Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 27, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 27, 1857 Page 2
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1 ffrttlau'lijr llku'i MtaVlMto OMIMit* In in I ha Matter mt Trinity Chorea kamut-l I cktaaio.* K?.| , a tet'ryuMu ?" Mt of ih* ?'? u I D wnm. It* 01 I He outporilijt. cat ? J t.t * Jru V! ju- '!>? a^r ot tu- tVnir* ..f 1 Chu ear h? tuti* have ycu . *n : bo* .mm ? a.-joint" ol iw ?*u~iiig c u.a. u. e: a 1 h?v.. !> rn ujeaht* of .he * e*") t N-"it <?n > tMtih, nud of the etoiJtrg ojtuotitute nit ?i\ or t """ a J rui "I 'cc 'i ? in* nil cummiuie. *nrh y.ruv?u ? ? . or.i .r?; 1/ eeeii< thkai ih- mrruiUori a Mn( ill** 1 ?m * * ?rt 0: or ever kura ot. *1 im you ancerstaod tbaf any eo-p tra'-dr h?e a right 11 see Ilk- 1 lit; a. i do y ifihi irLu been 1 r"-j al lo adoir tucb lint wis it by ki) lufe-'lukl id the V- ry I,r standing i- mill ?l a. Jj air BO* that 1 IB ewere ?? V HwivrrM) rajum either :->r *u '.oa eeitoa or copy of the >t? 01 carp >r?"or? or -ma. > 'he ateuilou of ihg Vih rj 1 be a* eu win ul be t esiry wen cell-d v> iu appuci-iou by br Mfninw 'ph. to cop - of b? HO' 00 por.tto y 11 grai 'ed A 1 w a, noaonuou* y. 1 oe 'eve V. War any obcr i ppl'Calkru either loj aa Inspection oe OP** ne nj?.1rirPi vtirjr s not ihtl lam air* e of y Hare u.e grant- mad. 01 the V.-?ir? beeu made la a oar z*n tpirtl 10 high ' . burrb and ajk' burin opmlet >t A. 1 abokid ?*? decl.lMly n t, 1 wo lid ant further b?i ih? qneaUon >1 high ' a d low" cliurc* iu* ib* lore 1 baa* been in the Vestry, hu >een eery aal A ? I' ever a luce* t and if 1 though* that ant application a all 01 bar rest ecu, mer.umoua nhouid be rejected on the prauud of :u mw" oheeh l should reaigu uoy pia-a* member of the -taodiog 1 on ml tie*. y t nae ibe Vestry been. oyour knowledge or Judgment, perual to making their appropriation* to other ibu cheer a, 1 hat a ways tideovored u. be Impartial n.ya-11 and 1 hire e 1 ear CM- *c "" M that the other tuenibera wee ac u y W ra* u.i<aoed the (Handing <'-ommit>ee and Ui , IttLeir action up, n the appi cation of si MaUhew'a church? A yah. WaJ hn4 '? DiAflM A lalUH .ldffhWltH 111Min rrin'te Item we t>c?.jr bi ?? e.iuld i>*aonwolyr grwui ua we thou ht tewt i the the i. ?uie or ih*< panwh the w partial approprl* iim would do but lutle go d i ?i uid stale thwl the aopllo* rh.n ee. tued couched b. eer. peremptory terms hod I reool teel that we a nn mher of the eUutdtug t mm wiltee 1 tail we ct oivwt our.rltetol ad teeing ta ca eequsooe of the ?erol ar et> le el hs apdUcwUnn to.a hid them if we could, we bwu very I t tie fekh of .be orurch euereed'ag if we did eld feui Here w tre ether ohurchee la the vt.inUj t, It le cha'a"! mat die. entry oi triutu u arch h??e tn?ktrial y reduced .ht rtiprnd* toiinerly pu<l to clergy ipen 1 > the ciiy of hew York.. How la .lie iwet a Irian* ihureh ti.eiwkeu away upend* from ceilaia church** whrsecm gt? p Don* ihry thought aid not i e< a them, lining abuuoamly wbit* e oo wttbciui th*m . una grwui* 01 ? p'nda were m*1* te ?ther tt*uu<.<* wbe eth ; were more nee lei The wg ftrt gwie 1 Lutek, fitwuot been reauce. V. i o yeu ihiu* >h?t ft urch hwa dan-It* uiroo.ito wke the e.piu ol tlw property of 'h*l c. r^urwtioo wrau*iie tut the ton dt. || artuppo.t or or motion of rellgiou* char hade or cure v.i?l m?'iiti"ct ? or purpwe.r * I thlat wrinuj, Chiitcli hterawdc pprc-priaiiua* lor reluloun oij. e e Mk'.U i ot f?rt> 'ha' irudence wou.d wwrraut lu refe retce to her Diet h 1 Bi V uncollect . 'iiufienn ooD.t'one eiceeoe or fh.ea theti of n^L'.ot-ui' a i tu ck that for t?e t??. twe or thien eewie hi r exoexic liure h?ee ci-ceded her tnrume c Hi-nd ra My? ?rr **n?i,two i think tor gome yea* pretrion*, for tie wi ball iloim yen her eipeudtturt . n*e largely ex reeled he, income <j. Wd you elate whrnvr m your judgment theie ex lendiew c? hitr. aceu dire e<lly wad eiecly u,?der a. 1 certainly dot no eireui wt iu u. a ir . x'ei I V Ahht h-r.e.aatg rewind tne retire, fa regard to he.. h g . btiiehca o:'erM-. menim: a l think that one twro iw wind ct wppiourt .uon to p-.rWbe-.l.imt had -nade are*t flc t, to hem >h m ? ve*. which hw: receu ed he: j a i n cltrt, ,.n-i - here wddlti tuhi aid from trinity Church war hi, h y eraiPtAijio tecurr iut*? t,. it 1. one tb.tnirt ? we green to ehu-che* raluetaatlr and w-a\t r A rrgiviu), i-i. y. ?n a we -botwbl our>wpathies wc* micug ???> with our better we\e* off-ne ve'y 1 rhoud ho e Apptlcei'. in* are very na if-. 10 an.' v*.y mui <1 a b h y u r or ju* charartti and ab et- rnlt tod our ?U-n *?i aimpvbiea we have tell aobipp: rd meat relurtauuy 19 i rfu?e, waen we h.u tr.e umio. We -<> It (-eat . iraa ire In grant r-g 't-el ao? teat oa 'J Wbot t<ropo u dm ibe *pt-)-c*iuna w?ieyeu ab'e -o ao-. wpoo fuTtiabl r - 1 ce-tali-iy ibi- k u h -vrr o-e te -th tr l'o you nmemhcr any maetiog it the veairy when too W D-ta ir.eiun-t-r- i ->"j*e appli i*iio* e peod-Dg before yen ? a. 1 do < oi rem mberaot mtetiDg of the realry when torn- at r? > ot tu re - r -ta of there -pn ica'ione pending oa fen- m o-.lets ? m eting of th* .retry bad oeen hsid tuat at a r tLi- ahc. e uju rer beiore ibt vrauy el U>*ee application. h,d ttfU di-iotfd of iberr bar* beeu w mp irary pen ?o? when it u * per nnd-ratfloo that 'I rinli a inahibly t-j re pa-tt lavort.til. to at ph tal on* would oauae temp irary ream eV-ii or outtpundue11 or them tv ft ere wlj giuti made by the v. at y with a new to r-oaer or iniloencet A. 1 abuu d an-war, In my Optoma, wax i di-eidrdly to. V. fin. j on to Bay about the c.-ee i-mof Tilulty Chv p.- aid toe icti ei ot pew* io itt * iiiu-if I' tapel Uneoirf fbyo-iof building it ?ao ant a d urtue paly tor tbeajrotn rulttCDO thru rtali't-nen ar.d t-eir tauiillei wb i nad boeu a -et.p '.me in th* pa- l?h, but a ho bad reinorrd to> fur from th- i-arthb church or rlinpa, -o oiui-uue to a reilp tbereic a'd uii'i by troc. ing ttiei- te uro toorewe a? a r<iuae<iawnee the number of ?bei rot a 1-iieoc. ?hej 'be .'baoel ??a hi aa of the vesir. w op-eu ? u.h plan - for aieooxiua of he pewa aa t!v> thnupl.t h-u.t oa cu.ated tiatti'O .bote nbje.-ia. but inw it- .0 a eLiue of thrf.a u ex of ib k piaui auchaitbrdu per f MSrm ot rn ati-.tton. were o: a one * bat n-jre eht IW<- ry dett B-u e to act Caut?nu?ly a- rt pride'iliy to -or re-- - . pioi t>-o*e t>. wf. u-r Qia day r biddiog* atiaaaowa were rr M ed to toe ibrn a-.Uial trpura jraol the o?riah and m- *** - -M i rw .v.or-m at any naie *urin the Cm i (to ymrw y.ft-r * rich a I ?u~n omi aa were bji U.i.1 n wire'o. a ?ut> c|iifu'4*j di-p' aed of at an Una be rote, rUthin re -* f tut r?. t? tu) our de? ioxof procur* tt'C " l ''w lit *1.' chapeL KtriK'i ar ail-utlou ku b*eo c?: ed e? ih* imi ilat the ui?t I tee given for retrain ihenewraeiw-i wtte erawn ?> w mcipire .w.i<ne-.r twoa..? before toe anna* I'liKin ir ibey bai "wu at vie to eielre on toe lay ar i el-i . tee ryy-t w utfl tot ut eroer w hw.1 -rn . n n d li vinie of h M iruri aline loeo.- f <r the itkiee het they vmid i,n h? r b< eo 1-icni eno' tbe cxligrr ueori lor tli- ?,; ! brnnl ore tea" u#f ire the e -c-hvi r nrk 'Vri cr any oiwrf a'ur- a'-out ih jeMim'. lea-? t.e ?*er- ed Uerrf re, i ecu utr or uooaual t. mat: be a tr bwt c a> oyer ariu nte <>o thi part o< ti? m y, we a etrei i oerirt do ir Veil lev -no-.? o'raoot ae "orp? rale'* Tbr n -o t of fbe kettlt of the pewa war, hieenr, high y raiufartor v a no gran^tug to 'he reaVv and they therta oo. in doe eaeron and before the o*it elecUjo ordered the I. tu-e le-i??' 1 the pc ?a le .em .de to terminate m let ay of May ta each auc-aaaive year a* to eth-r ohtpela GMRirl roneeeratoa rrtl It, IW when Cat acrttcei It are perfcrtwrd; eleet'oi he d March % irW ta it true thai the reetry wae gore wed by the ?oli:e of "weenmuiaUon ae la obargea in ibe teauaaonr of Mr Mra dwa ' a 1 a-.iwer by aa log that I think ike eipeodl'are o' ken* af thtiueaDfe of dim att per aaaua oeyoud bar income deer ret ?ho* tuka dtepor Won fj the rotate C> a*i'tee ? . * hat la t'te i ii a the of Vorrhy afreet and Broad way libt tf'oaewwyi wo th' A. t?f ail iha real eata e o' Trial % t hnrch there t? not oi r that i cor aider eo ralaable aa that or (be cornet of hurray mree? ard "rnadwu 1 ahouid Mink weulo teil it r f?5 OUU or (100 w o li it waa entkely free from Vaar cr any ipr-urb* q W ttl too err vhai H ti returned a thla report of Trinity dBorth .-hew ir* w :uin4 rapott) a. It la atatad hare M M.M Q a fcca icu maoe the repo'' .'11 < o i know .> the aa'e w> ,'rmce It .Nor' _ a_ I *> e t th- aal t a litem mtut ?ji*i 'tor iju'4 < unci hi rtm be par one Mr** lime n< r whether he wee befjre <.r trior tbo win ? fjwrt hi i'M )o? ktow of t>.e enle ?t be' ne n w?e m -le* . I em tf I! w?* kJ^ pilar ae rep n I we- tacit; 1-1 ihrooth tae.t>eren- c. <i. *( > I"| i r?ir-n?? ?t :t,? Un? the report of Febr ; mn it, tel.. wm . ear. v In vr 9 MA'tint' nrvh cttbeew, te?ct;t'e 'or the diepaWttao I prer-ru ?n it -* ?!> t ol ' hkOiDtr- en ". I barch -treete H ?l ?t \? nv.e-9 All? >eti pol tipot |i to* the **uaeoa Htver Ul'r*.d Uirf.i< ur?i eh<tt.aieeH the I i-g-io tnede A. tt.?' prj II iff! which i* flee pec oeoi <*t f if?t.t*?J ?t bow B.neb \on nehr 'be i t* wwth eeum?tlog It tn *T?i r ? tir r * It wcim he w.trh tiUMIU, .?-m? lop it fa fh li.nntr ih cbiirrh pu' to TO aeuo.i on It. but 0?!y bet* ro khoul w hot It *ou d rent f r Q I ?*? rot ll i i" l here* rent he' tote to e'l eoeee et flee W rrlnn'WMt ?n? evintelr* to be Mb ir veloe f A. Itte He r?n?l ' retiitii obe'eihr lee*** ere reoeweliie bit where ? >?!?'? lit? we <Ui not feel I'ureeltee bound by ooy iuc* r?b i' ? :iwo . ?-/, *'d?re ?h?t 'hoe loir ore re.urae-f oh' #bi*l > ? i rertr'jrl) A lbe> er? returned bt UJ (Ml. b*ed u. 'h. kwufwror e velaeebro Q r?> Mi Hivtf - iiiux .j tbe tree* yeere Trk-hjr Ivsr w hit 11' ii" (.ten**., wee I be wot bnUdief irtatfty Che;- >k wwe ib-eeet end norm t el ede to woe toe-i OfcTn.t -1 Ow In,'.id ng >, tbe hk. el 9 t t< * Ml ci.U n % Ire' erk'.c A Ae 10 19 proetw i ceeer.e cond'tiru i >iu >mnli iioo-ei.t tf bb., -w ?e? Truly *lren re- m fn * jeer or two po> I A I > e 11 mi * U ii) t'i ?r* b ib< report to the l|rrbOi V' "i 4ti-|'er< by the to b??e b?ea |t?o wttT fe hrw .< en * :.* r < <? the de e ot th ?wp ,r? We <?rr itw ' nib fur tb? ?e%r rreonl a* the Ave of tbe re Wt I f h itt '.f !*- k up.?itrr *?tt|iX-fr otttA'l D.Pt fire lb* ii-tctio i rwm )?.r 11? .Bi.'.LC .c; u I M. L-itf ? cD i"W?? Arc r?pu'id totofcifb NM 'I . it r . find nr.* tueb ?um? g'rra to .?y 'ow ehiirrh** d?'T| fctiAinft'Oi A fo.iu-. ik? u> iciiuuc'vci ? ? M*#** Twi >r* Kin ? ootv r?'.-? to took o; '.he li?t of ev frr i'wr A IfoAlkviA ii> ?t t rrr.r *? 'it tununuj ibc t V D jcn .!! h jon *?v>o of oil tfi? ippj?l m/noof fr illy M".' K ?c"?< ?i ?ol or r'i?' ft * A . ?>i > i'J l'i'.? 1 d ?, IT j! .'''I '>v ?' - r ? tflU w?r? Mr-ftr fn r?i- '.u.L>0 re^t-d! f<f In.*4*01 oo?* 1 ibut 11 jr j'. ? 'iDlr thcr* might h*T* !K?a dooumAseau Molt lilOA Tb0*0 OOjrC'A . . if Ulan fl A' fl> if. rrniM "hf J ?ii>?rd i.onj 'o-' A. I w.M' 1 *L 0 t .ndCc ntnlr'iin <1 o h? 1 1i*si?r ai*Dl*. tj litMnu o r.r.Hj bor n . '- % ??? it *%l.? A Ittui.ft II lo A > V? m ** DO* tAAii ?t an* tf*" TiRf #J, Old Off II ? > ? t-rn IDD IM'tK' Aitul'00 *?? tlldf ?J > ofd lh? f?*tpv n?l* on ml mi r?oort of the 'n?rit oitu 1.11 rhf r 'jtrfo id it U ih?i ilii y 01 9J'"* ro ' ?? w?ti ?? the td- Ha or l?"?. la **''.* Me'j rovari ii W* Mil tktrt 0 it Hind* b) li? rrot-y U lh? oorvorotorr A 1 h* ' ii M H it ' cot nno! i*p rt t.f h? exnplto! o? printed or clrcoMOO' - It It Ml 1 *Iat ocrrrt rin'VPtf otlMnhc thro* yryrt pr?*?dio? K'h 11.1 1 MM La? 1 ilvitj 1 b'lrrb mvl' v> tnouiiiunsM of Mailt hfii'itiif fM ipimitg in to- ?ity of few for*' a. I'i* froiD Uo rc ortU u>? r.urrh 'Orotic o' fcnnv c> tl'ilmffl ?tr.? frt to the l TDtiori Any to n o Mot if Oil nu iM loll>?turv !*?' ( d ?i.d ki if?ii' ffitln o Of 1 mot 'ii'.M #?i nntif ftM; 'n th- PriAAnact Of i?A'.0o MM* fttlf -It' Irtlll '<? cri'lor" Oi <*hr-t lb ?feH H 0? '? l>? * * . d. In IA* I??pbv?c' IlMiif o V. n- to K? ?fl?i o4,' kii> ? bio one ' * r - 1 -d Corlo; - i>-s - nVrkrt*'tur<i 1 1 fi fim* thorc mop? ontfeo. c HIMb| Jtlfd I'O'kof-l'O Won- ? ?f Uv "Wj In mat.i |i on*o rr|X>rl) a nrtrt mrn.Uit ? II th?f* oa< on* f naoliL in *b? rcooft of Iho U'l. 'A b nrild ?. a 4 : <J r ibr re-jew m. a. *. ii. a? ? ?u' 'ii'mkiutar a it -< *> lniw!v?ri-tn? nad-'iDt'dij l I ? * >- f?|.?rt 'il it* V'rtri of Trlnl'r f?bortb nta'a tb t-arut i mUm v. tab- < f 0>? e .-aim- a- f nri?1 <ipii Vrrrr ?< "KB Mm nt)oa ma a# If (** " '? lirai? t, (? ?? nf owr lAtatin? A b" AO A ?A'uailnn bti* m Ihr -?Oi jinn hf lb* x-trn Oi?| Matt ?? I woi. fi (ant)**!*) Iiat tit* v-rlrr h id t n W'l" t > At pmntn't lb* ??>? at kt.. ,f t<r >r?*VT by aditp'lat Utc raaalwri ? mw ?i? ? ??* 'i > ihr ?? <n- ut??r r? wor- rtr M??-r ?"P r" lba< to bn nrar fin all pramoal pi-p to ? a 4,?d k?? in r?n or an nal tkut ?n i * i > lor-B cr?br?rr Ian M?r w. It 'h? iatf* nl rku juM-.f, . i?.j wnlt hanr agrrr (I nptn ar,in? a<Mi Wa?l p. r #-?*ta* i?ar -a imry in bring Hipki iho'r owr <* inWn ol lu <a r If rr<\ ?.a?? ??." antoa. ta/an and " ?) w ? I note til i-*-H(gtrafV>ri ??? tho walMoftbntr >?ai attain ?t. ?i n d lit ? ( | Ipaonn largn a-J ?'ir? ini-nnr.fl u >i b-r aid ? V-Ti Ifcrv litr? r? t??b? Bn?n*t.l ibnp aiUi'r ?' ana. V W bnr> ttoi? ?*j--.r?r?r imkii hi' aiuia o* tn -vTwlri wbtt l?di>rn * (tb HI A Iht Oomplrr, tnr m.H-t. n M? ?nr i%i my or tit 'rdlrg lo oil ton ?hl ? ri? air, I nr - rtt * I mb? ar burrt ing roirin >?nn. tr 1*1 "1 b? *?? rj |nr ihat pnr|MP? ll If that road t? a ntn? tat af IV lar4 <at<! iam tfcn -tain nr brlnml on lib, ?.t?j n ant l?r b? r ti.jt.mita It 4*ttll b> an J ainmbrrof tba <? ?!r ? lorn hat II br t tb? "item" to mabn lt?w, ifii ' a t g !., Ik.-^ itm#ol mr bnlu* a >! a let |. trd, at I to po?- ?.??,? ') What t?'br obi 111 Ua<?,K mo-taa*M wbtt AJftn. Ii at?A II ? o-?i Mnriftr-t am it lac a l h?|il > b " rlnllt l knr, h ml for <br r o?n i -i?a*n (>? #'. f u- ' ? ! t tor A f# I, ' >r Ihn ' ' t of .. fenr otinr~Ima. Ih?? ftartr ntr# Im,nr f I r.? < o-l.t-r . J.r I . In i,a?ii <> iltlft (t n? o.trt ' i.f .. ,?aii r> mi !n --arlnBal laovawd M?'. ta-l, ?i? li -a at a? :br '..fnrVn im ft ?'l r ar i? *?? t?? ,s? i. f-orrrmt from bong d ap?**4 of IbfrrfC nr f" nflif bar etwrlt o> K and P* i Co- Ibn par > < n>f .? ihna> lot t, lohub th?? b no n virtual; an ft m do op nljrr-t |v gl .? tarb arr-par a tlr.r iliu'e'mt bn t'tttra'lf >*' ba prc nai,,! ,i tiM t> -t a -<ln and nibf'alitt ooarn- inr. r.r. bugii .-igl ,il nbj?r- a-4 Itf Hr-1 * Ob (r -1, 'lr H tta n l i t, i rart4tot,la ro o-il a >d f*. ra ? Hi nraurd. ibt' .a tl*t> in ?? r'nr anrr?a?of lot'It -a !?(l l| | > II I III r| ly, thn iflrnva - of fWtl f ligibntttri- ? In I I Ip. l o n I t rt ? noi* On -nrarr ? a It I tV,;- ? t?~ '.r?, ri,l.r?'.?ft ?? lb- ? o* > a aimrlvl a I- s? .-|f I f ari' ** raj la mm Mt?r W?J. I ronMmiij bote** tW BO daatr* aa Ibo (MMt of lruut> CktlTJB -j Eoey aiive hom of All ??U >n to W on th I port of tbo rrdoKwti of nor foror* 4 > m?rl af*nfl in th? WAV nf til* rhuiHA tor the fortfolrn rttnoi I think that the prmcapaJ sod purr-tof boa* mortgages amronfng to hSTi Uft -: ougatoot to *e roaahie'atl as part ol ft* wealth ot trinity Cburci nor of nadf lo show a asemmg tntenltnu, on her part, to with hold from the honorable the t ennla, essential anl Important f. cla reel*nth'* brr property. y Haa <he church erer foreclosed any of theee mir gages! A. h'detomv knowledge V t an you mate an* ataiement relative to the Interest of trinity Chcioh ta bt John a Park, a d the r?a?>u u ?< m tied 1> the report r A. I will stale tliu Trtnlt> Church looked upon tha' pvl as ao reruiont ly approprta'ad lor the purpoaee of a park, hat the ale of It appat en tly, do more enlerek their minds than the rale of ore of their burial gron'ula. I be agitMtaa ol the subject of 'he aa e waa started b> the other property owi era after the report of the church waa mvlr. the state D?Dt upon ikai subject tn ihe supplemental rep ?n of ibs Vns try <s correct: the whole number of lota Interested to Hie park ta aixtj k nr, of vhteh 1 runty Church owns seven belog one D'Dthof the whole, 1 will further state it waa supposed >n part of some ol the property owns* a that thev would lie able to get frrm the United (Mates government some six or seven faunrnTi thousand dollars for the property, 1 do not know whether that actually had aa offer lor It or not, butevenf old at that price, the pro rata share of Trinity Church woud be aboui seventy thousand do'lara. fit John ? Chanel and personage and nonday school stand oa these seven lota, the rest Is vacant ground. y Bava you been on the ooaamiuee to riamine the Ootap (roller's report, and had you free aoreaa to alt the books, pa Cra and accounts* A. 1 have been oa the nommittee, and d free access to all the books papers and aooouutn y Have you ever beard any member of the veatry being denied tree acceea to the hooks! a Meyer knew or heard of ai y si vh thing, except la the teetlmeny annexed lo the coin mitne'a r poit y bave the Stand tog Committee power to sail a lot without the consent of me vestry! A. It ta not their custom, and 1 under* laid 'bey have not ibe power y ft hat means ba?e the members of ever knaping the pro i...ani ,k? k>Andiiir ItouimlLsr: A. The Slam mc (torn kern lul mmu ei of all their proceedings, and whica are iend io ibe vestry at every vestry meeting. g. i? each report as J rec umnrneat'oo by the standing oo a nrntee then passed upon separately by the vestry? A. They a-e g Bare the vestry In any way endeavored to control the <r?e opinion and scteof the vestry and ministers wno had received or were seeking aid tor their churches: A. Mot to my knowledge. g St- te tbe proceedings of the vestry for making the minis tie'Ion of 'he church more efficient in the lower purt ot the city, atd the da ee at which tbey took place? a. May 8, 1861. at a vestry meeting resolutions were oilered for the appoint met t el Iir. b sight end Messrs. Ilohaitand Weston. aeassis ian minisiers, the resolutions were referred to a iwrumiUw 01 i the state ol the partrh, March 6. tSf.V reaoluttona were * domed that oo day the ass la-ant uiiiw ers should he ao pointed by haiiot and 'hat Uiey be aettgney to a particular con i at ion March 59, lrS5 the abovenamed geetletnen were ap pointed aalstant ministers. and on the llth of June. 186V they * ere severally assigned to l*? lr respective c .ngregauois, the rest lutxins of the KUt of May, I'M h'd reference tot-heap p< tn'tnecl Of assistant ministers and thr r aas sumcut toiheid'Ct-rei i chu'cbrs. the reeolutloas of the Hh May had refer e ee to th< appointment of .he diferrut churches g. elate w hat were the proceedings ol toe vestrr and stand ing committee on ibe auhjeetol the application of the Charch ol ht llniothv, and what Intl,traced their action? a. The Kev. Mr. bow land made a-< application to the Vestry of 1'Ulty Cburi-h ot a noble end magnanimous elia racier, which wae referred, as Is usual, to the itandicg c. n miitee though at a ttmr when tie commlute considered the Qnacelal onudltion of the oaiieh Illy calcu alsd to rismnd favorably to so targe an ap pliosiion, tbev a ere atlll eni'ons if pceMMe not to be oolvred to ieject it; the proposal on the part ol Mr Ho*-land nvolvji lisbi lnrs to the amount of twentv thousand noilars; lie cm totsd to appropriate dollar lor dobar, or upwards tor thr sine t bject, the commiuee were en desirous of doing something ibry invited Mr Bowland on one or two ocean!toe to meet wlilt them In comal.te<; af cr long and anxious con Idrra lon on the subject, they felt co?p?ue1 to rcoort to the vestry unfavorable to ihe sp.diei.tiov: the veitry <Ud iot adaot the re ort, but scit It back for t'urtlei considers tioa; yet afirr further ooialdtration and with the itroog > mpalbics < f every member of tbe vestry In beha'f of the spphi alios, the stand ng committee again reported unani a ontly sgatnit It for the reason that the increased magottulr of ueirdehl in ihrir judginm t forbade II; notwithstanding h>s reyoit, tbe \ eatry ordered It to lie on ibe table, where it s now g. Were any applications made during the lait year for the 'Siah Uhmrm of two free churehes In de>Utute parts of the coy. ptcvidrd tbe applicants would furai-h belt tbe cost r A hone, except tbe application to Mr. Bow land. g. bow long a lease is there on the lo Mo 2'1 Broadway, ai d at v hat abuttal rent: a. An uirtiplrad :ease of annul six'sen y tars, and at an annual rent of twenty six dollars and s quarter g. Was there -ng service in Trinity Chape! u'tli Its enoseerailcn. end on ?hat day was ItsMMMMM. and whatdar was nex: election held * A. There was no service previous to ibe c.inerora icm which on the day ol A .irll 1815, ?nd the next (iecuon was on Master f ueedsy, the 2Mb March, irpd Q What statement have you to mak e in regard to the vain <u nol the property ot ihe chtxrck, which voild be >irreci upon hi and i-odo's valuation of real estety* A There re ma to be a mistake in the principle duplet for arrit ing at be net total presed va ur of the real erUle as sta'ed on page iwfive < f the etna r report, the vestrr'e est mate, taking the valuations of thr assessors as s flue, trrtspeclive of the rases and drcuetions was $2 (WIS 710 U 1 hen If the above valuation of 91068 710 makes the value ol tbe pryernt interest of the leeteet to be Slf22 338, abstwou.d the lot-reel oe on Sly and Dodd'e valuatim ot fa 87flr'23? a. 9d.t'-9o 44V or very ready that two mi. Ihe aggregate tooting in Senate Committee itepo t wae 97-092.541 Krim wkicb dsdnct on aocount of .eases acecid tg to sbove oorr noted estimate.. $2 640.44) And the church debt of it-- 1)13 3 339 356 I eavee *S 7 it 188 1 he in total present value even on Meant My tod uodd'e v?>uauon shomd thcrelore b* 9V6S.181 Instead of iaa ttated to repoit of Senate Committee) 6,221 W3 Making in the ote Item an error evllenllj ef about. 91 46" 106 From 'be nett total present value aa above cvrreet cd ot 9S.til.168 Drouct the chnrch mortgagee end latere*'. 9971 962 tad tee amount aet down for at Johu'a Park *0 000 971 962 Ai d a nett t? tal rreecnt value would then remain of 93 761.236 ? the mf amount rrsuh<ng from the adoption of Metre hly and J>oed a ra<uauon Ky u u of th<re'oa prospective p. eunler-y Interest m HI. JoM'a Park, the turn of tay 76,000 at,d It would make the aggrega'e amount 92166,266 >ble. be It lememb'red. la a valuation entirely Irrespective <1 'be eikting ea.'iimbraneae by leaeee which would greatly ret uce >ta p?eaeo'. value to trinity chinch ard be Is NM re u?mi?rvd that near.y oce half of ibi entire real aetata brings Innl y Church an income of leaa than Uva hundred do,Lars per annum By tenftto ('ommittM -* <2 What valuation did the vestry put upoo St John's part' A. they did ant prof ate to put a valuation on that prooe ty. but altrr slowing the stronieat I ataci: nation to sell at all a< J heir g enrtva y Importuned and preared to name eome tarma upon wh rh they would give their content to all they finally agieed to do an whan their ahare of the proceeds of the ante hould be |?(*t 000. g Hare the needing committee power to lease lota without the ecu sent rf the Veatryl A. I hey have to teaee but not to ell. the standing committee leasee property without e we'iK Is r the Veetry g Have net the Ventry been urged by asms of Its inemwe te print the annual report' A. There warn one very pertable member of oar Vratrv has been aoUriioua to have < e report prti ted tor the uee of the Veetry, bat a majority have beta memcdnedlo do an Oar lUmthnif Oorrcnpondciser. Hauupucbo, March 20, 199T. TV Trtr Banking BIB?The OmrraX 4/>prnpriation Bit ? TKt Local tlecluno? /?; ? inn! fmj cted Alteration in tke Ocmm em McAool Ait?The Knipnnli n of Qoeemm Oemy? Vhempt of Tac t* mmonfU tke Ofpeetttsm JVcci? Aete tilxtxfml Vimbinattm Tm trm Backlog Mi. which In Tjt o toog time booo m oyeaoro to thooo oppiylog *?f Mm mooopoiloo, poaaod tho uoooiun of iho Wholo la tho Boom oo Wodoaoday aToraooa, and a mot too for laaohoto pootpooaaeml *o lual b> * vrne ol 14 foot to hi n?j? lu. oiwevor. wooo?at*A rata, hot I. rorroia a iropotti anoioaUr pan of tbfwo appl)tag for nook -Dirware to foeco tha ooomwo of baaka lolo tea aopport of lodr applications Tnta free IUaka< oil! h mora atria??at lo lie tboo that at tba of Net Y'*t; M re^uiro* lor aaou r.taa too drptait of Aoto itocha La to > Auditor '.eoerii'e >(boa untl to U>a ? mourn of tkalr rlrco'a too; or, ta othor wotda a omiaor bat dtpoaita ftata atoeai to tta aodt tor waaatai'a i fftco to tba aaaonat of M3 roo cao roonrr f tb? Auditor Ueorrai h aol aotea of rarioaa deoomaa tkaa, to toe a-'iual S>1 P*o <nc, and no mora : toot ooa fioup tirir crcuiatioo i* s: arnonot of Uj? deport If tola act barrmra a tow it oili |tra aa a baaklag oapltai or ibr amoiat of our Slate debt. H baa aao nada the apocai e <ia- of too day 'or tfnatoy arirraorM n>it; Ha lata I will a >< p'a'rai to prodlot. for ft ta imyoNhio m tali wta* Ue rb^muaa 00101 ta proa aura wll accompli*, m snaps of urn tic a-tona, bof.we ital Bad a roto beoa take a on >ti laal piata?a rotter da?,noiu:d L?v? bora earner, ml ao idaa oaa bo fo, p>< d o- ii" rtv t rj | d'^L. lb* |HAI4! Lrco - * iwo 'wll baa pvsod tba Oott Vttoe ti l?fc Abole > the H uaa Too n ire tor ap^r primed by It to bop uir oboaia of tbr (orrramsat proootd arrooata to aad 0 let mi too* -4 doiiara Tr.e 10'ai k cilone ber* to day paaead of q-letlr bnt |tt> * tatrrrat waa mat treated, uier.- are ao ( arty itaea driwa 1 tot bar important btU If oor beforo tie >fta<otaro. fit . aa ant to rrpa'tW ibe nan m ?o ten ?ol ayit >at from ti c 8 ate D'par m?at rate If a attp la tb r'gat Sir or 1IOI, am IIS M :??I1 ? 'VM w mr I, n *t.l rtnuTi ik? Oobiuh'o VIjooi Uv?-t?'ot In tb# pait'tcbi mi place lb*. h .-oa th of vat |0??rrmet opo? Mchroit* oar fr*? mm*. b >ot.fl tb> rrirk o pr'boo?o potiwoteai aid b*a/ froai iba BUIfn of pet .j 90*' ? No debug baa ao much *i?it*m?rt la poflbw 1 artlti h re f. r a ?> lime pul aa U?e la^'t-wUoo m Utr, Oearpiad he *;?* rf lira lal?r- of toerauiaml ad mittotrat'oa 10 fuidi IBS piadaco |o furot aim It h?a b*<e lb* ibKToiig mptc la* tba ia?i I' me d*vo tod faritbga i.f itaigiaibn f..r the do aothlag eworo* a P- ?r n* 1* itai o? all ata*t It *u oarted a ooat lata raat r of taouoa bp iba appualtl >a ' * a, lb* tra 10* ro'liag *a bp 1 norm ca ** ?/ bra a to at letd tb* noavratba of tba Ilik at Iba baa tb? I ?rot? mj tart latter ararpihlog laltoated a ofdit la tbetr c anattoo, bo iba raoaM liwi baa aroaaet taata ta iba 1 an* of tbeir p wiUua, a* d Ilka the at' aus naabt tt* ba M?r. It it bia<'t( ogata** flrm'p iba aoapataa* fra*m<aa, bad It a**dt bat tb< tiaiihln| u*ota of 04 rraoaa to mil' a batrioeda wttab iba deal arte; eaanoi rrrnat At aa der ear raat baa Hooa at work far a fa* dapa pa<t ai d la to* b'l> to mot a aea oimbtna i-jo, a 1 oie Ibat ra?rt ? *un n a atrot t 10-oa, aaa trill. If t to aifat, a tt* tbnroogbty alt iMtn iae of tbt aopatiuot tii * I rattdbbia pa tp ruoh a* *tli mttaiba ooaiaat of Mi' c< oi'*i eampelpa *a<tal to 'ba frraiieaMM battla 'hi' )<k<t i.f ti.ib eombteeroa, w?lci aa* laamatea aao 0"i i? a> follow* ? For Oonrinf, l/?moe fold. of Uc? brrl?m, nr. Aw'l u rapabltoaa. nr. IB iMtr word', b* m a ppnri?r <.f Mb Fi Imf-tr hmor 1 of >M I'tlol oloc V >?J ticket in*. fall To' Jo'g'* rnvid Wiinot, *>mt|*t o?t republic**. M Imr Ha* ib..r?t, of pBl'adaJpn* *u tight ont Aw rVtaa W ai K Tr%i. t-r, > > ?? * republic to Amertr.*a tor Canal 0??H?Imf hi Itit Mil jor cm fi>? ih?-B 11 r?prc*?WMUr* at a* y ? > t|. ia tt>? oppoaiikm. ui i fair dtrtataa ? Ma t chat Utr>?gem* tb# f>w>M A llnwiir VllMMUOl N l**iMlnl by U ' ofipwttM a*? If pi na4 la * >?>* it a III ipiti Mr ia*< * 'in -H in* A* in in nay. N?wth C?ioLTj?i oi? Pier-Tan. Fitch awn Ti traana* ? 'h* ?t. Wag too (Mnmarrtni of it? ittb Mat a***:?* Urn ha* nnan -a?in? i* U* plan wnrvta Mam Wliailnainfi tail a* Hound fhr imrfi day* On WvBtfay tb* wind Maw tra*h from MI; la* -* raaia ar nitria a law jarda of UaanaMinra limha af Ma Han, where ta pe h r*aa wna atoppad a la-go qoao'tt* of plan link", tarpeatlar an* r?n?? fear,lag ha* ?#** daaienrad. Vartaa ay ?.? fir# ag* a raged, oow'at to I ha aaatara a*'l* a tk* l*? a. HEW YORK HERALB, FH utotbmmb Smwiiiii mt.* RT GOOD#, AO. DAI UOiSWiT. M I GBBAT CLOSING HAI.? -adiee wtahing to bay Barpbi tn PUT OOODS, in Invited to examine the priaea aad ] udge tor thamaetoea at ike above aala. e. b. wiluams, No. Ml Broadway, earner af Leonard atrcet. Q>|7 BBOAJDWAY.?OBILLLANTd I ir? I Brilliants I BrlUfenUI Mike GREAT CLOSING RAUL 109 pieeee brilliants... .IMfa., worth la. 99. 100 do. do. li aa. 190 do do. 18, ' k M. Greater bargain! than ban ever been ottered baton In Ih -ee goods. ||naclee will glean call and examine. G. B. WILLIAMS. 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LAMB A mm KB wUlnflor tor Ml* tkia maratnr ?00 rniw-M aUk rokM from $M lj IB T? a akaapoat r ?> ** *** ^ ?71 Outl aUa*. aaar Mmrrr. 0>iu*iwa OPB?RI?O vaittillab. On Monday Mart h Si, At folumhtaa Hall LVOB3 A .TOMB*. HI Brand - ""L X. X LadBa Will f r .1 alan tkal "fx- Imoario'Jona r Mlka aad wbrr liftw Honda In,r?kor W'k a tmwwwl * i fon' aro arrt ann-aiowd ky an) oUwr know la Uw nr. ^rmiAU kajimum. ^ ?, it, anw rrady 10 mtMMi tho larfoat and mm MMoUra ?iat?ii, M rt rt apiina Id 1>o Amndl a tkd otty. Bo* ^"V^MuL. A no., Boa. Ckaaatwra auoM. ^ alatra. rB LADIBBPHOTU) AVAT1, Thamanlraa of Ihla nnmrWinlW. lull aWa of AXfiltlHn L"1M* ' Mrili VntLIB. lis room prr yard worlh la. kA., Sow aaillag at TBK OBBAT CLOBTMQ HAAP, . . *47 Broadway, noraor af LmmaH Mroat, u. m. muiian d ? j6?? rtrhbt. " k*?r cm hand *iv iff rr?fUaUr rowdr** alfltotoii to (Mr torie and aptaadto aawirtmofit to ?>lil, attka. frfwA lnvm Rlrnw rmk irrin*lT r*"" ? ? ? lowral RlVwa. to ?hlr> tor brf to fall Ik* OMmWon af thr t/wtot. nun; a btw. AMBRrTTP** AND PHOTtKlNAPRR f*n* * <"??* to iw?tty (to ! Ir >na ? ant o mrrort hkr?f M, ?hw.|> *o<1 du-"b f *' l>? Pmptro 0*1 cry, 177 (IrMi wtcl ptf9rt, ftvir .'onra ahf to (lartlaadt ?trro'. U AlXtiTVKItlf rH"100*Al'6? l?AOnKRR*OTTPfR. II ?J gbf.prt eb*l>tif?a 0i? i MnrrtcMe world to rrrdnrr rtot'ir* a in tkr f ore *it|? r.j i 1 to ilnil made at hta ptx-i-wraotiv f* ?r? r( art. ro 19 h road war # . m- hit ipiwT artiata a dim-rip Km m .?t iftiir.V'i-d and m pt' rraa? i<>?Mh?r Hit m|i ofPtrot r?f la ffolrwiila'ioti, aont 'o Art nrftor??, Rrra nffr? nltt fffflta pr | ?r ?nd Mtrrljr nntloo LLDAY. MARCH 27, 1807. __?f J/WW BUMMWMNBs 111 ?V "* K <atiiiUi4 oh IniMlif 1" street im #r? ft?Use ?*n TusiiIdi Ureal toqmirea* WTLUAM Blirru A HON, owner / Manglo ?id Staokm 4!id TOLRi HOrnB. WITH ALL THB MODERN v" UU Improvement*- sock sat, hot end eokl water, batba. range. An ?new brwa bouae brown woo* trimming c It quire of 1). DOR1TY, n lb* pretnifts, M Weal forty ?uU> street, a* at Oo. 8 CorUauSt street. Oltn BOOdTON 8TK1ET.-TO LET, IN A BTOPROf* \J\J4U Die Frrnen tsmiir two atrge uo dbduhoomiv isr nlrbeo pailors rn the Orst floor, with or without S kitchen: also so stll) room. Oso he ieos sll day on Saturday A BROWN STOJtK HOIMR TO LBT-IB HiNmOltk i> furnished. sad furniture but liule used, will be ?> d to the Dcrsoo who takes the blase at a aattsfantery deduction and at a bargain Poweatloo osn be ami early In vprtl o eatlen near Klilh avenue sad Twenty ninth street, addrew Modern [loose. Herald office AUtNbeOHKLY PURtldBRO THttKd STOKV attio and bae? ment bouse In West Fourtee oh street ?o lei, to a small private family who will boa>d two ladlee In part paynrnt of rent Mo other botrde a to be taken, ad dress boi l.w'd Poet office. AFOBNIKBRD HOUSE TO LRT FOB SIX MOMTH-t 1 be boose |a three Story with a'l the mnd -rn ?norere menta. It Is sitae od In West FlfUtenth street, and will be let In a p.lrate fsm'ly only, rent9100 per month. Address i, koj 3.WIH Poet office. A LARGE HOIJHK, CONTAINING TWK?TT ONE rooms, 1 mrly fillet with braiders to lease (or a term of years In O'cene street Weekly reoetrls about h'f!0. Foe rrrslon tn meulately, if deatred. Appl) to B. W. B1CIAR11S, 3U7 Broadwsy. AlHRKlt tflOBY HOUBK Ml a aOOMK 8TKKBr?TMS dwelling part to let oontatclng nine rooms, oouveni'n' to Broaflvsyt yearly rent$460 Aim), ealt tble for business, the scoonc floor of Hit Canal sired B W. BlCIlARDS, 3D7 Broadway. Broadway STORES u2 AND <IH ALSO RAHKMCM1! 460 to let; also, a room 120 by 32. high cei'lng; also of 80 by 25 with 24 feet celling; alio, workshops 55 Merov street Inquire at 44-H Broadway Broadway bvohm and a aabur pmiraBdh basement to let?i he property 661 and 6M Brotd wu* sear Prtnoe street, now occupied by K V. Hough wout aril h? so aherea at to gire one or t ?o large store* also basemen measuring 167 feet deep and fiO de?t wide with large rntrwr o from Prince street, musing It desirable tor a Ant claas reh-e torv Beapocsible parties may learn terms, Ao , by upUtm to I! WOOD, 444 Broadway. BCl.RhlAD, PTRR AMD WHARF LOTS.-TO LR ABB for a term of years, the bulkhead from Fortieth <o F >rtp third street. Forth river, and the adjoining upland; also tfci ptor at Forty third street CHaJtl.RH ED aPPl.IBT Metropolitan Fire Insurance Company Bread way corner ef Pine Street. BAROAIP8-to lbt IM WILLI amsbcro ros rert, new brick house, ten ro ma. $?26; -ou'h street, Irame coitege. ten moms, $175, Jamaica, L. I., hons? * d large gar ten, gi.'O. Apply at 177 South "'ccond strur.t Will's nigburg, or OKU W AL.rH R, '229 Broad WAT, offlse 2.1. rlHABCR FOR AH KNOP.AVER-WANTED TO RkNT ) the third il'ior of a store in a good lorstlcn to a ooprw and Heel plate pricier and Ithog'apher; won d take pav for ibe rertln work Apply to COM8TOJK A BROi'BJCR, 2. l.hurch street, one door from Barclay. XjlACTOKT AHD BTKaM POWER TO LBT -Fl.OOR ' O ItnlO, well lighted south side of West Thirty eeventl treet V.'O feet wester Seventh attune Dwelling of abeceisliteex room* between the above factory and nsv?nth ave nue apply to CD Ahl.R8 PARI ftllKiK, 126 Balden lane 5HRPDEED BOUSE TO LIT. FROM FIRST MAT r Bouse th-ee stcry. high stoop, three rooma deep in go v order with fas and ba'tu wlllbe rented with oil clotha r.ia d altar a at. d parlor furniture, for $e"0 Inquire at 17'j A-.Twei.t -lirg! street from 11 o 3 o'clock. House to let abd furhiture for sale House No >6 Greene al>ert I*' ween Oanalaed ibc. < streets eonta'nlig twenty rooms, a'l well furnlsaad and s l>*frem u'tea wnn nrsic aes oonruers, 10 pe son wisaiui to keep a fosrdli g h',ii-e, this o tiers great taduoemeoU. * (lie rent to 'ow and the furniture wilt >e so d on fav jr*))* nir 1 he brass to tn pet feet order and has all the moderi impr<T-nren*a LAB OK bTORK AMD BU1LD1MO TO LET-MO. 11? Chatham street. above Peart street. Inquire oo the pre nitres. W?f J. 1< MOOKK, lJt cat Thirteenth street Lofts to let?the first and beooNd lofts if the msrble front building Mo '3 tteekman street lb k its are 12ft feet deep, and have skyl.tfhto of ?)k feet It Ictgth For fur'her paitlcnlars inquire of ML vCK, OttaM.V a to. cutter ol Cenueand .'tudrrrtts Leon a rd street stork to let-first flook BBd basement of store ho BO Leonard street, 36 by ft tret: M a Cot class store Apply to <" >MflrO TK A MRU T BER, 21! ( batch street, one door from Bare ay street PART OF BCTi* 186 OREKME SfRER'. Bcuslon. to let. Front parlor en aeeocd tloor with hv It cm sna son ail middle room romwimcnttng tront attic mo r wtth fireplace aid back htfeaent, gas, Croton, Ac. Fosses sit n Immediate y. Kent 6'lftO STORE TO LRT-MO. BS RKaDE 8TBERT, OMR IKK)t> weal of Broadway, tec ether with hssement, 100 feet b> 26, are eourter cellar, wtth every oonyenlenoe, being ons ?c Ae moat desirable locattea* either for a wholesale wiue aschan', troik manufacturer or a restaurant, to a suttaolperson d lease would be given for a term of yearn. apply t< FKEKMaM a BEMMaIT.287 Broadway, corner of Meed, street. OBt f TO LE ARB-THR PBOOND /U*D THIRD FLOOR* O of premises 128 Third evenue anTS suitable fur menn factoring purposes. Apply on the premisea STFADT POTTF-R AMD LIOIJT ROOM8-IM THE Dk pot bulk)inn center of Aim and Franklin streets one *<iusre earn of Broadway ( roton water gaa water cloaet-. sad e?.rj ronvrrleneo. Hrs rd by steam pipes. Inquire < I T. BEhhETT, on the premlsei, CTOBP TO I.ET? NO. ICS HI I WERT. BkTWEER UttaMt 0 and Ilester streets. 26 feet by TV test; j> tuwesl n Imntedi ately. Apply at J. H. AMtiARnOM A CO.'d csrpct si err OS Bowery. OFLEMBID OFFICES TO LET AT NO. 16 ('Hint ^ street, neat to comer of (.'hamhute street ?The whan (trst floor and lisiemenl In complete oedor. suitable for law yers' oBice , laiuranee eompaay, Ae. Apply to GKOAOs BRICK 19 Chambers street STEAM FOWER TO LET-THE LABOR FIRTTSTORT ai d basement. with from two to ley horse power, at IS Past 1 wenty-eevrnth stress near the Mew Haven dswet; a first rale stand ler a tamers shoo or feed tuUL Inquire en the premises, ef A F. BTVRTKVaMT a CO. SAKATOCA BFBIMOR ?A FTRNKtHED HOUSE TO let for the seeern. it to ODr ef the meet pleasant and eon eolently situated houses In the place, and npreaely adapts., tor summer use. Address box Itit Fast office, erstac iprirya M. T. CROCMD BTORT AMD NTEADT POWER TO LET, AT 0 lew rent. 161 Tuane street, In tour #ory ba<Mlag. fc by U l?et rcteeminn gtvea 1st May. Apply at ?l Murray at vo le -the two fttokt amd attio hricfi 1 houses, 461 Washington and 80 Watia atresia, betow Os oaf. They are tn Brat rase airier, and lp good Haaals enlt be Useed tow. Apply at SO Water street. TO IJCT?LAME WABEBOOM 680 BROAD WAT. Ill feet by 60, between M Nlcholae and Metropolitan Hotels Pcereaaloi. In AprtL Apply to JOIifl R PlrMt. _____ TO I.ET?CM Mt'RRAT Hilda THE DWMLLIMO 1 bonn-ATi Fortieth street, between Ftnuth acd Leslngto avennea thrre stories and M?h basement. 2ft fee*, front by 4i derp, wtth all the modern tmororemecla. Rent fiuUO. Inqiti it Li t I! A Co , 290 Fourth avenue. TO LET.-THE TWO BTORT AMD ATTIC H*1 a 1 betiding sins ted at the onrnar of Wes and Rank streets ?|D he tot ether for a d writing or e llsbt maafifaot' -* ? tusteera wlA slsblrs adv-fe'ig If desired. heal lew a. wty tn JOHN L. CBawE. 117 Oemnuod street IX) LET?THOSE FETEN 8IW IRON AMD BRICh a'orte oo rrsntUn pquare and the Itowery enm.alon. Ap pi, to O o. A K J OEh KT. eouitaaUors at law. ID Broad war rl,lT?THE PTOAK BMCOND FLOOR, BAEEMEMT ai.d nrllar of Iktuse US Na?sau altral lot) by 2ft 'rvrtitp on h*'?an slti-et ai d lh.'atrc alley slao, ronear suitable fur ai tlala, Ac , ca the third and tou'tl. flones M. J. IJILBOOLT. |?f) I IT- KEITT fiTfttv?THE TITRKB NTORT OTOB ? mm i.?r virofr r?i.*r nonae m. r> e? , wm, . ,ur?n Orel, a>th n.n'. rr Imrro i n, nt*. |*a J -c to . or fc r ak ind two tbl'da ' a nwrlgaca apply to J M. TAYt.Oii tf l WitllatUv im od ?r?rl rlM LFf-ITl* IAROB noTSK. MO l*t HCD.AON it'Mi aorthoMt aoraer of I airbi a'r, et Applf to J. H HFF1NU, bo 5 Try on How building, bet vara Cbalhan vwl Oatre ali'ito, from eaa to two f 4. Pm irr-wniiorT boatn, two fi.aim FrnTT?n ed rnowtb an Iho ar rood tlnor, wbh prlntogo In I bo kite be., forerrk'nf at .16 Wr ?l Twi nty ftat flrrrt r^?I.IT-FROM FIRST OF MAT. A <I?I*TKKL HOD- J Mo. lt'<J Wmt Iweaty fbutlfc atroat. betn.eo Klitb no. *?Trt U, a\ ft urn a tth all tba landarn InpmremenU Api l? la M. Wlt^OM. enrnar of Onrllandl atraot and Brand ??y, andar the Hilary budding rm ILRT TTIRKR BMHLIAH B tftRMKMT FOUR BfOR? bautoa fiaiab*d og In modern atyla, no Fifty aaoond alreel. between hlerenth avrni.e and ilia H"".' rtr?r am ona brown etona br>.?a No. A7 Want Twenty fifth rt-aot natil eery I w. App?J lo H BaTRA, Ho ',21 KtgMb aa.aon or F. P>Ti>,uV. Bo. 11 Mablat loan. ro ijtt-at mfw lomgLir, a fimk aoru im I good order plnarautJy alt' atad naar tba Anund. tha arc noda aboni four acraa ara blubly euttlTatad, wnb iHa -boieent frolt ftiwara.?*r . a rtemmbla r uintrr raaldrnan. tpplytoC FOftKR. baw RorhaU*. or WM R. fOOuB A *?, 15 I irbarfe plana rm IVt-BTORB .V MAITIRM I. A Hit, MK ' R HAMBAU treat Tnq'ilre of BOBKhT BKAMKK, 74 Raw.u ehoet Maw Tarfc. ri I.RT-OW THF RA*T RTTBK AT EATRMdWOOD, I, I . two beaotlfu] ertugea, In rmnpbua nrdar. nootala irg eleven roenu eaeh tbafr lorafan for aiiraruon and nan eeeiterfa In Ike nty eanrol be nrptow wlibtn Ibe etriafty. For lrrm? apply (a U HoFK IMA, ofltra Mo. eO Faak allp. op etalra fry II to 1. or at Mai ana a nod. ? * -a ? ?na??t. ? a awn HTntir niraiJJVn I TO IKT-mrtJ m' ~ * ''"""I w$^Z"?> / I IrSw^Ss / I - " Inqnl.? ^ ^ >?*?,, J"" >?***. I ? *wasts55s^ hntol ft*4 Itqoor mn and haa a wartoua riwomani aainnn, aiiHabM for a rf txiraal a lam of roara will ba ah ?n of iho abort in a doolrahlo (?oant loqnlro of JOHN AlTBiDOa A RON, HBoa Mil Fonrth alrowt. a?o ivf thI wtotk Awn nxti'muTof a faint einraefeliibi yweeuwUeg as tteeileei eheeea. Apply at Wo. T J I prtng atraat. rtlt-TH* FTBNT CLAN* BHOWN RTnw* FRONT honaa No 218 Woat Thirty fourth atmot. with all lha madam tmrroramoat* a?d fioaaatly fitmlohod. Will bo lot for oao or two yrara. Root ?2 POO. Innnlronf TBAVfcBR ? JBROMB 18 William atroot rfo i nt-that pijurart fcfr 9tort aht) ban! J a rot tnarbta front ilfli* and dwolTtnp 88 Omrl atroot Brooklyn. I ho ataro aad haarmoni wfit >>a lot with op with not'Ho Await**, fa a aooi towu.t It will I* rmlod ohaap Apply In DAN I.NT A RHl'lht, aoHlnnoor, Ac , rdlloa No. 9 Court tboot Brooklyn roltt?*rno*8 in rmiNirv mnuiino- book* i ' Ji<?. ft an" 7 <u> liio I1n< Hour ?pyly > die WtlltvoeJUf in Mre WHIMUMPMf, ?7 Wall MreM I O LKt nt>D*fci WiTGl fcfcVKftBOOB!; KKNT I PV fun ?'ur? tor sal*. Immediate po-aeeaton If r vpurod 1 nl??i 106iwwte) pie?. ___________ J |"0 LRT-in WiLU M8?nbo. Tug Y1BY SHALl. < I b?D<1i?>nie cottage H9 South Kir*! aired turo blouko f.flne 1 urtra ihr jai I lU d w >b grape v| ?e at d running rose* Heat Ulu rtcuruy required API) J to BU'lHKi A I bbhN 103 Urano rlreei, comer of Ftfib, WUliameOurg rLKT-TBB BOPS* AN w 8YO?*, ON NORTHS a <*< t (WnHP nf Mailavin ab<4 rfn 1 1 fa^W^n elrNaf 4no!v Ul Pal hn DeOU. II Vme>~?tme"t' rLlf-n<>N IbT OF atf.fOi PMALLOICJlTitBi. family. front and bark mom wtth raiding door*. an<l te?c I oddroom an seooi d story wttb fro. t hveroent, n home 7' ahraheth street Bant $."26 an be e n mm 1(1 '<> ' 3 W od I Id 4 F. M. For further paiUeuisre tr quire at 173 lienor street IO IBT-TBB hiOONO FLO.rB OF HOUrR 138 Ktt> 1 a tb*'(omUUb'e tor m *eB,B,or dagger mot) put ljquJo TO LaT?TUB LaKOK F1RNT OLaeH FOUR STORf bouse 690 boneton street between i brtnpenn and Unit! an *tr< ? t, to let or lease: rent 61 iw a veer. Apply 'o tlbOLPMO W'LFB, 33 Beaver street PO LET?TO OrB OR T?0 GRRTLBMKN TdTO 1 large and a'ry rooms on third slory fu'iuahen or uufur i lebed, in a pnvaie Tamil* apply at No 7 *re?oort placs, 1 let-th aireet fourth house west of rotdeay. '| O LBT-PART OF HOC 3K 21 HeMVtONO STBBBr 1 brm May next comprising hack baremenl, 'ro t ?i:b adjoining bedroom and back room on second ttory, and bitk e. droom on third story to a ama'l fsit lly without ebl'.dren bent 6360 per arnnra, atd one third gas expense klay be 1 seen between 2 at d 6 o'clock r> LKT-TBK THBES STOdT BRICK HOCHB ltd Kaet Broadway; baa ail the modem Improvements sort is a very dealt ab e residence (or a private Tamil); *IH be root d <e a 1 espretabie fanny at a modern's ient Can 'rem :t to 4 o -l ok P M Inquire of II trlBI3 SOLOMjN,57 Madtarn street, tiom 3 to S o'c ock. P. kl I O LBT?THM LOWBR FART OF A BROWW RTONB 1 arodrra bnl't house bo 2W Pearl street Brooklvo, tons-sung ot two parltna on D'at Door buemeut. and two b<vl- 1 rorma. wib gat Rent STtlti a v-ar inquire at 19* seventh street New lark. tx twees avet tie* B via () I.O LRT-OFF'C?B IN BPILWN.J9 N<>. 78 BAQS'l way snd No 7 few at-e? t near Wail street. Also raae tor a term it year*, two dnelrabte lota of g-oa- dou ??'erly ude < f ot. Frtti etret t. between ruaeon i>ia?e a d afavette avenue, apply to Mr. DKLaPlaTnk, No 7 No? street ri LET?A TWO 8T0BT ATT10 AND BaHKVFVr dwelling bnuae in Broome street, west of Broadway well caleuated for a oondoriabie residence for a am all rawy \opiy to JIAbti BULL. No 10 1 uane atreet .also, the outM nig hi >be rear of fo 48 Howard street |i (I feet weat ot It- wl way, a very desirable iccauoo tur a light manulaoturmg liu-.leaa. a ;-ply aa above. I'O lrt-tbe three STORY llRK'K DWKLUN'} boutf. No 2'4 Varlek atreet. with modem Improve nente gaa, bath tub. range, aubewliar Ac for further p*-ttu.iiiu-.i apply to MA Hu.-POOK, 119 Pearl stree' P O LET-TO A KM ALL FAMILY THE SECOND FLOOR 1 of tbe large bonae 179 Waverley plu-e, near lamvl atreet, consisting ot perlor anting ar.ddit.iog rooma, t ?o he.1 noma and one alan on ibud th.or dent fllO lhahiu?e iv main* ail ibe modern Imcrovementa Apply between Jib honra of 12 and 4 P M., on tne premises rI RT?TO ON It OR TWO PMttSONS, A FRONT room ano bail bedroom with use of sis aod bath. Rent 00. Inquire at ICO Weat i went,? seventh ttrcet HO LKT-THtiSk STORKS NOW RilNO COMPUTED 1 In Orest J jnea sheet. adjoining the c jMT of Broad way . uqulre on tbe premises between 12 and .1 o'clock j ro LIT?PART OF HOU R NO 91 HuBaHO 8TRISK f, ] a'to a Leal cot aire in Hljr first street Inquire at No. 91 ti 01 alio atreet. rent modi rate. rO LRT-THR UPPER PART OF HOU81 194 FOURTH atreet renr Waskmtton square con amiag nine rooms. , jarkx 22x10. with rich freacotd celling hath, gaa, bat > a oold water Rent $420 May . e keen from 2 to 4 oclxtt. rO LET-- IN THE HOTT8E ?1 DIVISION 8TRKE" firm tbe lat of May a front and but parlor, front b?' -oom on second floor, basement kneheo None bu; a mail respectable taml y. without cb.llrev, need apply. rLRT-FROM FIRST OF M tY JMtXT, THF. LOWE* part of a gtn'eel bouve In a pleaeant locvunt oomtet ng of flint and back parlors and iMdrioru with c owe. basement with bednom attached aDd two roon. sou the third Uoor. Reo< "or tbe who e C2A0 Apply at West fourteenth a.reot, i<? , twecn Ninth and Tenth avenues. I rLET?FAILT OF A HOUSE. BBTWKET FIFTH ANO ' Sixth aver uea, elegantly brtanid, wiA all the Imor ive recta, to a small family. Rent tfur. Address box 4 Uh Port fllce. , 0 LkT-HKOND FO UR CONTAIN INO FO0R 1 rooms and rear basement of bouse 751 Weshl gton rye. : ept $2TJ, wl'bont bivni(n(i<0 Inquire through th ?t 2?7 Wash, us too street, end evenings at 760 Ureon v.cL nee*, corner Itaminoiid I rOLBl-TBK TWO aTORY MODRRN BCILT EOPflL* bonte. flui?h< 0 In the brat muiipr. with UuMiirri n' u d, stable end outhouses cirner ofttslhevannu awl dereatb ?ir111 Kiiokljn put; on the prcuj'iea, or of F. H. I nUf RK No '64 W?al atredt Rftr ?nrk rO LBT-TWI6 IFPkK Part op THK OOCnB IfO. 1 3 Grand street near Broadway, with gas aod water, a o ,<be front baa*menl tor an office Inquire of Urn. RiCiK , I2f)a Forsyth street, r? LKT-TO A QKNTLRM ttf IBB WiPR, OR A VRRT tn ail family pa. t or the * b< v of a furnlehod bouse, w! h a I modern, it children nor boa dera In the house. Hrowo same front high ?toop Applr at 7<? Ww tlitr Or?t ifeei, near Bu'h aveti'io Also, house and store n W lliemeburg Dear Orand atreet tarry. IK) LET-TBB I .O W h R PART ? r MNNB RO. ;jt I Greenwich street coortrung n< ba-k b'eemsot. ten ocn>? two pantile*, and two rooms In atuc in<|u!re at Ho. J I twelfth street. TK) LBT?THE NBaT TWO BTGBY AND ATTIC H0P8F. 1 bo tttWert e.xteonib street ntar PIxtT avenue Inarm ptete order ana *?'f it.r nrl. ? i ' bath and water rlaeet, waahtu a and range la kitchen, good sab cellar. Rem 7ltQ. Inquire "u the premises. I r LBT?RECORD OH Till n D t.UF t OF A RPILDIRO No 44 Crodby a*re >t well I ghtrd. Apply to J. T. Wlf,LIaMH Jr., >o ,TMRr?Ww>y b urtb floor I rLBT? HALF OF A RMaLL THKKK KTORY HHI.7K house, with mar be mantels, Croon and gas throughou* . Rent $tM> tos aw alt amllr only. Apply at Ro. X) West Fifty- I onrth street or No IM West street. I TO LIT?ID r?* RO 99 RAWT FIFTEENTH RTRKKf, J between bird arcane and Muy tenant square. Very I sood ins flitursa and tome o'ber fum'shlng wui be aotd uw < 'w say one rating the bonas < TO 1.BT-IR BROOKLYN (RKRT KITS), A THRRBRTORY aad basement houee thirteen rooms three ronaaa deep on rar lor story nrraa.enlel oervu g. ital. ed giaaa -loom marble 1 mantels, gas. do.. k?e*Uon ddelphl street, near FnttoaaTduue. Apply to 1* MOB AOII aR, ftfl Hearer street , O 1.KT-LOWKK PABT OF HOUoB RO. I'M WK .. 1 1 went) flftbat/ert front and back parlor rear basernc- ' I un two rooms on third floor; nrlrllege In eelJar. To situ., I < ?n 'j rent IB2B. Inquire on the premiers 1 I IN) LIT?THR LIGHT OFFICR JOB THE HF < I ooad llonr of Sbwe No tm Pearl street. eorner oi Pla't UN el. Apply an the prembea to MM. BEI.l HBH. rO I-IT-TDB KIBRT FLOOR AND HAHKMVRT O' j tors 14 Duhh "trret wsll ealculated lor Usage p- ? I srwes Apply to KaYBULLH, DA ?t)w a CO , 1Mb aai I' > Pulton strati I fl 0 1.AT-1II TUB FOL'RTH AYRRUB, A HAMDVIMF ' 1 ly Sntabtd nore and bewraent, dimennlr 24xlT en m derate terms Avplr to likOKON TLe rt, ,t? Pou'tli avr nod and AT Broadway. rLAT-TRB STOBB OR THB ROrtllRTSr OOBNRu ' of Broadway and Prtne* wrem, frout 2!lbyftX It ? 1 bare a new modern front and the ret tiny raised fifteen iweber 1 nd will I e fit abed tn the beat manner t. ?utt 'he teoa-iL Per further per'iruler* app.y to H < Allll.l. .* HOARI>If AN ] Bread way. _ ____________ i pO LAT-1WO (tpf.RFPID I.OFTR IN THR R W I store W Hairtay *t-ret suitable ft r a lt*?: maanter". ug j business spllr to sli.sN A MiWaaDB, W Barclay trert, between Weal and 1A t rt ton. rO LRT-IR RROOKLTR, A tlbll fTORY PR AMP hou?> . Is eomriete order, suitable fu - a geateel f trail* sr.utted in Frarkltn ar . four doors M near, dent A*?l In'jtilreof Mr toHKBBB. gr eer. ourwr of M)rJ<> nd Franklin arcane#. ' rim-A l.Akflt BAbKMaRT FRfiRT MOOH BTT . able tor a doctor a office Ae , at? beech street, at Jab fl pwrto TO LBT-TTIK f BCOBD FLOOR AND RATRMKTT OF A v nret two story ana at Us beuse. It i|ttlre at 221 W.?-rey strrst J rLRT-TDl THRAR ftrORY BRff'K DWRLLINO ' bouse Bo tM Blttabeth atrest. Oaeetwenn aad eotintet cellar. twelve ro see e-ght with Ore pisoet, ranfle bath rate bis aniels, Ac . rent RltW. Inquire on lbs premises , TO I.rT-THAT VRBY DBrlRABLR FOCR KTOIY ! 1 sad bass mewl brVrk dwell la i: bouse 17 lllfb atrret, Brook tyn. Imalshed with modsra lanprorementa g*s and tlx turns, ranfle Be., wetl tore ed. aad peeullarlr adapted for a hoard I tug hot se Foasraaixn April I. If ?e>.ied, ha f a block from < city rmiiroad cars and three minutes' wait from Ft" n t Alberto* or Bitdge atrest ferries. Apply to OaKu> A WBIUBT, sorUowters, Ac., oil tee Rs 9 Court street, b 1* T0L?T-OB m-BRAT HII.L, A BMW FOVB HTOBY brown none front tones, cos tali nip all th* modem I*. t i ravsmenle, s'tua ed or tb" north si. e "f Ibirty *i.t>. I I ftweis I silnytow and Fourth a*fnoe? PrseetMlon tm o 1 dtately. I squire of .ltt-RPrl FLKIT'IIIR southeast eom*r t of Lexington avenue aad Thirty stub street cpO LBT. TO A FMAIX FnMILY-uROftRD FLOOR, A eoeaist'Dg rf frrnt and b?rk room snl?iteneton, oue bed rorwi, aad large c'nso room, ard prtrltece ef oath mrm. and two rooms ta atrie. wVA flsa u ?o 't Hammond street In qnlre ak 4A Amee sarwet Kent j rpO LBT IN .IKtHRfJ C7ITY ?A DRtfTRABLK VWBLL I X luff hotiae, bo f>2 tafi otreet, lirr ml on lee walk from < h? ferr j and o?>nletrd to afford ft qalnt ftiid conteel rent t *rw? to ft?J pnrftrm do'.n* bnauineo in Mow York. Hon!; mo Apply to WM. YKMr 11.1. Ml Hrealwar, Mow Tork. 1-U lAfl IM HhOOKl.tR.-TWO WIMUI KTDR HToRT brtek kot?M baa Ml and IVM A tlanile olrnet, water tn I heck baoenwat, tar UirrnutKrut tho hoiooo ront tavieaoh l t ieo the fourot iy brteh hcmaeflg Hftoakn ?treet lent f 490 t ft <oo three or fjor nortafo bonrer ta Myrtle arenoe, now t>1 t TiMon aeenne. ronto ?Wo *rd ITU Indira of AH. FAM- t M1MO. ar<9How?ry, ftrom 8 te II o'clock A M. CXHoo opoa i nrlPk Ike dor ' LKT, CHMAM -THK HrrunMo ?t rAtrr rwtx fr- ' fifth klroot. wlUi I arte fireplace and r' mwji, tollable for rheealral cr other eiannfortiirlnt onrpw Apply ft) he rornlah factory. klnt oeooie. pernor of Thirty flrot atreei CI FT CR BOH RALB?1HF. GRRTRKl. RHOWM UTOWH honor 21ft Wett Thirty flrat tlrret, between Ri?hth ead b arentwo three at/wteo and il.roe rooma drop, and In rerfrct orfor. Real to a firat oiaaMenant. RrflO. A. r. MAW, 84 Wall kfreM^ j rpOl.kT '.R I [.? TWO ntltDMiMK roiTR-noUT 1 1 brown otnoo baaeaaoat bonaoa. oar Union ?|iiare, la Klthteenih otrrot borwoon Fo??lh aronno and (rrlog plana, to be llilahed by tho I at of Mai. Apply at Ho It) Enat lmh at., , er to K. Harrow, 29 Wall at i TO LRT OH LRAtH?TUB HOPRR AMD "TOItt OM tho iron I raat romer of Thfrtr armed atrert Bad Tenth aver no. toenptrd for the 'aat all ymra aa ?Iforerr aad hn'rnrr'arhon i. rood at>ad for any bind <M btirltaoa Apply on the pt< itiloeta ;' I I mjnilf HgUIOTlCK. . rtKT OR LKA01C- 1 Hik HTOHK AMD DWELLIItG bonae almaf d . n 'be htehmood ?t*ce road, abMl one nit'* r tn Pott K cnmoi <i Htalei kitiuL > first nM Mo4 fai Ac grocery buolnrw bring . oconied M snob br Ulfl aabaorl br? U.t ib* Ut i ihlrty ymr* , t-o a tw0 alarv anting* bonne tth half an no e of 'aid a'taehrd. bring wall alert ad allb r, u.i trees and ?i?a vine rearth r-aldruor at tba subscriber. Tor fot<brr aartieiilara ! quire of HAN1KL OROCRBROI, >n 'b? pram lata, or of r dbliERKK OaOsUON, Part dickMed |iO LET OB LEAPS. A HI ALL PRETTY COTTAGE. 1 sPue'ed on the 'op of a i d n-ar Htapleuin ritaten Islauc, Afoot d lamdlvg) commanding an extrnalve view of lha bar and reran apply lo Mr. dttf Ml 01 the preialaea, or Mr. L. YOA HOKfMaN. bo C ii an over street ^ no LIT OB LBaHA roit rivg YBAJIR?TftB fODBTB I story of flo. U Herkmnn street, wail lighted, and oaleoLuted for any mautifs-Aoring purpoaa laqidre of JAJCEA "H^NKKA A BOWb ? Beekmen atreal ru T UR 1W J 8TOHY axvw TOW octtsge with fix lots of ground, urritno bonne and ata cllrp, also, O.K. prrtu kg**: cistern water on both floors, lots ln> nnutusUv h with, ,nl'e from the Williamsburg -rife# sccert' 'in I * rt-pe I nes For directions, Inquire at ibe Wllllsmsbnrg Clt> I'lre Iosuranee, or at No. 17 Burling 'Hp, b. Y. ______ TO IJ5T OB L*a?R-*?OBR NO 971 HKOIDTIT oornt r of Sipbw-uD'b ft?ee? Is now ooonpled as * drag store, art) t? stinabie for anj business requiring display hsv tip a very wide trot upp v to J H, No. I trjon Hop ttulldli.p be* * urn Obstosm and Oentr* strepta, from one to two P. M , or at tbe new house on KlpBteSktb soppt. lir rear o* 'b? itore from ten to eleven A. B. T<> t KT OR LK.sf-B-TTBRKK HTOMY ATTIO ANO 1 bsiem'tt house .IS *>st ihMetalh street containing Rpeen >o ma ?lib in rh'e minleia on three floors sitting Poors on sitvud Croto ho slsn the two story bssement ?rd stilo hou/e 31 aejolDibf. oo .tskilo< eleven rooms and Proton ifrnt* low t > pood t'nen'a leut're at No 31 West Thirteenth strrpt, or oi D lh..mpson h3 lino street. T O l KT OH 1 RAKF-\ I)Kl,I tHTFUl. COUNTRY RESTCecce twelve mlios iiotn ' ifv lla'l. one mile from FordIsm <norluokir? the ttrirm wl'ha **mall tie wot the Hndo. rl?.?r Tbe d we' b s has all the m 'derw eonvenlene-s exret t sua Superior brick r a de and no sbouse, and ruber oclbnlldinpe lnclndir g a fsrm boose Els h?een acres of land under prod cul'lvatlon Tbe view from the pre?ls*s Is unatirI asrtd lor plctu-rsque rorpery The pl-?oe must be vtilted lo be appreciated Inquire of JCOWAttUd A RAM, 61 Wail ilreet ri'O LET ON A T.KAFK OF FIVE YBtRR-A RPLBNOTO 1 store, No 347 Rrokd?sy,.26xlA5 with larpe roun connect ed 2f>x"f>, level * Itli i.eoni-d street. .'tn ruM on both streets! Arpiy to af.i1 X O LaWkkWOB on the premla.n. TO RBBT?P.?RT Of A T8RRR 8T0?YH0P*B. WITH modern Irnori cementa well loe<t?d In Fiftieth street, sor v?iieLt to Hmadwev sag*-* nod ?ign>h avenue eve Rest tSdfl lint xc pU' i st'.e* given and r*ialre4. Ad lrt'<=s Child, htrn'd office r> BFNT OB bkLL-A COUNTRY MdnT. WRLL worthj of attention on th- hlgbeei hank of Harlem rlrer, between Met molt, dum * d High Bridge, overlooktag to* river and Central pan ; bouee tew, thirteen moima. carriage boure rood *s.rr end fruit one acre of beautiful ground1 Inquire of the proprietor i n the pretnleea, Jri. W DKVOK. 'PBO niLI IBdHikkY BI T UATBO MOHKRN COP* 1 tr? residences to let, on elevated and ve-j heabhy ground, r>n BtaU n lnlnno; one has a uiagmdee t view of the ocean, bnv ltd c tv lb. hotirfM a e of aiot.eand aarroti dad by several acre- ot evergreen and forest trees Kent fast) and VM Inquire at Dr. V'llofs odlne, No 7 Oltntoo Hall, Astor place, me DtBARRKlT A CO., 14 walls reel TWO Pl.BASnN r FRONT OFS1UR9 TO LBT-AT A rroderr. e rent dlrec'Iy fronting the I'oat otUoa. la the re>. nilj a't- rt d hutlc'trg No fW ><i?r street, one door from Nae>*n street There rooms ar- very p eaaantlv situated and will t>e ten ed eeptrs'e'j or together, apply In the stove on the prriMsea. TIO JRWBLLKBB. PENCIL CAAB MAKBB8. Ae.-TO 1 Ittoi lease a suit or ep'eudld hm?s In the brown Node fundings hoe 1711 and 74 Greenwich, corner of Oortlanot ttreei, with ltr.mutate possession Ae Aupl? at 191 Broadsay from 1'to 12* cloek or at93 kaat Twenty sevenths:., if FBI KB A H. JaCKoON. WAJ^BD TO LBT-IN 4 RESPECT AHLB HOP8B. ONB roon <me hodroo< and kitchen, for a family wlthoi.t h'ldrtn Bet t no'to exceed 916 monthly address under Let, B D , Uera d oflire. __ HORSES A."H1> CAKKUfiBB. \t?PAN ik us1cbvd LABOR BAT OARBIAO? horses warier ted roni d kind and gentle will be amd tn he hlgbret bMder also a beautiful covered pr vate easTtego tnd iliver plated hariesa In complete order sold without reserve on Friday, all2o'ci<?k to front of Be 109 Beaaeu itraeL near F ulion atreet. This establishment la very deslrw ale for a private family pAfcT FOR BALB ?FUR BALE OH BAP, A 001IT, I 1 strong cart amiable for heavy work, apply at NOttMch' livery atahle, lib Clinton piece JJ*OR BALB-A PAIR OF ORBAM OOLORBD HOBHBA f white msner ai.d lal'a; aouad and kind Ctn tingle and Double harnrta; iMj hand* high, guod aaddie horraa In? quire of F A. KNal'r fit < Urlatopber atreet, betweeo Fou?ih street and Wavvrley place. fa'OB PALB-A BklOilT Bat HOltAR. FfTB YBABH F old. Mvrn'crn head high sttli-h driver and warranted sound. Can be seen at 780 W sU r suect, or apply at No. 2 Mrme street, between :i and 6 o'clock P if. |j>OR KAI.B-1WO PPCONl TIAND LUMBER WAOON9; 1 its and i-e~onrhadt! wasooa, with and without tope; 1 two SrStrd mekaway new, sua mote's of ilgai awa nstr. a; I.r OI.aM a 8if I'l D'S. bl< Bast Nineteenth street tfOB BALr.-lWO vbhy eTVLIHU YOUNO HOR-tRS, T# r r an< a high au ?nd scv<a veare o d can travel In about Sin aid warrulrd tout d aod kind. Also. a good oart aerew (or rale Can be a en at ?4" Houston street LlI X HAI.F.-nOHSB* AND WAfHiNS OP ALL DTYLB9, r iomprlsina coa>.hea. family toriuswaya buggtea paae'ens. n>s* sulklcw .to ; aleo double and single tuiraeaa and twenty hers*a aultable for bualuesa or road hursoa aeply a', the of Fu.tcn aveeue and bevlna street, Brwyklya. IflOR BALB-A DARK BROWN MARK. ABOUT 81X* 1 tcea hards high ol aly bah action, sound and goalie; la ' vi ry we? every superior home aleo a too wagou. city nade In drat rate otter, a d a Hootaway, onna derasly wora hut In good riu.mrg order, aiao two seta < f hvneae. aaddliw and brldw. Insure of R J. VANDRdYOOBF, No. 1JS Bgwwy. For balb-a ppi.inmn two horfk carriaob, r,early nsw. sut al.lo for cltv or countrr u-cl WlU ha sold ebeap. Inquire of A. Wiugd, am Cherry atreet. FHOK "ALI-A VERT HABDfOME BKW BHIF'TBa top ?Moe, Alto a (In* eat of plated bwvn W11 s# old ver j abrap Appy at 49 drove atreet. near Hleecker. TTV>Jt SAI.B-A FINE CRAT HORBE. RKVK* TRAM " old. atiteen hand* high ? .n 1 ar> t kind. Alto. AO exa<d loot too wagon In pood order nltabia for a doctor. Apply f Fallon hiAb?n 4d And v reventh avenue. EH)R SALS?At LARGE TRCK. RTITABLB TO* F work of An? kind, in tlret rale order In j . re At ih* roep factory to Thirty 'h-rd atreet, boat Uerrnth Artnot, or nt w H LEE rt)S Hnutton tuoet. li'OK SALS CHEAT?A LIGHT TOT BUKIT, IB OtIOD r runbtna or der. Inquire of J. TRIM KR. 6;| (IrtrawMk rtreit For balk testcrxat-aorat mars. barm high flea yrmrt old ermnd and kind; also two "hetland poatet uve And atx i?ar? old, eeond and kino, wall attaltd; two aeta of alngi* hart aa? And two llf M road aafoaa: Ala* ar.e nt the beat bra acre ffer-aa on Long Ialaod,bad (a fe* I'ee'reuile l toiut,g Gcurre with a two attry MMMTVa lirimnd. Innulre at lul Wrat Tarty eighth ttreat, pear RUfe uvea a*. PHI IB or BAT CASRIAGB HOHESR FOR BALI? KM too ad end getnla and hare been Ha?t for private nee on y Apt li ai the private eUb e9? Weat FVtaeath etreet, rear, next m> Ford'a carpenter ahop STABLE WAK7T1.-RFTWF.KB PI XTILKBTH ABO i* Twenty a'l.b etiarta and between the Fourh and Mite orrwi to aroo*n.odAte three feoraaa and throe wagona. Addrtra baa f# Fuel < r HE WELL KBf.WW VORRE BCPStEIH WILL RR I aold at aiiOtion be T A F. H. fHTHRltt'H, at tbatr aalaaroetti bo AS Fa -an ai/aet at oaa o'efnefe, en Friday. the 3d lay at April, onlree preelntialy dtapuai d nt at pet rata aalat r t* ?i?kl year* out warranted pereefy awnrtd and kind, i.aeiinaiied for beauty, rtyla and training ana lady * nllht koree. lor v birh he baa bean na?d dnrtef the laat two yaara; to la a fa?t and etv 'lea rrt?er kind tn Wag'a and doable fear- I i.era, and took the prt?? at the late fair of tha American ln?tt- ( mi*. BUI be rotd nt tha ran# tnaa a pnod ahtniag lop b'ggy, cite n.ade, ornate bartaae two bfeMh boflblo rofeaa. loShl>ellp, aide yaddW, tiding br tflea Ac The <wt*M1ahro?nt oaa 1 e ?? a at W n Djbrow'a, aoroar of Thirty ninth afreet and Fifth aveane. tl* ABtm - A FTARI.R ADATTKO FOB THI l.trtif fw bu4tt?9*. cno lLIU ?.mM MMnaodiu hmi* hnciM, 11* lb a bond kMMr m. a. HormM ?a?i far o?? ???*. Tt* aoon rrnoAir.-a SRroitn haico light kk?? pre?? bath wvmn to goed o~der far aate. prtee 9a. tpplj el l*> AilanU- eweet. aver ntataa, Bronelya \k~aoorr io? ?al?.-a tnw rntLADiarrr? ' * 'tbfrnp. I'lbtvtin. bomto order, Dni light ro?d ? rgon, wit* ahiltlt g-nmnier top, en good a* n?? worth r Ibe mri n i f purebaerr* ( an be eeea at Wade** liable, eonmrt I'ariAr aad lltnka et/retis Breotlya \\ AfMI* rom falS-A RHW (IKI, HAD* TO t.RDMB. " wl'hahlfi'nf 'op enrt|72S aad to be aoM only oa e<w ronnt id <ke ow - er going to KtirOpe Apply lo J. tllLJJt IS W eel Twenty third atrrel D *>1>H A RAT MOROAJf POKY RITII.T HORflR. l*H haiii** high ?hoH taH d or 7 year* oM. nnet he perr.rlly eriird erV 1 r t tie. and a ftytteh and peed Ire Teller. Alii 1 > a boi 211 I'nat "?re elating prior, Ar. KIPRKMKA. 1RLAMD OF CCBA AXTRCRI OF P. C. HOMH ALTHR * CO . m Harare -Fr-tght aad pareele for all parte of t'nba krrwarded by earh aiai' * earner. Rett aipreee will leave eft ha 'nroat. Ma-rh 3R. per R>aek Warrior Inenng at 1 7. L 7 rei*ht ehrnid he real In ea the dar before, with lUteawl tt not tenia aad ralnen lor clearing at rnrrtaiae. WIUI.K KAROO A OO., agnate. *1 Broadway. " rmc l.KCTUKB MAWii MINNKROTA -MR. lOWATirR 0O1YHLLT WILL DHliter an eddrea-, retting forth the adtantarre aud pro*, nerte of the Tnmtor j en Friday the ?rth Inet at A o'aloefc P M . In Um- hell of the h road way Mnuee corner of Hroad>it atd Orend num. 1 he at'enf anre cf rer oe going tw ihe rlly of bit Inarr ) j atll'nlar y reptw ttrd TflK pni-ITAKY. ~ LhtmoR rmrRAh OORPROF IMI-A* AnjocRvmJ O irretl-g of Ihe ( otpl of 1*1/Will be keld et the Ponretnth Kara Hotel. onrner oMKreed and Rleawth rtre-M, h!e (Friday) f< en leg Kerch ?J at 7% o clock In relation to be roeeerl lo tab" I are April Id, b?r the benefit of the funeral (nod. We pay the ntperal etcoeee of all lOwe memherw hat hare eo mean# of which we hare a largo mater ty One Vi e'e err ethaneied eip' th'Thee '"evil < 'b'e world very far*, rtitctttal aibadeareiereqtiftRed Ry order * RATMOMTt, OoVmel bin M Pnrrr Adm*att ~ " rnunrrTTK?, a* awpoottaoii rnawrrnM, ?upm?B ij anlta In ?I1 ro'or* ba^nUfutlr from ? n? ?tit<U *l br oWi mapufaolnry n#4 botwoan Hnnr or u< BBmekw ?tr?r<ji Hood* o*Tff*ilyj?o>iM forjA# gw*' tT-o* baip pbiaF-thii rcRirnuni or a rnmire |? atorr boom. alum** now. oonatatlnji of wowooA parlor IO I* mirror*, rtotr- t?a. ptAno <*-p?t? brxU m l rrarrtkl** r? ul'rd for bonarkrrptii* For toaporUo* iUr?i *. t, V'o?<i??r r<vt mi < *. *9 WCBOOL PVftVTTTka O CtmlM ri?p <?d ) Oa ** ,. m br po*t \ % rATOW, JiOror* d/M