Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 8, 1857, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 8, 1857 Page 4
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4 NEW YORK HKRAU). HOB AMV nWIONIi MBB.W. MOB IVLfW BUM K - ? WEKLKT HKJULV. -m* Iwrg miKw?per Pr* ?r ts rrr mmmmm; du Emrvrimm edition? |4 Mr aww?*. M ear rm't </ Grmat Brdmim. ar MM any part mt Ue CtntiiX /Wd?p MILIUM TOL r.V Ta i rCORBJUIfONDKN K. ttntnlnlny impmr|Mmm> enUrum!/row any yuortor ?/lkt werM?Voted, w4B pmidjor. tap-Ore Fmini Oounroraint 1U MmrvuiLT HB?t nu *o lui iu 1 mm an Pau|t> Kimt re. *l> SUTKE Uun mt mno+ymoue aomoMwlratioM. We do at rWfcr -4 fAorr ?r,wW(L _X>" PMNTTNU mmeuled %rnwnui, cAuipaw mi doe ""SfcrM TISL3KXT8 rmv?i eroy day #?BawM fill Jtoi 97 mrmcBKTa ran itiritc. W1PWAT rHKATIL IrMtvtT-Tu BimirtTSUat Dits or Pomibii. DUlt ?4*DEB, B reader ay?Tnar Bora fnnVaarfW-GopareAi. IOVUIT TBlAm. Knaarr - G our* Eaeia? Au Tki Weaati't A nj.ea-Biao* KTBD SO-a*. NtrON fl WWW reiiru. *rat?w, ayyeaM Bead a. -lUltriKlit RiVITU-VlATIlt I TiLE WAU.I01 ^H*a**W Beewdwar?Tws ScnotL rt* ?a??ai4-'W?oBraehs ye UBA riq^TWH TO&A.T&K. CM Broadway ?LiTiaU MP FA*T?T*fc BtTF 0? TTI cTeTCK UkUDB. uavrin MtlBTC AN mjiECK. realvAt-UW|M-Tiaot Ooraa. Bream*?Yauao Lait-Paci Pkt. WO CT1BTBTT Ajrp WOOIVW MTWFTBKA, 144 BreadWay? truii-riLi* ?aaroKMA.*c*?- Xi? lui Calls. pnrLrr a STHIN AIIRH, US Broadway?ITHIOMA* fWMan aiiin 11 ii Fo Lit GoectKT, dEW "WXIll f' BALI* *7J aroaewaT?*ao** timuvje. We - -Hob K'dmy TtenveL?ikT-orre TuruiJ ?aw Vwk, WadncaAaw, April S. 1UT. Notice to the Public. We vat to draw attention to three facta ? Pleat?Tfco prceacre upon our colcmna ooirpeia oa to Han out a large number of adrerttaemcnta thia morning. Itof will appear to morrow. We aball eaciotyor to adopt aaaae plan to obviate tbia :n future. Second? One oi our new tea cylinder prswee la canpietad and M work. Tbe ether ia now being pot to lie ptaoi, and will eborJy oe In rnnnlnf order. Onrili oyltuder press we bare been obliged to pot in another wmnit to ntke room for one of the new mathlaes These aTterUlrrt tare Interfered, and will jet interfere aom* what wlib n grlarrty and neatneaa hence the lmperiec. appearance ol the Braa:i for a day or two, and the bateneaa of tbe boor of tta deli very. Thirl?Ocr type la worn oot. Intwoweekitt w.ll be rep'act l by new frnta Oar rapidly inoieaeed clrcalattoc rone ahead of tbe oalcalai ona of our type foander. lbeae d'.Jtcci'et will he overcome be'ere the fire' * May Alfatn It Albnny. Wasted .mmediaieiy?an active,, .atc.llge&t penHoman, tc go to Albany to act aa enr eorreepooaet.'; owe wbo can i ad cnt ail atio . the ectenr.ot there reia'-lvr at rallroafi, c iy cSartcra, pol oe bills. echoo! grant*, cm eompnalea, Tr.aity Church bills, pr rate claims, dleorimi ne>ory telle Quaran lne Stallone, barber aeaatera, harbor "improvementa and new water linea, health oil. -ere. Ac dm one wbo oen dive into and expoteai, the raeoaluy ol gbe polHldane now aaaembled !n the f;?te capital?tbe particular! to be eeat dally by telegraph. Apply at tb e ?* The Krwa The ateairjaiip Canacan arrived at Portland last weotng, with European adfiesa to the 25th u't., ten: iays Inter than those received by the taiaat thia porL 1 (ramma-y Of the news is given on the first page o f to-day's Hr.n n. Onr despatches frost Washington thia morning tonfain the substance of the reply of tbe Secretary ?f State to the propoaitions of Lord Napier relative bo a tripartite alliance in tbe prosecution of the war with China. They alao (level ope the policy to be pursued by onr government with reference to our -Meriourse with that country. The administration declines o operating with France and England, but will despatch a Minister to China to watch over American Interests in that quarter, supported by a fleet of sufficient strength to give efficiency to the hie oi conduct agreed upon. It i? stated that Hot. Robert J. Walker will be selected tor the misMB. The lonr oendinc disou.e with Denmark as to the question of the payment of the Sound does was broognt V) a tentinat'on je?terdav. Oar government nays >.? propo-ion of tbe i apiulization fcr.J, amounting to ( ^u.QOO, jno the Ux heretofore levied cc cor commerce cease?'. Tbe New York Charter Mil was eported com piete in tbe Senate yclerdiy fjrenom, and orderei to a tta-rC reading. The amendments are not ma t trial, an] will be agreed 'o by the. House. By ?un down to-day, therefore, tue lung agitated charter will nave become a Saw. In Mother cclnmn will be found an latere* up letter f>om Mrn.Henntng?en.together w 'btbe<nh stance of tw !e' tersfrom Nicaragua 11 a pen ileal an in tbis t-:y. One is dited tbe HHb, tbe ctber tbe i*ih of March, and they both furnish additional orroborution of tbe truthfulness of tbe new* brougb' t>y tke eteamer Texas. We understand that Colonel I..-hbridge Mated pre Ttoua to tbe suiting of the ateatner Texv that be abonU not again return to San Juan del Norte, hot that *x his hie reinforcements be nhouid press lor ward along the river to tbe lake. Tbe Spanish journal Lc Crontrr. i?w ti thv the sentiment imputed to tbe Spnniab Minister at Wasbiagtor . as to tbe crtainty of Spain loving Cuba if a be carries forward a war against Mexico, is at var an :e with his well known previous sentimeu; * > to tbe perfect safety of tbe island in any eventuality. If Mr. Taeaara has changed his m'.nd in that respect it must be, soys the Cronirn, because tbe warlike tone of tbe Ame.icui journals has made too great an .mpreasion on hi* mind. We also translate a parag-aph from tbe E?paui, of Madrid, to the effect that -pain did not aak tbe approval of any tber government as to ber plana against lie*: o; j Lot that. neverthekm, Count Walewskf, tbe French Minla*r.nn being apprised of tbe to the diplomats abroad, did not hesitate in declaring that Spam wo? perfectly right in exiting repa-ation or aveng'i-g th' blood of Spanish citizens. Tte Sg heme of the Tsmtuany Society met ye* terday noon and passed resolutions author zing the toaii and Savage general committees to appoint two delegates each in every ward to a general coa. ven'ion to whi h would be referred tbe dUpvte* ;a tbe parry,and who would be empowered to call apri mary election for tbe choice of delegates to s general com t. it tee that would supersede both of those now claiming to bo regular. The Sachems themse'vei will appoint one delegate from evb ward to the (invention. This bodv will meet on th' ltitb inst.. aod cannot last longer than the first of Jnne next Wh lie >n existence It will have all tbe powers of the general committer. Tbe election for charter officers in St Loots, Mo., yesterday. resulted in the complete triumph of the mancipation ticket The Ameri'-ins are raid to hare toted for the emancipation candidate*. The new steam trigs t? Niagara wont into comniw'on yesterday. She will probably proceed to aea to-day ut, her trial trip. As tbe Niajraru bar lieen de'ai>d to assis* in liyln* down tbe Atlant c aiibmai ino cable, she will not take on board her armannnt of twelve swivel guns until after ber return from that service Recorder Smith delivered ,n interesting charge to the Grand dary in the C'arrrt f?f Sessions yesterday, which we publish elaewbers. Ac online to his ex lerieme crime of all degrees Is rapidly on the in creaw < the city, and the fault ilea in the gross liref i?n y of the police. home of deim, rent polic 'irer, sie to lie -pe ialiy looked sfter by tbe tlrend Jery dnrlnjr the present. t<-rm. The rweeinmcrt of Liberia appropriated ,.n r* the er>m to a hi it" n* Ik n ?t* n 'he', ? r a " ie fit* t , . ] lot* of the Iwtnty-bx mi by the oolonigf reported yesterday?weakened the settlers very Mush. ExPresident Roberto wee to ooaua ad the aid deU hnent froai Liberia. Mr. Jame' school at Cap# Palnus was full, having sixty-five regularly attending pupils. Resolutions have passed both branches of the Legislature calling on the general government to remove the obstruction* to the navigation of Harlem river. The Trinity Church bill passed the Senate yesterday. It providts, among other things, that a sum shall be set off for the use of Trinity, and the balance of the funds shall be devoted to the support ct religion and religious education in the city and State of New York. The ship New Hamp-hire, from Glasgow for New York, with a cargo of pig iron and soda ash, went ashore on Jones Beach, Long Island, about one o'clock yesterday morning during the gale that prevailed a' that time. No lives were lost, and it is 'bought the ship may be got off after her cargo is taken out. Assistance was sent down to her as -oon as the intelligence of her being on shore reached the city. Accounts from Cey on dated at Colombo on 14th : February, says:?In the vessels which sailed? hree toIxjndon, two to France, two to Melbourne nd one to Moulxnein?an aggregate of .17,369 cwts. of coffee has gone torward, made up of 19,672 plantation ami 17,686 native. The total exports of plantation are 109,952 cwts.. against 122,976 last season. The total of bctb kinds for the four months and a half oi he season is 260.708 cwts., an aggregate fnlly 50,000 in advance of that attained at corresponding dates 'r previous years. rie Committee on Streets of the Board of Councilmen met yesterday to consider the propriety of widening Hobin^oc street, from Church street to the river. Several persons appeared in favor of the project and several to oppose it. The remonstMits agsmct it called for the petition for widening the street, to see winr. names were signed to it, alleging that all the property ho ders were aga'nst the pr> posi'ion. The comm.'.tee bad mislaid or could not find the petition. S^-ie debate followed concerning i, iui'i kur sowin w .lujoiinieu iui it toe.a oe procured. The Surrogate mide.a decision in an interesting artd novo case yesterday arising npon the will of William Tinrtll. Mr.Tirrill willed his entire estFeto hie daughter EKzalieth, during her natural lite, with th' direction to his ex* tutors that if there was aov default In the legary of said Elizabeth of #10,000 to his adopted daughter Catherine, that tney should pay II0,000 out of his estate to Catherine. Ca'aennc died oefore Elizabeth, and Elizabeth revoked her will, giving the #10,000 to the heirs of Catherine. The question was raised whether by the iet ter of the decedents will Catherine was no*, personally entilled to flu,000 at her decease. Tne Surro* irate heid that the negative conditions upon which she legacy was given was folfllled on Catherine's Jeath, and thut Bbe was thes personally entitled to tho #10,000: also, that the gift was not equitably satisfied by the bequests under Eiizaoeth's will to the issue of Catherine. The Almshouse .overnors, at their meeting yesterdav reso ved to accept the care of the new Essex ' -Market pr;son. which the Common Council desired ! -hem te Jo; but at the same time they resolved to isg the city for money enough to make it tenantable. as it hat been le't by the contractor in an un. I finished state. A series of resolutions pitching into ho Commissioners of Emigration were also passed* A.s summer approaches the nutniier of inmates in the cha table nstitutions of the city diminishes. There are about five hundred less under the care of the * 'Overnors new than there was during the monta of Februaiy. An interesting paper was read last eveningbefore the Historical Society, by Prof. Horace Green, D.D., the ?uhje.-t being "Reminiscences of the Battle of Hunker's Hill." The authority for the various facts herein contained, was Mr. Zeet Green, one of the ' Minn*e men of Massachusetts," and a participant ;n the ear.y etv gg'es of th* Revolution. Our ve.y entertaining report is for the present unavoidably rewe'ed out. Tbe cotter market was firm yesterday, of kDott 1.(00, e rood part ic tree tc. eb'etv baaed cpoc w dolief uplands at 14 ?e , and m'.dd' cj Nee Or teari <lt at 14 , r. There wee iro>1 Iceil aod haete't demand tor car, ebict caused prices to rclc w!tb mere t meets. witboe; change of moeaeet r qcotat'eaa. r-tme wheat was friu, aad am oaf tbe talee white Libert brcefbt 11 00. Cora was steady sad la to r dtu.acd, w it cot change of moated la qr.eUi oat. New -.fti pork *11 easier, mum at (13 so o? ii way and t!3 A beck tc d?f Prime sc'd at $16 ea ; da tarred. ard ?m firmer, w.ia rales at -'c|an *ci ick.1 'en at"rt, but Crm. with of abocttCO dlu a; prices r tUtwurt Ooffdt wai ueacy, m if. moderate trauiactota. Tea ' we-ket fo* L*?rpw *m eoarperettre'y dc',1. w troiS rbenfo of <r.<m'L .c ram for ori.'-on and beery ycodi. Vit'e acd rt r tonearr, ?r'rr soajia.. To I.oedor S Itb uele '.'le?*e warr'fkfaa TIr Orn. U'tlWr'i l^ir* Vie towy?'I he Trne and The Uoai'.t ftrpnrts?Mor? itockjobblnf, So rrrrj lOgerluu* and industrious hare b??n ;hc effort* o:" certain parties, chiefly in this nty, to throw disered't upon the news of Gen. Walker a late uriliaai vioiory n^ar Kirns, a? to satisfy u* that some stockjobbing scheme underlies all tbe?*1 aati-Walker ilioifttan Firs*, there wa? toe Yi l.minirton hoax, all the way from North Carolina: cert canm the gloomy speculatiors. suspicions snd conjecture* of the New York 7Vi-'inr, next the Na?eau -treet manufactured Nicaragua correspondence of the New York T' and. lastly. a letter in the Sun. purporting to be from one Captain Anderson, of Walker's army, and giving & cock and bull story of the glorious victo.y of the 4 Cl.ou?u.r chief' of !.? H'.th of Ward: npon which the Sun editorially indulges in a melancholy review of Walker"? hopeless s? nation. Now w r-peat (hat there must be some stockjobbing scheme at the bottom of all these - weak Hmutlon* of the en^my." The extracts of tbo letter* from Gen. Hennicgaea published in the Hkiuik are gtrniae and from the originals, wbicb wc bare *een Id the General'* baudwrttlng: and wc ref*r the public to an interesting com municatien published in another column, from Mr*. H'-nningwn relative to those letters and the way tley were received- It wonld seem, if the aeroaDt? rtv?n in the other pai>er* be g'-nu ine, that Gao. Walker baa gained two victorie" inef-ad of on<\ ?nl that. Gen. H"nning?en'fl Ict? respecting the first ha* been intercepted. The battle of the I7tb ult.. stated by Hennlrpvn. wm crlairly fought?the allies wee badly ie*attn. and the obeinee of the coalition were thus not only knocked on the bead in Nicaragua but seriously crippled in New ^ork. l ot u* explain. With the ?elznre of the San Juan river boat* and the occupation of the river forte by the Costa TTic ans. they concluded that lb?lr work of exterminating the filibusters wa? substantially accomplished. and that the diepomt'on of the Nicarsgwo Tisneit route was at th* discretion of Cosi* Rica. Under tbia delusive idea two apo^ta. Webber and Anderson In the Interest of Crw*a Rica and "the bcife of VamWbilt." came on to Nt* York to orgaulti a new Acce^ory Transit (Jc mpany imder the vie tori out ansptces of Oo?ta Rtca and hrralliea. Tre?e agon" and o?h"r? ?,or>perr"?3 w;,h tb?m were o;-cnp'el it ci'y In certain pr*,?rr'n*'-v fiewnciri nTouationa. when the new ol V?"*lk?r 'a nc.*xpe *ed vl 'o*y raw YORK HERALD, WE] Kmething might possibly be done to prevent a collapse of their scheme by discrediting and falsifying the genuine news from Rivas, and by the manufacture of false reports. Hence, we believe, the various fictitious despatches, advices, i rumors, opinions and arguments which have appeared since Saturday las: in various journals of this city to the prejudice of Walker and his cause. Very well. Let our stockjobbers in the interest of Costa Rica and ''the house of Vanderbilt" proceed with their grand project of a new 1 Transit Company. Another fortnight will most probably wind them up. Walker has been victorious. He has broken the backbone of the armed coalition against him. We may next expect to hear of the re-opening and re-oocupation by biin aad his reinlorcements of the Transit 1 route from one ocean to the other; next of the conquest successively of the several allied States, beginning with Costa Rica, and next of the reconstruction of them all in the form of a new confederation upon Anglo-American, military, commercial and political principles, including niggers. In the interval, we should not wonder if the next reliable intelligence from Nicaragua were to result in the prompt appointment or a Minister from Washington to Rivas, with a view to the formal recognition of the de facto g->vernment of Waiker. Mr. A phi-eton on Newspapers.?The Hon. John Appleton. late editor ot the Washington I'nion, left, as a legacy to his readers on quitting that establishment, a little common sense upon the subject of newspapers in the federal ctpiUl The legacy was precious and rare. An idea had prevailed among a certain class of politicane, that the only reasoD why the Washington Cm on did not take rank among newspapers on a level with the New York Herald was because its editor happened to be a blockhead. This fallacy Mr. Appleton Las exploded, lie has shown what it has fallen to our lot to explain more than once?-that a great metropolitan newspaper can oDly be reared iD a metropolis that you can no more build up a first class newspaper in a dull country town like Washington thee you can raise an African lion among the ices of the pole. The reason is simple; in a place like Washing ion. journalistic independence is impossible, ami without independence, no newspaper can i/e great. For, in this country, and with our established notion*. it is a settled thing that no daily newFpaper can rapport itself by circulation alone: indeed in most cases, there is an acta*! lose on the daily circulation which is made up otherwise. A paper must, therefore, to live.' have other sources of income: and of thes* sources there is but one that is compatible with independence, and that is general ad vert 'sing business, which can only exist, jn sufficient amount to be worth consideration, in a great metropolitan city. Newspapers published outside of New York, atd especially in places Hke Washington where ihere is no trade, and no general industrial movement, usually eeek support from the patronage of political friends. They agree to support such a party or such an individual in return for assistance either in the shape of money, or in the shape of ainec re offices to the editor, or in the shape of printing extravagantly overpaid. The last has been the stand-by of the Washington Union. For supporting its party in Congress, it has obtained the printing of the Honse of Representative*, giving its proprietors a profit of over $100,000 per Congre*-*. Tbej have published th"ir newspaper a? a luxury, and paid for it out of their profits. Whence of course, every one knowing its wretched bargain, au<l the obligation it was under to puff every oue who had voted for it, despised and contemned it: and bad it been conducted even with more imbecility and vulgarity and gro<? ignorance than it was ? if that be possible?It would hardly have been a greater hindrance to its party, or a greater disgrace to the government wh;cb it was underrtooi to NfVW t'. Brm??t Coal DtcroTs in -hie pvinr.- we nnd'n*nnd that the English government i?b*stirring itself to secure every available coal d?pot in the Pacific Octal. We Lear that ttielvtglhb have already, besides Vancouver's Island, a coal d*pot at Loo Cboo. and others on o.ber island* of the Pacific; and we denb not bo* the recent fracas in Japan may lend to the ob aiain* of ruDoiie? lor the Eoelish on new nn 1 ?'a?v term*. There being'no coal of value for maice J purpoaca in <Iregoo or California, the coal fie- i pole of the Polynesian groip, of lx>o Caoo, aod of Japan become of the very high' <4. importance: 1 the owner of them willmarter the racifb Ocean Oor government nhouM look into the matter. HMtlllHM bttWffn Spain mid VlrilN. The "pan lob )?n?i Lm Croav* aapa, ta nhriM to U< eon'mplkUd boatmuw botwooi Ppota ul Master? AMi| tbo aw?l tpoaabttloao?awoilp nmroandod? wbtcb tbo AbwImi joaraoM odalga la, ta rrttraaoa to tha difftoalttee poaditg botwooi; "*pato a ad Mexico, aa to ?b? toaoofacm which Bight raaait room a war ba twaaa tboaa twa aattoaa, Ibara ta aaa af ao aocb la. portaac# aa aot to ba Igaarad. It to aid tadood wa kaaw aot wbatfcar ai aa abaaiata oaaarttoa, or aa a atra piii'iMi appoania. aitb'.?|b wa ara lieiiaad la ragard It ta tba latter wn> tbat if 11or Taaara. Bpaaab Mlatatar at Wablagtaa, wrttaa to bti gavaraaaat teal If gpala wtaha to too* tba IaJaad a Coba, aba baa ateblag a da bat to oanry forward tba war wttb Max too Wa kxaw aat wbatbar Mr. Taaan baa ao wriuaa ta tba fororaaoat at Madrid; bat wa caa mj poaWvalr, aadar oar awa raapaaatatttty tbat, aa la well kaowa ta Spain aad taaaot ba eoatraoiotfd la Aaartaa, Mr Taaaora'a Idoa baa alaajo bara tbat tbarr la aatbiar ta ba i oar ad aa to tba MM? of tba lolaad at Coba, teapot too poodbto OTtata alt ilea of tbo proteat paauai world; aad It lata brboard teat a paraaa wao baa oaoa ratertataad uf pro faaard ta drtfdad aa opatoa la aoab a natter baa aata rally wloaotad all tba otoaoato aatarlof lato it, aad baa, raataiaaai'/, oaaatfd apaa tba poootkintp of r.ooatto a of cqoai or aaro giartty tbaa tba of Motlac, aa a.ttawiat aap ba Ita aaaqoeeeee. Wa ay Una wttb all tba ladcpadaoo af acr patttaa, olaro wr ara hart 17 acqnaatad wttb tbo bow AUM n???r wwwuwwmw ; wiw/ i? win mura tmaii deror, beeaoee Mr nmn baa ist tit repauuoa of Mac ?tty ftrtaUla la kit oputaee, aad hroanre II M today eprahe a diflarrot i? agnate. it aaal kt that ton fraai aa Uapreeetoe baa baaa mada aa kta nlad by toe eaftoi ii taaa of Ifea etarrenty of Atoertoaa joumeie. fhat ?hle? la bait oafiaa in* qoeettoa af Ooba it rf eater Uita l la |eaarally UMagbt la be, aad Mm toiattoa of It ? aat aa reap In aaotbar paragraph tba fTrent a toyi ? ft appro- toa too 111 doabtfal rumor* ia rtferataa to too rbooiai or tba Spaatah Mia'aiar of dteta to tba -pan tab iiipMonatie i(<(m abroad oa brinia itmh, bora |l*ta rtoa to tba Idaa taat tba tpaatab {nworamaat bad latieard iba cnem return of toa (awwnaaab af Frame taa replead Tbari la aalblag, benever, to that all rotaalaad doearaat la jaatltp a orb an leipn tattoo Tba gofartaarat a? dp tin baa mara'y doalareJ Im rlfbt aba it* serermlaallen , bet It baa not aekad iba apprwrel of toy other pwnmni narrhoaa toa (llfMeat la tab tiaa af e?alttoa It* aaaaai Tba io lowia* paragraph fro* iba M pma or 14th Mereh, appeari to ba aa aatb ir lard Cratoraiiac aa that pa'ai ? altlioctb it aa* baaa ttld teat Freer* aad England bad rap'ird 10 iba ci'oator diraatrd bp tba cab. oat f Ma law te >ba Ppaatob agrati ahead a re'arrnna to ibaa*?hi*ot cl tt*r*.a. eey prrrae arqaa'ntM n'to tbe mnrao of p* Hi rai ar? m il aalrr rratead Iba import blltlp of toll hr rg to Tba taotr met oar agenia had to do ate to ? rtao tba roetmtai to tho r*opoc,iiaa g . t*-ox*n?* to hr? taay a*o aoiiraai'ad ItdttfgbO Mb* Itnttt < oiripr pofrraiofrto f.*r o rapt* an -,n > tot at?*d far PniritriMt fbrra la 'a toa rtai?ir*at to b'rti we 4 rat r a fr ntai.oti c" trnto. Wc to tot brne that F"* land bar r?pr?**?d ot*b lie op'tlon ir .h? nan tatoa hf e -at u erp?e?r #? " ?.o U>at i*eaat Waiearki on b? ?ep apftiaad of trie *naai?b C'.ret ar tM ao rot -?* ao Mr M a -a tret'he roaann?ar> *f KtarM rr*fnrt'p 1 topbf ?-d * ooo*?a< n* t'tlr <*r M r '* a ar *' ??*? ? " inr(lrf pt I" (' J ) ' i I li DNEKDAY, APRIL 8, 1851 THE LATEST HEWS. lmrv-ttiAivA rnua WAaiALNuruxi. The Policy of the idmiiiitntioo it China. SettkMit if the ImiO Mm Question, ho.. he.. ho. AMn In Washington. rut CBINK8I QUESTION?URN. CAM' REPLY TO LORD * inn- TBI KRK PARAT" OKB OP THR RNOLIdH? TBI POLICY OP TBB ADMINISTRATION?WBO 18 TO BB C0MM1B8I0NBR TO PBXIN ??MB. WALKER'S CHINESE PROOBAMMB?MR. BUCHANAN AND MICARAOCA. Wasbjnoton, April 8, 1867. The Cabinet discussion* to-day wen oonflned eieleetvely to Chinese affair*. Gen. Cass read the reply be had prepared to Lord Napier. The Brttleh govern meat has ashed the " alliance " or the United States In the prosecution of the war with China, hat at the same tlese distinctly announces that this alliaaoe la to be a " mora1 co-operation," and that all the Bghttng will he done by England and Prance. Son. Case, Tally all re to the Important position wMeh the United State* oecupy In too eyes of the world, be<ievta that the time hen come when we ahonld adopt n Arm and vigorous foreign policy, b?i ho saea no advantage In the proposition now offered by England It gives as nothing?it deoides no single contested point?but ask* us to lend to the acbemes of Kag and asd France Ue " moral aid " of our rapport. Tne Monroe doctrine la atHl denied by Bngiaad?the right which we claim to acquire territory on thia oontluent u not acquiesced In. in a word, the Idea of am Amertcta policy deea not enter into the views of Eoropeaa ilaleaman at mil All ftfela flan faaa da daU..Y> ir*m.t to change, If posilble, and, at all events, be baa ro idea of tbe lotted State* playing an Inferior part to either England or Trance. Tbe reply, therefore, to lord Napier to a dlitlnot refusal to commit ?ur goveru neat In any way to tbe European policy now being car rlad oat tn Chins. At tbe lame time, Gen Caea exprereei aacnaeortbe vaat Importance of Auoercnn interest* In Ch'nn and the determination of oar government to send oat en able Minister there, with a strong Keel at hta command. Toe laat ad mlo it trail on bad no Idea of tbe neeeaiity or an active foreign policy, and tbe ooneequaaoe ie, tti it England baa been making vast atndaa in ercry diraottc wbllit we bare remained stationary. No moro pregaam proof of tbia can bo roared than la preaented la thle ver.C J'.seae qnretlon. For years England has been preparing lor an a;tire demonstration la Coins, and with this vie* baa eitabllahed a perfect cirdon of tool de/ oU throughout he Indian bean. Tbe Felted States have not a singe rcei cap >t In tbe Eaal, and In caae of a wa? would be

wholly depeodrnt upon England lor the lupplloa of oir iteaccere. Ail Ibis moat be changed, aid the administration will as aooc at possible aicertaii wbcre k cations for coal dopols can be procured and ask Coagrcss at the coma encemeat of the lextiuelos lor an appropriation to make the necessary purcbaa>s. Tberr are Immense fle'ds ef oosl la Oqiaa, I a pan and la inoel of tbo Islands tn those seaa. Toere alii, therefore, be no dtiTion.ty H? procuring coal and de pole. Tbe poiloy of the administration will be to bare a Ire', class man ?a Mis later to Chios, and a drat clue be it o look after oct tnterea's there. At present tbe difficulty Is lo eeleciiag a proper person or tbe Oblaa mission. Caahlng be* been spoken or, bn? Cr. Bnobaiaa la fixed In bl* deter in loatton no*, to use uy f ite d'beitof Ute .act Cabinet. Hubert J. Walker would ctt, bat then b* la wanted j*U sow la Kansas. He bu tndied tbe subject of our relations with China, sad the spar which ha drew up some four yean ago aad ani> allied to Plane it now the basts upon which Lord Pal d era ton la acting tn aenktsg to opaa up lbs trade of that mptre. Mr. Walker mads iwc oopisa of this paper; one now In tke State departmsnt, lbs other waa given to Ir Cramptoa. aad hy htm tranamlttad lo England. I renters to predlot that unless Mr. Walker should bt ranted nearer boaae, that la the course or ttuea ir four months be will be offered the China mission. Neither be nor the administration oca template the nocee il y of bis remaining la Kansas many weeks Ha will rave for there the second Monday la May, and hy IBgaai DO WUI HTB e.W'T 1KHIBH IB l|II?U( uiiri >r be ?UI abaadoa the atl?lpt Toa Bif, therefore, Ml It dowa m ae'Alod that ? will laellaa rcapectfaUy bat (rally tbe flattering alliance rblob Ebghrnd, lor ber own parpoaaa, aaaka la tha pr>csatlan of tbe Chinese war; that tba Ualtad Slew a will aba cara or Ua own lateral* and tbat Ribert J Va k?r will ba tba mar aelae ad for tbat parpoae, arier 10 baa Ttatiad Kaaaaa. Tba |raal and marked feat ore of tba policy of tba pre eat edmlolatrotloo will bo tba opaalag oat and cirlliit if Caotral America, and tbe oataai<oa of oar oaarrce ad lnteroanrte wttb tba whole American oootlaaol bio baa bee3 Deflected hitherto, aad tba eoaaaqaoaci hat at tke preaant time Kagland alatoat moaopol aeo tbe cm me roe ol Oeatrat aad Boetbera America, while be I'Btted, geographically aatttlad to ihla rade, eaa > it wafted peat bar porm throngn be ooperlor eoterprioe or KagUab ctttreca, backed up by ba careful watchTuiaeat of their cer era meat. Mr Baohenea ia rally alive to tbe tact taat tba way o extend ear drill, alloc aad Inltoaaea la by promoting ammeroe, and that thla ran only bo aobieret by tbe uiopttor of a Arm and klgorona foreign ; olloy and a wl?e md liberal laterpoaitlon la tba aflelra cl toe world ifreiofore onr dni'alot'et'oo* bar# been onrior.tet itm tbe Japan* a plan Mr. Be obanan *a deterslaed to aro'ctloatxa tbta old fogy doo nee and enter the data rltb llvgiaad ?p?n oq ia! termo 1 bare ao donbt tbat la loa tim* general Waiaar aad bla government la Nleetfta will ba tally reeogair.ed by tba administration r.f luchtcaa. II*. CASH' I.KTBt ON CSTNA APPtlM ?UN AL "?eTti BMbitT or tub Danish *>c?d DC an ocaerion. WaMiieoTOC, April 7, 1151. Geaora Cbro tao leat oamplalad a Irtter to Lard Kt iter, aoptoa of abteb will alaa ba fen tab ad ta tba fnaeb md Knit lea Miaio are, ley lag dawa tba pal key of tba ad amiitratloB opea tbe Cbiaaer dllTealUee. rt cmtalaa two toots rtrst?Preteettea of tba propovty aad paraoaa or Mr attl/aaa; aad, aaoaad, tba vxwotoa of ear oommorcr >y opaalag aaw avoaoee lata tbat oountry. I aadarataad bat Lord Naptar la aatiaOod wtlb tbta arraagoanat. Tba admlalatraUoa bare doctaod ta aacd meraaaol aa ral ior re to tba Cbma aaaa. TT.*y bare aat yet oaoeaadad ta pi eaai tag a Oam ml* tbaaa It l ata mAurbrl Uk Imn ffMtU. both oI rk?B. I hIbim I, Mm daoHaod It TM Bacrrtarp Of SM thio My RifUMIki irrti|? win with Poaworfe, throogh tM naaloh HUMrr. tar M obolltloa oT tM floaad dooo. TM omowat w# pay li I no, CO?, whlla iMt of Ki|ta4 I? mm M.000,000 Too bolo oral popoblo by all mMmi, lootwdtag i oyloai nd tM I'oHrd Bof, la Moot ill,000,000. Dooaarh It 'oriTfr to loop tp tM tin?ry aghthooroo. Tbrro woo a# uabioot oottag to day, ooaorqnratly tM troMlatlio woro rogagod ta tMtr roopootlro 0opart MM. At hatf pa** ' *? *Mts ovoa'ag tM wtyoo ot aU tbo brrtga mlclaWt tad tMto oloo oftM aMm*. call a poo M Prootdoat aai bio Cab loot, all of wloa will M pro loal. THF. NAT* I, INqrTRT *04800, RTC fftMiiiNiTaa, April 7, IMT. OaptalB a. A. A it mo Mo Moo ardor at to toko tbo plaeo ot OapUia HirtagMaa la tbo prwaot Noral Board. >oo ot IM aow ooarta BMOti Mro oa Moodop aoai. It was lata at Oaptalao W. W. MoKoaa, J tbo Popo aad 0 J. rta Rmat. with CMt. Abort, Biq , of WaohMgtoa, at ladgo Adrooata TM third ooort will bo ootoctod la a dtp ?r two. Tbo aolo of IM Dolawaro Troot laada oa tM 3? 1 or roao wir taho piaoo at < >aawhra, Kaaaao, taataa<i at Lalawptoa. Tb? I'ndrti or lb 10 war*la( boo aa ortleio eoodraiiac or dropatob toot aigai rolotwo to tM oppotatatoat or a > wmlaotooor M Cbiaa. Tbo ecatrart tar tM raarblo wcrb oa tM ortoaotoo of M Patrol oil.or, woa to dap owordod to Joba P. Oao lolly, or lunim-'ro. it will proMblp omonot to irom IM UI to ?10?,?00. Trwi from Tint. Maw Ouotoo, Ap"I 7, 11*7. ' alrrato? poprr? aprok hlg'-Jf ot tbo now otaow coo* irot'ob wb Naw 0-irt- a by tbo B?wlec*o Rap aad .polrnaoa railroad. It 'a romorod that Pin Ratnroi mo-toi w 'l b? can Idatr tor natrtfor at tax a* ie oppwt'.na to tbo d?-noroue taad'tatr Xavlctiian ?? Ihr HrMr*. P?U?. Bii - troop, April i, ! *''. j >? t!?rn.,? of lit Vflti'or * tor * -?t 0000 ( I t a i a. r ; '*.1.4 ?h. an .! v? :;;v .ji. ? F tapwtont from Albany. NAT1GATTOM OF HI BAJUJM BITER?THE 6MTBU0* IJONfi TO BE BEHOVED. Auutr, April 7, 1817. A petHtaa vu lately lonrmrOod It the Legtaintore, signed by Dr. Bnyre, Ungated A Co., Lewi* 6. Morris, H< but other eminent com mere lei ftrme of Now York, iMTtof tor no object the Improvement of the nevlgetlon of the Heriem nwr, by obtaining iron government M ?Pproprtntton for the removal of obstructions, ho , bo. A preamble ud mtIm of resolution! acoompaaled tbe papar, letting forth that the free niTtgatlon of tbe river *u of grant importance to tbe trade of New York and tbe gebainl commerce of tbe United States, end praying tbnt tbe Berate and Legtelatare wonld take notion in tbe matter, end that Bevernor King wonld transmit copies of tbe memorial, aaklng tor na appropriation, to tbe Sena tore and member* of Oongreaa and the Preeldent of tbe Uaited State*. Mr. Stoyter took tbe matter la band, and at half paet one o'otook thin afternoon both branokee of tbe Legislature adopted tbe reeolotloa* and concurred la tbe prayer of tbe petition by taking favorable action hereon. Klecttona Throughout the Country. CONNECTICUT STATE AND CONGRESSIONAL ELECTION. Habtfobd, April 7, 1867. We bave return* from all bet twenty eeren towna ia tbe Slate. Tbe vote In tbe Urwat beard rrom toots 66,000. Tbo Unloa ticket la 1,000 ahead, and tbe majority will be Increased. The Ualen State ticket la elected. The Unloa party bare elected 120, sad tbe democrats 7> repress atattvaa, with twenty seven toons to boar from. Tee Senate will Hand, neat preient advised, 13 talon to 8 democratic. Tbe Congressmen will stand an before reported. i)aan and Cltrk elected?WoairnlT and Ferry defeated by small majorities Nsw HATB5, April 7, 1857. Ssmnel Arnold, tbe Administration candidate, is e ootid to Congress in the Sooonu al.trlct, Ktra C.ars, Jr , colon, In tbe Firet, end Sidney Dean, nnlon, In tbo Third. Tbe Fourth district is claimed by both parlies, and tbe resnlt Is donbtful. Tbe nntoa State tlckot is elected by the people, the Hertford Timer says, by 1,000 msjority. Tbe legislature 1* nnlon by a large majority ?la tbe House by from twenty to thirty majority. Oi the twenty-one Senators, tbe onion candllstes are slotted in tbo 8s 3d, 6<b, 7th, 8th, 9th, 18tb, 141c. 16tu, 16.o, 17tb. Ittb, 2Cth and 21st districts, while administration Senator* aroobenoa In tbe 4th, 6tb, 10tb, 12th, 18tb, and prchably tbe lltb districts CHABTBB ELKCTI'N AT ST. LOUIS, MO.? SUCCESS OF TOE EMANCIPATIONISTS. Sr. Lovis, April 7,1857. incomplete ravu or ue cuy election snow me rote 'or Mayor to be m foilowa:?Wlmer, emancipationist. 4.a31; Pratt, democrat, 3,080; Lu*, Ameruan, l.fl'ie. Mr. Wlmer'e merrily will be abort 1,600. A great many ' Americana" vo'ed lor totm. Tbe eitlre emancipation Debet la probably elected. CHARTER ELECTION AT CANA*DAIOT4. Caxaxiuioca, April 7, 1867. At tbe oharter eleotloa bere to day the American oil dldatcH for Juatlee ot tbe Peaoe and Snperriaor were elected CHARTER ELECTION AT' I'CRrLlNN. ME. Pokti isn, April 7, 1S67, Oar mnntclpal election to dny reanltld In tbe cboioo of Mr. William Wlilta, repnbltoan, lor Meyer. Tbe vote Mood lor Willi*, 1,066; for Nalhaa Cummiage, eltlzme' candidate, 1.630. Too republicans bare a majority In tae City Counoll CHARTER ELECTION AT NEW ORLEANS'. Nrw On lsav, April 0, 1867 The entire American tlokei (or District Jcdgea is probe bly elected. The demojratlc aomtaee Tor Aiscotate Jcdge of the Supreme Court Is madouhledly eiootod. CHARTER ELECTION IN CLEVELAND. C lbv ii asp, April 0, 1867. At tba ohartar elcoUoa la this city to day the demterallo ticket was elected by two Hundred majority. JUDICIAL ELECTION IN WISCONSIN. Oai'AOC, April 7,186T. ( Scattering retoraa from Wlacoeata Indicate the re elee Voa of Whltoa (republican) aa Chief Jectloe by a decided majority. j Fatal Kaliroad Accident. 1'aiiAnaLreiA, April 7, 1867, J A oolllatee occurred yeeterday on the Columbia rial! oed bet we* n two ftttgbt tralae. sad four cam ware de- 1 molliaad. joha Hctioa, the flreman, was killed. K1 re at Portage vliir, I.iTlngaton County. i Poitaoitil; a, Ltrmgatoa conety, Apr I 7?P. M. Two large etoree ead two dwolltege la tc:a r'llage are oa fire sad eaanot be eercd- They ere owaed by C. < ;tewan and N l'iatt \ Boston Weekly Bank Statement. I aoatow, April 7, 1867. I anv w vwi vmmm iwkwvui iwi ??? mfi iwi, coMpared with tfe? week prenoue, ire 11 toJewi Mmrck so Ar*l? T Oapttal stock $31.Mo OOP SSl.fteO.OOv Lmri had iMNM S3 lit,COO S3,341 800 eprele J,3?.f:o J 673 oo. Ana't <luo Irom olher baake. dB'l.loo 7.141.600 iMtrfoO to ?Iter blBkl ... . t. TOW POO .',,041,700 Oarwtta u.sst boo eon airahimkm. ... a.aarooo toji.soo lllcody Affiey it Chlri|[i. Ciucjoo, April 7,1867. There *M i bloody kfriy it the Mchgan Sooth ?n Rillrood depot reiterdiy, bftwfn po'icaMin n^med John Potter tad i giag of lrlib hotel rcaoerp. >Jac Mifcmtu tiBiod I'lt/ic* Browo. war loetactly H'lAf, oa t two other* to badly wooa"ed they are aot espeitae t? live. A ve'dic. *u readi rod at the Ciroaor'S '.a'. ieel ?' "tell defence," aid Potter wa* .at a*. ItHorty. Indian Miuhik 111 III low*. Caw icw, A aril 7, 1817. Tito Dtmncrmhc I'rru baa IrUiilgtaco of toe Maaaacra of white oatUara at Pptnt Laka, Iowa, by a bead of "Hoot ladiaaa. A goat fiaadraae it mart with a eeapny of troopa lor yanRMfoty. m the 17th clt. Iiflaea aau are an mam mtaMag The g* real Pum~r, of tha 17th ik., iwlraa the report at tha aiaaoaora which oacarred oa tha 9th of March, at Spirit Laka. la tnaatt ooeaty, laws, Mar 16a Ml?oada best dory The belt of Monday. Bwroa, Apr!' 7,1867 Tha gala at tha laat waa rary aarara yaatarday aa t laat right, hot wa baar ofao aarioaa diaartere to the hipping Tha packet rloop Atby Ho'Mae eama la oatlh'.oa with r aabaaaar yaatarday aear tha wharf at Protlaoete wa. aad waeecak. Tha Weather. Drattai, April 7,1867 Tha ?w ban la atghtaaa lachaa deep aa a I ay el. aad la drift tag badly. It M atlU fhlBag feet Emu, April 7,1867 Tha aaaw ban la abaci tea taahaa deep. The Ihaahvlllr at Chart eetnu. Oa?atariua. Apr" 7, lg|T, 1 Tha TTnttJMt rtatao mail OmmIHi Stall nil* r.n ali 1 Tboa?*t L two. in trad feat* Yart ? opbi J t'UMk tfclt mfi'II Nurhrti. rriLion rBi a ntoci hoard. , ? ? lAi.rirnrA. April 7, IBAT. , Work* doll. Roadtay Fa lr>ad. 30',; ItorrtaOaaai, II; loay lata ad Railroad, >8 Ka Iroad ?? i Naw iiaiRjaa, April , 1847. | Col tea?MR I? dap, * 100 balaa at raol> lOfad prtraa. , Raoaipia ?o day, t.KO balaa f?nyar la ftr?. at 10 ,? a | in So BrtadataR* qatat. fttk, ?>3 Kratfhta doll. ! urbaafo <iachAn|?wl , Nav Oaiajaa, Apm 7, 1**7 i rvstoa?Bataa to day 8,noo ?ai?a Proaa Arm Mkdilay l?7?a. a li;ta. Br?aiatnffi dalt Raooipta o' ooitoa to a ay l.ita balaa. Maao port, iu Cattaa fratcbta to I 'rarpaal ^d Ntarltaj atcbaoaa * S par oral pratalam Coaat.aotoa, April 6, 1(17. Cnttaa a a ab at pod Rataa it da* too balaa Mv form* pT*a Goran Hont ? Wa loara that Mat laa'a* Pyaa baa takan paarayr r a tba Portia, wbtob aa>l , froa lbia port lor Mrarpoat oa Ua I9tb of Uta preaoat maatb. Mtaa Pyaa It ooa a' lha boat F.afllab raraHata i that baa arar rtattad tbo rattad ftataa. tad it wilha a bljbly attlaabie lady. Wa preaana Mat ata wilt re ? eatra imaa raoofaitioa at to* baada of Ma pnbUo , prrftoeo to bar dapartire. Nt art tat M aare aoaiaoatiy ? natanlaf. t'rl1?< Plain Warahnl'a fHltcr, A ran. 7 ?Captain iiuaa aad Mr. Dealt, Brat laata Of tb? ab p Da WW Otlaton, wrr? arraatad aad bold to . oa obarfa o? nrarl troatiaott to oao of Mo area. atmod , 'JtDffO Knth A I' ANOIKO IN North f ' AtlOI TV A A 0? ET j 9pr?a<f?iit of tM I'Mfripiri , writing tr^*1 Ha una* % NT, ? Tbrna l?ro Ifcwf jou*r m* and aa old < mta, tb? ano<bar nf taonty nblidraai???ro , bray at lirr oorMr, Pitt "aaaty for wardar.r -o* "or 7 rma till ae?a. artry arrara lea-Mnt leto ?* """ ' no-drd WHO. jxnnat, rrprraoatlap all ?|W olotra fad ooa into aa of ?b- itb'*i'? ' , rotmd aM*A AbaMI afaoo'atotb la tba W'? hrat ?T"'*' d 'rom ?lfb #"?" w? P* > rrr. ffr orr-d ? ... r.t .>? ! ?l " ? r"?-r. r f II .cb tl k ui t.OCC at it Itkiani. I i g ( , . t UmiiI of Ton OoTenwn. Tbo Board bM at 4 P. 11., Bodfrey Goather la the obalr. t Tbe weekly oamamry * " UuU S.SM penooa art J ow oador tbe charge of Iho Board. Tblo ta a deoroaoe of 130 olaeo laat week. , tub babdaix'O ISLAjrD 8CBOOI. A ooBBoataailOB vm rooelrod from the Board of Sda- J; cattoa, oflOrlog to oettlo the dlffioalUoa roopootlof the ' Ktadall'o Ulead School by aa aadoeble watt. Without i etiliag tbo matter, it ?u made tbo opootal order nor the 31 tb in*. Till Mil MAHKIT l'SWOB. : Mr PuicwwaY HMid that tk? Common Council had - 1 passed a resolution haadlag oyer tbo aaae of (he j, Kaaex aarket pr*aoa to the Governors, and ho |1 or|e<l thit auob trait ho aooepted. Mr. P. e' bad viaitod the priaon ta qaoatloa, aad found thafe , the oodiractor had done bit work la a very Inefficient ; mtaiar. The eolfloe waa unfinished aad tbe plumbing almost wholly defective It would probably require a -' good deal of money to flalah It la a proper manner. I Mr Towihdb offered a roeolutlaa aeklag the Gnomon Council to reimburse tbe Board for any outlay they 1 mttbt be put .o in making the prteon tenable. Taeae resolutions were carried nnanlmooily. < TBI dOBMUttUOMKaM AMI) TBI OOVMBOltih I'resident Gcnthbm informed tbe Board inat the Coat- " miaaione e of Emigration bad cast a elur upon tbo Ton . Governors la 'belr late appeal to tbo Legislature for atd. *1 Bo off rea tbo following resolutions, wB'cb were . adoptedI Whereas. tbe CommJas'oners of Kmlcral'un continue to lefoae to reimburse the city and couuiy of Hew Yore lor ac- I ual dtabonemnnt made for tbe support of tlirir lunatics, paupers and vagrants; atld wbnreae, tbe eaid tJommiasloaersofb migration have presented to tbe Leg.slsture of tbe > tate of ftew Tork thslr add ual report of lSVi, whe etn they hare set forth their indebtedness to the several counties In tbe rtate an agcrrgate of Indebtedness at over rne hundred thousand dolare, without Including tbe amount due the aity and oounty of N . w Tork, or I seat* making any reisrcnoe to the claim "re , tented by this department further tbau stating i en undefined and doubtfu amount which la represented aa in dispute;aid wkereaa, no dulerenoe appeara to hive arisen In regard to B inga < Xunty or any other oounty In the State oased upon tbe teahidcailty plead in referenoe to the account pre aenttd by the Hoarr of Goverrors of the a)s*non?e; and wbe-eaa.great injustice ha - bern done In the op In. on of this de nartment by the ,iafa>.gc cf what we deem to be an nnjuat and ' unconatlt nl.nal uw p-efcrrtng and paying the o.her cjun lies .n the Mab ai.u refusing as early equal and iuit pay- | mtntatothla county aa to the other counties of tba Slate; there! re be it heao ved, hat It is tbe duty of the Board of Gore mors of i, the almaaotite acting *s ih?> official protectors of the appro- . pilaocDa made tor charitable purposes by the el'y and county of New Vi rk, to protest on behalf of the tax pn ?r? against tbe passage of any law which will furnish out oi the sale ot tbe property tf thu Mate, rr'broughaoy o.her process whatever, out of tho State treanury. any sum or rimi cf m inev J for making pavmenta to any one county or acv number of counties, in preterenc* over the city and county of New fork for the disbursements already mode or which may bt-realtor be made for :bs support of tbe smlf rant lunatic vagrant or poor. Knnher. tbe Board cf Governors respectfully request that tbe provision under i She law passed , 1HA7, for tbe removal of Cjusj-astme. 1 placing an amount sufficient to liquidate tbe indebtedness of the Commissioners of Emigration may be stricken out. or the rights of tbe city and county ef lew York be equally acknow- p ledged with those o tbe other counth-s of tbe State. herolved. >hat aeoty of ine foregoing be signed by tbe * frevldcDt and rece art, and addressed to die Governor ot * the state, the President of the Senate, tbe Speaker of the assembly, and the representatives of the city ami county of New Tori. FBBITBMTUKT HTSITTAT. The statement of so missions and discharges at Use Penllesllary Hospital, Biaca wall's Island, during Kirch last, wis r<oeiyid from the resident pbyilclso. Or Wm. W. banger, and ordered on file. It appeara that lilt paUenta ere admltleo tn tbe moailt, of whomfil were males sad 73 were 'emales?1 of the number wa-a co 3red people; 33 oaly were received from the penitentiary, the re- * meaner (more it an mree-fourlbej ware Iron the work- 1 aooae or aimrbonae 01 the peraoai thee admitted 102 wore tun 80 yea re of Me, 44 being I en than 80 years ( o>e: V ware native* of the Ualted ftatee, from New Torit, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and liu- ? sank nee lis. ted 90 ware foreigners, from Ireland (1b whleh country 11 were bore). England, Scotland, Wal-.s, Canada, Sweden, Proatia, France and tenth amtrtee; 10. oronesxtbof ttia total ware reoent eat grants, baving , raaided here for lees than Ore years Toe wuoie comber teem lamentably deficient of education, aa only two are reported to be eble to reed end write well, while the lerge proper ten of 12 were entirely uneducated. Cedar \ the heed or (elision wo fled 44 Protested*, 04 Koman j CaitoUes, 1 Jew. and 4 wbo did not prorata any belief: , 90 were (ingle, 27 married, aad 17 widowed S o( the w Id ewe weae under thirty years ot aga 12 ware lam p?rate in ictlr habits, 34 were moderate dr.akere, 47 were mumpers.*, aad ill were hehiuel druohards. another table la the eame report gives the beetle of parents end their peUebla in cenjanetlon, thus:?01 the parents oj those who ere returetd as la temperate, 7 ware temperate. 10 mndsta e intemperate, and 4 hab teal drunkards. In the net of ocoopaiioae of the meet a-e lh ehided all (ranee, from empioymeata restiriag mtnuJ ability la thoea depended merely aa phrenal rtrengtb. The aoeepatteaa of the females ere oeodned to eo&eetto eeivtee er est die work, tema here been Idle lor tea years or more, while other* worked ep to tee time tbey were committed to the Iataad. Nearly one naif ere la ? the beep .at for the IIrat ttmo. hat owe has n*>#a the e B.*- . I teeatiwee. the aamher dteoherget derm* tar month ' I wialea?131 aetag oared before they isrt ; ne bos rial. 24 of this anmbor were node* treatment far mr men .be , I tr npwer is, while lowers cared le Are day* or let*. The eumber remaiotagia the laau'.utton at the commence- ! I meat of the prsstat moatb was 308?aemeiy, 102 mea, ad 210 womca American laelllnte-Faimti* Club, htGA>. pnom BOLcra sacharatt??ran ccxtcri J Or TKA. The raaal meeting or lbs above club was bald yeeieriay etternooa la lbs rooms of the Annor'c*r Institute? Judge iJvlegatra. Icq., to the ebalr The f-xeedtage were oemaeaeed by the Secretary reedtat irenalatiote 'rom forelge egrlsaltural puobeat'oas it nt that six honeyed ) ear* *(0 is Came peeohea war* are we thai weighed two poaads, aad peer* of ibe we ?bt of tea i>oucde Tbe Chinese bellsvee that Provdrne, f reloagod ibe life of tbrae who planted trees, teer red,, k large anmbrr ?f maceiOoeet post offle?e r-n 'ana thaa len taojtand beautiful aeliiaes were ertcuK '?? that pirX*e at a*cb ktati' a at a citianee of tweely Sew to lb rtr wilee, eed over three huadrwd ewlft horses were elweye a aiteadaboe. ahnmbtrof apeelmeas of eager, meir w.orad from Bolcua Sacbaratse, ?n> shows by T onenl <*rey, Esq , wbo bee lately arrived farm kurope la the As.a for the pnrpoae at menut<etnrieg this sugar It seems the. tbe [toOemea e t per mealed oe thin subject la Fr<.eee. aid n very inureatmg addiaaa ae gave the *eeun o. h'e letxra ia / fries, Fteaoeead other pnrtlon* ef ibe (lobe. He melatelbeu tbet sugar "ould be obtained frcwi it a? well at 'rem tbe ordieary oyer reus sod pin as e oti< .n'rei'y Re sainted tbo t lub that if three moilba' warn wanner noeld be relied up<>b Hi any latitude en ao-mdeet crop would be Ibe ?e?e t. Mr Wray alio It*tad thai lie had manniactnred several vi rle'les of toger ae? i"? ayruf* [rom ikeSorgf.boior h*-uebnr,b?raio? w-rr-.i aaaperier quality. Tbe ?arl?lv nt Horghrtn wb!;S b*>t i n?o to jenerally introduced W? cr tbe same ef Co '??e '.agar jeee.' roaUlaed ak/wiol, bet ewteg l? tar e ?atty -f r?cn est met er conteiae.t ta H It would ao< be . veleeble for maktag aegar aa the AJriewe Impee, wn.rt was more limpid la lie jutea. TWA , BT ItlWHT WKI??, nil RWf ART. 1 haw leave to rail the an ration at Ibe Far mara C ab to Ika nb|M, M om Tory likely It owskro moeb rnotliarattoe shortly It la watt kaawa In al< thai a'tcr tho renarkabla n?rt to Chtaa of aaataat cat ,?t ?* wfca ware Ma loaf line tolerated aad alao la Japa* - lotr ar Bra i>eadr> d year* eyo?tkal ike aat'ees r.-iaereHad wtth Lken. narde.eo a < moat all of tkoaa, aad m*ae<i tM roea not aad oaaltaa>d to ktey ikaai oat for a tea* tine Wfeea lk? Bret tradare to tbo I an weal a>ooad ibo Cape r>f (load Hope. I key wore refaaed all aeaantiMCN At Japaa tfca [hi.eb vera refused adnt.rtaa ue>?a tfcay wroid prove before ibt aoiborlttoo the' .bey ereiA Cbrietlaao by iranpi rg apia the B.bto a < * orteuaa deft, aa ibey oall?d ot ware prohibited odnsaioa, otreyt to aatalde piaoea to trodo The hatred o' tbr Co;rrao baa aot abated for at least foor asadret yoars. They era sow told to ae nrra eaasporatet taae dear ay the lata see era cboottreneat Iron the Br so aad a?. aad that the ormnoa people bow shoo Uij atmoat hats tad will aepport tbo old oelaotlal doetrtaa of ana ate eoorta That all trade with the ' hrtotian aa-'nas will ottrrty eoaao, aad annaf outer arttolaa am a toe loaf will eeer be perm.ted to leave t a<oa by leal ar oae. done yrare ago aaa of tbo Talaablo m? n*>?re of tut institute, Jester Pnttb (wbe, wbea ta l.'ubt. aad Itbl'aly taat I*. lardaar'a raatoaiag aa to tae in Betbtnty of aeVgaUag tbo AUtatio be itran was t aad laatottd oa its fatara #011-0 re. nee,) want 10 Booth Carol!#a wtta at) the aa< yarafenee- was Amortraa laetltou .osld flee bin to raise us Hi# kaowiaice natbo a?b)?ot woa Mdroreed to the To it*? e. aed pov i-ebod btro by Mr. Base. oaoorutr nrwt-??. and n to Ibo yoloneo ibntraaoonttnaa for 1147 Mr B-nl fi enn-reMrated that Chlaa ead tea lotted BieUa were a.. ntlaOy it rataa aa the eastern e.aee of rnauaeote. ae-t their cMtastee tborrfore ?o rnllar, that plUta w -011 f .rrtah a (blaa waald foertea b?r? Mr ^mi* .ou-rtai tba eaereda aad piae-s aad lomed a <ee ? Ui -troth Caret a a bo- nt e?ta# wl.b Ia?nffl5ie?t ? o?. aad wuch tojory Iron rea-e naltr.looa pe*? re be ?oae< toe*d ibo too aareory can a b--a?a to Now York a -? died fa ratty slates that to at re yte'da ?<7 pm---de rl ?ea Taa M?,ftO aer-a will y*aM a supply tee t?n 'ei 't * * - " 411 nates the tea oroi ?.f Chiaa at BOd.f in>,'.iCO pwiada pre toaan. aad tnial t* orta about 7B. P-anda. ['robobly Chios sneer reports ayor tea P" rM" *" ra Wa trust tbat .one af oor latoiif*"' e'" * " aribwttb oonnrrct trials of taa tea plot* ' ai the tatea toalbaf lat-trda lofty drfrrm aor-? i-met cara f tba ptaata will ha i?nrr??ry tbe fbrtbe* to- or l-y ben No ratiooai doulit oaa be aaterta-oet 0 be teneaa tf tbe tea col or# 10 tba I'afto I Rates Person*! Tbo fro of Trlooe MeaeOblkt It, o yoong et .a afd IJ, ibb iitaft bptItH ! r*T* Priam (Malar' I B*. ??' Wallachla. ?P?? 1 fig k iat?r ? H>; ?, rrtaaa notf***"*'. Haw'aa Mulavr ? * ? . aad ,m *1 tka ?na*? farartiaa ? ?# > aramr ?P?an at, a la >,M rk? fr rtM?4 Ik* Tatou libra ?, i?1 *M >?reMd tkranf^i ta hla wnabnlwr <*hai?, ?,,B<trd by ? baa a lirTptt Ibta Otroiail *a na*t|i ilanalt. ?" <a?aid*tad 11 hW dair, a* I'-eVal nl 'ha I r?iaM# PaJaaaa, ta it? all yoaatbta baa?' in tne Kraal a t ataatar. AfBttfM, Ttrm Parar??k. la 'ba r>r?m?lnp Alabama I <lra?, * K r T*p%\m ' * * rlli'|>' f Btr?fi>*a? ' fa,-bar. ** MHto. A if Merita Pk<iy luri. arainiti. x jat.. ? x *)-?r* I* finaraa apir'er a Kl?mtat Mr* r *?< ..? m ? .r??n>* Airra. .1 kutbbm.a, W ka'Mione Mir* Wh^d" X-a Id . kor, Mr? I ?'ilail Mir Ra'kiwine, >) anA Vra |? *?'d?n B *?'lr?. *"? Mnlli-r 0 A Almib'i"' ke> x I v.. r a si ? luti. 3Hr? \* ? Mr* tta U .. k i; , < \ i Iprt Mr* P li >(t?an ?. MuPH l.iii, wn . .'r.aatmrrr aau l>?PAKTTi'M. Pn- TT*t?i?? and M' ?!?. In 'h? it*an ' i<?.,??-i|i lr? l Paayn 1% V ? , rr.'r I " I rbj'Arrt' i . > (.#??* -a??n ,air? t ?' .'tnlak. M'm M Mm ?..v . r a i erk. M -a i * VrAl.afM-r *'.<1 ?n J - <w , 1'AfaaPaiii P Ai'ar *nrl Mr, B('aM<ral1 an' Wr I i? 1 'r. <: u?Ti r ftV |Wm |r , * r . ??., ,r I a#V IT i'n rr > R . , t - U r'. '.I., '* ' , ir ?a