. Wholesale and retail depot, ar Broadway, N. T. GRO. L. CANNON. THIt GREAT BUOCMM ANO CONTINUED DMMANDOK I)r. VIRGIL'S JAPANESE TOKaI has mduced the pro prietorr not alone to Increase the quantity, but also tu enrich its properties, and to remove everything unsulted for the Amsrlctn palate The usaads have weaned themsclvas from ibe curse of tobacco chewing wiili benetlclal resulta, ilnce lb introduction Into this country. Tokal Is retailed at *e.g*r and drug stores. Wholesale. 412 Broadway, up ntaira. DP M. RIF.D BEGS TO INFORM TnR FUBI.IC THAI M all the " London Cordial Gin " made here is not nor ions bat in equal, if not superior, to the so called lmpcirtrd article, and If the community valued their health, the; would purchase only REKD'B. Distillery lid last Twenty-ninth street Offlce, Aroade. Broadway. HTBKKRR AND kfdl'BTACHBS FORCED TO GROW in aU weeks, by mv unguent, which will net Main 01 Injure the skin. $1 n bottle sent to any part of the country R. a. GBAHAX, AOUJn Broadway; Ziebmr, 44 Booth Third treat Pkiladalohla. anM. Bi.ias?UanaoLk ?la Knoivilie. Tenn , on Boaday March 16, by Bar. Joseph Martin. Mr. Abchhuld M. Hue to Mian Mzau E IImioli, ail or OrocEDOini, L 1. Gzacaaa?Piwoid ?Od Monday, Karoo 23 by lh? Hot J. m laatlp, Gaoaoa tiaapnab 10 Euzabrb Ficaroaiall or tbla oily. M' Czitt?Ijb ? Ob Wedncoday, March IS, by tbo Rot Dr Ualonburgb, Mr. Taoaza MiCaxrr to Mlaa A.vnia Laa, both tf tbla oil). Ml i<niT -Kn7. ?It Newark, N J , oa Friday, I Marcb 20, by the ><* H C. Fiab, John Mancaarr, Eaq , It S-i Naa?n, wood dtojhier of E. A. Kou, Etq., for mealy 01 Rrrnki)a, L. 1. WiLin?k(On ? Oa Toeaday, March Id. by the Rot. Dr, l'ottt, Mr MTiiuas Wai kmm to Mra. Eiuznani McJaar, all of tbla ttty. DIM. A run ?Ob MOBday, Marcb M, J out Arua, la the 40U year of bla age. T>e relative* aa<f Wanda or tbo Hastily, the Btembera of Brocklya Lodge, I. 0. of O F , aad the order la general, arc particularly requaatod to attead tbo r antral, tbla afteraoon, at tbroo o'clock., froo# bla lata raaldenoo, oor aorof liudton aroauo aad Marthallairoet, Brooklya. Hia romalua win bo takoa to Greenwood for interment. traaaie?Oa Hub da;, March 22, Ok*blu Hbbbt Banana, aged C ycara, 1 moatb aad 11 days. The rtmaiaa were latorrod in Greenwood Cemetery. Dearcat Charley thou baat left u?, And tby loaa wo drepiy real; Bat 'tin God that baa berofl ua, Be caa all our aorrowa beai. OreoaSeld and Lacoaa. N. H , papera ploaao copy. Baron ?Ob tuaeday. March 24, Caaai.m Baany Pacnm, god J7 yoara aad I moauta Tha raiailyao aad frioada of tbo faaally, the member* of Jctleraoa Guard, Com piny R, Roland Lodge No 10, A. 0 U F., Humana Lodge. F. end A. M , and tha Order dor Getmaeem, are roquet ted to attead the raaoral, to atnrrow alteraooa, at twa o'clock, from bla lau raatdanoa, No. ?7K Ntn atriot. Bmhin ?Oa Monday atoning, March ft, rmaacw A., tea of Fraacta A. aad Mary E. Bigga, aged 1 year, 1 moatb aad 10 daya. The re la u to* aad fHeada of tha family are leopootfUy uuTttod to attend tbo faaorai. tbio alteraaea, at hair pant two o'elech, from tha reetdenoo of hi* paroata, No. M Wtlkugbby atroot Brooklya. Rlbbtkbb ?Oa Monday evening. Marco 2S, at bla realdaaoo, la Broollya. Aim am an Num. Bunciaa, ton of tao ibm Alexander Bleocker, aged U yoara. Tbo relatlvoe aad Meade ol tao fbmtly arc laytlcd to attond tbo raaoral, front at Tbamaa' obnreh, la tbla cfty. thin afteraooa, at half paet four o'clock, wtthoat farther InnitUoa. _ Cenua ?um I0MI7, Marco *j, or oouaompiion, jouw Gaaiin, a|id 10 year* The fMernla ot IB* family are lavltad la attaad the fraoral, wltBoot itirtBw actio*, from hi* lata roaldaao*. No. 07 Ore**wVh MrHl, to morrow tfiernooa, at two o'clock. HI* rema-aa wUi bo laterrrod I* Uroaawaod. Guar ? Oa Hud ay, lurch 21, at No. 170 Foarth ova a* Honour G Utaar. Tb* rta alaa war* latarrtd la Ik* Ooatowry of tb* Krornum. Caaamav.? At Nowark, N. J., m Maaday moralag, March '-13, Mr*. Kuan CaaarnT, agad 70 ftart, moatha aad 11 day*. . __ Th* friaada aad relative* of tha family rta raapaetfaily lavtted ta attaad tha faaaral, from th* 1 mtMaaa of bar daughter. Mr* ( hhftarta, No. 100 Oamaaaroa treat. Nowark. N. J., thla aitaraooa. at oaa o'clock Data ? Oa Taeaday, March 34, Kaaa Amu. you eg. aat d*o(ht?r ot Joha D. aad Haaaah L. Ftld, aged i yaar aad 10 aay*. Tha ralaUoaa aad friaada ale raapaetfaily mntod ta attaaa Um faaaral thla aftornooa, at two o'eio*, from bar lata raatdaaoa, Na. Md Mth atraat, wlthaat further larinmn. Brooklyn, oa Hcaday morning, Maroh gg, Gaern Wtoman, oaly daoghtar at Theodore aad Grao* W Hioadala, agad I yaara aad 7 moatha. Th* frtaaaa of th* family are raapaotfhlly larltad ta at lead th* loaaral, from No U Saada Ureal. Broohlya thla aftrraaoa, at Uirea a'olaoh Boim ?Oa Taaaday, Maroh M, Joaa Wiuua Hosonr, aged 4 year* 11 moatha aad 0 day* Th* friaada aad relative* of tb* famUy are raapaetfaily la r Ned ta attawd tb* foaarai, thla aharaaaa, at oa* o'olrak. from th* rtaidaaa* of hla pareata. No. lit Weal Fiftieth atraat. l/eu> -Oa Monday moralag, March 18, Joaara N. Loan, la the 73d year at hla ago. The faaaral will tab* place thla afternoon, at roar o'clock, from No. 11 Wool Sixteenth 1 tract The friaada of hla family, aad thooa of nia aoaa-ta law, Oliver B. Twaedy aad F. W Ktmaada, are reepaotfelly lariled to attend. Tbo remalao wUl bo Interred ta tbo family raall at m. Stephen'? church MamaeLL.?On Tooaday evening, Maroh td, William H , ycoagect child of Wiliinm H. aad Eilmbotb Maraaail, god two year aThe frteada of tb* family are raapaetfaily iarhad ta attend tb* fkaaral, rrom No 303 weet Thirty fifth treat, 10 morrow afternoon. at (noo'cloca. don t io ?do Tuooday moratag. Maroh 34. Taoeaa w , tea of Rrbert aad Ratty Ugllvle In the 10th year ol hla ag* _ _____ Tb* relative# aad friaada of tbe family ara raapaetfaily invited to attaad the fnaarni, thie afternoon, at oae o'clock, from tbe rootdeaoe o'hie paraeto. Oreeepotat, I. I. Pxireennp (t* Monday, Marco 14, Mm Jonaaaut, wld( w of Iho lata Morrle "atte?*or. aad dangnter of tbe late Roteer Van Brant, ef free Itiatd Jk? rtialivt* aid 'rtocd* * ice ko. x ud itxm of b?r ' J5T. I m-liliw, Jobs But, JLD. in rwyMltallf UniM I* I mm luinu, ko- ovnvw UHnnra, m twv ?aw, (Na No 80 Otlvor Mntt, without FirUtr lnviloiloe Pbmlaii?Od Mood*/ morning, Marob 88. Jon* Poulam, ? the 07ih ihi of hli at*, a mUti of Qnaaaa oouoty, Ireland, aad for the teat 88 ream a reoideat or Ikla any. Hla trleada aad aogaatalaBooa, aad ihoaa of bio eooe, Jobs, Jr., Jamaa aad Mlohaei, aro reopoetfully Intnod to attoad tbo Amoral, without further nottoe, iblo aooa, at three o'sloek, from hlo lata reotdeaoe, No 118 Went T won 17 mm atroot, botwooa Seventh aad Eighth aveaueo. Hla rematea will bo Interred la Eleventh otroot Oemetary. Baa Fraaeiaoo, California, papora ploaaa copy. hADWAt -Ob- Monday, Marob 18, Mro. Bamxu KenDdLL Raiiwat, aged 70 yeara. Tbo relattvto aad rrtonda of tbo tbaally aro roopeotfuily Invited to atload tbo taaoral, without further notice, front tbo MooMrlal cbotob, Hammond atroot, ooraor of Waverloy place, tbla afternoon, at t oo 0*01008. fUraivi ?at fiaten Ieland, oa Monday, Marob 88, Wa. Bbbbt Hapklia, in tbo 39ib year of hla ago. Tbo frtenda and relatlvea of tbo family aro reopootfntly Invited to attend tbo funeral, from Ibe roaldonoo of hli brother, Abm B. Bapelye, No. 1?8 Perry atroot, tbla afternoon, at one o'clock Roiuaroa.?Bnddoaly, In Hobokoa, oa Monday afternoon, Marob 23, William Atumta, only aoa ot William H and H Lonlaa Roblnaon, aged 8 moalba and" 14 daya. Tbo relative aaad friend of the family are reapeotfally Invited to attend the funeral, from at Paol'a oburon, oornor of Hud ion and Third Areata, tbla afternoon, at one o'clock. Tatb ?On Monday atoraoon, Marob 81, Roaaar Tarn In the 71at > ear of bla ago. Hla friend* aad aoquatatanooo, tbooe of bla grandeon, Jobn R Auld, and the membera of llanoook Lodge No 48, 1 0 of O F , are reapootfully Invited to attend tbo !u neral. to morrow afternoon, at two e'elook, from hie late reddence. No 1(4 Jlztb atroot Funeral aervloeo at tbe Cburcb or the Epipbany. 17.twwir.aa rw. T? A./t.tT wwa ram Milan Mr Xlavfth fLi bftbF 8 ifcort but painful lllneaa. Kb ad ckh Ahblxa Vaumtihb, aged 4 ) ttra 10 isobtbi and 19 d?yi. Ibe funeral aervcea will be held nl the raai'fenoe of her lather, No. 120 Eut Thirty atventh atreet. The frlctda f t ibe family are Invited to attend at three o'clock P. M. Wbiti.? On Monday, March S3, Mabt Elian Wmrn, daughter of William and Mary White, late deceated, aged 8 joai a Thefrleeda of the family are reapoctfully reqntetel to attend the funeral, tbla afternoon, at two o'olock. from No. It Eaat Twelfth itrtet. Wiiiton.? Od Tue*i ay morning, Ma-cb J4, of general debility, Mi i'obd Wilton, formerly of Plaoaaway, M J , aged If yrara. The uneraliervlcea will takeplaoe thta morning, at half put hn o'olock, at No 59 Murray atreet, oorner of Ool lege plaoe, to which the friend* of the family are reapsot fully Invited, without farther Invitation Hie remain* will be taken to I'laratawav, N J , for Int rment MARITIME INTILfelllRCI. ?? AM rnrkn/ft anil UL'trt for 'fit New Voaa Bbkald nlwuld Ik nealiiL aiwabao roa raw roan?tbib dav ion niena ? a Mil boon rbts eve G IP run ean 0 17 I men watbb e*a 8 Mi Pott of N?w York, March ill, IHVt. CLEARED Rtt-mnHhlp Man'.i. Rogere, Valparaiso?G il HobHou Rtesmehip .larkron, i-haw. Baltimore?H Btfmmwell 8h:p Kirplre Stale, Brtgg*. Liverpool?1> A A Kings ar.d A Button. Ship W It Sewell, Morrison, New Orleans?Ragle A lla/.ud. Bark Michael (Piuai, Hchinelr, Liabeo? Kuncn A Meimke. Bark Aeronaut, Packner, Itemarara?J M amlih A Oo. Briir Iium Mltrliali. Bu?n<>< Avroa? It I' Buck A Co. Brig LamarUne (Norw), Zerntcbow, Cadi*- llolmboe A , Rein. Brig Arabella, Day, Aap'uwall-Panama Railroad Co. Btig A Blanc-bard. Blaucbard, Trinidad?i,' A K .I Peters. Brig Ptiraeil, 11..', < ieul'uegoa - H il Brooaman A Co. I Bilg Eranconia. Upton. Trinidad?Thompson A Hunter. Brig Llneoin. Brookings. ueorgetown?H D Hrookman Brig Mianim-Fader, Bali.more?Wenberg A Weeks Pchr J Tali, Deluro. BtThwmaa ? Russell AtVtninir. Rebr K A Ilairmffnd, Peeling. N.uwai-J W Klweil A Co bchr Sultan (Br , Day Haiifai?J U IKrnovan. Bcbr Maieta. Fowler, Jacksonville?D R DeWolf Pcbr k. Kinder. Harden Wilmington ?|i C Mot*v bchr H WlUetts, Cranmer. AieiauJr.a? Vau Brunt A blagbL, AMBTJCU. Steamship Africa (Hri, Shannon. Llverpeol, Marcl 7, with mflae and pajaeugera to E Cunard. Had heavy wesir-ny galea tbe enire pitatage Maruk 7, noon, paeaed stilus Oul'lvator at d Weaiern r.mnlre, bound K; IJth. ?:?i aM, paeaed ore of the Canadian Co'a screw fieamer*, with loaa oi tore aaat by the deck, supposed the Anglo Saion; M,11 CM. passed a ecrew ateainer, ship rigged, bound K, supposed tbe hdlnburr. t.ence frr Glasgow. Meamahip Alabama, rcb-nok Savannah. tW bourn. with mdveaid passengers o. - : Mitch . Bo dale. '.I 10 AM. ft Oil ea fW ot Frying Pan nboals eiobangeil algnale wl.h a learner,'nbowlDg a wklte signal with le;ter S. bound fouth j (lalccn); r 4ft I'M Lookoui bearing UK*, eiohanged signals with steamer K. y atone mate, bound B, XVI Inst. 3 aM Il.ute ran ngbl BW by A ei<banged algnale with steamer Aiiguata hern for Savannah 'the A wae detained by the fog. KteamaLip Mount Borage, Watson, Baltimore, flu h run, with mdae to H B Cromwell. Halp America, Baratow, Liverpool. Jan 28 with muse and 124 pnratng' :a to I) A A Kmgaiand A Button. No date tat tJtfc, Ion 60 In a heavy gale, eprung melntonnest. March 1U, lai 4i'H Ion Ml, at 11 Ail sew a large steamer bound W The A haa i iper rpce d a c inatact rocoemlon ol heavy galea from tbW to W8W nearly tbe whole passage B irk l.urla Maria (afra'em) Cbeevar. Montevideo, Jan in with hides wool, he TbehaikCrra sailed the same day tor Rio .lar.eoo f eb IS lai 24 lid B. lou Si B W, .spoke Br ship Bain oral, Irnrr Portsmouth, K. tor Bombay. 51 days out, 14'h, Ut 23 411 h Ion 31 OS W spoke a lp Washington. Iloltey. ot and lor New Bedford Ircm esnowlch Island*. March 13. la' 27)^ B. Ion tij i&. eioletehr lleieu, from Portrtuouih lor Harna does who reported having bad her d?ck?la?ept In a severe b W gale r n 2d March had alio loat iwo b rata Brig Alloa iBr). Brown VasMM M' March 14 with molaraes and 4 passengers B Ba-on. -^argent A <V>. Una new Word Md Wo* Or Iran*) iillpbaol i ai-dena* Marrb l.t. * Itta sugar kod oio t'Mi. to Moaea fayu.r A On. Kxp< i lei cm ilrnr u |>K ?imIp ua Hi iCib when (he otic iiinterod a hi kvv gale Horn WoW Inat llyb g Jihboom. aplit fore and uaituprail ard w a* compelled W) run before the gale for H bou r? during which lime ablpped arreral he*?? area. whlrb Ailed Ilia decks and cabin with water and nurnid (ha rrueel to leak badiy March 12. otlihrilepea of Delaware, fell In a Hh a II Il k rablu ol a Mar. ?aa painted jellow on too, wllb green rnauldlrg and green sliding companion w*?, willi fold ilk ooor#. whirn ajt arei.Uy ia?o ned from tar outride Brig Frilly W ?eyhirn (of FilUtoe', Hubtard, Near Or leans. If. daya. a lib MOT, laid Ac Id Reuner A drake Mrbr John Roe Harrington Charleston, 4 daya. arith dotton, to McOradr MottACo Mchr J 0 Dobbin. Groom. Waehinp'on KC. Fefr Moutiirrni'r, Sia. iions. Newbera.RtT fchr f. Iiatwih A Eleanor (3 traatai Parker Otty Point 1 daj a In the MK blow ol Monday, airing a leak o' about (HU n'rolea t?r hour Fcbr n Cole. Har-'ton. Ba'timcre. Mcbr Plcirom. Ma. In', Delaware PctrCoir ptomitr hop*. J riaware. RchrCC Miller Flppler Delaware s< br Mar* Am A Carmlnd, Bender* n Delavvat rrhr Martha J Gauze H'eTeneon, itelaware Fcbr Maiy II Viflin. Welle. Delaware Fchr It I en Holmes R.raand KcTir Juatit a 'troth. Rock and krbr.lorepb Rakrr Reel land SibrOora. Krlly, B.aun febr Ann Flower#, Crowe)!, Ronton fehr Fiidonle, Freeman, Wel'IWet for Kg* llmrlr > K< hr K Fran kiln. Holbroob, Wei tleet. Mrhr Jcln Hratty. sharp Hrldarport lor Phlladel^M*. Ml. op Wm II Bow#p. Hallotk ProTldrree. Mtratner W??tzl.e?ier (Mart Pratldenoe. Heatr>r 1'rrea llaira Hartf'rd. Bteamrr Frreeca, ('be Mber Hartford. BELOW Barb Mary C Dyer, from Wer. Indl's Wind very light at sunset from rW. Ttl#Krapklr Marina He port. ItrorrnN Marra 14?Arr barka Harah II enow. Darla Poo ch"W too. Young Creek, Humi hr-jr, Menine. tleeiuei4 Olty ol New York, e. >1 H Hrwb, NYora Herald Marine ('ormpmuienr*. rniLADRLPMIA. Mark 24-Arr ichre Am K.-lrt.:*-, Rrwletd NYork. 8 C Bertbner, Fmttb Oh *r lemon, Korali. Btreon, New Bedford; B f Rceree. Hbaw. Haeioa. rid bark K Dwighi, Kelly Harbadoee. brlgFloren Ine. Horn ner. Air id will rchre ftpray homere Havaonih, J W Rum icy, 1 ajlnr. CherleiVin. Je? Ri ?ll?s. Neal N. wlU eti H T Rerrre. bbaw Bolton; J Ferr an, Baker, l'rortden'? Gilbert Oreen, Wearer. New Ix-ndrn Mler-ellaiteoua and Dleedrre. Lone or Wmnio Bin H B Cairo no Ngtni.r iu Bum?We lee.-o from our onrreapoodant al Hi Helena tbat ike bark II H Craf o (of Dartmouth!, ''apt Baker, ?M aapihed on ike nl(bt A Ike Ittb of Jari'tary, and ill handa eneptleg Cept B end ana eeaman were euppoead to be loot. Tbe latter d dated Pi Ile)?i>a. Feb 19. and a ae followi ?Tbe Brtueh teatner England. wb.rb arrlreil at tkla port aa tbe ?th February fmM Cape of Good Hope (In 9 daye), reportt thai on tlet Janaary loot, whea In latlt>ide M M) R, Ion SI ki R. hartag piekrd up a raft with Copt Baker and ona eaoman. being tbe wile inn Iron ol Iba Am whaling bark By II t'rapo. eapai/od ia a heary to nail oa tba night of tbe 1Mb January Twenty of the now luppaaad ui be drowned. Copt B and tbe eeaman were landed el tbe (hpe of Good Hope. The H II C tolled from Dartmouth on the 12th of June. 1*64 and al leit aooounle trom her bad on beard 716 harrele eperm oil. Rbe wai Hip tone burthen, and owned by lueker A Uummlngi, at liartMoiiik Petr 9i*n Wllllomi. from Manila o' and fir Roetoo, lodea with In mo and rogor MM rejwirted pot Into MM k Jan 6, had atruri an a rnek. and wna making a gran- deal of water Of! tbe 9th tbe had lire feet eater In the bold and pumpi non ttnually go'nt l aptain and chief officer ifeh. ard three men <bl) capable of doing duty. Her cargo a muca damaged. Hhe would dlacbarge and repair Bit flntr Loup Okoeo* Bannm * from Hbleldi kept ,1. fur kin Frnicaon, went down la at at it. Ion SO W mtieen of Ikearew were sareo and turn to eome tolondi nailed tnonr rtctly 'Malrtraa W'e prennme man? of the crew were loot, aa tkcee Mrrd mere | mbahly not half 'he mMplcment of men bat the Valparaisoiccouat ebtch girea tbe abort Inf mnation a ellenl en that 0otnt Whai n?<; H?pa Hinaan Bntwaa, of New Ixmdon, arrtred at Rt Helena on the loth nit from Trauani and a earrey wee h Id o? ber ard ebe WM r>? demeed on tbe 16th Her etern poet waa worm ??i? aad ?b? could not be repaired ?ln that open roadrtead Per of ber oil would be ahlpped hp the berk Mormould, of Cold Hprtng. R??? Tajbaru?The cargo of bark Taamanla Ibm Llrer pool. Mb ore below Fortiano, will be eared, except the ea t. 1 be cargo la tneored In Boeton It la thought the berk will go to plecen. Barb K A Cotwrabr?A dee patch (Vnm Provlneetown etatne that berk Rll/a < or bran e. before reported Behore on the bar nfl Frorlncetown. waa dot on afternoon of 24d. pr'hr M?bt The nteamehlp Ruwannee at Hew Or teena. fell In with the echr Harp Rlien of Rreaoria. Terna. on the fronting of the 11th trat. al-out fortp ml,.-a off Indtanola, itWMdril and waterlogged, with her erew on board, ead towfd MMMC I ndlanola. a l ale of wind wae bio win* at the time, an hnl for the arhonner being dlarorered and nanleted bp the Riiweunee, the mutt hare foundered and the nrew paIMM. Four Winn Atiai, Oom a Bouthern nert. bound to Kew York, with JtOeorda pine wood, went aehore on teroen Run Inlet on "undap nlpht and remained Monday evening, her wned waa being floated at hope, and H waa thought aim would be got ofl uninjured, aa ahe waa tight and lap* head to tea. Whalemen. For loaa of bark II H Ornpo. of Dartmouth, aee Mtereliane. " ait at ?t Helana Feb A hark Monmouth. Rldredge, of OMR Bpitng. ffon. Arjier AWap MO wh. tfWtt Iba bone loth. bara , liai nan Hreeer. emlth, nf hew London. Map M? wh MUO 1 IbatM ia, and waa rondtmaed 16th (aee Mtneel), Imh bark R 1, baretow Parott, ot Matt, from Trlauana. I to ap (All of the ab"ite remained In poet Feb It) Cfl Ritet Of Plate Men 31, Chfle. Clark, KB. IkO ap all lold. At Va??o Aug ? Alpha, Cnawell, Kant VOap. t pen of tape date, a whalnaklp. ahowtng a red 1mm m th It 1 in it Kpnhtit. ?K>. *Mp ffir N'f ?,?Milor L!t#fponl, *?rt*7, no I M, At 1 I 5 Bklp Whll? Paleon. Ryan from Htrwi lN ila Gibraltar for 1 Callao. >u ??fB no dale. Re. A double uituil ;ud tlug n-eei-iog g thowlog a whit* ?igoal. with bluet Iriieri M N in it we* putad Majeb ft, lat .16, Ion 73. Bara Jane Daggeit. Lambert, (rem Glaegow for New York, Ft b 34. la. 62 Ml. ion 19. Brig l? 8 Hi own Irom NOrleani lor FhUadalpkia, Marofe 16 I.rtxd in ? *i 1U Brik A O Washburn 4 days trom Bristol, HI, far Cardenas, March 17 lat !S 19 N, lun 72 31 Brig K r Nun, aiaarlag BMW. March le, tat 33 U K, Ion 73 36. Foralcn Forte. Brunt pa March IS?la port ahtp D rurn, Tonne, from *aw To'k lor Olasfow, cargo raahtpped, soars alo.t, wo lid be .1 aatla in ail Mat weak and aall liral opportunity, barke Heip-r. Br.atil. noni < r on dam t for Boaton, rapaira comple'sd, av< would rail on the 1Mb, Pearl (Br; Hmc&inr (rem Nl.ori tnl an i|t> u nermuda La Cose Mahra lr.-r, NYorkforMar arillrr dlrg 1 allpll*liter. Paine, (root iroma.-ara. reutubg. to rail tin ,st'w Yoik In a few days: brlga Le-.iathan, Fliiaer, wiRouiirie' intentions. Water Witch, Oonwa>. from Para (cr lairm rapaira completed and oar go reloaded. <e rail i writ the or it week, Breeze (Br), Ming, (roni Bahia fur New York, repair completed, balance cargo rwshlpped. loaailthe in it Monday. Alomider Mllliken, rmlth. lor KYork. repairs complelea balance of cargo leioaded. together with cargo or hiiglit in v Aaron, from .lariiiel. U> kail Hih, Henry Harm, iiipped. bull ami ma'.er lalt eiceptiDg anchors, chain*, Ac lobe told ivth, abby Taylor, Llndsley, f na aspicwaJl for NYoik tepslre nearly .orr pie led, would reload bides and sill in b days Broome langUwrne. from MJago. Cuba, far Newr Ymk. boiloin rti aulked and other repairs prog leasing, would rel< ad csrgo and sail In 12dam. Wi Moore, repairs nearlp ct mpleied lo sail in 6 dsys; schr MA Wood, Wood, from Savsni Hh for Philadelphia, repairs nearly complete*. would re hip lunbcr Ac. landed and nail lb * day a. Z n-cor. Blaiadell, lor k llinli gion MC, repairs progressing, would be ready In a lew datr; t in/. Ill iPoJlj, Iron. Madtdra. repairs completed ler N Yi tk the ssu.e day. At anchor inside North Reef, hark Jibn Colby Ilufllngton hence lor acort. nil 7th. bark Kob I noor, for Oporlo, with balance of cargo of brig I evlsihsn hAifac BP. Msrch 14-In port rhtpa Golden Ftar, Murphy. In ii 1 lit u ool for NOrleans, .fobn W WLIta, Mc.Mear from B< rti ii tor BCrleans. bad repaired damages, and would Mil r<? r.: Can den, lor NOrlcaas soon; brig Neheiniah Hand. Rtel i in ii lor Brrir.en. repg. I'm t> ami tvo, Feb 24-- In perl brig Weredade ,of Ka?iport). Pudt> tn in Pt Johns, BK, arr 23d. Ibe iel'ow fever baa bttn i|iille virulent particulsrly among the rhlpping. hi kAi.i.KA. Ptb IK?Arr bark rt h Waterman. hopes Mallla ni.urld lfith lor BY oik). Hid Feb 2 shins Kuroclydon, h poller (flom Hniohay). l.lverpool, 3d, .'Kmestnwn, I'andage (In in do), do. Ihe Kuroclydon did not anchor, having arr and sic. ibirei'sy. Prsrtd by do Feb 6, ship arollue Rrtd, Franesvllle, from O OB. . I? It L .,l,?.l St Jobw, Mi, March 14?Arrachr Alhil, Purr. Aleiondrla. "t audhlws, NB, Mkri h in? Arr ichr Kntrrprtae, Brewer, MVotk. (Pkr stbimkinr Ariucz.1 AMWritr March 4?81(1 Mlsaiiaippt, (jtrdna. NYork. > h v ah, Jon 12- In port ehlp BomIoo luaht. Crowell, tor Ki>roiie aik'aktk, Feb 9?Arr A H Kimball. Mallei*, Cadiz. Jti iMci March 4?Arr at the Pill, Amelia, f lint, Savannah. Hid 4th 1 ady Baclao, City Point ItAKi i iirnz. F'eb 11?Arr Angela, Purl*, NOrleant, 13th, llanry, 4 herey, ? York. Old 14th Julia, Kr-murira, Hew Or)? at a. 4 AkDtrr, March 2?Arr Vane nan. Carney, Ixmdon; 4'h, C< (.bit nate, Irv id, do. Sid 3d Aromeae Hnow, flarndeu, Terub0o Cadi/., Feb 17?Ar Chanlto, KOrleant; Joven lllto, Charleaton, iiiat. Mai eh 4?Air Jot Llttlefleld, Potter, London for Newport. Wkcortin Peou. do for Sydney (and both anchored); Sth, lvhiihuc, simpton, Calcutta Tin* Ht Helena for Loudon (ana prcttedtd) Fur-red by 4*h .JeverLund from NOrleana tor Bremen, Stb, B Colcord. Park, from Lelth lor MatanzatSunn our, Feb 27?Sid from the roadt, Bevere, Know. Boelon. I ALMoiiTii. March 3? Panted by. brig Jr met (iray, Plumm r, from Cbtrlrtton for Kotterdoin. <?i am.ow. March ?- Arr Macedonia, Preble. NYork (lihiiztiau, Irb 3h-i Id Yankee Blade, Jackton. Izall,J3d, Peter Clinton. Mandueil, Martelllet (o.joz, Feb 22?Bid iiiutepplna Mt-relln, NYork. II avk*, March 4? In the roadt. St Mlonla*. Broaden, fret# JiCil. Cid Ith Wni Wliberlce, At wood, Rio aneiro. llrr voET, March 2?Sid HIehard Anderaoa, ?'<illn. NYork. llAMHtlttd, March 1?Sid Sir ltaac Newton, Poop, N York; Kite Wn .'Hi, do LivmrooL, Marob S?Arr Oooeawalter, Paiion, Savannah; In i rv clay, ( aullma, Nlcrk, Sir C Mooter, Sorter, and Fori Wmluie liil'b NOrleanr; 4ih Wni Jarvli, Bullaid do, Helen 4io(rtJw in, and Brazil. Blair, Savannah; City of New York, Sultrr. M'ork. Srh Victoria lloagh'y and tirainplan, Wiiton, sain i ah, Miltladee Curry, ship leland, Hth, H Kobineon, ano k /. Hrdgea NYork, Warbler, Oldham, tnd J O Tyler. Lev rv. BOiIrani;Perrlan Howard. Chartcttoo Batlei Lontllt Mobile; Prrtland Ogg, ApoUebloola. Joteph Howe, Kite, Savannah (in rnfrh Weutem Vmetre Boole from NCrleant: < ultlva lor hntfeli. frcrn bf York. 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