Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 14, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 14, 1857 Page 2
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2 jpnwTBftijrn u FVD irai my. Bumonu am > uouui.tu. ?*?.&-WAirrk > B?AHU.? >a puia im ' p-'H, 'u: 11- 4r i?t i If iruwB uv.? la a Ik'* kow twrnat AO I I relb MrML tMlwHk dam We'aJd oOce. III W V iHli V PnC?-().? H aNP40KRt.Y P0<IV" ai?b>d .>? lor ?hh l"i oo - J net raeant Thto to the aotott mn. Birr Inea'xm bi Lhe city, a too ooe or two atugle aerm liteaer at 6 e'cioch 1 > i t M. n hqciIb-a -1. r op room* or the -k. I*_r err d lloer beauRToliv to rule bed, w Lb |M ha>h room, Ae ail* bnerd nr !J dmureo. tr'.rai* table. A too, mm ha tor m torn Pop to |eclto?-n 1 rt* TRKET REAR MaOI) UOAto1 I Plow?i t end partee'Jy 'anPto1 aoartaeita, to let, tottb partial board, thorn dettrm* to me comlorte will ao too 1 ?o apply >0 PVP*H aVRBUB-A SUIT OP KUWARTI,T POii J t' okbed par lore, t>reo nam Reap. ?n tirat tl .or to let to the rr.rotap rrerou, rorma co aeeood aod totrd S ore; atao a wel iSi.eatord front "Mem ni, put Able f<r a pmfeeetooal mmtoarra Eefe-eonee repaired. B. B.?The room* wtll bo W to poetleewn oal). 1Q HT MaRh'd PoaCR ?FURNISH an BOOMS TO IV tot Is ?e'?a or atogle B > rtn ral at May. *).' 8RRKNR 8TRKBT BKTtoKiN GRAND A1?I> OAarl) art Gentlemen aod teair wive*, or a few sing e gaotorn ran be arooonmodaied wt h haodeomeiy forntohod auaaaa. wi'h breakfast If deatrod 1 arms moderate. Bat and apt* bathe, pa* Refer* or re ei changed JQ BKADH STREET, BT. JOHN'S PARK -A PUB OO oirhed aeeood story fprot room aod hall bedroom to let; I wltb or without board House haa ail lbs modern Improve' K-m Bl.KBCKIR 8tBaCr. MRAB B.iO*DW?Y -A U O 'eaiUj cui.bin In dco'rahle room* on the aeeoad ti >ar, vhb fall ? pa na' boa-d Hefrreacaa exchanged. IN ORliT JOliRfi RTAART.-TO LOT, WfTII ujt UT w1>bont h j?rd. iwa front ard wo baoa room-, elegant b arinhnd, wiib g*a aad Croton valor, or parlor tad bod iaa alone vert voluble tor a dtv.UaL Terms mot era te. f?9 ftaMt-RM flTARKr. BRoOKLT a HdlGB T8 WUHtN v ? three in mutes walk of Wall street ferry. -Voodoo* V i occur during tbo^treeent month at tho above eligibly m ?ted d?abb g. a hero parties desiring board may secure 11 ami aeeommedt tioaa. Rdereaeei euhangod. 1) tuner at? o's ccx A*iT> "TRRKT, NtAR BROADWAT ? -lOOtD v) I Boor, handsomely fu'Dl'he', to let to single grnilemtn. Location very dial'able Batba gaa. Ac . Ac f* I IfT SRTRRriKNTR SrRJtRT. Nla? V?IOf< U I Kjua e - klegant anita of momi for familee and single ( a temen assy 'e ob'sUed on ard after the JUtb lo?t . on at phealktn at <8 W< at Twenty tblrd atreet The noise la u"W beta* splendidiy fa n abed attb en Ire new furniture n A fcasr 1 WBbTY TBIRP HTRKKT -A HAN f a t-V I Tr It fun It bed parlor acd bedroom on the aeeood (I ytr, ara' bo bad, with board The contains ah the modern tmprevementa and la pleoaanily locate^ between Fourth and near ,u n av'Dties. "111A blbtn BTKKAT -ROOMS WITH HOaBO. FOd JWU geaUrmra and thtlr wiret or single gentlemen, la an air pan ty lu. risked house Hot aad sold valor and gaa la rutm - P<nner at six o'clock. 1#17 'TrlftOB PhACB. ARAB F1PTH AVkNl'g 11' I Furnhbed ronma. in an"* or slagle. with or *-i>bont PSft'd tor fbarihes or stogie gem t men. Unexaoptianabie ro Bnawors glvrn and required 1i,7 fullitf-r to?*bar-a r*w toum * men run 1" I be ao-<oin wndatod with pleasant room a e-ith or vttornt hoard by anoMng aa above Those who bare a oi ard I t tbe hatha: h preferred Gaa. bath*. Ac , be. Iiftr ' brH AVddUK Rrtsa uwion syuaiKJLll" Hubs of room* on the Brai and aec md ft vim mn<4 Somsly lu?nubed aatubie for families wtib private table If M wd <V?tr?blfr 1<0 i BJ Red BR HTRBKr, WltAR ?HITT PI.aim?TII6 J.O I nbore ftml cimw houee baring been recruit, r ntted as, to M* Is readtoenn for tbe re leptioo of torn thru at?.l Hinge graWnni Partie* dewing board wU irnd aupertnr >y>ua 1 JO BIOHTH 8TUERT BKTWrtKN BROADWAY nND ItO fourth nrt nun ? Berernl ple?n?nt roooM with board hi b* had * A C BVVfio* BTBKKT. FROVTIPO OM ?T JOB U N lTi' aiioare?rooma to let with board, for fsmflire or ntn (to peat iiidt, bouae M< modern toapm omenta Keferencca toPtltoi 1 KQ *'st BRYKNtRBMTB RTRKBf, NEaR 8TITTYRJ Ov iiit park ? a geit-el Amerteao finfb eoeuoyi * A drat das* bonre with all the modern Improvement*. will n?v ann1!!! a f?rr ab.g'e ?eH?moo or gnnttoaaen nod the'r ami with board on ar a*ble terma lQll JatHOUSB ABOVE aCdROtf. ' Xt/V Vr? OfPUfmar eaa obtain baodaome> fa'Btebed 'to* nil -Bf and third Ooora. with full or p*rtl?l ard Modern Improvement* Bo aaov ng let of Ma*. < 2\A TrRTH RtB?RT?TWO OR TriRRR KMaUL )t par lore with bedroom* attaebad, auHaHle f. r gen ' . turn aad inetr wlvee or laflr gentlemen. Tirma nrnVaw QQO RltOOMK 8Tr.KET.-RdW AND MRaTuT PCHOOiai ntabrd room* to at ? t at Worn without board In a alien a sao'lv: t oeeeeelon to be bad on the Uralaf May; atoo, ea ' lien an 'be oral fl'or. Wjr*J BEOaDW AY.?FORRISHBD APARYMRWT* TO ? t>D let ?n table lor gentieooeo. A too a aire attic room ?0 n > ?'?. In Mar. A PR* SlUGt R HRBTbCMEH CAM BR AOOOMMO A. dated a Hh board, by on Uig at 16 Barrow tmet, between Byanb and MWeter eireeta. where they wkd bad p'eeeito anetotr and the comfort* of a h-nae. >YRRY PiJCaHAhT 8U1T Of BO1Mb OR TBI new* a flier aba a lararr ire l room and bedromn If re etared, or third floor to let with board, to a gen'b toao aid vi e v a part* -f einrto geo'.ieiiiaa. Ilonae baa ha-h. r?A toe Broadway etagea paan the .lea*. Apply at 77 Hi Mart * fM. Km nm nr*?. ArLKtHinr crrr or boom* on thibd rux)i H< iK-mb ha*H. to o nrot clooa koooo in Twe'it? tfblh tlreo'. hetoaro Madron and Kiftk ??ntimm oAo * paInr am* bedroom ta a MM on Fifth ktmu?- mv ThtruoUi otrr? I A?i?n W koi 1,761 fcml c*bmr rm- nktlkba* aNii win om uenrLBMBi*. caw at a beautiful ptrVt ?cd aiarivm mm with W t K I wco If ,or?"i?? room* *lth board or do? la a mo 4 ?Ma Apply m IV uA twelfth ilnn. No Amy re A (Bail TBKBCH FaMILT WINHEK To LIT A I f ? ?ilk b*<" n? no Ml rlod In *\ r'O rwtle Me* b Lee Br* cUee, w th gaa am* bath. jo <*b*- to'fee-1 n? board. * . ?r, a Urge iroot baoautois arable tor aj affi <, .> *ly el (7 eireet I'IT OF Bl*,B> TO i ?T, AT NO M EANf MX rem b e re* rear flrx* pork, 'key or* eoltab el#l a m a lair) y wrhbranL Aeiereaooa eiebtitred ArilVetl r?UCH rAM LY OoN a<nx>m? >o?tk llr* r-? . ?oe?> wt?h pleaoool mowml portKl board I In# a -p U ret . .be indenr roe wo; to ?era and aMu,ra. Ape t t-- three rt ' I d t| atreet rear Htaerko rVTIUr* AMU W FE OA A OUOM.E O" ret.* *et Or wire on be aonoatm xla'ad ? lb boa d e< d omk of i* mt to o in* te ta*U< tn o k?a?* with alt ui "-i* r* o.imvemenia oeleieraoa regolrad. ln>|?lr? at W I * eat twenty MM* otroat, between ntnh and -e?euth M' ore .. n . ? . k ?tf ?' M ?? " <?' ** l ?J A * ? V)UA?D - M * <i?qLI ' * ? I) f'Om ? h h . I<m( l.w?Un? ?r??w* T? IT Mrt ?? Ifctr ? ?? ?t MM >44r??| ? o I | ??!<! '.m<? h?|. ?(>-? * ?U. *? !>,. k?ti||| u h HK H ! *< mi ~n. w )*s ,*,r h ktM *1 <rt k. :M bout* iMtr I*/* l?M< ??)> ? tiy !??**. ] DoiiD.-i nan t cm ortTv mTu raui D KOBIMthilkl IllllllAwkMn t U o. O. h, by a* pi U|H .w WeM FemrtMB* nmt BUWl" IH) ?N row* ?IWOUarTLNIN CAi <tH am trmndaLvd wl h board at 40 i blmon (treat aaar Onl i;rp ?ee. BftlXKLYN.-TWO fl'NOLB 4irNTL?MhN M iT flNft (rod inui with partial b <a d na nifvit* bouae bp ap plvtof at IN <"* tainn atr*et Mroovivo ReTreoae reij'ilr-'' BOABD III BftOOB l.Y ft?AT 01 BCDKRMCRtioRn ifwt batwren for nun and bmith ? Handamu' aoart met ir nan be had at b p or la ml'a rh? bow In amino dionn at d )oa*trd an o aaaantlj aa aoy la Hinehljll (Han 10 to omirutra ?al f?om all the'ar lea BOaBD IN BROOKLYN W > "BD-FOR * Oft a TLB nnan and hla wife In a prvaie family, with aa nnftmitab ad toom, eirepl rarpata and curtatna Illone at 6 o oloek. Reference ?> changed. Addieaa A. )6U Herald offloe. BO ABB IN BROOKLYN -TWO LABOR FRONT BOOM* for lamUtea or i ngle rent'emei: houae Brat oiaaa. abort dla<arce from routn and Wal utrwe lerrlra. t>raaa naodrt-HU!, reference (iron, apply at 238 bear) atreet, f urtb door from Aatty Boardinapbivatr family oan rbobtaInro by a gentleman and aNr or amgle gentlemen by app'y of at b o 13 1 iUa?v at fourth aouae from Nultm at, BmAlpi ; (Ire minuter walk from r ulton and Wall at ferrtea. UOARD IN MiUII BROOK l.Y N.-a PalVAfc Fa D ml'y rea'dtnc wlth.n a few nrnu'ea walk of Wall atrvet and Ioi th ferrtea eaa aoeommndat* a gentleman and wl'e or get ileum with board dinner at atx o'clock, a poly at 1H7 Iienry atreet. between State and 'oralemoo atreeia BOARD OB A FARM-IN A RaHPKJfABUR i'RI V ai A family 1A mi *a from the cltv of ea?y aeo??# by nulrnad can be bad for two ladle* ar pei tiem n and wife; the fbrtner p'f ferred For parucuiara a,iplv by letter to Mr. Meredith, He?akl offlee BOAhD WahTKD-BT A I.aDY. ON THfC WBdT SIOB of the rtty, above Fourteenth rl'eet neferanoe given *nd required. A for ore J D B Herald office nrnvn Wiavrn vu w niv i ur a ntur, ( 15 mas; In a nr vwie family preferred; fnll hoard Terms I moil not HOMO ?d or $4 60 per wee1-. u In Brooklyn. soar a fe*ry. Add rem Hoarder *-era)d office Board waimn-ror a m rkikd>y rhk would require a well fne, i?h?d room, on drat or aemod flrora 1 erma not lo mc?td $7 prr ?eek Reference* given a d required. addrer* H B. Hera'd ofTl^e BO.ED WaNTED FOB TDIHOW? a FRRNCH Oa* tVmao professor of mu*tc la desirous of procuring board In a respectali ftml'y. where teitrnction on th<- piano an' In the Freich language would be received In pan oavmeit Good refc' enct# given Addresa Profeo?or I, J Herald office BOA*r> WaNlRD-BYTWn YOUNG tf?N IN a I'll! vale family Location between Fifteenth and Twenty second streets. ard Broadway and Third avenue Address atatintr term?, which ?nat be roije-a e, K H , Herald o-n-e Bo*kii wanted-in conksyosn'K of r ig *\ mil?'a deolmirg longer 11 take b ardor*. where the ad vertiserh.a been reatdlng. board with two payors and sranr la wanted fur a geutiemaa, lady, and two daugn ler*. alto for a gent eman and lady and alao for two alugle gentlemen, In a house pleaaat liv located, not belov F?u* trer.tb atrr?l atd between Broadway and tilth avenue pre lened Address II J, bex 901 Tost odice Board wanted-bt gentleman and hi* wile with a email and reapecuble family In the city, or would at range for the snmn er, if amiable aecutnvnmla'.on* a e ottered rear it; a parlor and near om wi h b the con yet bit ?111 be reantred r ddrees bn :t SOT Prai office BOaRD wanted -a Pl.r a-'ant UnfcR? 19 IKh room with board, in a private family In a motera bunt horse by a gentleman and his wife. Address staling termi wbieh renal l>e mo crate. n MOOrlB. Uerald oOlie BOauD Wa'IKD IN BROOKLYN-FOR BIX ilguVa perat-nr; two large rooms and two ha I bedroom* wou'd br ran nurd Please addruaa, atattng terms. Ac , \. Y X. lit raid nlboe Boarding?wanted, thbkk or rocdimitr .ic men and ibelr arvra at Oentrr vil e. Lnog la end A moc aeantiful looauon. where all the oom'o-ta of * ti ruin can be rojen ed with th? prlvl ege ot an e egaot fnrnwhe i parl >r <nd plan of rte Lr.cxrrptiouable reiereure required. Add: rat B A. B . Broadway Boat office. Boarding-kevrnth w*kd-kri a. m hjhd having taken the Image 179 B&at Broadway, wi 1 be gla* to accommodate those who wwn to neenre tori twwrd pleaaa. t ret ma Ac rbe a 111 be o ea*cd to see any srb> may call at 2f> hast Broadway nntl> May I BOAKriNG?WaNTKD. A rM ALL FOttNl -HEtr room ?1 h partta1 board, by a lady who will be aat oi h- hour* daring the daj. Tern a modnrate Addm?a U. u. B r raid odice B< aBMNO IN BROAIrUYN ?A l*rgk rr ?NT room onaeernc door with or w th >nt bglf.-Aat att* b'd, aui'abla ior a f en'iemao aod wife o" *wu aotg a geai'atren in a drat bi n?e, oooveutent to W?1J street and Sou'h larne* App y at 9 i?0 tltrrj st'yeL LA?* af 9 BMMna. >? - n i ! > PWN?? TOL'MlRT BOARD.?RITRB HOtTft* IJ2D ?T.4jtKJ . I ' * l be re opened Aprt> '6 fbr famllae aad singe gentle Ben 4.1 minutes from Chambers sinew via badson river rv a t? ?u?i g a lew rncaf-om the house either way both early J d bie Good boating, bathing a'abit**, Ac and oae nl he moat de*lrafc>e summer residence* n?ar the rt?y Few yadtcwmra Inquire at 10 w?st Thirty fourth street one doot on H'oadway. or <m the premteee. CTOBNThY BoaRU-A PR1V *TR F Mil . RBsI1)l*o J a ?h -rt dttiancr Lorn h> city, a?d arcre-ible by rtllroad. -eairKb>a let'iduMi ticliu|(4. Aildrw IhviM Hubert, k?i M, Jtntlft L 1 | Mil RT&Y HO Ml l) W*NTE1.-*Y TH? El R8I" OE ? J May for a ladr, th-aa small ohl drno aail ru'w Lor* lion nu-l t>? t,m'thv *Dd wlbm an fca-ir ot Raw York eiiy. sddrasr tmmnd aislT. A ?J., H road way Emnnlbra fa'l RRHWKr- ROOM-* TO L.B t- P1.R4R A aTL V -in A r tad wPb ho* and eold *al?r, fan, Ae , at f*M Broadway, iwa door* abora Uaioo square FHRI?1?1IK1I bOONH fO LKT ?T Ktt BIMIAPWAT. HE twnen Twaiflb acS Tb-iw-ao'b snorts. Mea'a jp?an if ra'-n-rad. Alao. a basement to let far an offlm Kefe'aneei rrrbaorad. fan RE I'll ?n Mil HH *PD Ki.KOaNT P*?LOK. to r r?terr or srearsie. to let-fa a ttrst olnse b-? sesrlh .wl ??t--abl? If required. Apply at *o. S3 bL Ifa-k a plaoa i?b>b air rat. I fa rRNIHBEn MOMS TO LbT ?OEVEfatMRR RE r (MMtlMMl111In a MMriM and central looa t*n wU'bod rrery corn raodatioo h? nop lying at No 41? a roan* *t~at a?*r Hr. a-way No NWHl let nf May. fa-CNRI?h?D RldiMiC-A UN.UK iHU'i n? m Ok r tun or Ibraa MeaRewbo mi'! aojmria'a and pa* a fair nmspai an Dm (t lb* flMgrt at harms aa en'Ire sub of a-av inn, i*. with r vera m JBR I mi rr>?en-ni. lad par*!*] o a?I if ia? rad In a Peaontol prime raaidmrr la ***. Ie-i t o'h trret whara o*a Ural ? oth-r remains wll a* raretrad. a\ address. with rral name T. H. 11 , tuon iiuarn East aRme HOTkfa IMMHi -OMWTLRM (tit Oa* ?lrt?al? fnmlave<1 room* at the tiloba B * *, e n?e? of fr??> ort sad Mttliam ?*a. itSwsU par a'rbt at* Past r>>au al nab per night. bo -thee aharf* eiaept at tbrir op In. ni.h*. kkr ?tie* licmbr o*b rk a-?x)s.?r?4r*r I b p'-aasa, r?ni< aed hoard in s m -*l pi?asa-t >1 u 1, e i? maodi y a hesaofitl new of Urn nrar App.t ai bit aa* 111 *?*M al?a?'. Ifllii.lMl TO - ib a pi-ibf ol?k hihiaB; a J atiH ol room* fur a *b* 1 or Art iw wo'., r hoi a "1 mW li fr-cb?* fami j, for nair, fintri-a Ac Pmm* rl?r wfn Ul* i or il "imm Bo V rlcr*k-r ?rA*t nuod* uapu?bi?h*o. with <0**11 I r?? I* of iblnA-'m m'vrt? m'? l?rni4 on Ik* lit ol Hi' mi A* 24 ootk Iklift rrro*. illm-n.r-i'? larra mintro* ak f ore Peck kite n d Orbed tired fer?i*a. Pkl\ATK HtilHii :w HMHuiul* m ?K*( -f' 4* rlnr tnM ol front rnn.b oo km d tloir m* (Midi, m? tint If room ?dh gaa. kd and ei'1 "?i?r. eo<l houwl Ik* In iim m dnl Cam >M ???? <tM?r?i<i* inq ire mi 141 ab h> btrrd Hrolun Mmm '!* * ard OlmuM. r AkMlk AMU TWO BdOKlKIAfa dlTID *k >4 ?ir?*f ord not ihof d<cki*oo*h r/.A, ?tih >>dr A> d |M m |*o btugl* (< Ol *mr-u. . Mr-mm w <1. trjmm >?T |*(|'#'? PdtiM / "D ! < RnD?4M>lf4 W BHD W M huh and CM rnr IP? <*011 r?*t frarr hf tiro bluglr ml finer ode r Man la M. irm-kiro 'mi bd?o? I' iT|4|?l'?o B b* c om-ntdJ* ?M wn fnr n?ha>d rroa i (H'k Ar jmel*g ?d om* r?l dig* wilk oor U I hoaag, MOW fao ilT I U Ita'oo dnr. a*.?*ai * I li d ? ?k Iar f? MiktlAL BOAfcD W.H'Bm RT 4 -I* li.R 44KB f LB I nar intk A WM%l* I^ralif of ra*p adakilttt or wb* 'aw hoenl'ra mrm lain. 1 be kmmr mam bar* oil ik* n MM PKoiBmv Lor*-(on not bOovd 4 abiA at A Ijrtaa P. k ?< , ten |il flam d " K< ukb TO I.Bt -ilkfl k*lklllu UrOOIB 4 All >?f ia K road war. h*i<r(r iW'Atrn rraai l?MM ki ada'toA of tlfaag n?iM ar a MhUi alt*. b*<1, n a) M lAlbl ha n(d h - in ? p'iom tnryiBf from il'ft M l'T? Mt?B*h?<|ibr n "f **!>?'Wbtllij A**d bgp in jn rA of P *. il(ui<%t 4.1 1(7 Broadway room Ma . km 12 to I o'btook Kim m ? bt?i?- Ml i wo ob ati r ip*. .. with pak lib hoard A Inrr* hnrt? fd'i *k*d zooid wnat of Hn.*d warardrot aI"ot? i ?at,i?ih at-*#' ? i h ?ii ih- nt aV?n m pr? vrmtrb H cltbtli g ha h ro in Prima foaulr .rrrlara. I Adrrraao w kl . bog M ik Pom' Be* 4*k ' a . -n kdc in Mt, with oartlbi board A? tow M 'air do I i ra af wank a) an ftamlbhrd ro in from ' HI rfwoa a . a-<*? W (f afr .Alt Paoo-VaArC I U Lkt-VO A UR * f ty rvM A * ARP WIRa ?ir?OJf I r?i4f?a, thai third Oonr of ? mi*? '? Apnac airaat la aat>? oa 'ha t,ra?iB"e. | ti>U Hn?I . IH ?l>. ill * rt.KMa* CaI IK AT raw moda'ad w*t fnra?4??4 O' anf-miali*l monn with far .?l h Art n a i"?w fatnt ?. ai ' '?$ Ma-irt xm* rjranr of Rta vtraw fn.nklie A v? *? motttf to M*f. I'V" Ilk Thi>l Lt?n? V'U Mmn ?RJ 10?M( wxh hfMt'ui and <Kpwf. Inaii?? a"i? #rt?au family ?M k? nbvtlatd al M I flf k aVaat. f v wr auUDUa n mi^hkii ua cnri I ffarn with of witaom hi* 4 la a Aral aiwai t at ? .r an tha ? dart tat naifp<*fii<. at ro 9' 4f ?af a If a?r?a4 Mart. helftaaa HHiA tfttM axl 'trua4?*? it la a'aa II iMHi-BT a ATM ILK f?K?T R*A? * RU* t? il*'a<r-to? la a ? Ma pfiv?>a f.m 'f w?h aart'al haard ia' Hiitat oa "no ait ' ?*? add ra*a 4 R Ht-ataf < If f ' l> I M'nt > umi U7?RTRf- ro I a Maut.R r<RKri.KR .a * ruah* It f?f? til n< II .?* <! Hip rt at 4 far ??ah i rrai'on 'ram i w1? thlt' ta hi \y tootR t>#t?? if tha <leta ti of avtai'h K r"tn oa Ntiith ataaooa >a<t a ?? ? 2 NV. ? r Pw ofhia la A* Tali - Pilar I IT ? *IHTR'? ?>f? ** ar a ?<fa la p?1?ait fin ' w tho thara arafaw foaiiftit li a i?i hfillra irrm? wxlfai" adtraaa. a a'l' t <?*b # r llnrj Ut'i liifllMi U~l*Pi>I) 1RR Ma TBbt- Bf a v R* M,R4 A4 a H htm if, i o f urrt-h 4 r wni* In'a affiU Mff with ra> hoaH ixfat. ai nth aront tn aair aVaata ff rry Ifmi mrial ha mn4ar. a A4 ra t C J D., hot IV foal oAw Raw I \wt ii iiffil) i*ii rim?i??TARifl Ran*OOR? alto " rat*'* hoard a a ma'I pf'ra'a ??' rax fttal't hy i wot'ft'.. mm 4#-l < a a -tfra lahh boot ha'waan than, ar af4'ttha? anl 4 *?f A'.* am f'l-aaa aMraat. aUlafl I ' ???, K aa4 6 i 340 >?w lorh far o4k?. ud?. iivma * HMb ihvt.n * it weak! t-|r wo or tb't' abdiArat) to board. ? ?M t*?T Wir b??r Mttrr'i rnra %n? a ?o ?1 It > a* nb ?i rt wftnt I urmr. 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VlOi I) - A THITATR r*Mfl.T WDClnlt l>*!\ IM l? par i?l lnaa4 ? nt.ah- 4 1 htr4 f,?inr 'nv?? -mm ?*? tfElT YORK HERALD, TU **<*T roK Tr*ituu*d r*ONT aWu pfrOU ?tO(l ib? fl< end ?e1 mom no ate'ra I t* o ' ? ?n (it Br el il ??i mviIiII w?v . <w ? r w Iw ie apply llw 1 tat o' lock <*. M.. aa ? ? A t\n BHnB?iT-Wai MOW BB LIT OA LBAs1 y ( id, > iiaalug'h ouea to Me'eer aired '*)<) feel I* ; will be let or leaied, lor a term 11 ti?m from the let ot 4 ppntoJ (Jit* K, Ml Union rquare. or to H. a.. OaaiI ' Well itrnt , umikablt <hi4iiiiim) orrus* and * luui A ?trd Boor loft wttt wWowi treat en< rwto later Ireae. A?et toe. ppl" at 10 Nrn'mr ep tab* AhAtK OHANJB-TO LIT, IK OMR OF THE 4RtT ImaUol* to Orrenwich elrre. a miMlorry and fancy lure, dotoo a tip u?p buaiuree, Btud ip te the neatee etvle imtuier tar aate attii er wbboet etMik alee throer?ae intee u>d a irwrg marblea. Inquire tu the pr neater a, lil Jreeo K>t it eet . LAH6B PeKI OF BOUHK 196 WBHT FtPrBICNrti A Itrrat to let ?w Inw, eoeatobng or two room* en third tloor ) or re mr eneeeood front par or, biaemeni tttcbna. prabrwa eet'ar room large yard hnuae oo>>eiuatft? ^iioree, eeih, i aupe An ; ?uitabto tor a genital f mjj To be areo fr- m '' A B. to 5 P II _ | A FChMIiBfcD HOCHfe TO LBf tOR nil WONT.13 A the hooee la th'er rvortoe, three reoma deee. wl'h e'l be mode1 a lnpr>enr?U It will be lei furutahed to a prl ?a'e rrtpoi rib a part; at a madarala rent apply at 11* ??|i P ft?e> ib itrret , k tKJ?T*KL HIRER BTOBT HOIMK la DiViK A place,'i bbty eli'b ?treei at***o Broadway aid iiitn areaur hi let; aultrd fore email he.,, if hroe o-fiur with all the modern tnjirovmeatA aop't ?? 'be remiara M kMr HKit FiRxT OtraBf BOOHB TO LBr. F ?a A era or Ihrre jeart e Qhhhg t*enl? rxine: oe'ghn i i'*"' uuw* a<r ? ??? n'duir witl fvttbquj9"ki qeare Y'e?r?y rent ft,SOU po?s-m ton Btsi at May. Apph u> h W RICH ? BI>h, ? 7 Broad say ? large plkaHant hack parlor 10 let on A i he second tloor of Ro Rtft Broadway, I ea- iiraad sir-- t > tillab e tor almost as> k nd of business, rtz : ia lor physician #r dentist Ytw); rut *>00 H WJUOHaBD* 307 Broadway. Am w gotbic cottage and fuo < aonnrof And for Mir at bow t oehel'e will be eiabenfrvt tree ?nd clear tor city property snd for oeslrabe proxirty ibree ib? u??nd dollar* aodiUjnal to eatb will be u?Vd Fo- sank) i la apo'j >o II. D~V1m 6? William a1 rest, earner of Cedar ei nr> floor. . RhW TWO STORY DOUBLE OOPTAG?, ANB A eight 'o** to lease oo FIR* aeveu'h street eon be ?et corner cf flrtl arenas table for the erection of a areeab turn, 'sger bier tae'orj chemical fae'ary Ac a long lease will he g-yer tr. a prod tensnt apoly on I be premUee BROALWaT dtOJUBA aNU a -AJUi* JMllilUir basement to let ?The property OBI And SO Broadway ear Prtooe street, wm ooenplet) by It Y. Hoaabwoat tri) bt so altered u togl*eoueor t*o at re stores slso basemen measuring 147 feet daep and SO (art tribe, with large sofun from Prince atreet. mat ing it desirable for a irst class reiki ten Responsible partsee mar team terms km. by applytry ? T? *000444 Broadway BPOaDWaY OFFllEH?NEAR WRITE STRrKf, ihne ttre *enma suitable tor offices or aD7 purpeae app'r to'I, b. CHsNRtt?, '86 Broadway. BAfeeMKNT ARL RTOKR WITB LARGE RAOR itu.ii and two hen rooms attached to let to a goxi leuarv. at 404 Greenwich stre? t either sejarate or toge her at * I iw rent, t ?a b?en used as a who oiale Honor More, intulreot 1. GUAR, 102 Reade street be worn 2 and 3 o'c ock BHliWR MOBS kNDuiiH BABlUaiNf liuUB* Hu i 142 Rett Th'rtr second street to let ?ist In oerlectorte' n?a be rr?n b?t seen t'f aa<4 4 o'clock. Re- l *901. it will be 1 ;mt only b> a prlya-e family Apply oo tbe premiers tlilKAP KKRTS-RTUKK sND 4 i^KMO't FLOOR , ) SIC, sultab e for irt lioera furntnre dealera. At , the i dwelling tlnrys (8 r? nu . SiC a month, of the new brk-k bo.i.-e 4<a lis nttcs rrei near Resin, Brooklyn, or to one is nan I . .n'wn respeelaue i tut t*Y PnOPKKTY Tu LET aY PuRT RICHMOND. ! V J Statco Island.- a good boose, earrtage bouse and bs-n, with thirty nee r ores of g'OC laon, act Bue garden and l>oM, wlth.n ten taw utes wa'k ot tbe ferry. Rent tv?i at Munto* , oin emMBnl mix) g WnS Dams a large and iaRraMa bome fnrnsbtd beniT3fiB *PP17 to J. i? TIFFaEY, 18 i PI e Mreei New York. COLNiBY RKeinANCB To LET FOR THE ROMEKkIn Grernfarms Oonn . en tbe line of tbe Reir Baren RaUrnad. shout tw e in lee frnm enn'hi ort depot A Bne large b- uee ?lib garden aitacne t. a 1st pi ai? at frntt; also sffif1 hRihirrr Rid flahlnv ithlt. h*lf a mil*1 aWa rmvwl barn, ?c lor home* if r?iDlr?<l for furthor particular* ap p>> 10 1)11Ml ?M A 1)1*0*, 6" Sooth "trorl CIEKaP HHW-S'OO -PART t,P A MtTlOI U DOS J cmiir'l'gnf f'iDtUd bar* par or* to* loxn. togrlb-r wt'h boc* bvigiMl ooa n?;!ar A , i'Via e.l In right) thirl rlrrl >rri.?io' fifth *?e<.ue, ?Ui borrt'el to a tin ?U get . t?*l foirtl} for tho abo?o lum loan ro oo mo p?eiilaea fbln) . ami or ran roa da? aed r ight f?r?Aom.M, ( C1LDH Rf>< M ?A oDIT Of Hi K L <HOK PA*L JH / io >t, h> Oral cit.ii boiiMm Rroadway. ad.lra** i-eara* yffte. , HICK ROOM TO IBT-DiKtCT T OPPJ I?? THt - ruwn' PodC. It I* ore <>f ,hr g r?*?i>ie?t rnoxui lc M Tlrmlti of tae Park ken rci>r.lln< t-i toe mount of ?paer c rrci P'?d ppiv to D A W . t-W tRrtl, ou the PMWM H* f lirop itrtet ari-Aoo (1 or IjM'ftDUPlCD HCCSK M ptT-Hut'*! .f> *?B?T O X I X Uepth rnret t. lu'u ibert'bronpBoui. 1ml tXtflO per an. , on n ieeo brtureo lite hoon> rf 1 aod ? P d. 1." * in ? of W M A^hTAtthlM 41 WOIUUB ooruor W*u I U fOt>ea 41 4 UlW ItwpT.? \ IUU4II rHISI- I VJ elm <e?ir?a tn let bia bouao li > hlly fo irth U>eet noo- ( ro?4?a> reaorelrg the rfll-e ard a nn?" bedroom on iinui-b?.l ho??< t,*ar, *-pi ah bwn a tro niton-, wi-n ? I tbe nr eero !n P.rt ol the rent would b ?*<i tn beaidu dtalrod. Apply to H O dfcPdUaA, IIP nVOKK to UC1?IB THB tow* OP BKR1RS, a three atom and raa?n>?nt honao tear th? do-woo churrh adlatnirff the plank mad The Atrgrn and Jarsei (Hi tna rf napaa paM end repore tho oroml'Oa aoearnl timet dnrina tnrb den 01 d earning aid houaa enatalnr thine.. -??:o>k Ir.qqiro of itaHMIfT "IP or JADUH VA* ffL* i K L.d. jnvrr twrb near mid pramieaa I Hot>* TO lkt *0 ?n w*sr TwrKWfY rtPTH atreet ? a th'ee atonr baewro"nt hrVk hooo , 21 'net in ni b> 4* frrt dt<g a ith all the modern Imp.or-menta h?ri ?"C(i in a f ?d and reoooratMe looaot Iqureo K ( I, >o. t Tryoa row hulklmg*. boat City Ball t firnlllnl HODSB / WD lot to l.kt in tub VI1.laos 0? tro| 8r? rb new Jeriey, the bona/ la |vc? wl m tat lea' r-cetU' niil/b?d In modai- aula, on the p-em , a r a barn, oartinge bonao and ?labia row ta aewatrah - , proper!* Vw a feat dean ng io ramoa- hie famil from , ike nt) to the r< un'/n our B( lb- autoier ?rnnx 11 Mr - a dee wit g id take bi order* h*i g aaai the mrnatbo.t Io dm* iad 'B ?'glt of the o aaa Trqnlra cf *R Pi-H K 3. Bieeiker at/rat New ? aft nrio*?. *tl'< !.?f .bu <i , MCBOKKB -BOOKS TO cEf. TURKI -H Pl>, ETTUKn anh or wfchoai hoard, at 12t #oaluo*nn atreel Uo hob on LOTk? r< IT op A HOPhB TO LKf-Tu a IM?U reepeetable fast.r. Bt 0 moderate rtnl iu and < 'net nr ate* la the home oewbhorhood earn da-lranla la inhm a bM Pro * e rtreat beiwaa.i aitrannano ?'a-4-k ?teet la , I i.Ki? I* Rr I iP HI'lie a l?* W VOUI J lj to a ?< ortali.l'g two par ore, mo r?n> i.n On 1 n* e<u-ul I i?,?raf?ioa miMdla'oi* If ie.iii'rad u? b<d 'or notion* or pnr.ia rwalilus either fun lehed or n turBtehed PoI ariirulara epp ? at the prereiaaa i I tr H< h To LkT- a II Hiilt I HR ?hiiu OP, a PA A' " ' of. or d**k room la a doe f-ontnfflee la rr.nkllo dm d i ing?, 196 r.roadea i rner of bey aUeoL applt to WW .o del Pnal.C. ?B the I n< d nr P BIT Air. PTaBi.fe TO LM- iR ?I?TI| <ThK?' H? iwaer naeoid and 1 olrd avonoaa apply at 31 at Hark'a plaee HrPkMrol rati Ok H'KJrl )M (laakBR AtrbrT. prak f'rnrto tnlat-P'oat parlor m. eeo we floor wuH na now. and rira'l aild iie io m ik maan tanting fVottt a*l i r. no. alb fieaplaoa - ao lar?? na o rwoaeal a Old i ar. f>rtori erdyaa revlBMn >na?.iatl' timmnul'lt pAhT or A OOLSR WaBTaD ? a .KaI.L PaMlbf I I toarle'lT d of two ?diee and ekbd. oieb Io cbtaln part o i .-M oar it a ?tt.'??l raiph o bnod na*. vial > ? aad b'l< laob Ytd-troei i,aa and bah iad,<pa,w.hlA Ad'.. -pea lira tqiia-e Poa.' fflee foe th-ae rare nihlkl IP. API/ TO LBT OR LaaPR-THA IdUaot. I It ki.?an aa oikar'a WHiad. iiiuaaed >o ta? Aaatrrnwafart' I l, alike atone wa letn Ml. a nlar ahoqi ton anpaa wt' i i Idiot a plod fork, ke. The M. aad hi beioufnlle waode Olid aaoon beeeb aor la inod ? (.-nemos o- hn p-tyok.a To a ?rad taoar t .It mi be retted low Por no i let tare apply to i) A a. k IBokuANII a eUrtON, Bo in i nor eire.t , JlbkkiulKf ? HUD'OII MTKK.HT NlaBOOolA a on well adapted for ana retail r? Inquire 11 I' hk H A> " nan butann aiteet * I aal/T mWtd 4*4 leiUHl o.dion-.B llil in 4 J tea bntid ora onraar n Rim and Pwbihho atrawta Ob are aaea of <madway C-aloB water (aa water aloerli * v <1 (mart oooaeri ?? iln.ied ha a-aw vtoaa 'nqntrw V I ' i > P e r T, no tb? pi ma o -a i? ?*. ?PI? OR 14 ncf.iH rrftufr **< ' rl rnriwinat piy < MTRUUI4, Pit TOR A Oj ad iPA *niton .t-nwl ,. iaTin i-i ??n.-Tv) L?r ?f m? Rti inrm ? < b'.r don <?* mhI dwni'tnn Imm' (lilrlt 'Atrawlnai '!< ?> I a ftr?l Ikl? IUIK1 l.i an nu-lfkM* Aj^l t B to A* hl<\ At ? ? <rwvoa, orMHUK i Ji t- H"l N An UUiii?i *l " *<?* in I.AT-1*' H*A( Put R ITmRT h<4 ?L.l4t? i hanrBnlt hn'Wm ft" MM) 771 Ron! thutn At h a?rm' i rv>m ton- AAtvi |W*.r tairn n. nnwon na? in k-nAwwan AIA1IIAP- w?rhl? m? ?u. vail* ala?an<M k rf with ? 4 and pnarl papnn, all tbn mratam in no a f>: t? anatVno tp?i? m?h. pPaRR4, t>? Won rbroMtih rnn? I-?i l.*1 -1 ? R ftMl riA'MR ut BA ,( H t'lMIB" I ?itk I Wmm oil of b <u?n * K ?r wwi, mmu-Unn ol It rm??. ?u?fn?fma two* ?an aa?l i r dm Wainr Inouim nf i'lAM l?/?Kat raar nf 9 Klan Mmnt or ad A. RATv an ?' Phaiham oiwt It, LaT.?- w<? F1RAT RaIR OP'I Rm i -OR ??U .d HI a * I irr no tbn wood #??.r of r a n ri-ir laa ?bp. lannlra ap lb# rraiplnna rf?AHll'A A kllfK' I If I A r tin i PRa Pa at ma PdkRi-Rd |?0 til I nrnadna? b> I?i?n Twnriy Vrat and i wnnty ??""wid Hnra; III In altnnad <?i aa In an??f Pit a And clan hoard n? In ura. VmatK-u oaaant b? -nrp wand Arc j lia-nn-tta nlf i# n. K. uo itaf im i Rt?a rrovt Ai?n rror PARuOt. wii.i, ma I idabf I, ? labia Tor apkykimaa. Apply a( 109.iraadatrrat, yea' Mmnilw.y rl RT 10 A RRAIU ORnrKRl. Pa*!bT, Till op, n-pan of fl-nt l aai rnn lory Vrian 71J Rani Brawl way, Ifi nmwri vf tan rianiaa w! b pantrlna kt . hnaaa la ynfwiffdn' a? B?ai| a naltah'n Inqqira aa abO'A. , O Lbi-ItlFt ft Od - ai> Ha<R* aT i P Hot' I l? 1?# t? i Intb at. o?ar I. t tgt i ay an, wain, (T ? tnathln n at in |p?. na. n-o?n. 4 Po> pvtlconra taf|ii m i n lh? pmn a? ' ait ? Ulf ? I Wi.nn'? two h?nn ??-y hnl al. fa aa* aa<) In nomp'nW <r<tny m i.rahaw aiyi.m on*. Hnrb* i > ? wniaa naomd ApyHinO w KR 't?. *4 4?ai.d *>? <, 4R1 Man?hd?? .Hill Ran I 9 a W a lift n-a m?4 RliI' ! .'r,M tb-r-m- arkab y *'n <, to ,m a bod imm p-ji m f ?ma, an' aaln, ???y ratranoe Apply a. f I- I h .Plltnn ,W6 d?oa?IWay TO LIT- 1iR RIB*T aR' R-i 0?Ii Riyyu* v#d Khny w b '?'nu, nam a And a:\?r mmi, nan aid (Vlraaatnr 'i>oiiAl"'?,i Rl la inai ?o m? r ii bun to *1 Rrmairiwt ?ar ' narl f/nt, app y 10 tHOr. HI'1*. 44 Caibar an rant. BSD AT, APRIL 14, 1887 ro uf-MBM amd stoma m umaTO tracer, I scar l?o?j?v; *e (took IiUtm aad lento tor ab aheap Por rartoar parMealara apply ae Ihe pr wlaee. |? LBt-A SMALL OOfHiC HOU?m OoH'A1S 1MB I tbhtoea raoma with laa boot* and tub a aad ever. eoe wnteaee. with iwe to Ave aeree at inn1*, btoatei at K ngvbridge, N V , a mile tram the railroad >UUi? tpplr ie A*HaHAM BAKIHa*. K toy bridge tor partfcialaia l? Lmr-TBm THsmx btobt briok OAnmieae I mvnatortory, Ac ea table tor an* mwahaaieel tineloewi lleated id Bloke etreet wear aUaatia street death Broe*l<a s pn at a Kroot street, Brooklyn

rlilt?run K4h8T aMBHKOOMD Uimuf SOIuD las on the Boataeeat earner at Wtllta* and John eweeVi Thee are laipe. well toed ap. and for aar kuam ngediu aau Item are very desirable They win be let or Ieew4 vtry toe; poteeestoo lot of Mar next, Inquire eo Ur? pre at oca or at ituii, OHRaCBF A iX) ,? Ourrvv .real ri o lbt-bousk ho. 101 bT. Mahk'b PLaor, 37* 1 fret (Mat hi M feet deer?tour roomi an each flootlan. boose 9o Uli *aet tweety-eeveaih street Kent Hftfl apply to JaMJf8 b. kuk&aY, 13 WMBlnctua Fiaee, er7l baarao street r> LIT?A TUT MSIRaBLB KABIDENCE. WITH ooeeh bo use and four aeree of land. Terr handao neiy Im proved, at blgbb'ldgaviile. West?h?ete- county oatrmte vie t'oicb't em Iron tint on be Harlem river baring a ve-v ex tenetve rtejr of the surronndta* country Building* nearl* new and In good order. Will be let low to a gooi tenant od v to D ? A. KlftOeLAXD A SUiTOJf. AO. ? rtroaJ li eat TO LBT-TM l Aim ROOM ?N THIRD STORY OP bandit g > 12 Chatrhr r? itrMt about 26 by 71 N't ? Rh to m attached aboat at fort tquara aul'able for a work cam kayiug light a I around; eiao offices In Die aaine build irg Inquire or Ike prem* ea. tH> LltT?TUB THIRD STORY OF TBI BCILDINU NO ?!? brood way, on tub le for ifflces or bnalnOM porpooen arp'y In the trng xfora en tbe prannm. IX) LKT?TBR LOWKH PART OK 80DSR NO (3 BaNK I street to a (mail famll* only, Anoiy to J 1. Ol" ? INY, bo 6 Trier Row Building f?m 1 to?P M or inth* ginrlit'. after IPX T O LRT?PROM THB FIRST OP MAY. TWO FLOOR* of the wrll 'Ighted buiU?log Ho 20 Nona #i'iia<e m m. rurntng through to 228 William street. wlh or withou rOAtr ywer *npl* to BlLblN ft BRO., 82 and M Reek tarn ? flO IBT-OR FOR mIR ft TWO RtR)RY FAaMI 1 bonne, wlih night lota and a 'arge atable, eftmer 01 Rat! l?)u ivrnutit ii i rmuktna rtrert near the Fulton avenue carr do pot, hro- k ! a the house baa eleven rooma, o-flav and furnace; rntg<N> ti nnlre at '15 La?renoe street, Br >ohlyn |<0 LIT- PaRTOF HOUSE 46CBRlBTOPHRd " KKK? 1 l ODUaiir g of front and back rooms, wBb bedrtrxn o< reer nd floor one rorm In tbe attic and front basement but a m all family will suit. Gas, bath ftc Houto to t? paltleo and uut in flrat rata order. Rentt2M. apply nt til Va"?h rtreet I'O LRT-*1 STEAM POWER AND G tOD 1 rooma near nhw??j on Canal and Walter treeU . oue itriie on Canal street, one. MMl floor fro.Uog oa haili xtreeia anr unal'er rooma and rmerininiif. b/JOHM tlABf>? R, eaatoner 102 Waller (treet. cpO 1 EI? A T AtlaN r LOT NO. 64 WORTH SfRKEf. 1 (late ant bony aireet) near Chorah. auMable for any pur ooae but particularly for coal yard or storaae of brick, l'xn bet Ac, apply to LEONARD riOOTT, 64 Gold street or 6b Reach atreeL T?0 LKT.-IN JERSEY CITY ON SOOTH FOCRTE I afreet, between 45 rove and Erie streets, two mew tnree rtorv brick bourea, handsomely finished, aith gar, ea'd vw bet wa?-r baiba, ranges, ftc Inquire of BaN J. S iaVu ?R "0 Vtaey atreet orortPHM PRa t, bnilner, on the p'emtrfn rLRT-A LABOR FIR?T CLASS DoUduR HOl'sF 60 feet front three atorles ard basamrnt cm tabling abo i> I*irty reonia with tbe mrdei-n Improvement* gaa flttiree Ac Posaeir Inn gl?en the middle n i. prtl We" at'oatelfor * ?ir?t elves be am Ira hnuae. 'rquire at 22) West twr .t* -?wnii mreei or 11 juan n. at. i\ atv, painter, no- a Mao m r?l a'reet IrO LEI? P4BT or THE TWO rTORT SRVOK ROC-ii n>7 Went Forte r'ghlb atreet r ntln n? of tiMMMlt, u-?t itnry ard part of aeooed at ry Kept moderate 1H> LKT-1R 1 Hit SEVENTH W?1D. rO 4 IMilA family of adult peraooa oily (be eeoood ?Vnr f.y'h ?at?y) of 4 pleaeant y located bonae, and 4 apaclo.ii yar.t Irqntrr at WO badteon rtreat. >Hi I.kT-ThR F1R8T AND riKOONI) FLOOR.! aN. I bairmostof the row ftvo atory brick duIV'I ?. 30 y a leek on ibe rear of KM 43 and 43 tVjtt?n d ot l< well RWrd. and aultabl* for pMnlern or maoutadtarare woli tlx 'Manege of etrteuy from the r.reel Apply fc> F. M. H.krl.t llb? Nwaau auet-t 1H> LKT TO A bM ALL FAMILY, THM IRIXjNO fl/WK of a boune lo btneieeuth Orwt, near ftigb'b areaue. eo t Kullrg of lire rormi. Oroton water and gae. Root *30 be yrupri reiiolrt-d. lo be seen from li til! 1 o'cloan. la inlreit 311 W??t twenty-fourth aireet. rUT-A FIRST CLASS FOCI 8TORT il )0vP. crarly new In rocd O'cfer, wltb a'l the mod"a laap-ovr ceuta. Re 390 Weil Twentieth aWeet. Inquire of I W ' t ball.. 2ft Weat Eighteenth atrreet, or Pllia,IP TaCr-t If I l.reereich ??r??L rl.ET-THK THttKM 8TORT BRICK ' WRLi I 'i Mltkrl 115 h fitth * venue replete wth e?c-v e >tr? :tnee ibat .?n be de?tred. Tbbi beure baa reeen'lr oeen latnind tkrouf hoot and la la perfeet oede<. apply at f?. * XSIIUaR, bo 3 basement Hank of Otro meiee Het'diag ar >1 Ik tvraw between Twentieth aad Tweaty UrAnt'iie it LbT-Fakr OF BOOSE *W BOWaiiY, OON-IKI I tog of t *e Ine partera tin nt b aetnent bedroom and pan r-ea. rood under cellar. Croton and gaa. Mooma may be aeeu 'mm 11 till 4 F. M. apply aa above. i?o LIT?OFFit'RM IN BlllLDINOA M X IN IHOIDWA1 1 MdNo 1 Nf* rlreet, Wall low alee t rare lor a 'ir? of Ttvi two doelrnhle lout of i t. A.m kltn. on the eertorlt rile ot At Fell t'roet IMwn Hronoa plvwud LafoteUn tmom. Apply to Mr OtCoA PL*INC, No 1 New rtrrot TMJlH-tO A HMaLL FaMlLT, WirHuCr OHIL I *n D the rernod floor of ynnteel brine, No Ail < Iff birr alb ttrert, renin lor nffrnit Momt, tr.iltrr ptVrW Te ?? ! ? to .ha t ?rj and tn 'he co'lar. for we*n|off, e?n >n tb t ottr, ib? t(W?e te eeo-eet thtn bo rrrn after til c'eiri. Bill letrtT(t7 Meat tir hirer lb street |tO LKT-1II * AM ALL FAMILT, THB 0"F. 4.0. I ol bouee 116 Tbompaoo turret rue itfW'u . 110. '-rot bar? rern , a> d one room la MUc lira and tirolan a* ?. To be tear frt.m I lo .K P M TIV 1BT? A LAAOE TObB AND IKU.tli tOOn ' K I ant l.twm?a? 316 urmn-l rt?eet rrn'. ffltn lw?t..'. 7 lr'?>r M e?t (' U60, l?o tlorj booaa to V*atry t- -1 600 ea.rona rormi ?j><" bedroom* to K? Walk at ?? At or b Moore ?tre?t fl aim tr.real and 5*1 Drtrjrkn 1<r-r Upp'ratNo H Rr *sb rlreat | u I.Kr-UlK LttWFN FART O* HOtdd tit) ' I f bar r* etroet. at a moderate real a desirable p'ad* for . ona I faioli . O LXT-THA IF "BR FARf OF HOC8R TAi Utl'.t* ' wish a'rert: two rraxna 1*0 panirKO ret# bedn-mc n? '?? tn atlb- aod froot baaemeaL la iulrr at rln J Yw-n'.h net pu LA*?* 1HAXR 3TORT AND ATTIC (HO t -a-I I buck h-uae In itntr i"r piaw Twet i? nrv b ' ib ?Bffe l*e bah and I?- h?'ur?r, the h".i- Mo ? uc '*U t-<1 and ant 1 or^e*. aod will be ready bef.tre let 11 a?. 0 otrtipoart; rrnt IN*) oho thelhree *uw? wan tab hat?rt. ut r ore 1D A ei?t bltir ier-ih at wear I Ipblh ara . with tu > I. 1 a ?prnreaeatr, itl Vm Alrotbr f mr etorr Maplwh bora rent bt'iirt- ll?b> HI deep wttb modern 'mprt>?n<?t*oW, nr. 'ortj Prrt rlreev rear Brti* way. l >? bettiff l>nt in it rtrr; out ffim aleo the four rUtry laryo b'moe and morn ejr-i?r ''rb'b areoue ar.d dntMylPat at-eet; rrnt ."Vti tn 1 'tn mir a?cry rjiwn?o wrmmi miw ?n in nw i m? > ' n tnrtarar kip bib amour -iWi arodern laprm-nw to; mat 'Ml A'Ml ? l?rg? Ml' d?*|rabV floor In T- n'h a* */>'>? '??r I araiy ib rd kl net, nil lUr inr'"?arn'( nn U or. rent t<7fi ' PP 7 'O ' A fib A H * II i|rglt eorner Al?hvb av"?'.a ad "hpMll M'WL ,n> l.aT-VRBT ?*>IHAtLK APtBTWUKTH. OOT ?l | ' lag "f f'n r room* on aer.iad lloor and bank baar-oa t w L 'roxnn warr ? I* aate pip*, laal IW IpqMin SAa > i p la* PC 1V1 Uarra* irrcet MV Mm* ID IkNra PTkMT, 7D4H MXTH AV t na* nae half of ? drat alaaa ihrca Mrjknuw tlpi t?>, team makUf ( of opbt nnaoM each pantrtaa wv?r. mi ?-rr ird pa* iwcnr fatniiie* abn want tc Ilea palpi tutd ' I* "Bay ?ppt* a: Po. P TeatA atreet ?*> i.rr-ian ?iait floor* op nounc; in ? M I HIP epoblitectitk treat Arp y to D A nT'Hl % p a. .Vbaretrat Da* k of (Vuamen-e Itng or Miaife avaan ?!? ?? t aet until aa<1 Twenty-art atraeta phi LPT- TP K RLIOIBLT LOOaTRO AMD 'PAOIIiR I tore and dwel-tag 14' Rln'h araim# apmalte ) nnare nr?uIn'B* tmoiawa roraaa replete trtth ??-! p?i .Jrar* that ran be dtatred alec tAe dealing par* of 'V) e 'erne Apply to I. A. Oi RRRaR Ma S haeetatt H ( r 1 (?iwn? Km ma* or Rlntb a rone. Mam T nat. } ad faept* fl'pt atreeta fO IM?70 A FBITATR FAMILY. A OOMJf'JMO' I AmI rUrR RAi aUaaatla fnca tkail ktttA altk til ike A kra ifrprer-man'* tad at#i-? thtey for bn.ianaawrd-f Ro M a arn'b ?trrrt I'M 4m front r anr.rvd avanan a too ?hia na% Ij ?'fWrd hotiaa AO IM Hn'Mltl a Irani l>J ha Mn fr ta 1 Mt ? o'rlork T M for |>vWtlwi Ifplr lo A. A* r Kb R, WaHNTa* ro LXT?A TUT PI OB THRM PfORT "Rl '? H?H-J 1 hmtaa No 12 H nMful atraat, Mir Rt M.rk iharah llittra lit food or- ar with (an (litqraa fnrnw' >m?tT<n. OBn br wan fn? 2 to 4 t. M. A. *. KIR-IHI OR l? Ro-rtb MM 1K> LBT-PART or TIT RUB BTOBT BBIOK ROPM J fl BaraU-i aWaat. Rat.t BaoorttOO. anr?wtla* I t M r?a Ad Inquire at thai hrmaa d rOLBl-OR Iti H BTRRBT, A AH A L.L. ORR f R?I, n M 1 WHh far ' rttma bath and In nt-a orta' furkliia. taf ti'SW ba?i If.7ft PoaawMton at oonn R R KIR?'I,?. .? lib t north ??anna. U l.AI-OR RBaRORaRoR TRRRM, r>lK Mr. 1 r <U? hlfh r aaaai' Dl bona* ftl Waal rifinnn'h .fr 1 | ?a?m Iba Pif h and r nth availnaa, it \r*i rata <iM- r nad v htdatara Apply o boiti k R aTaaRu ifTP- ?!? -. | | ( I.AT- TO ? H..OI) TI>A?T OR VRRT MA* N | 1 b a tain,a tha Tnwr a?nry brkb hoaaa, vid rnnnh mt, , . >?twa?? ' Wanty i.nji and TWaot aluh alr-nata tnni olna I ha morarm U prorrnartiM apply In MuRa A lAfttn. , J7 Pantl airaat rO Ul-ffel TiWIhUM PA tT ??r THK T RBI | aU"t and atrie brwa bnnaa i?*t liudaoa ?taa-i g*a. '-aura aatair h>( anl r Kl bat it r>-n? I7.M Alan, tha tan ava ? ana >u r b<>'aa A 7 Known await tn ooiat la"* or<*?r. appN at RAH daon aft aat I O APT- OR TUP. P.APf RTVaR. AT RATRRtW *'< > I L 1.. hraa haauPfnl OtdtapidL In pwnalawi nrdar tta at lainlt g . Ia?an rwuA tha "thaa (wo llfan-i rm % aar.'' hair In a at. tor a traat on aad omtTBtl^ona In tha r*t? rw lot ha a> rpataid ai'hln Aa \trtndy. Por a at > it.VkbA offeabn ?A r-nak Blip, ap itiura, from )| talis -Irk t a at avanawont) rUt-ipm VBIOHRORflOOO -if nt ton< ya<k b fttrrbbarl l iat room in tba aar ml Nnr- n-'hor ? tbpoi board In aorianta lamllt. fira R*nt ro* , * i wit <t iwb atng a papt'anias Hafwa ,aa ra<|uirad a .t (irbi Adrtaaa A. t nt blfi I'nat offlfia | U .?T -?OA hh P>(TTASt,l PaMll.T tfa/kt I ktra <nd 'own mom on ona lloor Nt aamn . a m ,< f n ?atar ta tan ror.aa kat.l TrR pa? m rn n in ?!???? la itiitaol br, IT It t b ] |7 Wn4* at' aat ota -Irata frn-o A I U ..II III I I'PNR PtaT Of t'OOAB R<i l/ I h. pb aa Mb a*raat b< twaan 1 turd aaaotia an I I v*i>r u>aoa a?l?p al n.t?iarr. lap . ?amr..ta ?aa. tiynr n waw< -ru a,rtnnaial fanny ait tout talldiaii V,. i a n rm t tin I r rlo-k I hi aBi-t rriCBP Kb tub PiRar .rh > iv#vn I fl nra of h. naa |R ftij n*tt nlaoa a tror r of n ? ifraat a ?aa ooof- trrm t ha-' baa* *T?r t, ?trwant m> tail hadm wa on thr tht-< flatr.f aaiT b>.?? s ihoT?t fba ardroatiia ml ha la; nianain rwpmtl/a par laa li <rirc la tha front oHtoa, on Uie praKiaaa. r? iwr- c aimwT family only, pab* or bane* No at Hmn o<4 IK) t?r?* SMALL TWO 8TORY BaSTMEftr %Ntl aula h o?e containing too room*, u'la )e lor one or te-i tmiVt. Inquire of 4. 8. SCAldlnE 222 Bronco* etreet rLB'-TBt STORE NO 76 CaTHARIItE BR.KE mlitblt for any buMnes . Inquire in the boo' aid an **?e?e, 7? ' atbartne auert. Wlmlalf lInn. TO LET?1HR OPP.B PART AND RACK BaJK K <1 of houae 447 Poorto atreat to a ainall lam ly. Aon'. $216 * t-r'cai? only T'O LET-A r 1UT RATE HT .NO FO* A ORO'StY ten lture or any other retail core No. 48 Eaat Broad ray be.weea Ca b rite and Market ?tr*eta Poom ilou 1* of A?ply tj M. T. UlBttOkH, 10 8lata atree , near 'he 'Vt> L?T- TBB hNTiaR SECOND FbOOK AND u? I Ugbiful front niuarut t he new and modern diet oltn .?wfil B"*??iui pltoe Thirty third atreet. betwee-. ehbib and Nbalh avtnner, ojprabe tbn opeu ground* oi bhrtiinle far the M ind; houae 6u feet deep. To be aeea Mm 6 to 6 o'clock. T??L^Ir^ AND UNDER OBLLkR.NO. Ml ?T J8PSH!* ,wlne ?*?'?' inquire _ "wvuan, IV? r UilUU BifWI |.c LBT-TUB TUB KB STORY BaUSMkNT AND ACTIO 1 biown alone house on the north utile of Tweotv weoid sfrret atoond door weatof Ninth avenue Mo. 277. will all 'be mi dern improvements. Bouse to be oet %ud kept in beet reuslr hem reasonable. Inquire of JuHN n. wc'XH/LO, bo 133 Wee' Twenty brat street or on the oretnlaee r> Llf-IHH THRKB *TO*Y BUI >K HOURS 197 Wen Twenty seventh street near Kigh'h avenue Has si) the medern hni rovemente; In perfect order, Poueanioo M c l k ay. Relit 1600 Apply to a. H. WaUNKK, 15 W*1 meet I O LKT-IN CON-nyUBNCR Of TUB PKBRSNt OJI cupr-nt going to fcuiope the eiega-u four story Cngtlsh hasen.eiit bouse35 West > hirty nfth street. near *fth av<iuu?. I be I ouse will be painter p centred. Apply to P. K. CoO 1/ K e t 39 sod 41 Ann street I'O LBT-TBR LOWK* OB UPPMR PART OP A 1 bouse in Houston street, near Woo?'er; bae o?'h and g*m. lo s small family the rent will be moderate. Apply at ti2B r roadway In the Isee store. rUT-TBI TWO TURKIC STORY Aft o Mill: br ck bcuset 278 sad 2W Hpri'g street between (Judaea and TalrlckMs App'v to .JOHN L. CM ?SE, 147 Uimmutl street, I rem x to 10 a. M and after 6 P. M ritO LIT?A HOC SB al?D ABOUT TU1RTV AOattS OP I good farming land In lb# town of stew ttoeheile about two miles from the Me v Rtebelie depot aud ?M mile fron i'e bamvllle depot, bouse new, containing t'elve rooms; lo aatton lealtny sod; the bou-e f u'nitu e ai d ss'd n would be let rtptite for part culars Inquire of WM d t nil: A CO 55 bxebvnge place rO LBT-PROM MaY 1 TBK RBCOBD PuOOtt OP bouse 139 Bast Twenty 'bird a reel t"> a small resseetable family, the tloor consete of back and front parlors two be 1 rrcniB.klleben.sna bMhroom, with the use of h'f aalctll water ardgas. Ren' $;'40 per aim urn Apply as above rLRT?PART OP A GOOD HOC SB, US Ba*T Td.R 1> third street to a small family Parties who waut a > Ira place where tbere are no eh'lttrm can be silted -ta'h ea? and Oroton tbr'ushcut annual rent 9475 o atlas above or ? Willi NKY, 38 ( ourt andt street up stairs 'I'O lAT-TUt KOl!R STORY RMGLl-U HARtCMKN' 1 h ,n?e IS) east Thirty tirm spec'. between Pec and an' Iblrd avenues In a ye-y pleasant neighborhood;contains all Mem 'em ticprovementa Bent reasonable to a good tenant, epply at 15 tsalier street near West Broadway rO LRT-IN BRUOMk HTR9BT, 424. TBK hBC !tl> end third boors; 'bey are 26i?5 feet; veil suited to se e* f r manufacture only a few doors east of Broadway, apol 0 P. AYkhH A CO., 441 Wroome street ro let-a labor pr >nt room, with a h?nusome ebandaller for burning gas, an exnelino' looaism or a death l or any other profess nnal gentleman. Inquire at ')() Tltrd avenue, near Fourteenth street. TO LET?TO TWO MM ALL PA?IL1?H. THB ?BO IN [> 1 sod third tlo> r* of the three itorv br ek bouse 3M West forty fourth street Two room a three beoreoms pa' rWa Ac. on each boor. Fine yard. Rent cheap apply oo nr? mlses. T-0LBT90RA t OAROINO HOUHB-RO. 7? TlItRli I avenue. Inquire In >ne store. i O LET. Ill HROOKLYW?THB RTORR AND . WaLc In* 140 He u'h llzth street about dve minutes' walk frrra le ferries coovenli nt for two families, apply to a WlL fci H. 170 Peeri street. New York ?) LET ON MURRAY HILL?THB POUR eTOkV I brewo'tone Iront lmu-e 64 bast Thirty eighth street, be ? ern Lexington and fourth avenues, all the modern in bouse in perfect order, ebandellera sod gas fit 'U.-4s remaining Rent 9'joc to a good teoanL apulv to f A L hOHfe, 99 Fearl streeL Poasession about the 25th test . O l.BT TO A RM A LI, FAMILY?DPPMR Parti in ti'Mim- ii? hrk iiurwmiD ivflflv dfiw?qi Klfiui man * 'Bth *veriiee rooiAiritog troll aod bark p?r?n eiteorlo* d h*'l room. ?1U ha'h and raa on the aeoond door aod t ?o ?'i c rcoma. Kent WCO. Apply to W. m. uI.najtN on the r?n>bea rlKTCBIAP-IVOMR ANMUM-TO T?j F^Ml Ilea If deairrd Ike ikree atery frame and krtdrbaaeneoi ba??et ?<v *93. Sat and 137 Pony atfkih atreei be we"a *l?r?otk and Twehth areanaa Key* to ana the mbm to 0" bed of J Hrrnwon Mo. .330 name atreet For farther pn-vico lara tuiaire at J It II Km FOM. Ixu Broad way. room ?H?>0 LAV, IM BAOOKLVH-A GOOD HFA?0 F?l* fat I Krfwj U(! reed bualnrae. Tbe three ?uir? brick hoaw ur a ti''i h' mrret 3 here te en under oel ar aod la re dooh i.rr, wfh three ronma to the rear, and are>e modauoa to Haul familiar op atatra Alay and ekabie oo the preeawa* Vt'lbe trtcheap to a reaponaib'e tenant aWo boaaea t. < tber tocaltPra for eale. aod boner* aod apartmenta to let apply te JOHM F. HIMMKHMT, 86 (told atreet, Brooklyn ?? Urr IM BAOOKLYN?TWO TBAle. BrotkV ?tl a 1 boaaea. with dot#tad baaaoeata and aob eel'ars. M as .(1 Front atreet Brookl?n. altnatert about no yard* from tt I attou and Matopta t -rrtaa Tonae boaaea ar* mop bad w m th well and rata water on tbe prenitaro. without ftotnr u? t or* tha> hare ear a bain aod h *u< Irom hot e: or* area In the mdare i hem are niao to rant, two three atnr ' rtrk houaea with urlrhed Jaeentawta aod aub eeilara tn 'A t > ?iio?? B?e?< (ir l? ??jr waxaknll) mill* to i r- "*a dt, ng > the rity af Kaw Tark Appr? ?o th ? rr on tbr p ? lara TO LET ON l.lallR?% WO FIVE HTOnY WTOMBn 16 aod 17 Canal klreat, Doar hunt w le* irb#? ft. loot drop lo Iri irp?r>M) or toge'bor Apa 37 Wwr btroal io LI'Bulb A VA'Ni>KflVUOMr. n LM OR :? i m.tkkai, LOT* ON VlMlM ' Vn a^Tcri. boar I'uhpwM alrret; alai buiao No > f adw d flrrat. ooraar nf I*ighL apply to J II OlFNIKt No .*> Tm on n w puidtag. batwora t'tiillMN Ml ?tr?rt? *ttm I to 1 P M fl'O LET OR IJt AflB?TBB TWO NTOMT AMD ATllfl I brtrb bonaoa ?M Washington hod *0 WaUralreoM H--? )u*i brrn painiad and are In vary aica ardor, apply al ?7 w ?'?r atraa*. i o ljct. run naum, on nxoHAiiOd ron oitt ? I pony - A ibraa story b-lr* hnuaa. W by Ml ran, ?r?th a? ?.-i. tola of gronnd in Hudson City. M?r?ii Jrraor OlVy t ir bob rat aprty to a. LYON, V Wall rtroot Mo*T?ri ><-1 I, NT I II F>? *41.1 TIlK TIIKKK aTOHY ANH 1 'at.-n.'nt <*..(? ?re attnato.1 on - ulto'h ?r- . near pith Inquiry en tho p-rmlara. third houar from ll. -taiw?? J toar P road war tkr !* ?? of a how ?ai-h faroKaro f?. nr ' i or Ui a rrrpmmihlo r arty Irraa will Ka -*?y. tg wr.l l'<*|S a boar'lli'g bona*, anntalaa t?r> largo p r?ir? alt o.dKdVMii jr* dining room, fourteen bod-i i^no titohoa pa. rlo? hath rerun walar cl> acta eoal oo Iat?, gaa ntto *? a arrliaro. ar will ba h t vKbnat faraituro Apply to.fiCuH >r. IBPxON IK <1111 arraaa, iO LEA*E ?OK B*U?nWAT Hit TM I H MR 4 11 I ttroei Ih oo b lufoaadtming aarh other Mil'hat Un.| o afavra and loaa* d wtro'brr or aopaeaiatp Fbod^i' r'a are *r trimtd~oa and ran bo t-rt <rl In. a pftra a tol K H. KiNkIIIMIlB. 319 Fourth arm iTO BRKT- THK cROOKD FnOon AMD ?aCI t. 1 a'ont of a Mall bnnaa IB KamVoigal rtr??d n?*??ar?? xi? r.'d "laaadar Aaattlb' Apply at M Klag aww s., uaaA. 1"0 BBNT-IWO OOTTAOBK AT FEI.8AM W* . I r boat or county, With water K-noU oonoaito Barter rand. Apply bLf. MIi.IjAK, Now KrvaoJ a. I O hKNT-IHB KfllOW* Kind* FIYR *T>'? honor Ko fd Wat Twonir fyntb air apt, a^nth ?H? Tw?a'y tr nrth **i?rt brrweee Nm?.'?ay aod Ntnh aa??a? al modern Imprtrr-tnonio la tba boaaa. Eant Ma). I a.i aire rfi'.l.vm EKOE. oa tba nrawaaa 'pWO H01TNRB IK MOBMI* oTMBKT JdAStV uiTt I Nna M ard * wPhln ikraa mtaataa wa n'tlaMar. r Co i?I or IraaaA to a Mi fla family o*iy; rwai E4V lft.ln o at Br. OaBDKKBB'M anrnap rt drwrta aad nraaa# dnm ar at My BA1 PB'8 SOW H? wdway. 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Ik fao#y and ttraw honno'a ro*a # a aid he?dd #- # . a'an alarr# awo#tm#ntnf # nd#-.'a Vm ?tt #*. an 1 hd I r'M-ona and fbiwara M tinf# nret 0 Pr#n-h -earil-a* y #*o?n? aad bnntiam frnmaa ~i anl.h *t ? # *?*# a p?- I t Irvirvr rrw b 11,1 ,| R t m 10 rrt It* ? t^aatil ttr#*', aan rd <1 *>r .* thompron *tr?#t 8 to i-#? a ?.rh a d #1. r?n tor rlmpfit n' oi l<n? t ?t " I iiri-.n-, flow#r? AU *ra a> rarirty Mi tutor* ?oo 1 a 'I*# 'O w II ?_____ ? d PAnt Mil 1.INRRT aRO |i?R4hM . ? 101 * ? Ik VI to# Rleeeber *t. ##t. r?#o#n ft ly I. fbrmt adlw ' 1 una a '|. ?Tt il iif "*> m-d# tinr<'? ?d#r?Maa J# tanairad p. r l?to ??#?? # a?d of nifanluroi Alan baa jaoa. An , mada IR tbo moot feebloeobie o (tyia. ? r BURUa, CAIUUAflHfl, M>. AQllll ? *? ? W4QOB 4ND d W < NTKD. rOVv la ?nk*?i? or a mull Aral city mortgage m M0< ird wt dtflere< M a Jnatrd 1, m .roy B-Q ?? k run I HWIOK. 84 Mmmu ?treat. . FaHT bOHblt FOB ?4L?-i MOST VkUUkBLB n bora* tow altered tor *ale if applied for hnaedlatelyL was rawed to Canada stands l.\ bun* a high 8 wears eld, rplesdld it le sod act'on wound kind, ef power'sl ImUorn; so lor say: trot* .he aolle l? 8 mum tee 4) teeoada, and paces In 2 mtnniea renada. ilea ne'er been on any nourse la not knows, *nd m? speed can l>w tmprowed over this. Bia time will be (bows 10 anv party Intending lo pu*ehase, aad a full and re t>tn*lh * warrantee riven. Price $1,21)0. addreae bseed II. rs'd 1 flloe lor th-e* daya 1'UB a r?tiMk P.Ma OP ? Hie M OoLOBBD 8HBTr land uoalee. toand >n every particular, kind and gentle Is stog e'or doable bam nee tbey are brother aid aiater, 5 end S years ntd; oantrot hi 4 nloutea alao one brown haras, 16t? hacda b'gb aoor 4 kino and go- lie <n single or denbla bar era ; together slth a hgbt Sa'anoe wagon, in perfect order tearly new 1 be above will be told yeaeonably. aa the ewi er ha* no farther use for them Inquire of a. MUdBd, 91 ( h?>lu.n itreet 001 ner Uudson, or at hia office 12 Oreeawiak ktynet I gi'Cin (JttaV MAkk dlXfaKN HtNl>.< HIUU r 6 1 ear* old true aad kind in any kind of harness aadvsrr well prrport>ooed Can be aeon at No 9 oh*riff sweet, Jf. b. Wll l>- aold wl'heut rwerbe the ow n?r golwg west. 41*0. a toe yearling brown rtlly fourteen hand* ntgw Bla*k Haw* and Go'dro Btglo atock Can be seen at 2*3 tie Id strati Hmnkl-n till?oid a.MiH HauK-A Baf-DH >Ma ObOSnl UOnld rlKKW F nred >d private a han-laoine falling top b*-0'.-<br a air tat earryal) a four re t box *axnn, 'our top wag'-ny-uid bree wagon* without upe. apply at 68 Wont Twenty turd >t< ml 'd the omi'b ab?D. ftOH i<?U-a O JS.T*l)T l-OHK^lt MORotaN XtaV, ibbanonbLh 7 yeara <>M -uunH and kind In tingle or "noble b n e can trot t> tie of th-ee minutes, >b? w tbe preiue.t ort atnre t oa nv. e&w. wt l oe told at much leaa tbtn t tr va'tre aa id- o?i?er baa t o tin?e to ute bar Can be Men tltgney'a a-able, ?ote lane, Brooklyn; also, a up buggy ne an r e ban eat Jj'OR i-atfc?a a?Y (lANkPu* P >NT, PyUKfRgH " banoa b ?b, 8v? yean* o'd itfe tp'Uig, very atyliah and fait troutr. warranted aourd and kind, lobe aeen at464 WifiBcIrk itreet orar Canal *tieet. H. IfArlAlf. ii'ob HaLK? P,i?OP makDSOME URil horses, F *6)% bandr high, perfectly kind in dou'de or tingle baraeaa. nul o.l; broaeee the owner leavee tor Burare the htab tf >bla month I an be aeen at the atabla corner of Henry and rlarr'trria Ircilii from 8 to l*o clock a. If jj'OR balk a large Bay Boanft, 16 HAND* r blgb, ant able f r a ea-t or any heavy work Bold fop the wait ? ! u?e. Price 1140 Can be aeen until aotd, at tb? bt?pona a ablra. 66 ai d tit Watte atreet. c irner Canal. FHjB t*U-a DaHK BiY CARRIAGE, 16>? ba> dr Mgh MBh| t >e*?a old warranted eonnd, kind and gentle l*' anotve or tingle b% net* wiul-l make a good family bo- re anply at Bradley'e ttablea, Thirty tlrat atreet, near roth avenue CM) ft Bat* a BcACK HAWK HO EBB, 7 YEARS OLD, r aonod and kind ?a-rant d ?o trot In three miautee or Iraa. with wagon, harnera, robe blanket*, A.;. The wliolo wpl be aold very cb ap Apply at 18 Jay atreet. earner of U e-nw eb MAL.B? A Dunns ItKtKT UAHT AMU 11 A?r rrM J he btree la round and load, arren mri old thie aprtng ani m a vara ftylaa driver, inquire at oyater boat 1? f at of t prtng (treats from 9 A.M. to 11. M., any day il la ? aak latCit H-LK-a hfilKTiNoTOP IJQHTWtOON, MADE A by ore of tba boat aitv makera and been bat little need, rpnl) at Kb Mof r"e street L'Oa SaLK -A MPlJtNbiD NvW ftPR!NO rURNITOBE A cart, a ae a oreng bu cbar cart. Will be aokd cheap tor ra.h lnpireol JOoN fa a-nM Ml h K, No. 197 Weal Thirty rip Mb at ret L'Oh IALE ?A LIS8 P SUIP I I*d TO!' OUT HtDl r wagon orarly new, hari.e?* aadd e. bridle, and a large Nrwft uuolard dag. cheap 'oroaah. Apolv at theti.iroer of ' oaih Ktnb aid A<ahtb at eeia, Wiillamourg. a. Oh f I lig a Tail hi 1 1,1 -.11 PMIt OP Ml,a 'K " boraaa 8 \ vara old 15)? hand* high, warranted wind and good'a t an be wu at W. Connolly'a merchant's tlah.M wenty > lotb aire* t "oner of Broadway. Ij'CK KahC ?11K,I' A LIGHT WAGON WTH P altltin* tn.i im cmv! mnt.*ntt nrdup iaIH fop wnnt m? naa Irqoir* ib the oaim ?hop. owner of Broome and Bme> etreete. p.|#e ltd. MK/M ?AL( CU?>P-OMR LIGHT SHIFTING TOP fT4r pen, made to order, been run a few ilmee; will be *old ct?*p be tee owner hba no nte for IL Apply bl 23t Wbahingten ??r?et Mew York 'acl On k a p?POUR HuRHdlJ, poll* waGOMB, r two tulkbp, four rete of hbrntaa. one teo wagon, one exprree wagm and b model of the rhip Great ttepioi e. Inquire bt 4*2 Ktg tb ?tpd"? m n-roi Ihlrtj h ? -net w t/k 8aaK CbfcAP-a NKffToP PAGO*, BUIL.T TO P order by ore'f the best manufacture m the country, ro d ou icoou I of'be owner leaving me cltj Cea be eeen bt JaMK- ' 82 Wa?bingu?u etre?t near Ctibmbnm A. t VfeAT VUBT KINK A*? A s*)i>b white tebd boreee lJHt hnndn aeand end kind In binriw tn e msd or eerrUre hor*e?, ran trot in or nenr ih-ery annti na. qui eolt bi > gentlemen that tlke? bl- le nod ?uee4? . gal n i S ?*ret Pony elphib etrret. near ti h u-? - no Hon kr.-NhW IOkK 1 ATTKHriaLLB ? aUJflON i at" i f beree* earr IM harneee ? ei*ti i he 1? blunt rte rbeetr ?td aalte t U il o'rlook thu d?y, April 14. At p tram Mir SO bnraed from Ver Oil and JO from Wretorrv new tore, in pair* bail tingle soar very uat ono. O i.WO? BUbMbh-FOB r.Ao? M It Hat HATCHdit cab 'Up* borer* flee bnl aU rear* old etxteea hand* high, rd ?e > ttjrleh erlrtra. slwi b naleebe i*n-l< row. made in older bj Wiod t lombwii "and b e^a-Vw Inquire tap A a aid. the en. hman. a the prtrUe (table Mo 17 Third .bred lumltoll a >. |_| t-hblH abi. OeRblalife Frit kAU -ON* BRPOTT Q jrleirg eight jeer* nd 1%X hardb h'gh, rer* uleaaent Hirer lid b tulrel ro?d hci ? ran trot la 2:<A aIjo. a h??D ? iliok. rll juried lb bbi.dr high very gent e bad near at torrl?e erd bi< I'liwlent eadd>e horae akheagh 1 Prlacily rd pan ir I in knout 3 m nulrs A'an tbir kfkM. g, pir? *aai? old i&tj iiMidi bi(i>. ien atfilah ui r 1??IW d-'far, wn>a Biti' A Ann earrttga or road bnrnnt <-an tm. tr 3** n Inn na *'?n k h* Mkonrton nw" ntak rara id. >6 bn d* high Uliahln (or k mod mut, ft nhieb . arroan fbn ha. bnnn nand for thr >nat .wo i?v< *l?o ?kO ?o??f rocbawni tar ?nr nr i?n iinranp rnutlr now. and It er'nrt nrdtr uae rgbt road wk(oo. bnilt by Ford >*i<f It kt iVmbl* bataraa; k ant ol ?lr gip bt'gikt ?e I tan iktr* lnori k'l war ' tad ?onn<l kind %n I gowt'n In kll bar t?r?, krd kir ?.rtbr. d for pain on aaonnot of tbo awn'i Imr Wr 'hn rlt . appO at tkn pr'oU) itobl* tn Hotter ?tmnt Arab >fc w>l(f Onuri nwt moth irmbl>l. HOrbk* ANO rA?hI*.?Kh *>D RO^KAWkf FOR n> Una pair x<pg 'al'na brown bor*ek A nod A rctn rid bp' nr m'tn, ? ? H ku >*k high, ?vm ?d ?i"d mnod ate r"k"r. kok pood tr???|i?'k kiao n remarkably liar buy beran. 'ts, bar<*? hi?b. good "W way. and In .id taamrpR nraptrp aim, a tti.a aotim. blaok bora*. about las*. ako * n>?d. hi John <l Hm *erj fcaodaome. ooMmlynow aid n arraiind. a'an, a rorkaway. with mcknj, kiao two nerad band 'arrtagra en bnt huia uwd Apply at atnbn ft tnar'biloat *aahikator. f|iarn. Malt tFli HOi'kR Me -A <DfKk On Pa IK i. V Htf hrr-ra IM bk'.da both j j nara old, of groat atvik and b? ??ti ai ri par'noua a-ui.u *ln* rookawai too wagon and h taran W ill br mlr trar * It.n . -t nr ip gomf tn Ror pok fO ?nr?l ?p.y anpnrlo' Hi |ri borara, J l-t ,'rom >aoi at no rt winfan>ir nt ori'alyn PON lb bowPHItTi ??i. PMiM rOlltIJi * HKa0liful n a chad pair w|ib h.rff. aud wagon, a nolnndld add* potty lb hai da U'gh lor a young lady or ganilamaa. arplj at "P Wttnr a rnnt <J(IR T II n. . iir. mmm w ? ird?ui'tr bc aid*n. kind O and tiDf xnnp tooaoln and nop aomnwbat trainable tan aa<*d n rrefn'xd. nddrrra bei 2 SRh Pnat nfflee, ataurg ago, ffc. wtar ma it* A i, an* I. w??t rub nrton <> 11 HkBli rk.?r?Fd . ,KI *.? .- a no UOrtT O lap tbd OL'B wagon a for na>* nbaap -in>a firal rutr nonah, brlh by u. Hrownr. amtabln tar a pHrata gppt|?di?n. an* oon b atlta'ln frr narlwnn nan ar|?ar? bit abHt ng Mp wagrr, iwobf a?j V p wagnt a nnn utn . wagon b?>f airlagn: '? >an 'tgbt iwp anal roeka?a?. one Mrrrm lop wo anu? nar-iall, n flbpi >at? docor'a nh.1<a at Ulllgb. and 46and 0 nrbnrn n- bn*n atrnnta NfaokUa DaTll) okiil. KIMt (v?fcT. H' R8? AMD P0? ?AU?. J? ?ltk t'CO ?i?l Ac It aax. ka NTH at Ui? onrnnr ?l Alaraolh ?r??i tad mtki ??t If ant warkta* \ IIUHxB aRD ">?i! > * TO bCt MK T 'ha tan nirt - a (collttaa* latrtng tba nlt? fhr tba mrr mcrtt. nkr tx> m-Ui trrtni'tnfi.u 10 laara Ma aatvh.iah " Hi 1th ronr rr?t oralkla part' who ?roiM w ik? ??? or ? lor |>rt?rta drtrma lt> lb* c*r or la W* ono itrr?la tk* in-'rj p*fl??r?d 1 k* bona and Mnap naUh'txinr tl id" Ik" cvrapx a lt?kt rltp lead* and m?. IM h-vao art i:a urj ?1 Irk ao<1 our ? f th* innrt baatidful ao<1 anaady tr lb* ?Kt loarr?a ant'. c( In ?d> anna it* adrarnarr an a Iran ?**> 'ha rnablakmrat mil b* fran forth* mm mar * ??r al 'rtnm orattm ar rrrnrttr k? tp?1lr| ?r knr aw trrd ?rri? P'A.M aauraar Kin*, liar all oOUa, tutting akr a ?n ?at?aa star M bad ta a'lKli-A P?l? Of IfW. HtRKKkl AltO * rorkawa? ft tat fp- a I, for (Ira ninn'ha br a fbmtljr pot** ?o tb? arnotT mil bar* lh* K#?t of nart and a?'rnrtoa. rafa* bar** rn k ! I p laara addrata, a atlaf prtra par an-It ft. (lara'd ofltra UtrRVCTION. Ail II -W?ITi*0, BOtifk Ktl'fO. AlITHMaflO.? r J ". *r. I a kaax. ?.? Hrnadaar raralraa n?w pttolla thla lat a- A araslrt for akrap riara or priraa laaaont and g tar a-'aaa by hir paw aratam of band iralo'a* Vt r?mor? all t r f r* Iffrnh i'lt fr d-1 At art ?? thml ?. ad- a jtMHomop ? ) wrlto with mm eomftwt u<1 .ouofT-um. ?I'PlT f *l|) kRTIbLlfft COMM. MO W RH'un*\T, a bn?*kr?pio? orltkiortlo or A rltinn irr -Tnnliiinpti tftn?h' upon trry f.v if?h ? >.m?, r>?<~h (OoPon roro'rrw orp.m'o ?IM1 P?rrfol ottoi 'ton oid ? rppMod to rftodl'F or 11? rtrrntlr. >t>o i n ? loripo Import*,) Ui h m. Tj'VKMMO OI.ANi.bH IM sT?1o ->lnK?r HROoKuV*. XV -lh? hppploh Unpht In hroo mmtto -For f wt?kir*to?-q?tr?i?iifl(r^nt ki,n 1*1*? nf lbf 'U(i>pt thor for bur rnrpnoo* nr for trorrll p< In tho Hp*nl h oiomro "lilfrd th'r op nro lopt opportunity 1 ho 'rooob Iw <?u?bi hi ft. horunn'c wall tp *p morbid. Prtro??> too **.F'**" 'M"T '"f lor?* ood por'tru in opr>l? ?i tl II. PUKIRmi.* or F M Hondo Tr 139 At loo'tootroot ooraor i f Uprr* B'lrkl)! F'l mrl F o Ml I IF* A HOOT TO fR.TftI.IR H'RoPd > Port dpolr?> 10 boro IMoir oblllron itbIM ooo. *per??o i. ro ifttormrd ifeot ot mm rd< r?itnr?l lomoftt of p.|t>?r1 * boo, n#?r i m .?<*, hltd'ond. fonrf lodloo oro mo?i?od M ndtnii' Pi?> MrloronrM wl h MM otiPPcB ll?ftoo??p r?ot R T., offiro ft) whom mo bo nbtolaod Ail port* ??ra hTftkRCI! LANfttr iO(. FMOFFAMO* ". LoflRniX, )'? rood? or eontiptio" V? ?1?o 't>o?on?h brrtnirt'n In to Ftorch 'ft tno?o -mpo^lnft t> h'? nnoPo iho ft KM* ir> ipook tho lot ruoro witft n?oao? op A rorroetooee Appito%iicr? rrro'ror hoiooop ttft konr nf2ondl rkondTr, ftftTftl' l It R-?* IlAM l.AOT Wslim \ Itnoilop '? 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