Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 8, 1857, Page 12

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 8, 1857 Page 12
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I 4 NEW YORK HERAU). nw up noraroii w mrm *m ?IH M nr ^mSa'ld. i ?fg,m mm mmw, wa WKMLKT BKJULV. wry SnKirimf. ?U 9% trnm pm ? >; rt? IbirvpMm ?rliMo?,t4 jw mwwmw. y TOL FN Ta?TYoKMMU'ONDEN E, m*4m<nU>4 impxrfBM uw /mm OXV fvarUr o/lJw K?rU Vixxi, vOl KWw>.:H> f?<J -?<r. ^On rouwa Ooiuvomm 111 nmiuui Rnibtu to itaAL iu Urmi utv fiOi|to 8a?i p*. *0 .VU TICK to*-* W anonyetouA cominuuitatioxt. W* 4* at r<*it(Aov< i. ion PKINTJNO m'rUrd ?ruA n?un4M, chtafmn? arul dxt Tft i?S TIHEMKSTS mml ?<* 4a* #a?HM nn ..#0. 97 jjirsncmMTt ran mm. BAPWAt THT ATE . Broadway?Tun Hi>cm*vers um bats or Ponraii. Ml 9&BCKP, Brad tray?Twit Ecra fur!Ir'OariW? Ooiws>?Ki. BOW KIT thbateb, *a??srT - fl iutex Eaclb? All ?WB Wc-atu s a dj .ob-Blao* Ktsn Sc-*x. Mtoan mrw miru, nmadway, lyicaia Bead at. ban i i ii i in Kts itiwfum a Faab. BaUJCtf ra?iT?B "radway? Tira Pciioai. raa Baaoaao?Bao Braixs v>asO a'PBA KCEXBt THKaTBK. SM Bradway-L.nxo eee Fa't-Tsi 6'?. oa tt a ct?tce utna. BAATE'F UCBZICaN ii HAECB. B read war?AltoBMb?Tui-ow Cora*. I*eetng? La it -Pacl Put. BO PHBTBTT AE1> WOOTVd MTWFTBB7J*. 444 Bread by? bthioiux pasruutaici*-->< l t Tkab Cauj. BrntlTV S ST*?*d.r?lR8, US Breadw-y?Bthiomaji hi CI i ii Folbb CoactHT. BCB 'BUJfPW JSaLU ?71 Broad war?Eaone Mm,msr, a b? l< h limy ttbtival? it ikta^ft't ttlhtthilj daw Vark, Wmlixtday, April S, UST. Notice to the Public. We wttb to draw attention to three facte ? Ftrat? The preeanre opoo oor columns oompeia oa to are oot a large number of adrerttaemente Ihle morning, they will appear to morrow. We anal: eaiiecvor to adopt mm* plan to obviate tbta :n fntere. Second? Ore of imr new ten cylinder premee la ceapdettd and at work. Tbe other la now being pot Is tie place, and will abor.iy be in running order. Oorili eyltnder rrece we bare been obliged to pot In another mil to mike room for one of the new mathlnee Tt.tie fcHermtirr* tire Isterfered, and wilt yet interfere torn* what w'.iti wyrlanty and uraibCM hence the lmpcrfeo. afpearanoe of the Brax:i for a day or two, and the fete or at of the boar of lie delivery. Thirl?Oar type !? worn ost. In two weeki ft be sep tet i by new frete Oar rapidly inoteeeed ctremlattoc real ahead of the of our type foander. Iheee : e* will he orercome be'cre U>e tin' * May Affaire tr. Albany. Wasted immediately?an active, drv.nj, .etc.ltgsnl peBikmao, to go to Albany to aot ae car oorrw poo seat; mm wbo caa i ad cat el! too. the echemec there reia'.iv. la raliroale, c.ty clartere, pol oe b'.fe, school greats, caa mmpaaiea, Ti.atty Church bills, pr rate 'talma, dlaorlmi an lory tclla Quarao'ica atattone, barber maetera, harbor | tmprovc meats and new water licet, health oil. -ore. Ju JK one whe oen dive into and eipoteai. the raeoatlty o! Ae politician# now aaaembled In Use Plate capital?the particular* to be cent dally by telegraph. Apply at tb a ?ff* The Kewa. The Bttairjti.p Canac an arrived at Port'an! last tatoiif;, with European advieae to the 25th u't., ten: isyi later than those received by the taiaat thie porL A of the news in given on the first page o f to-day's Hrca 1 D. Onr deepat:heH from Washing'on thia morning contain the substance of the reply of the Secretary of State to the proportions of Lord Napier relative So a tripartite alliance in the prosecution of the war With China. They ulao develope the policy to be pursued by onr eovernment with reference to our Jterioume with that country. The administration declines cn operating with France and England, but wWi despatch a Minister to China to watch over Jtmeric.n inu rials in that quarter, supported by a fiett of sufficient strength to give efficiency to the hie of conduct agreed upon. It is stated that Hon. Robert J. Walker trill be selected lor the mienos. The loop pending diapu.e with Peemark as to the question of Che payment of the Sound dues was brougnt to a termination yesterday. Oar government pays he proportion jf the apiulization fund, amounting to (ddo.OOO, and the Ua ueret jfore levied tn our commerce cease*. Tbe New York Charter 1411 was eported complete in the Senate yc terd y f arenoon, and ordcrel to a third reading. Tbe amendments arc nov ma terUl, in 1 will be agreed "o by the House. Ry inn dnwn to-day, there) ore, tue long ag.tatcl charter * ill bare become a law. In uictber 'olnmn will be found an io'.ere# .ag iet ;er f> om Mrs. Henr.inr cn totcetoer w tb *.be -nb Fiance of tw letersfroiL Nicaragnati a gentleman m ttos i :y. One ia dited tbe l'Jtb, the other tbe t*!fc of March, and they boah firniah additional onotoraCon of tbe traUif.ilneseof tbe new# brougbby tie vmmer lex an. We nrderaUbd that Coionel Lockridge stated prev*m* h> tbe sailing of th? steamer Texas that be aboaU not apt in re'irn to San Juan del Norte, but that with bis late reinforcements be abonid prrsa Jar ward along the river to the lake. Tbe .Spaniah journal La Cronim uw ti tbv tbe sentiment Imputed to tbe Spaniah Minister at Washiaglor. aa to tbe certainty of Spate ioaing Cnba If ene carries forward a war against Mexico, is at tar an .e with bis well known previous eentimeo4 as to tbe perfect safety of tbe island in any evcr'nality. Tf Mr. Tassara has changed hie mind in that respect ii mast be. ssys tbe Cronirn, liecanse the warlike tone of tbe journals baa made too great an .mpreiwion on his mind. We also translate a paragraph from tbe Enpcna, of Madrid, to tbe effect'.bat-pain dl<l not ask tbe approval of any tber government aa to her plana against Hex' o; bet that, nevertheless. Cocnt Wale weld, tbe French Mjjis^r.nn being apprised of the to tbe dip.?mat# abroad, did not beeltate in declaring that Spa.n wa? perfectly right ia ending reparation or aieng'og the blood of Spanish cilia* ns. Tte Va bcms of the Tammany Society met yesterday noon and passed resolution# authoring the teal, and Rsvage general committees to appoint two delegates each in every ward to a general eon. ven'ioa to whi- h would be referred the diapstes in tbe phr!j,?o<l who would be empowered to call apri ary election for the choice of delegate* to a general com t.'tlee that woald supersede both of fhoae now claiming to be regular. The Hacberos themse've< wiD appoint one delegate from each ward to the onvention. This body will meet oa the liitb inst.. and cannot laat longer than the first of Jnne next While in existence It will bare all tbe powers of tbe genera' committee The election for charter officers in St Lnii, Mo., yesterday. resulted tn the complete triumph of the mancipation ticket The Americans are raid to I tare anted for the emancipation candidate". The new steam trignte Niagara went into cornmiss on je-terday. She will prebabljr proceed to ea to-day on her trial trip. As tbe Niagara baa tieen de*nl!*d to awls* in laying down tbe Atlanta acbtnsi inc cable, she will not taka on board her srmtm?n? of twelae snivel gnns nntil after her return from that service. Recorder Hnith delivered an interesting charge to the Grand .?ary in the <>irt hf Session* yesterday, which we publish elsewhere. According to his ex perieme ciime of all d< grwe t* rapidly on the in ereae? n the city, and t)?e fault'lea in the gross l?eP ten y of th" police. home of the del mi, lent pelle-men ae to l<e "peMally looked after by the lirand Jary dnring the present term. The rw?fturnert of Liberia appropriated on Is, c* *> > un-t r-te with of'l' t0 a'di' r<|.e Jn u ?ft it '1 r s " i* ni' * ? ?^^1 . lose ofthetwvnty-rixmen byths salonista?iwporvcd yesterday?weaktuod the settlors very mueh. Ex President Roberta was to ooaua nd the aid deU bnest from Liberia. Mr. Jams-' school at Car# Pahaaa wk fall, having sixty-five regularly attending popil*. Resolutions have passed both branches of the legislature calling on the general government to remove the obstructions to the navigation of Harlem river. The Trinity Church bill passed the Senate yesterday. It provides, among other things, that a sum shall be set off for the use of Trinity, and the balance of the funds shall be devoted to the snpHort ct religion and religious education in the city and State of New York. Tbe ship New Hamn-hire, from Glasgow for Nea York, witn a cargo of pig iron and soda ash, went ashore on Jones Beach, Long Island, about om \i i win jcinuaj muiuuiK uunu? uic guir tout pre vailed a' tlut time. No lives were lost, and it ii hought the ship may be got off after her cargo is taken out. Assistance was sent down to her ai soon as the intelligence of her being on short reached the city. A cconnts from Ceylon. dated at Colombo on 14tl : February, Bays:?In the vessels which sailedbree to London,'wo to France, two to Melhonrm nd one to Monhnein?an aggregate of 37,369 cwts of coffee has gone forward, made up of 19,672 planta lion and 17,686 native. The total exports of plantatioi are 109,962 cwtR.. against 122,976 last season. Tru total of bclb kinds for the four months and a half o the season is 260,708 cwts., an aggregate fn'ly 60,00* in advance of that attained at corresponding datei 't previous years. The Committee on Streets of the Board of Conn cilmen met yesterday to consider the propriety ol widening Rob'.u'on street, from Church street to th" river. Several persons appeared in favor of the project and several to oppose it. The renionstmtagamst it called for the petition for widening th< street, to see what namjs were signed to it," alleging that ail the oroperty ho ders were against the pr> position. The comm.'.tee had mislaid or could nol find the petition, ^ne debate followed concerning ;t, and the commit ee adjourned til! it could be pro cured. The Surrogate made.a decision in an interesting ard novel case yesterday arising npon the will of WjI liam Tirrili. Mr.Tirriil willed his entire estFe to hi* daughter F.Kzalieth, during her natural life, with th" direction to his executors that i* there was au\ default in tbe legary of said Elizabeth of *10,009 tc hih adopted daughter Catherine, that toey should pay flO,000 out of his estate to Catherine. CVne rine died oefore Elizabeth, and Elizabeth reroked her will, giving 'be 110,000 to the heirs of Cathe rine. The question was raised whether by the let ter of tbe decedent'* will Catherine was not person any entilied to *10,000 at her decease. The Ssrro irate held teat the negative conditions upon which she legacy was given was fulfilled on Catherine'! jrsiu, una inui Biie wis ;noB personalty entitled to -be fl0.000: also, that the gift was pot equitably satisfied by the bequests uuder Eiizaoeth's will to the issue of Cathf rine. The Almshouse Governors, at their meeting yesterday reso ved to accept the care of the new Essex Market prison, which the Common Council desired .hem to Jo; but at the same time they resolved to ink the city for money enough to make it tenantable. as it has been le't by the contractor in an un. tinished state. A series of resolutions pitching into "be Commissioners of Emigration were also passed* is summer approaches the number of inmate4 in the charitable ;nstitutions of the city diminishes. There are about five hundred less under the care of the Governors now than there was daring the iuontn of Februaiy. An interesting paper a as read last evening before the Historical Society, by Prof. Borate Green, D.D., ihe subject being 'Reminiscences of the Battle of Banker's Hill." The authority for the various facts herein contained, was Mr. Zeet Green, one of the "Minnfe men of Massachusetts," and a participant in the early struggles of the Revolution. Our very entertaining report is for the present unavoidably rcwded out. Tbs market was firm yesterday, sales of OOLV e.too, a rood pari Is trao w. eh:sty based epos n delrj tplasdt si 14 *e , asd mldd'icx kt? Of lear* dr. at 14 ,.*. There was a grod local asd Eastors deaaad for car, wbieh caused prices Is rcl? w'tt mors triiiiieii. withoe; cbssge of momsst n qcotatcas. rise wheat was m.., asd amosg Ihe sales shite doaUxrt brevght 11 00. Cora was steady aad la ta r dtn.acd, w ibost change of moated la tjcetaioss. New seta pork w?t easier, with aalea at 113 30 sari' way asd 113 M beck today Prime sold at his (2 \ da ilvered. ard waa firmer, aalaa at 14 \i. a 14He. -ajars ware acn e eat acHvc, bet trm. mUi salea of about OCO bcdi a; prtcsa f vas alee w tare. Coffee waa teaey, w.tb taodarals traaaaci'oaa. Tea '-e.gM market fo* Lirirpoe was eorparatively dell, w'teoil ' 'aojc of it.'bb'l: x ralti fur oo'Aoa and besvy ycodi. (.ra'e aed ft. r. towetf, no*ja.. To Loeoor I,<10 vela, '.'least wtre ukrs a ~,r Oen. Waik'T'a l.are Vli tory?I h<* Trne and 'h< ItoglP Krpnrli?Mnri <tiKllJjbhlnf, so tutv .ngvrlous and industrious have btsn .be effort? o:" certain parties, ch'efiy in this ci*y, to throw discredit upon the news of Gen. Walker's lab? urTiliant victory n-ar Riras, a? to -ntisfy u? that some stockjobbing schome underlies all tbef anti-Walker inventions. Firs*, there was tne Wilmington boar, all the way from North Carolina: cert cane the gloomy speculatiors. suspicions and conjectures of tfco New York Trihunt, next tbe Na?nsn -treet manufactured Nicaragua correspondence of the New York Tt >rt. and. lastly. a letter in the Sun. p-nporting to be froir one Captain Anderson, of Walker's amy. and giving a cock and bull story of the glorious victo. j of the ' filibuster chief of ft.e Kith of March upon which the Sun editorially mduljr? In a melancholy review of Walker s hopeless stnation. Now. wo repeat that, there must be some stockjobbing scheme at the bottom of all these ' weak invontlon* of the morny." The extracts of tbo letters from Gen. Henningsen published in the Hf.rai.i> are genuine and from tbe originals, wbieb wo bare seen in the General's haudwrltlng: and wc refer tbe public to an interesting communication. published in another column, from Mm. H?nningwn relative to those letters, and the way they were received- It wonid seem, if trr account* giv?n in tM oth?r paper* genuine, that (,an. Walker baa gained two victorie* in?'^ad of on?\ and that G?>n. Hmning*en> let< r**i>pcting the fir?t na? le-cn Intercepted. Tbe battle r>' lb" 17tb ult.. etated by Hennrrg*"n. w?? c-'-tainly fought ? the allie* were badly t??HU.n. had the erbemee of the coalition were tbu* not only knocked on the bead in Nicaragua bat *?riouniy crippled in New York. Jet u* explain. Witb the ?riznie of the San Juan river boat* and the occupation of tbe river fort* by the Coeta Jlicur0, they ccncladcd that tbrtir work of exterminating the filibuatera wa* aubatantially a?compli?b?d. and that tbe diepnriron of the NVaramm Tianait route at th" d'arret ion of Co*ia Rica. I 'ndcr thin dilutive idea two acute. Writer and Andereoti. In tbe Int?*re*t of Co*4* Rica and ' the ho*t*c of VttKWbflt." came on to Nta York iootgnulac a new Acce*?'iy Tran?it < (mp! ~y udder the victor!out b?)"|."'c* of f'o?ta Rica and hrrallie*. The* afmct and other* ' obcerned w;'b tb^m were 'icdnpJel it 'b:? ci'j in certain pr*ibr*nnrf ffnnnclri tjegotiationn, when tbe new- < ! Waike;'# uc.'xpe *ed vi '0*y ? * -*? ' NEW YORK HERALD, WE HBttkiag aigM pMiUy be don? to prevent a collapse of their scheme by discrediting and 'a1sifyiag the genuine news from Rives, and by the manufacture of false reports. Hence, we believe, the various fictitious despatches, advices, iiuuwcb, opinion* ana arguments which have ap, peared since Saturday 1m: in various journal* of , this city to the prejudice of Walker aud his i cause. , Very well. Let our stockjobbers in the in?ei rest of Costa Rica and "the house of Vanderhilt" proceed with their grand project of a new 1 Transit Company. Another fortnight will most probably wind them up. Walker has been vic, torious. He has broken the backbone of the , armed coalition against him. We may next ex. pect to hear of ihe re-opening and re-oicupation i by him and his reintorcements of the Transit j route from one ocean to the other; next of the i conquest, successively of the several allied States, i beginning with Costa Rica, and next of the reconstruction of them all in the form of a new 1 confederation upon Anglo-American, military, commercial and political principles, including niggers. In the interval, we should not wonder * if the next reliable intelligence from Nicaragua , were to result in the prompt appointment of a ? Minister from Washington to Rivas. with a i view to the formal recognition of the dt. facto g'>) vernmeut of Waiker. i Mr. Arnj-.ton on Nkwscapkrs.?The Hon. John Appleton, late editor ot the Washington r Union, left, as a legacy to hiB readers ou quitting ' that establishment, a little common sense upon ! the subject of newspapers in the federal c tpiul The legacy was precious aud race. An idea had prevailed among a certain class of politic an., that the only reason why the Washington Union did not take rank among newspapers on a level ; with the New York Herald was because its editor happened to be a blockhead. This fallacy Mr. Appleton has exploded, lie has sho#n-: wt at it has fallen to our lot to explain more thto once?that a great metropolitan newspaper cau ODly be reared in a metropolis that you can no more build up a first class newspaper in a dull , country town like Washington than vou I raise an African lion among the ices of the pole. The reason is simple; in a place like Washing I ton. journalistic independence is impossible, and without independence, no newspaper can tie great. For, in this country, and with our established nof'OD?. it is a settled thing that no daily newspaper can support itself by circulation alone; indeed in most cases, there is an actual ( loss on the daily circulation which is made up otherwise. A paper must, therefore, to live.' i have other sources of income: and of these sources there is but one that ia compatible with independence, and that is general ad vert 'sing business, which can only exist, in sufficient amount to be worth consideration, in a great metropolitan city. , Newspapers published outside of New York, | ar d especially in places Hke Washington where ' there is no trade, and no general industrial movement, usually ecek support from the patronage of political friends. They agree to support snch a party or such an individual in return for assistance either in the Bbape of money, or in the shape of ainec re offices to the editor, or in the shape of printing extravagantly overpaid. The last, has been the stand-by of the Washington Union. For supporting its party in Congress, it has obtained the printing of the House of Representatives, giving its proprietors a profit of over $100,000 per Congress. Tbej have published their newspaper a? a luxury, acl , paid for it out of their profits. Whence of course, every one knowing its wretched bargain, ami the obligation It was under to puff every one who had vo'ed for it, despised and contem.v'd it; and ( bad It been conducted even with more imbecility i and vulgarity and gros? ignorance than it was? i if that be possible?it would hardly have been a greater hindrance to its party, or a greater disgrace to the government wb!cb it was understooi | to represent. BitmsH Coal DKroTs in ntr. Pa erne.?We understand that the English government i? bestirring itself to secure every available coal d? pot in in? J'acilic Uct in. We tear that itie Kog- 1 liih bare already. besides Vancouver's Island, a coal d?-pot at Loo (Jboo. and other- oil o bar island*of the Pacific; anc wc denbt nor. bn? the recent fracas in Japan may lend to the ol? alum* i of supy,lie* lor the Eaglinh on new aa-1 <>a*y terms. There being'no coal of value for ma-ice purposes iu Oregon or California, the coal depots of the Polynesian group, of Loo Cnoo, and of Japan become of the yeryhigb at importance: 1 the owner of them will master the Pacific Ocean Our gorenrment should look into the matter. floatllltleo between Spain and Mrilre. The Spaalab oeraai Lm CVootoa nft. la rarhraaeo Is tba eoa'tatplaled beaUHUw betweoa Spo'a and Mexltv? A Mag Iba Ibootaal fiaoalaHsaa wut-.y nxrooaded? wbtcb ibe laerlnaa joeraala '.adalga la, la rrWraaoe to tba difffeaiUae peedlog botwoex ?paio tad Mexico, aa to Iba eoaeeqieacaa wbleb wight raaalt nrow a war be tveea ibcea twa aattoae. lb are a tat at ao wocb la. poruaca m aot to be Igaorei. It la oaH todtod wo kaaw aot wbotkor at aa abaalota aaaartloa, or aa a at re gretx'toxi aappoaitioa,* wa era laellaed a regard It a iba lattor aaata tbal *r,ot 7mmr*. Bpaaloi Mlaletor at Waablagtaa, wrttae la bia gawraaaat Wat If Spain waboa la taaa Iba Iabad a Cob*, tba baa aatbiag to 4a bit to carry torward tba war wltb Maxteo. Wa kaaw aatwbatbar Mr. TaMere boa to wriuaa to ma (OYorxaeal of Madrid, bxt wa aaa ay poantrely, oadar ear owo raapaaalbkny tb?t, m a wtU kxawx to Spain u4 ceaaot be cootroaiotrd a Aawrteo. Mr Toaaara'a Wa ba always baa ibat tbar* la aotbiar a be reared a a tba aafrty of Iba It land of Cobs, la ay of Iba peadblo eroettaiiure of tba preerat pottuoai world, oad It la to brhrvf d tfat a porta woe baa aaa raiertataed tag pro faoard it drndad a optatea to soeb natter ba aata rally oa lex-ted all Iba aieooaati awtari ? lato ll, ad baa, roMOiaat'y, oacaird apex Iba peentbilUy of qxxetlo of cqoti or ana gravity tba ibM of Mot'oc, mo m Ita wtat way ba tto eeaxtqxoaeea. Wa ap Una wiui aU tba ladepadaw of eer pwlttoa, lira wa art badly eoqxabted w?b tbo oaw ibttM Mlaldlar at WaBiortm bxt wa ay u with exMrJooafl da or, baaxa Mr TMxarm ba aa iba repotauoa of batag vary rartaUta la bia oytalaa, aad broom e ti m to day www aba a diflbtdbi Ubnabb H ka ikol Iao aa iwprwetee baa baaa raada m bta alad by tba curun at laaa of tba anwrainy of Aaartaaa joumaia. fba* I whirl la bar# oaf loo IB# q nation of Ooba '.a yraaiar Una I la |taarally tboagbt io ba, aad tba aomttoa of li la eat la aeotbar paragraph tba Ormi a oay? ? It app#a>a tea iba tit doabiial ruaora la rafarataa M> lb# rv?mia> al lb# SpaaMb Hlaiatar of mat a ta tea -panMb diplomatic apnea abroad oa Mrt.oaa araata, lava giaaa rlaa < tba idaa taal tba tpaatati ffreraiaaal Bad laHattad tba oo-enarattra of iba |ot arm Mala af Franca tad KagJaad Tbara la aatblag, boaavar, lb Mad all roaaatoad dooavaat to jaatity aacb an laipibblna Tb# gfrrarim*at ?' bp da baa mar#'y darlarwJ Ha right aba lta daMrataaltaa . bot tt baa am aakon tba approval of toy tub## anonraaaai aarrhiHra Iba allgnta* Ibtaa tlaa af aaaloaa It* aaaaat Tba la lawtag par#grapa trom iba K /*aa af Idtb Match, appear? ta ba aa aatb ir t?#d fretara<tar aa that point ? etihont h it aaa toaa aoia tkat Freer# tad tagiaad bad rap i'f! to tbaci'oa'ar CiraaVd by iba Cab'.aet af *eirw ta >be dpaalah ageati ah ead a r?'er#noe to tbaanhjOot of Mtx *a. nay parior aeqaa'ntaa with tb# ctnraa of p? Pi ?a! or. ta a il aa4#rd#raiaad lb# 'arott bllily of tali Br pg to. Tba ao?r taat oor agrnia had to do aaa to , rroo iba rnet attat to tba r#apacilr# *.? ??,rm1* to ahr?a tbay a#o aontaaltod It doea an* follow moraf*,. 1 tin otfirr ynT' tBiarrta glare trpia ahl-.b r act a?e#d for .v, ?t.itn?# thrr# la r tba #tat?ir'at to abn-b a?e \ fef#r a fr .ecai.oti c" truth. We do cm brow that F#( land bar ?tpr?*??d earr. !t? oj'r.wt or '.be il#n laaea by 1 i >11 .i arprat# cor ?.u thai toaat *.'e!aw?bt on t>r <aa apprigrd <M tna ?neeiih ilfat a# Baa bo onr *# e?i Mt t( p'tp jr?t <pa f?w#?i??r#r' #f atadftn * n?-fo-t'y *t#h? a i# ? r.-,<vf#* "t* a iir r ?e a or ; J A M 1 v * \ ' \ ': t DNESDAY, APRIL 8, 1857. THE L1TEIT NEWS. IMPORTANT FROM WASHINGTON. The Policy of the Admiiiitratios ii China. Settle sent of the SoBod Diet Question, to, to., to AflUn In Wuhtagtwi. TBI CHINESE QUESTION? OBW. CAM' BKPLT TO LORD B AF1ER?TBI PBHPABATTONS OF TBK ENGLISH? TBI FOLICT OF THE ADMINISTRATION?WHO 18 TO BE COMMISSIONER TO FEKIN ??MR. WALEER'S CHINESE PKeGHAMMB?MR. BUCHANAN AND NICA RAGUA. TIABIil.lUIUR, AJiril U, ICWI. | The Cabinet discussions to-day were oontned ex- , elsstvely to Chinese affair*. Gen. Cms reed the reply j he had prepared to Lord Kapler. The British govern meat baa asked the " alliance " of the Doited State* in the proaeonlton of the war with China, hot at the same time distinctly announces that thli alliance la to be a " mora1 1 co-operation," aad that all the lighting will be dona by England and Pranon. Sen. Cam, folly all re to the Important position which the United Btatee occupy In too eyes of the world, beilevte that the time hee come when ' we ahonld adopt a Brm aad vigorous foreign policy, b-t ha aaes no advantage in the proposition now offered by j England It gives no nothing? it decides no (Ingle contested pom? but ask* on to lend to the schemes of Kog and and France Ue " moral aid " of onr support. Tne ' Monroe doctrine la itHl denied by England?the right 1 Which we claim to acquire territory on this oontlusut u not acquiesced In. in a word, tbe idea of as American policy deea not enter Into Urn views of Ecropoaa ( statesmen at all. All this Gen. Cans Is determined , to cban?e. If poaitble, mad, at all events, he baa =o Idea of tbe United States playing an Inferior par; , to either Knpland or Trance. The reply, thererore, to ( lord Kapler la a dtotlnot refusal to commit cur govern- , meat In aay way to the European policy now being car rlad oat la China. At the same time, Gen Cats expreise* , a sense of lbs vast Importance of Ainercan Interests In ( Ch na and the determination of onr government to send j oat nu able Minister there, with a strong Keet at his com- . ntaod. I Tne last admleletratlon had no idea or the neoeaslty oi ( an active foreign policy, and tne oonsequenoe it, to it England baa been making vast strides m arory dlreotlc , while; we have remained a;atloo*ry. No mora pregnant

proof of this can bo rllared than la preiented In this rory f Cilneee queitlon. For years Eagland has been preparte* 4 for an anise demonstration la Cains, and with this view | baa ettablUhed a perfect nrdon of coal de/iU throuykoui , :\r Jtidian bean. The Vetted States hsvo not a alog c t coai ciep >t In the East, and in case of n war would he wholly dependint upon Eogland lor Urn supplies of oar eteamera. Ail thla mart be changed, end tba administration will en scon e* possible m?cartel > A whore kcetioee for com! depots cma be ( procured end Mk Conireee et ibc come encemeat of the next iuiIcb for en epproprlmUon to make the necesimr; paicbu'i. Then mre lmmwnse fleide of one) In Ctun?. Jepen end le moet of tbo islands In tboee seee. Toero j will, therefore, be no dlflicu.ty Hi procarlng coel end de ? pot*. The polioy of tbe administration will be to here m c Bret el me* men . Mir liter to Ctiae, eed e Iril dmsi be it c to looi, efier our intercede there. At present the difficulty le to aelec'.ieg e proper perm on for tbe Oblne mime ion. Caching h?a Hera spoken or, hot Kt. Bnohet en la Bxed la bla deterinlaettoa no', to nae eay b of t(e ?M? it of tbe iact Cebteol. Hubert J. Welter would o: icit, bat then he le wanted jeat now la Km meet. He has itndted tbe aubject of our relclioea with China, end Uie l eper which he drew up eoae four yeera ego aaid aub aimed to Pierce la aow the beato upoa which I.ard Pel t meraton la met leg in aeektag to open up the trade of that empire. Mr. Walker made two ooptea of thla paper; oae la now la the Stele department, the other wee given to Mr C rmmpton. end by him uranemltled le England. I | venture to predict that unleaa Mr. Walker should be ? wealed nearer home, that la tbe course*~of thiee or four montha be will be offered the Chine aueeloe. Neither be a or the edmlats'rmtloa ooa Mm plate the eocee al y of bla rtmalniag In Keaeae meay weeka. He will leave for there the accond Monday la May, eed by Aeguat hewlll here either euc seeded in quieting affair a 1 or he will abandon tbe attempt Ton may, therefore, eet It dowa aa eeUled that we will decline respectfully bat (rmly tbe fletMrfng elllmace whlah Be gland, lor her own pnrpoaea, eeeka la the pro b locution of the Chfaeee war; that the United Stews will ^ eke care of Ita own tatereate; aad that Ribert J. Wa kcr will be tbe man aolee'ed for tbat purpose, afier ha baa Wiled Kaomma. Tbe greet aad marked feature of tbe policy of tba pro eat administration will bathe epealag out and eirtlixt c of Central America, and the exteation of our commerce aad intercourse with tbe whole Amerlma eeatteeoi 0 Tbie baa beea neglected hitherto, aad tbe ooosequence ? g that at tbe preeent time England ml moot monopol tee tbe 4 oommrroe of Oeatral aad Sou therm America, while * the United Stales, geographically entitled to thla q trade, eee it wafted poet her porta throng n the euperlor eaterprfee of English dttrece, backed up by the careful watchfuiaera of their grrerameat. Mr. nobanaa la rally allro to tbo tact temt tbe way to extend our otrlUxatloo aad tnflaoace la by promoting H commeroo, and that tble can only be eshleent by tbe J adopttor of a firm and vigorous foreign polioy end a wire I. end liberal lelerpoeitlon la tba affaire cl toe world t< Heretofore our dmiuiat*mi<oa? bee# been )| utrn tbe .lepene e plan Mr. Beibmnmo la determined to " reeo'nUoalxe thla old foyy doo rtne and eater the lieu with Englaad ape a equal terms I here no doubt tbat la doe time general Walbar aad bla government In Nicaragua will be fully recognized hy tbe administration of Buchanan. ? h BBK. CAM' I.rmx ON CBfNA APPArM?rtNALOWP- h TI.IMhltT OP TVBDANiea aOPbD DUCT QCXWION. u Waiwimivow, April 7, IBM. a ptsr, eopt?i of wbteh will also bs faralatod lo ths frsaoh j, i?4 Knsataa Hula ? , layUg dswa Iks pattoy of tka ad laisiratloa ipsa lbs Chlasss dlfflealUso. It cmWm lw# SO'sts Mrtl? I>oUoUon of Iks propsrty and psrsoss of ssr sttl/sas, sad, second, Iks mwtii sf oar oommsree ky opaatag ssw mm lads Mai osaatry. I aadorstaad li tkst Lord Naptar Is wusflsd with ibis sirsagsanai. s Tks adalalstratloa kass dseldad Is ssad taorssasl aaral tores Is tks Cktas sssa. bars as* jrst sassosdsd la prasartag s Omali ' rlsaor. It bsi kssa offered ts Iws distiagotakad gaatla ass. Sotk of rkoai I osdsruad, bars dseHasd It. Tks hcrrltry sf SUtfs tkls day mmplHd tks imi|? sals vkh Dob wart, tbrssgk tks Psaloh Mtatttrr, tar Us sboiltloa sf ths Ssaad diss. Ths smsiat ?s pay It Mio.eoo. wills that of Kaglaad Is asar M.OSO OSO Tas wbsis aaioaat pay skis by alt bbMsos, taaladlag Ksflaid sad tks Uattsd Maim, la ahsst ?l?,OuO,OSO Osamark li fsrtrrr is Issp up Iks asesaaary BgMkoasaa. Tbsrs waa as Uabiast msstiag ts day, csaarqasatly lbs T PrerrtarlSa wars sagagsd ta Ikstr rsspsetlrs dspaH a kt batf pail s<|l t Ilk aroa'ag tks wtsaa sf aU Iks flrstca aitalslsri tad thsas alas of Iks aflaeA, call apoa tks Prsatdcat sad bis Csblast, all sf whom will ha pro ssal. L THF. NATAL I.1QC1IIT BOABDH, FTC g IVsaniauToa, *pm V, IMf. I (Japlats H. A. Adorns bas bsoa ordarsd to labs lbs 1 plans of Oaplala Sirlatbam la lbs prsasat Nasal Board. Oas of Iks saw soarta bmMi bora sa Monday asst. II 1 roasts is sf Copulas W. W. MoKsaa, Jabs Papa sad (I J. 4 Taa Brost, with Chaa. Abort, tfeq , or Waohtogtoo, as lodga asssqsIo. Ths third ooort will bo ssiscisd la s day or two. Tbs sal# af lbs Delaware Trsst lands oa ths 3k I sf .lass wir taba plans at omwkas, Ksaaaa. iastaa.1 of U- l eomptoa ft Mr drapatob M il|U nltllT* to Ma apyotatmaat of a ti 0> ulNlMir to CO too. | Tko ecatrart tor tko roarbla orrfc no Ma ortoaalaa of r, Ma Pot*it ott-o, *aa today aoardod to Joba I. Om p. ao'iy, or ttnini .ro. It will probably amount to Iron u IMMt U 1100,000. Iroa from Triaa. (| N?* n. mt?, Ap"*l 7. Hft" M ' alrraloa papera tprak bl^Ur ol tba tow at can coo- '* urr"oo wvb No* O looca hy tbo B??wler*a Bay aad upaicnaao railroad. ,, It ' ramrrad that Tito Ramrni Wtu-roa W'l b? a can b. tldaio for orr'O'.r Of :#**? us oppwt.aa to tbo d?u?. * rratic raad!?atr n Xa\ia*itmi at llir Hrllt*. Hl??. M B'l > <ar, Ayr I .. ' B/'"'. ? Vn-rt..* '' tt? If ri ? r t?? "t - ff t.i k t:t. r . 'ai,4 >t. vi.iK wi it,t .X. r Important from Albany. IATISATIOM OF TBI B1IUK BIVER?THE OEflTBUCtlOMfl TO BE BEHOVED. Hum, April 7, 1U7. A poUtioa wu Moly forwviUd to Uo ImblatBM, itgned by Dr. Beyre, Klsgeiaad h Oo., Lewis 6. Morris, *4 many otber eminent oommerotsl Iras of New York, MTtog for He object the Improvement of the navigation or be Heriea river, by obtaining from government en appropriation for the removnl of obstructions, ho , ho. A ^enable and serine of reeolntioas ecoompeeled the leper, setting forth that the free navigation oi the river vas of great importance a the trade oi New York and he general ooameree of the United States, and praying bat the Borate and Legislature wonld take action in the natter, and that Governor King would transmit copies of fee memorial, asking for an appropriation, a the Bona ore and members of Congress and the President of the Halted Bates. Mr. Sioyter took the matter a hand, ad at half past one o'olook this afternoon boa branches >f the Legislature adopted the resolutions and cincurred a the prayer of as petition by taking favorable action hereon. Elections Throughout the Country. CONNECTICUT STATE AND CONQKBS8IONAL ELECTION. EUnTronD, April 7,1867. We bnve returns rrom ell tint twoatysaven awns in lbs State. The vols in as towns heard from fbois 66,000. the Union ticket in 1,000 absad, and the majority will be nereaeed. The Uelon Bute ticket la elsead. The Union party have elected 120, and the democrats 78 reprasen. lattves, with twenty seven awns a beer from. The ansa will stand, a at prereat advised, IS Union tc 8 lemoorattc. Tha Oosgreesmen will stand as be'ore reported. Dean and Oltrk elected?Woodruff and Perry iefeated by small sujorltlca Nsw Ha vas, April 7, 1857. Semnel Arnold, the Administration candidate, is eect(d a Congress in the Sooonti dl.trlct; Eire Ciers, Jr , anion, In the First, and Sidney Dean, union, in the Third. The Fourth district is claimed by both parties, ind tha resnlt Is doubtful. The union State ticket is itected by the people, the Hartford Timet says, by 1,C0Q majority. The Legislature Is union by a large majority -la the House by from twenty a thirty majority. Oi he twenty-one Senators, the onion candidates are ileit!d ta tha 8s 3d, 6th, 7th, 8th, 0th, 18th, 14tc. I6U?, 16.n, 17th. ietb, 2Cth and 31st districts, while administration Senators are chosen In the 6th, 6th, 10th, 13th, 18th, and iprbfthlT thA lllh rflfltrlAifl jhabtbe klkctkn at sr. lovis, mo.?success of toe emancipationists* 8r. Lotus April 7,18(7. Incomplete return* of the city election show (be rote or Mayor to be m follow*:?Wlmer, em*nclpktlon!(t. 1.331; Pratt, democrat, 3,080; Lane, American, 1,62*. ir. Wlmer'a majority will bcaboit 1,600. A great many Americana" voted (or blm. The entire emancipation icket la probably elected. CHASTER KLICTION AT CANANDA1GT7A, Canandaiuua, April 7, 18(7. At the charter eleotloa bare to day tbe American oac lldatcH for Justice ot tbe Peaoe and Soperviaor were letted CHABTBB ELECTION AT rCBrLANB, ME. Ponri.ABS, April 7, 1857. Oar mnnlclpal election to day recalled In tbe choice of Ir. William Willis, republican, lor Mayor. Tbe vote tood (or Willi', 1,0*6, for Nathan Camming*, ctitzine' and I dale, 1,630. Tbe republicans have a majority la t*e Sty Council CHASTES ELECTION AT NSW ORLEANS. Nfw Orlbam>, April 0, 186? Tbe entire American ticket for District Jcdgea it proba ly elected. The demotratlc nominee for Aeacc*a;o Jcdgo rtbe Supreme Caurt ie nndoubtedly elected. CHASTES KLSCriON IN CLEVELAND. OixvaiAaD, April 0, 1867. At tb* charter election in tble city to day the dem urate ticket wan elected by two hundred majority. JUDICIAL BLKCTION IN WISCONSIN. Oni'Aoc, April 7,186T. Scattering return* (rem Wisconsin tndlonta the re elec en of Wbtton (republloae) as Chief Joetioe by e decided najerity. Fatal Hnllromd Accident. rmiAiimrniA, April 7, 1867. Aoolllatea occurred yeeterday on thn Oolumbli! oad between two freight train* and fonr cam ware deaollanod. Jcbn Beaton, tbe flremen, was killed. Klre at Portagevllie, Llvlngeton County. PoaTAUBvi: e, Llrlngaien county, Apr.I 7?P. M. Two large etoree and two dwelltaga la tola village are e lire end eaanot be eeveO- Tbey are owned ty D. lewert and N. Piatt. Ronton Weekly Rank Statement MosNei.April 7, 18(7. Tne foofcaga or ear bank statement (Or tbe can week, cm pared wttb tbe wecb previoue, are as to Jews : ? March >0 ar-c 7 apttal stock 831.Mb OOP $87.ff0,ooe mc* ant dtaoouatn *3 118,(00 *3,34*800 pert* 3.386,070 3 *73 00i ,m't due Irom olher bank*. *"1.800 7.841.600 m l doe to Other baaka.... i 70S roo \ 047,700 latNialta 16.8(7 coo 17,i??.*oo Ironlattoa ... *,*81.000 7 0ll,?00 Hlcody Affray at CUlrago. ClllOOO, April 7, 1867. There waa a bloody airray it the M'ehigan Noatbera Allroad depot reelerday, bt twe?n a pellcsmas aimed obn Potter end a gaaf of Irlab hotel runner p. one Isbman tec.ed Pal/ten Brown, waa inaustly k. Ia\ aa t wo others >o badly wenneed they are not rxpe:t*e ?t ve. A ve'dlc. waa readirad at the Ciroaer 'e ieei ef toll defence," atd Potter wee .at a*. Itherty, I ml Inn Saasains In (www. Can too, A aril 7, HIT. The DttnocrHc Prm baa lololilgaaee el the invri r ?MM Mtttora at Pptrit Lake, leva, by a Mad of Sloa? dtaaa. Agoat flufrai attned wtia a eowptry of roopa tar Von Rldgaiy. U>o 17th ell. Iifteca oouiori ro reported aalaefag Tko St foal FMw, of tho 17th Ik, iwfcM tko report of tho ataooaero which oecorred a the 9th ?r March, at fplrtt Laka, la Lnatelt oocety. iwa, Mar tho Mlaaaoola hoaadary. Tito Wale of Monday. Bwroa, Aprl' 7, 1M7. Tho gale of tho hMt waa rory torero yootorday aa t tat tight; hot vo boar ot^o ootIojo dlaaotera to the htpptag. Tho packet aloop Abby Ha!mo cam* fa oallttoa with a ahaoaar yootorday aaar tho wharf at I'rorlaoete va, aad raaaaak. Tito Wralher. Dtbribk, April 7, HOT. The tnow hero la etgbtoao tachao deep oa a larak aad drift tag badly. It la atltl thlBag that. Eloiba, April 7,1817. Tho aaov hare la ahoottaa taahaa dorp. The NaahvlUe at Charleotnn. CliltaiTM. Aprti T, 184", Tho ratted Ptatoa mall atoaawhlp VeabUle. Ctpola bomaa L Ewob, i Hired hoio froao Now Vorh a* egbt I'aioafc thlo mara'ag Mario ota. rBILAPII.TBlA PTOC1 POART). , i'b ui.n rntA. April 7, 1MT Ptcrke doll. Roadtaa Railroad. ; tlorrtaGaeai, U, sag lata ad Railroad, II; Paaaaylraam Ita Iroad 40 Now oaiaxna, April a, lh47. Cotton? Sale* la day, 1 100 balaa at rook tagod laoatpia to day, t,MI balaa Pngar la lira, at 1<>,? a oho BraedataRt .{Dial. Tori,, 113 FrMgbia doll, acbaage naobaagad. Now OflTOAoa, April T, 1817 n~Moe?Palea to day S.noo oaiaa Prcea Arm MR dllag i;,? a n;,?. Bnadatoff* dati Renetpfe of eottoa to ay l.lte baloa. Maao port, gw. Coftoo fratghto lo trerpeol <<d StarHag aschaeaa ?H par oaat premium tiptaiarrow, April 1,1117. Cotteo aaohatped Saloa to da? 800 ha loo M?r I-orau Proa Goran Hova ?Wo lean that Miaa ootea Pyoo baa taken peerage ra tho feralt, which sa?l wot thla pert for Llrarpool oa the Mth of tho proooat tooth. MM Pyoo lo one or the boot F.agltoh roroiteta tot hao oror nailed the raited fltatoo, oad lo witha highly eetlmable lady. We preaame that ota win ro lire boom raoogalttoo at the haeda of tho public rerlone to hor doparlnra No artM to aera ewiaeeuy a on log. t'ptfro Ofafro Mirthal'e Offlrr, Aran 7 ?Captain liuaa aad Mr. narla, Ortl mala of it ah p Do Witt Clinton, were arreeted aed bald to Ml) a charge ot cruel treat met t to oaa of the ?r?e. oamod forgo Keith. A ITangiro in Nortti Cahoitna -A co re N>ad>ni ot lie Ptwertiiarg Jhrpre , Writing Irowi t ? ?"* ra, N C , ro)* ?Tbrao netroea?two Hhalr yoaay moB r id aa old woman, the mo<ber of twenty chlideeo?vera nag at Grreartilr, Pitt "eenty for wordor. T'oot early oeo till aeco. orary areaee leading lato the town war owdetl with prranaa, r?proaoatiag all aiea ? ??'. atea and oeadittrna of th? popeiatR.e if the oorntr nod ahetit Ai not aitrn n #i?-k to the olay a it urit'il from Waak'rfwa with ?*ra f.80 pa 'ton re tre errwrt r a. eat "latod at ' ''tiC peeaT* of at Rati i.iCO ant famnia. 1 > Baud of Ton Governors. The Board mil at 4 P M., Godfrey Uoslher to Ui? ohalr. The oeekly nootrr boos UuU d,SM persons in sow aider the charge of the Board. This la a decrease el 120 siaee last week. Tin MLuro ecaooi. A oommcBtcaUoa one received from the Board of Edscatloa, o its ring to Bottle the diffleaHlaa respecting the Kiadall'e lalaad School by aa aadoable ?olt. Without (Otiliag the matter, h was made the epecUl order tor the 21th In*. Mr. PmnnrwY stated that the Common Council had paused n resolution handing over Um mm of the Ebse* Market pfroa to the Governor*, and he org ad that auoh treat bo aooepted. Mr. r. had a la Hod the prtoon In question, and found thab the nom motor bad aone hla work In a ttrj lneffloleat muter. The edifice waa on fin la bed and the plumbing almost wholly defective. It would probably require a good deal of money to fin lab it In a proper manner. Mr Towmpbmp offered a resolution asking the Ctmmon Coonoll to reuhburao the Board (or any outlay they mlaht bo put o in making the prtaon tenable. Tneae roaolntloaa were Denied unanimously. rnn ooMMimuoNKBt) ami) tbb novnnnoiu. rrestdent Gcnthbb informed the Board that the Com mtaaiose a of Emigration bad oait a alur upon I be Ton Governor* In 'heir Into nppoal to tho I.oglnia'ure for old. Be off rea tho following reaolntlona, wh'ch were J adopted Whereas. the Commlas'oners of Kmlprat'au continue to- I efuae to retmeuree the ci.y and county of Heir York for acual dlaburaea eDt made for the support ot" their lunatics, paupers and v?gran<a; and. wbereaa, the aald Goumiisloaer? of Emigration hare presented to the Lea.?l*ture of the tate of I?ew 1 ork their annual report of li>V>, whe eln they have set forth their indebtedness to the several oour.tlea in the rtate shown* an agkrvjgats of Indebted new ot over me hundred thousand dolars. without Including the amount due the eily and oounly of Now York, or aven making any reinr?nce to the claim oretented by this department further thai auting an undetlned and doubtfu amount which ia reptsren'ed as in dispute;and wlereaa, no diftereoeo appear* to have arisen In regard to B intra < ^ only or any other county Is the state based upon the teehnleaiity plead in referenoe to the account presented by th* Hoarr of Governors of the Al??nou*e; and wbe<*at injustice ha-hern done In the optn.on or this department hv tne pais.1 ?e rf what we deem to he an unjust and lUDoonst'.t u?i Dai i w p-efenSnK and paying the o-her conn tles m the stab ami refuting ae early equal and mnl payments to this county as to the other counties of the feta.e; tberef re be it Beso ved. ' hai It is the duty of the Board of Governors of the Almihouie aciuiR ss th? utllclal protectors of the appro pr tafcDS made lor charitable purposes by the ct'y and county of New Ytrk, to protest on behalf ef the tax pavers against the passage ot any law which will furnish out ot the sale ol the property cf the Mate, < r 'krougb any o her process whatever. out of the bts'e treasury, any sum or sums of miney for mahlng db>meets to any one county or anv number of . counties, m ptelereno" over the city anil county of New York tor the disbursements already made or which may be real tor be made for :he support of the tmlpreni luraus vagrant or poor. Further, the Board < ef Governors respectfully request that the provision under , the law passed , 1H67, for the removal of (Quarantine. ' placing an amount sufficient to liquidate the Indebtedness of the Commissionets of Emigration may be strickca on; or the rtcbts of the city and county ef Hew York be equal!} acknowledged with those o the other counties of the Bute. hesolved. that a eo? y of the foregoing be signed by the President and rece arr. and addressed to ihe Governor ot 1 the t-tate, the President of the Senate, the Breaker of the Auemb'y, ud tie repnnentaUven of the city am. county oi 1 Mew Tori. PBHITKMTIAKT HOSPITAL. the am Invent or admleetona and dischargee at Use Penitentiary Hospital, B'actwell's Iiland, during Utrail taat, waa reoemd from the roeident pbyelctao. Or Va, W. laager, aad ordered oa file. It appears Uiat lot patients wrra admttteo la the moaita, of whom 01 were maiea aod 13 war* females?1 of Use number we e co.ored people; 1 33 only war* received from tbe penitentiary. the reaiaiaoer (more it an tnree-fuurlbaj were from tbe workeoaae or am?bouae OI tbe peraoat tbca admitted 101 were uaaer 80 yeara or age, 44 being laaa tban 'JO yeara o'o: 3' were native* of tbe Ualted ^ la tea. from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Coanectiont and Weeaaoboavtu. *ad 90 were foreigners, from Ireland (l? wnch country 11 were bora). England, Sell and. Wai-a, Canada, Sweden, Prussia, Franee and toulB Amcr'oa; 10. or one a xtb of tbe total were reoent em grants, baring reatded here (or laaa tban Ova yeara Tna wboie cumber teem lami ctably deficient of education, a* only two art reported to be able to read and write wall, wbtle tbe largo proper Ion or 03 wore entirely uneducated Under tbe head of religion we Had 44 Pro tee tacit, 04 Koaaan Caibolwa, 1 Jew, and 4 wbo did not profane toy belief; 00 ware aiegle, 31 married, and IT widowed 8 or tbe wtdewe wee# under thirty yeara oi age. IS wee# tempt rate in Vbtir bablta, 34 were moderate dr iters, Of were intemperate, and ?v war* bebttaa! drunkardn. another table la tbe name report gtreo the haoiu or paraata and their peiunti in conjanotlon, thus:? OI tbe paronln oJ thoea who are ret or at d aa Intemperate, 7 were temperate, to modern e drtakera. SI intemperate, and 4 hab tool drenkarda. la iba ilat of oeoapnUoaa of the men are laeluded ali graeea, from omptoyaMBta requiring mmtal abbtty to Iboeo dependent merely on pbfeioal rtrengtb. The ooeepatteae el the faaaataa are oonflaed to aomoai.c eeirloa w wte work, ilonie bare been idle for ua yeara or more, while otbera worked ap to tae time tbey were committed to Ute It land. Nearly one Bair am In tne bcrp.m for tbe flrat time, bat one baa area tbe a Ofteaatlnoo. the number dtechargel during tbr month waa 103?133 ealag oared before they iett tie hospital. 34 of tbla number were aade> treatmeat fur >ur mca he or npwarrs, ebile to were cured ta Ore days or mi . tbe aumber remaining la tbe laau'.ution at the commencement of tbe preatat month waa 308?namey, 108 aea, bd SCO women American lnilllate-Fainitie Clnlt, ar?ar. phom bolccs sacharatup?tbi crttcri ok tea. The raaal mealing or I bo above club vat bald jesterday alternooa in the roomr of the Amor'c?n lurtltete? Judge IJvlagrtcn, Icq., In tbe ebalr. Tbe p*oreed:ags were oeneaaaced by tbe Secretary readta? ireaeletloen from foretge egrlouliural puolieet'oac It rcei that tlx buaered yearn ago ia Ctma peaobee wet* erewp itaa. Weighed two pouade, and paere of the *t *bl of tea l>o?cda Tbe Chinese beltevee that Pror d< ret prolonged lb# life of ibreo wbo plained ire*a. Thei- end, iieawtee, a large number of n tcnifioeel poet offices. rn loan Ibea ten thoueend btaotiful e< were erectec ftr ihet pirpcae at e*cb tut o at a bttiance of twoaly r ee to . b w mtlea, and over three hoed red awtft horaee were alwaya la aiiendenoe anumbirof apectmena of anger, maar c.orerf f-oae Boteaa Becbaratee, wer* shown ay I onard Oay. Eeq , wbe baa lately arrived freaa kerope in Uie At a for tea purpose of menu! Muring tbts sugar It eeems tba. tb gmifamaa eirermented on thti? subject la francs and In a very iniereaung addreaa ne gave tbe ?enr.n o. h'e lai>cre ta /fries, Franoe and other portion* of tb* globe. He maintained tbnt nugnr -ouirt be ohiaiued frcm it e* well at rrom id* ordiaery toper caoe tnl )?im e o?i' n-rei y He Htniri iB? i lob Ibal if three troilbe' w%rtt "Tenner ooeld be railed up?<n iti at y latllodr an op'indaat crop wool* be ibe ?*?t l. Mr Wr?y alio euted tboi Da Dad mano'octurrd eevrral virlr.lee of ?o|?r ae" rynpe from teeKorpr oei or h*Muei*ecb>retai wre.,1 aeaperior quality. Tbe i?rl?lv of Sorphrrn wb! ? Had < a?o >> geeeroily inirodoocd cr Iba Lame of l.,n?ee eager oaM.' roatoieed alroeol, Hoi OOteg l? la' a adtllj of rtco art mat er ooatalsc.t la 'I II ?ooll oo> He m ? aob c for mektag eager aa iba Airieea I in pee, abet. wee more limp'd la Ma juice T*a, bt nifHT anaa, <tiH?r*ar. ] beg leave to call ibe etieattoo of Ute ram ere C ob 10 Iba eobjeot, aa one vary libelp le ewakre ranch come doratioa ehortiv ft la watt kaoara to alt thai a'ter the remarkable ytait to Cblaa of aaeteat COrd tae *ti marc tm a loaf time tolerated aid alao la lapaa - foar or Ira beadr'd yean ago?tbat the aat'rea qnarre'tad wftb ibem. aio?de>ee e.aeeot all of tbem, aad in'oed toe reu not aad ooatiaa* d 10 beat tbem oat tor a mag tine wtri tba Orel trwdere to tbo Keel weal a>ooad tae Cape rt '-nod Hope I be 7 were refOeed all oewu ") oeVDB At Japes tbo Puiob aero refused admieetee ud'hoo tbiv weald prore before tbo aotborlttoo tbo" thry we-o art CArtailaao by tramp) rg opt? tbo a Cortotiaa dot*, as tbey oalled u ware prohibited edoe aaioa, except tn ootalde piaeeo to trade. The hatred ?' Ibe Cairree bao aet abated for al leaat toor aaadret yeere. Tbey are aow eald to ao more exasperate t nao erer ay tbo lato oorore cHaotMeawat from tbo Br -as aad a*, aad 'bat tbo or mwoo people sow eboer Uit atmoot holt tad aui aeppert tbo old oeleetlal doctrine a' ana tato octree Tbat ell trade with tbo ' hrtottan eo-'nee will aMrpty coaeo, eed aw nag otbar aritoloa am a toe leaf will ever be peretlited to leave ( eiaa by leal or aoa. Howe year* ega oee of tbo valuable u nvro of tbo Isstttota, J tame Health. (?bo, wboa <o l.-a-wa. aad pobPoly tbat Dr. I ardaer'e raatoaiog aa to the tea Cetbimy of aaVgaUsg tbo AUeatto b* ' a waa a aid lattetrd oa be fatara aall?e wcnee,) wont a booth Caroltoa aha ail the ea< aarageaea- mm Amenraa laetltotr .eald give bin to rate* tra Hie keewietga oa tbo eebj'dt was igdrareed to tbe Ta-tPti e. eed pev lie bad Hera by Mr Tteao. oaooftbe, end le ta tbe veleaoe o tbe traiaecUrae for 1147. Mr But ft drmeaelrated tbat Cbtaa ead tae Cottad Pieteo were an. atlaMy at rated ep tbe re reeve aiaea of roauarote. erd toeir e'lneiee therefore ro etmllar, tbat plant* .inn t' "-rma a (biaa weald Poerieb brre Mr Hw'ti tba tea eeede aad ptaoe in formed a 'se ? lb sea?h Carole* ba- ? anae al.h taenlPiieM -pi'. aad mueb tajary Iroai ea%o malicton* pee ne hr , m?.i tba tea a artery ran e b.-me to New Yo>k e-n died H'e r##ae #lalf? I'at an #f r? yle'da ?47 pormlr ? ia?a 90,fCO ear* will ) wlil anpptp to* toe P?l'*t ?w^w. He eotiwaito ih? tea oroi ?f <?biaa at #!>0,f oo.oeo r v.eie per aaaaa. aa* mtai , % oria about 70.b?*.0<i' p- nnia Probably Ubtaa aeaer eapnria erar taw per reel of ear PS Wo Irnet tfca< .owe of oar iate!ii??a' e?i ?aa w II apifcwltb noaawirn ulala o( taa tea pia?v >n a'l tba Mteo aoatb of lai.'rdo loriy defre?o oor-? Ureal oaea f 19a ptaata will be reneaaery iba fbrtba- ?n- b *e t?y Of n Na eatmaai eoti>'. oaa ba aateruiaax b be too, aaa if lOa tea cal or# ia iba lotto I Rate* PirMnal bitalllgeitcr. Tbe aca of Ttlare beaeoblktll, a yaanf acta at* Jl, baa jaat arrirart la Parto. rnaoe Oaataei a at, of Wallaohla, wbeiatefff* apea I ag a wlater at llj *?, arrteatf at Maran et rrtaoa Dolgoeavbr, lata Kaae'aa M'eta-rr e- f|. aad aao af Iba priine farottiaa of iba I wpe-nr Wear. at, i? )B RraM Tbe fr ara rtattod iba Va'tnaa libra v, ,nl waa vbeelaO Ibrwer*! "> Falto labia ita*awhni?<t- -hair, ait* ate 4 by aa fcaaa d-T/m* Ihta Cam*. I *n ?r, btwiair wbe laaaMeiad I Me dntr, aa ?* '?<* of >i,? A o wiaHe Palaaea. la ito all yaaalbla banor in toe Koaal .a if atawtae. ItllTtlA rrow Pa' or nab. la 'bo nrarrablp Alabama V ?. .1 <tro? * A y Pnpllna .1 R elh'p' P atrfepwn, ,1 Pa,-Opr. P win# a M tt-rl'n fbiig, M Iltr? ? P SWith H AM ? W V rera .i l* Punean f P>? 'er a rtemmg Wrt P w ? T,#m. 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