Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 16, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 16, 1857 Page 1
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r th I WTTOTilC MO 7*33 ADDHiOBAL FBOH iUROPS. THE ELECTIONS IN ENGL. AND. INTERESTING SPEECH OF LORO PAlMERSfON, Ac., Ac., Ac. A flairs In Great Britain. Losixih, JI., 1867 the Om?r?l BUlfcn-TVtvnpik of ihe Ministry an I Ijn* mantow, nor tat of IM Pm? Pmrty?'olxln, 9tbtm <vw Briyii A.jAeU Ou of Parliament-?tu?pamdom of Gfm* si Or .Ihe American Bar km it PaiM ? 'larry Lrrrt- I fner a'o ?f a M*kw% Leturr low in Ik'. OmUd Stole*. Aorordiog t? lbs Olobe, Ihe retell of Ihe gen?rs< e'en1#e*i d Krel.rd w II be a mnjorty of <*oo hnodrel u> ibtonttrs. This h, I tt lot, on ortreitlmilo Thr result It, nereithelies e comp ete irlnrapi for Pslaieriton Ojv. In, ito ttOTvrl the rote of oconre la the Oommin on , the CI lot geestior, Ins lost his scat, mad bis ratu Is (shared b; ilio o her tuo Men .hosier mno, Gibson air I B lgbt It U a p?ty ibst sooh good ra n shnn't no exf slsded fiorn Parliament, bit mev are iloip 7 ii:(T log Boss their own folly P.av, a' Iho saoriPci of ihr. ui* Monsl fcosor, wl i ioi fo down oroo s o. ok onto 1 sola nil How w-'ll en felt 1 s'tn. ret >o eeo' ilm, ?n H.railso style, Me.ultr ul.ra art) Main," dol ni, to Oonlon, bul k> other rat n>brr? who, Ifst'dc their ova ?pe?'nlur?fro. t?ario sbfi oommore-?c'ui go Into foreign reunions wb'ah they do n t un.'e>*t?bd, Lsjardbni si.3 lost bis letl He vol. il ti#1!.. 1 SVtnr rst^n On t .n "-hoe <.* \1 P-.vl Peel. t'erd well ?? Frx h<ve be.'o ^e'ee'e-J R *-b:i-.k 8 rf-torn' <1 Tor *h< (Held and Loir* for Ki \ orm'nit r wh re b? vi> teer'y r ordered00 ih" hvie!*(.<#;? A [ 'up c'?J, lard Jchn R-rasl bxa been r^tcred fir Mo 'ou, wt h Rc:h ol.tfo eod -<ir Jiutta Duke, tj ud?io-< a& 1 repr 1 < eta Oi'crl Uelvenl.y. A rrm-'keb e fraur-t In tbe p-eeent e'epftoo ?a mi rn tWfi of *0 le-ye a quart ly o' ndrargrre .1 iwrc Pur ikaaeid?of t<> ibe orrreol h?ur >r>iiirt h?i100 At ta > lot". prt>. ?' e rril^r lit" grot rtnen o*~>e in ??T* Jtnit Ue'oL* to tfte p e.vloua l'afi'ar.i n Wbtchfde hir will loir, pot lth.-t?:din* tho prntraUlt' ua 1 to < le tbdr 0 >uatUam>ta, ti la difllou t to nctlo tVulit >er ny me r?t jorape, dnubiwaa lb<> ml'.I tor ai ) >n>n<'? are a* ixrtti eot in e'alm'rgc.ery nan gt-o ea o< Ube'al pnr-fp'?> fttft'etbeopp si ion papora fhot of aty aad i all ctt?r parte ronrttnent There lft Utile oilier new*. G'.Hfjani hxi the foil >w IWr rryrret to ai "Ounce that tbe ol 'eat Ant"r "an V.nVi g kmoi 10 Pail? Vd??r8 O'Mrr and >0 . o' srPItc#S. tteoryea, have been 0 -<iop?llfd t aatpen.1 paym?nt. Tit N e lit: ate 1 anaatloc rc a lua 1? thttu ,u >. Toe -ardioian Envoy, ftt Vntua bai left mat capital wtah all Ha leyat en VMt wi n tbe l< et'ona, the Partial ?ed Clloeat wi>?, Uiep?rnj pap ra. morning ?o * even'cg btrn bien aid ftf drtv)rg a ro<rre 'rud.'; to fact t?e news vendera ata?e Uat ibe pebl cat on la ?01 ball t qua! to 'be demand. aluOttilf (Tidtnt, or 1 toy are a'.waya at apromiunof ?*?? ptr cvr ?t?t*oi<r toao uaury. Tbe Parte f*r?? e and ;b? Hr iatO'la Uikp ntlinct wtll Over -le. ?'?triitn>e ortbe Wmnr-et er acrioil Pb*r?e- L'?er tbe re ebra sd a itbir, ha? an r.lTlT, It U 1.1 ?10,<X C, to vat tLc Statu m a 1 y;e, Hha-a. rav?lor tlx mootba. Mr. ai d Jta Barney Wi I'ama arc off to SnlliDl. Laid Palnirrtfup't O(fence of (lie Public Pollty-Uraiid eaa.qnct at a'lvarloit. On tae ta'.an of Ma'oo Lord I'.iui rann at-odvt a onv He kenqoet lr coma emeratun or the ta opening of the TY?ertnu Literary Innlm lot. ?t tbe a* few .pan lore If we K> me tosat of -Her Meje>ty'a dtnlelers " a'tor eowril:csota to bta pe'inco, oouacclloa with too boroo%b f?r tb? >a?t twenty yearn? Lord PntMiavion ufo'rir.g l > hit public po'loy u i NMirr of K gltiitl iad:? fbrre arc m?o, people?noun few at >en? mil a *r?at minf airoet?wbo "'y nanouderrt.n-j lb ehsrseler o' be B'l'nh aabn (Hear, hear) tbtok party d,ff-re-c tare arrtort to mi poi tfeie extremities; an t caper ally la foreign otuntrlos thiy tmaglse that llota wbo alder < a Internal qaeationa? that tfeoaa ?t? rack tbemaetrea la opporng pa-tlea?will aia* differ when qneiitonn nrHe wblob larolrt matter* of d fleretma between England aa a country owd any other for-lgn tfa'a Now 1 ah.<uld tilak IhV. vfcat bia bnpmncd within the laat two yaara aagbt to nid'celre ui?m on tint point roe apsMaciwbinh tbw oonatry exbt uto<i aa taa break tag oat of taa lr woe with Koitla was indeed c.iouiat<-<t to make erery & a taoman atlU mora frond of bta ocuatry All party liftriroit were lab mho men of a'l shades of opinion ?1 any of til ?ha< e? of opinion, tboogi tanre an a nmall party wfclch I awl exoept? (laughter aol Iroatoal cheers)?but tbet wan an opinion rnry moot la the e&nda aad when I any that 1 really don't mean to dltpatn toe knaerty and ?in:erlt> of <bo*o reaped ?bie g-ntbmen who wera ftw In numbers and wuoso ontnlona were aaadaed very moch to their own tnally etrol?n-(innh tor;?bat liny with these c*nept' <it the Br Mwh At tea notlr d an with o u man and aupprrlid tn? gotrero mi naarnad wlia the ooneuot of tha war; for erery anaa felt tbnl quarrel wan bin o?a, aad that hit person si an well en tbo aattraal Into net* of the ooiatrr were iBimil Well, that tpnotacb siruek deeply Into the hide of foreign countries aad had a powerful effeot la bring that war to a apoedy aad snooeMloi ana- ! etaa>ea ; aad not oaly that war, bnt la brtaging (bo trmiy reinltlag from It id a oompletn aad aaoceaa'm , aidrnxna; for wana foreign gnmrnmnata now the ei : fd?nron of tublle optaloa which nurnnnd the people of Ihm oeaat'y throughout?when I had ocoaaoetoal Ma la a pa stag aad traaateat manner la what I bad to ddreea in the popln of Maachonior aad the people of twdoa?wbta they new the great ooawasrotal eeam ar? of thta etaatry, who might be supposed to he doofly U loreetod n the matatnnsaoe of peaoe end In pot ttog M aad to too ai?M my onion poena migoi oo tun yawed to bo one angersI m; whan foreign govern meate aew b ro men atatdlag up lo MMHor the nail >nel ig|b o and to obtala the eieontloo of tho ttlpalet nna gaanottd for, dopeod upon H that apoouele had tho moat j-o-erful laflocnoo to putting aa oad 10 tho diAoa'tloa ohtoh three mod for a time to pot aa and to tbt axortloa* wo had made for the oaao union u( tiattrrnty of poaoe I aajr, ginUem-in, opnn tho |rrrom noi-atlog tho Bitttih nan m haa et hibiu aa hrnrebln a poet an to aa oa too ooaetlo.i 10 wht.ih I here already referred ? for I aa addrraa og Ban *ho. ;cThapa bar* aaiartalood a tflffeieaoe or opt too upon many qumitoaa: but Iroaa on a oad of iha loo 1 to tho oibnr tbo ror. raon fooling baa mer-.bad la no not on with that rtol'ajr for oar country wtinb beioega to ua aU. Ihaaa bad vbe b< aor of rerelvlag aidrraaea In great oambere from unny of thelargaet cUIoj and oommeruii m oow ton t.I' tea?aad retina wbici I hare aottbe realty to ~ Who to my a If bu? watch wort the eaproaatoa of the nettamol looting ?p a aabjrota ta which tboy bit tho oallooal tetearit and Ue national toaor waa eanreraed, hat the other day getiilnm. a. I bad toa boo or to reotlve a depa tattoo from B.iatoJ. a flutter cae fr>tn Lrerprr I aad from MO aid) oat i r, ana expreealag regret aad aurprtee at what hod hap pea ad ta the -feme of OomaoM ta the gorora moot and of tkrtr determination to aapportlt. One of woo gt at oowa raid?I aw a libera!, bat my f land who oaoaas one aa It a oreaorTelifo aid thla addrraa from IrbM boa reeolred tare thoaaaal rig entree aad taefafaa trery oiaaa of aooioty aad otory rbade of poll, tool optoloot. (Oooora ) The aamo hampoaed ta Llrarpool, aad Unvo wao wrro kted oaoagh tc brlti c e an eddreaa aald It waa etnlMud only for two or throe bonre, Bat It ooetaiaed Ml etgaaiurra. In olodtrg all tboaa largely onoorraod la ta? conmtrt a! aad tradlcg latoreata af the town, aad who bare tho groa<oit loteraet in arel'lrg what waa ea calmed t# la ton apt ho p eoefui ratalk>ao of tbo eoumirt I my theot thlnga mike ona more poind than aver of the oouatry la whuiti W ta oor lot to bo bn-o, and Moao thlnga tae-ih aa ImlMl le-em t> pabllo anon baeauae they ahaw that wtdtt thora l? a rlgbtfal name rat where tie aaUna K mUod upoa to vindicate tt* r'gVa aad eattrl lia dig any, tho go\e>eaiMit la aura to haro the enppori of tM pe^p.e. t>?? "? - ........ .... im tnga Mi ibie foibtMiMm nd nobi* aptm H not to be trifled with; Md that I' the gorernmeat war* to taoatre the ? <: ry nvdlaeaiy to hoiiiltilea, the gerernmftrl would nnfoab'ertly a offer Iha psmlly ef It* foily (cheer*) It ?m nr |?od or in for. Mao, while I bud the department of iha Pore'ie r(li?a to laid ?any olffon l thing* to deal with I law /,* . 'ac sawedr/br.npile fr,bram4nf Eurnpt and owe tf Burp)it tron idid tkm I him a Kur,f-an catamtty (leap an r tod ohce.a ) I wai aoooeed of arel teg aerate ttoa arirj a bam, aad dlataratag ta? p*ei*fet atet* of Karepe Now, gentleman, obit I did. and anal lb? go, of wh 10b I woo U>o orgaa, did. im |a eaennrey* aad ?npi>ir?, aa fbr a* tre oonlo alia propriety, ihoae na Untie aha erdeernred to unworn th?'r l?*tl'a;l?aa-' ) - an i to nbta'n 'or theaitoire* tba l ui ugi of Ferllameuiey fori roamt an cb aa la Etgitoi barn ee Meg rtj tyed I alJa'i I lotto tba i eep'e, or oaroaraga Itha bailor* 10 aaab 'o- loiaroal obaagea ahma aoiid not ba rcMoeebly aeiomrliabrd. bnt abaa th?y aaia pot alb la of ???Bipli?bia?ni, Ibeo ? nail hare la our h tad ?aa alii load yen aa, and trnet ynn miy raaoh tba goal wbtrh yon era bororably atrtring too hut la We Bad greet deal lo do at'b tba In Jependen <e of flealim, la a blob ao were rnpnaed br a rtteitngaiehtd aiaranar of tba Hi no of Oitnaiooa, ano a*a aarerae to aaat aa ware aboni. tad wb? rbaraote lied li e< ia eiprfl-neot afiba "noble lord"?Meaning we. (laugbier ) Hal, geat'fM*n, ihla irdeoendeM rohearobf noiifea m??y ei paif raui farmi ? h'r.b a* wMneet?(langhtar) ?lo ant eat a rery anocett nl nadartaktog aad Mat yoopia hara ava* Riag of tbeir own choiie aad enjoy a degree of poll t Ira I liberty arrt happlroaa ahlob foa of tba naiioaa aa tba ooatta'al hare had an opportuliy to abara, W'b, tbaa, at tin. la ftpaln a? to k part alia iha people agaiaat ton prttaadnr aba bad leecrtbed daapouim no a a , baaaar, aad raprwte.l tb* Qoeea alio bad feodum aad ' Iha eo.eittatirn laaonbad aa bar Hag; aad ?* >n jh ?a arteeroded, aad troagb Rpata baa a a aarrlad ia?o prwnlo i i kboaa gnat principle*, yet alHI aba baa a Parliament, aad where tba forme of freedom eitat depaat mm h, yrntlrmno, to- aar or later the anbataaoa wl I I Millir. (cheat*.) Veil, taaa. la PaiMgal aa top parted tba Qaaoa agaiaat bar aaarplag oao?a who had be eeppeil of maay la Ihla omairy wbo nogbt oof to here awppor ted hit aaaaa, aad I'ortagal, I aa happy to | aap, h a* a greater degree enjoying tba praetleai applaa I Mas af faahamia'ary gararamaat (Obeera.) Wai, ban, putTiMi". ail lhaaa thing* being aoooa pita bad Vhaut aagagtag thla eeaatry la war, yet Utoaa waa era . hfhaM bIMa aaaalry ta taaaa bnypy raaaNa are by aaaaa ?ma*? aallad the ieahraada the great oaieral E NE f*r ate* tr tmiorUine l? .jtHitfplo than poraooa mar I iw>?atte. It to a tr.1at.k9 to ewppoie wo are at ear wttb ' 0 ?ca. Aa ye* tbo ooltleljn baa been naralr lo .at, ant tne Kmperor or Ohtaa may yet diaavow Utnbubarlaa Mho ha been the oanee of tt: but at the aam* lime I don't cxrrjt 'bat when L rt Elgin rrteboa China taal ! t at w>ll bare aotoalla happened 1 am toolmed to think he will tintt bln|am<toh tulboaamn itateaa Then tie l?<t account* left, and that thi Emperor 1 u ' ntd to the otapter ot aootoenta to aee what *1 ? ,out of the ooili iton. rbe Emperor of China la now In a very eugon' and o'ttkal pohtdon. Torre ti a rebelll:u *oog on wnloi bartry ti< yon to the aouth or Oaoton baa oww yu'ted toe s? p|i of the empire?which has now r*a:hed t a nen-re? t ich hai now retched Nankin, Ibo'aucicnt oapl'al o' the C 'ntr? ini Ire, and that olftimaianoe node ? > th ' d?ubt at to* b'l what will be tbaduuiaitm of toe Imperial yivera<r<Dt Hut y-n i?ith'r, we hare (ihoaeuam.u of high rark ?no yri at expert* nee? wbo itt* )n>n *h d himself bf h < (Oynrn ot ot Uatadt?(oh-ert) ? who anedeestnlly prymtetr a lie* y wl.h il o Uoled d.*itg-? man of goat nbiil.y and *or.r lit o*y dl.potitijn?with a fall ki n> l?dr* of ths luten'i >na ut tbe gjrorutnnl a' home? ?hwo miii'<n In (B'fDded aa no m-pa-ag-m-m to hir Jrhn no*tl'g. w>o*e ml aim la fonn'ed on the tatib ab-d pr?o loo of the oouttry la d aioolloa.oe? and I <runt that lord F gla, banked an be will t?i. hy an vorwt-r Inu og naval tiico doaVe that wbtoh Sir H I l am I'a ker bad la t^e '? a Cain* war?at 1 lacked alv hy a ia?g? military foro??that be wl'l he ahiu io II et <1 e otij ota aonght; and If fair mnam tail he ?|i| a'so bo able to irako bta dem<nda f-lt and known bt mem* *11 h tin Ualueto g vomro-nt a 111 not, I if1i;k 11 d\- po* d *o feci w.i'"OJl Biri'ndmant (Oboera ) II). r no. li la n uioii Kraut: Ina. thUs to Qod tie eel itifB if in r< uoiry ao" (ibacm'ouilv oxpreoiel on Ibis q' dtlon, ahrt tor nny itcprut upon it 'hi very remo e(<:? > itr ?c ge of action ft. * toe limited a?.a.*<> of the contiat which Ib (el t on will make It m'>re atrlkleg to fcrMjn coutirlf?will more strikingly manliest the purl0 lj KflatB I the SrllUb r.allon?and be proluo'.lvo of th*- vest rnnlla *1 h regard lo Ml future related with Pil e* ro-jrt'l'a who ro'ght otborwlav b? tempted o rrcrsrh ard tr<?,)?a? upon our rep-eaeniftttTa w ib imp'i) t are ntet wi'b r.o rcaiMsnoe, f>r It la an hon rrao's policy f< r a country to ?ho? its'lf wstehful of 1 a r!?.r.u>, ana In slop early beglLDlnga. fou may atop li . glnclrga wi>h eae<i, hut If y >u wan until they hav? ar'yid at rt'fl.ontua of magnitude *ur exer.toD* m i?t i. : r.^trtiirr strste with tbo grievance, and ware which j rua? be stopped In tb? HWIMBHt tovolyj tbo o intry in eitrtiona ard expense whlih ma; be ?v idrd hy rm?I; action and m">re prudent cdr.iuit (On.ea) Atd thurof. re jr- n-leir i u, It la quite a uila 'ako to say ib?t t'aoio public rlltrors wno take timely n ra> tires to stop "arl> begin tlnga ?ro fon 1 of war?th-y m lie b?st s'ardlati' or peaoe, for It la only when the niatlcr ' * krotvu, aud hts a.. vAliced ilaV.f, hud our ropro tci taller r ?s be* n waV bful to prevont cocmncb-no jt. It Uiti'y iben from me kco< n trratlca or tbsc uatrj that wo ear. expect thai respect and aisttnenoe from tnoae enla upon Ua rlgbaaud from oOerlc| It In* acuta (Cheers ) *? are often told to took to our c u?lra m h? foiled States aa modeia of coteust, ant ihirt a'r tome f'.inpi iiuhi h ih-y might ju>t at urit Imk to v.?(a laugh) ? but If wo beg of iho of .uaoti aifdrtia tleua'tyca w th "eyea rig if'to tbe Ui t'd Siat.' piay what did tbnr comminder do In tM? very o.iRc.ltv lo Chlra U comparts* n with oar olfc ra, cli (i ?id cava y Why. there was a boat belong ii g lo eno of t'tlr ablp of aa' flrod at tfcl, that was a great icsu.i; bet there might have be n an ex ci ae n ode fur It ibst w. wero n gated lb these bostl l tie* v lib China, and It might bare been said that tbla Aunnioan aat laktr bran fCcfllth boa*. It la true the (flitra in that brat waved toe A nertcaa (ltg, b.uthr Chibiie might have saH that la a well kiown atraf'gy of ?ar, a.d you sraye the Amrrlcan dig io deoa'ya ua; e believed it sraa an Ei gllsh beat, aid therefore Urea at It But(11 tie American oottmander Ilka 8 r Mloaael >^*nitn? drrl 9 r Trhn Aci?r?tn? rldmanri nitn'ilnffr tnt I jeuiktxl that a eim'lar tuiug tbonlc nil ooour aga n? Nit j the lent in Ibc world Be Inverted thi uanal oouru, wb'c.i t* ikid to b? cbarasteitallo of energy?a wor 1 and a h'o??ho pat itihcc?a blow nod a word (Caeern ar<l laughwr ) He berau to knook down tne fort, and after or itro} ug tbat fort he ier t to Ibc notomieetouer . to ray an Iran l bad hreoofl'cred to bla flig and he h ?p?d for ?c ap: fogy (iber-rn) and an aieuraaoe'o tho eT- ot tba it rod! cm b*p;?*n agalu (,bc-ri); and bo gave lata y Iclt boura Jur .b a cpjiogy and ex ilana.lon u> bo ecu 10 Lltn; bcv be ere tbere tw?n y roar b >ort had as v >?d ibe tnip welch waa lying near tula fori saw ma tblog or itber foti g on wbion the offliere abrawdly tm? glued wee fcr renewed dtf-noe, tf not'or ran; wet a'latk Will, tlla Ar.ertcau of!\ er, wilt out waiting and wt".ng to ib( Untcd Sla ea to kaow what to d< ? Ittout watting for ordaia from Waahingtoc?be did | not wait i r re lortweaty four aonri to expire; bat he aatd, ho. 10 tor. Chinaman. tha won't do; yio ara throw | tug np item battr ri<? and petting In ftatb gtua;" and ba 1 octotowioed ibe demolition of the fort, ?na took poaiM Mi of 'hcae t nt ? btloe tba time bad ex tired whtoh ha ba' git en tba Cblncta Go-nmWiloaer la ordai to aaakahla | apo cgj ?M . xpanatloa. (Onoora ) Well then wo are told our tnice i ware p-ao>pttae; but, gentle-run, they 1 weai ?t?p by ita J; tbere wai an interval of tlma la order ' to enable the Cbiieta Oomtn ailoaer, It b< oboia, to make an apology and prnmtae of aagebJmsni lo the futnro whtoh at ib at tuna bad b?ca d. mauled. (Hoar boar) Bat itm It wae aatd dlr Joan Bowrtcg and H r diotivil <r\ mour inada a recnd urmiai, whtoi the offloara In OMaa bad bran fcrblrtdan to make U daepatobaa aaot oat ; me eight or ten ?e?ra age; and a noble irund of mine, with whom I war talking before toe t Melon la the H inaa i of Lxrda, aatd ba abenld vote agalaat tba govern , meat, and tbat bin raaaoa for doing ao way a daapaian I 1 bad wi IU?n ia INT. 1 (aid. ' Doat atla-h Impot aaoe to wbal any gentleman wrote la iS4f, | bnt look to the etrcnmataocoa of the preaent eaaa " Now I the oaao at the praeat la uiflareat We aatd, In 1847, "font yon be on nifrteadl/ tarmi with tba Ohlacaa government at Canton, but trada la (be nanal oonraa: i r on't yon commtnca boa.tlitlto to obtain tba falfllaaaat of onr righia according to the treaty or Nankin, wktoa giroa the BriUan iiij-ctr a ricbt to trada la orory one of tba flvo towna of which Canton waa one " Troa, wo th'nk ibcra would bo advantage la It?a man 11 eat advantage 1 mere wonid be?ooald the British m rcbaat oat of taa town aao the Cblacao merchant In tba town hold a com un'cation inooad ol tbroegi br.kera and 1 barroooee, tad people of tbal aort. or lb* licit tab mer i cbaiil ll Caalou la at ihe meroy of Ibla otaeo or people j*e raiaot earrp on bia buotne.8 edvaotegeoaalp m o tb? o1 bar four to wee, tbarefere there la at Ml valae la ibe 1 UlBf Il-aHca in crder Vo keep th0 Kn glial on. ot Ctota. the Chineee Ommlaaioaer ordered ibe pe?p!e to In- i init Urm, while tbe people 00 aide treat the E.glitb r.?pto'fn>7 ;:'r 1 >' n B ering bin- ir acoom an a 1 by two or UrM get\lrmrn, and two Kngiteu lattea, walked tcurd ibeioiurba of Contra, aid ae tayatuatbu i > r ii tba Cltinrae tbcmaolvaa a raJtag people; t a Ibajr are not a orut I or tnauliing raoe aa too manJarloa a-o, and if lef lo tbrrotolvee wo.ild treat oar p >pln with tue aauir oivUtip ano good will aa oalalde Canton, or m tb?jr are iraated a1. Pbaaghae. and that every wboro ?lae where the Chlneae am Bogitab are a?ao dated ererytMag waat ob In the aaoet friendly and onrnfutaBle footing fbe*e fore I at; the obctacie waa art'ailr oreaed; and tti removal wonid be a'teaded wlib ooaaaeroial advaaiage to tbo merrbanbi at Bong Kong and Ualia. But we tall dca'i laierrnpt peaceful relatloaa for the lake of tela advantage; bat It ?an laterrapted oa oUn-r groan da, and tbea it waa obvleoa the personal I ute r our ae bet wean our otflorn and Chlneae oflloera would sad m ght probably tend to entile d Haoitiee ob tba oeobaloa, sad If cob tinned la the utore to prevent fatura mtaunderataadlngi alao Well, that wbtoa Mir John Bo wring told Mir Mtohaei Seymour lo aafc for waa aot for permlsalob which I ana ay col eeguea bed deelred the aupor latenai at aad pl'alpotaatiary aot 10 aoqalre bp feree ol araaa? It war act to aaiar Oaaloe?It waa tbo right 10 bave peraoael Intel ooorie beiweea ear aitbirtttee at ibntoa and the anibwIHea within Ibe tnea?It waa for a freer rommna'oatlor, aed not for lie tndleorltnloet* eri-aaro of all Britiah aniijecta I tap It waa a properemand properlp dr mated. and there ooald be at p-e leaae to r?:uae. aad the obvicM effeH of It would have been 10 pre vast future mtetakne, and to heal the preoewt dlfUranoee, aad aappoaiag Ooratulea oeer Yah didn't I am as la brlag about e rapt are, I will undertake l> aap. If we bad bad afreet oommuatcettaa at the time toe A tow waa board mi and bar crew carried swap?I aap ir it aad beea poaeible for Mir Jobs Hoariag or 8tr Michael Sap moor to have aaplalaed the enure of the qu-etioa.ael to argoe the qoetu?n 1- a frleedip manner with the Cbtaete aatbrrldee, tb* rrenlt whtna baa race takoa place wauli ' beve been prevented, Well, gentlemen, great lajaul* I hea been done to M r J >ba Bawiiag. (Bear, bear ) Mir John Bowriag wa? cboaea bp me lo go aa eoceul to Caatca, aid wbtn a vaaannp at Ibe govermoMt at . Cation occurred bo waa traaarrrred to It bp Lord I Claiadoa. Bat what la M?r Join B >wrtag, aad wbat waa 'bar It baa been aald to be the faahtoe D piaoe la ! ree oaeible allnellrea a cue bot member, of the a lato I oracy? Ii bad been the faabldo to aap ibaae app-Mairaaata go bp favor aad net bp merit. Be wni aot a member of tae arwiocraoy . ba had act a power'uI la (I jeeoe 10 pro 1 tret aad auvport him be waa a man lit* many oilere ta Ibla eoaairp, aad aa waay otbera WJL I hope, ooaitaua to be? ba rateed bimaelf by bia own ability and lertiona? (?b <*??)? by hla IMtnlif, bla taaoti M< Wtwmwm ha ratted talma* ir to IM taiga wti >a la whloh he la ma riho.d. Waa b? a wan ?f wild l#o?ptr?a flro brand t Way, ha waa formrrlf Haarefaey ol tha Paane taciety? (rhr<rt>?a man ar tba quietee*. mo?t kindly, and benetolttt riapnai'ioo?a waa, I heltaee, who a tear bad a quarrel Wlib mortal man?who lorrd prate?wboaa Ufa bad i'am dt voted to qnoatioaa ooaaaoiad with tba aorlal hie recant nf^atlnoa?withMHMHWl b trata?with iha n mn-ii of all ItnpedlRi'nit which checked and no Hard tba tnwreourae or aa loaa, ba had beta employed, a maJuteUea witb Inrd Ciaraadoa, ta arraeca a batlar ta 'fl ar in loo batwcao ksiiand aal France and by him alto employed to ttinoa tba (Iftrora mrat if An-trie to nt? rnltee tbe*r U-lfT, with a now of terra*'!>( tba cob mrrdal lalatloea brtaaaa Amtria an J >(iand . aad bi waa, therefore. pa ? ly adapted to the iftiee, wo lota oooataiad iwataly to gnard tba oomm?rotel 'Btrrrt'a of tbla oooatry la oar coaim Tolal raiattnna with a nation like CMt a; and ba waa, therer re, oaa of iba laat men to ntaaaa hta pawrr. or ? plungn hie oeaatry law li'anltlro aad war. (Rear, haar ) And, therefore ti woaid have bran the graateat baaaaata, for iba aaha of a raw rotaa. to try M reTtrae the advene verdict of the Honee of Oammawa by throwing ever aa agent who parform <d hla daty to tba boat a bm abUlty, aad wheat eea dart la ear heart* wa tppraved Wo fait thaterery Katitataman with a Brttiia heart ta hla boaam would bar* daao asaetty tba aaaia tbtag aadar (tmiUr olroaia teama (Obaora ) t wtn too to-a to aa? I ootid una mm# geetiea??n waa are taaorgaaaot tba peaee party waa wr uld a at bare beea laaa vigoroaa ttaaa mt Joha Bowrtaa. It waa aa fhywHimmtb Sir J. Btwrtog la ppetatW Lord Rigta ta ga aut to aettla ibla difHmniw, ? baa rpostal diflaalttoa artaa apaotal aaaa ana aawt out to I*lia u?BI. ix>ra ufa ma ttii? f<hm mi w?to??t iimr -I'M*'' Bowrtat,? * w** * U. |.?t? uU WMK to ?y MM ?M?fc prwt Jtto ?V^ 11'to fJSK? w5t?y!! Mlto to***, B* ?M mart u< !? ? tor Jafca Bavrtof to "?yyy?!yri5yf J Mi1*!**m*mt i W YO MORNING EDITION?THl ~ I Of "Go on ) I hay* mode what Miinil deal mart I than n allor dinner speech ought to be, bat 1 am (Bra 1 iob feel a treat la tercet la lbs areata peseta r, and I fait It my duty to give tbete ezplarattoaa, aooa aa ther are, fa I em latiaded the mare Uteea matlsre are looked Into ?the more they are understood, and the more the dele"* are loohed Into by the people or Ihle ooaotry, tae more the t at km will be confirmed la the oboloe eC n pre lente'lvee? the more we tbali feel tkatweetend apoa rare groaad, and that tbla week and iha next week and the we?k alter wll glee opportunity or showing aa Um e* Mlm< nta ot the eieotrra t f every part oT tba ooaotry. I i brg to thank'you on the part of myeelf and oilleagaes, i and I aware yoa the momenta wbleh otlloiai dutlee enable i me lo rpere amoag my rrleada la Mte tewa ere among ! t"c mot agreeable and happy. (Load and long continued chcultg ) The Chinese War [From the London Times, March 80. ] The Kn.p- ror of China, It see mi. agrees with the Brtllib Pu nipt, unitary nod her nsjesty's goresnneaf aa t> the conouot ol Comm'satonnr Ych aua tbo Cant laoae H Celcniui Majesty hie tent order* to the lofm a.le V'reroj to conutita e the Brtttiti mis U no more than ? as to bo cxpeoted, an tbo Tour other porta eery early roc< lvid notice that they were to g>. n an ueoal. nod loavo tbo qua> rel to Itself In tho wn ia of Ca&ton For years past the otter insahordtoa Ion or tbo pDJiase at Canton, > and, nor lens, the faot'ons and mercenary use ma le of l that luiobo.-tllnatk n by tbo krnl tnnoltouartos, hare proved a treat annoyance and weakneea to the Ooarl of )>kn When tbe Emperor remonstrated with ns Virvtoy ipon thi ncn obirrvatoo of tbo treaty or . lk47, tbo oonatnnt qoatrel alth the fo.elguers, the Vioer>y lor the time replied that It was not tn his p wer to compel tbe puople to ot> erve the treaty, no gnat wta ttctr antlpnlby to the f?r? Ignore; tnougb at the yet) time he was tfclrg b'e oimvei t> silaralsto that ntittpatbj to ail matnor ct csotisdi la point of ftct tbe ravage and luaooat temp.r or tbe Oautooee) was the firck In trade ol a l.oat or ilHolali, wii coold do as they p'esscd, levy ei port duties at diacretlcn, and hoid the province praoltrahy independent nt Pekta, oa tie strength i (tbe Irtrsctnh'a .waraotcr ol the people Oittn 'an n?-a?l n nlicn .h'a auoogy was mad.-to tho Court of rtkln, it found tho Ecurcror lo a"?t? o of |)> ulral a-d , tltaiclal eicbariiesmott, and a) that hie M.jaty c it'I do wts to send b >rIt a brlsf and peevish r. pty 1 .hat the Ccmml'stnror wis to manage as well be oonid. (bin was enough for th i li'ter, ' and for it me time p??t Caopn hai beoj !a a statl r.t virtual li depeu < r.o>', u >1 l ??/ mbillloa, aqvoit I (' kin. Hewever, the Erii|iUj? r ! now an euxiiUryia be B ttt?b orco Ho au i-ct la-* Vi.y roy oroore w 'ilar. be would probably dpi la c vet lurid to vend or lb ojht it o! any use to end, tbie time test yr ar. to tnc'ce np rail tare wlib tbe Brli'.ab What Ocmm'ae'on'r Y b will do ! undertheae CIMMtUMtt w.uirt be vain I > o>rjooture Hv n ay ptsalbly at.rmpt to maintain bit p*?ittoa b> tbe aid ot ibertbeie whom he has r<cently taken into cutUdrrce ted pay Thta la, toured bin only ctiau w, ai r.theiwl.r be trust soon submit to iho taioor !al o'dora, j ali'ed by the BihUi ar- ?, aud lb in*, cm win 'o o at itasihla fitoo. anc vor> po'stbly mjro B it our pert of the nCatr la now very n.uoh aitup.Uid Ysh heconoa cnl> tbe rloy'i ader of a brutal moo, upoo woo ri, with lb cuciorietoe ot bta so.ere'y.n, we have to enftroo re Meet or trcatlea, for la??, and fur tbo rtgiuotbJ- j inanity bDSeiAN AND fRKVCH P0L1CT IN CHINA. [Boiln. (Ma cb lb) tor. of Loudon limoi ) Count i', who lately leit St. Petersburg tor Mia cow, baa agaIn left tbo la ter oattutl and ant out fo* the 1 Cbtccce li cutler It la belflT'o that th a mDs'on ttbea p'ace In connection with tbe cm illoa loos in whi.ih tbti empire la JuitLOw irvclvcd win BaftUm*. a .J la er.lota the Hi.aatta pi ess te. ma to thick hat K aoca aod tee 1'ol.ed f atea ol Arm ilea are aoont to late * pan Tee view taken up, aa to the manner In waiob Katala won1 a ' rep forward In ihia matter, goes ti tbo ei?eot of aupp a j tug that tno llmperor would make o mom ra tao vtioihe abito ment'oaed Powers tn tbe tuk ol corquo kg toe ot ti ate t xotualveTMt of tba i?i at'al empire, or at aoy ra'e tn deriving froaa tbe i mbarra1 amenta of the CjIo a* ?ve y poattble advantage?'errttorlal, eommerctal anl diploma.10 A pilvato tatter r<ou. Sjanga' that tan l.-.n h frigate Nf meats, bearing tbe Hag of Kigauk.te G.nocHly, ei chond tn tbe roada on Fearaary 23, omlag rem Bre?i. The Nemesis wa* to aa>l tmmnduiet/ and to ' ccn luce btr cccne to Ucloa, wber<> 1; waa expected abe would arrive In May, and j na tbo cqaadron under Adnu ' ral Uuertn. The Cpiuil?h-Mrx(caii Imbroglle [Madrid (MatonViA) Correspond noe o ho* too Cost ) It la aaid tbat com muck aHnua have paaaed wttb the Imp* rial government with mpeut to tbe dtlfO'eares with Mexico, and tbat tbere are bopna to at tbta qu atton will be arranged without reaorl to arma. 8aou d this be tba rate, It will rrova a dtaeppolatmeet to many tn tk^ oppoaltloe wbo have p.?ln?lat?rt npon the mcx>-?n qaeettna a ;>otr.f d'epywt In tbebr attests an tbe government' auvloee fiom Mexteo ennoona* th? proximate faUofflo m nfort, bnt 1 bear fr< m peraona joat arrived from there iDliunr npo'ii rf. rnfoi mors >00 wwoos 01 utrwia ptrltMtbMU.arMli.ralh, Tbeae MM t'? r o doabt ctrcoin'cd by thoie sbo w;sb torxclts /mpetby In favor of n revolaltr o nhlcb weald re?tore .lanie Anna to power. 1 mi to d by prople who hare born acquainted to Mrxloo with *eaor la'ragaa the *g n . o'tut re labile at tb Ooart. that be la a man of coeak areola note, viry otto Ita ory in bta Idm, and, witbont pr jodloa to hU own apttetalliy, a great friend to lha Hpaotaroa [Paris (March 36) Oorreapoadaaoa of the London (Jbroriole | The Pip t> aaaarnd by >ottara iroaa Cadiz that the Aral dlvltlra of tba Hpaalah aqua Iron bad reoatvod aaHlag order*. and that It wta to laava for Havana on the 39th Tela loaka eery ilka a dimoaitraU-'n agalaat Maaloo at tba aama lira", tba fi<yt AiUugrafat of the 234 at- 1 D' naoea apparently oa aotboilty. that It wan quia on true tfcat tba Hpaalah laearnataat lotaodad having raooaeoa to force to wniMi ibat of Meatet to flea reparation. Hpatn (aoya tbo It-jm1) will 001 y reaort to aaoh on extreme atrp when ail other ataaaa aro eihautlei, and at praaaat taat la not tba eaao. Suspension of IHeaera Greene and Company, of Porta A latter from l*arta of tbo Ntb of March eayi ? A banking houar. wboae buatucea tranaantloai were alnaoat entirely wl'h America au?j>nod?'1 parment thla men ng The retab Ifhroent from haetsg rode tbrnugh Ike a'orm of 184', afleetr >1 to maae reepeeta >la firms, waa 00ted to with cooftdrnce by Ua American rmniircttooe Tba fondon fftar of tbo Slat alt, apaaklng of tbo atora toapoaaloB. aaya ? Mcrura Greene and Oo., tba olden eelahltahed Amerl-tn benk'ng Arm of Parla hare anapendnd pa>mc-.t to the reiteiration of Ihe I nlted M*'ee colon* In thle r-apual The came of failure la a.trlbuted to Imprudent advancer made on French memhaDdtae deapairhed to Mccragua and other Omit al or Poath American I tales. [From tb? Liverpool Post March 31 ] Parta advioea maotion tbaaaipeaaloa of Mnaara. Omeat 1 ad Co , the Amertcia ban kern, of that otty Taa ea ma of ibla fallara la aunbated to Improdent aivaaoea made on Freneb mrrobaodlae drape!chad to Nlearagoo and other O-atral or Sootb American Sta.en Tbt llabllltlaa aro not axtotiy known, but tbry are heavy Mara In oob vealaoo* will bo cipr rtraoed by Aaaertoans travail ag oo tba OaeMaeal wboara provided with Mian or credit 'rem tbo Iran la question. Official Work Gambling In England. [Pram tbo Loadon tl.reia, Meri-.nae ) Tba Lradra end heaters Baaatag Compaay adds another to the nrcamuinlirg proofs of tba tax morality foaterad by jotst such oompasbo, ud practised by oooooetors at J directors of J out stock achetnsi Too paid op cspl lal, N arpM'k. war 'h'y ?M0.0t)C, aa1 ye', the directors r t OS c.orl(age i. 010 on oaa or the directors' (rs ported lo bo is p. cos tar y dtfflanlUes) sstatoi Another Slrtrtor, tbo rbairmts, Mr. Jesses Oaraas Mortis, admit id that be strod ?il,000 to the esmpaay, too ooaspaay holntrg, as allrfsd, ssourlttra oo hcntas for tbo raise Mr. Vradall, soother dtmtrr, borrowed ?b.S:o oa the frsarttjr of bis ess shares. Colossi Curtis, a dtrsoior, bsd contused to get aa advaane rf ,C\?< 0 oa steamboat shares, reported to bo worth X3.00O; eed Ute inaneg?r, Mr Iteptteaa, baa advaeced lo himself ?17 COO oa an'saluted tecurMss The lUbt'Uleo are re parted to he ?897.784; ssd sfltr snsklsi allowaaoe for aotlolpaled looses, the a* or'a ars eipeoted to ylrld ?4 8,410. wblnb will tears abortI ?18,(00 to lbs shareholders out of their paid op capital of ?140,0(0 Wo are boaod, bower#-, to remart there ere rr porta tb'oed srhieh do eot take qeMe to tsogalae a rtetr oi the wtndtag <p of this ooao re. Death Of Dt. Srnrrtby, (Trots Ute I/Midoe LJtsrary W /.stto ) This Tctsrsn of arotli salerprtse J loo on the 91st of Msrea at Tosqoey, after a '?|o<in| illness Tow asaa of our tmo baso been hsftS rsspooted, oomblalrg. sa bo aid, sotsst no emtaonoo ? b in moral aorto, iinafftm ed piety aad active basrroleuoa Be sias tralsod for raval sdv alure la a good ooacol. H i lo.a?r was one of the most darlsg asd at oorWnl sr?ir>en In Me norlisra bsU Btbety, srhra that ssrv or was amos-f the chief ccrwa of Ibaormatardai wo*l b of tno taii.-s aol oao

o tbo best nareert-o of tbo Bnrtsb easy, aa I lbs 1 td horn b't yootb was taorod to the btr aad porno of the Arctic xas. After bio retirement from active tor viae st sea be rose I sod to eater the ebsrrh aad after holding sppointmenta Is lets ootgsslsl looall <n. bo fcuod la tso maritime Iowa of Boll a opbsro watob sfford ed roll >oops lor bto boosooleat oforw ft?? the tools! and spiritual welfare of salloro Bis ementiOo o?ro?r la Me letter years of bis lirs Is will Snows in m it of our road srs. Hit recoota tithe K'ltlsb asoseiatios.aad bis soma roes obssivatltss oa lbs In (lassos of lbs tree of oasasls oa tbo ocmpe s wrrs connected with leialrtas of the atmost proo.tcal importaaoe inaoipa ms fi was In pro rrutinp these rrsrarohss aad elm s oltw to de e mine radons question of msrnoiio sconce thai ir sooraobr undertook a oiyags to Aasira la, from wblab aa rsturaed est year, with lis ooastitatka moob oofoo>tod from the srdaons labors to wbtr.h be had tebjsetsd aimsa.f. I I nltrd Rfatd Clrratt Caafi Bcfora Moa. Ji dga Nolooo Aran. It ?Strvmr ?. kA<?tiltr ami ? App"ratioo i for ao lijnoottoo lo rooirolo dwoodoov from puMi*htag Of moo work, of wkloh ho to tao ou bor oo4 olatmo lo owo Iko orpyrtgbt. Motloo deoiod Norol Infrlllgrnrr II lo ox pool*d tool 1*0 rrpoiro lo Mo moohloory of tho I'ol'od fholoo olaooi Mgolo Niagara will ho oimptwd la Uom fa* bo* V ilon oo bor Irlol trip oral gatorOop Tho t'oi'rd noV* itoamohlp Woboah bo* riooirod or doro from Mo N**y IVpertwrai ol Waohtogloo lo pro 0004 lo loo wiM dmpoieh Bor diillniUa & aoM to bo M - i fk* So*ohila, H I, Aiy*r*im M f??rmrf Mk Wl W? HOT ?H liiwlwI W? brMM, l'?IW ?HN I p s^.sr?rax3ss.'B \ RK E IKSDAY, APRIL 16, 1857. P - *> Inlclll^riM-r. Pi litmul B*atbUathhukis ?Tbo Am;r!o*n st?loO?ui? oil ol Mtnourl will oonveneon tbe ;?ibol Aprtl la tboolt? of et. Lcula. TbO KOodO lilud Anr si?70r? OsbtobUm Will bo bold la Prov'd?ica on the 'i6th Inst. Tte Know Nothing State Contention ot Tennense# will | assemble la the city of Nashville on the Ul of May, to nominate n candidate lor 9-vernor. The democratic State Convention of Teste, for the eeteo- | lion of eandida ee for Sute orti sirs, will me it Is W?oo on the 4<b of May. The dr mojrstlo stale Ooaveation of Louisiana will moot oa the 1Mb of M?y The Know Nothing National Council, to be oompoaed of delegates from all the Staioe, corresponding la nnrnber to f tte CingKiaioBal dlairloit, aid two additional from eaoh I Fta<o aa delegates at lerge, will convene at Lvilevlllo, Kf ntocky, en the id or Jane nest Will iiikki hi a Di ilT?There appetrs to be soma trouble brewing bet*ten Hog. Lewie I). Campbell, repot) ' Dean member ot Congress sicot from the Third district of Ohio, and Mr. U L Vtllsnoighim, bta democratic com petitor In the last can vats. it appear* that Mr Campbell, while In blereetta tin laat Hoove of Reprennntetivoi, publicly atetcd that tbcro ?u bat one negro rote cut la b'r dfstilit, and that ho was lf formed hie opponent re.-o'v ' cd vote. . Mr Vallan'bgboin did not liketbo lulotit | tton, ai d In a car I published la the Wi U'ojton Unim In Ii. rembcr lest, pronounord the whole statement an unquaitflfd falsehood. Mr Campbell no* nemos forlb In a Krg letter, in wbicb be diiouisei Uo various alU'ereooes cilitlrg between h'maoir sod Mr V In which the p .blti are Irlcrcstod, and oleics by prom.ibig 11 sp:ed ly settle up all matters of a " personal or private" uhirao or vhloh they may Pave on hand Toil looks bolltgeront. Rncra Ihasd Hmts Asm Slavsbv CoavKrnon ? A can bts b-cn Is'-cd for th frtrrdi of Intm vt aio abo't 'on of American slavery In alt 'bo oouitLe. oiuos, t>wus, vi lli ce hamlets and aid leinents ef tno utile S ale of Rhode lil?Bd and Providence I'laDiatious, to aaeoabie la Ki dimes d Hall, Ie the city o! Pravl'etoa, on the Tiih in**. The ca I is signed by Samuel B CUait aud El s\u b B Theee, Edward H. MsrHl aod ?arah Mtgll, fe -rye J. AdaniB and lfaty H. Adams, A.a Fairbanks and Aooa T T Fa'rbscbr. A great tt mo to oxp c'.ed. < sa '?,usio? xiai* is fin Kim u ? rne/a is a rim Of rlloat In Tt laa that Gi n. Ham i.'ouat a wl I take tho Hold ; aa a can (He ate for Governor of Texas, to opposition to the uoiiilBro of the demrcratlo part). Tni Last r i iHiroi-as ?The Galea;? Democrat aaya tho rri<|i a-i -a < f Gov. Geary, ai J the d%> iiloa la tho I> ed Scott cue, have destroyed all that was la.t of Judpe Rocf )M. naooBe' DisrairT ? A card la the No wherry (8 C ) Uiircr rnnooneeo ex Governor James Hammond as a candidate to succeed the late Treaton 8. In the Uncee of Kepresentattvra. GovE>xoa or Tinxwskx ? Mijar Wm n Polk publlshei a card 'n the Narhvllle L'r,ion reclining tc permit hta came to honied In connection wllh tho candidacy for Governor of Teunwree AsriRAXiH roi GrHBRxaToiuAi II notH is Gao'oia ? The ani'txod la a partial itat of the namoi of the gentle men who nre anxious to same the (Hate of Uoorgta la the rapacity of Governor ? Col .Ivrari Garderr, of Richmond; Col John E Ward, oMbeilaiti Ron. W II a.lles, of Chatham; Gin. Jamil : L. Seward, ?f Thomas; Hon Thomas W. fneraas, of ?1 ! her*; Ron. A_H. Stephens, cr TaiUf.vro; Hia Darid J i Hal ley, of Belts; Hon Jamej H Stark, of Spauldlng; H n Was. Moaeiy, efSpaoldiog; B"b Judge G-eeu, o' Spsal ding; Hon A. II Chapel, of B.bH; Ool H G Lamar, of Rihv; Bon It A Nlabll, Of Bibb; Hon. O J McDonald, otCGbh; Hen A H C?rt<nilti,of Baser; Major I. L Har rta, nf Raid ?ln; Hen Joan H. Lampkin. of Pio?d; H >n Hiram Warner, of Merrtvee her. H >n Julias Hill) er, of Wat or; Col ? Ttiokrr, of Siewart; Dr. Lewie ofCiaio bee; Col Tumltn, o? Lata; H Charles Murphy, ot Do Kale. Hon. J E Bt iwn, <1 Chorek e. Seventeen honorahlea. Ire colonels, one major and one doctor. Tna Socman* Pcirrr ?The Richmond (Va ) DUpaUi tboa rep lea to n Northern Idea?that the Southern puii tt will reapond poltttoaily to the Northern politico polptf ? The Southern polplt baa not deaarved this tnjutlov Daring the whole uniting period of the last Pros! conical, when New Ki?iaid pui.dte were thaadertag aram-mao egairat Biobftou Fillmore aod too whole Benin not a ilogle palpti to all tb !t>utha-a Galea km dee< crated bp political preaofiag Not oao clergyman In ibe whole Bo.tb pro.UH.Ud Uo aaerod dee* to political parpoaeo. Oar, of all deaomlaa toaa, bar# coaDacO ibcdmItii to too proaobisg of tbo goepti aid will eoatlaaa to do ao kaow'oi taat tbalr auwr'i kingdom to not oflblo world Wbleh cftbo two, tbo r*xi bora or trreoill olrrgy, relljot la taelr polpit ooorto tbo apirtt , of tbalr maa.erf Ikblob art tbo troaat eiponaala of Carta- 1 ttaalt)) Bos N P. Baa**, Ja ? A number or tbo otUaeaa of Boa'oa bare taadoiod to Mr Baaka, lata Speaker of tbo railed 8 a Ira Honaa of Repreooatatvea, tbo boa or of a public dlaa?r. wbteb tbat g actio maa baa doollaol aa as oooa> of provlooa eagagea acta Latum ATtaa or Oowbbotktt.?Tbaro are only two of tbo crwly ilcctcd Coaaiotloat Saaalort wbo bar* or or bafuio beta n r n Ix ra of tbat body. Of tbo 233 Dimb-ri cleat of tbo Boaoo 43 hare boforo boa a aaeaabora of tbo Bouia, of whom 16 aaly were member* la 1666. Throo bare bcoa mem bare of Uo Baaato, oao aooaabor of Gaa grraa, cat SroroUry of B ato. Too remaining 118 bar# bad do UglalallTO oiporteaoa. Govaa.*oa Goaaaa or Miaaaaora.?Goooral Balt'da wnlca to tbo Ht. Paal D*mrcrat, dooyleg the atole-noot Hot Got. dorntan waa removed from oinoe to makt room for 8am Medary ef Ohio. Bo (ay*;? Wil la a (-ormaa waa act rrmor.d, aal, aa far m I koi w treraaaa ao Gba?|? o' aoooeatlon made againel b:m. Ba ao to or lied Jadga Doagiaa and mva>lf to flia bla ree'gntuon at Governor, aad piaoo tbat ofHj# at tb. d? Bai of Uo bow admi>latrat?no aad, la aooordaaoa wttb owa iMtractioaa to aa by lattor, wa Iliad bw raatgaa too. Panama Pvraav avn vat Damn Soon Paaimn -In CT.irl<a E Pioart, Uaitod Btaiet Seaator. of MieYgaa, ba wrlttai Uo foliowlag Irttor to the Unroll Pre* frtu Aa eaveral of Uo ropabHcaa paper i bava aaaumtd to lata a y vtawa la regard to tbo deotetoa of tbe Pupeem* i Court of tb. Ualwd S.aie* la Uo Deed Boot I oaaa, It la perbtpa proper for mo to toy mat I baro aovor yet amnio rpinion nf tbo Gcort to tbat raao, ard of couria no7or eipreeied my vlewa la regard to It It may ba orapv, alio to add that do other : n i>, or hat boon ao tborlaad lo maka aay oiprtaaloo of thrm for tae CBARLKi E SrUART. Bapirtw C<mn. Be'cr# Ch?l ju.tloo O*k!oy. mcurm dlandrb wit. Aroil II? R nUm at. Bowtn? Toll mi *U Ogata Stiltd oo, bor eg bf60 mi davo far 10 day I' I* on 01 llts for tltBdor. Ml ?m IiMmmMo N?i)wr g*TO lb# pi* III Iff O WiW Of M.OfO f*Ot ?lf M ?U Mi mM< by Jodao Ibvpbi I, ood A* ro h?trti( ui mmw > b##o pod'of tar too or lbr.o poors . Mr Poroooa. so Ibo port of tho fobotnl, o*r? tar o poolpooooosot so ibo grouod M?? ?bo?o** Mttaf stand BolMtO {o postorr lo ibo Ira of Hovoo * Mo 1 N?o?o ) Mr folloiloo appaood lb* i iipioi ?i. tbo com kod bora p?t of ssrott ISM hfm, lor ratlooi rrotooo; | in kbtinr* m Wr fbaao. oa*-bor wako# of tbo Joo* do* rocri Ms . Mi Tba um ood Moo poo I lag ?l-ro list, ood Uo p ?tat> ii a a* 0*4 til oo whoomv la Uc?rl M dto'rooi *f borlof It Moil? ot* and of /(B ofHoor Mr How* to# d??r <d*ai, ood Mr **or I'll, ill fOOOOSl. ooro pit 10 00 to lb# 0000*0* ? %i?W I ? ? tbo ooirrtoiMr or bt> lr? m oy oal 'ht C>ort or rtrrd tb? oooocf oattl ant amth, ootbt dofoadoot pay- | log u> oooto ol ibio lora Tho M hrot Ornp Tbo Hoc bailor In vn Nil-fa no o onarorood wftb , fa'dvro io*l log to tbto roflolj *bont lbi vbool lioy *y that Ibo froot of a amofh poll h?o tajnr#d too yoooo , pitnl oooMVbol, aa M dll tbo oloro#. All ogroo loot Ibo brood to < f groood oowod la lor Iota ibon too arorago of pro' lino yooro, bat ibo ploot look* lb r Ibo Lltiogo-oa (1. Y ) R ooMi-ov karoo from latolll go I ftrtnoio Ibot Ua obroflo Lt?>aftloo liokt bt'lor Iboo tl woo upifil lo by lbooo wbo aotiood ibo uofornnblo vootbor la ibo tail bad viator. Too aam tor of orroo V, bovoror, loos tboa boo boaa oova for otoay toon to Minbigoa, Wtsoooola If on bora inioofi ood lovo. and g*ottoby vborrror tbo viator vbool vao srotootod by i?ov frota ibo otoaaol itrorlty ol Ibo oold, loo vbool Soils gfya ptabi of obmadoai oropo, ood Ibo oooom la MQ 00 tar ootioood tata oppi ibiMlim bora ooaood to ratal of boot ootatag taMMbttbo grovtag grata. la Orataaf Mtaota Ma pioopv l V looo IbroroMo. A protrootad droagM bartag Ibo o oto an sad lbs bard via lor tbroaab vbiob W ttrt joot poaaod ootrttaod is destroy tbo tab aavttg, bad tao tanooro on ta ssaoo i eoora ptaagblaa op losgo floMs far prbf oropa rortborasA, to tao otbor hood, la Ibo loMtodo of < riialib oad Mtta. mom a a v* mom m. "to rvMf or MO esd^enwU wWafe ? " M.M [ERA * oi>*|>irkry at Pil<on?ra In the Tumh* A T1.AH COht'Oi.TID TO B1UAP??UPCTY IMPiRH TO Bh CAPftBBO? 1MTKS AND PIrtTOLH TO HK ??D. It *ee ma that ctnrtng the put two or three week* e eon piracy to (deal an eectpn tat beta formed by a uumber of the meat desperate obaraotere lodged to ItaTomn, Thilr plan, hoacver, nae beta frustrated, aid toe ringleader, ?lth lour of hie eiaoolatee, hare hem re at ret firm their former cello bud I'idred in acptrete onee on the ground Unor, wlore their movemsnta can he more oaretnily na'cbrd. Mr Bray, Warden or the p*Hna, cauiel an luvcitlga tlon to bo mare In tbta ai!?'r, an 1 it appears from *ne evidence that rhombs Deiilng, ujw nudor (allotment for arete. w?? the Uettaator ano ingleedr r. Hia ateoo'atea a>o prlaonera obaiged altn capital ofl'ouics, trooeo escape from Jnatioo la ai y otbor way nay he oonalcered very doobtfol "Ibo pits laid oat wae to wlce the r "roll en too Sab hath, alter the c mclua on ot lb sermon, a I (or tacb prliontr to hoarao'd with kulvos aod pstoli, faruhhed hi tholr omi d i frleni e Tut deputy knopora jj duty Wire to be telzta and. If pu.tloif. thrust into oe'.iaand locket up; bat tl ibatroufo t ot be United, ?hry wo to b?- despatch' d ait-1 kclvte, the ptetiM to bo reserved 10 previ hi a rtcap'ure ih?V were torn to break tuolr hay Into the rtx ni or the C'urt Of ScMlona and ihenso Inio the alrtet t'hls nouspi an/ *? to tartba a o\r tied ret (b suprttty lit'., but an n.latu.jn u( 'no p.? (omiog to tl:o kco*Udj,e of lit Bray, bo oa nod <b > ("tuutpal r.urup raiorr to ?j repiratcd and ocliltd at above natrd, aud a pec AI gutrj plsco l over trim The plan was a<11 connected, rp 1 bayood a loubt wrnllhave been carrl-dru to ttao hsit of teel' ability, srd wouu, In r.ll prcbtoll y, fcavo !o?ul'.ud lu a.ood (bed It Is bo loved tbat op ??r i oft vent; had jiloel tho conspiracy, at nauy mnio w bid folioe In rts ;<oon as ;bj rtrlae naa m:'o rt V t< liowlig "0 Ihentmtaof those p'aced In aepa rt'e rolls:? Thi ma Lictl.y (barged t ith artoa ti ' ?-? Haco'nrd rharpc< with bi a arv ,1 . li O 'lO) (o< a><>) uoargrd ?l(h lu rd?r .1 bp Smith a"d-h.nn Iccoi or, ont'go* triih tnorde* on tt-n bb h Kts Vt llliiiuitliuag i l(y Weave. Thb [iitiriiicca tt itm ('ves ? The r(anlcat>on rf Alfred Uearual y, cbaigid ttuh cimniitli.g an aisa'It >?d K Iran Mt.Aa. UaIU? t. V,/.eb lo. .* Ibt n ..a s on -:aliirde? ovtu'iig a?l, waa o%> r<i "it brf?ro tiarry yietera; k'i -to o Mr R commuted Hi* a* ml', codertbt irop.'i imo itiil Mr V orbit In oiler -d an intu't to hr ?I b Mr l-m-de^y eia'e ?:i ?o*uo?l eclreaft.l. friti/ly cJOTerailn* M* Voxblea r o-n tho ili'inl, ana the o?u plaint r.ui .ooiiU-ji, vrltu in aen Fhiu'at F?>w*y ? O i ifrn-'ay tlybt lait at % let* loir, aa Wm Goaaihard, krepor ot a porter hioee on ibe coueref G and act Fourth streH*. wa- returning Ictro thrrugb P.-ck Blip, he wa* attaokv.d by two mer wi in be st weeded in krenkinx do en r*o others tnen erne tip, and tf rr beating l.lm, look a told ?r iioh ea ?>1 at 8500. n brratl pin. ar. i abo il $;t> lo in one) ; *u I, not oonttnl wltli ih'a, tuie .ho hair rrcui lit load M> G. la la jorea vrry acvi-rtly aud will hoooniljod W hit houie for tome time, fovan DaowstD ? YetLrday fireaom, lfc? bory o( an t|?d Iran waa toned float's* In Wallaiout croe*. An Irqneal win h. id by Ctronor -Stroll, but Uu> body war n >1 Idealised. Prorated bid on a aho i yeaket, and trai ott erwlae joorly elai. AfTnlra In tnc Itahainai. N.otrAT?, M. P, Maroh M 1?!>7. | FAG of a PVrweA 5A?p of War? A Lied ? fwU | Frem h Natal Ofll'eri 01 thr I-lirvi?A Tkan^n S'orm? LrgUlatu* and Army H*Um. Tie Fretch ear it atner Newton, Commanlcr Domonreox, arrlrrd here oa the 281 laat. rtbe te laat fo am Goaalonpe, aid boa ad to Noefouodlanl. Tb>r:aaoa amigaed for ber coming la warn of oial, bat <ioii itle?a the French nuderwrl-er'a representation abont oar wreckeri, of wblafe yon are adiiaed, baa aomeifalnx to do wtib It Tbe utual eunpliaaeotary aalatea pam.d between the eteamer end tbe garrlton Tbe otUoora area 1 " tolly aet," nkr all FriDobniMi, fall of fun and frollo, i I and load of ladi-a' ineteiy. Aa tbla la the first IVench ab'p of war that tea ee?r been here tbe Inbaotwrra l ava lovtlet tbe exnaiander ana cfli*era V> a ban on treacar ten lb* Con mauler i.aa oflcrad to late our Ob/orm*. Sir Alex H timer mar, to hie ue>r |0>arumeat, Neefiuad- I lanrl hnl kla I vpAllAnAt la nni naamrmA Li I n?d t.>l I Ttu la lite t< erel mat ro.tve iM the Kropjror a it Kbpi cm of to* I reach to S,te'i laat rear I am 'old the Gap eta tijtooltd to tied a pi toe with teragee and little buia, but 1 inttctpeUd (a- I bare wrttno ton), we about I bare one of our ailiea ere* ping In. aad that wo Wuald i hew Lbem we were quite eirmaid tte baa a thunder lorat < o t bandar night. Too apire of me of tae eborcbee waaasruoa bp ii|hutieg. aad the damage earweda f MiO Tba l.rgl(la'are ta atlli atuiof, bat dMag nothing Import mat Ihe la'iodaotlia of noetic! labor la beta? mooter The militia ie doomed. tt? c>nr*e t? teerly run; ibo Oonnnti nartrg made aom? eapaiatabla arn 'oum- nta to the 0rat bill, ibe Rou* abandoned u aad brought op a fresh one, by wblcb it la 10 be diebaaded. Kttv* from tile HI* tirandr, We he e Hroediniie pape*a to the 'J>ta uit The sew from tne H o ttraada valley Ii roi important The Browaartl a Hag of the l?.n aay? ? Brew ear.lie bai hem uauanelly 0 llel with at rang ve 'or tbe ran few wteta Large autnotra o p*rr lathers peaacd through here into Healoo, to aarchaaa ttwi* Wo are teld U>et the dety paid at the Cua ow Hiiai la Brewarrllie aloe# witbia lbs paat rootn baa amour tec to mm e t'ea >< 100 atil totr* ere aer-e ntt-e- perm la ibe utatrtot wbere ?elm*l? and mem-eno re mar be en I* re>. lr< ry blag and ever? bod? aaem* to b* program leg on the read to foep-rity Oir larre Ii ooanautly Blocked W'th for Meitai, among whlotj mo not m- ia?g<' I'll of ma.'b'.iM-ry, 'rom a o-i-a mtil to a o n tea fiotiryi and aa aim hor ilt ia of prngraae, w? m?y ilea that Ibe tteamer>u, on her ia*i trip fr >m above brought down aa 'fright a oargj n| over . 300 0 0 la ipecle II ite our beighbora >o i ourielrra aeea in bo eating up It lite ed?en age* all i dad to Irale and erery aper.lra oi tnda*tiy on Ibla front lor. fba #Vaa of the igih ia>? ? O.r p atiUia tarn moat of tbam been oompMied to rep'aot tb<tr croea oi ooia, la coierqamca of in eavtre eoid waathrr wuh whl.-a we were *o ueeipa-.ietir wielt edcetbaibm Uei la Ibla 'aroma ruinate, btweyer, wa ail I bare ample time to ma ore two voua which will doobinn l>? dona br rigj of oir fernim. Ta >ug ?iba bow bad Iroel w#re nw?. ad ntirelr mil rtowa nur of iba mote aad*r Ttg?Mh,?i, mu.ib tUl! aeeeued wiM boi alight l?j irp, u<l BDiof l?? gaaMi ia- a ai old wiare already tNf'nalrf tad a play their bnaailaa In r?r?1 ktagdoa pamcolar jr la iota ifco ctee?be air coaad aa >? Inarid a I hbe mingled pe'futno of Ibaoraog) aid tbe rn?a. Oiaa In nn. Iba noa'ta Sla't T?m? ia tbai rioatlflh? 'oliaiu woaadad a man at Beo.iara I'm*, and a ra ? lay a at or narla kiikd oaa and aouaJai aao.aer on iba Aijiowi. Tba Mid or Atorowa oooatr mala up a r unpaay aad purtutd ibrm bni ha I do returned at tail anon. n.i? Tba Aortta 9f*t? Q&trn* announce thai lie floa X H Daral bea r*a goo I hia Jadgeahlp to ao-*p'. Iho ofll ?a of I attad niatea Pwirtct Jndg*, to wMch ba baa beta ap pcialrd bp tbe President, and add*:? datbrrrwliro bo time to bol l aaolher a'eo'lon aid quality it* inonmbent In lira* for ihr nirla/ naion in tup of ib? ronttt.a tba itdTirnor will not ardor an i-ieok(B unm Angnat n-tl Tba tin" p?p*r aapa 'hat alpaty Ihr** ooonil -a nm otadip baaed frem r'?* Kobetli f >* n*or*nt? trert Jji<% i *,H?, <J ay 4 ;C? F f rco ooartlet y t ti bo haarrf fr t-i Tba ream papar itaraa b?i the tat p i a ragiag all akrg lb* Cpptr Bio Siitdt Tba WaaringW u dm r?<-in Iran a tbai atarir all tba frail m mat a*WI?Fi baa I *-a 05 I roil ttio lari raw aetata th* ore-t auaae* of dry weatbir and aiyi if lu?ra ta aa iwn tooa, iba iropa la mat ?aeti >u mm >o mora ar iroa bjnred Tba RnaUrlll* /' ?, of !*> Jdlh o'Vmo, *rpi?|? Ci%| rem aad raa'i a "are a ffmleg *adly far want of rata. fb*ra bad ***a ?* ? n?*? ia* Tba olambta flmtrere' of Iba II at nlt'm < aeya tbi e-rpa are i oaine wall r?i?*raiiy la tow* p rw th?y nr? lalf-Mrp for ?ete f>* oare wh oh a aa #nt ?oi hgh at tbe ttm< of Ita a a fr t1 bta latm a frati ?>ari. and la rawdoiafwal. fb-ro la p niuMi moM reel lu iba fcard nbkh naa< I ourt uaill ma ha?a a rata Captain Walbrr Mani a n atp?nr fa* N oaregoa *U to ioawe Hoaama on n-aday '*o\ thr ?th laatant. Poll** Intrlllprnr*. Mr John Hie-gia, of 1o. 2 Mall atroot, in'orm* aa that ba waa net Ma prraoa arraalad on ebargt of par olnlag gold dart (rrm Mr F Ml'lrr, bat tbnt Mr. Jirtn K aula, who krepa u ndtca in iba Mint banding ta iaa ddlTldinl broagbl bafcr* Jtulku Dot nelly on Ma charge 1 n gncaUon Appnlntiiirrita hjr the PmMrnt< JofcB B arOraj-oB, of K'Marbr, latlaa Ataal for Uio If Bfitfro* ant mhar aatghoorlac Wib??. ?tM ffwin A. C. Hi Q|| Vlaw at K anitr. of California, A font tar Uw lallaaa la Oolfoiata. Tie?.!* ? A Pwnaraoa. faint. Natiowal T*PO?iiAr*icAt. UinoH?'The Nail?aal ripoirapfelou laloo mom a Na* u. iooao oa uto rat Maaaajr la May aaal Arraactaaaaia km km wet* rami aai oaiartala the deUgakaa tragi Ifea 4 if. imnnMnitf tttMwtrraaHfamrTawaat looataff ?M i ha abarawar at thaw aft" la Maw (Viami. Aittaataaaar tha toaraaUoa a (road ban aa4 tapper i will becfraa. I Fati o? (JwvBmaon BhAoa'a Bcnooutiaraaaaa*- 1 ?Thai ramp wfrnW hwaw imahaia Mr iha Mat, at I aa Mamraar n?4a, al Vwmt, la Ma Wat, r? i Wrtalhat 46.: Maehrre hare baaa aaat aat-Mfraw O* ' aaal taut, lit tnm Miaaanhaaatia, lit mat Vwwaat, M torn Raw Tart Of Me AM kaaahwa aaal aai I7t ham weread, atari* all at thaw aMa* toaahla* Iwa reare, h 14* hara anftl, laaatp-taa* hawa Mat aiai wkhaai J ? LD. PRICE TWO CEOTS. A l'o li i??n Murdered by Burglars. KHCAI'A O < TUB FailPBTB ATOKH. Vol one o'clock j retards; morning officer diapnea P. Rtrdenbrock, of ihe Xlntb word po We, wan leuily (tabbed bp burglara, at tno cirne or Wwbloftoj and Perry atroeii, ahile In tbe dUoha'ge of bladnty. Thenta'derera aor.coeued la unking good ibtlr eaeape, and up to the preatnillmc bare not neon a'retted. At ihe hour aburo mai.ttmrd ?a the < ffluar was patrrllirghW h at In Went ftieet, be diacorered tiro barglara coming out o! tbe oil thing ature No. Dai la tho itreet la qnrellon with bund'ea of goodi In ihelr imreiaton Pba ottlo- r posted 'be borg a?# *n! gave the ala'iu rap far aaita anie after chailng them for fire blocks ha oaoaa np w lb tbnm, at the coreir of Wuhiog oi and Perry atrirfa and Immediately fuspplad with t-ora-otlt A'ter arfrt'gilc of a few ireonda be policeman aoooseded la mastering one of tbe fellowi, anl ?ti about leaitag bin efl to 'he stall n houie, wben ihe oon'e<t?rne < f tbn prlloner came btb'.ud ito i flloer and atnbhed n m tu ma bark wtih atafgar. the a>m of the no inula proved true for 116 p ill.- loan I in ne.1 lately Hnvel Ml bold tea t II to U.0 ground. TUt burg art theo e*<np i, and have not iiooo been beard of. Th tla;m rap bricgbt rffl.vcr Doarnlof <o the aoaae of the lr-).cdy, when ha dliccverid the unf >rt inale maa lirtilig kgaluit a ooal b .x sad aim rat ap.iiohMn. Tbe .1 Jor?fi r an (poke 'nun * wori'a, <a\ log '-I ant bort," Or wot da lo rbalclUc', at.J thru tico wo laaenitbio. flardi t brook m, pronp'.iy oonrn/ed to iho Niotn ward ?'a. on hcuie, who e bo ma alter'1 .i by Ura, Tu -k?r atu f5oi n, but mrnioa! aid rr"7ed o' If.tie a rail, at ih< w- uuui'd rtau nun inuat lo tloa raoid'y, and ran uiuto ntiO'ireol'iua unl'l a quarter par', four, when be b'ctlhrd H a lit Tr.r danger penetrated the ha^k bto.iI two in-hea !>e!,.? the ihouhtcr hi?de, and tmt:l git.o Inn* produce 1 lr .en. 1 timitif ugo A p'a sou ' I i lii > tu was drai alebod to lh< arouo of tbe n.iirii r, r? r tt pori n of lerrotlnr out .ho acu-.ferera. Im>i tt, y i eri nnin of???tul In inotr ellor'n. foe entiro W'tt ? inured, btif no traoeof the f tgulro a iiaaata a c< < I i l-? r i.covered Tiu i'. 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O to irt Cuiuery ?as oomtu yo*t?rd*y la mtBlag li qutrca to rrgnra to the r.ce. bnt up 'o tn? rij oirn D'l *1 i'l IM it i ml gttlon v 1 ntfivr. nou'd bo or.ta'ned 11 i< ? p > eiritor* i f ih>. d?nog -nii'dry fnesvllraos o >?ootH ere ?ho?o?Mi(l di oraiod to tbi tiaMon boon a* bv.t a oirml) rnt'ou Of Iho l40'* a> hor tofoic 41 a tod, Wubi i t 11 i'o Ite Oon u aay tro-a I > kh? ilenMly or ?l - t'.i ct? tbo pari' a Imp ra id li t. c..ri cat let. mi of ftra F.uo< II and Well]*, who ma i' e . oil mor ni eiamuall u oi the body, la aa fallen i Pr riiibf It atd Wr i'Ja, ''try I worn (ay?They bare ra e a p .. t ur ortem I n iuaiion on tbe body ot -Hepann 1' Had'i in i Ic at No -is Troy itrest: h? ho'y wn pale *bd biaacbo 1 ir> m loia ot bnot; wo found a ana I cUitii in wi'iii d in ibo icp i f tbo i la hi ahs jlder taat ror-rmonid wltii ihn trcMtiba In in-.-oo?H; another weird wnioa the back Iroinon tno7-.ii aniH-.hriba, live lief , a to iho light a' tbo a loo and two tuc iea bold w tfco 11 d of ibo roapula; the opreiDg patio l tti ongh tre ba*t ' r ti e right lut r tho d'apb-ag n, atd rxtordid Inn ten lubiiaiiod ot toe llvrr about (wo and a half ti ritr, irviilrg i to of t o large brmcVa of itio vua parta m fnif rf tbo abeon-e more than a qn?rl ot b'icii a a* forced oat ibrongb tr.erxtornai wo in I; the np(r"g <n ibe Hr?r had ibe app a a-.oo ai though tae ti a r m.en' ?a? turne d in tb noaad. It botog angalir, rn i in ro woied In t>e InUinmor t. wbioh wain ai- night iGcliton H a dentb wan oauaed from bemorrnaga fn n ibe cm porta, the irtail of a aiab Ci.?ro< r Ooraary dicl'-td t> adjinrn tba oaae ovar antil U o'r.i ck ibin mo olog, hoping to obuin aorae olM to the aaaaaalaa ere be glvea the oaaa to the Jury. City Ihlrlllgentt. BPHiya BAl uHU*I> auHamrtMfVTH. ffarlm Kul oad ? liaiaatier the audi train for Albany and inUrweita natations will team ton city ntU.iO A. M. toaua.i ot 8: tO, and tbe 4 PM. aipreea for Albany will be dtacontttnad until the 16 b of May, when the aumtaar arraeg mi uia will go Into efl iel and maka a permanent al t ration li tbe limn lahle (or tbe real of the eeaaoo. /Veui /laeiM Hoilntad ? "ha aomnier arrangameala on th t read a 1.1 go Into ettiet oa the II at Monday la May. Untru a?.d Kmx Hailrad ?The only obtagea laths lie . tab n of tbli rral are teat ibe 840 A. M train far Hnrinniown leayaa I mlnntra earlier?al 8 10 Tht afirrunse train for tbe aaais plao? letrca at 8 80. Tba Ml barn ira.n I area at II So A. M. and Ibe Morrta town iraia at I 10 P M Aa additional traia iaivsi for kllbnra al 8 10 P. M Tba tralaa of tba Newark and B ct.mO Id Braaeb Rai road ooaa*et with all tbo tralaa of tbe Morrla and K-?bb Ra'leoad Is and Pam Maw Vark Ntm Jt try Hai'tard - Teer# are lersral unpyrtan nbargr.a la lha time tab'n ot ibla road. Tbo 1 a'a'oek 1' M. tram wrich dur'ng tbo wtolor ma tr Newark will r-t"*lier run to KJ'aabetndiwo. from whlik plaoe H will ?n?rn ?t V 16 P M eieppiag at Ne?erk el d I'. M Th > 6 CO lietr. from Newe-k ?r il hereifior iltrt I veal7 nirotrv loectr?at 6 8' P M. The 0 10 t'ele from New York ell T?tr ire mloetee earlier AO eddlil Bel Ire'e ter Newark now Imtm K f HP If . Ml M IM r- tare for New York Will have it 1H P H. Tee 10 P. M. Helo for fewer! *111 bnreeTer ree in luxebetbtoem A relo now I'tvee Nr w Hrane wtrk el I 80 P. 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At e q urterly meet log ef Ike Ifc erd of Llrtclore of the Jfee I jtk (Iphibeimlo Q tepll*>, b-ld el Ibe r r*<ei No. S .Heyrotaat etnret, on Tneedap troLlrg, I ho I lib ion , lb# etiigeoao. 11 re. Mepbonena e d flerneb reporfd ibit thry bad registered SIS pa Kate *(!!'' led with dltte-tocf the < jo e.aoe Ike lei of Jer rery I eel, mekit g 6 COO pert one woo here reaetred the hej'flte of ibe ImU bUob eleee III orgielse tan la AptII, 1' 62 n> k?i H<wk PnM'tii No 30 ?Tb'o r mptny elll oa the rota t g 4>b of Jely pay a villi W'oa, Pe., where Ihry w II be rvceived by tbo 9n weno Pirn Ooapiey of Ihet f-lere Tb?y leave ee the e?e* eg of Ihe 3J of Jalf, end will be ecno npenifd by Weileoo'o He-J. Titer ? Shed ere boinf ctugit r?thar pie&urel ? la the Hcrm rt?e?, eel er? avid el rami at pivie very lag f mi 'it ft nts In Art rr ntm Pft 'h KiiiroN or V<M W?o?n l M W?rjrrfor, #f K.l| u? r*fe,as? No I. ?m riccteti Ftro War an, at firotrO' Ho't, loatood af Aidrew I) en, h Ul Ht*> 11? Ihr IJitaro IV. otlU Inthr Parlflr. TO THE EDITOR OP THR HARALD. Naw T IRR April U, IUT ft, jMir paper of ?M? m-rn'.np lao folmwtaf appoaro >i from for rtnai oorr- ipwiliti ? Thore la al riwnlui M'nt hofr from tho An ?rV?a loam >Win?l?, wt'h 'raific to ? fW m WaoMmtn U> lh? C "?r?o In. 'o<-. ? *?? Km in a m ? ar ?-> O'.a n? dai loCtM In Imi fhrtfc' r ann Ml'llnitia thr a. *h?'< r?r ih-p mar II, nk m *? I o'rwol. wo har? not m mh faith la liirro anano dopo?l i b?r* and anno ponplr woo protoad i> lir.w r-ato mat if* lomplra oot.t t? .Voir inrk aid iatd ti ' ? iff'm ?l oro aro la roa front tfca I'hlrrhar Pa-wo ?! . i hM?lwnik.T?F,| tl'ba' 'ho I- laoda aro m-r d>%?nlt In ir?'h hr aal'ioa roo.oi? and vRat U>r-? aro no "Ror f > i aor I'.nd Itie'i r'i* a??r th-nn la atawer in in fnropi>p t hop Intro 'o ata'o that fa D orrabrr, lift, I flatted Jairta t'aed, In tbo aofeoonar Kainra. w? 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