Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 15, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 15, 1857 Page 3
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AFFAIRS ?N Nicaragua. to Capture oT UaaHo- Operation* mm Um ?* Jnh.rM Cutta lUoiu View ?f Walka*i t**e?pec?e?The lUnnrfM ?f WiewH?t ? Tta* Tvaeatt Kouu aid iu Clejrton-Oalatr Trt?ij?UtMil frota Col. Hall and Capt. Fartum AFFA1R8 AT GHEYTOWN. I b? following letter armed tap the George Lew, kteeaed to a gentleman in thia city, who has kind Cued it tooa for publication:? Garrrown, April 3,1867. 7U Co twt of Castillo?San Carlo* not to be Attached?A German offrrs to Raise Coeta Rica 1A00 German Soldiers in Prussia- The Allies Forcing the Inhabitants of Granada to Rebuild their City?Patriotic Song of the People of Leon against the Costa Ricans, Sfc. From General Walker'a camp, at Rivaa. we hare late news since the arrival of the Orizaba at Paana. Last night Colonel Loccridga sent a cornier to aptain J. X. Scoft, informing him that he had taken hsMllo, with the loss of twenty-seven men, and bad ilKd onwards of one hundred Costa R'cans We leiutnt&riiy expect to have farther news, giving ae details or tbe action. General Wheat, il is said, Istinpuiebed himself in this bat le; Major Baldwin leo did hie part with heroism. From all tb .t I have ren able to ascertain,Colonel Lockridgo will push is way np to join General Walker as soon as possile. It is intended not to attack Port 3a n Carlos, at to pass np into the lake at night and capture be large s'eamers at, Ometepe. At this se won of be year the river steamers could very well run no j Virgin Hay if require. Tbe lake is now like a twin. 3hon<d Colon* 1 L .ckridgc carry out this pi in, e will oblige General Mora to surrender or die of unaer in a ve-y short time at Kort flan Carlos. Fiom Costa Kisa we near by ?ay of M >io that a !er fan had offered 'he government at flan Jos' to ?ise a loan in -tcrlia, taking tne Costa Kuan oveii'Ount bonds at flftv outs to the dollar, reeemable m ttii ty years, and bearing interes at ix per cex.t per annum. Public lavds offered in scuiity, and taken at thirty cents an acre at m-Unity, if the bonds are n >t redeemed hy the governi*nt. He propose* to get one million dollars on ueh te-ms; t?is amount to tie inverted m ue'tiog ut fifteen huMired German snidiere, voh ' heir commteut arms and ummn.i<ion. riie Costa Kictns le hypotbeca'ing ibat won h they Jo noc possess t piesot and will never have. Xo doub triey out,ted on the lands of Xi a> agua to pay meir eb's. Bf a friend lately from Costa R^a I am informed bat Kulgencio Vega, the Vlaiebal Kidetsky f Nicaragua, has organized at (ir.toada a hain gaDg, in which b-re are upwards of ix hutdted nttirei*. whose crime is h.vlg a>d> d Walker. Men a d women are in*de to 'oik; they are clearing the streets of the ruios, -tnd ; is intended they will rebuild the flty. The sufferjg <>t these poor miserable people are said to t>e ombie. Tte poor American0 are yet. kept by fo. ^e on the ?k*. steamers hv the ?\?s*a Ricana. Who knows if bey will not be put to deah as soon as I>jckridge rakes his appea'ance to cup uro '.be bo its? Raglish ubjeoto are oeitaioly -leutr off in foreigu c'unifies -away froiu home, ti.e revolver and bowie knife are n a mericau's only prate ;tor. I hare been aide ut get a copy o* some verses made y tbe mha'.iian s ot I^eon roey prove that the stives kn> w \ery well that Ona'etnali, BOvador, loi duras, and Costa Rica are as great till busters as Jncle t?il)y. A lerla N aaragoana?a aMmohad. Kn loa C04tn Krttalna qor aqnl rei. Wo ba- amor, no bay p adad. do bay anacltta, Sq divma aa la apraomu , Ca?l aasgaisartaa Haras Rapartiraa aata anal 1, Ka la 'reneltoa a* >tdon. Coatn soet"0'? orir pone a It'car ago a, Cna u ekmentoa aapt an di-voraelo, Oataa. bobos. ia>plrb?aa y (Ugartoa, eombtaaaaa aatan en au? taWhilu If I ran, Bojray na nerd an a ouveataiada praaa Da Ma gaioa da Ooata Ktoa, i Bo ambioloa aa at wedtodia ni HrpmiN a< unt ttntii Mob imMiictu ?l Savot d?i Sal racer repnrail, Ai ?eMails en does sea oe, T toe lagan- de H adore* obcraer en el I el? rioa. I shall write to you further by the Tennessee, rhteh leasee to-day. (Ikkytoww, March 21,1W. To*to liitan Account! of Walker' Surcett and Protpeet*. Permit roe to transfer you tieee linen, in order to live yon the laat detail* ot the Walkeri tn achievenents. Thia t hief, lamous by his utter incapacity, it* avarice and rniel oppreeaion, is most fortutaleiy in a very precarious situation. After having ried in vain to take Kan Jorge at four different lines, and having -hotoff moie than a hundred bombbell*. he was wholly unable to add thia blUe viiage to the list of kis victims. Hennigsen and Sanler?. seeing the utter hopelessness of his position, tave separated from him, hundreds of detarters are taring in every direction, and the killed ones, i imongst whom are Colonels O h'eal and I/eontrd, as ? well as Major I)usenberry, cover the inglorious is Id of battle. Amongst the killed is ? Frenchman, vho came with 123,000 to Nicaragua to buy up none if the confiscated pi in rations, and wh un Ws ker ?reed to a most inv .Inntury loan, and then put him n the ranks to fall at the next attack. Ixx kricge took Serapiqui arte is twelve hours' Igbting, but met wi*b a most severe repulse at ^Aati lo, where he wasohligea to cnt the Mpes of his | At am riaat in oider to save bimsrif axainxt a muit 1 urn,u? nayonrt charge of the (\?lt Iticans. fifty t urn whom be left in that village, were cnt to I irietes. and their corpses were seen floUlag ou the liver, to become the prey of the cnxxxiiJ-a. ftoin ore menl*. amounting to 15i> men, aimed anl mined their hapless comrades, but will und notedly ae destroyed, as mmi new ?',w4a Kuan tr *> w wii ne sere in a tew days to occupy Point Arenes aod attack these adrentorers in the rear, conjointly with ike balance o? ibo?e eoenie* which occ upy the upper part ot the river. Manv deserters arrive] here hko. wise, wbo, having iieen refn?ed admltUuc.- by the American man-of war. were forwarded by Knglish iessi Is to the next maritime stations. For fur ber com mu meat was you may aduresa goon-elf to me, heie in <ire>to*n. PetV'it me mly to add. that Walker, afser baring , wiare more than 1600,000 worth of tobacco, eon! least* d beyond a million of acres, destroyed more Hun f6,"00.000 worth of buildings and'good* in I ? ? ? I- -dill ak^Jut. I" brifSfli, ? "? imu i turn * u mj pim/niK' mint w tbr retributive justice ?r all d ^Arming IW ridenre look what o >preeaionx the most crwi tmi tbjet t had utorted In vain. ILL HEALTH OK CAI'T. F AYrHOIfX.-NKWM of walkers victory at Panama. Panama, April 4, K?7. Captain Fayeami\. noted in the snip Is of the If Manama navy ax 'ommander of the Granada, ia ken*. He is at present on lionrJ the ?*eamer Ori/.ah*, lying in port, and in miflTering severely from a rhen matte nflketion. Tb?' new* from Walker, aa brought here by aonie of hie men,wool.] lead ue to suppose that hie eUr ie again in the ascendant. He ia reported to have kgfined a victory over the aWed lorces ol Ontril Ltmen.-a, tor< ing them to retire with a low of ahont *J0# men. __ THE VALUE AND RESOURCES OP NICARA OUA. to nut irnron or rtt? kbkald. Whiiat certain partiea, whoae frieodnhip only hurt* whiM thing* go *mo thly, hare been turning their hack* on Walker, hi* many friend* were ron eoetlng plan* which have hronght to a successful teane the late ope rations on the Han Juan river. The New York eommodorea hare ??ill time to onite in hie furor with advantage to themselves. Hhonld they, howerer. oppose htm, the result is certain they will all tall together to the ground. There la hut one favorable rente through Ni-amgna, or to the north of it. Coniiniasionara may sell o'h-r rentes to gull the public, hut the one route, which ia widely in the possession of General Walker, ia now. and will remain his to grant and Ills to snpport There may he f ??|s who will accept the terms of an imaginary route from the so railed liiraa party, Imt * their delusion mil last no longer than that party, ami will soon die off with it. The taking of l/oon, and the dispersion ?>f thnae there, is but a trifling [ matter lor Walker to accomplish and now that the |8an-luitn river is again in his possesion he will Lintekla matter then north and south. Where, en, will he the grants of the Rlvaa party ? K.rr'tkr event aecur*. however, speculators will do feor u'wi'wt to get aome mill tone of ?*<>-k into the in market; that la. If moneyed men can be again *u k*d in by the project. One ooauern h Ji already fal lea before the present government of Nicaragua, and i another arid trnval the name road unless the term a are complied with. 8pe:i>i. will Had it a ! f ird matter fighting against Wa r; toe people of the State* are with Dim, and they give a moral sup1 port to hia cause. Besi es, it is their interest to | na?e two good routes to California, aid they will I have them, and they dislike the Panama route and its antecedents. The great highway to the gold regions of the West is across Nicaragua. Nature has marked the road, and man cannot change it. The Ban Juan river will eventually tie as important as the North river is to New York, for it commands the trade of a greater extent of country the head of Lake Managua being some '200 miles from the month or the river When an American population shall inhabit that couuvrjt ?i'U uuij uuc wui|i?iiv nuttu u^Tc pturcr %a> um steam on tbe river and lake, the company posleaving those rigbU will realize more than all the steam lines to California together. When mine* are worked, and tbe golden treasure has to And its outlet down this river, and merchandise and machinery shall ascend it this route will attain the millennial of pospe ity. Hot who will realize the profirs'/ Morgan shies, Carrison look* grave and says but linle, V-.nderbllt is eager to clutch tbe prize, although he has had it wenched from him ouoe. It is too good a thing, honcer, to give up. and he con 0 fettle business sooner than the others, for he is not fo timid. Wl?e heads are speculating as to prospects of supplies in cotton and sugar, and the question is assuming a serious aspect. It is said that the seed of tbe cotton plant leeds renewing, hut tats is au erroneous impression. The answer the preacher gave his congregation when rt quested ?o pray for rain, is appli able to cotton growers?"It is not rail you j want btre, it is manure " 80 with cotton?it is not j the Jeed which is wanted but the soil. Where can I sufficient lands be bad to supply the demand for | raising cotton aid sugar? Cuba, if it were 1 in our possession even, is not sutliciint, and our Southern routes are falling ofl'in tbeir crops. ! The No- h as well as the Mouth hive a decn into1 re>t in solving the problem. Indeed, it is the rats j ing of these crops wnicn will no douht eventually ' seule tbe vexed question of slavery bet?een tbe n, i for the North win have her fastories oontinue even though slu^is must raise the raw mate.ial. i W hete is the cotton to he raised? as a natural consequence we nun to Cent-al America, for there ins am eui'swt of uncultivated lands, rich as the richest Mississippi bottom, inviting the cultivat >r, . and ready to yield countless harves's for the snaoly of the world. Whither staves can i>e introduced is not jet. c?ttam; the rriguiug powers have not said | so, and no one knows tieneral Walker's ireas with regard to it; hu', in the event of their being a btr to slavery, white men can raise either sugar or cot ton in abundance. All the 1<>a' land* in Nicaragua produce Hug ir in j tetaMi and of superi ?r quality: 4m higher i lanes als>? produce-sry gotsl c.roira. Tneb'St crops | am found up,?u cne highlands of Managua and Matagulpa, whore the ratio grows to an incredible si/.e. Kugar can be r?i-ed for live cents per pound, and there a?e tw million of acres sus.-eptitile of its ml livat'on, each acre producing ?our thousand pounds, amounting to eighty nullum* of dollars; there are i } alto four millions ol acres o* land ujion which fine I cotton w nnd grow. W'tti all tois. Nicaragua is a j heal'.bier aouvtry than the cotton or sugar lauds of ' 1 our Southern States, besides being alapted to all the products of tropic>1 aid most of those of tcm- ; petaie legions. In the Chontales and Matag&lpa j ellOl can tie grown in abundance, and there is i water poser for any quantity of mills and gi?a, as ! also for nnning opera'ions Cot'oo grovs every- j where, f?om the vsllie# to the bill to(?, and although I | the. species grown is not well cultivated, jet It pro ! 1 duces the finest article. It st ems to he a sponta- 1 iitous production, the same seed having been used i peihaps for ages. The export ot c?.tou fr?m Nica- i ray ua ass been as high as thirty tboustnd hales in , j one year, but t n a- count of revolutions it has dwiuI died to the production of only snfiicfent to employ a few indiaus in the manufacture of a species of 1 she-ting and candle wicks. Fbe cotton mannfac: tnmrs of Kngland propose, in con-iderstlon of the i anticipated scarcity, to form a eague for the cac>u- | ragement of the cultuie ot cotton. Let the United | Stat* h take the s*ep in advance, at least, on this coo! tinent. Rhe requires but to say?O* and make the roi nvry, and it will be done. Lei Kngland look to her 1 r-?-i. males?America must iook io vueru-.*. i/m ; ; but tbe United States Rive the impetus, and iu litre 1 \ears we shall have uo clamors about a probable i scarcity of cotton. Rivas. TBE NICARAGUA TRANSIT ROUTE. 9 TO TBI VOITOR OV TBI HBHJkLn. Are not both England and tbe United States dis- , tinctly and unequivocally bound by the guarantees of tbe Clayton-buiwer treaty to re-in?tate the Nicaraguan transit? The Clayton-Bulwer Convention of April 19,1AS0, formally sets forth, on the part of Great Britain and the United States, the motives of these great comrnerciil powers in entering into mutual guarantees for the eucourtgement and protection of tiiJm contractors who might be induced to embark their capital in opening more direct avenues to the Pacific Ocean. Tbe object of that Convention is clearly stated in these plain and binding term*:? Tbn fonrimmi of tbe Called HUtee sad Ureal Britain having not oaly desirtd la ealartag lata ibis Cnavaettow to nooo cpllab a pnrilrolar object, net to eotooheb a eue ral pviboipie. tboy berobv agree lo eatoee their proteotioa oy treaty stlpelatioas to eay praotioable oommani eati <n, botner by renal or r?ilw*v, noroos tho letnman which conn- eta North nod Bomb Amnion, and enpectaHf to ?be tmeroeees c wamnotonUonn ebooid tho nam* prove p>aotionbiov-wb*iber by oenal or railway. now proposed to bo ns la bus bed by tho way of Paaama or Teh nan tepee We have had an examDle ol tbe nrotertion land affords to the Panama transit?so particularly uiiiil In connection with ' the genera) principle of security and neutrality''? for the various Isthmus communications which this Clay ton-Hulwcr treaty professes it is its aim to rata'dlsh. Niratagna is cared for with equal emphasis in another clause, and our immediate business is with the Nicsragosn transit. In oire:t violation of these treaty pledges, this invaluable highway t) the IV cifli' was plundered and suppressed last December. | in the presence of the BiitiA fleet at imtn .loan, and Is *<1)1 barred to American cotumerce by British In referring fo the PM arsgna route ant t? the context of tlie (rva'y, in which mil pro cotton Is guarantw d to all " practical noamunica'inn arrows the Isthmo*, 'tae project of an inter-occan cant! . through Ni aragua is tr? aied in tcc?c explicit word*. In article 3 of that tre?ty :? In order 10 aosuro ib>; nooswooUta sf sat! oaoal, the : OoairacMin MN (t?resi Brums and too f an's Scotes) <B(?go thai P a?y ?ms -toil iball ho oadortafeoo a poo as? 'a>r and tqsoabm tors*, by soy parties oar-tat tas sate or* ty of asy toaal yovotsssoat or r?verswaa?s lhrev|h sbm rrilOTteS too ?>? soy poo. tboo the pr.toi r >top oyet 'a lw coo tree'.too, sod Male proeety a>oc f. r that ntjrra. shou ho trow too ?ia I aoerool of sold oaaal to Its o >mpUtl->s, oy tascerera : mm* ntlh" F>lt?l ihattB ood Ursat ttrrto n prom asjast detrattoa, ogaOaooUoa, sol tiro, or any vtoteoo; wool aver In article Ath the entracting powers declare in the most emphatic manner that, when the works 1 shall be Completed, both governments "engage to pm'ect it from in'erruptlon, seizure, or utyus. congscnt'on, snd they guarantee the neutrality thereof, so that it may tie lorcver open and free, and the capital invested tber? in secure." It seemed to be the intention of the late Dallas- i Clarendon treaty to narrow down the scope of this i convention to a mete Aoglo- smerican copartner ship, to dn-nemlwr N.oaragaa for the exclusive b?nolif of fVafs liics nt.rl fhn b Jl krosW ifsicaue SdlU.1 1 Moaqtiito Indian*. Ordinary fllinnatering fx<onmo? J moral and praPewoithy nnder the aanrtinning pre , redmt of the wholoxalo partition of Nu-amgut by tin I>HiU-('lar?nrton arhrnie. NVvertlwiww. rveii i granting that a United HU'ea Senate might be round I rap* bit of ratifying that extraordinary arrvngemont, it cmild not abrogate tbe right to indemnity or reinstatement already vested in ooatrac -or* vhn had embarked their rapitai In "op"ning a p*?ctl,iable communication aeroea the l-dnmti* ' of Nicaraona, nndrr the guarantiee of the CI"ybm-Rulwrr treaty. Whatever they contracted after April liitb, IW?o, was teemed by the pledged faith and treaty obligation* of both f'Jreat Hritain and the United Slate*, "asainat Interruption, aeiaam, or any violence wh%'# ever," and the ranttal therein employed from detention or confiscation. Some montha have paaMd tdnee the tranait wan interrupted and the free pvtwtge of our trade to the Parlflt entirely destroyed hy OonU U < a,the favored ally nl England- W harve* and building* MM Jte1 solely at the expr-nae of American contractor* werburnt, and the lake and river ateamem, em|>l ?>ed in 1 the trnnapottation of pa<wengera hetareen onr Pacific and Atlantie State*. forrthly fired and held aa prlrea of war hy the name ally of Kncland. Ily thia art, Coeta Rira put Itaelf }n an attitude o. war ngain*? (treat Rr tnin a? well aa tbe United Htate*, and If the latter Power made tne convention of t Aptil, IKiO. in good faith. It ia hound to diamine tbe ?Hirer In romniand of her fleet at Han .loan for dereliction of duty. The Xtearignt* tranait roof* waa broken no by | open fori'*, and Fob land, who had engager) in the Clay ton-ltalwer Uraty to protect it,and waa preaent with a naval lorre and a!l neeeaeary power to perform her engagement*, became, In tact, the arom plireof thel 'oern Rirana In the plratiral seizure of ' the AtnrtirAH steamer*. Her naval ofllor-ra lierame the custodian* of tbe plundered property, which Fnghnd waa under aolemn obligation* to defend from the " intemptlona, arirurea and ronflaca'tona. If the govern uent of Urent Britain refbaed or neglected to r*dr**a Uiia groaa and open in fraction of the C la J too Bnlwer treaty by Iti BW YORK HEKALB, WE] officers at Ban Juan, ?r if it attempts to evada its obligations t) reinstate the transit, our people have the riaht to consider the Claytio-Bulwer convention repudiated by that Power and forever forfeited by non-performance of contract. This forfeiture would not exompt our government from tbe fulfilment of its pledges, nor from the du'y of protecting tbe lives and fortunes of tte cit'zsus in the lawful pursuit of their affdrs on a route recocniaed as a free international highway yet our trade most retire from this beat line to we Pacific, V. our government will not take measures to secure it from the lawless assaults of the irrespotsible ant* r hies that border all of our Isthmus lines of interocean jomrounicatkrs. A certain class of statesmen may deem it necessary to obtain tbe aid and consent of a foreign government before ours can promise t> ex end its gnardUn care ta American rights on American highways; but whether necessary or not, tbe Claytoo-Bulwer treaty waa i ade and still exists, and oy it both governments are bounl to main'aln the security and neutrality of all 'he Isthmus avenues to tbe Pacific from such piratical forays as the Costa Kiowa rxruetratfd lome mouths since, under Biitibh aid and encouragement, on the Nicaraguaa j transit. Costa Rlea ban three Mmes assailed this transit, and on ?ne occasion fifWea unoffending A merle in | citizens were slaughtered. Toe assailants wee 1 armed with rnlhie guns from the Toot or l?nd<m, and woe inci ed to the war by Bri'i-h agents. Tin Costa Rlcaos alone bad net the strength or the ca- : paeity to destroy the Nie-raguau transit, and they despatched their agent, Henor Alvarado, last Heptrmber, to 8?n Juan, to arrmige witn the Brt ish officials tbe plan wbi ;h was osrried into effect in Decentner. Of this, full evidence is in the possession | of tbe Cabinet a'. Washington, or it is easily obtainable. This government has no choice before it but to call ti| on England either to admtt her ooaiollci'.y witi Costa Rica, or to assist in ohai'lsing these 'Mitrages on tbe transit. If En a land evades her share of the work of reparation the United States will km w how to take care of their own interests, and will he happily relieved f>om this deceptive and entangling a) i'jnce of April IViO. W. L. C. Nicw York, April 10, ls.r>7. :? I LANDING OP UNI TED STATES M ARINE3, ETC. u.?rr*d8rare3 shipht. Mvkvs, j i San Jl'sn dkl Sua, March 13,1*57. | We are getting under arms to proceed on snore to protect our Consul from the attacks of the Costa Rlcuns, or from any of Walker's army who may be disposed to molest him or destroy tbe public peace. We arrived be e on the 20th of Febmarv, since which it has been blowing most violently, without intermission?so violently, that it was only last uight we were able, to get into harbor. The British steamer Esk has been here, hut we have never exchanged salutes wi.h her. She lsft hen* for Panama a few days ago. We huve transferred a part of oar crew to a mer- | chairman, in exchange for some of h>8 sailors, who have tx en concerned in a mutiny. One of our marine oorporaU was tried by conrt martial, convicted and sentenced to the loss of some p?y. LETTER FROM COLONEL HILL, OF THE NICAKAGUAN ARMY. TO TUB KDITOB OK THK RKSAI.D. t.'nw Took, April 14, 1*57 Noileisg Id to day's edition of your paper a op/ of as order, ilgn'd J. A Lorkrldge, Oolooel Nicirayuan Amy, dPmiisIng me uom his o mmand, I feel U my doty, In elf defence, to make a statement In detail of my lat'oduc Ion, a?d the slUUt oonnectloa I bad with him recently ca the Ban Jam river. At the ezplrsMcn of try furlough I ieR thia ally, with a mall drtaenmeat under (Apt. J. E. Farsum, for Sao Jtan dtl Norte, for tbe purpose of reachiag gesoia) bead luarWrr by tna a'.orlwat roata that offered. A'Hied there, I found it tmpoeeibio at that time to roach Kivts 1 by Par am a. and the rem re t eternised to eoeay the river. Immediately nnon onr arrival Ut* small ateawer Beaeoe same atoegetde, and the sel' styled Ooleoel Look ridge bearded aa. I wta Introoaoed to him as oar mea and mrcs were belrg tranafeired to bar, and wa lamsll alaly proceeded op Ibe river to a point oa lad damp 11 aa, and, landtag there, joined the forces under Oeoersl ' Wbral, Colore! Titus ant Co'oael Anderson Whilst , there, at the aoitetutlon of Looarleg*, and tar iha better I preaer vatioa of the atoree, whioh ware being watted, 1 , d-poriweet; and, by tt>? war, in a ?m tu* onW I oooneotloa I had with the rtear poomnd. A law ; daji after the battle of Her apical waa too/at, OapWio ; rareua belEg la temporary oommaad of im ra raiw, , wbUat I, la atitarlfcf to the data* of ra* aoparimmt. : r-tnaURd la Map, or npoa lha llit>e steamer, la oim ! pujr with LeckrUge, wtaa, durlag tha eatlra *o|ag ?me?s ' wa* not onoe t spaaed li any manner of daaiar (tooertl Wbaal, Uelooel Aofer on aid Colon*I Trua. barlag ml oaiy derided upon tha moat?' of a'ia k hut commanded wdboul tha prvaaao* of Jtaearldge daring tha ar. iiur tha eroipttioa m S< raplqut I ww apoa tha beat , with LookrVgo, whaa aba had proooo-ted to Wiiaia anoat j a mil# aaa a aa't at OaatiUo, far lha parpoaa of landtag lha troop* dor Gaaaral Wheat aad Ooioaai Moa mat | ware to. aad did. auaafc that pia-a. Dartag tha ?ng?gamaat there id, In eh lid g*. wad aot * ad ar Ira, oer * p. ted. aad whaa tteaaral Wheat rat or aad, L,nckrtdg? eat a meaiagd I) Coloacl TMoa to the effect ta?t ho I abonld bold hta poaiton tor twentytoar hooro, to waiob I tim? ho prow! d to ratura with rataiaradaiaaid; a* u> a . h leed, be weal doen to Ureyio?a. >U rmaniac the kotl aabore, failed to ki ep bis engagem at Tm MlMtua< , of tbw failure la the loaa or Cm III#; for if bo Ml ro | turaed mitb tM retaf iroemeat la twenty four larieed of any -its boars, as be did, Ootaaol tans ooaid an bare i retired. I ban aaaatioeod tbeea two foots la this oooaooUoa for , lbs purpose of aha a tag ISO Baa's taooBpstsae? aad ! Kat regard lor tell wboa aay QgbUeg is golmg oa ?e ate lbs oaasss that bare led to wast of dwotpUne i aad asssTtfoa aad all otbar set a la at bare delayed toe opeaiac 11 the Baa Joaa nrer. It is my honest ooono tins toat bad flea Wbtator aay other ooBpatea. boo bed ihs rommandor petition assamel by Ool I/tnkInge. W>sr ere tbta a oomBunice'-toa would ban bean effaaiai witn Geo Wall sr. alter those esp'ott ol Loobrtdg* I took adnatago of fba beat loanac ffr Greytowa te ?Hi tb*ro agato. that I might a welt tbe arrival of tao steamer woiob vat t> brine us Ibe rt aforrowest* wttbont whloh l.oocn ige blawstf laforated bo. io fn-utsr operalw>?e tooid be oar red forward Capia s farauaa sod Maj* Cilia, (wao, , witt Col HaoDoealI?thrs at Greytowt ?aad my.e? were tae ealy ooBmbaioaad oOaera aa tae rtnr.)ao oiBpaafod aae. amrrd u??re aad dtaoorenag taa> t >e i Taarraeae bad aol brongbt re latoreOBt ais aor p-orleioa* | ve reaolrad toawuH tbe arrlral of he rexar aat out o. , ooaitaay atoas lotarmsd LtotrMge or oar later ' Doa Mot baring aay T gat or aatbartty, bo ot noarto Bade ao obje tloae, sat, la oooatqneoee n rrnaa a?d. ?*eytown betat more pleasant to offlrara wttb j out comaaeadt tbaa eg the riser would bore p and 1 / ck ridge Mt, as d to sap tb# eUnet of hia oearbeariag. ' uraaat irly oaadacd, be bad ansa ist sly approprlatod to biBtalf ail tbe prtno ivopeny la way of elores, to., that bad ban ooBBhtee la By ova, aad vttab won to waded to heap ao. If It were a History. fmfto* go | oraaertl ospeaae luttag nr soy-tar a la Greytowa. Than ooBSMBtas a arrlea of prinUon that won aaengb to aWgast aay oaa w?? a Bilitary Ufa by tbdr s topic mltai; cor wore tboy reH. red aatll Ootooal Kis aoy Hepped far war 1, aad by bta owa eiantoa sad aaori I *? Bene ne comfortable. Tbts, 1 preteBe, was theoaly rattra lo-krtdge could Bale te aa affloer who aad eot oaly wnttea Bp ds a patches. which from otter liability be eoatd aot wrt?a biBaelf, hot bad. with a deitoaoy wortsy of a setter oh|eet, <torr?r-ted bw orders aad aUaadad to the sl'gbaet detain watoo aa Igaoraal eoBtaa. dar Bay beoailed upon to trne He If rrapeot alooe won Id ban mdoe d aay geatlo Baa <o refine aorrlre seder aonb a Baa but wan to tela be added bis endoet towards eaprrtsrs as wall aa the faet of fela la torn nates ay aos rulgorttr, i* t? to be woodeeod ot the*, 'al tag lo Bake a ooenvl-to with toe nar at klrae. he ah on to retirtv or la rt at a'l eo-pr?ieg that a roan of b'.a ?htranter abould make soon ohe-gev wnea tbe abaeooe of tboa? be de'smsa eaaurot ma . ?%f?t>r I M ink aot and lean allegation eo moos n-eat trub ay wall hoewa aaonit we and ainirt-g ear r >e- ta tbe oaaaa to bo eeui-d batwan By frteada, tae ptlrtkiaad the man IxxArtdse GRO. B Htl.L, 0 imBUaarj General N A. I.ETTKR FROM CAPT41N KABN17H OK THK 1 NICARaOFdN ARMY TO rn> IDIIOK or THK PBW TONK RB?*LI>. Naw Yol?, April 14. IMf. tt to aa Uilrf for andicr lo sad felt ova pralnn. or to bo forord Into a poottioo wkoro kn Mi it at raly aroraary bot Imp* nt Ira that ho ntatrnM dafaad a war It from tho uitn'ti of oao oho ant ko* aa a aaldl r or la trnai life ko naa recfnt' a knt oao who ikronf h A# ae'ldrai of oanooiAilot, boa (Aland a eo?orb?ij thai nnnid ?n?m t? |i?? boa daunt to aa aothorHUira poalloa. I ah?da to OH ?. A. lookridfa, of to* Maa Jaaa irar Tkla mar. thia Onl Ioekridft. ha? toaa St In aaa that ' llttio krtaf aetboritr, wb'oa ha baa art a mod, toaawtll raw Wat' tbolraal ? <! 'w 01 a joatlftoat'oa?without Iba Irat parttolo at a rlcat, and at a unto whoa ha koooa im w?U ibai diaia<a rshwr ahicUia ktaa fn-m too em NqBaM not b>? < aatnra'y t?aa*aa*a ( oao air >u( laa ma# , tat tka prorooallto Is aironpar I wlah to mats i rr'oiattoo o tho o .n??ra ha ?ria#a a#a<a*i aa and at Aa samo iib? parmtt ; f'wada and iba pnkllo. bf a ' ?wt auiaaifBt M tana ronoomtag ay ootopttolty wits I Sva>a?aaD aSatra, tojo- r* bMwnnn aa t oaat in Mmaracaa tor tho Srat 'laa la laooary. ISM, lad afitl aa nrdttmia naapalga was airwkaw dowa win '.rof la tb? Mtowaf Jaao So narrro was my tt'noai bat urn. 0 C if.rnaay, who toon ooaaaaaodad Ma (tool 1 ' Mai l?pa"to'>i< i?salad so an? rotnratag to iho 'nttod ikairs, frmg mm ardors to roport at hoad lnartott aa taoa aa I my baatth ta tooordaaoo with ihoro ordara t irft Nrw Turk o*lr ta lh? aaih of Jaanary, por atoam r Toaaaaroa and, t lot txta# posathio to roach th* boadsaartrra of tho a* nr. I loa4*d at Pan Joan dot Sort* aronatof al tho *i<- Vow, aa tho oalr ' H?o" oft oar praaaos, tha tana jo?ary com ward of tha rarraw oa hoard. At Pasta insist oaaaMt by P A. Loohrtdga, stoutatlaa aaoat if Iho rofabUo of Ptoaragoa, who hwrtog trot arid rod DNESDAY, APRIL 15, 183 vttb body of norilb rrooi Nov Orkoa*, ktl oow? l~i J ?f lb* rtr*r 8u j?u Bo m boMtao ruk to if iray, ? oowoo I oook ml roporl to ? w ao*f bo 00 I Mformod bin, o| 10* mm tiw'oqMoOag 01? ? i?lir?*n*'rib*conno?d I Bod oaraood. Bo oou lOol to ?u ponooiiy wuftog to oonpiy ww* m- roo?-#?. tui rtqutotoo ol no to return took m o inmI f**wr, I wonld mum tto oonniM urn ofor lOo botfo ol ?*? pkiot. 1 Old M, 0*0 OOOtlODod lo 100 UMPOtvy 00MHO

llboOOMTOOV OOlllofUrlOt NMIMOMf folOOOO ol 0 ?! lo. I Iboo pro ocdod oo the Kmc to >*r?yt<?vo, f f too pur poo* ot uootlo. the Too******, by wttoo too 1 ol ?0 < I proud ittoiit Uiooe roUtforeenoet*, without vbloO o< thug mot coo id to o >oo upon too *lT<r Tm do* of be* rriToU.tOo havag foiiod oo to oor MB* il oo? LoobrWgo IMo>nod Uoat On. BmUoooU, 0*l?? UJI-, Cbl. ?< 0. B Boll OBd myaolt, (tOo only oonM "B*d *?? *? on * bo Ttrrr. ooo oooi-qa-nty No oal* offltrro otaioot oonnoodo,) thol Oo *oooboo oro codi g op ibortvor. I rtpnod, u did t io ibo-gontionon, loot oo o< lb tot coo'd bo don* aoill uo orrt*B< of to* fetoa, ood M I bod oo o> monaoi, >bot <?r too parp o? of pr^pot'Og ny Ion* ro for ibo Uol od 8*too,J boui.i rooMlo Gror ooo Quill UOl HMO Ho MOOO el'dgOO lOo pootitoo 1 "Od tokor, ud oold It vm ' milfrij innotorioi " root?T>OHgw? eroout from Wrrytowo to PaooU ambm 0?d idoo'l tbo' l ckrldj. bod g?oo, ood itaoi be kid i oi oolr ukoo eliibe pnb lo ttoroo oitb bin, bat bod oloo ikkt a tbo boogoce end prlroto itorM, IB 'oo ?*ir*ihlBg ibot to coul* loj b a boo i* upon The prtro.e i lofio oo ?MnO wo h?' to ten od to m<wo danog tbo oborroe ol tl e boot oor* j-i*t oi moon our lodieiouoi pioptriy to lb* foci oi uotiuo pumba-eo tbom witb p i ooie potei could nolo ilioa Here tboo wj fiid oo>>rl?et (lo co?p*?? to n re or olx ofllo-ro ot idt nc alto, vim, dttgaoiel, hid r*?igoo4 tu h'Moro if>i<li?i bod b en ocoenrd) ol boat mnney, ioou< futd wrbowi b onbrio mi etorriaioi; bi piml uioiib Bui Ujmof'D w tb our <ri?*Bfli, end nose oat enemt s, end p or oo> o tl ihot, arcane ua lo tb'* oiioini?o wo wi>re forced lo itrlp ouroMrei and truot lone biotkith iu'h > >i huurd mm in ois a lory 'h? beach tw at maty auppiy of o'lmi inc treat for food n, til nott to keep a* hom eot"lu<u narration t'hte ooti'ioocd for several de>e, wtiaa '1o K ktiey, Ike letl idm op ear*h wnora en nf (J >n We ker's ??m> b*d e right to I viy to tor eld ot >n< kind cam< >or*ard, end uft-reo en hie ho?p <e lie, wntch ? erc?p*td, end were rendered comfortable dar ng tbe rati it our iojnurn lied Dckrlugo done nothing ?or? then tbti, ahendot log, wtthoot eenir, offioe** wuo had ot cry oetaiupiu I tin, or 'he amy prop' r, i nyi.tltmaii, *no had the i<<a i vetyen* for bin eett could eve*y rgrn ci .rperatv wnti bim, aod to tb noanluaion oe q doe)/ errtTod K .oalay bta it coaprunoy 'or any eommaod, ?r.> the nam ulntaa II ctflcera, eppototed e oa-niDtiiro >o erreit ap'n any iiflictr of the Nroaragoan en>v wno hold a c mnut'oo f >r tb# porpoie of otirripg to he el let', in da'e and a >a tbai omnicnod wb'ch l,>cknoge hat ?? u-u ?i without 1 aniborlty. uoi (ton Oar o? Th'ro^a, the former i nrriaj O' tke Treetury of Ntca>ayu*. then preienlo (tfeyt-ma, wat ed upon u? wttb tr a ooram'aaton of Ool >no> Kr ? a, conn (1 tn 'be dor, ne'ed November >4, ikftr, and none quietly betaiikiei all otmn present, we pr flVol bi n toe cnnrn utd ot ibe rlmr. H aorepied 1'. and we no r fled 1/rcktldye, In writing of our proooedlogn Hs ed a?< red Ouionol fbon,B< -hat with an da? retpom o or? r?tk, be eould r ot giv- nn tbe comvtand, as b? waa aetborls-d >y General Wt k-r n reteio It Onli >el Tt.ornr* taked to be abort n b a an ocrrliy, tint Lor.irldy, ma'tiialatog o'? l o?til"o, rtto? rt to enow it, fo'tu very yord itasoe?not aietgni-d by 1,- ih.l at |iaillra<be old not |im> tr ai y iu tbo meantime *o bad tonaed several recrot ?, amcny ibeai Ouiinel Kimi' blnatif * ho (.chicly declared bit wlliloyitira to abouldor a tour kettrnoir aoy other man I mo l/rotrtdga fhd fitter atao arrived whh 140 moo, ac"> opanird be Uearra! H'tntby To bim 1 ifotnediatr ly report"! 'O' duty, a? be bad gl^tn mo my funonyn Ha <ip"???d treat pica ore at ' see,eg me. and I r?cou .lel to Mm ibe * atnry of oar ?rany? " Ktueiitag * be < xpt erne . at a itrdo* d bad every right V> eipeot. that he nemo >ske tbe loarmend, I prepare l to go op tan FlT*r ettb h m, wbeo. to and behoM I Major Ball Tin bo tad arrived via Panama l-um bea quarters a tee day a prevloea, tarred no o blm ad o der tr m thuoob dm piaolcg > im aaO recogr i/taa Coioeel It. A J x-.k-i ige aa Cctr.matdrr of tbe Sat Juan river, at it ta a'poUr an atoai foi afteimal to take serv ne under a <J-j ooel, of runra< Urn Hornaby rolii-i-d to hero aayiot-g ur do ?1tb ibeatlaira Ueie ??d dn I* red Ma Intention ot ' rotorofug IbPhrr, wt< ace be can nut to. ? f m bourg aubao quenly,Informed Colooel I.jckriogetnat bcaooult ho at rberivtra* e mire lorber cn, which be did t!po*r*l Hprtaby r?o ?U'i ng tb- reap nt duo t> onraeirea, ?->u in to tor u? '.o ibo < HI 'em of ti eentp la rererl l> nar p?t ?gt |.? n e. end. mora vny to ibaa w. weald ree* heeo to elev, wnb e recent man id ono m >nd we It ft Ureytoen lor A?ytn?all Too>? ieerai<>f( thai u war Impotelale 10 reach tbn beaaqnar era of ion amy. are took ibe o?i? alio native le't oa and at home wo have arrived. My tateniloe ha* been 10 eiaar the fir I oppor tnony (bat pretentec tiaell for ifo parp so of joining i.Mitral Waiter, and ibtt pnrpoee io on>jr de erred not given op, by learning mat a teaa vha never aid oommead >? ban Ural diamlaeed me, end then preferred cte'ioe againai me Be charged nae with " tetempeveboe " Wo'l, tup,wee j I w*re 10 admit (ebwh 1 ilo not do oy aey m ana; tba' ] at Breytowe, oa neural |?ouod ootaldo rf d iiy. rr?an from aait pc<i bard bread, tnee oerp mad, eod an ai meat 3 niieooa a? eiy, I did tado'ge e Hide too freoly, end do tot cere to tell ba t upon the actloee of otbere ae a precedent for my gnat cnrre to It at a'l p-ooae e mat in nn arm' e mpoaed of neb matertnla aa in toe e-mr 01 Ntear*goa,'here eoaid wt fenad ooadrmaatien from any board ?i < Iboera, were tbe fact ev?a nalr way oortctly rrporltd r I a?oeal to avery t.fUsor and ee'd ar of tbe army a bo kn?nra me, here la ibM oli? and alne. where. It It wee ever charged, If it wan ever nn >wn the! I evrr w?n intunicei'd wbuai oa duty, or mora than two or three timed et moet wbilat la nommend of a compear. Coionei brohrtdge cbarg-i me with "ooe< not ebtim log ta cfflcer and a gvatu man " Yon wan trad tote will ono nm oniy greuad* for neb a oea-ie, to wit: the IOVTV nwrq u?irni|n w ? u iqiq K? * lurtjr MI MP? ble ui 10 lb? pla^ 01 ooe o?lori?m.|y l*u?ra ,t of arury detail of military act-are, notsrtouil; igooraot of overt lb tog bu; manual labor. oror bear log, oaaree, toso lett and Nt ncoriaotly bn?t. benetil C S Wu?M, tbu *boa 0 nobler ooHler dooo oil tore. M volt * C iloaeiu bookrtdg* Mb Aaderecn, nere tub iwltb to my rood act oi ibe borne of Serepiqoi, el?e 1 ao?b. rot oootbor onerge Mould b?r? b< e moo again* mo. Tbol I eto my dol?, ood ibot i wm fortoboto or oolorveoote eoeogi to loo# Ibe oo If mon who ooeo kUlod la tool Ogal, liol. Loot ex g baa wotlfled to out bo moot bare loot oof it tr an ooar op, 00 to my oertoui koowboge bo nimeeif woo ooi uocer Bro through ibe entire Bgbt. To (too. WbiOt, Ool. Anderaco, Ool ntao and tfoj r iioobiodoy Ool Uoboetdgo tony too* Ibe every particle oi eiedit tbol bo boa golood. I or to Ittely io goto, for paining tbe oparatkioo oo ibe rir?r It woo taroogo either tbe tog Itoaoo or oulpablo Igoorooeoof bockrtege t?ot CM Tdoo r. tired ftm Ooo- , lilio I bo?o tbe wora oi 6 . Wbea> for It Ibot CM. ntua to oo bravo o moo ao a ear trod oo Ntoaroguao ootl?I bare tbe oaaerttoo of Ool I.ook'tdge for it, " to at Uliiogto leotoe yetn oroemeute. Oot nto* deomed II parent io rell o. and did oo orderly ood with vet too low of o man ' I bare my own obhaiTottona lor It thai aot ooe of tbe recent eeiuraiaoioro of Uoi. Tbui da'?d to wag their long nee to bto dtooredtt until otter bo wmmMo (Itr tbem) > up?a bb J< urney to Kieoo. lb eobt'ioaina I would remark tbol I know N wilt bo bard to pr?Ju' loo uenernlt wo'ker or Meaaloiaoo agolaat | me, lhoy know or bet I am otoo donate toot 00 otoco will bo left oeio ned to effect tile ebjeM, ood tbou d my detractor* eocc o<i la tbe eO>-t, 1 abb I be 'iu y eeoeeroed By fyoiaibiw bin erer beeo wtto toe rouie, and ler Ito eopport 1 ba*e penned bealtb ao I 1 life, and (toea Ihet period of a yoaog man'e lit moat raioobio to blm It would no o aor ry reoo opewo. wbm gkrn I* tbe only p > ood b be l?f lo Ibe u?Uoe of ibe mih tbe ealy moll re, wore i It be oooiemed ler re ' footie loclertoua oorylco oefer ?ooh ioiii<OjI * A. ImtbiMgo i Btiflntf riHkl'd, (top to, Army of Mmeerguo T ft ? Io hurriedly making tbo a on re outem u?. I oo ft- eled o reiy tmporio <t loot la eoaaaMim?o?i Luoo ridio wm lbo inot moo 1 no over tbe OMo of too obio trill, and aatteer to Otto Hoi or MaeO-mo'il, tf.jtr 1 i< or wrrel', did bo over, by wo d eeotgo, to tmeln ale approval or dbo^vf?vol of tbe coor.o wo had oareaod Ao l> too now of Col. Tltoo. be awaited Bro 4*yo to oo oose oooortd of eof.nerteieje aperture, ho dorel put oo mdteoity opoo oo 'bo Oato of tbo oroe? aod tbo oeportnro of tbo Ti ioa will pr?r> o tbu iff AID FOR NICARAGUA. AbOIHBIt LKTTKB P?OM IOI.. BKVRf. The to lowing call appears Id tbe Meap n/t (TVnn.) papenc? Lm a* rMim ear mulrjaM ? ?t?N Maw tea barrio ?? beer 1 bad. raap-runlly rrqo?ai ear leHnw MM mm or tpfew iU U>? n<rMMtt| ceaurt w n e lo mat a meeting at Hompbta, oa H .tarda? too Si Bay of Mar lor tbe Pnrpoe# of latin* ian noaotdera'loa ibe |t?'pr??ir af ratatagaate-lal ate f-rNnarefua aal of onoaaOUl M 1" IM boat a>a?a( of r-ocuiaf oar ooaa trym la l?a? ttro(?itag repeblM The rail is signed by eighty of the citLwu* of . MetnphU Tbe ti.llcwin? le'ter from Col. Kewen i# alio given in the M?mphiw paper*:? Cnoai aermt. H. 0 , April I, 1tt7 1 arrived la thia etty xa<a muraiof, aa4 thai. ooa ran# ryerailot bora ik?i Tt?. r#iuif. I bars wriuaa any Irtirrt lata ibe letenor, and am ba*tay i*?a r? plrfly Iiari fro* *11 a-J*?rat rrt'oot u> bo real; V* bara at tbe P'*<* by too tat of May Now l< ibo cruiiai Crloit of i fir fortonr a. a> d ana ?ro wail ivory diUar ai tb?'r aora of tao oao>? a?a MtinbtM I irnat ?ou bar* dan# b? lb* way of rar.#ln#g ooatra i ij?a, loe I waat lo a abark r#om bare a fom * from TOO to l.oaoauts, and Iboy aaaal be armed aad pro rtalooa-1. Ima't < yet to aot op a panto mooting, aa>) lot too ? aa ra?a> be aniataattel (a tha atwarume foewa?d all ?oa bara ?ai##<i a fnirdo aeo abania aly ##o?at<al la ih# ore aeration or my praaaai op ra?toaa. Walker, by I bo laat a learner, erttaa eaeraragiagiy, and to do## H R I C KRdfN. | Notaa from Pnthi mini. UMTdt, Porta Rb?i, Marob fl, 1W7. (Mr TV# rii/nwdron#?Wwjar War; - owf ryrr>i*? i'rir;. tf* Of <** n?u#ea? Th*. lTr*|k#r-Pr?y*:o wad wrnkn Ham ' I Prlera of botb r ru aad aaotaa #a bar# bean fnliy maiatalat'l deaptta ta# aafaowrabla aoooaata frotauta I oiled ?laiea Harare are frael/ Uk*n at B', a Br<, aad , or obo ra araada at 7 Maieatm l qolot r> -jo-m ar. 1 a an | Tba oren ta faet d'awiat to a ntner, a d ao aa Jwptted. i will aoartrly rvaob a telrd af aa ar-ny# on# f# i it . aot for tba vary btyb out. lard ay pi tour*, I rttatee wrald trarpaly pay tbrlr r.orre.1 caper # We baor lattarfy bara favored with Im r?fr#?ai#( n'M, h eb war# monk wanted Mora rata ba? pr drabiy 'elw a witbt* 1 b? laat?lyht daya thta dariog iha wbtte of tee vrar IMP. f>?l?h?? to ih? Catted btatea dnll at #9* a 4Mi for aaaar, awd M a M to rw malaria# Ate#tmaa pradaoa txnomiay ararrw. atd Brat arrtrala wttdawrlt ? Jrteay City M?wa. or Poaeaa - . o no aw atrrno of tbe Pa eord Prm by tartan abnnb, la bontn dirtn tlrart. eee* J may a ana a III ba Hid thw after n-mn. at * o elonk oddrraama by Rot ftr R irnbard aad Wil lam R naif#, f't, aad atbae arrrloea by dtatiaganaed fieryy mm Omeibnaea raa "Vera tbe Mr/ ta toe groaad *ae rrtaada f horeb ei'eaetea are oardtaUy lavt-ad ta atMad aad Mar ao a aoOla aawrprHa. ^ I 1E?IV2L UP TUK IUIL>8 t A\D KttCMU. | POOR DAP8 La 'EH. FROM EUROPE RESULT OF 1HE ElECMONS IN LNUANO. i Overwhelming Defeat of the Conservative Leaden. I PROGRESS OF THE NEUWUTtL CONFERENCE, The Spankh-fWxican War Kndornrd by France# TDE HIPINTA IIP SPU* BAT1SUCD. r IP L I f I i A u IP I? w n a l f r ? If 1, w? News from China, Persia and India. COTTON AND BBEAD3TDFF3 UNCHANGED, j I CouhoIh, 93 3-1, 7 &g., Ac., Ac. ""?? Tha Hamburg acrnw aioemahlp Btroaila, whl<-h Ml Ham hurt on ail<rnoun b? let of April, arrlred at toia port lot evitlg I T,? United State* mall itr amilip KHoMoe, Cap*, lovher, arri?#d aboul batr paet mi o'ntooc ifat? ! ojorrtig fmn> L'verpooi To- Erloatoa Ml I,i*er po-l Lal 1 P. M , April I. At tf.HO P. M , off Oreaa I brad, ex barged ilgnals with thn ahlp tler.d ao, bound to T.'vo>pool In tow of a stealing. At 10 A M. of the 4tu, lat 60 ?8 N , too. 11 63 W , aaw ttrannflp Afflirlna 'rum Roaton ?t 1 C W. or lbi, exel ?ti,e a<pva>ai ?lth Bremen b?rk C..d*r, aod [ Hamburg ba>k lia.o Newton, la lat. 4J S't N., loc 6'i it | W , atteil a totnn westward The lov.a Horn Kurcpe la four day* later iba.: that brought by Hie Niagara a H?. f?x Tne I'eraia an let a at L vo- poo' on 34th of March. The >t(?m*Mp Arabia ?aa appelated to aatl on uo of April In piare V ibu (Vreta oeialurd for r.'tialra The e'enr.oia tbiorbd pebho attention in England Nearly a I ib? coitcita id thn bo-oiighs were l -ou?l. to a c ore un ibe V9th ult, and the reaalt bai p-oved d'tas troiatotno otn*nr?a'tvr? tvibde trig't ffllaor (> n I tot. U a'.l Lavard, For. Oaldwdl, aod tnaa< oth r opuo nnnie 0! Lord l'a men ton'a a;mU.ia'.radon, bare been da ! reeled Tbo Kdji *h e'ec iota were lbs prominent toll la the | Parti ;tarsal* The ercat auaisinmi by tbe Maannerter ' party la tbva brlrtty comm. nled oo by the "Toe i-lngll'b election* aro yonor with rap ilIt?, aod we are already Aoqua'bted witl a ibird or the leauiu. rbey prove to be botb a victory of the l iteral party ovor tee oinaerva'tvo party, aod a ptriona) trlaapb lor Lord I'elmernoa Tue penritai auoc?sa or f.ird Pa'inetroD rooaiai* %'iore an in ths clonk aoata nel by umo of bti lucrl r.iaiarkeb e asu onmt ntoril .rloua ad vertarlt* H wiaoe?oo? an 1 uneou-.a r n re boon ?e ?leei | ed.Crbder BM^bt Wliem sad f.?;e?d bare io*t tbelr | inn." Diplomatic relatione between -tard'.ola and Austria wl I. ttta tad. b* rtitorcd ao< ner ibao expected fb? Aim Iniormt ?? tbat tba tnterfenllOD of tbo Brittib aod J-'ranub goveroturota for ite arraog m??t a) ine exit.Iug uiffe rejciebelwwn tbe Austrian aod Sardinian girerbaieata baa hem favorably received. Tbe Neecbaiel d Ui.iu'ty la at Mr.ftb ?!to la a fair tray of adjMimedt A Hrrla le.ur la tba Nnrd aUla tt??t tba laairooHoaa demanded b- Dr Kern are not I keiy t > glee rlta V> aaw etiilen tea, loaa nustt aa tbe principal jnlai bow la dircncaion la a demand ma-ie by tba King of Traa am lor a asm of J,000,0tOf., for a>raara of bie domain* la tba Oaaion nines taut. Tbe aegottatioaa for lbs ooaelnaloa of a trea'y of com, meroe between tbe Frenob and Ruaalab governraenit are tarmiaatad, and tba treaty mil toon be r?lor.ed to wrtt ! FRANCE. tiik vrrcnariL coNpgMBnoiM?the vkamd di kr COMa>TANrI*K r.XrBC'TKK ? INPLPX 0? K0AAI*N *UaU?? PollTiCAL iRHHTH AT 1.TONR. The ad aloes from Paris Arc dated to 8< ta or March Nothing oeetaia wu known about tbedtr ?hco the Cogferrnoo on Ibo Neuo hotel affair will told lit lirth aoa- | loo, but the (rnrraJ opinion was thai It will eimo lo a | atiaiactory settlement o' that enastloa, wherefore the j pub.lo took ao groat latoroot la lis proocadlofs. It seems to bo oe'Ula that Prtaoo Napoleon will mast tbo Graad Oobn Constantsa at T >uloa. Const Marty's ratara to Parte Is aspaoted <h Map Tbo Date of Gremmont and IS a Paks of Maatetelto a*o meat'osed as wool likely to snocood hint la tbs asinitoa to Rosa la. Too number or Hooalaa nobles aoiinreing la Prases to I Iniraontrg dally Many, am >agat thorn tbo Diraetor Peroral at the Pottos of Ht. Peterobarf, will depart sen | Mot day for Ton loo, for tbs so Is ma rsospitoa of Utn Grand DaksCor si oat'no At 1 jobs numarons pollt'osl s>rsots ham takaa place It tssatd that tbs piiloe bam dtesovared a ssemt ao maty, wbeso maw bat haws i sited (or tbo porpwo of overthrowing (be a te'ion of the well known repabilots and oolsbrawd phyilo'ao Reaped, bat who Is not ell|lh ? under tbs new slsoUoa l?w AUSTRIA AND BARPIMIA. Tbs official ga/.' its of Vienna oi' S9ib of March, ooamestcat^a tbo derpitoh of Toon Biol of lha Idle of tiirnb, by wbmb tbo Austrian ambassador at Tuna, Croat Pear, has bash recalled. A'nordit g to Inters from Visans o' Marih29, la the ! Part* < * /'o'/t tbs oemmaader la < siaf of the troopi in Mokiayia declared, on dor date u( March li, tbe< on that day there was not a slag I# Anotnaa so dtor 10 that priaol pa Hp U Poyi adds, 'that thai oooalry M prspsrtai with all trar <|otUity or lbs etsmtoaa " 11.IMI fMa ram ua bi Ika Wtk id UaMh TV- 1 fblloottf ?M lolrRrapbod ? At tbo IBM uw that Morquio OBt Vino, Ma-din'?o aw tamador. prrinltd to (be Aootrloo Mio'itcr for V rmgn Afftlro bit Irtirro ?f roooti. U? Frooob ambaaoador notflod bia ,lktt bo wooM hoanofonb Uko tbo %r tlalao tab)*** ot <f*r Frooeh promotion. A roator woo rob* rally brll?ro<l to tb* meet tbat B??on Rmrqiooo* pro Bralad o onto fro* tbo Obbtoot of tbo Tuiloma to wb r,o tbo roaolotloo of tbo r.?poror Ltala Nakolooo obi b? aooaerd for tbo ooatiarilBf bio oftorts to bote* oboot o -oroocillatloo botwoin tbo two oooatrto#, aiiboayb till ' aoo ao rotuh bod booo obtala*d it tbta pnrpcoo Wtb U>o* riTbrw tbo delays which totk pi too ib tbo di^rVro of Coaot Poor from rorta ami bo ooaoociod 8PAlIf. Tbo elrc loot 'or tbo Oorvra osroo oo tbo 2Mb ot Marob Tbo rr tpocu aro fbrsrabie for a rmtoey of ib* foraro most. Tbo lofbat Dob Earlqao, brntborof tbo Kior. baa broa nrdrtoo to q*lt Uptlo and to rs to Francs bo-auoo bo dirUrrd fro tbo profano! taa A OolPb'Ob from Moo rid of fdtb March soft -tern dlo pnot'lOB to *ar la till oootlnulcR riM o<Toro of M-tico do rot ratiofj the d*maa<te of tpata Too ?lronnu?aoo * of (local Walowokl bariof addrr tod a note to tbo Mar noraa da Tnraot, rVr.n m opp??nr of (V cmduw of Ajotn, la of BO a moll taflnoooo ob tbo a aadfaat bcaartor o' tbo Ppoatab cabinet. DKN'.M ARK. Cortex time, Marco 30, IV>7 To day the Preach emhtataihr a. tbio #fift ha* n*. [ nbaaROd tbo rail Ana'loaa of tbo -toad Itaoo trotly oatbo part of hit r iroramoat Oa tbo 33th loot. a pro* aory dorroo oo tbo Iraaott daoa wet (nb.iihod by tbo MiaioWr of Porotfa An tiro Hi ?nlt of the Kn*llah KltwRtona? Drfbat mf lor t on*rr*atl*M. | rretn too I cod.ia r<*oa, March Ad | Tbo ?n? ai >o tbo ponplo baa ceoa answers I aritb a for oo at .1 diatirrtocaa boyoad oar oatirtpa'iooa? sre may ??fo ray ?*r "trior A mild rrhotooa-i modorata d*e rorrtf mrat wore tba ntwoit that wo bopoo Of dootrod for o pro r wbwb woo rotbor taotiona aoo mtoobi-raao I boa awiiy aaprtaaiptad. aad wo oorWioly did sot oa pots ibo r'Rool rrtribn wa abl h boo ftitoa o* tbo boo do n? Mi a tboro Too Idmonr boo doarworrl from par lis wot Cobdoo baa bora boatoa by 34# onto* a> MaadoisArM br'fbt and Mlhror mi wo* by from twa .a ib'oo ib?oa*ad rotoa at Maanboator, A>mi afo ?o boatoa at Ma I'or 0 bo a Miat*t*riai atroafor oaiy two or tbrna ?a> s la tbo <Utd. Waimdoy to tbrawa <?t>t ot IdVwotrr, aad, aoa-or Socio, ot too Towor Mam to, wo bmo ibo famt tar nor of Wr w Oar Latar f I-or* feb Boat at Aylrabory, aad Mr P. Sorter bat onaroaI? itood hio oa Porta mono*, wb'eb bo boo rtai mimtod for lwr*ty too tooro. Mr. Mindanao laora too ootay too port of Mr R Phiibmoro; "ho baa boaa palrod oat wnt I m biathrr, aad for too prrosot ot Moat, Ibo imotor *o*r atfrrfl MnotbotMo ?m too mbor atdo aro two tomarba bio ooaoaitVi. Mr. P Prrl boo bomt boatoa at Mary, bad Ad ah a) Mtikrloy, yvat Naooi LordL. boo bow s mi (4 o?t of hie ? ?l ojr +? 1. W. r?ro- a. i*? >f loo (M>*'i-ro, too i?wra of ! atrghaai for BM?bW>n <*? leaet ooe I the looo o' ?nmm Hr?| Hh?raie >lM?kOft, i n K m tike ?' B?'?* aerator to ootoo?hi? i >a I f im ooe .P e r??ul of l* > ie?or iniftiM ?if M t nfl mis ?g? >*' the o bor lyird lo-iu R mil hM o < m ibtrr o*. ib-* toll In the n i>, ?'?i?|i < o it bd ou 110110 , Mr Molten Oof Mo; aad dr Ho o*i <ta-tO'M b'0u(bi id bin relief-no ?i?b hlmiol' aeoiurte piearml oppr?l?ioo oi j>iv?r Lord John Kueaoll <> ote reInia warily to HO inrin, eod pern* to the fret fa I eierii or oi Iho r mom lt? woo to pod Hi* I r | >u so om edv i e'rrt w in lo much prmtr-nkM aa' DO lilt DlanoOMD, bat b'M nitin cMir.t "o acorn po< xobod ?i?r the ro *oi?it coin iii or in* oiuntl'oenoy id fornr. rt ith D'onairoo' He Dnd-i to or on'' ho f in? genm-el olee t od iho M mil-rol frt'n olrrad; id over uo ud mora moy roBfldrat j n>-r*t>. o*.? <j fiom ho oounCea end otttar coBitUBcDona jot f> dic'ore ibrat-<l*ea the latest. thiiwtb, tftrcb V). 1MT. The e'oomrr Amerloe arrived bora to if oi 3 P M. Irrno A axoodrta nhinb port aba left oo the M.h. TIM Irdio a all traa to leave Ueiaadrta on that day with edoi.-ea frnm HTg Kong to Feb 16; Calcutta Foa. 3d; Modrea, March 1 I >mt>o>, Minn 6 and Rath re. Fob. II. peihiai i'o the 8<b rf Eebmery a 'orcn under ienrrr'. Outrun rlttaiDed arnoal vial ry at Kmtn.D >?' r no rcraiaoa bo ?irt r?BDU)?il ny M I ool tlnlk On tin ado' K?hm?ry ?n expe icnaarv feroe of 411 oaralry 4 f.O t'lntry and ?H(nl*mn gone left H i-liten. la O'ty one h. u-a ih. y reanh'd thn Pera'ao tat roach worn % lto??/j'no, a dl?t*i oa of forty if* mliea, wbenao the cseo y rttri'ed o(n> inooi)t?u> >m imlug (Qelr it"M mi awm unities. all of "hum *?ir dntiroyed Two daya after ire irooca o?nm nrod tlielr return j m?r< b. 4n inefl") ti-nl ni*hl tank am int >y toe ?n I ? try At da) b'CiU iid ttt? Hth ttm Per.lar. amy, aioul I f ,*<! ?trer?, win I've ynn> ?*a attirked by loo BiVab cava'M and art) !?rv and t >?? !? rou'. d Tn- ru?my lost VOltilcy. IU< t? la<in? ir an<i i?o ( ua (tor total oaa rrna ala ?' In killer an,i 02 wnnadbd. I.taut PVanokl?i>ri Wa? kt>1ed; Oapt f'orher Oapt. Mockieraid Want, (lip* nine were wounded Toe otptdlllou mtorael to duibue tn Uie 10th February. CHINA. In Cbica. with the exception or an attank n the J inks lr the ('an.on river no nrtber aotlvo o?>?a'i >ni bad t-k<n]taco Adinfal "ityraoor wag tt H mk K ? u.waitii g for reb lorormeni* The trl*1 of Allum m l ala fel low iilrorne ra t r* r u lei in a vordW nf ' Nd I iilty " A teleyiapbio iie?a?gn rn>lewd at IJo-nha* fr"m no autnoMtUH of Ca'cutia matea that tin Snye rr of Ob'na ban lent ordrr* ti 1< h in conclude peafl" n i a?y >erna. At Boat Ko'g ex limro 4t Ba At dbanahae Import* w re I alter lower The to'al alls ?i k i'uiuki im HDIiil to '.0 600 b.l.'B, ol? whl h 07,001 bad left. Prirea bad advanced Alo. ^xnhange n? 7d at Poo. rhow a fu:ti?ra<-vaoci.- had taken pU:e in tea. Too Import market ?? dull INDIA. Oaterbaccea have ta*n? in.n-> la "efii. Tbey are onImi ortant but tb< y l> j t" a rklrmtgn with toe f <opa. 1 be H mirry import mt'Ct *m ateady C tvo and oil irrea were'er' drat Toe money markc remained ui rliar yd I n >aM? w re uorl ?r d K*.-.banto 'ta. I*d. Tre Calcutta exiKirt oifket war unit it r. aaao. too Import tr-g'k't waa very 'toady. Freight* weru lyokng down Kaooangu 3? At Malr?r n orry wa? roarce Impv * ?n?e In anrft drn end In ex porn Iranaaotlopa were limllnd, owing ta ah rt r"npiiea. Freights w?ro Orm. Kxubatige 2s. 0 2a i\d. CEYLON. The itp rt? of rriler froiu toe l<t of Ontoaer amonnted to i '.O.tCC cat. The pearl Oaoery Waa to o r.n nnqoe on the lib of Maicb. It w>a e?p oierf in be proiLa de TUB MaDHITins. F em rxreaaWe wet tbuaugar or?p of 20,1)00 tcaa le btli.w tbo ettimam ibarkeU. LCNPON MONET MAIK IT. I.o\noN. fjeii'a.. tla*o*i 21. 14f?T. The quotation of cold at t'aria It about 0 pei cnltl* pre Bium, aad the abort rrunango on l/>uJon It Ui Ml par .CI tilling Oa comparing tbete rataa wlto the Kigliao mint price of U lit 1C\U. per ouact l>r t cud era g Met, it pprara ibat goi I la Marl; 9 19 per rem dearer la Porta iban la London. 1h? Englltb funda bar* b??B Arm to-day, aod bate c card ataa Improvement of an eighth CiihuIi tor money o>rred at flafe 11 aod toon edtaooao to Mo?, t.t at at eblab they tloacliy rrmetord tttl ih ? le'm ne ioo of botlnrM. allbonan a ta'a wee r fi?oted of ? Of oco atoak <a> delteery I or tbe (fth of Aoelil the iaat pride waa P3X to H had 'or the uew torooat la May It waa #? ; to }f. Beno Mook lett oO at 1t<> to tn w.tb dtvldeim, ltt? Stock. W'i to *4*it; Exobqoer boadr. tt* , lojf; India bond* ha. el<connt to par, aad Ktctaqeer aUia (March) per to aa premium ti c armend for idoh; ta the H ttk Kxibanre to-day, I ta ronarmtPB with the aeUleaeat ta 'oreigo ewott, waa , toaicr'y ao great at rad t>t>n aatMrtpaed. i0 toe git mrtti and at in* Ml tba iruiMtttu were Tory About ?138.(00 of b?r gold w?* takee from th? but to i ?y. It M ealiored olio lb*l a largo number of tor* T"tdi bore lull D?eo withdrawn for ohlp oral to tba Uapa ud to Broad toe g*r?roa?Bt.'ibootir, M tola per od dually like * o'in.ij- renin qooetl y for lb* paynirnt of laiarrr, vc Rnwibrrt le no I materia,* proa prci of lower raw a n tfcemouey ma ilt In-teed oataot ton* arrireli icon <c or froar Auei'aita luttliwatly beery for a port oa of team to bo ratalard io? ooatla grary of aa adreane la lb* baak term* may again bar* o be taaea loio oomiileraii in Tba pay m?al at thedirtdeaca bea alraaey he*a to la* aattatpatod or to? noma borrowed froa> th?t miaaitabmaal thai aay roiaiaiioa they may prnon e oao be bot ailgbt aod twwipwary. Foreign ircu'i.l-a eoibihd litue DMtaauaa, oat prison ware rather flrw.rr at ! >? o/oao Tba Baal ponmiton of the TtoaoB Tbroa par oaata OO the Para bocrae una reroute wa* 70f Boa. aoib for aeoaay end and (be p.raeet nuooat. abo*iag ta ibo foaaaar animpj' r*w oi of aearlr quarter par eeat. fbo Betk of B^iaiem Ma raxiKOd Ita rata of diaotwat (rant 4 per reel, at vklnb it bad atooi ataso tba 3?to of Raotrmbtr l<?t tokfc oeroaat. Tae rate el mo-mat at ft*aiSor? baa n?aa to 1 par oeei, ow'ar it la, ta ooaltaoad porobaeaa of aurer for lha Baak at Viaaaa. Faaia March 81,1M7. Too tbrrn rar real rentes apaaat to onetime* I-an tbaa y*a*erda?, 7if 4Or bot later .tlwed at 70f Ma; fnor and a ben par <m di i eataa oloaad #?e , spaaltb tbroa no. aeht filikdte . Ann hMil to AnaoUo MB Aefll lAU'f* . I" ' " *71 " * v" " 1-?"" r" * - -w^** i Auaulaa railroad 78?fr. LIVtKI'OOL COTTCN HAHtr.r. Ij iurtriL, 4*r>o3l?P H. f imoi- Wo hue had a tetd > market 04a a today, a?<* ptiooo aro althout can go fnim laai ?r< ?a ? fiotaI'ooa 7De ial?t t-e amm-ted at bOHCbaet, of wbtcb 500 art od ?pf< Bia*iot, and 50C aro for ecp >rt. Livuroci. BHOAMirVPPfl If 4 HI tr. 1 jiaarvjuL Mar Oft at?P. M. Mauri. R Mikta h 'oat' rtrcol*r rape la tn Oaf a markit aft-a all ?'?l kr a ralotr otimero .t infl./i if ouyora, a 0.1 or whom bate to- mt tiro* irptuitairitiiMM bat baraaf afefe Toe beat trad* opaaad r?ry Ira, ad a oaaairt- rabi- ipaaii'y af Avorteao, at wail at ttkar tori , obaactd bam* at au odtaao* of 'id. par ba?btl 1 TOO too (|o<natt?'Bt of 1 bit tar wotb; ia aidittm lo oar loea-bdo latoftno d'ntato aoma paree* ?aro takaa f>r Irtiaau, aad tamo lor hol .mf oror (bo rarmord ia tkM dirrettoa hotg bctil? uoonood ta oprtog ?t> aga, law laapiea of botno ?h a am i'?'od lor *aIt aa*. aad rta iord |d to'id p r ,b Iba. ottT tho rate* of faoaday loot. 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