Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 14, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 14, 1857 Page 3
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' 1 ummmm kbubwbb etbry day. , IAIJKO AT ACC^fOS. A LFBlCIt BRAQQ, AUUriOPBKR.-A BS%Oi A >JA A wlllre'l atanoUou, op Tuesdhy AprlU at 1(1^ 4. M . it their salesroom 33 Cortlandi street 350 eases of warned'* Ooagrwaa (alters, a new article, the pa'eot right of which ha* been secured. Alio a large lot of hoot* sbees brotrao* As AMTHOMY J BLRKCKBR. AUOTlUNBItt -ABeOuUTB sale of taeuty aim very chouse loa at Yorfcvtlla In tht Immediate vlclnitv of the Central Park, at eootiim a. J BLEBOBEB A CO will aeU oa Wednes ay Aprtl It at il o'o'ook. at the Merchants' hiohnvae the following?uu fclgtty lix'b slreei?Niveu lota, south Plea, 276 feet east nl fifth a?entfo, 26xlM.I each. On klgbtv auth at eet?Two lota b-t*e?o Third and fourth avenues. 450 feet east if Third avenue, size 26 5>aii0t t each, ilghty mth street?Two lota dir-ctlv la mac of above, name front and depth Eighty tlth "treat?f've _ lot* bete em fourth and fifth avenue*. noth aide, litlnlz each fourth avenue?four loti northwest ooroer of Eighty ttfth *treel, R4 6>iiM 7 Fourth avenue -sour lota northeict . snrser of tiahty sevtuth street 25 6^*84.7 ntghty aaveoth a trust?Two lots, north s'dr. between ihlrd and '?',rVi * ?" nuas ?zh>2 1 In rear of the avenue lota above ibe Utle to ? tha ikoia property la perfect and the at'nation of th* name aery deslrab.e the xirteti and arm una bob g to thorough or n dtr. Term* vtry liberal hvery lot offered will be positive* ? old without reserve. Maps, do , at the ofliae, No. 7 Broad * street. _ J l A j- "lbrcknb, abwio?UB-jo*M *ro?? ft.. property at aoctkin ou Tuesday. April H e n bracing S6d lrta ou avenaea a and H and Tint reoood and Third wrain ; aim od Waty-nlnth, Seventieth. Seventy-Urat, 1 Seventy eeoond Fevertytnlrd, Seventy fborth end Beventv- 1 fth Btreeta \ll beautifully situated on high groeod. In a rapidly Improving part of the eltv, second and l hi d avenue are reaehtra the aeme In fifteen mloatea from Union square, tele absolute Terms liberal. Maps ai the oAm, Mo 7 > Broad street ?' A J. BLBI-flKKR WILL ShLI. AT AUOH.N Off D Wednreday. the ISth Inst. at 12 e'olork, et the alerohan'i' si it icharge. one lot on Mlnth avenue, between Ninety etgat i "I and Mlnetv otetb streets. lor cash. Auction rotior?buocnk b franklin, auo i tirmeea^-By Hi B Ftt aifKLIR A UO ? rhe apestal at * tan Men ef houmfcoegcra. the trade and buv?a geoeraiiv. i? 1' AavtledJe the following extensive aale of ooatly tli-at class fur m r it are French vista pier glassm sad mirrors, Bruvse a sad r ftpiistij oerpets, laee sod brocstel eurtalna. valuable plate * and plated ware French china and out glaaa ware; superior it raaewood7% ectnvo pianoforte, Ac., Ae On Friday next, H I7th last. a* 10% o'cloea. will be aold at the private residence a Bo 96 Prince sirett near Broadway tha whole oooterta of h aid beam, which la lurnlahed throng bout with the very beat of furniture, all of which was made to order by city mtketa, fa aad will peremp'erUy be mid aa the owner la dec inlng house- m keeping. 1 be parlora contain one elaberatetv owed mao- I wood a alt. covered rich figured at Ik plnah; one roee wood suit, >i |a ooatly French satin brocstel made to order br Newhouse; ? aatld earved roae rood centre labies pier tables rosewood t mirror buck marble top etegrre, pier aad mantel French ? plate mirrors French china va^ea and mantel ornaments easy si and Tali aire chain, tapestry Bruamla carpet*. lace and French 11 mstn brccatel eurtalna cornices, Ac ajeo one aupertor roae- d rood 7% octave pianoforte, cost S.1M. Library furniture eoualst* of aearetary and llbrarv book- J rasas. lived with ratln wood, laoages tailea. chairs carpets, I Ornaments, Ac P Dints* itsm?Folld oak extension table, sideboard arm aad a dtaisg chairs, aalrrors. oarneta. Ac and a large ananttty of i ohina ana glaaa ware, plated ware, table ontiery. Ac n The bedrooms are furnished throughout the house with tha a moat aabataatlal rosewood aad mahogany furniture bnit hair b MWlreaeee, pillows. Twddtng. Ac.; toilet ware, carpeta mir- i rors. Ac . he. Aim, tha gaschandeitera and burners through out the bourn V The aale wlII commence In the basement with the kitchen * umltare. Deposits ?* tit factory to the auctioneer will ne re- ? 2aired from all purchasers. Oatalogusa will be ready the f ay previous to the sale, and can be had of the auctioneer. 1 I. B FRANKLIN A OO.. salesroom H? Naaaau street. * A COTIOH IOTICK.?CROOKIKT, QLA8B AMU C'UIN A. JL ?By J. B. H. BARTL&T1, auctioneer.?Tuesday. April 14. it 10 o'clock at 281 Petri street. Large and attractive ale of Home's beat glassware, flown and light bine ware, all kinds common ware, china, Britannia ware, Ac. Also AM packacts glassware. Bale positive A BOTIOH NOTIOI -J. BOUART. AUQTIPNCSR-B* A B. Bo 11A AT ? Ihlt day, April 14 at 10>a o'clock, at SUB Broadway, met I gage sale, by virtue ef several e?eUel mortgages. IS tylliard tables, with cubs, balls and all other apoaraSIM belonging thereto; gas fllxtures, mirrors, silver pitchers tea spsets decanters, tumblers iron safes, tables, shalrs, also the lease of the premises JOHW W. 80MBBIHDYKK. Att'y for Msrtgagee. 1 AUCIlfll NOTICK-J BOUART. AOCriON KSK?KT ? 8. HOOaRT?1 hursdav, April 16, at 10}? o'clock at * the auction rooms, corner ol Frankfort and Wuiiatn streets. V Constable's sale?the entire stock of a mllllnerv aud faaey ' lore, large assortment ot l*ce trimmings ribhoos drees v trimmings leathers, tancy buttons, white and colored si As. * sewing silk; alsogtmp, frloges, As., worthy t?>e atlantlwa of * dealers JollB W. NOMKK1NU* KK donswble > a potior wotinb?oowktablb'8 balk?:<y vir- 5 j\. tueoi an I will sell ibis day at U) o'clock. at 1 Bi'OsKl 8 auction room, corner of Fraskfort and Wi'lism ' streets one iron safe, oflira desks oflioe chairs fixtures and 6 furniture. ?? TbOMAH OUMBtNO Cootlable 1 Aucriuh noti1r-j BOGaRT, AUCriOKkKit -BY ' 8. BliIiaRT ? Wednnesdar. lftth Inst, at 10^ o'clock, ? t the auction rooms corner of Fraskfort and w 11:1am streeie, ' Boon gage sale ot Household furniture, rosewood, mahgtnv And cotiage furniture, removed from Broadway, consist! tg la part cf rosewood sutU In brocatel easv chocs ma ble loi Nana sitlts. large mrntel And tie- g.asses Brussels carpet, ; marble lop dreaning bureaus wardrobe*, rotawoid tables, Ac. JO bo W rw MAnlN 1>YK K Attorney for Mortgagee ' A ITTijIt RoTldiC.?TO HR MOLD, ON AllJOlJNT OP J J\ wboai It mar concern, on Tuesday, April 14, at t o'clock ' P. H , at 144 SprliiK "reel. near Wonts' Htreet. th* following nrtloles ?One splendid rosewood pianoforte :> cnandel era 1 very old oil painting, h modern uatntings. I rolls of line ear paling 4 roil* or oilc nih. 1 lot of nllver plated *p *>u? and torts. Also h?deteade, bureaus, wath stands tables, nbalra, ' aafaa 16 tine aalr mattresses. together with sea greed and corn bosk; also Irobilar* and pillow*. THOMaIi m Co.N If A UGI1TON Annilooeer. j AOOTlON NOTllla-OP KKALY MADE OUJfKiNO, \ clnUn, oaaa mere* and fane* gooa* ? A M < \1STad, aociartenr. S Monem, win C?aH. this day llih iu?t. . At HA. o'clock, A large aiock a. acaeonah a rl ih!n<. rotitm . teg In part of eaaaimere. cioUi, linen Varaelllea and alpa ia Irx t aere and buafwesa oo*u, do do do do. do Ba i a of ibe latest ?? las and pat'eroa. ana. aavm. Yalanela and Haraei.laa Testa, of sertnna pattern* and toalliles; latitat pants and ; ooa'a linen and under aMrta, drawers iloraingt. nandker- , chief* ard presets lanes and blaek naaalmeraa a1 pan^a. Mar aet'tes linens. c of ha. tignred fanes and black allka and aaui*. , hntlcra icmmlngs and a saristr d other fancy e'tlalea ,te ' The abort stock ta w ell assorted, and made op atpresale for the cn? trade, and la worthy the aiilaa of storekeeper* and otkdr* 1 A^hCCIion noticr -n. t i.akim au< rium ? | Large Ml? of magatnoeot rosewood and .v \nn hMM hold hit- ilurr pianoforte Frmri pUtc pier and mantel inir rora tr'ret rarest* elegant oil palming*. Ac. II T I.KglM auctioneer. wtU aal) by cmsloene thu da*. April 14 at >8^ clock, the entire nootant* ot tbe residence Ao. 121 Vmi Klgbth ?* < constating of three enetly aotld r w?a?l parlor gull* covered in **tin and tapestry. of rartoap dt*let, solid rote wood pier, *ofa. end reufe table*, rote wood ete/ere. large rosewood rerreiary f*noy table*. elegant reception batre in eatte Inrkiah eae- ahaira. ta m * .?t and tapewry, I large Frenrh plate pier and mantel mineral brooatal and lane window curtains. elegant abada*. rich ehtaa aad marble taaea. ' n newer J eerrn or*a*e pianoforte, tlnlahed all round, el* gently Inlaid, re I ret carpet*. bron/e* clerks, gtrandolee, rtcb ' And mailt Parian nrnamen.*. utl painting* oumprluag a great J wartety of aubieetti canary btrda and rages. soiid roaewoot dining room furniture, entered In plnab, ai'acalon la ile. It 1 fret, dltlng and arm chair* mm rotary, elegant and curtly cbina tea and dinner teta. crystal and rob* cat g1**seure, 1 liter tea a*< castors suonnt forks, balaere ban itlerr. 1 rosewood and mahogany bedAwadt bureau* and waehatauda J to match en suits, r rrncb rb'na toilet nets pare hw map re*. r. bo ha era and pillow* blankets rosewood chamber anil 1 haircloth, mahogany ratbhmed chair*, roiker*. stfaa. wardrobe*, lounges. enuch beds, also, bedroim anna, lograla carpets, mirrorm. rngrat logs hall stand, teltel a air carpets 1 Blair rod* i.llrlotba At also, all tha baarmenl furniture, ' which emhracea a large and leairanle assortment of mama* croekrry. g'srewsrA knjrs* and fttrka, kitchen ulenalla Ac I T b* entire furniture of the shore bonne la In aide Ileal eoodi Ua bale per?gtory. I A^HUOTloM BOT1CK.?OAKlsKT A WRIUHf, AUOUorem# will ee l at anctloa. on Wedneedst, April IA, 1 At lu o'clock A. M at No. I* > hewrnr etas*, bttweea Har nsoa aid Degraw streets. Nonlh Brooklyn alegaat suit of | maewi od parlor furnlinre. In cr mton brooatel. male to order, curt IMC In December lest, mahogany do la hair cloth, mar hla top centre table*, soV fir usee la these ply and Ingrain carpets, land rnrtaia* aad filmed chamber furniture mirror* malic ran y French bed-lead* hair aad busk mam a*? a. 1 bureau* chairs. table*, rh na. erockar* kltohen nleoaila Ac A POTION BOTHTB.-BlTEJfUlTl AND TBRBMITOBT U V >*l' II WW Mil >rmni mm i i.i AtHKL OnUOtiD A CO . AMdOMM (atnra H\ Hawaii Urru wll ?nll to mcrrnw \l ndinnda) i. at |o^o'ol.irk A largo aanortaionl of now and aonrnd hood turniturn e>m prolog 1'. port roaawood, m.hnni; ond b ook wainu par Iorrutta nrrarad tn mitn bmoalor ond cihor fhnrr tnvarlaga, alaotahatr oloih; onair* .-d rb,n ?r anlta, bonknanow. mlr ft**, wardrohaa marl i* lop a-..I ploin oantrn UHm, dn-.ln* bo-ami* waihmanda '.~1?taod? moitrnuao. aorta and aofo bada Wlror nlatad war a Jo atan Ota larakara of a fami'i brooking up bnumknoidng, enroMloc nf U>n >.?nal totw tj of parlor, bodroon aad kUuh?o i ft.rnliurr oorpato Ja o rcriop IOTICB M WOftlHTT. ?i'i'r, ruk A w! ?o:l Ihla day at lo>, o r'ork al tba anstlon rrwma, X Ootirrr atront. a arfa aanormoot of hoaaaboM furniture, raaiorad foi oonreninnnn of aola. Tn , aotaa. mahogany wal mil aad mop la rhairw, drooa and plain boraoua. Mask walnut on I a'br badsteal* mOilraawa, b?ia rnrka mirror I tr-ta a lataa. raay and rwklng rhaire narpota, otlnlotha rlnraa rhtoo. rr -rkarr ood g aaawara with othar bnuaaknaplog or Ur aa Mala without 11 aw rat too Aicchow wottck ?thoo. rki.l, ACCfioRiiiBp lux A BUM -tbto dap. at l?S n'abmk. In tho aaaa rt>?na 12 Worth WUoam atraal a rarinty of rnrnitom. drrgooda. loan; aad pladgad an talon. Mwalry, lb gold and oilrar wai'bao, nhalna. rlr ? Plna rlorhn i aaaa. ho A loo, m aupaCor aonorp blrdi In fun naalih and ann?. Oa iha J) h taat U>a har.dnorno fural'ora tv-maiard I* Ika m drm throa wtory and haanmant bonaa fo Harrow drawl, aoar dtnlana. . raio* '? * H. fiawkuih, AUC ? A ti-morr-Hy iWWwi B A* A RELI N A CO fo mor morrow P7o<1naodny mo-nmg al b>H ontork, alaalaaronm 86 Haaaan iUOrt, Mia of anon:d kand turnltnra p'ana fortea, Jtraaral* and rlhor aorpata, mirrors. A? oona'atlng of ao<' ?ad hand noawnod parlor rilt mold bp llutehlnga. roaawood piano fro- ?nh. g?n? parlo' mil In pluah, rarpata and 0"har aaonnd band fwtnMnro, dlno thraa anlta maawond parlor fnalinrr to ba arid for nrrin<il of whom It marwmaani. tnada by Mmpann and warranlad. baring bar? |n ?** hut t'U a and ara aa -d ?< naw a'ao parlor and rhamliar fur nltu*o of oil drarC|don, la rilta and niacin Iota Alan Pram h plain mlr <-a if *?-?a oil pa'n'mga ihrarr and arrotwrr bwikranr* warrrohot atagar-e ailanaloo tab Inn rhino g'aaa and allrnr platad warn tahln eutlnrr, fawny goxii Ar Rala poaitlra. R R.-Packlng far ahiptnrat doa? on thn pramlaaa a CC^TOIf MTMt-fO I.I MrlKR nRAI.RM, f-ARI A on* planoforta raar, roll o art i?.k In* claaa frama ma Kara-A M. OR If r Al. A R, aurtlonrar will Mil on Wodaaa <tap, April 11. al I# o'rlort. a argn an I atianaira Hook o' roaaw.od maboganr. blank walnut rponnr* oromhaa, hoarda t laaka aod loga a' 'ha rard ol l.vntn A tl lohru', <li At ot d A* W aahlDfton atrrat oon?inng of Sfkl Inga of mwch aa ' nhadad ranaarr, majorltp att-a Ana. AO loga moit od ahada ' waoaart; 88 AAA font of roaawood and mahogany la plankaaai hoards, lligno faat apple traa. blrd'a a?a taupl*. hoHp, aa'ln, radar and nthnr wooda la loga. planka aad bjarda. alao, a 'arga h t 9, ranaara, orolrhan hoarda gun a'oeka. Ad . A<Ihla rala m wall wnr'tip tha attantlnn of ifcalara and o<hnni twlag ana of tha largaat aa'aa of tha naa-oo OondHiona o ? wal* four mouth* at I I n'Am ora-gto. tinl" AMI ri?h k'ata'ognra ran ba obatnod hy applying al tha ofllja of Oil nurtkmror Rowayr, Ihroa itapa pytor In aala Ifo ivw t or amrnt oa arroaat nf w >alhar ABctfow nalr. a WRiofrr, Accriox aara, will aall al aur'loa OB Thurwlay Aptl 18. al III p'clork A M., ai 118 Adama Hraat. Brooklyn riatanl hoaaabMd fo?rlturo yalrat tapaalry rarnat, Rru??lA aod lu?-a>a da. rhaaahar aad parlor autta mahrganr Praaoh bnrt*t?ad*. (to et a Ira ?of*?. nlrnalAn labia, marbla top Irawlng ?>wraan*aad waahakanda mu?V> mand* laoa nurtntia and 'itturaa damaak do . hair and hu?k maltrataa* had* and bod m 1 '" * "anraawi halm infold up, Imp i-a hp ? Jia^t Rlark A Co ; kllrhrti riirptf.M, Ar AlioBRlJI BAVI XHK UinRRMOVRn Atatijg. art ofWMUamW Wat ant will aall at unaila anntlnn .T*?1, r Moadap tha Rah da* of April, tha ramalolag atoo* of lumbry. rard and (win* Ailouw hnr??n yiim har n*M. Ar "?" tin grmrd. rorarr of Hammond aod W*al gtri al* ?a e? to > mwa-r. at 10 >'? > k a W VU?a J. f vJA, ?p g*M? JILM AT ACOTIOW. _ J li^iOtTir in*-A. II UHHTAXA*. ADCfi n -\ eer >alear >< >i 23 Bower* will relL on Prtdar, Au' I 2< 'Bl ai ? *Dd 2 nal street near Broadway, M 1(1 o'eio * a eu eito u*iV-- *i d ? ell aeleo'ed u'trct nf roee *oed as' ma ?at>v aa fol o?i:?IDS.OOU feel roaawood moee-i, i ' > ?r> no tie 1 ah?d. ard plain mahogany veneers:'JO.iHK) ee rot<-h mah:?a'iy veoeers 141X0 met orolch black wa'uuv me- ra; HliUUieetaroloh oak rene*ra. a large and tirst r.n Mxtarntoi * 'a. valla, maple and whit* bolly, of drteie-H ilckntaaes. a * ? aad fine armortraeu of mahogany ro lls ock. a wo a ahofbsy, rosevood and black waluut plank i d hoard*, fro. to 6 IneheM thick, IK 000 feet it m^any. )*< wi od ano i-ia. k walnut carved moulding# Te-n- our ii.nlha aapr^vrr note*. over SM, under MO, cash. a>a g"e# rea y<li r* daja previous to sate at the sa'ear oom 7.1 It we-T >o po- poarmeot on accoui t of the weather Thli i. e la well a?r<h> of the atieniior of lumber dealer*, piano re cose and rehire! maker*, oofllu and looking glass frame jakatn a* be ?b,..r Moo* will positively be sold 01 ION MICHOLB, DO. N Ha,liaU A sbeet respectfully solicit* sales of household furniture I rchidenso*. merchandise at stores or warehouses, will also twelve consignment# at his spacious rooms for auction sales .dvauee* made on all kl ds of goods for public aa e, to any -uonnt under ten thncaand dollars; undoubted rvferruocs ara'nhed to parties requiring the sauxe. Tbe uiid<vel&tind nepertfully calls the atteaiiou of his friend# to the above. Ira|e sen be had la a large dry basement Charges a* low i all eases a# *, * responsible bouse Mortgages forecl osed, wd goods sold for the usual charge of selling WILLIAM T. Be.ID. Auctioneer. A DCTION BALK OP FUKNITIT*M, B* PBKD A 0OLE\ n Tuesday. April U. at 10 o'clock, at IH4 York street Brooklyn, connatlug of mahogany sofa#, ehatrs. tables, car. etc, m liTOrs, bedsteads and bedding kitchen furniture ,te. o a r ir al' vrraa ? tti' o c uv da vn i n v "1 OB Welneeday acU 15. at in o'clock a*. 311 Km urn ;re?t Brooklyn, rosewnol a?d mahogany parlor furn'.tu e e> tre. ca d a*d sofa tables, mahogany and other h?d*'.n*ds it end oval glasses. Brussels and Ingrain es'oe'.*. china r-d Rises w?re, kitchen furniture, Ac. Also, mortgage sale r >0 bhdv. of elder vli eg*r. 3T UKKHYH. LKBD8 ft CO.?OH HATUKDar M??N3 day and Tuesday, epsfl 11, 13 and 11 at 1">. o'clock *ch dav, at the extensive waiSroom* et Mr K W If "tchliiK, 6 Broadway, esperb cabinet narnP.ure the largest and met coatly stock u this city; sold la eoose<|iiHoee ot the wner having to vacate the premises on the 1st of H*y next. Itbsnt reserve, nonststing of very rich and elegant wor H's la si) the varloup styles of thin country and Kurop, nhl and Matgetty furniture superbly nerved etergnre, and mwe tables, secretaries bookcases; snperb rosewood, mt gany walnut and enamelled salts of bedroom furniture, lao a great variety ot richly carved oak, walnut sad m% sga> y dtnleg room ruxnlture embraclog ?<? large a variety l to make H unnecessary to enumerate them, all of which <>vo bees trade under the supervision of the owners, af 'anted and well dried materials, and warranted In eveiy -rtleular It ean be examined any day previous tp the uaie Hi chasers residing out of town can have their furniture picked bv experienced workmen Catalogues will be ready I the salerooms on the morning of sale commencing en the I Hi instant Terms?Cash fur all purchases under Sondaover iat sm<>ant BO dayi for approved notes. u?T k If. H. BOHHJfOK.?IMPOST AKTSAIiC OR OUR 3 of the meet valuable private collections or superb oil amttiigs ever olTered at public sale la this city, the prouerty I h it Uknger hsq., who has been twenty years collecting tern in Kurooe ano America 1 hey are all in line order, and ear wBh names attached are warranted origioaJs, and mauy f them parchaaed at the sales of the famous colleeuoos named . tb? aaUuogne. and the modern ones oh telly tram tne artists leBiaelves Among them will be found tine examples .if ?!ree-Ick It A.; J. B Pyoe Bhayar, Turner. Praaer, tvejrge a. ti'Bama. J U.Hornby, Oloyer, Vlskeri. Opto ana others; iso a few very dados and rare oleturts of the Italian sou vita, nc snme very rare oablnel pictures of the rare l>u'cb a id 'lemiah maaiera. viz; Oatade. Tenters, Jaosteea, tfo'.loaur, h.; a so the celebrated p?lr of landscapes known In fcmooe e the Knock Zaecarellu, being the lines', landscapes with gums bv that celebrated matter, and piirebased at the sals ot .atdinal Freeh In home, also a pslr of sabloet sl/o plains > eogaith. with pedigree, also superb pictures by K. J. toddlngtcn, ralvaior Kosa Valasquer.. Moooberou, Ursu/.a, iilan, nrmbrandt Old Kuyp. Cblmoaux, PhtUopo i.aun, l'a >1. lie Grailly, B. L. Brown. Pamal, BartlUnl. Berkhevden, .or slay, and many other;. Catalogues with full tesartpU mm re now read- and the ,,.ctur?s will be on inhibition on Hon av, 13th lest* ai their salesroom ro 33 Nassau street oppolt? the Post oflice. Tbs ssle will positlvel* tak, plane or. 'rtdnv. the 17th inst.. at M A. M.: and the public geuera ly w rellas conno'iweurs are lavitrd P> sxaui'.ne them ai may say rest assured that the collection is ths most rare and vauhie one ever o lie re | In th's city. rtv i >y n huhkbur? hrf.aT bar.h OP 'rile alT D lira ntoek of carriage, wagon an.? eaddie hcvrae* thorough rnrta. aotu. farm lior<a*--a.eo eight kii of ooub'a nrxt ttn"? berneta : alao earrutgaa, wagon*, ruckaway* (ha prop-ir r M Wm. H Ulbbote. Kaq., Marti too N. J. The aale will .tf plaae on Wedneedav, lftih invtvnt at II a. M ai Mr. Ithbon*' place. Among the lioraaa are the lolbttrlug -One ru of elegant black o an lug* horxm t> haorta, Hve year* tc, warranted in avery way ; alao. an alegait aoao t baya, Ux yearn old ; alao, apao of haauQ'ol rratc aolorert mare*. wUte tall* and mtn? 'it car* old. warranted ; alao, the celebrated Irot-cg hovae i< alao, a torrel ooK (entire) by Fiddler oat or hac> th, by Imported Trnatea out af Urazy Jaoe; alao. Hay illy .j Ircjan. aiac, grey gelding Granite by I'rvydor* < .. of -nlrwwatta by Andrew ; alao, bat fl'ly Jlrendy hy Ztngvr-e o* ? *?W ?y imported Traatae; alao brown aw* ?tui? v k*nwr out ot Pataey Anthony by Imported i'.tatn , aI?o a; renra Paanr by Imported Tractor out of Ouz-de by Iran , a an. arveral elegant tingle road bori'a and colt* too nmi<rcii*to men'Ion here. Alao light and heavy bra*- and nicel o .. r.?-H doable and atngia Alaoaaelega la *> h.ieo iowh.e 'OOkaways two oaorlolaui, tor wagon, two t?On* w* xout Ac Ac l be whole win be poetuvely aold with ot it r? erve. Keranea attending the aa<e can leave (not m ?\>rt'en M trect, at 8S o clcca bv Morrte and Baaex nazlroad. ar lying d Madiroa at HI o'clock, and return by train at S P M Pare, laab way eighty cento. tor farther parth uiara ton u-re at Urn id'aa af 'he amctinorer. No. 3S Maaaait ?'" ' BT RAP. II. 80HBJICK?THI8 DAY. MTU IN ft., at ane o'clock a'their aalei room. No HJ >?? . utr.'-l i aoan ol elegant loca tailed bay nor*ea lAt* handy li,gti. it md aevm year* old. war-anted m every manner, very ev raul and at' llrh driver* aart ha?? tn-tve/ to, ether in s ^ a! io, an r egent gray coupe borao?la elxuwn head* huh, ?ix r-ar* obi warranted in every way and to trot In S>? mluitl * >nr ol he llneaX horweoof hit at/a in the o'ty. Alao. ? brawn ioiae of groat beantv 15', handy high, warranted in every a*, tevrn tear* old and to trot In .1 1.1 Alan, aevwral t-p ind t-oart wagon* Alao, a at an of dark brown ho-ae , IS i*l<*. f< i ear* old, wa'ran <d perfectly XJnd aoitnd and ge t e le every way. Alao wagon and double barn'-** LJT WILLIAM IRVING A CO.?TTOMDeT, Al'RIt, II IJ at 11 K o'clock, at the aalearoom No 8 Pine alinet. r we* riilt tree*. Ac , from the nurtery of J. B. Mantel Avtorlt a ro end hei. taoma aaeortmerit of rone* In 1Kb a tn f I I bioo n. , railety of other garden plants to full bloom, ehmbtnr r >?e?, !<.<iit>on, Kuaarla, oottage prairie Ar atandardaai b If abta 1 ifd rosea. moaa do of all tAi variolic <.?errto'.i'J la gra errant i urh.-t pear. toole. and fruK treaa all warranted rue to name, taken out of Ike ground oo tka marring of the tat Br VIRTU* Of am KXKCL'TION I WILL BZrOM for rale on the I.Vh day >S April, 1-47, at 11 o'oloek a M., he rootrn a of a drug atore on tba ranter of t>re?nwlci and \eade e'reeta. r liaison* of druga perfumery. shelving, mar pie top counters, drawers, baj rum dr?ka atore an l i<: oao. braea counter ara'ea and eouLtcr sh owcase more to et aid noearaaton had Immediately. A good cha-ce tjrun net ce the drug business. gOBlat KKIU, < onatett e i m ucvi, Ari"rio?k*?-ATT*aOTir? pilk'T l /. genteel houaahold furniture ?C M Leap will eell oa hta oaj, April 14, and Wednesday. April IA. at 10 o'eivk, on be iirrmlaoa. rdO and "All Broadway between fhiru- nut and ' aarteenth e'reeta. all tha tnrnlMre rantalned In tbe above anea which waa made to order regardleaa of etpanea. rv MfM mahogany aufta in hair aloth. handaon.e eiewwrea. ret rh plate maulia ard pier glaaaea. Krneaela three ply and tfher aaipeta. reef wood piano all and three quarter ontare, a well known oMy maker, marble top mMN table book latea. wardrobes, mahogany draaalng bureaus. mahogany tad black wain at baoataada leather beda bolsters ptlKiwa tatr oietirrteee, arm and rocking ehairm. eitenaton and other lining tab lea hat Manna Brussels atair carpet ollohita, aaetlr *aa rhandalwre oandelahraa. Ml pamunga. b-on/e jtuaaa nhlua raaaa. aeraraJ trve engravings, with a n- * Miriirmt of eooatog and h-trhen uteaMla eonMlnel tn a (Vat >pea bearding boaae a lea. about 34 gaUoea anns'tor old kren'y 1 araaa eaah, city fanda. Deposit reunired front all yrrehaaera rifle rlm ii. hrlatam. aitT10aa.kk-H ala Of i 1 .;.nuii hnneebcla forntltire.-1 hsries H D-davan wilt o il at knrrito on Tneadar. ? > >nat , at It) o'clorA. a. H-. he ratira atoek of furniture emtaloed la the dweilin* hmee an. 10. Madiera arcana. near 1 hinloth etraet,eootiatln* In can of roe eat of. roaewood, la breoatel; parlor furniture, o-? F oeta?a raaewood ptaoo. marbla looped iwt'r tablaa. all orvl) new: aurrora. relral rarpot* oOciotha. rhandedara r>l rar flxliiTM, Ine aa?ra?iBfif f^aaead tnahoeaaj bed arena and huraaua, waahataada. Ar. A*., with all ilia kKohaa luraltnra Catalogue# to ba had the dar latere the aa> at Uw rflica of ?ha auatlonaar. Roe. 119 ami 1*1 Waaaan xraet a?ar iha Kaaaan bask ltaooaita inquired from all pnroaae n< naknnwi to tba eooUooeer CtT iilttf llin raKMCTH ohiva. AT (JKRATLI cornead prtoaa Out, plain aad pre-w-i (laaa of arr.rf deeerlptlcm at marnfaetory prtoaa rraeeh rhtaa dlatai end *m aata. laser aritolaa. Ac . at Iowa* Importation price A an Raa'lah rtoee r htaa dinner laa aad totiat acta, at rorj low prloaa fur aaah. Olaaa made aad rat to ardor. Ohm# decorated to paitarn. . 0 ITOTJTRMWU * # Hroadwa*. Between htaatOMiih and Twentieth eireeta. / * < * I- ? Nl> GI.AMH -HKKHT O. KVAll4, AlO I 'wiirfr, will Mill to Ma to (an lea, era. on TtieadAT, Aorli U at tea n'olnrk. at Mo 4 Liberty M-eel * .*/ .. leelrnhle eeeonmeni of wfcBgMM r r ~tg? and dl>p.?d worn. alro. glamwnre, plated and Britannia ware, el vkn, ??eee. too acta, Ac. Oooii carefully repacked for ahloptnr n^HeMlRL M. BOUGH, ACCTfOMBBR. - RurRniOB b-"meho d furoi'nre at anolioa Oil* dai T 'eed*y. April 14. at I0H A. R, U lh? roildooco 248 WeM Twentythird el reel hot worn BUbth 1*4 HtaU a* en nan. oil ike rhsh Jooda la thr honee RmbraeWg * rorr l*rge n?eo?4iiinei if rt cUm furniture ud neh denornliom. every article of w hick In to b* p? rempterlly roM to the h'gMM bidder and no poo ponoraonl on any oooouot, wale maim, ore* In IhO perl w* at Mis proadooty. Beoemeni ooataln* magnificent eitwoo table of walnut, 14 foal Adeboard aofa boil, dtnrng ckalra Ae , together with a W(r* rartety of nob china dinner and tea new, olirer plaird lea tela, aalrera eaeaera. pttohere, rake baeke'e. rnow* and forta. rtob oal glare ware, la, a loo fine I rorr end 0 her miliary. Ac , and aJoo tke ktlehea fnrnliare The oartan are rnralakod with Rncllah tapmtay carpet* Urea Mild nee woo. I antte la rtah cnrrrlnf*. roeowond eentre and ?1de labtae, pier and oral ftaaea. aplendid rblaa raoea aad menial okieka. Warn ran flu era. and 041 area. Ian aad brocade! win dew oonalna fine toaed oereo ootoea piano, anp-rlor mm wood cylinder kookcaaa, Ac.. Aa. la ike ekamhara are rl b ly rneorrd neowood aad mahagaay Fnaoh bagotaada and bnreana. lloe curled hair malireaeea aad bedding. Kren. k eorrarln* a gilt gtaama. ma hag?I add I uea wood nolha, rhalra, Innngea. Ac and aa taflalw anakor of other arUrlee. loo nn marono In mention. Calalngnae at the bonne, only on the morning of *ale. Terma naah In city fnnda and deoantte re <1 ulred tram all pni nliaaar*. ami rood* mine bo remnrod aa roon aa Wedeaeday. I Dihbug htorr at auction.-wm. c Hiooivn will acll ike Mock, flitnrea. Ac , of ike driig More 1ST Ctnal rtreel, between Mulberry aad Bott Areola, oa Wednaadar. April IS, at los o'clock A. B. VXafJUTAM' hal* to cm** AM KMTatb -oak VJ LBT A WEIORT, anreo-.oara. wfll aal1 at an mm. nn 1 aeeday. April 14. at 12 o'clock. , ar the Mechanic* My. chaaira. Ha tOoart a treet. Mroektya, tkoao three rery deelra hie building tola on the aortkorly able of Lafkretta ar*nna, V 2 lOtho met eeet of Real areoua, Rrooklyn, each JfUluu (eel. areonea pared, ant bed. gottarad aad lighted, tirot clam Imrrnrrmrnta arooad the properlT. IncaUoa rei y dmtrahle Terma at aale For mapa. *o . apptr to t'ARl.RT A WRIGHT, Mo. v i'-onrt otreet, Mrooklrn. By order of Wa a ma Rich oanaad We. Omiarcb, exaoalora oi Rmanaal Doieree. 4* JMKI n. LUDLOW, AUOTtONREA -BARTNMIMI Hni l' I if. boldfnrnllnre ataurttna ?B. H. LUDLOW A CO. w II tell at auction on Tueedky, April 14. 1187, at IS'- o clock, al Mo M WeM Twelfth alreet. near Mtm a ran ae, the en 're ftirnRnre con Mined In mid bonaa, roaalMIng In part of ha id m mo roaewred Md mahogany parlor farnMnre In taped -y r.nah aad hair rlolh. pier, tonne aad card tahlaa. romw , ~i y lanidcr'e. ; oetara. Hall, maker. atao makogaar wal mi ar * cottage bedroom rnrnBnrft all made la the bead maa tai ai d nearly now; rolret lagmtay, Mmeeela an4 three ply car , te f.iW-Mha, china aad glam ware, together with a goo I ae w Tin ent of kRchen fnrnltnra, wttk which'he rale will cm n ervrc Catalornea may be had at the odUc of the tea f near*. N^J4 Fine MreeL TTT-HRBl H. BATAOB. AUfTTlOlf RIB. ( 1 HeilLVT A RAT AGB will ran, by celak*H? Mr ceen at ibelr ?a1e*rorm, 81 Cellar MreeA, on Tneeday. April 14 al 1i a tt rlAple and fkney dry goo>la carpeta. rich fttney gno.1 < h'etery r'raw gcodn, a fine annr<mant of men'a and h tyx ranrma. leghorn and Mraw ha'o, ladlea boonei* of cmr ( relrah'e ?ty'e The nndar?t?ned will glee iheir per?in? aHen'too to nnlalde ralen of fornllnre, Ac., or reeetre Un ?n-. * t>?wir I loAPAAtt, biybbt A baTawis ?l v^dgg prns NEW YORK HERALD, 1 IAL? AT iOOnOR. Ef a., AOori<ji?Bijk?T*.u(j?.tiL.fc o??!i . 'r*i I'm a lota a< -uci'i o clnwiaoMD-*. H. I I'D / ? A Ot/ ?till ell at amtino on Tboradtv. \oril In. I a> <2 o'clock at the MeriiSaotn' KxchWKa?f if h an iua, Kou'lh ??<-i ue. Ftftv ptabihaml Frft? 011th at, 12 luah'e Ma, 5 .i-m<>ri?tni! .tie ertlre bitch bounded b? Fourth a ..1 ? m > I averuea Pit: flgbla MM Flf v ninth * m-U ooru r ... e * i I 2B Imt t iuodm tie IflU; acme lo'a eaoh *vi l't> f -M. an I oti-e. < lota each 2M WO foot 5 'nrhoa PUt> fnurlh aimel-1 on the north mle of t it>r fourth atrent S6u fn* cant nf fifth avenue. e*ch lot tS? Oil fe t ? tnihea Fltt* tl'th at eel -3 Intt OB Uieaoti'haidb' I Fifty fifth atmot 316 lent eaat of Fifth'?? < con beck lot 2til00 tort 6 ttcliea. Maya, Ac., at tne o'lioe i Of tin auctioneers U Pine tract I IP <k K B B'lHIhOK, aUCTWNMR?33 NAvliCJ J ftn-pt On tardea,duv. aprll '5 at IO>j o'clock at trnctiv* m?> of fln? wired. bra-diea fruit* iiamintw HigArn, Ic. received direct fr m (tret hau?t?. and sold wHb mt rem i? 1 Mi BrtlM*la carpet*. tnaU'eaiiea, Ac.; cla** b'.lr.KB anil* in u>abor*Dy cott?R? <*o and other daeirabln furniture, ."ale vrl l c rj.r err? wt'h kticlien wer-a HliflKY Tf LKKDS, AUOriO" RiCR, 2* Na>WAU ?'re?i ? Hkitr.Y ti. LVr.iH A CO ?ill aeit by an-t on O!) J? I ri I 15 at Id,1- o'c'nok, at the ony rta red det,.v 126 Vtckt i wentt third *tre?t I Kit wen Nwtiin *uJ N nih nvi-rr ra e<-|taoi houteho'.d (u.-ni'ure. rxiaUtinr of rich tapestry rr,v> H'tisae'a and Ingram otrnati carved man ?i?d-uln rur roth do Mahogany do., roeevood marble ?t K ti.rr u.' I- , i-i-gat I bron/e and oruiolu rlvjk. uiab'iouy ej.n.fcurc d Lir;: tub e, inatU'trany aotaaud chair?, oai vad roaewi<id m-riis t.'t bureaus. tualijgany beusteil* b ire am and I ti anda. oi He In taoahtry Arnssem slat' carpets ant i r:?la am cbntde'l-ie. etamellcd p>taiir eclt, hair oieUrnm, ] itraw. d * , featherbed* bolster* and pillow* ruga matt-oR. i dii i ? >a bedroom rockets, a d a Rnurral aseortinenl of k utn n tnrrHure wl b whtch the sale will c mmeace Ibn arorr fnrerura la a't ir?t claea and wu mada to order for the p*a>ant owrar bv bawhouw h Dandolne BkNhY H IJTtfDS AUCTIOh KRR 25 NASHAO . Hieeet.-HBMRY M T.*KI>S A CO. will aell by aae iiab/i. BM'nMdki. a aril til. at 11 n'c'iick. at the MarctauU1 V rhsng* important sale of iin elegant csus'.ry ee?t and luulriiny r.tet on htaleu Island, belif 'he western and central a < . aaof .1 lltwdn and btyhiy plo'.ur?>a<jiie estate itf ' Bit Park," < u Mateo lalard. 4>t taller from Vanderblb's landing, on the Richmond clank read, and near the new drop alatwxi. on the new rnn?truet'iitRtairn lalard Hallroad. The eea'e It situated or the range oi hit'a mending from Toal QUI Ibeyart'op olTrred a> present comprises Wfamnlm enter the fret rlaaa rotintrt residence of 'Hill Parte House." wl.h shoot 7 aceea of ground laid out at greatstoenae In the most aoperl-aM* of Bi gbah landscape gardening and oonta.niDf aheatitlful lake stocked with gold flab The hcua" la d?w't ruin of the t material, by d?y e work aid forms with otltrea and out buildings, a c ns. e rraidenoa for aUrge and streji familT The remaining land ha* bean laid out In the fit ! of an angllrb park. In wbirh are two public parkt, of ah ol eli erres and two aerea raaDecUvs'r, bare bean set aside for ii' e of the resident* on the estate, and the en rounding spare has been laid out and lenord In for lfl building altea rortalnirg none but useful end appropriate land, and made arc*ealbl< t>y wide ard handsome park roada For further patt'rtiiare and map* and also fur fate omnibus tickets to rlew ile relate, apply at our oftlae Mo. 23 Maaaau street HkMRT H. HURTS, JR.. AUOTIOMKCK -BV HK&Trl A MOHB. Klegant diamond jewels t, (fold wa'chaa. gold tawel-y. da. This day at o'rloek at 72 Chatham street.? We lief to rait tba a'lentloa of the trade to ibe eale tkle day of the la'ya end rateable stock contained In the store of the 'ate Joes Brcek. 72 Chatham street, also the lease ana Allures of the store. Ma e poaltlre In aosae.|nenoe of the pro presor retlrirg from tba retail business and well worthy iba at'eo*lnn of Are era Terms and catalogues at male. The dls mosds wUl be sold at rse o'clock precisely nKMR\ It. HRBTM .IR. AI'CTIOMRRR?BT HRilTS * SfuM- - I arge aale of grrcerlea. wince. Ac., lata day at It.1. .rick at the eal. arooms Mo Plnr alre.-t, con* seta iny'Are green and black tews, cottee, sugars. fruits brandies, a toes. sugars, anap, ata rh sweat oil, Aa,, Ac. Terms cash. ' a - p. ?|itve in pay advances. HT LP.KOI CALIB PARTICULAR eTTKIfTIO* TO Ice isrge sale of hotieahold fursl'ure of tkle day. also, neno/.irte la of fc.rniture, and a general amortmaat of tine >ct sehold luintlure ai 121 f'lls'on place. | OHM LMjVO, AU'r'*R<>IC A*n JOHlTu'rVLH hOMM sTm?e?Vm*on"Thursday, antll W, MM< i>'ete*.,s?IW Mroadwer. bmwwee granatin ai.d imaa-d A aale. the aw?re stoat af Joke O. Kam a ear rriasa em in item. itmilaBaR Is past at esaaaas estates, breeta, nahswaya, bwretAsa, Hoaaas ddaha. baggies, Uaht w agora, ess tk tea 'oiCkf tear oca Strgls and daahla plated V m- ?.' t of t'dtt O. Hem e own ssitMi'aeawra Tba atrrk artt erar d7t,?n, aad wU ba posMaaty ni* to iha high see bWd*r T. -w.a nf aala all ream sadar (Md ssA. ores If 0. Ml lay a approved is dare ed paw sr. (lets tnyim caa be i S.J ? 3 ,a. seWswrd Immh 1 aed at iKetr I Hm r-<? 'a ? Cltaton Hall. A iter plaoa and t|Xt i?Mi, omit Kmadmay. tad an tha pyi'mfa. J i*lN M.OYI). Al CTIONKBR.-JOHN IJ/OID"( HON ill Mil. no Tnnoday, April It at 10X o'clock. at N?i oio'on hail. ra??r ptacn. oaar Broadway, aa aaaunmwat af Infant aid ooa*lr roarwood, tnab-aauy and black walar.i parwr furaNaro o. two*'tap of anlld naawnod pad black alma MMi ooramd la enmian aad nvona ploah aad broealol ro*rwr?m ptaaoTnrtM. miaalo mi*! la aad traad* roarwood and makr i?cy martun top, pmr aofe and rantra tatlaa, roarwood K. ? * >? pl*ir (laaa dnora aad tonka ?eor*tanna booknaana. eVptrt lur*Mli naay and mnnptioa rhalra mahoeaay haircloth rnfaa ton a lain*, matnra and rhatra. branttl-il modalI Mm r?rp?la mirror* m?rai man paltiUtvt* raan* chandnlirra ?aa bracknta dr., Iuaaaund. malmnor and naamrUnJ i linmbnr rn.'a. .nnn*ur? of bedttaada. bnnani. aarpnnUna and plata warhManda rhalra ntallraaaaa An., oak and blaak alaut ?*i?a?v>n tanlna and rhalr* to mao.1 ingwthor with a Una aanrimni1 of I'lwr plntnd warn mnabllnf of pttchdn, (Obtnta oaar baaketa ?u*ar dlahne. roffen and to* pnta, atop bowht nod or* vntnn pot* rap rip* An Alan oak mahnyan' and h'aak watul Irak* ether tab In*, ebalra. An, which will bn priwrnp'ortir add Oalalnkuaa wl'l ha nadr on thn fay ol nam Tbn furniture la now airanfad Ihr InapocUon. JCBt PH HKOUIAN. ADITlONiKR Wndnnoday. Aoril Lt at 7'. o'rhwk A. M , in Maaon aiaaun, nnar Oai*a aranno, Kaal Brook I tb. rmiM. CRA1IIK **P KIT!ill* rOMPITVPB. Kama day. At 9% o'clock A. II., at 1M Carlton, bakowao Myrtta aad IaKalb araanna, Riwnwood ma hop any and palntad parlor aad rhaatbar ftinlltim iplnndla Iron framn Volulra nhtlra. In crlmarm, brraatni. An., Ac. Rama dar. At II o'clock A. If . at 80 aafhrottn. anar rolton ayraoo, far lor chamber and kitnhna furniture. _ __ feme day. At 1 e'clnnk r. l.Nll int'i-nm. wr rurmu rnM, I'artor. rhatnbar and kitchen furniture, with km fliturea. Mam* day, At 4 o'etork P. M., at MS Male (treat between Road and HertM eiree-a. Oarpeta, oi'elMha with a amall i "entity of fnretta**. J OH* PHMIBLATT, ArOTTOlfBB*. sm.iwitooar li)3 in 104 Maidim lit**. SPSTWtl PC-KNIfCR* BeLM. The tindertlcned reap* tfnlly eflhra hta aw ita? aa loe< t loo oar to three contemplating remorlag or dnnllnloK hniiekeepwg thte orlnR Onod* r?n alao be atored that ara not wtahed to bo eold tm mediately T?rme.wtll ba fcuad rttremelr low JOB* PtlBBl#4TT, Auctioneer. Oateni-onm* 101 and MS Maiden *?v 1 PianBLATT. ej . A notion and UoanmMon rmrmliant Boa 103 and 104 MnMen lane. New York tlaab ml recced on real natal*, Paiaoaal property. jnwnlrr, An. Ont door anlee perarmally attended to. Navy tabo nalb, by onmc* op thr ravt Armt -on Tnaeday, April 14. at If o'eoek, at tha Nary Yard, Brooklyn. rir neetieal and mathematical Inavr imorta I A Ian. two nirn. Catalog una naa ba obtalnad of WM. DC* VOtTT nor thinner. Br. 4 Wall atreet I T> C. Ht'lKLRY, ArOTIOITWBIk. t J V'n-mmnry rale, by order nf tha Aopr?iwe rVmrt, node* Ska dtrrrttca of 1fatten Hobart, Bwi i n4ki na at arrentytei Tela able bunding kBa, comprMna th? ?W? bleak bounded b> lbtrd and fourth arenuaa, and Drreaty tilth ami Boreal? P. O. B nth ley will anil on Tnaeday, April 14, 1M7, at 11 n'nlork, at the Merchant* kidanir * lota on Ybtrd arenaa and ona on Soteatj flfih (treat, with a large manalnn V faet S Inabaa by 41 5 low on 1 bird avenue H 77 low on the north aide of Brrenty flRh Wren. Bt lota an the enuth atda of Barrenly With atreet. i* 4 low ?n f north avenue. r Tha oorr er Iota ara T fee4 1 tnnbea by 100 fbnt the othar d a*anna low are IS by ItlO Tba itraet kite IS br lot 1 tnthaa. e tltla parferi. A aortton of the pnrrhaae money can remain | ! en bond and r""V*re.*n ?m mreia map*. ?e vpl/ tp Ube I bkowtrtf, tt t*nUattYYS km**** ?mi#a?a, 'ITSSDAT, APRIL 14, lflf 8ALK8 AT AACTIOIV, j PO oUvKb^i) atOlt^Knh . Will Mil no? sends) aprll 14 IHS7, at 11 o'eiaek, a* *a i Kerch* uts kicb?t pe Two sain* a ntaua the south side o'Berentf-?*** "bnf"! IBilOU. betwnei Ifcln1 and Fourth tvmuM, onmmMOloji 349 Ml end of Fourth avenue. Fifty prr o?nt ean remal? oo Kind of d nmrtsage Map* at the ntttoe 49 Well ?? *. eroe "mlIdti>pi PLi a j T> At AUO*IOA.-WM T. BidYD AlWTIONwBf. Bj UkO. MOHUul uu Vmitriilikr. nill IMII'ljl > clock, at tbp o'fornom fS ahhaoh street o ohotoe vanett of ttandnrri, half Mtwi d and <1wuf r?M? currant busMS tr*p? oultinga. Ac., (mm the nursery of O Boll. Kn . u>1 I aloud. iililM. A V ?T A P' IT It. N -W. MoILVaIN Wll.b II ?ell Ma doy (and every day this week) rus-e. (rope vines, ion j suckles, dsbltss. verbenas, petunias, dlelytra* om? ion- Ac., to great vnrieit od tn Hon -rder. Ir'mf BkWdcrst the seedstorr 7 John ?t'*?t at l<>H o'o oaa RUbMKU. W atMivrr ?ui'i lONKKB ?WFL.IIJK IP first cUms modnni and satuiu* household futultnre. coo wined In bo. 142 Weal Twenti tlrst street near U>? We tenth iTonue lo-morroar Wedm acay, ? prtl 15 at IDS 0 fljok. 1 be above aula of magiiflr?. t fu niture emoiaees a co lon jim. In ado it oa to the furnit ure, of rich and elegant work* of art books statuary, tain ink? Ac. na y to be found la a oao lcn an* lasbtocahle furnished retudenoe, all of walh la for kborloU' and pt remittor v -a . Pull daec-lptive eata o<ue? of a bleb are now ready and rail be obtained at the odice ol tbe sucttontor, No 7 Heekinan street, unde* the Namau dink peranum c ?rai*t? lo pari of I'ar'orn?fciegnnt py muror* with bases kndcorolsea; th-ee Roplisb ormolu chu. de'lerr, anuble ?ult snld rosewood parlor luinlinre ncblv ca v?<l, sclss arm chairs; go bio ?lo . and pallor chairs entered ingieenand gold sad sa'tu, with *110 Etovets, ntade to o'der t ?o n onlba ag t; one toll suit Of oolid rosewood oorsred la onni* u sat a. two elegant rosewosd stegeres with marble tope, plate piaat doors mirror hacks nl si'TtD octave srar.d action rose wood oltnofo I* rnoquet Bovnr and stool * lib uneiptrnd warrantee nt maker; rloh oar pete uioquet rutin, French music cabinet wttb m?rb e top. roeewood erorctolr, costlv rosewood lib'no book esse, rose wood corner etsgerrs; allli and embroidered lace curtains; marble top retire sofa a- d pier tables; l ork'eh and return bertchslrsln tnprstry and istiu. 1 uklsb louogei rosewood

reception draffs; e rtrait tevtrs nod Dresden ehlna vases, marble statuary, with a costly collet ton of unique puk ? unmet W oil paiiiliugff embracing ht?tortoai. rare W ticMtectural subjects, itchly framed ormolu cloak; marble .v.. Ac Lining room- Magnificent carved oak entouslon dining leble, open* eighteen feet, widi an elegant variety of silver ware, esivsrs, ditiirg sue tea nervine oas'er* fruit baikets. ice pitchers spoons, forks, silver and ivo-y eu'-'ory, rlob cbli h. of real oevrea. or all kinds: crystal ru'jv and amber set glass wub ? complete set ot dli 'rig mom furoltire I leet'ug looms?superb rarvrd rosewood irtsdec bu resws be>*te>-d<. com-. odea cheval g'asses, oval mirrors large hair ma* easeu and bedding, roaewo si furniture, m suit in velvet full mil In hair i loth niegaut rosevroud sesri t?rv eookcsee, eobisued eu graving*. wt.k gold bordered .hade'to twenty wtidowa. als > a large variety of superior mahogany aid oar furnit-re, ef every description not here enunciated talrwil c trtrroce 'nil r I shire, at lOW oreitise.v. In he dlnli g rtvuii Oepnaita will be xeuuirod things o be removed urmedlate y THUMAB VKITCH. AUiriORBKR STORM NO. 16 8pi uce street?Mortgage sale of groceries. iMiiyrs Ac Lata TuesOav *pei| 14 IH.i*. a' H A. M. at No 14V berry meet, consisting of a general HsanHaje-.t of r .ol'r "ro~erlee, luunrn bar fUlurt-e, counters intn-ee, to also the lease of li.rmlaes. .InllN T. HTRWvRr, At'ornuy lor Mortgagee. IlflfiMAH VblTtill AllllTIONKRR. MMI N16 Bvruce street ?Mortgage sale of hotel furniture, Ac ?On Cuerdav, apill 14 1K>7 at If) a M ,st No 446 *ou-lli avenue, tot ft"tin* ol bnintcidi btds and beidiog chairs, oil rlotba, iBbles coking nleoslls wsahslands, range bar and tit tame, mururs, carpets, Ac , Ac. lilt 81 HOC Attorney for ttortg gee. fpHOX. VKItrH. AI'tTTIONRKA?STOKft 16 HP?UOr. 1 street.?On Tuesday, April 14, st 10 A. M , a' K>4 Water it -eel, the t'ock In trace of a tin sheet iron and nop per smith, together wtfh a cu.mule's *et of tools, lo cloee up the business T be abs?e stock U all of lb- brst quality, and deserving the attention of those Id the trade. WS Mil LLC it, aITiM H'NKKR?BJ W. 8. Mrtl.LOft ? . This day. April 14 at lot, o'clock, at the salesroom, ISardlS Park row, opposite the Ak-'or llouee, peremptory sale uf the entire slocaof cabinet furniture, oil paintings gret.iii pla'e mirrors lire rosewood pianofortes, table Uncus rntiLtsrpsres silver plated ware As on hand, and to be pod positively without rese-ve to par advances, viz : ten ao'ld rnsewooil parlor suits, oovered m rl?h brocate'. plush a?d hareloth. in sella to match; twelve eottagr enamelled cban-ler tints richly deeora-ed roaewuod mahogany, wal nto ao4 oak chamber furniture in great ?ariet? ; wardrobes bookrseea. etcge-es, eidehoaide, mni'o stands, solid oak din log nwin futnivurn e>ten.Ion dining tables chairs and lounge beds, covered In grren reps an a fancy do'aloe; cane vest c >#sf chairs, lounges sofa bedsteads, pure ha<r mat trvsrra, es.-y. Turkish uid p ain rockers pat lor chairs in great variety, with a large assortment of plain furniture, second hsndrsrpMs looking giSH-ies. Ac ; also 100 oil patutlnga In rich gld f'amcs .'*) krerob plate pier ard mvntM mlrturs, Ficncb ohms vasva, tea ware invito runs, out glassware, worthy the et'ention of the trade and others Oatalogues Is Mivoot'tn rr lnr of rale, (goods can be packed for snipping lit the * remises Wn. mimiun, aui n?n p i*i?. n . n, nnuwn . A CO . tbi* rt??, April 14. at I0*? A. M , at sales roonif No. 1H and 1ft fvl raw, oppoaita tha Aftor Bouin, md plegam r sew cod piaooi ?-tcs, in carved i-mh pearl tnlai 1 plat#*, acd ranging from t>K to 7 oc'avea, mwle by the Wait nl'y niAhere, Hma> Htnd >ard ambler and irthera, of noni rrp'loffcblr tone ami a 1 warranted. We Invite enpenlal at'enUoa ti> tblaaale, aa onmpristnc the tlnest variety nf pianofortes ever offered at auction. Alao four makigany hard (lanntortea a *. uuiioin. At ctionkkr ?valuabi.s maiokm If lane property,by ordi-r ot the auoraaaa Court, under the direction of 1>. Hoe an. Csq , referee?Wd. OliMJMf wit: ae'l at aerttnn ?a Krtday. Aorll 17, at 12 o'clock, at the Mrrcliajna' hy-hange. that valnab'e property hoe :t. ft aa<l T Ataicea lane near oruolwav, being ftO feet front and roar by 2t> teet teep. H B.-A be a?le of the above property waa postponed feofn theilth of April (one of Ike defendant* having eied since the retry "f tha .fudpnienti In order In amend uroeeed iMt* and aire a perfect title to the porch'seen. \? X WI1TSRH. Ati-riONKKR. WILL MKLL OS ?? Ineaday afternonn, at 2n'cl- ck at IN7 o'd Canal Wrest, near Hudson aUeet. all the hourehoid furniture, beda. bedding, rarpe a. oilcloths, ailver aod paled ware. An., belonging to the .-mate of the late thorns* H. Wilson decease 1. rtj order nf the eamutara. WM Wn?*RH, AUCTION KKR. WILL flRLL ON Tuaaaay anereooe. at 2 o'clock, at 4M Canal street, the enltra parlor, chamber, dining room and kltchea furniture of a fkmliy breaking up housekeeping mahogany milt* In hair doth centre tables. Trench plate pter glasses, oil painnnss velvet, Hmaeeia aad fares ply and other carpets, ot clothe, hat rank, tnahocanr bedsteads earing paMlsme*. hair Bataweeer feather bees and aheet*. blankets, table linen Mirer, Ae , $ less ?-d china dreneios borerua and mailing, ac \aj h wittlhh. alctionkkr-wiu. rkll on wkt> " nf*?y, tt li'k o rlo-k. at l-t o d f~ana' atreet, the houae hold turxhure bar n't carrltgra tod other good* together wlih tbca ho ol the 11rot canarv tod other mrda it ihtt rlly, it full roc* be'onglng to the celebrated dr. baron tpolnaro. which hac ber n aetr cted with gr-at cor*, prior to hit ooo trirplttrd weatrrn tod honthnra tour. thlt it t rare ehaoee for three tl wttt of good lipg dg blrdt. Wbi t. franklin a ron. will sbij. at aooikm on wednesday, april 15. tt 12 <vck>-k. tt tbt merchant* ictnhaege. raw i orb, the following improved property an honlh banned atreet the three mory brink hoot* tad lot of ground 2a2 booth heoond atreet netr itlnrtoth etreet viultixtb'irg. let 2a am* boot br hm feet in depth on one tide tn<* *.'> feel h few hen or the ether, ttrait rery itbertl. mtje tt the eglne of the amttoneert no a nrotd atreet W ill bk bold at fubuo apctiom um tumdaf I a frtl LA, if tot dlnpottd of before tt private tale, my endrt tto>k of home, earrttgne. harnett, ac. ib the ml wert tr- eeryttft hornet, tight wagon hornet, toddle hornet, hn borum no j a tad three thnroaghhre*. the ttit wfu be pe reaiptory.fw mob, to enaus tare tt 11 ivoloth tl my farm h~w. - ?T&u. _ htdtm Wii,li>m t. botd, au<rrio.vr?*,-ry ilkoftos it i "htrl.s,?thlt dty, tt no. pa nttttn etreti. tt 10^ O'clock, wtl be told hy virtue of t ehaurl mortgage t itrge lot at tnpelor rented herd furniture. rentovrd from rielet inland ooiretir g of one ml id raeteatd ptrtor eait with up holt'tred itrk rhtirt, tire nee double >tilt >*mer<ile, tolld neewnol bedttetde. dreeetng bnrenot. wtehweadt pnrt htir mttuwtre brnrt?ln earpm*. enamelled bed room taut, rr let did carved frame tolld i net eo >d eentre tablet, dtirteh cnrlaii-t. bed do blank wtltnt eneeetee tthiet, french pltte nnrrert it t-'itre tod oval frame* ar lendid ml paint ag*. ward rob*a hretktt' and tea tables oak arm ehetra bltck wtnnt c*?? teat chtlrt; aleo. a general aanortment of oroek en, m mia mlr. a t ?f g i ?w<j?s thid mllm mtt ml bad a fins vt-r'"'. ntnsrmtry ttore la the heel part of br?>klya, t'.itti.,e ' c a ltdy the atlet of ntpern auite pay th? rent ArplrlnJ <? ??mrtt||K >n rtn? *tr~" ? ? iwi ^OEfl -FTR HAL*, A HORRftL MARK U', HARPfl hiph, A full bind fort na. >uitrnt Amnn In / V kird ?n I fntm will piAad wlUtnnl (tlnil. alao t>p *Agoa OAU tor fdir d??? *i> UIatt #tmnt Brunt ta A'>:n a ooon dri;<? atorr ro* balr, ib a filOW. r?d M fbbarhond And itamnfklAr*. iimmMt ftlwi m And oil Atnokad. With I gliuul ofl-A. will M ?o4d At A bAomln on APP Ib-tUna to R W MWRAAMH *7 Krmion d! 1 Ml T OR* HALF r rw V A LP*. lb? op'ondld llttlo orttfbA, CAko. oootor AOd d?in? aalam. -17 Piiab* pTool m>rd Wmt. K. ATylbiA* All flip ot?. good f l?i far ?nUlnf Apply on iho prmnlom Aran FOR RAI.K A FLPRSIRO RCMR**, T1 I " " MMAnllahnd ?i toata. And now dntoc a pro ItAblo And In. roMln* IrAdn. Tho Mnrk. Qltnnw, with b <r?n And woann ?I'l hd mid At A NataaIb oa ApnllnAlion At IV. Bro?dwao mom IA FOHR fll RT A ( u *1 'Hill * rm?T CLAW (IROCKRT RTORK s] , JlM'. ?uM(d M k pmnliinl bmdMM r?ri?r >?t lata tirwltaat r.?lg?borbood. Thn inana. atn-k. hwao mkI w?fni wtk futarad, Ac , will bo anld at a bar rata at ralm ttou or itbarwian, to anil tba porrAaaar Apply at W Rroad war. .IOHR HCFT A 0*1 U A.A -FOB RALB, A FRAMR HW? A*f> LOT. S1.00V. 2Sili? ballt la with brtoa. ta Jara straet, i,r<*nmttit> cloan la Tanth alma* farrr. tfela la a fraat bar am Irnarraay. I wtak alaa la aril tha admtnin* lot If tha Durrhamr rfanfraa. flMMilia t1*an lat of May Apply to W it aRT> A. JOBBR, often AB Broadway, a tlora of rdyaaA Fl^? .nitnn RALB, <Vll?rB<T|0!*RRT, ICR f Z.UUU. (TMB and behary; an old and wall art ah 'lahwlrtand. loaf lanna. whaa bonaa. <aw rant and markka roan:ar and tablaa. nrarylhlnr complain RI<K1A4<HH THWT< K *1 Raaaan atmaC an Clin CkAH WILL PURCIIARBTHR <10011 WU.t* *a<1 tha fiirnltam and Hilnma of nnn of 'ha baat tlntn* room". <1alaf ana ot tha baat and moat omit lab la bun gat mm la tba lownr part of lha et<y Tha paraon now In tha bnMnraa haa an oppnrtnnity nf gmaf Iniaa lifTaranl kino of bimmaaa on an aitanalve arthla tbarrforn dauraa k, anil thin II RIOOB A BortHW!"K H4 Raaaan rlraai, BTD i 11 11 i TO HMOU AMP PARTVRB WARTED IV A IriJ.t'l'v plaaaaaL )<iarwlrab<i*inaai; or a dark with tba amo'rt na I baral aalary and moeey well earurad. Aton, oaa w.thfl iVOtoMMO. _ BtOOR A SOmiWICR, M Raman Herat. G'J nnn -FOR BALE. OV? half n r ? r : - A r?).u'balal. wltA dlalna aakioa aoanariad. dntnp a bnanatw of W<? Tba loatttnn unaurpaaand. ippoalla on a ?< Ikr artnrtRAl mnrhate ami farrtaa. Apply al jrift Ran ad way, WW" IA. ,tRO HURT A CO. RfM)~4" 0I D RTabliaiird rtotr aro <r??.0"'v'? tla atom will aall wbnla or naif intarart, rbarr n? only a wbnlaaa> I'rtoa for fnoda Kara nBanna far ona ? n<m#nHa? t nalnaaa * WORK a. u <>ambara atraal N. T. A*i/>|W|-Fom RALR- A HAROAIR-A OOTTARR' CO.OW. wtUl kll P If faa* a Incbaa, m rblrty third tract near tha BUnd anytnm <V*le*a aontalor alamo mm with bath room nantrtaa and nioaam aawar fbnm tba bona* annarcHoa wtta ina main aawar. frant yard taatadblly mil n Apply al fit Warn TMrtj ih <rd ttmal w 1 <11 lit -"> "AL*. A HRal rlFCb Rtn7l>R? RE c'J.t/Ul'i and tan lot* ha-vla analy loaa'a-l naar Hi(h RrVtea Only fl OTO ra>i?lr?'l paja"<w in rrnmn Itaraar* Pa^M'l p<r*tanla|f Apply to BlUOd 4 A^^ fM*? ITTfS v'/ J. a. (.icddtid ocgeac. l&ItM. June* llacneaay Utt7; Otii-d, P<-uuy ? On 1K4X. m O. T.: od y aad beaa'ilt oo* iik drape*; old cogn?o Vteux Imported to cl win. cbt'np^iiM, pi rV flir.rrien. Madeiras Jamaica rum, Moll-iid ?riu, schnapps, hrouih, 'ri?o aid Monongehela whiakey, ambr Mitl pi 'i>r< o. t;e> ioe A Mernn-nardinrv'. oeltlvely no tnoreoltblt iMo-k except the above now la store bale poaiuve, r la or Viae GK'UtUK (JOOK AUCrii'PKKK -Kl.ltlie NT HOU.S hold furplmve?OBO. fioOK will aeH tbi* day, tbe l4iti'Ipkt a' '(i>, o clock a'l the fum,lure oou tuned In the lour aion lirat c ua dwelling >>? Met Thirty eighth Hlreet between bou ih and lietington areouea embracing la part, an follow* *1/ elegant ao'id rosewood parlor auiia in brp cade hdocalel plnai. and repa. elegant elegerea o atre in3 oe tab'ea.'1 ti*kWb easy obatrs, ona*dellers, unrtaloa, he; elegant ro ewajd mahogany, and black walnut b'<1raeoi auiu, heat hair mattreeae* straw nalUaaea. bolatera and ptl Iowa, Ac., rrwrweod library bookcase, tablet rbalra, ho . tolid oak n>ieoa>on dining table, aldeboard' chair a, ho : all the carpet" oil oloths matting. Ac , he. The ft bore liouaa ba*lpg ot-en newly far nit bed tbrasghout In Novembe last, ?y?) art c<e will be found In perteet good order oderlng ki diu-ruieute raiely met wtth to purchasers. Kale poaltire with eat reverie f> a. BO-TON AUCTION EBB-WT1.U U Villi TUM U . d?y, at ID.t, o'clock, corner of Vandain and Hnosoti 1 street*. tec ato< i aid ttxtii'ea of a saloon OMititlal of bar I .. * tMHM assortment o'croolxrry mirrors, tablet ' ei ?r?*irgH o*, (M fixtures, boxes, curtains. *c . Ac I ? ? 4 HV.NRY H l.KKIfS, KOOriONRhS. MO 23 Ki'inU aUeec ? Runt and costly oil paintings, by ancient aid 1 Ii.wdr>-Ii masters. -llr.NBY H. LKHW A 00 will anil by aoo tun .?u W, dnrsday, April 16, at 11 o'clo at their gabery, I Mo. i.'t Nassau sueel ore of thn moat vabia.ile and extensive < e -h< Pons that has been olf?red to this oily for many ycari. 1 W n shall coo n w tie Ike aaie of the entire collection of palm i..M? be.oogtrg to .1 P. Htsummit Ran. who la ibotit leaving j nc hmota r on listing of upwards of two hand-ed and fifty oloce and ael?c! worlra of art, by emirent MMM of various 1 choni*. ut ar.l uindern, forming an unusually favoran.e 1 opix rluritv lor gentlemen ot taste to add to thdr collec'too*. Aui.-rg iflem wlli he found a MaiJoona a chef d ouvre af ihe 1 great1. all -i arlislPsJmA marlr.e pl-ees by tluype Vaider 1 tel r and Vaoder. I'abrliow; scripture pleeea. laudsjaoes, ' loL'u** icw* by artist* of the Dusaeldorl Ila'fen, Belgian and V.i.giiab schools. the whole forming an assemblage suvh a* s< idem net with at a public aale Tbey will be open lor 1 exhibition In our galleries on Satnrdav. the 11>h Inslait until Wednesday the day of sale Immediately after which the 1 oor clur.iDg ponton will be arranged for view, Hatalogues caa < lie af our (lores wetk previous to the sale HKeKY U LKKJLM), a("I- I'III.N KICK CI VAMAO street ?Grrteel h eisehold fnrol'ure?'IKNiti tf. i.hhl ,b A O will re 1 by auotibm on t'leadav, aprll 14. at 1 U'J'a o'c e^k. si ()i Prince street four doors west of Broadra? tht. cr.tire furniture of said bouse consisting of tapes- ' try as.) Inpraln carpets; parlor suit In rosewood oovered < tr iii plush ; mnrble top centre and p|?r tables mirrors ele- I gerca rl'iw matting extension tables mahogany furnltore i r.-iomd wl'h haircloth curtains. clock, and girandoles, ohlna, .-rocker y 4c.; otlc'oth, bedri om double and single be t Kteah of n aki g oi and black walnut; washstands, marble tops rrgllress-s chsl'B sofas, lounges burn# is. wardrobes. rss chactellers *i*lr carpets, hal stand kitchen ware he Ht.NKY H LgBllli. AUCTIOMKKR,. 21 ' MktHh'J suret -hxecutor'ssa'e of elegant household farnlture ? lin.iM H J Kfc?M A IX) will sell by Auction, on niesdaT, April U h; lot, o'clock, at the residence No 7 Ureal Jones aittet, net-r Itr-noway elegant mini net carpets, lsrge pier (. mats awl cirtilces. rosewood parlor ire male by Bosh and o hrt* r i'a?, arm and parlor chairs, ouverad in til rcV yfk flush; *? wlrg acd fancy chairs covered In crluisen *t-d gold crocaiel; rich silk curtains tn srlinam and goid no .seversiverj line < U painUogs; richly carved r we wood centre nhle statuary toe; rosewood pianoforte, cirv-d ttislioyanv fnrnliure ic hair cloth rases < locks Ac ; ixv-ksaae ar i Slmetagy lace rortaina Uned with pink silk a complete at?. tn-. ni ot crura g'sss and plated wire; mah igauv eiten.I-Mi 'al> . o i.: . u cheuae'lera, do bedro-.m risew.vil bedsteads dry sMpg bnrea.i ard warhsada, tuarb'e ions cabl 7. ..... *** ?**? _ I (ill Wl v fOK i H TKIR r buM ii' iM 'I.CIUII linua* t>u utoiiM not *tuc ?llal u to I lie pa. k m ilk bilr? UifP Mi . 4' ia-l d n olnlzt to fron ; fol?fe> o l>iO' *li"it? in .h<- hurt mannnr ?Kh <???> ) < n i dnllrre g'aitt. papa*. ,lc , lot 26 by 12. Tbaln t w xih 12 Hit. aipH oti tha pi**niiMW 7trouh Birthtb struct Wtltwnnbiirg. wc loUiUlea' walk from Pack Klip itrrjr. 4lfi I 1(1(1 ur>OD r*RH PUR SkI.K, DE31K ..BUT bloated DBAr N?? drinlKwlok; ?-YO..t? ttvM Krt?K, gjod b?lld'n?? etork will h? KOld low wad na liberal U" ( ? Militia A HDUIflWIuX. HI ?t'?at *.'7 KfUl r,,lt HOIJSK AND DOT BO 7 wmr PlPiT < teroth K<re*t, the tin<t b"Uae *vn?t nt Plfih t?n roe; lo aMon very tine and at a bargain Inquire of JitdM WKB I" t\ M7 Wall atreet ?iQ llllll~ro& B.iik, A HOTKL TV U'lVI'l.sTK yTO.k/'M'. order <1a?l'a>.lp Iik-mo.1 i:i the bueiueaa p%rt of tbe city rear tbe railroad and rnaamhn.t landings. For pax liru ?r? apply a'. No MR ilri-enwtcli street OPQ I,( W ) Ft/K aCivk Fa KM 4n AORKH-Af W vsll I gpO?"'"/V/ Ingtonvllle Orange noiiu'y also, residence, ; ?>ore kimI et"ok oi good* Ih the village apply to .lonu Jmui'I, la tip- store, or Ui BlOUri A.-iwu i .IWI0K.K4 Nassau aim A B??U1IFUL Orl'NTRS riiat FOB HALK CffRvP. i A - The plane la rX Atanv'i r?t ' or.,i It ta beatuifitlly la- j Mini r ear tbe tailltwd depot cor.Uvnis 71 scree; la-g? tune house f ur rooms. a 'er>aut boiiMt An , and plenty of rh >me trult The ikon la ricb good for cult|ynt>oe or fur hiiUlinv ; Ufa Alro a imad rfeeap country aeat at sat hmok m in i, of ' lie ( oiinevtl) ui rirnr Inquire of H P. TOWt-itiKNil lU | Nassau itw. AM FAT MIOl* FOK ?ALK AND HTORg TO I.BT? K good location Pli'urm am new and In good order. Ituinire on the premises, 6-1' ftuth u-enue . Fa am FOK nal-K?CvAdlsi INtI uP .<10 AOKKM IN A a hlab alate ?f cu'-Jvatl'tp, vi lli bo m>ld aheap or evoli >ng rd for <lt. property. Ona bnur from the city by ralroad right time* a nay Apply b? .1 K i,?Mil, h urarl Until a h akk ( iiant.iv ?FOR H?I.E TU? STOCK TRVIIB Aaod flituree of * book newspaper and faucv s-ore, do'o < the larj.-eit newspaper business In Brooklyn; is four tetri ewsbltshed, sod ia doing a good irada. A jply at !fci>4 AtlaiiUo trrrt BaTH POC-E HO "EL. AT NKW UTItkC If, I/IN I Island for aale or l-aaa; tbr lio'ol, with about four vni ofgrrund wltn a apler.dld water irnt grounua bnautllullr i baled, with larga ornamental tm Una bathing aalluig and babing The hotel win accommodate about 2B0 persona. Large alabler, hliedr, rarrlage bonae, bow bug alleys, Ac , Ac. For further infurtnallon apply lo K LOTT. No 76 Nassau street. tlHN'l uaL Fauk pkopkitt* k 'rt bale, ob to lbt. ) ?Twooftbamw oi bonnes In Fif y t-iird aireet Kigblb avo-i.e and Broadway IMC M lot WO. ibrae story b? mail >.nd cellar, brick and brown stone Irf m mit gs, *11 modern lap oienmite; also house lo Party Hot *i"*et Si? f-?t treat of twventb avenue north aide, ISli IU feet white marble aad brtot, three rlory baeemept and eellar?al1 modem laijiroremeuti oe i'He-en ble terme App ? to a i4?K\ KN4 lumber drain e, Eleventh avenue and Thirty ninth street; or to a U Jio Id "'I Wallrtre?t /YOrwthY CKAT FOUR VLK aT BKONXVILLIC. WBBT v) cbeelrr county, N 7, within one hour's ride of New York and a half mile of the deaot of the Hs'lem Kallriad e iitali.a about ten scros ul choice land, a large and oonvs nlent house o< twelve rotms, well UeM, with good outbuildluga and a good well of w ter m; nation U ou high ginund and perf. ctly health". Inquire of vWg. A dka'iTT on the premises or at No 4 Warren steeet. N T. FTOAL YalD FOB H N THK UPPBR I'VET OF 0RUO HfORIt FOB 8A1<B?FIBHT (TIIAHH, MOI)*KAT1? rl/e. and In a desirable location. re<iutftny: only suitable attention. which tha owner ta neltbar able nor wflung to ?1re to it, in eneur* inocaaa WIU be aolii roaeooably. Inquire of rhMtAl' IlliNK, Beit.. 10 lltld etreeL OHIO SlOIli FOB HALK-WBIO, HTOf'K KM ANJ llttad up, In one of tha b*et thoroughfare* and nelgtaborhood In the city, doing a irood ;r ,n ai, I faml ? bml nee* Will be d'spoaed of at a bar . air. and for reatnot wnirh will be eyplair ed on ?pplie?t:on by note addreeeel to Modi eu? h*rr*'d oflice, ttaiing patre and addrean IJtldBlB a??pi-B FHiiPsnTf KOH laU^m 'j hoiian aua lo'6o? Mghth avnue on tae weat aide lot 35 fret front and ie?r h.r lO'i feet deep; nor of I lie bet t Smites* IntaUeua on the avenue. Ii quire of the owner on the pren ia? a riaRa FOR HAI.K-TWO Mfl.RR FROM OeFOT AT A Weet Moomtirld, Few Jerae? 14 unlet frtm the rltjr, Una'ed on the mounts n; .15', aoiea. all tindne ml cullKa Hon but 5 acres, wh'ch lain tvoid: *o>d hnlldi-n* and olenty nt fruit. F'lce W,Apply to M. UItlAlie,wHOFF, 101 fn lion etreti, jjtOK MALA--1 ft TQIKTlKi'll bT.tKKl'. A THakK ill'd V ry huh atooo houae all modern Impeivr-umila, term* eeay: also, the block no heonml a'l-non and Thlrtieta street. In<|iilranf WM FltTfKh.TOH. 491 iteoond avenue IjiOR Ha Llfi?'HI 6TOOK AM? l.ftaHJC OF I.IflitV r ruble Ro. 91 Fulton avenue, ttroek I ve. UittX mi toed order and the levee three yean from May naiL anpir Ut It D. tlOX. on Ike preuilara. L'OM HAI.IC-T11K liail FOR THKOtTT U? l?C W F fork to manufacture a machine in large denuid; and wbtohpa)* a prodi of 2tkl to 4U<i per ' at and will repiirn I hut ItU.e capital bL H1KKMT, 81) Maaean street, from 12 to 5 V M? np ttalra r.vO* HAl*B?THK RKW FOUR HTORT HilOWK nTOMit r front bnue No 40 Weet Thirty wicnU nrrrt oeiwreao Plflli and i litb aoanura. ttnlabed lo ine moot. oininete manner; aim 24iM lot balftbe block for te-nn do., lo'iui-e oo toe rremmea, or of thM awoar, 40 Went Thirty aeoond atrwet Fvh balh-onr or oaylkR's lakuk biz* i?oj 1 bio loor aalamaider aatea. Will ba anld low li apob-id frrrono Apply lo D. A. C'UHlIM AN, Nu. :i baeetnaat i*ak of Commerce I4ui ding ICOR NAI.F? TH? LBAHB, Fl'KNITCKH ilfO flXr toraa of the well known hote and diLin* r?vna N.i. It aard 12'F niton atreet, doing a ine The leaaa lit* four yeara to run the furniture and fliturea am tvar'r now ud toe reeeon for veiling ant, lh?- prupreto- a hora o'lier but! neea to attend to. for Irani ap?ly at too hotel. from id to 3 a'eloah. FOB BALB-hPI,lU?f?ID PRfIP044UI.-THK OIN01N MM KtoNto WM bo fold on moat b-ral term* wlM proprietor wiahea to retire from bnateeea an aaytunt of d?d oalo baaJto The Hi.or una baa toe large*! and nn?at ooilevtoa m tha Waal; alao. tba Infernal region*. tM ouroeroua ?*loabJe paaoramaa, oueowaraaa dleaolrlna vtawo, ,*o Tha ortKnl ooat eiceeda <26 000 will ba rold fbr lee* than oaa fourth a average reeetot by toe year la from tin two to 11* urn. xpenaeo, with rent aad loa trauoe. from It not to tdDOtper year A long laaae on the buldtoga containing tha uaaum win ba aet-nred to tba pnwbaaar If reonlre^ alao. prtnlvge to mend tba bnlldlng* nrw adiaoan' Into arir further Info* ma tine eddraea FKKB. f BAN KM, pro? rial or Waatam Maaaan (bnrlnnatl O LX)* BAL.B-TWO FIBHT t'f.ANt RAOWN 8TONK F bouaaa oa north alda ot Thirty amend at-wet, batwma Hadlaoo and FlAb areauea Boa. It and IT. bulH in toe vary bato mannarfeanaat ba dlapntad; boneea X by SO Iaqatra rm ihe i renileae I or parHenbua Tall aad took. f/tOR SAI.B-WITH A IdltH CHOIt'K I. ITHON Tlim. r IT fourth lAraaLbatwcen fifth and With araaaaa. Nona <|tUraal A. 0. I.OOMId, l,l? liroadwajr. tiaar Hurt/ IbvA alrns* L^'H HALR-OR RXCHAROR POR UITY FROPKEYY, r a rsinsbls turn of ? uni of land at Hoar Rockaway, L. I., la a lirft rata data of mittratlon. aaw honsa aftill wish nUw?m wail in kHchaa, barn, earrlsro braaa. As all first rata condition. b-rln* a tralar front of aboot UtO torn, pwasantiy tltualad oa tba road to Par Eooaaway am oaa slda. aad boo*away bar on tba otbar rida. Tba bay abounds with (tea nytdsra risen*, flah. An. Tbars la Bo hsalthlor lonatlaa la fba I'nKad mataa A first rata loraUon tor a board In* honsa. S'araa paw tba door aad aaay of sooaas la tba oKy hr star* and railroad sa. Par paritralarm. apply to OAKI.KT A WRltiHT, aaulBmaaa. Ac Offloa 9 Court straw, Broohlya T/tflR 8AI F?TUB HXOH OTOOP MM, ft Hff A MTY1 A I. r brown at oaa honaaa aorth alda of TWtr first strsol ha stars MsAtaoa aad rnurth arrn ioa, thraa stnrtaa aad Saao moat. with an mudm tmpi iitwaisata la intra ad it Wall I/?OB bAi.R- Off! PIRA? OLAJtR POOR RTORT r browa rtaao ftpat bciaa. fld feat daaa, with all tba modarn bipm'?wraw sKnalad balwaaa Broadway aad With asp ana. No. U Vast fwaaty asraatb Hill. Iaqulmoa tba pn mlaaa rrtOR KA1J?OR PXCHAROB POR CITY PROPRBTT r a cbotes Carta or gantlsmaa's ronatry rtwtdsnoa of l? s-rrs. Within oaa hour's rlda of tba attr Add'aos a R. 11 wait oRlra, statin* raioa aad loeatloa of propaity, If sflsrwd la nabaaaa J.HIR HALS A \ BUY PRftl B A BLR ?10TTA<?T BOTRR r aad soa arra of (roaad. wttb fruit an.l shads traaa, st (llaa Park, tourlsaa mi las trom haw York, by Ha-lam or Naw Itstrn Railrosd Honsa has aina nno*. with bauh. rsap'S. Ac. WU1 bs sold Itwo lh?n rost R M KINH'MMdR 111 Pnonh srsa-iA L?OR MAI.K -OR BICHBOBD ii i m MTATRW IH.AAD r |1?* muao fYotn lbs loodi?(t from "opto atat.lam aaraa of tba ID' at plctnra?|Ua land I ha marina sod Inndsoapa viaw aim. d. 1ii? fa? flraoTagn, with oat bulldlaaa, An.* Parurulara irrm J P RRlXRTY. Ittohmoad Hlllt'ottoa* 't?i?n la anfl A|iOt BALB-THR FOCRIRTORY BROWN - TORS RR > r llrh bw'MfH knuaa II tha mnihMol rorunr if T?PM. and 1 k'rt.ath Kraal It I* In nnmpiat# ord?r, and wall rr a parlor nailing* and-lining n> m ara fmrH and tb? bar a It tapar?d throughout and kaa all ika nv-laro 'mrrovw ??nto Wl.l ba r..:d ala bargain II ioa? op?n r-?* 9 n. M until IP M Inqulra In room rl o Iwr ommn Ban* IiKlB BAI.E-THB BTO'K ARD r; TTT7RM OF * r RTor#ry and liquor mm, a laaaa of iirayaara. No. J*| Ninth Mraat, aatar arrnaa H. Bald cbaap LH;t PAI.B?( FfBAF FOR OABII A WHOLMU.I ANI? r ratal a>gar nor", la a (nod .ftuaun- and doing a gar I hoainrm For furlhar painrulnra aaplr at ATI Ho am alrani L"?OR RALE-A RR AL'TIFt'L RTKAM RN.HNR, >, r Imma power, all nomplata. Inqulr* at It* Waiar atraaa. FOR B A1 R? A FIRST O..BB ORWtRttT NfoBR. aHnatad oa ooa of INa Nam mraem In tka ettr for boat naaa. now doing a good trada ?*int $3 '?> rauulrad Bo?a bat a < ark cnatowar r.aad aptly, aad oa agama will ba traalad aHk lha bualnaa* ennld b* rraalli Inaraaea*. For fu?har partw-n'ar* addraaa with fal aamr (aoaa oakar asttoad ) W. (I.. boa IBB HrraM nfOaa. L'o? balr-thr two mroRY and attio rrh-r F koraa. wttk naaaplrad laaaa af lai baring I Wall a paart o run. ' nd rwnawafela atrrrr twawty aaa yaarw. ttowMton on I ha mttioi nomar of Flka ar..| II ad Won atoaato. Apply hw iwi an M? and o'abtak. Tana aaay (Ml BAIJA BlrOOP WRRTCIINBTFR, FORTT TORB F bnrdwn tin I**1 ordar. Ufa Ira ?f CH aRLM RR9R. wharfltgwr at Fnttrm Markat^ggjl R r)B BAlR?AT A ORRAT BAfRIFICR THE RRW tfcraa atory Rngllah haawnrnl brink Sonar, on Forty we ond Wraat. nrar Ftghth arnnua mid am imororamanla. II m rarh only t.atanrron mnrtgwgn. Apply to J. A. PAlIK, l< Wall ?tr*a', halwaaa 11 A H. and IP. M F'OR BAI.?-A WRI.I, FITTF.D I F OHOTBRY ARII bourn a'sra. with laaaa tor two yaara wbara aptmon a Kb a i ma.I (wpt'al will do a good hnatuaaa u iiatort oaar iba Norih rlrar. will ba aold, aa tka proprietor la gntog <n llx> mil*try Apply at tka atom 115 Waahlagtoa (trwer. umac of I a?lar atraad |*UD BAl R-IW'i FIRRT OT.ABB HoCMRB AT OR* F trrrr f Park '-ark MiBO. lot half Ika blork. four atortoa h gk baa* man t and aub arl'ar, ftnlahwd In tha rary pad atria, mtb b ark walnut atalm ri.-h an.I aplnndld atatuarr mantlaa, nllna. brown Wona work, pluaiblna ornamrntal nlaa trr'nt raipaniar work. Jkr dona in tha highaat atria of HoUt: aralnarrry raaprrlaplatxlld rraldanoan kara tka rtghi and vrtrllrpa rf tba park. Akto a tour atory Rn(Uah b^aaaani bouaa with all lha andarn impmranaanu for tka low pnra M Rl 100. mortaapad tor lb 01X1 only fl. VD aaah to ba paid XUn luitooa Ti r ? * Rtphth aranuaa and Four taanik and Tbirt* dnh atraala a? pnraa tooai ti i iww>|t?l.ili?v Alan bnl'dmr lo a wltk and without bull ting I .ana at from $11**1 to tlD.Ono. Alan baoaaa. Into and farmt to a> rb?-?a Rrmar to loan <to bnwA and Otortftfo, Apvlr (0 s . fOR R&LR. Vj'or H<LB-AN iMikuKNT iff 4. Bonirra whioh. F with aildiunial ranllal. will average %l ?t ?aak ci?r (nr woold i/ade p?n ruli ) Taot aao uiUU as only aaoiHiif. Most lie prepareo travel which tnliwi pr 0'e; refe-eooas mi hang* d /.duress u w C . iieraldoflice. eaclneeataoap far pMtSge |i'OHH?|||-t nil lioBSK N'.INK N?f. HUirF ab e (or grocers i* for a small oat; will ba sold low K p BO BR?. 70 Bearer areet. L'OR M/.I.K ONR NfcW PIdHT C .Am K >UB HtuUT V brown stena rrnni haose, with all ibe m > era Imtrove mint* ait>mied between br"adw?y tn Hiith venue. Ha M West Twenty .atrnih street Inquire n tne s remises F10R HaI.R-4 UHSIKvBnk NS.W BOI'dR: ft! B bOB Htai UU built font sicry brown stone ami brink f.oat Racllib hseev rot new boose It? West K'tr' eih street OilUbed hi meat sunerlor a yle with ev??v modern Improvement TemM ?*ay. ajm ly to Wfcl.l.iMlTON a. <'aRrh.R 67 Dey (treat, mrrer rl (ireeuw lob L?t)K UbK -TUK uubk aNi) KlXli.'KKH OP A r bntclie.'a ab?p. in ^aventli arrnue. riearira imIimt. ly. Porem. Irmiaraay. ale. tor sale a beautiful f*ras af T.i acres, near this < it?. M ( it) Mm.ICK a hA7.tI.TlNK, J|)S Wrovtwap. FIOH HaI.P?a OOITRvBY 'LACK ?THOUrillHA*aH. of three acres, at $k i:ipJ; one el Orsnge A', con, oae art Meier Inland $'< MlO; one near White Plains, ad 1MB, nan la Weal/lieal-r county. ? Out). KkeXKlM A UIBRMaN. No (Wall street FOB KaLR-a It Kn TAl'rt A N f, IN TUB LOW ICR 1'aBB of tie e ty. with Indiilng rooms doing a g?id bnstneaa, wcrtby the at tent'en of a man ol nuainesa rtlO'iS A nOUTH WI<;K, 84 Naiaaaa'reet IjiOB SaLit -To (JI.OdE AN IMMKllItTR TitUHT-THI double lot at il dwelling two years built, titri second arenue, between thirty seventh anil ihlrty eighth streets; ?ta 116 tret, .lepih isi, rental over f i.iiti, la peir?ct order, not re uniting ail? outlay, remit tor teuai.ta. l?,i thirds ran remaha on mortgage; will uay on Investment near 20 per ' Hot a gnat torn In front: la',, fl rear buttling lately ..rented, a.utabl* IBa factory or wo kabou heat oi light Apply to T. W. tllTH, 22V Hroitowar oNScen 111 and 26 Li ICR a A LB? A f Kt FOUR STORY K Ml I.1HH It <8? r meut bonne, replete with erery convenience. near Tk?4 avenue aid Twestv iiln'b aires'. Ince $6 MM, It mortgaged for $6 fOO; on'yfl flfXIcaak rnnulred. Audioes Rnbt. H. WUHon boa S,' IB Post office |iif>K Hal.N AT A iIaKOAiN?A TI1RKH HrOtY AND r basement brick home and lot situated in ?nuth HroofcIjp , detaining 18 room* In good order fart of the purchase wMI be ia>en In fnnillure or groceries, un* half rut remata on Oops and mortgage. Ini|uire at eaten booasiore, IB Fn don street between 9 and 12 o'clock a U FOR KAI.R f:|IK aP -TKRRtl KAHY. A H1SKK STORT brink house, with carriage war of M feet. Kn 1.17 II m IblrtT aiilh sireet, near Third avenue Alto a lot directly la the rear, on Iblity aeveu'ti stretl. with two three cory tulafc Ruses Apply to JOHN HKltillAM, No. 4 New street mom No. I. at.OK SaI.K OR tXl'llAkliK TOR M KRCK ANDfhR? I" Heal estate. stookr or bond* linn etas* patent right for an arltole much In demand Apply at 113 Nvata street np stslrs. I HaN*ORD IjIOR SALK OK RXCIIANIII?ONK U ALP OK A VAI.aF aide iii.tent having 1.8 tear* to run. A ram o Banna. Apply to k, V. HOfkKS. 70 Heaver aires' ? * - ... i.i .. tjlOK SaLK O" KXOHANOB FOR OUT PROPtRTT and farm In the vicinity of New Turk -The lease, t nrcdture, tllturre a"d stock ot Montaaue Hall HmoAlyn tor oeaip n aril hoeirra*'casie.1 there Is vstsiirant, bar bail room and aurper rvoroa attached to mis house, which ban been 1p auccesaful operation for nine yea-s b? the prs?a* aropnetor. there Is from lortr live to flflv limt class halls to lie. house for the season For particulars lauulra o! lltTID n. HAlMRH.aMoLtapua llall. Brooklyn No anou nanB Hll> Ij'OK HAl.K All) BXUIIANOR-A KaRM OF 1 (MB r acres. 4i0 acres reared, in New York Slate (will take Wesiern land), a line faim "f 117 acres In Westchester county (Will lake first class ellv houses); a hands ini*- building stto on staien Islaid. a ureal variety of farms at prlcea raining fiom Bf.W 0 upwarda B KNNFHY A SHKRMAN No 6 Wall street LMiRHsl.COB AXCHANHK-A t'dirNTKT RKAT IN r New Jersey, about I1, hours distant fr >m New York oantatnlrg all..ut 70 acres . f isnd. wl'h good house sad outbulldIrge. together wl'h p unty of fruit snd in a healthy location. Fotsiwalon immediately. Will be exchanged for New kork eg lit out Ian property. Apply at 117 Naaian street, room No. B, first lioor. rear hall FViR hALR. OR KXCbANtX POR CITY PROPKBPTsifty aces of land, rapldlr Irujr 'Ting in va'ue, on Ifen river o*d between ck and New Korbslle, In the vfdnit ol the couitrr seat o'a K. Collins k?| a Is. tire acres ai Neveuawood bemtifn! location. inqiMr# of J'JHR IIRihIIaM 4 Pew street. lj'ltk SAI.K OR TO LRT-THK WHOLK OR PaRTOP A P Inrtii .Iters m'a.SIs> w th at.i.rk Ritil i'RMI *L l.'Vs Ritl Itt Airneitreet Hudson and ItSeokr r str??te. r mialninc font a'al'a ?il kbnvc Kriniod. l'art mtlh' be <i%t\ lor a fhed m< re or blarkimHh shop A tew horses and rn-*p wagona ( * tele "Ibe iirnurMn tiae other buiinesaa to a'lend to V'OR HaLF OR To LKT-T#0 KOI'* RTOiiY Kl??n lleti lue-ment bonnes No# -band fc Weu Ihirtr ee-eed ftreet. with tin. dent Improvements, prirr |t; 8t?), al fc> t w o hrM store brown atone frcrt hi' ?r*. one on f wantreerenih aa4 oif on Twenty etphth reel, 1? test aeat of dlxth arenas. Inqutre rn the premttee. b'OK SAU OR TO l.RT-rOUR MIPRRIOR BILL'aRO tables; also, .1 baortaome bar tor rate with the seats sad plalfoirue tn the hil lard rum A latite etlciotb (or ante. Can bf bought cheap tor esab Inquire oa the premises, '.IB Attune ereet. 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Apply Ml the premises. . r u> W BOO! 10P Well all eel FViRHAI.R TO LKT OR LRA8K-A BLO'^K OF TBI* ren email genteel three and four store hooeaa, hi0k loopa and Kng'ish baewweta containing all the modern ?ip'OvencnU aid Inlahed tn the bee* manner, on Ibtrty-etgMR air ret nd Reouod ai-nne Inquire on the premtaee er or jammi hit aW. d Merchants' r.ichoage from I to 3 or Pa, f lut Thirty drat street, morn In ta and eren i nga Renis MML |eT3 and fTiiO. Alto at DP Peorlh arenue, a brown Itomn house orer a alt re with gas futures furnace, Ac. Rent teN JtViR A I.K OR UABK-TH* HOD'* AMI) 'OT.t ft X* and O Bcekrran etreett, N Y. Inqnire of J J. UgAUNOa a nor imp William akrnet J^tOB HAl.l OR TO RRMT-FITR JfRW TIIKRK HTORT aod Myhth *y?aria?~ w7l !*"(> rento t"lo?! ' fimm <*'? *?ron tmamdlalaly. Apply to JAM KM OM MOTTa, If William atrial. 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