Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 7, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 7, 1857 Page 3
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ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY BAY. ? DRY ROODS, AC." ~ ~ JOO b?oadyat.-jji ?rr*irMYi ?toc? or TAv blank ihraad laea (oodt, juat arrirad, will ba Md on Koadajr, bp?lallan of tkawla, ?lata, iarA mw?a, '?v?? ?oiAiraa and ooflan An additional aaatru?ol tbi?d >, wrr^ aaaitft^ inn bkoadwat.?BoriToy uioa im, oolNZ" lara, ooUTu? and barbaaa. AJncLtka Ilka ?ooda la ?tot d'algmua, Brutaala point, and rieh Va'nncleooaa lana. Sa.'savs* " ?wgi.aggfeT" 1 nnit 8BTB.-I* FLOWIHG BUnVBB. r*MCH JU4rfVV WWIBft, wfiWiMMiH), "WW W? *" " gassy 1 ^1) freeOH RMBRO'pkrid AT#I .uuU Flowing litem and euflh. From $1 WloU Being oaa-heir the ?oe: of lmpartatioA ? GEN IN riunr, 519 Broadway, Bt Nicholas Motel. A* COLOMBIAN HaLU ' No. 381 Grand street v ^ 6 Tenia brilliants, at "*<? worth 30b, M " " at " too Sj_ - ? at 1BC. " 31c. The above good* will be ottered on Monday, April A LIONS * JONES, XI Ctraod street. a TTBMTION IS CALLED TO OCR REMOVAL TO 708 A. Bleed way three doors above Fourth atreet aad to our m* etock of French embroider** and rich Asea. Imported emmaslj for our epealig. U TLLER A OR ANT, " " 708 Broadway. a NEW IMPORTATION OF RICH BJtrBSElB LACK*, A eoUara. h a he., black thread veil*, ociffore*. seta colSim and wrfatleta, very rleh; Pari* embroider iw in every eeaoeltahle atyle; novelties In made up laoe node. BAILEY. P ABBINQTON A LEaLlE. Ca Broadway. A* 787 beoajowat.?oo.vTiJfcation of the closing gale ?the aele of dreaagoeds, thawla, Inoea, am ' breWertas aad general variety of dry rooda, at greatly reduced prices, will be eonttnned this aad the neat week only, when ft must be closed to vacate the (tore, at a. JaKobI .t FO.'A 767 Broadway, below Ninth atreet Barege de la ins dressehAtthe GREAT CLOSING SALE. 600 barege de latne drtaaea At 10a each, worth 38a, Ottered for tale THIS WEEK ONbl. Ladle* wiahiag to procure Bargains will PiiBASB CALL BAELT. Store Sjtcrea for tato. Q. B.|WILYIAIfk, 3*7 Broadway, eoraer at Leonard MreeC T6 ARBGB E0BE8. X) In greet variety, from 85 to 88. Barege and Grenadine robe*. Entreat variety, at LANE A PORTER'S. 317 Cecal atreet. JD Prom aucuoo, will bo offered on Monday, the 6th. ARNOLD. CONHTAHLE A CO . Canal otroot cirner of Mercer. Bert white and unbleached Muslim, merri mask prints, bine and nary prints, linens, table cloths, hi IBM u Is chalites, broadcloths and other goods, are tor sale by WU. MaTHKwb No M Catherine street. ? Bajou olovbb ?the consumers anb purcuasers of this article are requested to examine the Inside of the left band glove tor the signature "Bajon " which each pair ???>'? to protect themselves from purchasing an inferior article through the representations of some parties professing to sell Bajou gloves. CHILDREN'S EMBROIDERIES. ARNOLD, CONSTABLE A CO. will open en Monday, April C. boys' and misses' collars, misses' sets, with sleeves M match, handkerchiefs, Ac , Ac. Canal street, corner of Merger. TVBRB TEIMMINOB AND EIBBONS Jif tn greet variety. Also. MBROIDKRIB* ajid li cbs for SFR1JIO. New styles. Just received. LORD A TAYLOR, *66, *57, 269 and 361 Grand street, and 47 and 44 Catherine street. Elegant flouhcrd bilk robes and BXTRS Rim rSSRIONSBIA rsRIS SILKS. Some new and choice styles will be i Opened Monday. April 6 LORE A TATlOR, 266, 267. 4W and Ml Grand street, and 47 and 49 Catherine street. T?MEROLLKliKD H ANDhEROHlKNd?AN ELBGaNT Jli sssoruuaut just ruceited, and at axtremely moderate GENIE'B Bazaar, 613 Broadway. Rt Nteholsa Hotel. MURE, F1EB. FlRt.-LkST KEW DAYS OK SALE OF JT damaged smbraldsries and taacy goods. Further redaction In prtees. as the sale must terminate tn a tew days The remainder of the goods Is ssarhed down mush lower so an in have nil cleared out before removed to 779 Jtroadwav. JAMBB EuNaLDBON. 7B1 Broadway. TTRjOUNCS SILK EOBBR. JP ARNOLD. CON Rr ABLE A CO. will offer their eprlng ST""-"*1* ,niVS!S7?SSVrL.Va/:ia Oanal street, corner ot Jfercer. -CiLOl'NCED ULK ROBE*. 1 000 flounced silk robes, fThe latest Paris styles,) At 2b dollars each, (Usually sold at B36 and B46.) Will be opened on Monday, April * A. *. BTEWABT A OO., _ Broadway, Chamber* and Eeade sta. IjVdAHlGNB -TiEMORRST'B BRANCH BTOKE, 79', CA 1 nal street, opposite Green? Most extensive assortment paMdvas tor ladies' and children's apparel, including the Wtd it visa of baaouea. artistically eut by Kind. Goodau. N. El?Orders runetually attended to. HCNfTON LACE SETS. _ Real Hseitcn laed sets from 90 to *16, Tkla morning, at LANN A PORTRR'R 317 (old 71) ''anal street, naer Meredr. HOrnEKREPER* ARK INFORMED THAT THNT C4N And long doth, yard wide, at 9 cants par yard; Warn suite mills shirting maslln at 11), earns per yard; Ctlca mills aEretlag IS raids wide, at M cents per yard, and a full ansm lu. rot of goods suitable for ram by mse Pale rcnuausd this enn the nan week, at A. J Ah OBI A CXJ.'B, 707 Broad way, below Emth street. IUSE POPLIN N J Manufactured by Plm, Brothers A Co., Dublin. MAGNIFICENT PATTFENi Just m ported At Columbian Ball. El Grand atreet AMs Aaftthfr k>t OF THOSE aPuRNDTD BILKt, At *s. and as. a yard. And a ease of FOULARD MLtB At 60 rvnis a yard. LTONB A JONEN. Oolumblsn Hail. Ml d'eod street 1 Isncpmsd Ad FU1. .kla. Dall hnnl cum of Tr'.ah .maw. Of Um Ht ?moV;iir?, aad rrnapcr Than uy e?er offered IB tfcla rtty. ado A vf* tot Of qnQta and oon tier r area. Ai iwo and Aran 'toilers ?a?A. Xmearr, truaUaa, la?e rnrtalna. la great abmadaorn. LTMNS A J0**?. Onlamblaa Hall. ? Oraad crnct. MaHYILLAB. T bn large* aad rhrapar. rtock AeUiag at ratal I. AT COLulfKiaM HALL, Ho. XI Grand atrart. LYOfff A JOMK 1 H. H ?Tin abore arc manufactured by ouraeWee, etpraas ly fcr the rttt rrta'l trad*, Laizb p* ooth(KleA aUk rabaa), Jutt cpeead. A T. iTKWART A CO., Pmadway. '"ham here aad Aevle nrecta. Lac* npra-ocR aw?oiit**ht of lac* sktu, baiag our oai airluaiTe make aad Importation. arc na a-tanrd. nompr.ttng all that la BOTcl tn d'gauao, fats' applique, Honitna, regneay. Tale etenane ada.iooa. Ac , Ac . Ac. OiraiH'S Baraar, 613 Broadway. at Htrho'aa Ho'al. LAI>ii? ahd Fin*' yim**WKA*. i* O**AT tarir-r. _ , Ak Suitable fur the aaaaon. l.anitA MIWKR- aad IHFAHTB' arwnp'rte wardrobee, nihraclDir all qoalltlaa aad at/1?L LAOIKi HOCRH1HO *OBM, Of tAa mast elegant daacrletloaa. LAPTKS' 1MB*01D1**I> *AByCa*, In French not b mid cry aad Mareelllea, - '"iiYfTrrs: & ice. n?. .iKDttM a'nil 1 ACT WRIK K>r ONK?N1I.K alURtntn, Bt I. nrgoads tobaa, Ikm ona M a farSir fodn-tfc-o on rod ord prtcm for thm work ond lb* Mil ..I only, At A. .IaKOBI * OU.'d. W, Brawny. kotow Balk tuwot. Mrtuw abd lacs cvbtairbA largo Mil! mogr'f "?n>t aoaortMrot and tn ?*ntlrrly now amigco. trt mi* ^YJu&ld, a co? Carol otrrrt, mraor of Mrrerr. *a art1lla". kastillabIVV taring importation*. Row orm. arkoblt, oosctabls A co.. Coral rtrrr'. o-mor of Horror MIIXBB A OB A NT, Ho'toowonband At ibrir orw Btora _ . 7(0 Broadway, abor# Wonrtb otroot Am onUrcly frrab aMcrUr.rnt of Fran-k rmbrotdmr* taora, Mrnravor tad lUiudeo to**- ">fanW 'A*1*' maolt* bond* flotartaga origii go and Inaortloan, to wilak ike otton Wan of rurrkaooro to colled. MAKCFA0T1HR0 BXI'RRWbT FOB FAMILT r?sUIM ohofjrgo lining*. taolr domoak*. toblacwaka. nagiklra, doy lira, towelling and ltaon good* of erery .leamp""tiCRD A TATLOB, W, *7. ?9 and *1 Ornnd atraet, and 47 and ? Cothrrino dtorat. MMOBI: 00TO ;? CSITT BTLRA - , . Bwrwal bow lota frme o'lettow, jiiktreeedyrdy Monday. Aprti A. _ B? *7%a? and Ml Orond rmt, and 47 and 49 Catherine etroot. *TSW BFRIBO BfLRB. AM Sow wripo oad plaid eflke, * .7a. and Mi. Rayndar* *'l?? do.. ? go. and MB. Tkto iMrtmg, at LAMB A FCRTFRB. SIT caanldtrart. near *?-<w VTBW MLR BOBBR AM rcolorrt Wlk rehen, CIA puni arm btrifs blao? ' ??rWM, at 70 oad 7? ooato In goad nyiw and weal mm o-o^n k. xfa# s3EnEfejb, Ooroi tMAwntrd Maraa* | MV??om,?o. "* ** "orm* * < " 517 <oM 71) Canal unM. mv Maratr. i posmv? BALI or UB| OOODB, ! Y AT 517 BmoAPWiT, CtasteK the bualaooo. the mImmIM oal.octloo Or BICH OOOINt Vut b? dlapooed ot I Before firrt of Bay, SogftrdlM Of mt, At private aata, In ooantitiae To anil euatmnera. a. B. WILLIAMS. 547 Broadway, porner or Leonard *<(001. 1 ?r. B,?Country taotao vlaltiog the eft j aro invited to cult. I PBIXTXD CAMBB10 BRIAKTaBT BOBKS j AT TUB OBBAT CLObiBU 8 A LB, Now being ofi'ered < AT K SO, eaeh worth 54 MX Only a row left of the l.oto race lied par steamer a tew t weeks ago. ' tn um niii'bm ru* balb. < o. & wiLUitn. 34" Broadway. romer t .eoonrd street. PBJRTBD AKD TiHfcK Bw|? robes, _ Bew foods. Jest roeetred. Prices frwii fti sarh a. btswabt a co.. Broadway, Chambers ' ao4 Reade streets. RIMOVA L - PfTKB ROBERTS 4 CO. HAV* RKMOVKD i their lace stock to 4W Broer.wsy. ] STELLA SHAWLS. AlarfO tot, At Three, Ion* and flee dol-srs. Tko f*eejaat|t>argen# snrkMss At Columbian Ha'!, 281 Grand s'recL IA'urn A JOHEB. 1 Silks, silks, silkb. i Another greet reduction In prleee,. 1 st the Ores* closing tele. On Monday. April 6. Its balance of silks t Will bo offered st tower prices then can be found At any other house, As they mast bo sold at once 1 o ok so the business. U ft. WliXIAMS, i 347 Broadway, corner lAxmard street. STRAW GOODS. French tlswers. Bods, piquets Ao., For cash, at 318 Broadway. eoraer of Pearl street. HOMER A KETCH CM. J^PBIBG MAXTOXaa. Wa are now ready to eihibttthelarB?aiaadMatanmelt*? isaorlosmtof now styles of spring WarUllaa, tad MsvEb To bo Ibnndt a the eMy. Hoop skirts at all klada, of oar own manatee i ura. Meat fan pnees sow. B AMLLB A OO., Boa. 80 sod 81 OkamBlM street up sm gRAWLS, BHAWLB. t LANE A roRTER, 317 Canal itreet, near Mercer. ' THE VERT LATBbT PARIS DESIGNS ] Will be introduced on Monday, April A. aroint) ha em,las, *A*<ii'in and tauiai LORD A TaTLOR, 266, 267. 26? and Ml Grand (treat. and 47 and 49 Catharine etreei. , Tub last op thk alboni plaids. At the GREAT clou IRQ saul 609 Albonl plaid dreaoee __ , . S3 7S eeoh, worth S6. | The lad lea are informed that the above are the laet of tha t gooda wbieb we ehail be abie to oilier at S3 76 each. OB. WILLIAMS, 347 Broadway, corner of Leonard atreet ^ Table damasks and linen sheetings At the GREAT CLOSING BALE. 10 000 dollar* houaekeeptng gooda Now telling at 30 PAR CENT BELOW , (XiST OP IMPORTATION A rare opportunity le thue ottered to families for buying the'r , Gooda at ertrermely i LOW PRICES. U. B. WILLIAMS, 347 Broadway, corner Leoaard ?L fTHP. LATEST PRODUCTIONS OP I 1 Rich drear gooda. j Received by the Burepa, will be opened on , Monday, April (, A T. STEWART A CO , Broadway. chamber* and Reade etreeta. ' TTRRQCALLED stamped rmbroidert mantipaoI U tore-?P. DE PKRCKTAL. (Ohartee ManeeL e ngiwirt. j 667 Broadway. N. T.-Madame Mao cel. Baler of Madaoae De i PereeraL gtree her weatol attention to all blade of Preach | embroideries made to order. Initials, eeaUoplag, yokes. he., wbolreale and retail. novill BAREGES. _ . .. . I TY fmatl ptatd*) A beautiful luaaer fabric. At 16 ceote per yard. wffl ^ ^ ^ ^ , , A. T. .TRWART A CO jjpo<(lwayi chamber*and Reade ate. BPfUHO JWUXlbKRV. 256 niijo. Beat aha* ae, of erery deaeripttoa. Bonnet wire, A full aloah of all kinds. Prieae rednced to cash buyer*. CFt 1 BBOADWAT . RkW. R. HARRIS A BON HAVE ! Oil mooh plaeeara la aeaennetng to their summons euc- ' I tomer* end Mangers that they here reeelrad acraroI canes of Pranch bonnele tones thel r opening of Thnmdhy. Mth March, amongrt th I laet noreltlm la the white chip, bhdt leoe and fhncy strews. and many other nnrelttoa, from Mme. Atoaaa- I drtn* had Erne. Laura, Mme Mart* and Mme hrhard. ef Pari Tber will be eiklhRed dh B onday. April S. at Madame , E. HARRIS A HOB S. 971 Broadway. CHILDREN S FANCT STB AW OOODB-FOE BOTE, mtaeee aed infant*. A rery larga lewrtmeaL of Be mori 1 1 beeauful pattern* rieeee call and eiamlae. One prtoe. I jSKLaOOO, Manufacturer. 138 Canal toreet, opposite Waat Broadway. 1 f iiiian&m .?vnakv v/f wr oriwni* m.??/ M tunm+r mUUMrr at MadaM*.J AEEIAK'8, Jo. 61*- j ray ptee. Wrecker atreet.oe Tanadar. Aprh 7 The rtrt- i , mtaadm?otfaBhtoBabtojfoodntobefouodtotoBetty. Ledtos IN tovtted to inapect before purnbaetog elnewbere. liiilM , made in order la the ahortoet peeat bin Uma, to toe toataet Parte etylee OPRNlNtl DAT FOR PREMIUM KIM.WEAT.-KeE. Cooler barfog been aw?ntod toj ?nlr .ryatel Palao prize medal for Ih66 and diploma of IBM. for ni.ert.rr millinery hen to Inform bar friend. and tod lea generally, 'bat aha wUl open her atom rootna on Wedaeaday.April 8. with a , choice aaaortaaent of mil liner r. to which aha reepeclfuUy In- , eitaa attention, and eollrfte the favor of a rialt. MM HoraiA COOLRf, lit Eighth avenae, i batwaan Fifteenth aad rliiarnth eto I TIHHB KILUKERY 8HOW ROOKS (POEKKRLY MM. Koaeni. 161 Eighth avenue, will be opened on fTedaaa . 7 dap. A5ri: i Kre Ooolav having bnoght oat bar .later. Mr*. I Erg era. who. trotn I'l beeltk baa been compelled to rolte I qutoh, bene to aanoct on 'hat .be will open aa above, Having ' been awarded i be on It Crrntal Palace prtae medal of l*Ms aad dlrioma of IBM for euprrtor mlllleary abe hopee tamerit the of to. c.d pnto^of , (III in mai l to Kra. Roper.>. 101 Eighth avanna. waat aide ] C A RFBCTIKtt, UPHOI.NTKKY. AC. Sulomok a hart, v_. ^ i Mo Ml Rroadwat. oppotom '.be Part, < Are eew receiving tvnaa Praoae r.raae Per par lorn chamber, and other rooma. la avert variant* et^oaod pattern. i wivnow .a.nna. . i Of Ibatr tvi maeafart'ire, aad I r.raitare eovertaga, | at tola rear'* Importation, la foil aad complete, romprietec a larte immimi a' of tone and moaiia enrieiaa. - wntoaa and i irtomlnn together with detoio?e broeatela aad plaabaa. and J all the dinervmt atvlea of anvertoge and c iritm matartole to em all at toe loweet wboleeale aad retell priona i - . ? ~ ,,? ?rr-.-jz I nutocacka.ARh.oiiK. .} . fflllOl OR TMTE-WlllAM POIOra AET! J A mildew proef tWiil. waterjeocf aaoramttvwvta. made and for tela at M Waat and to Day .areata, haw tarh 1 Order, toroagh melt prempUv .itmdad to ? I^K CB REeM, If* t"RMeK-KaDB FROM PURR ' cream, at V ?d. ,.ee ?r.. pm n anv part of the clu in forma, arply at 1?? Fourth MM one dew from Fonr- 1 J teaeto .treat | ] Kmm eromsmr onto. _ . . Inhrirtmtg Ml. Fa. L t.neae. hibricalteg tel. Fa. 1. dhe ahmpmt lihttoMHW ' offered to toe pebtte Eei i nai iTrmleerteg nC. JZVZSSXfTS fSSVSgftghS >7toe Unlied Mem. the ("madea and the falaed of Oebe. Of mat area -m Ageeto. foSmvar atoeat LFRCHM ?Al.Otti PWEPT*H LPR' BE*. ARRTVRD per .tramrr Htmect't n Prime ooeditioa, for aele by j J. F. CLE! A CO.. ? hapten ].ne _ MRRhUtoorre rubi-m.tto rh*eocatiow?for * rheumatMm, nhlPbtolnn. lomhmn. old apraton. dtatone| toM brntoea, Re.. Ae . for aale at top aewe and pariatlaal droct. M Dlvtrlae atreet. *?w Tneb and hr In Raven. | . 1 SEU.INO, BELLI NO OFF 1*10 S1LVICR PLATED CAR- ? trrr. urn* i*s ?*ta and ><ia*, bwkr'a *c . rich ehina din b*t aad ' * if* nwi. an v sir* Csll si Ib* Itor* -if rBu? I < MiBoRLKf, an] Eighth avaan*. h?t**en Twantiah and Ywenty firm *ir**ta. 1.(00 Inner M*r innga. cut sod plain, sad I ? IMaorordlana. j UMOHCABIM.- Hcusinr A pkuthrhii idsNimo ? p mry sad wmimiiiin. Nn. 5 North WdUna au-**t. Mat 1 Fraabfnri. New fork, sad 77 Want third atraat. ('lr, dnnatl, f)h!?v. s larf* anaortrr ?n( rnoataatl* on h %nd old abowoaaao * aban la aarhaoon rstLm nrnanoO* irrutsd. STBBL PLATEN FOR HAI.C -ARUTT FIFTY RTF. ML plain*, of r acinus anhjMU, antra**d bv Tttok. and s**d Mr r*ar* ado. ia a pormrftoai. roat upon so *r?rn?w fro sob. aro ofl*r?d Mr at f?r lo? pHm To* f irthor psrtlc' tax* Inquire at rerun 4.1 Inaursnoo huudln*. No &1 Wall | and William atrooia. J rI?V?RTOR? -TBi L'NlikR-1'. RBD. RKaL Ml ata scant, An., la randy to fnraWb drarrii 'tm>a of ** R iwprnroaaoaia ana ISTrnUoa- la Maablanry Mr ptibimaiiaa la aw York paper* by a fmnpotaat band. A. lull 1M Brand way. WANYBIV-10 (00 ITMOHIti TBUB AND a taii J I ftp of pinaw. abrnbbarv and ?o?ar root* A rat J St tbn ? nfflo* of ib* cypraw Hia CgP^^No ^jggnn row.^^ t WATYR FILTBDS, WAYNR FltATBM?4)F TUN ' oat as am rod aunoB urUon. and ar* wpiinRy adapt ad f Bw tk* no* of bona* and atarabaanarn and aMa Mr laaMai a 1TBW YORK HERALD, ' HOEsat, CAMUAflM, *c. U)TM? >0 It. foilQwUj u*. wwa will b The kit nmMi of ilirn horsaalaeladlng the mmiIUM LoaUa, bIm years old. sired by the uellbralid old Btoek Hawk. tad dow wttk fael by the famous llkM AUea Bar timern J rn. BUb Pbar, Ive yean old. 1?*? baado high, partoetb sound ud gentle: can trot kla aula la 2 t0orao sale; dnd by Blank Hawk, Jr. Lady Clay, ihiaa years old. dam loa Louisa alrtd by O M- Clay; ana atud Ml. twaaty two oatha old. UK heads high. welgM MO lba ; a Splendid epertaeen of ahorse sired by BleokHewk Jr. Xiao, owe yeerlla| aad oaa two years old, both tired bp HlMk Hawk, Jr , logatbor with two avw aad one bona, wbloh ban baao kaaj bp the aabearlber tar Ma awa nee Had Hook la situated Ibarra mllaa from Barry town elation, on tba Hudson Biver Railroad, what a tba above borer# eear ba eeen at any time Rrevioaa to tba aala for further Information applr to LBOraRD l AbHRa, Paitan VHatel. ooreer of Ureenwiob and esm? * Bid Hook, March 30.1M7. Caxhiaob for balb ?a 8plebdid phabtoh, with pole and ahsfu. made bp Lawrvnne. aearlp aaw, only eold tor wanted of tiaa Call at bit Liberty at, no rtatra. T7K)R HALB?A TWO IBAT BOUKAWAT AND A TWO F aaet square box wage* with tap. Inquire afT. WaLLBRR, eoraar Poplar aad Hsnnr etreata. Brooklyn. For balb-a handsome, light coupe. nearly new; alao. If desired, a noe, eight yaarold bay horse, UK hands high, will trot In 3:1b to the pole, warraaiad kind aad aound Apply at 18 Went Thirteenth street FOR HaLK?A HAJID86MB CLOSE OOAOH BERN naad tn private, a (tx seal oaroncha, a atx ae?t oarryall, a four reat oarrval, a new too buggy, a aecond band loo bagjry, and two buggies without tope. Apply at 16 Waat Twenty .third atreet, in the malth a shop. TjtOK PALB-A DARK BAT HORtlK. OVBR SUTBK8 F bands high. aousd and kind la harness, eight years old, brat rata traveller. Can be seen until jo?d at 114 Franklin itrrel Harnett's livery stable For 8 alb?our rock a way wauon, pour or oik aaata. pole aad Mats, a'l la brat rata order, set of single baraaaa; else one beaattful bar horse li?? hands, tea years old, sound, kind and goad traveller, has bean used ao a carriage horse only and very stylish. Inquire at stable In rear of 275 and 277 Ninth street near avenue a in the morning. tj>OR 8alb?two fub younq hor0bb ox years F old slxtaan banda high, aad warranted aound aad kind tn ingle or double harneaa, are good travellers and very stylish dslvera Dan be seen at No 148 Houston street FORHaLK-A brow* mar*, kioht tsars old, 14>e hands bleb, as and and kind la all bari mo, verf styllsh and a (ay driver, aunaole lor aay light work. Can be oaea at kingslay A Ron's stable, 106 franklin street, near Hhurch. liiOR hALJt-A PIBflT KATK PaMILV IIORsR BIGHT I? years old. Apply between 8 and 10 A. M and 4 and 6 P. M. at (M Houston street EK>B HAitS-A VARY FIRE LIGHT BROW* HOR8R, I1 16 bands high, coating seven years old. sound and kind, and very s>y Usa; perfectly gentle, aad stands without tying; trot la ,1>i mlantrs te be sesn until sold a'. 72 Third street, between First sad bneond avenues. T7XJR HALE?TWO *KW (INK BOR8K TOP BUGGT r wagons, made by J. A. Hayre Rew York, appiy at 219 Washington street 1/or halb-a fair op bay carriage hor?4, r gentle and kind in every respect; also a black pony, i iltaele lor a lady's saddle bo*ae. They are sold for ne other i-anee bat la ooose<|u?roe of the family going to Aurope a'io, tw > carriage barnesees saddles blanket*. Ac.. Inquire at die private stab e, 169 Maedougal rireet. u>OR BaLB-A LaKUK LOT OP FEW IXPKRrW WaUF one of different sizes Apply at HTODLKt'B oilloe, Mew Ilsvrs depot. Canal street FOR 8ALB?A 8PLEMDID GRAY HORHK, SIX YBARS old, warranted sound and kind, fancy la every way aal stands in the street without lytng; suitable for a grocer, doctor or a private family. Inquire at <6 Bayard street, before 9 A. k or after 6 PM. FOR 8ALB-A flORRKL HOR8K. 16* HANDR HIGH. 9 years old sound and kind In all harness aad onder tbe mddle. Csa trotamlie In th-ee minutes to a wagon Will be sold eheao Call at 66 or 68 West twenty thlro street HOR8S FOR SaLM? A BAY MOKGAM HOR8R, 16 hands high, warranted sound and hind; he la ool* live years od ar i can trot la three minutes; will be sold by tbe preeent owner below his value, for want of nee; price *376. Addrese If. 0. P., boi 4,163 Past office MATCUko MOniiAN hoshks ?a* klbgant pair of bay horses, \t\ hands high six years old. of great style and beauty and perfectly soutx and kl?d, brought ftoru Yenaent for the present owner, srbs has aold his country seat. aIso, an extensive top car rage, blankets robes, Ae. Una he sees at Mo. 6 Boer urn street. Brooklyn, or appMeatloa Nmrk X J. OWE PAIR OP BORERS, DIRECT PROM TU OOURIry, well msishsil, very henry. ud will mahe a good j tick nrWv ooach iMa, coming eevee rears old and ?ar ruinl sound aed kind; also. two good alnglo tom Inquire kt the Iito?t (table, directly opposite Market (treatdepot, lewirk, R.J. PAIR OP TOOKO BAT BORFBB, U\ HARM HIUH eicental for carrtage or (uch like use, stylish. aod preastWDg to be very feat, warranted tound; new light top wagon, eaet fok>2. together making a tery ehtwy establishment Any eao be purchased separate. dildreee boi 1,471 loaodw. T>ORlRb.-BBRTL.ARD AND BCOTCR PORIBB FOR X aale, anltable for children: a beautiful ma'cb pair. Alar a splendid poey for a boy H or 10 years <>M. warranted kind and aotind, fire yean old; and two pmuee with wagooa aod harness, nearly new. Apply at 78 Haster street Ojo.T. HAUL. SBBTLARD PON1R8-WABTBD IMMEDIATELY, he reral rbeilaod pontes; aauat be of small aire, iditi ? Mlchlvan Oeotral Rnllroed office ITS Broad war. ooraar of Oorttondt street. HKRRT L. BTRRdlNR. 18KAL AND DANtTNO. I C PIAROB FOR Be LB. TO OLOdB AR BstTATR ? 10 Owing te the death of the proprleter. the shore new ptaeee will be sold el lees then the enstnf aananfoetnrlag. to elaae the buemem by the 1st of the month those wishing In sureheet will de well to anil at the maenfectary 71 79, eaj 79 feast Twenty -eeeoad streak, near Lexington arenas. All laIMgRBMtB WWHHMdfeiML (tDQ HBOADWAT.-MMR. BAC VAOBAU'B DARCIWO UUO atadsmr. open (twy day and erealag. (A3 Broad way, oppoolia Bond attest. Ores Cast attest len paid to prl rate laesona Oraod soiree erery Saturday night, from 8 UU II e'rioek AM RLABORATBLT OARVBD BBTBH OOTAVB BOWBwood ptaaedtwte (Br sale, finished In n superb style, with roamd eornsn rich henry sacred and artiaBe worn, ooetly nerved lege, with grn?os and frwtt la rsBef, pedals to match, real pearl Inlaid work.; semi grand eat ten nrar strong base, powerful rtoh tone, easy tooah. wtth aeoBop end keys, mailt to ardar by one of the ban makers of thta e*y. wlfo foil warrantee, eaa be frilly tented; ban been in mo only two months: to without fault or tlaanlah, and worthy the at lanttoo of three In inieb of a (apart and nntqna drawing room piano; hM stool to matak, prtoe M78,eoet Mao. CVao be son and examined at the isdtnui 879 Btxth avenue. neat to Trenont Hotel, near Poitteth at net, for four darn from r? A M. tUl 8>t p7*. An ofejeet will be odbred to a eaah par, rl.aeer. W7B Id peeking mm for atdpplng. a OOOBDBOBB, JACOBS' .tOUAR TBKMoLO, CLA A rtonneUlna nccorttoon* banjos that ean't be beak drums that eaa, violin* guitar* Bute* rtolln and guitar string* and til kinds of mosieal inatmment* at 101 Peaiham street Ac nordeons tuned and repaired ATOV'RO AMBR1CAR LADT, A HK7LPUL TBA01IKR sad ptaotst. drmlres f give moelca) loatm-Uoe In et ehaage for hoar.) or would act so cempaaton and aaaistani to k lad* rrqulili g the interest of a impossible pe.son, ao ?berftoos to tmvellteg; be*t reforeaoee given. Uall or address Rise Welters 948 West Md at ABRAlTTIPTL OABTBD BOBKWOOD 7 OCT4TB PI ano. round to auk a. hash sane as fruit, as good as new, | tost MOO. will be toll lor S9UU. er to let Aw ooe year. Can be wen at K2 Hampden street, Hrooklrn between Fulton end ktlantj. svrnnee Made br T flllbrrt Hnaton | BOIBM PtrTBO-TWO NBTORD BARD HOKIIM ' rules but little used, and warraeled by the tnaber. win 1 m sold at half of U>- ir oriffte%l cnai. For to<|*iir9 I >f F .J. RFftff. profwenr of Ikm tint#. 112 Tfcompann mr+*BROOKy* OUMN 80IRBR OF THE HRAFON WILL I take place a' By. okas' aasemblF Rooms. .Ml Broome 1 treat oa Wednesday erasing. April 8 &RAMD WBDMBWDAT BTBMIBO. APRIL 8, at Wile Carolina Tartan's dancing academy al Howard treat. Ibe ball will open at 8 o'eloet aod cio.e at II Tick'la so rente. Private iaeaoos for ladles aad geatteaiea (very 1 top Mle'steek P. I j OMR MITslO. 11 French muatc. vocal and 'nstrumrntal. three pages | weekly, Rm . bnf-est that to tosued by the mnsta publish, i ere, 91 0 worth a year frirntobrd to seek subs- of TFR MUAICAL. WUSLD. itibnnrlrttoe?Omn dollar a voliat. o? I two dollar* a inr. ' CUt poatApa. 36 or 80 naat* additional; Canada, 121, or 26 oral*. 8 eoptoa for I*. 10 eoptaa for 91S. 3 In lk? aamr journal. WUlla Madr Lecturw; ortflna! 1 anlclaa bp Utinl Hadpea. Bun Doe.; Hoataai lalrlU j *rnoa Crfiintam*, a Hat of mnatc "Twoa?nil?l tor par baaa;" arary waak a pnod tUrry and mt?n*K?ii * >-.? B ' trading of tka lob-tatt and brat quatttf. Bark a tun bar* > ! fnmkkad from ran nary Il Iha Ml'PltlAA, WORLD la wow la lie ITU Tolttroa. It (* adltrd by > k PTOH1W WtJXTi. t>R. HODORd aad XJWCBTDR MOB A wo. Aad pnbludiad ?t T79 Broadway. rornar of Wlilr atraau A T RTBW PI A BOB TO BIBB -A I. A ROB TABIBTT OP f. Ll Rvlbrrt A Oo ' pianos tone*. Raat dad naiad If ear feared. Rasntlfal piano*, aamr mala kw *aln oa naannakla eaa Only aiwrmw* ?1? aad *31 Biuadeay, anmar of i laaaJ Area*. t OII.BBBT A OO. J PlARORAf TRMRBAR RaROAIH* f"K UaaH.-OAR *ol*od?d 7 "dan roaawond. for tl?r? oer do for ?m o nee bat noa y war and root tTl Alan 70 amrnid hand pi iBon, rnarwond and m*hopooT, from RID to III*) at 103 T?ao a ?tftk ?trrrt. nrar blttk atMv R <X > A 7. A LA/.. aiWAA*. MfTltlM. klARoRir AOttUR?BTATIO TIB I.ODOR. BO. 37k [t| F A A. B?Tka onroibrra of lha a'torn lortga | ire ra<jo?ai?d to Attao.I Ihnlr r?gnlar martin*. At Ihnr odpariom ikla (Inroday) mmmi. at half rt**t T.oVlook. Br ndar. H<)IT. D, %>l.MR*. W. M. | rnaaica A laannn. Arry. ATOTlC*-THR BPW11 Ali COMMITfKR OP tHB ! lA Board of Alderman In ralatlm to tka rnl1n*1?g of Broadray of owMitfenoaa. will mart at mam Ro a tit? nail, on Tadnaaday Xk In# . at J P. .. to taha 'hat rnbjarl IntoneIdrratme. < imolbna eiwrriatnce and Khar*, who ara Inter-atari, are requratod to an and 1) RIBOJf BLPBT.) ' 1 *Vrm3 WR ESftfef. w JAM mm UfPRdlN. J LTOTIPB-AR ABBPAL BLBPTIOB POR BIBB TBPR ' [> teaa af tfee KalekavBeabe* Jar Oompany wtll ba kaM at 1 ha* mRea. *ki Oaeel atonal ae iVada*. a prill*. i?W n?i >?Ua will ba avee IBeUl. to 1 P. B Timiefnr koaeaaleaad ?*?'' ?--I p<ssh:,?kxl, Wit ... * J.*, Biwiito*|. PR A Rl. bfA BMT W1 DBA 1 k O - PARPIMA IATRHRATRO wd MfRil k>l*widMiMMd Hindu A rawi awat ttm Pieeklto agwara tatRa jjlmy, ere tofki wittkade?? howtap tk* prapa*ly eReeted ikawle.aedaiiea ja ***nna? fAtoat dm raaei jw tlfaatnrea at tke odkae af BOB IW WilAti k Pvt.. BT PmH etmp* anrear of Mm* rUHBDAY, APRIL 7, 1857. BO* SAAB. t|K() WILL nmnBABB ACABH BCHIlfB* CLBA* vWV tutWM?-ftra dollars ?ar weak. kocwitel *w

rmtae r?qdKdL m4 suitable ft* a tadjr Paid an MB****- trkHl?aL Address J. W.. feat offlea, tl 7fW\ ro? a tba aid oorrmm sroma nr a ?JU. I l/V busy thoroughly m. haadeoeaety fitted ay, favorable Issts, doing a good trad* tte offered oa liberal we raw. Bl&U# A SOUrHWIOK M finnu etr?eL #0 find 7011 OIK or tub moot DKilRABUI 9A.UUU ally eonlbsttaaariag; longeewbltobed; dotag aa excellent bustae*; favorable ink; oa a baeteeo* thorough faro; going Booth, unusual lodaoMneoteare ottered. BlUOft A BOOTHWICK, Hd hussau street. Q nnn -to* balk, aw old utablmqcd fu.uuu. boot and shoe store, bow dotog agoudbuai asa bund-omely fitted no. ttoek m good order. Inquire at 2ft) third avenua, before 13 o'clock M. Nana nasd apply without rash. ??1 Kf lit -TOh HAl>.\ OR TO LB AIM OB BKNtaSO.uuU. On termalo suite tea applteaot, a b-aat'fnl two story oottego house with dining room oil' and to lota, situated near RoDomh'a 1 am, a quarter of a mite above High Budge. BlUOH A MHUTM WIOK. H4 Nassau afreet an /tiki, -tm ssT.a?a SistUIg-1 nOTTa.UM> JpO.OUU. with lot 16 x VB feet 9 Inches, on ihtrtv third (Uw n?tr the BUxid asylum. Cottage sontalss eleven roorne, with both room pantries and c'ssels; how from the bouse eoanerttng with lhe main nvv; front yard tearfully laid out Apply at 371 Warn Thirty lb Ird street _ Cil nnn ~'?* A HOl'Hff AND FULL LOT. WT.UU". house 10 foot front and roar by :18 fart iWp, three stones aad basement inquire oo the praalaoa 1S6 Weat Thirty essosd atreel, near beveuth ?vanne. ?/| (Mill -*0* HALB OB 10 LIT AT BTAXFOSD, ?T.vv/v. Conn , a two itory house with from one to three aeroa of land, about one mile from the depot. Terms aaay. Inquire oi J. P. HAMILTON, on the pretnlaea or of lira T. HAMILTON, corner Broadway aad Fifty first street. 7 nnn -A ?RBat bargain IB offkrbd.? $ I ,UUU. The three story and baaameat houae No. 234 went Thirty fifth afreet, with all Improvements; tmexoepttona bia neighborhood. SalOUcan remain It not aoM by the loth of April It will be rented, wltb the exception of the aeoond floor, for 9460. Apply an the premlaea 7 nnil -'OR HA LB AT A OBRAT BABOAIN-A <T I .UUW, new fbtir atory baarmeut boueain Forty third street, No. 164 near Broadway, replete with all tbe modern Improvement*. $4 COO can remain on bond and mortgage. Apply on tbe premises fcQ Ikftn 'OR A FINB FABX. 4fl AOBRB, Iff QOOO ^O.UUU order, btuldlng and enlPvatlon. at washtsgtonvllJe, Orange county. Alao. (tore and atock of goods In tbe Ulnae Apply to JOHN JA<40m~* on the premises, or BIGQR A hOUTHWK'K 84 Nassau itreeL nnn 'a^b-for two of thonb full il/ed four atory brown alore homes, oo Madison avenue, between Thirty third and thirty lourtli 'recta. Apply to J. MRLDRUM, on the premise* A BATHING ?N? HAIR DMM81NO BALOON FOB 41 tale cheap to a cash customer. with four yeara' leaaa of the premise*; baa been eetabliahed twelve year*, la neatly I fitted up with twelve copper balh tuba and apparatus, six having chalrm, Ac . do Inquire oo the premlaea, 403 Grand tract, between 7 and 9 o clock A. X., or at 41 Xerchanta' kx change. M. t. AOOUHTBY PRAT ON THB BANK OF THB HUDSON river, at Hastii^s, three minutes' wak north at the rail read station, contain lug about three acres of land, for sale or exchange lor city property The bouaa la new, large and exceedingly well finished, and the grounds are taatafu'iy laid out and ornamented. Alan, a vary valuable dock property, well tutted for manufacturing aad oommercta purpoeea. Including the village wharf, and extending southerly nearly 400 feet Apply to K. B KOWLKT. 189 Broadwhy. AT OKAIIOR, NKW JKA8KY. UNLY 4? UlffUTBS ride from New Tork. a new honee and aix acres of land; It la Ave minutes' wa k from tbe Brick ohureh tattoo. the i house contain* fouMeen rooms (tlx or which are heated by a 1 furnace', water and sink in wash room; also In aeoond ttnrr, I together wl'b apeakbiK tubes and dumb waller; there are two good cla'eru* a treat rale well of water, cow and Thicken bouses, Ac. 1 be bouae and lot will be sold with or without Ike six acres aausay be required; the 1-i hi (Ml front be ISO feet deen. Call on or address T. 0 FRENCH, 162 Fulton i street A COTTAGE boom AND THREE LOTH on THE corner of ninety first street and Fourth avenue for sale | or to let. cheap Apply to K. MU.UCH, Eighty-sixth street, 1 i between 1 bled and Fourtt aeenuea COCMTRY MAT FOR BALE--HI UT AT EH OR LONG Island Hound. Waste heel sr county, Mew York formerly the residence *f William . I ana way, three quarter* of a mile > tretn the depot of the Eew Hseen Railroad si Mew Eechelle, three quarters of an hoar's ride from the city of Mew York j on tne Boston turnpike road, facing Long Inland Bound about I 1 0(A) feet, with several beautiful building *1101 with water | fronts, good dock, and water enough for targsnt at/ed sloops , at high ud?, good baking olamwmg and o/sterlug, and safe barber for boats being protected by the land from all winds; > bathing and boat boats. The seeaery cannot he surpassed ! for beauty in the country safe aaeborage for yachts within i Ive minutes we k of the house ?Oontalus twenty Are seres of bast quality of land produpfogAdfty too* of the beet Umo- I thy bay yearly. The grass harMSJeat twine ererv seesoe. ; fledge enough enn be eel for manors and bedding; fruit trees at all kinds over 100 bearing apples and cherries, besides plants end peers <>t beat quality. The garden la exteodve and beautifully laid oat in beds sarroanned wtlh box, value bia ornamental aad fr nit tree* In abundaaoe. grnpa vines and arbor: a vartetr of Bowers and shrubbery, and over 100 Imported grafted dwarf pear trees, targe asparagus and strawberry beds r*abe*rtes blackberries our ran's aad gooseberries The walks are maaataastzed and gravelled making them dry at all seasms. | lbs stable la saw. filled in with brick, with stalls for nine ' horses good puma la stable; two good barns wtll hold seveatg I tows of bay; work shop; two carriage bouses, oorn crib. Bloc for feed, cow stable, pig sty, hen hours, water la cow yard, MO cart loads of manure; the whole place well fenced The t bout* ta p'ehi cottage built In best order Inside and out; eon- 1 tains 14 roams cellar and mils mom; good well water at kitchen door; tcsbense; a beautiful lawn, severed with forest trees at oes aid* of house; twe goad cottages for workmea. . seek two finished roams and garrets; also a mn*? of good water: ask peed, surrounded with willow trees. The housebe<d fur*Ears kitchen utensils stock of hersrs cows, poultry, bags gardes otrnal's, bay. boats ?e , will be sold with tip place if required A gentleman wishing aoeh a plee* lor a country rstailsars weald find 11 hisIntwist to call sad examine It as there are several good building sites aw thin plena, a aambersf goatk ansa eould divide It amoeg them, aad have a j pleasant so entry rasldtneant a smell email Capitalist* wtll gad this a good tni'islanal. as property Ihtfne ths Hound In inersarlng la value yearly. Apply to bEWELL T. , BOWk, MWtiMii nrnl /iot?A?B HOTfME FOR BALE-MEAT two mtory I j brick cottage end lot tar tails oa Fortieth Mr sat, btaweee Fourth aad Lexington avenues, price BAMO?two-thirds o?a remeta sa bond aad mortgage; vaeeei kite la the immediate vtetalty sen tar more ssoeay . This win make a cheap aad geateel house Inquire offlf. TOWTfkRMD. a NameasLeei. or F HRaDT, Mo. 71 West Thirty fifth street COCMYEY BMIDEMCE-FOR SALE AT RIVER, dale two mttoe soeth of Ttmkrre nod within a fow ml nutre walk<>f the Hudson Elver Ralirmd station. a collage reetdeaee with an acre aad a quarter of I aad The house oommwrda a splendid river view. Applv *' 21 Vsasy street Dining rai.oom ror hale-the lram ntojk and fixtures of the old aaisbiisbed dlaiag saloon sud it'Qf :n| duuw ma mi '? ninmawi hu nuwatauiB "I'V" - I Uta Jadartoa mirkat for tola ebanp. bu haan aaubliibad i twaWa TMm. Md la now doing a 4nt rata b uainan. rw*<ooa tor (riling. lb-- proorletor baa othar bualnMi. for farther Rarttonlara laqtilra of OaRRRTT d. RRaIhTBD, oornar ol Inih itrwn and Rlilh avanna. Ornna up and aaa It. Drum stork for rale-< heap ard or hka (otutblatarma; ona of tba b?ai loe?UI >na In ihi eltr [or bnalaaaa It moat ba aiM immadiiuUy. aa (ha proprietor baa otbar bndnar* to aitand to. For partiriiJarr applr lo ororog 11. MaRIKLS, apotkerera. ?? Hlnihaire-ie Farm for balb-two miles from thr depot ' at Want Bloom fla'd. R. J., It sllaa Tram Una'u a>ad aa thr mountain UK aaraa, all nndar ao-.l cnUtntioa , but t aervn. wbieh la In wood, rood building! and plaatr of frail Prion kuu Apply to R. BBIRKBRBOFP, Ro. I0S HHHEWl Factory por ralb. or to lbarr.-a rriok building, thran atortaa high. 80 by 25 iarl wt-b an and I . Uoo of 25 by II faat two norma Mgh. oontafetng an S hoypa ; alpine and bidl#r wRh yard una Ml by 100 ton. iillebl* tor nanautod or d* purpoee. Inquire an ma prratiaaa 1 gu and ant Tweatr tomato atrnn ipor pa lb-MaCHIRERT POR a MaRRLR RIlL. r rom iUna of a i??au twran ?n* n? and b >(! ra, two nibbing bada, fl?a panaa two rip aawa two t o- ktna uo tibiae; will ba aoid togatbay or eeporat*. a bo. ona eight boraa alaam i region; ona flaw do do., ona Uiraa do do and hollar; ona 1 do do , ona ftaa boraa uprlgat and boi'yr. Inquire of W1- i lp.T A BD I/O BR. M aaa atiwai, R. t.. or at Bo 2 Rank Paaend otrwn, WtUlaoiabnrw Fflt RALB ?BCHOORBR ABIGAIL .HCHRIROR, TOCR yrara old, IB) tona ragiatnr, aarrlaa ISO too* la 7 fan* watar aatla ona yaor wd n y - d oraar and wall 'mod Far antowlaaa taq tkw of M. f. BURTaR. 370 RoutA ureal TITM ilbarnL For balm?two fir?t ixtn thru rtort ard haaetoant brown atawa bouaaa; ona oo Twooty aorwalk traat and onn an Twaoty atgbib ureal It* faat waal of Miib aranno. apply no tba promlaaa. Ptt RALB?A LIVIRT RTARLB. ATOCt O >n 'Ml t. I <x buMnaaa. Aa. Aa Tba auhla la a-tmjwb.y a mated in , MBPiaf (lrtt rlaaa hnafmae. la an old ?uod and baa a pro'il abla rop of anatom. tbalaaao h<a Era yaora lo run, wt:i pa an'd raaaonabla aad I arm a mada awry In i oa tba pramlaaa. M bao-ipd aran la i orwar of R into mrert. R. V. |i<or RAL.R-AT RMW RR0RRW1CR. R j. A RMAT r roOnfa. rotpalntaf alna motna, mratad .a a plaaaant retpbborbond nomalua>aUnn wtig Raw York marr J man % day by rwi'mad. ltointra of F. c WaliRIR. 23 'oruAodt 1r*M, Raw tarb. t?or halr-ir thr nrr or reit rrr**frke. r R. J . a vary daalrwbla prlra'a dwalitoa (.tuatnd na higb rtound and a larpa lot. frnoUnp on two aTar.ona. fbla pro- I pony la la ovary way ootnp at# Iaqnlra of F. c. WAIIRRR, Zti'orRandt aran 1,1. t?OR RALE ?FOt'R I.OTU or l.ARD OR *ODfHWKuf JT nartar of Havatnb aranna and Rtabiv aaranta atraat. If. toot 1 loch by 110 faal 4aaa'an, no# lo? rornar of Rrntol *?? and I2i?t atroai, to faat ? . torhaa by Pi fan \ inch daap, Por poit'rn<ara laqnlra ai 1.251 Rrrmdwmr. aaar Poraatb ?trail TurTMMpy f|*OR RAI.R-A HORPR TREADMILL IB 'TtM?l.r?F. nrdar Innulra of F PI I. V r.f<Tlf K 16 W(Wi Twarty. fourth atraai. noikr nftih aroeno U'Oit Raul? a nt.R or rut daily r KlfoUtn Mil Raw Tor* Raprraa, for ?*on t?.r?, nnirrrorcta# with 1PJM. and than r-niflanod with ho Row Torh ItrraM to ho prooont <iat? In ?no* roadttlon. hit tntnad otaor? tho laM tour i oara. KJtn Uriah ( 0 inday*trro? for ?to '? n<r.o J or* A rtl ithl* npllortior for n?? *'a>? or lo-rttortu or P'iblte llbrartoa Apply to H hTRVRRR, or Bonry ?troo\ ijtor haLT-TUR ofioo WILI., hto-k, anp f\x I* tnroo of a wholonolo aad rota 11 ll<|>.nr atnro, which th? owaor baa oar up tori n>r Iho laat (lfw?ai yoary Tho who to or part nf tho honor will bo lot with tho otnro, I' ro-ritraA ar.d a loaoo (Iran f< r a torn of yrara Apply u. Wit rAT(/>R. WH maatoa atroot Xpom RALR-THB L* APR. 1TOIIK ABD nxn nr?or r a? aM aatanlbhorl frnoorr aad honor ptoro alt-tatad lo a doolrablo toaotlon. and now itn'ng a #ood nuonrao. laquiro alAA Day atroat B 1 frm Iaij-a tba, oorm awd bvua* rtorr. 1 oltnaiod In tba boat par* of tho city for Vwinaar aow da in#a rood t ado ohaap ftw r-Mh. AAdroaa oarly A. 0 , (Tabm Pnn?a ?oat oilaa rn balb-a wrll riTr?D nr ro?n* womi?, whh twa bl llard taMoo aad fltturoa cmno oto laonlra oa tho pinailoaa. 14A Rt#p<h araaa aoar hOToatpontfc atroov. nMIM OlOr IB YWRPTY TWIRIt RTRRRY, h *ya yoora .aoar aaatoafrat ftw tjaw any aiarhadi Jhl parpoaaa. Tai mm oaoy A'oo. tr??r* bnuaao and toy or ar?^,a^ ^'"SaaarTto btt*"- ' ' * ''V,"r,, ** j fpOB RaLR TBR TWO RTORT A!?T> ATTIC WRICK T howaa. w?h naatwtra* loaaa a# M hay** twafro raaaa la rah. M r*na*ali<? arory twrrty oaa yaaoa. l-aadoa ah ? POR SALE. s^wHm EtOB iAUl?TBI OOA-L liUI MOW* All TBI 0. r Hut. m good order, bow lying nt Ik* fao? of twenty fourth AM. North n**r. Tarn* Miy. nnply w C. t. w A l in, ,00 ppruii iimi YDOB AUt-TBB (TOOK AMD FIXTVBBB OK OKI or JP the best barroeass na A* Ktghih avenue. Apply to 1BOHMA0 BiU'btl. 2U Rlghthsvcnis L'OB Bil.K VUI tBIJ RBaL BSTATB AT BULLS r Ferry, N J.?Containing about 7X nnrusof .and. about MO feet river (toot, wtth a rood dock 100 (bat long f formerly koowu aa the buaa .and held property.) aboat i.e-tklrd of the land la filled In above high water mark: on the preport? a tod railroad laid with T rail running from the h'gb war to the dnek; one large dwelling bo<iae suitable tor M families, asd three small buildings suitable (or workshop*. The pro prrty Is well oa rn atad for foundries manufactories o- shp yarea Also shoot 2}.* seres of land on the top of the hi'l, adjoletaK the proasleae of the late aba. Brier, dsneimd on which are two good dwelling houses, fruit trees, atirubbery, Ac., commanding one of the beet riewa of the city of New York, the bay, river, Button blend. An . thatenn be fonnd In the rlefnity of Mew York the above property ie directly op posite Mtnely fifth street. The steamboat Flora runs three Uvea a day from foot of Mgrlng street to Bull'a Kerry. Apply toB. W. DAT. laensleghurg, rtensaelar county, N. Y. rB KALB-A BCXJTOB TBARIBR DO (J, JL'dT PROM Nunde'land, very email end beautiful, as gwdastnek as ean fee found In this ooontry. Call a*. A3 Fulton street, corner of Ciitl. Bust be sold. rffe Fob balb-ob hurray hill a bflbhwd mn dence, Bo 38 Beat Thirty sixth street, lint house east of Fourth avenue 1 he bouse Is four stories high, brown stone, MilB. tot 9b U. end wee built by dare' work in the very beet and most substantial manner; ban all the indent Improvements. Open for bipeellan from 7 AM. to A P M until sold. THOB. K II.PATRICK, Builder. |DCB BaLR-ONB FIBS* CLASS FOr It STORY r brown stnae ftwst house. AO bet deep, with all the modern S.i.^a.m.1. Uliularf Mmb RmuImi uri Ml. rh ? oue. No. 32 West Twenty seventh street Icqulre so ihe premises For balb-a lcmbbr, lime ard coal yard, on Msapeth tntw, Mat side of WIlUa neburg, d -log a good boslocm Apply to W. GREEN, corner of Oread and Fifth street*. Williamsburg, or on the premises. COVERT A OO. Fjr bale-the btook and fixtures or a la ger htar ud billiard salocn, one of tha beat lecttlions In thai pert cf the city, with two years lease. Apply to U lob* KB, 273 Bowery. IDOB MA LB chbAt-12 LOTB, A TWO STORY brick X1 bsesn ocl and attle bouse. turner of Oraene and Buahwlok svesuaa. Brooklyn, ground boasUfelly laid oat, RruM od all kinds, shrubbery, stahlea, barn, nmuaer house, grape arbor. Apply to A. laudkb |K1 South streak FOR PALB VERY UHBAP. OR TO LRT-THK FIRHT claaa bouse M Weat 1 hlrty errenlb street A lot south of forty lou'tb street, running through from street to street, taken as part payment Apply to Wld KMIOHT, plumber, 9111 Broadway. FCR BALE OR kxchange-a VALUABLE lot, 23 by 100 feat and buildings, in Fore>ih street; to be sokl or exchanged for a small dwelling hoiiee in New York or yiclnlty. Address V. B. H_ Herald oUioe, It OR BALB OB RXCH4RG?FOR A GOOD FARM OF _T from fifty to one hundred end fifty acres, a three story brick honse and full lot on South Fourth street, eight bloehe from Peck slip ferry, Brooklyn. SaMUNL EDDY, No. 2 Hscorer street. New York. For salb or kxchanqr, in Brooklyn?thobr tea new tbree story houses, with subceilsrs ami base menta. marble mantels and gas. on Bremen street, between Myrtle and Flnshliig aveauae, railroad routes. Apply to 11. BHAOkELTON, No. 7 beekman street ' L>OR BALE OR BXOHANGK-iA NEAT HOTRL. WELL A furnished throughout, lecetej four mtnutee walk from this clt*. large billiard room attached, over eight t?n-i lea?e. and well established; clear of Incumbrances; coet BB.UUU; will eacrltlee gJ.OnO on account of 111 health. Ureal opoortualt*. Address Y. Y Y , Herald ofllce. or call at 133 and 136 Fourth tree . Williamsburg. FOR BALB OB TO l.BT-OB BKOOKLYA HEIGHTS a first class three story brick house, Mo 3H Willow street, witbla three mlnntee walk of the Fnltos or Wall street ferries Apply to MICH eEl, TAOG aHT. 126 Water street. * Y. For balk or to let-a country seat, heacm fully situated on the high land of Htaten Islanu. 1 ;v mile from four landlstre to nuoutea from the city The I oca tlon Is parleotlr healthy, the slew msgslflcent Price BIO .too. J. B. OLhNt WORTH, No. 3 Broadairest ' Jib UK BALM OR TO LMT-a THRBB ?TOk Y gNULigU T basement brisk house, on Forty second street between Eighth and Ninth areouca. This hdfiae. lost built tn the lata* style, with all modem Improvements, wit] he sold at a great esmdflsa. fbr $i, 100 each onW baU sa an marts age. Apply to J. A. PAGE. lg Wall sfrert Fbor balb or to lkt?on hbney street, brook1 Ijrs, the two new Philadelphia front houses, tbree si or as, basement and cellar; built tn the bast nuneer with all the modern Improvement-. Will be sole eery reasonable or let to a goad t?. ant Inquire on tha premlaae, between nan-lean ano Ttegraw streefs or SIR Sect art street. FOR BALB OR TO RENT-A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY seal, with tea or slaty acres of land, situstet ooe mile ahoy e Tarry town on the Hudson river Apply to U.tA, KI*GHlaBD A RUTI ON, M Broad street TTKJR BALB OB TO LET IN BROOKLYN?* vbrt X valuable property, on Plymouth, .lay and .lobn stream consisting of a brick factory- corner of Plymouth and lay treats. W fast squara; two stories, and firm rata cellar oadm the whole; steam engine of fifteen horse sower, in perfect or der, high eh Kan we. he. Alan a brick store and dwelling at the enrnsi of Jay sad John streets There are two walls o! water on tha premises Tha whole or part wW be sold oi leased. Inquire of O. M LIVINGSTON. ? William street. jilXTUREN FOB BALB OF A F1RRT CLASS TAILOR I* lag estabUebnieek <-ot elating of tables, counters, shelving da Thaaa hare bean la uaa only a few months, sad will h< old yary low for caah. Apply at 341 Eighth avenue, or 387 Bli th avenue. Grocery and liquor store for salb-now doing a good each bmslaesa. also, horse. wages. Ac. For further particulars Inquire oa the p rami we. No. 190 Waal 1 hlrty first treat HOTEL foe BALE IN hobokbn.-THB well knows ernablMhmant, known as Bsnmor a Hotel, rstnblishsd flflson years, soatmning thirty rooms besides a large ball roate. barroom billiard room, basement sad spacious yard, fitted uo Is 'ha total pe-feet style, will be sold cheap. a> raaaoqaoia ww. 01 xmn a w ownmr |ni| out n do ?d?m. www IW WIMUM, irf Itt proprlmor. oornar af bird and Hadann au-aata. Hnbokao. HOTEL FOB 8 ALB.?BE AL BBTATB.?TBE Dilirabla and wot! known Throa Pl*anaa Haul and Brery Ml>ln la law Durham, I. J., Mtua'nd teraa mliee from Hrbokaa fairy, on tie Haektmaack plank road, noota'alaR a loria boU room, <Unln?. am In* and rtacaat Mmon. will ktunan, onUara. aoaatoua garden, la., all aad avwyUtls* to lha moat parted ordnr. now do In* a Aral rata b'ialaa?i Btacaa atop to aad from Hackanaark twenty Uaaa dally For forteae particular! apply to O. BaVTLLB. oo tea pretalaea Hur?BH AID LOT* FOB Bal.B OR RBAAONAPL.B toraa ? boraaiaaalb itrral-A yeod ?pi ortnnlty far a coat yard. Wear yard or lumbar yard MtnAtad oo lha aoulheneterly aula of Favaataante atraet. cumaaenolac lit) faat waat of arantia R Braoklyn, B D ?Ika hotam and lot known aa No 79 Fourth atraat. ba<waan ioutb aad aoute Fifth airaata; tea Ipt la as faat front by IU8 f?at 6 iacbe* daap. Seventeenth atraat N.T.?Om Barenteente atraat, two lioaaoa and Iota on northerly aide, maarly op peat to StujTnaant a<iuun, brown atooa fronta Iwanty ninth afreet-Bonaa 72 Boat Twenty ninth atree' near Leilaftoa avenue, brown rtoaa front, four aiortna, all modern Improvements: price >11 DUO. Thirty fifth street?Brown itona north Ode near Fourth arenue, a Hit (Toat. all Modern imrnnnrou, proa Peeoml arrnua-Brick bonaa batwaea Kl*btaaaih and Nina taentk sireeta, on waat aula of Monad ataaue, Ibur aiortao. 28 teat front Apply to T. MACFABLAX A MM, 180 Ten1* atraat. aaar Third atanua. M GREAT BILL?FOR HALE QR 1.1 ABB ?THE LA BOB first clana bonaaa 54 aad IN wnt Thirty nevsaft) atraat between Fifth aad A.ith araanea. timwn efcuir ra. ? ^ ronau deep all tea way up, 4 atnrtaa aad mam int. have ail tea mo darn impmverneeto all e!<*aatly BalaHad Inquire of C. HEARI>"l.BT. turner Aroatwar and Thirty aaraath atraat. or I B. NBERWOOD, No. 9 Far* plana, at I P. M Monbok i arar profertt fob lub-kflfl and lot i;# Mooroa atraat, built br day a work and In poodnrdar Tarma vary aaar launlrs aa 'ha pramtaa*. T>rm nmtirB LA ROE RWIM oottaob , BRIOEI J with fire tola an blfh around. In Ftortreathstroot Brook !?n. aad aanr OreenwnndRailroad ter ttfea or to Int BapoU fa etew fTnen first and ai mod afcalea. rarnodnha aad Midi, uardan In termoaa. wt'h choice fruit and grape vi nan. Apply ta W HaBTRNT. 1U t"hamban atraat R T T>OCRAWAT FARM FUR RALB.?FOB EALB AT XV Bnckawaa, nanr Rhe penes a farm of nhout inn acre# of mandaw nad upland, wtta farm bonaa. bam, <cilbulidin*m, Ac Alan a email plaaa of about 4 bcraa, with booaa. barn. ontbntldlM*. M. Apply to F.B. wlt.Kllf*. No. 11 Wall atraat. STBAB BROIRBi AMD EOTI.EBB FOB RALB.?TW? aw aLi bnrae hnrtmnla. engine*. noa eacond hand do. and iwoaacnad band nprtaht aagtaaa, ono new aprljrht tubular bo.ior. and one naw 11 borne locunotire hn Jar For aala low by OtaBARKE B TflBAM,. M and Ht Hnrrtano rtraot r> rrdertAKBRu OR OTBBR^.?FOR <4I.E. TRB valuable lenae of Mora and dwelling 31 Huth ateane with lit iraa complete, or will ba leaand for * term af yarn tor any other bualaeaa The pram see nan be mm at ear Uiha Vnc particular* apply to WM O'DOWNEl, anmer of 1 wewtieth ?iraet and Third aveauo. between tea boara of It) aad IS o'clock A.N and e aad ill F. M. ffv> <AATBBB -ROB RAT<R I.O*. OB BART tBBBH. A 1 real r uata and fill) lot. wltb 6 Teat aiiay MR Kabla D tha roar. tnr ferry la Rpu'b "rook ?a. Aoply from half ptit 3 tin IP V in w HaI.I. Bo 1 Kraal PTC OOBBBOnOMBItR ?FOB RATA A Rri'RKIOR TBA 1 oak* bakery and ra -ream mown that baa a llrat nlaaa nrdr? b tatneae aa wall na Mora trade, w'th a leaaa of f ?ir yearn Apt'j Ml# fmrtl aiwiip. oae done frrnn Fanr ta#nth etraat TRRKBRBT rBorrniT FOB RAUI-tlts tatt ABD roine a reet. alan I* aod 17 Carnoa ntraal with raar bonna upon aald lota, paying a *e-y 'arge tat or-a-, fortnn an L on both ntraata Tor f in bar particular* la<i rj? of JHO *. BAtTlR. Uaad WRpmcaaUaat THR Ft'RBITTJBIt ABO liBARB ?>p a L.ABGB B'laRDing bane* (la a anpaatot oaHtm. raar Broadway will b? told upon reaanaabla 'anna For further rarti ;>i are addrrn* AS.ll Hnald alt ra, for at* want rM <K>M? CBKaP-A WIU, FtTTRD UP MUUOB wore where a p?rana with a imtl -apiA. m ah'<1 > a geod ratall and bottle b? atoaaa ftw-kaaa* o'tAe prapriatM-tha <oly aoaaoi lea tug Inqnlra at JG* Grand timm. WJllataa borp. \fALUABtF FABB FOB RAI.W-BI n*ATBO OB THt B odnaa rt*?r, cmety mtlea from Ba? Tort two m'lna from ib* Bhlnohaek depot on the II ndwm Rlrwr Railroad a id wt hia nw? ?u<- of tha tillage of Kingmnn. v atar no a?y Raw fork Tba ftrm contain# IB) a-ran of land aod la waff adapt hd to all ktndn at agrteuUnra, ana gardening pntTonaa with a baton market for all k'nda nf prmTira Oa ft# arwmn * a R dwelling hnuaa, barn carriage bonaaa 'eeent bona# and a. a ftna garden of four arna wall nloahad wrth frnr of ???rj daacrlp tna Only thraa bo n from tba aft* of Rew TW*; wlllbaanW low and oa nary ' rata Apply to RICH a Bit ?i#pa a Wintam arena* haw Fork W^HBBTWABO B<> tot'"'. WW lawa Maria-lOJWnaerm of wall aalarOnd vrairta a I Nmbar laada In aarh Rtain, naar inert rlvam and rai'mndn. a '?o a number af valnahia town Iota at Want Hew ma and (it*Wra all of whlnh wCI bo *r changed Rw ?nnd wnrahaadlao ?V <*y piaparty Apply B B M?Tf 71 Btaaan arm< Wow i or bottub ?fob baia At ana aoBBk or troa. anal and umZ, .and SFS=2&'H2iaS.rS2i1S 3 nw IALK. Fm AALA-TWO FIMT CLAM rocs aTOHY HftOWN MM t. Ml MM. WllA rtf h easous r.yle Ml Oalah aire StoMM. they aaalsalyiebe eaae tobtivprwiuM aooMM| ail IMM ailw MWUMIW far oooifon Ml bdautf' 1*0 large tmsM at white Frroeh plata glass la saeb wis daw la Croat, Isolda mahogany blinda. biaek walau stairs, to., Ac- uvn Ball* tor larpretfoa from* to a laou?oa the py?Mia. ?* M aad 90 Waal * tarty urn mr-et. or of U riR 1 DA VIM, ana of Bigbieeoth atraal sod i?nm B. SOB NALB-AT A LOW riOCM OA WILL. IX itaili far aa bbIoc umbered farm or oouatry east aaar I'-lty. worlfe abont 9AU00, mo beeatiroJ cottages fu'J ate. Id W? Thirty flrth?set. ^ M Broadway. rx BALB-At MAW BOOHMLLM, A BPLAMDID ooualry seal; am* heoaa garCea sad oeihousee; loaauoo high aad heel Un. uommaadTng aa eiuaetre new of iha Bouad sad surrounding eowelry; flra aeras of ahaioa wad, ood water, great shandarna or Bull, is ii?natal iraaa aad Mrubhary; also a good rarteey ?f ?ail fruits; aaar ala?beta Isadlag sad depot of Maw Baraa Railroad. one hour's rtda from the rttr, sad kaowaaa the Maadptaaa. Ha nasi a. Ac Mqidra el Marray tarsal upstairs wbribn la* iw.-fa AMI*? AMD Y1BABA taatta, tows sod min si lea, la WaMrn Wtaieaia wad IfitiaaaMa (a*a(Km with ' aalawjkla tit ISMlf In Lkdh hMImaI La Cram, WiaoonaiB, and Bout* Hwi Minnow? for door exchange tor merohaadlee or other properly. Load warms? boegbt. aold and located. Mossy Invested end trades nigs tinted mr other parties. Apply to T. D. BUTODT, Wo, J a sorry onurt Wall street, ofleo roar of Ftaber, Denny A Or VQIANCIAL. Cttllft -A LARQB BOtt'H UlYKM, WITII IWAI. JOUU, Interest fnr tbe nae of SdflO tor aU>y days Piaaaa apply to W a A Co., 334 Broadway, room 14. who will give amplo aaeiirtty C1I1Y lo?n.?tbmpobart loans WTI>L BK RB) ealrad by the Corporation of iha ctty of Raw York, tn uaM of not leas than MbA Mr which arenas boada wtll ba Uaued, bearing Interest si sUr par oank aad payable la 'rem di months to one yter. aa may ba desired. Fiasaca DaraNraaMT, Oointaoixan'g Orrtca, i Maw Voac, April 1, 1867 S A. O. FLAG?. Oomotreller. pBlOAtM) AMD ROOK ISLAMD SAlLROAJD OOMPAV/ pad*.-A dividend at tea t?) par oaat oo mm fuit alack at thia com pray haa been daaarad parable at Um adEce at I tbalraaanrar In this ally on tbe 1Mb 91 aprtlprux. A pro rata dtxtaend (equal to two and a half par eeat) haa also bene d*<:larad on Ska aarlp stock of the company Issued on acoooat at baa da etmvnnad an the 10th ot .tannery. 1B01. Pertiaa holding ?e aertp etookwtti be laqniredMsaaraader the same I at the Ume of Iha payment of the elvtdaad. and aaruAeewa tar fall aloek will Ihea be leened In Ilea there,if. The traoafer boeka will be eloeed on the J'at Inat. and ramala cloaad nnM the moratng of the llitb April. A. C. PLAQG, Traeanrer. Maw Toaa, Mereh TJ, 1M7. > rvRPABTMBNT OF FIMAMCB.-OOMPTBOLLBR S OFJJ lice, Mo. ft Ball at Records. Saw lark. Apr! S, ittftT.? To paraona bat ing ordera or aaatgnmaota from the Central Park Policemen ?Notice la hereby given that toe eettement of ?he pay of Urn Central park policemen will be made oa Wednesday ceil, Ap'U 8, at IhleoOioe. All pereooe having order* or aa tgumems truaa any of theaa men will present the seme to this department before thai date. A. C. FLAOO, Oomplml'er. Ctnon AHIVl Bl'HINRHS MAN, HATISO A HAIL T oaah capital to invest la a paying business, wtll do wal, to oail at Ml Broadway. 11 ISKKaL point bailboad honjdh.-ths oouM pons of the konds ef the town of Mineral Point, leaned la tbe Mineral Point lallraart Company, doe the currant month, will be paid on pr mop tat ion at Iha Bank of the Banhailaa Owepaay. VI BACHANTS IM WANT OF MEAN* OR THOSE BM. business. cwt hear of a party with means ana lone experience In sritHng bankrupt estates Address Ion, Herald offlss. Business confidential. Reference given Office or Tbs ii.unoih central railroad (torn pany. IIsw York. April 3. 1867. Rotlre is heteby given, lb at Ike Directors o! the Illinois Central Railroad Obtnpanf have leeolved to tncreaee Ike cvpllal stock of the a unpen 7, from one hundred and seventy thousand shares to two hundred and fifty five thousand shares, which new shares will be allotted to the holders of the present stock, at the cloeieg of the boohs en the 'kith of J une asst. and to such persons ss map become stock ho leers by Has eonvendon of optional rights, which expire on the (tret day of January, uw. ta the propertloi of one share of new stock to two shares or the old stock. lbs transfer boohs will be ahead on the 30th day of Juan mat eid re opsm on the Iss dap of July aaat The holders of the present shock are required to receive sen third the number of shares to which they may be entitled on " toe 1st day of J uly, 1K07, and to pay an instalment of 180 per etisre thereon. Optional rights for tfee remaining two thirds will be Issued- cue half oonvarable Into the stock of the com pany. on er before the 1st day of February, UMft. and the remainder on or before the 1st of duly, UAH-suob lasts Imcola no mat then hnve been re)lel in on the present stock to be paid to the aompaay at the time of conversion. Those persons who shell became stockholders by the conversion at the praeeal optional right* lulo stock, on or before the M ear of January, lhufi and after the 1st fay at July next will o? required to recefvs sad pay far one third of the new stock in whrsh ibsr ? be entitled, al than me of sash cuorervton Optional rights for lbs remalnlog two thirds of the new sleek to wbleh they may he eatitled will bs Issued to lham. of the same tsaersn those Issued to partlqe Rho shall Mpoar as stoekhofoars at (he clo*tag of the booba on the 30th Ol JUM (tit Fnrtiss ooaverting optional lights will be required to'pay to the onmpaay all aeurued Interest an the Isslstotssts from the Ume thai interest shall have bean paid on the mslslmsnts, to the hold me of the pretest shsi n all stock wbleh is sot applied for before the 10th day of J uly next, sad the Instalment paid thereon, will he forfeited to the company. together with all rights which eftoeh thereto The directors bare resolved to ettead the time tor the aonvcrmon of 'the existing optional rights, whloh, by thblr lama ci"tec on the 1st of January, 1866. so ss to include the 3d day nf January, U6H laJormatioa pmialatsg to the detain of this issue can be ebtalnsd by inquiring al ins office of the cempanv. Interest will he paid, as usual, upon the Skwk of lbs 10mr pany <>n (he 1st of July next ; By order of the Beard of Dtreetora. f J. N. PVEKtlM, Transurer. OFFICE OF TBR RIOHIH AVRML'B RSILROAD < OR pane, sprll 4. 1H&7 ?A quarterly tlvidsad of tares per eent os the capital slock of this company hsa bars declared, ( pa)ahlsoademand JuHN n. HURT. Treasurer. f\mcm or tbr fulion fire imvrajk'R comU pany, Ro 40 Wall street, April L IW7 ?Taa directors of this compaay have this day dee Is red a saml annual dinfend sf seven pep sent, paysh'e oa sod after Monday, ?to Inst. The toanafer book will b* dosed uatti thai dete J AM EM M RARKIJL ftoceotaryOFF ICR OF TBR FOR ARD W7HOONNIN IMTBO Timed Compaay ?The mtorast 00 the bonds Issued by the foals of Wtsanotos for the Fas and Wleoooata Improvement, will bs paid sin Trinity Building. Raw Tort ABM B. CI.aRK. TroMurar. SAN FEAR CISCO OOUPOHB OF THE 10 FIE CENT bosda due Mav 1, 18?7, Sad payable la foa Free clean, wnatod bv w7r OONVEReB AOO-. buskers, 43 Fins street. LOAN urnt KI. t9 ^IWt (Hlit TO HOAN-OR WATOHR. DIAfi-OvU.UUU moods, jewelry, sogers dry goods and at klsda of personal property or bought and aald for cash Noire bosda mortgages at rhs do., segotintod. 103 aaaau r irwr i4 ?u. urol Hot raoaaa Ro.t?4 2W. TBOMPHOk 4 CO.. brofcan 1*4 mbWn avCBABta. ?000 nnn -BROAbWAT L04* OrrtO?.-THH fljy.wUU, old attain tobtd oflle* loan* tha higbaal turn* o? diamond*, walchaa jawa.ry and paraxial proprrty, or aama bought for oaah H. H.?Pawpi.roitri tlakeu bright. If ACIlUPP A RHKAD. m Hr?t.*r tl/t^ /Will -*OLOA?. 0* PROPITTIVR RKAL viOu .Uv v. atw la Aa fur far 1 (Mmof twra, ? turn* 10 tilt. Brookar* nar<l BO' apply. Hour* 10 to 4 P If. J B. 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