Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 8, 1857, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 8, 1857 Page 8
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8 VltlVItB 1RTBLIIQRIC1. tUUlM Nt rn IUU -M* Ml. n> BOM. ft St I BOO* BIN* II ? ? o* (art ft 31 1 imp oni ... man * 44 Pott of Mow farft, \prll A, W5fl. lUUUtKH _ Quaker City, Bhuiektv Rtvui awl Mobile?Post, twt A Co Bteeiuah# OiMnda LarfleHl Por lend-H B OwnlL bhip teu, aaiiioi, Pratt L^w'oo r K Morjran A Wiley. Ship Liberty. Atklna. Pew u?le?u?--?eatoa A Thempeou. Bark T .ba Hall. Manet'l ea-not d 4 Uincken. Bark Vlarh Wilson, Vera Orui - Bareoua A Bret. Bark If J Kimball. Meiellaa *aoia Crui -Joe Perkia*. Baik Beellaae, louirop Kavin'lls -S rerett A Brawn. Bare Aje > lak. Wolfe, kpeleehioo'e-R Poet Haik GraenAeld. Brattle -tarsi oak? Dunham A Dlmon. Bark Standi, Brrant Nor'ou Van PorterleUL Br4 Psalms, Lawrwnee aepmwa'l-tieo Olae* Brg a rune (Br). Robertson. ?t?en> ?t kb?0 Wheelwr.ght. Br'K t'oarlra (Br< Balm. St Joka b B?D * DeWolf Brig Holiiakna. Mitchell Maehisa - M*rhew, Talbot A Co. Bit* Tri (Ulo Mulligan. Slackies ?BieU Boa A Co. HrVe KoMea, miliar Prortdeace -t) til Peters Hckr ;> a,lera Welch. Barama?it F <tmail A Oo. Hchr W It Mitotic 11, Baton, Jacksonville?tfayhew, Talbot A Oo Srkr.l Pretty man. Wbelaa. Bnrot Fort?Van Brunt A Blaghl. Fcfcr Jonas hmltk. Spates, Wilmington? Dnlloer A Pottsr. Fckr K C Johnaaa. Bartktt, Freoariekeburf?J T Joh neon. Pchr B P Foi. While, Airiaud la ?c If 'CedeU Sehr C arlton Jane, Tyler, ill i mo re-Merrill A Abbott, sehr Roily John, Tuna all. Baltimore -MaUlar, Lord A Quewan. Fchr C: lute Blaley. Phllade'phla-Jee Hand Schr Granite State, Bearee Borneo ti W Lewis Bohr Waver. French, Providence?Maeter. ARRTVKI). hteemablp Alabama, Rchenak rtavannab. 60 hours, with mdee and ukaaengerm, to S L Mlteaili Sunday, II PM. otl Haueraa. enchanted e la Bala with ataamshlp NaeorUle, hance for i hart-etui Btaamakle Locust Point, French Baltimore, with miae to H B Oroaawaft. Wbhlp Christians, Owens, London Fab 11, with mdar and 96 pNmfen to Grlnnell, Mlnturn A Co Feb 21. 1st 49 41, loa 22(17 atrnalued ahip Thames 4 aerlug JK, March 17 tat 42 17, loo 4t 13 epoke ahlp Tonng Sam, 'n.m NOrleans for Bremen. 22.dars out 5th uist Mantnci et sh" alt bearing NN W distant 19 mJtrn. took a pilot from boat A tf Keileon; 7th, saw k ship aakote near Koekaway (the new Hampshire). Bark F H Fanning tof Bang ?r>. Pierce Palermo. 76 days, with fruit ta Diaper A Derlm, vessel to & P Buoh A Co Had baarr wsnther No date, let loo 72 16, speke brig Bent! , ago. benoa lor Port Spain, Trtnldas S days oat. Brig Wm B Nash (of Oherrytle'd), Hsih. Clanfaegos, March 16, with enrnr. molaaaea*. Ac. to Tucker A Llghtboarn; re seel tot" A g J Peters. April 3, 'at 31 42 Ion 7? SO. spoke echr abby Weld, steering N. Ballad In oomptay with barks John Griffin. and Coean Home, for New Vo-k; John Paraon, for Phllade'ukie .r ? t.un^i W We i?.h Bulk.? f.. Charleston. Schr Ortiz TIT (Port), Lebor. Madeira 71 days, via Bermuda fwhenr aba put in with lem of ail la. ringing, 4c), with wine, u? si.tii.-s ITbelpe 4 Co. Fehr Wlniemoyeh, Morrow, Baracoe. Ma'cb H'wlth fruit, to T OUmartla. Fchr Veodovi iof Rocklard) Rohblna Fajardo. PS. March 19, with sugar and molaaeei. to Metealf 4 Duncan. Eipertenoed heavy wee: her. split eallt, shifted cargo, 4c fith lost about 9 ml tea SB ot Bandy Hook wm in at anchor during the gale, parted one chain, and waa o >mpe led to allp the other, ceasing the loaa of both art "bora ana oh tint. Schr Flixtbeth (BrX Welch St Johns, MF, 36 daya. with flah. to Baal 4 Co Sohi P Blrkerson, Goodwin, Charleaton, S daya, with cotton amd lire to Doliner 4 Potter. Schr W H Smith. Hnahea, Wilmington. NC, J daya. Schr Banquet, Bartlett, Suffolk V? 3 daya. Schr Khza H ami. ton. Burcanh. Virginia. Schr 8 A Anpletoa, Taylor, Boat on Schr On Kearney. Brawn, Bo*toa. Schr Martha Maria, Small. Salem Schr 4. -a Jane, Howes. Harwich. Schr Montezuma, Haakelh Prorincetowa. Schr Gen Taylor. J one# Beverly. Schr <<eo Gii'.nm, , Portland Ct Schr Franh'-n. Avery. New t, ndon. Sloco William Beatty, Burrowa. Kev West, 8 daya. and proceeded oa bo Myrtle. Ot. let tnal lai :<l to Ion 79 .85. apoke ahio, siae 15 days from Mobile for Liverpool. The W B experienced very heavy weather during the passage. Steamer StCmh, Jonea, Phllapeiphin The ships Stephen Crowell. and 1 aroints, were tnsred no thia m^ to the city to repair damages received from be tag m contact wllh each otter. 4EL0W Ship FntUr. Lofflaod, from Havana, 1] daya, with sugar, 4a, to I B Gager. Sntp Wabamo, Doty, from Antwerp. Feb 24 with mdae and passengers io Laytln 4 Eurlbui?(By steam tug Huntress, Capt Morre. I BAILED Pteameb: j Qnakrr" City. Havana and Mobile: brig Anita Owen Be-ivt'aa. and others From Quarantine, barks K A Chase, Demtrara; MaySower, New Oriteoa. Wind during the day, 8W Hernia Harms Pm i ispiaiilsiilis PHILADELPHIA April 7? air steamer Palmetto, Baker, Boston achrsTomah. Nelson. Jacksonville; John Frederick, Soule. Boston. Smith Townsaxid. Portaraon, Portsmouth; Jaa Barret: Davis Fall Bivnr. Cld sieame* Kennebec, Hand, BTork; brig Jas Wallace, Brow-1, 8c sloe. NlseeBaaaoms aai Plana*sn. Mi??t>g Bmr Bsi s.vs?A few any*since wa published .the far: that the ship Helena had sailed from Swatow on tae 27th of Avgusi lit for Havana, and bad not since been heard (rem. In Willmer 4 Emith's Inropaan Times of Urn8th of December last the Helena <s stated to have been at Amny cm the 13th of October We can find no trace of her la our files. Pair New Banrsaiaa, from Glasgow (or Few York, went ashore jeatrrday morning on Jones Beech, LI. For particulars ace news columns. R? Pars PsRsaarrs. reported as miming, la insured la ( em V ! Philadelphia to if. amount of I 1,000 the re man ier entered In Knglaad. She from Man el llw oound lo Char enon nt d ?u spoken Dec 11 within i wo or three days ell of the ntier port, aloon w hieh time the baa cot boen heard com Bui 1|? Joes*, of Beaton. before reported at Cardenas frrm Bar.more had struck a rock on the Bahama Banks, whxh eai red he to leak ZtOll atrokee per hoar. After arrtral 6 men waie obtained from the i hare to heep her free by pump Bi?i Zipns. at Holm re Hole front Bmnedlon, expeneneed a r-ot-tl toed aurceaaton of nor* her ig nod eiaterly (alea. sprung fote a id tnu topgallant yards, lent Jtbboom and flying jib. Brii. Makkict VkwcLL, of Belfatt, at from Pro vtde'.e* ahjoh went to tea lit oB encountered taeeeveie n t of M. II prored eery severe. Hhe Ujet part ef deck load. bad?efaMd r aging badly chafed, moat of the erem badly reel bitten, one ot wVun :t waa feared would hare to submit to emputat'oe of hta feet. Bark Paul Bogga at do from Bristol BI. tost aalla Be in the aamegale hr <t Ortr Dicuirrea (of Ptuotoa) Perry, from Hew Bedfbre for Ptiila'elphia, ta barest, wen> a?h >re at Handy Hook moraine of 2d toot ta a XV gale, she will probably be got ofl wt'.h Uttle damage. frna HaeattT Lot-tea, Hitler. ? ?h a load of mart, wa* *unk a few days since, off the Jerery H .-mauds. and sabteqneatly N rofeen to piscrs. durug the worn The remel wee oem e-l hr Mr Abe' Drew, of Bridgeport, and waaralued at about B3U> d f be lit not Insured. Pen* Cue aito?Cnpt Morse. of achr Onward, before reported put t to bow Orteana ta dtatresi, repot ta baring aallad on the ;0k u.\ and eiperteaoed a beary gale on the 13th. which romf ei.ed La to put bash and noma to anchor off the teleek Manic da; pa. <ed bath rha'.na and went aahore ? waa obliged to throw her cargo, about 110 mm ot guano, when the waa go* off and pu. Into.lew Orteana for repairs. ('apt 3?o?rn ct <hr ataamablp Falcon, hence at Hew Or tea. .a rrwotia hactai passed cm the Jt-th uh. tn lat 38 ST. km 73 T? a oiait with rigging attached to It Warm.?Onpt Bennett of the ship Par West. bene* al Hew Orleans.-ejieDi 2id u'l Double Rental Khol Key* bear log WeW distent IS miles, paaeed e square rtgged reeael of a'. i>.t to 3d") tone burthen, aunk. one lower meet, topmaat. top irallani an I royal muu staning, topsails and royal yard* acroea foremast head about sit faet aborr water, and two ether yarda floattng oror the wre' k. all auaihed to her?appeared to hare bee* ta that comlttloa but a abort time. Lanncn?Meeere Webb B Bell will 'Attach from the yard at Urectipo at on Thuraday, at o'clock AM. a fine bark of 7Ok loua. called the Had. bnltt for Mesas Toefeer, Ceoper B Co, and .a ended for the Baat India trade, to be commanded by Cm I Richard l.uce. Di^eaaooa Waam ta Lor: lanes Hocr n,?The steamer Bay dia-e. while oa her paaaage from !few York tor rail Blear aboiCH P H oi Friday td leaf when off Huntington ran into a mill bottom no and earrted away twenty are of the guard braeee raised tae wheal, aa I broke two of tha arms The wreek appeared to ea about 12S tons. Baotera built, wl b a high keel and no doubt waa eapMied durtag the beet y MB W aiaali oa Wednesday night. Masters of reieela Should kaep e goat took oat fur th'e wreck, a? It lays la tba direr*, track of reticle ho ted up er diWa Long lelao 1 Aoand, It la with d .Acuity it eae be eeei uatil doee aboard. Br ship Bajahfof Lirerpoe: > Oapt Bobb (not Cobb), arr at Loafoa t.-th ult from Mauritius, and not the Am ghip of that Bhip* Adratte. from Calcutta far Bardaaui. and Hoaee Wheeler, from do tar I.oedoe. reportedjst Frya rib and dih Uli rvam^cmrrj nrnnwir mKJWi i w waw. iiaic iran ?w wilorre IM w should h?wUtl? Mr tla? from ahlp M' am far lor awl thro* DM oehr Moaaa Taylor taring pat la dtaroaa lb# former attable Bay. lha lauor at Madeira. A ouportor raw whits oak ship of 1JDO looa built by Mr J aha Vhm wall fouad and rawly for aaa, waa a*M at aartlon la Par'MBO'ilh na Rarirdar lor MS am half cash. Me wa purchased by a gwaUomea la Po.-toosoMth. Nilr OoornL Mor'ir^r"from Urerpool for Philadelphia Maraa U. ?at j. loo M W. A ah is star lag MR. tertng lha Bswaa rig, aad showing a rag 4a*al with a grsea wrier* la tha eoalra, was aaaa April I. 1*?S M. loo T* A Alp skwwtng a rad 4gaal with black border, waa signal kroi March 9. 1W miles from ha Psesaa Brig Wanderer (of Wemporti, haaoa for Porto Riso. Mare* M |J?44B, toe WU Brig OesotW Stole.' of BoMoa bound R 'uadenbtedly brig Tnraw ^Buwa ^y^BoMoo, Maw for Matanaam, waa paaaal Brtg Fjnptrr tor OairaMoa. Man* SO. SO Miles W of Bhlp fishr Ma 'of Plyasoath, Mass), boors for Bio O reads. March 11 lot h) M loa SO SO. PSrmr, Man* l/-U porTahlp* BC fteraatoa. Rpoaoar. Ibr BTork April IB; A OeilsUa. Btorar, Mr So do; < ha* Ooop or. Law! for 4c Mat day: Tmy, Balch. Mr do oooa, barks brig Alwooadar. lanlsta, Boston ff?**i ?. Bomb n lo port schrs F nana Maria, for JfTort 4 dara. Wto SMgbrd. Mr do ; Maria Morum, Penny, for do M: Mr sehr -TTshaii i. Ms Be nao Rosier. Teh IB-la port, ihtoo J Montgomery. RimIHis. or Caleura no. Meaasagcr, Ooramg. uae, Doflenoo, Keadrtok and Firing Peod Baxter for lJrnrjnol, Idg r*Lcorr*. Frb A?la port, ahlpa Bald Ragle. Tread well, and Poet Indian. Loarmw, for Bootoa (lid A ablpa Roaaroa Htorklry. Mow Tort: fSUa, Lucftaow Pltuaar. Boston Wen' o ooa Bwm Feasor, Jaa 4>lpo Mraoa Gordon, Rabaon. and ang> rcaJoa'w^ M?a post bark M B Bio-ana .Jordan to taVtort). . - .. ? ? - - , ii in iIan riithf " __.L_._- i ilk iUi fc?? Vnrii *xk_ hriJ CTf'te,Wft'PPi". ( I ?m*- ft Kltftry * ? Tor* ft**** "J Ti ( Hv ?| r>k? Bftt ft arhr trnHftM. DftJ. y?* kid f'? -r. i.f It) rk?wim l-hi'ftlklpy*. ftChl2* , * * t? '? ' Hf k'i'l, Mhr TftlftM * ??! "Jl'jfl .' I.I V kft ?' trrlMf. t'sl^ft MttM 1?l ? *, Ootd Font- . > r ? - < -?*n Wi ? > -1 Bk mar?? il, rN^ J t.l-.-r '? Iktklpklft. _ . | it k ft *fc !" (i?-Iftl It ?t??-n?k p MrpftMlft* Pow?. i v - < ?!.?!? tik krf JOlh alt) Will lo**? f ? - n I 4 I Wkrr't \i' .0 n.j'wBfrt Sooad fthlfft |J I wi 4k* >nlftrfi. f-W BWl r?r i?y, for Vftl- * ,. .? C .t kkftip Mreperu* U??ift, < \U%o. ft. >ir ?p.?lM n |io- BWiio kto 1 I- I II - t,-'k* n t I I'M'k ?.Ikn -.ft iV . ft . ' - /? #, ** I K *!?>), March ft? la part, bar*a. Kepler Pratt tram TeUM. err 5th. to load (or Boalno. Prwitar. Dawee tar Baeloa aooo; Mr brig Gold Hunter from MerreUtea to load far Boa too. bid Pel B. bark Sullota. ttwemaar Mtork, Mth. aohr Coaat lliot, Darla, Baltimore, Mink 3d. bri? Ada -imlik. Bo.too. Alee aid about 6th, bark Commodore, WYlLiema, hii'Uts, Feb 13?In port, ahlp Fleetwood, Dale, for Calcutta. aeon. pALiaao Mmch 15?In port, ahip Frigate Bird Oooe, for Philadelphia, bark Buluia, Wataon. from OonatanUaoyle for Boa too. Idg; U*xta Bogga. Dt/ar, for NYork, do; brig Hp Mattbewm, Cheaey, for Boston, do; ackr A 0 Brewer. Co*, for aport in the Catted States, do. Hid March 1, briga Ocean Wave, Perkina, NTork; Irnario (Hlo). Ba Umo?e; Koaalte (Mc>. NOrleaaa. 2d, bark Vlrgtuta ann. Wytia Baltimore; 6th. Sic brig Camilla. NOrleana, 6th, ship Herald. Drulamond, 1-hiladelpua; bark Indian Oueen. Kraklne. kYnrk, ISth, briga CoDoord (Br), Philadelphia, Outaeppina (Hie) R York; Blc achr OLia, do; 1Mb, Bio bark Anomlno, Boston; Bio brig Kolo, NY art Bottbkdam, March 17?In port Dutch bark* Medeland, and Karl Auguat, for Boaton; Quite, and Ban Jan for Nfont Bemedios, March 23?In port, barka. Pointer. Webster, tor Mew York, 2 day* (Incorrectly reported la Haraaa paper* aid 2lat); Warren Packard, for da id*; brim An % wan aoncrtaf, for Boaton 3 da: Pluaaaa. ('lark, for It York, 8 da, Julia Ford, Qrtflln. tor do. ldg. Barak, Qlbbs, for Boaton, 8 da; Joaiah Jei, Munaun and Panola. Waaa Oorhaiu. dtag In port 2Wh, brig* Empire State, damage and Sarah, Olbba, for Boaton, ldg; Manhattan, Garland, to load for do,and other* a* above. Sing*pore, Feb 7?In port, ahlpa Ceylon Raa*et. for Panarg and NYork, nearly ready; Wide Awake. Buralry. for United Slate* ldg; Black Prince, Brown, for China, ldg rice; bark Falcon, Hon. born Balavia for Botton to 811 up at Pe naag. sld no da e. ahlp Halcyon, Rymmea. Calcutta. Ft David'*, Boot land, March 17?Arr bark John Carver, Nlcbola. Lena. Ht Oborge. Bermuda Marco 19-In port ahlp Dtrign, Young, for Olaagow tew daya; bark Helper, Brlard (from Cronetedu for Boaton 2 do: briga Alexander Mllliken. Swift, for Mew York, ready: Leviathan, Fllnton. reng.and other* aa brfore. St J ago. March 21?In port bark Samoa, Baafonl, boat Bwanrea arr 18th. to load for NYork. Vaij*arai*o, Feb 28?In port bark Evangeline. Clark, for Boaton, to 1111 an at leeward port*. Bark Orlando, which alp tb'A for Papudo, completes her eargo for Boston at that place Boat* Parti, APALACH1COLA. March 27? arr achr Tanner, Pearson, Nlork; SU'h. bark Kdward, Jon'*, Mobl'a; achr Margaret Ann. lee. Havana; April 1. ship Clara B ookman. Htgglns, Mobile, bark Almeida. Qoaa, NYork; sehr Wm I, Burroughs, Jeucka, Brshm Old 17th, achr Eohford Webb, (iraifam, NYork. April 1, iclir J*a Miller, Miner, Providenae. In pott April 1. ahipa Ohio, dutehioga. and Clara Brookman. Illgglas, for Liverpool, ldg; barks Rdwart, Janes, for Boston lag; Almeida, ('oi?, from MYork, dtschg; achr* Norfolk Packet, Bedell, acd Tanner, Pearson, for MYork, ldg; Margaret Ann, Lee, for St Andrews, ldg. BALTIMORE, Aprils? Arr'brig* Sbelleptea (SwedJ. Anderson. Bio de Janeiro; Elvira, Davis, Machlas; Rover'a Brine (Br). Shaw Cape Bremn. MR achr* Henry Jayna, Aid rich, Somerset, Ma**; Protection Ooolbroth. Machlav Speedy (Bn. Leblaace, Arlchat, N8; Liberty, Gray, and Empire. Chambers-N York, Uaseabeaa, Uonkina. NYork Old ahlp* Banshee wiagale, Barce'ona; Cumberland. Lambert. Rotterdam; brig Mlanua, Fader, Indlanola. Texas; Echo, long. West Indies, bark Evelyn, Ames. West Indies; achr* Caroline Knight. Davis. St John. NB; bally Badger, Uarland, Fall River; Suaan Bray; Nay lor, Boaton. Hid, brig Echo, Long, Weet Indies. oupicn, Asrii o-^r ivc?men> i. u? now iwa, *?r thews, Phil uSTphia; HJB Beach, Handera, N fork; ships Carua'lc, tmerton R Orleans. barks John Parker. Roberts, do; T Pushing, Colcord, do; schrs Lamer Une, Thomdlka, Rich mond. Winked Rec-r Fnow, Tangier; J Ireland, Corson, end Firm, Jeffera, I hi adelrkia. BAH Bstell, Johnson; J 8 Hew of, Ross, Mary Clark. Griffin, and A C Reeves, Reeve#, do. CM ship Berkshire, Williams, Calcutta; barks Anna. (drem) are a, Mansanllla; Vhcrndlke, Saw; er, Montevideo and Buenoa Ay res N Hlnklej. Strout, Havana; Dutch brie Wlllem, Nggeris, Batarla; sohrs W H Mailler. Crowell. Philadelphia; American BeDe. Brown, N York. Hid, wind ri to 88B, olowiuu heavy, with ?anails and heavy rain, steamer Adelaide. BRISTOL, April 4? Arr sloop fhoa Hull, Hull, NYork for Pi-evidence CHARLESTON. April 3?Cld steamship Isabel, Rollins, Havana via Key Wear, ship Sylvia, owasey. Liverpool. 4th?Arr steamship .1 antes Adgnr, Turner, NYork. Cld Br ablp Boy al Victoria, Crow hurst, idverpoel; dp brig Neptuno, Font, Barcelona; Hy pol Concha, Prats. Mt Johns, P R; echra John Caetner Johnson, Trinidad de Cuba; Ceclllo(Hp). Paces, Went Indies; Hurdac rabble, Gregory, N Orleans. Hid steamabip Isabel, Rollins, Havana, via Key West and Havan.-i.ah; Hteamahip State of Georgia, Garvin, Philadelphia; schr F datterly, Grtffirg. NTork. PALL RIVER, rprilS?Arr ichra James House, Bprague, Baltimore; T L Miller Paddock, Rondout; 4th, M C Qarfee. Ball, Baltimore; Angler, Betse, NTork. Sid 4th, schr T W Benedict. Rills. Rappshotmock GALVR8TON, March 39?Oil the bar bark D Godfrey, Parker, from Boston HOIJ4RH S HOLE. April 3. P M-Arr schrs Plymouth Bock Ryder. Boston for m York; Nebraska, Gatkill, Salem tor Philadelphia; Jchn Mayo, Mayo. Boston lor do sld brig Minnie Millet; schrs Wm a RUis. Arsturus, and *bby Morton. 4th?Arr schrs James F Bertine Inman, Baltimore for Bottom; Amelia C Blveis, Crawford; James a Hewett, Rosa, and J Ireland Frambea. Philadelphia for do Prances Hatch. Con uor, B York for do; Htmfon Baker, Knowles. Boston for Repushanni ck River: David Iombard. Neweomb; Raet Wind, 1/ombatd: John Mashow, Bwett. and Gamaliel Whorf, do for Taigier; J W Gaudy. , and Hpee-l, Homers, do for Phi IsdeTpkia Edwin A Stevens, Hodues. do for NTork; Pennsyl -ante. Johnson. Rocklaod or di; Alqui/ar, Long, Rockport lorBaannah Almlra Ann Beejtmore and Lebaaan. Tee', do tor Norfolk Hid schrs Ply mouth Kock, Simeon Baker, David Lombard, and Gamaliel. .Mb?arr echra L Berry, Hale, and M Mahoney. Robinson. Philadelphia tor Boston: Buera Vista. Cole, Norfolk for Herwhich. Hannah Warwick. Warwick, ralem for Philadelphia; F ly, Gheaemaa. Nantucket for do; Tahosiroo, Johnson, Newburyport ftw Baltimore. Oarolinn W Holme#. Webb. Boston lor h York. Dennis, Fargent, Bo ithbay for N York. Bid schrs Rooky Bill, Corinthian Nebraska. John Mayo. Lamartfae, JsmeaF Bed Ins.. Amelia C Reeves. J smee S Hewett. J Ire landniaat wmd. John Maabow, S W Gandy. Speed, K A Me vena, and Pennsylvania Gth?Arr bark Ztdon. Davis, Remsdtae for Boston- brig M|ra.ReUy, Philadelphia fer Boston; schrs Oust!via, Jameson Rondout tor Jo. Black i lammd, , Phliedelpna for Lyon; 8 K Hart, Lawry. HYork for Bangor; Hnsan Kldridge, Rd ridge do tor Balk. Maria Wbltaey, uott, do for Mewhuvy- 1 port. Hovnta Parker. Hiarce. Tangier for Boalon. In port 10 AN. V lod BSR, the above arrivals at to day. and echra Frances Hatch, Julia M Ba lock. Alqutavar, almlra Ann. 'Lebanah, Merj L Berry. M B Ma heme v. Buena Vista, Hannah Warwick, Fly. Tahmlroo, (' W Holmes, and Dennis HARTFORD. April S? Arr steam echr Cacas. Rates, New York, steamer A < lark, Clark, Albany, barge K M Clark, "'lark, do;achra Btsi Bu'ler, Crosby, and John R W also a, liebblr. Kingrkn J O Baldwin. Clark. Philadelphia; Argo, looker, NYork l lvsor sU more sihnhave arrived to-day, but owing to tiiegaie cur repsrier wm 'liable t> board them. MOBILE, March 31?Arr brig J Ntckerson, Nickeraoa. Phisdelplua. Cld schrs Rosa, Carver, Lagnna; F A Godwin, KalreluJd, Baltimore April 1-Arr achra Eugene, Parker pad 8?n*tjr, Hawaa, N York. C'.i ebip freak, RVork; bark Baoj Bur Krte,ftno? Bcnrd'o? WbW oRI.KaWH Merck :*J PM-krr ablpa Bhak-apeere, TIiiiiniaa. 1 Iverpco;; Wellington. Beraiow, and ft'ar ffeA, MenoettTllYork betka,Hebron chepperd, Baltimore, Ardao ore. Verah Melee?: bnga Gov Anderaon, Moi kioa. and I'mothj Crosby, Harding. achra Hemiilen Belle, aleianler, Maanraa Trauoit Davia, Nuevlt?, illl UeldlVm, Panda Havana. Pcerlree Patterson Muertt?. Hid ablpa John Hanrvak, Cnffiu. Antwerp; Jao I.ioa ,Hr\ Crowall, Uvsrpotl; barka Aaia Brem) Necslng. Br< men, Hmallwoei, Mania. Baltimore, ' kentcnUna (sic). Tloln, Genoa; dtctliaa brig Oullle. Guandillo, Cadi/ and a market. Slat? Att rteamaluc Meilao. Ratkboe*. Indlaaola aod Gal TMtoa. ah.p KrCm Burgaaa. B York. bark A C A lam a. IJein m'ng war. Rack end: brixRobi M Cbarltoa, Back man. Havana. arhra C H K of era, Hartley Baltimore; Carta a?ford. Inmt aid Krmedtoe. CM ahlpa -ilialrta i Brt. Hawklna and jautre Rowan (Mr , Berrtaoo. Liverpool: liea Cashing, Va n*a. Rarer.He*. Spleodl?amaaburr. Boaton i/salppea. Green. Havara. brtgi Lorn?"a (Strad) Hallo, Geo?. Hen rMtta, Go Lima, Metarzaa; achr S H Townaeod, Ijembert. Cieo fudges April 1. AM?Arr ahtpa Worth A en erica*, (lark. Boston. Tertau (ftpy Lactone Havana. Andovr, Berry, NVort. Hbvwmul H'gglns Havre Below?ehtpa A alpa?al?o 'dpi, Maa trom Fa>celoo*. tranetaoo iHambt, ?. trom Rio da Ja aalro. Maraiihrld. Torray. from 1 repeal. Jneei-hoe, ?. from Liverpool: Va H Preeoott. Balchaldcr. do <la; Oenrg-e, hlatrr, from Boaton: Lawaon. Waua, fron Philadelphia; Albua,, Unrla Tobey, foul*; Howdlvoh. i*lay; ,!aa II Hlek*. Crowall.and Jno M Cuahing, Plumadr,m>m Boston; Agora .'ane* iiom Hard I ft: Mary Rnraell, Parkins from 1-ondou, Mart Hammond Colnm, and Merita Fit/ (bom Boston Mlasl/stppl Allan from Baltimore; Crimea, Pour, from Liverpool, Barrlett A Prenoae. Webb, from < liarlaelon. Old, abip Moonlight, Peadlatoti, Boaton bark Roman, Rawry, Raid?a i Towad to tlia bar on the did mat. ahlpa Honvtltn'Jon and Galena, and to aea bark DG WUaon: Utth. ahlpa Magdalene, Derc? Bus?, Allaatld and 'nliet, barka Diane, m Wnlio; Bth. ablpa < aml-rldge and WM Roger*. barka Wacooc'jaa, Hannah Thoracal lMh, ablpa HujK;<iebenaa, Prtaor da JolnvfUe. R Rome; brum Men la. R'lrnia; alao tewed down to the bar aklpa Floating Zephyr and Ratahdla. MBWPORT, April A 7 PR? Arr aehra Aatraa, Flea, Boaton for Dall?iee a tie?nd. 1'aine. do for Philadelphia; Do moerat, Tort Camden fttrPortblk; Rabe-va ftmtth; Hamdrlk Hudson, Croeby; Vintage. Hal let, and Prmorev* I. watt, Beaton for W York, Minnesota, Baker, to tor da; /? .fane. Ho wee Provt?etowa far do; AJen, nuuapidR. Root in ror PkBedabibla, Oo Inlhlan, Taylor, Rewbnrypwt fordo; CC Com/dock. Wllley, Poi tiaad for taaglde vtaeyari. gtubbd, and ft R Lewi# Collin*. Boaton lor do. Fallen, Franrt, RodRland for WYork. Clinton. Borden, fall Ri/er for do; O I, Raymond, do for?; Roanoke. PhiUJpa. Taunton fordo. Wlm rod, LaraU. Barn at* bin far Albany. 4th, ft AM-1a port tba above tabni Benjamin Kagiuh. BU ' eii from Philadelphia Moate/uma. RtlorL WRW BEDFORD March ft?Arr ?er? AugenaO Blvekaall. Dartan. U?ald Evaaa, Baltimore. PROVIDRWCR, April 4?Arr steamer fMoray Elaiey m York, achra Nathani-l Roe Dover. Rll abaUi City, MC.Cornellna, Br i.d <ty. laltimore Denial B Millar, AAty, Maretloo Creak Va Kunloe Roaa Bmall, ftUateb trf. XT, Green Coaa ty Tanner. Pareylk. Klngptos, RT. Mb?Arr eiramer Petrel Arej. NTort, irhr cbarlae Carroll. Pratt, t biladaiphia At earlier in the Waat Bay. barka H A Btepbewoa. ban on for WOrleana; aad Minkligum. from Waires for VttAD/M. IKW LOW DON. April -A.rrrrop#Unr 9 W Hirrto, RnvKh, York. achra AlbaR Green. Weaver. Fhlladaiahia, Bale Peek. Detaor, Morwlch for Warloik: alonpt MarrW, Harra ft? baibor. America. Hull. WTork foe Provldewa. RPORTLAWD, March -Art mhri John Adama. Pom, Rocklead for If ew Tort; Mb, T. O. Wm I won. Great, Virginia: Oca? Warn Freeman. Tangier. Ar tnrna, Rb h. Worfolk. CM Mb. brtga foraett. Aavana: Baldwin. Moatgnmerr, do. AIfareiia. Biehar do LaoraaOa. Merlll Maattirw: erhr Mew A#aland. Th ratea. JarkaonvUld. la tba roada By Lan reua, Macbl? for Raw Tort. Eld Rh, brtga Rnei. Haaei, Manet Hare?. Baldwin, Moatgomary. do Lvor?Ua Merrill. ?t? . EH'HIIOWD. April 4? Arr anhr MaotCT'ima, Teuy, Wort via city Point, hid aohre PraeMeit Herman. Hallfai J?e Ingrahem Merrili, Boaton. Thna Hit Hull. Pro rid?ae. EaVaM*AH. ar-lJ ? arraehr Wm Maarm, fttapied. Rew Tort via RorfoU. Cld brig Abbott Lawrence, F?uler, Baiu taktohtira !ini W*t(* #iVk Ooiiwar, rla whra Lioa. fllcha. MtchMnl; .Toattaa"Kmi?h, Moadont AM* Kk.nhr 1 k Aniridia! Iu?m, Fklladelphla. dtA. achn Beararillt. Rear* Aleiaadrla; Fllrht Jr*lnrm. Wallle 0, Baker ai>4 Jnlla Barrett. PhlUldeifhTa. edhr AlaMaader. BPyifta, <from BardataMe, A.lui Biuabeth If Bean*. Chflda, MTorfc. Millie MKT Aprl) t?Arr echr Jot a Oonploa, Sharp IintTinowTi fcEmwii iTiiT nt. DMT UOOD*. AC. MAMTTLL.aB, TALI(AM, TIBITKM AMD aiOIMIWB- BA7.AA*, m?npHain| an the lateat noreltie* from Pari* aad the tlj'aaira etjleeof ib? eatabllahmeat SI3 Rmtfwti Hi. HtehoUa Tl<j*L \rrw IF1INO MAG LAMB, CLOTH AMD CABBTVRBB 11 frock mala, panw casta. alao a general mock of aprla? aad summer e.Mhlag Aw nan aad bops' *nai-, adapted to loutaera aad Western or rny trade. Great Tnlii aall stirred to aah and Mi?rt tine burns. N. A. K M ATP. If Oortlaadt street. gPORTIHol FOE BALM-A MVWrOfHDLAMn DOG: TOCNG, haadaoB' aad wail trained, ran be aaaa at ill Lad lew *r*tt rWO FIMB RPAM1MH JA01CB, TMPOBTBD, FOB BALI I or will be IM Aw the seas in. Hnraea. cattle aad ahaap ita.ortad from Una land by Tboa. Metta A On Tor triors. Aa, nplp ta J M VtlLRM hi Maiden lane. Mew Tort. fVAATBD-A VOCAO "FM? MCH rt-OOL', LA ?u4 " a-.e hree4 Ad .Ri. W. k P SI M' P (Ufttl r*. fr.a?b, J J EW YORK HERALD, WE ramwAL. HAALH-1AV18 HAS ABBIVKD. CALL OH BCTSX neae at laaportaaoe at Ml Houatoa at INFORMATION WAlfTMD?OF JOB* FKHMLT, OT DrumolM, county *Ugo. Ireland; MtwI la Moolaaal. baoa da WmI, some Uma Whoa laet heard of waa atOoehaolon, ^tiUlTiui county. H. T.; on to amarloa to April. WW; la bout 28 ymraof aaa. apt lnforniattoa at hie whareahoiilc will be thankfully reoelrod brhle mother, Mr*. Fake If, ?ereoa' Petal Portage county, Wlaconato. TNFORM ATION WAWTKP-OF JOOWH TAILOR, IN 1 ibe ahlp Southampton, from Lxiodoa. on the 7th of March. W?7 Inquire at tft uegraw etreet, between Columbia and Van brunt, bouth Brooklyn, lie will hear of hia staler. n r Q wonininmil THOMAS DUMNFTT A. R. OB iVl . bfkid, A. W shsifer, John B. Seymare and J. H H? are requested to call Immediately at the Broadway Oeld Pea Mac ulaet'irtng Comvani' office. 336 Broadway. M. B.?A few travelling ami local agents wanted. Next of kin offioe.-millions op dollabs iiDclalmed In the Bank of England, Ac . for want of belra. Advrrimed Uata teen at this office* Search AS Oenestogte# traced, emblazoned and engraved Hit RT HAYS, S2T Broadway, Kew Tort The person who abdbesbbd a note to oabroll place Blcecker street. dated March 19, and >tgned L , requesting an answ er through Onion square Poet office, la Informed that his note was miscarried and has just been re. < et* ed Please address a note te W. Broadway Post office, biting when ami where an tnterriew ean be had The person who lxpt am obdeb at downie s Express office, Mo 8 Peck slip, on Saturday morning, March 28. to gat a trunk at the corner of Sooth and Wall streets, will please call aad claim his baggage. WANTED?THE NUMBER of THE house AND the street in which Mr Rar'e resides, which be omitted te glvo. Adreex Palmer A Oo 378 Broadway. tUCW aHDE. q BEWARD.-lost. on sunday MOBM1MG, 6TH JO inst. a black bull terrier, U months old, with a piece of twine attached to hit neck. By returstng the same at 144 Warerley place, the abore amoust will be given 0-C REWARD.?LOST, A TERBIRB DOO. HAD ON A qpU collar with the name of Paton A Co. engraved upon U. Return blm te 341 Broadway. R1WA rd. ?lost, ON MONDAT BYENIXQ, IN 1> Franklin street, near West Broadway, a brow n and white spotted pointer slut, having on when lost a brats collar and a muzzle The above reward will be paid to any one reluming the same to John Berge. 291 WaeLlugum street, op stairs. d?? REWARD -I.OST. A BED SETTER DOO. WITH Oil I lour white feet and white breast. Any person returning blm to 61 Walker street, will receive the above ceward. W. HA ATM a. If. q*-| A REWARD-LOST. IN THE BOWERY, TESTER day afternoon, a large Newfoundland dog. with a abiaesoolJar aniuud his neck, with the following mark ? "O. 1>. Sunn, 128 Fulton street, or Mo. 6 SL Oeorges place, 13th st." The tinder will reeeive the above reward by leaving him at No. 14 East Tw enty second street. d>Oft REWARD WIU, BE OIVEW fob THE RETURN tlPZil/ of two white poodle doge, named Llou aad Vtnnle; seen list with a black man. in Canal street. Inquire at the Bowjery stove store, No. 280 Bowery. AOftft REWARD? LOST. ON TUE4DAY. APRIL 7. tDOl/U In loin* from rowers street Brooklyn, down Atlsnuc street to the HoHth ferry, s small leather ooeketbook, containing cne one thousand dollar bill four one hundred dollar bills,, end about one hundred and sixty dollars in tens and twenties; also a lot of papers of no value but to the owner. The finder will receive the above reward and the thanks of the owDer bv leaving It at Ftahley A Oo's, 80 Nassau street, rooms No*. 1 and 2. UNIT AND rovm CAUTION.?TIIIB 18 TO OIVN NOTION THAT THK folio wing described coupons. Illinois Central Railroad 7 per cent bonds, having been loet, the public are cautioned against negotiating or reoelvtng the same, as payment thereof hns been stopped.-? Hoe. 381 a 384-336 each $140 6,624 n 6 637? 35 ench ISO 10 732to 10.723- 17 6U ench 36 6 628 A 3*203- 36 each 70 4 796 6 SKI to 6 272 ) 8.56V 8,757. 8 7fit. 9,431 > $17 60 316 9,433. 9.434. 11 651, S total ? *. 3700 Fifty dollars reward will be paid to the finder thereof on application at tne office of the company, No 50 Wall street, or a due proportion of the reward for each portion of the certificates as may be returned. FOUND-SATURDAY KVRNINO, APRIL V AT BUCKley's nswfUnll Broad way. a portemonnale, (containing money*and paper*. The own r can hare the same by orov Ing property nod paying expenses. Apply at 199 Forsyth 'st. Miss CUMCKUN. (POUND.-THR PARTY WHO LOST A SUM OF OVER P MOO at the Mprlgg Boose. Wheeling. Virginia, sometime during last summer, oea obtain some serticulara regarding It by aalUngoa John Manning, Vice President Irish Emigrant Society, 61 Chambers st. N t. fpOCKD-OR MORNING OF THR CTH, ON THR SIDRF wik oo Bread way, a gold eye glass. Address J. R. I., St. Nicholas Hotel. Found-on Saturday afternoon, in fui.ton street, Brooklyn, near the ferry, a lady's gold bieaatpta and earring The owner can have the seme by proving property and paying expenses. Call at 24<i Adams street, ?i rookly n LOST-OR FRIDAY I.AST. BRTWTKN 4 AND 6 o'c'ock. either in an Eighth avenue car or In going from tha school corner of North Moore and Vartek streets to the corner of West Broadway, a for tippet The finder will receive a reward of |6 by leaving It at the school or at 306 Weal Eighteenth street. JAR. BBBRT8. LORT-A PURRR CORTAININO A RUM OP MONRT, at the comer of Fourteenth street nod Broadway. Tha tinder will be llbeially rewarded by leering the aame at the lieraJd olhcc T OUT?ON THURSDAY LAST, BETWRRN UNION lJ square and ?be City Ball nark, a geld bracelet The Under will be rewarded by returning the name k> 123 Reel thirteenth street Lost?on fridat kvinino. Tint so inet., in toe et the Thirl arcane rare, between Houston sn ' eet tnteenth stieeis, a banners pocket book.tcosulning a note for 1-3 M) dated Ba>ch 27. 1HS7. at three months, drawn by HeargeW ONm?||| favor of Thot. F. Barkis*. All persons are forbid negotiating the said note, as It has not been used by us The other papers are of no ralne to any one except the owrcr* The Under wUl be rewarded and thanked by the ownrrs If ther are returned to them. NURrHY ADIMOND, 1.062 Broadway. LOfT-ON SATURDAY. 4TH INST.. ON BROADWAY, between the houiaof 4 ardfio'clock P. M a gold bracelet marked "B Almeida Walton " The flader will be suitably rewarded and receive thanks by leeeing th? aame with O. Y Whltaon, atst Wall street, office of Atlantic Mutual Inauranee Cimpany. IOST-ON MONDAY MOBNINO. APRIL 6. IB WALKJ irg from coner of Bank atrret through Fourth np blgbih areana -o Thirty firth street, sgndpenril case, < harms and locket The pencil case ahd rharms are of no ooeaequeaoe. but he locket la highly valued. aa It roalaine the dsguarrev type and was the gil l of a deceaanl sod ilesr frtend. Ths under will confer a great favor and will he rewarded the Dill value of the locket by retnining It to W. Irving Adorns, ltd Hank street or 110Liberty, CJAIUBOAT LOST HROKB ADRIFT OB WAS HTOLIN, i1 on the ereoing of the 4ih tost., aa lb foot, flat bottom, with harp bow. ccajisail boat, said boat was stripped of sells and rigging except maat and stars. Any Information rou eratng her wherea'.uutn will be liberally rewarded by ealllng at Iff? Graad street, Williamsburg ucoaju. ~~ ocfl nnn hayana. domestic and orrmab l.|JUU segars of almost any uaatty sad Mas. Oash psrnheeen cae find bargains and the stock Is eery dertrabla. O. CHER EE, 17 Broadway. Hay aba sbtlabs. a. A. RAMaROB, *4 Fulloe street. Bo. 8 Aster Store and w hoi male at 2IS Water, offer in the trade the toilowtag brands Ku liana, Vietorla. Union. Amerteana. Carolina. Oregon. La ( hay. oapuoho. Flor de rtgo, Ttopical. Louisa Killer. N eptoao. Ilbarento, morrmento oonUnoe, caneiacloa. Flor de laBaoana. castanedo, M. Miguel. Tru< >? RM Hondo. Yeaeqiaae. Cerrenie rssstoss. Empire City, el fetglo, el Amher. Y leal rare, Washington. . . . Operaa t'onehss, I nodosa. CITadradoa. Preoeadna Trasitcoa. Caradarea Media regalia aad IfigRe regalia W'HOI.RBAIJI DRALKRS ABB IM VITRO TO BXATT mine my itnrk of Havana, domestic end Urrrnta segars, ae I am ottering great taducemenie to purchasers. o chebkh, 17 Broadway. WBITAtWAirM. " ELIZABETH AN ALB LUNCH BOOB. 130 Water street aad 64 Wall street T. Richard sen. having associated himself with Charles Ha) ter. for many yearn connected with the steward ! department of the I*. H. elenmthtp Baltic, la enabled to offer mi i sssi faoilltiea to Me numerous patrons. Hot dinners from II to 4 o'clock. Chops, steaks sod kidneys at Aye au aulas aetlee. .Savory pies- mutton, beef, port. Ae. Celebrated Ft anbury cakes and sausage mile. The beet eel deoUatloo la the eity w<U be tonf always retdy. Burnett Lot don gle 7be. per bottle, warranted pure ae rapoeted. Wines, spirt s. aad segars of bent qaadty. vs I'spers on file tor reference-New Tort Herald, flams aad Tribune lemdon Dally Times, Illustrated News, I' inch and Boll's Life. WVTKLB. /ti.abindon hotel fourth avenue. corner of htghttenlb street - The undersigned la thanking ibotr aumernns friends and the public for tbe eery liberal eeppfrt they hare received during the past year, would add that faring mat a several IVnproerments end additions In the la ernaTarrangemcnte of the hotel, Ihey feel oonfl lest that la polo' of style, e.aefiaee and oomfort. it is unsurpassed by any larkad and HbaraJ Mir br a ArM rlaaa r ranrb artu raalllaa

ra arrrad -uW ?Hh prfrala labia or at labia dboia m da Irad. Ihr apartmasu ar? apaatona. rioandin*ty wall raail la tad, and aark anil la prortdad with bath ma. walar atoanL r-naaia. aod all otbar apolaunrata yat dartaad to autoa It a Moat 'aatrab'r naaa rab?ac Ila loaaiton. b?Kng la Uia liama . la'artotaitpafUatoaaiaara aurraaalail br baaniifii aardaMk and arreatoula to tk# imdaaaa pari of tba Ht? br nr ar omTbna, a Mull paaa arary aaianto, praaanta ua nasal MreoUrw to T* u* nw aw. 1 OCR WOOD * OLD BNTABMRHID AND WILL J lion Hibmbti fallrry far sola. bow dotng frtm to 9300 par weak. Pdr rata for I ear tban roat. tnunira oa tba prrtolaaa, la BVfbtb (naaaa TBI UN DNRRTONRD NBfl L*AVB TO INPOBM (heir frtoada and tba pubhr thai tkay hara opaaai lha ambroine aad da*oarramyira aaliary $16 Broadway, whtoh baa ' MTibamuffcTy raooraiad aad ra fnralahad is a sapartor maaoar aod ara now oraparad la Uka platuraa wbtoh la polat * brllllaory of tooa and tlalah raaaot b? ariallari. Call and indpa for yanraa rra. C. H. BOTRVTBl.L A ('O , OaJtary of art. lib Broadway. N. T. TIIB TI'HF. Trotting -a rnRai or tion in oivrn at h. i. BHORTB Ri. Nlrbolaa Dotal, oa tba Harkraaank plaak road four mltoafrcan Dobokaa, oa Tknraday afWnoon nait. Wb Irst. at iHt Wll? haata. la Hwn.-w r,.?H by tba P.llo air p aaWlaa Owaar na*?a b - a?n B?'t >)Vaer hW* tf ? *?. tfKf BMW tif J|U,I|| DNBSBAT, APRIL 8, 1851 TO S'UO.?TO uKT. aTUli. SMALL HOUSE' and bail houses in Greens aad Wdower Ms ; also two boostsis filly scooad toM, ilwowo Irving place to lot or for sals; pr c? 91 fOO, frw and dew. Apply to 0. 0. THOMPtOM, 06 Hassan trod ( A n n -HOUSES TO LET.?SEVERAL SMALL lUU. houses in Brooklyn, hIIiKm York, new dt. Nicholas Hotel; eiao emell house to Brooklyn, near Harey areoue, with etoros. oo good owner far bulissi Apply to C. O. THOMPnOH. W Bissau strepc APRITATE FAMILY HAVIBO 8BOOVD FLOOR which they hare no uae for. consisting of bedroom and sitting room, partially furnished, would let to a respectable party, wtth uae of kitchen. Ac.: refersoce must ho tinsioepuonable; bstwaen 1 Ah and 13?h (tresis, west side. Address lor one week Je*?me, Herald oUice. STORE 197 DUANE BTBEAT TO LET. THIRD DOOR from Washington street; a good location for any kind of wholesale b uainesa. Apply at 22S Washington airest. rLET-PABT OF A HOUSE. OR SUITS OK BOOMS, at Ho 14 Bond street. Can be seen from 9 to II A. M.. and from 6 to 8 P. M. TO LlT-THE MAGNIFICENT FOUR STORY AND biuwment brows Ktone house, Mo 67 test Seventeenth street, between Fourth nr. nod Irvine place; house 25 by 70 ft to the roof new, with all the modern Improvements. Apply to Wit MOULTRIE 62 William street rLKT.-A FANCY THREAD AND NEEDLE STORK; two years estab lahel 'ixtures for sale; posaesNioa given mmedtately. Apply on the premises, 274 BOwery. r SHIPPING MFRCII AJITd.?A HANDHOMB SUIT OF office* to let In the building No- 53 Broadway, on lease, at s moderate rent Apply to GEOROE PL at T, 53 Broadway. TO BOOKSELLERS, STATIONERS. AO.-TO LIT OR "1eaee,?tn the liandenasely finished building. 327 Fourth are> ue under Columbia College Grammar School, a spacious store 75x25 feet. Also a wel lighted basement underneath t?I ether tr separate, on moderate terms Apply at 32H Fourth venue, or to GlOBUE PLAIT 53 Broadway. ITOABQIAU OAO ?B50 BONUS. WITH UR0AL INTEREST, WILL f u( IU, be Riven tor the use of MOO for sixty days. Please epply to WHEAL* R k CO., 334 Broadway, room 14, who srlll give ample security. <r>r nun WANTYD?FOR WHICH AMPLB BECURICt/.vUU ty will be given, act a clerkship in a drat clees hotel, at a salary ot S3 OfO per annum; arter sufficient and mutual acquaintance en interest In the business may be bad. Address, with real name, D. B. J., Journal of Commerce c dice. d>en <inn wantbd-in one loan, or bbvs^IiJU.UUU ral of smaller amounts; ample security Even, end a liberal rate of inierest paid. Addraaa Banker, ix 3,636 Poetcffice. ?onn nnn _w* w>an the highest rums on diamonds, jewelry, watches, dry goods, alike, Ac., or berftht for cash Parties deelrlns money on valuables will be treated liberally end coaddentiellv by oalllng at MACDUFF A LBE'S, 3U7 Broadway. N. A.?Pawn ticket# bought. A LOAN OP S3.00# WANTED. FOE A TERM OF TWO, three or five j earn on s tlret mortgage ou city property. Address T. B. herald office. TUTINRRAL POINT RAILROAD BONDS.?THR OOUlvL pons of the bonds of the town of Mineral Potatt, Issued to the Mineral Point Railroad Oompany, due the current month, will be paid on presentation at the Bank of the Manhattan Oompany. IW1CUL mmxmm. Birthday op hbnry clay -the clay festitral Association will celebrate their twelfth annual festival, In honor at the birthday of Henry t'lar, on Monday evening, the 13th of April, Inst, at the Lafarge House. Members who have not procured their tickets of the agent, oan obtain them of t>. L Berrien, Esq. ot rear of Bowery and Broxme street, or of the undersigned, 38 Wall street A. DK WITT BALDWIN, Secretary. CORRESPONDENCE OF TUB MEW TORE HERALD. Baltisorh. Md , April 6, 1857. While temporarily sojourning here for a few days, on my return trom e couth em tour, I had an opportunity of witness tng the parade of the police of this city, who made their tlret appearance in uniform to day. The dresi is some want a tor the style of that of the New York police, but Is certainly of much finer materials; and the button particularly, which I had an opportunity ot closely examining, is superb. The man are as use looking body as I have ever seen together; aad judging trom their aemeaner during the parade, are highly gra titled with their saw outBt. They presented an Imposing appearance. end thia leea of presenting them en mama to the citizens is, 1 think, a good one It will add materially to the murmi mnuenon ui me quy fuvsrumrui. i wit not inrm wbetherornst the city defrays'he expense of uniforming the en, but presume tb*t It le the case. a TRATllibll C1CB LI VERPOOL?STEA MS HIP ALPS, B. I.VGLIS. t1 ooaaender. 1 hi* new * id powerful eteemer win sail from the British and north Americas Royal Ball ttteam Packet Company a seek, at Jersey City on Saturday the ilth last., at 13o'eleek precisely, rreight takeo at reasonable rates. Apply to B. C0N A Bo. 4 Bowline Ores a. VTOTICE-TVB COMMITTKB ON STREETS OF THE 1> Beerd of Oonnetlmen wQl hold a meeting en Wedoei oar. April 8 la room No 17 City Hall, at 3 P. M , to hear par ties In rela ton to the widening sad exteaaion of Crosby street. r i a. booiic. 1 JOHN ROKHM1R. I Committee L. AVERT. on ?. P. BIOKPOBD, I Streets. j. W. ERTNOLBd. J PBABL bTBEBT W1DBNIKO.-PARTIES IlfTRRBSTBD asd oopoeed tothe widening and eitenaion of Pearl street, from Prank ha square to the Battery, are Informed that a map, howtog the property attsetad thereby, and also a emonstranee against the same. Is ready tor ilgi autre* at the once of ROB ART OOLQATE A CO.. Bff I'earl street, oorasr of Beshmaa PROTEST A NTB ATTEND.-A PUBLIC MBRTINO OP Wsldenee Lodge No. 9. A. T. A., will bfa held at Botaalc ball, Bo. S3 Bast Broadway, en Wednesday evening, April H, at "ii P. M. The Irlends of the Protestant cause are respectfully tavlted to be present Kmiaenl tpeskers will address the meeting. Beats reaer red for ladiea Beats Tree. By order of J. W. RHRPPRRD, W. M. Kcwxkd Boobs Recording Beeretary. THB SPECIAL OOMMTTTEB POR THE BILIBP O* Broadway will meet ai the chemher of the Board of Conndlmen on Wednaaday next 8th last, at 3 P. M . to bear parties Interested In the proposition of wldealng Eaaeeu street CHAS. H. HAS WELL. Chairman, The annual meeting of oolumbiaw mutual Loan and Accumulating Kind Association for the election of officers and other unrortsst business, will be held oa Taues day evsnlng April 9. 1387, at 163 Bowery. By order ol the Prtsleenl l.'dAM L. NOE, Secretary. Wakefield-the member* or industrial Home Association'No. 3, * ho hava paid InMull tor their lota, are hereby notified that all lota not paid for on ir before he liih af May will he sold ai suet oa at No. HQ Ho wary, oa the eveolr* of that day, at 8o clock. The Purehaaiog Trustee will be at No. 1*3 Bowery on each Thursday evening. from 7 to 9 o'r'.vk, until that Ume. D dispose of surplus property and rscetre money. corns. A. COOPER, Pnrrhaalag Trustee. ( U>THI3(1, AC. dbl TO 1601)0 WORTH OP NEW AND LEFT OFT tTL. clothlnf waoud.?Gentlemen baring Urge or small bee to dlspoae of will receire their Cull value without haggling or arching to Impose. Call at tha atom, or address Tboa.D. Oonroy. ?M Psarl strseC 1 fifi KKW 4X1 "ANAL STREET. BETWEEN VANION 100, and Sullivan ?J SENS A WTaNT. bwyn' clothing store. Will be fc ond at the above eateblUhmeet anew and well selected slosh ft youth's, boys' and embroiiered fanoj ache for children. fcc Ann TO INVENT IE SECOND HAND CLOfU.UUW thing -Gentlemen wishing to eon rest left oil or surplus elothisg Into eaah can obtain nt least flfiy per oral more by railing or needing their address to JaMES MOhONhT, iTVS^anrl sWeet, near Chatham. Cl-OTUINti -LADIES OB OENTLEMBB HATING any to dtspeaa of caa receive the highest price for same bv seeding to or ad training B COHKITIJ Laurens street, near caoal or S3 Weal Broadway. N. B.?Indian *'leaded to by Mm 0. LAD TEN AND GENTLEMEN OtTB TOUR ATTENUoa.?Need thin?An east off clothing eeooed band fur nil are. asd all kinds of house ware bought and the highest prices given la rash, fall on 1st address by noUi HA Kit H, 196 ievemh avenue, between Twentieth and Twenty urst s*s iq'RimTBK, HC. A SET OF PABLOR NUBBfTTRR WAMTED ON HIRE A. with piirtlegnof parchnsing within S ysar. Any person having asi'h to dlnpose af will pleans address R. E., Herald offise. HounraoLn rtrBBmjRB w?rrin -the rubrcbt bar wtahaa to oarrhaar ho>>*ohold furniture aufflctaol I* umiak a laaga tret olarn honoa. n; about fx iWQ or 93.K0 worth. Any parttoo about br? ahtog ap hnuaafep- ptag wilt And a caah euatomor by eainag at P.?X>I.TOB> rnoma. M Book man atroot. at aar thaa baroro tko lath or 1Kb tnai PLIEFTORR REGRETART BEIMtTBAO* TKARLT aoro Ma prtoo la root tnetantlr aonvuta a parlor lato a lot'trloot alaaplng apa taanl. Raid wbolaoala and retail, alao by IpaUlmruU. at S3 Whlto atroot. third door from Brjad way, R. T. SCHOOL FVBBWTTBB Oraalara auapM PKHTIBTKY ARTIFICIAL TBRTB.-B. LBTBTT * WWW A WD gran* twprerawt_Br ara Ratal tooth, roouu-koMa ft* Mwaaaaa dimani md adb Waa to iha raaa pooar of mootl ? *??..""d ladi iMIy aoportor ta tho arifaiiT atiallaa ptaia. aro gs^prerrr.'ss'.sriieais, AIX DBBTA1. OPBBATIOBR PERFORMED IB THB oat akUfnl aa4 aclaattdo maoaor. Boory rarlaty of am aar af Howard Brook Bo oanrtittaal prtaoo BBTWTBT.-BR. B O. DCBE1B, OABAL RTREBT, aar Tartoh, (old Bo. lT?k aow 4?,i lantoa attaaMaa la loog aed aiteeeeBul arpartauoo. DoOr np arm Boa with ^&SSttr:2Sxrs u " JT yyCtXlBTB AWD Al/RIOTR. Db., ortn.taT, bo ?m bboadwat. dk rntaa bia attaaitwia to dtoaaMt aTftbo ayo. chrealn tnflam nation ad lh? oyohoo aOaOtoaUT cnrad; fltma. apart a. Ao., re aao*od without oparatioa. Ogk* knnro <t A. M. to ?F. M. Preach artificial arm af a pupdrtor g naMty oa aalo TOO LATI POR CLAMmCATHMI. A TOTTBd WOMAB WIRHBR A BITTAYIOB A? chambermaid and wal'or.or ao oall ao-1 flno waihor la fully onwipotonk Will bo found wfltao aod obliging Rf*i of city rafaraaao. Plraao fall at or nddrrea USlTta at , botwaon 7th and *h ana , around (taor, bar* room. ' aa bo aooo for two daya If not oagngod. B~BrLOYBBR WTBBIBG OOOD HELP WILL PtBB rcapcctab'c aorraata at MORBTR. OOllBRRT A flO., S8I Broadway, entrance la Fran Ilia atrart. Alan, termor*, laborer*. Ac., at thla or it* branch office. IBl Oreonwloh alma*. Tmrlr wabtbp -coon obbr, wbli. rboowbbbd U rd. can bar# drat rata all nation* of all kind*. ct|y or country: attualtonn will bo plron, Utraa montha tor .*) ornta. atoo. farm era rnrdnwera and waKara wanted Apply at 14 6(b ay., Of ltd Bowory. CTbaBOB. R UPWARD*- PR* FKbWt TIE ?~Tf AWRRE PRAW. calaa on do lak'tbaa trar d? twvi w >n ntiiiU e *4 w* it * i?? o. f f r > BALKB AT AACOTO*. A 0. TUTTLJC, ACOTIOKIKA -AALAAOA OF U , A. dpM' tale of crockery. chin*, fiaaa. Ac.?J J- WA1?Tikofc, wlU Mil at auction, oa Tburedaf. April 9, at 14 o'clock at ike large atote 60 Vm; atraat the balance of tbo atocfcof earthenware. obina. |la?a and eattor framea; aled, the odce lurotare, Ac. ail gaoda packed It the beet order tor ahipplng. Tke ware will be delivered Immediately after aaie. Alio 6 rich Freach china tea aele, M placet, and it pair oofleea, with motUiea. Auction notice.-j. booabt, auotic?ehe.-by i bou art.?Thursday, at 10>i o'clock, at the auction kx ma corner of ?ranklort and William streets, daguerreotype gallery apparatus ell complete, consisting of one half alze ca- I mere. Harrison maker, la good aider wtlh atand* and one mercury bath; one da halfalze; three pair ooallng boxes. aeaorted auea. two head reela. one table with platform, one bull' wheel, galvmuic ba?teVy outdoor ahow eaae, water jar, aped, men oaae. furniture, ehaura, oarpeta, looking glasses. signx, together with evert thing necessary for carrying on the business. Alao Constable's rale of milliner; gooda, trimming*, he., he. Alao one eaae dry gooda, he., he WlLClA.ll thompson, Countable. CHANDLERY. HEOABg, CHIOOBT AT AUCTION ? Ihla day. at 'Ik; o'clock, the alock and llxturea of atore corner of Weal and hector etreeta. comprising biocca, ohalna rote, hemp. lar. paint he., he.; alao tiiturea, lea cheat*, UW, OUOsrgais, ll.UUllba ebtoorv. Deposits required WhLLJNQTON A. CARTER, AucUoneer. GILFKWT 8. SAVAGE AUCTIONEER.?REGULAR ale by DIBBLES, BAGI.KV h 8AVAUE, at their salesrroin 82 Cedar etreet on Thursday, April 9 at 10 h M , staple and fancy dry gooda, rich fancy good*, made up oarpets (new), boaiery. dock*. Ac. JOHN P MONTGOMERY. AUOTIONRER.?tOO 0A8BS bocts and shoes at auction, on Thurmdav. April 9, at t()t< o'clock a. m., atwe of B, N. Oewer h Co , 56 Bee km an street, without reserve for eaali. Tunis morrrll, auctioneer.?raspberry rcota (la-ge red Antwerp), fri.m a gcntlemao'e private garden, in buichcs of 1 t'ereneach, this (Wednesday) morning, *t UK o'clock, at 1% Broadway, soqnnri door north of a. T. tie wait A Co ; after which a stock of Havana, he , aegara, la lota te suK retail buyers. WB 8ALB. |{>1 Cfl -A CHANCE TO MAKE MONET ON A SHALL iPluU. capital. For sale, o hem leal and eujpbur baths, with all the apparatus sad 'natrumenta. From SB) to 160 may be made weekly. Apply to B. W. RICHABDS, 3c7 Broad way. hiftfl -FOR BALE IMMEDIATELY, AN OLD AND JtUU, wdl ettabllahed grocery and liquor atore, la a food retghborhood; will lease stock and fixtures; rent low, I IS 'rHOMp" ON Wl1^ '?Ur room* ''ached. Apply to V. Q. q> A (in -FOB SALE, A WHOLESALE AND RETAIL ?JPtUU. llqucr store, well located on a business thoroughfare and near a principal market, doing a good business. Kent low with .ease, illness causa of sailing. CANNON h BERET, tip Nassau street. (fcftnn -FOR SALE, THE HAIRDRESSINQ SALOON ?DUU. '.89 Bowery, now- doing a tint rate business. This la a rare chance. Apply on the premises. LOUIS MILLER. tt'-l nnn FOR a pleasant ribidenof. in Dlll.lrVMf VnrkvillB in HPht Phit> ftnlup un.1 hrran 7sm i>nl - all the modern improvement*. and a bargain ottered BIGG8 A bOUTHWK'K, 84 Ruuo alroet. d?Q nnn -^OR 8ALE-A LARGE HOTEL ACCOMiJIO.UUu. modtting 2U) gueiW. and oouatautlr full; located opposite one of the urineipal ferriea; established for the paat 12 year*, naif cash required. Apply 584 Broadway, rcomia. JjiO.HCWTAOO. A FURNISHTD HOD SB FOB 8 ALR OR TO LET-IB A. West Ikirticih street. Neighborhood very desirable. Furniture made lo Older, and reserve! If not wanted All to excellent condition. Apply to VAML1BW A SOUTHWICK, 61 Cbambets street. A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY SEAT FOR SALE CHEAP. ? The place is at Stamfred, Coon It la beautifully located. tear the railroad depot; contains71 acresj large atone house, four rooms, a tenant bouse, Ac , and plenty of chotce truii. The sud la rich good for cultivation or for building lots Also, a small cheap country seat at Say brook, mouth or tbe Connecticut river. Inquire of 8. P. TOffnSlltD, 82 Nassau street. A FIRST CLASS OFFICE PRACTICE FOR SALE, netting about 84,000 per year. Not necessary that the purchaser should be a phrslylaa. Present proprietor about miring. Addresa Dr. Benlou, Broadway Poat office. No agents need sppiy. AR aBQA1N.?FOB SALE, A NEAT TWO 8TOBY irame house, ten rooms gosd mabla, and live lota of ground, pleasantly situated on the corner of Nostrand avenue end Qulacey street. Brooklyn; only84 UU0. Termaeasy. Inquire on the premie s. DRCO STORE FOR KALE?WITH PHYSICIAN'S OFlice stis.-tied on ibe wtstern aide of ihe city, well stocked end detng an excellent buataeaa, with n live years' lease from next May. Addresa M. D., Bsyd's Despatch, for two day a Drug store fob sale, in a desieable neigh box hood Illness the cause, i. Apply to 8. ingkesoll A told, i* Seek men street. Drug store for sale-neatly fitted, a few miles from New Tork. In n nourishing city of 15,000 la habitants. now doing n good businsss. Id health of the psoprtetor rent an for setting. Will be sold at n bargain. For pellicular* inquire of C. b. RING, 192 Broadway. TJHJR 8A1JC?ON STATEN ISLAND. 50 ACBCB OF H 'and, oa the south aide, one of the handsomest locations en the Island 'or residences; would be sold together or dirtied. Inquire of S. B. hCHEFF KLIN 170 WUllsm streetT7"OB KALE-ONE OF HINOKR'S SMALL 817.B SEW r leg machires. in the very beet of order, having been In nee rnly two non he. Oan be bought at a reasonable price. <'?a be seen In full operation by oaJllog at 188 Hester street, between Laurens aim Malberry Foe sale-a liquor store and room off, In an exce lent Ircation la the Bowery, near all tbe plaoee of amneemeat, Ac. doing a good business and handsomely furnished. For luil particulars apply to SluOg A SgUTH WICE, 84 Nassau street. Fob sale in rbooklyb-a small neat two story boars ,new> and lot, 26x17: feel, garden, rurrsni bushes, peach trees, ic ; la s good neighborhood, two mlau'ee walk from Pu ton avenue cats. Price 81'sW. Apply lo Mr. QGHKN. eogtneer. No. 4 Spruce street, rear. FOE sale IN bbookltm-lwo lots, 25X100; house nearly new, va lot, 22x28: two story and aUtc none cellar and bitel basement. In twelfth street, between Filth and blith aveaara kighth ward; Greenwood rail ear* run wlih'n two blocks of house. No mortgage Warranted tl'le H.uiee mcdern acd la good order Apply to McCaF feat A walters. 34 Catharine street FOR SALE OB TO LET?ON 12'TH STREET, HARLEM, west fleas Sixth stenue, four lota and a two story plain piedlty owner, etieet pared and lighted. at earn boat. iUi|m ' and nil can eocvettieiH. r?Miloi belore 1st of Mar, If deuired Ptice *4 MM. !?rmi nay Apply Ul B. bSoWN, ti Wall aural (rem i to J P. M. Hotfl kho rtjmmkr boarding hourr for rale-Prwe ol rtiraitara 97 "00, ha t caah. attracttre ace- 1 i atr. good boat ag and Behtng. enenetTe (table*. lea honaa and petroaaga and fectllue* for a orntitable buatnaa*. II. H. OL1 ver 546 Broad war, loom 7. Hoi xi. i.rabk fob balk -THB BOTXT. (8 crn trady eitaaird, fi.rmehad throughout, and now doing a g< od btialaees. Tt?ie i? atlaebod te the bolal oar or thr oral paying bare and reelatiraata In thla > ity 1 ha while wiU l>? '.rari-d lor ? term id year*. or tba furniture will ba aold. There are l? room* in iba hold. Further nartiruiara may be ha>l by addreaalng llo<el, boi It Heiald office. HOCBB FOR BALK?lHI HOIJBE AND I,OT KNOWN | ae 11 1 Xaat ihuty ninth afreet, betwran Loilngtou end Fourth areniiea, biowa aieae ant atory, tbrea npoar drrlaa bflak; contain all 'be uiodam baproremeata. Price 810 0l? Trrrn near Ioqulra al Iba real rotate office ldil Tentb street, a ear Ihlidareaua. Socbx aid lot at ton xerr for balk ob to let?t'eua-ie bi.lM; ooatalna eight aoiau. aitneMd on adway urar'l opposite the aeaUaary. Price 84 500; rent , 84C0. Apt y 10 C. A. FX ABB. MM Broadway, W. T. ' IMPORT5NT TO PAINTERS AND THR T* U>R -FOB 1 aala four tuna around white lead, geuulaa, Ut ineeUUe* toaull pitrrhapere. rroaaMO po'indenawarde Bolting b? pay adraocaa. WU1 go cheap. Apply VjMcIaFFRaT A WaL TBRB, 36 Oa.heme afreet. j Profkbtt or brooklyn BRTOBT8 FOR bali, rirAapge ar In let?Tba thire alorr and haaemen' brick j fcuM on lk? coraar of Columbia aad Fooler a<reata. would | eichengr fur a hORBf la Prooblyn ar New York, about twa , minute* waJb IrwroWl ferry Apply oa ibe :<raaei*e* or | to J. J.TALMAW,80Neaeau?r>ei ] Srwiho MACHINFA for 8ALR?nix WHKKJCB A Wilaoa* medium and aaall at/A, aaaand hand. Alar strrer a Weed a an.l I aerae machluee, betb new and eerond i band. Ihld rery low by C. A PCROIN, warhlar broker. 836 Hrtwdaay, room No. 2. I BOAN Dlfo AlbldlDOnu; I ? n charlton rtrrrt rear macdocoal.Pleaaant and genteelly fnralebed epertmeat*. to let. wHA partial board. Yhoae Jeainrg bone toaafone will do well to apply. I l 4 a cnion 8quarb. opfobitr THR park-hutyb ? 'tT of men to let, with board, to gentlemen aad thou wtvea, or bachelera. A loo, two single raauu on north floor. Board.-a tvtf of lAOnianr room*. with j a riBAll. unlet family, ia a modern home Referenoee 1 at oat ha uaeaospttoaablO. Inquire at No It) Netaen plaaa oao block Iroiu Broadway, between Rlgbtb atreet aad War*. ley place. j Board -to i rt. wttm board, a record floor i front and bark room, witb bedroom aad paatnee; alt I tinted la one of <ba moat pleaaant parte of Rut Broadway; gaa and bath Nefeyaacaa eiahangei. Inquire at 181 Raal lwRway. ( Board in broorlyn -a room and bedroom i roaaectlng, oa eerond floor, to let with board, to a gentle ( man and wife^ Retarear.qieirheBged. Apply at 149 Lawrence Board war?id opvrutvuR and lady wtrii to obtain board In ? fool lonatlna. within 9 tna mtatitan walk of Puttoa firry. Partial hoard lor tin m tinman Mid fuJI board for tin lady. Would not ohioct to t T roaportahla rrlrala family A ddiwaa ratlnf mrmi which J a uat be modarata. Ar?to,E*>M artlch. I | Board dowr towp.-two hrrtlrrfii paw be n-ommodntad with board at M Ryinaon wm<- new 1 OMhp ytaoa. ' Board wabtbd-ir brooemr bt a obi*ti.b * man, wife add hog, In h laapoetablh family. Will rn quirn two unf-imtabad room* lao'lon a?*r P i Hon ferry. A'ldrwh, alalia* torma. whtrh Hint bo modern* Poo , bot 314 Bow fork f.A OUT' B of wo?no ainhanfd T\0 TOU WJHH TO 0BTA1B DBRIRABM HOARDER*. \ XJ rltf or oonntn Tbon ?*ll *i tho Boarder** Rx-honfo, " Apnlo on'o Building, MB Broadway, B. T Hoard aooaor* dlrocVd fratulwumly Circulate *?t frao^mon^appll^lon. " r"" TJRRfBWRD ROOM TO f.BT.- A I. ARtiF PROMT |! room no tooond Boor to lot loooo or iwn alngle gentleman. without board, a ? orlrala family, olOiato m tho i nmodlato I notghliorbood of Waahtuiloa aqnAro. Addraai II K. L., ' llantid oBtco WABTBTV-IJ* BROORLTR, fCI.I. HOARD POR A 1 gentleman aad wlfo, with an unfurnlabod room #n Bra w or aooond floor, with a quia family Lorn Ion noar Fulton ami o< bokjw IVmror* Otroot Boat of reference given ami ranutrod, I ft Addrooa N, L. ? . Herald nflko naalaf Inoatioa and Inrma. H UUAlo I $" K- -WR ARB ROW DtB.tTRRIIfO PRBBTI MfVB R O. Po.rh Orchard Off aad #tor? ooal W XI p?r um until nl (, t ,,.r IMF re Bh<?I.V A BR" . * Oat V..W|, ht HOlUig*, CAIUIIAQE? 6U>. CDftA -BOMI, OA.BtrA.OK AMD HABVBBS WART V OUU. ed, (or which a em*11 first ctt/ mortgage wig be given, and the dJtterenoe uaid in u*h< BIQOt A QOtrfHWlCK B4 Mmou etreel CARRIaOS FOB 8 ALB ?A 8PLKBDID FHABTOV. with pole end ahatts. nude by Lawrence. oearty new. aaly notd ho wealed of ase. foil ?t to Liberty eL. up loin "If AS* BOB8B FOB SALB-A BAT HOBII, lt\ r bonds high all years old, warranted aoeod oed kind, mg trot in t <S eertain he bee Mnr beeo trained sod is e rcnwk ablr pleas sat driver. and of Tory great eaduranoe. Mil giUO. Address Bub Boy, lie aid office. Fib balk-a rime sobbbl mokoam font built borae, aeroa ream old. lSbaeda higb. warranted aouad end bind, a stylish aad good traveller Price BIN# Apply at Tboaapaoe'a otablae, lQd and 110 Cast Thirteenth street. TilOB BALK-A VKBY FINK BOB RBI. H0B8K, BKTKN r years o d. also a gray harae, alt rears old; both just frees the country, sound and bled in aU harness also a aplaadid Iron graj hoi an. six ;anra old, suitable for a etman Sepaly at B. BLB1BAM1>'8 veterinary infirmary, 1SS sod 1M Ban'. Fortieth street. FOB 8ALK-F0CB HOB8BS; ORK 8FAK OF BATCH ed creamA aeren yearn old. 16 bands high, sound, bind aiidl triia Hi fnr Iriirkl' BrtPA K5fl: t\nm Klaelr ?---l ?' ? ? - ? old. 16.S, hands. per fact In every particular, very ctiiish m fact; fit lor any gentlemen: price 9400: one eerrel Morgan. ? retbar pony built, all years old; price 9175 Alao. one twe wheeled gig; price 93d: atout. To be seen at 62 Weet Waabtnaton place. FIB sale-a BAT HOB8S. fOMINO mini TEAM old, a.onnd and kind in harness and under saddle; ens Soe In 2 40. Alao, a spieudid near buggy and a new set af hi single harness, whip, blanket, halter, A? , Ao The tole will be solA together or separate, at a very low turwre. If applied tor Inured lately at the private stable 37 North Moore street, from 4 till 6 P. M. For bale-a brown mare, waoon, harness sleigh robes, Ac., Ac , the property of a gentleman she baa ao further use for them. The mar* is a pet animal eigto years old can trot her mile In three inimrea, n most etoe'leiA saddle horse kind, and wamisUd sound in erery reap act. The wagon, harnrsa and alaigb are from the best manufeoturars In the city, and have been but little need any geaRe-. man In want of a bandaome outtlt, complete In erery reeoect, will find nc opportanlty to ourrhsae eelnun to be met wtth May beeeen at FaO aN 'S stable, corner of Hicks and Hamson alre^ Brooklyn For bale-a two seat rookaway and a two seat aqoare box wagon, wllh tap. Inquire ofT. WALLERS, corner Poplar and Henry atroeta, Brooklyn. For sale-a handsome, light coupe, nearly new: also. If desired, a tine, eight year oM bay haraa. 1874 hands high, srlll trot lu 3 15 to the note, war ranted kind and eound. Apply at 13 Weet Thirteenth street. THOR HALE?A HANDSOME CLOSE COACH been r used in private, a six eeat narouche, a tlx seat carryall, a fear teat carrya 1, a new top buggy, a second hand tea buggy, and two buggies without tope. Apply at 66 Wast Twenty .third street. In the smith's shop. T7?OR PALE?A DARK BAT 'HORSE, OVER SIXTEEN f hands high, so and and klad in harness, eight rears eld. Brat rale traveller. Can be eeen until sold at 111 EraoUm street, Harnett a livery stable r>B BALB?TWO FI9E Y03NQ HORSES SIX TEARS old sixteen hands high, sad warranted sound and kind In single or aouble harness: are good travellers and very stylish (Lovers. Can be seen at Wo 14b Houston street. |IK)R BALE?A BROWN MARE, EIOHT TEARS OLD. r 1474 bawds high, sound and kind In nil bar. ess, very stylish and a gay driver, auitaole tor any light work. Can be seen at Kingaley A Son's stable, 106 Fraokthi street, near 41 hurch. TjVJR SALE-TWO NEW ONE HORSE TOP BTJlJOT r wagons, made by J. A. Say re. New York. Apply at 172 Washington street. IHOR 8AI.B?A PAIR OP BAT OARBIAOB HORSES, r gentle and kind in every respect, alao. a blank pony, anltable for a lady's saddle horse They are sold for ne other i bubo vu? ui vuiwciiiolw vi uic ibuiiij gviUjK ui ?unjpt> ai" so. iw > earrings harnerees toddles. MMM Ac.. Inquire *1 the private stab e, lb# Maodougal f.treet. tPOR SALE?A SPLENDID GRAY HORSE, BIX YEABS JP old, warranted sound and kind, looey la every war and stands In the street without tying; euKabie for a grocer, doctor or a private family. Inquire at 63 Bayard etreet, bstore 9 A. M. or after 3 PM. CtOl BALE?A BOEREL H0R8E, '?S' HANDS HIGH. J M? yeare old. nuid and kind In all ham em and aoder tee noddle. Can trot a mile In m'ee mlnutee to a wagon WU1 be sold cheap Call at 66 or 38 West Twenty third etreet. TTtOE RALE-SIX VERMONT TROTTING HOEtXB, TEN P working and bualoeee horeee Will be eold cheap, Apply at 99 Went Eighteenth etieet, In the feed store. For balb-a splendid oeay horse six teaes old; warranted aound and kind, mutable for a doctor or an expreoe wagon. Apply at ltd Stanton street. Foe sale-a pair or dark bat long tailed. medium el zed horeee. 8 and 9 yearn old. perfectly sou mi and kind, feat ImveUern, go In etogle and double ham em Can be eeeo In ham? at 9 A. II each <lav, until sold. at the stable 196 Ninth etreet, between Second end Third avenuee. Price ICUO. (DOR SALE-ONE rock AWAY WAOON. FOUR or six r eeaie, pate awl shafts. all In flret rata order, eei of atngta harneee, alee one hce artful bay home ll\' hande. ten ye? old, aound, kind end good traveller. haa been used aa a oar ringe borne only and very atyUah. Inquire at stable la rear of z7S and ST7 Ninth street, near avenue A, In the morning. YJiOR SALE?A HAT MA**, US HANDS HIGH, Jj aound. kltd and cant a In single or double bantam,') jears old this spring, and warranted to trot la tbree tninula* Also, a sulky. karnaoA blankets, Ac. Inquire at 79 Firm treat, from 9 to 12 o clock Foe rale-a black mobgan mare, u hanbe high, aound In ovary pnrth.-ulor sad well broke to atagw or double bar or as, can trot In 3.tit. Una be seen at Wood's stable, 79 West Twenty third street. Fob sale?a city made light shifting top wagon, been used bat three months, also harnem, sod fie and bridle, alee n large Itewiouedlaud dog. Apply at ' he corner of South Fifth and Klghth atresia, Williamsburg. fDOR SALE-TWIWTY LIGHT TOP BUGGIES, ALSO, r coaches, rorkawai A sulkies business wagons, haraeas, Ac . and acme second hand wagons of the hueat Soldi nod styles, will be eold cheap: also a Lumber of horses for ems. apply at No. 10 Brvtne aUeet, corner of Fulton areolae, tlinciljn CM)* SALK-A BAT MARE. EIOHT TEAES ?J), A war routed sound and kind Is no eieeUent family boras. Can be *eee at hJderd'a livery stab e. Has. tend 6 Bom Twoo ty eigkih street. A boi -wagon, with a lop, al so tor sola at the soma place Foe falx-a doctor's horse and wagon, all In firm rata ardor Tfea wagon l? nearly new. Tbgw will be sold cheap If applied for immediately. Apply at No. 170 Eighth avenue. In the ooffln ature. TOR RALE-TWO HORSE*. RAY. FIT! AND RIVU f year* old. 10 aud IAS h&udj hick, both aty'iak. and war r*n tod aouad and kiod. both tort la dim mintuea A too. a bow Hght irouinc waf oa aad two oulklaa. Apply at Ml doath it root ttli told. For pals-a bat hoksr is ha hps wiqb 7 year* old. food roadater. Warraotad wxind. k ad atod tnaUa. la.turn at toal yard cottier of Nlah area no and Fillet-nth atraet. ftor RAL1-a i.ARGR i.OT of MRW vxprkar WAlir ona of dlllerent at/aa. Apply at HTCDLKf'S office, Naw Bart a depot, Canal MraeL FOB HALS-A BAT MO BOAR PONT, IS HAHDR HMH. even yeats old. perfectly vyund and kind, and for Indian nee, unexceptionable alao, for aa.e aoa-rl?i<e an I berwaaa. In complete order. Apply to J, B. WAloON. WlU.amV 1 rkt*e. Wcacbtater oonaty, or to M. Y. B WaTBOM, V Jota aunt. FOB MM OHBAl* -O.V* HKW DOcrOB'S WAOOH; alao two lop wapnea. three tlpM rood waaoaa, alao a two waled wagon. atoo thiea eteeliant aw-oad hand ?ar<M wtok tope. Tha abnr* will l.r .old cheap for oaah, at BAXPW1R A ARHBB, MP Croahy awed HO MM FOB R AXE-AT TBI STABLE Or OBOBOB BUTT, ograhr of Bayard and KILabeth areata oae mur of black poalea rary taet and well maiehad; two pair of ha pa had aererai noil* but ana aultable for roada aad carta-. aae rarv flae par. ?U venra old and a faM traraltor. Oood aa runty wlli be ylren la relaUoa to gaality, dr. HOBBS* -KOB 8ALB. A RUPKBIOB PAIB MEDIUM torpd rarrtoce kotaaa. eeea yaare old. perftatiy apuad. kiad aad ?naUe, rery flae atrle and actios. and with rot r?nlt or bleat lab Alao, a haodantae bero'trka. will carry di yetanaa, built to otder by oae of tha be?t maker* aad kut in lie Iiaad. Par further peril alart at Irene B. A. hot UU P~'. :tee. Matched sou. ax HORRM-AM el bo ART PAIB of bay horkea U\ kaada kick tox year* old. of great title and buwilr and onrfertly noonf and kind, brn.i?ht trom Ferment lar be credent owaor, wba hea aold biaeoaaur teat Alao, an extaaatre top car rape, blaakato. mban. Aa. Dan be Been at Ho. 8 Boer-.m atre?t, Brooklyn, or appHPattoto "an be made to Me owner at Wm Pbyfk'a. tX Broad torwat, Reward. N. J. MOBCAS HORRMB ACVKRAI, PAIM OP WBLL mairbed young katiaa. aad tea aura alnale knew a jnd rom Vermont Perteaa lea in of rary epaner haraaa at nudorala prfeea, wUI apply al Ho Boerttn atreei. Brook'ys. Alao a city made tick! wapoo. rary low. -m Pin OP CASRIAOC BOMBS POB SALS-B4TBklnd aad aoaad. aad bare been naad only by tha ua nor to famllr bnraaa priew ?r ?! Apply at the prtrate alahle, M Hoat Pit team h atreok oeit to Port! a carpenter ebop. POHIRS-RHBTLAHD AHD SCOTCH POHIBS FOB I rain aultable for children, a bnaatlful match pair. Atop 1 eolendM pony for a boy 8 or lo yaare old. warraalad ktod iad annnd, Are yaare old. and two pnstot with wagosa?d taraeae. nearly now. Apply al 78 Healer aWeel. OBO. T. HALL. JBSTLASD POHIHB ?WAHTBD IMMPDIATRLT, SB J raral Shetland poatea; tonal ba of email alia. Addraaa lb hlit aa Oantral Railroad office ITS Broad war, rorter at Vtrttoadl alreac HRHRT L. STBS it SB. rBOTTIHO ROAD BORSR FOB BALR?OOLOM GHAT. l&K haeda high. entuid aad klad. iyearp oM, tone da wHh nt tytoa, or would eiehaace for a nod workiac haraat Aply at l!uM Broadway, rrO RIAT WAtlOH FOB I ALB?BUILT BT J HO. I Jiwraace aad will be aald low t 'aa ba aeea la the allay. QTAOOK FOR HAI.E A HRW FAAHroRARMI FT dmiblaapatad warm, wMbmittop. MAda frroap of Ito aat and ha* npvprgba n run BUI hp a*U chwap. pplj taRMlin, tatoa Haul, V9 Hndaon atmnt. WfOB KJBOTI'ILB 011A BOW a IAPTAIK DR RITTRRKB THIRD LFOTHRR A? nopit J t.bappl. Broadway. ?a Wadaaadar rranlnf. A aril A. beta* ip (rat of tba aeaoad aarMa, and pnaMrply Up but bat mm. uhjaat. "IbaOiHaaaa War." UhutnttUf Urn UMa? of Ikn alaknfl. tall of uiaaMBBUlg- Br partknilar rw/npat OWt. p Rlrtprp will appear to Mia full war uniform ut aa ntlaai uf ip Zonaraa. to arbfc-b ha la attached, Tbr fourth and I Ml tapire will br on Retnrdaj arming, April II. Tfca Aral laatara , Brooklyn win takpplarp ^TmS AUaawun. oa n.iJS5 renlng. April . l>oora op an at T; laaiiira to commence at AL ,okpm lifty eeata. fhraalp at William Hall A Aon.', 1W Mma? V, and at lha principal kMr, book and mnaln at-Taa. jiRFl LWTI'BB OB ~ HOI A?R>RPI|IG~pi^r' ' HI MB will flTP a Ipcniu, Hlnwraaad by arppr nwaaM lib enotlPg ntaaaPa In common nap. on Wprfnpodaw Jw ua. at S1-, o'clock. at thp howtopwar. f^iilat waZ. rma ot Ptrphaa Wm Fmlth, Sit ftrmtdwae. naar Mprtna at. onackppppra wMI dart.a anek aaafai htfarwiaitna. >OFCLAB tWTl BB RBV R nOBWlVF^Tifiof. . 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