Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 15, 1857, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 15, 1857 Page 4
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4 THE BUBDELL ESTATE.. The Question of Mrs. < nnninghaa's hirriage to Dr. Burdell. Vni'any of *(fruita (ualigfeaa, Or. 1.0. tahl ju?4 Others. Br. rurdiI' Prove! to le n thefi'yrn the D-y of the ill god V rriage. V\vvwwvwwwv.vw the Tertiinony in Favor of the Xarriage Closed. | ift, Ac.. Ac. wNgata'i CmmarU ero e A. W. Awdiord, Eiq. Mia r??< tag' ta'j appttoaUoa for letters of edatais waa krougtl op U tb? Surrogate'a Oourl y eaterilny morakg, kt 10 o'otaok. Notwithstanding tk? p or ore Mrs of rain. the oonrt i oom wu opprMtrttr crowded, lie public had leaned from the pepere that the Www Onan'ogham wire k the oonrt on Monday, ?o may availed ikmwlrw of Ike opportunity to i?a tbrm, If paaatbie and gratify their cartoetty. If toe Margaret Aaf ne'a Ouakgbaa wee Orel oabed upon the eUnd, aad (key bad an opportunity at leant of aaetag her. OtoOM IXAJOXATION OP AUhTTflTA CUNNINGHAM CON T1NUBD. Mr TOdea cot tinned the oroee-examtnaMoa of thl wtlaeoa. <1 What were Dr. Bardellto babtu la reaped to hto c?b ag t t> ha parlor to el a ter the Use af the attrgi d Btr tog T A. Ha rerj ofea came la then, to~thh w?B.ntolt eh mom o'tbe eroaloga he epewt two of bto evaniiga. or parte of thaB, la my mo Barto bach room. 1 eaa't oay whether It wee la deptoutter O tobtr or Norew oer: be oat to the baok parlor to Be ere its g more than otoe, to my koow.edgo. W Did yoa teanfy be'ore the Coroner taat he nrrer name la to the back parlor to eft with the ft Btly V A. 1 (ten I fcnope wbat I terllSed be Bra the Oorenei; I can't remember what I aald, ar anything 1 (aid there ; tbe doctor began to beard wwh na oa the lit of Hey, or wooa we Brat loch I be hot ne, be left .net before Wre Voroe; mxc-r aid ate woaid not hero t itn la >bn bo one aar longer, be Boh am piai la th' bonan aom-Uotee after be (topped bear> lag mere; 1 lo not know where be weal to board ben be left ta; 1 eld not attend any batto lad wlater; I Aeidoc aome penlea. 1 don't reno-meer wbat I ttaitd ycaterfay about ay ?o?ber aleeplcg in tbe beak room aw tbe tbird awry iroa> tbe lat of May till the time of tbe Barrtege; 1 dot't (row that I aald tbe aiept there?ir 1 dh It wan motg; durirg that period mo.oor gaoerally ehp* Id thai >oom. wc?a aoa did no, dorp there the j itopt op aire witb aa, to the baok room aw the fborth boor, until Mr Eckel came; altar be came (be gift down In tbe ball bed roam by He doctor 's room; the alept there a week or ao; Bat ?ee dorog tfce time Mr. Eckel bad tbe back room; altar that abe alept ta tbe dooaor'e bedroom?tool la, af Mr tbe marnaec. Mr Citatoa btre dealred that another w-tceaa, a dlrao Br to the Artlaan'a Rank, abould be examined Ben, aa to a I real born; that bla examination weald not take t< aatoatee In Ike w (an lime .'unnicglium woald wan. Mr. TUdeo opposed ibc appiiottion, and upon eeuaulte Man between in* counsel, II waa >efunrd toitaris? So* oonuaata to nleep In toe dootor'a bedma (ill about Ibe toil ol Deoem lor; after that aba waat to tbc tblrd tiory !roat room, aad omuaoel to aleep Mara op t> ibe time of ibe doe or'a death; Bekel did aot aaaat mueb time la motbar'a room daring the peilod of Ik* marriage, be a peat bla ercnlega wlta bar, aoatetimea I 0 Ino you say b*lore ibe Ooroarr that be (Eokei) only wrat bare to tend Ute birder A. I benure ( did; tnat I wae Ibe <aaaoo be west there? fCl'.atoc?Tne Ciroo >r Mid thai l.o ,Eck<l) was a bl/d bunacifj?the nujM-lty I at tba blrda e?re is mother's rocato, there were eiitees I ar eereoteea birda I tbiab; tba ma were 001 sale it/ u bket'e room ol too itaao at the dootor'a death; ibo/ ware mowed in there a'torwnrde? tney were there dn*mg tba to gore'; I aid aot bare mich oonrerantioo wttb the doo tor about Ibo marriage after it took pieoa; I had some tbaugt?bo spoke to at# about that da/, 1 olio a a poke to me?a i r aaout it Q Ota yea state la /our (luminaltea before the Cirossr that be wedding took piece after the ml staler re karaed T om as erenmg meetingr A. I don't kao * Umt 1 did, I doa't romambo* that 1 ntd not Q. Ind ) on state taat tae mtblator oaate In about attbt r'aiees aad aaU bo bad to go to a pruyar mraitag, and 1 in would -ome book to ua hour or aa boor aad a naif, ao ooula bo book from tba meetttg bad perform ih< oe reasoe) r a. It waa tba doctor auto mat. be add be bad eat ad at the minister'a booaa to ibo morn tog, ana at the torn* re (tba dootor) appelated, the at sister said be bad aa engagement. out that be woald u# at bom# aetweoa a*ght see ataeo'cJoofc, aad perform too oeromoay, if taat woald answer Q Did you. tfeea, whoa before the Ooroaar. answer " ws earns book to aa boor a?d a baUT" A I waa to onto a slats of aiwtemeai I hardly kaoe what I did any. Q Ware yea torn asked, "That woull bring you btoi there si s or ?H o'clock." and you soswi red, ' about toot t'me r' A. I dent know what Nald whoo I waabetore tba Ooroaar; I waa to such a condition 1 oaa't re amber One of tba oouaee for Mrs. Casalagbam aald that be waa portoatly wiutag to admit taat ton wuaeai bsd ao paaatlswioa of what was said before toe Coroner, and U?a\ where ber testimony torn does oet agree wita It ut proa ml toe apposing eaaaaal shoaid hare the advantage J It. to a sen i aaw too marriage eertrOnate aei. snoruiag Mm ibo wot dui| mother tbewtd ti to me to too iroot roow on the u rd atory It was ruber 19 o clock or after, aamewLare aboet that rat I deal know where that " * ' I ?' r- I ft. BIT IU Kafl 1 UlaK I ?l? It NM Of . rm a lar Its brfort u>e domor'a d?a-b. n waa la tba .ma roria m 'tbrr bad It . I itaat bnoowbataM waa fog wttb b. Itaooraar rtmi'b mad tha Oorowar pat vba uaaaixu a ia aaa wbaa 1 waa r xamtnod baiara tb? Ooronar Baamarr dmub 1 batirre aaard mm taa am. 1 doo't baa* tbat latatrd'boraaaaa tetbaGorep<w'a)ar> * im daalor waatrd tbaaaarrtagabaptaacrat; laoa'tbt < U 1 aatd b* laid, "lvoptr ronld laugh at PNa;" I luf awti to'd m to ( doa'i kaow tbat I aald u? donor MatMat aaybiag a beat the ma/ r lag a, ar tba roa M or kraptac it a aro at naroftba onoaarl for Mri (^aaatBghain ag?la aalJ Mb* tf>* ? aara all tag to admit that lb# wttaca dia't fwptrrwkiaa aayth'og Uai aba aald bafora tba H' Eaalmaa thrra tba herniation la tbta fem and a'l Ma aoaaatl for tba ooauaiiala agroad to It ?It la adaait M if aa rrapartrrr ooaaaal teat tba objoouoaa ma? aaabaaiot acyiblor tbat Jtagaata or Balra Oaantaghaa may aara ttaird b?io?a tba uoroorr aa Ml? aa If tba? baa baaa apwctfleait? latarrogatac oo rub aeparala qooa aa Mr Cllatab orf of ' to rmbraolag M*a Baton Cob ibfbaa ? ib Aagoatb, aa tba Mrm?- baa baao aararai? ma aad apna all tba potata laclaaad ia tba adaiaaid* MM oa ) all a a waa agroad to. Win art?my m-xar r too* tba booaa 31 Baad Uraet aa Ma 1M c f Ma? Mat Q Old aba bopp aa? laaaa far It f Mr Orntao?Oar rnomoat, air, oar momaat. ] tow wbbdraw a?? a'lr a taboo Tbat mauar waa am bam an la bar taatimoo? bafora tba Oaronar, ao ?ao bora baabaa Maagnamaad* Mr TtMoo iaid tba |aaaltaa waa npoo a wittor am baamd ia tbo tmtdaa'a at tba wttbraata tbiacaao bafora Ifo fnbi-o dr mtatatra or Tkt mm mid umi to* ?mito* anus* bad mm ?r**d *p? o*,y r*?*rr*d to mktaf to* *mm *mi Mm mid Wi to* Gor?*r, km aba oaatd (till (i* qam MaaM ? IM *h# to? W?N MM, km t *l ? ? wtu iM ib? mid ik? iMa ?mw-I ? act kaoa vbm * mm* w? wbaa 1 ?? kitoi i lb* Qr?r? *M*raM It ?m awiM?t I ? if*i to* *ff?ai?( *r toarn by watob metoer bto to* b? 0 ?*r# y? pr?ac; wb? toe i*m?m am?, or agr?meal m | on ?ll ttf Wunrm brahmed. to? aa*ar*r*ft_.| totak ! am re* mm. it**, vw ? toar b?.i*>j*. a*id, ?, air, I d?'t totok 1 *u pne *1. 1 bar* imd >b*t ?. I 4? I r* member tb* Mtp* I reed n; I tbtob I r?d l? aa? *r lab* I do* t aa?llr remember bo* am*y inmee, n ? befar* in* doowr'i de*to; dca'tkboe bw mti w?i i mimh a; ahitow U *?- bmu brer* *r >a* mmtoe 1 <* *k n am la *mh?- - room, m Ibe Ibbd *W? J morber eeb? a* to r?d H Idea* k?*o or **? parpoa* 1 do aot mmto ami?r I mad N to ayaelf or ato*d; 1 tbtak N mm *>mH. I ? aol remember of mohmk ? etiamratu? *b?t too to*?. or tool Me meite a*y to me: I tbtob 1 fere to her *fior ro? w| t?, but do aoi kbea, I una Ms kepi a ta ber deal " ma M la there an? I ay a ad too ink moo a? eaked me to rmd ii ome or km too; I ? am lea ai.otaer W aaa ttf nad or aoi 1 da aat k?*a ? bet ber at bora ihm am aif*ed to 1, *r a briber tL* abMor'a aat. I tblab tooro aaa ?ma name fcaed # H lb' af ibe h?abbl tor Mm Otaatofbam ob-aatod to *?(UaiMf to* a Hem apoa la* room?a of to* MM* rnytof mm W *ll irratrraal oalem ha opp? tie ? taaei totoadrd to pmr* ib*i *b (art Oaantrgtma) tergal Ute amm* al Dr Bureau *p? w?*i taatrrm? i Mr fiidm mid It am r*ier? t ta*< he d'd not latobd ta arrro tar a?f*m* of too ome. not m"t>r if It a*a tpaed ?d toot aortag Ibe am* of ?*a alleged manage to* B*k*r held to* bo*? **d*r that ram, t**l bee ?laaw* aito dem*'*d a? not ta*t of aito and beamed b*t tb*? of mm u* to*?' ?d wot Mr* Cmatafi* a r*a partto*tor **e*t holding to* *? ? <o.?o* tmt lance toad *be am bar li>(Mrr to r?d w tao a?ami name. Mr (flat? agb'd ohjenfd m the qeart o* ei being ? err rant?'bat ft had aatetag to do e'tk t? Cam Mr TMgfe did tot pre ?e tbe qoeoooo fort bee Water*?1 dob'I rMMmm ef tmttfyiag aafitr* toe to otfer thai a abort tlma Mfaro Dr Barde'l'e d.mth I me t*e lemo bad tb*< to*re am ? a?re ta it, t a?', r. neaker eay Ihtag ehwat H 0. Pa yea t?iify turn yo* raad H (to# to ami oaar a a*"' or tan before to* decker'* dm?h? t. I daa't ra meat*, r test i ?u. fj rM tm taait'r aa to tbe Mitmb of thai mm! A. I ? t bar a tori 1 did. (* tbd yma tantfy thai to*t Imm bad a* ar ting ? Uta bar*' A Id? 't ramemtwr toa* I did g DM yea t-enfr u to a ber* t" r aiotbar kepi UtM toae. * to? t maeir.ber thai I ail; lb?rtikal tear* ?? tome eigtoaity beta?a my mother aad Or. Bar?II abaci Mae pepe- Ibe air' a"? Ml htr* Ml my afewr tad ma about it. I a? i r*meabe what Mm* it m? aba Mid me dea l kaea aaatoer it ** ia Jaao, laly or da* am I no* > ?oa ?f **y diBWufty la to* fern ? ? I? aaiardei pr?io? to tb* dor or a daa?, a* a?r ** ? I ?ma doaa auira to a** atoibae. ?d toe doator peahen am ?t *f to* ran *. I a?i ?a* toam I tip tapper* d ami bee agb< be la that roae? d?'t kaoa aby I ? i.peeed ibe m>gn be there; ai.e am toeee free*aat Ip, aad I mtfbi her* a> oju?d the ? m w re ? thai e**t.oB< I ome d?aa and oaad to* a tor , m**d to* ***** ?'*? the d*or t ae*t to far miegfc m amm turn m*ib*r am ib*re 1 totak a am to* tot rday bedore j NTS1 the doctor wm killed; tkn doctor posted u? Ml; ?teS? *u null f 01 iks doctor's desk, whisk stood hp tte wall i*or lbs door; bk>tber com out sad ssksd moif I was hurt; I soat know whether sae thosght I was hart or ad: that was the first difficulty that happened ostwosa as aid mother aad the dootor; Iters was setae difflou'tj betweeo ike doctor aad mother ta regard to M's TUliams or a tetter wbuh Mr Vail had rscsirad from Mrs bi for* tn? (footer's death wee about; Um doctor did sot lay anything when to poobod ooooatof the room; 1 lo't remember wbotber ho locked the door whoa ho pcahtd mo oat; I weal op main and mother went beak 11 tato Use room; 1 did not make any oboorratten to the doctor when be puabed mo oat; m? mother salt noihler to m* ab<ut It, to my recollection: 1 doat think I ohould know my metaer'e handwriting; 1 think I ahoold know m> own; 1 would know the dootor'e P ?xbib k No * waa then skowad oilmen, who nM? rbu ii not my handwriting; 1 don't know whether It la mother' er tot Tte wi'nreo a aid abe did aot know whether the atgaa tore in exhibit No. 1 wai ber own wrtttng or not- She aid the lor y or llllag In of exhibit No. 1 waa la Doctor Bore ell' baedwrUlog. The oooorel all admitted that tha handwriting lb the boty ol tbo c be oka and release. aaaigamoat and note (the t) aire la the handwriting or Or BurdeU Wlterii?1 don't know tbot 1 bad aay ooareroatlOD with ny alitor about the dlOloulty with Dr. Bordeli on th?* Batui&e? prev out to hie death. Mr. Edwerrs?Were you preient when yoar mother 3ret beerd ol ibe death il Dr Burden* A 1 was, sir; we were id the front room on the third ttoor; 1 don't know what lime It waa; It wee after breakfast; we her breakiaet be .?e?n tight and cine o'clock. 1 doe't know trat mother made any exclamation; 1 don't kaow tuat 1 made any; from the let of May. 1805, op to ibe (locor'a oeatb, 1 had do regular duties to perform In the bouse; I would oitrn help to arrange the doctor's rooms, bu: no. ibe rooms ol any ooo else; I hare nerw b< en dlreeted to write letltra for aiv mother; I have n?ver elgned brr nemo: ny m< Iber generally spout bor Sabbaths wrto be rooter; ?he was not In the habit of going to rburob ibe doctor sjert his Sahbatbs genera ly Id bin room; I don't know how long It has beeu iibco my mo her went to church regularly; I we* ai borne rn New Tear's day receiving visiters; ibo doof>' was not at home an that da*; I waa preseot with m? mother when Mr Marrlae visited her at ths Tombs; I don't know whot my mother Mid louaor n?MMr ?bn h? Drat wont 1b; 1 know they talk aomalhtng abool ihe cent urate g. To tbo boot of yonr belief, wbat did be My aVrat It? Use of Ute counsel for M>n. Cunningham objeotet to tbe question, and ieahed to know what tbe counsel .nlaoded to prove by It If tbe testimony of Mr. Marvtne oa this dcu t ?as collateral tbey cooiu not ask any question* about 1 from any cne else, and if material the question booId be direct. Tbe furroya?r ruled tbat tbe sonnsel for tbe oovtastanti f-onlo a*k tbe witness siy question* be desired aoont tbe conversation and ooourrencea tbat took piaoe on mat o> raslon Wttnesr?I don't remember what Mr. Marvtne stated; 1 don't remember an< tbing be stated, anything particular, tbere waa another womtn there best lea myself and mother; 1 don't know who she waa; 1 have eeen ber be tcre Mr Clinton again dealred this witneas to stop a few mlnctta. so at to let btm txsmiie another witneaa, who was anions to go away Toe nppllot. loo was denied Witness- 1 bare a??r that womsn before, attar bowse t was after tbe murder of Dr. Bardel; sbe earns tote the front room, third story: 1 never saw her before tbat: 1 am snre ] never d'd; mother did not tell me ber na<o?. Mr Marvtne was In the room, snd this womnn also wher I went into (be room; sbe eosversed both with mother snd Mr Msrvtrs; I can t say wbltb tint; I don't r?m?m ber wbat tinsel wmt to tbe Tombs tbat morning; I think I asked my sister Helen osoe wbat ha name of this wo an waa. snd sbe old mo but I don't remember what It at; tbe nsme of the matron at mo tomba, where mother la, la lira Mr *C)t?ten? What waa yonr condition at tbe time wbea yen beard of tbe doct t's deem' K. 1 swooned Mr Tllden iben abowed the with ess exh'bli No 6, and aakea wboae writing It waa I She replied that she old not think it was ber motner'a or her owe. Mr. Tildes? T?io note is directed to Mr. Christopher Hempstead, Fla'bosh, L. 1. Hs.cyon an nnclebyihat name ? A Y?s. sir. ? Q. Where does be live? A. At Fwtbosh, Long ii'.snd. TkRriWONT OF DB. PAhir.L D. SMITH. I Dot lei D. Smith wan than oslled by Mr. Clintoo, snd being sworn, tald? I live at 26 Bond street; 1 am a pby aleisB and dentist; am 48 year* old; 1 know Dr. Harvey Bnrdell; know btm for about three years prior to bis death: I saw him on tbe 20th day of October last, in tbo morning or afternoon, at tbo la/largo Hon to; it was at table J taw btm be was sating break .at I or dinner; 1 hiak it was breakfast; I waa stttisg at anotbor table; I noticed a gentleman sitting on lbs nopo lta sloe of me ball; did not know bun at first, tboogb bis tier sewed familiar; be aad change 1 -cseMernbty wbllo I waa away; 1 bad been absent Is Korope tin mentis, be did sot wear a mcoalaobe wbea I ' <elt, at d b's whiskers were not so dark aad 1 think they b*d been dyed; 1 recohaetod a minute aad recognised htm m He. horded; be bowed to me; 1 bad somaooorerasUoo with aim Id so lately after tsavtag tbe teste; be lsqn'red very partlenleriy abool my Knropeaa towr and rtmarbe" that be bad ??ire tntemlcn nf going to harope ti??e!f. I sfked rim whin; he ss'd la June, 1 asked why rot go tb> n. ss U was a good season to visit the south ?f 1 snd be answered that bm bostocss ratatloae were sorb tbat be eould not; I asked h'.m If be waa going slrae. be tstd no some laaica were gotag witatlm; I bed previously heard ktm speak ooaiemptooaly of wemen, so I raid doctor are yoa g tag to got sarrleo"' ba lanjmsd a necuhar laugh aod made ao rrpiy. by watch 1 understood tbat bo was .oKg to get manioc, he naked me to eo?e aed eae him asd tell b m shoot m? rurop?*n tour at another D " me: 1 fr<l.aoataoa wbieh I saw I t Rnrdeil at .be Lafsrge lionse as tbe SOta day eg October. boeanse 1 ar nvid sere from In ope in the City of Btl.imorw an tne ^ tbtb of Osfcbor. aad tn's waa tb? ner> morrlng; 1 dtd ret know M s Cnsaingbaw prevlsna to the drstb of 1r n durocli. 1 bare only aer oem, and tbnt wan nftar tbsd>a?botDr Burdeli. Witsrat crors rssBiiaed by Mr Fdwnrdn?lto did not a1 fed mt em tee bStn of ueteber that be wm married, nor c. did be tell me in our after oon rcraauoa tbat us was mar rlad. ? To Mr TUden?; saw Mrs Cunntagbam la the otty ' rneoa. 1 weal ibete to grouty tbe eartettT of on Knguaa adj , ] bod torn* oo?Tf ot'on wttn her; I arrtwrd ta J Ratuwore tm ike Otty of Ba.uaore. Gapi. letek. I cum ra from B?H'more oa ike ? ruing of tee 2'ua o October "imimowf o? bccilbt t. botro*. i Mr. Buck Icy T Bec to3 wu Utca oalied by Mr CUatoa tad hel eg daty iwora, eatd?I to Brook Ira, at No lift Felix (tract; I am la thejeorlry baiiarai to '.bio m?y;ikeew Dr. Horny Hordeil for (la mtalhi bia draib. I am a director In the Arlieaai'Baak, eoJ kara b<ro from lb" c trmrooemenl of ".? iletoaoe to Ibe preacat time ha (T>r Fiardell) wm e'10 e Hrealor of tko ArtUeco' Hetk. ! raw aim at ifce baak ou need ay, tko 2fttb if Oriobe* laat. ebom tea o'clock at raae'.iaf of ike r. erd cf fn-reiTe: there we- a die air eNool the It affair* tf tbo bark, ta wbi-b be took a part, rataar a promtaect put I tair.a bo iait tbo baa* hot*000 tko kooro of o'croa and tooiro, aa that oar tko aooal it mo fj* War lag; I ootid aot bo mtataken that It wee Harvy Rrraall, 1 aoat taw btm tre the aiat of Oriobor, it befog dm coaat day mo atteadod tko meeting of Ike H v< of Ik Tirtora on that day , Croat eratr j?*d by Yr. Tildoa ?Q Why do yea rooolloot tho 2kto and Siat cf Ortober la partloular f \ I 1 1 fooi'eoi ibrm toooanaa Mr. Fraeo>, ?ba vloo Pre- , a traderrd bo raalgoaitoa oa ibe Ittb. and tbo die .0 , ootbasatb vaa la rclaitoa ta that Dr Horded .ma t d< wa that moraiDg brtwerc and FOX o'Noci tbo , iiaetra tbat day wao a beat tko oiaal length. Mr ffroaor t oaovaoad to art op to tbo 14ik, bat aag after tkat. i did ( doi a*a tba doctor again tbat day; I aoltom taw bim , etirc at ike bank 1 loekee at the m natoe darteg Ibe a Coroaar'a lametigeuoa, aad Mr Bard* 1'a ntaae waa oe , bo mwotro; tba aamo of erory ilrtdor m pot dawa ra , 1 bo miastao wboa bo to preaeal at a mediae of tha board 1 would bare bora able ta moo ted Ike . ale ?f ike dodor't keiag ike re wtteoot ike 1 mtaatco, bet would ad bare eora aoFo to do , It acuta I kit* ibe date of ta# rwgee'bjo of the j V100 Fr.aidaat I dea't rendied ike doetor bo , iwerr ii ii and 2Mb of moker , Mr Odoton rated that b? had latrtdorw-i aom? watt , meay that atrtrt.a thnoui bare beta in trod oo -4 aa rabo*ttag uwiiomay. bin aot kooolog thaomieo? tba oppoaiag oeaaaei titacdod la portoo, be deemed h alrtoahie to do to Ho ?o*M hare latrednoad tooeh mom wwanooey, hot bo bad thin t tract wltaaoaao of Mia marriage, and t o dtt to* drain to aocomalate teeUmooy A* 'Tarda f Or Brver a leallmrry, be oatt'd bore orrerai we**a to bo tiamiaed, aod ton bad bo go home Aa bto looumooy \ e moro atrtotly rrbettiirg, aao hare not raited htm. Oet 1 1 t'l ao ritoy to do ao wboa olo toet.moay to roq tiro*. ' a at til soar root oar eaoa Mr Tlidao?IT we ore to jodgo of tho teetiwooy of Dr aploor (i lm aabol boa born made pjb a, tt-al Ittimw; oiaat bo tatrodnerd bnore I bay root. If ih?y do tttla tbry not bare b?a bera no Tuoeday oor. aod nam ae ' t'b hrinra ao apro oap raaa Mr. Cfatoo?Wo bare aboodaoce of loailmoay here that waoao fo oo with '?H it to meraiy ooeimiUotira. we rao |e? the *eattmo?r of oorera' partioa 'ibo that of :tr Pmtth pre nag that Or Bardatl oa1 deia-ed bla to Irottne ad |o>ag to Karnoe auto onoa agraetele lodtoo. oatrb tor mo were tbe claimant aod her tearotev We ' eeaid f> totr? that ?to<t af i rev terra p to acy largth I Caaaael for Mra IcnB'npam?We hdvo f d a "dm n.tatior op i the court* or |> o>f to bo ?tc.nri In tb'.a raata Wa?a wo haro d'rem proof of a '-carriage ao-l ' direct proof & ua dratli) of tba p-?'Ue?, aa ib tfeta met, >' we do aot aeek in latraioor or oceawelato ootiotoral too * t'mooy, bat let M real on the direr* teettmooy ff Mr. Y Par * It e ena'd hare ia?n directly to tho idwtly of 10a 1 torti?a at eicald rare rea.ed our saaa taora. cot atom t ba eon d an* we he-a hrooyh. rarti?a who oeitd, ?od oo > tl at we rati tbe oaao arfrtly, wtthect gulag toto on'iate * oi proof f Mr. Ctteioo aa d be bad la trod coed oorte teoflmouy t o near e that Py Bnrdeil wain A# etty at tbe tIM o t the mar ate, h-cer.e- thet'-foer rr-tended U? bore ' Wattle 'rem era cge ta prore ffa the dimior wad * there or the *Mh cf <>ov>bor Tbe teen -iopy r-ao rather * rebetUnt, 'bonpa t Mr Ttldoo want# J tbo oonnoal fbr tbe ela)mailt to lo H troaaeo ail tbrb t#ettm?ay accept what w*a atrtitfy re a butttci bain, npy. Be wanted their ea>e to be biwad 1 eebra it waa oUtaed. and oot weoo ba draw eat aaw tana to haro wttaeaar-a traoght oo tbe otaed Uabape tfiatr tea a tim-ny t> meet the mw 'mire Tho ? ia?ot for tbe i atolmaot ttoe retted thtlr raore. a?e debet# fn Hewed I a hoot tbe t,mo V wotch |fo rate aboaM bo aajtai moil Mr M*erdo weoted It to bo Mjoaraed Mil Maaday oo?t tl to at bH# htm ' (?; wiiaeotea who aro oot of Ibo etty b atanbd tbe o'a'vaot had eioaed bar eaoe ount eoooer tl tbar he nrreet'd 11 e oo aoool oppooed tba applrootl'H t for bdjonrrmeat I'll Moedop. g Tto harrofata aeoaed ba bad dadleatod tbta whole weak to tbta moo. aod tho prooaoro of ttoateooa m C bit at oo woo on great bo oootd oot agroa ia poot poao tho earn fee tbe not af tbe week, bat i oo Mr TIMoo bod loot o rwotlro od watted to atteod tbe * 'aee re I oo Wed ore ay, bo word bdjoara tbo oom Mil n | Tbartday. at It a aloet A M. Tbo aaarootaota will tbao < o.eo roe y eoao Tbe wo do ' ! am a dtotl'lrr or ma-nrlbetorer of Itoetd k dra b '' wfcteb apoaatw! 's tf d twt'-wooy or Mr War * W YORK HERALD, WED artoa tr iki earn af Qmm Omwi (m n^nM la cetrrder'n Hmuuil. vara Ml oaed ay Mr. HMrata rbaa teotfytna (ha Ooraaer'a tagaoal la ranrl ta la i?l>. bat with rrthreaoe to Mr. Onaal^haaa. the baa aid of Mra. Cunningham Mr Oaaatagbem via U?. 1 miliar. aa* Mr HHdretb aa stated aa bta aiamtaaUoo i . dag aAarwarda that ba vaa " a maanlhotarer a< ttfold alb." Supreme Court? Special Tim, I Mora Hob. Jndga Sanaa rail. I B TBS WIDOW OMS OF TBS MBIT OF UN TO HSR ? HUBBARD 7 | Ann 14.?The Mmrekmm' Auttraace Owapaay m. Midi | wi H Bitmm md wif*, tmi UUn?RooaaraH, J ? fb j laintlC's claim la una dad aa a boat of ThoauaLaels, | readscd, for $3*,Odd. Although neotrrd by a mortgage rblch baa bean regularly foraaloaad, a large balaaoa, ai ceding 17,COO, reaulaa uaaatMOed; aad it la Isolated thai ba wldew.aa well aa the other aasl of bin of thaaeoaaaec nortgngor (bla perrona oetato baying aaa dlyldod mong tbom) are bound to rafbad to tba extant ol the itamttff'a claim Tba widow aad bar aeoend boa ban! bt baying married again, demur to the demand, and tba* da It tba nllt gallon made in tba oowplaint, that they ra eiyrd, or rathtr tint aha. u widow of the deceased lnlei He, received of me personal aetata tit. 1CW a ana aa nil be seen (really bejoad what la aeoewary to mo? Da reqolitd oon'ilbullon the oaae, thereto*, preoeoti bo alalia qoai lion, whether a widow, who bu r ceWeri lar distributive abara or her deoeeaed hoi band's parson* aiaio, ia. under any ctroumataooea, boond ?? law to re end? Wb< re a party dlea la tea tat a. the statute provider 3 It 8 90) that " iba aorplua o' bta personal aaula re naming after payment of debts, abaU bo diatribnted U lie irtdow, cbt ores, or next of bio " Creditors, there are, before a dtitrlbntlon. It la ot vinos. have lbs pra> aim la law aa la moral bonraty. Does the faot of dla rt&u 'cd, an Tar at leaat aa the widow to ooooaraed. dr troy tbeir rights, or, ?nmb la the aama tbloa, depri** bem ol all remedy? In caaa aejr suit a hall be brouab< ipoii a claim wbtob aball not bare bean preaootod to the idmlnlatrator of o deceased ptrsoo wit 110 atx months rem the first publication of the aotioepreaortbed by law I la provided (IKS. 8b) thai aocb administrator abal >ot bo chargeable for any aaaata ho may hat o paid 11 la naklng dtatrtbailon to tbo next of kin, before such oil waa commenced;" " bat aay creditor (aoo. 06) I bo may have neglected to present bla olaiaaa may i lOtwitbaieodlBg, reoovor the earns, la the manner pre . eribed by law, of tba next of fcka of tba daoaaaod 0 whora any naada iball have boas paid tr diatri I >ntcd. What, tbea, la iba manner piaranbod by lew, | 1 J who are tba next of kin intended to be made Ha >le ? Act'ons (say a tba atatrte re relating the reenedlee if credit or a la tuch oar a) -galist "iba next of kta" o' iay deoeaaed peroon, to ;v ivar tba ve aa of aay total* bat may bare been paid to Uwm, may be brought egtlnii my of the "tail relatives" Jointly. or one or m^ra o( btm. lor iba amoint received by each af them (IKS. ibl ) And eo allowance or dadootlon a to bo made oa iroonnt of there bolng "other relatives" to waom ovoou lavn alao boea delivered. Botaayoao "of toe next o ill" io made liable may mala lain aa aolton against "a I he other relatives of the testator" woo may bare re wived aay portion of (be sate a, or acatnat aay af them epa?eteiy. "lor a joat and oeual contribution." It wtl tbna bo teen that bo term "aaxtof kia" In tbaae fovlalont la net used In itaetriot aenao of blood re's I vet, but whb the mere en'arged meaning of "ail rem I via" or t be testator "to whom toy aetata shall b?rc >e?n paid " The legislature woold anpetr to have had la riaw tot to mncblbe kinship aa the relationship, be ii bat of blood or marriage, wbWih constituted, In the eyooi t e law, a btaia for tba olalm to a distributive share The ibllgn ton waa attached to >be right?toe burthen ko the icentv Numerous Inataauea of tba jadictal nea or the term itxt cf kin, in tbe seme Inoioaied, will be found cited b> ounael In a oaaa la 18 Vetey, 80. all tba anibrrulaa? nil cngb romewhat ooafllrilag in otnar raopeoU?agree n ibis that <ba words may be to tc prated la that awn ' tba contrxt if tba statute or Inatromeni wield aaam tr vquire inch an interpretation. Now there, Is no ronton >be neat of tffoMmg tbo provision that tba *ldov aa ell aa tba other relatives of decerned persona la only to bo the aiieta "latuaming after tb*> payment of debts," leapt by tbe cou> tract tea contended for. Suppiae a *ra, not of onfreqnrrt neourranoa. In wblob tba widow 1 .0 matter bow large tba ratate, takea the wwola?la auob Mr, rniria ana cm ai mace iiao aa a rciaweo or mi f ki?, the cradtto', In toalre mootha af'?r hia dabtor'i areata rray M wholly ramailkaa Su .b t iUiuK o1 mllanon*, with do aavin( la faror ol abwaimor minora, r ticitraj or aooidtat, wootit oe too r<(oroa? for eaearboo. No Lrf lilsta-o obi otd bo protaatod to bar# ao ax 1 cited tiapowir. b?r owa rtabta. a loo. m woUhUm pbta of bcr laabaad't oradbora, raqofa that tba widow >onid ta lomr reapecta at raav, bo iraatad a* oaa of hia ixtefkla. daoa?otbar taataaoaa. tbaaKtoaofapproiaa rot ta aa>y rr quired to ba teryad oa tba aozt of hia I K. 8. >). The right to demand aa aooonnitag la oaa sid to tbe oredltora and "next of kla;" p ft Tba tbt to bo ol ted ta atiaad aa ano onUnc ta limited to tba creditor! aad arzt of htap. M Oaa It ba preeuaed m U>a widow Mm g generally tba terror, end nar tor a Ike aola tataraat la tba epprabemont or aoooaaUag, aa lntibded, ta tbaoo proriaiont, to ba aattraiy oror itaat A ca'e'ol tzaaitaailoa aad oonpartaoa or Uto Unrest net I on a of tbo aerrrai <iatatoa oa tbo aobjoot are tod no to tbe conelBalaa that tbo term " next of a" a a tunrtlnoa uaad aa ooiapnbeadlaf Uto widow, nd tenet.met an eonira dtetlagalihod froai bar , that ittr troa meaning, ta eay Rtreo laa aaoa, autt dapaad poo it a ft, text and tba cooa qneaooe aad tbat, la tba r - n m' re raHftiir j oaorr ftoeloereti-n, aba waa iirocrd to tw embreoed la tba earn# maeaar aa otbet eiitaa reoelrtr g por ttoaa of too raleie. Ixaturrar orar ikd, aad Jad|n*at for pleinoft, with ooata. 9 Defora Hon Judge Clarke liaiL 13? J, tn and #*"'Vr af. Wm H gt ait ami art ker ? Dennrrer nrurrrled, with Utterly aaivrr la twang ilava on pay nr at of ooata o< term Irm LancvtmK y it. fiiWr and mkri.?J odg re for the dtlrnaeata. wlib ooata. An.mtntn TitMU to. Jot. blunt, Se ? Oampialit dia itrou aa ta Bon b Ctovar. aad lane ordar ta ba aa r?d aa that ta behall of def.ndeui. Rieal i'kilip R. < mkt, twrn'. w Sc. to Jrkn (J llt;gim wad ?c?r- ?Odrrod to b? Nhrtd in Mocrtuee with da mid, ?t? to iMdf tbe (T?Dl (Jrderi ?a caAra deeted at "pee'-al T?rm moat ba eat ed vlthla tbrte ray* thereafter Judge Clarke will at id e*?ry mcrttty, ?xe?pt tbunrday, at *X 'otoah, tor at purpeee CnCUTT. Brl.-rr Boa. Juage Dartea. AI *11 14?J'kt, /'u?< W? o. fJU ,V>? fork F.mKangt ' at.?lata waa an acttoa breoybt ay plataUO tor tba *tuy or'er ire statute, tor eelllay uootirreat toretya ?ak Mile at a greater rata a( dtaoaaat laaa allowed ay i? (*> txotina. tta oa*e aai arresud aa tba foUotrlac r? otte r ? That iba act of 1111 ya?e do r<gbt to aa ta orantr to p?eca?<l aad that taa Attorney (tat oral waa ta* aly party entitled to ana, tbat Uta bt la erbloh defeodeaw divert tot aho?D to be bills of tec treoretad Daubs, mt tbe o.'ari ta tbr bank Dad do anthortty to wake th ia>ebate, at i tbat tt was not above Ibat Uta bit la war* at it., u at par Thirty day* war* atkrwad tta pialatl:. le make a case or General Tatai. araat Oaart, PrPre Boa Jedye fbomgaoa. Iran 13 ?TV .Ivrtri of Cka -r^r af /tt rtnomt da Fmu) a. (baft* Far* and Harba Xadnad Oaaaaay.-Tkh etta la brn (hi to '.oarer dawayea far deae t* iroperty ef taa ptaatlkk by the dsfleadeeta. Oa (be ran lay of tke 11th of peoember leet e aerraal of Ua xatett.ia wee attawp lay to ereaa ue ranraad traok la oortb itnm at ntty Itaarta street, rrtak a haraa nee rayon batet rat la tbe platan (Ta after be yet betweaa be awe traaka. e ?tay to tbe and eo idtttoa at tbe ereae. 4 tbat polat be raaM ta e dead bail aad waa aaaeta ?*> i/oraad Wbl'a la tbta preeieeneot a trala of aara o* jrr?, ibe looeaetfre baorktay .a# way an ta atowr a t rgbt'y tejartay tba berae Taa wayaa eaa loaned n -i rue lee nateb Dad beea parebeeed far tbe Vetera of C-? wd MMWM of |r*>M oolho. tutor. m< 1 ?o |ili?n of oootwoo whtoboy, o* ib? t?Im oi |M tt ho ootnokoa ooeorron oboo* dot*. hot ol fnc wdoo t > .crto u< woyca ta'rbi bore booo mob by im ?f v the MoomoCto la ila* to nop tbo trolo ood oootd tbr ?Miil Bot tbo trola Old oot ttop eotll ibo wofoa wo- , ill. Tbo ?m<? woo mi iron datuoftd. M<l woo wool" ll<? Tbo boroo woo lojaoodtotboeiloatof 160: etr. d Or op of ibo boroo for two wooko IN 'oioi doMot- < ?f. 44, for wb'.tb tea tbo Ooort |?ti )?igMeat Rnforo I loo. J?4|0 MeObrthy tod o Jury. MOitmu ot. Hvk* ?Thlo woo u act ton hroo?bl to re , tor ibo ooloo of Ibroo eooki of pon try wblob wort iao4 no tbo Sltb of Fobroory loot by ibo dofoodoat oi triltb Woodeo Of tbo Third word OB aooooat of tootr >olaf oawaotrooao aod dor>|?roao to tbo paoite boottb V Ml ooo Mod oaoo boiooo, wboo tbo jo?y UUod m 'OO A frool deal of now trod totory tmttmnoy tfti 100, ood tbo Itooo woo prooootod to Mio j?ry by ? Hoorlo <nr tbo piolBHir ood Mr ?iiooi?na Mo tbo a Taa jory.gaflrr m abaoaor of 1wt? ?* aa iov, bra of hi la a rardlef far tao dafradaat. Naval irf iim? > . Oharloa OrowaiL, at dtaary aaamaa. waa trial by aoort rttal oa baarl tbo UMwd dtatoa taaiaab'p W?>>*ata. oa I '-itaday laat, rba Mb lartaal, for atnblag Midtbtpaaa. ' Modgrti, aid waa fboa 1 gatlty, bat baa rot jot raaalrad >M MMrtM At tha prtaooor hoara tat tor u naoorlo birr iuI'ob la tb? aarnr* ba will vary probably ba aaai 0 iLa "tat-- prima. agraaabiy to la# ororupoa* of t?o < iow law, wbtob ailowa poraoaa to bolattroorrwl la drl' Ma wbo bo?a roioa of tbo a?vy far aw rcforrrd to waa r?ad lor tbo oraw of tb? WabMb at bo ooooinotoB of Oawoll a trial. It .a gooorally baitoroo , a aar *1 a'tolaa that tbo aoto oaaar fbr tau'n<a? tfeo ? >oob ot tblo port, la ta aoau tbo aoo?ww or fblioro of tbo iopara*? trial trip la oaoo tbo Niagara fa'ta It to toil ' bo If. will tab* bar plaoo for tbo antgaat-'.aa totograpb nwaioa Mraatlaio tbo aoMiaaoat eoa'otf** rtaa aa to real raaaaf will anooapany tbo N.?tara. aba ' ororoo fb> M arlattppi waa trat -watiod bat boa aloro >o?a ordrro* 10 prrpro for 0?tat, tao tfrt rfiwao boa I >oov ab o aattod a* Hboly to ft to Kagload bat wo aro < 1 potwoMloa of a lottor froai tbat roaaol otattag that M nil tab* at >00>t two BMbi m mabo bar aotoortby ( Obai n>ua- Uo brgiiab tbiab of oar prooraatlaattoa f Tra fngato will go Into tao dry amp aa tooa , tbo ViDorrnr# la ropalrrd. wbno tbo oaw frgato Negeo will ba loft h?f ?1" ?ba rota Tao ft baa a or or or a to ??a f ipt Kmb, I abrd fttetre Martaoe, wbo aow oowwoado 1 la Niagara'* guard, boa nooa raptoeoa at tbo Rroobiya '

trarba by Papt Itpado. tbo atnotaat dlaetpltaarlaa aa a bo moot old lor baa oftoor la ta* aorvioo <)*pt PoaooM "?w baa Abarg* *1 tbo fgMfHg abip North OaroHaa'a Obrd fa (altrd "ta'oo otraaa frigate Pwgnobeaee. frigato lor jr. ap, aad ? oop of war (oaatollatioo, war* al ftpa/.la a tao l?ib < I Mr rob 1 Tbo Nor al Ooert at lag airy, ta Waab'-gtaa, ooattaaad a twtarday tbo mm bf Ooawaador ' >pdaa. aod Oom ' nacdar r. 0 Taraar, Oapraia Wai Jawaaaoa, I Mot bio. R I a Roy and Norgooe Robrrt Wood wonb woro earn tr?d dp Monday aioralag tboy mot at tbo noael >oer. aad ooMiaoaead (ba apaanaailaa af Uapt. fraaota i ( NESDAY, APRIL 16, 1851 Fit? ItkbM Optra mo.?linimma in ran "teatiata." Tbo groat yreoo ? adror Aameat* upon oar oolomaa ( ad* tbo mourn of Uo M prrforaaaoe of "La Trarlata" ? il ItkM 6ord*i vory brtof. Tbo ropraooataMoo t> I rortby o aioro ootaodod ootloo, wfe 11 m giro today. J Wbon tbo "Trarlata" woo prodoaod 0 <i- i oalomy w* |OTO o rorlow of Ito worNo, and wo kara a "n.n, to adi I o oar opMoso Uoa oxprwood It lo tbo wookoot >< tb* 1 wapooor'o work , and ooly boo a oertala notoriety |m , to Wrrtfo, wbtofe aotortoty lo moro wtdoly oprood tboo < t to eDTtablo Tbo aorolty of ibo orootog woo tbo de tat of Mao do Gaooaatga wbo ooomod at flrot duly la i TTMsrd with tbo toaportanoa of tho trial Mao da Gax I i?a<ia bao a troo, full, paro, owcat, oyapattiatto oopraau J rotoo, and to, withal, aa oxoaitoot dramatio otog*r ( Madawo do Gassaalga hotoaga to a ?ebool of art'o aroa*od by tbo aew tabool of comroaora la wbtob yo iof j Italy akoo ooob doll|bt for exampto, Grtal, Parodm d Bteffoaoa# ftmad tbo'r on oaor la cyxroi Mria, ooob ar | ' Noraa," -'Il Parttant" aad "LariTOiHa ? Parodllotb* oly oao of tboao graad artlato wbo lo bow with uo, a?d , tbahao all tbo pbraloai rrqoiremeoto aad artlotlo a< 1 inlMMMa fw ihx/ila mm ktt< manlioaad. The Or* iriat prima donna 'haI tatted Amerlm, Mine. Mallbrat a equally excellent to Uaglo an? oomlo operai; oaicbtevet trtrmphs la "Norma" aa wetl a* m /.-r.taa, ( 'Dob Giovanni " Mme da La Orange was Mm pi? a got < re total?; iba taag without touching the hear la of n'< udtiors Oaiaaolga ataada alone. We bare never M injtbBg like bar; and wo are therefore notinrprae bat tbe audtasoe hardly knew wbnt to make of bar. fa saw Kbeot operaa. wbtob ta like the mw school of pl??a trio comic, reqotreo a newaonodof arttata?singers ire eapablc of tbe meat ?udden trinaltlona from Jw fr*a', from n drinking aonr to n prayer. It li to the wbool tbat Poroiovin bolenga. It waa In tbe " Tra rtata " tbat aba mad# bor aao eaa, and Gtxzsnlga ba? many points of memblanee to bor Piooolomlnl lo not? I root arttat In the naoal aooaptatl m of tbe to>m. Notth y o tbe eebtvat-U at Niblo'a. Many yooag ladlea in boar by irboots aan itng icaie poamgao, and make arpogg better tban OaBsanlyo* fhoroaro but few prime dee ; however, wbo oaa approaob bor In true dramatloex>>ro Men of tbe compooer'a Ideas Her faoe to uoexpressi? , and not at all bandaomo, bat tbat deftot la forgotten woe* bo begins to act She rang tbe Brtadlal In tbe first ao vltb 10 moob spirit u to oommand on meorc; and bbengb by an rffeotlon ef tbe threat she wta anabl. >? give fall iffret to tbe ttmm and o'io nt tb< finale of tbe net, jet ibo secured bor poattlon with ? tveroly critical aedtonoo. In tbe aooond act A modi carried all tbe bouora. He baa much Improved, aa oily eeierved bla encore fp> tbe remanoo- 1H Prevent . Id tbe third act Mae do Oaszaa'ga acts with tbe fOrvc fa true artist. Mme do Oazzanlga lacka tbe graces f xecntlon to whleb oar opera goera bavo lately boaa se '"istcmed, but she makei no for tbat wtth a degree o psfslonats earaeatieaa wbiob we bavo rarely seen as wlied. Pbe la a tborougbly good artlat, and aa sue nan sot fall to succeed. Brtgnoll sung A If re 1 very wen *11 tie pt iDdpal artists were oa'led before the curtaiu s the sad of o?cb act, aad tbe initial n'gbt of tbe s?a>oi irnmi*'? ?e>i i?r in ianrt. in orDuniri wo onwo' err fell and t>ue. and ibe opera throm bout wae SX scedlngly well doee It to annouoerd for tola ereatog Lama Kreur'e Theatre. "TBI LOT! OF A PRINC1." A drama la three aota called "the Lore of a Prtnoe.* idapted from a Frsaeh ptooe, "Sergeant Frederic*," ??' {Modnced here ea Monday night. The ohlef persona* a the play are King Frederick of Prorata, (Barnevj hoee boots, leather brteobes aid sanff hare hgarcd u , to many plays, aid hie aoa rrederleb, (Klas Lanr* Irene,) who la rather a teat yoaag maa. no Prince i? i aergeaat la the army, aad to oader arreat at Sana souci, ] there he mile la lore with E3 sabeth, (Wee Manners.) < rbe to detetaed la the Tillage by the breaking of her ear lege Frederick aad the lad; stand aa sponsors for th< hlld ol Jena, (Kent,) a miller, aad Chrli tae, his wtfa , Miss 0. JalUraaa.) The Prtaee la attended by a foottot >ld cbambirlaln, Keppaa Niches, (T. Johnston,) tba ' iM rbambirialn who la la arary play aim ?t from "Bam rt" dowa to 'Bob Cesar" The nul feetl Titles ornepecdtd kf the arrtrai of the King, who iummm u>? ipproacblag marriage of Frtdeilok with Urn Pilaonas m ' Iruaswlak, whteb aiUaaoe Um PtIm* dooitaos. H nkM an rteopadn with hi? friend, Unotooaat Gaetirv, Lugbam ) wbo desires to bid a "long IhreweU" to hte OTO, Looiso, (HIM A Chiton.) wbo boa mm tin novgh to marry aa old General, Stumer, (heddan ) itdoriok keep* wateb wbU# a Platonic tltrtatloa la g?ie ia; bat Utey are discovered by Httibeeb, (tioP.o dl,) bb old loldlcr, and Frederick, to iito Ike lac)'' rpntaGea, dcBOoocea bw frlsnd an a doaertor. 0u?ia?. doty arreeled Fraderleb etienptr to make ha p*rd taooadiuoaof the marriage wlib tan Prlaoaaa, waneto baa diaoooored to be bla own Clzaaotb, bat tbo King allies, and tbo Prime gives blmaoll op aa a deader, t >0 tried before a court martial, which ooaeieta Gaetem iad tenvne the saae ef the Prince to General Stare#r *bo, believing that Frederick waa the lorer of Loiw* afoeea to ooadema him aa a deodar. The Qooea. to? >iaoe, J?aa and Ob r let la e plot to ea\e G unlove by tae Hd method of poaalag bim not of prtaoo aa tbo Prtoor loaiavo aocepea, bat rotaroo to tbo paleoo la tear to<- *'fa of Fradtrlck, who remalaa la bta place. Gaata' J ait la time ?o oorroet the error of S araer la rotal'oo be mace ead Leaiee. Frederick, la the meantime, to aaea to the parade groead te be abot, bat aaoertelettt hot Guatara la ante, makaa kaowa bia Identity aad te lerad. Gustavo la promoted, Frederick married, air > verjtblng tnda happily. The atmatleaa la tbla play are rary go-id. They am aowever, aomewbat orerloaded with oowmoaplaoe die ogee. Frederick baa reme good Ikaea, bat tbey era a i aSeieatiy potatod te be teiliag. As tor tha eharaour* tot oae of them la aow, aad tea eatbor Halle la to a oam ion error of barlag tbo half of two plots taateed of oo. rood our II drbBbtttb woaid Ibbm by the nptrtotc * ottore, tkty voald aaa (bat mamfil ptooo- be. boee Vkwb Itvi III Mrilfbtforward Mnry whlct 7101M Ob iroloaliy lo a Ibiwinb, ?ttni aaj*ia uuon lb taHgoo lib bbdieeoo. i.' tat btorVM tab un bay sbaoM bo a# nlobly bibb led m U> bftpeor wbbMi ltd wImi tbb tiory lb tbM Mbd Ibb tbdlbbbb heabo wtib at ibllgitaf tkbb by ta eipfaabtloa wblbb I bey kin liobbbb bf Ibibbblib. ?d?bbi rudbrtbb M tbk bi ewe ovorybofiy tbowa ebot la to beoomo of h'm, tor ho fltntltoe of inbii d1 lmi? lb boro. Ib e Ul tbtb. Ibe osbbdbbi mitt m tebw bad oapHal bettag o> ibb Rbtbb bbd Mr Bbra Ml bare amda tbb yMy looobbo bi. Tbb Mbbtb ?bb wrMobfdiy dbbb, bbbMabiaf Ibb* ?b taTb bbi boob obliged tb bby bf tbM T" Ob b^y pmlbib ibbiat'b Tbratrtral uirf IMableai Afblro. iMiDtil ribtfU ?Tbb IbObrlM tame nollbd tho ' Irwb Totor" M lb pr*?boo tbb po polar ipeetoro of ti? I tat Paya of PnbpfU," tbtb aooaibf Tl?o latter b U M wMbbraea M tab blbbb af tbM till. Niata'b Mibitaa ?Tbb opera af "Lb Tfbbiata" Hbf bp*bM tbtb bnilbff. Km. db Haxibatfb. tboboe pr'. bb dbbbb. lb to ibatbib tbb loadlbg bbbrbMar. tap pool d ly Htfiort BrigbMI, abooio bbd other old fboaiitba. Mar Tbitu ?Mr. Btbbft Jbkntii bbd tbb otto* irttoto of Ibb popolbf Nbpiir *1 to oppbbr Uto bo flap la aa oftptabi fnoi, bj Mr Oaylob. obilol lb# O* ear ? f l!? iino '* "J bob bbd Jbcb'i Bruit or," bad . oo I tba bf b Ltobr,' will bM bb pfayad Bt iroe> ?Maaagar Bartaa will to bifbt appear lb ra ibou ibofbtbr prooablag aaaraotora of AaiioMbb Ateak a Ibb Bortaaa fbully,' bbd Mr Toodloo, la "Tao i*n lU a " Tbb eaata oiborvioo bra blab aa good ia orbr Witurt "a.?Habere. Bro??baib, Btbbo, 1 oow, Dyottb*i Wblcot, Maoobaaa Boay, Teraob bbd Aiko Miao <>? be., will appear ta tba * Poor liMdnu bad " * . < Holland'! boeatl. L*raj K??a>.? Mr Oaylor'a in piooo, " Lara ? a Prtaaa." if wblab w? MM* farorabla m?aUoa flu t?>, to bo ropoatrd. with " rbo Biraa," to tight Mm Karaa appoail IB U? Iral plao*, tod taa naata of e >th 'try iar A mm-'am tfmar* ? Tt?? pit?lag play oainiod ' Ti Wlrbrd wifa," u lo b? par form ?d to,a afioron* BaJ tft'ig, ??d wUI b? folio or d oo oaeti oooooIob oy i loaitaal Ium. Kim Mnotoycr mim tb? b?r laa flan Crminr amp Wn#T>'f? Miootbb'* will porfor* lb Mr rrry ?i? o?ng fbrM atylad No# Yaar Oalia" tbM itm g. Woorgt pitya b ??ry droit oBaraolar IB ItU ptoc* V B' iHIBT 0 ftaBBOAl BB* ABBOBbM B grMl TBrlBtV Of ooga. Bbbobs, *0 , oad IBB araaalag buri-aqua <m "|i rr?\BlOTB," for lb# boaogt of IB* Botoor, Mr rftaola, Wbo laa la ootid faithfully Par tba araoaa aant of Hb pjblu, >od draarvta a bum par. Rbtabt'o Mtbot?bio.? T?r??t jotrra anooood In ninag dor baaioa' Bail orory aigbt with poop I a who aro a ppar Mtly aa foad of goaoiBa faa aa UBaaalrBa. r. Baa i of ml tba pop?lar ballad alagar, aooooooor ila aaeaad ootrrtBiamint at tba Taharnacla toaight foar of tba krrara of raro old Fagttah aad .Hootch m?lo tta* trill toll ta ha tbara. Domain ? Mtaa Brataard, tho orampltabod raoaltat l Ma aaaod a prog nana ararflowmg with rbnioa aiaaloa ctarMoaa Par bar aaBBirl ad Nlbio'a Haloaa to aaarra* I rvaalag. Apptbnmralt by tho Prialdrnt. flaorga W. firaar. appotatrd portmartor at HarMahnrg, 'nary i rat la, la plana of Jnba R Brant, raalgaad, to < ako ftrot fro* aad aftor tba 80tb April, 1817. Wilitam N. ruaad, ra appotatod pnalaMitar at Patara ] org VirglBMt i Oartobaa Oarrtary. aopolatod pnataiaatar at rilnaa ^allfrrata. la pheaaf Robart f. DarM, rotaarod I jama klorr appoiaWd poaiaMa or at itaoraaaato oltf. , laiifo aia la plana at Farrta Far man, arnoao aanimiaal ?o < aa ? rlrod. , ti#r-g? ??-?. tppolfr I j->a'TTiMt?r at Satara, , Jaufvpin, la p anr o' Wtiharo ft Rrtl?*p, rramrad r T Mr. Pcabwdy In 9C. Ml. [Tram tha dt. Uxita Re pub lion i, April 41 la mootoum > lib tae la nta?ton of tha Ohaaabaraf Imnmim or tft Loo to, Mr PnMy rWted iao Mor iranla' Kxebaage la company with tha onmmtttee ap tola aa for that parpoaa An aaoaeaUy Itrge aumber of arrohaato, oa aim out ?ha oatlaaMa. wara preaaot o partMpea la tha welooma glren to Mr. Feabody. As won aa aa arrlred ha waa eoad noted to tha atand oooo rad by tha Praaidmt of tha O am bar of Oomaeroe, Mr. tmea, who tbaa adaraaaad tin aa Ibllowa:? Mr P?iBOBT?A* tha repreeeatatlee aad to bahatf of ha M. Lnata Chamber of Ooiaaniraa, 1 loader yon a cor ItaJ wrlooaaa to ear arty. You are ao atratger amour far wo hare cltls- aa who Kara partakea of yoor hoe riieltiy at yoar noma. waa bara broken braad at yoor ah a, aao who have proclaimed to th a ooaaaoatty thair ratltoda to yoa for tha kUdaeaa yon bara rxtaadad t bra la a foraha loan Yoa hare done mora tbaa all libera to or meat a lasting brteadablp between tha p.*ou4? rftbla country, aad < bote ? year adopted bo ma You tare brought Eaglithmea aad Americana together around roar foaltra boaid. and made teem real)re that they are ?r? thara a leaf cage. la laiaraot aad la ( hrtatiaa faaUag When Aa^rtaaa eradM aad oaaracwr hava baaa upon iba ere of dtehonnr, yon bare rolua arily atop, ad for ward aad pro acted the oaa aad defended tha other You are anw engaged la dlapeailnc a fortune honorabi? required ;or tha hraedt of poatsilty, aa well aa the pre lent laaaratloB 1 allude to your maalOoaat (ttta to the ??a of rdacatloa la thn onuntrr For all thia, air, America ow a yoa a debt of gra Itnda, aad oar ohlldran will ha lergbtta revere yonr memory. Again, air. I hid yoa welcome. Ill I rvpvu C HI IUW WUIVVB Mr. I MDUVI Mtu Hr Preatdrai ud gratleaaee, whrn I yesterday bouepted jour kind invitation to m*ei unoeremoatoaity and akeb? tre bar d ?b? m?mb?ra of the Chamber of Commerce o' H? Inula, I did bo* ttnlpue the largo oaaem nlip of ber o tix??? wbo bow sarronod so, aor the ro'f topHBrBlar; a?d eloquent remark* ellk wbtoh you t are aooompaBled tbe ivsolntion of yonr board banded to me >} aajnr R> Inn.', and 1 reel quite db pro pared with words to express too big o eenee I entertain (or tnegrea' net or v ti bore tbns conferred op?b r?. I mart mere 'ore vk job to h. n that my b?nrt foelo all that yon oon'd derire It la a Booroe of great ploaanre to me to be permitted to rtolt thla groat otty of ttae Weet, it II may new >o oal ed the Wool aad to bare wit osasoe, a* I did oa eroaolag yonr noble river, the i>< amy or loeaO-b, combined with evidence* of groat commercial pre parity, a blob f??r olUee, even on Ibo atlaailo c?n < Ispley No vaader yon are proud of tt dai. jrnth men, If you are proud of your otty J on oboult b more ?o ior the nlch rut roar bonlneoo meo bare e< ajt sustained fer honor and punctual! y. Forty yearn ?fo I a mere ban t in Bel In ore, and I well remember bow cordially ibo merebaeto of St. Leala wore or ior-wed, end bow ea neatly th'tr patronage wa< a > belted by Uelr brethren of Be tlmnre. ("ben It took hlrty One day* to make >he trip oa boraebaok to Bait! more and nearly tbrre months to transport goodo to St Loots. Now, yoor good* porcbaoed on the Atlantic mat no received m tlve nays; aad I hope that waoatho en trrpnto having for 1? object tb? ooen'ctkm of tble coin t>j and Greet Brtiola by telegraph shall bare been oa ttttpa'od, the merobaiita of yonrcty wtil be able to ead iidero to aed itootvo gooda from England In throe echo Impsroood wltb Uto importance of looting emioa ble re'altooo between my nolle* and my adopted cut try, I have, aa a bnmbl* Individual, done ail la my powe to promote them: and I cannot eaey tbe maa? wbo aloud I ve twenty or oven See yeara la tb* heart of tbe Brt tab motrcpclla, aa I bar* dona, and not perceive aod acknowledge tb* oordlal good will and klnl r gani or tblo oooatry wh<oh enaronurfse all elaaaee of elety, sod all religion* end oimmo'otal bodies I ave been dollgbted since my arrival In tble oonntry by be amoraoe* from one wbo woo formerly a soldier n tbe war of 1813, and to now an oooopantof ab'|h prstioB In tbe ocootrv. that he felt the nacetate a: lilrnnblp kotBM tbe Ualted daua and Great Brltsin aad that Be sb< old do all la bis power consistent wttb the honor ef els ooontrv to promote that fnnadobfp end avoid he po?8lblli .y cf a eolltalon In onrolnoton, let me assure cutfist If el grateful for tbr rvi-prot yon baveenown me, aid thai It eeall ever bo to mo oaonrooof plaaaarc to mint tbo good opinion of my country and my oountry men. At may well bo supposed, remarks conceived la so kappy and jnat a a'y le were bear.Uy applauded At tbe eoMiQ'len of tb* oerennatee Mr Potbody woo Intro <<o?ed to bu; grille men thee* preieol, who col tod hi g'vtog bias oof dial wtlc?ma 10 our oily. t.en Rob dot nxtiib'ted to tho meeting a ipootBioo of ibe oobio which to to bo na?d Id tho tratwoiiooion or tele I'opbie iBlelhgoroo between the foiled States and Ire ud it la hollow, bad OeiiMe onough to Oe oelled Mr Ptabody, wo nadentoad, will leove tho olty on Monday tor CtBothooti by the way of Terra Baato aid lidiaiapolio At the latter plane bo will raaaaln a day or IWO oa a Ties to Nov. Wiiiard, of Indiana Bleach of Piwaaaloe Com la St. Lwwla. The St. Loan JnUit^enctr of the 7ta hat ooaiaiao the 'olawtog aaaoa> orwon?:? Mra Mary J Shalti of tbto etty. naaMoanoH aatt In tho W wait Conn yratorday. for MO.000 da at nan agoiani aleiaador M MttokoU of Si Joaopb. tor broach of pro loo of wa'riaoo. It appear a frow tbo pot lion of plate iff that aba waa earated to dofondaat, and that the arilaao a aa to bare taboo plooe at tbo Second Presbyterian obawb >n loot Monday nraatng, April 6, bat tnat loftudaLt r*fua< d to laiffj bts engag* went, although rorry preparation bod bono avii and the gueeta Incited. 'trfenoaat w aow la the nttv, a>?ppti>f at tho P>a ttera Houne, aad ta aald to bono aa laconto of g OO,OOJ par ItlllB. Ttm ? tmocta' adda Ibe rollnwlnt ? "Aid thereby hti|< i tele " It spat m oI which ta -bat ibe olaiat-fT baa no Hy olWo a bttacb ( p om ?e bul baa i>?ea onfall* larilt.ii la ntaer mp-cia by tbia ?au>e Ataieador U Mitctell Tte awty geee. fat ih? oonri*'<|n Dr.a.' m tba J fl'niDr j :be ea'Med n.*bt. I>d but aboti of tra uata. Tba ptatbi.IT tab widow itfv a poori appearance winning ene-inra, eat an income !tl abaai gtdkO Rar bom* la la Wnl>i Bar atyla la a?>l*a-?ub lie hoarsen ai Ban am'a Motel aad be rqeau'etcea are raati?d with tba ir-oat "excioatye" of bao?y. Atriaaorr Mrebeii la originally from Ohio Ha di parted fro* ihet Plata if ttgbi tba Mexlmae, and netirg retort ad Dae eno-ber tronba or fram tba vara, ovfird whb glory ?md b'oad. ba ait dulr praaeatad lib a boge br ad aword beeaufnlly aairaead, aad ta | with alirar aad ge'.d, of onoraa. la token of bit gal aatry aid heron Ba raragrtaaitooa for yaare alter earda oe are act adtlaad of bat Mara tram bte ooa rap "rrnwvnat mn bo la bow a realdeal or 8l jo?apb to ilia State, aad ?a large y la targeted ba arrarat tiMnIrt reel* cf lead, aad baa aa aanoai laootaa ot $10,000 wbtrb ba drilraa tte ai iitto- of a w fc to balp bin 4ia btreo. Ba la reported tail, baa a atria tag ooantaaaooa itiretaa tba cru Igeronr tee denote* of hta hoe oaa-t rrebent taHor aiotbaa. earrtra blmaalf high, a la mtii at?f, tod talba like a book Ha came to the alt; m -r ban a f on eight ago, aad be nag, by eome tnaaaa, ae br taiaow, eon elided to "go la'' n?a (Tort reqatiro ??-?e extras# oaa baalataaor, aad by bla awa ooai<aaio ba bao ocaetwn, tliaa aad >galD, to ubo aparlta " He preaaed bl> toll wttb ardo-, and la a ear? tew daya wee id nor pied rota The eegagrmeat waa sot taflared to 09-I Tie cay waa Bxad, (iaat Moaday;) tba pea tor, Dr Etc a. waa at gaged to par fur m tba oaptlala la bte eberob Taa lady atede barrtad bat moet axraattr* pre taraifaa The rnmnr gooa that bar llaab akooe no*' boat Iwelr* bmdred dol'ara aad bat a great muir bar arUeiaa of draaa ware daly marked wnh tba aaroam of bar tateadrd biMbaad. Jewelry bad bead parahaaed by tbo Cotoarl to ibe ve'?a of gl.OOO. aad praaaakad tribe widow, wbo. la bald R ear ore, tanked It ap la ibe to fa at Renam e Tba report la tkai tba diamend* 0 bia iimr }?w? try were aot from Ooiornaa ba- ivieberg tarnation rare-. of txartl'al dratga aad aaotfy materiawar* dMIrlbeied araaad amoag tba t'lalowacy Antv.t iw lot a we a h gn II -oday aigbl came aad ao waddiax Kaaaaa? ebeeaoe of tba brtdegro-m Wbara waa b> ' Babe aawtrwd?bad hasted aad waa a boat itktac paa aaga for ft Jaaapb ar board tba been lag -Mar H- ap a-oachad the rla-k af tba beat aad dameeded a north la tba grataaiea'e aabia Tba orrk. wba -? "ap to aat,* drain d to ba?w If bo waa aot going to take hiwtfa ap Pa d ba had ao wife, aad didn't latead baring aay. Clerk o?mmo*taatad araaad. Tbe atory bagaa ICr, aid flaaiiy rtaabrd tba amar-a aan She aaat for him H? waoldat ga. bat fanny onn*wa*ei u aa ta-er iw?. ' un?)nm m pfiuviif mnvw, mi M tltor?iNi mM bo f bar ha wat draak ?m h? pr owtssd la marry kar Hka tppaskd to him. hot ns waa ehdarote ?ba taad. aa tka abova paragrapi stplalM Ha waa dsly asrvsd with aottoo, hot. BorentaelaB-, d? rwrtsd aa k<a way br mratnl. laaaiaa a p*?a ?? that I* kar a tlx maatka' sob etd seal tna ka ahwald ka la Ikamind ka vaaM aama lm sad marry Mr. Tiroe RH?Bizi,aim(r m Rworon-Anurr op a 0i??* ?Par tatsrwl moataa pttv. tr Waltar H Tii.iaa a laa rata 11 daalar la dry gaoda aa Broadway. S?atb R ataa baa i o taad ika fre|i aat aar myaianoaa dtaao prsrsaro af tarVa agenda from ata atora, i aa prl a? araa wtoda ptaraa a> aUk>, * taiaaa. baragaa, oaMooaa, ka . la kta dkaatl) from ht? nonawr* tad at si too Ha wot 'pally fnroad < ika aitaraattaa af bshoviag tkst.kts alork rra abhor enpalmal * UM rogasry l?<i| aa ar tka aa taal rakkrra thr moot vat Baal'so tsktag arary otbr ran la dkcorar ika mod# by wbtoh ka traa p aadarad Mr. Tlldra ebeerood ibat kta moat noafllaattal stork trat af lata a'moot doty la Ika reostpi at aa eitraorotas-y ismbsr of Mi?ra whteb from 'kale postmarks pir arrad tr> kail rra a aaarly arary to wo aa Oapa (lad, aad ibiaktr p all ?n aat ripbt, aad povaralsp blms*lf by tbr e * t'trp nireamaiaanaa. ka rm tarad la r paa par of tka ettsn o baa Ika wbols plot oaa ataaorared. Itappsarsd bat kta I aad stark waa tbr at lr dalt> par at, aad had baaa ia ika ktbkof far ward tag tka porMaad fabrtoa to partona -a tkt Ckpa aad tka I swarf <ntsroaprad war# raompta far bs arr. Goods la Ika am mat at aama ikoqrand* o' d?llara tra already miaaad. an* aa arsoaat sd aloea Is sow n# nip take a to aoerrMa iba axiaa* of tka rabberter rba r rrktoaa bsra arraaled, aad on flatardry afiortooe oaa labaa dowa is Ika Oapa u> raoialm rbat aoo1a mty baioaad aad lo dbeorsr tka partlee who were oneesmeri wltfc btm la tka aafatloaa biwtasoa ?Bftm rrtaamri. Jprtf It. Apotm** Ipdisv Wan nt PaosracT Inform* tea baa ansa re atrod al iba nepartmeai af tka latartor m aflrmatory o? lbs paktfal raatora thai bare bosa lOri lafsd rrrpeottrp tka 'ata of Bsaiy L Dodpa, trailed ttaisa age at lor Iba Narajo Isdtaea la Maw Msmoa. ono baa bsaa mtaaiag ?or f ms ttaaa past Msfor Haadriok "swmsadtog at Perl Dsflanos, seal ant a enmmard in sank tor Mr nod pa aad bta rorpaa ts dtannrsrsd a* a no at a boat thirty mi'sa eootb of Ika Ziaa, towarda toe bsadrwaisra of lbs Rtla river. It w ptatod that to avm a |rata la aaffletoatly adrasrot to taa<aia horkea, I f 00 trropa will laks lbs Dsld apalakt tbses ladiaaa, aad ekas I ts tbem to thai -bay win tsa-a lbs mlssras of ratrtbs ?oa spoa trsirksry aad wordsr. rba oic.tim af iblt nraal aal la tka Ma of lbs Hoa Retry Dodps ths raws rabio ?* Renaksr of Wlsoaatla - WatftgUm Ml^#mvr, d,r?l 11. Ohltnary. Ontoas" Tjrrm Cjbtt* noo of lbs soidtora who foagbt In Iba PeToiettna. d'ed al bto rsaldoana la nortigwm nonalf, Mtsstaatrpl. ea Iba 34Ik of Marsh Ho waa ta bla raar, banog bsaa bora la Marrla oooaiy, Maw Jarooy. m tka Id af gprtl, ItM. (I?*rai W. Basse dtod ta Wltokaakar, Ta , laal wo?k fit oaa oaa of Ika thra- tsrvtrova af Iks nods ataa ikar# la Iks Plorlda war, aad waa a onidisr ta Jbs whom rf Ika Bestl eampa'l" ' Ms*Vw 41 Obapsl??r??s bs roa fsremsm among thosa who toalsd tbo wails and was o aeraraly waaadad aa U ka al drat raportad la tbo Hat >r ika kinad. Interesting frees Perm. Umbaibqcb, Pen, It era* u, UM. Ikt Mtwlution?rotil*** qj Oppo imp Parte*? T\? Ouae IVsdi Important Dtcrtei. Bering bed ee opportunity el stsdylng ilnoe mj errlrel bare lb* position ol the pertlee mow emtendfeg (Or oommend, i will glr* job eoencte* end true statement t Umlr premeel positions. The retelsUoeery perty who prooietmed Qenerel Tlreeoo Beprrm* Chief bow ooonplai this deportment, ell ibo (Hotel of PI ore, end e greet pert of the depertmoet *1 Aaeaeh, la the Booth, the lmporteet depertmoet of Are. qoipe with ell lie prorleoee, the deperlateet oI Ayaoeobm eed pert of Junta. Puaoend Cua-o ere tiUli oader lb* oommend of OesUile, bat It to believed the! they will eoom yield 10 the impulse of public opinion, end dealer* tor General Vioenoo. Cestui* series M here limited his pleas to shotting himself ep le Let wHh e few (roope, he rely so Hot set to? supprtas eu It suneoil >a or lis cttlaeea. This is tee present position of tue rlrel pert.OS on lend. On the ms ell n s seoy U In lha seeds of Meesrel Vloeeoe, with tbe tier pi ion of tbe neem?r Uoeysle, formerly m tbe DiUleh ? swlnh Aft T.dkfi Rlirftn 1 hl ih n*nen? Oil ao ? the steam frigate Apuilaaac, oanytag 4# goo?, kecpe on tba- poii. I acoompvo) a irattilailon of two decreet turned by Ike supreme CbUf ?n ike I am mat BEPOBMC OK l'EHU. Mawi-el Yubai ) Vivakoo. auprtms Okie'of Pert ui Br |?m> r !* beral ot ttaermUa ? C MioertDf mat Meaars Jibba&Oo. har > preeeoted erttO< d roptti or ih? ?ontreoia wttoa they mad* oa mw '14th of Merck, 1 Kite *b4 tbe ?8tb of June. 1864, ?)? t tow KOvernmcBt. by wbtch itappetra IBM ih?y were apootat a couutMi tUr ik? guaoo not oaly for Must DriHlaaadt Ireiesd hot alio for ell Ku ope, with the exnepttoa oZ Spain end Pranoe, eoo thai et the aeme U?e tnere war irantco m tbem tha< of ?a? ra'ta, ike Kngiiah AntUkesod other ooinniea of tbe tawe nation, excepting the Aawtio and tbe i#teno of MauMana, for wbteb there existed oepe otel cot trnota 1 here r? toived ea todowa I revoke ao mtob of tbe decree dated rrnxlllo, 7th off February IM) ee oontra voces toe ooatreoia made ekh Meiara Slbba k Co., ead dot* queolly i declare 'hat propotaia "Ml be received oaly for the aate of gaajeo lor Spate Veiled State* oi America, tbe gagtlsh ootoalw Ub aata aee tbe Mtarmus la and, and aay other place eot tantodre t? tbe rit?>lrg contracts, pnb nb. ermaauntrate ant olroolate. fiaiMtCiinu at Lamhai Bin a, Beech 13, l?b7. MANUKL VOVACIO V1VAWC0. To tbo Mlnlater Geaeral tor Ita nxecotloa. Kxccote. MaNUSL DE LAGUARDA. A true copy?Lwo Makia?o Baseman, Chief Clerk. Hit PUBLIC OF FBRU. Manual Tobacm vj\ asoo Supreme Chief of FaraarO BTtgaoier Gtnerat of i?s armiea:? Cot aid aria | tbet tbe agents for the cxportatfoa of fBeue have, by chartering eeoily all tbe vessels la the porta or Chile and Peru, eluded ead ren fared void my decree off the 7tb of February last, wblob declared frea the aale of that wtU'tir for the Vailed <iate?, and belag convinced ihat an eire*a of eiportaron aid the great haete let ebarerng be a tendad to ratae frelghta to the great pre* judtce of tfe iDtrrra-a or me treasury, 1 hare reeoved? Pint. Tbe anthenty far exporting the gtutao of Para bp the agrota oi the gorerameat far aale la the CaitetB Statea la beret) suspend' a. Seennd The thhIi which Bald agents way hare fretebird or may freight np to tbo 20th of April next tor inrb fTOortotteB abail be eooaiderrd aa 'relgbted by the K'Vtrnmrnt and aball be loaded at tbe lilaada. the (or. ?ramrai bring rmpootlb'e to tbe laid agnate for aaela naa aa tbey a>f bare advanced oa account of aak} frelgtto. Tblrd Any party dra1ro? of parebaalng tbe goaao loaded, or wbleb aa?y be loaded, la aald veeieta, aaall aaicnr ibe chart. ra in pi? ? or tbe gorenuaeot, aa tbe goy* rnnfret aeaaB>?d that ot tbe ageau roerta rbouio aay of ibtae oargaaa not lad pnrsbaiera pronoun to tbrir learlag tbe elands lbey abaO be teal to tbe Unfed dtafc h to be there sold tar aoaeaab ot tbe goYeromrat by tbe ooaslgaaa, who baa this day bera appointed Pabiitb and oommaoloate to wbom It may eoaeera. batpvii abtaat at lixh*y?(jra, March 18, 1847 MtNCCL YGNACIO VIVANOU. To 0? teral Maaaal Oa la ttoarea tar tta eiecmloa. Execute. MANUEL DC LA WARP*. A true oopy? Lwo Maaitno Banu, uaiaf Cterk. Affeln In New Granada. Paxaxa Bat, April 4,1MT. Ibe Relief Onm for VmtedStita Ship Decatur?tase* tipeiitum to the htkmui of Dortma, die., <Ac. Tba George Law, wbtoh aailad trom New York en the aetb alt tar a iota wall. Naw Grenada. with a tall ooaaatt. at of pe**fogaa, irrlnf NhinntpltHiBl When r?tifli| ibe oInm taaUrn capo of Oobo b mall veooel * <t**o?1ed to bo la dwueon, wkmtfoa Lleft Ht radon in.u> id lately ordered tbo otenanr to lay I to, aad despatched at eaoa a ooep'e of small boa la to aeeertala Ibe thmI'i osaditloo. Tbo vaaaei woe '"f to be tbe brig Mary C. HaikeiJ, from aomo port of Mitw. She vaa qnue a ear tbo iboro aad leaking to aaob Mb eztoal tbat bar rapiala considered it tnpoeeiblo to raaoM ber, aad with bla wife, child aad ore* a voodooed bar aad brcugbt tbea on board Ibe George Lao,Sad etre rarrtcd to Aspic wall, oboooo tkejr will probably preeeed t on a by tbo a? xt steamer. Ibe detachment of moa, together with tootr oAoero, wbo were teat ont by tbo George Law to reliero tboaooff be Cr Hod Suttee abtp I>-oatar, proceeded to Putaa, where tbio reeeei we* waltlag their arrival, rasy mot a aioot eordai roeoptlta rroot tbooo whom they wore ta above; bat aay aairavaga*t d tap lay of eatbnataeai woa i)alto natural and entirely execrable on toe part of tbtoa wbo bod btoo aboent front borne over lb. ee year*. Tbo oAcers of tbo Droni nr were all relieved except the porter. wbe reoairn nnitl too arrival bjr tbo boat etoaraer of tbo rffiorr wbo to to > upereodo bla Tbo loreptaeoooe to alto lying la the bay af Paaaaa. Tie aea el bota eeeaslo are geeorallr wall Dr. Oaldwoll, amaisnt Bargaon of Ibe ladepeadeaee, leit tear a weed since, on aa expedition to paaetrata aervM tbe i*rr?? ever ibe ttat mute by whtoh L>e?t. Minla aad bte party endeavored to eroa* om a floraer oooaatra Dr. OaJl*all la aoooapaaiod by bet oaa aaa trea tbe Independence, not Be la aooaapaalod by a Hm ralive guide* aed a dnotabaaa wbo bao reel' ed noma ttae ea the tsibmoa aad l* wall acqaamted wlta tbo oeaatry. Dr Ua dwell la aid to be po seaaed of ao tadoalable eaergy, beside* wblob be la an latieptd hunter, Tbo** travntBted wttb ntra *eea to bo 'inlte sac nine la tbtlr b i>ti of 11 imia H it iobo'M IM Ib* Now Uruittu aor*rnmaat bate rtliifi i? rfffr ii? MfBity tor lit ttUtfttMHalM o? o?r riUM(t It II* Mtncit of lit IM* o(ipni Kite ' onrrwlj told btr? tbat Mr Mora* Im bttt ulbmud lib! Ibt A mat least tboull oottolt tbemtelrit wtla lb* rtUccoca uiU "iba B? ur iu bo warm uu !*! It tit." Ihtrt to bal saa ooerst vbttb It to proper isat oar |OT<T?m?il tbouid adapt lb 1Mb blllW ? It date f prtBfiMM bad <ntfblt?j tatrrr A criminal roar ewd of mardor was pabllely abot ftaIntel la Paaama Onr iimprratarr la ptoanat lb* tbarmom*%?r tiaodtoc atar M dairaaa. Tba rata? aaaaaa haa aa otaatMad, Uusf b va 'Mr lib a vast toon. Tut uitiaM'a dMtlaauaa or tba Oaoatar la do* fat tanas, tto* will prabablp romaia bora aatii Iba oxab> Bf diflie jittaa vita Nov Uraaarta are ad jam ad iboa vaaa terrant et <fwi rtrra arw Kallorte Pr?orhlt? in Ik* fVnaptr?A Partanal hiplanatlvn. [teta tba aootoa ladt ar, April 13 ] II baetat ?a?B pnbiieii naiad Mat tba Mar. I. I. Kallocb vcaid raeama bit mm It larval dntiei with hit tv'nty. fittaviay roraaooa T>> mi Taatpla vaa erovdad In Mb moat eapae'i) lao| batoro tba uat far -ba itr rtcaa to rr? v?a -a Ro (rati vaa tba ooaooiraa of pan pit tbat iba darn watlea^ aboaitaa o'eiear Pram that Uaw ?a altera a etoefe Iba ttrart vet Si lad vHh naoDta. sate n?r M1?T h? ' Ull thorn WW K> ekiKi of |*kUo| IWM? tbo r?m do. iter looUy tupunW. Atoboatbolf port mi a*o oak Mr Kolltck mwoowam lb* pioifnrw wnn o Brw atoody Hoy. Ho loohod oaoood WJ^OOU, m the igh bM lot# trial hod oo? wora a poo Mod Tbo torrtoaa woro MOMMrt by tho ohotr alogtag tbm aatbam?- Praia# tbo Lord " Prortooo to roootag Uto PeMptoraa, Mr RaDocb ad earned oad aadrooaod tho oadtotro abitoatlony oa foik>?<- ? It aot b*?a a wo War of rrry aatlooa d?l brrotiaa wWU o obo tar I ibooid appaar aoforo you oo Uta oeoaakm. I bad dtiaimaad aot to do ao ub>ll tbo jiry BofOrw wbteb I bar* boon trt?d a boo Id roodar a rordtct off ac gnitiai .Mot by lb' aorooot daaima of my Irtaada I ho to '-naarntod to rtiaoo aiy mlBMorlal dnttoo, ood I tab* tbta ceoaatoa to aiproaa my aiaooro tbaoka o aty lacwtf or ibrtr ra- am toitmtaiw na for mo to iMtrn my lobodt. I am oopaotona that tbo oooroo I bar a ultra may aooob , bold to aowr, aad lanrnafatoat to many; ball aab aoam perron* to rrmrmbor that I fcaro ahatalbM trim I bat eat ao I loro 'or snwarda of two atoatba. Tbo gaasMam baa harafrfgoeatfy aaiod wby I a around tbo aoJoo of tbw Jvry I old ao ooobdrat that I ibooid rooolro aa ae iolb'ai at Ibotr baada It baa btoa inggfotod that I abooltb ? ?? 'bo mirbtry aod toro my attoaiion tn tbo bw. hot ibta I aboil act do Ttio ooao boa boo goao from too ory lotto poblie bad ! am too toot to M tbo rtM* * bor o*i Jtidgra. if tbrro aro may la tbo eommoaity obo <o i oa at lob to bror mo proaoh. tboy aood aot doopid if tbrro oro aay atbo do oot aaira tboy aro far from boiaf obbtad to batrw ma tbrto. la aaawar to Mm moay ?inirloo I art rcoolrtd fTtm my frtaado I am lato la what oeaditloa my oaooo it at too protit two. I om rrody for o bow trial, aod w atlldobt af an normal Tbo "d*" M ?bo baoia at aitM iiiaaaat Mora#, who w li dooitUoaa iwabi t Ma onto aa aaill btrt aatafy tbo latttaotonf tbagoroimowt. tl oo a.odi to do ntbi?if POP"* ?? "?* '>* ? * ? r-il icdgaa Jo .tot rata to ?? t aa-ldt w rem raitor that trrbio# ibr'r boa aooo brtfr that wo tanemae . ,.L_ mr ivteada. wrortod by tbo aorora trial wbtoh i Wr poaatd tb/oofb tad oil I eait my * that I wtu unbiiiiorTuoborpd tbo dntlro which aboil dro-Hro upow mt aad frr aabnrt timo I aboil o.pof* a brief rtopMr from tbrao laboro. !at oa rcaaombor. my d?or frtoadm lb at wo aro accoorlablo to Mod for all oar aotlaao, MM u I ra woih that wa may (too la bla bioo? ago Portag tbo rtmorba of Mr. KaHooh, tbo ar*etoooo oa Wltob wo giro, tbo ram aaoomhlogo wo*o hoabod la wttttarar *r R. waa mocb aftentod, b'a oolao b> tag at llmob vary trrmoiooo Ho too* rood tbo oth Ptalm?" torV boa boot horn our dwo'ltog ploco to oil gonaraamno.-' prayer ait tbtb iff*red by Mr. R , attor WL*9 a Lyme ar?a *ar? Mr. Rd loob'atoit waa from Mourn la, .1Mb chapter, pvt of tbr (lib roroo?" I haoo i oar nod by orfMrtoaro thai lt d lata both bleated aro." _ , t Tbo dofl-olo btoith of dilo. Pathol. 'oodlag to tbo aab iroPooafoo ?bot aho w)|| not for oom* timo n oo'o tw perrrrm the rfaltee of bor aioco of nrofwoor of dor'amavoo at tbo QbtrareatfMro. Pat la, Mite Arg at or Hrolwm baa booa appomtw* bar aobathato.