Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 8, 1857, Page 11

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 8, 1857 Page 11
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jmmmmm renewed every day. OKV UOODH, AO. WWV'/VV AWA-AV ? \ .^-V. ion baoadwat-aw bxtkmstvb btook or ml mm, ootflurea yd aoQara An atMtttonal annmael 85?*"* *" iou*^m%ir{r ssmfe?^1 ion uoADWAT.-HorjroK LACK im, ?ou xZ(7 hriL eolBuraa ud barueee. Abo, ihe Hka gooda la mM d'aigoibe. Bnwaela potot and rbhVa Mibwm baa. Vhe Mat extaaatra atock In the cttj. A large tot af raaiVahMtauy adgiag at la PKTKR RwaaRW * 00. .J t)0 BROADWAY -BLACK LACK VBit* FROM ADO I^ji7 Uon. joet opened. _ . PKTRM RObBRTS A CO.. a** store. 4? Broadway. 1 9ftl* 8BTB.-I* PLOWING BLRMYBB, P&RNOH L^vU worked, at 94 60 and M. worth 98. 1600 "" ? _ Prom $110 to 96, etes one-half the eost of importation. GEnUTH Bazaar, 619 Broadway, M Mtcbolae Motel. ATTENTION IS CALLRD TO OUR RBMOVAL TO 709 Broadway three doora above fourth itreet and to our man slock of Preneh cmbrosderMs and rtoh lacee. Imported mwceeely for oor cpenisK. MILLkR k OR ART, 709 Br>ndway. A IKW IMPORTATION Of RICH BAUMEtN LACK*, A. collars seta, Ac., black thread ve'bt. oo ttures. aeU col Ee and wristlets, very rtoh; Parle embroider) ?s in every eaoelrable ttvie; novelties In made up laee goods. BIAILBY, PaRRlMQf ON k LRsitlB 013 Broadway. AT POUNTAIR'B INDIA STOBR, COS BROADWAY, A complete assortment of Raet India and China goods, aWeab and retail. Information or namplee aent oar mail HARBOR BOBK8 FROM AUCTION, AJ Whlth ekeallle flounces, e RnWrely new style, Win be opened this monitor, By HKRKMAN k COMPANY, 473 Broadway -|>RBT WHITRARD UNBLCACHKD MUSLINS, MKRKID mack prints, blue and navy prints, linens, table cloths, MMaats. rhaDles, broadcloths and other goods, are for sale fef*. MaTHKWB No 64 Catherine street. BRRKMAN a COMPANY, 473 BROADWAY, Have received another lot Of Ihoae Parla al'k flounced robes, Prioe f 10 each. TV1R8 TRIMMINGS AND RIBBONS MJ In great variety. Also. roipkkiis abd laces for rfkirc. New styles, tost received. LORD k TAVLOR, US. 287, 269 and 261 Grand street, and 47 sod 49 Catherine street. YRLRGANT FL.OUBCRD BILK ROBRS JB and KITRA RICH FASHIONABLE FAR1S SIL1S. Some new and c bo toe sty les will be i Opened Monday, aprtl 6 I LORD A TAYLiOK. 266, 267. 269 and W1 Grand street, and *7 and 49 Catherine street j TTWBROIXKhKD H ANDRP.R^HlRPd-AN BLKOANT Fj aaaorunent just received, and at extremely moderate *" QENIh'8 Bazaar, 913 Broadway, St. Bteholae HoteL vawaBATnwovnntcnnoB uio/mv unci ma r a pdu fi |ad bAudi BEIKMtN * oo W!H open on Monday. 6lb, An fateostve uivtaMt of Ladies' aid misses' embroidered basques. Embroidered laces for basques Fit urea ewtss for do., Laoe and ttwte* bands all widths. Just reeeived per last steamer at 473 Broadway. mOK Al'TICN terrible BACR1FI IE J* Four cuaes Kreoth muslin robes, three liouuc-a, for tbe Incredibly low price of 03 per robe. At W. JacKSON'ri new mourningstore, CM Rrtadwaj, between Spring and Pnnoe streets. j 2AMA8 GRAY AGO. HA VI JUST OPCMFI) A HUPKRH 1 assortment of RIsLUOIBasD FRENCH KdBKOlIB IBS, JBlaik lace potata and mantillas. U1U AMD KLOU N01NU8 In great variety, 719 Broadway, eorner Wsv.t ey place. Lack seth ?our a?bortmknt of lac* sets, being our own exclusive make and Importation, are uneoaaDed, comprising all that Is novel in Fetal d'gauze, point applique. Hen [too, regency. Valenciennes medalioos. he., Ac, Ac. OEM lit d Bazaar, 613 Broadway, et A ic holes Hotel. LADIES' AND MIMEb' UMDKRWEAB, IN GRKaT variety. Suitable far the season. I ATTIf. MI8SKS' and INFANTS' complete wardrobes, Bmbraelng all qualities and itjlet. LADIES' MOURNING BOnKd, Of the moot elegant dezcrtpUoua. LABOR' BMBBOIDBRED BAtHjCKS, In French embroidery and Marseilles, And a& marked at very moderate prices, at GKMIN'H Bazaar, 613 Broedway, St. Nicholas Hotel. J AMIR GBAT A OO. HAVB JUST RECEIVED FER steamer Asia a msgntlioent selection of NEW SILAS sill BIlK RORES, Ommrti tng the laieenPtrie ili'ee. 739 Broadway, corner Waverley place. , WNILLER A GRANT. Ml Have now on hand At their new store 703 Broadway, above Fourth street. An entirely fresh assortment of French embroideries, laces, mom sing ard illua'on golds. Infanta' caps, Ac ; also, muslin bends tlonnciaga edgings and Hmunions, to which the atteo Hen af pnrokssers Is called. MANUFAUTl'*KD EX 1'RESULT FOB FAMILY USE? uisr.h sheetings, shirtings, table demsske, tablecloths, eyhtss. doy bee, towelling end Unea goods of every deecr.p*\drdatatlob, 266, 387. 359 had 361 Grand street, end ?7 end 40 Catherine street An ORE AO TO 76 CENT BILKS Rn4} Monday, April 6. lobd A TAYLOR, M, 267 289 ?4 XI Oread atreet, u4 47 u4 49 Oilkertnt atreet. VJRW SPR1BO MANTILLAS, XT Id Croat variety, in now Oj?D by BKKKMAN A COMPANY, 475 Irniwtj, VIEW KMBROIPRRIM. LA<B8 THREAD VEILS. AC. AN We would roll Ike aUei.tloo of our rujtomcro end (he hdn (morally u> our well elected Mock of On9ft. Hot lion aad point lace ante aid ooltar*. rolnl, VeJenmonnoe, thread and Hon'too Kaon, Thread end Praaah yetta. As , Ac.. Wfeh erery article to embroider*. received par recent arrival* from Bnrope. at ABEMaX A oo.n, 17:1 Broadway. PRINTV|i < AMBB1C BREAKTABT monies at tub GREAT cLURING 8ALR, New betof offered 1T B2 80, each worth U ML Owty a few MA af the 1.000 reoetred par ateamer a law " MaTniTUMI TOR BALE O. B. WTLUAMB. 547 Broadway, corner I-eoctrd etreei. pOWTTV* bale or dry ttoom, m at 547 Baoapwar. Ctaefnf the bnaiaaaa. The leall I cotieetloa or rich oooim Moat be dBpoeed of Bator* find of May. RaaardMa W aeat, At prtrata bR . * T?BBtftiaa Ta enR ttttowa O B. WILL I AIM. 547 Broadway, aaraar af Laanard atraaA R E-ftwby todtaa rtaltlaa the eBy are tortted ta caST BAIMB DB LA 1MB DEI?Bn? D at the grrat cloning bale B bamt da latae iran At Mb each, wwfth ma , Cffhrad far aaia trim wbbe only. 1 adlaa wtahiac le pmeure kXSbcall barlt. Made txturoe tor aale. m Ba?Iii ar.BaatotoalLBBMSWaBt Mil LANT OF TMB ALBON1 PLA1DO. OR BAT OUUia RAUL MB AN**! plaid draaaea 52 Abash, worth BR Ito toto art to Br ?ed thai Mb abe^i are the laat of the g^SvbK. waahail ha afcie to?hraAgl ^JJiAMt. 547 Broadway, eorner at Laanard atrwet una dahapks A*t> mru man HOB * ouir &omno >alb. 10 MO MUM beeMkeoptet (node sJsss. rareepperfeeKyfetAee offered to femliiee for bajlag Mr WMiM uMMlT low PMlCto. a B. WILLIAMS, 947 Broadway. mn Leoaard at Silk* BM/KR, KU.KR. IMItM greet rxdnetton la i it?. M the Oroat rtoatog rata, Oa laMB;, April 1 She beMace of iBi Will be offered at lower prleaithaa tea be fonad Ateay otkerbonea to tor <o?*i *? '" ?* - _ ? To oboe tkr hnefneoo O n. Wiu.UM, 147 Rmedwey. ooraer lomiol etrooi Ml* nef^bertofo. 0tfo?-tW.<wwto J eat rerefred b, HOKMA* A OOMPAWT,^ ^foLliTe^TMtotkaira^eoewrMac ^W?*r^foerrbeeto{a ? vtdoh ikeattotUa^^b^jj^lmailaetfnUj Mrlled. SILK A, ? UKo-aur aKiifii HLK4. _ _ One oeee of Preaeb rOb*. fo per jd.. WS?** * > At W. JACK RON A tew MVWI More ?l Broadway. betweea apal and Prttnr areeW. SILK BOB**. _ . _ . A tktoe w* of *n robea, japt reer red. aod wtB be Met At JAJrtBCBOPBBTt^J^roedwe^ ariujro ?w?? m ?? C* J*?.aR?*P.irT ** ?reed?AT W* eeer < n WeeAaf. ??rt f| w?e rert tdeaaa4 refer' m0 IM4* end Prank Inbuilt If DRY GOODS, ??. v ^ EA?A^!e*u^IfuiI^wtK* (or MXa who ww threes** off t lr wwwrgannente. wd aleo^tor a trarelfc. etoO. a Jui) ipwir - 1AM^ OwOFRBVS. t*i Broadway SltK ROBKfl FROM AOOTloW _ . i LR BOCTILUBB BROTHaRB hare just r?Mtradf*Bl a robes ta plat* color* with brwede tkraocee; also Bayadere, with ehlatz Aou< ee. and beandful rhlne robe*, all at prions d nek lower iku aenal u 80 Cans) itreet and 47 Howard *rwt * STRAW GOODS. Preach Sewer*. a Rate, plqoeta do., 1 For cash, ti at 318 Broadway. ? sorner of Pearl street. K | HON KB a KRTCHl'M. ! gPJOFO 3 I We are new ready to aztdbtt Ute lara*at aad mm auraottr* * wui Iwsiil of awwityWe of rprtog Msntin?. | fn be tbnaW a the etty. Boop aklrte of all kinds, of our own M manaterture. iwt wraa-pneee arw. 0 R LMXLLB k OO- *: Woe. 80 aad IB OhewllWl street np stetra THJt TRJtT LATRbT FARM DRIIOWB 9 Will be lntrodnoed on Monday. kprll ,i ?HHJ!?0 MiKTlU.AH. SASQCEH Al?P TALMAS w LOBD*Ta)LOB, 266,237. 269 and Kl Grand street. ? ami 47 and 49 Catharine street " TBS LKONTIHE WBAPPBR I OB SPRING Manufactured (torn Ut? lineat clothe a And other m? erlala t2 By BKKKMAN A COB PAN V. 473 Broadway. T mo JOBBERS ?T0 CLOSE All ASSIGNMENT.- WHITS ? 1 goods, boater? and Yankee notions A Urge and well as- q looted stock will be aoM la leta vt rv cheap for aaah. orlheen- y ilre nock, wl h or without the <teslrat>t? tease f ipwlous lofis A at 56 Murray street, will be cold rerj low for oath or approved a: paper C. P. DCBANT. Ml Murray street. TTNEQUALLED STAMPED BMBBOIDSBY MANUPAO- d (J tore.?P. DB PERCEVAL, tOhartea ManoeL aoooeaaor). q 667 Broadway, N. Y. Madame Man eel, Baler of Madame De J Perceval, glvra her apeeial attention to all klada of French ta embroideries made to order, Initials, scalloping, yokes, Bo., A whole rale and retail. 8PIUBIG MILLWEKY. i OCU BROADWAY, CP STAIUB b ZOV BEaHLEftn fcoNNET FRAMES AND CROWNS, ti Best shapes. of every description. tc BoNNkT WIRE, K' A full stock of all kinds. a Prteea reduced to caah buyer*. *1 I' QNt BROADWAY.?SPRING STYLES O* PARIS W ?) I l) flowers of every va'iety and description, rosea, buda, gram*a. Ac., dieted to the trade, at extremely low J prteea lor crah. H. a. Ba?bFOR1> A CO., 376 Broadway, f op stairs. b, 1*71 bkoauway.-mm'E. r. Harris a bon have Oil much pleasure In announcing to their numerous eus- i tomere and etrangere mat they have received several cases of * French bonnets since tael r opening of Thursday. 96th March. JJ Amongst lha last novelties lathe white chip, black lace and lanev straws, and many other novelties, from Mm* AlemndrlneanOMmr. Laure, Mme Marks and Mme Arhard, of I Parts. They will be exhibited on konday, April 6, at Madame f. R. HARRIS a hOifB, 671 Broadway. 'J CQgt BROADWAY.-MRS. CaKTKR HI8 JCHT RBi) O ) celvrd two cases of splendid designs la French bonnets, consisting of chip ltaao tulle and fancy straws; also mis I ses' bonnets, well woithy the notice of ladles, roulhern and y Western merehnnta purchasing can buy at the lowest ctik di prloe. 693 Broadway, between Prince and llotuOon elreeta tc FXTOKR8 MAGNIFICENT, THAT GAPTITATK AT | ? tint Right; bridal appointments of spotleaa besutyicoitfurea " abundant and Irresistible; fancy bonnet ribbont, faultless. *' with a t hour and other attraction! for the toilet, at PaVIlION DK FLORA. M Broadway. i | RVINR'fl NEW M1LL1NBBY ESTABLISHMENT 138 J 1 C?nal Meet, second door from Thompson, oomprlnes a * rich and beautiful assortment of millinery, straw goods, rib. " bous, flowers, Ac,, In great variety. Milliners supplied lew MILLINKRY.-OPBHINO IN BROOKLYN OFHPalNO ? and summer millinery.?j. B. aRMoTRONG will open h at Us rhow rooms street, on Thursday, April 9, the rlchMt and largest assortment of bonneta French flowers, ribbon. Ac , oyer eiblbited in Brsoklyn. J M1LUNBBY-GRaND OPENING |Or SPRING aNI) ft summer mUlirery. at Malame In KOINE'S, No 6 L? roy place. Bloc ker street, oo Wednesday, April 8; 'the ? richest and most fashionable goods to be found In the city. J Ladle* are invited to inspect betore purchasing Bonnets >, made te order la the short tat possible time, in the latest Tans w style# It MKH MELVIUJt. 48 CARMINE MS BET. WOULD IN /form her Broadway friends and customers and the ladies | geaerally, that her spring and summer atylsi of hataandboi y; nets are new ready, and will ba sold at rates muah teat than rr she used to charge In Broadway. N. B ?Juat received, a n fret h lot of very beau'iful F reuch tlowera, g, ?r " ? OPENING I* BROOKLYN.-MILLIWERY T W. ABM- M BONG It forms hla lady patrons thel ho will opeu his f spring SDd summer styles on rhursaa', April 0. at his spa- V clous showroom, 3CA Pulton sreet, second door above Tohneou dt sireet This oeession la intended to excel anything of the kind I F heretofore tn Brooklyn or elan where. OPINING DAT FOR PRBMIUM MILLINERY.?Mai. J Cooler hirttg been awarded the eclv Crystal Pals e pi ixe medal lor 18M and diploma of 1866, for superior mil*- . aery, begs to Inform her mends and ladles generally, that she will open her show rooms on Wednesday, April 8. with a I | choice assortment of millinery, to Which she respectfully lo- 1 \ lt?? aUent'on. and a JhAta Uie tarer of a vlait ! ? MRS. SOPHIA OooLBY, 111 Eighth arenaa, ?| between Fifteenth and Hliteenth (In The millinebt rhow booms (formerly mrn. ] Rogers), Ul Eighth ayenue, wrlll ba epeoed oo Wedses h day. April fl Bra t 'onley having bought oat her aleter. Mrs f, Rrgere, who. from I'l health, baa been ootapeUed to reltn ouleh, begs to as do nice that she wlil opea aa above, flaring i been awarded the only Oryetal Palace prize medal of I8M, | and diploma of 18M for superior mlilleaty she h opes to mar* f( the approbation oflhe.ld pa^^ofthe tirve? - inceesnr to Mr*. Borers'. Ul Elghib avenue, west side. j ( ARPRT1M1. UPHOUTBRT, AC. at tc Cv ARPETh, CARFBTE, CAE PETS. F ) Oarpem aar*?A*rpe?a^ Carpels carpets, tarpw. I Carpets earpeta, agyih. J Carpets, carpets, ear pets. In Oarpeta. earpeta, sarpsSa, pi DOCOHTT k BROTHER, P No. MI Bread way, New TsaE, 1 Opposite IW Park. J Are ecsstaatly i sustilag g Fi sat European and American sales, u Au iaa Larast Etnas or Osaranaa. Which era oflar I At the tow tat market I J BaAee A fas ? leak of cheap . d lngratas anasiantly | h On hand. p - ? . r_ -- rr WIMKLLANMXlh. | t Ah FOB THE COrMTBf. I u Gas appareSaa after the pateal ef Me 1 Marytaad Pertahie Gas Owapaag. " i 0. B. WOODWOBTM k OO. . ? Are bow oflertaa tor sala i ? ?> w>w?, ss&?srSm5cv , " apas'jaa ; ammfaaigw | /ua rirnno aid rixTviBd-riwtoiM iwrxwp t I U fog to tntrodoee *m Mo Ml;buUd!ig> wool* do iroll to UlltW ClMl MM. frolwoon TMmpono M QuHItoq to.. ? M Mrs w MM <M win bo round nmuoiblu. nod j " will M donO to 0 mnnnnr anoqoollod In worimjndip kTM odor >hop in 'ko elty; ikt rboode tort Mi brtckoto of orory 1 ** ^ "*"** mSSmm "Scmiiaw ? ownrm. \i % I i HTTIBOmTMM. ?CACTIOH. ?THB TMCIIIM " ooouooo tbo pahlto mlid impound UntUinQyoy nf In fmiMiU ot hH BlU wdhtl orw now bolng oflbrod IWldl | 1 tn How Tort. Bo wtU gmrmlw Mo HrdrwoM ood for- , * ohnornwwn u? bo of. Amortmo onto rifror logooot IhO bol- J ?rs ^t^TR^irigraajwSSi \ ? ,.*?*?. -VS???4ABA|o ] Vn ?o Rndooo atroM V. T.. Mir tbn rntlmnrf HnooC o . i * . g Ira (?BAV, I CI ( RRoK-MADB P?OV PVBB> gd.porq?ort; Motto tor goKof tho oHy to tormo. Apoty it u? Pourtb otoooo, OM door from Poor imm ?< ?? 1 SESSgarfcftSanw*mmmmm I tw amaa a??> ?** ?< 4,!??gl > jrASSCTjosaa-SLSS^ I MU AIJ.HlTT'B BHBim ATIO EUABOOATKJA-POB ] rWnBMlM, aklllhBlaa. JumhaAo. oM Trnlna, tWBoa d 1 jn.'Urga I VIV atvlfa ] i> uaa fixutebo , At iI tally a Rodnaad rrtett. K I tU dlnr?r ? ?, fill I** antA. $.1; ? '' ' ama, ft i W. H alLMBaN Broadway and 1 wmlr Hthlh *u-?at ] Spllibo. aei.lino orr-em ailtbb pi.ateo cab- ' ww. urn* im aaB and jnga, bwtru Aa . rich ahina dlannr and tra ici?. ?|M. Af! pair* Call at tha Mn of TSOA . I MiBoBLBf, JN Bl*hth iTf?n?. hntwaan T??nil?Ji and Twenty Oral adnata 1.000 Birnr hBr au*a, rnt and plain, aad . IM> iewMmm, J SHOW CAABA-A. J CAM"HEt.T^ MARTTVaCTCBBH, ' ha* roBorrd from hi* old >tui to UN Pulton t'mnt, b* ! , tweaa Miaan And Wiiibb r.renB a mrpa aaaortmxn' of mrBkABd wood ahow aaaaa ?a *aad. Country manhana and , mh^^^il and ana Braaob D naarhnyn vtmat, nhlr?g<> II . , SHOW CAABA-BorPMaM A PREACH a AHOW OAAB 1 vainiomaa, Boa. M ORaiHaaa ilrml and (7 Rowary. A > arn?ml aaarrBMnt of ahnw naaaa kapi oon?da*tly am hand. Old aaaaa <adaa In aaaAaapa. Man prouwiity ataanB I J ^JTBBL PLATER POB A A LB?ABOCT PIPTT BVBBL ' O platta. at vartoua b><m?bB, anfrarad hi 1MB and '?ed maay tanra ip ? partndBal; mat up-a an aaarapn r? 1 *arh. am n*n?nd tar aaB at nwyBoaBnaa. To- turBac J parttonBra lns otm at mn At ttanranaa hntxUni. N? Wall ? nod William atraata. TKBta POB . KMRTBRIM.-WW B rAlACAAOO. i P'iRhln?. ha? ahoail <0.11*1 a ?m i una .fmraaalr*. a?N ahln for nitaarl-a at radnoad t a*na Prload aklmra of 1 nil pnaa Mr . pPh at Vnalar A Walfe MA Rynad way T'BET ATPBE IDE OABDrOE, OF ALL ITPWA. > ava atwrn, mmmr, arxaa. An cawvr, br UraaMMRrf i fci a ^BldBBBRaMa *nr At tj|l*?t and 'Bar wt>n want a fca TWam Bat will hnao Batir rttmaaa I * Iambi aaa^tp'teaa *r oat* t? I ABA * "la A BVdflTMt IB tin PnaO Brant. ? T I CMaMthiNMnat J EW YORK HERALD, WE [>]?;(I -C?Rri*TKII AKD JUHllU|ltlur ruaaaua ' luv/^jeiKhee, lumber sad a good run of work. Auuly j i'JCA ?A GOOD Dll'U flroRB FOR BALE. IK A P0UU. god na ghborhoed and thoroughfare, neatly Sited I p >a4 wall Keeked, with a pleasant olll<-a, wtU M sold at a J argtitt m nppfteatkin to H. W kl*HAKDR 9W Hnxd**; ^?: | ? d Ait -FOB HAUL MBOYBTBR AKD DRlMKlKG a )tUu . saloon, with bar and fixtures aomplels. now do if a good bust'era Butt be mm ta rauainMM erf alekru. Inquire ow the premises, :vSS Budaoaatreat corner rf is ] ?1 7l?A FOB ATBA AMD OOFFCS 8TOBB IK A It M.I UU boar tharoucbfa* a handaomcly fitted up, fa? r Drabla leaae, doing a food trade and offt rod oo liberal terms. p BIUUS A 800 rbWItiK 84 Maaaau au-at. AAA OABH WlLb PUR0MA8B 0KB HaLP IK i PO.UUU tartat with Una adxertiaar, who will invests like p mount, of a legitimate manuiacturlag buaineae to thia etty Z tat will rra'l/e a areadr fortune ka'frnlara forniahed at n tntarvirw by addressing Iron, Herald on. e | A Alt -FOB 8 ALB?A HaKO a IN ? a OOTTA11B' W PO.DU'J. with lot 36 x 98 feet 9 incite*, on Ilxirtv third n Lreei near the Blind aaylum Cottage oon'aioe eleven rooms, a 'lib bath room pantries and eloaata; aawer from the aouaa r mncrtlng wtth the main aawer; front yard awefully laid a at Apply at 971 Was* Thirty third street. 9 M IW1A ?FOB BALB A HOUBB AND FL'LL LOT. I Pt.UUU. bouae X feat front and rear bv 38 fart deep. J tree awnee and baaement. inquire on the pramiaaa 13fi Won t< blrty eeeor d atraat, near Seventh evenne. : a IA OCA -A OBBAT RARQAIK, IK TAKBN IM I M.ZilU. madiatelr, that baa daame oof ace. 134 *mi , birty-ionrth (treat between Keren tit and Kighth avenues; i lao a gtod tonr story houte 167 Kelt ihlrty-secjod street to | I (change for good bonds or prooert* la (K. Paul. tflauaa >' i a R. UI ntthNd. 173 Weat Farty eigbtb etraet b 17 nn<l -'OK 8ALB AT a OBKAT BABOAIN-A ' ) I .UUU. new four story basement be rise la Fatty third h reel. No. 164 near Broadwav. replete wita all the modern b oprovrmenta. $4 coo can remain on bond sad mortgage. ?< pply on the premlaea p aT OR AMOK, NEW .1 BERRY, ONLY 46 HIKUTB9 3. rlda from New York, a new bonaa and alx aorea of land; f la live minutes' wa k from ihn Brick ob'-.roh station; tba J Duse contains fou'teen rooma istx of whicb a>e boated by a ?l unace', water and alnk in wash room; also In aaoond rtorr, " igethrr srt'b speaking tabes and dumo waiter: Iter-, are two r< nod otserna. a first rate well of water, en w and chicken j b ouaes, Ac, Ibe boose and lot will be sold wtth or wphout | le six sciea aa may be required; Ibe i' t la 60 front be 160 it ret detn. (Jail rn or addtetaT. G KRRNCB, 163 Fulton I b reel. a] tf ' ! a COTTAGE HOC8B AKD THRBB LOTH ON TIIR *1 1 corner oi fllaety lirstsuett and Fourth avenne for sale 1 ' to rt, cheap. Apply to B. HIl, LI OH, Kightyalxth street, I at w#>#n 1 hlrd and Fourth avenurs I 1 j I RaRKCHaNCRTOMAKR MONEY.-ONRHa.LF OR i ? \ I be whole of one of the most popular exhibition* In Ami a r? fcr ?ale. Particulars obtained of J. Perry, book store, i b N) Bros'wav. t SALOON FOR 8ALB-0N BIOIIIII AVRNUB, *0 1 3. by 16 feet. with ten room* hindnome'y .'.rrJahed Ave- ; '? ice dal'y receipt*. 626 One of the beat a'-anda la the city, i 'J 1 health oompeta the owner to t*ll h DM). WALTRR, 229 Broadway, office 25. . N IbL-ND FOR BALK-KNOWN AS NHUTKR'S i 1 1 Island, >lt<tated between ali/ebethpori and tfergtn J olnt ooctalnii k ela ttcrea above high water mark and the r eed aleo ahowa alx acrea below high water mark, suitable ) ire gunpowder h-uae, and well adapted for f*tior? pur- * r.*?s, about 20 feet of water on aonth able There la on the land a dry dock, a two atory brick bouse and a arprnter'a 1 )oo. The improvements coat $7.odd Apply to K f. andrh- ! j L N, 101 Chambera atreet. corner of Church. I * A a PRIVaTB FAMILY, BREAKING UP HOJSK I 3 keeping, with to aeil all their furniture. which la mottly ' I cite new. consisting of a very riegant parlor aet mvereil | 1 tth nrocatel; another mahogany aet, wl'h haircloth four n Me bedroom arte cnrtatna tables, Bruase a ana lagraia W trpeta. oilcloths crockery, glassware. Ae., Ac ; all In ona lot ' ir eaah. the house w-lch la a first c'.aaa one with all the | ~ mdern Improvements. It a'ao to let nrftwsale adoIv tin- | f rdta ely, at lb cheever p'ace, near Hamilton avenue ferry, I rooklyn. b B > AKKRY.?FOB BaLR, ONR OK TDK OLDtaf KA I tc J tabMthed ateam biacuit and cracker b* aerie* In tela city ai or partle nit re apply, between 12 and 2 o'clock, at 68 Pearl , rret, up aialra. rear office . | J JEAUTIPUL COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR SAt.lC ? ? J with turn!tar?, carriage Ac , and JU aerea of land, near K ew Brunswick, N J A photograph of the place, wb'cb L'l be aold low, cam beacen at tbeoflioe of K. D'aKKYIoI.T, ( > kxchai ge place. | AOTTAOB HOUSE FOR SALE.-NRAT TWO STORY J bnck cottage and lot tor aale. on Fortieth atreet. between , u> ourth and Islington ano't'a; price Rt,6t)o?two-third* can <li main on bond and mortgage, vacant lota la the Immediate . th clntty ecll tor more money Th e will make a cheap and w nteel house Inquire of S P, TOWM8BND. 82Naaaau atreet, U F. RRaOT. Jlo 71 Waet Thirty fifth atreet AOAI. YARI) TO* H U.K.-rHK LEASE. IIOR-lft. I1 J carta and iixiurea of an OKI sautb lalitd coal yard now i ilDg a good bnainera BaU?f*:tory reaeona given for selling. ?r or partleu are addreea Coal Yard. Rerald office e 1PRRER KTARD FOR BALE. W'TH CART AND II aR- I / J ne?% la apub to market, amiable for pou'ry. vegetable*, 1 ult, orb'iiter egga Ac . or pork Hand. Apply to IxiDGK F V AKIaH, 138 ETeeekar i treat. 1 \HUl HTORK FOR SALS?CHEAP AND ON RKA- i t vonab e terms; one of the beat locations In th* city tvr ' \ natneaa It muet be aold immediately, aa the proprietor ban . 1 Iher bnalnrra to attend to. For particular* apply to ORORtIN f MaNIKTB, apotbeeart. 99 Ninth avenue a 3KUO 87ORB FOR SALR-BTOt-K AND nxnui a tfa drug store for eale. Apply at 180 Jav atreet. Brno*in. Will be aold a bargain, aa they muet be removed la a a iwdaj* , j 3HUO htokr r()h raiji?tub ulif niimiiiiniiu ii tors corner of i J rend end Clinton streets It m well J oekrd, neatly titled up, and doing a good business. Inquire / IBM MM*. | 3 RUG HTOBB fob kaij riRDT < 'I, a88, RODBBaTR alt*, and la a desirable lecaitoo, requirtsg only ml lab Is i iteotion. which the owner Is ncMhsr able nor willing to glee | i It to eaanre ?ncrasa WP1 be aold reasonably. inquire of i, ?M?aD BUHB, Bsq., 10 Qeld street )RCO I TOR K FOB BALB?BRATLT FITTBD UP. 4 I isw nalles frem Hew Torh tn a flourishing rtt? of tj ouu a> habitants and dotag n good trade 111 health of tea pre | 1 rletor Is the reason tor selllrs, wtil be sold at n bargain. For . arurtilers laqnlrs of 0 H BIRO, 192 Broadway j JHOIHBR FOR BALB?TWO ORCIIXATINO RROIR14 1 Ut ll sf all horse power, each with tnbnlar cioper bolters Bo- u mre of bail metal quite new, and to b* sold cheep tar oaab or , m ads. Apply at 3$4 Broadway. . to 1 la JARM FOB BALB-IR HACKBNttaCK, R. J RINK j ' mllaa from ttobokeu. on lbs plank road, twenty nrsaerea , 1 I land, tan nt which are wall wooded and lbs remainder ua I r cultlratio*. There la a gtod not'age bouse, bare. wagon th ouse do . all la good repair; also a Ana orchard of rrult at sea of serious kinds The whola will be sold on very re* ai suable terms oa applies, ton to Mrs L.R FI.ARf on tee pre- nt uses Wages leave Moboken twlee dally for Haeker.aa A ts ? ai JAB MB FOB BALB-OKB HO BOBEB, IR BLAZING K C btar, N. J., $1,000. one at earne place, Z7 acres $2 mi pi yea others la Raw Jersey, thirty la Orange oonMy. NT; ne 24tt arras, one TO tees, $1,000; fifty hi ulliras a uaty. N 1.. one 7'> acree. B675, one 160 acres $7$>) one In Jl Ulage JP9 arras, $2/00, one 410 aerss. $2,400. tTM tah .it h< t farms is Keinat Irawia aheap, two hundred In Bona lent d< itaam. Westchester, Broome and otheronnuee N ? in d? n Long Inland and Maten Island. 91 a-res One ilms- wl H ind. with hrary water power, for sale or atehaagn at m >* or moa Mllwauhls Wleeonala. $20 par ares; two ef the beet ? kernels the Unlaw, at Irwiag. Barry musty. Michigan, one u seres. $? psr acre, pes WO arras, $15 par arrs;fiss iim jl sr. newer falltrg water power, good buildings eseihird ash, balance in Mgbt yearly pat moots, 00. 100 v $ 010 awes I snlmprowsd land, $2?> to tlOpar awe. In dldhrenl diem r own. Applw to J. VarPRBRiLt ?4 Fulton >**04 OtBso I se^frmw i io L Patronage nw'taMad In thw real sola s |, JOB HAUC?A KLOOF BIO'IBT) Ta' RT, BUILT RT to J the lass 9 serge ftterrw. 70 tons C uouiw n >wss msaanm ks Is yerw sh'e sound la good order ssd rery test Apply ! w t N. BLOC DO OOP, $sw?ery ottBs Rew Tort Tasht Hin, i J o. 4 rtas strr sC . . - ? ^ JOB RALB ?BCHOORHB A BIO AIL jrwrirfm, FJCB k. years aid, 12U tons register, aarrtaa Imi urns In 7 taet tw aler sails owe year old la good or ear sad wall Sound Far b? snlcotase InqnMs of M. T. BCRTa*. J70 Bsuth street. bj erma liberal - J^Ul BlllB "TWV FIIMT VltMB TIUH mmi nn w i an " Iwwl bwn Mom hnoeaa; m mNM; wrntt m or^^^twwatT agb^lkatUNfeat WW* of -uu Ul 7K)R HALF A LrmTITAILt MTOOE, 0<K>0 WILL 1 P atbuataraa, Ac An IbaMeMela admirably aHnM to rt mmuit Art! clean buatnaae. to aa old Mead aad haa % print, ei ble roa of twAno the lw? baa Ita ;??n wi rna, *1.1 be I ci'd nuoMbb aad iwm ?<? MB laanlra oa lb* preIW Nlf >od pianue mrnar ef >Ifla win N. t. 'j rpoR rali ?per* low or land oh aocrrHwr.rr * P mrtar of Rlarenih ?mna a*4 HtMr i>fi al> ar??, 5 fVal 1 irrb by llfl frat daap. aiao, oaa let enmer of ftroad n rmr uA 12let etraet, leelm hi <* torn % Mkh daap. I 'or pa>U<alara laqnlrr at I.2A1 Bmadwnp, aaar Pwkrth Al Ira at Tarm aaay _ a] r>B ralb-tbb ocod will nio-r, and rix ~ tnraa af a wheianale ut ratal) h<v nr rnra. wVrS iha n wwt r hpa oorupiad for tha lam flftaea yaara fba wheta or | art of tba h >naa will ba 'at wftb the Mora if rw-imral nol a n, jam firan ft r a lana of yen-a Apply a WM TATLOlt. fi rB HA LB?Tit N LKaaR Xf - 'K AND PIlrOMKA <iP \ m o>d oMAbllabed proratr aad lloitoratork. att'iatad in a u at-able tnoatlnn, a<?d now dmaf a goad kie.oaa In-i Uro . . AfA Pat atrant. BY. n L'OR "IF. A nor IN TWRNTT TRIBP NTKMNr. " P with ??a }aM MM onaiaalakt fo- ahmo any ne-hanl I i Ml parpoaaa tenwaaaar. Itn, wiw*; hn am wd l>? in 1 larrar M I ard railona niha? \i1araa Aip'tm>* DuWaldO, a M Ponr'h areata RomwW lo ?at L GtON MAM- IN THIN. IKTil RTRRKr. a THRNR dP.t " P tr ht?h atnaa fcnnae a'l modam NWWrtlMeeAn, i i oaa t tf ay Alan Ihn bWA on Haennd e*inna And tM'tiatn ?trwt. i J iqnlranfWB PRTTRRTf'K. ?H Rarrad areme L'OR B A LB? A LA RUN PINK AH IIP T HRMWa r hnrwa.k raera aid. If banda hl?h wv.nd. kladnntaei la; ran tmt In 1*^: fond dr'rar. Alan an aiarant naa ?H a | n? '"P watoo. and a dn? onto' pla-rd harifka* app ?Ai <? I j krora rtrart. aaar Blarakar * I I I. ? - - ? I J LVIR PAL* TH* PlXfURBMOK a TEA PTONg ( ON ! T mtlne of Mark walrnl tna <Wnntar M faa; loan ? tnrb wtda. platrnna aod nonntar arataa, ?aft.a nrl. ?< nna'ir I _ taw. w HI ha aold low if appltad for no m. at tba atora VI I ihird arraaa. CH)R RALB-A FABTWBRNBIP IN AN OLD IOTA r blilhrd hotel O-Walnlna If) rwwi filled with <o eta, niw . 'nine an rtrallaat hnaiaaaa tkla la a rare rhanaa fo ? aa with a amaJl aa^ltal. laoatm of B. W RK'NARDk m i IrnaAway Eor raij^two tbarn lra-b or l?ot Rm? I All ootarrd with Tnof and a Ma Ma tor throe a inai. a aaaRwanvoaa the' waata a pr'?Na aBMa larma nw klao pari of a hon?a In the appor part a' the riiy. app t.i IaMI RI. NPaRftN renter of Rarrath arrnao aad tV-ty , birth allXI J CM)B RALR-T^O RPLRND1P U\ Al. NTRRORA, I'afR J A haaa la'MP anlp otpht montlM. alan oaa Praari , adbrom art. Bap be ???a at Mr Under a RorrnM ?tr^-nt ma doer tinea Dmib Rniith Rmoklta C'Ot RaI.IA A tHRRlJ* HtONT AND Ha?rtta?* r honaa w TbMr atwh dtraai |>?1 - ran Plfh nrd -<r ft iraaara 1* A*at by An frat daap at #ll,Rrf( am a t -i* w.w? I I'KW aV ra ha?aa in *Aoa> Waa* f M m?i ? n??a ?i?- ? | f " nnr;w.T;t-?der """ DNE6BAY, APRIL 8, 18 . JTOR BJtLK. ^ ^ ^ chja iuijt?th* H1UH *rour. n%,ln*<tA?ri*i. r1 >MW * bew ewHrsiieef >ttrtr ftw? **** t? jg ^ -T O8MA8 BA?OuAT. 2U Kl?hU> <ra<M U'\A? Miik- ur muu A btlmihu nnei P deuce, ko V< last thirty eliih street, first ho u?e neat of curthawnne the bonae la four etorteu high broarn alone. 3?M. 1?t? 9 end >h built by data' work la the very beet *4 b?I ?' mntlnl Mtitr; baa all the modern laaprpveteats. Open for tnapeoUen from 7 A II to 6 P M unitl aokt TBOB. HILFaTRIOK. Builder jlCh HALB?ON* riRr* OLAM FOOa STORY C brown Hone froct bouse. <0 feet deep, with all the modern nprovementa mooted between Broadway and HU'b are ue. ho 33 Waet Twenty ae Tenth air eel. Inquire on the retrieve UH)* talB-TKB BTCTK AND FIXTURES OF A LA P (er bier end, one of the beet loeefitms to that

ett if ibe city, wtlb two yeare leave. Apply to L. LOBnKR, <3 "OW?H L'OK BALR?FRItTB $6 300 ?THK FIRST CLatS POOR C Btory RdfUeb beanmenl house, 234 Weal Tweoty elehtb treat, rear ninth avenue. it h?a alt tbe modern improve en's auch ea ges. bath, water c'oeela, speaking tubas, hot bd ??>d eatar to up'er floor, Ar.. Ac. A large porfon may rmain on bond and mortgage If not aold will do remed to Mnall private family. Inquire of A. H. RaTBBONR, S3 Fall street or on the premlteA GHiR SaLB-THK TWO hTORY BRICff COTTA'llt F bouse bo 372 ?eat Tweutj fiuith street, rear of London -rrece, lot 14 8 by 80 leet. Ilea gaa and flxtu?es throaglioitt, ratrr, oourtvard and vau't; In excellent order and neighbored. apoly to Mn.i.wn a MORRIS, marble Bulldlngn, No. I Floe street U OR 8ALB AT TORT WhBHlNteTON I! BIOS ? -?1'HH P ut?Iva led location, between 183d and I84tb stream being bout Mill fret on the Hadeon river and running to Ibe Kloga ridge road eoetalmsg 40 acree or 480 lota with numerous rnit foreet and evergreen treee maoal on green bou<e < etalea, Ac , In rcroplete order, ample aaruboery and tillable Hide h amen, n villa eltee tf tbe meet eelect local one ir.ay e made in ibe property Theowier win ee l et e fetr erioe a he desirea ion eke Inyeetmeeta For full particulars ?p ly immediately to R. O P1KKCK, 16 WlUtam etreet ant oor to the t;?ro a xchasge .'ORSaLB, NKiAR BLOOMINODaLE RO.D A(*i? HH II" ton river, e very complete bonae. In perfect irder "ooueilrg cf two pa> lore openi'g on pia/./ae front and bark,eonrrvaiory. dlnlrg room kitchen, waeh-houae.orsnge h t and lid water beater in bath room, etab'lng for a row and two oraes carriage li uar, with room above for man; the wh ile irtefu ly and veil painted; ga-den very fertile auacsidlble of le blab' at Improvement, gardener now on the ground* hotr.d and garrttn partly plau.ted. Tbe piece hae an ai'-rac'ive ppvararce from tbe B'oomiDgdale ro?d, trrm whl-h it le 'ar neiigb removed to avi Id tbe dnet. For further particulars pply to the owner, O. WARNKR, 3t'6 Weat Tw enty fourth net jHiK t aLK CKBaF-i) LOTS, A TWO bfori RRMp " beaement and attle bonis, earner of Greene, end B iah 'Uk avenues. Brooklyn ground beaetlfully bald out fruh of U klnde, ihrubbery, stables, barn, summer honaa grape ae nr. Apply to A. I.AULAB ?*>1 Mouth itr*t /OB SAl.E. K.XCHA.NGK OB TO LET-a llaNIHOMK " r- tiage hn..?e, wi'h nne A-re of laud. nieuvy of youug ult trtes, nh tibbery. Ac. Ac., situated Glen ptrk, In e'er couDty dsat Wont's Brldg?- House c wh rente, water, Ac Price $5WW. E. B. k 1 n 111MkR. 319 Fourth avenue. /OR SALB VBBT DHBAI' OB TO LET?THE FIR^T cLse bouse 64 Went I hlrty ecventh street. A lot south of ortr fou'lh street, running through from et'eet to street, iken at pert payment. Apply to WM. KMGHr, plumber, tl Hrouwer ,0(1 K kAU OB TO L*T?OH BROOKLYN HANOI re, 7 e first class three etory brick bniee, No .'16 wu > street, ithin three minutes wetk if the Fulton or Well street ferries, .pply ioMIOH?)CLTaOUaI?T. 126 Wstersireet N Y /OR SAI.K OR TO LET-A COUNTRY 8KAT. HBAJT!7 fully h.i .ated on the high lend of stewo 1 s.ena h, ille from four landings 4(1 minutes from Ute city rbn iocs on U penectly heelihy. the view msgclP. cent Pr.oe ?IU .V'J. . B ulAll'wueiH Ma. 3 Broad surest. . ('it BALA OB roLET-ON BBHRY 6TKKET, Hit in* " lyo. ibe two new Philadelphia frout hoTsee three etor en, esrnu in ecd eellsr. built In the best manner with All the lOdi-rn Improvement*. W 11 be sole very reasoneble or let i e good tei snl Inquire on the premises, between uarrtsoo on Hrgraw streeis or 318 Haesea street jh>kbalkuk to rent-a beautiful oouniby 7 Heet. with ten or sisty acres of land, si'uslel one rutin hove le rvnwn on the Hudson river Apply 10 It A A. ^aOShARD A BLT10B, 65 Broad street /OB BILK OR TO LET IN BBOOKI.TB-a VK.RY 1 valuable oroperty. on Plymouth, Jay And Juha stream .n?lHtlnp of A brick factory, corner of Plymouth And Jay re? is 50 feet square, two stories, and tint rats cellar under e whole; steam eag<ne of fifteen l.orse power, tn perfect or r h'gh e?la?n-?a Ac. also a brtek store snddwelitrg us e cornet of Jsy and John streets There are two wel a of aP-r on hi premises I he whois or part wW be sn'd or oe*d. Irquire of o u LIUINOsTOP 59 W.llaei street i.l X ILftke FUR BALK Of A FIRST CL.A8M T- .oh ' lis esisbiisbmset, ce swung of 'Abies counters shelving c These have been In use only a few months, and will be >M very low for cash. Apply at 341 Bightn avenue, or 367 nth nonae. t ROOBRT AMU LIQUOR bTORR KOB BALB?MOW J dolrg a good essh business also, horse, wegon, he. or further parucalarn inquire on the premltna Bo. AM West hlrty first street > KOChKY F'?B SALR.?THE STOCK, KIXITKRH Mi) J good will of sn old established Hint class family grocery nqnlre en the prsmieee. 179 Mewry. iKiH'IkV i MO LIQUOR sTORK l Olt KHUK-kOW J doing a good essh business inquire coram of Chapel sd Hrtdge streets nmsnl'A. ieOCKRY FOR BALK-A WF.i.L ?Hf A81.I*il?0 JT fTdsetv s<crp, in a good loeation fbr a carhbws'neaa Wi J rout at a bargain Inquire at 255 Seventh street during tie wetk v hi' Kb V AMD LIQUOR STOBK FOR KaLB. ?IBJ quire eorner of Bee km an and front stream, under Fn Jon wr*t? TOTE. POR EAI E IR HOBOKBE.?THE WELL 1 >po?b MUhllalinnil known aa UtomttT H4el. wtk ?ed t.lteea jnnrn. euolAlnlnt thirt' room* beet.lee larre ell rnon benoem bbltard room bee em ent and apaetoiw trd. fitted ue la the wuat perfect etjle. will be eoM akrtp, i ri-aenneb'e tenna cm aononat of the owner fOtec out of bo nee*, li qu re a* (be premlaae. of Uto proprietor, oorner of bird end Hadaoa atreela, Hobohaw. TOLhtm *ND STABLE POR BALM-HEW AMD SPA 1 rtoua. with ell Ike modern Improwemenia eUueled la ie rVnltt of Medlaoa eqnere IMMMMti the amount mj remain no b nd nod nerttrnee, nowae on Wart I hirer itarlb i treat would be ejRhanfed tor e nine farm, erowmible the city. Apply to Cll I Pl.t PARI BUX1E, Mi Meldan ao. ]VSfOM RIVER ?SEVERAL BUILPIBU B1TBB 1 with an aere or more of lard for aale am thebeakeo a Had eon rtrer. 12 mllea from the Olty Hell, with ry?.pt*nt me by the aara ' 1 he eliaeUoe la net euro?eard aa u> baelih <d b?ent? of teenerr by any on the north rlrar, end the Mphborhetd la wall itaprorad by a daetrabla elaae of In ban I j.ia Arran?> mrnla can be wade. If dealred. for hnote ao1 i imprnrrmai ia romple?a. AddreaaJ o ridney at Cere, k herdron A Boyi von i. S7t Broadway, where a map of Ihe trt cu ba eaen. or at Bpoyteodayrll, H t. | VERaT HILL-POR SAL! OR LEAftE -THE LABOR f| I'.ret > leee bonare Mend 8k Warn t hlrty erreo>h atrarl, Itwren Ptfth erd Mith ewaanCA browa atone fre. W S romaa wp ell 'ha way op t atortre aad baaamaat, haw ell the too >ra Urn m rem at la ell elareatly fialahed Inquire of 0. EaRH LE> oorner drone way end Thirty eer-oth atraat. J HUH BHWOOD, Ho Part plaea. at I P. H jfOhROR HTaBWT PROPERTT POR SALS ?HOfHB >1 aad lot 17> Moarea treat, built by day'a wort and la md order Tanre rary aaey IeqoPe oa the premtoet ?:<-n Hbbgl'B LAR'ta BWWB OUYTA'il HnlOAj wEh drn toSiea high piwt. la Piitnealh tout Erweh a, end near (Jraaa wood Railroad, tor rale or ta let Beta* i rtrrw from Sret awd orwmd atartaa, renwdnho awd batouai. w.!f5ss^u"aia;?sr?^r~ XlhlEA Ht ORE POR BALE?WITH LReAE. ETO.IK and Utturra. To. ,r? at Water alreet IiAaM ARUlRRa tND IOILSU Me aALA -TWR 7 raw di boraa horOaatal aaf*aaa. nan eaaoad bend da aad ro aaaoad band npruht eaetaaa; one new apr Wht tuMdad VAC. aad at new II Waa Tomnotire boJar for aale tow i r#R\PKB a THBALL.M aad Id Harrtanw atreee. M> CARTMH -POR dALB LOW, OR EASY IMIR, A . neat r ue?a had fuB to*, with Stoat alley aad alobie la the nr. ??ar torn, to Heath Broekira. Apply town half paet s 1 P ?o W HaLL Ho S Bearer alreet iRHVMBirr PROPERTY POR BALR-7L 71 7k 71 ARD T7)t Hroome eweet. elao it aad l? Oeeaon treat with ar nmiae upon (aid Iota, aeytny a ra*y lam lateraet Bwma i i oabrth ?ara?la Par further pantralara Iwqaire of JBO. , BAOOR II ead 1? Oprane atonal HEM . LET OA LSABR?H'JCAB tab RROeOWAT. L one door fro* Plato alreet now ear up led aa a "tore eo't >la for prrdraamhl or baton Mi pnrpoeaa Apply at VI reeaa rtrert [to mRLL, tat OR lB??R-?* OBRCR at BRET. T WO I dtora from Etdbth rirawt, a toat aiaaa hpuee la pe-fleet dor. inHabie lor a boardtap ho wee larpe family, prtkaael a ar bartneaaparpraaa. yae aad wa-er wlap. Apply at Ml [Ml i XCRABOB-DR'IRABLE PeTIBO property I hi Una rtty, tor * aaaali hra eaar a? nty eaply f.<r krtlru are hetween lOend'1 n If., te JvrriE J. BRNhlMCf, 1 Rroadwar. Trinity BnOdtaR 1/?B1W?RD HO-mBHRBnTA WIBOOnBIB tND H larre lea da 10 figl aarae of wall ae tort ad arelrla aid wber lento la each Btele, near lowre rlrept aad raliraada ire a r umher of ralnehla tawa tola at Went A a tee and nnio?'. ell of wblah wtO heerrSanaat for paad irahraillrr fhPyp-oaoriy epp y to E LOTT T? Paeaan atraat . feeiAtoB LABDR.?PARMIB8 ABO TIHRtoR rv Koda town awd mill allea la Watoera Wtoanaeto awd iini.r ie lerathar wnh datorahto totereata la toe atWaa to e'irom- Wwonaeto. aad Itonto Read. Ifteaaanta torahMdi lahetr* Bnr merahawdtoeor ether prewertr Lead rwwah noabt, V.1H me limlad. Money tor tad awd tradea ae?a ??? Jnr titkrr *pp|T ? f. u. imvin, wki wmtt ?ourt w?ji nim * <* rmr of rwn. nwar A o? r HAVii.uciur ovum. UTU ?aUJM>aJ>-r*OM raik ?. urn, tk? tniit wHl w<4?4 OtwHi i ?mi mtttorn m ffiiu>w? >ip< tr*fL? rv 4 . tmi SJB r. M LMl. ILU 4 ?. Mr r?MhkMM*4 I bp A. ? u4 J ? 4^ to ?r? * .? r??. 14 MB* N r^T,r a fr-rnr IM * ? T?r* *nt AallijE^fcT^g 'w?p*ar\ a?va4r?Mi <0 tbmm Arim, 4Mr. lalgrimH u m Wu??,}J? 4 II I> .?4 III 4. 1 . Mil I'M . . . Aim ire NMmr m MB* 157. AmTMKMKirr*. T ? W R HUk? .. thMMUfl nOMl T. reidfcmehii to b?ftn w?h A* Oi?f 1 a* iH ocA-oA. rk#grind hidnritml. nxuLUr ud aerate dnu, oI greet *** >. Liar dat? or rowr?n. VirKUnif bvmmiau, ami. a, ?m7, tod e*e*? u gtl dimac lb* W?rfc. 1 hi* weee te row trwimd tor the flrrt time k> theatre Ic ll.e mil*] rt> le of oetKJliw atd the Mm* rare in (Wfttll hicb tikve rendered m men* lihietrMlooa of A eimliAr ohe IMtATM pfreui apd iitiao ive. N?w AMI chATAtXer ?Or mom bv a. H?m?r l>rt?*e*. properUm. eppoiiitnienm he be R WaUI* Arbaee* tbe MgtpttaA Mr boratee I (ItATtrK m umedhie enyegammtl afXtr hie loc^emfnl Weetera our ) Ma4 Pon'et Mre I.tirta Weeinn Daverport, Mr. A. B Daren i Sort Mr. f.lmuiA Mr. Ureevenor, Mr. Cattail. Mr Bermottr, { >r w AllAoe. Mr. lyOnee, Ae fa pretnlnent rearec'era. IactdatlAl to the dmmAlhe moat koririrBirT icantr errem. mutlc. nhxtoMaad ehaAfee, e Deea*ifui mortng dlm-ama of inrrirhiuiuagrDTNri ine- uifl Hiopta in mm. nvw ?? w i u|> of the burning mountain. tableau!, march**, <v>mh?'s, d?nf? Ac , Ac. (Joccludlag with the dmrllng tod* I repieaeLtallon of the bbcptvon or vescvics. 1 roe'ler t tarree mvrnry night Fnll partlcn'ers. dMtrlVitloo of character*. he . Ae , In bltta. j BROUGHAM'S BOWERY niKAfhi nolo litmo Mr. John Rroeah-un , A?tng and stage Manager Mr. J. B. fiowa I Orrbettra Chair*. (HI cent#. Press Olrrle and Boies. IS oeota Pit and OaUery. 12H cent*. Door* open at <K; to earn meooe at 7*1 o'clock. Wkpamiday Rvasian, April m, 1mj, BrceQt of Mr. W W. PKMll.T macb'nwt. THE UOl.DkN SiUlB ALL TBK WOBLU H a HT AG R. BLaOK KURD iC3AB. Bl rtuh 8 NKW tpkatre. broadway Wednesday, and every evening Una week. 1 h* crowning irlampb of f bakaperean per form so r e*. a WlBTRR'8 TALK. prod a:ed with a degree of splendor is every department tha r.nrot be eroelledl Mr ' W Wa lack. Mr Burton. Mr ? ' Pltber Mrs A. Par k?r, Mt?? Tolly Marshall. Mr*. Hughs* Mlaa Htevens, With a oDg list o'other eicel'ent actors The rrene. v la all new, and of unequalled beauty and magil'trr. n treluding The Course of lime, the meat splendid , ever ottered io ib* public bra ibo full bills, and aer-tre aeata. BAKhUM 8 AMERICA* MUHRUM -WEDNESDAY, sprliH.1867. Mr. T BaDAWaY's benei.t Ikla etening. In Ibe afternoon at3o clock, TBB WILLOW UOPatK. Luke PleldlLg. <1 W^Clarke; Hose fielding. Miss Mestajer. Id the evening at i s o'clock, for the benniit or Mr T. Uaiaway. ill K vkli.adi.ady After which PaUl PRY. Paul Pry. Mr. T. badaway 1 he Living Serpents, Bapey family, and a'l the r tber curiosities. may be seen as usual, admission is | centa, ohlloren under 10,12>4 ceni*. C'EO OHKIBTY A WOOD'S r MIB8TRMLB, *44 Broadway, below Grand air at Beery Woo* Business Manage) Geo. Chrlatv Stage Maoage* This Rvimsr.. iitn Dtuiao the Wr.iK, a well selected programme of Ethiopian Hongs, Dances, Ao , j ho.. ceneluolDg with a LAllGH A BLR AFTKRPIK'Tt. Doors open at ?,. eommence at 7 \ o'clock, lick els 'U> cent* 11/ H'TR 8 OPERA HOUSE, *9 BOWERY.?8 BOOND VY week of CBAKLBY WI1ITR, who wilt apDear fr.t wo farena. l>NCL? J EPF and VIRGINIA CUPIDH Wb'.ie serena/Lr* In tonga, ilan<-ea, Ae.. together w 1th Master W Ullama the Infant wonder. Come at 7 CARD-OWIRO TO TBB DELIGHT AND BNTHU> atsana with which Mr. W. HOHMAlhHKRU private Botree Eoslsa.ea given at Ma bouse No. 19 Bast Thirty-third staeeli w ere received during the past years, and Induced by repeated soltcliaUona to appear in public, we take pleasure in annorme tng't bi? friends and the public that Mr W. WchrrwSasrr'a Art grand eor cert will take place April 13,18S7, at Ntbto'a Saloon. M' W bofcmelaaer. beeldea being aislated by Mrs W. Vcbmelsaer, has made arranpemeiu with the beet vocal talent ' tr the country wMch together with RLr Hc.hmclaser's ability I of enrmponrlng on the piano, on airs to be selected by the ansjence (a planlft able to eitemponze having sever b el ore been heard In publio In this eountiyj win offer a programme of unusual interest and high merit No a liner a will bo apered to rake -ha otncrrt one of th* beat muatoel offerings of th* aearor TBB MABAOkMBNT. SCBMElSbBR d GRAND CONCERT At Disco's Samkin, Raster Moauiv Kvenixii, April 13, 1W7. VUkala flulUlu 1 -tors open at *; cor cert < ommeooea et 8. Tickeir end reoerred will may be obtained at I ft .. rr?> Id*'* 7I)| Broadway Wm Hall A Koo i 2)9 Broadiray No ntea charge for leenrrd eeale. THE MAWAOEWKITT. SChMBXeMRV OBANP 0O8C1IT. *t Niilo'k haiooh, KAPTTB MuBITAY RVKNINO, April IS. 1?S7. rmoOKAXME r a ht i. BIO. MOBKLLI. 1 lonan-e OanixeUl WK. and WM Sl'IMKIHAkA. I 2 Llr it'a 11 jnirerian 1 term March, arranged and ooaa poeed for two pieaoe by Hchmelaeer mad. oora dk wilbokst, I 9. Caratina?Beatrice di Trrda BelUnl I WE. BCllMBItfhR. 1 4. La f Utn o?a Amnnb- I'oem muat-al, by... .Hchmrlaaor flbe h?eape?htorm on tbe nra-Prayer?Happy Voyage ) I Pcicz emanta fuyei' De voa paa oue le bruit i Vienna Inirrrompre eeul le rep to de la nult halei tona bate, mua Cn enutf an rltage ' Kit la <i*ii To ia attend - ne perder point eoorage! I Farter, at plain d eapotr hi I 'ocean mufti, hi la tempele relate et ai le tcli riglt. >r ereigor/rlen onrre/. rolre ame a la prtere * Au>ai bieo que l'amoor' L aale?r de tout myiiere f ourh a qui le prle et loupmre mene au pert Celul qui lul con He et aon oimit at *oo aort' Wad Cora de WUbora'. and Nip. Morrill. 6. Duo?Illtlr d Ainore Doot/attl part ii. HI*. Morrill 1. Largo aJ "Rrtot m -Narbitre . Rimini Mr. and Mra Reunalaaar 1. Fantaala oe tbe march fioet I Furttaol, for two pla noa Hchaaeiaaer Mad. Cera de WUhoret 3 I!rtkdiet?Macbeth Verdi Mr. tehaaeiaeer. ; 4. Oread Bonnie Hrhaaeiwer !. Allegro Moiao 3. hebeno. 4 Bond*?Allegro Mad. Cora ce WUhoret and 4tg More 111. S E'io? Kigoletto a Verdi Mr. rebmelaeer t Free Faataalaa?Enrmport/ad on aire to be aalerted by tha andienee. Big Minzanhl Oocdnetor I Hakete One Dollar Loot? opea at 7; coa*ert at B Tteheta and reeerred Mate it at ha (bialncd et C. Brenetng a, 701 Broadway; Wa. Ilall A Hoa'a. 2W Broadway. No eiua charge for reaerred aeata N correal j etepe hare bren taken to giro ample rma to terry teal, aad to aroii heat or draft In the aalooo thie erei nlng. lie two grand plaaoe to be uaed are from the celebrated rr a* u factory Krard ' Far In. C. Breoatng. 701 Broadway, i Agent. N N ?It may he latrreatlag to muetoiaii* to know that all the four parte of Mr rehmeWeer'e Hoe ate are oompoeed la one key and on oaa original tareaa THE MANAHEWKNT. I FIV MBOLA U hCBET IALOOK, 17 AND IS BOWEBT 1 ? 7o dar, Wedi e?<lAT e?rnli g Ptat Ibut on Otfta 26 eroia ada leake. a ach admiaaiTa etli rrealre a gift National utmnarium and fkncivo c tpggi. MS Broadway oppomte Bond etrert ?A grand tihlbtua* la the artof faecag; Mia. rapteae. bread awnrda nafeeta. Ar . bt the predaaaora aad eomrwoua aapQa et the taeWota. will lata p-aee. aa Weaiaadey. April it. at 8 o alack F. M 1 leketa Me ; la he procured at tha raiMm Bach Urket . ; wtil eatitte the pmrihmg le eee lee in to NmeMr ee gym- ! lUMhlre. RUKT DlHIItll) Frowned. I A C ADMIT OF Mt>IO TO LBT-FOE OTEAA*. COB 1 A. 'arte belle, leeturee and wmller rrapeetable purpeeea , Apply lot 8 Wo UFA. No Bomb atreel. APPLICATION FOR CABCdl'd BaLOOB. WA4IIIBO toe. D. O . maaa be Mde nadar addfdM W <). NBT. | 7.a BOt U Maria Depot Weabtagwe. D 0 PERI, in - OTPTTIOKBTR BKBITBD AND RKRt 01* to lfca ammbfr bj n?-t*i aim* at me Rmalnr | ?ka call autbeiiaad otoee OR?to oa Witoul; u4 Murdar ifraan unin funkar aoUee I. M. it*n EBB BaTBJCAL ROTTCK -IDIURI or TBB rm.rn lea wlahiac tor a Em mmUu wpfiawi Id ?n? era. a tu planar addraaa reran Rut ActorRaaa*. to day rw te ill. ^ Til RAT Rl' * I. ?MR J. W l.tllt 11 W : I . BR IN m? n ta a tow dare to ear*** a notap**r tor Maaew ikaa' Ire la M. Jake* * 1, to to maae nan n. Laliara of aopiMatooa addraaaari to Ike Pkwaar* hotel tondaay, una ' wartar ton will rarWr* tmetadtotr aaraMea. ST*A RttBRR, BEPORB LB4TTRO TRI CTTT OO AJTD n toa Modal arttoUaMtoa PEA RKLIN EI'Mm. IV OBAJTO STBBBT. . ??tt?ton?t nf twaatT aataa joamt ladlaa too Imi tor?ad * ?? In (be warn. Bmr anarouaa el \ ertatoc at ?. DRACvirtru AIX n'Ui", WRBR THBT ?BB rm D braa* tffel toeeatoRi aad iRatr poaea of Ike leW Afttoto aa the* liM amy ftomeea ai I aad erart are* lac 1 I at a aitAe PwwIRa ? ,!? 0t*??iwt. Deal toaea toe r*T wltoaal aeatrf ?W? OR aaLS?<",-t 4BCR TOR A PO*TI RB-POBTER F Una af?r Mar aad iwl Ilia all nwbiaad. laowa aalAr Maledea*. M7 ?eww;, aow In| laaiati bualaraa > I- preprtotor r*M oat of Ike riiy wtd aaU dheap. 1 *.i? te 0. WBITR. ft Bewary miiTMCAl p? I.RIIWgK'B f*T)TA*IRTtm 1 -Ihto a?W and eircaat fiatoe win oeae oe lAe 1Mb at Mar tor a rueiarer nana af tUtorn weak* ladlaa aad reotlemea ef aakaowitidded total aBtoac nnf a ma nay I addrera W R Beach. Sana, Lea I acta*. " ?W?P*PRR?. , "-tT TBI WRaTHBR B.R or BROOKLTR JCd. HrtRlto. aaatreiaal Hkeaaa wt?A fun Mecraabr, la ' totowwk'aUPB IUuVKTbaTBD. fcrtoaraeato. all neiraan akou d ?el H to- tour nm. O^taK) B TB> Tit. IRIBRBRTl Rtl TO BTRBTROOT Alt I anet?l eeto; a no* tnrraBoa, wah ang>?'twl 4 uatratloua bill j nrw patrt.a >a a went, with naaioa aad add-an af In- ' rratora. tor toor eeata. la LIFE IU.1 at* \TKO MAR A PMBTIRi* 4*1* 4L "OMR URW VIBTPR OR IB* creation. fau aad fetter at mi. tor tour ear to ; Are we com ahraAer bet toward* Or#** aaariaotn. R<ata I . Kh'E'iS*?T ****** tor tour wn. tn tMa .an . LTPB I1J.I nTBMtBD Aafe roar Htraaa te cat Be I to. LAKR ORTaRIO?H 4RBOBR, RA11 RBADA RfO - I )?portaeee of oar I Ala nommorrm n~- .. i tor Harbor vnwarau Oawafrv Ontario bar. Little Rodaa Rtf 0> i can dntraainaef prevent. w> tour era'e la l.trc lu.rt j T a AI Rl? TBB RATI0R4L POLtm R4/WTTT. Re ?. v.; Xti. tor On weal ' TBB BBOTJi TRIAL OP MET. I B. KALLOTB. OP RORTl i d roa ARritattT?Aba a rtna roaTaatT or re?t airwrrrt | ar* mrruaR atrtaa, aboaaraa airtaar roa ma joraitAi _ , i Ita reeioata aa oawaL ?tl nnatato Ike - not teal bnorj KM* ?roj tor ike was* atoaHafRke raeect v.ataal newa fr?a I alBorla _ _ . _ la ?. rtoai aorrarpoadeaee 'raa ad tor treat aeln. Bur der a tat to lamal-toln LOl t.AAK BBtVLaTTORR ABOTT Tinpt to", da A* Br artfrhee 91 per aae"B P1 to- an iwnda a -RlPiCR Rd-wr an Tv+% -?yir t-f Ra ttona) liM BanBr. ?aw tart a-j. 3 I Awunury. ^ ^ ! *1 lttbO'H uaaDU J> DooraepMfttttii to tt TK. Wwjlimil* fl" i ? ' " BUM *TrK4(.tiuhh tbi wobdbr'ua. htbi Groat triumph ol? Mm BUhPb^'BiR 1b the new baJtlof ma MABZBTTI In'tbe XIBOAKRELLA Bl'ee IJk. tUMDBU JUU% and PI.GKi LkHBAMM. FliitukMriiMof L KhPIBtJR* aa Uodonrkl In lha RKaTBRR or WILHA. Wnakl An tot no -kroanot /aroma Young BtNQLhB. Young Young LEHBaB*. k ynitmnna o* tub Tight Bars. ?>r? lAtBoTiin-Cbniipo of lima-On aid after Bandar, April 1.1, iha coora will open at 7; peftoimanoa to commote* at 8 o'aiaak. _________ Wal h h tUKATBA _____ Mr. HI.aKB. Br. MPTB*. Br BROUGHAM Br. WaLOOF. Wplrkioay, Aran. H Kbit night tha irnron ol feberli'ene timniH comedy ma. kcrwog roit tUAitbau a rTH WHO tPhah* riRTTf To morrnw-1 UK KOaD lu BD1N, and a aaw farea am It ad I'Ll. ?BLL YOUR W1FB. Kaaia arcured three caya in advanaa. I a I ha KBUBVB NkW thhaTRR, J 624 Broadway, near Uonaton atreet. biaa Lanra heatie l.raaaa and Ptnmfrf ( barge of turn- Dooia open at 6;,. tba parta-maaceo will (Oamance with tba Cvai tu a at 7H iKalook. WipMaanar hvKaiao, akhil 8, 1bs7. With ? naw and approprlata acme painted by Mr. Almy, a pallia ecmeoy, entitled Liviro TOO PART. Character* hy Mcaara. G. .Ionian. C Ingham Puxblart and MIm Bate neynoMa To cncn/a with, lor tba twantr tlrat lima, lHa BLYBm: on. THA r aTuic BBIDK. t ylva. the Maine Blida M'aa Laura Keana The at) er characters bT lha mefebara of thle talented company. Lif.r.on.?Tba mountain (taraata of Pasrarm are mnaMtad, It la aalo. by Ptilaa, Pprttaa ana hlrea who. Ilka tha Phantom Dataara ol Germany. daUgbt to an I rap IntTaUam Into Ihetr renlme, and torment tbam whb ihetr mleehlOTfrae nnRea. Bar big the power of trabWrrrtng the eplrlt. Uay oftan, la their mabeloua gambols. aire lite to the nawiy dead. Statue*, roeka and tree* are aean fantastically moving In tba foreat; bat It la only dprtnv tba dat thar retain their UollUoua eilatonoa at tha approach of aiuht they resume their Immobility. BLCKLhVb HRRKBADEItM, KBW UaLL. Hi BIOAS?n oprualta tba Metropolitan llote) lieri ntgbt ihla week will be repeated the very auceemf il plots of TUB OLD POLK8' OOMGBRT. KfhRM'B OP OLD VlROlNMY nod OLD BOB BIJLBY. Preceding which? 14 BOKO BIEHTRELSY In all Ha phaiea, with O. hwatn Buckley and B. Blabop Buckley. Ooncei t commence! at V* o'olook. Adrabaton 25 oanta; orobaatra aeaia 60 carta Gn Sunday evening, April 12 a Raced Concert, by RoU'a Kaad and tba Buckleys. BR Y Ah T h BIBBTRBLB Mechanics' Hail 472 Broadwat, Aaovn Guard St. mONDAT, aikii 6, 1557. Ore* btbrt Nii.HT. Immacae (uccsm Mora new ooveltiaa, snugs, linma, ale* miartnttoR hiiploAn11ma K>r?nlpMllBB oli) hob jtirijky?attrhnok op old yirqinny. polra a la milttalrk. burlrrqub mk?mrrihm j>nd tub klapimntb, Introducing lbs celebrated jkrhy bryant end DAB hbtamt. Admlrston 26 rex la To eminence at 7V o'clock. Franklin murium, 127 orand htrkit, 00 door from Broad way.?Two performance* era fftven dally. tomnienitng at 3 o'elcck In iba after neon and at R m Ike evening. btraiigvra and othera will observe that ihe above la the odit establishment In New York wnera the Model Artialaa we eibiblted. h? member, up autre. Be careful and bay jon> tlcketi up etvlre. NIBLO'fl OAHDRN. W M. NIBt o haa the pleaaura to announce that be baa made wraoitementa lor a abort aew ti of rtALlAA dpkka. < ommern tntr on Monday, April 13. Madame MAKlKTTa u?/./.anioa. Mlea AltRLalDR I'ltlLnlPd. Hip nor A KlONOLl. Hlgnor AMODIO. Hlgnor AtHOBI, Hignor aMNOLDl, Rlgnor CIILUTI, and other artlalea of distinguished talent, are engaged, with an efficient Orrbeetra at d thorns. Musical director and onedurtor max M ah The parquet, ba'sony and first circle have been renumbered. giving nearly doable Ihe epace previously a.toued to each real rrau ft. r the ee won of P1PTKKM RKPRBSk NTATION8 may be eeenred at the b"i office on and after Thuraday, M I nan. from It A M to P. M. Regular opera night*, mondaT Wkdnchday am pbidat. Reason aubacrlpUon $? CARD.-TO TlIK MUHChL PBOPBNRION AND TBS preen.?Mr. t-ckmalmrr being daatroo^uf affording Ihe musual profession and the pram nn opportunity of bearing btm, belore giving bin first Pub Its oonoart. ban decided opee a innate al evening ? he Mb Inaa.. at hw real dance Mo. 9 East thirty third atreat, In which aoecial Invitations wtn be leaned on this oeeealon Mr. tvjunetaeer ?til plat noma of the worka of Beethoven, no tail, Uazt and llesn/ett?among them the " Galop UHromaUque," by I.lazt; alao will Mr. ftchmebaer eitemportae on aire to be mleeted by kin his hearvos. Mr. echmitww will be aaaleted by Mrs Behmelneer In some of his own now positions, written tor two pianos. All gen Hi men belonging to the munMal profession sr altanhsd to the pram not having received ipecual invitations by the fitb Inst, may procure the am at 0. Breualng's, 701 Broadway. tub MaNAORMCrr. NIBLO B ORAND OONCRIIT olr boll and TROUPB, new York Reodelasohn L uton and a grand orchestra of asnbcra of the Philharmonic Horlety, In aid of the maronio board op KKLtBP. Saturday Evening. Uth Inst. Conductor, Mr Wash bourne Morgan. Tickets VI each, for ale al ihe mnsla aU.res. bote la, and by tnem here of tlommlttee MIkg TKRKRA BMMOND1 AT TUN BROOKLTN ATHh.N .I.IIM. Monday Bvenlng, Apni IS. 1167, at M o'clock. mradinuh pnom rllK ptlrm. Ylrkrts tt eenla Reeervrd aeats Ml centa. TI1R gl'RSN OP NKiBT AND H?R NTANRT NTMPIIN ?a magnificent affect In the Winter's Tale at Burton's. Brooklyn atbbn hum-mr. iiormoantlr rror to announce bis tirtl and only Benefit t Vmcsri on which occasion the lot low lag artistes have volunteered their valuable services ealnrfay, sprti II. IM67-Rise Louisa Pyne, Mtm I aaaa ryaa Mr*. uaoryiaaa lw i,>u.a ? nomtm, Mr B l*meb,Mr Uaorra Hr* ?, Mr. A HedrwIoB aad nt, and Mr W Barrtroa. Mr Hucnraat.e ulUaing awvorul nww buffo roar A Tirkata. M recto aarh to Bo Bad at radgwtaftTk 9 Court WMt Rcaa'n IU Allaallr alreat. at IBa AUinriB, aod ot Mr lloraoaotia. 77 I'npl rr otroou Cowoart at a elook Bit ai?y. Ms j. b bowk bavin* Maob abrANOKMRNTH to appear 10 Kpgtoad laima<W?lj. will take hit fforo wo I Hamad. prortota to hto departure na Krtdoj Hit, April 10. at the Rnwary Ihoairo IB* ureal nrtao drama at tha OOI.IibR taoRKW Viut II n a M A . aad otBer entertainment* Hoi booh aow npon and the prwoa an no mat ?>at tar. ? "nU, pit and (tn'lerj, IIS cealA Doa'l toll la B'd Mr hnti 'arewell Tub pibriiio danor?a pioturk?<ici! amkb blag a oi Krareiul aad aural motmu at* one of a crowd oi deilfbtful'lonla la the Winter fair at Hnrtona MII1 MARIA M BRAINRBU'rt OMOIRr Niau>* Pnooa, TarMner brbuiau. amu. Id. tickatr. una d -llab MS. DRMPdTBR. COMI'ONBB OP THK 141 Ul'ggN.'' 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