Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 30, 1857, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 30, 1857 Page 7
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IIWERTffEMElfSS RENEWED EVERY DiY. ? VLES AT ACCTlOa. 'ZuBMBt ?. MO??L*Y ArCT Of'ltBH, WIUL F1LU J\ thia day, March 30. a ll.S, o'clock at the Iter ;h*ni?' Bxctiaoge, for kcccirot of wham it may cooeeni ? $1JMM) JHIwackie aud H or icon ltd. l*t in go 8 per - out Hood. 3 0C0 Pern hr.d iDi.aaapo ih mR. iM m te I per cent Bonda 7,?>o (Breat tfeetern (J I) ) RH let hi ge 7 nor cat Anode l;i,i.(lr) ure-t WrkUru (11 ) AM let in'ge 10 per eent Bowie4,l?'0 Northern luctana BK (tloaheo Oar) int m'gtge Bioda ( Ml ALIanUe Miti.?l luHurenre icrtp of 1H51 Ip 6>0 Comar ereial Mutual Insiruaee nru of IrSA. L 110 Run Mu'.uj iDt.rauce scrip ot 1899. P SOrS New York Mnuwl IuriiuiK scrip of 1882 nod M K S 70" 9arraton>V) Criv "Funded 7 peroenl -tones. F 31 itvn <<rocers r titin Sugar Haiiniug ?.-ossosnj IMO L Uk <-'tilcs*<\ St haul and Fond do l-ae Kauroal MM I Id hew York and Saw ita?an Railroad (genuine) . 100 f 100 New ilaven sd<1 Ne* I.una.ut IHNM 100 [ 1M) Prismatic 1 uruiag .'ompauy M) [ 1# BaMbdrbOdMV lee Gomoany I'M L I ?in" i. Kttoito il.mpuny 10") P 90 fMUk Fin ilaanruM "'oB |iany 90 li M Rrelrman 9 ire Inn..ranee oinpani ]ft 6 <Vn tt-oov eai;.b > .re ma irance Company 100 1 9>M hsulcs and Tiaders' Fire Insurance Company... 29 " 20s Nape. J Fire I su"-kBce company 37?j 1 So Corn F.m Ids>.ranee Company 90 > ad * ara?u Fire Insurance coiiipan* 80 ' 100 Importers'and lisdert* Ins. Co. of Thiialelphia 10 I By < rdrr ol' Bieeulrra: ? f l-'ft 000 Mew Atlanv and Saiem BH 1st m'goSpercenl Brads, I rrne-*,.?!..* .a lads, ti9, 71, '73aud 'sM. ft 1.00 J Bash 1,9(0 N"-w a ' si) uil Si,i?m aft 10p c In B'a d ie .n 1H<0 I 100 92 do. da. scrip, payable in 10 p c la da. 94,000 Jo. do. Slm'geTp c H'da, due to 1S73. I HWO ^aspa-i'D""') and Y.nrgan Kit. 10 per sent Boo'la. | ;-9,<K0 Great Wee era fill) RR 1st mortgage 7 per cl Hoods 32 000 do. do do. lOpsrercl Ronds Htoc'vere certificates for 9G0 shares Nor h A -ae-icau Trust and Uanting Company, ft'.OO eaeb. 90 iture" Fanners' n.Mri and Trust Company ftS) <72 Trevortuo coal and Mai.'road Company.... Id) Also, by order of tae Krecntora:? 9 rhvrts Park Fire maiiranoe company 10') 10 FaclHc Fire lnau-anee Company 2> V .rvinv r.rn * I , Terms of sale? 111 per cent this day. and the balance befir 1 one o clock to morrow. he armed >oterrsloo a 1 the rood. twU! be ehsrgeti to ihe i urchaaer. Next retrolar sale on f hi/? o?y, ap?H3. 4l.rfK.RTHNI00L.4Y, block auctioneer and banker, 4 Broad street k J. BI.EKIKIR AiTrnoNKF.a.-.)ONE^ WOOD I a\ . property at menu on Tuesday. April SI embrajiDg ' 360 A a oo avenues A and 4 and First, Second and fhlr 1 I avenues; alio ou S>ity.ninth, Eevecilelb, (seventy nrst, , Severity nf.eonu. bet enty third, seventy fourth ned Seventy . lifth ipeeia, all beautl.oil* situa'e an high ground, lo a rskVlv improving part of the ?ty; Seei-.d and Third avenue I tara the same .n ittaen minutes trcm Colon square ?<e abso'u.o. Term* liberal. Maps at the ollice, No. 7 B: ni l street 4 LFHKI) ilBAOfJ, AU0T10BEMR-A. BRA rT A CO, ' /l will nr. I at auction on Tuesday, Mar h 3V at 9>j o'clock a. M . at their sslear-rnm, Nc. 3J t'ort'audt street, a large a d wk'1 t.ta rte.d hiock ot boots and ahoes, suitable for ihis season ef the tear. AS. RICHARD5. ACOTTONFER. Wtr.l, SRI.L, ON , Toerday, the 3'st. at lu>* a. M.. atlheatnre of H Ksnthard ttio., No ttSBeari atreei, up Htair?. l.UUU cases cl boots, thoeaano brorsta. prime aad seasonable giKids. ! . BRAUIirn. FARM AT AOCTION.INircW.tEMmY. a\. ? 1'aYID m on. anciiineer, will sell a' public auction en Mcadav. March JO, at 3 o e.oek i'. M an toe premises . abeautiin! and e invenlent oountrvun.i city residence s uiated hi lb., city ot RuOeoo, Stale of New Jerrey. two and a naif ml lee trooi he Hobok"n ferrv. three miles from the .1 e.rse v lly B-ery and one mile from Bergtn Five Comers; salt resi Scree .-outlets ot a good ?u'.< t.t-ai house, two glory and basement, tnsrble n, ir.ielt. and gntes on first tloor; onteo isee tor rwj purpose, together with s'a acres of the very best land, h gh nr>d c ry every f ut of It, ft to grow anv Sta'l er vege'aolet aao all in the very beat eondition, with a large variety of frui * an?t flow era; said property has a front of abJitt 300 feet on , Merger Wood avenue, whirh - an be cut up immediately iir by lots, and va known ae W'llosr Cottage only fifteen or twenty n-.u.utet' rtoefroin Hobokennr .lers?y ci'y fernes; a ' tire. rMe i-haree for r. milkman, gardener or merchant d ling bweinrsstn New York chy. Only $3 HUO cash required; the ! I balance can remain on bond and mortgage for three years, v. 7 par cant, al the option cf lbs purchaser For further parttc l Ca*n 1070b e ef the auctioneer, at his oil ce Ko. 75 Ifcnigcnoery street, .1 ersey City. A ICTION SA1.I OF II E iAHT HOCBCHOLD FCRN1JL. tare, rudew rod pini oiorte. French pla'e pier glasses Ac ? M klO'-'OIl rV. auctioneer, will sell On Monday. Marm :4. at 101!. o'clock, at HIS West Twenty eighth surest. ail the beueehohl fumttnre, consisting to part or ro-ewood double Lai cr roll in brocstei, do In hatrciuth; rose woo-1 pUuoorte, iar-s and or*' ifW bj<>kea?es elegant roeewooo centre ta kvi. tape-tty, rtrii?i(l?, three ply and I grata carpet* throughout 'he house. kwgbah ol'e'otha, roaewood and m*h > gany b d?if vl*. bureau* ?ith marb1- tope and weahaUn-1* i > wvch; td.t*-. get*. oval and avinre mirror*, m.ntel clock*, ' beavv hi-ica-cl and h'* c-.rta a*. aha i<-?. Ac., a I'h a large a* **u-m?nt < d.Drr.g room aod baramcst fiinmre, chtoa cr<? >-tv, r nlrry, putted ware. external m dining hole*. eofav k>? K?? mahogany rhaira, u*te a teiea, caay and rocking abulia thro* am end id ;ort*b.e wardrobe*, bron/e aid ormo l? gar haLdfbera. Ac.. Ac 7 hmaale la peremptory, and will be ? itbnnt reaorva'km to the lug beat bidder. A cash de pout w It be required. A ICIIOR SALI.-nlCH AND DKSIRABLR HOI'flK A bo<0 I'nraiturr. aobd roar wood parlor furnil re en s-vla, | pwrglaaaea. wo*haul art, Ac., at the reaidatice of .Frofnatir I fee drawee, 7*1 7 wrnty auth alreet, wee'of Ktftb areoite.? I mtyci* NAM1, an -kmeer.?7hi* day, March .10, at MP, I ' clock, by catalogue, the rn'tre e-egan- furniture of vaiu booae. embwtcirg elngantly carved rooe?ood parlor cilia in French rutin, aond raw-wood centre and aide tab lea, a flee' I leeewood aocretar) wuh mirror doors and back; carved rworwood etegerre mannive ro?cwood are rotary book-ace; an porter acvcn octave ro?ewood pianoforte, n.aid wuh pearl, tool and cover, large French plate pier and oval mirrara. or mela and hroo. ed cJoofca, beany lane and broaalrl curtain*; k magtlTlceut china vatoa, MfHIM by lae owner; Parian and V I Mwinet figure*. an Hrtiaaela earpcta and ruga; aim, a larue variety of auperlor oil paiatlng* ?y old art*ati; rose wool extensiondining table, dining motn cltalrr, do tub. -n silk plu-h riuh . p.i,a tea and dinner *ei*, c- vatal cm glaaa rare, olen, about ti,am worth of wind stiver ware, one* sung at a general ananruneot u?ed ia lirat c'taaa fam'uea. The bedroom rurnHure rmcrace* aolht ruaawood aad mahogany booaieada. marble lop bnreaua waobvtanda toilet voir, akran, tagraiu aad Brurrela oarpet*. pnro hair maxeveei, weigh11r ?'J pound* each, feather bed* bolaters aad pilled* a boo a, pillow raeea, blanket*. Ac.; alu. all the kuoV-o laundry aod hsaement ntenalla, oook,nr More* a'ep ia?d, i. thi-o n'boeo pipe, wioking nteuail# ui almoaloterr name kind ana diotiilpUon, rnilrelv uo aomenmi U> iuen nom I'irtleoatterdiag U.1* tale who are about going v> boueokrep.rg will he al le to tlnd everything ueoeesary tnr that yurpuae. every a-U-deof wbtcb, from the klteben to the aio , will *01-1 wfii-c .tany rvatr.ct oua, u the f.iut Iv wtu leave tor kitrope on Wedarwlay. the ftra- of April, no no arve. Mo poaipoacmeol on any account. th.s being a free aad i?liipt*cd sale lb* an -Poorer will re I 'lire aaUcar-or* ***> Aenor-- :r?a every purchaser The trade are tavuad to aUrol. a uction rout.-j. roo art, a wtionkkr?by A H Ht hi s Kt Monde*. "AXb, a* 11a clonk ai pter No XI Raw' river, l-y virtue of an eueciMlon, the auuare bo it eaboooer tipbtr, togethrr with ber tack'a, aapar* 1. yolly boat. an willi all TBOMTeOft, (onautbi*. m ration NOIK'F ?I hooart. aucnonrrr-bt JL K BtX.ABT. Bandar VXh, atU", o'clock. at 5M flaoond twit*, rrm.or H ny u.inl atrert large Ikiuor atone, counters, tiruraa Be, renamting of rati puurtcr rati, pipes rarsbmndi gin. rum. TUlf. ctm I. part mad otbnr wlnea. nipo?id bar. counter and ilitnrea. bner ptuapa, mam iron, an* tttoraa. Ac . all to be sold wit hen rone r re. as IHe More la Trt It other b ohiron I >t|>oalU will bo ftijuiratl from all gnirlittrrt. a I'tTTION HOIIOg-TTNH MORRKf.U AUCTION A ear. nll> gall this iMnndoyj morning, at 10)^ 0'ekrk. etery article In lie sa'eoioam 1W tMwn street, lac'ndlng saw at>d er mil hand furnrure, Tloll palt Unga framed. S"ta?, inrtrra molt of ensmellea fund- ura rwewo A la'-ien, marble ope. ill' er plated lark*, rpoori* flb.OOu ee'-ara. louacM pa star marks ruitca fane* goods, gold jewelrr, pnrioaaoaoalea. bedsteads l.eda, yonry b rnn lea A H -Lot of ? "tid haad deal a 'root ineuranca cooa pan jr. roomsra. Ac , Ae Alan, to aecc nd hand ilatra Alps, JU.OOk ckolee braada Haraaa aegara. - I'CTION NoTICl.-rROCfCNRT. ULAflR AND A china - M) J. H. M HAKTl.Rf T, firilonaar.?Tu?adar. Marr b kl. at It n'etrrk a* 91 Pan? I re.H large a ale of t> xnea and other ? g wars. flown aad I'ubt tiltia mimon warn, Ac Aw, mo pnrkngea glarawaro, nhlna. brlt innln ware, Ac. flair patutlrr, ana j,bodn well packed for akipplog. ACfTTON NOTION. - -CPKPIA!? R AT.K?ArnURk, blls Ar.-JNO. k. Tad AbTtfKRP will sell on Wad isedat. April I nl tea n'rlork, at ths o?ce of Asa Parr. Jr., ho MflfUt ani e*. Ibr aerom i of wines It may mnn-n. in pay ndraacre, a large kit of aaoarti d anger* bbe. Ac , Ac. lorma aak. rale pontiles ard wltboot rowsree. A I'CTION >OTT'TL?Tllffll. RKI.L. AUCriOWRK* N> Mr.U. A BtiMH.?Ihlo day at 10)4 o'cWr k. In cir roles tnoo. ? I rlesy aele-fiiramifO. dry good a, rtrwnng. fan e? gond*. an enure Mark of r oh jewelry, waianea -dor and glaird ware. London gnna. fil?y bonuttfnl work bo-, -a, A" tneaday, ri'rnslre aale of elegaat and eotnaNm i.-alters ?f all arornvilona We will attend to out on r ealro In >be 0* al and troat aatlefaetnry manner, and settle ??w da /. a i wr atnaya take deposits. ArrTHrW NOTIOK?W*. T. m?vn. AUCTIONt.KA By (ilto. hK'HOLk. no toaartar Mnrcb .'I. or I.H, s'eaeh. at the salesrooms. ho is! Nassau treat, standard. kali tanrard ana dwart ro-en r impriatng ibe flae-i and ne? alien and all wariaried t?llr In Dame and eelerted wrltA grra i'md and wi'Wnil rrgard to anal by D. I loll, fl wtaL AttJiOB rot1cb-to n.otb. OAMttMBRK and ^frr'rr ttrnnal mannfar'iirani ?A. 1* < 'KI*TAI. AH. Anri&?*< will ?r!l thw day M?rrii SO pi III', o'rlank, ,t M. Mwi^r ?trrrl Iwr napping macklnri, for putting Ike nap onnifMbpnr flannala. In ba ?>id without rtaarra. aa tk?r nwt hr ri mnrad by tha tat of Apr!'. AAHtlPP.F nai.b OP rrapt mapi < I.OTIIINU amp pirra ?orn? ?A. At. t> 1ATAPAR, Aurtiororr Mo 2t Howrry, will rr|t on MhIiimiIm. April! at |l??, a'alorli, a Wonk i na drr?? Trnrk ntd bnidnraa mat* m,?. nnnn and taiaocii rrntn; laMlmara. dnrabln and rlrth ntint* nndrr rhtrta. rrwalla drawa-a, WnoAlngo oilata linan and ml* haadkarrhtal* Him ahl'la Mark nation, rnrtlngn, alpara and < ?tai M inna aipanaa. ran ha, < aaaimnma. dnaakloA. brown and wnlia hi an I in i , hlnr >ln.T?. MnnaiUtlai brown Holland ;b i tnna tilminipga, Ar. By orrinr of flba aarlgnaaa. AtTTIOK -*X*('I TJR ? BALI OP RKAf. P* a nt 8a>tinga Wr?tghaa?ar ennaty, Boar Tork, on iha prrwi?a?.? At I o'rTnrk on Wrdnaaday, April 1, 1*87, n good da armor long two at on honar awl largr alablr. wlta plot ?if ground. Itm fret aioarn. on whlab an- aeraral imlt Iraaa and a pood gardm. fhu propartr la nllgihly gltnaind bring hoi a abort dl tanra from the rttllrowl .lapot and alaaoiboai landing and in rtaw a I lh? rlrrr; odiotrltvtarr aararal em irrl iral li noaa. Tharr arr two rburi hra in Ihr i bdnltr, good atnrra. .tr CI.KMRltT A Wll/w>R, KtarnW. Por f.irihar par: ou'ark mmilrr of K , OOP! APT, 46 Oar mtrr btrrat, Raw tort on tha pramlgra By rnr pob*< i/mi?** of a <*h attfl mortuaob I w I "tor gala, at pnbl'r ' ondn" baa--irk and' loraa nt a fra att ra. aim a boma and wagon nt Bn 12 aighib atrnna, nt II o'rlork A M. .1. P. 11 OF, Attnrnay far Mortgagor. BT YlRTlF. OF A.M BTBflTTTOJf t WHl.l. OPFRR far tab' on Btnxtnr. Barrn at 10 n nor* a. . at >?. M* Flint arrow. nna gray lioran and nno light wagan J P. BA ItBARnr, Ounn'ahla. B*ojn?w*r riR't rt,A? oro? ?tum Atrr. ?m? . Xkrrh m III ncnx-lr. nil ?i*<ni*?, M4 lHiitrfw?f a or* W' Rmarlwap. ?r?t tiar*l '? rnmnri'ln* tpna tto**r. i-knr-ialp nm-M ?*rvl w . p<*k'f^. iTt'CMM, iir, ?n*l r?n i'?, aiMM, a limn, awtarf n>'?rr?. rh,ni|>agi)r wtn?. hfTMJd ^ >*?*n AC., A'- raraftii f <? i r<* tliaa r?l*ll rnMnm ?lm> WwM.irm ??( , UirHnka' *-?) , with tarn h?f?"A, f?ur i|PMwi|liiiii*a l?rrra r??li* r? | ulrwd n nil r t? i. n. ririUAlV * ?<!*???. WW.I.m'JTOR A. t!A*TKH An tVm# r "wrel; IV> *ir?> i annuir iifarniilch. ?>* r *. ?t K M "ti-wt, ?' tfcp rrai.lnafp R" ' <' Waal T ? r?tt imnil itrwt. f nimI li >n?e)-<.irt linutnrn ->n In p?'i ? follow ? i w?Mrr arn<a*M AMI lorrAin "1 rn." ?f?d |iArli>r ?UH. In pltrfc; ran ?o<*| m*rVe?'>t< "an r* i*hi?e >ilt fr?Mh plnlo pl 'f tlaaa rvlmmiu Mlt 'v1nrt'<? furUMna Inrn An . ICiriptlAit m*r > 'w lulu rlwtfr lHhl? Primva maatpi oniMi'nlf, Ac ; tr?h??;?tiT Kr?nf*i Aadaiaivla. mapi? nti4 hlnr* ? airi it Ai , Hair ml air?<? mMtravm Mt? pillnwa, on-'otHa. I Tin ml r?p? r np n U <<.?<?* an* W?Itt> an pr<*'kn?T. .1*4 n P?rw ral tai'? nf III hnni irnHurp. ??i> wiMr'i it* IW? ?ttf MMMM i I MJLJM AT AtXTTIOW. D1 HBRB1 B. ?J?EDa * OOt -OH (0?HDaV A WD I O WediMsuay, March 31 and A rrll I. a* MH* o'clock each I day. at Mo r08 Broadway, or piatte 11th street til'alilt as I eortmealof eabsnel furniture. all made to order tor eusteui stiee, consisting 0/ parlor tn'te, orrered 10 green and gold, Ikiee green crimson amtuaroon silk broeatel, also. suite :n mas In ptnsk and haircloth amour a-glace. Mealy covered eeotre tables, arm aoo at nag back ckan in morocco; r xt wood ehgerae. w'tk plate glesa, At.; wardrobes dressing tables aad tureans, work tables, renal b?<iaieed, fan:y tables aril cbairs, corner elegves, book cases, secre'arien, bullets, ceocbeo, hat racks sharing stands, csoo seatcha-ia, lowei racks, ex'ensioi tables sod a large assortment ot other turalture, Including complete suits, lo (nsbcgany, black walnut and oak. Every ancle is warranted 10 be of the beat material and workmanship. Can be examined any Use previous 10 the sale. I GRCCKRRY AND QLAFS. ?EXNRY Q. EVANA ADCitourer 1 on rnesdsy, March 31. M 10 o'cioet, at bo (I Liberty street, a lame and complete assortment of Beo'o'a and otbo teal white granite. c c dipt aid edged ware, give ware, tea (rkya and lutri. (Ml' It. to lota to mil the trade. Oe< de ca/eMNy rlfiacfed tor whlppliy DH HOl'GH aUCTIONKKR-CaLLSTHR BARriOC. lar attention of hontekrepere to hta uaie at auet'oo tobirr .iv, luescay, March. 31, al lu>a a. M., at the e iraer of Mi lb avenue and twenty 'hire afreet and nee' Loudon tarnet the bouae t? large, and newly foretahed with the uaont expensive and rich goods the manufacture ol ! h og? A Cook, and other eelebrated makers la Broadway, aaie poetI've, ard gooda mtial be removed on Wednesday. C f.alof tea now ready, rale to commence m parlors at 10)^4 < The i.anen ent contains oah an't in repe. sideboard, and > na on tabie, ard a verr large artortmect ol china d.noc ead ten ?fta,ii ver plated ware of every desaript'oo. eatgia-." 111 rtoberr 'an ware rvory euVery Ae . together with the ku- r-"> o'entlle The parlore are furnished with afeBitde'e royal'try velvet carpete. medallion pattern; three sill 1 rose v I ? t'leiu farhtonabledamtak coverings with a lp eovere; ootid ?-w xxl eeti'.re i lie and card tablee. rich laoecurtalae and cor., -pier and oval mirror*, magnl&wat china vases, broaze locks; rich cMna vases and mantel decorations, a fine nolle " on of valuable oil paintings, whleh ate real'y works of mer:',* cerb reoitnlDg easy ehatre one of Nnnn's A Fischer's seven reave piano* with the maker's guarantee not yet expired; English oil cloth, rosewood hat stsad, velvet stair carpets, and silver plated ro^s; su^erk>f%srved rosewood and mabogacy bed leads and bureaus, eofss chair*, rocs ere, go; ing'aia and Brua-eis carpete. and a large variety of other ar'tclts too numerous to mention. D. b. HOCQH, Auctioneer, otlice 610 Broadway. n a HALLl DAY, aucmonxkb. El. Hteam engine, m tchlnery tixiurea, Ac ? R C. HAI.LI DaY w'll sell at suction, on Ttteedny, March 31, at 10 o'c'ook, on the premises:? Iheentu machinery, fixtures, Ac., contained In the large distillery, Noa. 117 and 119 Troy street, cumpr.-tng one steam engine, fifteen horse power. In oomplete running order and three boilers, extra size, nearly new; two Purge hydraulic presses, two large cast Iron cylinders, one la go fcydnuilo team pomp, one baad oo., one large wrougnt Iron cos) drum and gearing; stilt, tube copper worm; copper doubl-'r, with socks; large ooprer water, beer and spirit pumps and connections; side lathes, tool and shutting, reoctvere. sat* leash tube, copper heaters trucks, oart*. harness, platform sea's, Iron sale, 160 feet extra thick India robber hone, ke , .to tlethlognee may be had at the ot&ce of the auctioned', No. 4 Ws I street ITUiWARD SOHRNCK, ADCriONEKR.-BY K. A F. H. 'j -rilBNCK?On tuesday, Match 31, at one e clock, at th < > aiesroom. 39 Nareau street a roan of bro *? horse*, po m i tit, long tails, seven years old. warranted perfectly kind, sun u and gentle In every reepeot, *nl vry stylish drivers. A' ? dark brown mase sixteen hands high, warranted kind, spin <t and get tie, a good traveller and stylish drtser. Also, * eit- built wagon, to good order ami set of stogie harases. Also a recksway. In good order, also, a tight phaeton, for tc.i,' prrnic*. also, several new top and nod wagons, also, a in ,li sired saddle and bridle, stogie and double harness, Ac, n? (MILTON, AUCTTIONRBR - ILEOANT HOUBXHOLD JT furniture, French plate mirrors, rise wood ptaaefor'e.iaee ctu'hpe billiardtable, rich carpets, narmr furn"are, Ao., ?r. f. i OLTON will sell th>s dav Man b SJ. at 10S o'emck, a ICl Lexlrgton avenue, near Tthly first slresi, the entire furniture of the house, which is large sird In goo<l oiler, com prising In part very besutifol parlor furniture, in c-tmein and go>d broeate); large French plat* rr. rror*, ta e curtains and eor nice*, iniakl r.wewocd pianoforte 7 v, oewve. made hv (ll'ben. of Boston; rich ve'vet tapestry e-irnem ot cloths: ro*e* odd and mahogany marble top 1 iritliure all pa'iern*: le e a p>tes and Vottaue cbalrs, superior hair maurmtsot, mahogany ei'ensioi dining tnbiea sliver plated ware china and dinner sets tab o sntiery, re'rigerators, Ao . Ao ; also, sue very tine billiard hibie nsariv new, ?l*o all the kitchen furniture. Ca'alogtvee will be ready Faturday afternoon. FCOLTON. AUCTIONEER.?GENTIKL HOCEEHOLO * furniture, > "-tate st/eel near the Baiery ?E Cot. TON wilt tel), en Tuesday Narch 31. at 10>, o'clock, t* U State slree', nppoelte the ra'fery. the entire luentUre of the large lour etcrv hcuae )t WOT in nart of velvet!* pettry. th'ee-ply ?xd ingrain carpets. otlc'otbx. lare curt-itna. oil paintings, tete a *'? sofaa. mahogany d<nior and ewtenato > tabiea, oval mirrora, marble lop dre?sing nod plain bureau--, malioaan* a'd -other rhairs 711 or 30 be'u'ead*. hair m it treieeH fe&tlier beoa and bedding; china ard glass ware, table cm cry kl'cbeo furniture, together with all the f? rnl.ure of about 70 locma. Catalogue* early on the morning of sals. (GILBERT S. SAVAGE, Al'CTIONEER -DIBBLE! I BaGLKT A HaVaGE will acl.. by cat ijogue, for casta, a1 their aaleeroom. H2 Cedar street on 1 uestar. Mar-h .31, a' >0 A. M.. dry poods, tan -y roods, carpets, oilcloth*. ckp-h eg. straw goode, jewelry, Ac., In lot* to ault city and country dealers. CT G. HOBTON. AI'<;T10NREB.-8?LB?K00M NO ] Caimtue street?Will sell this day, at II o'clock, at l.'.t Mutate svrooe by vl'tne of ? mortgage, eto-'a aaiMimilf a tea stcra, trae, cotleoa. spice r, mi urea, horse, wagon and Larness J. r BaDENHOP, Atontej t'jr Mortgagee. CI G. NORTON. ArOTlONKER, WILL HEI.L, THH 7 . day. at salesroom 76 Carmine street, the a 03k of a home lurnlehnig a tore, consisting of a org' ueaortir.en'. of <iu aid copper ware summer ranges lahpolea. rre.a tit'-s, corks, toys, cutlery, ?|>ooiia fancy goods, one wagou an<! harneaa (T G. MORTON. Al'CTIONEER WrLL BELL, OS T. Iuesday. at ll>>* o'clock <f not previously disposed of. the stock and fixtures of a drug store, ccrosr ot Csrnuie an 1 Vartek streets; glass eases counters, shelving, drugs, .' *) faa ey jars, bottles, gas tuiurea, Ac. HT. LEEI>P. AUCTIONEER CALL* I'ABTICtTLAR aiten 1,on to hi* large sale a? smell >n on TucadaT, Vtareh 31. at a clock A. M.. ot all the e sgant and coa'.ly ho le Ml mwi cot t*lii"d In tleprlvate real lenre No 121 West Eights *tre*t The house Is newly fano-h m througho it wtth the be?t class of goo s. and ailordsunpr. dented advantages obuters aa tha assortment 1* very .urge and every a-Jrle la un? peremi>roniy soio. wunnui r<*r??o ui com earn ?nn mem e# Id the parlor at half past i*n o e)<v- - precisely. fata lor lira now ready, and caa be had at the house on'y. >n postponement on uir account The h.isrment contain* walnut attention tablee sideboard. sit* bed e*m chair*, Ac, t..? ether with a fine assortment of chins d:n ner and tea rets cut glass silver platen ware and Ivory cut l?ry. Ac 1 he parlors * re f oral shed with tar* strv rslvst car pal* aod run*, two solid rosewood s Its. In rtea darasslc o veriDffs;sotid rosewood etegeres. cntre ao l side tables e*?v end reoepiir m chairs, tra oil patnuara. brooie gas flx-.urer, m*me)| clock and large and costly vases and deeo-wi >ooa la ~i and'hrocatel window curtains toned ro*ea-oad seven n tare piano, a superb Instrument. rosesood bookcase. oak. suit, In rers. pier ana oval git glasses: Ac., rosewood hall stand, velvet stair carpets anu plated rsds; alegar. carved ruaewn-M andmshngaay burssnafwaehatsnd* anil f reeeh be is>*v' v pure curled hair mstmeses and tedding. Hrnssels nod mgvaoi carpets, mnhoganj sofas, rha?r* and mrkera .te , together with a large lot of other srt'ole* of nse and beauty, altogether too rnmrroos to mention. Terms cash In r::y fan la and goods *nnet he iemoted on ilav of sale i'trai nI rartu-u a 111 be In attendance to pa*k or remove or glow the gnol* Tohk both Art'TionmiR -.tohn boto wn.i* sell on Tneadav. March .,1, Its:, at Wit, o'clock, at Itl Weat Ifclrty slitb street, ad llio lura tura ol' a lam'ly rdng Houth r >nstsiing of rosesrood Bar bur tut a, In rich brmitfi; eisharsn? salts, In satin delator. Hruse- Is aod Ingram oar oria. slicfotss and rngs mahogany and euamoUel bedroi'in farnltwrr marble top table, walnut table and chairs. eVn di d glass ware sliver ousted, and Jho usual v.irkety of klteli-u f .rnHv-rr, with which ib<- said-will Msasnw. LABtlB>mBK^rORT Itsle of Flhl tll?OTM INO. By order ot a<aguess, On Tiietdav. March SI, at No ?J Broadway, by WM. TOPPINO IkOO , A uet lor ears. I) 1A NOT OR TBH AT AITION HT PRUP A OOLK X (la Tseeday, March Ju, at II o cmrk, at 34ti Paltnsx atree . Hrooklys, to cl we the bus.saw five new slaunfsrtex. (fro i the tartar tee si Ullbevi and Re whsII, of Bnsnm.) af superb r kiae sod elegantly tmWhert. ainrnsaiy for toe Brooklyn mar Set and each Instrument win he wsrramed. This sole offhr* sn etevilenluppo" unity of grtung a I ret rata ptaoo. without the rUk xnna'iy attending a sorebs?e at auction, rbn piano* ran be pern from i> a. M. to h P. M. II WAl.TgRd, AfOTTONFNB ?TflU PAT. McC*?' Jt. I Ray A W AI IKHH SOU at II o clork, at A> Cs'b in* street, a general ssaiwtfaent of parlor bedrioin and > fursllure. Also, to par ad van- ea one croeer * agon n ,e I ntirtf ?!>< ball pina Import*-1 wiar, mr ibao-b- < ard w wn reathrmati j?1 Inatmmanta. oaa fold WA'ob and tarra aaha CJAI K OF STAT* BTOnKR.-BT AUTHORITY OF TIIF low.of ladmna I will mil at pooh.- aor'ton at th v rhaaia* kanhaaf* in 'An nttj ft .New Nora, on Walnwio mr flr?i day of April satl at If o'nlork M.. tha aarn-niM of 'h* Ma> naa Fatik of Tndiapa tha Bank of Attn m ana ih? H*nk of North AmarW a a' Cllaton. far fhilnra to r-rn ply wit* Ih* wiwa Indiana mffvfa no tba l> iMna?a of y?t?ral banking lb* afr urlUm to ha anld *matal of f7.KM in I ana IV par "?l * tat* Block, K COn \ irotnia ? par e*nt do. u >.: t* 00 Mtaaourt ft par oral do do., St,< *(> Louiolaan 6 par earn do. do . fI 000 I'ronrylyania 5 pr* rani d" do. JOHN w. lionn, AmllVr of Bum*. ltDi*a*r.? f* March 2B, INS/. SHRMIFT B BA't- 'iK MONnAY, .TiTH MARCH V.7. at III ?>l<v> a it ,at-J? l<roart?ay. eornrrfcalfJi ?** , thr am Ira c aiawla nf a adJVrry. hart>*?? and MRorr can 'kilt r n raddlaaa. ail kind*. hrui)*?. aintl* ^ S*? il* htrnana, and I lor* of all kltda nr*rn-ary f<w tba yftaaa, and alao an aa*oi tawwl wlnpa and \ am,i faary artlriaa JOHN ?H?)N, Dapoty Bh*r1fr. THOWaB \ triklJI, ArCTIOWRFR -BTORR l? nrfttTCR Moau N. 1 -Farnmar prnporK aWnflnr to th* attain nf hohrr; Marlia. drama* I wlQ b* anld at public bunion, npon tka pi>mloaa. 111 and 114 Trot utraat. N. Y , om Baturdaj. A pill 4. lK?r. hala to r.mntntr * at 10 o clork A. M. JAM Fd JKMKINN, Adntmla ra'nr. JaJTR MARTIN. Ailmioiatrao . THOM AB V BITCH AllTTONBFR BTORF Jfn |C, hpror* ?iri" l ?OoaatabMn tula of Kna biand'r* adder Contain Mom** l<mk ?n 1 uraday, March 31, In."'*, at 10 o t Ml A M at Iha tan-amOko No k! nprtire utraat Thaordrrol delltrrtr wM hr ?ly*n to tha piirch??ar ?* aow raarir at the aali rroom. run* K r?KRi>iiTi;n, rmi'iuM WMF 1,1.nil \t T TON 1" V K I' \ W n V,'.1.0' ' . OU ?Mill nil on Nondar, M?roh X) at l?', A.M.M 'ho ?U?n No Hit Hroadira>. noar Priooo atp-oi. Ihr onliro laluabla r inak rnntamod Atwri'in, ronalaiin:- of ?'"no fl^i, Nairnrn. ClivuRti. Vaaln and I'acoarottl wlnoo.fln fLc/ oO.ham parno. of l.o?umtn an.I l.afb ira< r. aioo 40jd<> of Varmaill, iiral MiialltT. 10 do/ Krnntlrnar ? ln< of ln? TluUur" of l-mi, yinlo/. Falnf Nmliion. vintage nt la J, 60 do/ fhairaiu MaRam, C?ianil>nrtln.*vin# Harnern. <'hatoivi> I Anna, rWra><t,* Itfuinnrnol. Rurffandr, llarmn*RO rote Rotte Ae.; ala-'.Mno7 llnaeai !>unol promtoroouaJIdO; 7 do'. *tndr Ira, tin Inge of l?M, ala? a vor* larro ao*ortiMit of Fmnrh oontertVmerjr. mnotarj, plnklea' dried and proaer-tod fruit* in lloaorand brandy; nan In bot'loaof rwaria. if o\tra koalily; a ?o xbont St do7 of lino rj'ra Farina eniniao. tn (Upon* and b?.<Uep; aoreral tot* nopUy Proneli fano* paper hovr*. oiopanll* decorated; aO' oral dor nnratt ?' roan, imioIwiM, Hoii<piet do Ca?nllne and Iho i afio< * Froac h oar fitmna, alonelegantly deenrmtod ll(iiter eela. raV>i:n>- and ?tenl haOlra, aorar atanda Tbea. t?lne? ar" all ? aeranlort by tho aur'i. ,nooi to i>o aa talrd of vary tirai nall'r and of the iflfTk* onl vlntarro a??rH>*4 to thain a o iMM?raiilt ( aunty af the ? Ino* ara now In the I'mltrd Njum Bonded Warefc<vi*o. wl h tho otponwo all nal' and tho pormc* U obtain lho?* am in llio pnramalnn of tho an tnoeera natamtrie* roatly thi* da* at Mto ?tnre or at iho odloo of iho an-Honeor*. Popo^lto re, <| aired. I Wli.T. rk w>u> at ruBT.rr At?rT?oi? on worn at April l.\ If not dlapoaal of before at pf>aio aaJo. my or tiro atrirk of Inn pro. eamagee harnoaa. kc. Ta (bo Mil l??-o am carriage hinara, tight >>r? Iviraaa. ?ad I e 'tnrrea. farm Imraoa ? >? ?, and ihroo hr.onnpb re-ta. Tho too ?,|i be oe- i rrmi inrr, Air rath, to anmnaiW" ? II o rin-'t. at mr farot, . * &*??,tliin NEW YORK HERALD, M( BAUDS AT AVOIKNI. YI7 a MII.I.OH A linvln RIKK ? RY W n TV , Tu*(id?j March 3). M W\ oetoek, m ?ateariniii n and It Pul row, HpWM ibe ft nor Honee, ft ehotce and de VftbM ftiftftk el aohetanttal made cabinet fnrwlturw, ro**?rood pianoforte*. Trench plat* pier and umu el mirror* oil palming* clocks, aOver elated were. Aft ftmoni the flock of ca bfnet I urn Mr-re wl 1 be found ten rotld rosewood parlor suit* covered Id rtch I we aaa three colored brocatel and plush; rich y curved rosewood marble top neotre and pier tables; eerreiolree beaafel*, war Jrobea. book ease* lined with aa'ln wood, sideboards, work tabiea. hat t'aada <>othtc and Kit/a be*hiao style ef chair*. adapted for ball* nod libraries. Alto one rteldy earved net of old chamber furniture; marble tope, oat $77b; oak dining room ftiralture In stiKa eoverei o frnr?d rep*; oak leungea lete a tetee easy and VoUalra ebairo. rocisrs; ten rlch'y decorated enamelled clumber * irtit con i -te with mar*-le tope; mahogany and roeewood chamber fun, "i,re m su*s to match, together with a sanely of Dial a Iurai' ure wpb which At mKwmmmh< oataldfitflg ou miming ef aula duo it out be packed on the premise* for hip; lug. MlSCBLLAiTBOOa. lflC CANAL 8TRKMT i *15 IT SO. 434), mi AS TA IOO rtrk-W. A H. TaN NOrKH.-We have a large aerortmest ef mantel a rate a. k Woken range*, aammer range* aid Cover for aale. on reasonable term* Orates and range* el, Lined and repaired. fttovea lined and repaired. A COMPARISON OP OCR STOCK WITH ANY othkh In Ibe market will prove that we have ihs l irgeai aid beet selected '? k act! that our prices are twen'y per cent tbv cbeaoart Pttfliver* can have their wood* stored unit! the lal of Mar. W. J. P. D , ILK.Y A CO., 831 and 633 Broadway. ACCOt NT BOOKS AND STaTIONtHY.-THR SOB tcribera, having enlarged their premise* and othe'Wht much increased their faclftiee lor condueilo> the genera blank book and stationery business, beg leave to sail the at irniion of Dereham*, manufacturer* and boahie** men g?ne rallv to their large and tulrnatve ruortment of aoaount beeka all of tkelr trwn manufacture, tor the oily trade?ledger* J. nrnai*. day books, Invoice books, receipt books, cash. um* note; b!U and memorandum book*, diaries for 1H67, of all at zoo Many book* ruled and baited to any pattern All war/anted as rood a* any made desra town, and *oM at lowest up towi prices. RaYNOR. howm A PSRRY, At Ibe old stand. 76 8 owery. A WRINGS AND TNNT&?TOBIAS A PARSON'S ANT1 mildew proof awntrpa water proof canvass cover*, Ao made and for sale at 1U Nest sod sa I>ey streets, New York Order* through mall promptly attended to. AICHITKCTURal ORN/MENTt" IN PLASTER, FO* the interior finish o! buildings.?A J. GaRVeY, p'.a"and (.rnamenlel pias,ersr. fhlrd evenxa. .stuve ten )i s'rect. centre j sees cornice and c?iiicir oruemvn s, he latv imer' styjes. tjonn.ry orderu filled and wcrtmcn cent In il>? country. Brufhihi ?jgh* ?. bofpel mix. remote frc? M7 10 329 Pearl street, Harper Building. about tke U of Maj. Superior paint and % their t rushes at Ike lowest V tory prises. Machine brushes made to order. pMEAP, CllfprE, OH aRMINiI.-OCR DE JORATE > 1 ' it a sets, at lis 40; usua. t-rice til. One hundred of them ?fre tcid isst week only i ty te.e rema'n. IV. J. P. D AIl.K. i a Oo , till sno till Broadway. /IaHV.LIAS, OiKllilf, CAV.ELIA8.-A FINE CO-. \ .vcUon of caaieltae. a/?!.-e" and inter choice ureunbo i?e plains, in tine orde will t.e sold at eilr.-meiy low prices. ? account cf ?he removal of the subscriber ROBLkT R It 111 earner of Thirtieth street and Broadw*\ C"i ROCEBTC8, team and provisions. wholesale 1 ard retail The subscriber respectfully informs his o 1 customers and tbe public at lari;e. that be is rdoetvmg d u ., at Mo 41 Verev street t oe teas, . ottee sugars, tlour. untie cheese, Ac . Ac , ourelia-ted for csnB Grocers. bakers, ho" -eperx and fMBMgg who port-base goodstor e?Ah. AM Wish to use economy lo so doing. die subscr.oer -eioeitt'ul y u lie its ihem to call and eteoiine for themselves betore pureha i a .' ami be convinced that they can tiuv cheat" than st any other s.sia'.h?hn ent In toe city for eaan. As b still adbervs to tbe old ivstetm not re'iulrtxg his mo'e bow ab'-e c he-otters to pay tke bad debts which are unavoidable the credit sjr'ra the subscriber flatters hiuaelf siper-ence id the bur ners, and purchasing goode for eaih from mporteru land M hands, it adonis h'm uianv adv? tapes that otfaeis in tbe husiness do not have who purchase Iron, second or thliu hands, cash making a per oemape. PETER LYNCH N B ?th p and sleop stores put up at the sborie ' retire: poof s or.ivered tree of cartage. The subscribsr b*v no rocnecticn w'.ih any other store. /-?a8 FIXTURE-.', CHINA, qlak8 AND CROCKERY "T Toilet trMtl each, dinner sets, t'6; tea seta $1; braoket. I.'cents. W H. HIl.l.lVAx. Broadway, corner laeoty eighth street Grrtlcrkn haying will find the improve. poodretteof the subscribers on. COUNTRY 8BAT8 AND of the best fertilizers, ae well a the cheapest substitute for ma. OARDBRB ou where there la difficulty t brat-Bring suffletent for gmrds end harm pen-asms Its chief reoommendatiena are, that It b nea-, treiteualve, oontatns yo seeds of weds, s very galr eud povert ul fia its operation upon vegetation, and at the asm ust It h sb hdrraieae that It can be pm in direct eontaot wit the aerd or ileal wtthout Injury, which le totally unlike olbs fertJI/era. It wtll brtag early crone of peaa beans, potato* sweet earn. Ac., and for lawas aad grade plats tt la nnrtvall* Tbe small cennllry seed and the eaee of app.iraUou renders very economical. Tbe prtre for one barrel It 81; three ha rels ft. anil hi Ml per barrel for asy u?anm> over sli be rala, delr?t. to tree In the sity A pamphlet will be ferwer d by mall >1/lurnlshed gratis on nnj>l.catlm Address it lodi marufaotp knfu company. 60 fortiesdt street, H. T important* important t-on. ccpr and tai 1 low cups, werranied te save from two to three pintsc' at) where fjur are now sod. Huttoo'e patent first iirevciun ar-.'l feeding atmosphere! oil cups (wtth-ml wick or re'ito li ike oil to gum; (or every deacrlu'to i of marhmerr In u%e klm>, hta iiU'ii llmt iTimliin lubricator for rvhndere *?.< valiea of tir im engine* For eUrnlarm. engravings refeetwee, dr., a<lilri-M JOHN Bl'IToN, 114 Cannon etree;. N. Y N B.-We challenge any other* to equal ike ebore In snwn* oil. Ac., Ac. 1 RUN RA1I.INOR-F- OOMF./ W1BHR8 TO BKI.I* HI I right of mannfactnrinf wire retting by bin now tmrntr. proreaa The above ran be shipped hi hundiea, no paefcipj raqnired. Apply al lJti Mercer atree*. in the rear. JOCVKB'B 1NOPOROUR TRKPARATION FOR lH aUutly * eantnic kid glome of all color*. with mt thewlrb art tn e!L Rub a li'flr on the (love, and the dirt inaianUy di ai pei.r*. One bolile cleans arty pair. Wholesale and reia at 44U H roadway. KKRORF.Nl OIU. Kerosene lubricating oil. No. 1. Krrneeae lubricating oil. No. I, A# cheapest labilaaior e**> eCared to the pubbrItr.arne Illuminating oil, Keroeeae oil. rarattae raflwa^graaia. The abort eCa tan be obtained 1Mb the a*en? Of the company la alt the prtnelpal towae and v-tUagw of the rutted Stales, the t'aaadaa and the Ihiaad 0.* On be. Al'STKNR. Ageato, HI Baaiai HwR LOVIT'R WAHPFNB?AN INDIkN VFOKTaRLK F\ tract, the oaly preparation that will rentore ?rra\ b? r . 1 4 in <g nal rolo.-and cnrr baldneea t'a'l at No. 7U- it.oa way for reference. Ordere promptly attended to. Mr*. RM.Hjrm rhrcmaTIo KMBKOCATION-Fork" .matleir. eklAbleiaa. btmbagn, old eprelna. dlalari (.una, I rniaoa. do., Ao . for aate al tha newa and pertodtex A pet. AS Iilvialoa airesi, New York, aad by Mrn. Hay*Rrnoklya. MABBI.F. MANTKLR. MARRI.R IMANTRIA -Til building public are reopeetfully lavlled to rail at Hi? xrrririm of the amleralgned and evamtne bin atarble nanU briere pan ha'lrif ?lae?aere a? he will ?ei| at* prevent aloe* below met In order to facilitate other arraaremcotn In vf w JOHN FLAN!*!, I HE Broad ma). NOW H VOt'R TIN*. IF YOr WANT Of fWA, OLA?? pae ' miiI'ii "r plated ware. Meeera. PaIuRY A <!(i . the old r?iab I-m u and well knowa deatorr litl aad I. Nrwidwar are M-llIng off their enure atock eider regard to tel. Near jour pnrcha?ee while the aeeortwaeal la mm plate. SHOWCARBB ?RCHMIDT A BROTITFRR, NANt'FA1 tory| and warerronia. do, & N rib William Mf?' near Frankfort. New York, aad 77 Weei Third ?t?-e-t Olnrlnn* Ohio, a large aaaortineat ronfamiy an ka?d; old abew ra?r? tahrn la eirbanga. Orders promptly .?ee-iva?l SHOW CARBR.?BOTTMAN A FRRBCB'B RHOW CARk war* rooms, Boa ?4 fWathem mrox-t and g7 Bowery. A eerral Mmwuweat at shew "Me kept enaatondr c? head. Old bow eaaaa toHaa la aacSeage. promptly aa? gated. fTARTF.. FOONklMT, FVNCTUAI.IY Y.?AT RTBOWO R A aew .oe prmuac onw, ?as nn 0*101*1 '.momaanr. eu i are na band. and mar be iwed i* rrlrunk wbAost extra <-n*rr?. k*ery dw?ririk,ii nf tab print up, hrtt plain wort and I? nnlem, irfir tn ike brat manner, puartnally and ai mndsra prlrea No IV Ana aires:, hetweea Wlilani and tAnhl. M X rrxxmcK* -tbk imh'hrmttb i*d? by tn mbarrtbera la Ike eheaneat and haat maanra la tfc" wny, f"r corn ard refeiablys A yrwpklet will ba aeot ifrrai teacr cue rendtni tkslr address tame UOttl MAVVFACTrRiKO OORI*AMT, Me to OtrBaadt MraaL Mkv Tort CBy. TRm AMD Pl.AMTA-FARROMM A OO, FMfNHIMfl, aaar Maw Tart would aeries pnryliaaaratn ssad la their rrden nartr The eUwk of eioff rwen and ether nmanmia baea ia perurnlw-ly rood aad they aro odored at low rate*. Frail trees. idmba. rnaaa, yfaee aad atotM nlante. aao ta fur slaked n fT?el rertety aad of chntre ouaPly Traaa will ba dettrered at Febon market wharf, (tea of frstcbt. OMMaxiixs bp mall or ( & Wall etreet. baeeaeenl. I'FOB THM RKCMIl'T OF FlFtV OFMTM. I WI1.I, J rend 10 any perwwi a aerret hr wbick eonatertell oom and baak neteacan h? 'elected Addrree WM. CJl'IIFrrMu HAM. MT . Bowery, Mew Tort. THAvru.Fnr tinra. 7" ErnaOM MlVKB MA1I.ROAD ?FROM FF.B. *. IM7. ike trains win laaaa t hambere abaat "adaa sa raiUww reaa tram, no A. M aad SJO P. M ,kaail, 1L Id A. If.; e'ulsranl C l$r. M., fhr Fonfhkeepala, 8 IIP A. M. aad 11 M. acd AAA r. a. for Mac (Mac. 4 P . tTAr PeekaktU. 6 GO F W. Tke I'mnkkrayMa. W?c Mac aad Peekaktii trails atop at las way aUtiona Feeec ajrere taken at tlfcaaikara. t'aaal. (Mwtato phnr and Thirtr Aral atreata Trains Iter Mew Tort leave Troy si AAA and 10.10 A. M.. aad Ittf M.. awl Baal Albany at . IA and 10.40 A. M.. aad AM P. M. ' A. P. MlflTH. Mnpertatewdaat \* EW TOBK AMP RABMM RAILROAD.-FARM TO IN Alhaap. 02.?Tita paaaanaar tralasaa ibis mad far Albany w 111 laarr the comer of Whit* aad Centre .(reew an fol Iowa -Fvrry mominf at AM a'rlnct: evety tVnnan at 4 o'clock. Far* Uirotun to Albany will Ba Iwo dollar*. To ooni meoca on Monday afiernooo. I Ah fnal W J. tlAMPRRl.l., Hnparmtsadant , Brw Tout, Feb. 14. 1807. XTWW TORK AMP IRri RAM.ROAD MPRCIAI, *0 iN lire?On and ailer Tuesday, ftth InaL, all 'emu will pane direct over tke Mew Tert and Beta Ralpaad. leetiaftba company a depot, fool of Diane street. dally, Aaadar ? eioapt ed, aa telbrwa A. M.. Pnaklr* express. MA A. M.. mail train 4 P. M.. Mewbnrt and Rockland enemy air rem. AM P. It , blsht cipreaa nanask iIn iki il II r^ rr nsnal. Mo advance ia tare. Ticket oBeea?At dm** feot of Pnane ebeet, IJA. U. and Ml D.TTlloi'ALLVli^'denerel tnp'rta'.odoat rrbmorr tt. 1X7. mmiio. avbtraua piohrrr mrr foh b didiv < ar xV rrtai; tl>? Uir'rd ro4ll ?1l?* H?* f?r% r >? lip p?r abtp HRVKl.T Edward Todfl moWr i? wn ro**-Inf ?rfi?i p(?r Ho. X NmI ri\?r. *od Will on I >n tlio 10U> April. It>'in tnr ?li * rot r*b,q piw?<"nir?r?. ?>w h froifki or pHH|? apply wi h. w ?TaMIROH, Ho. ft | H<m ling anon For ravarmaii aro fi/irwa.-c.wit** water iniiU lino.- T>* Mrainor Al'OtTHTA. ('-<iitA.ii II. Ynmtb*;). will imrr ? A* irdftf. lib A pr \ a? fn*r ?> .o k P. M . from p lor Ro 4 Nirtll r'ror. 1U1.? of Ift-lin* MT-Od on boor*. Ear frolffM or p?wo4r? Appt* <0 x. i- W n n UT.. Ll Rreodwev Ttrmirb i? >rw frww H?w Yn'k to . ?-? ? ild,

tv , AO. rilM??. f? r wM* I 111 In U? 4k ?t WTAtrr- *rr>w Ttr> f 7 iO*d?r> -.ij )NDAY, MARCH 30, 1851 iHiywua. VW VQKK AH) L17KBP001. cirrrap AIL IN Llverpeol?The United Twetee bmJI maan.titp ATLANTIC CHguSeO. BMrtdee, will dnwet with the Putted HUtese nulla for Barepe, poeiQveli on a prfl ll. M IS o'eieek X , from be? berth hi the foot of Caoal ttrrti. The ateamere of thte Bne have Improved water tight balkbeada. For height or jiaaaaga, having unequalled aoooremodatioae ier eJegaoee and mtwabu a. wuuini. ? wniaiTiiii. Career gerp *re rrqueoLxl WW an board at 11 A. M. All letters most pare through the Poatofltoe; anr ether* *t:i b? returned. N.B ?The ial? of freight from Liverpool la reduced la 14 per via, meaanremecA until further notice. Thb britbh worth amkrioam royal mail lt.n Bteannblpa rnon eaw tou *0 uvaRroo*. Cblef cabft peerage |M ?ecood oabto parangs 79 ray* soeryjr to uwaitrooL. (W cabin peerage ??? BuoondMtlnplaam 60 The ships from Beaton call At HelMka. FKKKIA. CapA JndkhML CAN ADA. CMpA 1 Ang. ARABIA, Capt. J. Hunts. A MSB 10a, Capt. WirkmMa. ASIA. (Apt K O. LotA 1040 ABA. CMpA Ryrte. ATM JO A. CapA Hharnoo. tOHUPATOapt J Lettoh. These vessel* carry a clear white ttgat at meat Wad; green on atarboard hew i red on port bow. MIaOaBA, Wtckman, leave Boston, Wednesday. March 11. PKBKIa. Jitdklna, " If.Vorh, Wednesday, March 1A AMBBKVA, Urny, ft*ton. Wednesday, March 26. AKK10A, Hhemvcn, " M York, Wednesday, April X. r CROP A. Letter - Beaton. Wednesday. dpril A . ArlA, Lou, - M Tort, Wednesday, April XA Bertha not ae-nred nntll paid fas. An experienced rargeoo on board. Theownersorlfieoeah.'pa wtl] not W apwun tableInr gold, e-lver. bulttrn. apccia, jewelry, predone atooee or uirtala, nn Iras bll>? of lndfcg are algned therefor. and the rains thereof herein expressed. t or freight or peonageapply to B. CUBA BP. Ifn 4Bwrltug (trees. CTKAM TQI.1V1CRFOOL. 930-TH* PTBAMBHIP OITY O OP BJ vTIMORK, Capt. Robt. Leltch, will tell en Tbitrsdar. April 2, at 9 A. M. Pare In cabin 966 and 60b. a'eerage. f.'O. tor.Jndlug cocked provisions Por passage by above steamer, or Or at class railing packets, apply to BaUBL A OUflHUB, 177 Broadway. FOB LIVERPOOL-8A1LB to-MORROW at 12 o'clock, the Black Ball l'ne clipper peeket ship YOHK AB1BK, Capt. Bryant Por jaaeage in oabtn, a-ocno cabin AP.i t leer aye apply to JACOB WILdOH, >08 South street. G*OB UVBRPOOU-BAIIB AT 12 O'OLOOK TO-MOR r row. packet *blp RBW WORL.D, from pier 19 Bait river. Ship JAMBS R. KBELEK, for London, aa'i- ?nrlll(l Pare, pc endcab'n fhl, rtcertse g s and found. lenge'brouslil nut fVnm Bnt nitpl of TraUrui or V?ialBiv4 ft iho In ua At t rAlPd Apply toTHON. 0. ROCHE, 83 Booth street CHI* LIVKRPOOL?"BREADNOUOH T LINK."?THE " celebrated ship anknkw flihtkk will positively sutl to morrow, hi o'clock. For MMfM aDelyin board. pier 6 (Nor b river, or to D?.W ARBST A JONES. 40 Booth s' reel and 36 Old allp. STEAM TO SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE.?THE MAO ntlceiil rteamrhlp vandhrhilt, 6 400 ton*, will aali: I'remNKW YOKK for From SOOTH a MP TON and rtOi Tit aMPI ON A 1IAVRK HaTBR for NEW YORK. 1 Matey May 6 Thursday Iuee4 ' uesday JnneTH Tuesday .July 31 Thursday Any 13 Wednesday. Best. 2 Price of i-kASSfe cabin, according te location of sfa'croom. BUM t? si 3(1. second cabin WO Specie delivered In IjOndim and Parla For p? usage or height apply to _ I) TO&&AN0P, Agert, No. Rowling Green, N. T. rjTTA'M BBTWRXJ* NEW YORK AND GLAHOOW.O KDINBUIO. 1609 tona William Mumming, commander NEW YORK, 2,160 tnua. Robert Onlg. oonnnandcr, (II. AH GCW. 1.962 loaaJokn Duncan. oommander. The Glasgow and Mew York Steamship Oompany Intend Bailing thrae new and powe.-fol steamers from Mew York to Glasgow direct, at follows:? Bdinbarf, Saturday, March li, el IS o'clock, aeoe. Mew York, taluxdey. April 11, at 11 o'clock, nooe. Glasgow, Batnrdav, April M, at 12 o'efcek, nnoa. k at as ?>r i-AssAsa. First Class, 916; third alass, found with Booked provWowi 160. An eiperleeeed snrgeon attached to seek steamer. Fat frelfht or par sage apply to JOHN McSTVON, 17 Broadway New York ell# Bills or gold only reoelved for pasaaye("tRKAT REDUCTION IM FAIR TO ECRO-?F,.1 First call I >. |N0. second cabin $60. third cabin, |3u. In the first class paddlewheel steamship ARIEL. 2 OUO 'on*, in sail from new YORK for SOUTHAMPTON and BREMEN, en Thursday. April 16, and on Thursday. June A Pasa-ngem I >r H A\ RE will be sent on In e first rinse steamer ennneclU u with the Ariel, en arrival et Bouthamolen tipeeie deli send tn l-oTdcn and Parla. Persona dcslrlrg to bring ent their Irienda ran obtain certlticatrtsf passage The Artel Is ennui In every rrspect to anv I'M) ton ship atloat. For pass tye ?r trelghi. apply to D. TORRANCE, Agent, No. I Buwttag Greene, N. ?. Tee livkrpool and Philadelphia htbavhbip Oaaspaey e Clyde built Iron screw Ktoamshlps city of B alti more ... .2.367 ton#..Capt. r. Leltrh citv of Washington.. 2:?numa....capL w. Wvite. cjtv of manchester. 2 I(W urns... .Oapt f. a Petri* K aNOAROO 1 a;t too#?Capt. Jefirsy. The I ode mo led or other veaaelee are intended to sal) as to) lows.? FKOM Lit IWI'OOL City of Baltimore .Wednee'ay, March 11, t:i*y of Mane hosier Wednesday, March 25, ("IS# of Washington .'Wednesday, April M, Kangaroo Wedneaday. April XL eed each alternate Wedneaday rson assiuca. Olty of Bal'more from Mew York, Thursday, April 1, Cliv of Manclieatrr from New Tark. Thursday. Aorll 111, Cite cf Wuhli|M fn? New Vork. Thursday. April :*l, Kurwm .from Mew Tork. Thursday, May 14 and tick alternate Thursday RATKS Ok CARIO rAMACR. From Philadelphia and Mew York, $W>, Ml, WO. Fran T.tTrrpnol, 21 guineas. 17 guineas and 15 guineas, noeurding tr ike noenmmedattiin to the elate room*. nllhaetnic Ike dann prt vllege ta the saloon. Including steward's faea 1 HIKII I'liW I'lMIMlIM A Hmlted number ol third class passengers wtll ba takei and found in a* mnon pru>eK>n?m required. From Phlladnl I'hia and New Totk. Am From Liverpool, 940. Ortlfiea'es ol pa?age will be leaned bare to partlea wba ar laalroua ol bringing out their frtenda at ooi responding rata* Tbeaa taarriara are eor?trueled with Improi-ed wmrr lift e*en|iartmenta, and each raaaal oarrtaa aa aaparloarad aui gees. lirafa on Liverpool fraap ?1 unwarda. a II a red a tent ta the agents will ba furwarded ?Ith r cunom; ud diapatoh For freight ar pannage apply to .'ObN U. DA1.K, li Hroadway, N. T,, Agent. ar HK. IhMAN. Uaad 18 Tower Hnlkttagn. Uvorpeol. ST KAN FOE ftOtTHAHrTON AND AWT WIRT.?TTif new troo screw steamdiip BKUJiyilK, M I Frest/n mmn-aiider. will ba despatched for the above porta oa Faea oar, March .'tlat, from pier J? Forth rtrer. Hani of uaamgc, Including provbkma:? la t'Tal rabbi M In evened cabin b la third oabia :1 Tka niaamrr baa lira watertight coatpartaaaata. and carrlei aa oiperte?1 surgeon No freight taken after Fatordar, Narob K. and ao billa a lading signed ar parcels received on the dar nt railing For freight or passage. havtag superior aoeawimodai looa h* cabin arc oteeraga passengers, apply ba AlUlim MEL MONT, 7 Hanover afreet The steamship COWeTTTUTlON, I "apt B. Pougla, wit anereed tba Belgtque and tall oa Tiieaday. April Tlat CXX* gOPTHAJfFTON AND HATU?ffllt CWTTEI F Ntalaa mall alaamahlp AE'aflO, D. I.tnea. eammaadar Win irate for Batrra, touohteg at >n nib toe to land tie malta and passengers, on Fainrday. April A M 12 o'nlook. frwa pier R North rtror, brat of Reach streak. raica or atwAoa. Flratoabln SUM) heeondoahln , Rl Ihla ahlp haa tea water tight emnaartiamiiM eaeloelng thi eaginea, ao thai In the aernt of eel'Isten fl* stranding. U? water eouid not reach them, and Ike pwmpa being free u work, the ?afaty of the eeaaol aad paanangina ww Id be e* enred. baggage not wanted dariag the voyage abyuld > Beaten b<*rd [he day bofern selling, aabad 7rbete# " Ni freight will Ba lakan after Tharadae epril 2 For freight ?< pannage apply to MORI 1MRR I.ITf N11MFOW, 88 Broadway ,The steamer Fnltoa wtll nmoaad tba Araga. aad ml] Mag A 1 ' VITRO HTATIW MAIL HTBAM.-Hir LINK FOR H* I \aaa and New Orleans ?On Thamdar April 2, at i o clock P. M . from pier ftnt of Warraa street. borih river He fast nod fbearite at*'amahip FHILA<DFJ.PHt A. a. tl Orsy, will tall m above Paamge eaa be meured at ili?otTio of iha Hoe. Freight to New Urloana. Rfeoata per cable fore reeehed April 1 Nhlppera will be supphsd with blank b * of lading <>f the form signed by the ttaa ea application at the" oNoa. No ether farms signed. aad no Mil or lading wtl gned after the hour of sailing Far freight or paamge applj at the oflioa, 177 Wmt afreet, corner of Warren M. O. ROBERTS, Agent. / kWLT LINR WITII~RrRK f'ON.VBOTION -TRANBT1 " ' it* mile* shorter than any other roeta and ik> rjuna ire u ' rrr narigeting. Doited Btatea mail One. Fifty oa*i?ta bag ageirea. Ill eerta jwr poana on ?<??? r?':r nnorr iron wear, in or ran, by ruiiM Mailroel The-e.rh In ('ePrwri h? ru?Bt Rati men the I'nlled MM Ma.l Moan.ahip I pin i*oi will despatch for \epinwall on Rrm.lai tpri, i> ?' t? . nVork P II. prenaaly, from plor frxH of Warren atrre\ Jlorib rieer, the wall known and ta?t wean nhtp II.I.IBofX Ha, le'i. < haa P Hum 0. R. R naaaiflaad aiatfa I warded try Panama Railroad aad nonnr.-t at Panama wish ibe Pacific Mall Hiramaliip ikaipw a mapnleacnt r'naki IXil r>KR ilkTI, R I. Whiting. orwnmaader which will I. la readlneaa and loava Imaodlairlr ?>r Ran f'mwiacn. fbe labile are informed that lha Parifi Mall wnwh.p t'wnr*/ * aiwara hare one nr mor? I-Ilra (drainers Bg at Ptawi.a ready b? pen 10a -old nnv pnaathlo detention of piaaar-era ..r walla. Pnr rae?age applr lo I. W KtlMUNn M'henaiv o(licnnfl?iaron?oeBle?. 177 Weei ?treei.rnmer m Wvma*, h. > hrgnlar Called elates mall atwuarr days. vb aad J*!i ol earh month. SI 7 TON A OO 'R D WATCH f.IKR P~OK~RA.VrK~AX aero-nailing regularly and poollrel? na or baf " ine day adreii ard ? Clipper of Hniurde' . earfl l-i, Inau -i, . r?t rO<e? and no deamlon -7 be apleadkd A I <-!ippe? H J IP t EaRMKR. I.uraa. waater la reoeleiaghrr rarga * pier Rn. " baal flier and will poaltlralr aall a* aborr fhe fbvarno rl ppar baa made tba rot ace la IU daya 'o Ran Pr?n . ?c., and P-daia bach, dl?ehargfnt her cargo la perfert order, awl I aul'Halilnp her reputailoa for food aollrery of cargo tinanr t aeaed by any 'eaael lagbe (Wlfnrnia trade To ahlwcei > de Mi aw of lancing their goods at the ear lieat ponaih- day, la (na entHtlbm, Ibo 'banter praaenta tineanailed lodn.-meiva C'TTOR k OO., bh Houtb free', tamer af Wall atrw, tTRTRAtJA PJOITRICR URP IWTAnUMtRD ISM. Carry '.na the rnl'eil I a en millr Railing rej'ilarly on the dar a,li-arUw-1 jW aoblc A I alipprr shir < RAMBI.tR 1 IDO rotr* ar'.i-raa. Idltkriip. master, la ynw at her baiih, pior Mo II Kaa rtree. reeeRing cargo, and will bare immediate despatch. Aa the ?rrar portion of ber rarro la airaadr engaged, thlipgre may eal; upon he aalilnp ta nlrnareof aayniherablp now up f >r boo too. For freight or paotage, baring elegant en,,n. model loon. Apply jo W. OAMRRON Mo li Rowling Oreen. Right bllla for aalo and eaeh adianeeo ina In on eonalgn MM O?ofgnma in Australia, WUtlnana, Brother* A (Vi rm-BAUAT- KAjroARon unit TUB mourn eont ROOD ton clipper ahlr OOuPIN HORN. Oor aom maader.wlll be d.-apeiraed Ibr Wolhn'irne rooipUron her an oo.nted dar, aad ho the fltaf ahlp to aail R'-r are imioorlvirwii for saloon and ec uad rahln peweiger* ere >m? rpaaasd *?r ?? < rlrnr tool ? W*n atraat. or '? llitlXFA l/lfcn .? VlMUUl'. H* Wall atraot or oOODRi R. ARkfl.L A kl.UOT n? IVarl rirMC rl HAVANA AMD HORtlJL Tk? Cnlia?l ptaioa Mat! Mtaaniar Bakir citt. mm. a?wwf, Win loorn for tba nhnra ?<* <? on Tandav, Arrll 7. !><* h?r plnr. M Narthrln* foot of Hprta* atooat K 13 o alnrk, nn?n I'rolght lor Maw Hi Ion takar. and Harwardoil from Monti* frao ot nonmtaaipn. < vrnipany'a klUa of UUlnr can ha pre* rod M Uia oAraof tho acrata Mo otbara atanod 1'arkaaot ranatrad at Ota olMoo nam 10^ n?ei,?*k, and Mlla of lading algood no u> tho Honr of railing. For fratflbt or iai|f aprlr to rorr, mmttfi a no.. A?*n?. M Month atraat. I/OK MoAFOtJl AMD I ttMRMBCMD. TtR t'MTTMD r Ma>*n nuul o<urml. p Rot N<>h M. OaoL Ttaa. Hklnnor, ? HI lanra fnr iha ahoro plarta on Vt odrvoWor, (Ha lat Anfi' at lour c irwfe r M.,INRfW MlMrili rtmr. Abo mil ar nra ai Morfo k tl.a noil aAnrao a. at ratarab irf tbo following rmrnlng. I'aanang.ra far tha Aon b Will pmoond dlraetlg on l'? to* craal IVii.ibror mai ilno 'o 1 "bar oaton. Anfnata A* ?a tnai Ar fhoio ti>' R-oh ron I will arrton at taotr loVI *|r< i V a art !? frnrrl ra will i od Ih ? thn '?* *^KP A \rinzssar, CtMiVlfl r. MUlWMIli ^ _ j VflBLO* OAUPKM 11 IL' ? Ticket* W f nie Mo*n?i F HiHCn li&7, More attractlone b> TMt WOKPKRfUi, lAVBT.R, f lrit night of the grand ml; lair* eneetae'e panHim me, BLANCIIh., OR rilfc HiVaL FaiKIK* 1 he great Anionic a* Brno . .'lime aa Klog Tnp?y Tnriet Mile ROHKRT In a new '.a lei La boryorttkr* YOUNO HFMII.CH and YCH'NO AM K RIO A, rvou tioi- ON Tin tlUHT Rol It. Hr AUtCK's THKA1 RK. Farewell ?v?k of Miss MAtltPA HBBOM. Kosnii Mahph 30 laat idgbl but Ave of her pet fo-snanee In New York Laat night of M K D A . The tragedy will bo preceded by the delightful omMletta of HkLiCaTK liROU.Nl>, In which the pari* a 111 lie arulaued by Mr Waleot, Mra Huey and Mr Reymida The Manairemi nlbeg* u> aonianr* :n reply 'o a rei'dat'ion pitgrnud ou Kildav b\ many at Mlae Heroo'a admtrera ar.d IVtenda ibat tt would be impoaethlr In U* abort epttce whirl Inleryenea between the reunem and'he <1 we of her engage men! to pioduoe KOhKO ahl) TUolKP, or any other o bbakeprre ? plavH, n titling fo-m In her neit engagemen' the Management w id endear t to <to en, an.l In lha meantime in obedience to tbelr wiane* ant he p'trgetilnn of many <>' the < rtuea of the prea*. MIm Matilda Heron wli) app ar on Tut (day evening. Ma-eU SI, in the character of rianoa. In SMman'e play of KAZIO which will afford the public 'he opportunity they oealieo' reelog hei In a haracter with *h>i li tlie y arc laml tar. 1AVRA KPRHK'A NRW TBBATRB, J f>24 Broadway, near Houston street. M'*a Laura Ketone. ??lo l CMMUd IHrrr'-.Hi Performances common ;e with tbe overture nt 7,'t> in n. Mnwn.v K,\ t sini; March 10 lu67, lllKIkfcMH NIGHT or THK BLVBL 1HK SLY*!*; ok, TM? TATIH4 HMIDF, produced with new scenery, costumes, properties end rm ehsntcal suecta. Lei;*rb.?Tbe mountain furcate of Paatorla are Inhabited, H Ik mIo, by Pivte*. Sprites ana Klveo who. like tbe Phantom Dai errs of Germ >111, deHglu to em rap travellers Into th?lr realms and torment ihem wUh their mischievous antics Having the power f transferring ihe spirit, they often, in tbelr maHewua pan la give life to the newly dead. HUM ues, rocks aid trees arc hccd jbtaatfMtty muring In the forest; hot it In only during the n*v iher retain their lirilttouo existence : at tbe approach of mi. h r thtv resume their immobility. Count Coldstream Mr. Wbratlelgh Colin T. B. I ?h Prince Jockey Club Miss Kale Regno,dv 8l)\a the hlatne W?* Laura Keens 1 be new mmm arranged and com posed by Thoe. Imkcr. Previous to which tec popular drama of HKhAVti cr DKLl'BION. Supported bv Me** O. Jordan, Burnett, J. A Bm'th, Ring gold. Mis. Ada i Ilium ami Mrs Johnaou. stARM'M S AMERICAN MUSCITH.-SEOOND WEEK Sj of the new comedy. 1 hn matted and extuPra'tng Sue cean that has attended ti e ptodtSMOU of tbia Ireah, aparki'.p and original baa euc wmM he Mi.. nir . n their or.flaggtrg ell'orle tu aim at eouatant novelty and variety in tbelr emertalnmenta While preonring for rehevrsa! therefore, a number of new sad merelnrloua piece* wht-'i tb> v air conlier nt when produced will merit the public aim. ration, tbey yield lo the general w ith and will repeat on Mou day evening at 7>? o'clock. DOI'BLE FaCfcP PHORl.K Oe*rge Medley ana Tick A-rummeH Momr*. O. W Clarke and T. Hadaway; kmUv Mb* Mrwtaver atiernnon. at TRYING IT ON andlTKK IRIsH LION. The Iyvmg '-er i uw, llappv Family, Ac. eeen w ithout extra charge. Ad mission 26; children under ten, 12' * cents. BCCKLRY 8 BIHKNADRRB, NRW HALL, SS6 BROADway. opposite the Metropolitan Hotel. A GRAND OLD WKKK?ORKaT NOVELTY". Monday evening. March SO, and every evening during the week, the tery sneeessfol piece of tHM OLD FOLK8' CONCEIT. A lto the l.rat time of the real EbPRNCR OF OLE YIROINNT. With tbe beautiful singe' YOtlNG ky.KEICt. Tiwe Aitekkp.?Onneert commences at 7?*o'rlotjk Ticket* 36 cents, orchestra aea'a 60 cents BRTANT'R MINSTRKLH. MECHANICS' HALL, ?"J Broadwa? ?Monday eventns March 30. ldS1 Open every nlshu Immerse aorrear. Great hi* of tbe learned Elephants, CaavDIe and Armond. received nightly with ahontv of laughter; also the F*ea?ed Chinamen essence of Old Ylr glnny, Introducing ihe two Dromlo* Jerry and Dan Bryant. * limlsslun 36 cents To commence at 7>g o'clock. filRANKI.IN MUSIC*. 127 GRAND STREET. OB* ' door 'rem Broadway, Bp stairs ?Tws perlormiun ev eierv day, commencing at .'I o'clock in dm af ernoon and at R In the evening 'bis Is Ihe only establishment In the cur whetc tbe Model Art stre are exhibiting The troupe consia * of twenl* Keren young Is.liea. Ken.ember, up stairs / AKARL1Y WHITE EVERY" KYININO AT HH OPER a I V House. 49 Bowery, In his great e (n-strlan burins.pie of */.k.PPA. Tagether with Billy ynln, Pete Mom*. Whi'e'a Serenade ,AOLE BOLL, The greet Norweg an Ttollnlat, will g've hi* KRCOND (TRahD PARSWELL VOCAL AN'D INSIRl" MEN >'aL CONCERT. At iMuiwnkra'R 8?loon , toapat ctkniai;, uaiicii St, 1867, MTirtcil by the loloplag eminent talent:? lair a VICTOR I A (I1UKK, aograno, his. UIaNNONI Big. OaWaRORI. hnaen: O W. IUHUaN.': H. 0. 11** plan ?l I Tlrkcta <1 , Doom open at 7: oonrart rooimrnf' - e 7 Iekat* may ha obtained at a>l tha hotr.N amui'i > e* Krwmn hiau na) ha a-'iirril hi rovitw* h it , t* ttorea of Neaata. *m. ht li \ mm, C. Hit-in n*'? ??.?! e> ha ! a g A l.ntn i- No eilra cBarit* l?r renorred aaata Purahaaara ,jt lU'ktta fn th- la*< concert wilt phx- ha*a a thefc ei changed or redeemed at Wiu. Hall A ron No. 'AM i. ftioaduay. Brooklyn athin.hom ? little lavinia tuom HON. In -orapllanoe with tha special rt<iueaia of Rat. 1 raii' U Vinton l> I> , float J H T Hlranuhan Alfred L*rga, f C. A. Towneend. Dr. A. Cooke IT all. <l?o A. Jaiwl*, I* >* 1?. Mnldleton, 1 beori.ire Bni-tra Edward A. Ijimhert I. R Burn ham, .lamaa M. Hurt, R. U. Burdell. Alfred E Itynaa, V. Knight, with many ladlaa and* ganllamaa nl Bmoblyn who w?re in emjaeouenee ol tha alortn unable to attamd b -r last reading*, baa tha honor hi annnunea anotAar antarUiiunenl at lha A tha d<i urn on Monday. March in. Ticket* 16 cent*. Ta t rnramrrce at H o'clock. VI ELODRON rittt CONCERT HALOON. ?; HOWEBT, ill open every -venlng. with a grand roahlnathm of voce' 1 a r.i u grthnr w ith a variety of liabi performance. N. H I The t.a*t of Ihiuora and aegara Lngar bear on draught Pe I iiAla atu-adanla t ommeoee at 8 o.ckock, Cioaa at IX Sacred onir-n on Mundaya. ' XH'HCAl B all, l?t BOWERY -RE ENUAUP.WeNT Jrl of Ton Vmod. prior to hie departure for the We??. r Ha wtll appear every atentng for two waaka In hi* e?ml-.'L - lha HMTTU A PARMfcLEa 1 I kONT NIOLKCT TO SEE it CIlABLRT WHITE * id hi* great part In Ma/.aITA at hta Ottara lloi - Pi Howry, with hit opera troana. Blf.y tjnln, Peta Marru, tier J rel. Vincent, Ptarre, William*. Ac. Oraat fun thla weak. ' rrtllK ORIGINAL CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS, 1 Tha oMaat aatab baked hand ta tha war Id. I J. W. RaVNOM A R II PRINCE, Proprtateia, , Mill npwa la Ml Lonik Marah SI i J.Y DOMNELI.T, Agaa., ' Th JANA'IERS Or THEATRES RRQl'IBIMO THR UKR I ir I tlraa ?K Rblldrrn capable of art lag parte, aart aura the > aid of the Miaaas Viola and Adela Pluokatt, by applying to r Mr? II P Orattan, at Mlaa lAura Kaear'a theatre r? PROPRIETORS OP PLACES OP AMUSEMENT ? A voun* man. thoroughly riper lanced in hank name, wtahaa a aituniKin an Urkpt arUar All menny taken by him will h1 ( ararteed bt a raapoaalhla partr A<ldraaa ar applv to O. H C , at the exchange ofBoe of .loan floopa, lot Broadway, Mt'BICAJL AND DAITKM. *m PIANOS TO llR SOLD TO OLOKR AN est4te.t ' irwlair to tha death of the proprtator, thaaboranaw r i tenaa will br aoid at lax than lha eoat of manufattirtne. Iha?a w tab In i to pure Itaae win tlnd thla a rara -h*a-a hi pat oo-l p.ah'H. aheap t aU at the ma ufaetnrr Net. 71, 7.1 and , : Reel Twentr aaeend .treat near Irilngioa atanua. Rrary iiAtniaiaai wai ranted tor oaa jear. A SPLENDID ARSf)KTNRNT OP PIANOS -JDIMop A J\. MlUllkK h*<c raaotrd mmtrntfirtr. imwa Lbr New York Bntrl wharr ran be frwl the bar' ?annrUhrr.t at n*niki>4 ta tba rHf. tor Mia ? MM. N. H. Blrtaaa tor ptanaa aad fiarnnam. Am rf?Ri>Kov?.-rnit *;OI,U.Y trphoui clarion tttna i-?nrdaoo. will Jamb a arwlp tat mini faaitil.r r?wd?. ara all ike rut Price It ?i to tU H*n oa that ran I ha heat aad druimlhat can. Arcirlaoaa tnaed and mpnira-' Hatorwhar, Iff.' Chatham at ran Am m robkwooo ; octay-r ?> piano to to a private fkmdjr who alll loan IJO to iba owner. ft..- w af moor jr * an nttaal to'ha nan of plaoo. Addraaa D. C. Kn nnlda. Brn..kl)n Portofflcr Am T?rN<> l.tDTVIIHW fOOlfl MMtvi IN TOral ati'l tnanimeiita m'udc - i he Pre ,<-h a 1 mnaw ?Df oarer. in etthar a arhoal <ir prlrau' family Plaaar avtraaa I'ai a. ?roa-t?*r I'oat oflirr Am HN (LABOR aIRLY CARTRD BBTKN OCTAVE RmSwood piao'.'oiia for aala. I olehed la a ?nperb ?tyle, wrh (nor irnad ciwnara. with bark aaao- a* iha irnnt, rVh he,rT mrrad and artbttr * ?? all rmtnd roaUv rar' ad lam (rarna aril fruit la rallnf. padala m match, real paan tataxt work ol ho ma of pleat/ fnnatalnn. An , aatnl trraad a M.,-m O'er atitinf haaa. powerful rVh 'oar, ?**r tooth. with amliop >nd hart made to ord-r i j oar of tha boat maker* of tAla rttr a ith full * arranwa. ran ba follr taotod. haa '"<ra In Bar Vy lanmatha; la wlihout fault or blaopali, aad wariht ttea'ioa n< thnaa la aearoji of a nrorb and oni-i'ia dr? ai j n* ta piano haa at'?l to matrh, prior UTS. r<a? ?. ?> Can h* -?rn and r am mod at Uta raadiw" if?" Nlt'li atente nan i to Yrrm-'M lluiel, nrar Pnrtlatl: a'oat. fur four dara from "1, A M t i ? An n??nri r ill hamlrr.-l to a rwh pur. f t i*arr N. N ?Baa paektnr roar r Am ^m Rri.BNDin bftrv oCTtTI ro^kwood piano I art for ll.v ' tat Ako m.<- yaarac" alan atiy mnad I and | ntra a. at imtnmae bAntvoa lor earli of monthly payinaata Old p mko takan la ?p anp or I'fifiit Tor oaah at 1112 Tm otY-aittli <traot, m-ar N ith areinc B. OONZ A MCA LKfTLANCriCRN QrTnnTu.BA-THI?~L.\TR PARII. onahia t*rre aa tanjrht at ihr danelm? arnl?ntna of Allen rvodwmth l*| . klrt t. "t.n ? ? ll lrt rtpUon of all lha li? rna haa inat boao pnbll?ho.| at lb>' mulate atora of II. B. DunwortTn. ttO Hroailway. PI A b io"a n n~V P i ,f >of ona-cTbicTt raroainm owiri to ahoraCona < < ha madi a h? rttw rooma a> 11 hroadwar thr larira ?t?*>k of plaooa an ' tiiAlmlOoaa a dd durtnf thla wmk at loner prw than arar batnra odered la ihla rlty Plaao* and namdoooi tn rant noBAOR WATNRN, AfanU PM IA NO TOR NAlir, A <IRP AT NA' ifpirl, Y~oS" I dor of Ilia a??'knar a 'ion tm od r arw ? ! man , crave equal to oaw ttilly trntn ad, prtc IIS., fla'l frmn ft to I'2 a? t?? Brtftdway ror.m l? M MR A T A -lfn^-r rrn nirw r? OOTAfil. hODItl) corvkr hrh. Uuit l?n?* nlAixK mad* by * flr? ' \Mtrn ell* m*k#r will be I wM At * mryflr* tr> fine* A *?n- *? Uv *.f At !? >uh Ihey W* In pnrVrt order And Hr*l tram ih# IV s>ry. Apply m rd Intel j nt 1? Twelfth elreet, between I IfJi and liiih 'Mum. I TIROR AIROltR wa!?T*r? Iw ar FTM. (irv. eh <1 rHt rh dr RmnbV n. ?iHrn< wnh ?-f?>rrv?? nr ? ah ! -. bot in* Poet nflire ?Joa'I < a >on? m > ? cood. A reel dent ef Rrr?*l?n preferred. , j inaw. ! A?TI rt'Rril ARRRA CAR PROCrUt r A R'' A T *" fN ' Vn^hrm U>w?#?Ur inH <^r?on * * t| ...I. ..fw.rdr**, MrniM 'In, uvl *-,h" "-* * jt'ywaRB: r rt~?~T f | ATAItA Rltn AIM CABAJ?AR.Frf?A*0R*OA ?*L ?, ate^KSsi^9 : 7 am hi ?i*. Bboajo* at tbbath* R. a MafahaU. .. Unto i?m W. B Riahl^r Stage anaage/ Poor* (?u?u vim7U. UllI'Mt N -Ml I i VB1.Y of tb#? world rrnrannl ui churl*. net OUT ?**t 7 bey wlil apietar nil i i, March 30, i-ad during ibe w e*h In a <;Rt*T> l< %WXT red iifclbit lheir oilmen! <j in lartpui feat* of nrlttj ilnrer*. ' aicb'l i; m, Ac. Mr., precd <1 each I'lrrt By . aiam.i tun i wltn a farce, fa wbl b ilia in cut of ibe BK'BI.LK.NT I'ki>' OMrtsy v ill r iital/i rlii>rioter* A I?At FRRPORtf AKCI 111 KIJtrilANTP, *\, On h itch rail. I, Ic arec waaodatn fio illo yen li Mien Ac. l.oora oo*j at ?>? a<* at.'! P M. Kviblna ratiitamnirnta oou n . i> *ub the Over urn at 7'4. BBrrOBAM'H HOWKKt . r *fBB Lftaer . Mr. Jaha Fr???C?ni # Acting and Mag" Manager. Mr. ?T. B. flow* Orrhwtia Chain, en n nta. Dr* ' or? and Boxm, 25 c?nla; I'lt and tJallery. i'-X o?r ?> open At fX> < roa" menre at 7>. o o'ock Moixi'ir Rtani d.uca 30, 1857, Dlra 1 <lf IK AM) ui TACK. HI.B/i A IJ. . >>* WMIK BCRTON'N NRW Tlltiti.f 'ilOAntt'AY. Mi nuay?a atarbrf con >, and a new fhree. IK J ? * aUB ii 111 a, pear la bin fa' rib ,i- - of Arax xa In the comedy Ul III* r* I rwn Mr. Rnrion an J?.( the mock Duke. V' <" Ptaher kn.A I' m ? -mi'-h Ml** Polly Waralt lit* Hughe: SIim even*, Mr Monro, Mr. I etchrit, Mr. liolman Ac Alro, the iuM new tare* nl TBh RlLhS ( UK HOl'HK; Ox. Tiin RKIOH mi Boaiidck*, rust li> the full ftmiKih ol tin* ? * The "-err I* ia<tl in a Hie. treat boardlc* bnuao. On l nrixiA)?Thn *nc< a* in . i.cjj of WAlJ. SIRBIP. remodelled and conit ugx-il * -r aet*. A KhaKi | trian rev /at 1* in 1 < atlna. AMEKHUN TH AfkK O ?diu HTREBT, (UAT* Burton'* lUM?Wn. l .fBoport and H. WttklM Drew circle and pan net. V t* upper boica, IS con *; nrcbentra chain. Ml cent*. w- u poaie bote* (1 A Hi TaHriav., .i .1. TO MttiidKP BAVPWPORT A Mi * Kind. MonDAT K' a*ie< u-aW ISflT, TH* BRIDE oh '. *MND.MCH: R. F.lpar Ravenawood Mr. C. L. ravenpo t K?r H v?, Adam Trneman Mr. K. L. Davenport TOR ROI oil .J* MONO. Couitu Jo* Mr. H. Watktna G*0. CHBIHTT A WOOD' MIMHinaiatv. 444 Broadway, nem* J-atvl *UMi Henri tt nod bu*mr?? Man?tr r Geo. hiA** M>'i r < I NI'KBi Mir. A 'Kf? HIT. SRlONH WNNK OP ilia NKW PICOR. Doors op?n atf: i.iliiueiOO at 7J< o'clock. Ivory evening ilnr i g the wm. a>. entirely original plena. In reren Hcene*. written e>pre?li tor Uta eatabtubmen I, bf H. Klerk, r. kw, . em tie I THE WKtiUlMO Jack, a monkey . Geo. Phrtrtj FRAKKMK MINKCM is7 GRAND smiwr, OVB ilimr iroin Broadway, up ?'aia rhte oopular plac- la Open ever) alieni.on and night, Commencing at .3 and a' ft. Il/HITK'H OPERA HOUP* PJ KOWTRT.?TR1MENDIt <iu? bill lor ihw w eek iteiu.-n of tlie ami of M imim, OHaKI KV WtllTK whn will appear cicry venlcff U. the e?joe*trlan btirlev|ii* ol MA/RPPa. i Til* TENTH 4NNIVKR8ARY OF TDK aMnMIOaN ItRAMAIl' PC Nil AKBOOIATION W II I. II lUH At 0 BY A llltfiRK AND MIHOKW.A.NhOI H ..NrRRTATNMRMT, At thi a ret. Hoe**, On Kailer hotidai \?t*ll IS, 1867. twkale 67. To he procured only of the Prw-'dent. Trustees an.) Director* or ot them rc'. i'v a', 'h ofltoe of tiio Aanoc fJln, 5o. IS Croib) street, and &' Ti'K Amok n?itr*a. By order ol the Dlreo'or-. I'Ha'A C. WKMYW. Seo'y. Tl>* MODEI. AltTIsTKB.?1HK MODKti ART1HTBH twice a day, y atiernom at J and every even af a S at Ibe I rank fin Mtutiem 1.7 t-rard eireeL o*e dec- from Broadway, up etalr* Vk eh the rrataio opera troupe, Arab f'.rla, ringing, daiu-'uf. A< . I'.eaamhor up Main. I.1 n<U\ ntXRI'KS VI-1IKD BUOICLEIM' LAST A 71 v/U week to see 'he OKI PoiA*' < oncert fUR 1KAI SIMON PUHE^dobRltO* OP OLD VIrtOIN RHlftlinr RI'OKMtV PliCOIBS HIR OBI1IWAL, sola od * Chinese erory nlcbt M Hockley*' BiHHor bocklkvh runi?. cult kmht tram okl, appears t<> it new n^lu at Hack ley'. MUtlOAL 11 am.. It.l BOWbRY.-TOM TOCNO STILL, continues U> antone the ml'doti wttli hta Irish At'edatee and acnes, Jim Frarrr Jim 'i a* tee ltoedle. Mlaa Wfaeo, ibe i barmiLf w?aiUl, t lie reiidfmd ba ritone James Keened), leader of ike Oiehralra. fcMllQ a 1'aKHU.IIA PF.RRAM'S 01 FT IH'IIT Fur sale at iia Brovtway Certain's Olfl 1 Irkctr For nole at Chinese Beoms. IMPORTANT TO KCMJIIUUI OF FBSRAM'N OlFT 1 kcti-ia ?The m?.y amkort/ A office ft>r lor m-teis 10 the ..nitiuUec is at htyHr-?t*ay. where the io?e rente aia charred and lh" <i?'' h> *< rei >rne aaada Ttcke a at**)* urn: bv ?firl?l B.??m r. A l( I UA*K. THEATRIC TO I.FT HOWARD ATWER.KLJM. HORTOR ? Prom Mareb 3U to Jaly Ik. er 1st a ahorior Ura. Apply to FaI HHA? k.s k UK a Kl> jjuMiie. March '*>. I'M. THRATRK FOR HAJ.l T(f* HTBNJTVKK NCFMERT, Irate a ad fOiid will o 'be < Per a land o < rtieeve le tor aalo This eeinMtehm. n: n ' we years aid. aod maparea fa >orebly wl'-h any theatre *.? mi Hear I era A pelma'Joa Bade ta Ilr MaTHIFPT "I1 rata a A O. will rm-e it# prompt ai'ci'Uon. li lb-preperty is Ml sold before la? May, 11 a ill be lor rent TREAT*! A.-THE !.K<INorO? (KT > T ARfl TIBd ? Tbla Bear and el-Rkt, i?teirr trill open ?:> Ibe 1Mb of Ma T for a rummer p. i*>n of autaea waaka l-uttea and en of acka wi l?e . ?r tm? enye*e:Tiro'.a aaay addreaa W H. Buufb, lO-aae, i.a. uaioo, Ky. WA NT1T>?TWO JQI'N'I l.APIM OF GOOD KOU Ailcn and i>MIP>Aa.' a, p?*raace. u> join aa ><u aor dramk'o- ~iv ^ wtikh l? borne or My by the remkmaa ASJram. wiih name and raa.deaae, 1 >raraa, foeI cpr Torb. Ii1 OR HALB-LAOBK RRFB AND FRKB CONCERT ealooa. kanwn aa the Mr-irfeoa. K7 Bowery, aa? du o* a r ne bue.neaa 1U0 feat In d. rth tara yaara laaae A ad "-.led up ta a superior manaer A Inrtnna aaaba made. *up y lu C. WHITR. *9 Bowery, bdiwsen 11 a*d I. or lo the aBeamf, on tlB pr?Ian. PBirrrifnit. DIsriHTBT PR. R. <i 1(1' KK <N, ('Alt Ala HdllEr. near Taiick. (old No 17t. now tJJ, lor una attention u> lila b nt; aad aorceeafiil eipwii-.,->e I (ally operwJaua arl'b ibe aa* and harmless benumbluf afMt (eot freer.n*), pro yentlaf all pain. Frteaa moderate. VFW A VP IMPORTANT IKFROVXlflirr IJ? DB!?. it Hairy?By Mr. FOUKl.lBR a<trgaoo deauat him Pan*. Te. Ui DIM mt . b* * add uiraaaaa fnsartar lo ail roahbodabrtberle kn..?n and ?*' anted in 1^. *?rUfb Tbap. h .- an lamudtocalia. ??Caa* alreat ' UlF - tfci Hperliuena. ? ?I T. ?rV<TKI> TKrr? Twnmnn. 1 t i ed. leeOi clean d. (0 e?r enet cheaper aid |(bi_aer . t " idnuato In Rav Torb. by Br. b m. t ICXDIRU. 194 eprta? alreat Mar Ooooa ? ?? ?- - MBIHCKL. % l oiiin ^"T'1 Ml ?r ?t>W <> WMfci >C- Ikttl drop la kv uelr miaarr Am tt? urt ram la aaratfa Aa mii fa. 1 Ptrtalaa man ?t>* mj ptfr* now aa wal ka<>* a lar lha ??rr maa> hTmHImii auraa R kaa puAiani with out Owxor kMraan frwa btaiiM ?1>i aO nthar raaaaataa imly JPrr lha <?mi la th* blaaO aary Ah aaaaraa (Aa aaiw-at lanrmdarr awarhr la Oaa ntay ramaf a aar4 that .loaa it <r? all aAir and ana. Oanara a* a> l>lU atnUag tir. Haalar haa maanrad. RlaiftAoMt iim pi Wliw? lj? fO?^A \f>*n MIIB W Thi'l imaird aal laaa lAar i?mij tha a aaa 1 aaaaa ahhaat an aHiaiiaf Atlara tb? i ?adtaa ara aMM. > Wr^i?iljn io h. Ma aaa nr nhanpr af Plat BrT?ai laia ana*an? Mandator Ira* 7 la Mm morning an* t alilA ft h* rmi daaaa M Waltar Kurt a lav tan vaal rf Mntjmfm. Tta iaaiaMa| mamaara aaparam. fB WlTtOR. I I) rormarly Ai|ta la Aa Lata lifllil. DR LARMOHT'O PARIR AKT? I.ORPOR ?m IU Ailriaar ?ad Marnaga ft'ilda Xth adtttoa. <00 pam, U OUIiiatrabmr . Hath, *1 li girta Aa ad ? rllaal rama'-m. *rd ?hr?a Uir ?nt artnrity of iha autaor'a Paiia aad Laa.l traatmaat ..I aaaual Itnaaaaa, at n Raar atmr?, arpamm 'ha Hi Rlrtolaa. 'rom 10 A. M Wa nwaaal f>r Lnrmoi.t to Mm alHI< laO.?Oourrlar Oaa Rtala Caia Oaf Llaot. Blum /ah nag. Aa. Dm. waworh in ami tn oavpb i? Oura"?a aamplata praaMani vaaAaa aa aparmndar aaO prrmatara aitaaaann. wuajoaal OaMtfer tad-mad h in rat ara faltp taplaiaaO Ulaa raaaO by aaaaaraaa aaa'~ op ml I'laiaa aaO aamOnn. *<M> ? npawaaat aa am ? aama Prtor Rrn b? ba/1 rf th? a nhrn. wba mar r,n aaltaO arwihdaallallr. at 10 Aaltar ?>i a at. a fhw Aaorr Braaiway. J^R. wtin'i i vionrRAni PBIBWB M ? a la mrrt w*Ui nm??ri?' op^roSadna awl la rj?n? Pr. Wu4 M Ika *rf??o<it hrr ?tfw-"w of ho fcy tv. t?1 ha??br rfHrih r?w?rdnf If/mOlaoaT tkrM* wha, ?' lirrnar flreiorwrs'jae, een eira ertreia ?* * wWi r mliorm rrlar'ijr. aw. ?*Mf m4 obaapnaM R? hla , t k?a?l*^Ra of wo; Mac* of A* <1*mm M afrhor ?:> ? nr C ? In f.?a dM R?m. nbar, an ? tW ha?? * Ilr?ar1tif lor mooila thai Vj ran.oaaa fc *??il iray 1 * ' ? !*' faof 1 *ai B* Hard la MM'lPo^ fitr* |l. r>?r? No K Canal Mro*. tllraa konr. <a*t rt I _______ . I OR. I'OOPBB. 14 Dt* At V. *T**rT_'fAT^Bt r ** '! I nltrwl prlralaly no diaaaaaa '**"?* ' I T/'Si" raair^rj.' - I rm?iB7 . ZZuG 7S2m??- ' * I r mplamw T,rf*ra\ whgnoi'. .r wilMBo" "lhw-1 Prtoaiwroaio. *n .t I *k> af rd mot r> rrfiodrd I \rn ritAROR 1'SLWM PWlr WILT rTR* 1 i I N chbitt i ? P ? ***, mr *?g?l? M ,, ? ,' h<w,i . ii! daaaoraa call oil him |H ,?.rfl?? n? honorably t/jal-d anjaoa p^rn ? V , a- -r hr ' 'WM-I* w hla ' iw IM' Ul" F cB5||??.a5ar.> "r '* rnx vabbiaok (trTOR-A roov txrnr ,.? . * u I lb- marrx* AT thAM abmit to marry to D, , , , h? lUtnr a- i Wwturnr 'w cn adrad *a4 atotj > i ntl toiwd. R? fun, *?U Nli, dollar l'>'f llahari Br T. W7 MVOiS, as ? . , , Irrrl. B?rw Tort rtty who *fl Mad t r?yrt>?r? ? a r?ri?iMn? <n.? dollar and tfca iMnm TVto a w>? ? til Inlar a b .ma a on to** townnant tnvtoa a lain" . .? <?r II to ut l-r?toi?<1, and y*t torfctlr aatontMr and <?> ?? H "- 'L*?**T wlnH race *< , . i> <aa . it. J