Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 16, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 16, 1857 Page 2
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2 #*mTw$?KNii urivevn imr ml UAHUIMU Aft iU)DUMO. in W'Vkalkt rL*o?-o?a haniwokbly rv? 111 Bi>lMd?Aiyir ?hh Mw??. TWta li tka nm- Dinner si 6 o clock Rsl tNKJ will htm-A MJiT or BOOMS ON THE SK1Z rood now. besejfullr farnlsheA witli |u, bath room, he , ?iv b?erd or W desired. private tnble. Also, rooms few awe am I wo angle geDtiem-u nfTRARLTON STREET l?IA? MAGDnUQAL.TI-ht--' ?od jonwwlly ferawhed epertweata, to Jet, with perOal b.mid. Those dniinng hone omJorte will do weltospnlv OA CMNfON PLACE.?FURNISHED ROOMS. FOR 4[tl? (n>Li??j?-n only. with ell the modern laproTounii 1 mm n i r from the first ot Me v. OA SB**** STREET BRTNKEN OR AND AND OA Z|) nsl 'tentlemsn end usetr wives, er e few sutgV gno Rem en eeo be aeeowmodaied with handsomely furnished smm? - ' if dealred Teram moderate. But end mat* baibs sea Kefereno? ei changed QQ REACH STREET. nT. JOHN'S PARK.?A PUR OO etehed MBOud story ftvmt room end heM bedroom to let; also. e large front beeement insai. ead several single rooms, wth^or wShowi beard House baa all the modem haprovrJi UNION SQUARE, OPPOSITE THE PARK -GEN~T Hemsn and .their wives end Marie gentlemen aaa be eeemaMdaled with pleasant rowna, with board. iO UNION KOUaRE, CORNER OP SEVENTEENTH O street end Fourth avenue ?a gentlemen and hit wife, IBS single gentlemen, stay obtain desirable rooms, wtah tent M HENRY STREET -FINE ATRV KOOM8, FUR embed or u> furnished. having gee. hot end a old beib, ] wMh board, for gentlemen and their wives or single gentleman To permanent board ere ecoellenl terms will be otter ed Reference* eiehenged. Nil WHITE HTRRRT. FOUR DOORS WR8T OF BROAD W wei ?Fernsbed rooms to 1st, seme on flint, second end third iron, to e rated temllv or Engle gentlemen. alao an sa'srntrhed room on thr ground ixir, tunable fur an offlce, fll RAWT SRVRWIRENTB HTRRRT. NEAR UNION vf I sqea> e ? Elegnnt (oils of mom* for femlllea ead single gea'lemen n??y be sblsi"ed on and after the 30th last, on apnlteeUen st *>? Wrtt Twenty third street The boose is now name rpiesdM j tarnished with entire new furniture n-t WEST TWELFTH STREET ?Room FRB SIN- . S A gle rr lESrrted gent'emrn where the comforts of borne bbs belomd b\ reHoenebie Dsrilee luuse first rises, femlljr small aac select. Dinner at 5. H efemnce* eichaugei If A Wilflt TWENTfTHIRD STREET.-A VERt DK 4 JT air able silt of front rooms, on second floor, may be attained, wlh board al-o rooais for l*o? three slngl. gen v stair Location particularly agreeable lor Ike warm aeraiha __ 17 i RoSr TWBNTT THIRD STREET ?A HANDSOME |T N furrisbed parlor and bedroom on the second floor, neat he lad. with board The house eeatalaa all the modern Mprovements and Is pleasantly located between Fourth sod lasnrflsB avenues. mt.'LINTUN PLACE, NEAR FIFTH AVENUE Fnrntehed rooms. In suits or single, with O' without feaard tor femtlws or single gentlemen. Cneieeplionable re ttaew given and required 11 ?1 ?Ra?>I) 8TRRET. A FKW DOORS WEtsTJ NF ill): Broad say ?tine or two gentlemen can beaeovn modeted wan a large furnish et room. Terms mode ru e ion M*> DhlOaV, NEAR FOURTH sTEREr.? SUITS IlV ef i.leelv furnished rooms n let. tor 'amlltea aad sin I la seoms for gentlemen, wi'h full er partial b >ard Terms sseisnaole Re moving tirst of Ray. apply aa above.. 1 Oil W AVE" LEY PL aid?GENTLEMEN AND THEIR VLiLi wives, a'so a few single gentlemen, can be aecommedated with nhvlv furnished rooms and beard. Dinner at an W deck Reie eneee eiebange d. liO HIGH HI STREET diet WEEN BRUADWAT AM> ItO Fourth avenue ?Several pleasant rooms with board may he had 1 AC MUDSuN STREET FRONTING O* 8T JOHN'S 1t?) square?room* to let with board tor families or stn gg^ent^emen house has modern Improvements References " A ? TWELFTH BTRHET NEAR r BOUND A VENUE. 111) atoms on the seeoed floor reeeotlv paiuted, with Ml cr naMei hoard. to a ratty of gentlemen. ar geo'leiuan I and wife, snail. oommnnicAUBg with sitting rooms, urge tier VMHTMA 1 AO W. T EHl.Kt PLaCE?A GENTLER *N A Nil J"t) lil# wife or two single gentlemen cai be aroom'B') dated a I'h good hoard ar d pleasant moms Kefereuoe given and inquired No moving on 1st of May 170 BAHTIWRNTT THIRD hTECKT?ONE OR T W 1 1 I m ?er t 01 a gentleman and wife, dewlrlag a quiet hr.n.e nan have a nleasaot room with full or partial board, in pi tvale lamt? on moderate terms tiO.I Tr NTll 8lRtkT-TWO OK THRK*. BMalA. 4VT pa/tor* with bedroom* attached, suitable terpen l>n>i ium! iretr ?Wm or oopl* (enUemea. Tirmi mulrn'k n c?j uroaDw \V ? kcak 1KB<ctf arAKTK4Nra. I UO )?rp. ??d ?mall No mo? lag id Ma?. a FVIT or FURN1KH1D ROOM TO LKT -TWO A. Ihrff aaa ohltla TBIy pleaaaot rooms w1U> lo/? >i requW?d la a first clew h?M couv?..leat ti the vara Md (-in Apply at 71 West four eenti erect, ftrst liow WW* ml til* aftix. A I, APT AND OCNTI.KMAN. OK TWO MNOLK OKW Hemes ran Obtain neatly furnished reocna with full board. W a private Ikmll? hr eonliiag at 16d den-oteeuih prrat WItwi hoi rath aad Kifhib a?eanne - LADI OKlaADi dnapnMuota at KJ? A. aaatly a-nimaidam! with a neatl? famished roont, aod board lor tar la*?, a abort dteaace weal of nroadway; gta. Be*h da Addroaa A. 8 Rrnnrtl Broadway I'oat < Bloe I - KBaPKOTABLB WIDt.WudDY WIMBK-trOK VnARO A la a p Irate faiuJl* and would br wining to e?w fv n?r W* heferaacea riehacped add raw O. A. M , Her^d Am BLBGANTLT ri HNIBRKD RO<.K FOR,i mra. noar the Metropolitan Bowl, on second ro-r Abo app?r rrcma DO*<l) fa rale bed for lodging roooM to seat aoeap. Aprly a. wy Priaoe street XdllTUdaR A D His Wl'R t>R TWO BIN ll.e r< i Iiewr ear be ercomanAt'td with board aad g enu' < Dir. b< a-e ?itb 11 the mddeia n pro i-meeta. ot> apiihea it at the an a d Jtl W?al F IfWat > at. References ex <b?ae?1 . PklTATA F ? MK T. IN fftaEIdUMIf Pua. K, A ran im mcrodate a pant eman and wile ?rith board, who at. lor. lab f.e ibetnre res; lbo*e Barm* fort.Hure to diaper rfeoa'd mate a pood anark'tmenl Addre.a nuil toa. I tuou rqaare t net , (! r A tlemnB and hunt.a or <?o or thrnr e'og.e p*nUeaaen v ta a rntt t t n,na ard board Tbr bona .era a n? raa Eh Ir appl- at 175 Wrat Tarat? aeeoad rVnel, be'.seee A aadlerrn'b areoure. Keferrneea requires. AH a til.K il RNT lit At hbHlS BO t?D IN* PRI rate fa lull?. Inea'ion irart he brio a Fourteenth areat aad n?M i f Bnwdwa?. / rd-iar K . llr-?M nlllne AWlOOW WOM ?N WiBIRt A Kh.W UIK'id TO Indie ran ai -on m dale a mai and ?ri e a am all tBratahrd bedroom Plra*e call for a werk at 110 u era w lob street third 0 MM mom k fclr I l.fcRa" >ID flW *IH or two?in4mc A I>D ?u -ii. be Irro i mndtlnl ?l h fn? nthed r 4 b.?rd wl'h a pr'eatn fa mile w bo'it rhild-nn o- a J Nitr(?> it-idtiR to 1??l were tk ret- w nuttaet w k . box 1M Cmi iktr. lor twadaya. Rot* rmw ri'luyKl Arixiii mtcatrd vir cr doom to ?*nrwrk or wPbrat board on he fir*and eeonnd flyara with prteair i?i lea II itqutn, at bo 1 Neat T weuijr finb nit on. rttr of roudaay, oppoMla Madwoo pork Marl of rrto y wot reaotrwd. kfOAkll ?TO l.aT WITH suard. THR FRoaT MJ ihlrdator* room web bedroom and p?at> > ail* -had, par hot III Id row Id the n>>n of booae "7 k*m Hroad way, >'? Market nreet. IrOnbO-F1RB ROOM* WITb NOARDCtNRR OR l> lA'ard oa reaeoaable araia at foarh aeaaua. wkara brtra wnmfnrt* w n ha rpyexad ar Ibr bnuaa bar modem la p-otemeru ul a ti?MUU| aa*tad. Bokrn-wiri iiaroik'mki.t rrrniruan fir lar balk aad pa* a ea a air pin loom Term* made#tie. Fwa*' rail at TO Tartek Moat at J oka r park. Fri>>m(?ot Ae pad tardea. 1JOA ro ?To LET TO l mr OR TWO AINiLRORRi) Uaaaea. with ?r wttbnst partial board, la a prrate bonaa a ?m Ftf ao tb ouwrt a rolt of rnoar ar pa-lor am bad raw a aenaratr baadaonalr fnraabed aad aontaiaktp ararr araaalta tnr r mbwt I'na'drrtoj Rlrea th? 1 at rr part of thin aanib lb a ol rafrrearae plrrt aad rwiulrad Add aar d. t . kot IRl Foal nil, or Board-* friTatk f*milt woei.d oar, to a lady aad pentiernan ?r two rtepta rwiuwntn. plaaaani aaaaaa Apple at lb Ti-fm p arn, ''ht-ina atrrot Board-a obrtlrma* a?d with o? a frw atrw'a paoi>w?* eta be wnnirni'ti w with a rarr rbm aaal anH of rnoma 'ni n | v ia ward la a Brat rlaaa boom, ptaaaaty f rated ikw I wmly eeriad rrtw appeal Mbrwnawltbrd tie a tor, a atabt a clock F m Rob laaaaa eaeharpad B? OARD -1 w'l '?*RTtkftR and ThKIR wltk <can baaeeawa-deted w-th i ihlrd lo r paa b?t aad ao'd ti tap. aaarrataai.aaaraiad raa?a Appiy at IH ? * Pour ton <h rtrrrt I taanr a * n ab ok BOaBDOAR RRGRT tilt ill IN a FAIT t|K f atni.T without rh'kl -aa. a a ola a. toad floor With (at kot aid aald wam A* . alao a ia>. r aad b Anna oa the Arm I] lot; a hoaaa m uaw aid pWwnarLy loaatr*. wltaio two bwattor we# way aaa ?? ?? I l>. etra ? d %? * pnralr table U m r a mdlaibb ai* p,a ,mrt? BOARD IF NMMtTl-tt m MMBHBMOBft atrrrt M?m Ko?m? kj4 "milk -HnnAarw .? BfrVi a<r*i> ror h? hMl m $ J or 111 ' ? I h* trvun Ui tnnrno A?r?. mj (i ?<vlMf?wil)iiU)k hrooklra from 10 to i* aihtiiw wm k frnta ail ?A?'rr t?a JJO?m> IF t R(KN( I.T N ? A "l*Ti,lll* N A"fl? Wirt. J> ar two ala?ta ?? tjaanan ewi b* aw n-a.1?i~4 auk a kr(? mrai aai i mo rail br appiti * at 71 rwta trrat. oartMf of Haara atrtat bataaon onUi aal Mitnuiaa Arlaa HrnakUn N?fr~ noo rrqn'*a<t lib-Hi) I laot KlT*-I? A Fl N T CI.AN t HOIHK. J) <? loaA-aA at M* Hoarr atraa* nan null, a AH atarr fraal raaa at lab altfc tall ar ptrUal boart. la a a-an>?ai'e an'l aWk Tana i nwW -rata IManar at A o a'nak. potin ID H?OOKLT*-A 0 %NT ifl % F till AI laAr aan ba aaanaiaKt-iatfrf altk a larra Ink* nvnai, (far nwbra in-t# p?awto*. gaa Ar , no aaara<1 (Iff, at t*A Hlaka *?t ?uii fear aricataa walk at #aU ar oott frrrtaa |i'a ail in iiniiiri.iti n i -imtrit iu ao** nAntnoar ran ba b?l at tha abara H??? tjr ar Mva ar at. maata paraaaa bp aA irraatar H a . bai I MA N-a trrt p-a| n?aa ZiOARIi hi a?BtlAL AO a BO W tl'lli-FHMl A..f' ? few nr O" Ifbar b tarAara In a prl*a?a f.?alhr, ? *?" I<ra>rral Krfarrtta* aatfafeatarp fa fi;'rl"vU <Wn*. alb naata tail aloraaa bo. *7 . ? ?quaf? I >?? fW>ca > i.a??k rio>T lurfm <> thb )?o Rjgit^jgvgaLrt sgarcja I'tiwuMr ? Ur? %m4 FMUi mimw >i > ?. s V'AKPPOOP "MAUD ROM** A*O I ? (4 bmn# iu ha n>mAi 1 at * <?r a?na nM , N aoaucra ud udodm. Buam?.-a a?ktuiii*ii and ait nri car u aeo n modeled ?tih )<o?rd at No ISO Weal mhatreat. Tuu |? t-eeuiKtiily located a* J eonulna all the modern la prnvameola. BefciM required and fWeeBoa BP a GKMTLKMAd AMD wikk may bic ac coot inrdvWm with board In one of the plenaaaWat pnrta (if ll BAt Hrf B(l VBY ? BA BMit Knlk RafAaAnaaa a??kanaa.l Inquire at 191 East B uadwi;. Board want*d-by a yi.urg lady in a rid preuble Protestant family a abort tint boo fron Union square terms mutt ho moderate. Addr HS Mia# w., 402 Mb avenue, t?i ibe rboe Mere BOt KI) WANTbD.-lN OON8EQOKN IB OK TriE f A mllv's desltnir g longer to tako hoarders, where tbo ad ver users baa been residing. board, wtlfc too par'ort and tour b* c rooivt is wauled for a gentleman, lady, and two daugb ten; alto for m gent eman ana lady, and alao Ir two tingle gentlemen. In a house pleaaa- liy located, not below Knar teentb meet end between It road way and Math nvaone pre fened Addrent H j., bea 9t?l Pent office. BOvRD WaNTlD-BY a LADY and GENTuBMaN full board for Indv; a parlor and bedroom In a quiet family, where there are no boarders. Addteee K. W. ? rnloo tqn?re Poet offloe. Board wanted-tor a young lady, in a respectable private family, between Fourteenth and Twenty thl'd etreeia. and east of Feurtb avenue Address, stating location and terms, Warren, Broadway Poet office. Board wanted?a young married gkntlb man whose family it tbiert wants a nicely l mulshed room with paitlmJ board in New York or Brooklyn, terms about 9*0 a month. Address K D. G , Herald office. Bo*rp wantad-by a young obntlbean, in a private family Location between Fonrtk and bUtetnlb atresia. Third ant F.ighih avenue*. Address B. K A , Brooklyn Poet office Board wanted in bko<>kl.yn?by an amkrioai* vont# lad- (who can turnlch her esrn room If desired), ie a private hamily orwhe'e there are bnt lew boarders Addrees fo one we*k Miss Hnydam, 199 Atlantis at. Brooklyn. Board wanted-in Brooklyn, for a gentle man. wife. obUd and servant. A anil of pleasant rnnaa where tbere are few or io boarder#, for whloh a liberal pries will be paid. A note addressed to New Yo k Post office boi 1 242. stating location. Ac., will receive attention Board wantkd-for a young laoy in honk pi irate family In the upper pait of the city; a nice room with full bitard term# not to exceed 9b a week: unexceptionable references given and required. Address E. W. P., Herald office. Board wanted-by a young gentleman and sister, where tbev might enjoy the comforts o< a hums Dinner at six o'r lock preferred. References exchanged Ad dress m. 8 D , box Ro 106 rtnrtld offloe Board wartrd-ir a rk-prttable privatk. ItiLl v up town, by < ( May. entire aeeend Moor, with ell Modern improvements. br a lady, two daughter! and eevanL They will ft rniah their own apartments Term* moat nut eiored $HTP per eiiLUin. Boarding bo nee keeper! need Dot apply References given And required Ad dree* M. L,., HaraJd oRce Board wanted-with furbished room, in a plain prlvAle femlly, either in Brooklyn or New York, by a gentleman and wife Address, (tat ng terms, wkitsb mnatbe moderate, D B D , Herald effije Board wanted?by a lady whose husband la absent a pert of the tlm , an unfurnished room in A privet* family or when there ere but few boarders statu factory reference reared. Ac dress E. L , box 161 Herald rfliee. Board wanted?for tuber preson* in a private family. or where but few boarders ate taken, near aster p'ace. Mrdem house. t?o rooms with aloee'-s Usui'd Cleanliness sad comfort with a plain table ta all thai is desired If these can be met with p? manenev may be relied on BaO nrrmonth. payment In advance; no turnlture; be I linen orstlendanre will be lequired Address Mtvart, box l,99d Poet oflloe. R. Y. Boarding-hetbnth ward-mm. a. m hurd having taken the house 179 Fast Broadway, will be glad to accommodate those who wish to see ore geod board, pleasant ret me Ae hbe will be p'eased to see any who may call, at Wt tart Broadway until May 1 BOARDING-l.OHO RRoADWAY-A BiCK PARLOR, with ore or two bedrooms tollable Itr a email family or a party of single gent'emen. alee a large hall bedrdon with pantry. Pursers ion immediately. A front parlor and bedroom to let from 1st May House has all the m.rdern improvements. Referenre required. Boarding.?the entire keoond floor tbrkk rooms deep, with every souvenier ee, srlU be let by a quiet email fam 11 v to a respectable party willing lo pay fur superior seoommodaiiotts References must be unexeeu tionabie. Inqul-e et No. 10 Nelson plae*, oae block (rem Broadway between Waverley place and eighth street Boarding in hkooklyn.-a LtEM frontroo< onseornd Moor with or w thont beJrro-e atts-hed, aursbls or a gentleman and wife or two single gem>etnea, ta a first h? as*. convenient to Wsll street sad south ferries App'? at n? Ml Henry Mi est. Brooklyn.-two h'nole OMihtMi Mat Vind groil roouir with partis! b a d n a private house by ap plying at 18 Oilmen street Brooklyn. ReL rones inquired Brooklyn?a orntlKMsN whhr' partial boarc in a private tamPv rmentenl to F i Itosi or SY all street lerriea a >r>vaie lawny without boarders p.eferrod, is atatirg terms W. B. H , I train ofllei Brooklyn.-a grbilkman and wife or two slnsle gai-tlemen ran be socMimodated wl b rorm or a I suit of rccuisno lee-qjd tlnnr in a p'eMNMI location. Apply si (IP Wi nnibbyaui*et References eichaug'd COUNTRY BOARD WANTID-FOR A FAMILY OF r;*bt dnwh In Orwuwkb, Bye or my other plane wlthm oar boor's rkie of the city. Address K. W. B . box 1 281 9- T Fnet office. nP.BIBABl.h LoCaTIOR-TO KKNr. WITH SOaRl), larfr r < n. for e man and M wife or e room for a sio *i* gentleman tear Btoyvrannt pa k, and convenient of ac? . Applv at ITS hast revantsentb street. U<A?r TfiSlf FIFTH 8TRKRT FI'I.L RBW OF ill rorms to suite, or gentlemen and Ih-lr wires or lor sisf'e ?entl< men ihe l.eet fare, wi h erery are anmalauoi. ' r tboee waking to pay (or It Me'ereooes re?iuradasdgiven Address > It., ft bast Twenty fifth street or 18 Ftaa street FRMMIKP ROOMS TO L>T ST 8SI RKOAOWtT, Rib tween Twelfth and Ih-rleenth streets. Heels siren If rwimred. Alee, a oaeentent to let for an office ftefereoees e>'ban red. u l'kNIKHr 11 ROMS TO L ?T I.K VTUSk.t ?K r <t ui? inp r ecu' remain s eon v en tent and -ventral lest ikn wll an 1 ere*y are ies mod at Ion by noolytaf at No. t 9 xioaae str*et. near Hi- noway No reeiorai 1st of ? ay. LH'hN M:RP Si S'MR FOR MNtlLK URSTLMRN Ofl r be bad alter tbe let of May, In a tret cleat txrnee in I went; sec nd street. a*ai Tilth avenue, the fatuli) Is prtraie and very email ao'mora ihaa three perso >s win be reeo'red. the entire iee-nd doe', parlor two bedrooms and bub and nee or more rorma en <h* 'bird floor-, breatfawt ?srved to or nis no otber meals served A dd'eas Mernwd. neeald 'Dee. ststlri wbere thv p'rsat wishing them can be teen FI HNISHI D ROuMft ?Fa RLOR-t aND RnPRIOM-t. also air g'e roeins foe yenueman without hoard new and har drome'y Inn wand in the first elaas bro an atone ho ise No. 3d Oreet .Tones street Hath sss ai d but and cold wo er In patiirba ot tarh room. No nxrvinfl lo May. KI'RMFIIFP Ri'OMS -TWO OF.lff FMf* WfLUN'l W) room to?e:her ran have a flood 'bird at >ry room newly fu'ntbed for ft err week, I c udlnfl flas and at' nduoee: fa mily Stre'lv nrlvste On njelny In M?y Also one slnrle rum at $2 2fi Call at tu Rldridfle street, between Ileeler and I anal. hlAMIUKH H OINT Ik t N WI?IIINi? R OXt' IN A ere" e a?a boua? wrh fall r,r partial board where th-T are wtiltafl le pay tor a yeateei nonia and gwrd sr-rmmeli tuna can hr suited hv rallies at 1(8 uriibf no arenoe. sir ir BfTrmr aljbili atraii h^viiUiB K> op to tir-To anu ntu mna. r a Mio'lnil piltatr raeldoaeo to Wnet Fn irvn.-nth ttm.t an aattra rn'l, with ar.rr aaodorn onpraolatioo and c.'B.'otU ??dpar-ieJ b?aid if deal ad an other bmrdri*. Mtdreoo V. W II , Cau<n tq?r? Poat odloe nOBOKKB.?OB* l.KHBB 0%)i B* a>* <jeOI>4P?i? ?1<b plnaeaat rmmrn and board la a rawi ^i?aaait k?v two. wirmendi g a boaaUful rtew if Iha rlrar Appl- a. tm aad 111 Badaaa air oak Hotki lodoib ab. ?ocbn, aben cub ojtaw fnrnlatod ronaa at tb? Otobn llmm a ram af Praak orl aad FIiIab iu. MBmpU p. r n<?bt. a *n? bad ranaM u T7)? can la par eight. Bo ther ohargaa eaeept al their ap nOBOKBR-T8BRS OR fori B.atLBaB< QAM obtain fmrt,i?b?d rmai with partial ooart la a bi tan ran aw wt?h ararf r-?"n?ao' aad roaiaaoding a lM >*? 11 iba rWrr. For partirnlara addroaa T T , 71 Wa'l atraot MVRBAT HIM. -Ham b ? al, I FTkbihumi B<*>lf< 10 lot a> i foapia BSfBOflMt) VBh sr BiRMBf bBWfl m a Oft riaoa brawn rou? fmn' bo wo 'a one of tbn boo lop* uoaa IB ifea rllf fare anno- r noatdaiwio Badiann araiaa i lor a a paaa aaar tka door Refbraoeea rwia red Applr at bo MlMtlbM ?TJi atrool NrO 1? WEf?T Ei.KTfPTW BF BVBT. t fit MRI fruaa Bri'adwev? Kwmi In 'at famtebod Ingatfcoa or i'i aaa'aly wMbont board, or with btmalaot nalr; p?a bath I In I bo an moo PRlTelB M till IB BROOKLYN-TWO OB FoUB efbglo paat? map a-n be ar on -* i1 aa with "wo fa* nlabod rron a with adjoining -od anna ol nugn w'lh >*? U*1 bna>d. bi U rmar faalir t M Hmoa atraa* be.woe* Wall aad to tb fori loa PARTI?I, HPien WalffKO?if BBOOKoTIt, aid. ran Wat 'n Fnluw, f?rr? hp a fa o ybong -won A-td'oe*, to* lag tnrma. Tb*mao bni S 414 Bra Tor* I'oat offlba or W Mam rrnnklta !*' ? nfliaa 1 lOOKB TO l.BT-m ? "BlTaTB FaMIL*. A BCIT J I of mnma to a ganDoaea to- lodgtag In a (It! nab una mata-Mi g all tbo aoriarn imprornipne'e. g*a weior Ae on ta<d flrrr. plena imaodiaely Apple al S Rlnnnln- 'Irani lino** to i *f-mwhranlr rofm to li?t on l\ itoMof kt? ih"??l'fiMi'b<?iril it am >i m 'fOnn? >iffP arc lk? k ina? hilt' #l*?' not ??n?ft??a 1b? froot >ura?bl bo 1*1 lar a flan ? i,C r* v2nudihlt h hpi * bit in * li? family vlwraik-raaraMl boar<iya ?Hh br^afa"1 M< ai'iata Panda? olftlnla a or throo alript" pa<l?nni, Pi la a firal ?'a?a bona* i.#>%r *?wtr ?iUi .li ibn m-dora mprfwrmniU 'awb aa r?ptl?? a'lib "?<mtt awwb?*? Mn b? fi'HulMninlfra' p* *<d??ai O n f?t rant of J W Ir . 79 Hmmi atraot attuop obm a an IfitorTlow ?an ba bod IO PahlbTP * Pit <?l a ft I I A PA * i,Af>r ->? OP ? IIP'I v?o f to ibn ro?a wi' 'alma . f atrild'Mi ? to* to r? rf an 'an <ir t r-a Inki bar lam -n tv?rd ard mi-fa N ft a Mtorf aft ?b>?? Onro'Jtr. baa ??oa aa? m- ?1. o? 0t? 11 < oioto't dn-irona of Uaftdra tMa nff-ra i>?o>t'la? a1?an t?r?? a* tit'd?r?t? trriop Apeia of adaraaa '?Kul Tbt-ty nwttbaunat, Mnrraj HI.I. U*Mn iptaro aoP Ponrtb aoaaa? T?0 OR fHRRB NINOLR HK?TLfc.NK? Cbl PINO fiirnwWt rntmm tad partial Hbard alib a nrlf ala fa aHf al IIP Prlnrr Kf??l nmv M Mk im *iH hath 1'Wo Ok tbim H?nj <?k?rui?Rii <ui ?%ao. I rm???Uu4 ?ttk a nod hrar? u< rrxma. la a flr?t r mm brmaa M ? ?7 "'???* r ?tr?at dinar r u a train it: Prrtwh aa<1 anritah aoataa. a la* a karfa fr. at ban*,anal rnttakla for a* oHirr o omn,???n? aud rnam witu ot nmo^a protlrinrti raa obtn'r p raaaM ronma Wtk boat) at H Ff*a?Ik ptiaot r?ar Or??4 ?tr?rt. an'rraaaa* ?tt?h?n(*>l Up n w? ?<>t>?ni?? ri a?i?HRn o? ran *, i >kk?f ronva, ?l<h or wttkont boat* In a ftrnt elaaa " ? ??fc biliba ?<<" * ??n" W~* J rtr HWM MMs Mlwf" POBI * TSW YORK KKRALD. TH hoarding awd Loiwnra. Ah itl<- * slWitLH *#*-? L.BMA* Ahe.r.t ** fnri 'plied ?i?m wjlh f?U or oatiWI boerd; lie?t>on wiibiu HnBinuwi welk of the ? Ntoboaa Hot-1 Ad<tr<**.. ?uh rrm?t?h!"'b rami be udnM) and Iuoa'Im, O. 'tart, hniftwiy officr* Wantle-?t two dkrvthokmiwi, a vakv nice furnUbed roam wtlk brnakfW ud Um id* t(?? eel pr1v?'e ? mw tc?n (inDj wh?r* they ru Wo en opoot?miy <>i id?p-0tiu|t lo?oeah the krylwo laotokg i f. r g <oJ wroniro<<dtwn? ? liber*' price will by veld, ^uwelutn >* term ( moel aod Kourth DtrMta, VMtof Broadway Addre w m|b|. bareld tflm l? TWO SI NO L.K UdNT^KM,* * I'A' TV tor tot iw|< omiwb, with roll bud m'U?1 b >W Terras not to exceed (12. At dreee Bon Oiurlot poet pat.', Union sqoare Pott < fllee. WAlt'KB-BT TWO HINOLR dlNTLBMKN A FORetohed ro?m. with partial beard, tn a private ftmlW * f <ireat, t at ng loea loo and teama. B. R., Broadway Post off ee. (XyABTID-A GOOD B1ZED UNFURNISHED BOOM, V* with beard, in tLe c unrjr, far an elderly tody, wm ban been se'ostomtd to eountrv lire. Address U 8., Broad ay ' oat office with (.arti-ulm o'loe ulon and terma. whtcb mu?< be n. Oder ale hoboken Stattn 1 aland or ltone Inland preferred. WANTEl. ?IN A PRIYATK FAMILY. BOARD POR A gentleman and bla wife, partial board for gentle aae-i HaUafartort references given. Address, ataliag location, ae en. modal ion and terma nangdoo Herald offloe fjr ANTED? BY AN 8LDBRLY WIDOW LADY, BOARD M in a reap?ctable plain private family where aha oould enjoy Ui< oomrorlaof a home: would farniah bar room A' dre-a H B , stating tcruia, which moat be moderate, box 182 herald effire. WANTED?A PLKASaNT UNFURNIdHRd BOOM, with board for two gentlemen In a plain private famtlv. or where lb-re are bot fxw boarder*, i oea'Im mnet be ee t-al, bo! above Third at- eet wuh bieat fas' r berth after 6 o'clock Partita having the above aoeommcdatlons, with a qoiet home, mat procure two permanent boardera by addressing K f , Herald office elating loeatton, terma, Ae. WANTKD -TWO COMVORTABLR BEDROOMS AND partial board in a amaU private aaner'ean family, bv twogentlrmen dwelling a respectable home, between Bleect er and llth at, and M and 6th eve. Plenae addreaa, ata'Jng t ernte, K. and 8., box MO New York Peeloffice. YR>AAIV (UtWIfflBtt. f?A AMITY 8TBBBT. NEAR BBOADWAY.-RROOND Ot floor, bandeomely furnished to let to alrgle gentlemen Tbe location to very deatrahle Bathe gat At Aitl. Ft)A SIX MONTdB PROM FIRST OP MAY, flJZi J for the lower part of bouae 269 Madlsoa st-ee t, neurit opposite Rutgera Institute: will be let to a amaU tannly without ctildren. Inquire ae above lid e'J/ilk -TO LRT. 81 ORB AND ROLMS IN HO08* JZt'U, No 106 First uvenac a first rate atard for any light buaineea, Also, a desirable office up tewn. Rent (at) a year Aoply to JOeKPH MeOUIkK, it Seventh street Jfticit ?TO LKT TUB DWELLING PART OP HOOSC I^ilt'. Ne IM First avenue, aonalstlog of sin riom with w ater and gaa. Alec, a three etorv and basement n ,IIW tn Ninth meet Rent (MO. Apply to JOFKPil McOulKK 86 Seventh sheet. Jh'J/m -TO LKT, JIIaT DiblRAHLR BUILDING NO. ?J>OUU? 279 Aivlnrtcn street constating of fbur lutts and ba?eni?ni, wi n notaung apparatus. *0. rnttane tor 1 ?u: mannfacturtrg par none*, psckirg or pickling esUbUxbmaa. A la,> second Iumt of bat ding corner at I'idpoh and Ktclogwii streets fo fret deep, suitable for any business reqatrtig good it* hi at d plenty of room Alia stare and bv>-m?at of 77 t'antan street very low to good tenania Apply o M . T I* NNKLLT. Mo 8b Uherty street or to JOAEFd McGUl R-\ N1 f ersnth street ir..m Kto OA. M. or 6 to 7 P M 4C/1 KM ~T0 LkT> A NSW HOUSE WITH ALL, TBS y'n)ll. modern Improveme.nta such as hot and sou wster all through hatha gas range, Ae ; boose In complete order Inquire on the prvmleea 06 West Kurty sUth street, or of D. DOR ITT, > o. 8 t'orttmdt street . CKRTtRL HIRES RTOttT HOUdK IB P.vVIKO. plaee. Thirty sixth street, between Broadwv add tub avenue, to let; suited for a small family X' three orfuir; with all 1 he modern Improvements Apply on the premises. AORNTLRMr V AND WIFE OB TWO (>KNTi.KII?N ran he accommodated with board ana room fu.-nishsa or unlun hb?d, In a prtrate family. The bouse contains al> the modern improTcmen'a aid la In a genteel neighborhood apply at 176 bast {eighteenth street 4 laruk plkasant baok pA rlor to ;?itr. on a. 1 Ik-second floor of No 466 Broadway, tea'Grand sir?t 1 uiiab'e for almost say kind of bsslness, yli: ta lor phyalotan or deatlat Yearly rent RstX) B W. RICHARD*. .TOT Broadway. A PART OF A GOOD HOIT81 TO I.RF?CON VHP Ialf! A. and west of Broadway. Ml* Houston street Reeon-1 flocr. front basement, two al'tc 1 aiini, or the seooml Moor with aneaurciosaa Rent reasonable. % B. W. RICHARD*. sot Broadway^ Apart of a labor English xaikmi-nr hopbr suitable 'or a large family, to let or lease It would be dlr.ded for two very small families Rent R64W For farttw perUo; tars Inquire at be house 19?", West Kifieen'b street . FURNISHED BOUvS TO l*T-TO *TlIK A neat y furnl had ihr s shirr U.nae. No. m Kou* n s'rert. t? asms 1 f rnteel family Hoard an l ofllve room wan ted In It for a gentleman References exchanged 8-MVF.L H*8ME,.I.. Dealtst. V OKNTlKMAN having A RMALt, HOUHP. FllH A Lhted .leans to rent litiia ama'l fara'ly. be and ano'bv eenthmsn hoarding with occupant Andreas K, box Z.I76 Pi >1 clU ? a XANOK Pl'RnlPHKI) FlHbT CL4?R HOtAR. COM. rt taintrg twevty rcoma to let, near Fifth arenasa*d Wes tli'gh n Siinarc, jrar'y rrnl $1 8U>: a porOouo. 'he euttsken | j heard, a p ly to P. W. kl lH vURN, SOT ^roadway. Broad Wat b?or*n and a large baaemant to let ?1 he property Ml and M.T Braadwav sear Pnaoe street sow nccuplel by T. Goonkwont wL be no alter so as logt-e one or tiro large stores alan bee men sessorai 167 feel dees and to Hast wide, with large mrtrano from Prtnoe street, making M desirable for s tnt elans rrfc wiry, loaponaible parties may learn terms. As., b' applrPvs o u wuiru. Mt nn?ow?y Bkoai.wat to Lrr-*RjiT $j? i? >?w, or the flret (lor r rel' calculated for any kind of bnalneae the rterr rat ?enl In ihe etty. Aln ftv aOcw 10 lit App > o? >e prentaee Ml I and Nro?dway. BROADWAY WARKBOOM4 A NO OPPICK? MKaR hl'e etreet. went ride. three :,na with v-T en w-?r ee en tebto for any haenee or public roomr. Apply tp I. H. CHAMHlra- te6 road war J Aa-UNTRY NMN LET BR I.KaPB-4 r WO NTORY V aed ?"ta 'rame boner twelve rootna with fro a thiM to tei acre* f ?d * at> r raired alt nail ta with Hp ?>' ? 'ha rcui 4, which bonnde the properly, annate! <>n the tu?h r?l<? rear Tort Merita frt ihaur em tor; . aiun u-aiieg ?ua >e rlt- n aae botir ? j ???e'al route* tl rongb tie day. Mart fin Addreaa Mr|> . .6 derkaar elreel CIOI blht RRellUNrR TO I.ET Po A TH k A'' MW RE / la i.rernlartna iioan . on the line oI the ?r* hattraed. abont tar in hi front douthiort depot A dor tarpr h U?e a tth eaHen ailaebr 1 ale-, p|. wty e| fniR; a'eo e<nd aaih>r( aid hrlitna within half a tolta; alai y > ?t beta, tr bp bnryea If repaired Por further peru-itlare ap pl) '0 llllN II AM % 111 WON, t>7 Homli Mr ret f Uil MRV NCR TO I.ET-AT NOltVAT.K a < o . Iron the let of May 1 be hnue* le I ir{* in aoai Mtiallnue w tb gar Ibroeghnot. U la plea?anl|? altua'rd tonne imtPTii rlro by 'an-a etede tre-r. and directly tpp altr the l nb.le yren. flood alablre on the prameee Par full part' 'O'are apply to J. B. ehCUIUI, 49 Broadway, or lot' C. BatTw, Narwalt. Of M.l.ll'J HOP-Ra TO I.RT-TTIR llOPrK BO 4.1 ta ret Maeteetilh atrrrl on 'b? teeth aide. bnAwrae Plfth aid Huh at enure. H lebubt In Uir manner ft.r a prl*H4a dwalttag I r i be owner, la rap lata with arery taodarn ana ten trace. baa gee flitnrra, ana la a apart >u? and vary . blr rerldreaa alee the brawl 71 Paw Fifteenth eir.rt eortb eirr eaelrf Irrlnc piaae and nppeuHr the rhureb. IID'hree fttrnea with fn-ared elUe ?ad aid ermvratoai. bar aae irniia Ae Per rr. e?e v> ee e? h m e- a >d te-m pply to DAMN . LORD. PI Marrbaata' bicbenge, or to ' 4 14 ft C. 1,' iHD A RaO. II Water ij'l RNiawKO HI I'll TO t,rT H'lOR TO We.XT iO X r Uen'h reel, fum'ihod throughout. Kent ft Ml MT BP una Oan ba aaon between the bnrt of a and 4 P fe. ' it'? i f Wl A MiCHMie- 4| Wnitaa ?traet aomar Wi uiriituniP RoP'i TO REBT-an porRTH AI one In a prirete family only a* a leaaoaabla real to . .'? treble 'eaant rrewtree ran be eeen trm 11 to L Apply it A l-lll I ? A l.kBOT 76 Will,a?r a rret t1 fti'Biohod aar'o* nalvnit hoard. at Ro 2 * lar> .tea*. boat front ?? to ?|n pot troop 1/HRAl'HBI Boon TO LBT PI AST CLARA HOCCt, r nltball IntA'noontoata i? prirai? funl'y emir on-At toaa'A rrta, a?a? I r.M aqnara Inqntro of K A WaTrIR* OA. V Kama rtroit ,,'llDllillH OOTTaH* TO I.RT or ATATRa ! Ward la a rott'rd (oalool aotghti trhoM ton total" a a'k from ottbrr tbo hjnarantlro or -ua aim landtag* to a rmaU fbmilr oahr from tba mwiato of I war in Uto ond af "on to ,?bro Tha boaaa la nratl? fnraiahod onij thron ?a?r? at I baa "an r*atp a??l oamiaanda a flaa rlaw of tha bay Adikraaa i> A. kn 1,1KB Poatrfior. i two HWti AT A LOW *?rr -A Torn* ram IT rta* dmtroa In )at hbt bonaa In lbtrty fnnrtb lira*. no*" tail, oaarOrg tbo ofltoa and a aatail ho-trnaan n at-baa bnaaa aa?, Kaaltah baaonmat, hrt*n atana, w I iba a. t arn Haproramaaia Part of tAo rant *mM I k a la board If liaatrad. Aptly to ti a kftlPACIt. It' . radatf noP?A T?> LRf-OOBTAIRIRfl TIXTR1R W* L farrl'bad raoaaa. kwltii 'bo prmmd II <or and boat n..nt wbteb Bra rratad lor boalaoon r iron ma. I m' nn alt >l a of Hrnadwaa. naar tar'or* aaiom g| mo at m,otr?.1 la oaab la pat fir tAo fniakura To aa Mianttaa taaant btdnp ?n o!c rtand tbta aaiab Mbiaant ?l i yia d a ban<l??naa ra?o M<a 1 ho proror' io? art ? loborlo rottfo fr,.m Sii?i oaa Ad aro#a - A. 0 Moralfl offiaa M> CAP TO LRf IR TORKPR'-aR bn r. flai.T tad It pi rb baaomon bnnaa ta Prior not moat. II by A', 'b'oo r'o toa blih nubia an* annam of tbo Bptavtpal and I'n rb Kof .rmor oh fob* a and lAroo mi (>itoa wi k -mm Uf "lot bt honao ta built tn lit hoot man nor attk aartla n Ola, ??%to? rat po and paa in all tha pro-ton kitabon nod I. I a rronp oa tha aan.o floor, and a r lamm to it nahta la tbo 'fB of l f honao. oitb whta n'f?t?, Mont AIM) laaal-o of ? a 7S karroo atrial Ran fork, or of H I. iflfl ' R lltti? hOTM, Tookara. Hi I -o Tit LbT ? A HARD* UK 1IIXKI Mr.tRT Mph bafoniont brtok hooaa It fro' front br <1 foal flora, lih a'l bo moflortt tmp'OTonorla An At Tno ,tp nfih .troot it' o* ??!'. I-nnl a of R AC ARBAO|, An fi Tryoa Hon nt'fl'ttaa front ill to 1 fPalock. I Aiiftr orrirt TO I.RT.-AT MI RROAUWAT I j a. oonr floor balow Wall a?rooit a ami of thraa or lira M ora IB iho flonr orar l>o oloani.p honaa. Alan at 79 an I 4' rr at ort tr tbo no ? bal ding a ,n'mr Raaoan rtr. ot a- ra ? ??? ? m *- ap'll) 1*1 IIK1I1 HILIfiR At Hraadway I I??HT oOF"TA TO I.AT-THA TRIAD AND for ATS I J floor* 01 ' 12 Falum atr*<i onrnar ollliil h unltabla for ifr?f' par, hating boon oe*ipM u cneh tor It* > ?* pplT An ?M> proa tor* * T?>r?? TO Ann apaomoa i^rit J ?ttt'Ab1* lor r?'portor? ?ul- feailAon. 4*. Apply no tAP In h< itarflfll #??t Twaaty 'h''A at ART of A M< OIR* BotTlR TO Kl TMI TM") BviUMIt tamaA Horj pa lofhlrt ?nd -oar haifwirni a, at ?<n to a amall omarVan fiaaU*. RantA?r nnit tpnT I ho aa?a Imtn I to A P M K~" lAAA'B IP. ?R" <" I'AT OA LaaMA 1 HI lAl.AlH) known M Rllrr'* Man A. lltnaWA Ir tbo ho rtrar .hoot

l*?io"?? tlwtr ** ? la#v aaotatataa ahont 101 aoroa, trttl tin Mtapa. *n?4 donk, *?. ?h? taland la haanMfnlty wnndad. Mb !?>? ?.?Mt haarh aaA * pwoA far gardrntnt or hoi#) ?"Tpna?a T# a ponA WtMl1* will ha r?ni?d low For par Neel*wi? * D'* *'" ei> * moR. no. * UBSDAT, .APRIL 1#, 186' ? i Kit#* ia.* -10 lb?, THj?u?r?? Pinror nui'.[> tof W4 Hroad?a.t, m'kmp Slat and M etree'e tor *i>> uu^m" or bu'ioM*. or bovdtog Hoeae. r"> * <oo>l w*a > 11 K will be let rerj low. Hear* new. AJbo biifinl to tot erpfr to ?. K OOVBkT. ROOMC. W ITH|<)B WITHOrr?T?All PoW**. T.) -KT ? Id a brlrr. fartory 36 by W, light*-! ta ree ikfe* to Writ Twenty ninth (tree! oear Klerenh ir->.ut eorr or Twet ty atoth ureal ead Rlerealfc aveoa*. vivur a nvv.uiUTrni. lmniH v utawc nnnv. try residence to 1*1 tear Dr Elliott's i>b**rvaljry. tHdiet >3 Heights, Btatea Island. mv Aral landing mm I aloe eleypa rorms command* a floe rlew at the aeaan bay aad oily o Mew York. Kent >476. E B. KIWBUfmB, 819 Poarth ?yo-io*. j SPACIOOH BROADWAY BALLROOM To let In the mable building Ha 6-7. aeur Blaeaker treat, with a store er toft* If desired. | t ha aelesroem la 10 by 1*0 feat, wi-h twa almin fro* Broadway, alee a rear entrance. Strady rowiu Aim light rooms?a* roa dr pot bulldturs earner at Rim aad PcanUta atresia, am* agnara aaat of Broadway: Oretoi water, gaa watar ataar'aad seen eoaveoteooe. Heated by Maam ytp?* 1mA* U 1 T^BMMWWTT am We prenlesa. STORM AMD BASEMENT OF 14 DUTfW 8T4EMT TO lei For lenaa atipiy to BET MOODS, DaYOR A 90 106 and 106 Fallon ?treat ST It a M POWRK.-LOFra WILL, LIGHTED. TWBi.T* window* en each, wtth lead; otaain, to let Aan'y at j JOHN RMJTRRD tM (team marble wok* 76 Thirty flfh at. writ of Broadway. STBAM POWER AMD ROOMb TO LET?IM BCILDIM'7 648 Water (treet, moo ad aad Utlrd floors tpaooue and weM lighted Will be let low to a goad tenant. Apply ou My p rem wee I STAT EN MLAltn.-TO BENT, FBRVlbUhD FOB TUF rammer month*, a large house in the nmghbo b* d of V underbill's iandlr g, Clifton her ^ar tnalera loqutri o' HEP. M. BOOT, office. TanderblH'* landing. ST AT KM INLAND.?TO LET. FORVTNaSD A OB I lightfn'ly rltuated 'amlly man-ten wt'h modern Impr ivi menta large Bower and knnhen garden. abundance of eb Baa frail lawn, walka and ar enure, ?tab lea. wl'hln .160 var1? of the ferry. Apply to J M OLR1IB A OO , 47 Frahtgw pi?e?SABATOOA.-NPLKND1D OOUNTBY KEAT TO LB IB* ar for *al* beautifully situated oa the Lake road, witnk. a half mile of OoEgieet springs; 26 sort*. rp**i<>u* atd eh laat maniicn outbol dugs, stalling Ac . nearly new; 00 ' I16.COO; alayated groand. haadeomr shmhoer* fenoae, *1 A BREAK, 196 Broadway OTOHE F1X1FRE8 FOB RALA-TWO ?ET8 OF 6Rtr, | Q lng, rh rets desk, offloa chat's Ac. The lo* to be eil<" 01. cheap. Tbe business being eloeed. Apply at SSI Pearl street, north ef Harper Building*. SRCOhD WORT ADDITION AMD FRONT BaSBMKF > t? let et 59 l.lspenard street. W. T. STOBB TO LB ABB- 56 WaLEB* STUBBf. T3RtK doora weet of Broadway, to be a for *n r tight 4r g. ede o? fancy earlier. The marble stores erecting ou at joining kits esgsgrj by loaning cry goods Booses, re fi r this location desirable For ttrma, Ac., Apply to ABB KB kCBSbUbT, a4)? 1'lre street. TO I BT- TO TWO PMA'b FAVIL'Srt, TilB HBTON i Ai d third Her rs of the three story b-iek house JW Wee: Forty fourth street. Two moms, three bedrooms pa-true i roton water, AC., on each door. Fine yai-d. Real sheet Apply cm premises. _____ 1 TO LKT- HQDKE AND HTCR1 i*l SuTJ- K CH STBBS1 nsat ErosdwAj; the stork, Uitm rs tod 'ears far sale . sheen For lurther particulars * ply on the premises. ijtOLBT?THK THIRD hTtlBT OF TH? BUILDINO NO 1 W9 Broadway, soUable for jCees or bnslnam parpssoi Apply In the drug store, od the premises. rro LBT-FIKA^T ,'TKAM POWER AND O'lOD 1 rooms, nrnr L'rS^rsr on Oonsl and Wa'aer streets: onr store on Canal street, nee eee- nd Hour, frooUax on b Ah trerta, and itual'er roins and basenrcuUi. b/JOHM tlAfJDAB, engineer, 102 Walker street rO LsT-A FIBHf CLAhd FOtlA B'OHT MOtJitt nearly new. In . ocd eider, with all the modern improve menta, Bo 290 Weal Twentieth street inquire a* J W TfcHBlL, J"6 West atguteenth atrreet, or Fhli.IF TBrtfS i> Oreenwteh street. r LIT?ON THK r.AST RIVaB. AT AATKN tWjOD. L I. hrre b? aut ru eottsges, <o crtnpleu- order,.)en tain leg rlerrn rtri/rs the other two Afmen rooms sash 1 Mb 1.. ? too. for a-tract an and ceavedmi to die?.*? Csa i.ot he surpassed whhto the rtctndy. For terms apply t? ) u.l> ,hr> olhee No. ?0 r*ee* slip, op suirs. from 11 talle'shieh or at havens*ood r n 1 rr.rtit rppKit PtST or r,,pui wo ini>sr I 1'fth renth rtrret. between Third arcane ?i>i Irr'i.* olaee harlot al1 modern tnri>r< omenta, gaa. OMH water; rem n?* rn toaamal: family wtlhoat inPdreu Dan no w-? < (lIM J til! 4 o'clock rIKf-1 Nalli TWO MOBY niHVttEar an/1 attic hour# em.ulnlnf ten room*, ro'taMe tor one cu fats idea. Inquire of A. 8. S'JKIdVaK 211 Mr<> m ?t-tj>. qtO LET?T 1IE LPPL* PAJtT ATP SaOK B?aKtiK it 1 of hawaa44,' Fonrut ?V ent to aniuall lemily u?nl MB A wet trace only. |Ht I JIT?A ? K ABO i M.i.cit MO. M 1 f n'uvn nriat now ocenpted a* a w'.ne cellar Tuiil.-* of WOOIt A HUOHKM. 104 1 nluin atrm-t TO LKT-1J4 OONdKQVAMO* OP TBS KRiCAAMr t>. enpanl (Olcc to Eaj?>t>e the Mm1 tonr mart ang'W kaaement boitae 36 Wrot U'ty ' fib Mr e< i.ear ?fln Af< un? Tbelouro will or ( uli.'e I i c-'red. A|>9iy to P. J OJU r?PHT, Sv and 41 Aau afreet IH) LKT-A LaK ,* PH0NT HOOK. WITn A HANI> L ant chandelier lor burning fa* an * tee Pan' looarrx. or v d. ntoto- at j n'hrr proteie.onel <e lit auu. lu ialte llti Tl lid atennr t.e.?- Fourier-nth atrvL rLAT-AFTRR IT OP KtT TWO PI KNISH ooni, wl'hout board, on aeeond timr, In bourn 118 W* | Itteenlb ?t-Mt, ovat ted hy a private family apply to-, e? WaYIOD . aAtDh.rnbem ?l<r? rllT-TUK POLK 8IUltV M * *ND H tsjtN* > bo <72 Broome rlr-m nert of Broadway neat too t a food tenant. rot p>ril(-nl*rr a;pij to 1 J LKVT, No a'" Hrwn r > treat. |?0 JKT-PeBT CP THE HOTT?E f,\ RI.PHJKK* 1 atr*?L a few doom eaX of Brondw?y. ronalaUaa of i*c larpe prrlnra. ta-t of tbe Utlrd Itor y aod kltrHan. Th* par ora w*n>d ho let anptrato for re<peet?hie BtiWoeia laiart f on 9 la 12 A II tad 'rail ?r V meet koute 3?, If rat ThMy .eoood ateewt; alt nao * TT> nurenter eo?. furniture lor an e If daotred at retonwable rotor * I pi' mmelta eiv KenKW . O I f.T?TBI TOKRI dTuKT BRIK OiUlAfl 1 mat It motor y Ae mitchte f< r an* m**Str tea Swtore.* >ttaai/d la klota rtreot, rear Atlaatto. oouU BrooAlya. Ap I| at 14 Frort ?tr?at Brooklyn. r? LBP-TO A FN ALL P MILT. THK (TPPfM PA*t cfbnnae Ulhowpeot at-eot ronabl'nf of aeoond (tnor turant and <tnr rooen la MP viae and ttrotoo water Tbe teen frctB I to 4 P M. po I BT-fbR PiEAT OLaM POUit HTOKT AND UKlb n.odn n tmprtryemeni*, iWiImwi *< ?i?o ih? I*ran a??y bigh btimifDi bmi/e * III ray *tr**<. ha* all the ma urn iwiprt'Temanii. |m litarta. da A laa the rlor* Mn iWt it* tenth aryane, tnar Twenty lh'rd gtreet, now neenpw d ?> ? treeinre. nod la in aid aland Apply to JOU1 Ro-H 4alahth av?hup rUT"TUK VPPRB PART OF HOI'H* R* WR-T FIF teenlh itr*#t amanlnf rf mw nd tioi T two row 01 t>* h nn.1 t ha "i.tii" With aih and (a*. r~, Tu !' *-* FaRf OP TUB TRO NTOBT BRI ( HoO-a 1 ltn. ?d" u.viitm itraet a Mule wrot of Briadvay am wlii j af front and b.ah r<wm ra aarood fljor, badronm ha ? IB, Wb hreenirat and ?' f* Toa in ittir rOI.hT-TflRI.omiR l a'.T Tf1t?K ROORg DR'..^ I limttil and imtlh a'ory In a bona* la Taat Thirty 'ainl irrtt naar L??i*yi?n a retina bnmm la tilaa nrdar with huh. ana*, e'naat hot and to d water a deehabla hrni?r lo> a aalrnl Umily. Apply at 1U Thirty lovi atnaat. weat o I bird srenna. I V Lir-TBRK.R rili ROORt. WITH <*48. ORtl'OM watar. Ac . ran ta l*< ah*ap>ta a am ail frailty 1 hrw * >? wtth paatry baeemoi ranga, waah tub* ha., ta goad order, ear alao ha lev Cat1 eornar at Rlgbth atneat and tilth areen* rLhT?A ttR'it BAflftMRifTON BROiOWaT. ft ultab a Pw a harber truioatahrr. ihaenuther, or ath?r light baainna. <aa b* letrbeap alaaa anil mora air .ai of fclgbth itree*. ai d Mith araann. rLBT. AT I.OW R?R IB?TWO T1RT oReIR and aar renleat h uaae n Right y gtith atroet. sarin att between Pnarlh ana f t h areas**; th? atroet h MO t> t olda flagged aad r*gn**tw! an* momti <1 ng ?Unal?m. A plTto J A RBI KT Ml f.ra' hiioae of the row. rUT-tllK FAR1.0K I tin RRX T FLOOR ABO I aad ft" i haermnnt f a hr?t rlaaa l> W nr? II all the aiden lmprn*?m*et?, gae. hat aad on id water water rlaaeta b?Ui room* *a>h i mm* paaUlea. elaaata. At In quire aa the pr*?w*n. Ft < Mrty Mlh it-e*t fl'et hull' wee', tf Broadway Fnaae aim eaa he had f mediately health''. rLRT?PBOOAD h.oob. OOfMHTIWO op i t light roonM aad tw? pan trie* with marble inan'el aad Orrton water ha' are family tn th* bona*, pmaayattn ftraa or the lit ol May rett till per month ITS Baal tenth .lrr*i na Ur.e -inndway aad Igh' a ?lr#et >ia?e mm. rO LPT?A n*NI t"W* PaRLOl RtTIT OP Ud' fntnlrhad rarma. will g?a, fa flitnraa aad eber.deller f I roam ? alwr and naa it i ath left . onoae) Tha ramtlrd*' he W aae orropted by the ownar. Apply aa the praaid i 1 402 I- roadway, aatr Ran'roa hquara. TO LPT IK. V P.T I TO A "gii.i, i *v,i wHhont rhlldren. he a p par parted a irat t am h ** wtth all mo:en imyrorrmenla. m one of the b~?t luuaUaai la the mly For partwalara laisue aa thepremlaaa. IAS w-w TO LRT?A riUR ttTORT BklOK, j rMl |*?ni? ihlcl atraat, la nap?W ardar with ran ih, baih na'aralnaaa *n Rait SMNi Appir u> Itr. J. P R< hM.L. ha t Tint arir.n". TO UT Ull ri*R trfORR MM (Hl"'*tl AVRWITR nait aAjniurf Urn mi ot IhlrtT fmrth atraat, ana Iba Mat rtl maaa banana IRO lit? anil ln? Ttilrr fourth atrna ?a?r Haonad iranna Apply to J tlM h Rl.l.Y, 9} .'arntwi WMi 'I'O LBT-IB tlWrn ftTRrBT, Kf tR MTTH ATK1 now nna h?lf ?( a tlrat ainaa thraa ?h>rp hmien; ??. two ' m. Mmptatlrp of aigbt r-mom aaah, pantrlra wnw. aawar lt d ?aa twnnp htrt fanii.iaa who wait In Cra iptot ami 'apaatahla mar app jt'li R 'faaih at-Rat TO I.RT-t/B RKaROBARM TRftBft TlfR BlRd alaaa hl?b bant :,aat ho taa tl Want l"lft?a ,.h atma- ha Iwaaa tha Tlfh and Rttlh ?* nifa. la halt rata .nW ami ahl i'a im Appla i,PnR? A RATthao , r I'aar > ~ ' r> I.RT-TO A O'lOO TKBABT, Off VKRT RRAhOBA bla Mim tha rnaratnrr hrtrh Vmaa .ItR Foinh a*a?na bat warn I want? fifth and Twant iitth atraata, n mial < aft all Uta morarro laprnanao-nta Apply to MORA AKAVARtlO, Ifi rawrl atraat rLIT-fA RT OR A OoOO riOPRB, PS * AST TR 'R tp third Mrart in a amall fhmify I'arWaa who wvit a law plan* whara thara arr an ahtidrta nan hn a it tad Hath t*a and i rotnn 'hmnchrat. an- nal rant A/To t Allan aim a or n? WH1TRRT, Rft C oariifji^l atraat np atalra TO A TRITATR f 4 Wft.T, A "0**00100 nmt alaaa and a'apantif fnr i aha.1 h<.'aa wtth a I tha mo ' F" ttowo"" ? r??ri 'timpi o'loraoop" j|, ? ?. bovoBib ptroat. uaodorr fWna >?wnad aoaona J ma iho aoailr ftirniabod hotwo *u I'M ihoobiH atroot. May bo ?ooa f.ota I? to l^oVBioefc P. Por MrtMaJaro M>ply to A. AATR1/.A, rl.MT Ob t*AV DMMdltHLI TUK'i. T > . 1 V n tonanta too tktoO mnrj but ofr,(a a?o and la oomploto 7S. Z tttlWt. SiSR 1. no l?t-that rl?ninf stork hosihkaut I corner of Bro-<f?*y ?n?l T?eot? nth ?treet, k. <t Ifxid ir?nt ki.r a genttei Vuh'iwm It will ? ? 'ei low end lenie Kl<*en. Apply no the pretnteee rUfT-IHK scoond 8TOKY AJTO HACK BASK m#nt of it* two Morj And \tUe Srict ticiiM No 8 ''Irak Avenue 10 a buuU' genteel fainllr. luqatre from 1 Nil ( r. If. References 'eqnlret rO LAT- OAfIHA'ILK APAMTM KMTB, FIRST 0GA?W. J MOH,Mg(iMl stery three room on third, all moden n. vrovemrna, to mall funnily. Inquire en ihe premises USWeat Thirty siilh etieei, near Eighth nre-iue rlW-PilT CF THE HOUSE NO II 8EOOND street cout fating oi three room* on second floor end Deck parlor on Aral floor. gee. bathe he ; loeatlon desirable. Ap ply on the premises, from 3 to < P. M. ft K> LET-THE POCK 8TORY aND BAk BMKAT DOUflK 1 >o. 173 Uuaen street. within three doore of ft Jehu's ' luare; bu gee, bath, range, he , and large yard Pne?.'S tin, turned lata Am the three sto.y dwelling No. 2*1 Hud an I treat. except office Possession immediate. Rent m > u crate. Apply to JaMXH PfcttOK, 200 Hudson etreet. T O OfT-NO. gd BAST TWENTY 8B JON J) HTRSTT. * ?df Fonrtharwoue, three stories, th rteen rooms, three r. out dv ep: nil the Improvements; In perfect order; rent to i Irate family. 41 060, tneiudipg gar ttxtnrea. also a furnished ta ***** ?e%hborhood. 41 fco. appiT from j g. r LET?THE SECOND RTORT Of HOUSE NO. 181 laurcna etrrei. near Bleeeker. with kttehau hot and sold water, he Inquire ef A. LECODK, an Oar mine street IK) LET, IN UBAMfKOT FARK-BLE?ANT AND I (parlous brown stooe hones 104 Had Twenty tint* strum, 'ire stories three roomsjdeep, first clean and modern aud i nr .'est In all respects. Apply at my office, Ml Bioadway. from 10 to 1, or at 139 Bast Ktsnteenth street, from 2 io I. T. B TQQKHEE*. 1-0 LK??A Fi.'BBIRHEO BOOM. WITHOUT Bo&UD te a singleman a ppIt at 103 Hmter (tree rLBT- IN JlcRREY CITY, P . K i OK Tile to . A aotly located bouse 200 Drove etreet. there are four on the lira' tleor end twe In the attle; wa er In Ihe home. An Inquire on the premiere or at US Nassau Brest New York, ream 17. IK) LET-TO A OENTKKu VaHICY Of NOT MO \A than two or three persons, without children, the aeeood tloor of a gerteei house. 39 West forty third street, with I tot nd cold water, apply at the Fifth avenue stage office, forty third street, near f tub arenue frsm < to ft P 4 iTIO LET?THE TWO THREE 8TORT AND ATTIC i brick houses 278 and 284 Hprii g street, between Hudsm and Yarick streets Apply to JOB N u 03 ARK, 147 Ham mend street, from 8 to 10 A. M and after 4PM I'O LET?FBOftT AND BACK ROOM. WITH THR3K bedrooms, on second floor, with back basement 31 King street Das. hath and water, and Are neighborhood le eeive, from 11 to S wl bin. Also two rooms and two bedreams, high I, opt basement moae?n built house, tub ce -.e. u, water. Ac. Inquire within, orof M. OSTUAhUfia, ,38 Cecal street, Inr elthet ef abore. TO LET-TO A QUIET, GENtKEL KeMILY, UPPER part of tbe h.mae 488 titoome street, consisting of tire room* and bath rooms. Bent 43*0. rL&T-A YKRY PLEhSAST HOC8K, C0NTAININ J nme rooms, In Pouth Bergen, two miles from le.-ser Uliy, w IU ore HUTT W I'UOIU, i-arrngp OT'tac, BB . unviug 01 estenslve view ul the sui rounding eiunlry. Fruit la greet abundance; a var>el- of stag's m .he door Wii beletlo.v o a gned tenant Inquired W.J. DKaOKBIT, 376 Broad way. rLtT-A FIBB'l CLaKS *0(TR BTORY BOl'BK, IN good or<!cr. with all the modern :roprov amenta; No 334 ?lith avenue between Twenty first e.d Twenty second streets irqatreofWM B. MeK iMM o;rn: r of lllee;*er ? id I'trnln* street* . 0 IK1-TWO THRRK FTOKY HOP1RC, BROWN L More fronts, lr Hndron street. Jersey City, with s i t?*o MlmjUSMMria 'h-ee iniDutee wslk from tne ferry Reut 96'26 l/er nsnnm Apply *t No 7 Khmi street, Jersey its or 2i2 Washington street. New fork I to IBT-3HK KNIIHg FBeoNIl FLOOR AND DC lighuut .'root basement ct the new and modem 1rs* e'*s? l.onse No 12 Hoormao plaoe, Thlrtf ih.-d s'rret betwaei l<ighth and Ninth avenve opposite toe ones *- mind* ol th? inrtnnta tor the Mind, house ?0 feet de*p. To be seeu fron five to ell r.'e'ork rU.r-lHt FOUR BTORf nNOLlBH BatldKltl bouse 113 hast thirty ninth ttreet, betneon weitngton snd 7blrd nveraes II-s all the moot rn im^rovem ute Rent very mw Apply at the honse. or of C o ROBeRf8 JN, l.Vi Water s'reet Tto LKT-tO A SMALL FAMILY, OB. FUBV(aHlti> OK 1 unfurnished, as lodging rooms, part of a genteel three story bouse, oosu.led by a family of eat. three adults, no children I erm* moderate, sad p esess'un tuimedlatsly. laqui e st 30 Oliver street. fO LKT?BDITABUt FOR A PHTrlflA#, AN OFPIOC. I wuh be a room and 'rearing ruo.n attached w' h e h ' < ct*n water. at 6 Brervort place, inth street, between Hroad eay and Unlet rrtty place TO LIT-TIUFK FRONT OFFIIR t ON TBK FIC T 1 floor o'er the store In the br-wn stone frwl b ii'.dmg H Naraan rtrrel riopltrd with gas and tlroton w?'?r, sohw'e or lawyers watch and jeweiry Imprwers, a-ohl'sti* Ac 1- < nt moderate, spr y to JOUN <J. K/.HK r torn 12 fto LBr- TUB THR*- HiOit M?I 'K BOOM NO. 197 wwii*>i?) ir'rdwarwi, D?r x-lgbtn avcuan. baa <r be modern tmpr.Temecte and In imrfret older. Rent f*?l Poareaaien Ma) 1 Ap?iy h> A H W-CJIIK fix> let-* a* or ooTorriKo a hew 1 kcuae in a vary pleaaaol toe*.lon. uptown, baviage Uoir m <re than la ctedad, would rent urn aaaie la a am-vl amlly. 1 be fterva <-ooata?a ef four room* with rai bath .lo Arp'y at M UorattO atreel >ir to JOhn F WILLI abb hetiae apm' llftbth avenue betireen 114 and kt'h 4r??'r. !'? i.Kr- rwn hoops hh. ?.m ami J <w. aaem.d fljnr, and irmi baa?n rn', ja?. a( Bluee .*4 it. me ?We t < an be eaea (M II ill' 4 I o lit-past or a oooi nui aroif kodak. : ?nk uiidirt. im^rnT'iti-nb three roomi m aer.,ndatirv, ?e ii I he wi'b b rk baaeu.r nt ?o,?t?r irut a. the I bird and Funrth avenue ra't, only two A^ore from the ilowery pply a' Tl Filth tb?et TO ui-iilt ifl'lk l'AKf of HOl'iS KIM >4 1 atreet 1 uuire on tbe preo lara Bath* *ae and >roi > ) water. I t LkT THR FKUIAAHI f vKtHrND BfOKk ?N". i frmt Pavement ef tbe rear plea-ail Sou.a "a am aliavt U> a ao?au fbauy only. Rent $Uo To be aeen from ae t? four ii ak> k. I o lit -tl* n rn > akr or a mi >: ano ?kk I Itri bnu?e will be let to a reeperiabie (anll'ma-i a el ??f*. Fraaeratoe oa the lat n4 Mat I hey etn bare It fur aiehed If retjntred Apply ai Z12 Wooater ?lrt t Y<fi LET? IK A FKIV AT K FaKtLI. OK RE AC TtFV u ! fiun abed front mow. wiib rae aad ba'b at.u-bel U> U, a to a 'reel baaetneat. wail adwpiert for au oSer. ineulre at lo Heaaton al-eat <|M) LEI ?THAT OOMMOriOt H TH'-FB-UORV HOi sir 1 No 5 lim rii atteel the wlole or p?t. u. a rnvd 'e rant tbr real wil be lew. a pply ta JtlHW WILKIN or A Li I>1 OR al ilia rherllTa idl.oe, la tile Hall O LET- 1HK IIO bTOith AMU ATTIf OKI. * I hooie, elia lea ro m atlaebetl, lo nue or lag fauuii-e Kant n id<ra<e to a tenant Apply o i Jw pip mlaan . hnrralt atre* I leu 2A by Kin feet rtl l?f IIIF Fi.l'R HOKT KRGIilAtl HA ?WKWT borueMo. IH Waal 1 went, eighth atreet Kent Ril In a r nl ena-.t lri|nreof (> U i-Mll'tf. No 101 Real, near liuaae atreet /po LET- In HOL'hE It V A M UK VP AT* K KTKKK f 1 a front ba-emaai friwn and back par lore ira Lte ft-, rone, to?etber with ru e ir two nadmonaa in the a tie in .Hire it abii-e natween Ibe bnora of In nod J n at bt-> rnnoi. Bee Will floor r'O l.FT- RODKK 4.1 *w.i)Hl l I RTEFFT. >r>k lotniveo fe-ry. Ren.I ten bnnae PI h' U. f i -ni^e" a lb -arpaa.dpaa Kent nat'leiate .a p ?iUi. n. Jab M K JPI', 12 Hold a reet N I. TO I.El-TBEim FIFE OF FIO l-n IN TIIE HfMEUlATF J vicinity of that'IT Hall. Tnxnbla l? iarmr. ,r <<, ccl t utircm Aiilytn MARTIN A 00. iMMid floor. Iiwk ipUit run-A LARGE. ?KL'i aRRargcg H*?anr*r, e-m?r of armor i' and lamn vi/a-1 hu bora f>u?l ai for aiH'tumi and m br n cd 'or obar p irp r>t lltnt bop in Taaih atroci ? ?' avttina O vulUP'r I ,r bi-i.o hnra.tkar, cw o'brr I irk'hmlra.n Apply to C A R 1MI1 M 'b, lit ' o. b i mat, or u H A . Pari In. AJ"> > rrw '(H) Lit. inR *114 OR RXCHARGR Oil HR,r)K .Tt' I RflfM*?Ibn 'hr-a >V*7 and har-mcot h-tc* ?mivanrarr v ninmbm and Poplar ?carta, about two mmiio >ai !o? lit fnln.a fa ry, tnltabla for a b ar>liok bonar or A prl iaia i flatter. At ply na br pratalana a/tar 3 a'coak. rl ET PROM NaT Til RER POTTAGE ll'JCdEd I* Myrlla avatar, naar Plato di, R ootl.a On paan ihr ?mir* Rill ba put In pad o dar and raalad low In *>>od Iwraal*. laqalra of Rr. FANHIAO. Rl Bnwary. nl.IT OH MURRAY HlLlr?THR POl'R HTORY rawr lint,* frcal hon-a ct Rant Tb'rt* alirblA at-*nl. ** twran lr?irttoa and Fourth avaanaa all tba modrra In proramotiia, be oar la pvrfaat ordar. abandaiiara and ran Hi larra rtaialalBR RaniRWiuta Afoodirraal Apolr to f. A L RUHR. W '"carl (Want Pott anal TO aboat Ihc Iflth leak. rfO I.Rf. 1H RR' 0E1.YH-A OOOU ATAHO f'H THR I ( <rrry a id rard buTiaraa Tba tb-aa vVv v brtak booaa W! Aitrtohi rraat 1 hara la aa andar a? and karat nonbla a'ota wllb kh'aa rnnaa la ibr rear, and arrow mod ?n a ftn right fbn'baa np alati and raMa an ibr aromtrm p. " ba kal ahaap ka a roar i.atW lanaol. Akao finnaaa la ohar localltlrv fnr aa. and I antra ana nt.t-vmmta In lot Apply baiOIIH r. HR??Wdt. tdGoll akroai. Hrnokbn. r I FT, IP Brti 'ikLIH-T lk tl< NK A*0 i.WCI.i. <nf ltd At a'li H? b atraa a'-owt dra rn'o> 'An' walk fr m II a iarrtra n ot'i.p pt ( r i? a fu'ptlaa. Api>if la A Hit. I.R1H J7* Taarl vtrrat Raw Tory f.O I.FT TP JIH0OP1YP Wt'THkaf- MfORT ?H?* 1 boonaa. wttb I" Id 1 San- -no * itid ?n c-l\n b ?ai .1 f?Aht -Rp.-.f Jr.. M> - , .1^1 . > 4 - ?. r ? '"it w.<' f r?t?k r*?mf hfm|? * tu"? 4;?p m "td v >vt I ? '! ? '. 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PABT OP A tdtAtli GKNTAAL BOU8B WANTED.Second Door sod baaeinent preferred The mxdera Improvro.eaui are denlrao'e, and wlthio ten mtnnteo walk ef the City Bali Adore** Mr Purdy, ?16 Broadway, In rcatauramt, atating terma PA AT OP A HOI PE WANTED?THR FIRST OB tecond (Jrore, *0 b nemeut and modern lmpioremsnta, by a family of fiur lewo* loeattoe between Twelfth and Twenty lifh rreta *na Ki th and Btalh arenuea, muet bo wl'h a quiet aid re*peeiab'e family; rent not to ex feed $2(0. Addnaa J A. H.. box 2.072 l'e*t office, atating fuil particulars, lor two daye. \l*Nr?D-* H A aUB rllT-BLB FOB O ABB TIRO VT i rmt rr h>?icbvrg. for prodnctlre real astala. ar part latere*! Inme 10 ? btrh ixmeVant employment yrlt 1 do given. Apply at ike uo,. n yaid corner ol Colombia A Harrteea I'.reeta Brooklyn WANTED- ktiHKa la DRW TORE OB BROOKl< n eloae in tbe tarreA two or throe anfnratehed roomo for ape-mane c, in a r<*pT a',? family; rent n it to axoeed flfib. addrt a* J l.oai er. iS? X ranklln atreot N. T. Boierercea ei haivrd %\T APlKJ>-?0& A uA.efi.aMA* AND LADT, ALSO v* a eloele l*d , a room and xedrooat, faratahed or nnforiilake 1, where there ki> no b->aidera Term* not to earned ?h per wok wok board for tee ladlea only. Loeattno eaat of ilraulwar iio ou lor ik-ee d* s W J L., Herald affice. U Ah flll- -* P BLOr AND BKDROOM. PDRNIHHRD " with ca-peta and rurtama o- ly, without board, betweaa Ponrtrmtk e' e?t aad ttleeeker Broadway aad htiih erenao. Addreaa it 1). a Herald office II/iNTVD MtaRDlATdlrT-A NEAT COTTAGE, IH TY 'he rttY of rtriiokJjn. In ? pi'UUl ?n1l)3. ud tha root not to exroed *Vr- kddiM fo. Me Murray, Jr., AlPnrl mot wow !??. Wa?tbi>- a suit o? ?<>'k- oiiu,r a oottaoh Ir. Robot en or Jemey City, tor o ani 11 family. dra midline walk 'rtm th- ferre. 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