Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 30, 1857, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 30, 1857 Page 4
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4 NEW YORK HERALD. DITOB AMD rmOFJLOTOm. mm v. v. oobmu or nun m mamao m TKM.N8. mtA to iitoam, W DAILY HERALD. % emi, Mr on, r Mr MM. rm WHELK i HERALD, orrry at wal? por rr. rlSfWf m?? . <*? Euroju-am ?**"*. H por cmwim*, to p+rl^t/^th?l Britmm, tA- litem* pmri Of ConOtoont, rex pnt* fr^oRRRspoyPEXCK, trntamtog tmpertW m<m. ohrifJ /rem A"* quarter ?/ too trorld??/ ??o'<i, vtU b KbrruM), fmul tor. W*OVB PoiunoK OoutMrofecart 1U fimrmjiLi Imcbtu to lui iu Urmi in Paolow ^E1?T Oft. NO SUTICE lair* 0/ o-tooynout comnuotxUioe*. Wt Jo W TiOvm lAoor rtwrttci /OK PRiVJTVt. uffltol ?rito noatoou. tAwpiuw u?i J<t MA, * AD TCP T18EMKSTS renrvr J rrry day. ll?lT III! _ . 88 AMU8IMEHTB TBB KYKJUHG. too AD VAT THEATRE rttd way? Dsvil IK Pl*i?? Puts or t?? Auraiicr* -Mr Storm Kit*. JTCBLO'S GAEPEK, Broad**??Boc<iCiT;R?--BLi>c?m. WBT nriATRto. Bowerr? Bicb Tmnox-T? akd *?i or Plica-Blbak Una- or Baik. ?U?TON'BincWTE<ATHE, Broadway, apposite Bond St. Bowvmios-Hcles or i en Hocsb. WaJ. ACKY THKATRK. r road way?0el1cits ohchs ?*ri)tl?CeiSG *0 tub Racm. UUIAVIRHTf THRATRk. JM Broadway?Drbajts or W-DMON ? I Ui &LTES. OB M STATUS BKIDB. UIU'CIK THRATRk. Onambere street -Ths Bbidb or WJiBBKBOOB?FaSH'.ON dlamsni). ARtrmn AWRRICAN Kl'avm, Rroadwav-After mb- Tbvihg It Ob?Irish I.ioh. Sreolnj ? I>oubla Facbd FaerLB. SRC. CBRIFTT AMI) WOOIVB KIwrHRUI, *4* BroadW?KrvioriAH Tirrokmascm?The Weumno. P'TSLET'S BRRKNADERS. WA Broadway-RtHioriA* raBOB'.HASCKO? Ol i Focus OoKCERT. rthainrs' HAM., 4Ji Broadway? Nbcro Malopibs. Br? bcii bo Chihahbs?st Bbtjjit's Hijistkels. Www York, Motidajr, M?reh 30, 1857, Important to tbe Advertising Pabflr. AdrerUsers are requested to hand In their bntlneaa noMoan before eleht o'clock la the evening. Oar elrculatton (between <0.000 and 70,000 ooplea per day) tenon no ex tensive that we are oonpelled lo go to press at an early hear to Meet the requirement! of tbe pnbllc To do ttle we must either leave out the late advertisements or hare a k. i. V-.A sU.kt aUIaaW TTkan ah* arm aaa. ikiMry la l? couplets running order we may be able to receive ibsm to a later boar, bat not bow. Ihr ?n>. We publish elsewhere full details of interesting intelligence from California, the West Coast cf Mexico. Central America, New Granada, and the Sontb Pacific republics, received by the Illinois which arrived oa Saturday. There is nothing direct from Nicaragua of a later date than was brought by the Tennessee. The steamer Texas, however, is no * due at. this port with news from Grey town. The steamer City of lialtimore. trom Liverpool ll'h inst., arrived at this pirt yesterday. Her ad vices have been anticipated by the Arago at New York and the Eur. pa at Halifax. We have, how ever, selected from our English files some interest ing ex'ravts. in:luding a report of a spirited debate in Parliament, during which Mr. Disraeli again at tacked the foreign policy ol the Palmerston ca tinet, and ??f>e< ial reference was made to the Dallas-Clareidon treaty and the letters of Mr. Marcy upon the new maritime code ot the European ]>owers. Our correspondents in Havana, writing on the 24tb inst.. state tha' the Spanish ships of war were being overhauled and taking in provisions preparatory to setting cut for Vert Cruz. The steamer El Demccrnta had been repaired, and would return soon to Mexico. Ground was broken for the new railroad ] from Kegla to Matanzus on the l!?th inst., in pre mdo. of the Captain Central and a fashionable assemblage. We l ave ail interesting report of the proceeding*, addresses and speeches. The duties en the importation 0' Indian corn had been lowered for mx months, brigadier Serrano's trial for com plicity with the slave trade had not yet terminated. The health or the Island remained good. Rev. Pr. Ch?*rer preached his third sermon :<ca r,g' what he calls the iniquity of the S ip?*tne Court, in the Pred Scott case, to a very larg. hence. last evening. He was not, perhaps so *10 tit in his language aa on lie two first occasions. He promises a fourth sermon on the same subject next Sunday, tik ng the test siggerled to him: "The powers that lie arc ordahud of Cod.'' The North Presbyterian church, cirner Ninth avenue and Thirty-first ctreet, was dedicated to the service of Cod yesterday. A description of theedifie? and of the dtdieato'y ceremonies may lie found In s'to'h'r part of to-day's paper. At . Cray happened in a porter house in Ann street n Sunday m >rning, during which a young rran named John Con VI in was stabbed in three plac ?. He was conveyed to the h npital. Three of t? e riot'r*, rained Peter Iairky, Joseph Wallaw and John Hurley, were arrested and put under bonds to answer. vtp?t Commissioner Ebling explained on satur da- iiefore a Committee of the Board of Councilmeti \h" reasons why the streets are permitted to be in sr. i h a fibhy rendition. We give a report of his remarks elsewhere. The streets have not been cleaned January, yet the Commissioner declare* that tie has beard very little complaint from citizens on tLe subject. Patient citizens? facetious Com nussiocer Eh inc. Fortunate)v,th?- street sweeping ma fnn?-- commence operations in a day or tiro. Th? value jf foreign goods imported at the port of B -ion during the wek ending 27th inat. amounted to II .210,171? an increase of t-,-17 as om pared with the imports for the corresponding period in W3C. The annrvd taUe thoaa the temperature of the atmosphere in New Yonk during the pa?t we k. the range of the barometer, the variation of the wird current*, and the ata'e of the weather at three perw?,? di.nng earn day. Via.: at h A. If., and 3 and 9 o'clock P. If- The highest range of tha thermometer was on Sunday afternoon. when it rear-bed 64. The lowest au on Thursday night, 14th ins*, when it marked degrees above iera:? ~~~f * rr~y rit~p ?1 ?i?I f~* $7 r 71 M' M; i M i f F !j ' B f h* .in MS'la a. *. tn.r nr, * w v>.4i|44iK. W eon |?|.v.4; *,;> a tokMiN.a e;i on a ?| wo : "i1?"1 e r ' 14- t" - k (4 o n* ??? a?i?i'.!d?? w W. W.?j| *?! ,-s ail w .? .. ? a. * ? ii v.w. ill Ttn- 'lCi.m M ?'|X. W 1ST 11 W V 2? 14 W. W Sl| rt*s Iri3<w *'j e a.iami14?.a \v .kii hicwjoi in .. a|aia ?i'g. w.| I I an a as SMontaj?Vera'tf claar. n/ieraeoa ciaar night c'?ar f?#i<aay?Voraira i io?r altera wu r.wr i. in. ,.,w. Moa-Uy? c ml; of I if at ?uo? klttrbtN OleiiCj a fbt "fhl r?>B TtHdir-ba*f. Bb*-li?oa 8 ondf u'rhlcear W< tat adoy ?Moraikf e.#*r aftarajoa atouay. mini r?ij Tbrraday?Moratac cleody alTaooa cloudy; atfbt wtady friMy?Marilay c.ear aftcrc o wiaiy; ilfOt vlady fiaurday?MbtaiBf rhar. Tba *.?* or nouoa na Satnrdav evibraced about 590 tvva U\a awkM rinatay Brm r.oar via la fair ra aaaat ?(tt awdrrat* aaxa. vitbont rta?(? ?' w>*?a? la aaataiinaa saiaa H rod fjatbara vbaal vara mala at ti ?0. Csra vaa nrba?y*i vt b fraa aa'aa, cWiy oav aatbora yrlina at Ma. a 67a . aad Waatarn m tad at COc. rarb vaa rat act ra aad booyavt, vbiia toot# ( ra o.' mm m*m vara ma4? at f M as a t?< la imt'l iM*. ivrtf aavtlam fir*, tit aa>aa at 14 ,c oa tba a pot ??arc vara fir* aa? qafta artira, vm ta>aa V a bo* 1 toe boa* Uitv, w? tco to 609 (to. > 0 1 kl rtu pvtoe?. (Mm ?m Tb? tot Ml? of HMnntoy w?a off wtlfe aplrtt, ud the prist? of lb? leww gf?4w were itily ep M Ike eerfc el U? ?d Ooloaga. Tba sate drew a good wpwy u< wwl off with mneb *ptm. latertor groffoo, whlob it proitoa Ml** omisuM Mo. a Me., woro Mid it ahont Mo. Tba lota of braaklaat taoa alao oommaadad fall prlooo. JVdgbta wore ataady. Grata la balk Tor Llrorpool woo engaged ol 6J(d. o 7d. Other ortloleo woro wltboat change to quotation*. The Kiee White BeeCwlonloatton of Old Virginia?Very Interesting and Matter-of-Fact Letter from Hon. Ell Thayer. We seise the first favorable opportunity in publishing this morning a most interesting letter, which has been in our po-seedon for some days past, from the Eon. Eli Thayer, in exposition of the great project with which he is associated, for the relief, resuscitation and regeneration of Old Virginia, in the free white re-colonization of her tallow eastern lands, wasted and worn out by the tao Lundred years exhausting processes of niggers and tobacco. Our Virginia readers will scarcely need an introduction to Mr. Thayer. When we say that he is a member of Congresp elect from Massachu sett?, and was the pioneer in the Northern Kansas emigrant aid movement, we have perhaps said enough to excite their distrust of his present scheme. But when they shall have carefully read hie letter and coolly reflected upon the immeasurable benefits which this colonization project proposes to confer upon the Old Dominion, we doubt not that every sensible man in the State will say, ' Let him come on with his settlers. We have lands?we have room ? we want any amount of bone and sinew to replace that which we have lost and to develop" the vast dormant resources of the Old Commonwealth. agricultural, manufacturing aud commercial." To strengthen this seneible view of the eubjec^ wo can say, for the information of our Virginia brethren, that a bill is before our Legislature (with every prospect of an early passage) for the incorporation of a "Homestead Emigration Company." without distinction of party, upon the bads of a capital of two millions of dollars, and that this is the company with which Mr. Thayer is associated. Niggers do not enter into this calculation, one way or the other. 'With the company the scheme is purely n speculative money making enterprise. Hon. Erastus Coming and Dean Richmond?two of the most prominent of the leading democrats of this State -are among the principal rornorntnrs and their inve?t.mentjj nro ntu-ava directed to the main chance. Tde company's proposed plan of operations, according to M-. Thayer's satisfactory elucidation, is, for example:? ? First ?To purchase, in Old Virginia prop-T, laigc tracts of her wUste land? at nlavt Shit pricet. Secondly- To give away to actual settlers about one-fourth of such purcha?es in saall farms. Thirdly?To sell another fourth at cost; and fourlLly. to sell the remainder to suit purchasers, at free Stale prim - the cotnp my thus probably doubling their money upon the whole amount of each distinct operation. Mr. Thayer tells us that the tidewater district of Old Virginia is the proper field for thin enter* priFe. and that those counties where slavery most abounds are the liest of all. suca as D'tnI widdie, Southampton aud Accomac; where desira*ble lands for free white labor, and accessible to good m&ikets. may bad for three, four and five dollars an acre. Mr. Tnayer far ther says that ' veiy many of the people of Virginia desire the proj>oF< d friendly invasion." and that even "sltveboldtrs in large numbers'" are in favor of the scheme. And why not ? What coosutbtaa a Siala? Kciiber wasteland nor lazy, thriftless niggers; buf white nwn. free white men; and in proportion to their numbers ure the strength, wealth, credit, n^AtltlAn an<1 L.ra/?f/>r nf nri.rr in ^rilivu UiiU VU?M?*V*VI VI Vf VI J VNIW 1U kuV I'nion and in tbc civilized world. Niggers, accoiding to the Supreme Court, with us are not and cannot be citizens. And what ia a State without citizens? Nothing ?absolutely nothing?a dead blank. What is the object of every State in the world witli waste lands in its po&-*s6ion? Settlement, cultivation, dovclopement. What is the basis of all wealth? Labor? intelligent labor. Whyb ? Virginia originally the foremost State In the 1'nion?why ha" she fallen so tar behind-hand in the course of the last llfty years? Because of the incessant drainage during all this l<eriod of her fret* white population to colonize and build up the great West and Southwest. From the spendthrift sons and beautiful daughters of the old planter, to the poor white laboring man. her white people, ber bone and sinew, her blood and muscle for these fifty years past, have ? -.-n pouring Southward and Westward, intoch- ?4. ;r, fresher and more fertile lands, simply to letter their condition. Their gain has been her losa. But the tide must return. The Wert, comparatively, is filled up. Laods are getting high there: and even in the Southwest there are no more bargains in exchange of the depreciated lands of old Virginia for valuable cotton planta tiors. until Mr. Buchanan secures by treaty a | other large slice of Mexico, er buys up Cul?a at their own price. What, then, is the policy of tb<* Virginia land owners? Clearly the policy <f inviting settlers- free white settlers- -to their waste nnd abandoned lands. It ia also the policy ?i.. ct.i.. ~ ... u. UI lur oiuir iirvu IV IUMI? iM in a i whicib VU IW waste land* upon liberal and cwy term*. Mr. Thayer inform* u* that "million* of acre* of Virginia land*, owned by the merchant* and. broken of New York and Philadelphia, will, by this colonization project, bo mode available at a profit to their present owner*, who have heretofore despaired o' selling tb??m * any price." Mark that. Nor will the prod' be limited to the prsent owner*. The wttler and hi* family will derive a p< rmanent prollt in the operation. and the .State the greatest profit of all. And there i* no bugaboo in thi* scheme to frighten Oovernor Wise out of hi* *eTen sense*. This company may throw tw< ntv thousand free white European and Northern settlers Into old Accomar. aod all around "Only. n??i Otiancock"? the family homestead of the Governor? without reducing the price or en (targeting the nWj of a ringl* nigger. The free white Virginia Colonization Company propose to abide by the law?, State and national," and to ' adhere with wonderful tenacity to the Coo titution and tie 1'nion." What more could be arked ? Dut should the vigilant Governor of Virginia ret down ih'? project ar a New York black republic.<n trick tor undermining the rla very ryeton cf tVedid DoTi nton, b? ti??we hie re- ' venge. He can *b<p oft alt the tree niggerr from Virginia. i VI in lK'n ) where they are not citizens. to Nv-v York, where, it enem*. our Legislature ir resolved they wtiMll b* c'tiz-nr. and lb?" u-eke still more room in Virginia for free whiU* propl". fvriooaly. bowf?w. it In only by I I tb* rp-cc b,n!za(ior of Virginia by fr?<? whit* I % fBW YORK HBRMj?, MO! men, women "and children?and plenty of them? that the State can be reeoacitated, regenerated and disenthralled. White settlers, labor development, are what she wants; and to this end we agree with Mr. Thayer, that his colonization scheme is "too good a thing to fail." But let ue hear again from our Virginia newspaper cotemporaries. The shbject is now fairly up for discussion. They cannot pay for five years longer the interest on their State debt, or open their valuable coal and iron mines, or increase the population and price of lots in their towns and cities, but by this new process of white colonization on Mr. Thayer's plan. Let us all discuss the question like gentlemen and statesmen Spanish American Alliance.?We give today the translation of the text of the convention or federal pact drawn up at Washington last November between the ministers plenipotentiary aDd charges d'affaires of certain of the Central and South American republics, including Mexico. The preamble sets out the necessity for an alii- ] ance offensive and defensive betwqan the Spanish American people and governments arising from j the extension in this part of the world of doctrines subversive of international law. ' The convention consists of eighteen articles, the principal points whereof are mutual guarantees of independence and sovereignty; prevention of the formation of hostile expeditions on the territory of one against the peace of another; the treating of expeditions not in conformity with the 1 customs of civilized uatjpns, as piratical; the agreement that no Slate shall cede or alienate any part of its territory to a foreign Power; that they shall treat as acts of usurpation decrees issued by any Power created by the aid of a foreign force; that they shall lend mutual assistance in case of invasion; that they shall abstain from intermeddling, Eave as mediators, in ques tions tbat may arise between any of the allied States; that they Ehall give citizens of all the allied republics the rights guaranteed under the constitution of that wherein they reside; to make commerce and navigation (excepting the coastwise trade) free to all such citizens; to allow government correspondence to pass free, and to give validity to the judicial decrees of each iu the territory of the other. The confederacy is to have the title of -vthe Confedi ration of the Spanish American States," and a congress of plenipotentiaries is to meet in Li mi, Peru, this year, to elaborate and complete the pact. The republics of Feru, Ecuador and Chili had previously made a somewhat similar arrangement. designated *' the Continental Alliance." It is not likely, however, that either will have any practical result*. f ????????? o Foutical Schemes in Oregon.?In our letter r, from Portland. Oregon, published in yesterday's Herald, some account was given of the endea- h vors mode by politicians to get up a discussion * of the slavery question in that Territory. .In d June next, the question of organizing a State go- )< vernment is to be submitted to the people, and ti our correspondent considers that there are many ' chances that the pro-slavery party will attain sufficient influence to affect the form of the c .State constitution. lie gives it as his opinion ? that the pro-slavery men are on the increase both in number? and influence. 1 This is not likely to be the case. Tne idea of 'lavery in Oregon is absurd. It is only started | by politicians who hope to make sufficient capital t out of it to interest the democratic party in having their* State admitted with them^olvcn as T Senators and members of Congress. In an economical and industrial point of view, slavery would be as much out of place in Oregon as in * Maine. Nor is there the least chance or proba- ' bility, with the immense unsupplied demand for ( negro labor on the Gulf of Mexico, that negroes i, w ill ever be taken np to the meridian of Oregon, on speculation. The laws of nature forbid the establishment of slavery wherever there is a severe winter, by making elavc labor in such latitudes incalculably dearer than frto. These laws may for a time be thwarted by corrupt politicians for personal purposes; but in the end they will vindicate themselves. Slavery in Oregon is as absurd as imperial despotism iu New York. c We desire further to state that our enrrespon- i dent has been misled into unhandsome remarks < tmm. ..I ?I* 1 U'/vaI fTkA.? I in 11'i 11 iic v iu ui'iirini ii uwi. tu'iu in uu 1111111 In tbe United State* army, wbo?c gallantry, judg- i ni' nl and professional merit stand higlier than G'ueral Wool'*. And we are aatiafiod that when tbe facts come to be examined, it will be found t that whatever be ba* done in Oregon ba* been | well meant, and judiciously performed. 1 l! The Cujfobkiax D?:irr.?Tbe decision ol the * Supreme Court of California, to the effect that the people of tbe State cannot be taxed to pro- 1 vide for tbe payment of interest on the unauthorized debt, i* clearly according to law; but it will none tbe leM tend to alarm people in theee State* and iu Europe. We shall bear it mid confidently " and loudly that California propoec* to be a re- f pudiating State, and that injury inf'ictcd ou the State credit will hardly be les* than if repudiation had )xcn really contemplated. Under tbe circum*tancc?, the people of Cn'i- c forma would appear to have two measure* to adopt. Tbe first i* tbe submission to tbe people, at n* early a day a* possible, of an amendment of tbe con*titution. assuming the debt already in- . curred. and providing for the payment of tb? ^ Interest accrued and to accrue thereon; and the second i* tbe adoption of aome utringent measure" by way of a *aleguard against a repetition of tbe ^ fraud which i* now injuring tbe credit of tbe T?l"? All this of course depends upon the fetlin^ of the people of California. Id the city of San ? Fioncisco the debt will of course be gladly rati- ' fl'.d by tbe vofe* Of the cltixens; but it is not so r certain that the people of the rural districts and v the mining region will be as eager to lay themselves under an obligation from which the courts 1 have declared them free. However, we mist J bop" for the best. Twenty years hence, Mississippi 1 will still feel the blighting effect of tbe dishonest policy sty1 has pursued: it is to b? hoped that the example will not lie lost upon California. And whatever is done by the $300,000 already due, It, must be rememiiered that only half the work will have been done until the entrance of the political world be dosed to knaves.\ in Utah.?We talk of the necessity for a first class Governor in Kansas; but the news from Utah shows pretty p'ainly that unlcs* wo have some one there wbo can cut Gordian knots, we sball have more trouble than the present g<iteration will outlive. It seems trom our intotrnation, published at length yesterday, that in January last a party of Mormons of high Aland)hp in thfi r hnrrh nrwitT thn ni\\\oo nf Itriir bam Young, broke into the office* ol the United Mate* DiatHct Judge, and Clerk ot the Supreme Court, and carried away by lorce nil the paper* ? nnd hooka belonging to the Supreme Court Tbc 1 NDAY, MARCH ?0, 1857. reason they gave for this outrage was that Congress would Dot admit them as a State, and that tbey did not intend to tolerate any United States offices in the Territory. These Mormons have, we think, reached the term of oar patience; it ia time tkey were brought to their senseb. It is time it was decided whether they are an independent community or really a Territory of the United States. For years they have been exciting the feelings of the American people; it is now high time that some settlement were bad with them, and that the pending issues between us were adjusted on some permanent basis. We have no desire to prejudge the question, or to attempt from this distance to say what ought to be done in the Territory of Utah. But J one thiDg is obviously required. One of the very best men in the country should be sent to Salt Lake City, with a sufficient losce of United States trcops to enforce respect; and an end should be put, cnce and forever, by fair means or toul. to the series ot outrages ot which this violation of the records of the Supreme Court at Utah is the last. JL THE LATE8T NEWB. BY PRINTING AND MAGNETIC TELEGRAPHS. Affhlra at Wmhlnoian. BHK'UL DWiTCUlM TO TBI USUALD, IAPFY ACCORD OF TAB CA'INET AND TUB NBW GOVERNOR OF K ANSAS? A STRONG FITFF FOR I'll K PRESIDENT?A NBW hULE FOR OUR MINIbTBRS ABROAD ETC. WAjnnsr.ioB, March 19,18(7. The Cabinet ?H engaged yesterday in oonelderlng Ion. R J. Walker'* instructions. An lntormal meeting raa alio held last ntgbt npon the same subject. Mr. talker will bar* unlimited power, tbe different members of tbe Oabinot express their dmlratlon at tbe ability, foroe and kaon ledge whlob iharacterlaes Mr. Bnohanan's iuterconrse with them. He i tally ap t? the requirements of his position. None of the diplomatic appointments have yet coma be ore the Cabinet. There la no truth In the statement bat the mission to Bsglanl has been tendered to Mr. Ickens, though that gentleman will undoubtedly meet rlth consideratkn to the exolnslon of Mi. Aiken. As a en era 1 rule, it will be required that every foreign Minis er shall be able to speak the language of the Court whlah is is charged. This regulation will make short work ol ome aspirants. There will be a change ih all tbe offices in this District, lol. Bererly Tucker la to be Marshal In plaoe of Hoover be Pest Office will also be plaoed In different hands, ialgie Marc; ' efforts.

layette MoMnlltn, ot Virginia, has refused tbe Gorsrorsblp of Utah somewhat lndlgaantly. KREITORIAL MATTIRS?TBE GOVERNORSHIP OF UTAH?TBE MAINE APPOINTMENTS, ETC. WAgmsGTOM, Maroh S9, 1867. At the moetttng st the State Department last night, nt rbich Gen. Out wu present, and n few other mem tors f Cabinet, together with Mr. Htanton, the new Secretary sr the Territory of Kansu, nil thn prelim!arlec 'were errnnged, and Mr Stanton will leave >r Kat was a week from tomorrow. The Instructions rblcfa he will take with him were prepared by Mr falker, and meet the hearty coneurrenoo of.the Preal IBI UU VTVf/ UIOIBUOr VI MOT VIWIUVI. ar. T? SIMM tter of acceplance, la which he lays down the polio/ he ittnds to pnrsna, le able, oonclnelve end to point Iir. rood eon, the preeeat Secretary of Kanaae, will be transit! ed to some other poeltlon la the Territory. To Borrow the Maine appolntmenu will be sarde. Mr Ufferd and Mr. Appletoa will thape them to enlt them lives. The admlnlatratlon have decided to send tome military laa ae Governor to Utah. Who It ehall be 1* not yet de irmlned. A good deal of Indignation le mtnlfealed thle evening ly some or oar cltlaena at the verd.ct of the Jurr acquit lag Lee who ehot Home m g an oral DBPATCn. HI HUME HOMICIDE?ACQUITTAL OF COLONEL MCE. Wi eaMiTew, March 39, 1861. The Jury la the oaae of Lee, aa ex Cierk In the I'an Ion office, Indicted for the murder of Mr. Hams, a re pectable merchant of A lexandrla, Virginia, thle (Sunday) oornlng rendered a verdict of acqslttal. They were ;overncd by the lnetmcltine of tie C.iurt, graatei a*, the Mtaaoe of the ooneeel for the dofenoe. Lee, It will be re enroled, openly bat erroneously, at the last public r?~*r> Ion of l'reetdent Pleroe, charged Home v Ith picking hit weket. Next morning when Home called at the Poaetoc iffice tooonvlnce him that he was mil taken, Lee not only efoeed to retract, bat firmly reiterated the otarge. For his Home caned I<ee, who ?bot him, The Enropn at Boston. Dodton, March 39. 1857. Tbe vteemshlp Earopa arrival here at ball past seven 'clock thle Bomiog. Her!i lor lbs South we.-s do* niched In the night train, doe In New York sboat 6 AM. w Monday. r rwni iiu' w rnr hicunt rxfloaion at *t. locis?larch hub AT LIBERTY, MISSOURI. Br Low, M?rch 29, 1?67. The espioaloo yaslcrdey ?t OidricVe store wet caused ij the accidental Jlecuergo ol a pistol into a o wwder. Three persona were killad instantly, one rarely Isjnred, and ecrorai slightly hurt. The atoek a boih (torn was eatlrety destroyed The lure to pr> tebfy upward* of 950,COO. There was a large Ore a week ag> at I bertr, M'lirarl, rtiob destroyed property to tbaamouat of 990,000. Mwrrtrr In PtillmlelpMa. Pan apsi i'Hia, Meri t) 20, 198T. Willlaaa Kelly, lbs proprietor of a ClrrepotaMe ten la filppee street, was killed last nigbt by lawroono Riley, b coa?rqueues of Riley r wire I riag with K 1 y. k ley's laraala lire la Twenty eereoUi atreel. New York. Tlie ionlbern .Tell. BALTisoaa, Metob 20. 1957. New Orleans papers of Monday taai are reoelred, ont on tain no cows of internet The Southerner at Cherteetnn. Car-r dnoe, March 99, 1917. Tba Tailed Ihatea mall a eamahip Southerner armed lera from New Terh at nlae o'elock this moraiag' The Florida at lavsnnsh. Ravassah, Marcn 39, 195T. The I ailed Rlataa mall atcaambtp Florida, from Nets ftrt, arrived here Ibis moraieg. Raihets MoRtia. Msrae 2f. ta?7 Tba Adinlurr'l Market O re iinr r*r ru ihti d notion Hurler iba rutwwk h??? baa M o haitw. ad tbr rroelpta > |b? Mm* period 3 000 balaa *f?inm O.ofO in iba eerrwpoidlng wank la t rear. The de r?a*ala iba raoetpta al tba pan, m .tornpared with u>? / n>* ilaoe latt * on, ta ??,00o beiea Htoak oa band 5,(00 balca. M'ddltnf I* <j> Wed at tav<o Poorjr>a.fro, Marob 31. 10*7. Cotton?Tba demand waa ttaadjr. wtlb moderate aa aa 4 ran prioea. Wool?Tatra wm more aoti mp, without new He i eben?# la preen Hal* of tba *r**t 55.300 Iba. anting Clotka?Tb# demand oontlanee ajtira, and prloaa irm ; ai*? ol Iba weak 03 000 ptaoaa. t nl1??1 Malaa narahal't OfHr-e. TUB NBW MtROIlL. On Patnrdap Capt laalah Hr? I era. tba nnwty appointed .'alied Rtatta Harabal for thta d'atrlrt, paid i preliaa nary rialt lo tba aaaa* of bla n -tal action for Iba comtac term, a tba dnttea of which be will aaoeaed Abraham T H"'pnr, t?'i , who bald that petition nadar Praaldaot Pteren, and iltebergcd tba ratrooe doilaa wltb credit ts btaiaeir and attefaciloa to tba pablto Oapt Rpndara bad an audience rth lodge Bella, and will Uil* dap (Boeder) praaont bla eratiaa, and be awora into affloa. Wa aadentaad tbai ie baa Informed Mr Jna Tbempaoa. who baa baao tba ffcient and favorite Brat Hepatp Marahai and*r roar tdtrm alrmitoaa. that ba ta daalreaa of retaining him la bla tr?i?al portion Tbla will ha fr?i f;ln, lalo;'froo?i to e? irmbm or Iba bar fhe Capu a will lelaol hi* iroibar (Mr Ryadara) aa aaoond napatr, *art it ta aa't bat Mr L. !> Abfalla will b? aiao raUload aa od? of llio i1?a of Iba cflkoa?bat aunb la tba ootaida p*reau-a from hf imnwdiMa aad political frlaada of tba eaw Martbal bat ha aaat aattaa ba woaid ba obllfarf to ramora all tba aba? ofbatala? goal damacaia ibonjb ha admitud tham o br?to aaaka room tnr maap of bla raiibfal adharrau t'nltrtl Rtatra Cnmmlalonrr'n Ititter. Tba twalva waa of tba eraw of taa abio /tsarina, barfad witb a raralt aa tba aat rayaga of that aaaaal ras L!top*ooi ta tb?a part, aa alraady rapot tad, wara ? talaad aad dlaobarg") Dramatic and Hoalcal Blatter*. Ih* W**k haa paaaad without * HiaUn I* U?* muvtca way, although a Utile Inter eat was created by Ute rumor thai Ui?re vaa a proa poet for the Hagliah Opera, with Mm*, da WUhorat, at WaUack'a theatre The great difficulty la to had a tenor. A good or area fair Eogllth ?? or la alwaya a rarity, and now anoh a luxury te not to ha hmad hera. Mr. Thalberg baa gtrea oonoerta and matint et at Boatoa during the weak, with hit uaual auooeaa. The dlaplay of gold eyo |laaaaa at tho wuUineu, la aald to hare bona aoaMhlng grand. All the Athenian female aaraaa wear them 10 aa to look like mrofeaaora of hlatorr. Mr. Btrakosoh will tony* tor the Wart to day, to make arrangements for the ooaoerw by Thalberg, Pnrodi ana Pnttl BUnkoaoh. Be has engaged Ttbsetol, the popalatenor, lor the next winter eeaeon. At the theatree the weok'a baetneae haa been ralr bat not great. At WaUaok'n, " Leoaore" hai been wltn drawn from the blila, and Mm Heron hae returned to her more profitable mottona, "Camilla" and "Medea." On Toeaday the la to play Blanoaln "Basis," in wniohebe la laid to be very good. Miaa Mary Agnea Cameron will play the same part for the first time at the Bowery on Tuesday, it lea Cameron makes her first essay as a trag.o actress on this occasion. At Barton's theatre, " Wail Street" was played three nights, and will bs revived this week. At Laors Keenc'a theatre, "A Wicked Wife" was played through the week, with "The Hires," which erms to grow moro and more popnlar. The sottog ot Mlis Kcene and ol Miss C. Jefferson la this play Is charming, bnt soma ol the other ladles seem to have that painful oonactounners of good olothee which comes from not wearing them very otten The music In this plsv, tocsI and instrumental, lscapi tally done, nnd the oredlt of that behngt to Mr Baker, the eondnctor of the orchestra. Mr. Loralne, or the Broadway theatre, baring flulniod a profitable itarilcg tear In the Western States, will re- i torn to town this week, and will ro appear at the Broadway next week as Arbaces, In the grand spectacle drama, "The Laat Days of Pompeii," which Is to be brougnt out to great style on Monday. This play, tho best or its cl*s?, has not been done here for fifteen years, when several small fortunes were made from It. Mr. Ulo Bell has recovored from his recent severe 111 nssn, and will give a concert a*. DeJwortk's rooms on Tuesday. No artist to more popular with the public than Ole Bull, and we truit hi* concerts will provo It Mr. II. 0. Jerdon. a Donular hae a henafl on I Saturday neat at Nlblo's Garden. Numerous lavorlt? 1 artlata bare volunteered. It la now atated that Maretzik's Opera aeaaon will com menoo at the Academy on Monday fortnight. The oom paay lnclndca Mme. de Gizzanlga, who la a great dramatic artlat All the theatrea offer very good bllla for thia evening. At the BxcuDwav THtAvnn, "Satan lnParla," "My Stater Kate," and the Elepbanta In their extraordinary feati. at Brnioia'a Tuxatm "The Honeymoon" la announced, with J. W. Wallack, Jr., and Burton In the cast, wl h a new farco called the "Bulea of the Haaae, or the Revolt of the Board era." At Larsa Km.m'h Theatke, the very popular play, "Dreama of Delralona," with Mlaa Keece and Mr. 0. Jordan m the principal parte, and "The Klvea, or the Statue Bride," for the thirteenth time. At WauacK's Thiatrs, Mlaa Heron playe "Medea" for the last time. "Delicate Ground," wttb Walcott, Keynolda, and Mrs. Hoey, precedeetbe tragedy. At Niblo'b Gaxow, the Ravels appear in a new ballet, "La Bouquetlcre," and the favorite pantonine, "Blanche, or the Rival Fairies." At the Bownav Thxatxs, a new drama, "Dick Tarleton," tbe three "In and out of Plac;," and "tno R'.eak EJls or Erin. " Mlaa Jnha Daley makes her d'but at tola theatre In the farce. At the Axxxiulv Trains, Chambers r tree i, the managers, E. L Davenport and H. Waik'as, gtva up too beoao after thta evening It U too much labor acd too l.ule profl'.. To night the managers have a bencllt clfcrod by their company and a'.tachet. Tbe bill includes toe "llrtdo of I.ammermoor," "Fashion." and tbe "Roagh Diamond " There abonld be a full boner At tbe Mrssi'M, "Double Faoed People," bat made a great hit, aa It deserved, and ilia announoed for antthtr weak. TBKCoinaanOrau ?Excellent programmes are Offered for the week at Wcod'a, Backley'a, and Ih-yan'.'a Mln atrela. Arrrsxrv or Brsrui Tsituiuraic DmrATcnw * rut Paiuoiiraii Parana ?Aa a turiSor apeo m >i o' lee as curacy and reliability of the special teley -a-.?!c dispatches which are gives la the Philadelphia pccoy Ltdfer and paraded before lie readers aa exclusive Intel Dgtace, wo extract U>o roliewtcg from that papar of Saturday:? rBOBAH.1 TOTAL 10*9 OF Til* STEAMEd I1AAC IKVIM^t. March 77, lc57. From intelligence ran 'r?2 ih'e moriiVig, we !e ?*r 'A at ''.err M little hope of aaving thla a'eaianr. it la r eor'ed laa: ?he Iteaneerlja eowplcta wn?k at the poljt where?oi auendid. hlie la I .-nien into 1*0 parte uoe Inclining wwarc.e the rrrkr upon w Inch abe ran. ami the otoer o the d.rwtlvc o< Peekikill. It not e;,?e<!i!jr rc'leved, ah? wJlprojably ilucp pear ib the tint ttorm A letter ?u receive;! at thla office oa Friday, and pubilthcf, from Iaaao Neetoa, Jr., a aon ot tae owner of the boat, which itated that in a few ilaye abe aoulrt bo tawed to Uo city nod placed upon the baiarce doca . and u :cr iher evidence that the veeec! world be tared, we and in the Albany Journal of citurday?the tame day no wntcc the exolcaive deapatcb to tfce Ltdyfr la dated?the foi lowing ? We ?ie sla<! to b? aaenred 'liat ihe will enou b? afl iat ard tbat ? e nihil again arc her like a thing o' life, ' with crowd ?d drca* and eakmua, couraa.g J.e river, ot which abe 11 ibe bi tgbieai ornament. lllanatrmie Fire Itt a Dtnn 'tore Till rHDFllll.TOh MKAMLT ht'FKO'. ATrtl?SAH' 0 W KSCAFE OF OCCl'rAFTH OVKB THK ITO'd?S0TFOffl0 mr ACT OF A ft IS'JRMflAHT. Ikort'y hefora fcur o'clock on fi nday morning a fire brok* ott Is lb* drop more bvloagteg to John A. I.eighton. ait i*'ed at Mo. 4",1 Elfb'h aveaua, corner of Thirty-Ark r'reet The alarm brought the i.remen quickly to the p-em'.nea. and t. j 'he j nailed exert' a the lianaee were eating utnbed be ore ihey extended ranch beyond ibe atnre to do male*lal damage to the It n< eira the l ie wee Cr?t diecovered homing In the eterc w mdow, or lie ixnmediate viclt.ltr, and eubeeineol'y in ib* rear pan . f the cellar Tome* wrre nem leaning. 7he ce Ur lire at pr<?rnt doea nr.' *hiw anr indication of having o-tginme I from the Tie h'-roe tu mvMerio .aneea Ibe i re rprrad ?'>h HMkblig rnpidpy, ard 'he \ iltimea ol rank" rn?hl g n; au > r-?a'nS c- netdtra! la conrtgrnai'oc ainongat the (rent ante ot ihe dwelling ,n) It <vaa with ren;h dldlmlly they earaped n:r it it'on Wbeti the ponce arrived a> ihe nitre. odicer Poyle. of the Twentieth ward, heard e me one endearurlog to irper thn 0'ite ce hiinde to the w rdow on lie Itrrt Poor far ol the flare T r.e "fl. e* pa.l# 0 open the 'luurr fonod tie frtn dow pnel*d up ?rd Vr 1 e rh'on tr?tng to gw <u' the f re' i ir r.r be exclaimed to then, cor. wae. "What drea 'hia wan At tnir ;ro? fh*re v,aa corMderablo amok*, a d dr. i.' gl.nn wee directed tog-iouiae quiet ae pnaeble, a* blerorr ru ot> tire lie put on rami cb' hln* and cane out H*th*n li waved to get in'o the rear pan ol h.? more c ac-ure he ilea a . eoiitamirg valuable paoer*. rorgeant CiWrw. Mr Leigi.ton aaa Mr. lfojlt, loftber broke out tae pane la >( ihe door, and ! and finoae ra?hod ont reudrriag M imr iwti.le to t m'er <ba a lorn U? flame* and brmtad am ka rnabiag from lha dor burst Mr Laiahinn about th* t*<-a an t kui'i Pram * afar ba naa UbT. * >tfe *.>a*raa and w*? nooreyed I > bla I bonding fc <j?r. So 2U Wwl thirty Bo md atraat , It roarr* Mr. I atrh.on nccnplad for a opln* spar1 m<et a aipal) rottn partit.?o?d off Itoui th? ?T<rama " *ri<l 01 tia atora, a window rrom which npaacd Into thirty fittb aired. wh*r? ha w?a found By the po Ikwogicar. Mica the orcuttaner Mr Lelal.'i'n has bono la a i ewlldrrtd atata of rated, and at tiwra m?aatlhla. Lip to a a la'a hour yiafetday attimorn no iploruiailoM could on aaea.r ? tanwil from hit? la ra'rrrnea o thla rnyaurkr.a ailalr nor to r th? amount of mauraa r- n his prooari r. Tb<-whole mauer , a one suitable tor vh" Vira H? ?hai to lanrougo y Inreiopate ? w a find that tbCi'w- .l.og part over lha ifore la occupied *? b O if w> f h#a oid flo-r-Br Ha-id R Fleeman. hia furniture and , ?aa-o * apiotrt I waa fauat'd orobebly to lha amount of IdO , or >'t0; no taeuraiKe only rrnyed 'n ihreu days. third floor?By Jnarph Krweaier aO'tAmoi A Melee. a , lBfor?n.e. no dama*>- or onneeoiwnoe , fourth floor? b) r?'ar Ran?> haoln. insured for MOO In Pa ), rltln 1-s-rauce. Company, and Maury T.alwaa; no insurance v to enter ; The build rjr la owned by Br Jim'i Ichr. It I* itrmria L to the cf row". B1, 0a a I. cot red by insurance i b" . sin s am. futures are prevy winch totally destroyed, and may . ba ratib..'*!. hi an ml $a noil _______________ t.otonrr'a Inquaat. RriClTiK OP AN ITALIAN AT THR OLOBR HOTRL. An in<)???'was bald yeeterday nfiomnon by Coroner t'on y oaiyatth# i-obe Hotal, oornar of WullhM and Frankfarl ' atree'a, en ibe body if Lo'fl Camer/'f, I an Italian who waa lound dead 'n Ma bed. Ii?;?t no'aunod h'tn?alf wllh laudanum a i air |ity bn'ti? a b.ih had noitelof d putaoa was Inuod by bla 1 b'dali'a fin thi labia wara two letters In lha Italian Ian " Btiafia in lha handwriting o( th< da enaed, ot wlilnh Ilia lollow ; ire i* a nana aMon My iirav urikr-Tbla my list lotlar to yoti will rartatnly ' fauna you grant griaf. I hiffta yon wlU pardon ran for all lha rtkplaan raa I nay bate eaiirnd lo yon aftor bay In* writtf a to yim ihraa trw llntr t shall pray Ood for for you. F I fan nntlorg en >ta to aay tiuapt lo aalnla you. I atn your T brothnr, LI IUI CaVRRBI ni b P. S.?My daar aietar. I hopa you will no' anraa m? for tha v rrialorluna wbirb btftl trn aotna t ma ago. i can ayura you u in ihcn my la?t trfrnrnta that I waa Innocati and ihat I bato I: ft A* a 1 '. ft* B ^ } RitV fm. till Mi. ti F?T*?w?ti ViiiRo* Fin* Mi-Uvn from my exemrle it rot to he looeevere egelirt thorn who love you I hnvn no e ill Will hfeieel rmi, hut I hope yoti will lie more lenlen; wlln yimrlrln i'n Farewell. Meny enio'en to rcnr adored wile, m e* nleo to Mr. fcrute mil to the little bov lent. <J t,uMl i aM KR7,I If I. dl P f.?I beg you wlil rend thie other Intern' mine to my l II To Mr, Flocehl, Centre iitrnet, enrner o* Ceeel, he-her hi I hop CI Frrm the end'one It appeared 'he'ih? do<e??*d e?mnto h thw h'liel leet Pnturder nlirtnwrn ai d km* e bedroom the it clehl. to w hh-h he it*medtnlr ly retired Ihe eerfeate of the d hoore tombed ihet'V y yiochtd el el* room onrr twice diir b in* IK? evening eixl heerd e h<-ary reepuetion en of e person ir In e oyer elreo In the morning they c.jiild pet no enewe* by ri ?noeling eTw'heooii of e'er e?d Ibe rorier entered Ihe "In- ?i d'W eedftttii (I lh< > '"er <l<ed In hi* !>ed undreeeed. with e It handkerchief h-up .l eiotind fata bred and the vt?l which cow w thined the po ?er. bi hie etde Verdict wne renderpd Of eol- w ride hg'eking lei.lectiBi. the motive the impa'tel Cemcr r r el to (.omirn tnb lde te hoowo erny to tta reihtiTT*. 1 m GOOD NEW8 FOR THE OLD DOMINION. lligrhlv Innjirfant Hani fast a h<o? liaa. . 1 mmmQUMwj avjrvi m*hm?d?V UVIU UVin I Eli Tkayer* Dis Scheme for the Free White Re-Colonization of Old Virginia Clearly Defined. i Speculation and Regeneration Combined. ! Sympathy from the Virginia Slaveholders. mm ABE READY ft TAKE STOCK, Ao., Ac., Ac. WouccTti, Mm., Sarah 13, 1887. Mr. Bobiikit?Dear :Mr: 1 thank 70a for yocr inotd and able snsiyala of the plana and purpoeeaof the North Ime. rlcaa Homeaead Company, aa glren In toe Hmuinof February 38 and of March 10. Yon hare ahown a true conception of the projeot, and It learn a to me an aeourata appreciation of lta power and lir probable reavlta. 1 assure yon that it la oar pnrpoae to be aulstfy a bail- I nris organisation. We shall abide by the lawa, State and nation*!. Wo Shall adhere WHO wonderful to the rvmntl. lotion ud Use Union. Wo their purchase large tracts of land at slave State prices; shall give i?i; to actual settlers about one-fourth; ball sell about onoflourth at cost, and the remainder at free State prices?thus probably doubling our money on each operation. there Is no chance for snob speculation except In slave Stales, and even in them only In proportion to the extent of slavery. Kor example: There will be no Inducement for us to buy land In llanoock, Brooke, Marshall or Ohio counties, In Western Virginia, for In tnoso eountien it In worth from $10 to $27 per aore. Those oonnnet, and the bulk of the others In Western Virginia, are essentially free. Our ehanoea would be much better In Dtnwlddie, Southampton, Aecomat, and other exbacste 1 ea:*ern counties, where we can obtain land for Tom $3 to $ per aore?anch being the average price in thone localities where the slaves are a msj rlty of the population. Now these lands are mare desirable than these of the oo us ties first named, and by planting on them tree white colonies we oaa make them more valuable. II la too much, therefore, for oar Virginia neighbors to expect of human nature?and especially of Yankee human nature? that wa should forego any such ohance as this of securing sure and ample dividends, eepeciUly when this can he done in a manner perfectly legal and constitutional. But very many or the people of Virginia actually desire the proposed friendly invasion of the Old Co minion by ibis renovatiog army of free white labor. 1 can show you that even slaveholders are on our side, and that, toe, .a large numbera. Seme have already offered to take stock to the extent ol their ajiilty ia the proposed oompaay. Kentucky and Maryland are already looking with ehvy en ibe sublime destiny of Virginia, sad are inviting the name Invigorating agency of tree labor to their own border*. Missouri, also, has scat a delegation for ibe purpose of iscartBg a coloay of ono hundred Yankees to build a town upon a good hmdleg on the Missouri river. Tbeee application!, together with the tone of a large portion of ibe Southern press, make It manifest that the proposed movement wl:l be admirably sustained, and our colonies treated with kindness and respoct. But If, on the ooatrary, a portion of the people of Virginia, ia dafiaaoa of tfccl.* own interests and of oar rights, should so far atulttry themselves as to follow tha load of altra <1 Hontonsta and teci. -ioa fire-eaters la oommttiiag outrages against ike lives end prrperty of peaceful settlers, thou they most ue met by tbe c*. r>notion and the taws; and should mese 1*11 10 |ire ptoiasnon, popular d ivert gir.y Bsn bo ltvckfd for the Old Domialoo, m i; Lai been for K*ni?* We shall not bs intimidated. We irk not that k nd of people when pood are at 'ate. In detlmco of danger wo send oar wbaleit ;a to the Northern Oooan for money. Wo aaad nur n.'ii.onar.i* imotg cans bal- tor pr nclplo. Wo Lavo delUd *11 perils, even In sanding tbc Uoopol 10 Hi heathen without tbc Incitement if pecuniary gala; bet with that Inducement the Hot pel of Freedom ' will i arc free ccorae, wtii run and bo glorified." We bare been charged wlib participating 1e too alavo trade, oo&traiy to law, for " filthy lucre " It tint bo so, so afccnld probably pari lei pate la mabeg a'ave States no fcr tbo tamo flttby lucre." Tfeere la cot a kidnapper in the cjnatry ?ho will sot ;nt bin bullion af catobing nogroeo la dtr?a for tbo ?nbo mirket, when It aball have boon domooatralod that io ran make 10 por cant more in mnblag Virginia a troo Stats. Tbeoa men are to tuib bigots in their profsasMa so to is hi > r to It when a lacrativa bnatneaa, protected by law, tan be had In cachings for a barirUous, Uiagal and '.too imofiiabl* traflij. Ttcra la ao tins, then, In talking about hanging or ihcotlag oor cs'octata. or the member* of oar company. If half of ua were aacg or abot, tbo rant would praaa on owirda tbo thlalog dollars, oven tboogb they taoald nib Into the jawa of death, Into the mouth of be'i, Mia ibe "all hundred." t Erdtaoe of apprbiohlati incceas in this anterprlno la iviry day accumulating. It Is toon la tbo iottoro of oyml?lby from ibe alave males, and la tba nnmerona appliraticaa of eolonlata fron tbe fraa, and, more tons all, ta its read tree a of capitalists to tarsal In tbo aloes of tbo Ktmpaey. Tbit. howivtr, la sot naaocoostnb'a. Millet* of acre* of V'rtlnla laid, owned by the merchants trd broken of New York ud I hiledeloh-e will be aidl nalnbld, at a profit to tkc prarcat owwri. wkobirt tcrelcfhre dripetred of roiling it at nay p'tan Oar eoa nay will Ibrrefoia prowe a nary ralaabio modem bowore tbrM loolbclJfro and the hardy ptooeert. trior aa tw bo loralabed will hameetnedi on tw; te*me. laid a too good a tblag to fall. Traij jonro, EI 1 THAYER. Poller Intelligent r. I MlPKIflBT HOW IN AN* NTRKKT?ST ABF.IMG AND PIOBTINO IN THK DARK. Tb? Y uaeum Hotel, No. 22 Ann etrrrt, *M the a ene of a ?nr la light teat Knndnjr, about twooc o k, and II i '*red that Ike low of life wdl baeee <d t?e <xii?#<i'ieeeoe of be ir.iay. It trema Peter I-nrky, Je??pb Wallace. John litr'tj ecd aachrr men, all uader the infl of liquor, ctered the hotter ead called Ibr drtrka of the h trkoeper. tertd Monchtte. While welting upon tbewt one of the men la'icd cK hie co>t end detlrad to fight, la-teg the! ote but loefere petronlred the piece eud N would wo hie mind to threat ermebody. IVtrlnf thle deuratloa eererel youog men were ei-ing quietly le i beck room, talk lor end laughing, when tke drunken urn ?nter?d the eperttnout where they w-we u' i?i?J eed otomt ocrd en Iraiecrlwleete etlerh tp.m them, chetia eed veratktng they could tey ihelr hande upon were put le re nteittoe to beet the toon* men. It wu mopped far e ume ly lb* barb' eper tt.rnbig nil the gee te that r? .o b it no an -n i tied the rowitlee end ibew rtcfime reerb*tl the froat room i.en tee etterb wee re cotnmwced with tarrr-ie earc-ajieei. it It? mnn >1-1 Jt yotteg n.en. aemed .l>.hn a elm. ente nd he loom when he wee etrnrg down with a he e p n g -t np rd :er heh.nd 'he enunter Hi eeee btme? 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