Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 30, 1857, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 30, 1857 Page 6
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6 IWHtTISElKfl* U*ED KTR8T MT. nX ATIlO* '* > * i KD^KEMiLKR. ALAD\ or 84 t'lON AND SEVER\L jea'? eieertense . lo. u ,e (t.-?trouo of rontdii Willi mo rngtgtinru oa aoir - to A private fom If; to oom i eten e O've inftrtf t . ! -each nnd muatc. Addiete Teacher, Mount l- .-o. ? t Avor no ttniiKs a situation an oeni'io'.reno mud c *td Wo tld go no chamber rooUl oad . omrtmo "H ado of tewing aad dreso nil si Would go : . i . v f r the oumuter. The benl ?t) rclermce from be- .?? P t< Dolt at 301 Wool lblh ot. A SITUATION a respectable Jcung wwoion. w dv tr rat houoowork In o prion!* family n0 oheiuon f ? ot ,-t dlttauce In Ike country. One year'o reference *t >m Ler >?* nlace. Apply for two dny? , ?t ?8? !?ui ot-, betwee *t> ?a ! llth aven. a Tcriro woma.v who dav worked at deesh JV making wlabea-c o-> a ? iuiatl'in as oeamatreea in a fhmlly by the week or l 1 t*i id beacon one day At 361 Woo: Svk at. near 9ih arenas ir utib t'oor, front room. APTRbT RATE WASH SB tND IRONER WISHES T) lobe washing to h r r.n b .n -o. would be willing to take family or (r?n Jrmrn o ? v?i"| an give the beet of reference. 4 all At SN7 \\rd street ' r'? r. t tltfc and loth arm up. Ar*??eotablk sir.. w sues a situation as rood c?>ok And exr-.ipnt aaaVer and lroner (look city rcicncner gtTcn. Flee to. ?: No. 2S6 27tb at, between t'tb And 10th Avenues A YOUNG WOMaN YWIIHa >tTCATION AiCOOK, washer and lroner re-'-rence given from her last I lore I'leaae call for .? .r No "Weal 19ih at , front aoement. A UTrATION T irrio nr a respectable -TV young woman. a> - u.i ana waiter huo to ai ill in (he washing * : ' in e, or lake care of childreu. Gtod oily lelereneea. lu > rni" 17 .h nt , between 7tli autf hth ars. Can be eeer f r two daft. A COMPETENT DRF-H-.KRR WIfilRfl TO WORK out oy tlin day; on ?vi n ?-ve every ratlsfaotion la cutting and tting la' ?' d-- *? ?. Call a1 IS Wait 13lb i?t., i second Boor J ATOCNG GIRL W.-ttfs* TO TRAVEL WITH A LAPT; wruld like to |0 E ' r e 1. unuerstanda lakinc care o< ckildrsu and is a go< ' "a ?;-< -* Ad'ress C. E., -lti 7th avenue. ASni A'i TOff w* ' -BY A ?MtltT YOUNG Woman. 'o do light <t > 'r* v - and plain sewlag, would undrrlahe to make np a- m .."'in .No ob.iectiou to go a abort distance In the co n.r? en 1 the fall ceamn. Best city reference . an be gtve. v?.t i *o rears and wi months in her last place Apply at W Far 11th :. near 1st ave., third boor. A SITUATION WaN . ' h\ AW ACTIVE VOUNO woman, m chamh< -au. J an ' wait- r or to do fine w-tnh m tng and tronUif: can s <? he hen cf city reference. Can be aeen at K West 13th n tr:" sen Mh and Gili ares., in the rear __________ AYGUNG WOMall WANT* 4 SITUATION A8 CHAM bermaid and wai'-- or i j aieist In tbe wsahing. under mands her btttlneas: he o relarence. Call Monday and Tuesday at 425 6th ar . top lio r. A SITUATION WAVTEU BX A RESPECTABLE QIRI., aa a competent p . .if'1 .a a good washer and Ironer; has no ; b.:crUon to no |eo u im work In a small private faau.y. ? be beat of city ?- '? u-eeanbe given Call at 272 3b.u su. beta een tlh an'. . .h a> > r\ tea. lor two day* A SITUATION W* -IUJ ;<Y X TO UNO WOMAN, TO do geoeral nouse-trt Ui i. ; :i a?ef*trlly. Good reference. Apply at 109 Cbs.-it.jii . , in tbe rear. A SITUATION W?!*TE!?-EY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to i t e . j*itig, \? ashing and Ironing of a email private tam'j 1.- -'-at of city reference. Cau be seep for three Says a '12 i'sji s? between sth and 1Kb avenues. top tioor, front rot .i AN INUI.ISH OIKi WHO WISHES TO GO TO ENG. land tnia spring wo .c to go aa lady's maid, or would take charge ot a e' i. a ddress R. 8., care of Mr. Lockwood, Broadway Boated!--* A EXPECTABLE IR" WOMAN, 41 TEAR9 OLD, wishes to go to Europe a- il'.c-en s nurse, or to attend a aick lady. Dons not gat aea ? d bis already crossed tbe Atlantic Bvs times Is a c 4 amsu-iws. Can give re'e recces Call at 71 West Ltn et, in tba randy store, near 0th arenas, tor three daye. A W^UATIOH WANTRD-BT A TOUNO^ WOMAN, _4 &. H ?ri Darn, |xa rv.' r--.-'' i'fru u rr^uircu at .'10 M?U etreet for two u' cot engaged. A lady. about h ea *a vf housekeeping, ?"kbw> >a procure a ? <t.?- n am chambermaid And fine wanher ?od ironer for . >ry t eellen: Ctrl who hjut lived with fc?r in that capee .. r .tree years Apply at 5*. 7 Wca: 16 h >i A SITUATION W* ' "V A RESPECTABLE yo'.n* woman; la > A vpi an excellent waaber and l/wer. understand* ?r i eas perfectly. The boat of ct'v reference (Iron '.'a m n for one week at 113 Weal 17th at., between 6th and arte ea All ABOLISH YOUNG ? \'A1 WANTS A SITUATION aa chambermaid and ? v <ri< n-trae n-nl aeam*tree?; on ejection te tret el be* ' reference given. Call at 12& H aat 'dbth a'.., between . . r * u.d "k1 avenue ABASBEI TABLB G,? " HTH V SITUATION TO do general honaewor ?m*U nrira'e tamllr Oeod raiereocra raa be given b- eeen for two daya at l'di ffti: litb at., near Tie aver j A RESPECTABLE PRO*v< NT OIRL WOULD I.TKR JtV te ?nfa?e by the w-? nth aa plain dremmaker. Inoalre al63b tih avenu- b t>a; and .M ata. A SITUATION WAKTt . a YOUBO WOMAN TO do general houar work *1! private family. Good references given. Apvly ? AimS'.a at. Brooklyn, br tween Carroll and Summit > -or two dav* A STEADY. BXI'KRl VCE'1 H'OBaW WIHHRH A SIT nation in a reepectab'e j * i ?te lamily, to do general ' home work; is an excellent at* -e-d h ?*ier. and good ptalu rnak. baa the beat of referer-e* ? h neaty, aohrlety and ealiability. Call at 1M Htb at i - lith avenue. In the cornet wore, for two daya A T1DT GIRL WHI1K-* A S." 7 r ATI OB AHCOOA AND A laundieae. fully tin<le?* . - tar *< laineaa; wonld pre fer a private family H*e gi? ' - ienee from her laat place. Can be aeen for two daya at j, t? eat lVtli at., near 6Ui av. | A FRENCH GIRL D7WRK9 A BITTATION AS lady a maid, to travel in ' . tee; nnderataada hatr dreaaiog d'eaamaktni. ml.liner f -? the beat of city reference* Inquire at IS Washington a between 10 A. M aa 1 4 r. m. _ a situation wanted y a obrman girl as J\ cook, wnaher an 1, r.ol-eierence. Apply at '.1) Eaaei at, for two daya. ARKHPECTABUb HO.. GIRL wishes A HITCA Uoa aa rhild'a nuree and plain aaamatreaa. In n pritate tam'.iy or raa do chambarw.irk ood pLatn aewtng baa tbe en a a\y rw^rcnov. tiom ntr iwo wjiw ,i n ? 2Uh gnr 6U> are. Asituaiioji wax*h?-m* a ro?prrE?iT mr mm u iwamiiu-mut,| est would be willing to ye<l In enamberwork, nndrrntArute ell tied* of f*ml y iewtni, In a l>rlretr family. neat of city refereuee cad be given. Cab be iieen ai So Heei l.'bh tt . between mb and 6th ata. A8ITCATIOK WAHTIiI MV A COMPHTEICr TOI'KO emu aa euok end to *e*tnt In wnealug end ironing Be?t of city reference* loi'ue a Aa. 244 AAAt ltth At be twren A?ee A end H Meond dor beck room AUTTATTOK WA?T*C-^T A Ml AT, TIDT OIBL a* n.ree aaC eeen nree eooM take the entire ekerge of ibtb; would here bo objection w> go In the c>nntr\ for the e inner lliebeetof elt) re fere re ean be glean P.eaee cel. At ?? 61 h AeenoA. oeer Join et, in the more fer two dAya A Kb PAOIKMaUT WOMAK WA1TT8 A dtoAUoo aa nuree. wnnld And Add AAAke rhildreo clothed, or ihke rArc of a be'>j end m*ke bereelf eery tiAefol, bee no ob ectioa to the country Pee g<? 1 reference. Pleeee cell At lilt La reuA At Caa be eern ?or twe daya ACTUATION WAHTIl) - T A KKSPI.TABf.I . joi ? amm to do geoei Al how work. In a good o I aid eoof. traaber and ironer. Huod rity refrr'' Here. Apply for two daft a: 1*6 Dnnne ktreet third door, front room. Asm*AMOK WABTKI* Mt a NVN WOMAlf. a> got d cook, waahe* end ironer or a* oook. rood city rrfermrri, an objee ion to k'O a ?ho i liAance In the country. Inquire at >o lOu nh ?t , between lit atd 3d in., eemnd floor, front room, for iwod??a _____________ ABBBPICTABM TOCBO ??HtB WABTS iRITTAuom 10 travel u> lamp* an ladv'a maid. or would take care of children.'inderetanda lmasmaklng and all klo la of a* wing 'look raOreocea given addreaa C. P., 182 Broad w? r, 'a the fancy atorn far tbrea da}a ABFBMtrTABLB TOCBO WOBaB WABTS A SlTCA t on in a atna:: private family to aaah and troo and do th? onokiajt nook niy refnraocm rivan Call at MT Bui bvrryat, niit nmr, (root room ARBHBCTABLB TOCO W. MAM WaBfW A ilfTA, tioa aa rook, waaber and Imaar n a private faml'r. la a flrat rata break fcakT and kaa no o action In pi a Aori dl? tar re la ike country Call at ** Barton at, la tie rear. ABIBPFCTABL.1 TOCBO RNOLIRHBAB, WHO H AK bran at aea wlahea to eblalo a attuattoo aa purarror < irrk ob hoard on* of ib* oraan ?t*amer? can kaa? hooka, aa'* would mat* hlmae'.f gauerady oeafni Salary not an m eh ?f an olijac* aa employment. itaat of olty refereaee? glvra. Addrrea H P. t.. Mora d nflna ARB PROTABLB OIB1. WaBTa A BfTOATIOB AB cor*, waabar and ironar in a clival* family <J<mnI any re error* *l*m Oan b* aara at 71 Bamau at rear building, l run I baa* meal AOfFL. WTRHIBO TO OO RCBTH, WOI'LD BB OLAH la meat with a private family going tbeea. would engage av servant itood r*fbreaee gfv?n Altar am Jane, rare of a? Bim Mek , <iraa?ak*r. tM Hadaon at ARlim TABLR TOCBO WOI1AJ* WABTS A BTTT'A Una aa waiter and chambermaid Baal ettv rafereaoe imO| t#u. Can be aeen lor two day* at 131 Pearl m . ae WBd floor rBOTFBTABT WOBAB WABTBA *r alum aa wet nun* baa I oat her babv and in par tortly brally, tlaa good retoreaoe Plena* call at If. lotb at. between 5i!i and nth avenoea AlfOCRIKBllBR-R RTTCATTOB WAWTBO-BT AB Ami Mane lady, wttb the b*at of etty reference no in r imbreno* rao lake the entire eharge of a reaper-tab I aa lab 11 Am rat a widower family preferred, or wonM travel llnath Apply er addreaa for fere* day* at 1? 7lb a*., be la eer >1 aad Klh ma . in Uie l,.?.b am re (TOOtW BirCATTO* WABTBD- BT A WnBAR PCI.LT j eompatent to nli lie bmnchen. (Wumwoni.y nod mmhbIeal.i who naa ftrnl elaaa olty reterewaaa Pleaae nail a< Bo 1M 1 ant add rem a note and R wBl be promptly at tended to tiOOC.-A RBBPBCTARLB TOCBO WOBAB, OOMPB ) teat far tbeduuee and highly mnommnnded, laaira* a - ? - ?- ?? -emo aa >y?k. waabar and ironer ran w.?V~r*?l broad aad plan paaury; aooM Ukna par, a* la. -.draaa. apply al r?- Bowdry. f 10FTIB0-A LADY BBBIDIBO IK BROOKI.TK DB " a.ran nnpylat In BroPBHa or Raw Tort. Addram K Hara * adLw. (r AIJYORRIA.-A RTTCATTOJ* WAWTBD. BT A Wr - ?? In ro t/> t'nllf'.mu wllA a famllr p- rmnt ml rnfaraonn pmdarad Apply at Btl l.)q>iwr?., HtM l<y*i iM Onlambm. Brooklyn. bo i?o na.ll ?'"???*? far PDA woafc n0r4EKBBFBB WABTBD?''AFARL1 OF RCFFRt* cadi** And mdMik aarran'A I" a prirala ' *mlly In | ? orci? - < Apply t? S. Farra, 51 Bnmflfch itraat ona |1 ' ? Broadway. A loo B cook. IIIMIM and wa??r waa?? I 1 |Or?F*tBFrB a PTTfATTOB WARYBD-RT A BID I 1 d*? mn! ? ni?-r ae widow Mr, at ohineOaB to lAr roua ti ? ddvOMP \ apt CAfl 1 llit ?BB>WWI CPTDW of m HTVAT10N8 WAH Mi.U-rKW>LE?. HOCBEKSBPIB'B 8ITPATICN WANTRI? -HT A BR nrctable l> ncliah lady. In city or country; would travel; l* I ally < ompetant to take chuga a fiaut'.eroaa'a fatnllv. or < would Ukr a (oxtsmwi' situation HiiImi taatlmoolalt i g ell. Apply or address lor two days life . '.n Avenue, near ?d ?U Housi keeper.-an American widow LADY I wl*h?s H situation u housekeeper in ft private family; tor a widower preferred. Gall or add re Hi Vtra H . 41 North Third atreet WilUamaburg. SITl ATrON WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOI NO girl, to do chamber work and take care of children, and do i r'aln tewing, in a respectable private family; hu g.x>i citr reference from her last place. Please call at 138 Weal Kith at. {MTUATION wantriv-a young girl. OK RES- i oectsbilUy, want* a attuaUon in a gentleman's family to i go'n Europe, or aa seamstress; can cut and tit children's drirse* t an be aeen at her present employers', fid Clinton place tMh at.), for two day a SITUATION WAMKD-BY A HIGHLY RE9PEUTA- 1 l>le and experienced young woman, at ehnmbermald and nureeor plnin anamntreaa. or aa chambermaid and waiter. C?n give unexceptionable cllr references. Can be aeen until Fuued. at No. 6 Uourt street. Brooklyn In the baaement Cni ATlON WANTRD-BY A OOOD OIRL AS CHAMO bermaid, and to do the tine washing and ironing In a small private family; the beat of city reference If required. Call at tar. 12th atreet. between fob and 7th are. SITUATION WANTRD-BY A RESPECTABLE PROteetiui' young woman, aa competent seamstress Can be teen, from 12 to 4 o'clock, at ber present employer's, 109 West l'-th at. Best of elty reference SITUATION WANTED-*BY A RE8PRCTABLB PROTBS C tant girl, aa cook washer and IroDer. Can be aeen for two days at 115 West 96th at , between 7th an 1 Sth avenues, room II SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN OF respectable appearance, aa chambermaid and waitress. ?nd to assist |m fine washing The best of city reference gl\ en. Apply at 8!? 6th avenue secondfloer. SITUATION WANTID BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG O wrman, as chambe' maid or nurse; ran do plain sewing; ?: od relkrence given. To be seen for two <1a?s at No ST. Vfert 1: tb at., between fith and Cth avs., 2d floor, back room. Situations wantrd-togrthkr or separate lv. for two experienced Protestant servants, highlv reoom n.ended tor tnteerlit acd canabidt'. One la an excellent thorough cook and laundress The other as chambermaid and naltriss, or cti.'dren'i nurse. Apoly to Manning, 10 Tilhtry ?t., Brooklyn, on Monday and Tuesday. SITUATION WANTED-BT A RESPXCTABI.K YOUNG woman, as chambermaid and waitress, or chambermaid ed fine washer; ban (be best of city reference; will go in the country u required. Call at Mo. 24 5d are., near 8th at. Tjr-ANTID-A SITUATION, BT A YOUNG GIRL, AS It nur-e and aeamstresi; la a good dressmaker and underitarda shirt making and all fhmtiy sewing. Can give the heat of city references. Please call for twy days at 70 Spring at. flT'ANTED-A SITUATION. AS WET NURSE, BY A M r< spectable woman with a fresh breast of milk. Apply si Ml W< rth it.. Commissioners of Emigration. WANTED?BY TWO RESPECTABLE GIRLS, SITU A t.?o?, In a reaper Able private family; one as chamber tna.d and waiter, no objection to assist in the washing; and the other as good cook and understands baking, is an etce'!?n' washer and ironer. Have good city references from their last place. They prefer liring la the ooe family. Call for two days at 404 Greenwich st, third door, front room, between Hubert and Beach staWANTED?A SITUATION AS NURSE; IS COMPE tent to take charge of a young infant to nnrse, or older children; can do plain sewing Can come well recom mended Can be seen for two days at '3007th avenue, between iuli and 80th sis , tirst floor, front room. tV'ANTED-A SITUATION BY A YOUNG WOMAN TO T cock, wash and iron in a private family; will go a abort it bUtrice in the country The host of city reference given. Can be seen for two days at 197 9th St., between 3d and 3d vs. tr\ANTIIt-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. A8ITBA It ton as good plain cook and baker; Is a first rate washer snd Ironer. OooI city reference. Please call at 290 27th st. Mil uiuri, m a nunx-sui aeus ? t ypnrg womu, as aook, wuhtr and Irooer, if required g<x>i city reierence given. Pleaae call for two days at 707 urenwicli at, between Char es and Amoa eta, rp AKTKEU-BT A NEAT, I NTELLIOK ITT COLOR K 0 tt (III. a place as nurse, to take the entire charge of a i hi: J from three to four yeara of age Can be aeen at the re? deuce of her preaent employers. No fit) Baal 19th street, w nerc the highest testimonials can be glren. fV-ANTBD-BT A RBIFBCTABLE WOMAN, A BITI A ft Uon aa tint rate cook; understands baking aad pastry; o ilil asalat with the washing. haa the most unexceptionable r ty re! ere nee from her laat place. Can be aeen tor two days at 19? East 19t!i at., between 1st and 3d avaa. I tt*ANTED-A SITUATION. BY A TOUMO OIBL, IN A t atua'l prlyate family, as chambermaid and to do plain #e? eg. Can be seen for two daji at 69 Butler at , Brooklyn, | in the rear. , *TPANTEI?-A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE ft young woman t) cook, waah aad Iron lor a prtrate la mill, is a good plain cook ana an excellent waaher and ironer. . 1 be beat of city refer*nee given. Pleaae call at 237 Bast llith si , reeond door. W' ANT KB-A SITUATION. BT A RESPECTABLE OIBL, tt aa good i ook and baker, or exea lent wanher and Irooer 1 he brat eit> references from her last place. Can be aeen for two 4a>s at 131 Greenwich ay., a few doors from 8th ar. Tl'ANTEIt-BT A 11 EXPECTABLE PROTECTANT t f young vi omaa. a situation as chambermand and wall rers. Can be seen for three days at Gates ar , ae< ond door from Washington ar., Baat Brooklyn. Good reference ''an be Iirco. nTABBIKO AND IRONING PONE IN THE BEST MAN ft oer ? family washing done reasonably. Great all nation I ild o grn'lemeu shirts Goes out day washing and bouse c.' Inquire at 1J4 West atith at, irat floor back rooiu Can be aeen any 'une. WANTED-A SITUATION AS NUB?E AND CHAM rr meld or chambermaid and aeamrtreaa. by a compe i ct girl. Can be aeen for one day at No. 13 Forsyth xtrae WANTED-BY A GERMAN PBOTENTANT GIRL A situation an chambermaid aad waiter, can give gtod < ity reference. Inquire ai 107 laet Ullh street. tV ARTED-by TWO YBBT RESPECTABLE proter ft tant women, situation', one a middle aged womai aa L'trae and anamstr*S'. or aa nurnery govarnnaa or would ??"n an Invalid, she ui an rxcelient needle woman, the other aa < hambermald or waiter aad would assist in plain rewtng. or would assist with lbs washing and ironing. The best of city ae to character sa l capability. Pleaae call or ad arses lor two days, A. R . 83 East 1Mb at Wanted- a bituation. bt a woman, ar nurse or seams rasa In utre at No 3 Taadewa'er at., room ho. 9. tm'antbd-bt a neat, respectable young Vf glil a situation aa muse, understands th<-rare of a baby from us infaaey la willing and capable of making henodl use tul, f required. haa no objection tn travel. The beat of oily ti'ferem e given The beat families only need apply, at 137 av i nna C, third doo^frmn the eorner of *lh at. t*TAinin-BT A BEAPECTABLlt toumo woman. M a altuatlon to do the rooking, waehmg aod mmlng of a > ; rlv ve fami>. la n good cook and oaier, and an #t?t|ient waaber and troner haa no otynednn to do caamberwork and wail in.'. The beat of cltr reference rtren from her laat employers Pleaae ral. at AM Wrat Zlat al Tl'ABTKn-A MTCATtON, AN PI.AI* COOE. AND M to aaatat in the wanti ng and Ironing. Pleaa>- call tor two days at KM .Tohneoa at.. Brooklyn IE* A NT1D?PITT ATIOMR, RT TWO RRNPBrrAMMI M Prolaataata gtr'a. One aa chambermaid and waiter, end the other aa nurse. Good reicrwncaaftom their laat plaoas. r:eaae rail at 21k laat mat aL U'ARTID.-TWO RINTBBH PB-IRP SITU ATTONR Id a t rirata faml.t or Institution The aidant le competent to take rharge of or aaatal la houeaknld a 'airs The younger ?a a ccmpaai"? lor children. Instruct, eaatat In mnatr aawlnr, Ac location In or a ear New York, eirerl Brm.klyn Hev <4 aa'tefactlon gtrea and rou aired. Addreae Ada, Rrnoklvg Poet ottoa. lor one month U'AirntI>-A RTTCATTOM. BT A RESPECTABLE young woman, aa goo I plala enok and eice 1 j.-nl waaher a ad I toner Ileal of city reterenraa g'ren fr<>m her laat ma~e. < all at 1.2) Weat 13th at., between 7th and Mb art.. la the basemen! ?1* ANTED?BT A RPAPKCTARLB TOrNO WOMAN A M situation aa conk m a good rook. aa.i would be willing to ae'tst In waahlig and Ironing baa the heat of rtiy reference . Call (or two days at 1W Weat 13ih aL W X ?TK.PrA_ ^TTr ATT,?fL ?*"PltrT A Bl.t pun do any darrrtptlrn of plain faaey nankin*. ItTba I i Tbnr' ba and tnahtonnbla n< >nwr Ho ol> wilra in tba roan try. flood raflrranca ftraa. Call at It' Warartay plana Um ^mr \ ntri>- a fttv axiom, bt a TUT mrpbotabin yono* woman aa *o?d Inoob waat?r and Imnar. f'an |irr tba baat of mtadbrtloa tn bar duty. OnnMia aana tar an day* at M Waal Kiib at , batwmn Vb and <tb ara W'A1IT?P-A BITt'ATTOM BT A BR<PRrTABlJI TV girl a* rook. In a prlrata family. Bona hut r??pwtn'>l* prop la npad apply. Oall at 2H ntata at . Brooklyn ?*'AHTIP-BT A RRBPMTTABM PROTRMTAMT WO TV maa a aitnatloa aa wat nurva in a pr rata lamlly, baa no objrrttoo to ?prad tba mmnar ta ika wintry. hay baby la oaa month old. Plaane nail or a>tdraaa a anta to lA.' Wart B<th at Can ba aaan for two daya If not arfn*ad w ANTKP?mTTATTOlTB BT TWO OOMPRTRNf TV y ion* woman tkr ona aa annk. waabar and trocar, tba olhar aa rhambarmaid and waltmw bay ara both 01 rarr ob i* n* d.t. oaltw aa and indrratand hat r hual nana wall, and bara th* boat City rafarao<a. P>nna rail at ITT Tib ar . near Ml at. TA'ANIFP-BY A RRPPY'TABI.R WOMAN, THR TT waabln* of ?>ma raapartabk- famntaa at haroanraat tlanrn. liood rafaranra glran. Apt ly at art Kaat :-,ih at , ba I warn I at ant 2d ara Can ba aaan for ona waab. U|HM'AftTKD-A ftrrrATIOB, HT A AmcPRcTABI.R, aa aoob in a prlrata family or a raap?. tahlr boarding bono*, nndnmtanda har bu<inaaa in atarr raaaart. llaa tba baat of el'y rafrranra. P <-aaa call at 2&<h >Ui ?t., la tba raar < an ba aaan for two daya WANTBD-BV A YOCMO Wf>M tM. A PRoTRHTAMT a attiiailoa to trarrl wllb a lady aa maid. nndarattnda rutting and fitting drnaarn TTaa gm?I rafaran ? aa to char vtrr and ah ty ? a at ml W??>r plara M i harry *traat bat warn II. lat/.a and Itlrackrr, In b<- raar w*'aVTRO_A RITCATIO*. BT A RRPPBfTARI.R W flrl an aurw and aean -trwaa, or abanharmald aod iMMtmi aoohiacUon toctty or nnatry. <?w?l nliy r?fr rn,rf jtT?-n Ploana oall ai t* nannon A, bntwonn 14th and IWh to., third WfQf. bank mom lA'BT NT VK A PTTTATIOH WAWTBTf l(T A BR YY apwtaMn yoonf hnalthy woman wltb a fmai l.r?-?at ' milk. bar h*i y ?on month old; tbn boat of rwfrr?n?-n fin <"a at t# :th a* , bntwrnn S3d and 33d >la. wwnad bank maa for two dam U'ANTBD-A BITT7ATT0R, BY A BMPBTTABI.B I f? y n, aa rliambnrmaM 'aa I Cn# wanh g a> > Iroota* Haa *oad rtty rwfar?nm frwr bar lam rmpfiyar ? an ha a? for iwa daya. ai 310 Wr?t 19th w tl'ABTBn A RTTr ATTOR BY A RPSPB> 'TARI.R Yf yo-inf woman aa a flrw ram rook, and la a food >>akar la will Ink kr> aaaiw in tba waab'nf f mon'rad haa no ok.;a< HOB tofo a rbo?! dlafoir a In tba aoontry Haa (md my rara ranra from bar laal plarr Plraaa rail at No. 3 Mb ?'ra??t for two laya Yl'AlfTKP-A ATTTATTOR BY A BBRPBTTABt * PRO W tnataat fount woman aa rbambarmaM or nan do pu n I ?.winf or waitinf Pfoaan call for two dart at 1W, t?n r D'vfi nf11? iSfrrw, !W YORK HERALD, MON NITDATIUM W/UVTKD?VHMALK*. tt' A>TID-a SITUATION. BT A YOUNG WOMAN Ad 'f , ?.II. 11,1 Mi v i.\ In A DNfltA family -i i be ?i''l rmnen<M from her leal place Pleaae call tor two < i>)in t.< Weet mtm. ] UU ANTYD-BITVATIOWB. BY TWO RESPECTABLE V j0< u? woireo; Mf to (to chain bcrwork ana light wailing 1 1 olber to cook. w*?h sad l<-oo. city reference*. Apply lor ? ? U*ya a; XT Adams A, near .'ohriaoo WANTKD-A SITUATION. BTA YOUNG < do housework, or cook. wash aud iron, for a ninal! prt- < va'a family Ike beat cltr reference can be given Can be < m ra for two day*, If not engaged at Wo. ? Horatie at. WANTED-A SITUATION. BT A RESPECTABLE young woman, aa chambermaid and waiter. Oil/ < reference given. Can be eeen (or two da/a at ittttkav., in the bakery. WANTED?A SITUATION BT A RESPECTABLE ycucg woman, aa waiter or chambermaid aad aeam I ptrens, Uie best of city reference given. Call at 54 Weat '19th ( at.. I root baaement WANTED?A SITUATION AM CHAMBERMAID IN A private family Can be well recommended from bar laat place. Call at 36 East 18th at, rear building. Can be i aern for two day*, tf not engaged. , WJ ANTED?A SITUATION. BT A RESPECTABLE TV young woman, aa chambermaid and to aaalat In the washing ana ironing. Can come well recommended. Call at 124 33d at. top Moor, back room, for two days. TI/ANTED-A SITUATION BT A RESPECTABLE TV young girl to do ehamberwork or waiting, or to do general housework In a email family, flood reference can be given from her Inst plane. Can be seen for two daya at UO thav., corner of 18tnat WANTED-A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE young English woman, In n private t'amllv, boarding , house or hotel Has the brat of eltv reference from her laat place. Inquire at 131 Mulberry at, fourth floor. WANTED?A SITUATION; IS AN EXCELLENT OOOK , waiber and lroner. Can give the beat of reference I rem ber Ual plaoe. Call at ber employer's, 82 East 13th at. i WANTED-BY A SMART, TIDT OIRL, A SITUATION to do tbamberwork and plain aewtng or to take care ol chi'dreu, no objection to go In the country for the aumm?r reason. flood eitv reference Can be aeen for two da/a. Please call at 366 2d av., between 2!d and 2!d eta , third floor, back room. WANTSD-A SITUATION BT A YOUNG PROTE3 tanteirl. a* chamberma'd and laundreaa in a small fftjnilj. Cm be teea et her leet piece, 25 6th he., (or two tie;*. 1 QQ LUDLOW STREET?A RESPECTABLE TOUNG lOO women would like to engage 1a e piivete fhmllv ei chambermaid or rook ; thoroughly understands her business <?ood city relirences lor free years Ceo be eeen tor two ileye In the rear. tUsiiloor, near Houston. HELP WAWTED~FKMALB8.~* A cook is required immediately in a gentleman's tamily; ehe must understand her business Iti tverv particular, es the highest wage* will be peid Early rppiicat'on must be made at 149 Grand at. Cock and chambermaid wanted immediate If .?A good cook, washer sod Ironer, one who under stands ma hug breed er.d pe?<ry; also en experienced chein hermehl end welter; both with gcot cite reference* None others need apply at 29 12th tt , near 7th avenue, N. V CURLS wanted.?GOOD opkv well REOOMMENT drd, can here first rate sltu*M>>as of all kinds, city ?r country, situations will he glreu three months for SO cent*. a lro, farmers and gardeners wanted. Apply et 14 Sixth are nue, or 145 Bowery. O.MASON. Mil LINER8 WAN1ED?ONE OR TW0 FIRST class hands. Apply to Win. Brown. 448 Broadway. PANTALOON BANDS WANTED-TO FINISH OFF pantaloon* after being seamed up and stitched by the rewlng machines; good pnoea peid end ceo stent work given. N. 8.?loung led lea learned to operate on the difierenl kinds of sewing machines; charges moderate. Apply et 10K Waverley place, near 6th are. OEAMSTRI88 WANT ED-ONE WHO HAS SOME Cx knowledge of houackoeplcg. Inquire et MO Houston st. 1 eaiiiitressee wanted also to go a ebon distance In theeeunlry. Inquire as above SHIRTMAKERR WANTED -80 ARE WANTED TO work in the room. Apply at 413 Broadway. TWO OIRUS WANTED IN A PRIVATE FAMILY.?ONE to do general housework, cook, wash and Iron, and one to take care of children, do plain sewing and up staira work Apply at 45 Eaat 28th at. near 4th are. fJtTANTED?AN ENGLISH. FRENCH OR GERMAN ' TT gtrl, as nurse and chambermaid, to go with a family In Europe. Apply at 27 West ZJd st., between 5 and 10 A. M. and 1 and 3 P. M. WANTED IMMEDIATELY?TWENTY-FIVE FIRST rate parasol sewers, to whom steady work and extra prices will be given. ELLIS A HALL, 19 Murray street. WANTBD-A SMART TIDT GIRL, AS COOK; ONE wbo understands li?r bnalneaa; also, ooa to do general I'.uwwort washing ard Ironing. on* who ta a good washer and ironer. Apply after 9 o'clock at 32 Dunne at EE'ANTED?TWO OIRMAK OIRLS WHO 8PBAK KN TT glish; on* aa rook, waaher and Ironer, the othar to lake rare oi children and da plain aewlng. Both muai be willing, tpply at 149 Raet 14th sk, near 2d are. WANTED?A SMART, TIDY GIRL, TO BO GENERAL housework. In a Tillage a few hours rtde from Albany. She tnuet ha a good plain i-ook. waaher and troner. and unwerataud baking. Good referem a required. Apply at 7* Rant rth at. WANTED?A OIRLTO ATTEND A BAKERY ITORE, also a girl to do geeeral booaework. Go id reference required. Apply at 444 Myrtle are., Brooklyn. OTANTKD-A WET NURSE. A GERMAN OB FRENCH TT woman preferred. Apply at 02 St. Mark's place WANTED-A MIDDLE AO ED WOMAN ACCUSTOMED to tlie rare ol rbtldren. to live with a Catholic family, a i-hort distance from the c iv a good seamatreaa. who la willing to serve her employers faithfully, and who can oome we:! re commended, may apply, on Tuesday Slat mat, at 47 Clinton place, between lu and IS A M. IE'ANTED-A COMPETENT WAITRESS. ONE WIL TT ling to aaalat in the chamberwnrk. None out those fnlly coon went and with good city reference need npply at 82 Irving place before 12o'cloch hagllsb preferred WANTED-A GOOD SALESWOMAN IN A LACK AND embroidery store, must bow understand to makeup grodsaad come well recommended. Apply at 62b Broadway. WANTED-A MIDDLE AGED WOMAN. TO CO"E, wash ami iron Inquire at 119 4th at. (1/ANTED?A PROTESTANT GIRL. TO GO ONR MILK TT In the eountrr and do geaeral housework for a am?:l family One dsetriag a good home can dad such a p a a by calling nt 363 Greenwich at . for two days, fram 11 to 1 o clock WANTBD-A PROTESTANT WOMAN, AS WAITER and to saesist in washing and Ironing to a private fa mfly. Good wagea but none taken without good recommendatum. Apply at No. 2 Weat 13th at. WANTED FOI R FIRST RATE MILLINERS ALSO, one mlll'ner who has had eveerienre aa aaleawomao. Apply nl 343 (ith avenue, between Slat and 22d SU ll'IVTlMl A IMIUTV T I NT I'll I V limtl 1 111 4V| TT MMMUrM. wi; underataoda h<-r huatnrae. and can I tome well recommended from be* laat pla^e ((newborn . . ritands embroidery preferred Apply at Xo S Kirat place, Brooklyn. CTAinr.B-A KICV, TIPT SMART OIRL, A OOOR Tf waabf r and Iroanr. to do rnnrral l?i iwenrk in a tamllr e; three peranna. in henna atreet, Brooklyn, third door aouth I mix-aireet Wajaa Ifi a mon'h fl'ARTrn-AT 1M lASf KTB BT , COBRFR OF 2D Tf aeenna, a fnod laundreaa. Beat af etty reference* will i? re<i nired aTAWTlP-A PBOT1RTART (MRU TO OO ABOl'T TT thirteen aura In the country, ffeatcbeoter, to aaatat in r waablnf and Irooine and (t-nrra houtework It la news . *r? ft?r her 10 kno w Wow to milk ami make boner. Apply between the boura of 11 and 3 o clock at 13b Fulton at. A. BARRARD tl'RT XCR6B W ART ICO?AT 2t CBKBVCR PI.ACR, Tf Brooklyn tlr ARTT.D?A (JIBI. TO PO OKRBKAL HOlflKWORk Tf In a email flamiiy. One who can eoma well rwrwn "tended n>Oy Inatilre at Mr* B rd'a. In6 MA arenoe, aear 3 HA at. rt"ARlKP-?IBI-f? THAT I'BPRRSTAND HOW TO Tf aew en drwaarw anil a lew hat wiantolearm. Call at IS Wrat So h el, near Broadway IT*ARTKP ? A BKPFICC TABCR WOMAR TO COOR, TT wadh and ,rnn. n<hai '.e neat and tbamnfhjy mider ?i da her h ia new* may nppiy at Xo 1" <"bar 1 ton at 1' AXTKD-A QlkL TO COOK WAflt! ARP IROX *T ?he mnet be n (rood cook and a flmt rn>e waoker and M,er. Bon* otbem need apply. rail at 173 Urwroe at fl* AXTKP?A COMPrriWT i.apt-r MAID WHO en V Tf dreaa hair arid aew. It la re, neat ad that none will apply nlrea the? hare city reference aa hare aaried before In thta apaciiy. fall iron to II o'clwk at 7b Baot 23d at. II'ARTKD-A WKT SI RPR. APPI.T BFTWRFX II TT aa<l 1 o'clock, ibla day al Xo 36 Baai I'hh at.. near h roadway tV AXTBP-A XICR ASP SMART ClIRT, TO IX) Tilt TT c**ra1 ho'iaewofk |a a erne I amlly. Nne muat be nd to children lonnire at 167 Wiewter atreal, In the hue meet, from 10 to 2 o clork W trai? ol a*c to Iram dr??? < loak and maa-ilta makm*. mak* bann'f tiaafnl and board a tk 'he family Hour Dot mod ?cwcm Brad an'lj at 1?<. lot adrd?? at rwurinma, *?T " f^NAMKlXRD AJTDCOTTAOR FfRNlTrRR. rcFM >j avlta la all oolora. hrantlfullj damra'ad from tit if v h i da at lb? old manufactory >?4 Broadway, bat w ran llmii on and Btaacker atraata Oooda enrcfull jjiarkad tor tba aoua try, J. H rmwiM. fiinuii ritvin nm or ruuiruu Sw SSfaasss a xar Fob/ doarnaaatrf Braadwaa. Uii "m* F t RRTTI'R* WARTFD-OOOn St'RRTABFTAL tSR nlfirr wantad lor a 14 raomart konaa. An namllani chaaoa (or a family braakinf up km ankraptne and warning a raah rtiatoaiar. Addrraa Fnrnianra. Harald offira pi.THrtOR R RRCRETARY RKDRTKAD YEA Rl.T M. IRvn in pnw in imi i [WMpur roirvru ymrtnr mn t ii'iriaat ?l**ptn|r apai-ttnw Mold wboloaalf and rotatl, alao by Inaulmrnt*. ai C3 Whito alrrot. haw York, Mid I.* Fulton Brooklyn n'AimtD-aii cnfubbibbbd rmoirr boo* on as V? ooad floor. Wltk partial board on Bund*?. botow Canal ?raot, la ? prt*aio Addraaa X. T . Harold aMo* ?obi* /10ai?~Fr?THBB wprrttow 1? fri0b TH* \j anbtrlbor boo mad* * aarond rodncMon in hi* prlro of Pwk Ornbnrd. 1-ohip* and Mnylkll wbtto aMk. of whlrh ho MM a *npplT of Mm Aral malltipn A loo r?nn?l oad Llrarpoal orwl at rMuoad rim HI* RT RRRYM nnroar Oaaal aad and nomar Jaa* and Waal ala ocroijwnuipmim. Dl J V FOWIBJ- ?CUUBT Ann AOHTBT. AT toad* to all dlaoaoaa of tk* rj% aad oar, fmm 9 A. M. until ir.M daily. al ?0l Broadway Ai-UAoSa! ayo* Inarrflod wttbroit I ho *li|btoai pal* and whltb rraombl* natural eyo I aaditpiMAvui % DAY, MARCH 30, 185T. WAflTBO-MALKS. A MAN AND Wlflt WaNT 8FTUATIOWA-THK MAN 114 coar'iirin ?a<l the ? Ife * c<ok Tht duu thoroughly

i i JrrMaad* -bp carr of tonw, ha? had mu; yea-e expert u re ui lit* and U a eUaJy maa. The wile thorouch !< uiuteret&i) It her butinres; all klade of meate ar<ipe nod all kind of deserts ard bakintt If raqmred City relereuoo given, i ?n > e teen 52 i-p'ing at., tiil engaged Al IT CATION WANTED? BY A MAN AND WIFE, IN a private luiili; (he mia as waiter aad the woman a? mrfc.they both understand'heir business and hare good cur mi cou'jUj relerenre. Cat be eeen :or two day* at 13 Unl"n w a 0knti.em an of bix tears experience, and A wbp can oou'joi a larn trade, dealrea a position In a Bret rlaas clothing houne. doing northern aad weeteru boalneea. Address fbr ana wyfc. Albion, Herald office. An amebican farmer is dmibous of a situ a Uaa. understands the business tharosghty; la competent to take the entire oharge of a (arm Hae a email family. Geo t-e (he heat of reference aa to character and cinability. I'leaae oell or addreaa B. Lawrence. 43 Sooth at.. N. T. A RB8PB0T abi.E toumq man WANTS a situ A A two aa bartender or dark la a respeeUble grocery atore, la aa excellent penman, quick aad eerract at flguree. aad eaa give aatlaiariory retrwooe. An person requiring hUaer rlcea will pleaae call cr sddreea P. Flood, In this atore 183 Kaat 11 that A gentleman. who has bxbn fob a lono time In the book trade, and well acquainted la the literary world wou>d like a situation aa aaleaman In a book atore. or won'd be a librarian, balary all hundred. Addreaa L. 6. J., Heiald office. A RESPECTABLE MABBIVD MAN WANTS A SITUA lion aa porter in a etore, or would make hlrate f generally useful at any other work: lived with hie laat employer lor the laat all year* Baa the beat of city reference. Can be seen at the bakery 43 Frankfort et., for three daya. A COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTKD-BT A PRO tratant yourg man. who understands the care end management of horee* In all ita hranchee. U willing to make himself generally useful about the place, no objection either octtyorrountry. Beat cttv reference given. Can be aeen lor two daya by addressing J. M., boi 132 Herald office. luvnu van ur n&iiTn ur inn ^ r.Li l\ Indies, sneaking French and r nglixh. wlahee a sHuation Ht valet to a gentleman or family about to trare< to Europe. Una very good recommendation! from residents of this ci^. Fnr Information inquire at 119 Grand street. * GENTLEMAN OF EDUCATION AND ABILITY ft. wishes a situation as bookkeeper or aaaiatanl In some pood bouee. Saary not so much of an obje"t as a permanent situation. Address A. 8 . boi HO herald office. A MERCHANT, THIRTY YEARS OF AGE. LATELY a. arrived from Germany, desires a situation in an import'i g or other wholesale housa; would be willing to take charge of any department. He can write, read and speak some Enalth Wages no object, as his orincipal aim is improvement In the 'anguage and trade of this country. City references can be given. Please call at or address F. R ,61 Ridge at A RESPECT ABL1 YOUNG MAN WANTB A SITU Aft tlon in n respectable small private family. Has good teference. Appiy at 159 6th avenue, between Ilth and 12th rts., in the bakery. CIOACHMAN.?WANTED, A SITUATION by THE AD > vertiser, as coachman. He understands his business ooroegh'y, and can fnrniah the best of reference Has no objection to go a ahort distance In the country. Can be seen at P. Trainor's saddlery esta jllsbment, 378 Broadway. Coachman.?wantbd, a situation as coach man in a private family,by a young man who is a thorough groom aa wed an a stylish 4rtver, and willing to devote the m bole of his time to his horses and carriages; understands the it1 urates of horses, and is perfectly competent In his business; < an give the very beat of references Liberal wages required. * line addressed to L D., 79 Bleecker street, in the harness More, for two days, will be punctually attended te. SITUATION WABTBD-BY A YOUNG MAN, WHO 0 speaks English aad German, writer a good band and Is correct at figures, as etrrk or light porter In a wholesale bouse. Please addresxW. E., boi 190 Herald office, for two days. 'DO LAWYERS ?WANTED, BY A YOUNG MAN OF V some experience, a situation as Clerk in a good lawyer's 1 llice, where lie can receive some compensation for bis xar\ ices. Address M. A. K... Herald office. fTTANTED-A SITUATION, BY A BOY BETWEEN TV lit ami li years of age, who can write a goal hand and - good at figures, and Is willing to work In an office or some * her Igbt business Has good city reference. Can be seen for two days at No 1337th avenue. In the atore. ?r AN TED-BY A PROTESTANT MAN, A SITUATION v v as ganlener or ooaehman. Haa good citv reference as io capacity: la married; no children. A note addressed A D., -are of Mr. Bridgman florist, corner of 18th at. and Broad war, where he can be seen tar three days, will meet with attention. CTT ANTED?A SITUATION AS COACHM kN, AND A8m slat in garden, by a single man. who thrr-oughly under x'ands the i are of hones and has a good kno- 'e-lge of vege '?ble gardening. Has unexceptionable refisreur-*. Apply to Mr. MeMll.LAN. ST CeCarst., near Broadway. fETAMTKD?A SITUATION, IN A HOTEL OR RES v v taurant bra man who understands the baking busiIn nil ita liranrkiuL nEilrr ibIHm Ion rrs tm Jkit Can giye the beet of dty reference* Apply at 149 Grand et. ?7anmrr?-a situation by a tounw maw. as i * Y gardener, can take cart- of a pair of horee*; la not afraid cf gpy work. has good referencefroaa his Laat employer. Call or addreaa .I.B.N', 12 amity place WANTED ?It 1 AN AMERICAN YOV NO MAN A alt nation aa coachman In the city or to travel with a amllv. The best of reference can be given Can be ?wn ' r two dav? at Ward A tlebsm'a, corner ol Franklin at ?Bd Hn adway. IXrANTED?BY A TAILOR. A BITUATIOE A8 PORTKR m in a tailoring atore; no obj ?1 Ion to be ttaeful. t-'as be M any day thta week at lli t'ity Hal! place. In the rear. inquire tor William O. Rourke. TH? TEADEI. A PRACTICAL D1BTILLKR. RRCTIH1R AND MAWC facturer 01 su|n rior tnretgn 1 |iiora. wan'a an eugage ment la a good accountant and general boaioeae man. with good reference aa t? character, tntegritv and ability. Addrem R Bnrna, box 1T0 Herald other, for all day a. AOABDBNER OK LONG PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE In the management of green bouaea, graperies fruita, flowers vegetal.lea and the laying out of gardena with taatc Ae , wtabee to engage wttb a gentleman requiring a competent man, ta married, and can give the higher reference aa to rrm met aad capabilities Addreaa. personalty or by not*. W. R . care of j. Buchanan, tloriat Wo. 9 W< at 17th at , N. Y. CtARPEWTlRS-4IIX GOOD TRIMMERS WANTfir TO J werk on teo houses ia STlh s'ree'. near the ears. Apply at d6S 4th at. to (I Icvei A Davidson. /UTTERS AWD TRIMMERS-WANTED, TWO FIRST \J rate shop clothlag cutter* and ene trimmer. None r.-ed app'y except thoae perfectly understanding their bnsineea AW OB CLaBK. 338 and 4W Bowery. OTERkOTYPIWG-WAWTED-A PERSON HATING A i~ thorough practieal knowledge of the papier tnache or pa i frs'Urm Addrem T. R. P.. Herald office. |>0 SOAP BOILERS. ?WANTED. AN INTELLIGENT I man, fully uuallned to make family and pale eoap Aleo. a fee eiperlrnred bustnem men. with some capital, to take agencies lor a manufacturing company. JOHNSON, 34 Burling slip. TO MiROHANT TAILORS-WANTED. bt A first e 111 cuatnm cutter, a aiu a'.lon llaa been in the Broad V ay custom trade for the past seven yes re. The beet of ref' "tire as to competency and chsracter. Address Junes, ler I,re data Broadwa> Pr? 0?l TO TAILORS -A PECNCH OENTLRWAN, FORMER! T ceenacted with the ceding 'allor establishment of Pane, a d well knoen te New York. .1 sl o an engagement aa pan's cutter la a first c'aee house la this city. The beet test, mo..tale given. Addre?a It A. E . Hera'd office \'FnKT A BLR GARDENER -WANTRD IMMEDIATELY. ? an ladurrloue single man, whs thorough .ndarmands the rare of a kitchen garden, and will met1' himself other ?l?e useful. BattaSartorv reference* wHI !> re>taired aa to rsararter end capability. Apply at ]S0 5th are, before It A. W or after SPTmr W ?miii ? uiihaii a it uk > .? aiiiiiii.iiaa *1 pffimi Apply to MeCord, Milllama A Co.. 43 Mnr r?J M. |t' ARTRD- <>* FIAST BATR TOOL DRReRRF Berne otaer need apply. Inquire a: the ofllc- Dorautu hop. Plennont. N. V. W*1?TRI?-A FIRST RATR VAKN1BHRR ANP FO her at Chryatle wrett None need apply eicept a g < d workman. ii' Ajrrrn-A mtpation by a fractipal flo ?? r.atgardeier a amf'e ? erman. had had eight yearn e? l <rence tenia Philadelphia. and can plre beat references re., 11red. Adorer" 11. L , Herald "One. W AR1BD-A OOOI) IfCARRYM AN; ONR WKT.I. A< " 0 ia.nled wtth Hun nt "lea.'y employment an ' Alio 'hree or foot fane hand a Apple at 2M I'earl ?t . between 1 an t J a clock. Monday and Toealay \1 iNlIP-A YIORTABt.K OARPRNRR AMP ?? hinner, tlrrmao praterred to mak? blmaelf reneralh tierfnl In a ma I place Apple for three data ar 22 rtleeeker ?t . 'ram 9 to 3 fn William Mlllen U'ANIRD-A FITT? ATP >N IN THR COUNTRY Tf> take charge ..f horae" and to a< t ad gardener. h? a Oer man. whe t an give ibe berl of reference aa to character and aht i? Apply lor two <tajt at 19 Centre at., In Uermdh bearding ho>ire. fflTBLUUBIICB OKFTCKB. / ' ARPRNtRe. FARM SSRtANTR COACH MRN. LA U bor? re. boya, Ai are wailing for etnauona at the lm I .\m r'rffir. <- t edar at nea' R road war alan cooka latindretrra, rbamhermalda, firle for reneral bonneeork, Ac , n rin ar . cnnfri .1AR NrNTLI.IR, Afent. (MOOD OIRLA OF RVRRT ORROR1FTION f'AN RR T immedlatelv milted with firm elaae etfnatlooa heel wagee (teen. Apply at IIS Atlantic etreet. Brooklyn, corner of Henry afreet, room Ro 1. tip malm, hire attention paid to anpply eai a Mrp ore*if takrh PLRARt'RR ir uirnRimrfi II raapyrtabla domaat.ra that 'ha baa la-pa nomhar of tba bap, "I MmAm In (ilf *n<1 atttntry, with htpha.t <l|n Wantad apparlallr. a lad)'! maid aaamatraaa draa. naapara. nnrmi, waltraaaaa pooka panaral work at 6.14 Broadway. Wabtip rorn ct.f.rkr for prv ooons and prooary atnraa, two bookdappara. thrna rlarkp for phlp I'tac and llrkat nflloaa. two rondo, tora, two baprapa^an, two hralatnan thrna flrawim. two barknnpnrp, fottr waltnr*, tan portnra, thraa niprnpi drlvnra. '? " r.iaebmno and krnp bora for tradna and atorna Apply t" h ACFMAR A <i ARRaTT, 7W> Broadway WABTET>?OtRHAJf KROT ?." fRTkft AftPJCOTCH arrant#, for flrat rtaaa ai - ^?r. ai MORKTk roH N> RT A PO'R . *t Broadway, f .?? to Franklin atr-art alpo pard, nam famtnrp. laborara * at thla or tha branrh ofllra, 126 Ornnnwlrh atraaL *** ABTWP-RtX OtRWI FOR ORp A AI. HOrkRWORK, a? A rooka. and A Rood plain oooka -?twt In wanhtnp aad troalnp ala# S cAa?b?n?atda and a 'or klahly raapart abla fare. Una no town. RnrkmnaAha ? t rafknar* Ap ply at 'ba implo. mant Apaaey 'tUm I ?r . botwoan I6tb and luh ata T "P ' fantad pnrAtci *> a datrrmald for a pantlan an family to po a abort dlaiau.-. -ha oonntrr. i. 0 OAI. ? HFR. Ayani rt'ABTRP-A rRAMBFRRAID. Bi nR PRAM" traaa aork. waltar ptrl. Ib'iadraaa. an t . .. all plrl tha ba?f wapaa will ba plyan to atthar rnlora* . . bita Applr at Ro. 7 llth M . batwaan Bmadwar aad PnH -r pla?a kl' A BTBP?AT BO. 6 RABT RROAI<Wt\ ''I.ERICA Tt for railroad and abtnptnp ofTona * porta - f atoroa. It) it? n 'or a'aantara J bora fbr traona 1 hmttokaai for ? prl ??.a f.mtlv nn In wn. 4 fr'a to traral wbh fa.n M?? i . p .,ro*a p- d ' kit^ruiA. QIUaA.v A cO, MUUUMNI AMU UMRHHU /' r KAdT BBOAT>WAT -BOA.Bi.INO.-A LaBOK Ul> on #<<' floor wt.h paalrteA oe?Ur furalahed ' " He l ?r geiHriDac Mid or two aiog'.e geal.riaen of ouirt habile. the home baa toi <he modern uaprorjoaenu l.oceUen wmj cocTen.rnt to (be cam and ?Ufee. 7fi pranklib street, f.rst house waar or I *' Mraadway ? Frnat parlor on hrst floor, the entire aec (ixi, Uire* raoai dmH) iiirilaM for t pirt| of or to lei separate If repaired Inquire as abo/e. 1I|Q LEONARD Cm RET?A FEW DOORS FROM J I 'O Broadway. Furnished rooms to let without hoard. 1 O() WAVRBLEY FLATK.-8INOLK GENTLEMEN. OB lZiA gaotlemen mm] Omit wires caa be accommodated ?lib handson ?'f fumlahnd room a and board In a house with ail the modarn Improvement*. Diauar at all o'clock.. 17ft HUDSON STREET-FRONT ROOM ON FOCBTH 1 I U floor to let. with board, to ataxia gentlemen; alao roost or second floor oil1 be vacated the laat of April, aultahia for a gentleman and hla wiflt or ttiigle gent.amen. >1 C FOURTH STREET, N1AR BROADWAY. WRIT ulu aide?A genteel p rival a fantllf cut accommodate three or four Regie gantlaman with neatly lurnlabeit room In that very fhahlooabie and convenient location. All modem Improvement* In the house A 1 O BROOME STREET 8XOOND BLOCK BAST OF TJ.O Broadway, te one of ttte beet boardiag houses tn the c'.'y for single gentlemen and gentlemen and their wiva# ft contains all modem improvements. Dinner at one and at a*x F. M. A PRIVATE FAMILY LIYINO NEAR BROADWAY and convenient to the St Nicholas Hotel, would let two nioeljr furnished rooms to single gentlemen with breakfast and tea and dinner on Sundays Noae but young men of reap.. ctabUtty and those who are willing to pay an equiva lent for good arommodatioos need apply Will not remove In May. addrem W. HOMERS, Broadway Poetofllce. A05NTT KM AN AND HIS WIFE OB TBRE1 RING '.X graiUmen can obtain full or partial board, pleasant rooms, in a modern tirat class bouse, convenient to cars and rtasee. l'lesse apply at 68 Hamm and street, near Fourth and RU* Cher. A front boom. on the bboond floor. with pan'r 'ea and one or two bedrooms attached, unfurnished, nleo, roon furnished, rm the tnlrd Boor, would be let with thoroughly cpeired. Reference given uul required. ALARMS FDBNtPlIKD BOOM. ON THE FIRST FLOOR. Ui' t to a gentleman. la a small private Uiui'.7 wUl he -d on April 1 Bent $12 per month. Reference* ex cbaur-'i. Apply at 487 Houston streat, weat or Bowery. Aisw single gentlemen. or a gentleman 1 hie a lie. can be pleasantly accommodated with Mild and 1 rut room and parlors elegantly turn used Apply at I'.'t.p Hlcka afreet, near Warren street, tire minutes wali ftou. cuth ferry, Brooklyn. A YOUNG OENTI.EMAN AND WIFE DESIBE BOARD with a private family, aomawhere in Brooklyn. Fulton ferry, or weet side ef the city. Would like a nestlv fumlvhed room anil bedroom teeond story, front. Terms not to exceed Jc per week. Address Mew Rsglaud, Herald oflice A WILL EDUCATED GERMAN LADY DE8IRB8 BO ABD In am American family whe?a there are not maay hoard era: a widow lady will be preferred. Address stating the price, . m. H., Broadway poet oflice A LADY WISHES board, IN a PBIYATB FAMILY with a widow lady, where there |la a nurse. Address a. J. B., Herald oflice ull Friday. Reference given a YOUNG MAN. 19 YE abb of AGE, DESIRES BOARD Ol In a private family, where leaeons la the French, German and Spanish language and In the element# of music will be taken as payment- Beet reference* can be given. Please addresa E A.. Herald oflloa. A GENTLEMAN. WHOSE FAMILY IS IN EUROPE. O. wishes to engage a room or rooms, furnished or unfurnished. with a private family. Re'etenoes exchanged Address Rooms, box 940 Post office, stating terms. As. Board.-a very pleasant front room on secoed Hone, unlurnlahed. wld be let, with board, to a gent'eman and wife, In a small quiet family. Bouse Is snpplled wtih bath, gaa, Ac,, and Is pleasantly located. For further particulars apply at 107 Greene street, near 'Spring, where the room oan be seen. Board.-a pleasant front room on second story to let plainly furnished, with board, suitable for a gentleman and wife or two single gentlemen, In a family who will eot move oa the 1st of May. Apply at 179 West Fifteenth street, near Blghtb avenue. "DeABD-CLINTON PLACE.-A GENTLEMAN AND JD wife and one or two single gentlemen can obtain desire ble apartments, with board, after the 1st of April, at No 61 Clinton place, near Finn avenue. Mo removal an the let of May Board down town-two youno men can be accommodated with board at 40 Robinson street, near College place. Also a few day boarders. Board in brooki.yn.-onk or two yrrt fine reams tor families or single persons may be had by so plying at 47 Ooooord eh eel, Brooklyn. Location convenient Lv Vnltm n? Vail alPM* fat Hag- llnnop ml half nAlt l? Oiifld referenoea required. 47 Oaaoord street, ou the eecocd block ' race Fallon etreet. Board ir bouth Brooklyn. wtthin two block* of Court attest?Two gen'.'emea cod their wives can be accommodated with board cad ple.ana.rt room* la c mall private family, where there are no other boarders. Apply In Hoyt street. fourth door couth of Douglass at. Board wanted -an unfurnished room and bedroom with board, in a private faintly, for a gentleman and wife, * ith no children. Location and netghborhrcd muat be food, not below HIeecker atreet, and oetweon an 1 Feventh avenue*. A permanent arrangement deeirable If the twine are moderate. Beat of reference* given and required. Bearding hotiae keeper* need not apply. Andreas far three day*, with real uame, terms.Ac , Suya*u>, box 1,4 3. p wt office TJOABD WANTED?TOR A LADY AND QENILEMAN, Jj In a private family. Terma moderate Full board for the lady only. Addrca* I.. M.. Broadway Poal offlce. Board wantkd-in thr city and country, by the numerous parties who are dally applylag at the hoarder a hichaoge, Mt Broadway. Free to board aeekers. All wishing b'iart?ra ahould'apply Immediately. All Inlorma tIon given gratuitously. SMITH A BOYD. Board wamtrd-by a oentlkman for himaelf and *en Ave veara of age. with one parlor and bed room, location to ba west of Broadway and between Spring ard Thirtieth streets: family to he religious. Presbyterian preferred Term* must he moderate. Address, postpaid, A. O. O., br i Ml Post offlce. SOARD wanted-IN a private family, WHERE there ere few or no boerdera, by a vonog lady, lei we to eiceed two dollars per week. a Protestant family pr" feried address Board, f. D. m , Herald office, Board wanted i* Brooklyn, by a gentleman and his w tfe (a private family preferred) Iteration mug*, be plseeani. and within ten minutes walk of Fniton or Wall atreet ferries To commence about the JUth of April. Ad drees >. P., boi >U Herald office BOARDINO.-A FEW FAMILIES REQUIRING BOARD the ensnlnr NfflMT at Newport, R. T , can have the tame on anplira > n to Mm. Ryan Bleak House Rath mad, Newport, it I The ereqmmodatlnea will he liberal and a liberal price e?peeled the house I* very conveniently altuat ed for all purpurea and the Interior arrangements will he found lo be more of a private establishment than a public louse. Brooklyn-pleasant rooms, with boaed. for fsndi r* or single gentlemen may bechtalned by ai piylog at 2S4 Henry street, nest to the corner of Amity. Bo moving In May. Countrt board.-riyke horse. 1i2d steebt, will be re opened April It. for lamilira a ad aingle gentle men 4ft m.nulea from Chami era street via k* Icon rtver car* tot,nlng a tew rods from the houae either way. both early a <1 late. Onrd boating, bathing, rabllng. te and one of 11? moat d saleable summer residences near Ihe city For parb mars Inquire at 70 W?at Thirty fourth street una door from Broadway or on the premises. Fl *WI8HKD ROOMB.-WAMTKU BT A OKWTT.KM A W whaae family resides la the cnuolry. a furnished room and had room, without hoard, la or near Bmadwar. la private lacnlty. Address l>o? S.I95 Poet office stating location and prtcn of roam a CinUMP ROOMR-A OOCPLB OF PLRATAWT r r -rr-tra to let separate or together. la a private fami y, at bo 6Pltl street, near Orand. UOTK1. I.OOOTNOB-OFNTLKWRW C?W OBTAIW pond furnished mow at the Ulnbe Hotel comer of f raekfort ?rd William streets v At enta per oluh a few beat rorma at .TIM cents per night. Wo other charges eirept at iheir optloo. nAWmtOMKl.T fTRFIinm ROOV* TO I.KT, BT THB Bight, week or month, to alnfle gentlemen. without board All the modern Improt emrnta. also a handsome illol . noma for a Cub. Apply at MaDDFRR New Hotel 6XJ and 624 Broadway. HOOHS TO I.KT. A I'RIVATR FAMILY. OOCCPYIWU i a modern houae la W eat f.lavwnth street. would let to a ainple eentlemitn a haadaomelr furnished parlor aed lied room, fronting, on the second fteor rnr particular* address J O., hoi S.2X1 Foat ofBce. References 'V changed. TO ilFWTI.EMBIf.?ONR OR TWO OWWTLWMRW OR airing a large pleasant frnat room, with partial board, la a email tamily, ran be;arrommodated at 15 Ludlow place. Ifo'iatcn street lt? mortagoa 1st May. Oaa. bath, ho. he fere nee required. TWO VtMT Pt.RARAWT ROOM*, WITH OH WITHOrT partial board, may be had by two or three geet'emen. In a private familv at Mrtecond avernu corner of Fourth street. The houaa baa the modern tmnro> emrnte. and la pleasantly coated, caarenteat In oar and stage routes. being hut two apt teres from Broadway. TI?AWTFT?-?OA*D IMMFDIATHI.T, ?Y A (iRWTl.K TT man and wife, location rnuat be between Rleecker and Fourteenth atreet. soil third tiad Birth avaanea One good aired room would answer Addreea by 3 315 Pos* offits TIVARTRP- A Ft' RWIHHFn ROOM. WITH fROAfn. ft by a gentleman and lady, wfth an iniant sad rhlld nearly two years o'd. Income private family, where the lady can hare the convenlencea for doing her own washing Terms mnal he moderate. Address, postpaid. Homer. II era Id office Mating terms and location - RKWA RDH RF.WARD RTRAYRD OR RTOt.KM FROM TUB *'? ' pretnierwot .'*"'? rniy first rtreev, between birth m>ii rerentb erennee, Ret nrday March V. * rat ml lab row. with it black lace, ?ncl black nil the tip of lb* horn. Aay peraon returning *aid row will reeetre the abora rawaH aid thr thank* of the ownrr RKWARP-I,OUT. OR FRIDAY RYKRIRO. IR I'll going ftom thr onrnar of Moaroe and Oaibanno utreets, or er the (fraud airari ferrt to Roath Flrat ?tra?i. William* borg, a portrmrnnala containing ton dollar* In cold, twelve to lit tarn dollar* In bllla. watch hay, ferry tlrkc, Ac The flndar will obllgr by returning lha aamr to II. t Clapp A Co. (17 and Ml Catherine atreet. aorner of Monroe. *lf| RRW A ED -LOST. OR rSIOAT KTRRIRO. TR >11' the neighborhood of filth arenne and Thirty third afreet, a blark h ewfmiadlnnd dow. anawertng to the name of Hmntc The above reward will be paid tor the ratura of the dog lo It* owner r n TAMJf AIHIR. V. Wrat Thirty Itr.t afreet. AOC RIWARD ?UTOt.lR OR LORT FROR T7TR hack roerh Rn. 251 a hraa* hound trunk marked (!, Mett?m, R. t , while gntnc from the ateamahlp U'taker City, 'not of Ht ring atreet. on the erentng of the Wth to the mrner of l.alght atreet 1 he abnee reward will be naM. and no onea lion* aeked. for the name on delivery to Cha* Mettem. It < 'tty Hall place or to Jamb Rdaall, M lelght atrret. The papera In the trunk are ft no nee to any perunn hat the owner. fe&fk REWARD ?RTOI.HR FROM T|f? BTARI.R. W Jit)"" Mnth atrert on the night of the ahh mat. a email dark bay R'ack Hawk mare, lft* hand* high eery Mrltoh merer long tall, bind enhle lotnt* Wfe. 6re yeara eld. The * bore reward will be paid on de'lrerr of the mare at the abore atunht r, D, lo TVVHflf, 9tf || HKU' WjUITEObJULM ' ADVTSTI8IMO 0AH7AB8KK WtATKO AT 33S UrtfcJw*;, tuio twx. too* borm 'o djt..~lb uto new?p?per? V Appljr dirooai IS from 9 to l?>a A M. > AUAhX CHAAOK ?WANTKD At.iBTB TO ? Bj oilier JodoUiod patented furniture poitib l?*m .. ^uni..? in* m nouo geiiiuoe wiuioui ise name of ysbn i? Brabyn oh Lie label Apply at the principu <l<tout tM B> )uway. JObtf it. URaBYM a CO. 6 American BOT WANTKD-aBOU? is years or * age who retldes with bis parents in lae city: on# who ia 1 willing to lesrn the business and can aire resosnsitia references. Apply to Jack sou A Purdy, it) Broadway. A SMART YOUNG MAN WANTED?AS CRIER, TO . ae?: faocy pood* Ae . at auction la the ersnlngs One accufnti ad ta the buelaeaa can call from 8 to 12 this day, at ,? 189 Broadway, roam 19. a BOT WANTID-IN A WBOLESAI.R BObIKRY AND fancy gapds house. One who writes a good hand and h*s r acme know ledge of the buaiuraa.preferred A reapeetahla t> Uul. rraiding wttli hla parents will And a *ery comfortable . e'aoa b> aJdreeeiug. In Ida own handwriting, HAP. Q? erald office. "* BOT WANTED?BETWEEN 11 AND II YEARN DP \ age, to a'tend la a paint abop, one who >asides with hi# a piucutf. Apply at llfi.S Orand at., uear Broadway, at seven a o'clock this morning t Boy wantkd-ABorr fourteen yba?b or age, v in a ship broker's office Address, la (He upiwut's handwriting, Broker, Herald office. Salary, first year. am, ,i Boy wantsp?an waiter in a mi.ooN. bn tween fourteen and eighteen ye&ra old: one who can ) n>ke hurself gmeralit use'ul An Amertotn preferred t. a . . at 111 Brrad at , corner of Front at., this (Monday* 1 morning. between eight and eleven o clock. f CIABPKT SALESMAN WANTRD-MUS1 be FULLT ) competent to take charge of andeeila general etoofc of r cepeti, ollcJc'ha, window a'mdea Ac, Qood ref?recea re- t ui'ired, Aop'.y, Mecday morning, to Oeorgs Keyea, fi34S a 8ih avenue Drug ci.frk wanted, a competent clerk, : wires cliaracler will bear strict eerulln;. Inguire at J 'JSC Court street. Brooklyn. No one need applv whs naa not 1 a good knowledge of the bualaem } DRUQ CLEBK WANTKD-ONK WHO thoroughly understands the retail and prescription business. Apply at the corner of Bridge and York sis , Brooklyn. jjlarmkr wanted?on a small ear* one hour's ! r ride from ctty by raUroaJ; an active, oooioeteat man ac cns'.omed ta homes oieu garden and general farm work. Apply to K Martisda'.e 157 Bread way, third story, front. , SAIFJ3M AN WANTID.-ONB FIRST CLASS SALK->- ! mu la u;e dr> goods bualrnss , BKINCE A BUSSRLL 63 Cui. it. [ WANTKD-PFBf 0*9 TO I.EARN THE ART OF M AClog tianiperen: teoap uton an entirely osw ortocinlo I It ts a fortune to My body who wiahee to engage m It. Terma ! moderate Apply at 16S West MA at 1 WANTED?A SMART YOUNG MAN. WHO OaN LOAN ' a few hundred dollar* on internet end secrrHv, cea hear of a permanent eltuaueu in a light bueineaa wltb good wage*, by applying at No. 5 Ueeiman at, room 15, Peri Bank build- ? lug T\^ANf?B-A FIRST RATE DRY OOOD9 SALESMAN; I TV one acquainted with the city trade Apply at t6.< Green with at. J NO. O. frHITK A OO WANT ED?A YOUNG MA* TO WAIT ON TABLE, and. it ueceaeary, to take charge. One who can (ire * ratiefector v referenoas as to character and ability cm addreaa A. B., lletald office. TTTANTEP-BT A TOUNG MAN. AOID 19. A 8ITUA M tlon m barkeeper, or porter, who can produce the beat of city references. Call at or address 366 Br wery, la the book a ora tor J. Trainer. * ?r ANTED?A SMART AND RESPECTABLE BOT. IN A TV wbolaaala thirt eatablleha ent. One that haa bean in Ue aame bueineaa would be preferred Apply to M. WILSON, ' corner of Cortland! atreat and Broadway, under the Gtleey 1 Building. J WAITER-WANTED. BT A RESPECT ABLE OO lored rnu. a altuation m waiter in a prlrata family. Beat of rerommrndatlona given from hie laat employer Can ' be aeen for two days at No. 8 6th ar. TENANTED?A BOT. ABOUT R1GHTXI* TEAR! OF TT age. Mnat wrl'a a good hand and be willing u> make bimaalf generally useful about a store. Apply to John Snede cor, 644 Broadway. WANTKD-A TOUNO MAN POR A GROCERY STORE; one having a knowledge of the huatneaa preferred; elan a girl to do the housework of tM family. Apply at 196 Nary at, corner oi Bolivar, Brooklyn. I WANTED?A FIRST RATI WAITER APPIT AT Gcatama A. Batr's Philadelphia Honae, 113 and 147 Bowery, between the houra of 8 and 9 A. M WANTED-POR THE UNITED STATES FRIGATE WebMh. row tying off the Battery, fllty yottng men aa landamen. Apply Immediately at 30 West street or at 109 Seuth street. WAITER WANTED?AT SMITH'S DINING SALOON. Wo. 393 Bowery. YTFATTKR WANTED?TO WAIT IN A RESTAURANT. TT Be mnat perfectly understand his business. Inquire at 609 Btcadway. WANTED-A BOY, ABOUT 16 TEARS OF AGE. TO attend in a coffee saloon Inquire st 15 Catherine alip, HIM RAII.RO AD LABORERS AND DRILLERS lUv wanted, for oompaar work la the etale of New Jersey Wages tl it ari ft 30 per Cay. Paaaage mooe* ad Tsnred. mart oa Monday. JKth lost. arcampaaied by M. Chnart. Apply to MORalS OOHNKRT A I'O i m riM,n. Wtch St. COPAKTXKHUHIP KOTICKS. ftokn -WANTED immediately, asm ast. FNER. fOUU gel ic man with the ebo??i sum in cub. to take an Interest In on* *t the most profitable bnalnewa In the city, end where ttiere w no riak. Apply tc o. E. wain* Wright, > t 1(7 Broadway. o '|l|| to $??i -wasted a partvke with 7*71 i?ovU amount, tn the gTooerr ani liquor buiinaae In cea u or una with a food ? .? . and atat. Apoly In peraoa to Mr. JuHN RBTNOLDN, 273 Enltnc atrwl Brooklyn. bel >ra au o'clock P. m jtonn -wanted a Toriro man with tun . ' " '' '. air. ii.: in a pleasant, lodnor meney mat lb* cajh ualneee. ample aerorlty will be a rea and certainly of baring a permanent buainaia. which will realise El it>i per !ear clear pre'A App y immediately to Mra POSTER. JUS Kroalway, rrond floor, rroni Mo &. d|Qnn ? WANT1P. A PARTNIB iv A REAL ECJOt'v. tale aaten' right and genera' ae(otlati<i( bual nea*. that la well established, aid payinjt from RIO (MO to 112 COO per year. Aay one wishing a frtnanaa' caah b'tatnee* ran apply to Wheeler. 394 Broadway, office No. 14. *0 nni\ -WANTED. A FABTVER. WITH THE f ^.WUl'. abate aaaouot In a weh astab'.'ahed buatuem, mated in the country, with a good water power and a. ne eeaearv too IA The anode are cheap to manalacture, and U good. Money aeenred by real eetate. ani beat of rat*, renre a Iran, by letter or la peraoe. to P. M., 34, Oo'.d etrret, up ataira. ?Hfl -PARTNER WANTED-EOR A HALT IN d>^.tsUls. tenet In an old ettabllaned and pruotablr hat and general tnrnlehlog stare. To a peraon w th inedera'e capital a flee opening Buaineaa often yeaia a'anilng ac>d location best on Broadway. Addrera O. R D.. Herald litre * ] Ann -PABTNER WANTED IN A HOTEL r? end restaurant, well ?stabllsh?-' aad doing a very large boat nam The la a chance seldom o1?red to a man of business. Addreae Dotal. Harold office Sfwin t0 *a,no* and partner in a www. .vUU aataittihad laoratlra buMneaa pieaaaai aad afele. or a elert with the amount wdl be taken ae bernl alary, aad aadouhted eeeaWti BHHM A UUTTTWICK, 34 Imai street. aq (Utn ?Partner wanted, with the a bote V? J,s?U\". capital, te take charge of the sate of a ralia hlwpnleol right. In*a neighboring Hints, trom wktrh be ma. r?a>i/e tt.fOfl lo94.UA within three month* Capital abua d tally secured egalnnt has. Apply MM William iitmi ma lo. Pea* UttoS oriaek. *r nnn wantw-wtth a partnkr ib the V''."'"' retell ml trad*, 'li# h ii.nraa hMb^nMi hiwhed three tear* with flrnt rlaaa natnmfn for >??' 'on a, nod mo ba lorrNM>!. An* party winking to er.jnfe in a *'? buelnea* will And thla a fnrorable orrort'ialty. addreen T M. <>., care of 1 botnaa Clark, newapapar I'vartmejt, Poet office. A^m l.A BY WITH RMALI. 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