Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 28, 1857, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 28, 1857 Page 4
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4 Ki?W TORK HERALD. !*? ! BOIOtl IIIRIIIb ZHYOB AMD riOrUIIOK, *nti a. w. ro*trm or fultom or* HiNiv M TKMma mt'i *m H.IMW, THK C.4U 1 HKHALD m WKKKL I RLRjLD, ,..ry 8<A*rimy, at th ?mc |mt *V. " to}-" *?' ?'. ?A E?> a^uKu K rr '"""f*. apart if Oi?U Knl.,%* pr Mb to any part <H *? I* i?r-v<? peataat TOLl'XT.tR >' CORRESPOSDF.Srt miaaint* jmmmi WK* outer, ooluit*d front to* v qw**r of (k> ooorfd- \f usma win w? paui n*r. j&r* OVfc PORBMM ('ORnwoHburn are fABTIi ELAKLY REttCBSTED TO fcEAL ALL LETTER* AMD PACK SO SO TICK toJrr* of antmi/mnnn tvmmunietMioni We J? mm returr, ij., . rtntU li JOH PKI\TlSa rjero-~d trit* cKmpnete mnd dmAD r*/J TISRMXS1 S renmred ererp fllll XXII 8ft .4 KTriKKENT^ TH18 BTKNINQ nflPWAT THKATR1. Broadway?Afternorm ?Fkeu?i uttvi Uiuiii: ronriwr? * ? KuriiM?. lCveo wg-Btcirui or fciaa -Kjthm Boy. BTTBLO'R CARDRN. Broadway?Bcuoot master?Flora ai?i>/.smtu?haoic TnoartT. mow KIT THKATRK. Bowery ?Ola C n Lorhaihr?A fto Awoa i? Hida Lira?Jack a>? Jack's Khothkr. UBTOX'B KXW THKATRK. Broad way, ipyoBII Boad at ? Roles or ruL iloise- David Cori'EEriKLD. WALLACE'8 TKBATKB, Broadway? Cakilli?Ovr ra A VU.IVt V . UVIA KKENE'S THEATRE, CM BroaAway-WlCEBD Wirt?Tut KLTEC. Ot THE STATU* BkIDE. AJTERTC A.!* THEATRE. Chamber* (treat?The Mebcbakt r Tfict - I/Orp Dak*let?Wealth. lAMrM'R AMERICAN MUHEUM. BrsaAway?After*Bm tiul ire***?Double Xaced Peotle. BO. CHKIPTT AND WOOD'S MINSTRELS, 444 Broad WNP?1ErmoriAB Pebtorbascet?The Wedpimos. BOOKLET'S SEBENADERB. BSC Broad war-Ethiopia* iBarOBBABlTB?OcEAJt TtlKBBAPH. MTHaMCS' HALL 471 Broadwav-RtKRO Melodiei Bb 8i~ -tt- f it t- Sktant's Mikitkele. ?w York, Mlurday, MmrcJa S8, 1837. lhr Mews. By the Anirai of the steamship Arugo at this port, from Havre and Southampton 11th inst., and the Europa at Halifax, from Liverpool 14th inst., we hare a weekB later news from Europe, and later intelligence from China, the East Indies and Australia. The political new- from England is unimportant. The present state of existing relations between flroot Tvrifuin ami that TTnitixl vam t.rt cninf nit for consideration in the House of LordB on the 17th east. and in the Commons about the same time The ountry was occupied with the approaching elections. It was thought the P&lmerston ministry would be sustained. The money market was very dulL Consols are quoted at i?34. There is no material change in cotton. Breadstuff* were doll. A great many rum ore are afloat regarding the warlike demonstrations of Spain against Mexico. The ope-ations of the expedition will probably be ontined to the bombardment and occupation of YeiaCruz. Cen. Concha is mentioned as the commander of the forces. Santa Anna is referred to in connection with the movement. Fraucc and England are called upon to guarantee the safety of Cnba and the neutrality ot the United States, but it was reported that they bad declined. There is, b^ever. some talk of France mediating between lie belligerents; , l>orJ Elgin has been appointed Plenipotentiary to the Court of Pekin. and will leave for China as soon as possible. The dates from Hong Kong are to the 30th of January. There had been no movement of importance on either side. The western suburbs of Canton bad been burned in retaliation for the attack f the Chinese upon the British fleet. Accounts from Jst. Petersburg represent theXhinese govern mint as on the verge 01 dissolution tor warn 01 hinds. Frame and Kug>and bave come to an understanding relative to joint operations in China. The Circassians bave again defeated the Rualiiaa The new* from Sydney, Australia, is to the littb of December. Trade was very depressed oeiug to large arrivals from England. Several commercial ftutaree had taken place, none of them however, Cor very large amounts. Advices Irom Rio Janeiro to the loth nit., repce, M-nt thiitj nine thousand four hundred barrels of flcn h* in first bands, with a fall in the price of second cla-s brands. Cotlee was very lirm, at from 4*7 <0 to 4 i860 for good firsts, and j to 5||200 for snjicr'.cr. The lei ranee* for the United states were hi.h?* bags, against mi,fill bags tor January, 18.76 Cur eoirespondent at I*ucrto Cabe.lo, writing on the 21st ul' , describes the situation of the republic f Venezuela as very flourishing under the influ once* of pea:e, government rclorm and railroad enterprise, Governs* nt had granted a contract for the construction of the Central Railroad of Venagaela." on such favorable terms that lirge profits were expected to lie realized. The route would pen up new sonre<s of trade, of which Puerto Cabello would be the depot Another nud would be built from far areas to l.aguayra. Real estate V-J _1 A.. -.1 .J 1 ro.^itn uau M;rra?J) nu> ?u " u m ?oiuc m uvi w v??v?v. and houses were rented very quickly. The telegraphic report* from Washington an noun- e that Hon. Roiiert J. Walker and Hon. Richard ?. Stanton. o? Tennessee, hare respectively accepted the appointnicnta of Hovernor and Secretary ol kanaka Territory. Mr. Walker will not proceed to ttte rcene of his futun labor-lor aorae weeks. Mr. Htinton, however, will proceed to Kansas withoo' delay, and relieve Mr. Woodson, the preaent acting Governor. The New York charter amendment hill was rereived in the Senate from the Assembly dnrint- the evening session of Thursday, and. hy a vote of fifteen to three. referred to the Committee of the Whole. The New Orleans Ptm^nnr l earns through private source* that the T eh u an tepee road has been a cepted by the Mexican government. The compa ny offer flQOJiOU of their Knd* lor *aie. The trial of J?bn W. Layman, the alleged mur derer of Corneliue Cannon.on the iiwiie ol insanity, wai abruptly concluded in the Kiuga County Court of Oyer and Terminer yeetenlay, after the tea tlrony of I?ra. Mneee H. Hanney, lUarid 8. Brown John C. Corel. Ja*. Minor, 11. L. B&itlett and J. C lli.trbinaon. who all pronounced him nnmWtak ?bly inemne. Judge Strong briefly referred to the peoe ml nature of the evideme. indicating that h< agreed in the opinion of the phyeiciana; and tti< jury after conaidrring for almtit a minute, pro ixnn-ed the piiaoner naane. The Conrt statec tbat verdutdid not prerent him fnun lieinf tr.ed bereatter, ahoild be recoter. In aocb at event lie onld be brought hack and pined 01 t i*l Tot the offence with which he tand* charged An order waa made by Judgr Munie. of the Count] Conit. directing that the primmer tie conveyed U the State Lunatic Arylum on Holiday nc* . The l?tieor>er evinced no emotion whatever on the rendi tion of tlie v rdirt. tee tale* <f c-atoa |MUui| tin tra wl about 4 C0< bale*, part ta treat la. Tbr mma tun. Nt aiet nt IVporiaice ware ma le atur the pul.;,caii,?a ol lie t r.reptao newt. It w*? not t: arlltrM ' mm1! ? jbt ard aM a >t. at ,ar aa It* m#? a ? r? <? ?. ip?<i bare Ut Ittal lalutnta bp .n the nit'tot F o r on t ??ee. wtth more to at cbu tir (or the Kattern market r tin* |M Ilia.* : [.ir, 1/ I! ( krililto' Souther tor 11port TP# ?a'?t r? wirat taibraoat find ?tiH <ittotra ( ! laaad.aa i tn? ,?u?r adiatl ( *' n<> I t i?la ?biM M II f* ?b1 o? tr*'* C?' <adtat? rod at I at ?. r I ?. ? |o % fair ru?M. IC a i u| n?w J i?i?i?ro yolloi a rr a fTe , ao4 ?? < !) xti al f > for ?? rai of aiportaaa* pa'oa of acw mm wor maio ii |jt M i 144 ?i4 all lilt eiwr I I t. l.aN an ft/to,. ?klk Mid lo at MX* a i?h? , f < |k* 'altar n|?r* .? ? < . ? lit MlNfl! .1. Ill 1,0' ft hhJ? U.ibl r MM rutto mm Ml ISO bh4? moiado, all at lortoi I Mil MM4HI ? a, Ootid wa? Moody, ? il mim *,ew fcH* * ?**? '*r ?*pfrt, at f t; Iff <lo ft 1 PnaMgt dr hi r 1 Mi mi Jin at l?*o. The tsa avM ?h ixcNad yesterday, aadal< piUulln Iniw ni does la eld tnioago at blaofea, whteh mn freely bwgti up, ?j Iti Mfta oloaod at aa itwi|| adnan id. a da per lb. FnaMKa la the Mm part at the waak they rasa to day la No. a U^o., aad at Ua otae holders vara stiff at Me. Tha higher grades, eepeotally or the greens, exhibited as ahaage of omat la qootatloaa, though held at full prloas. Flroeraekars, aaothar Ohlaeaa artlola, here largely advaaead la price. Frelghta were wlthoat ohaage of leiportaacs. Grata la hoik was at 7d.. and floor closed at la. lor Liverpool. To Loadoa floor was at So. M.; heavy goads at Ms.; aad vrtii ! hulk ul 7A The Administration Organ?Curious History and Break-Down of the Washington Union* Mr. Buchanan, upon a reconsideration of the subject, it apiK.ars has concluded to try the experiment of administering the government without a Washington organ, and accordingly we learn that Mr. Appletou will shortly retire from the editorial chair of the Union newspaper, to the snug and easy desk of Collector of the Customs tor the port ot Portland, in Maine, and that hereafter, the Union, like most other newspapers, will be lelt to shitt lor itself. This is good news; for this incipient movement is the first decided step to a great reform in the matter of the enormous amount of spoils and plunder of the public printing at Washington. It is understood that the continued ill health of Mr. 4nit1nt/rn hais luu n thn punao nf tiiiu aiiiMitn lapse of the organ; but there have beeD other causes at work, which doubtless have had a greater influence over the mind of Mr. Buchanan in this business than the mere personal disinclinations of his chosen editor. We suspect ih< | the President has very lately discovered that the transfer of the Union establish me, f to Mr. Appleton was all a sham; that, as charged by the Cincinnati Enquirer, the paper still continued the property of a mixed commission of party speculators in the spoils, who had accepted Mr. Appleton as their catspaw with which to rake their chestnuts from the lire. This terrible exposure from the Enquirer, and its accompanying threats, and similar articles from other demo^atic papers, may have suggested to the sagacious Mr. Appleton the probability of such a democratic squabble for the printing of the next Congress as might result in leaving the organ high and dry. in this birdseye view of the subject the retreat ol Mr. Appleton into the Collector's oflice at Portland is a wise and prudent choice. From other sources, nearer at hand than our aforesaid Cincinnati democratic cotemporary, we have heard that the Washington Union is the property of a set of speculators and spoils jo) f bers?democratic, black republican and Know Nothing. We understand that Mr. Wendell, its principal owner, was elected Printer of tne House lor the last Congress, by a joint stock combination for interests, which included the election of Mr. Banks as Speaker. It has been stated to us that, for the prospective profits of the House printing, certain liberal advauces of vash in behalf of Mr. Banks and the plu rality rule, were required, were agreed to. and were made. We have also understood that in this ' happy accord" between democrats, black republicans and Know Nothings, Trnulow Weed, O. B. Mattescn. Horace Greeley and James Watson Webb were among the principals of the high contracting parties. The exact particulars remain to be disclosed; but wc have every Teuton to believe thut both Mr. Appleton and Mr Buchanan have discovered, in. good season to -Deer ofl". lhat the possessory rights of the Union news]wper establishment Hre sued as to render it inc.rpeaieut to ?xteud to tbe paper any longer tie confidential, delicate aud dangerous relations I due to a Cabinet organ. 13ut tbe decision to which it is said Mr. Buchanan bus arrived, viz.:- that he does lot need aud does not intend to have an au organ ? is tbe main point. It is one of tbe best reform-* that could be made in behalf of au independent administration. Tbe day of ceutral organs and central party juntis ha- c? a^-d. aud the day ot an independent newspajwr pi ess and au independent public opinion has taken its place. At tins day. through the ligbtuiug communication of tbe telegraph, before tbe pcttilogging and pro.?y opinions of the orgun upon any great public act or measure turuiug up in Washington cuu teucn its subscribers, tbe subject is discui-kcd ami understood 'through the length and breadth of the laud. At best, therelorc. an administration organ. jmr tuctlkuo, iike the elephant to Llic country gardener, is but a sinecure and a supeifiuity ? expenmve and troublesome. Irs I /?T^nr> ami nvnn in PaH? thr? trr?vi?iiimcMt orguu has dwindled down into a m?Tt advertising sheet of government proclamations. When the liriUisL Cabinet desire to appeal to Uie public opinion or Knglund through a newspaper channel. tb<7 do not go to the London (iazr'tt. but to the Ttmtt or the Morning /V, cr *otne* other pap?r read, known and recognized among the thinking body ol the people. So in Paris, the Monitew do?s not serve the purposes ol Louis Napoleon on ull occasions: but often, iu the most important matters, his views find a voice through some such popular medium a- the Conttiluhonnd or the TVs*With the Americans, as a thinking, read lug and intelligent people uihiu government at fairs, a government organ at this enlightened day ( is noihing but a government excrescence. They do not read it. do not need it, do not want it: 1101 do- s .in honest and we'll meaning administration require any such piuchnseable but expensive ami useless pufliug utid blow ing a? that of the I'nios un<ler poor Pierce. A men to this decision ol Mr. Bueban&n to <lia mirw (he organ, and to do without such an instru nx nt. We may now entertain the hope that ai I an early occasion dining the next Congress tb< [ two houM will proceed to separate the puoli< i ptinting fiotn the party press, henceforth am forever, in the (Stablhbiiieiit of a national offiei foi the public printing. engraving uud binding Thua one ol the greatert rourcca of public pluo dtting and patty con uption at Waabingtoii all be topped. Tin Cowi.t?The public la rrrjueated to reae the letter ot Prof. Pi<i<?. published io anothei column. about the comet that ia to deatroy tin world iu June twxL That eminent charlatan an n.oupti batik John Cumming. of London. Kag b?ii) nd vtiiou- French philoepb' havepra pto ?'e?| that 'lie conet will certainly come inU colllaion with our planet uud kn.ick u? all into i entked hat. tin the atrcngtb oi which l)r. John ( nn.iuing thiuka everybody should provide 'hem ' ' eht f with n copy of liia Apocalyptic Fketclo * ; i": b - tiii> - nii'hd Iinri lload by tbe Ilai k door to Lllfn." i ?... *.ki I. .. I.... - ii -. . _ i . : . ?'i I ' '"I fHnvrvjui' i i n>|? ?mit g NUVVf HHV UW MI I pnpl'di Uaot* and dot ?n't prato'iid to b*:lioxe thai 1 two ar.d two make aiijihiog but four, bowerei , jno may fix th?ir. lia? Junoli lad the llritiafi divine* and FrtPCb j'biloMiptjcia witb a inglt TOT YORK HERALD. SAT pen fence. There "are no data for a collision;" tu d, as everybody knows, there can be no collision unless Professor Pieroe has data. You might just as well try to fire a cannon without powder as get up a coemical collision without data. The thing is ridiculoun. So ridiculous that it i'roiecHor rierce naa Deeu mere wnen cue lost comet between Mara and Jupiter was knocked into bits, the thing couldn't have happened unless the Professor had had his data, wouldn't have been of any sort of Use for tie comet to come bungiDg its head and whisking its tail through the system, unless Prof. Pierce had been supplied with data; if these had been forgotten, the comet would have had to call agair In this state of things one cannot help shuddering at the possibility of Prof. Pierce getting come data. The sensitive mind suggests that he should be locked up and no one allowed to see him without being searched for fear of their taking him data concealed about them. Only to think that it this mathematical professor with the cold hard eye, and the long straight hair, were to get data, we might ail be blown up next June. We commend the subject to the consideration of the thoughtful, and we suggest especially that the spirits be consulted on the comet. Let us know all about it, and especially whether Cumming its likely to sell his books and Pierce to get any data. Thk Progress of Defalcations.?In another column will be found a letter from Albany giving some* account of the defalcation of Mr. Schoonmnker of the Central Railway Company. | The amount was small, only $13,000; and the company give out that they will lose nothing. Mr. SchooDmaker. a man of high character and general public esteem, is of course ruined tor life. It is only a few days since that we had to note a defalcation in Brooklyn, another in Boston. another in Montreal, another in the far West. The papers which have just arrived bring acounts of the arrest of the absconding cashier of the Newcastle Bank of Pennsylvania, who was caught in a house of ill fame in Philadelphia. These disasters are the mile stones on the road to a revulsion. They stud the way, and the faster we approach the goal the closer they seem. They are necessary consequences of our increased cost of living, and a general looseness in our mode of transacting business. We shall have to meet with many more of them before we reach the end of our rope. As lor Mr. Scboonmaker's case, that can be easily understood. When he was in the Senate, and in the Bank Department, he was honest, we are told. Well, this may have been so; honesty was compatible with these offices. But the virtue must have been quite out of the question in the office of the Central Railway ; and hence Marius Schooumaker fell. He supposed, no doubt, when he accepted the po6t, tha ^ he Directors and the President, being men of high character and great reputation, were M spotless as be had been; Wb?n he found his mistake, he began to give way. How could it hare been otherwise? A mau of his sagacity cannot have been many days in the service of the Central Railway Company without di.'coveting that they borrowed money system ilicnlly to pay their dividends, aod that they im poEcd most grossly on the public in their published reportB. Nor cau Mr. Scboontnaker Lave Is en unaware of the fact that, ever since the consolidation," the managers ot that great financial manoeuvre have been slowly but steadily telling their stock at prices ranging from $12.? ? the pi ice at which tdey valued the article?to SMJ, the proe which the public sets upon it. With tb're two facts to enlighten bun as to the true character of the enterprise w ith w hich he hud become connected. and his own natural si gacity to guide him Mr. Schooumakcr seems to nove come to the conclusion tbat the example of his < iiipiojeis was tlx-one to In; followed and that tit' must treat ibem as they treated the public. Tbete wu- a cena;n logic in this ; but Mr Schoonm&ker did not carry it far nougb. Toe jteoplt ot the Central Railway undoubtedly iui - -1 ?.III. i Ik... f.. j u se upon uitu cucai iuv puonc. nuu iuui iai tLeir example was ol" service to a defaulter; but they manage so as not to be found oat by their victims at large, and herein Mr. S. showed biui self a poor imitator of them. We Lave no reason to doubt but Mr. Scbouii inalo r 1* one of a very lurgc class Indeed. We aie satisfied that the great proportion of th heavy corporations owning railways commit every year, in their management, frauds which might semi an individual to the penitentiary; ai.u as their fftuds must be known to their servants and employes, we feel convinced, on gone tal principles, that a very large proportion o> these must have imitated, for themselves, the dis honesty which tbey are forced to practice for their company. Time will fully clear up tlies.mutters and show how they stand: a few month* may do it. It is possible that by some myste rious process, railway offices arc inoculated with a species of honesty which warns tbem aga:ust nefarious practices ol this sort. We hope they are. If tbty are not. the case- of Schuyler will be repeab-d within the next few years fn many very many of our corporate moneyed institution* K?wi fiom Vrnnarli, or* ri ?KTt? ti?Li.u iununrurni^i-i. Praaro C*net to, Fab 11, US? Ckmtifvtimial M*fnrm?rrr<fr*ii of iha /f-pvtJfc?f li? Ok* I trot and other HaUrnmdt UrntUa or the L%nm Mopntot I /'rr '.ii?Komi KoM/t /acreatitf m ftiue The preaeot poailtoo of IN republic ltqn*ta II mrtaklry Tbe Ijb| wlabrd reform of tha caaatliotioo will anqnta ttonably taka f lace witeor' any opportloa. tad tha geaa ral rforte of tbe people ajid It# |?vernmail art toaerda Ike material pragraaa of tha country t 1 teppeae yon betr* alrtaly learned that the coo*reel for tha oeattreetUa of tha Oatlral Ktl.road of Vaaax icK bae btee (ranted by tbe |orrrameet 00 tha moil fare rabla trrma lor the contractor*. Braide* tha property ot | tbe road, aad aa eieiulro r?ht of yay tor tweaty are yrara, the (oeeramrat fn*rante?a tbe atoekooMera ..erer per cent p?r an a nan and airri taem Md'acrea of land lor ??e<y ?1'0 of railroad bent, all maw rial* free of doty, aad Many < tbar adranitpts. mixing tbe aeterprtar oae of tbe moat profitable o( lit olaaa. . 7be road will roe frrat iota pert to Hei Fal'pe, Hanoi1 aim no. Aragaa, Hartaaa, to tba rtrar O.-IMM; and aaotorr breach roa tbta port to \ alas rla, aod tbroagh tba ratI leyo of Ara?oa to Caracas, tnaMag Paarto Cabal lo tba 1 iiapol for the prododtteaa of tba gnatar part of tbla ra > ptibllc, aad ma o tba ascat imporUaoa la Nouth Am trio a. . Rf atatlatiral information of tba actabl trallii el tba ponon ot Ita road beiw?an tbta port aod Haa Failpa aa<l vaianria, It 'a ra calatad tbat tba road aalll pay a dtnd nd of ao mm tbaa taaaty four per oaat doriag tat flratyaara 1 1b? contractor* bare airrady orfaa'aac aa aoommit oa. aoo are maklpg praparatloaa to oair.maiiRa Hie work at oca, tba tame baring beaa aurr?yad by Mr Jao Dnoi berty, Cirll Fagtaaar ol poor city, ?bo la ax pad ad . ims witb bl* corpa af Mgfoeera i'B tba *aa?a foat'rg another cratrart hat net boea I granted to aararal mrrcsanta of Cararaa to uoaitmot aaoibar railroad tctwaaa tbat illy aad l.acnayra, wblab ' , jr< mm to ba ea profitable, nitbongh more coatiy We aball anon are tbe arbo e pro-i mioa of Vraaxitala ! co: rratra'ad to tba port of Puerto Caballo , I iba It f or ore of all thane atepa towarda program la already ?eit bate ta tba laoraaaa In ra. .a of ret. ratal* ! bad soarclty at boatea. , COITDT OP APPFAI.H. M AMI 11 ill,-No, lift, retorted ler Apall tr No Si, rraerraa *>r :?rao f\ No f ni, iirrmrn vy r.r unit. n? i", v?wi cy n? ?'inia, A?(n?d. Mr B Mrrurtt lor rp*l'*?t Mr H R Myr?'t for rtrprndrBl No 34, pBMOd. No 86, WillUMor , ifolBtf Brows Arfnrd Mr I) M r?h for BfioatiBBi Mr. .? R Uvrcnce tor r?rpoBd?Bt Not 116 163, 134 ! ? b >) >14, Struck elf URDAY MABCH 28, 1861 THE LATEST E E W B. BY PRINTING AND MAGNETIC TELEGRAPH!. Interesting from Washington. racui nriimi to tm houls. PROGRAMME FOR TBR GOVERNMENT OF EANBAR? ) KOI til.K ABOUT THB MAINE APPOINTMENTS?CO LOK1L RUXKB TO BR EDITOR OF FEB UNION, ETC. Washington, March 17, 1867. Boa Robert J. Walker baa aoaepied the Qoreraorabtp it>uu ha will tint Imm hamTtr. till the aanoad Monday In May. Hon. Richard F. Stan to a, of Temaaa see, boa aoooptod the paat of gooretary of tho Territory, and mil leave at onoo. Ha will act aa Governor Ull Mr. Walker*! arrival. Both thoao ran tie mac make groat aa orlfloei in aooeptlng the appolatmeata. Mr. Btaatoa waa far many yeara a fpromlnent member of Oongrem aad Chairman of Committee on Naval Allaire. The Preeldaot tea given Mr. Walker a carle LUmche to do aa bo deems right; and It la believed here he will bo eminently boo ooaatal. The appotntmenta la Maine and eoine port!one of New Keg land will be taken op neat weak. A good deal of feeling la m anlf aa ted at the poettton aaaoved by Mr. Ollf ford, of Maine, In thla connection, it la understood that, to mollfy him for hla dlaappotntment at not getting Into the Cabinet, he la to have the uncontrolled patronage In hla aectlor, Mr. Tonoey being nowhere. Mr. Cllflord 1* the head of the Kitchen Cabinet, aooordlng to the boaata of hla men da, aad ho doea not wear hla honora bluahlagly. It la arranged that Edmoad Borko, of New Ham pa hire, la to he editor of ihe I num. Tho selection of Borko la an awfoi atab at Pierce. Marcy la a till prowling aroond here, trying to keep hi* frlenda la offloe The aneooaaor of Mr. ^pomaa la the dude Department ta not yet elected. TBI MARYLAND APPOINTMENTS?THE KANSAS APPOINTMENTS, ETC. Washington, Maroh 37, 1867. The Cabinet had a promoted aeailon to-day. Tne Maryland appointmette were agreed upon, but will not b< announced until to-morrow. Tbe new Governor tor Kanaaa, Mr. Walker, had an In tor-flew with tne Cabinet, and notltled tbe Freeldeat that he accepted tbe appointment, but wouli be unable to leave for Kanaaa belore tie lat of May. The admitlatra tlon deatred that he ahould go immediately. To obviate tbe neoeaaity of bla leering at onoe, he auggeeted tha tbe iccretary whom he bad aalecied, l redertok P Stan ton, of Tenneaeee?who, 1 undaratand, baa aacepte> tbe position alter a vaat deal of urging?might leav ae toon at bla laatruotiona were made out, and at aomt the Governorahip until he arrived. Thia arrange ment will douMieea be made, although up to lb a evening it bad not fully been determined. ORDERS FROM THE WAR DEPARTMENT RELATIVE TO TROOPS IN KANSAbf-1HK PRESIDENT'S ADVICE To CAPTAIN RENDERS?THE CONGRESSIONAL BOOK SWINDLE, ETC. Washinctoh, March 37,1867. Ordera bare been tmued from tho War Department countermanding Jeff. Davtn'e lnatructtona tor the re moral of the troopa. Peaoo in Ibe Territory will be preserved by the elrong arm. It neoeeeary, and everj man protected la ble right to vote tor or agaiaet nay now oonatltntloa that may be offered. No form of govern, meat which doee not oommaad n clear majority of tb> popular vote will meet with nay oountenance from tbe

MBlalet ratios. Captn'a Ryadere went to tbe White Eouee tho otter day to thank the Preatdent for h* office of Mnnhai Mr. Buchanan eatd to him good humoredly, "Well, Ceptets Rjcdera, I hope you will do your duty well, and that I aball not hear of your getting Into nay more lights." 11 Not enleee the ooontry neoda it," raid Ryadere; to which the Preatdent added that he bed elrong hope the country wouldn't need any thing of tbe kind. New Y<rk hue vamosed from here already, and there la room anywhere round. There le considerable trouble here, and much auioy nee ud lots, occasioned by the action or tbe Cierk a the Bonne ta rtTerence to the payment or Item* oat of th? contingent fond. Ton ere aware that within an hour o' the dlnolntlon of Congreaa the Senate yielded In la eppo eltwn to the item of SitO 000 voted lor books Mr new members. This item wen n swindle from ftrst to last. Tbe Senate knew it to be snob and obstinately refosed at sent to It. riaally, bowerer, rather than let tbe Defijien cj bill. In wklob it was Inserted an an Item, be leal, 1. oouen cd to it on tbe oonditlon thai the books to be raid for by It were to be datrlbnted anions tbe pnbllo llurariee and institutions In the dltiriot* of the saeahers enutied to them. Tbe Clerk, a tbe cloee of Oocgreee, tent la a handle of reqaislton# to tbe Treeenry Oepeitment for items to be peto oat of tbe contingent fond of tbe Hoase, amounting m sin er seven hundred tbouaand dollars. Comprising tots Item of 1.80,CCO lor books Mr. Comptroller Wb ltleesT refstcd to certify Tor this Item unlets vouchers tor lie pa; meet were pretested to him Mr. Collom, In blgr. dudgeon, declines to present each vouchers, and wib draws, not only ha requisition for this Item, bat the whole bundle of requisition*, against which mere was no question relied on the part or the Comptroller. The cm sequence ta that nil wM have claims parable to them out of tbe contingent fued?priater or Uie Cjuproia na fililx, clerks, employ rt and other persoos?are kept eo< or their money, In many caaea to the loea of their creJi> and to thalr extreme laooaveatenoe. The secret of this protesting on tee pert of Ou'.lem la, U le eileied, thel he pockeu by the book opj ration soma 940,006, and to raeolvtd that ha thai' have tbe mooey, or the! those , ittiy entitled to the pay meet onl or tbe ooatingeat rund tbell not have their debit paid to them. Tba vouchors demanded by Wait Ueeey canrot peiilbly be prodoeed?except, Indeed, ar rbtmr?for It It well known that by a specie* of legerd* matn one dollar out o'let la not actually expensed In these hooka Wbittleney taeniae vat Comptrollertb'.p or Ue Oiat or May. tub nnrrttm. TBI W A SON ROAD TO TBI T ACIflC. Winieni w, March Si, 18?7. The Seare'ary of tbe interior bat had a con venation with Creators Douglas and Waller, Mr Cbapwts of Ne braaha, Mr. Mloe of Mlnereou, and Mr. Dknrer, retail re to the wegea roeda ta the I'aetle, s.tborel by the aei 01 the laat Ooagraaa The whole inset.oo waa disease*.) aad tbay oawe to the csectaatoa that there aboald be e gteeral eapertaleadrnt cf the work, wbloh ehoold be di lead Into three oeettona, with a eob eeperlatoadeat to each. It la raid that Col fn. H Nobles, of M'noeeoU waa regarded by ail of them as emlseally l.tted far the geaeral aeperlaieadeatsblp With the exception of the Pest natter the Baltiutre appotaUneats bare sot yet bee a officially aaaoeacod lhaagb N te geaerally beileied that the leilowtag la the eaat?Collector J. T. Maeoa; Narsl Officer, I. K Btwee Carrey or, Waeblegtoa Pialey ; Marebal. Joba Wtaley Wetktat reeppotatod Dletiiot AUoraey Wm. Meade Addveo re appointed The lot owteg postmasters bare beam appototed aad re appelated Iwalel Ctepbeps. at Kmira, New York, .Toha I. Host at Toledo, Ohio Nath'l A Balch, at Kaltatasoe, Mlehlgan two Deroa, wbooo eotamteetoe will oooe etplre; Coroo Mteo Fljao, at letrott, Micbigea. rtet Brodbead, wboae rrmir latino ?IH soon etplre. Joba Morrla, at Baltlaare, tic* n.Tire, whose rowBiieioa will enoa eaplre. C B I busty bet brea re sppoieted Oolleoiw or Be<>a tub a. Meet, aad Myer Jaoobe Borreyor or Oberleetoa. R 0. Welfare front the Nary Department that the Called Claire streu Irtgate Mtrrluac wtil leaee Ncrfelktadat 'or Boston Ihr Kimriki or r.aminif i.anr, Nrpnrw or tkr HinlitfiiU B?triw<>ae. Marsh 27, 1MT. Kit* !???. ecoompanted by J B. Heary. , tha rr?IdrM'a Prlrate 8eorata?y, paaaed through thta oily Una innrn'rf to ?b? r way to iMMMr. to alter d the fenarai of F?hri(l|o Lhao. The t'realdaat did not aooitnpeay thorn Ihr Hon. BrrM Wllmnl. TuwA?riA, Moroh 27, 1M7 Pro l>a?td Wtlmot barlag rtoai?ad yaatarday a dee patch i?ca Rarrieharg aaaooaotag bta aaralaattoa for Oorerror of Paaaeyirante bta aatfhbora at Towaada hoeeied h i ottb a aarroada laat oraalag. Departure of fltr America. Btlirii, Marc a 27, 1827 Tfca royal matt atermrhtp Amrrtea errteed bara tbta aoralii at batlfpaat three o'clock, and eattod agalo for I/ttrrfoi at half pal Ore. Tbare l? a light northerly wind aed the weather la cloudy. K?-f*r<al?lent Pierce in Phllidrlphl*. Pttti ap?i phi*, Karoh 27, HIT Fi Prrildrat Plorce aad tady arnred hare thla after nnoa frowt Baltimore, ana bara pat ap at tee l.a Pierre MN Marker a. rnii.ann.PttiA htocb iio a ho. f Hit Ai>ei t-ma natch 27. 1817. Storba ?t#i'ty r?i?w?yi??ni? fa, aft. K?adm? Railroad, 89 -. 1 dt| U'aad Railroad, ?*; Morrte Uaaal, U'<; PtLiiryiraala Railroad, ?IV. Caauaro*. Maroh ?7, 1MT. loitoa? Sales M day 1,700 balaa at Nil prim r. IKW V?U LMUUTVU. Albany, March 17,1MT. TtM mil iuk? of pettUona sad manorial! rolattaf (o Ttwty Okud won pteoeatad. Ik* bill to putafe traada la tha aala of spurious tickets to paaoemgors oa railroads waa roportad ooaaplaU. Mr. Baooaa rooa to a question at pdrllage, aad aatd that during tola naoaasnry absence laai evening, tba Maw York obartar Mil waa takoa from the wtmmMtoa of which bo waa obatrana. Altar stigmatizing the aot aa dlseourtoooa aad laaultlag, bo mooed a reooaatderation of the Toto on the question; which waa loat by ayea 10, noaa 10. Mr. BaookH than atated that dooming this a direct Inaolt, he would more to bo (Uncharged from farther service on the committee. Mr. Lks morod to lay the motion aa tha table. Loet? ayoa It, noaa 10. At tba aeggestlon of Mr. Wadswokth, tha queetloa waa postponed till to morrow. That h^snmo^ in rUimmttidMI nf ftKm Vhnla than nrvnaMnrnd the Senate Dlati lot bill The bUl dividing the Bute Into Senatorial dlitrloU was ordered to a third reading. The Trinity Ohnreh Dill waa then taken up in Committee of the Whole, and la under dticuaalon. KVIMLNO 8B8SION. The Committee on uonferenoe on the bill relating to Baaka, the Banking Department, Ac , reported they nad receded from the amendment requiring the Super In ten dent only to tike mortgagea at fifty per oent aa aeourity for circulation. KUIb relating to the building of oanal bridge* were then read, purauant with the apodal, and aeyeral were puiid, Awcmbly. Auanr, March 37, 1867. The bill In relation to the purohaae of anpphea Tor the poor of Klnga oounty and a large number of private claim btlla were paaaed. iVINING S1SSION. MJLUB 1'aHMBD. To Incorporate the Metropolitan Medloal College, New York. To amend the Beylaed Statutea relative to the lmprttonmeal ot erediiora. To n gniate the feea or county Judges. The bill allcwa no free except aa Juitlcee of the Peaoe and Oommiaelonera of Deeda. To repeal tha third section or the act enlarging the powera of the General aid Special session la the eiiy or New York. fUquiring Boards of Supervisors to publish and distribute thehr proceedings. To pay certain legal coats incurred la certain legislative ana Judicial cease. To authorize the formation of town laauranoo oompo me*. To authorise a loan of $11,004 to the New York Control College. Another Railroad Accident* PmeBcao, March 17, 1867. Thla afternoon the looomotlTe aitaohed to Um Kut Liberty accommodation train oyer the Pennsylvania Rail road, when rounding me carve at Denny's elation, a nolle east of Pittsburg, ran off the traok, failing down an embankment fifty foot, and exploding with a great noise. The tender and three passenger oars were also carried down me embankment a short dsrtanoe, but fortunately did not torn over One hundred passengers were In the ears, but none or mem were seriously Injured, exoept a young man named Valestlue, employed on the train, whose leg was horribly shattered. The locomotive Is a complete wreck, and the tender and oars but little better. The accident Is attributed to a defective rail. Terrific Gunpowder Explosion. Dr. Lot is, Marob 27, 1867. About seven o'clock this evening a terrible explosion of powder ooeurred In me gun store of T. J. Aldrioh, on Main street, blowing me building to atoms, together with the extensive hardware establishment adjoining of Kraft k Co. It Is lmpotrble to get the full particulars to night, but an rar as oan be ascertained four persons have been killed and several others seriously wounded. The ruins of me buildings are now burning. ffavlgatlou of tlae St. Croix Hirer. Calais. Me., Maroh 27, 1867. The St. Croix river Is clear of loo, and navigation was resumed to-day. h ire stud Lorn of Six Llres. Bomo*, Maroh 27, 1867. Foley's Hotel, at Harbor Graoo, Newfoundland, was destroyed by fire on Saturday morning, March 1. The flr* hmk* Anl thAut Ikia* n'tlotk. v/klla the [amiUfl? some thirty or forty la Bomber?woro asleep, end six o* them perished in the tlemoo. Our Weihlnftwi Correspwmdeiirr. Wsrainumw, March SO, HIT. Got. Gesry'l Interview un(A the Pteeident?Mil Oonducl Approve! tp Mr. Buckanmu?Another Difficulty with the OheveUier Hultemnn?The I nion and Mr, Appleton, Ac. Got. Geary had eaother Jong and confidential later view with Mr Bocbaaan thin morning, whtob bat been Tory natUleciory to both ptrtles. The Governor wai very drank and full la bin ezplaaationa of the policy he had puranod In Kinaaa, and of the atate of aiielra there The President aaanrad bim that his polity of maintaining public order and supporting every man la hta jaat rights, without distinction o party, bad tha uaqaa'lfled appro>a Hoc of the government, and would beooattnued by wbo ever was sent there; aad further, that la Una course the new Geveraoe should reoel ve the etroageet support of the admlalstrallon. Got. Geary |s convlaoed that Mr. Buchanan will act ju diclously aad energetically la ibis dttneult .uestloo, aad la well eatuned with the approval wnloh the Prasllaat has gtvea to hie lata course His only reaaoa for remain tag bare was that bis knowledge aad ad rloe might be available to the Cabinet for the maintenance of tha poem aad pro.parity ol Knasaa. As he believes this la new ea cure ke will leave this afternoon for Ida home la Penn jivaala. It la to be hoped that the Preatlent will bestow npoa Gov Giary some publio mark of approval of his course ib this 'ideation Mr. Walker te wining to ecoepl the appointment of Governor of Kansas 11 the objections of his Umily to his going thOfS can be overeome It la tnls that delays the offlc'al announcement of the appointment. Chevalier Halsemaa has again got himaell Into a squab hie with the government, and Gen Unas has been obi^cd to write bim to day a Mm letter apon letaroeti tool aw and the privileges of ministers It seems that tbeCheva tier bad some o.epnlo with toe master ol a negro wo/nan that he bad hired as a servant and the master mooting htr in lbs street told b?r to go home to hts boose The woman did so. and the worthy Csevaller has invoked tb .awrpoeliion of the Plate department to defend his right as Minister Plenipotentiary o< Aaatrte aga'aat taterfervioe with bis servants, (ten Case' letter Is said to be an es uistte brochure, as be bas very little sympathy foe dirt; work of say kind, aad lees for tsat of Anstsw Mr. Appieton'a health Is Improved, bat still ooallo >es loo prccarioaa in warrant blm Is perslstlrg io M i m tba ardunas labor ef chief editor of m orgae, aad M laan reaaoa operate acaiaet bit ?oon(*lag tb? pom of L odcr RmMaifol HUM. Ba will therefor* acwpi taa Cellrolorahip o Portland, Maine, and retire froa am Ira Ilia Tba preaaal law niton of ibe PrealdMt la not to bare any or fan alter Mr Appletoa't retiremaat fretn no I aton. I t etreng personal attachment to Mr. A baring born the mono 04 bta adopt ag the old ayiieta at a l riiat paper will be annua ued ay tta present proprietor*, la tba bone of gittlag a abare of the pan ic printing, mad they are looking r i for aa editor Major Malta' saw pa par. 7A* Btrdrt, will appear la about a lortalgbt, aad will ba aa arratag jourtai. It proataaa wall aa aa aaterorlae. tba Major baUg ?PMt quail fled by bta pact expertaaaa bare aa oaa or tba aeiton ol tba / wiin i 11 u Polk'* admialttratloa, aad bf bta energy bid tact aa a newapa per pn i linker It t* tbongbt. too, ibat tba Praaldeat la wall disponed award* it Tba White Houn* la clootd to day. la ooaaet|tieaoe of (be drain of Mr. Lano at Laaoaatar Ba waa a brother of Mlea Lane, who dot* tba Booor* of tba Praaidnat't mat alia. Police Intelligence. Taa I era Pom iky rro* ma Bi rtio Cm *.** ?fba lata forgary apoa tba MalMlo City ttaak ooallanaa toot tract tba attaatloa of tbo aathantleo and po.loa ta tb>* city. Tea tar day another complaint waa made aga'ati Char I* * McComber far paaalag oaa of the aoaaMrfatt "flrra" ofaa a drogi'.it ta Ktghth ana. fba off. tar* of tbo book la qa?itloi. aa they appear upon ihr face o tba btlla, ate wail knows character* J. Taylor, wh a> BaDi* appear* aa the Kegiater, td Mid to ba eaa of inBrothara Taylor of Cbathaai tqnart Joba L Kiabarly, Prratd?af. ta now la the state prlaon He waa arreitrJ about *ii moat hi ago far paaaiag coaaMrfatt money jo epb triaghnm. tba eaiblsr. i* Ml* by ilia potion to br aa old naanterfottar lb* matur II attti under taraaiifa Hon ba oro iuat'ee Parwoa, of the .ItTarooa Manet Po Ilea Court A?kmt or An w>ti< Hard Tarawa* ?About tba Dtb of December laat aa ageat of D. Donaewail*, of *4 Na**at> utftt, while atoppiig at the UilMora Hjubo luiumore had bta room rater ad by botal thltre* aad wm reload of rorty rerea f old watcher, valued al A3 000. About tar ranie time aa agen of Meaara. Painter, Kiedard-on k Co . of No. tt Maldo* an* while waying al Bamum* Hotel, la tba iibi oily, bad b!a room broken Into aad waa rob bed of n?arly It (K0 worth of watch** aad jewelry Herrrei partie* wtre *rr*?t*d aid Indicted oa tka abrre oha-grr. Cffirer* rnm Stlt'wor* bars i>?en looking far part-** a'lcgi i te bar* been imp cated. aad on <*at<>rday ait tan mm. nit.n l Cbarlc* Yoaag, alias (leorge Knha, and Joba Wileon. al aa W'aid. warn arrested ay the flai i nrniia >t ih> Pk* i ft a* Hotel a i.reaawioh atreel on charge of brlrg connected with the thl?T?n already in enatody In Baltimore A demand for toetr surrender having been tamed by the Sovernor of Maryland, i!or. K>rg of into ?t??e grant*'' a rrfitoit'en and yaatarday mornier tha ofbcera aiaited for Ba t ei >re with their i f t loaeia. The Fishery (location. convjwrion bbtwbbm obbat bbitain and beanos bklat1vk TO tu lISBta OF IIUDT ON TMW COAST OF NEWFOUNDLAND AND TBI BUS DOB' 1N0 coasts. [Fiom (fee Washington Unioa, March 37.) By s recent arrival from Newtonndlaad wo bars b#M placed la possesstoa of the proceedings wblob hri tslsa plaoe Is that island is relation is lbs oon yea ilea bstwsea Great Britain and Frsaoo la regard to lha Inherits Ths printed dooameats are eery roiomlaoss, and embrsos Britain, France and the oolmtal authorities upon this abject daring Uie lest seventeen years. Ia view of the Importance ?b ob la (Iran to the proponed eon real! on by our ooloalal neighbors,tend lia oooaaatoa with the flehlac latereeta of the Untied Stole*, whloh are tacldaatally a? footed by It, we bare oooaleered that the publication ol' a few of the moat important papora ooatolacd la the oorrMpoBdenoe before js would be more aallafaclory to car readera than a mere aynopala of them. We pnbllih to day Ute coareatloa between England and France of Jaaua?y 14,1S67. We ahali add hereafter the oommumoeuon of Mr Uoouohere, dated the 10th of ' February laat, addreaaod to Uovcrnor DaWing, which fuly let* forth the rlewa of the Brltlah government, together with the resolution* and n id rati of the Leglalatuie ef Newfoundland ehtch exhibit the Intense Internal or that colony In reference to ibe convention. This latereat ia the more appa.ent from the speeches ot the Attorney General and Mr Boylea in support of the resolution*. From these speeches we may also present on# or two extraota On the 4th of Maroh the Assembly unanimously sppolnisd the Uolonlal Secretory and Mr F. Carter -as delegates to proceed by the present steamer to the neighboring colonies to endeavor lo obtain their nssistonoe in rests ling the oompletlon of the fishery convention " CONVENTION BRT*B*N ItgU MAJESTY AND THE IMPK BOK OF THE FRENCH RELATIVE TO THE RIGHTS OF P1BHSUT OF THE COAST UF NEWFOCNDLANb AN? TBH NEIGHBORING COASTS. [Signed at London, Jaauary i4 1807 ? KaUOcallona ex changed at London, January 16, 1867 J Her Mvjesly ibe Qjcvb ot the United Kingdom ot Grant Britain and Iralano and hie Majesty the Emperor or the French, being dealroue to remove tor the rntnre all canoe ol misunderstanding between their reepectlve sabjeo*e relative to the fisheries on the coast ol the Island of Newfoundland and the neighboring coasts, by regulating with exactness the rights and privileges of their said subjects, have resolved to oonolude a convention tor that purpose, and have named as their plenipotentiaries?that la to say. Her Majesty the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, the Right Hon. George William Frederick, Earl ol Olarenoon, Baron Hyde of Htndon, a peer of the United Kingdom, a member of her Britannic Majesty's moot honorable Privy Co on oil, Knight of thn most noble Order or the 6ar;er. Knight Grand Croat ot the most honnraale Order ot the Bath, her Britannic Majesty's prinotpai secretary of State tor Foreign Affairs, and the Bight Hon Henry Labonshore, a member of her Brltannlo Majesty's most honorable Privy Council, a member ot Parliament, her 3r(tannic Majesty's principal Secretary of State tor the Ooionieo Ann bis Majesty the Emperor of the French, the 9tenr John Gilbert Victor F altn. Count of Perstgny, a Senator, Grand Cross of the Imperial Order of the Legion of Honor. Grand Cordon 01 the Imperial Order of the Medjldie of Turkey. Grand Cress ol the Order of St. Maurice and St. La tar us ol Sardinia, Grand Or us of the Order or Danebrog ol Denmark, his ambassador to her Britannic Majesty. Who. after having oommnmoated to each other theirrespective full poweis, found u good sad due form, have agreed upon ana concluded the following articles:? Article I. French subjects shall have the exciuaiver right to flsb, ana to use the strand tor tlsbory purposes, during the seaton elseehere.specifled (art. 8), en the aaet coast or Newfoundland, from Cape St. John to tho'QolrDon Islands. They shall also have the right to fleh, and to use the strand lor lishery purposes, during thn said season to the exclusion of British subjects on the north coast ot Newfoundland, from the Qnlrpoa lilanda to Capo Norman: and on thg west oast. In and upon the Ave. Gibing harbors of Pori-au Choix, Small Harbor (or Petit Port), Port-au Port, Bed Island and Ood Boy la land. Snob exclusion Gib lag, troaa Uto Quirpoa Islands to Capo Not man -haugextoaa to a dlataaoo of thro (marine ml lea doe north from a straight llae joining Cape Norman and Cape Bauid, and, an regard* the Uto harbors, shall extend lo within n radios ot three marina miles la all directions irom the otntre of each such harbor; not with power to the commissioner! or umpire, elsewhere proTided lor in this oonTenilon, to alter such limits for each harbor m accordance with lbs existing practise. Art. 2. British subjects shall bar* tae right, concurrently with French subjects, to Hah on tae west ooaat of Newfoundland, (Mm Oape Norman to Cape Kay, excapt' at the Bye aaoro-mewliaaed points; bat French subjects shall hays the exclusive use of the strand lor Osasry purposes during the said season, from Ospo Norman to Rock Point, la tho Bay of Islands, north of the rtysr liumber, la latitude 49 deg 6 mln., (about) la addition to the strand ot the rt served barnora. Art. 8. French tubj-c* shall hare the right, ooneurreaby with British auojacta, lo flab on tho ooaat of I.sorador, irom Biane Bab ion to Oepe Cbarlaa, and of North. Balls Isle, together with liberty lo dry aad curs fish oa say of lbs portions ot tho north onset of Balls Isle aforesaid which shall not bs no .tied when this oonrenliow hall ouma Into operation The British government, however, rs alas the rlgn. to erect ibereea bsildlngs for military or public purposes; aad If nay settlement for per mat cm habitation shall be thereafter es lab lit bad ow any portion of the coast of taid island the right of ibe Proton subjects to dry and cuie lUn on sneh portion of the ooaat abali ooass, one season's notice of snob sattlament baying been gtyea beforehand to the French commander oa tae station. Tho said Preach concurrent right of tlahlng shell terminate at the em hooch ares or outlats of risers sod (reeks: lbs plaos or etch em bo uc be re or outlst sht'l bo determined in too meaner elsewhere speolflsd In this conreaUoa, by the oommwsloorrs or umpire. Art. 4. From Book point, in the Bey of Islands, to Capo Hay, Ureal Bnum Mali Bare Um unrestricted and exc'.atlte a?e 01 I Be ibore, except at ibe pomta above named la article 1, and wilbin me land llmlie assigned :ar I hues pomta, (art It ) Art. i. I>encb an^Jrcta ibaii bare the right of purcbaatDg ball, both tor Msg aad oapim, tbroagbuut the ontb coaat of Newtoeadiaad, lioladlag lor tbu pcrpooe Ibe French mianda ot 8t. 1'ierr* and Mlqeeloa, at eon or on ibore, < n equal Urms will B ltish eebjacta, without an7 reelricilea on tbe practice ol tuoh itsbery t>> Bnt an subjects, aad wlibout ?n j duty or reetrtotloa bemg .inposed ttibar oa British or rreneb aabjeca la re*pact to lueb traffic, or opoa tbe export of aaon bait, oa uto part of Ureat Britain or of tbe ooioay Mhouid any circumstances wbaUrer restrict, la a notonocx master prertoualy establishes *U tbe eeJetasuoo of both the Bnieb and French rural conmaedere on lie aiailon, during two "satoes oonsecailre or not, tbe top ply by parcnaeo French tobjeou abail hare tbe r.gbt to Ban ior bait on the MM of tbe eouUt eoaa. e: Newtouacland, cowprtied between Oape St Mary aad Oape la Bone, dnrlag tbe French fl*bery Mason* f reach (Itbarara not being allowed to uae any other aeu maw mote Mftayod tor ma t lad o' fiabary; but tbia right shall erase aa aooa aa ma oaaaea ol ma deOcmnt eeppiy tball bare dtaappearod art. 0 Tbe lateral boundaries of the French rights ol Bib og towards me sea shall be as follows ? At Cape Ray, a straight lias drawn theaet due west souibwtst At Cape Norman, a straight Use tbeeee <1 we north. At Cspe St. Joan 's, aa may he dstaed by lae cum mis atoaetaor empire, oa me beats ofexletlag eg retu.< masse practloa At Cape Coerlee, a straight Has tbanoe dee seat. At Bieae dab loo. a line as Marty perpended tr to tbe gcorrai dirscttoa of lbs coaat aa may be, the pre ilss line to be determined by tbe commits oner or empire. art 1. From Caps w. Jobs to Boca Petal, in me Bay of isisads, the Prencb ilgni of Osbtag shell exiead an ell fleets or creeds as eigb ae tbe saltwater. From ) loch Pout le (.ape Bey the right shall M butted n tsl a marie* mi>e shore the subonebnre or eetlel of each rlrer or erech. Tie pout bsrtby limited frr each rlrsr or creek from. Capo 81. .lobs to Roc? rout, aad (rem Rock Tout u Oape u-- . a ?.i .a.iuA in i h. maaaae aUamlmsd rtrnw IdaM lor by lb# coBBMtWmera or umptm Art tk? Fresco mmn at Mir; mm the roatt of Nawftuaflaad, liinlor im North Boll* lalo imi aitrod lr?m ibo Dnh of April lo lb* tflb of Ootoeor Art ?. Tbo naval omearaot Uo rrwcl roearameai boll bo mulled to taforoe tbo oold Fraacb etaluiir* r (rti. m Debug, M deOoei to ertlelo 1, b7 Oipe i on of rmaola or boot* aUempttag oooourroM Baaing to tbo eaar of Iboro bring do briuob eroitlog rooooIn la tight or made kenws to bo proooai, wttaia a d la tenet of Bro Bins# bum. ahioi# 10. Tbo itmad roorrof for Fraaoh oic'ualroot* or or bery purpoeea thtil extend lo ooo third of ? Kngltth bIio taioM fro* b gb oaior out, from no, a Point to Bor ne Rer, Ineiaerve nodot ibo lour rootrrod barbnrt tootb of Hoi ao Bar, aad front Beuae Hiy lo Oapo m. Joaa lo baif aa Ksgtbh biio inland front algbraitr t ark Tbo mod la'ornl bonodartm of Ibo ronorrod harbor* aball bo notUrd by ibo oobb nnionorn or pi'*, la ae ooreaaao *itt ibo oitanag praotwo. Tbo ntrnaa nbail bo la orally bonadod, whore It rear boa Ibo backa of rtrora aad amnaa, by acnight liaeo drawn perpeaawjn ariy to Ibo olrowioo of IM oald rirort and crtcko M too plane where Uto trench ngot of ilth eg oioaoo, to bo determined no to naca rlror or n -oak, to ibr Baaitr eiaorrboro t pari and, by ibo ooBmwotocera or "rv% No Brlttah bolldlrgo or eacloonroo nbail bo nrretod or molbtataid en too otroad ronorrod for freartb rirtnntrn nt r, < inept for tbo purpoono of nnthtor/ dnfrnjo or oi ibo public admislotratien, (to wbtnb conn one bunco el Ibo initndtd (motion ibtrnef than bo t rtl gtroo In Ibo Irooob gotrramebl.) bat noob mating buiidtngt or onnannrro an bnro ntoud and bmn id cconpabna npoo it to timed, without objection on tbo tori of the Frooob gotrrianl. for o period of lie# trnooon prooouing too dalO t ibin prtttnl ocneetUioo, aboil not ba liable te ' * re mored wittoul equitable o? mpeoaatto* to tbe oeoera M?m Ibr Pi (neb gornrnwient, lo be agreed oa oetwaoo ba nartl com maud ere of (treat Britain ood Kranno oo iha itaitoa, or ibetr roepectira deirgatoa 1 he Frrarb aaral oOktaro, or Mber drltgtiet dnlf ma naltd for Ibw parpoao by ibo Freoch oflit.w oom atandtag la cater on tbo elation, abail be oaltllwi to tear mob Bt aatina an oo ettcn may require lo pn? ibe Freach ntb. r*i?o a poaaeaatoa of ear panloa 01 the airaad of whk b tbrtr rioinalro uao for tlanery porpotee It rfeirg. eiaao by lata prompt coorraltoo la caao of toore being o Biii'.tb poifoe eat bb Ilth meat, erutolag vaeer or aihtr itccgataed aotboruy, *itoln a dtaiaooe of flra.<<ag. Ittb biiloo ... , Pncb tt urea aaay taoluda tie femoral of bui'dinga or iDckcititte to conformity with tho abort altpciet one df. Itcu <iayt notice of aayauxn intended reatorai n*nu( bun |iul tony auob Br i lab ttituority aa afo.eerd, If I no* a io be Wiibia lwe*ty I gnou biIoo. tfbouid there be no net b authority w ibio tbe tialaaoo, Ibo* ibe I react* amror ooa?aaiia| "V * t,?nuDii> aitar aoy aook ' "V- Iw uk?" P rai?rttna mma to tbo Ii|IIH ?lll?r eoaanai lag in Vrttr 11 No rrrooh fculldlaia or ancloonraa iba i br? rnuit or n.? ktottod tor kobarr or otlior poraoiM. t?ai???o Capo ? .tobn and Root PotM haronrf iba I'miw Bar oar uooji'iOtl aathn.. of tha rraooh right to i?? n*a ct tb? iiraticl I* "halt ka laofdl tor lb* H-tiao or roioa ?' (otrromoot to ramnra balidlofa aa<t oraat'oao m?oa ktfoa.i tko told ilttma by rrrooh lokjaeta, fti'toa* day a' ooitra af aaj mob intra <i,d romoTal barta* baa* ran to tka a Moor of any Krroob crntotog ratoal. or oikar aaUcrtt; apjotntod tor till pcrpm ky tko Frooofe