Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 15, 1857, Page 10

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 15, 1857 Page 10
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10 MGHLY IMPORTANT FROM ENGLAND. ] Robert J. Walker'* Famous Letter ob China. I out ittATY wirt rat ckwniu. private correspondence. London, March 27,1R57. I B-MMinlt to j?t tbe key by which yon will be able to unlock tbe secret of Lord Paltnermou's repeaked declaration wittun tbe ia>t four weeks, tbst Be was coufident not only of tbe aid of France in tbe movement against Chins, bot also of tbe moral o-ape ration of tbe United Slates. Both Lord Palwston and tbe Earl of Clarendon have recently Safe* n a great liking to yonr people and your Presi dent. In this they have fallen back upon London, Maucbes er, money and commerce?those great in tere?ts which have become tbe directing ptwer in ur country. In has been manifested since tbe par ti'-U'D of Poland, in violation of tbe treaty of Vien wa, against which the L hi ion Cabinet was content j to i*cord a fteble protest, that the m ney and trm!i tot*'eats of England are the controllers of our di* - -*? - ptciiiuuc ana uoaiesvic p uuc.t. Here is the key to which 1 iv'er as the baaes of Ibe mission from the lini'-eil Stales of Hon Robert J. W aiker to China in 1*53. Yon wiil perooive what Mr. Walker agreed to accept hi8 appointment on ceitaia specific pe-wmal aud olplomaic condition*, whica were e utindl-d la a k t'er sddiei-eed to Mr Marcy, then Becrttary of Rtat.-, ant wnich were concurred in by mat tunc ficoary. What pe uliar causes ultimately induced Mr Walker to remaiu at home. 1 do nit understand. Certain it is that the Ijondnn Cabinet attached great importance to the movement on the part of Mr. Pitice's government at d procured, by some means, a copy ol Mr Walker's letter to sir. ilarcy, fixing the authority of his mis-ion. When it was aacer t&u.' d that it was the intent: >n of the Commissioner to proceed by th? over'and route to Point de <! die, here to emhaik in the steamer Princeton, ru-'.avires were hnn teiately t iken to iudnee Mr Walker tj paee through England that he might confer with the Mini try h? re/ He was assured that he would be profit red, in The accomplishment of his ooject, all the moral aid, and, if necessary and proper, a'l the ph jideal {*>wer of this government. Mr. Walker's plan was not extensive but in the highest degree liberal towards other nations a great free trade movtm- nt, looking to the cooqunst of China and .laj?ar. to that principle, and also aoy other of the Asiatic hunts to whLh he might direct his attention. Thus we have the liases of the present movement ao this side of the water to acconplish tae (injects in the East distinctly indicated by the American Commissioner in lt-63. That movement was one of reciprocal free trade totwtfn the Asia'ic Powers and all eonmercial H'a'es. It is noteworthy that the United States are entitled to the credit of the origioa ion of this design and its practical adoption into its syste n of ft re id d policy: and it is still more creditable to yon that it baa been taken up by Ixrrd Palmerston and iaaorporaied into bis foreign policy, aud made a distinctive point in the approaching electiona in this country, with a new no doubt of addreaaintr the obvious benefits of its success to the great m.imiactoring and trade interests of KnglaodHence you have an explanation of the purposea f oar Cabiret in reran) to the rhina war, and ao you will find, before this reaches you, that be r MByesty hi representative at Washingt m will not oniy ask the co-operation of your government, , bat will endeavor to have Mr. Bnchaoan c rm ] mission Mr. Walker in thia important afiair. Lord Kapier will not urge anything beyond moral aid; M to that end ha will suggest the appoint aent of ao eotigiitened American statesman, who ahull go to t bina with large diacreti-nary powers, such as were to be conceded to Mr. Walker, and when dogland shall bring the war to a eioae invoke Uis services as an impartial umpire in negotiating a tre* y or peace,granting by China reciprocal fnc trade to Rngland. t ram e the United States, an i all tbe otner power*ol the world. llisditli ult to see how tula line of policy is to lie coodcm>ed by the American gov * TV? "' .In Af ?>r?? noAitlo til i^hin J iim.nint tTTHimm 1 lit rA|H>l W J v?l |.rv*v|?" r' VUIU ? ? mm as If-* than futtr million* ot dollar* per auiuurn und< r the pre*eii- restrictive n.sun. rne population of China is at K *?t tbi?e hundred million*: and if tier people should tute >? your products and tasiul* lures only flit* rente for (ocb person, it would uinount to one honored and fifty million* of deJlai* per annum. This la a mere m<>nev vie* of the question: bat it mnat be t erne inhered th?t in tfce*e say * money is as much an instrument of civilian'u>a aa of evil Ognmeroe i? the great missionary power id modern times; and it* broadwrt and Hist interesting field is do? in Asia. The magnitude ul thia matter can indeed Ire hardly oversated. own opinion is that recent events and the 1 Cvalence of more tatesmap lik~ view* have inrd the government of Kngland to cnange their ootli j in rega-d t > the i'nited State*, and that if the Washington Cabinet will give toeir moral aid to lfeiglaod in making a free trade treaty with Chint. our goverrm-nt will tectpro-ale in favor of the United b'atea in rvfeienre to Wri orial matters on your oootinent and all the adjtient isle*. This it a new and taut qMltfM a new jrolnt of anchorage and of departme in tfie movement of nation*: and the American government should Mink well of it before rejecting the proffered hand of friendship. If nothing ewe is icnaieaiately scoosplwbed in toe present war It is more than likely tha' t*<e effort will tie MKceMdul so far an to open direst dtnlonaati - rela Won* with the imperial Cabinet of I'ekin; and it is easy to see that *neh a conquest cannot long precede a final and complete triumph in envabliaiitng e commercial relation* of all ri?llir?d S>ate* with the Cukhw i>eople upon mote liberal grounds. In to the last point, the British government are ?dvi?ed that It was Mr. Walker's intention to have prrxsed onward, a' once, to Pcktn, and to have u?*et?-i| npop oirset negotiation with the Empuri. * government. uriuoriov. a. t. w*n?m. pni*STBinmv? or HI* ION to CHINA 1* 18.13 1. That I steeid be author red is nose ode a treaty ?ele Cbise ssd Ike t ened fteetee. fee abwriete reeip sessi free I sde bet wees the two eeeavtee la slier lewe af 'be growth, prodese er maasWeiore e? enter, sea* evw ea approach es praeuoable to seab treaty, wbtw abeeid y tale <S? a oa as rati I ettat ?y Cblaa sad by ?* i*""**"' mmA tae Mseele of ?ho ' ilMd Miete>. ob tatotiy <t Mm mm dm, K pr*etMM, iba r>?? of ohm| trMly opaa the* rnwo. ta*?o?-?f tfea whole poor I M< U clhrr hod M fro OM of Mr owu eod koiOoro to enaaecttta throat* aieo ihr 're# oaotaeitoa of the* Mom frj etooa and othe-wtee mod m doetfaaiwa of all their porta aad barhori op rti of astry aod otaaraar*, aa ?io> ttio oiataotoa or rapeal m ?b' ir raport taitoi. and loot aw eU/<aa Ho d he MMVorard m pnaorato ad laeMol buotn?ae ?od e >t arc' a Ch.t, tarlo- at Um cwiimowa of rati a e; a aad to? ft. TM J ak)?M k* < l? Mii iialiir |i?ut. pratl oUi*. aith Jt|>aa, C"rtta, Do tola Oataa, or oaf atbtr iKpraMi Aa*li: faatr ?U> abnia wa btat ao a TtiMt i ahooki ba aaal oat, w th all eoaraa'aot taa pabab la Iba Prtaaataa, or aio?? bar oy u? orariaad roata at Mat 4a Dalta, u< that la# ahoald nana aabtaal lto?7 arftara aarlaft tba aaKtd of my m.ttloa, It many a?f?a aatot to tatat aaa at4 ai? ta to? performaaaa rf mf aAMal daU*a. a* alaa lit J*t>taaaa i|it4ra to aara.aitoa vttft my aafOUatiaea. K 4??aa<l aaraaiary tf so ? rhal IT tba p?ft ramrottaaatT toATaaaat la Obtoa tbaaM fan? aaooaa V I ibtiM ta aatbnria?4 la aakaavladga too goToratoaal to fart*, *a1 iraal will i ubrni -irtar ?r ttbaat walHac far farihar laatracttat tona boar ?ft?a t U la a ?boo Id ba a at par at prtraw ft Taai J ftaaa ftn?r? aboo .1 ba a'lot had to tba tofhMoa, aa<* oold ho *ir?w? fd?f aad rataraioc ?t?ft <?a, at tba rata or iftt ?allara p r aiaai. ta ba pita oot taa toad or t?r %a latarauLuaa ft. Tbat an tatm troaauiaf wiimim iato<ro4 bf taa. aaoaatjoate4 ^ f attar roaabara. la paootatoa# to oh lata a ir*toy ti ta? aar aaotv pmr ao aboaa atataft, attar 'boo OMat. stami4 ba aMoaaft no, aaft po?4 aat af to* fohO tor faro** latoroaaroo oaa aat aat af tba roaft to* taarti oar*taa. allb *bt*b 1 a?atra ta aara ao aaaaar to* Alt ab tapir 10 nbiaia la 9t?aa at ba Pat ateln tot prttllafar tor to'? aoortrf aoi,i4 la at jtdffaml bt adtot am an a aaft ttoftr.vaiebbia It J. WaLKM to? H.i ?l Homo feftoar? of ~tata Wnftt?ftaa, mm, ) *! ' NE OUR TREATY WITH CHINA. tlf Tito Si ? < lutriM w< w is tiaa tmplr dert'Ug w>?tebnot fi a, imui and ?u*eer meaoohtp the t? ??>?>, eare iMitd tj ii, K i ?u orr c sr ltd |mi i<(, h? mease >11 ire tag or iNi-i onuntiw o< mmt, ted torn WW, II* roioa i?c itbe l lo Mnun no a email y lltirnd m to* later ?osk? t t a etr eap^O ITa ?<Utrl : t- r ??I*1 a?l da *t'-b>* v)?o Ikr Pre-Heat of the Dot e?l lota* ha *00 ' br-rd f?M i>n?tr? oa thnr Omm ea'oe r Ob'bOseb <tf, Euroy Kiiraordtuarv a?.d II olalor Pieolpo* try of be In e . Bt-lea to i)b<Ba, Bet .be a 'goal mk-Kh o( the a T?n g teapir-on bla Mlotfier aad Oooounon >' Extraor to r Tlyeng, of b? In penai b >oa? a ? #. r ordlab of tbo b*ir a op arret, i* euro >r Oeaeral of to* Two Kwai | eB'i *apeiloWiad*e< fcteoeral of tb* trade aad oretgu Int. rooareo tf tbo Ore porta. bao lbe said OooiSUaKMara, alter hanag oioboogod tbrtr said fell po?r?i. ai d dul ooaaidarad tbo proatoo* have agreed to tbo lallaellt artto1 ? PB*MA>aBT vaana hd aarrr **t.i>u*h*d nor trees tub I'MITED UTaTV AMI CH1K4 At' I. There at an be * p. t not p rotaaeot, a .leorsoi preoe id a alio- * and oerdtal entity bote ae the (Jo t *> Stair# ot >a tbe o>e pal. aad to* Ta f*t?( (Oil Ob ttieoih r a an, ant orteeea tbe>r peop.e re poctlaely, a lib ut raripM !> nl pO'tone or o'eooa Kiuikumi, ouBBBRCiaL niTBaoorana Art 9 ctl'tenr of tba Ualted (kaua rranrilag to Cb<B? tor tb* pu>po>' a o oonaarre ertu pay -be do n* or t ? port *bq eipnn preaorioeit in tb t.riff. amoa ? itg-ii br and o>a a part of ibia treaty. They a tail In n > cats, b >? >) el to otb<r or higher dattra -ben ere or *hvi do r qr.irto o me pope ot nor o nor n?u >n i?i? ?v t. F-eaoixl ( barges of *Tr ry ?cri ore b?ilv tboliia-l, oo > i flic- no' II e evf?uf wbo mov be golUy of iiu I ia. ?ho>l be pum?bed oJforrttoB n> iho lowe of-lolo* I' ?->e Cb'&rre gnYMPinmt deMre to modifv, m onr the o lei 1(1 to b ni' d'Qo?i>?D *0% I be mo?e only in ooo uhn 1 a ?l b mo to Is nr oihtr fuooilooortea t iere y Only bu.di rl* (1 n beboli o( tne Ualtod sup on-1 ?t b a?? bt he ? I. *na if oomt'oooi ed?oo*or b or pitri'et . of *>bot< rer de>oripttuB be oooeened oereift r by Jblro o I ?cy o brr notion. lb* found St* Bad the m'z<o? lh. not >l ell he em pled thereupon te complete. eq U' J ord Urpnrl nl p-truc potion to ibe o?ro ho>Tf uhicb < or THt rianoD ktatoh mat rugnwt am h Tne i itiooi o of tbe f o' to rf eiee ore pfiu'n" l* inqi. it tre Ovo porio oi K?onfCho?r, Amor. ru o?o? ntjoo ?nd St>?r-gtao*, o >d to rerdo ?r1tn ih or oni'lleo ?DJ It Ado there ado to prore d pUooare wuo tfctlr veo<r toe trert bonduo lo tod fro on ooy n ei<u |mi t old itbrr if -he r?1 11. e porta, end from enbor u' tni bo a five lor'r to toy otter ibem B t b?i t rot i ' o i not. D twuiit enter uia oibnr p->rto of fbiat dt o*rry on o cloadnrttne ouJ fmaduie't trout ol >a* ?h * 0 ??'? If >tor at.o ony re?eol ^ei DfiDg to o ol'<o?a > i.r Ciii?d Shot's. ubiib rinlo'e* tbi* pr-trial to. sh*il lib her ?'iO, be tabjnoi to eondtoot o? te tboOoiaoee gcveit n - t tr itiM 4ieot or oomrit ) > th* rrrn po?w? Art 4 For >b ropertn euoro -e on a reg uio-to. of tbe . oobt-.e zb of ibe cute o? of tbe United diotetdonr bjsl lc>b oi u o so'd Ore oor o, tbe lonrum ni f toe Uawd [ siolro qi> y opp" bl o brblo or miter t.flloere ot tb? 8tm<-, , ho rbl 1 bt- coly ironnnli-d b* b 'oo it lh? offlteri of the b i<r government, ond ibtli hoM oil. hoi iat <r 01 ur?e otid (OrrrBOuDd-ricn ?itn .be loiter, euaer pers > col or Id ?iMIC ob otonrl >do m?r require, . n terno oi ' ... i ph.iimii If dimouo ufnllw iroAtnii o- *<rr tvfd \u *i > way ny toe looal auinoritlrt. laid oti c?i? ub tbe oat baod rnall bare tne ri*v to ro p < * r'allon of the ?*m* ?o |?be eop-rlor offl mra r?f in,. Ubireae |rnvorDn>eiit, ?ro wtl tee that fall laq nry kid inOk j'ttloe &< tic 10 ipe pr wlaea, ooo ou tc inner t><nd, tbe i?i coocu ?11 orefuuy kroi 1 a t eeii of kv i?or?*k'> " 0, nco to or oolds,>>ti ?ilQ tbe offl iero and poo pe ol tifi oo ooMH?k< ui. nuviiirw GkAimp room Ci'l/m" A't b At *kbb 01 tie kild live pore cltix n ot (Oe CuludMO c> Ik 'ullj t-t'l? in C Oin-i ne mill be per ?t trd 10 .n p< 11 f om trnr ova or key otbe p-tr,r | ioi ! Catnw Ma ? >1 ibere and i arabase to i- tn. aad expirt to tbtlr own or i') u<b>r po ?, a i wanner of inerinaarjte. I w too tne ton or ( oo or rxno-laitoo Is no' pro libit-d by trie MMt, pnylnf tbr MM wicta ir. pre icr bed by u e t<r it bere obel >re etikbiUbed, kod oo oibtr obkftci whatsoever cr?t -mi' MOI-laho** Art fl, Wbeorrer kuy mer -bant venel btlorytnfti lb I't'ted St* n ib?li eut?r itner of the Skid Are p rte or redr. ler pkjiera nikit be odfid ? to tv ooaio! o* (,?r?o)j rbk-*e.i with 'ff.trt. no will report ihcatain ti e l'4>mat'i?lon?- of oa? om?. ?n<- umutp > doty im'i b? rn? on ieW v? en it tbe r?*? of Ire mace per too, if ane be - ver ore hundred kod Of.t ton* bu'dno; kod one oitie per too II ?be be of me nor dm of oee no il?e1 led Q tr : lot,* or order, according to tbe amocni of Dr r tioUije ti pk'iOea i< it# ?tg *t-r; **10 payment t? oe in full o' ft ?)'iuo? rniru of meat ore meol aid otter fee*, w.iica ore woolly *no)<*b*d. And if My veteel wnl in nann* atobox-4 ot oue of ibe *: ? , > t? kid there pi d tnjnate duti.ankH hue ecuiMhrioiiy o.mrin tneaad pone to rvompiete lb' a? poal of nor ckr|o, the iiouai or i enoo cL?rf'C I'h it!* re elil rrpor, <b-at ne to .h e txi? e?l< of co to**, ?ho oo tee 'epaiureof liieald ' v o?t W, w II toe to tbe pn't e eireooe ibei metoeoi<e I doibt b*?o ireo pe'd, and report to- not to tbe otoe* I rut on roi'?< . id wnen cuo Oi eo'oriaf annoc* p in lb' Mid <( will oolr pay aty tbn?e no nor oar go, m Mali D'it t>e lubjid 10 tie pay meal oJ tonnage ? onn? limn BOAT* uv I-ITUM* OT *B? ri?TT?f> FT ATM TO XI rut } IOM MUM arriM An 7. No traarge ooiy aball be r?-qn!?ei on boa'a bo- ! lergipy 10 el> t. aa or ibe Uetlad tfeatee emptor ad ta ibe I : ooureyauee of pat*- oaggaga, letl ra aad artiste* > Of proxawa 01 B.BOfB BOl tonjaii to I ity. io or from I asi ?l ibe 0?e pan All cargo noets oo'ire tig ir-?rchanclae anbjort to a it; aball pay lie regular W>oiia|e ooiy of w? mace p-r ion, p-oride-1 ihey ??i >og 10 ciiiteaa u( ibe I anod tftaiaa, bat not If bind by idem from aobjecM oi rlaa. b?<-auum> ne inofB, arc art 9 0(l7eae of ibe United !*ul?e for Ihrr reaeele boot d in aball be allowed to engaga pUota, won wilt re ' l?n laid t?e?ria at ibe paa?i ?od ocineaiaupiri; j tad wnr-a tbc ie?fal duiiee bare all he-n paid Ibet ma- , enragr p to loare port li aball aito be larfol for Ibe? l? bbe at p-enure terraau, or mnra tora, Hog-ita aad wr to*a. aao pa-tag* or oano boau. aad to en iiny | lanorrre, - m o aad ptr*one lor wbaterer aeoaiaary ert?<? tor a reasonable oompena.loo. to be agreed on ry - be parted ored by appftealtoa to ibe ooeeeiar 011 crr oi ibeir (erernm'Bt, tntaooi laierfaroaoe oa tae earl ol the I rai ortioe't of ibe Cntaaee g ir#rnm?Dt rerran nita> raeiin to m oniDiv hy itwii* hih w araoMB Art 9 W beaerer aeroaaat raeeela neinogtag to ibe ratted Sutee ball bare rater or port, ibe enue <alea -em ef rurw rn? i I' be aee Ql a >(> nut Co Born tab offl r#-i ia a ard ra>d rreeote . wb > may Ilea oa bnrj tit hip or Utrtr ' ?? ootta at ipetr o winmw wit > ro? io? ?b? abalaieao* o' rat' offls?n atoll o* mala ?y 1 IMiiptfliVll'it ol MfUait, tod lhay atoll lot b? to titiad to My ol otwm I'oa the TaaMl or o ?n?? itecaof ard th< y atoll to rbyart o ?o 'aiia puaiabataai tar ooy | ? MUoo praotiaad by ttoaa to rlotauoo of ttia regala I tloi. r.tBTHto no nwtiiahr.iao o* >rmi> An 10. ?ieo**ar a ataroba a miokii to the Co tr<l "'ilit?ball oaat aaebor la atoer ot aa d oorit to par orgo tnaetar or o !? a|l<, aillla forty alibi boura oaporit toa ip a oanrra lb the haaoe ot tb" nnoaul or paraoo rha?yed ?<to tlta affaur ot th < I'oiunt pt'O'rr ht ?lli nanta ta t>* onniiBno* o a t to toa mpo* io?*n?ient f iioamma a troa raport C the oaaaeaol via ( of ?o"h rr?aal. t-a btinaa o( bar mro, bad of tbe orryo oo boorf<: ?h> h b lay d?aa tba aopo'iolaodoat i ttlil ytra a p-rmt for lb- tfi oto-ye of brr aarro Aad tba it War. yoperraryo or eooalyoaa. tt ba proaaad | to i ? barya to- ooryo vttboat aooo p-r?Jt a ball incur a I i tlaror flrr bnt d-al d-,la-r aa<t tbe r mrta aa dteona'gad MM p?nn i abali to -)wt ta fortatturalt the -m Mttrvt'iani dot ir too m?otar of any eaaaal ta | po t rrairr to discharge a part oatr "f uta corgi, it aual< a Mtvtol frr bi-a to do eo, paying dqMai oa eoco part oa'y ardtoptoaaad wttb tba remainder t> aay other pang Or. If ibr foaaur aa daalra. ba say. tritbia forty atgbt boar* a tor me arrival of ihe raria bat ant lata , da Mia I o dapar vttboal brrabSf balk ta trbtat ooaa ba ?U at ba >) a to pay toeeayr or otaar aottae ar cte'yea obtil oa bia arrlral at aaoibar port ba atoll prooaal to atrobarya eoryo wbaa ba a*tl< pay to? douet oa renal ltd ct yo. arr.o'dipy to lew Aat tto toonay dn iar toil ba brid to to doa after tba axptrattoa at aatd lorty atybt boon nw r>rr? in ti> aa Ajw-nTiuraD oollrrttoa nf Ike poprr duOOO will, r>a apfHI mvoa mvla to Ma, through 15* oawul, ?pwtil twhabto otto*** wto ?bai proo-r:. to tbr p>*?onnr of !> rap tola inporearit, or roar l(*> ?, to otakr ;oat Bad T?*r otaaaiaatioo of oil yonda to Ma art el brtaf dw bortod for lopt'iUa. or moo 'or a* port-boo ? b board oaf atorehaal imhi af (bo loiiod ftataa do I r dtapoto mo >r ta ? %?-d to ta* n'tr rl janitor rite ao a-i wtl/i??"? dotr. orna r? rard to ibo amount of taro, aad Uto na> aaaaat ba **o? lar o?iiy arrarfod by ibo partial. too qtat too air, ' h'r iriMi Mar hoar* aad id il r ho rotor ad to Ibo tali) ooaaui to adjaat olib th?t porta aodaal of oraootaiwor rv.trrt tun vataraa*. Art It Hat? oft?a"<*ard btianoaa, an a too gota aat aitraa, <-u y p oparttf rtaaood aad aoaltd. aa rorHBi to tbo atafari if u>? np?t"ii at Carina. ban at d"lir?.? ; br lb" to? ri"t?ad?nia ?f mina# to tnaooa toto at rpM rf too flra porta, to oreom outomtty aal nrroral coafodna la m*?a iroi aad wotjbtt of naarr.baa atto. a hat ran aow m raa i?? to aa tajd An 13 to Inaroft duty ->a traarau amur i| 10 Ml raaa of ibo I'alur ibatro aha I bo paw oa tho r b? a* ai "0 to "otrr. I'attoa of tto 'ft aball ao > a?l 03 ,h? dtaebarr" ?' Ibo yonda aal do'taa o' rtpnri oa tb* wf'at oftna mi *t?t all aoeb dutiaa aaaii ear# booa p-.i I, aad ant tiafbrt. tor anp-riatoadrnt or coatoaa* aha.f tie i t p n otoaraaco aad Ma nooanl aball tun Mitop pai*>??, ao tbo! abe may <1 opart oa bar eoyay* tin anttaa tbail br paM to or aa<ofT? aatbonaat by ta? Ct>a?a? r m i tp r?-r?oo tbo ramo la it? b?aalf (libra payabio i.y mrrrhaoto o' Ibo Caltod Attn aba I ao ra nrirod oHbor 'a at "no r'ror ?r la f iroijn m way, at Ul? rair of einhattya at arr?r alaad by th" raaolatioat boo tn inftr ltd tatporrd (ooda. to ibwroaalr or trait t ia any pan o* Mr tapio, ?h?il ha aatjon ta it* ta n ait'oa of ao o-brr raty inaa tb *y are aoonrlomad to pay at Ml catr of b'a treaty Btt.'Utim n? rtittK nm' i>r poono Art. 14. 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Ml'y oa a' tb* Cat try -Hataa oa(a??4 la Mo parabaar a? aalo of yrtda of import or oapori am ad aw-d to Irado trbh aay aad all ?aa)?ota af Oalaa vita ppi dm loeina May aaaii am ba losjaet to t y aow HudtaMnao par t?prto I to Moir batUaaa by amo^o'toa or otbor irjartoaa rartrimmoa aanoanot. i>aoio Art It. tap Okttoor (trorrrmont will art bolt tiaoK roap-ipotbip |pr aay dobia wbtoa aaay btpnoa to ha duo IMP rob.oot* a* nofvo to rluaaaa of tho Uaiaad dIO'oo or for r aado onaitaaMtad b? Moat: bat ntita*aa af Ma naHad 1 v atro may mm Nna to law, aad oa aoitabia ropra ' aortal too botof bm4p to Mo Ob mm tonal ai'MnUot i tAroafb MM aaaaaJ May aU mm Mat ariM aaMaa ia W \OHK HKHALD, WBE lb* promisee ead ' *? alt pnti?? 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I! It eft Stana lo in noriATfoii a> :> I'l'tl UAII OK HOOK* Art )8 1? ahal. or la?tui to't poi?>wi or eiMs'bt of lhe N ti? to en.plo lo?nl?'l * ft ononis of oaf ik>i iii C ilj'o at bout dtaitnc I u of p r*o i*. to M*ot any o iho i?i t i age# of l e enf?p<ri aud 10 o?atit to n?-?r?ry labor*, od* toe |k- >o< a *o mp'ojrd aooil lot, for tboi cauii. to *u pet lOABv tLjnry on tba pari e>lh*r ol lb* ,< vf roo t bt or i f i?ld?a ; and t( aboil lo loo manner w ia?1i I tor clt'set? pf Or Catted dtatti in p-iranaie all nan.n o* boon* id liblm UXUL Ariaoairiar lo PKinaf^ ramir o(Ti:.Mi an n AI ?VM'l??a ix ibe Culted it Ales lo Ob DO peai rabH ad'.i ( to U< Ir aOolra. b lag pl*0"d <>n a too'tvk foot i a o' ?ie;i> anfl good all *ttb tiinpMra oi Oaii a. i bal' rrmf rr a d f o)ny, 'or t ho mr aires a ?> a 'Off Ifi'iii *piM-ria<vluf 10 Iheiu. t o Bimo'al pro actl"to o! li e lo.-ai auiimrit|?. 11 |.?crmti-n. tabo abali df.nlthrm frnni all lain t or injury of any aori oo tba part of tb > Ctioeae IT Itiair d-aiMBfa or prcpany h? tbrea ?n?d or at.ickai) by buih tnori diarlaa or atbae rmail or >a? lea* p* raoat the looai nlllrrra oa rrquMI I'D r,( the oilbuI, ?lll iinmefttsU)!* fi< a pa en a military innx to n|* }?ria inr rioter*, ar l al'l apprenrqrt the gnllt* trnliylda all. aid pot lib I an *<10 ire .um ?i rigor of iba ia<r kiahihao aa > puktatms ok uooih Art. 20 0>t an>a <>' toe United -* ? ? am iatr five ibiporiei m?innaDtiar into ?r? of tba Iran porta <? 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If tbey fie*tr? to r? atport 'b? aame, 'u pa-t or tc ?ho a to ao> utner of tba tan eir-tr akali t? aalMlad to maat- app icall'>n thro gb ioetr aaj ant to tbr tnprrietin dist oi cuiP'tn*, a bo. in ornor it preaeet tiacit* oe tb- r tonne, mall oauia eiamiuali >u to be made bt ant *ol? utile ta o ?re thai tba dutie paid in aur.b good*, aaettarao on tba Custom H into toOKa, rorr ?po d ?tti- the r. i>*ra>D'atloe main, ant tbat in grnda rrmain at'b their original mark* nnoiangei an I aoali tbrn make a m- m <ran"uu> ID tbo prrt ole?raaoa u: lt-e goods au ibe amount of dntio* |n*d Oo . ti i a a no. one uell er tbi ra ue i i tbo no?t>heoi; aiao certify ifr facta to itu office's of coaio u* ol be ottier porta A l whiLb biing none, on the arrna1 In pirt ot tot; rm-ei t? bicb the goora are a'en. and everylh'og betn* fwj l on eaam'taiirr tr re to corrt-t pen 1, ano snail bp pe m i led to nrtak to k an ' land the s?u? goola Wtbou. b#l g mbjrci to ibe patmrBt of any aitliio at duty 'he-eot Pi. if. o> rm b e* .antral: a, (he au rerotra tqg of rut tona rba'l detect any trvid oo the rerei ua In the unit, it en tea goo<*a abali be aqaj ol le forfeiture and odnits.Tatlcn to ibeCMoiae goTetne en ptraifunam tr ckjh..tal ?<!* fonvirtki' r.r <iiiatsa oh a?ikj.a,>* Art 21. Pnbj'ntaof Thina ?bo may bo gntiiy or any crimtral ?rl tnaa-da fill ut of tbo Voitol -tlatei tia'l be ?r ert'O and Jiufc rhro b> t?f Cb brae aMbor tfae arorrdtrg to the ta ?a of Cbtna; ami ntttima of tba CoUat 4 a'.ua bn may coo nut any crime to China abali oe *n 'j-sit to oatfltd aid p mibe u?iy by the tonaoi. or o bar pooho itiDtticnary of ibM Unit d 'latot tbereto aaibnrtz >1 eo cord ng vo the la ?a of lb# Uetted 4 ate* . an<i in orlar to the prtTtDilifb of all o- ntroearay and I aatr<-it oo. J i*. ft o *ba i n? tqnlubiy and 1 mparuaUy ad jumawrui on both tldea ruinn htatix onwvaaca with CHma nor to ita ivrai kl IT'b M.'OULD THJ LeTT?l Hi AT WAM WITH AMTHKi MM An. 2i R* lotion of peace and amity be' w*?a ibe Called 8 aua aod cblna being eaiabllibed by tbi< irenty, and ire Te?neie ol I be Coiled Stalea being adm uei to trace freely to and froaa lee fl*e porta of Cnina ope a 10 tor* )ga c< mm* ioe. II la farther agreed that la c*e at any lime Crtwt'l r Ui loa a-oaia tMi *1 wa with a yfo-iir< na> oo woaltyer. a?d tor ibal oao?e aaoola as Made huoo baton from interiog Her p>rl-, aill lb? yomeif of tua ; l oUtxl riaua a> all 10. me tea* ooa tou# to puraue ibetr ; co? n.troe ut freedom and reoo tlj aod to uao-pr t | goon a to and (rem lea po la of im bot Igaraai p <ni*i, fall mpeci k*h| paid to the neutrality of lea Hag of the L'u tco H a?* pro ru ed tool tba aatd Dag ahail oM pro t<oiTtak?ia rigagrd to lb a iraaapona'toa V oftito/aor teloiera la too tn-m?'e a?rvto< ; aor a ball aaid n-g ha traadalrouy Deed to enable uo enemy'* ah oa wtia tuelr eargnea to rntrr the porn of China; bat all aoob re u ale aoitf Bdirg than b. aabfct to lorlaiiura a-d lion to ibe cm j aga gorernoMOt aruRie or toai>b to ?a nana hy rtrrau tat? aiyeria. art ltd Tba oohauU ol uw Celled 8ialoa ai raoo of tu fit a [>" le open to fore<ga trade aoali aaaae aaaaaiiy t > tae re?p*rtl?e Sort roora Ueaeral wivan t deiai'od ruport of Ibe DBDibernf vmielo belong ag to the Oottad Stelae woloo bare etiered aod leri laid porta dariaa the year, eon of the earneri and raioc of gooda imported or oaponel to ale nreeir, far traaamlsaloa to aod loapoctioa of i?e Hoard o h?T<aae roaaratttaiijM wrnt um ai orncoaa aid cviraa st a jmrtf Art 84 If nfttaaoa of toe Catted the tae hay# ape claJ t cvaak n 10 a- dreaa any eonmunion ton to toe Cm aeao ocai idlirtra if goetrnmrai. ihay ahail aabmli toe not to ibetr eoaaal, or other til. wr, to datermiaa If tae lappoage ha pro. a* end leapaee'al aaa iMBtiar imI too rigot. la wbteu e?*nt hiititu traaiaail the earn* io fha ajp oyr'ate aatborttlea for their ooaai tarei.oa aod aottro la tha premieea. la liae tnaaaar. If eobj?oM if China hare tvital locanoa to add-tea tha ooaaai ol the Cs Il-O P eioe, tbey anali ambmil too xmrn lo oaii ia wi be toael a i b >r i.i ol Ibcir o?t> gorerameoi ? dour s ue if tbe latigoago be reap.ctf jT aod proper aod in* mad* r joat aod right; la wbna caae tha aald antbortuae ui treoamtt tha rame to ibe ooaaul, ar other offlosr, tor hie oooeiderelloe aao aotiaa io tae premtaee. Aulifooo ijoreriiaa arlee boiweet oiti?aa of tha I oitad Stale* a ad ab'?au m OhWe. wbioh oaaaot be amloohly aoulel (Hi ar > >a* , the aaaae ahail he aiamiaod and decided ou 'omahly to jnaiire aod rquliy by the pabttc cfllw* of ibe tae 00.1000 aettag la ooejjaeu*a rrrriiMavr or rxwraxvaaKiaa. Art. U All tooauoaa la regard to rlgbta, whalher of property or parous. Oiiemg hottraea oiti/. >ue of tba CaHed Htawa la Ubiae (hall ha anijoo* to Ilin jur* i lUHUI IUU rt|?itn? U J mn m i tbcrlltet or h-ir ova g >rtru oral. bad all ciatm iinM ocearitag <a Ubiaa oetwrea el live of ibn foiled tba ? tad iba ?ot i* ol acy itoer gorero w-ai be bj ibe inatiea ?:*..og M'ttt Uttl'iiiiM aa aa aai tneb geaarainrnia raapaetiraljr, vita out la tarlataaea oa tba i?rl of oataa. jraawriHM o * *a nnu iTiTvraaM Art M Mcinaatt teroel* ui ia? Cured note* h ag la Iba valor* el ba a.a port* of Ohiaa a pea ta fwrwtn me'ca will ba *a<ter la* jerteurviroa of taa offitareof ibrir ijd |?<ar?aMl vba. vna iba muter* aaa ori til iliairuf. will n.aeof* lb* tame wnboet oneir-M oa ina part oi Cbina ft lajner aoac to Iha eilu-at or thi roaatrra v tba I'alwd "'a ea by aa; forciga power, iba C trior a* goror intact vtli aot bold itaail b?aoa it avt i ra*ara*toa but I ibe atrtlitd ol to* ( anal thatia. oliia vitbia ua wotoiaovar vavi iba Oataw?a gorerr we*t r jeroirea jorwdmuoa, ba piaaderod a; roooar* or pna ca. Ib*a ire Ubiaaaa ooai aaiaarlnaa, own aid milnarj. o* rerotrmg lafoimauoo ibareof. wUlarrf. tba a*id robber* or ptraiaa. aart poalib ibaa* ariMeaug to lav, eod will eaoaa au ta? pntporry vawta aaa mn rorca to ba paeod ta lb- haode of tba aaeraet oooaa or otbar tflwrr of taa Catted K to tee, to oa by b at at to bawaaawoar But If, by reotoa of ibe eiioai of am ry aid t timrr^oa population of Cblaa. n iboa J ta u; oaaa, la (n lb at tba >ab ?ar* oaaatt b- apprehend , *d, or iba property ooij la port r-oorarod, lara tba la* I will toga u* ooerea ia rryard to iba Meal aataernei, a n tba tbloeea gnvtremeoi vtli aot vat* indemnity for Iba good* Mai TBBiiwirr or eatrw>:* an t?*?i< Art IT. If aay *a*aal ot ib Caned Jteier ohi i ba I vrrebao nr atrardrc aa iba c aai of Cblaa, aad bt ana jrev d to plaadrr or olbor damage. I La prop-r on tare of goaeraa eat oa ranalt .ag lafoi matloa of the fa * will tea ardiaiaiy od? i t a?re*ores for taoir relief aad wcn-Vy; lid lb# prrtnae oa hotrd iball renew* frltbdiy treat attbL at d ba raobi'd bt oboi to repair to iba at m ot* ?< btrot rl tbe i ca y na, aa i rbalt egjty all fanilu na ftr ob an Kg inputted of profltMaa aad wale' Aai l'a rut rl than br orced la whatever way la lake rata re ta aay tothrr U*a oaa r,l tbe Irav i'>rt* it a la l.aa mi i Ilh?-r?oo? 01, bnord ?h?'l roOotoO Tttadl. Iroalaoul ??1 t la* m* ti.t ol ooMf ord tooorllr i mrt?* * o a i-ono <>r roo rattan ditir ra ><t >ra ?* >? HiiMw. A I VI IH'J'LI Of lb. I .tcl tbalOO, tb'lr ' a ii4 pr? ,wnp. ?bo?i ant bo toaj.oi In at? omno fn <* ?bt t lb t h? aria n or toimhlf d?ioia*d for toy proMtr or lb? jm?> Hi atrHoo; bol lh?p tbtil bo anttoroi to pnt? i coia ibwr roamtrOd la qaidt, tad oilhoo. mi'M'um or i ttkwtM>a>n u?i?i an irmm axi> nwarraf raow rota, intra Tioau Art 9* *b? looal a-lhnr.i-a of ho Chi iooo nrtro ?'?l ?III rtooo lo bo n.moboodo.1 ai on itwi or do roriora t'?? on bo?rd tbo I ari of ibo I a>to| d tun ? China mki will nollro* iboa opioibo ewaula or t'h*r olbctn lor pttlthaooi AoA if onaiaaia. otbjorti of Onita. iitr toinfr it uif bona* or oo had lit tmama of ottirooa of tbo ('..Hod d-ataa. I' opitaa'l am be hvbor ra or ootoooird. oo ibtM bo dotirorod (> a Jot mo no duo r?q? ruion h? ibo ? b'rrto lootl offiooro oddroiool to tfnooiftbo I obod thtioo Tho morrhtaio. ioobob ud o?W oHitoat ?< * ?p Moot I boll bo utdor Ibo adprrtatoaaoaro of III* op prn|.ilol* I ft,. Oft of tboir porrmmotl If It llrldaoli of rttbrr ooim aoaait tea of r'atoaoo u i dworo. r. ooo rat m im loiurf r>l idhori. or oroolt dlalorhtniot on < be trt lot nff, iliO%fh-ori Of ibo I wo (ororo irnta w II rirrl ibttMoi to .oforco oroor otd M> aa<tuin the public ptoeo bp dodta lai>vilal IwWoo it ih? prtaittt. oriiaoi <otif*cocoo'i AH. 30 Tbo tapa-lcf tuiborliioo of tb* Vrntd Hai.-a tad o? Crura la emrapadtaa lo?. ibor ?ia.l do od la toraa of oqntitly, ?ad a la r,.o? of aninal romio ottooimo (rkan knm). m? oamit Od Ibo KMl afllroH. olrll tad or liar?, la tor roapnod'a| tnfotbrr tball lltoolao ?aplop tbo *tplo a d for a of aoloal noaaaa oaiMa (<*..? h m) Wbo? lota lor ofllo. rt of tbo ooo aavoraaeoi aldtnwt aapor or offlrora df ?k mar Ik op tball do to la Ibo tlpU tad lora of armor ti (.lw *w?>, Prmir ladiridatlo ta tidroaa * port or offioara thai) oapiop ibo airioof p-dMtoa (pacAwpi. ft ao caao obaii *? lata* or *ti? bo tor *r. d wi vb atoff bo offoaafro or dWraponUel a otihor oo-ip. aaa ti a Mrwl Ibf. BO proitaa. nador tap pro oil or form waaioror. lb HI ito- bo dowoodod id tbo I attod naiaa by cbiaa or K Cblta bp Mm I'tfad rata iNESDAY, APRIL 15, 1857. MuaakMno* or mnaraiOATioM. ,( Art. II- Onmmualoa?tooo fr Ux |or<iaaal of MM Vnrtrd S>iM ?M Onn of Omeoaball to trumM lltN|t (to bmim ft ito 'mperiai Unatmlaatawer ebarged with itr ?ope><eia?deaoe of ibe ooaeorn* of foreign DM" na wllb Qtltl, or lb ough f Ho r era or OrMrtl of J ibe Lang K vang, ibat of Mia uf Uaeta, or Mat of IM ! Llarg k.auj * iKTtaoorara wrta am or war. Art IS Wbenoror aeip. of ?ar of t?? Cattad tola, ta oraitiDf tor the rrotecH n of Uo oommeroo of tbetr J oooo'ry, all arrtv a? an> of ibe porta of Oaioe too 1 nou Blende** ofra!d abHw uf uo ao parlor i oca i nation i lira of joveroaarot (ball bold tale ooarte tog el to r ta g -rrrna o( eqpalliy ard o?.*'.-y to laBeo of Ue Irieadt' | relailooa if beir *-?rv,me u*?-<in*, aaa Me aald fbipo ' of war aba J ?njoj all tunable fart U ? on ibe part of uo , Clteeai govern cntni o ibe p rcba?o of orortaloaa, pro- I earmg waiar, and nukteg repa'ra r oonaaloa require. I (hap iibetufa traob paobuittbil Art. IS. anim na nf Ib< Untied S'.eWR woo a ball attempt to u are clone at tine y wlib aoen of ibe porta o' mint aa ; 11 are not open 10 lo'elgn oddmeice, or woo aial' trade ia a opium or any oUer eoairatond ar.toie of meroUoadia', at all be anb)eo. to be deeil wltn by the Cb'o .ae gerora- , mem. wltboui belay entitled io any ouunteuaa-.o or proireuoD rom ib*t o-' toe United 3'--ina; and ?be Udlted 1 State* will lak* mea.u ea to prevent tb. lr Hag from being abuao'l by tbo ani>j-nu of other nattooa at a rover tot l^e 1 j notation of u e law- of the emp re I kaiik.oatioh or tda trrity. , Art. 14 Wbrn the ..'erect oevennoi ah ill have been \ diiinlitvelv conclude*, it anal* be no 'gat iry on bota ( po?oi,aiid na pr<vUk>ra shall n 4 altered without j ir*ve can e. but uaaaoob aa u e clrnuDit tcoea of tbo , >evir?l iMiria of Onion opea 11 fire* go oommorre are dif- i

f rrct. ci.'erieeri; m?y show in t iroonvdereim m ?dlg. ? cat oa* are r?|t)i?itn ti. to i r o?rt< woioh 'e'a'e 10 oon Merer ?nrt nr r>a?llne; lu atiifll un the tw?c ivern- : a men't oM, at ibe exotration ot twelve year* fro a (to : oz e of kid convention, treM km oahly c mourning the ; Hku e, by if.u r e*D? n! sal kble porarns appointed to oonduci moo nrgouetton. an I when muled. thla t' iai? a'lk I he talihfuilv ob- ; arrvtd In all la parta hy the ram i 9MAM and Obiaa, : and l>- tviry old zee and *u >J?oi o e?ob And m tn- ' j cMi'oal Ftkie ol ibt. Uni'et tfiuei mn appoint ?r tend ! | ndnleter to t'bma io cniMn qorair u tbo p.-ovl?|jnt of (be ' i eame. 1 ft# meirnt treaty of peace, amt?y and oo?a??-o? ?b?'l 1 he r?H 11)d and approval by ?-U- Pr s nout. t ibc Hired ' aire, by and with the ad to nod ? of ibe liutl tbrroo', ana by Ibe au*u*l Sivr tdgu ol tno Ta falog em ' pin* aud lbt> ra'tflcatlobi (Rah be "veiangB't lib a ( ' rigl-iO'ii roin k iroai be dat; of the signature th> rjof, > 1 or aoontr ir p.->a'bli lr '?ub wnereof we the re*P' otlvo Pleniporentia'tee of the Itbttel Stat) of )m>ric? at d of the Ta Tdlng eitp./e, ! ' | ManianM oave a'gutii and aea'rd ibM pretext*. j I I "ore ?t Wang Hva t ta ihi'd lay of July, in ton vetr i | of i' r I >rd .lten> Cb'l>i one taou>au I > i(ni ndoarp i aol i j ivriv-tuur. nod ot Vnookararg tae tweu.y fouro) year, fifth ni-.i-ili and etgmeeo h r? TSt Y "ONI (in J/ihcto) [l. a.] 0 UU'BIVG lL a j ] Ni'W I>ieirui)>t)it wf I'urimr In Naplre. T11K CAP OP Mi.rN' K AhD COLLalt OK STKANQO- 1 LATIOr [Palrriro (Ma>cb9) C<>>? ?p u :*nco of loadon Tlwea J Hi? bajea y of the iw ? Slo1 'o* baa reorntl* Imrjdoeei a > ta ipau>y> Ota i rlton dlatvplae to alotilon to <be mat y a'rtadv eiunn* It it ot I ft a nap ot a'tonoe (cuflitKit*<U**ri"), nobmt> to th. t,a-Ooniar eurpi'efur ' tiD bit i* oa eualbly appit. d, and aa an I lttrament Y tor'urr *60" muy perbat*, im> ooi a tlor>d auper 0'<a retireoitai to the eei' Dr.l rt iron mill" or aiy [ oi ?bs *r> in-a of am >|ilitr. "bo invminn ta one titer > g?pie? ot fhjn-r 1<tot a loap'otorif Polite a 1". urnoi, | i > no 1 apceart to l eve be n ?o highly anorrrei by the Kr y ol Nsnirr that h> tonne latolr dov rab'rt tbe u'ea? t at a pbitauth'i p'3 f- r.b man ?llh the o'der of PYanotr 1. 1 [Pai)"Rio (Ware a (') Corrttpoodrr.oe of [.int ia Poet | trie p? tuna of Cefa<u am ovritl wity wr.b tbo arroaie: and "be tor uitd O. e f?lv?|.'ro Horllaoiiaa, uraame Jcottira, area an erne I nai d and tort ir.-d ibat be left ifir prlaor cl|>pleil In enrv joint Tbe booaetub of in aire mania which be bf.uyht from Palermo t* not an", fleer.t 'or Btjora Not io be aanoj ei and dlitarbro n b<? )*<|nt?lie ep ra loDa bv Ibe nr eg tit hia r odmi bo Bufiinl a Q> w nrir. m -ot of mrii.e v:b<>b aboildaai , ket p tlvlr mootba 'ica>d. and H raigbtWiy bad It onairt>o<ee> by a mrcranlo ol ti U ot'y. bi* Ua'ramael, rmei >ryufl < rrrrytbitf ut ita k'n-, waa appt'ed tor the | n> st tin e 'o Signer Butaeppo l/> Ka, and a'torwarda t. j out- 1% bertn W) tpp- p.t ftHh'ni'y -xe-uted wool cnta of thei-orrt i hlo ia?t mmcnta reirrrod to tu tbe abova ecniminl I catties ? 1 ' ; The tf lire No 1 it Own the " Cop 01 Hlcaoo." 11,1 soaout curl, which aldoas or coatraoia at tba point B, Ml tdepl itatl. U> tho aia<* of differeoi hoada 0, a OOlIb', or r??t <>r I e obin mode o' aeUlag of iron wre > M 001 to *flo* .laattctty to the omremraia of tbr loir or jaw. D, ? nuwrt Miiploh|bMlU cwlv ul At It M tbo trek ef tr# Tirt m K, oirolo of the aooe. A B, to retotn It firm opon ibe a?al On tbo lop o'MM la i ?or?w o i bteo ib* ooliar or ohla root, ao as to doftrira ibe no Unit ti ibe power of ap?oob, bad to prodooo gradual and prig'eaatro etraogalatloo. i r a oibar Bgr ra ropreeoata tbo application ooaaploto or tbo aaar laatroairot Police lntrUlarnee, Auraar a Riot ?A tenons dbtortaaoo, bimoot aaMoatlag to b riot, oooarrad oear tbo Oread atrcot ferry oa Hobday o*oatag. A ftoraMa military eoaapoay attoobod a aiago drtror tor baring brokoa tb tr raaba bad * lab bod 1 bin ao aero rely wnb tea r boynno'o ibat bo bac aooo , boea rondure to tbo Hao.ttai Tbo Tbl -taooth word ao , h'Q. oa rang informed of tba ooonrreooo, t as too ad to i offr*<1 *ra, matrd HeUr Bohtfler Tba mulird iM rtctara M maftr rood Ibrlr raoaon M? piitoe irrlnl M ?hf inm of Mttn Virrun fear* mn li ved tor Uto irrtd of NTtnl of tbo ntmi>?n or toa mUt tor* company Tba taat of tba toga dnror U Cbarlaa I MM A Laa< as v o? Ooi d Dnw ?Joha Blnrfla, brafcdr, of No ? Wail airaat, war takaa lato oattody oa oharga of htrtt g. aa II la altrgad, purloined iniriy Bra ouaoat of gold <lu*i firm a ratnrnod faltforalia at mad Bar umin T. Millar tba oompiafatal aaya Mat Iba ao?ra asioant of gold abrtraa rd from Uie ao*lto la 'ha W<<14I1I0< of lb* todtoi Wren ft enteral u>a omc? of lha aooaaad aa aye oa bad 1*4 ecaoaa of fold <ln?t, but wbaa toa no. p'a'aaot w'irbtd n no waa eeeaitd ibo* ba had oaly lea on?cra. Ha ibemfor* cbarga j Mr Htnrg'n wita Barter ttolea ibiny Bra ooaea* ?l Ik* gold. ralaed at $180 Juaikr Craeo ly arid lb? aoenmi in an* war la Iba ?aaa i,(ittball. Mr Hdirgta ?ara bail lha abora am mat, aad wne lit* rand frato ou*l*Jy Biookiyn Ciljr lalrliwrnr*. V'?ao?A'o-naat to a luinv-a immo boom, far atly to Iba oee ijnacy of iho Duffltld fatolly, adoatodaa |bn -ora> r of Inllea araane *nd H.fflld at row* wen dralruyrd by flro y<"tnrdny morning. abaat half paat toa a nick, H wnn rf frtaa aa - r?ry old. ita van* mm at* mated a* I 04), aa? M fu iamr?i V> iba tan irmai Col Wid rtkeie onai K aad Mr. otiraa fai*?l ikoti uili| p?aao*KM raring unfr { oiiofd pan af l>>a loranai* Du'lcg to" protr.oe af iba (l a, Mr ( toa Rcc*. a 0-inB|tu( In Cjg'et <)i 1 No. II bad < need n>? Iraa broke by iba aii'ay a tha , roc I Ha au c?nvryrd ki Ha rrri aoaa, No. Bl Com I earned airaat. aad D<. Molt waa < aiiad la, irba '<*ua 111 aanaaary t? aiupaiaia *b? limb Ooamnnaa 1* ma Ooi it or kmwiit<w.?la bn osart , ycatarda*. Jeaara M. lett, a youac aaa, >m wl*a oa toa rbar|* ft mumptlng la commtl a Mocioua aaaaa'l up>0 | Iba MM o> a roprota-io mnril. d w , n?r na iba , a*?aia(?i the tbib 11 Kr<rwa?r 'aai raa com Malting i<<ii*ii nt'inlayb me i.-im mark at Waa a boar b MiMhrr'a tbop la liojd aum brar Tiliary. aba waa draft d la by dafendaai and o hern Ha' w aa a'traotrd lb* niiae'toa of a womaa r raid lay next daor. abo nta 1 la aad Iba dalaadaot rnrapwd. Hr waa, bowarar. aooa a'lar arrcatad by tfHorr Fox, af tat Hamad nint'M Po Ilea My bit waa i.liy lirau >ed, but iba o nrra aara rot llr ara* ooo'to'i d aad tratooord ? itr dial* Pr'ioa ' hr l? <:* yr?ra. ?ndrw F >*ie> waa triad on a atotiiar | ola'gr aa np^nnir cy >1 a irHraoa ba ?elr-?d Iba ' rm.n of Norman women n?aa*d Dab*"** Pillar, oa ' tbr aNwt rron of iba lib Froraarr Ida* dba loaidaa ta r n??Ir<r ai'ua and dwtra ia< I u*r* lo thr tame Una It acprara ba waa aootrwo*! Into*, eaird and n-miog lair iba ioom mad? a irlmil <a? amn I. fb muaoaali I of Ihn ap'riinra* ac) .<aiag brarlay Ibr rurr'vnrti rap , I agar at 'Hr wall aad rr? nai. raa? la aad rrf <ndanl da > atatrd Hr aa* coa*lntaJ a* ol.a, g?d id ibe lodt umaai < Haatrnoa ?b? rrarrrad I ortw.rr'" l?>i|iirwU grown Ijinmrc ? Oafaaar 'lamb'n bail an in I QWtl yritnrday at Iba Naw Turk Hoapttal apon Iba | bod; of Btl imwi jabm tkrnu, who 41*4 fr >o> tbo tUeto rf a d-oo of ItidtiiH adnlatotoord by k ha roll for too porp?oo ' f ootf d- ror.tinn *h* doeoo-?d n oppetrod M a ?wj I' Irwporolo m?o. u l <nr bo >? woo* or loo dot* boob or na(Tma( froat r *1 nun trnaaad. Yrolor doj oo ro ?* the deooaotd woo ro?tdoi ot No ltd iiro??. teb otr?rt. mm i lol nomod toko H ankkora tar U? <! ' orlh of Inndonnm fho |tn* proruroi lk? pniooo M Ibo I'm ot?ro ooroor of (odor mad Urora?lob ??. oad doltroorrd It to tbo d?< oaood rao ?oi?h kinpo atari tbo iBWOtloB of dreooood ood tolinwod hi a loto Mo otroot for I bo porpMO of orrrooimf ht* fro* d*iokla( tb# loo iitma But Oaraiaa wot rroolrod li nowmU tnliMn, ! oad brforo tbe boy orold totrrtaro bo twollowad lit o<o Mi to of Uio toot* ModNwl ohi ?m pr nanir obtomod, ' brt It pr??od id Httl? avail ? tbo na'ortraatr nin Hm| oboot o boor oflrr porta* lor ol tto fatal draapa. Vo i o?ot'TiobUi, b? ooVrdo." tbo de??Bood ra furaor r ol'or n tbo Coitod moiaaaa-y. Ro mi ooUto ortki* any. mad waa iktrty oti yoar* old. To Hnlrvr Rriwdoij. to THK KflffOR OP run MKHAI V. < t tbo i'orb fro* oppw'te Boobaaa otroot to Pork 1 ptooe, par* lb* apaoa, oiaapttac arooad tbo Ibaatala, wkirb roa bo protanod by a rtlltaf c^wprl all tbo Pry Oont and Kaot Broadway ttaro* to fn down Nookan t trout. oad eoaio bank throo|k wniaa aad Poarl atr*?t* ! AM lb" ttogoo tfat raa to Jtraoy < ity tamoa toyo dnwa Park piano, aad bark by <to**bo>a otroot to Broadway. All otop* tbotyototbo rnltoa tarry to yo dowa Boat *aa it- orl aad rotna tkrooyk Poboa ttroet No otayoo prrantod to rotara Ibroopfi Broadway botow tnltoa j rtraad. No*o oaab plao WOOJd bo bottor tbta rodwdoo U>* a'.dtb af Ik* ktorwa k?. COjfUOIV fKlflt '?iaparetlve r>b)? of toe Recent Stole Riee* IK*! *m Um ftnHnUo Vote el IMS. ruMovrun-MM aovBaeae?10*7 RcMnm Firmest Wl UM OflP few Bern*et tro 8' net 87 6* i f ? 81,868 88,i60 tSoo* Island . . r*0 11487 1,078 6 88 8,811 kNM?not... 34,088 48 16 8,818 88808 81.048 TftUI 18.8eO Vl.Ti* 4,888 87.188 7M? lepeblleaa M)nt|' la I860 18,807 lepebliesa majority ta 1887 8.140 The Onfroitail deirgattoaa ta the above named ?t ?, m oomperei with Umbo ta t*e toe! Ooairca, *U1 load u feiteea:? Aa. Opp. Ml 00D|rtM a 0 Itxl Lesgrvss 8 7 Thla yesr tbe repebl oaaa have kst two 0oag?eesiaen b 1olceotloci, aad galas* two la Now Hssopshtrs aad aa ia But do lalaed. the Hew Cu?tl?r. TO THIS 81)1 roa or TB8 HEBALD. There appears to he a very geaertl eprntoa that the tew eharter for iht* c ty Breaks nee wards. IM t> not he eaae The bill, as adopted la the House ot Assembly ltd oreate sew wards, hoi It was amended la the Seaet* ry dividing the city into ??T?ntc*n tlderas .nte listrion, te*la? I8e old word bo and at lea lb* so we ?a iney ee e isrvio'ore. There'0'0 la ibe nam notion for A'Sarin is, sch oatd will have t seed do (at* to the severe! tl riBwnic disir.oit or wbiih it la a pari, the sama as JeiaPi Ateembiy riurune. A. B C. N?w Y II April 14. 'H?7. ? \ h 111 ? n ifli rbkiuHDI. Martmuiu vi unwk, www. FROM IDIOfl Mm.. lsu*><*. Oiiia. Km letwt bit-iuao April 1 New York t nmMi r erpooi April 1 n?? tor. erria Liverpool AprH ? New Yorl '.Hiiurw Llirrnmil.... ,?pri 8 ?? Vo>> 'uhjiii ' omb?n pton -M' n 1 New vorl krAbiA. Liverpool . ajiiII u Book* FUR <rr?u/ M kltt... New York AOrtllS l-'verpriO ktiei Now York... .April 16.. . Southampton Ao J'tv o?Munch ter.,??w Y.urk ...-pril 16 wve-'pool Wa*hlo*u>a hew York April id Bremen At .Tnr> pinion .Now York *?>rU '8 Aniwo.rp N I* *ti rw manor, Aprl 22 i iwmwiu fJ'MHfow N? ? York April vt OlAAgn* Fulton i Now York.... May Z. navrt FOB OAUFORMA ?T0 Empire niy Now York April 17 Havaba A N. O. Aeoagal^vw ... Now York AprH'J' ...utpmwet. (TRAMKRM TO AND ?kt>M HAVANA, lkaeai/?From ChArieaton 19th And 4tb due At Havaba A And 7th. From Havaba loth aoJ tttk due at New York 1711 ALU 1st OaI wwb*- From Now York llth, arrive* At Havana 17th a. d New Oriran* 19th From New OrirAne Wh. Havana Wtk ine A New Yvrk lid. Hla. k W ihrior- From New York 27th, arrivr. At Haven, let and New uriewn 3d From New Orleane tub, Havam U.K. due At New Yo 1 IHth 1 ?a?o(. New York At 10 AM And New Or een* At 8 AM. Oceana Cot ?From .Mew York lib ol .un'h month at-Iviua , At HATAn* 12th. end Moolle 14th. From Mobile tid. Hbtaiu 24th, doe At New York '>th. TUB OV?RLa>D MAIL TO FN IMA AND CHINA. I Tbo (ollo? u r may be of value to the** bavin* corrmpond ' etice in 'be Ktal ? tbe ma 1 leave# e?uihauDipion un the tlb Ai.d 21?h nt eact mor.ih And Arrive* At Gibraltar About the 9th a*d IBtn of same month, arr.vo? ? ?.* u About the lata And .Moth of.Ave wk tb Ar?iv. ? At AloiAiulrtA About the Ibtb ut uiune And 4'h of foJ IowIdf mopih 8110/ About the Abhor 21st ol um? And Khortiibo* folk vine mm tb ArT'fiw >t Aden about the 2Ath or J6th of nnm And iOtb o. Uth ol following month. Leave* arm abo it tbe Nth or 27th r* name and day of arrl rel lor Bombay. ?r.d I Itb k> .'Into for China ?e. 1 wv.iion Naiiu NFPIUtMt Ni KnilnlMV Kbfllli t.Hdk .'Wt In fitb and lthh to 21*1 ot th? follow lag in 111U1 P. hnd i' aie?n.T wrivw it Point de Oalle about the 1th or 7lh ar d '<2d 'n 2Sd of following mou'b leave# Point de ' alie tor Pun. ivn?n the ?ame .lav. U 'he I loan, or huaBlteadv armed ahirti lain# the u,n> 01. *m?i* at Pulo reming about the Lith ur Urn and 2Bth Of 21H>. o? I'ollnwtr g month arrive* at Ping*pore about the 19th or loth and Slat or let of fallowing mm th l.eave~ Mngapoe about 12 boure after arrival ATtvri at pong Kong about the 224 or 24lh and 8tb or 10th Ot loUoaring month Leave# rcxt flav for Pbanghae. Two n.alla leave r.nglami -one on the 4th and 20th of eaeh month? via Warandiea. and arrive at Alexandria about the nine 'tmr a# the Southampton mall auueat WW #n :u*i?txa #<> me ateae - ft 11 . noon Kite* morn 13 10 ton ears . 6 !8 (Nl vim eve 12 ift Port ut New Yurh, dprU 14. 18&0* CLFJLRKD f terroeb'p Aala (Br), Lett, Liverpool?R Ounard. Meamabip Jaetron. Khaw, Ralumnre -H H CromwelL bblp V * lory aleave or Ik, Liverpool- -D Often Miy Alma. Pievmaa, Montevideo and Bueno# Ayree W H Bark KUen Slovene, Home, Oardeaaa - Rnavel) A Vlninc. Brig t.hurk tte. Lor a hart, loan do and a market?Kitta tern, Retv A Do nark J M Moraine, Burmetetar, Hew Ot Inane? Ragle A Hex aid Brig Ocean Traveller, Nargent, Waae River?Thompaon A Iluner cbr Youth (Dr\ Wymaa. Ha lfhi?J 8 Dhnley. r rhr Anna Cotev Crreaelt Cherry none-J O (1 arena, hehr A V Hedeil, Ryder, Alexa- drta?M Bedell Brbr P CMmouwi. Nieaeevoo, rt onion?J rtowea. -tn.m. r Mi.'blgau, Wuaeh. Philadelphia. akrttkd Mnain.hlp Boruaeia (Ham). Trauma on, Hamburg, Apr.' 1, aitkkdae aud Sit) paaemgere In K rteoti A nunhardt llui *t 2 r V, Jat 41 42 Ion til 4h exchanged ugaa.a ?itb Breeonibtp 172 bouod W loth, .at 41 II ion 49 in paaaed ajnie large tcrberg* lUd inurb ?o/ tb. lent fonr 4*>a a team, nip Woorbnu navu-.nah wih 441*? and raareiiaera to n l Mitehill Uih law, to e arannan Kt?er. paeaeo brig heat of New Tork. bouwi in auo tax llot cimb bound out. ith ft v rd N from dMMN, ei>-baaged llgt ale witbateaiuebip *ta-e o? (ie-ngla from rauad.-lotua for Cbarleatoa wire ray 7 41 I'M exchanged aig at* with etewn i hip Markm, ke? >-a fo- Charlaioc. Tbla morning a.ftJK aavr a icp?all arhr a*ao> e on Point of 4?odr Hook, ernth rt'ta ad looee. and eea hreaatrg rom*le<ely over bar. The a we detained ometde eeverai bourn t>v thick wee'-wr R ?ae ahlp PaaheSw, Keen, CharlMdna ft4 bourn, wtth m.lae un nMtfi twii, 10 ' iMwnra innu?<i? I hip * m lapsoolt. (Ml Idrarpoil. Haroh 1 wllh m 'sr sod (69 xtaeraae i?wrt(rr>. to fapaenU A ''? 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