Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 15, 1857, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 15, 1857 Page 5
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\ ' Uhi litli ftw the D?kato RegtM. I Oerrenpe*ueeoe or ihn tft f*ai (dinaeno.e) time*.] 1M yenr son toad ?m broke* for Ue Dekotht or id* Cpper Mm*?***, *1* : u>* Wnbpetom eee ritenUote, Mmn is all pre i lee* year* aim. e gran wed e*w m?U yiomlead them end began t* 1861, km ere a ted end put In operation, and several hundred hoea mere ware far mtobrd them teat leer tbaa m ail prertona year*. la Boeaaaaaana of thea< thine*. iae Dakoiae of this neighborhood begin to faai the bonefli or their otrtnzs ion toad. I It la tree utile or Ua land oroiea I eat year hae bean maturated, and every Uit'e bent Hi haa aa yet been da *tT*d Iroaa that biokan the previous year; tor aaoat of It, a Indeed of all the land broke* tor the Wahpatoa and Aaalt? Dnho aa, wan oolti rated oat ol aanaoa; and ax naneaoeebow* that the p'alrle la hla nelgboorhoed. IT raken tea lata la lb* aaaaoa, wituout hotter mean* tor mnlrertetng It than the Dahotae p.ieeoa, etanot ha made e yield a crop ot earn till levernl yearn after ward* The a rat torty eorea which wna broken tor thorn *?' dose la Aagost, 1863. From thla H oy auoooodod la getting mnm potato** tad a raw amnli tnralpe ta 1864, and la JtM6 e good or op or lb tee vnlunaia reota (rem ao much or 'M aa waa properly pleated, perhepe one hnl'; but the corn pleated en It wee no rntv-e allure ta both tboie years the corn plaetta on II leit yeer yielded n pretty relrerep. and tor the tret time the Dak nee in thin netgbborh ro l hwh mora corn to a poitioN iqu war oou ? M time ft? another crop Th-y hira sold several baa 4m4 bushels of ciob, supplied tbo irtib of a as woer o their relatives from otb< r planes. ud have fad mod or' food tug considerable oorn to tnelr boVaes, whlohtney nav* Ml boon la the bobit of dong m yearn past Tba pole see nearly oil grow on too bi?o prairie brokm for tham by go vert, meat, tbo oorn ohlely on tbo r?rer bottoiai, Vbab tbo; broke for t? emaoiree, though porbepi neori; ?U of tt bed. e'ver one or more crcps had grown oo It. kin Diovfd for thrii. 8ome of *b?re Dekote nteo wore toagtit to plow for flUbwlTti m Leo qui Peru*, when wo roelooo there and iwbaie bore beoe loernleg, end aiao; mire probabl. weald boro laerooo It 'he; had beeo eeopued, on tber lad roeeoo to expect tbo; would bo. wltb lulteble pto re borneee, bo Wo are told that a large oomber of pluw i 'hare bora poroaoeod for thorn and wHl bo brought n tbli aprtag Thne wo hope that era long Utora will ba oo oooreloo to biro white own to plow for thoaa upper Dakotoe. exeorn la breaking the prairie; and none of thee* who bare learned to drive oien and aere been un ebb to got an much land broken aa the; wt?ned to oailt -rate, my that If government will rurntsh the plow and teem, they oaa and will break prairie roMbemselre* I The aaooeptlblHt; of the Datoiea for npror?meal le amnlftoied la building as well at la a greater abandaaoe of tht prod note ot tbo toll. A yeer ago lees tbaa half a dszw itUoa ot tbem la this ao'gbborbood wore tiring 1a !?} Aulas none In aaytblog belter, and I tbtok It wa? tbo first winter a Dakota family occupied area ?o goo A a Philter tat this neighborhood as a otbia built of log*, laid ?p betlsoBtally. At ibis lime, boaldaa two framed booeee there bra not iraa tbaa fifteen log cables of the kind spoken of la this neighborhood oooopted by Dakota IhaaUlea Moit et there are furnished wltaatore', aud la regard to oomfort win ompera farorably with the rat dwolllrgi erected by the agricultural nopal uton of Otdo, ladleaa and Idinneooia The glata and ease tbr moot -of tbaaa dwelling* bay# boon fhratsked l>o? their o<vlHaaltoa fund, and the log* for about aalf ot them mare hauled by men and team* fnrnlaotd from tba name bad, and the; have been ,a*itated la getting the sa*ed tamber aaed about than. Almost ail lbp other labor ex fended on tbem baa been per for mat by the l lakotus themselves, with some uaetitanoe and lat traction tram Mr. W?gk- All three Improvements have pr weeded from I Abase who have felt tbo reollty or tbaoo a be tree I truths, the taculaeting of which la apolcea of with ao much con tempt by a correspondent or the 9t. Paul Atnertixr, wrlitag about T?avtrao dee 8lnax Tba preaoktag ef the 'vron of unnn dm, irom tne n -n dmcb loonf-wet? to tne wife of thia world; but on penance (bowithal amone tie Dakota*, aa elee where. It la not only the wladom or God. wad the power of God, to the ealvttlcn of the aouta of toooe who bel lore, but the moat effeotnal meant of pro anottnf tbeir temporal welfare. If effort* to lnatiuot la *(rleultur* and the meebaoto wrta wore eufflclent, the Mendewakoaton and 8iatH*m who formerly dwelt about Trareae dee Sloax eboald how hero been tar more advanced la civilization than the Wabpatoa of thia neighborhood and Lao qui Parle tho*e ladtaaa twenty yearn age appeared aeoidedly aaperlor he thooe fa everything, except roilgloue tnrtruvion, thorn bare had aa groat, and many of the Meade waronton lor greater advantagoo tor Improvement than there Bat the tnlluenoe or Roman Oathollc trader* prevented thai from llateailng to the Instruction or Proteetant mlt tan?lire which wao not the sue with thoee, end the re?utt hi that thooe ore now In c)vHi?Uou ahead or tbote. THOt. 8 WILL!A *301. Peo-Slavery Appeal fot Kantei la C haricot on. [From the Gaarleeton dtroury April 9 ] It will oo Ho?o, by aa offlolal notice in this paper, thai to* General Commute* app noted oy day >r ttl.oo had formed ward oommiuoee to canvaaa the whole c tr ior toe purpreo of drawing out aepport lor the Sooth* rn ttattloeo ta Kansae. It le the last time that the doutbera people will be called npoa to oontrlhato to thU ceiee, dad their action will oow do tar mine whether Kateai will heloag to tho south or to the Norm. We hove eo oftoa evp* mend our opleloa of tb? vital import an oe of thia qnre Boa. that we need only allude to the leading tote at this fnrr W* rootider thai the qneetion or elavory la Kaseai directly tavolvea that of aUvery 1a Mtieoorl. Tble groat fltata, probably tho rtcbeat la tnteraal reooncpo* of toy eater of the ooafedoraey, 1* bordered ? the ooet, al . moat to ita oo other n limit, by the free State IiuaoU The 1 ?ever portoo of it* olave population lo in the ooonttae of So weft, tx raerlag apon Kama*. By allowing thia latter to ho ooollUoDiaed. w* piooa Mleoourl botweoo two droo. We, ta ftot. make her etov* property votnolem, oad give Mr op to the pHiage of tho froeoollora. Tho g>eat nody of tho people of Mhooml an heartily wrtth the Smith Her ehvo pnpalatKM hae laeroaasd ea kuetdir a* that of ony other 8iat* In tho 8 rath, aid their in ?m u?i Ui a* nail of tb# Sou h la tiara labor mora fro (tab i* than la lUatoorl, and wo hart tka Itattaoay at <a r iti notr of oxmpeuat humiw um it wui to equally pre Ruble id Kaaaaa. 11 la sot, therefore, a mart barroo rVtrry that no aim at la tto aoqalaitloa trtbla Torinorp Ho at.a I via a froat ul valuable domola?nob ta oil ao~eJ trroaoroa aad ta ibo proloo Jranroa of lia ooii; aad, la aroaoa'koale degree, farnroblo to boaith. Tbooa c > adorattooa aro, It Mat to oo, moufti to oaoiio ovary a*at OBroltofaa to aid ta thla floai aad doatairo offirt to oo ware Roatao for tba South. Moooaaa la ooaoplotair witbia or power, if wo btro oaly Ibaaptrlt to maaaorou mo-a 10*0 aaatrlhotlODt la tapport of that rallaot baad of WooV ra bob. aba baro baitlod ao woefully, aot merely tor ttnorrlrn bet for BO all ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. PRHSON AL. ~ AOKNTLEMAN IN DELICaTR HEaITII, DOING TO toi|land ?oou. waaU to become acquainted with acme out acta* mar. to trarol tor of bar oror utax norttono of Rurtme. W ooorao tho ebAraelar of the acquaintance auit be wliafhotory. Acdrera A. B through the Pnet oflloa AW AMERICAN YOUNG LAPT, OP PRBOONAL AT tractioai aad raaoccubllliy. wtabaa to adopt bar Infant Aadrnaa R P . Broadway Pool nffloa hrforo ah >ut Hth loot _ PV RENPRCTABI.K AMRRIC A N PROTRHT A NT f A Ml J\ ly wwbiuf to adoot a lino, blua ??*d. br.altby lofaot. aa ipbaa. ran hara an opportoalty of ao dolaff by ealitor at 16H Thorn Dene itreeC JitOB ADOPTION?A HANDSOME PRMALK CHILD, 1 about ore month old. Addreai box 1 ?M Pott oflloa. mafia* wbara application mar be mail a If daotrad. tba child ma? be raer. aad traaofrrrad ao Ibai H aaaaot be traced. JF_THtO MKTTg THB III OP EITHER WILLI a IT oall *1 tba MwKion AT'i. "J ]T??'*<fwat ~ IBBr rmn APAM. LATB OP PAHUBT. SCOTLAND, will tn*d hta nddreaa li Vi! una Brod<?, MtiMml* (trsw., >imi|n>il L l .bf will baar rmm hi* brother AlriandsT, whoarmrd lr thU country latt iudimt, Ml anuo'ialp i Wtabaa >0 banc fr? blai Oooatry pnpiir* p laaar copy. *|VPOBVATlOW WAVfID-OP MAIT MtTJHILL, BT 1 bar aMar * at, a ? #?? of Olaagow. Scotland, wh> Uadad tan la >**)> >**. IMS. Any Information rocwnrnln* bar Wf.l bo tbant faily mnalrcd Whoa law baard from *b* waa Wlh Mr. * ummlwi family. IJdrmacar* of Co ft. VaL Ijib, Oraatwicfc, Ooanart'cat IRPOIM ATI IV WaVTVD-OP Ha*. AND JOHN IHIlaa. by thHr brother .'tma* nil lan wbM laat baard of ton ?at a la Virginia. Any Information coaaorolag iham win %a WauktuilT ra*rlT*4 bp aalltng on tbalr brotlar, at Joba Maya' at Patrrwm. Naw Jwa*|. I will n? ' c." thm pirnt pliakant pat hams boor. PORBST. 1' P TBI* HHOn.D MOT THV IV I OP ITMON PI vRII. aboaarlrnd by tba Oarrga I aw l*b odlb'i inonib. tbara M a ptrana aailoualo aaa bua at ika Jag*I Hotai, ?7 Barclay atraat Jo. . will pin? a i.rrrmm iv thi bio ad w at I . ftwt ofllca T KPT HIS son OR lATCRDAT MOININd, ,1j April II KM, hprnrar H'-r.nn a oniora., man. to iioMUi Wkttawaa i B( A aalnaa la *?w York. alnna whteh una ha haa am baam hoard fraaa Aay paraon harta* ampioyad ha aald Dial will onrfVr a laallaa Sw by Jlraa laAai laaitoa to hta beAeaaA wllha* lOOWaadeat , Sreohlan or at M P a Una at. JNrw Tor?. MaRT AW* gPBTO*. XT*** or *i* orrio* -oh mono* or ootX* lara waltta* fnr tho bairn at J?ba Whita and bta wira lU-T Hrpw.m, ooralBthaoouatf fli Iralaod. aaal mi ad to lAa OnlMi Atalaa batwaan IAN) and 1A? apply la ?*?* HaTa, VT Broadway Saw Tork, Mail of Via I 'Q M. W. WILL Pt*P A l.fTKI I* UNTO* AgCARB | r. roal ofl.ra, frnw O U, dlrartad aaaa aa tb? laat r . Pl'H* 'liar WHO T*aT*ROaT arTB?*00? r?R J arr'ao a 'aaalr aliarad bill ea tha <'mn-n?r?l? Jtxlm (llmaa ralla and raaalrad *oM la atrhaafa, It la'rravd tbai blmari' and wbara?hiuia ara known. and tka' nrk#* Hrirr. mta adhwmant la mada ba anil ba daali with to Iba maul < t tha law. TIIK UKTtJKa kRdfNl*. 1 Minfriin MRAMRRIAW r* n* w. RAYNOLDJj arm aarh araala* Una wak at Tfc o'e'nak. at h offloa, Fnrdatrart Admlaamn ?oat>Vt lAdy by fraailckat *lar tra I)*)*** rlalrrojhtoa wttal aaalay aalrror raadtag. Una'lap powrra Ar . ara alaiola na'nral oortood. " to* Ttrmr. /ykatRRVTU.W OOCRWR. L. I.-1*0TTI*0, THO**. ly dat April IA. at it?a'plonk Matrh ?l iim. thraa mlla hrata play nr pay 0. *! > aamaa rb walllna Ratal)la laakAtw). tn *0 tha. wafna; W. raabodr ramra am. A-Janda Maid. In anlky. _JOm' OORKiJ* >roarimnr.__ CRWTAKTTT.LR COO*** ?TROTTWfl Tno*AHAT. April M. at .1 o'elork, matrh Mm, piay or pay, tao mlla hrata. hath bra ara go aa thay plaaaa l>. I'tifar namaa b. f. And raw Hhrahaa. a. WnndrnB namaa h Mountain Hoy. JOMI, OOWRLfW, rmprlrior. UWIO* OOrRAM. L. I.?TMOTTIMO.?O* WTtDWRfday. April It at baKpaal twa oidnok,a matnh Aw >1 mo, STOW "zzt? ?srr?sy jrirrx:-ww .UsPwrriar flP.RTAfrRAirr*. *r*TIJt AOl'F A*I> WW*1) TMMRAPI* , ir UWAAM. ^\A^/V.'Vo'VAAVV^"-'\A/VWWA'*?'W\^yWvAAA/WAA/y\AAA/V^ *C UKWAEi* -L081. A HNAui. OOO OF THE JtlK ( JO ( barlea brefd black and taa c ler The o?a?r wl PMUutibuvKnwirdki any ? ? h?Te foQnd * ' will main him to 118 Blohe etreet, Br ? k)#n me kkwabd.-umt. ok dATURoa* iteming. ik TO Ubkm eiinare Kifteenh atreet or biith avenue. A ?ti s*rood curb |old bracelet with heavr eleap. The AjHwe ro word will be pbld OB leaving It At 28 Union aquare wltk Mlaa B'iij. A>~ HE WARD.?LOST, ON T1IB MORNING OK THE JO 1.1th ei April a Urge block Newfoundland dog. long hair long black bu-hy tail Dread and lower part of bit leg white ana? era to the name ot Tack Whoever re urai htm t K. UlAtrenhaua, 56 Chatham atreet. will receive the abov i Daarel rewaid 21 ik RRWARU ? POCKBTBHOK LO f, UN MONDaY pj V evening. 13th ipotant tu the Bowerv. between second ard Grand at'eeU eontAinteg thirty eight dollar*. The Under wil> plea>e return the tame to 19 Ht. Mara'a olaoe. pOC RkWAKD-A YOUNG HaN <UK?MaK>. OK v?0 bualreaa labile who hu been enteral year* in the United etatee, wtahea to obtain a altuatlon, to or near thla city, either In a mercantile buaineaa In a hmel. or on a rail road. The above turn la offered to am one wh > ta able to ae cure a puliation aa above Addreae bax 140 Herald odloe, ptatlng * here an It tervlew mat he bad IJOC RIWaKD -MM81NG FROM THE FOBuIT Vdtl atoiea 8. '0 and 12 Broad atreet about thn into Febrn try laat. a caae marked J ,1 T .119 containing flflr otecar 4-4 nrlnted oalteoen. The above re war i will be paid on tke retlvervof the name to MBNRY8, SMITH A TOWNBaND, 17 and 19 Warren atreet. I?OST AND KOrm I OSI-ON RUNDaY EVENING 12JH INsf.. IN THE *i? uti.j ui o mic nirwi i ii'foo <rioa onus, ' */ for vtcio-lne. The Under will libera lr rewardet by leavlog the tame in the bakery, c aer of Green?rlah avenue and Jsrertteet. LObT.?BADGh M?8T, HO S.S66 ONtfONDaT, AFM1T, IX, in going to he Ore in the Be' enth d'rt"ot in Wert Broadway or m Dum< street The flnde- will confer a favo hv leaving die same at the Chief Kngiueer oSlce, 21 Aluabeth etreet IOBT-A NEWFOUNDLAND DOG ff.hl WH1TB J breast and email piece out of t*>? led nil v ' lit tongue e liberal rewa-d will be given if returned to tie owner 8. Pal MAR, 117,'j Wert Twenty-seventh aleeLOeT-ON MONDAY. APRIL IS, a iaHOND 01.08ter pin containing seven stones. ' lie tor win be liberally rewarded bv returning eame to A C. WaalllnG fOK. XI V'o e'reet. or rotunda, l!H?toir house LOBf-OK MONDAY IN GOING PROW TWaNTYHR ootid st- pet through Fifth avenue to 1 Dirty fourth etreet. a pal' of gold epect'rler marked a Waldron rhe flode-wll] be suitably rewarded by leaving them rt ho 8 aael rhlrtylou'th etreet Lost-A kamoranDOm book, Containing aoo. Hon bill* Ac. the flnrer will be rewarded by leavtug the same at the office or Dtbblee Bagley A < avage, 82 Oedar . tree*. Mt Quuna, mo. pgLAOh LACK VBIui, BaBUJLs a* D COIFKKURB, O per Waetdngtoa. We have reeetved per the above steamer A chcioe lot of real thread veTs from $4 up wards French lace do , new patterns Thiaad lace barbes aad oolffeu s Fie?eh lace do do . nn w dedgaa. BRKIvM ilt A Co 473 Broadway. Baaboh some, BaRRGR bohkh. From auottoa. Price 8* Wnoappia robea, 88. Tory handsome and cheap, At BRBKMAN A GoRPANi 'd, 471 Broadway. HhhhMaB A OOHFaNT, 473 BROaDWaT. bava now In stock a full ltae of white gsods, of ovary lesorlpttoo alan a ia'gc aaeortmoni of Brt hania aad MartrtUea For ladles' baaquea BaHAUK DKLAINB DRR88KB AT TRB GRIAT CLOHIMQ BALE. Csm> barege delaine dreeaea at 10s eath, w jrih 2 OtMred for sale This week only. Ledlea wishing to prceure Bargains will Pleaae call early. f t jre flitures for sale. O B. WILLI 4MB, No 347 Broadway, corner L?ont*d street L"lHIAP SILKe, / CHEAP BTLKH. O^KAP BILKS. Another large lot of rich summer Bilks will tie opened this mct-vlng a' Sa. 6d.., 4a.. and 4i 6d., all from Friday'* auction me. h. B.?Ro ooen-ctlon wlto any other hotiae In this street ALKXanHan JJiT, 61 and 63 Catharine at'eet . 3 doors from Monroe. blJtUA?T LACB 8IUML MaNTlJ(f>, KnUre new deaigaa, to our order, at KIXKBaR A OOMPaNY'8. 473 Broad war. C> KKAT BABGAINH IN BILK BOBBR, 1 Purebaaed at late auction sales. Paris f ilk flounced robea. $10 Blch chaoe jeape robea, $30. 4 itra super elk robea cannele $90. C|l?tp it | to. By BCBKMAN A C9 , 47$ Broad<r*y i in km naifBK.c n an I)K KarmaFS I'kr cirr nr 1J Manchester We are J oat Id receipt of a large assortment of Ladles' hemmed colored border L C. handkerchiefs. Do plain do . at R 25 dtisa. 1,000 dozen grass tinea do., from II 90 dozen. 000 dozen gents' eoiored border and plain do . all qualities. aKBK.MA.jr A OOM'AMr, 475 Broad way. 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JlMXI MAMT1LLAS 1M BILK AMD LAOR O Of all the lateet gtylaa, nmiuiiinnirT. irt Broadway. ^zlkb, bilkr, BILK A O Anetear Rent rsdaaBaa la prtesa, at the On MeadayTAprtllA. ?s i> ey-mnet he eeM stance Mr Broadway. wi> Laoaart ?* ItBB LABT OP TH1 ALSO in PLAIDS AT Til OBBAT OLOSIBO I ALB. 1 h? ImIIm Irf Inform*)} thai the abor* ara the teat of tha ?roM which w* ahall b* ablate ocrmu tt^Seaoh. Bo 547 Broadwar coram La?art limn. TABIB DABAREB ABD LIBBBimBBHlfOA, at m OBBAT OLOalBQ SALS 10 000 worth of hoiianhaaptng (ooia SO PB?WcTBT>ftnX>W COST OP IMPOBTATIOB. A rare opportunity la thua affhrrt to fhaalltea for baylni their Ooodaal artr?aly I-ow prlaaa. O. B. WILLIAM, Bo. M7 H road way, aorarr of l*?onart w **t Tub BaLABCK or MM. DWIBBLLB'8 CHILDRRB'S nothing la now nailing without rafunatia la am. bargnlna am offon-d to ator?karv?ra itlaaa raam wtra ataada. Ae., all mnat ba aold la om waafc Lmdlra plana# ml. 800 Bfuadaay. up alatn. HUCIKK, HtMIMI, At'.. WAR1VU. Apart or a hocb wawtbd-ib a ooon locaHon. with bath and gaa, for a ftunllr of thraa adalta aad arrant waatalda. Bast of r? faraaeaa flrra. Addrraa atatlng larmr, Ae . A. A., hot 4 AUS Pnat offioe HOI MR WABTBO a AM ALL HOCSR III a QCIBT, rrrpretabla naif hbo-hood, la Brxoklrn, not mora'ban tan mlnuiM walk from f niton or Booth fa-rtaa. or part of a lion with a am all roa*rctab'a family Addram. aiming fall parttrn'ara J. B.. Harn'd ofllctl'ABTBn IMMBIM ATRLY-A RBAT COTTAOB, III FY 'bo oRr of Brooklyn. In a plaaaaat lomtloo. and lha root not to axraad DM. Addram D. Mntforray, it, - ? Paari arm haw York. WAhVBD? A HOfRB WRBT OF BROAOWAY, WtTH modnm Improramaaita and plaaanatlr looaad Frtoa tot to monad f? oou lo >fl 000 Par Urn will plawi rail wadT BALI. 'R Bo S Boatman atrraA WABTBI>?BY AM AMRRICAB FAMILY Or THRCB pnrarwa. an chlldran, two mom aad two bain tna 01 lha aaanad Boor. Boat moat ho modoram Roforrarm ot -hongad Addrom J. *. 87 ttlrabaih rraat Wabtbd-a Btrrr or boomb ob halt a oottaob la Hohohoa or J army (Yty. for a omnll foroily, Iva mi nntoawalh from tha forrr Boat Mi to axaaad lino a yoar. Addrom B. w>. Horald ol^ioa. Wabtbd-tbbuttbb fart or a moobrb built baaaa. aonaMtagnf tha mwl and part of dtlrdalnry, with baaamoat or kttohm hr a fondly of throo frown par aon?. Loattlm balow FnnHaanth atrwat. Root frvm fan to y'80. Addram a. k.. Harold obm W A hi BO?BY A YBBY SMALL FAMILY, WTTBO01 eh'ldraa tha wnoad Botw with or wlthxot baaam at om rmtaat for botiaahaapfof, with watrr aad ma. la a r rod A martran fomtly, bakiw ronrlaanth dnd, wwatoida, la ? ra ar~-%abla roaW. Tarma muat ba modarat#. foam fiat io tW Pattlm bariny auoh premlam aad wtabina to lot th >m Vi A rmponalbla party *y addram H . box 1.M8 Pnat offlia. f>r tbrar data _ _ WABTBO- F ROM 1BT MAT, BY A OBBTBBl. Fa mil* of font paroona. aa^ad floor aad bawnaa it of a Bttaal honaa. la a rood a> l<Vb rhnod Rant from tno v> ? It rnnat rrmialn thr modam Improramm'a aad lira ? a>, n oma 1-jtfodoa wlwam Baaoad aad Btabfoarana w aal ?",!Xaad fw5r _* ? ** ? *? d%?, Houmh?df?r. radar 0., Ilgh'h armat roffl offloa. NEW TORK HERALD, W\ mum y Aconun. A J B1 ItCKKI WILL 8VLL AT MTOTItN Oh Wednesday, the 16<h Art at 12 s'cl?- k at th? Merohno's' Hirhnrge one lot on Huh avenue bet *eet. Ninety etcaft ?nd hlm-iv ?>D'b itreete, for cash. Anthony j buiioiie, adctionnkr -aBvolotc esleof I raiy ui ?ery choice In at Ynrtvtile tu the I vmediate vicinity of the Ceatial Park, at aaoUun A. J IIAkCI t( t OO will aell oa Wed nee ay aipril It at >1 >'0 ocfc < the Merchant*' biobarge the following ?On M|ktr lUh olreei-ttven Iota, eouth tide. 276 feet east of f'ftb areaue bfiilttb.leach On algbtv sixth at not?1 wo lota b't*e*a ? binl and Fnui th avenues 160 feel eaat < Third avenue, alia 26 f each > Ighty filth street?Two Iota directly la rear of above aame fruni and depth Highly fllh street - Five lata beta ran Fourth and Fifth aver una. no th aide. tfiilOt-t aa-'b fourth even ue? Four loti north weat corner of eighty H'tb street, 84 6Him T Fourth avenue four lota nortnaaat win er of IPghiv aevrnMi etreet 2b t.>4ibt 7 bightv seventh Knot? Two iota, rorth e*de between rht'd and fourth avenue* Mx 10b S. in rear of the avnnno lota above I be title to the above property la perfect ami the at'nation of the same very deafvab'e the riteeU and avenues bet- g in thorough or far Ttrtcs vrry liberal hvi"! lot offered will be positive y told without react re. Maps, Ac . at the ofllse, No. 7 Bread treat. a UOTION NO CIO* -MUUICNK B PKANf LIN. aUO ?L Unoear?By B B FbteNK LIN A UO - fhe aoeolal at lection at hotiacbervere. the trade and buyem generally, la lavltedjo the following attentive sale of oiaUy first alass far nltura French rlete pier alaasea and ml rora. Brumes and lap retry aarpeta, lane and brocatel eurtaias ralnabla pla'a and plaited ware French china nod out glaea ware, superior rosewood 7,% octave pianoforte, Ac.. Ac On Prid?y next, 17th Inal . at 10S o cloak, will be sold at the private reahlanoa No 46 Prince tra.t near Broadway the white 00electa of mid boure wbloh Is furnished throughout with the very beat r*f fiimlitip#) all of which ?ii miuln to ordnr hr ol'T mtk^rt. and ?111 pereatp'nrilv be sold m the owner I* dec'into* house keeping. lit Dtrlon mnttln oun elaborate.* CITTMl r-,s* warn) suit, towed rioh ttgared all* plush, om rosewood ?uit, to oxatly French ntln brocetel made to order by Newhioae, soild carved rose wood oeotre plcr table* maawood mirror beck marble top Meter*, pier and mantel Frennh plate mirror* Fraaah china wee aad mantel ornaments eaiv ad Voltaire chairs, lapeetrv BrueeeUcarpets. lace and Freooh <aHn brncatel ourtatoe cornices, to aJae one aupertor rosewood 7K oetave plaooferte. cost *360. Library ftiuUure eona.t* of aearetary and library book aura, tired wlk latin wood; louatea ta ilea, okam oarpets, naaaota. dc Dicing 'or in?Kolld aak extension table, atdeboard. arm and llairg chair* mirror*, cvnru dc aad a large qaanllty of dtina and glass ware plated ware ta^le entiery, do The badioami are furniahed throughout the hmt* with the meat oheteutial rosewood aad rash-gun* f iralturu belt hslr mait'eaaee, pUlowt.'hrdolet. do.; toilet ware, carpeta mlr -ore, dc he. Alao, the gaa ofaeodeilera and burner* tdrougbvnt tbe botiee The aale will commence In ihe baae nent with Urn kitchen hirnnnre. ItepoelU *atl*laotcry to the anctoneer will oe re im.ed from all purobaa*ra i'ataloen?e will be ready the lay previous to the aale, and can b? had or the auctioneer It B FBanKLIN d OO . salesroom H6 Nassau street AUCTION OTlOK.-OAdL.KY d WKlUUf, lUO tlooeeia. will sa l at auction, on Wednesday, April IS, at 10 o'otook a. M., at Mo. 16 t heever -laoe brtweea liar nroo and Brrraw street*. South Brooklyn elegant autt of -va* weed parlor fu'nlture. la ermaon brooa'el made to order, rodltialin Dvoeroher last, mahogany do In hai cloth m*r hlv top oentrr table*, n't Brussels three pit and Ingrain w.pnta; lace curtain* aad Nature* chamber furniture mt I mm mahrranf French bedsteads hair and bunk mattreeaea, hnreaoa chaha. tables, rhwa orockarv kitchen utenatla Ac . i hon MO'uqit.-hl'WCMn. It. pltskum, auo A ii-i?eer.?By hUOBNK *. fBaNKUM A DO ?Thia day, Wrdnerday mo-rieg. at 10K o'e'ock. ataalearoom 34 Nassau ctreet, sale of accord sand lurni'ure p'ane forte* Hrutrcla and rther rerpeu, mirror*. Ac oocaUttug of sectad band rosewood parlor sub matlel by Hutchraga rjaew.rod puro forte, mah< gan? parlor luit In plu*h carpet* and o'hrr aecrod band fu-nttnre Aim three suite rosewood oarlor in nbure, to be ao'd for arcon* t of whom It may o <brrrn ni*de by Simpson ard warranted, having been In u?* hut 1<U e, and are as good a* new ?l*o parlor and chamber fur nnu-e of all dencrptioo. la suite sod single lot* *1*0 P'rerrh plate mlrrora pier iris****. oil pa'ntloga ubrarv and secretary bookcases warorobe* etegvres extension tables hip*, c'aa* and stiver plated ware table cutlery, fancy good* ec Hale poailive. ft. B.?Facking for shipment don* on the premiere. A UtmOM NOTICd-TO LL'MHKR DflALkttB. Da it*. net, pianoforte case, coffin, aad looking glac* frama rasters?A M. ORIHTaLaR, auctioneer will sell on Wrdnec dey, April H, at 10 o'clocc. a large and extensive Dock of roaewtod rruhrgaov, black walnut vsorer* crotches, b>uda olanha and loga at the yard of Lyman d Oilohrist 412, 411 >ad ?S6 ttaabiogton atrrat consisting of son lhge of orotcn and haded vencerr, majortty extra Ore; 60 loga mo l ed ahade I rneen; ?& (U feel of rosewood aud mahogany In planksanl board*. 10 00l> feet apple tree, bird's e ? mttlt. holly, satin, aedsr and other woods. In loga. planks and boards, alao, a large k t of veneers, cro'ches boards, gnu stocks do , dc. 1 bte rale la well wor by the attention of dealers and others bring one of the largest sale* of the *ea>on Ooodlduna of rale, lour month*, unproved notes over f60; under gVI. e i*b llata'oguee ran be obtained by applying at lb- olfije of the auciiooeer 23 Bowery, three days prior to aale. Mo poet yot erne nt on account of w -ether Auction notion-a. m oristalar. auorioneer salesroom 23 Bowerv will sell, on Friday, April 24, If57, at 25 and 21 > '*ii*l sUeet, DAftr Broadway. M 1U o'clock A. M , an extensive and well selected clock rt roce wocd and mahogany. as follow* ?li*,,OHO feet rosewood venes-*. HU001 feet mottled, chade and plain mahogany veneer*: 20 000 'set crotch mahogany veneer* 11.1*0 fret crotch black walnut veceem; H.OUO feet nroteh oak renews; a large and *r?t rate assortment ot zebra, latin, maple and whit* holly, of d.derent thirkm anes; a )ar?* and fine aaaortmen' of mahogany r iffln lock, alao. nahagany, roaewood and black walnut plank aid toarda, fWjin , to 5 lechea thick. 15,000 feet mahogany, roar wood and black walnut carved mortldiugs Terms four tnnntha approved notea. over *50, under fit). cash, OalaIngres read* three daya previous to aaie at the a'earoo n. T\ He wary No postponement on aocount of the wea'her. rhl* ale Is well worthy of the attention of lumber dealers, piano ft He c**eand cabinet maker*, coflln. and looking Rise* frame ma*era. as the whole atocfc will positively be tela AUCTION POtlOE.?owoan. QLASd An O t'H iMA. ?By H HAlXnH Auctioneer thla(Wednesday i morning. nprtl 15. at 110 Ninth avenue corner of eighteenth m eet, the balnnre of the atoch lon'elned In the ato-a con ala'Jnx of fluid and o(i, cm.*, measure*. An . ho Muat post tlve y be acid thla day. ArCTIOK RITT*RBaND WiLL HKlL at auction Thnrndav April id. at house No 100 aldr.dge at eel, nl 10S o'clock, a general assortment of Household furniture, ccm atlpg of aofha. tables, chain, bur- sua carpets, don hie and single bedsteads, matlreiars, eilanai table, clocks, rrorkrry. Ac. m OOtlON NOTICE.?THOA BULL, ACCrlO*KK*A By BkLLh BUhll -This day. at 10', o clock, In lha alaarr ran* 12 North William street a variety of furniture, oil rlotus, dry goods fancy and pledged articles, jewelry. 15 gold and Silver watches, chain* rugs pin* nocks rases, he. awo, 10 superior canary birds In full health and song. On the 20 h Irak the handsome furniture ono'aiat d In the modem three lory and basement house 90 Harrow street, near dud*to. AUOT10N NOTICE?J BOUART. AUCrtONKNR-BT A BOO ART -Iharaday. Anrtl Id, at UHi o cloak at the auction rooms, eorner of Frankfort and Wifiiam *vr?Ms One stab : '? sale?the antlro stock of a mllllnarr and fancy mrww tarn ssanrmsawt of laoe Irtmmtnaa. rthboos draws trimming*. iMhtn. fury button*. wbtlo'and colored ftlki. tewtageUk.alao(tap, ftlog**, A*.. worthy tb* ttmtltn at ?? ?. JiiliM W. AOBBRINDiKK ?'ou?t?b.t A. i'or ion Nfaot-niMira ??d prbkmp^owt ml* of d*w umwooi band furai'ur* oar oat*. Ac Ac. Ha IIU ax OrGoob k C J anguoeoara will aril to morrew, Ihtirrday. at 10,S o'clock. A M.. at Ho HI Raaaau atreei. A large ataorunti.t ft hmaehold furniture oompnalnf la part matwrod and ma.vgan parlor mite, covered In Preach aatia brocatrl ai<d otbar liter covering. alao hair o 0"b. ana mtled chamber tuna. bo traate mirror*. very r.nt oil palm try*. warcrobra maibla top and plain rantf tablaa ea d and natatoa table*. droning buraaua. waahataada. hadataada. maitrvatea toft* ud aofa bada atirar plated vara .to Alto, iba farnloraot a family breaking np h inaekttolng. <-onal*tlng nl tba nana) >art?ty of carlo', badroota an I kltrbna fimlture yrlrat urinaria and otkar carp* a, Ao . icnow Mm-ll DonourT, ADoriouBBB _ A Mortgage tala ot bonrahold furnltura, thla day. at 10X o'clock, at T f'eout utraat mn latin* ?f rone wood planofrra. rotaaood parlor auit In crlmaon plunh and brocaiel. large pier glaatea. chli a, craekrry. and g aaaoara. work oard dl ring aid attention tablet lata a tatea. aofaa. mahogany r hair a painting*. wardrobe*, aad gaafli'ort* R .IRNWIWIH Jr. Mtotray far morgana* Alao a lam* atomiitaat of brarltng booa* furniture caapeta. bada badatrida. ahtna and crockery wove* CM. mauraaaaa. refrigerator and a tot of irana or ovary daaortpUoa. Ptl* wttbant raaorr* . DCTION WOTICC J BOO ART, AHC fluBEEt-BY A B BOO A K*? Tfcta dA'.ai 10l, o'clock, a'tka ane ton ryiaa ro?n*r of Frafik'ort and William atree'A. HbnrtfT* aai* of one < * of about 10 UPO vary mi trior Havana atgara IS pipe pal* brardy; a'to ant daguerreotype aonaratn*. n*e camera. Harrtaom maker bta.1 r*n? a <*tl*f bote*, aad alao no attoroitni ofboxtaboid furniture, Ac . At A| ^ OOriOR ROTIC1- COBTT ABLE"! SALR-RY Vt? tea of an eirCHton. I will tali tblt day at lot, o clock, al BCflahl'f-' .taction rooenn. ontutr of Prank fort ud Wil llaat aireet*. one of Wilt ar t patent Or* proof aafaa, aplendld makocatr oOltt Jtaka offlrt cbalra. lounge. Ae.. At A CCTIOB BALB 01 FCABITI R1, BT TIED A OOtlA Cm Wad rat day a or II is at 10 o'eiook at Mt f niton Watt Brook I) a, mat wood a?d mahogany par or furniture r** tta, ra d and aof* table*. mahogany aad other bedateada witr ana oral glatata. Brutaeila and Ingram tttea ebiaa ard gtaaa war*, kitchen furaHnre Ac. Alao. mortgage -ale af 111 kbd*. of elder ?tt agar. ABPIQBRB'A BALE-TBK HfDIMIOMD tuiuf. ** of Wttflaaa W Wanant will **U at nubile anettm Mr en*, rn Boaday tho A ah day of *pnl. Ika remaining Meek of lumbar, rard and affirm Oiinrta bona* wagon, bar nam. An. upon tba grouari. eorutr of Hmmmmmt and W?t aream, Ralaa to oommaaee al 10 o'e'oek tl f 11 at V VAT ' - - ADMINISTRATOR'* BALM-WILL IB BO',* ob tea t?Hftv the Irtth tef or April, IW 01 II o'cioah. a M., dooaeltaa rooM of IAMB* (XM.I A RON. 3M PolteB ?? t, eapaaMa tba ?Hjr Hall. la the otir af Arookl yn iba M tow-apMoperty of Jarema A Ton on. denraaed, and lata Nbarlff of (Im miiIt of K IBM, VMWlOf of Ibrea rateable horaii. aa4 ha muwt, and family UriaBl, mm itebt tnottnf wtfaa. eao Hpln toe wapee. oao ool of doable haw two oak of otaaia horaaaa aad aloa a variety of arable Tiiaoaa, da. Bated Brooklyn. Aoril II MIT D WPONT, AdWaHlriHw for M?ai If aad tko Adataiteratrlx. R. bchrbc* -imfobtamtraui op on* of Iba teaal Talaabte private eollaaUoaa of amparb oil pa/ntenpa or or ortorad at pabUa oala bi idto oHp. tba property af B. K Orator. Boa-, vbo boa baaa tommy roan onBiiuhteo Boa* la Baroaa aaa Aaabi Tbap oro ail la flea order, aad Boo wbh naaiao ortaabod aro irairaaiad artpiatea, aad aaaar of ibaa paribnaal ai ibeaaleo of Iba fteaoaoaoHaoHoaa earned te Iba oabuofia aad lha faodara oaaa ohlaffp ban Ika arttoia ttnameli ie Alarmr Umob will ba touad too aaaaapiaaorOna wtek. B. A.; J. 9 T/oa. Rbayar, turner, Praaar. 'Jawpa A. WUbAtea J 0 Borabr. OtoTor. Tlakarb. Op1a aad nib tea; atea a faw rarr ahotar aad rara otet irra of tba IMtea wfwxxa, ard mom very rara cabinet ptetoraa of lha rara Dumb and ! niteteb a UTl Via OMteda. Taelam, Janateaa. NoUaaor, da., alaatka aatabrakad pair af landanopaa known la Rurope aa Ida Knaah Zoraarellto. bafcp Ida floaai IkatoiMte with kwaa bp tdat ralabmlad watter. aad pnrabaard a* lb# aala of 1 rwrdtnal teach In Roma, alan a pair of aaMoet nlra ptovir'r a? Bopartd, arNb pedigree; atao anparb pite'iraa br H J. Baddlarhrm, AorabnrBoaa Valaaqne*. Mo'iAiarra (irau^ ' Tltlao. armbrandt Old Knyp. Cblmbeni, Phlllopo lAurt, Pa- 1 tel. Da (brain?, B. U Ml ana Paoial. HartUlol. Harbhar lan. ' Iferaiay, aad amay otbarm. Ctbabwuaa wlib daaarlptioea waww read*, atedtbaptotarea win beate?*ibtihOteen Manday. 1Mb thai*, al lhatr ?a tote 3 can Ba. ? Baaaao atraal oppo Ha (ba Pool odk* Tbaaaia win notour air tate. pinna oa ) Prlday. Ida ITIk tnat, at II AM. aad Una pnMio panara ty aa wall aa meant temp are tnrltad te anawilaa diem aa thay 1 any real wared that Ida aoUartfcm la Ida taeai rara aad rain bd'e one erar oddrel to tide etty. _ Br VIRTUE OP AN BXEOTTTON, I WII.L 1XPORB J fhrr aala on the 1Kb day of April, tdBT, at II o'alnak A. M . the nanten'a od a drna more. on tba aoraar of Ora?nwleh and " Rated* atraete, oetoawf at droua pinfiiteipy. khainnp, mar- ' Ma lop ninnian. drtwam, bay rum. danba nnov* aad pipe, r <MP. braaa aoaniar ara'aa and counter dbowoaom. ttora to I at aad p maearioo bad immadlatalr. A food rheaea In noan manna h? dr.ip biimaaa. RORRdT BBID. UonalablA. by B A P. n. RCHRBGK -Olt THrBNDAT, IdTH IBM. at ana oMeh at tbair aaiaa moan, Ba S3 Bawan Urate, n a pan of rlataal teat tailed hay bornra u)i hamte hlfh. ?N ard aa ran year* old, warraaied la arnry maanar, vary ata- t past and MTllnb drTrarn aad bara taoltad UHHHbar In IBb Al a an a'atant pray annpn bnraa?la alitaan baada blab, tet * yrara old warranted In ovary way and to Imt la 3H mlootea a an* 01 tba fnrel horeaeof hie tere In the <4ty. Alwr. a brawn n h--?v <4 ureal baaaty MH handn blab, warraatad in arory V* ?'?n <aara old and lo trM bt S.I*. Alan, aavaral | i a< anpona. Ate", npaa of dark brown hi htm, id v" ' y raraold waTnaird pnrteaUy ttnd aonod aol pan ? I a i n-arj way. Ateo, wapoa aad double bora wa. ti ednesdat, april 15, ii ialm at Arorrai. BV W i I.I AM laVlbH A Co -THUxHDAT APHILU, a* 'i >, t clock ti tl Wnt T*mlt m-wsiI d'mi ha .<1 MDffn p iuF ha property o' a ftnil'y leericR tm iimiw car or mrui'ste?elega^tl* carved row wood ?a t loci??? and Hirer in n brnc?i*ll .?e?ere*. centre and oo '** > to ble*. rtrh y c uameotwi French plate pier glaMae, window curio'iu- ar.d cornice* velvet. tapeatr* and -truaeei* narpeia toaievH r?, An Iilnlrg room furniture In oak. mndetoocdnr by J a ? Meek* d n'og c?ic moo tt In, eideboarde wl* marb'e nh?lra no*wed with maroon, moroooo n tucbot, broken*, t, card tab e* 12 mla Lou ,1 in llluatmted Mew* a I ?c?rr, crir|.lrte. Hedo, ni> -mutofcuny nod black WtUtnl brdatradr drwNrg bureau*. woabatand* cousbee ahIlN| inilli air nod f athfr matlreaac* pillow* blanket* he. Alio all ihn kllch?*li furniture, together elib the bandan na * brude 1e>* bracket* ard no ttiture* e mtatoed in tfca haute BY It AF B Hl'IiltaCK, aL'CTIONKHh-3S MAhHaU at: rat Ibia da*, April I;, at Ll>* o'clock attraidlre **C of (Inn wlr.m bra dice fniltn nardloan anger*, Ac. rrccired d tract Ir m lirrt handa. and a old arHhnut ran ve to clear tbn atrck provtout to.! nl* |. in ca?-a ard demljohnt, vi/ J. 0. I*odd*, it (vgear. IKls .limn llnnnoaay IMI.' (lU/d, Pi.puy A Do . lfttt, H o. P od tl and bena'lll Cog

nac brand* old copn-e Vtriii imported lo (I on. ohampagaee, prrta. alierrtea, MMmaa Jamaica rain, Holland kin, arbnappa, bcoicb, 'rich aid Mm ongnbr'a whtaker, arabrndal orc'ar Co. Center A Mart'n aardinw. bowtlvel* no more oftbla auwk exoept the above now la autre Hale poetdre, r. In or dfctatn BY Wiu.l IBVlNO AOO?THIS Dal. WlfDMIIH day, Apt II '6, at luH o clocx at hi fnd twelfth at.eet the noli re fifculture ooittaloeit In *%!<> ho one c aai?'l"X I<1 par of bardaome ruwwo?d ai.d m*h >g?ny p*rlor furniture in tap rtrr. pnirb and lieuelilh, pier centre aod card tab lee, roaeauod ptanc'ofte 7 net vn Hail, maker; a>no malt gtuy wa rut and oof age bedroom furniture, all made in the b at manner and nearly uew, velvet t*pn*'ry ilruaa-d* end t*i-aa Hit arpeta, oilcloths eh n? and giaa* wart. oReiheir wi'h a good a rwrtmenlof kitchen lurutture *llh *hirb the s?'e trill ronnattce. Catalogue* uui be had at the odlre of the anc IKJ' >0r?. MO 6 Pllleetreet bY VIRTJJK OK AN KXKCl'TION I WIul, KXPU8* Pl>* Hate on the 16th day of aprll 1867. at il o'uloik A M the cornea's ot a drug atnre, on the corn?r of O-eoowleb a d Bead* etrec'e coaeiitlnir of oram perfumery. aheMaa tuvr ble <oo oountera. drawna. bay rum deeua. Move and pipe, aoap. braas counter acalea and counter *bowc?*es. Core to let and poeaeetuou had Immediately a Rood ohanoe to eonmenee the drugbualrera KoHRflf K K> l>, Otnaiahle CI If UW*, AUOTloatkB-ATTBAOTIYa n AUK OP /. genlee household urnliure ?O M Lery will aeli oa Wednesday. Attn. 16. and Thursday April id. at tO o'ol -w-k, on he lemieea. 860 and Hb2 H oadw?y between fhtrtu-nln and kouiteewth streets, alt the (uriltnre nonuunetf In the above booses woich waa made to order regardless of expense. fix : v.arve# mahogany enPe In bair sloth. handsome e'egnrea, 6 tya th pla'e mantle ai d pier glasses. <truasela three-olr and other eat p?ts. rotewuod piano aii and three quarter octave, by a well a nowu city maker, mat bin top o-.etre table nook caree, ward obea mahogany dressing bureaus. maSogany and black walont bedstead* leather beda boUtora pillows hair mahreraea arm and roctlng chairs onrnatoa and .thee dtmrg tablee bat atauaa Bruaarla atair carpet otloloth, roatly gaa chandeliers oanoel-braa oil painunge, broaro cooks china vaeea aeveral tine engravings, with a general aeaovtmeat of cooking and k tcben uieoat'a CttlT ULABH X,M? PRKN JH CBINA. at UBKATL1 J re-uced prleee Cut. ptaln and pre wel glaa* of ever] description at mat ufactory prion* Preach cnlua dlotet and tea tela, larcy art'cle*. Ac . at loweet tmoorlation or toe Alan Itngliab alone china dinner, tea aad uil etseta. at trery low prlev a tor cash Ulaaa mode and cut to order. Ohio# decorated to pattern. C PTOUVTtNKI.. 890 n nadir a? Between Muetennih and r wendeth aueats / t NBTAltLkb SAI K Of (iBoORRlKl MljlJOftS AND " ' aeg?ra.?By Tlrtue < f several execut'ona. to me directed and delivered 1 will re 1 en Kriday. >7th tarn , at 'Ulf o'clock at IS Bowtry. a large and extrusive alack. removei Irooi a wholeaalo eetab'tahment, constating tn part of 8 barrcla moUttra 9 do rloe flour and buckwheat. 86 boxea brown and eaa>Ue roar, 18 bovee aperm and I allow e?nd e?. 800 lbs cream tartar. 86 cheats of uolor*, Hourhoog and young hyeon tewa oettee, tugar mustard proper, Rtnaer, a amen raisins, cavend<Hb a <1 plug io">aoco. preserved I -utt. vinegar. 1 '.'50 lba. indigo govd nnalltt; ale > Ilquor-a c rosiap lrg of 16 rasas Olari, pale and dark brandies, .16 demijohns do.; fOcaaes laicara. cognac do . dOcvaaa c aret port, Na delra and Khine wine; 16 casks gin, wh'ekev and Santa hrur rum 40 bark eta champagne, qnarls and pint*, various bratida; lemon absynibe blackberry and r**pb?rrv oor la s aid syrups; ST, cut glare decanters g a??es 'ii|O0' pump, patent eollee mill; abo 18 standing caaka. bou ei. caidy jam Ac ; alao "it too Havana and domestic eegtrt. and varum obtr articles, too numerous u> mention We particularly liviteonrold cua'omera and dealers tn genaral as the r mis are all fre?h aad will positively aol.4 to the highas' bidder. By order of .1. Trudman 1 clieo, lonatab e. a. <t t'KlaTaLaK, Auctioneer 33 Bowerv I enne ta required frJtn all vurckasrre, as 'be goods must be cleared the same day. D?^0 8TORK AT AUCflOff.-WM. t! UlU3IM8 WILL sell the ttork liituree 4c., ol' the drui( mom 117 Ctnal street, retw.wn Mulberry and Mott street*, ou WetuaaUw. Avrtt 16. at lftH o'aloek A. K. T\AV1D Rrorr, APl'TTOFICJtR.?MY A F H. it hCHKNCK ? the rale of borate, c >lti, tboroufh breda, cairlafe* banters, ,Vc Ac , at Mr vYm 4 uibb.iaa' f.\rm ^.J.. will take place thla day at 11 o'e'cca Train leav.-s fort of Ocrtlandl street at o'clock by noi-rle and his rex Katlrced aro ro.nrnj at ,'i F. at. J ft H. LUDLOW, AUCriOMKKk.-VaU'Ani.B OiNJ. trai Hark lole at auction o rlmeaueMit-c. H. LL'D'.OW A Ot/. will aril at auction on Thuratar, anil Id a' 12 o'clock at the Merchants' Mxi-bange-Fil ii ?v? .ua Fourth avenue. Fiftv ei*btb an I Fiftv oi ilh at. 12 valutb e U'a,'aina ibe ertlrn block bounded by Founh awl rtfti avennca, Fllty eighth and Flf v Dloth i re ti, corner tote each 2b leti & lucora liv WO; avenue lo'a each An 00 f-ot, aoc street lota each 26x10(1 feet 5 inches Fift? fourth a?ree'.-7 miU on tha north ride of r tf'V tourth atraet > f" t e??t of Ktf'h at roue: each In iSi'im fc t 4 inohra F dl* fifth at S lota oa the aou h aide ot Fif<y-flf1b street HI11eet ?*et of ytfihave rue bach Irv 26x100 tevt 6 Irchea. Ma/a. .ve , at the otllce of the aucttoneera. M Fine au-eet Eh. uibuv. Aoononp -uaptou boom fcold furniture at auction.? U. uCiibmY A (U win tell at auction thi* day. (Wednerdey ) April 15, 1817, a li)t{ e'e ock at 60 Meet Twelfth rt'eet nea? Hnth avenue. the ea tbe turr.ttnr* c jMKlned In eatd boure oobelsllaff In part of handsome roar*cod and mahogany narlor (nrnl'tiee, In tape*, try ilorband haircloth; pier, centre and earl tablet' roaewnol ptaroforte aeven oouve, Hall mat*r; alao mahogany. wal rut and octiage lodroom furniture al< made in tbc beatmant er. and nearly new, velvet, lapeeiry Hrnaae'a and three p|> carveta; olieto'fca china and glaa?*are Mofether with a good assortment of tlh ben furniture with which tha aale will c on mence Catalogues may be had atUienOlce of the auction rem 14 Pine street |t OOLTOW, AUOTIONBRR-IK 1'dKflUL.D FUKN1 .F lure tn Murray afreet, on Tbnraday, F tlOLToW will tell or Thursday. April 16. at I0J< o'clock the entire f urn I iare of two houaei, boa. 7.1 and 75 Mu<ray alreet. It enll mmnHM In nut nMrlnr dtnlnf mnrn kunmrnt ttMthAF with the furniture of about 40 room* took u aoiaa mob ?ur do marble top lurnilure drewu g *o4 plain hureaua, aiten loo tablea, bod* and mattreeaea, nar ,>m* and nltolntha. Frmnh plair and other mirror*. dreaatng table* baditoad* china cincbery acd f'M?ara. table cutlery, eutiaoi. Ac, Ac. Catalogue* early on Thar (day moronic. Dap Mia required from all matiai. C' EOHUE COOK. auctioneer-noiicr-the T *alr of elegant furntture advrrtlaed fo* Tnaaday, at 46 Ka*t thirty ?l*bth atrnrt. I* poatpoaed la oonmcuaoce of be rrere iterm 'o Ihnroday (to morrow )al 111)* o'clock, when be enure content* of tbat banda ma four ilori bonne (newly lnra>*hedla November l**t) will po*iti?ely be mid, without retard to wea'bar. Ca'alague* now readr. GRcn R HV HTOCK AT AUCTION THIS DAt. AT TWO o'c'ock. T M . at J* kaat Twelfth atreat. coaaiatiag of ooiintera. ebow ceaea aralaa, weight* beer pumpa tea oaa* irrra. atrck. Ae M IM>C<1 d TY. aua'tonear. HENRY II LOOS, AllCtlOWM*, NO ? N ash A I treat.?Kara and ooaUy Ml palntlnga, by an. lent aad modern maetera.-IIANRT H. LNAIXt A CO. will Mil by ana uon on Wtdaeaday, April 1A, at II o'ehwk. at their gallery, No VT Naaaaa atreat. one of the moat valuable aad eileoalra eollecuene that baa bean ollfcred in Ibla dty for many yearn. Wa Khali commence the aaie oi the entire ooUertien of paint Inga belonging In J P. Beaumont. Req. who la about I earing for burope. contlattog of upward* of two hood-ad and ar.y clo or aad aaleot wcoru of art, by amtiaot maa>cra ofvarloua arbooU. anete abend modern, forming an uaaeually fbvoraole er port unity for gentleman el Male 10 add to th-ir nollediooa. a mora them wul be found a Madonna a dhaf d ouvre af the pyeal Ft*U?* artlet Palm* martaa plecaa br <'?ypa Vender *el e and Pander, Cab*How; aorlp'ure pleoea, landaiapee, buettag aetaea. by arlMa of the Dueaeldorf. Haifaa. Balglaa and Rbginh achonia. the whole forming an Meemblage a ugh na aeldoaa net with at a public aale They win ?e open Air exhibition la our yallerlea ea Saturday, the 11th tnataat until Wedaeaday. the dny of eale Immediately after which the roeeluf tag portion wll be arranged for new. t 'alalogu** can be b? d at our Wot ea weak proetoua to the ante. (J IN NT H. LENDS. AUTTI0? IRE. S RiMAD u rreet.-NKNliT n LEEDS A CO. wOl mil by auction fa Wedoeaday, eprtl IE at 10){ o'otoeh. at the private real .' nee 7M weat Twenty third atrnet 'atween Eighth aad Niath m anttea, elegant honaehold furniture, oonaiatlng of rich lapeatry eele*. Rrnaaa'a and Ingrain carpet* carred roae word ?ui'In hair ?loth. do mahogany do.. ro**wo>j marbl* i?p r? ntr" tan la, a la put br-oai* and ormolu clank m\hng*?e met ulno dtalm.- tab a, mahogany aofhaad chairt, car end maawood marhla lop horoaua, mahng toy hadataada boraaa* and ?*ah*?anda, oflcloih* taalalrr truant* atalr carpla ul rot, gaa chardaliet*. enamelled eihlie# rail, knlr matram. rtna Ae ; feather bed* boUtara %nd pUljw* n?rt. dlalrc and bedroom rocko**. and a g?ner*i wldrtinoet or kit. hen fnrbMnra altk which Uha aaia wID commence The n*oee furphnre la a'l nrat claaa aad waa mada toordar lor the prerrr.t owner by Pewhra** d Ban* HINBT I? l.RBDA AUCTIDIUE ?I NaSAAC tronot. ?HIBRT H. LBkDN A CO. will anil by nor Una >m Wednnadar, April 21. ai llo'elaok. at the Marrtant*htchang* Important aalo at an elaaant na m -ry anat aad bnlMIn* ettna oa Mala* lalaad. bcltf the waatnm aad central aamtaoanf the citcnWraaad ktvhlf pM-.uraaqnn aatala af ' Mil Park. ' on Mate* lalaad. mile* from \ aaderbitt * land ad. no the B'ebmoad plaak road, and aaar the new iron >tawwi rm U>* oaw roaatrnoPngglaMm lalaad Railroad The nata'a leahnaied oa the raaff* or Ml'* eitnudtac from Toal Hill The prrton nfforwd at pennant conioriaaa '01 acrw*. aad Ine'tir e# the Aral claaa oonatre raMdaaaa of HUI Park Ho-raa ' wbb ahnat T aeran of gmaad laid out at pmat*ia*oa*ln the iroat wtpee-at>le of Btfl ak land# cap# garfealng and etatainlcr a beautiful lafea atocbad with goldAahThe knttae la new) half of the heat Malarial, bjr dap'a work. a?d kvirr with of oa aad oot bunding* aownpleaa i aatdocoo fhr * I trg* and wealtbT fiat LIT The f alalna load ha* haon latd mil In ihe Mjini-f an aairliab park, la which ara two pnbitc park*, rf tlx .at alt acraa aad two aaraa ragparttenle, hara haaa at tewie for >v o of tha raatdaata oa the eataia and th* aw ronndlrg anaaa haa haaa latd out aad '-need in tor let haildlrc ?n*n. cor taming none hot naafnl aad aporwartata land, ted made acrw able by wide and bandana* park raadn tor tor her narlcn art aad map* aad alao fer TWO omnlhn* tlcketa n etcw ?* awatn. apply at onr ofllaa Bo. ? Baaaaa atnat ri**** H. I.RRBA. AUCTlOWlOtB. r BAAPAC IJ awat RRBRT ll. MIM A CO., will aoll hp *"o ion or 11mradAy. April It, at lOK oXont, at th* elegant ran i lenoo M Weat Twenty aaoowd atrwat, between Plhh aad *U'b ] 'Tie endld aa>0 of bouaahoM famltww, the ppnpiwtr af a 1 tir.iH abnnl loaetag fbr Rurope eeranrlatng awio ot the neat elegant f?raltura made la thlo rite and Pacta, el*. ? I 1*elect carpet", richly reread maatol aad pier g'?** * with tort icoa In match, blue nuin anruma and lace do ; fttrnlittrw , n rewewond. e'tbortlme carted oneaeod in bin* ae-m. aad t nade be Boeka, eon ten and aofhtahle* marble tod talc 1 lo a Terr coat y taread roaanuod platoforto mada 'iy Lie t lea A Vryij naread ateaawa. 1'latbathan aiyla; Preach ornot a aad brant# chaadalWa aod brae*eta. faarr ohvr*. ( riark'e atatnary. a lock* and nod?i* la marhio aad abtkaaior. rate* from Aetna, alctaraa, and dthor artIclea of eor.n I " Aa. li Ptrlnr An eletant and c^asplnte ?nll of fornltnra. In Tiaowood. coeared with ptak aatln. with drapary o mai-h. ( relret oanWa. An , On |ia hoona-fuiprb ca-?ec bnflM. with flowara and far iet ! black walnot, oroca'e > arble top, bi'iagca. nhaiea Ac. , n watch coearod With orlc ? > talent loattar: eeiowMon dinpa table. and window enraieaa to match nrtAln* of ilneorlwun bmadciotk aad haaey trimminir*. arch oortilaaaad dra- , ,?rr ta match: pier gtaaa, cloak. Ae ; rich Mux and gold b'.r la-ed rblna dinner tareVw, breakfast aod to* lo flowoiwd in a* acta ccaapM*: aoaratad em a Maa dacaatnra, thble , Tibrail frrrmk Ukrkre utkln. cnnchaa, An of bUok w? nut 1 nvared wHh groea e'.uth ewtataa of aaaio mat*- a: * mavh ' wn'c* do . *'if orb obony oarred cab I not with dra c or* for ?* ie i? ned by Oardlaal Woolno* rayal Wilton caryew, >-.i>atd *)* tug. bronco fhaadnltm, drop H?b-?, Ink ~ ' nw-O?ao> *? an'M of rinkly "vwd ?ranck black ralnni am-or a glaoa can note, dreaatng bwatn* notched, tl ad aneorad lc tapn?tr* car taint t* match, Iroi be Intend*, y M< ce*ae*. bedding, wardrobe* mahngane aad on*t?go nlta. I -1 o-kor ekMoe Cfc nAn^n. Nata will commanca with kl chon I g raa he aknee ran ha aramlned rna dae orceVina to "ta a*l?v r p?h tie*at" of a^mlaidoa which can ha ob-*'??d a* aopMc* | * ta *tonr nor#, W Bamanatrani, anonnd donrbntewOnla-a*. it 3S7, 8&L>I AT AUCTIOB. HAMtk II i?,KIlH Al't f U'.l KKR. 1*0 ?? ?AHS*U IIH?b ? H Lk>I?- A Ou. wll ae'l h> aim'njw, ?ii it 'j/><ln? ?pri! io kl lli'.jo clock. at the private res. later, '? 8li k??l f lueei lb "tiee1, two dno-a IVoro llui >n a.| i ?ra - i I Icgkn: Ilousn ok Ku'tlium?ihi'property ot a gaol auieii ; dw'mug hounrkaeuteg, i-HOaia'lng of, in part, as f>il>wi - rarlora t fimi velvet carpeia ktiperb carved rosewood audi, tr DiaiiHiii \ lu?h do.. In batro oik, large aud beautiful | oroaintvtal frame French p Into mirror?, mantel and plert: eerie! rmauood unu octave piano newly u?iw. and aupe { r or 'nrriinirnt hnib Id fine nod flnl h. hrocatrl lare and wit dow curta'nn and oorn cae. oarvnd maewaod centre nod atde taMee r> m>wrad mantra, mirror back and marMe top liroaza and o mrn clt cka and mantel uruamenta, alab and brarki t paio'lnra, Ac Llonp hiMini ?R eewnod citenalva dining tables leaves and rack mai.'i I and pier mirrora. Brnaaela raepeta, brocatelcurteira aid chilis, rnvewnoi1 cha-re lu Ira'her Ac. Bedrromi?Koiiwhh. md mahotany beda'eade, bureaui. waab?i?ud? nud tables, tinea rv. liruaar cvpeti. hair and eiraw ii ati't a'ra Ira'her bide bolsters and pillowa I dial tela, Ac Ac ; mieioihe anur and tail -a'pata, atair rids, hall a'arde Ac tr Alan, a large lotof kl.chao waie, with wkioh tk? aale a III commence HaRIWaKK AIOIION MO?Tf!? ? JNO. c VAN ANT I WkKf'rl I* elf h regular aprlng fade aala of hardware. Ac , wll' take place hi the auction room 'fill raarl at aet, on Tbnrada-, ?di|i 10 at 10 o'clock a! ?l o'clcck tbree eaaka Fagtlib and Oeimrn tHai and ra*ua, damaged on the voyige Clin raak table cutlery caniagnd Inrolca of plated wain lea Ira'a Ivory knit?? and lorka, Ac. Catalogues on the morning of aala J OH* LLOYD, ADOTlOAlU.-LtMl aNH I1TKIIWar aasMoa eale at sagrtagna Wagor a harwaaa Ae ? JOHN lXi'Ylr'b COfirt will aell at eeeton on itiuraday, aprll Id. *t 1#H o'eloak at hroad ?av batwaaa rrankl'm and Liwa'd ah?to. tbe entire stock gf Jobo 0 Hain't ear rrt*#e aoiu rtam, eaaxtatiag la pa-t of eoaaaat oaienhca, b' cwi, nekawaya bamwchaa. Huston ?h*Le bnggtia, light wagons, an Ik lea, uroUleg warona aingla aod downs plated hi rare* mostly of .tohn 0 Ham's own mtnalastora The atoefc anal over V7A.0M), and will be povtUvwiy aotd to uia high sat bidder Terms of sale?all aim ondac (run aaah. over IMP AO days approved nnoomed paper Oatalnguiw can he had at the omon nf the aueooaeei# i# Nassau *- at d at thalr as las mom Ko Clinton Hall, - ator plada and Eighth meet, user grtwdwai. a ad an the pnwn laaa. JOHN Ll.OVD AfOTItlNKKB -.FuHN LLOYD'S HON1 wUI Bell this day, at 'Ilia o'clock, at No. S Clinton Hall, iilw h im >na a tub1 h atrial near Kmadwav an assortment ofelegant and cuetlv rnaewood, mahof*ojr. black walnut and oak umIht chamber a> d dlntujr room auita nnoi latin g In pari nl pnrirr eult* covered In maroon and orima-n pluali and bro calr-l piano't roa, mii io tuv>l? aid ?t?i da marble too pier, anfa BLd c litre taolne eregerea, mirror back*: bonkotaea, eVgant Turkleb, e*ac and reception chalra. aofaa tcte-a-tetea, rickrra chalra, mlrrnra engraving*. painting* vaam. chandelier*. km brackets, boGaleafla, bureau* wmbatand* ma treora enamelled bedroom aal'a Ac . toprtber wltL an ***ortn art of allvrr plated warn connoting of pitcher*, gobleta, cake haakc a sugar and hotter dl?he* coflnn and teapot*, avrup cupn. Ac Aim oak, mahogany and blackwalnut deaka. laliina chaira, Ac , which wi'J positively be aold by catalogue wPheer reaerve JOHN rihllBLATT AUCTIONBM. SAUwHiMtna 102 and 104 Maidc* Lank. SPRING tUKNirUhK d?l.a,d. The undersigned reaper' fully olTera hi* eervicen aa arm tiU'eer u> those contemplating removing or declining INN keeping tbla nam a tried* can alao be atored that are not wlahed lo be aold Immediately Tetme will be ffcuad extremely low JOHN FtbHBlrATT, Auoloneer Ralearoom* 101.! and lilt Maiden lane. It lrl.ltl.ATT, A action and Commlaalnn merchant Noa 102 and 104 Maiden lane. Mew Vork Oarh advanced on real eatotr, Pet tonal rrooerty, jewelry, Ac Out door aalee peranpa'lr attended to. JL.8KPI1 HhOKM?? aUCIJUNKKR. Ibnnrday, April 10. at 8 o'clock, A M , preciaely. at No .VI (late, betareen Aevics aueeta. Admlrlatrator'aPa'e- Ilandaomn mahogany and walnut parIrr cbnuiber and dining nem furniture, elegant chandeliers, line oil paitmga, "orlglnnr Madonna," Ac , Ac fame day. At 12 o'clock at&9 H"nry ?tre.e,i. between < lark and Pineapple atreetn. Brook It n A large aoorlmeiit of parlor, chamber and kitchen furniture. Tl.HN P MONKiOMFBT, AUCTIONKK*?4.10 CA*KS el boota abo s an 1 brogana at auction, or, t hue lav. April 10 at ibH o'clock, at the alore cf 8 If DavH A CO , SO breltaaii street. I reeh aooca, wlihout reaerve, lor earth. MATHKW DODMHIY. aUCrnONKkH.-PgRtCMPfORY sale nt elegant nooerhold lumiture p rr ilion piano tone. r eewcoo parlor ma's caroeia dc , to m irrow tl'hura da') at II >i o'clock, at 126 W?at Twenty eighth timet near kighth i?clo? oonrli'ing of two elegant pier glawea, marble Blab* and bracket* two doable row)wood parlor amt<. solid frames in brocatrl Aid maroon pittnh, r waivood a- d maaoga ay eteee'es rosewood centre table*. pier do., rich oil paUtIrgs MiHlaArv and chiUA v*?e? secretarv b inkcave U[ eery. Hi navel* apd three ply carpet* rosewood i'1, octave piano lotte, a superior i'etnuneut. at ol Ac . lace And Promt 1 curUlra ebadeii |MH And ormo u mallei clock* gas clia .de Here, do Itedroorn/araiture oopitat* of ao id r v? ?t>>1 and D>*l>ogany Ftem-h -ad no! tag* bedneade with marble top buieaiia ai d w <! I > match: toilet WM ?|U re and ore' I? nor*. Ixet hr rae b irtn*lirn*'*a bed* bo'ater* and pillow 4, portable wardrobi a painting* cur'alp*. aba'l-a. Ac lrtnuig rom lU'liltare?OfcV itecwon tahlea invhngar.y do, tela boA-da, Horary ho kca?e loot g-H atfaa n.ati gapy chair', recking and eaav do china em Itery and g'aaa ware hall oilcloth* oak hat vtar.d k'tc'en and haaetnent turnipir* te , the whole to be pe*rnip'orl!y ecie, with' lit regard to weatlr r. t ataUiguea at bouae on of Kale Deposit! will be repuired tyoin every purehaae? Ml KhdR; MIKHOKs, VIKHOR*. I. t F. H StillaHCK aiiah-meera O. K. OOVIIT't afoat annual aa'e of ej#erb Freneh plate minora, eidiatating of lila entire aiock of plera, mantel*, aide wall* and o-.a t winch to m n> great ertent amlta-lety of rty e?. ai.d iiuailty ot worknianahip, will auruaaa any sale of the kit <1 tha1 hre ever taken place ta tb * city, wtl' com metre on or shorn the 2hth of thi* m-nth at hla wtrerooma ho 924 Itroadway, between 1 went' tiret and Twenty second atievt The a lock ta uow on ethlbl'lon, where every Inform* t'on can be obtained I'eraona wlakiDg g'aaaea are Invited to etamlne VIOKIUAHK hAI.K.-THf KlRHlflRll. F iri Rtt ac. ui ine ae oor ino?a u uib i.mvfr now no im Proedway wl'l hr in'.] wlih 'in reeervr tj the blgheel hlddrr on 1 hurt/ay, April 16. at lOo'eliek a. m . on lb* premier*, compel# nc a large error trrerit of nil nai itlnga ' thog; Aph* >ahl?> rbaia hear pitmpa, cjnnter* bar ?ntl bar fu'cTiura of b* ri>b**t kind, mge'bar wl'li on* of Marring'* palan: **f'a, nrw 'nd but llttl* o*ad. bale poei'lv* and f r cash PLAbT* AT APO*IO*.?WM T BWTI) AUOTIOMCSB By OkO. BIOUOlB -On ibia dav, at II 0 < qck at lb* aai*amom. IK Naaaan atrw-i a ahoto* variety of pardard, half aiaaeard and dwaif roaa* cnrrant bathe* crap* cntUnga, Ac , from lha nuraary of I>. Hall. Ka>| . Long Talanti. r>OHTPOHKD ON ACrOCNT OK TUB NTOKM J Anruoo nnlioa ?B. T. l.nEHrl. auctioneer ? L.trge aala f maguliicrot ronewood and luehvgaor hoove bold fnrrItur* pia olort* Branch plain ptar and mental mirrota velvet caroeta, elegant otl pa*n'lnga. be. H T LBKINt. aiiodonaar. will anil by catalogue thuaav, April '5. at 10^ ?olock, lb* entire oontea'a of the ratidatiaa mo. 121 Watt Klfhth alrnet constating of three eontlr roUd r mnweod parlor tuna cioi at ad in aatla and tapestry of v ryi?i. aoild rot a wood pl*r. sofa. and centre lablaa. rot* wood alegar*; large roaewood ***retary, fancy lablaa, aiagant reception chalra. 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Aa 1 ha entire furniture of lha ahove t ornsa la la aioc llaot oondi In. kaleparvm fie KUMBLL W. WSHTOOTT. aui'IIOFRKR -arUBNDIO firat claas modern and aou., n* bonacaoid fn m i are on istnrd In Bo. 161 Want Twenty dm* street near lha Seventh ?retina thia day Wednesday, April IA at U>S o'nloak. 1 ha above aaia of marnlice* l fnmltnre ambraea* a co'lao Uon. In addHloa in lha farallar*. of rich aad alrmani worka M art book* atntunr; .alntior,, Ac opiyio b* fonnd in a mo dtiB and fkabinaable for naked raaiJama: all of waleh la for * oooniaw ana poremptorj nam. mu Mnvvx nm ofiM ? < *l>'eh are ac* rnadr. and ~oo ha obtalaad at iha ate-a at tfco ?'i Poorer. 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TnrhMh 'oanaws. roaowood reroptica eaam aiorati irrreo and Dreads* ohms room marble tfaioarr. with a roatiy nolle* wti of urn too potior aan ar it. oil painting* embracing kbtorloS'. rnrav trrkk>Ot raJ aobjoata, i Ichlr framed ormol'i c.<>Tk. marht# teb ot to I Dlai'-i roots? MagallVoei: rarrod oak oiVwtloa dtaug ? labia, opana eighteen toot, with as slegsnt variety of airer * wars, aa rata, dlntap and tea aarnra seders fruit baaktla. r lea pitch art spoons, forks, Oliver aad leorv cnUery. risk k rhlco, of roal terras. of ad kinds. eryataL mby ami tmbiw rill 11000. with a roanplata as* of d'-rlrg nam furn tiro leei'ng ronm? miperb rnr-rd rmr?r>?1 irrortnt hu i MM hodalaaA*. mavodaa chara! | oral mirmra { *rif hair ond f-*rw> -i 'omlt-rd. ?| mil in ??|tM full tul< la hair loth ? ^mi r I retort bonknaat, atatmaMd eufr?rtar?. w, k ?r>il Socderaf i, dmdaato twenty wtodowe. alai a larira rarlety nf repartee , mabrcaar aad oak fnraltara, of er?ry dereriptiaa no- bora dote will oca-iaeace rain ar ah.oe at I0l? ora-laaly. In <ba Jm'n room iMport* will ba rwimrad li nn 1 n be reavrred taiaiadloU'y. Koala AT A0OTTOR -W. A R.ILTaIR WHA I ?ll 'i-la day land or-ry day ik ? waok maaa. Trope rtnaa, 7 loaayoacklae. dob Ilea. rarbenan, patunioo. Uai/'raa ntmv ? hvno. Ac., la rraat roriaty and la Una order from d? Bandar 4 na at th? oomtotnra. ; Jota ouaat at I0X ??aaft. I rHoa. TRITTH. Ai tnioii rr-*TORBIA trim: | .trenl.-On Taooday. April 14 at 10 A. V , at t?4 fvnr . iraat. Vk* auirk la trad* of a tin beat Iron and anppar aaonb, t ,v *- ?l. - r **-T i lha ohaee do k la all if the fir* '.naJlijr, and daaarilnf lha at eatloa of tkoaa la tha trada. Ike obo?e?al? la afK.nrand uati! TViraday. April It, If?, A tha t?a ?airad ptoaa J noiAA nnfH, aucttorbrr. vron iro ie ! Ipt lira atreet- Mrrtfaoe aala of r-orartea. 'tenora Ar M Tnaodor Apr*' U I-3! at II A. M alRo \aa I'herry J rant. maoMJnc nf a fanara) ooaaiinaat of choir* rrooartaa. 1 Ipaora, bar ditaraa, waaMia. ktt'i'OA Ac Alan tha koaaa of raialaaa. JOIIRY BTRWoRT, Tkr abara aale A adjonraad until ^ar^r'^Apr^WlW, I tba aaaia llaac and plaoa. JOl!?Ti?+l# a IT ? *WtT far aryikgaa. J rTIOA. VMTOh. A POTIOR! 1R. ATOR1 RO. M "PRC'II ' treat -Cbnatahtea aala of rroonrica. Ac , oa *Woder ipril Id. l'f.7. at 10 A M , at lha oaiaaroo.n Ba Id Apr .be i-.-r""'"'u i Ilk I'Knar ti?7in?irt ALU ARM Main- a b i^!tli.M:;^^r^bt''Sl^1 SJf? 1 jfr^i ir'1 p imtnrR, QW TRiiinn prf>p#pty wo? i B t?<l 7 I I alar* laa*. aaar Hrauitrar, batoc 10 teat front and roar by at nteetdaap R B. -1 ha aalo of tha abara property wan poak- * oaad tenia Iba Otb of A pril (rata of tha defeadonto honaf diad to ana tha ratty af tba lalraat'i fa nadrr to ataaad rr i -aad pa aad flra a partect UUa to lha parch oara. 5 IAUEB AT untnv, ^ II C Mi iUn I N 1 u /ItnAfti i??V Jdiflii ?ALdt ? . IniMKit ("lb"r?deT> (pontoon d fro n iiiitd j,i M at ILI Na?aau a'reet hoiM.-boi furo mn j, i?n? fcitea mlrxwa. palf.l't/ps fjur r>. d Irver w?t. b-a An -All will he the lii* Me orerloua to ?? remortc* ro n *o 6441 broad waj corner o? * e??ter ?rw( Krerp article on li e ratal igue wlU lie pcetllTWi nitld wUhou' n? rear. . ati-ni ihiim-rr 1 tw aiock ii lar?e and riuaMtt ef eierv va/ieip rf furnHu ? to he found In <h:? city, ?ea Utiiprf* larpr a*?->rtm< nt of ret- nod rriMinr. oak id walnut parlor. library dinlm rr>r>m aril chamber <ernhiire; a mi plaonf rtea, F.ecch P'ete. pl"? and mailed piareet nil paiohnga out flAee end chine ware pearl Inlett tab rem err aec'eo'id vanet y cl alter plated were. * nan. y diwnraied rratica cblra r?-ee, mantel ornaraeaia. clout*. Umeplerea rppuiaiat nfitcetu nltuie ?m:n winV?w rhadee laige tutittre eMch ? ill heal a ler*e building, U la poad<.?d*r will ;.* au d ui'h ib? pipe and dituree, c ?*' .? lore V. fn'iil'ur* oilcloih rta'r na/p*tirg ?r <1 ro*u rarlelv oi eecnpd hard furniture: a an r 11 rhandellere pee ilarla atore flaluria. deeka aim riee Ar ii iix itbiiittuu ii riiBuu aOctio* o* Ttnwuutr " April LA. If not lUapoued of hef-re at yd rate eale. mf eoftrs atoek ofhoreee, oarrlaiie > arneea Ao. In tlia a* Utere are carriage hnrara, i'ptii wagon toraea, waddle hoeaee (Area hunwta oo'te, and three Utnrougbbreda The aaie will be Peremptory, Her cam, to eomn etihe at U odloek at nay tmrm. known aa Beady Hill, near tfadlta*. Noma oonntr. >. J WH. u utnRom WM IH.'MONT. At'CI KidKKR - Ki.KtoalfT CAkTtS rcauwood ami mab"gaev furniture made by I'onaa. Pom A eiceirn W? lib MOM will net at auntie a aw Ihmadav eprll 16. at II %o'c ock, at 110 Waterier piaoe, Ike furniture of a 'uni y poli.g h hurnpa, but a abort lime la mm: ? Velvet atd tapratoy < arptia. i Ichiy tarred ro*ewno4 farptliire In raoouet and hrouaUtl, rlca preen decnetk window curtain; laride lace du . French bedatee.l<. anr np maltreeea. pure nvr r *r mp, ' urn nwvraw m'tut i "cpmwn kw*h tea' brnn*c gr up?f*nd flgtl-ea. hl*<piet and antique fWiD*, bandawne (u chaodsllera. oval look n< glaere* i-arved ['tiN, large br<>? 7? lilt-en oer clock, elegant French -bias break fa?t and dinner pet* c*r?ed and mechanical lamp* M, all In urellent nrdtr. Catalogue* can be had of (be ***t-ninr iWallpireet. Wb. ik h i.or, a uctioilkrk -my it 1 vcllor ? . Ibia day i Wadi e?dav). April IS. at HIS o' mm alewnom is hi il 15 Park row. oppo-ite toe AAtoe Bouee. peremptory *ale of the entire stock of cabinet furnltuee od palntlnge, French plate mirror*, urn rcnewood pianoforte*. (able Iti'Moa. coan'rroane*, ailver plated ware Ao . oa hand, and U) He aobi peatlively without raaerve lo par advanoea. air , Up anlld roaewood pariar autta, mrnrad lo rick broealM. n'uah and halrc oth, Id mtlt* lo match. taelve coUag-enamelled eh'tuber euita finely decorated rosewood. rathogaa? wat nut ?nd oak ehamber furniture n < ? variety, ward robe* Iv oknaae*. etegrre* aidrbo?riU, mu*lo stands aoUd oak din Ing room furniture eitenamn dtnlnic labia*, chair* and lounge Ibec"* covered In green rep* and lancy delaine, ruw eeat cottage ebalra latingea aofa beilateada. pure hair mat Irfaeea e??y. Turk tab and plain rocket* parlor chalm to greek varte'y, with a large eaaortu en: of plain furniture aacwd band carneta. lookirg glaaaea, Ae ; alao 100 oil pale'lng* la rich gilt f?ttree; W French pla'e pier and mautel mirror*. French chna vane* tea ware, inottncupa cut glare ware, worth? tte ailnntlrn of the trade and other* Catalogues I* aurd on morntag of aale Ooodaoaalte packed for shipoiac on the prrmlpe* WH MSlLOR, AUCTION ICKK.-MY W. H ? Kid.OR A CO. Ihta day. Wpcireoday, April IS. at I0f* A If, at ta earcom Hr.g. 13 ard IS Park row. opposite lb* Aator lie nee ten elegtut maewnod plan<vr-te* In carved cuagL pe.rl Inlaid platea. anu tanglog from t'"a to 7 octarga male by the brat cliy tnakera, Htoota Sloddar<i. - rubier and otham, of unexceptionable tore and al! warranted We Uirlteeaps c'al ?Peitloo to tbt* gale aa comprlalng the lineal var'ety of iiivotirtc* ever rtlcred at auotlon. Alto, fonr mahogany pre nd tar' plan- forte* W M WlttgRH, AOCTIONKFR. Wll.f, BKLL THff A9?? tercoon. at 2 n-oiock at 4M Canal atreet. a very la-tr* aa rdnect cf houaeliold lurmture elro on Thuradav at 10% o'rlcck, at 61 south I bird atrrel, Wllham-b irg .at the p I rati rrnident e ot a gectieu an. the eoiire hou*ehoid furniture, Ac. WM WITTkKS. ACCT'R. Wild. WJiflM APT1* ' Xo' 'SI Canal at. all the genteel parlor ohana her dtnlpg room an'' kitchen fu?nlture. ho **?. carriage*, Ae. togfthrr w ith about 50 nanar? biro* and cagee the beat aeler tton In the city. In fu'l aong belonging to l>r Ita-on Hnviaane. The aho?a ?a e la wo'thi tta attention of Iruaekeeperi ant mberv aa'benarnu eiabe* everything sold prior to hi* son leu-plated Western and hoolheta tour dfiuciAii mnica*. AUKKICAN INHTITUTR.-AN ADJOL' KAEl) IH?OBmai men'lrK of the rormhere of this net'tutn wilt he b?M on Wedneedsy riming, the Ihth Iret. el the roi?tn? of the lentdu'e :>M HmedwHy at7t?o'clock for the pu-pnee of ataainnllng oflnMra end comallteee for the eoauln* rw KDWIN nMiTH. Churtae*. F W. Gri.aviNii.t'MVK. Jr . Fecretary BROOKLYN HttRT ICULTr K AI.HOCIKf T. ?TUB KX HIbltlon of tlile erc'ely will open tbleatler ot" at 4 o clojk. end on Tburefay and FrMsr ei 9 A. M . At the attieowna. ci'-eti* eerb evening at In o'clock Admlaiton to the pubtie Ut' rente A hand of timet.- each "nin* LfcTTkRN FOB KNULANi), t A* MOB. (iKBUABT, AO. wtl be received At Mo. S Bowling ?' n-eu. p-eoeid M oente eech one bad ounce tip u> U o'clock A M "e Thu-wday, April end will be Cnera'ehed per eteaaaakip Artel, tar Soutbemptop Herrear.d tnttntn II TOKKaNilK Arret. No S Bowling tireoe IT T. X'ttTTt K -TIU COMHIfTFR OK A??K4BIIBNTH OF 1> the Mr Aid ot Aldettnen will tnee< At the ofllee of the ** rein o! ereeeeort belt ot kenorda. on Wedn?*'lAf. the 1Mb Inet At 1 o'clock P M.. At which time all part e? tatereetad la the follow inp eubjecfe. which will thee be u-raeidered. are taTtted to auend : ? ad apporUoixiietit of an aaereemenl In the mutter at Bowery CltMW An eeeeeeir.ent llet {or Oaf (tog T welfih etreet, betweea lUk end Tenth evenute An heeteemenl llet for fenr'ng vacant '.ota on Third aveaoa, beteeen Heoond and third avenuee A n aerraetpetir. llet for tenilng Fcrty eecond e reet betweea Ninth tad Tenth avenuee. a n aewreement llet for ler-dpy Thirty eeventt etreet. between Beecad and I htrd avern e?. /.n eaeeeemect Hat Tor ripping Forty hret etreet betweea Ttlrd and Fifth averuen An aeeeeement llet for Happing tote la Rlghtr-9ftit et*ee?, be twcan bae?nd and I bird iimuw An iWMimml 'Ut for fearing and (radio* lota oo l.ailegtta airpue brtwiai Thiny >ecoad an l 1 li rtr niaib traata, aod Ybuty third 'treat, Third and i.r\l?>gtnn aranuaa Ao aaeosamant llat for flafitD( Thirty taanad atraat, ba twrea Tbtrd aod Fifth a-an ira Ao aaaaaavacit Hat Itnr fencing Iota no Thirty fourth tunt. between haeoad aod Th'rd arrtuM. for a ?ewer to Fortieth atrrr'-, between Kl*lith aod Nlath aaaouM. For fa,'gfeg ildawalho In Tweoly flfJi treat between IT'.afe aad Taelb areune* PBTKR HORlHBilt, J < otaotlUao WM Wtl hOK, ; oo Jacob II VALKBTIB*,S Aoar?ioewu XTOlit i.-T!t? cobmittrb ok htrkkt# or tab It Board nf CouurVmm wti] bold a sawing oa WadaMdag, ? prlt 15 at 2 P. M room No IT Ottr Ball, to boar portion relatlye to tba widening of I'aori at-rot F, I A BOOpB. 1 JOHN BOaHKBB. i ComoUMM J. It RBTNOL1N. oo L. A VICRY I htrsala. O *. BICKFORD, ) Nl/VIOB ?Tilt OCBBITtBK OR BTRBBTB OF TUB Bnard of t'onooHmao will botd a treating aa FrtAog, April 17. at 2 P M . to take to onnaidaratloa tba fat otrtog resolution ? haaolrad That U ba referred to tba Committee am Btraalo to t?.|ulre trio aod r-vort noon the ripe iirary at mnoei'dag aodar Broadway froto ' ortlaod: atraat to Ma'dan laaa aad also nrtrr Itroadwar from Pol ton atraa< ao tba aaal to FlMO atraat no tba wr.t of Broadway. Prapartr holdara In tba rtrmltr aod thioa fooling aoUBoraattbaralo, ara melted to auatttL rTT A B'*ot.i. i J. If. BFTNOL.U4. i Committee It P. BICK PoRH > OO JOHB BOBHNBB, I BtrooM. L A V bat. J XTOTICB TO BtlLBOAD OOBTBAtTORR.?PAOPO1> aala wilt ba rara aad at AUretown, Iw-hUth aonoty, Paoo , \ utUl 11 a'etocb oa Wadaoaday. tba 21d loot . for fha graltoR aad maecmry no tba AUrntewa lUllmad. forty mllo* In langtb. T ba work will ba lot for raaO or raob bondi or atook. aod to largo or amatl erotraet* to apt-tearnd cmimrtofaonly who ara proparrd tudo tba work Bo sub taUlag will ba permitted DaNIBu TTLRat aoworol ?_ m Or. 4-alpha chaptkb to 1 -thr mm bibb . of tbla rboot*r ara hereby ootlllad thot (to maatla* alwM oao bean ebangad (mot Wedaoadar to aetordoy ardemg TW a?t regwor taaaorg will ba bad en Baloraay from lag. April lb, whoo a poaotnnTattendance la rennetted Byordtr, KDW1B F. CORIT, Hacbtok Allan Ititnmit 0. of tba 0. PBOPOBAUI FOR Brtf.niRO BIB KB IB rORTT eight* atraat. batwaaa tba Ptitb aod RrraeUt aeen-iea. will b? parol?ad al tea oteca of tea aiularainad uaUl tea 14* teat M. 4 BIDONIb liwa oteaat TUI BBW YOBK AM KB tG AH MfBIC APBOCTATIOITW Cboiua will iAnm teU rtaini tor tea 1M Urn* prtnr o tenr ini ennnert on Friday, ITte. a fall Utmum la fartrad dorduaior Dr OulImaBa. U ?KKrU,r IHK MBMRRBB OF IBDCBTBiAl* ?T Hoat* aaaodaUon, Bo V who bara mm paid la fall far I,air lota ara barah? nntlr. <1 teal all Ma not paid 'or oa ar befota lla late of Ma? will ha ro d alaonilna. at No 1?1 Bawrry. on tea ntaalrf of teal day at 8 o'rkirk. Tba r nrnhaBag rrnataa a 111 ha a* Bo l*S Hnwary oa aaafe Tbnmday araataa. rom ; lo t o'clxi. aaui teat ua?. to dlapoaa of atirpaa yrar?ny acd raralrr aonay. OOABn A OOOPBB, Pnrt-haBag InM " VHK MIUTAMT. ATTINTIuI* ?FfBBT COMPART Or OOl'YBREl B Htnaa. ton aaa bamhy aoUdad lo attend a apxAai araUac of tea eranpaay. in ba haM at tea Armory Na 8 icnvniaattf rroat cm Tbmaday a?aair< aprtl 18 l?T. a? icbi o elnei. Fonrinal atteadaana la paginated, aa hnwnaaa < teporlaaee raiaiiva lo tea pran parad# will ha braijH Mora tea rompaay VA OATTB. ihpWa. Jon * B> A an fit Har rotary ilTUBR VOLOBTBBB P ABADB? TIBtTIBO COM J paalra ? AU rotapaaiaa rianin( teia^tt/in paiiMoaia la ha paiado of tea ;ute inB . will ptaoao ra??rt vo tea Inapaoter aaaral oa Waahtemoa tqiara, at ? o el>ck A. M , wbaraaa ?dapanda?t bat tar on will h# fhrraod, aad Bimrtad la tea tell of te? Ilia Byeadnarf nfcBBY WTLBOR Oaaaadar to (M. [| Rabvil ABTKB-. UT DIVIBION N T. 0. V.-OOOr LJ par r.otiaa Raw Yort, April 14, 1*C Bpaalal or** | iu>nbar terra Tba Wall n? art. aida and onlaaala of tea ? >irto|->a aUi Bar) at obarwood'a. mrnar of Broadway iif, Ao?th alraal no Aa?nrtay aranlnf at 9 o cloak. Aa tela ml to iha laal Bwatir* prartwio In tea parada na tea J"h of AprfJB iffiaar* wtti ba puar'nal la Aiiaadanaa; hmlutaa of Impo? fl inflp Wlii h# IfftBBM U'l R * fir*. #r f.f W* WtUHi*. Major rtaaarsl 1st nirWo* W. T. r ra t \1 rrcbk Moras. oormss or h ?"o?k kHO nib |U nri'rMt, hnr Tfirfc ? lb* pmprirt** tww loam t? i.form tha tn"-arr that Iboy hsra aaoniEnooattoua for roar ?ntul>? Tl?a drill rrmta ara apartont aarf wall ?* " Mad, with rommltif. rom attarbrd ??<1 M bd amarwl a?? raaanoabla rant# *! > ft* puMW aad t>nra? nwthii lltM^ lusrboa or top pan proparad '? bnnaat noUas l> tba boat Mr la and on tba mo* raaapoati arma Th? I ar. a* ttaual ta aupplwd with lb* alnn? and Liquors, iparhlta* pain a>a. aad aapsrs ot th^^* "" -S?n.,?....o.?9 NRW fO* K ITTT7.KW VOX,r VTBSRA?A mSTtWOCfc, luiodar-H Otaf. hurst wtl?oh. faapaaftat (lanmal VRW TOUR CTTTMW TOLrWTSSM.-4U. OOS prMint proridrd with muaknta ft* tba sarada of <ha Kb lr*?aai. *11 pi-sag wd -o thn eoiow.1. of t?*ir r-?tmaala. r to hoadi jaMmo, Bo MS Broadway tba aumbar of man tat thor will parad* no that dar, ao thsl a niltab'o anm rn? inu|B?m or thitxtltoi oo ri? uj ma L inoatod to aMand ? mattfaaof ih t r m 1*07 at 1 a 'nhos mat. oa witte irMag. 1Mb too ., at rs, n'storb. ttarr ombar n Uraetad Intha walftro at tbo 000a. aar la Olpnr'tM M ?Vwt-W Umtmm Jarui ) roarsa, Or?<*V tarfwat