Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 28, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 28, 1857 Page 1
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TH * W-+ " 1 >r V WTTAT 0 *TA |?C1 >1 r jiavjua xiv/. luit. Arrival of the Arago at New York and the Enropa at Halifax. ONE WEEK LATER FROM EUROPE. lord Elgin Appointed Plenipotentiary to Pekin. fTIK SPANISH DESIGNS AGAINST MEXICO. Humored Non-intervention of France and England to Protect Cuba. IWEWS FROM AUSTRALIA.. NO CHANGE IN COTTON. CONSOLS, 93 1-4, kc., Ac., Ac. Th? Royal Hall (teamahip Buropa, Capt. I.elteb, from oaverpooi on ino mommf or om?nra?j, no iota uuiut, arrived at Halifax at 11:46 A. M , y eater da y. Aa ahe waa leering Liverpool, the iteamihlp Clr Catalan. which aailad {Ma Liverpool on the 7th for Portland, Yla St. Johaa, H. r. and Halifax, waa patting bank?la dlatreia, it la pre famed. lie Europe Bailed from Halifax at 6 P. M., yesterday far Boetoa, where aho will be due about daylight oa fiaiay. The arepe left Liverpool oa Saturday the 14th Inat.; ftOr aewe la oeaaequenti) one week later than that reOOlved by the Africa. She brings newa of her own arrltral el Liverpool oa Bondey, the 8th lnat, and alao reporta the arrival at Liverpool on the morning of the 18th ft the asrew eteamahlp Anglo Saxon, from Portland, Maine. The aeraw eteamahlp Circassian. which laft Liverpool fn the Tth lnat, for Portland, via St. Johaa, Newfoundland, and Halifax, bad juat pat bank In dlatreaa. Spam continued her preparation for the lnvanlon of Mexioo, and waa ondoavorlni to aeonre the Influence of Itanoe and England la keeping the Ualted States la e heat re! attitude. Nothing had oocurred to ohange the complexion of the Qiki?e qaeetlon. The iteamahlp city of Baltimore, aailad from Liverpool M. the 11th iaat., for New York with 873 paoaengers, hhd ea the same day the arago left 8?ntaamptoa, far Hew York, with 104 peaben|era and about 8180,000 la The Europe reports, Merob IStb, paeaed the Caaadlaa new hramahlp North American, from Portland far Llr rpvvi, ?IU Itmu VI ivrannai. at a a. a vn iuo tun i?T, of Ballyootton, exchanged night elgnale with * largo Manner etoertng eaat, anppoead to too thi Alio, from Wow York. <h the Md taat, burned night atgonla to ? avppoaod ttoaiaihtp tteerfag out. Too etgnal* warn not nnewerod. On to* -Oik, pnoood n large eoroo etaamahlp, a too ring (root [i roonbly the at/ or Baltimore for Now York ] lho eteamnhlp Anglo fa ton fro? Portland, arrived at Liverpool at 2 JO A. M., on Friday, tbo 13th loot. Ike raited Statoo matt ateamablp Areg->, Captain liana, front Havre and Southampton, nrrlrod laat eveking with adrloaa Ooai England to Marah U. no Arago triage leg paeeeo gore, theuaial matin, 9140,000 in tpecte, and 500 tone of morohaadlao. Amoegat the paoeengeri by the Arago are Han. E O. Bgnlor, and Mgnor Loo Airarado, charge d 'affalron for fiondkrae to the United Htatea Ike defeat of the Palmeratoo government on the China qnontit H the chief topte of dWcaaaioa la the ooatlneatal Joaraala. All partlee mealfeet enrprlee. and Jog U fait In tfcoae qaartare whom mo name of Palmereton or the Iberai inituutlooa of Englaad ere feared or hated .A letter from Jeddy, la Moldavia, dated fob nary 21, naoanore Ue oommeDoemeat of tbo oraeaatloa or the province by foreign troopa The ore >' 1 Oon'erenee on tbo Nonebatol qnoatloa wan Mold la Far* on the 7th tart The Pramlaa ICnlater wan tatrodvoed, and uplalned the vtown entertained by hta govt rem eat. wbleh are laid to bo moro modorete than gran nape <ned. ...wit, 11K.. .1 T l.amMl klaka hm < ! na Ika 181b af Apt U, at a ooet o( ?30,100 U * whole of watob m iaflrea by Mr. William ?twi, M. P. Xbe Arm of Mmri. Podge, laoon k Oa., a?nhuU ud plf WW ol India robber oloib bad ?a>poadad, Is eeaeedUMi of ibo boo arrival of remtttanoee erpaele t by lh? Amtiuo oaall oa iba Bib T?air liabintlee ara etatod la Im epwirda of ?100,000 Tba booaa baa an aaUbllabment tb iaair t al N# ward. Now Jaraay. A woa'tty (>raab snip owner a MaraeUlae baa baaa eaabaaoa l v> tbree yeara Imprteoamrai, a flae of 8.000 fraaea, aad lai? ; relation from civil rtghia Car tea yaara, for baring froedalecPj id tared a eilp afier ba bad raoaiiad tnielt'gaaav ?f bar loaa. Iba Pa.iaa Court of raiia g?Tt Judgment oa iba Hblaal. la Iba naae of tfeo Oireeaora of Iba Uoofea Napolaoa aad M Berryar, UoveremeatlOoamlaaloMra, aocaaad Of Bfaeneieatly appropriating ihamae vea iba foada Of Obaeempnoy M Oral araa a quitted Coats war eaalaaead to .Drrtrntn'si for ibraa j ear?, aad la pay a ina or ,010 fraooa. Arthur Barry-r, to a yaara aad 8,000 rraaea; Lagaed v caa year and 1,000 fraraa, Pocbeaae da Vara, Mz aaalita a?d 8,000 rraaea. aad ali to refund iba mai Obadaaatir appropr.etad Iba art maid from Mai be irae Oae 10, arrived an Loa dooffta 'he Htb or Her oh The prtoo of gold iroo arm, with pa opwwd tendency Alter preeidlag u Speaker to the Huuoo ot Oeaam ter tighter j ton, to the eaUeinotlon of oil inrttu, Mr. Shaw Leftrrrr oo the ttb loot, eenoeneeu hie 'ateation to raUro ftom the cB)eo at the eiooe at the pi ooeol rarliaraeat. Oh the fOt'oerttf dog Lord I'aliaeaioa moved the then ho or the I to eeo to tho booontble gootiomoo ud oo oddroao |0 the Crowo, pray log 'wt epootol rooogattloa of hie m iVoi? both or whteh rooolottoao were annalmo ?iy grood to fnbeoqoootty o pouioi of ?4,000 woo voted tD Mr. I-ofevro. Tho hoar d Co-MU uimooo that tho provtootoi millMh trill retort to tholr Oomoo to ooot oo tho rooralio or the approaching ooooerlptt >o eh oil hero Jotood tholr lOglmiate Tho Load oo Ooort of Common Ooaaall, at a opocloJ BMOt'rg ooarered n* thel porptet Oh lha Oth luteal, pour it o rote of cunfldaaeo la tho Mlatetry. had thaaho go thou (or tholr forotga policy, hy o oeojortty of If TOtea agotoat 1*. Great preporoUou are aiokiag la Saglaad to 0*4 ant traope. ha , ? Chtaa Tho to rapt'a aammaiultl adrou oomo dowa to tho VTOalag af friday, ihh loetoot, aad rapraaaat a inlet pet too market wlthoat nay materiel ohoago la prteu or MMm otau tho dapartoro of the Arrtaa aa the 7th laat. Jha aalu of tho oraak foot op oboat 41,000 baiu. Tho morkot (Or breadatolTe ooatlaood extremely dall, hhd quotertone wore aurty ooeetaol No ooaotdorohlo ooteo eon id bo offer t?d etoept ot a inotertal doellao from he p*toaa earrut for tome woe he poet The market for proTtatnne oontle od qatot bat ateady. ]W I fm4tm aoMf m?rkM woi WMWtol marm MlBoat. bot u?o prim of onnU roomlood oo por odotooo by |M to wli?M>i for aoooy. PRANCE. ibj aviso QrwiTiOK?coodition of tbs oami or moves?ma cbisa was?ths csotb. Tbo Vonobotal Oooforoooo pronromod, boOotowly. Tbo lost moot'.og wootd bo bold oo tbo Hit toot. Tbo PraolBoo Wotstor voo woitiof tor loau'ooUooo gib! (totooMM or tby Book of Fnooo tor tbo omtb or yobroory obowo o ooob laoroooo* n 404,000 ftroa a, tod %f loorooooto tbo hnaob boobo or (,4Ta,000 ftoaoo. fbo PMf'i Fbrtr oorroopnodoot otoOoo thod oo otoboogo tf 00*00 bod tabor y oeo oo tbo Obtroot difflooMy botwoai SBbM Ud fioooi. ood tbo! tbo tot ooowtaoJtM osAdrtooo rooohr?0 opoofe (bTorobly of tbo oppomoat of fifet ewyo is iwif, AUSTRIA. ' fe ItaMfW JrtUM bod r#vsod M I tos. E NE ORE AT Bltl TAIN. 1LS0T10NBBBIN0 BXC1TI!MKHT?BSBATB9 IK PAHLIAMKHT HBLATIOS9 WITH THB HMTTO HTATKS? THB ANOLO-rBRHIAN THBATY?THB DANISH SOUND BUBS?CHINA APPAIKS, ETC. The oonntry la excited by electioneering movements. The supposition is that Lord Palmoraton will oarry a majority, bat a small oae. He oonUauas to reoetre addresses or ooaMeaoe. In tbe Boose or Commons notice book Is a motion by Mr. Gordon to Interrogate tbe government respecting the preeeat state or relationship with the United States. Lord Elgin has a similar notice In the Lords ror Tuesday the 17th lost. The House or Commons recommends to the Queen to bestow an appropriate reward on Sr Jobn MeNell and Col. Tulleok tor their serrioee as Crimean Commission era. Lord Ofanrlcarde bad moved for ooptes or the dome pondenoe respecting tbe proportion of the oost or the war with Persia to be charged upon the Indian revenue, or relating to tbe way* end mean* by which provision or suoh expenditure Is to be made In India. In making this motion be expressed hli wish for information with iu HID ifvmiy juit iwQDiuuon wua HTIUI. the Earl oi Clarendon replied that the treat/ ma of the moat satisfactory nature Perela undertook to amounte Herat within three month* after tta ratification, and upon the folBlment of that condition England won Id Immediately eracnata the Persian territory. Oommerelal advantvf ea were alao gained, an England waa to be placed on a footirg with the moat favored nation*, while all further dlspntM between Pereta and AOghanlitan were to be referred to the arbitration of England. Lord Ellenborough regarded the treaty a* an admli Ion by Pereta that she had adopted an Improper policy, and that ahe had abandoned ber dealgna upon Herat la the Houae of Common*, Mr. Gordon Inquired whether It waa tree that the government in the treaty eonolnded with Feruk Khan, at Parta, had abandoned the right to proteet Peralan eubjoot*, and expreaaed hi* opinion that if inch waa the oaao other nation* ought alao to abandon that right Lord Palmoretoa laid It waa extremely inconvenient to dineuae a treaty wbloh waa net upon the table, but with regard to the point referred to by the booorable member ht thought that veay great laoonventenoo had arlaoa, and wan likely to arlae, from the praotice In Persia by whleh foreign government* were entitled te extend protection to Persian subject*, and be thought It moat dealrable for the permaaenoe of friendly relation! that the practice ahould be dlaoontinned; and bar Majesty'* government vu quit* willing to abandon that right for this country, except with regard to peraont who wore actively em ployed In the eervlee of the embassies or the oo ululates, At the tamo time ho quite agreed that that right ooght to bo abandoned by other oenntriee aa veil aa oar own. The treaty van In all mp'ota a better treaty than Persia bad offered to accept at Constantinople. Mr- Labouchere said that frost the most rcoent information. It appeared that the northern ports of China were perfectly tranquil. The House having gone late committee. Lord raimerstos moyea a rssolution piecing* at the disposal of tha crown ?4,00t per annum to be conferred epos the Speaker, for the term of his nstnrsl Ufa. Tha motion was carried at oace amid load cheers. la rsply to s question respecting the Danish Bound dues, the Ohsneellor of the Exobeqer said that the question of traaelt dees had been very oarefnlly considered by the Minister at Copenhagen, and by the bettors of the ether Powers Interested. He understood that the settlement embodied tn the treaty about to be signed bad given sauofaotton net only to the British Minister, but aiao to the Ministers or the other Powers directly interested In the transit across Donmark. Bir H Rawllnson oostradlnted lbs report that he had been asked to go as Plenipotentiary to China. Reports ray that tho Duke of Neweaotle had been tendered the offloe, but that ha had reiused to aceept It. The West India stall steamer Tyna baa boos got off the recta where A* stranded toast weeks age, and taken Into Southampton. t.Tbe late arrivals of Australian gold were delivered on Thcraday, and nearly the wbtle wsa purchased en account of the Bask of France. Tha remainder actieslyl ?u diced for the groat wanti of the market, ud a small amount vat taken from the hank. There vaa an nndlm'cltbed demand Tor money oa Thursday, both ta the dtaconnt market and at the Bank of Leg land. RPAIN. THE I>?MO?.STRATION AOAIN-IT KIXICO?0EVERAh concha to com aim th? twiwnot?hanta fTSA I,COM3 rr AOAIN?FRENCH SHIPB OROERID to the otjlp?rumored refusal op france an* knolandto trottct ccea, itc. The oocntry vaa traagnll. Priparatlona for an|expedllioa againat Me'loo oonUnaed. but the final opinion of the governmacl had not tree* fired. It la though probable mat ha operatlona will be limited to a blookado and bembnrdmeal or t orn Crux, nod will not eiLonl to the lading of a military force, which the danger! ef the oonrtry and the el'.mate might renter bazardona. The Ftpana, Ibe (orernmeBt organ, demand! that Prance and England ah all call oa urn Vol tad Stataa to ra' mala neutral It waa reported that the Emperor Napoleon bad Oderei to not a* a mediator oa the part of itpala. lathe aieaalime Franch aklpo are ordered to oraiae on Vera Crtm. A;. lber report vaa that Franco and England bad da r pea the rrqoeat of Hpeln, that tbay aboald guarantee the protection of Cuba la the oroat of boeuttlea. A ipectal M**lcen Mlnlater, Beaor Laraagoa, la aald to beta arrived at Southampton m rout* to Madrid, to or range the dllDealty. Meantime the war programme la to bring Santa Anna from hla retirement and lead him a 14 to septnre Vera Crat. Can tench* it earned for the oommand (I lha expediuoa to Masioo. RUS3IA. ANOTRFR VICTORT OK Till CIRCAHNIANfi?OPERATIONS IN THE EAST, ETC. N*wa from Clmaaata bad been reretred lo the effret that the Circaaalana had agala beaten the Raaaiaae oa the OTPf 111* rtrar with a looa of 400 M, four plonoa canboo tad all tkalr bacma The Ratatani wera aaaklac ***? poaaaaaloa or (ha Cbnltla, a?d Ita aoraraln had daataadad iba tatarpoattloa oTIMMtaft. ComtTATrmo-iK, Marrh 1, IW, A Roman eorpa of 8,COO men bad boon rocatvad win aalhnataam at Tabrlt. Tba ftoiataa army daallaad to act aga'.ant (ha AC*haai had baaa ratafbraad Koaata la aaaklac lo ooanpy tba Khaaaata of Khaakaad wtth a rlew ta (ha axlaaatoa of 1(a roaUar to tha lag'tab piiaiaalnaa. Tha Horaratca of Bokara, alarmad at thaaa projaeta of lavaaloo oa (ha part af Baaala, haa olid tad tha madtattoa of (ha Snitaa, ta aaaara tha tadapaadawoa of Kboakaad. TURKEY AND EGYPT. Tha Boltaa haa praaaalad (o Praaao (ha Oharoh of tha SatiTity. aiao iba Palaaa af Knlghta of M. Jaha at Jamaal? Prtaoa Edward of Sana WW mar la a eaadldata far Iba throaa af tha aattad Priaoipalittaa Tha Brltlah gatora maat far art hta cla<m Thara had baaa a obaaf# la (ha MiaMry at Pfypt. a oh mat I'a aha tahaa tha Dapartmaal of tha I alert or, Ah del Hall a Paaha tha Dapartmoat of War, aad Maatapha Bay (ho riaaao* Dopattmaai PIR&IA. Tha latoilif eaoa ffOM Baablra la to Jaaaary ? Tba hoallhoflha Bntlah toroa waa food tad thonpfflaa ward ptaattfal. No Ivlkar aparauoaa had takaa piaaa, Tooyt UmI Ooioaai Jaaofea had aalM far Iba Panlaa Half with oaa lhaaaaad aaniry aad a raglMaal of l?tatrf. INDIA. * tha adrteaa Itas Bom hay ara to Iho Mh of fatvaary ; ma OalevHa la tha m, aad irw Madraa la ha lfth Tha ooafOroaaaa halwaaa lha Brthah OaMMhalMMr, MriMMMtaa Vtm BMiowW WW ?t0'M HIM Mi or Juurr, u< tta tetor M iMinwi M OabvL Iki BMktr moMy Mrtr? *M MDw (M IfM MM*r liiup " IM AtCklmtl??ieh?*fl* ? V im T>? ?? Irt p?r pm> i<?? WW pnfi'wMf nry WIO ? A MORNING EDITION-SAT CHINA.. PROGRESS OP THE WAR?THE CHINESE OOTEENMKbT BANKRUPT?ADVAbCB iN TEA, ETC. Dates from Bong Kong to January 80 oonflrm the nawathat Adaalial Seymour had withdrawn from the Garden* and Dateh Polly Port. Aa a re prleal far the re oentattaok on the Brltiah fleet. Admiral Seymour had burned down the we*term auborba ol Cauton. Nine Qhtneee had bees arretted far polaoaing at Hong Kong. Ex* change at Hong Kong, la 8Jgd. a t?. Ol^d. At l.oo-Ohow tea* were arriving alowly and prions were high. At Bhangbae holders were demanding tw ther ad van oe. Eiohange at Shanjrhae Ol 8d. The Peria journal f atria states that accounts irom th? Hr irt'er of China, received at St Peteraburg, annouoo? that the government at Pehln Va in a state ot dine utton that the Emperor has no oaah; that he la turoed to laaae iron coin; that all the moneyed men had left the olty, aa that the Chinese and Manlohone are In open hostility. How the Appointment of Gen. Cass Is Viewed In England. [Prom the London Times, Maroh 10.] By the nit steamei Irom America we learn thnt the new Preyed, Br. Buchanan, had appointed General Lewis own. of Michigan, to be Secretary of Slate?that Is, Minister ot Foreign Allaire and obief of the Cabinet j here was a Mm* when auoh an act would hare been Motived In lu.gland as a moat eenooa demonstration General Cart la aa well kntwn to ua by re nutation at etc of our own politicians. Prom a time beyond the armory ot most of ua be bat been to English oyes ibe representative ol the great Wet lorn democracy, wiui an iii prtjuiioT* muu Miiuiuaum. mo ivuuurai it sail l? be seventy At# year* old, end during ttat urmof nie poliUoel Uf? bo bM been e Minister ei home, e representative in I'arope, end for e number of jeert Senator ircm the State of Michigan. Bat whether ti e bureau in WMhiegton at a levee at tbe Toiler!**, or amid tbe oieanoga of bta Woe tern homo, be bM ever ottn tbe vehement denouncer of England, ber am t it on, ber hatred of liberty, ber doeigni to thwart ibo development and dlttnrb tbe peeoe of tbe Inl'ed State Tbe life of General Cam bM be<a nearly contemporancoua with tbe acknowledged independence of bla country be remember* America thinly populated end e eeooad rate Po ver; Ibe struggle of 1812 found blm n young men; tbe long war of abase be twoen Tory England and tbe touchy young doaooracy of America la attu fteah in bit re wileotlon; and, Like many a man or atrong feelings and deeply rooted prejudlom, be ha* carried the tradition* of one ag* into another which bM little tn common with It. In tbe eerie* of dispute* tcgardlrg the Maine boundary, Oregm and Texa*, the voice of (ten. Cam wu ever violent, end bl* propbeclm of Inevitable war went near to cauM their fulfilment. At that lime there existed a kind of International eoroneae, which aeem* now to have passed away. Scarcely a copy of any oppoeltlon paper In Pmrta was published without a tirade against the ' perOdtoua Albion," nnd tba American f rcm wsa not behind band in aoouaatloee and tnveotlvee. reland was mad with misery and seclloa; Canada wm just becoming tranqulllzed after a long fever of dlaooa bet. Consequently General Cam and bis apeeones ez elted no little our cutty Ho wm supposed to ezpres* tbe feeling* of the msjorlty of bla countryman, and to Indicate tba likelihood of a new alllanoe of Fiscoe ami America against tbe mother country. Bat those days have passed assay. Tbe British empire bm <oo discontent and disorder vanish from It* bound*. All Important points of difference batsreen England and tbe United States here been settled; tbe cam mnnlceUona between tbe two nations bare Increased so wonderfully m to make them tor all oommerclel purposes a single country; a beter reeling bm ecma Into ezlstenoe, founded on a clearer understand tt g cf each other's circumstances and Institution*. Om own relations with our atarest l uropean neighbour are of the moat cordial kind The speeches of (Jan. Cau* and bta sobool have therefore lost most of tbolr Itopi rtsnce We feel that much of suob language la mere pcpu'ar oratory, much of It tbe promptings of a realise* aid suspicious temper. The war lice tone Is, we believe, net one to wblsb any Inrge section or polltiolana In any Muntry now respond*, and thoM wno atlll adopt it run tic chance of being looked upon m oretobetty or antiquated. ^ for b'a Anglophobia, and knows tor little elae. It ma/ be thought that Mr Baohaaao. la leleotlag him lor thanlgb it Mtice aett to hie eva. dace aot give hopee of aa ad mlomtraUon friendly to this country Oa this polat we can barrity prooounne aa opinion. It would certainly e*m thai the new President la detlroea to lnaogarate a vi ry national and independent poller la reepoct to Ann rioan affaire, or, at least, to have the oredit oT the taWnUoa. But thire are, we believe, domeettc rreioLi for the Prretdent'a choloe, with whtoh lor e'ga relatione have nothlag to do. Mr Bnchaaaa re pro cole the double democracy of the North and the ."oath, end both three hare to ha conciliated. The Booth, wbloh baa tor yearaopealy preaohed the dootriae* of r unification and eeparatloa w>aheil to ieree oe the PTif.'<ir?t a maa representing (ta moet extreme views, Mr Wa'krr. la preference to ale own cbotoe, Mr. Bowed Cobb, e politician well spokea ot lor ability ana mode flHl.'Bj tut too ooneervatTi mad too little dlepoeod to eep-.uje a reetleea and violent pol.ny to mert the ap pioeird the fontbern dunrloaieie, The Prealdeat did not w ih to give up Mr. Cobb and via drtermtaed aot to b??e Mr. Walker, bat be wee equally nnwll'iag to cramrnoe hie career by offending a large part of bli oopeorwre. He haa therefore conferred the offloe oa Geatrai Celt, a maa popular wlih tbe democracy ot both arc .its. bet too experienced and too patriotic to gtve any tnconragimeot to eoJnalvtly Boathera view* Mr. Cobb, we are told, la appointed Secretary of the Tren- jiy with the Intention that he ebail eooceed Genera Uaaa an Beorotary of State GeneraII Oaee to of en ege when the dntlee of offloe are likely to be fnlt an a heavy harden, and It to anttdpatgd that whet the Cabinet taa been brooghf Into working order, art) at demaadi of party gratified, be will leave bla poet lor be retirement of private Ufa The Internal policy to which the President baa given ha adheatoa by thta doable appointment la that which the Into Diatel Webater fttab tbed by the meeenre to 1U0 Boih General (at* and Mr Cobb are etaaoh parIItana of the ela vrry oemptomtoe of that year They will sternly rt prelate esy tenderoy In tbe Sou-h to eat ap the laniard of djanioo, er to plaoo their own late resti above those of tbe whole republic, while, oa lb# othi r band, lhay will give BO eneouragamaai to the be liimieta, and win oppoee any attempt to limit the m e brr of tare Htalea That Mr Boobantn bopei to ai 'f| tbe deeiree of hie complex party, aid gain roe bla aire nitration a popularity to wbioh bla predecessor eou o aot attain. < a '? the exnlanttloe glvea by tbona who do ant aoo, ur do rot with to tot, It the appointment or Uea Caw an a> t ?r hostility to thia country We belteve there la aieefe ti iih 'a It, almply because la the prneent state of oar relet nee toy etvmpi to kindle dleoord between the two ratioae would only damage lia author Mr. Buchanan !a too etparieaaod a pollticiaa, aad too wail anuainted with thla country, to bring volti'arlly ua hie owe bead trouble aad dlffloolly by a rralnltoae challeace. After all, eelnieteria; hetaaa oat, rr "e the eaaaa ail over the wor'l We Bad at feroic '.hat every government la obliged to follow pretty true b thee eioe course of policy, the ooeeerratlre ecu fiieretfeat the tliae bee come for abaagr the radical that otrrumttaaoeu do not admit of (weeping retorm aad ha result la a pretty errn rate of prngreee, fooaded oa temperm ea, and opea to the charge of whet la called ircaciateeey. Ho wo em pec t it will be foun't at Wain'.ngioa Mr Bocbaoaa will litsi; ibe applla ton of (be theory promulgated at Ortead, (leoeral Celt will discover that the Brttlab goverameat, wtl i wh.cb be will al oaoe eater lato oorreepoedeaoe, kt not a mtr* graepiag heart eaa dwpotlem At the age of TAevra the meet torrid aplrlt la eomewhat disponed to tret ' uy aad we oaa well lme?tne that after having : a; war ?teerhrn to two geaeretiona of hie country m*a the tew Secretary of P ate will aeule down lato a e :: d?nily j ?acefOl aad rruaonahle man af hoaiaena. Prrhepe we ahatl he eueprctad of wtohtef to make the heat of a had bnauaaa. bat wa cannot refrain from naylet that la dealing with a democratic eommnatty like ibr I tilted Hutce it may perbapa he aa well to treat hmnyh Mlniateaa who hare a reputation for a etroag ratmaal aad antl Kegtleh arlrtt. It la quite poaelble that mea like Mr Bucbaeaa aa<i General Oaee eaa afford to he wore oonc'<latery la action thaa othera, ilmpty hrra ?e m profi eaten tbey hare elwaye been distrustful at hnettle A Pre-tdsat whs has Bis reputation for spirit to an e n ay not annatnraliy shrink from ooaelodlag a irraty cr jnlnin| la diplomatic action with thla oouatry, w? ti knew ag that he w likely to he represented la nuai-ede of Mwepaporn oa harlag been latlmidated nr orrrreochod. Bat a mea who nan point to hta termer tpeecbee, and aek It It le likely that he would do aa set derogatory te hie country a dignity ma* he able to ocadect late root toeul boetneaa ta a flieadly aplrlt. herb wo treat, will he the oaee with Mr Benhaaaa aad bia Untenant They will here it la their power te romrrethe only caewe of dlfferaaoe betwrea the two oooatrlee by the ratlBcattoa ot the Central A merle on treaty; aad we Jo act think that they will looa the opportaatty. conn erc i jj71ntei ug e wck. litbbpool torroh mabkkt. The Broker a Circular rr porta a quiet market TO' oaMea, aad wltkoul aay quotable change la prtaaa, aa arerago dally haaleeaa wae done Tha aaiaa of the weak amoua to lo ?a CO* halea. lael dia* about t,M" oa eprculatioa aad 00 'or export t nd?y a business ws? eettmatod at c 000 unlet, lacladtag 1 000 to epecnlalore end export*ro the market oloetag qeiet but steed r rho following are the a .tbertaod quota toaa ?rate Mrleuae, eight Ihreo elgmha of a nesav: middling, aerea thirteen elxteeatha of a peony. fair oplaada, ooroa seven eigbtha o' a penny; middling nev?n nine e'rWethn of a netor fair Mobile e'gM csnie mlddilag eevea Ova rtrtta of a p?anj Th? rook oa baad aaMtaataA to 834,000 balaa. of whirh MJ.00I war# Amarloaa. HAKCWTi:* MARkPT. Trada la Marebaaw ?m ?oo?ra.l qalal. aad prloaa ttoady, although lb* ftooouato nri. mat boaaaa raporl irg fall prima, wbik attara atala that atojfc* ari laeraaa l?l unwoot UBiAMrrrBfi atuir. Vattra. Rlobtrdaoa. Hpraoa * Oa * ?oaart wbaat rory dalL aalaa naimpartaat, aai qaatatlmia qaHa Bomlaai im VMM, 7a M. a la ; wblta ?ba?t la. ?i a la M lt? latiar prtaa tar obatra naaiwaa riaar ilapraaaad ul naaalaabla W?atoca ruti immmI at Ma a Ma ; Haiti awvaaa* rb'Malpbm, Ma aiu.otb 3fla alia. M. 0ara qalal at a dae'taa of M ; tnital frarly offarat at Sta. M.; abtta 14a 64 a Ma.; yatmw Ma. 64. Oaaatlia nour UT*WX?L MOTlHtM UkMT. Hear* MrtarM*. Rpi? * o? r?p?n m mIm < > ?4 l? Wlt arijr H?M M0W Urm mR wmX. ^(B4 bAAB ^4^444^(B4? t?*4r ?f ' |M<) rauw*. ?" ?-*Btblf#A4 IM m* 1*1 *1 %? M? natkmf la mw, MM *?W*. b?? k?i;, .?f mMim, n>U, ?? H. ?H?., 41M?| HJf ?RK I URDAY, MARCH 28, 185 leee, Ida. a Ma.. abort mlddlaa. nb ti. M? a Ma : boa1 lew, 66a. a 67 6d . Cumberland t'<i a 64a. Moaaea. Big land, Atbya A Do report aaica of old Uleeeiaad hoof at 16a a 78a., aad atlea ot old pork at efta Tallow trrara lar; North American nominal at 00a. Lard qulot at Ida. a 73a. LONDON MOItgr MABKBT. liraara. Baring Brottmi Nfwi the market deotdedly ?re atrlDgeat, bat oonaola ware atendy, oloarng at 93%' tor money, aad 98 % a 93 % tor account. 4*bkjcax aacrainaa. Mraen. Ball A Oo report an improved deanaud at he following rate*:? C 8. fl'e of '07 aad '68 106# a ton Maeaaohaeette 6'a 101 a 101 Pennaylraala 6'a 70 a 78 Pennaylraata 6'a of'77 80 a 81 Maryland 6'a 89 a 91 Virginia 6'a 84 a ?8fl Virginia O'a 89)4 a 83 % Alabama 6'a 78 a 80 TenneaaeeO'a 88 a 81 Erto Railroad, 8d mortgage 86 a 87 Do. do. oonveitlble* 80 a 89 Do. do. ainklng (and 83 a" 36 Penntylvanla Central, let mortgage 89 a 90 IlilnoU Centra: of '60 108 alio Ik>. do. 7'a '76 9lK a 99)4 I)o. do. 0'a 87 a 89 Do. do. ebaros, 830 paid prem.. 33 a S3 UlcV.Inn n..t?l ?! IAD At . whiiw o i) in W ?? ? ? HI A Pana ua borda of '61 08 a ? The London Ttro/i rcporta the following buelneaa dona on Friday, the -Now Fork Ooatral 7'e. 01; Erlo, thlrn aortcMe, 81, t, lllinola Central, 830 pala, 31 a 84 premium. LONDON MARKETS. Meters Baring Brotkora re tort? Iron steady, at ?8 for Weleh rail* and ?7 16a. a ?8 for bara; pig Iron steady at 76a 6d. BreedatutT* doll?rod wheat aelllog at63a a04*., and white at 48a a 68a ; flour depressed: aalea or Ataer! can at 88s. a 38t.; tngar* qslet but Arm, ooflbe ateady. Tea?la ea of Congon at 13>fd LIVERPOOL PROPtTCE MARKET. Tbe Brokera'Ulroular reporta rioe la limited demand;

aogara quiet, but firm: ooffee qnlot aad nnobanged: tea in limited demand and prtoas of e logon weak. Roeln? to active demand tor oommoa at 4a 8d. a 4a. lOd ; medium, 0a. a 0a. Od., and fine 16o. Grade turpentine and tar inactive. Sptrlta of turpentine la. 6d lower; aalo* of tbe week 300 bbla , at 4la a 41a Od. Potaabaa ateady; New York quoted at 4iw and Montreal at 48a. 64. a 44*. Od Pearl aanea. 44a. Od. a 48a. Quarcltron bark?aalea of Philadelphia at 18a 3d a 18a. Od.; no Baltimore In Oret handa. Ira seed oil quiet at 48a a 48a Od. Pale rape aeilirg at 18a. Seal aad cod otla unchanged Olive oil dull. Palm oil, all qualltiea altghtly declined, bat an improved demand had ap rang up. Dye wood* ateady, quite active and aoaetdaratrly advanoed?any 10a. a 80a per ton Tobaooo ateady. American oloveraeed In moderate request at 80a. a law lota ol whale oil aold at ?46. Fine sperm oil wanted. LIVERPOOL FREIGHT MARKET, lltaara. Warren and Tbayer report frolgbta to Amerloe ellgbtiy lower, end quote tbe foiiowina ratee from Liver pool to New York .?Iron, I6e ; tie, lw ; ooemteala, 17a Od ; dry goods, 18a Oi a 17a Od.; hardware, 17a. Od.; cratea. 8?; paaaenger immediately, ?4 lie., aad for tbe and of Maroh, ?4 10s HAVRE MARKET. Tbe aelw Of ootton lor tbe week ending tba 10th lnat. Inclusive amounted to 18,b00 bale*. The advloee from America by the Europe oaurad a alight advance In prtoei. br.t the market wea dull at the clo?e. The quotatlona for New Orleans tree ordinaire being lllf The atook on bend including that at aea w*a estimated at 77.000 balea of whtct|70,000 were|Amerloan Bread*tuff* were very dt.ll Provialona without aoUnty. Soger and eoQee aWaly. THE LATEST NEWS. |*T TVIJCCRAPn THOU LOS DON TO LrviUPOOI.l APPOINTMENT OF A PLENIPOTENTIARY TO THE COURT OF PEKIN?DECLINE IN THE FUNDS. Ixnroos, March 14, 1M7. The Earl or Elgin haa accepted the offlca oT Plenlpo lentlory to Uie Court or Pelrln, and will prooood thither u soon u be haa been made eumclently acquainted with the viewa of her Majeety'a ?orernmeat. The londoa ttmm c.ty article, dated Friday rresJag aye ? 1 he fundi Hrr ahowa aa Ingreaea la dnliaraa, and bar: eleead at a decline of oar eighth, partly owing to the beavtseae ta the appear an oe of foreign exohangoa the rata for loaaa on government aeeoiittee la ailII lx per oeat. In foreign exehaagaa thta aharaooa the ralae tor Hamburg ana Amsterdam w?r a abade lower. With ragard to ether plate there waa do Important alteration. Final price of * r*nrh three per cento aho v a farther decnae of % lettrra from Parle deocrlbo a teadeoor to reaction from the late Inareaie of epecnlatloa on the Bonree. The proa paote of the Rmelaa railway rcbeme are oonalderod bad, and co one la willing to pnrchaaa abarea In aatlelpatloa. Tte Daily Htm city article of Friday evening eaya ? The fondr eloead at a freeh decline Attention la aow (tonally directed to the electloaa, and tilt ol'cnmiiaaoe coupled with the ooatlnued trinaeecy of the money mar ket, ecoaeloae dullaeie In the stock F.xohaoge. The de mand tor mono* contlnnee active, and genera' aad fall rate* are era Mad hut we do aot remark any preeaure. The rrarki t for atlver bat become firmer unce the receipt of the telegraphic adrloae Ifom the Kett. AUSTRALIA AND AFRICA. The WoolooiBoekiA. from Svdnev w h ?10.000 la void rTlred in liit D >wna ' 88 daya. I}?r kIt cii are to ik* 10th r< l"ot.emb*r, and describe ?t*gna".oo ta bo* dobs owing to the Immoderate arrival* of food* from Kngland Homo failure* bad bee? nanonnoed, bat thay ware not of a acrtou* character, Th? mall packet Niger arrived at Plymouth yenter ay, from the coaet of Africa, She reporta.Uioooaet quiet and beat i by. The American icbooner Mote* Taylor pot lato Made r* March 18, leaky and win <cea of lopmaal. The Opening arid Widening of Oroeby Utrert. Toe ConnctUnaato Committee on Street* met ta the Council chamber at 2 P. M. on Friday?Councilman Boole ta the chair. The eobjeot before tbe commltlae waa a reaoloOoa otiered byOotncllmaa I'btUIpe, to the eiToat that the Committee oa Street* oe requested to exemlae end report to the Board wha<ber It la expedleal to eilend Croat"v etreel, commencing eonth at Howard etreel. la a dl rent I ae to Chambers etreel, oppoaite the Park. comments Irf rortb at I) seeker etreel. to ooaaeot ae near as poeaf bla to Iatyette place, running to Aator piaoe, from that pout to ooaaoot With Irving place at Fourteenth etreel Croe'ir *u*et to be mdeaed oa the east side to oorreepono witn tmag piaea, *c Ik me tkirty gea'l*nr?en, owner* of property oe Croeby etreti, were preeeat fhe resolndoa of Ooenellmea IhOipe wee read, also several remoaitraecee agt.ast the Eoytwed rhaage, eae of wblch was ?tf?od by ebent one acred pmpetly holder* on Uroeby etreel. H. roe iB'inirten were made to n*t?rti<n who wee In rarer of the pro;eel. or wbo bad petitioned for It; but there were ?o petitioner* rot II, aer did aay peraoa ttpraoa himself la faror of It. A .entiamtn roaa and gar* a bia lory o< Ui* project, which, ha aald, waa similarly bronchi up by a reaoitukm three yaara ago There war* aa peu Moaer* for U lhaa. The committee to whom tba matter waa referral bald meetings, the property holdart on lha atrart wara almost naaalmnnaly opposed to tba pmjaot. there waa oaly la fb*pr of A. tba ar(omenta aad popalar realise "are ao strongly agaiaat it thai tba commute* aaenhaonaly r a porta d adrerae to tba prrjaei, aa bolag uawtee tajodtelena aad naoallad lor. raises thrre waa noma pstttwa fbr tba proponed change bow. be thought the maitar naght U) root there fbr erer Pr Pn?.*i n? next oddrwooed the committer Ha waa la faror of Imprwaamaota la lha city, hat thia propeaad ahaagr world ha aoalaoa, Inexpedient, aad world result la great loan to the property holders The aaaeaameoia woeld be eery beery. they oeald not he paid from the street itaalf; it woeld terribly embarrass the ottlaeoi there Nor woeld It be ef aay peMin uMliip The wide aad apaetoea araoea formed by the Bowery aad Chatham street ta a clear proof of in it A either geaUsmaa. after apaakiog of lha laatidty of the protect, said that bo kaaw ataa who had beeo rnlaed hy aeacaaaaata for opeo ug aa I wldoaiag streets la this war; he anew mea who hare reoeatiy beea nempeiied to mortgage their p'aoea to pay aaah aaaaaimiata It Phas'a aald that the prep eltloe la opea aad wtdda Oreahy street to Chamber* street won id not reiicea Broadway, hat rather aaeember It at aad below tba Part, for ail tba oamagaa aad team* wen Id ruth la to father at that potat aad mafeoaeoaauai ism It la he low the Path that Broadway weata roller tag. eat abort N Barer*: other geotiemea Umo epohr agaiaat widea lag Oreabr itrwt at *U 7: R Bosbbt*, of No 7 Lafhyette plane offered a rate Iniloa to tho eflaet that tba proposed wtdaaiag aad attaa on of Croaby I treat la a moMnre uaoeiied far, lejadl rletta. fur rpedlrat aad aawtaa Tweatr atne gee He mea roted ta faror of this raaomttea aad ao oee agaiaat it: ao It waa declared naaalmoaaly corned The CatiaxA* thaa aaaoeacad that lha committee waa adjonraad till Wrdnaaday next. whan the following pro pnaitiooa woeld he onaeidared, aad thai all peiaaaa laterrated la aay of them would be Inrtted to be praaaat, it ?The W'rfaatag of Pearl atreet to tha Bttiary tho & i2 "WW lU'r I ? * <-h*ott>( it. *" " * ??*mg fbaiiag ' Kllffll* Up f)RKn Uni?w f Otmrmmm m Ma?u"mrJ??nZ?ALU r?" * Hrim pnbiin mmtlif om " P?opI? of Warroa at SSSsj^i 4?3S^w&*araE #k*' * *? H,* Af from 'W tnwut u4 HUM ( U*a-?nhaaa?L H at tirMr ol M Mrly. <?y. to <>t mw ??om ' ?m r* 0 r ? fi. rrMniwi. ULUM >*. cnUu^Mtow w ?WIM PFP4*H ?nf% T T7 T> A 7. City Intrlllffrnrr, Tin Ptxmw to hb i?*!?w)._jjr tblirg loUded m*. Ko?i KrynidB eaiorday thai bit coniraote would bo delivered to hlflt to-day. atMhorlitag hlmti cle*n tbo lower part ot the city forth* h. it ? eon a oomqIUUod took place betweea Mr fcb., r Major Wood and Mr. /It**, aid they oeeie to the aneolnalon tbatHw>old be well to oleaa the city immediately laatoed of wvtmg until the April eeeelon of >be Uomcaee Conor it matter* hut little whether thle deoialon la la e.rtot aocrdaoee with the charter or not?me dirt aad dast havo got to be eo intolerable the our oltizune will no* be very re* ij to *?e tbe hawe in tbo olty ocarter. provided t ho olty 1* rid or a grinrone eutaaooe We upderttand thai the oontrsr ? will go to work next Monday. Tuoy b a i " on, -<t for all the dirt oartatbey can get, and trl put livo haivlrod laborer* to *0 k at tbo etreeta. "hey oapeot to havo too treoto In a tolerable jondtt'in by raar-d*y; a 4 artorwai de it will be aa eaay matt to keop them oioan wub the atrtet sweeping macUluet that worked eo eroll last yoar lor the ihert tun nty wero in use It mil bo good newa to moat of our read, r* mat they aare only two more days ot blinding duet to endure. Tua Oocucui CoMM.rri* o* Ci n* riraiieT*?Tbo epoolal committee ol the Board of Oounoiimon T. Jnneo, J*., chair man, appointed for tie purpoie of Inreetlgatlag Ibe o?o?ee why the etreele or thla olty are oot properly cleaned, have had aevoral private *tuicg*. They meet to day at one o'clock at the Uouncl ohamoer, when aornral wit neeaee will be examioed and a tauroujta laveiugattoe may be eipeotrd the oomu'ttee are dotorm.nod in their ofTorta. and will maku a tnnrourh raoort. Ths Dm* and BnffliOlMiiiwji Mark Arm.?We un i demand that It la Uio intention or the father of the ran away helreaa to aucoumb to the atom mandate of the law \ wbloh aajra "his owo, in cot hi* own," and wh on "die- | pntoa his right to hla own blood, and tails hla heart Its 1 blood la cot Its own " He la there'orc (I termined to make the beat o< an otjutvuaaJ bargain, aed has consented to meeting the offenders against parental autnorlty half way The agreement, if we are not misinformed by pab lie miner, la that Mrs Dens, nie Miss B>asr, la It remain for twelve months as a boar cor in the boose of n respectable private family. Diring that pero^ the bold, tbe d<rlng and suooeaslul aaotram. John, la to be ednoated at tbe expense ol Mr. Bolter, and with tbe polisn wbloh no doubt he will reoe<ve from a Doctor O' Toole or some other Irish tutor, the whilom coaohmaa and carpenter may become a fit aaaociato for the educated. Time will tell Braolam aboct r* thi Urns Warm ? It seems a gang or robbers are very actively at work In the Sixteenth, Twentieth and Twenty seoond wards, and It would be welt for the police to he a little more active, and protect property In that neighborhood. On the 19th Inst, the siore of Mr. Charlee Campbell, oorner of Ninth aveane and forty-fourth street, was broken Into In n daring manner. The ihlevaa stoad on a barrel and drova the doer open wits a bar, whlon proved to belong to a Oar man residing at l&e ooiner ot Broadway and fifty-oeoind avoet, wboae atom waa rubbed on the name night. They aioio I rem Mr tiampboil twenty one packages of pennies, containing fifty cents oacn. betides overcoats, twelve boxes of i cgars, and a large quantity of tobnooo. On tbe tame evening a store sorner of Tenth avenue and Kortythird struct kept by Mr. Kmnbie, was broken into, and sev oral boxes ol sugars and ten vslnabis canaries stolen rt.e same gang of rogues a ', em pled to ooter tbe store oorner ol Ninth avenue and Twenty third street, bat was alarmed by a dog on tho premises Tboro sere doubtlew other placer onterod on the aamo night. Where were ( the police! . Cnrnrues vor Ptraworxa Doww Tow* ?The oily nt i pgi sent la fnll of sirangers from tbe country, merchants i and others who are here to buy goods and see tha lions of tbe metropolis Many of these strangers are religions 1 people, who would go to church If they know of one being ' con ret i- nt, bnt do not care, stopping as moat of them do , In the down town hotels, to wa'k *11 the way up tews to three Ste chart-ben where the pew* ere ail rented, end accommodations are given to strangers very grudgisgly The <oilowhig ohnr hea are atnni*d below vbe Park, to kx atioi vera oon?enert to tboee wbo pat up at U?e bo tela <d ibe lower port of tno city, Til:? Innita cbcrob, Kptecopellen Pa we rented, but plebtp of veuent teata for etraegere. Bitnatwt in It roadway, op poal'.e Wa>l atreet Hi Pani otaarch, tpiicopalian. Pews rented, but good aononaodatiena tor ttrangere. la H road way, be twicu Pn'ioL ?nn Vceey atreeta. Old .loon atreet aburea, Metbo'ist. Pewe Pee and atrangera vert well treated, la john rraet. batween Naaraa ant William I'.ilot Deform, J church corner of Fulioi aod William etrma Pewa rented, but vialiera well treeiod. H ransen la tbe clir very aeoe find out ait the theairen bad outer oaagbly plantf, be- auae tber are well elveri 'i - but ao elTort la aaaee to notify H em o' the erlat eece or cburchaa ta our mldat. Religlcaa peopla ahouid tee to thla. Tun Ihr: nabi.m Ooav -rn ? A meeting of tbe Kxeou tire Commlttie or the Prlaon liaoclailon ?aa held on Wedaeedav evenlrg, (>r Mrtecom la tbeohair. The tree aarer reported that 1130 liad been rocelrad tlnee the laal 1 meeting. The agent of the Recharged Con r lit an J Da teetion ? onamhtee eubtuhied Ail monthly report, from which It appeared thai nearly 460 pernoei ha-i been vl ; ilied In our olty prlf'ana From tola number tujae ware i cautiooelp ape oareiuily aolectod wbo bad no frleada at tend, hid wUbout m ana to help tteaaeivoe aad , i?p<cial!y thoao who for the Oral Ilea# wore clargoi i wiit crime. The eompla'nanta, parr nit, emtioyare, rirr 'a or wltn< aaea were aought out and conenited, aod I the act'oedcma el tbe acocaed aaoertaicaJ wherever 1 Ore raataoota of extenuation appeared thote wote train ' lu.iy invmmed to the court on trial, ant ta no ft* la \ atar-ea baa thla Institution b wn lutlraraenlal la aavlag. rapr a y young penooa Rem tie diasraoo Cjare-jumi od a pi nl.eoi ary aad Plate prleon. 8ueh isaei 31, uio?pl? ota abau-louad on their adric?, ;:g, peteoue ] rtUrhareel (boat nultolr m llin.r raiu.minline it I ! dwcliergcd p?r|OB? Hi J ir-MVlOM MitMed wl .Jl In >? /, S3 iieraoni on! ccibrlcta aaa 11M wtia suitable oiolfcliif, 18 diacbargcd pontons profiled who etnploy Bent, 7. Frcm th'.r It xppetr* that Iba aiaocUti&o la doicg muob food. Tt ey need mouey rery aob, and cost IbuHoaa In money or ol'itblng wttl be tbaattuliy re oeleed by Henry A. link ley, treasurer, Ne M Wall at reel Mr rata kiciajmn* <> ran New Toan r aaaar ?We karn that aererel of oar elty Are onmpanlta latent lo ge on ciuaslra eacnmlnaa daring the summer I'mMc ,-hatee Hone Company No U wiu leere tbla olty on Jr'y let for Detroit, Mich , via Baffala. Tbey will I take tte Erie Railroad care, and at BuUalo will be reee'red by Bote Company No. I Tbey will there lake the lake boat lo Detroit where tbey will be reoetred by Wolreriae Ka|iue Company No 3, who wore ea a . lait w It it city a abort time tinea. Thi Nia York flremoa will partial pale In the ereroieee eoaerqoeat opoa the oeiebratlon of the tlb of July In De ' tro t aed will retora to the city on the 8th ol .Inly. The < mcmbotfof Iloee Cunpeay No M are a flae body of }oei-a n-.oa, aaa will giro lb? Woleeriaae a good Idea of | wtat New York Oremen are They w U a cm bar My | mra. Tbey are to bare ae eati.eiy nee naitorm, ooa ( aiatir i of orab ooat and pome, are cap, red ehlrt, and b'ark arch tie. The a*eomm?Lt oo each member w SMI Kbaltoa a full head baa beta eagagtd to 1 accompany the oxeoditioa. Th H>ae carnage will aleo be taken on to D?lrolt. The follow ir are the aaw>a ol thr r timer# of tbte compear ?A. H Mli or foreman. Cha 8 rteuedvt, Afeleteot rorenae Wm H Browa, Rrrreary D P. Pnrkee, Treaaarar lemee M. Toraer, Hen?y K Hooaio, Krpreaenla>)ree UT'uaa Kagiae Cowpary No II propoee lo melt Boa toe ai d Oarieeurwe. Mart , d"rirg the rammer The arrengeaKB e Tor the oocaaioa hare act aa y?i?heaa perfected A tnr rioui tafia* Company No 6 will fo oa l?a day* rxnaretou ?? UhM by way of Ntafara B i? aanther rautrpnoo I* o0 foot of area creator Mfaitod". It I* prop >o*d I? ladoo* tbr** of otjr eraofe etty in o- ""paa'at to go oo aa ?*crr?ioo t<< frarop*. *ad Ml i .oa ud Parle before u?*y oobm book tb* ex prdltxm M l conelat of en ?nyiee, bna* tod a hook aad 'add" ompeoy Too aiuir la aa yet oaly oa lb* i, < aad lanat adltloa to b aaaoaaoad Wat ioa Cbatxi, O. C. A bald it* tireifib aaalror eary at tb* Apollo Kootna, oa fburoday creolag, Mth Vait Thta Chapter ta noted (or tb* mm bar or pollitolaaa f lb* Kaow Netblaf *tr?pe belorytaf to It. D*f1^ aa axMaao* of tw*lr* yaara It f oral* bed tb* otty with oa* mem bar of Ooof?***. our State Prtaoa laepector. two Ala* Hooao noToraora. oa* Coaam'?lwaw of Mtrwli aad lamp*, no* City Attoraoy, ait AJd*rm#i ntn Ooaaril men end two eaadtaatee for Mayor, botlde* a boot of mtaor < Itlatato. fb*y bar* *p*at * tboaeaad do lor* a year la obarttabl* .pe-atlene Tb* aaatroroery wo* a rary idoaaaat ore Ia?*o >. Barker, B*aj f. Plaokaoy, J, C Kimball, Henry Clay I.anrlM, aad otbar*, mad* rpewbee rellellatlni the Chapter oa tb**r * norma Mr. Kimball reepoaa* to tb* ta**> of "Toaay tm?n?" woe well r*r*tr*d Nntwllbetoanlaf the deci^aao* of K*iw Kotbtaftam. tb* O, V. A ' teem to b* tltar bing f u i* Fiashim Print ? H*tw**a 10 and II n'oktok tatel of hi a Or* brok* oat la a i.ermaa bo >kat?ra at No a Kraaklta *tr**t, ooooptod by P. stab I. Aa aapla loa took place la tb* (tor* wb'eh faro the (lrat tntima hob <ji srs iiw wionno Hilars wjr? Blows nn, sol a n ToIsbs of ibn isMsrtly bant from th? ?rtmtsr? Tko ortjrtB of Iks Or* I'tSMd to ksrs Mas rtnosd iy tbt gat. * tfcs till mors frost Um kru<Mi hiring o*?b r-nsorad. " ltd !MM of ?WS foot *h 0II?OilBf fro? mN ptp* 1 How tko bn roars asms off It alitor "or ths T\n Marshal " to taqstro to to Tbo wbots of tko ttork m protty anoti dsrtroysd kit SkMkst Ik* Vow to oororoo hy lossrsaoo room mi bo aasonataod. it tkoswoor or tko ittn SM oot ?t tko prills to n>? sppsr port of tko hooos It sa oecsplod rttMi* isMsoim at Mkr St OM Fatal Raisnan Arm>?r?A lad aamsd Ttooktr wss * kiitod ootbo Hnitsos Kits* Railroad at Ho wharf, so Wad- f; aosdap trtorsooa It soon tko* la ooatpaay with otkor . boys, ko was ta tko kabtt of tadalftaf '* Um daagoroaa Ji rrooUoc of rtdtaf opoo tko otaido of tko oars ta tka si- J oiaitp of tko dopoa. aad oa tho tar aoasod woo rtdtog apoa a frstpat oar, wkoa ko atippod off. sad tko oara rat ? o?or kiai, osttiog off noo lor eiwt to tko body aad larrt M kly orosktaf tko otkor Bo Baad bat a Ibw aiMit of- m tar botag tokos basso Ho was akost 1? roars of affa. * ?ri i ? ffrrfna ?Oa wsdassdsy a mm trad tbsod la J UUo g pf vatar a boat midway botwaas .-uafNaa Mi u t LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. Readout. Ha iru quits dead and oartlni.'y nndraneel, Aa Ui? water ?a? bat three feet de?'\ It I* anppoied me* U>e m?d commuted sulnide. No cm ooal l Identity the dor ?Mod, but front bis appearance, Ud papers loand hi . hi* pcsaiaioo, It l? sup;?eod thai be wai a Herman. Fix* *t Y??iK*Kd ?The large brie* b tiding owned hp Jodire Woodrall, at Yonker*, accidentally took fl-e y??lo'day morning about bair part 10 o'olocfc, and bef ire It oonld be extinguished the hulldleg w? nnvl/ mtlroyei. The loin la eattmaird to reach between 94,000 and 99, *0. Partially laaared. Jtmy City New*. Watai Acomnjrr at ma rraaat?Two Jar K'. a? ?An adcl-tent oeenrrod oa Thursday afXeraoon/at the eaet approach of the Bergen tunnel, which la being ooi.atraoted Mm <\gb Bergen hill Tor the New York and Krte Rallront^ by which two men, named Xtward Duhony and Wchagt Kenuedav, loet tbe'r llweo. It ejoiirred by thr falling eg a erase uie-1 for hotailog the root from the place where ltla fclrattd to the care whxb convoy It aw.y. White holatxg a pirn? of rook walghlng about fou? tone, lee chein . which beld the crane parted, and It fell open three mea, killing them Inatantly. 0 hopy r*?lded ta Hobokm and K.enoday In Jersey City, wb.ihar ihetr remains were taken. Km Are Aire Rtrmrii ? Patrick Ooreoran, a UaoereAn man, lately committed to jail on a obargn or oomndNtag an aaaault with a raaor with latent to till, managed te rtoape from jail on Tbcraday morning, by k eane of the insecurity or the worlvhouie. Hla reeldmre in Newark vennr, Jrracy City, waa searched by Ms police m 1 hurt day, but he o juld not be found. Laat atgbt ofltceae J. L. Ayera and Baldwin were on the watcb tor hint, and st about 10 o'olock oaught htm m he ?u tearing Ma premise*. He maflo dreperate hut uasno' atfa' stragIle to escape, and wat again oommlttad to jail y oeterdnp. I mjje Incrcalf Im the Prodaetlon of Itafle HngMt. Cvw.v.i, Mad. Uo , N. Y., March 2?, 1MT TO HIK EDITOR OP 7HK HERALD. I want to sap a row words about sugar and its petOSk At yon are aware, sugar Is high and going higher. Haw, ilr, you Lave no ooacep Ion or the laassn iweel sC maple sngar which Is bring made this spring In the Nostk and Went, and also In the V ?et. Farmers who hare Ml made a round for tea or ilfieen pears are eaw tapfig ererp tree that oaa run n pooad, and ttaop are nteinag^ Bnlrersall/, from 800 'be to 1,000 I be . to tap nnthlRS ol the targe manufacturers, who g j as high as a thousaam * trees. Oall for Information on tho'snbjeot from ail pemr Borrenponusata, and keep the public tborooghlp psM up to regard io It. Maple Is new going, lor a first (MM artiole, at l?o. a 16e . and will tin )>e down te Ids. I'm- , and perbnpe lower So you can eee wnat a msiMS effect H is going to bare on demand Farmers gnawNd^f thy ibny prefer maple, and when they oaa mw ev?a ten or Bftesn dollar* per year bp a taw daps' has< work, thap will do ao. for thep are a d datlngpM^ u ot with I landing tbop call tbemseiree the bone and Mawsr of Urn country Hupnra most go down, notwtihstaadMf they ars now goltg up Court of Nperlnl grMUiU. Befo-e .'udge R'uwetl. a enow nan norm. Miitm IT ? In conseuuenoe of Uts absence of .'udg tMnw tell f o Tuee lay, the iisnai compliment of prmoin whw WWW twaiUDg his adjudii stim were . euuuuled, as (bat srhautMi Honor arrived this moru.n* over one hundred oaaen WWW endr for his (itsporal. There oould not have hem loss thaw It hundred persous present, er?rp arenue leading u Ma Court room wis blocked up. and the officers were rtxnpSMnW o open the sallertea which Is an 'manual thing. Amor g the raeea panned upon by ihs Oftp Ji.dge, we estsM k few ot the uuvrt Interesting A WriqaAL PABKST. Henry Fmlth was i Wged wuh stealing a Hot "Ti'sinfag I." wiiii ol violins, and eeiu to the pi-niteuliarr isr Una month* Hubert Feathering-on a!1** Bensey, a reu/b lacking jMkLat ?h ulaoeil * the bar ti>r *toleu'.I\,ting Win. iiaiMsr, cliiel ofllcer of the ahip Mm " lit i ac<M*M knock's! Mr. ltailcr down, lumped ucou h'ui aud beat him rury wiwr 1 he .ludifP K ind ii<u> elutl he uwl to aay lor limited. trtai mm rrplled tW he wan a mmu ot the amp merra Pcrada eat lu cot aeoneucr of the 1)1 treatment or the <omuhtlaaiil na j.rtvioua pa: cage. tic availed lilniaelf of trie eaMieat op pan* tot; to rhntiw hin when he kui aabore Thi fomrt ?*1 Una If toe oflirer beat faim he I ail a legal remedy and Ur oreeaMt aeeault tn unjust-Sable Uo ttuaeu'. lo the patilUsnllM'f Ur al mouths. hi won t lb tan. fviwart Allen an intelligent looking "du>, *aa a-ruMd tor heaJ.ig a txij Willi > .-nthcr atreti He >e tne "oif.Tatn At had tune to e| ew his mouth Mr Allen faced toe aar & and pror-wdrd t? narrate tfee cirrarai.iat.res of ton wauH. Ur eatd thai the boy would P'4i>i>er hn parewanl mirael ai.-i that he rilia nnj lie eorauia-y in penragtfeg 4V an .an a?rarl fa a be*, hot ?r to him lu rain aai 1 hn at na, ' <'barley ra , bo/, what a v Urn* it l< to hare ih? law uin. ibe b<m("l a on. but f ha <>v enu <l not go to a, ban! .Ind/e? f'l' ft* tblamal er If you h t Una boy a?i. . addi na ng Ibe dafenna<.ii ! will mod yon to the penitentiary and W >on (to ill" romp'*di?ut to not attend tt your "larr.la1 I* end yo? to the Mou?? ol Refuge where you w i| her* to rw main until you are i'l. Here i* mv tr? ti ?r my toed '* Judge?J don't want to aee her; fo. itmtiawne ago wir?*. The tifi J took* tu? i. <1 > iipla.u> by wi en aga-isM Mr boat nda wrrr rue ff w Voh** mat b e ,? r man At the hurl" -a a y the .erhe.alirm < ton ['ottrt that b;a'b< tt?* halt Lift r< nntrh-Liy etr n.? grwtoIcrtlon for toting men; b'.t 'his ngentu ua ler . r had no etlw* el'h he .lodgB, and hewaaeeu'. U Uio pea ? .?. ) lur ton fourth .in.e. A IOT 0? IfTtmv TA l>* 11 of onwa* li mbe.' vn! niir w.ii warn trtmp;u ?p fbr i rt.j i. t il., ?rrr -ei. o the )m tar of u fatfB*0 M'elcr, M'ater," nt-1 or.# of them a So ;al rund so liille celt I r it \ m t yi ckri. ' ! '. men! I 1; ueicr collit liu> ega r.. an A?ti>n nmti rttiw. John H Fleming a w etl tlr'nM ?oti-g tn?n wat atm' t# to* perltet tlnry lor a.s lyiotitha Id. mealing t*i nhi'Mage outer the ym-ket rt Pa'P k Pern/ Mi r?f?r v atet I that the ar??ed eaa t 'he hah t" hatir oe rotted the e ?tnr It'ouFa^aid wan i<iep<i *eit of e'?.i g 1.article* ri 'he Uat tornn 1.. thereet't an', who ' > n atlvfid of "he aboan >at b.iabin n' ilen aul a re:v lugeu oiig p.'ao for '.Be Vteidton el .In ibiet 1'.e other e vening Mr i,ero. pr?:? ded t > he oom; -fly dr.irk and .to be .on,parr rf Pinning, f ,1 l arkrtv e ? lit Me iteioy Ot.t A ,ie miioor, wiien raw u.iog t. a i . i'. -a. hr n ft ayetiath tei witr Mr. 1 erwg tid ree worile '' r r">l. rt irto 'i a hrea?- a-1 a -an" tfee 'ant a- ll'.-aat atai.,1 JHH t'a.oy af K.I al r-;. -tvvi tone DlloltBO *y. ____ Pn mih?I Inlrilliriitr, Tba Mubvl'ia b*mrr of tba va u<at tiyt iba Maadi1 af Co'. W H Paaod mom jar of Oen(r?.g from IM tooqttd distrtc* of Tann.wtoa win be pleated to Iwi tM hit naedluoa ?m not. u reported, pare.yito, bit, aa Mi ptiyagiae r?pora, tub oente rbtoaatltai Oo BmmA ituibttai tba attack to tbe rFrrttof pottea takao MM ti< aynotB at (ba Nattooal Hot#;. Waahi.rtea ??/. atbon be war a boarder. Tba rtoijaailoa of ferret Major fee rue H >? * ?, L'aptaic ru. Infantry, Baa bias ac . ptej br Ut PiSlant, to taba elect AprU 1, 1**7 The Treatmt Wat* ?c<ni aavi tbat oo Thuradey warnaf tbe coonemaa Iooa end hla wife ormrrly btaa B?ber, ; laaid Uircugb u>at city la tba Pbnadtipfcja traM to of for lb tMtruk. From "aire tn<! Rot Uuttnptna in th? *v un *<V ?nmpoHr?n t l? *o<uer, Mm A>ara.l'? . I Head re. Wvor H?i**w '?cien ?<t e *r>]?, m V.rjli'n Furori (oleate, Vn "iriaam KicHarl dolfa'e M ia Mnrte a> t wv??t Mr* .fnba Uew Brr. Miw Rt I.I rh'.eld. Mr* h Id M ai fiaat ulfcb leld, tewnrd : Itrhfeld end e?J '?cbHmt?' aa k Hr hirdl H Honnetner M m M?el. W Witeroiao M tliw iey tippeabt im Oin T ten. Ilr t on toppel ?r ail IMt ??p lYajmboll. Mile Ovmha'l, Chna * i ?'gafi-n, Mm d4ralrn f?or children im1 eerront; br? I>r Sitauel Adier MM i.fer bWrrt'iMf uittnn Adtrr, Mim K whey, Mm Onrta. tri K'i<v b it B'de. A ' 'of .lr, u Veltb. 6i>nead im er, .1 Hemrna. W A < a in*. H Hema'a n, .1 TYatxm. Itap.a. J 'Itmmel. OtteWn t* hn P kt'-nne Idig n?ren Hilton Hainan K Mart I> bar, Um't Mrttael nenryMrW luatftne Leemo'.o. Y Abadie A roadie. J, ho Pans. F N? flrt Mint Adele I Itt, MUa H Eme'n-r Andrew Bottaab. He Pe/rrd and aou Mlea Fradla J,ma Oilikt Mm Oibbo. lifted eerier. Mm IHfihet and daughter, Mr '.a..owo. jT enpoid M?? A Week, H Tetter, A lainet F.-?d ,'nraOL Ilia ? "-'nadietti Fraurln t amo te bat 'hod Mr Oertr. IraOeyer.C Reltn ll-e * klttnr Mm rionenot and Ml! ' !!< i*#r*. A Ro*if#?r* .Fo? n J L#?*r. VImC Bltia, B Kfin#r? C Ro.*, Ifrt Mikm and an*. foUl M From l.lrarv?*)l, la tbe tt' imnhlp Kurora ?Tap'aln Ob no Mia Fonaeoford. Mri t'abiU. Mm litrne aod too hiidrao. Nairn Rawm Seam Branding. Oaber. Tbaiomim. I reach Drjfua, Word. Aim k "-?It Woaart U te e. Blaka. Keai.edy, RurfTaa. Matld Mj ward. FraML Irbe.h .limn Vonnf, Wliltmore Porter, kn'hnbud. Mb arat Brown. Oladd. Aile* Mctlanllr, Mnadle. Knai, Habw edglbnotenn. Rermaa. Alataodcr. Hpaaaer, BibMii in IIM.I Jrvite. mmm. Frrtn .%. ? Or naii* inAPB- ?m.-hip Ph, adelpMa-J Haa >n, lady and i?o chi;ap*iT' Mr* Mary Jaaa I'ertar..? f Trim llle *nd lb-ly. lanoaaair l> Wrini end twenty la lb# memrM. NrumniM. for Melh<?> Tie A'I* > t In Ih? .hie Bod aanatleb-J If > in ud Mlr Mr Mrli.inah, larir u<l f.rtillj. Mr Men? nd Dr lTl"-"f.n M?w Y> rk hr Ranm m4 l*n Mien l? >0. I'?n"ti Mr ud Mr* Murk* uvi fbiallr > Mr?? r* \ fi Xrind Mm lloyle. Mr and Mra ' >>#mh?rlam aaf mill, Mnr. Mnftiy. Wlnde ph ?, Th'mi'>?<>" MnrdodW. I?nu| Hrewn .lnha WhH/oH John Mori. l>?nled Henry, her In# Hrown. O.nnda, John Clnrd, OMr# Mr. Me? aM Mid, Mlm Wa rh k?e lorl, (??rf> D Whm, Ad? end. K(rh?rd M.mre Bo ,ert do,.?T?iid lob*-beeherd. On* irOrntiMrk. Jobm fitr*erald '** M.-t?ri?n,Th<?maa raited lobrrt Mni'h ?'You*t*trom M Ormineron, G Hell J(Herdlan Ihomu Merle* Mew T- r*. L HmtmniKr. M ?T1iFIM jailer. Henry Heitm iHer Henry "?<? ' r^SL, 1^)31 tr??r? John lli'im?. Martin Aehroeder, John *Vnte Cm ogi Ibartren, J C Tdnmaelaaae ?<*?. tf?n WUaM*i jt a l*>rana. < hrVtoebrr Caetor Henry Tbomoen*. naadad Z:rZ,U Wm Hor? t d^lAMth. WmjFnlbai^ Mnrf*n.FT O Mhee John WHenn. .Fob* Ce?fe*t Mr and Mem 'orbrmna sad fiunllf, M#? Tor*. miau|i mOMA.d MOM ATM, MB W TOMB FTI.OT. The 'leerai ef Mr Tbo?* Horrid Mill Wl Haae M U oier* IBM awni*|, toai MM Ma rllii, Ha. It irrawal aeeame Baal Bmodlra Mr WaDerd f. Ner*%, rMbar, aad Id* ml.tirae aad frlewda at Ida daeaaaaB, i?h la araraaa their thtaka la PUeda Job* Vaadanar. tmea M Hart CD arm* Warmer aad Oder lea R*fUa| be vara ta eoaiaaa* ana dim wdaa Ma dtad, lav ltd* ivdaaaa aad .yvpaidr la addawhaf tt dtad ml 4a Haaa at ? death, aad WWr ward* ta aewn*'?? thmr \twm di far ? u?Hr rfapMn* in mi roaitaa Kr Iferrv haa ha ?-*!?? * * Tnrft pO<*a fw npwaria af ? a tary-* ?*?? mUHm %r tap iaaa m< ftp <*mv ?*n ww ?*??rha* t? ta* pU? fcaat Var* ua. ? ana raw* aaar a Mara, feat ail mi vaa a?N*a* la aaaaa<a^ fWttte MMXJknii ;? ??? feaggfc"