Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 11, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 11, 1857 Page 1
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I TH! i i I WHOLE NO. 7528. GilLV IMPORTS r FROM OLD WORCESTER. li Thayer's Flan of Emigration Rapidly I Going Ahead. GRCAT PROSPECTS FOR OLD VIRG'NIA. errlble Excitement and Fun all Rcund, to* Ac.. to. *, Worcbstxr, April 7,1857. a. Brnnkit:? Dkar Sir?since the publication of my letter ftn ie Herald and your admirable editorial on the reidcration ol Virginia, I have received tetters from ronereee, North Carolina, Kentucky and in great ( unbers from Western and Southern Virginia, al jartily approving the scheme and all earnestly eneatiwg ub to send ow colonies to their ret motive cattties. We have already been dfcred over5,WMM)00 acres ' Virginia land at prices varying from 4fty cents ?one dollar per acre. There never was a more <*ushtious time for rcsucltating the "OH Dominion.'' lie people are waiting tor ihe friendly invasion to evelope the resources which nature has so boonti lly entrusted to her, and to give ber that prond osition among the States to which her wealth and iflncnco wiK then entitle her. But we moot lock out for the first show of sickly hilanthropy and eliminate it from the company if Jt shall hapjren to be introduced. >( We must be a business concern. It is no part of wr purpose to-make women and children cry, or to observe the interest of any political aspirant I ell yon we want business men acting on business irinciplee, and only that. Whatever will stand the est of the herd dollars we will allow. Whatever annot we must get out of the way. We must r.hape our coarse according to the law Ad the profits. As soon cs they get oar oharter through at Albaly I shall be in New York city and will see yon. I j rill brag some letters to give yon an idea of oar acwptaace among Southern men. Yon will like their one. a txnnpiray ui uve i hukwi nave yum leit my baaee. 7h?y came to Brake-application for joiaiag Ike ver/trst colony for Virginia. Good fellows, i Truly yotun, Eli Thatek. City ItttoOlgeacc. Siv Toaa Cnizaa VoLcaraaaa ?Tke follewtac ap potetmenU bavo been made la the ecoond dtvtaioa of tee Hem York CHlaea Voianicon, who wllJ parade oa ike IMhtoattMaptr General, John Orelf hton. AUm * Damp, Jamea Begheaand E J. Samoa. Adpatent General. WUden T Walker, toepeotor General, Peter Y. Erato*. Caaamleaaiy General, Tkamaa MoSpodon. famaeiir InCBief. W. Hank Me Advocate, a A. Beydam. hnarternuoMr, Alex. Ward. Bargna, P. Defy. Pnymaeter, Horatio N. Wild. MMary Seore ary, laaac Betxne. Cfcapialn, t. Johnaoa. ta Pawm Raoutm dUxr ?Iko Wtizeaa ad Paagh koopala bava teadared aa iavtteUoa to tho OnaaOh tlqfl mat, N'attoaal Guard, to aeleot that plaoa tmr_ tketr , aaaaaapmoat tbo onmlag rammer. Tbr Common Ooea : *i have appointed a oomeUtee to ooofer witn a oom- , mMtao et ouia?oa in making tae preliminary arrtnga maam. Poogfeaeopate, from tm looatioa. In parknpe tan bam plana aa tbo mar tor a terrain Kagtmaat oamp. Onmntngham weald bo plaoad oa tbo ataad to-day an a ?mea u> aubetaattate tke ohargaa "fnlaal Ooroaor Ooaaery,.bat we leera aha la ae UI that It will be tmpemiMe tor bar to appear noleee a ekaago lor tka belter took ptoaa laet eight Yeetorday aba waa ooadaod la aer nod, aad ao vUtto-a we-e ai milted to her eell eaeept her teeghtert, wbo are la atteadaaoa ap-ta bar. The tiiaem to toaneed by the long aad to aer aaaeaal oealaemmt. Pout m Viujam Snaar?between lira aad ate e'eleak bet evening a Ira wae dteeovered la the bnDdtag Nr. 71 WlMaui rueet. The alarm broogbt aa aettre aUsadaaoa at toemea, aad the reran wae ktepeedy exttagetehmaai. ftoa km appeare by Ike beralag la hare originated ra meaeooai floor, by tka Wdn et tbe Are piece. la the rear pan of tbo room, and -oxtoadleg ap tbe eide eaelag tkroegb Ube eetllag to the tbtrt floor The >00000 floor wae ecjopioo by A Jeooboea, dealer m otLiba. raeeimeree, Ac., aad O. Opuer, don er la faaey dry go <! ; tbetr damage ?y water aid tiro may be eeil mW at about 11 KO Lena eovernd by laauraaee. Tbe third flmr wae oerapted ny llenegeberger A Liv mgtten. wbo lal-'deelere tn nothing. Damaged by Are end water probably fll.WO La to oorornd br l near# nee Tka lirat floor wae occupied by 9 Aloe A HeUbroaatr )an >or? in claibe, eaeelmorea, Ae Damaged by Water probably ft.t 00; folly <*?eeed by taanmaenln tba Heche tor' ana Trade re, Brooklyn, HoUef aad atAer laanraaoe am ipaniia The buamenl waa oeoapled by SHrmee A Lnadaater, goattemm'o rnrulabiog gooda. Damaged by water a boat BOO. ourartd by laeuruase Folic* Intelligence, deirarr cr a tim alt Uorirrnai eiraa to Commit Pm. oma ?A yoarg woman, about IS yeara or age, named Hhry Daaa, aaterad the jewelry mora at Charlaa Ska mnakar, No 3e Eighth avaaoa, ra Tkaraday eight, aad eflbrod a ooaaiertttt $80 bill aa tba OiUarae' Beak at kmelalaad la eiebaige tor eoma IrUMag artlote par ton, aad date mod the girl oat! I ho praoniod tbo eM of eao et tee Niatb ward podoa, aad Mary ww thea lad la tha mminn borne, aad there toeaad ap la await the aoUom of me madNlrate m tke anwalag. the prleoaerbed art boea ball aa hoar m tka oall betera eba ooaoatved tka tdraofbaagmg hereeir, aad aooordtagly aha Bodaetlfe baadkaroblaf around bar Uiroet. aad toatoalag Iko otker aad at utetbotroa gratlar of teB oott door, abaoamoteao aa te atraagle hermit, fne notea attending tke effort at aaif daetrncUoa at racted tbe atlcottoa of tae pottee, who naaaedtd la relieving bar bafora We bed beooaae art)net Tk- peer girl eooa revived, and after reoetrtag a wawre m ;h imc#r id ommm, winooaioa to ( aeioos aMl Mnii: Tmmmif Ike ?rm?i> was bmiMMM JeeUee norteo*. M Ike Jiknoi Market Potion Oeart, akom dm was ?? ??< ?nr trial. Merj 1 em la n* 1 kit efcetild ba looked opea wlib a free deal of cteweeey If ike eatkerttWo, for ake u or ideally a dot tee at ooaa barfciUag Break Iy CNr IWews. Tka Ge?m Jrar of raa Oarar of Kai noaa ?TbeOenrt of kaaaioaa uw"led yeeterday, before Jadga Horni. Imu?m SolKeaaiaker ead Kmrtena, wbea the fjlloanaf gnat ten. nr. were iclecled aa Ike Oread Jure ? Joaa M Ikka. foremen. Daalnl T. Leeerege, Wei feoie. Wo. Blames, Wa. Heeearale, laeeph Wileoo, B Atew Hemnel C Berber. A t Otlrta, law M. folk. Joke Ballard. BM>jtn1n Beldam. Jemae W. Clara, Tkae Ram Hoa, On I Tin d Knight, John Barter, Joaapfe Irra, lu H Tail, Hi'am Reseat I The Jutge in|iBf Jin Jury referred to Ike seeaI eab)eoi? r< a 11 red bj the atalaiao. end Mated I bet It far maatou baaed oa eertala repels teemed le indicate teat er-ral ?delete nad rei*atlf been gillty of allowing prta aaara nbo "ad been err net ad .or ptck tag pneftam le ta enpe. Urn-ehy rrfenrg ihmnnrivn labia Bn urtad tba wry ta ' |U're law tba oiatt?r Mil lad ot tit* jwrtl- if lonim M ba enlpaoln HI* ho "or *l*o etlUI Maaitoe ? nbargna of br.bery again at oflfcta?, nad nrgad , B Mir *I tareatlgatlon ft bur tr i h. or mil tjr, If Wm* tbe or.ltag'.eaia *ta<>uld ba pantabrd; ud li to* r* Mrt* wern board n * m*!!** ' -*ly, than tbo*, woo artataa'nd tbo rh?r?t? thouid ba h*td ap to tit* aowaiantty lb l?*'f pfftrr ob*-a?tar. tm Pro blotter* I.^oor law, ha a mtaaad, had bona dart.) d aaai,o?tl n! ooaily by to* 'loan of A J pan*, rod H waa ibeyaMea anai eyary foe Utt Hand Jary'te ootaider the tn*U r. n?nr tbo* ra Irad for daVbarafna, ai d tba loUowlny arm'pimmta ward mad* ~ rwnd Andaman, Ja?a? K ifhe? Patrick Lyonb, V?. MMBM Md Jawtaa Me.Hlaitea* ad barf, for (rand l?r aany. In nteol'ng rarl o* arttt a* of blowing front dMfaraat ( UmtTidoai*, John Mnngna. gmod laro ny. for aioaiiag a biaaa wad wagon; Wa droit* for hnrgltry . Klwarl a. , Tnt\an, oalnraa, far blraay. and Tnoataa W Webb, , wbtt*. on a a n>ilo? oharga iam*a Mylatt and Andrew ( faatry. /ar attempted rape, frtewled ant gnllty, and aara ( raaaoiad. Tba ooart adjoaraad till aazt TuaaJay, 13th taathbt. rial -1 Adt ermttag a flra brnk* awl to tba nwnalnl i bakery lb ? nltm awmaa, aad naaaad ana* daaaga Tha 1 great tea" Mary, bawnrer, waa dome by tba graat flaw of wwtwr frant tba nagmea Tba angta af Km Ma waa aa Papua Tovhp rn NiimAUA?Wa woald ?h?ine , dtl oar fytaata |a baaareal pafxr towaa Tbara laatlbid I maaparfaatiawn wdktacvMl*, ararybaar ma t aa- ! abnai af betag tha ownnr H a tew. All nvaam datlrtng ta anaura aa Iwfwral ti ffafceanka wnaMda wad tn ay- | amtoa flar uiataaatraa or gat a mapoaafbi# age at la art tar Httab. barer bar frna* fl-afrg apamtatara. aaMwa yon ~ i E_NE' ADDIHQB&L FROM EUROPE. ARRIVAL OP THE CITY OP MAflCHBOTER. The Trtables Between Spain and Mexico not yet Settled, Acs **>t Am. TheoteaaMhtp Orty of Maacbeater. Gapt. Psiiie, from Liverpool, Maroh H, arrive I yesterday moralag. SMdPaoha, Viceroy ef Egypt, hu abolished oertain ilmiltii km, u4 ilhwwlN mod# several imoiry Iftoroi From the French Okimbw* there to not much of la I fportaaoe. Tbo Coaaoll of Blot-) bod under oaaeldoroUoa to moke tbo assuming of miss of nob Lilly without aatbo nty o peael offtuoo. The l*ora Momitir publtebee detolto of the reseat distribution of 400,000 francs to old eoldlcre of the Bret em pire. 00,000 pereone applied for roller, of whom 4,000 of the moot deeervtng were m looted. There etUl ex tela in Francs and Algeria 07,700 eolltere of the eld Imperial amy,of whom 40,000 require assistance from the government la oonacqueeoe of the growtai Importaaoo of the oolo ny or Senegal a naval commandant of the fleet la thoee watere te to reside at St Louts. The captain of lbs frigate Duroo eras appointol to that situation. The Madrtl journal e of the I nth of March oontaln a pteoe of nowa whtoh Is of eomelmporUnoe, and wblob la oonflrmed bv the semi official Hojat 4?i->grafut It la that ibe government bad formally notified to M. Hlda'go, who bad been asm to Madrid by the Mexioaa govornmeat to treat of the pending dlffionlttea between Mexlao and Spain, that it ooold not reoelve him er any other dtplomsttst from Mexico until Spain ahoald have obtained from that country the redrrea to which the con rider* herself entitled. In too 3rd an oe with thto resolution, M. Lxfru gna, another Mexican agent, who wae expected la Ma drid, would of oonrsa ~o? be rosetvei, The Epoch lntt males that the mediation offered by the Emperor of the F eneb would meet likely be respectfully dechoed ami that Syait would obtain repararation from Mexico by tending a fleet to her thorn. The Russian gorerament to meat anxious that the.Daka of Oasuno snould remain at St. Fotcrsborg an ambassador from tbo Queen of Spain. The Paris oorrespondeat of the London Ifeaes writing on the ?d uit, says.? The last aooonnta from lysn and St. Ettenne are aot satis aotory, The present dsrlmees Is attributed to vartetsi otiiei First, the manufacturers fear to parehoso raw Uk at the present exorbitant ortoee, and prefer >e wait until some Men may be formed of tbo quality and qeaa tit, o' ?he next crop. Com plain la are likewise made ' Ike aai. uilMl nf orSart fMai lh> ll.lurf Puu. r?iu. York v< robaala dcellM to purohaae ellk goeda at the fro aoe thigh prior The pnoe m? naked lot franou alike la from 8t to 40 par east higher than that of laat year The oonrumpiloa of aogar, aoOao and ooooa ha* laoroaaod ooa atderabb la rraaoo wtthla laUor poara, anl tho pro j do Uoa or tbcao a'tialea toaa not laoroaaod la tho aaaao pro poriloa. rho Uotted Btatao, moreover, ooaaome at pro aoat a groat portion of what waa former); exported la tho Sardinian Chamber of Deputiee, oa the 14th alt)mo, Count Oarour aald The katltoaUoa of die tea aOrta la merely a ooaaoquoaoo of that pphtloal eyotem wateb ladaotd aa to aoior lata aa oAoaeivo ailiaooe with Eaglaad and Fmaoe a atop whiiib enabled aa to uphold tho oaaoa of Italy al the Parte aeagroaa " Aaoordtng to the fttflumti rm, tho real meaatag of tha toregetag aaniaaoa la, toot the farUA eat lea of Aiiaaainrla la a i Mural ananntaaat of too totaahoa of Sardtaia to begin a ?or fa Aaiy totaaara/aoorwhte epportwifry may praMMf the?/. tha Poahaaa Pagaat of Parma, la order to tbolittato tho oao of tho tolagraph la her Statoa, baa door and that the prtoo of daapatahaa la tho tataator ahaU ho aotahty re daoad. Tho Impraaalaa that tha world latahoataaaadoatho 18th June h ao proralaat la Qalhala, that the paaaaata are hoaomlag ooaaawhai diBeoH ta aamgg*- Tha poor tgaoraat ereaturte hero been ooa Armed la tho Idea that they hare bat a raw woeka to tiro by tho eboMtoa of tho peaoport torture" la Auatrta and Um rod notion of tha poof port tax la Baaaia. Aooordlag to a PoNah oorroa poadoat of the Owtwreichtirbt Dmtttck* faf, tho lower eh?ea oxpraaa ihemaaiveo aa folio we?"No oao now trouhloa htmaall about the world aad Mi lahaMiaata. A aeaa oao go where ho pleaaea, m it U mm aU the mmm whether he u here or he A mar fee." It appear a that tho oaphal allowed by tho Baoataa govern morn for the Alga railway la ?1.430,800, with a guar* an too of 4)4 par oaat, of whloh S por oaat la to bo ap pile* M IUIU| ruaa IM IVMMTI ?II?t* UM *010*1 oo*t at ?1,340 000, aad tbey will bo enabled to loooo the ?00 ihtrto at a dteoouat oo M to oaii the guaranteed Ulertlt equal to 6 per otat 1%e pro* poet no he* eeea laemed la Leadda of the Trial dad HaUway Oompeay, wlta a oapttal of ?800.000, ta ?10 there* It to pteaoaad la the trot leetaaoa, to ooa*traot a bo hi io ?lie*, to brtag oeae of the prtaolpal iiftr dM Irteta into oeaaeetloa with tbo ooeet, aad aa apphaaaoa wUl be mad* to the looal Lagtototar* tor a gnernaf a of *t* par oent A parliamentary paper baa beoa laaaod the wing the to Ml las port* of grata aad flaar tato Eeglaad tor tho pool year. It I* oboe*red that thro* fourth* of tbototal aapply of lortiga floor were obtained froM tbo Ooltod Stale*. la addition to tbree-Oltbo of lb* aaaoaat of ladlaa oora aad or* than a fourth of tbo a?oat of wbeat. Tbo EogUeh parliament woo aaauaoaod ta Moot oa the 80tb of April. Bogb On, oaptala of tbo Haaaab Jean. of I/Mdoa, woo triad at Exeter, Eagaad. Mr lb* arl*r of Edward Dor no, ooob of the Haaaab Jaao, oa ? blgb oaao. A Liverpool paper aaya >? A mm of ooob toarfal era*by aad atreoby, *o detail*il la Ua open lag of tbte oaoa, waa, parbape, aoaroMy ever beard. Tbo prleoaer, a too nobtag a?a, woo tbo capi? of tho Baaaab Jaa? of about lM tooo bur<i<?. The oo oaaeed wee a btoak ?a, a aatlr* or B jo too. to the Letted ?1*0, abrnt 88 ftn ef age. ead ni engaged oa cook >a the (tip The orow of tbe ably ooaaiMed of ? captain, eta ?a aad a boy. la Pearae*), 18*0. the no eel aalied from Loadoa to Howoootla, lor a eargo of ooata, aad ibe* proceeded to Senegal, than to Oept Verde Ulead*, tc Mn Umade ead than book to Kegtoad Wn| * ?y wore a ? E*aog*l rieer, la* *agiata eeeaeMed * Meat eiiraorelaary * >* ef arneita**?boetteg ead fl<>8*tog lb* eeeb day by day tor faor woofea, antll, a*nxeiog ?*e* rr end weaker Tom Uieee oroeitle*. a**?b, ?re ?rcirel Ibea bia persecutor roltored hiM Iron b.r orfferag* ea ? Sd of jaly. Be waa beat? by tbe napMia aa* ibe mm* vitb ropaa. wit* braea baadioooad wttb o 'oat," ead wbea bta bank woo raw be wee aeruhbr d wttb a bmeh Tbe peer fellow owed to ory tor m> rtj, ead aobtd opoa tbe drew to eo? ead bdla am, boi the drew der*d not laiortore Van tbe rreen reacted Bio Oraodo, lb* erow tatorMOd tee oioea' Iber* ef tbe treatment tbe eeofe bed rewired, eat at bie d aUt bat n* aetd be moid not de ecyUilag la lie Men*' fb* btp err I red at Plymouth M DaeeM tar. aad tbe* ea la qnlry we* laeMMted, which ended M Ibe oaptala being net to prtecn tor ttlai end 8ealty lieneported for Ufa Tbe repoiM ef e contemplated treaty of oom?rn and aarlgettca between Rotate end Franoe gala rapllly la conrleteacy; it la now ooafldenlly a filmed l bet the draft to tbe tree y la already entirely elaborated, aad that la file nmiin end public*tlo* la oaly delayed natll lb* Tory thorough re Titian of lb i Re* lea larlfl, white la to* being at net e'?id**uiiy labored at la enmpiolrd. Pr t fnnoket, eorrmpon H.-g Member of lb* laatltut* w rorio, itnotrMi IB a i?Mr an urate?d to IM fVnwtMi/urr ot Hon* i, that ibe oipodittoa la Mtral of tbo to ir wo of tba KIM, which prnoitoed nob rtob ooaqar<tt to the irVM flr world, tu joot bora dteooirad by tbo Vioarjy of tgypt Tr e firoir obtp foam an Irtd lb Rag laad rroai rtbaaghae with M3 8(0 .bi. of lea aad 1.383 baloa of alia. Tbr War In China. n?* ror??wi7?o at hoki ionn-ncxntioir or th* ?QHTlUT Tlr Mrm'trur it 'a r- tu (trot ooom dttalla o' tbo arroet tod bit: loiofrig ?to?y ot tbo Ubiaoao oakor, Allam white tkwukloa tor poionaiBg bio broad hat booa already not MMlt* AHnat, wbo It a man of largo fortune, aad artio baa > Irnairt ml I la aod graaartrtal Oaaiaa, wbnro h'O romtlr uaaail) rat Ma. took to Oigbt laaiodlaielr aftor tbo porpe nation of bit erfrat, and oaabarkad la tot night on board t juak for Waoee Aa Bag loa otnantor woo tool la par i It of hlat. aad bo wan broagbt bark oa tbo 10.h to Boag Kong where bo waa immediately onejemet to aa torrrgalory by Captain Aftai, she-god to ior?otig?m ibr atT?lr Tbo qnretlooo aad bia aao wore, wbtob wore m follow, aero ooaoo throngb aa Interpreter ? <j im tbo 1Mb Honrs bar all tbe tomgnort who Irai wiib yaa roeofred broad wbtoh bad bona pn|. i ??d wttb araoolo. Toaoo wbo partook of ft oooo foil it a rffrott of tbo potaoa, tod rortrai art etui la t danger nnrntto *>ia afla? the oomatlUal of thto aotion rot look la light. Tear doteoetioe. aa bang arreotel aad latnrrtgatod, dorlarad taa< tbo broad bad booa praptrad nndrr roar dtrrratoe, aad that < oa porooeaHy arm d tbo ro'ton aad lh?ew tb* areehle lata tbo dmgb Wbal bora ion to oty to tbtef A I aotnd agreeably to tba order tf ibe Vieerey, wbtab wet brnwght k tttyi teltinte of ibt taatdonae hd order told tot that, tba BagiM Itrtbg liabwl ww aw ?y totatry, U waa ay daty it I W'YC MORNING EDITION?SJ aaatat la their d*etruotloo, that the oeldlara need Or* aid award ?o fight them, ud that Iwailoui pouu; that >1 waa natural to do everything 10 injure aa enemy; and that, mortover, U 1 d aobeyed hla ordera, my retail t at Oaatea would be thrown Into prison and all my property ooniioilfHi. Q The ooadnet of the Vieeroy la horrible, bat It li mo exona* fur yourt. The aot wotoh yoa have we a milled In ooutrary to the la we of war ae |i la to tboee of humanity, aad he who oommita ouch 1 erime la equally gouty with him who advtaaa It. II Ing that too acted iftlMt MMf, for you bave a 1st polaeued tiwaui, Rasatons, Italians, AmertoaM Md FreiMta, with it bom yoa wi Ml it WW. A It VMlt voluntary thai the poisoned brent was itatrljated k those forel|S?ra V}. What yon sow say Is sot the troth; your domesttoi have declared tbsi en that day yoa made two kinds a bread, one poisoned, wblob was dlstrlboted by yosr or dsrs to nil foreigners indiiorimlnately and another whlot was good, ano iieen only to tas Cbtneao. A My domes ltoo are mistaken. Q. Thai we snail see hereafter; your erlme Is si borrt hie that It la very natural that yoa should erek to dlssem ble, hat when the day ol your trial arrives we wtU fur alsh proof or all thai we charge you with. This first (ntorrogotory took plsoe at the moment whet tbe baker was brought sack and lodged In the prison o Heog Kong. It u a curious document, and shown th< reelings which now animate the Chinese. TRXATMCTi^ Or KTKOPKAN8 By THE CKIFfmk. [Extract of a le'wr from W ddaui tUe. ?l Eugiand, date* H -ng Kong, Deo 81 IBM ] 1 think 1 wrote > ou thai I was la tbe bark Coarser, joined her nt Bombay, Ut Novum oer, 1866 I oaose ou brre, trading Irons one port to Mother I left her laa August, and took oommand of a li'ohale tUsootitln) trade, i left here en the 10th of tto|itember for Chtn chew, with a valaaiic o?rgo; bat when within tweatj mi on of tb?t pari m boardeu, and aftrr a n< vera mrng gle w?s taken by hinote pirates. My mate md severe ot the orew were killed; I received a aaot through toi Irg, a sever* out on the brad, and thret other wounds ?nd was made prisoner, foe vessel was takeo, plua dored, and uitlmnAly burned; what beoame of Ins re meindar <>f tee oaew I never learn ?d. 1 was carried sum dlatsaoe Into the lnte>lor. and treats 1 brutally. I suud der now |o think of It. Hoi, lame Md weary, was gleda? almust to madaois; my sounds untressed and saOersd 11 r> main so; no one to ssslst ms, 1 usee sot oemplstn What I.UIe the >art>arieua gsvs me 6 eat was thrown at me At one time I nave all up for lost Why they sutrend me to live so long I cannot sav, bat I will tsko too long to tell nil the horrid tola; suttlce It v say after being a prisoner among them nine long d rear] weeks, suffering and est urlnff ?ll teat man cou d suffer I st last made my (scope to tus oeaet, end after dve day spent In toll, pstn and elerveiloa, was picked up by < vessel boucd here, whoa I arrived on tbe Tthof tht month In n state wbioh sssy wed be ooaoslvsl; sll lbs I had In the wertd was an old shirt, panto Md hat. I ap plied to the a ut born tee hare and stated the osse, whan i km-of war strum er was dee patched up the ooest. hot ha since returned with do tilings, 108 pirates leaving m vestige whereby they in got be traood I ro Immedi etoiy Mut to boapitol. where I birt been ever tnaa. Kj leg bat bee* moot trouble At uoe time it m tbougb It would hove to be token off bat It l? bow nearly weil I dad Jolt nonage to pat my loot to tbe genua 1 ] hop noon to be obio to go to nee again and oommenoe thi world anew. BCSeiaN TR4DK 4Kb TBI 9ILVKB DB AIM. [Vienna (Moron *4u) oorr>epooaonoe ot Loeaoa Tlaaea, Tbe boatilltiee In which Ohtna le bow brooming i avoir ed with one. If not more, barbarian" at a tee, forma i knbjeot of Ibo bigheet In tar eat to Rate la and the pree there; tbe very war da eetd by the leading speakers ti tbe reenat debates tn tbe boa tea of I'm Ho west bore beei foitbinlly root laved into Ruealon loaratla, on omoant o aooaracy and iroametonualny that bltbsrto bos nevei been bestowed oo any foretga diaoosslobs Tbe opinloai wblob tbe Resaloos ot Ant lorn. el. that those boettllUn on tbe cottars osstt of OMso would lead to on Inorsosi of their trade on the westers land frontier of that empire seems to be giving way te s lively opprebsustou that ihoj will proiuos the opposite (Cast; this la ox pealed to art* net no mneb from lbs usual lmpovuruhinc efl?ots of wui a from tbe clroomitonoes that too Interruption of to. Chin ate commercial reiotl-me with Europe Is sbtpplsg tn< Import of ellwr at lbs CMmss ports. The prtosofsUvsi Is already very high In Umt ooastrv, asd there eoimt sow every >eseou to txpsst it will nee oosaldtrable high er. Tbe Inevitable iiBnismm of Ibis sxsmseivs nee ta tbe pries o: stive* in Ob lee will be that lbs Uhtoete f* sassd Is Klohhto for Ramton msrcbsnHns Is likely Is bt very materially reduced. PTTWrmi OTSKATIONS AS AIR AT TOM MSLMBOriRIORS OP nut om*KSS OR THI BPPbCTS 01 OHBIMTA ? ITT. [drum lbs Lendon Tlsass, March n.] Further papers relative to tbe prooeedtsgs of bsr Me Jeety 'i sai a> fhrass at Gat ton were laid btforstbs lot Parliament n few days age, and psbhnbsd on Retards* I Tbe esirSspsstebus, so may be supposed, rets tee table etvuty tetbs litodtodttMs dittosRegttab futon at tbe sset Of war. Tbe most remarsabls paper Is s "?? bus" (purporting tn bo) issued by lbs whole die trio! t fltog an (Bon os}, peremptorily prohiMHsg Ibosupply a prone >eot Is lbs "English bar bartons " Thit aooumes fa s ptsolone spsslmsn of the 'nssdiy disposition or ih< Ob Is see towards us end of Ibo mercy end loving kind eras eh?ob mey rcotossbly be ex pooled et their baids Tho pronwbto, to to epook, of the "eotloe" rocliee the "thn English outlaws, rent tog rtot to rahellloa sod beer tng tbtmoelvee eontsmaotoueiy end leeotoetiy to Otlse bad for n eortee of yeare oommttted mora on wee taei hairs eon be plseked trom the need te somber," yet so-withslacding tb?tr essearstie Ueotosoe, the mteeer govern meat wee mermfeUy pieaeed, wbes ibey treated lor stent, to extosd to tbom " ektroordtnary re*or, to hrgfvs tbem their psot offshoot, end U allow tbem to trsro ot V otorta and other pa*u of Hang Kong." toot end of repeating (oe It oo booved tbom) of their faelta, "a bowl of mteoliiei toy wbbln K'be Keglien.)" tbeir oopwtty wet tonaimnie " Alter tun dry aocutauoee of outrage aed violence, the oaimlna lag oiTeeoe of the htogitth?lie at tack on (satoa?to deaouoeed ?' rude at tn* bear asd soger ss the wolf, tbey have peeked their rebellion far ' The high authorities si Ohtoe. bowtvsr. were (till ithers and leds'gsnt, sod, m s Cbntttos spirit, refused to ro Isltot*, untu st lengib tee brute sat ere" * the tag Itob, wsctog mors a so mors ftrootosa sod psrvsras tbey vsniurtd lbs length of staling the walls and enter 104 tbe ntty. " Tbey ere n poteen to life. Tbetr ortmm hen ranched tbe bigbott point " Accordingly, s mooting o the gonwy asd h'trdM of the whole dietriet wnt osavesst en lbs 14th of Deoomhor st wb'ob the supply of food we sirtoUy prohibited Bat the rei gioue proeelyutm ?r ta< Eoglteh Is the laet (bather that hrsaka the iocs 01 tht dvsrburdssdd Chinee* oamel. " Amnmg ik?ir timpi youth or* <i>om v ho hoot horn trwktd by U* d~viU iotn a p o fmttim nj Certifier, tip, to the mul?tdinf of stoiblrtd (A dtltmrm of the frroplr omd Ikt groat try ury of moral* N< t bm most be lo?t to bsrn>sg their netarsdog aook? sad driving not both teach an end otooipli*," The flnai Infer tsoa from oil 1 boss prnmtodd is list "the tagitot ddvlld meal be etarvsd," asd tee ssaee of tbe pw>p*'i misery out er belts lbs mtrtotto epinte of Omss cue rook The sot toe, of wbtes lb te s brier est tract, is Mm work afs fsnsst, or ssnnriti gradual* Mr. Bsrhanas's laaagsial In England. [From lbs London Fern, (Lord roimorsuwe org a*,] Mnron M ] Tbem is stuns of moderation m Us Msmagssf Mr Preetdanl ItonUennn sMbssrssiisbis to bam end reumeMeg to tnoss woo aroet etaeereiy bop* thm Anrwu dlpie msey will evvr be |oversee by the spirit lmi animated that portion o> bis add rem to which be any* It may rtgbt that an this ecewlao I ehou'd mUaeome hrWremark* on ear rtgbta and duties as e seobv nf the greet ton Ur of eetleoe in our tntoroouae with them thww are seme olwa prtwlrlee apprered by ear own etoe leaee, from otoeh we should oarer depart We ought 10 eu.Urate peace oteisrrw and rrteadahlp with all aotlaae, awl this Dot merely oe the beat arm er promoting on* owe m uertoi late rests, bet U. a optrlt of l%rteU?? beaevalesee towards our fei low wra wherever tsetr let may ee met imr 1lxi Inmqjl should be direct and frank, neither seeking to ob'ata mure nor ocrrpting em ikon te our due Wn ought to eherwh a mar ad regard for tbe lodeprndewee of ol> OaU-se, aed oarer a umpt to tstwlbrr In the domestic mnewuebr aey. ua'em mierfrruuca hall be Imperatively required by the great law of mlf preeer ratten. If Mr. buabnnas'e Prrstdsney carrier set the premie* of lie Isnugurel ad dross we ens nature him that 11 will bat b light labor to mlf rate "peso*. oommeroo oat frlflM ilnl I if mllh lllln i rtunlrs team ikasn d^i?hte duoia will gnw rpoaiaarxnitlp ud eery oiotoraaUp Bo w ptrtoctip walooma. ao Ur >I we ere o*. earned, ?o rip?td ik* imrawiM mNN of ib? i'titoi -*uiim up Ha onrel and oerd drfeneoa, for we btr? eot the lifblrfi id'a of loo lag loam if we naa piwlo / ha'p |i| and we abali too t m with groat piaaaa'O mat n a rtil rted, or nop 01 -er maaniriiN to pkoataa, not warn tba ttlBMio and Coliforaia, b lag wall netaran mat lor aay pran u.aar tkonaand powerful wag one o o m m<roa anl trarareo l> for oa? Ikat latino, a goo. uni-??, ladord. tbe "military war" la Iraa a no litar? demoert'nI'on agaloai forriga *e? Bitot ibaa tgalatt domrot'o eo amtitro* o' rtfiano S W* bare Had roatoa to eatpool a'raad p ta the a*i f oar that too Pro?ld*at'a arm dooa a it quite faeh .uaa f-anrlrnn, n? at all taenia, ?ia hit graap ta a- mawbot ? u read bp tho tietaaa*. H ?woror. thereto to don it Uiat tho noainioataauoa la *aoilog. aad tb?r* caa to bo brttor Itrea.m *et for mi aar pita raan no I'm Uolob. for all etptrteooe thwi that th- ward ' rot a" la tba United <umi ta ajaaapinrei with population aad nlrl irt loo With rrrprrt to K taaaa, low that tba M.fBonrl rom proatao it fairlr tbrowa orsr?oard, wa ooa'd bora wta? rtrd nnthiag oioro 'rooi him man waatbo oat promi??d ' a fair find and no far or," aad wa haaa ao *pi>r*>t?a. I- r aao. t ibo r.-tnii Ifnor'nr raffltniam o ?m a to r?| batoo wt'h to# pnwrr o? tba United ttaioa wa think wa naa oieta l what win happen. and ti Urn frea ami totilar* ar* left id po>r* we tpparmd f at wo eaa p a toi on wblobatde tl>a mejvltp will oe wb?a Raaata retcboi tbo aitg o popi:itil a of 18.4M?tba attainment nf whim noa itttnteiih*coming f tea of ao AmTl >?a T?crtt?rpand nloaa it with tba f?po mrtl < of a di??a. or whan C 'ngrata ta la tba oaaa .if California itepnaeai with ihti |nwitdoa Poo. It ta t ratif lag in nt, to i of go d omn to ?n? ra poblln, thai tnoa aarlp Mr Bonn tat abooid nam aoowa thai that aad dlffl inlt qa-enot la IB tba Haada jf a maa ?ho will trrat II with aiataamaai ?o etlma<a* tad area haadrdaret wbirh. bo merer .MtUttafol to reoid iboiniamet* or b-trdar rufflaaa wifl atdtfr moot raatoot ?i* mar, aad rt?rd tba b at obaaoa of a peaitfnl and nil'atwnr) ao Ut'oo to a qnea ?-> wblob, aMwith raadlag tbo paaetoaete attachment of iha mtia?oa of iba I sited ttntra to tba fkdaral Uom , wa* tba owaaa of ark and arkaowmdgad aaiwtp laet tammaa to ibiablog noa no both at tea of too Atiaaito Toe dontriaa that h* ape dawe, that Unrgraae la naltha* to lagli ate t a rear am aar Tarrttorr or fkata aor to aid ado it therefrom, >at learn to* bropto tharaof par fa HI f free to firm lad rogalota thafr draMWbe totmotioM la Ibetr own rap. lth) ad owlr i# the ,ano*titotion of tba Uattod itaiat W m porfrat harmoop with tba gaolno of that itoaHtaUoh; and Howarar too ton prom# Oeort af tba !lM ftbtoh up Oamaa ar to too portod wbdh too IRK K lTURDAY, APRIL 11, 1857. I of territory "ball datennu* wbathar i ?fa*U mr tbbll Mt uvi within ia?r ooaadftri a. Mr. I B omiu "? >attar*t*4 < actor at too, that It U lb* laapar*i u?? a Ed tedtopaa table dntr or iha (ornrgam of* > Ualtar) 8 iniwwwi to avari reatdeat Inhabitant IIWIBU UHWWIWI llfl?? O Bit opinio* oJ Hi vwbv nanda nl la mark d uj honorable ooa.ranl with MM) eondnol of Mr. Pleroa aa his rale drew towards a Mr! Boat mm NN olturly tbe serious character of tbn du|?r of tow* pnrete notion ap n the qaen 1 n of Binvcry, ud FiMkly odmita tt. Ha Mil: Throng boot the whole progress of this agitation, which hm oarer 1J known no) lntetui Mtoo to' more ibsn twenty fatri, whilst it baa boon prodnettve of no positive good to out human being tt h?a hern the proline antiroe of great evils to'hn inaatrr to the are. tad to the who!e outitov. tt baa alienated and estranged the peavle of the shier->tates from each other, ai d baa even eeriooaly eodanaored the rerr existence of the Intoo; a or haa the dearer yet euttrely oeaeed. t And he wteety polm e out the remrdi egatoat thte evil, 1 via ?The ?t>atioebee on tbe part of one dials from Interference with U>oefl'tln of aroi e>. on the ground that, 1 eider tbo cooatltot'oe, slavery la tbe Htetee to o-yood tbo reach of any human poeer. txoeol that of ihe reaprotire 8>etea ibemaelrei wbrreto it rxiata Boob. tbt?, la or BaCaaeu'a tree'ment of two ot tbe moat Important topic- which are to oooipy ble attention | (bribe next four yeeie; end at be repudiatee re-eUttloa, we met bepe tbajt bla prose ot elewa may be oerrt*l out 9 honestly to the very lest, and are uot olapiaed to criticise eery mtcoWly bl? somewbet etartiing anartlin that

tbo United H aiti been never acquired territory by we I sword; for the acquisition if Totaa was tbe voluntary dr termination of a bravo kindred people to I blend tbelr deatlnlee with those of tbe model i repebltc. whilst tbi aequiiMoo o a porMm of ten Mix t cab territory was m ?> :y a purchase uu it r toe tree y ?f t peace for a r>m wbiota was wesldored at Un time a fa r . eqolvaebt. We o*nnot help somehow associating tbta j littie bit it land cuaifbf, by whlnn op wards of half a million square miles of territory (Maaged owners with suob J goopowdcry words a* Monterey, duona VtsU, Vera Oux s and tfterra Gorda; end we anepeot the sword was not , very far from tbe pan to at slgnrd tbat treaty H >wev r, 11 be oonaldrrs >bel ble allegation that tbe past mstory of tbe Uetoa fbrbtda 'be future acquisition of territory oa g lets sanotkme i op the laws or Ju tioe and taioor, pl-idgi blm to pnt down flltbuaterlug we absil dwell >o ru >m I u dob tbe sksgnlar rnwmblanoe tbat tue petia whtnh drip from tbe wing of tbe American eagle beer it swori 1 bladrs. [Prom tbe Mnaobmttar Guardian (Protections! and Anil Steven) Maron 14.) t Wbnn the result nf tbe oeoteat for tbe Prat den tin chair, wbinb bad agitated tbe United Stales from oue end T to tbe other, w?? Brat annouaoed la tbts oonatry, tbe feeling aroused by tbe tidings was ona of bt.ter aod nn mingled dtseptoinlmeet Hi?b hopes bad seen enter i talned of the probable lean* ot tbat etrugg e; tbe flrst, or aearly tbe grst la tba btatory ot tun United H-atea In t wbioh tbe battle bad really and avower ly been fougni bo ? ?? ? lauuivu uaiurau/ ici * Inteaaely Interested ta the result. It wsa sot only that > our relatione with eur trsaaa-iantlo comma ara so olo?e ? sad of arch vaat moment that every yieii allude of lat tr political tern pur and ooodt ion can hardly fall more or lest I to adact oa; id ere ?es aiao tke 'soling that n thta oaae, ir 1 ever, the onafa-at lay between the <>p >oyiog po wen or light and darkneaa brought palpably faoe to (hoe: >0 palpa a biy'hat we oon'd karaly fail to heaangame of the deal t victory or the feed oanae. It aeemed that the ad root tee of fre> dom ooeM aol bet eel'at the eymoathy and a upport Of every boneet mod patriotic o ttzrn or the Nor ha-n ] tkalee, wboae rights. honor and Independence were ate neoed by Me bully tag tone end egg receive artttnle of the i pro-alsvery party, had when the ooooiualon a'lbeoia i tret wee aanounoed?when we learned t'-et altar a i the i evil had trlompnad?that the free States bad tuooambe 1 i to the die tattoo of the Booth, and that the obeatptoa m f alevtry at moms df quarrel tome ami ontrbemri- g tartic* r ufcroea, waa etcoted to all the bights! < fflte in h's oonu i try 'a gift?the dteaodo'ntmeai felt here wee not limit* l to regret lor the defeat or Ouloeei Fremont aed toe froe a aoii party. It area thought, and with good raaaou, that , ihe eheioa af the United Stetea eoula bardW have r la i'm upon a warte bum than Mr. Buchanan. Tee law a anbaaaador to the court or th I ?mna u noLrrrtoutty a man r or am WrileMa and dapwdhMIi temper (an ai>ocait of I 'turbulent ana otyeu toe Jvreiqn pmiaf " Uhelr to be vary I rreWai an carrying ant the enmbi tioue tehemet of hit parM r taw aad very regardteaa of lha right* aed dtgatty of the proud aad powerful nations wHb which auoh aoonrse wight hrtrg bias tele oelltatoe Kren the woderettoe of t the tone which the new President ha edoptei la ale ta aagural endreae will act do much to eulet the measlesee I aateh big aeecaalea to hie high sfflos ta oalaeietod to ei one. Tree ho l?euieetea the advtaentltty of keeping oa meatfly terms with alt nattoaa, aad of oeadoteg th*m " wives atrtetty to Ue aaeeitlaa of thetr nam rights; hut ha r tndl tales clearly aaough the view he takae at American rig Ma, by hie retereoee to the UHaaaoaa approprta Men af Tdmeo, of wblota he tpoaha la aoeu teroaa aa leava at doubt that he VMM be glad to aeeept any other terrt* tery?any Ntoanwaa aad aaern the right o- hie govern meat ova h, In ike maeear, If u wen oflared blw h* a "brave, kindred, ad weapon dent" head of dirtbaatera. * Mb aaloakj aWbalaa n?geahar Moneys eh leatlaaw ta ' Mr. Beebaaaa'e pro'aaaisne of J sellss aad wideralea, ' aad leava but IttUa room to bvpa that be wilt be lea I rasploe and ueiorupulous (ban the ptevloua ohtafa of 1 tba democratic party, whea appotatad to the Presi teaey * beve shown tbameelvee. la regard to hie doaaeatio policy, Mr Buoheaee'e dole ration, if mora moderate ta teraaa, la aabatantlalir what * might have bona expected troea the aetata* of the demo ora-a aad the champion of alar cry. Be lease bta ateo f areata# doctrine of'*htate rights." eod tnaleta oo eiteadiag 1 this deotriae to the Iter rttorwe. Be deeteree Met Odagreea haa eo right either to introduce or eselu to eleverr n any I TwrHlflPt At l*Aim Ikht It A IMllMAltaMld Ihama.lwao en.ami 1 bo MM to drofdo la* quootioa oa their KbMn loio Ibo L'elon kPaawbtl*. tot to probl >U mnrf t* lo deer** n* oaleWaoe wbuo ib? i*Tt owaor* are eager after at* laado 10 r apt tee ibeae we lob ibetr ignorance aad h ei Ihimn bee* eioaooli; aad the litre breeder* are rqaally an no a* to oreale new eaertote for iMtr prod no* Le*er that* dreumettaoor, Mr. Bacbeoan' with la to al k w lb* Introduction of elarory Into aar Terrtto-y, umtl aofe period aa thai Territory iball be quail Ud, by the lonorr of I * popotaUaa, tar admlorion a* a dtai* Into tbo rate*, upon wbtaa either the aati larery 1 ikbabiuata moat enoeaab, and bo oronnully up*Med tram tbo Territory, or lb* elarory n et tl'b party will roaort In ar*M. etoot a t*(iet*. tor* at Ueir own, oall In an* rooetr* in* aeouuaoe I of it* roiled 31*too troop* to matniaia taelr anosndaaer, en* fbr bwtb proerd to nail taoir oppaaoal* with all tbe terarliie* of tbe la* of Lynch Thai i* to any. la oeo word, oiorory, wl>h all It* aiteadiBI horror* aad o* oeaoto. (bail bo eotabllebod whorerer nature and 0"* eato do not irrorooabip oialuoo it aod free amir -el on nonltned to lb# nnrinrroaooei eitremity of tbe I alio I Htetee territory Moeb la the reward which tbe anno or toy of the North bar* reaped by their aopporl of Mr. Booneaui, and wt one now only hope tint tear will ley the eeeon lo boon, and that too error of Noretabor, I*64. mey be rerereei lo INI 'be Jndtfri*o*c4 UHyt of Mar ah 23 anel< 'of Mr Baabaaaa'e >?ao*arai aaurooa *ey*. that "from notl*. blag to en l bin aneeea hear* tb* noal af a lai bful tin >orl ij . nad ODlaine Ibe p remit a of n outsort, prudent, Una I aad learned odmietetraaoa " Tee JVerd on tbo ooatrayy, it af opinion that Mr Boobaaaa'e proyreom# ' oee aot ootlaia oayibteg new, bat on* wool I look uaoMdnly la It c any la'o-am oa wbatboerrr ?i>o ,i tb* prl lOlpei qoootloe* la raga-d M tb* r?l*llore of the United Bteien with bar aatghjortag aad tb* Earopeaa fowor* t Loid Palme ret on'a Addrree to HI* CortnUI aetata. TO TBI KLbCTUkk OP TITUTOB. > OaoTLbare- l arlUaeet ho'leg be-o u,a.o<?#d la ardor Ibet la* fleet?- of ibo oeit d klagd?w ot?r bar# an op port natty of npreaa eg teat opinio* on ibo titular rtet* , *( public affetre I praarat my tell to yoo to a ctodidai* for Ibo *0i ilaoaeo* of the oooddoao* eiih which, 00 1 yoor repr. MCnlira, I nara to long beea bonrrod | To* qieetton wbteh in oebafttol to tbe Jolgmont of I th* oo-airy to, ? bteh thai! be tb* me* to who.* ba*d* i bail be onmatVtd tbe dret a ea af the nanna, nad ' 1 wbetb r Ibet rbarge ehall oenl MN to be ooo* led to the ! reeai o-uaielal'aroa or waeiber k tbntl be traaaltrrel tbet rg?frgaliOe of bllhorte oleiordant diemeaM by wbooe oooiDiard aa I >a oa a Into orcemoo a row of oeo ; ar* wee parted npoe Her Mejrbty'a guroraairol Tbe cUtmt "f tbr preeeet o imtaiot>eiioa te tea oral droee Of tbo oooairy real opne i*.i end reel* waiob wM for** ea taiptrUat oboyter in the b'e.orv of teeee timet e ctdrrtoek iheoonduotof offelre I* oh*Hear.e to tbe oall of onr eortrflga at a mnmui of no am til d ill alty, to tb* aildrl of iroot w*r, aid wnea tboie in n wan I bad berr I rl l> obad op to aa t>? leedt't of parltro j hed for eertoo r-**oua drc loed tbe r*.poo*ibiitiy oi , i office. o? be > braa a eole tr f >rm tnib ao aunt <i*t a'loo at wae In mtlr npUMm eqool to to* orwit Wo camel oa wtib ?b?"gy end ngur tbe wer la wnl.ih l ie c loatry ** tngHrd * ?<* in beany oo niieraltoa wl b oar tollon'. eliwr?tr* Frincb. tb* taardtaiea* and tb* far**? re broeg il It In a itioerornl i*rn<ine loe ond ta* rroj t w * 1 ntree'y of peace ?bior a-oornpltibed Ida ebjocw if th? 1 or eo I watch tecared for too wl.lwe coediipw* rvri ? >.<? if lb naa O Wboa | hava Hlol.i bat do im?4 tl uo Irwot ?! in I '?,* *? IM rati ?oit? o *i ib. la Ih t-tarmitna o tbo o' thU trotty dm itnitkt la i|?ri tn maitam ? |ri?( Impinn i <? , ? to dlfflomixa b? tmni la t iMtii <a 1?r M?j ?oty a yntotniM o" mo ?ly rnntrIbiiio t la a rati fauory rao ? lo r<n>a?r b?'d tbo full attatamaat of boa oi|?r'? of toa ma y li rrgo <1 la thamwtora to wnlon tao a olillonUiai ra aii n bu ihna hrau taomrd at tin-r>r?miing of ma raooat fm\ >a of ''*?tt moi: a aa> ooi c< o oar tciaalioa rf iafe) f off th > war port oa a tbo a.'< m lai, and wa propnvd a bulfnt nu.ib >< at proton b? a mtjanl* ?( S' aatra i I'ha f>r?t?n ar, wblob hai ong<aat?<i la argr walnut tad ' raorh of on| wmoat by tba 'arriaa r>??r .wai, waa pal aa oil o by a iroa*y af pna<y rwao odoi at Paiia (>nr o ploaiatio ralai rata with tna l'ai?*d MttMa ban braa rrptanad a.o.a ihotr n?nal fontlog by I'm ay prtaitnaai *1 l-ord Napfer aad hia dapartara for Wa n my ion rapar* bad boa* proaoatod la r*rHa?*ai oapiululag tbo rraonaa oby tba Bn lab aad fratob mlooinea ha! | booa W'bdrawa from Napioa. aad ao ao.l w ladb-aa gioou of aa< m nlou lo ba found ad oa >boa? pap r? I'pna Bono of tbaoa maMora did bo oppo. Utoa loom II poor tola la foaad any aamaatfal auaek oa tbo goaara m?at Rot oratw of mnob ImmrUaaa ba I bappoaad la Ub ao, anfbrraroit by bor Mojoaly'o go* oramool, aad am tba ooaar *p*aoo of aay atopa abaa by Ibom Aa tatofoat barbarlaa wialdlag antaarlly at Oaalna ban ttotalod lb* Britua flag, brabaa tba oagagaaioam <4 : trial oa, cflarod rowardt tar ib? aoado of Irum atniooia la tba part r f' bina, and plaanod urn r oatr i i' io by mordor aa?t#ail'n aad ynami Tbo Brwab offloor?. ntrti aad aaral, aa tbo auttaa bad la boa tbnoo mtatnraa wblofe app-arod to loom M ba prapor aad aoooaoary v obhtla aottofowtna aad radraaa aad bar Mojaaty ' go nram?i bad apprarad Ifta oauria ! paraaad by ibaaa ofBaara lb rtodtaattaa a# Ma aatfaaal i [ERA fcooor ud to I Ike aaaortioo of ear aauoon rigMi eonieinouoD or polMoel ?or loo sot Wll ibU lout aoaai lad, oaritad rtiota too dcotarlof too ooorao pi ood try oar i>fflo?,a m (tolas oajoauflaMo. ud ooai qneoily eoaaoMop o?r Majesty'a gorarooioai for bar! appro*?d 'bad caona. Bot i ihat touaar iaa oajaatlflsbla, Uko British goror eat, laaiaad cf dcaaodtiu a* apol >?y, oogol to one aao uraerai o' axp ntiot aailafaouna, eu|?l vo oil rovsmfii.Wii in Uw Ckloeoo fl im?taai?w ud It i ourm the opponents of lie favsrnmsni, their ftmemertary vlcto, y hod Id* ailed thorn to Mho rut to eonet* it? here been prepared to paraoo. Will ih? Britloh notloB (loo t-oir support to Mu wi bave ibaa tndeavorva iomii tt? QMkUietioa and d graJattoa 01 their ocAintry ue o.op lac atoao l i po werf I OLofldmBy assert that such will not ho too ooctn I that *til he |I*?b to toe appeal bow mode to the electa ol the ne t a kingdom We tr<r 10 the oeentry a govern inset founded ape far (I'll-root prtiotples Abvad It wi I be oar otrae endeavor to pr> cire peace, bat peooo wuh hooor oa whh sefrty, p one with the mawnuienoe or notion right*. peace with security to oar renew oouatrjmoi lor> tfn looto At hoino oar guiding prtaoipot will t jodlcioue end well regained economy, prngreastve In provtmeol in all tbat court rno toe welfare of the natlo the coii'li-Ded Juration of odacatUo am nig the peopl tad OBOh well OOOiMaroi reformo *? Lorn time 10 tio may n rrqotred by oboegeo of cirjnmaunooe and t the leer aaiag growth < ( intelligence. Ot< tbeie grenade I preaeot myself to ;on, and I aotw rate with caati .nee the retait of the in ere walin yi ar? ahoot to lake in Ibe solemn d. oltinn wnlnh tb? ok siliueictos of the united kingdom are about to pr n- ui or. I hero ibo honor to be, gentlemen, your obedient at devoted servant, PALMKRdroS. 94 ficcADtixY, Ma oh 23, I85T. Jctvlth Einanrlpatlen In England* Baton Kotbarnili- baa I sued 'be tollowiag otroalar the city ot London electnrt, in which be nanonooee t) >nte Mi?n to reeigu hlo teat at tbe end or next sesloa, 'be House of uorda again rofutaa to admit tbe Jetra to real Id tbe lower boner t ir?I have ibe honor of oocloainc my address and hope t>e ravoifd wtm your m and tun port I have at ea-lv i a Ived prom'sc* ef aval tta from all miane'S and can con deelly ea> thai I hilly exoect to have the hen ir of again h"l voiir rrrneaeiitalive. rhonld 1 be vo f i lunate I shnll mid* vor tj bare om 'i"C*tl'-n introduoed Into rarliament a* *i aa poarloie Ibe rlrea-ly get eraily evpreated op u n il tbe next will be a verv liberal Par iaoo?nt, i? c mflnneil hv t account* pahlislivd in tho dall* pace * If our cauae. tee with lncrcusra mvjornlea ir the limine of Common, bet successful 1 'ball not hesitate la Imme lately pla< lag mv as at voir disposal I have tb? hot or to remain, air, your m. ob.lged ana obedient servant. MOSUL I)E R0TH80HTLD. Paw coritt, March jo, 1887 Naval biMlllgence, Tbe ttram frigate Niagara, ea proceeding down V haw vestertfev forenoon to anchor at Ouarasttne m wlUi an accl-'eot whlob will detain bar fo- a nana be < dtye before proceeding on bar trial trip. < >n bar atartv from bar aneborage off the Battery, and before eon b proceeded but a abort djatanoe, tbeoy Under b?ad oft centre engine gave way, bat from whet cause, la at j unknown, fortunately no one waa Injured by the eeoi or aieeni from the cylinder. Bbe will probably retni In the bay anltl a new baadpiece la caat, wbuh will done with aa little delay aa poeilble. Lotnai Pvaa at firnroa'a ?Am we have prevtaui ateti d Mb a I/raiea Pyne will aall for Kiurope, in the Pare en the 29tb Inatant We are glad to hear that the pub will bate en a more ohanoe to hear Mlea Pr no aid t artlata aaarclatel with bar. Six performtaooa of t Engi'tb opera, with Mlae Pyna and Mr. Berrlaoa, at Bi ton'a theatre, are announced to commence on Tueedi evening next Ou Bcli given a ooaoert ibia evening at Nfblo'a, aid of the read of the M aeon to Board of Boiler. The pr gramma la aa Interne ting one. Oaa.vD Ben. it nm Acanawr.? he eeeoad grand bal under the inperlateadence of n fhehioaable commttu end the eirrotora of the Academy of Maale, la aaaoaaei fbr tnreday evening next It In expested there will be great aaeemblage of all the fhebtoaable cltguea, ee thle the leet cbenoe for a ahow of the kind thle toaaea. Ti director yromiao that iho dooortttoaa, ho , ho., abali on a mere magnificent eoale then ever, aad the bell a undoubtedly he a very fine affair. People who have he doing paaaa< a throughout Last will hern aa epportun Ior name pleaeaat divert loo ea Tnaer ay. Aid for lllenregna-tletidHVDni at Carle , tort. Kitrtot from a letter from Oolonol Kewcn to a gent man of Mempbln, Tana, dated Wakbik. row, March 2b, 1817 la ornerquenoe of ibo wttadrawnt of Gtrrtsoo, M< (tn h Co , oi MM tlatmer Trite, from the Net Onw rtdr, It wee rendered ne'e, (try tnat I ebould vleit N< Ye-k end make tome trrtng menu relative to ths t-ac p rte'ton of omlgreuU In m -touthera poru. I errtv b<re from New York thle morning having noooeded fecting wbat I con eel red iob? a eaittfa <wry arraeg meat I proposed to Ibo oeove named goatienoa ratae la Ok.irleoton. Saraaaab and aljaoeat nl.iea fro too to l.OOu men. If tao meant of trnnaponatloa we fnrnitbed them from tbe Mty of Obaiieet They bet agreed to fnrnltb m? wiin a eteamer at that port lor >1 lataiiirb my boadqnartora at ibai piaoo. I dealt rauiag lb tcqolaite mnlwr of ud aoooa )anj try lb*m m??eff to tbe >Mie of acitoa la cola* Ittb'Dg a rood? i?tm? u Cherirotna It lb reoenti* tbi I (Drill bo provided wiih oil tbo MU aeceeer o tbo ira i| ood rqiloplog of a largo d idy of boo d- ilro to go n forco'Bt at oae time to atrtko a d< etetre blow aad pot an cad to tbo war Tbo roooat oo? ar km of Titoa? a tttag a1 meat in credible? hai detrrnau rd bo to tako the Bauer la baad myself, aad I ao ad r tat loaarai Waik< r by ib* stea ear of tbe 3)4. rrom No York. I bare urged, too. opoo Jat. Walker, Kiq, i Naibrtlle. tbo arroaalty of makiog every eio-tlio poet b e b> lurlhrr ibo u>oe?aal|ia of my porpnaa Now tbo erPloai 'imo of oar lortaare, aad H mnetaad (ball r eolt favorably Tfle loade ral'Od la Na*br1iie I bare ai rleod a b to remit to aio forth witb at Obarleetoa. Mat may bo raabloo to coram aoe opor?tloaa la earaeot rniro aleo ibatyoa will do tbe iaa>c I tract, roallj ibat yoo bare boea iaroo*afai ia obtainlag from tbo mi arte o MempMi *bo eridtaoe of a literal aal juel ai preelaeoa of tbo itroggle la wblch wo are oegagel, aa pf Ibo loolal aad poetical ononqnoeota I' lavolrea. loot to TrbntMee for " moiorlti a'd" aa wmi M aymp tny lor IB aailanl aoa aod I aboald bloeh 10 keow aa ft ol Ibat it bad pro rod faitaleaa to I i.r.tgb aad boiy ol Hgmtoaa. J 0 KIWEN. COL. tlWWTf TW rilARLKftTON. Col K J l Kawae, aaya Ut-auoarloatua tfcrrury of U 7 b ta?t. wao naa play ad a eoeapmoo-ia part la tbo room oeai ta cf tbla laiorrotiag ooaatrr. la aoe ia oar city, aa pmpoaio to addroaa tbo people of Uhorleatoa le raoero eight oa Ita roeeitir.B, oapabilmea aad iba maaifoid le-ai Ulleao to aalgraitoo ibere Onl Kewea woo. fr?r anaii time, Attorney dewerai of Oalifbrate. !*abaeqaaatir a J load Waiber'o tapedltka, aad baa illed ra-l>a? air tary aod elrto pee under be goraraaaoat. Ha la fall ndlte* by Prraidrat Walter la regard to tbe arjool miaatnsi H(WI from toatb America. Tbo aleomitilp iimar ?. *.> at cktabaamptoa, Kr.g laaa. on ibo SAth alt fr m T?a datra are from Baeaoa A rat to fabreary I. M >a tendon A, Rio at Jaaalro, U Babla, lit aad Paraamoa CO Ad of Maroh bo fRmar had oa freight ta tpvrto ?I,88A, 1 ?3>.A0f bed 384 bogt of eoobiaaai The Tfroai'iaa mlatof re bad hai oereral aadioeooa ?tii Iba kBieror at RoJaolera, at I n eaa hollered thai aoe Biaiotty weald b??ooa oaiiod. *f*>e waa r...thing at'rr'ag la polttioo Rarhirge we flat at 3*H Yellow frrrr pr rat Man I tbe Rraa'llaa porta, bat a Babla aad Klo prlaoipaiy, among the tbtpplog, of a rer; a al'gr aa. typo The tu are Ayrraa money ma'ke bad be-n rory llgat Kx*eirgr o, ered at 73a , oaai. or Inedoa, iuM <)u--nt ly dirlmtd lotle.wbicb wai maletaUed aolH tar da] >f lb# p*rk?l't >all'.Of. % Va tome arge emnnuli wort tone at *? and a ahoFl n"dn feaaracfiooi U irrigb'a tor Ireland aad tbe Coaiiaaat, But for utaei qatntra* and boiia<a? Uni idrci ?ta o thai iha lor rerpectlag the difT roa tlai doles tan beck moctAed by tar fuinoHlei of in np p- t p-i>r'L0- now ailoottg ret'-le lo di'obargo pa*t ol irnr oargi at Hi are trree and a Riaicndei, a ibej fro- #?rt np ibr i ror wi a in# ramainderjaleoe -at <1 nog IMIi, B no* and Oa*t?'o u foreign porie ?w ?g tn wme tn effrfp. rf ibo ra aeure <>a the rammer.-" o Betbra Arr-? eiB frn-b k?? aerl n? thta wee an in pare. Tb Jterarw Ayr en go?rn tee ,t a-ftlrrerr-i a uott loner B-lairH; gfjrtlf'i Ae-tng Oo-tal ft-a ral. (polo ? ft t for it tlr a Jte of tbo Ah lit January IMt, M ini H r ep'aia Ocro, i rmoe ag b m Mo p*arport aa-t 'e qnriHtg bat ao.b thr tih and ire raaiport Bi(bt br i r.i iire-m a* wlib rfwa la o 'rarqneeoe of tbwapi i-e- eatng ?e.'0p"*d lb- !:rlf tb lltr w?i da y salaiei ai IP M. ia Ibo let of Erbmiry. wateh aaUie eaa re aiarc by nrr *?) At' 'a ?8tp lltrwr A' R|i lit' In rtor.a to frrlgbn Pr ?ee af oeffv aad na ra go r >o ya-io'lo - a mat 1- A u:0 baga le a oak ir l" from R o. i-tin 10" '.fib of FeDrab'y, ioyo ? Pear# r? ro? e'l no Ike emolT 7 be onrke ot the rtret ?? Oo?- of; ibe r?on f. dm ft Re oay are rtr-lro " with rnpil l? aa I V to bepod '.hot ? ' >o dgwefn fit h'mi e-ther m ? ig<i? iw ?oo*?B>o> tkt wrrnO eir'im In a'rrail* 'ni'l d nut eoj if er--na? Mt g "*. nm wh rh irp ira-eo *be IV? etbo - aUoy -Vuoa O - mmi i?r rente 7 he pleae O'll N? re* It w r#V are tb? -w.iinoro ri'en a rrnittrnm dorUidi at ' 'a ' I ?< -* ben>leo kna wb mliee terntlaaimo a ?le* to A i Oel n?r n On ?maiMnk earl of it Ibe dnrditWm ?r uuf . tper-vr > 1 ?/ et B>oia tnern ae none org >-o -wut mm n %nudOt ar d eteeie wero all fall ?nga- ai-iwaa re, aid m?ih e-f-r i pnrrrajid a> S.Bpo new mmm a-rwae >o -mwo, wee light abo'am*tti oe tefvner Jeonr-wene- Ce#> o <o twi neBiad. R Ir qaallty'rma lb* a%?rwr tel'iog ad tr<oe aqaai t 4?a 4d ia I t?a At yet net f??e se b-aaro, freight etetemd Caeo* wu tb oqeirrd % ( ?, at - * ?q p-l-ee Ram gra. aad blgher rr-oeedoBwaleA If Km meeh leq- lr? d 'er, bid atoeci oa baw-i >?i^a??oeei W> bf-healb tbomirtef Rtekbbge aeltted aeee to 88 ai ebMi It aleaad rory net Beetb? aa at Pereambeea waa rory trek Angara ta ami re ?emamt, aad bfgr prloaafhlly Baiatararl omuoo RWaa la laaa requaat, aad la war prioaa oipeawd iRartiy. LD. PRICE TWO CEOTS. ^ I MUlllUltM AITAIU. n. BOARD OP COUNCILMEN. The Board met I Jul evtuing, Mr. I'aUllpe, M President, o prtiMUtg. ga mrnaan. jr Among the petitions presented tie on from several I'tiokoit owner* lor the exclaetre aie of ptor No. It, Ie> loot of Murrey lire#*, Nortb rlvtr. It vu isfMied to tto Coouolttoe on Wharves, Pier* and Slip*. 10 from thirty property owner* aff*oted by ooamooting 0 t?e BUlb evenne with West Broadway, requesting that er Mm necessary atepo be taken for tbe lay og eet of a n public alreet (call d York road) to ooaneet the Bath or* nue with West Broadway. Referred i?the Committee ok 8 re*to. * J Several r??o,'utioo? w?ra offered, among whlob were ', tbe following, which were adopted .' Asking why ibe ttreoto of the Seventeenth ward are not olrsned. DlrfO'lng toe Comptroller to advertise for propooaie . and to pniobaae a lot for Ute location of Reyioe uompany ' Mo 36. ' Also to bam plant drawn whereby n bo nee one bo ' ? eiecttd to acc nimodate Hoee Oonapany Mo 33 la tho ' propeitd itaton notte lor the Tenth patrol diet riot. . Teat m? Htrlrm ?** Company he directed to lay gae ptpee la icutb street fvr m fecrmd to fbird avenues an J to light it a* aeon m pv*.stole wtlb gas " The following were ttfnried to tbelr appropriate comQ mltleea.? , a lrantL in neoADWAY 1 In relation f> havlrg tn? Ootnmiueo on Street* report on tbe expediency of tunnelling ouder Broadway front Pollen street, ontbo tail to Fulton atreat, on tb* west of Broadway. In relation to tbe widening of Allan strre*.. to a raiiobad in eevnarn aviso* iln Tbe Board onnourred with Iba Bjar 1 uf A dor men In reIf menauaiing against tbo oonatrucil n of a railroad In ' * Eleventh avenue or any other street, a bill le now before tne Asai muly In favor of constructing a railroad la to Seventh avenue, re- poitm'8 nam i" Tbe report of the Oomm'itee on l'ublto Health la favor "* ofrrtnovlLg rerr.atca in Pottrr'n Field, waa p.-eaented 7n and sent to the Ontnmliii e o< the Wonle. MRMDM1AL TO tbt IRdtBLATClia he The Board ot>ai>im?o?ly concurred wito the Board of n A derma In to the mentorial and remonstrance to tbe Legtolataru, tiler ed In trial II -ard at lb air last " meeting, i|?iD(i toe puiige o onnai'i iawi. IIUIK KAllUfU JHOl'MU TOMf KINH IVJUAU They Uio eonourred wliD mra la ine propriety of patting en Iron railing atoned Tompkins eqaare. i'b* Board tut a went Into U)m nitlee o! toe Whole, Mr. Warner in the obatr, and passed several unimper. teat hllie to b third reading ' * MANHATTAN OAS OOMfASY ct Alter I be oobmbuwo rote Br Kbahklib, chairman or 0p the {*peol?l Uitnna (toe appointed to investigate Into oomplaints made against the ManhauaB On ifoaoany. eniled " nptheieport. ? htch appeared la the Hboai o ae toon ae d It was preeei ted to the Biard, and moved lie adoption, Be The following U the retolutior :? ra> Revolved. That the ronni'-l to the Corporation be, and la hereby, d'rrcled to draft aa act, and lutimit the eame to the pe Legislature ol the Btate, wlih * memorial aolKUog the pee aige of a bl 1 ratabllahiDg a ataadard for the value or Ulumirating power of goa at eU'eea to iwccv menn ctndlee. and be that an inspector of metrra oe appointed to le.t the accuracy e? metre* and to aval them upon much the name principle oe lnrpectora ol weights and measures Mr. B Ram y < Acred the folio lag am on dm eat ? ' ^ And olao lo prohibit any aa* comp*n?, orginl/ed or to be le, organized for the purpose ol" furnbbiag gee m the oitl/eaa of I,. thla city, from o?ti gr a lowed to make any charge whatever for the tue of the metres. 110 After aomr ol the member* Mid a few worde, the ertglhe Ml reaelntloa ee amended wee adopted |r. Mr Wiitii o tie red the following reeolaton, whtoh wat adopted:? Resolved. That the Corporation Oouneel be dtrec ed to giro hie opinion at to the legality of the charge by the companies for the uae of metrea M The Beard taea adjourned. o COMMITTEE MEETINGS. TMB WOMTM MOHOMMST. The oommlttoo of the Board ol AkUrmea oa the Worth e monament. Aldermen Morris, Chairman, held a meeting ea Friday morning, at 11 o'elock, oa the oornar of fifth areaae and Twenty fiftb street, a plot of ground whtoh " wne dedicated, in lltt, by the Oommoa Ooanetl, lor tie he ooeapaaor ol the proposed menutnenV to Ma|tr Ueotrnl he Worth. The pnrpoae of the oonamtttea'a marling waete "I" select the pre one a pot of ground oe a biota the omwmt eu shall titad Thla gore of load la the amall pobitt square dy bounded by Broadway, fifth avenue aad Twenty fifth street. Toe spot naleeted by the oommkeee for the mono met t la aear wo eeairs of the trtaagm, a hut* towards **" the north, the state* towards Twaoty ttith atreat oed the rquestiion ago re taoiag to ear da the sooth, oa the heel Ttew le oh'.etned from thai direotfoa The foeaaa.loa of the mono neat is to be ballt of the ' beet North rlv*? building stone eighteen feet sqanre by eight leet deep, laid le hydroaltc oeon-Dt mortar roore I le to ee * oeli la the 'oundeteu nine reel ioeg a*d three ! feet sqsare, ballt of toe beat North river bia* dig etoe*. ^ 1 A tablet or white marble le to he provided for too front ln ' nf the oell, three feet >ta inohee square, end eight Inohee ,B | Itateta, epoo the feeeef whtco will ee eogevva in sankeei letter* lb* a erne and the deca of the bl. to asd death ed _ 1 Hejor 0eaera> Worts. t'pon tb? foaadettoa there let* ; ban Out bate, composed of the beet y uney granite, .. which will he B'lern fee; square end twenty two inohee M hlgn. eeid bee* le ?e oompoeed of four bloccs ot etoao. The taoacd bee* la to he tee feet three laoOee aqoore _ by Iw* feet aix laohts high, tihoeie* to he composed of . 1 four block* or atone There la to m i moulded base , nla* feet iqnore end two foci high, e die aevee feet six ., Inohee eqoare by eta feet high Three aide* of the die will bev* sunkex paatla, U>* foarli to be rough paeeUed I for the reception ol b ona* acnlptor*. A plinth ala ooA , halt teat equare oy tee lest high, composed of oaepleoo, ." ' will he above It* The enn't will be thirty Ive feet eti taobe* long by Ave ld feet aqoore at to* base, and three feet eqaare at the mitre, _ and not to be comp red of mere thee ?ttbt*ea pteoM. Ihe first b ook la to be sight fast long by Ore feet oqeore , el the bctlom The toolpiure le Jo he in alt* ttlim* on the first panel of the d'e, the figure, nn eqaeatrian portrait ol Major m (Jvn?ial Worth east In b-ot so, wnlcs casting stall be aix 1 and n half fret Ioeg by firs I eel high tin lae front tablet, > on toe plinth, la to be an alfo r?fi> m both the areu of toe , cty end Biate ol New York, nod oo the opposite Unlet i' tto family ermi of M?jrr tteaeral Wo>tb; tne naatertoie , are t* he of brorzv On the remaining tan let*, oa j Im ptmlh, will be, le alto rrlur i, wreeiba or oak l tad learel. Oa tb* first biook of the abaft will be . atvopay ofaraas le hroass. T?e baa is eftbe male shaft d will he letters* nith Ue loOewteg somae o'plaeee ned , battlvt, the letters to be raised not Ism Utaa cat laeh sod highly polished cr Urn me* ? Capped Baesa Via to, M Looey's Laos, Con rnras, Wrat Pot at Boa Antes lo, Florida, Uhnrebue \ m Tern Ass, jmie* ?* Hey, - Uarre (Mrda, u?apait*i>eo r?r?U, 01*7 of Mi I ico. Par Dia. Tha una at Maor Oaaaral Worth <rtll ba eat !? ratted , letters upr a Iba lerasd bale ' Tb? a aieruli af taa m<watc?MI are to bt of tha ran beat q lalitj of Qj.iicy grade i.d f uro broozi Tbe 4Prh i-el ia m be coaipaoaata?t art ttl aaiartaia on island par area* of l -a Cinema T>naoti Th-? av<aa Our tha autanl ira k*iai i)?wtiH la tftiamigiau Tha ! woth aa lee ground aad monowni ia eipaolid la aaaa nea ia> Mediately. I wirrwiva honmbon * run nr. The OoaaellaMB (OMmltee oa fhmrta, C laooHaaaa 1 Boeie, Chairman, mat on Friday at I P. 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